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niiOnQ) THE WHITE MOUSE WASHINGTON -« r A teirwl. ' The t ' .ff. w.« -x rjc r . fit upon but tries 8 yt. ■- iii the » .y «nJ •ft rrsl ai. •ill dvc net AtklrU jfcor; ' . . . ! «r Shipidnj iJ Inl ■ ■. t .? ? EMORY S. LAND AS-39 HURRY UP -X JERRY! r r ■ ) ' . ' : -.t r i V 1 i, OPNAV 3100 99 (REV. 2-76) BACK S N 0107-LF031-0495 SHIP ' S DECK LOG SHEET IF CLASSIFIED, STAMP ' SECURITY MARKING MERE , SHIP TYPE HULL NUMBER ( D A AS .0.39 1 2 J 4 7 £MOfiY S- LA ND »;PASSAGE FROM NOf FOCH A TO DieGO GfifiC A ANO Ren»iM 05 Sep 80 Underway for D ego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory. Commenced CCTv. 06 Sep 80 Genera Quarters Abandon hip drills ■ 07Sep60 Holiday routine underlay, Brunch, Divine Services • I Sep60 daturday Byenin d ' inqo. Conserve fresh waber. l(oSep60 Arrive Falma, de Majorca, Spain. iSSepdZ) Yom Kipper (Day of Atonement) Jewish Services, Pa I ma. Z05Qp l Departed fhlma. Commenced MARS calls. 22 5ep80 Swim call. The Mediterranean is deep blue ; weather sunny and i varm. 25Sep80 Commenced convoy tronQit through the Suez- Conal. Sights include i ages, palm trees gun em placemen tSf tanks, irr Iq cdeci fields , off shore oi r gSf tan hers. Chipboard Col leae Hi h School courses commenced. Transit Red Sea- 01 Oct 80 Polliyi ogs unite in the PLA CfhlHwoq Liberation Army) 2 Oct 80 Poll i vog Beauty Contest. Oaweyi nes Arrived onboard ' 05 Oct 80 Crossed the Bouator. Polh YOgs initiated into the " Royal Order c fhe Dee p ' 04 Oct 60 Received " IVe come " from COMS yfA mflT Holiday r ' Outine, cook out on fan tai ship ' s bonds provide the music. " Suni orshiPpers ' ' aboui d e decHa. 0GOct 60 Arrived Dieqo Garcia, 6r 6ish customs canoe aboard. We are ready to work- Commenced turnover iv th U55 Aja AR-G. Mail from home . " Fantasy Island " Liberty Cards Issued. 09Oct60 Commenced work on Indian Ocean Battle Group Units 0 Oct 80 " Repair accomplished ■. • highest guality. " Command- er Task Group 73. 7 IQ Oct80 " . . . Quality andquantity ofi vork considered out - Stornding ..■ USS Sample . 19 Oct80 Land " . . . cheerfully ivorkad around Hie dock . . . express appreciation. ' uSS Detroit- ZZOct 00 Exceeded monetary goal for Combtned Federal Campaign with 17,016.36. 07No 80 In memory of the fueling operation, " Damn the hose . . . QllbachfUll. " 06Nov60 Stereo sale on the BnlistedPming facility. Commenced Poo Bingo sales. i0Mov60 i elcome aboard Cdr Ferbrache our new fxeca.t ve Officer. IZNo v60 An especially heavy mail call, crews spirits lifted by news of home- exchanged Christmas videotapes w b loved ones. 8llov80 Farewell to Cdr ■ Leeds our departing fxecuti ve Officer. ' Zi ILov60 " It is responsive- professionalism such as yOurs that liteps us ready • M? ' re proud to havaycu tvith us. " Vadm CA.H. frost., C0M5BV£NTHFL7. ZZ ov80 Heavy rains through most offfie day, unusual for ttiis area as most of our dai y rains occur before dawn. 3PNAV 3100 99 (REV. 2-76) FRONT UN 0107LF03V0495 SHIP ' S DECK LOG SHEET IF CLASSIFIED. STAMP 12 13 - M lb 16 Z7UOI 80 Z9NovB0 09Oec80 9 Dec 80 10Dec80 l2Oec80 l8ClecS0 21 Dec80 Z3DecS0 Z4-Dec 0 ZBDec 80 01 Jan 81 QiJanQl V5 0ar)8l 0lJan8l 10 DanSl l5Dan6l " Bnthusiosm profess or)a 6 r) and Zeis make the Cusbonoer right, cite the by tvorc of the L and- ' U55 Goldsboro. Thanhsgiying Day, sunny and t eocLtifu-l. use a roup ' 6 noMe " prov ded Courjttyo ?d Western mus c . Trad ' biona turkey dinne.r. ba e ihanhs for our fami lies and o Bd ones vh Pare safe. in these times of tumultuous i orlde- Br)ts. Casino Mite on the Bnh ' sted Dining PociHty . " Please, pass to all Land personna the Sincere, thanks and appreciation from all j i ' rg nla personnei -for their ifforts in our behalf. " USS i i ' rginia Chanukah Seri ices aboard- Topped off fuel from Dieg06arcia ' s nekvfuel p ' er. All depQirimBnts ready lo gat undertvay . " professionalism and ccoperation of Bmcry S. Lond ?reatly appreciated. " U5S Badger. epar tea Diego Garcia after turnover tn U5s Jason AR- . The following ships and units were tended during oar siau in Dieqo arc a ' • ULSSSarYiple ff 1048 USS DtirOit AO£4- US5 OMAHA U SMetiiphis SN(o9l USSSoldsborO DDGZO USS Haddo SSN d4 USS Sal pan LHA2 U55 Badger ilSSNtv pori L5TII79 USS Philadelphia SSN(! 9D USS h l Oiq iLra.FcJls AFSi US 5 South Carolina C£ N57 ' » USS Jessie L. Brown FFI0S9 U5S Virginia C6 ' N3e U5S EL Paso LHA 111 A eor Term Preposition force Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4€ NQ rQl Support Facility. Diego Garcia. I8S5 Job orders sudmiiied, 9i% Jobs comple+ed. i(£ , 059 man days t-xptnded- . Genera I Quarters drill . (beat oar best timesetting Zebra) " huare truely professionals " C0M3U PAC " h elldone U best wishes as you return to familar i aters- C0M5F Ie THRJ Commenced northbound transit ofSuezCdnol. TV Raffle. Chn ' stmas door decorating contest. A t-n lied Haifa Israel. Hol Land most inspiring. Toured Bi ' blica I sites . " ... the priceless fre dom which you hdp preserve is a heri+age beyond any price .. • I wish each of jou a joyous Christmas and a nappy New Vean " cmcusmVBUf{ . Departed flaifa, Israel wiih new insights and an appreciation of ancient and modern poltHcal,historicctlj and religious Cultures. Quiei New years Day- Se en shipmates reenh ' st d- Arrived Malaqa-ySpa ' m. Tours builfiohts De.parie d tAdiaq a trans} hed Stra i ts o rG ibra I tar. Commenced Won)Bn-io-the--Navy WorKehops- " ... Vour tenacity, professfonaiism, and technical exptriiet con Bributed Qre ily ... " COt mOGROElGHl Happy birthday Pat-cnes ... 4 years aid. R.C.F.E. InspecfiboTeamarnVedonboarcl via helicopter tram Qermuda. Moored PikrZ ' b Naval Station, Horfolh, a - HOME. Emory Scott Land Emory Scott Land, a pioneer in submarine development, was born in Canon City, Colorado. A graduate of the University of Wyoming, U.S. Naval Academy, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he became a naval constructor prior to World War I. As Chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repair (a fore-runner of the Bureau of Ships), from 1932 until 1937, he supervised the design and development of submarines that formed the back- bone of the U.S. Submarine Fleet in World War II. Emory S. Land retired from the Navy on April 1, 1937 at the rank of Rear Admiral. On April 16, 1937 he accepted an appointment by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a member of the U.S. Maritime Commission. On February 18, 1938 he became chairman of that commission. On February 9, 1942 following the outbreak of World War II, he was also assigned as administrator of the War Shipping Administration. He served in that dual capacity until the cessation of hostilities. During this period he was advanced to the rank of Vice Admiral by a Special Act of Congress on July 1, 1944. His list of awards includes the Distinguished Service Medal - Navy: awarded for exceptional meritorious service to the government of the United States as Chairman of the United States Maritime Commission and as Administrator of the War Shipping Administration from April 16, 1937 to August 31, 1945. The Distinguished Service Medal - Army: " Vice Admiral Emory S. Land, Chairman of the United States Maritime Commission and as Administrator of the War Shipping Administration, from December 1941 to September 1945, performed services of extraordinary value to the nation. " On January 15, 1946, Vice Admiral Land resigned as Chairman of the U.S. Maritime Commission, later to become the president of the Air Transport Association. In addition to the Distinguished Service Medal awarded by the Navy, and the Army Distinguished Service Medal, Vice Admiral Land received the Navy Cross, the Spanish Campaign Medal and the Victory Medal (World War I) with submarine clasp. He also received the following foreign awards: Honorary Commander of the Military Order of the British Empire, 1921; Honorary Knight of the Military Order of the British Empire, 1945 and Grand Officer, Second Class, Polonia Institute, presented by the Polish Government in exile. Commanding Officer CAPTAIN DENNIS Y. SLOAN, USN Captain Dennis Y. Sloan, the son of Colonel and Mrs. Donald C. Sloan, USAF, Retired, was born in Duluth, Minnesota on 29 January 1936. He graduated from W ashington-Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia, in June of 1953 and entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, graduating in June 1957. His initial duty was in USS LOS ANGELES (CA-135) where he served until December 1958 as a Junior Division Officer and later as Fire Control Officer. Captain Sloan reported to the United States Noval Submarine School at Groton, Connecticut in January of 1959 for six months of submarine training. Upon graduating, he reported to USS GROW LER (SSG-577 ), serving as Commissary Officer and later as Assistant Missile Officer and Torpedo Officer. In October 1960, he departed GROWLER for Nuclear Power Training at Mare Island, California and Idaho Falls, Idaho. He reported to his first nuclear powered submarine, USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (SSBN-598) (BLUE) in November of 1961 and served there as Main Propulsion Assistant and later as Operations Officer on three Polaris Deterrent Patrols. This tour was followed by a short tour as Damage Control Assistant during construction of USS WOODROW WILSON (SSBN-624J (BLUE) in Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California. In October 1963, Captain Sloan was transferred to USS STONEWALL JACKSON (SSBN-634) for duty as Gold Crew Engineer Officer during new construction, shakedown, and one Polaris Deterrent Patrol. From October of 1965 until September of 1967, he served as Material Officer on the Staff of Commander, Submarine Squadron FOUR in Charleston, South Carolina. In December of 1967, Captain Sloan reported to USS SAM RAYBURN (SSBN-635) (GOLD) where he served as Executive Officer for three Polaris Deterrent Patrols. In July of 1969 he reported to the Staff of the Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet where he served as a member of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board. Following Prospective Commanding Officer Training at the Office of the Director of Naval Reactors in Washing- ton, D.C., and the Staff of Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Captain Sloan reported in June 1972 to the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, U.S. Navy, Pascagoula, Mississippi as Prospective Commanding Officer of TUNNY (SSN-682), and as Commanding Officer USS TUNNY (SSN-682) upon commissioning in January 1974. During his lour as Commanding Officer, TUNNY was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation, Battle Efficiency " E " , Anti-Submarine Warfare " A " , and two Engineering Excellence " £ " ' ' s. Captain Sloan was relieved as Commanding Officer USS TUNNY (SSN-682) in January 1976 and served as Head, Nuclear Power Submarine Officer Branch in the Bureau of Naval Personnel. He reported in November 1978 as Prospective Com- manding Officer, EMORY S. LAND (AS-39) and assumed duties as Commanding Officer USS EMORY S. LAND (AS-39)when the ship was placed In-Commission Special on 23 March 1979. Captain Sloan has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, Navy Expe- ditionary Medal, National Defense Medal with Star, and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. He is married to the former Miss Nancy E. Copies of Baltimore, Maryland. The Sloans have three daughters, Lisa, Sharon and Linda. Executive Officer COMMANDER FERBRACHE Commander Ferbrache is a native of Turlock, California and a graduate of the California Maritime Academy (1960) with a degree in Nautical Engineering. He was commissioned into the United States Navy in September 1961 after serving one year with the United States Merchant Marine. His first assignment was the Destroyer Escort USS MC GINTY (DE-365). He has served in three submarines; USS CAIMAN (SS-323); USS CARBONERO (SS-337); Executive Officer USS TANG (SS-56 3) and as Commanding Officer USS TRINGA (ASR-16). He has had shore assignments in his sub-specialty as an Intelligence Officer at Commander U.S. Naval Forces Europe in London, England, and Commander Submarine Flotilla SEVEN in Yokosuka, japan. He had one tour as the Assistant Training Officer at Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center, Pacific in San Diego, California. Commander Ferbrache came to EMORY S. LAND from duty with the Director of Naval Intelligence, Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C. He is married to the former Patricia Ann Silva of Hughs on, California. They have three children: Kevin (18), Mark (17) and Caroline (16). Former Executive Officer COMMANDER J. MICHAEL LEEDS, USN Commander J. Michael Leeds, the son of Captain and Mrs. John R. Leeds, USN, Retired, was born in Washing- ton, D.C. on 8 May 1937. He enlisted i n the Navy in July 1955 and a year later entered the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. After graduating from the Academy, in June 1959, he was commissioned and ordered to USS HARWOOD (DD-861) where he served tours as Communicator and ASW Officer until December 1960. After completing six months at the Submarine School in New London, Connecticut, Commander Leeds reported to USS SIRAGO {SS-485) in July 1961, where he served tours as the Communicator, Supply Officer, Weapons Officer, Engineering Officer, Operations Officer and Navigator. In August of 1964, he reported to the Staff, Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, as Aide and Flag Lieutenant. From November 1966 until July 1968, Commander Leeds served as the Navigator and Operations Officer aboard USS REMORA (SS-487 ), during which time the ship was awarded the Navy Unit Citation. In August 1968, he reported to the Command and Staff School, Naval Warfare College, as a student. From July 1969 to July 1970, Commander Leeds was an in- structor at the Naval War College. In August 1970, he returned to USS REMORA (SS-487) where he served as Executive Officer until July 1972. From July 1972 to March 1973 he was Flag Secretary, Commander Submarine Group SIX. In the Spring of 1973, he reported back to USS REMORA (SS-487) as Commanding Officer. In November 1973, Commander Leeds returned to the Staff, Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, where he served tours in the Tactical Readiness Office and as Flag Secretary. In July 1976, he reported to the Staff, Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group EIGHT, for duty as the Submarine Liaison Officer. In S eptember 1978, Commander Leeds reported as the Prospective Executive Officer, EMORY S. LAND (AS-39) at Norfolk, Virginia, in charge of pre - commissioning training. He assumed duties as Executive Officer when the ship was placed In-Commission, Special on 23 March 1979. Commander Leeds left the EMORY S. LAND on 18 November 1980 for duty with Staff, C ommander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Commander Leeds has been awarded two Navy Commendation Awards, Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Unit Citation, Navy Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Medal, and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. He is married to the former Miss Mary Elizabeth Coughlin, of Washington, D.C. The Leeds reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with their four sons, John, Mark, Matthew and Brian. m , ■ .. fl ii Wm MM B L v l k " ' HBI -ar - Mb L -JM J Wli i fn Getting Underway for Indian Ocean ' ' J 3 Holiday Routine at Sea But there ' s always work to do mmm f C. 0. at Sea : . ' :vmk w . The Straits to Europe . . . Gibraltar Palma de Majorca Spain i t ' m» THE 5VJ£2C NALCCVil.EcrS THt MfcDlTERRANt- ' AliSE V i HTHl P.ED SEA. IT IS oC EWiiATM ' : HE THAN ICC MILE LC JG-, ANt RUNS IN ANAL ACST UNI EVIA, ifi S STRAIGHT LIKE. THE CUTTINGS ARE A MINIAAllM OF nb FEET AT BCTTOA Al r. ARECVEP. Hd FEET DEEP. ThESUEZ CAfJAi IS WlTH lTLCCKS. THE CANAL WAS BE ' lN THE iq+h-C B.C. AND WAS LEIiCTHENEL Ai iDKESTOPED.SEVERALTlMFS UNTILTHE C4h-CA.tXWHEN ITWASCLCSED.TrtE MODERN CANAL WAS PLANNED BX FERDIKAND DE LESS EPS, WHO ALSC SliPERV SED THE CCMSTKU CTtON. ( % - jiim »i |« ■ ' ! ' ' • I mil l ' - -Ti ifi ( all rlea— piitenf nJi — blasUJi , drf f tittgfi: i ' ie w « - . ? September 1980 ' " - Crossing the Line Shellback Initiation I B m5 J i Mjj V if ■ 9 ■■» 6ji i wnptttC:. " Wt- ' ff( ■Ji- J.I A Queen for King Neptune - ' ' v v- ZEPHYRS IMPERI ») r? ■X., G) Q [i L . l S 3 PORPOISES, SHARKS, DOLPHINS, EELS, SKATES, SUCKERS, CRABS, L(| J lnam e: mt on 3 OdoLr i980 i « e ahfieaKed wlmin ur .yioyaf - omain in Vl ittll ■ « -iaif EfnUi mitn JJlcer-i and yeiit t ieKeo , hane A A ISO BE IT KNO WbJ: u ai ue men m ioao ( on n to fAe dea a4 HAVING BEEN FOUND QUALIFIED TO BE NUMBERED AS ONE OF Ol Solemn 4H|Jstems of tl)e[ BE IT FURTHER KNO WN: Aatl i eommana ail niu iitiii ' ectti to inoio flue i DISOBEY THIS ORDER UNDER TEh 7A- rEsj His JWajestys Scribe DAY IpuJOV ;: • PT13 ' M ] EGIS -vv-v- 1 BORE AS AC " ' ' m- itfit QJtutb CUl POIYWOGS, MERiWAIDS, SEA SERPENTS, WHAIES, IS AND OTHER LIVING DENIZENS OF THE SEA ©r ttlt0t S atifiu e 00000 and S ongUude 63° 52.24 ' € SS Cmor, S. JLnd ( S-39) at tAc (D uator touin o ,; aminert anrl fia-i-iea on iu (yuK-itfre-i ana C uk c iouai Crta J. ue wwfu ana ul ' ver-i iv w mau 6e nenexee i ' u niA ire ence tnat FO 40RED SHELLBACKS AND HE HAS BEEN DULY INITIATED INTO THE I ' f tent(!)r et•of l|cllbacks tne ioweK initeiteain me U t o meKel ' u ' lare-i ifctfo lim n ' neK€t eK ne mau €. YOF OUR ROYAL DISPLEASURE. vwUf.. JLER OF THE ' AGING JMa Q . , n) Vi i S " ruat Pom Diego Garcia British Indian Ocean Territory VV l£ hjLtm :T% .!.H.!.PST0i ADMIN DEPARTMENT LT CROUCH ADMIN OFFICER » CDR POECOCK CHAPLAIN LT GUTHRIE CW03 SERVIS PERSONNEL OFFICER X Division BMCM Connors V ' ' f f k YNCM Hagee EUCM Turner NCC Buchanan First row, Kneeling, left to right: PC2 Combs, PN2 Reeves PN3 Watson, YN2 Wagus, SN Jeffries, YN2 Holland, YN3 Scott, YN2 Anders, PN3 Licavoli. Second row. Standing, left to right: BUI Stafford, PN3 Weaver, PNl Shutt, PNSN Dickie, PN3 Horner, RP3 Moore, PN2 Johnson, PNSN Osborne, PN3 Kern, PC3 Law. Back row. Standing, left to right: PN3 Williams, PN2 Brooks hire, PN3 Barber, PN2 Dulak, PNSN Uerritt, PCI Updegraff, MM3 Cohen, ICl Condit, YN3 Johnson. PNC Hollers TMC MCCALL PCC NVE Chaplain s Corner 9 W-ESL, Channel 4 Television Staff Back row, left to right: ET2 Gass (News), TM3 Washington (Sports), ICl Condit (Technical Assistance), DK3 Woodruff (Sports), MM3 Cohen (Writer, Producer, Director). Front row: IMC Arns (News), LTJG Taylor (News). Each Sunday morning over the 1 MC comes the call ' Divine Services are now being held in the ship ' s library; maintain quiet about the area. " Behind this weekly evolution is the Ship ' s Chaplain. His friendly approach is always welcome whether it be on the Enlisted Dining Facility or in berthing and working spaces. It might be a homesick sailor, someone who has just received a " Dear John, " or someone who just needs to vent; it doesn ' t matter, the Chaplain will listen, and offer a word of encouragement. His " underway " evening prayer was a welcome pause for many. Having served as an enlisted man for seven years prior to becoming a Navy Chaplain, he has an uncanny insight into problems or frustrations and is particularly adept in measuring morale and offering encouragement along the way. Aside from his Pastoral and ministerial duties to the crew and their families. Chaplain Pocock has been involved in the CCTV program, the library and the Welfare and Recreation Fund activities. Always with the comfort of the crew paraw.ount in his priorities. Even the daily " Thought for the Day " in the Plan of the Day originates from his office. His original drafts for the Familygrams mirror his perceived need of information for our families, friends, and loved ones. It is good to have a confidant - - - Keep smiling! MAC Harr is Front row, left to right: MAI R. S. Herzog, BM2 R. W. Mahaney, EN2 I. L. Snider, ENl T. J. Lallande, BM2 W. N. Smith, EMS 0. E. Argandona, TMl M. D. Hamilton, EM2 P. G. McDonald, GMG2 T. L. Scott Back row, left to right: HTl B. C. Hunter, MM2 M. W. Phillips, HTl ]. L. Brison, EM2 R. H. Gass, ENl B. E. Springer, IC3 R. B. Billodeaux, FTG2 L. T. Vernon, SN T. L. Weddle, ET2 M. G. Mueller. Patches, REPAIR DEPARTMENT CDR BURRITT REPAIR OFFICER RO Division ENS JAEGER RO DIVISION OFFICER LT BRADLEY EMCS Arthur IMC Arns ? jrf f 1 1 f . Hack TOW, Left to right: YNl Bohan, MMl Doneff, PH3 Gooch, DM3 Baum, LI2 Puckett, LIS Crosby, YN3 Johnson, LI3 Edwards. Front row, left to right: HTl Lodovice, PHI Huntington, DM2 Martin, LIS Nowicki, LIS B. McCain, LIl C. McCain, MMl Leighton, GMTI Hranec, YN2 F lannagan. R ' l Division LTJG KANTIRAKIS HULL REPAIR OFFICER HTC Cristostomo HTC McDermott ate HTC Meness HTC Woodrow PIPE SHOP, SHEETMETAL SHOP, LAGGING LOCKER Front row, left to right: HT2 Williams, HTFN Vanness, HTFA Barnhill, HT3 Cline, HT2 Ng, HT3 Askew, HTFN Wrobel, HTFN Wagner, HTFA Keller, HT3 Helton. Middle row, left to right: HT2 Clanton, HTl Erbes, HT2 Barnes, HTFA Talbot, HT3 Kincaid, HT3 Geer, HT3 Lyons, HT3 Cull, HTFA Resales, HTFN Surprenant, HTFA Bradley, HT2 Ham. Back row, left to right: HTFN Weed, HTl Chavez, HTFN Young, FA Bonner, FN Mullen, HT2 Beeler, HT3 Cullins, HTFN Warnick, HTl Pastoor, HTFA Martin, HTl Tann. SHIPFITTER AND WELD SHOP ■ ...at row, left to right: HT3 Hedrick, HT2 Breland, HT3 Kemper, HT2 Schooley, HT2 Leibering, HTl Coolman, HTl Creasy, HTFA Bearce, HTFA Tober. Middle row, left to right: HT3 Broome, HT2 Myers, HT2 Malcom, HT3 Blanchard, HT3 Holton, HT3 Schaller, HT3 Brown, HTFN Stigen, HTFN Schrock. Back row, left to right: HTl Santiago, HT2 Culver, HTl Palmer, HT2 Liles, HT3 Meil, HT3 Spurlock, HT2 Dube, HT2 Duryea. PICM Ferguson MRC Uallari R-2A DIVISION OFFICER R ' 2 A Division Front row, left to right: IMS Farmer, MR2 Lonzon, 0M3 Cirasa, MRS Mullaley, FA Wolfe, MRS Walker, 0M2 Weir, IM2 Legere, MRS Wise, MRFN Matyjasik. Second row, left to right: IMl Paugh, FN Dixon, FA Melancon, OMSN Butler, MRS Orban, MRS Weber, MRS Halligan, MRS Crosby, MRS Crook, MRS Wallace, MRFA Rogers. Third row, left to right: IMl Brown, MR2 Rudolph, IM2 Tifft, IM2 Clause, MRS Decker, MRFN Colbaugh, OMS Coit, MRFA Ellershaw, MR2 Graf, MRS Linden, OMl Bryson. Back roiv, left to right: OMS Cooper, OMS Peterson, IMSA Fennimore, IMSA Cortez, MRS Santangelo, MRS Reid, MR2 Latham, MRS Spinks, 0M2 Jones, MRl Speede. I ' i- ■ " . - - - fl 1 R ' 2B Division CW02 TAYLOR R-2B DIVISION OFFICER ENCM Spencer i First row, left to right: FN Cocke, FN Akins, ENl Uziel, FN Harrington, MM3 Howerton, MM2 Walsh, FN Schoenike, MM3 Kolterman, EN2 Chisolm. Second row, left to right: MM3 Hollers, EN2 Guin, EN2 Simpson, UM2 Tubbs, MM3 Bailey, EN3 Johnston, MM3 Jennings, MM3 Johnson, MMl Aldridge. Third row, left to right: ENFN Hernandez, FN Perry, MM3 Cox, FA Futrell, FA Markel, FA Healey, MRFA Ferguson, MM3 Montelongo, MMFN Jarrell, FN Guerrero. Fourth row, left to right: ENl Clark, FN Parliament, FA Daley, FN Williams, EN3 Symes, MMl Boteler, FN Kidd, EN2 Schoelen, FN Rowlee, MM3 Suriano. R-3 Division ices RININGER R-3 DIVISION OFFICER EMC Ewe II ICC Wellcome |i First row, left to right: IC2 Risner, EM2 Deguzman, IC3 Sampson, EMFN Panepinto, EM3 Brathwaite, EMI Turner, IC2 Menefee, ICl Shelton, EM3 Wheeler, IC3 Strickland. Second row, left to right: EMFN Williams, EM3 Robinson, FN Wren, EM3 Blackmon, HTFN McColloch, EMI Foster, EM2 Ramseyer, IC2 Hatch, IC2 Counasse, EMI Chandler. Third row, left to right: IC3 White, EM3 Delgado, EM3 Robertson, HT2 Conway, EM2 Swayze, IC3 Grieff, EMI Gibbs, EM3 Miller, EM3 Entrata, EMFN Kauffman. Fourth row, left to right: EM3 Baker, EMFA Lehman, IC2 Coley, EM2 Riggans, IC3 Billodeaux, EM2 Hurst, EU3 Andrus, ICFN Wilburn, EM3 Ciappara, ICl Smith, EMS Kroll. R ' J . Division «- 7 ETC Dowdy Front row, left to right: SN Green, ET2 Sullivan, ET2 Null, ET3 Heard, ET3 Hollenbach, ET2 Peters, ET2 Cunningham ET3 Pec or, ET2 Dugan, ET3 Cottingham. Middle row, left to right: ET2 Mueller, ET3 Hooper, ET2 Maguschak, ET3 Desrosier, ETl Stackhouse, ET3 Donaldson, ET3 Hillery, ET3 Ramsey, ETl Zabler, ET2 Mayberry. Back row, left to right: ET2 Busch, ET3 Hippey, ET3 Fontaine, ET2 Diehl, ETl McDermott, ET3 T. Miller, ET3 Mitteider, ET2 Kelling. Missing: ETCS Misconis, ETC Dowdy, ETl Kuch, ET2 R. Miller. R ' 5 Division ENS BILSKIS R-5 DIVISION OFFICER MMCM Mickelson First row, left to right: IC3 Fields, MMl fSS) Gray, EMS Anderson, EMS Ebert, ET3 Emery, ETl Taylor, MM2(SS) Gilbert, | MMl Feemster. : Second row, left to right: MMFA Rogers, EMI Levesque, ET3 Key, EMS Strahan, ETl Nilsen, MMl(SS) Curtiss, MRS Parry, f Third row, left to right: MM3 Taylor, EMS Patrick, MM2 Clearman, MRS Melton, MM2 Thomas, EMI Medukas, ETl Hack. ,- s f - i? - ff Division LTJG YOUNGBLOOD R-6 DIVISION OFFICER GMCS Stanley SStPM HTC Owen ' y ' . « HTC Roberts ENC Schwartz first rou;, left to right: ML3 Kinney, RMSA Whisnant, PM2 Flores, HT2 Manring, FN Lee, HTFA Bray, BM2 Mestas, HTl Hancock, HT3 Schoch. Second row, left to right: MLS Dozier, ML3 Kinney, PMFN Kennedy, MLFN Baker, HT2 Moran, SA Gennette, HTFN Wratchford, HTFN Moore, FA Basurto, EN2 Harris. Third row, left to right: FN Schuyler, HM2 Liggett, ML2 Maschhoff, MRS Addis, BMl Domzalski, MRS Porteus, HT2 Warden, BM2 Chappell, ML2 Hinkle, BMl Rang, ML3 Becker, BUI Davis, HY3 Burd, SN Watts, MLS D. Becker, MNSA Garcia, HTl Drake, HTFN Edwards. ' -x-iaE... • wtyrg ir - ■ ' " jifSi R ' 7 Division LT. ELLIS R-7 DIVISION OFFICER MMC Boothe ETC Henry HTC Loggins HTC Sides MMC Herzog f tgf ft i Front row, left to right: HT2 Bledsoe, FA McCutcheon, FA Polizzotti, SK2 Rosete, HT2 Sammons. Back row, left to right: HT2 Jackson, STSl Blok, ENFN Bopp, HTFN Chandler, EM2 Harris. [ R-8 Division MMC Carney CW03 SOLUS R-8 DIVISION OFFICER tt It If ' tit f «» Front row, left to right: HT3 Love, HT2 Johnston, MR2 Gresham, HTl Logue, FA Cunarro, HTl Clark. Back row, left to right: HT2 Bagley, HT3 Johnson, HT2 Jorgenson, HTFN Zapata, HT2 Hathaway, HTl Thompson, EM2 Johnson. 103 2-Q FR 102-110 P DECK DEPARTMENT CW02 CANINO FIRST LIEUTENANT ' -P First Division CW02 GREY SHIP ' S BO ' SUN II f Pun M « 9 l 1 First row, left to right: BM3 DelaCruz, BM2 Tracy, YN3 Gilchrist, BM3 Frazier, BM2 Broocke, BM2 Monroe, BM3 Harrison, BM3 Hayhurst, BM3 Miller, BMSN Saunders, BMl Grant. Second row, left to right: FN Keane, SA Woody, SR Bond, SN Heaton, SN Mikunda, SN Vanderbilt, SA Avery. I Second Division i. .i 4 t« t? tJ t % First row, left to right: BM3 Hale, BM3 Martin, BMl Frazier, BMSN Moore, SR Viola, MSSN Kinney, SN Molkenthin, SA Adia, SA Smith. Second row, left to right: BM3 Heyward, BM3 Bailey, SN Goforth, SN Higgins, SN Kreeger, SN Holsopple, SN Hankinson, SR Kallman, BMSN Lachman. i ' d- Third Division ntttHttft ;j i f t?t First row, left to right: BM3 Drew, BMSN Powell, BM3 Seskey, BMl Cheshire, BMl Gomez, BM2 Kilgore, BM3 Cluff, SA Area, BMSN Phillips. Second row, left to n ht: BM2 Perry, BMSN Cornelius, SA Kemp, BM3 Pitts, SN Kelly, BM2 Thompson, SA Mioduszewski, BMSN Mojica. Fourth Division f 3 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT LT FIND LEY MEDICAL OFFICER H Division LTJG RICCIARDI HMCM Eichholz I HMC Boyce HMC Holder Front row, left to right: HMl Brown, HMl Williams, HM3 Robishaw, HM2 Dubaz. Back row, left to right: HM2 O ' Hare, HM3 Cechman, HM2(SS) Bowles, HM3 Cagle, HM3 Christian. I OI-67-l-L FR 66-73 H DIV I DENTAL DEPARTMENT CAPTAIN SECK DENTAL OFFICER D Division LT GILLILAND DTC Vickstrom LCDR WOLFF Front row, left to right: DT3 Valencia, DT3 Campbell, DTI Santiago. Back row, left to right: DTI Morris, DN Tarver, DTI Wilson, DT2 Kirouac. W ' iXimi ' ' ' ' CDR PEARCE SUPPLY OFFICER SUPPLY DEPARTMENT CAPT SAREERAM FORMER SUPPLY OFFICER S -1 Division Front row, left to right: SKI Smith, SK3 Seaner, SK3 Wennin, SKSN Chase, SK3 Bruling, SK3 Williams, SKSN Deandrea. Back row, left to right: SKI Spencer, SK3 Bayliff, SK3 Jackson, SKSN Duffy, SKSN Cotton, SKSN Wrezinski, SKAN Law. LTJG DESHURLEY S-2 DIVISION OFFICER S-2 Division MSCM Witt MSC Oakley I ■0 First row, left to right - (kneeling): MSI Dakis, MSSA Morgan, MS2 Read, MS3 Gallogly, MSI DelaCruz, MSI Colorado, MSI Merino, MSI Gador, MSI Devera, MS2 Beard, MSSA Crockett. Second row, left to right: MS2 Jones, MS3 Wilson, MSSN Donegan, SA Whisner, MSSA Mahood, SA Galeana, MSI Weddle, MS2 Camero, MSI Rodriguez, MS2 Baylon, MS2 Pallasigue, MS2 Perez. Third row, left to right: MSI Geibel, MSSN Dowd, MSSN Davis, MSSA Ostojich, MS3 Bonfiglio, MSSA Marshall, MS3 Banks, MSSN Williams, MS3 Spriggs, SN Avery, MSI Turner. I I ' . A%fc S - Division fl SHCS PITTS S-3 DIVISION OFFICER t ! Front row, e t io right: SH3 Area, SH3 Hayslip, SA Loyd, SH2 Henry, SH3 McCollum, SH2 Soriano. Back row, left to right: SH2 McHugh, SH3 Roberts, SHSN Johnson, SH2 Jackson, SHSN Frierson, SHI Narvaez, SHI LaBrie, DP2 Leas. 02-67-4- FR 67-71 .s-3 m S-J Division LTJG LUCY S-4 DIVISION OFFICER H t ft Front row, left to right: DK3 Wallace, DK2 Bagkus, DKI Agloro, DKl Colorado. Back row, left to right: DKSN Koonce, DK3 Owens, DK3 Woodruff. DKl Holiwell. S " S ' 6 Division im LT JAGGARD SKC Littleton ' •i LT BAUMAN f ft ffj Front row, left to right: SKI Wilcox, BMl Sawyer, SK3 Mathieson, SKSN Roberts, SKI Jones, SKI DelaCruz. Back row, left to right: SK3 Hawkins, SK3 Bellinger, SK3 Osborne, YN3 Conley, SKI Russell, SK2 Winsley. S-7 Division LT MERRILL LTJG ABRAMOVITZ f ffttflftf Front row, left to right: SK3 Curtis, SK3 Trevino, SKI Torres, SK3 Shade, SK2 Devera. Middle row, left to right: SKSN Stubbs, SK3 Midkiff, SKSN Morris. Back row, left to right: HT3 Byrd, STS2 Tieffel, PMFN Sirek, SK3 Benish, SK3 Keller, EM2 Covey. t ] - J 74-M 7 IK j S-8 Division ri - in i i i fijiii 1 Front rotf, e « to right: DP2 Miller, DPI Lyle, DPSN Dedeaux, DPSN Roberto, DP3 Pienkosz, DPS Griffith, DPI Sorber. Back row, left to right: DPS Hughes, DP2 Hrancho, DS2 Sorensen, DS2 Ball, DPSA Brown, DP2 Brown, DPS Raymond, DPSN Perry. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LCDR CASEY CHIEF ENGINEER ENS MARSHALL A DIVISION OFFICER A Division Front row, left to right: EN3 Jarvella, EN3 Washington, EN3 Wright, FN Herndon, FN Rivera, FN Wimer, EN3 Finley, EN3 Gryzcko. Second row, left to right: MM2 Wearherholtz, EN2 Bullock, MM2 Martin, MM2 Harren, FN Barlow, EN2 Bullis, MM3 Braziel, ENl Langhorne. Third row, left to right: ENS Canfield, ENFN Austin, ENFN Green, FA Edich, MMl Hudson, MM3 Riem. •f1 B Division J LTJG TAYLOR B DIVISION OFFICER BTC Acel ETC Smith Front row, left to right: BT3 Hunnicutt, BT3 Sewell, FA Cline, BTFN Councill, BTFA Abston. Middle row, left to right: BTFA Rivet, BT3 Scott, BT3 Glynn, BTFN Ellison, BT2 Archbold. Back row, left to right: BT2 Cash, BTFN Schroeder, BT3 Bruggs, BTFN Selman, BTFA Monk. Front row, left to right: FA Ferry, BTFN Woolsey, BT2 Lilley, BTl Angeles, BT2 Rhoades, BT3 Bussen, BT3 Butts. Second row, left to right: BT2 Coleman, BT3 Withers, FA Ernst, FA Moore, FA Bock, YN3 Craten. E Division ENS ABREGO E DIVISION OFFICER EMC Clark ICC Payfer Front row, left to right (kneeling): EMFN Ziegler, EMS Marshall, EM2 Sprissler, EMS Reul, EMS Banks, EMFA Bott. Middle row, left to right: EMI Corley, EM2 Bacurin, IC3 Harris, EMFN Dippel, ICFN Martins, IC2 Miller, ICS Hampton. Back row, left to right: FN Roberts, EMS Gayton, EMI Miranda, EMI Hitson, EMFN Halstead, EM2 Greenwaldt. DC Division CW02 WADDELL DC DIVISION OFFICER HTC Cousin HTC Robinson h ti|fttt«ff f If First row, left to right: HT2 McClain, HT3 Edmondson, HT3 Celestine, HTFA O ' Reilly, HT3 Hurd, HT3 Craycraft, HT3 Weilbacher, HT2 Gould. Second tow, left to right: HT2 Smith, HTFN Morgan, HT2 Bowden, HT2 Gray, HTl Huehner, MMl Cavanaugh, MMl Kennedy, HTFN Cansler. Not shown: MRI Stauning. M Division ENSMCLAVGHLIN M DIVISION OFFICER MMC Mix MMC Ingram MMC Maliszewski tt ftt9 tft1vf f f Front row, left to right: MM3 Green, MMFN Comeau, MMFN Quenga, MMFN Blair, MM3 Boltwood, MM3 Wood, MMFN Hawthorne. Middle row, left to right: MMFN Daniels, MMFN Kendricks, MMFN Betley, MM3 Parker, MM3 Lange, MMFN Gayton, MMFN Barriner. Back row, left to right: MMl Rowan, MMl Cleveringa, MM3 Bailey, MM3 Edwards, MM3 Kenefick, MM3 Lingenfelter, MM3 Cedeno, MM3 Smith. WEAPONS DEPARTMENT LT MILNE WEAPONS OFFICER W-OIW-6 Division CW02 ANDERSON W-O V-6 DIVISION OFFICER ENSSCHULTZ First row, left to right: TM2 Sigson, TMl Peters, TMI Waldner, GMGl Martinez, GMGl Ford. Second row, left to right: GMG3 Krauch, GMG3 Kinder, GMG3 Madrazo, TM3 Tucker, GMG2 Chasteen. Third row, left to right: GMTl Holley, GMG2 Carmody, GMG3 Graves, GMG3 Denomme, YN2 York. W-1 Division CW02 JUNG W-1 DIVISION OFFICER TMC Wallace First row, left to right (kneeling): TMl Hubbard, TU3 Marshall, TMSN Jordan, TM3 Abfalter, TM3 Pablo, TM3 Lott. Middle row, left to right: TMl Christian, TMl Conover, TM2 Phenneger, TM3 Clark, TM2 Schuab, TMl Glover. Back row, left to right: TMSJ Ramirez, TM3 Thixton, TM3 Neal, TM3 Kelley, TMSN Sigmon, TM3 Rhodes. W-2 Division Left to right: FTG2 Pinder, FTGl Plungis, FTG2 Ostrander, FTG2 Lombardo, FTG3 Schneider. Not shown: FTGC Powell, GMGl Kincaid, FTG2 Vernon, and even though he is no longer onboard, FTCS William (WILD BILL) Sollers. CW02 SHUMAKER W-3 DIVISION OFFICER TMC Badzinski W ' S Division TMC Stewart First row, left to right: TM2 Daniels, GMTI Coffin, GMTl Sedlecky, TMSN Carbin. Middle row, left to right: TM2 Washington, TMl West, TM2 Avey, TMl Earhart. Back row, left to right: TM2 Laton, TMl Conroy, TM3 Cox. OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT LT WHIT EH ILL OPERATIONS OFFICER r- " i B OE IOC I OS Division ENS ALLEN OE OC OS DIVISION OFFICER ETC Maguire RMC Ranels RMC Wise OE DIVISION: Front row, left to right (kneeling): ETl Guzek, RM2 Be ntz, ET2 Bown, ET3 Cheek, SN D. Bennett, IC2 Overman. Back row, left to right: ETl Morrison, ET3 Dougherty, ET3 Demurest, ETl Bass, ET2 Magrogan, ET3 Stowe. OC DIVISION: Front row, left to right (kneeling): RMSA Peerman, RMSN Hawkins, RM2 Smith, RMS Miglii ccio, RMSA Tinsley, RM3 Zacher, YN3 Bordas, RM2 Hill, RMl White. Back row, left to right: RMS Foster, RMS Payton, RM2 Aubert, RMl Gibbs, RMS Gibson, RMSN Lake, RM2 Ziemba, OS DIVISION: Left to right: SMS A Berry, SMS Voss, SMI Holt. Mars NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT LTJG ANDERSON NAVIGATION DIVISION OFFICER 1 ON Division Front row, left to right: QUI Byrd, QM3 Skelton, QMS Usher. Back row, left to right: QM2 Ballard, QM3 McDonald, QMSN Gorski. Chris tmas CHRISTMAS AWAY ] i CHRlSfUAS IS A TIME FOR LOVE AND A TIME FOR JOY, A TIME FOR GIFTS FOR THAT SPECIAL GIRL OR YOUR LITTLE BOY, A TIME FOR US TO LOOK AT EACH OTHER, AND SHOW OUR LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. j CHRISTMAS IS A TIME TO EXPRESS YOUR LOVE, TO LOVED ONES DEAR, AND TO THE LOVED ONE ABOVE, | AND TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU CARE, I EVEN IF YOU CAN ' T BE THERE. JUST BECAUSE OUR CHRISTMAS WILL BE AWAY, DOESN ' T MEAN THAT WE CAN ' T CELEBRATE THIS GLORIOUS DAY, FOR WE WILL EXPERIENCE SOMETHING THAT MANY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND, FOR WE WILL CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS IN THE HOLY LAND. | WITH ALL THIS IN HEART, WE KNOW THAT THE NEW YEAR WILL BRING US A NEW START, EVEN THOUGH THE FIRST 15 DAYS OF THE NEW YEAR WILL BE AT SEA, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THERE WILL BE LOVE AT HOME FOR YOU AND FOR ME. EVEN THOUGH THE THOUGHT OF BEING AWAY, BRINGS A TRACE OF A TEAR, i ACCEPT IT, AND THINK OF YOUR LOVED ONES WAITING FOR YOU ON THE PIER, THOUGH YOU ARE NOT THERE, AND THEY ARE NOT HERE, WE KNOW OUR LOVE IS THERE, AND THEIR LOVE IS HERE. i AS A SAILOR CHRISTMASES WILL COME AND GO, AND LIFE WILL GO ON AS WE ALL KNOW, ' BUT LOVED ONES WILL LEARN TO UNDERSTAND, THAT WHILE WE ARE AT SEA, OUR LIVES DEPEND UPON THE EMORY S. LAND. SO WHEN YOU SEE A FRIEND AND YOU HAVE NO PRESENT IN HAND, JUST WISH HIM A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THEY ' LL UNDERSTAND, FOR CHRISTMAS NINETEEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY IS HERE, 1 WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. by Michael Lawrence Roberts SKSN, United States Navy December 21, 1980 l s UJ j SMVHi Crossing the Line, Reprise 1 Haifa, Israel m % " " " " • - " Malaga, Spain Home, Home Again Cruise Book Staff EDITOR: MM3 COHEN ADVISOR: CDR POCOCK, SHIP ' S CHAPLAIN PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER PHOTO LAB: PHI HUNTINGTON PHI MIZE PH3 GOOCH The Staff wishes to thank all crew members who have generously donated time and photographs for the book. TIFFANY PUBLISHING COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia ? ■ M }

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