Emory High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Emory, TX)

 - Class of 1951

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Emory High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Emory, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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52' ' "I ' up ' ,v - 41 WV - 1 'N -' " X" "'k'ff""c' "4?"g..i'7'2?iJ VfL'i,"55 'Rt2c5:,-EE'.'f' 1230 F3 ' , , X V 22 r i n ' 1 , Q P H ,fs- .Yi N 'Sv i? -'s YP ' f QQ M- I 9 Nu Lt '. xi Q E. P --- -1-w vf-K . 4 W- Y H -4 f - . Y -. --ij' - , 1 -1f--,v- . ,, .. 1mPf", ,:" ,WW v-'--ff 'S fr--7. , ...ml , ., xx TT-f1,1' V '- "..g '.-I' HB "W, Y-4 -'M A. Lf " .'5' 'f"- 1 'J' Hfff- Av' L .. - ' - f-I-4 4 v ' "H J 'K flfmfcfaczf gs- i W We r lx-:iff .5 Qs K Q 5 E NX f ,LX Q.. wav 1.5 ' St Qt N fr! f nina N -' N' D I T X94 - ffcl 1 f 1: xN Pubhshed By The EMORY HIGH SCHQQL I95I f ff ZZ 3' Q A -ge 1,2 J 1" 'H-1-w ,,, Y -1 .4 f 1 Q ' da hay, a " .. V4 IH-fm Muay, ' W ,.., A497 W K , Lum" '.- 'WM ' ' ,W Q ' "0 Q ., ,MQ f ,,,, , 4, - A V ., ff 1 . - 2.4 li V - '- fx Af ,r ', fir ' 1 "f' ' 4 ' B W "M, wg, nf fl iv, Z A 1.15, V 3 k , gwgg. fy, Y' ,H ' Few, 4,5 V l n T, P-2 ,. . ' Nu Y" ' ' W. , , ,MQW Vu 1iKu?"45Q'iIP' i '- Q Mme? an ,W ,, uv nf 9 41" N' ,,,, Q-:f9lU""'K , M .4 4 , ,,, , , F mine f 'QM pg ww my ' , S, ,, . 4 ",l",,",: 'Qfm ,N,w.4anuM ,, V,g,f4,,' . 4 www Q51 -.v9,,4,.-ww f ww- I' 'W M - lm f 0 Y ,,,, 1, MM, f ,Sf ff' . mp,-wi A 'YQ ,W I .4 V g- A an 4 t,,H,,q. W,-V. W MPH! ,km S, .Q Q 0 f-0 A-wid Huw 4 uw' IW all M ww-pr uf 9 0 iff i 4 A+.14y,xf , Z-1, W, , 'V . Qt.. V ' an .J 4. W, ,. nv eV. Nw, 4 4 I V , ,f,. , ,sgpfgf '-1 , ' 34'-if! in 4 ' A I Jgxmafffgzfew OSX!! 0 ZJXJ fi! fa ZW X J J! W 0 zlfb' rad!! ,4,CJ,a-v-Lf 11411 WZ W JYAZL J4Cft14m?4A-!fff7k..440'Llf 7lZCorrI-vxu-JZ Af W5 Jw XX M AZN Lo , Z K N fl 71 , , . P ' 7 I ' t 6 , 5 ' 7""' 7! X ff 'lfzb I of f Z f 4 74-1,0-I., 1,4--4--.,C!Q ! 41211 Lx., , X ' al, , v 4 ' . ... ff I X, ff if 51 If fir V I . ' fx if 2 X .1 f .X ' X: . A !. OUR ANNUAL STAFF Sammy Gresham Photographer Mr Ray Hales-Sponsor Peggy Fletcher Edztor ln Chzef Left to Rzght MlCkCy Adalr Art Editor ,hmmv Shlvers-Sports Edztor Charlotte Cody Asszstanl Edztor Supwunlencfenl' 4 Mean-ge The door of opportunlty 1S never closed to those who wrsh to enter The ladder of success w11l always rema1n more crowded at the bottom than nearer the top The moral frbers of determrnatron and self assurance w11l always be m tune wxth progress toward a rlcher fuller and more useful lrfe Three thlngs are fundamental lf you would reap the beneflts nn your fellow man and you must have falth 1n God and country The student body for the schoolyear 1950 51 has been a cheerful hard workrng team Your loyalty to the School and Com munlty w1ll long be remembered Wlth your chln high and a sm1le may you go forth to greater accompllshments Alfred T Llttle Super1ntendent - I of success. You must-have faith in yourself, you must have faith P 'Ww"7wf4,g4 AY Xt has been a preasure to work vvrth you dents oi Ernory Hrgh Schoor The stu ear 50 and 5X have have ents oi the been a grand group to vvork worked hard at your Xessons and rnet your rohXerns vvrth a deterrmnatron to soXve thern May you contrnue to have success rn the days to corne Ray Hades Prmcrpar L ' 1 r ' ' V the stu ' . - d schooX y ' ' with. You Q . . . 0 I N s o HDHHHISTRHTIUH 1 f ff, 1 f X' - f X lx X .X X xx' Q Ll U. V I if ' X a 'Q ' 1 X x 'E Mr. Ray Hales Drivers Ed. B. S., M. S. from E. T. S. T. C. Mrs English B S from East Texas State Teachers College 34 W Mr Ernest Holman Agrtculture B S from A Sz M B I f Q Business Admirustration B. A. from East Texas State Teachers College s......w'f' YN if--Y Mr. C. W. Holder Coach Paris I r. College E. T. S. T. C. B. S., M. S. attended University of Colorado Mr Cliff Huff K J f Lf!!! Mxss Anme Mae Math Schrlmscher B S from Htstory E T S T C B S from ETSTC MEfromSMU 93' Mrs Ernest Holman Home Economtcs B S from East Texas State Teachers College 'Wrs Mary Box Health B S from E T S T C .v S ww" I 'W 'I X l V3 - . I . f . . ' ' fly x - A S' V . ' in , 1 s ' so 4 ew . ' J 5 . I if - V . .It 1 M ' ff Mrs A T Lnttle B S from East Texas State Teachers College F zrst Grade Tiggihw Mrs R A Arrmgton B S from E T S T C Fourth Grade Mrs Derwood Ivxe B S from E T S T C Seventh Grade ff Mrs Mattle lvle B S from E T S T C Second Grade yr-at will Mrs Joel Lennon B S from T S T Fzfth Grade Wlrs Van Bloodsworth E T S T C Seventh Grade KW!! Vlrs Leo Brazxel B A rm E T S T C Thzrd Grade Mrs Bert Mclxeowen B S from E T S T C Szxth Grade Mrs Sam Amis Nurse Attended U nwerslty of Texas M cKmney City H ospztal, R N .,,, no ' V 'A A fy I , 'N M ' N V .4 I V I 'ff Jade' D ,Q T . A' f f 1. A A Y 'R , , . . . . fo M., W f' f T 2 . ,I A , ' A 'J' B :fy 'K 1' .... EQ'.,.C. 12... 'I -I V U 4 B 1 5 ' T J A :J H X ' "' Q Q D l - 4 . 'T Q .2-fs-',i ,fnfllsgg S' ' 5' nuns :alma usnlnnl an annum nm I1 Q , annum! -'N' 511 i.......i 5 m.,i,,.s.,,,, , .,. 2. , iv Q-H7 4-1" Ruby .lo "Mickey" Adair Sta Annual Joyce Arrmgton Cheer Leader Student Council L M unk Brazlel Parlzamentanan fF F A 0 we lr Hzstormn Y 9 Sonny Chastaxn 'Q Ir H utonan JM? Albert Alexander FFA 1 ack IC Beene Secretary 0 Senwr Class Dorene Chastaln Charlotte Cody F H A Reporter of Ir Hzstorum Cheer Leader F F A Sweetheart Annual Sta vb Kiww f,f Peggy letcher -Treas. F. H. A. Annual Staff Pep-Squad yusic S , J' Ruth Gordon F H A Class F avorzte Bobby Hazelwood 3rd Vlce Pres 0 F F A T rack Basketball Football Audrey v Jimmy Franklin F. F. A. Sammy Gresham Pres 0 F F A Annual Sta Donald Holmes Sec of F F A Football oe Mlddl6t0h F F A Basketball Vzce Pres of Senwr Class Glenn Pltlllo F F A Football J' Basketball Reporter o N Sentor Chzss Loulse Russell F 11 A Bobby IS Football Basketball F F A Class Fanorlte Most Popular Boy ln H S Treas o Sentor Class 'Q l"""' 4 M X' N Ceorgla Potts Theo Rae Rhodes Jxmmy Shlvers Basketball Football Class Student Counctl .lr Hzstoruzn Reporter o F F A Annual Sta Loyd Swagerty Football Basketball Sentemal o F F A Ir Hzstorlan '15 bu R I rj ," - A to , f xo I I u I Pres. of Senior U ----' if ' ' 9' gf, F . . . ' ll S'k . . . ' . O l i -. f. . A ' Q '7 Wanda Kathenne Marvm Tremble Waldon Wheatley Basketball Basketball Barefoot Boy- KP. S.-He's a Senior now.J I 1 ,J-Q-" "M L' Id I ,. 'Y I , ' J' , .V-"' ' . , . 4-"" rely 2J,3L,,fv, Q vw 1 . , ,arf-J ,. Kennemer Grayson Shipp Hart 9 f ff r Q -4 ,. .v ,""Y X ' we' White J obe 'Y' 1'N'w IU' .led Adams F. F. A. Football A jolly hd I ames Arnold F F A Football yce D nlders F F A Tabby lunzor Hzstonans The School pest Donald Fancher Preszdent 0 the lunzor Class lunzor H zstoruzn C rooner 4-'ne 11' 1' .lack Arnold F. F. A. Football Clarence Bellah Love that cle t Douglas Coats F F A Speed Demon Cow Puncher Keith Flemmg Presldent o the .lumor H Lstonan FFA Class F avonte ET?" Padua Na! Namlaik J Geraldlne Fatheree Pep Squad Herrxage FFA Robert Holmes F F A Football Vzce Preszdent ofFFA Kenneth Kennemer FFA -is 'Q L,-v' ,,4uu. N elba Grayson Basketball F H A Reporter lunwr Hzstonan Pep Squad Secretary lame R Holland F H A Pep Squad Eva Nell obe FHA Preston Lyles FFA N ,,. Mary ,hm Johnson F H A Class F avortte V5.7 v 11' nh Iackle Plunk F F A Travls Shlpp A' H zstonan F 4 A Football Treasurer of lumor Class amqifd -gf' Hi, am flffvr 1 7 Q1 J JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Preszdent Donald Fancher V we Prestdent Tommy White Secretary I ou Grayson Treasurer Travls Shlpp Reporter Helen Terry IT -Q if 4-ul UL Candtdate for Hugh School Queen LOU GRAYSON Her Escort TOMMY WHITE Wanda Ollver F H A Pep Squad Musto Phlllp Russell Secona V we Prestdent othe FFA Mary Tadlocl F H A Pep Squad M 'Q . 5 J 4 59 Ng Q My X: o .v , ,M ws: S on . ,W A lf 1, , I I .I .A lj I -- H --QQ 'fn t F Zll. W, was S X . , . "Ne A llu 3 . . . V 9 I S ll? sl ' ' ' I4 -:-f 11" A- I' F' " , , vu dk f 'X fa. , 1 ' K' A 1 A J' ' ' X x MW fx? eu en - ' .fs fs - of .'f. . . . . x S X Q . . Q, 5 Fx A ,I l 1 , nf? Hubert Terry Helen Terry Basketball F H A Sec Reporter o .lam or Class M ustc ,4- 'YT'- as QF' ug at .al-'lx U .X 3 Tommy White ' F F A Football V we Pres o the .lunzor Class Sweetheart o the F H A STREBECK WADE CARTER M COLLUM M -it 'UW Patsy Armstrong F H A Pep Squad Edward Burns FFA Bobbye Daugherty Parlzamentarian of F. H A. V ice-President . Historians Pep-Squad Reporter 0 Sophomores I, Leaton F.F.A Track Wmdell Bloodsworth F F A Class Favorite Football Basketball Bllle Lois Carter F H A Pep Squad Jessxe Decker F. F A Football Yvonne F atheree Historian of of F. H. A. lr. Historian Pep-Squad G . SW 1. 5 :O 7' 76-" JW 0 f Y F W :fl , If' 4 42.11 on Flemmg FFA fr H zstorzan Aubrey Hoover F F A Football o1s Kmght Pres of F H A lr Hzstorzan Pep Squad Secretary o Sophomore Class Edlth Love vi" --0 Charlene Fleming F H A Song Leader of fr Hzst Pep Squad Harmon Kennemer FFA lr Hut Betty Lalr 1' reasurer of F H A Basketball I r H Lstorlan Cheer Leader Preszdent of Sophomores Marama Lyles F H. A. Pep Squad 'Qu -0 Q if n Dons McCollum FHA Mxtchell F F A Robert Parlsh FFA Emma Jo Powers F H A Basketball gf .xl ,A -9 nr 4 19 Shirley McCravey Basketball V we Presuient of Sophomores Nelta Morrow 1 Potts F F A Basketball Audrey Smlth F H A Class Treasurer Oleta Spradlmg FHA lf' J-'V' aqs Ruth Strebeck Allen Cob Stuart FFA Lil! -Q'-7 Mary Stallmgs Class F avorzte FHA Hughxe Strebeck F F A Basketball Murlene Wade FHA A, s Z1-". ' '44 4. ' .., .. . :ww S-A-.Q mfg XJ fi Braziel Oliver Braziel Massingale ,q '. , n.. Hoover if 'V' fm' 415' S Betty L Aclalr Basketball !""0f Bobby J oe gin Asblll FFA Arthella Blanton WIN F H A Pep Squad Muslc o Brazlel F F A V we Presuient Q.,.,h vin QJ I W Alvm J r Alexander FFA Benny A Bellamy F F A t Presulent BCHY line Brazxel F H A Basketball Pep Squad 08D Eads F H A Basketball 1 ,ji h . . . 44 nfl .JV Q ,, A N fc? . A VY A , 5 ,. 'V I1 lg . I . "'-Q' ' ' ' 5 - JA llll E v' 1 nl A f - A y L A' 1 . -4 ' 'i - - I A Bb D J 5' 'W' 5,5 4 . . l ' W 'Ll .f 1 J' at 0 Y 1 "'ZJ" 011 'TK ,gg Rex F lemmg FFA Ray Franklm FFA Anna Leah Gresham F H A Pep Squad Juanxce Holman F H A Basketball Pep Squad "Q, ff!! "Nb AIR nil? If Gayland Flemmg FFA J ackle oe Fletcher FFA ohn Hmes F F A Basketball Robert Hoow er FF.A vi- any 'I " X "fx I ff' ji.. Ethel Mlulllglu F H A Basketball o Moore F H A Pep Squad Nelda N orthcutt FHA Llllxe Oliver F H A Pep Squad 1 lQ'5m Onetta Melton F H A Pep Squad Ivan W Mitchell FFA N ola Northcutt Lotus Wayne Potts Basketball F F A .l ames Ratliff F. F. A. Football Track Melvln Shumate FFA .l lmmy Tnmble F F A Class Favorite Gzggle box Reporter 0 Freshman Class Betty Varnon Basketball lora Bell etary L reasurer o Freshman Class "Q Shirley Stallings F. H. A. Basketball Class Favorite Most Popular Girl Claude Tadlock FFA B1 y Trammel FFA Frances Wheatley FHA . . .n 'H . , . . . l l.,4. Q lf f I . . . .J ' V -B Xxff ' ,464enz' wffmfuclwm wwe Jaiq LSE iid! Hn fncludlfuawx .fookuuf Qaaap Q 'Q' Fl' Shirley W1 IB Basketball V we Preszdent off H A Pep Squad 1'-' K q P S K X v IHE HEMENIHHY SIIHUM pos fw- 'ZF' Marfha Adair Shurley Brown Roberf Burns Emma Jean Byram Mary Alice Cam 4" Weldon Chrushan I 'YQ j lx J Roberf Flofcher 1 IGP if J C o. I C 'P 'O 0 0 o a. -4 9 D 3 3 U o C an :- 3 4 D a. o I J 'E -4 o 0 r- I 0 IO n J' o 'I Nw LJ 7? --ln if 'Q ,Z James Gordon Shirley Hess William Hass Billy Herring: 'VY Jache Huddlesfon 'Y Henderson Morehead 0--9 LoreHe Pofh Dalfon Rhodes Afllfll Rylenf 41' 3 Ball Kernes Shirley Lear Jerry McCollum June 'W Morrow Paul Orsborn Junuor Poffx .as Pa? Sui 4: uw-W Befliena Sparks Gnlberf Sfollmg Bobby Gene Wolfe Lounelle Wnghi l Bobby Plunl HY" Charles Skidmore S QW -QHTQ 'W Wullne R Abney Esia Lee Adanr Slnrley Allred Louise Barrefl Earneshne Dnffmen Landon Flemmg Thomasnne Dnifman Pa? Flefcher Charles Gaby Jerry Hoover Clara Ivy Ardell Jobe ,Xf .-.. 10" ww' vvff, Georgla Luckeff Mildred Lyle: Helen Melfon Sue Nell Morgan Mariha Slik Neve Sledmore 'Q 2 X il, 4 rv- ag Dorofhy Sfuarf Russell Tadlocl Manlyn Waiers Douglas Aden Jlrnmue Champion ScoH Decker James Ha Dons A Polls if o Chnlders v 'U' 1' .J Nanme Slsk 4 J Hass Charles Earl C Hu McTagger'r NY K -1? fs z ff? 7? 04010946114 nafauadaife James Ofen Mlddlefon Norfhcufi 'V' Zane Wnlluam Tommy Marfha Prafher Sparlrs Yeley 8enneH' ons Colson if X l Q IS Xf......r in Clefha Benneff Wynell Mary A Oda Mae Verlme Hall Harvey Kernes Pound ffaziww fqualaile .fix -4. Cloell Reba F Daphme Lnlluan Malone Terry Terry Wade Byram Wnlds J f 3 J - . ' J ya I C C 6' lx v W 1 J A V Y ' " " X bn, . C' -- ' Z' T. J. . ll 'Il ' , lx 1 A A 5, K . f, av' ' v , yy V , fg A ' I K, -N I ' . J F f f A -X ' - I ,gf 55' e xl. , X If J . .4 Q e 'V v X ' 'f l la ,f lil K ' .3 'rv A N. ' "" Q- rrr f y J O4-Mfffrfr J .J rw. ,r C Lf- J f - 19. "Ulu W Mi . . :Q sf ,. ,Q lffl 'A' ' G X-'i ln Q ,ins ' - XX if -S.-4 V 2 ". I J y l. ' . ' ...wk rank Arnold Herschel Bullard Davud Herrnage Bl I8 James Rhodes David Rodes Curhs Taylor Od ue W Taylor Freeman Harl Dean Hass oe Bob Norrns ennefh Shu pp Roy Lee Spence oe Thompson Don Wolfe hcffz F D. L. f' - Rex K'l .H. House J . DY lj K . 6 c I J Delores Adair Gas Peggy Cockrum Tommue Flefcher Joan anr Bonme Moore Annell Rylanf Jo Ann Smlfh 'I Adair L . A" 14 r 11' t 'W vi lg, 'M 'QI' if A-1 -sr Manny Carfer Louie Franklm Funms L. Gordon Johnny P Henderson Kennefh Moody Arfhur Scoff Roberi' IS Kensel Snow Jnmmze Varnon Bobby Waldon iw., ,Nadia ,R WMA 5 vi" if 6 Nfl Car Gulbreafh Dwane Gulbreafh 6 Ie Robert u e H en ry PoHs Sammy PoH's Edward Sfuarf eo Trnmble H a rrel Wolfe Mllfon Shumafe IQ' I Gardema Fleming OTIS Gulbreafh 4' Mary Parrnsh Loudele Slcndmore ua! eww 'Com.lCa!4L SODH BHP Norman D Seymour I t Troy Lee Mel+on Shirley Hari' Marfha Og e Barbara Spence Laura A Wallace Gerald D Adalr Jnmmue Brady Rnchard Gruffm Loyd E Gu es oe Hunfer Curfls Hoover we 1 L Harman Ly es Wayne Mofes Tony Bellamy James Burns on Gaby John Gordon Joe Don Harvey Gerald Kirlcpafriclc George P unlc Leroy Polls . ,if ' ' W A ' , ,jar rre fl? "" . lvl 7 K L . --1 G , 'T J A321 . , r "" 1 ' ' ' f ff fl-gr' yi -Ov D ,ji "' I ....., jf 'l A :LLE . v A 3 i l l1g'l,3ffllllLl3lll?'f!T r,ffv"' aff l 9 ,Lx: , J JUST Q l SMI WWW f , r I fa ' lx, 9 Jr .f fl L Q, U uv M l 'ff 'Q , l ' 1' E ? I A 1 I 32 X ,.,bA 0 -N 11 'Wi '-4 ' is T? Ylbqiealf 'xxx Wnllnam PoHs Roy Don Shnpp Beffy Chashne Wanda Dugqer Wynell Hays Dolly House Jo Rufh Morehead Wanda McTaggarf Johnny Roberfs Lunda Seymour Jan nalaaaalauc 6 X X 'V M-xr Wrnghf Pafsy Adaur a Flemung Doro+hy Gordon Pafrlcna Harvey Opa Jobe Barbara Spmks Leuna Sfrebeck Jr I Adanr David Benneff Jamce Brown Tommye S Cool: nm Garner Judllh Gruffln Preslon Hass Reggae Hunler Nan McKeown Carolyn Mellon Damel Bennefl' Margareffe Benneff Erma D Daugherfy James D:H'man Ann Gunfer Nellue Hass Glenda vue Delores Knrlcpafnclr Zelma Mnddlefon Carlme Og e B'lly M. U . 'V 45 ,M ,sw if ' vi . 'J DA- ,r- T' . . ,A i l Q .H I K A 5 V A . . 'af 5 t l Floreffa P unk u Rodes Spence Marfha N Sfeed ula B Taylor Duc Waldrop Doris A Wolfe PSQQY Wolfe Milford Shumafe Benny Shapp a Sludmore Frances Sfuarf James L. Taylor Sandra Wafkms Joyce Wlllls Beafruce Fusher Geraldme Morgan 11 1, ,Q 40 ,.-- .uf Edwar Adaur Marvun Bullard Bully F Daugherfy Ronnie Davns Loyd Ray Gordon Jerry Henderson Bobby Kearney Kennefh avr ...I e.-- 4 IC' YE 4--vi ackne Cooper err Cooper Larry Duggar Melvin Forbrs Isaac Hass ee Holmes Jasper Nor+hcu'H Thomas Shzpp ,dams ' wlunpalaaod 4 r A- Q fw- ,, '1 'fx 5 I A Q-1. .W yq. y . sr! fxif si Viv, Dennis Sfrebeclc Erwin Dale Norris Janice Allen Frances Arringfon Alice Gnlbreafh Jean v '-lelen Russell Joris Jean Roberfs Merlme Waldon Cl'1arloHe Walker L, J. 4 i all ,I 1, I f 1 I' 'qui 'digg .7 sl L f pdsdue Na! Nacdadle -3:3 A' HV L-TP 1 W in ' J JH X Com Cala Soon me 9' slqpw' I H ,-cs 'RPN James Smiih James Wilds Sarah Lee Bellamy Sandra Bridges Mary Lufilegols Linda Mnfchell Sandra Trimble Geraldine Weldon fl C Q ' - tv f , ..,,, V1 " J' , . . X, 4 ' x ' ' 'T . . l Y ,, X ' ' f 3 , AA' k I 'T TS A li - XL 1 J A K, . f 1 ' X Y - 3 l Y f 'TH Q 'iff' f 'fi 2. .P , X . -5- ., 'A J ' Garry Dale A len Judy Lynn Armsfrong Fannie Daffman Dewey Flemmg Joe Dale Hass Suzanne vue Glenda Ly es Thomas Mahan Maunce Byranf Joe Elwm Burns Bobby Gu es Sfanley Gordan Eddue Jones Bobby I 6 Lmda Og e Samuel O Rear axanne rsborn Dnana P unk J' w. x"'ylH MJ? 1 DMI Jumrny Dean Smufh Jane? Jean Spence Lenms Young Narwm Norrus Arfhur Sludmore Mary Ann Taylor Harvey Weldon Charlene Wnllnams O Y Q , I .A , V' ..,,, 44 li, X L r xr. P1 :ff N' ' 71, f ' wi A a .444 was 7 42.49441 -. 4 +1 slit' V 1 E F SJ' ' 'Mr-! il? .n .N .9 ,. . . ...Liu ' 1. Q av "' ,J f 2 Q I J JK WWW z 1, f if f ir- A .. Y ' HW" 4 I ., x ' ' W ? .,. YQ .. . 'af W, 3 55:4 5? 'Mi l. r Q I 1 In Ruth Go Fi fffwyjywf 1 II BI F,XgEf5EH FHVURITE 4 613955 A Qfaacfe School Glafu 4 FIRST GRADE Maxanne Orsbom Bobby Glles SECOND GRADE Sandra Bndges Jasper Northcutt THIRD GRADE James Taylor Nan McKeown FOURTH GRADE F A Wnght Dolly House SIXTH GRADE .loan Lau Harold D Hass SEVENTH GRADE Joy Clulders Oran Northcutt SEVENTH GRADE KB Pat Fletcher Jerry Hoover EIGHTH GRADE Vadeen Ely Bobby Neel Plunk IM FIFTH GRADE Loudele Skndmore Robert Klle E M. . zureetheaft """'-...":.f'f' Ml ,, 5 5, I . X f Q v 1 . ' ,, ,fi JI' Q, jf A A l l f .JV bfi , J' i V TOMMY V 'Y , Q fi WHITE r-ff f yr gwazifflicmt XXXM W N ww Wm www XM . 1"-if: " ' fffff , f.......,...-.,... Mme-1 5 ' Wk S X THLETICS ' ...Y---. up- i.-.. .1 MWA! bwagerty Sxsk-Co Capunn Flemmg Arnold D Holmes Rathff Hazelwood Arnold Pltlllo Bloodsworth Hoover Brazlel Slnvers-Co captam C cached by Clyde Holder f' I , .Axe ' iq' m , . 4" ,K-ll X 4. p.m 28to LM! by me Emory Waldcats Shxvers yard! to pay dart season, Z to 7. backs fought game tdfurn seondaoae-xidedvnaover handoff plenty of thrills Quxnlanteamm ing,38to0 Qumlanteam plenty klfrbut nmfrom arequiteu Wildcats beirgame bythe ofthe on the Rayiayeda man wxth 8 rxght half Hay Mrddleton 8-B guns ag left half wxth and from their :muted Tank Shzpp Whv vnll see httle action because oi IHJUTY touchdown passed to Loyd the extra pomt 1ed6to13 At quarterback w Tommy Whats an movmg in yards the lat 0- Swaggerty and the The Wxld te !' third playmg Last Frxday the Wildcats Oak and 7 The team of then' White leg in season and hard deimitely The Wild fmt string the best Jnmmy has been a work m the Wzldcats offense year Young Robert Braziel wxll be mght wxll be '1- back and the either help d Don wxth Ceniel' S86 round early amz into a an Jon Er! the school that they a good team Q Dad over for a fwe red clad on The Wxldcats last touchdown on the of the game when FOOTBA but t town date year and a good pep hey wnli need the e hole Emo The e t Don m the galloped sxxty yards as dxrt the pomt w w ry Sonny the Ln IX Wxldcats wallplay xuzal Hxgh bchool on the Fuday mght at school meld exe the Q 'Go of :ev hw lea: last week. sand to be doing fxne at E i g BACK ROW. Bob Brazlel, Wmdell Bloodsworth, Joe Mlddleton, B111 Potts, Bobby Hazelwood, Travxs Potts, Loyd Swagerty. FRONT ROW: Marvin Wheatley, Hubert Terry, Jimmy Shivers, Bobby Sink, Leatoll Ely, Huey Strebeck. Giggfffwmix fi o , ? ea, A-C 4 fAbove le t to nghtl top row Mr Ray Hales--Coach Ethel Massmgale Shxrley Wlllls Wanda Trimble Betty Varnon Shlrley McCravey fBottom Row left to Betty Brazlel Jo Ann Eades Nelba Grayson Betty Lalr-Captam Emma Jo Powers Lllle Mae Olxver Shrrley Stallmgs Plcture at left rzghl Mr Ray Hales-Coach Eu , f ' Iuanice Hohnan 4 r B 4 'P 1 f Wa wwf ,aww fe? gf 5, AX , 0,24 6 Nl 'eff XX 1-x P BETTY BRAZIEL N W Jo ANN EADES N f f"N SHIRLEY STALLINGS .4 X VW X QNQQV 11-M y H- xg: 1 ..T..-" XE x ff, it ,.- 'K M 'N 1 5 x 1 i Q E' ?" A itll fr gf' 'NA 4 K r-I ' , fffrg bl uf 51,4 '11 JM' x , QA ' -f" K X? f lid X3 U -MQ 1,A5'2z mach BETTY LAIR vis WANDA TRIMBLE 'J' 5' uf' 'wi NELBA GRAYSON V X Qu' lu R - K fig, A Y Ff X x xx M Amin .5 n 8 . - . vzf , F W . ? ni M Q-- Q 9 Q ia ' X' 1 1, , Ng ? L , fx K f ' - M, 1, 1 si "b'- ' 6 ,f ' ' 55 ,jj J, 4 ,A y ,ff ' 5 V I il 'Z , M, 541 , xx S ' X '75 A Q .fn 'L ang' I YJ V ,J IFE 9 0' 5' ZIP' BACK ROW left to nght Martha Snsk Oneta Melton Nannle .lo Sxsk Ema .lean Byrum Helen Melton Georgle Luckett, Charlene Fleming fChartreusel MIDDLE ROW left to rzght Manlyn Waters, Martha Adalr Wynell Hall Shlrley Lau Mary Alice Cam Dlan Daugherty Llllle Ollver Audy Cody FIRST ROW left to nght Bettye Brazlel Peggy Fletcher Bobbye Daugherty June McDan1el Lots Kmght, Patncna Fletcher Shxrley Brown Lou Grayson, Yvonne F atheree SPONSOR Mlss Schrlmscher MASCOT Io Nell Orshorn CHEERLEADERS-Betty Lalr Charlotte Cody .loyce Arrmgton , I 9 9 9 9 9 . ' . , . . . . . . . . 9 9 9 9 . . . . , , . ' 9 , . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 SIUHINI EHUNEII LEFT T0 RIGHT Claud Tadlock Freshman Representatwe Loxs Knlght Sophomore Representative Ixmmy Shxvers-Semor Representative Joyce Arrmgton Senwr Representatwe Jackle Plunk luruor Representative Q 1 N f- 4--L . Wrrfo sm rzs N CHAPTER S"'fd" 75 "' fd Ee et to nght standmg Mlss Schrunscher sponsor Yvonne Fatheree LOIS Knight, Charlene Flemmgs Bobby Daugherty Eva Nell .lobe Helen Terry L M Brazxel Jimmy Shlvers Royce Chllders Tommy White Harmon Kennemer Peggy Fletcher Charlmte Cody Don Flemmgs Plullp Russell Nelba Grayson Betty Lau' .lame Holland Mr Sam Cam Co Sponsor f . , . : . . , 5 , . . Marvin Wheatly, Keith Flemings, Bobby Sisk, Donald Holmes, Loyd Swagerty, . I 1 rf' '- y We ,If J . 1 wh W J 1 J I 9 i -Q Q u I X ...-Q BACK ROW Cleft to rzghtl Arthella Blanton Peggy Fletcher Charlotte Cody Murlene Wade Mary Stallmgs Betty Varnon Emma ,lo Powers Jo Ann Eads Marxana Llles Anna Leah Gresham MIDDLE ROW lleft to nghzl Mrs Holman Joy Moore Helen Terry Oneta Melton Eva Nell .lobe Ima Ruth Gordon Ysonne Fatheree Bllhe Carter Oleta Spradllng Ethel Massmgal Bobbye FRONT ROW lleft to rzghtj Shlrley Wlllls Lou Grayson Bettye Brazxel LOUISE Russell ,lame Holland LOIS Knlght Llllle Ollver Betty Lair ,laumce Holman Dons McCollum Charlene Flem mg fChautreuseJ Sponsor Mrs Holman , I 9 9 9 , , 9 9 9 9 . , I 9 9 9 9 9 9 V . . . . 9 9 9 9 9 Daugherty. , I . . . . . . . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 1 9 ' . I . "4 4. Q ' 'e'4'ffu'fs TOP ROW fleft to rzghtl Bunker Brazlel Parllamentarlan Sammy Gresham Presldent Iackle Plunk James Arnold Robert Parish Gaylme Flemmgs Leaton Ely Hubert Terry Bllly Tramble Travxs Potts Treasurer Glenn Plttlo Albert Alexander SECOND ROW fleft to flghtl Lewls Potts Don Fleming Phllllp Russell James Ratlxff .llmmy Franklm Hughy Strebeclc Jes le Decker Keith Fllmmg Tommy Whlte Royce Chllders ,llmmy Trlm ble Mr Holman Advxsor THIRD ROW fleft to rtghtl Bull Potts Robert Holmes Wlndell Bloodsworth Joe Del Mlddleton Sonny Hmes Robert Hoover Edward Burnes M ,l Mltchell Ray Franklm Joe Hoover FOURTH ROW ileft to nghtj Roger Hart Ben Hart Rex Flemmgs Donald Holmes Secretary Alvln Alexander ,llmmy Shlvers RCPFCSCHIRIIVC Travls Shlpp HISIOTIHH Bob Brazlel Bobby Asblll Kenneth Kennemer ,lack Arnold lvan Mltchell Harmon Kennemer Benny Bellamy Bobby Hazelwood Melvm Shumake Bobby Morgan BACK ROW fleft to nghtl Bobby Slsk Bob Brazlel Helen Terry Arthella Blanton Dorothy Stuart Shirley Brown Pat Fletcher June McDaniel Arlene Rylant MIDDLE ROW fleft to rzghtl Robert Fletcher Aleta Rloodsworth Marxlyn Waters Wxllle Ruth Abney Martha Slsk Audy Cody Peggy Fletcher Louise Barrett Shlrley Lanr Ann Rylant, Bethana Sparks Mrs Noles FRONT ROW Cleft to nghtj Judxth Kay Gnffln Reba Terry Nan McKeown .ludy Rhodes Frances Stuart Caro lyn Melton Lou Dele Skxdmore Dolly House Sandra Brrdges Lharlene Wrlllams Suzanne lvle Richard Gflffln Teacher Mrs Lewls Noles 'n .4- f ,f -f RHYTHM of , BACK ROW lei: no rzght James Louxs Taylor Rlchard Gflfflll Nan McKeown Janice Brown Delores Kirk patrxck Francls Stuart Tommye Sue Cook Judlth Grlffm Reggle Hunter Preston Hass FRONT ROW left to rlght Dolly House Judy Rodes Joyce Wlllls Sandra Watkms Glenda Ivre Carolyn Mel ton Dons Wolfe Ann Gunter MAJORETTES Pat Llttle and Kay Carol Burns BAND DIRECTOR Bettye .lo Chastalnc , . s s a s ' s 9 1 a 1 , I 1 9 9 1 9 ' 9 9 ' . . . . WHO'S WHO E 0RY HIGH LOUISE RUSSELL, Senzor Louise has always been the qulet type mth no temper at all She IS very sweet and gets along wxth teachers as well as fnends Her studles are kept up along wlth her club work 1ntheF H A L M fBunkl BRAZIEL Semor A very outstanding fellow Bunker has al ways been ln school m Emory Smce the flrst grade he has gone to school with aome of us Hls grades have always kept hun ln the upper ten per cent Hls arnbltlons to be a dairy farmer are already belng realized as he has a very good start 1n the busmess already ikhn LOYD SWAGERTY Senior Loyd also has been in school lI'l Emory a long time His dashing good looks and charming personality prove he has a way with the women During his Senior year he lettered in football and basketball He has held several high offices durlng his high school career CHARLOTTE CODY Senior Charlotte has been with us since the begxnn mg of her eighth year in school She came here from Greenville and has held some high honors including President of F H A and Junior Historians F F A Sweetheart and cheerleader Her copper colored hair is her distinction LOU GRAYSON, funior Lou has already established her reputation as a basketball guard. She is very popular in her class and with friends. Some of the most desired honors have been hers. They are: favorite of Sophomore class, member of the Student council last year and Secretary of ,lunior Class. DONALD FANCHER, Junior A very brilliant and intellectual student. This is his first year at Emory High but he has already become popular with the majority of the students and is President of his class. His good humor and dynamic personality make him a welcome addition to E. H. S. LOIS KNIGHT Sophomore Loxs dlmpled grm IS a welcome and famxhar slght to everyone She IS usually a member of any meetmg concernlng the opposlte sex These honors were hers Presldent of the F H A Secretary of the Sophomore Class and Student Councll member LEATON ELY Sophomore Tall dark handsome and good natured Lea ton fllls any ones bnll for a member of Whos Who He has been on the mam team ln basketball and lS a very good for ward As a hlgh school personallty Leaton stands out with his easy going frlendllness to all JO ANN EADS Freshman ,lo Ann has come lnto her own on the basket ball court Her Bblllty as a forward has help ed the standlng of the team very much She rates wlth teachers and classmates allke In years to come she should become a verv out standmg person BENNY BELL XWY Freshman A studlous per on with ample ability IS Ben ny He IS to be depended upon and applles hlmself to a job so that lt ns well done He IS a member of the 4 H Club and the F F A QQ Wann Ugg, 4 un 95, Q Q NH A MRS BILL SISK MRS E M MASON MRS BARNEY HALL MRS ETI-IEL ALEXANDER Q 'Q YQ . - ':f I E Ezra " P' - K Lim A C! S 1, ax!- Wlll Smlth Leonard Allen Aaron Cook Hobby Bullard School Custodian Jack Cooper L C Allen N u pig! Senior Baby Pictures ,f-e f L dau rv 315 HQ a- 52:7 if 5 155 .W x I A Al N -,V ' "e i A-.- . . Ruth Gordon X IE' is 1 r Q ' i ll 1: l 15 543 R B . . :U CSDM? Wanda Sliliuwigis Hazelwood asfam Trimble Jimmy , r W I ,mt F anklin We ,N , 3 W. f, l, m9 W' F " , Q J ff" Q' FQ, ,fj'LJMickey of N Adalf DOflald d V Q-9 i Holmes . Loy Peggy Fletcher Simiuiwagerty Charlotte B0 by Cody sisk ',, .n ,P Theo Rae Rhodes joe Middleton Sammy L. M. Braziel G . Gresham uBunker. Albert eorgla Ports Alexander 49 , K ,fix WN! Q-.A 1 Di xx "-S .-.41 KNAW? GLW 2161569693 AMWK 855' Dfw Q53 UE? wr Y Y .Tx p if 6 4 ' . - m A I' 'V I. if ,, " . - 4' X x lb 5 , 6 L I u f I A' Q4 1 " Q A ' , 1 " VJ ,v 'y ' ' : 1 'V r fb X f ' A H y 'V -7 6' L 9 " ,Q xl", u 2 r 'I Sift ' 3 WI" l' ,yy- '- 4- V 2 Mx f l 4? ' .,nf'l I", " WML! ,w 7 'Lf if 1 ' iw, X vi, L, Nlyo 0 Meiji.. by 1 1 ' I, X Ury! .Jil X jte , H X1 A 1'5" j V Vx 7, N 'TH X ' I fr I f! -J ' l g I V ,H I ' K Q N V 1 Y 1' fi' ' 5 I x , 1 X 'ENT W g ku . y' ,inf X441 I-j I ' D lu N 'A V h .J E ' A ' V44 X V K 'af WV," 1' . I 1' A494 " 5 1 J A X f iz' I' lnff' I f J fd 'ji fihfjr 75 A!! ! ff V -V ff ., K ' - .I 'fr 'V V ff, ' ,fv I 5 4 I -X A 4X4 'JM fl r WV ,1"'74 A , f fi ff , ,, Q ff' ffl ,J ff , ' ff Q ,fflfr -fx 4 M N' A ff ff A f .. ff' ,fa ff' , ' 1, ff 'ff 3 J f' X' ' f' ,md A V - . '-' fzf 1 x uf iz it I .1 Vvffli, Kfv gf Q yjyf .J 4. Y 1 q W -.ff 1 I 1 R f 1 f , A agp Q P' K 1 Pj dai l 'W Q K4 nf' ,fl g Y 'X xl X1 fix J J ff' W J : gd, ' A dKxf'CQ ww?-Rf .16- if N2 L 325 dyed' a Ha 62.3 924 HDVEHTISIHG it SEQ IVAN ALEXANDEIQS Feed Store G- Cotton Gin YEOEIY Chevrolet Company Mr and Mrs Arthur Jones EMORY TEXAS Conqratulauons and Best Wlshes For Yeur Future Success The Flrst Natlonal Bank of EMQRY TEXAS RESOURCES O ER ONE MILLION! DOLL RS M b F D I C ...J-Ol.-. -'7Q i1I-" E Y T PARTS FLETCHER ga, WMM from gd! of BEST wusr-:es FROM Dr. and Mrs. F.S W' M' Mes ALEXANDER H cnocfmfs moose BAZAAR if 355515 Q.-1? EEED +W AND MRS W M POOL EMQRY TEXAS 6 utrma Feed Store Van Bloodsworfh f-TX Leo Barz el 9 M ww hmm? -1,52 ef- Emory "' Complimenfs of i 's T E fy 'fl' E ,jx "1 , - E " Q Greenville, Texas ' fm- pRi,,- . A Bes ishes of DR. . . . Greenville, Texas G ' of C gg an J - 9 ' fri E IVQ 5'k '47 E' 34 fs f ' '-:W X X7' 7 0'QfLU'1!'g ' , fx 'W ' I T ' I X 29 Owners ' W9 -' -' f V '-NJ.34l'lv. E E w Y ' ml ' U . ... E7 ' "' -' " lx COMPLIMENTS OF 9 .- ' 4? NIX S ef DRUG STORE Mr. and Mrs. Booker Nix and Shelia EMORY, TEXAS Complimen+s R. G. GLENN GROCERY Emory, Texas VARNON GROCERY AND MARKET Bes+ Wishes Your Home Town Newspaper e Rand eounfq .Zealm JCE I-IGOD LUMBEB COMPANY Building Supplies Hardware and Funeral Home m,viEi P Mvumi BIG JOB L CONSULT us if EMORY TEXAS gf RAINS COUNTY ABQTRACT CO BEAUTYSHOP ,fy Grocery 8: Markef I I EMORY TEXAS y 4. From Compliment ' Th Complimeni' V A Complimenfs of from Taz ' " ' HELEN B. BOBBY oi Y M, K rr Q , X TQQQQ I I ' G 'r Th AND MRS GOOD GULF PRODUCTS an MARYBE ROBERTSON S SERVICE TH STATION EMORY PHoNe 48 EMORY BEST WISH ES Magnoha Servuce Sfahon Grocery Ma'I'eI at Feed I S+ EMORY TEXAS For Your Butene propane Gas, Systems, and Applnances We Wall Save Wea lffaneq' ' CaII Us The Nex+ Tnme You Need Buirane Propane Gas Servace We W1IIApprecIa+e Your Business IEMIVIE-I-I' IVIANLEY TeIepI'1one II24 Greenv:IIe Comphmenis of e ose MR. . d af Congra'ruIaHons TAYI-QQ BERT McKEowN Brigh ar, Texas Complimenfs of SHERIFF AND MRS. CARL M. CORDELL EMORY Besr Wishes From STEEN MOTOR CO. COMPLIMENTS THE FORD HOUSE EMORY Gordon Hughes Blacksmith EMORY TEXAS BEST OF LUCK semnorzs or su FOR HOLSUM BODIES HOLSUM BREAD Jfahwn Bafun SAM BRAZIEL PREMIER PRO 9 B EST wus:-TES A L EDWARDS h Greenvzlle Texas H dl h C WEAVERS CLEANERS of fo Ear Emory Q 0 Emory, Texas l The Clof es You . Wear- We an e WH are- Besf Wishes COOPER S GROCERY Frozen Eood Locker Emory Texas NELL 8: ROY Shoe 8: Barber Shop Congrarulahons SENIQRS From The Eacul+y Come See Us DELUX CAFE OPAL PHILLIPS OWNER To The Memory Emory Hugh SENIORS 50 5I Washes For Brgger and Beffer Annual In Years To Come Annual Starch '50 '5l COMPLIMENTS e 6 cecwun fa COMMERCE TEXAS Complrmenfs of I ' ' 0 Emory, Texas ' Emory, Texas If You're Hungry Emory, Texas of From The of Th I P ' f IE! I a aimvwuwg wwwf-'QW 3.1. 4 -w gvevfwilfihwmikcch 361285wwxlrffwwatM6i21i52A.k1S'63ffid:22aifwi"a16J:mf'.iioiA3gi:iag::,uaxfar wr S22--X v.w4.u,w1 ' , - - ., . 42- ,Q f f - -J . ' -4 'f , " 'W 1 j A..- 1- W av , 1 , . V 1' 1 W-'10-fr Q 4' " ' 1 " 2 'I 'r xg V," ,vyv Y '!'g'lj1v'y' 'rf'7u1,,i"f?1",': 'W -yi 1- 'z-75,-'j',v'-57 -iff' f'ty', A. Tvg,f'1q"lg,1 Q'r'1. -yZ:"'c,'f- vwET'?f'!11f'i '1 ' "ff 2'

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