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AA"""'7' f - T'Li-'1 li? 75" "i q ? 3 ' ??? wf i'51'T-lP1":'1ff'ffiwlmw' :xff:1ffz:,fg!.-iCQr:,'-S251-f6.:g-.,L,.1 ,.g..k,-.,f .f. f-'--Y-f..f."x-Lf ' -A ' ' '-Q " ' . - -.4 .aff-time 5 ""'x --4 , ,V , f af' ' 1 ., ' ' 1' "-'--- "-.gif-" L: , ,wvfw I .-,L -,.,. . -rg ,, V . : J, .-1-.-. -T:-,T--fl""" --rpnsfrfrtrtfl, VIEW or EMORY cSf HENRY COLLEGE--1850 X av Y vw vw , Y , , X ' .- v. w4Qg1 .a2f is ' :'- H - ,gk ms- 4' :.pNm-".2-f" f' 9 M P' ff' ' ' ' ' ,I , ' gL6 Wf" f QM: '- , ' ' :Ap-1, , , ' V, fm' ' L - , ,..:g11L,45::z5-fW 1 : ' " .Mr- 1:'1, 1-1. 0. . . , ,.,..:--'mv' 'm-P:-5"fE'?i'n-f ,f.,w:zmz'a-lm-wa-:Q-,.2'2v5wQgv ,, -J.:M.,.f.5..5,..fn.,.:.1Q.,.u. 49, -:"u..,. , -eigf,1a5Q:a.s!:i f swf. 'mv -A - - X . J .v ,m3,KQ.,.y-M My - K, W . H ' ff ,A A 1 11 1:2 5.-li5f1?f'E4f"' ,, ,.- - Jmw, . 'F-'If-1,372 1351, I g5,1g,.:1,,.1 so q A r Jg. 4 .wg "' -vm'1lU1-- -f' - X I? r Q nu A ., , V ,M 4,,,,T,,..., I yg If I ,2 2 V f so - H rn. wmsi? A"4'f5?fu,4E5'?i?s5i . .. 1 1 f- 4 wipfinxx' YTFE-2 3z5fJ571rfq v X- ,. , fgzfgjieisf Qfeq., ,,, , , f EUYY UR nuxmm BU 'va WR mmm nu sxifm Qefausm GXLE '5 GXLN GH ww VHXNQ BY THE PUBLXSHEU pl GLHS5 UF PN 'SENXU ENBHX HND HHN EViDPN,XTH. C- ULLEGE , ttt ttt We, the Senior Ctdss, ot thts onehun- dredth sesston ot Emory ond Henry Coheqe, present the X938 S?X'U.NY. ds cr token ot the esteem whtch we hotd tor the very ndrne ot our Coheqe. Not hdvtnq dtternpted to pro- duce on ctnnuot tcrrqer ond rnore etcrhordte than torrner ones, we have w ortced wtth the tded tn rntnd to edtt cr hook thdt wth contcrtn those tncrdents that hctve proved such or toy to us throuqh the post yecrr. Ernory ts proud ot the proqress she hcts rnode throuqh the Century, ond we chcrhenqe tuture qenerctttons to uphotd her storndords ot htqh Chrtsttdn chcrrdcter. And tt, when you have tctuqhed ond worked ond ptdyed your wcty throuqh these pdqes, you wth ctose this voturne ot the S?'t'YtN5C tor the tcrst ttrne ond srnthnqty say " Otd Emory", we wth he to your sctttstted. sett Dedr NWN THE CCDLLEGE CLASSES ORG IXNXZZXTXONS PJYHLETXCS 1 'Zvi w,'7'a?3'55' 4 .uf aff-Egg! N 4"kf1aF fgQff::,.s.1 -- ' Y A X ff . AWA,-f V . Q ,. A , - - ' fu' 1 ny f- - H , ew. 1' :V-f',.,,i5,1, ,Lf-,,: -' ' V f V - - ' ' ' mf, I-,,f,g,f.,!g,f5,-,,1ef,,,,.,,,k .. . V ,, K f , . . , X . ,..,M, W Angina , ,,,,1A.V..,: DB. W . S . NE-XGHBOBS t sctnotastto ana cntturat ces ttnts, the X938 ' a wttn Prtter a Century o roares-5 Ernory and Henry proau ' t ttne S?HXNY., Wntctn ts aearcate ratttnae to one Whose nnttr- ttty, ana Ctnrtsttan ttny ana I lp u artton o 6 YU O-T1 Q persona syntpa I eratton e coratat estee tna ettorts, aynarnto tatttn, wnose torestqtnt, oouraae, D toyatty to what ts rtatnt, ana Whose coop yvtttn ttne Prarntntstratton ot 'Cne sdnoot have en- aearea tntrn to the tnearts ot att who know tntrnf to or Cnrtsttan aentternan . . . WEXXXQ f 1 ' .1 I 95. hm q,,. .Q 1 ,Q Huw. Vvxnsxnm . K. N. HU.-LM-BN Pm hoxxorcfde, CGQGXDXQ cmd d. QYOCUCGX human bemqp du drdem cmd heXpiuX in- fduence in the devekvpmem oi Emovy' f this is "Bid Doc". WJ i V ' A 1 -, '. ' Z "lf-Q "Elf QV' 9T15T3s'ff':,E5'f ,A , M3 ' I S - ,Def-, ff- M , Qighfrfsp a i FACULTY MARY ANNE AKERS 1923 LIBRARIAN B. A., Emory and Henry Col- lege. EULA HANKLA 1934 . REGISTRAR B. A., Emory and Henry Col- lege. W. G. QUARLES 1934 COMPTROLLER - L. M. GILLENWATER 1934 FIELD REPRESENTATIVE B. A., Emory and Henry Col- legep M. A., George Peabody College for Teachers. MRS. ANNIE ALLISON A 1927 CHIEF DIETICIAN D44 B. S., Martha Washington Col- lege. ANN WILQCN TILSON , 1932 ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR OP PRACTICE TEACHING D CC B. A., Earlharn College, M. A., Columbia University. 'K 'an-. Page 10 1893 Page 1 1 FACULTY HOWELL MEADORS HENRY 1913 DEAN AND PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE PD K B. A., Newberry College, M. A., Vanderbilt University, Ph. D., Vanderbilt University. Iosi-IUA WALLACE HILL 1926 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF HISTORY D K B. A., Georgetown Collegeg M. A., University ot Tennessee. IAMES SHANNON MILLER PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS D CC B. S., and C. E., University of Virginiag Student, University of Goettingeng Sc. D., University of Virginia. EARL RAY CAs'ro 1920 PROFESSOR OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY 9:44 B. S. and M. S., West Virginia Wesleyan, M. A., George Pea- body College for Teachers, Ph. D., Clark University. Roy EDWARD HQKE 1928 PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION B. A., Franklin and Marshall College, M. A., Franklin and Marshall College: Ph. D., Iohns Hopkins University. LEONIDAS ROSSER LITTLETON 1913 PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 77 cc B. A., Southern University, M A., Tulane University, Ph. D., University oi lllinois. FACULTY RoLrE LOUIS HILLMAN 1925 PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY AND HYGIENE D CC B. A., Emory cmd Henry CO1 lege, M. D., Iohns Hopkins Uni- versity. . VIRGII. CLARK BAILEY 1928 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS as 44 B. A., Concord Coileqe M A University Ot Kentucky SAMUEL WI-IITE SHEL'roN. IR. A 1936 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Or PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS 5? K B. S., Emory cmd Henry Coileqeg M. A., Cfeorqe Pecrbody Coileqe for Tectchers. HARRY IENNINGS GARNAND 1919 PROFESSOR OF SPANISH AND FRENCH up cc B. A., Washington cmd Lee Uni versity: M. A., Columbict Uni versityg Ph. D., Colurnbicr Uni versity. FRED HAYES BARBER 1923 PROFESSOR OF LATIN AND EDUCATION B. A., Wdbdsh CO11eqe5 M. A., Wdbdsh CO11eqey Ph. D., Uni- versity Oi Chicdqo. KING ALBERT HAGY 1934 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF FRENCH AND GERMAN D? CC B. A., Kinq Coiieqeg M. A King Coiieqeg Litt. D., Austin Colleqe X ya-fgrt., ' Page 13 L T Y IOHN EDWIN ALLEN 1937 PROFESSOR OF ECONOMICS AND COMMERCE DCC B. A., Emory and Henry Col- lege, M. A., University of Vir- ginia. ARTHUR SPEECE Wrrx-:ERS 1925 PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH D CC B. A., Emory and Henry Col- lege, M. A., Vanderbilt Univer- sity. MINNIE OSBORNE 1935 INSTRUCTOR IN ENGLISH AND DOMESTIC SCIENCE B. S., State Teachers College, East Radford, Va. BENSON SUEssERoT'r ALLEMAN 1936 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH D K B. A., Roanoke College, M. A., University of Virginia. CHARLES PARK 1935 PROFESSOR OF PINE ARTS 77 K College of Music of Cincinnati, Institute of Musical Art, New York City: Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. IULIET MILLER 1935 INSTRUCTOR IN ART 5744 B. A., Emory and Henry Col- lege, Art Student, Columbia University. HO OR AWARD XA , x. THE F. E. ANDERSON MEDAL IN DEBATE 'Xxjfx t is 3 2 , During the l925 Commencement, MI. Frank E. Anderson, Richmond, Virginia, established an endowment fund at the college sufficient to pro- ' vide a permanent medal to be awarded each year to the best debater in jet the college. THE WILLIAMS MEDAL IN DECLAMATION V, During the session l888-89, the late Col. Frank E. Williams, a graduate of the college, donated a permanent fund, the income of which furnishes 'D I a handsome medal for Declamation, awarded annually to the best de- claimer in the freshman and sophomore classes. mm f " " THE COLLINS MEDAL IN ENGLISH This prize, founded by Rev. Charles Collins, D. D., first president of Emory and Henry College, is awarded in the form of a gold medal for excellence in English Composition. THE ROBERTSON MEDAL IN ORATORY D For the encouragement of proficiency in Oratory there has been estab- , iv y. lished through the liberality of Wyndham Robertson, Esq., a sufficient and permanent fund from which the income in the form of a gold medal is bestowed at each annual commencement upon the student in the Iunior or Senior class who excels in Composition and Oratory. ,gift s THE BYARS MEDAL IN SCIENCE ,635 , To increase interest and promote scholarship in the Natural Sciences, the late Col. William Byars established a permanent fund from which a gold medal is annually awarded to the student who attains the highest l' grades In this department. THE PEERY MEDAL IN SOCIAL SCIENCE This medal has been established by lohn B. Peery, Esq., in memory ' V.-'r'wn:1, Y . . f C, Q W J X -: A- . in ., , nil of his father and mother, and is conferred on the student submitting the " if 15 I I .F -1 .3 ,- 'I ,II I e best essay on subiects selected by the professors In charge of the depart- fy W AS., S K ' 31. ox NX ments of I-Iistory, Economics, and Political Science. we "" JUIIHIU , 1, . .--':"""-XE'-rf .f .1"'iti' I ' ?W'1L'1efi,g1 . If . Q A 1,f"x,,ys lin! nxygr- QSM-,,f'f THE HILLMAN MEDAL IN ORATORY FOR GIRLS In the spring of l929, President I. N. Hillman endowed a medal to be awarded annually in Oratory for girls. This contest is designed to par- allel the Robertson Contest in Oratory for men. Page I4 , Q, . xhuf ,I Xlxzrgfxfx 5,.,f, I in ,Q if L ,jim 4 A 1 KU ,. Q. . Eff I, fr ix if . I if V A53 -' . SQ 'EL " HM 33 "' A .- .. ' X 'gh 4 f R A 5 X' T ' 2 H .v P ' r X X 3 5 XA . S - 'W 'vffe gvi 4 7" ,K ..,, ,.f y-....--W, wwf ?5,b'53',Q'a:f:1?f'5"'g6'Ji ,lf-'fb QWWM J wg-Wigfg' Qr- My ....,..3n:Jfl A39 V V 1 .WA-"'.f"i"f " Y I '-''fl'"fwT'w1mif,Y5s2"ifLf:" nfl'-,,.,'f.7j7v'.,f5 K s ' A, Wn3gg N, AA 'f uma SHS SENIOR OFFICERS MORGAN WHITSON GABBERT SECRETARY-TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT PRESIDENT Page 17 CLASS OF 1938 SENIURSB I. C. AKARD BRIsToL, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE A. B. -cor- Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-Pres. Student Council, '37-'38, Baseball Letter- man, Capt. Baseball, Co-Capt. Baseball, '37-'38, Basket-ball Squad, '36-'37-'38, Cal- liopean, Honor Roll, Sigma Iota, Water- house Club. According to the record "Flash" has made here at Emory, We are sure he Will ring every basket in the goal of life. He is a quiet, unassuming fellow, until he gets into a basket-ball uniform. Then he has a very powerful sting, and the opposition had best step aside. G. W. ARMBRISTER MAX MEADOWS, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. T691- Blue Key, Who's Who, '37-'38, Her- mesian Improvement Medal, Pres., Vice- Pres., Hermesians, Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A., Chi Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-Pres. Student Voluntary Council, Athletic Council, Student Assis- tant Alumni Association, Business Mgr. "White Topper". Clowning is not the least of G. W.'s virtues, and we have no hesitancy in say- ing that We believe he will yet hold a place at the top of the great humorists. Seriously, G. W. is a good student, a real friend, and the possessor of an outstanding personality. Page 18 .QSENIORS P. V. BLANKENSHIP CLINCHBURG, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. His years at Emory were spent in a quiet, unassuming manner, and We pre- dict that such mastery as he achieved in the science laboratories will characterize his every deed. DOROTHY E. BUNTS GALAX, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -qw- Transter from Blackstone College. Alpha Thetay Alethianp IRC, Pi Garn- ma Mug Seven-Eleven Noble Fifteen, "VVhite Topper" Statfg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Girls' Council, SPI-IINX Editor. Dependable, capable, poised, versatile, "swell" are adjectives which characterize Dot Well! Page 19 SENIGRSE PAUL E. BROWN CHILI-1ow1E, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. 141771- Transfer from Milligan College. Hermesiang Pi Gamma Mug Chi Club, Honor Roll. Paul came to us two years ago from Milligan, and while here at Emory, he has made a record for himself along schol- astic lines, noi forgetting that "higher" aim io which all men aspire. DANIEL H. CARMINES. In. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA cnunrnzrrs A. B. TK D- Pres. Sigma loia, '37-'38g Track, '36. Hard to know, but easy to like is this Roanoke lad who has found his place in the hearts of all who know him. Here is a wish, Dan, for a life of success. Page 20 QS ENIORS N. B. CUNNINGHAM IONESVILLE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -cc ax- Calliopean Literary Society, Pres., Sec.- Treas., Critic, Vice-Pres. Sigma Mu, '37- '38p Latin Club, Lee County Club, Track, '35-'36. The possessor ot intellect such as his is sure to make his mark in the World. OSCAR W. DOTSON WISE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. --i4D-- Sec. Alpha Psi Gmeqa, '37, Pres. Gam- ma Theta Epsilon, '36-'37g Vice-Pres. Sigma Iota, 736, Football Letterman, '36-'37g Track Letterman, '367 Wise County Club. "Os-'s" fine athletic ability and true sportsmanship have earned for him a Warm place in the hearts of Emory stu- dents, as Well as a snaqqle tooth. May the future play square with you. Page 21 SENIORSE IOHN W. ESTES OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE A. B. -4.,,.. Pres. Student Body, '37-'38, Who's Who of American Colleges, '37-'38, Pres. Her- mesian Literary Society, Beta Lambda Zeta, Blue Key, lnternational Relations Club, Seven-Eleven Noble Fifteen, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pan-Hellenic Council, De- bate Council , Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Cap- tain Tennis Team, '37-'38, Intercollegiate Debate, '36-'37-'38. "A few terms had he, two or three, that he had learned out of some decree." More than that Iohnny has boomed his way along athletic as Well as literary lines. As President of the Student Body, he has shown that he is a man to be de- pended upon and capable of any task with which life may confront him. Life is too serious a thing for him to Waste one moment of it. R. I. FUGATE HANSONVILLE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -cc rx- Calliopean, Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Delta Nu, "White Topper" Staff for three years, SPHINX Staff '36-'37, Band Leader, '37-'38, Honor Roll, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '35-'36. Skilled in the arts and always ready to share his mystical moods With those Who are so inclined-we're going to miss you, lack, when life's notes don't harmonize. Here's to you, and music, and novels, and success. Page 22 QSENIORS ANNIE RUTH FULTON GIBSON STATION, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Thalian, Pres., '37, Vice-Pres., '37, Latin Club, Consul, '36, Quaestor, '36, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '36-'37, '37-'38, IRC, Hon- aker Scholarship, Honor Roll, '35-'35-'37, Girls' Council, Vice-Pres., '36-'37, Tau Kappa Alpha, Intercollegiate Debate, Chairman May Day Festival, '37. Ruth possesses a talent that we would all like to be blessed With, that quality which makes us go ahead and find a way to do a thing when its accomplish- ment seems impossible. Always true to Emory, but finds no fault with Milligan transfers. C. V. GABBERT GREENWOOD, W. VA. CANDIDATE A. B. Who's Who, Blue Key, Pres. Alpha Psi Omega, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Vice- Pres. Ir. Class, Pres. Sr. Class, Foot- ball, '36-'37, '37-'38, Basket-ball, '37, Track, '35-'36, '37-'38. You've made a fine Senior President, "Mush". A more willing worker or better sport cannot be found. We are sure you will never be tackled running down the field of the future, for you are always a jump ahead. Page 23 ' 'N SENIORSE ANNA LUCY GOODIN BURNSVILLE, N. C. CANDIDATE A. B. Transfer from Brevard College. Sponsor Football Team, '37-'38g Alpha Theta, Rep. Womens Pan-Hellenic Coun- cilp Basket-ball, '36-'37, '37-'38, Girls' Coun- cil, '36-'37, Thalian. Sally is the best of jolly, good sports. A never-failing stand-by. She has her own ideas and stands up for them. We know no girl more sincere, lovable, and qualified for a successful life in the years to come. LYNN GRAHAM IONESVILLE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Pi Gamma Mug Gamma Theta Epsilon: Calliopean Literary Societyg Lee County Club, Waterhouse Club. Lynn has been loyal to all those stan- dards that Emory asks of a man. His many friends find him human, We find him just right. Page 24 iSENIORS IOHN HAWK. In. HUCHOW, CI-IEKIANG, CHINA CANDIDATE A. B., B. s. -H- Sigma Mu, Blue Key, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta, IBC, Alpha Delta Nu, "White Topper" Staff, '35-'36, Associate Editor, '36-'37, Editor, '37-'38, Bus. Mgr. SPHINX, '35-'36, Assistant in Biology and Chemistry, '36-'37, '37-'38, Pres. Blue Key, '37-'38, Honor Boll, Inter- collegiate Debate, '36-'37, '37-'38, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '36-'37, '37-'38, State Ora- torical Representative, '37, Robertson Prize Medal, '37, Alpha Epsilon Delta Award in Biology, '37, Vice-Pres. Hermes- ians, '37, Critic, '38, Historian Alpha Ep- silon Delta, '36-'37, Pres., '37-'38. Tom Katt, our versatile man from across the waters, has been mixed up with nearly every activity on the campus, and is the Emory and Henry spirit personified. True to himself, true to his friends, true to all, that's lohn. CHARLES A. HILT TANNBRSVILLE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE B. s. Blue Key, IBC, Pres. Beta Lambda Zeta, Vice-Pres. Gamma Theta Epsilon, Men's Pan-Hellenic Council, Calliopean, "White Topper" Staff, SPHINX Staff, Foot- ball, '35-'36, Baseball, '36-'37-'38, Bus. Mgr. Student Handbook, '37. Co-education has meant much to Char- lie and loyalty, unseliishness, geniality ind "perseverance" may Well characterize Im. Page 25 gwg SENIORSE LEE HILL GREENEVILLE, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE A. B. -coa- Chi Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Sincere and loyal, Lee has Won the ad- miration and friendship of us all. Not outspoken, but a deep thinker and true- blue Emory man. DCROTHY IACKSON HAYSI, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE B. E. Sr. Rep. Girls' Council, '37-'38g Thal- ian, Thirteen Club, Pres. Zeta Phi Soror- ity, '37-'38, Pi Gamma Mu. A vivacious personality and a cheerful disposition are the best labels for this Emory Co-ed. Her motto "Y Worry" has really been lived up to. She has spent most oi her Senior year at the Hut. Page 26 QSENIORS I. H. IAMES RURAL RETREAT, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE B. A. -cua- Phi Gamma Phiy Football, '34-'35, '35- '36, '36-'37, Mgr. Track, '36-'37. lim is a product ot which Emory can well be proud. A loyal companion of your classmates, you have Won a host of friends who will miss you when you leave for those West Virginia Hills. V. D. KENDRICK MEADOWVIEW, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Sigma Iota, SPHINX Staff, '37-'38, Y. M. C. A., '36. He has learned the art of living and one does1'I't lose that art. There are cer- tain likeable qualities about him that make him a friend to every person he knows. Page 27 SENIORSE V. W. KRIETER GALION, OHIO CANDIDATE A. B. +4751- Pres. Phi Pi Alpha, '37-'38: Football Letterman: Football Captain, '37. "Big Fellow" Vic's fine athletic ability and sportsmanship earned tor him the po- sition as captain ot the l937 Wasps. These same qualities should help him to captain the problems that will confront him later. l-lere's to you, Vic, We'll miss you. I. E. KYLE, In. NoR'rHFoRK, W. VA. CANDIDATE A. B. -cw- Phi Gamma Phi, Sec. Phi Gamma Phi, '36-'37g Pres. Phi Gamma Phi, '37-'385 Alpha Epsilon Delta, Mgr. Baseball, '37, Sec.-Treas. Athletic Association, '37-'38y Calliopeang "White Topper" Staff, '34-'35- '36p Pan-Hellenic Council, '37-'38. loe has made a record of which any "Grandma" would be proud. Page 28 QSENIORS I. W. LAMBDIN CONCORD, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -co:- Track Letterman, '36: Captain, '37, Alpha Delta Nu: Blue Key: Basket-ball, '37-'38. When liie's last race is run we're count- ing on Billy to be a notch ahead oi the others. He leaves a host of friends be- hind him as Well as an empty seat in the Prep parlor. ALEX LEVICKI VOLGA, W. VA. CANDIDATE A. B. --KW? Vice-Pres. Student Body, '36-'37, Blue Key, Vice-Pres., IBC, Dom-l-Neckery Bat Football, '34, Basket-ball Letterman, '35- '36, '36-'37, '37-'38, Baseball Letterman, '35- '36, '36-'37, '37-'38, Honor Court, '35-'36, '36-'375 Discipline Comm., '36-'37g Co-Capt. Basket-ball, '37-'38. lust so this leaning "Tower of Pisa" al- ways leans toward the Emory goal, it is all right with us. Everyone likes him and We know there is great success in store for him. Page 29 I 4.475 Xf: " . ' I , 1' A - , nf- 2 H Q? 'f 151 ew- V -1-vs. SENIORSE RACHEL LITTLETON EMORY, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. IRCQ Alpha Beta Chip Pi Gamma Mug Aletheianp Y. W. C. AJ Girls' Basket-ball: "White Topper" Staff, '37-'38g Woman's Pan-Hellenic Council, '36-'37-'385 Intercol- legiate Debate, '38g Mgr. Girls' Basket-ball, '387 Honor Roll, '35-'36-'37-'38p Tau Kappa Alpha, Athletic Council, '38. Rachel's Winning modesty and her easy-going air are extremely attractive. Known by her accomplishments, loved for her personality. - W. L. LITTON HOLSTON, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Pi Gamma Mu. Friendly, tried and true is Litton. May the World in the future know him and recognize him as the Emory man of sin- cerity and understanding. Page 30 QSENIORS E. S. MARTIN EMORY, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Chi Club. Slight of stature but a giant as to his capabilities. The least we can do is to give him a Word oi Commendation and predict for him a life of long service as a pastor. DAVID H. MASON ROANOKE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -cm- I-lermesianp Mgr. Basket-ball, '37, Gam- ma Sigma Phi, Pres., '36 '37, Pan-Hellenic Council, '36-'37-'38g IBC. Dependable Dave, whose delicious sar- casm, refreshing smile, and Wide Versa- tility have made him a friend of inestima- ble value. As a cheer leader, he filled the Whole student body with enthusiasm and still had plenty to spare. Page 31 .UQ .5 Rv' SWENIORSE REMBERT D. MCNEER. IR. GOSHEN, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -ac rx-- Transfer from Brevard College. Alpha Epsilon Deltap Hermesianp Band, '34-'36-'37p Honor Roll, '36-'37p "White Topper" Staff, '37-'38, Scholarly and literary is McNeer, with a smile for everyone he meets. May lite bring you all the joys of honor and suc- cess. R. K. MILLER SYRACUSE, INDIANA CANDIDATE A. B. 1-407- Transter from Indiana University. Freshman Footballg Calliopeang Pi Gamma Mu. What Millerlacks in size, he makes up for in Wit and popularity. We are sure the "CroW's Nest" will be sadly lacking when the roll is called With "Tare" among the missing. Page 32 .ISENIORS L. M. MONEYHUN EIDSON, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE A. B. -KX- Transter from l-liwassee College. Pres. Y. M. C. A., '37-'38, Pres. Chi Club, '36-'37: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '36-'37: Blue Key, IRC. A Christian gentleman, a conscientious worker, and a friend of all who know him. Lon has made an ideal Y president, and Emory is grateful tor his contribution. We wish for him success in the ministerial field. CLARENCE MONK LEBANON, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B., B. s. ...q,,.. Sigma Mu Pres., '37-'38g Blue Key, Cal- liopean Literary Society Pres., '38, Consul and Pro Consul Latin Club, '36, Honor Roll, Seven, Eleven, Noble Pitteen Club. Monk, serious, studious, and a prince ot a fellow, has won his place in faculty and student circles. There will be no eye- brows raised when he gets his Ph. D., because tl'1at's next in order. Page 33 SENIORSE GENAVE MONTGOMERY MEADOWVIEW, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Y. W. C. A. This lassie from Meadowview, in her quiet and steady manner, has taken her place as one of the popular co-eds. Her friends wish for her "Mellons" of success in her chosen profession. H. R. MORGAN BLUEPIELD, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -M,- Pres. Freshman Classy Vice-Pres. Soph- omore Class, Frosh Football, Sec.-Treas. Y. M. C. A., '36, "White Topper" Staff, '35-'36g Tau Kappa Alpha, Blue Key, ln- tercolleqiate Debate, Vice-Pres. Senior Classy Hermesian Literary Society, Foot- ball Program Mgr., '37, Geology Assis- tant, '36, "The Road to Mandalay" will never be untraversed as lonq as "Birdseed" is around. He seems to like the Emory cli- mate so Well that he makes it a year-round proposition. We Wonder if "My Huqh's" interests will Continue northward. Page 34 QSENIURS EDWIN SIMPSON PACKER NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW IERSEY CANDIDATE A. B. -cc D- Transfer from Rutgers University. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Honor Roll, '36- '37. A twinkle in his eyes, and behind it a sincere interest in all that Emory stands for. This guy from the North has taken the South by storm. We expect great accom- plishments ot hirn. D. E. PIERCE TAZEWELL, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -40,- Football, '34-'35, '35-'36, Track, 34335- '36-'37-'38. A hard Worker Who is Willing to tackle anything. lust as he has won a prominent place on the track at Emory, We are count- inq on his reaching the tape first in the million mile track of lite. ' Page 35 Q.. '. , If ww N. It - :gf ' It swf QPL SENIORSP WALTER W. PUGH WHITEHEAD, NORTH CAROLINA CANDIDATE A. D. -Kbl Phi Pi Alpha, Basket-ball Manager, '38, Athletic Council, '37-'38. Neat as a pin, a flashing smile, and a gentleman. Pugh is one of those steadfast fellows of Whom any school can be proud. His many friends predict his future Will be a Utopia. PAYE QUILLEN NICKLESVILLE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Pres. Zeta Phi, '36-'37, Thirteen Club, Thalian, Pan-Hellenic Council, '36-'37-'38. Frills and furbe-lows, and a dash of color and a bow in her hair, these are indices to a friendly and lovable person- ality. May her future be as bright as her days here at Emory have been. Page 36 -ESENIORS ADA QUILLEN GATE CITY, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -cc D- Thaliang IRQ Alpha Beta Chip Pres., '38p WOIHGHIS Pan-Hellenic Councilg Hon- or Roll: Debate Team, '37-'38g Tau Kappa Alphag Pres. Thalian. Ada is one of these girls who is in love with the World, and her sweet manner Wins for her the love of all. We expect great things of her in the future . CLELL RAMEY BIG Rocrc, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE B. E. 14071 Modest, courteous and industrious, a priceless friend. May the future hold for Harney all the happiness he has so dili- gently earned. Paqe 37 SENIORSE' E. L. RHUDY, In. BURKE's GARDEN, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE B. E. -4,- Transfer from Marion College. Quiet and sincere and dependable, with a Willingness to Work to a finish. Few know him Well, but those Who do must respect and admire such an ardent sup- porter of Emory ideals. Here's to a future of limelight, Prhudy. ANN RICHARDSON MARLINTON, W. VA. CANDIDATE A. B. Thalian, Delta Rho, Honor Court, '35- '36p Pres. Girls' Council, '37-'38p Thirteen Club. A sweeter, more lovable little creature is not to be found anywhere. She has a good Word and a friendly smile for every- one. May her future be "one grand sweet song". Page 38 QSENIORS LUCILE RICHARDSON SALEM, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Rho, Ale- theiang Latin Clubg Y. W. C. A., Woman's Pan-Hellenic Council, '37-'38, A Winsome qirl, capable, dependable and true. May her chosen profession not be too big a "dose" for her. MARY VIRGINIA ROBINSON POUND, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -cov- Alpha Theta, Aletheianp Wise County Club: IRC. lolly, liqht hearted and free, "lakie" has Won her way into the hearts of a host of friends. She is one of Ernory's loyal Eoosters, and Emory will be a booster of ers. Page 39 SENIORSP MILDRED RUSH ABINGDON, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -cor- Transfer from Virginia lntermont Col- lege. Alpha Theta, Pres. Alpha Theta, '37- '38g Sigma Mu, '37-'38g Seven-Eleven No- ble Fifteen Club, '37-'38: IRC, '36-'37, '37- '38y Latin Club, Consul Spring Quarter, '38, Basket-ball, '36-'37, '37-'381 Capt., '37- '38g Aletheiang Editor SPHINX, '37-'38p Cheer Leader, '37-'38, "Micky" excels in every phase of col- lege activity, and her vivacious personal- ity and keen intellect have won for her a host of friends. R. H. SHUMATE PEARISBURG, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -cc nx- lRCg Phi Pi Alpha, Sec.-Treas. Sopho- more Class, Pi Gamma Mu, Football Let- terman, '37, Freshman Football, Varsity, '35-'36-'37. Spick and span, neat, a perfect gentle- man, dimpled chin and a dash of lovely blonde curls, that's Shumate. He plays center, not only in the football lineup, but center in the hearts of all those who know him. May your future always have a "Merry I-lue"'. Page 40 QSENIORS C. P. SMITH INDEPENDENCE, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. ..,.,,.. Calliopean, Football Letterman, Fresh- man Basket-ball, Beta Lambda Zeta. Possessed of a quiet and friendly dis- position, "Smitty" had a smile for every- one. He prolonged his stay with us for a couple of quarters because he just decided one shouldn't hurry through lite. FREDERICK F. SMITH PAINTSVILLE, KENTUCKY CANDIDATE A. B. -cm- Transier from Morris Harvey College. Track Letterman, '36-'37, Chi Club, De- bate, '37-'38, I-lermesian Literary Society. His name sounds like any other's, but he's different because he is unassuming, quiet and sincere in all his efforts. They tell us he has hopes along the Dean line. Page 41 1,.,, .SK . I QR 'fe ,.. I ,H , " D -L.' , . .ag 1- 'SEN ,',,-1-jvm R v .- I is ' --fA2'?- " A N , ' I I . . I AJ 25. ' Q .-52-zygj' ' SENIORSP R. A. SULT PocAHoNrAs, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE B. s. -K,- Phi Gamma Phi: "White Topper" Staff. "Dicky" always meets life as it comes, and can emerge from any difficulty with a full grown smile and a song. l-le has many friends, because he is so friendly himself. We Wish for him the laurels he justly deserves. T. M. SWANN. IH. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. -W- Preshman Football, '34g Varsity Foot- ball, '35-'365 Manager, '37g Freshman Track, '35, Varsity Letterman Track, '36- '37g Pres. Sophomore Classy Board of Pub- licationsg Dom-l-Necker, Pres., '37-'38. Tedo likes good sports, masculine, fem- inine or athletic, because he's a good sport himself. In any game, horseplay or Work, you will find him Where the dust is flying thickest. We would like to foretell his future, but maybe Tedo had better take care of that. Page 42 QSENIORS F. E. TAYLOR GREENEVILLE, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE A. B. ...W- Transter trorn Hiwassee College. Football Letterman, '36-'37. "Gunny Sacks" has won his Way into our hearts as a dependable athlete and a dignified gentleman. We Wish him suc- cess in his chosen profession, he deserves the best, G. V. TAYLOR, IR. DAYTON, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE B. s. -coa- Alpha Delta Mu: Pan-Hellenic Council. Quiet, unassuming, Garland found his place here at Emory. The East Tennessee- an lad has not been above being nice to our Freshmen, either. I-lere's to you, Gar- land. Page 43 SENIORSP L. I. TURNER BEAN STATION, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE A. B. -H- Transfer from Hiwassee College. Pres. Chi Club: Student Pastor in Bristol. Our first impression of Turner when he came to us two years ago, was the announcement of his marriage. We thor- oughly approved. Holston Conference may Well look forward to an efficient min- ister. W. I. WALLIS LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK CANDIDATE A. B.. B. s. Hermesianp Adv. Mgr. SPHINX, '37g Adv. Staff "White Topper", '38g SPHINX Adv., '38g Band, '36-'37p Honor Boll, '35- '36-'37-'38g Surveying Assistant, '37. Bill is truly a scholar. He is steadfast in his attempts to reach those goals he had set for his lite. Efficiency is his middle name. We Will miss you and your brief case, Bill. Here's to success and happi- I'l9SS. Page 44 ,ISENIORS W. E. WENDELL KEYSER, WEST VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Pootball, '35-'36, '36-'37: Phi Pi Alpha, SPHINX Staff. "Moose" is one of the most popular members of the Senior Class. Although he's had his ups and downs, he's still tops in the eyes of all of us who know him. Our Wish to you is that you will mean as much to others as you have meant to us. KENNETH W. WHITAKER EAST RADFORD, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. 1-407- Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '37-'385 Pi Gamma Mug Glee Club, Honor Roll, '35-'36-'37. The song is almost ended. As the sing- er lifts his voice in the last triumphant note, the audience applauds a four-year melody, whose quiet tones have rung true in the hearts of all his friends. Page 45 SENIORSB VIRGINIA DARE WHIT SON PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Iunior and Senior Class Sec., Pres. Y. W. C. A., '37-'38, Cabinet, '34-'35-'36-'37, Thalian, Honor Roll, '34-'35-'36-'37, Girls' Council, '34-'35, Chi Club, IRC, Pi Gam- ma Mu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Who's Who, Kappa Phi Alpha, SPHINX Staff. Words like capability, sincerity, leader- ship, friendliness may be rightly used in connection with Virginia. She is the own- er oi the unusual personality which is al- together admirable and interesting. Emory is expecting her future to be a brilliant success. I. W. WILLIAMS GRUNDY, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Phi Pi Alpha, IRC, Freshman Football, '34, Varsity Football, '35-'36-'37, Letter- man in Football, '37. They call him "Coclcy", but Why We'Ve never been able to find out. He has a fighting spirit that makes him popular, and a keen sense oi humor that amuses his friends. You Won't go wrong, "Coclcy", by always staying as you are. Page 46 QSENIORS CHARLES E. WORLEY. In. BLUFF CITY, TENNESSEE CANDIDATE A. B. Pres. IHC, '37-'38, Pres. Pi Gamma Mu, '37-'385 Vice-Pres. Gamma Sigma Phi, '37- '385 Hermesiang Tau Kappa Alpha, Blue Key, Student Council, '37-'38, SPHINX Staff, '36-'37, Seven-Eleven Noble Fifteen. Charlie's personality, fine manners, and Wit have Won for him a place on the cam- pus that Will be hard to fill in his absence. He is at home anywhere, in the classroom or when King "Swing" reigns supreme, and more than that he is one oi the most popular men on the campus. L. I. YAMSHON LEEMASTER, VIRGINIA CANDIDATE A. B. Transfer from Western Reserve Univer- sity. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Calliopeanp Dean's List. Although most oi Yarnshon's time has been utilized in making for himself a name as a scholar of note, he has managed to raise as nice a family oi pups as any parent could rightly desire. Page 47 sr - .'1'f,': '- :-fr ' 'ii - 441 4Lq:1'f2?14a4' -. l , Page 49 Ami wma, .rf IUNIOR OFFICERS WHITE RICHARDSON MOORMAN PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREAS CLASS OF 1939 URER JUNIORSE R. S. ADAMS MOUNTAIN CITY, TENN. ' BILLY BAKER FRIES, VA. W. T. BARNETT BIG STONE GAP, VA. G. C. BEARD BLUEFIELD, VA. RUTH BEARD BIG STONE GAP, VA. C. W. BRAGG. In. ARLINGTON, VA. E. C. BRANSCOME GLADE SPRING, VA. LOUISE CAYWOOD EMORY, VA. Page 50 QJUNIORS THOMAS COUNTISS POUND, VA. VIRGINIA EASTERLY LEBANON, VA. W. F. EATON STAFFORDSVILLE, VA. MYRTLE FRENCH CLINTWOOD, VA. MADELLE FULLEN EXETER, VA. GILES Q. GILMER LEBANON, VA. A. B. GRAYBEAL MARION, VA. I. D. GRUVER HYATTSVILLE, VA. Page 51 ff V 4 If'ifhi'f:1fef 1 1 , ' '- 'vt'-ke 2- -- Vw e:'2f:-- ' pe' .5 M: fm 'ar - JUNIORSP G. W. HACKNEY HOLSTON, VA. E. R. HAWKINS MARION, VA. ANNA HOUNSHELL RURAL RETREAT, VA. STANLEY HUMBLE So. PITTSBURG, TENN. E. P. KNOLL So. PITTSBURG, TENN. F. Y. JACKSON, In. GREENEVILLE, TENN. EDITH MCKISSACK CARABELLE, FLA. MARIE MCDONALD LEESBURG, VA. C. C. MIZE SPEEDWELL, VA. Page 52 4 JUN 1 0 R s I P. MOORMAN. IR. BRISTOL, VA. A. W. NEWBERRY BLAND, VA. A. C. OGLESBY DRAPER, VA. IOHN OSSEA APPALACHIA, VA. K. R. POWERS COEBURN, VA. I. R. PHILLIPE MOUNTAIN CITY, TENN. CATHERINE RICHARDSON SMITHFIELD, VA. SUSIE QUARLES EMORY, VA. D. T. ROGERS IQNESBORO, TENN. Page 53 ? 94fff' .J f it A xlqr .QQVW K l ix M J A ae, "'21Tl,"?' 5:35 JUNIORSE JACK SCHOOLEY GALAX, VA. IAMES SESSOMS ERWIN, N. C. I. A. THOMPSON. In. MARION, VA. EVELYN STULL COVINGTON, VA. FRANCES TUCKER TUCKERDALE, N. C. C. B. TRANUM EMORY, VA. R. M. WHITE PETERSBURG, VA. MARGARET WEAVER SMITHPORT, N. C. I. W. WOOTEN HRMPHILL, W. VA. Page 54 Pczqe 55 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS TUCKER SMITH PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER CLASS OF 1940 OPHOMORESE W. C. ADDISON MARVIN, VA. L. P. ALLISON EMOHY, VA. I. G. BAnx1:n, IR. BRISTOL, VA. I , A "" -- Q BERNICE BARR H ,V Q I' CHILHOWIE, VA. 'S ' gn' . .. I, it W. C. BAYS ' 'K COEBURN, VA. war. Q LOUISE BEARD BIG STONE GAP, VA. ARLIE BEDSAUL GALAX, VA. E. H. BLANKENSHIP BASTIAN, VA. C. L. BRITTAIN IOHNSON CITY, TENN. P. N. BROCKMAN CHESTER, S. C. C. F. BURCHETTE KINGSPORT, TENN, R. F. CAMPBELL SALTVILLE, VA. Page 56 QSOPHO ORE MARY WHITFIELD CANADA DURI-IAM, N. C. R. H. CONGDEN PITTSBURGH, PA. MARY COPENHAVER GLADE SPRING, VA. L. F. CosBY. IR. ABINGDON, VA. .ALVIN Cox, IR. SALTVILLE, VA. H. T. CRAIG, IR. CHRISTIANSBURG, VA. FRANCES DANIELS HAGERSTOWN, MD. BETTY DEAN BLUEFIELD, VA. I. W. DIXON, IR. NEWPORT NEWS, VA. S. W. EDMONDSON, IR. GLADE SPRING, V C. P. A. GAUJOT PENNINGTON GAP, VA. Page 57 KATHERINE GIBSON GLADE SPRING, VA. 195 2Z2i??f.g. , sfi 4 OPHOMORESE W. C. GILBERT EAST RADFORD, VA. Q C. H. GLAIZE LEBANON, VA. I. F. GREEK DUNGANNON, VA. W. N. GREEVER WOODVIEQE, OHIO KENNETH HAMPTON PCHJND, VA. H. K. HEDRICK FALLS MILL, VA. VIRGINIA HEMMING BIG STONE GAP, VA. Lois HILLMAN COULWOOD, VA, G. C. HONEYCUTT, IR. BIG STONE GAP, VA. W. C. HILLMAN. IR. DUNGANNON, VA. I. B. HURT APPALACHIA, VA. D. R. HURLEY SALTVILLE, VA. Page 58 ?SOPHOMORES W. D. HYMES JUNIOR, W. VA. G. R. IAMES, In. RURAL RETREAT, VA. EMMA LAURA IOHNSON MT. PLEASANT, TENN. GAzA KovAc1-1 POCAHONTAS, VA. O. S. KUHN EAST RADPORD, VA. S. E. LEIDIG I-IONAKER, VA. LOUISA L1'r'rLr:'roN EMORY, VA. LILLIAN LYON IVANHOE, VA. A. D. MANN CUNAAD, W. VA. A. P. MASON ROANOKE, VA. Page 59 W. C. MELLONS KINGSPORT, TENN. NANCY MENEFEE ROCKY MOUNT, VA. OPHOMORESE ' " -V-'fL 2,3 1 -I U T72 . , " P+ . LUCILE MONK 134 I , ,, 'V g . LEBANON, VA. I ,. if AGNES MULLINS ""' ' , .. 1',fb.Q5.- DERBY, VA. M 1 A." 1 L. M. MULLINS COEBURN, VA. HELEN MUMPOWER BRISTOL, VA. A. H. MURRAY, In. WASHINGTON, D. C. G. E. NA1-'r, In. CLEVELAND, TEN:-I. F. N. OSBOHNE INDEPENDENCE, VA. f C. E. PERRY SPRIGG, W. VA. I. M. PIERCE TAZEWELI., VA. R. G. R1-IUDY COMERS ROCK, VA. T. H. REEvEs GLADE SPRING, VA. I. D. RICKMAN SwII'cIIBAc1c, W. VA. Page 60 QSOPHOMORES H. I. RIDINGER. IR. CHRISTIANSBURG, VA. DOROTHY ROCK BENHAMS, VA. L. V. RUCKMAN, IR. COVINGTON, VA. ARCH SCI-IOOLEY GALAX, VA. A. I. SISK SALTVILLE, VA. C. D. SMITH DAMASCUS, VA. I. S. SOLOMON BROOKLYN, N. Y. R. A. SMITH COEBURN, VA. MARIE STILL KNOXVILLE, TENN. I. H. SPEAKER FRIES, VA. MARY ELLEN STEELE EMORY, VA. Page 61 GOLDIE TOTTEN SALTVILLE, VA. NINA RUTH SUTHERLAND ARTRIP, VA. .5-.4951 .:' 'iw 323:55 - -Y' Megs' P ., ,, . if 'Nils-L. OPHOMORESE N. B. TUOIIER, IR. SPRINGFIELD, TENN. B. A. WAGNER. IR. WYTHEVILLE, VA. H. S. WAMPLER COEBURN, VA. BARBARA WATSON BROOKLYN, N. Y. ANITA WEAVER EMORY, VA. B. M. WEBB, IR. QUARRY, VA. I. E. WEBB, IR. QUARRY, VA. HELEN WILLIAMS NORTON, VA. JACK WILLIAMS GALAX, VA. INEZ WOOD CHATTANOOGA, TENN. W. W. WILLIAMSON MEADOWVIEW, VA. C. H. YATES LEEMASI-ER, VA. C. I. WRIGHT FRIES, VA. Page 62 Page 63 irc FRESHMAN OFFICERS CROWGEY HARRISON MCCONNELL VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER PRESIDENT CLASS OF 1941 A 25- FRESHME F. L. ADAMS APPALACHIA VA. C F ADDINGTON , I .. . . . fkl 25' - NICKELSVILLE, VA. L 95-A mf-"'p,gf. -2-596. HAZRL ARNETTE SALTVILLE, VA. IRENE BARKER STONEGA, VA. L. P. BLEVINS GLADE SPRING, VA. C. W. BONDURANT, IR. ELK GARDEN, VA. H. W. BONIFER NEW YORK CITY E. R. BRAE GALAX, VA. MARGARET ANN BREEDEN LUSBY, MD. VIVIAN BRINsoN ARAPAHOE, N. C. M. E. CAMPBELL HANSONVILLE, VA. MARTHA CANDLER EMORY, VA. E. S. CASSELL CLINCI-I, VA. CARoI. RAE CASTO EMORY, VA. VIRGINIA CAYwoon EMORY, VA. A I. S. CIFRE HABANA, CUBA GLENDA CLEVENGER NARROWS, VA. C. E. CooI.EY STRASBURG, VA. Page 64 QFRESHME GAYLORD CORRELI. RICH CREEK, VA. VICTOR CRESCENZO BROOKLYN, N. Y. I. R. CIIOWGEY EMORY, VA. LUCILLE CUNNINGHAM IONESVILLE, VA. MARGARET DANIELS HAGERSTOWN, MD. C. T. DUTTON ABINGDON, VA. C. L. EDWARDS. IR. COEBURN, VA. Ross FRANCISCO BLUEFIELD, W. VA, PI-IYI.LIs FHYE IONESVILLE, VA. W. C. GARVEY, IR. GLADE SPRING, VA. I. D. GRIFFITH RICHLANDS, VA. L. V. GUY OMAR, W. VA. NATHAN HALE, In. STONE, KY. VIRGINIA HARRIS ABINGDON, VA. ELIZABETH HARRISON WHITE PINE, TENN. W. A. HIBBITTS JENKINS, KY. Pcxqe 65 H. G. HOLIJWAY, In. BRAMWELL, W. VA. G. W. HOPKINS POUND, VA. me FRESHME W. W. HYLTON EMORY, VA. W. O. FRIE L. D. JONES APPALACHIA, VA. IENNING5 s, VA. Izsss W. IOHNSON NARROWS, VA. IANNAVEE HUHLEY SALTVILLE, VA. W. D. KILGORE, In. IRENE KIRBY EMORY, VA. FRANC EMORY, VA. ES KIRBY EMORY, VA. F. D. LAWRENCE CHRISTIANSBURG, VA. MARY ANN LOTSPIESCH WILCOE, W. VA. R. F. LUNDY KNOXVILLE, TENN. MAX MARCUS BRONX, N. Y. WILLIAM LYONS STRASBURG, VA. L. MCCONNELL, In. APPALA R. F. MERRILL LARCHMONT, N. Y B. L. CHIA, VA. R. V. MCKEE GLADE SPRING, VA. MILLS ASHLAND, KY. EULA VIRGINIA Moon: MEADOWVIEW, VA. Page 66 QFRE HME FRANCES MUNDY CHATHAM, VA. L. G. MUNSEY ELIC GARDEN, VA. HELEN NBGLER BROOKLYN, N. Y. L. G. NORBURN DANVILLE, VA. A. D. ORB GLADE SPRING, VA. M. F. OSBORNE VVISE, VA. I. S. PENDERGRAPH NORFOLK, VA. P. H. PHIPPS GALAX, VA. W. P. PIERCE, IR. GATE CITY, VA. E. G. PIERSON FORT BLACKMORE, VA. G. R. POLLARD SPEERS FERRY, VA. O. C. POLLARD SPEERS PERRY, VA. L. P. QUILLEN BASTIAN, VA. W. S. RAMEY CI-IILHOWIE, VA. W. R. RAUTH. IR GLENDALE, N. Y. Doms RAWSON NEW YORK CITY Page 67 T. H. REEVES GLADE SPRING, VA. ANNA Ross PHILADELPHIA, TENN. FRESHMEN? C. R. SARGENT GATE CITY, VA. C. H. SMITH INDEPENDENCE, VA. I. M. SMYTH HONAKER, VA. EUGENE SOWDER CAMBRIA, VA. M. M. SPERBER ul NEW YORK CITY W. H. SPHINKLE ABINGDON, VA. L. I. STEVENSON CROZET, VA. ' I CLYDE STURGILL ' KONNAHOCK, VA. T. W. TAYLQR DAYTON, TENN. C. I. TEAGUE APPALACI-IIA, VA. A D. K. TRANUM EMORY, VA. IRENE TUELL GLADE SPRING, VA. MARGARET TUGGLE SALTVILLE, VA. G. B. WATERS KONNAROCK, VA. I. L. WILLIAMS GALAX, VA. H. E. WOLFE MARION, VA. R. E. Woon FRIES, VA. Page 68 .K 3 , ,wx mx... Z' V5 2 3 f N QRGEXN MUN S BAILEY LITTLETON LITTLETON PUGH POWERS SWANN KYLE ATHLETIC COUNCIL PROP. L. R. LITTLETON ....E ............. P resident IOE E. KYLE ..,........ E..... - Secretary-Treasurer W. L, LAVAL ...... .....,..-.,E A ililetic Director RACHEL LITTLETON LL... --, Manager Girls' Basket-ball T. M. SWANN ...... ..L.,.. L Manager Football W. W. PUGH ..... ----Manaqer Basket-ball K. P. POWERS L-- L-L-Manaqer Baseball Page 7l Seated, left to right: WALLIS, DIXON, HAWK, ARMBRISTER, BUNTS, DEAN, FULTON, EASTERLY, LITTLETON, NAC:-LEE, WOOD Standing: HUMBLE, HILT, BARNETT, NEWBERRY, MCNEER, LUNDY, SOLOMON, TUOKER, NAEE, SPERBER WHITE TOPPER STAFF IOHN C. HAWK, IE. ..........L. .......LL...........L E ......vL E ditor-in-Chief I. W. DIXON, IR. ..,L W. T.BARNETT LL..L. G. W. ARMBRISTER - ..,L Ft. E. BEAE- ,LL.,LLL. N. B. TUCKER, IELL K. W. SALYERL--- INEZ WOOD DOROTHY BUNTS R. D. MCNEER HELEN NAGLER RACHEL LITTLETON KATHERINE GIBSON LL - - Associate Editor ,,Associate Editor Business Manager L---Associate Business Manager ---.AssOciate Business Manaqer CONTRIBUTING STAFF RUTH FULTON I. S. SOLOMON G. E. NAPF, IR. W. I. WALLIS W. S. HUMBLE R. E. BRAE Foreign Correspondent MARY CANADA BETTY DEAN M. SPERBER R. F. LUNDY A. NEWBEERY LEE HILL Paqe 72 NI M I IQ L3 I 71 ffl Seated, left to right: HILT, NAPP, GILMER, RUSH, BUNTS, MCDONALD, WHITSON Standing: THOMPSON, HUMBLE, EUCKMAN, WALLIS, MOORMAN S P H I N X S T A F F DOROTHY BUNTS, MILDRED RUSH ,....,O, ----- ,.... .OOO,.. E ditors-in-Chief GILES GILMER ..,,,...O,,....,O...OO,O...,,,....,,,..,.O. Business Manager I. A. THOMPSON- ....,OO,...O......OO ....,,O.., A Ssistarit Business Manager W. I. WALLIS ......L....,.L.L.....LL... ,L...L.,,...L......L,.. A dvertisirrq VIRGINIA WHITSON L....LL.....LL......L....LL.....LLL...LL.. Sorority Editor L. V. RUCKMAN L....,L....LLLL....LLL......L....LLL....L.L. Fraternity Editor I. S. SOLOMON, G. E. NAPF, IR.- .L.L,LL...,LLL...,LL....LL.....,L....., Sports MARIE MCDONALD, STANLEY HUMBLE- .,LL.....,,LL ---- Snapshot Editors I. P. MOORMAN ----------------------- -- ----- ------------------- T ypist C. A. HH-T --------------------------- ---- ---------- O r qariizations Editor Paige 73 First Row: WALLIS, MCNEER, ARMBRISTER, HAWK, ESTES, BRACG, NAEE, PI-IIL- LIPE DIXON Second Row: TUCKER, CRESCENZO, ADDISON, BEARD, BAKER, MIZE, LYONS, WHITE, MORGAN, LUNDY, NOREURN, BROWN, SPRAKER, FRANCISCO, RUCKMAN Third Row: NEWBERRY, RAMEY, SMITH, SOWDER, PIERCE, WORLEY I-IERMESIAN LITERARY SOCIETY il,l. -- l - ALETHEIAN LITERARY SOCIETY First Row: ROBINSON, DANIELS, MUMPOWER, LITTLETON, BEARD, BEARD Second Row: LOTSPEISCH, HEMMING, BARKER, KIRBY, KIRBY, RICHARDSON, CAND- LER, DEAN Third Row: RUSH, DANIELS, MCDONALD, BUNTS Page 74 Front Row: COOLEY, LEIDIG, HUMBLE, IACKSON, SOLOMON, OSSEA, YATES, HILL MAN Second Row: MONK, WILLIAMS, IONES, WILLIAMS, GRAHAM, BONIFER, MCCON NELL, SCANTLEBURY, MOORMAN, AKARD, MARCUS CALLIOPEAN LITERARY SOCIETY THALIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: NACTLER, TUCKER, FULLEN, QUILLEN, WEAVER, BREEDEN, CAYWOOD CAYWOOD Second Row: GIBSON, STULL, ROCK, QUARLES, COPENHAVER, WATSON, WOOD STURGILL, BRINSON, CUNNINGI-IAM, FRYE, IVIUNDY Third Row: MONK, CANADA, HOUNSHELL, RAWSON, RICHARDSON, FULTON PO-are 75 Seated. left to right: WININGER, WHITE, MONEYHUN, ARMBRISTER, BRAGG Standing: HUMBLE, DEAN, TUCKER, HILL, DIXON, GRUBB, NAEE Y. M. C. A. CABINET Y. W. C. A. CABINET Front Row: IOHNSON, HENRY, WHITSON, PULLEN Second Row: HOUNSI-IELL, DEAN, BUNTS, TUCKER, WATSON, STULL, GIBSON, STEELE, RICHARDSON, WOOD, CANADA Page 76 i 2 5 5 ? Q Seated: MONEYHUN, GABBERT, HAWK, LEVIOKI, GILMER Second Row: LAMBDIN, HUMBLE, AKARD, ESTES, MORGAN, ARMBRISTER Third Row: HILT, MONK, WORLEY National Honorary Service Club BLUE KEY TAU KAPPA ALPHA National Society lor those students who have represented the College in lntercollegiate Debate or Oratorical Contest. Seated: RICHARDSON, WHITE, MORGAN, ESTES, WOOD Second Row: DIXON, FULTON, NAP? Third Row: HAWK, WORLEY Page 77 Sealed: HUMBLE, ESTES, LEVICKI, MONEYHUN, WORLEY, PROP. HILL Second Row: WHITSON, ROBINSON, TUCKER, FULLEN, BEARD, BUNTS, RUSH, RICHARDSON, FULTON, LITTLETON, MCDONALD Third Row: BRAGG, OSSEA, HILT, HAWK, SHUMATE, WHITE, MOORMAN, MASON National Club fostered by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB PI GAMMA MU Delta Chapter of the National Social Science Honor Society of Pi Gamma Mu. Seated: GRAHAM, IACKSON, DR. HILLMAN, FULLEN, DEAN HENRY, BUNTS, WORLEY Second Row: WALLIS, ARMBRISTER, AKARD, HOUNSHELL, WHITSON, BROWN, LITTON, MILLER Third Row: IACKSON, SHUMATE, WOOTEN, WHITAKER Paqe 78 Seated: RICHARDSON, GILMER, WHITSON, HAWK, STULL Second Row: DR. HILLMAN, DR. LITTLETON, PACKER, THOMPSON Third Row: YAMSHON, KYLE, TAYLOR, MCNEER Virginia Alpha Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, National Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity ALPHA EPSILON DELTA CHICLUB Local orqanization Composed oi ministerial students and those Connected with any type oi religious work. Seated: REV. MCCLUSKY, BRAGC, HUMBLE, FRANCISCO, SMITH, DR. HILLMAN Second Row: GLAIZE, BLEVINS, NORBURN, WEBB, WHITE, PHILLIPE, TURNER, LYONS, FRITTS, MISE, MONEYHUN Third Row: HILL, IACKSON, GREER, BROWN, LUNDY, SOWDER, MOORMAN, CORRELL, LEIDIG Page 79 Seated: RUSH, DR. HENRY, DH. BARBER, DR. HOKE, STULL Second Row: GILMER, CUNNINGHAM, WHITE, WALLIS Third Row: WORLEY, HAWK, MoNK, OSSEA Honorary Scholastic Fraternity S I G M A M U SEVEN-ELEVEN NOBLE FIFTEEN CLUB Local Honorary Fraternity based on ill Extra Curricular Activities, C23 Pop- ularity, C39 Scholarship. Members are chosen by vote ot faculty and students. Seated: WHrTsoN, RUSH, SHUMATE, EsTEs, BUNTS, FULTON Second Row: ARMBRISTER, AKARD Third Row: MoNK, HAWK, LEVICKI 1 HUMBLE, WHITE, GAEEERT, GILMER MONEYHUN, WORLEY Page 80 Seated: COPENHAVER, POWERS, MULLINS, DR. BARBER, OSSEA, MCDONALD Second Row: RICHARDSON, CANADA, HOUNSHELL, FULTON, STURGILL, CASTO, HARRISON, RUSH Third Row: GRIFFITH, BLEVINS, WHITE, NORBURN, MONK, AKARD, SOWDER, SMITH CI'qOIIIizOtiOn for OH Students tdkinq Lcztin fOr Ony pcrrticular quarter. LATIN CLUB WISE COUNTY CLUB Club for O11 Students from WISS County. Seated: DR. HILLMAN, ROBINSON, BARKER, PULLEN, MULLINS, OSSEA Second Row: POWERS, HEMMING, BEARD, L. BEARD, B. LEIDIG, MCCONNELL Third Row: EDWARDS, COUNTISS, HOPKINS, MULLINS, HAMPTON, IONES Page 81 Seated: ESTES, HILT, WILLIAMS, SULT, SWANN, LAMBDIN Second Row: MASON, KYLE, MOORMAN, TAYLOR, CARMINES Third Row: TRANUM, C. LEVICKI, KRIETER MEN'S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL This Organization is composed Of two representatives frOm each Ot the MGHIS SOcial Fraternities. T. M. SWANN, A. LEVICKI ..,L,,.....-............ V C D . . A. HILT, I. W. ESTES LLL.... . H. MASON, C. B. TRANUM ...... ....L I. P. MOORMAN, D. H. CARMINES . L.LL .......... R. A. SULT, I. E. KYLE ...L.....L. L-- l. W. LAMBDIN, G. V. TAYLORLLAL --- . W. KRIETER, I. W. WILLIAMS---- ..... ---- -----DOr1-I-Necker Phi Pi Alpha Beta Lambda Zeta Gamma Sigma Phi Sigma lota -Phi Gamma Phi -Alpha Delta Nu Paqe 82 Seated: CROWGEY, PERRY, BROCKMAN, SWANN, MANN, LEVICKI, SCHOOLEY Second Row: SESSOMS, RICKMAN, HYMES, RUCKMAN, ADAMS DOM-I-NECKER Established at Emory and Henry, 1920. T. M. SWANN .... --- Presrdent A. D. MANN M... ....., V 1cePres1dent L. V. RUCKMAN KW... ..... S ecretary Treasurer P. N. BROCKMAN ..,...... .- .,........ Sergeant at Arms Paqe 83 Class of 1938 T. M. SWANN Class of 1940 P. N. BROCKMAN A. LEVICKI L. V. RDUCKMAN Class of 1939 C' E' PERRY A- D' MANN I. D. RICKMAN R' S. ADAMS W. D. HYMES Class of 1941 A. D. SCHOOLEY I. R. CROWGEY W. I. Ssssoms Seated PUGH, MULLINS, WILLIAMS, SHUMATE, SLOUGH, WENDEI-L. Second Row: SCHOOLEY, EATON, HEDRICK, KRIETER, KNOLL P H I P I A L P H A Established at Emory and Henry in l92l. V W KRIETER .HE. ......,. P resident I W WILLIAMs--- ------- Vice-President W E EATON ---- ---Secretary-Treasurer H K HEDRICK ---- ---- ---- S e rqecmt-at-Arms MEMBERS Class of 1938 V. W. KRIETER I. I. SCI-IOOLEY R. l-l. SHUMATE N. E. WENDELL I. W. WILLIAMS W. W. PUGH Class of 1939 E. KNOLL W. E. EATON E. W. SLOUGH Class of 1940 K. H. HEDRIOK L. M. MULLINS Page 84 Seated: MURRAY, OSBORNE, CONGDEN, CARMINES, MOORMAN Second Row: AKARD, IONES, GAUIOT, RIDINGER, KENDRICK, LAWRENCE, TEAGUE S I G M A I O T A Established at Emory and Henry in 1926. D. H. CARMINES, IR. ...... I. P. MOORMAN, IR. .... A. H. MURRAY, IR. ..,. Class of 1938 I. AKARD D. H. CARMINES V. D. KENDRICK O. W. DoTsoN Class of 1939 I. P. MOORMAN Page 85 MEMBERS President --------Vice-President L---L Secretary-Treasurer Class of 1940 R. H. CONGDEN C. F. GAUIOT A. H. MURRAY, IR. H. I. RIDINGER, IR Class of 1941 F. D. LAWRENCE L. D. IONES F. N. OSBORNE C. I. TEAGUE Seated: MASON, D.y GRAYBEAL, HAWKINS, WORLEY, MASON, A. P. Second Row: RAUTH, THOMPSON, TRANUM, SARGENT, GILMER GAMMA SIGMA PHI Established at Emory and Henry in 1927. E. R. HAWKINS ...A..i...,.H.H..........M.............. ...... P resldent C. E. WORLEY, IR. .... ....... V ice-President A. B. GRAYBEAL ..... .... S ecretary-Treasurer G. Q. GILMER ..,, ........,. .... S e rgeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Class of 1938 D. H. MASON C. E. WORLEY, IR. Class of 1939 C. Q. GILMER A. B. GRAYBEAL, IR. E. R. HAWKINS I. A. THOMPSON C. B. TRANUM Class oi 1940 A. P. MASON Class of 1941 W. R. RAUTH, IR. C. R. SARGENT Page 86 Left to Right: ESTES, NAPF, HILT, BARKER, BAKER, HONEYCUTT BETA LAMBDA ZETA Established at Emory and Henry in 1927. C. A. HILT ..... ....... B. B. BAKER ....... I. G. BARKER, IR. .....-. G. C. HONEYCUTT, IR. .... Class of 1938 I. W. Estes C. A. I-IILT Class of 1939 B. B. BAKER Page 87 ------------A------s-----s----,s-------President MEMBERS -----Vice-President -----------------.Secretcrry Treasurer cmd Sergeant-at-Arms Class of 1940 I. G. BARKER, IR. G. C. HONEYCUTT, IR. G. E. NAFP, IR. Seated EDWARDS, POWERS, KYLE, SULT, FRANCISCO Second Row: IOHNSON, PIERCE, GUY, ROGERS, I. WILLIAMS, IAMES, G. R. Thlrd Bow: IAMES, I. A., LOVE, WRIGHT, WILLIAMS, I. K., HILLMAN, KOVACH P H I G A M M A P H 1 Established at Emory and Henry, 1928. I E KYLE ,L... ,,,,.L..L...,-LL...LLLLLL......LL...... ....... P I esldent R A SULT ..... L... V ICG-President H E LOVE ..... ...E. S ecretcrry G KOVACH .LEEE E ......,..L .E..E T reasurer MEMBERS Class of 1938 Class of 1940 I. H. IAMES G. KOVACH I. E. KYLE I. K. WILLIAMS H. E. LOVE I. W. IOHNSON R. A. SULT W. C. HILLMAN DON PIERCE Class of 1939 D. T. ROGERS G. R. IAMES, IR. K. R. POWERS C. I. WRIGHT Class of 1941 IOE WILLIAMS L. V. GUY C. L. EDWARDS, IR. ROSS FRANCISCO Page 88 Left to right: LAMBDIN, HAWK, WOOTEN, TAYLOR ALPHA DELTA NU Established Ort Emory cmd Henry in 1934. G. V. TAYLOR ..........W.........A....Y......A...vqM..,.. - Presrdent I. W. WOOTEN ..., -LL A.YA V1cePres1dent I. W. LAMBDIN ..H. -LYS-ecretcrry Treasurer MEMBERS Page 89 Class of 1938 I. C. HAWK, IR. R. I. FUGATE I. W. LAMBDIN G. V. TAYLOR Class oi 1939 I. W. WOOTEN First Row: IVIULLINS, MUMPOWER, RUSH, WHITSON Second Row: P. QUILLEN, FULLEN, GOODIN, A. QUILLIN, LITTLETON, JOHNSON WOMEN'S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL RACHEL LITTLETON, ADA QUILLEN ..... .... A lpha Beta Chi ANNA LUCY GOODIN, MILDRED RUSH .....,v. ....... A lpha Theta EMMA LAURA JOHNSON, VIRGINIA WHITSON--- AN.. Kappa Phi Alpha AGNES MULLINS, HELEN MUMPOWER ...ah ........ D elto Rho MADELLE PULLEN, PAYE QUILLEN EEE.. .... Z eta Phi Page QU Seated: STEELE, COPENHAVER, QUILLEN, LITTLETON, PRYE Standing: QUARLES, CUNNINGHAM, LITTLETON, L., MCKISSACK ALPHA BETA CHI Established at Emory and Henry in 1927. ADA QUILLEN .... ...... P resldent SUSIE QUARLES ..... - EE..... Vice-Presldent MARY ELLEN STEEL .... .-.. S ecre-tary-Treasurer EDITH MCKISSACK-,-- .... Se-rqear1tatArms MEMBERS Paqe 91 Class of 1938 RACHEL LITTLETON ADA QUILLIN Class of 1939 LOUISA LITTLETON EDITH MCKISSACK SUSIE QUARLES MARY ELLEN STEELE Class of 1940 MARY COPENHAVER Class of 1941 PHYLLIS FRYE LUCILLE CUNNINGHAM Front Row: MCDONALD, BUNTS Second Row: TUCKER, RUSH, GOODIN Third Row: DANIELS, F.y ROBINSON Top Row: M. DANIELS ALPHA THETA Established Ot Emory cmd Henry in 1928. MILDRED RUSH ................ LLLL............ .,LLL.,.... ....A.D P I G Sidelif DQRQTHY BUNTS n,H-, ,,-.... V iCe-President FRANCES DANIELS .... .... S ecretary-Treasurer ANNA LUCY GOODIN ..... .,.L...... -... S G rqecrrli-CII-Arf1'1S MEMBERS Class of 1938 MILDRED RUSH ANNA LUCY GOODIN DOROTHY BUNTS VIRGINIA ROBINSON Clcxss of 1939 MARIE MCDONALD FRANCES TUCKER Class of 1940 FRANCES DANIELS Class of 1941 MARGARET DANIELS Page 92 1 I I 1 I I I i I I 1 I I Seated: CANADA, MENEFEE, WHITSON, WEAVER 1 Standing: KIRBY, P., HARRISON, ICHNSCN, KIRBY, I. I I K A P P A P H I A L P H A i Established Crt Emory cmd Henry, 1928. VIRGINIA WHITSON .... ...... P resident ANITA WEAVER Iee. ........ ....... V I Ce-President MARY WHITFIELD CANADA--- ---Secretary-Treasurer NANCY MENEEEE --------- ---------- ---- S e rqecmt-cxt-Arms MEMBERS I I cmss of 1938 Class of 1941 VIRGINIA WHITSCN ELIZABETH HARRISON I P1 Class of 1940 FRANCES KIRBY I MARY WHITFIELD CANADA RENE KIRBY Page 93 ' 4 EMMA I-.AURA IOHNSON NANCY MENEEEE ANITA WEAVER Seated: RICHARDSON, A., RICHARDSON, L., MULLINS Sianding: MUMPOWER, FRENCH, BEARD, L., BEARD, R., EASTERLY D E L T A R H O Established CII Emory cmd Henry in l934. LUCILLE RICHARDSON .... --- ....... President AGNES MULLINSE ,.D. ..... ....... V i Ce-President HELEN MUMPOWER ....C ..,. S ecretcfry-Treasurer ANNE RICHARDSON D... .... S erqecmt-Crt-Arms Class of 1938 ANNE RICHARDSON LUCILLE RICHARDSON Class of 1939 RUTH BEARD VIRGINIA EASTERLY MYRTLE FRENCH HELEN MUMPOWER MEMBERS Class of 1940 LOUISE BEARD AGNES MULLINS Page 94 1 Seated: BARKER, QUILLEN, FULLEN Sianding: CANDLER, WATSON, CLEVENGER, BRINSON Z E T A P H I Established at Emory and Henry in 1935. DOROTHY IAOKSON--- --, --- --- -kv Presrdent MADELLE FULLEN--- ..... ....OO.. V ice Preslclent BARBARA WATSON ,O.. --- .O... Secretary Treasurer FAYE QUILLENA-- ..... .... S erqeant at Arms MEMBERS Page 95 Class of 1938 DOROTHY IACKSON PAYE QUILLEN Class oi 1939 MADELLE FULLEN BARBARA WATSON Class of 1941 IRENE BARKER VIVIAN BRINSON MARTHA CANDLER GLENDA CLEVENGER EVELYN KINSER FRATRES EN COLLEGIO ln an endeavor to outline more fully the structure and functions of our fraternal organizations on the campus let us give you a cross-section of the formation and development of such cliques at Emory and Henry. Organiza- tions of this sort are divided into two different and distinct groups, honorary fraternities, which entirely lack imagination and umpff, and social fraterni- ties, for which we offer no excuse for the absence of originality. ln l92U a few fellows got together and called each other brother, promised to keep a secret, and a general search for the razon de ser CSpanish for reason to bel has been going on ever since. You will find that the so-called honor fraternities with a limitless field have foolishly confined themselves to a group of academic interests such as Geol- ogy, Social Science, and so on down the line to Latin and Medicine. There are some few real snoozy ones, such as an honorary fraternity for choral warb- lers and one for those who are nuts over forensic activities Cwork yourself up into a forensy and you're electedl. However, in the long run they stay pretty close to the dreamy realm of studious accomplishments. At this point we present a few paradoxical examples of social frats and from these you can get an idea of the operation of a really active social bro- therhood society, if you fully appreciate the fact that they are only paradies. Let us propose a society called Skin and Bones. To be qualified for member- ship a candidate must be skinny as a broom, have legs like a toothpick, and be in constant fear of being thrown out of school for an attitude of unscholastic enthusiasm. Such qualifications could be acquired from long hours of non- study and making whoopee at night. An appropriate pin might consist of a couple of skeleton keys, and from a Greek standpoint the name would be Pi Pi Pu. Along the same line l might suggest a very fascinating society, lota Nu. In short, lota Nu would be termed an Honor Unscholastic Fraternity for Fresh- men only Cany member who graduates from the Freshman Class is auto- matically disqualifiedl. The organization is pledged to carry the unlighted torch of knowledge, and dedicated to general academic lassitude. lts publi- cation, called Iota Nu Un-Learner, will carry all items pertaining to its activi- ties of a destructive nature. All the members will be required to memorize the stirring fraternity anthem, "Had l Knew All lota Nu, l Wouldn't Be Where I Am At". Still a third example is Phi Phi Phi Con youl, and will be in direct competition with the social fraternities. Phi Phi Phi Con youl would promote dissension, disorder, bad feeling, and strife among its distinguished members. The meet- ings would be a place of unlaxing, and everyone could engage in loud brawls when they so desired and yet be within the Constitution and by-laws. Now the Phi Phi Phi Con youl wouldn't be brothers, even under the skin, because way down deep they don't give a darn. The official grip would be anything from a quarter-Nelson to a flying mare, and the motto would be "F ooey to You". The above paradies suffice to show you that fraternities are up-and-coming institutions on our campus and that without them a gap would exist, a plug for which it would be hard to whittle. Page 96 ,af f wx x E 5 M N fhyeffff 1. , ' ,, W fa N' 2 M .. V 2 'Wi?2Q4.,'1Z""2g, I ,, 3. 3-j j' V255 T, - ' " I , 'J' 4, fl ? 'A , g fag, ggfij, -ff 4 N. ,.'g, . - ,fs 4., ' 'Z -2' yi ,Q mf . mg " ,m .,f-fL5'iQ,,p f f ., f' '11 'Y , fm ..?..': ,- W:-Gif, v 63' . E 5'-'-5-L J- 215 ' X mv d w g-,pam--Vx ,.-1,-a w K -.X . u fi'.,gk:flmt gf yr, ,K I 2 ' ,. 3 T1 for . , ' 1'--if '- " ,, , , 'f""5f3'-551' .kv-. 3 -. fri: '3d:,',w ' . 45-T W' -' 'wr x"'-Jw Z . , ' fb Am' fa- jf-Q y ffhi -,ll M 1 1' 61 1 3" 'sf fi 4 M M , 33,14 Q1 6 5 fi ' ' ' , . ' '.,f.f-1? ,W X -1 5,5 ,. fx M ,wffvai--wi-as-Ieffmzv 1 M M p ' veg, A ,, 1 , 'f"i'7-1551,-fiffiff , ,pg Q! Vi, ,. .W 1 2, ,Lf Q f,-L '7'- ,QQHJ "Q, M-f P42 ' "' f , 'gf may, ":,:-41.1-.v .- A . 4flP"',, ,W-:QWWPA Hqrvf.. 'f-if Q-.,f,w-+g.l4,aw,,,,fe-1173-'ef-2-x,,g4-rfig Y 'HT my .- .10-.4+'?' ', ., 34552 J ' J -' ' 'f' h-,M DLA . i,,, A uw -1 - '3' 'K f -' ' A ', +r'fx:. ' 1, ' ,L JK, 3 Lf- W. vg5vj5,,:-5- Sl' 'li , E "Aly, 'A ' .lu x 4 2,5 -L k V , Mm, ,I 1 .W , ' -' .- - X ' V ' " :Kg-f ,, , . QQ.6gf.Ggffqm.,gff,il5fff"q'l:,L1,. .if:w,g:iQge'f-aww-BkQafyyilfiaxvwtlyek gi 1' 7-1' 1-7 , f f'f,W.W:fw,zwMypf fag' f1wf4::f1,44 m,4d?f:f.f.fzs2f:aa '2w1':fwfwff'5:?f9'f:1k, fu W-ffr' vm fu C - -,., - , . x . ,. . . Xqgr-1xwv41mw:rS?gv2f'?'gvg1?77?Z??W,fwfQ-Hfffwrsw-f:w,,'rffjm-w..,f,1-zmvsgz1,-Ww-,,fff:z.-w:4?f,-ff3yf,mQL4:1.w'z Nsmrwhv.vwf::-asmf--.W 1-M'-rf'-,ff ---- lv: H lc: sf. "1'. ww -aff, fm - 95225 3534 555,12 H4,s51f5g?.'?:g2s'5f14N2' ikff,xiivflkifgqawwr-5-iii-Iiffy-f:1"7-451"x-fy-:ii1'l..J.f" .aff '. " '- -:V -1 'ff'-1 , ' 1' " , Q ' " fi? f -' ' - ' V f Q A Hfwwmyf- 1 ..,L, gr, .,., . EXWHMETXGS XTHLETIC LAVAL Page 99 's.'::+."- , BAILEY RUSH, MENEFEE COPENHAVER, MASON, GOODIN CI-IEER LEADERS 2 so 7'-.elif Q- J . 1 ...I E .. Nfl ,. ,..,wf't' .. .J-t""2' WENDELL Center TI-IE 1937 The pigslcin parade of l937 was featured by two KZ? Wins and seven t7l losses. Showing great prom- ise in defeating a strong Appalachian State Teach- ers' College, 26 to 7, in a pre-season game, the future looked bright for the Wasp eleven. On Sep- tember the l8th Emory opened its regular schedule against South Carolina. After playing superb ball the first half of the game the Wasps were finally overpowered and lost by the score of 45 to 6. The next contest was with Elon College. Again the Wasps were forced to take a short end of a 24 to nothing score. TAYLOR End Wn.r.xAMs Center GABBERT Bnnlr WASPS Ori October the first the local qridsters journeyed to Newport News and engaged the Shipbuilders in a nocturnal contest. The luckless Emoryites were subjected to their third straight defeat by the count ot seven to nothing, The Newberry Indians were the next foe of the local eleven. Literally playing in a sea of mud the Wasps turned in a six to nothing victory. The King Tornado, Emory's traditional rival, was met October 16th in Bristol. To the great dis- appointment of its supporters the Emory team Was swept from the path of the Tornado, 26 to O. A battered and bruised great team faced Randolph- BAHKER Back RICKMAN Back IOHNSON Back KNOLL Guard HoN1:YcU'r'r Tackle F CDOTBALL Macon the following Saturday, and again succumbed 18 to O. Emory broke into the Winning column against Presbyterian College of North Carolina. The rejuvenated Wasps reached their season's peak with a 26 to 5 Win. Roanoke College avenged itself for last season's setback by taking the measure of the WVGSPS by a score of 19 to 6. A crippled and disheartened band of warriors traveled south to Alabama for the season's finale. The powerful Howard team rode rough-shod over M:1.1.oNs End EATON Tackle Kalman CCapt.l Tackle SEASGN the Emory boys to the tune of 38 to O. Thus the curtain fell on the 1937 edition of the Football Wasps. Although the 1937 record of our football team is not an enviable one, we take our hats off to the members of this small but valiant squad who fought every minute of the game with true Wasp spirit. We Will all miss Coach Billy Laval next year and wish for him every success in his new position. And to our oncoming Coach may we say, "You can't find a better eleven than our stinging Wasps." Hsbmcrc Tackle HnaBr'r'rs Guard BAYS Back Bnocmwmn Guard . ew 4' 11-- QQJ. :E P 5 , Eg .iff 1. n ' X Z F- " X X - -' - - "-- -gf' 2. A X ti. Q5 we Q2 gi Fir.. Q. V, ,.H1?,x.1X,,,, 4 an Q ' , M.. .. .Y ap ,s Q, - ' Q I U ., ,, 7,- ,'CZ",.',, .. -1 Af-u.... ,,., 4'c fm ,rf --v . ,ew ,. -A A A ,4 ,-LU I , ,,. X.. f J,- 'X ff' C' --A , --1' un..' ,1. -h x 1:,' 5 . ,. Y ., 3-gr, - Vv . V' ' . ' YA 2 xx Sages N 'ttftwns SIWNJQK xx x x We ,Q mags-S415 BAILEY as-'eg' '- N sf-A Coach S BASKET LAMBDIN Forward Tucrcrn Forward PERRY Guard Bnmnzn Forward ROGERS Forward SENIOR VARSITY With Coach V. C. Bailey as mentor the Emory and Henry courtmen engag- ed a successful season, meeting and conquering such foes as: Catawba Col- lege, V. M. I., Lynchburg Hornets, Ten- nessee Teachers, Concord, Milligan Col- lege, Morris-Harvey and L. M. U., lead- ers of the Smoky Mountain Conference, caught sadly off form upon a few oc- casions, we see the Wasps, although playing spectacular ball, succumb to the boys from the University of Ten- nessee, Milligan, Lenoir-Rhyne, Appa- lachian State Teachers College and the five smart lads from Roanoke. All in all the lftfasp Basket-ball team display- ed great ability, keen sportsmanship, and excellent training and it's "hats off" as We say good-bye to such play- ers as "Flash" Akard, Alec Levicki, Billy Lambdin and Manager Pugh. - BALL KUHN Forward AKARD ICQ-Ccxpt.J Guard Ricxnvmu Guard Bm'r'rA1N Guard 5 of '- v p 3 V-. J .-rr. ' N , , f 03' - '. 1-. - f 2' , ii: ' 1 yr P. 42 : 'L ,r if-ff' , .' 1, 5- 'YW' " f ' -- we 7:-f1fw',vfiV' - I vu. f ff fi ,. ' 1 , ' Azgpczgxgfxy-t..N,v,,t,1 , .,,q.,,,,4..y.-'iv Xa. ,Q .7 ,f '424,4'1v21f, f?f:?":'yL.L:i:' ' 1I'P'fE?Zf2f3::'2E,75 ff K ' .' ., fi 'f -:Pwr iimwr. -:fr 5H,.:Je,gfKq ' ' , , 5 ,., ,D .6 .Q .,,7 :E , WZ. kb:- ' - -.12-e f: " "Q " I ' . .- f . , ,: -'-'Qc ' iwkis-y:f27'. , ' - -: - w.f1,,r : ' 4 1 x. f 'X 7 RWM? 5 A J ,af 4, XM P W if, N W 6' Q NP '91 .f s A , P 4 fw ,, 4 52 I' ,Q Wgxgf X i ip' i f , f"'r3'U vfiifh 5 J 4, , f' , S tb 24 'vw 1 ' v Q , 5 Vx 15, N.,-. . . 9 s gf ,Q f., ' X X? y K av ,. ' ,Q v , ,- - :,1 r-f' . . vf4f,'2:1: ' 21252373353 'nazi' 1 . lf , A' ,. s W i is t, ' ,- re' Q i. W ,Q 1 32 'Y 'f ,ja - -' - rue ,, ,. ,.,. , ,...,,, . . f i ' v - ' 2 ' , -'44 515:-125 xx ig, . 6 J 3 4 x X13 ' .. . -:ff- 1,-,iv -f -'1 1, Q :- ., If 2 it et A2 "'- t. . - , , i , , , Lavrcrcr tCo-Caphl V, Center -L. , 1 ' f tv ' , t sgppgl. wx. ' ,. -,-r -' 1 .rfv if ..V, PUGH IUNIOR VARSITY Our hats qo off to the members of Coach "Tedo" Swanrfs Iunior Varsity Quint. The Baby Wasps were made up of not only Freshmen but also of some worthy upperclassmen. With such stalwart players as Hillman, Mason, Wright, Smith, Griffith, Guy, Crowqey, and Edwards it is no Wonder that they chalkecl up ct record of 9 Wins out of 14 starts. Emory recognizes the fine Work of Teclo Swann and predicts for the lunior Varsity many future high- lights. Front Row' Cleft to riqhtlz GRIFFITH, EDWARDS, CROWGEY, GUY Second Row: WRIGHT, MASON, HILL- MAN, COACH SWANN V , 5 ,.., y :-fw::ane:q:,:,,q,-,. 1 ,"'t A tbvv f Manage, TRACK With Coach Bus Bailey at the helm, Emory and Henry's speed merchants chalked up six wins in seven starts. The lone defeat was handed the Wasps by Milligan College in the opening meet. The local harriers gained their first victory at the expense of East Tennessee Teachers, showing a Wealth of strength in the distance and Weight events. Reaching their peak against Bluefield College, the Wasps' smothered the visiting track men, lOl to 25, taking first place in every event. The Emory track team dropped the curtain on a most successful season by forcing L. M. U. to eat their dust With a score ot 83 to 43. Coach Bailey had again turned out a great track combination. Back Row: TAMES, Managerg DOTSON, SMITH, LovE, VAUGHN, MCQUILKIN, GILMER, COACH BAILEY Front Row: CARR, PIERCE, LAMBDIN, BARKER, GABBERT, ROGERS, WRIGHT, SWANN 5' as T. Ckfqt . S: F., , I tv . K in V . ,. . rwv Q? W Page 106 BOY' TENNIS Although the tennis team did not compile an enviable record, some very interesting matches were played. The first match Was against Appalachian State Teachers' College. The Teachers Walloped the Wasps, 5-2. In a return match the Teachers again taught their opponents a little of the finer points by Winning again, 5-2. Milligan College inflicted another defeat on the luckless Emory racquet wielders by the score of 4-2. In the fourth match of the year the Wasps defeated Bluefield College, 4-3. Iohnson City Teachers swung their racquets with such abandon that the Emory courtrnen were defeated, 5-1. CROWGEY, HUMBLE, MAIDEN, GARNAND KRAMS, ESTES, CooLEY 4 t Page lO7 Front Row: HILT, LEVICKI, DOUGHERTY, KING fCLINEl, SN1Dow Back Row: BEARD Clvlanagerl, KING QCLYDED, BLACKWELL, ALLEY, PLANARY, AKARD, KYLE CAssistant Managerl BA EB LL Opening the 1937 Baseball season with a Florida invasion, the Emory nine had a fine pleasure trip, but unfortunately dropped four' games to their oppo- nents. Rollins College took the Wasps' measure in two of the contests, Pres- byterian and Newberry accounted for the other defeats. Back home after their long jaunt, the diamond maestros split a double head- er with the Illinois State Teachers, taking the first tussle, 8 to 6, and dropping the second, 7 to 6. Lenoir Bhyne was the next objective. The local lads lost the contest, 9 to 4. The Wasps traveled to Quantico to tangle with the Marines. A 6 to l victory was the result of the first game, but in the second engagement the Emoryites were at the short end of a lO to 9 count. On April 2 the Roanoke College nine slugged out a l5 to 7 victory over the Wasp team. The next two games were with Maryville, the Wasps split the doubleheader, winning the first contest and dropping the second. Thus a record of four wins and nine losses was the net result of the baseball season. Page 108 Page Back Row: R. L1'rTLEToN tManagerl, L. LITTLETON, CANDLRR, BARR, RAWSON, COACH MILLER Front Row: EASTERLY, TROXEL, GooDIN, RUSH, COPENHAVRR, DANIELS GIRL' BA KET- BALL One of the joys of the winter months is the call ot lu lu's shrill whistle to the basket-ball court. lt is always the scene ot lively competition, fine sportsman- ship, and great enthusiasm. Now basket-ball is the girls' major field of activity, and whatever doubts there may have been in the past as to the perrnanency of girls' basket-ball at Emory and Henry have all been expelled by the splen- did record made by this year's quint. Sporting new uniforms the lassies in- vaded such foes as Milligan, Lincoln Memorial University, and Marion College, with seven victories out ot twelve attempts-and lu lu's Studebaker really can cover the ground. 109 RUSH, KNIGHT, CUTCHER, CROWGEY, SHUGART, HOUNSHELL, GOODIN, WILLIAMS, GILBERT GIRL, TEN In the spring the Emory girl's fancy turns to tennis-as well as other things -when the courts are finally cleared after the ravages of winter. When the white tapes go down we know that spring has arrived. Out come tennis rackets, ball, and enthusiasts eager for the first serve of the season. Although a comparatively new phase of activity for the girls, they can swing a wicked racket when an opponent appears. Page l1O 'xi lx Jifdg G ,Q gwzv- di' 1 ,Wg 4 J C ,545-A 1 M . f 1 I V.- I y.f,, , yy ,, f f ' "5 H 1 ,ff ,ff , ,W rw .,. .uw-,1'w5'v,:.f' -1 . 1 L f V- .-Q , f U . X533 , f aw af M' ,r ,, .Af- fht, A ,,,....Yf ff N V .w r 'X f ' -L-. .va JW'-""'V'eNv ,ff- Y,- mymfcvxsxaw NTS K F E F E COM PLI M ENTS Of VANCE HARDWARE STORES CHILHOWIE MARION RURAL RETREAT ABINGDON GLADE SPRING QAV8 HARDWARE BUILDING MATERIALS FARM SUPPLIES Compliments of EMORY E99 HENRY COLLEGE Lighted by THE EDMONDSON JEFFERSON ELECTRIC HOTEL COMPANY Largest and Best COLUMBIA, S. C. MORTIMER COSBY, Mgfr. ABINGDON, VIRGINIA Page 113 Meet Your Friends at THE HUT GENERAL CCLLEGE SUPPLIES COLLEGE JEWELRY, STATIONERY, MAGAZINES, KODAK FILMS, RAT CAPS, NOTE BOOKS, AND PAPER also CANDY, CIGARETTES, DRINKS, SANDWICHES, ICE CREAM, ETC. We Excell in Fountain Service V Agents for NATIONAL TAILCRINC CO. See Our New Spring Samples V L'FeedS" for Fraternities, Sororities, and Clubs Our Specialty Page 114 P REMINEfGOBBLE, INC. THE CQLLEGE INN I'IART'SCHAFFNER AND MARX CLOTHES SQDAS T CIGARS T CANDIE5 ARROW SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES FILMS Paramount Bldg. LUNCHEONETTE BRISTOL VA.fTENN. Abingdon Virginia ABINGDON GROCERY COMPANY INCORPORATED GAVE WHOLESALE GROCERS Qi? ABINGDON VIRGINIA Compliments of F U R N I T U R E FARMERS EXCHANGE BALL BRGTHERS INCORPORATED BANK Since 1905 Easy Terms ABINGDON VIRGINIA 5064510 State St. BRISTOL, TENN. czqe 115 R. C. HORNER CO., INC. MOOREfEARHART WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT COLLEGE MEN BRISTOL, TENN.fVA. CO. FOR R. C. HORNER, Pres. Estab. 1902 BRISTOL VIRGINIA THE H. P. KING COMPANY BRISTOL Owe HOME OF "KING QUALITYI' CLOTHES Styled to the Smart Icleas of the University Man Without Being "'1'lieat'rical5' or "Collegiate" BRISTOL OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY BLAKELYfMITCI-IELL COMPANY INCORPORATED OFFICE SUPPLIES AND OUTFITTERS FGR EQUIPMENT P. O. BOX 174 Phone ZOO COLLEGE BOYS 529 State Street BRISTOL VIRGINIA BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Pcrqe 116 BUN TIN G'S DRUG STORE Compliments of FINE CANDY MITCHELL-POWERS KODAKS, FILMS AND KODAK HARDWARE COMPANY FINISHING BRISTOL, VIRGINIA BRISTOL TENNESSEE SALES SERVICE Stay in the Low Price Field But Step Up to the Vf8 Class ABINGDON MOTOR COMPANY AEINGDON, VA. SMYTH COUNTY MOTOR COMPANY MARION, VA. STATES MOTOR COMPANY BRISTOL, TENN. "Watch the FORDS Co By" Compliments of SEAVER AND SON "Since 1844" MARION VIRGINIA "Say It With Flowers" SMITH FLORAL CO., INC. Phone 523 704 State St. BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Meet 'Your Ffriencls at BRISTOL DRUG CORPORATION 633 State St. Phone 5143 WYATT'S NEW CAFE-Two Floors Invites Fraternity and Sorority Parties Suppers and Theatre Parties ' MARION, VIRGINIA Pctqe 1 I7 gQO1flf1'bL.1flf1 en fs O, AIDIDHISCODNQS Q' New York at ts Best Cf A big city has many sides . . . To make your visit a complete success, comfortable as well as memorable, the Brst requisite is to choose the right stopping place-for you. If you appreciate homelike atmosphere with a Continental flavor . . . individualized service . . . and a distinguished setting for your social or business activities-then you will like The Barclay. Conveniently located in midtown Man' hattan, only a step from Grand Central Station and the smart shops of Fifth and Madison Avenues . . . Single rooms, 355, 356, S7 . . . Double, 38, 510 . . . Parlor suites with private serving pantry, S12 and 315. Y7 The Barclay 111 East 48th Street, New York, N. Y. GEORGE W. LINDHOLM, Manager Ojjrers EMORY and HENRY COLLEGE Established 1836 HIGH STANDARDS CF SCHCLARSHIP A CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT WI-IOLESCME ATHLETICS For Further Information, Write JAMES N. HILLMAN, President EMORY, VIRGINIA Page IZO TRY Compliments of MGCLURE MOTORS K Q T Y , S for .. ,, It's a Better Suit by Kotyls DEPENDABLE SERVICE BRISTOL, VIRGINIA BRISTOL TENN. When in Tazewell Stop at Compliments of CLINCH VALLEY PHARMACY HGTEL BRISTGL DRUGS Completely Remodeled and SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE under New Management NOTIONS TAZEWELL VIRGINIA BRISTOL VIRGINIA Compliments of EDWARDS, HALDEMAN Eff COMPANY YOUR FAVORITE FRATERNITY JEWELERS 427 Farwell Building DETROIT, MICHIGAN Write for our "Book of Treasures" A Copy Sent Free Upon Request A BIBLE for College Men and Women , No. 254X. An excellent student's Bible. King james Version. Bold type, selffprof nouncing. Page size, 5 X 7 3f8 inches. Contains a complete concordance, center column references, 64 pages of Bible study aids, an indexed atlas, and 16 pages of maps in colors. Printed on India paper. Genuine leather, morocco grain, Overlapping covers, linen lined, round corners, red under gold edges, silk headbands, silk bookmark. Price, 35.00. METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE S10 Broadway - NASHVILLE, TENN. Pcrqe 121 . Compliments of LINCOLN THEATER MARION, VIRGINIA Compliments of The Bank of Glade Spring El sg 'T' , . '-G . GLADE SPRING, VA, Also DIXIE and TUWN HALL Compliments of THEATRES J. WALTER WRIGHT GLADE SPRING ABINGDON LUMBER CQ. . BRISTOL, TENNESSEE l Dr. J. L. McCord I Rf V: Optometrist V I I 9 f at Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Compliments of 532 State St., Bristol, Tenn. Phone 5 'LTlfL'rufthefBlolq' ' UAK HALL Smart Wearing Apparel for Men, Women and Boys ROANGKE VIRGINIA Virginia Smokeless Coal Company TAZEWELL VIRGINIA Jkt Page 122 THE GENERAL SHELBY HOTEL Bristol's Largest and Finest Hotel WALTER S. ANDERSON, Mgr. Compliments of BRISTOL MOTOR COMPANY BRISTOL, VIRGINIA 36 351 Marion Brick Co., Inc. Martha Washington Manufacturers of SHALE BRICK FACE OR COMMON BRICK MARION VIRGINIA 361 Inn ABINGDON, VIRGINIA The Perfect Place for 'Your Fraternity Party 3? Compliments of DR. A. B. CRAYBEAL MARION, VIRGINIA Compliments of DR. WADE H. ST. CLAIR BLUEFIELD, VIRGINIA Pcfqe 123 Il D E I T ' GENERAL MERCHANDISE with FOUNTAIN SERVICE S WE HAVE EVERYTHING A STUDENT NEEDS Come to Our Fountain for Sandwiches, Drinks, Candy, Cigarettes, Package Drugs, Magazines, Films We Carry PARKER FOUNTAIN PENS EMORY AND HENRY STATIONERY AT POPULAR PRICES Leave Your Films Here to be Developed and Printed by BUNTINC'S SMART WEARING APPAREL FOR MEN AND WOMEN FRIENDLY FIVE SHoES HUGHES AND BRADLEY TIES NOFADE AND MACK SHIRTS AND PAJAMAS Socks ' RAINCOATS HATS M. BORN E99 COMPANY MadeftofMeasure Clothes We Have the "Fixings" for Your Special "Feeds" Pickles, Cakes, Bread, Sandwich Materials, Coffee, Etc. Tickets for THE DIXIE THEATRE at Glade spring EMORY VIRGINIA Page 124 MEIQIN-BALIBAN Official Photographers THE 1938 SPHINX IOIO CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. SPECIALISTS TO SCHOOLS - COLLEGES - UNIVERSITIES - CLUBS vw PP SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Page I25

Suggestions in the Emory and Henry College - Sphinx Yearbook (Emory, VA) collection:

Emory and Henry College - Sphinx Yearbook (Emory, VA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Emory and Henry College - Sphinx Yearbook (Emory, VA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Emory and Henry College - Sphinx Yearbook (Emory, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Emory and Henry College - Sphinx Yearbook (Emory, VA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Emory and Henry College - Sphinx Yearbook (Emory, VA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 65

1938, pg 65

Emory and Henry College - Sphinx Yearbook (Emory, VA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 70

1938, pg 70

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