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' . -'-H V - " 4 ' ' g S+.T",.,. A ---4 -P' . v -7 ' . : - Y -,r. 5, ,. , 4 4 ,agp 1 gy -5. -.95 V. VV - --J. 4.1 9 - X " .W - +1 ' 1 .a . ,. . .,x.. .D . AMR. fag., , L... I V ,V . ,. V V , A iz . ,..'1..w , F W! K ,ze 1 V , --..-V f..-, I. R .5-'Af '., f-I'- I 1 ffl' '-',- .V, - Ni. I ...,1. ,L- , 1 r g,g,,1s4jr 1 ' im. in ' ve 5' ' -gg ,H . L 1 N -. HIREWURIJ Here we have recorded in pictures and printed words some of the activities and interesting episodes of student life in Emmett Scott High School. We hope that you will derive pleasure from viewing them as you turn the pages of this annual. Enshrlned with us more tndellbly than the printed page are fond memories of our days happily spent at our alma mater. The Class of 1957 :- ? lllllllll i f - DEDICATION i Zi sth DEDICATION For his contributions to the development of our community For his exceptional leadership in education For his unfailing patience and broad understanding of youth For his sincerity and interest in guiding students to a richer and more abundant life. We, the members of the senior class, dedicate the 1957 RATTLER to our principal, Mr. R. W. McGirt. To those who know thee not, no words can paint! And those who know thee, know all words are faint! MISS IDA BARBER First teacher in Emmett Scott School First in our memory--Always Thirty-six years of continuous service in our school 1923-1956 Transferred with her beloved seventh grade to Edgewood Elementary School September, 1956. H ADNIINISTRATIUN v X xx xg K. . ? 5 ' i N fi '7' "fit f"' x Til N fi 1--jg ,fi L,-1 7 ""L- , i ',l....L 5, 3-.TT 51:1 gf Y' O Lx W 'L JJ f . P ADMINISTRATIGN I I Mr . Walter C. Sullivan Mr. Larry W. White Superintendent Assistant Superintendent glfi ' Mr.R.W.McGirt Mrl.A.M.Law Principal Secretary .- ww m'w Q. Y u xx ff' 'X 'i :' 1' Y N j' 5, :. Q! J.. f Iwi -4 glkii 'T Lfwf W Siu! . .M 4 -wi: - 2,4332 .mv :vw na' . -,..- ,,N. ' 'L 'xz::fxfxfa'rr:':3xf:s: K!! F , . !!!!!!I!.'lJ'n'4'J6a' ffff ff? ffl' iff ,lfff 1 .. , -, ,. 5 -W . .-ET, 'fuki- T"-'fs' .13 . To fx f ,-f"!,,f"AM ,flu ff Q-ef WTP - ' fer, L' , "' , V. I,-,e 73.-uk -x ' Mrs. Gladys H. Boulware Mrs. Ruth F. Boulware Mrs . Ruby Reeder Bradley U-Iome Economics, Mr. Frontis Brooks Qlnstrumental Music, lMathematics and Social Studie sl FACULTY Mr. T. O. Brunson fScience and Driver Educationj fflnglishl Miss Bettye A. Crockett fEng1ishj M uceiigg M Um an L-uf E1 lllit-hifi not vur tt M suefkzmlf . fmtx Bin , 1 Miss Marie Davison Mrs . C . D. Diggs Mr. David E Gardner fEng1ish fEng1ishj fGenera1 Shop and and Mechanical Drawxng, Social Studie sl FACULTY Miss K. G. Gilmore fPhysica1 Education .-.,. , 'U 'Vx' 0-,, n M wma ' and Miss Margaret M. Henderson Soc1a1 Studies? QPub1ic School M-may it UIQ Mis! Bessie E. Honor Mr. Nathurlon Jones Mr. G. Limehouse fMathematicsj QPhysica1 Education, fScience Health and Biology? and Vocational Agr ic ulture Mr. William D. Lyles Mr. M. J. Mack Mr. J. W. Martin QEng1ishJ QSocia1 Studiesj fBio1ogyl n nv , , ,. 3, ' X: a To v I a T- mit 5-mv.-,,,., bi- ' JA km x- Q-3931 'QU 8 .aww 1 l "iv--.1....W Miss E. H. Massey Mrs . H. L. McArthur Mrs . Beatrice Moore fSciencel fSocia1 Studiesj CI-iome Economics, Mrs. Z. V.Morris Mrs.R. C. Pharr Mr.J. Posey Uviathematic aj fScienceJ fMathematic sj , ,V ,ray X fe -I ...--mu Miss U. H. Spigner Miss B. Thompson Miss Harvey L. Ward fFrench and English, QTyping, Shorthand QL.ibx-arianj and Bookkeeping, SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS Mr George Limehous F.B0u1wa Mrs . Ruth fe sv' Mis! Marie Davi 3011 iighg 'Q""""'G6--m4.a.:'4 ,JK AUTQGRAPHS 7,4-qe,,5-ZMMJ Q 5555- W, .33 1 X QT 'J it iz M NW 55 Mww M El M55 my XQUM gl MLW! 6,?Lia5iZiih6D. , W'ff,ifWWWW Wll. wr ffwfliw 61.7H'o,,Zm1J 'g frmwifkmifhzfsfwfm Mm AZT ff Wmmmma 26? My SELLING ICE CREAM RELAXING DURING RECESS 1 "THE GIRLS" BUYING ICE CREAM LOCKER CHATTER JUST POSING O A Q U1 A g 5: V Q --,, 4 . Y--, - v .', ,. -is .. -vig? ---www-if r . 'es ,- ..,. CLASS HISTORY Doe s it not seem hard to realize that the class of 1957 was ever a class of silly young Freshmen ? That a lot of silly, empty-headed youngsters could ever have developed into noble, handsome, thoughtful and wise-appearing Seniors is indeed some- thing to be thankful for. Whom shall we thank? Well, various people . First, I suppose, the men com- prising the school board, then the Superin- tendent for his choice of teachers, and the Principal for the care with which he has prepared our schedule of study and insisted upon its faithful exec ution . Next,the teachers who have so faithfully and patiently worked over our empty brains for the last fo u r y e a r s and at last succeeded in not only puttin g some valuable material into them, but have helped them to acquire the power of giving something out. It was a b r ight and wonderful day in September, 1953, when a group of approxi- mately one hundred eighty-one perplexed and bewildered Freshmen pushed our way into the halls of Emmett Scott High School. How were we supposed to know what to do? Those first days will long be the ones that we will remember. Well do we recall the num be r of blunders we made by going to the wrong classrooms and calling our teachers by the wrong names. But we were determined to make the most of our tay. We organized our homeroom sections and were carefully guided by our sponsors Mrs . Bra,dley,Miss Martin, Mrs. Ruth Boulware and M r . T. O. Brunson. During the first year in high school, ye visited the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina. The trip was enjoyable as well as educational. The year passed swiftly. By May we had become fully acclimated and were ready for our vacation. September c am e again. One hundred fifty-seven of us returned as wise Sopho- mores. We had more experience, enthusiasm and determination to continue our studies. We felt superior to the Freshmen because we had gone through a year of orientation and could no longer be called greenhorns. This year our assignments were heavy and participation in the school activities were many and varied. The class was represent- ed in various organizations including the basketball team, band and Girl Scouts. As time moved on, we waited patiently for the day when we could expect an assignment to the section of the gymnasium which would tell the whole school we were Juniors. H With the thrill of being Juniors came many new things. This was a very busy year, for we had to prepare for the Junior Class Play and plan for the Junior-Senior 45, ,V-,afp Prom . The class p r e s e n te d "Smiling Through", a th r e e ac t play, to a packed audience . It was a great success. The next outstanding feature of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom. The class took great pr ide in decorating the gymnasium in the form of a rose garden, and worked untiring- ly to make the affair one of many memories . After completing three years of hard work and hav ing a summer vacation, we were Seniors. Only ninety-two remained to en- roll at the beginning of the school year. This number indicated a tremendous loss of our fo r m e r classmates who had fallen by the wayside,but we failed to let our loss retard the progress of the class. The Se nior class started out with a "B i g B an g " under the direction of Miss Marie Davison , Mrs. Ruth Boulware and Mr. George Limehouse . The class officers we r e , President, Arthur Barberg Secretary D a i sy M c C r o r yi Assistant Secretary, Alberta Pageg Treasurer, Leo Murrayg Business Manager , JamesFraz.ierg Assistant B u s in e s s Manager, Ilena Hill. The fir s t fund raising campaign was selling candies and drinks in the concession stand during the football games at the Rock Hill Stadium. Our next big event was presenting the Senior Class Play, "Mystery At Midnight". The play was humorous and exciting from the beginning to the end. The day we'we re called to the cafeteria to measure for our rings served as a turning point in our lives. Yes, the time was short and soon we would be walking down the long aisle to end a pleasant high school career and take our places in an adult world. Historians: Mary Chisholm Jane McClurkin .,.. -, S Hg 5611101 Glass Offzcers Arthur Barber Namon Lewis Daisy McCrory Alberta Page . Leo Murray . James Frazier Ilena Hill . . . r W Gloria Ann Agers Amy Anderson William H. Barber Geneva Arsonia Barnette I Roosevelt Archie Arthur Barber John Davis Barber Ramseur D. Berry Willa Delores Archie SENIOI Frances Ruth Blake QM Qin EA . 9- -'Oy Frnncina Blake Annette Boyd Hiram Fernando Burris Claretta Caldwell ,ji vw. Hattie Campbell CLASS ' Annie Belle Cassell Addie Lee Cathcart Doretha Cathcart James Cathcart Mary Magdalene Chisholm M Howard Chisolm Robert Hemphill Crawford CN Leon Devan Digsby, Jr. Charlie Douglas 'ing Hazel Edward Crockett James Cureton, Jr. Mack Cureton SENIOR Lindsay Dell Davis James William Frazier Dora Gladden P' QS in Julia M. Gordon Robert Louis Graham CLASS Rogerline Hardin Rebecca Juliet Hall Annie Delano Hardin llena B . Hill dll' fb- Il' Elnora Hall Joseph B. Hall Leon Jackson Edward Louis Jones 6' Willie Ann Jones Mary Helen Johnson Frances Massey Hester Rene Massey ,ie 2 Willie Mae Jordon Hattie Frances Kirkland Namon Lewis Joe Lewis Mas sey Dorothy Knox SENIOR Mattie Bea Massey Daisy M, McCrory Thomas McCloud Jane Deloz-is McC1urkin CLASS I Robbie Mae Mickel Thelma McNeil Eddie Meeks Billy Bruce Miller .M We Eddie Meeks Mills Mary Elizabeth Mills Carrie Lee Moore Leo Calvin Murray Alberta Marie I-age Ruby J . Page Bettye Jean Patton Rosa Lee Riley Hazel Lee Roach Carrie Mae Robinson Richard Page S E N I 0 R Lizzie Mae Robinson Margie Delois Roddey C LA S S Johnnie Ruth Steele K 'fin , Proctor Roddey Dorothy Marie Rowell Janette Joann Sitgraves Franklin Stinson if ,f". uw, W 'tb Q Thomas Roddey Fannie Roseborough I Paul Andrew Taylor Barbara Louise Thompson F' Sylvada Thompson David Lee Walker Rebecca Williamson Annie Lee Wise W' Margaret Washington Isabell Wells SENIORS Marian White Simon Workman SENIOR BABY PICTURES 'Rl 1. Janette Sitgraves 2. Franklin Stinson 3. Thelma McNeil 4. Mary Chisholm 5. Leon Dig a by 6. Julia Gordon 7. Hazel Crockett 8. David Walker' 9. Annie Hardin 10 . Willa Archie l1.Jamel Cathcart 12. Charlie Douglass 13. Rebecca Hall 14. Rogerline Hardin 15. John D. Barber 16. Ilena Hill 17. Joseph Hall. 'rm .Q hz, '-Q-. . CLASS PROPHECY 2905-J please: He 110 Geneva, this is Thelma. Yes, Thelma. NcNeil Hudson I just thought I would call to tell you about the reunion for the class of 1957. Yes,thathas been a long, long, time. Arthur Barber has made it possi- ble to have student government in all schools . He is the National President, and is enjoying his work immensely. Dora Gladden has lately become interested in the telephone business. Annie Lee Wise and Margaret Washington have become some of the best-known teachers of the ir time. They are now teaching at two of the most widely-known colleges in New York. We found that Leon Digsby is acaptain in the Army. Of course,Rebecca Hall Digsby is his wife . You remember Paul Taylor, he' s in the Army too. Hazel Roach is a n u r s e in Beverly Hills, California. She's the only lady working in surgery. How about' that? Francina Blake has become a famous poet. Remember those rhymes she always made? James Frazier is awise lawye r now handling an important case in the Federal Courts in Atlanta, Georgia. Mack Cureton owns one of the largest markets in Iowa. Eddie Meeks is a manager of Harvey De- partment Store in the South. In fact, it is the largest in the world. Lindsay Davis has become a famous and successful m illine r . Mary Helen Johnson isa nurse now serving over- seas in the missionary field. Hattie Campbell and Dorothy Knox are nurses in the largest hospitals in the West. They are doing all they can for humanity. Howard Chisolm is a bug collector. and is very interested in the study of insects. He majored in biology and is still the same ole slim jim. Bruce Miller has the honor of being one of the Marines. Ohl geel He looks handsome in his uniform. Rogerline Hardin has now openedher "Photo-Shop" in Detroit, Michigan. She always did like pictures, and llena Hill is her assistant. Robert Craw- ford owns one of the best known farms of York County. He raises all kinds of crops and is very successful. Frances Ruth Blake is an airline hostess on one of the most modern planes. I thought she would have been married by now. We find the Center V i e w Flying Corporation under the direction of Robert Graham. Can you imagine that ? Thomas Roddey is very happy because he is now a missionary in China. Janette Sitgraves is a basketball coach in one of the largest schools in Tennessee. Annette Boyd is m ar r ied and keeping her house well furnished. Yes, and just as full of life as ever. Jane McClurkin has established one of the most exclusive dress shops for women in Newark, New Jersy. Yes, I saw Mary Chisholm . She is a millionare. I couldn't talk to her long. Barbara Thompson is a movie star. You probably saw her late s t picture,"I Saw Love At My First Sight." Daisy McCrory is a secretary for a large business firm in the United States, so ar e Alberta Page and Annie Hardin. They are very efficient, too. P r o c t o r Roddey is engaged in politics. Would you believe it! He is now running for Vice-President of United States in the Democratic Party. Mary Mills is in New York singing with Willie Ann Jones. Willa Archie and Sylvada Thompson have recently written a book entitled"Advantages of Being Tall." Oh yes: you're talking about Margie Roddey. She became a teacher of stenography and typing and finally open a business college in India. JosephB.l-lallhas a jazz band. Boy! They really rock and roll in the 16-98 House. You know he owns that place in Baltimore , Maryland. Do you remember Leon Jackson? He teaches economics at Johnson C. Smith Uni- versity in Charlotte, North Carolina . Addie Lee C a th c a r t and Mary Ann Massey teach at California Universityg Addie is teaching speech and journal- CLASS PROPHECY is m and Mary Ann is teaching com- mercial education. Isabel Wells and Elnoral-Iall joined the Navy. Dorothy Rowglls is a secretary in the Presi- dent's office in Washington. Frances Massey and Amy Anderson have th e i r own television show. It is c alled "It's Time For Fun." Remember Franklin Stinson '? He is a bus driver. He drives for the Grey Hound Company. Namon Lewis owns all the banks in Milwaukee , Wis- consin. Oh Brother, I wo uld like to know who his wife is. Leo C.Murray is principal at the Harsh High School in Inman, South C a r ol in a . Gloria Agers is a model on television. Have you seen her? The name of the show is "Fashions and Facts." Hattie Frances Kirkland is married and she is an ice cream manufacturer. Ramseur Berry went into ice skating businessin Paris. Hester Massey and Mattie B. Massey are re gistered nurses in Omaha, Nebraska. Bettye Patton is amovie actress. Carrie Lee Moore is teaching in an elementary school in Sumter, South Carolina. Willie Mae J o r don has a beauty shop in Phila- dephia. We m u st drop by sometime for a hair-do. Marion White is a radio announcer on NBC radio net work in Hollywood, California. William B a r b e r , Eddie Meeks Mil1s,and JohnD. Barber are F . B . I. agents. Annie B. Cassell owns a dress shop in Chicago, Illinois . She c a r r ie s the latest fashions. Robbie Mae Mickel is happy with her family in Dallas, Texas. James C ure ton is a golf player in Albany, New York. He plays very well. Guess who owns the golf course? Roosevelt Archie: isn't that swell? Joe Lewis Massey is in Charleston, West Vir- ginia and is the president of the Massey Coal Mines. James Cathcart is the vice-president. Fannie Rose- borough is married andhas five love- ly children. She owns five houses in Nashville, Tennessee. Claretta Caldwell is v e ry suc- cessful with her family. Lizzie Robin- sonhas become a registered nurse in Sioux F all s ,South Dakota and loves herjob. Remember Hazel Crockette ? He's married to Johnnie Ruth Steele . They are living in Miami, Florida. Of course Johnnie R uth is a model ina swanky fashion shop andher husband is a teacher . This has been along conversation butl didn't want to leave out a soul. We missed you at the re- union, Geneva, butl told them what a wonderful m u s ic teacher you are at Columbia University. And now Imust go because my lunch hour is almost up. This handsome husband of mine is the bos s you know,his name is Frank Hudson fr o m Chicago, a pilot and I'm a Mainliner hostess. If l'm not back on the plane in a jiffy it may be a new job for Mrs. Hudson. But I just had to tell you the news. Good- bye, Geneva. THELMA MCNEIL Alfa .A W . OUR MOST PROMINENT ibn 1 Arthur Barber Senior Class President Robert Graham Student Council President N3 Robert Crawford Editor-in-Chief of The Rattler fin Johnnie R. Steele Rebecca Hall Associate Editor of President-French Club The Rattler :Qc f Thomas Roddey Honor Society and Speech Choir President Alberta Page Editor- in-Chief The Sc ott-Ite Hester Massey Associate Editor of The Scott Ite SUPERLATIVES Y 21 . l .. ' f W I 9 M wx .-W., ,.-1-..g.,,lA1 I Xl ' W. 4 A4-u Kr A --u .. xx A S: ..,,,:g Most Popular Most Intelligent Tallest Leon Dlgsby, Willa Archie Thomas Roddey, Ilena Hill Howard Chilsholm, Hazel Roach Shortest Friendliest Most Courteous Hester Massey, James Frazier Dorothy Rowell, Robert Crawford Isabell Wells, Lindsay Davxs A Qi it l I l SUPERLATIVES ff I Most Studious Thomas Roddey, Margie Roddey Most Likely to Succeed Annie Wise, Robert Graham Most Co-operative Charlie Douglas, Mary Chisholm Neatest Namon Lewis, Margaret Washington M, in , H Waliqf Most Athletic Arthur Barber, Annie Hardin Most Dignified Hattie Campbell, Lindsay Davis SUPERLATIVES Best Speakers Most Talented Thomas Roddey, Addie Cathcart Arthur Barber, Geneva Barnette Best Dressed Best Dancers Gloria Agers, John Barker Mary Mills, Hazel Crockett I 2 .ki Best All Round Mary Chisholm, Paul Taylor Quietest Mattie Massey, James Cureton V B I -s 'L 'fit Ar. at .. . J ' MW' M K V Q 3255 . -W i x l We, the Senior Class of 1957, of E m m e tt Scott High School, Rock Hill, South Carolina, being of sound mind and memory dohereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament. To the Pr inc ipal and Faculty, we le a v e o u r many thanks for their help, patience and understandings. To the students, we do hereby be- queath the following articles that we hope may be useful to them: Geneva Barnette bequeaths her abili- ty to s ing to Essie Canty and her letter "M" to Eula Erby. Robert Graham hopes that Roosevelt Barnette will some day become president of the Student Council. Willa Archie bequeaths her populari- ty with the boys to Elois Hope. Leon Digsby wills his ability to play "tenor" saxaphone to Arnold Harris. B a r b a r a Thompson bequeaths her ability to speak frankly to Phyllis Sanders . Ramseur Berry leaves his conserva- tiveness to Earl Foster. To Patricia Isom , Addie Cathcart be - queaths her scholastic ability and to Viola Durham her leadership ability. James Frazier bequeaths his position as Business Manager of the Senior class to Lonnie Graham. Mary Chisolm wills her band suit to Pecolia Crawford. Thomas McCloud leaves his physics book to James Pearl. LAST WILL Hester Massey wills her position on the Speech Choir to Johnnie Mae Mc- Cullough. Eddie Mills leaves his bus driver's license to Joe Caldwell. Bettye Patton wills her slim figure to Jane McCruel and her science know- ledge to Mary G. Hall. Elnora Hall bequeaths her typing keys to Elizabeth Douglas . To Barbara Ann Murray, Annie Hardin bequeaths her ability to get along with teachers . llena Hill leaves her ability to read shorthand to Dorothy Porter. To Dorothy Lowery, Dorothy Rowells wills her ab il ity to remain on the band until graduation. Hazel Crockette wills his basketball suit to Johnny Jones. Margie Roddey leaves her scholastic ability to Margaret Strait. Mary Ann Mas sey bequeaths to Juanita Thompson her ability to get French by honest means. 4 Annie Lee Wise wills her letter "M" to Margaret Gordon. Hattie Campbell wills her air of digni- ty to Ella Mae Smith. Arthur Barber wills his ability to sing to Dewey Baskin. Gloria Agers leaves her Hot Seat in typing to Mary Gaines. AND TESTAMENT Rogerline Hardin leaves her major- ette suit to Marie Sloan, and her position in the office to Patsy Jackson. Doretha Cathcart wills her seat in typing to Doris Ann Barber. Margaret Washington bequeaths her neatness and ability to get along with people to Suzie Hinton. Sylvada Thompson, Mary Mills and Willie Ann Jones leave their positions as flag bearers to Phyllis Mason,Cornelius Roach, and Hattie Leach. To Johnnie Mae McCullough, Mattie B. Massey bequeaths her ability to get a- long with teachers. Hattie Kirkland le ave s h e r great sense of humor to Azalee Durham. To Bettye Barber, Janette Sitgraves bequeaths her lady-like manner. To David Dunlap, Robert Crawford leaves h i s ability to get along with Miss Spigner. Mary Helen Johnson wills her ability to be come a senior to Faye Mae Jones. Lindsay Davis bequeaths his ability to make teachers think he has studied his lesson to John Chisholm. Paul Taylor leaves his ability to talk forever about nothing to Pheodes Robinson . Carrie Mae Robinson wills her ,po- sition onthe Speech Choir to Bettye Bailey. Rebecca Hall will s her position as president of Le Cercle Francais to Mattie Ann Baskin. Johnnie Ruth Steele wills her ability to dance to Willie Mae McCullough. Lamar Bowens bequeaths his ability to get alon g with girls to Charlie Wise. Annette Boyd bequeaths her ability to get along with other students to Pearline Marshall. Simon Workman wills his school utensils to Robert Lathan. Robbie Mickel wills her position on the Girls Ensemble to Eloise Aiken. T h o m a s Roddey bequeaths his de- pendability to Alfred McCrory. Thelma McNeil wills her seat in English Class to Eddie Nichols. To Pearlie, Mae Cathcart, Willie Mae Jordon wills her position on the Speech Choir. To Fannie Heath, Rebecca William- son wills her ability to become ar senior. 1 Dora Gladden wills her personality to Mary Duffie. Frances Ruth Blake wills her ability to get along with students to Dora Bradley. David Walker le av e s his ability to "filibuster" in French to Richard Gill. To Mrs. R. Boulware, Mr. G. Lime- house and Miss M. Davison, we leave our sincere appreciation for the help, guidance , and love they have given us dur ing our senior year here at Emmett Scott. T HE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN. Mary Ann Massey ..... . . . Witness Addie Lee Cathcart. . . . . Lawyer JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS 5- , i' 1 ,F A A -1- - 0 Jbvbcgpfcb UDI RS -iil -ll l-111 L-:Q-1-17 1-lil n 'll- - ini:-l "-Ifz: ..':.'-...-' sl-ll-g qlilnli tial itil Elouise Aiken Betty Bailey Olin D Barber Doris Barber Shirley Barber William F. Barber Roosevelt Barnett Dewey Baskin Mattie A. Baskin Louise Blake Dora Bradley Marion Buggs Willie R. Burns Sophia M. Burris Cora B. Caldwell Joe L. Caldwell Eesie Canty Thomas Carter Pearlie Cathcart John Chisholm CLASS Walter Chisholm William Coates Pecolia Crawford Freddie Mae Culp Elizabeth Douglas Mary Duffy David Dunlap Azalee Durham Viola Durham Beatrice Eaves Doreatha Edwards Eula B. Erby Rosetta Fee Earl Foster Margaret Gordon Lonnie Graham Virginia Hall Fannie M. Heath Christopher Hicklin Mason Hicks wi, ,F ilk .. wt. 1 41 uk ' H 4 lyk , W L C ' ff , 16453 L XX P 3, Elois Hope Patricia Isom Patsy Jackson Faye M. Jones John W . King Rosa M. Kirk Robert Lathan Eloise Leach Dorothy Lowery Pearline Marshall Phyllis A. Mason Vernon McCaw Patricia McCloud Hubert McCrorey Janie McCruel Johnnie McCullough Sadie McCullough Helen McDuffie Barbara Murray Willie M. Nelson JUNIOR CLASS Clara Pearson Dorothy Porter Dorothy Rabb Hazel Reid Sadie Richardson Maggie Richmond Cornelius Roach Daniel Robertson Pheodus Robinson Charles Roseboro Phyllis Sanders Reginal Simiril Marie Sloan Ella M. Smith Margaret Strait Juanita Thomas Helen Thompson Carrie Walker Spurgeon Watson Betty Williamson 1. ,f I John William son Cathaline Wise Mae Ola Witherspoon JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ................ ...... D ewey Baskin Vice-President. . . . . Charles Roseboro Secretary ..... .... P atsy Jackson Treasurer . . . . . . Walter Chisolm Reporter ..................... . . . Earl Foster 'Quad uk. . iv ,N A1 1. Q: PD? 4, -ha s -of -in- ' V '- - Q71 x 4 ' "' ,:f, 'S Yi? I . M . if lml E4 1 'l 'X' 51 1 Q' Y 1 'A 4 43 ,U ia r , f Nl 'Q All R x S el 6 til X A. Ewa: 0' m 0 in SOPHOMORE Lawrence Alexander Lillie Archie Annie D. Barber James T. Barber Mattie Barber Melvin Barnette Barbara Boulware Constance Boyd James Burris Mamie Caldwell Rosie L. Caldwell Elizabeth Carter Leander Cathcart Mae Ola Cathcart Willie F. Crawford Robert Culp Lorraine Cureton Bettye J. Donavant William R. Dunlap Tommie Mae Fergus Wilma Foster Martha Gaines Dorothy Gordon Clarence Graham Willie B . Hall Mary H. Hammonds Bessie Harris Mary Heath Costella Hinton Saul Hutchinson Maceo Jones Partricia Jones Robert Kennedy Robbie Kirkland Margaret Lewis Samuel Mack James Mackey Dorothy Massey James Massey James E. Massey Edward McCrue1 Lois McCullough OU CLASS Sarah McCullough Marie McFadden Johnny McKinney Roosevelt McMullen Hayward Meeks Elizabeth Miller Mary Miller Sarah Minor William Mobley Ida C . Neely Alice Patterson James Pearl Fred Rawlinson Jaunita Roach, Jr . James F. Robinson Marlene Robinson Virginia Robinson Lula Roseboro Daisy Stroud Dorothy Taylor Gladys Thornwell James Wells Richard Wherry Eric White Benjamin Wise, Jr. CLASS OFFICERS President ..... . . Melvin Barnette Vice-President .... . . . Samuel Mack Secretary ........ . .Costella Hinton Assistant-Secretary . .Catherine Moore Treasurer ........ . . . Betty Murray Qi Y ? be 1' FRESHMEN Willie Macie Hardin Timothy Moffet . . . Elaine Johnson Gloria Moore. Mattie Dewese CLASS OFFICERS fi A J ei 4'-, A ,n-'-". ' ' f ' - , G5 is ' A : nm r xx X B Q if t . o , r W ,y 1 A l it A y f W ' '-SS- , -. , F 7 f 1' 77' A - Ll-: . M f ' , O N, V A V -, 1 P , ' , W X K K 0 e F.. A S A is Q hs. A 4 L N xr. 5 ,M X -t T ' ' ., ,ff ' i f F' . . . . . . . President . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . Secretary Assistant Secretary . . . . . . .Treasurer i C- fri' .. ,V N, i ,il it E 1 - li :- -U 3 1 Fir s t Row: Frances Adams, Dora Aiken, Charles Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Peggy Archie, Charles Barber, Herbert Barber, Phillip Barber, Mamie Bax-nette, Eliza Belton. Second Row: Leroy B elton, Allean Blake, Nancy B o ulware , Weldon Brown, Willie J. Caldwell, Connie Cathcart, Mary A. Cherry, Daisy Chisholm , Daniel Chisholm,David Chisholm. Third Row: Carolyn Coleman, Franklin Crockett, Etta Croome, Ola M. Crosby, Gladys Culp, Betty Cureton, Robert Cureton, Nathaniel Daniel, Doshia Davis, Willie L. Davis. Fourth Row: Mattie Dewese, Verna L, Diary, Nancy Dixon, Mae Ruth Douglas, Otis Durham, Littleton Erby, John O. Ervin , Patricia Ervin, Gloria F air , Donald Fields. Fifth Row: Randolph Ford, Blanche Foster, Helen Gaines, John Gaines, Reva Gill. Image Not Available FRESHMEN ' J ff J ' " Y '1 l x , ' ' l 1 ' V X fihx Q k,'- '-1' f .. J .,,. S ' s-1 J R it -1 vin. 6'-M ,,. gk :Qs ci I I .L .I 1 :K s at v , ' 1 ' -f 'WX : r :if ' if it f ' s - 1- i 5 X ml . V . - .TI il ill.: t '23 'T' 1. If Y K M nh. I , X x J V If 'ix , 5rDu....4+?. X . ir-,f , 'ul ft, f.. . 1 I ,div V i f . , J t - - t ff ' J it ' Q5 J - "' , X 4, in ' "' . ' 5 : A J ' I F il ff? .x " ' . R X ' "" ' e i A r 'Fi R if a ,, X it x ' l it A 4 1 I yi . Q, ,V 'I V S! V K i Q In Q yt vi X- .t " f R' -:. '- 3' gt - vi ig' v , . t . . .fr . s N ., 1. 9 35 - 7 ' , if -S ' ' 1 ra , V .1 ' J- .Q A l 'shh J if L 1. ... l a ka K , 'K - -J -X' 'ilk fi: L M ., I sparks' .- has P . Fir st R ow: Charles Glenn, Sonja Hall, Willie G. Hall, Macie Hardin, Sylvia Heath, Patricil Hinton, Dorothy Hope , RobertHyatt, Dorothy lsom, Brinnie Jackson. Second Row: Mary Jackson, ' Vernell Massey, V ina J ac k s o n , Barbara Jennings, Elaine Johnson, Hezakiah Jones, Geraldine Knox, L. um pkin, J . C. Marshall, Willie J. Marshall, Johnny Massey. Third Row: Willie J. Willie McCloud,HelenMcC1ure, Theresa McClurkin, Henry McCrory, Leon McCollough, Maggie McKinney, David Mickel, Jr., Wardell Mills, Clyde Minor. Fourth Row: Sylvester Minor, Louis Mitchell, Margaret Mobley, Timothy Moffet, Gloria J. Moore, Amanda Page, Ira Page, Roy Page, Sylvia Page, R o s em ary Patterson. Fifth Row: James Perry, Margaret Pickett, Dennis Rabb, M a ry R awl in s , Daisy Rawlinson, James Robinson, Jerry Robinson, Beatrice Rowell, Mary Simpson, Josephus Smith. Sixth Row: William Smith, Damon Stinson, Richard Thomas, Dorothy 'l'hompson,James Thompson,JohnW.Thompson, Phillis Thompson, Rosa Walker, Mary Wallace, Mary L. Ware. Seventh Row: Elizabeth White, Elsie White, Jessie N. White, David Williamson, Furman Williamson, Mack Workman, Florence Wylie. Not pictured: James Tobias. Image Not Available ,i YY -- '1 :'f'g5l' Ig, ' '-' , , , ' ,, "V . : Q , 'fm f V , V , I - ' , , wikbfwg ff-: Emil 'Q-7f?'v'1g3?Z'5 ' tip ". ' fu... 1 ' ,ff 11:11 ,, gv'., X wh ,,. I f AQsx,,,.mfp, 2 af- - -,ff f -r X 1, Q, - x. ,b A N a+ s l W. af - .AJMMQ-X Ff'!.35- 'f . A 'wg - ,:,5'g , ,xg. W, ,ww ' Mluigg. bk ,K A wnfwfh , ..,, -,-Rig, '11 1 .a 3.51241 A-.v"'f. 77M " 11' . J i ' U ' H f . - , 'N L"AwTL.- 'W"".p.. ' f' S -1 Q . ..,-ffmlfx 4"' z 2 ff . ' 'f " ' . f 1 ' - fl 9' 1' " an ,. '-1 ,Z , -W'-i, if'efIf.'fm W 'Gam mpz':L2i9i:.- q"'w?i5E,l f"'7'?f1.' " - f Wan? V - 1 .1552-,sa 'e,,,,-gm, y V f 5 .,w,,N , A X rl W-..f,-.M if V 51 -W :iq I -K fi: - " v' f3?2d42-lffmm H -i' 11 1-GT". ' ' A f, 'f 'M f ' 5" .fffffi ' ffQ'Y'fW'w'1"'7gi'-1 f f N fi' . HSA -' '-74' fy? 7' -'-3 'N' ' 'f-71 "W" V' ' K ,1?k'L' 4LM3:i5!2'.fi?vf2A' T '3--N-f'f'-ff'-f .. M1 ' 1 , .4 ai.: - .,. ,., . ., ,L .A.f.,,j,.. .,.,, ,. - . , Vg ' fw M, ' , M.g,,K fu ' ,f ,Y - - . . ...u4.- An- .... m-.: EIGHTH GRADE Mrs. C. D. Diggs Advisor Mr . N . Jones Advisor Mr. M. J .Mack Advisor FEATURES fag 'W ,f y T f 24 ' 3" 'O I 591' 0 O. ' . 0 , C O O.g, C I- O 'Q APB qw MISS EMMETT SCOTT W is A VV xy Y 'R MISS HQMECOMING 5, H Q, AL MISS HOMECOMING AND HER COURT Sitting, left to right: Mary Will' 1' Wi 137713 ffl. Catha me Se Eloise Hope, Gloria Fair Avolonia Howze. Standing Dorothy Knox, Jane Mc- C1urkin,f"Miss Home- coming"Q, and Eula B. Erby MISS SENIOR FRANCENA BLAKE if i I ki Mg ,. 48' YW xl 5 -1 ,.- diufgtniv-If F' 5 .V -,A Q I K My is W3 S V E fi ' - ,A I ,V .. . if A x M, ,f w J is x X A -N GRADE QUEENS Left to right: Mamie Tobias, Miss Eighth Gradeg Gloria Fair, Miss Freshrnang Avolonia I-Iowze, Miss Sopho- mor eg Cathaline Wise, Miss Juniorg Francena Blake , Miss Senior. MISS COMMERCIAL AND ATTENDANTS eele. MISS SOCIAL SCIENCE ESQ MISS DRAMA MISS N.H.A fi NWJQ 1 mf' I I' Wifi: xc LL, 5 1'-I MISS ART MISS N.F.A. w I MISS SPEECH CLUB MISS MATHEMATICS D PLAYS GIVEN BY "THE CLASS OF I957" I I Q e e fa do . k-.- fx , Sw s of -QQ. I I p - fx '- X -N. .G 1- S ' 1 , Qc ,M , A x EV i f JUNIOR YEAR - "SMILIN' THROUGH" SENIOR YEAR - "MYSTERY AT MIDNIGHT" Me m b e r s of the Junior Play calt were: Willa Archie, Mary Mills, Robert Graham, Le o M ur r ay , Addie Cathcart, Rebecca Hall, Ramseur Berry, Jane McClurkin, Lindsay Davis, Geneva Barnette, Dorothy Rowells. Me mbe r s of the Senior Play cast were: Robert Graham, Alberta Page, Barbara Thompson, Gloria A ge r s , James Frazier, Bruce Miller, Dorothy Rowelll, Paul Taylor, Willa Archie, Joseph Hall. SCENES FROM "MYSTERY AT MIDNIGHT ML E ff INSTALLATION OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3' I Kelsey Chapter-Lancaster, South Carolina. and Emmett Scott Chapter-Rock Hill, South Carolina. 'K+ 'HM . I, , , 355 1 Iv ' fff-am!! The Newly Organized Emmett Scott Chapter of the National Honor Society. HONOR SOCIETY CHAPTERS AT LUNCH The National Honor Society is a national school organization for outstanding students. The object of this chap- ter is to create an enthusi- asm forscholar ship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to encourage the development of c har - a t ' tud t c er in s en s. This organization was installed at Emmett Scott High School on January 30, 1957 by the Kelsey Chapter, Barr S t r e e t High School, Lancaster, South Carolina. There are fourteen charter members of which five are Seniors and nine are Juniors. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS welll I r av JOQ ?f QQ 0 -fs I Xlllf 3 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Robert Graham President Margaret Strait Vice-President Barbara Boulware Secretary Sylvia Heath Assistant Secretary Arthur Barber Treasurer in The student council is an organization of students, elected by students, to serve them as their official representatives in all matters of concern to the entire school. Its chief aims are to provide a student forum for the expression of student opinion and to provide a training ground for leaders and followers. ' wnswatze z.:11,,,1 ,Q 'vw .w,fs1.1.,',3i 1 'W bv .Aix Q WRLQV 2 2 Q...-it 'wb JF D' his HU W EUSNUAQW W mWQf QM: Margaret Strait Thomas Roddey Margaret Gordon Margie Roddey Addie Cathcart Patsy Ann Jackson Ramseur Berry T9 7-F, 7-fl AA A SL U fx Alberta Page Elois Hope Barbara Murray Mattie Ann Baskin Christopher Hicklin Susie Hinton Ida Marie Sloan ANNUAL STAFF I957 Robert Crawford, Editor-ln-chief, Johnnie R. Steele, As- sociate Editor, Rogerllne Hardin, Willa Archie, Mary Chls- holm, Robert Graham, Rebecca Hall, Addie Cathcart, Geneva Barnette, Annle Hardin. NEW FARMERS GF AMERICA 'o QQ! LEARNING TO DO LEARNING TO LIVE DOING TO LEARN LIVING TO SERVE ff f 'I7 HOMEMAKING CLASSES , . SPEECH CHOIRS The Spee ch Choir and Speechettes are our speaking choirs. These groups provide excellent training in speech and voice quality. Senior members of the Speech Choir are Hester Massey, Willie Ann Jones, Willie Jordan, Leon J ac ks o n , Carrie Robinson, Namon Lewis, Mary J ohn s on , and James Cathcart. Speechette members are Carrie Moore, Thomas McCloud and Charlie Douglass . -vwv i LE CERCLE FRANCAIS SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB DRAMATIC CLUB " . , K ,. 51.5111 4? ' 4 ,fm 5, 1 ! ' I 1 -A j..+- '5 -w ff .j,g f Q!'i ,.. 'M-vm W irq ' 2,1 if 's 1 5 Q2 ' f jyp?Q?Qyggf k 5QEg2E3s??Wy ,V ,Q in Fw , gi Q 25 ,WU 1-mfs - -www Hfviz 3 .Wren 1 N M' Q -,X .W X, W, asfw, LmA.m.,,f.w.,,f sa P ff in Y 0 4 JQKWPQQYH' 455 I J..-9' I n film. THE ART CIRCLE THE INTRAMURAL CLUB Q ,Q cm T, The functions of the intramural counc il include planning programs. scheduling activities, s e ttin g up tournaments, putting plana into action, and authorizing any awards which are to be given. Other function! include drawing up and enforcing regulations concerning eligibility, for- feitl, and publicity. . . . . - d The officers of the council are Willa Archie, President, Timothy Moffett, Vice Preli ent, Barbara Thompson, Secretary, Leon McCullough, Manager. X 7 ,Q xx LL! fail ff 9 hifde ff J Z' .Y T f f y 2 in 5 5 x f-N an My Q-J? W , .3 "' Y In :x .J E af uk. , J ns x -. P L Dv' Q i .Aw ' f + if. ... L, iq H, E rays: B ff-' gi 1 .rf r U1 V., - g 'F ' f'f"..H' 5 .wx-nik? fl! lx IFR G , .. E 1 3 Q .wi Lg. I V . WVU gk 'E 'ls :in 'k'- 1 it J1- - W K mi A j my : W i km 1 V' ' eff' 'H -A .f H Swxg Q f f - Qp- . 5 Eb 111 if 5, W 'K A . 1 H .- 5 N W.. H -5 " T-'Q H- VY V I f ' 2 EJ, if -r ww. 'Rm Q... , y Qui- i.7M Y 2 f ' H ' V - ff J 'Q ,r X W, ' f r, ., Q rx Q 3 . 1 W QT' .4 QE, M L' L-, Y E .,, 1 1 T Q. 4 , , fav- Sg I 3- BAND DlREcTo RAND SENIORMAJQRETTES . K I N x ! wx X1 SW S 'D Mg' .gf 15 3 , 'an . 1, ,,, 1 S NJ V, k 4 W jf " L 55,52 S h V Q' 5 Rogerline Hardin Sw' A . ,"- Wg Daisy McCrory 32 3 ' ,,.,,,,x tx I b ,W Y I .l.., at f and Q ffl 'W-sv I 5' . ,-v f ' f , M A, Mr. Frontis Brooks h Ly M, . 2+ . v rr is . X Rebgcca H811 .., WJ! Janette Sitgraves N-,l HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BAND 1: I3 , V -- 1 , , ,,A, 1, Q , vhamq A Q N .A-fp 1 ,.' it :,, swf' SEM? v 5' 5' 'wif' , 1,4 This group furnished music for such occasions as the Hallowe'en party, basketball games Valentine party and the Junior-Senior prom. Front row, left to right: Richard Gill, Earl Foster De we y B a s kin , Isaiah Plair, Leon Digsby. Back row: Robert H. Crawford, Paul A. Taylor Roosevelt Barnette, Timothy Moffett, David Walker, John T. Chisholm - at piano James Frazier DANCE GROUP JUNIOR GIRLS ENSEMBLE I Lgvdwg HIGH SCHOCDL CHORUS BEGINNERS' TYPING CLASS ADVANCED TYPING CLASS . ,, DRIVER EDUCATION Y- f 4 af' I ga These Students are learning how to become safe and efficient licensed drivers. BUS DRIVERS Q I :Z J, rv- vfy as it 'r . ' lv. , N ,V M ' 45,1 V John Davis Barber, William Henry Barber, Robert Hemphill Crawford, Leon Digsby, Rogerline Hardin, Edward Louis Jones, Namon Lewis, Eddie Meeks Mills, Thomas Roddey, Paul Andrew Taylor, Simon Workman, Senior Bus Drivers. THE CHORDS Q i ffl MISS VALENTINE ii. CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR MISSES 4 . Q. 'Q La, .Ny Left to right: Juanita Thomas, Mary Gaines, Ida Marie Sloan. Phyllis Mason and Carrie Walker. Gal ""'f' . .Qw- f , E ,M K gm ,544 s, F , gf gr xx A 3 QE -r H' 'P' ,,,-3 'fi' 've' 5. 's FOOTBALL TEAM NAME Lawrence Alexand Arthur Barber John D. Barber James Barber Johnny Cherry Franklin Crockett David Dunlap James Ellis Robert Freeman Frank Fields James Graham Henry Hemphill Claude Henderson John Jordan Lathern Marshall Vernon McCaw Bruce Miller James Neely James Pearl Jerry Robinson John Robinson Charles Roseboro James Ruff Reginald Simril Frank Thompson Sam Thompson James Tobias Spurgeon Watson Richard Wherry Eric White vhf - F . nf SENIO ' R R Foc3f BALL PLAYERS AND coAcHEs . A James Cathcart ,I 1 1" , c' ' .ax ,mr ii, if wi' I 4 -' Y x1'1r1W"f . MJ? . f . " f 1 "' m ' , fra, , . w 4 sr- Billy Bruce Miller W H -f' Arthur Barber 9'N Mr. N. Jones 'W QV, Q, Mr. David Gardner Mr. T. O. Brunson 4' x GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Wf M L' BOYS' BASKET BALL TIEAM Coach Mr. T. O. B1-uns SENIOR DIRECTORY GLORIA ANN AGERS Ambition: Beautician NewHomemakers Club Z5 Usher 35 Class Presi- dent 45 Commercial Club 3,45 Science Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 45 Miss "Commercial" 4. BOBBIE ANDERS Ambition: Social Worker New Homemakers Club 25 Commercial Club 2, 3. AMY ANDERSON ROOSEVELT ARCHIE Ambition: Professional Baseball Player Class Treasurer 25 Usher Z. WILLA DELORES ARCHIE Ambition: Business Teacher Sc ie n c e Club 15 Mathematics Club 1,25 Class Officer fhomerooml 1,43 Band 1,Z.3,4: Student Council 2,35 Basketball 2,3 ,45 High School Chorus 25 Mathematics Club 35 Class Play 3,45 Chairman oil-Iall Patrol 35 Chairman of Intra-mural Sports Organization 45 Co-Captain of Basketball team 45 Annual Staff 45 French Club 3,4. ARTHUR BARBER Ambition: Teacher, Football Coach Football 1 , Z , 3 ,45 Basketball 2,35 President of Class 3,45 Student Council 4. JOHN DAVIS BARBER Ambition: Lawyer Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 3 ,45 Speech Choir 35 Science Club 15 Social Science Club 45 Bus Driver 3,4. WILLIAM H. BARBER Ambition: Farmer Bus Driver 3,45 N. F. A. 3,4. GENEVA BARNETTE Ambition: Elementary Teacher Student Council 1,2-,35 Mathematics Club 1,2,35 Vice-President of Class 2,45 High School Chorus l ,Z,3,45 C o m m e r cial Club 3,45 Commercial Queen 35 Basketball 35 Class Play 3,45 Letter- Girl 45 Annual Staff 4. RAMSEUR BERRY Ambition: History Teacher Mathematic Club 1 ,2,35 Student Council l,2,35 Chorus 1,25 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 45 Honor Society 4. FRANCES RUTH BLAKE Ambition: Airline Hostess Science Club l , Social Science Club 45 Home- makers Club 1.4. FRANCINA BLAKE Ambition: Secretary Clas s Secretary 2, Commercial Club 3,45 New Hom emake r s Club 25 Social Science Club 45 Cheerleader 1, Miss "Senior" 4. ANNETTE BOYD Ambition: Dietician New Homemakers Club Z,3,45 Mathematics Club 3 ,45 Social Science Club 45 Usher 35 Speech Choir 4. CLARETTA CALDWELL Art Circle 4. HATTIE CAMPBELL Mathematics Club 2 , 35 Social Science Club 45 Speech Choir 3 ,45 New Homemakers Club Z5 Secretary of Class 25 Art Circle 4. ANNIE BELLE CASSELL Ambition: Elementary Teacher Science Club 1 ,25 New Homemakers Club Z5Com- mercial Club 3,4. ADDIE LEE CATHCART Ambition: Elementary School Teacher Class Officer-Assistant Secretary l5Secretary l ,Z,35 St ude nt Council-Assistant Secretary 15 Student Council Secretary 25 Vice-President 35 Dramatic Club 35 Dramatic Club-Secretary35 NewHomemakers Club 25 Girl Scout l,2,35Com- mercial C1 ub 35 Commercial Club President 45 Annual Staff 45 Band 1,25 Letter Girl 3,45 Social Science Club 45 Miss "Student Council" 35 Science C l ub 1 5 Mathematics Club l ,Z5 National Honor Society 45 Class Play 35 French Club 4. DORETHA CATHCART Ambition: Artist Class Offic e r - Treasurer 35 Commercial Club 3,45 Social Science Club 45 Usher 45 New Home- makers Club 25 Driver Education 4. JAMES W. CATHCART Ambition: Radio-Television Technician Science Club 15 Football 3,45 N. F. A. 2,35Bus Driver 2,3,45 Junior Class Treasurer 35 Speech Choir 4. MARY M. CHISHOLM Ambition: Nurse Band 1,2 ,3 ,45 Assistant Secretary 25 Speech Choir 4. HOWARD CPIISOLM Ambition: Professional Baseball Player Science Club 15 Social S c ie n c e C l ub 45 Class Treasurer 45 Speech Choir 4. - ROBERT CRAWFORD Ambition: Agriculture Engineer Mathematics Club 2,35 Jazz Band l,2,35 Bandl, 2 , 3 ,45 N.F. A. Club 3,45 Class Officer l5Bus D r i v e r 3',45 Boys Ensemble 3 ,45 Annual Staff 4, French Club 4. SENIOR DIRECTORY JAMES C URETON Ambition: Engineer MACK CURETON High School Chorus 15 Mathematics Club 4. LINDSAY DELL DAVIS Ambition: Minister Junior Speech Choir President 35 Class President 35 Student Council 3.4. LEON DIGSBY Ambition: Science Teacher Student C o u n c il 2 , 35 Mathematics Club -35 Bus Driver 3,45 Band 2,3,4. CHARLIE DOUGLAS Ambition: Carpenter High Sc hool Chorus 1,25 Speech Choir 45 Social Science Club 4. JAMES WILLIAM FRAZIER Ambition: Pharmacist Class Officer 2,35 Dramatic s Club 35 Student Council 2,35 Boy Scout 1,25 Mathematics Club 1, 2,3545 Band l,2,3,45 Business Manager 45 Senior Play 4. DORA GLADDEN Ambition: Telephone Operator Class T r e a s ur e r 25 New Homemakers Club 25 Social Science Club 4. JULIA MAE GORDON Ambition: Seamstress Newliomemakers 2,35 Usher 35 Speech Choir 3,4. ROBERT LEWIS GRAHAM Ambition: Doctor Class President 2,35 Student Council 1,2 ,35Student Council President 45 Band 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 4. ELNORA HALL Ambition: Switchboard Operator N.H.A. Club 25 Dramatics Club 35 Commercial Club 3,45 Letter Girl 45 Usher 4. JOSEPH B. HALL Ambition: Music Teacher N.F.A.Quartet 35 Bane l,2,3,45 N.F.A. Club25 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Boys Ensemble 45 Class Play 4. REBECCA JULIET HALL Ambition: Teacher -. Mathematics Club l,2,35 Class Play 35 Girl Scout l,2,35 N. H. A. Club 25 Basketball Team 15 Health Club 35 Commercial Club 3,45 French Club 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Social Science Club 45 President Le Cercle Francais Club 4, Majorette 2.3,4. K ANNIE DELANO HARDIN Ambition: Business Teacher N. H. A. Club 25 Student Council 35 Mathematics Club 1 ,2,35 Attendant to Miss "Commercial" 35 Commercial Club 3,45 French Club 3,45 Secretary of Fr ench Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Band l,2,3,45 Social Science Club 45 Basketball Team l,2,3,4. ROGERLINE HARDIN Ambition: Nurse N. H. A. Club 25 Usher 35 Chorus l,2,35 French Club 35 Scott-Ite Staff 35 Majorette l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Art Cir cle 45 Officer Helper 45 Social Science Club 45 Mathematics Club l,2,3,45Com- mercial Club 354. ILENA B. HILL Ambition: Librarian Mathematics Club l,2,35 New Homemakers Club Z5 Vice -President of Homeroom 35 Commercial Club 3 .45 Assistant Business Manager 45 Social Science Club 45 Student Council 45 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 35 Usher 4, Assistant Secretary of Social Science 4. LEON JACKSON MARY HELEN JOHNSON Ambition: Teacher Cheering Squad 1,25 High School Chorus 25 Com- mercial Club 25 Usher 35 Social Science Club 45 Art Circle 4. EDWARD L. JONES Ambition: Singer Bus D r ive r l,2,35 High School Chorus 45 Speech Choir 4. WILLIE ANN JONES Ambition: Beautician High School Chorus 15 New Homemakers Club 2.3, 45 Usher 45 Flag Bearer 45 Speech Choir 4. WILLIE MAE JORDAN Ambition: Nurse Ho m e m ake r s Club 1,25 Mathematics Club 1,25 Speech Choir 4. HATTIE FRANCES KIRKLAND Ambition: Mortician Band 15 Cheerleader 2,35 New Homemakers Club 2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,35 Speech Choir 35 Secretary of Health Club 4. DOROTHY MAE KNOX Ambition: Nurse Home Economics Z5 Speech Choir 3,45 Mathematics Club 45 So cial Science Club 45 Usher 35 Miss "Homecoming Attendant" 4. SENIOR DIRECTORY NAMON LEWIS Ambition: Surgeon Vice-President of Clas s l,4Q Student Council l3 Bus Driver 43 Speech Choir 4. FRANCES MARIE MASSEY Home Economics Club2,3,43 Art Circle 43 Science Club 43 Usher 43 Speech Choir 4. HESTER RENE MASSEY Ambition: Nurse Home Economics Club 2,33 Social Science Club 4g Speech Choir 4. JOE LEWIS MASSEY Ambition: Radio-Television Technician ' Class President 13 N. F. A. 2,3,43 N. F. A, Quartet 3,43 Student Council 43 Band l,Z,3,4. MARY ANN MASSEY Ambition: Business Teacher New I-Iomemakers of Am e r c ia 2.3 Social Science Club 43 Science Club l3 Mathematics Club 2,3 ,43 French Club 43 Annual Staff 43 Letter Girl 4. MATTIE MASSEY Ambition: Nurse Mathematics Club 13 Home Economics Club 2,3,4Q Social Science Club 4. THOMAS McCLOUD Ambition: Engineer High S chool Chorus 13 Speech Choir 43 Student Council 4. JANE DELORIS MCC LURKIN HighSchool Chorus 13 Miss N. H. A. 23 Class Play 33 Home Economics Club 2,33 Miss "Homecoming" 43 Social Science Club 43 Letter Girl 4. DAISY McCRORY Ambition: Business Teacher Home Economics Club 23 Mathematics Club 2,3,43 Class Officer-Secretary 2,43 Student Council 2,33 Majorette 1 .2 . 3 ,43 Commercial Club 3,43 Social Science Club 4. THELMA MCNEIL Ambition: Airline Hostess Mathematics Club 2,33 New Homemakers Club 33 Usher 33 Social Science Club 4g Letter Girl 43 Art Circle 43 Dramatic Club 4. EDDIE MEEKS Ambition: Disc Jockey High School Chorus 1,22 President 1,23 Treasurer 4. ROBBIE MAE MICKEL Ambition: Home Economics Teacher Home Economics Club 2,3,43 High School Chorus 1,2 ,3 ,43 Girl Scout l3 Girls Ensemble l,2,3,43 Letter Girl 43 Usher 4. BRUCE MILLER Ambition: Vocalist Vice-President 13 President 23 Student Council 1, Z3 High School Chorus l,2,3Q Football Team 2,4. EDDIE MILLS Ambition: Bus Driver High School Chorus 1,23 Bus Driver 1,23 N. F. A. 1 .2.3 .4. MARY ELIZABETH MILLS Ambition: Nurse Home Economics 2,3,43 Class Play 33 Usher 3,43 Flag Bearer 4. CARRIE LEE MOORE Ambition: Elementary Teacher Student Council 13 Cheerleader 1,23 Class Officer, Se c r etary 1,31 New Homemaker Club 2,32 High School Chorus 2,33 Usher 3,43 Speech Choir 43 An- nual Staff 43 Letter Girl 4g Basketball Trainee 43 Art Circle 43 Social Science 4. LEO CALVIN MURRAY Ambition: Mechanical Engineer President of Clas s 13 N. F. A. 33 Health Club 33 Band2,3,43 Treasurer of N. F. A. 33 Class Play 33 Student Council 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Vice-President N. F. A. 4. ALBERTA MARIE PAGE Ambition: Nurse Class Officer-President 13 Mathematics C1ubl,2, 33 S e c r e t ar y 2 3 Home Economics Club Z3 High School Choir 23 Basketball 23 Assistant Secretary 3,43 Attendant to Mis s "Commercial" 33French Club 3,43 Commercial Club 3,43 Honor Society43 Social S c ie n c e 43 Scott-Ite fEditor-in-Chiefl 43 Class Play 43 Letter Girl 43 Class Secretary 33 Assistant Secretary 43 Drivers Ed. 3. RICHARD PAGE RUBYE JEAN PAGE Basketball 1 ,Z ,3 .43 Mathematics Club ZQNCW Home- makers Club 23 Letter Girl 4. BETTYE JEAN PATTON Ambition: Science Teacher Mathematic s Club 1,Z,3,43 Band l,2,33 Home Makers of Amercia 23 Basketball 3g Commercial Club 33 Miss "Junior" 33 Annual Staff 43 Social Science Club 4. ROSIE LEE RILEY Art Circle 4. 9 SENIOR DIRECTORY HAZEL LEE ROACH Ambition: Nurse Mathematics Club 15 Science Club 15 Home Eco- nom ic s Club 25 Social Science Club 45 Usher 4. CARRIE MAE ROBINSON Ambition: Home Economics Teacher New Homemakers Club Z,3,45 Basketball 25 Speech Choir 45 Art Circle 45 Social Science Club 4. LIZZIE ROBINSON Ambition: Nurse Mathematics Club 15 Home Economics ClubZ,3,45 Social Science Club 4. MARGIE DELOIS RODDEY Ambition: Home Demonstrator New Homemakers Club 25 Class President 35 Com- m e r cial Club 3,45 Social Science Club 45 Miss "Social Science" 45 Honor Society 45 Usher 3. PROCTOR RODDEY Ambition: Plumber N. F. A. 253,45 N. F. A. Reporter 25 Usher 4. N. F, A. 2,3545 THOMAS RODDEY N. F. A. 2,3,45 N. F. A.President45 Health Club 35 Speech Choir 3,45 B us Driver 45 President of the Honor Society 4. FANNIE ROSEBORO Ambition: Nurse New Homemaker Club 45 Speech Choir 4. DOROTHY ROWELLS Ambition: Interior Decorator Secretary of Class 1,2,35 Mathematics Club 2,3545 Commercial Club 3,45 Homemakers Club 25 Student Council 25 Band l,2.,3,45 Social Science 4. JANETTE SITGRAVES Ambition: Secretary Mathematics Club l,Z,35 Majorette l,2,3,45 High School Cho r us 1,2,35 President 25 Secretary 35 Commercial Club 3 .45 Homemakers Club Z5 Basket- ball Z,3,45 Student Council 35 Annual Staff 45 Vice- Pre s ident of Band 45 Usher 45 Miss "Emmett Scott" 35 Captain of Basketball Team 45 Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Scott-Ite 35 Social Science 4. JOHNNIE RUTH STEELE Ambition: Public Stenographer High School Chorus l,2,35 NewHomen-makers Club 25 Scott-Ite Staff 35 Usher 35 Hall Patrol 15 Com- m e r cial Club 3,45 Social Science Club 45 Girls Ensemble 45 Attendant to M i s s "Commercial" 45 Typist on the Annual 45 Associate Editor of the Annual 45 Driver Education 4. FRANKLIN STINSON Ambition: B us Driver 25 N. F. A. Class Treasurer 45 N. F A. 4. PAUL TAYLOR Ambition: Radio Technician Band l,2,3,45 Mathematics Club l,2,3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Student Council l,Z,3, President of Band 35 Bus Driver 4. BARBARA THOMPSON Ambition: Home Economics Teacher New Homemakers Club 25 Queens Attendant 35 Speech Choir 3,45 S e c r e t ar y 35 Social Science Club 45 lntra-Mural Sports 45 Class Play 45 An- nual Staff 4. SYLVADA THOMPSON Ambition: Switch Board Operator Mathematics Club 15 Home Makers Club Z5 Com- me r cial Club 3,45,Asst.Secretary45 Social Science 45 Band 4. A DAVID LEE WALKER Ambition: Lawyer Band 1 ,2,3,45 Bus D r iv e r 15 Student Council l5 Mathematics Club l. MARGARET ADA WASHINGTON Ambition: Secretary Assistant Secretary of Mathematics Club 1,2535 Home Economics Club 25 Social Science Club 45 Commercial Club 3,45 Student Council 35 Usher 3,45 Girl Scout l,Z. ISABELL WELLS Ambition: Business Teacher Commercial Club 3 ,45 Social Science Club 45 Home Economics Club 2. MARIAN WHITE Ambition: Dietician Science Club l5 Mathematics Club 25 Home Eco- nomics Club 2. REBECCA WILLIAMSON Ambition: Dietician Mathematics Club 1,25 New Homemakers 2,35 Speech Choir 4. ANNIE LEE WISE Ambition: Secretary C om m e r c ial Club 3,45 Social Science Club 45 Student Council 45 Science Club 25 Letter Girl45 New Homemakers Club 25 High School Chorusl5 Annual Staff5 Usher 25 Mathematics Club l .25 Hall Patrol 45 Driver Education 4. SIMON WORKMAN Ambition: Business Executive Art Circle 45 High School Choir 45 Bus Driver 45 Speech Choir 4. .47- CLASS SONG TUNE: LONDGNDERRY AIR Dear Emmett Scott, the time has come to leave you, The treasured years, joy and guidance all behind. Ne'er shall our hearts in absence forget thee, Authentic tidings of invisible truths. O' school of ours, the curtains are slowly closing On this our first of 1ife's long journey's end. Keep high thy lamp of knowledge trimmed and burning Of our dear Alma Mater's sacred halls. Rogerline Hardin eau! W- W! 5 'fff Wmwfe .-4f,,,f,f2,,,4, g fx TIP1 i ig 9 'EJ W 3506 "i"""iW' el? fire' Us 0:1 our K f' fff f r r e xf-1 ee e 1 Q 1 I ef W ei'.'e+f' Q' f F s Z 1 f' Q' , - 2. lifclmle wi. PEQIQET7 .i...f'tL,. ffl' fi 405-fl 750 f fs s iw Q ee bfuol olaluel Q10 ui!! eval! 5-'nfi' 4, th el' :Lb t I A 5 ' f I E Y he 1 F i' F V F F ,-' 1 e c: 6:14 Pffgyns Evek' LU: 6.' +7 PF"-fc, X0'1? c sc F if if if ,Q X .L P X , e x s A ef 1 s 1 Y F' F 0' Z. Dear Emmett Scott To thee lead us we pray. Open our eyes that we Might see the dawn of day. The Gold, The Blue, We with glory cry, Ever we sing thy praise Dear Old Scott High. SNAPSHOTS i Emngruiulutinus to the Q .5 class of '57 ' , 'E Moderate Expenses J ' X! Splendid opportunities 1 FRIENDSHIP JUNIOR COLLEGE E :I X Rock Hill South carolina GRADUATE TO GREATER FOOD SAVINGS at your friendly COLONIAL STORES CELANESE Contemporary Fibers Celanese is constantly adding specially developed fibers to a continually growing and vital group--fibers developed to answer specific needs in fashions, home furnishings, and industry. Two of these fibers- ARNEL, The new ease-of-care triacetate fiber, and ACETATE, the beauty fiber are made in Rock Hill! CELANESE CORPORATION OE AMERICA ROCK HILL PRINTING 8. EINISHINO CO. Subsidiary M. Lowenstein 8: Sons, Inc. N. Y. Give a thought to your feet Best Wishes BAKER'S SHOE SERVICE FLINT Hll-l GROCERY . cf? Sea . lllll' Qusicif' , Phone 3090 125 Caldwell Street Flint Hill Rock Hill, South Carolina Rock Hill, South Carolina Congratulations Class of '57 SERVICE WHEN C""'Pli"'e"'s of YOU NEED IT TAYLOR'S SUPER MARKET J MILLS SERVICE i M Beverly T. Taylor Weldon Y. Smith C: I I Phone 4219 I, Phone 9261 1- L 127 West Black Street 801 West Main Street f ' f Rock Hill, South Carolina Rock Hill, South Carolina A CHECKING ACCOUNT at the Peoples National Bank brings you many benefits. . We heartily recommend the opening of a bank account with the first pay check. There's nothing like that good feeling - Money in the Bank - whether on Checking or Saving Account. PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Main Office Drive-In Branch gf Blgcky Main Street Oakland Ave., Heal' White SL. Rock Hill South Carolina Best Wishes it J.L. PHILLIPS DRUG CO. X 'ff T . ' fn! It X Prescription Druggist Phone 4135 or 2438 lll E. Main St. Rock Hill South Carolina fl lf' 'af Q w u my , . . 'L .fnvzfefrvfi J ' 'Q TO VISIT THE INDUSTRIAL SHOE SHOP 114 South Trade Street Rock Hill, South Carolina Best Wishes PERClVAL'S GROCERY Groceries - Meats Vegetables - Medicine A Friendly Place to Trade 630 Pond St. Phone 6787 Rock Hill, South Carolina Compliments of Borden Distributor HEAI.AN'S ICE CREAM CO. Borden's Ice Cream X Phone 4094 " 'P I 336 Saluda Street If Rock Hill, South Carolina ' iw! if DUNBAR RESTAURANT Home of Quality Meals Miss Marie Gist, Proprietress "We Specialize in Fried Chicken Chops, Steaks and Bar-B-Q" Phone 9109 117 W. Black Street Rock Hill, South Carolina Best Wishes Class of 1957 For a Prosperous future SERVICE TAXI CO. Phone 2348 West Black Street Rock Hill, South Carolina PINK BROWN 5-ERVIC-E! BILLIARD PARLOR 08, D 4 AND IS OUR f J FIRST RESTAURANT THQUGHT ' 109 West Black Street Rock Hill, South Carolina Compliments of Q DAMON STINSON Mechanic Service I 4 S x Groceries and Meats Catawba, South Carolina Best Wishes Class of '57 THE PEOPLES UNDERTAKING COMPANY Mrs. Johnnie M. Robinson Proprietress Mrs. Edna R. King Licensed Embalmer Compliments of Compliments of WILKERSCN OIL COMPANY RocK's LAUNDRY 8. K, DRY CLEANING. INC. 1 3' Distributors of Crown Products Phone 5430 B. F. Goodrich Tires X and Accessories 133 Wes: Main sr. 4,11 Phone 7141 990 West Main Street Rock Hill, South Carolina Rock Hill, South Carolina X Best Wigheg Congratulations to Graduates of '57 A. D. CHISOLM. JR. FUNERAL HOME Phones: Night: 4480-2159 165 W. Black Street Rock Hill, South Carolina SAWYER CLEANERS "Always at your service- All Ways" Phone 4463 325 South York Avenue Rock Hill, South Carolina For Portraits of Distinction Emma Jane McDermott BUNDY STUDIO Rgck H-L11 South Carolina ,,' -X TIGLER'S GROCERY S 49 Saluda Road N , ' ' 1 ' Rock Hill, South Carolina " iw F ' , ,bp 1 1 ' V . ,,,T m, X any . , GRADUATES COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ,114 r,. 1 , f I Ma. wah. v lf. : f yl' Y . . , J' N -,, ,-A .f' .2-.wtqu .dl 5. :pf .nqz UK . ,. :I x . 'If-' H -5 A H r , f 15, X , f , . i .. +5 'sL5.'1: ' N. ,lm ,' . . , -955' 1'- lm qffx.. .H .. M "J 'Q- u " xl' .. 0. , . V. , f ,, ifff' I V X.,.! .,,. f. . ,1..f' ..""':','9, 'LIT--W5 " i , ' wv w.'.,:' ' Af3T?i 'f5 UNL, A25 Sri 1 nf- -, 1 L U2 '92, .A T- -- - '93-5.5 3 . , 12 1:v-2'l- ' f, ,-1, . me Q-A. :gsm ...--A 5 I . I 4 L 1 1 . 4 -,f5, ,VH 1' , i Q, .if-' .V 45' 'w 1 4,, 1 -H 1, iv 5 Q fy 1" , I .tfx N , . .,,. u M, i,,,e wi J' L, 1.4, .,f . -gn - ' N: fb' lf Mali- Y: 5-,, pa, ,mf H if Q 5 I . , -. ..,,cl:a Ulf",-, 1, 1 v., .L 4 a,:.g" '., .- .. .A .A 1 MMM? MW Y WMM ,, 1 iki- m1Gn,'2.:..+u z.,.v::af.. raw:-.fzlucen ,4...'1m,. T1-1' L.' I ,--'vw'4-f..faf.1uN-nun':-nu' ' ..-:H-manuals, - ' .m-zzxmuin :xv rr. .nnuMal.w,, 1' V. w. . 4.-. Ulu .m. , as A n gli 2Mjjwf,M'ff Liygjiffgf M J Q WW U W MJ WM Wpvf df fbjjjifpf WI 516, My WWEWD S . gjk fbwff?MR 5 my ig Wx mf , M 975' W W gifs? W wwf W is . Jw WW WZWVL ' W . www W ,N MLW pyvw 54 , M .A ff I' ' ggqg -6? i A . 'E ,' . , - :. iii gi QV 57 ' ' v ' 5 5 Wig 'i' I 'HN Z My Mffiiwmwg 7 ' ,W WW Q M329 f QM WJ 1 7d WW ww M3 A, M. ' nk 'hip ' 'I - 4 . W ,ff 5 . 5 ,U N ' ' 4 3 ff l -. A Q . V . ' .fi my-iff. -.' ' V V -A Y X ' x 1,-,.. ,. S4353 " QE.. C ED gi gli? gf-Q, F?-Sf ik ' ., 4 , TT ' .X fi- ZPL Q Q ll N!! A 3 fi ,ff Jf N 5 Q' gfffddflf 5 tff2,l.Zz,.z: 4.1,.,j R .1 ' I 6915 Mffif qi ' 'gb 74-'aff 'ZLL X 1 8 i1fz,,6f::+V, My wi -V Q Y 4.44, wwadv m A Str TX Z 4 ffdffffvi, 25 4'2'Z,2L. A R X 741 y X 'N X Vx ig Sw I 5 SSR WQSQQE Zh, W W7 fc? W WAHM KW f7 ,?f?WWZ?G9 w a

Suggestions in the Emmett Scott High School - Rattler Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) collection:

Emmett Scott High School - Rattler Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Emmett Scott High School - Rattler Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 23

1957, pg 23

Emmett Scott High School - Rattler Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 57

1957, pg 57

Emmett Scott High School - Rattler Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 37

1957, pg 37

Emmett Scott High School - Rattler Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 26

1957, pg 26

Emmett Scott High School - Rattler Yearbook (Rock Hill, SC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 25

1957, pg 25

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