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Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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'Q ffff i 1, , L 2 g f - H- ' E5 4 S52 gf ., wiv ,,-5, . f 1 m I wwf. - ,Av , 'a, WW I ya., 32 .V A. , . M ,,, sn". ' sh.,- 1'1'.'f' , , J M , Q ' ' ,Ln 'aff Qi- , I f liar- :xl , wg 3 5 .Y,..,,,.., ..,. .-.-..,.....A....,....-.u.., ..... Y , .. .. .,-...... ., yum., .. ,,....N , U. .,..-.. .. .... , . ....-., ... n.a. .,.......u.-..,.......,,,,,...,.,.:-..-. ..,. ,....,...........,..,...,...,.....,,Y.--.. .w.,....,....,.........-........, . ,,.,..M ..., .,.,,. . A -......,1-,L ...U .U ........,. .....,,.......,.......,...-.. ......,,4 f Q Q 1 f!,i:'... ' 1,44 -w' ..- .., f .1 . ' il", r Q 12,6-w-fjf arg- s, L qw 'ffa-03" '3A.f1's.,:k -L . . ff .g:'.!g.A'Tz.4f"ffii2g1i1i:'.-E. : , ,ws-If 1- N iw + -A514 'L-1 ww - ' -1 1 'i . xxx fi . - Wiffiln Tflu, E32 .1-1 iqglx .ff -,. 45fF'?S31+1 MH' 525. W' 'f-15? ..... -v.,'x3:g:,l."-QQQA' f ,V-1. had 'ftAf.1.va,f,1. -if Paw. .4 if - rf, .'1.."e" TA' . 'Vi .x-'-' 'Y V 1- u-.aiu 1' ww .1 .AQ lx .I . 2 1 1 Xt- . -.: .1 1' S A-'Y?1.Q?kv2' ff-' "lI2"Q4"i-?5.1i,' --g. V31 1.'H'9-'slsli' L'-1-231.4314 'QQ I " if fl? 5 .Ks - "i " Qifggh -1+ . 4. 'sk .,, Q.-fungi 'tx A . K .tm-1.1-:gA1x'i .lvii-Rgisi s,".1E Y , R. Q .5 -'pau nt, . 'L L -131 Rig-ffix' ' 3- ' A1 -:sv-'. VHF., ..-' 1.1 J. su ,fa 4 JLS?x.'bi,:, l- atv! . iv 9 . .". ,g"Qi.'.' 'Z' 'T-.QQQ1 N75 ' 1 'ff-' 95" " fx f ., - i:'L:g.:lv 1 - . -1.14sl?-'a.fffA11 s'?. ' . 'f 3,4-x':::f"?1:,fi-'i,l"'?'? ,,'f?,ek4-I, .xr G.,-,,. 15? '- 212- mm :ft-'5ai':f, V run -.A - 1 .. -1-2 ,AA . A 1, . . 4. 1. - . . ,L 11. ,,,-, 1' 1 5 I' TJ STE' ..,', . - 1, l- .,,.. 1" 64:55 . ff' Q 'Q 4. ' 4,"9,'?L x, ' I. dusty- ,1 R-wx. uuri? F: .F-I 1 .'-,S,F,,g,d,ll1-3-el.. .lf Q: 115 .-Q if "Q: uni fi 111' f fa" -1 -'..V : ,, -1 J. ,lf-.Nw 5, ra Fw ,F -'Q '-3.',': . .,. - ,.,:. .. sms, V Q t fx 2-.iv - A 5 .4 t M.-L 4, .1 Q .I ,S V :L . I ,, lg? QQ. , .ri . - . . ' "2 -A if " 1 .v.. " 1 "5-5 -' ' jf - -. - J. ' ' " .. f ' W. "wx v: . n -tifkhn 'LQ 7' V P. fc:"gs",v',' , , ' 12' ""'.i , , . --Q53 '-ruff, 16' - , '4- 1""' 3' - '15, .:'..J1. Jil' .- , N' .. .. 1 .1-. 'Sf - :',. 1. .1' 1 --4. U. f., 'J' ' ,fix L..,-.fv ,f 1-.4"i.. It :ftikuf K-far' '. ", K 711. . f ' ".. . ' 1 ., x 'e " 1 .v i in .I Y 3. .1 411,15 href. Kr., t'9H:4,. , - K, ' rx, rw K jx ,.-J.,-1,-:AFL cl - 1 . . 1 -. ' f-' ..1',',-' "' ,.-,.. - - '- 1 . ' " ' ' ,' A' Q " '. ' 41.41, rx .pf , Asif!! 'amiga' ,T -A it 1' , A v Y, ,f".,'- . K :fir f Q 1,14 . 4. L .u - A 1 V ,1 nur. +s:gf.F:,,'4?!"-gK'T- K 1 -N.5:,:,., f.-'Q 1-gm ff, - . . -. ,--. jj gy F-Q,-"g.,3., ,A 4-1, ,- .1 .8114 L' .. gi.,-1, 1 - -- ' .-A fg 1- .4 . 1. -. -, - 1-1 '- Jfuv., . V -'AJ Q-'73 hygfi 'A A ' LE5"'?f.' 4 1 'ul " fix- ' U ffkrbk Liu' ' ,nw-. i1 v,'f'..'--154 4'+.1 f ,Q-.' ,if f 3,911- . . 4 4 "' , 4- ' r V . . PQQV up .. Sa ff J v , A , , ' 1 1 J , fb Fi Jkjh' " -, " :ff L1 ,Pe 1 1, . E W ti np. ..,, , 1 , 1 .L . ' ' Q 4 Q: V' ' . -"fir,-4, A '.'. .S 'P r . bv .gg x . 5 , . -1 I , ' - ,', -' Q en' A a 1 , 1 u v 1 a x 1 . I ., .iw n 1 , s n ' 1 H Q - .!" '-'5.':- vi , 4, ,-,u',-fist, . - , 2 .1 1. :. .,,.gy . .1,'QX ' .35 ',-1k',Ay- 3. L. 1,-5?-..-fn-,151 H1 ' . fa, '-rs' 'H' 1 "4 V 1 v N -..g, " . ,. ww. L. . , . , a 1 gff"W' , w "' . 1 ,, 1,91 .wk-f , any M K, - I M W A w,1-flwym , 1 N-1 1 1 H , V wa, ' .. V ' 1, xnh .1 1' X 1 121. . . , 1 1 V . H M n H .. . 1 1 , av. . w , H f. - ' Q s -1 ., Aww. U 1 A . , A nf- ' gwmfw 154 fun! ffm wdw Nh fxiw LZZQM yum 47MZZw444z5c54'0WWLjjULiU fam aw vQMfQ Jak MJ! af? WQWMW . f?fp,,5jZiZm ZUMOMM f AMA W3fj MWju WWW ' W L MWWM ' Www' 'J ' ZQMW M ,auf N w Mf Squaw Ku tie Saga ww . - Ya Q I 0 ' ' A Q , f O 'Ti . n L 1 I: fm Swine!! High Salma! Volume 37 O ffdztorf Kara! Staudlcy Admiuis ,Mike Elas joys: XE' 115. fi? 'tim ,4 . -f jaycc ,Cawrmcc and Kathy kcdycldt Advisor,- Glmu D. Schiller -I In Admiuisl Elasscs Organizalian ,4 tlzlctics ,Activities 3 ,Advcrfiscmc ij:--4 ff-'ff XX X gf- ' vs Qarcufard 4 1- We present the SQUAW BUTTE SAGA of 1971. It records another year in Emmett High School--a year that has meant many changes in our lives. Because of the uncertainties of today's world, we would like to present both the realistic and idealistic approaches to life. The pictures pre- sented here are realityg they are glimpses of past actions that have ac- tually occured. The art work that appears here represents the idealistic approach to the unknown. We have chosen our theme "The Age of Aquar- ius" because it represents the two attributes that this world cannot seem to attain or comprehend--PEACE and LOVE. Peace, for all mankindg love, in the form of truly caring for one another, It also depicts some- thing else important, our heritage, that we must utilize to its fullest ex- tent in order to save it for ourselves by becoming involved instead of be- ing apathetic to the world arotmd us. It is our hope that in the days ahead, this pictured record of the 1970- 71 school year will bestow not only pleasure but also inspiration for the work and sacrifices that lie ahead. Annual Staff X ...uf K 2 M' t 4 'Y' at ww Q, 6, V ,t,ll,?' ,' 'f if igwtfzi Z ,qfjigfik ' f flag: L M A f ii! 'f A L' A this constant Wlth body. v1ew of 1115 the faculty set, have yearbook to and 'fairness--one students h attempt. the esteem , ,ua to Emmett High School, we are pro September 2 marked the beginning of classes for the 1971 year, September 29 brought a senior victory in the annual Powder Puff football game played between junior and senior Pep Club girls, Homecoming week, scheduled October 12-16, was filled with fun and games and climaxed by a parade and the football game, Eight candidates were nominated for king of the annual Pep Club Skip on November 13, Ken Williamson and Steve Russell tied for the honor at the Friday the Thirteenth dance. "Grammer Gurton's Needle" was presented to the student body by Thespians on November 19. band president, at the annual SWeetheart's Ball on December 17. iaae 1 ylra Winnell Walker was crowned Sweetheart by Dennis Queen, January 7, marked the Home Economics style show, entitled "Winter Wonderland. A tip-Off game and dance highlighted the basketball season. Jan Clements was chosen Tip-Off queen, her attendants were Jackie Turner, first runner-up, Karen Rogers, second runner-up. Soon after basketball season ended, the senior class enjoyed their Sneak Day. May 23 marked graduation day for the 1971 Seniors. On May 28 the halls of Emmett High School emptied for another summer vacation. Special Thanks To Mr. Bach and his staff who have cooperated in the production of pictures, and to Dennis White, and the Messenger-Index for their assistance with pictures of various activities. F. F.A. sponsored a donkey basketball game which ended in a cheerleader victory. March 24 Uirouyly April 10 'Wil . ' i 'i lu 'K f 4 Nix X ,WJ ' S ' Q ogy' og' N ,5 l ,N N 5 "Q X 4 -'X' Lx 2724 f 5. THE RAM Sign of the Warrior or Pioneer g Fire Signs Energetic, Impulsive, Enthusiastic, Positive, Enterprising Ruler: Mars Color: Red Harmonious Signs: Sagittarius, Leo Sill r ,Admini tml 22 . .011 ,el Qual "Xml , M 'gnofthe :jx I XX' FRY KJ or Producer ,Ur gow' il 'YJ' l Q K - 'ee CX Earth Sign jllirnml '13 Nflimlom m V ubbo f'lSt 'dfas lSyste atic, Persevering, Kind-hearted, often Musical , 'xy " lx VT Vx rw uw C, We PQ Ruler: Venus ' lwfll cliff W X Colors: Blue and Pink Jn? A V fl L l Leif 1 l j Harrnonious Signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer April 11 fhfough Maj 11 vb .1 A CEUO A l g Ee fc xxx W, A MXSXXXKM XX X V N' X ,A - Q n Rx, K fl C a ny dv THE BULL tudmt Hauucil STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 1, Left to Right: Steve Russell, Jan Clements, Cathy Pettinger, Jim Thielges, Tom Rexroad, Konnie Clements, Ava Goslin, David Dean, Tom Eiguren, Debra Towne. ROW 2: Terria Surber, Debi Brown, Kitty Fluckiger, Julie Stevens, Marilyn Chilcott, Jackie Turner, Tami Turner, Dennis Deen, Gary Pitman, Rick Grubb, Steve Leslie. ROW 3: Patti Mullins, Leta Schmelzer, Deana Nash, Carol Standley, Chris Blume, Mike Harris, Dennis Queen, Steve Radke, Bryan Winward, Steve Fuhriman, Doug Sprague, Randy Benge. The Student Council of Emmett High School is the active working body of student government. The coun- cil consists of the student body officers, the class officers, the cheerleader queen, and the homeroom rep- resentatives. The duty of the members is to present the ideas of the students to the council for discussion and possible action. The duty of the students is to make their feelings known to the council either through their representatives or through their attendance at meetings. A result of this cooperation between the students and the student council is the formation of Emmett High School's first Rodeo Club. The Student Council Officers attend the District III student council meetings. At these meetings the problems of District III are handled and school exchanges are planned. Exchanges are now being planned with Kuna, Middleton, and Borah with hopes of exchanging with other schools later in the year. These meetings and exchanges bring about a greater understanding between our district schools by realizing that we share mutual problems. The Student Council works for the students of Emmett High School. Tom Rexroad President Jim Thielges Vice-President ludmt 1571 y Officer Kathy Pettinger Secretary Konnie Clements Publicity Manager Mrs. Joy Dixon Secretary Mr. Kenneth Carberry Mr. Clare Walker Superintendent Asst. Superintendent Selma! 130 rd s i 2 S i S E E E 3 L SCHOOL BOARD ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr. Kenneth Goodwin, Mr, Mike Cooper, Mr. Keith Reynolds, Higer. ROW 2: Mr, Leland Obermeyer, Mr, Henry Suyehira, Mrs. Jean fzgm fm MLK J 'ZLTJ 'vu U 1 '4' I ,I o X J tx, If '?f ' 0 ' n w L K Mr, William Bade Mrs. Helen Blume Principal Secretary Office Staff 'DQ 0' ii. X - -, M Q ff Q an ,ly l A N i? OFFICE GIRLS Left to Right: Lynn Sarbaum, Maureen McCullough, Lorie Evans, Chris Breshears, Marcia Legg. Mrs. Blume, seated. Mr. Roger Beal QCap.J Arts and Crafts Mr. Clarence Beckman QPis.J Vo. Ag. Sz Farm Mechanics F,F.A, Advisor Mrs. Wanda Black QAqu.J U. S. History , Girls' P, E. gd ully 5 ry ,lf QW! F 1 N xxx! 1 Mrs. Jessie Cherry fVir.J Library Science F,N,A, Advisor Mrs, Genevieve Clark QAri, Home Economics F,H.A, Advisor Mr. James Freeman QAri. Band Sz Choir Drill Team Advisor J J lf f - ,I Mr, Ted Blume QScor, J Chemistry 81 Physics Senior Science Key Club Advisor Mr. James Bois fLib.J French, Spanish, and English IV French KL Spanish Clubs Mrs, Lucille Broich QCan,j Typing I 85 II National Honor Society Advisc PJ ., MMM KW JW rs. Mildred McFadden fLeoj 'chestra C, John Mason fLib,j ,mily Living, Government, d Psychology idance Counselor nior Class Advisor C. Ray Mullins QCan. J S. History " Club Advisor .sketball Coach hletic Director Mr. Joe M. Gratton fTau.l English II Thespian Advisor Mrs. Nancy Hyslop QLeoJ English II Xa Speech I Sophomore Class Advisor Debate Advisor Drill Team Advisor Mr, Gil Koga fTau.J Guidance Counselor Mr. Ronald Noble fLeoJ Gym 8: U. S. 8: World Hi Junior Class Advisor Sophomore Basketball C Varsity Baseball Coach story oach Mrs, Arleen Pence fTau,j Shorthand, Bookkeeping Business Law, Q Office Practice F. T. A. Advisor Mr K Leonard Piattq Algebra I Ki II Senior Si Advanced Math v Or, J Mr. Wallace Pride fScor,j Geometry Debate Advisor Mr. Wayne Rexford QPis.J shop 1, 11, III, mv Mechanical Drawing Mrs. Chrystelle Robertson QVir.J World History Pep Club Advisor 5916 lfy 2 ! i E Mr. Warren Strong QSQ. American Government Football Coach Track Coach "E" Club Advisor Booster Club Advisor g-J f l 1 Mr, Karl Salskov QSag, Q Biology Science Club Advisor Mr. Glenn D. Schiller QAqu, English Composition English IV Annual Advisor Mrs. Terry Schlaich fLeoj English III Q Class Advisor Q 2 Pcrsanucl N , -41" BUS SUPERINTENDENTS Left to Right: Frank Leonard Joe Adams, Asst. COOKS Left to Right: Pearl Robinson and Una Smith. JANITORS Left to Right: Bill Blenkinsop, Brent Cornwall, Les Jarmin, Vern Hansen, Don Coates. Mag 21 eojune ll 4 A ? 5 .439 ,v X 4 Qi xv" NZ """- , .Q-X uf! I A ,ff ff, - M x , V I K 1 l K 1 9' 1 Y ' f Qi 3' l fe I " jr jf xx 5 V fp' gix EQ? E wig gi X I THE TWINS Sign of the Artist or Inventor Air sign Restless, Versatile, Clever, Exuberant, Expressive Ruler: Mercury Color: Yellow Harmonious Signs: Aquarius, Libra Klasse Sign of the Prophet or Teacher Water Sign Tenatious, Patient, Sensitive, Sympathetic, Motherly Changeable, Easily influenced Ruler: the Moon Color: Violet Harmonious Signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus june 22 to jf-'Q Z1 lg F' o e '5 gi' - D . --AT ,X we EQ! . Y . 1 Km THE GRAB Sealer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, ROW 1, Left to Right: Jan Clements, secretary-treasurerg Ava Goslin, representative ROW 2: Mr, Mason, advisorg Mike Harris, vice-presidentg Steve Russell, presidentg Mr, Rexford, advisor, Not pictured: Dennis Deen, representative, mior Hi tory In the fall of 1967, 206 fun-loving freshmen entered Parkview. That year the student body officers elected were Mike Harris, president, Jim Thielges, vice-president, and Jackie Turner, social chairman. As sophomores, we received our first taste of high school life when we moved from Parkview to Emmett High. We chose as our leaders Tom Rexroad, president, Bill Hanson, vice-president, Jackie Turner, secretary-treasurerg and Michele Drake and Steve Russell, representatives. For advisors we chose Mrs. Broich and Mr. Yancy. A highlight to our class that year was receiving second place on the Homecoming float. Leading us through our Junior year, we had Bryan Winward, president, Steve Holbrook, vice- presidentg Barbara Sedlacek, secretary-treasurer, and Marilyn Chilcott and Bill Allen, repre- sentatives. Tom Rexroad was chosen student body vice-president. Our advisors, Mr. Cox and Mr. Noble, guided us through the year. We began the year by placing first with our Home- coming float. For a money-making project we sold magazines which went to sponsor the annual Junior-Senior Prom which was titled "Cinderella Ball. " Finally, we reached our last year at EHS, our senior year. The senior student body officers were Tom Rexroad, president, Cathy Pettinger, secretary-treasurerg and Konnie Clements, advertising manager. Leading the senior class were Steve Russell, presidentg Mike Harris, vice-presidentg Jan Clements, secretary-treasurerg and Ava Goslin and Dennis Deen, repre- sentatives. Mr. Mason and Mr. Rexford were chosen as our advisors. We sponsored a basketball tip-off dance, a pen sale, and a movie for the student body. We went on the annual senior sneak which was enjoyed by everyone. Graduation day was set for May 23, with the girls wearing white and the boys wearing blue. As this graduation date draws near, we the Seniors of EHS, would like to thank the faculty and administration of Emmett High School for all their assistance during our memorable high school years . .Ceara as ly' you were ta live farevm live M Uffaf as 17 you were to die tamarrauf. 60101 : Had and White 5'laufcr: Kal ko e Class Clowns: Ava Goslin and Randy Reiman Most Likely to Succeed: Carol Standley and Richard Suyehi ra Best All-Round: Jackie Turner and Tom Rexroad Best Figure: Winnell Walker and Dennis Deen Most Talented: Dennis Queen and Dixie Carr Loudest: Ken Abercrombie and Kathy Welch I Best Dressed: Karen Rogers and Rob Hobson Prettiest Eyes: Vicki Burlile and Franklin Gatfield 3.1 u I Happiest: Jenneice Barbara Sedlacek Flirt and Wolf: Bill Castoe and Most Athletic: Vicki Chittenden and Mike Harris if P, 'MM' ' LW: Gurney and Steve Holbrook rv "' ,, in 7.7, mama: ...-4.34 514'-A Quietest: Steve Russell and Joyce Blevins Nicest Smile: Jan Clements and Rick Veenstra faudvul Most Intellectual: Ken Williamson and Cathy Pettinger Tallest and Shortest: Dave Valhberg and Rhea Prescott .W Velediete riens Ee tny Pettinger IC en Williernsen 4. OO 4. OO Selnteterren fb' julie Steeens 3. 97 3 Senier fteners funn Wrrynt 3. 971 Debbie l5'rr1nd 3. 765 jeyee Hleeins 3. 949 Selly Sennzelzer 3. 765 Here! Stenrtley 3. 889 ,4 be Geslin 3. 730 Kiennrd Snyenire 3. 889 Patti ,Mullins 3. 714 4 9r1itn Zfilsen 3. 879 Elyde Z'nenr,esen 3. 64 7 ,seen Heres 3. 857 Derens lbrynn 3. 611 linda l5'en tley 3. 853 Gerden Pepe 3. 606 Dale fennsen 3. 821 lfeenne Harris 3.583 Pen! jewel! 3. 784 Hebert Sneuf 3.514 kitty Qlnekryer 3. 778 Karla Wittenbnrg 3. 5OO ,XXX Benson, Debra Jean fDebJ Tau, "She burns the midnight oil, but not for study, " Bentley, Linda May Aqu, "No faults of which we can complain, " Science Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Thespians 45 National Honor Society 3,45 French Club 2,3,4, secretary 35 Powderpuff Football 4. Berglund, Phillip Ross fPhily Tau, "Every man is an architect of his own future," Choir 3,4, president 45 Honor Choir 45 Pep Band 45 Golf 2, Beyers, Diana Lynn Pis, "A nicer girl couldn't be found. " Abercrombie, Kenneth Lee fAbbyj Lib, "My only labor is to kill time. " Abrell, Lorna Rena Sag, "With one exception, boys mean nothing to me." Archery Club 3, Allen, William Doyle fBillJ Lib, "I'm just happy-go-lucky. " Key Club 3,45 E Club 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Tennis 25 Band 2,35 Pep Band 2,35 Marching Band 25 Class Representative 2. Beatty, Andrea Lynn Tau, "She has a good start on a promising future," French Club 3,45 recreational director 45 Pep Club 45 Choir 45 Girls' State 3, K, X Blaylock, Jimmy Wayne fJimj Tau, "Athletic and full of fun, he's made a friend of everyone, " Key Club 2,3,4, vice-president 25 Booster Club 2,3,45 E Club 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Track 2, Judo Club 2,3,4. Blevins, Joyce Darlene Tau, "If silence were golden, she'd be 24 karat, " FHA 2,3,4, treasurer 45 FTA 3,45 Pep Club 45 Sweetheart Candidate 4. Blume, Sandra Jean fSandieJ Cap. "She danced by the light of the moon." Pep Club 2,3,4, skip co-chairman 3, president 45 FTA 2,3,45 Thespians 3,45 Drill Team 3,4, squad leader 45 Marching Band, flag carrier 3, Color Guard 45 Powderpuff Football 2, 3,45 Debate 25 Homecoming Candidate 4. Bores, John Francis Scor, "I'm just the guy I'm looking for. " E Club 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Booster Club 2,3,4, sergeant-at-arms 3, president 45 Football 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4, Bowman, Robert Paul fBobQ Ari, "Well, we only live once. " E Club 45 Track 2,3,45 Golf 35 Basketball 2,35 Branch, Janet Kay Pis. "She's a quiet girl until you know her, " Pep Club 2,3545 Powderpuff Football 4. Brand, Debra Kay fDebbiey Pis. "There's a lot behind her quiet manner, " Choir 2,35 "Wild Rose" 2, Brogan, Illa LaRay Leo "We like her for what she is," Bromley, Debra Joy QDebbiel Lib, "She's like a saint: there's a continual Pep Club 3,45 Thespians 45 Drill Team Brown, Alan George Cap. "Four feet high an rising, " FFA 253,45 Football 2,45 Boys' State 3 Bryan, Dorcas Christina Ari, "She's as likeable as she is lookab1e," FNA 4. Burlile, Vicki Ilene fMooseJ Pis. Pep Club 3,45 Science Club 2,35 FHA 2 Football 4, "hello" around her head, " 3,45 Choir 45 Sweetheart Candidate 4 H "A great gal with a healthy lust for fun, 53,45 Band 4551 Powde rpuff Burnham, Timothy De fTimj Scor. "I haven't worked things out yet. " FFA 2,3,4g E Club 45 Booster Club 45 Football 3,45 Track 3,4. Carlson, Kenneth John fKen1 Scor. "I love the life I lead, " Golf 3 , 4. Carr, Dixie Louise Aqu. "She's wound up like a clock that never runs down, " FTA 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Thespians 2,3,4, president 45 Rodeo Club 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 45 Choir 45 Debate 2,35 Drill Team 2,3,4, captain 45 Golf 253,45 Youth Legislature 3,45 "Aunt Billie from Texas" 25 "Our Town" 35 "The Happy Scarecrow" 35 "Ga1'nrner Gurton's Needle" 45 "The Skin of Our Teeth" 45 "The Sandbox" 45 Powder- puff Football 2,3,45 Girls' State 35 Elk's Youth Leadership, 2nd, 45 "su- perior" at Speech Arts Festival 35 Sweetheart Candidate 4. Castoe, William Fredrick QBillJ Vir. "All men are not homeless, but some are home less than others." sw i E X 5 E S 2 5 S i Clements, Konnie Kay fClemJ Can. "She works with the busiest and laughs with the jolliest. " Pep Club 2, 3,4, checker 3, homecoming co-chairman 45 Student Council 2,35 4, student body advertising manager 45 Drill Team 3,45 Rodeo Club 45 Thespians 3,45 "The Happy Scarecrow" 35 Powderpuff Football 2,3,4 Coates, Don Wayne qBwa.naJ Lib. "I know an awfully lot5 Ijust can't think of it, " Colburn, David Robert Vir. "Women follow men, even in the dictionary. " Judo Club 2,3,4, Colvin, Nancy LaRae Scor, "Love makes the world go 'round, " Choir 2,45 "Wild Rose" 2. Chilcott, Marilyn Ann Pis, "Beautiful--need you say more?" Pep Club 2, 3,45 Spanish Club 25 Student Council 2,3,45 class representative 35 Rodeo Club 4, secretary 45 Drill Team 3,45 High School Rodeo 45 Girls' Track 45 Powderpuff Football 3,45 Sweetheart Candidate 4. Chittenden, Vickie Mae Tau, "Laughter helps to lift the load, " Pep Club 3,45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Powderpufl' Football 3,4, Clauson, Pamela Faye fPamy Scor. "A charming girl with charming ways, " Pep Club 2,3,45 French Club 25 Thespians 45 Powderpuff Football 3, Clements, Janet Darlene Uanniej Tau. "Her heart is like the moon--there's always a man in it." Rodeo Club 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 FTA 25 Thespians 45 Drill Team 3,45 Powder puff Football 2,35 Girls' Track 45 "The Skin of Our Teeth" 45 class secre- tary 45 Student Council 2,45 Sweetheart Candidate 45 Tip-Off Queen 45 Annual Staff 4, L. , Colvin, Rebecca Maurine fBeckyl Aqu. "She has her own special qualities. " Choir 2,3,45 "Wild Rose" 2. Conrad, Mary Ann Gem. "She may lose her head, but not her heart--it's taken, " Pep Club 2,3,45 Band 2,35 Pep Band 25 FNA 2,3, points chairman 35 Thespians 25 Powderpuff Football 35 FNA convention 2, Cornwall, Brent Cap. "A handsome boy indeed. " Booster Club 25 E Club 2,3,45 Track 2,35 Football 3,45 Judo Club 2,3,4, Davis, Karen Jean Aqu. "She has talents but has kept them well hidden. " Dawson, Aaron Burr, Jr, Tau. "He fears nothing -- not even girls, " E Club 3,4g Booster Club 3g Football 2,3,4g Track 4. Deen, Dennis Edward Seor. "An 'artist' -- he 'draws' girls." Booster Club 2,35 Key Club 2g Football 2, Basketball 25 Baseball 2,3,4g Class representative 4, Dewey, James Norman QJimJ Ari. "Frequently within my brain I think a little thought. " Booster Club 45 VFW Speech Contest, 3rd, 45 Mount Terrace High, Seattle, 2,3, Drake, Michele Ann Scor, "Lover of night life and all its trimmings. " Fackler, Linda "She came, she saw, she conquered, then she left," Farrell, William fBiffj Ari, "Elected Booser of the Year. " Fahrenkamp, Don Cap, "l'm not as innocent as I look, " Finch, Carol Lee Ari, "I've got a carbon copy. " Pep Club 3,4g Powderpuff Football 3. Dreyer, Leta Aqu, "A pretty girl is like a melody," Elliott, Howard Lawrence Aqu, "Great men never feel greatg small men never feel small, " Key Club Z,3,4g E Club 3,4g Booster Club 2,3,4g Band vice-president 4g Football 2,43 Golf 4, Elwood, Sylvia Joan Can. "A woman true and fair." Pep Club 3,4g Powderpuff Football 4, Evans, Laura Rae fLorieJ Aqu. "Does she or doesn't she?" Thespians 45 Pep Club 3,4g Drill Team 45 Choir 3,4, secretary 4, pianist 45 Powderpuff Football 4, Mimi Finch, Margaret Ann Ari, "I'm the carbon copy. " Pep Club 3,45 Powderpuff Football 3. Fisher, Frank Sag, "Late hours are bad for one, great for two. " Booster Club 2,3. Fluckiger, Kitty Ann Vir. "Her friends are manyg her foes aren't any," Pep Club 2,3545 Student Council 45 Choir 25 Tennis 25 "Wild Rose" 25 Honor Choir 2. Ford, Stella Ann Gem, Fowler, John Gregory Lib, "The only thing I know about the speed of light is that it gets here too early in the morning. " Gatfield, Allen Eugene qGeneJ Leo "Don't judge me by the books I carry. They may be some girl's. " FFA 2,3,4, treasurer 4. Gatfield, Franklin Jay Pis. "As innocent as a new-laid egg." FFA 2,3,4, sentinel 4, Gorino, Larry Tau. "Why worry about a girl, -- the world's full of them. " "The hip hazard walk, " Pep Club 3,45 Powderpuff Football 25 Drill Team 4. Goslin, Ava Marlene 4GooseQ Pis, "A closed mouth catches no flies -- buzzz. " Pep Club 2,3,45 Rodeo Club 4, president 45 Drill Team 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 3,45 class representative 45 Powderpuff Football 3,45 Judo Club 45 Donkey Basketball 45 Girls' Track 45 High School Rodeo 2, 3 , 4 . Granger, David Russell QDaveJ Can. "Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter5 sermons and soda water, the day after." Booster 25 Band 25 Judo Club 3. Gratton, Steven Michael fSteveJ Gem. "Beware, I may yet do something sensational." Spanish Club 2,3,45 Thespians 45 "The Skin of Our Teeth" 45 Baseball 25 Football Manager, Griffith, Theodore Jay QTedj Ari. "Mischief makes a happy man." Gurney, Jenneice Fern qFernyQ Lib, "A merry heart like hers will go a long way. " Pep Club 2,3,4g vice-president 3g Drill Team 2,3,4, secretary 3g FTA 3, Student Council 2,3g Choir 4g Powderpuff Football 2,3,4g Homecoming Candidate 3, princess 4g Sweetheart Candidate 4g Tip-Off Candidate 4, Hall, Lenore Kay fKayJ Pis, "Be silent and safe, Silence never hurts you." French Club 4g Librarian 4, Hanson, William Elvin fBillj Ari. "Being in the woods all summer doesn't cramp his style much. " Key Club 2,3,4g E Club 2,3,4g Booster Club 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4g captain 4, Basketball 2,3,4g Track 25 class vice-president 29 Student Council 3, Boys' State 3, Skip Candidate 4. Hardman, Alan Aqu, "I received the most unusual Christmas present, " Harris, Michael Kenneth fMikeJ Cap, "He excells in initiative, cleverness, and responsivenessg now if he'd only learn to read and write," E Club 2,3,4g Football 2, Basketball Z,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g class vice-president 4, Harris, Steven Sterling QSteveJ Gem, "Cupid has nothing on him, " FFA 2,3,4g Booster Club 2,3,4g Archery Club 35 Football 2g Tennis 2, Harris, Yvonne Ari, "She doesn't talk all the time, just nine-tenths of it, " Pep Club 2,3,4, checker 45 Spanish Club 2g National Honor Society 3,4g Marching Band, flag carrier 45 Drill Team 3,4g Powderpuff Football 3,4, Hartnett, Karyn Annette Sag. "Poise, personality and a flair for fashion." Pep Club 2,3. Hill, Vicki Lynn Leo "Her ways are ways of pleasantness. " Pep Club 2. Hobson, Robert Roman QRoby Scor. "Um a sweeper, a sweeper -- off her feet-er," Hoburg, Bill Clark Cap. "But officer, how could I slow down when you were going so fast behind me ?" Rodeo Club 4. Holbrook, Steven Joe fSteveJ Aqu, "Humorous jokester of the senior boysg wherever he is, there's always noise. " Key Club 2,3,4, vice-president 45 E Club 2,3,4g president 4g Booster Club 3,4, refreshment chairman 4g Rifle Club 2,3, president 39 Basketball 2,3g Baseball 2,3,4g Football Manager 2, Hunt, Kenneth Wayne fKenJ Leo "The world needs men who can be depended upon," Booster Club 2,3,45 Key Club 45 Football 2,45 Track 2, James, Beverly Sag, "I am by nature a trusting person. " Iarmin, Leslie Cap. "A man of few words is the best man!" E Club 2,3,45 Booster Club 2,35 Football 2,35 Track 2,3, lewell, Paul William Sag, "He thinks too much--such men are dangerous. " Holste, Ray Howard Sag. "A quiet boy is an oddity." Hopkins, Dale Vernon Leo "Like Eddy's Bread--fresh daily!" FFA 2. Humphries, James Elbert fJimy Scor. "The more I do nothing, the better I like it," Basketball, manager 25 Football 25 Baseball 4. Hunt, Jack Vir. "There must be some hard work in him--none ever came out. " Key Club 2,3,45 FTA 2,3,4, president 35 E Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Science Club 2- Track 2 3 45 Football 4- "Steadfast Tin l l , , Soldier" 35 "Our Town" 35 "Gammer Gurton's Needle" 45 "The Skin of Our Teeth" 45 "The Zoo Story" 45 Boys' State 3. .5 Johnson, Roger Dale fDalej Aqu, "Women ?--I've never heard of them before. " Science Club 2,3,4, vice-president 3, president 45 FFA 2,3,4, chapter re porter 3, district reporter 4, chapter president 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Annual Staff 4. Johnson, David Richard Lib. "Sometimes I sit and thinkg other times ljust sit. " Science Club 2,3. Jones, Deborah Kay fDebbieJ Ari. "It is better to be small and shine than to be great and cast a shadow. " Pep Club 2,45 Drill Team 45 Powderpuff Football 4. Jordan, Lennie Dean Leo "A better friend than we'll ever know, " St, Francis High, Baker, Oregon 2,3. Jordan, Rosalie Annette fRoseJ Vir, "Lovely to look at, delightful to know. " Science Club 4g Thespians 43 Sweetheart Candidate 45 St, Francis High, Baker, Oregon 2,3. Kincaid, Barbara Lynn QBobbil Sag. "Ambitious, honest, frank, and true," FTA 25 Spanish Club 2,33 Library Staff 3 King, David Jay Pis. 'll like school, yes, but I like her better. Lake, Larry Wayne Aqu. "An individualist in his own peculiar way," FFA 2,35 Football 2,4, l Mabee, Karen Arlene Leo "I'm just the quiet type," Future Nurses 2,3,4, McGehee, Juanita QNitaJ "Always ready for a whirl, " McKie, Stanley Douglas fStanj Ari, "I have brains I haven't used yet," Orchestra Z,3. Madsen, Karen Kay Sag. "My outlook on life is a smile," Science Club 2. Leonard, Richard S. fRickJ Leo "To study or not to studyg that is the question," Football 2, Lilley, Melody Jane Pis, "Sweetness is her gift for all. " Pep Club 3,4, treasurer 45 French Club 3,45 Rodeo Club 4g Drill Team 4 Powderpuff Football 3,4g Marching Band 45 Sweetheart Candidate 4. Little, Julie Ann Pis, "A smile as contagious as a yawn. " Spanish Club 2,3, vice-president 35 Future Nurses 3,4. Mabee, Carol Ann Cap. "Covered from head to toe with sweetness. " Pep Club 2,3g Powderpuff Football 4. l Newell, Michael Wayne fMikeJ Leo "Most great men are dead or dyingg I don't feel so well myself, " E Club 45 Booster Club 25 Basketball 2, Football 3,4, Nyland, Gwendolyn Jane fGwenJ Cap, "Now let me tell you the evils of teenage marriages, " Pep Club 2. Packer, Glenna Rae Aqu, "A fountain of fun bubbling over. " Future Nurses 25 Science Club 25 Track 4, Parsons, Cheryl Ann fCherylJ Pis. "To see the brighter side of life is to live happily, " Band 2,3,4, librarian 45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Science Club 3,45 Thespians 3,45 FTA 3,45 Debate Club 45 Choir 45 Honor Choir 4, Martinez, Virginia Rose Can. "Don't measure her ability by her height," Future Nurses 2. Mullins, Patricia Ann fPattij Gem. "I'm not as innocent as I look, " Pep Club 2,3,4, checker 35 Drill Team 3,4, squad leader 45 Spanish Club 2, secretary 25 FTA 2,45 National Honor Society 3,4, secretary 45 Student Council 45 Rodeo Club 45 Golf 3,45 Powdcrpuif Football 3,4, Nanez, Helen Marie Gem, "She, too, is full of mischief." Nash, Deana Rae Cap, "The same swell gal wherever you meet her, " Future Nurses 2,3,4, president5 Pep Club 45 Drill Team 45 Orchestra 2,3,4, president 45 Sweetheart Candidate 4, Payne, Becky Pis. "All labor and no play is not the proper way. " Pettinger, Catherine Rose QCathyj Aqu. "Nothing is impossible for those who try. " Pep Club 2,3,4, Skip co-chairman 45 Drill Team 4, squad leader 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 45 student body secretary-treasurer 45 Powderpuff Football 45 Debate Team 25 Marching Band 45 Girls' State Candi- date 35 Valedictorian 4, Pevler, Walt Neal fWally Aqu, "Some think the world was made for fun and frolic, and so do I, " FFA 3, Phillips, Mary Christine Can. "The kind of girl one likes to meet. " FHA 2,3, historian 35 FHA District Honors 25 Archery Club 35 Pep Club 2, Pope, Gordon Thomas Tau, "Those sophomore girls sure are nice, especially one." Prescott, Rhea QShortyl Vir, "Short and snappy, cute and happy," Pep Club 2,3,45 Thespians 2,3,45 Drill Team 3,4, squad leader 45 March- ing Band 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 25 Powderpuff Football 3,45 Orchestra 3,45 "The Happy Scarecrow" 35 "The Skin of Our Teeth" 4, Puschmann, Dennis Graig Can. "No girls for this ambitious guy--only work, work, work." FTA 2,3,4, parliamentarian 3, vice-president 45 Booster Club 25 E Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Track 25 Football 2,35 Basketball 2,3,45 Base- ball 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 35 Boys' State 3, Queen, Dennis Barton Sag, "I got rhythm, Igot music, I got my girl!" Huskie Bowmen 3,4, treasurer 3,45 Thespians 2,3,4, vice-president 45 Spanish Club 2,3,45 Key Club 45 Marching Band 2, 3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4, Concert Band 2,3,4, Band Council 3,4, Band president 3,4, Assistant Drum Major 4, Stage Band 2, SRV Honor Band 2,3,4, C of I Stage Band 35 Orchestra 2,3,45 Choir vice-president 35 "Aunt Billie From Texas" 25 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 35 "The Happy Scarecrow" 35 "Gammer Gurton's Needle" 4. mai' 113 ,.,,, Raper, Peggy Tau. "I like tu-lips in the dark," Redtfeldt, Kathy Sue Lib, "She has the face and the figure that gets the once over twiee.' Pep Club 2,3,45 Drill Team 45 Band 25 Gym Club 25 Girls' Track 45 Powderpuff Football 2,35 Annual Staff 4. Reiman, Randy Pis. "NUMBER ONE appointed by Mr. Bade. " Reimann, Cynthia fCindyj Ari, "Never a dull moment when she's around. " Pep Club 2,3,45 Thespians 2,3,45 French Club 2,35 Rodeo Club 45 Powderpuff Football 3,45 "Aunt Billie From Texas" 2. Reimer, Kristine Ann QK1-isy Sag, "You don't have to hang from a tree to be a nut," FHA 2, 3 , 4, Rexroad, Thomas Leon fTomj Tau, "A good man in every way." - H Student Council 2,3,45 Student Body vice-president 35 Student Body presi- dent 45 Key Club 2,3,4, president 45 Booster Club 2,3,4, vice-president 3, president 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Rifle Club 2,35 Archery Club 35 Football 2,3, 4, captain 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 25 class president 25 Boys' State 35 Youth Legislature 45 Pep Club Skip Ist runner-up 45 Elk's Leadership 2nd, 45 Outstanding Teenagers of America 45 Who's Who in American Iligh Schools 4. Reyes, Oralia Seor. "A jolly little girl. " Pep Club 3,45 Thespians 45 Drill Team 45 Choir 2,3,4, treasurer 45 Powder- puff Football 3,4. Richard, Roma Theresa Gem. "I may be little, but I'm tough. " ' Pep Club 2,35 Powderpuff Football 3, l 5 I fif- Schmelzer, Sally Ann Pis. "Bottled sunshine," Pep Club 2,3,45 Drill Team 45 French Club 2,35 Powderpuff Football 3,45 Girls' State Candidate 3. Scott, Dianna Lynne Scor, "I love the teachers and the teachers all love me," Pep Club 45 Rodeo Club 45 FNA 3,4, secretary 45 French Club 2,3,4, vice-president 45 Powderpuff Football 4, Sedlacek, Barbara Jane Lib. "Here I am, you lucky boys--don't fight over me. " Pep Club 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 Student Council 2,35 Drill Team 3,45 Girls' Track 45 Powderpuff Football 2,3,45 class secretary 35 Cheerleader 25 Girls' State 35 Homecoming royalty 3,45 Tip-Off Candidate 4. Shaw, Robert Keith fBobJ Tau. "We like him for what he is," Key Club 2, 3,45 E Club 2,3,45 Football 2.3.4: Basketball 2.3. '53 Xiu ..,,,,, Richardson, Lory Kay Vir, "I'll bet I'm having more fun than my friends are, " Rivers, Mary Ann Can, "Silence is an art of conversation," Rogers, Karen Gayle Can, "Time, tide, and blondes wait for no man. " National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4, secretary 45 Thcspians 2,3,45 Drill Team 3,4, captain 45 Band Color Guard 3,45 Powderpuff Football 2,3, 45 Orchestra 2,3, secretary 3, All-State Orchestra 35 Debate 25 Home- coming 2nd runner-up 45 Sweetheart Candidate 45 Tip-Off 2nd runner-up 4. Russell, Steven Fenton QStevej Gem. "His modesty does not hide his enviable record and outstanding reputation, " FFA 2,3,4, vice-president 45 Student Council 2,3,4, class representative 25 National Honor Society 3,45 vice-president 45 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Boys' State 35 Pep Club Skip King 45 class president 4 X Sledge, Jerry Carl Sag. "Slaughters the English language fand the English teacher, too,l" Sledge, Jesse Sag. "His name is not Dennis, but he's still a menace," Smith, Bonnie Marie Can. "Why worry? It makes wrinkles, " Smith, Patricia Ann fPatj Leo "Her conception of heaven, a boy. " Pep Club 45 Powderpuff Football 4, Soderling, Roger John Can. "The kind of boy one likes bo meet. " Booster Club 2,3,45 Band 25 Pep Band 25 Marching Band 25 Key Club 45 E Club 3545 Baseball 3,45 Football 3, Standley, Carol June Leo 5 "She has beneath that crest of red an intelligent and capable head." Pep Club 2,3545 FTA 2,3,4, treasurer 45 Thespians 3,45 National Honor Society 354, historian 45 Choir 25 Drill Team 45 Student Council 45 Library Staff 35 Powderpuff Football 3,45 "Wild Rose" 25 Girls' State Candidate 35 Annual Staff 4, editor 4, Stephens, Dorothy Mae Leo "Just like the Texas Ranger--I got my man," Midvale High School 253, Stevens, Julia Ann fJulieJ Sag. "Good things come in small packages," FTA 2,3,4, president 45 National Honor Society 3,45 treasurer 45 French Club 3,4, recreational director 45 Pep Club 253,45 Thespians 3,45 Student Council 45 Band 2,3,4, librarian 3, secretary 45 Pep Band 253,45 Orchestra 253,45 Powderpuff Football 35 Sweetheart's Ball lst runner-up5 Girls' State Alternate 35 Youth Legis- lature 3 5 45 Salutatorian 4, Stokes, Thomas E. fToml Leo "I care not for women. " FFA 253. Stone, Sylvia Anna Can. "Busy chasing a star, " Library Staff 3, Strang, Douglas Kirk fDougl Sag, "When joy and duty clash, let duty go smash," Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 253,45 Booster Club 2,3,4. Suyehira, Richard Henry Can. "He's modest, demure, and shy--he does his work and never asks why, " Key Club 25354, secretary 45 National Honor Society 354, president 45 E Club 3,45 Booster 253,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Student Council 2,35 Basketball 253,45 Baseball 253,45 Pep Club Skip Candidate 45 Boys' State 3. Syveetnam, Janet Irene Uanniel Lib, "No one ever said any but nice things about her. " Pep Club 253,45 Homecoming co-chairman 3, checker 25 French Club 2,35 secretary 25 FTA 35 Drill Team 3,45 Powderpuff Football 3,45 Homecoming Candidate 3,45 Sweetheart Candidate 45 Annual Staff 3. Szvindell, Marlene Lorraine Pis, "Quietness has its own happiness, " Thespians 45 Debate 45 Powderpuff Football 45 Girls' Track 45 Orchestra 2. Thiellen, Gary Nick QBearj Tau. "It's not what I do that counts, it's what I get away with, " Thompson, Clyde K, Sag. "I talk in class, chew gum, sleep on either side, shoot with either hand-- I'm a regular guy," Booster Club 2, Tiison, Faith Louise Lib, "Sweet, shy, and pretty," Spanish Club 23 Pep Club 3,43 FHA 23 Thespians 43 Choir 43 Powderpiuff Football 3,43 Youth Legislature 4. Tmutt, Kathleen Joan Qliathyj Scor. "Never too busy to talk to the boys, " Pep Club 2,3,4, checker 23 Future Nurses 3,4, points secretary 43 Rodeo Club 43 vice-president 43 Student Council 23 Powderpuff Football 2,3,43 Donkey Basketball 4g Cheerleader 2,3,4Q Homecoming Queen 43 Girls' State Alternate 3g Tip-Off Candidate 4. Tucker, Michael Franklin Qlklikej Tau. "He has a one track mind and the traffic on it is very light, " E Club 43 Track 3g Football 3,43 class representative 3. Turner, Jackie Anne Aqu, "She giggles as she comes, she giggles as she goes, what about nobody knows. " Pep Club 2,3,43 French Club 2, vice-president 23 Rodeo Club 4g Student Council 2,43 Future Nurses 33 Cheerleader 2,3,43 Powderpuff Football 2,3,4Q Girls' Track 43 class secretary 23 Debate 33 Homecom- ing lst runner-up 33 Sweetheart 2nd runner-up 43 Tip-Off lst runner-up 4, Vahlberg, David Tau. "I'm tired of thinking, " Veal, Terry James Scor. "He has the precious qualities that distinguish a man: he tries to understand women," East Bakersfield High School 2,33 FTA 43 Science Club 43 Honor Choir 43 3 Baseball 4, Veenstra, Richard John Vir, "I would be romantic--but heck, where will that get me ?" E Club 4g Booster Club 23 Baseball 2,3,43 Pep Club Skip Candidate 4, Nalker, Anthony Charles QTonyJ Can. "Just taking life easy, " Science Club 2g FFA 2,33 Track 3, Walker, David Albert QDaveJ Aqu. "You can always tell a senior, but you can't tell him much, " Thespians 3,43 Choir 43 Honor Choir 43 Track 33 "Our Town" 33 "Gammer Gurton's Needle" 43 "By the Skin of Our Teeth" 4, Walker, Winnell Tau, "A maiden fair to see, " Pep Club 2,3,43 Band 2,3,43 Choir 3,43 Honor Choir 43 Pep Band 4g Girls' Track 4g Powderpuff Football 3,43 Sweetheart's Ball Queen 4. Weekes, Elaine Vir, "Her gift - being herself." Choir 2,3,43 "Wild Rose" 2. Welch, Kathleen Ann fliathyj Lib. "It is true that gentlemen prefer blondes, but it is also true that this blonde prefers gentleman, " Pep Club 3,43 Drill Team 3,43 Powderpuff Football 2,3. Whiteley, Dan Roy Scor, "Do your best, leave the restg what's the use of worrying. " Williamson, Kenneth Theodore fKenj Cap. "Anything you can do, I can do better," E Club 3,45 Booster Club 2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,43 Key Club 4, Track 3,4g Pep Club Skip King 4g Boys' State 3, Valedictorian 4. Winward, Bryan Mark Gem, "A handsome lad with a great sense of humor, " Key Club 4g E Club 4g National Honor Society 3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g class president 35 Student Council 4, V Wise, William Perry QBill1 Lib, "His studies are pursued but never effectively overtaken," Wittenburg, Carla Jo fCarlaj Vir, "She has a high blush pressure, " FHA 2g Pep Club 2,3,4g FTA 35 Rodeo Club 43 Drill Team 4, Student Council 25 Powderpuff Football 4, Wright, Jana Maria Aqu, "A sweeter girl could not be found if the world were searched around, " Science Club 2,3,4, points chairman 3, French Club 2,3,4, president 3 Pep Club 3,4, checker 4g Thespians 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Powderpuff Football 4, NOT PICTURED Banister, Susan Frances QSuey Vir, "Do it tomorrow you've made enough mistakes today. " Shelton High School, Shelton, Washington 2,3, Bromgard, Art Lib, "I'm just passing my time. " Buzzard, Francis Emadean Sag, "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Cruickshank, John James Scor. "Work! Where have I heard that work?" FFA 2,3,4g Judo. Hall, Edward Rulon QEd, Eddiej Lib, "Girls are okay, but have you seen my Jersey cow?" FFA 2,3,4, points chairman. Harlan, Rick William Cap, "Work is sound, but the sound is mournful," Heap, Barbara Glover Pis. "A cheery smile, and a friendly wave." Kaiser, Richard Calvin QRichj Leo "Why worry? Things will happen anyway." FFA 25 Band 2, Football 2. Nasker, Jerry Vir, "The first twelve years are the hardest." Quinlan, Sherry Pis. "School will be the death of me, " Spradling, David "Here today and gone tomorrow, " Wade, David Lynn Can, "A man of few words, but he uses them all," Wilfong, Gerald Wayne fJerryJ Tau, "Don't tell all you know, but know all you tell, " Mrs. Broich's class enjoying a "forbidden" party. This picture needs no comment. crzinr D 0 gill! Things Does Gene Gatfield have some- thing the rest of us don't? . sr. ,. rg 5 tv .,- 4 ? , C 5 Ez 1 Y X g ' i-ig . Q. G, - ' ' G " s . 'Q iiir . G - ' H 'Q' v i " K E1 1?Yr.3-Aff' s f - if, .M 2 is 5 QQ Dale Johnson being his adorabie self. Q X A 1 Oralia Reyes and Glenna Packer just can't seem to get enough to eat at Homecoming. Jenneice Gurney and Tom Rexroad doing their "thing" at the fairgrounds during Homecoming. ' or ,Q , , rf V! junior is ,pa S I ,K JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROW 1, Left to Right: Debbie Towne, secretary-treasurerg Debi Brown, representative. ROW 2: David Dean, presidentg Tom Eiguren, representativeg John McLinn, vice-president. ROW 3: Mr, Noble, advisorg Mrs, Schlaich, advisor, The Jtmior Class as a group tried to promote and build pride and unity among the students. Our first project was building the Junior Class float which Won first prize in the Homecoming parade. We sold magazines and planned a Junior Class Play to raise money, We sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom, Those who participated in our projects helped to make the junior year very enjoyable and profitable, Arnold, Valjeanne qLib,j Arrington, Kathy fCan,J Bacon, Debbie fCap.J Baty, Tollie QVir,J Benge, Randy fCap,Q Bennett, Claudia fCan,Q Betzold, Don fGem,J Blevins, Martha QAri,y Bowers, Pam fTau,y Bowman, Dewey fGSII1.J Breshears, Christy fSag,j Brown, Debby fAri,j Brown, Debi qCan,l Browne, Jay fLeoy Bryan, Rebecca QTau.J Bryson, Tom QCap.J , 2' Burt, Dan fTau.J Butler, Jody qLeoJ Camren, Lillian fScor,J Carroll, Rex QCan.y Chandler, Carol fAri,j Church, Bob fLeoJ Clark, Melody fPis ,J . Aq Cornett, Richard Q Cutbirth, Loretta fScor, Cutbirth, Steve fCan.l Davis, Alvin fGem,J Dean, David fCap.J Dodson, Mike QAqu,y Drooger, Dan QSag,J Dutson, Debra fTau,J J Eighme, Vicki QTau, u,J J Harcllsty Pam fTau J Hamilton, Toni QGem.l Hardman, Leon fTau.J au Hellbusch, Terry QT Helm, Sue QGem,J Hendrix, Wayne fPis.l Hess, Carl QSoor,J Hill, Cathy fPis.J Hoburg, Paula QLeoJ Hodgins, Lynn QLib,J Holbrook, Dale qTau,J Holmes, Bill QPis.j Horton, Earl QCap,J Houtz, Karen fAqu,J Houtz, Sharon fAqu,j Howe, David QLeoj -D Eiguren, Tom fAri,J Elliott, Bryan QAqu,j Estes, Kathy fLeoj Farnworth, Rhonda fLeoj Fischer, Bettie QAqu.J Fisher, Ron QSag,j Fuhriman, Steve fSag,y Fuller, Kathy fCan,j Garner, Lance fPis,j Gillihan, Kristy fCan.y Goodwin, Dennis qSag,y Goslin, Jim QScor,j Goslin, Keith QLib,j Grubb, Rick qAqu,j Hadley, Colleen fCan,J Hamilton, Shirley fLeoj Hunt, Dennis fSCOI'., Hyde, Alan QGem.J Irving, PatfSag.J Izatt, Delma fTau,j Jensen, Lola fPis,J Johnson, Carol QCap.J Jones, Alan fLeoj Jones, Barbara fTau.J Kalac, Michele fCap,J Kesgard, Pat fPis.J Kiser, Theron QPis,1 Kyle, Mary fCan.J Lake, Ramona QAqu,J Landers, Cheryl qTau,j Lawrence, Joyce fLeoy Legg, Marcia fCap.D .Q M , N if Leslie, Sandra fVir,j Limb, Claudia QSag,J Lish, Donna fScor,j Little, Brad fAqu,J McArthur, Shane fSag,J McConne1, Stephen fScor.y McConnel, Tim fScor.J McCullough, Maureen fLeoy McLinn, John fVir,j Mabe, Connie fGem,J Madarieta, Laurie fScor,j Madsen, Eric QSag,J Manning, Diane fSag.J Montierth, Ray QScor,J Mouritsen, Verna fCap.J Myers, Reed fCan,J Rambow, Loretta fGem.l Rekow, RaNae fAqu,J Rekow, Vicki qAri,j Reynolds, Cris fLeoJ Roberts, Brenda fLib,j Rogers, Colleen 1Tau.j Rohrbaeher, Carolyn QL Russell, Connie fPis,j Sarbaum, Lynn fAqu,J Savola, Patty fAqu.J Sawyer, Linda fAri,y Scott, Rosalee fCan.l Shaw, Susan fAri,l Smith, Paul fSag,l Smith, Randy fLeol Sorenson, Pam fCap,J iby Nally, Jim fGem,J Nesbitt, Milton fPis,j Newell, Martha fCan,J Obermeyer, Gordon Q Osborn, Patty QPis.J Parsons, Mike fVir,j Pattan, Robert 1Ari,l Paull, Thurman fPis. Perry, Tim fLeoj Pettinger, Steve qLib.J Pevler, Chester fTau,J Pitman, Gary fTau.l Pratt, Randy fCap,J Pulley, Andrea fVir,j Pulley, Sharon fPis,l Radke, Steve fLeol Gem J Sprague, Doug QScor.j Standley, Dale fVir,j Stevenson, Colleen fLeoJ Stiers, Anita fLeoj Surber, Terria fAri.J Swander, Eddie fLeoy Thayn, Steve fAqu.J Thielges, Jim fTau.l Thompson, Beth fCan,J Towne, Debra QPis.J Walker, Elaine fAri,J Walker, Gail fAri,y Walker, Greg fPis,J Walker, Yvonna QScor.J Walton, Tracy QSag,J Welch, Barbara fLib.J Brown, Vicki fCap,j Carroll, David fGem,J Cayford, Lee fAri,j Clark, Robert fPis,j Cleveland, Charles QAqu.J Corr, Kenneth QScor,J Hanson, Debra fCan.J Hylton, Dan fAri,j Wilson, Patty fCap.7 Woods, Linda fCap.J NOT Morgan Payne , Robert fCap,J Wheeler, Martha fScor,Q Whitehead, Diane QCan.J Whitman, Karen QCap.J Williamson, Kari Wir Thompson, Steve fAqu 5 Waldner, Bud fCan 3 Peterson, Ross fSag,J Pulley, Robin QGem.J Rawls, Lois fGem,y Richardson, Gayla fVir,y Rivers, Mike QSag.J Swindell, Dottie QTau,i Waters, Randy fGem,J Wright, Wayne fAri,J Wilfong, Julie fAri,y "The Eternal Fountain of Life" "That goose killed 'em all. " "Alan forgot his line." "Just be glad Mondays only come once a week!" "My lycra girdle makes me feel as light as air." "That means to sit down ?" 5 Y Y 'L fix "Leave me alone, you wolf !" - 2 Q I "Whaddya mean, what am I doin' ?" "HoW am I supposed to stuff that?" Sophama e SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ROW 1, Left to Right: Steve Leslie, vice-presidentg Tami Turner, secretary-treasurerg Monte Stiles, president, ROW 2: Mr, Strong, advisory Mrs. Hyslop, advisor The Sophomore Class started the year by entering a float in the Homecoming Parade, They sold light bulbs and aerosol sprays for a money-making proj ect, Most of the time, however, was spent adapting to the ways of Emmett High School, fl G, at n i . ! ,V we- , 1. f Selig-53? 3 c' Cole, Mike QTau,j Conley, Steven fG6IH.l Corn, Mike QAqu,y Cramer, Carmen fCap.J Davis, Marie fLeoy Dean, Diane fScor,J Dixon, Dennis fVir,y Dooms, Darwin QLeoJ Dorey, Richard fAri,j Drake, Dennis fCan,Q Driscoll, Vickie 4Can.J Durk, Harold fCan.J Easley, Herchel fScor,j Ebentheuer, Dixie QScor,l Evans, Brenda QCap.J Evans, Tom fSag.y Figart, John fAqu,j Fischer, Bill QVir,j Fisher, John QScor.J Flowers, Debra fLib.J Foruria, Kathy fTau.D Foruria, Mary fGem.J Foster, Steven QSag.J Gardner, Sonia fGem.J Garringer, Rodney QCap,j W. Qi. 5 f f ' f Abercrombie, Cheryl fleoj Adamson, Keri fCan.J Allen, Marie fSag.J Anderson, Donna fLib,y Barnowski , Jerry fLib Beck, Randall fScor,J Beckman, Helen fPis.J Bedal, Dolly fPis.l Bednorz, Linda qTau,J Bentley, Robert fLeoy Betzold, Jerry fCan,j Beyers, Charles fVir,j Biggers, Pat fScor.J Bisorn, Willa fLeoy Blume, Chris fAri,l Bork, Steve fLe0l Braendle, Carol QLeoQ Bright, Steve 1Aqu,j Brown, Susan fTau,j Bryson, Susan fPis,j Carlock, Deborah fCan,j Carroll, Michael fScor,j Charters, Dean fAri,j Church, Linda fLeoJ Clauson, Connie fAqu. 3: 1 H "" f ' V In -,g,5s:3, I ,fi 5 ,127 1 "N QW? Q W M255 s Y' J 1 Z if , , fu, , , R 5 Y, Gatfield, Barbara fCap,J Hanby, Steve QLeoj Handley, Mel fTau.Q Harper, Judy fScor.J Harriman, Rose QLi Harris, Brent fGem,J Harris, Donna QAqu,j Harris, Kathie fLeoj Harris, Linda fAqu.D b. Harrison, Mike QLib,J Harsch, Russell fVir,j Haun, Dixie fGem,l Henderson, Kris QAri,j Hepp, Betty lSag.J Hill, Carl QCap,j Hill, Connie fGem.j Hill, Eugene QCap,j Hocking, Doreen QAqu, Hoopes, Jerry fCap.j James, Stan fSag,J J ,, Y Q Q 'G' D . . 3a.,,.g.i if QQ? Ss it A 'Wigs 4 A J' Y Q tl! t '53 I . 5 ,Q 1 5 2 X I 'anal Jensen, Stephanie QAqu,J :::' Q Jewell, Ann QTau.J K Q Jordan, Kathy fLeoy Y 6, Keldsen, Dawn fLib,y ,353 Kelley, Pam fGem.J ,P W J l I . A Iffii is Q Q 33 if 2 1 . Es Kendall, Mike fLeoj King, Pam fLeoJ Kipper, Keith fSc:or,y Kline, Debra QTau,j Krizenesky, Lois QLeoj Kroush, Del fAri,j Lair, Gary fAri,J Lake, Les fLeoJ Lankford, Vicki fAri,j Lawrence, Loretta Wir, Leslie, Steve QSag,y Limb, Clark fGem,J Lineberry, William QGem,j Link, Johnny fCap,y Little, Mark QPis.J Little, KirkQPis,J Lopez, Jesse QCan,J McCullough, Susan fAri,j McLaws, Randy fPis.y McMillan, Cecil QCan,l McQuilkin, Dennis QAqu,J Mabe, Cherie QVir.J Mabee, Raymond fScor.l Martin, Bob fTau,j Mulligan, John QAqu,y J Q . . . ag 5 . P, - Q ,:,g ., Q, is , , J K .sig . f- vi? ' - slew ' . 1, -Q: :J z "-H :V H 3 I A " gigg-,self ,. f !fi7.-7275? ls? - f. 51 1 . - Q. fi X xx . X ,,,,. :.,E.5:Q,.:, T .,.., a 'Q it X t fx 'T X its if - 'Q 4 1: 2 .- it Q' P -Q' ' l ,T Mullins, Kristi QSag,y Munger, Richard fLib.J Murphy, Mike fGem,j Myers, Scott fPis,J Nanez, Lydia fCan.J Naugler, Robert QLib,j Nevers, Deborah QGem,j Newell, Greg QCap.J Obermeyer, Rodger QSag,J Parks , Bill fCan,j Parks, Penny fVir,J Parks, Richard qLib,y Patrick, Regina 1Can.J Patton, Randy fScor,y Pearce, Kristine QGem,J Peterson, NickqSag,j Pevler, Colleen QAri.J Phillips, Judy fAqu.J Pook, Leland fLeoj Pratt, Irene QScor.J Raney, Cathy qSag.J Rankin, Carol fGem,J Reyes, Juan fScor,J Riggs, Billy fVir.J Rockhill, Valerie fAqu.J Rogers, Glenda qLeoJ R0 T l gers, James Q au.7 if Rogers, Steve QPis.l Rood, Robin fCan.J " Russell, Clyde fSag.J T Rouse, Steven fAri,y Sanders, Janet QCan.J Savola, Marjorie fVir,y Schmelzer, Leta fPis,j Sedlacek, David QLib, Shuck, George fPis.J Smith, Cathy fCap.J Smith, Ricky QGem.J Standley, James fCap.J Stephen, Kelly QCan.J Stiles, Monte fPis,j Stone, Edwin fCa.n,J Suyehira, Ron QSag,J Thomas, Linda fSag.J Todd, LeAnn fCan.J Toney, Lonnie QLe-oy Troutt, Kenny QLib,l Turner, Tami fCap.J Vahlberg, George fPis Vickery , Steve QAqu.J D he N355 we -J Walker, Carl 1Lib.J Walker, Mike QCan.J Walker, Terry 1Gem.J Weekes, Jim fGem.j Whetstine, Ninette QScor,J Wilfong, LeAnn fPis,J Wilson, Carol QLeoJ Wingate, Lynnea fPis,J Wyant, Martin QVir,J Wynn, Patricia fCap.l "And then he said . . . " That was a fast exit! if iz? Zufelt, Linda fSag 1 NOT PICTURED: Asher, Arthur fLib,l Barber, Debra 4Aqu.y Boynton, Robert fCap,J Briggs, Craig QVir.l Bromgard, Melvin fAri, Brown, Mike QLib,J Canaday, Bill fTau,l Crowe, Greg fAri,j Davidowski , Cynthia QGem Davis , Becky qLeoJ Hardman, Evan QAri,j Helmes, Hames fTau,l Kaiser, Geraldine fSag,J Kimmel, April fTau,l McChesney, Jim QSag,y McMillan, Charles fCan.J Mabe, Donald QAqu,j Marchant, Eugene QCan.j Mouritsen, Ralph QGe1'n.J Nachtigall, Herb fCap.J Newell, Jeff fTau.J Payne, Johnny QSag,J Payne, Robert fLeol Peterson, Miranda QGem Rekow, Randy fLeol Stainbrook, Barbara 1Tau,J Steinebach, Edwin fCan,l Strauchon, John fCan,J Stites, Sharon fVir,y Thayer, Theresa fAqu, Urbaniak, Dale qLib,j Urbaniak, Donnie fLib,J Wade, Marcella fLeoJ Wade, Teresa fTau.J Ziegler, Vicky QTau.j 'A ' ' Q, - yoj' We QS, l jay 23 to HUJUSL23 L ., X3 E , K 925 S i suv! X if! , Y vN I D xt pf XXX, xx X Q ,i 'Wm 53-,NJ.w'4 s3?R?,,x,,i27i5' gt. ' 'ef 4 fwfr Wf'ffp:g4 "J-M' J , V Er., I x . j :Fatwa ff! X' ' f ,I Q f 5 THE LION Sign of the King or President 'Fire Sign Proud, Generous, Trusting, Energetic, Domineering, Authoritative Ruler: the Sun Color: Orange Harmonious Signs: Sagittarius, Aries Or auiza tions Sign of the Craftsman or Critic Earth Sign Exact, Methodical, Industrious, Discrirninating, Intelligent, Chaste Ruler: Mercury Color: Gray or Navy Blue Harmonious Signs: Capricorn, Taurus August 24, to September Z3 IW -Y x I 4 5 i X33 fy! Xl' tw fs ll x, ," K X , - bf QI 1. 72 X ff UI t X S 13" I Y x ff , 1 - el o K .J THE vxRGlN Elm 'r A group of vocalists selected from the choir represented Emmett at the S, R,V. Honor Choir Clinic-Concert in Ontario on November 13 and 14, Later in December, under the direction of James Freeman, the choir presented the annual Christmas candlelight service in cooperation with the High School Orchestra. Dixie Carr was chosen to represent the choir as their SWeetheart's Ball candidate. OFFICERS Left to Right: Mr, Freeman, advisor, Sharon Houtz, robe chairman, Lori Evans, secretaryg Oralia Reyes, treasurerg Phil Burglund, president, Michele Kalac, librariang Winnell Walker, vice-president. CHOIR ROW 1, Left to Right: Maureen McCullough, Jenniece Gurney, Jody Butler, Rhonda Farnworth, Kathy Arrington, Debbi Bromley, Lori Evans, Vicki Burlile, Elaine Walker, Geraldine Kaiser, Sharon Stites, Oralia Reyes, ROW 2: Quana Geddes, Delma lzatt, Andrea Beatty, Dixie Haun, Ken Carlson, Thurman Paul, Herschel Easley, Phil Burglund, Dixie Carr, Stephanie Jensen, Debra Kline, Faith Tilson, Sharon Houtz, Michele Kalac, ROW 3: James Freeman, instructor, Cheryl Parsons, Karen Simonsen, Robin Rood, Connie Russell, Francis Buzzard, Terry Veal, David Vahlberg, Dave Walker, Nancy Colvin, Toni Hamilton, Yvonna Walker, Winnell Walker. CAROUSEL CAST, Left to Right: Jody Butler -- Julie Jordeng Karen Simonsen -- Nettie Fowlerg Rhonda Farnworth -- Mrs. Mulling Andrea Beatty -- Carrie Pipperidge. ROW 2: Phil Berglund -- Billy Bigelowg Doug Sprague -- Student Directorg Dave Vahlberg -- David Bascombieg Dave Walker -- Jigger Craiging Terry Veal -- Mr. Snow. HONOR CHOIR, Left to Right: Cheryl Parsons, Lorie Evans, Connie Russell, Dave Walker, Dave Vahlberg, Terry Veal, Phil Berglund, Winnell Walker, Jody Butler, Sharon Houtz. if Qutu ff urscs FUTURE NURSES ROW 1, Leftto Right: Mrs, Cherry, Mrs, Cairns, Mrs, Naugler, advisorsg Deana Nash, Sharon Houtz, Kathy Troutt, Dianna Scott, Karen Houtz, Patty Wilson. ROW 2: Lillian Camren, Connie Hill, Dixie Haun, Beth Thompson, Karen Mabee, Barbara Welch, Loretta Rambow, Lynn Hodgins, ROW 3: Marcia Legg, Loretta Cutbirth, Ramona Lake, Dawn Keldsen, LeAnn Todd, Dorcas Bryan, Julie Little, Cathy Hill, Do na Harris, ROW 4: Carol Johnson, Marge Savola, Penny Par ks, Cheryl Abercrombie, Colleen Pevler, ReNae Rekow, 8369004 OFFICERS ROW 1: Deana Nash, president. ROW 2: Sharon Houtz, vice-president, Dianna Scott, secre- tary, ROW 3: Patty Wilson, histori- ang Kathy Troutt, points secretary, Karen Houtz, treasurer, The Future Nurses of America started the year with a formal initiation of sixteen new members, Following a fun-filled year of service to others, the juniors were capped in a formal ceremony, This year the Candystripers' community service consisted of helping at the local shot clinics, at the blood- mobiles, at the hospital, and at the two nursing homes, The girls also attend- ed a field trip to visit Mercy Hospital, the Elk's Rehabilitation Center, and the Nampa State Hospital, They "adopted" one girl at the Nampa State Hospital to send gifts and cards to on special occasions, F,N, A, sponsored a float for Homecoming and a candidate, Deana Nash, for the Sweetheart's Ball, The club sold candy to raise money for scholarships which were awarded to the graduating seniors at the end of the year, 5'utu e Z' aclzer ' FUTURE TEACHERS ROW 1, Left to Right: Mrs, Pence, advisorg Dennis Puschmann, Susan Shaw, Julie Stevens, Carol Standley, ROW 2: Joyce Blevins, Sandi Blume, Cris Reynolds, Dixie Carr, Debbie Bacon, Linda Sawyer, Lynne Hodgins, ROW 3: Cheryl Parsons, Carol Rankin, Donna Anderson, Kathy Foruria, Donna Harris, Cheryl Landers, Claudia Limb, Terry Veal, Future Teachers of America is an organization which assists students in considering a career in education. It enables students to participate in teach- ing and to observe various classroom situations, Several of the members have attended the district convention in Nampa. This year our candidate for State Secretary was Claudia Limb, This year we built a Homecoming float with the Science Club which Won third place in the parade, made a window display for National Educational Week, and raised money to sponsor two scholarships for graduating F, T, A, members, OFFICERS Left to Right: Susan Shaw, secretaryg Carol Standley, treasurerg Julie Stevens, presidentg Dennis Puschmann vice-president, gli ture amcmak cr Future Homemakers of America is an organization to help girls grow as homemakers. Members learn to live a more useful and satisfying life through their Future Homemakers activities, This year the F,H,A, sponsored a Farmer-Farmer- ette Party with the F,F,A, , sold concessions at the Homecoming Football game and elected Joyce Blevins as their candidate for the SWeetheart's Ball, Later in the year, the club's outstanding achieve- ments included selling Valentine telegrams, sending OFFICERS, ROW 1, Mrs. Clark, advisor, Karen Houtz, delegates to the State C0f1V9nt10f1, 3-Hd Sponsoring an president, Shirley Hamilton, vice-president, ROW 2: Awards Night and a Parent-Daughter Banquet. Rosalee Scott, secretary, Joyce Blevins, treasurerg Cathy Hill, degrees chairman, Carol Rankin, historian, ROW 3: Linda Thomas, recreation chairmang Elaine Walker, re- porter, Pam Bowers, song leader. Not pictured: Colleen Rogers, projects chairman, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS, ROW 1, Left to Right: Mrs, Clark, advisor, Joyce Blevins, Shirley Hamilton, Karen Houtz, Rosalee Scott, Colleen Rogers, Elaine Walker. ROW 2: Dawn Keldsen, Sharon Houtz, Donna Harris, Linda Thomas, Cathy Hill, Carol Rankin, Pam Bowers. ROW 3: Judy Phillips, Francis Buzzard, Kris Reimer, April Kimmel, Betty Hepp, Brenda Evans, Diane Dean. l . 4 X L .Q r x F. I . F,H,A. members performed a skit during the program for the initiation of new members, The skit, named "Oh, Fortune Tree," was written by chapter parents Mr, and Mrs, Reginald Houtm Joyce Blevins, attired in her self-designed for- mal, was sponsored by the F,H,A, as Z1 candi- date for the Sweetheart's Ball, Expert models Tom Rexroad and John Bores exhibit mended football uniforms at "Winter Wonderland" Fashion Show, Z' Q x 0 This action typifies the enjoyable time had by those Future Farmers and Future Homemakers who participated in the F, H,A,-sponsored Farmer-Farmerette Party, 5'ufure Qarmer FUTURE FARMERS, ROW 1, Left to Right: Gene Gatfield, Randy Benge, Steve Russell, Dale Johnson, Franklin Gatfield, Bob Church, Mr, Beckman, advisor, ROW 2: Alan Brown, John Cruickshank, Tom Evans, Wayne Hendrix, Rex Carroll, Alan Jones, David Carroll, Steve Harris, ROW 3: Jim Standley, Tim Burnham, Monte Stiles, Dennis Drake, Edward Hall, Leland Pook, Mark Little, Steve Conley, ROW 4: Mike Brown, Melvin Brorngard, Bill Parks, Mike Kendall, Clyde Russell, Richard Parks, John Link, Mike Harrison, Gary Lair, Not pictured: Kirk Little. OFFICERS, ROW 1, Left to Right: Gene Gatfield, treasurer, Dale Johnson, president, Franklin Gatfield, sentinel, Mr, Beckman, advisor, ROW 2: Randy Benge, reporter, Bob Church, secretary, Steve Russell, vice-president. Future Farmers of America is a national organ- ization that reaches from the state of Washington to Puerto Rico and from Maine to Hawaii, Through agricultural-oriented contests held during the year, new skills are learned by the members, This year the Emmett Chapter of F, F,A, en- thusiastically participated in all contests held, Along with the contests, the chapter sponsored the biennial Donkey Basketball Game drawing a sizable crowd. FRESHMAN 121-',A, MEMBERS, Row 1, Left to Right: ken Dale Johnson and David Carroll on their way to the American Institute of Cooperation held at Columbus, Ohio, Henderson, Steve Carroll, Gary Cutbirth, Ted Perkins, David Stokes, ROW 2: Tom Gatfield, John Munger, Chris Garner, David Beckman. ROW 3: Gary Wright, Neil Jones, Val Harris, Dan Tilson, Jerry Bigelow, ROW 4: Blake Newell, Clayton Russell, Greg Harris, Lindle Woehler, Franklin Perry, Judging Dairy Cattle is not as easy as it 100kS. Fast action was observed at the F, F,A,-sponsored Donkey Basket ball game, The winners of the championship game were the Varsity and the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. lc Parisiens The French Club, Les Parisiens, consisted of students enrolled in or having completed one year of French, The purpose of this club is to create an interest in the French language and culture, The club plans for 1970 and 1971 included candy sales, a dating service for the high school students, a white elephant sale, singing at the old folks' home, and a sidewalk cafe as the final goal. OFFICERS ROW 1: Dianna Scott, vice-presidentg Connie Russell, president. ROW 2: Julie Stevens, social chairmang Andrea Beatty, social chairman, Anita Stiers, secretary-treasurer, fx FRENCH CLUB ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr. Bois, advisor, Anita Stiers, Dianna Scott, Connie Russell, Andrea Beatty, Julie Stevens. ROW 2: Kristy Gillihan, Doreen Hocking, Linda Bentley, Jana Wright, Melody Lilley, Barbara Sedlacek, ROW 3: Karen Whitman, Kay Hall, Helen Beckman, Dawn Keldsen, Carol Rankin, Marie Allen. ROW 4: Steve McConnel, Eric Madsen, Wayne Wright, Teresa Thayer, Dennis Hunt, ,Cv ,Matadorz OFFICERS Left to Right: Tami Turner, recreation chairmang Connie Clauson, secretary-treasur- erg Mike Kendall, president. This year's Spanish Club had an enrollment of fifty-two members, Our membership was increased by the adoption of a policy to include freshmen, and the purpose of this club is to learn Spanish customs and to promote the Spanish language, We in Spanish Club believe that communication is the key to co-operation Our southern Spanish-speaking neighbors have much in common with our country, Through communication, our country's bonds with Mexico will strengthen, This year's Spanish Club truly does "mire al futur6!" SPANISH CLUB ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr. Bois, advisor, Tami Turner, Connie Clauson, Mike Kendall, ROW 2: Rebecca Davis, Valerie Rockhill, Sonia Gardner, Marge Savola, Susan Bryson, Brenda Evans, Helen Beckman, Pat Kesgard, ROW 3: Kathy Foruria, Ninette Whetstine, Cathy Raney, Carol Rankin, Mary Foruria, Owen Weekes, Dennis Dickson, Leslie Lake, Ron Suyehira. ROW 4: Larry Lineberry, Bob Naugler, Harold Durk, Dennis Goodwin, Dan Drooger, Steve Gratton, Steve Radke, Alan Hyde, Dave Vahlberg, Scimcc 61116 l r SCIENCE CLUB ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr. Salskov, advisor: Dale Johnson, Mike Dodson, David Carroll, ROW 2: Marie Allen, Pat Kesgard, Tim McConnel, David Vahlberg, Billy Riggs, Dale Standley, Steve McConnel, ROW 3: Betty Fischer, Verna Mouritsen, Rosalie Jordan, Jana Wright, Linda Bentley, Cheryl Parsons, Anita Stiers. ROW 4: Harold Durk, Monte Stiles, Larry Lineberry, Bob Naugler, Terry Veal, Dennis Dixon, Leslie Lake, Susan Shaw, OFFICERS Left to Right: Mr, Salskov, ad- visor: Mike Dodson, vice-president: David Carroll, secretary-treasurer: Dale Johnson, president. The Science Club was organized to provide activities for science enthusiasts, This year, under the direction of our advisor, Mr, Salskov, and with the active par- ticipation of its members, the club has possessed the moving spirit of Emmett High School. At the noon meetings the club has transacted business a.nd planned activities, Aside from building a Homecom- ing float with the F,T, A, , the club also sold slide rules and Chemistry-Physics handbooks, The Science Club has had a lot of exciting activities and it plans to remain the Same , library taff LIBRARY STAFF, ROW 1, Leftto Right: Mrs, Cherry, librariang Linda Sawyer, Lynn Sarbaum, Lynn Hodgins ROW 2 Kay Hall, Debbie Carlock, Lorretta Cutbirth, Barbara Kincaid, Jan Clements, Library Science is a one-credit course designed to give students a background in library techniques and procedures, Advised by Mrs, Cherry, the students of Library Staff are taught to check books in and out, collect fines, shelve books, file cards in the catalog, and read shelves. They also assist in the processing of books and pamphlets, and they check in periodicals and shelve them, In addition, they are given considerable experience in the use of reference books and resource materials, Their chief duty is to assist the students in the selection and location of materials to broaden their scope of learning. Mrs. Cherry ofio ol Honor Society National Honor Society is an organization whose members are selected by a faculty committee, Selections are made on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, Tapping ceremony for new members is held after the completion of the first semester of each year, Only ten per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the junior class may be tapped each year, This year the club entered a float in the Homecoming Parade and was awarded second place. The major money raising project for this year was selling Senior Announcements, During this year they sold Senior Keys, This money was used for a 3100, 00 scholarship for a member selected by the Club, Membership in NHS is an honor: however, because of limit- ations placed on membership, only a small number of those that qualify can be tapped. 4 OFFICERS ROW 1: Julie Stevens, treasurerg Richard Suyehira, presidentg ROW 2: Carol Standley, historian: Patti Mullins, secretaryg Steve Russell, vice-president. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1, Left to Right: Steve Russell, Richard Suyehira, Patti Mullins, Julie Stevens, Carol Standley, Mrs, Broich, advisor, ROW 2: Linda Bentley, Jana Wright, Dixie Carr, Karen Rogers, Yvonne Harris, Cathy Pettinger, Ava Goslin, ROW 3: Dennis Puschmann, Dale Johnson, Paul Jewell, Tom Rexroad, Ken Williamson, Bryan Winward Dfbd ic Klub Debate Club was new this year in Emmett High School, It was made up of students who have spent much time and hard Work preparing their debates, This year We traveled to Ontario, Boise, and several other cities for debate meets, There was also a meet in Emmett, The club also attended a forensic meet at Idaho State Univer sity, January 22nd and 23rd, Different teams Won "excellent" and "superior" ratings throughout the year, Be- cause none of the debaters were experienced this year, we expect next year's club to be bigger and better, DEBATE CLUB ROW 1, Left to Right: Mrs, Hyslop, advisor, Mr. Pride, advisorg Debbie Towne, Cheryl Parsons. ROW 2: Larry Lineberry, Marlene Swindell, Dottie Svindell, ROW 3: Mike Tucker, Harold Durk, Steve MeConnel. ROW 4: Billy Riggs , Bob Naugler, Uzespians THESPIANS ROW 1, Left to Right: Dennis Queen, Dixie Carr, Joyce Lawrence, Mr, Gratton, advisor, ROW 2: Oralia Reyes, Colleen Hadley, Cindy Reimann, Jan Clements, Konnie Clements, Billy Riggs, Rick Grubb, Julie Stevens, Carol Standley, ROW 3: Janet Sanders, Faith Tilson, Rhea Prescott, Jana Wright, Linda Bentley, Cheryl Parsons, Harold Durk, Doug Sprague, Pam Clauson, Lorie Evans, ROW 4: Pam Bowers, Dottie Swindell, Carol Rankin, Diane Whitehead, Brenda Roberts, Rhonda Farnworth, ReNae Rekow, Jody Butler, Debbie Bromley, Barbara Welch, ROW 5: Verna Mouritsen, Rosalie Jordan, Bettie Fischer, Marge Savola, Karen Whitman, Marie Allen, Jim Thielges, Mike Dodson, Dave Vahlberg, Dave Walker, Steve Gratton. ROW 6: Marlene Swindell, Steve McConnel, Steve Radke, Gary Pitman, Brad Little, Tim McConnel, Dan Drooger, Paul Jewell, 5 Thespians, Troupe 742260 had a membership of 60 this year. Under the direction of Mr, Gratton, Thespians were very progres- sive this past year. "Gammer Gurton's Needle" received a "superior" rating at District III play festival at Weiser, This play was also presented for the student body and the public at an evening performance. The second play was "The Skin of Our Teeth Initiation was held in the spring, Later in the spring, we present- ed a medley of short plays, improvisational theatre, and skits to demonstrate the versatility of our troupe, OFFICERS Left to Right: Dennis Queen, vice-president, Dixie Carr, president, Joyce Lawrence, secretary-treasurer, Mr, Gratton, advisor, " enemer 5111 en 'e Needle" Cooke ' X ll X A if kwkgx 5 Stage Manager Doll and Hodge CAST-- Gammer Gurton--Karen Whitman Hodge--Doug Sprague Cooke--Brad Little Tyb--Marge Savola Diccon--Dennis Queen Dame Chat--Joyce Lawrence Doll--Rick Grubb Dr, Rat--Paul Jewell Master Bailey--Dave Walker Stage Manager--Billy Riggs Student Director--Dixie Carr The Thespians took theirproduction of "Gammer Gurton's Needle" to the District III One-Act Play Festival held this year in Weiser, Emmett received a "superior" rating, the highest rating possible, They ranked 4th overall along with three Boise schools Our congratulations to the group, Ten members of the Emmett Thespians attended the Second Annual BSC Speech-Arts Festival at Boise State College. Above are Doug Sprague and Dennis Queen who are performing in Dual-Acting competition. They are acting a cut from the one-act play, "Gammer Gurton's Needle." "Che no tory" "The Zoo Story" is a one-act play by Edward Albee about a mentally deranged man, Jerry, who hasn't nerve enough to kill himself so he antagonizes another man, Peter, to the point that he has to kill him. lt will be presented on April 6. The play is classified with the theatre of the Absurd. Jerry -- Dennis Queen Peter -- Paul Jewell ' lilly: ' kf,:"'V-L9 f "Che audbzuf' Grandma -- Dixie Carr Mommy -- Debbie Bacon Daddy -- Doug Sprague Boy -- Rick Grubb Musician -- Jim Theilges "The Sandbox" is another absurd play writ- ten by Edward Albee. It will be presented the same day as "The Zoo Story. " It involves the death of Grandma with the " Angel of Death coming to take her away. D ,,,, ,,,, Collen Hadley presenting a skit, as a little The finished product. girl trying to recite her poem "Thipth. " Working on the float. 1 aw fl as ' Fw -Q K Ti Q Q fi l 5 S 0 Sul. 4 f ' ., ,. .. A JJ 53, -Saws?-am 1 i 'L - l dw Klub RODEO CLUB ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr, Mullins, advisor, Ava Goslin, Kathy Troutt, Marilyn Chilcott, Dave Dean, ROW 2: Randy Benge, Dale Holbrook, Dan Drooger, LeAnn Wiliong, Melody Lilley, Dianna Scott, Konnie Clements, Jackie Turner, ROW 3: Kelly Stephens, Tom Bryson, Cindy Reimann, Carla Whittenburg, Jan Clements, Dixie Carr, Karen Rogers, Patti Mullins, ROW 4: Brad Little, Kenny Troutt, Bill Hoberg, Doug Sprague, Debbie Flowers, Linda Church, Carolyn Rohrbacher, Paula Hoberg. ROW 5: Alan Hyde, Dennis Goodwin, Alan Jones, Mike Kendall, Jack Hunt, Pam Sorenson, Diane Manning, Laurie Madarieta, The Rodeo Club was formed this year for the purpose of promoting support and participation in rodeo sports by high school students. "Ride a Horse to a Huskie Victory" was the theme for the Homecoming float, The proj ects of the year were selling Western Christmas cards and cake raffles at basketball games, Also, a western dance was sponsored to raise money for the donation of a trophy to the District II Idaho High School Rodeo in May. Advertisement and support was given by the students for the district rodeo competition in the spring, OFFICERS ROW 1, Left to Right: Marilyn Chilcott, secretary, Ava Goslin, presidentg Kathy Troutt, vice-president, ROW 2: Dave Dean, treasurer, Alan Hyde, sergeant at arms, "Ride a Horse to a Huskie Victory" was the theme of our Home- coming float. Kathy Troutt at Caldwell "Little Britches" Finals, 1970: Barrel Racing. Ava Goslin at Caldwell "Little Britches" Finals, 1970g Goatying with star timeg 17.27 sec. " Home, Home on the Range. " "Wild Bill" Hoburg attempts to mount his faithful steed during the FFA spon- sored Donkey Basketball Game. If H "E" Club is the letterman's organization of Emmett High School, To be eligible for membership, a boy must letter in any of the varsity sports. To retain membership he must letter each year. Plans for the 1970-1971 year included repairing the "E" on Freezeout Hill and co-sponsoring an Athletic Banquet at the end of the year. OFFICERS Left to Right: John Bores, presidentg Steve Holbrook, vice-president, Tom Eiguren, sergeant at arms, "E" CLUB ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr, Strong, advisorg Tom Eiguren, Steve Holbrook, John Bores, Mr, Mullins, advisor, ROW 2: Mike Newell, Ken Williamson, Bob Shaw, Richard Suyehira, Bill Hanson, Tom Rexroad, Howard Elliott, Steve Fuhriman, ROW 3: Mike Dodson, Brent Cornwall, Aaron Dawson, Paul Jewell, Dennis Puschmann, Dave Dean, Randy Benge, Rick Veenstra Tim Burnham, ROW 4: Jim Blaylock, Bob Church, Bob Bowman, Lance Garner, Bill Allen, Alan Hyde, Tom Bryson, Dale Holbrook, Mike Harris, Les Jarmin, ROW 5: Rex Carroll, Steve Thayn, Cris Reynolds, Tracy Walton, Bryan Winward. ,4 utvg mplz This page is donated by E Club. I fHave your favorite Lettermen sign here.j ""' FM 0 df - ,-. . Jfff! AL ,F JN? . ,rv ,IR fs fig f X? '11, Q 7 ', A40 Of ,Ai I ,n gf , Q , I fp A A 4, :ffp If WD44, F 5' 7 r ' v 5 Q! A13 X0 Fvnvc f 1 4 ffWf?,5 .-37' "' I ,f f kv ' 'Q W 43? 'A A fa' u W N f LM Q fi f b X 34' .1 1, KJAUV ,fb , '55-L ,f 'o1 'xV I f L 'v A .1 X V YVXF N a 1 T -L xl- , jqlx Y x X ' F5 Q 51' X WJ . '. X P Nj- 5 x v V w ,M L 1 ' , , '-If , 5. ,r V1 III' 4' fl, X , , . 'La' -,' x J .4 . F I . . X K JJ -u . ' .5 , M ' u r N , ' 1 Y ' ' Y , F X , - , K , fr A -' X W, f 1 1 Z ' I "x " ' ' ' X ' '10 W A 1 N 's I Iv' , v , 4 ,f l :An . All , o , ., . ?. , my U XX . .'- Q" 'J K , , 1 ' fffg . I .-' I ! 'V ' f F . : , -. y , ' , yo ' ' K . . f. ,' 1 9, N s , X X ., V, ,Q 44,1175 , -, ' X N ' gf I v , 5' 4. Q , U! D J , I - -IDT' ',, -, WA! 2 ' 44 'JJ' . ,i , , N , , -I by . . K , , F r 1 177, V Q : . 1 ' 4, - ' - f ' f ' 1 1 . f ' . .. X I . it , W , -. . 415 Z' Y x fry' - . '15 ' , F. f , N u -5 K -1 u , .1 K ,, . , - . . , f 3 . -, .f , f G' 24- ll ,x W .yf I, y' 2, . A, R A ,J yy' n 1 r ' N1' 5+ X u ,: 4 , '.,f ' C .-.' H, V' .r V. , ,s V a . yi' -I K4 V ' K rl , , , f - ni.j.yf Miz:-. ., 4 . , - " ','. ' 11 I -.uf , - amd" .,x,- iii ' ,. ,.u,.i,gfxfx X "X, ,,. , .- -5Lffxr:'J':"' 1 3 . -. A 1.0 f:'.f4r-r'2f:'.:'1" N A f. , ' A nn I H .. "-wrwbfv ... W ' Nl, H ,JV N ', L? QA QV ,.,.--?'F2'w-if" -I L11 1 '.f": '1' . W, Zwfw Llldyzpifxhg .1-' X , , fry , ,gl I I .L 9 'N Q ' ..-55 ' WK , If xo ' ' E f f f o o I f' f Hoff X MJ! 6 .- 7 , f x T 'fri Z," ff A A A of 'ci - D 2' 540 X .VV y my WL 5 542 ,A f X, M X ,V Jgf- Y f, , 1 1' Iv JN K I ' 5 .455 ' f - E CL f L .4 f Lx Q wo o o f A UW T 1' V LO .4 17 r ' If ZX VU tj U Nm ,ff -" I Q, u, f . AVN , ,f 4. ' 1 JV W3 5V q ff v .f " ig 1 . ' A if - f myvq C WJ' CLD in NNW a C 1 - A . ' J K X L ' -1 5' A f KVM 'L V K3 'iigflh eg 5, ,fx X N f F F K. -X' f N L1 fx X UN ' I A, x al L' gf! V- ff-1 MU , A N X PM X -gy 3? L 1 YV' J , M u 5 W uw W 1 L , . .. ,f MOJL f L MQ' 'L jx, jf' Y Q 1 .L 1 no W W VX o 75 rw V 511.5 my j V M mm X W PY J' f . fy xii M , 5 Y ,Q If 5' L5 4 A rf X ,Y ff fd w M w U , u I w r F' Y X w XJ fy' N J C Y Dj J ff' 'fl ff N ' f A 6' Wg 'J 4 V UPF! Lv N XM xii! J r ygir 1 , X X " x y -1 ww MM J f if 1 1 WL ,LL J Nb V I J' I. JB mp vb RN , nk! wen" xl is U X ' fd W pg W X M ji Q0 if X Wo p , f Eg f WL M I 3 pf c 2 Ia, Ja V1 ,5 I r f a key lub KEY CLUB ROW 1, Left to Right: Jim Thielges, Richard Suyehira, Tom Rexroad, Steve Holbrook, Dave Deen, Tom Eiguren, Mr, Blume, advisor, ROW 2: Ken Hunt, Jim Blaylock, Bob Shaw, Bill Hanson, Howard Elliott, John Bores, Gordon Obermeyer, John McLinn, ROW 3: Roger Soderling, Ken Williamson, Bryan Winward, Bill Allen, Paul Jewell, Alan Hyde, Dale Holbrook, Gary Pitman, Steve Radke, ROW 4: Roger Obermeyer, Rick Munger, Brent Harris, Steve Leslie, Ron Suyehira, Bob Church, Juan Reyes, Carl Hill, Mike Kendall, Monte Stiles. OFFICERS: Steve Holbrook, lst vice-president, Dave Deen, 2nd vice-president, Tom Rexroad, presidentg Richard Suyehira, secretary, Jim Thielges, treas- urer, Tom Eiguren, sergeant at arms. Key club is comprised of 34 specially selected boys from all three classes of the high school, The club is sponsored by the Emmett Kiwanis Club, and each week two Key Club members attend the Kiwanis' noon meeting. Kiwanis advisor: of the club include Dale Adamson and Harry Putzier. This year the club has been very active, Service projects to date include lettering the sign at the schoo1's main entrance each week ia job well done by Roger Soderling and Ken Williamsony, cleaning the trophy case, painting parking lines in front of the school, and organizing a UNICEF drive at Halloween, To raise money the club has sold candy, Christmas wrap and bows, Huskie T-shirts and license plates, and Huskie megaphones. SMD!!! 09' 555 Jim Blaylock, Ken Williamson, and Roger Soderling Jim Blaylock makes a long step for Key changing the message on the marquee. Club, descending from the marquee. Richard Sueyhira, Steve Holbrook, Jim Thielges, and Tom Rexroad selling Christmas wrap and ribbon, a money-making project. X Tom Rexroad and John Bores showing on the Key Club bulletin board where the largest number of highway deaths occurred in Idaho. Tom Eiguren and David Dean investigating the contents of the Key Club sponsored garbage barrel. Jackie Turner, Key- Club's candidate in the SWeetheart's Ball. The Key Club also cleaned out the trophy case. fTom Eiguren and David Dean.J PW PEP CLUB OFFICERS, Row 1, Left to Right: Jody Butler, junior Homecoming co-chairman, Konnie u Clements, senior Homecoming co-chairman, Susan Shaw, vice-presidentg Cathy Pettinger, senior Skip co-chairman. ROW 2: Melody Lilley, treasurer, Joyce Lawrence, junior Skip eo-chairman, Karen Rogers, secretary, Sandie Blume, president, PEP CLUB, ROW 1, Left to Right: Judy Harper, Debbie Towne, Yvonne Harris, Jody Butler, Konnie Clements, Melody Lilley Susan Shaw, ROW 2: Carol Standley, Julie Stevens, Oralia Reyes, Debbie Jones, Sally Schmeltzer, Carla Whittenburg, Patti Mullins, Tami Turner, ROW 3: Vicki Chittenden, Pam Clauson, Patty Savola, Linda Sawyer, Christie Breshears, Colleen Stevenson, Kathy Redtfeldt, ROW 4: Lorie Evans, Pam Bowers, ReNae Rekow, Colleen Hadley, Delma Izatt, Vicki Rekow, Marilyn Chilcott, Ava Goslin, ROW 5: Barbara Sedlacek, Faith Tilson, Sylvia Elwood, Jenneice Gurney, Jan Sweetnam, Loretta Cutbirth, Debby Brown, ROW 6: Kris Henderson, Deana Nash, Debbie Bromley, Francis Buzzard, Winnell Walker, Vickie Burlile, Cindy Reimann. The Pep Club presented many activities which promoted school and community spirit and pride, They hosted a dinner in the park for the football team and also presented Theater Night to introduce the boys to the community and school, Pep Club also sponsored Homecoming--October 16 and the Spinster Skip--November 13. Throughout the year, the club made post- ers, sold concessions, and yelled at football and basketball PEP CLUB CHECKERS, ROW 1, Left to Right: games. Jana Wright, senior white checker: Yvonne , Harris, senior game checkerg Marie Allen, sophomore white checker. ROW 2: Karen Whitman, junior game checker: Debbie Towne, junior white checker: Judy Harper, sophomore game checker. I if . wb If , we 4 ROW 1, Left to Right: Sandie Blume, Karen Rodgers, Cathy Pettinger, Joyce Lawrence, Jana Wright, Karen Whitman, Marie Allen, ROW 2: Kathie Harris, Patty Smith, Rhea Prescott, Kitty Fluckiger, Andrea Beatty, Dianne Scott, Chris Blume, Keri Adamson, Ann Jewell, ROW 3: Jan Clements, Kathy Welch, Cheryl Parsons, Linda Bentley, Stella Ford, Carol Finch, Margaret Finch, Rhonda Farnworth, Dixie Carr. ROW 4: Pam Sorenson, Diane Manning, Anita Stiers, Marcia Legg, Kari Williamson, Rosalee Scott, Brenda Roberts, Jackie Turner, Laurie Madarieta, Carmen Cramer, ROW 5: Debi Brown, Valjeanne Arnold, Diane Whitehead, Barbara Jones, Shirley Hamilton, Diane Dean, Marge Savola, Debbie Nevers, Kathy Troutt, ROW 6: Kristi Mullins, Janet Branch, Lola Jensen, Lynn Hodgins, Barbara Welch, Pam Hardisty, Terria Surber, Penny Parks, Z? r 71 Umm OFFICERS, Left to Right: Rhea Prescott, squad leaderg Sandie Blume, squad leader Karen Rogers, co-captaing Dixie Carr, co-captaing Patti Mullins, squad leaderg Cathy Pettinger, squad leader. The Drill Team, 52 members strong, was organized purposely for presenting a half-time performance at all home basketball games. Any girl who was in Drill Team was also required to be in Pep Club, thus she supported the Emmett team at all games. "Spook insurance" was sold to make money at Halloweeng at the same time Drill Team "out- fits" were retrimmed and pom-poms were purchased. This year, the Drill Team marched in the Winter Wonderland Parade in Ontario and in the Fairyland Parade in Boise. This organization was directed by Mrs. Hyslop amd Mr. Freeman. ,WML Towne , Debbie Gurney, thy Welch, 81 Kam! CONCERT BAND, ROW 1, Left to Right: Vicki Burlile, Raymond Mabee, Betty Hepp, Patty Osborn, Carol Johnson, LeAnn Wilfong, Howard Elliott, Cheryl Parsons, Delma Izatt, Doug Sprague, April Kimmell, Julie Stevens. ROW 2: Marie Allen, Doug Strang, Rick Grubb, Pam King, Winnell Walker, Jim Goslin, Rhea Prescott, Steve McConnell, ROW 3: Richard Dorey, Jim Rogers, Mike Parsons, Kerri Adamson, Carl Walker, Dave Vahlberg, Tim McConnel, John Figart, Dennis Queen, Thurman Paull, Robert Payne, Vicki Chittenden, Keith Goslin, ROW 4: Standing: Mr, Freeman, advisor, John Vahlberg, Bob Bentley, Jim Thielges, Jerry Hoopes, PEP BAND, Kneeling: Howard Elliott, director, ROW 1, Left to Right: Doug Strang, Rick Grubb, Jim Thielges, Bob Bentley, Jim Goslin, Winnell Walker, Pam King. ROW 2: Doug Sprague, LeAnn Wilfong, Carol Johnson, Marie Allen Cheryl Parsons, April Kimmell, Julie Stevens, ROW 3: Tim McConnel, Dave Vahlberg, Carl Walker, Vicki Chittenden, Dennis Queen, Steve McConnel, Thurman Paull, Phil Berglund, OFFICERS, ROW 1, Left to Right: Winnell Walker, treasurer: Howard Elliott, vice-president: Julie Stevens, secretary: Jim Goslin, librarian. ROW 2: Dennis Queen, president, Cheryl Parsons, librarian: Mr, Freeman, instructor, Not pictured: Delma Izatt, librarian, On November 13 and 14, the Marching Band, instructed by James Freeman, performed at the District Marching Festival and received a III rating for its performance, Later, on November 21, the band marched in Ontario's "Winter Wonderland Parade, " On the same afternoon they marched in the "Fairyland Parade" in Boise and appeared on television, The District Concert Festival was held in April MARCHING BAND, Kneeling: drum major, Dennis Queen. ROW 1, Left to Right: Winneil Walker, Tim McConnel, Carl Walker, Marie Allen, Robert Payne, Vicki Chittenden, Raymond Mabee, Julie Stevens, ROW 2: Jim Thielges, Delma Izatt, Pam King, Jim Goslin, Rhea Prescott, Mike Parsons, Richard Dorey, Kerri Adamson, April Kimmel, ROW 3: Jerry Hoopes, John Vahlberg, Cheryl Parsons, Doug Sprague, Doug Strang, John Figart, Jim Rogers, Steve McConnel, Betty Hepp, ROW 4: Bob Bentley, Thurman Paull, Howard Elliott, LeAnn Wilfong, Dave Vahlberg, Patty Osborn, Carol Johnson, Rick Grubb, Keith Goslin, ROW 5: Vickie Burlile, Lola Jensen, Diane Whitehead, Melody Lilly, Cathy Pettinger, Karen Rogers, Sandie Blume, Yvonne Harris, Valjeanne Arnold, Pam Bowers, Linda Woods, The Marching Band performs at the beginning of the Veteran's Day Game. The Marching Band in the Homecoming Parade. Our "fearless" student director, Howard Elliott, leading the Pep Band. 84 A section of the Concert Band performing at the Mid-Winter Band Concert. The Marching Band coming off the football field after a tiring evening's work. The "Al Hirt" of the Pep Band brass section Wg are p tected by ' Sp t Above!" 1 -2 5 ,4 wma! Staff ,4 111111111 Staff ,4 I Work? knlikejliat aniyggfleq rchc tra OFFICERS ROW 1, Left to Right: Deana Nash, president, Sue Shaw, treasurer, Debra Dutson, sergeant at arms. ROW 2: Jennifer Stevens, member at large, Lois Krizenesky, social chairman, Barbara Gatfield, member at large, Becky Carroll, member at large. The orchestra has helped each of its members throughout the years to develop skill in using his instrument, As a group, it has performed annu- ally at Butteview School, to acquaint the children there with the various instruments, On October 31, the orchestra went to Moscow where they performed in the morning concert as well as the master classes. In the evening they took part in a concert of all the cooperating orchestras. Members of the orchestra were invited as guests to the Southern Idaho Conference Clinic at Capitol High on December 4 and 5. The Candlelight Service, held on December 21, was introduced by prelude numbers played by the orchestra, The last and most anticipated activities of the year were the April Spring Concert and the Dis- trict Music Festival, ORCHESTRA ROW 1, Left to Right: Barbara Gatfield, Debra Dutson, Basil Wilfong, Paul Robinson, Connie Hill, Jennifer Stevens, Jeff Holverson, Scott Myers, Deana Nash, Susan Shaw. ROW 2: Lois Krizenesky, Becky Carroll, Julie Stevens, April Kimmell, Delma Izatt, Doug Sprague, Howard Elliott, Cheryl Parsons, Tim McConne1, David Vahlberg, Carl Walker, Stephen McConnel, Dennis Queen, Shane McArthur, Alan Bryson, Billy Cannon, ROW 3: Cathy Hill, Don Mnbe, Rhea Prescott, Bob Bentley, Jim Thielges, Mildred McFadden, instructor. Xpfemkr 'lo Offahr ,lj c S., I N ll L ruff: THE BALANCE Sign of the Statesman or Manager Air Sign Alert, Just, Artistic, Painstaking, Honorable Well-Balanced, Affectionate, Sympathetic Ruler: Venus Color: Indigo Blue Harmonious Signs: Aquarius, Gemini A flzlct 2' Sign of the Governor or Inspector Wate r Si gn Energetic, Independent, Passionate, Determined, with Strong Likes and Dislikes Ruler: Mars Color: Deep Red Harmonious Signs: Cancer, Pisces October 24 to Novembef NJ ,,, To , A IN " I 'lg L . mu y 3. ii iv i ff ff . ji xv 'igxgf 7709 436 b NYJ! Q75 THE SCORWON Va rsity Cfhecrlaaders Debbie Hanson Kathy Troutt fam 47. If. Ehccrlmdcr Ann Jewell Keri Adamson Carmen Cramer Chris Blume Var ity oatball Q i 3 3 VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW 1, Left to Right: Coach Lafordge, Coach Paguegui, Coach Ryals, Head Coach Strong, Coach Gratton, Coach Hyslop, Coach Koga, ROW 2: Jim Blaylock, Alan Brown, Tim Burnham, Aaron Dawson, John Bores, Mike Newell, Bob Shaw, Brent Cornwall, Tom Rexroad, Bill Hanson, Bill Allen, Duane Hearne, Steve Russell, ROW 3: Rick Grubb, Tom Bryson, Tom Eiguren, Larry Lake, Paul Jewell, Ken Hunt, Jack Hunt, Howard Elliott, Dale Holbrook, Alan Hyde, Randy Benge, Ken Corr, ROW 4: Keith Goslin, Dave Howe, Ron Suyehira, Steve Leslie, Carl Hill, Steve Hanby, Greg Newell, Ken Troutt, Steve Thayn, Tim Perry, Mike Dodson, ROW 5: Juan Reyes, Larry Lineberry, Dennis Drake, Clyde Russell, Roger Obermeyer, Mike Kendell, Clark Limb, Steve Rogers. COACH GRATTON COACH KOGA 3 HEAD COACH STRONG Dean Dem ,4 ward .M ost Ou tstandiug Player and 60-Haptaiu Cam Kerraad ffauarary 60-Eaplaiu 60-Kapfain Steve lfusscll Hill Hanson :'1 ' 1 H Q I J .V ,f 2 ff his at K W , , , S M' Ifzfij' fi, jyfl' 'Cf' z yzf? 44 le 16711 ,V , E1 fig fl ff E H f Q 0 Sfaatball Record SCO RE S 18 1 Mountain Home 21 Vale ' Emmett O Emmett 16 Emmett 14 Emmett 20 Emmett 20 Emmett ' 7 Emmett O Emmett 40 Emmett 8 20 Nyssa 16 Middleton 21 Buhl ' 28 New 37 Vallivue 14 Bishop Kelly 12 i Payette 12 Weiser 'Y I ,E a SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS ROW 1, Left to Right: Paul Jewell, Tom Rexroad, John Bores, Bill Hanson, ROW 2: Steve Russell, Howard Elliott, Bill Allen, Alan Brown, ROW 3: Tim Burnham, Aaron Dawson, Mike Newell, Not pictured: Mike Tucker, Brent Cornwall, Jim Blaylock, Bob Shaw, Larry Lake, Jack Hunt. S ' Tom Rexroad Bill Hanson Avg, has M, 5 HE? 0-Eaptaius g ?, G Af' :sf 5 5 if W W gf? 4? Q ,7. V. netball J V, FOOTBALL ROW 1, Left to Right: Dennis Drake, Clyde Russell, Carl Hill, Roger Obermeyer, Clark Limb, Tracy Walton, Steve Leslie, Ken Troutt, Del Kroush, Ron Suyehira, Mike Kendall, Juan Reyes. ROW 2: Bob Suyehira, Steve Rogers, Frank Rolland, Brent Johnson, Jim Grubb, Greg Harris, Dave Stokes, Rick Grint, Cliff Rood, Ken Corr, and Steve Conley, ROW 3: Coach Paguegui, Wilber Charters, Kevin Troutt, Mark Bryan, Dave Beckman, Steve Carrol, Greg Kreps, Neal Jones, Jim Van Alstine, Manager Al Bryson, Coach Ryals, Coach Paguegui H. V. Emmett Emmett fmmett Smmett Smmett gmmett Emmett Vallivue Vale ,Nyssa Middleton Weiser Vallieue Qeetlzall Reeard Sevres 0 - I3 0 - 20 6 - I3 20 - 40 - 2 - 50 - Payette Coach Ryals VARSITY BASKETBALL, ROW 1, Left to Right: Manager Richard Suyehira, Manager Tom Bryson. ROW 2: John McLinn, Bill Hanson Mike Harris, Steve Russell, Steve Thayn, Steve Radke, Dennis Puschmann, Tom Eiguren, Bryan Winward, Keith Goslin, Bob Shaw, Lance Garner. Var ity 1671 ketball Coach Mullins Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Varsity lgaskellmll kccard Boise Meridian Ontario Buhl Buhl Caldwell Payette Bishop Kelly Nyssa Capital Vallivue Weiser Vale Payette Bishop Kelly Nyssa Vallivue Weiser Vale ffusk ics Ju ,A ation p I K....,.i J.V. BASKETBALL, ROW 1, Left to Right: Manager Don Mabe, Coach Noble, and Clyde Russell. ROW 2: Roger Obermeyer, Bill Parks, Kenny Troutt, Jerry Betzold, Charles McMillan, Clark Limb, Steve Hanby, Greg Newell, Steve Leslie, Carl Hill, Ron Suyehira. Coach Noble Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett ,7. V. H11 k dba!! ,7. V. l5'ask alba!! Kawai Boise Meridian Ontario Buhl Buhl Caldwell Payette Bishop Kelly Nyssa Capital Vallivue Weiser Vale Payette Bishop Kelly Nyssa Vallivue Weiser Vale QAM? mt rom VARSITY BASEBALL, ROW 1, Left to Right: Brent Harris, Steve Thayn, Richard Suyehira, Tom Bryson, Dale Holbrook Dave Dean, Gordon Obermeyer, Jim Thielges. ROW 2: Mike Rivers, Rick Munger, Shane McArthur, Roger Obermeyer Paul Smith, Mike Kendall, Steve Holbrook, Clyde Russell, Jim Humphries. ROW 3: Tim McConnel, Tom Eiguren Mike Harris, Terry Veal, John Bores, Richard Veenstra, Tom Rexroad, Dennis Deen, Steve Russell, Coach Noble Var ily 1511 cha!! Coach Noble The 1970 SRV Baseball Champions and District 3 Runner-up. Q J.V. BASEBALL, ROW l, Left to Right: David Olson, Mark Bryan, Neil Jones, John Turner, Greg Howard. ROW 2: Greg Kreps, Jeff Schauver, Frank Roland, Coach Paguegui, Kenny Henderson, Val Harris, Cliff Rood. Coach Paguegui u lf g ,Q S' RY " 'X . fy' V' 1501 cha!! Gregg New ell high-j um ping. David Carroll, Leon Hardman, and Monte Stiles running laps. Ken Troutt and Chuck Cleveland jumping hurdles. ax NYM , :xml si l fi Cris Reynolds Working out on the Weight machine. 4. x l x Tracy Walton pole vaulting Var ity Crack Emmett High's Girls' Track Team, newly formed this year under Coach Bois, competed in several meets, including inter-squad and formal compe- tition with other schools. Beginning with 14 girls, Coach Bois hopes for an enthusiastic turnout for next year's team. The team was as follows: Linda Zufelt, Marie Allen, Linda Hoffman, Cindy Iverson, Debbie Towne, Jessie Phillips, Delma Izatt, Linda Church, Debbie Flowers, Elaine Walker, Marlene Swindell, Dottie Swindell, Judy Harper, Colleen Stevenson, Roma Richards. Girls ' Crack Spring 500 Q SPRING GOLF, ROW 1: Jeff Holverson, Dixie Carr, Arm Gratton, Jody Butler, Gary Pitman, Richard Dorey. ROW 2: Coach Broich, Dewey Bowman, Dan Drooger, Butch Schwartz, Steve Radke, Brad Little. November 23 to December 11 'X ' gi f if-i t ,, A 7' 1.. iii? . I' ' ff , J' Q fx . ,A I , QRS THE ARCHER Sign of the Sage or Counselor Fire Sign Candid, Impulsive, Restless, Irnpatient, Generous Insatiably Curious, Nature-Loving, Sport-Loving Ruler: Jupiter Color: Light Blue Harmonious Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius ,4 Cfivififi Sign of the Priest, Ambassador, or Scientist Earth Sign Ambitious, Persevering, Diplomatic, Reserved Ruler: Saturn Color: Green Harmonious Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Libra D6Ccmb6r 21 tr-'january ,LO J It V149 Ms . f nl 1 I lnfillfxl n u? gif u 13 Q' j 4 f I 3 H, S xxx, : " x 4, ' z f Ji NR- EJ:-44' in flu 452 THE: GOAT Homecoming Activities were planned for the week of October 11-16th by co-chairmen Konnie Clements and Jody Butler, The activities included contests and a parade through town, Each club that wished to enter a float was asked to follow the theme of the parade "Nursery Rhymes," Junior Class won first place. flomooomiug Kathy Troutt was crowned queen Jf the 1970 Homecoming football game, She was Crowned by Captain Tom Rexroad during half- zime, Jenneice Gurney was f 1 zrowned lst Runner-up by Cap- Lain Bill Hanson, Karen Rogers be was crowned 2nd Runner-up by Steve Russell, E C7 of 21 f Jan Sweetnam Sandi Blume Barbara Sedlacek Q Q Koyolly Mfr - 176,11 Klub k ip Skip Kings: Steve Russell and Ken Williamson were crowned by Sandie Blume, Pep Club President, "Friday, the 13th, " was the theme of the Pep Club's annual girl-ask-boy dance, The Skip candidates included Tom Rexroad, Richard Veenstra, Richard Suyehira, Steve Russell, Ken Williamson, Bill Hanson, Steve Holbrook, and Bryan Winward, Steve Russell, Ken Williamson, and their court were selected by the Pep Club and crowned at the dance. The music was provided by H34 Ounces, " lst Runner-up: Tom Rexroad, was crowned by 2nd Runner-up: Bryan Winward, was crowned co-chairman, Cathy Pettinger, by co-chairman, Joyce Lawrence, - f-.v 1, - :- - x r - -- w":r -" 1 '---sjf'l--.1v'fvc' '1""q33 'G '- -'f"'f"f"':e'ly'gf:'P2l'1'.1D'-lit!"'UQ?'Ii'!'Y' " """" V'vi5"5't'x"957' "if""-m'ig2l3"'Y: 555553153191225fQQ5!i"5,XQS3?Sgi:aq?S33EgXsgi,,2q535Q35g3.3f:313'gg3. 9?i9g?.'!' 154522 ,g3.g,,,g,qe-:1,-:ap?fA5Eel:ai:Ei.L4I5?2R'QEQ::EZf!rf,g:.wf.'3?::f:'i5:5g139155: ---s. - wiv- .' '..f': .'.- '-Q' s.-. fi. 4- 'M g My .r w. .-.,. 5 1 - s --1 'Mp' ' Q 1.41. t.. --".x'.:' ,:9 - ' f i".'--1 1-. mix x 4.8 -1.15 ."' 'L' v:'r'1:" A- . ' .- '."'xK1 l"'X1..-'flgiu " 4' 5u,"w' fl-fs'.l V'3"k"..1 H' "K H-52'-'xg ss,l"plWJ r J' L 'D nf' -32 J? 1-vflgqg an 1 - ffl! J 'hw' J NJ. 'L fn. "': p..4l,"v. 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Zqeaw 1'Sc-if:'?5'9.'b?azi.-LK-,ff5!?gZffs9:f2.z'Xii1'2'fA'Mh-rf v-" is ?2,cb.:3'.C::n1l-T'2"feWS 'L:K:f?-739-'E'-'I . '-Q ,,-,felq ':uvN' f 5-vt Q, 1',"nNv 1 x 45 fs'S Lu- s 1 'p . 'N ' 1 Nw JA -u s' 'YS g "l"' K- I Q I . C g , i 9' ' 1 1. ' n - 4 N C , 4 - i ,. - :"1-,1 P" ' -. -rf .' -.-,rf'-- 1- n - . Q: v-"a-.- 4, -1- ,f . sk 1535-3-Z-3: i-'Zs?N-1f3:E-03?'5!8f:'?ff'Jfc'.1'rA:u'.-3:415243113355 1?fff..'ftIX' -2576111 -'2'n 732220 -1- fralfirg ski i-Q 2:3-1 -A155 ifrnh 'I-:J - 1-.vffiv A-X521-S 2. .s5.:.5'n .1'5'f"n na The theme of this yea1"s 28th Annual SweetheaI't's Ball, sponsored by the Emmett High School Band, was "Sleigh Ride, " The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Winnell Walker, as Sweetheart, Julie Stevens as lst Runner-up, and Jackie Turner, as 2nd Runner-up, 191 Cin-Uff Tip-Off Queen candidates, Left to Right: Kathy Troutt, Barbara Sediacek, Karen Rogers, Jan Clements, Jackie Turner, and Jenneice Gurney, may 'if Hrgau Winward WW, "1Q"""' jack ic Turner Syriugzz Girls ' Stale Dixie Carr Barbara Sedlacek Andrea Beatty Gem Hays ' Slate Paul Jewell Steve Russell Ken Williamson Bryan Winward Dennis Puschmann Tom Rexroad Alan Brown Bill Hanson Richard Suyehira pccial Honor Debaters who debated in regional debate were Harold Durk, Bill Riggs, Larry Lineberry, and Steve McConne1. SRV Declamation winners were Harold Durk, superior impromptug Marge Savola, superior dramatic dialogue Bill Riggs, superior impromptu. District Declamation winners were Harold Durk, excellent impromptug Bill Riggsg superior impromptug Steve McConne1, excellent panel discussion. Gwen Nyland was chos en at the Betty Crocker Homemaker this yeai . Tom Rexroad, Dixie Carr, and Steve Russell, Knot pieturedl were winners in the Elk's Youth Leadership Contest. . Susan Shaw was cho to represent Emmet the All-Northwester and the All-Nation Orchestras. FFA Sweepstakes award was won by the Emmett Chapter. Participants in the various contests are: ROW 1, Left to Right: Rex Carroll, David Carroll, Bob Church, Allen Jones, Randy Benge. ROW 2: Mike Kendall, Richard Parks, Monte Stiles, Dale Johnson, Mike Brown., ROW 3: Steve Conley, Steve Russell, Dennis Drake, Clyde Russell, John Link, John Cruickshank, Tom Evans, Melvin Bromgard, Steve Harris. I I- C... A J 'Q 'N Payne, Robert Payne, Lennie Jordan, and David Wade were winners in the Free Wrestling State Tournament held in Boise. X X . 'Y Qs , 4 an 1,4 KW 5 rv 't Z .4 X P X 3 C 7 r' Q l X lg , 1 K V C C' , W 7' if fs" Q ff Q i Emmett Judo Club, ROW 1, Left to Right: Paul Smith, Best record with 4 winsg Chris Donaldson, 4th place winnerg Herb Cummings 5th place winnerg Brent Cornwall, 3rd place middle weight brown belt division. ROW 2: Jim Blaylock, Rick Feigler, Alan Feigler, Nicky Oliver, Tim Whitehead. ROW 3: Brad Little, David Vahlberg, Ed Steinback. Not pictured: David Colburn and K. Lenord Pratt. NN.. l if i Dale Johnson Won lst place in the chapter public speaking contest. He also placed 2nd in the district speaking contest. Monte Stiles, Clyde Russell, Melvin Bromgard, Mike Kendall, and Leland Pook won lst place in the Western Idaho District Crops and Weeds Contest. 2 Guys and Dolls A ,A ff , W, M, ff W ,,L,, ,A,,,,, , ,,Q, , , , A f, W QV , W'M"""""t-...ivy ""'Fwn-M.. ,,,, ' ' Flag Carrier. Wi 3 ,NW '54, Q fi .WI Don't just dlrect WIBMQ 'Will 1 Y Qqhinkeigazljof MW g.. -if K s-L. I , ...M ? 4 V? Az """"""-'D--A...,.,.,W,w ...W WW W WE .R ' ' 1- izr V' if w w Z T4 KV Mm M Sm? ,MQW f M M """-Q-f... if vm. mn- WN 2 lr- I7 an-.E f 2 5 Z We also want to say thank-you, Mr. Bade, for the understanding you have given the students of Emmett High School throughout your eleven years of dedicated service -- helping to organize and pro- mote all the dances, giving your support to all the activities planned hy the stu- dents, trying to encourage school spirit and pride, and most of all, just being there when we needed you. Once again, thank you. .. Gam- bye yan, M r. Had app,-WH hlvnnmwmolrn W 123 january JJ to Februay lg f if Alf l PM Wx - X W X 2 Ulf Qi fn gp? 14:2 " THE. WATER-BEARER Sign of the Truth-Seeker or Scientist Air Sign Honest, Probing, Broad-Minded, Arniable, Humane, Popular Ruler: Uranus Color: Electric, Blue Harmonious Signs: Libra, Gemini, Aries ,M 11 tismzcn ts Sign of the Poet or Interpreter Water Sign Gentle, Kind, Retiring, Sensitive, Uniucky Ruler: Neptune Color: Sea-green Harmonious Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo Felardary 20 to Mgrgh ZQ LN- .y .y HX, p Hyfzzfv X 'fx Ihr. + r',! cm L! Kg THE FISH SCOTT'S LOCKER AND APPLIANCE COAST - TO - COAST - .99-ur PO BOX98 EMMETT. IDAHO 83617 Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. GEIVI SUPPLY COOPERATIVE INC. OWNED BY l.OCAL. FARMERS lf FIRST SECURITY BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION I I EMMETT, IDAHO I MEMBER OF FIRST SECURITY CORPORATION SYSTEM I LARGEST INTERMOUNTAIN BANKING ORGANIZATION HE: "WHY DO You SCRATCH YOURSELF? SHE, YIBECAUSE :IM THE oNl.Y ONE THAT Kmows WHERE.H -.-...r JIM AND ED'S AUTO SALES ,.....I6-M.. 5. .,... 5 6 QRISONIS FINE PRINTING QIETY OFFICE SUPPLIES ADVERTISING CONSISTENT WINNER IN STATE NEWSPAPER COMPETITION BOOSTING EMMETT HIGH SCHOOL JOY MOTOR SALES JOHANNESEN MOTORS L-ER DODGE PI.YIvIOUTH DODGE TRUCKS AND JEEPS PHONE 365-4475 419 NORTH WASHINGTON Q W I I - Q Q EMMETT DEPARTMENT STORE WE FEATURE NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS PHONE 365'-4171 I HOUR BEST WISHESVV WI LES SEWING CENTER H AND H MOTEL 365-3866 4' I ..II1, - I . .llzv E -iz FO SOUTH JOHNS AvE, EMMETT, IDAHO 83617 gg-E - 5 I"' DIAL "I" 208-365-2482 2" - Ei V,.,: ,. :V.IV,: ,I1I., I - - A :. 'ERWGHTER5 TRN'-ER SPP-CES izi I zi' , - i I .252-9 ' ' 1 I T EIQBI ROBERT'S VENDING MACHINE - "DOC" THAYER'S MOBIL SERVICE COMPANY I ROUTE 2 DIAL 365-2196 EMMETT, IDAHO 'INUTSH TO You PROMPT AND FRIENDLY SERVICE , S SLI-I GREEN STAMPS 127 ii MONTGOMERY WARDS NOLAND DRUG AA,,,,,:,,,,,E,.,, SALES AGENCY WARD f HEVERYTHING FOR THE HOMEH STORE OF FRIENDLY SERVICE 365-4427 DROP IN OR PHONE ,- -, -, I CONGRATULATIONS HUSKIESl EMMETT VALLEY FRUITS, 'NC' I EMMETT FLORAL co. IDAHO FRUITS FLOWERS AND GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION BOB WALKER DBA 1 I 1 GRATTON AND SARNARD AGENCY 123 WEST MAIN STREET REKOW AND BUTLER PHONE 365-4408 SEE EOS FOR ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE To PLEASE OUR CUSTOMERS 'S OUR i 1 1 1 Z 1 1 i BUSINESS EIVIIVIETT VARIETY - - 1- - -T GAMAGE BARBER SHOP PHONE 365-4681 116 E. MAIN H 118 W, MAIN HVARHETY' THE UNUSUAL' AS USUN' - IVIENVS HAIRSTYLING - RAZOR CUTTING - SHAIVIPO HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES ALSO LADIES HAIRCUTTING THE FL-ANIGANS REGULAR BARBER SERVICE BOISE CASCADE 128 AGG'S AUTO PARTS OUR NAPA 'IJOBBERII IS A GOOD MAN TO KNOW D2 E. MAIN PHONE 365-4405 GEM MARKET EROCERIES IVIEATS THIRD AND JOHNS EMMETT, IDAHO BORK MOTOR 'ONTIAC CARS GMC TRUCKS INTERNATIONAL EIVIMETT TRUCK AND IMPLEMENT SHERRY'S HALLMAR K CARDS GIFTS, CRAFTS, AND PHOTO SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY 119 EAST MAIN 365-4232 EIVIIVIE'I'T' FARMERS I3 ,gl w FUELS, INCORPORATED FEED L00 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 365-4497 AND VALLEY PUMP AND EQUIPMENT EVERYTHING FOR THE FARM FAMILY - -I YOUR ALLIS-CHALMERS AND NEW HOLLAND DEALER CITY TRANSFER ONE 365-2972 EMMETT, IDAHO ROCK AND SAND READY-MIx CONCRETE COAL IK' Igffff EN5HlVEFi ffl! FARMER OIL. SUPPLIERS OF ' GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MANAGER: A MARVIN VAUGHN I ' CLASS OR SCHOOL RINGS ' YEARBOOKS ' CAPS AND GOWNS ' BLAZERS-FORMAL WEAR ' DIPLOMAS ' FUND RAISING GARMENTS FOR EDUCATED YOUNG ADULTS LUCKY LANES 12 EMMETT DRIVE-IN AND IDEAL THEATRE ll CONGRATULATIONS . . SANDERS PAC-OUT BEVERAGE EVANS AMERICAN SERVICE WOULDN'T YOU REALLY RATHER HAVE A BUICK? MORGAN MOTORS 517 N, WASHINGTON 365-2951 CAPITAL LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIALS - PAINT - HARDWARE NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 365-4459 MOUNTAIN STATES Y f V X, f T E LE PHON E KAREN R3 I SAI.I.Y S: KAREN R O SHAMROCK MARKET I I HTHEREIS SOMETHING DOVE-LIKE ABOUT YOU.T' HHOWIS THAT?" II I II You RE PIGEON-TOED, GEM CITY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS RUGS--HOST DRY CLEANED PHONE 365-4692 PICKUP AND DELIVERY HETHERINGTON ELECTRIC YOUR G. E. DEALER 50 YEARS oF SERVICE PAR KVIEW FOUNTAIN BEST FRIES AND HANIEURCERS IN TOWN! IVIERL AND DOROTHY LEE 208 NORTH JOHNS DIAMOND FRUIT, INC, EMIVIETT'S FRUIT COOPERATIVE IE EIVIIVIETT O.K. TIRE STORE POLYGLASS TIRES 6 MONTH GUARANTEE ALIGNMENT GOOD YEAR TIRES RI-IONE 365-43ZII Ig PHONE 365-4413 COMPLETE BUILDERVS SUPPLIES DEVOE PAINTS INSULATION AND ROOFING HIRSCH VALUE CENTER FIRST STOP FOR LEVIIS 131 WESTERN WEAR LOOK YOUR WESTERN BEST I3I WESTERN WEAR SCOTT'S HUM-DINGER -WM -'TX'T"'A"T ' "TI'ITA'XA" M 'IA'A 'W ' I I I I' I .I.,I, JOHNNY'S ELECTRIC GENERAL WIRING CON-I-RAC-I-ING HYOUR FRIGIDARE AND RCA DEALER' FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION EDGEIVIONT GREENHOUSE AND FLORAL WEDDING FLOWERS CUT FLOWERS -- POT PLANTS JO'S MARKET GRocERIEs-IvIEATs-GAS CALL 355-4231 FOR FREE DELIVERY VIGOLD STRIKE STAMPSVV DILL'S SPORTING GOODS SHOP AT HOME WHERE YOU CAN GET QUALITY AND SERVICE Rf? IDA:-zo FIRS'1iLI IA II II 2 WHY IS AN ELEPHANT LIKE A DOOR KNOB? HE HBECAUSE NEITHER ONE CAN RIDE A BlCYCL.E,,' I RADKE'S FURNITURE COMPANY UI- T' ' "W 'R"""N'W'Wf'MWi ""'WWmV",'NW"Q""I"''MS ' 'V 'i' "ITM" 131 NOBL.E'S JEWELRY TERRY'S EAST MAIN EMMETT MEAT COMPANY EMMETT "qwHoI.ESAI.E MEATS WFROZEN FOOD I.OcKERS PHONE 365'-4361 HO!-BROOKS EMMETT 'DAHO SQUARE DEAL GROCERY WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY GROCERIES--IVIEATS--SCHOOL SUPPLIES 365-2451 IVYOUR HOME OWNED FAMILY STOREVV VVWE GIVE GOLD STRIKE STAMRSII 132 E. MAIN ROMA: HYOU KNOW MY HAIR IS JUST FuI.I. OF ELECTRICITY," IVIICHELEZ HWHY, OF COURSE, IT IS CONNECTED K TO A DRY CEl.L,H MABE'S SHOE MOST EVERYONFS GRADUATING CENTER decx r K heat AQ , Q 6 51 1' or u ,6 FOR A NEATER E' J CLEANER WORLII HlLL.'S SHOE SHOP 'xx' .I FA- QI f 4 . HYER COWBOY BOOTS M' .ff ' v "-5 v', DANNER WORK SHOES ' 1 f U EFFICIENT SHOE SERVICE 0, H :mail K '. FULL LINE OF SHOE NEEDS rg, ..fm.5:y-A 1 p-ffvnfgg - , .J fi r x.-:ds -.Ni-.::'1-Q CHAPIN'S MENS STORE N I , . , .. ws 'T V rt ' IDAHO Powen COMPAN ALBERTSON'S FOOD CENTER FIRST IN EIvIIvIETT WITH TOTAL DISCOUNT PRICES 1 SPEROS gh DRUG 2 . Imresccfent STORE v , Coffee gfouse ' am! U' ' C.B.S. REALTORS -' if ' mining mourn 113 SOUTH WASHINGTON EIVIIVIETTVS REAL ESTATE CENTER HENDERSON OIL COMPANY GAS COMPANY 365-4071 I-ITE HOME 365-2190 GIFT SPROUSE REITZ SHOPPE EIVIMETT'S NEW MODERN VARIETY STORE 902 S, WASHINGTON DARLENE REDTFELDT 365-3405 FOODLAND EVERYDAY LOW PRICES COURTEOUS SERVICE 1019 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 365-3501 BEATTY CHAPEL CONGRATULATIONS GLENN AND JEAN STATE FAR M INSURANCE STATE FARM IS ALL YOU NEED Q79 ABOUT INSURANCE ,N5L,,.,A,,c, SIA!! KAIIM I I SANFORDIS BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS 1971 GRADUATES WE ARE NOW EQUIPPED 'I HANDLE ALL YOUR PHOTC GRAPHIC NEEDS, EVERN7 THING FROM BEAUTIFUL! SENIOR PORTRAITS TO ARTISTIC WEDDING CANN7 DIDS, DENNIS PHOTOGRAF 'III4 SOUTH CoIvIIvIERCIA EIVIIVIETT, IDAHO 83617 PHONE 355-3044 XI 134 REKOW IIVIPLEIVIENT BROWN'S RADIO AND T.V. SHACK IVIRS, SCHLAICHg HJOHNNY, GIVE A SENTENCE WITH THE FOLLOWING WORDS IN IT: DETAIL, DEDUCT, DEFENSE AND DEFEAT,H JOHN NI: 'IDE FEET OF DE DUCK GOES OVER DE FENSE BEFORE DE TAIL,H I-IE: IIPARDON NIE, DEAR, BUT YOUR STOCKINGS SEENI RATHER WRINKI.ED,I' SHE: 'IYOU BRUTEI I HAVE NO STOCKINGS ON,I' A MODERN CO-ED IS DEFINED AS ONE WHO HAS A SHOTGUN IN HER HOPECHEST, ,4 strvlagiml Jnformatia TABLE OF FORTUNATE DAYS OF THE WEEK 552 Aries T aurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisce s BEL Tuesday F riday Wednes day Monday Stmday F riday Saturday Tuesday Thurs day Monday We dues day Saturday THE TRINE Like signs repel each otherg opposites of the same sign strongly attract each other . Fire Signs: 11 Aries+ Air SigHS2 FIGURING SOUL AGE Fire and air signs are compatible, Water and air signs are compatible, Earth and air signs are compatible, Earth and water signs are compatible at times. Fire and water are not compatible. Fire and earth signs are not compatible, 11 Gemini+ 21 Libra fneutra11 31 Aquarius- 21 Leo fneutral1 31 Sagittarius- Earth Signs: 11 Tam-uS+ Water Signs: 11 Cancer+ 21 Virgo fneutral1 21 SC01'Pi0 fuel-ltia-1? 31 Capricorn- 31 Pisces- POSITIVE RULING PLANETS NEGATIVE RULING PLANETS 11 Jupiter 11 Saturn 21 Venus 21 Mars Soul age is the number of lives, out of nine possible, that you have left to live, Using your birth date- Add together the number month, day and the year. Day ----------- 22 Month --------- 10 Year ---- --- 1952 1984 of the Keep adding the totals together until a niunber not larger than nine is achieved. Example: 1+9+8+4: 22 2+2: 4 In this case 4 is the Soul Age- Qlvlercury varies1 PLANETS RULE THE DAY AND THE NIGHT PLANETS RULING DAY PLANETS RULING NIGHT 11 Sun 11 Moon 21 Jupiter 21 Mars 31 Saturn 31 Venus WHEN THE MOON IS IN THE SEVENTH HGUSE AND JUPITER ALIGNS WITH MARS, THEN PEACE WILL GUIDE THE PLANETS AND LOVE WILL STEER THE STARS, THIS IS THE DAWNING GF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS, AGE OF AQUARIUS, AQUARIUS, AQUARIUS, HARMONY AND UNDERSTANDING, SYMPATHY AND TRUST ARCUNDING NO MORE FORCE TO TURN TO VISION MYSTIC CRYSTAL REVELATICN AND THE MINDS THROUGH LIBERATION AQUARIUS, AQUARIUS, 136 EQ Ut? SCJ My X Mr 4, W ORM , X QCOLLQ f Q' M N YZHQ? Qzff ff APfWfN5Uq V! if Q23 Ni, Agiiqck' 0 W 0? XSZ A ff my JW ff 12461 psvnxegu , PW ' wwf ifgqtwjqcf' RQSLS yy My M an 'Q 5 Ca VQQL ff4QllQaj5?gK Q ' , 39? . 'C Q W .gif zilifw H A . 61:21. . QQ . X ng I I X AP wwf A r S9 ww ,QQ f ,giiflfkl K Q gy Tb Mm WM g ,hy My Wy y ,L X L, Q' S Q K my ' WQlWi My QU Rf' be F 5 X D33 Nw C T - ?QLDQ??fyD igix 5 Q' , , ' '?5ffW'9 744mm 4 Q f ,',V AQJEM N f ' ' Wm .gfawv-wb ifZ?fj,?Q?' WW Z4 ' ' ma ju Qffff'fWgQ4Qgg7Ml ,gawk if? A bm f fi ML fwwwf S I 5115 af CNW 0234 Af CW y fn JJ f r pf WML fbi Qfyfffybaffek wwf! Gif? U36 ijffziif MKQ ,zznmffmffiffiffayw 035 WZQY, ,ya WW ygWif5ffQfifZCZf f if ff if My QM'4WWfPQ'7hZ,Z6Qf ham We fi?2zW ,fad 'f'7wwa ' 6 Q I A ff pwwzWi 7 p ,4a4 A W! gf fmzaf :wif W M21 MVQQ, 4fWv W if K f I, Ygggu mWM J5LZfW 1 WWQMM' M' Lift-KZ? ff JQMN gif WVJLUJVM MQW! ,. 91- 31-5xvQX KN? jug I X026 XXGMML XNXRXXo 5x LCM lW1VVi M C' 24 EKFDXJXY 'f5x '5AX4CF XNUWQ AL: with xc S4 XX avr, diff X- QVC! 022 A . N H' ,, VZ k f ffl 7 QQWE7 M3 ,047 55755 327 KVQQQZ Q-54307 JWWW f! , dgmfplwf , OXJVCJ JM! -TAINBRQQQ4 ?, 5. gan' if J M445 X446 JAM iii? Q? 23? Q? Q2 A xii? 22 51 E ,232 fyyifgfjfagggiiffigtigi ijigjiflff iii iffy 5i3?jZ'fF 7Tff ,F Qifgffgff f QQ ff? of Sf! M 47 233355 5 3- Q 42 R 3 iw if-gegfggfifg 3 5 3325 353353555 gg? L J A if Zuma? wzaLQ f,Q ,, L Oct f 4W704,4QJQ,,f W 16LQ L-7gL 1, l ' 'V C81 K-Qcbxbz cwfuf Qi? Qcrid Qgcfckycloz ' Q. 0, Vmffww W , Ci Kmwnr , 72,7 Q5 sy N sigma B E WE Q m.5U7wz,LQ 0001155 - W bib. 5 'W O :bf f-I-.2 5 U1 h mo R QQ 5536 ig? X235 5 V wpfgfgf Q25 j f wif Q . N Oi O I, EW , '-f , V, Fifi 'Q- , ' 3OX4f'Oiff O ' ' QC,Q,,Wff ff, Lffm-my v D ' c fl Q.'KUVbQfffkJOJNUfijQ A wwww at Rafi? ' P 5 FA-9556 2 W O f 222 ffif L f- 'Uf ,3J5EO2SES+fwUEX,'QWQ Q Q iii? WML' Qhfgfndfx 5 'Y 'V Kim' Q 6 f Wtgmzgmfgifg f ,M 'T,N jJ,2fJv wf, , Q 'j eg fi QLijg5g5OijYQ13niimCgQ-CgQGggEf0 av T iii? if 2 if A 5 Ei Q Eb- KN N On Xf 5 W3L3lQE5?5x3Qf0354ff5 ff if 29 gggv Ji J Q, Mi Q QW -TX fi Y QELEQQFQ O EH J QE gi V f'P hm?E 6R WMA v5SQ M O 5 L Q Xb Qfywij? QQQA Bbw ' ' me gfffiffw ,0,,QQQ 20+vifLo.nL,fwAL, QS cn wvwlwm i Q4 fmcolusxxx gmk 5365 . I Jojmw 15 fwpifxxn M OQMSQ Ad' f H MM xi , ZWJMMJOULSJZJUM 'WA sd fffwfwgliiwgjww OW? QW 5 is will www WMQHEWEWQ MWQ +N3ffco?0NA ffmk QQ 5 N? ' MQ?-PM ilgaygovigfgalswfggi WMM M mmf Cf wg Ah 65 6wJg5?gQLJ !0KJcwx QQCLLJQQ gwsgmak ZZQWS-S 06wM !Qw J Wfwfiw gig MM ezjggfy 7506 MKVWN fdp 3125? ylfwff 3? W W Idol 560506 f f MM 5 L MW 5 yQf559?f5?ff70f7+efQf'fJ2f ii 2' fm K, Ui ,6dfC5QwwfQ,,,9 its on MU ,QJQJ ' 'drgxacislbsz oxvd wfdff dxafaapidy OOO I Q all gov MK - CML 'UL mU,0, jqgkdl A Zig xwmwUif ldlckk - lAc1.J..3gL gm! U hd? Ldv, ip mkwifwmwx OLMCL QAM f1QQig Z go MGM Cul- ,QM M f Q Uwidffsff fi 55 FSR Mew ' fdmfgfw 'ZW . ,ri 5 f ZQZC V LX it U ' Efgobgd if My-Q,-L9 Q M awk X im? 5321: 5 Lgwdumyww 1 XVQ Q: QWYN 5 J 'A - 1 X will Uupsclmool ,jim to OMIM A Owxkw-QR mm M x ,325 W Mx ms KVM Wlwd 'gyg k is X.X23 UMR 08 VQlUWXLQ3QtQSO IBQGCX JB .D A T - Jim 'QQ C52 WMML mm -QL K mx VIBNR X my 'MG QQ HOW 'gf f Q, ff 5 Q if gf Q S Sfxcmok ,H AQ P X - , , 5, Q W gf W QQ QQ f Q Qgiigvlafs , U fiifixgg 40 , , JWQQYMJ if f we Jay, al ff! WxffEKVW,Q M f 5MQg55 of ig-55 D0 P W H , '?1.47Lt',q JDWVUJLWMD ,CL Cf5'k'OJE,OJfxUkUQJ,9'l?3 X Alou w1j,MO2ff2j,M Q ,pix CPD fffijuqff? My XQGDR S5 Xbyfgisgb .05 59,93 UXGJQQQJ Kip Qwy M572 6 wiv XD HJ Bw f QSZJW3 W my Mb Nwyyw ANSNPJJH' sxffi X KU' JJXD Ny A013355 53.9. ypyfjx f5J9"JXyW'UD 05 OJ9J0VQDNN0 QP 0 IQ wwf B9 Ev 4 S E my yvgwgiifvy ww, E?gJG355if,N,XeQlJvQ Mvggyqvvd ESX? w I 5 555 M S ww ,I 5555 S AA Q E Fwd W f

Suggestions in the Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) collection:

Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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