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Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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H ff Q MGX , Ufjfjfffd M420 K' W Q M My ff WM LR Wifw ff V 547 QQQM Ji Xe Dig? 5 75611 . V0 ,gl Yrawwbfwxt , 'O Q E ' O Q Zpfwfwiw Z9 Wwifiglw Y fa,!W-!Lf , Magi? I Mdwwwfiwlg gdgjdffgfff? ff' ff' U61 Z W ,MW24 'Aims 3 ffflfgflg Qwfjj wg YQ' K3 gl Wdjm-f!!j!!!WM!'!IQ!Y51w if gp AAN azzagffgdgwfgziydf A J NDN Q, -MXL. r ' Rfilixx 2 ff Af ff ix ZOQ wvf, Eg mM? ljyMWT , gw qw ,rw Xi ww gym S3 WZWW , ffl' iffy' f W WM Mjfwf ZQMMZQZQQ 1 ., -4 ....-Diff' Z., M, 4 f gf ai X QS Q. J 'NT 42 4 5 Q f1v RkE 23fwW ' VN A 34 5' " XQQQE ggif lggijsi 5,22Q? KJ F1 SCIUAW BUII6 SAQA emmett hlqh school GIUITIGII, IDAHO VOIUING 36 ?A GOVCOI2: wenoy stanmey spomzs Gorton Ano photoqnaphenz, ITIIKG GASIGRBRCCI4 AOVGRUSGITIGIWI AHC Class EDITORS: kallelyn habley lmca fuhmman AOmll1lSU2A1Il0n ADO ORGADIZAUOI1 GOIIORS SUE HAUGIGI2 shanon QAIQIUOH Anztlst Ano Actlvltles GOIIIOI2: JAH SWGGUWAITI ADVISOR: QIGHH O. SCHIUGR 2 fx 1 MM .N and W.anslfs, mi-Q,, Ag Hi? - X . M..- ,ww V - - K K i, gvfiggwwm R f ' ..,, M- w. - Q.- ir Y .Q KK 'X-f fx , , ,- if - - M' K -'MXN . 6. A, 3, . M, A- .Nagy g? W1-5454 dmvfww EG: 1,5 .w1,,w A, if 5.-A 1 I ,bg E my . hfwi, 4 vig' 'ff ser-f W1 .Q ' S Fonewono Between the covers of this yearbook we have tried to preserve some of the cherished moments at Emmett High School-- dances, football games, faces of friends, scenes that might otherwise be forgotten--with the hope that in the years to come we will look back and remember 1970, as a time forever in our minds. CGCICAUCD We, the Annual Staff, are dedicating the '70 annual to a hardworking teacher who has unselfishly donated his time and talents to the students of Emmett High School. We all thank you, Mr. Mason, from the bottom of our hearts. 1969-70 CAl6DCAI2 August 18 21-22 September 2 5 30 October 6-10 9-10 23 November 4 26 December 5 18 23 January 5 19 22 February 13 17 March 3, 6, 7 12, 13, 1 ? 27 April 17 May 24 29 4 Football practice begins Student registration First day of school Football season begins Powderpuff football game Q Homecoming Teacher's Institute Band Marching festival Thespian play "Steadfast Ti Thanksgiving vacation Basketball season begins Sweethearts Ball Christmas vacation School begins again Second semester Senior victoryy n Soldier" Sophomore Class play "Run, Robber, Run" Tip Off dance Thespian play "Our Town" District Tournaments State Tournaments Senior Sneak Pep Club Skip Junior-Senior Prom Graduation Last day of school XB Mn Q F ,ll.!.....-I 'rv K . fl hw: M 11, W1 . xx ' Y X W . , , -' ' .4 ,W my U 11w,g5Vnf+,,,ggif'iw-55, '- ,Q W-W , M 1, WFM, 'A imlwlaxfd 4. Z: L ' - , , W 'W X - Q QQ iwglwyw' Y ry , fu. ,A 5'57'f k 'A W' Q4 H K ' ' W . Ny I I. A WM, H ww' 'd'f.wH, Xa -wviffm' 452555 F . www ull' M -4 Rn mm ilk JP' , 4 V I-,Q , frm-if ' 3 ' w , ,-W N X, Q , Y wg,,4f.1.44aM, 2 " . A , av , ag -' x Y , ' ' mi A -wwf "--"W-14"JTici!'3"1Lf5W"3133x.l'1'WX' .A.:hq..'-A FN W- 'R W , ff 'N A ,rg w.2l"' A, , ,-,gggwywngwf "' ,, ' it A ' .-uv - Man, A AE .fm , Jw .vm ' 'Hu 'M KN Q? W., " giz' T . Q " NW? ',.w-- Y ' "1 . " J 14 , W , , ' M V Hwfw X W! Nw1f'w,-139,-if-,N-5,b5iwe5,X w'-' 4-wg :ff ,w,.w W ' H Fwff:i22S13fj,,,. if 'I -M i -liflglhvvxxxlx . 1 , """?P'!m- , , L mm G W 1, V N A e W M A w A tw ,W M . I YA E . M W J ,M limi :W V 3 W ' uv. K I! V , 2 Y Q I K - . V 3 U 3 V , , J KC. iv zz i t . 1 . - - K ' ,- V ., x ? f YL, " r, -, 1, , X I 4 -aff ,,-. -L-s JZ! . . t 3, Q R -JI..-w, ff- " "' ' K Q.-4 gn f " m .. , WWE, .N M M if ff f 0,-an-W A W ES? Qu-v-W . ..,TQ T ' W . M..-.V ll Q -' . . , -fxfrk 'iw fl 'E-iiag Azaxaxasfa 'Q 1 ?' ? .651-,. - ,. 40 , M , P.--, nfkg-Q.,,, Q w,Awp,pg'?r'A t in m fm- , 'wifi' . M4 mf- Mwfftm' Fav' W W inn, - Y N -1.1 4--" "" "' 'i 7 ' ' 'lk' E 'S X S .jk-ah? E Q .Maw pf' 4 3 ACFTIIDISUQAUOH Mr. Clare Walker Mrs. Joy Dixon Mr. Kenneth Carberry Asst. Superintendent Secretary Superintendent chool BQARO Mrs. Jean Higer Mr. Mike Cooper Mr, Henry Suyehira Clerk Vice-Chairman Treasurer Mr. Leland Oberrneyer Mr. Keith Reynolds Mr. Kenneth Goodwin Chairman I 153 Il 9 IVV' Bees!! um 0 IL 1 it ,lily Mr. William Bade Mrs. Helen Blume Principal Secretary office staff W M M, ,Wg 3 1 ,.. OFFICE GIRLS--Left to Right: Sherry Beck, Debbie Butler, Pansy Morris, Arla Pook, Patti Mullins, Oralia Reyes, Sue Hamilton. Mrs. Blume, seated. FACUIIZ Mrs. Wanda Black U.S. History--Girls' P.E. Upper University of Iowa, B.S. Mr. Roger Beal Arts Kz Crafts University of Idaho, B.S. Mr. Clarence Beckman Vo. Ag. --Farm Mechanics F.F.A. Advisor University of Idaho, B.S. Mr. Ted Blume Chemistry- -Physics-- Senior Science Key Club Advisor-- Golf Team Coach University of Idaho, B - 1. fi X t . 3, gz- 7 ft 1.2 ' 'viii F. 'iglsiii , , Lf! 'V L t Mrs. Lucille Broich Typing I ez II National Honor Society Advisor Nebraska State Teachers' College, B.S. Mrs. Jessie Cherry Library Science F,N,A, Advisor Idaho State University, B.A. 1? if? Mr. James Freeman Band--Choir Drill Team Advisor Boise State College, B.M. lI2xCult Mrs. Genevieve Clark Home Economics F,H,A, Advisor University of Nebraska, B,S. -lf.X.41 -4, jkxvkxcz tt-fa FL- , It , Mr. George W. Cox Speech I Sz II--English II Junior Class Advisor J, V, Football Coach Idaho State University, B.A. Mr. Joe M. Gratton English II gl IV Thespian Advisor Rod 81 Gun Club Advisor Boise Junior College, A College of Idaho, B.A. Mr, Gil Koga Guidance Counselor College of Idaho, B.A. University of Ida.ho, M. Ed. Mrs, Mildred McFadden Orchestra Nebraska Wesleynn University, B. M, E, facult Mrs. Kathleen Mitchell Geometry Sophomore Class Advisor Boise College, B.A. Mrs, Judith Maclntyre French I 8: II Spanish I gl II French Club Advisor Spanish Club Advisor University of Idaho, B.A. Mr. John Mason Family Living Government Guidance Counselor Senior Class Advisor Booster Club Advisor University of Omaha, B.A, Mr. Robert H. Newell Occupational Exploration Distributive Education D.E. C.A. University of Idaho, B.S. Mrs. Verda Newell Shorthand--Office Practice Bookkeeping--Business Law F.T.A. Advisor University of Idaho, B.S, Mr. Ray Mullins U.S. History "E" Club Advisor-- Basketball Coach-- Athletic Director College of Idaho, B.A Mrs. Esther M. Pratt Algebra I College of Idaho, B.A. IIACUVE Mr, Ronald Noble Gym--U.S. 8: World History Junior Class Advisor Sophomore Basketball Coach Varsity Baseball Coach University of Idaho, B.S. Miss Nancy Nye English III Drill Team Advisor College of Southern Idaho, A.A. Idaho State University, B.A. Mr. Wayne Rexford shop 1, n, 111, 811V Mechanical Drawing Oregon State University, M, Ed. Mrs, Chrystelle Robertson World History Pep Club Advisor Pasadena College, B.A. Mr. K. Leonard Pratt Senior Class Advisor Algebra I Sz II Senior Ki Advanced Math College of Idaho, B.A. Mr, Karl Salskov Biology Science Club Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor University of Idaho, B.S. 8: M.S. liACLllt Mr. Glenn D. Schiller English Composition English iv Annual Advisor University of Idaho, B Mr, Warren Strong American Government Football Coach Track Coach .S. "E" Club Advisor Boise Junior College, A.A College of Idaho, B. A. "Have you seen my mar- bles ?" "Pucker up!" "I wonder who We are go- ing to dissect today ! " pensonn l I BUS SUPERINTENDENTS--Left to Right: Frank Leonard, Joe Adams, Asst. JANITORS--Left to Right: Lional Sharp, Biff Far- rel, Vern Hansen, David Johnson, fm Q COOKS--Left to Right: Pearl Robinson and Una Smith. X stuoent COUl1CIl STUDENT COUNCIL--ROW 1,Leftto Right: Gayle Mabe, Debra Hadley, DuAnn Corn, Sue Madarieta, Jody Suyehira, Karelyn Hadley, Mike Farnworth, Tom Rexroad, Ava Goslin, Toni Hamilton, Kathy Arrington, Rosalee Scott. ROW 2: Faye Frisbee, Sue Naugler, Jolene Waldner, Laura Madarieta, Marilyn Chilcott, Konnie Clements, Jenneice Gurney, Barbara Sedlacek. ROW 3: John MeLinn, David Dean, Ronald Fisher, Dale Goslin, Mike Hill, Mike Howard, Jim Broich Steve Wilfong, Bill Woodall, Tom Eiguren, Jim Thielges, Steve Thayn, Gordon Obermeyer, Mike Harris, Ward Johns, Richard Suyehira. , The Student Council was made up of the class officers, homeroom representatives and alternates, It was headed by the student body officers. The Student Council acted as the government of the school in sol- ving the problems of individual students and the student body as a whole. This year the student body officers attended several District III student council meetings, These meet- ings were held at various high schools in the valley and were represented by the student body officers of the different schools. The officers also planned to visit a student council meeting at Middleton, Borah, Boise, and Cascade High Schools. They, in turn, were to visit one of our meetings and share ideas on how the student govern- ment could best be improved. The Student Council played an active part in promoting school spirit and strove for improvement for Emmett High School. GIIIIICGRS Mike Farnworth President Karelyn Hadley Secretary President! Really , l should be word' Ihave to spread the Q Tom Rexroad Jody Suyehira Vice-President Publicity Manager Oh, what a quartet! . V z r .1 I if s f X e X . , Q H Y fy ffl' 8 -1 1 7 I if X 1 ' 'H l " ' I 'k v W k t' y gui . if M1 e, or over ime I ' ' -A f 1 tonight AGAIN? ll , 1 I ' 1 . 1 X f Z, Ma w 1 CIASSGS Ad n Senior Class Officers Ward Johns ........................... ..................... p res d k d Mi e Hill ............................. . ....,........... vice-pres A Sue Currier . . . . . . secretary-treasure f W11 . . . .... represen 1 b . . . represent IHOIIIO: we ape yestenoays oneams, tooays neallty tomom2ow's futune. C0lOl2S: uqht Blue Ano sllven IIIOWGR: llqht Blue cannatlon DIQR HISICI2 The members of the fabulous "Class of '70" started out together at Parkview four years ago. There were 195 students in our freshman class, Leading the class as student body officers were Jim Gratton, presidentg Loree Niccolls, secretary-treasurerg Karl Jensen, sergeant-at-armsg and Iva Nicholson, social chairman. Mr. Levers was our advisor, and it was a great year! In 1967 we entered the halls of good ol' Emmett High School as sophomores. Our undefeatable spirit earned second place in the spirit contest, much to the surprise of the upperclassmen. The class officers were Bill Woodall, presidentg Mike Farnworth, vice-presidentg Jody Suyehira, secretary-treasurerg and Mike Hill, representative. Mr. Schiller was our advisor. Our junior year was full of fun and activity, We again placed second in the spirit contest, and our class float won fourth in the Homecoming parade. For money-making projects, we sold magazines and pens, which had the basketball schedule on them, We also had concessions at football and basketball games, We sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom with the theme of "Gone with the Wind," "The Girl that I Marry" was given as the junior class play, and it was a great success. Leading the class were president, Mike Farnworthg vice-president, Debbie Butlerg secretary-treasurer, Jody Suyehirag representatives, Linda McLinn and Dale Jones. Our advisors were Mr, Pratt and Mr, Gratton. Our last, but greatest year began in 1969. We chose as officers Ward Johns as presidentg Mike Hill, vice-president, Sue Currier, secretary-treasurerg and Gayle Mabe and Steve Wilfong, representatives. Mr. Pratt and Mr. Mason were selected to advise us during this most important year of high school, We put on the movie for the student body in the spring. The junior class sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom for our class , which was the last formal dance at which we were together. Then came our sneak, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! As tradition has it, we closed our year with a Senior party and banquet and graduation. The class has earned honors in all fields as scholars , musicians, and athletes. Our four years together have gone swiftly, but they have been full of much to leave lasting memories . Best Personality Clas s Clowns Happiest Debbie Butler Liz Stanczak Jody Suyehira Ron Benge Karl Jensen Steve Wilfong Quietest Loudest Karalee Johnson Jolene Waldner John Dean Butch Bosworth Most Athletic Prettiest Eyes Most Industrious Linda MoLinn Priscilla Thielges Debbie Eiguren Dale Jones Mike Easterbrook Joel Reed Best All -Around Sue Madarieta Most Likely to Succeed Mike Farnworth Sheri Garmon Bill Woodall DIOR stanoouts fir' Best Figure Nicest Smile Most Talented Kathy Emery Kerri Ness Gayle Mabe Mike Hill Calvin Gabert Ward Johns Best Dressed Du Ann Corn Greg Pugh Flirt and Wolf Cindy Holbrook Mike Howard jOhl1 CHAD shanon GARIHOH OGBQA HAOIGV VAIBCICIZOIQIAH VAl60lC1COl2lAl'l VAIGOICIIORIAI1 IVA HICHOISOI1 Joel R660 VAl6OlC1ZOl2lAI'l VAIGOICIIORIAH IARAIHG qonoon SAIUIAIZORIAD sue hamllton Blll woooall Joey suyehma oesme Butlen sue eunmen lonee mecolls l2 T16nor2s oee ann OAVIS in con stanoley M lmoa fuhmman kanalee Johnson GAyl6 mane kanelyn haoley uz stanezak Janet Atkinson wenoy stanoley 'g sue nauelen A f' Adamson, Diane Arrington, Diane Marie fDianej Asher, James Edward ftlamesi Atkinson. Janet Lynn Uaneti "Never too busy to talk to the boys." Pep Club 3,43 Thespians 3,43 Band 2,3,4g Pep Band 2,3,4g Choir 4, treasurer 4g Sweet- heart Ball princess 4, "Sweet, shy, and pretty," "Fm a quiet little monster. " Band 2,3,4g Pep Band 2,3. DECA 4. Beek, Sherry Maurieee QShe-rryj IM-nge, Hon S. tRon1 "lit-r gift is being herself." "What's liiu without a joke every FHA 2!,1g Pop Club 4g Office five minutes 7" Girl 1, IC Club 2,3.4g Football Z,3,4g 'Frnek 'P 3' Basketball 2 3 4 Bennett, Clifford Daniel fDanj "Heaven only knows what he's thinking. " Betzeld, Jim Earl Mimi "What can I erqoeot of a day that begins with getting up in the morning?" E Club 3,45 Basketball 2,3,4g Track 3. "Sugar and spice and everything nice." Pep Club 3,43 Thespians 3,43 "Aunt Billie From Texas" 33 "The Girl That l Marry" 3g "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" 45 Choir 4, Borcn, Darlene Agnes 1Darlenei "It's better to be small and shine than to be great and cast a shadow." FTA 23 FNA 3,4 historian 4. Bosworth, Anthony Joseph tllutchi "Thinks little, but says much." IC Club 3,4 Booster Club 2 ,3,4g Football 2,3,4. Bosworth, Danny Ray qDani "Got ai lot of living to do." Booster Club 25 Football 2. Broich, James Wheritt fJim5 Bromley, Dennis Eugene 1Dennisi Browne, Earl Lee fF.arlJ "That favorite subjcet--my- self," Booster Cluh 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 E Club 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 parliamentarian 45 Thespians 45 Football 2,45 Basketball 25 Golf 2,3,45 "Aunt Billy From Texas" 35 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 45 "Our Town" 45 Student Council ll. Conley, Catherine Jane fCathyJ "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Band 25 Pep Band 25 Orchestra 2,3,4, reporter 45 FTA 2,3,4. Corn, DuAnn Lee fDuAnnJ "A closed mouth catches no flies ---buzzz!" Pep Club 2,3,4g Thespians 2,3,4, Cheer- leader 25 Drill Team 3, president 45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 35 Student Council 45 Powderpuff Football 3,45 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "Steadfast Tin Soldicr" 45 Homecoming royalty 45 Band Sweetheart 4. Corr, David Lee iDavidj "To be of use in the world is every m:1n's dream," E Club 45 Football 2,3,45 Base- ball 2,35 Orchestra 2,35 Track 4. "He just 'moseys' along." Track 4. Butler, Debra Sue fDcbbiej "Friendly, beautiful, and taken," Pep Club 2,3,4, president 4, skip co-ehair- man 35 Student Council 2,35 FTA 2,3.-1: Thespians 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Cheerleader 25 Drill Tcam 3, -'15 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 PowLlcrpu.ff Football 3,45 lloniecoming Queen 35 Tip- Off royalty 45 vice-president 3. Chantrill, Allen Lee 1Allenj "A free man is master of him- self." Booster Club 35 Track 45 Bonneville High 2,3. Chilcott, Michael Ray fMikej "There we are in school when wc could be learning some- thing," Booster Club 2,3,45 Football 25 Track 3. "A good man in every way," Key Club 3.45 E Club 4: Basketball 2,3,4. Bryson, James Bryon fJimJ "There's quite a lot behind his quiet manner." French Club 2 Booster Club 3,4. Carver, Virginia Chatclain fvirgimay "What's the use of worrying when the world is full of fun. " Pep Club 2,35 Powtlcrpuff Foot- hall 45 Band 2,3,-15 Stage Band 2,3,4g Pep Band 2,3,4. . . hy. Currier, Susan Loree tSueJ Darnell, Pennrc Paulette fPennuej "She laughs with the jolliest and "Never lets her studies eramp works with the busiest," Pep Club 2,3,4, checker fig Spanish Club 23 National Honor Society 3,49 FTA Z,3,4, secretary 43 Student Council 3,43 Thespians 43 Powderpuff Football 3,43 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" -13 Sur- retary 4. her excitement," Pep Club 2.3, -13 FNA 2.33 Powderpuff Football 3.43 Student Council Ii. Dutson, Dnnettc ".X fountain of hm bubbling over," FHA 2.3,-1, treas- urer 3, sL'c'rutu1'y P13 Urchrstru 2,3,-1. reporter 3, president -1 , .Xll-State 2, 1. Davidson, George Albert ftieorgei "Always happy but never sad, sometimes naughty but never bad." Booster Club 2,3.-tg Football 4, I-iasterbrook. Michael Paul fMikei "A quiet guy-but quite a guy," Booster Club 3.4, secretary 43 Science Club 2,3,4, president 4: Gym Club 2,33 Judo Club 4: Track 3, 1: Orchestra 3,-1: Annual Staff 43 Student Council 3, Eckroat, John Clay iJohni "He gets into trouble without even trying." FFA 2,3,43 Boys' State 3. Eiguren, Deborah Alice tDcbbiej "Pretty, poised, and popular." FTA 2,3,43 Drill Team 3,4, co- cztptain 43 Pep Club 2,3,4, Homecoming co-chairman 33 Band 2,3,4, drum majorette 43 National Honor Society 3,43 Thespians 3,4, president 43 Girls' State 33 Powder puff Football 3,43 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 43 Homecoming royalty 3, princess 4. Deanf John Printes. Uohnj "They that accomplish the most make the least noise," Booster Club 23 Spanish Club Z3 E Club 3,43 Key Club 3.4. secretary 4: National Honor Society 3.4. vice-president 43 Baseball 2,3, -t: Co-Valediotorian 4. Emery, Kathy Louise fKathyj "She has the face and the figure that gets the once over twice." Pep Club 2,3,43 FTA 2,3 Powderpuff Football 3,43 Drill Team 4. England, Mary LeAnn tMaryi "She's wound up like a clock that never runs down." Pep Club 2,3,43 Spanish Club 23 Powderpuff Football 3 ,4 . Farnworth, Michael QMikei "The only trouble with being the president is that there is no room for advancement," Booster Club 23 Key Club 2,3,4, parlia- mentarian 3, president 43 Band 2,3,4, vice-president 43 Orchestra 2,3,43 FTA 43 Gym Club 2,33 Thespians 43 E Club 2,3,4i vice-president 33 Golf 2 ,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Judo Club 43 Vice-President 23 President 33 Student Council 2,3,43 Boys' State 33 "Our Town"43 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 Student Body President 4. Fisher, lvliohuel Ray fltlikel "II the world only knew me as I do," Key Club 2,3,45 Booster Club 253,-l5 National Ilonor Society 3,45 Spanish Club 23 Gym Club 33 Basketball 2. Garmon, Sharon Dawn fSheriQ "Don't tell me what I mczui--let me figure it out for myself," Drill 'Foam 2,3,-1, co-captain 45 Pep Club 2,3,4, chccker 35 Science Club 2,3, vice-president 35 Thespians 3,4, vice-president 45 Nzttionul llonor Society 3,45 Powderpuff Football 3, 45 Band Color Guard 115 "Aunt Ililly From Texas" 35 "The Girl That I Marry" 3: Annual Stuff 45 Girls' State 35 Co- Valedietorian 4. Gillihan Xliltonllowzircl Milton , I l "Fd like school if it weren't for the classes," Gordon, Loraine Kay tlgxruinel "Nutty :ts 11 fruitcnke and just us good," Pen Club Z,3,4, llomecoming eo-ehnirnizxn 45 Spanish Club 25 FTA 2,3,-lg 'Fhespinns 'lg Drill Team -lg Powdcrpuff Football 3,-l5 "Steadfast Tin Solclicrl' 45 hweetlienrt Ilzall royalty flg Salutzitorian 4, Fisher, Vaughn S. Ifluckiger, Jay Sorensen f.Iayl "If I were a couple of inches taller, I'd show lem," Baseball 4. Foster, Larry Duane qLarryj "Why should the devil have all the fun?" Fuhriman, Linda Rae fLindal "Lovely to look at, delightful to know." FTA 3,4, treasurer 45 Thespians 3,45 Pep Club 2,3, 4, secretary 45 French Club 25 Powderpuff Football 3,45 Drill Team 3,45 Student Council 35 Annual Staff 45 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 45 "Our Townl' 45 Band Color Guard 45 Girls' State 35 Sweetheart Ball royalty 45 Tip- Off royalty 4. Gabert, Calvin Edward tCalvinl "I like school--but you know how it is." French Club 25 Booster Club 2,3,45 DECA 4, vice-president 4, "llc knows what he wants and with a little prodding helll do it," Key Club 2.Ii,4: Booster Club 2,i!, I: If'l'A 2.3,4. Sergeantf at-arms 45 Football 45 Track 415 Basketball 3. Frisbee, Faye Ellen Ufaycl "Quiet ..., but wow," Pep Club 2,3,45 l"'l'A 2,35 Student Council 45 Drill 'Foam 45 Powclerpuff Football 3,45 Sweetheart Ball royalty 4, Ford, Sherri M. "No faults of which we may complain," Pep Club 2,35 Drill Team 2. ' ek C oslin, Dale Ralph fDaleJ "Worry kills, Why die ?" E Club z,3,431f1fA 2,fs,4, re- porter 3, secretary 43 Booster Clul:2,3,-13 Track 2, 3,43 Band 13,413 Pep Buiul 2, 3,43 Dzlnee llzincl 2,-13 Student Council 2, we 'f at Gratten, James Eernarcl Mimi "Ile has the answer for every- thing, just ask him." I-"I'A 33 French Club 33 Thespians 43 Booster Club 43 DICCA 43 Boys' State 33 "The Girl Tlmt I Harry" fig "Our Town" 4. Hadley, Karelyn "Cheerful and full of fun3 she's made a friend of every one." Pep Club 3,43 FTA 33 Thespians 3,43 Annual Stull' 43 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 "Aunt Billy l-'rom 'l'ex1is" 33 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 13 "Our Town" 43 Student Council lg Student Body Secretiiry 43 Sweetheart Ball royz1lt5 I, - MW, 432 'ff wx ll Gurney, Dennis Boyd fDennis7 "Some think the world was made for fun and frolie, and so do li" FI Club 3,43 Booster Club 2.35.43 Key Club 2,3,43 Football 2.33 Basketball 2,3. am, Scott Eugene fScottj "There may have been greater men before me, but Idoubt it." Band 2,3,43 Pep Band 2,3,43 Dance Hand 33 Booster Club 2,3, 4 , Hamilton, Susan Irene tSuel "She is as likeable as she is lookablel' Pep Club 3,43 Thespiuns 3,43 National Honor Society 3,4, historian 43 Tennis 33 Choir 43 Drill Team 43 "Our Town" 4. Hansen, Jo Ann "We like her for what she is." FHA 23 "To a Wild Rose" 3. Hadley, Debra "A sweet disposition with a smile to prove it," Spanish Club 2, 3,4, secretary 4: Pep Club 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Student Council 2,43 Coe Valedietorian -1. Hellbusch, Jack L. "He who once is good is ever great." Meridian High 2. Hereth, Iistel Marie tllstelj "She makes a friend by being a friend," FHA 33 Pep Club 2,3,43 Tennis 2. Herman, Claire Marie Qltlariel "Covered from head to toe with sweetness FHA 3,43 Orchestra 2,3,4, treasurer 43 Sweetheart Ball royalty 4: Ilill, Michael Glenn Qlvlikel "Ilere's one great guy everyf one should know." Booster Club Z,3, vice-president 23 li Club 23334, president 43 Key Club 233,-13 Football 2,33 43 Track 3,43 Representative 23 Vice-President 43 Student Council 2,-1. Jensen, Janeen "I never met a man I didn't like." Pep Club 43 French Club 23 FHA 23334, vice- president 43 Orchestra 2,3,4, All-State 23 Choir 33 "To fi Wild Rose" 3. Jensen, Karl Il. "A handsome lad with 11 great sense of humor," Booster Club 233,43 Key Club 2,3343 Thes- pians 43 DICCA 43 secretary 43 Football 23 Track 33 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 "Our Town" 4. Johns, James Wnrrl fwardl "Take good care of me3 good men are rare." IC Club 2,3343 xiee-president 33 Key Club 2,3343 Booster Club 23 DIGCA 43 'l'hespi:1ns 3,43 Spanish Club 43 Football 2,3,43 Base- ball 2,3,43 Hand 233,43 Pep Band 3,43 Dance Band 3,43 Orchestra 233343 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 "Our Town" 43 President 4, Holbrook, Cynthia Lea 1CindyJ "I'm not as innocent as Ilook." Pep Club 43 'Fhespians 33 French Club 33 Powderpufl' Football 43 "The Girl 'I'hut I Marry" 33 Cheerleader 43 Spokane High 2, Hunt, Dianna Lynn 1DiannD.J "She pleases all with her ways of warmth." Drill Team 3,43 FHA 4, historian 43 Pep Club 3,43 Spanish Club 3,43 vice- president 3, president 4. Irving, Thomas M, fTornJ m just happy -go-lucky." Booster Club 33 Football 43 Baseball 4. up Jackson, Edgar "Cast away care. " inh Houtz3 Gary Lee 1Garyy ll "Why worry? It makes wrinkles." FFA 2,3,43 treasurer 43 'I'raek 2,3.4. N oward, Michael Lynn fMikeJ "Here I am, you lucky girls, donlt fight over me," Key Club 3,43 E Club 43 Booster Club 4. president 43 Football 43 Track 43 Student Council 4 Bovs' State 33 Nampa High 2. Hunt, James Allen Mimi "There must be some hard work im--for none ever came out." Baseball 4. Johnson, Karalee D, "Be silent and safe--silence never betrays you," FTA 3,4g FHA 2,3,4g French Club 4, Johnson, Sandra Lee fSandyy "Silenee? Never heard of it." FHA 2. Koskella, Steve Ross fStevej "Ne ver put off enjoyment, for there is no time like the present," Booster Club 3,-iq DIZCA -1, Judo Club fl. Jones. Dale Eugene mallet "Friendly and honest: a better fellow is not often found, " Key Club 2,3,4, treasurer 43 Booster Club 2,3,4g li Club 2,3, 4, vice-president 4, Gym Club 25 Football 2,3,4g Baseball 2, 3,43 Basketball 2,3,4: Repre- sentative 3. Kroush, 'Teresa Loretta fTeresay "She may seem quiet and look naive, but if you know Teresa. it's hard to believe," FHA 2. 3,4. president -1: French Club Z: DICCA 4. 1 f i 914 M19 Laequenient, Carolyn Ruth fllzlrolynj "Fun, fun, fun--that's her middle name!" Pep Club 3,-lg FTA 3,45 Powderpuff Football 3,43 Sweetheart Ball Princess 11. Lamb, Beverly Jean fllevj "Always a smile and 11 friendly hello." Pep Club 3,43 Thespians 2,3,4, secretary-treasurer 4, National Honor Society 3,-l, secretary 43 Band 2,3,4, treas- urer 4g Pep Band 2,3,4g "Finders Creepers" 25 "Aunt Billy From Texas" 39 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 Steadfast Tin Soldier" 45 "Our Town" 4, Kent, Donna Marie fDonna1 "She has her own idea." Gym Club 3. e V Wm 13264, Landers, Reginald Ralph fliegj "I'll spin Lx coing if it stands on end, I'll study," Booster Club 2,35 Football 2,43 Baseball 2,43 Byrd High 3. Larsen, Pzitsy "She's fun to walk with, witty to talk wit Pep Club 2,3,-lg FTA 2,3,4g DICCA 41. Lish, Leslie Wayne fLeslieJ "Silence is an nrt of conversation." lk ,sf M ,if C 1 1 McArthur, Rodney Kay fRodj McConnell, William Wayne fBillj "I would be romanticf-but "A personality all his own." heck!" Mason, John Mike Uiiikej "But officer, how could I slow clown when you were going so fast behind me?" Booster Club 2,3,4g Key Club 3,43 E Club 2,3,4g Basket- ball 25 Football Z,3,4, Track 2,39 NaLional Honor Society 3,45 "The Girl Thutl marry" 3. Mitchell, Carolyn Kay QCnrolyny "Laugh, love, and be happy." FHA 2,3,4, projects chairman 45 lirench Club 33 Orchestra 2. Morgan, Jack C. "If at first you don t sueeeed--give up!" Tennis 3. v Choir 4. MeKie, Charles Dee fCharlesy "Lover of night life and all its trimmings." Booster Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,33 Football 2. McLinn, Linda D. "Short and snappy, cute and happy." Pep Club 2,3,4. treasurer 4: FTA 2,3,4: National Honor Society 3.41 Student Council 33 Thespians 43 Golf 2.3,-4: Powdefpuff Football 3.43 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 43 Representative 3: Homecoming royalty 3,4. princess 4: Sweetheart royalty 43 Tip-Off royalty 4. McMahon, Ruby Marlene Uviarlenej "Quiet'? Wait till she gets started!" FTA 2,3,-13 Pep Club 2,3415 Drill Team 11: DI-ICA Club 4 . Madarieta, Sue Ann fSuej "She's a puzzle men aren't willing to give up," Pep Club 2,3,4g Thespians 3,43 Ski Club 3,4, president 45 Powderpuff Football 3,43 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "Our Town" 43 Stu- dent Council 4: Cheerleader 2,3,4g Homecoming princess 35 Tip-Off queen 4. Mardis, Lonnie George fLonniej "Wine, women, and song are getting me down. . .guess I'll have to give up singing," li Iabe, Linda Gayle fGaylej "Her conception of heaven-- a boy!" Pep Club 2,3,4g lf'l'A 3,43 Thespians 2,3,4g Choir 4, president -1, Honor Choir 4g "Finders Creepers" 2: "The Girl That I Marry" 3g "Stearlfast 'Vin Soldier" 43 "Our Town" 45 Representative 4, ff? , I i ,"," Morris, Pansy Waynettc tPz1nsyj Moyer, Carol Rcnc QCarolj Nasker, Jerry Lce Ucrryj Nauglcr. Susan Elizabeth fSuey "Pleasant in every way, " "Being good-naturcd is her "A man of few words, hut he "Never a dull moment when she's Pep Club 2,3,-I3 If'lL-X fl. specialty." Pup Club 43 FTA uses them all." Band 2. 3,43 arotuzflf' FTA 23 Pep Club 2, 3. 3,43 'Fhcspians 43 Band 2,3,43 Booster Club 3. 43 Drill Team 3,43 Thespians 3.43 V, fo-+?,:tj Pep llanrl -1. Ness, Kcralcc fKorrij "All that and cute, too!" FTA 3,13 Pop Club 2,3,-13 Thcspians 3 , -lg Powderpu.ff Football 11,13 Drill Team -13 Band 12 ,2i, i, Secretary 43 Dance Iinnrl 2,3,fi3 Pep Band 2,33 "Tho Girl That I Marry' 33 Studvni Council 33 Sweet- hcurt Ball qui-cn 23 llonic- coming royalty -1: 'l'ipfOff royalty 4. Ncwcll, Nikki Leann Dlikkij "Skip? Who--me?" Pep Club 2,3,-13 FTA 33 Powderpulf Football 3.43 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 Cheerleader 2.3. Niceolls, Lorec Anne fliorccj "Shc's lovely--she's engaged . " Pep Club 2,3913 I-'TA 2,343 fb ,QW may ogg 'Fhespians -13 "T'liv Girl That I lNla1'1'y" 33 "Our Town" el, Nicholson, Iva Mae Uvaj "She could argue a fish out of water and makc it think it was better off." Scicnce Club 23 Spanish Club 23 Pep Club 2,3,4, sergeant-at-arms 43 Thespians 2,3,-13 I-'TA 3,-13Nz1tional llonor Society 3,43 Tcnnis 2,33 Powclcrpuff Football 3 , F13 Annual Staff 33 Choir 4, llonor Choir 43 "Finders Creepers" 23 "The Girl That I Marry" 33 "Aunt Billy I-'rom Texas" 33 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 43 "Our Town" 43 C0fValedictorian 4. Powderpuif Football 43 Band 2,3.-43 Pep Band 33 Orchestra 3,43 "'I'hc Girl That I Marry" 33 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 43 Student Council 4. ,wEgl'f'WAg,, Olbcrding, Darwin James fDarj "It's not what I do that counts: it's what I get away with," FFA 2,3,4, sentinel 43 DI-ICA Club -1, president 4. Osborn, Debbie Kay fDebbieJ "Kind words will never die." Parks, licnjalnin Kyle fKylej "Work is sound and the sound is mournful ." FFA 2 ,3,-1, Parks, Kathleen Anne 1KathyQ ,A fl 'QW Phillips, Connie L. "Common sense is real wisdom." "As harmless as she looks." Spanish Club 2 , fl. Reed, Joel 'Fhomns Uoely "I felt fine this morning till I woke up," Key Club 43 E Club 3,4, secretary-treasurer 45 National llonoi' Society 3,4, president 45 Basketball 2,35 Truck 35 Boys' State 35 Co- Valedictorinn 4. Rekow, Sharene Katy 1Sl1:u'ene1 "Who says I'm :L sez1tterbi'ain?" Pep Club 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 Thespizins 2,3,45 Spanish Club 25 Drill Team 3,45 Powderpuff Foot- ball 3,45 "Our Town" 45 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "Aunt Billy Ifroin Texas" 33 Band Z,3,45 Weetheurt Ball royalty 2,4, princess 2. Rexroad, Judith Kay 1JurlyJ "To love life is to live life." Pep Club 2, 3,45 Drill 'l'C1lm 43 VXA 3,-fl, FHA 3.4. W , 4,7 .,.,, , ,, P ook, Arla JcDel fArlal "Sensible people find nothing' useless," FHA 2.35 FNA 2,Z3. 45 Secretary 4, Pook, Richard James Ulichardj "Fm just a simple country boy FFA 2,3,45 Booster Club 3,45 Football 25 Judo Club 4. Pruitte, Willie Michael iMikej "Mischief makes a man happy." Booster Club 2,3915 Gym Club 2,35 Thespinns 3,45 DECA Club 15 Baseball 25 Basketball 2 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "SteHclIf1st Tin Soldier" ,ig "Our Town" -1. Rankin, Susan M, "Every home should have one." Pep Club 45 Thespizxns 45 "Stead- fast Tin Soldier" 45 "Our Town" 45 Lew Wallace Iligh 2,3. Rawls, Naomi Ellen fNnomil "It is good to be still ," FNA 3,115 Choir 4. Pugh, Gregory Lee fliregy "The only people who never make mistakes are those who never do anything. " Rooster Club 2,3,45 Science Club 2,32 Thespians 45 DECA Club -l: Judo Club -l, 4 , ' ,,,, Rivers, Glenna Ilene ffllcnnaj "The heart has reasons . " Pep Club 45 Thespians 3,'1g Choir 3,43 Library -1: "The Old Fashioned Gi1'l"2: "Wild Rose' 33 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 4. ,." Robinson, Ralph Wayne fllalphj Rohrbacher. Lillian Hazel qLillianj Russell, Jacqueline Rae Qackiej "His grin is high, wide, and "Life is a continuous adventure "A nicer girl couldnt be found," handsome," Norrloff Union to those possessing good will," FHA 2,3.4, secretary 3, treas- Iiigh 2,3, FHA 4, urei' -1: Pep Club 3,43 Sweet- heart Rall royalty 4. Russell, Karen Rau' flizlrenj "With one exception, boys mean nothing to mv." FHA 2,3313 Pep Club Z,3. Salt-cn. Rosana IS. 'Now and forever , " Savola, kiurel Lee fLaurell "Her eyes sparkle with her inf tentionsf' Pep Club 2,3,-ii FTA 2,33 French Club 43 Stu- dent Council 4. Sharp, Lionnl Otis fLionnl1 "I have brains I hc1ven't used yet." FFA 2.3.4. Shaw, Janet Marie fJz1netj "A happy life consists of well-spent hours." Pep Club 2,45 FHA 4, Sigmnn, Alun Lewis fAlnnj "A main must be true to himself." "Old Ifzishionezl Girl" 25 "The Girl 'Phat I ZXIf1rry" 3g "Aunt Billy From 'l'ex:1s" 35 "Wild Rose" 3,"Ou1' Town" 45 Choir Z,3,f1. Smith, Debby Elaine fDebbyj "I love the life I lead," I-'IIA fl. W l QW ij, , ,.,,i My 1,42 ,N f 'f , M "," Smith, larry Edward fluarryi S "Ile would be a good student if it didn't take inueh work," DECA Club 43 Tennis 2,3. Swzlnder, .lohn Wesley Uohnj "Don't fence ine in." Band 2,35 Pep Band 25 Seienee Club 2,33 Booster Club Z5 Truck 2,f3,4. Thielges, Priscilla Anne tPriseillni "lf'ire4-ruekers :ire snnill, too," Pep Club 2,3,fl: IVTA 33 Powderpuff Football 3,4. Thonnis, Stephen Dwayne fStrvej "I didn't do ai flnrn thing," IPIVA 2,3. mith, Trudy Marlene 1'I'rudyj "Very sweet and hard to beat," Pep Club 2,3,-1: FTA 2,33 Thes- pians 3,4g Drill Team 45 Powclerpuff Football 35 "Amit Billy lfroni Texas" fig "The Girl That lIXIari'y" 3. Sprague, Michael D. fiilikei Stanezak, Lizabeth Ann fLizJ "Nothing like a good time," E Club 2,3,4: Football 2,3,4g Band 2. "She's full of mischievous pleasure," Pep Club 2.3,4g Thespians 2,3.4g FTA 2,3,4g Band 2,3,4, treasurer 3: Pep Band 2,3,4g Stage Band 43 "The Girl That I Marry" 3: "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 4: "Aunt Billy l-'rom Texas" 35 "Our Town" 45 Powder puff Football 3,4. Standley, Donnld Ray fDonj "Girls are okay, but have you seen my Jersey cow?" FFA 2 3,'l. treasurer 3, president Fl, District viee-president lg Foot- ball 2. Surber, Teresa Dorene f'l'eresni S tandley, Wendy Ann fiiendyi "lf each word were worth a penny, she'd be a millionaire." Pep Club 2,3,4g Spanish Club 2,3,4g Science Club 2.3,-1. points chairman 3, secretary 45 National llonor Society 3.43 FTA 3,43 Thespians 4: Annual Staff 4, editor Jig "Our Town" 45 Powderpuff Football 3. S "My idea of :in :igreenble person is one who agrees with me." Pep Club 2,3,-ig l"'l'A 2,3,-ig Thespinns 3,13 Powderpuff Footbull 3,43 Drill Ta-:nn 3,413 Band 2,333 "Ste:nlf:ist 'Fin Soldier" -1. uyehiru, Jody Lynn plodyi "Nobody is more sincere, genuine, and warm -hearted. Pep Club 2 , 3 fi, vice -presi- dent 3, skip co-chairman 43 Thespinns 43 Nutionul llonor Society 3,4, treasurer 43 Drill Team 3,45 Student Council 2,3, 45 Student Body zidvertising manager 43 Band Color Guard 43 Powderpuff Football 3,45 Annual Stztff 33 Secretory 2 ,Sq llonieeoming royalty 3',4, ii queen -ig Sweetheart Bull royalty 'ig lf'l'.-X 2,3,4, treas- urer 3g "Steadfast Tin Soldier" -lg Spanish Club 2. 1, ft Tubbs, Marie Waldner, Georgie Jolene Moloney Walker, Linda Thelma fLindaj Welch, Ronald Roy Uiony "You have to get to know me." "Sometimes seen but always "Always sunny side up , " "Pm here, . . .you can start FHA 2,3,4, degree heard," FNA 3,4, president 45 Pep Club 2,35 FHA 3,4, now." Spanish Club 25 chairman 45 Gym Club 35 Pep Pep Club 2,fl. Booster Club 2,35 Band 2,3,4, Club 2,35 Band 2,3. vicefpresident 45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,4, director 45 Boys' State 3. Wheeler, Ramona Ellen 1Ramonaj "Fm quiet until you know me." Spanish Club 35 Pep Club 25 FTA 35 FHA 45 DECA Club 4: Library 35 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "Old Fashioned Girl" 2. Whitney, Barbra Jane fBarbray "A charming girl with charm- ing ways who believes that neatncss always pays." Pep Club 2,3,451-'TA 25 FIIA 2. Whitney, Richard Michael fRickj "Why worry about a girlffthe world's full of them," Booster Club 2,3,45 Football 2,45 Base- ball 2 , 3, 4. Wilfong, Steven Bert tStevej "Whistle while you work and talk the rest of the time," E Club 2,3,45 Key Club 45 FFA 2,3,4, sentinel 3, vice- prcsident 45 Booster Club 2,3,4, sergeant-at-arms 3 , 45 Student Council 2,45 Representative 45 Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 "Our Town" 4. Woehler, Ardis Ann fArdisj "Calm and collected with a shy sense of humor," Pep Club 45 FHA 45 DECA Club 4. Woodall, Dale William QBillj "A man with push does not need pull," Booster Club 25 E Club 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3, 45 Viee-president 45 Thespians 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 "Finders Creepers" 25 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "Our Town" 45 President 25 Boys' State 35 Student Council 2,3,4. Worley, Gerald Robert QGeraldl "Fun is the spice of life, and Ilike plenty of seasoning." E Club 2,3,45 Gym Club 25 Booster Club 2,45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 35 Dance Band 2,45 Thcspians 45 Basketball 25 Football 2,3,45 Track 2,35 "The Girl That I Marry" 35 "Steadfast Tin Soldier" 4. Wright, Sherrie Ann fSherrij "I have my M.R.S. degree." FHA 2,3,4g mcczx Club 4: Choir 2. Wyant, Steve Lee fStcvey "His career--mischief." Wyman. Don Thomas monj "Here we are in school when we could be learning something. " not plctuneo Camren, Dale Lynn 1Dalej "He lives a quiet life." Booster Club 23 Track 2. Jones, Harold Mathias QHaroldy "Work? where have I heard that word 7" Perry, Dorothy "As Iam, sol see." Phillips , Connie "Purpose is what gives life meaning. " Borah High 2 , 3 . Davis, DccAnn "She's the kind of girl who talks on and on about things that leave her speechless." I-'TA 2,3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4g Thespians 2,3, 43 Powderpuff Football 35 "Find- ers Creepers" 25 "Our Town" 4. Lc-Delle, Allen George fAllen1 "I need no character reference-- l k.now l'm a character." Peterson, Kevin Frank flievinj "A handsome boy indeed. " Track 43 Herscher lligh 2,3. Sledge, James Robert fJimj "Good times come, and good times , go, " Wynn, Dorothy Jean fliorothyy "Charm of a golden type." Pep Club 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4 Spence, Boyd Eric Cindy "To be oneself is essential ' left 2 li ke M1445 Q N 7 3-g i K ' the class of '70 says GOOO-BYQ to e.h.s. X . . ' 5 Y. Yi 45 N I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS--Left to Right: Mr. George Cox, advisorg Bryan Winward, presidentg Steve Holbrook, vice- presidentg Barbara Sedlacek, secretaryg Bill Allen, representativeg Marilyn Chilcott, representativeg Mr. Ron Noble, advisor The Junior class started off the year by entering a float in the Homecoming Parade which placed first. The theme was "Cage Those Tigers. " As a project to raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom, the Juniors had a magazine sale. The amount made from this sale far surpassed the sales of the previous year, and seven hundred and fifty-one dollars was contributed to the Prom. As a Sweetheart candidate, the Juniors sponsored Carolyn Lacquement. The Juniors had fine leadership this year and wish to express their thanks to their advisors, Mr. Noble and Mr. Cox, for their fine advice and support throughout the year. Abercrombie, Ken Abrell, Lorna Allen, William Beatty, Andrea Bednorz, Martin Benson, Debbie Bentley, Linda Berglund, Phil Beyers, Diana Blaylock, Jim Blevins, Joyce Blume, Sandra Bores, John Bowman, Robert Branch, Janet Brand, Debbie Brogan, Illa Brombard, Arthur Bromley, Debra Brown, Alan Bryan, Dorcas Burlile, Vicki Burnham, Tim Buzzard, Francis Carlson, Ken Carr, Dixie Castoe, Bill Cayford, Dee Chilcott, Marilyn Chittenden, Vick Clauson, Pam Clements, Janet Clements, Konnie Coates, Don Colburn, David Colvin, Nancy Colvin, Rebecca Conrad, Mary Cornwall, Brent Cruickshank, John Davis, Karen Dawson, Aaron Deen, Dennis Drake, Michele Draper, Jackie Elliott, Howard Elwood, Sylvia Evans, Lorie Fackler, Judy Fackler, Linda Farrell, Biff Fehrenkarnp, Don Finch, Carol Finch, Margaret Fisher, Frank Ilurris, Mike Harris, Steve Harris, Yvonne Hartnett, Karyn Hearne, Duane Hill, Vicki Hobson, Robert Hoburg, Bill Hocking, Gloria Holbrook, Steve Holste, Ray Hopkins, Dale Hunt, Jack Hunt, Ken James, Beverly Jarmon, Leslie Jewell, Evans Jewell, Paul Johnson, Dale Johnson, David Martinez, Virginia Mullins, Patti Nanez, Helen Nash, Deana Newell, Mike Nyland, Gwen Packer, Glenna Parks, lla G. Parsons, Cheryl Payne, Becky Pettinger, Cathy Pevler, Walter Phillips, Mary Pope, Gordon Prescott, Rhea Puschmann, Dennis Queen, Dennis Quinlan, Sherry Rainey, Brock Ranft, Teresa f r l f f f f f if 46 4 M gill' , fab ' ia 'IA M1-wh wife L JUHIGR -3 Nv- wr If Raper, Peggy Redtfeldt, Kathy Reiman, Randy Reimann, Cindy Reimer, Kris Rexroad, Tom Reyes, Oralia Richard, Roma Richardson, Lory Rivers, Mary Rogers, Karen Russell, Steve Sargent, Nola Schmelzer, Sally Scott, Dianna we Turner, Jackie Vahlberg, David Veenstra, Richard Wade, David Wade, Sharon Walker, Dave Walker, Tony Walker, Wiruiell Waters, Beverly Waters, Dixie Weekes, Elaine Welch, Kathy Wheeler, Nikki Whiteley, Dan Widdison, Kathy mn Sedlacek, Barbara Shaw, Robert Shorthair, Vicky Sledge, Jerry Sledge, Jesse Smith, Bonnie Smith, Patricia Soderling, Roger Standley, Carol Stevens, Julie Stokes, Tom Stone, Sylvia Strang, Doug Suyehirzi, Richard Sweetnam, Jan Theillen, Gary Thompson, Clyde Tilson, Faith Troutt, Kathy Tucker, Mike ...Ao ' f Wllll K Winward B y Wise, Bill Wittenburg, C 1 Wold, Donn Wright, Ja NOT PICTURED B ry R k H 1 R k H ph J Stephens, D thy Swmdell, Marlene kim W9 Qi C 750 ul L+ XXX Cf,Lex.feLh7W.,,k X3 M YW CM Lk QS? f :Xxx Q , 1 0 Ill W .ff 'ji HJ o S class S? QM gawk x SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS--Left to Right: Mrs. Kathy Mitchell, advisorg Jim Thielges, presidentg Steve Thayn vice presidentg Pam Sorenson, secretaryg Laurie Madarieta, representativeg John McLinn, representativeg Mr. Karl Salskov advisor. The Sophomore class started off the year by entering a float in the Homecoming parade and winning second place. As a Sweetheart candidate, the Sophomores sponsored Karelyn Hadley. They put on a play at the end of January called "Run, Robber, Run. " This, along with Various other projects, such as candy sales and the sponsoring of a Tip-Off dance, helped to raise money for their coming Junior-Senior Prom. The Sophomores enthusi- astically took part in various school activities and were soon adapted to the ways of EHS. SODHQITIGRGS Arnold, Valjeanne Arrington, Kathy Bacon, Debra Baty, Tollie Benge, Randy Bennett, Claudia Bennett, Mike Bennett, Peggy Betzold, Don Bowers, Pam Bowman, Dewey Breshears, Nina Brown, Debra Brown, Vicki Browne, Jay Bryan, Rebecca Bryson, Tom Butler, Jody Camren, Lillian Carroll, David Carroll, Rex Cayford, Wendell Chandler, Carol Church, Robert Clark, Melody Clark, Robert Corr, Kenneth Cornett, Richard Cutbirth, Judy Cutbirth, Loretta Cutbirth, Steven Davis, Alvin Dean, David Dodson, Mike Dooms, Murrell Drooger, Daniel Dutson, Debra Eighme, Vicke Eiguren, Tom Elliott, Bryan Estes, Kathryn Farnworth, Rhonda Farrell, Cheree Fischer, Bettie Fisher, Ronald Forrest, Gerald Fuhriman, Steve Fuller, Kathy Garner, Lance Gillihan, Kristy Goodwin, Dennis Goslin, James Goslin, Keith Grant, Roxe Grubb, Richard Hadley, Colleen Hamilton, Shirley Hamilton, Toni Hanson, Debra Hardisty , Pame la SGDHOTHORGS Hathaway, Pamela Hellbusch, Terry Helm, Sue Helzer, Chris Hendrix, Wayne Hill, Cathy Hoburg, Paula Hodgins, Ramona Holbrook, Bob Holbrook, Dale Holmes, William Horton, Earl Houtz, Karen Houtz, Sharon Howe, David Hunt, Dennis Hyde, Alan Irving, Pat lzatt, Delma Jensen, Lola Vv-' . 1 'V A lv :blah sophomones McCullough, Patrick McLinn, John Mabe, Connie Madarieta, Laura Madsen, Eric Manning, Diane Montierth, Edward Morgan, William Mouritsen, Verna Myers, Reed Nally, James Nesbitt, Milton Newell, Martha Newell, Nikki Obermeyer, Gordon Osborn, Patty Parks, Pamela Parsons, Mike Patton, Robert Paull, Thurman ,, x Pettinger, Steven Pevler, Chester Pinkerton, Kim Pitman, Gary Pratt, Randy Pulley, Sharon Radke, Steve Rambow, Loretta Rane, Sherry Rawls, Lois Rekow, RaNae Rekow, Vicki Reynolds, Chris Richardson, Gayla Rivers, Michael Roberts, Brenda Rogers, Colleen Rohrbacher, Carolyn Russell, Connie Sarbaum, Lynn t X Wm fa ,af ,, , zazw , 4 fr, 4 M wfM"'h' ? .- ,,.. - 45' i ,,,. gm, Ili ,wt A 5 . nf it K' , A f -- T A gm, J 1, t V fu ,L sophomon s "-'nv 'ifigf Savola, Patricia Sawyer, Linda Scott, Rosalee Shaw, Susan Smith, Paul Smith, Randy Sorenson, Pam Sprague, Douglas Standley, Ronald Stevenson, Susan Stiers, Anita Surber, Terria Swander, Eddie Swindell, Cottie Thayer, Cindy Thayn, Steven Thielges, James Thompson, Beth Towne, Debra Vaughn, Keith W Y IV gin we r M, 3 s U AJ' MW Z ,-IZ.. Waldner, Rayl Walker, Elaine Walker, Gail Walker, James Walker, Yvonna Walton, Tracy Waters, Randy Welch, Barbara Wheeler, Martha Whitehead, Whitman, Karen Wilfong, Julie Diane Williamson, Kari Wilson, Patricia Woods, Linda Wright, Judy Wright, Wayne NOT PICTURED: Brown, Debby Frandsen, Connie Lee Hardman, Leon Harlan, Dave Hutchison, Larry r-.Sax X V 4 1 HX ,,,,.. 3? Q ORQADIZAUGHS CISTZRIBUIIVG GCUCAUDD ClUBS 0? am mea DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION--ROW 1, Left to Right: Larry Smith, Jim Gratton, Kathy Knowlton, Karl Jensen, Mr. Robert H. Newell, advisor. ROW 2: Ardis Woehler, Patsy Larsen, Marlene McMahan, Mike Pruitte, Ward Johns, Calvin Galbert. ROW 3: Sherry Quinlan, Carolyn Mitchell, Teresa Kroush, Steve Koskella, Greg Pugh, Ramona Wheeler. it: OFFICERS--Left to Right: Jim Gratton, treasurer: Karl Jensen, secretary: Calvin Gabert, vice-president. REAR: Dar Olberding, president. The DECA Club is an organization designed to build character and leadership in the field of retail management. The club sponsored a raffle of a color television and sold cosmetics to pay for a trip to Lewiston. A new club this year, DECA Club has done very well. Eutun nuns s FUTURE NURSES--ROW 1, Left to Right: Mrs. Naugler, advisorg Arla Pook, Loretta Rambow, Jolene Waldner, Deanna Nash, Ramona Lake, Dianna Scott, Darlene Boren, Mrs. Carnes, advisor. ROW 2: Mrs. Cherry, advisorg Lillian Camren, Patty Wilson, Sharon Pulley, Donna Wold, Julie Little, Jackie Turner, Kathy Troutt, Karen Mabee. ROW 3: Mary Ann Rivers, Sharon Houtz, Karen Houtz, Connie Russell, Melody Clark, Lynn Hodgins, Judi Rexroad, Francis Buzzard. The Future Nurses of Emmett High started the year with a formal initiation for 17 new members, followed by the capping ceremony for the juniors. The candy striper's community ser- vice this year consisted of working at the hospital each week and helping at local shot clinics. They "adopted" two children at the Nampa State School by sending them gifts and cards on special occasions. FNA sponsored a float for Homecoming and a candidate for the Sweetheart's Ball. Members sold candy to OFFICERS--Left to Right: Ramona Lake, treasurerg Deanna Nash, vice-presidentg raise money for scholarships that were awarded at the end of Jolene Waldner, presidentg Arla Pook, secre- taryg Darlene Boren, historian and reporter. the year, future hom makens FUTURE HOMEMAKERS--ROW 1, Left to Right: Mrs. Genevieve Clark, advisor, Shirley Hamilton, Dianna Hunt, Carolyn Mitchell, Danette Dutson, Teresa Kroush, Janeen Jensen, Jackie Russell, Marie Tubbs, Lillian Rohrbacher. ROW 2: Toni Hamilton, Ramona Wheeler, Vicky Shorthair, Betty Fischer, Carolyn Rohrbacher, Elaine Walker, Karen Russell, Sherry Beck, Janet Shaw, Pansy Morris, Marie Herman. ROW 3: Chris Reimann, Kathy Arrington, Pam Bowers, Vicki Burlile, Judy Wright, Connie Frandsen, Connie Phillips, Cheryl Landers, Debra Towne, Ardis Woehler, Kathy Estes. ROW 4: Linda Walker, JoAnn Hansen, Joyce Blevins, Karen Houtz, Coleen Rogers, Rosalee Scott, Debra Smith, Estel Hereth. The Future Homemakers of America of 1969-70 were dedicated to improving their homes, community, and selves. Their projects this year varied from making floats for Homecoming to singing and making favors for those in rest homes. The FHA Club also had an adopted child at the Nampa State School and Hospital. Many mem- bers worked on Junior, Chapter, and State degrees. In September, the officers traveled to Fruitland to receive in- structions for the year, and during the next month all the members attended a district convention in Wilder. The initiation of new mem- bers was held on November 16. The club also attended the State convention held in Boise in February. OFFICERS--ROW 1: Teresa Kroush, president. ROW 2, Left to Right: Danette Dutson, secretary, Janeen Jensen, vice-president. ROW 3: Jackie Russell, treasurer, Carolyn Mitchell, project chairman, Marie Tubbs, degree chairman. ROW 4: Shirley Hamilton, song leader, Lillian Rohrbacher, recreation chairman, Dianna Hunt, historiang Mrs. Genevieve Clark, advisor. CHAPTER PARENTS--Left to Right: Mrs. Clara Russell, Mr. Jake Jensen, Mrs. Alma Jensen. X FUT STATE MOTHER: QXVLMAKEQA "N i x NEW YW +V ,Qf Q? ' 42 3 K f E CZ cg' JC. 490 wx Mrs . Alma Jens en. "Dale Kroush, FHA mascot, gets into "FHA girls help at a nursery center. " trouble! " "FHA serves as Cupid on Valentine Day!" futrn fanm ns I 59 'M FUTURE FARMERS--ROW 1, Left to Right: Dale Johnson, Dale Goslin, Steve Wilfong, Don Standley, Gary Houtz, Dar Olberding, Mr. Clarence Beckman, advisor. ROW 2: Keith Goslin, Bob Church, John Eckroat, Lional Sharp, Richard Pook, John Cruickshank Franklin Gatfield, Steve Russell, Gene Gatfield, Steve Harris, Tony Walker, Chester Pevler, ROW 3: David Carroll, Alan Brown, Edward Hall, Martin Bednorz, Tom Stokes, Kyle Parks, Duane Hearne, Richard Kaiser, Walt Pevler, Larry Lake, Milton Nesbitt. ROW 4: Tracy Walton, Wayne Hendrix, Kirk Little, Jim Standley, Melvin Bromgard, Leland Pook, Monte Stiles, Mike Kendall, Gary Lair, Mark Little, Mike Brown, Alan Jones, Randy Benge, Rex Carroll. ROW 5: Mike Harrison, Tom Evans, Richard Parks Clyde Russell, Bill Parks, Louis Wright, Steve Conley, Dennis Drake, Fred DeWald, Tim Burnham. DISTRICT WINNER OF THE PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST: Don Standley. OFFICERS--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Dale Goslin, secretaryg Don Standley, president, Steve Wilfong, vice-president, ROW 2: Dale Johnson, reporter: Gary Houtz, W treasurer: Dar Olberding, sentinel, 1 FFA delegates at the FFA National Convention in Kansas City. ,-- ff' 1 X cf ON 5 ' Z 'I ,. 1,1 I fa" " -it .PFA MW fx "o of .W CFOPS Team Meats Team Judging Team l cl' 'O AQFA rf? 1 Qlqulj -.-ji' .l 1. 0' 6Q 1 fl X 1, N nl 1 0 X if 1' vo T, of IIUIURG IGACH I2 FUTURE TEACHERS--ROW 1, Left to Right: Mrs. Verda Newell, advisor, Jay Fluckiger, Linda Fuhriman, Sue Currier, Dennis Puschmann, Paul Jewell. ROW 2: Sharene Rekow, Kerri Ness, DeeAnn Davis, Lizabeth Stanczak, Linda McLinn, Laraine Gordon, Gayle Mabe, Jody Suyehira, Iva Nicholson, Debbie Butler. ROW 3: Trudi Smith, Loree Niccolls, Carol Standley, Carla Wittenburg, Cheryl Parsons, Carol Moyer, Teresa Surber, Sandie Blume, Barbara Sedlacek, Jan Swcetnam, Debbie Eiguren. ROW 4: Joyce Blevins, Karalee Johnson, Maureen McCullough, Linda Sawyer, Susan Shaw, Mike Farnworth, Cathy Conley, Julie Stevens, Jenneice Gurney, Wendy Standley. The Future Teachers of America is an organi- zation for the purpose of promoting interest in a teaching career. Its members have the opportunity to student teach and observe classroom situations. For a money-making project, the club sponsored a dance on Halloween night with the theme of "Haunted Hullabaloo." The group also sponsored its annual talent show, the proceeds going toward scholarships for graduating seniors. Ten members attended the FTA State Conference at the College of Idaho on November 20. OFFICERS--SEATED, Left to Right: Sue Currier, secretaryg Jay Fluckiger, sergeant-at-arms. STANDING: Dennis Puschmann, vice-president, Paul Jewell, presidentg Linda Fuhriman, treasurer. llnnany staff LIBRARY STAFF--ROW 1, Left to Right: Lory Richardson, Kathy Redtfelt, Janeen Jensen, Danette Dutson, Mrs. Jessie Cherry, advisor. ROW 2: Barbara Kincaid, Carol Standley, Linda Sawyer, Lynn Hodgins, Sylvia Stone. "Do you have a little, thin, nonfiction book I can read quickly? My book report is due next period. " "I need a research paper on the role of the Supreme Court in our modern society. The paper is due tomorrow but I have a date tonight. Can you help me ?" These are the questions that plague the librarians from 8 A.M. to 3:45 P. M. five days a week. The staff works to fulfill the needs of the students while learning library science which includes how to locate, reshelf and mend books, and how to order, classify, and catalogue books. For this work, these dedicated girls earn one school credit per year. pam I n FRENCH CLUB--ROW 1, Left to Right: Jana Wright, Linda Bentley, Barbara Sedlacek, Jan Sveetnam. ROW 2: Julie Stevens, Andrea Beatty, Melody Lilley, Dianna Scott, Mrs. Macintyre, advisor. ROW 3: Laurel Savola, Sally Schmelzer, Cindy Reimann, Steve McConnel. OFFICERS--Left to Right: Jana Wright, president, Linda Bentley, secretary-treasurer. The French Club of Emmett High School is an organization composed of French I and French II students who hold an interest in both the language and the country they are studying. During the year of 1969-1970, the club planned a formal banquet as their initiation. In the spring of 1970 the club planned to create a French sidewalk cafe in downtown Emmett as a money-making project. In this way Les Parisiens hoped to bring a little of France to the people of Emmett valley. los IUAIAOORG LOS MATADORES--ROW 1, Left to Right: Dianna Hunt, Debra Hadley, Mrs. Macintyre, advisor. ROW 2: Kathy Parks, Kathy Arrington, Lynn Hodgins, Melody Clark, Verna Mouritsen, Ramona Lake. ROW 3: Judy Cutbirth, Sandra Leslie, Laura Madarieta, Debbie Brown, Debra Hanson, Patty Savola, Pam Hardisty. ROW 4: James Nally, Alan Hyde, David Dean, Pat Kesgard, Richard Cornett, David Carroll, Tim McConnel, David Vahlberg. ROW 5: Richard Suyehira, John Bores, Tom Rexroad, Yvonne Harris, Steven Gratton, Patti Mullins, Barbara Kincaid, Dennis Queen, Wendy Standley. The Spanish club, "Los Matadoresf' consisted of students who have taken Spanish. Fifteen new members were initiated in January. The club helped us all to learn more about Manish customs and culture. Our activities included a formal banquet with the French Club. We all enjoyed eating French and Spanish food. 1969-70 has been a very successful year for "Los Matadores. OFFICERS--Left to Right: Julie Little, secretaryg Dianna Hunt, president, Debra Hadley, vice-president. ll SCIENCE CIUB SCIENCE CLUB--ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr. Karl Salskov, advisorg Jana Wright, Wendy Standley, Dale Johnson, Mike Easterbrook. ROW 2: Steve McConne1, Pat Kesgard, Linda Bentley, Cheryl Parsons, Tim McConnel, Dale Standley. ROW 3: David Vahlberg, David Carroll, Mike Dodson, Brad Little, David Johnson, Ronald Fisher, Ward Johns, Steve Fhhriman. O FFICE RS--Left to Right: Wendy Standley, secretaryg Jana Wright, points chair- man. OFFICERS--Standing: Dale Johnson, vice president. Seated: Mike Easterbrook, president. The Science Club consisted of scientifically minded students who participated in varied activities throughout the year. These included meetings, parties, field trips and symposiums. A points system was maintained to reward the active and participating members. The club also sponsored Cindy Holbrook as their Sweetheart candidate. We would like to congratulate Mr. Salskov, our new advisor, on an excellent job of leading the group. l1AIlODAl honon SOClGIy NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY--ROW 1, Left to Right: Jody Suyehira, Sue Hamilton, Beverly Lamb, John Dean, Joel Reed. ROW 2: Iva Nicholson, Linda McLinn, Sue Currier, Debra Eiguren, Debra Hadley, Sharon Garmon. ROW 3: Wendy Standley, Mike Fisher, Jim Broich, Bill Woodall, Mike Mason, Debra Butler. OFFICERS--Left to Right: Beverly Lamb, sec- retaryg Sue Hamilton, historian, John Dean, vice president, Joel Reed, presidentg Jody Suyehira, treasurer. National Honor Society started the year by sponsoring a homecoming float. The pocketbook bookstore was in operation throughout the year as a money-making project. Other projects were the selling of announcements and sponsorship of a magician-hypnotist program in March. The profits were used for scholarships. Jody Suyehira re- presented NHS as Sweetheart candidate. Tapping of new members took place shortly after the end of the first semester. A formal initiation followed about three weeks later. Associate mem- bers were tapped from the sophomore class as an experiment for future years. The purpose of the experiment was to give prospective members a preview of how the society operates. the plans THESPIANS--ROW 1, Left to Right: Sharon Garmon, Beverly Lamb, Debra Eiguren, Mr. Joe Gratton, advisor. ROW 2: Cindy Reimann, Sharene Rekow, Trudy Smith, Teresa Surber, DuAnn Corn, Kerri Ness, Sue Madarieta, Greg Pugh, Jim Gratton, DeeAnn Davis, Lizabeth Stanczak, Iva Nicholson, Susan Rankin, Glenna Rivers. ROW 3: Janet Atkinson, ReNae Rekow, Karelyn Hadley, Steve Radke, Mike Dodson, Doug Sprague, Alan Sigman, Jim Broich, Bill Woodall, Paul Jewell, David Vahlberg, Steve McConnel, Karen Whitman, Julie Stevens, Wendy Standley. ROW 4: Susan Hamilton, Brenda Roberts, Colleen Hadley, Brad Little, Cheryl Parsons, Carol Moyer, Rhonda Farnworth, Dixie Carr, Karen Rogers, Sandie Blume, Rhea Prescott, Carol Standley, Jody Butler, Nikki Newell, Jody Suyehira. ROW 5: David Walker, Jim Thielges, Dennis Queen, Karl Jensen, Mike Pruitte, Mike Farnworth, Gerald Worley, Linda Fuhriman, Steve Wilfong, Laraine Gordon, Linda McLinn, Gayle Mabe, Sue Currier, Debbie Butler, Joyce Lawrence, Sue Naugler. Thespian Troupe 260 began the year with the production of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier. " The play won an "excellent" rating at the District III Play Festival and also an invitation to perform in Boise State College's Speech Art Festival in January. "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder was the troupe's second production and their final production was a contrast between the theater of the absurd "The Sandbox" by Edward Albee and the conventional "Improvisationa1 Theater" directed by Joe Gratton, club advisor. Thespians sponsored a float in the Homecoming parade, and Laraine Gordon was the club's Sweetheart candidate. An informal initiation added thirty-six members to the troupe. Proceeds from the plays provided for the scholarship given to a Senior member to close the successful year of 1969-70. OFFICERS--Left to Right: Sharon Garmon, vice-president, Debbie Eiguren, presidentg Beverly Lamb, secretary- treasurerg Mr. Joe Gratton, advisor. ' "th steaofast tm sololenn "Hail! Hail! The gang's all here!" My 5 il. 'Just put on a happy face." "Use Wilkinson blades , Gayle, for a CLOSER shave." ". . .and I did it all with Ayds Reducing Plan! " CAST Gerald Worley . . . Tin Soldier Gayle Mabe ...... Dancing Doll Debbie Eiguren . . . Good Fairy Linda McLinn ...... Humpty Dumpty A DuAnn Corn ,,,,,, Monkey Dennis Que en ...... Jack -in -the -Box Jim Broich ........ Prince Charming Cad Lizabeth Stanczak . . Wicked Witch Cad Beverly Lamb ,..., Sally Glenna Rivers . . Mother Paul Jewell . . . Father Susan Rankin . . . Cook Steve Radke . . . Lackey David Vahlberg , . , Lackey COMMITTEES Mike Dodson Colleen Hadley Karelyn Hadley Joyce Lawrence Sue Naugler Nikki Newell Mike Pruitte Brenda Roberts Terria Surber Jody Suyehira Karen Whitman "OUR ITOWHH "Stage Manager: . . .Once in a thousand times it's interesting." "Mrs . Gibbs: . . .Just wait and be patient." Sam: And the grave's going to be over there--" "Emily: We don't have time to look at one another." Steve Wilfong . . . Dr. Gibbs Debbie Butler . . Mrs. Gibbs Sharene Rekow , , , Mrs . Webb Bill Woodall .... George Gibbs Mike Dodson , , , Wally Webb Dixie Carr ....... Emily Webb Karl Jensen ...... Simon Stimson Susan Rankin ..... Mrs, Soames Mike Pruitte . . . Si Crowell Jim Gratton . . . Sam Craig Ward Johns .... Farmer McCa rthy MEMBERS OF "OUR TOWN": Brenda Roberts Nikki Newell Joyce Lawrence Sue Madarieta COMMITTEES Colleen Hadley Joyce Lawrence Liz Stanczak DeeAnn Davis Jim Broich .... , . Stage Manager Doug Sprague . . Joe Crowell Tim McConnel , . . Howie Newsome Jody Butle r ...... Rebecca Gibbs Paul Jewell ...... Professor Williard Karen Whitman .... Woman in Auditorium Dave Vahlberg .... Man in Auditorium Joyce Lawrence . . . Lady in Auditorium Dave Walker ...... Constable Warren Mike Farnworth . . . Baseball player Ward Johns ....... Baseball player Mike Farnworth . . . Joe Stoddard Linda McLinn Beverly Lamb Iva Nicholson Wendy Standley Dan Drooger Karelyn Hadley Judy Cutbirth ClUB "E" CLUB--ROW 1, Left to Right: Mr. Ray Mullins, advisor: Joel Reed, Mike Hill, Dale Jones, Mr. Warren Strong, advisor. ROW 2: Mike Mason, Dale Goslin, Ronald Benge, Dennis Gurney, Gerald Worley, Jay Fluckiger, Jim Broich, Steve Wilfong, Ward Johns. ROW 3: Mike Harris, John Dean, Dennis Puschmann, Ken Williamson, Robert Shaw, Steve Holbrook, Howard Elliott, Tom Rexroad, Mike Sprague. ROW 4: David Corr, Brent Cornwall, Bill Allen, Les Jarmon, Bill Woodall, John Bores, Mike Farnworth, Mike Howard, Bill Hanson, Anthony Bosworth. OFFICERS--Left to Right: Mike Hill, president: Dale Jones, vice-president: Joel Reed, secretary. "E" Club is an organization for athletes who have earned the school letter in one or more of the various sports. The goal of "E" Club is to encourage participation in all athletic competition. Selling concessions at games, serving as slaves in November, and holding an annual hayride in the spring were some of the many activities of the year. In May the third annual Sports Banquet honoring all athletes was held. key CIUB KEY CLUB--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Jim Blaylock, Dale Jones, Jim Broich, Bill Woodall, Mike Farnworth, John Dean, Mr. Blume, advisor. ROW 2: Mike Mason, Jim Thielges, Dennis Gurney, Mike Howard, Bill Hanson, Jay Fluckiger, Mike Hill, Joel Reed. ROW 3: Paul Jewell, Richard Suyehira, John Bores, Steve Wilfong, Earl Browne, Mike Fisher, Karl Jensen. ROW 4: Ward Johns, David Dean, Robert Shaw, Steve Holbrook, Tom Rexroad, Howard Elliott, Bill Allen, Steve Radke, ROW 5: Alan Hyde, Gary Pitman, Dale Holbrook, Alan Jones, Randy Benge, John McLinn, Tom Eiguren, Key Club is a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, This year Key Club painted the football goal posts, painted lines on the front sidewalk to help control the parking problem, and collected for UNICEF. Fund raising projects were concessions at a football game and the sale of "Huskie" T-shirts. Key Club also built a float for the Homecoming parade. Mr, Blume is the faculty advisor and Dale Adamson is the Kiwanis advisor. OFFICERS--ROW 1: Mike Farnworth, president: ROW 2: Jim Broich, parliamentari- ang Bill Woodall, first vice-president: ROW 3: Jim Blaylock, second vice-president: Dale Jones, treasurer: John Dean, secretary. R if? X f "Boy, do we need to find that ladder! " "Keep America Beautiful" OR OR "Leapfrog--the hard way. " "Let's keep it clean, boys!" H "Relax, Steve!" "Zif--dirt's gone," OR OR "I told you I knew how to spell 'Huskies' !" "Ziffy Key Club cleans up the town ' xx M Q 5 i. .K E F e x -. -Q fi r Q iff v I3 D v PEP CLUB--ROW 1, Left to Right: Kathy Troutt, Jackie Turner, Cindy Holbrook, Sue Madarieta, Jody Suyehira, Sandie Blume, Linda Mc Linn, Jenniece Gurney, Debbie Butler. ROW 2: Laurel Savola, Barbra Whitney, Kerri Ness, DuAnn Corn, Loree Niccolls, Lizabeth Stanczak, Sue Currier, Nikki Newell, Patti Mullins. ROW 3: Linda Bentley, Carol Moyer, Lory Richardson, Kathy Redtfeldt, Janet Clements, Konnie Clements, Dixie Carr, DeeAnn Davis, Janet Atkinson. ROW 4: Lorie Evans, Pam Clauson, Sylvia Elwood, Vicki Burlile, Carol Mabee, Ava Goslin, Marilyn Chilcott, Karen Rogers, Carol Finch. ROW 5: ReNae Rekow, Colleen Hadley, Rhonda Farnworth, Delma Izatt, Winnell Walker, Oralia Reyes, Vicki Chittenden, Cindy Reimann, Wendy Standley. ROW 6: Terria Surber, Anita Stiers, Karen Whitman, Joyce Lawrence, Sally Schmelzer, Carla Wittenburg, Kitty Fluckiger, Yvonne Harris, Cathy Pettinger. ROW 7: Judi Rexroad, Vicki Hill, Melody Lilley, Jana Wright, Faith Tilson, Vicky Shorthair, Jackie Draper, Francis Buzzard, Debby Brown. OFFICERS--Left to Right: Jan Sweetnam, homecoming co-chairmang Laraine Gordon, homecoming co-chairmang Jenniece Gurney, vice- presidentg Debbie Butler, president, Linda Fuhriman, secretary, Linda McLinn, treasurerg Iva Nicholson, sargeant-at-armsg Jody Suyehira, skip co-chairmang Sandie Blume, skip co-chairman. ClLlB PEP CLUB--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Mrs, Chrystelle Robertson, advisorg Linda Fuhriman, Iva Nicholson, Laraine Gordon, Jan Sweetnam, Laura Madarieta, Sandra Leslie, Jody Butler, Judy Cutbirth. ROW 2: Virginia Carver, Debbie Eiguren, Teresa Surber, Gayle Mabe, Sharene Rekow, Carolyn Lacquement, Susan Shaw, Sharon Garmon. ROW 3: Karelyn Hadley, Debra Hadley, Susan Hamilton, Marie Tubbs, Patsy Larsen, Beverly Lamb, Sherry Beck, Janet Branch. ROW 4: Stella Ford, Margaret Finch, Glenna Rivers, Estel Hereth, Jackie Russell, Janet Shaw, Pansy Morris, Ardis Woehler. ROW 5: Pennee Darnell, Marlene McMahan, Nikki Newell, Priscilla Thielges, Kathy Emery, Mary England, Carol Standley, Julie Stevens, Dianna Hunt, Janeen Jensen. ROW 6: Brenda Roberts, Diane Manning, Trudy Smith, Faye Frisbee, Debra Towne, Patricia Savola, Pam Hardisty, Valjeanne Arnold, Lynn Hodgins. ROW 7: Debra Hanson, Barbara Sedlacek, Dorothy Wynn, Susan Rankin, Diane Whitehead, Pam Bowers, Rhea Prescott, Sue Naugler, Pam Sorenson, OFFICERS--Left to Right: Nikki Newell, sophomore gamc checker, Sue Currier, senior game checkerg Patti Mullins, junior game checkerg Sharon Garmon, senior white checkerg Susan Shaw, sophomore white checkerg Konnie Clements, junior white checker. The Pep Club did an enthusiastic job of promoting school spirit this year. During every game, girls came to support their team. The club held candy sales and helped the cheerleaders sponsor a "Victory Pickle" sale. Homecoming week was full of enjoyment and concluded with the football game and dance. The club's Homecoming float won lst place in their division in the Fairyland Parade. The Pep Club sponsored a hippy skip and held their traditional semi- formal skip where the girls chose a King from "E" Club. 5 , 3 Wk, "A Valentine heart to show that KVE LOVE OUR TEAM!" v sr 2 5. X V92 ' x s x iw, I Tr .Fl e if 4 .. li? "The Drill Team greets the Emmett Huskies." "Ring in the new, ring out the old. Welcome 1970!" 1,45 Q OFFICERS--Left to Right: Jenneice Gurney, secretary-treasurerg DuAnn Corn, presidentg Debbie Eiguren, co-captaing Sharon Garmon, captaing Miss Nancy Nye, advisor. 0l2lll "Work hard, girls! team BOOSTER ClLlB BOOSTER CLUB--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Steve Wilfong, Tom Rexroad, Mike Howard, John Bores, Mike Easterbrook. ROW 2: Greg Pugh, Stove Koskella, Jim Gratton, Jim Broich, Jim Bryson, George Davidson, Howard Elliott, ROW 3: Karl Jensen, Kon Williamson, Roger Soderling, Randy Benge, Miko Pruitte, Doug Strang, Calvin Gabcrt. ROW 4: Richard Pook, Tom Bryson, Tim McConne1, Charles McKie, Jay Fluckiger, Mike Farnworth, Dan Drooger. ROW 5: Les Jarmin, Dale Jones, Ward Johns, Miko Sprague, Mike Chilcott. OFFICERS--Left to Right: Mike Easterbrook, secretary-treasurerg Mike Howard, presidentg Steve Wilfong, sergeant-at-armsg John Bores, sergeant- at-armsg Tom Rexroad, vice-president. "Hip Hip Hurrah!" and other assorted noise were constantly heard coming from the Booster Club at all the games. This spiritual group provided a haven for people who wanted to show their spirit but felt self-conscious. This group spread a highly contagious "spirit bug" to all other spectators. CODCERI BAND CONCERT BAND--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Lizabeth Stanczak, Beverly Lamb, Doug Sprague, Delma Izatt, Kari Williamson, Diane Manning, Sharene Rekow, Sue Naugler, Debbie Eiguren, ROW 2: DuAnn Corn, Teresa Surber, Cheryl Parsons, Carol Moyer, Rex Carroll, Julie Stevens, Doug Strang, Jack Hunt, Arthur Rromgarcl, Rick Grubb, Reed Myers, Jim Goslin, Ron Welch, Kerri Ness. ROW 3: Carol Johnson, Patty Osborn, Diane Arrington, Howard Elliott, Steve lVIcConnel, Scott Ham, Tim McConnel, Dale Goslin, Diane Adamson, Miko Farnworth, Gerald Worley, David Valilbcrg, Mike Parsons, Virginia Carver, Dennis Queen, Jerry Nasker, Vicki Chittenden, Bill Allen, Keith Goslin, ROW 4: Mr, Freeman, advisor, Rhea Prescott, Jim Thielges, Ward Johns, Winnell Walker . BAND COUNCIL--Left to Right: Beverly Lamb, treasurer, Ron Welch, vice-presidentg DuAnn Corn, librarian, Dennis Queen, presidentg Kerri Ness, seeretaryg Jim Thielges, librarian, Julie Stevens, librarian. As soon as school began in the fall, the band began to practice marching. After a lot of hard Work, they went to Marching Festival in Nampa on October 23 and received a rating of a H. On December 18 the band sponsored the 27th annual Sweetheart's Ball. The theme was "I'1l Be Home for Christmas." In March, the stage band and the choir combined in concert. In the spring the band went to Concert Festival. The year was a great success under the new director Mr. Freeman. mAl2ChlllG BANG Aga' """-X-r if"-S+ 5--Q we---X 4--N-Q 5 uf----4 X1--v--fi 'fi----f-fi' +------if +---4 4......s i,,,,.., 'Wx +-f-+ ii-'--+ 1---ei 4----r .,Q.....-ge 4---so 1'-sf AQ?- Q S ccccc MARCHING BAND--ROW 1, Left to Right: Jim Thielges, Rhea Prescott, Delma lzatt, Mike Farnworth, Winnell Walker, Debbie Eiguren. ROW 2: Lizabeth Stanezak, Beverly Lamb, Rex Carroll, Sue Naugler, Sharene Rekow, Diane lklanning, Julie Stevens, ROW 3: DuAnn Corn, Teresa Surber, Cheryl Parsons, Diane Arrington, Carol Moyer, Patty Osborn, Kari Williamson, ROW 4: Kerri Ness, Ron Welch, Jim Goslin, Reed Myers, Doug Sprague, Rick Grubb, Carol Johnson. ROW 5: Scott Ham, Dale Goslin, Diane Adamson, 'lim MeConnel, David Vahlberg, Doug Strang, Howard Elliott, ROW 6: Dennis Queen, Virginia Carver, Jerry Nasker, Vicki Chittenden, Keith Goslin, Steve McConnel, Mr. Freeman, advisor. HONOR BAND--Left ro Right: Arthur Bromgard, Dennis Queen, DRUM MAJORETTE--Debbie Eiguren D D 81, SIAGE BADO PEP BAND--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Doug Sprague, Jim Goslin, Rick Grubb, Arthur Bromgard, Doug Strang, Jack Hunt. ROW 2: Lizabeth Stanczak, Beverly Lamb, Carol Moyer, Cheryl Parsons, Julie Stevens, Ron Welch. ROW 3: Scott Ham, Tim McConnel, Dale Goslin, Diane Adamson, David Vahlberg, Steve McConnel, ROW 4: Dennis Queen, Virginia Carver, Vicki Chittenden, Bill Allen, Howard Elliott. ROW 5: Ward Johns, Jim Thielges. .. - Q L STAGE BAND--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Ron Welch, Lizabeth Stanczak, Ward Johns, Jim Thielges, Jack Hunt. ROW 2: Kerri Ness, Rhea Prescott, Jim Goslin, Rick Grubb, Arthur Bromgard. ROW 3: Dennis Queen, Virginia Carver, Steve McConnel, Howard Elliott, Doug Strang. ROW 4: Tim McConnel, Gerald Worley, Dale Goslin, David Vahlberg, Bill Allen. CHOIR CHOIR--ROW 1, Left to Right: Diane Adamson, Linda Walker, Shirley Hamilton, Lorie Evans, Connie Russell, Gayle Mabe, Jody Butler. ROW 2: Gloria Hocking, Kathy Widdison, Susan Shaw, Sharon Iloutz, Sue Hamilton, Janet Atkinson, Oralia Reyes. ROW 3: Iva Nicholson, Winnell Walker, Francis Buzzard, Julia Wilfong, Elaine Weekes, Naomi Rawls, Michelle Kalac, Debbie Brand. ROW 4: Thurman Paull, Alan Sigman, Dennis Queen, Philip Berglund, William McConnel, Mr. Freeman, Advisor. I-, , . OFFICE RS--Left to Right: Diane Adamson, HONOR CHOIR--Left to Right: Jody Butler treasurer, Susan Shaw, secretary: Francis soprano, Iva Nicholson, tenorg Alan Sigman Buzzard, robe chairman, Jody Butler, bass: Connie Russell, soprano: Gayle Mabe librarian, Dennis Queen, vice-president, soprano. Gayle Mabe , president. ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA--ROW 1: Ward Johns. ROW 2--Left to Right: Susan Shaw, Dorothy Wynn, Connie Hill, Marie Herman, Karen Rogers, Debra Dutson, Deanna Nash, Danette Dutson. ROW 3: Cathy Conley, Cheryl Parsons Edith Easterbrook, Sue Naugler, Delma Izatt, Barbara Gatfield, Stanley McKie, Shane McArthur, Richard Cornett, Scott Myers. ROW 4: Mrs. McFadden, advisory Mike Farnworth, Gerald Worley, Tim McConnel, Don Mabe, Virginia Carver, Julie Stevens, Jim Thielges, Steve McConnel. 4 OFFICERS--Left to Right: Dorothy Wynn, member- at-largeg Cathy Conley, reporterg Deanna Nash, member-at-largeg Danette Dutson, presidentg Karen Rogers, secretaryg Marie Herman, treasurerg Don Mabe, member-at-large. H A is ,f 25. 2 M4 1 xi ,Q ,Z fi 4. 5 1.33 Q riff ,Vw A1Zhl611lCS JUUIGR AQSII CNGERIGACGRS JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS--Left to Right: Sandra Leslie, Jody Butler, Judy Cutbirth, Laurie Madarieta. Q 2 Il AN - may f ' X ARSII A CNGEIHGACGRS VARSITY CHEERLEAD ERS--Front: Kathy Troutt Back: Jackie Turner, Sue Madarieta, Cindy Holbrook 14? 'rw' six X x ii? 1' . 1 "VX, sh w ill - J W 0? l yu? N '3 7 , M x ' ' X X , lg, Ml lv , f ff x fe If px fl' X mf , f ll Q , X ' xx l -XY af VARSITY FOOTBALL--ROW 1, Left to Right: David Corr, Bill Woodall, Mike Sprague, Gerald Worley, Steve Wilfong, Dale Jones, Ward Johns, Mike Mason, Mike Howard, Reg Landers, Jim Broich, Ron Benge, ROW 2: Butch Bosworth, Bob Shaw, Aaron Dodson, John Bores, Bill Hanson, Torn Rexroad, Jim Blaylock, Brent Cornwall, Mike Tucker, Steve Russell, Tim Burnham, George Davidson, Bill Allen. ROW 3: Mike Pruitte, Jay Fluckiger, Mike Dodson, Mike Newell, Allen Hyde, Roger Soderling, Tom Bryson, Dennis Puschmann, Les Jarmin, David Howle, Mike Parsons, Dale Holbrook, Keith Goslin, vanslt footmll Asst. Coach Gratten fl V As st . Coach Koga C um ,j,,g.A:4 gllunnum FOOTBALL SENIORS--ROW 1,Left to Right: David Corr, Nike Sprague, Reg Landers, Ward Johns, Mike Mason, Mike Howard, Steve Wilfong, George Davidson. ROW 2: Anthony Bosworth, Gerald Worley, Dale Jones, Bill Woodall, Ron Benge, Jim Broich, Jay Fluekiger , Emmett Emmett Emmett . . . Emmett . .. SGASOITS VAl2SlIy SCGRGS .. 0 6 .. 7 6 ..l3 15 ..14 18 Em mett .. Vale .. Nyssa , , Buhl , , Jerome .. ..6 Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett 22 . . 133 , O ,SEG 18 Mountain Home Vallivue Bishop Kelly Payette Weiser ,M Huskies really throw themselves into things! esmnwusncsxw-.annum i OEAN OEEN AWARE Bill Woodall was chosen by his fellow teammates to receive the coveted Dean Deen Award as the "most inspirational player." He was also elected as one of the four co-captains. Bill was tops in leadership and was always first on the field. He never expected anything from others that he was not willing to work for himself. He knew all the assignments of every man on the team and always strove for perfection. Blll WOGCAII INOSTI AlUABlE DlAyEI2S EG-CAPTAIN 1 Y CAIE JONES wane JONNS SIIEVE WIHIONQ Dale Jones and Ward Johns were mutually selected as the most Steve Wilfong was the other co- valuable players of the year. This selection was made due to their captain elected to the team this year. great contribution to the team throughout the football season. He was a hard worker with a lot of drive and enthusiasm--a definite asset to the team. tnosh-soph footaall FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL--ROW 1 , Left to Right: Coach Cox, Alan Hyde, Jim Thielgcs, Randy Benge, Alan Jones , Keith Goslin, Tom Eiguren, Dale Holbrook, Mike Dodson, Pat Irving, Coach Paguegui. ROW 2: Fred DeWald, manager: Steve Fuhriman, Tracy Walton, Tom Bryson, Brent Harris, Owen Weeks, Jim Wade, Rick Grubb, Kenneth Corr, David Howe, Mike Parsons. ROW 3: Dan Drooger, Elden Brown, Roger Obermeyer, Steve Rekow, Larry Lineberry, Clyde Russell, Steve Viekery, Bill Parks, Mike Kendall, Steve Conley. ROW 4: Greg Newell, Ken Troutt, Steve Leslie, Ronnie Suyehira, Steve Hanby, Richard Parks, Tom Evans, Roc Hurt, Carl Hill, Kelly Stephens. After many hours of practice, the football team opened its season. The first game was with Middleton and Emmett won Q28-145 making hopes for a good season grow. The next two games were not so good as they were lost to Vale Q10-OJ and Vallivue 423-121. There was a tie with Nyssa Q6-65 and then another setback as Weiser won with some last minute scores Q27-81. Next, before a home crowd, Middleton was soundly beaten at a score of 30 to 14. The team then traveled to Payette for the last game of the season and again won Q26-141. The members of the football team wish to thank their two coaches Mr. Cox and Mr. Paguegui for the great job of coaching which they feel gave them such a good season. coach CGX ARSII BASKGIBAU VARSITY BASKETBALL--ROW 1, Left to Right: Bill Hanson Earl Browne Richard Suyehira manager Coach Ray Mullins Ron Benge managerg Bob Bowman, Steve Holbrook. ROW 2: Steve Russell Bryan Wmward Bill Woodall Dennis Puschmann Jim Betzold Mike Farnworth, Dale Jones, Mike Harris, Bob Shaw. Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett E mm ett .... .... Emmett E mmett E mmett Emmett... E mmett E mmett Emmett .... .... Emmett .... .... Emmett .... .... SGASOITS SCORES Boise...... Meridian ,,,, Buhl ..... Filer .... Buhl .... Nyssa .... Vale ....... Vallivue ..... Bishop Kelly. Capital ...... Weiser .... Payette .... Nyssa .... Vale ..... Vallivue. . . Borah....... Bishop Kelly. Payette ...... Weiser. . . . . . Bill Woodall Mike Farnworth Earl Browne Bryan Winward vanslt Basketsall plzxyen Dennis Puschmann Steve Holbrook Bill Hanson Steve Russell Dale Jones Jim Betzold Bob Bowman Mike Harris Bob Shaw I Q f Receiving the Sportsmanship trophy was the highlight of the A-2 District III tournaments held at Bishop Kelly in March. The trophy was presented to the Varsity cheerleaders Jackie Turner, Cindy Holbrook, Sue Madarieta, and Kathy Troutt. The Runner-Up trophy for the A-2 District III basketball tournament is shown by seniors Earl Browne, Mike Farnworth, Jim Betzold, and Dale Jones. Emmett gained the finals by defeating Vallivue 70-57 but lost in the decisive game to Bishop Kelly 69-41. The Huskies also placed faq., second in SRV conference with a 10 win 2 loss record. x a W 09775-by vw, ' by ' J X4 IM , Qgiiu y 5, ,I I' B I 1 k Y 1 1 If A-Ig li BASk61ZBAll J,V, BASKETBALL--ROW 1, Left to Right: Coach Ron Noble, Alan Jones, managerg Steve Radke, Keith Goslin, Dewey Bowman Don Betzold, Steve Fuhriman, manager. ROW 2: Gordon Obermeyer, Tom Eiguren, Jim Nally, Ron Fisher, Lance Garner Mike Dodson John McLirm, Steve Thane. X019 006 900' Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett seasons ....54 ....49 ....51 ....6l ....42 ....46 ....65 ....50 ....43 ...,54 ....60 ....72 ....47 ....40 ....48 ....46 ....60 ....59 ....58 SCORE BoiSe....... Meridian. . . . Caldwell. . . Ontario ,... Nyssa .... Vale ..... Ontario ..... Vallivue ,... Bishop Kelly Capital ..... Weiser .... Payette .... Nyssa .... Vale ..... Vallivue .... Borah ...... Bishop Kelly Payette ..... Weiser .... TRACK--ROW 1, Left to Right: Coach George Cox, David Corr, Mike Hill, Mike Howard, Steve Wilfong, Mike Sprague, Gary Houtz Jay Fluckiger, Kevin Peterson, Coach Warren Strong, ROW 2: Lance Garner, Dennis Goodwin, Duane Hearn, Chris Reynolds, Les Jarrnin, Bill Allen, Ken Williamson, Martin Bednorz, Tony Walker, Paul Jewell, Mike Tucker. ROW 3: Steve Thayn, Rick Grubb, Bill Kroush, Alan Hyde, Rex Carroll, Alan Jones, Tracy Walton, Bob Church, Steve Smiddy, Ross Peterson, Jim Nally, ROW 4: Monte Stiles, Larry Lineberry, Bob Naugler, Richard Parks, Steve Conley, Ken Troutt. mack .JD XX xw 1 Q 'V VARSHI BASGBAU, VARSITY BASEBALL--ROW 1, Left to Right: John Dean, Ward Johns, Steve Holbrook, Tom Rexroad, Richard Suyehira, Dale Holbrook, ROW 2: Coach Ron Noble, Rogcr Soderling, Bill Woodall, Mike Harris, Ralph Robinson, Jack Hunt, Richard Vecnstra, ROW 3: Dale Jones, Dennis Puschmann, John Bores, Dennis Deen, Doug Strang, Steve Russell, . .BAS6BAU- xl J,V, BASEBALL--ROW 1, Left to Right: Rick Munger, Dave Sedlacek, John Vahlberg, Harold Dirk, Tim McConnel, ROW 2: Coach Joe Gratton, Stevc Pettinger, David Dean, Mike Kendall, Roger Obermeyer, Brent Harris, Bill Holmes, Clyde Russell, ROW 3: David Carroll, Keith Goslin, Gordon Obermeyer, Larry Hutchison, Dan Drooger, Tom Eiguren, Tom Bryson, 102 w 23 GOLF TEAM--ROW 1, Left to Right: Steve Fuhriman, Richard Dorey, Billy Riggs, Bob Bowman, Bryan Elliott. ROW 2: Mike Dodson Patti Mullins, Jim Broich, Dixie Carr, Coach Lyle Broich. fNot pictured, Mike Farnworthj. QOH: IGAIU "I've taken just about enough off "I always play in the rgugh, WS YOU- " less crowded." avhvUQialial-qQ..aJ..-.wW-eM.J.-t.,...1......M4.N,,... ,. " ? W 5 K Q 4 QA Q . Q 1 4,1 4 1 'W N srl X f X EI S N SX ix! Q .S ACUVIUGS HQIHGCQITIIHG CANDIDATES 1 , 7 Lf' f af W 5g.,,. pox flmanlfw 'Ns Gayle Mabe Kerri Ness Jody Suyehira Linda Mc Linn Debbie Eiguren Jackie Turner Jan Sweetnam DuAnn Corn Jenneice Gurney Barbara Sedlacek NOIUGCGIUIHQ RO All Reigning over the annual Homecoming football game of 1969 was Queen Jody Suyehira. She was crowned by Captain Bill Woodall during halftime. Si r 5 si Jody's Court Jackie 'Iurner was crowned lst Runner-Up and Debbie Eiguren was crowned 2nd Runner- Up by Steve Wilfong. Linda McLinn was crowned 2nd Runner-Up by Dale Jones. HQIUGCOITIIYTQ ACU IUE Homecoming Activities were planned for the Week of October 6th-10th by co-chairmans Laraine Gordon and Jan Sweetnam. Contests were held during the week at noon and all afternoon on Wednesday. Each club that wished to enter a float was asked to follow the theme of the parade "It's A Small World." Junior class won first place. Skip King, Mike Farnworth, was crowned by Debbie Butler, Pep Club president. D D CIUB klp Not too many socializers could say, "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date," because this year's Skip was a "Wonderland in which everyone wanted to be on time. Decorated in bold, bright colors of yellow, orange, green, turquoise, and pink, the atmosphere was one of true enchantment, Ron Benge, lst runner up, is pictured with Jody Suyehira, Skip co chairman. Gerald Worley and Steve Wilfong, 2nd runners-up, are pictured with L K Sandie Blume, Skip co-chairman. CANDIDATES--Left to Right: Ward Johns, Ron Benge, Gerald Worley, Mike Farnworth, Bill Woodall, Mike Howard, Dennis Gurney, Steve Wilfong. rt,, WmM . .,.-, ,, SWGGIHGAIQTFS BAU CANDIDATES DuAnn Corn Cindy Holbrook Laurel Savola Sue Currier Key Club Science Club French Club Senior Class Diane Adamson Sharene Rekow Jody Suyehira Linda Fuhriman Choir Future Teachers National Honor Society Drill Team Carolyn Lacquement Karelyn Hadley Faye Frisbee Linda McLinn Junior Class Sophomore Class E Club Pep Club BANG SW GEI- HGARI DuAnn Corn was crowned queen of the 27th annual Sweet- heart's Ball by Band President Dennis Queen on December 18, 1969. The theme was "I'll Be Home For Christ- mas." This dance was indeed one of the highlights of the year. Jolene Waldner Marie Herman Laraine Cordon Jackie Russell Future Nurses Orchestra Phespians Future Homcmakers M' ou . va , - ,n q - , L 11 w - 1 tm, K 4 up-off no alt Linda McLinn, Linda Fuhriman, Debbie Butler, Kerri Ness, and Sue Madarieta Sue Madarieta was crowned Tip-Off queen by Captain Mike Farnworth during halftime per formances of the Emmett-Bishop Kelly game on February 13. A dance, sponsored by the Sophomore class, followed. Music was by the Other Side. symnqa qnzls' state Sharon Garmon Linda Fuhriman Debbie Eiguren Gem B0yS' state John Eckroat Ron Welch Bill Woodall Mike Howard Jocl Reed Mike Farnworth Jim Gratton -.,...,....-1-nails sf' pf 'xffe m 5 ', l ' ' D ii, if Q Q -I! if Danette Dutson, Susan Shaw, and Karen Rogers were Jim Broich was chosen chosen to represent Emmett in the All-State Orchestra. Thespian of the Year. GCIAI Debbie Eiguren was a page at the second session of the 40th Idaho Legislature. - X E gi. - e V ri .fy Sue Hamilton and Bill Woodall received letters of com- mendation for their scores in the National Merit Scholar- David King Plafled 31'd in the ifltefmediate diViSi0f1, Ship Qualifying Test. David Corr placed lst in the senior division, and David Colburn placed 2nd in the senior division in Judo competition, Mike Farnworth, Jody Suyehira, and Debbie Debate tournament finalists Sue Naugler, Jim Eiguren were winners in the Elks' Youth Thielges, Rod Miner, and Sharon Garmon. Leadership Contest. Debbie placed 2nd and Jim and Rod were the winners. won S75 and Mike and Jody placed 3rd and won S50 each, h0l10l2S Sharon Garmon, Dixie Carr, Jim Broich, and Sharene Rekow received superior ratings and Don Standley received an excellent rating at the Declaratory Speech contest in Meridian. Joel Reed, Debbie Sharon Garmon was an Butler, and John Dean Sue Hamilton was cho- area Wiflllel' in the were chosen as the sen as the Betty American Legion Elks' Most Valuable Crocker Homemaker Oratorical Speaking Students. this year. C0H'CGSt. OGBAIIGRS: IOURHANGNI BOUHO i EZ-. ww 5 ls m Qi, 2 J am, ith DEBATERS--ROW 1, Left to Right: Nikki Newell, Mike Howard, Mike Farnworth, Jim Broieh, Dixie Carr, Sue Naugler, Anita Stiers. ROW 2: Karen Whitman, Colleen Hadley, Larry Smith, Bettie Fischer, Gwen Nyland, Jackie Turner, Brad Little, Beth Thompson. ROW 3: Joyce Lawrence, Tom Rexroad, Brenda Roberts, Paul Smith, Jim Thielges, Rod Miner, Teresa Kroush, Steve Thayne. l1A1ZlOl1Al honon SOCIGIY IHIUAIIGS INITIATES--ROW 1, Left to Right: Cathy Pettinger, Patti Mullins, Jana Wright, Laraine Gordon, Sue Naugler. ROW 2: Dale Johnson, Ken Williamson, Julie Stevens, Yvonne Harris, Linda Bentley, Karelyn Hadley, Linda Fuhriman, Tom Rexroad, Richard Suyehira, Don Standley. ROW 3: Carol Standley, Karen Rogers, Dennis Pusehmann, Dixie Carr, Mike Howard, Bryan Winward, Liz Stanczak, Paul Jewell, Steve Russell, wvww ' I "N 451 1 QW, if 4' E E it fl M 5 ,. :F ' ,A'. A ,, ffl? E F f S .el 0 : ' an n L1 "Tho winner of the annual sales race. " K' GANG vl Forty-seven minutes and forty seconds 'til lunch !" EFIII INE "Mr, Schiller's cure for varicose 120 veins . " is "This annual is making me old--fast!" 'ii L lana For 320.00 I'll destroy the negative "' I "Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses ! " .GW V x ii., "This picture just doesn't fit!" "We're all just a big happy family!" "The day after the Sneak. . . " "I still think we should have a center fold out"' A ft -. J ll, "Our Advisor" f 5 , ul"1n-- E25 V Av A VGRUSG SNES n CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '70 JIM AND ED'S AUTO SALES 303 EAST MAIN 365-3580 JIIVI DOBBS ED ERICKSON HARRISON'S VARIETY JOY MOTOR SALES JH vssvngvl'-linlhvx FINE PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES ADVERTISING CONSISTENT WINNER IN STATE NEWSPAPER COMPETITION BOOSTING EMIVIETT HIGH SCHOOL CHRYSLER DODGE PLYMOUTH FAULTS OF OTHERS ARE LIKE HEADLIGHTS DODGE TRUCKS AND JEEPS ON AN AUTOIVIOBILE. THEY ONLY SEEIVI MORE PHONE NORTH WASHINGTON G1-ARING THAN OUR OWN- EMMETT DEPARTMENT STORE WE FEATURE NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS PHONE 365-4171 VVOUR BEST WISHESVV 4 THE RAINBOW 104 WEST MAIN EXCELLENT FOOD COURTEOUS SERV-CE JOHANNESEN MOTORS PRICES RIGHT REKOW AND BUTLER EIVIIVIETT VARIETY TO PLEASE OUR CUSTOMERS IS OUR PHONE 365-4681 166 EAST MAIN BUSINESS EEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 170 THE FLANIGANS EIVIIVIETT FLORAL CO, FLOWERS AND GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION BOB WALKER PHONE 365-4512 704 EAST MAIN DBA GRATTON AND SARNARD AGENCY 123 WEST MAIN STREET PHONE 365-4408 NOLAND DRUG SEE SOE FOR ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE EIVHVIETT VALLEY FRUITS, STORE OF FRIENDLY SERVICE INC. IDAHO FRUITS CONGRATULATIONS HUSK l ESI BCISE CASCADE INTERNATIONAL CITY TRANSFER EMMETT TRUCK AND lMpI-EMENT ROCK AND SAND READY-MIX CONCRETE SHERRY'S HALLMARK CARDS GIFTS, CRAFTS, AND PHOTO SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY 119 EAST MAIN 365-4232 EMM ETT FARMERS FEED AND SEED CO. COAL .IOHNNY'S FARMER OIL VIFOR THE WARNIEST OF FRIENDS CALL JOHNNY." AGG'S AUTO PARTS OUR NAPA IIJOBBERU IS A GOOD MAN TO KNOW THE CHECKERBOARD STORE 102 E. MAIN PHONE 365-4404 365-4405 GEM MARKET POULTRY FEEDS AND SUPPLIES GARDEN AND FEED STORES GROCERIES MEATS I THIRD AND JOHNS EMMETT, IDAHO NORTH WASHINGTON PHONE 365-4191 BORK MOTOR PONTIAC CARS GMC TRUCKS E gz W FUELS, INCORPORATED 600 NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 365-4497 LUCKY LANES VALLEY PUMP AND EQUIPMENT EVERYTHING FOR THE FARM FAMILY YOUR ALLIS-CHALMERS AND NEW HOLLAND DEALER PHONE EMNIETT, IDAHO EIVIMETT MEAT COMPANY TWHOLESALE MEATS TFROZEN FOOD LOCKERS PHONE 365"436I ENIIVIETT IDAHO WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY IIYOUR HOME OWNED FAMILY STOREVV at O O O 132 E. MAI N COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CLASS JEWELRY IVIABE' S DIPLOMAS SHOE CAPS St GOWNS CENTER YEAR BOOKS SEE DILL'S SPORTING GOODS 115 S. W. FOURTH AVENUE - PORTLAND. ORE. NOBLE'S JEWELRY FOR THAT VERY SPECIAL PERSON... BULOVA-WYLER WATCHES KEEPSAKE, PRINCESS, ORANGE BLOSSOIVI--DIAIVIOND RINGS GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION SHOP AT HOME WHERE YOU CAN GET QUALITY AND SERVICE ROBERT'S PHWUP5 PHILLIPS 66 317 SOUTH WASHINGTON 'IA GOOD PLACE TO TRADE HILL.'S SHOE SHOP HYER COWBOY BOOTS EFFICIENT SHOE SERVICE FULL LINE OF' SHOE NEEDS DALE E. COOPER INSURANCE AGENCY 365-2261 CORNER MAIN AND BOISE COMPLETE EAST INSURANCE FAIR CovERAGE FRIENDLY , L , SERVICE GORDON'S TIRE SERVICE HOLBROOKS SQUARE DEAL GROCERY CI'IAPIN'S MENS STORE GRDCERIES--IvIEATS--SCHooL SUPPLIES 365-2451 IIWE GIVE GOLD STRIKE STANIPSII GANAGE BARBER SHOP IVIENVS HAIR STYLING RAZOR CUTTING F O ARE OOKIN FOR SHEAR BLENDING I Y U L' G LADIES' HAIR CUTTING WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ACCESSORIES CALL IVIARVILLA WYNN TERRY'S 365-2853 ENIMETT, IDAHO EAST C'fj""' BACON CHEVRON SERVICE IVIAIN 304 EAST MAIN EIVIIVIET1' TIRES--BATTER I ES--LUBR ICATION MORGAN MOTORS PHONE 365-2951 SEE AND DRIVE ONE OF THE GREAT NEW BUICK USED CAR LOT OPEL 1019 SOUTH WASHINGTON Any :num Inu rv ALBERTSON'S FOOD CENTER FIRST IN EIVIIVIETT WITH TOTAL DISCOUNT PRICES She Imresicfent b ' Goffee Home and A I mining moon: HENDERSON OIL COM PANY COMPANY 365-4071 HOME 365-2190 SPEROS DRUG STORE C,B,S, REALTORS 113 SOUTH WASHINGTON EIVIIVIETTVS REAL ESTATE CENTER GAS LITE GIFT SHOPPE VII FELT SORRY FOR MYSELF BECAUSE I HAD NO SHOES UNTIL I SAW A IVIAN WITH NO FEET EIVIIVIETT DRIVE-IN AND IDEAL THEATRE CONGRATULATIONSII SANDERS PAC-OUT BEVERAGE EVANS AMERICAN SERVICE GEM CITY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS RUGS--HOST DRY CLEANED CAPITAL LUMBER CO. PHONE 365-4692 BUILDING MATERIALS - PAINT - HARDWARE NORTH WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 365'-4459 PICKUP AND DELIVERY MOUNTAIN STATES 7 K qff jgkf A f I T E LE PHONE EIVIIVIETT O.K. TIRE STORE POLYGLASS TIRES 6 MONTH GUARANTEE ALIGNMENT GOOD YEAR TIRES PHONE 365-4 341 Im O8 HHH DRIVE-IN BURGERS AND SHAKES YOU WON'T FORGET Paul and Vi Clauson 10th and South Washington HETHERINGTON ELECTRIC YOUR G. E. DEALER 50 YEARS Or-' SERVICE TAYLOR'S MARKET BUY RIGHT BUY HERE SOUTH WASHINGTON LAREE'S ALIVIAIS PLACE DRESS IYWHERE ALL FRIENDS MEETVV SHOP IF YOU MEET SOMEONE THAT IS SMARTER THAN YOU--LISTEN. EATON FORD INC. FORD MERCURY FORD TRUCKS SCOTT'S HUIVI-DINGER 515 SOUTH WASHINGTON VVFOR A TASTY TREAT COME HERE TO EAT," TRY OUR MAGIKETTLE CHICKEN BE ANGRY FOR ONE MINUTE AND YOU vv LOSE 60 SECONDS OF I-IAPPINESS, II.l. SALSKOU TRANSFER 214 EAST PARK EMMETT, IOAI-IO JACK, JUDY, JIM, FLORANCE JO'S MARKET SROCERIES-MEATS-GAS CAI.L. 365-4231 FOR FREE DELIVERY VVGOLD STRIKE STAMPSVV JOHNNY'S ELECTRIC GENERAL WIRING CONTRACTING VVYOUR FRIGIDARE AND RCA DEALERVY INSTANT SERVIHE y 9 an X ' I al' P5 5 S ' I The electricity you'lI need next hasn't been made yet. But go aheadg flip a switch. lt will be ready when you are. IDAIIO PUWER CUMPIINY BOYNTON'S SERVICE WASHING GREASING BATTERIES CHARGED, TIRES REPAIRED GEM FRUIT UNION, INC. EMMETTVS FRUIT CO-OPERATIVE + N0 SERVICE CHARGE ON STUDENT ACCOUNTS rw,,f'fif IDAHO Fznsri r Mgfzqfp mmamrznmu. nmzsu msumcf cnnrommn BEATTY CHAPEL CONGRATULATIONS GLENN AND JEAN FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION EDGEIVIONT GREENHOUSE AND FLORAL CUT FLOWERS -- POT PLANTS WEDDING FLOWERS PHONE 365-2853 ROUTE NO, 2, Box 12 COMPLETE BUILDERVS SUPPLIES DEVOE PAINTS INSULATION AND ROOFING PHONE 365-4413 AN OPEN IVIIND AT LEAST LEAVES AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SOIVIEONE TO DROP A WORTHVVHILE THOUGHT INTO IT. I-IIRSCH VALUE CENTER FIRST STOP FOP LEVIIS FOODLAND EVERYDAY LOW PRICES COURTEOUS SERVICE 1019 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 365-3501 -T, 3 qi g :S 3-X 3 W Sly. 1- X G' f D1 ...s EET' LOPSHIRE CATALOG SALES AGENCY VIEVERYTHING FOR THE HOIVIEVV 106 WEST MAIN 365-4427 DROP IN OR PHONE BROWN'S RADIO AND TV SHACK miE?I21f7m A TEAA ., RADKE FURNITURE COMPANY SANFORD'S BARBER SHOP TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE VVILLING TO CARRY THE STOOI. WHEN THERE IS A PIANO TO IVIOVE, SHAIVIROCK MARKET THR IFTWAY WALLY AND PETE "ONE STOP FOOD MARKET" S AND H GREEN STAMPS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK PHONE 365-4501 tokely Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. .Kaur P.O. BOX 98 EMMETT. IDAHO 83617 FIRST SECURITY BANK OF IDAHO SCOTT'S NATIONAL ASSOCIATION LOCKER EMMETT, IOAI-IO AND MEMBER OF FIRST SECURITY CORPORATION APPLIANCE SYSTEM 4 , ,,:,'I1 . - f pififfr I ,gi "'I LARGEST INTERMOUNTAIN BANKING ..,, ,,M A I I I I COAST " I V A ORGANIZATION ag.. 1 'jg-1' 7 q 5..1Q,.,..I, 5-Iggy I ' 41,111 I , A, 11 ,5 I aw A, IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO SEE WHERE You 1 ' 4 ' A -4' ARE GOING, THAN TO SEE HOW FAST You Lf V N -A ' '34L':,A- COAST CAN GET TI-IERE, GEM SUPPLY COOPERATIVE INC. OWNED BY LOCAL FARMERS 4 E I ,MR 1 I a J tm Wm UNH ," M ' i II HOFFLUMBERCOMPANY AND HOFF'FOREST'PRODUCTS HORSESHOE BEND, IDAHO REKOW IMPLEMENT 5 1 I ffff 7, , 4 1 lf W'fZQ,, ' fv?'WW77"'j fffgfff f 4' , il f ' ,, V' . If If I I ff' ' ,f , Q . 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Suggestions in the Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) collection:

Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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