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Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Skim ,N . WW-www QQ,w4iaff wf N- ? 3-5. 'l',,B.Qg,f ia mi .gay ww yy Q f MM-Hem e gr gf H H A"Z QQA. . ag, ,vm ,mi 5 , , ' i 3 Sf".- gil, ff 5 2 .gm ..,.,.wi ,.,,.:-uv..-... 5 . . 1 Q 'F ,, .AVR , Q 'R 91,5 :fi .ff Q .'f.a, 4 ig' ' L' : t ' ll i , :Mu zny' , ' w , fw , gg. 'N I f .v,,qixfh:f. v A ' . f fs Jvqlf, wh ' .Q f . Q ,. x , A - yf-Q L 11" I A i 5 X f f Y Q'-Nw .V 1' . -. - 4 tl F.tX3, V Qjq- w'G?, vu 413 4 " ff 'Q Vi. J' Q ' 3 Mb' 1 it 0 v 'gp' 1, , Y -Q . H141 ,V 1 fb ,f .viva 1, .11 ' ' A-fy A x f 'mi v' . . U.-4 . Aww, I E n 4-C5441 ?t4-AAQ ' 44,41 ,4,...1xQ1 . Rvrf' M, 'H x . V -41 f-5, ff'-1 . 'L 'K 1 , 1 W 4+ 4. fly V :V . ' x 1' ,V 4, . O .E :,,. K . f, . ' y -...V I , N -we . , , q , . 1Q XL- ' A3 .X .,- J A b- L .,39g'gfr gg-.Mx I J' gf. , .A ,W A V Q J, i 1 . " P J f -sw 41 ix -.wa-Y f 34- A -,Ml A A ,K 'X A ' . A 'RJ' X iirigh xg .' ". - ' ' x. , 'Q Wg, N " ,A .A Jin 'W 4' : - 3 ' Q 9' M-... V " - MASQ A ,' 3' Q ' 'lt-Xvwles 'X I K J, ,. xx xvr-.H , - . .E 'Y' hi! 3:42 ' -0" 1 '-,El ' I QW' -W -' 'A '. gr..y., ,,5,, , my .. -M ' 1- ' v. 1A,2Lxz"..5'..,? , QQ, A., .Alu vu.-.-f e if Q tk H, N v. ' ' 4-2 ,V 'HV' eff Aly, , -S'-45 -,... '- f:f.:.s- - 1- U Q-Vmnlngnv uzslm WUWSQMQQWI if? LQ Butte HH MGVA1. Xl! fl! W W ' . 4,1 gxxxgbjmii 7610411 -117,0 J! -P, M If 9 My . lf: I XQ 00 My f jpjgwp gvpbvujofl N61 M Squaswp mf bw . My , VW M ,V jd tw ,M Q f3Q,wgaLfLDT 3 M A ,M Zyl bjffajmgpd li My 7 . Ll , 4 x ' MM WW KVWPW MW 7 W9 WW - EMMETT HIGH SCHOLH - EMMIETT, IDAHO V T NTY T O MM WPUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THiS SENIORS OF C ' , CK A y YB X Av . mv Piclurcd above arc typical scenes from our currcm Squaw Butte Story 2 ,L 4ff,.-aaffmf MW -aww MW I ,if g4.z,v..aZ.z 9442- ,,?g,,4,4 ..,,,,,4,,,, Forewor cue.. WM. ganna ,aa ,ya MJ fdfb-44 -144 -c 44 Many moons have gone d e gfffgied our I E A! 1955 56 school year Our experiences have been as nchy 7A!, ZA!! and as var1ed as are the hues which color the panorannc fd vxew of Squaw Butte at the foot of which we make ourll-lfffffffid 4"-"'-ff It would be 1mposs1ble to 1nclude all events of the ses sxon 1n th1s book We have a1med to record the smoke "7 5 slgnals the powwows the peace pipes-we ve had no real 5,0 36,6 7444444 scalpmgs wh1ch have made our lives interestmg QA, fx It IS our hope that now and in the future th1s twenty if fuudv second volume of the SQUAW BUTTE SAGA w1ll be l1ke an 4'-441 old frrend to you one to whom you can turn to recalllbf fef-44 NW other fr1ends and the fun you had back in 195 5 56 A11d.g4L4v.-1 4,6A-1' ff we hope lt w1ll remlnd you that your future successes and rewards w1ll be due ln part, to your expemences th1s past year You are a b1gger, braver, wrser Ind1an KJ because of your part 1n th1s chapter of the SQUAW BUTTE STORY XLJA WZ-K X XX mm WXYXNX 5 W x XX ms , XS, X X xlib X 5 5 YQQKEQX .5 MJ f N X at 9 -X X if' H. 45, x 9 s e -' 3 si it ills isa lsxii N X xl- X ig 5 1 Y iii S Dedication In the fall of 1939 a plump genial gentleman with not too much hair took over the football coaching duties for Emmett High School. In 1944 he gave up coaching to become E.H.S. principal. In 1946 he stepped up to the superintendency. Now, in 1956-a little more plump--with a little less hair-but just as genial-he is superintendent of all Gem County Schools. As a small token of our appreciation for the many years of hard Work and patient service for the youth of Gem County, we dedicate this twenty-second volume of the SQUAW BUTTE SAGA to SUPERINTENDENT KENNETH CARBERRY 4 A Reggae ilisgeg ffffQ's,M-Uwmufmm ev Hx -Qi TLMNi1mewfaijfJ5:,?sjAg,DjjQig, Contentix ififjgzrj g U' U .amxufkfimfh Agn Y- . ', tffvfl il Opening Seetion an 5 5 O pm., fx 41-ff 2. Administration WQY1 fv' d"5"4""""""3I The Classes Qian-f' 4. Organizations A f s M 5. Athletics WMU at . . 6. Activities MM My 'ycegjf 3 QA 1523, Og! MXWAWMVKWV- t . 29 . - iw. W xy Aa. 9.22:-fs I ....... 'L .......... W fl. rr - gf. 1:52a asaff. S tiff ' L, of ffm- jjjfm -M , 4 Lib ,, My uit M' if Sw ,,f5,Q X ' ' f x ,ff fy Q 7 ff' 2 ff' fjfff ,V if JR 1, . if !' my f 0bWi, wf if Gif ,zwyifjgfpj if 1 lfyif , M3 W ' I ' I J J' we A if U 14Wj11!frJ ' ll Af"'f ,Q li fel' , ' , lv Af AA , I J 2.ff V , 3 m1n1srrZ1t1onf,f My va , ,ff A X X1 W . , f.I . ff -, 12.-fit'-ff M K, X f . J V .3 A A 1 aww fffjzf ww 5 ffdffm win TQMMWJF Sn Alu 711,415 'ffw'-5 ff? 5 QAQWMQ KENNETH CARBERRY Sujiffrintendvnt of Gem County Schools The purpose of our educational system is to educate the masses rather than a select fewg therefore we must gauge our program to meet the interests of all people seeking to be educated. All agencies of education must accept as their mission the strengthening, im- proving and unifying of American life. KENNETH CARBERRY I M-- GEM COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Lefi io right-Walter Carr, Harold Albee, Ray Kesgard, William Cox Vernon Davis Inserf-Harry Lyon. 8 .,LlLl!LJ f 2 0f,fO,ff.-Zffvifcl, 14471 gafl. 4i' . Juv D Q, Z2M4 Vibe? ,QAVDZQ of 'wb R MMA f ivy 7? ' ZW Cf J ZQl,eJ'HoQ0lZWNa'7 5 4 WARREN HARRIS 'gg High School Principal 7 - f5I44H-J .Luk WA MQL im bw' MJ MMM Yooftc ww. We have just completed the second year in our new high school. Many of the problems we discovered in our first term in the building have been solved. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the mem- bers of the Emmett High School Student Body for their cooperation during the past school year. To members of the faculty my sincere appreciation for your cooperation and assistance. - To members of the senior class-you are completing four years of high school- i ' .four years that you will look back on as the most exciting of your life. School has been tedious and yet fun. Many of you have been outstanding academically, others 6 of you have made your mark in the history of Emmett High as athletes, debaters, L actors, musicians, and in other extracurricular activities. Congratulations. and freshmen, you may still make names for yourselves in the annals of our high school. X3 X Juniors, you have done well and may look forward to a year of promise. Sophomores 'Nl i Again Ssay congratulations on a job well done and good luck to each of you. 1 n s ig '3 WARREN HARRIS we .5 Q5 if e 9 The Facult In this time of teacher shortage Emmett High School has been fortunate in having a complete faculty of well qualified teachers The seven who are new to the system this year have lived up to, or even bettered, the high standards set by their predecessors GEORGIANA BECKER-Mrs. Becker's objective is to teach the sophomores world history. They say the battle is half won when you know what you don't know. I wonder? CLARENCE BECKMAN-Mr. Beckman teaches vocational agriculture. He keeps the F.F.A. boys busy and, of course, vice Vel'52. PAT BRANNAN-The seniors brush up on their forgotten English under the instruction of Mr. Brannan. He teaches English IV, English composition and speech. HARRIETT BREMMER-Mrs. Bremmer is well liked by everyone. She helps the general math students over the "humps" and also teaches girls' P.E. and health. KENNETH BRIGGS-Mr. Briggs was new to our faculty this year. The seniors had their math "refreshed" and were taught sociology by him. His friendly manner makes these subjects "almost" a pleasure. LUCILLE BROICH-Her easy manner and friendly personality make her "tops', to everyone. She is patient and under- standing when paper is "torn" from a typewriter and a student explodes. Typ- ing I and II would be almost impossible without her. RENNY FOSTER-Mr. Foster is a new- comer to our faculty this year. He has a very busy schedule instructing the Band here, at Parkview and in the rural schools. VIRGINIA GARFIELD-Mrs. Garfield has a full schedule teaching English I and III. Her untiring helpfulness makes her well liked by all. STANFORD HARRISON-Mr. Harrison, the scientist of E.H.S., keeps his chem- istry students busy doing experiments. He also teaches general science, physics and senior science. DWIGHT JENSEN-Mr. Jensen's well- known sense of humor makes him well liked in his classes. He teaches English I and II. In his spare time he writes. ROBERT LIND-Mr. Lind is another newcomer to E.H.S. Besides directing the Choir and the Glee Club, he instructs music classes in the grade schools. ... 9 S t' - J MJ. 9? .L - 7, Wyatt. uf-. 'MJMW Xjvi1Hi ty asia. Not only are the teachers "on their toesl' in the classroom, but they have cooperated one hundred per cent in ext acurricular activities. For your instruction, your patience, your cooperation--for all yo 've done for us-We'd like to say "Thank you." You're good scouts. ss 'N HERBERT MEAD-Mr. Mead has made an enviable record during his first year SKK 11 at E.H.S. He teaches biology, world his- tory, general science, and coaches. He is easy going and well liked by all. DONALD NITZ--Under the patient and careful direction of Mr. Nitz the orchestra has made a good name for itself. He teaches instrumental music at the rural schools and at Parkview. EDITH PETERSON-The Huskie News and annual would never make an appear- ance without the tireless efforts of Miss Peterson. She also teaches geometry, alge- bra II and journalism. JESSIE POWERS-The tantalizing odors of food which often drift through the halls are from the results of Miss Powers' teachings. She teaches vocational home economics. JOHN REAGER-Mr. Reager is noted for his well-rounded sense of humor. He teaches boys' P.E. and health, biology, and world history. He also coaches. EDWARD RUSSELL - This Well-liked friendly "Big Chief" teaches the seniors American Government and the juniors American History. He always has a smile and a good word for every one. ALTON SWAN-Due to the teachings of Mr. Swan Emmett High School may turn out a few carpenters of tomorrow. He teaches Shop I, II, III. DELIA SWAN-Mrs. Swan has a full schedule teaching Algebra I and Latin. Her Latin Class is extra large this year. CHARLOTTE SWATMAN-Our library is a very interesting place due to the hard work of Miss Swatman. She has a full- time job training the librarians and keep- ing everything in perfect order. IRENE TOLMIE-Mrs. Tolmie's students meet and become acquainted with Julius Caesar and renew their friendships with grammar. Mrs. Tolmie's smile and friendly manner make her English II classes a pleasure. KARL WOOD-Some of the shorthand characters made by Mr. Wood's students have often made him wonder. What he wonders is another question. He also teaches bookkeeping and general business. The Student Councgld JIM GLENNON Prc'xia'e11l J. Skoro. Row Iwo--L. Siller, A. Coffelt, L. Ziegler, D. Dillon, G. Hankins, D Speros, D. Higer, Mr. Harris. Row one-M. Pruitte, J. Woodman, D. Clements D. Clements, W. Clements, A. Schoening, J. Marvin, K. Denney. Seated-L. Pitkin M. Brubaker, S. Broich, D. Garfield, J. Glennon, D. Yost, B. Dudley, J. Bingham DON Yos'r Vice-Presid ent Council Initiates Projects The student council, headed by Jim Glennon, has initiated several new projects this year. Twirp Week and a revision of the student body constitution were among the most important. The council has sponsored after-game dances to answer the growing demands for teenage en- tertainment. Members of the council have worked with P.T.A. groups in panel discussions and open forums aimed to prevent the development of a juvenile problem in Gem County. Twirp Week proved a greater success than the council had anticipated and netted a profit for the polio fund. The intramural sports program sponsored by the council and directed by Coach John Reager provides an interesting year-around activity in which many students may participate. In addition, the council decorated the halls at Christmas, sold student courtesy cards and per- formed many other routine services. The group is made up of the student body oflicers, class presidents and home room represent- atives. 12 1 Row lbree-J. Benge, J. Carpenter, D. Watkins, N. Brooks, E. Carr, G. These Are the People Who Serve Us -.-n-nu The girls pictured at the right are E.H.S. students who work in the office one period each day. From left to right: Arlene Penix, Marjorie Butler, Karen Denney, Vir- ginia Pittman, Donna Glenn, Bev- e Townson, Evelyn Reed. Secretaries Helen Smith and Bobbie Reynolds are both former Emmett High students. Emmett High could not operate without "Ernie" and his boys. At thc back are Paul Albee and Larry Hnrshheld. In front: jon Vander- schel, Dean Pratt, Maynard Werner, Mr. Elsberry, Cordell Weseloh, Jerry Willianis. 'M-" I-oofg, ,,.-.W Df'H'g,-i-wgwgIvQfgv:,ZE?wtxM9,4NLLk,W4kL4pg Ckaivwjk 1.11 f-sv-m'1,,,wlu-. ' ' 0 af 'L' fJQygd.,,KCi?,a,tiQ4F., 3 QW A Cue.. 14.5. 0,,,,5Q-g,L,i:,f ,L -Ai 9' 51, .QL :mi ,WPI-0 cf 0v I r X QQEEKQEK Q Sag gm ma EX 1 'F -5 . we Cs f 5 2 D? 3 Ea QSQS ffjffii i,,f3,5,,mM5g?fi22ff QMf ZMWi J - 4 ,af ,MU iff MW! M M A W i . A U . n Ll jZi,kn44g LJMQ Ek'-:F.3, tjq V A,.,-sf K6 f P K U fr-' I S I Q5 M1511 y0w6wLJ 'wing cla1"'Ll unn We 'Pe 7' y"'L ..P A+ 0011 e Classesg. Twirp Week provided the pictu e for the div' ' pages in our Squaw Butte St y. Pictured the opposit p g are, standing: Bob Joh on, Carol Snyder, Billie Pederson, Linden ,Q Wood, Dave Fowl Kenneth Welch, seated: john Payne, Bob A 3 X Baker, Bill Snyd George Irving and Steve Knowlton as they ' if 1 yr G' l Day. 5 i 5 I i Sffw ry"',afJ. ,V My O rw-not ,KU f- B. 1ff7,sl,lE.1- l "' 11 X ,IU jf!! 'N 4 i R 5 .5. ! 12519 vii? 531-E2'23:i?i'?i111' 'ig' lil ii? i l W 1-..j.:g2'-21551: -' C-.2 ' .MUN ' ' - 5 1 A,WW J?,. CQ? I in K 4 . A CLASS OFFICERS Standing: MR. RUSSELL MR. JENSEN - MRS. BROICH - Seated: GEORGE IRVING MIKE BRUBAKER SHARON HARRIS - - - Adviser - - Play Director - - - Adviser - Vice-President - - - President Secretary-Treasurer DIXIE GARFIELD Salutatorian Dixie Garfield, salutatorian, has along with her good grades, many extracurricular activities to her credit. She has been student body treasurer this year. She was tapped for National Honor Society when she was a junior. She is a four-year Band Sweetheart candidate. She is a mem- ber of Pep Club, Band, Pep Band, Latin Club and The Thespians. 16 Seniors... MIKE PHILLIPS Valedictorian Mike Phillips, having the highest scholastic average of any graduating senior in the class of '56, is valedictorian. Mike has been active in Pep Band, "E" Club, The Thespians, Latin Club and the National Honor Society. Adair Albee Anderson Baker Barrett Bills Bingham Brannan Broich Brown Brubaker Burkhart Carr Coffelt Colield 17 ...Seniors ELDON ADAIR "Sometimes I sit and think, other times I sit." F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. PAUL ALBEE "Pm a ham--radio that is." Science Club 1-2-3-4, President 45 Tennis 2. RALPH ANDERSON "Girls don't bother me-much." Band l-2-3-4. SONYA BAKER "She seems to have no faults of which we may complain." Pep Club 2-3-45 G.A.A. 3-45 Huskie News Staff 35 Thespians 3-45 Glee Club 35 "Peck's Bad Boy" 35 "Time Out For Ginger" 45 N.H.S. 4. DUANE BARRETT "Come ahead! 1 dare ya!', Class President 15 Student Council 1-35 Track 1-2-3-45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Foot- ball 2-3-45 "E" Club 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2- 35 Choir 45 N.H.S. 3-45 N.F.L. 3-45 Debate 35 Huskie News 2. STANLEY BILLS "If you ha1Jen't dated me, you ha1fen't lived." Band I-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-45 Football 45 Tennis 3-45 "E" Club 4. KATHLEEN BINGHAM "Says little but thinks plentyf' Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-45 N.H.S. 3-45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 3. NORA BRANNAN "Noni" "I don't mean to be arguing, but-" Houston, Texas 15 Pep Club 2-3-45 G.A.A. 3-45 Declamation 2-3-45 Huskie News 45 Glee Club 35 Thespians 2-3-4. SUSAN BROICH "I saw the moon last night." G.A.A. 1-2-35 Pep Club 2-3-45 Thespians 2-3-45 Student Body Secretary 45 Youth Legislature 3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Tennis 2- 3-45 Football Princess 35 "Meet Me in St. Louis" 2. ELLAMAE BROWN "Drawing is my pastime." Huskie News 25 Spanish Club 15 Pep Club 2-3-4. MIKE BRUBAKER "This stuclyin' has got to go.', Football 3-45 Basketball 3-45 Baseball 2- 3-45 Student Council 2-45 Class President 2-4. LORRAINE BURKHART "That's one worry of my mind." Choir 4. t ERNEST CARR "All that and a trumpet, too?,' Band 1-2-3-45 Choir 3-45 Pep Band 35 National Thespians 3-45 Declamation 35 N.F.L. 3-45 Football 3-45 Basketball 45 Youth Legislature 3-45 "Meet Me In St. Louis" 25 "Room For One More" 35 Student Council 1-45 Band President 45 "E" Club 3-4. DALE COFFELT "There's more to school than studying." Track 2-3-4, Regional 35 "E" Club 3-4. CON COFIELD "Fm a travelin' man." Football 3-45 "E" Club 2-3-45 Track 2-35 "Peck's Bad Boy" 35 Thespians 45 Basket- ball 4. Seniors... TRULA CORN "Ta" "Mischief twinkles in her eyesf' G.A.A. 1-2-35 Pep Club 2-3-45 Thespians 3-45 National Thespians 45 Annual Staff 2-3-4, Editor 45 "Peelis Bad Boy" 35 "Room For One More" 35 "Time Out For Ginger" 45 N.H.S. 3-4. GERALDINE CRANK "Geri" "Doin' what comes--naturally?,' F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Library 35 Annual Staff 45 Huskie News 45 Orchestra 35 Pep Band 3-45 N.H.S. 4. DAVID CROUCH "Guess who signs my report rants." Band 1-2-35 Pep Band 1-2. DOROTHY DAWSON "Quiet, but rontenteilf' Library 3-45 N.H.S. 4. LORETTA DENNEY "Red" "Pm quiet in public, but in the wide open spaces-."' G.A.A. 2-3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Library 3-45 Latin Club 3-45 N.H.S. 4. BETSY DUDLEY "Where's my paint brush? Choir 2-3-45 Glee Club 15 National Thes- pians 3-45 Latin Club 2-3-45 G.A.A. 15 Student Body Advertising Manager 45 Declamation 3. CAROLYN FARBER "Bear traps and leap year go hand in band." Band 1-2-3-45 Thespians 2-3-45 G.A.A. I-2-3-45 Pep Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 "Time Out For Ginger" 4. JAMES FLANIGAN "Jim" "Since I'm the editor, you Jo the work." National Thespians 3-45 Best Thespian 35 N.F.L. 3-45 Huskie News 3-4, Editor 45 Latin Club 2-3-45 Annual Staff 3-45 Dec- lamation 2-3-45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 35 "Time Out For Ginger" 4. DAVID FOWLER "Pm never too old to learn." F.F.A. 1-2-3-45 Baseball 1-25 Football 1-2. DIXIE GARFIELD "Actions speak louder than words." Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-45 Tennis 3- 45 G.A.A. 1-2-3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 National Thespians 3-45 Latin Club 2- 3-45 Cheerleader 1-35 Sweetheart Candi- date 1-2-3-45 N.H.S. 3-45 Student Body Treasurer 45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 35 "Time Out For Ginger" 45 Salutatorian. BARBARA GIDDEON "If silence is golden sbe's 24-rural." G.A.A. 3. MARJORIE GIFFORD "Margie" "Silence is an art of conversation." Glee Club 1-2-35 Choir 45 Pep Club 2- 3-45 F.H.A. 1. DONNA GLENN "Shorty" "Gee, you're funny!" Glee Club 3-4. JIM GLENNON "Someday I may be famous!" "E" Club 1-2-3-45 Baseball 1-2-3-45 Basketball 3-45 Football 2-3-45 N.F.L. 2-3-45 N.H.S. 3-45 Student Council 1- 3-45 Student Body President 45 Debate 2-35 Huskie News 45 Annual Staff 4. LUCILLE GRIFFITH "For she is just the quiet kind whose nature never varies." Glee Club 3-45 Huskie News 4. Corn Dawson Farber Garfield Glenn Crank Denney Flanigan Giddeon Glennon Crouch Dudley Fowler Gifford Grifhth 18 Griffiths Hansen Harlow Harris Heath Hill Hoffman J. Hope L. Hope R. Hope Howell B. Hunter D. Hunter Irving Jacobs PATRICIA GRIFFITHS "Pat" LAVERNE HOPE "There he goes." Pep Club 25 Glee Club 15 Choir 2-3-45 F.T.A. 4. CAROL HANSEN "A pretty girl is like a melody." Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 1-25 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2-35 Cheerleader 4. "A little nuisance now and then." RONALD HOPE "Ron" Band 1-2-35 Pep Band 1-2-35 Pep Club 2-3-45 Thespians "Aren't you glad there's just one of1ne?" 2-3-45 Declamation 15 N.H.S. 3-45 Girls' State 35 "High Latin Club 2-3-45 "E" Club 2-3-45 Thespians 3-45 Pep Window" 15 Pep Club Clan Leader 2. Band 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Track 1-2-3-45 "Peck,s DORIS HARLOW Bad Boy" 3. "Sweet and shy." DIXIE HOWELL "Dixs', G.A.A. 1-2-35 Choir 3-45 Glee Club 1-2. SHARON HARRIS "Everyone laughs at my laugh." "Her string has more than one knot." Band 15 Pep Band 15 Twirler 2-3-45 Declamation 2-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Thespians 2-3-45 Huskie News 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 National Thespians 3-45 F.H.A. 25 Orchestra 1. N.H.S. 3-45 Latin Club 45 Girls' State 35 Glee Club 15 BARBARA HUNTER Choir 2-3-45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 3. "A cluster of quiet thoughts." JIM HEATH F.H.A. 3. "It's a great plague to be so handsome." DALE HUNTER Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 35 Football 45 "Gosh! They tell me l'rn doomed to graduatef' "E" Club 45 National Thespians 45 Declamation 25 "Meet Track 1-2-3-45 "E" Club 2-3-4. Me In St. Louis" 25 "Peck's Bad Boy" 3. GEORGE IRVING ARCHIE HILL "To him, girls are a nuisanref' GLENNEA HOFFMAN "Always seen, but seldom heard." Class Vice-President 45 Band 1-2-35 Baseball 1-2-3-45 Football 45 Basketball 35 "E" Club 1-2-3-4. - "With a manner calm and a heart sineeref' DARLENE JACOBS "Jake" Glee Club 1-25 Choir 3-45 Orchestra 1-3. JIM HOPE "Chub" "Besides being cute, I'rn funny too." Band 1-2-35 Pep Band 1-2-35 Orchestra 35 Football 35 Baseball 1-2-3-45 "EH Club 3-4. "Her mind is like the moon, it has a man in it." F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 G.A.A. 1-25 Pep Club 2-35 Latin Club 3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Twirler 15 Dcclamation 35 Orchestra 1-2-3-45 "Room For One More" 35 "Time Out For Ginger" 45 National Thespi-ans 3-4. B. Johnson M. Johnson Joines Knox Larsen Lee Leonard Levers Martin McCall cConnel McKinney McRae Mingus McCombs BOB JOHNSON JIM LEVERS "There must he some hard work in him-for none ever "Please girls! There's enough of me to go aroumlfl came out." Varsity Cheer Leader 45 F.F.A. 2-3-4, President 4. E Club l'2'3'4' GEORGIA ANN MARTIN "Joe MARLENE JOHNSON "She is quiel but so determined." "Show ogy Hefs mine." Orchestra 1-2-3-445 Huskie News 35 F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 G.A.A. 1-2,345 pep Club 2,3,4g Thespians 3,43 Cheer, Declamation 35 Library 35 Annual Salesman 35 Annual leader 2-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Sweetheart Candidate 2-45 Staff 45 Student Council 4' Tennis 3-4g Football Queen 45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 3. FRANCES M CALL C JOHN JOINES "Pa!ie11e'e and for1'ilu1le.', gBicZiyile2bg4iit for one." LON MCCONNEL an ' ' ' ' "To sludy or nof lo sludy, wha! a ques1ion!" JAMES KNOX J. Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band I-2-3-45 Choir 45 N.H.S. 4. .I 'mn -f , - be ' LARRY MCKINNEY lux going fix In "An hour's sleep before midnight is worth Iwo in assembly." RUTH LARSEN F.F.A. 2-3-4. "I sing my blues away." Orchestra 1-25 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 25 Choir 2-3-4. .IEANNETTE MCRAE L DONNA LEE "Sehool? Oh, yes! Thafs another of lhose necessary evils." 3 G.A.A. 3-4g P Cl b 2-3-45 Gl Cl b 1-25 Ch ' 3. "Shari, sweet and sincere." ep U u h ee u mr F.H.A. 1-25 Thespians 3-45 Choir 2-3-45 "Meet Me In KENQIETH MINGUS Kenny I , St' Louisa- 2- Mosff great men are :lead or Ilymgg I Ilont feel so well 'fnyff' . BILL LEONARD Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 1-2-3-45 Tennis 25 Orchestra 1-2. "Ah, your mother wears old Army shoes." RAMON MCCOMBS Orchestra 1. "Tall, lanky, and limherf' 20 New Pederson P6l'1iX Phillips Pittman POE Pope Pratt Pruitte Reed Rekgw Reynolds Rogers Rolland 21 ...Seniors LEOLA NEW "I can't help it if my fare gets red." F.H.A. 1-25 Pep Club 2-3-4. BILLIE PEDERSON "Pete" "Man the guns--Marine aheadlv Glee Club 15 Choir 2-35 Thespians 2-3- 45 G.A.A. 1-2-3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Twirler 25 "Meet Me In St. Louis" 2. ARLENE PENIX "No longer available." Pep Club 2-3-45 Office 3-45 G.A.A. 2- 3-45 F.H.A. 15 Twirler 1-2-3-45 Choir 35 Glee Club 25 Huskie News 4. MICHAEL PHILLIPS "Mike" "A self-made man and be loves his maker." Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-35 Baseball 3-45 Football 45 "E" Club 3-45 Thes- pians 3-45 Latin Club 2-3-4, President 35 Student Council 15 N.H.S. 3-45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 35 Valedictorian. VIRGINIA PITTMAN "Quiet and thoughtful-liked by all." Meridian 1-2-3. DANIEL POFF "Dann "Cursed be be who moves my bones." Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 1-2-3-4. ARLENE POPE "Life's too short for worry." F.H.A. 25 Pep Club 2-3-45 Glee Club 15 Thespians 45 "Room For One More" 3. DONNA PRATT "A cheery smile-a friendly word? Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 1-2-35 Pep Club 2-3-45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Sweet- heart Candidate 1-2-3-45 Sweetheart 4. MELLABELLE PRUITTE "Mel" "Ain't misbeba11in'." F.H.A. l-25 G.A.A. 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-25 Choir 45 Cheerleader 35 Twirler 1-2-3-45 Thespians 3-45 Pep Club 2-3- 45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 3. EVELYN REED "Ev" "Pm a girl after my own beartf' Pep Club 2-3-45 F.H.A. 45 Oliice Girl 3-4. RUSSELL REKOW "Russ" "Pm not lazy-it's my poor health." Track 1-2-3-45 "E" Club 2-3-45 F.F.A. 2-3-4, Treasurer 4. , LOIS REYNOLDS "I have an M.P. for a body guard." Cheerleader 1-35 Thespians 3-45 Sweet- heart Candidate 3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-45 Pep Club 2-3-4. JOHN E. ROGERS "Don't bother me, I'm tired." Band 15 Choir 2-45 Thespians 35 F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 4, District Sec- retary 4. LILLIAN ROLLAND "Lil" "Quiet? Wait ,til she gets started." F.H.A. 1-3-45 Glee Club 1-25 Choir 3- 45 Pep Club 2-3-4. Seniors . .. DOROTHY SALAZAR "Dotty" "Boy! Are we going to have a hall." Pep Club 2-3-45 F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 F.T.A. 4. LOREN SHARP "Us men have to stiek togetherf' Track 2-3-45 Football 45 Science Club 1-2-3-45 "Peck's Bad Boyu 3. BETHEL SMITH "The only way to have a friend is to he one." F.H.A. 1-2-35 Glee Club 1-25 Choir 3-45 Pep Club 2. ' CAROL SMITH "Take me for what I am, not what I say." Glee. Club 1-25 Pep Club 3-45 Choir 45 F.I'I.A. 1-25 Twirler 1-2-3. DERREL SMITH "I was doing fine until the "hug" hit." Band 1-2-35 Pep Band 1-2-35 Track 2. MERVIN SMITH "Pm downright good-looking." Cheerleader 35 Thespians 2-3-4. DICK SPEROS "I'm going to get a girl someday." Class Vice-President 1, President 25 Stu- dent Council 2-3-45 "E" Club 3-45 Football 35 Basketball 3-45 Tennis 2-3-45 Declamation 2. JAMES STEPHENS "Studying is my business," PETE SUMMERS "Peaceful Pete, that's me." Cottage Grove, Oregon 1-2-3. ANNE THAYN "Life is what you make it." F.H.A. 1-25 Glee Club 35 Choir 45 Pep Club 2-4. RICHARD TURNER "Too husy to think, thanks." Band 1-2-3-45 Choir 3-45 Boys' Quartet 4. GLORIA VanLEUVEN "Pm not hashful when you know me." F.T.A. 2-35 Choir 3-45 Glee Club 1-25 Library 3-45 Declamation 35 Pep Club 3-4. KENNETH WELCH Q'Kenny,' "We like him still-the stiller the better." Basketball 45 Football 15 Tennis 3-4. VERNA WHITE "just me and my French horn? F.H.A. 15 Pep Club 25 F.T.A. 3-4, Presi- dent 45 Barid 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-4. X Salazar Sharp B, Smith C. Smith D. Smith M. Smith SPW05 SfCPl1BI1S Summers Th3Yl1 Turner VanLeuven Welch V. White 22 White Wiles C. Wood E. Wood Woodman York Yost Ziegler JANET WILES "1 didn? do iw WINTON WHITE JANICE WOODMAN "I'm not shy when you know me betterf' "Why do people always pick on me?" Duchesne, Utah l-2-3. Thespians 2-3-45 Latin Club 2-3-43 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4g Band I-2-3-4g Pep Club 2-3-4g Tennis 2-3-45 Student Council 45 N.F.L. 2-3-45 Debate 2g Pep Band 35 N.H.S. 3-4. WILLIAM YORK "Bill" Glee Club 1-25 F.H.A. 2-3-43 F.T.A. 2-3-45 Choir 3. fflf bmim wen, money, he Could ,elimv Band I-2-3-43 Pep Band 2-3-4g Choir 4. CELIA WOOD "The Arizona atmosphere is wonderful? Dobilllugsglut it out-will yay, F.H.A. 2-3-4g Huskie News 35 Choir 3-45 Declamation 3. Football 3-43 Basketball 3v4g Track 1-213-49 Class Presi- dent 3g Student Body Vice-President 45 Latin Club, Presi- ETTA MAY WOOD dent 43 "E" Club 1-2-3-45 "Peck's Bad Boy" 3g Student It's nice to be natural when yofu're naturally nicef' g R Council 3-4g Band 1-2-3-4g Thespians 3-49 Declamation 3. F.H.A. 2-3-45 Library 3-43 Huskie News 43 Annualw LEORA ZIEGLER UL H ' eo '-.5 Staff 45 Declqmation 3. Y- ,x " m xx .X iv 'X '- V ,X-' - . Q: si , X. xi Sl- E I 'Q .V x ' Ro -- X XJ ' X Q v ' h . . 'r ' , ' TNQ ffi T N X l t 'Ox G x XX. ,' 'X X X' ACR NJ XJ , Q. ' W' , f xx kt. 'mn w, ' fn- , X , f ' -' ' XX x Y ' IX w -A 3 . - Air 3 X X s X 'x 4 H . N, X 6 sxg X Q N ' 'X X . X - x. Q X V y Xi , L F , . , H . A ,- x , . ,J , x. .X 1 . NN X X 3 'R -- KX , 5- -: ' X, 31 - - M , . .37 'xx 3 . J . ' X 5 X Sl x, ' ll' k . '- ' 3 3:1 Q 4. I 'X xx .X NT' X Xxx .Ta , ,, 1, fx N, tw , 'ax l V : X :I F el . X X ,X 4 V . J uw. 1 . X - - .xx .- X "She wears a smile that won't come of." F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, President 4g Pep Club 2-3-4g Latin Club Q 4g Glee Club 1-2. QX. N5 K2 '. X t J .M X. .1 X 'lx . 'l vi x - N. 1.3. x Seniors ., 36: 45 at When I Was a Papoose Rau' flIllV'i'NlJI1l Brannnn, Billie Pederson, Donna Pratt, Con Cuiield, Glennea Huffman. Kun' llmw- Ken Mingus, Ruth Larsen, jim Flanigan, .lim Heath, Trula Corn. Row Tivo-An early chapter in our Squaw Butte Story, L1ld0HHil Lee, Carolyn Farber, llrnie Carr. Rau' om--Bill Leonard, Donna Glenn, Darlene Jacobs, Jo Martin, Bob johnson. 24 mv. , I I . I .f I 1 X Q Y 5 0 . i OI' il 1 -A A A A lf y n e fall 9 hu p rounded up over one hundred young Indians a trappe , the t e s o mmett High School. There, the class of ,56 has ' t f r wo d ful, sy year . 4 e freshmen "Big Chiefs" taught us English, algebra, homemaking, ricultu and a v- i had to know in this strange civilized world. We chose QU 4 I v! our sidentg Dick Speros, vice-president, Dixie Garfield, secretary- tr rer. 'if Bet ooper was our adviser. ' 9 ti e made it to our sophomore year we had become slightly accustomed t . walys of- the civilized. We displayed our power and stamina when we won the sh-So ally. After a powwow and much smoking of a peace pipe we announced 0 t ad chosen Dick Speros, president, Mike Brubaker, vice-presidentg LaVerne , secretary, Susan Broich, treasurer. junior year we moved with the rest of the tribe into a new and bigger tepee provided by the taxpayers of Gem County after much bargaining by the big , chiefs. New responsibilities came our junior year. Our play, "Peck's Bad Boy," was -. directed by Mrs. Virginia Garfield. After much work and "penny pinching" we secured enough wampum for the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. We had a very eventful year under the leadership of Don Yost, president, Jim Hope, .vice-president, LaVerne Hope, treasurer, Ernie Carr, secretary and our advisers, Edward Russell and Ferd Haruda. The arrival of our class rings last fall brought the first realization that we were at the top. We were SENIORS! We ordered our announcements-that was easy. De- ciding on a Sneak Day was not so easy but it was accomplished. Our play, "Liliom," under the inspired direction of Dwight Jensen, was a big suc- cess and we upheld the tradition of donating the money to the annual for padded covers. Mike Brubaker was our class president, George Irving, vice-presidentg Sharon Harris, secretary-treasurer. Our helpful advisers were Mrs. Lucille Broich and Edward Russell. As we are now approaching our graduation we look back-over the previous years -remembering-remembering the forgotten. Some will go down one trail-some another. Let us, no matter which trail we follow, be true to the. best traditions of our Huskie High as they have become a part of Our Squaw'.Butte, Story. f , ' 4 x I , , , X R 204 Aa Wmfcwt if A Q at Cl M. 1 0 H14 f'.l CID CID es 5" a-1 O 'v-4 --i CU F4 Buck row: DAVID MURRAY LIN PITKIN - MR.M12AD - Front row: MRS. GARFIELD OFFICERS - - Vir'z'-Prfxirlrfll - - - Pravirlrrzi - - AJ vii cr - - - PlayDirz'z'lor Miss Pownns ------ Adviser GLENDA SCHILL lin - Svcretary-TrL'1J.i'1u'cr Out of the papoose stage, the juniors have a big year behind them and a bigger one ahead. Ideas about leaving the home camping grounds are beginning to make them thoughtful. The red men went just a little Irish in December when they presented their class play, "Peg O' My Heart," under the direction of Mrs. Virginia Garfield. The young Bucks and their favorite Squaws were all dressed in their war paint and best feathers for the last big powwow of the year when they entertained the seniors. They are outlining plans to make their last chapter in the Squaw Butte Story a memorable 0116 IICXI year. J. Albee D. Amos P. Aramburu B. Ashley C. Ashley T. Aucutt B. Baker T. Baldwin W. Bernard K. Bingham N. Borup J. Bowbrick J. Browne R. Burcham D. Campbell D. Campbell M. Canady D. Carley D. Carrier A. Casper J. Cates T. Chadwick R. Christison E. Church V. Cristy G. Davis M. Davis D. Deen K. Denney W. Dill N. Dillon B. Eiguren D. Forrester J. Ferrel G. Franklin P. Fulgham E. Garringer J. Giddeon D. Goslin D. Green B. Grifhths N. Hadley L. Hardin F. Hartman V. Heath K. Hebert E. Hendry M. Hobson W. Holmes S. Houston B. Howell B. Hull V. Humpherys C. Jacobs J. Jensen R. Johns B. Jolinson W. jolliff R. jorden D. jorgenson V. Keldson B. Keuter C. Kreizcnbecli J. Lake F. Lamb J. Lee J. Lewis M. Little K. Marteney R. Miller L. Morlin C. Moulton L. Mouritsen D. Murray B. Nelson S. Nichols M. Nielson E. O'Mally J. Payne B. Pennington L. Pitkin G. Pittman B. Queen K. Ragains V. Rindlisbach G. Robison M. Rose C. Rynearson K. Rynearson M. Savage j. Sawyer G. Schiller D. Schultz L. Sillcr A. Skippen P. Walker C. Wallace D. Watkins M. Werner J. Westbrook S. Wright C. Wright D. Wray D. Woods G. Woodall B. Wilson P. Wills F. Yarno J. lf! ,M WI! ff" .W 1 a 2 W - E M4m2?jf,5f,3., as Wil by 'fi as fi Ll E 3 ii? i. . Www fpf i--11129fS Ebfoilsfiil . r aww if f., . . Qliylgfiy .gifs wwf? .W r as 2,30 Wjgfjirw E 4. S11 mmywkl asa xiloiiix 'is W l SS la O OI'C eSo OFFICERS Left to right: MR. BRIGGS - - MARILYN HEATH NANCY CALLENDER JoHN BINGHAM - Not pictured: Mn. Fos'rEk - We put a feather in our headband by Winning several of the intramural activities. We sponsored an after-game "foot-flingv last fall. In conjunction with our little brothers, the freshmen, we honored our Frosh-Soph basketball team at a dancing party this spring. Our hopes are high as we anticipate our role as upper-'tribesmen next fall. H. Ackarer J. Amos S. Andre L. Baker M. Barrett J. Benge J. Bingham R. Bosteder M. Brownfield J. Burt N. Callender J. Carpenter D. Carrier J. Casper R. Cayford A. Church D. Clements D. Clements A. Coffelt R. Corbett S. Cornwall B. Cox L. Cox - - - - - Advixrr - Vive-President Srvrefary-Treaxurrr - - - - President - Adviser N. Cox C. Crump 1 A. Curtis S. Davis S. Davis H. Dearborn D. Deen L. DeGrange D. Dillon R. Donaldson D. Draper J. Draper T. Driscoll J. Durfcc R. Fenton L. Fifer G. Folwell A. Foruria I. Foruria L. Foruria T. Friend R. Garrett J. Glimp D. Gordon K. Gordon B. Graham D. Griffith S. Griffiths S. Grimes H. Gruber R. Hahn R. Hallam G. Hankins A. Hansford J. Hardin L. Harlow L. Harshield R. Haun M. Heath B. Heikkila C. Helmick R. Helmick B. Henderson M. Hendrix E. Hester R. Higer D. Hill J. Hill Sophomores E. Schaut R. Schiller S. Schmitz A. Schoening E. Schultz B. Seward E. Sharp M. Sharp R. Sherrill A. Sisler B. Smith B. Smith M. Smith R. Smith C. Snyder J. Spear C. Starr N. Steele j. Stephens M. Sullivan P. Sutton L. Taylor M. Tester S. Thayn R. Thome B. Townson J. Tracy L. Turner B. Upson R. Upson J. Vandcrschel B. VanLeuven N. Wallace T. Welberg D. White M. White A. Wiley J. Williams N. Willis J. Wilson R. Wood T. Wood M. Woodall A. Woodward O. Wright A. Yarno L. Young M. Ziegler Sophomores .fdldqy ll! JZ-C, an ' gfw ,Ml Fx W .L,ZffCfvC J 431 J. Hope L. Horton E. Howell K. Hunt B. Hunter C. Huskey G. Hutchins B. Irving D. Irving M. Janrz G. Jones K. Jones M. Jones S. Jones L. Kimball L. Kite C. Larsen C. Lawrence H. Lce J. Marvin J. Mathews M. Mayer L. McConnel M. McNutt J. Meredith C. Miller J. Mitchell L. Morfin L. Murray K. Myers E. New C. Newport N. Osborn F. Palmquist G. Payton B. Perkins P. Peterson B. Pohl C. Pope D. Pratt D. Pratt W. Prough L. Putzier M. Queen D. Riekcn B. Russell L. Ryncarson L. Sawyer Sophomores cn cn G! v-1 rd W CU 3-1 CU OFFICERS Bon Howmm - ---- Prexident MARILYN RosE - - Secretary-Treasurer MR. Woon ------- Adviser JoHN Sxono - - - Vice-President Not Pictured: Mas, BREMMER - - - Adviser QA Our class play, the first given by a Freshman Class, was a "heap big" success. It was called "It,s a Girl" and was written and directed by Chief Dwight Jensen. We triumphed in the Frosh-Soph Rally and we're looking forward eagerly to our next hunting season in Emmett High. O. Ackerman A. Albee L. Allen S. Anderson M. Ash E. Ashley A. Beal R. Beal J. Biggers B. Bingham A. Blalock L. Boren D. Bowman J. Bowman J. Brantner R. Bright M. Brill N. Brooks M. Brown M. Burt B. Campbell R. Campbell B. Carley L. Carroll B. Cates B. Charters P. Charters H. Clarkson R. Clarkson W. Clements B. Clemmer R. Coats M. Conley , ' R. Corbett P. Crank C. Davis C. Davis M. Davis L. Deen P. Dillon B. Douglas B. Draper M. Eisenbeiss J. Eldridge D. Fincher L. Ford T. Foruria X J. Goodwin G. Gordon V. Goss G. Gratton R. Gray R. Gray L. Hall J. Harris S. Harlow -M. Hartman M. Harwell W. Hawker I. Heikkila J. Henderson R. Hetherington D. Higer L. Hill M. Hill Freshmen V. I-limes B. Holbrook E. Horton R. Howard L. Hower T. Hull D. Hunter L. Jacobs L. Jensen S. Johnson L. Johnston G. Jolliff S. Jones V. Jones J. Kepler J. Kepler R. Kepler I. Kirkpatrick D. Lankford C. Larsen W. Lee E. Lewis S. Magnuson A. Matthews W. McKean V. McKinney B. McMahan S. McMillan B. Melvin C. Meredith K. Merrill L. Messmer L. Mitchell W. Morris 6 G. Mouritsen F. Moyer l L. Nelson W M. Niles R. Obermeyer T. Olsen V. Olsen T. Parker J. Payne L. Payton E. Peterson G. Pettinger C. Pharoah J. Pilkerton Freshmen D. Pratt V. Query R. Ranstrom G. Rindlisbach G. Rivers C. Rood C. Rose M. Rose P. Rude R. Ruska S. Rynearson M. Sanders B. Saxton L. Sch-adt S. Scott 1' J. Skoro B. Smith D. Smith E. Stanberry W. Stanberry I. Steele D. Steiner N. Stewart E. Stipp I. Stover A. Summers L. Sutton N. Tappe K. Taylor J. Teeter A. Vanderford K. VanLeuven S. Vaughn D. Vickery R. Vickery T. Walker C. Weseloh G. White K. Wilhelm J. Wilson D. York J. York Freshmen Freshmen, Sophomores Get in the Act Top, lrfl'-A sccnc from the Freshman play, "It's a Girl." Top, rigbl'--Six weeks test in English I. Cvnlcr, Ieff-The sophomores sponsor an after-game dance. Celifrr, riglJl+Not a worm in a car load of candy apples sold by thc sophomores. Lower, lrff-We attend the Frosh-Soph Rally. Lower, rigbl-It may not look like it, but the sophomores are losing the tug-of-war. 38 Row foura-The faculty enjoys the F.F.A. Christmas luncheong the Swans. Row Harm'-Mrs. Tolmie, Mrs. Broich, Mrs. Becker. Row Iwo-Mrs. Garfield, Mr. Brannan, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Russell. Row one-Mrs. Brcmmer, the busy geometry teacher, Mr. Mead. ff the Reservation I .' 1 .5 , -, -' as .I ' 0 0 u ' - I ' 5 1 I D O bi - 1 , f .Vf , , . F'-'H 1 , , ,ff f ,f I .ft'44 V Z7 -" A! VWJUL fy Lin Pitkin, Jim Mathews, Dennis Gosl warm up their ubrandin' irons" on Cowb during Twirp Week. ff Mi WM 'LM"f'Q0ffwe+ V WU, do ik --ffA.a........,,,vx?a x. -7,.,K'Lnd""' 'rich Z'-'-K w gqfefi-ni, gan1zat1ons ? in and Jim Heath oy and Girl Day w5 wwC?+foifWlUfW A W 740 6Z4,44fYfW":V!!qLS I I L ' WiU7,9Aw.,0!Z M W W H Xxk II W F .ififfii ational Honor Society The National Honor Society presented the valedictorian and salutatorian of the 1956 grad- uating class with seventy-Hve-dollar scholarships this year. At a formal initiation March 22 fifteen new members were initiated. Sonya Baker, Geraldine Crank, Dorothy Dawson, Loretta Denney and Lon McConnel were the new senior members. Juniors were Dennis Goslin, Norene Hadley, Carrie Jacobs, Karen Marteney, John Payne, Lin Pitkin, LaVina Siller, Arlene Twilegar and Dean Watkins. Active members, Janice Woodman, Carol Hansen, Mike Phillips, Jim Glennon, Duane Barrett, Trula Corn, Dixie Garfield and Sharon Harris, under the direction of President Kathleen Bing- ham and Miss Charlotte Swatman, adviser, held regular meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. The sale of school pins and senior announcements plus a pay assembly are the main money- making projects of the society. The annual page is financed by a candy sale held in the fall. To become a member of the National Honor Society students must be scholastically in the upper one third of their class. Members are chosen for their character, leadership and service as well as scholarship. Row three'-Lin Pitkin, Arlene Twilegar, Carrie Jacobs, Dennis Goslin, Norene Hadley, Geraldine Crank, John Payne. Row Iwo-Loretta Denney, Karen Murteney, Lon McConnel, Dorothy Dawson, LaVina Siller, Dc-an Watkins, Sonya Baker, Virginia Keldsen. Row om'-Duane Barrett, Carol Hansen, Trula Corn, Mike Phillips, Dixie Garfield, Sharon Harris, Kathleen Bingham, Jim Glermon. 42 Squaw Butte Saga Members of the annual staff take pleasure in presenting the '56 Squaw Butte Saga. After many hours of hard work, some moments of doubt and lots of fun, we finally got it to the printers. Write-ups and typing can be credited to Trula Corn, editor, Geri Crank, assistant editor, Etta May Wood, Georgia Ann Martin, Myrn Little, Arlene Twilegar, Betsy Dudley, Dixie Howell and Bob Keuter. "Braves,,' Jim Glennon and Jim Flanigan, did a good job collecting the "Wampum" for our pouches. "Warriors," Dennis Goslin, John Payne, Darrell Wray and Lin Pitkin, earned a "feather" for their superior work when "snapping the shutter." They were on call any hour, anytime. "Many thanks" go to "Chief" Peterson who put the finishing touches on our work and saw that everything was done in time for the deadlines. We couldn't have done it without her. We hope this annual will bring back happy memories of "many moons ago" as you look through 1tS pages. Sfamfingijohn Payne, Darrell Wray, Jim Glennon, Dennis Goslin, Lin Pitkin, Bob Keuter, Jim Flanigan. Scaled -Myrn Little, Geri Crank, Betsy Dudley, Trula Corn, Etta May Wood, Dixie Howell, Arlene Twilcgar. Inxvrl- Jo Martin. 43 il 5. INITIATES Row four-K. Ragains, D. Wray, G. Davis, D. Carley, D. Watkins, J. Westbrook, D. Campbell, D. Poff, S. Houston. Row lhree-M. Rose, L. Hope, L. Siller, A. Pope, N. Hadley, P. Fulgham, B. Keuter, L. Jacobs, M. Hartman, D. Pratt, S. Magnuson, M. Little, J. Heath, A. Twilegar. Row Iwo-T. Dris- coll, M. Werner, D. White, K. Marteney,. C. Jacobs, T. Aucutt, K. Merrill, L. Hill, B. Carley, M. Mayer. Row one-B. Bingham, R. Fenton, G. Pettinger, C. Rood, B. Draper, P. Rude, A. Beal, C. Davis. The Thespians The Thespians, Emmett High School dramatic club, has had a very busy nine months under the guidance of Dwight Jensen. The group gave two plays, "Time Out For Ginger," The Thespian play, and "Stage Door," the all-school play. They sponsored the freshman play, "It's a Girl," which was written as well as directed by Dwight Jensen. Thespian members were active in the production of the senior play, "Liliom." Trula Corn and Carol Hansen, with Mr. and Mrs. Jensen, went to Seattle to represent Emmett at a two-day conference. An outstanding characteristic of Thespian activities this year has been the par- ticipation of a great number of underclassmen. Trula Corn ,S6 headed the group as president. Ernie Carr was vice-president, Betsy Dudley, secre- tary, Sharon Harris, treasurer. Row six-T. Driscoll, R. Fenton, C. Hansen, B. Dudley, D. Howell, G. Davis, D. Wray, G. Pettinger, B. Bingham. Row fue-D. Hetherington, W. Strickland, A. Twilegar, P. Fulgham, B. Queen, K. Ragains, D. Campbell, J. Westbrook, M. Werner, D. Carley. Row four-C. Farber, K. Marteney, L. Siller, M. Little, D. Murray, C. Coiield, K. Merrill, M. Hart- man, B. Carley, L. Deen. Row three-N. Hadley, C. Jacobs, D. Yost, M. Johnson, M. Phillips, L. Reynolds, S. Baker, R. Hope, S. Magnuson, M. Rose, Mr. Jensen. Row two-D. Garfield, Woodman, S. Broich, D. Jacobs, B. Draper, P. Rude, D. Watkins, S. Harris, A. Pope, L. Lee. Row one-M. Pruitte, N. Brannan, B. Pederson, C. Rood, B. Keuter, D. Pratt, Heath, E. Carr, J. Flanigan, M. Smith, T. Corn. 44 I 5 Stumfiug-R. Fenton, Mr. Nitz, J. Westbrook, Row lbrcf'-L. Mouritsen, A. Church, P. Sutton, L. Sutton, W. White, J. Harris, A. Smith, L. Kite, M. Smith, L. Hurshfield, V. White. Row two-L. Jacobs, D. Hoffman, A. Curtis, D. Hunter, L. Murray, B. Heikkila, M. Eisenbeiss, B. Draper, S. Nichols, J. Jacobs. Row om'-L. Hower, T. Baldwin, L, Packer, P. Peterson, M. White, D. Jacobs, K. Scott, S. Hower. mafi- tiller? rchestra The growth during the past two years, both numerically and musically, of the Emmett High School orchestra should bring much satisfaction to Director Donald Nitz. The personnel of the group indicates a continued interest in good orchestra music and an active organi- zation. The combined orchestra and choir con- cert March 20 was an outstanding suc- cess. OFFICERS Officers pictured at the left- Sfumling-Georgia Ann Martin, librarian, and Darlene Jacobs, vice-president. Scam!-Kristin Scott, secretary, and Linda Jacobs, president. STRING QUARTET The string quartet from the orchestra has been generous in playing for pro- grams at school and at local club meet- ings. From left to right they are Lew- jean Hower, first violing Suanne Hower, cello, Darlene Jacobs, viola, Linda Jacobs, second violin. Discipuli Linguae Latinae One group of our people banded together in the Discipuli Linguae Latinae, better known as the Latin Club, or Learners of the Latin Language. They are the students who are studying Latin now or who have studied it in high school. The club has had a large membership this year., During one "festivitas', twenty- one tribesmen were initiated into the organization., Initiates, to show their member- ships, wore the traditional togas to school. At the banquet in the evening they bought their freedom by serving the citizens and by providing the entertainment. On the opposite page are pictures taken at the banquet. Don Yost headed the group as president. Loretta Denney was vice-president, Betsy Dudley, secretary-treasurer and Darlene Jacobs, historian. Mrs. Delia Swan, Latin instructor, is the adviser. K FN Row five-Mrs. Swan, J. Woodman, A. Lappens, J. York, D. Higer, L. Kite, R. Higer, K. Mingus, J. Carpenter, T. Aucutt. Row four-P. Crank, D. Smith, C. Davis, K. Merrill, M. Hartman, J. Burt, M. Woodall. Row three-B. Eiguren, D. Gar- field, D. Carrier, L. Ziegler, C. Jacobs, S. Harris. Row two-M. Burt, L. Jacobs, L. Hower, M. Phillips, J. Flanigan Row our-L. Dcnney, D. Jacobs, D. Yost, B. Dudley. 46 Latin Club Banquet Slave, Bonnie Eiguren Qcenterj serves citizens Darlene Jacobs, Betsy Dudley, Don Yost and Sharell Schmitz, a dancing girl. lNI'l'lA'l'liS Rau' lfwrn'-Alice Lnppens, P. Crank, -I. Burt, M. Wocldall, M. Hartman, K. Merrill, C. Davis, M. Burt, B. Figuren, D. Carrier. Ron' twoil.. Jacobs. D. Smith, I.. llower, C. Jacobs, L. Ziegler, T. Aucutt, AI. Carpenter. Ron' nm'-K. Mingus, R. Higer, D. Higer, xl. York. Posing for the cameraman are Darlene Jacobs, Betsy Dudley, the "Cave Cnnemf' Don Yost, Mrs. Swan, Mike Phillips, Sharell Schmitz and -lim Flanigan. ln the lower left picture slaves, Dale Higer and -lim York, entertain with gladi- torial combat. Below, beside one of the flower decked pillars which were a part of the banquet lull, is -lohn Carpenter, banquet chairman. 'Y ational Forensic League Conflicts with other extracurricular activities kept members of the Emmett N.F.L. chapter from taking an active part in forensic activities this year. Pictured at the right are those students who earned membership in the National League last year. From left to right they are Tommy Aucutt, Jim Glennon, Jim Flanigan, Ernie Carr, Duane Barrettg insert, Janice Woodman. Declamation Taking an active part in speech and dec- lamation activities for the 1955-56 school term are students pictured at the left with their sponsor, Pat Brannan, speech teacher. Sfallffirlg-Mr. Brannan, Loren Sharp, Carol Law- rence, Dorrnl Campbell, lillamae Brown, John lling- ham. Srutwl-Nora Brannan, Dixie Howell, Michele Mayer. Noi' piz'!l1r4'J-Dixie Garfield, Carolyn Farber. Ellamae Brown won the American Legion Orn- torical Contest held in February. Shown at the left are Don Rekow, from the American Legion and the contestants lillamae Brown, john Bingham, Michele Mayer, Nancy Callender, Carol Lawrence. ,M 3' Burk mu'-Janine Marvin, Dorothy Salazar, janet Wiles, Mrs. Swan, Verna Wliite, Ann Schoening, Katherine Hunt, Frou! mu'fP:ttty Griklith, Helen Lee. Q, Loren Sharp, Mr. Harrison, Lin Pitkin, Paul Albee, john Payne, Dunne Curley, Glen Davis, Robert Fenton, Arthur Beal. No! pi1'f11r'ml-Gary Falwell. 49 Future Teachers of America OFFICERS VIRNA WHl'l'l. - PI'l'.Yf1ll'lIf KATHIZIKINL HUNT - - - Vin'-I'1'z'.iilfx'r1I Hl'I IN LH, - - Sz'fri'fary-Trvuxllrvr -IANINI. lVlARVlN - Hi.YfiIl'ilIlI ANN St1loxiN1Nrp - - Program Clmirnmn MRS. ly!-,I.lA SWAN - AJ1'i.u'r Science Club OFFICERS PAUL Arm-,ia - I'rr.viilw1l Ginn' F0l.Wl 1.1. - - - Vim'-l'l'r'.viiI'i'11l LJUANI: ciARI,I,Y - - Ser'1'z'tur'y-Tumurffr I,olu,N SHARP - - Svrgiwil al llymx MR. HARRISON - Ailrixvr A5 Row five-A. Yarno, A. Lappens, S. Grimes, A. Sisler, N. Osborn, E. Wood, C. Wood, L. Rollancl, I.. Ryncarson, S. Jones. Row four-B. VanLeuven, L. Carroll, E. Sharp, R. Helmick, C. Larsen, M. Jantz, L. Harlow, M. Hill. Row fbrm'-J. Payne, B. Seward, A. Wiley, K. Jones, F. Palmquist, Wiles, F. Lewis, P. Dillon, M. Harwell. Row fun-M. Ash, A. Albee, Ii. Reed, W. Strickland, J. Draper, C. Jacobs, G. Robison. Raw om'-Miss Powers, li. Stover, D. Jacobs, K. Bills, L. Ziegler, G. Crank, D. Salazar. uture Homemakers of America Under the supervision of Miss Jessie Powers the Future Homemakers of America are striving to learn to be efhcient "squaws.,' They have learned that "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." They had the experience of planning and cooking two meals, one for the boy Scouts and the other for the Future Farmers' Parent-Son Banquet. They made lunches which they sold for the Girls' League when Emmett hosted the S.R.V. Conference and they served refreshments at the Sweet- heart Ball. They had the privilege of serving at a Farm Bureau banquet last fall. A chili feed, candy sale and selling at a basketball game helped the funds in the treasury to grow. The F.H.A. style show was a big success. This year, for the first time, the girls had the opportunity to buy the regulation club jacket which is red with the club emblem on the left shoulder. Activities began in November when twenty girls became members at the formal initiation led by President Leora Ziegler. 50 OFFICERS Slamling: JACKIE DIQAPIIR - CARRIE jAc:oBS - WII.MA STRICKLANIJ KATHIQRINIQ BILLS ----- EVELYN REED - - DAIu.IiNE jAc:oBS - Scaicil: GEIIALDINL ROBISON DOROTHY SALAZAR LEORA ZIEGLEII - GERI CRANK - MISS Powuns - - - Rf'porII'r - - Song Lmilfv - - - Purliamz-nluriuu Historian Rrrrmfion Chairman - Degrvv Chairman - - - Tl't'd,'fll7't'Y - - St't'Vf'fdYJ' - - l'rf'fiIlr'nl - V1l'l'-Pl'F.Vil,F11f - - Aduixcr is :mind F. H. A. Katherine Bills and Barbara Seward learn about E.H.S. Future Homemakcrs of the past by looking through the Scrap book. Judy Payne, April Wiley and Marilyn Ziegler, all freshmen, Study a few changes for the F.H.A, bulletin board. M01 OFFICERS Slamliug: MR. BIQCKMAN - - Arfrixrr LARRY MCKINNIQY - - Svnfincl RUSSELL Riiiaow - - Tnfuxurrr Srulmf: JOHN Rotaliks - - Vicz'-1'rr'xi1lz'r1f JIM I.IivicRs - - - President DAN AMos - - Srrrvlary Row .vi.x'iG. Gordon, L. Nelson, R. Vickery, R. Hallam, K. R nearson, B. Gardunia, L. Hall. Row fire'-R. Coats, R. Bright, D. York, P. Wills, B. Baker, J. Willi'ams, . Howar , D. Vickcry, V. Himes. Row four-M. Conley, B. Wilson, D. Amos, R. Johns, B. Johnson, L. Hardin, J. Mitche , . racy, L. Mitchell, B. Clemmer. Row fhrrz'-J. Biggers, A. Church, L. Cox, Garringer, R. W'ood, G. Hankins, L. DeGrange, D. Draper, M. Sullivan. Row Iwo-Mr. Beckman, L. McKinney, E. New, D. Fowler, S. Knowlton, li. Adair, Albee. Row one-R. Rekow, G. Woodall, J. Rogers, J. Levers, J. Amos, P. Sutton, J. Wilson, L. Sutton. The Future Farmers of America Boys who farm the fertile lands which surround Squaw Butte spend the winter months studying agriculture in school. They band together in the Emmett Chapter of the Future Farmers of America. Their banquet March 19 was one of the outstanding events of the year. Two honorary Chapter Mothers were named at the banquet in addition to the honorary adult farmers and their own outstanding members. Lloyd Cox '58 had the Reserve Grand Champion fat steer at the Capital Livestock show in Boise in November. After nine months studying the best scientific methods the boys are ready and anxious for three months of nice, clean, dawn-to-dusk farming with no teachers to wake them from their dreams of the maidens in their Squaw Butte Story. S2 F. F. A. K.P. DUTY One of the nicest customs of our F,F.A. chapter is their Christmas luncheon at which E.H.S. teachers are guests. Pictured at the left are Larry McKinney, Steve Knowlton, John Rogers, Jim Levers, Mr. Beckman, Larry Harden and Dan Amos who stopped their K.P. duties long enough to have this picture taken. CONTESTANTS At the left in this picture are Jim Levers, john Rogers, Larry Harden and Dan Amos, who Worked for their State Farmer degrees. At the right are Gene Hester and Glen Hankins who entered the local public speaking contest. JUDGING TEAM Members of the state judging team which entered the competition at the University of Idaho last summer are Larry McKinney, jim Levers, Glen Hankins, Larry DcGrange and Perry Sutton. FARM SHOP Robert Baker, Bob Johnson, Phillip Wills and Rex Johns were getting in some good work on Phillip's trailer when the photographer arrived at the farm shop for this picture. -, sl Row len-S. Schmitz, E. Sehaut, D. Clements, J. Glimp, L. Young, R. Helmiek, A. Yarno, C. Larsen, M. Jantz, E. Howell, L. Morfin. Row nine-S. Cornwall, L. Horton, K. Myers, J. Burt, A. Schoening, M. Woodall, A. Woodward, D. Clements, M. Jones, F. Palmquist, J. Marvin, K. Jones, E. Schultz. Row eight-S. Griffiths, R. Haun, B. Heikkila, L. Murray, B. Upson, A. Coffelt, S. Jones, J. Draper, B. Pohl, J. Meredith, B. Seward. Row seven-D. Irving, M. Heath, J. Durfee, A. Foruria, I. Foruria, W. Prough, V. Cristy, N. Osborn, C. Newport, M. White, H. Lee. Row six-S. Andre, D. Carrier, N. Callender, M. Mayer, C. Lawrence, A. Curtis, J. Stephens, P. Peterson, D. Smoke, G. Hutchins, B. Howell, C. Rynearson, K. Denney. Row five-K. Bills, L. Morfin, C. Wright, S. Nichols, C. Snyder, B. Townson, Sawyer, E. Brown, W. Strickland, D. Carrier, B. Eiguren. Row four- L. Reynolds, D. Salazar, M. Rose, G. Robison, L. Ziegler, G. Crank, T. Chadwick, P. Fulgham, V. Keldsen, J. Bowbrick, N. Borup, M. Canady, P. Aramburu. Row lhree-N. Hadley, M. Little, D. Jorgensen, D. Pratt, S. Baker, S. Broich, D. Garfield, B. Pederson, C. Farber, C. Hansen, S. Harris, A. Pope, K. Hebert. Row two-A. Twilegar, V. Heath, J. Lake, A. Penix, M. Johnson, J. Woodman, L. Hope, N. Brannan, A. Thayn, G. V'anLeuven, T. Corn, Mrs. Broich. Row om'-M. Pruitte, K. Marteney, G. Schiller, L. Siller, D. Stroud, C. Smith, J. McRae, L. Denney, D. Howell, E. Reed, L. New, L. Rolland, C. Kreizenbeck. The Pep Club The purpose of the Pep Club is to be of service to the school by promoting pep and enthusiasm for school activities. The club is primarily a service organization and its members are called upon many times for routine serv- ices at school and in the community. Basketball season is their busiest time. They sell tickets and refresh- ments at games. Their main social functions are their dance in March and the Senior Girls' Luncheon in May. The Emmett club was again host to the Snake River Valley Girls' League for the second year in a row. Donna Pratt was S.R.V. secretary this year. LaVina Siller was elected by representatives at the League to be treasurer for next year. OFFICERS Franz lefl lo righl: Vmomm KELDSIZN - - - Secrelary DARLENE Cmuunn - - - Treasurer BONNIE EIGUREN - - Vice-President LAVINA SILLER - - - - President MRS. BROICH ------ Adviser GLIENDA SCHILLIER - Sergeant at Arms S4 The Pep Club CLAN LEADIQRS Sfamling: LoR1,TTA D1 NNLY LEORA ZILQLLR - Sraffrl: CAROL LAwR13Nc,E IDONNA CARRIER BONNIE IQIGUREN CiLI:NDA Sc'HiI.1.LR - Srnior Clan I.1'a4l1'r - Sfnirn' Sz'fr1'fury - Sophomorr' S!'L'H'ftH'j' Sofwhomarz' Clan Lf'au'1'r - Iunior Clun Lcazfw - - Iuuiw' Sz'z'rf'!ury Looking through the Scrap Book arc Virginia Kcldsen, Mrs. Broich, Darlene Carrier, Bonnie Eiguren, LaVina Sillcr and Glenda Schiller The picture below shows thc girla waiting to sign thc Presiclcnt's book and to rcccivc the club ribbons after thc formal initiation. R M Row seven-L. Morfin, L. Johnson, P. Charters, A. Summers, D. Gordon, B. VanLeuven, J. Stephens, V. Cristy, J. Casper, B. Douglas, L. Rynearson. Row thx-E. Howell, M. Ash, D. Glenn, L. Griffith, C. Newport, B. Evans, E. Stipp, L. Deen, C. Meredith, N. Osborn, L. Ford. Row fu'-M. Niles, I. Kirkpatrick, A. Albee, Payne, L. Harlow, C. Wright, S. Jones E. Peterson, P. Crump, H. Dearborn. Row four-Ii. Schultz, A. Cofelt, B. Seward, M. Rose, L. Jensen, C. Larsen, S McMillan, S. Johnson, N. Stewart, W. Morris. Row Ibree-A. Vandcrford, C. Helmick, J. Brantner, S. Harlow, J. Wilson P. Dillon, N. Cox, M. McNutt, B. Melvin, S. Rynearson. Raw iwo-R. Sherrill, I. Foruria, S. Andre, A. Foruria M Mayer, A. Schoening, C. Snyder, A. Yarno, G. Rindlisbach, K. Vz1nLeuven, M. Tester. Row om'-T. Foruria, B. ,Hall brook, T. Friend, G. Rivers, O. Ackerman, W. Clements, R. Campbell, D. Clements, M. Burt, I. Steele, Mr. Lind. Gee Club... "Music, Music, Music," should be the theme song of this group of girls in the Glee Club. They sing because they like music-they want music-they make music. Directed by Mr. Lind they are al- ways ready to p ide music any time, any place, for everyone. ENSEMBLE Sfamling-T. Friend, E. Howell, A. Cot'- felt, I. Steele, B. Seaweard, P. Charters, C. Snyder, C. Larsen, C. Helmick, A. Albee, L. Johnson, M. Mayer, A. Foruria, M. Burt. Sealed-S. Jones, J. Payne, R. Campbell, O. Ackerman, S. Andre. i so i u Run' .tn BOYS' QUARTIQT "Music hath charms-" and especially music by the F.H.S. Boys' Quartet hath charmed members of the student body. It's one of the things we'll remember best about 1955-56. Dean Watkins, john Bingham, Richard Turner, Keith Ragains and their accompanist, Carrie Jacobs, are pictured at the left. Choir . . . The entire choir, shown below with the director, Robert Lind, has been very generous with its music-and we've loved every minute of it. illon, K. Ragains, j. Rogers, D. Watkins, D. Barrett, V. Rin lisbach, R. Corbet. Rau' fire-H. Lee, B. Howell, L. McConnel, KI. Chambers, D. Schultz, B. York, li. Horton, R. T rner, j. Bingham, C. Starr. Row four-B. Pohl, M. Barrett, -I. Lake, M, Pruitte, L. Rolland, D. Harlow, M. Nielsen,JN1. Butler, C. Smith. Row llwrer'--C. Nllfood, G. Hoffman, M. Gifford, S. Broich, D. -laeobs, A. Curtis, B. Smith, K. Bills' R. lrlaun. Rau' luvr-V. Heath, D. Clements. I. Marvin, C. Alacobs, K. Hunt, B. Dudley, L. Lee, -I. Lee, j. Meredith, Burt. Rau' um'iA. Tltayn, G. VanI.euven, W. Strickland, R. Larsen, li. Schaut. Mr. Lind, L. Horton, F. Lai , Ci. Robison, WL Prough, G. Schiller. 57 Q , Q X X, 4 M 5. in ym . A ,Q G fag. H ' 3 Ergi. ' 'Y - ' 5 L, bm W' ff f f 5' ,...- ,rf ff-.. fir f if 45' X E 5-M W- ,gf E.-M , mf ww ff' --0 , W 1 5 'E 'K f QL? Q4 ww 'V W4 M nf ' s 'rf s 5.77, LW 4 5 8 -wwfgb , 'W' X ' 3 ,W ax '-s ,ff ws M W f a M s R Wai f-Q Q 3' A 2 ' Hf Qi Y 8 af V' wi M f A :nm . f ff i fem 5.2 :jg-5, 'A xg' N K " Yi' 2' K4 Q Q- A ng A 4 mxyl M N it! NWN MW ' ,,my.,v J E is 4, A., WNW! 3 i A ,km M Mm ,KW X W at rf EM 5 www ,15 b V 5 1-fi B-.Mg gk MF N J Mug V, 'K-. 'ww Ky 4 5 M3 ffl 1 an sfk 3 1 IK Q W Ms. 5 5 3 4 ,gf f ikx A H .,' 3 ma ...k 5 ' X1 I ' ki' M ..,..., Z EJB Y S V L M ""-'fl 3 iw w e f "'j'Lk't '.?12frf1f Wm fi, Nm f' WWE-wg U bp' i m f WK 'TQQQ 'ix 'W 5?x""'s m WW 'J 5? B' + in fy yu M if -.M Q N. A -f 1 ,vm-M ma, fm, 5 MLW . . ,Y-My , Sww A N g I V, 'f.,c:1,L.m,, Swv fx S V A 0 w k Q A in xii fx HN 6 Li 5 . S N Q, 4. Pg V KW, Lu Qm X W , my aw k ,X W N E X A "+R Mk. ' Q Q ' W E fi nl L' .km 'f X W tan 'H-pq, Mal' K A '5.N0g:, U' X A ov '-g 5 f ,W 'UNM fix Q, xnxx 1 ig ' s Aim 6 'ik :Hy za' iixfl. York, M. Queen, D. Baldwin, B. York, S. Anderson, I. Heikkila, L. MeConncl, I.. Turner. Row jizz'-J. Goodwin, lltr i R Gray, M. Sanders, D. Hetherington, R. Gray, G. Jolliff, B. Smith, A. Smith, G. XVhite. Row four-M. Heath, S. Grimes, ltr e l Carroll, P. Rude, M. lfiwenbeiss, B. Draper, K. Merrill, C. Davis, li. MeM.1han. Roux illvw'-J. Teeter, D. Puff, K. Nwilhelm, I Howe Hope, HI. Hernli, l,. Kite, D. Steiner, B. Bingham. Rau' Iwo-D. Garfield, C. Farber, -I. W'oodmun, l.. Murray, R. Fenton, P Crm M. Hrirtnun. Kon' om'-M. Pruitte, G. Pittman, G. Robison, A. Forurin, S. Andre, S. Schmitz. ln.n'l-Mr. Foster. . . .White BLUE BAND OFFICERS ERNIE CARR Prvsidrni. . DEAN WATKINS. .. . ViC'!'-PVI'.YiLll'11f, .. Lois R1zYNoLus . . . .. .Secrrviary . MARLI-QNE JOHNSON , . ..Trms11rr'r. S9 XVHITIZ BA ND . LORIZN TURNER BRUCE BINQHAM DI2I.TA SMITH . DEL'l'A SMITH Slamling-G. VanLeuven, L. Denney, N. Hadley, D. Dawson, K. Martcncy, N. Callender, E. Wood, K. Bingham, S. Harris, Miss Swatman, A. Twilegar, A. Lappens. Swim!-M. Rose, V. Keldsen, Lake, -I. Bowbrick, I.. Siller, M. Little, K. Hebert. ibrar . . . The eighteen student librarians working under the supervision of Miss Charlotte Swatman, have made great friends with the books in the Emmet High School library. Each period of the day three of the eighteen girls work in the library. They have been trained to care for the circulation of books, to read the shelves that the books may be kept in order and easily found, to type catalog and book cards, to prepare books and magazines for use, and to plan and construct the artistic and timely bulletin boards that attract much interest and attention. The reward for their work is one-half credit in library science for each year they serve and a thank you from Miss Swatman. This year the library has been a regularly assigned study hall for several periods each day. Sixty- five students are enrolled in these study halls. The record attendance for the year has been 299 in one day, including the regular study hall students. Approximately two hundred new books were ordered during the year. For the first time in several years the girls have bought a page in the annual for the pictures that were taken of the Christmas decorations and the bulletin boards. The members of the library staff and Miss Swatman sincerely hope that the students of E.H.S. have enjoyed their library privileges before and after school, during the noon hour and the class periods. 60 Librar Holiday scenes decorated Windows in one end of the library at Christmas time. They were the work of Joyce Lake, Alice Lappens, Karen Marteney, LaVina Siller, Loretta Denney, Sharon Harris, Etta May Wood and Virginia Keldsen. Christmas bulletin boards were arranged by Kathleen Bingham, Dorothy Dawson, Norene Hadley and Myrn Little. Karen M-arteney fcenterj provided Santa Claus. These regular monthly bulletin boards were made by Etta May Wood, Sharon Harris, Joyce Bowbrick and LaVina Siller. Seated at the study tables on the left and right are Marylee White, Arlene Twilegar, Richard Gray, Duane Barrett, Patty Peter? son and Nadine Cox. " Etta May Wood and Arlene Twilegar were caught by the photographer as they put the finishing touches on the National Book Week bulletin boards. Q. ,B X s ' . v v W :W ff W f qv 5 xg vw K- W ' Q ff L L 4 fx .jf 'Q iff! CW K. ' X ffgfk Aiwa ffafgg M' 6 qg X., QQ sox 1411 LLQSCC Q73 , it vis' P.-26 . Z , K s Siiliibisgli? Q QfQQVi KEQOQN - Q25 fifffF'1,,,jY, H R fiywg 'qfgkifqv 'ESS' 21QYG?'if.,Zi'Jf 1lC Kiffijilfi Vi v?NQ 1-' ' T 46 I ilk mfg, QQ02 'BX ik? 531, Q N gqvgii fa 12 l R33 Riff Ffa? My C t 1 Psa . , ,fggnf ' J' 2',?,dE?Z5e3.1a'd as 9 jf My gm f Q, MJ Qmjlkdwwmiiqggveudi' hi QMGW f fi 7'1sf'-if-TQLAEW M Z0 W' WCM I J-,wa-Qui G ZW.. iw Cv QA? 44"f-.liggfaeu-. The Team BRUCE ASHLEY '57 5' 10" Guard DUANE BARRETT '56 6' 2" Center WILLIE BERNARD '57 5' 10" Guard MIKE BRUBAKER '56 5' 10" Guard ERNIE CARR '56 5' 10" Forward CON COFIELD '56 6' 0" Center LOUIE FORURIA ,58 5' 11" Forward JIM GLENNON 'ss 5' 10" Guard RONNIE SCHILLER '58 5' 11" Forward LOREN TURNER '58 5' 10" Forward DICK SPEROS '56 5' 8" Guard DON YOST '56 5' 9" Guard Row lbrce-Mike Phillips, manager, Loren Turner, Louie Foruria, Duane Barrett, Con Cofield, Larry Kimball, Darrell Campbell, Coach Herb Mead. Row Iwo-Ron Schiller, jim Glennon, Bruce Ashley, Ernie Carr, Glenn Woodall. Row om- -Dick Speros, Willie Bernard, Kenneth W'elch, Don Yost, Mike Brubaker. Basketball . . . Under the tutelage of Coach Herb Mead the Huskie basketball club took second place in Snake River Valley competition during 1955-56 play. Ontario led the league and Vale placed third. At the close of the season Duane Barrett was elected honorary captain and Mike Brubaker most inspirational player. Eight boys will be lost by graduation and Loren Turner '58 has moved to Nampa. Emmett fans displayed their enthusiasm for the maple court sport by turning out in capacity crowds to see the two nights of the southwestern Idaho district tournament played on the local floor. SEASON'S RECORD Emmett ..,.,.,, ,,,,,, N ew Plymouth ,,,,,, , . , Emmett ,,,,,. ,,,,,,, 2 8 Ontario .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 48 Emmett ,,,,,r,. ,f,.,,, N ew Plymouth .,,,,, , ,. Emmett ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, S 2 Payette ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,YY, 4 6 Emmett Boise ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.. E mmett at e,,,e,, 47 Mountain Home ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,i,S2 Emmett ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, C aldwell ,,,,,,,,, Emmett Y.i... ...,,, 4 4 Vale .,...,.,.i..,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,A 5 8 Emmett Parma ,,,, ,.,,ee..,.e ,,,,, E m mett eeeeee ,,,,,,, 3 8 Weiser ,,,,,,, ,YY,,,, 2 2 Emmett ,,,,,,.. ,,,,,, M ountain Home Emmett ,,,,,, ,,.,,,, 4 8 Meridian ,,,,,,, Y,,,,, 3 3 Emmett Ontario ,,,,e,,e,,,,,ee Emmett ..ee.....e.,.,.e,,, 36 Nyssa ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,ii,,, 2 7 Emmett Caldwell ,,,,,, Emmett Payette ""' DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Emmett Vale ,,,,,,,, Emmett Nyss-a ,,,,,, Emmett. ,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,, 36 Payette AYYY,,,,,,-,YYY,,,,,,,YY,,, AwV-.,, 4 3 Emmett Weiser .,..,,.... Emmett ,,,,,., .,.,,t. 4 9 Weiser ,,,,v,A ,,--,,, 4 1 Emmett ,...,,,, ,,,,,,, M eridian .....v Emmett ,...., ,,.,... 3 7 Boise ,,,,,,,, ,AY.,,, 6 0 I. BINGHAM '58 R. BURCHAM '57 D. CAMPBFL1. '57 J. ALBEE '57 D 165 lb. E lb. FB 160 lb. T 190 lb. T 155 lb. G li. CARR '56 C. COFIIiI.D '56 C. CRUMP '58 D. DEEN '57 N. D11.1.0N '57 170 lb. FB 175 lb. C 165 lb. T 150 lb. 11 140 lb. HB R. DRAPER '56 J. HEATH '56 B. IRVING '58 M. PHILLIPS '56 B. SNYD1iR '57 160 lb. T 130 lb. HB 145 lb. HB 185 lb. T 160 lb. G L. TURNER '58 G. XWOODALL '57 D. YORK '59 D. YOST '56 R. HIGER, mgr. 145 lb, 15 150 lb. G 145 lb. G 135 lb. HB R. HAI-IN. mgr. JOHN REAGER, Coach M. BRUBAKER '56 AIIM Gl.1zNNON B. BRHMMER, Assistant Honorary Captain Inspirational Player 6 6 Football . . . The Huskies and their coach, John Reager, had a rough football season. Hampered by both inex- perience and injuries they came out with one Win and one tie in nine starts. Quarterback Mike Bru- baker was elected honorary captain at the end of the season and Jim Glennon, tackle, was named most inspirational player. Emmett Emmett Emmett Emmett SEASON'S RECORD 7 Boise J.V. 7 Emmett 0 Payette 13 0 Vale .. 32 Emmett 6 Weiser 28 ,,,,,,,,18 Ontario 47 Emmett , 21 Nyssa .......19 12 Meridian , 33 Emmett .. ,,,,..,,12 Kuna W 21 Emmett ,. . ., . 6 Mountain Home 20 Ron' three-R. Hahn, S. Bills, N. Dillon, B. Irving, R. Draper, Glennon C. Crump, D. York. Row Iwo-Mr. Bremmer D. Deen, R. Burcham, D. Campbell, G. Woodall, B. Snyder, Bingham, j. Albee, Row one-M. Brubaker, D. Yost, M Phillips, J. Heath, C. C0flCld, E. Carr, L. Turner, D. Barrett, Mr. Reager. Noi j1irl1lvf'4fTD. Speros, G. Irving, R. Mouritsen 6 Duane Barrett is carrying the ball in both of these pictures taken at thc Ontario game. 67 unior Varsit Sports CHEERLEADERS Frosh-Soph basketball g a m e s were more fun this year because of the inspired cheer leading of Linda Jacobs, Marilyn Heath, Sharell Schmitz and Lewjean Hower. BASKETBALL The Frosh-Soph basketball club, coached by John Reager, tied with Ontario for first place in Snake River Valley play. Row threw-R. Gray, L. Sawyer, J. Benge, D. White, D. Rieken, J. Hill, Mr. Reager. Row Iwo-M. Brown, D. Dillon, B. Brooks, V. Himes, C. Starr. Row one-L. Schadt, B. Howard, C. Crump, R. Donaldson, Bingham, C. Pope. FOOTBALL Row fbrrc'--Mr. Brcmmer, J. Mitchell, J. Hutchins, E. Stanberry, D. Dillon, J. Hill, L. Hull, J. Eldridge, D. Higer. Row two-V. Himes, C. Starr, J. Skoro, M. Brown, D. White, M. Conley, L. Cox, R. Thome, Mr. Rcager. Row om'-B. Brooks, J. Bengc, F. Moyer, B. Howard, G. Grat- ton, G. Mouritsen, B. Jones, J. Mathews, G. Folwell. Kenneth Briggs, who coached the Frosh- Soph club was ill and not in school when this picture was taken. Spring Sports Spring sports in E.H.S. are too late for annual pictures so We use each year spring sport pictures from the previous season. For that reason you will find many members of the class of 'SS in these pictures. BASEBALL Sfanding-Coach "Nig" Larsen, G. Wood- all, M. Phillips, M. Brubaker, R. Schiller, R. Donaldsong G. Irving, L. Foruria, B. Ashley, J. Hope, D. Murray. Kneeling- J. Glennon, Albee, D. Bolinger, B. Wills, B. Hanby, W. Bernard. TENNIS Slanding-F. Fuller, J. Woodman, I. Wer- ner, K. Wallace, S. Schiller, M. Johnson, R. Reynolds, S. Broieh, D. Garfield, Coach Ed Russell. Kneeling-D. Green, J. Car- penter, M. Worden, E. Carr, S. Bills, D. Speros, K. Ragains, D. Eaton, Burt. TRACK Standing-Coach John Reager, L. Putzier, W. Morriss, D. Coffelt, R. Hansen, E. Rieken, Bingham, R. Hahn, L. Pitkin, R. Burcham, D. Yost, D. Barrett, R. Re- kow, D. White. Kneeling-L. Sharp, C. Coield, D. Hunter, R. Hope, D. Steele P. Bussert. s Barrett has his back to the camera in the top left picture taken at the Payette game. At the top right are Varsity cheerleaders LaVerne Hope, Donna Pratt, Marlene johnson and Jim Levers. A game W0uldn't be a game without music by the Pep Band. Bark-G. jones, C. Crump. Row four-L. McC0nncl, R. Anderson, B. Kcuter, D. Watkins, D. Green, K. Mingus. Row ibrcc-G. Crank, L. Cox, L. McCnnnel, KI. Goodwin, J. Heath, D. Puff. Row iu'o-K. Bingham, L. Reynolds, N. Callender, S. Griffiths, D. Irving, D. Carrier, B. Eiguren. uw our -D. Garnelcl, C. Farber, D. Carrier, P. Fulgham, D. Campbell. l'il'1illf1D. Murray. 7' . . . Your Pep Row Xia-P. Fulgham, T. Chadwick, D. Stroud, B. Carley, S. Schmitz, L. Deen, E. Stipp, P. Dillon, NI. Lake, M. Little, G. Schiller, V. Keldsen. Row fill'-VV. Strickland, C. Snyder, I. Steele, D. Smith, M. Burt, K. Merrill, P. Charters, B. Mc- Mahan, AI. Burt, D. Carrier, D. Carrier. Row four-S. johnson, R. Cayford, M. Hartman, S. Andre, M. Heath, -I. Durfee, N. Callender, M. Mayer, A. Penix, M. Pruitte, B. liiguren. Rauf lhrvr'--LI. McRae, C. Wright, L. Siller, Bowbrick, P. Arnmburu, K. Hebert, A. Foruria, l. Foruria, W. Prough, B. Upson. Row Iwo-L. Denney, F. Lamb, B. Pederson, D. Gar- field, A. Curtis, A. Coffelt, C. Lawrence, Mrs. Bremmer. Rauf one-S. Broich, M. Johnson, C. Farber, S. Baker, S. jones, R. Sherrill. Girls, Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association was organized to create better sportsmanship, to recognize athletic ability and to promote interest in girls' athletics. Volleyball, baseball, basketball, and kickball were the sports payed by the girls throughout this year under the direction of Mrs. Harriett Bremmer. "Learning the Blues" was the theme of the annual Spinster's Skip sponsored by the club in November. OFFICERS NANCY CA1.1.laNDlzR - Sporlx Manager GLENDA Sc:H11.Li:R - - - Tw'axurr'r Mus. BREMMLR - - - Adviser DARLENIZ Cmuuicn - Viet'-Prz'xiilc11t DOTTIIL Srixoun - - - Prvsiflml MYRN LITTLE - - Swrrtury 72 Dottie Stroud, Mike Brubak- er, Darlene Carrier and jim Glennnn lend the grand march. G. A. A. President Dottie Stroud crowns Mike Brubaker King of the Spinster Skip while Carolyn Farber and Don Yost look on. n ,I .wi The Plmtogrnpliers took .1 lonk at the dance floor from the balcony. Theme of the dance vvus "Learning the Bluesf' Scenes nn the sidelines. The faculty enioyetl it ton. 5 x X f " Club ,MW fwij G by presidents D c and Ernie arr an d se ,V ger, the Club an profitable i g the '55-'56 scho .r. . e ll a po sored t e annu l ' al een n' hed the bi "E" eezeo t Hill In' ' -. t ej of painti g t E" as art of their initi ation On the opposite cers are pic .a I cture was taken at the Football Banquet as Mr. Reager pre ented Jim Glenn 'f e st Inspirational Player award. Also in the picture are Captain Mike Brubaker, Ernie Ca uane Barrett, Mike Phillips and Con Coheld The lower right picture was taken a f! omecoming game and shows the ueen candidates. Don York presented Winnie Clements '59, oren Turner presented Donna Clements ,S8, Jim Glennon crowned Queen Marlene Johnson ,56, and Ronnie Burcham presented Gloria Pittman 'S7. a 1 X ' U a e P , t o t ll Banquet sold progra f e ist t basketball to rna e in Emmett and 0 , lf fl ll P - ,V iie he l th l Q Row fizfc'-Mr. Reager, L. Mouritsen, L. Foruria, C. Crump, R. Higer, R. Hahn. Row four-D. Deen, B. Irving, B. Keuter, D. Campbell, B. Ashley, L. Turner, R. Schiller, R. Donaldson. Row lbrvr-R. Burcham, D. Murray, J. Bingham, B. Snyder, D. Rieken, D. York, G. Woodall, Albee. Row Iwo--S. Bills, D. Coffelt, G. Irving, J. Hope, R. Hope, D. Barrett, D. Hunter, D. Speros, J. Glermon. Row OIIFLR. Rekow, Heath, B. Johnson, M. Phillips, D. Yost, E. Carr, C. Coheld, L. Sharp, M. Brubaker. 74 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS M IKE BRUBAKI-R - Vin'-Prrxilfwz GliORGl: IRVING - S1'c'y T IIUANII I .- l'l'l1K7ll'l'l' .2 IARRIZTT - S' D I gi. af Arrm IC K SPI R05 ---- l'rf'sillz'r1f SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Bauru ASHLEY - - Vi1f'P LORTN T ' - r'r'xil1w1l 4. URNIIR - S ' Ro . rf y.-Tnfaxnrz' NNIIl Sl,HIl.I.I:R - Sl'P'gl'dllf at Arms ERNII2 CARR - - - Y' - - Prfwizlrul Tusk, 73 A . ianquct Football Queens t tl1c Footlmll I at Homecoming Club 35 i fig iii ESEWQJI 'QW5?"'7i""'f MAJ . Minwifff ff . ,cf WM Hmm' 'fw-elf-'ff'-'717ff""'!""' AW7Jfd44f5wf1fj0 ,-7122 fufba-'A1'f 0 C U fl t 1 L 1 t 1 6 S . I Q by fl 1 gh! g Chief, Bill Leonard, appears to be anything but keg, 1 , iable as he pases with squaw, Mervin Smith, and Indian xgy ngpcns, Geraldi e Rpbison and Carrie Jacobs. keg a " 7 f W, ' - r Ojf, f , ry IJ f FP W U, 1 Q n wumnit -lc, Q up avg 'i,' - QE SWQDVWEAW 59 X35 V S' as i!f'U1V iX' MQSX i . L . J 1 gym i f A'JH'x', VM ! AMO! 'X Hy' :z ug: if? a A 'J si' R C? ig 15 ,1 fi Ylzltnl' ' 4 ,U ij 5 MX J ' f i f m ix- x UL ' Q 1 X 1 SN Q3 A xi qw . X 0 AY., - . 'F I M i, Xi fix? Wg ,mf i y"f'i A gg. 4 3991 ,,..i--i' A J .1 M 1: -a2a:5:1-:-:f:5:",,1.2. 5- . w f' 'Z . A i W A . Y 1 A Q -.-. I 'ki' X Band Sweethearts "EJ" IJRESHMFN XY'innie cvlk'll1Cl1lN lemdn Alneubx Marilyn Rose SOPHOMORIYS -IUNIORS SENIURS Nancy fi.lHCllk'lL'l Donna Clemems Ann Selmening ' I'.1lly I ulglmm Dixie Qinriielnl Gloria Pirlmnn Marlene -Iulxmrm Dottie Stroud Luis Reynolds 78 BAND SWEETHEART OF 1955 DONNA PRATT and BAND PRESIDENT ERNIE CARR The Sweetheart Ball . . . The refrain of "Moonlight in Vermont" set the feet of thirteen lovely Sweetheart candidates in Idaho in motion as they danced and bowed and swayed and danced again at the annual Band-sponsored Sweetheart Ball just before the Christmas holidays. Then the music stopped as the spot light turned on Donna Pratt, the Sweetheart of 1955. Blue Band president, Ernie Carr, presented the traditional Sweetheart locket and kiss. In the grand march that followed spectators could find at least ten times thirteen other lovely candidates for the honor just bestowed. It was truly a Sweet- heart Ball. Much of the credit for the Christmas set- ting which made the lovely seem lovelier goes to Carolyn Farber, Ernie Carr and band director, Renny Foster, who supervised dec- orations. From left lo rigbl ur'o1u1J Ihr' lable-C. Farber, L. Sisler, I., Cox, M. Little, B. Keutcr, A. Twilegar, G. Schiller, D. Deen, D. Vaughn, T. Chadwick, G, Brown, J. Bowbrick, N. Borup, D. Fowler, D. Stroud, G. Woodall. Xiu "Time ut for Gingerv Directed by Dwight Jensen In the top picture Jeannie holds the petition signed by everyone wanting to boycott football games. Left fo right-C. Farber, D. Garfield, D. Jacobs, T. Corn, S. Baker, J. Flanigan, D. Murray, D. Watkins. Jeannie makes a grand entrance in the outfit she is to wear in the play that evening. Lefi lo righl-G. Pcttingcr, D. Garfield, D. Watkins, T. Corn, S. Baker, D. Jacobs, C. Farber, D. Hctherington. DARl,ENE Jiicons IDEAN WA'rKINs DIXIE GARI-'IILLIJ CAROLYN FARBIAR SONYA BARIAR - TRULA CoRN - - DICK HlITHlililNG1'ON GARY PI.'r'I'INoI4,R - DAvI5 MURRAY - JIM FLANIGAN - Father makes Zl touchdown 80 CAST - Ginger - Mr. Carroll - Mrx. Currull - - Ioan - - Ira ii nic - Lizzie, fbi' maizl - - - Ed I1 ic' - - - To in m y The School Principal - - The Bunlzfr CCP 3 77 eg I ICHIT Junior Class Play, Director Mrs. Virginia Garfield CAST NORl'.Nl2 HAIJI,l1Y, Ak1.lfNx1 TWILIQGAR - MAYNARD WIERNIAR ----- JIM WIiSTBROOK ----- WILMA STRICZKLAND MYRN LITTLIA - Doluml. CAMPBl'1.I. BARRY QUFLN - K1-.ITH RAGAINS - LAVINA SILLYR - - Peg - jerry - Alrvir Mrs. Cloi1'1Jexf1'r - Elhrl - Iurvix Mr. Huwkx Cfyrix Brrul B1'nm'l, ibn' maid ., 4' Upper left piclure- Zfgfii We M any -if ze 'Hs 5: is fe I G, ry 'N K. -in Arlene Twilegar and Norene Hadley who both played Peg, pose with their leading man, Maynard Werner. Upper right picfure- The Chichesters look on diszmpprovingly as Peg and her dog make themselves at home Lo wer piclurc- Jarvis distastefully removes the dog. From left fo right-Barry Queen jm Westbrook Maynard Werner, Keith Ragains, Dorral Campbell, Norene Hadley, LaVina Sxller Myrn Little Sealed-Arlene Twilegar, Wilma Strickland. 81 5.26 ' N 'free JL 7 it we as fV,fg.4'15-Q C KLLJQD lx ,TLA-c,vLJg43 I - K . CLXFQQ gk, Z4 fr ff' The Huskie News Noni Brannnn, Lucille Griffith, Jim Glen- non and Charles Peterson had the last-minute job of putting the Huskie News together during third period on the days the paper came out. jim and Charles also had to do a bit of mimeographing. G eri Crank, Bob Keuter, Etta Ma Arlene Penix Ax MLN y Wood and are shown with th ' Bob was fore e mimeograph. m-an of mimeograph operations, but he liked his help. In the lower left picture are Gloria Pittman, Marlene Hobson, Myrn Little, and Dixie Howell with the mimeoscope. Marlene was res o ' most of the handwork p nsible for on the paper. At the lower right are jim Flanigan, editor, Arlene Casper and Arlene Twilegar. They all typed copy and stencils as did Etta May Wood. Everyone wrote stories and at least up until the time this copy went in Miss Peterson hadn't once th ' all in the wastcbasket bec ' l'OWl'l lt ause it wasn't ready on time. 82 J bed-payee BACKFIELD We can call it the backfield but it is really the hard-working crew that worked backstage at "Time Out for Ginger." Standing-Betsy Dudley, Mervin Smith, Mr. Jensen. Kfzwlirig- Noni Brannan, Robert Fenton, Tony Driscoll, Linda Jacobs, Marilyn Rose, STAGE CREW The stage crew for "Peg O' My Heart" is shown at the left. Burk-Bob Keuter, Dick Green, Dean Watkins. Center-John Albee, Car- rie Jacobs, Alice Lappens, Darrell Wray. Frou! -Duane Carley, john Payne, Glen Davis, Dave Murray. In the lower right picture is Bob Keuter laying carpet for the play. F.H.A. GIRLS Serving refreshments at the Sweetheart Ball were the F.H.A. girls in the lower left picture. They are Elvina Sharp, Norma Osborn, Wilma Strickland, Rosie Helmick, Carla Larsen. an Too Good to Miss 2 We just eouldn't leave out these pictures snapped at the Sweetheart Ball. At the top left, Dixie sees to it that iIim's houtonniere is in exactly the right place. At the top right Don and Marlene just plain posed for the pliotogmphers and in the center Lois and Mike gave them ll smile in passing. In the lower picture we have all the Sweethearts and their escorts. 84 51651 W iiiTZ1i,,pQL AT PENNEY'S I-I It HOGlll" 0 . - Pay Cash Grower Packer . . . Pay Less Shipper J. C. PENNEY CO. IDAHO FRUITS egg E E w y f E -Fins CD. gi -k s an ' at l In 'r ul i ' L ,SEDDY DON" mu y Le rshis ,W y Advertisin s Printing 0 inctiog 1 Sanders Fountain Gem GW lflllllfffl' Ice Cream-Lunches-Magazines And Cleaners Sandwiches Chadwick Brothers "Where All Friends Meet" PHONE EM 5-4522 PHONE EM 5-4692 Loveless Auto Parts General Petroleum Products E YOUI' NAPA "J0bbeI", E M M E T T isaGood MaIlt0Kn0W G E WHOLESALE and RETAIL CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE 102 ease MMM Mme EM 5-4581 Roy Murray Jim Murray 85 Gem Supp y Co-up Inc. WHOLESALE-RETAIL Petroleum Products, Paint, and Hardware PHONE Machine Shop EM 5-2901 Store EM 5-4591 Irene fd LADIES WEAR marker "Quality with Economy" H 77 119 west Main Phone EM 5-4672 THANK YUU awry' Q -me dggf la, 3 3 M Having a good time at the Sweetheart Ball are Joyce Glimp, Jay Jensen, Dean Watkins, Janine Marvin, and laul Albtr in the back. In front are Ann Sclwening, Ruby Campbell, Maynard Werner, Sue Nelson, Stan Bills, Betsy Dudley, and Jim Flanigan. 86 Ronald Burcham Getting 3 good look at pictures of the Sweethearts are Glenda Schiller, Dean Deen, Barry Queen, Vernadenc Hea h V g l d D M y S h h I l W Cl D P M l lh inia Ke dscn an ave urra . wee: earrs in r c pictures are .ima Jacobs, innie emenrs, onnn rarr, ar cnc xo nson, if A' , T , eelelee 1 I 5 l llll l su IDAHO DEPARTMENT STORE , .,: 4.3.1 ..,. , . . .,.' , ' ,,. :-, W ,- .l ff 'haze :,, We Give S 8: H Green Stamps Retail Yard "For Your Home of the Future" Appliances Complete Builders' Supplies Furniture Dry Goods Devoe Paints INSULATION and ROOFING Ready To Wear Shoes Your Favorite Entertainment FUl'llleI'S FEEJK SEEJCU, Center EMMETT DRIVE-IN THEATRE The Best of the Movies THE CHECKERBOARD STORE Poultry Feeds and Supplies Garden and Field Seeds N. Washingto St et Phone EM 5-4191 Valley Pump and Implement Co. Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer "Everything for the Farm Family" Phone EM 5-2972 N. Washington Emmett, Idaho BEACON SERVICE GAS AND GROCERIES Phone EM 5-4960 CITY TRANSFER CoAL-PRES-To-LoGs-ROCK st SAND DON'S CHEVRON SERVICE Lubrication, Overhauls, Complete Line of ATLAS Supplies Phone 31 Horseshoe Bend ' if TAYLoR?s MAfRKETt . ' 4 ' ' A ' ' ' L12 Ji GAS4--GROCERIES-FRESH MEAQPS , P, 'Phone EM'5-4542 f " 'Ztlg and Johns Stop At H. Sz H. MOTEL and CAFE Modern Cabins Good Food Phone EM 5-2482 Emmett, Idaho HOWARD EATON FORD -1- MERCURY SUPERIOR SERVICE Scoop 8: Reta SINCLAIR PRODUCTS 142 East Main Phone EM 5-9991 The Rainbow Confectionery Magazines, Box Chocolates, Breakfasts, Steaks, Short Orders, Ice Cream, Pop Corn, Lunches ln the top picture Carolyn Farber and Darrell Fincher show off their big feet during Twirp Week. just below Rose Sherrill, Phyllis Crump, john Carpenter, Susan Broich and Kathleen Bingham pose in their gaily decorated footgear. One of Kathleen's is a wooden shoe. ln the lower picture Geri Crank and Jim Glennon take their turns carrying books on Thursday and Friday. The two top pictures were taken of "The Hasty Heart" put on by a few interested students directed by Mrs. Virginia Garfield ujust for fun." Standing in the top picture are Carrie Jacobs and Bob Keuter. In the hospital beds are Darrell Wray, Dean Watkins, Dorral Campbell, Maynard Werner. In Ike 'nziilzllc picture row flarev-D. Campbell, M. Werner. Row Iwo-C. Jacobs, T. Aucutt, D. Watkins, Sam Houston. Row om'-D. Wray, B. Keuter. Below Trula Corn is sorting senior pictures for this book. HUTCHINS BEAUTY SALON IDA and PHYLLIS Phone EM 5-2491 105 South Commercial Emmett, Idaho SLABAUGH'S MARKET WILLARD and LORINE Main and Commercial Dial EM 5-4151 Emmett, Idaho EMMETT CLEANERS Pick-Up and Delivery A. C. Perry A. O. Perry 207 West Main BROOKINS HARDWARE Maytag Agency Dutchhoy Paints 206 W. Main Phone EM 5-2161 GAMAGE BARBER SHOP Established in 1902 Barbers Just Trying to Get a Head FIFER'S INN F0011-011.-GAS-coLD DRINKS Pat Sz Leila Patrick Horseshoe Bend SALSKOV TRANSFER Daily Service to Boise COAL-STO RAGE Phone EM 5-4371 DON-CHUCK-HANK Rekow Brothers Implement Co. Phone EM 5-2201 215 E. Park St. Emmett, Idaho "Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal" Emmett Associated Service Open 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Every Day of the Year 4th and Johns Dial EMpire 5-2151 Sf df 77ffz7z 4149569-ac.s J!! 7255 5541 . I X W p D l 0' T 'V Vi i 1 7 'L Wffff- af ff-ff 9503! 66.1-,l'eJ.11Z CXKM. 614,-...w,oc.-, - J 'iii' Congratulations to the Graduates THE BEATTY CHAPEL SPEROS DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE We Give S8zH Green Stamps Phone EM 5-4571 Emmett NOBLE'S JEWELRY For Gifts You'll Wear With Pride Let Noble's Be Your Guide 125 East Main Phone EM 5-4392 COOPER'S JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds, Silverware Guaranteed Watch Repair Phone EM 5-2332 We Give S8zH Green Stamps CRANER'S SHOE SHOP Good Shoes for All the Family We Mend the Rips and Patch the Holes Build Up the Heels and Save the Soles Del Craner Tom Bramlett SAN FORD'S BARBER SHOP It Pays To Look Well THE PRESIDENT We Appreciate Your Patronage FOUNTAIN-MAGAZINES-SANXDWICHES MAYS SPORT SHOP Sporting Goods Athletic Equipment Fishing and Hunting Supplies Farmers Insurance Group J' Phone EM 5-2261 101 N. Com. Ave. State Farm Mutual Insurance X Compensation Insurance Fire 8: Bonds V f A N Phone EM 5-2472 Mgr., Mrs. J. Loe Reed . .L RUSSELL HOTEL LOBBY E-:E 53 a e . ooper RUSSELL HOTEL Modern Remodeled 103 N. Commercial WAYSIDE CAFE Banquets and Parties Our Specialty Open 10 to 10 Except Mondays KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS , Fine Made-to-Measure Suits and Shirts for Future Grads Bob Chapin Class of 1937 SHAMROCK MARKET "One Stop Food Market" WALLY and PETE Phone EM 5-4501 On the Bench Gem Security Co. Gem Finance Co. Loans, Real Estate, Insurance TRIANGLE SERVICE Wholesale :: Retail Ben L. Riedel Phone EM 5-2411 T EXAC0 PRODUCTS 138 W. Main St., Emmett, Idaho Phone 9-R11 Sweet, Idaho "TIP TOP CAFE" EMMETT VARIETY We Serve Full Course Meals and Phone EM 5-4681 116 E. Main Home-Made Pies 136 West Main Best Wishes to the Class of '56 THE FLANIGANS . The Choir, directed by Robert Lind, gave their annual Christmas Candlel ght service ',,.,,L EMMETT DAIRY 109 E 4th Street "Selected" Grade A Dairy Products Anywhere-Anytime-In any amount At your store or at your door PRATT'S REPAIR SERVICE We Repair All Makes Trucks, Tractors, Autos, Farm Machinery. Electric and Acetylene Welding Phone EM 5-2142 Emmett, Idaho North Washington on Highway 52 WE STERN'S Appliances Auto Supplies Building Materials and Sporting Goods 116 Main Street Phone EM 5-2391 nfl M if MZ W'fWWQ 0 Gratton Sz Barnard I ' 9 116 West ain tr I L r nd Building Mat r' P. r5fr441Q' f rein-161-fLJ P 56:1 f I g'Emm t, Id-:rho-, Swearinger, gr. Phone E 5-4 81 244.56 51 PJMJ-1 A ff,-5296 , 42.1. if ,mf " ' ' A K V J 6 I. ff f X hi I sa by , , f , - ' ett igeiifizfihent I Store I ,QDQJ S El if PM At the Little Cafe Around the Corner 'We Fea e Nationally Knohm Brands 44,M,f.. , P G .fc ,U in l 'GE1uV,C SY jx 4, " Clover Gem and Grade A Butter X t GEM CAN ING CO. Paye v r Valley Food Canner Phone EM 5-2331 102 S. Hayes, Emmett Look lgw GEM Brand Q -'xx QA Mm: JOY MOTOR SALES X, ARL'S PLACE DQDGE-PLYMQUTH P GROCER SOFT' DRINKS-GAS Ferguson Tractors and Implements ' X:3eEFIJiE':,2s51gg3f1 Phone EMpire 5-4651 419 N. Washington East Main Emmett, Idaho MARIE'S BEAUTY .SHOP 3rd and Johns ' Phone EM 5-2292 ROBERTS' PHILLIPS 66 Lubrication4Washing-Polishing-Waxing Gas-Complete Line of Motor Oils 502 North Washington Phone EMpire 5-4071 KWALITY BAKERY There is No Substitute for Quality Phone EMpire 5-2932 Inez Anderson WORTH'S BEAUTY SALON Permanents Styled to Fit Your Hair Do Hair Styling, Cutting, Tinting Reconditioning Treatments Phone EMpire 5-4142 Mr. Combs Mr. Worth Compliments of BETTER BEAUTY SHOP 211 W. Main Mrs. L. Johnson, Prop. Phone EM 5-2492 IDEAL THEATRE N. EMMETT IDAHO Scott's Lockers and Appliances Custom Slaughtering and Curing R.C.A. VICTOR AMANA-WESTINGHOUSE-MAYT We Give S8zH Green Stampsbilig ' MICKEY'S Across From the Pool Old Fashioned Root Beer Hamburgers, Softies, Shakes and Malts Phone EMpire 5-2962 White-Cammerer Hardware Co. "PAINT HEADQUARTERS" Cutlery-Fishing Tackle-Guns-Ammunition EMMETT MEAT COMPANY Meat At Wholesale Prices Cut and Wrapped for Deep Freezer and Locker Phone EMpire 5-4361 West Fourth Street 476 dean-3 ,ff Jeff he gf Jw ,ffofflq JJUXQ F6 if E f . 6441! DJJ! ' L, fL"'Z1.4,7 EMANLETT ELWQRH., THE CoRNE,fg21oCERY if WT ' - -MMV ff-Lf -Pfjvfo 14? fSf- ff fgleald Mloggg andfifgjor Every Occasion ! AC!!! "TlZL f Gm ' , yyfywb Phone EM 5?45l2 V' Main 'jf stop and Shop or 15meCEM 're 5-4671 'fy' ,JZ7!k""Z, 7 Robbins OK Rubber Welders RADKE FURNITURE CO. GOODYEAR TIRES s Dia MPire 5-4341 Store of Greater Values at Less Cost lk , A I W lla.: QA N0 1559- 'BKQ3 OR to- . ORE tis 'u ' ff gf- ' L A Q0-Cc ' - ' - R Q ,, 5: C' BROWNIE'S PLACE HETH ClV tIC M Gnogv -E659.ME C 'fron phone for us Phone EM 5-45? 4 81 sh! " ll wire ryou." I 7 A -- ' I B r J Q if ' 1 ' M 1 - ' awp. Lf Emmett k 8z I l e Co. f -3 ' I I' - 'Q .' 5 . al arv a 'if '. ' yn ,C C , S XiceQ7p-K-,J I ' -gnu DULCQQG 01.1-'OAL Phone 6 A - f umont TV 0 . Was Ave. Phone EM 5-2951 ' A XD W 1 11 k +5 . s ei SL qv-Q ' OTT'S DRIVE-INN L ONAHDIS SER ICE Th ce n i :K S Tiresgx-ixlgimriesfllas, Oil, Groceries Wayne ora Scott 'P 301 Phone EM 5-9988 RIGGS' MARK HILL'S SHOE SHOP GROCERIES-GAS-OIL EFFICIENT SHOE SERVICE I 12th,d" Johns hone EM35-9989 Full Line of Shoe Needs KJ ,Kam 1 7 . ci Q aj '1- ALBERTSON'S F 1 C NT f 2, A Ice cream-Pop mmm-M zine " ' cHRYscl:,Eg2,i4 I EILYMOUTH sq Froze o0afS- e -jhone EM 5-4251 I ,fc A 4.fswc.QfO O I' 5 1 f 'lyyl . 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