Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID)

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Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1952 volume:

.Y J 4l " aT " . . .. -.-» .. ' ? r . « " ■ - ' • ,1 ,r ' The 1952 Squaw Butte Saga Published Annually by THE SENIORS OF EMMETT HIGH SCHOOL Emmett, Idaho VOLUME EIGHTEEN n-i Printed and Bound l)y Thf CAX ion printers, Lrt . Caldwell. Idaho The 1951-52 school year has brought each Emmett High School student a new set ol memories to be treasured, new iriends to be remembered, and new dreams to be realized. Recorded in this squaw butte saga are the friends and the events which combined to make your memories. Your dreams, with a tew excejHions, we could not picture. We cannot give you your dreams but because we believe all progress and advancement came about because someone dreams ot a better way of life, it is our wish that, in some small way, this volume will inspire you to greater efforts toward the realization of your dreams. The 1952 Squaw Butte Saga m-- I ' M " ' i. ? 1M % Jn ii m0rtam 1934-1951 Dedication To show our appreciation for his efforts in advancing the athletic and scholastic standards of Emmett High School, we wish to dedicate this eighteenth volume of the squav butte saga to r- ' . Contents ADMINISTRATION Pages 9-16 CLASSES Pages 17-34 ATHLETICS Pages 35-48 ORGANIZATIONS Pages 49-66 FEATURES Pages 67-84 A D M I N I S T R A T I O N Kf.NNF-TH Carbkrr ' Superinteiuh ' iil )l Ctciii (loimtv S( liools Donovan Douglas Principal ol Eniniett High School Administrators Point to Practical Visions An important need in eckication today is the teaching of Americans to imderstand countries and peoples, their jjroblems, their viewpoints, and aspirations. Serious gaps have been revealed with respect to Russia, the Far East, and South America. 1 hese areas ot imderstanding are es- pecially important in that they have a contribu- tion to make to the solution of oin " oiitstaniling problem, an enduring peace. Shoidd dreams become realities what more could we ask for? Kennkth Orbf.rrv As we dream of the future, let us not be lost in idle revery, but let us catch a vision of the op- portunity which is oius to enrich not only oiu ' own lives but also the lives of others by fidly living up to oiu ' responsibilities as citizens of oiu ' own democratic nation and as citizens of the world. Then may we ever be alert, striving to- ward a realization of this vision. Donovan Douglas 10 Thank You Tlutt :ill nifinhers ot Emnictt High School admiiiisti ;iti()ii h;ivc drcMincd ilicii dreams is evidenced by the goals they have ins|)iieil us lo sei lor ourselves. Ou behalf of the student Ijotly, especially the senior class, we say " Thanks a million " for all you ' ve done tor us. SQUAW BUI 1 K SAGA STAFF Delsie Rice, Edilar School Board Dreams Of Big Red Schoolhouse Om- school board ' s dream has been that of new school buildings. These men have worked hard to readi their goal, and we know they will continue to work lor the best interests of the Gem County school children. Pictured at tlie kit in the l)a(k row are George Yost and Rov Marteney. In the second row, Harry Uyon anil George S]xros. In Iroul are Gerhard I ' ook and Dr. Rawlinson. Ashenljrencr Buettner Benson Dagley Broich Dewey Blown Dunn Faculty 1 ONY ASHENBRENER Teaches biology and boys ' |)hysical education. Coaches football, junior varsity basketball and track. .Advises " E " Club. Hobby— Sports. RUTH BUETTNER leaches girls ' physical education and biology. .Vd- vises G.. .. . Hobhv— .Skiing. THELMA BENSON Taught home making. .Advises Future Homemakers of . nicrica. Hobbv— Sewing. M. R(.AREI DAGLEY Teaches shorthand anil bookkeeping. Holjbv— Flow- ers and cookbooks. LUCILLE BROICH Teaches typing I and H. Athiscs the Pep Clid) Hobby— Sports. ROBERT DEWEY readies social science in the eighth grade. Hobbv- Fishing. KENNETH BROWN Teaches English II. .Advises The Thespians and ihc junior class. Coached the all-school play and ihc iunior play. Hobby— Model antique cars. ODETTA DUNN Teaches arithiiiclii in llie eighth grade. Hobby- Loaling. 12 Faculty VIRGINIA GARFIELD Teaches Knglish II and III. A lviscs the senior class. Coaches the senior play. Hohhies— Gardening and dancing. II.Rl) 11 ARl ' DA Icac hes liand in liigh sc Imol 1 l()l)l) -l)ri in . :ind made .sthool. DEE HARRIS Teaches orchestra in grade siliool and higli .school. Hobby— Mnsic. M v ji on rca hes American history. Is C.irls ' . d iser. Hobby —Knitting. V. RREX H. RRIS Teaches world history. Coaches debate, . d ises ihe senior class. Hobby— History. GREE ' IA KNI(;H I Teaches vcKal ninsii in grade scliool and liigli school. She also leac lies I ' lenih. tlobl lUrkanier. STANFORD HARRI.SON Teaches chemistry, jihysiis, and general .science. . d- vises the Science CInb. Holibies— Collecting roiks and fishing. JAMES knk;h I leaches driver ' s training. Hol)b -l ' hologra|iliy. Garfield Haruda D. Harris Jndd V. Harris G. Knight Harrison J. Knight " 0W » 13 Faculty 1 1-.1. 0 MOORI Icailics (Kaiioiuil agriaihinc. 1- vises llic- liiuni- larnu-rs. Hubliv- I ' hoKiK ' apln. 11(111 I ' XRSOXS I eathes speech, refresher mathematics, aiut sociology. . (lvises the N.F.L. Coaches declamation. EDITH I ' ETKRSOX leaches algebra II. geometry, and ioiiralism. . dvises the annual staff and the Huskie News staff. Hohhy- Photography. ELLI.S I ' RITCHETT Teaches health and ci ics. Coaches l)askethall and jmiior arsity football. Hobby— .Sports. HELEN R. MBO Teaches English I and . merican his- tory. Hobby— Collecting stamps and reading. AGNES SMITH Teaches English in the eiglith grade. Hobby— Cooking and baking. . LTON S V, N Teaches shop I. 11. and III. Hobby- Woodworking. DEL1. S V. N Teaches algebra I and Latin I and II. .Advises the Future Teachers and llie Latin Club. Hobln— Musii. CH. RLOTTE SW. TM. N Teaches English III and I ' and is librarian, . dviscs the National Honor .Society. BE ITY HOOI ' ER (No picture) Teaches homemaking. Miss Hooper took Miss Benson ' s place when Miss Benson was marrie l at the end of the first semester. STIIDEN 1 B()n Ol 1 IC.l- RS I ' ifsiiliiil - - • c.K)R -i llsl yhc-l ' rcsidcul RdlilRl I ' lllKSON Sect clary - - ' | M1 CWU ' lUll Treasurer ■ • - 1)1) N MllHIlK Advertising A HJin. ' ci UllAA 1 Ol.M AN Rolicrl Tclcrsoii Student Council Directs Activities The student council, headed by George Yost, and contposed ol iK,n e-,....a representattves and class presidents, had a busy and successtul year. ,s, eoutributions to the Children ' s Honte, Noon dances, Christmas decorations Red Cross, and Care Fund were sonic .. of the projects promoted In the council V, , , ,nUun„ ,,,.n.M. i---»— H-P- Helen Wn..U. Ciena Bon,,. 0..een craves. Harold Ron ' , MW-Sharon N.cliols. jc.n Dun,,. |n.„ I , ,. V I ,n,l Helen Howard. .Shirlev Mc- Barrett. 1,,, ,, Stanlcv Rirkpauick. Bob Ha.iln. ,|„„ Nolan.l. Helen Ho«a «o„. n,.,- Vrt Mvers. . oa„ l)o,,glav B,n Hohncs. Sta , , , . ..,„„,,cll Hel.a I olman. Donna «„„. J:Sl " " -- ' : ' Kr,.. B.M„a„. B,,, Cee,,. Ko„e, 1 IVcson. C.eo,.e osc Jan. Ca,..,..,.. Moeller. Life Is No Dream For Betty and Rheta These two secretaries. Bettv ' arr ami Rlicia Riukl. slmun in the lower left picture keep the wheels of our educational machine oiled and in smooth working order. Betty works in Mr. Donglas ' office in the morning and at W ' ardwell in the afternoon. Rheta works in the superintendent ' s office. The Librarians In the lower right picture are our librariars who are efficiently supervised by Miss Charlotte .Swatman. librarian. Standing are Carol Hankins. Joyce Foreman. Evelyn DeGrange, Edna Harlow. Miss Swatman, tarv Henderson. Goldie Hoadley. Wenona ickery. Joyce Hill. Pearl Campbell. Sealed are Beverley Nfurdock. I ' at Rogers. Patty Plank, Gloria Hinies. Phvllis Storms. The Custodians Ernest Elsberry and his boys pictined at the upper left keep us looking our best and " Ernie " turns the heat on and oil in more ways than one. In the back are Mr. Elsberry, Lynn Morriss. Jack C hristison, Bill Krei enback. In front are (buck Swan. W ' avne Cliristison. Ronald Spence, Jerry James, The Office Girls Getting training in office work are the group ol giiK in Ihc upper right picture. They work in the principals office. In the hack are Ruth Leonard. Donna Moellcr. Doris Woodward. In front, Ella McRae, Vivian Giles. Carina White, Jovce Hankins, c L A S s E S CN I s ' CAROL HANKINS I ' dlfllu ll)}i(ltl Some dreams come true througli liard work. If you don ' t think so, ask oiu- valedictorian, Carol Hankiiis. Dining her four years in Ennnett High School she has been active in music, the library, P ' HA, and the National Honor .Society. PATRICIA ROGERS Salulutoitun .Another busy girl whose dream came true is our salutatoi ian, Patricia Rogers. Even though she has worked in nuisic, FHA, Latin Club and the National Honor Society she too has had time to keep her grades high. Senior History I had a dream last night— I thought my school days were gone; I woke up this morning— They really were long gone. Oh. hi there! Didn ' t see you. A dream? Sure I had a dream. I said I did. didn ' t I. Sort ol a lunn dream, too— all about high school days. You know, when I was an underclassman. Boy, I ' ll never forget the year we were freshmen. There was one of the finest freshmen (hisses that ever trod the boards of good old E.H.S.— the " biggest little class " in school. Our officers were Ken Goodwin, .Arley Hanna, and Mike Collier; our adviser. Miss Leona Bales. . nd then we began to grow up, and became sophomores. We won the Frosh-Soph rally and began to show up here and there. We began to look more like the Class of ' 52 and less like a biuich of little kids. Our officers were Bob Speros, LeRoy Parks, Ed Lopshire, and adviser Mrs. Delia Swan. But as juniors we really did shine. Vc dominated athletic teams and most organizations, as well as Mr. Douglas ' office. We had a successful play, and the biggest prom you e ' er saw. Our officers were George Yost, Janet Cam])bell, . rt Myers, and Ed Lopshire. It all comes back to me now— the fun. the heartaches, the trials and tribulations of our senior vearl Trying to appear unconcerned, we ordered aiiuDuncements, flunked math, and all the other things that seniors do. It was a wonderful and fearful year, thing, not even a good report card. Yes, a year of alternate failure an d success, intermingled with thoughts of the draft and. in some cases, settling down. Through it all we •ere guided l)y our able officers, .Art .Myers, Wcnona ' i kery. and Jack Blalock. A most successful and gratifying high school career has been oms. 18 but f know none of us woidd trade the memor - of it for any- Seniors ROBER 1 BAKKR ■■This t5§t ' l l ' i ' ifiilrr! " DARLENE BALDW I " I ' ll grow itji sdiiicdtix. " Band 1-2-3-4; Pep Band 3-4; Thespian President 4; National Thespians 2-3- 4; " Home Swccl Homicide " 3; " The Little Hog Laughed " 4. LLC.ILE BALDWIN " gol (I ii ' hili ' i ' ( HM — iincf. " CJirls ' CJIee C ' .lid) 3-4. ERNESr L. BEC:KNL N " Eniic " " JusI tall Die sii ' inc - - - herder. " F.F.A. L2-3-4. Treasurer 3, Piesident 4; 1 rack 2-3-4; Foothall 3-4; " E " (:hil)2 3 4. BEVERLY BLNCHAM " liev " " I ' ve aot lo settle dmoi? " Band 1-2-3-4: Choir 1-2- 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Thespians 3-4; Pep Band 1-2-3-4; " Home Sweet Homicide " 3; " The Little Dog Laughed " 4. JACK BLALOCK " U ' hiit dues ie stand far? " " E " Clid) 3-4, President 4; Football 3-4; Hiiskie News 4; Latin Cliil) 4. LARRY BLUE " Mx days aren ' t alwaxs blue. " F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. LEILLA |EAN BOWEN " (ill. those exes. " Choir 1-2-3-4; Pep Clnh 2; FHA 1-2: Declamation 4. ROY BOWMAN " Mariu " " Lures girls— hntli uf them. " Choir 1-2-3-4; Boys ' Quartet 4. Madrigals 4. Baker Blue Carroll D. Baldwin Bowen ( ' avford L. Baldwin Bowman Coddington RK H RD BOYNION " Guslal " " I ' m just sort uf a xudelin ' cmrbu . " Huskie News 4; Annual Staff 4; " E " Chd) 3-4. ! RY ELI UR(K,AN " dini ' t uudtrslinul thi stall. " L;itin Clnh 2-3-4. I WEI CAMPBELL " Suiiie j eujile are sweet, suitie are sweeter, then comes Ceurge. " Band Sweelheart Candidate 1-2-3-4, Sweetheart 4; Band 1-2-3-4; Pep Cluh 2-3-4, Presi- dent 3. CI.VRENCE CARROLL " She ' ll find me sumedax. " " E " Club 3-4; F.F.A. 1-2; Icnnis 2 3-4; Foothall 3-4. KARL CAYEORD " Caxfurd in the tree tuj . " Band 1-2-3-4; Pep Band 4; Latin did) 2-3-4; National Lhcspians 4; " Ghost of a Chance " 3; " I he Little Dog L;uighed ' I. PHYLLIS CODDINGTON " ' uive xuu his address. " Choir 3-4; Glee Chd) 1-2; Pep Clnh 2; I.ILV, 1-2-3. DEWEY COFIELD " Duke " " There ' s mx habx. " Foothall 3-4; " E ' Cluh 3-4. MIRE COLLIER " Yuke " " Maid probablx drojilwd oil. " Track 2; Basketball 4: " E " Club 2-3-4. I ARRYCRAFFORD " Talent Sroutf " Choir 4: Band 3: Madrigals 3; Boys ' Onartcl 4. Beckiiian Boynton Cofield Bingham Blalock Brogan Campbell Collier (.raflord Seniors Culhirth Davis Dcarhorn 1). Dcwcv G. Ocwcy j. Douglas R. Douglas Diiiiii 1 (ucinan (Jardncr fiarner (.ilcs Goodwin (.uy {;. Haukins J. Hankinv Hanna Has lies BKI IV ( r 1 lURI H " Hf ' s } ot cttilx hair and hrnji ' Ti e ps. " F.H.A. 1: Choir 3-4. STERIING DAVIS " Take it easy. " Tennis 34. MARILYN DEARBORN " Shucks. I sliouUUi kiujif ' d. " Bonan a High School I: Middlctnn 2:!; G.A.A. 4. DONA DEWEY " That ' s J ark ' s car—and mine. " Ghoir 4; Glee Club 3; F.H.A. 3-4; " Luncheon For Six " 4. GERTRUDE DEAVEY . . - . . " Trudy " " Huh. what did ou say? " Pep Club 2-3-4: Thes- pians 4: " The Little Dog Laughed ' 4: Huskie News 4. JO.VN DOUGLAS " Dewey, Oh, Dewey! " National Honor Society 3-4; G.A.A. 4; Pep Club 2-3-4; Band 2-3; Decla- mation 4. RENA DOUGLAS " Kid. I don ' t know. " JOAN DUNN " think he ' s cute. " Cheer Leader 3-4; G.A.A. 2-3-4; Student Council 3-4; Declamation 4. JOYCE FOREMAN " Jov, just wait till I ' m a secretary. " Choir 3-4; Orchestra 3-4; Pep Club 2-3-4. IVAFAE GARDNER " And then aur j lasses clicked. " Choir 4; Latin Club 3; F.H. . 1-2. Gl. 1)VS JULIA (. RNER " He ' s coniinn limne. " Choir 3-4; Dc4iatc 3 4; N.F.L. 3-4. M IAN I. GILES " Office work is fun. " Office 4; Pep Club 2-3-4; F. I. . 4; National Honor .Societv 4. KENNEIH (, )OI) IN - ... - " Ken " " ] ' liere ' d that guv co)ne from? " Football 3-4; Baseball 2-3-4; " E " Club 2-3-4; Class President 1. JOAN GUY - " Frenchy " " Well, I thought so too. " Huskie News Editor 4; .Ynnual Staff 4; Sweetheart Can lidate 4; Pep Club 2-3-4. ( AROL ELAINE HANKINS ... " ' » ; " " Always sinilin! . " National Honor Societv 3-4; F.H.A. 12-3-4; I.ibrarv 4; Orchestra 2-3; Valedic- tori;in. JOYCE HANKINS " got the ■ Wright ' soldier. " Pep Clid) 2-3-4; Office 4; Huskie News 4. . RLEV H. NN. " Who me?-Oh. yeah. " Footliall 3-4; " E " Club 3-4; Basketball 3;Track 3. DONN. RUTH HAYNES " But it ' s fun to talk. " Choir 1-2-3-4; " A Ghost of a Chance " 3. Healhinan Hclicrt Hoadlcv olliiigswonh Hutchiiis Holmes 1). JohnsDii Howard W. [oiinson y. Jolitison I.opshirc Mocller Kniix MtRac Morrison Icoiuinl Malllifws Nfiirdock Seniors ROliKRI " HKAIHMAN ■•Il ,l " " W ' liere did V " i IliinI: I ' ll hi- ij ' jinj;! ' " Track 2-3- 4; Football 1: " IV ' CIiili I: lliiskic News 4. i ' i;(.(.v i.or Hi-iuR I " I uiil TWO Irlhis liisl niji hl. " I un A uy ' J. - ' i- : IMl.A. 1-1;:M: I ' cp Club ' iWA. GOLDIK ANNA IIOADl.l-.V " irii.s mlniiil iiiisniiiiied. " Motiiuaiu Home I- 2; " I.iitu lu ' oii loi Six " 4. in 1 K HOLLINGSWOR I H ' iff- it ' —if I rait nfl tlif (ir. " ' v (lull 2; l.aiin Club 3. Willi I HOl.Ml-.S ■■Hill " " I ' lii jiLst Idain hiiuihiiiiif. " I- ' ootball I; " K " (ilub 4; Track :i-4. HKI.EN S lANDISH HOWARD " ' I ' C hml Sliilll;j -i!nj illinit Im lirn mid ii liidi fiin. " Sliulcnt (Council 2-4; Ainiual Siall 4; Huskic News 4; I.aliii C;iub Presidcnl 1: Pep Club 2 . ' !; National Honor Society 4. n RNA HI I CHINS ■■Wliiil ' s (il the Viiivcisil r ' I!;uul 3: F.H.A. I: Declamation 4. »AR1,1-,NI-. JOHNSON -Jiisl wiiiliiiiir r.H.A. 1-2-.S: Choir 3-4. III 1 M JOHNSON " Clory " ■Oil the liiils I iiirl III lfii ' siiilr. " I-ootbal! 3- 4; 15askcti)all 3-4; Tennis 3 4; " Vr Club 3-4: An- lUial Stall 4: Orchestra 1-2. TRKI) JOHNSON " A v scoulrr is jiisl ii.s noiid us ati car. " Science Club 4. w iTii Nr KNOX ■■ ; •• " I ' nx ra ' back loiiiiirnur. " T ' ooiball Manager 2-3; •l-: " Club 2-3-4; Latin Club 3 4. RUTH LEONARD " Here comes my Xasli. " Choir 3-4; 1 ' . T.. . 3-4; Office 4. TDWARD lOPSHIRF. " Ed " " Mcf ' A Imihiii liikri? Hull! " " K " Club 3-4; Football 3-4; nnu.d Stall 4. FLI. M.RAF " M finihiliini I lintseirife. " Ofiite 4. VKRI. 1 I I HTWS " itlwaxs ml like this. " Dei lamation 2-4; Or- chestra 1-2-3; " The Little Dog Laughed " 4. BKN L. .M( T. Li (No pidiire) ' Ciiii ' t- ' fliiiiiji e iii uaine! " Yell Duke 2-3; Band 1-2-3; tyoir 4; " Chost of a Clhance " 3. DONNA MOF.LLKR " Oh irhiil a shnjie—lhis world is in. " Student Bodv Treasurer 4; Sweetheart Candidate 4; Choir 12-3-4; Thespians 3-4; Pep Club 2 3-4. II ON MORRISON " liisl nii ' C me lime. " lUAKRI.KV Ml RDOCK. " I ' m sioiiii:, III he a nurse at a veterans ' hiisliital. " Ttimijling 4; Hiiskie News 4; Librarian 4. Seniors Mvers Xkliuls I. I ' clerson R. Peterson Pound Ragains Norwood Plank Rice Oberg Osborn Parks C. Po ok H. Pook Pope Ritter Robbins XRTHT ' R f ' FRS " Art " Class CARL POOK ■ Laugh liaid. I did xchtii I iaic it. " Band 1-2-3-4 Choir 4. " Cosh I ' m good. " " E " Club 3-4. President 4? Football 3-4. President 3: SHARON NICHOLS " Who says nickels are worthless. ' " Choir 1-2-3-4; " Ghost of a Chance " 3: " Home Sweet Homicide " 3; National Thespians 4: Pep Club 2-3-4; F.T.A. 4. PHYLLIS NORWOOD " ' ; llie quiet tyjie. " Librars 4. B RB RA OBERG " . l fai ' orite song. ' Tlw Wedditig Mariii. " Glee Club 2-3; G.A.A. 1-2: Pep Club 2-3. ' J ) MAY OSBORN ■ hufe plans. " Choir 3-4; Orchestra 3; Pep t lul 2-3-4. LEROY PARKS " spend ni time at Sanders. ' ball 4; Baseball 3-4. •E " C:liib 4: Foot- . IARY COLLEEN PETERSON " It ' s BYV for me— and Lee, of course. " I hespians 3-4; Pep Club 3-4: " Ghost of a Chance " 3. ROBF.RF PEIERSON ... " Pete " " .Me and in ' .i ' model. " Seiiicn Band 2-3-4; Pep Band 3-4; N.F.L. 4; Declainatiou 3 4: " Home Sweet Homicide " 3: " Fhe Little 1) iij Laughed " 4: " Ghost of ;i ( haiuc " 3: National I lu-spiaus i. I ' I I PLANK " Fal " " I don ' t like liini an wa . " I ' ep Club 2-3-4; Huskie News 3; F.H.. .2-3. HAROLD POOK " Think I ' ll jack up the license place and put n c. r under it. " Band 1-2-3-4: Pep Band 3-4: Choir 4: " Home. Sweet Homicide " 3. BARB. RA POPE " I spend my lime luldlin ' . " Orchestra 1-2-3-4; F.H.- . 1-2-3-4; National Honor Society 4. W ARRFN POIND " r-,e got a Ford. " Band 1-2-3: Pep Band 2-3. 1 RRY R.VGAINS ■ like to drive the girls around. " Choir 1-2-3-4: Quartet 4; Madrigals 4; Fennis 3-4; Declamation 2-3-4; N.F.L. 4: " Ghost of a Chance " 3; Fhcspians 3-4; F.T.A. 3-4. DKLSIF RICK " I. el mc see m pajiei a minute. " . nnual Editor 4: National Honor .Societv 3-4: " Fhe Ghost of a Clutnce " 3: Band 1-2; Orchestra 1-2: Choir 4: Latin Club 3 4. l.DW RI) S. Rl I I KR " Smok " " I ' m off tlic llunk list! " B:iskctball 3-4: Football 3 4: Frack 4: " K " Clidi 3 4. (. Ul ROBBINS -.4 lohins don ' t fix south. " G.. .. . 1-2-3-4. Presi dent 4; . nnual Staff 4: Huskie .News Editor 4: Pep Club 3-4. Seniors I.. Rogers Rviicarson P. Rcigcr Sluiiie KiuUI M;iiicllev Storms I hiinidik rillc 1 tilllKIIl iikirv LEONARD ROGERS -Di) Mill reallx lliiuk I sliatilil Idlk innref Ileila- Illation 4. PA IRICIA ROCa-.RS ■ ' ' " " (M, al least. " National Honor Socictv 3-4; F.H.A. 1-2-3-4. District Secretary 3; F.T.A. 4: Library 4: Latin Club 3-4; Salmainriaii. BERNICE ROLLAND " I sJieiKl iiix suiuiiic)!, ill Cdlijiiniiii. " t.lioir l- ' J-3 4; Pep Club 2-3-4; F.H.A. 1-2-3. HARRY ROLLER ■■Just u j ' c iiif u itn mill n L!.iil. " (lioir 12-3-4. R I HIR ROVCE " • ' ' ' " ■Hiw iiiucli fill ouf Y.V.X. 1-2-3-4. ue-Presuleut 4. District Vice-President 4; Slate Public Speaking Contest 4; F.T.A. 3-4; National Ibespians 4; N.F.L. 4; Choir 2-3-4: " The Little Dog Lauglieil " 4. OWFX DARRELL RV DD ■■fill n ii-lweV. I ' m a u ' lifi-l. " I eniiis 3-4; I ' .F.A. 1-2- 3-4. Ireasurer 4; Band 1-2. FRANCE.S ELIZABETH RYNEARSON •■ t o mil ntil five iiit!,lils i ireeli. " ( lioir 1-2-3-4: Declamation 4. RICHARD SHANE " DU k " -The silent hjie. " Choii 1-2-3-4; " E " Club 1-2-3-4. [IMMIE SPENCER ■Till lookiiii:, liir the liohi aiiir Band 1-2; Deila ination 4. ROBER I SI ' EROS ■Spemf ■Me iiiul IIIX lioiiir Band 1-2-3-4: Pep Band 1-3: Veil Leader 2-4; " Home Sweet Homicide " 3: " I be Little Dog Laughed " 4; National Ibespians t; leu- nis 2-3-4. DON.VLD SIANDEl ER ■Don " " We ' ll fix r.leiis tord xel. " " Home Sweet Homi- cide " 3; Thespians 3; F.F.A. 2 3 1 (.LEV SI ANDLEV -Cive me ii mi lull " I kiih iiiid I ' m liiiltli . " I.I-. . 3-4. I ' HVLI.IS SIORMS " A v name is Storms hut I ' m reiillx cnlm. Choir 3-4; Thespians 3-4: I ' ennis 3-4: " Home Sweet Homi- cide " 3: " (.host of a Chance " 3; " 1 be lillle Dog Laughed " 4. 1) RRELL E. IHORNOCK ■Farniiiit — Hint ' s the lile. " E.E. A. 1-2-3: Biiiid 12- 3-4: Pep ' Band I. KEIEH I ILLEV -Of riiurse I like ehemistrx. " F.F.A. 12; 1 ennis 3; ( boir 3; Dedamation 4. DEI.N R E lOLMAN " Oh. lie ' s enj iiiied. " Student Bodv . d ertising Manager 4: Choir 1-2-3-4; Pep Club 2 3 4: Nati(m;il Ibespians 4; Madrigals 3 1: Dei lani;ilioii 1: " Clinsi of a C4ian c ' 3. W ENONA VICKERV " ■ ' ' • " " . ' ■■nin am I aheaxs so hu- ' x? " F.H.A. 1-2 SI. I ' rcsi- (lent 3. District I ' lcsideui I; Naiioii.d 11 Smiely 3-4: N.F.L. 3-4. Seniors JOHN C. WALKER " A ' oif, iflieti I ' m a doctor. " Band 1-2: Pep Band 1- 2: Choir 3-4; Latin Club 2-3. AR 1 A I AXABE ■My name IS Art. " Basketball 3-4; " E " Club 4; Student Council 3. ELIZABEl H CAROLYX WILLLS " Accomplished dramatist. " " Ihc Little Dog Laughed " 4; Declamation 4: Choir 2. LLOYD W OMACK " know where to hinit m ' dear. 3-4; Baseball 3-4. ■E " Club 12- BE ITY AVEATHERS " Me and mv sailors. " Orchestra 1-2-3-4; Latin Club 2; F.T.. . 4; Huskie News 3. KATHRYN ELBERG " Put I ' m taller than he is. " Declamation 4; Thes- pian Queen 4: Ontario 1-2-3. LOIS LLELLA WES 1 " Call me West, hut I ' m from eastern Ores,on. " Baker 1-2. DORIS jE.VN OODWARD " Take those handcuffs off me. " Cheer Leader 4: GAA 1-2-3-4; Latin Club 2-3-4; Choir 4. RETA WRIGHT " know what we can do. " F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 3; Choir 4. VERNON WRIGHT " I ' m aheaxs late or earh, hut nei ' er on time. " C. RM. WHITE " belong to ' Alta Phi. ' " National Honor Society 3-4; N.F.L. 3-4; F.H.A. 1-2-3-4. President 4; Decla- mation 3-4: Choir 3; Orchestra 3. DONALD VERN WILFONG " How I like to tease the girls. " Declamation 4. JULIA WILI.INGHAM " She ' s going to he a farmer, not a farmer ' s leife. " Choir 1-2-4; Madrigals 4; Library 3: Huskie News 3. FRANK YORK " The boy with the leindx stor . " Band 1-2-3-4; Pep Band 2-3-4; Choir 4. GEORGE LEE YOST " Hinx " " Campbells doesn ' t aheays stand for pork and beans. " Student Body President 4; Basketball 3-4: Football 3-4; " E " Cliib 3-4; " Home Sweet Homi- cide " 3; " The Little Dog Laughed ' 4; " Ghost of a Chance " 3; Latin Clid) 3-4; riu-spians 3-4; B.uid 1-2: Declamation 4. bAtj-t;Nj ' - i Uii nu ..- .., r.. .r. VUym. S.or,us. iu u. ymu rn u . Down one n,,nn;i Modki. I.iniuinl Rogers, UcUic row fron. the ,o,, are Helen Howanl. uiin. (.ilcs. Joan Oouglas, ..ed Johnson. Darrell I hornock. 1 he mi.ldle ui.ture shows Miss Bnrkliarcrs hrM grade. N,rs. VaLuI; " x ' h grl.de posed .or ,he canrera nun, h. ,hc lower p.c.nre. Rock-Candy-Mountain Days S. Mclnliic G. Moultuii 1). Kniiish Juniors j I NIOR OIMCl-RS SlIIRll MclMIRI PresidenI (.lORI.K Ntol ' l.lON I ' iicPresideut DiMi Kroish Srrrelnry-Trensurey Mr. liRow n - - Ad.isf-r Miss Biktinfr Adi ' isfi We juniors ha e lost no time in tlay clifiuning this year. We won a large share of the letters in sports; we ' ve been represented in forensic and dramatic events. Oin- class play, " PeacefiU Inn, " was outstanding and different as well as a huge success and our Prom was a dream— really. We ' ve gotten oin- share of colored admit slips and in general kept the place from getting too dull. Now we ' re getting a little inijjatient— -e ' re anxious to try our hanti at being seniors. We ' ll see vou in the fall. Ciordoii . clair Keith Alsager Kcnnctli Alsager Ronald Bentlev Be erlv Bills Ted Bills V. Earl Bisluip Bob Bork Art Bonde (.aic Brogan .Sliirle Bnibaker Sandra BiiUington Helen Biirdell Flossie Bvrd LiiElla Campbell I ' eail Campbell Shirley Cantrall Bonnie Cherrv Eloise Ciarsolo Rnscmaiy Combs C.ene Cooper Leo Co ingloii jerry Ciinniiigluim jo Oecn Evelyn Dc CJrange I.ee Draper Bill Dresser Marv Dudley Bob Eaton Ben Etiiols J uniors mjt Shirley Kvaiis X ' fina Ii)sl)iii(k 1 KldciR- Iiiwlcr Olis Full Ami (.ilcs l-.il Cik-mion Dak- {.ordon (.(ikcii (.laMs Budilv (.rifiillis Mildred Hale Sharon Harwell I ' .velvn Haiissler l-.diia Mae Heavriii (iiadys Hcl cr Marv Henderson Ksther Hendrickson Don He eltinc (.la dc Hill loMC Hill C.loria Hinics ncvvey Holmes Charles Hower Keith Hiiiiler La Recc Hiiuhinson |aneen Jamlis inslon Jensen llellN jean Johnsi.n KuKene Johnson C.ene Johnson Jim Keene Margaret Kesler eriion Kilhnrn lion Kimball Stanle Kirkpalrick Lillian Kiuilii Allene Knox ' era Larsen Dennis Lawrence Margie Lawrence udre Lihliv Belt) Lickleig Carol Long Lorraine Luke Dan Mahe Larr Malone Ronnie Manning l-(l Manslield Dick Martin Mar I ee M Kiiinev Rosemarie Mi R- " ' (,elene Mills Ruben Moilui Inez, Morgan Norreen MoiliMscii J uniors Roger Nichols iarv E c!vn .Nikirk John Pahiier Dallas I ' aslev Sliirlev Patrick Alice I ' ederson Carlene Pedersen Eddie Pilkcrton Barbara Pook Glenna Potts Kay Pruitte Charles Riggs Wendell Rindlisbach Bill Rogers Shirlcv Rc)se Da id Rowe James Savage Bill Saxton Bud Saxton Bob Schoenwald Vilma Sheperd Harold Smith Enid St. Germain Arlie Stiles Jimmie Stroud Charles Swan Jean Syrie Gene Ta lor Billie Slae Thomas Ronald Turner Mar Walker Barbara Wander William Watson Sonia Welberg Barbara Werlc |err Wilhurn Gary Wilhelni Harold Williams Ed Wittner Iva Rae Womack James Wood Arlene AVoods Russell Vatcs Warren Vunker Sophomores CLASS OFFICERS Toxl X ' ll.l.AM ' I VA (,AR Uimi-R Shakos liKiinkiR Mrs. Swan I ' lis ' ulciit yicf-Pifsiilfiil Sccicltiix- ' riciisini ' i Adj ' isi ' i I . ilNinuc- a (■ Uiillcr S. UllllmklT This hie wide, woiulerlul woi Id-and thu history thcicol-lKis Ixcn a l)it i )U,i;li (.11 tlie class of ' 54 this year. Never will they lorget the worUl history n.ntracts and those papers ot thousands and thousands of words. The square of the hypotenuse and square root caused just as nuuli irouhle in geometry. English, of ' coinse, has been fun for everyone, especially Mr. Rrown. There ' s a ray of hope-the end is almost here. . nd they ' re jMepared for any- thing next year. Sonva .Atkinson Richard Basset Jack Ucan (iasle Bciiiaid fiAinc Bingliam Korth Bingham Sliirlcv Blalock Kay Bmk )iiliclic Bnuiii Shirley Bowman . uciicy Brooks Sianlc-N Brown Orali Bnii Ka (alleiulc-r Russell Campbi-ll Dorthca (arlock Charles Carroll Marihn C;lirislisoii Wavne Christison Dean Cooper uclrey Corhin Va ne Croshy Charles Davis Marie Davis Mar 1 ec Dill Shirlev Diiscoll l.ouisc l-.|)|)eiMiii (.eorgia Figarl Don Fineher Raymond Flowers Roll ' si — Walter Fox. Jay Garrett. Dale Gibson. Bill Green, Tollie Guvnn, . is Hall. Kathleen Hankins. Daxiil Hardisty. Roiv ii ' e— Edna Harlow. Donna Heap. Bernice Helmick. Lola Hereth. Boiniie HoIl rook. John Holnian. Barbara Holmes, Lillian Hope. H(jii ' o»r— Wayne Horton. Carmen Hughes, Esther Hnmpherys. Janet Hnmi)her s, . in Hiniter. Leslie Hnnter. Danny Jacobs. Ja ne Jackson. Rozf liner— Jerry James. Donna Jaynes. Biiddv Johnson. Larrv Johnson, Clara Lee Johnston, Shirlec Johnston, James Jones. Larry Jordan. Huic dew— Norma King. Shirley Knowlion. Frank Larsen, .Shirley Lee, ' erne Long, Walter Ltihr, .Man Mabe, Lynn Mabe. Row oiu ' —]oe Marsters. Marilyn Mattlievvs, June McCauloii. Bettv McKean. Len McKiiniey. Sophomores iip s ■ ■ 4 i:lfcl(|S «„u. 5 x-Ron Miner. Man Ann Mocllc. Ela.ne Mover, Robert Nau. Jnnn.y Noland, KaU.lenc OMallcs. Ray I ' eterson, Sharon I ' ine. «.,„ „„-Sh.rlev I ' olF. Dal Pope Ronald Pope. Fa c Ree.l. Rose.narv Reel. MiUhecl Rekow, Marianne Killer. Eva Mae RohiMin. «™. our-Lee Rodgers. Onin.on Rogers, Howard Roller. Karen Roslock. Ue.erlcs Muuloin. Oawd Snu.h. Marv Kua .Smith. Bonnie Snyder. Ho. , „..-Ronald Spence, Ruth Si. John. Irvin Ssrie. l.ew.s ,horno U. ,o Vnn , hornlon. MeUa , ohnan. Cordell Tncker. C.aria Wagner. Ho. ..o-jerry Ward. Cora Watson. Svhil Wea.hers. l.ola Velherg. Kreida Wilson. C.a.l U, liner. Jean Won,aek. Bruce Wood. «„„, „,„ R„ss Vooley. Barbara Wray. Cerald York. Marv . nn innnernu.n. Sophomores Freshmen Bob H B • UosMi Harrinoion W Ai I Howard President Secretary J ' ice-Presiilent Rolf one — Ilcne Werner. GoUlie Holmes. Juanita Johnston. Jim Montague. Paul Mover. Gary Broun. Row (ii ' o— LaX ' erne I ' otts. Roberta Reynolds. Carol Russell. Don Han- cock. Keith Paslev. Noel Baker. Row one— Ann Morriss. .Shenna Bla- lock. Kav Lawrence. Wanda He- bert. .Shirlev . hnstedt. Shirlev Car- lock. Roie ho— Don Moyer. Myrna .Smith. Jimmy Hebert. Leona Thomas. Lfjrraine Ives. .Sandra Dresser. Row one— Gerald Helzer. Dale Bolin- ger. Billy Ciitbirth. Larrv Wikkind. Fred Jordan. Larry Smith. Roxf two—Da d Dimmire. Robert Rivers. Alfred Morrison, . lfred Stroud. Teddy White, Larry Ran- Strom. Row one— Harold Barrett. Gary Guy. Larry Biggers. Mary Wansgard, ' aun Drake. Maxine Griffith. Row (ii ' o— Bruce Owen. Bob Richard- son. Don Adams, erla Rose. Foy Xevers. Margaret S|icnccr. Row o;j( ' — Darrei Whilsell. Joe Eisen- beiss. Le Ray Spranklc. Leta Stcl- ling. De . nn Goslin. Roberta Bright. Row i ' fv— Larr Wortlen. C.len C.iirn- wall. Jim I ' enix. Kffie Jo Brookins. ' era Echols. Rose Gregors. Ro,r r„-Lester Wallace. Glenn Snvder. David Flowers. Wayne t.miad, Irene Helinick. Barbara Otterbacher, Mar- garet Vaughn. Doris Mover. Charles I ' earce. Donovan Holf(n(l. Frank Jones. «on ' Jrie-Garv Page. James Wright. Hill Wills. Rnrt Watson. Richard lUackwood. Ronnel Walker. Unn Statcn. Ro. eS::lSrSr]:r s ' ' i r B3; " Ron,a C:hristy, Floyd Hnnter. Da.id Nielsen. Charles .Vda.ns. Duane Xiek- Rou. . " e;,-Kl ' . !;::i.MdWn ' P;;r Diane Hnghes. Eugene Dill. C.earldean Nebeker. Bob Martin. ,arv Lou Coch- no. ,ri.!u:H, ' M:ve!: " ; n ' e ' M; ' Jn;ire. Carv C:ox. Harvev Denne . Fred Fuller. Co.ine N...rtensen. Rachel Deen. Rou. irr C-ccU Garrett. Karrel Whitsell. Kav Chaptnan. Jerrv Kester. Ardvce Wiuegar. Fva Holn.es. Sharon Schiller. Ron ' , !; rS ' Davis, (iene Weathets. Don Katon. Bill Dewev. Ste«vart Beck.nan. Ji.n Burt, l.arrv Darde,.. FU..1 .,. " e l oni ' a " g ' pattv (,,,H,ths. .a iue Johnson. I.eland S.nith. Dale Draper. Oran Munt.-r. Connie R.. :i:Z : ' ::a: :::irt :. iu.. S..... . . cUn. Ra.hnson. PimUs Burcha„,, B„l,e Brogan. «o„. „:;::?S:r ' , ah M tnlln ' " . " ru:- , i:;lr van ..euve,,. Nfa.e Shaplev. Joan Radandt. D ,a Peterson. Fdna Jones, ola Bontlc. Gearldcan Nebeker. Freshmen MISS SMI IHS Honic-Room Ha.r lni,,- :. Handley. D. Miller. L. Rollaml. A. Striuhers. D. Howell. I.. Dill. C. Faibcr, S. Harris. I{i)ir liim-—V. Dewev. C:. Sliepliard. 15. H (le. K.. Kiiichi. J. Beckman. F. MtCall. C. Smith. L. Nossowa. 1.. Zeigler. Miss Smith. lidw Iwo—J. Christison. D. Cornwall. M. Bnibakcr. C. Colield. D. Yost. J. Glennoii. R. Ilraper. B. Sorcnson. Hdw nne— l. Kirkpatrick. L. Sharp. I . , ll cc. J. Spoor, J. Joines. J. Fowler. MISS DUNNS Home-Room Hdir oi i— R. Er in. L. Waller. F. Yarno. J. Woodman. D. Thompson. K. elch. D. Speros. M. Johnson. L. Bentley. Row three— Miss Dunn. P. Harwell. W. Holmes, E. Dugdale. D. Harlow. D. Crouch, A. Pope. E. Thomas. R. Haun. Row lifo-]. McMillan. R. Larsen. G. Hoff- man. M. Covington. J. Bell, M. Tappe, B. Krei enbeck. J. McRae. R nf oiie—H. Holland. L. Luke. E. Carr. D. Barrett. . . Hill. MR. DEWEYS Home-Room Row four—]. Knox. A. Hoffman. S. Houston. R. Hope. R. Ditkerson, X. Bailev. M. Pruitte. L. Lee. Row three— Mr. Dewey, B. Grider. B. Peder- son, T. Corn. K. Harpt. B. Bright. Kim ' Iwo—C. Hansen. H. Sheldon. J. Wiles. M. Grothaiis. T. Wander, B. Lickteig. D. Jacobs. Row otie—K. Mingus. B. Johnson. B. Leim- ard, M. Smith. D. Collard. Eighth Graders A T H L E T I C S " .4 E r •w aiia MI neckinaii Benllev Blalock Carroll Green Hanna Heathman Holmes Nfansfield [vers Parks Rittcr Football The Huskies were not dreaming on the gridiron! Under the guidance of Tony Ashenbrener and Bob Pritchett the varsity gridsmen earned second place in the SRV Conference with a record of t o losses and one tie in eight games. LETTERMEN ERNEST BECKMAX ■ - Right Etui Senior— two-year letterman RONBEMLEV .... Left C.iiard Junior— two-year letterman First string guard SR ' All Star team JACK BLALOCK • - - Lejf Tackle Senior— two-year letterman Inspirational Player . ward 1951 BOB HEATHMAN ■ - I.ejt End Senior— one-year lettcniian BILL HOLMES - - - Lrfl Hiillhuch Senior— one-year letterman ED MANSFIELD - . . . FuUbnck Junior— two-year letterman First team fullback SRV . 11-Star team CLARENCE CARROLL - Right Halfhiirl: Senior— two-year letterman BILL GREEN . . - - Right End Sophomore— two-year letterman ARLEY HANNA - - - . Left End Senior— two-vear letterman AR 1 MYERS - - - - liii lii (,i„nd Senior— two- ear letterman Captain 1951 Inspirational Pla er Awaril 1951 LEROY PARKS . . . . Left Turkle Senior— one-year letterman ED RH TER Left End Senior— two-year letterman Second Team End SR ' All-Star team 36 LETTERMEN ni-WKY COFIEI.n ■ - Cettler Senior— two-vfar Icttcinian r.n I.OI ' SHIRE - (limrlfiback Senior— two car lellerinan KI-. (;OOD VI - lit. Hiillhach Senior— two-vear letternian im.l, JOHNSOX - - l-uUbmk Se lior— Iwo year Jetlerinan RON TIRNER ■ - - Center Junior- one year IcUerman GEORGE YOST - «i.i; Tackle Senior— two-year lellennan Second string tackle SRV All Stars Ron E I ON (No picture) - - Risrh I Tackle Innior— twovear Icttcrman SEASON ' S RECORD Meridian l. ale 2,-) Kiina .--- ( aliUvell 24 ( )ntario 20 i ' ayctte 33 Nyssa Weiser 19 lainhiirec I ' .irma Emmett .....26 Emniett 6 Emmett 27 Emmett 20 Emmett 35 Emmett 33 Emmett H Emmett 31 Emmett 7 illanuc a, II. New. R,ne foiu-B. Holmes. R. liuiier. S. Kirkpalriik. A. Hanna, T. . shenbrener. R ni ' Iliiee-C. Carroll. Kenneth Alsager. J. Willunn. Keilli lsager. D. Martin. D. Holmes, V. Horton, R. Miner. !!,iw u ' »-L. Parks. E. I.opshire. R. Manning, (;, Vosi, E. I ' ilkerKm, K. Green, D. Hezeltine, B. Johnson, Row niif-B. Hcathman. E. Manslicld, 1), Coluld, 1., Ikaman, E, Riller, . . Myers, K. Goodwin, J. Blalork. Colield Johnson I iirncr Gootlwin Lopshire Yost HnllnL■ li;. (.oiiilwin 4S. tim iiig ball. Bcckman . ' i. ' i. 7 () ) (■; — Oiuaiio fjaiiic. (.oiuluin l.S. Maiislicld 11. Infi i ii lil j l- gaiiic HciuIl-n 4-1. John.soii 41). M ei ' .s . " ill. SckiiuI jniiii ; ;— ' ale game. Holmes (12) C oliciil. . " )7. Rittei 49. Liipshirc -(4. HIalock ()2. Third jroiii lop. Icfl—ihc reserves walcli the game while t;(ia li Asheiilire;ier briefs li. Holmes. Tliinl from tup. riii lit— ihe - (eri Iiaii game. Holmes , ' iL ' . Johnson 4(i. (.ooduin being blocked, l.tnrfi ( — Holmes gets slowed down in a game with Ontario. Benlle LM ami Reikman 2 ' i in background. On grotnid Clooclwin and Msers. I.mici i t; w— Yost lakes a nose di e in scrimmage. Irving lo catch (.oodwin are liirner. Horlon and Miner. Action ! ll,c luc, i,,|. |,i lmcs wen- lakcn ;U llic Oiuaru. Ratnc ..n .lie- Vuuucn ll.,or. I lu- Huskies won 5L ' l ' The lw„ 1„UXT , i lines are ol ihe W eiser game in Knnnell. A liukN shol bv l-.d Ritler a splil seeoml hef. ' re the final gun licil iiP Uie game. Kinniell won ,n an ,ne.li.ne period. I liese nu, pictures were taken for us In Waller K. Cole of Boise, a representative of llie Northern School Supply Company. Action ! MIICE COLLIER Mike was elected captain by his team- mates at the end of the 1951-52 season. Basketball Eniinett ' s Huskies, coached by Ellis " Bob " Pritchett came through vith a fair season in Snake River Valley basketball conference play. The conference saw many upsets. The Huskies can testify to this as they lost three of their first four games by five points or less. As the season progressed the Emmett lads started taking their share of the close ones. They won four of their last seven conference games leaving the record five wins and seven losses. Outside the co nference the Huskies gave some of the Big .Six boys a bad minute or two •hen they ilro]jped close games to Caldwell and Nampa. They lost by big margins two gaiTies to Boise. They took t vo thrillers from Kuna, a Class B school. In their first game of the district tournament the Huskies, led by Captain Mike Collier, turned in a fine performance defeating the Weiser Wolverines in an overtime period. They were eliminated by successive defeats by Boise and Caldwell. 40 Basketball Double Victory With the permission ol the EiinnrU Mps.sriii rr we are quolini liere pari ol an edilorial ill their March (i edition, just alter the (iislrid lournanient. " It is nice to win. It was wondcriul to win. .S|)()rts leaih us to strive to oin- inmost to win-but not at any price. Victory must be dotlied witii s])orismanship and iairncss. " An outstanding attribute of the Emmett teani throughout tlic sea.son ' s phiy has l)cen its steadfast concern for playing the game cleanly. Ihis characteristic served the boys wi. ' U Tuesday night. " When the Huskies lose after playing their Inst, ihey lose gracelully. Ihis is it lory. When they win, they win cleanly. That is doable victory. Coach ' liob ' Priiduii and ihe individual players deserve a lot of credit for their sportsmanship. " SEASON ' S RECORD Boise 56 Emmett IS Payette 27 Emmett 30 Kuna 40 Emmett 42 Caldwell 42 Emmett 37 Ontario 41 Emmett 36 Boise 60 Emmett 33 Nampa !)2 Emmett 46 Caldwell 54 Emmett 40 Vale 43 Emmett 42 Weiser 36 Meridian 34 Nyssa 46 Payette 48 Nampa 62 Ontario 44 Kuna 49 Vale 51 Weiser 40 Emmett 34 Emmett 43 Emmett 43 Emmett 34 Emmett 45 Emmett 52 Emmett 50 Emmett 27 Emmett 45 Meridian 31 Emmett 38 Nyssa ! 2 Emmett 49 niSlRK.I lOl ' RN.AMENT Weiser 49 Emmett 51 Boise 55 Emmett 36 Caldwell 55 Emmett 40 Keith . lsager Bill Johnson KeiiMctli Alsager Ed Mansfield n Bonde Ed Ritter Bob Bork Bill Rogers Ed Glennon George Yost Junior Varsity Clubs The Hiiskic junior varsity foolhall squad, roaclifd by Bolj Pritchctt, worked hard in learning the lundanientals ol toothall. This experience slioidd he very vahialile in lonii- ing arsity teams in thi ' immediate future. Tony Ashenljrener ' s junior varsity basketball s()uacl came mn on top ol the S.RA ' . Con- ference with a record of ten wins against two defeats. In games outside the conterence the boys won three and dropped five to wind up witli a season ' s record of thirteen wins and seven losses. FOOI BALL Rou ' three Ti. Richardson. L. Smith. M. Pciff, J. Penix. G. Butler. W. Howard. B. Hanby. S. Beckman. Row two— A. Mabe, S. Brown. R. Camp- beU. D. Eaton. D. . dams, D. Renter. W. Crosby. B. Johnson. Rmv oiif— F. Fuller. G. Cox, R. Wooley. D. Jacobs, T. Gwynn, L. Sprankle. j. Burt. R. Hvde. BASKEIBALL Rfiw lliree— ' l ' . Villanueva. W. Horton. B. (ireen. W. Howard. L. .Smith. Tony Ashenbrener. Rim ' tiro—D. Gibson. R. C:ampbell. D. Pope. S. C:hapman. B. Hanbv, D. Ea- ton. B. Wills. Iliiif one—]. Burt. D. Adams, D, Renter. D. Jacolis, B. Johnson. 42 i ' i;i ' HAM) S„„„ „„.-15ol, IVlcsuu. .,ssis,.n, anoanr; llnl, Scl,nnuv.,l,l. .liro.or; lU.crh IU„f;l,;,m, Maxi.u- «„. .l:: ;;, " : V :S.-, S,,..,. ,,..,.., ...UieC...,,,. K,„.,. ..,„„„„. -,.„. v.,,., N,an,v„ Goodwin Ficil Fuller. KarlClavford. Keilh HuiUcr.(.harlcsS«an. „ , , u ,.. .V,„. " Bonnie Chorrv, Marilvn Mauhcws, Kav C.allendcr, Wayn.- ( ln,s.,s„n. KoUna Rey- nolds. Donna Javnes. Darrell I hornork , , ,, ,,, i.ii„. I„ li,,„,kilis MlIN ;,„,• „„r-l.orraine Luke. Darlene Baldwn, Alleue Knox. I.-.la Ihuth, 1 II.. Jo li.ooku.s. Dudley. RS| I V CHKIR l.KADKRS IIMOR ARM I C:HEliR Lli.VDER.S Donna Wagne, l- " ' ' ' ' l " " - , . , , Dons oodwaiil John Holnian joa,, Dunn Kav Dunn Bob Spcros Pepsters n. Cofiekl A. H.mn.i M.Cnllicr K. Riiici K. Lopsliire J. Bl ilcnk E. Lopshiic k. C.oodwin FIRST S I RINC, Batkliekl— K. C.ooilwin. Ed I.opsliirc. Bill Johnson, Bill Holmes l.inc-Erncsl Beckman, George Vosi. Art M ers, l)cwe C;oliel(l. Jack Blalock, Lcro Parks. Ed Kilter. •E " CLl B OFFICERS First Semester .Second Semester Jack Blalock PiesidenI Kennf.th Goodwin Dkvvkv Cofield JirrPiesideiil El) Ritikr Ed LofSHiRE Se()rtin Treasurer Ed Lopshire . rlev Haw a Sfrgraiil-iil-.-lriiix Mike Collier 44 " E " Club " S ' ou might not believe it wluii you look ;u tlic liusky group of " E " Club members and their iulviser, ' Tony Ashenljremr, pictured below l)ut they are Ennnett High ' s real dream- ers of dreams. Last fall they began dreaming of new members and thcii initiation. In the winter tiuir dreams got better and th( ' even smiled in their sleep in sixth |)eiiod study hall as they dreamed ol money making— " E " Clliib iueens-and dub dances. Spring lound them still dreaming but with plans lor a carnival adtled to the visions wlii( h lloatetl belore their eyes. When tills annual went to press they were still " ... dreaming dreams no mortal ever dreamed before. ... " but it should i)e recorded here that when they make their dreams (ome true the " E " Club will no doubt have a list of completed projects of which the organi ation and the school will be proinl. That ' s tluir ie])iilation and they won ' t let us down. Row Ihree-C. Yost. B. Green, E. Ritter, E. Glennon,)B- Knox. E. Berkman, R. Be.Ukv. B. Bork, . . Hanna, n. Bovnton. T. ' illanueva. Row tiuo-Mr. . slicnl..cner. L. Womack. R. Woolev, B. Harrison. . Bonde. M. Collier. (.. Br.,wn, C. Carroll, L. Parks. B. Eaton. K. .Vlsager, K. .Alsager. Ro,L ' o7,e-H. Smilh. E. Mansfield, B. Johnson. A. Myers. B. Healhnian. I). He eUine. J. Blalock. J. Palmer. K. Goodwin. E. l.o])shire. B. Holmes, R. I nrner. 45 vj. A. A. " Because of Yon " was the theme for the Sjiiiister Skip November l(j and Joan Dunn, vice-president, crowned the popidar tjiiarterback, Ed Lojjshire, King and made his dream a reality. They ' re shown in the top left jjicture. In the upper right pictme Bill Holmes and Jack Blalock adjust Ed ' s crown while Beverly Bingham looks on. Jn the lower picture is the front row of the Grand March at the Skip. ' I ' hcy are Bonnie Ciherry, Bol) SchoenwaJd, Sharon Schiller, Don Eaton, Kay Callender, Jim Noland, Joan niiiin, E.d Lopshire. Girls ' Athletic Association In spite of an occasional nigliimarc tlic (.iris ' Athletic Assoi iatioii had a very pioinaijlc year. Twenty-two new members l)ronghi the nunilKrshi|) ii|} to filty-two and with filty-two t-irls niajoiiiiK in lour tlilhunt si)orts, ijaskctbali, volleyball, sollijall and s|)eedi)ali. the sports nianai eis weri ' busy keepin t; liiin s rtmnin.t; smoothly. (,irls wearint; their letters this year are Joan Dinni, Noieen Mortensen, Doris Wood- ward, Lallian Kiiuhi, Rosemarie MeRae, .Miie I ' ederson, Sharon Uaiwell, C;ail Robbins. Miss Rnth Biiettner, a graduate ot the University ol Colorado and physical education instructor in Emmett High has advised the G. A. A. this year. She arranged lor the lacuhy- G.A.A. l)asketball game, aided at the Skip, tiughl ilie girls betnr sjjortsmanship and to be skilled players in each sport. OIIK.l ' RS Picsiilciil I ' ice-Pn-iidfiil Secrelaiy Treasuicr (;a11. RoBlilNS Joan Dunn Coi.rEN Gravf.s (. ' ,. 1 1 111 KN K1] Ro,r lo,u-M Uaxis. S. Uounu.n. S. Hlalcck. M. innnconnn, 1!. Wvav, 11. I ' .k.K. I.. KpiH-rs.-n, V. Fnshiiulcr. t Xikirk, K. Callendcr, 15. Harrington. C. Jayo. S. Harlwell, K. I ' ruutc-. Now n,, ' - fiss liucttnc-r. L. Hope. M. C:hristison. .■ . I ' ederson. S. Bruhaker. C. l-c lers„n. 1). Hea|.. k. li ,rk. D V K.dwarcl ,S. Brnbaker. N. Mortensen, S. Patrick, J. C ' .a.npI.eH. M. Dearborn, D. IVterson. R,nr heo-E. St, Germain. S. Carlock, L. Thomas, S. Dresser. ). Dunn. (.. Robbins. (.. Bernard, C. (.raves, S. .Schiller, J, Douglas, . , Morns. n,ra- ,„„-K. Bright, M. Matthews, C, Mar(in, (.. Holn.es, 1). Carlock, K. Dunn, R. Deen, li, johnscm. Tumbling Ahvays reach t i ciuertaiii at assemblies and games are members of the tumbling team. These girls limber up in jjractices after school inider the tutelage of Miss Ruth Bueltner. They have been on many programs during this school vear. In the top picture the girls are forming a pyramid. In the second picture Bettv Lickteig does a long dive over six teammate.s. Row uo— Mavis Grothaus. Elizabeth Hand- ly, Betty Jean Johnson. Beverley Murdock, Iva Rae ' omack. Row oj)f— Betty Lickteig. . nn t.iles, Diane Hughes. Peggv Hebert. o R G A N I Z A T I O N S DEBATE Slanding—MT. Harris. L. Jor- dan, C. Hower. G. ViI. helm, S. Harwell. S eated— C. Watson. . . Pcder- son. N.F.L. Slanrling— ' Sliss Parsons. . . Pederson, S. Hanvell. A. Royce. C. Hower. G. Wil- helm. Sealed— R. Peterson. L. Ra- gains. C. White. W. ick- ery. National Forensic League Members of the National Forensic League become eligible through participation in debate and declamation events. The group, advised by Miss Lucile Parsons, is ahvays small in number but large in the scope of its influence ancl acti ■ities. MEMBERS WD DEGREES Honiii Honor Excellence Excellence Honor Gladys Garner .---... Honor I.arrv Ragains Sharon Harwell .-.-..- Honor . rthur Royce Charles Hower Honor Wenona ' ickery Alice Pederson Honor C.arma ' hite Robert Peterson Membersliip GarN W ' ilhelni Debate The favorite dream of all Emmett High students interested in debate is a place in the curriculum, or school day when they may meet, study, and debate. As it is they get to- gether with their sponsor, Warren Harris, when and if a time is available outside the school day. The question this year is— Resohed: 1 hat all .American citizens shall l)e subject to con- scription for essential service in time of war. Only four of the people in the picture really debated. They are Gary ■ Vilhclm, Charles Hower, .Sharon Har ell and Alice Pederson. 50 Declamation Declamation stuclcius ami thcii adviser, Miss Liicilc Parsons, arc always busy, rhcy put on tlic annual Armistice Day assembly program, entertained at the Veterans " hospital with a play, stained two one-act plays at an evening program, and had a variety ol material ready for use when called on for entertainment by different civic groups. Janeen Jacobs won the annual American Legion oratorical contest in March. Arthur Royce was second and Keith lilley, third. Ihey iiad entries in the Kiwanis Conservation essay contest. I ' hey entertained several schools here at a practice declamation meet and attended the district meet in Wilder. Those who were eligible entered the regicjnal I ' leet in Rupert. Toj, Picturi—Roic Ihrc ' f-K. lillcv. 1,. Rogers. K. C.ooduin. 1). Culicld. I.. Ragains, G. Yost, . . Royce, D. Dewey. Roir lu; -}. .Spencer. ' . . Mvers. L. Jordan, k. Wellieig. B. Weathers. H. Bnrdell. Raw me-}. Jacobs. 1). Kronsh. C. White. W. Virkerv. X ' . Matthews. M. Hnuliins. F.. AVillis. I.ou ' e, PUture-Rou ' thrtr-R. I ' cterson. (,. Monlton. 1.. Woma.k. 1). Wolfong. D. He el- tine. J. Lee. Row lu;,-R. Speros. |. Bowen. C. Hower, J. Douglas. J. Dunn. (). Burr. S. Harwell. Row ,)»f-F. Rxnearson. B. Cuthinh. J. Jackson. S. Driscoll. L. Campbell. I. Bills. 51 on 5 ?» PHOTOGR rill RS Gary Willielm Chuck Howcr Vernon Kilhtnn SALESMEN Row three— Peggy Hebert. Delsie Rice. Arlene Voods, Dick Bovn- ton. David Smith. Ed Lopshire. Kay Callender, Bonnie Harring- ton. Row !i ' o— Eloise Ciarsolo, Vernon Kilburn. Gail Robbins. Joan Guv. Rotv o;if— Bill Rogers. Bill Johnson. ST.AFF Row !i ' o— Delsie Rice. Dick Boyn- ton, Helen Howard. Joan Guv. Gail Robbins. Row o»f— Ed Lopshire. Bill John- son. 1952 Squaw Butte Saga The annual staff has had more than one nightmare trying to get out a dream book for you. Delsie Rice was editor; Helen Howard, tyjsist; Bill Johnson and Ed Lopshire sold ads and wrote the sports copy. The many odd .jobs were taken care of by Gail Robbins, Joan Guy and Dick Boynton. Miss Edith Peterson, adviser, said she had no dreams at all because she had no sleep. Our photographers, Vtrnon Kilburn, Gary VVilhelm and Chuck Hoover were most accommodating. They came to school at eight o ' clock in the morning and nine at night to take pictures. They faithfully counted to three and took oH the lens cover and pulled the slide most of the time. The entire staff thanks you stuilents for your cooperation and hopes vou like the book. The Thespians The local Thespian Chapter started the year under tlie tliixdion ol Darlene Haldwin. president; Robert Peterson, vice-president: and Siiaron Nichols, treasmer. I ' ilteen nuiu- bers had returned ironi last year and by spring, this number had been increased to twenty- nine. Out of this group, fourteen have earned membership in the National Thespian Organization. Early in the fall, the group presentetl the hilarious comedy " The Little Dog Laughed, " directed by Kenneth Hrown, group sponsor. I ' he annual Ihespian dance-, held in the earlv ])art of February, had as its theme " Dane ing in the Dark, " Katinyn W ' elberg and [ack Blalock were chosen King and Oueen of tiie dance. Loral Thnl)iuns-T(ip Picture— Rinc llirri ' -i ' .. illis. H. BmxUll, j. Jaincs. 1!. S|Jt■l(l . |. Hiilrium, D. Hancock. C:. Roiup. B. 15inghani. Rdir two—B. Cherrv, V. Atatthews. D. Rico. (., Dcwcn. 1). Mdc-llcr. (.. Yost, 1 " . Slornis. 1,. Maloiic. R. Spence. S. Mclntire. Mr. Brown. Rmr onr—C. roiilton, M. Tcterson. R. I ' eterson. I). Baldwin. S. iihols. 1). Knnisli Xitlioiuil riicsjiiaus—LiiiriT Piiluii-Iidiv u " — R. I ' clc-.son. A. Ro cc. 1). I olnian. (,. Y( st. K. Cavford. S. Mclntire. B. .Spercs. Mr. Brown. Rinr oiii ' —Ti. Clicrrv. B. Bingham. C;. Moidton. I.. Maionc. S. Niiliols. 1). Kroush. I). Baldwin, Future Homemakers of America Sixty Emmett High girls belong to the local chapter ol Future Houieniakers ol America. Most ot them have taken or are taking classes in hoineiuaking. They were sponsored the first semester l)y Miss liielma Benson and tiie second semester In Miss Betty Hoo]jer. Among their group activities were a Parent and Daughter banquet, a get-acejuainted party, and a box social which they held in cooperation vith the Futinc Farmers. . t Christ- mas time the girls made popcorn balls which they sent to tiie Children ' s Home in Boise. ' Fhe lo ver picture as taken at the style show last spring. Be erl Johnston is model- ing her dress. Guests were Gem CVjunty eighth grade girls, their mothers, and mothers ol chapter members. The to]j picture shows about halt the members ot the clidj. ToJ) Pirliire—Roiv (ipp— Wenoiia ' ickerv. Goldie Holines, Wanda Hchcrt. iiii Mciniss, Lois Draper. Rose Marie McRae. Ella McRae. Kay Pruitte. Kav Dimn. Row (icf)— Iva Mae ' omack. Bettv Lickteig. Irene Helmick. Mazie .Shaplev. Barbara Ottcrliacher. M rna Smith. Joan Radandt. Connie . [artin, riss Benson. Rmc oiif— Barbara Pope. Lillian Kinchi. I ona Dewev. C:anna White. Carol Hankins. I ' atriiia Rogers. Joyce Hill. I ' oj) jiiiiure—Koir u ' o— K. Jones. G. Nebckcr. . Hcbert. R. Uiiglu. S. Ahnsteclt, Mis. Dcwcy. 1 ' . Rogens. V. Vickery. C. White. J. Hill, D. Dewey. Mis.s Rcnsoii. D. Hughes. 1. Hclniick. ,S. Dresser. L. I ' homas. S. Carlock. I,. Draper. Rdir i)iif H. Biirdell. C Martin. . Roiule. K. Dunn. M. Shaplc-N. 1,. Silkett. (.. Hiihnes. M. Rekow, M. .Smith. J. Radaudt. 15. Dtterbather. I.dircr Picture— Row live— Mildred Rekow. Edna Harlow. Jean Woniack. Juliette Bowen. Dorthea Charlock. Bettv Jean Johnson. Enid .St. Germain. Barbara Holmes. li(nr ?» ' ()— Loretta Silkett. Roberta Bright. Shirlev C:arlock. Leona Thomas. .Sandra Dresser. Shirley Jean Ahnstedt. . is Hall. Mary Henderson. How ()»( ' — I ' cggy Hebert. Diane Hughes, (ieorgia Figart. Sonsa Aikiuson. Billie Mae Thomas. Tnrrainc I cs. Gloria Hinies. The local F.H.. . orgaiii atioii has i)t(.n lortimati ' to have Mrs. Violet Dewey lor Clhap- ter Mother and Melvin V ' itkery tor C hapter Father. Both Wloni " and " Dad " o])ened their homes to the girls and ga e generously ol their time in helping them with their projeeis. Miss Thelma Benson, F.H.A. adviser lor two and a hall years, was married at the end ot the first semester. The girls gave a party in her honor, iiss Betty Hooper ably took over Miss Benson ' s duties in the home making department and as adviser to the F.H.. . organization. CH Al ' TTR Ol TKKRS Carm. VnIrI Dona Dkw ' k Carol Hankins Pat Ror.ERS President I ' iee-Presifieiit Secretary Treasurer 1)1)1 ( Ki;s Goats l.uir N Ivii(ni |u (;i; Hn.i. Bakhaka I ' oi ' F. Parliainetilnriari Historian Rejiorler .So Jg Leader F. H. A. OFFICERS liRMSr BlCKMAN ' resilient KII{rR ROVCK I ' icePresideiil (.lAIDI HlII. Secrelaiy DAKRfll. Rl DI) Treasurer Dan Mabe - . - . Reporter Lee Draii r - . . . Sentinel K. MooRi; - . . . Adviser Standin{!;— ' Mr. Moore, Lee Draper, Dan Malie, Glayde Hill. Seated— ArthuT Royce, Ernest Beckman, Darrell Rudd. Future Farmers of America Emmett Chapter of Future Farmers of America entered many contests and won many awards during this 1951-52 school year. A team made up of Eugene Johnson, Jay Garrett and Joe Marsters placed first at the Capital Livestock .Show in Boise last fall. Another team placed second in the Parliamentary Proccdme and Co-operative contests. Arthur Royce placed second in the District Public .Speaking examination. The annual Parent and Son Kanipiet held Afarch 11 was another success. Guest speak- er was Clarence fkckman, agricultme instructor at Castleford, Idaho. Arthm- Royce was banquet chairman and Mr. i Toore, adviser, acted as general sujjcrvisor. ' ■•• Between sixty-five and seventy students taking vocational agricidtiue belong to the F.F.A. They start as Greenhands, then earn Chapter Farmer, State Farmer and American Farmer degrees. Applicants for State Farmer degrees this year were Ernest Beckman, Dan Mabe, Dean Mabe and Artlun- Royte. Richard Jensen, a 1951 graduate, applied for the American Farmer degree. Dean Mabe, Darrell Thornock, Ernest Beckman, aiul Dan Mabe accom])anieil by Clrant Mauchley, former adviser, attended the State Judging contest in Moscow last June. The team entered beef, dairy, dairy products and sheejj judging contests. Jay Garrett represented the chapter at the Ogden Livestock Show last fall. The beef steer Jay entered placed Grand Champion in the F.F.A. division and third in open dhi- sion. Jay took first in F.F.A. fitting and showing. 56 F. F. A. In the top left picture arc the boys initiated into the local F.F.A. chapter this year. They are all taking their first year ol vocational agriculture. In the top liglit picture are Jay Garrett and his grand ilianipion steer. In tlie lower picture are members of tlic local F.F.. . chapter. Rijw five-G. Snyder, R. Walker. D. Flowers. D. Sidtter. J. Montague. V. Conrad. M. I ' ook. K. I ' asley, P. Moyer. A. . nios. J. Garrett, R. Peterson, L. Htniter, I.. I hornock, J. Wright. R. Morlin, W. Rindlis- bach. « « • four-Ur. Moore, W. Herold, G. Hill, D. Holmes, W. Fox, G. .Standley. E. Beckman. D. Rudd. J. Wil- burn. D. Pasley, W. Howard. .S. Beckman. VV. Yiinker. W. Jen.sen. V. Stoddard. . . Roycc, Dean Mabe. R,nf three-]. Penix. D. Pope. W. Lnhr, C. Carroll. B. Rogers. VV. Bright, D. Holforil, I,. Khnid. O. Draper, D. V ' ickery, F. Jones. How Ixeo-O. Hiniter. Q. Rogers. D. Johnson. B. Griffith. W. Conrad. 1). Renter, D. Mnnger, J. Marsters, V. Thornock. Ruie o,ie-l.. Darden, A. Stiles, W. Johnson, B. Saxton. L. Parks. R. Martin. L. Morris, S. Draper. 57 Band History repeats itself with the Emmett Higli School hand. A.gain it has made a good lecord in conipetitif)n vith other groups; and it has bioken the monotony ol school rou- tine with the lilare ol irunipets and the roll ol di iinis. The niardiing band had a dream- conie-truc trip to Moscow to play lor the honieeoniing game. Nampa and Caldwell bands (onibined with Emmett to make a 250-piece group which played a concert last tall. It is pi( lined on page 7(). It ' s hals oil ,111(1 ih.iiik yoii to Director Feid llaiiula and all band members. Row linir How Jtojr III I, iv Saiulra Uicsscr, .Sliirlc Ciarlock. Joan RaiLindt. I?c cil Hinglian David Smith, Kyle Mabe, liorthca Carlock. Leona Ihonias nrH I.i klcig. Sliirlc Paliick. loiii-Konuic Harrington. Xoinia King, liva Mae Robinson. lUiddy Jolinson. Hen McXcalv. I ' red I ' ldler. James Jones, Jake lirookins. Keitli Hunter. (;arv I ' age. Verle I liornock. Boh Hanhv, Sid Chapman. Charles Swan. Dannv Jacobs. Hob Speros. rcr-Dailene Halduin, Russell Campbell. Shiries Ulahick. Iraiik I.arscii. Robert Peterson, loin il- laniieva. Ben 1-xhols. Richard Davis. Karl Caylord. Dale (.ordon. Bob .Schoemvald. Korth Bingham. Frank York. Irvine Bingham. Nfarilyn Goodwin. Lola Hercth, Janet Campbell. te»-. ilene Knox. Bonnie Cherry. Shirley Cantrall. Earl Bishop. Marilyn Matthews. Shirley Lee. Kay Clallender. Wayne Christison. Roberta Reynolds. Donna Javnes. Carl Pook. Darrell Thornock, Lewis I hornock, Harold Pook. " ((■-Lorraine Luke. Sherry Jones, . rdue Winegar. Mailelinc Rawlinson, Javnc Jackson. Fern . rc- Iiitirc, Effie Jo Brookins. Mary Dudley. «) — David Hardistv and Enid St. Germain, 7 „ , lelt-Gar Page. Danny Jacol)s. Keith TnJ) nV ;f-K()rlli Bingham, Richard Davis, Don Eaton, Hunter, Sid Cliapnian. Charles .Swan. Tony Villaniieva, Irvine Bingham, Ceiiler—Se)iiors- Row ovc-Bol) Spcriis, narrcll I liornock. Bob Peterson. lioir ico— Beverly Bingham, Darlcnc Baldwin. Harold I ' ook. How (; i«?— Karl Ciavford. Frank York. Janet Campbell. (il in llif jiicl in c Ciirl Pook, Ben McXealy. I.du-i ' i c - avne Christison. Kay Callendcr. Loici-r );V i -H rold Pook. Dane! Ihornofk. Lewis laril n Matthews. Roberta Reynolds. Thornoik. Donna Jaynes. Marilyn Goodwin. .Shirley Lee. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester HAROt,D Pook President Jankt CAMriiia.L CiiARi.Ks Swan Vice-President RoiitRr Pktkrson Jam I Camprii.l Secrelar Shiri.kv Paiukk Boii .Sciioi NWAi.i) Student Conductor Bon .SciiorNWArn Band Choral Music Those of us A ho like to sing take Choir or Glee Club and this year those two groups have been the largest in Emmett High history. Directed by Miss Greeta Knight thcy e done outstanding work. They ' ve enjoyed themselves and we ' ve enjoyed them. In the lo rer picture is the Choir. Choir Rinr mif—K. Bork. E. St. Germain, L. Luke. J. Villingham. S. E ans. B. Bingham. G. Kniglit. J. Thornton, C. Graves. E. Himiphreys, I, Morgan, E, Ciarsolo, D. Havne.s, Rnw Iwo—]. Bowen. J. Bowen. F. Rvnearson, I. Gardner. V. Larson, D, Johnson. J. Osborn, D. AVoodward, D. Moeller, P, Storms. D. Dewev. J. Poff. Rmf three— A. Knox, D. Rice, G. Bernard, S, XichoLs, S, Mclntire, M. Moeller, B. Vander. P. Coddington. B. Rivers. B, Rose, D, Tolman, B. Rolland, J. Foreman, D. Kronsh, H. Burdell. Roir four—E. DcGrange. G. Garner, W. Rindlisbacli. Y. Jensen, D. Rowe, R. Bowman, H. Pook, C, Pook, B. Bork, J, Lee, R, Xau. E. Mansfield. S, Bullington, J, Johnston. Roir i-e— B, Holmes, L. Ragains, H. Roller. J. X ' ilbiirn. F. York. D. Shane, . . Royce, L, Cralford, H. Roller, R. Manning, C, Walker. R. Bentley. Row six-M. Spencer, S. Bni- baker. D. Hancock. L. Hunter, B. Wood, J. James, R, Lee, G, York. T. Bills, M. Ritter, G. Brogan. Glee Club In the top picture is the Glee Club. Row two—h. Ives. D. Wagner. M. Pederson, B. Holbrook. C. Borup, C. Row otie—R. Pook, F. Wilson. S. Johnston. K. Kiuchi, B. 1 homas, D. NTover, D, Harwell, E. I homas. D [iller, E. Struthers. M. Grothaus. A. Pederson. G. Knight, E. Svrie, W. Walker, L. Lee. R. Bright. S. Harris C. Johnston. . . Corbin, L. Rolland. G. Mills. D. Peterson. E. Fleavrin " . . . . Xikirk. Nf. Hansen. R. Gregory. . . Pope. M. Davis. B. Bright. Hughes. S. Brul)akcr, D. Heap, M. Christison, L, Epperson, M. Zimmerman, G. Xebeker. P. Griffiths. L Potts, G. Helzer. S. Blalock, M. Winsgard, Row three-]. Beckman. L Rekow. J. McMillan C. Javo. . . Hall, K. an Leuvan. (. Bell. .M. Smith, M, Cochran, W, McMillan, ' Zeigler, J. Baily, J. Wiles. C. Smith, L. Draper, T. Corn. E. Haussler, Rostock, K. ' hitsell. K. Hankins Libbv, B, Hvde. M. Henderson, H. Sheldon, L. L. AVelberg. K. Choral Music Several small groups of Emmett High singers have brought us special numbers and have been jiopular as guest performers at club meetings clown town. Perhaps most outstanding of these groups are the Madrigal Singers, the only liigh school Madrigal groujj in the state. They received much praise lor their work at the meeting of Idaho Music Educators in Boise this spiing. The Girls ' Iiio sang lor the Boise Kiwanians as well as tor many local groups as diil the Boys ' Quartet. In the top left picture are the Madrigal singers— Winston Jensen. Wendell Rindlisbaih. jnlia WiUinghani. Vera Larsen, Beverly Bingham, Juanita Johnston. Helen Burdell, Delna Tolman, Larry Ragains. Roy Bowman. In the top right picture are the Choir officers. .S ' (a)idi»g— Larry Ragains. student conductor. Sealed— Roy ' Bowman, assistant student conductor, and Sharon Nichols, .secretary. Lower left picture is the Girls ' Trio, Janeen Jacobs, Delna Tolman. Beverly Bingham. Lower center is the Boys ' Quartet— Larry Crafford. Larry Ragains. Winston nsen, Roy Bowman. Lower right picture is of the Glee Club officers. Back loa ' — Barbara I ' ook. publicity chairman; Donna Heap, secretary. Front rojc— Sharon Harris, vice-president: Alice Pedcrson, Hrst semester president: Clella Borup. second semester presitlcnt. ym f) m Row three— Mr. Harris, Enid St. Germain, David Smith, Kyle Mabe, Wayne Christison. Kav Callender, Charles Swan, Ir ine Bingham, Tollie Gwynn. Betty Lickteig, Dixie Kroush. Jinimie (jhind. Kow iro— Barbara Wander. George Moulton, Sharon Pine, Shirley PofF, Mary Dudley, --Bonnie CJierry, Shirley Cantrall, Jayne Jackson, David Hardisty, Gene Cooper, LaRece Hutchinson. Row one— Barbara I ' ope, Don Hancock, Joyce Foreman, LuElla Campbell, De .Ann Goslin, Beverley Shadoin, Rosemarie McRae, Betty Weathers. Orchestra To describe our orchestra we would change an old poem and say— they— not c— are the music makers— they are the dreamers of dreams. Nothing takes more work, more inspiration or more devotion than ilie biiildiTig ot an orchestra. Nothing is more discoinaging nor more satisfying. Orchestra students and directors must really be dreamers of dreams. Our Emmett High .School orchestra under the direction of a new faculty member, Dee Harris, has appeared in many fine performances this year. . t their concert in February Miss liarbara Norton, Miss Idaho of 1950, was guest soloist. OFFICERS Barbara Poi ' e LuEi.i.A Ompbf.i.i, Bkity Weathers Beverley Shauoin President I ' ice-Presideitt Secretary Afli ' rrli.siiii Manager fi2 National Honor Society The Enimctt ClhaptcT ol the National Honor Soeiety has had seven active members all year. Active is really the word vhich describei them. Each has an office and specific duties to perlorm in that office. Delsie Rice is ]3resident; Pat Rogers, vice-president; Caiol Han- kins, secretary; Joan Doui las, treasmer; He eily 15ins h;nn. historian; Venon:i X ' ickery and C;arni;i White, initiation (o-c hairniiii. Miss Ciharlolte Swatman is adviser. Ten more students weie tapped lor niemi)eiship this spring. New senior members are Helen Howard, Vivian Giles, and Barbara Pope. Juniors are Gary Wilhehii, .Shirley M(- Intire, Janeen Jiuobs, Mary Dudley, Lillian Kiiuhi, Gharles Hower, Barbara Wander. Ihcy were selected from the upper one third of their classes sc hohistic ally and for their character, leadership and service as well as scholarship. A dream has come true lor the group this year. They were able to raise the iimoinu ol the scholarship which they give to the sahuatorian of the gradu;iting class from fifty dollars to se entv-fivc dollars. Stiiiiiliuii-C.itw ilheliii. joaii Diiiiglas, Helen Howard, Shirley Mitiitirc. Janeen Jacohs. Vivian Giles. Mary Diullev, ' Lillian Kiuilii. Charles Hower. .Vra pd-VVenona ' ic:kery, C;arma While, Beverly Bingham, Barbara W antler. Carol Hankins. Pat Rogers, Delsie Rice, Barbara I ' opc. 63 Roir three— Be er e Shadoin. Patricia Rogers. Helen Houard, Barl)ara Wander. Mrs. .Swan. Ka I ' ruittc. Ruu ' !i ' o— Elaine Mover. Orah Burr. Wilma .Sheperd, Marv Bogan. Mary Dudley. Rotv o»e— Bill Dresser, jack Blalock. George Yost. Karl Cavford. Irvine Bingham. Discipuli Linguae Latinae " Discipuli Lini uac Latinae, " or .Students ot the Latin Language, initiated new members at the annual banquet in October. Initiates wore traditional Roman slave tunics, and later in a ceremony received togas, the sign ol Roman citizenship. Dreams of a Latin Day and assemljly finally became a reality .April Ifi when skits were presented and members ' projects were displayed. -Al the right is a picture taken at the initiation hanquet. Huie . three— G. lavlor. R. Peterson, R. .Speros. C. Walker. (. Blalock, J. . dland. B. Dresser. Roll- ICO— D. Woodward. I. Bingham. K. Ca - ford. O. Burr. N(. Brogin. I. Hollingsworth. I) Rice. B. Werle. W. .Sheperd. B. Shadoin. Raw one—B. Wander. M. Dudlev. J. Deen, K Pruitte, P. Rogers, H. Howard, E. Moyer. Pep Club Oi I KERS Lii.i.iAN Kn cm President Dixie Kroiish rice-President Helen IUrdeli, Secretary Ki.oisF C ' .iARsoi.o Treasurer , ii.K E Knox .... Sergeanl-al-Arms Mrs. Rrofch Adviser F.NiD St. Germain .... nrill C.nplaiti Bonnie Cherry - - Assistant Drill Captain Staudiiig—Sl. (.c ' lniain. Buiclcll, Broich. Cherry. Kioush. Sffl ff — Knox. Kiuchi, Ciarsolo Mrs. Ill Emmctt High when you want a job done you get the Pep Chib to do it. Pep Chib members and their adviser, Nlrs. Lucille Broich, have made the grouj) an outstanding service club. They took tickets at ball games, sold postage-stamp sized pictures to the seniors, sponsored the .Senior Girls ' Luncheon, and through their new Big .Sister groujj, helped freshmen girls during their fiist days in E.H.S. Top Picture-Row tliree-K. McRae. R. Douglas. P. I ' lank. M. I ' eter.son. J. Hill. K. Harlow. . . Hall. B. Lickteig. P. Hebert. Row tico—V,. Cherry. .S. Mclntire. J. Dunn. B. Wander. L. Welheig. K. Callender. J. Osborn. S. Nichols. E. McRae. ' . Giles. Row one— A. Knox, E. Ciarsolo, L. Luke. D. Kroush, H. Burdell. E. .St. Germain. L. Hutchins. E. Heavrin. M. Kester. Lower Picture— Rou ' three— V. Byrd. L. Kiuchi. C:. Hughes. B. Holhrook. S. Brubaker, D. Heap. G. Bernard. M. Davis, L. Hope. E. Haussler. Row liro-L. Draper. S. Harwell. . . Pcderson. J. Thornton. R. Reed. S. Driscoll. J. Deen. M. Tolnian. G. Eigarl. I. Morgan. P. Campbell. Rmv one — G. Hcl cr. F. Wilson, G, Himcs, (;. Dewey, B. Rolland, D. Moeller. J. Hankins. J. Guy, S. Brubaker. IM.A. SCIENCE CLUB Future Teachers of America Because most of last year ' s members vere graduated iu the spring the Futiue Teachers made a sloiv start this year. However since January they have had regidar and interesting meetings through the efforts of their adviser, Mrs. Delia Swan. They now ha ' e fourteen members headed by Arthur Royce, president; Sharon Nichols, vice-president; Betty Weathers, secretary; Vivian Giles, historian and librarian. In the upper picture they are: Row three— Mrs. Swan. Orah Burr, Bonnie Cherry, Shirley Mcliuire. Row two— Vat Rogers, Joyce Hill, Gerald York, Jay Garrett, Georgia Figart, Betty Weathers. Row o»e— .Sharon Nichols, Sonya .Atkinson, Ruth Leonard. Vivian Giles. Science Club LInder the leadership of Stanford Harrison, science instructor, the .Science Club, though small, has had an interesting and an educational year. . t one meeting photoelectric cells, generators, and other electrical gadgets were demonstrated: at another they prepared various gases. .Some of the members went on a field trip to search for rocks and minerals. Chuck Hower is presi- dent; Verne Long, vice-president; Barbara Wander, secretary-treasurer. In the lower pictine they are IVfr. Harrison, Fred Johnson, Barbara Wander, Gary ' ilhelm, Verne Long, Gene Cooper. Chuck Hower and Barbara Werl e were not present. ()() F E A T U R E S I r o ' i « ■.•- Dreams Walk and Talk At Sweetheart Ball JANET CAMPBELL 19 ' )! Band Sweetheart " Did you ever see a dream walking? " Well, we did and so did everyone else who attended the annual Sweetheart Ball given by the senior band December 21. Thirteen beautiful dreams, all Sweetheart candidates selected by the liand, walked and talked and danced, in a colorful setting which carried out the theme of " Deep Purple. " At the conclusion of their dance a fanfare announced Janet Campbell Band Sweetheart of 1951, and Harold Pook, band president, presented her with the traditional Sweetheart locket. There really were more than thirteen dreams ilancing. We saw dozens of Emmett High love- lies who couldn ' t have looked dreamier. A capacity crowd of townspeople, EHS alums and students congratulated the band and pro- nounced the Sweetheart Ball of 1951 another outstanding success. Some of the dreanis we saw walking and talking at the Ball. Sweetheart Candidates JOAN DUNN JOAN GUY DONNA MOKl.l.ER IMXIK KROISII COLEEN C.R ES SHIREKV I ' A I RK.K l.OI.A HERE I II SHARON J5R11BAKER DONNA HEAP E RIEVN (.OODWIN llONNIE HARRLXC ION KAY DUNN Biiiul i)resiilcnt Harold I ' ook presents Rand Sweetheart of 1951 at the annual Ball " The Peaceful Inn " ■Jlu ' IViiicliil Inn, " ])r(scntccl In llic jiinioi class and diicitcd Ijy Kenneth Biown. biouj Iii to our InVh school stage a new i ]x- ol mystery drama. The theme was based on the time ele- ment. .Six oiiesis louiul their way to a liolcl in an isolated spot on the Knolisii moors. J he hotel was supposed to ha e bin lied down the year beloie. Each ol the guests had personal jjioblems whuh they seemed to be able to solve in this environment, . lter eaeh had regained what he needed and was able to go back to his lile with renewed laith and courage, the hotel disap- peaied into the mist. I he juniors ai id Mr. Ihowii are to be congratidated on a fine prodiutioir ( s I . .v. Fi.sliri Ml. Fislici Miss Coiirluex Mr. Harpvr Dixii kkoi Ml I.AKK MmoM 1$ ) II CllKKR (.lORC.lv MoiIION Tlie liimis Mhs Sjiiiii Hfilliiik . li. l ifliiinis Mrrrililli {:il KIIS HoU I K k s I ' kc 1 1 1 1 Hob .S(.H()i-n vai.ij Cfiari.K-S Swax SiiiKri M(I iiRi 7 ' r) ;-Ka I ' niiuc. Bonnie C:licn . Dixie Kroii.sli. Lany Malonc. George Moiikon. Hoi) Sdioeinvald. -o!(fi— Bol) .Schoenwald. Charles Swan— Charles Hower. .Shirlev .Nfclnlire. In the top Ic ' ll piitiirc Laurie ami Mark Riailford get acquaint front step. In tlie top lenter Hoiatio I ' . Hoiie vell listens for bird call while (.us looks on. lop right. Laurie tests Wallv ' s int while lie ele ates his feel in order to gel more hlood in his he tan think. In the center Martha and Sid relie e the tension 1 a niidnig in their night clothes to the hcjrror of Laurie anc ' Mark who 1 returned home from a date. . t right center are the lady and 1 who passed liv the house. In the lower left | icture Laurie gi cs her niothei ' s tea guests ciation test. In the lower right the Woods fainiK calls at the Martha and Sid. m the trange elligeiue id so he ht daiue lave just ittle hoy an as.so- lioiiie of " The Little Dog Laughed " " The Little Dog Laughed, " all-scliool play s|joiisorcd by The Thespians and directed by KeiiTieth Biciwn, was a hilariously siictessiiil play. Ihank you, Thespians, lor your entertainment. CAST I.Hurii- I$i;viRI, Iil c.iiA t Citrohu HKt.F.N BuRDKl.I. MtirUia ....... Ki.izAKiTii ii i is Amrlia DixiF. Kroi ' .sii Sid Gi oRC.K osr Mr. Woods Kari. (avford VaU (;i:oRf;iMc)i I TON Afi.s. M ' oorf.v I ' liMiis Siorms Mark Robirt I ' ftfrson Juan Ci.ri.iA Bori r Mrs. Detiuis ------ Darlfnk B.vldwin Horatio ....... Arthir Rcnii Walola Vf.rla Matthews C.iis Jo Dfj n Tiierese Gertri ' dk nF VF Old Man Bob .Si-fros l.illle liny Dcin HANfocK Huskie News 1 he Huskie Xeu ' s has btiii ul out In iwo (lilliicnt gioujjs in the joiir- nalisiii class, one headed hy Joan C.iiy and the other bv Gail Roijbin s. JOAXS STAFF Kinr l(iur—C. Jayo. A. Woods, I. Morgan. G. Dcwcy. Run ' three— h. Hutcliins:)n. B. Oberg, I ' . Ryiiearson, D. Tolman. Row two—X. Matthews, D. Rice. E. .McRae. Row one— ]. C.iiv. B. Tyler. L. Crafford. J. Blaloik. B. Johnson. GAIL ' S STAFF Row foin— . NfcKinney. G. MilLs. E. Ciar- solo. H. Howard. Roiv three— ' R. Pook. V. Fosl)inder. E. DeGrange. J. Hankins. Row Iwo—H. Nebeker. B. Litkteig, L Womack. Row one—G. Roljbins. P. Hebcrt, E. Lopsliire. B. Heathman. D. Bovnton. B. Rogers. ' . Kilburn. Calendar SEPT. 17— A three-niontlis ' dream ends, and wc l)cgin that grisly nightmare called school. OC " F. 2. ' )— . li the dreamers stidied thcniseUes at the Harvest Dinner. OCT. 26— Six weeks gone! I he Inst instalhiienl o( our nighl- mare is now over. NOV. 2-3— The facnity cooks up new nightmares at the teachers ' clinic in Boise. NOV. 9— " The Little Dog Laughed " and so did we, as we woke np long enough to enjoy a hilarious all-school play. () ' . 12— Football season completed. Htiskies now have a li won. 2-lost record, the kind they dreameil of last season. NOV. 27— 1 he Student Body fionference, in Pavctte. NOV. 24— Thank.sgiving. .Ml morning we dream ol thai sumptions repast we are preparing lo enjoy. . nd all evening we wish I hanksgiving were cither tomorrow oi yesterday. NOV. .SO— The speech class one ait pla s tunied out so good we all dreamed that someday wc would be another Gregory Peck, or Hcdv Lamarr. or— Now LM dreaming! DEC. 1— Wow! Winter is rcalh heie. and it looks like to stav! DEC. 19— The Senior Choir ' s Christmas program made lis all dream, not of Santa Clans, btit of the first (ihristmas. which is as it should be. 1)1-:C. 21— Everybody takes their sweetheart to the Ball. dec;. 2. )— Christmas is here! . nd I even heard one fellow sav he saw Rudolph. JAN. 28— We start the .second lialf of our " nightmare, " the second semester. FEB. Hi— Junior Play— a mvsterious success. FEB. 29— This is the dav the girls |)ropose! But 1 guess not many of them know that. M. RC:H 4-. " )-(;-7— District Basketl)all rouriiamcni. Fun for everyone, win or kjse. l RCH 21-Spring is here. I RIL 2. - Flic Senior Plav. The fourth dramatic success of the ear. And that ' s no dream. APRIL 30— Everyone dreams of summer. Want to sec niv draft card? MAY Hi— Seniors depart for far-away places. May 18— Baccalaureate. I ' he first step towards waking up and getting out of school. M. ' 20— C ' .ommencement. Here we are. grown up! MAY 23— The last dav of school. Awake at last! Emmett 1 ruck Implement Co. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY Tractors, Trucks, and Implements Buick Automobiles PHONE 56 EMMETT SALES YARD Where Buyers and Sellers Meet Livestock Auction Every Friday A Good Place to Buy and Sell We are Bonded for Your Protection For Market Information Call C. C. SAWYER— Phone 480-J3 J. C. Penney Co. When You Buy It At Penney ' s It ' s Right In Price, In Quality and In Style F. H. HOGUE Grower — Packer — Shipper IDAHO FRUITS SCHOENWAID ' S FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE BOISE-PAYETTE UMBER COMPANY RETAIL YARD " For Your Home of the Future " Complete Builders ' Supplies Insulation and Roofing Gem Creamery Co. Emmett ' s Best SUPER SMOOTH ICE CREAM and Grade A Butter Phone 268 South Hayes, Emmett DAHO ' § , POWER Yl COMPANY h I ' m reddy i ffi Ready to work tclj | Jj At any hour of the day -- — At your command — and for very low wages DODGE PLYMOUTH WILLYS JEEP HARR S MOTORS Emmett, Idaho Phone 54 K 1IM]( 1 D l AsitMBll Elizaljcth AVillis. Arley Hanna. Dean Mabe. Gloria Himes SANDERS FOUNTAIN and DRIVE-IN ICE CREAM LUNCHES MAGAZINES SANDWICHES " Where all friends meet " Phone 136 THE CORNER GROCERY ' The Home of Good Eats ' Stop and Shop or PHONE 33 GOLDEN RULE THE BEST PLACE AFTER ALL Emmett Branch FIRST SECURITY BANK OF IDAHO Save with a Purpose We Appreciate Your Business SCOTT ' S LOCKER AND APPLIANCES Custom Slaughtering and Curing RCA RADIOS AMANA FREEZERS FARMERS FEED SEED CO. The Checlierboard Store Poultry Feeds and Supplies Garden and Field Seeds No. Wash. St. Phone 278 The Emmett Messenger GEM COUNTY FIRST 9 In News and Pictures • In Circulation • In Community Service • In Advertising Results PRINTING OF DISTINCTION Custom Killing and Curing Emmett Meat Co. Wholesale Meats Lockers Loveless Auto Parts NAPA AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail 102 East Main Phone 65 Phone 489-J3 Emmett, Idaho Gem City Laundry and Cleaners Chadwick Brothers PHONE 102 GEM FRllT UNION, INC. EMMETT ' S FRUIT CO-OPERATIVE CITIZENS LUMBER CO. LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIAL Building Hardware Pittsburgh " Sunproof " Paint H. B. Swearingen. Manager ABERDEEN COAL Phone 1.54 Emmett, Idaho a ii ' . Caidvmll. Emmltt 2j0-i ' itci. Conckri Bamj CASE FURNITURE STORE Our Aim Is Your Satisfaction PHONE 39 EMMETT SANFORD ' S BARBER SHOP It Pays to Look Well KENNY ' S SERVICE Kenneth Walker. Prop. Phillips 66 Gas and Oil — Accessories Groceries — Soft Drinks— Ice Cream HETHERINGTON ELECTRIC Electrical Appliances and Supplies JALINDA DRESS SHOP STYLE CENTER GEM CANNING CO. Payette River Valley Food Canner Look for INDIAN GEM BRAND Congratulations to the Graduates THE BEATTY CHAPEL LEONARD ' S SERVICE Tires, Batteries, Gas, Oil, Groceries Phone 377-Rll For Your Hauling Needs Local and Long Distance DUANE SAWYER Phone 480-J3 SPEROS DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE Phone 9 Emmett A. R. WHITE HARDWARE HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES 118-120 North Washington Ave. WESTERN ' S Appliances, Auto Supplies and Accessories Roofing and Insulation Sporting Goods 116 Main St.— Phone 120 MAYS SPORT SHOP Sporting Goods Athletic Equipment Fishing and Hunting Supplies RADKE FURNITURE CO. store of Greater Values at Less Cost The Rainbow Confectionery Magazines, Box Chocolates, Breakfasts, Steaks, Short Orders, Ice Cream. Pop Corn, Lunches White-Cammerer Hardware Co. PAINT HEADQUARTERS Cutlery — Fishing Tackle — Guns — Ammunition NOLAND DRUG STORE First in Satisfied Customers EMMETT, IDAHO Twiilers— Dciitliea Carlock. Gloria Himes, Sandra Dresser. Shirley Carlock. Leona Thomas, Enid St. Germain. N.H.S. members work on llieir scra])ljook. We get ont the paper. We get read) for W ' eiser. 10:2 " ) p.m. liefore the ' ale game. The .speech class j erforms. Sch()i)l on Saturday after the .Spinster .Skip. FARBER ' S 5c to $1.00 STORE Headquarters for School Supplies Gratton Barnard Agency P.O. Box 64— Phone 71 116 West Main Street Emmett, Idaho NOBLE ' S JEWELRY Silverware — Diamonds — Watches Leather Goods 125 East Main Phone 5 GAMAGE BARBER SHOP Established in 1902 Barbers Just Trying to Get a Head Paul Peery Ron Rekow Phone 509 CRANER ' S SHOE SHOP Good Shoes for All the Family Headquarters for Basketball Shoes Del Craner Tom Bramlett JACKSON STUDIO FINISHING PORTRAITS FILMS KWALITY BAKERY There is No Substitute for Quality Phone 191 Inez Anderson GEM SECURITY CO. LOANS— REAL ESTATE— INSURANCE Ben L. Riedel Boise G. Riggs 138 W. Main — Emmett, Idaho Emmett Electric Company HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Wiring — Repair — Service KEEP-U-NEAT S H Green Stamps Free Pick-Up and Delivery Bob Chapin, Class of 1937 SUPERIOR SERVICE Scoop Reta VELTEX PRODUCTS 142 E. Main Phone 30-W LAURA ' S Hamburgers — Complete Fountain — Huskie Burgers Phone 7-W 501 E. First Tony ' s Shell and Taxi Service SHELL OIL PRODUCTS Wholesale and Retail 309 N. Washington Phone 121 SQUARE DEAL SUPPLY Groceries Meats School Supplies PHONE 12 JOY MOTOR SALES Studebaker Cars Studebaker Trucks Ferguson Tractors and Implements Phone 97 — 419 N. Washington Valley Pump and Equipment Co. Electric Hot Water Heaters ALLIS-CHALMERS Farm Machinery Bork ' s Motor and Welding Complete Automotive Service HUDSON CARS and SERVICE N. Wash. Phone 48 Robbins K Rubber Welders Phone 38 EMMETT, IDAHO SCOTT ' S EAT-N-TIME The place to go to find fun, friends, and food Phone 575-W Wayne Dora Scott THE PRESIDENT We Appreciate Your Patronage FOUNTAIN— MAGAZINES— SANDWICHES Albertson ' s Food Center ICE CREAM— POP CORN— MAGAZINES FROZEN FOODS— MEATS CROUCH ' S MARKET BEST WISHES TO EMMETT HIGH " Past, Present, Future " BROOKINS HARDWARE MAYTAG AGENCY DUTCHBOY PAINTS 203 W. Main Phone 333 General Petroleum Products EMMETT GARAGE CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Rov Murray Jim Murray A. C. Perry EMMETT CLEANERS Pick-Up and Delivery 207 E. Main A. O. Perry TAPPAN-KNOX AGENCY B. V. Tappan D. C. Knox INSURANCE Auto — Fire — Casualty — Surety 203 West Main HILL ' S SHOE SHOP Efficient Shoe Service RED WING SHOES THE EMMETT INDEX Commercial Printing and Stationery Gem County ' s Home Newspaper Phone 23 Emmett, Idaho , ' . iUa ' jLiija.t: J|p| " Dancing in the Dark " at the Thespian dance. Farmers Insurance Group DALE E. COOPER i BiitBTatv Phone 32 bs = 107 S. Com. Ave. Stop at H H MOTEL Modern Cabins Phone 66- W Highway 16 Emmett. Idaho BROWNIE ' S PLACE GROCERIES— GAS FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES 4th and Wash. Phone 40 CARL ' S PLACE Groceries Soft Drinks Gas Where Friends Meet Phone 37.5-R13 Emmett, Idaho East Main EMMETT DAIRY The Cow ' s Best in Dairy Products Emmett, Idaho Phone 427 SMOKE INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Telephone 250 KNOX MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Phone no TIP TOP COFFEE SHOP We Feature the Merchant ' s Plate COOPER ' S JEWELRY Watch Repairing — Guaranteed Work 108 North Washington Emmett, Idaho Butte View Auto Court and Market MODERN CABINS GROCERIES Phone 292- J 11 Gem Feed and Implement Co. Lumber and Building Materials RANCHWAY FEEDS Custom Grinding and Mixing EMMETT REPAIR SHOP Lawn Mower Sharpening Saw Filing Bicycle Repair VERN SHEETS, Prop. TOP AUTO SHOP Auto, Truck, and Tractor Repairing Welding a Specialty W. F. (Bill) James— Prop. DORIS ' DRIVE-IN Curb Service School Lunches Short Orders Phone 438-J Al and Orville Fleetwood HOWARD EATON FORD MERCURY SALSKOV TRANSFER Daily Service to Boise COAL STORAGE Phone 204 Howard Eaton Implement Co. JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT SHAMROCK MARKET GROCERIES— MEAT— PRODUCE No Phone Emmett Bench John and Edna Knox, Props. EMMETT FLORAL CO. Flowers and Gifts for Every Occasion Phone 98 798 E. Main CITY TRANSFER LINE Coal and General Delivery Service WESTBROOK DAIRY LOCALLY PRODUCED PRODUCTS Phone 369-J2 EMMETT FEED MILLS FEEDS SEEDS CUSTOM GRINDING GRAIN CLEANING Delbert C. Martin George C. Martin Phone 50 GEM MARKET " The Biggest Little Store in Tow n " GROCERIES MEATS Phone 1 J. LOE REED AND SON state Farm Mutual Insurance Idaho Compensation Fire and Bonds Phone .369-R3 or 1.53 Mgr., Mrs. J. Loe Reed ED ' S ASSOCIATED SERVICE Lubrication — Waxing — Polishing — Washing Gas — Complete Line of Motor Oils — Towing — Accessories 4th and Johns Phone 2 " BOB ' S CAFE " HOME COOKED FOOD At the Little Cafe Around the Corner HUSKIE MARKET GROCERIES MEATS SUNDRIES VEGETABLES SCHOOL SUPPLIES 208 N. Johns Washing Greasing Boynton ' s Mobilgas Station Batteries Charged Tires Repaired Phone 82 — Emmett, Idaho The annual staff and the senior class wish to thank those ])eople wild bv purchasing advertisements helped to make this annual possible. We also wish to express our appreciation t(j the Messenger Printers, to The Ennnett Index, and to Walter Cole ot Boise, lliey gave iis valuable pic tines and negatives. ' i yOnScJt . .CK ,xytt»-. -d. -T -c v 2 - ' - ' ' :- -- c J «- - -z- ' i -v iir....en -- «7zy : c ,o»,.« . . ■ yv y u ' y iC i- i ' -iZ L a iUM 4!«-£ iA i:L- c £ yt C■ H - .J ..- y Lj,.tM C - L-1 a vi -L . ' yK . ,o][. ' . € ■•:;- ' ' i- i- ' ip t H- W .JZ 1 7 7? ?-

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Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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