Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID)

 - Class of 1941

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Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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MW EWR X YW NIOLUXXAENIXX 6 Pxnnuaw by the Se YN WN H Ewmetk, Xcieho mm lUlllllllllU In opening Jrhis I9'4I Squaw Bulle Saga, we close a year of aclivily in Emmell High Schoolfa year filled wilh momenls we will always wanl lo recall-a year Thai was a melody of happiness. Those momenls can besl be rememe bered by somelhing lypical of each incidenlfa loar of some lilling refrain-lhe words of a lavorile song. Run- ning lhrough lhe scale of school life we've colleded a few noles here-a lrill, a Crescendo There-even lhe lorgollen discords-and we've arranged Jrhem all in a medley which we presenl in lhis volume as In This voiurne we deviafe from Jrne usual cusrorn of dedicafing our book +o one person or io one idea. lnsfead we dedicafe fnis Squaw Buffs Saga To aii Hne sfudenfs and Jrrieir rnousands of ideas. Affer ali, you are fne rnosf im- porfani-Hwe mosf essenfiai parf of school, Working, iaugninq, playing, you represenf The ideal school sysfern in a free counfry, wlnere you will each seek your own inferesfs and draw from life according +0 wnaf you pu+ info ii. And fo you we Say EUHNE a sc oo e ours e sruderr comer! s an ample of rea? represenrar ve governmerf We rave our rules buf we make Mem Heafed debares and Mvefy rscussrons cnaracfer e Tne Lo c rn ernqs every ofher Wednesday And no congressman ever rock hrs durues more serrously Hwan do our sfudenf represenfa hves Ps pres den? Iornm e Uoe uaga has aoy managed Our organnzarvon inns year To help rum he has Wnllard Slabauqn vrce oresroer Genevee Days secrerary Irene Bucandr reasurer Lous Arr aba'a adverfusnng manager Wnen advrce was needed Mr Hasfey and Mr Lame were always af hand The I94O Tinansrgrvrnq oder ng was Hne mos? success fuf rn years And The naris were burshng wrrn Yulefrde cneer as a resulr of fne coun rr s decorarron camoangn Third Row r Ma G a V' W CSV PV Second Row 'S V P WVPUP L a M W Mrdd H llniwo s Row Q B b woa F r ubora 4 gin ,--- 'yuan-SP" ' 1 Principal .John Hasley Supcrnrdcndenf Howard Andrews Wnen U an Came C awe O an ww and U er n cnc? n 0 0 aw OPM r T Un 'Od Wa es Army an wfrfe 1 cw! 1 eawnq ya f eea 4 our fcnoo 0 4 C wwe: e ae L Ura OWARD ANDQEVVS f n pr M p A 0 rqw 5 rfw e nna cms ous ram con ac wx sfuden S a fnosf xmposs b e C 'H refamneo a qrea+ wnfered 1 p oo enws 0 wo vwoua' sfuderfs ano can be counded on ln sdvwnq a d Umm H es One of nas bwq 'obs was we rnanageme f of We S W ws nd ravc rw! ournan ew new L Q suc ess ere a o ras me Q I a fnany Jrmes Q or Fe ex S on CL a 0 a ne 0 MR HA we aa owedqe ano s a 1 Q nl f f ycn 'nq as fern Q w C an ca Q roern ne dnrec s sence! da nc ear 0 me a Q rr Q LM w Q, e cs as pn 1 P Soma o Ernmc f H or ma e 1 e pos Hon w. sue enwcew y 'naf Y e ease f answer fo awy cues on ws ASL Andre Baer of exe-ry qoxnq concern H ere musf be an acfmve execufmye force Our Scnoo Board nas dean wwseWy and e wc enHy wflw We mrncfous phases of school Ire Trey nave pun us on lop and +ney mean +0 keep us were We Tale OL? OL Ha4s +0 ine SCHOOL BOARD Audrey Smnih Howard Andrews Fred Wl'n+sell Vernon Muller Walfer Nnchols Douglas Knox OHQ Wnllwelm L L Moore ,f A' n A I """""' 1 'I X v 2 , Q rr 4 .ga Q 'K -L Ilx.. . ... FUQS' w'nN,f 2 in ,XSpff?m'fn1Var'PaHe.,wn,sas fr fe in he L, Q. f- ,a ,S eh Hu? ff ref Fan ' can: fig y ,dbg pcdfbrw n , 1. fn? fnis Q :uv ,f , ,QSM fn en? if uma J ' . .. H Q I ,Car :V wc-V 'fr ,A ai. wh m P hi X. Mrfea, We 2- f 3- A ,f f fn 7. A ' 'i:PfS' ' 1 , Q 1 1 W . ' ' fi 2 fy if . W h ' C 1 - . n - . . l. d' Y Q i':f+,f 1+ , m I. We Li Q if nl, 3 H1 f be X , T Ped ln '. ' In fb, '-3 Wi cf Why. Ofcur-ae a new prlrepa was 'Cesky an! , SLEW .. C rse of as le ' . X undfeff rulwq cf Siu F pres Qnf, wus qi 1 rr Q p fiom FA ni, 19:1 d 1 5, n W ' f I fn ,fx ff, ,n ,S A -V? n nP'ov'y and Ca' 'e- O , Rh a 'nVm:v 2 rredsion We OLS 'nei- pal. If S r ETAQ fasl' im? Mr, Ha: egy K-ffczrnj AV. f W. ff xliqla 'sf A" f 4' 5uu"nq beef ogice g7rQs, AUDREY SM1Tr!f"+5'r1a+h H' Pn n F"rc ,'. nl 'es ., : A 'Z 'N ' y. PAEULTY Hall Swaiman Joslyn Moulfrop Larson Bray RUSSELL HALL-A fafrrof fu' ieaff His Ag 1215505 arf? 'He real Thing, HIS quidance Fumrc Farmers fo wir mary Honcvs. wares ordo' 'tu' cf chess ir' the libwry. Her semis' days are rvasferplsce SQ"L'Q'LS awbifizr, , MARX JOSLYN 'eafl'-ns and '1'5'.TF'3S Hsnris. Simrf ir' suture bu+ggma'3r'1pcrsifawy a nizfw E' nur hal cf Fawn because of his ef5'aYer1iy and fmqer spnrxf. S. M mf dass is us HQSTFR REYNOLDS- -Her dufy is We fralnlrz mf fu'ur0 Hcvve malril' ard f1frfaf"vff rv-mule arf: phmnfgd undvf hor supfevvlsiorw, Her D'xi"'VS. SMF a gvfw. UNA MFDULTROP- Wm lmir'fHy r5wI'osGpl'1y of 'Ure if-nds R' yr' 1 I SL L' L Lwf EH Wf ni w' 'I nr'dw'w': fr " "f:3 "11"""'N"' ' 'Hn "1 3- 'f rl 1-ff urxfvs' CHARLCTTE SWATMANfAL'---cvs STTWLLITTI SLQ 'quidcs 'JMGVS ard seficrs ?H"Cu:1L1 5 and fc Qc? a has Enspirod Emq3isH avd par? is each V He Czgnlcs any bf-ixwiful vnvdfbfvs przrially np? In meaiirmq xbW Tw HV- MSL Of ushwlnr Y I 5 rw' pupwls i'1V"'LDLF'TYVS f3r'fxbWf:5 'C --"mul :if 4'0" ' 1' 1'-' 51 "V--.fefff-"S. BEQTL-A LAPSCN- V sw 'famef avi f,"ln:mffss fi HOD nw fl :JA-'sc-'ws dekqlv' 'Q Hur y3U+5Jw ifvizea. SLQ 'Ai-I "fm LTV' i'f1N:Sl'T and 'yzpifm SP9 5,56 asv!-es The Tiffesrlms. MILDREQ BRf'XY4CPf's-'fu and fur-Ncvifiz 'Ns ererwofig Lady is mmf: Hmm fm mafch for We Irfwth qfadefs .,,H:"r SF' ifsfvwfs 'H -Qadiniz avi ,avPTl'vmo'i', LLOYD EASONffTLiS sardy LliL'f?"J feUow is Uv'Indp1aN r:F W Lx 0 CLQLILLW "grade, Ho Has 5 iouqb iime 4 . 4 3'-dwg up 'ft 7:72 sclcmfiw of We Q5"ff becauzn 'f ,is Fw "vin-1 5 'E ude 'rwafd We. He feaifms Ercgllsh and sselllnig and iiaihus basfQ'baiL 6 Npflea Wm Um 7ea0Awn llllllil Olson Holbrook Scheel Turniclge Harlvedl Tunison Sioclrslager Carle LOLHSE OLSON-Her eenial persorialiiy arid w-.hcfescnie -.-.i' 'vale iu'-ier busieess, economics, ard Arffeficar' hisicry bfizhr spofs of ihe day. Her s'uderr's :ird he' ali--ays ready is give helpful advice. ELMER HOLBROOKe-Many pieces ol unusual ni-fishy nie made ifi lhe shcp urder his walchful eye. A area? rumbef ci imprcvemenfs around lhe schrcl are dived 'fii3u'es 'C his sleili as an affisar. MABEL SCHEEL-Her diliqenl irislruclicn ard helpfui mafvef add much lo world hislcry and malme her a valuable addilion lo lhe lacully. RALPH TURNIDGE-His lieafmer? Cl' Civics lakes 'he meer' News ?'9Sl'lY"iC'U vefy srcri. In deba'e, he revises cwfdiriary speeches lo viqorous, forceful aizqurherls, MARIAN HARTVEDT-Oui school purse is a ffmcrsivi nifuie Fi all lhr- slorylbvcln nurses. Her qay chafier avd heipinq hand me fwo el her mes? valuable 855955, EARL TUNlSON---His qenial humm and Noord lellm-.li policy have eafred him hosls ol friends. Tunyil and swing have made fm enviable name for Efrimefl s band lhicuahoul Idaho, MARIAN STOCKSLAGER-Ari athlete, she heads lho G. A. A. aed direcfs physical educafiow. She has infroduced vivacify inlo declamalian aricl speech fhaf makes her pupils oufslandiriq in lhese aclivilies. WALTER CARTE-His slow smile and easy :mod humm win him many lriends. His fiery erilhu- Siasm on The baslnelball floor inspires his boys lo do their lzzesf. Physics, fhemisiry, and qeneml Science. his subiecfs, hold no mysferies lcr him, Ewa? YZ 7a W4 PAEULTY Peferson Carberry Smifh Haynes Bales Lame EDITH PETERSQN vmkes rvmTnwva'EfQ---v.-' wwe? f-Jw. Thr- "L 1 wx nu Q Hufdmf zmipiislw 'FQ Huslrif: Nff.-.5 X.-.i'FfL.' 'w' Md 3711 'gn anim "M, ' ' iw QL V--' I cw-vga' -- 'md emerqerlc r'a'L.'0, KENNETH CARBEPRY-His 'Lddy zirrdmif' ard P-:ww srvie ':"bTfed X.-1'5" HES ab5,i'v 'Nukes Him popula' as a coach and team-ef. His biclcry ana png? w fgdmnflf-f Waseca .vo comm-vs veiy Ervoresf. PHYLLIS SMWH 'ea:L'es macirg and musk E' Junior HRH .md mm-yvis'4s 'VL vyusif' nr 1'-wdw fm? 103. We PVXVQ HQ: ?: 'wa1k50'9r1rgsQ srachns Af Swv: fha' 1frv1frHkHEn:dw.'f 'Mf.+f1ivgf-.vw ifxy. EHLLIE P'NLUAPUfxiqL1ai'fs HQ' L1g,:Flsv,i'l"+Av"ps'1'd 'rfwg N 4 'F-1'Hfr:1, H ' Wh-v 1 Y ln Pwr sfudsvs' xml: 'wakes 'yoIr"'1 0 ClC'513L.Vf'Y, SP0 sucowiswfj Www fu ' 15,"ay md P'--Mrs M' H :shy :Q so We SQ'E"S. F-'APRY HAYNES '-Mikes 5055! sifG"f: in 'we C-I':5'L radfe, HR f--VbR+if- 4 Whskh. S, was if-"frf'f::1 Es :'Q'ETxf1Sh-DS " ifffi-'H '10 is A' Q"H1S'5s"' s 'aff' '5 hvlf-'in vw Vw- WT: as 'fffoff---. L'1f7is"n'2v"w': Y'wc-WH1' ffw Russf- 3fN'f'-"iff, LQUNSE BF-.LES--PL'-' , Mffzs ru TIIIPA' ru 1 WHQLL. H' 1'. SW! '-"x'V'rS f'n'1: i. NW- -- Ax: ' YV-'f'K"EfN'T 1 " 1 'Wf'S"1 'HS' '--4, Yf- Ffv JOE", 'as Q ""1J' '. POLAND LAME inf: bcfvlflffiaw 3 NSEC? fp' 5" We bi-'V-U' 1'-J f,',.'if-MQ and Lf-fx'-f 'Ive ba grjfg SPY-ff' 'J' 'g "'f- 'Qi 'W' ""- 521-in' EAT., V-? 'S 'T'-'f fg :"' l""1 SP' 'iffvm gggg HHS, A 'won is Vs i'1ov' s.4b'Q". GEORGE MOPAN '1'-2 L55 "D 1-:W Sf-'I' 11"1 '71 I ' 'A'--'i of 'Hn Fmufry Ffyrfi-'s M'-fx 'riw 'vi 'ww ,-.NVQ Mr. PM 3 'v . Um ZW Beqm mmf mf mm QM Hilliard Moran Smmw awww Sapkamym QMQWLQM pew? Qaacfmiw N.. 4 6... .0 wi ,-" W 4' X E, ...---Y-'-"""'J- sinus:-, 4 ' im ,,-' f fs.. A". -t "f" f, 4 .,-Ll 5. 1 X " V'sf'4, " . A " ' A if . .' . K 1 . 1 1 . I - -- - . ' ? -au L1-1. A, tuna f -r,.. 4-.f ,, I HQK 5 "Y, :MQ "'f"ff'z?"i"53" WL N. " v , "' fmhnyma 'iff' U L " fi. Qi. - X5 UA", ,gig M fa" 'K N 'ldv If H h .',,.' 1 sm' . L, , .a' 7 ' 336 , ' vri, fa, 4' 5, sggggmgk ' n 'KG' ' f' ,1 fa. ' '. ' Q . 1'L?""1l.v??, '42 1 D XE' -V ,R Q ,"'.,:.l:,3:.3 A p ' A ,, fs' 1 - . , . IEQNY' QQ , fri 4:33 4 Tn " 15,2 , Vg. . 1.-1,1 ' , 4 -QQ-. 1 -v 2- W..-1 J f Q '4?:4 ? 1 'E ggviaj Sl -' , ' if rg so-A, , 5, 'bf K. -Q 23151 . 2 , . :y'1Q:'ffK ' 1 M .S ..r, 55 W, Ellon Phulllps Mr Hasley Bull Hall ng orlh Beulah Helmer Mass Hlllnard Pally Knox School Days yes lhose golden rule days TU Emmell l-hgh are slrppung along and we seem lo be glad and sorry al lhe same lrme They ve been grand days As lreshmen we lrouped lhrough lhe porlals ol hngher educalnon a lrllle dubnously perhaps bul delermlned lo make lhe grade We elecled Davnd Tappan as our presndenl and Mr Burnam advlser Oh' we worked hard lo make an nmpressnon and our assembly dld lhe lruck Sophomores Roc ed genlly ID lhe comlorlable arms ol Morph us we glwded lhrough lhe year ln ublnme subconsc ousness We sllll had our dun n rrlhmelwc wrlh Wlllard Slabaugh our preszdenl wh le Mr Thomas our advlser wuelded lhe huckory slack Juniors Upper classmen give us room' Irene Bncandr may nol have been a ueen an calico bul she was a lop nolch presndenl and wulh Mr Lame and Mass Mak: advusers she really look us places The sensors noled us and grasped lheur seals ol honor more lnrmly Our class play The Xroungesl was a dramalnc lrlumph We labored valranlly lo produce a super collosal prom lhal would lele lhe senwors properly and we lell lully repald when everybody appreclaled Deep Purple and lhe ungenlous decoraluons Our Supreme Momenl We re Senlors' And are we busy' Announcemenls cards caps gowns and speakers lrom colleges and we sludy somelnmes loo Bull Hollnng worlh as our presldenl Wullard Slabaugh vnce preswdenl Pally Knox secrelary Beulah l-lelmer lreasurer Our class play Fool Loose dlrecled by Mass Swalman was our lasl blg prolecl and a lnllnng clumax lo a successlul lour years Ol course we sneaked' Now nl s caps and gowns lor us And here an lhus volume lS lhe record ol whal we wrole on our slales during our School Days Elllllll EllSS 72eqfzeSaZZWLg0n 7cTy2cvfZheZUcTfLfcf BILL l-TOLUNGWORTH Senuor Class PresTdenT Tne senTors elecTed as TheTr presTdeT T a capable young man known To you as BlT l-lolITngworTl' or possof l-louly es vTgorous and ambTTTous wTTh a Tla e Tor dramaTTcs as you may well Tmagune Trom The roles he has played These Tnclude parTs Tn Subma Tne D 6 The YoungesT SevenTeen and EooT Loose He IS a member oT The ThespTans works on boTh The l"luskTe News and annual sTaTTs ard also was a member oT The sTudenT cou'TcTl and dance co'nmTT1ee Yes he was busy buT he loved exery mTnuTe oT TT IRENE BICANDI ValedTcTorTan WhaT goes TnTo The makTng oT a valedTcTorTan7 Well n our case TT s pep abTlTTy humor and undersTandTng rolled T'TTo one wTTh The Tnusned producT Irene Bucandu She has been a member of The G A A and The ThespTans Tor Tn ee years She worked on The HUSKIS News and annual was sTudenT body Treasurer and Tusf Tor good measure puT ouT excellenT scho asTTc work l-'ler dramaTTc abTlTTy was TesTed Tn The YoungesT and agaTn IH FooT Loose and came ouT wTTh banners TlyTng SENIOR MOTTO Success awaTTs aT labor s gaTe WILLARD SLABAUGT-I SaluTaTorTan OTTen heard and more oTTen seen on The aThleTTc held on com T ees Tn The E Club T a rTghT TT s our saluTaTorTan WTllard Slaoaugh Every one Trom The lowly Treshrnan To The mTghTy sennor calls WTllard TrTend and They nnay Tor WTllTes dTsposT TTon TusT couldn T be Tmproved No maTTer whaT he Tackles wheTher TT be a TooTball game o a problem Tn hTs vTce presudency he puTs everyThTrTg TnTo TT and he usually comes ouT on Top FLOWER Rose COLORS Slver and Blue I 2 I n 1 . T . l V I I I 'll T' T' ,- " 'J H' . .. . F , .TT . T. TT V 'T T T T ' - -T I . T T . , I . . - T T T , . T , - l L , . . ,r ,. . T P ' T T T T T - . .. .TT TT T I . . . TT TT T T mTT , -l1l'S . .T . . 4 T T I . . , Q . . TT. TT T T TT ..T . . T, - T F T ' T T 1 -T WAYNE ADKINS "He w0uId Im El f1f'f'rI sIu- denf II If didn'I mlm gm muf,Iw work." Base-IDaII 3-47 I:C'AIbOII 3-4. LOUIS ANDROLS "Andy" Tia, can I Iwavo 'Ike V 8 Io- night?" "The Younqesf' 3' "Pooh Loose' 4. LUIS ARRIZABALA Liwuiw "He's so IrIdusIvIm15 IIIQI even Ivis Iwair wan I IIs- down," The Thescians 3-4' HUSIEQ News 3-47 Ar'm.uI 3-4' The: YcunqesI" 3' SIud0mI COUULII 3-4' HFOOI-Locse' 4. HOWARD BENGE "Bfa'IIo' ...and II'1e IIIIO Chevie rambIcd riqIII along." BasIrfJIbaII Mamxzer' 4' 'E' Cub 34' HLJSIIII- NP-ns 4 ALVIN BERNARD AI' IGITIYEII SIPPYT IJIII SCIdfIITl I4-favfi. IIIITH BRIGGS SIr"I7nrI'y ms IIII- 'YNQII 'JI IDUIKIWIQII Imhf' I'IusIcIc News 4. FLOYD BROWN Bmvmirf IA rwm is rwf mf-aimed by his Iv'I"f?S.I IT.F.A. I-Y-3-4' Jud :Ing Teams I2 3-4' 'L CILID 3 4' SSUCLFUT CQIMII 34, VINCENT BURCIJLTT r-'nfs .III 'lub' .-.IHC-H Vu Marco rho SIIQII. I'I.1' IVICFIIOI 3-4. BERNARD CARLSEN Barney TI'Q'0's a IQ? :I IL' Sw 'VC I-,Grid II a fo :un I':'.'.5 Iww. rc Ind If. F""'ba 3-4' Tva'I 34' PPA. ?34- I Chb 34, MLLVIN CHENLY 'MCI' Lf"dE?I HI IHASIQIIUAII II1ar'n B-Isle-'bi-III 2 3-4' Frfvb-III 3-43 TH.: Ycurwf-sf 3' Brand I-2- 3-4. BETTY COLBURN 'BeiIc' I"I 5ImId 'A :fx Wwe In 'Iv- cfafks-f1If.'e, VIRGINIA COOPER ISIwm'Iy" FIJI vi':fI' O-151 mid QL! Olaf- C'ub 3'Tm1Trwsg.I-ms 4, PATPICIA COUCIJ IWFAI fave' SIM: dvi, SIM? iw-5 ,I G -'-' C LI' I' A Cuwpc- fa Cwfb 4, QLNTVEE TAVIS Gwiarwfy Wwyo rw-'.-.5 IS GVFTCVCC' PLL' Bfrd 4' Bfwd I-2 3 4' Ov- 2IHf-QII71 234' TM Tw-SpIfar's 3-4' I'II.SIf.- Nf-.-.S 3' Tiv- 'rffv 1--s' 3. MIELVIN DAVIS This Iime IIIS Iovef' Bard I7 3-47 Peo Band 2-3-47 OIQQ CIub 2-3-47 HusIcIe News 4' Ovchcsfra I-2-3-4, LAVVPENCE DEEN "Larry" He abs up mme dIrIII1an 11 sIz-um shovel. IJffba'c 4' HUSIIQ News 41 an- waf 4' N.F.L, 4' 'FGM-Loose' A LIYONA ILWOOD "Leo" LIIQ- 'S v.IIa' ycu make II." CII-cf CIub 47 Foo?-Loose" 4. DON EMANUEL "Don" Telrc- vcus' Idsf Icok-Im f:raduaII"q. Thr: Thfzspians 3-47 "LiIIIe Vxffrrw Smaae Manaqer 37 Spcr'v1nQff-6 3. COUCH e. oAvss M. owns DEEN uwooo ' EMANUH. SIIIIUIIS HEZELTINE HIMES BILLY EVERETT l'Bill'l "You can never Iorqel Ilia? 'soullnern drawlf ll Track Manaqer I I 'Fool-Lcosel' 4. JUANITA EVERETT "Charm sfrikes rlwe si-glwlt meril wins rlne soulfl Library 4. RAYMOND FORURIA . oe r, Sp d llTall, dark. and gee f15'sll Baseball 3: Foo'ball 3-4' Bas- Icefball 3-47 Huslcie News 4: "E" Club 3-4. SHIRLEY FRESH Shoo-Shoal' She lives in a happy world of l'1er own.l Library 4. LEWIS FULLER 'lLusciousl' HG-reafer men fhan I lnave lived, bu1'l'I'1ey are all deadfl Debale 2-3-4: EFA. I-2-3-4: Slafe F.F.A. Judqiriq Conlesl 2-3-4. HOFF LUMIR FUNDA "Pick" 'Hes iusl a farmer al l'iear'l.ll Huslcie News 4. JUANITA GARDNER llCyrano'l 'She can always lind lime ro fllQ1fl9.il Ce-bale 3-4: N.F.L. 3-4. KATHRYN GRAVES llfafiell lLale fo bed, Iale fo rise, rnalfes a s'uder'r or crlwer- V-159. Bard I-2-3-4' Giee Club 43 Crdeslra I-2-3-4. LANETA GRAVES Nilal Lel every man enioy luis wlrinn, Wlvafs Ive To me. or I 'O I'wirn?ll Huslcie News 4' Annual 4' A Cappella Clvzir I-2-3: llFoo+- Locsell 4. GERALD GROTHAUS Nlerryll Be silenf and safe, for silence fever belrays you." HOLLINGSWORTH BEULAH HELMER 'SnorIyl' llli I were a Couple ol: innlwes falter I d slwcw 'emf Glee Club I-2: Class Secrclary 3' Treasurer 4. ANNABELL HETHERINGTGN IIAVIUCII 'Willa a warner calm and a Iwearl sincere, Orclweslra I-2-3. PHYLLIS HEZELTINE 'lFizzlell lllr S qcnd lo lenqlllwen 'O the las? a sunny dayf Band I-2-3-4' Pep Bard 47 Huslxie News 4' 6.A.A. 4? An- rual 4. MARY HIMES "Slams" lSn"ile arcl +I'We world Smiles willw yeufl Library 4i Huslfie News 3-4: Annual 4. HOYT HUNTER SHIRLEY HOFF "SI'ieSIie" llFirsl slne fziqqles, flnen slne r1rins,IIwer1 slwe lauqlis willw all Iwer rniqlwl. Oi'ChCSI'a I 2-3 fl, MARJQRIE HOLLIN6- WORTH lllvlarqel' 'A slmwer ol beauly is Thy earlnly dowerfl Orclweslra I-2-3-4: G.A.A. 3-4: Yell Leader 3-4: "NiqI1+ of January lbl 2. IRENE HOYT l'QuieIly, you came info our midslf' KENNETH HUNTER "Kenny" "Never lrouble lrouble 'lil trouble froubles youf' PPA. I-2-3-4: Judqinq Team 3. BESSIE INGLLS B011 'IYOLA C,OuIdr1I I'wIgx Ilkirmq Iwerf The Thesxnlars 3' I-Iuskby News 3-4. LILLIAN JOHANNLSLN LII UQUIQI by rmhm: buf num- IS mom w1IImq If v.rurIn, Huskio Nerws 4' A"'w.1I 4, CLARA JOHNSON Pew" "Gcr"Qmer safer LJII'-rdes. Ordwosfwm I-273' We ILTCSDIGVYS 2-3: G.A.A. 2 3' Fc' I-Lfcsc 3. DANIEL JOHNSON 'Bowne' ANNA KLINGBACI5 L'mm:sImqss and s Anne My UI uuvpcse mo sum bIIrm uIIIvwm'c suicess, PAIIY KNOX "PM NzfaI :Nd 5v.QC-' IH 'Vw Iv-ad ff- H-I Iecr. I-IUSIIIA Nr-we 4' IIN: Ywumg CSI 3' Ihw II'wspIfms 3-'Ig Am mmf 4' Fw ' Lcosw 4. LUCILLL KROUSH 'CIIW-" Sgmf,-'I'w?s I SI? :Pd WIFI. avd f'L'f-" IIWQS I us? SIL FRLIDIQICK KUNKFL Fyffddbf A IvIuI' "uw fvvd II1Qm IS dum- by 'Ivy IbesI MI ms-m. F CIuLm 3-" B1I'I3f' NBIOVVII-S 6310 my un-Icy' i In ,s l ,- erwcw. Hn.sIl1'NI-.-.s3. Huskia: News 4'BL.IwiHI1I'1 I. FRANC LARSON IWW JUANITA KILGCRI2 ILW1xrd:a' H11 doa-sn I Ier 'mes' "5 Irw- MA falII1IuI WGIICV, ard a Irvs? WITII his sC1:" II5fz.' Irue friend." Sfudrfr'I C0ur1fiI 3-4' TIM- Thus- La+In C'uIJ 3: LIbra'y 4. piass 3-4' HUSIIG 4, JIMMY LLP 'Jimw "Quic1 buI conIonIod." Ar'1.Iwv'y Y. LOIS LEE Lee" Bc-iifnIw'1 WQISIS envy her' UL-' IW, I Qmf- C uh 3, UALI IVIABL Lv-my dny Is Ladies Ilny WIII1 mf-.I YeQIKIr"13-4'QfL.m 34' E Cbb 3-4' The Thcscwans 2-3 4' Iduslrie News 4' POI- Lf'f-sfe 4. FSTP LL I' MATTESON Tfqbfw. WIW' fx Lwwll I I 7 3' GMM C Ib 3. ACNLS MWIFIOUIJ AmIf-" 'IIf- vw rvcfsf IILV: Yf'urI'i:GsT 32 GIMMH Murdi 3: Tv.?fIm 2-3' The ILI6'Slf.ri"5 34' G.A.A. 2 3 4. WANDA MQPRGUD Gabby" "SI'1e's qoi II--v.'Iwa'r is 'if Y" OvcIw5Im I-2-3-4: Twivlev 2-3- 4' The Thesoians 3-4: N.F.L. 3-47 HusI1Ie News 3-4' LiIIfe Worden" 3' YeII Leader 4' 'Frei-Lffse 47 'The Younq- f-5' 3. IJARJOPIL MILLS IMAIQO GMA IOIL5f-ffhcy IQII me Im dncrved Io q'aduaIe." A Caps! a CHQ' 4. :UA MURPHY Touqhyw WIwf.I Me s'udy? Q.A.A. 7 3 4. IIARQLTQ MAYER 'Pm INC oicfurcI Guo I wish I was a cave- mav S wid. E' Club 3-4: FccIbaII 3-47 BasIv'Lpf1II 3-4: Track 3-4. MABE MATTESON A. McPROUD W, McPROUD MILES MURPHY STIIIUITS ROESBERY ROSE DOSS NELSON "Hap" "He shines in marhf' F.F.A. 27 I-Iuskie News 3. GLENN NEWELL "Lid" "I-Ie burns The midniqh+ oi', buf if's qasoIine." Eoofbali 4. MACK NOLAND "Younq Ieiiows wiII be younq feIIows." E.E.A, I-2-3-43 Judqinq Team 37 Band I-3. iEuzzy'I PAUL OLBERDING "OIb" "WhaI, havenif you heard of me? Boy, I'm pierify good." "LiHIe Women" 3: The Thes- pians 2-3-4: E.E.A. I-2-3-4. RYNEARSON EFFI E PAYN E "In spor+s shes Tops." G.A,A, I-2-3-4: Tumbhnq Team I-22 Tennis 3-4. MYRTLE PERKINS I'Iv1yrI" 'Ouief wafers heIp make The sea of iifef' I-IaII Monifor 4. ELTON PHILLIPS "Flip" 'I-Ie is a mari afier his own he-arf." Bavd I-2-3-47 Pep Band I-2- 3-41 Orchesfra I 2-3-4: I-Iuskie News 3. MONA POPE "Lyle" "My hear? be5onqs To 'Dad- dyf ' The Thesoians 2' GIee CIub 2-3: A CappeIIa Choir 2-3, SHANE SHUCK SKORO MARIAN REIMERS "My hearfis ai' ease I' Orchesfra 3. MARY REYNOLDS "Jus+ wait l'II be a qreaf chemisf someday." Glee CIub 2: The Thesaians 4' Tennis Club 4: 'Foof-Loose" 4. DANNY RITTER "A Iive wife is never sfepped on." Band I-2-3-4: Peo Band 4. JUNIOR ROBINS "Saeed" "School is a qreaf insfifu- Iionf' Huskie News 4. MAURINE ROESBERY "Reen" "The only way fo have a friend is To be one." PEARL ROSE "PoiI" "We like her for whaf she is." LEWIS RYNEARSON "Louie' "A mans man." Band I-2-3-4. DON SHANE "Ducky" "PIay, iiddIe, pIay." I"IusIrie News 3-42 Orchesfra I-2-3-4: ArmuaI 4. BESSIE SI-IIJCK "ShucIcs" 'VVhere is The world is There someone for me?" I-Iuskie News 43 AnnuaI 4. MARY SKORO "Dorff aslc me. I don? know," Library 3-4: S1uden'r Council 4: HusIcie News 47 A Cappeila Choir 4: G.A.A. 4. RALPH SMITH Smitty' MARJORIE STOKES 'Meme 'Zinq went the strings of my ISLIQCCSS IOYTWCS In ttvose who Iqgartf' StrivC.I Baskefbcfg 3.4' Buasc-IJGII 3-4' Ha I Mffitfr 4' Huskie News 4. 'E"CIub 3-4:AnwaI4: Huskie LORA THOMAS Mrcmmio, News 4' I fOV7II resist a bfar'qair1," HusIioN1fws 4. GEORGIA THREEWIT Grefq' My mmm is sutticient to dis- JEAN SPAULDING IIEverm "Am I wnstinfl my 'ime?' I-ACI b4' H s'EtfN:. 4, GCC U U I tvs tirvquislw 'vie Irmm the V71!',LJ.II FLOYD STEES A C 1g,:.'-'fa Ctieir I 4. "A bastwfuI boy is im frddivy, so at Ieast I'm ditfr-ren'. FEA. 2-3-4. WAIRDE IIIUS UCC" Here I uefcwt et' eco- VNv',f7'IfS.II Huskie News 4' The Tttespians JEAN SUDPICH 2- TOMMY UBERUAGA Tyver-Q Rower is eothifc: "In gy Iittfe trvvm rear by there Ives . .. compared to me. Fcvba' 343 BasIceIbaII 3-42 'The Younzest 3' E' C'ub 3 4' Student Body President 43 'Er ft Loosi, ' 4. ANDREW STOIBERG "Edu HHO, v.f:II-"I ye had a qizcd time." Husliie News 4. ELLEN WALKER "Beth" Wisfwin and Waitin. GIQQ CIUIJ I-4' HaII Mcwitsr 31 Huskie News 4. RALPH WALKER Hcp Aicrq 'SiIenr,e is the counterfeit ot WISdOV7l.I HAROLD WHITE 'BMI' "There must be some Imrd work in Iwirv ter more ever came out." Dance Committee 4' Huslcie News 4. GLYDE WHITSELL 'Whitt A flute and ttvcu. Band I-2-3-47 Orchestra I-P 3- 4' G.A.A. 34: The Ttwepsians 3-4: Pep Brand I-2-3 4. FRANK WILLIAMS 'For he is iust the quiet Icirwdf Iurier Band IY2. VELMA WILLIAMS "Frenchie" 'NEHG ttrirms Cime in smaII paakades. GIf:e Cfub Ig Huskie News 4, JOAN WOOD "Jo" 'Theres somebody waitinq for me' G.A.A. 3-4: Huskie News 4: Teneis 3-4: TwirIer 4, SHIRLEY YAG-ER iYaqe" 'You mug' know tier to ap- preciate her." Butte I-Iif1hI2f3'GIee CIUIJ 43 Huslrie News 4. WHITE wr-urseu. F. WILLIAMS v.wiLL1AMs WOOD YAGER Junlor Dlon Mr Lame Joe Barrocfabena Mlss Larson Laura Knowles Rosalie Robunson Way back IU The Tall oT 38 we swarmed TnTo EmmeTT l-lrgh School To The Tune oT The Wearrn oT The Greer T VT'lld as we were we hed a class meeTTng and elecTed Carl Van PaTTen presTder'T and vh EchTernach advTser Sorry To say our only malor splash was our class assembly when we presenTed The College oT ldaho Pep Band We held our Treshman p cnuc Tn The n dsT oT Garden Valley agebrush and enloyed every mTnuTe oT TT When The Good Old Summer Tume was over we Trooped baclc older and IusT a lTTTle wTser perh ps The 'ob oT handhrg The mob Thus Tme Tell TnTo The hands oT Byron Borup Under The leadersh p oT our advrser MTss Bales we showed unusual TnTTTaTuve by presenhng a home TalonT assembly We cel braTed The Comrng oT vacaTTon by an excursuon To Bolse ard wenT on our merry way l-loorayl We re apperclassmen now and we re S TTTr' on The Qld Top RaTl N longer are we pushed around and Trampled by semors WTThouT plaTTorm or camoaugn Junnor Dnon was elecTed presTdenT wTTh Joe BarroeTabena vrce presTdenT Rosa e Qobunson secreTary Laura Knowles Treasurer Mrss Larson and Mr Lame were chosen as advnsers We dad The unheard oT and copped almosT all The lead ng roles IU The all school play SevenTeen wTTh T-larmon l-lolverson as The sevenTeen year old WTllTe BaxTer and Evelyn Moser as Lola PraTT TTe baby Tallc lady Srng PQ Yo l-lo l-lo and a BoTTle oT Rum Carl Van Pa Ten shouTed has way Through The parT oT Amorose Applelohn Tn our class play CapTaTn Appleraclc Now we re loolcung Tor new Tuelds To conquer l-lowever Ts spr ng and The Shade oT The Old Apple Tree TS TnvTT ng We IT pause To wush you sennors luck you ve been worThy compeTTTors good comoanrons and We GTTer You CongraTulaTTons PICTURES Vaun U A hcs r' Pye e Adair dams eand A sa Rae A o George ArThur Frecldwe Ashley lla Barre-TT Johnnre Basabe HuberT Brfnge Calvm Bcrnard KenneTh u er J er rr' an n ma en l-la old Brrdens une J ne Carncb 'rw y Cher y Teddy C a K Dua e Em nd 'nas Evans J arr c a a l h us V rvron F2 berT u r u a r l rr Lldon Kl no a oy Larsr r' Sn en r a fs T vra BT ly M dd O on y Mrll T W T sh Lsn Gdr TrnoTT Fred Osbo ra A c a v R M Romer K a r d F rr e SmT rgare Sm h Ber rens ur' So uc Marcy T S ee e Lola Thomas Fran me Th mas Album V s llc Delorrs Ward W1 WaT rs No 'na Whrrsell Bull Wrlhngham Bobby Worley , ' , T T 'ss T ' . T , ' T ' ' T, .TT T T T. S ' A T T ' T E: . V T ' ' T l T W T T T ' X. V D W V l N . ' , l T . O ' ' ' ' T ' ' . I lf' I ' , l. . - - 1 . V .T L , T . . l I I NO -- . c -C Lf,V 'T L, Z' T Lcuslfh A on L l' 1 Tam, lw rrh, T 'w T - ' T .T T ' ' ' r . B9 ll W gygg BQUTT ,CllnT, BI, ,ers Eli ore Bishop Cod e Brafwney, VT-T Bf:vT, , -' ' T' 3, Lf De , dl ET 'l e T - - 'lr er"eTh Co"f.T1l DCVTS ffl JurTir Dfch. f' OT T The - v., G e'T F rbes, Le h Fuller, Fra'T G ra'ea, Cav Grr' a , 'T J .C G y, Jchn T-Tarrser Gene T-larlof., Fra'TlriTn l-Tarrls Junior hlfnns, Denris l-Terbf-r', Harmon Holvevsorm JU Q l-lsrlry, lla May Ta 'ql'l'3S lffflrh Hull M ,-ite lvfe Rfb--'T Kimball, Gewnd KT Tear ' T b clr, Le R , HT 'lrffwy Lars Ueieras Lu: JTTfT M Ol: Vaa MrCaTl, ST' ' Meier, 'L I l T . Tedd T ich, Yvfznnc MTTrhell, Prlarrd Nr-lsrn, Tlvwa NT als. 'e -' T, ' rne, P T-C95 Pusf-r, LC Ref: Raney Alvin Qnlnrw Jim Peyncds df-' er' Riff, M vi Tadel ac , T Jac' Posenlurd Flay Qy'ea's"T. A"Te She Ta' Gene F. Shecard Gecrie Slri Q' Dar' T 'Th. Ma ,T T' . T So T ET' Era 0 Spehs, B0"y ras - fare T .T ,, T lc' C l O e a ' C rrer' e T rTT " , ' ' A T . James Anders n Joseph Barroelabena Jolwn Bellla Donald Blaclmvrood Mnfon Blume ldamay B ren Byron Borup Rachel Brown Georqe Bur lwf,'l Dorollny Clarlc Belly Jo Craner Bob Dr lon larxlou Drape Ru J Flower Bob Frye Vlasla Funda Bally Glacllslw Irene G en Dwayne Grimes Belly Hardusly Jean Harmon Wayne l-lull Elsue Hosoda Lovey Gwyn Hubbard Loulse H nler Dorothy Krncand Lau a Knowles Jear' Knox Slwlrley Knox Harold Lubfle u s Ludv q L rs Vane Maberry Marqarel Madsen Delberf Marlin Lcoa McNeil Nr me lvlorel Lvelyn Mos r Lllzabnflm Norwood Lors Pelerson Lenoru Pew l June Prosser Ca ol Lee Reyncrds lv vm Rl e Ro alle Robrnsor' e Roy Jaclc Sl1ee's Bob Spauldurq CarlV1r' Fallen Lvelyn Mae Wwrlrer Bob Wallace Rullw Warren Loren Wnnle schepd nm oe Johnnie on M l e O Jelly Bo Mnlce Droooy Ph up Rene Speed Curly Elsey Gwyn Shorly Smnley J e nur Caplaln Dxsney Lorne Lynne BCl'ry Dopey Abble Pele Clnarlre Mille Bla nlcefs o Van Ev Rulhle Wnnlersclweld Cor? Zrmmerrnan o - - - J' -, - J f n f . D " - - - ll C - - - R cl A M A L L D f J ' fl - - by f . 5 Y Y I. , I I f A - Bel J. . .B . B . wr ,- " . - - - S1'l Flanli LOCnard - - - Slud C na .rx 1 . n . W . ' W , ' l lol A 'H r - W - Dal .elll W- - - ' A B f f - B b SUPHHMUHE ROSIE BILBAO - - BERNARD GRATTON - VEARL SWEET - - PAUL SCHILLER - MISS BALES - - MASS - Presideril Vice-Presidenl - Secrelary - Treasurer - Adviser As llwe sopleomore :lass clE'r1me-If Hiqlr Weive survived arrollvor year Our recsrd simsws 'lm' we Face ll1e fumre wi'l'uc:ui leer We've done our perl for fri And aided all we cfuld' We believe ther 'Huskie So As all qcod l'lL.slcies sl'-ouid We haven f reaclwed flre lop Jusi Two more years io 110, iye, 9 Huslcics iril WiPS Bu? well ize' fivere v."'i bvfrflrs ilvir-r Our records fell Us s . i,. Sweef, Schiller, Bilbao, Graffon .,f C3 . Firsi' Row: B. Norwood R. Carey, K. Sfarwdley, P. Slmrmon, N, Slivison. W. Dull, G, Jolmnriesfri. Second Row: V. Haynes J, S'ei". E. Grallon E, Obefrrieyor, J. Paddov, R. Wcdlers, K. Crane-r, D. Jensen J. Jmlcswr. Third Row: P. Paylon, D.Sr'1ifli,G, Rose. E.Davis,V.Benne+'r, M, McMillan, J.AWocdv. R. Cormvall O, Hall. Fourfh Row: J. Nolarfd, D. Ericlfsori, R, Davis, G. Simpson, J.CI'1apin, B. Graflori, J. Fundasuri, l-l. Berrnelf, V. Valad. 20 3- F WZ? -n C G-.-4 Firsf Row: H, Film, C. Wezslbvrnl, F. Slnlnl, J. Slcllbwq J. Smldl, D. Slabauxzlw, R. Skinner, A. Snlntvv, N. l-lollon. Second Row: N. Jonson L. Riffwv, M. P-lan-i, M. Alsaqnf, R. Rnse, M. Perry. ll. Barrfvabena, 7. Harfls, R. Bilban. Third Row: ,l. llnslrirs, J. Jf1cflbs, B. Hfwlvminqfon. M. Guslalscn. N. Phillips, L. Wander, K. Crlfnwall V. Osbcfn, J. Nosblll. Fourfll Row: B. Jnakscm, E. Mays, J. Clark, H. Garalca. J. Elnuren, P. Sclwlllvr, K, Endsloy, M. Harlloy, E. De Gmw. Fifflw Row: S, Colberl, J. l-lClfTV7l, C. Beckman, E. Adalr, W. Monfqcmery, L. Ayres, R. Alnof, C. Cooper, B. Hlnws. Sixflw Row: R,D0wey,F.Dal?cn,P.Blessif'q0r,E.l'lOsOda,A.LleCl'1ly,A.Tlwov'n'on, R. Welch, V. Shana, M, Baefley. Sevenih Row: K. Oliyev, P. Harris, N. Baxler, E. Fisher, B. Larsen, M. Smidf. M. Nichols. VV. Jclwnson, J. Bell. ll l HUSHMAN MASS VVESTON CAYPORD - MELVIN REECE - - ILFNE SUPER - - MR. HALL - Tm: Semfvs ALL WVU-15? We wc"9 Small Fry' W'Lwcr' we effeved as freslwmew as? LEW. Bu? sinic Wien we ve slwovm them ?l'1eIv'er Ln dczers Of ways, V001 and smaU. in musk: sumfs, ard drarvmflns Our merubf-ws Lmvc found a plan-T We ve vo' onNy 'qof in The 5w.m,' Bu? cffew me ve se? The pace. Vwfesion Cayford, Ilene Super A Puesidwnf Viae-Pfesldewf Secrefnry Adviser V r" wg - gt s' .XX ,g ff" I lr 5 3 - A, yx ,TW va irsf Row: R. Hex B. Pau- W. Cayfod B. Mdilnf-Es J. Gmirc H. Nesb"'. Second Row: M, Lake R. Pmvscn, L. Fdiscm, J,!cXfVTlSLYOU'l,VV'.S!HfLD.CVc1Lf1,R.NCW8il,C.pdCL9V,A.WOOdS. Third Row: T, Kersey B, Russo" G. Thames E. Wllfey R. EWG? W. Greek 6. Fosdick, S. Thurman, D. DQV7ney,A.DilLOr1. Fourfh Row: B. Mex5'e'd F. Pens R. Pwefsce H. Davls, H. Caesar, B. Bafdsey, E. Beam J. Hyde A, Briggs. 22 Firsf Row: M. F.u"7s P. V' tn' L. Fifi M. Hfwffi A. H.w.,'. 9. Hn ff Law H. Gwv' L. Bwvd J. Bora if MI Uv 1'-1' V. Second Row: J. Bffvwv V. IAM, L. 'Jn 'f-' .1 P. M4 'w's"'v T. M.1s'wQ '7. M ,MH B. JcF'1'v' L. Ku .Aw G, J. IS J. Wr'sfb"CCl, l7.W.ai'-v,W.BS'1c14K's. Third Row: K. Gvrwf-Q, J. Fmwvsrf H. ME1'Qv, N. NL-Jef' Cf. Cffrrf-' M. Vis 'U L. Main E. Tagrir, V. R3 NIH, D, Ymf.: A. Lirrbarniw A. Pm-.',,. Fourfh Row: I, SUDWV. B, Slcirwcf L. Rfwro ds K. Bear- B. Bfefwwwv, F. C'm.sfAn B. Davis, V, VViwE'0sE:1v V. Merdlefa M. Hdbrook, F. MCNfxaNy, K, Morffwsor. Fifth Row: P. Clwmvy. V. Ashby, J. Cbffmey, B. Wcwvlq-y, V. RECLMP M. CVPSLW U. Exevs B. Rcxw-LL W, Em."vr, R, Uma!! VV. PLWYLHLTS N. L7.wfS. Sixfh Row! P.L'vy.B.V1-'-mwl V. il inn B. SUM L. W5"f2'1a' F. PMLS B, M CN L. RYN-"C F. B '-" Hxwi, L. ?"':"mn L. WKAOFJS. L. C7fACx.'.I'w. Sevenfh Row: G, BMT A, SL -If R. Ram-y, A. Jnyw, B. S'.x"d'-W P. Jdyw R. I'-Sb. Nd Q. Pyw J, Swwiilw R. L' MPLS J. Bonn M, Bhyrrf. Eighfh Row: A. H.vdIs'y M. N k', B. Pnfif' R. V.1L1i:H': LL VV,-"lv M, F' '-f4 r- T. kf-rlsvv E. B'EJm-s"'1- M. Bcx-.war M. Robuscn. C. Rnrfs, U. Cm. Sfandmg D Lee M Nesbuff M Grimes Howard C Craner Seafed A Perry D Hnmes M Shvl on Elll Marxy ompofers have fold ln music and lyrics of 'rhfs mlahquble Jrhmq called memory Well old E H S had slronq ehough hes sn 'rhe memornes of some of lls qraduales fo lure lhem back lor one more year A group of lwenly posl graduales enlered lm lhe fall buf by fhe com ng of sprmq ofher helds had lalcen Their 'roll and only seven remam To beg ru wlfh lhere s ARIETTA GRIMES h s back ll l sube rm r 1 v an home rralf 1 arde e ol e so menl lh ov vhryvro l a xr- la uf MYRTLE NESBITT he also lces h he a herwslry 1 r vfle IS al W d 'nary 1 M v l rv re 5- a 1 rv x VUENTON HOWARD l93 avaduafe vho ram sh up s EU w uer+or as Mr Holbroolcs rrdhf hawd ma ll od y a a C p r + s a'r1 l cams lovar me e as se ra rr as rumcr hes r s I su e rs assu says MARlE CRANEP ho drv ded her hole ew ee usr u d Q13 r r a we ur e a Q 'he year s vcd Wu hh supr s f QIS HIMES ls so 1 Mar s P us 'hr e rr O rr? rr e ro r a Cul v 'V' V BA STIWSQN hc' has d T rds 3 , hav M ca ua a lr gl 5 1 3 1 rw r sm a y s d POTHY LEE alccs ard s u or aglfg 5 l -cc o L. o l ua' s c aw A RED PERRY A p h lr d d lha 'W us abrul cveryb dy rn Emrmall h T' rw a a 1 r m rs: u avr r op emo Y C, 5 a has D ' rm y 760464-QMZZQXW ' : . , . ' , . .' ,O. '. , . C - W . l , . W ' 1 '- M w ol ' a log all he 'rlugh Qils such as she 'sly Wlacb a ll, f d , P3 II, Shes alsc ffT"T""' r-E'-Chrl W 'haf huge r ll basal leo' In Q lic. E - ,. Ere-s M FJ b her soecial pa is- W , 'a W irzs ' h fd way with 'W IW A aldebvf ll ard E 'ylish IV. My' ' par?-lime Wilco :girl arclx-.0 ar W 'W lh- ph'rr2 'falls lv: m miufm 'A My N: A W d vl zv.vs are hcl Cl' ar olhcifl alum. N0 ' ls-f A W a 7 , ' W s W 13 baclm lc L' If rr Lmirw, phy is W, d fyor Q WW W ' , f Al - W r ln frsl serl s'ud h ll md als, a Crea' hcl i he zlfre. I-'7 W bA'ic'w '- -' d W dicir' or, iorc iholie A ' wird. lf Qunrwr s prallcvs a'0 W -cus as " lrie d h's 'cc ss ' fed, - , W A I b . " b-ross Nurses s"h as shfvhard and 'y:lr'g, ar Q-.Wi k ' ' - W. dv. , L ' in W he erle -Q B, B. U. " fr' 'frd css wily ol ffrffrty fr dm.-W uprr shcf ie"aEr lc oc' alovq, Thm 'hows- DQ W W 1 is , due' ' ' hs ' W J, ':'O'v sew 'har heat: fJSKUr'flfl y 'r 'hw Wbwxy :fo W 53:3 "l 9:00 eaih yr' 3. Sh 'akes she is"y ard L-'Ni rd all hw 4 'el Ways has .,.:-- ar fffe-ras. This as: ac: 'es ff- MEL w , ' :Cum 'vie qrd aioua'r'+arff's zalive Ir he' are swmf y, ' hfeve. Q' was 'rad J'-ed :fern high sihicl Fr ?-'urllrgfr Owcor, Shes 7s hc'-f ' lr' N: 'hr--wfs"y La' I, shy 'Q , a'd alfzebwx. She -.-.ffrs 5' 'he 7bf"y si Tl re'5:d ard fi" 'felfrfi-rw as 'rg hw' dis lpliru ,: f fu r-H' .-.hr has bf-wr' 'l-we for veas' 's 'llhor Var v.o'lc. l'lff'0 s W'1'r'hl-'W-f DO X wrr ' PA E, ard 'ysl'1 l 1-iflsih 'ho ffflre lb"1'y,ard ' dy hal H 2 'Q 'vary bu' she Llres 'r l-Q b sy ard alorz vWl'h rho' 'rfsW-mad-. ff she :els hm vufsh. Ard 'as' cu' rc' eas' v.- h 'e-- LF ,'o"+c ls leasar 'Wears Acc 'cl l, s 2, C ' , HV! , He ,Works lr 'he cplgs Vrs' rd 5Cu"1 berlics 'ales ih"'.s rd 4' s ir difw En the bf-d oo . He says fha' he dash: wound so rruih 'W-.Ph r"'l:QeslhaY heloulslllf-1 Ra l Rf iw. 'A was 'he " cr sl asl wr Squaw Buns: Sara a" 'f-'fr more has 1'-nwrus lr rqmfrz fr cur ms ue. Ta lhe ard im lhwr X.-We sa - UHEJXNWWUNE Mmm f bww Syn Qmfie Saga 25 Jamie all fwmajza -anime Qmmem .ibwfmfim Q. UO+v B 7hf1 jf My Zffag ga 70 Lyd L 43" S P Oy G7 F 99 Wlldqe School a 'we Daie llllSlE In The rnaljng ol lns Song ol Qur Life one ol lhe rnosl imporlanl lnlluences has been our rnuslc de- parrrnenl. Il has prouqnl vslon and inspirallon lnlo our llvosi ll has added vigor and enlhuslasm lo our worla, The qulclf beal ol Ils rnarches --lhe rhylhm ol 'ls warrzesf-The cadences ol Els concorlos have pul beauly and sou. lnlo our song. Louise Bales Earl Tunison MISS Hlllg ANU Mll lUNlSUN Responslple lor lhls inlluence are Miss Lou5se Bales, who direcrs a senlor and a lunlor orcheslra ol slxly pieces each, and Mr. Earl lunison w'lh 'rhe a cappella cholr, concerl band, marchlnq band, and pep bancl. a Q A Elllllll EHUIH 'llzlnlandlafl 'rhe lherne song of our blue roped a cappella choir, always slrllmes a responsive chord in Hs lislonors and wins for fhis group llc appreclalicn ol all fls audi- ences. Fourfh Row: Vlfccrlbcrv M, Davs Hole lncux-.win Scauainz Fc-"v Mabe J. Bar' of 'am-ra. Third Row: Mag --s llfhfcl, B. Davis, YNLIMJ lllxwon, Wu ze-' Nc-lscn, DQ-n'Qy. Second Row: XVWMI- EM: ,A lkydig-Y Skov! M--nn'--'Q M Nl-ff, Cfcoer, fha:-H l-'ax'--s Ma"". Firsf Row: E"dc's"-I Grcd.-.li Kncvfes Gvavws. lhcvnmn Guswwfson, Benne' U. B.m"r'v'albvv'a llqwnon, pusor. .W 'H Hlllll Slrike up ine Band! Yes i'We Love a Paradef Ano when a band pre-senls such a marfai air as ours does we can iusly be mend. Qur band 1-as-raveed COP?-OQV5bly for a Hgh 92100 orqan':af'Cf' and wlferevef if goes " wwe, iapdnq feel and ewfnusaslg appiause in ils walce. No lese penn far ik, our an- nua bane QCVTCCN. Ani: km!! games wcud 'ie' be em be TQWVWCS ncf assemblies flwcse of E""V'T'if"i' Hqn wY+Pou' our band. G, Skinner B. Borup C. Van Paffen B. Willingham P. Schiller M. Riffer WU! MNH H. CORNETS Cf.A'x1' 'fuiiw '-, I.Bf-wi' C4.Siir'r'-- B.B"'i.: P. ljiimrf 0.5 " f,.V1" L M.Ri",' B.Wi1i'- L.RyA-'19 iisimm CLARINETS B. Bm fir f-my R. J.C3fvx LCLHL S. Crum-i M.G'a3vir B.G'.a" K . . .Cwws BASSOON R.ThLfiii OBOE M. Bfawky R.No1s:w TROMBONES R. i'iFLL3'COL F. Leonard Holverson, M. Chen M.W-wh C.. Zlmvvi B. Oll.iiv1 ,X . LJ, RNYM S. TLWUVYV, MVKIL Vi L.Wiv:i-1 J. W' Nh ivi. S1i3'i1:" Marching Band Q. Linn? M.Ni':r 8.1 ' w BARITONE ME- BASSES E.Piwii'ipS Cf.Nifi"f-is L.Kv'xv. 6-S R.W'-ifiv lv-BGVL.,-Cd R.NirHf-ig W.Wfiv4fvS B.SLivr:c-i FLUTES TlB.h,..,., R.i1i'd'i-'H S.K'- - l.Siir'-v M CLi,f.f,f.,v. Livfiaya ' V DRUMS SAXOPHONE HORNS V. Vi, ad H- H7 'E D J.B-1"rw'iaLv--'na P. H--3'Wir'r- M.DfwiS C-f.WLiTsfXi Cf. Davis C. L. Curvy B. Hf1vdv.i'ic L. WiHifEYSLL1Cid J. Dion R. Ni-iwm D. Smi'i'v L. Rfrynoids D. Smiih, M. Davis, B. Hardwick G. Whifsell, E. Mays ey D. Harris, M. Riedel, W. McProud, J. Wood G. Davis, K. Graves 5. ' . ls" Lf! M ' LQK If " ,va . 1. 511.1 Q L 'W ?"Z Qur Qrchevral VVQFQ proud our if and ILISHY SO. If br rugs Us Trsff hand acqua4m?ar'Qe wlm the claasir Cal in music. Tnrouqh if we fearn eppreciaion of finer rrvinqs. M qlves a deeper meammq fo our flvouqrws. R. A'-.-.:r"v E, BESHFE' P-'. Bfafvc 3 E, P-rbsfsa C.J:l'1fs3rr J,Jf5r'si' G Whos D. KE'-:Md J. Ndand J. Paddrm N, Prwi' Iss PIANO L. Rfffcv' CELLO M. Gushrscf M. Ho'!ir':gwcr'h B. Jackscr VV. McPrcud vf9f"f' N 48 fi VIOLINS -. P' ss.. lx! 5 :F m f. S' 1' 3.5"f, N. S-Vw Q15 'H' B.SP1u1df"z J. Sf Ib-H: E1fvNQvd FY Hwi M. Mari " VIOLA I. Tw. JMS f.M :vim E. Mfafer BASS J.H1f'm1'w SI Wg: J K J. "1 Se nior Orchesfra Q UHEHEEHM Above-STRING ENSEMBLE Below-FIRST VIOLINS 0"l The annual orcnesira Longer? in December was enoiner score for the Music doparirneni. Trey were noi Bare-Poor' boys, buf sfookinq. iooied Virginia Reeiers who brouqi-f down the nouse ai Hue orohosira assembiy in Maron. Among your sefeciions we espe' only 'Tied and wii. remember are Mannaiian Moonifglriif' and Jeene Vxfiih We ljqni Brown Hair. CORNETS CLARINETS B.Bf'i.: .LCVM M. -f. Smeg .i.SiH-W5 S,iriu'r'ra ive, 13 fi,Vani'.a'fi-1 B,Gi.,-'er PERCUSSION FLUTE5 J, Bm iiiii mor-nn P- MMS CZ. fjmg G,W'wf'se'i J. like HORNS 5- KW M, Davis Tszomaomss H"'?""i 52, were-L VSWH M,Nz1w S BASSOON rw ir Rim Ju nior Orchesfra n sem: curcle are Me wh: hw I Y I O yr s rss 1 na s rwe Whr 5 nv F r C nfer back are Ma y H ronf 'FS VV nsef w U HMV 1' sf V' F GU nd h! Wk F I VT I +1571 F L- CGS 'YYY V' VVordS And fhms group of happy s+uden+ hbrdry rnon ors and Jrhemr supervmsor Mass Charlowre Swarman nave been More Thaw of ucfcnf +h year sn acquannfunq us vvrfh fhe subs+an+uaW wodd or cools They hare been kepf bu y an worwnq queshons and looksnq for references They have been ursrrurnon al an wncroa mg our knowledge and rn helprng our hapowne S fo grow Durnnq fhus schoo year abouf one L undred and W y new books have been added To our hbrary shelves Thus rnc Udes 0 sd of he encydorbedua Amerucana An average of severny fwve smdcnrs come +o fne nbrarv each do and mfr oshmafed 'rhaf +he cfrcufahon of books has reache4 hve fnousand 32 A -'K i' . . liif' -yi' 4' .' ir- ' K., M , mx ' , r I '- ' : 2' f S' A h svn, Ma y Sho rg Cm I Lnf 7 ' RCI' dd M.. Snr fr f " N. Phyfi He:e'ire, J. Kndovo . t Ja ' Rf-sid v, Mr 'y Ric dc- Shinev Hsh. I .X e , Z ' fum-Q Q! who Qnbirvson' f t " ff'-'S Hi, e Juanha E sz 0" I : o:f:'hy Lee. f 1 I 'VHYYTS in fi'f' 1'fl'h i v'-T' 'ind 'S -'45 ""V'f. Av 1 A sub fa fia v.r-Hd o fh mm- d pod. Rou Q eso, 'fh 'Q ,dvi's sr 0 1 as -les d bin d C r , 'I 2 o ,d our hacoiress v.Q'I qwv.. H, Y V,C,+l', . . H . . . c r .I , . , ' 7. r f f F5 ' ' ' ' ,, . ,, , , , . . ' . r ' r S S ' b . X ' , f I h S' A . ,Y . C x . N . y V T W . i X ' n X r X . . I A I. U . .C . A f ,I . I . J A ' 1 u, v. 1 X. SllUillll lillllli SilEil Each age musl have i+s hisforians, fhose who record by words, piclures, and music fhe oulslanding evenls of Jrhe lime. We, lhe members of lhe slag of fhe I94l Squaw Bulie Saga, are collaboralors. We have endeavored lo record permanenlly for you, your year in Emmell High. Our space is limiled and we have favored piclures rafher lhan dares-fhe resulls ralher Than lhe means. If you fail +o find a dale or a score, we hope you'll find insfead fhe face of a friend-lhe words of a song. Our produclion s+a1Cf has been headed by Pally Knox, edifor. She has been ably asssfed by +hose in +he piclure below, Rosalie Robinson, Bessie Shucls, Lanela Graves, Genevee Davis, Lawrence Deen, Louis Arrizabala, Curlis Ludwig, and Miss Pelerson, No annual is possible wilhoul an erleclive business slag. Louis Arrizabala, as busi- ness manager headed our sales campaign and wilh Don Shane sold ads To Emmell business firms. His salesmen were live wires. In fhe piclure fhey are: Baci: Row: B, Hdlinqworih, W, Mcpioud L. Graves, P. llexe 'ire M. Davis R, Robinscr Second Row: G. Davis, P, Knox I. Bicanoi L. Johannesen. Firsi Row: B. While, L. Arrizabaia, D, Mabe, R, Smilh, J, Beilia, Paffy Knox Edilorial Sfaff salesmen Louie Arrizabala YQ ica- 'Usb Ulllulll Tlue I94O 4I debale season saw Increased acluvuly Eleven debalers parluc pa'fed luavung among lluern sux'fy nune unlerscluool debales Florence Yarnell and Juanuula Gardner repre senled us un 'flue S R V cluampuonsnup lournaruruenl al Nyssa un wluuclu lluey placed un a lluree way lie for runners uo Juanula Gardner Evelyn Moser Eorence Yarnel and Lawreruce Deen loolc parl un 'flue Weslern Duslr c'f Nallonal Forensuc League lournarnenl un Lewus'fon Four deba'fers represenl ed Emrruell un 'flue lcaluo 'lluurd D slrvcl lournanuenl ln bollu flue N E L uournarruenl and 'flue Tluurd Dus lrlcl lournarnenl Ernrnell placed lourllu Florence Yarneul Juanula Gardner Lawrence Deen Evelyn Moser and Wanda McProud re ceuved debale awards Mr Turnudge wullu luus conlaguous enlluuslasrn was an urruporlanl laclor un llue success ol lluus group FEBATL ll an Ho nu Doro u s Eu e urs Row J l G nf r or ibn DECLAMATION Agnes M Poud Evelyn Moso lllllullflllllllll In llue declanualuon conlesl sludenls unleresled un speeclu were guven an opporlunuly lo develop ullueu ulalenls along flue lunes ol readung oralory exlernporaneous spealung and dramaluzaluon Mass Sloclcslager and Mr Turnndge coaclued slu denls wluo parlucupaled Al 'flue dus'frucf rneel un Parma we were represenled by Evelyn Moser and Lee Woodbury un llue read :ng duvuslon Lee gave a drama'fuc and Evelyn a luurruorous selecluon Evelyn won llue pruvulege ol enlerung llue slale rrueel Margarel Madsen un orugunal oraulory Lawrence Deen un erlerruporaneous spealcung Palsy Sluannon un ooelry On ullue casl lor our one acl play Two Crooks and a Lady were Marulou Draper George Slcun ner Jean Knox Agnes McProud Carl Van Pallen and Joe l-laslcuns : Mu, uv I rue, . Bcnruoy Lil ,l an, lluy Cleul, Vlas'a Eunda, Lewl ll u E' f 2 .uunia ard :, Fl A erre Yuurnoll, el Lawrenru: Du- . rg 1 4 , u' 'u , e A f Y , I I K ru , , I Slcclslaruou, George Slcinneu. . . , . . . W . , , . l l - - I - - ' . , , . u ' fu . X 34 Second Row T nd Cecil Ev yn Moser Ma arcl Mudsen Ma ulou Draper Palsy Sluan on L e Woodbury Wandu Mcp rud Jean Knox M ss :Rs R AFM OFM .,, E 01 ,uf-1 age, 'MQ ,4. fda ' , o"'f'9iv 'P '5 : --as Air,-, 9 c fQ ,, . . . . sf f1TJ-i10 5 l believe in lhe lulure ol farming wlrh a A ,IJ J A faifh born no? of words buf of deeds .... ' Here is lhe molivafing force of one of lhe mosl aclive and mosl ehleclive organiza- fions in school, The Fulure Farmers. ln lhis group we find "The Farmer in lhe Dell" of grade-school days lurned info a delermined and purposeful young man. Almosf filly of Them are grouped logelher in lhis club. A large parl of lheir success is due lo lheir direcror, Russell Hall. Aller Mr. Halls requesf for a year's leave of absence his place was Taken by George Moran. The boys 'rhinlc he fills Mr. Hall's shoes very well indeed. ln lhe lop picrure are Paul Olberding, public speaker: +heir F.F.A. banners: lhe year's presidenrs, Lewis Fuller and Floyd Brown. Back row: F. Slees, K. Hunler, B. Carlsen, O. Prilchard, F. Harris, L. Fuller, W. Johnson. B. Russell. Third Row: G. V. Moran, B. Himes, K. Sfandley, R. Carey, F. Oberrneyer, R. Walker, O. Hall, R. Jensen, B. Norwood J. Hansen, P. Harris, H. Benqe, C. Biffers, R. Hall. Second Row: E. Bean, P.OIbevd1nq, F. Brown, M. Noland, B. Wallace, D. Maslevson, B. Slcoro, VJ. Faclcler, J. Bean J. Hunl, E. Willey, W. VanCleave, H. Nesbill, G. Sfahl, M. Rowell, R. Alger. A. Vesellca. Firsf Row: O. Bigqers, C. Beckman. J. Woody, R. Woofers, G. Biggers, L. Campbell. DUROC 938 Sf- H.. Fourih Row: Larson, Var- Pawer- Emanuel, Soauldinq, Arrigabala, Mabe, Hollingworlh. Ludwig, Winlerscheid. Third Row: Flmddi TlWOmGSi Revnvlds, Philiips Jaclcson, Whilsell. W. Mcproud, Yaqer. P. Knox, Davis. Mays, Riedel, Reynolds, J. Knox, A. Mcproud, Miss Larson. Second Row: Ward. Cooper, Rose, Fisher. Moser Johnsen, l-laimon, Knowles, Bicandi, Walker, Shannon, Draper, Barrio" Robinson, Cranef. M. Perry. Firsi Row: Clarlx, A. Perry, Skinner l-lolve-'SP' Biidfwnshn Paffy Knox, Evelyn Wallrer Palsy Shannon THT lllTEllllllE And all lhe men and women merely players. They have Their exils and lheii enlrances, And one man in his lime plays many parlsf As You Lilce ll Members of The Thespian Club are slirred by The same impulses which gave us our grealesl dramalisl. To promole inleresl in dramafics and 'ro provide opporfunilies for sludenls lo praclice many parls, This dramalic club was organized. This year lhey lived up lo lheir repulalion for high-qualify worlc wilh lheir comedy, 'Sevenleenf' The Chrislmas assembly program was noi produced because of lhe flu epidemic. The oneeacl plays were pronounced a success. Several members have been eligible for membership in lhe Nalional Thespians. They have had Their piclures lalcen in coslume, some posing as Tavorile characlers, some iusl posing. Firsl we have Pally Knox and Evelyn Walker. Pa'Hy's lavorile parl is .,-N. 'rha+ ol Jenny Malloy in Fool-Loosefl She also had a major role in "The Youngest" Evelyn lilced besl her parl as Kafherine in "Quiel Please." She also played in "Cap+ain Apple Jack." Palsy Shannons Tavorile role is lhal ol Aunl March in "LiHle Women." l-ler olher parls were in 'llzalef 'Floria Mundif' and 'lThe Perlecl Genllemanf' 36 NlllUNM lHlEPH-XNE FVELYN MOSKR Wed bus? lv-3' zum? as Lola Pva'l in GFQRQE SKINNER plflfed lcv lwls fav We llw: YC9 OT Sn-ve-weed Snr- lftix fav? un Swsavbled Eqfgs and Bffffsify Ir Cawnln Annlnlatlf. His fflwf-' rules we e Qui:-l Pls,-asv. Swvwnlvfffm and 'lvufu Cfclfs and fl Lriily, WANDA MrPRUUlJ enjoyed mos? llwe mln cl Nancy Bllaln in Im- Yfvunfri-si Slw: alsc played in 'Frpcf-Lcosfef IRENF BlCANlJl na-vcd Her lavvlle Cavl In 'Fool L"sfr vwwf- SPH pfayeo Mavy Lfvv. Hev film: mac sr ll' Yc 1 LAURA KNOWLFS x-.frz lv-1 'faumls as Prpuy Fdlw- an " '- v..1 U f- Q,r1f,"5l'T Appleynalc. MARHOU lllffxpfl? is lmcmllmv lLllllf7WOWl1'Y7lv liwfuvilr-. LH' I 'SV Jl'AN KNOX lllcf-ci May PfvCl'vcav in Sffvcnlc-onf She glwf- lwlf-d lv-v luv' as Muiq. HM cllwev pmlg vmgwy ln 11 grlnyf,-d 7' lvmv Cvflrs and fx Lfyiiyl lgfvamole Cm".1l" Ar-plr-ln' l, Sf-vv'n'f,-fr frd Tw' C"7l5 :md "5 .Vid VVPY llwc CHF-'-5 PIM 1, an Lady! DON EMANUH like-il H5 pm? ir' SULJVIN-Hlflv U 6, llf- AMNLS MfUROUlJ Has "K rglimsu. Slwe played in 9 has been a lmndy man avfvund fm- 5'fx1ff lm ef-vf-'al pw Yu: ws? T.-.f Cmflg and 5, Lady' Glgrm Mun dm llfris l"'lLldlU1 Sew- --we l F ' L wiv, ,ard Ll"lf- fwn lv- ' fNw'?1-v"ff. Ol V' SL' liked NV' rw-V F--1 vw "v1 ln 1 'ww lm C-N' 'ff Muodl Evelyn Moser Wanda McProud Laura Knowles Don Emanuel George Skinner lrene Bicandi Marilou Draper Jean Knox tr .,...mr""" Nx'M, vyk' um 'b X x ' 'N - .' -fn' ,,..f-ffhwff .I K ix J Ai Batik Row: ui. N land M,LJi.1xw B. H i' viii S K'i'1,R.HviJ' if. Froni Row: J. 'i3sV's Q. Siiwifi-' J. Ffh 1 W. H .1-'snr i. rv' 1'-' ', Hiizhi-s U, S:'1uidi'i SEVWHN in fhe aii-school play, our firsf drarnafic hir of The year, Harrnon Hoiverson as Jrhe ioversiek Wiiiie Eaxfer, and lla May Hughes, his iam-eafinq sisrer, vividly broughf fo iiie Boofh Tarkinqfonis novel, 'Seve-n+een,i' The Jrrials and fribulahons of fhis boy in his Teens came ro a syrupy ciimax when he ieli-eyes, head over heeis--for his i baby-Talk iadyi' and her iiprecious Fiopirf' Wiiiieis arnpifion fo appear ar The iadyis farevvef dance 'n h's farhers dress suif ended disasfrously for Wiiiie, happiiy for his iamiiv, and hif iariousiy for fhe audience. The piay was drecied by Miss Berrha Larson, Thespian sponsor, and was sraoed under fhe auspices of The Thespians. CAST OP CWAWAfTE QS Wiii'f? Bm?"-i' rimiiilarz H versii-rr .ii h'rif- Wf1's'r C iif, i,g+- Szirnfei Jive Bar'--i iii: M1aei4..':hfss ,F 1- Bu'iiH s1,1fkNfsiand Mfg, Bn'-'li Ni 'r"1 phi iii-S i'L'-- B iw' Mmiinu Diaper Mr, Bmff-r Biii HCnin1'.1.oifh fin- in' Comp:-i - Jerk Smidi Lehi Pre" - Fveivn Moser Geresis - - - JCC Haskins May Pavher - - lea' K'fl Mfafv B' i"- f Ps - - Shiriev Know Mr, Pfyfhgr - Bah Spai, dir: Wiiiiff- Banlvs Ref HT bfook PROQUCTION STAFF 1"-fi"'- BC-"h1L:'s n Sfud-'en' Mana - - iwwiv' War-rf L" 1 C 'v"'ii"1-'r Di'sv Shaw' n i 1 Muvs Joi' Knox S'a':f- Ma'a :WS EV," En Nuff Cx' Vi' DV'--' V :"M'1h-- Srage S,e'iQiy 4 Mr, Mi. bnzck urd Shao boys PLL '7'v - Giyde Whi'sci, Marv Revnoids EAPWN WPHJAU4 A VKQQU ar Arabhm Krfqvfg .xdvenfnxrew romance-mya1eryffa'r waoicsf--frcasurcsw-pfafcfigali ap- Qaarcwd in Thin fTWOdfIVIW wmlri wlufm fL1e:7urWiOr5 roduced Wwh' dass lax, 'Gawain A iclad, ' dfreded p A ,A WM u VW f F , by Mm B Q Fw ard, Carl Van PniffC'W, as fXmbr'oso Appkjomm, soic Survivor of an 0 ni fmd arhiocraiic famiiy, alepfffhen romod H25 way Hwrouqh a soluiicm of his dlffic UHEQL, Yo H10 Mme of W YQ Ho-HQ and fa Bofilc cf Rumfx We conqrafdafc you, Juniors. QAST fxff V '3fXf'fx- 'i WS Av' bww Am Fw Cw4vYV.1" Vxxvw' Nw, F1 V :wx IxAU:i3f,,u Dvauev M1f1v'w-Vfz'-U-1 .VE 'I VVV.: W ' ::'l f iir1"EP'.'-CJ' F :xy 5 L 1. 1 ' X ' L Vv'F'f"3 LN-Qd lx1'Az.WP'1' '- i fi l.- , W 1 rr-' ,N v L-vi-' y Lfusw lvfm Bmxlsly fw v QS'-fwfr-v ll' Q"' Z1vvv'f:'v'vam 'Uyi QfY::,A.3i X ' ' MR ' f'-' P' vi Sha :f- Hmm .i Bdnw X L'-5 1, Lf' 1- fl " Zg"kfY'f'! ff M ' ' -"1 1 M Ribfsir :ww A"Hm B'f':':H Aff,'-"5-,Viz F ff' F r ' 1 4' V 1 iw-VY V :SMH F' rwvfy Vw- .Www IH" V' - fwfly' Pri, VA. l..1,-. M Above: NA"If'- -- 1 1 ' L rf:-, Below ua.-111, BN :Qs SUM-1-' B'S3f,-'gs'Rn- V 1' . S" PM V ff Above RQ,-,T U' ,pm Zymyvw vm! W,x'U Sklpn- Below: Ver printf Wfnvd VW'g'c'S Vid. r 1 i ! 'ww CAST OF G LmIIy EarIy I PTY I Y 1 1 Jenvy Ma Oy 3 Y 114 rn Wa Irer N. O T rd We S GS er 5' son SENIOR CLASS PLAY CHARACTERS Lwwlence Uber' LareTa Groves Mary Reyro ds rrmne Uberuaw Irene Brcandr DaIe M Tbe I.rOna EIwOOd PaIIy Knwx UI Anza aa Wanda Mcproud III I'IoIImqwOrTI'u Lcurs Androes CIara JOI'msOn PRODUCTION STAFF MISS SwaTrnan DIrecTor I :ng V BurcI'1eTT B I-IeIrner A roud S OI I KnIqore MISS wa n G Wh Ts:II G Dfwrs F ron? D rnanue ar rr The semors chose Tor TIwe:r Tuna' appearance a Three acT comedy FOOT Loose, by CI1erIes Ouumby BurdeTTe In IT Mary I-Iope Bob, and DICI4 Early ronnped worked, and wOrrIedTI1eur way Through a Ionq Three monTTTs wI'1nIeTITerr parenTs TOOI4 a world crusse Drreded by MISS CI'warIOTTe SwaT"nan ILIIS pIay proved IusTTI1e Trung TOrTI'1e expressuon of The TaIenTs oTTI1e c:asT Work On IT was noT wOrIc, buT Tun An approcrabye audrence pronounced IT anOTI1er sensor SUCCESS ' I Q' I fa ' I ' Rirhard E l'Iy - - f ' W , I-Io 0 Lan - - - I . I f'I:Ir Eavy Y Tc ' ' ry Mfr Early - - - 'A ' ' V . Bob Fr vIy ---A - ' f - IDL-Ir nie frr- ,2 'Y Rand'vIQn Cunnin :Imrn - BiIIIe EVOIOTI 2 x II - - - 1 I Buss DQII - Lo 'e r"' bfI ' Me 'a I 1 - .IafIc 'HIT rd - - BA .' Sane IIQS - - ' - M' . Farr T - - S'TT' : . , . , . MO ' ' , P' , ,H I, O. A . ' S T- , ,Q ' ' nna , . I : , . ' , . Ry A X' A F : . Er I, F. L so D, R ff Af' MHHHEE WMM! gamma!! M aww 5 ew Q 4 4 f' -nr 1 LQ'-ik' W , My 'mf CAG? 2.1 U7 ZZLLVZ f2zk7 fQf XYCQWZ ffm gfczif of fm Arrow Enfg H10 A-r She Was a'- Acrcbaf s Dauqhier Tam Me Om My We Bail Game Zf ' Loyal we ll be lo our hnqh school Wufh colors blue and whale Our men are slvonq our hoavls ar rue o some how boys and l 11' R Rah ah c l b herf so new Well baclc you any fume So hqhl fqhf Huslues Fnqhl lqhf for Dear Qld Emrrell Hugh HHH HHHHH lHlHlHH Here we have The pep behind lhe pep an Ernmell Hugh our cheer leaders The rs as no easy faslc They ve gave-n lheur hme lhelr energy and 'rhelr voices lo gnve honor 'ro some one else Here we honor and lhanlc you Dale Wanda and lvlarlorue Ken Cerberry Walfe Carfe M Hollnngworfh D Mabe W McProud HHH HHHHHHE KEN CARBERRY our loolball and lraclc coach rrade ln hrs fwo years here an envnable record He has no lhe founda mn lor a f-ood alhlellc program and for ln sl cluss learns nn fuluve ycars Hus philosophy ol qood clean larr play ss as long a faclor foward hrs success as lSl1lS CO5Cl1IF!QIlSGll Has roolball learn brouqhl baclc lo Emmell lhzs year lhe Armns Ice Day vlclory over Weiser and Wllh 1 The so lhweslern Idaho charnpuonshnp VVALTE CARTE Huslue baslrclball menlor was responsible for anolher lvsl class learn lhls year Our varslly won nnneleen pro lournamen? games and los? me He bvouq l lhem 1 ouqh a esl o a lourrarnenl schedules wrlh Flymo colors He s spendnnq hrs Mme fhns sprsnq coachvnq baseball Walfe has won lhe adrnlrallon ol The players and fans alulfe for has llne sporlsmanslwp bolh IU coachlnq and al names To bolh ol you VIS1 lo y 'lninlc yo for me learns and lane :deals W VARSITY Third Row: Eiquien, Gaia Tea, Uberuaqa, BeiTia Foruria, Davis. Second Row: Coach Cade B. MiddIeTon, J. Harri Cheney, Benqe, Adkins Hosoda, Coach Car berry. Firsf Row: Winlerscheid Cornwall, Sweef, W. Mid dIeTon. Newel, Slabauqh 2 4 Heberr, Alsaqer, Hill Van PaTTen. "'i.ff SECOND STRING Third Row: Biqqers, Pike, P. Harris. BurcheTT, AI qers, PeTerson, Manaqer WaTers. Second Row: PaynTer, So enson, Fosdick, MacAskiII Raney, Cooper, WesT- brook. ,K Firsf Row: WinTerscheid, Hosoda. Hill, W. Middle Ton, Eiquren, Sweet Q H E I ,K E -'ffigff Illlllllllll A red and gold landscape, The snap of frosT in The air, The blare of bands on parade, all spell TooTbaII in EmmeTT. Our season is always poinTecI Toward our "big game" wiTh Weiser on ArmisTice Day, And This year The Huskies brouqhT The honors back To EmmeTT To The Tune oT 3 I To 6. This same vidory won Tor us souThwesTern Idaho disTricT honors, Too. Men who earned Their IeTTers This season are: GaraTea, Rynearson, J. Harris, Hebert Sweet Alsager, Newell, Eiquren, Cornwall, Mgr. Benqe, Van PaTTen, Uberuaqa, Benqe, Slabaugh, Foruria, Mayer, Cheney, BeiTia, B. Iv1iddIeTon, Borup, Rice, Adkins, Carlsen. CAMPS AND SCORES Ernmefl' I4 Vale 0 hr'nmeIT 6 Parma 7 EmmeTT 6 Onfario I3 Ernrnelf 33 Nyssa I2 Ernrneff 33 Payeffe 6 Ernmefl I4 Meridian 7 Ernrneff 3l Weiser 6 44 wy e Adkrns S f r ua s wr, ruar n al lrallbock r r nrrgr v JO n Berlra Jun 0 quarlerbark and lurlback Jolwn rs nor buf makes up for l-le was e ne fflwe squ oward enqe enror Guard N rfe l e srars on s n se lem analyzrnq llre blades Ol q ass llwe s 1 l Clecd guard errrard Carlsen Senror end Tlwe lerrrble Swede one boy who really enrcys a slrucmle Clreney Senror end an plenly louqln on delensr n Cornwall J nror q r 0 ys rr'rle bu? a plenly a Fcrurra enro en enl ul a lg e an pass snaqqf r from way bark w en 1 flux' 1 '5 -I Ulf Adkrns Cornwall Mayer Berha Forurra Mrddlefon Rrce -.Jar Benge Garafea F f Lrnr r Whwr on ernse ranlr rur f,pJ el Junror l-larrrs unrer r bu? very powerful rnl e 'r Q ennrs H ber? Junror fquard rns wr? rnwrl a 1 y Can 1 so b a lol re punrslrrnf arold Mayer Serrror u playe u lba k n ellen e and fackle rr defense a lrard drrver and a lonq passer Blly M ddlelen Junrer Handy Andy acglwreves lwrs name cause lr plays el vlnereyer placed a qoocl passer O 1 ll Ulf L XVY L Fl bl? VCVY rn af Mm: r ard Sabauqlr Serror cuar Wr re rs anollner o Ternmy Uberua ra S nrrr lm bark a qond passer re n rrnr eslfpn yryvellrryar ar . w 3 ANN L. Carlsen Harrrs Sla baugh BX Cheney Heberf Uberuaga Wf n , A enrfnr ---play fd iq lly a rll al r d Frank uara 'wr J 'frr f n-nlgr rrrrd fs 'rrrr d r "ff, :- a d --a lwa d u . - and al .ays in llre llqlrf, d li F fir es Ylre ' x f Mfrs plays belfr- hey de, ,lr 'A 1 r rf ' s l . J I I I I blq ' Q rl in llqkrlinq splrll, 'lrlw I 'NJ I ' 'wldillc' 'llll Sllmll 'VFW l", C ad. ' ' ll 'rl E' D ' e V - ' -sr --lea. ,lr Cfw fl rrd H f' B, -SI' -A . oft lr +I hi rfsfrr ,rs f ,r- ' mr. e - r , r , rf rr 0 a V, I H - ' . 'P q" - d l l C 0 . s I - Ir l 'i . I l' ' be - r- w - l , l - - f , kvflll?-,fdk',k1r, Mel f- ' -fr f-a pass snfrcwzwr llwal ls, f d I gl m lf . , 2. Adr- Jrrrl Riff- Ju 'rr lafklre, 'll If H a mer J fs, Ke - u ' -a Iua d wh sa l' els Vtfmr y W ,WJ dl , .H. ,, . f l ' flue sfreamllrred lype. Always very low in lris posillon. R y ' 4--S A r-leff d- -sil b I hi r', d a 1 KI' --- e lv 1 fll K , -' ,. ', k' k- ': ' f K lr . er, a d 'Ln ep H. 1 s Fl 1- .r l r' d qe. ' ' 1 D . XX . l 7 J gj wry I ggy? 5 I M Q I I tiff xx 1 1 1 yi ' I 1. z ,IB I J , wfr , - w nie-8 .. 2 .A-I S' J' "' 'J - V M V , 4 v . ' ' by I ' IX, , l A 4 l . X is I f A ' B v l V L l"...s,,.nX A Ll k V il " N rr A ' ' f' . A f Q I n 4 K-. :rr F -I I4 l K K Amxkid... I . 'y 11 1 .' l -I y 'rf I f X I I. 1 1 I K I I 4 i . M r A as ff-elf 1 r lr r ll l ll J' l!i K . . . g k . .- FIRST STRING Third Row: Coach Carte, Titus. Uberuaqa, Beifia, Mqr. Benoe. Second Row: Foruria, H. Garalea, F. Garafea. Ashley. Firsf Row: Larsen, Hayes, Mayer, Smith, Cheney, IIIISIIIIIIIIII Our I94I baslceiball season was one of Ihe mosi successful in our hislory. II's Irue we didn'+ succeed in keeping our sfaie championship lille buf Ihere are yiclories for which awards aren'I provided. Our 'ream and our sludenf body proved fhemselves qenllernen and sporismen. We conqralulaie all of you. Emmeil' 42 Emmeil' 32 Emmeli 4I Emrnell 28 Fmmell 3I Ernmeif I3 Emmelf 33 Ernrnefl I2 Emmeii 20 Emmeii 35 Emrvicil 29 Ashley Beiiia Slar Balcer Gooding Nampa Vale Balmer Weiser Nampa Boise Onlario Payeiic FmmoH EmmeM FmmeH Fmmell Ernmell Fmmeli Emmeff Emrneu Fmmelf Fmmcll Frnrnefi Cheney Caldwell Vale Blaclcloof Shelley Idaho Falls Twin Falls Idaho Falls Weiser Onlario Caldwell . Payeile . Foruria Ernrnelf Emmell Frnmell Emrnell Emrne++ Fmmeli Frnmell Frnmell 37 Boise I7 Nyssa 25 Shoshone TOU RNAMENT 35 Meridian 35 Caldwell 27 Nampa 4I Caldwell 30 Nampa F. Garalea 29 I 6 20 I8 30 29 32 32 H. Garafea iiilfll SECOND STRING 521 Gln-I bf Q0 E Firzf Row: Pallerson, Cornwall, J. C Second Row: B. Middlelon, honey, Vahlb iquren, Hirnes, Holbrook, Wesrbrook, Bernard, W. Middleron. era Welfh, Hosoda, Sfhiller, Barroelabfsna, HHH iillll Fred Ashley--Senior. player and helped many close qarnes. Proved lo be a very adaplable wilh exneplionally clever passinq in John Beilia-Junior-rerurns nexl year aller provinq a hard-workinq reserve. Johnnies infelliqenl play will help nexl season. Mel Cheney---SeniorApr'ovided lhe learn wilh a conslanl sleadyinq delensive influence. Aol- scorinq threal and inq as caplain, Mel was one of fhe oulslandinq hiqh school players in lhe slale. Ray ForuriavSenior-played several pesilicns on lhe learn very well, Defensively a sleadyinq influence, Ray helped win many qarnes. Frank Garalea-Juniorgplayinq his lirsl year as a reqular, proved lo be a qreal lonq-sho? arlisl. His posilion as quard gave Frank fhe chance lo display a srnarl orien- sive and defensive game. H ank Garafea-Scphornore deve'oped rapidly io be Corne one of lhe belief players on lhe squad even fhouqh he is only a sophomore. Hanks knrillianl lonq shols helped on rnany occasions, Hayes Larsen Ma er Ernesl Hayes--Junior---playinrq his lirsl year won a requ lar posilion by exceptional shoolinq and passinfq. Lriliiiy Larsen--'Junior olayinq his lirsl year cgave lhe loan: an excepfior-ally slrmvq reserve. Avurale shool in x and dependable passinri were LeRoy s 'enlribulions Harold Puri' Mayerfgenior---provided fhe Huskies wilh a lfiole-lhreal pivcl rnan, Puqisii qreal board play, pivnl shols, and delensive skill helped lo rnake lhe learn inlo a well-balanced unil, Ralph Smilh----Senierfdevelooinq lale in lhe year, won a rc-fzular posilicn by exceplicnally hard wcrk, Wade Tilus-Senicfrfprcved lo be a dependable reserve wilh exhibilions ol clever passinq and exceolional shool- inq. Wades abilily To play any posilion was exlrernely valuable. Tr-rnrny Uberuaqa Senivr --his speclafular dribbling and Dassirv: aided 'he 'earn lo presenl a srnoolh-runninq ofiense. ln 'he dislrfrl lrurnarnenl, Tommy lurned in some biilliaril rififnes. y Smifh Tifus Uberuaga gn'-me lf lHlEl ln our fraclr picfure we have our l94O leam. Qur l94I squad is buill around leflermen from lasl year. Oulslanding among fhem are Dion, Relcow, Beilia, Rosenlund, Carlson, lvliddlelon, and Mayer. Cfhers who are expecled lo add poinis are F. Gararea, high iumpp Evans and Alsager, hurdles? Cornwall, 880-yard run: Sorenson, weighlsj R, Smilh, mile and pole vaull: Declarlc, pole vaulli Sweet J. Smilrh, Belr, Hosoda, sprinls. TRACK Third Row: Carlson, Lankford, Sweei, Campbell, Cornwall, Hosoda, Degen. Second Row: Dion H. Garalca. Declarlm. Alsager A. Bernard, Alqers, Harris. In Middle: Basabe. Beilia. Firsi' Row: Hill, Rosenlund, F. Garalea B. Middlelon, Walers, Hosoda, Brown BASEBALL Second Row: Schiller, Benqe, Reynolds, Coach Carle, Grimes, Emond, Adkins, Ellis, Kunl1el,Norwood. Firsf Row: Genessy. Fnruiia, McCall, Hall, Howard, Smith. HlElHAll Baseball lives a hard life in Emmerl High. April showers may bring May flowers buf They don? malfe baseball players. However, The spiril of The game can"r be drowned and an enlhusiaslic club Turned our for praclice lhis spring. In lhe piclure we have lasf years leam. Leller- men from lasl' year, many of whom are baclc again, are: Schiller, W. Middlelon, Smilh, Kunlcel, Grimes, Adlcins, Reynolds, Foruria, Benge, How- ard, Genessy, Hall, Norwood. TT" HHH To encourage more inferesl in The field of afhlerics and To promole a spirii of good sporismanship among siudenrs is ihe purpose of our lefiermens club. Boys who have made a lerfer in any one of The Tour major sporls are eligible for membership. ln addirion io ushering al games and acling as hosis lo visiiing Teams The club sponsors Two maior aciiviries, a carnival, and a formal dance. This year fhe carnival was held November 29, and proved a successful money malcer. Proceeds were used 'ro buy needed afhlefic eguipmenf. Irene Bicandi was elecied "E" Club Queen and presenied al +heir ball March 28. A queen is selecied each year for her scholasfic record, her arhlefic record, her leadership, and personailfy. Forly members belong lo The club This year. FIRST SEMESTER OEETCERS SECOND SEMESTER OFHCERS Presidenf ------- Tommie Uberuaua Presiderf - - - Hoy-.aid Benge Vice-Presidenl - - Howard Benqe Vice-Rresideni - - Raymond Feruria Secvelary - - Willard Slabauryh Secrwary - - Ralph Smith Treasurer - - - Raymond Foruria Treasurer - - . Freddie Kunkel Serqeanf-af-Arms - - Harold Mayer Sergeanf-af Arms ' , Fred Ashley n +he s+ep-Kunkel, Ashley. Adkins, Heberf, Beifia, Rynearson, Cornwall, Schiller, Benge, W, Middlefon, Mr. Car- berry, Swueh Newell, Mr. Carie, ending--Alsaoer, Relrow, Dion. Grimes, Slabauqh, Mayer, Hill, Smi'h, Eizquren Ecruria, B. Middlelori. Harris Mabe, Ei. Gnralea Carlsen, Bvfwn. Si'H'ing-- Chem-y, Rice. Borup. E. Gaiaiea. Van Raflen, Benge. Uberuaga, Rosenlund. x l J i X 31 Yi. E 'xfia T I 'Kit-A' 1' -U' L Tiigfs? N .- b . 1 nr Row Kr Cala, Pfsse' Mfser Harmon Knowles, Afwcrvh, Mass Sfoclfsa er econd Row J Hem 'Iva P4 k'+9ZB!TlFYQ, Blcomdi, Johnson, Murphy iyrw nfseW ON an or? urs Row B of.: Par' Kivms-r Phi'Eps, Bride-wshvo, SfV'dVT"1 A Ja m 1 P y EAA. be acrobafs' dauqhfers buf fhey're acro- fhose G.A.A. girls of our Huslaie High. on 'rhe hypofhesk Thar a heahhy body mind and fha? healfh and happiness are ercise and hm. They play hard so fhey Meir purpose E+ is To furfher inreresf in recoqrizc a+h'o+Ec abihfy and hue sporrs- ermcouraqe a feehnq of qood Fdlowship amowq 'rh gm! of rhe wiqh school. Th 5 hr- "rr L ue: S-Q-'--Vary, AQFQQ Miprczud: r F UFWY' VI' rf,-slfwrw' lrf-"3 Bfinrrih' Prf-Qfdevf. E 1 r Mr SV'-2,1 ': is 'hf Adxiieu in H V we- 'hfr Si"'s N'4r'51':Q's: Quo A X.-.c"'h, Jurff yn Muse" C:!'Nf'1.If'hV1S'xV' 5711-,fic WhI'sfri,Jf3f1m Hmmfrw. Hu Pham B'r:'n ove-XNanda Phillips Ida Murphy, Clara Jehrs n rioiie l-l llin r Eslll. AcTiviTies oi These l'luskieTTes are many and variefl. There deem To lie as many Things To do as There are members. They concenTraTe, however, on a Tew maior proiecTs. The SpinsTer Slcip in The Tall is one oT The TirsT gala aTiairs oT The season and usually sTrilces The Tone Tor The social evenTs oT The year. l-lere The girls really have Thcir Tiling and all males, bashTul or oTherf wise, are doomed To an evening ol hilarious Tun. l-laroid Mayer was crowned Khg oT Tnis years Slip. This is one organizaTion ThaT never appears To worry abouT Tunds, perhaps, because They so TaiTh- Tully TempT The Tans wiTh candy and gum aT all ball games. Their maior sporTs are baslceTball, volleyball, soTTball, and Tennis. Minor sporTs include everyThing Trom pingfpong To horsebaclc riding. Membership and awards are cleTermined by poinTs earned. The girls sponsor a playday in The spring and They aTTend Those oT oTher schools. New play suiTs have been ordered Tor Teams represenTing ErnmeTT. ln The GAA. we Tind some oT our mosT ardenT and enThiisiasTic siipporTcrs oT all school proiecTs. .Hlhey if- rim Ti fxmhifi .il 'We lfimi- By payih z wi: in ew-ii, :Tin Thr-se l'-Tuslif ' rs Above T s VVT-nTscl H ll Becw Lauiu Krcx a Below l Aly T V ri ua Aires Iv' Pio P is Helell 1 N. .An , ma' .Q- QS, 1 kj: . beige. 4- ' 4 I -Q -,Www ' of I l , , . .fy Pug x, Mfg 1 I ,, xl xg N n J ii . if .L+ , JL. ,I Uhr-D ,. xg, fb fy" x. V - Y' , 9' , ' 5 Q35 :NLS NX- A Q x ci xv '-' , '... x,, "fy N af. " ' ,J iff'-9 , , . nw IW 15 , 6- X J " , , 1 X 'Q 'X 1221 K Q- 1 r Xi' is 6 -9 xg s xv E183 'A 3 T' s 4 , EEHUUL UH Q90 Aww 4 Q x NE , x - x N ,f Q64 fffl x.. sin... QQ: Cf4fa,f'f, Mc? Qpdfiffj aZrZcf'Ze? He Cc B d Rknf' Au. Darwcr q f h Blue a d Whfe Bd!! Loafn' on is Lazy Day .raw 42' JANITORS These genial genTs keep our Tloors clean The hard way, wiTh plenTy oT elbow grease. WiTh energeTic i'Es" as Their con- cluclor They presenT a Tine chorus oT iani- Tors. Their harmony in work is The reason for our pracTically spoTless school. 'Es' Kroush, Melvin RiTTei', Richard Carey. Jfrlrrt llc-lrvr-gr David Bailffy,A'1i1' Wril'1-is. Dali- Nubr- ri ro rn r'1err1.'l..wr bu' hr,-did hrs shari- oi dus'r'r.r, l-lALL MONITORS These sTudenTs look careTree buT Tor one hour every school day each one of Them is very businesslike. Our hall moni- Tors have charge oT The halls during school hours, and if you sTep ouT oT a class room Theyll geT your number. They are To be congraTulaTed Tor a iob well done. Sfandingz l. Bicandi, G. Davis. L, Pfwn-'l, B. Jackson, R, Woirgh M, Perry, l, Bmnrfrr ll. Johnson, D, Slabauqh. W, Midclieron, J. Clark P. Shannon, A. Mclnrfyud M. Draper, E, Thormas, B. Herner. SeaTed: R. Vahlbera, J. Armsrronq, L. Aiirza- bala. D. Bailey, R. Davis, G. BurchoTT, P. Clausen, V. Burche'T. N. F. L. Our Golden-voiced oraTors-paving The road To Tame and TorTune wiTh con- vincing speeches. They're Tew in number buT They make up Tor iT in ambiTion. Two persons, Evelyn Moser and Law- rence Deen, won coveTed posiTions of membership This year. Beginning aT The back in The picTure, They are: E. Yarnell, J, Crardrer, M, McMillan, E. Moser W. Mcproud. GERMAN BAND "Ein, Swie, Drie, Spiel-N' and The German Band is oTT on anoTher musical spree. They enTerTain and They like To do iT. They like To do iT so well They don'T even sTop when The audience leaves -buT The audience doesn'T leave. Thanks Tor The good Times, boys. ElTon Phillips, Melvin RiTTer', Harmon Holver- son, Roland Nelson, Bernard Grallon. DANCE COMMITTEE The dance commiTTee is anoTher group To whom a voTe oT Thanks is due. Their hardesT iob is noT giving a dance buT Tinding a Time To give a dance. We liked Those They Tound Time Tor. Youll Tind Their picTures on page 25. '7 . A TTUETTTT NEWS The l-luskie News, our sTudenT newspaper, is mimeographed. During The TirsT semesTer iT is published once every Two weeks, during The second semesTer every week. The Two journalism classes alTernaTe in publishing iT. Wanda Mcproud is ediTor in The TirsT period class. ln The above picTure Trom Top To boTTom are: R. Nelson, B. MiddleTon, V. Williams, R. AlworTh, E. Briggs, R. Walker, R. Robinson, R. Raney, P. l-lezelTine, R. SmiTh, L. Funda, D. Johnson, B. Borup, J. Rob- bins, R. Foruria, B. WhiTe, lvl. Davis, W. lvlcproud, F. Rynearson, J. Wood, lvl. RiTTer, C. Ludwig, F. Larson, S. Yager, W. TiTus, D. Tvlabe. In The Top righT are Franc Larson and CurTis Ludwig. Franc was responsible Tor The rnaior parT oT The leTTering, and CurTis Tor The carToons and r'nosT OT The arT work. In The lower picTure are Louis Arrizabala and Don Shane. They did a large share oT The rnimeograph- ing and disTribuTed The papers. SepT. 3-School sTarTs. Teachers hinT oT Things To rorne. Sept 4fVJe had 'usf Kc leTT aTTer buyirg cur books, locker key, and acTiviTy TickeT. Sept I2fThe anTs, mcsquiToes, and Teachers geT TocgeTher aT Black Can- yon Tor a big Teed. SepT. l3-Frosh Frolic - everyone dances buT The Treshrnen. SepT. Z3-Assembly Tor SuperinTend- enT Van PaTTen who goes To The army Tor a Year. SepT. 24-Jubilee singers enTerTain aT TirsT naTicnal assembly-everyone aTTends. HTAUTINTTTE SepT. 26-T-luskie News announces Tree movie Ticket Sept 27--FirsT pigskin scrarnble. Our boys pile up a I4 To O score over Vale. SepT. 28--Grid nnen :1eT rnilkshakes. Mr. Carbefry rxefs The bill. Seph 30--Mr. Andrews becornes su- perinTendenT, Mr. hlasley, principal. CCT. I-Bill H. sTarTs Taking Trosh picTures Tor The annual. Oct il--FooTball-Huskies 33-Pay eTTe 6. OcT. I4-Miss Scheel iurnps Trorn Try- ing pan inTo Tfre4Trom hospiTal inTo school room. OCT. T7--Lola PraTT Moser and Willie Bader Hclverscn Teach us To Talk baby Talk. OcT. l8-NaTional assembly-Verne Slouf players. We see a guy Turn Trorh a civil war soldier inT0 Shylock in Ter' seconds. Off. 24"-UniveisiTy oT Idaho Pep Band pays us a visiT. FooTball-Er'n- meTT I4, Meridian 7. OcT. 25A264Teachers' ConvenTion. Turn abouT's Tair play-Teachers go To school. We geT vacaTionl Od. 284New porTable bleachers ar- rive. Od. 3l'-GhosTs and spookse-wiTh Tarniliar Taces-demand TreaTs. o X1 llUSlllT NTWS Paper! Paper!-AlThough we don'T announce The l-luskie News This way Theres a "Teeling in The air" The Third period each Thursday and every one eagerly awaiTs his copy. lT has been known To be laTe. Lillian Johannesen is ediTor in The TourTh period class. ln Their picTure above Trom The Top down They are: L. Arrizabala, Evelyn Walker, M. l-limes, P. Knox, lvl. Skoro, L. Thomas, L. Graves, B. Shuck, V. Bowen, L. Larsen, Ellen Walker, lvl. STokes, L. Adamson, B. Sorenson, E. Ashley, l. Bicandi, B. l'lollingworTh, E. C5araTea, l-l. Benge, D. Emond, L. Deen, W. l-lill, L. Johannesen, J. Spaulding, J. BeiTia, l. BarneTT, R. Flower ln The Top leTT picTure are LaneTa Graves and Bessie Shuck. They're speedsTers on a TypewriTer. They're always ready and willing To Type--even during spring vacaTion. ln The lower picTure are PaTTy Knox and lrene Bicandi, our ad salesmen--or ladies. Nov, l-RcporT cards! l wonder iusT whaT is in TnaT chemisTry book? Nov. 4-Assembly. James K. Allen presenTed an unusual drama. Boyl Well never Touch The sTu?T. Nov. 7-SpinsTer Skip--"Pug" Mayer is King Tor a day. Nov. IO-EuTure Farmers iniTiaTe eighleen. Nov. ll-ArmisTice Day game. We Take Weiser. Special assembly. Nov. lc?--Junior Play--Caplain Ap- pleiack-a riproaring yarn abouT Treasures 'n' piraTes. No. 2l-Thanskgiving vacaTion! Yes, we're DemocraTs here. Nov. 24-Our band masTer and our llTllllllNTl3lS office girl elopel Well, anyway, They didn'T Tell us TIrsT. Nov. 26-We give our besT wishes To Mr. and Mrs. Earl l-losTord Tunison, in an assembly. Nov. 297 E' Club carnival. Paul Schiller walks home wiTh a-no. noT a chicken-a Turkey. Dec. l-A new monTh and a new office girl. Audrey SmiTh is her name and we like her already. Dec. I--Annual price jumps lo 52.00. Dec. 3-WhaT's ThaT l smell burning? Cooking sTarTed in home making. Dec. 5--Welll Can you imagine Thal? Louie and Shirley are absenT. The paper comes ouT a day lale. Dec. 6-l-luskieTTes don red Tlannels -no-red corduroy. Dec. 7AOh! Darn iT, l losT The evenfs calendar and had To do iT over again. Dec. I3--And Friday-buT The or cheslra shrugged and gave a con- cerT anyway. A Top-noTch per- Tormance. Dec, 20-We close school because oT epidemic. lniluenza. Which is worse, school or flu? We Took The Tlu. Dec. 25--No, Sanla didn'T bring The Rolls Royce+liTTle broTher's scooTer made a preTTy good subsTiTuTe, Dec. 26-Gaswonomic disTurbances. Rosalie, HEAUL lNlRE ,lark ? -NYU Fav" ' fl--" A '--1 1 l- li. 11'-' " " I-fl"' 1:2 1".. '- . '. ' elaryl C11 vr".15 . 2 ,Vi -.Adm VVH: -l 'lf-l V lo-1:ie.3:1i". LK" 171 1"' 1 "-' .lil 'I l ' ' .lJ'. '+CL-'r"i5 Y JD 'w-'C-ClS. Bi- rlf-1 ' 'Vim' 1- 11' l-J-llg..J',. .111 . -1,.,1 Wi- ,.!,. 111, l, V5 " L.:. l ' '-1 .-.", 5-- 1 ' 1 1 "1' RQ..-p1-5-5-111-151-. 1-- l1.1r'1':i, 1'm1- '- all. F--l-.3-1 Bax--:1 1- 'llw .lin if 'T ' Q L .'-' 11 . ., " ': lvl 1 1'i Arm-viC.1'1 Lrilll- " Dr"-x1-:"S Q- V1-1.11 if ' F1 1. SL' 'll ' xl Q If A:"u'i 1"lv'v. Va- Q' '1 1'l ln"-l nl i.fu'l N,' :AVN l li 'I . r, MINI xv I-. Joi. ll7B11'.1:Vv5. l Fi:-1' 1-H i- Lt. ?O l.. -5- lV'C1 V' if- 'uw 5--1' -WL "'-- 51-.1 -' l-" -- .lai ll-A-fr Q-is l --5 1 P7 A 2 Rod Ln- lim. V.-'H :ali ' ' 'H-V1--.-. ' ' , S"'v'uS':i-' "'J"w. WW' S1111 I3 F'-gb, 2 Lllvvw 1s'u,l--vs :luv .-.1s'l1,".fl,f A fn 1 Jai 7Of VV-1 lk '--' ' 'rw l"--sf V11. lf' "W "-Q"1 -,l1.1f-"M -".l.lxlU'l N 'bfi' li liijlr. .l l-"I 1' T "ll Y AMW?" .I l:1LJ"!'3IIi 2 3.i": 1' 'fi--. :'1 1', 'y.!:"iV1"1- Viv J31. 22 -A 'wi -4 "-" :l.:'1.Nlq's11'- :'1"1 H - .1:': Qc". 26-V."-"-. s'.z"s VT 552.1311 l3.."- Mai, l-7-f .1b A-ze,-.-11, y ff'-' SVU. l'l--'o is 'N .1'1 dev- -'50 "11'r " 1"'1 fl ar 1 my be :inning 'fl 1 5-'MH fi rvv--'Vg' lm-V13--, :-"", ' 1lx. 1-,.1" -.-.ie-js. -1b.1:'1'f' 'f JA,-I Q7 ,,.f'f4,-wen ,, .' 3 14 A.-xl,,.l.l lVl.1'. lg ll--1-.1-q1 1 1-'S l :lvl ler1'1Q-- Vu 9- i WSW. 'fl 'Al Sl" 5 ' " 111, 29 1.-5.1-. -- 5.2.12 , 1, a' Erwin-l'. B1-:irn-11.1 5 Ql1'b.1'-.f l" ll' M .lllfm Mg. ll' .i lillwsl ll. SQNCMI 5111 ' 1 r rex. '.ll'l F .. K., , Jan' 3l fl" 12 'NJN' ' slr ' fj""' T.'11, 25 1-'Hua 1 'v1w11S mi: Clifilff' ' uf'1'-rl ,lf irc -,1 .',, -3 -AAQ M3 in. m,,.'.,,d s--rll,1'.'l1 z -1 "X' 'xi :- 1. 3 . Ci ldcmyv Vw 'Will l"""' 'i 'U Au. l Bm'-ls x:.1l'-- 1' z --I1 assfffwblv :"'in'-VY". M.. I p . ,fu MH, .dl 'Z-W pie' C.1"'i' ""1": "ip - 5' - N4 Ed Marilou, Evelyn Smiles Lucille T he Juar1ila's MX: '. 2 ll'-- 5'.1'--L' lv 1 fu' : 6 , ' - 1 I' gl ,.1zl, A11 ' 01: : "" - fi 1 .1"1l S '- 1- ' 1'-1 1' 1 -iii.-' Sr' .mv Mr. li.1':3-'yy 1-1 l V I l. A.: ', : 1' F' "1,1v'-- i i" ' -- 11-1 11' ir' -- ii " 'i ---l. 1AXl '. x 'V' ' Nl ' Il, .1Hf"l' l.i'X li1"' . 'mms' 1l'1Q.1'x1 vi '- 1,1 AF' ' 1 2 ' 'lv' :-3 'l':-1 ' " lil P 'i .l IW .lll"' l :"'l'-,iw s ',,, I .V , Ar' if 72, 'm' -051.1 il ' iln i' l'1" l lg l 11- 'v 'f 1.1 .--: 50 L'- if ri :"'. M1-, Vw-l 1'-, 11: .. ""1 .--v-- liw '-.'. 11' "1 1 1 , 11 Sl" -- HS' fi ' r '. Mi. 7 1 Xl' r-ul1i- l' 1-. 1 ' - ix, il' HJ li--1 lVl1',- li lv' "ifl11x.'.vl"-rw '11'1'i'1'. V llv- .""L1.1lf- 1'-- M1-. S-1" 's 4- - QQ--1 15-- N,-'.1" llollffzl? Mu- lr -B1 alum'-'1 S--V 's 'ffl ,1lt' iw T' yf-11'p.7vw 'lux lml " May 22 -C"""'G"'f?" -P'--fSG'i"'s 'C- Si J.. .L-,nw-N -L, if vxlbw ard 1lcv '--' y Ui 1111"--11. M1-1 71 -L' l-'Q '1'-- l'--xr-'i 1' V. ',: . . I. , ill ' R'Ylv'u lI'l'. M1, 'li WV- 1 'w'1.1--' llw- ' ' 1 ' 1. Loren Warren, Fra nlr, Harmon Cur+is For Whom the Bells Toll Tip Her Up and- G.A.A, lnifiafes Dale Es, Beulah, and Ed Tuny Beautiful Katie George and Harmo CROUCH'S MARKET Quality Foods Fresh and Cured Meats "We're Open Evmzifngs You Take fare of Your Health Let l's Take Fare of Your Sole CRANER'S ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP SCOTT SMITH-Jeweler s11,vmaw,xm1 2: nrmoxns 3 wxrcmzs THE PRESIDENT The Place Where You Van Always Find Your Friends WM. L. CLARK Bonds-Real Estate--Insurance--Rentals Phone 32 203 E. Main THE CORNER GROCERY The Home of Good Eats Stop and Shop or Phone I3 or 33 EMMETT GARAGE DAVE MURRAY. Proprietor CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE Conoco Products SCHOENWALD'S Inc. FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE C. D. BUCKNUM Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer FARBER'S 50 to 31.00 STORE Headquarters for School Supplies STOCKTON MOTOR SALES YOl'R FORD DEALER Phone 22 DAVIS DRUG STORE "Try flu' Drug Sfor1'I"ir.wf" PHONE Sl Sweet Hetherington ELECTRIC SUPPLY Everything Electrical Phone 36-105 N. Wash. SAFEWAY STORES, Inc. c:U.xR.xNTm511 MEATS and vEoE1',mI,Es J. C. PENNEY CO. JACKSON STUDIO A l'zlsh Purchase is 21 Cash Snvillg POR'l'R.Xl'l'S. l"ll.NlS, and FINISHING KIVALITY BAKERY AMERICAN MARKET "TlIH'4"N .NU Sllllsfffllff For Qflfllffjlll Fresh and Cured Heats CWhol1-sale and Relax PHONE 220 Free Delivery Phone 4 THE RAINBOW CON FECTION ERY EMMETT VARIETY STORE ctxxnll-is sc'nooI,sl'l'l'1 "We Blake Our Ou n lee l'ream" V A R l E'l'l ES SUPERIOR GROCERY "f'ompl1f1' Fowl Sfo1'r"' S PHONE T9 SPEROS DRUG STORE .lfll'f' lV1'fl1 Sli-flffjf uf Your Ifrnrrrll S E5lNlE'l"l' nlcxxvn FIRST SECURITY BANK OF SI'ENCER'S CAFE xvllDll'SOIIIl' Food for Huskie People KELLOGG FEE D MILLS Hay. Grain. and Flour Vegetable and Field Seeds Poultry Supplies Phone 50 GOLDEN RULE C l'. ANDERSON VO. "Emmett's Home-Owned Store" EMMETT INDEX .x xlonnnx I-luN'r SIIOI' Gem I'ounty's Home Newspaper When we were juniors our prom was "Deep Purple" fmt The "E" Club on Parade Queen Irene King Harold OUNT the jobs cheap electricity does at home. It is the best housekeeping bargain. Let it help you as much as possible. IDAHO POVVER COMPANY WHITE-CAMMERER HDWE. CO. PAINT HE.xnQt',uc'l'ERs AUTREY BROTHERS oENvE1c, eoLoR.xoo FARMERS, CO-OP CREAMERY CASH FOR SUNSHINE Bl"l"l'ER Phone 192 F. H. HOGUE FRl'I'l'S and VEGETABLES The House of Scr1'icf' HALVORSON PLBG. AND HTG. CO. IZZ9 South Washington Street Shep Phone 38 Home Phone 3-11 J CLUB CAFE OPEN DAY AND NIGHT "NYe Specialize in School Lunches" CASE FURNITURE CO. "Qualify with Iy'co11mng1" Phone 39 Herbert Reddick SALSKOV TRANSFER XL STORAGE Twice Daily Service to Boise COAL PHONE 204 BLAIR BROTHERS, Inc. CHRYSLER and PLYMOLTH Sales and Service EMMETT ICE CO. Cold Storage ICE COAL WOOD GAMBLE STORE Authorized Dealer H,xnmv.t1:E ,txo .xvro st'i'vi.ms HUSKIE MARKET Complete School Supplies and Candy Phone 196 First and Hawthorne GEM BAKING COMPANY Home of Butter Krust B'1'cnfI PHONE 74 GEM MOTOR SALES DODGE Bl'ICK l'LYfVlOl'TH Wrecking' Service Phone 5-I Day and Night Emmett EMMETT FLORAL CO. "Say If With FI!Jll'l'l'.W,' llvowt 98 708 E. Main BOISE PAYETTE LUMBER C0 RETAIL YARD DEI'AR'l'MEN'I' CITY TRANSFER LINE von, and QQENERAI, nl-:1,lvHRv GEM CREAMERY GENI ICE CREAM and I3l"I"I'ER ICE, COAL. and WOOD ton1.,ratulations Seniors! When YOI' start buying the groceries you'll find it easier at BROWNIE'S PLACE GEM FRUIT UNION Emmett's Fruit C0-operative Phone 40 MAYS SPORT SHOP CITIZENS' LUMBER CO. a fly for every fish and a shell for Lumber and Builders' Hardware BICYCLES and SIQPPLIES PHONE 154 GEM CITY LAUNDRY EMMETT MEAT COMPANY UDQRLESS DRY CLEANING "Home of Good .M011fs" Emmett IDAHO TELEPHONE 24 Bassett's SHOE REPAIR Service IIO North Washington Avenue WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY "Save With Safety" Certified Guild Shoe Repairing PHONE 65 EMMETT LOCKER SYSTEM FARMERS' FEED AND SEED CO l0t RFRS Wholesale and Retail MEATS "The Stow' With the CIhl'Ch'1'I'fI0llI'!f Sign Phone 26 Phone 278 Emmett, Idaho We'll be back in a year Mr. Rosalie Eldon I y Frank, Johnnie, Hank Misses Sfockslager, Hilliard Mr. Lame Mr. Eason 'Y . :rfb lily wvgrgxxx 1 ll '13 hjgc f f ff 53 OWLLL uv' IIS IJ 8117 300 l 1 1141444 1141 441 4 1 4 444 14411144414 44x14111 4744 1 1114411 11 I7 1 ll 111414 4 411 17 44111 411 144 1 1 1 14444 1141 411 1 4 4 7 44111174 144144111 141114474 11 1444 4 4 11 1 14141 1141447 ll 1,1 f 4411114444 T HF CAXTQN PRINTERS LTD PRINIIRS L1TH414RA1H1Rs BINDI RS QAI mx 1 II IUAH41 f 1- f 1 lc I s 1 X 0 Q 4'44'114'4'1'4'41 445 114' 7415441 411- 7 ' 71i. 11 11' A '5 411I,.' ' Sill... flflfl 5 4111 4'x .14'74'4'114'4'-- 1" . 1 .14'7- ll 11111 ll 54'14'4' 041441 41 7 '114'41 . '75 1101-- 447' 144 ' ' 1 1 1411 11.14 411 111.5 1 .141 445 4411154411 ll'l.11l 14144 441141441 ,1144115 117 f P14 J I 'SONM 7 1470 1 L , , 1. 1, in A A -Q 1 ., K 4 Ei 5 J' ff vi if -4iQ,L.'X 90 , 11 7 . Vw 43 jj iq ,292 fx! ENG RP- 'QDRTY P af. ' 81 COL. " 'Y LE 8r.BT

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