Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID)

 - Class of 1940

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Emmett High School - Squaw Butte Saga Yearbook (Emmett, ID) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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wa-x.sv.gfm. 5 . 1 - ---1 .:1ia:'1'.Y,.. 4 Y A ,- - ,-v- ,F M1 - :Y -2, -1 A N, , ..V, ,+ ' ,-. , , , ,,., ,V V Y Y ,'f.j',,,5 Q e , X , . -' f Sli X 'T' ' '1L-'?T1" , 4-- --V-fg5:1fQLl,'L L L ' 4 'ffl 2 X-.-f ' ' ,. ' f'- hi, - E433 '--L' -: f. -', v ' 1 .1-- ,- '-2,1-Af. .., qgelt, Q. 5 .,,Mzl,A I . , - 2 . , ..A3:,5 . . .- X -a 4. . . ,I ul, 42? ' Q K L 2-r Y - K 5-5, -atv- ir, . 1 '. ' , I Tm.. ,A ,. V V .ldv , - , -, 2411--L " -sl E' n,,.,., I 1-A - f - ..,- , -,ew ff .2 1 . , , - j :I Fnggf' ' - ' , - . QV fe l , igiffff' .. .., ,. V A. - ' 4 ' s ' if A . ' +54 - peas Hz? -' ,fl-1-pf' f'-:121f:f1iia2?3f..f'2--i:e""f'a-T-Lv'11,:aff-:t:vii-'-F51f5ff+1i.Q1-21222512--'a-:L x14-fix.- Wzswr f .-ff---.f - M---I--fe--x ' 2+ ' 'f- 4.. an x K Q ijjjjj-N: U-Egg ' ,E-i v 5 ,Q F1 L 1, P! 1 U W W 5. I. fu.-umm-Vwlumwmmhmmmmlwmwmrmnmmmfm.-MW1W ,. ,,.K,W,. 1 , W1 1 :WM X ' - , ummm S Edie SQQG Published annually by the Seniors of EMMETT HIGH SCHOOL Emmett, lclaho ,Jil We work . . . and like if. 46175900450-ji! Y, 55. JI 2 In REETINGS and sauhafrorwi sfuderwfs and fafuiry. . K! , ' Haviriq rwoficod how dusive memory can br: we U S MM! , , . . , rg rf A have arfempfed ro combaf Farmer Trmo oy rocordmq for rr., 0 rf X f W A ' you in His yoWume your acrve rwisrory durmq me past ' ' x U year, You were Wwe dwaraciors m HMS year 5 drama, You W ' f Creafod Jmo cvemfs, parficlpafed m Hoe acfryrros, roolf frm" r my 4 . A f ' ' A X mcfuros. Wo were me rocordors, ou me doors, Hom' r x H K F Y ff Kufrswkfwf X' X your record, and may we Corrgraiuiaro you for a Urw YCGV S VVOTL. ALL WORK ancl no play malces Jack a dull boyw-and who wanls lo be dull? Here in Emmell High we lmave had our fun, and we offer pidorial proof here, and elsewhere in 'rlwis boolc, of +l'1e spiril of lrolic llwal has been lcepf alive and slill burns slrongly. We play . . . and like fhaf, +oo. xxlfb 1 '-X lla Xl f C 3 A QW! 'o Yllll 1 l ,ff fl if , Elf ,f N X! fm U WWW IN DEDICATIN6 This, lhe l94O Squaw Bulfe Saga, 'fo Miss Lena V. Moullrop, we, lhe siudenl body. facully, and slalll, hope To express lhe beHer our sincere apprecia- lion for her friendly inleresr, underslanding, and supreme palience, fhe guiding hand +o so many discouraged slu- denls in Emmerr High School. zqcfnummbzaifan Al lho head ol every aclive ore ganimlion lhere musl be a sleady hand and a cool head. We are in- deed lorlunale lo have nol one, luul lwo such leaders, Mr. Van Fallon and Mr. Andrews. lhoy really need no inlroduclion, so we give you- W W Wafnpcalfen As our superinlendenl he has served nel only as a leader buf as a friend and an adviser. And we wonder whal our assemblies would be wilhoul his iokes. XXX Many Kmwlm Cheerful, helpful, and never firing, Mary Knowles is a "princess" of an office girl. Whal would a "pink delenlion slip" be wilhoul Mary s MK? efrfawafzcf zqmfzeam As principal he has earned lhe friend- ship and admiralion of all ol us. As a leacher of economics he has proved a diplomal in lhe arl of hiding his polilical beliefs. l-lis nickname you all know. Thal's righf. l+'s "Pop" lnserl-L. L. Moore. Lefl lo righf-M. M. Van Pallen, Ver- non Miller, Waller Nichols, OHo Wil- helm, Douglas Knox, Fred Whil- sell. Schaal 800111 l-lere we have lhe power behind The power. They have been generous and sincere, and we welcome Them lo our yearbook. a 1 lifiiil' i MTRIIHTKN . iT Qwwliq Lena Moulfrop lends a genfle, guiding hand fo fhe sophomores, who, having survived fheir fresh- man year, are prepared for The verbs. adiecfives, and ofher com- plicafions fhaf go wifh English ll. Hesfer Reynolds. The homemak- ing room is her sancfuary. Here she feaches girls fo sew, plan meals, and, in general, fo prepare for fhe fufure by living successfully in fhe presenf. Her arf sfudenfs malice posfers for school proiecfs. Kennefh Carberry. As a feacher and a coach he is lcnown for fhe vigor and enfhusiasm he iniecfs info biology and his physical edu- cafion classes. His foofball and frack coaching lceep him ouf of doors and fhe boys ouf of mischief. Louise Bales. A rare combina- fion of musical and polifical falenf, she conducfs fhe orchesfra and feaches communify civics. Her guief dignify and friendly smile have won fhe admirafion of all. Roland Lame. The financier of Ernmeff High is fhis guief, efficienf fellow. You usually see him af fha ficlcef window during plays and games. His subiecfs are algebra and boolrlceeping. Margaref Echfernachls subiecfs are varied, being Lalin l and ll, fyping l, and English I. The Thesf pians are her special charge, and her ambifious and enfhusiasfic guidance has puf new life info fhe club. Jeaneffe Clifford. Clever, and always smiling, she Teaches speech and girls' physical educafion. As G.A.A, adviser she has builf up a lively and successful organizafion. Eloyd Eason and Russell Peferson are conferring here as fhey usually do over problems of fhe eighfh grade. ln addifion fo being Junior High principal, Mr. Eason feaches Eng- lish and spelling and coaches bas- lcefball. Mr. Pe-ferson's guief humor and ready smile have made popular subiecfs of ldaho hisfory and civics. Elizabefh Smarf, As supervisor of music in fhe grades, she is pre- Daring a cappella choirs for fhe fufure. She also feaches liferafure. Mildred Bray. As a feacher and a friend she is definifely a success in fhe eighfh grade, where she is in charge of arifhmefic and reading. amzzy CharloTTe SwaTman Teaches En- glish To some one hundred and TiTTy lively iuniors and seniors. She heads The library sTaTT and, as senior play coach, Turns ouT many ouTsTanding dramaTic successes. WalTer CarTe. We know him as a Teacher and a coach. His sub- ie-cTs are chemisTry and physics, and his baskeTball boys are True champions because oT his paTienT, Thorough coaching. John Hasley. Truly a diplomaT is This Teacher oT American hisTory and iunior business. For exTracur- ricular work he advises The seniors and supervises our school dances. Elmer Holbrook. Here we have The man who rules The shop and direcTs The making OT all Types oT arTicles. He is as guick wiTh his wiT and humor as he is wiTh his chisel and plans. Earl Tunison, beTTer known as "Tuny," has Triends everywhere. As conducTor oT The band he has made a name Tor himselT and Tor EmmeTT High. When you're "down in The dumps," look him up. Elsie ivlaki. The sophomores know her besT because oT her world his- Tory classes. GoodfnaTured and helpTul, she was elecTed iunior class adviser and supervised Their prom. Lois LongeTeig. Hers is The Task oT acguainTing pupils wiTh The mys- Teries oT The TypewriTer. She helps Mr. Hasley guide The seniors and coached The iunior play. Ralph Turnidge. A guieT good naTure is his chiel characTerisTic, buT he can arrange Torcelul and decisive argumenTs Tor his debaTe sguad. He Teaches communiTy civ- ics, commercial law, general sci- ence, and iunior business. Edith PeTerson. She handles The novel combinaTioh oT maThemaTics and iournalism. When individual help is needed she is always ready, and wiThouT her The Huskie News and annual wouldiwell, iusT cease. Russell Hall. TTA big man Tor a big iobf' During The pasT Three years The l3uTure Farmers, under his guidance, have acquired an envi- able record. He is always ready wiTh a big smile and a hearTy laugh. And This is our EHS. TaculTy. While we sailed The seas oT ige norance, They were our beacons oT knowledge, and beTTer guides could noT be Tound. John Bacon Bill Norwood Darwin Craner Alice Larsen Warren Harris Simian? Qcwmazf E ARE a democraTic body and ThereTore musT have represenTaTives. These rep- resenTaTives, elecTed Trom each home room, Torm our sTudenT council. Yes, sTudenTs, here we presenT The TuTure congressmen, businesswonnen, and diplomaTs oT our counTry .... SenaTor Bacon! Congressman Jackson! . . . Oh, iT may sound sTrange now, buT iusT waiT a Tew years. OTTicers Tor The coming year are elecTed each spring. This year we have been ably served by Darwin Cramer, president Warren l-larris, vice-presidenT1 Billy Nor- wood, Treasurer: Alice Larsen, secreTaryg John Bacon, business manager. The councils ouTsTanding acTiviTies oT The year were The Thanksgiving and ChrisTA mas oTTerings To The needy. You couldn'T Tind a beTTer SanTa Than They proved To be. STanding-Mr. Andrews, F. Larsen, B. Dillon, L. Arrizabala, V. BenneTT, F. Brown, J. Mann, B. Borup, H. Holverson, R. Bilboa, D. Bicandi, M. BiclcensTaf'l. SeaTed-B. Jackson, J. Bacon, B. Norwood, D. Craner, A. Perry, A. Larsen, I. Bicawdi. Hamm Swim fmfutw Sopiwmcwe Zzawfzman pcm' Qwciuaie Gerald Slabaugh Ruy Hosoda Semcvn Moffo-"The door of success is labeled push." l936l Thaf was fhe year fhaf a group of earnesf, if bewildered, sfudenfs enfered Emmeff l-ligh as freshmen. Before long fhal greenness disap- peared, and wifh Gerald Slabaugh, presidenf, and Mr. Wells, adviser, we produced a fine as- sembly. Yes, we were learning and planning, and so- ln I937, as sophomores, we sef an even more rapid pace wifh Jacque Varvel as our presidenf and Miss Maki our adviser. Our assembly, a one- acf play, "Who Gefs fhe Car Tonighf?" was one of fhe besf. ln fhe meanfime we had been learn- ing and were prepared when- ln I938 we became iuniors. Ah! yes, fhaf was fhe year when we produced an assembly fhaf was-well, fhey can'f all be good, and we made up for if when we gave such a fine Prom. We had a fropical fheme wifh palms, soff music, and even Hawaiian dancers. We blazed an envious frail, and now we are--- Lela Herefh Seniors. Yes, now we're fhe fops. To sfarf wifh, we elecfed Jim Saum, presidenfi Lela Herefh, vice-presidenfg Gerald Slabaugh, secrefary: Ruy l-losoda, freasurer. We were "all se+" for a successful year, and under fhe guidance of Miss Longefeig and Mr. Hasley we fulfilled our plans. Our members represenfed 'rhe school in all of ifs acfivifies, sporfs, music, dramafics. Our major accomplishmenf was fhe senior play, "Bachelor Born." Yes, our lasf year has been a friumph. From our loffy level we loolr baclc over a full, happy four years. Now we are af fhe fop, and a year from now-we-'ll be iusf a memory. So goes life, and wifh our firsf goal reached we sef ouf for newer and higher planes. To you who come affer us, we can only wish The besf of luclc. May your school life be as pleasanf as ours. 9 g,4Afvr-.Z Jam ssum JW' my Jfeacfike M GLORIA RIVORD Valedicforian NOT ONLY a good sfudenf, buf a popular, friendly girl as well, is our valedicforian. Behind her she leaves a large field of acfivifies, all of which required pafience and abilify. She always proved equal fo difficulf occa- sions, fhus belying her nickname, "Burn," Sfudenf, musi- cian, friend, all fhese apply fo Gloria. Class Secrefary-Treasurer 2: Band I-2-3-4: Pep Band I-2- 3-4: A Cappella Choir I-2-3-4: G.A.A. 4: Girls' Sexfeffe 3-42 Lafin Club 4. I-7 lt, GERALD SLABAUGH Salufaforian How a sfudenf can pile up such a fine scholasfic record and sfill be cheerful and friendly is no puzzle fo "Jerry," because he has been doing fhaf very fhing for The lasf four years. His acfivifies include sporfs, and in fhese as in all else "Jerry" gave his all. His record speaks for ifself. Class Presidenf Ig Sfudenf Council 3: Class Secrefary 4: Baslcefball 43 "E" Club 4. SENIOR HONOR ROLL Sadie Kerr Gloria Rivord lvlyrfle Nesbiff Wanda Marfin Louise Collard lvlay Swenson Gerald Slabaugh Befh Riedel Margaref Goss Helen Warren Mary Ellen Mifchell Dorofhy Bicandi Dorofhe Couch Dorofhy Goodwin IO HAROLD ADAIR 'II'Iarry" "Being qood is an awful lonesome iobf' F.F.A. I-2-3: The Thespians 4: Livesloclc Juclginq Team 2-3. HAROLD ADAMS 'A lillle bashful now." RAY ALSAGER "Worlh malces lhe man." ' The Thespians 2-4: Foolball Manaqer 4: "E" Club 4: Monlcey's Paw 4: Bachelor Born 4. JOHN BACON "Ham" "Why worry? If malces wrinlclesfl PFA. I-2-3: Fooiball 2-3-4: "E" Club 3-4: "E" Club Presidenl 4: Dance Cornmiflee 3: Niqhl of January I6 3: Sludenf Direcfor Gloria Mundi 4: Sfudenl Council 4: Orcheslra I. GEORGE BASABE "Mooch Gahaqanu "BewareI I may yel do someihing sensafionalf' Baslceiball 4: MEM Club 4: I-Iuslmie News 4. ALTON BAXTER "Tubby" "Memory is Ihe Ihing ihal I forgei wilhf' F.F.A. I-3-4: Huslcie News 4: A Cappella Choir 3-4. DOROTHY BICANDI "Dori" "The only way Io have a iriencl is Io be one " Library 4. MARJORIE BLACKWOOD "Marqe" "She made a Iour year iourney in Ihreef' Orcheslra I-2-4: Glee Club I: A Cappella Choir 2-4: Sludeni Council 2: Dance Commillee I: Laiin Club 2. JOHN BOEHM "WhiIey" "Never do loday whal you can pul oil unlil Iomorrowf' Band 4: "E" Club 4: Foolball 4: Meridian Hiqh School I. DELBERT BOWEN "Red" "There musl be some hard worlc in him for none ever came oulf' EVELYN BOYNTON "Eve" 'ILiI'r's loo shorl lor worry." GENEVIEVE BRYNING "JiIiers" "Ah. melhinlxs I hear The dizzy rhylhm of a dance." Cheer Leader 3. JAMES BURTON "Jim" "Iadmi1I'rn qoodf' The Thespians 4: Band I-2-3-4: Pep Band 2-3-4: A Cappella Choir 2-3-4: Monkeys Paw 3: Orcheslra 3-4: Debale Manaqer 43 N.F.L. 4: Debale 3-4: Adverlisinq Manaqer Lifile Women 4: Bachelor Born 4. DON CAMPBELL "I'm noi a polilician and my olher habifs are qoodf' A Cappella Choir IV4: Huslcie News 4. DORIS CLARK "Clark" "A blush is beauliful buf somelimes in- convenient" I-luslcie News 4: Annual Slaii 4. LOUISE COLLARD "Louisianna" "OuieI uniil you Icnow her." G.A.A. 3-4. WILLIAM CONRAD "Bill" "Silence is qolden, bui wha wanls ro be rich?" I:.I:.A. I-2: "E" Club 3-4: Foolball 4: Traclc 3-4. WILLIAM CORNET "Billy" "No one laughs al my jokes." LEWIS DEGEN "Bill" "A man is nof measured by inches." lNo piciurel Yell Dulce 3: Track 2-3: Foolball 4: "E" Club 2-3-4: The Palsy 3: Bachelor Born 4. .Semm DOROTHE COUCH "Dorl" "Being good nalured is my specially." A Cappella Choir 3-4: Annual Slafl 4: Huskie News 4. BETTY CRAIG "Eels" "Take me lor whal I am-nol lor whal l say." Dance Edilor Comrnillee 4: Huskie News 4: Assislanl ol Annual 4. DARWIN CRANER "Pres" "Il shall be done." Class Presidenl 3: Band I-2 The Thespians 2-3-4: Declamalion 3-4: Sludenl Council I-2-3-4: The Thespian Presidenl 3: Nalion- al Thespians 3-4: Debale 2-3-4: Sludenl Body Presidenl 4: Niqhl ol January I6 3: Main Ollice 3: Properly Comrnillee Chairman Lillle Women 4: Handbook Edilor 4: The Monkey's Paw 4: Bachelor Born 4. MARIE CRANER "Mareesa "Work or play-il's all lhe same." Clce Club 3-4: Norlhwesl Music Feslival 3: U.S. Music I-eslival 4: Dislricl Music Feslival 3: A Cappella Choir 3-4: Girls' Sexlelle 3-4: Goodinq High School 2: Bachelor Born 4. PAUL DANNER 'IDanny" "Whal I don'l know will lill a lol ol books." Huskie News 4: Annual Salesman 4. NELLIE DEMASTERS "Nell" "A liqhl hearl lives long." Huskie News 4. BETTY DILLON "Dillon" "Lel every man enioy his whim. Whal's he lo me, or I lo him?" Huskie News 4: Annual Salesman 4. ADA MAE DRISCOLL "Bools" A good hearl is worlh qold. JOE ELLIS LOUIE EIGUREN "Bulch" "Talks a lol bul says nolhinqf' Baskelball 4: "E" Club 4: Huskie News 4. "Missouri" "Silence is golden and I'm llal broke." Crane I-Iiqh School 2: Aurora High School I: Huskie News 4: PEI' Club 3-4: Baseball 3-4. HOPE ELMQUIST "Snorly" "Full ol humor yel lrue lo duly." Annual Slall 4. EILEEN ERVIN "Ervin" "One lillh sense: four lillhs nonsense." Niqhl ol January I6 3: The Palsy 37 Declamalion 2: Huskie News 4: Bachelor Born 4. DEXTER FORBES "Silence is lhe counlerleil of wisdom." Orcheslra 2-3-4: Music Eeslival 2-3. MARIE EORGY "Suzzie" Hill Cily, Kansas I-2-3: Huskie News 4. EDWIN GENESSY "Ed" "Never lrouble lrouble unlil lrouble lroubles you." Foolball 3-4: Baseball 3-4: "E" Club 3-4: The Palsy 3: F.F.A. I-2: Huskie News 4: Spinsler Skip King 4: Annual Salesman 4. PI-lYI.I.IS GODFREY "Phil" "Smile and lhe world smiles wilh you." G.A.A. I-2-3-4: Huskie News 4: Tumbling Team 2. DOROTHY GOODWIN "Bulch "A blonde bul nol liqhl-headed." G.A.A. I-2-3-4: The Thespians 4: Huskie News 4: Glee Club I-2-3-4: Girls' Sexlelle 3: A Mad Breaklasl 4. MARGARET GOSS "Skeet" "We like her lor whal she is." Li++Ie Women 4: G.A.A. 2-3-4: The Thes- pians 4: Slale Tennis Meel 3: Bachelor Born 4. MAXENE GRATTON "Mic" "l'm aTraid in The dark." Glee Club 2-3-4: Annual STaTT 4: A Cappella Choir 3-4: Girls' SexTeTTe 3: Huslcie News 4. GERALDINE GRAVES "Gerry" "A laugh is worTh a Thousand groans in any rnarlceT." Band I-2: Glee Club 4: A Cappella Choir 4: Huslcie News 4: Annual SlaTT 4: Dance Com- miTTee 2. MARIETTA GRlMES "SweeT buf silent" Huslmie News 4: Library 4. LOWELL HALL "BuTch" "Fender of baseball Than sTucly." Baseball 2-3-4: E.F.A. 3-4: F.F.A. Judging Team 4: "E" Club 2-3-4. JACK HANSEN "PunTchen" "When humaniTy begins To Think, iT sTops having Tun." WARREN HARRIS "The way To succeed is noT To Tail." Band I-2-3-4: Pep Band I-2-3-4: The PaTsy 3: DebaTe 3-4: The Thespians 3-4: LiTTle Women 4: SludenT Council 4: Huslrie News 4: The Thespian PresidenT 4: Vice-PresidenT Sfudenf Body 4: DirecTor- Submerged 4: Bachelor Born 4. ALBERT HELEAN "Ham" "I dare noT be as Tough as I look." Huslcie News 4. LELA HERETH "Lee" Her hearT has room Tor many friends." Class Vice-PresidenT TirsT semesTer 4: Class PresidenT second semesTer 4: STudenT Council 4. WILLIAM HOLCOMB "Billy" ' "Why all This +aiI and Trouble?" ADA HOLTON "Cile" "Preserve my digniTy." RUY HOSODA "Rudy" "You couldn'T dislilce him if you Tried." BaslceTball 3-4: "E" Club 3-4: Class SecreTary- Treasurer 3: Class Treasurer 4. LAVON HEAP "Hezzie" "Taken, WhaT a shame!" Band I-2-3: Glee Club I-2-3: A Cappella Choir I-2-3-4: Girls' SexTeTTe 4: G.A.A. I-2-3-4: G.A.A. PresidenT 3: Cheer Lead- er 3-4. ROY HOWARD "I'm on The angel's side." Coeur d'Alene High School l-2-3. GENEVIEVE HUMPHRIES "Ve" "The less you spealc, The more you geT done." GEORGE JACKSON "Champ" "Silence may be golden, buT l'm no miser." The Arrival OT KiTTy 2. VINCENT JAYO "Vince" "SomeThing is beTTer Than noThing." Huskie News 4: "E" Club 4. WENDELL JENSEN "Dell" "Take your lasT loolc-you're graduaTing." The Thespians 3-4: NighT oT January I6 3: Main OTfice 3: ProperTy Manager The PaTsy 3: STu- denT DirecTor LiTTle Women 4: NaTional Thes- pians 4: Bachelor Born 4. ERLING JOHANNESEN "Swede" "STeady worlc brings sTeady gain." Scholarship 4: F.F.A. I-2-3-4: Kansas CiTy Judging Team 2: F.F.A. Judging Teams I-2-3-4: F.F.A. PresidenT 3-4: F.F.A. Vice- PresidenT of SouThwesT DisTricT 3: Annual Salesman 4. SQMZGM RUBY JOHNSON "Poop" 'il canil lceep a secrelf' Huslcie News 4: A Cappella Choir 41 Norlh Bend, Ore qon l-2: Rexburq. Oregon 3. SADIE KERR "Wanda" "Good lhings come done up in lillle paclcaqesf' Librarian 3-4: Glee Club I: Bachelor Born 4. JAMES KINCAID "Jim" 'llhe slraiqhl and narrow palh is slippery as well," Huslcie News 4. BETTY KNOWLTON 'Belly Boop" "Um-how I love chiclrenburqerf' Glee Club I-2-3-4: Huslcie News 4. JACK KREIZENBECK 'Waslinq lime comes riqhl in his line." F.F.A. I-2-3-4. ERNESTINE KROUSH "I lind il impossible lo spealc lhe lrulhf' ROLAND LANKEORD "RoIy" "School is lhe Ieasl ol his worries Huslrie News 4: E,E.A. I. ALICE LARSEN "Larsen" 'il lcnow an awlul lol, bul I canil lhinlr ol il." Cv.A.A. I-2-3-4: The Thespians 2-3: G.A.A. Presidenl 43 Tumbling Team 21 The Palsy 3: Slu' denl Body Secrelary 47 Chairman ol Junior- Senior Prom 3: Huslzie News 4: Annual Salesman 4: "E" Club Oueen 4: Sludenl Council 4. DOROTHY LEE "Dolly" "No pholoqraph does me iuslicef' A Cappella Choir 2-3,43 Huslrie News 4, JOE MALMSTROM "ihe lime lo confrol yoursell is when someone else will conlrol you il you don'1." EEA. I-2-3: Eoolball 4: Baslrelball 3-4: "E" Club 3-4. JOE MANN "He was born wilh wisdom Ieelhf' Band I-2-344: Pep Band 2-3 4: Orcheslra I-2-3: Dislricl Music Feslival I-2-3-4: All Norlhwesl High School Orcheslra I-3: All U.S. High School Band Ili The Palsy 3. BEULAH MARTIN "Bools" "Nice, quiel, and harmless." Boise I-liqh School I: Homedale Hiqh School 2-3, WANDA MARTIN "Sadie" "Oi.iel bul conlenledf' Lib.ariar1 4. OARNET McCALL "Mac'i "I am nol lo be lrusledf' "E" Club 3-4: "E" Club Pvesidenl 4: Foolball 3-4: Boxinq 4: lnlramural Manaqer 4. LUCILLE MQCALL "Cille" 'il am inclined lo play lhe fool." PATRICIA MCNEFF "Pal" "'lhere is a secrel in my paslf' The lhespians 3: Niqhl ol January I6 3: Lillle Women 42 Librarian 4. MARY McPROUD "Mac" "Common sense is very uncommon." Band I-243-4: Orcheslra I-2-3-4: C:.A.A. I-2-3-4: Pep Band I-2-3-4: A Cappella Choir 4: Music Feslival I-2-3-4: Woodwind Ouintel I-2-3. HAROLD MILLER "Tubb" "Too lired lo lislenf' Foolball Manager 2-3: "E" Club 3-4: Foolball 4: Huslrie News 4. ALICE HANSEN "Abbie" "II is seldom The price lhal malres lhe value." lNo piclure.l MARJORIE MILLER "Mari" "I have pracliced my smile before a lookinq qlassf' Pnyolle I-Iiqh School I-2-3. MARY ELLEN MITCHELL "Mickey" "I am lerrilied wilh cows." Olee Club 2. HELEN MONTGOMERY "Doddie" "I'm nol such a fool as I miqhl be." A Cappella Choir I-2-3. NOLA MONTGOMERY "Squid" 'II can'l resisl a barqainf' A Cappella Choir I-2-3, MYRTLE NESBITT "Myrlie" "My hearl is over al your servicefl Library 3: The Thespians 3-4: Niqhl ol January I6, 3. WILLIAM NORWOOD "Bill" "You can'l have everylhinqf' The Thespians 3-4: Sludenl Body Treas- urer 4. CLARA OBERMEYER "Obie" "Il's nice lo be nalural when you're nalurally nice." KEITH OTTERSON "OHee" "Conlenl is moslly due lo sleepinessf' ANNA BELLE PATTERSON "Pal" "She likes nuls-buf lhe sally kind." DORCAS PEEBLES "Ollon seen buf seldom heard." Huskie News 4: Library 3. ALFRED PERRY "Aop" "He cliqs up more dirl than a sleam shovel." Concerl' Band I-2-3-4: Pep Band 2-3-4: Annual Slall 3-4: Huskie News 3-4: The Thespians 3-4: Niqht ol January I6 3: The Palsy 3: Lillle Women 4: The Monkey's Paw 4: A Cappella Choir 3-4: Sludenl Council 4: Bachelor Born 4. ELMER PETERSEN "Pele" "He never lels school inlerlere wilh his pleasures." MERLE PHILLIPS "Flip" 'IA man is as qood as he has lo be." Football 4: Baskelball Manaqer 4: Band I-2: Huskie News 4: HEI' Club 4. +- JEROME REED "Rowley" N 'Somelimes bridhl young men grow up lo be Q alrnosl uselul cilizensf' F.F.A. I-2: Bachelor Born 4. RONALD REKOW "Ron" 'llzainl hearl never won lair lady." ELIZABETH RIEDEL "Be+h" "I deserve all I qelf' Band I-2-3: Pep Band I-2-3: Lalin Club 3: The Thes- pians 4: The Palsy 3: Library 4: Nalional Thespians 4: A Mad Bieaklasl-Direclor 4: Bachelor Born 4. ELVADOR RITTER "None buf lhe brave deserves lhe lair." Band I-2-3-4: Pep Band I-2-3-4: Dislricl Music Feslival I-2-3: Foofball 4: "E" Club 4: Sub- merqed 4: German Band 3-4. JOHN SANDERS "Jay" "Orc-Bal oaks from lillle acorns grow." Huskie News 4. Semcvzel MAYNARD SANDERS "Slnoly" "Men blow Their own horns because nobody else blows lhem for lhemf' Pep Band Manager 3-4: Band I-2-3-4: The Thespians 3-47 Sludenl Council 3: Niqhf ol January I6 3: Little Women 4: The Monkey's Paw 4: Debale 3-4: A Cap- pella Choir 2-3-4: Dance Commillee 4: Nalional Thes- pians 4: Bachelor Born 4. JAMES SAUM "Jim" "Gone bul nol lorgollenf' Band I-2-31 Pep Band I-2-4: German Band I-2-3: Tennis I-2-3-4: Golf I-2-3: Huskie News 4: An- nual Business Manager 43 Photographer 4: Niqhl of January I6 33 Lillle Women 4: The Thespians 3-4: Nalional Thespians 4: N.F.L, 4: Debale 3i Class Presiclenl 4. HELEN SAWYER 'iscaller Brain" "Shall I go on, or have I said enough?" CHARLES SKGRO "Charlie" "Philosophy is lhe salve ol clisappoinlmenlf' Eoo1balI4g "E" Club 4i I-Iuskie News 4: Tumbling Team 2-3: F.E.A. 3-4. WALTER SORENSON "Wally" "There's nolhing like a good iokef' F.E.A. lg I-Iuskie News 3. WAYNE STOCKI-IAM "Red" "Work is a luxury in which he never indulgesf' MAY SWENSON "Maizie "Thinking is a wonderful lhoughlf' Band I-2-3-4: Pep Band I-2-3-4: Orcheslra I-27 Lalin Club 3: Library 4: Dislricl Music Eeslival I-2-4. DOROTHY THREEWIT As arlislic as lhe day is long. Huskie News I-2-4. MARIE WANDER "DuIchy" "Wilh a song on her lips and a smile in her eyes." 6.A.A, 2-3-4: Orcheslra Ig A Cappella ' Choir 3-4: Huskie News 3: Glee Club b 3-4: Dislricl Music Eeslival 3: Girls' Sex I fy Ielle 4. I-IELEN WARREN "Shelly" "Nolhing small aboul her bul her size." The Thespians 3-4: Huskie News Edilor 4: Orcheslra 45 Annual Salesman 4. ROBERT WATERS "Bob" "We like him slill-lhe sliller Ihe bellerfl F.E.A. I:Track 2-3-4: Foolball 3-4: "E" Club 3-41 Baseball 2. WANDA WHITE "Bulch" "As friendly as a baskel of puppies." Band I-2-3-4: Orcheslra 2-3-41 Pep Band 2-3-4. LYNN WILLIAMS 'IWork-lhaI's wha? he likesfl MORRIS WILLIAMS "Thinking is a wasle of lhoughlf' F.F.A. I-2-3-4. NORMA WILLIAMS "Norm" "A smile is lhe same in all languages." A Cappella Choir 3-4. FRANK WOOD "I may be a success vel," I:.E.A. I-2-3-4. BILLY WORLEY "Bill" "Hes so induslrious lhal even his hair won'l lie clown." VELMA YATES "VeI" "She always gels lhe besl when she argues alone." The Thespians 3-43 Declamalion Eeslival 2: Niqhl of January I6 37 Main Office 33 Bachelor Born 4. I 4 2 ' bi Ami K 5 .. .M 'M 241 X x ' . 'XS ' - xx. R XS SS 545-t.... - W I .M,a.,- im. ! 'Q A 4 ' BI R mg 1 R Sf If Q . Y S 1 N X XX '35 'S . snl-.Jl lrene Bicandi Tommie Uberuaga Beulah Helmer Willard Slabaugh lke Ube BuTch Willie Dear Diary, Remember The day, way back in l938, when abouT one hundred Ten green liTTle freshmen TirsT walked Through The massive doors of dear old EmmeTT l-ligh? Remember, Too, The class meeTing we held? Our TirsT one, and our TirsT class oTFicers! And Then The day we gave our assembly. l remember ThaT iT rivaled The one given by The seniors. Well, Time Marches On, and Tor our sophomore assembly we presenTed Boise Junior College a cappella choir. We discussed a Trip To Garden Valley, buT were Tinancially embarrassed. Oh well, vacaTion's here anyhow. JusT Think, Diary. we're upper classmenl Everyone is simply awesTruck when They ree us, lall excepT The seniors, of coursel. We have so many responsibiliTies! Did you know ThaT Irene Bicandi is presiclenT: Thomas Uberuaga, secreTaryg Willard Slabaugh. Treasurer, and Miss Maki and Mr. Lame, advisers? WiTh Their help plus Thai of Miss LongeTeig and Miss EchTernach The junior class play. "The YoungesT," was a greaT success. My how Time Tlies! ChrisTmas is gone-we've ordered our rings and The Junior-Senior Prom has come and gone. IT was a beauTiTul aTlair. The Theme was "Deep Purple" and we danced around a rock garden and Through a grape arbor. Everyone had a grand Time! Gee, Diary, vacaTion's here already. l have To any goodeby now Till nexT year. vice-president Beulah l-lelmer, NO PICTURES Wayne Adkins June Alworlh Fred Ashley Howard Benge Alvin Bernard l-larold Bishop EdiTh Briggs Floyd Brown VincenT BurcheTT Bob BuTler Bernard Carlson Melvin Cheney Bob Chilcoff Florence Colfee BelTy Colburn Russel Colson Viola Conrad Virginia Cooper Don Couch lvlelvin Davis Donald Emanuel Duane Ernond Walfer Forgy Ray Foruria Shirley Fresh Lewis Fuller DoroThy GranT Phyllis l-lezelTine Mary l-limes Dorolhy l-lull Lillian Johannesen Daniel Johnson Anna Klingback PaTTy Knox Lucille Kroush Freddie Kunkel Franc Larson Jimmy Lee Bonnie Leece Dale Msbe Harold Mayer Marjorie Miles Ronald Mowe lda Murphy Glen Newell Mack Noland Gerald PaynTer Danny RiTTer Junior Robins Floyd Rynearson Lewis Rynearson Don Shane June Sisler Ralph Srr1iTh Jean Spaulding Floyd STees Wade TiTus STeve Tomlanovich Ellen Walker Frank Williams Lee Woodbury Louis Androes Louie Arrizabala Marie Blessinqer Caroline Challin Gfenevee Davis - Lawrence Dean Leona Elwood - Billy Everell - Juanila Everell - Lumir Funda - Juanila Gardner - Kalhryn Graves - Lanela Graves - Gerald Grolhaus f Gpal Hanlcins - - Dorolhy Hansen - Annabell Helherinqlon Shirley Holi - - Bill l-lollinqworlh - lylariorie lflollinqworlh lrene Hoyl - - - Elberl Humphries v Kennelh l-lunler - Juanila Kilqore - Arlene Lanlclord - Lois Lee - - Lslelle Malleson Aqnes McProud - Wanda Mcproud - Doss Nelson - - Paul Olberdinq - Effie Payne - Myrlle Perkins - lfllon Phillips - Mona Pope - Marian Reimers - Mary Reynolds - Maurine Roesbery - Pearl Rose - - Belly Saum - Bessie Shuclc v Mary Skoro - Lois Smilh - Jean Slippich - Mariorie Slolces - Ursula Slranqe - Lora Thomas - A Georqia 'lhreewil - Ralph Wallxer - Glyde Whilsell - Velma Williams - Jean Wood - Andy Tiny - Ree Carol Jenny Larry A Lee - Bill Biq Slim A Pick 'Nee Kalie - Nita Gerry l-la nlc Doely - Anne Sheshe Flash Marge Rene - Berl - Ben Wanda Beuller - Lee lizzie Aqqie G-abby Hop Dinq - Pain Myrl - Flip - Lyle Marnie Mary Reen - Poii Sammy Shuclcs Moon Blondie - Jiqs Marg Hershey Tommie Greg - Bud Whil Frenchie Bulch 3 mfricvfm .W NO PICTURES E. Walker H. Benge B. Borup 5 ASKETBALL players, Toorball heroes, Tennis champions, and baseball men, wirh an equal number of enrhusiasfic fans, including everyrhing from a Huskieiie iusr five feel io a "small gian'r" of some Two hundred pounds-+haf's our sophomore class. From +his varied group Byron Borup was chosen president Huberr Benge was elecfed vice-presidenr, secrerary-Treasurer was given To Evelyn Walker. Miss Bales was chosen class adviser. We've siudied everyrhing from verbs To The acrion of The human heari. H may be The verbs, or even The hearl acrion-buf whalever The reason, we're beginning To look like upper classmen. And were looking forward ro a big class and a big year as juniors in I94OI-4l. Margo Acheson Loucile Adamson Leland Alsager Rae Alworlh Joe Amyx Illa Barnelr Calvin Bernard Kenneih Beufler Clinfon Biqgers Granl Bingham Elinore Bishop Milron Blume Cecile Bonney Velma Bowen Delila Bowman Harold Bridensline Arlhur Briggs George Burchell LuDene Campbell Morris Chambers Emily Cheney Dorofhy Clark Teddy Clark Marlha Clemenis Harold Collard Kenneih Cornwall Millon Davis Pauline Davis Doris Dill Bobby Dillon Junior Dion Marilou Draper Donald Elmguisl Ruby r-lower Garrel Forbes Bob Frye Frank Garaiea Billy Glaclish Irene Glenn Vinlon Guy Elia Lou Hale John Hansen Gene Harlow Franklin Harris Junior Harris Dennis Heberi Wayne Hill Phyllis Holcomb Harmon Holverson June Horky Lovey Gwyn Hubbard Leslie Hughes Keilh Hull Louise Hunier Slanley Johnson Roberr Kimball Eldon Klingback LeRoy Larsen Shirley Larsen Delores Lee Kenneih McKaskel Margaref Madsen Vera McCall Leala McNeil: Silva Meier Billy Middleron Teddy Million Richard Moulron Roland Nelson Wilma Nichols Berry Norwood Fred Osborne Lois Peferson Oren Prilchard Alvin Rekow Jim Reynolds Aclelberi Rice Melvin Riiier Elmer Rodgers Mac Roper Jack Rosenlund Dale Rowell Jack Sheets Arfie Shepard Gene Shepard Lenard Simpson George Skinner Darrel Smifh Margaref Smiih Beri Sorenson Elaine Spiers Margarei Sfeele Frankie Thomas Lola Thomas Roberf Thompson Bob Wallace Helen Walker Rurh Warren Warren Wafers Eldon Whifeley Norma Whifsell Loren Winferscheid Bobby Worley Corf Zimmerman Vaun Acheson - Everell Adair - Joe Barroelabena Johnny Beilia - Don Blackwood - Mary Bliclcenslail - Belly Jo Craner Leah Fuller - Vlasfa Funda Dwayne Grimes Carl Gi-olhaus Belly Hardisly - Jean Harmon Elsie Hosoda - lla May Huqhes - Gwendolyn Humphries Maxine lvie A - Clara Johnson - Dorolhy Kincaid - Laura Knowles - Jean Knox - Shirley Knox - Franlc Leonard v Harold Lubclre - Curlis Ludwiq Delberf Marlin - Edna Marlin - - Yvonne Milchell - Virqie Morell - Evelyn Moser Nancy Plummer Lenora Powell - June Prosser Frances Puser - Lo Ree Raney - - Carol Lee Reynolds Mary Riedel - Rosalie Robinson - Genevieve Roqers - Maflie Rynearson - Bob Spaulding Q Carl Van Pallen De Loris Ward - Janie Whiheside - William Willinqham Helen Yales Y A Piclclepuss - Ole - Joe Johnny Blackie - Dinny - Jo - Lee - Glady Wayne Doqqie Hardy - Speed Ellie - Abner Gwen - Mac - Pele A Dol Mehilable A Jiiier Charlol Franlcie - Harry Sla psy - Maier - Eddie - Bonny - Virq - Cuzzy Margie - Nora - Bufch Blondie - Lo - Abbie - Mary A Posy Genny - Mal - Hay - Van - Tools - While - Bill Franlcie Scafzhcwmw 4 NO PICTURES F oolish lillls freshmen R unning all around, E ilher iuniors lramp on us or S eniors knock us down. H owever, we are up again, M any slrong are we: E verywhere you seo us, N ow soon we'll sophomoros be Palsy Shannon Marie Perry Belly Jackson E, THE "verdanl lreshmen" ol Emmell High have "wormed our way" inlo mosl ol lhe school's aclivilies. Presidenl Belly Jackson commands our group, wilh lhe aid ol Marie Perry, vice-presidenl: and Palsy Shannon, secrelary-lreasurer. Mr. Holbrook advises lhis one hundred and ninely slrong class. For our assembly program we broughl lhe a cappella choir from Boise Junior College lo Emmell. The evenl ol lhe year will be lhe picnic when we plan lo do some enioyable cramming. Vernon Acheson Dorolhy Allen Margarel Alsaqer Floyd Ashbaugh Juanila Ashley David Bailey Jim Bane Johnnie Basabe Norman Baxler Clarence Beckman Jim Bell Joyce Beuller Orville Biggers Charles Brady Harlan Bralvold Doris Jean Brown Nona Browning Richard Cary Jack Cahpin Slanley Colberl Keilh Cornwall Ruland Cornwall Belly Crank Billy Cripe Enid Davis Richard Davis Marlys Day David De Clark Edna DeGraw Billy Dunham John Eiguren Merle Eldridge Ray Elsberry Arlene Emond Doris Erickson Cecil Evans William Fackler Ilene Fisher Belly Fulgham Henry Garalea Herberl Granl Irene Grolhaus Marion Guslalson Orland Hall Bealrice Hansen Paul Harris Mary Harley Joe Haskins Billy Helheringlon Joyce Hezelline Bobby Himes Maxine Huddleslon Virginia Hughes Wilbur Hughey June Humphries James Jacobs Nadine Jensen Richard Jensen Gladys Johannesen Waller Johnson Alvin Lake Ella Lappin Belly Jean Larsen Allred Liechly Doris Malmslrom Frank Marker Bernice Lovelle June Moyer Waller Moyer Delberl McNeaIy Wallace Middlelon Deward Monlgomery Boyd Morgan Perry Murphy Don Murray Frances Nau Max Nichols Bob Norwood Edward Obermeyer Kennelh Oliver Maude Osborne Wayne Paynler Ralph Pederson Norma Phillips Harold Pike Alvy Pilman Gene Poole Mariorie Rickell Lois Riller Virginia Roberls Gladys Rose Mary Sanders Dorolhea Shepherd Jack Shipley Jay Sisler Doris Slabaugh Jack Smidl Marjorie Smidl Clark Smilh Dan Smilh David Smilh Boyd Slandley Keilh Slanley June Slein Avril Slipp Naoma Slivison Ilene Slockham June Sloiberq Virginia Slrang Verle Sweel Allred Thornlon John Thornlon Arzie Wallers Evelyn Acldii Robrxil Alqr-r l.0ri'ain0 Ayios ' Marilm Bavllwy - lhvlcwms Barioelabona Hilda Bevnnoll - Vivian Bunnnll - Rfvsiv Bilboa - Palsy Blevssiniier Joan Clin-k .lvssiu Colburn Km nm Cidnvr Fmiii 1-S Dal lon Wilnifa Dull yluaniln Fuindasmi Bwiimiri Qmllon llfinna Mae' Harris A , lyaxiriir Hail - Virqinin Haynus .lOl'1Hlll?lIWl?V V Norman Hollon lail Hfvsodn Vida Hiimislon .'oyio ,laclcson lihslsicr Jenson lloioflwy ,lolwnson Lucille Janus V Rhoda Knaull Uda Marlin - Juannu Malliis - Aileen Maxlifwld Ula Mays - - lliinilyn McMillan VVandn Mcmlqonwery l:l'anfSfWS MOl'lOn - Jcwliri Nosbill - - .laglc Noland Vernon Osbofn Jvssie Paddon lxlwyllis Paylcn Flomncez Proffrwi' Alborl Salazar - Paul Scliiller Roborl Slcinnoi' Dcuiollwy Smillw Carina Soom - Arlene Slippicli - Pearl Sweszl - Vivian Vallad - Rufli W9lCli - Belly Wlwilewliearl - Roy Whifeley - Jayco Wonady - Squoe Dope-y Lorry - Mail Loly - Huck - Zib - Bill - Pal Cldrlcy - Jo Dee - Puri A Rod Aqqie BOrny - Flit SQUii'T Jinny .lolwnriie Norm Squirrel A Vid Josie Tosie - Dol - Cil Naulf - Eld V Posie Kiley - Boss Mickey Soolcie Frarilcie Red - Doc Bucksliol Puddin Babe Flossie Albie Slvrirnp Slcinny Dolly Carmel Curly Babe Garbo Dodo Bulcli - - Wlwi Woody C. Hunier, M. Irving, P. Kincaid, N. Pefersen, J. Anderson, M. Dean, E. Ruyle. M. Frahm J. Knauff, N. Arnold, J. Sanders DMZ Q Juno Anclrerson--"Swede" fo her lriends, is a qifcl buf cheerful person. She can, on occasion, blush beaulilully. Junels subiecfs are shorfhand. br-okkeepinq, and lypinq Il. She also works in fhe rfice. Nelson Arnoldefix redfheaded, friendly lad, "Red" is faking chemisfry,alc1ebra, English IV, and fypinq I, He works in lhe office and qefs his fun lcasinq Mary Knowles. He plans fo affend Lewisfon Normal. Frances Beufler--The nickname "Tiny" iusf suifs lhis indusfrious Iiffle lady. She spends parf of her lime sfudyinq bookkeeping and working af Ward- woll school. And every minufe Iefl over she devofes fo perfecfinq her ping-pong sfyle. Marqarel Deanfcommonly called "Miqqef," this cheerful. aclive qirl has many friends. Riqhf now Joe Malrnsfrom fops her lisf. She is faking hornemakinq Ill, chemisfry, fypinq I, and arf, and plans fo enfer Sfephens College. Mary Frahm-When you see her fwin sisfer you can undersfand her nickname, "Double" She is, apparenfly, a lafalisf wifh no plans for fhe fufure. She is now fakinq shorfhand, P. E., and arf. Cafherine Hunfer-Small, smiling, indusfrious, Hlasronef' as she is called by her friends, plans fo enfer college. This year she has worked as Mr. Lame's helper. She has faken chemisfry, Lafin I. and qeornefry. Mary Iryinq--Here we have anofhei PG, wilh no plans for fhe fufure. Af presenf commercial law and fypinq II are her subiecls. She also works in fhe office. Pansie Kincaid4Known as "Kinkie" This serious. sfudious qirl is fakinq shorfhand, bookkeeping, and iournalism. She works in fhe office and plans Io affend a business college. She fyped parf of lhis annual. John Knauff-John is back faking journalism and fypinq ll. He is a willinq worker and a biq help fo "Ez" Kroush for whom he works. Nancy Pefersen-Her plans are fo enfer Lewislon Normal. Af presenf "Pefe," as she is known by her pals, is faking shorfhand and working al fhe Wardwell buildinq, Esfelle Ruyle-A sfranqe coqnomen for fhis cheerful qirl is her nickname, "Poker-face." She is faking shorfhand, physics, Lalin ll, and bioloqy and affer fhis year she plans lo enfer nurses' lraininq. She has worked for Miss Lonqefeiq. Joseph Sanders-"Joe" is perhaps fhe hardesf workinq boy in school. As sfaqe-manaqer, he handles all sfaqe arranqernenfs for fhe plays. He has a biq iob buf he fakes if all wifh a smile, Joe fakes band, qlee club, qeomefry, and fypiriq II. ln- cidenfally, he had no small parf in qeffinq annual picfures faken. .Squaw Edie Saga 4-Mime QGJMWM .fzhmy Zmmwim Zeiafie mmf Eeolamaifm Mmm Alfred Perry Ediior Sianding - Miss Peferson, Geraldine Graves, Max- Ene Graffon, Doris Claris, Pansie Kincaid. Seaiecl-BeHy Craig, Tom- mie Uberuaga, Louie Ar- rizabala, Doroflhe Couch, Hope Elmquisf, Alfred Perry. 5 Back Row-Edwin Genessy, Alice Larsen, Alfred Per- ry, Dorofhy Goodwin, Wanda Mcproud, Belly Dillon, Evelyn Moser. Fronf Row - Louie Arriza- bala, Beffy Craig, Paul Danner, Vivian Benneif, Margarei' Goss, Donna Mae Harris, Helen War- ren. .Squaw Emilie Saga y ES, we're 'flwe siuclenis who made This ii book. Look closely and you'll noiice lhe greying hair and ihe hollow-eyed ap- N pearance due 'ro ilwis edifion of The Saga. Beffy Craig Assis1aniEdilor We sold you your annuals. Now aren'+ you glad we insisled ilwaf you buy? Our F.F.A. Fair, which has become a school and communily inslilulion. was a success anime Erling Johennesen Lewis Fuller ND HERE in a chapler of some lilly members we have our Fulure Farmers. This has been a very successful year for The Emmell FFA. Our livesloclc 'feam placed ninlh in Ihe slale conlesl and won lirsl place in swine judging ai lhe Porfland Livesfoclc Show. Our crop ream placed second in Ihe dis+ric+ and Ihirleenrh in 'rhe norfhwesf con'fes+ a+ Ogden. U+ah. Erling Johannesen is fhis year's winner of Ihe Union Pacific scholarship for Gem Counly. Lewis Fuller represenled fhe chapler in 'fhe dislricl public speaking conlesl where he placed second. despile bad weafher. PORTLAND JUDGING TEAM Lewis Fuller Lowell Hall Floyd Brown OGDEN CROP TEAM Dale Rowell Floyd Brown Mack Nole nd LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM Harold Adair Erling Johennoxen Floyd Brown DISTRICT CROP TEAM Mack Noland Lowell Hall Floyd Brown DAIRY JUDGING TEAM Kennellm Hunler Erling Johannesen Mack Noland -. .."1'b-U 1 ' . 0 Top Row-J. Burfon, M. Sanders, W. Harris, L. Woodbury, A. Perry, B. Norwood, R. Alsager, W. Jensen, W. McProud, M. Riedel, E. Mays, G. Davis, P. Knox, V. Yales, M. Draper, E. Moser, B. Jachson, P. Shannon, C. Reynolds, V. Funda, G. Whirsell, L. Knowles, Miss Echfernach. Middle Row-B. Riedel, R. Warren, D. Harris, M. Goss, V. Vallad, H. Yafes, I. Barnefl, H. Warren M. Nesbirr, D. Goodwin, l. Fisher, B. Craner, L. Fuller, D. Ward, E. Wallier, J. Knox, C. Johnson Firsf Row-B. Worley, D. Emanuel, D. Mabe, B. Hollingworfh, J. Sanders, E. Riffer, G. Slzinner D. Craner, P. Olberding, H. Adair, T. Clark, L. Arrizabala, K. Hull. 7Zre7 ' H! The Barrymores and Garbos ol Emmerl High! lf was fhis group fha? pro- duced and presenled "LiHle Women." Miss Echlernach, adviser, and Warren l-larris, presidenl, have direcled a full and aclive year of drama and malre-up sludy. The Thespians handle malce-up lor all plays and assemblies. Were always glad To have such a 'ralenred group represenled in our annual. So, Thespians, iusf malce yourselves comforlable. Officers for lhe year are: presidenl, Warren Harris: vice-presidenl, Allred Perryg rreasurer, Darwin Cranerq secrelary, Evelyn Walker: sergeanr-af-arms, Evelyn Moser: hislorian, Myrlle Nesbillg reporler, Helen Warren. fdiife Wamm PRODUCTION STAFF The produclion slalf for "LiHle Women" developed a greaf fondness for fhe "old apple free" and insislf ed on being pholographed benealh il. They are, Miss Echlernach, Shirley Holi, Vivian Vallad, Belly Jo Craner, Befh Riedel, Jim Burlon, Evelyn Moser, De- Loris Ward, Joe Sanders, George Slcinner, L e e Woodbury, Don Emanuel, Darwin Craner, Rulh War- ren, Velma Yares, Frances Puser, Evelyn Walker, Joe Malnnslrom. Warren Harris Belh Riedel Maynard Sanders N THIS honorary sociely are The Thespians, who, lhrough some accomplishmenl on Joe Sanders Darwin Craner slage or in produclion, have earned lhe righl lo advance lo lhis higher level in lhe lield ol drama. Aclive members are Darwin Craner, Marilou Draper, Warren Harris, Wendell Jensen, Evelyn Moser, Belh Riedel, Joe Sanders, Maynard Sanders, Jim Saum, Belly Saum, and Evelyn Wallcer. Anolher projecl ol The Thespians was lhe produclion of lhree oneeacl plays. These plays were sludenl direcled and each was pronounced a success. SCRAMBLED EGGS Direclor--Belh Riedel Miss Brown ------- Jean Knox Mr. Jones - Tommy Uberuaqa Miss Green - - Dorolhy Goodwin Miss Smilh - - Clara Johnson Mrs. Simplcins - Myrlle Nesbill Lizzie - - - Evelyn Moser Mr. Long - Bob Walers Mr. Hill - - - - Paul Olberdinq FATE Direclor-Alfred Perry Mr. While - - - - Darwin Craner Mrs. While - - - Palsy Shannon Herberl While - - Jim Burlon Caplain Morris - Ra Alga er Y Q Mr. Sampson ---- Maynard Sanders Dunn Shaw - BriCe - Macfxndre Nabb - Jorqson SUBMARINE D-6 Director-Warren Harris - - - - - Bill l-lollinqworlh - - Dale Mabe - Bill Worley Joe Sanders Don Emanuel - Elvador Riller Marilou Draper Evelyn Moser lnilialion Laurie, Amy, Beflw, Jo, Professor Bhaer, Meg, John Brooke, Mrs. March, Mr. March, Hannah. Mr. Lawrence, Aunf March fbgfe Wamm ITH flue aid of Tlwe Tlwespians and Miss Eclwlernacli lime was rolled back and Louisa May AlcoH's "Li++le Women" and 'rlneir friends came +o life on our slage. Spinning wheels, hoop slrirls, beaver lnais, and long liair gave realify lo +l'ie middle nineleenllw cenlury almosplnere. Everyone, from boyislw Jo io quiel, baslwiul Professor Blwaer, won a place in +l'1e lwearls of ine audience. ln The memory of llwose who saw The play ' Lillle Women" will live always. Mm? . Jw - Amy - - A Bvlli - - Mis. Maralw Aunl March lvlarilriu Draper - Belly Saum Marqarel Goss A - - Mary Riedel Palricia MQNQH' Palsy Slnannen CAST Laurie - - Jolwn Broolce Professor Bliaer Mr. March - Mr. Lawrence Hannah - - Allred Perry - - Jim Saum Warren Harris Maynard Sanders Paul Olberdinq Wanda Meproud HJC.. "Marmee" and flue girls Aunf March Wie QM JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Direcfed by Miss Longe+eiq Tommie Uberuega Wanda McProud Irene Bicandi, W. McProud, T. Uberuaga, L. Androes, G. Davis. B. Hollingworfh P. Knox, A, McProud, M. Cheney. HE STORY oi a modern young man slruggling for recognilion and a square deal from his family was porfrayed for an al- ienfive audience by an able casl in The iunior class play di- recied by Miss Lois Longeieig. Changing in moods from ihe comic scenes of family quarrels lo ihe near Tragic, "The Youngesii' gave us an evening of fun and displayed no small amouni of lalenl in ihe iunior class. Wi1h"The Youngesin as basis we can safely predicf a line senior L play in l94I. L J. Sanders Miss Longefeig D. Mabe Slandin : S. Colberl W. Harris P. Shannon, M. McMillan, V. Bennell, Q . 1 D. Craner, J. Burlon, Mr. Turnidge. Sealed: J. Gardner, M. Perry, F. Yarnall, W. McProud. M. Sanders. Bahia NDER lhe leadership ol Mr. Turnidge a mixed group ol veleran debalers and "green" sloclc lurned oul lhis year for de- bale. Allhough no lremendous records were gained lhe squads were lairly successful and wilh a year's experience lhe new mem- bers should be able lo give a good accounl ol lhemselves nexl season. For lhe lirsl lime school credils have been given lor debale. En- rolled in lhe course were: Slanley Colberl, Darwin Craner, Juanila Gardner, Marilyn McMillan, Flor- ence Yarnell, Wanda McProud, Palsy Shannon, and Maynard Sanders. Olhers parlicipaling in debale lo some exlenl were: Manager Jim Burlon, Warren Harris, James Jacobs, Marie Perry, Charles Weslbroolc, Vivian Bennell, June Alworlh, Lewis Fuller, and Maclc Noland. I Under lhe direclion ol Miss Jeanelle Clillord, Emmell sludenls came home wilh honors from lhe disfricl dec- lamalion leslival in Meridian. Darwin Craner enlered lhe original oralions and exlem- poraneous divisions. Evelyn Moser enlered fha humorous reading division, and Marilou Draper lhe dramalic division. Darwin and Evelyn won lhe righl lo enler lhe slale lesli- val. "Gloria Mundi," lhe one- acl play presenled, received much lavorable crilicism. The casl included Mary Riedel, Agnes McProud, Russel Col- son, Lewis Degen, Marilou Draper, and Palsy Shannon. Miss Clifford D. Cra ner M. Draper E. Moser R. Colson A. McProud M. Riedel L. Degen M. Draper P. Shannon X 5 , Louise Bales Mmm E, THE sludenls of Emmeff High, should be and are proud of our mu- sic deparlmenl. The orches- lra and lhe band are bolh firsr class and are always ready lo co-operafe in whal- ever is aslced of lhem. The orcheslra concerl was one of 'lhe linesr musical per- formances Emmelf has had for some lime. Bur +o place if on a higher level lhan lhal of lhe band would be unfair. Bolh are so very fine rhal if is impossible fo rale one above Jrhe olher. The band has added 'rwo 'trophies +o ils colleclion dur- ing The lasl year, firsl place al 'rhe Emmell Cherry Fesli- val. -and 'rhird place al The American Legion conlesl held in Twin Falls. Through lhe generosily of merchanls of lfmmell The pep band wenl +o Moscow To lhe slale Orchesha baslcelball lournamenl where il was quile a success. Earl Tunison Band and Glee Club Soll blue lighls--blue robed singersk- Surely you remember lhal lirsl nighl our choir appeared in 'rheir new robes. The choir 'rhis year has given some fine performances and has added anolher slep lo lhe ladder of musical apprecialion in Emmell High. Gmane SENIOR JUNIOR NTERWQVEN lhrough all our memories of high school will be The orcheslras, bofh junior and senior, direcled by Miss Louise Bales. Their music has added much fo our enioymenl a+ plays, programs, and assemblies, and lheir concerls were high lighls of +he school year. Harlan Bralvold, Norma Phillips, Don Shane, Wanda McProud, and Lois Riller, members of lhe high school slring ensemble, have been very generous wilh lheir music, al banquefs, and olher group meelings during The year. Bolh orcheslras allended 'rhe dislricl music leslival in Caldwell in April and fhe senior group was asked lo play in The Salurday evening concerl. Sgnior Engemble Lois Riffer, ACCOr11paI'1iSf Shnrley Hoff Her, 1 k ood an Brgfv l Mafxone mac W O d Pknnabeue Hewennlr' Ml xv" 'Vo 'fn 0 S Ummm Mary McProud Jim Burfon MARCHING BAND B mc! Shirley Knox Dale Mabe Agnes McProud Bonnie Leece Mary Riedel Wanda McProud iq f a , Wanda While May Swenson Jim Burien Gloria Rivord Maynard Sanders Alfred Perry gaohefcw gcvm SENIOR CLASS PLAY SCHOOL wilhin a schooll Yes, such was ihe final dramaiic sland of lhe seniors ol Emmeil l-ligh. "Bachelor Born" was lhe produclion and ils selling, an English public school for boys. And +ha+'s where 'lhe girls come in. An old friend of The headmasler brings her nieces lo be disciplined by him and lhe resull was bolh amusing and exciling. The senior class may well be proud ol 'rheir final achievemenl. li's all over now and-well, you can bel lhey'll miss The lun of lhe pasl four years. CAST Charles Donlcin - - Allred Perry Ellen - - - - Sadie Kerr "Bimbo" Faringdon - Lewis Degen Barbara Pane - - Eileen Ervin Virlor Bearnish - - Wendell Jensen "Burien" Faringdon - Marie Cramer Franlc Haslings - - Warren Harris Malron - - - ' Velma Yales Rosemary Faringdon - Befh Riedel Chris - - - - Margaref Goss Philip DePourville - - Jim Burion "Flossie" Nighlingale - - - Bob Walers g-,, The Rev. Edmund Ovinglon - Darwin Craner Sir Berkeley Nighlingale - - Ray Alsager . M Travers ---- - Jerome Reed V "Cop" ---- - Harold Adair X "Old Crump" - - Maynard Sanders Produclion SlaF-Mari- eHa Grimes, Rey Al- sager, Dorofhy Bicen- di, Hope Elmquisl, John Sanders, Myrile Nesbiff, Jim Kincaid, Helen Warren, BeH'y Craig, Elvador RiHer, Edwin Genessy, Al- berf Helaan, Jerome Reed, Maynard San- ders, Harold Adair, We did flue work- John Bacon. Well, anyway--par? of il. 74 7wp!Liw QAM fmim Wanda!! 844661403 Qaeda!! 74406 'eff' ew Q. ,Q ,Q HERE we have The TruiTs of a very successful season of baskeTball. ATTer a slow sTarT we ended in a Tlourish and have The Snalce River Valley runner-up, The disTricT championship, and The sTaTe championship To show for iT. This is EmmeTT's TirsT sTaTe championship since I9l I. Sure, we're proud. Gaackw We now presenT The coaches ' of our Teams. BoTh new This year, Mr. CarTe and Mr. Car- berry have Tound a permanem' place in The hearTs of The boys and The Tans oT EmmeTT High School. WelTe Carie Kennefh Carberry ge-M4 f 'Zdfzir 12 . 605-704 Ck !Xbqa- Dale Mobs Lavon Howard THE BLUE AND WHITE Wilh fhe blue Rah! Rah! Wilh The while Rah! Rah! Wilh fhe blue, wilh lhe while For Emmerf, Fighll Eighll Ckew .feacfwa Our mou+h-pieces! Serious- ly, lhough. 'rhe-y've done a very fine job and deserve our Thanks and appreciafion. Hafs off +o Dale, Marjorie, and Lavon. Mariorie Hollingworih HUSKIES We're Huskies brave and +rue Wifh colors while and blue! We're oul' io garher all +he fame By playing square in every game. Our spirirs are on high Well shoul if To lhe slcy: We'll Fighlr wifh all our sfrenqfh and mighl To win this game. Fighfl Fiqhfl sl FIRST STRING Fourfh Row-J Basabe, T. Uberuaga, J. Beiiia, F. Garaiee. Third Row-R. Alsager, B. Carlsen, B. Borup, B. Middleion, J. Bacon, G. McCall. Coach Carberry. Second Row-E. Riifer. J. Boehm, B. Conrad, C. Slroro, M. Phillips, Howard Benge, H. Miller, Coach Carle. Firsi Row-W. Adkins, J. Malmsfrom, B. Waiers, W. Slabaugh, H. Mayer, J. McKie, L. Degen, E. Genessy. UR FOOTBALL season was much more successful fhan fhe scores would indicafe. Wifh only fhree leffermen in fhe line-up and a new sysfern of foofball coached by Kennefh Carberry who was also new fo fhe sysfem, we gof off fo a whirlwind sfarf wifh Sf. Joseph. Then, affer a season of hard-foughf games we made an even more whirlwind finish. Probably fhe mosf defermined game of fhe season was fhe annual Armisfice Day classic played af Weiser. The Huskies, who were supposed nof To have a chance, displayed fop-season performance as fhey were finally edged ouf affer leading Weiser by a margin of 6 poinfs. The final score was Weiser 20, Emmeff I8. The varsify will be augmenfed nexf year by a huslcy bunch of boys who played successful ball all season on fhe frosh-soph squad under fhe fufelage of Walfe Carfe. We consider if a successful season. We congrafulafe you, and we predicf big 'rhings from a seasoned and experienced squad nexf year. FROSH- SOPH souAo Third Row-J. Chapin, B. Sorenson, L. Alsager, V. Sweef, H. Garafea, W. Middlefon. Second Row--L. Larsen, L. Hughes, D. Herberf, M. Davis, J. Rosenlund, Coach Carle, Coach Carberry. Firsi' Row-O. Prifchard, F. Rynearson, Jr. Harris, Huber? Benge, W. Hill. D. Moulfon. S. Tomlanovich Bayada!! RCM a championship sTandpoinT This has been our big year in baskeTball. STaTe championship, disTricT championship, and Snake River Valley runner-up TiTles are ours. BuT we have more Than ThaT of which To be proud. Coached by WalTe CarTe, a club oT loyal TiqhTing Huskies has overcome handicaps oT inexperience and a new sysTem oT ball. They have learned more Than baskeTball. "Well-conTrolled" is The Term used conTinuously by Those describing The Huskies' sTyle oT playing. We become enThusiasTic every Time we Think oT our baskeTloall Team. On These pages are The boys who "broughT home The bacon." We're proud of every one of you -and iT's TiTTeen Tor The Team. Sfanding--Frank Garafea, Gerald Slabaugh, Louie Eiguren, Ralph SmiTh, Ray Foruria, George Basabe. SeaTed - Merle Phillips, Manager, Ruy Hosoda, Harold Mayer, Joe MalmsTrom, Melvin Che- ney, Tommie, Uberuaga, Coach CarTe. ' 'J Qwfik-50716 No less successTul, alThough necessarily less specTacular, has been The work oT our Trosh-soph Team coached by Ken Carberry. These boys have pracTiced, Tr a i n e d, played. and gained valuable experience. They are our TuTure champions. STancling--Earl Hosoda, Wayne Hill, MilTon Blume, BerT Sorenson, Joe Barroe- Tabena, Carl Van PaTTen, Coach Carberry. SeaTed--Byron Borup, Floyd Brown, Henry GaraTee, LeRoy Larsen, Johnnie Beifia, Billy MiddleTon. 8 Our firsi sfring played iweniy- nine games during The season and won fwenfy-Two of Them. STATE TOU RNAM ENT Emmefi. ., ,. . 2l Lewision .,..,, . ,.I2 Emmeff .. ,. 28 Pocaiello , .26 Emmeif.. ,..,..,,.. 29 Coeur d'AIerie,.28 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Emmeff , 3I Meridian ., , ,, , 20 Emmeff Boise , ,. Emmeff Weiser EmmeH Boise . . Emmeff CaIdweII ,, SNAKE RIVER VALLEY TOURNAMENT Emmeii Weiser Emmefi Onfario . Emmeif VaIe ......,,,. 'S GAMES Emmefi VaIe . Emmeii Weiser , Emma-H Meridian Emmeff Nampa Emmeii Nyssa Emmeif Boise Emmeff Payeiie Emmefi Nampa ..., Er'nmef+ ,,,.....,., , Onfario ,, Emmeii Vale .,.. .. Emmefi Onfario EmmeH Caldwell ., Emmeif Weiser .,., Emmefi Emmeff, ..,...., , Meridian .. Nyssa ,,.... Emmet? ,,......,...,, Boise .....,.. Emmeff Payeife .,,. Emmeff ............., Caidwell .. FROSH-SOPH RECORD Emmeif.. ......,..., Vale ...... , . Emmefi .....,.....,. Weiser ,, Emmeif Meridian .. Emmet? .,.,,..,.,..,, Nampa ,.., Emmeff ...,...,..,... Nyssa ...,., Emmeir ........,...,. Boise ..... .. Emmeffn, Payeiie Emmeif ...,........., Emmeff ..,,..,,...,,, Emmett .............. Nampa .... Onfario .... Vale .......,,. Emma!! ln lhe picfure we have lasl year's baseball club. Back Row-Manager Sanders, Heap, Smilh, M. Sanders, Grimes, Marlin, Raid. Coach Lalh. Ellis, McCall, Hall. ASEBALL prospecls are unprediclable early in lhe season. Judged by 'rhe l939 record and by velerans back lor anolher season our oullook is anylhing buf rosy, according lo Coach Carle. A pre-season survey gives us lhe following candidales for positions: Grimes, Adkins, Genessy, pilchers: Hall, Benge, McCall, calchers: R. Smilh, Woody, lirsl base: Reynolds, second base: Foruria, shorl-slop: Borup, lhird base: Cheney, Basabe, Norwood, oullield. Track The lrack learn is nor yer in form when our book goes lo press bul some likely candidales have come lo lhe nolice ol Coach Carberry. Again we make no predic- tions aboul breaking records, bul we know lhal in valuable Training, in good habils, in all lhose lhings lhal are really valuable-we'll have anolher successful season. ln lasl years piclure we have: Back Row-Danner, Conrad, Mayer, Alsager, Rosenlund Fillmore. Second Row-Manager Sharpe Bairia, Garalea, Degen, Blackwood, Van Palfen, Dion Bryce, Coach Schmifz. Fronf Row-Bryce, Howard Millar, Sarriugarfa, Walers Middlefon. Sacond Row-Millar, Gusfaf- son, Dick, Chaney, Ganauy. Third Row-Ashley, Foruria, lv Top Row-Mr. Carberry, Mr. Carle, J. Dion, R. Hosoda, E. Genessy, J. Bacon J Sanders B. Walars, C. Slroro, B. Conrad, L. Hall, G. McCall, Mr. Andrews. Second Row-E. Riller, F. Ashley, R. Forurla, M. Phillips, W. Slabaugh, Rice J Be ia T. Uberuaga, B. Middlelon, B. Borup, J. Ellis, H. Benge, L. Degen. A. Relrow Firsl Row--M. Cheney, B. Carlsen, J. Boehm, G. Basabe, F. Garalea, R. Alsager D Mabe G. Slabaugh, R. Smilh, H. Mayer. --sf' ew HE "E" Club, an organizalion for Huslcie lellermen, slarled by our former coach, Orville Schmilz, has conlinued ils ac- live work in promoling The sporls and aclivily programs of E. l'l. S. Membership reached lhirly-live This year wilh lhe inilia- lion ol Those who earned lellers in baslcelball and of lwo new sponsors, Coaches Ken Carberry and Walle Carle. ln addilion lo lheir aclivilies al games The club has spon- sored a successful carnival and ils annual formal dance. Accord- ing lo Their cuslom, members ol 'rhe club elecled an oulslanding senior girl lo be "E" Club Queen. Alice Larsen won The honor and was presenled al The dance. Miller FIRST SEMESTER CABlNET Walers John Bacon - - - Presidenl Mglmgh-om Ruy Hosocla - - Viceepresidenl Bacon Bob Waters - - - Secretary Joe Malmslrom - - Treasurer Harold Miller - Sergeanl-al-Arms SECOND SEMESTER CABINET Garnel McCall - - Presidenl Merle Phillips - - Vice-Presidenl Ruy Hosoda - - - Secrefary Ray Alsager - - Treasurer Riller Elvador Rilfer - Sergeanl-al-Arms Alsager Phillips McCall L 0.14. .4 LX, Women in flue world of A, sporls. SurelylWl1y nor? And we have a fine collecfion wilh a represenlalive in praclical- ly every field. Mariorie Hollingworfh uise Collard SOFTBALL BASKETBALL P- Godfrey. E- Moser. M- Wander- I. Murphy, I .ssc.naa, D. eooawin Mafgdfel Goss A. Larsen, L. Howard. VOLLEYBALL Baci:-l. Bicandi, I. Murphy, L. Howard, D. Goodwin, L. Col- lNlTlATES M"YMCP'0Ud lard- R. Baum, D. Erickson, J. wma Fronf-P. Godfrey, M. Wander, G. Bryning, N. Jensen, M. Hari A. Larsen, E. Moser. M. Hollingworfh. M7 Q, .4 ,Q Lei+ fo Righf-Miss Clifford, Adviser: Alice Larsen, Presidenf: Doroihy Goodwin, Vice-Presidenf: Mary McProud, Secrelaryg Mergaref Goss, Treas- urer. MANAGERS Lefl io Righi-June Prosser, Ping-Pong: I. Murphy, Hilningg Louisa Collard, Roller Slrafingg l. Bicandi, Volleyball: Effie Payne, Soffball: Phyllis Godfrey, Baskellaall. HE Girls' Afhlefic Associaiion has gained much popularify in Emmeii since iis organizalion in l936. The club sponsors many aclivifies wiih a variefy 'ro please every one. Lerfers are awarded on a poinl' sysfem and can be earned over a period of years. Dislricf play days are gala evenls for fhe G.A.A., and we are usually well repre- senred. Miss Jeanefre Clifford is club adviser. Among lheir ofher aclivifies fhe GAA. sponsors The "Spins+er's Skip." This year Ed Genessy was elecfed ils King b lhe club members. Anolher of lheir highlighls will be a play day here May 4. And we musl' meniion 'rhose hol dogs we all enjoy al foolball games-"Thanks" fo ihe GAA. MEMBERS Sfanding-E. Payne, R. Alworfh, D. Hansen, L. Collard, D. Goodwin, M. McProud, G. Whifsell, J. Harmon, I. Bicandi, C. Johnson, Miss Clifford. Seeied-E. Moser, I. Murphy, D. Kincaid, J. Prosser, A. Larsen, M. Goss, G. Rivord, L. Knowles, P. Godfrey. No Picture-L. Howard, B. Leece, A. McProud, M. Wander. Eds Brlessy 'haw' Q. Q , nh- 7.1 "5""' " v .h,.+gav,..1...w,.L. il-P? ga' 5 I Q , uv. , ', 'J' 3,5 .eaguill 3' 'H A .' -M 3 4' ,, , -..N. 'ht V .gl i ra 'K mrrwiwv, aa." A i .km l 2 X 6 E' sk V 575.1 ,X.,A, H C,a X, ,W v f ' . , V 4 , , . 1 Y y ' - 1 . Q .. . 1' h ,. " ' ' "' ,s- I " " r f xt Q g r Qi K . , ' ,I K 0 5 ' K tk! 4. 1' ri .Q ' 5 I 'x x Q 1 ', 4' fl? N 9 k .. -. f 1 ?'3"lh 4, W ' L' sb az W , . I, 9 ' . .44 , f '- ' 1 ' if- , -.. ,. , - ' Q ya" W , -x. ,. ' 'nb ' . V .K ,.,:1.l,.L-331 .- ,. H .Q ' s -. 1,1 ,xv 'Y' 3. t 1 A ?SJg'-?F:,zQ-in , rj ,fl ,. 4-Q x 4 .L +A -, I XJR ik xx Q' 2, .v NL 3 K M . K l I f N B .W J, ga QL ei Q 5 x f ' f ,1 .. .' ,f ,.1yf'J: , .K . 3 1 -W .b f' 'w?g'?ar4NiE"m'i Mags? W--H .' ' xrg. A 5 - 1. ' 'J-.. c. f ' . . X- , ' B t ' 'I f s fd' ""' 1 . E. 14"-ii . - . ui-. '-1?LlA. a..',ff , A.. K ,--Queeg' ',,.i'.?A5 "2 f- M- V f':-fwfr' 'h W Q, fi r' Emmeff vs. Boise Louie and "Pug" Yea Blue! Yea Whife! Geffing lnsfrucfions This is fhe way we do if. Afier fhe game Wafer! Wafer! Bench warmers HJ Whose ball? The Line-up swf we 14010447 76046 Umm! Juke New Gdemim Sfmfpztfzah THE N. F. L. The NaTionaI Forensic League-UTopia To de- balers-is an honorary socieTy wiTh a limiTed membership. When school opened Darwin Cramer, Jim Saum, and Warren I-larris were The only members. During The year several oTher de- baTers scaled The loTTy heighTs and are now among The chosen Tew. Back Row-J. Gardner, F. Yarnell, W. McProud, D. Craner. FronT Row-M. Sanders, M. McMillan, J. Burfon. OUR BOXERS Here are The "Joe Louises" and "Max Beers" of EmmeTT High. As yeT no cauliTIower ears have appeared buT ThaT doesn'T mean There were no good bouTs. AT The meeT here wiTh Nampa some Tine exhibiTions were puT on and The audience's applause voiced Their approval. NoTe Their medals. Each boxer received one. Ivlr. Carberry coached The Team. Back Row-H. Adams, S. Tomlanovich, L. Alsager, O. PriTchard, B. Conrad, D. Couch, D. Emond. Middle Row-E. Genessy, G. Newell, F. Rynearson, H. Benge, G. McCall. Fronf Row-L. Degen, L. Rynearson, E. WhiTeIey. OUR JANITORS The JaniTors, "The cleanerfuppersl' OT our build- ing! WiTh smiling "Es" Kroush aT Their head They have really IcepT The old building in Tine shape. We would give I'lighesT Huslcie Honors To "Es" and I-lis Gang: D. Craner, W. Harris, J. Ellis, J. Sanders, P. Danner. 21- Nmap 76046 pfzwewj OUR POLITICIANS "VoTe Tor . . . my Triends . . . I promise you . . ." They're poliTicians, buT noT The campaigning Type. They ran Tor sTudenT body oTFices This spring. IT was all in a Triendly spiriT. You can Tell by Their smiles. Sfanding-T. Uberuaga, B. Hollingworfh, G. Davis, I. Bicandi, E. Walker. SeaTed-L. Fuller, L. Arrizabala, W. Slabaugh. THE DANCE COMMITTEE "QThanlcs To This group we dance. Yes, Theyre The commiTTee in charge oT our school dances. Ref member The Frosh Frolic, The SpinsTer Skip, and The "E" Club Formal, The maTinee dances-and how we liked To move The chairs? From LQTT To Righf-Mr. Hasley, F. Shannon, M. Sanders, V. Conrad, J. Knox, B. Craig, Miss Clifford, W. Harris, Mr. Tunison, Mr. Lame, Bill HoIlingworTh. "GERRY" "Gerry" Graves was eIecTed by popular voTe To represenT EmmeTT High aT The Apple Blossom FesTival in PayeTTe. "Gerry" is a senior and a loolc aT The picTure will give you The lcey To her populariTy. GEORGE BASABE Here is George when he was jusT a TriTl'e smaller Than he is now. This picTure, Turned in by Irene Bicandi, won The snapshoT conTesT. G4 Q Y H USKI E N EWS YOUR Toys A V , i',.f,L nfmu-.num-:nun-1nmnu--nu.mm-umm. Q umnlH-1-,.-.mm-1-un-mmum-ummm-v.-- my Volume XIINc.9 Emmett High Schooi X W 1 , likiif? f-unuunusmnnummmnunmummvnmmu n ns 9 1 In mmfnnunmnmmnnmmnmmmnmnmmmm-mm-1-A-m...,.. ..1...u ....,.., n...,.,.., . M. 1.m...u.,mmn .......-.......... .-.......... -................- ,.........,....,..... .-. ....i..- ...........--,.- .W,.....--- , -.n,wJWJwJ1JxJxJ-,NME 1 , The Wifi' SV 'Funds Needed For Decorations,4Huskie ' of the Christmas Seal Y j , l iNewsTo To decor r 1 + 5 quwsgznx 'Tig 4 For Q Q Tfi. ' Af' lx . J . i 'A 1 w holifwy varb h Y --Eggar Ai Gugstx irq - -www WW --NHAV-Wwnmd-g' '1 -Wflfvly up Grade Sghqqgl TQ Giygq HuskieNews Face Lifted 1 I 1, -pg 'Tom SGWVQVH gulf Q 11f'f, "mat Ho"0y'? 1 grim' ,rp 12 ivy, Go fls t 9 HCAHY' 'nw fence? the ,.v1i, You you its fnc. Gun best acquirJ0 n thing Tom juSC if ft I, Sn-yer Ni nQv faced pdl those inc 1 thinjs you want to do and? tix, 7 I cnn'L. ' ' Ln f . U x U I A n. TAC uf0F6CQV, lun Jnu-gwn QV, - . U A " A Y .- H ' ywx, mL'4 be frv.ont d, L, " ik inc ' QF sn col u1ii'o- 1. ,XXX ,z ,,a' E L noe! Nurse Expioirs Hu Prevention v'4j 15 1 ' ,wad Arc n , ugi I W 111 il'lY'C3 T. Win? the Q+ri AY4 r X, A,u5 A kk , "yr 'L-Uxf-I 'fs' fx, ?', n will ba olcci- ,C in ,q' D iv fqw, ggpq, Od thi? week and present- bs F032 N, jqwnr, vH 'n' tht flu ed Friday night. vry m,' 92 ww gg V hnjx qt Ed C'or1cssy, Bob "laters, lf, ff-4 1 -gffxgy me Tommy Ubsruaqa, John Ba- 1. W pvvv, m,m cor, and Curngtt McCall mir Q01 ' are on the committee. nlvsrunsvv 'flufsnfsf-:gays TAKE ' REMEMBER H USK IE N WS SCHOOL M 6 PAXFTTB SATUREAY Volume 13 No. 2 Emmett High School February 15, 19740 1940 Annual A ' A H D .QDeclamf5stionContest To He Dedicated Qiflpem To All ' "' . W A ufvhss Moultro no 'N 1gE,H.S Students 5 f .N Ng, y stef. t" A " IQMQ Squaw X A 2 1441 cf. I ANY EMMHQ ' '1 be ami- X,..Lpj , DEN? wr vi llf "it fe: f m .v , f xl t1-u.p: HV. 1-P 'ef. . W , vote 0? Vx ! ffjf' '45N I Tho contest 'W' tp, ' 'f V xff lest 'I x4 W Qihrli Qomctime no wQgk'i lt f F ' ' mi5f1P of Merch DDL Plan I f ,tgook are ' fANx5 include Aivieions in nu- Uxggreggf, 1 jividual 4u54!5' l MTTOHS r0ad1ng8, drfmhtic jicturos hnveJtuoen com- 1 TiP3iHBS, Orntvry. ond Cx' I yletcd and group pictures Wil-1. the next Second ments mus thin Scouts' Pledge t ' 4 tvmpcrqnrsus speeches. This rontnst is NOT li- nitad to Speech Students and Thcspions. Winners in the locrl eventg will bCf'TP MN who wnnt not yet oo mc fsr n The prirr is ncx 'gorah' Scrapbook Now In Librar On f.- o I., b .t. IVY. To 6 W u ,c L and ' QAJ psy vw 11 tmmc V ,1 .OJ .- Sonni s'v Miss Cllffsrh vt fwfr -hifi. mfr' 44" Mis hor comp See Mogfcfen Next Week XuF?D??? YES!!! 1 Vw N,EL. r, Mori- lyn MCMX n,F1oroncQ Yar- noli, Mnyusrd S'HdFTU and Jin ptod time time NCD t NEX'T Becfu IX weeks be no Huskiv News next week, sQ':ting wi N prf S through will be Coeds' WUY---To ed qw!-mT--Thy, 0-K NQL1-W ,-F Yvqwrl nl-all tfr A H9 ' Lcchvo Ht thc Libvrtv Then- 2. ,W N, 1--li' X 5 Principal Andrews in fha limelighl' Our Alma Male Us on a bus A nice smile Rosalie and Loren, Wonder whai ihey see. Now, F righl' here . Cufe, eh whaf? No, i'l"s noi' a lra ngaroo. We lhink i'l's Cori' Z. lf sfarled like fhis. Gdemfm Sepl. 4-We enler "porlals oi learning" 525 slrong-only 90 seniors. Sepl. l3-Senior band lrophy, won af Cherry Feslival added lo lrophy case. Band brings home third place from American Lee gion conlesl al Twin Falls. Sepl. I4-Crinolines and cravalsl "Lil+le Women" chosen alle school play. Sepl. I5-Sophomores "haze" 'freshmen in lirsl soph-fresh rally, Foolball Jamboree el Onlario opens S. R. V. grid season. Ernrnell O-Parma O. Sepf. lb-Jusl To slarf Things off wilh a bang Calherine H, and Belly C. fry lo blow up chem. lab. Sepl. 22-Huskies lake firsl home foolball game. 33 lo O. Sepl. 23-"lnquiring Reporl'er" gefs cornpelilion from "Snooper Scoops" and "Sally's Sallies." Od. 6-Funnier ihan donkey base- ball-fhe all-school carnival. Ocl. 7-8-Fuiure Farmers bring home bacon - place lirsl in judging Poland China hogs al lnlernafional Livesloclr Show in Porlland. Ocl. I3-Meg, Amy, Befh. and Jo come lo life on E. H. S. siege. Payelle downs us I3-O. End of six weeks. Ocl. I6-Mr. Carle raises chem- isls' grades a point for attend- ing nalional assembly chem. exhibil. Ocl. 20-Jessie Paddon gels lree annual al annual assembly. Ocf. 22--"War ol nerves" des- cends on Emmett High-reporl' cards. Ocl. 24--Carl Van Pollen baclc in l-luslrie line-up. Injured leg healed. Ocl. 25-"ES" bags grand prize for El-l.S. hunfers-l6O-pound, rlwo-poinf buck. Oc'r. 27-Huskies bow To Nyssa eleven I3 lo 0. Ocl. 28-Mr. Carberry lalres lhe "lalal plunge." Nov. 5-Mrs. Carberry lalren for a "ride" by "E" Club. lP.S.: ll was a lillle red wagon.l Nov. ll-lf was a good battle, bul Weiser won 20 lo l8. Nov. I6--Oh, boy! Pheasanl feed for F.F.A. The boys didn'l cool: il, either. 69 Nov. I7--Band and a cappella choir presenl' concerT. Choir robed in blue Tor TirsT Time. Nov. Zl-SpinsTer Skip-Ed Gen- essy "King Tor a Day. T-luslrie High keeps Tradifion by disTrib- urinq Thanslcgiving baslrels. F. F. A. wins T'irsT place in home room conTesT. Nov. 27-Coach Carfe puzzled by ineligibiliTy of players. Inyiies G-AA. girls To parficipam ir Vale game. Nov, 28-'Pugh Mayer named Tackle on all-conference Toolbal' eleven. Nov. 29 - Sophomores presenf "prize babies" in assembly. Nov. 30-Jusr when is Thanksgiv- ing? Time ouf To eal and va- cafion. Dec. 6-Foolball boys guesfs of Lions' Club at banquel. Dec. 8-l-'luskie HoopsTers bow To Vale in Tirsf game oT season. Juniors presenT 'The Youngeslf' Dec. I3-Huslrie News geTs iTs Taco liTTed and grows "ears," Foolball boys mee? Tor annual banquet Dec. I5-Alice Larsen reigns as Queen aT "E" Club ball. Dec. I6-Emma-TT I43 Weiser 25. F.F.A. Team brings home firsT place in planT idenTiTicaTion. Dec. 22-Ah, This is more lilre iT. EmmeTT. 23: Meridian I4. Hus- lrie High plays SanTa. The Thes- pians presenT ChrisTmas play and a choral reading of The Lordis Prayer. Dec. 23-FirsT day of vacaTion. Jan. 2-School again! VacaTion was geTTing boring, Jan. 5-ErnmeTT hoopsTers Take Nampa I7 To I5. Jan. 6-We win again. EmmeTT 23, Nyssa I4. Jan. I2-And again! EmmeTT 2l. Boise l9. Why The worried looks? lT's The end oT The se- mesfer. Jan. I3-Close? EmmeTT I8, Pay- eTTe I7. Jan. I8-We debaTe wiTh Nyssa. The subiecT: Should Govern- menT own and confrol railroads? Jan. I9-Vicforious again. Em- meTT I9. OnTario I7. Jan. 24-DebaTe wifh Caldwell. Suspense Huskies! Smear him, gang! Come on, EmmeH! Why so serious, Mr. Carberry7 Guess who. Don aT work. WhaT's funny? They wenf To Cascade Press Conference. Small, Iifile, and leasf . They look cheerful. bali TLT ,i L I' 'P' 44 Brrr! Looks cold! 6 Z Z Jan. 25-Jim Burlon gels a pair For of air-condilioned panls. Cords goodness and acid iusr don'l mix. aku! Jan. 26-Noi so good. Vale 33, Fmmeff IS. Jan. 27-Huskies qo down fo dee leaf on Onlario's home floor 22 fo I3. Feb. I-2-3-S.R.V. Tournamenl al Weiser. We lose lo Vale and become runners-up, Feb. 6--Teachers go lo school while we get vacalion. Wafch fhg Feb. 7-The debalers are al if birdie 090""' Feb. 8-They're slill going slrong. Junior and senior orcheslra con- cerl. hh no Feb. 9-Emmelf 24, Caldwell 2I. yourrickef Feb. IO-"l-luslrie spirit wins." Emme+l 33, Nyssa l9. Feb. I6-We're sfill winning. Em- melf Bl. Weiser 2I. Feb. l7-Oops! Poyelfe 32, Em- meff 3l. Feb. 2I-We burn midnight oil. Six weeks' fesfs. Dsbahn Feb. 22-Debnle al Vale. af work Feb. 23-Huslcies "pui 'em lhrough fhe hoop" lo fhe lune ol 26 lo Boise's 22. Feb. 24-Emrnefl 27, Meridian 20. Feb. 26-E.H.S. boxers viclorious over Nampa. Feb. 29-Oh. Oh! Nampa lacully defeafs E.H.S. pedagogues 36- 29. Mar. l-Freshmen presenr Boise Junior College a cappella choir in assembly program. who Mar. 5-Pep assembly lo arouse :Thea Huskie spirit before tournament. em lcon? Mar. 6-7-8-9-We emerge vic- lorious in dislricl iournamenf el Caldwell. ln overtime period Mel Cheney scores 2 points fo Mor, of win lor Ernrnell. +h' sam' Mar. 7-S.R.V. debafe fournamenl el Fruifland. Nyssa lelres lirsl place. Ernmell and Fruilland lie for second. Mar. II-Debate with Boise. Em- mett loses. Mar. I5-Three one-acl plays pre- senled by sfudenl direclors. OK BOYS. Mar. I8-Debale fournemenf wilh 90 99 'ml Nampa, Boise. Caldwell. Beauly and fha Bacon Gdmdm Mar. I9--May Swenson becomes a human lorch when her swealer calches fire in lab. Margarel Goss fo the rescue. Mar. 20-Pep band leaves for Moscow, lhrough qenerosify of Emmelfs business men. Mar. Zl-Firsl day of slale baslrel- ball lournamenf al Moscow. Huskies defeat Lewislon. Mar. 22-We defeal Pocalello. Mar. 23-Hurray! We're idaho Slate Champions. Emmefl 29, Coeur d'Alene 28. Mar. 25-Viclory assembly-lwo hours of if. We finally gel' slu- denl handboolcs - lhanlcs lo Presidenf Darwin Craner. Mar. 27--Seniors choose class mollo, flower, and color. Mar. 29-Mr. Tunison, Miss Bales. and some of fha band and glee club members go lo Los Angeles fo fhe Nalional Music Con- ference. Firsl day of Soulhwesl Idaho Disfricf Debale Tourna- menf al Caldwell. Apr. I-5-Spring vacalion. "No res? for 'rho wicked." The annual slafl foils on. Apr. I2-Band, a cappella choir. and orcheslra presenl pre-fesfi- val concerl. Apr. I9-Speech classes enlerlain al assembly. May I-Ah! The lasl monlh ol school. May 2-Preryiew of lhe senior play. May 3-Seniors malce lheir lasl dramalic appearance in "Bache- lor Born." May IO - Juniors and Seniors dance lo "Deep Purple" theme al Prom. May I5-Seniors beqin fo wonder if graclualion is so much lun, May l9-Baccalaureale-no won- der seniors always look so dig- nified. How can fhey help il in Those 'lrnorfar boardsu? i May 23-Commencement - IOO seniors wall: across EHS. stage lor lasl lime. School days are over lor some ol us. May 25-We sleep fill noon- May 27-Ho Hum! No school-- nofhinq to do-lel's look over lhe annual again, May 28, i950-We show Squaw Bulfe Saga lo "Junior," My word, did we ever Ioolc like thai? Ready for Moscow Thanks lo fhe business men V. . cg, g. They're off! lfxp Spare momenfs of a foofball hero Go ahead, laugh! Bingo Smile preffy, fellas. Dale looks happy. Ready, aim TOR I. X ek, EMMETT GARAGE CONOCO PRODUCTS CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE EMMETT PRESSERY Wander Bros. CLEANERS TAILORS FARBER'S 5c to 81.00 STORE Headquarters for School Supplies DAVIS DRUG STORE "Try the Drug Store First" PHONE 81 The Rainbow Confectionery "We Make Our Own Ice Cream" EMMETT BRANCH First Security Bank of Idaho SAFEWAY STORES, Inc. YOUR FRIENDLY GROCER "Save at Safeway" THE CORNER GROCERY The Home of Good Eats Stop and Shop or Phone 13 or 33 Halverson Plbg. and Htg. Co 129 South Washington St. Shop Phone 83W Home Phone 341J GEM CREAMERY Manufacturers GEM ICE CREAM AND BUTTER STOCKTON-ADAMS, Inc. YOUR FORD DEALER Phone 22 BLAIR BROTHERS, Inc. CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Room 22 Room 3 Room 4 Room I2 - 1m - A .- fm l r 1hwfA-1.7-M- ggi 93,5 af' Q54 GYX N" ,+R SDN ,R-9' Nd S s 090 RRY Room I Room 6 across the Top Study Hall Room I4 Room I2 Lower Hall White Cammerer Hdwe. Co. CRESWELL HARDWARE FULLER'S PAINTS PAINT HEADQUARTERS Phone 189 SPEROS DRUG STORE J. C. PENNEY CO. Save With Safety at Your Rexall Store A Cash Purchase is a Cash Saving EMMETT INDEX WM- L- CLARK A Modern Print Shop Bonds Insurance Real Estate Rentals Gem County's Home Newspaper phone 32 203 E. Main SCOTT SMITH JEWELER Silverware :: Diamonds :: Watches JACKSON STUDIO PORTRAITS, FILMS, and FINISHING NEW YORK STORE "Leads Them All in Quality and Price" Men's and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY "Save With Safety" Phone 65 EMMETT FLORAL CO. "Say It With Flowers" Phone 98 708 E. Main Boise Payette Lumber Co. RETAIL man III1mImvIIaN1' SWEET HETHERINGTON "Everything Electrical" KWALITY BAKERY "There's No Substitute for Quality" Phone 220 AMERICAN MARKET Fresh and Cured Meats Cwholesale and Retaill Free Delivery Phone 272 EMMETT FEED MILLS CLEANING --- GRINDING THE MESSENGER Printing of Distinction Publishers of Emmett Messenger Fastest Growing Newspaper in Gem County You take care of your health Let us take care of your sole Craner's Electric Shoe Shop ' Furnit re Ploneer J P Dio: Store Complete Home Furnishings C' C' ANDERSON CO' 107 E. Main Emmett, Idaho Phone 93 "Emmett Home-Owned Store" SUPERIOR GROCERY "Complete Food Store" PHONE 79 SCHOENWALD'S, Inc. EOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE GEM BAKING COMPANY Home of BUTTER KRUST BREAD Phone 74 Gamble Store Authorized Dealer HARDWARE and AUTO SUPPLIES EVEN THE FRESHMEN LIKED THIS. 4 J s WE CAUGHT A NATURAL FOR THIS ONE. "Electricity does so MUCH-Costs So LITTLE" IDAHO POWER COMPANY EMMETT ICE CO. CITIZENS' LUMBER CO. Cold Storage Lumber and Builders' Hardware ICE COAL WOOD Phone 154 GEM FRUIT UNION BRUNSWICK CIGAR STORE EMMETT FRUIT CO-OPERATIVE QUALITY SERVICE CITY TRANSFER LINE COAL and GENERAL DELIVERY F. H. HOGUE FRUITS and VEGETABLES The House of Service AUTREY BROTHERS DENVER, COLORADO CLUB CAFE BEST PLACE TO EAT Open Day and Night EMMETT VARIETY STORE CASE FURNITURE CO. CANDIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES '-Qualify with Economy" VARIETIES 1-hone 39 Herbert Reddi k FARMERS' CO-OP. CREAMERY Ask for SUNSHINE BUTTER Phone 292 C. D. BUCKNUM Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer EI is qjeafzboolf . . gjqcllieverl as tlle 'zesult of youd wofzk, anal tlze aclvantages of Caxton cfzaftsmanslzip. Qfeafzs of expefzience--a moclefzn plant opefz- ateal by a selectecl anal twaineal pe'zsonnel-- ave out contribution towaful tbe builcling of tlzis book. .Bet us consult witb you about plans fofi N PRI 'Yo 470 youu 1941 annual. Q? 2:0 E, ,Lip , 7x5 R9 T HE CAXT ON PRINTERS, LTD. PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS BINDERS QQ"W'l:LL.idf N CALDWELL, IDAHO li "Q gl M-,1..Mmuw-,.wmuw1.1w N1m,,,.m W-A, , Mmm LL vm- X V , mn. fMmm.,.W,,,.,- ,W,mmwmmm.k.:mL-nmnwwwmmmmw.-w.uWL,umwmmuu IGQMT . w,iffM'f5W ' - J4w4f75.f "Q M .4,f, UJ1f'f,'i7'lh' 'mfg g1fZ'3i'fQi if YD 1 gg S? , . . - iiW: il q fm W Q ,, . . A A wwf v,,.WfW W A-Q 2 ? Av my ' of - fre ' VW

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