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l r " ■ i • ' . - JI " sS 1 . •r ( . ■-. i I v- HIGH, SCHOQ . L -V • KAMtmmZl «J . f " ft » n ? » Emmerich Manual High School 2405 Madison Avenue indianapolh, IN 46225. Volume i» ; S£ „,: ' ' f€ Table of Contents Student Life 3 Academics 19 Clubs 43 Sports 73 Album 109 Ads 149 STUDENT LIFE Pow Wow A Sure Sign of Spring Reigning royally over the 1987 Pow Wow are King Steve Cox, senior, and Queen Raynel Berry, 1987 graduate. There was something for ev- eryone at the 1987 Pow Wow. Colorful posters, crepe paper streamers, the hard-to-resist stuffed animals and gold fish helped to transform the gym into a carnival-like atmosphere. Games, food, home-made can- dy, and flowers were a few of the attractions of the evening. The Pow Wow, sponsored by the PTO, gave clubs and orga- nizations around school the chance to work together, have fun, and make money at the same time. The PTO and the school groups shared the profits of the evening. There were games of skill, games of luck, and games that were just plain fun. The Science Club ' s Fish Bowl booth, the FCA ' s Basketball Toss, and the Thespian ' s Jail were traditional favorites. The Mask Wig ' s Fortune-telling booth and the Masoma ' s Cake Walk were new this year. At the Plant booth, fellas could buy a rose or a carnation for their favorite gal while the adults were occupied with se- lecting flowers or tomato plants for spring planting. The Pow Wow dance, which had been a popular attraction for many years, was canceled for lack of interest. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the king and queen. Raynel Berry, 1987 graduate, reigned as queen while Steve Cox, senior, was crowned king. " Being named Pow Wow queen was a nice way to end my years at Manual, " beamed Raynel. Keeping a sharp eye on her target, Krissy Elkins, junior, hopes she can win a prize by making a basket at the FCA ' s Basketball Toss. Doing their best to attract the Pow Wow crowd to the Masoma Cake Walk are pledges Carol McFarland, Tammy Jeffers, Tina Hafer, and Diana Daugh- erty, seniors. 4 Pow Wow Leaning forward and taking careful aim, 1987 graduate Bryon Wiley tries to " ring " a Coke. Traditionally the center of attention at the Pow Wow, the Mask wig Club jail is one of the busiest booths. Pow Wow 5 Pan American Games A Unique Experience For the athletes, the specta- tors, and the thousands of vol- unteers, the 1987 Pan Ameri- can Games were a huge success and a memorable experience. " I think they were a real plus for Indianapolis, " concluded Mr. Jack Brown, guidance director. The long hours put in by the thousands of volunteers helped the games go off without any major incidents. From the long- range planning sessions to the 500 Festival Parade with a Pan Am theme, to the events them- selves, Redskins were involved and played exciting roles. Some volunteered for fun; others thought the experience would be great. " I enjoy meet- ing people of different nation- alities. I like to get involved in events that are different and unique, " commented Mrs. Es- ther Sangar, math teacher. The volunteers ' jobs included carrying flags, escorting win- ft ners, presenting awards, and being a village runner. Although the games were very well-organized, there were a few problems that the volun- teers encountered. The heat and the waiting were not appreciat- ed. For Miss Laura Kneip, math teacher and volunteer, the worst ceremony was at the wrestling awards. " Puerto Rico won third place and we didn ' t have a Puerto Rican flag, " she said. The volunteers felt that they gained as much from this exper- ience as they gave. " I got to communicate with people from other cultures. I would never have gotten involved if I wasn ' t asked. It was well worth the time and effort given, " re- marked Nikie Passios, junior. A real crowd pleaser, Amigo, the mas- cot and symbol of the games, made nu- merous appearances for publicity and goodwill. w Pan Am Awards Team: Row one: Esther Sangar. Nikie Passios, Mike Chitwood, Mike Swinford, Laura Kneip. Row two: Julie Gilven, Crystal Grigley, Audrey Wheeler, Madora Walker. Dottie Powell, Jimmy Newsom. Row three: Carol McFarland, Christine Wagner, John Hurt, Carol Riley, LaKina Curry, Erica Moore, Greg Wiley, Darryl Whitlow. Tim Wiley. 6 Pan Am Games Pan Am Games 7 A Romantic Evening It was truly a memorable evening. It was the Junior Prom and juniors had looked forward to this evening since they were freshmen. On May 19, 1987, after weeks of planning, juniors, dressed in tuxedos and long for- mal gowns, were ready for their night. Earlier in the evening the oc- casion really began with frantic moments and shouts of " Where is my tie? " " Is my hair okay? " " How do I look? " and " Is my dress wrinkled? " Anticipation filled the air. The ballroom at the Murat Shrine had been decorated ear- lier that day. Balloons were in place. Tables were set. Stars with names of junior couples complemented the setting. The deejay for the evening was Commander Tilford. The theme of the evening was " Al- ways " by Atlantic Starr, and the prom colors were royal blue and silver. When the evening came to an end, these juniors had their sou- venirs, their flowers, and many pleasant, romantic memories of their Junior Prom. The music of Commander Tilford pro- vides the atmosphere for some roman- tic, slow dancing. The Junior Prom ' s royal couple. Queen Audrey Wheeler and King Scott Davis, pose for their official portrait. Prom royalty: Row one: queen Audrey Wheeler and King Scott Davis. Row two: Court: Angi Browning, Bob Hes- tand, Carol McFarland, Melissa Light. 8 Junior Prom Dancing the evening away at the Junior Prom are Bob Hestand and Debbi Rich- ardson. During a break, juniors Skip Mitchell, Anna Malson, and Peggy Scott do a lit- tle socializing. Junior Prom 9 September Brings Changes In August the football, vol- leyball, and cross country teams began their seasons. In Septem- ber the doors of school were opened and students and staff began another school year. As students entered the building on the first day of school, the building looked the same, but the attitude of the students was more positive. Speaking as a proud adminis- trator. Principal Eugene Austin remarked, " I feel this year is the best turn out in ten years. " The new school year brought with it several changes. There were seventeen teachers who were new to the school. Mr. Li- gon Drane became the new vice-principal. CASPER, a computerized attendance program that was used on a trial basis last year, became a permanent program this year. A new football stadi- um was ready for home games when the season opened. A new busing system began this year. Instead of using Met- ro buses, a fleet of yellow buses transported students to and from school. The opening of school was a pleasant blend of the old and the new. Carrying books from the bookstore to the classroom, Paul Miles, senior, Ken- ny Riggens. junior, and Ed Darden, sen- ior, leisurely stroll down the hall. With textbooks and notebooks in hand, sophomores Patti Floyd and Jennifer Spencer hurry to get to class on time. Going over an assignment with her class, English teacher Mrs. Barbara Rice seems at home in her new sur- roundings. I — 10 Opening of School The new busing system makes the park- ing lot area a busy place before school. Students meet to share the latest news with friends. With students all in class, the hallways are deserted except for Jeff LaFollette, sophomore, who uses a pass to get to his locker. Helping out in the bookstore, senior Mi- chael Mansfield flashes a smile as he gets textbooks ready for students. Having completed the opening of school routines, business teacher Mr. Randy Smith lectures to one of his classes. Opening of School Homecoming 1987 A Time to Celebrate On a brisk October evening. Homecoming festivities got un- derway. It was an evening of celebration and the Redskins really had some things to cele- brate. It was perfect football weath- er, and the ' Skins were ready. Then the team scored its first touchdown, the fans went wild. The band played, the cheer- leaders danced, and the crowd was on its feet. Band me mber Ron Winkler, senior, expressed what many spectators were thinking. " Compared to last year, the spirit was very high. With the spirit so high, it made the play- ers play harder and want to win even more. " Although the game was the main attraction for the evening, the half-time ceremony was also exciting and colorful. Sen- iors Steve Cox and Kristie From the sidelines, team members shout words of encouragement to their teammates on the field. Schwert were crowned king and queen. When the Redskin team took the field after the half-time fes- tivities, they did so with a new- ly-found sense of confidence. They had to hold the state- ranked Ritter Raiders for two more quarters. And hold them they did! As the final seconds ticked off the clock, the score- board said it all. The Redskins had shut out the Raiders 25-0. Principal Eugene Austin had praise for the students. " I felt better this year than ever be- fore. There was more red and white in the stands, and I was really proud of the way the stu- dent body handled themselves. " Obviously pleased about their corona- tion. Homecoming King Steve Cox and Queen Kristie Schwert smile for their " official " portrait. To show their Redskin spirit, Senior Darin Fishburn wears a red and white face and Shetona Barnett, sophomore, bubbled with enthusiasm. 12 Homecoming Manual mascot Ishida Downey, junior, helps spur the team on to a Homecom- ing victory. Dancing to the school song following a touchdown is cheerleader Shawna Hacker, sophomore. Honored guests Dr. James Adams, IPS superintendent, Donald Payton, IPS School Board member, and Wayne Schmidt, architect, participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the dedica- tion of the football field. Homecoming candidates: Bob Hestand, Scott Davis. Chet Daulton, Melion Car- roll, King Steve Cox, Queen Kristie Schwert, Audrey Wheeler, Vickie Un- versaw, Melissa Light, and Valerie Lewis. Homecoming 13 Spirit Week Proud to be a Redskin Traditionally the week pre- ceding the Homecoming foot- ball game has been designated School Spirit Week. For the en- tire week, the students and the faculty were involved in many activities that gave them a chance to show that they were " proud to be a Redskin. " Students were encouraged to decorate the building with ban- ners, streamers, balloons, and posters. The seniors were re- sponsible for the cafeteria; ju- niors decorated the third floor; sophomores added their special touch to the second floor, and freshmen were given the first floor. The special dress up days were really po pular with both the students and the staff. Wednesday was button day. Students wore as many spirit buttons as they could. Thursday was football-cheerleader day. The guys dressed up as cheer- leaders and the gals became football players for a day. Stu- dents were especially happy when they saw their teachers dressed for the spirit of the day. On Thursday, seventh-period classes were dismissed early so that students could attend a pep session. This was the first pep session during the school day in four years. Most students agreed that this pep session really helped to bring the school together. This togetherness was par- ticularly important since many students were still trying to come to grips with the tragic deaths of two classmates and the serious injury to four others. Though Spirit Week official- ly ended on Friday, Redskin pride was experiencing a re- birth. Firing up the crowd at the Spirit Week pep session is mascot Ishida Downey, junior. Showing pride in their class as well as their school are seniors Joe Burgess, Ryan Booth and Darryl Whitlow. Showing her school spirit, English teacher Miss Dorothy Powell becomes a " football player " for the day. 14 Spirit Week On football player-cheerleader day, math teachers Mrs. Karen Busch and Mr. Richard Flis show off their school spirit. At the Spirit Week pep session, the stu- dents and the faculty really got fired up. Trying to separate the red and white balloons for the homecoming game are seniors Lisa Johnson and Tammy Jef- fers. With all her materials surrounding her. Nicole Riley, sophomore, arrives early to decorate the halls. On button day, senior Ron Winkler shows off his collection for Ed Lyster and Tracy Shrum, juniors. As part of the Partners in Education program, seniors Robert Hestand and Erica Moore ride the Eli Lilly float in the 500 Festival Parade. Making Shakespeare ' s plays come to life for students, actors Bernie Killian and Elizabeth Ware perform a scene from " Taming of the Shrew. " Guest speaker at the Academic Awards Program. Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut pauses to chat with Mr. Robert Bales of Eli Lilly and Mrs. Sarah Bo- gard. Academic Award Winners: Row one: Stacy Westra, Mark Surface, Jimmy Newsom, Kim Madison, John Hurt, John Hatcher, Tina Hafer, Crystal Grigley, Kristina Gossett, Julie Gilvin, Sheryl Davis, Mrs. Sarah Bogard. Row two: Angela Tibbits, Laura Mouser, Kim Corbett, Earl Clausson, Mildred Fox, Pam Ford, Brad Walker, Craig Flandermeyer, Raynel Berry, Calvin Murrell, Rhonda Hawley, Mayor William Hudnut, Brian Lakstins, Principal Austin, Miss Marian White, 50- Year Club of Manual, Kim Kelley, Gloria Benedick, Robert Bales, Eli Lilly. 16 Partners in Education Manual-Eli Lilly Partnership Grows When Manual and Eli Lilly established a partnership in the Partners in Education program, great things happened for Man- ual students. This partnership, one of the most successful in the country, has continued to grow each year. Manual students have reaped the benefits of this growth. Mrs. Sarah Bogard, Manual home economics teacher, and Mr. Robert Bales, Eli Lilly and Company representative, worked together to provide a va- riety of enrichment programs for students. On October 26, the Histlish class buried a time capsule. The eleven-gallon air tight barrel, which contained more than thirty items representing the 1 980 ' s, was donated by Eli Lilly and Company. Mr. Robert Bales was one of the honored guests at the burial ceremony. The capsule was buried to cele- brate the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution. On November 5, Eli Lilly sent their bus and paid for stu- dents in Mrs. Kim McFall ' s and Mrs. Molly Bishop ' s citizenship classes to visit the Conner Prai- rie 1836 Village. They had studied about colonial America and then got to experience what it was really like. Eli Lilly was also helpful in exposing students to fine arts programs. Two Shakespearean actors came to school to present excerpts from Shakespeare ' s plays. English classes enjoyed these performances. In January students in sci- ence classes had the chance to benefit from this partnership. Dr. Bruce Peterson of Eli Lilly presented a program to encour- age all students to enroll and be- come interested in scientific re- search. Again this year, the program " What DOES a scientist do? " was presented. Five Eli Lilly volunteers brought equipment to the Media Center and helped physics students demonstrate and explain how four experi- ments worked. Students in citizenship classes enjoy the Lilly-sponsored visit to the Conner Prairie 1836 Village. Dr. Bruce Peterson of Eli Lilly talks to science students about scientific re- search. Physics students Melion Carroll, Ken I Jones, and Jimmy Newson, seniors, take part in the " What DOES a scien- tist do? " program. MANUAL - Eli Lilly 17 18 Academics Academic Trivia 1. How many honor organizations does Manual have for stu- dents who achieve academically? 2. What is Histlish? 3. How many foreign languages are taught at Manual? 4. Who were the members of the 1987 Brain Game team? 5. What advanced science and math classes did Manual offer? (Answers on page 167.) ACADEMICS Academics 1 9 Histlish Class Buries Time Capsule Block M and program repre- senting the Athletic Depart- ment Block M representing outstand- ing academic achievement Certificate of " Outstanding Excellence in Education " pre- sented to Histlish by City of In- dianapolis Copies of The Booster: September 28, 1984 " Dever: Hoosier Teacher of the Year " September 30, 1987 " Bogard named Teacher of the Year " Copy of the U.S. Constitution Copies of letters to Mayor Wil- liam H. Hudnut, III and Hon- orable Andy Jacobs, Jr. Emmerich Manual High School: A History 1895-1969 Garfield Honorary Chief button for out- standing achievement in aca- demics Indiana University NCAA Champ button InSkin perfect attendance T- shirt IVIAN, 1987 List of Histlish signatures Manual Faculty jacket courte- sy of Mrs. Marilyn Dever Manual Manuscripts, 1987 Manual Redskins ' bumper sticker Needle art sample representing Home Economics Department Original Computer program by Manual students Partnership activities: Eli Lil- ly Manual Picture and ceramic represent- ing the Art Department Price list for October, 1987 Redskin Revue, 1987 program Scrapbook of 1987 events Senior armband, 1987 Snapshots of students and fads Issue of The Spotlight Spuds McKenzie T-shirt Top nine hits, October 21, 1987 The Totem Pole Videotape of Manual Video tape representing the In- dustrial Technology Education Department Loaded with mementos of 1987 and sealed to preserve the contents, the time capsule begins its 26-year burial. With shovel in hand. Chris Messer, ju- nior, takes his turn at covering the cap- sule with dirt. 20 Time Capsule Prior to the burial, Histlish teacher Mrs. Marilyn Dever explains the pro- ject to honored guests. Recording the occasion are Mrs. Mary Rabourn, Media Center head and Mr. Jerry Cosby of the Spotlight. Histlish Class: Row one: Julie Taylor, Shari Burgett, Amy Grider, K-C McCombs, Amy Bane, Jenni Timbs, Michelle Taylor, Carrie Groce, Princi- pal Eugene Austin, Eli Lilly Represen- tative Robert Bales, Mrs. Sarah Bo- gard. Row two: Mrs. Marilyn Dever, Robin Spaulding, Amy Forey, Robyn Cooper, Gary Hillard, Deanna Long, Jason Broadstreet, Mike Chitwood, La- Kina Curry, Chris Messer. m 3 Time Capsule 21 New Vocational Classes The Industrial Arts depart- ment, under the leadership of Mr. Larry Helphenstine, pro- vided a variety of classes for students. This department was in the process of changing to more technological courses to give students greater opportuni- ties in the job market after high school. Computerized equip- ment was a part of the new look. Two teachers were added to the department this year. Mr. Dan Chapin was the transpor- tation teacher and Mr. Millard Quails taught vocational elec- tronics. Some of the more traditional classes in this department in- cluded mechanical drawing, ar- chitectural drafting, construc- tion, power mechanics, blue- print reading, graphic arts, and electricity. There were two vocational shops. Vocational Auto Me- chanics was taught by Mr. John Roberts and Vocational Elec- tronics was taught by Mr. Quails. A new Hunter comput- erized digital four-wheel align- ment unit and rack were pur- chased for the Vocational Auto Mechanics class. Mr. Roberts proudly remarked, " Manual is one of only two schools to have this equipment. " Mr. John Fox was the ICT Coordinator and graphic arts instructor. Students in the ICT vocational program received high school credits for their jobs in the community. Students enrolled in Industri- al Arts classes received skilled training in printing, construc- tion skills, welding, metals, electronics, and drafting. Such skills helped prepare the stu- dents for the world of the fu- ture. Working together on a printing project are sophomores Jermaine Richards, Roland Terrell, Cindy Crabtree, and Renee Shipley. Using strength and skill, junior Bob Gates and senior Mike Simpson take a tire off the rim while junior Thomas Petty gives some helpful advice. With concentration and precision, sen- ior Brian McKenzie does the detail work on his project. 22 Industrial Arts Making sure the cuts are made exactly where they should be, junior Keith Wise works slowly and carefully. Reading and following directions exact- ly, junior Charles Bredl works on an assignment in electricity. Industrial Arts 23 Meeting Students ' Needs The Business Education de- partment was one of seven de- partments to get a new depart- ment head this year. Mrs. Janet Weaver, who had been depart- ment head at Marshall High School before its closing, came to Manual in the same position. The Business Education de- partment offered a variety of classes to meet the students ' needs. In these classes the stu- dents learned and used new skills that would help them in office careers. To prepare students to enter the business world of the future, computers and word processors were used extensively. " Today ' s offices use word processors. Students who can use word pro- cessors will find many job op- portunities in the business world, " explained Mrs. Joyce Cook, business teacher. Several vocational programs were offered by the department. Miss Barbara Boeldt served as coordinator of the COE pro- gram and Mr. Randy Smith was coordinator for Marketing Education, better known as ME. In these programs stu- dents spent part of their day in class and the other part on the job. Most of the COE students worked in local offices or busin- esses, using what they learned in the classroom in a real-life situation. These students re- ceived pay for their work as well as school credit. Students in the ME program also held jobs in the community for both pay and credit. Many of them had jobs in retail. Accounting teacher Mr. Roy Calder gives some individual help to junior Nita Bartlett. While reading an advanced typing as- signment. Kim Warriner, senior, pon- ders her next move. 24 Business Education Marketing coordinator Mr. Randy Smith shares a good laugh with the sen- iors in his D.E. Related class. Sophomores Alina Fleshman, Mario Working at one of the many computers Cook, and Crystal Patterson keep their in the Business Education department is eyes on their material and not on the junior Hope Davis, keys. Business Education 25 Creative Skills The Home Economics de- partment taught a variety of in- teresting skills. Regular classes included Foods, Clothing, Needleart, and Grooming. Nu- trition for the Athlete was the mini-class. Mrs. Frances Ben- son was the department head. The foods classes were not " for girls only; " more male stu- dents enrolled in foods to learn about the joys of cooking. Students in clothing classes kept their sewing machines humming and turned out at- tractive clothing and other un- usual projects. Projects from the needleart classes were displayed at the Education Center and at the Gift and Hobby Show. So that the seam will be perfectly straight, senior Tammy McHenry keeps her eye on the needle. Sophomore Shelly Marshall stirs while In needleart class, Toni Jesse works on a junior Germaine McFadden gets a spat- needlepoint project, ula ready. 26 Home Economics Junior Davina Brown looks on as Mrs. Showing her students the correct way to Sarah Bogard gives a pointer to Ranee slice a loaf of hot bread is Mrs. Helen Florence in Needleart class. Weeden. S f J CD J J F i 7 f r r t 1 F JBHik, MM ■■ J Vw J ; ■X 1 1 Sophomore Yolanda Vaughn carefully pins the binding to a quilt she is making. Junior Damonica Thompson waits as Consuela Coleman finishes sewing a seam. These students in Foods class are ready to dine on the food they prepared. Home Economics 27 Art Students Compete Elective classes were taken by every student this year. The Art Department offered car- tooning, craft design, ceramics, and basic art. These classes allowed stu- dents to express their individ- uality. In Mrs. Terry Clark ' s ceramics class, students got hands-on training with clay by making cylinders, masks, and other interesting pieces. In Mr. Robert Crawford ' s cartooning class, students learned the art of drawing satire. In a more relaxed atmo- sphere, students had the oppor- tunity to develop their artistic talents and receive recognition for their efforts. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Kay Clay, new head of the department, stu- dents were encouraged to enter their work in several competi- tions. Two students ' pieces were reproduced in the I.P.S. Info, a system-wide newsletter. A number of students submitted entries in the Indiana Scholas- tic Art Competition, sponsored jointly by L.S. Ayres and the Indianapolis Star. Working on an assignment using ce- ramic slab construction are William Brickley. junior, and Jerry Luna, sopho- more. Using pastels, sophomore Mike Miller puts the finishing touches on his project. 28 Art As Tracy Bernard, junior, works on a coil construction project, freshman Jen- nifer Hurt offers some friendly sugges- Art 29 Academic Opportunities The English department un- der the leadership of Mrs. Toni Hammer, department head, of- fered students eight semesters of required English, Histlish, Humanities, and speech. The Humanities and Histlish classes took several field trips. They saw a performance of the award-winning play " Inherit the Wind. " the Humanities class spent one Saturday tour- ing many attractions in Chica- go. The new I-STEP testing pro- gram brought special tutor Shelly Bradford to Manual to work with freshmen who need- ed remedial work to pass the competency test. Mr. Dwight Shaw came from Arlington to be the new head of the Social Studies department. For the first time the DAR Good Citizen Award was deter- mined after a round of competi- tive speeches by candidates Robert Hestand, Tina Hafer, and Julie Gilvin. Robert Hes- tand was declared the winner based on a vote of fellow sen- iors. One highlight of the year was the burial of a time capsule by the Histlish class. Histlish, a class for juniors, is a combina- tion of the two required classes — English and U.S. History. Three foreign languages were taught at Manual — Spanish, French, and German. Mr. David Phillips was head of that department. Students studied both the language and the culture of the country. A special language lab gave stu- dents a chance to perfect their communication skills by using special earphones. The academic classes in these three departments provided both a basic education and en- richment opportunities for stu- dents. Using earphones in the language lab, junior Amy Striggo listens to improve her mastery of French. In his senior government class, Mr. In Spanish class, Sonja Yunt, sopho- HomerTravelstead holds the interest of more, reviews the textbook material in his students. preparation for a test. 30 English, Language, Social Studies In German class junior Vince Stinnett does a conjugation on the board. As part of a speech class assignment, Social Studies teacher Mr. John Deal senior Tina Hafer uses Carol McFar- captures the attention of his students land as her " subject. " with visual aids. English, Language, Social Studies 31 Meeting Special Needs Special education needs are served in a variety of ways. The activities range from classroom instruction and resource help to vocational oriented classes. These classes are titled " PVE " which stands for Pre-Vocation- al Education. In these classes students learn important job- related skills and also receive on-the-job experience. The de- partment also included basic classes such as math, English, history, and science. The freshman class visited Conner Prairie Village in the fall after studying about colo- nial America. In the spring many special education stu- dents traveled to Chicago to tour selected educational sites. Guest speakers also visited classes during the year to share their knowledge and expertise with the students. The Physical Education de- partment offered required gym classes, health, advanced gym, and weight lifting. When fresh- men enrolled in the required PE course, most of them thought this class would be an easy " A. " When they got there, they learned the reality of the class. The required dress was red shorts, white shirt, and tennis shoes. This class was more than playing around. Advanced gym and weight lifting were very popular with the athletes. Their conditioning really paid off dur- ing the season. Playing basketball in gym class, fresh- man Shannon Glover shows her drib- bling ability. Physical Education instructor Mrs. Evelyn Potter watches as her students practice shooting. 32 Physical Education, Special Education Using leg weights, senior Steve Cox works to build up his leg muscles. During resource class, Mrs. Kay Thompson, special education teacher, gives individual help to a student. Working with a small group, special education teacher Mrs. Karen Mont- gomery can more easily meet student needs. In the weight room, senior Tom Beard bench presses while senior Chad Majors and Paul Treadwell lend some moral support. Physical Education, Special Education 33 J-ROTC J-ROTC was an elective class for students who had an interest in the military. The classes were taught by Sgt. Bruce Blauvelt and Sgt. Thomas James. The cadets had marching drills to master, uniforms to care for, and rules and regulations to learn. Cadets were given military ranks based on their skills and rate of progress. In September the color guard per- formed duty for the IPS School Board meeting. In November the J-ROTC marched in the Veteran ' s Day Parade in downtown Indianapolis. Six cadet officers attended a repelling clinic at IUPUI campus. In January cadet rangers partici- pated in a four-day field training ex- ercise at Hancock County Ranger Camp. The J-ROTC also presented the colors at home football and bas- ketball games. Completing one of the required descends at the repelling clinic is C Maj. Gary Mclntyre, sen- ior. Practicing a marching drill are cadets Rangers: Row one: Lanette Dickinson, Jesse Percifield, Gary Mclntyre, MSG. Blauvelt. Row two: Krista Russell McKinney. Marissa Harris, Moore. Terry Trent, Stan Zabicki, Juanita Purdy, David Taylor, John Chadwick, Clayton Baum, Dwaine Fancy Church. Stanley Zabicki. Thomas. Row three: Mike Groce, Nick Hueston, Josh Young, James Mangan, Chris Hughey, John Guffey, Keith Robins on, Mike Miller. 34 J-ROTC mm Math and Science Both the math and the science departments received new depart- ment heads this year. Mr. Harold Baumer, a former math teacher, became head of the science depart- ment. The science department offered both required classes, electives and mini-classes. Physics and chemis- try were two electives for advanced students. A drug awareness class, taught as a mini-class by Ms. Kris Graham, was a class that was pop- ular with students. Mr. Bill Fisher became the new math department head. Also new to the math department were Mr. Richard Flis and Mrs. Patricia Shepherd. They offered basic classes and advanced classes like geometry and trigonometry. They also of- fered computer math classes which introduced students to com- puter programming. Performing a chain-reaction experi- ment with dominoes are physical sci- ence students Kenny Huggins and Mel- vin Stringer. Students in Mr. David Gish ' s physical science class drop their " protected " eggs from the balcony to the gym floor. Using a protractor, sophomore Bettina Rodgers draws a colorful design in ge- ometry class. Math and Science 35 Developing . Musical I Talents Music classes were the build- ing blocks for the performing groups in the music depart- ment. In these classes students received instruction in the basic skills that would help them qualify for band, orchestra, or Manualaires. Students learned correct breathing techniques, scales, notes, and discipline. There were classes for both beginning and advanced students. For many students, music classes were a welcome change of pace from their academic classes. The music department was small. The department head was Mr. Robert Fleck, who was also the vocal director. Mrs. Marilyn Bolin directed the or- chestra and she also taught vo- cal music. Mr. Bruce Smith was the band director, and Mrs. Ke- nya Ostermeier was the accom- panist for the department. During orchestra class, Darron Di lingham and Robert Benamon, sopho- mores, make pleasant music on the vio- lin. Accompanist Mrs. Kenya Ostermeier waits for a cue from vocal director Mrs. Marilyn Bolin. 36 Music In Keyboard class Cynthia Conwell, senior, and Steve Edmonds, junior, wear earphones to hear their music. With a look of concentration on his face, Derrick Davis, junior, practices the drums in band class. « » Showing the correct form for a bass At the Electronic keyboard, junior player is Terry Kennedy, sophomore. Kathy Lauerman keeps her eye on the director during practice. Music 37 Books and Computers Manual has had two com- plete computer labs for five years. Each lab had thirty-one computers and three printers. The main office had seven IBM-PC ' s, including CASPER — Computer Attendance Sche- dulized Programing. Mrs. Ja- net Milenbaugh, the computer specialist, commented, " It may be a possibility that CASPER will keep each student ' s grades and print the report cards in the near future. " Computers, the product of modern technology, and books, the traditional source of infor- mation, both had an important place in a student ' s life. Both books and computers were available for students in the Media Center. The staff worked with many classes on special projects and with indi- viduals who came to the Media Center for special help on re- search or finding a book. The Media Center had a new staff. Mrs. Mary Rabo urn was the new Media Director; Mrs. Shirley Lynch was the new li- brarian, and Mrs. Trudy Wag- goner continued as Media clerk. Mrs. Rabourn remarked, " The Media Center has worked on replacing old titles with new ones that students will enjoy reading. " Proving that " two heads are better than one, " senior Rachel Haley helps senior Samantha Smith solve a computer problem. 38 Media Center, Computer Lab Working at her own pace, freshman Molita Berryhill awaits the computer ' s command. Searching for just the right materials, juniors Shari Burgett and Julie Taylor use the Media Center ' s reference books. A quiet library is a good place for senior Carol McFarland to work on an assign- ment without distractions. Students visiting the Media Center find the special displays to be very interest- ing. Media Ce nter, Computer Lab 39 Office Gives Guidance The Guidance department consisted of four counselors and two deans. The counselors were assigned to a specific grade lev- el. They prepared the academic schedule for each of their stu- dents. " Counselors are responsible for the academic career and personal social guidance for the students assigned to them. They are there to promote and encourage students to seek out and develop their skills to the optimum potential, " said Mr. Jack Brown, senior counselor. In addition to scheduling, counselors were responsible for all testing, following of gradu- ates, and teaching classes such as S.A.T. Coaching. The sophomore counselor, Mr. Ray Hendrick, taught S.A.T. Coaching. He ex- plained, " It is a class to give col- lege-bound students a chance to take S.A.T. tests. They find out what kind of questions to ex- pect. This helps them feel more relaxed when they actually take the S.A.T. " To maintain good home-school rela- tions. Dean of Girls Miss Lou Mann confers with a parent on the phone. Director of Guidance and senior coun- selor Mr. Jack Brown talks with senior Audrev Wheeler. Busily typing one of the many reports he is responsible for is social worker Mr. Gerald Swinford. Junior Latonya Randolph attentively listens to the advice of her counselor, Mr. Harold Bennett, regarding her schedule. 40 Guidance Dean of Boys Mr. Gerry Root checks his records before writing an admit for a student ' s absence. School nurse Mrs. Ruth Albro adds health information to one of her official reports. Freshman counselor Mrs. Rutha Sims takes time away from her busy counsel- ing schedule to catch up on paper work. Guidance 41 42 Clubs Club Trivia 1. Which clubs at Manual have a national affiliation? 2. How did the Roines club get its name? 3. When did the school receive its National Honor Society chapter? 4. What are the oldest and the youngest clubs at Manual? 5. Which clubs sold candy to raise funds for their activities? (Answers on pagel67.) CLUBS Clubs 43 Pasting up an edition of the BOOSTER are Editor Julie Taylor and Shari Bur- gett, juniors. Junior Jim Saylor takes time out to browse through a school newspaper from another high school to make a comparison. As junior Robyn Cooper types a story, junior Robin Spalding confers with ad- «S visor Mrs. Kathryn Guignard. In order to meet a deadline, Carrie Groce, junior, types the final copy of her story. 44 Newspaper BOOSTER Staff Produces Quality Paper The Manual BOOSTER re- flected the activities of the school year and how they af- fected the students and faculty at our school. Heading the staff was junior Julie Taylor, the edi- tor. Mrs. Kathryn Guignard was the advisor. In order to prepare for the po- sition of editor, Julie Taylor at- tended the Indiana University Journalism Institute ' s editor ' s workshop during the summer. The BOOSTER was published every three weeks. There were several changes this year. The biggest change was using a computer. Stories were typed into the computer, edited, and stored until time for publication. Using the comput- er was a big time saver for the staff. In the spring, Miss Mary Ann DiBortolo, a student teacher from Indiana Universi- ty, worked with the journalism class and the newspaper staff. She brought some new ideas and was really an asset to the newspaper staff. Being on the newspaper staff was not all fun and games. The reporter ' s job included inter- viewing people for stories, writ- ing the story, and meeting dead- lines. When the paper was ready for distribution, students could look with pride at a qual- ity publication. Proofreading her story before turning it in is junior Amy Forey. Showing senior Casey Kelley and fresh- man Renee Berry how to edit copy for paste-up is Mrs. Kathryn Guignard, ad- visor. BOOSTER Staff: Row one: Kathy Mangus, Shari Burgett, Niki Passios, Julie Taylor, Carrie Groce. Row two: Dana Ruth, Casey Kelley, Renee Berry, Pat Brown, Lanette Dickinson. Row three: Karrie Kelly, Joey Burgess, Caroline Carver, Greg Wiley, Sherry Hurt, Stacie Shepherd, Amy Forey. Newspaper 45 We Are Roines Roines, a senior honorary for boys, was a group for students who excelled in academics and who were also interested in school service. After a two-week pledge pe- riod when they were seen with their buckets and wide R-O-I- N-E-S ties, the pledges then went through final initiation. As active Roines members they performed several school service jobs. In December, they hung the traditional Christmas wreath above the main entrance to the school. The Roines Romp was held in January. Mr. Mike Swinford was the club sponsor, and Bob Hestand was the president. Roines activities tie up pledges Matt Borden and Joey Burgess while other students enjoy the show. Pledges Sean Meador and Brian Cole- man display their school Roines buckets and ties, two pledge traditions. As an active, senior Sean Meador makes a homeroom announcement for the Roines Romp. Roines: Row one: Joey Burgess, Tom Beard, Brian Coleman, Darryl Whitlow. Row two: Ron Winkler, Matt Borden, Bob Hestand, Gaku Furuichi. Row three: Kevin Augustine, Sean Meador, Kenny Jones, John Hurt, Darin Fishburn. 46 Roines We Are Masoma Masoma, one of Manual ' s ol- dest clubs, was for senior girls with at least a 6.0 GPA. Eligi- ble girls went through a two- week pledge period. Pledges dressed as babies, vegetables, fictional characters, and even rock stars. Officers were Tina Hafer, president; Carol McFarland, vice-president; Tricia Passios, secretary; Sheryl Davis, trea- surer; Karrie Kelly, historian. The club had several service projects. They sold homecom- ing flowers, had a joint Christ- mas party with Roines, and served dinner at the Alumni Banquet. What the girls really looked forward to was the next group of pledges in the spring. Masoma: Row one: Tammy Jeffers, Sheryl Davis, Laura Dunn, Lisa Johnson. Row two: Tammy Terrell, Diana Daugherty, Tina Hafer. Row three: Peggy Scott, Karrie Kelly, Carol McFarland, Crystal Grigley. During pledge week, Karrie Kelly and Carol McFarland dress as their " favor- ite " Roines. Senior Tammy Terrell is ready to deli er some of the homecoming flowers. Senior Crystal Grigley does her best to entertain students before school as part of her pledging. Masoma 47 Special Interest Clubs The Chess Club, coached by Mr. Larry Helphinstine, had another successful year. Led by junior Derrick Brownie, the team posted wins over North Central, Howe and Plainfield. According to Mr. Helphinstine, Brownie is one of the best high school chess players in the state. The Spanish Club was very active. Sponsored by Miss Ann Manning, they had a Christmas party with a gift exchange, and they went ice skating at the Pan Am Plaza. Several members visited the International Festi- val at the Convention Center to learn more about the culture of other countries. Club officers were Dawn Huff, president; Dana Ruth, vice-president; and Amy Grider, secretary-treasurer. The French Club was one of the largest clubs at school. They sold candy to raise money for club activities. One club activ- ity was a party at Riley Towers. Chess team members Derrick Brownie, junior, completes the score card prior to his match. Chess Club: Row one: Barry Galloway, Mark Ammerman, Derrick Brownie. Row two: Mike Krammerer, Lance Bray, Scott McKnight. Row three: Mario Yanez, Phil Main, Darryl Craw- ford, Mr. Larry Helphinstine. 48 French, Spanish, Chess Clubs Spanish Club: Tasha Jefferson, Dana Ruth, Henrietta Fox, Sonya Yunt, Cin- dy Reed, Jenny Wood. Row two: Lin- coln Thompson, Tony Adams, Greg Cooper, Kim Rosa, Barry Galloway, Angel Shadday. Row three: Julie Tay- lor, Kenny Jones, Sherry Hurt, Lisa Morgan, Shannon Allen, Reggie Tucker, Angie Bills, Dee Huff, Amy Grider. French Club: Row one: Michelle Davis, Jonette Scott, Angie Calvert, Cindy Conwell, Dan Borden, Nikita Smith, Michelle McFarland, Ashley Courtney, Angie Carmichael, Mike Daniels. Row two: Tina Price, Shannon Groves, Kim Carr, Everett Blackmon, Nicole Riley, Lauretha Fuller, ' Michelle Boughman, Anthony Parran, Brent Lewellyn, Jen- nifer Spenser. Row three: Kristy Bum- pus, Tonya Pickett, Marissa Harris, Abigail Ahlfeldt, Carrie Groce, LaKina Curry, Brandon Saunders, Erica Bur- rin, Shannon Goode, Shawna Hacker, Renee Bacon, Misty Lewis, Jennifer Carl, Renee Berry, Laura Keller, Mr. David Phillips. French Club (continued): Row one: Caroline Carver, Datona Sargent, Travis Stumpf, Sandra Hawley, Rachel Haley, Kim Phelps, Curtis Phillips. Row two: Karrie Kelly, Heather Kil- gore, Amy Striggo, Jenny Palmer, Jeanette Palmer, Jerald Richardson. John Flandermeyer. Row three: Tonya Williams, Chris Drake, Kristi Schwert. Tom Person, Patrice Jordan, Greg Wi- ley, Melion Carroll, Jeff Soper. French, Spanish, Chess Clubs 49 Sports Clubs The two organizations that were made up primarily of ath- letes were Block M Club and FCA. Block M was a club for any athlete who had lettered in at least one sport. This club was not a very active club, but it provided additional recognition for athletes. Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes or FCA was a group for those students who had partici- pated in sports or who were just interested in sports, but who also had a belief in God. This group met regularly throughout the school year under the direc- tion of Mr. Ray Schultz, athle- tic director. Some of their ac- tivities included meeting with FCA groups from other schools. Several students attended the FCA national convention. The group ' s major fund raiser was LUSIFY, (Let us send it for you.), a Valentine ' s Day Greet- ing project. Block M Club: Row one: Niki Passios, Wayne Elsey, Everette Blackmon, Tom Person, Brendon Saunders, John Flandermeyer, Paul Treadwell, Tom Sumner, Jenni Timbs, Bob Grey, Ryan Booth, Krissy Elkins. Row two: Vicky Unversaw, Kristie Schwert, Erica Moore, Jeanette Palmer, Nancy Pruett, Karrie Kelly, Caroline Carver, Rachel Haley. Lisa Pruett, Barbara Richardson, Carol McFarland, Melissa Light, LaKina Curry, Amy Striggo, Tracey Shrum. Row three: George Tolan, Joe Morelock, Paul Elandermeyer, Dusty Church, Robert Downey, Greg Cooper, Mike Chitwood, Joey Burgess, James Shelton, Steve Cox, Tom Beard, Bob Hestand, John Hinton. Row four: Darryl Whitlow, Curtis McGuire, Richie Majors, Mellon Carroll, John Hurt, Chad Majors, Mark West, Carol Riley, Doug Williams, Rick Warren, Steve Savage, Greg Wiley, James Cole, Tim Wiley, Tony Grizzle, Jerald Richardson, Chris Messer, Ed Darden. 50 FCA and Block M Club Junior Jimmy Saylor checks the game plan so that he can relay the next play to his teammates. An active FCA member, senior Darryl Whitlow receives his placement from one of the cross country meet officials. a a Junior Niki Passios shows off the letter sweater she earned for being manager of the girls ' volleyball team. FCA: Row one: Angie Fortner, Kathy Mangus, Shauna Hacker, Rachel Ha- ley, Jeanette Palmer, Michelle Hager, Krissy Elkins, Tracey Shrum. Row two: Jenette Hawkins, Ryan Booth, Wayne Elsey, Greg Wiley, Darryl Whitlow, Renee Berry, Dawn Purpura, Mike Chitwood. Row three: Amy Striggo, Heather Kilgore, Nancy Pruett, Joey Burgess, Rick Warren, Doug Warren, Melissa Light, Helen Taylor. FCA and Block M Club 51 Secret Admirers: Row one: Renee Bacon, Cleo Nyugen, Carol McFarland, Melissa Light, Vicky Unversaw, Audrey Wheeler, Kathy Mangus, Helen Taylor, Michelle McFarland, Deanna Long. Row two: Deanna Popps, Tina Schwert, Karrie Kelly, Caroline Carver, Erica Burrin, Jenny Spencer, Kim Phelps, Carrie Groce, Dawn Kleppen, Shannon Good. Row three: Beverly Day, Tammy Terrell, Melanie Scott, Crystal McKenzie, Dionne Leslie, Kathy Lesure, Jonette Scott, Regina Cole, Renee Berry, Heather Kilgore, Amy Striggo, Michelle Lesure, Kelly Williams. These " not-so-secret " admirers, Tina Hafer, Peggy Scott, Karrie Kelly, and Sheryl Davis brave the cold to support their Redskins. 52 Secret Admirers, Wrestlerettes Backing the Redskins Each week during football season, secret admirers arrived at school early to decorate the lockers of the athletes assigned to them. Balloons, crepe paper banners, and glitter were a few of the things they used to make the lockers stand out. They also brought cakes, cookies and pas- tries as a special treat for their football player. Throughout the season, each secret admirer kept a scrapbook of pictures and newspaper arti- cles about the team. At the fall sports athletic banquet, each player was presented with his scrapbook, and the identity of his admirer was made known. The wrestlerettes showed their Redskin pride by cheering for the wrestlers. Like cheer- leaders, the girls had their cheers designed especially for the wrestlers. To be a wrestler- ette, each girl had to pass a test on the fundamentals of wres- tling. Then they had an inter- view with Mrs. Molly Bishop, their sponsor. Wearing their new red and white uniforms, the girls pro- vided the pizzazz that encour- aged each wrestler to do his best. Wrestlerette Jenni Timbs yells encour- agement to the Redskin wrestler in a close match. Cheering from the sidelines are wrest- lerettes Jenni Timbs, Cleo Nyugen, Knox. Wrestlerettes: Row one: Jada Brim- mage, Georgia Smith, Sandra Knox. Row two: Cleo Nguyen, Amanda Rob- erts. Row three: Debbie Maiden, Jenni Timbs, Kelly Williams. Row four: Lisa Johnson, Tammy Jeffers. Top: Kim Rosa. Secret Admirers, Wrestlerettes 53 Work- Study Clubs Students in the work-study groups often had little time for extra-curricular activities be- cause of their work schedules. Work-study groups were both clubs and classes. The groups sponsored fund-raising projects and social activities. The groups also held separate banquets at the end of the school year. Some of the groups used the funds they raised to pay for trips to contests. Several DECA students went to Chicago as a club activity with sponsor Mr. Randy Smith. Students in ICT, sponsored by Mr. John Fox, participated in contests at Central Nine in Greenwood. Miss Barbara Boeldt was the coordinator for COE, and Miss Sue McNiel worked with the PVE group. COE member Rachel Griffith gets some pointers from Alison Hannon. COE: Row one: Julie Gilvin, Barbara Richardson, Christina Powell, Vicki Willis, Irita Brown, Yolanda Price, Barbara Boeldt. Row two: Brent Soper, Banita Hayes, Carol McFarland. Ra- chel Griffith, Alison Hannon, Joy Moorman. Row three: Valerie Lewis, Mia Wharton, Nicole Robinson, Erica Thompson, Shiffon Pippens, Valerie Jordan, Kelly Whittaker. Angie Kill- mon. 54 COE, DECA, ICT, PVE DECA: Row one: Michelle Duffy, Tammy Vaden, Lukita Wilson, Trina Weaver, Tarhonda Trotter, Michelle Adams. Row two: Mr. Randy Smith, Mike Hurt, Brian Stewart, Carol Riley, Susan Magers, Lauretha Fuller, Rod Hazelgrove, Chet Daulton, Lee Ann Kelly. ICT: Row one: Laurie Warholak, Joey Howard, Kellie Duncan, Kenny Jones. Row two: Robert Perkins, Henry Fox, Danny Lynch, Paul Miles, Mr. John Fox. Row three: Chris Spurgeon. Row four: Tom Brown, Bobby Underwood, Tom Petty, Harold Hix. Row five: Mel- vin Stringer, Mario Stone, Marco Stone, Wayne Weir, John Hurt, Billy Olnick, Tom McDonough, Mark Bry- Senior Kelly Whittaker, COE member, practices to improve her typing speed and accuracy. PVE: Row one: Avis Jackson, Augus- tine McCullough, Renee Dunaway, Re- gina Foster, Melissa Jones. Row two: Ricky Guinn, Marc Whitley, Dianna Daugherty, Jeanette Hawkins. Row three: Amy Wims, Patricia Hollowell, Fred Pipes, Russell McKinney, Sue McNiel, PVE coordinator. COE, DECA, ICT, PVE 55 Instrumental Groups: Perform with Pride The Music department had two instrumental performing groups. Under the direction of Mrs. Marilyn Bolin, the orches- tra practiced daily and per- formed several times during the year. The week before winter break, the violin section partici- pated in the before-school musi- cal concerts that have become a music department tradition. The Marching Redskins and the flag girls started their year in August at band camp. It al- lowed band members to get an early start on their marching program. They presented the half-time show at home football games. They also took part in two band festivals. They were in the Midwestern Marching Band Festival at Bush Stadium in September. They also attend- ed the Southern Indiana Marching Band Festival at Charlestown, Indiana. Marching and playing the tuba at the same time comes easy for sophomore Mike Everling. While learning the flag routine, junior Stacic Shepherd shows her intense con- centration. During the half-time show at Home- coming, senior Tina Hafer, drum ma- jor, directs the band. 56 Band, Orchestra Orchestra: Row one: Eric McCreary, Tina Pittard, Ashley Courtney, Heidi Jensen, Putina Brown, Robert Bena- mon, Leandra Averitte, Cynthia Sloan. Row two: Angi Graham, Loretta Boyd, Malissa Hughes, Audrey Wheeler, Jeff Soper, Misty Pardue, Tina Sloan, Me- lissa Rodriquez, Mrs. Marilyn Bolin, Terri Kennedy. Marching Band: Row one: Derrick Da- vis, Kathy Lauerman, Sheryl Davis, Tina Hafer, Theresa Denny, Tim Hunt- er, Mr. Bruce Smith, director. Row two: Lynda Moyer, flag instructor, Melanie Scott, Sherri Jones, Karrie Kelly, Jenny Moles, Peggy Scott, Alina Fleshman, Angie Owens. Row three: Sam Eby, Chris Leap, Angie Bills, Jim Shipman, Melissa Couch, Deanna Maidwell, Ron Winkler, Kathy Scaggs, Brian Parton, Brian Greeson, Amy Cowherd. Row four: Abby Ahlfeldt, Laura Dunn, Cry- stal Grigley, Amy Forey, Stacy Shep- herd, Heidi Thomas, Tammy McHenry, Tammy Benedick, Linda Benedick, Angie Carmichael. Band, Orchestra 57 Vocal Groups Perform with Pride Manual ' s music department provided three performing vo- cal groups — Concert Choir, Glee Club, and Manualaires. Glee Club was an all-female group. Under the direction of Mrs. Marilyn Bolin, the girls sang at several music depart- ment concerts during the year. They also sang carols during the Christmas season to the de- light of both students and staff. The Concert Choir was a mixed choral group directed by Mr. Robert Fleck. The choir performed both at school and for other groups in the commu- nity. Manualaires were the busiest of the vocal groups. It was a singing and dancing group di- rected by Mrs. Bolin. Students had to audition before they were accepted into Manua- laires. Many hours were spent learning the music and the cho- reography for their concert. They had many opportunities to perform at school and through- out the community. " I enjoy Manualaires, " said senior Eric McCreary. " We put in a lot of hard work, but it was worth it. " Members of Glee Club, Tonya Brown, Marsha Cloud, Tricia Passios, Sheila Leagan, and Deiona Maxieson, sing carols for the staff. Choir members Teresa Hinds, Jason Broadstreet, Jenny Moles, Greg Wiley, Ron Winkler, and Tricia Passios sing carols around the Christmas tree. Glee Club: Row one: Lisa Garvin, Ni- cole Coe, Vashti Hill, Tricia Passios, Janet Daugherty, Kim Adams. Row two: Misty Ogle. Consuela Coleman, Leda Fitzgerald, Sonya Adams, Tawanna McGraw. Row three: Deanna Popp. Lisa Hensen, Nikita Garner, Caryn Merritt, Tunisha Stanfield, Jen- ny Woods, Deiona Maxieson. Row four: Melanie Whitaker, Cathy Scaggs, Alfie Vaden. Stephanie Jordan, Marsha Cloud, Angie Hatchett, Catrece Young. Row five: Carrie Russell, Lori Wickline. Sherri Jones, Cynthis Hut- cherson. Tina Gordan. Row six: Laura Blackburn. Tammy Strong, April Smith, Brenda Wilmoth, Tikil Huskins, Shawnna Smith, Sheila Kratz. Row seven: Billic Kleppen, Kim Pittman, Melinda Smith, Karen Lynch, Sheila Leagon, Allison Hughes, Lisa Morgan. 58 Choir, Glee Club, Manualaires Concert Choir: Michael Mansfield, Eric McCreary, Kristy Schwert, Ron Winkler, Angie Killmon. Row two: Mi- chelle Adams, Michelle McFarland, Jenni Timbs, Kelly Tetrick, Denise Barlow, Tracy Hinton. Row three: An- gie Carmichael, Wilma Summer. Row four: Karen Kirby, Peggy Scott, Judy Patterson, Nicole Lynam, Abby Ahl- feldt, Marquita Dodson. Row five: Dawn Crockett, Teresa Hinds, Jennifer Moles, Shannon Messer, Tricia Passios, Tonya Killmon. Row six: John Flander- meyer, Curtis Hamilton, Damonica Thompson, Chanel Norwood, Tawanna Johnson. Row seven: Jason Broadstreet, Erica Moore, Tim Wiley, Kevin Bene- fiel, Montrail Harrell. Row eight: Er- nest Enoch, Michael Dixon, Greg Wi- ley, Chet Daulton, Clifford Woods. Manualaires: Row one: Peggy Scott, Jenni Timbs, Tricia Passios, Jennifer Moles. Row two: Tim Wiley, Eric McCreary, John Flandermeyer. Row three: Bob Hestand, Jason Broadstreet, Mrs. Kenya Ostermeier, Chanel Nor- wood, Shannon Messer, Theresa Hinds, Jimmy Newson, Kevin Benefiel. Choir, Glee Club, Manualaires 59 Service Clubs Have A Busy Year Brain Game was an aca- demic competition of high school teams sponsored by Channel 13. Manual ' s team consisted of Nikie Passios, Tim Wiley, Jason Broadstreet, and Greg Wiley. Mr. Jack Weaver was the sponsor. Student Affairs Board, SAB, was the student council. Spon- sored by Mrs. Marilyn Dever and Mr. Randy Smith, they performed many service pro- jects around school. They made a Homecoming float, assisted at Parents in Touch, distributed Christmas gifts to needy fam- ilies, and sponsored Teacher Appreciation Week. In addi- tion, they were shadowed by visiting students from I.U. They sponsored a Bingo booth at the Pow Wow. Students Against Drunk Driving, SADD, was sponsored by Ms. Kris Graham and Mr. Gerald Swinford. They made weekly P-A announcements urging students not to drink and drive. They also visited English classes to distribute free note- books with the SADD message on the cover. Senior Sean Meador works to complete the SAB Homecoming float. A ,!, sHra»f! Decorating for homecoming are Amy Striggo, Michelle Duffy, and SAB sponsor Mrs. Marilyn Dever. Brain Game: Nikie Passios, Tim Wiley, Jason Broadstreet, Greg Wiley. Along with Mrs. Kim McFall, SAB members Amanda Roberts, Lisa John- son and Michelle Duffy Distribute re- port cards to parents at P. IT. 60 SAB, SADD, Brain Game I : 4 -7 • if Wrapping Christmas presents for the needy are SAB members Tina Hafer, Robert Hestand, and Amanda Roberts. Student Affairs Board: Row one: Mi- chelle Duffy, Nikie Passios, Lisa John- son, Amanda Roberts, Tina Hafer, Jen- ny Leak, Valerie Lewis. Row two: Amy Striggo, Nancy Pruett, Lanette Dickin- son, Mike Chitwood, Tony Coy, Shawna Hacker. Row three: Kenny Jones, Sean Meador, Bob Hestand, Steve Cox, Jerald Richardson, Mr. Randy Smith. SADD: Row one: Tracey Shrum, Patty Games, Ginger Means, Tasha Jeffer- son, Nicole Riley, Nikie Passios, There- sa Curry, Kim Adams, Catrece Young, Michelle Harlow, Cynthia Hutcherson. Row two: Tina Gordon, Brenda Wil- moth, Dawn Watts, Shellie Key, Corina Dollahan, Tammy Sumner, Melanie Whitaker, April Smith, Tammy Ter- rell, Wanda Honeycutt, Erica Burrin, Ranell Summers. Row three: Mike Everling, Jason Broadstreet, Misty Lewis, Mr. Gerald Swinford, Kenny Hudgens, Nick Hueston, Willie White, Joey Burgess, Greg Wiley, Brent Lewellyn, Curtis McGuire, Jeff Soper, David Coombes, Mike Miller. -tyf M k. SAB, SADD, Brain Game 61 The World ' s A Stage The Drama department, un- der the direetion of Mr. Fred Bennett, kept active throughout the school year. Their perfor- mances included " Our Town, " a three-act play presented in the fall. Next came an evening of one-act plays that were per- formed in February. Both of these performances were done in snack theater style. Tables were set up on stage so that the audience was very close to the performers. The acting stage itself was smaller, but large enough for the play being presented. The audience could sip coffee or soft drinks and munch on tasty snacks provided by members of Mask and Wig and Thespians. The major dramatic produc- tion in the spring was the annu- al Redskin Revue. It consisted of three student-written and student-directed one-act plays. " The Three Little Pigs " was written by graduates Brian Lakstins and Tamatha Crist. " Alice in the Briar Patch " was written by junior Lanette Dick- inson. The third play was " Rumplestiltskin, " written by seniors Dawn Haapala and Bry- an Sholders. Mr. Fred Bennett, coordina- tor of the Redskin Revue com- mented, " The 1987 Revue was an excellent example of student unity. In set building, directing, painting, and make-up, every- one worked hard together. " w?l Graduates Mike Grizzle. Joe Bruce. Junior Greg Wiley puts a hall to the Hiding from the wolf are Sheryl Davis, Carrie Groce, junior and Raquel Walls, and senior Ron Winkler are in a real tug ride for seniors Rick Warren and Tony senior, Laura Mouser. 1 987 graduate, sophomore, seem to be at the mercy of of war. Grizzle. and Jenny Moles, junior. Troy Terry, junior. 62 Redskin Revue, Our Town Juniors Greg Wiley, as Dr. Gibbs, and Eddie Lyster, as Joe Crowell, share a morning greeting. In " Our Town " Tony Adams, sopho- more, portrays George Gibbs while sen- ior Tina Hafer plays the stage manager. In her role as Mrs. Gibbs, sophomore Erica Burrin feeds the chickens. As Mrs. Gibbs, sophomore Erica Burrin serves breakfast to her husband, played by Greg Wiley, junior. i M 4 I i Redskin Revue, Our Town 63 Drama Groups It was a busy year for Reds- kins who were involved in a va- riety ot drama groups. They were responsible for several dramatic productions. In the fall, " Our Town " was presented at a snack theater. In February, an evening of " Four Plays for the Heart " was pre- sented on Valentine ' s Day weekend. In March, the tradi- tional Redskin Revue gave stu- dents an opportunity to take the stage one more time. Mask and Wig was spon- sored by Mrs. Desi Elliott. Mr. Fred Bennett sponsored Thespi- ans and Redskin Revue Com- mittee and also directed the dramatic productions. Mr. Carl Wright was responsible for the stage crew and stage craft classes. In a scene from " Our Town, " junior Greg Wiley plays Dr. Gibbs and sopho- more Tony Adams plays his son George. Redskin Revue Committee: Row one: Jenny Timbs, Erica Burrin, Sheryl Davis, Caroline Carver, Shawna Hacker. Row two: Tine Hafer, Ron Winkler, Karrie Kelly. Jennifer Moles, Jason Broadstreet. Row three: Jenny Spencer, Sandra Haw- ley, Mr. Fred Bennett. Lincoln Thompson, Tim Wiley. Stage Crew: Row one: James Hopper, Jane Rippy, Wanda Honeycutt, Donnie Rutlcdge. Row two: Brian Parton, Darryl Whitlow, Karen Moore, David Wills. Row three: Shana Payne, Chris Ayers, Victor Sanders, Jason Broadstreet, Mr. Carl Wright. 64 Thespians, Mask and Wig Mask Wig Club: Row one: Michael Robinson, Tammy Gregory, Shannon Messer, Nicole Riley, Danielle Hyde, Raquel Walls. Row two: Erica Burrin, Michelle McFarland, Shanna Payne, Gina Cole, Vicky Unversaw, Audrey Wheeler, Helen Taylor. Row three: Kelly Williams, Christy Bumpus, Lin- coln Thompson, Tony Adams, Greg Wiley, Tim Wiley, Delia Wharton, Yo- landa Vaughn, LaShanta Vaughn. Thespians: Row one: Jennifer Timbs, Sheryl Davis, Niki Passios, Dawn Klep- pen. Row two: Tina Hafer, Greg Wiley, Amy Forey, Deanna Maidwell. Row three: Teresa Denny, Greg Cooper, Jen- nifer Moles, Jason Broadstreet, Karrie Kelly, Caroline Carver. Thespians, Mask and Wig 65 Activity Groups Special groups gave students the opportunity to learn new skills and have fun at the same time. The Art Club was open to anyone who wanted to join. This year the Art Club went to Broad Ripple Village, the In- dianapolis Art League, and the Artifacts Gallery. The A-V Club, sponsored by Mrs. Mary Rabourn, was for those students who were inter- ested in operating projectors, laminating, and videotaping. The club was active throughout the year. The Home Economics Club was sponsored by Mrs. Frances Benson. The club featured guest speakers, parties, and field trips. The Key Club was primarily a service club. Sponsored by Mrs. Evans-Allen, the club had several activities, including the homecoming dance and a food drive for the needy. Videotaping a program in the media center is A-V Club member Ron Hurt, sophomore. Art Club: Row one: Angie Calvert, Cin- dy Conwell, Regina Reed, Cindy Reed, Pam Carter, Shirley Pierce. Row two: Daniel Tucker, Heather Jones, Brenda Maidwell, Shanna Monroe, Tony Ad- ams. Lincoln Thompson. Row three: Charlene Grund, Regina Morgan, Re- gina Tucker, Steve Covington, Rick Warren, Wayne Elsey, Paul Treadwell, Mrs. Terry Clark. Home Economics Club: Row one: Lisa Kaylor, Patricia Daulton, April Wil- liams, Latia Smith, Michelle McFar- land. Nikita Garner, Nicole Riley, Re- nec Dunaway, Tasha Jefferson. Row two: Renee Bacon, Ledia Fitzgerald, Tamara Lipscomb. Denise Barlow, Lori Carrier, Melissa Keys, Teresa Robin- son. Row three: Kristy Bumpus, Lisa Easier, Patrice Jordon, Deshanna Har- ris. Daniel Hyde. Wanda Wynn, Tanya Killmon, Marquita Dodson, Rhonda Cross. Chanel Norwood. Renee Hix. P{h9 9 66 A-V, Art, Key, Home Ec. Clubs A-V Club: Row one: Heidi Thomas, Erica Burrin, Dawn Kleppen, Kelly Williams. Row two: Ron Winkler, Greg Cooper, Robert Downey. Row three: Jason Broadstreet, Sean Meador, Ron Hurt, Mrs. Mary Rabourn. To publicize the A-V Club button pro- ject, senior Ron Winkler makes a P-A announcement. Key Club: Renee Bacon, Raquel Walls, Augustine McCullough, Renee Dunaway. Row two: Patrice Jordan, Russell McKinney, Nicole Riley, Patri- cia Hollowell. A-V, Art, Key, Home Ec. Clubs 67 68 Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society Honor Clubs The National Honor Socie ty was an exclusive group of sen- iors with high academic stand- ing. Those who met the require- ments of academics, school ser- vice, and character were inducted into this prestigious club. Sponsored by Miss Bar- bara Boeldt, they did peer tu- toring and school service pro- jects. Quill and Scroll was a club for juniors and seniors who had worked on a publications staff for at least one year. To be eligi- ble for membership, students had to attain at least a B aver- age. This group was sponsored by Mrs. Kathryn Guignard. Taking the N.H.S. pledge at the induc- tion ceremony are John Hatcher, John Hurt, and Kim Madison. National Honor Society Officers: John Hatcher, treasurer; Tina Hafer. presi- dent; Sheryl Davis, secretary; Julie Gil- vin, vice-president. National Honor Society: Row one: Crystal Grigley, Laura Dunn, Sheryl Davis, Miss Barbara Boeldt. Row two: Christina Gossett, Tina Hafer, Julie Gilvin. Row three: Kim Madison, Mark Surface, John Hurt, Stacy Westra. Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society 69 Deadlines, Deadlines! " Who has the cropper? " " What happened to my lay- out? " " What do you mean Tomor- row ' s my deadline? ' ' These questions were heard in the publications room on a daily basis. The production of the IVIAN was no small task. From the first day of school in September until the day the fi- nal deadline was met, the year- book staff worked hard to cap- ture the events of the school year. Deadlines were not their only concern. Raising money to cov- er production costs was also their responsibility. The staff raised money by selling ads, personal messages, and candy. There were advantages to be- ing on the yearbook staff. There were no tests. Students worked in an informal, more relaxed at- mosphere. When the semester ended and the finished product was distributed, the staff could look at their creation with a sense of real satisfaction. Sharing a layout seems to work for sen- iors Joey Burgess and Ryan Booth and junior Ervin Barron. As junior. Tracey Shrum works on her layout, Shanna Jenkins, junior, offers a friendly tip. Before writing the caption, senior Wan- da Honcycutt looks over the picture carefully. Publications Club: Row one: Audrey Wheeler, Vicky Unversaw, Tammy Terrell, Betina Rodgers, Beverly Day, Kathy Mangus, Sherri Rees, Wanda Honeycutt. Row two: Julie Taylor, Shari Burgett, Dana Ruth, Carrie Groce, Casey Kelley, Renee Berry, Raquel Walls. Row three: Sherry Hurt, Ron Winkler, Amy Forey, Stacie Shepherd, Joey Burgess, Greg Wiley, Sean Meador, Ryan Shipley, Jennifer Awbrey, Jessica Kolacek. 70 Yearbook IVIAN Staff: Row one: Tracey Shrum, Betina Rodgers, Wanda Honeycutt. Row two: Jennifer Awbrey, Jessica Ko- lacek, Malissa Hughes, Sherri Rees. Row three: Ron Winkler, Ryan Shipley, Ervin Barron, Joey Burgess, Ryan Booth. IVIAN staffer Malissa Hughes, sopho- more, concentrates to complete her lay- out before the deadline. Sophomore Charlotte House knows that drawing a layout requires precise measuring. Yearbook 71 72 Sports Sports Trivia 1 . How many Manual teachers were Manual athletes during their high school years? 2. How many sectional championship basketball teams has Coach Fred Belser coached at Manual? 3. Which Manual sport has posted a winning season for the last thirty-three consecutive years? 4. How many Manual graduates have played in the NBA? 5. In what year was Manual ' s last undefeated football season? Which faculty members played on that team? (Answers on page 167.) SPORTS Sports 73 " We Are the Redskins! " Cheerleading was like other sports. The girls had to be in good physical condition, prac- tice regularly, and set a good example as a representative of the school. Firing up the fans in the stands was the main goal of the three squads and the mascot. The freshman squad cheered at freshman football and basket- ball games and also attended home varsity games. The JV squad cheered at all reserve football and basketball games and at all home varsity games. The cheerleaders also showed school spirit by decorating ath- letes ' lockers, making banners and signs, and serving as secret admirers. The varsity cheerleaders at- tended cheerleading camp at Indiana University to learn new cheers and routines. The boostermen were ath- letes who helped the cheer- leaders during basketball sea- son. They formed the bases for some of the more complex rou- tines. The cheerleader sponsors were Mrs. Kim McFall and Mrs. Sandy Schultz. At the Southport basketball game, ju- niors Deanna Long and K-C McCombs and senior Vicki Unversaw get the crowd into the game. In spite of the chilly temperature, junior Kathy Mangus yells for the Redskins. Wearing an authentic Indian headdress is mascot Ishida Downey, junior. Freshman Cheerleaders: Row one: Ca- trina Ditchley. Row two: Jenny Woods. Row three: Chrissy Mullikin, Sa- mantha Czobakowski, Sonya Adams. 74 Cheerleaders At the Homecoming pep rally, varsity and reserve cheerleaders form a pyra- mid to the delight of the fans. J-V Cheerleaders: Shauna Hacker, Stacy Morse, Carrie Groce, Lisa Otero, Kathy Mangus, Shetona Barnett. Varsity Cheerleaders: Row one: Angie Browning, Vicki Unversaw, K-C McCombs. Row two: Boostermen Doug Williams, Paul Ditchley, Eric Colbert, Mohammed States. Row three: Lukita Wilson, Kristie Schwert, Casey Kelly, Deanna Long. Before an enthusiastic crowd, the cheer- leaders urge the players on to a victory over Ritter. Cheerleaders 75 Defense Shines The 1987 varsity football team finished the season with a record of 5-4. Perhaps the most impressive victory came at Homecoming, when they thumped No. 2 ranked Ritter 25-0. That game was controlled by the defense, which allowed only nineteen yards rushing and sixty-eight yards passing. The defense, along with a strong running game, propelled the team to victories over Tech 24-8, at Washington 27-21 , and against Brebeuf 14-7. The Redskins also recorded a victo- ry against Perry Meridian by forfeit because Perry used an ineligible player. Several players had out- standing performances. Senior John Hinton ran 93 yards to re- turn the opening kickoff in the second half of the game against Broad Ripple, setting a new school record. Defensive line- man Steve Savage gained All- State and All-City honors. James Cole, Roland Terrell, Steve Cox, Brendon Saunders, and Hinton received All-City Honorable Mention. Good pass protection by the offensive line allows junior Rich Majors plenty of time to throw the football. With the offensive line set, quarterback Curtis McGuire counts down to take the snap from the center. Methodist Hospital athletic trainer Linda Combs tapes up Melion Carroll ' s ankle. 76 Football lwlJLI.MU.Jli - ;t " Jiwut jig: ■ ' B , dsc " ? .v Varsity Football: Row one: Daniel Borden, Montreal Harrell, Tracy Crockett, Marc Jarrett, Tim Spurgeon, John Hinton, Everett Blackmon, James Brewer, Greg Cooper. Row two: Bob Hestand, trainer, John Flandermeyer, Paul Flandermeyer, Brendon Saunders, Tom Beard, Paul Treadwell, Juan Ruffin, Steve Cox, Dustin Church, Robert Downey, Coach Pack Craig. Row three: Coach Larry Blazek, William Brickley, James Stockton, Tom Person, Troy Holifield, Richie Majors, Tony Grizzle, Jerald Richardson, Paul Ditchley, Wayne Elsey, Scott McKnight, Jeff Morelock, Chris Messer, James Shelton. Row four: Coach Tim Boykin, Curtis McGuire, Melion Carroll, Marius Cook, Kenneth Riggins, Doug Williams, James Cole, Roland Terrell, Jimmy Saylor, Steve Savage, Chad Majors, Charles Hicks, Head Coach Dennis Jackson. Freshman Football: Row one: Coach Phil Hardwick, Derrick Humbert, Sean Norris, Steve Shane, Jason Wall, Sam Breedlove, Ken Russell, Eric Brown, Charles Roberson, David Taylor, Coach John Deal. Row two: Michael Robinson, Marlin Allen, Randy Schaffer, Jeff Leak, Frank England, Keith Robinson, Keith Ford, Michael Dubard, Arnold Riveria, Doug Church, ill Turner, John Rady, Mark Beard, Coach Alan Enright. For extra yardage, Curtis McGuire tries to turn it up field. A Season of Struggles The varsity volleyball team ended the season with a 5-13 re- cord. Varsity coach Kate Law- rie commented that this year the team had good sophomores and they should have an excep- tional season next year. Senior Carol McFarland said, " We all worked hard and tried our best. We pulled to- gether and played competitive- ly against strong teams such as Roncalli and Perry Meridian. " The highlight of the season was making it to the final four in the city tourney. Senior Rachel Ha- ley summed up her four years on the team when she re- marked, " I have really enjoyed playing volleyball for Manual. I have learned that I can accom- plish anything if I put my mind to it. The coaches were good and they were always around when the team needed them. " The reserve team ended with a 7-7 record. Coach Karen Busch praised the team as a hard working and dedicated group of girls. They have the potential to develop into a championship team. The freshman team, coached by Mrs. Peggy Eineman, played a limited schedule and were 1-2. Their win was against unde- feated Chatard in a game that went into three matches. Receiving a spike from the Washington opponents, sophomore Amy Bain begins Manual ' s defensive strategy by bump- ing the ball. Taking the opposing team by surprise, senior Rachel Haley nails a spike. Reserve Volleyball: Row one: Jenny Timbs. Angie Williams, Dawn Purpu- ra, Amy Bain, Vicki Mien, Nikie Pas- sios. Row two: Coach Karen Busch, Ka- ren Moore, Leandre Averitte, Michele Johnson. Renee Berry, Laurie Kraft, Traccy Shrum. 78 Volleyball Setting the ball up for a bump-set-spike, sophomore Michele Johnson bumps the ball to the front row. As sophomore Jenny Leak sets the ball for a spike, junior Krissy Elkins waits to make a play. Varsity Volleyball: Row one: Jenny Timbs, Michele Johnson, Jenny Leak, Krissy Elkins, Amy Bane, Rachel Ha- ley, Niki Passios. Row two: Coach Peg- gy Eineman, Coach Karen Busch, Nan- cy Pruett, Carol McFarland, Amy Striggo, Jeanette Palmer, Renee Berry, Tracey Shrum, Coach Kate Lawrie. Volleyball 79 Teamwork Gets Results The boys ' cross country team had a good season with the final record of 8-4. While the record indicates a successful season, the team struggled early in the year. Veteran r unner, senior Daryl Whitlow, was named MVP. " I feel that the season was great. Everybody worked hard to get the job done. Mr. Swinford is a good coach. He helped to build team morale, and without him, we couldn ' t have had a success- ful season, commented Daryl. " The whole season was fun, " added junior Tom Sumner. " It was great with Daryl Whitlow and Coach Swinford. There was a whole lot of work to be done, if we wanted to be good or think of ourselves as being good. " The girls ' cross country team had a good season despite sever- al setbacks. The team couldn ' t begin practice until the second week of school because of the girls ' scheduling, the team ran seven meets, but never had all five girls run at once. " That After a grueling run, senior Daryl Whitlow tries to catch his breath while Coach Swinford keeps his eye on the other runners. Before a meet with Washington, senior Rick Warren stretches and gets his mind set for the competition. means our team was ' incom- plete ' according to IHSAA, and thus our scores never really counted, " stated Coach Sue Moore. The team was also a young team. Three of the five girls were out for their first season. " Our attitude was good — al- ways trying to better our own times and not worrying about how big or how good the other team was, " added Coach Moore. Maggie Huskins, sophomore, set a new school record in the City meet with a time of 17:38. With three returning runners, the team hopes for more success next year. Senior Caroline Carver, MVP, had praise for the team effort. " I feel this year was quite an adventure. I learned a lot about being part of the team. " In good form is Caroline Carver, senior and MVP, while running in a meet against Washington. 80 Cross Country Intense concentration is on the face of senior Daryl Whitlow as he paces him- self during a meet with Washington. Taking her placement card from one of the meet officials at the finish line is Maggie Huskins, sophomore. - — • Cross Country: Row one: Melvina Whitley, LaKina Curry, Tom Sumner, Charles Bredl, Vince Stinnett, Doug Cook, Tony Coy. Row two: Coach Sue Moore, Maggie Huskins, Daryl Whit- low, Rick Warren, Caroline Carver, Doug Warren, Gaku Furuichi, Coach Mike Swinford. Cross Country 81 In his attempt to gain an advantage Ben Edwards rides his opponent. Looking eye to eye with his opponent, senior Melion Carroll waits to move to- ward a takedown. Using his body to keep his opponent ' s shoulder to the mat is junior Tom Sum- mer. As the referee checks for a pin, junior Roland Terrell applies pressure to his opponent. 82 Wrestling A Winning Season When wrestling season be- gan, Coach Al Pike and his as- sistants Mr. John Roberts and Corey Vaughn were optimistic. There were four returning sen- iors and nine other wrestlers, making it an experienced team. In November, Manual wres- tled Northwest and came home with the Old Dirty Shoe Award, which had been held by North- west the last four years. The Redskin wrestlers did very well in the city tourney. Three reserve wrestlers finished well — Don Edwards, Montreal Harrell, and Marius Cook. There were three champion- ships in the freshman tourney — Bob Cecil, Mark Beard, and David Johnson. There were four winners at the varsity level — Marcus Cook, Don Edwards, Marius Cook, and Keith Thacker. The team also did well in the sectionals. Sophomore Keith Thacker was Sectional Champ in the 145 lb. class. Don Ed- wards came home with a sec- ond. Bob Cecil, Marcus Cook, Mark Beard, Brendon Saunders, and Mel Carroll all placed third in their respective divisions. Grabbing his opponent ' s knee and working for a takedown is junior Ken Riggins. Varsity Wrestling: Row one: Marcus Cook, Harry Brown, Bob Cecil, Walter Brown, Joe Sloan, Tom Sumner. Row two: Coach Al Pike, Keith Thacker, Ken Riggins, Marius Cook, Melion Carroll, Don Edwards, George Tolan, Corey Vaughn, Coach John Roberts. Reserve Wrestlers: Mark Beard, John Boltz, Montreal Harrell, Ken Russell, Keith Gaines. Row two: Corey Vaughn, John Russell, Roland Terrell, David Johnson, Robert Spears, Ben Edwards, Coach John Roberts. Wrestling 83 Tennis Ups and Downs Prospects for a good tennis season for the girls ' tennis team were bright. For the first time in several years, there were enough players to field a full team. The girls started the season with a 5-0 win against Tech. All the girls won their matches. The girls also defeated Roncalli, Broad Ripple, and Northwest. They suffered close defeats by Scecina and Beech Grove. With only two seniors on the team, prospects looked good for next season. The boys ' tennis team began in the fall with hopes of having a good season. However, injuries and lack of players seriously hurt the team. There were five members on the team: Robert Gray, John Hurt, Eddie Lyster, Tim Wiley, and Greg Wiley. The coach was Mr. John Hurt. The team ' s record was 1-10, but seniors Hurt and Gray played well. John D. Hurt was MVP. His outstanding perfor- mance came in the city tourney. He lost in the semi-finals in a three-set match that lasted two hours and forty-five minutes. As he returns the ball, junior Eddie Lys- ter uses plenty of body language. 9 J ¥S ■mm. 4MVM- ■ - ££ ■ " " ■ During warm up, John Hurt, senior. With great concentration, senior Bob chases down the ball. Gray returns the ball to his opponent. 84 Tennis Keeping her eye on the ball, sophomore Rosa Ato anticipates her next move. Positioning her racket for a swift return is 1987 graduate Kim Corbett. Waiting to return her opponent ' s serve is sophomore Michelle Johnson. Girls ' Tennis: Row one: Lisa Otero, Kim Corbett, Amy Bane, Rosa Ato, Kelly Williams. Row two: Marlina Cole, Tammy Williams, Audrey Wheeler, Coach Kate Lawrie, LaTonya Williams, Lucretia Parrish, Michelle Johnson. Tennis 85 Sectional Runner-Up With five returning letter- men --Ed Darden, Scott Da- vis, Mark West, Darrell Brown and Glenn Bundy — the Reds- kins looked forward to an excit- ing basketball season. Although the team lacked height, it had speed. West ' s three-point shots kept them in many games, but victories were hard to come by. The varsity team lost its first five games. By mid-season, things began to change. The team posted vic- tories against Crawfordsville, Gary Mann and Scecina. Meanwhile the JV and the freshman teams were playing well. The JV team reached the final four in the city tourney. The freshman team ended the season after winning most of their games. By sectional time in March, the varsity team was playing better defense. They defeated Park Tudor in the first round and went on to defeat Decatur Central. In the final game the Redskins lost to Southport by a score of 67-62, after having led most of the way. Junior Jim Saylor shoots over the Perry defender for a basket. Protecting the ball from his Perry Me- On a fast break, senior Ed Darden goes ridian opponent is senior Glenn Bundy. up for an easy two points. 86 Boys ' Basketball Senior Mark West looks for the hoop after faking out his Perry defender. Varsity Boys ' Basketball: Row one: Larry Home, Curtis McGuire, Troy Kennedy, Glenn Bundy, Ed Darden, Sophomore Larry Home grimaces as he Tyrone Maxey. Row two: Darrel Brown, James Cole, Rick Warren, Doug Warren, Jimmy Saylor, Mark West. goes after a loose ball. Boys ' Basketball 87 Seniors Lead Team With five seniors on the girls ' varsity basketball team, hopes were high for a tremendous sea- son. Under Coach Tim Boykin, the girls got off to a good start. The girls boasted a 4-3 record by city tourney time. They had defeated Arlington, Washing- ton, Howe and Beech Grove. Outstanding player and MVP senior Rachel Haley had a very strong season. She aver- aged 24 points a game, shot over 50% from the field and was above 75% from the charity stripe. She was also very strong at making three-point shots. In the city tourney, the girls soundly defeated their first op- ponent, Washington. However, the Lady Redskins fell to rival Roncalli in their second game. Following the tourney, the team defeated Northwest, Perry Me- ridian, and Cathedral. The reserve team struggled most of the season, posting a 3- 1 1 record. Coached by Mr. Rick Hustedt, the team made up mostly of sophomores learned much from the season, although their record didn ' t in- dicate it. Outreaching her Northwest opponents, senior Erica Moore aims for two points. Using her height to advantage, senior Carol Riley eyes the basket. Outstanding scorer Rachel Haley, sen- ior, goes for a jump shot in a game against Northwest. Sophomore Jeanette Palmer shoots for two while sophomore Enteec Rudolph waits to get the rebound. Girls ' Basketball Closely guarded by her Northwest op- ponents, freshman Renee Berry posi- tions herself for a goal. Showing good defensive positioning is senior Caroline Carver. The referee signals a foul, but junior Nancy Pruett shows a look of disagree- ment. Varsity Girls ' Basketball: Row one: An- gie Calvert, Renee Berry, Nancy Pruett, Maggie Huskins, Wayne Elsey. Row two: Coach Tim Boykin, Caroline Carver, Tammy Terrell, Erica Moore, Carol Riley, Cappie Devore, Rachel Haley, Krissy Elkins. Reserve Girls ' Basketball: Row one: Phinesha Walker, Cynthia Hutcherson, Shannon Hillard, Angela Stevenson, Tammy Williams, Dana Ruth, Renee Berry. Row two: Melvina Whitley, Mis- ty Dixon, Maggie Huskins, Cappie De- vore, Enteec Rudolph, Jeanette Palmer, Patsy Pierce, Coach Rick Hustedt. Girls ' Basketball 89 Another Winning Season The boys ' track team finished with another winning season — the 33rd consecutive winning season for Coach Francis " Moe " Moriarity. This season also gave Moe his 400th career win when the team defeated Avon High School. The varsity team showed team effort and strength throughout the season. Scott Davis, John Hinton, and Darryl Whitlow helped the var- sity team to an improved sea- son. The reserve team remained undefeated until early April. The reserve team had several outstanding performers, includ- ing James Cole, Eric Colbert, and Mohammed Abubakr. " Overall, I think we had a good season. I was especially happy when I broke the freshman re- cord in the discus. " beamed James Cole, sophomore. By pacing himself, Eric Colbert, sopho- more, takes the lead in the 400 meter relay at the Southport Invitational. Coach Francis " Moe " Moriarity times one of his runners during a track meet. • - • i K .. - GfWHM 90 Boys ' Track Easily clearing the hurdle, Joe Bruce, senior, stays competitive. Teammates Curtis McGuire and Joe Bruce, seniors, turn in good times at the Southport Invitational. In a reserve team meet, James Cole, sophomore, hands the baton to Mo- hammed Abubake, sophomore. As he approaches the hurdle, Wayne Senior Scott Davis keeps his eye on the Elsey, junior, used good form to make bar as he gets set to make his attempt at the event look easy. the high jump. Boys ' Track 91 Team Gains Experience The 1987 girls ' track team was both young and inexperi- enced. The girls did have a great deal of talent that devel- oped over the season. There were five returning runners and only one letterman, 1987 gra- duate Wanda Reaves. " With hard work, this will be a promis- ing team in the future, " stated Coach Dorothy Powell. The team was defeated by some very strong teams. They lost to Perry Meridian, Cathe- Showing the form she uses to throw the discus is senior Erica Moore. Following her long jump, sophomore Maggie Huskins digs into the sand. dral and Roncalli early in the season. The girls came back to defeat Ritter, Washington and Northwest. The team saw some outstand- ing individual efforts pay off with first place awards. They went to Maggie Huskins in the 1600m, Wanda Reaves in 400m, Marian Duncan in 100m hurdles and Tracey McGraw in the long jump. A 400-meter relay team con- sisting of Michelle Jefferson, Maggie Huskins, Libby Dun- can, and Tracey McGraw did well in the meet with Roncalli. Running to a first place finish was the 1600-meter relay team of Libby Duncan, Michelle Duncan, LaKina Curry, and Cynthia Hutchinson. " The season started with a lot of beginning people, but we came out strong. Everyone worked hard and they wanted to be the best, " concluded junior Beverly Day. Members of the 400m relay team, soph- omore Tracey McGraw smoothly passes the baton to Libby Duncan, sophomore. 92 Girls ' Track Clearing the bar in the high jump is Wanda Reaves, 1987 graduate. Girls ' Track Team: Row one: Lisa Easier, Libby Duncan, Melvina Whitley, Tammy House, LaKina Curry, Kim Cum- mings, Beverly Day, Miriam Duncan. Row two: Tawanna Hutcherson, Coach Tim Boykin, Regina Cole, Wanda Reaves, Maggie Huskins, Erica Moore, Tracey McGraw, Michelle Jefferson, Dawn Purpura, Coach Dorothy Powell. Girls ' Track 93 Team Boasts All-Stars The 1987 baseball team was the first team since 1983 to post a winning regular season record o( 12-11. The team ' s progress was not as rapid as the coaches had anticipated. For the past six years the team had not had a practice field or a home dia- mond. Coach Bill Rosenstihl had praise for the graduating sen- iors for their dedication and leadership. He anticipates more dedication and positive leader- ship for an even better baseball season in 1988. James Pruett, 1987 graduate, was named MVP. Four gradu- ating seniors — Richie Leeper, Earl Claussen, Steve Burgess, and James Pruett — were se- lected for the Indianapolis All- Star team. jrf m mm Eyeing the pitch, junior Mike Chitwood is ready to take a powerful cut at the ball. Varsity Baseball Team: Row one: Joey Burgess. James Pruett, Brad Walker, Rich Leeper, Mike Chitwood, Paul Miles, Ron Napier. Row two: Coach Pieper, Chad Majors, Jcrald Richardson. Andres Aristigui, Jim Saylor, Steve Burgess, Rich Majors, Earl Clausson, Coach Bill Rosenstihl. 94 Baseball After hitting the ball down the third base line, Joey Burgess, senior, leaves for first base. To avoid being out, senior Ron Na pier safely makes it back to base. Scoring a run for the ' Skins, senior Chad Majors slides into home. Reserve Baseball Team: Row one: Erin McKinney, Chris Warner, James Wil- liams, Joey Franklin, Maurice Jones. Row two: Dusty Laurch, Darin Fish- burn, Jerald Richardson, Tim Wiley, Marco Stone, Shannon Gardner, Coach Hardwick. Baseball 95 Struggles Lead to High Hopes The girls ' softball team struggled during most of the season. Under the direction of Mr. Rick Hustedt, the varsity team had a 4-11-1 record. The girls defeated Cathedral, Bre- beuf, Avon, and Franklin Cen- tral. The reserve team was coached by Mr. Mike Swinford. " The team had both a strong offense and a very enthusiastic bench that was always ready to play, " commented Swinford. There was no MVP, but there were some good plays turned in by the varsity team. In the Ca- thedral game, 1987 graduate Karen Romine walked, stole second, and then stole third. Deanna Long, junior, success- fully bunted and Romine slid into home to score the winning run. Reflecting on the season, Coach Hustedt said, " With the talent of the returning varsity and the potential of the upcom- ing players, I feel we have the ability to be city champs. " Junior Krissy Elkins summed up the season, " I think we had a pretty good season, not on how our record stands, but on how we played when we really tried. We lost a couple of good sen- iors, but I think the future looks bright for our returning play- ers. " For her Perry Meridian opponent, sen- ior Barbara Richardson, concentrates to pitch a strike. With plenty of time to spare, senior Lisa Pructt makes it to third base before the Perrv third baseman gets the ball. 96 Softball Holding a strategy conference on the mound are Barbara Richardson, Ra- chel Haley, Lisa Pruett, and Deanna As Nancy Pruett rounds third base, Long. Coach Rick Hustedt waves her home. Keeping her eye on the pitcher and her foot on the bag, senior Rachel Haley anticipates the run to second base. Girls ' Softball: Row one: Sheila Webb, Angi Browning, Karen Romine, Krissy Elkins, Lisa Pruett, Leanna Ray, Tracey Shrum. Row two: Coach Hustedt, Nancy Pruett, Jeanette Palmer, Barbara Richardson, Rachel Haley, Deanna Long, Heather Jones, Coach Sweeney, Coach Browning. Softball 97 Golfers Struggle A 2-12 record may have looked like a losing season, but not to Coach Pack Craig. He found many positive things to say about the golf team. It was a young team with several fresh- men. There were also two sen- iors on the team who had never played golf before. The team defeated Arlington and Broad Ripple and had close contests with Northwest and Ritter. They placed eighth in the city tourney and third in the IPS tourney. " Our team just wasn ' t real serious. We didn ' t practice much, but we all played. Hopefully we ' ll be bet- ter next season, " commented Gary Hillard, junior. Gary Powell, sophomore, was named MVP. " Gary will be one of the best players in this area in two years, " boasted Coach Craig. Keeping his eye on the ball and concen- trating on his follow-through, Robert Grey, senior, shows the form of a golfer. Giving sophomore Brian Bolton some pointers on putting is Coach pack Craig. To make sure he performs well, Royce Bolton, sophomore practices his putting prior to the match with Arlington. 98 Golf ft iky W F jft HtL ' : r- " ' ■k ■ fl ft % » ™ !■ , L f Hri ' m — IB i ■ nagttMtef Total concentration is shown on the face of 1987 graduate Mike Page as he be- gins his swing. With a gentle touch, Gary Powell, soph- omore, putts the ball on the green. Golf Team: Row one: Marcus Cook, Brian Bolton, Mike Page. Row two: Coach Pack Craig, Gary Hillard, Royce Bolton, Gary Powell, Robert Grey. Golf 99 VARSITY SPORTS SCOREBOARD GIRLS ' TRACK 33 Perry Meridian 85 43 Cathedral 75 47 Roncalli 71 38 Howe 78 38 Broad Ripple 79 73 Scecina 41 54 Pike 57 Washington 37 30 ' •; Ben Davis 88 Vi Ritter 29 42 Ritter 76 31 Arlington 85 40 Northwest 75 City-9th Sectional-8th 83 92 57 109 90 34 15 20 74 85 49 93 BOYS ' TRACK Avon 44 Roncalli 35 Arlington 69 Scecina 18 Northwest w 37 Perry Meridian 86 Columbus North 78 Ben Davis 78 Southport 107 Cathedral 53 Broad Ripple 41 Washington 78 Howe 34 2 1 5 4 7 4 6 9 1 14 1 3 12 6 3 3 15 7 9 4 5 3 BASEBALL Beech Grove Ritter Scecina Scecina Roncalli Center Grove Bloomington North Bloomington North Tech Chatard Avon Broad Ripple Perry Meridian Southport Arlington Cathedral Ben Davis Northwest 5 16 5 9 9 3 4 7 4 9 8 3 5 6 6 SOFTBALL Pike Cathedral Ritter Ben Davis Arlington Franklin Central Brebeuf Howe Roncalli (City) Avon Chatard Roncalli Washington Northwest Broad Ripple Scecina Perry Meridian (Sect.) Franklin Central Tech Scecina Howe Bloomington South 7 2 1 14 GIRLS ' TENNIS 5 Tech Perry Meridian 5 Northwest 3 Arlington 2 Scecina 2 Beech Grove Pike 3 Roncalli 4 Broad Ripple 1 Ritter Cathedral 4 Washington 1 Ritter (City) Cathedral (Sect.) 221 198 219 201 230 213 198 204 212 201 210 223 183 GOLF Northwest Scecina Tech Howe Tech Arlington Decatur Central Broad Ripple Howe City-8th IPS City-3rd Southport Northwest Franklin Central Ritter 217 178 204 175 219 214 173 206 187 183 209 187 177 m Mi ■ 100 Sports Scoreboard FOOTBALL 14 Brebeuf 7 Roncalli 14 27 Washington 20 Broad Ripple Perry Meridian (forfeit) 14 26 Ritter 3 Southport 27 24 Tech 8 Southport (Sect.) 24 VOLLEYBALL 15-11-15 Lutheran 12-15-9 0-6 Roncalli 15-15 12-13 Arlington 15-15 1-6 Perry Meridian 15-15 3-3 Ritter 15-15 15-10-8 Scecina 9-15-15 15-19 Indpls. Christian 4-17 17-15 Washington 15-4 15-15 Northwest 12-5 10-12 Broad Ripple 15-15 15-15 Scecina (City) 13-10 4-12 Roncalli (city) 15-15 8-3 Franklin Central 15-15 11-2 Howe 15-15 12-16-14 Tech 15-14-16 8-7 Beech Grove 15-15 2-6 North Central 15-15 13-14 Howe (Sect.) 15-16 BOYS ' CROSS COUNTRY Ritter W Broad Ripple L Center Grove W Scecina L Howe L Northwest L Arlington L Tech L Baptist Temple L Northwest L Northwest L Washington W Washington (Invit.) 3rd City Meet 7th Cathedral L Perry Meridian W 94 77 57 70 55 56 64 61 50 61 64 67 83 62 72 65 65 78 69 62 64 62 BOYS ' BASKETBALL Broad Ripple 97 Anderson 88 Cathedral 79 Northwest 80 Roncalli 85 Warren 62 Washington 58 Perry Meridian 63 Chatard 64 Chatard (City) 75 Scecina 47 Crawfordsville 48 Gary Mann 79 Howe 72 Southmont 64 Southport 75 Arlington 7 1 Ritter 67 Tech 56 Park-Tudor 49 Decatur Central (Sect.) 61 Southport (Sect.) 67 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL 38 HOWE 45 41 Franklin Central 55 45 Roncalli 75 54 Beech Grove 53 48 Howe 46 48 Washington 32 65 Arlington 55 50 Washington (City) 46 43 Roncalli (City) 67 50 Scecina 57 69 Arlington 75 60 Northwest 54 45 Broad Ripple 72 46 Perry Meridian 40 59 Cathedral 44 39 Ritter 72 38 Tech 60 29 Ben Davis 53 34 Franklin Central (Sect.) 47 34 41 56 23 23 30 18 19 12 30 2 17 30 17 24 21 20 26 39 WRESTLING Broad Ripple 33 Northwest 29 Ritter 1 5 Arlington 39 Hamilton S ' eastern 42 Greenwood 36 Floyd Central 53 Franklin Central 52 Lawrence North 62 Scecina 36 Bloomington South 57 Chatard 54 Southport 31 Howe 48 Greenfield Central 51 Perry Meridian 48 Scecina 42 46 31 Roncalli Seymour City-7th Tech Invit.-3rd Sectional-4th ggfl . 0 - ' Sports Scoreboard 101 The auction al Celebration ' 88 features a variety of sports items for the bidders. Athletic Director Ray Schultz confers with Booster Club President Mike Mitchell before the sports rcise instructors entertain th crowd before the auction begins. Assisted by auctioneer Mike Mascari Colts Coach Ron Meyers offers an au- tographed football to the highest bid- dcr. 102 Sports Auction Celebration ' 88 The third annual sports auction and chili supper was held on February 6. Dubbed " Celebration ' 88 " , the auction was one of the greatest fund raisers for the athletic department. It was organized and sponsored by the Booster Club, a group of parents and alumni whose support is vital to the school ' s athletic program. The evening began with a chili supper in the cafeteria. The chili was prepared by graduate Nick Ferris, owner of Nick ' s Chili Parlor. Following the chili supper, there was a silent auction in the gym. Items offered to the highest bidder included craft items, art work, and sports nostalgia. There was also a flea market booth. The main event of the evening was the auction itself. Honored guests for the evening were Colts ' Coach Ron Meyer and his wife Cindy. They brought a football signed by the Colts players. Coach Meyer also offered a dinner for four at Milano Inn with Coach Meyer and his wife and Athletic Director Ray Schultz and his wife. Other big ticket items were a basketball signed by Purdue Coach Gene Keady, four miniature basketballs signed by IU ' s Coach Bob Knight, and an IU NCAA championship rug. Football helmet lamps, assembled by the Industrial Arts Club, were popular items. Booster Club President Mike Mitchell talks with sports reporter Kevin Mad- den at an auction open house organized by Athletic Director Ray Schultz. Before the auction Nick Ferris, Manual alumnus, and Ray Schultz, athletic di- rector, serve at the chili supper. Sports Auction 103 Turnabout Day In the fall many seniors looked forward to Turnabout Day. A long-standing tradition, seniors took on the role of teach- er for a day. For one day during American Education Week, seniors sought out a teacher whose classes they could teach for one day. The students then planned the day ' s lessons, made up and gave quizzes, and taught classes. They even gave confer- ences. The purpose of the day was to give students the opportunity to see school from a teacher ' s per- spective. They found out how to handle different situations and problems. Turnabouts learned first hand what a teacher ' s day was really like. As teacher for a day, senior Bob Hes- tand explains Mendel ' s law of segrega- tion to a science class that was studying genetics. Acting as principal on Turnabout Day, On Turnabout Day, senior Scott Davis senior Lisa Johnson sits at Mr. Austin ' s takes over Mr. Fred Belser ' s govern- desk. ment class. 104 Turnabout Day As Mrs. Cook ' s turnabout, senior James Newson answers questions about a typing assignment. As Dean of Boys for the day, senior Darin Fishburn writes an admit for a student. After a busy day as Dean of Girls, sen- ior Tammy Jeffers catches up on paper- work. Turnabout Day 105 FOR SENIORS ONLY By the time seniors were ready for graduation, they had accumulated a storehouse of memories of their four years of high school. Seniors reflected on those special moments they remembered well, but would rather not experience again. Those haunting memories in- cluded such embarrassing times as going into the wrong class- room, going into the wrong res- troom, dropping a tray of food in the cafeteria, falling up or down the stairs, or dropping books in the hallway and being called " Freshie. " Those inci- dents do not represent the best part of high school, but the haunting memory of those em- barrassing times will linger in the minds of the Class of ' 88 for years to come. H Unforgettable EMBARRASSING Moments " After a basketball game my freshman year, I was leaving the bleachers. As I reached the last row, I tripped and fell on the floor. " — Patrick Evans " During band practice, I was walking backwards on the 50- yard line directing. Mr. Smith got down on hands and knees behind me. Not noticing him, I tripped over him and fell flat in front of the entire band. " — Tina Hafer " When I signed up for English Vllg, and the teacher was Mr. Jackson. " Mel Carroll " I walked into a senior class when I was going to the com- puter lab. I was laughed at, and 1 couldn ' t find the computer room. I walked into two other rooms that weren ' t right either. When I finally found the right room, it was too late and the bell was about to ring. " -- Tammy Benedick " During my sophomore year, I had some very slick shoes. I fell three times in one day, includ- ing up the steps. " — Sheryl Da- vis " When we had to give a debate in Mr. Jackson ' s English class, I was terrified to death. " - Kris Gossett " Losing against Howe in volley- ball sectionals, knowing that my Manual volleyball career was over and missing my friends and coaches. " — Ra- chel Haley . " When I twisted my knee in the upstairs gym, I thought I would never play sports again. " — James " Speedy " Shelton " During Roines pledging, I had to go down the hall, barking like a dog on all fours. " — Kenny Jones " Getting put in GLC for the first time — my senior year. " — Jennifer Awbrey " My freshman year I was walk- ing up the stairs, and my foot slipped on some melted snow. I fell down a couple of steps. My books went everywhere and ev- erybody yelled " Freshie. " — Angie Killmon " The first day of school my freshman year, 1 came out the building and there were people everywhere, and I was lost. I saw a long line of buses and I didn ' t know which one was mine. I just picked one and end- ed up going the wrong way home. I made it home at 7 o ' clock. " — Willie White " When I was a freshman cheer- leader, I collided with my best friend while saying hello to the other school. I couldn ' t stop laughing. I had an accident down my leg. 1 ' — Kristie Schwert " The fun times at Noble Ro- mans after the football games " — Kevin Augustin " Getting off the school bus and sliding under the bus on some ice while the whole bus was 106 Senior Memories laughing. " — Valerie Lewis " Having to explain the story of my English book floating down the creek. " — Kevin Augustin " The first day of school my ju- nior year, I accidentally went into the boys ' restroom. Luck- ily, no one was doing anything that I would be embarrassed about later. Nobody knew about this accident until now. " — Dawn Kleppen " Having a nickname of ' McFruity ' and having people yell it out loud when they walked down the hall. " — Car- ol McFarland " Playing Scecina in tennis my sophomore year, I went up for an overhead shot, and my rac- quet slipped out of my hand and broke on the court. " Howard Joey bara Richardson " Standing up and walking to the front of the stage my fresh- man year to receive an award when I was just supposed to stand. The whole school laughed and I was pretty em- barrassed. " — Chuck Dietz " On the first day of my sopho- more year, I woke up late and did not have time to put in my contacts. I walked into the wrong room and sat down. The room was an all senior class. The teacher took roll and I wasn ' t on the list. I was embar- rassed every time I saw one of those seniors. " — Tina Schwert " Walking down the hall by the gym and falling down — head first — into the wall " — Bar- " At a varsity football game, I got so excited when Tony Owens made a touchdown, I fell backwards off the top of the metal bleachers and landed on the ground unhurt. I have never sat on the top row since. " — Dean Burtner " When I was walking down the main stairs, my books slipped out of my hands and fell down in between the rail. They fell from the third floor to the first floor. " — George Tolan " Running for the bus in the rain and falling. " — Lauretha Fuller During our sophomore year, six of us girls got caught cutting lunch and going to Pizza Hut. — Missy Light " One time I was late for English class. I was running up the steps, and I tripped on a step and slid back down. " - Mi- chelle Duffy " Losing the sectional football game against Southport " — Everett Blackmon " When I was going down the stairs rather quickly and lost my footing and shot into a door " — Jimmy Newson " During a Manualaires Christ- mas concert, I tripped over a piece of loose carpet on the auditorium stage and my shoe fell off. " — Peggy Scott Good Times Seniors also took with them some very fond memories. There were awards and honors and accomplishments in the classroom and on a variety of athletic teams or in extra-cur- ricular activities. Those special friends and fun times will not soon be forgotten. " Passing Spanish 6 with a " B " when I was sure I would get a much lower grade " — Valerie Lewis " Hearing my name being called as the 1987 Homecoming Queen " — Kristie Schwert " Finding the right way back home " — Willie White " Receiving fourteen homecom- ing mums in my sophomore year " — Angie Killmon " Getting my first " A " from Mr. Tstead " — Jennifer Awbrey " Getting in the same govern- ment class as Steve Cox " — Helen Taylor " Starting varsity football my sophomore year and playing varsity sports ever since " — James Shelton " Scoring 33 points against Per- ry Meridian and Ritter in the same week my junior year " — Rachel Haley " Getting an " A " on my debate in Mr. Jackson ' s class " — Kris Gossett " Receiving six carnations from my boyfriend, James " — Sheryl Davis " Being chosen to play both var- sity and reserved softball when I was a freshman " — Tammy Benedict " Passing physics when I was positive I was getting an " F " from Terrible " B " or Mr. Baumer " — Melion Carroll " Performing in Redskin Revue acts " — Tina Hafer " Making the honor roll three times in a row " — Patrick Ev- ans " Surviving Histlish! " — Carol McFarland " Being named MVP on the golf team my sophomore year " — Joey Howard " Dancing, talking, and listen- ing to music in Noble Romans ' parking lot after a football game " — Kenny Jones " Winning best comedian in a one-act play " — Chuck Dietz " Being in Dr. Hignite ' s class and thinking I didn ' t know what I was doing, but getting an ' A ' " — David Miller " Thinking I wasn ' t prepared for the English debate, but getting an ' A ' " — Dawn Kleppen Senior Memories 107 108 Album Student and Staff Trivia 1. What Manual student qualified for the Professional Bowl- ers Association in 1987? 2. Who came to Manual as a foreign exchange student and what country is he from? 3. Who was the IPS teacher of the year in 1987-88? 4. How many sets of twins attended Manual this year? 5. How many seniors graduated with straight A ' s for all four years of high school? (Answers on page 167.) tfbfi ALBUM Album 109 MICHELLE ADAMS — League of Honor; Secret Admirers; Con- cert Choir; Glee Club; Drill Team; DECA. KEVIN AUGUSTIN JENNIFER AWBRY — Band; Messenger; Ivian Staff. DAN 1SE BARLOW — Concert Choir; Messenger; Home Econom- ics Club, President. TIMOTHY BARLOW THOMAS C. BEARD — League of Honor; Football; Messenger; Block M Club; Roines, Vice President; SAB. TAMMY KAY BENEDICK — League of Honor; Basketball; Soft- ball; Marching Band; Redskin Revue; Messenger; Flag Corps. KIMBERLY BLUITT RYAN BOOTH — Cross Country; Track; Messenger; Ivian Staff; Block M Club; FCA. MATTHEW G. BORDEN — League of Honor; Messenger; Block M Club; Roines, Treasurer. DARRELL BRICKETT DARRELL BROWN — Basketball IRITA BROWN KANDY BROWN THOMAS BROWN League of Honor; Messenger; ICT. I Mlfcj j|| K l 3 ¥VV bPI» Bj tP r " ar L WW f % m. I 1 i 1 1 10 Seniors ANGELA BROWNING JOEY BURGESS Baseball; Messenger; SADD; Ivian Staff; Booster Staff; Roines; Block M Club; Quill and Scroll; FCA. DEAN BURTNER — League of Honor; Football; Band; Turna- bout; Rifle Team; Rangers. BRAD CALLAHAN ANGELA KAY CALVERT — League of Honor; Basketball; Soft- ball; Track; Turnabout; Art Club; French Club; Spanish Club; A-V Club; SADD. GLEN CANFIELD JARVIS D. CARROLL — Wrestling; ICT. MELION CARROLL — League of Honor; Basketball; Football; Track; Wrestling; Block M Club; French Club; Homecoming King Candidate. PAMELA J. CARTER — League of Honor; Turnabout; Messen- ger; Art Club, President. CAROLINE S. CARVER — League of Honor; Basketball; Cross Country; One-Act Plays; Redskin Revue; Redskin Revue Commit- tee; Turnabout; Booster Staff; Thespians; Quill and Scroll. TIM CLAPPER — ICT EARLE CLARKE — Football; Band. ERIC COCHRAN — League of Honor FRANK CODOZAR — Wrestling; Redskin Revue. BRIAN COLEMAN — League of Honor; Turnabout; Roines; Math Club; Science Club; A-V Club; Messenger. Seniors 1 1 1 DENISE COLLINS — League of Honor; Trackettes; Latin Club. CYNTHIA K. CONWELL — League of Honor; Redskin Revue; Art Club. Treasurer; French Club. WILLIAM COOK — Football; Track; Wrestling; Block M Club. STEVEN DEWAYNE COX — League of Honor; Football; Track; Wrestling; Turnabout; Block M Club; SAB; French Club; Home- coming Candidate; Pow Wow King. RHONDA CROSS ED DARDEN — Basketball; Messenger; Block M Club. DIANNA A. DAUGHERTY — League of Honor; Turnabout; Messenger; PVE Club; Masoma. CHET DAULTON — League of Honor; Football; Track; Wres- tling; Concert Choir; Manualaires; DECA; Junior Prom Candidate; Homecoming Candidate. SCOTT MATTHEW DAVIS — Basketball; Tennis; Track; Hoo- sier Boys ' State; Turnabout; Roines; Junior Prom King; Homecom- ing Candidate. tfkAit SHERYL SUE DAVIS — National Honor Society, Secretary; League of Honor, Top Ten; Top Ten Junior; Trackettes; Band, Offi- cer; Thespian Plays, Director; Redskin Revue, Writer and Director; Redskin Revue Committee, Co-chairperson; Hoosier Girls ' State; Turnabout. KIM DEPPE CHUCK E. DIETZ — League of Honor, Top Ten; Golf; Track; Band; One-Act Plays; Redskin Revue; Redskin Revue Committee; Mask Wig; ICT; Art Club. MICHAEL DIXON — Concert Choir MICHELLE DUFFY — Track; Messenger; SAB; DECA; French Club. RENEE ANNE DUNAWAY — Messenger; Key Club; Home Eco- nomics Club; PVE Club. 12 Seniors LIBBY DUNCAN LAURA K. DUNN — Natio nal Honor Society; League of Honor; Top Ten Juniors; Secret Admirers; Trackettes; Messenger; Masoma; Math Club; French Club, Vice-President; Crimson Guard, Captain. SAMANTHA EBY DAVID LEE FALLON - DARIN K. FISHBURN ior Council; Roines. CARLA FOX League of Honor; Turnabout; In-Skins. - Baseball; Turnabout; Messenger; Sen- ERLE FOX — League of Honor; Football; ICT; VICA. LAURETHA FULLER — Secret Admirer; Messenger; FCA; ICT; Art Club; French Club; Home Economics Club, Secretary. GAKU FURUICHI — Roines. WALTER GEORGE JULIE RAE GILVIN — National Honor Society, Vice-President; League of Honor; Top Ten Juniors; Trackettes; Messenger; OEA. KRISTIN A GOSSETT — National Honor Society; League of Hon- or; Top Ten Juniors; Messenger; Math Club; Spanish Club. RENEE GRAVES RACHEL GRIFFITH — League of Honor; Messenger; OEA; Homecoming Candidate; Pow Wow Candidate. CRYSTAL RENEE GRIGLEY -- National Honor Society; League of Honor; Top Ten Juniors; Trackettes; Marching Band; Turnabout; Drill Team; Masoma; Math Club; Flag Corps. Seniors 113 ANTHONY GRIZZLE — Football; Wrestling; Redskin Revue; Block M Club. CHARLENE GRUND — Band; Messenger; Art Club; Home Eco- nomics Club. ANGIE GULLEY — League of Honor TINA HAFER — National Honor Society, President; Top Ten Juniors; Band, Drum Major; Redskin Revue; Redskin Revue Com- mittee; Hoosier Girls ' State; Turnabout; Masoma, President; Thespi- ans, Secretary; SAB. RACHEL HALEY -- League of Honor; Basketball; Softball; Track; Volleyball; Redskin Revue; Senior Council; Block M Club; FCA; French Club. ROBERT HALEY — Turnabout; Messenger; Booster Staff; AV Club; Quill and Scroll; Art Club. ALISON HANNON — Tennis; COE; OEA; Spanish Club. JOHNNIE R. HATCHER, JR. — National Honor Society; League of Honor; Turnabout; Rifle Team; Rangers; Color Guard. JEANETTE LYNN HAWKINS — Turnabout; PVE Club; FCA. BAN ITA L. H A YES — Basketball; Track; Messenger; COE; OEA. ROBERT E. HESTAND — League of Honor, Top Ten; Concert Choir, Treasurer; Manualaires; Senior Council; Roines, President; SAB, President; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Junior Prom Candi- date; Homecoming Candidate; Athletic Trainer. JOHN HINTON — Football; Track; Block M Club; Junior Prom Candidate. WANDA HONEYCUTT — Secret Admirers; One- Act Plays; Stage Crew; SADD; Senior Council; Ivian Staff, Editorial Board; Mask and Wig; Quill and Scroll; Naturalist Club; French Club. CHRIS HUGHEY — Redskin Revue; Messenger; Drill Team; Rangers; Color Guard; Bowling Club. JOHN HURT — National Honor Society; League of Honor; Tennis; Band; Ivian Staff; Booster Staff; Block M Club; Roines; Bowling Club. 114 Seniors msmm , HMBflHSri : F ' «• " .-. -flr tBt ft - JF i " , j MICHAEL J. HURT — DECA AVIS L. JACKSON — Glee Club TAMMY JEFFERS — League of Honor; Trackettes; Wrestler- ettes; Redskin Revue; Turnabout; Messenger; Senior Council; Ma- soma, Secretary; SAB. ERNEST JOHNSON — League of Honor; Basketball; Football; Messenger; Math Club. LISA KATHLEEN JOHNSON — League of Honor; Trackettes; Wrestlerettes; Redskin Revue; Hoosier Girls ' State, Alternate; Tur- nabout; Messenger; Senior Class Secretary; Senior Council; Ma- soma. PAM JOHNSON TWANNA JOHNSON BOBBY JONES HEATHER JONES — Softball; Art Club. KENNY JONES — League of Honor; Track; Redskin Revue Com- mittee; Roines; SAB; ICT; Spanish Club; VICA, President. KYM JONES — League of Honor VALERIE JORDAN BRIAN KELLEY — League of Honor; Baseball. KARRIE R. KELLY — Band, President; One-Act Plays; Thespian Plays, Director; Redskin Revue; Redskin Revue Committee, Co- Chairman; Booster Staff; Block M Club; Masoma; Thespians, Presi- dent; French Club. LEE ANN KELLY Seniors 1 1 5 ANGELA K. KILLMON — Secret Admirers; Concert Choir; Redskin Revue; Messenger; OEA; DECA; Home Economics Club; Science Club. MICHAEL A. KIRKWOOD — Baseball; Redskin Revue; Messen- ger. DAWN KLEPPEN SANDRA KNOX COREY D. LEINEWEBER Booster Staff. MICHELLE LESURE Cross Country; Track; Messenger; VALERIE LEWIS MELISSA MARIE LIGHT — Basketball; Softball; Secret Admir- ers; Redskin Revue; Junior Class Officer; Block M Club; FCA; DECA; Junior Prom Candidate; Homecoming Candidate. NICOLE LYNEM — Musical KIMBERLY CAROL MADISON — National Honor Society; League of Honor; Top Ten Juniors; Turnabout; Messenger. MARY S. MAGERS — DECA DEANNA M AIDWELL — Band; Orchestra; One-Act Plays; Thes- pian Plays; Redskin Revue; Turnabout; SADD; Thespians; Math Club; French Club. CHAD MAJORS — League of Honor; Baseball; Basketball; Foot- ball; Block M Club; Pow Wow Candidate. ANNA J. MALSON — League of Honor; Secret Admirers; Band; Messenger. MICHAEL MANSFIELD — Concert Choir, Sergeant-at-Arms. 116 Seniors ERIC L. McCREARY — League of Honor; Concert Choir, Vice- President; Manualaires; Orchestra; Turnabout; Roines. AUGUSTINE McCULLOUGH — Concert Choir; Glee Club; Redskin Revue; Turnabout; Key Club; Home Economics Club. CAROL ANN McFARLAND — League of Honor; Volleyball; Secret Admirers; Redskin Revue; Junior Class Treasurer; Block M Club; Masoma; OEA, Secretary; Junior Prom Candidate; Pow Wow Candidate. MARY McGARR CURTIS McGUIRE TAMMY S. McHENRY — League of Honor; Softball; Secret Ad- mirers; Band, Majorette; One-Act Plays; Redskin Revue; Messen- ger; SADD; Mask and Wig. GARY McINTYRE — Orchestra; Rangers; Color Guard. CRYSTAL McKENZIE SEAN ELLIOTT MEADOR — League of Honor; Messenger; AV Club, Vice-President; Roines, Secretary; SAB. GINGER LYNN MEANS — League of Honor; Messenger; SADD; Senior Council; Spanish Club; In-Skins. ANGELA MILBURN — Redskin Revue; Turnabout; Messenger. PAUL J. MILES — League of Honor; Baseball; Turnabout; Mes- senger; Senior Council; Booster Staff; Block M Club; SAB; ICT. DAVID MILLER — Band DARRELL E. MITCHELL — Band; DECA. ERICA MOORE — Basketball; Track; Concert Choir; Glee Club; Manualaires; Messenger; Block M Club. Seniors 117 JOY MOORMAN — Secret Admirers; Concert Choir; Glee Club; Manualaires; Messenger; Senior Council; OEA. JOHN JOSEPH MORELOCK — League of Honor; Wrestling; Band. CAROL ANN MORGAN — Secret Admirers; Messenger. DIANA MURRY — League of Honor; Trackettes. RONNIE NAPIER — League of Honor; Baseball. JIMMY NEWSON — National Honor Society; Top Ten Juniors; Band; Manualaires; Turnabout; Senior Class Officer; Roines. CHANEL NORWOOD -- Tennis; Secret Admirers; Concert Choir; Manualaires; Home Economics Club. LAURIE PANTZAR — Cheerleaders; Marching Band; Concert Choir; Flag Corps; Rifle Team. TRICI A PASSIOS — League of Honor; Concert Choir; Glee Club; Manualaires; One-Act Plays; Redskin Revue; Turnabout; Messen- ger; Senior Council; Masoma. JUDY PATTERSON — Concert Choir; Glee Club; Redskin Revue; Stage Crew. ROBERT PERKINS — ICT TOM PERSON — Basketball; Football; Track; Turnabout; Block M Club; Math Club; French Club. AGNES L. PIERSON MONICA R. PIERSON FRED PIPES — Messenger; PVE Club; Bowling Club. 118 Seniors A g f v» v Cw -- ft %v ft s L5sL fc f - i ' ' 3 Is? ' " i ja B. " ' ' ) i SHIFFON PIPPENS — Track; OEA, President; Home Economics Club. CHRISTY POWELL — Secret Admirers; Trackettes; Wrestler- ettes; Messenger; OEA, Treasurer; Art Club. MICHELLE L. PROPS — Softball; Secret Admirers; Band; Reds- kin Revue; Messenger; Home Economics Club. YOLANDA PRICE LISA MARIE PRUETT — Basketball; Cross Country; Softball; Secret Admirers; Messenger; Block M Club. MICHAEL T. RAYMER — Booster Staff; French Club. ROENA RESNOVER — Track; Glee Club; Drill Team; Home Economics Club. BARBARA ANN RICHARDSON — Basketball; Softball; Band; Messenger; Block M Club; OEA. CAROL RILEY AMANDA S. ROBERTS — League of Honor; Trackettes; Wrest- lerettes; Turnabout; Messenger; Senior Council; SAB. NICOLE ROBINSON — League of Honor; Track, Manager; Se- cret Admirers; Messenger; Junior Class Secretary; Block M Club; OEA, Parliamentarian; Art Club; French Club. STACY RODRIQUEZ BRIAN SARGENT — League of Honor; Football. STEVE SAVAGE — Basketball; Football; Track; Concert Choir; Senior Council; Block M Club. KRISTIE SCHWERT — Softball; Cheerleaders; Secret Admirers; Concert Choir, President; Manualaires; Junior Class President; Sen- ior Council; FCA; French Club; Homecoming Queen. Seniors 119 TINA K. SCHWERT — League of Honor; Basketball; Secret Ad- mirers; Turnabout; Messenger; Senior Class Treasurer; Senior Council. DEBBIE SCOTT PEGGY SCOTT — League of Honor; Trackettes; Band; Concert Choir. President; Manualaires; One-Act Plays; Redskin Revue; Tur- nabout; Masoma; Latin Club. JAMES SHELTON — League of Honor; Basketball; Football; Track; Messenger. RYAN SHIPLEY — Turnabout; Ivian Staff. JACQUELINE SHOBE MIKE SIMPSON — Messenger; Rangers; Color Guard; French Club. RUSTY SIEGMAN DONNIE SLOAN — Band GEORGIA R.D. SMITH — Wrestlerettes; Concert Choir; Messen- ger. SAMANTHA KAY SMITH — League of Honor; Basketball; Soft- ball; Messenger; Senior Council; Pep Club. BRENT SOPER CHRIS SPURGEON — Track; Wrestling; Concert Choir; Manua- laires. BRIAN J. STEWART — League of Honor; Band; Messenger; DECA. MARCO STONE — League of Honor; Baseball; ICT. 120 Seniors MARIO STONE — ICT ANNETTE SUITS TINA SULLIVAN — Secret Admirers; Band; Messenger; Pep Club. MARK SURFACE — National Honor Society; League of Honor; Top Ten Juniors; Band. HELEN TAYLOR — Secret Admirers; Messenger; Senior Council; DECA; Art Club; Home Economics Club. TAMMIE TERRELL — League of Honor; Basketball; Track; Se- cret Admirers; Trackettes; Masoma; Science Club; French Club; Pep Club. GEORGE TOLAN — Football; Wrestling; Block M Club. TaRHONDA TROTTER — Senior Council; DECA. VICTORIA A. UNVERSAW — League of Honor; Cheerleaders; Secret Admirers; Redskin Revue; Messenger; Block M Club; FCA; French Club; Homecoming Candidate. TAMMY VADEN — Glee Club; DECA; Art Club. RICK WARREN — Basketball; Cross Country; Football; Track; Redskin Revue; Turnabout; Block M Club; FCA, Vice-President; Art Club. KIMBERLY WARRINER DONNA WATKINS TRINA WEAVER — Basketball; Track; DECA. ROCHELLE WEBB — Concert Choir; PVE Club. Seniors 121 League of Honor; Softball; Band; Messenger. - Basketball; Messenger; Senior Council; Block SHELIA WEBB MARK A. WEST M Club; DECA. STACY WESTRA — National Honor Society; League of Honor; Brain Game; Messenger; Math Club. MIA WHARTON AUDREY L. WHEELER — Tennis; Secret Admirers; Orchestra; Messenger; Junior Prom Queen; Homecoming Candidate. TAMIRA WHITE WILLIE WHITE — Football; Band. DARRYL WHITLOW — League of Honor; Top Ten Juniors; Cross Country; Track; Wrestling; Stage Crew; Senior Class, Vice- President; Block M Club; Roines; FCA, President. KELLY WHITTAKER — Track; Messenger; OEA; DECA; Home Economics Club. DOUG WILLIAMS VICKIE WILLIS LUKITA WILSON — Cheerleaders; Secret Admirers; DECA, President. RON WINKLER — Band; Concert Choir, Treasurer; Manualaires; One-Act Plays: Redskin Revue; Redskin Revue Committee; Ivian Staff; Roines; Mask and Wig. LaTONYA WOODS Tennis; Pep Club. 122 Seniors At the National Honor Society induc- tion ceremony, Tina Hafer, senior, is welcomed into membership by sponsor Miss Carolyn Griffin. Senior Class Officers: Tina Schwert, treasurer; Darryl Whitlow, vice-presi- dent; and Lisa Johnson, secretary. Not pictured is class president, Jim Newson. With balloons and painted faces, sen- iors Wanda Honeycutt, Tammy Jeffers, and Lisa Johnson are ready for the Homecoming game. Showing a little basketball style during a volleyball game is senior Rachel Ha- ley. Seniors 123 Juniors Stay Active During the Year Most juniors returned to school in the fall with a feeling o ' anticipation. There were many things to look forward to in their junior year. They could elect class officers for the first time, dress up on Junior Day, dress down on Senior Day, and go to their own Junior Prom. In October, juniors elected their officers for the year. They were Deanna Long, president; Kelly Williams, vice-president; Amy Grider, secretary; Kim Phelps, treasurer. Several class meetings were held so that all juniors could be in on planning the year ' s activities. Mr. Wil- lard Henderson was the sponsor of the class. The Histlish class, made up entirely of juniors, buried a time capsule as a class project. Under the direction of their teacher, Mrs. Marilyn Dever, the class assembled memorabil- ia from the 1980 ' s. They planned to dig up the capsule at their twenty-fifth class reunion. One of the big days for ju- niors was the annual Junior Recognition Day on March 16. This was the day juniors dressed up in their best clothes. At the end of the day, the Top Ten Juniors were announced. Following the class meeting, there was a party for juniors in the cafeteria. The highlight of the year was the Junior Prom. It was held on May 14th at the Sherwood Club. The prom colors were rose and wine, and the theme was " The Time of My Life. " In the spring, juniors with high academic standing were accepted for membership in the three honor organizations: Roines, Masoma, and National Honor Society. Most juniors shared one idea about being juniors. " The best part of being a junior is almost being a senior! " Michelle Adams, Patty Adkins, Jeff Ambern, Mark Ammerman, Becky An- derson. Richard Atwood, Lynette Aus- tin Kim Author, Chris Ayers, Renee Ba- con, Amy Bane, Derrick Barnett, Lio- nel Barnett, Ervin Barron Nita Bartlett, Peggy Bass, Peggy Bena- mon, Kevin Benefiel, Don Bennett, So- nya Bennett, Traci Bernard Sheena Berryhill, Sherri Berryhill, Ron Beuoy, Angie Bills, Melissa Black, Dan Borden. Jim Boroff Tom Botos, Angie Bowles, Steve Bowles, Thomas Boyce, Freddie Boyd, Marlynn Branch, Cheryl Brasher Charles Bredl, Jada Brimmage, Wil- liam Brickley, Jason Broadstreet, Da- vina Brown, Pat Brown, Derrick Brownie Tammy Brydges, Melissa Buchan, Shari Burgett, Eddie Caldwell, Shawn Campbell. Tyrone Carothers, Lisa Cay- lor 124 Juniors Mike Chitwood, Scott Clark, Michael Coe, Tyler Coe, Regina Cole, Eric Col- lins, Marcus Cook Amy Cooley, Greg Cooper, Robyn Coo- per, Richard Council, Jeff Cox, Tony Coy, Darryl Crawford Allen Crawley, Sonya C rowe, Kim Cummings, LaKina Curry, Teresa Dal- ton, Derrick Davis Laura Davis, Secelia Davis, Beverly Day, Theresa Denny, Anita Dial, An- nette Dickerson, Lanette Dickinson Paul Ditchley, Marquita Dodson, Ishida Downey, Robert Downey, David Drummond, Tempie Diffy, Steve Ed- monds Holly Edmondson, Bridgette Edwards, Krissy Elkins, Wayne Elsey, Rosalind Enoch, Tommie Epps, Edward Evans Leda Fitzgerald, Margaret Flagg, John Flandermeyer, Paul Flandermeyer, Amy Forey, Angie Fortnew, Dale Fos- ter Regina Foster, Henry Fox, Terrance Fultz, Gaku Furuichi, Lisha Galyan, Renee Gamble, Patty Games Annie Gamill, Yvonne George, Dalan- dus Glasco, Shannon Good, Frances Goodnight, Angie Graham, Amy Grider Carrie Groce, Rick Guinn, Tina Gulli- ford, Tony Gulliford, Lori Guy, Billy Guyton, Michelle Hager Juniors 125 Scott Hale, Shirley Haltom. Curtis Hamilton, Misty Hawk, Terry Hender- son. Charles Hicks, Gwendolyn Hicks Gary Hillard, Butch Hix, Troy Holi- field. Tony Holland, Patricia Hollowell, Phillip Holt. Jason Howard Wanda Howard, Dawn Huff, Sherry Hurt, Janet Hyde, Shirley Jackson, Marc Jarrett, Shanna Jenkins Cheryl Jent. Tracy Jingles, Florence Johnson, Rick Johnson, Yolanda John- son, Maurice Jones, Patricia Jordan Casey Kelley, Dennis Kelly, Heather Kilgore, Nathan King, Karen Kirby, Chet Klave, Jessica Kolacek Kathy Lauerman, Holly Lay, Cathy LeSure, Dionne Leslie, Tamera Lips- comb, Melissa Logsdon, Deanna Long Eddie Lyster, Danny Lynch, Karen Lynch, Tony Maiden, Richard Majors, James Mangen, Kathy Mangus Tracey Mann, R.L. Manual, Ronda Manuel, Robert Marqua, Tom Maxey, Tyrone Maxey, Connie Mayes Jackie McBride, Kathryn McCombs, Donald McCoy, Germaine McFadden, Shawntel McGraw, Renee McKinney, Russell McKinney Arthur Meeks. Barbara Melton, Chris Messer, Chad Metcalf, David Miller, James Miller. Roger Miller f? E JaJ t 126 Juniors Iris Mitchell, Nina Mitchell, Jennifer Moles, Donald Moore, Karen Moore, Krista Moore, Nina Moran Jeff Morelock, Fred Morgan, Tyrone Morgan, Stacy Morse, Tim Napier, Cleo Nguyen, Toni Nichols Ronna Nott, Billy Olnick, Richard Os- senfort, Lisa Otero, Lisa Paige, Jesse Percifield, Todd Pero Thomas Petty, Eardis Phelps, Kim Phelps, Vanessa Phelps, Randy Phipps, Fred Pipes, Tina Pittard Patty Popp, Nika Posley, Eric Powell, Natalie Powell, Russell Prim, Joseph Purdue, Sherri Rees Steven Reid, Jaava Resnover, Jerald Richardson, Ken Riggins, Beth Riley, Jane Rippy, Teresa Robinson Making the most of her time in class. Looking his opponent right in the eye, junior Dawn Huff checks over her as- Joey Sloan, junior, prepares to make his signment. move. Juniors 127 Tina Robinson, Melissa Roddy, Melis- sa Rodriquez. Ray Romey, Dale Ro- setto, Regina Rotlinghaus, Monica Rowan Donald Rutledge, Rhonda Rutledge, James Sanders, Robert Sanders, De- tonia Sargent, Jimmy Savior, Bobby Scott Faith Sheek, Stacy Shepherd, Tracey Shrum, Marilyn Sims, Phil Slaughter, Brad Sloan, Joey Sloan Lee Smith, Telana Smith, Vicki Smith, Robin Spalding, Dianna Spears, James Spears, Andrea Stacy Kristina Stewart, Ron Stigger, Vince Stinnett, James Stockton, Shannon Stone, Tammy Stout, Wendy Strange Amy Striggo, Melvin Stringer, Rita Stronger, Tammy Sumner, Tom Sum- ner, Michelle Tanner, Felicia Taylor Julie Taylor, Michelle Taylor, Tina Taylor, Troy Terry, Kelly Tetrick, Jen- nifer Timbs, Derrick Thomas Junior Class Officers: Kim Phelps, trea- surer; Amy Grider, secretary; Kelly Williams, vice-president; and Deanna Long, president. 128 Juniors During Spirit Week, junior Tom Sum- ner compares his outfit to that of fresh- man cheerleader Trina Ditchley. During Mrs. Karen Busch ' s class, Mike Chitwood, junior, takes his punishment for throwing a paper wad at the waste- basket and missing. Damonica Thompson, Scott Thompson, Frances Tolan, Paul Treadwell, Regina Tucker, Bobby Underwood, Betty Ver- Larry Voeller, Carlos Wade, Ron Wade, Cindy Walker, Felicia Walker, Tim Ware, Dennis Watkins Tom Wayne, Isaac Webster, Kevin Webster, Clare White, Tamira White, Greg Wiley, Tim Wiley Charles Williams, Chris Williams, Kel- ly Williams, LaTonya Williams, Amy Wims, Keith Wise, Mark Witley Tanjala Woodson, Danielle Wright, Wanda Wynn, Rod Yeager, Tyrone Young Juniors 129 Sophomores Look Toward the Future The sophomore class of 1 987- 88 made changes and planned for their future. Some of the sophomores spent much of their time with their homework, or they were involved in class pro- jects. Many of the sophomores spent time after school getting involved with the Redskin Re- vue, a variety of clubs and school-related activities, sports, and cheering for their team, the Redskins. The most popular activity after school was spending time with friends and going to the mall. Several sophomores took the PSAT for college. Sopho- more Nicole Tibbits remarked, " I have made big plans for my future, and I hope to attend col- lege as soon as I graduate. " Sophomore Charlotte House commented, " I really feel like it ' s time to settle down and de- cide on what I ' m going to do in the future, and do it before it ' s too late. " Working and learning how to drive and getting a driver ' s li- cense were also popular for sophomores. They really seemed to become more com- fortable with their school. Tony Adams, Kim Alexander, Mar- quita Allen. Shannon Allen. Ken An- derson. Stacy Anness, Sonia Anzaldua Farentina Austin, Robin Autumn. Leandra Averitte, Jymie Ballard, An- gela Barlow. Shetona Barnett, Clayton Baum Michele Baughman, Jeanette Beech, Daphne Benamon, Robert Benamon, John Benedick, Linda Benedick, Mike Blake Cyndi Blank. Eddie Bluitt, Joshua Bos- que, Michael Bostick, Scott Bow, Lo- retta Boyd, Sharon Brasher Lance Bray, James Brewer, Mike Brewer. Crystal Bridgewater, Donnie Britt, Tim Brock. Crvstle Brooks Donald Brown, Harry Brown, Mike Brown. Rod Brown, Natalie Brownie, Kristy Bumpus, Erica Burrin Harvey Boyd, Kimberly Calvert, Joan- na Camden, Jennifer Carl, Tammy Carlton. Angela Carmichael, Tony Carter Darryl Chambers, Tracy Chambers, Gar) Chandler, Dustin Church, Ei- lecna Coatcs, James Cole, Consuella Coleman 130 Sophomores Doug Cook, Marius Cook, Shelley Cov- ington, Steve Covington, Amy Cow- herd, Kenneth Cox, Dawn Crockett Tracy Crockett, Nancy Crowe, Jimmy Curry, Patricia Daulton, Janet Daugh- erty, Michael Davidson, Melvin Davis Michelle Davis, Michael Day, Darran Dillingham, Misty Dixon, Marie Dolla- han, Lisa Easier, Tom Emmons, Ernest Enoch, Maria Engle, J.R. Far- ris, Jody Fesler, Danny Fields, Michael Fields, Tonya Fisher Alina Fleshman, Rainey Florence, Pat- ty Floyd, Jackie Forrest, Angie Fowler, Henrietta Fox, Joey Franklin Marilyn Frierson, Stephanie Frierson, Neva Gallagher, Barry Galloway, Ni- kita Garner, Mark Garret, Michael Gholston Anthony Gilbert, Derrick Glass, Larry Goode, Keith Grant, Tammy Gregory, LaShuna Griffin, LaKeasha Groves Michelle Guyton, Shauna Hacker, Timothy Haltom, Rebecca Hammer, Kenneth Hanna, Michelle Harlow, James Harrell Sophomore Lincoln Thompson gets " caught " by the camera as he stands under the sophomore Spirit Week sign. Sophomores 131 Montreal Harrell, Bridgcit Harris. De- Shanna Harris, Kenny Harris, Latricc Hawkins, Sandra Hawlcy, Franccsska Haynes Leroy Haynes, Mike Helm, Shannon Hillard, Theresa Hinds, Tracy Hinton, James Hopper. Larry Home James Haskins, Charlotte House, James Howard, Allyson Hughes, Ma- lissa Hughes, Tim Hunter. Tommy Hunter Ron Hurt, Maggie Huskins, Cynthia Hutcherson, Tawanna Hutcherson, Te- resa Hutchings, Danielle Hyde, Debra Jackson Julphonjuletta Jackson, Tasha Jeffer- son, Johnny Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Daniel Jones, Letha Jones Tim Jones, Stacie Jordan, Vanessa Jor- dan, Mike Kammerer. Stacy Keller, Kara Kempton, Terri Kennedy Aaron Kent, Melissa Key, Ronnie Key, Shelly Key. Tonja Killmon, Willie Kil- patrick. Gary Kleppen Joey Kortz, Laurie Kraft, James Lang- ley, Valerie Lattimore, John Lawrence, Jennifer Leak, Curtis Lee Brent Lewellyn, Chastity Lewis, Se- leena Lewis, Glenda Linne, James Loyd. Mike Loyd, Jerry Luna Derrick Mack. Debbie Maiden, Brenda Maidwcll. Phillip Main, Brian Majors, Dcanna Marcum, Shelly Marshall 1 32 Sophomores ftJSL • ft • -rX Rhonda Mason, Robbin Mason, Shanna Mayberry, Steve McCreary, Roberta McDermitt, Carol McFar- land, Michelle McFarland Serena McFarland, Tawanna McGraw, Shawn McKay, Errin McKinney, Penny McKinney, Shannon Messer, Kelly Metzner Sylvester Miles, Mike Miller, Robert Miller, Teresa Miller, Lamont Mitch- ell, Camino Mooney, Damon Moore Daphne Moore, Susan Moore, Veronica Moore, Amy Moran, Lisa Morgan, Vanda Morgan, Tiffany Myles Nikki Neuhausel, Willie Nunn, Alford Odom, John Ott, Michael Overton, Jeanette Palmer, Jenny Palmer Anthony Parran, Kim Parsley, Brian Parton, David Patterson, Harrison Payne, Jeff Percifield, Charlene Phelps Patsy Pierce, Shirley Pierce, Kim Pitt- man, George Poppa, Brad Potts, Angie Powell, Gary Posell Nancy Pruitt , Ronda Pruitt, Amey Pur- vis, Dawn Purpura, Larry Ratliff, Leanna Ray, Regina Reed Gary Rees, Retairis Reeves, Ivan Res- nover, Jermaine Richards, Nicole Ri- ley, Sarah Riley, Todd Roberts Patsy Robertson, Bettina Rodgers, Joe Romine, Crenshaw Roosevelt, Enteec Rudolf, Juan Ruffin, John Russell Sophomores 133 Ann ruth. Dana Ruth. Shawntcl Ryan. Victor Sanders. Jonette Scott, Harold Scroughan. Robert Sheperd Tuesday Shifkowski, Renee Shipley, Jacqueline Simmons, Janet Simmons, Warren Slinkard, Cindy Sloan, Kenny Sloane April Smith, Lanette Smith, Latia Smith. Nikita Smith, Shawna Smith, Susan Smith, Vickie Smith Jeff Soper. Robert Spears, Jenny Spen- cer, Tim Spurgeon, Joe Staley, Mo- hammed States, Angie Stevenson James Stevenson, Imari Stone, Travis Stumpf, Ray Summers, Julie Surface, James Suttles. Mike Sweatt Dawn Taylor, Roland Terrell, Derrick Thomas. Heidi Thomas, Jerry Thomas, Lincoln Thompson, Mark Tinsley Tommy Tobey, Terry Trent, Daniel Tucker, Donnell Tucker, Dwayne Turner, Tonya Turner, Alfie Vaden Charles Vaden, David Van Buskirk, James Van Buskirk, Yolanda Vaughn, Charles Wade, Lena Wagner, Richie Walker Ronald Walker, Mike Wallace, Raquel Walls, Chris Warner, Doug Warren, Dawn Watts. Sheila Webb Tamicka Wesley. Audra West, Joseph West, Chad Wethington, Delia Whar- ton, Brian White A HFT ' a 1 34 Sophomores Melvina Whitley, Amy Williams, An- gie Williams, April Williams, Brian Williams, Latonya Williams, James Williams Ricky Williams, Tammy Williams, Jeff Wilson, Angela Woods, Earl Woodson, Christy Workman, Dana Wright Mario Yanez, Catrece Young, Josh Young, Sonya Yunt, James Zimmer- man, Stanley Zolicki Sophomore James Cole receives a good luck send off from his teammates at the start of a varsity basketball game. Waiting her chance to play basketball, Maggie Huskins, sophomore, keeps her eyes on the action on the court. Perfecting his artistic creation is Jerry Luna, sophomore. Concentrating on the opponent ' s serve, Nancy Pruett, sophomore, is ready to respond. Sophomores 135 Freshmen Adapt to New School and New Ways Fear, anticipation, excite- ment, and confusion were a few of the emotions that most fresh- men felt during the fall. Going to high school was a big step for most of them. After six years in grade school and two years in junior high, it finally happened — high school. Being a freshman was an exciting experience, but it was also one of the most frightening. " Even though I Sonya Adams, Abby Ahlfeldt, Marlon Allen. Tracy Allen, Vicki Allen, Der- rick Alexander. Jennifer Alexander Marc Armstrong, Roy Armstrong, Re- becca Arnold. Keith Arthur, Brenda Atvvood. Kevin Barber, Dwaine Bartlett Mark Beard, Tonya Beck, Carrie Bell, Holly Bell, Renee Berry, Molita Berry- hill, Davida Bicciardi Donald Black. Shaki Bolton, Jacqueline Borum, Mike Botos, Keith Bradley, Sam Breedlove Danny Brooks, Nathan Brooks, Al- phonso Brown, Eric Brown, Latonya Brown. Rowena Brown, Tonya Brown Walter Brown, Curtis Bryant, Kay Burks. Tonya Burris, Manuel Caldwell, Steve Calvert, Dana Carey Kimberly Carr, Lori Carrier, Orville Carter, Donna Carver, Bobby Cecil, John Chadwick, Angie Chambers had some good sisterly advice about what to do and what not to do, I was still scared about the same things most freshmen are afraid they ' ll do, like walk- ing into the wrong room filled with upperclassmen or drop- ping my books in the hallway, " confided freshman Renee Ber- ry. Going to high school for the first time was also the start of a whole new s ocial life. There were sports to participate in, clubs to join, and numerous ac- tivities to take part in. There was the first Spirit Week and the excitement of the first Homecoming. Freshmen were singled out and treated as guests at a football game in the fall to help them feel that they were really a part of the school, and to help them start building their Redskin pride. Tonya Beck expressed the way most freshmen felt by the end of their first year of high school. " It wasn ' t as hard as I thought it would be. My classes were interesting and the teach- ers were helpful, " she said. " Yes, " boasted Tunisia Stan- field, " we survived our first year and the Class of 1991 will be back in September, looking for- ward to being the upperclass- men next year! " 136 Freshmen I ft-t Douglas Church, Fancy Church, Jenni- fer Clark, Keith Clark, Marsha Cloud, Fanny Coe, Nicole Coe Bobby Cole, Tiffany Coleman, Rhonda Coley, Robin Coley, Eddie Collins, Ten Conley, LaTonya Cook Betty Cooper, Terry Cordell, Dawn Cornwell, James Cornwell, Melissa Couch, Ashley Courtney, DeCarla Cousins Kevin Coy, Cindy Crabtree, Christina Crosley, Tracy Cummings, Samantha Czobakowski, Jeff Dalton, Helena Da- vis Russell Davis, Anthony Delrio, Sarina Devellen, Judy Deweese, Catrina Ditchley, Corina Dollahan, Daniel Drummond Michael Dubard, Jason Duncan, Jer- emy Duncan, Lucas Dunkerson, Eliza- beth Dunlap, Kristina Dunn, Teresa Durham Latricia Dycus, Kim Eakle, Willie Easier, Sam Eby, Christopher Ed- monds, Patricia Elliott, Jason Emmons Frank England, Leonard English, Mi- chael Enoch, Jermaine Evans, Daniel Exford, Angela Finley, Kerri Fisher Keith Ford, Sarah Franklin, Jon Free- man, Tyron Freeman, Lauretha Fuller, Dennis Games, Lisa Garvin Dewann Gibson, Angela Gilbert, Shan- non Glover, Tyrus Goines, Carolyn Goodman, Tina Gordon, Anthony Gowdy Freshmen 137 Bryan Grceson, Dale Groves, John Guf- fcy, Sean Hannon. Ronald Hardin, Da- vid Hargrave, Lisa Hargrave Jeff Harmon, Darren Harris, Marrissa Harris, Jeffrey Hartley, Christina Har- vey, Angie Hatchett, Dawn Hatten Anton Hawkins, Vernon Hayes, Wanda Heard, Brian Henderson, Nicole Hen- derson, Yolanda Henderson, Lisa Hen- son Teresa Henson, Angela Hestant, Chris Hiatt, Leandra Hicks, Vashti Hill, Kenneth Hudgins, Teddy Hughley Derrick Humbert, Tammy Humphress, Jennifer Hurt, Tikil Huskins, Nick Huston, Kim Ingram, Dereck Inman Anthony Jackson, Duwaun Jackson, Joy Jamison, T. Jefferson, Heidi Jen- sen, Toni Jessie, Darrell Johnson David Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Ra- chel Johnson, Russell Johnson, Dean- dra Jones, Sherri Jones Stephanie Jordan, Laura Keller, T. Kelly, Sohn Kesler, Bradley Key, Bob- by Kilmon, Thomas Kincaid Laritha King, Steve Kirby, Shawn Klave, Sheila Kratz, Steve Kritsch, Kendall Lake, Angela Lane Tommy Lantis, Jeff Leak, Chris Leap, Sheila Legan. Cher Lewis, Mary Lewis, Misty Lewis 138 Freshmen Michael Lloyd, Nila Lloyd, Bill Lowe, Deanna Lowe, Nick Ludlow, Jennifer Lyster, Deiona Madison Herbert Marqua, Angie Martin, Cla- rence Martin, Tina Massie, Travis Matthews, Fred Maxie, Mary Maxwell Carol McClain, Laura McClearran, Salena McClendon, Vernal McCloud, Tina McCreary, Peggy McDonough, Colton McGavel Terri Mclntyre, Rodney McKenzie, Brenda McKinney, Christina McKnight, Moilor McReynolds, Neil Meek, Caryn Merritt Kevin Miller, Karen Mills, Brian Min- er, Denise Mink, Timeka Mitchel Shanna Monroe, Murry Moody Christina Morelock, Larry Morrison, Charles Motley, Chrissy Mulliken, William Mulry, Aaron Murphy, An- gela Myers Damon Myers, Pam Norfolk, Sean Norris, Joseph O ' Conner, Amy O ' Don- nell, Jon Oliger, Jessica Orozco Freshman Daniel Curl works on a paper model of a car as a class project. Shanna Monroe, freshman, puts the finishing touches on a clay pot in ceram- ics class. Freshmen 139 Cornel Overstreet, Angela Owens, Mis- ty Purdue, Meiko Parran, Jason Patter- son, Shana Payne, Chris Pero Gregory Perry, Tonya Perry, Tanya Pickett, Nance Pinier, John Pittard, Mike Pittman. Robbie Pollett Dee Popp, Juanita Purdy, Kasie Raymer, Cindy Reed, David Rice, Steve Richman, Arthur Roach Charles Roberson, Keith Robinson, Ke- vin Robinson, John Rody, Kim Rosa, Jeff Roush, Gina Rude Carrie Russell, John Russell, Kenneth Russell, Tony Sanchez, Richard Sand- ers, Rebekah Schanzel, Joe Schmidt Albert Schump, Derrick Scott, Melanie Scott, Randall Scott, Debbie Settles, Kenya Seymour, Randy Shaffer Steven Shane, John Shaw, Richard Shifkowski, Jim Shipman, Melissa Showecki, James Siegman, LaDonna Sims Cathy Skaggs, Chris Slaughter, Dur- wane Sledge, Tina Sloan, Troy Small, Billie Smith, Cotina Smith Damon Smith, George Smith, Jason Smith, Joseph Smith, Felisha Spells, Tunisia Stanfield, Charles Starks Mike Stevens, Russell Stout, Laura Strong, Tammy Strong, Brad Stroup, Ken Sturm, Gary Suggs 140 Freshmen Jerry Suggs, Rosie Sweeney, Isaac Sykes, David Taylor, Shaftney Telfair, DeWayne Thomas, Crystal Thompson Angel Tobey, Troy Trull, LaShanna Tutson, LaShanta Vaughn, Julia Walk- er, Phinesha Walker, Wayne Walker Jason Wall, Anita Wallace, Calvin Wallace, Shawn Ward, David Webster, Kim Weir, Malinda Wesley Darrell Whitney, Lori Wickling, An- drea Williams, Angela Williams, Charles Williams, Damon Williams, Mike Williams Wrestling coach Al Pike discusses some strategy with freshman wrestler Chuck Brown. Freshmen 141 Teachers receive New Assignments When school started in Sep- tember, many staff changes were evident. Seventeen new teachers were welcomed, and they quickly adapted to their new assignment. Mrs. Barbara Rice, English teacher, came to Manual from a junior high school. " I looked forward to coming to Manual, " she said. " ' High school is such a welcome change from junior high. " Several staff members re- ceived new assignments. Mrs. Mary Rabourn became Media Center Head; Mr. Harold Baumer, Science Head; and Mrs. Marilyn Bolin, Music Head. Other new department heads included Mr. Bill Fisher, Math; Mr. Dwight Shaw, So- cial Studies; Mrs. Kay Clay, Art; and Mrs. Janet Weaver, Business. Mr. Ligon Drane came to Manual from Howe High School to be new vice-principal. During the school year, sev- eral teachers received special recognition. Mr. Harold Baumer received a grant from National Starch for a laser pro- ject in physics. Mrs. Sarah Bo- gard, home economics, was named IPS Teacher of the Year. Proud to be principal, Mr. Eugene Aus- tin is always available to students, par- ents, and staff. Mrs. Bernadine Abel - Miss Deborah Arthur Mr. Harold Baumer — Mr. Donald Belcher — - IBM Clerk - Paraprofessional Science Head Industrial Arts Mr. Fred Belser — Social Studies Mr. Fred Bennett — English Mr. Harold Bennett — Guidance Counselor Mrs. Frances Benson — Home Economics Head Mr. Richard Birk — Special Education Mrs. Molly Bishop — Special Education Miss Barbara Boeldt — Business Mrs. Sarah Bogard — Home Economics Mrs. Marilyn Bolin — Music Head Mrs. Carolyn Borer — Mathematics Mr. Tim Boykin — Art Mr. Jack Brown — Director of Guidance ( P 1 u ■ s ' ' 142 Faculty ilfe ■P V ' i B I H f te[ X V ( I -j 111 ■ : jr — f " i ytJi?NA it vnP ■ ir .. ' Mrs. Karen Busch — Mathematics Mr. Roy Calder — Business Mr. Dan Chapin — Industrial Arts Mr. John Ciochina — Mathematics Mrs. Terry Clark — Art Mrs. Kay Clay — Art Head Mrs. Joyce Cook — Business Mr. Pack Craig — Physical Education Mr. Charles Crawford — Science Mr. Robert Crawford — Art Mrs. Marilyn Dever — English Mr. Ligon Drane — Vice-Principal Mr. John Easley — Industrial Arts Mrs. Desi Elliott — English Mrs. Susan Fishel — Special Education Mr. Bill Fisher — Mathematics Head Putting the finishing touches on a part of the Student Affairs Board homecom- ing float is sponsor Mr. Randy Smith. As Teresa Denny plays fortune teller at the Pow Wow, Mr. Fred Bennett looks on enthusiastically. Faculty 143 Mr. Robert Fleck — Music Mr. John Fox — Industrial Arts Mr. Robert Gallamore — Industrial Arts Mr. David Gish — Science Mrs. Kris Graham — Science Mrs. Kathryn Guignard — English Miss Charlotte Hafer — Secretary Mr. Larry Helphinstine — Industrial Arts Head Mrs. Toni Hammer — English Head Mr. Willard Henderson — Business Mr. Colin Hempel — Science Mr. Ray Hendrick — Guidance Counselor French teacher, Mr. David Phillips, demonstrates the correct pronunciation while students follow along in their text- book. 144 Faculty Mrs. Marilyn Bolin, Music Head, sings and directs the girls Glee Club class as they learn new material. Mr. Dennis Jackson — English Sgt. lst Class Thomas James — Military Miss Laura Kneip — Mathematics Miss Kathryn Lawrie — Physical Education Mrs. Shirley Lynch — Librarian Mr. Ted Lynch — English Miss Lou Mann — Dean of Girls Miss Ann Manning — Foreign Language Mr. Elwood McBride — Physical Education Head Mrs. Kim McFall — Special Education Mrs. Susan McNeil — Special Education Mrs. Janet Milenbaugh — Computer Specialist Faculty 145 Mr. Donald Belcher, Industrial Arts teacher, shows a scale model of a stor- age barn to Kevin Miller and Anthony Gowdy, freshmen. Mrs. Karen Montgomery — Special Education Mrs. Kenya Ostermeier — Music Miss Anness Patton — Business Mr. David Phillips — Foreign Language Head Mr. Al Pike — Science Mrs. Louise Plummer — English Mrs. Evelyn Potter — Physical Education Miss Dorothy Powell Mrs. Mary Rabourn Mrs. Barbara Rice — Mr. John Roberts — Mr. Gerald Root — Dean of Boys Mr. William Rosenstihl — Business Mrs. Karin Scheib — English as a Second Language Mr. Dwight Shaw — Social Studies Head — English - Media Center Head English Industrial Arts 0 m mm t , - v t 146 Faculty Mrs. Pat Shepherd — Mathematics Mr. Bruce Smith — Music Mr. Randy Smith — Business Mr. Robert Snoddy — Social Studies Mr. Wayne Spinks — Art Mrs. Mary Thomas — Science Mr. Mike Swinford — Science Mrs. Janet Thompson — Special Education IPS Superintendent Dr. James Adams congratulates Mrs. Sarah Bogard upon being named IPS Teacher of the Year. At a Parents-in-Touch conference, Mr. Harold Baumer, Science Head, talks with a parent. Faculty 147 148 Ads Advertising Trivia 1. What company sells Manual ' s official class ring? 2. Who is Manual ' s Partner-in-Education and when did this partnership begin? 3. Who keeps the Manual band " clean " ? 4. what firm prints the Manual BOOSTER? 5. Where can Manual students go for a good deal on prom flowers? (Answers on page 167.) 0 ADS Ads 149 Personal Messages Lisa Amanda: Isn ' t that special! Thanks for Everything. The laughs, burps, songs and dances! Take care of yourself and the Bat Mobile. Tammy Mrs. Cook: Just wanted to thank you once again — not only for teaching us business but about LIFE! Tammy, Lisa, and Amanda Cleo Nguyen: We ' ve had some real- ly tough times, but now they ' re all over. Thanks for coming back. Love Always!!! Richie S.S: You are beautiful! Thank you for all your support. You ' ll always be special! I love you. Always, E.L. Tony, Doug, Brent: You guys are really great! And thanx for daring to be different! Friends, Erica Loulou Bell: A great friend! Don ' t forget the big blue wale, the drag, HO the malls, the skunk, and all those other great times! Well, good luck in life and hope to keep in touch! Remember you have to watch HO : , and I have to watch Homer and Gomer! Helga Bell Porcelin, Beaper, Juggs, Mrs. Jones: It ' s been one great time after another! I ' m glad we ' ve become close, and I want to keep in touch throughout life! May God bless you all keep you happy! Don ' t forget . . . push power! Ha! Ha! F F F Mrs. Burtner Senior Class Officers Council: Congratulations on a job well done. We ' ll miss you. Good luck. Mrs. Joyce Cook and Mrs. Karen Busch Ronnie: We made it! You ' re so spe- cial to me will always be a part of me. Love always, Tina Cleo Nguyen: Thanks for making the last three years of my life great ones. I hope we can continue on for- ever. Love ya! Richie (McMajors) Mrs. Busch (Mom): Thanks for all the advice and support. I will trea- sure our friendship always. Love, Rach Heather and Casey: Three years down, one to go. Let ' s make our SENIOR year the BEST! Best of friends, Amy S. Spike: I ' m so happy we ' re together. I love you with all my heart, soul and mind. Two years to go until we ' re on our own, living our life together! I love you! Yours Always, Garfield B.K.A. Mrs. Dean Burtner My Student Assistants (Amanda, Lisa, Sandra, Tammy) I couldn ' t have done it without you. Thanks for all your help — you ' re great. Mrs. Joyce Cook My Best Friend: You ' re the best. Good luck and I really hope to see you this summer. I ' ll miss you. Dawn Kleppen Harry: To a guy I love a whole lot and always will. I hope we ' re always together. Love always, Angy Erica: This year was very special to me. I hope there are more to come. Never forget me. I love you! Jeff Erica: it has been a lot of fun this year. We ' re half way done. Hope the next two are as fun as the last. Doug Tim: May we stay together forever. I love you bunches and don ' t ever forget it! Your Sweetcheeks, Bobbie Cheryl: Well, we made it this year. Can we make it next year? Have fun over the summer. Your friend, Nee Ryan: Your senior year has come gone. I know you probably will. Your sis, Renee Sheryl: The past year has been the best year of my life. I ' m glad that I spent it with you. I love you bunches. James Tracy J.: I will live in peace after we are dead. 1 rule. Remember W.B. " two minutes to midnight. " The clown Motley John (Squirrel) Hinton: This is just the beginning. I am looking forward to our future together. I love you! Crystal Renee King Eby: To a real sweet guy I met over the summer. We ' ve had fun! I LOVE YOU, ALWAYS. XOXO, Your Queen Bob Hestand: We finally made it! Thanks for that one great summer! Don ' t forget about swinging. K.I.T. I love you! Tammy McHenry C O Laura, Tammy, Amy, Stacie, Barb: Thanks for being my best friends and being there for me. If you ever need a party animal, call me! Miss ya guys! Tammy (Beeper) Senior Flags: We ' ve had a lot of fun times together. I ' ll miss you guys when you ' re gone. Good luck! Friends Forever, Amolis U: You ' ve made my life so complete, thanks for being there and for car- ing. Love you forever! Love, Me Keith Grant: A guy who I have learned to love a lot. I love you very, very, very, very, very, very, much! Class of " 90 " . Michele McFarland Erica: It ' s me again. I have to say that I love you. There ' ll always be a place in my heart for you. Always, Jeff Danny McDermitt: Good Luck, Grandson! It seems like just yester- day that you were starting out in kindergarten. Love you, Grandma (Smith) Danny McDermitt: Good luck in the future. You finally made it after four long years of high school! Keep up the good work. Pap-Paw Angie Barlow: You ' re one of my best friends in the whole world! Let ' s not ever stop being friends! Love ya always! Cindy Conwell Kimmy: A very special lady in my life. We ' ll be together for a long time. Good luck in everything we do! Love Always, Your Hood C.A.M.: I ' m sorry things didn ' t work out for us. Just remember you ' ll always be special to me. I ' ll always love you!! G.L.O. Amy Lisa: To my health buddies. Thanks for getting me in trouble all the time, but hey, what are friends for. Friends Forever, Casey Sherri: You are very important to me. I will always love you no matter what anyone says. Thanks for help- ing me this year in school. Danny Danny: We ' ve been through a lot together! I hope after you graduate our love for each other won ' t change. Good luck in everything! Love Always, Sherri All my band friends others: I am going to miss you all. My times in band have been the greatest. Have a great life. K.I.T. Love ya, Ron Winkler Nancy: Through all the ups and downs. You were always around when I needed a friend. Best Friends Always, Love Rachel All the Flags: Thanks for a great year. It was fun and I hope you have a great year next year. Remember me Always! Tammy B. " Me " : We have had some good and bad times, abut the best part is we have each other. I love you! Love always " U " The ' 88 V-Ball team: Let ' s be win- ners next season! Think win. Go to camp. Be ready. Coach Lawrie Busch Shorty: Finally I ' m alone in this school. I will enjoy being a senior. I wish you Scum the best of luck. Chic Joey Matt: Thanks for all of the good times you ' ve shown me! You ' ve really made these years special! Please don ' t let it end! Love, Tina Tony: You will always be special to me. I ' m glad you made me realize what we have. Love, Tina Suzie BB: Thanks for all the great times, B.K., the mall, the park, stake-outs. I hope we can share many more good times and guys in the future and forever. I love you both, Sukie Jimmy Shipman: You ' re the best thing that ' s ever happened to me and I love you more than you ' ll ever know. Jenny Moles LTC: Charlie Mike MAJ Glenn " The Captain " Bundy: Sweetheart I ' m really glad we ' ve been together this long. Hope we can be together forever. Remember: I ' ll always love you!! I ' m gonna miss you next year. Love, Kathy Mangus Michael Smith: My future husband. You ' ve got all my love forever!! Thanks for always being there and loving me the way I am. Love, Sha- Lady Paul Ditchley is a good-looking guy I met this year. Stay sweet and good luck always. Angie Chambers Yolanda, Joy, Banita, Sandra, Irita, Mia, Michelle D., Crystal Mc, Re- nee, and Twanna: It ' s been great having you gals as friends. Lauretha Joey, Ryan Erv: Always remem- ber " Boxcar Willie " " Humpback Whale, " for they ' ve seen fun times! I ' ll miss you freaks! Jennifer Lonnie Jones: We have had good and bad times, but our love will con- quer all. I am yours forever, I love you!! Laura " Jones " A great Humanities class: Thanks for a wonderful junior year. You ' re a great bunch of seniors. Even you, Steve. Greg Chaddy: Our future together has just begun. Nothing can stop our love from growing into something great! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS! Audy Lou Brenna Leigh: We ' ve been thru the " scary monsters " to " beaver mon- sters, " and how about those winted tindows?!! Remember 10-2-87 — " of course we have I.D. . . . oops! it must be in the car. " You ' ve been the best friend ever. Let ' s always stay friends. B-F-F. Jennifer Anne Betty: To my best friend. Hope you keep your promise about the guys. Next year will be a blast. Terri Caroline: Thanks for all the laughs! I love you! I ' ll miss you next year! You ' re the best! Best of Buds, Erica Angie, Erica, Tonja, Krissy, CHanel, Karen: You have made this, my last year, a wonderful exciting year. Especially in concert choir. Good luck in the future. Your friend, Michelle M. Adams James Stockton: I wish you would change your mind about things like me and you! Corina Dollahan Tommy Plotz: Well, Sweetheart, It ' s almost four years for us to be together and I hope we can make it longer. It ' s been great and it will be greater. I love you Berry, Berry Bunches. Love Always, Kim Phelps Histlish: See you in 2013! Mrs. Dever My Speech Classes: Bouquets for your courage; A ' s and B ' s for your improvement; Affection for you. Mrs. Dever Angi, Audrey, Laura Pam: Hu- manities has been a blast! Let ' s go show the " Brave New World " how to make REAL brownies! Keep in touch! Jennifer Bobbie: To the one I will always love. May we say together forever. Don ' t ever forget me. Love you al- ways, Tim Mr. Swinford: " 9 " May it serve you well . . . Roines Ron Denise: I ' ll miss you both next year. What am I gonna do without my Buds. Don ' t forget me! Love, Jen Amy, Tammy, Laura, Stacy: Thanks for being my best friends and thanks for being there when I needed you most. Good luck in the future. Don ' t forget me. Tammy B. Eddie: I just want you to know how much I love you! You are the most important person in my life. Love, Robin Jeff Breeding: I hope you realize how much I love you! I ' ll never let you go again, I promise. I love you always. Carol Karrie: I want to thank you for be- ing a good friend. I ' ll miss you next year. Always remember I love you! Best of Buds, Erica Todd: You mean the world to me no matter what happens. Remember I ' ll always love you! I won ' t forget you or the memories. N G S U N. Love, Denise Amy Williams: I love you very much. You make my life better. I will love you and be yours forever. Yours forever, Troy Terry James: Remember I love you and always will. If I ' m not with you in person, I will be with you in spirit. Love, Sheryl The Gang: Jennifer, Eddie, Jeramy, Robert, and Kristy: You people are the best friends in the whole world. I love each of you in a special way. Friends Always, Robin Bobby G: We ' ve shared a lot of good times together and the future holds many more. I love you! Lisa Dana: Hey Buddy Roe! Besides be- ing a crazy little " Alpo " lover, you ' re my best friend. Thanks for all the great times! Lisa Joey B.: For all those good times and the ones still to come! (word) I love ya ' — " And then some! " Always, Carrie Erica, Tony, Karrie, Caroline: It was a cool year! I ' ll see some of you next year. Good luck everybody! Thanks for everything! Love, Jeff Daniel: We have been through some tough times together. Thanks for sticking it out. I love you! Jenny Denise, Barb, Stacy, Joey, Kristie, Vicky, Seniors: We made it and had fun doing it! ' 88, Tina Lonnie G.: Hi, kid! It ' s us again. Hope you have fun over the sum- mer, and don ' t forget us!! Love, Missy Angie Ryan Shipley: To a guy I just met this year. Have a fun summer! Good luck in the future. Angie Chambers Bobby: Even though you drive me crazy, I still love you! The past has been great; the future will be better. Lisa Best wishes to the class of ' 88. Ted Lynch CREDIT UNION you l H The philosophy at Teachers Credit Union has always been one of service — better service to members than they could ever find anywhere else. At Teachers Credit Union, you are a member, not just an account number. For whatever your financial needs, visit the Teachers Credit Union financial specialists. • South Bend • Mishawaka • Plymouth • • Walkerton • Warsaw • Rochester • • Indianapolis • 233 1 N. Meridian 4562 N. Shadeland Indpls. 926-1526 Indpls. 542-1221 152 Ads Ads 153 Inter State JTstudio Of INDIANA INC JOHN HIGGENS Regional Manager INTER- ST ATE STUDIO OF IND., Inc. 3235 Gravelie Crive Indianapolis, Indiana 46227 Phone: 317-888-3609 IT PAYS TO DATE WITH " INTER-STATE " QUALITY, SERVICE, VALUE A.R JENSEN ' s s INSURANCE AGENCY I 1 A.H. 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Eugene — 16, 21, 104 Averitte, Leandre — 29, 57, 78 Awbry, Jennifer — 70, 71, 110 Ayers, Chris — 64 B Bacon. Renee — 49, 52, 66, 67 Baise. Mike — 24 Band — 56, 57 Bane, Amy — 21, 78, 79, 85 Barlow, Danise — 59, 66, 110 Barlow, Tim — 110 Barnett, Shetona — 12 Barron, Ervin — 70, 71 Bartlett, Nita — 24 Baseball — 94, 95 Basketball. Boys ' — 86, 87 Basketball, Girls ' — 88, 89 Baumer, Harold — 147 Beard, Mark — 77, 83 Beard Tom — 46, 50, 77, 110 Belcher, Donald — 146 Belser, Fred — 104, 123 Benamon, Robert — 36, 57 Benedick, Gloria — 16 Benedick, Linda — 57 Benedick, Tammy — 57 Benefiel, Kevin — 59 Bennett. Fred — 64, 143 Bennett, Harold — 40 Bernard, Tracy — 29 Berry Raynel — 16. 45 Berry. Renee — 45, 49. 5 1 . 52, 70. 78. 79. 89 Berryhill, Molita — 39 Bills. Angie — 49, 57, 65 Blackmon, Everett — 8. 9. 49, 50, 77 Bla ek, Larry — 77 Block M Club — 50 Boeldt. Barbara — 68, 69 Bogard, Sarah — 16, 21. 27, 147 Bolin. Marilyn — 36. 57. 145 Bolton. Brian — 98, 99 Bolton, Royce — 98. 99 Boltz. John — 83 Booster — 44. 45 Booth, Ryan — 14. 50. 51. 70. 71 Borden. Dan — 49, 77 Borden, Matt — 46 Boughman, Michelle — 49 Boyd, Lorctta — 57 Boykin, Tim — 77, 89, 93 Brain Game — 60 Bray, Lance — 48 Bredl, Charles — 23, 81 Breedlove, Sam — 77 Brewer, James — 77 Brickley, William — 28, 77 Brimmage. Jada — 53 Broadstreet, Jason — 21, 58, 59, 60, 61, 64, 65, 67 Brown, Chuck — 23, 141 Brown, Darrell — 87 Brown, Davina — 27 Brown, Eric — 77 Brown, Harry — 83 Brown, Jack — 40 Brown, Pat — 45, 68, 69 Brown, Putina — 57 Brown, Tonya — 58 Brown, Walter — 83 Brownie, Derrick — 48 Browning, Angi — 8, 9, 97 Bruce, Joe — 62, 91 Bumpus, Christy — 49, 65, 66 Bundy, Glenn — 86, 87 Burrin, Erica — 49, 52, 61, 63, 64, 65, 67 Burgess, Joe — 14, 45, 46, 50, 51, 61, 68, 69, 70, 71, 94, 95 Burgess, Steve — 94 Burgett, Shari — 21, 39, 44, 45, 68, 69, 70 Busch, Karen— 15, 78, 79 Business Education Dept. — 24, 25 c Calder, Roy — 24 Calvert, Angie — 49, 66, 89 Caporale, Lou — 8, 9 Carl, Jennifer — 49 Carmichael, Angie — 49, 57, 59 Carr, Kim — 49 Carrier, Lisa — 66 Carroll, Melion — 13, 17, 49, 50, 76, 77, 82, 83 Carter, Pam — 66 Carver, Caroline — 45, 49, 50, 52, 64, 65, 68, 69, 80, 81, 89 Cecil, Bob — 83 Chess Team — 48 Chitwood, Mike — 6, 7, 21, 50, 51,61, 94, 129 Choir — 58, 59 Church, Doug — 77 Church, Dustin — 50, 77, 95 Clark, Terry — 66 Clausson, Earl — 16, 94 Cloud, Marsha — 58, 88 Coe, Nicole — 58 Colbert, Eric — 90 Cole, Gina — 52, 65, 93 Cole, James — 50, 77, 87, 91, 135 Cole, Marlina — 85 Coleman, Consuela — 27, 58 Coleman, Brian — 46 Conwell, Cindy — 37, 49, 66 Cook, Doug — 81 Cook, Joyce — 105 Cook, Marcus — 83, 99 Cook, Mario — 24, 77, 83 Cooper, Greg — 49, 50, 65, 67, 77 Cooper, Robyn — 21, 44 Corbett, Kim — 16, 85 Couch, Melissa — 57 Courtney, Ashley — 57 Covington, Steve — 66 Cowherd, Amy — 57 Cox, Steve — 4, 5, 12, 13, 33, 50, 61, 77 Coy, Tony — 61, 81 Crabtree, Cindy — 22 Craig, Pack — 77, 99 Crawford, Darryl — 48 Crockett, Dawn — 59 Crockett, ' Tracy — 77 Cross, Rhonda — 66 Cross Country — 80, 81 Cummings, Kim — 93 Curl, Daniel — 139 Curry, LaKina — 6, 7, 21, 49, 50, 81, 93 Curry, Theresa — 61 Deal, John — 31, 77 Denny, Theresa — 57, 65, 143 Dever, Marilyn — 21, 31, 60 Devore, Cappy — 89 Dickinson, Lanette — 45, 61 Dickinson, Shawn — 6, 7 Dietz, Charles — 46 Dillingham, Darron — 36 Ditchley, Paul — 77 Ditchley, Trina — 129 Dixon, Michael — 59 Dixon, Misty — 89 Dodson, Marquita — 59, 66 Dollahan, Corina — 61 Downey, Ishida — 13, 14 Downey, Robert — 50, 67, 77 Drake, Chris — 49 Dubard, Michael — 77 Duffy, Michelle — 60, 61 Dunaway, Renee — 66, 67 Duncan, Libby — 92, 93 Dunn, Laura — 47, 57, 68, 69 Duncan, Miriam — 93 E D Daniels, John — 37 Daniels, Mike — 49 Darden, Ed — 10, 50, 86, 87 Daugherty, Diana — 4, 5, 47 Daugherty, Janet — 58 Daulton, Chet — 13, 59 Daulton, Patricia — 66 Davis, Derrick — 37, 57 Davis, Hope — 25 Davis, Michelle — 49 Davis, Scott — 8, 9, 13, 91, 104 Davis, Sheryl — 16, 47, 52, 57, 62, 64, 65, 68, 69 Day, Beverly — 52, 70, 93 Easier, Lisa — 66, 93 Eby, Sam — 57, 141 Edmonds, Steve — 37 Edwards, Ben — 82, 83 Edwards, Don — 83 Eineman, Peggy — 79 Elkins, Krissy — 4, 5, 50, 51, 79, 8 97 Elsey, Wayne — 29, 50, 51, 66, 77, 91 England, Frank — 77 English Department — 30, 31 Enoch, Ernest — 59 Enright, Alan — 77 Everling, Mike — 56, 61 162 Index FCA— 51 Fishburn, Darin — 12, 46, 95, 105 Fitzgerald, Lesia — 58, 66 Flandermeyer, Craig — 16 Flandermeyer, John — 49, 50, 59, 77 Flandermeyer, Paul — 50, 77 Fleshman, Alina — 24, 57 Flis, Richard — 1 5 Florence, Ranee — 27 Floyd, Patti — 1 1 Football — 76, 77 Ford, Keith — 77 Ford, Pam — 16 Foreign Language Dept. — 30, 31 Forey, Amy — 21, 45, 57, 65, 70 Fortner, Angie — 51 Fox, Henrietta — 49 Fox, Mildred — 6, 7, 16 Franklin, Joey — 95 French Club — 49 Fuller, Lauretha — 49 Furuichi, Gaku — 46, 81 G Gaines, Keith — 83 Galloway, Barry — 48 Games, Patty — 61 Gardner, Shannon — 95 Garner, Nikita — 58, 66 » %M r..™ Ik I W!4. S i: W?BL . • . f J Bnt ' Wp Garvin, Lisa — 58 Gates, Bob — 22 Gilvin, Julie — 6, 7, 16, 68, 69 Glee Club — 58, 59 Glover, Shannon — 32 Golf — 98. 99 Goode, Shannon — 49, 52 Gordon, Tina — 61 Gossett, Kristina — 16, 68, 69 Gowdy, Anthony — 146 Graham, Angela — 57, 70, 71 Greeson, Brian — 57 Gregory, Tammy — 65 Grey, Bob — 50, 84, 98, 99 Grider, Amy — 21, 49, 128 Grigley, Crystal — 6, 7, 16, 47, 57, 68,69 Grizzle, Mike — 62 Grizzle, Tony — 50, 62, 77 Groce, Carrie — 21, 44, 45, 49, 52, 62, 70 Grund, Charlene — 66 Guidance Department — 40, 41 Guignard, Kathryn — 44, 45 H Hacker, Shauna — 13, 49, 51, 61, 64 Hafer, Tina — 4, 5, 16, 31, 47, 52, 56, 57, 61, 63, 64, 65, 68, 69, 123 Hagar, Michelle — 51 Haley, Rachel — 38, 49, 50, 51, 78, 79, 88, 89, 97, 123 Hagar, Michelle — 51 Haley, Rachel — 38, 49, 50, 51 , 78, 79, 88, 89, 97, 123 Hamilton, Curtis — 59 Hardwich, Phil — 77, 95 Harlow, Michelle — 61 Harrell, Montreal — 59, 77, 83 Harris, Deshanna — 66 Harris, Marissa — 49 Hatcher, John — 16, 68, 69 Hatchett, Angie — 58 Hawkins, Jenette — 51 Hawley, Rhonda — 6, 7, 16 Hawley, Sandra — 49, 64 Helphinstine, Larry — 48 Hensen, Lisa — 58 Hestand, Bob — 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 16, 46, 50, 59, 61, 77, 104 Hick, Charles — 77 Hill, Vashti — 58 Hillard, Gary — 21, 99 Hillard, Shannon — 89 Hinds, Theresa — 58, 59 Hinton, John — 50, 77 Hinton, Tracy — 59 Histlish — 20, 21 Hix, Renee — 66 Holifield, Troy — 77 Hollowell, Patricia — 67 Home Economics Club — 66 Home Economics Dept. — 26, 27 Homecoming — 12, 13 Honeycutt, Wanda — 61, 64, 68, 69, 70, 71, 123 Hopper, James — 64 Home, Larry — 87 House, Charlotte — 70, 71 House, Tammy — 93 Hudgins, Ken — 61 Hueston, Nick — 61 Huff, Dawn— 127 Huff, Dee — 49 Hughes, Allison — 58 Hughes, Malissa — 57, 70, 71 Humbert, Derrick — 77 Hunter, Tim — 57 Hurt, Jennifer — 29 Hurt, John — 6, 7, 16, 46, 50, 68, 69, 84 Hurt, Jennifer — 29 Hurt, John — 6, 7, 16, 46, 50, 68, 69, 84 Hurt, Ron — 66, 67 Hurt, Sherry — 45, 49, 68, 69, 70 Huskins, Maggie — 81, 89, 92, 93, 135 Huskins, Tikil — 58 Hustedt, Rick — 97 Hutcherson, Cynthia — 61, 89, 93 Hyde, Danielle — 65, 66 Industrial Arts Dept. Ivian — 70, 71 22, 23 Jackson, Dennis — 77 Jarrett, Marc — 77 Jeffers, Tammy — 4, 5, 15, 47, 53. 105, 123 Jefferson. Michelle — 93 Jefferson, Tasha — 49, 61, 66 Jenkins, Shanna — 70, 71 Jensen, Heidi — 57 Jesse, Toni — 26 Johnson, David — 83 Index 163 Johnson. Lisa — 15, 47. 53, 60. 61. 104. 123 Johnson, Michele — 78. 79. 85 Johnson. Tawanna — 59 Jones. Heather — 66. 97 Jones. Ken— 17. 46. 49. 61 Jones. Maurice — 95 Jones. Sherri — 57. 58 Jordon. Patrice — 49, 66, 67 Jordon. Stephanie — 58 Junior Prom — 8, 9 K Kammerer, Mike — 48 Keller. Laura — 49 Kelley. Casey — 45, 68, 69, 70 Kelley. Kim — 16 Kelly, Karrie — 45, 47, 49. 50, 52. 57, 64. 65, 68. 69 Kennedy. Charles — 123 Kennedy. Terry — 37, 57 Kennedy, Troy — 87 Key Club — 66, 67 Key, Melissa — 66 Key, Shellie — 61 Kilgore, Heather — 49, 51, 52 Killmon, Angie — 59 Killmon. Tonya — 59, 66 Kirby. Karen — 59 Kleppen, Billie — 52, 58, 67 Kleppen, Dawn — 65 Kneip, Laura — 6, 7 Knox, Sandra — 53 Kolacek, Jessica — 70, 71 Kraft, Laurie — 78 Kratz, Sheila — 58 Lafollette, Jeff — 4. 5. 1 1 Lakstins, Brian — 16 Lauerman. Kathy — 37, 57 Lawric, Kate — 79, 85 Lengan, Sheila — 58 Leap, Chris — 57 Leak, Jenny — 61, 79 Leak, Jeff — 77 Leeper, Rich — 94 Leslie, Dionne — 52 Lesure, Kathy — 52 Lesure, Michelle — 52 Lewellyn, Brent — 49, 61 Lewis, Misty — 49, 61 Lewis, Valerie — 13, 61 Light, Melissa — 8, 9, 13, 50, 51, 52 Lipscomb, Tamara — 66 Long, Deanna — 21, 52, 97, 128 Luna, Jerry — 28, 135 Lynam, Nicole — 59 Lynch, Karen — 58 Lyster, Ed— 15, 63, 84 M Madison, Kim— 16, 68, 69 Maiden, Debbie — 53 Maidwell, Brenda 66 Maidwell, Deanna — 57, 65 Main, Phil — 48 Majors, Chad — 33, 50, 77, 94 Malson, Anna — 8, 9 Mangus, Kathy — 45, 51, 52, 70 Mann, Lou — 40 Mansfield, Michael — 11, 59 Manualaires — 58, 59 Marshall, Shelly — 26 Mask and Wig — 64, 65 Masoma — 47 Maxey, Tyrone — 87 Maxieson, Deiona — 58 McCombs, K-C — 21, 31, 74, 75 McCreary, Eric — 57, 59, 105 McCollough, Augustine — 67 McFadden, Germaine — 26 McFall, Kim — 60 McFarland, Carol — 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 31, 39, 47, 50, 52, 79 McFarland, Michelle — 49, 52, 59, 65,66 McGraw, Tawanna — 58 McGraw, Tracy — 92, 93 McGuire, Curtis — 50, 61, 76, 77, 87, 91 McHenry, Tammy — 26, 57 McKenzie, Brian — 22 McKenzie, Crystal — 52 McKinney, Erin — 95 McKinney, Russell — 67 McKnight, Scott — 48, 77 Meador, Sean — 46, 60, 61, 67, 70 Means, Ginger — 61 Media Center — 38, 39 Merritt, Caryn — 58 Messer, Chris — 21, 50, 77 Messer, Shannon — 59, 65 Miles, Paul — 10, 94 Miller, Kevin — 146 Miller, Mike — 28, 61 Mitchell, Skip — 8, 9 Moles, Jenny — 57, 58, 59, 62, 64, 65 Monroe, Shanna — 66, 139 Montgomery, Karen — 33 Moore, Erica — 6, 7, 16, 50, 59, 88, 89, 92, 93 Moore, Karen — 64, 78 Moore, Sue — 81 Morelock, Jeff — 77 Morelock, Joe — 50 Morgan, Lisa — 49, 58 Morgan, Regina — 66 Moriarity, Francis — 90 Mouser, Laura — 16, 62 Moyer, Lynda — 57 Murrell, Calvin — 16 Music Department — 36, 37 TV Napier, Ron — 94 National Honor Society — 68, 69 Newson, Jimmy — 6, 7, 17, 57, 105, 123 Norris, Sean — 77 Norwood, Chanel — 59, 66 Nyugen, Cleo — 52, 53 o Ogle, Misty — 58 Orchestra — 56, 57 Ostermeier, Kenya - Otero, Lisa — 85 Owens, Angie — 57 36, 59 Page, Mike — 99 Palmer, Jeanette — 50, 51, 79, 88, 8S 97 Palmer, Jenny — 49 Parran, Anthony — 49 Passios, Nikie — 6, 7, 50, 51, 60, 61, 65, 68, 69, 78, 79 Passios, Tricia — 58, 59 Parrish, Lucretia — 85 Partners in Education — 16, 16 Parton, Brian — 57, 64 Patterson, Crystal — 24 Patterson, Judy — 59 Payne, Shanna — 64, 65 Person, Tom —49, 50, 77 Petty, Thomas — 22 Phelps, Kim — 49, 52, 128 164 Index 97, 135 Pub Club — 70 Purdue, Misty — 57 Purpura, Dawn — 51, 78, 93 Q Quill Scroll — 68, 69 R Rady, John — 77 Rabourn, Mary — 21, 67 Randolph, Latonya — 40 Ray, Leanna — 97 Reaves, Wanda — 93 Redskin Revue — 62, 63 Reed, Cindy — 49, 66 Reed, Regina — 66 Rees, Sherri — 70, 71 Rice, Barbara — 10 Richards, Jermaine — 22 Richardson, Barbara — 50, 96, 97 Richardson, Jerald — 49, 50, 61, 77, 95 Riggens, Ken — 10, 77, 83 Riley, Carol — 6, 7, 50, 88, 89 Riley, Nicole — 15, 49, 61, 65, 66, 67 Rippy, Jane — 64 Riveria, Arnold — 77 Roberson, Charles — 77 Roberts, Amanda — 53, 60, 61 Roberts, John — 83 Robinson, Keith — 77 Robinson, Michael — 65, 77 Robinson, Teresa — 66 Rodgers, Bettina — 70, 71 Rodriquez, Melissa — 57 Roines — 46 Romine, Karen — 97 Root, Gary — 41 Rosa, Kim — 49, 53 Rosenstihl, Bill — 94 Rudolph, Enteec — 88, 89 Rudolph, Latonya — 40 Ruffin, Juan — 77 Russell, Carrie — 58 Russell, Ken — 77, 83 Ruth, Dana — 45, 49, 70, 89 Rutledge, Donnie — 64 i£J - 3fc? Phillips, Curtis — 49 Phillips, Dave — 49, 144 Physical Education Dept. — 32, 33 Pickett, Tonya — 49 Pieper, Mark — 94 Pierce, Patsy — 89 Pierce, Shirley — 66 Pike, Al — 83, 141 Pittard, Tina — 57 Pittman, Kim — 58 Popps, Deanna — 52, 58 Potter, Evelyn — 32 Pow Wow — 4, 5 Powell, Dorothy — 6, 7, 14, 93 Powell, Gary — 99 Price, Tina — 49 Pruett, James — 94 Pruett, Lisa — 50, 96, 97 Pruett, Nancy — 50, 51, 61, 79, 89, Index 165 SADD 61 Sanders. Victor — 64 Sangar, F.siher 6. 7 Sargent. Datona — 49 Saunders. Brendon — 49, 50, 77 Savage, Steve — 50, 77 Savior, Jimmy 44, 50. 51, 77. 86. 87, 94 Seaggs. Kathy — 57. 58 Schafl ' cr. Randy — 77 Schmidt. Wayne — 13 Schultz, Ray — 102. 103 Schwert. Kristi — 6. 7. 12. 13. 49. 50. 59 Schwert. Tina — 52, 1 23 Scott, Jonette — 49. 52 Scott. Melanie — 52. 57 Scott, Peggy — 47, 52, 57, 59 Secret Admirers — 52 Shadday, Angel — 49 Shane, Steve — 77 Shelton, James — 50, 77 Shepherd. Stacie — 56. 57. 70 Shipley, Renee — 22 Shipley, Ryan — 70. 71 Shipman. Jim — 57 Shrum, Tracey — 15, 50, 51, 61, 68, 69, 71, 78, 79, 97 Simpson, Mike — 22 Sims, Rutha — 41 Sloan, Cynthia — 57 Sloan, Joe — 83, 127 Sloan, Tina — 57 Smith, April — 58, 61 Smith, Bruce — 57 Smith, Georgia — 53 Smith, Latia — 66 Smith, Melinda — 58 Smith, Nikita — 49 Smith, Randy — 1 1, 25, 61, 143 Smith. Samantha — 38 Smith, Shawna — 58 Social Studies — 30, 31 Softball — 96, 97 Soper, Jeff— 49, 57, 61 Spalding. Robin — 21, 44 Spanish Club 49 Spears, Robert — 83 Special Education Dept. — 17, 32, 33 Spenser, Jennifer — 1 1, 49, 52, 64 Spurgeon, Tim — 77 Stansifield, Tunisha — 58 Stevenson. Angela — 89 Stinnett, Vince — 30, 81 Stockton, James — 77 Stone, Imar — 37 Stone, Marco — 95 Striggo, Amy — 30, 49, 50, 51, 52, 60, 61. 79 Strong, Tammy — 58 Stumpf, Travis — 49 Summers, Ranell — 61 Summer, Wilma — 59 Sumner, Tammy — 61 Sumner, Tom — 50, 81, 82, 83, 129 Surface, Mark— 16, 68, 69 Swinford, Gerald — 40, 61 Swinford, Mike — 6, 7, 80, 81 Taylor, David — 77 Taylor, Helen — 51, 52, 65 Taylor, Julie — 21, 39, 44, 45, 49, 68, 69, 70 Taylor, Lisa — 66 Taylor, Michelle — 21 Tennis — 84, 85 Terrell, Roland — 22, 77, 83 Terrell, Tammy — 47, 52, 61, 70, 89 Terry, Troy — 62 T etrick, Kelly — 59 Thacker, Keith — 83 Thespians — 64, 65 Thomas, Heidi — 57, 67 Thompson, Damonica — 27, 59 Thompson, Delia — 65 Thompson, Kay — 33 Thompson, Lincoln — 49, 64, 65, 66, 131 Tibbits, Angela — 16 Timbs, Tenni — 21, 50, 53, 59, 64, 78, 79 Tolan, George — 50, 82, 83 Track, Boys ' — 90, 91 Track, Girls ' — 92, 93 Travelstead, Homer — 30 Treadwell, Paul — 33, 50, 66, 77 Tucker, Daniel — 66 Tucker, Regina — 49, 66 Turner, Bill — 77 u Unversaw, Vicki — 13, 50, 52, 65, 70 V Vaden, Alfie — 58 Vaughn, Corey — 83 Vaughn, LaShanta — 65 Vaughn, Yolanda — 27, 65 Volleyball — 78, 79 w Wagner, Christine — 6, 7 Walker, Brad — 16, 94 Walker, Madora — 6, 7 Walker, Phinesha — 89 Wall, Jason — 77 Walls, Larry — 4, 5 Walls, Raquel — 62, 65, 67, 70, 71 Warner, Chris — 95 Warren, Doug— 51, 81, 87 Warren, Rick — 50, 51, 62, 66, 80, 81, 87 Warriner, Kim — 24 Watts, Dawn — 61 Weaver, Jack — 105 Webb, Sheila — 97, 122 Weeden, Helen — 27 Westra, Stacy — 16, 68, 69, 122 West, Mark — 50, 87, 122 Wharton, Mia — 122 Wheeler, Audrey — 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 40, 52, 57, 65, 70, 85, 122 Whitaker, Melanie — 58, 61 White, Tamira — 122 White, Willie — 61, 122 Whitley, Melvina — 81, 89, 93 Whitlow, Darryl — 6, 7, 14, 46, 50, 51, 64, 80, 81, 122, 123 Whittaker, Kelly— 122 Wickline, Lori — 58 Wiley, Bryon — 4, 5 Wiley, Greg — 6, 7, 3 1 , 45, 49, 50, 5 1 , 58, 59, 60, 61,62, 63, 64,65, 70 Wiley, Tim — 6, 7, 50, 59, 60, 64, 65, 68, 69, 95 Williams, Angie — 78 Williams, April — 66 Williams, Doug— 50, 77, 122 Williams, James — 95 Williams, Kelly — 52, 53, 65, 67, 85, 128 Williams, LaTonya — 85 Williams, Tammy — 85, 89 Williams, Tonya — 49 Willis, Vickie— 122 166 Index Wills, David — 64 Wilmoth, Brenda — 61 Wilson, Lukita — 122 Winkler, Ron — 15, 46, 57, 58, 59, 62, 64, 67, 70, 71, 122 Wise, Keith — 23 Woods, Clifford — 59 Woods, Jenny — 49, 58 Woods, LaTonya — 122 Wrestlerettes — 53 Wrestling — 82, 83 Wright, Carl — 64 Wynn, Wanda — 66 Trivia Answers Yanzee, Mario — 48 Young, Catrece — 58, 61 Yunt, Sonja — 31,49 Answers to questions on page 19 1. Three — National Honor Society, Masoma, and Roines 2. Histlish, a junior level class, is a combination of English and history. 3. Three — French, German, and Spanish 4. Nikie Passios, Jason Broadstreet, Greg Wiley, and Tim Wiley 5. Math: geometry, algebra 4, advanced computer math Science: chemistry, physics Answers to questions on page 43 1. Nine — Key Club, Thespi- ans, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, SADD, FCA, DECA, COE, ICT, and National Honor Society 2. Roines is senior spelled backwards. 3. March, 1956 4. Newest — A-V Club Oldest — Roines 5. Since most clubs use candy sales as a major fund raiser, we won ' t name them all. Answers to questions on page 73 1. Three — Ray Schultz, Dennis Jackson, and Rob- ert Snoddy 2. Four— 1974, 1976, 1980, 1983 3. Boys ' track under Coach Francis Moriarity 4. Two — 1961 graduates Tom and Dick VanArs- dale. Tom played with the Detroit Pistons and the Phoenix Suns while Dick played for the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns. 5. 1958 -- Ray Schultz and Dennis Jackson were on the team. Answers to questions on page 109 1. John Hurt 2. Gaku Furuichi from Chiba, Japan 3. Sarah Bogard, home eco- nomics teacher 4. Thirteen — John and Paul Flandermeyer, Lisa and Theresa Henson, Ron and Raymond Hill, Robin and Rhonda Coley, Jason and Jeremy Duncan, Greg and Tim Wiley, Keith and Ke- vin Robinson, Calvin and Anita Wallace, Mario and Marco Stone, Angy and Amy Williams, Patsy and Shirley Pierce, Robin and Renee Mason, Jenny and Jeanette Palmer. 5. One — Tina Hafer Answers to questions on page 109 1. Herff-Jones — Larry Glaze,, representative 2. March, 1980 3. Ray Bros. Cleaners 1720 South East Street 4. Alexander ' s Typesetting, Inc. 125 North East Street- S.Madison Ave. Flower Shop 2457 Madison Avenue Jockish Flowers 2636 South East Street Acknowledgements Just as a mirror reflects the image before it, so this IVIAN reflects the 1987-88 school year at Manual. With words and pic- tures, we have tried to accurately reflect our school, our activities, our friends, our world, and ourselves. We offer our thanks to those who helped us produce this book: Mr. Larry Glaze, our Herff-Jones representative; Root Photogra- phers, our official senior photographer; Mr. Dick Dickus, for can- dids and sports pictures; Mr. John Higgens and Inter-State Stu- dios, our underclass photographer. We also thank Mr. John Hurt and Mr. Bob McFall for taking pictures for us, sometimes on short notice. We especially expre ss our thanks to the teachers for being so patient on underclass and club picture days. Finally, we thank the faculty, staff, administration and students for supplying the information for this book. The IVIAN staff: Editorial Board: Photographers: Staff: Yearbook advisor: Wanda Honeycutt, Eddie Lyster Tracey Shrum Sherri Hurt, Ervin Barron, Ryan Shipley, Ron Hurt Jennifer Awbry, Renee Berry, Ryan Booth, Joey Burgess, Angela Graham, Charlotte House, Malissa Hughes, Ron Hurt, Shanna Jenkins, Jessica Kolacek, Sherri Rees, Bettina Rodgers, Ron Winkler Mrs. Louise Plummer Index 167 Autographs 168 « ' ■• f SHfe ■ ■ ; j ■ i ■

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