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— . 1-1 I The Ivian Emmerich Manual High School Indianapolis, Indiana Table of Contents Classes Clubs Sports Friends Neighbors Two roads may diverge, but to do so, they must first have a common point. Our common point is Manual. From it, we branch out into our own special fields of interests. n " To understand is hard. Once one understands, action is easy. " -Sun Yatsen " Sometimes I get so depressed, all I can ask is ' why? ' " Manual ' s primary purpose is " education of heart, hand, and mind. " At the time we take many of our courses, though, it seems that they are nothing but a waste of time. It is only when we finally understand and are able to use what we have learned that it becomes meaningful. Km ind of embarrassetMaij-ying the sij ame was fun. " 4; " ' ™- ■• •« ; beyond the regular school I (he afternoon and evening. " ' The real character of a man is found out by his amusements. " — Sir Joshua Reynolds The education of heart, hand, and mind extends beyond the regular school hours into the afternoon and evening. Clubs, sports, and mainly people, " educate " our hearts and hands by developing and expanding our personalities. Even though these activities are for amusement, they still carry responsibilities which we have to be able to accept. " I get §o tired when run But jfWorth it! ' HAN O m a « 81 R " Speak what we feel, Not what we ought to say ' -William Shakesp Responsibilities can get us into trouble —sometimes they are contrary to what we believe in. So, the question arises of whether to speak out on what we feel is right, or, to keep silent about something we are not sure of. The means of expressing our views are varied. But, because we can think and act, they are also unique. " We didn ' t get Sweepstakes, but we ' re the only school with 19 First Division ratings. " " There are some defeats More triumphant than victories. ' — Michel de Montaigne " I ' ve never been in first place - but I ' ve never been last, either. Though our thought-action processes did not always make us " number one ' they did give us something in common — other than our " common point Manual. The disappointment of defeat and the hugging, screaming, and jumping involved in winning were felt by all on many occasions — even if only for a moment. r - • . • 1 " You have to be trusted befc you are liked. " flW " » 9 ' v. J A m 12 " The only way to have a friend, Is to be one ' -Ralph Waldo Emerson Even when we are united in a common feeling, we are still individuals. Manual is individuals 2600 completely different people with their own friends, hopes, and fears. The 1973 Ivian can be interpreted 2600 different ways; it is a yearbook for Manual ' s many individuals. 13 Homecoming Crowd Leaves Wet and Disappointed The steady rain pouring on Home- coming night left football players ' numbers indistinguishable, candi- dates dripping wet, and Homecom- ing mums in pieces. But the fans — many of them alums — had un- dampened spirits until the fourth quarter when the Redskins lost a 20-6 lead over Roncalli. Homecoming was an uncertainty all week because of the teachers ' strike. But, by Thursday, Homecom- ing became a reality and everyone involved was able to rehearse. On Friday afternoon, though, the rain started and continued on through halftime. So as not to ruin their uniforms, the band marched over from school for the halftime crowning only. They performed part of their contest show, " Salute to Irving Berlin, " while candidates and escorts were presented. After Principal Howard Thrall crowned King Randy Johnson and Queen Jennie Andrews, Sophomore Tim Baker, accompanied by the band and Girls ' Glee Club, sang " Queen of Manual High " and " Girl of My Dreams. " Randy and Jennie, who were both " freezing cold and soaking wet, " sat on the Key Club float under a big umbrella for part of the re- mainder of the game. LEFT— Queen Jennie Andrews and King Randy Johnson ride in the rain in an open car. ABOVE— Dave McDaniel ' s jersey number, though not so bad as some, is obscurred by mud. 14 Homecoming P-TA Supports Redskins With Heap Big Money Parents became involved in school activities this year through Manual ' s Parent-Teacher Associa- tion and Dads Club. These organiza- tions contributed time, talents, and money to help Manual be a better school. Football games just wouldn ' t have been as fun without the refresh- ment stands which sold " snacks " to help keep fans warm and filled with energy food. Dads Club members also contri- buted to basketball fun with its re- freshment stands. Dads passed out programs that aided fans in identi- fying players. The P-TA has many projects it sup- ports every year. The Annual Scho- larship Fund aided several college- bound Manual students. P-TA funds also helped students participating in various summer institutes such as journalism and student council. Fun and fund raising are the ideas behind the annual Pow Wow spon- sored by the P-TA. Student groups cooperated with booths for this an- nual spring event. TOP: Mrs. James Maschmeyer jokes with Cindy Woodworth, Geri DeHoff, and Faith Housam. LEFT: Mr. Rex Lewis, P-TA treasurer, counts money made off P-TA refreshments stands. ABOVE : Jeri Wright admires a stuffed dog at one of the many Pow Wow booths. P-TA 15 North Central Association Rates Manual The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools evaluated Manual this year. Prepara- tion for this began last spring, when teachers filled out self-evaluation forms and a committee of faculty updated the philosophy of the school. These reports were turned in to NCA. From November 7-10, a North Central team of eighteen educators from around the state visited Man- ual to make an " eyewitness " eval- uation of the school. The team ob- served classes in all departments on Wednesday to evaluate instruction. On Thursday, the team met with a cross section of students to dis- cuss Manual ' s strong and weak points and to ask for their ideas for improvements. On Friday, the visitors wrote their evaluation taking into consideration reports from teachers and their own observations and interviews. Later in the Year, Manual received a copy of the report and recommen- dations for improvement. TOP AND RIGHT: A North Central evalua- tes from Fort Wayne, In., talks first to a monitor, and later to a group of all clubs ' presidents about Manual ' s " weak spots. " 16 North Central American Education Week ' Strikes ' Out American Education Week, Octo- ber 23-27, was disrupted in Indiana- polis by a teacher strike. The teachers claimed salary raises and smaller classes as the main rea- sons. After negotiations between the Indianapolis Education Associa- tion (IEA; and the School Board fail- ed, many of the city teachers voted to strike until a compromise was reached. The strike began Thursday, Octo- ber 19, with teachers picketing schools and the Education Center downtown. Manual, along with many other city schools, was forced to close. Judge John Niblack issued a tem- porary injunction to stop teachers from striking on Friday. By Monday, teachers had voted to resume the strike on Tuesday. Some teachers who defied the restraining order and struck on Tuesday, were arrest- ed. Manual closed on Tuesday, but was able to open for the rest of that week. However, Turnabout Day and Open House were canceled. Judge Niblack became arbitrator in the lEA-School Board talks, pro- ducing an agreeable contract, end- ing the strike. U e k V P poo IV J TOP: Students crowd to the telephone after school is dismissed because of the strike. LEFT: Striking Manual teachers congregate at the band room door before school. ABOVE: An unidentified teacher dressed in warm clothes pickets in the sharp cold. Strike 17 LEFT — Diana Devereaux (Lynn Janke) parades for the judges in the beauty contest. She entered the contest along with many other girls who were all hoping to become the President ' s wife. She became the " jilted blossom of the Southland " when she won the contest, only to find ' the President had fallen in love with another girl. TOP — Tom Pinner, Secretary of Agricul- ture, and Bob Stubbs, Secretary of the Navy, consult the President about state affairs. ABOVE — Girls, all hoping to become Mrs. John P. Wintergreen, do a song-and-dance routine for the judging committee. A runway was built over the pit for the girls to walk on. RIGHT — The Committee prepares for the President to propose to Mary Turner in Madi- son Square Garden. Before hand, a wrestling match took place, diverting the crow. FAR RIGHT — The French Ambassador (Tim Baker) tells the President (Randy Ritterj and the Committee (Bob Stubbs and Charlie Wolfe) that unless the President marries Diana an international incident could occur. 18 Musical Randy Ritter Elected President in Manual Musical John P. Wintergreen and his one- word platform, " Love, " were unani- mously elected to the Presidency by Manual High School students. " Of Thee I Sing " was the annual musical produced by the Music Department. The story was of a presidential candidate, " swept into the White House on a tidal wave of love. " Senior Randy Ritter por- trayed this unusual president and Senior Jenny Shoemake co-starred as the sweet and innocent Mary Tur- ner, his secretary, and later the First Lady of the United States. The story involved a " jilted blos- som of the South, " Miss Diana Devereaux, Senior Lynn Janke. Butch Krodel added extra comedy as the fuddle-brained vice-presi- dent, Alexander Throttlebottom. What seemed to be a " simple " story of love, marriage, and the White House, turned into an inter- national incident because of the " neglected " beauty contest winner, who was of French descent. Problems set in because of the teacher strike and other complica- tions, stopping rehearsals before they were started. This eventually led to a postponement from the original dates of November 17-18, to November 30 and December 1. Many cast members practiced musical numbers in their music classes as well as every night at re- hearsals. Mr. Tom Williams, Choir Director, was the musical co-ordina- tor and director. Director of Produc- tions Fred Bennett, assisted by Jun- ior Karen O ' Connor, led stage re- hearsals. Mr. Dan Bolen and the Pit Orchestra accompanied. The Musical opened with a weak start on Thursday night, but the cast rallied for a much better perfor- mance on Saturday evening. •I Musical 19 Revue Format Redskin Revue 1973 surprised audiences with its many changes. Some of the revisions were reduc- ing the number of acts from four to three and having an all-casts ' party where awards were pre- sented. The theme of the show, " Rivers Around the World, " was introduced on both Friday and Saturday nights by " Best Choreographer " Brenda Huckeba and the Redskin Revue chorus line who saluted America ' s LEFT — The Chief, David Wooden, laments as his daughter is about to be sacrificed. ABOVE — A French loyalist, Bill Davis, mimmicks the Red Baron who invaded Paris in the act " Is Anyone Seine Around Here? " 20 Redskin Revue Changes, Surprises Audiences greatest river, the Mississippi. Acts, centered around the Seine, Thames, and Snake Rivers, followed. " Is Anyone Seine Around Here, " written by Sandy Holmes and John Masengale, boasted award winners Tim Baker, " Best Male Vocalist, " and Lynn Janke, " Best Actress. " Winners from Mark Shives and Gary Mills ' act, " The Taming of the Thames, " were Nancy Ellis, " Vignette Award, " Charles Wolfe, " Best Actor, " Mark Shives, " Best Comic Portrayal, " and " Merlin ' s Maids, " " Best-Presented Chorus Line. " The final act, " Wild Buffalo, You Dirty Old Medicine Man, " written by David Sease and Debbie Wood, was chosen " Best Act. " Other in- dividual winners from the act were Karen O ' Connor, " Best Female Vocalist, " and the " Bannockettes. " " Best Precision Chorus Line. " All awards were given at the party. BELOW — Struggling with the fierce river dragon in a vain effort, is Sophomore Carl Bauman, in " The Taming of the Thames. " CENTER — Pedal Blossom, the Chief ' s only daughter, portrayed by Karen O ' Connor, is being carried to the Snake River to be sacrificed. Her death was part of the Med- icine Man ' s plot to become chief. BOTTOM — Writers of the winning act, " Wild Buffalo, You Dirty Old Medicine Man, " David Sease and Debbie Wood, proudly display the trophies they won for their efforts. Redskin Revue 21 p V f " Every fact that is learned Becomes a key to other facts. " — J. G. Holland m Most of our school time is spent learning learning facts. But, an important part of our learning is accomplished through experiencing Whether in science labs or on gym equipment, we " try out " facts and theories we have learned. English Teachers Strive to Individualize Instruction Redskins spend one period each semester for three years getting in their required English, and many also elect Speech, Humanities, and Etymology, plus English VII and VIII. New to the English Department was a " team teaching " class in Eng- lish I. Freshmen were divided into three groups according to ability. They studied Composition, Short Story, or Reading and Mechanical Skills for a six weeks ' period, then switched classes. The purpose of this Adapted Team Teaching, according to Mrs. Marilyn McCloud, one of those involved, was to " innovate techniques allowing concentration in one area of English at a time and to group freshmen by ability. " Mr. Michael Coffman ' s lllg class incorporated a 9-week independent study program involving research and group discussions on a liter- ary period of a country. Mrs. Jane Gable ' s lllg class studied various as- pects of Journalism. Students found adequate facilities in the library. In addition to num- erous books and magazines, the li- brary offered many audio-visual aids such as film strips. A new item in the library was a Dukane listening station where as many as 16 persons can watch a film strip simultaneously. Other new additions were small screens for in- dividual study and a growing col- lection of three-minute technicolor films. ABOVE — Connie Smith and Diane Sutt- ner try out the new equipment in the Du- kane listening stations, new to the library this year. ABOVE RIGHT — Tim Dale works at improv- ing his reading skills. Developmental read- ing is a required freshman course design- ed to give students better comprehension and faster speed for assignments and books. RIGHT — Louis Cray, sophomore, concen- trates on a literature assignment in Mrs. Jane Cable ' s English class. Sophomores in Mrs. Cables ' s classes also study journalism, gain- ing experience by writing feature and news stories for the Manual Booster. 24 English TOP LEFT — Joe Kriech relaxes in the li- brary. The library was recommended high- ly by the North Central evaluating team. Their only criticism was that it is not used enough. TOP — Craig Fouts, Karen Lahman, and Rick Curtis learn the functions and style of a de- bate in their freshman English class. LEFT — A Humanites class wears Hallo- ween masks to act out a Greek play, The Eumenides. Characters are Lynn Janke, Ath- ene; Gary Mills, Apollo; Margaret Maxwell, Orestes; and Mary Entwistle, Beth Mullen, and Rowena Bush, the Furies. ABOVE — Mrs. Ann Ely, Head of the Star- News Educational Services, speaks to the Hist- lish class about journalism and the opera- tion of large city newspapers. English 25 Social Studies, New Language Broaden World World History, Civics, and Metro- politan Problems were the electives showing the highest enrollment in the Social Studies Department this year. On Election Day, November 7, pupils in all Social Studies classes participated in a mock election. The winners tallied with national results. Mr. Don Harmon ' s government classes took a field trip to the State Legislature. Metropolitan Problems classes also went on field trips. In- ternational Relations students repre- senting simulated countries warred against each other, adding to their discussion of war maneuvers. The Exploratory Teacher group, sponsored by Miss Margaret Conso- dine, had a larger enrollment than groups in other city schools. Twenty- eight seniors " tried their hands " at teaching, some with Manual freshmen others with grade school kids. New ideas were dreamed up in the Foreign Language Department this year. Department Head C arsey Gentry proposed language mini courses in French, Spanish, and La- tin for language students. Courses in conversational Spanish for non- college-bound students were also part of the plan. Summer 72 found two language students, Lynn Janke and Steve Nix, studying and traveling with Spanish Hononors Programs. These programs are offered to juniors to further fluency in their " second language. " Being college material, the selection tests are dif- ficult. If a participant becomes a finalist, he must " pass " personal in- terviews. Lynn spent ten weeks in Mexico while Spain was Steve ' s destination. Both lived with local families studi- ed in classroom situations, and spoke only Spanish. ABOVE — Cathy Crowe, one of Manual ' s exploratory teachers, instructs an English class. Cadets spend two periods a day teach- ing or helping at Manual and surrounding schools. RIGHT — A World History class acts out the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket. Being stabbed is Russell Dillman. His " mur- derers " are Victor Casada and Millicent Gaither. 26 Social Studies , TOP — Student Teacher Doris Wagner and Judy Duggan admire a bulletin board in the Spanish room. The board is a collage featur- ing Spanish words with pictures and con- struction paper and kleenes figures. TOP LEFT — Mr. Carsey Gentry, Head of the Foreign Language Department, greets one of his Spanish classes with an " Hola. " ABOVE — Brenda Huckeba, Carolyn Pitt- man and Diane Newport play Scrabble in their advanced French class. The game fol- lowed the same rules as the English ver- sion, except that the words had to be in French. LEFT — Lynn Janke dances during a despe- dida in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Lynn spent two months in Mexico attending classes and perfecting her Spanish. While in Mexico, she was not allowed to speak any English. Foreign Language 27 Modern Times Keep Science, Math ABOVE — Geri DeHoff assists Department Head Ronald Parke in one of his classes. Because of large class size, students were used to aide teachers in grading papers and helping in classes. TOP — Britt Dickinson works an equation in his math class. All students are required to take one year of a math course. The Math and Science Depart- ments have always been linked be- cause both are really sciences. Math is really the science of numbers. These numbers, their functions, and formulas were studied in the var- ious classes offered by the Math Department. Even though only one year of math is required for graduation, many students continue their study with geometry, algebra, trigono- metry and calculus. This year, teacher losses and class cancellations hurt the Math Depart- ment. The number of students en- rolled in classes remained the same, but teachers were cut. The result was crowded classes and individuals receiving less attention. Student as- sistants were employed to help tea- chers with the grading of tests and homework papers. Energy, chemicals, micoroscopic cells, and atoms were discovered by many Manualities through the Science Department. Students gained scientific know- 28 Math LEFT — Daryl Wilson and Richard Warren, Biology lab partners, work on an experi- ment using supplementary books. CENTER — Senior Larry Brown uses a cali- brated scale to weigh materials for his phy- sics class. All measurements must be accurate. BELOW — Marshall Wingler and Joe Walsh measure chemicals for a titration experiment in their Chemistry class. Relevant Studies ledge from teacher lectures, film- strips, and experiments, along with their textbooks. Since science courses were dou- ble period, students had a chance to work in labs. The experiments provided a way for students to find our for themselves the structure of an animal, or the reaction of chemi- cals. Math and Science again collabra- ted with Physics, a class combin- ing both sciences. The course was taught by Mr. Stephen Sharpee. « UX2SlSmM3WX3ZWJIIX5. fc « M Science 29 Original Ideas, Skill Develop in Art, Music Macreme, jeweled rings, rug- hooking, pottery, and self-portraits occupied students in Art. In Art, abstracts and sketches were done with water color, oil, acrylics, chalk, and pencils. Curved mirrors, cut pictures, and live models aided in creating pictures, some of which won awards in different contests. Craft Arts was a popular elective course. A ceramic and enamel kiln, and a potter ' s wheel were available for pottery. Students also enjoyed copper enameling, sculpturing, and paper mache. Art Appreciation covered the characteristics of art periods, history of artists, styles and modes in art,- and modern art through colored slides and lectures. Many musical Manualities were often heard in the halls singing, whistling or humming songs after their vocal and instrumental music classes were finished. Hundreds of students were en- rolled in one of more of these cour- ses which provided enjoyment and developed musical talents. The Keyboard class utilized the new theater pipe organ, purchas- ed from the Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky last October. The class also offered pi- ano lessons. Histories of composers and de- velopment of music styles interest- ed students in Music Appreciation, also new this year. Separate classes for beginning brasswinds and woodwinds were al- so in the new music curriculum. " Sightsinging is one of the most difficult techniques in Music The- ory, " said Junior Tom Pinner. His class learned basic chord fundamen- tals which made composing music easier later on. Our Redskin marching Band, un- der the direction of Drum Major Jay Doty, won its nineteenth con- secutive First Division in the IHSMA Band Contest in October. ¥l TOP — Mrs. Corrie Wilson, Manual art tea- cher, demonstrates pottery techniques to the Art Club members at a meeting. ABOVE — Terry Bevers adds touches of paint to a pottery vase he has created. RIGHT — Tom Powell draws a still life of leaves in a pot. In Art, students use real models for many pictures. 30 Art LEFT - Mr. William Kleyla directs beginning band Students. The bands are divided into three groups — " A, " " B, " and " C. " BELOW — Senior Mike McKay accompanies the choir during the fourth period class. Both the choir members and accompanist must watch Mr. Tom Williams for direction. BOTTOM — Mr. Carl Wright assembles part of the new organ in the chamber he built. Music 31 ABOVE -- Dawn Fergunson, Diane Napier, and Peggy Martin knead and roll out dough. TOP -- Advanced Foods class student Car- men Carroll serves Mrs. Hartman, Miss Boone and Mrs. Bacus in a luncheon prepared by the foods class. Teachers from all depart- ments are invited to these luncheons. RIGHT — Linda Perdue, Kathy Stodgill, and Becky Kellenberger, help Debbie Knight pin the hem of her pants. All of the girls are in Senior Clothing. 32 Home Economics ' Practice Makes Perfect ' Helps Students Work A foods class is one place where the " fruits of labor " can actually be tasted, as those enrolled found out. Advanced Foods classes both prepared and served several faculty luncheons this year. In many classes, interior decorating and budgeting were also studied and the girls went on field trips. " I didn ' t like wearing the hair nets, but I did learn a lot about cooking, " commented one girl en- rolled in a Foods class. Besides learning to construct gar- ments, clothing classes performed School Service sewing. They repair- ed drapes, athletic equipment, and helped make some costumes for school plays. Guest speakers this year included representatives from the Child Ab- use Center, Planned Parenthood, a police chaplain, and an interior decorator. All helped make Home Ec classes a b ig success. Last year Manual began a class called Distributive Education, or " D E " for short. This year, DE had a new teacher, Miss Sue Workman, and new equipment. Enthusiasm on the part of the students and the teacher made this class both enjoy- able and productive. Those who took Distributive Ed. attended a classroom session and then left after fifth period to offices where they received " on the job " training. Special speakers also spoke to the class several times on jobs and business. Each year, Manual turns out many graduates who are prepared for the " Cruel " world through their know- ledge from the Business Depart- ment. Typing, Shorthand, and Filing are offered to those who aspire to be secretaries. TOP — Carol Harper and Kevin Horn learn to add amounts on a cash register. ABOVE — Becky Staab listens to a record- ing and records the message in shorthand. Business 33 Shop Grooms Students for Jobs, Provides Training for Daily Use Preparing for a future in industry or construction, or gaining practi- cal experience in general repairs — that ' s what Industrial Arts is all a- bout, and it ' s also the reason for its popularity. Drawing classes range from Me- chanical drawing to Machine and Architectural drawing. These pre- pare student for the other shop classes or possibly for careers in architecutre orengineering. Pre-vocational Education, new this year, is a course which sup- plies the requirements for apply- ing for and maintaining a job. The goal of PVE is to shape individuals into " productive members of soc- iety. " The Industrial Arts Department is responsible for many repairs around the school. Broken desks or cafe- teria tables are repaired by the weld- ing classes. The Print Shop prepares many office forms that are used daily. For students not wishing to follow a career in any shop area, the shop classes furnish information they can use every day. TOP — Ed Wiley checks type sizes before completing an assignment in Print Shop. ABOVE — Keith Miller watches Ricky Gray connect fine wires in Electric Shop. RIGHT — Dennis Williams regards a blue- print for his " dreamhouse " in a drawing class. 34 Shop LEFT — David Kelly and David Rutledge weld with a blow touch in Metal Shop. BELOW — Zachary Bird learns to handle one of the many large machines in Printing. BOTTOM — Two auto shop boys work on their assignments. Each boy must learn to dismantle and rebuild an engine. H g Shop 35 Exercise for Credit, Fun; Women ' s Lib Hits ROTC " The boys really enjoy archery! " Coach Al Pike said when asked about the new event offered in boys ' gym classes this year. Some 60 boys a semester got a chance to learn this new skill. Several basic maneuvers in gym- nastics and wrestling were learned by the boys in two six weeks ' ses- sions. A triple course was offered which included weight lifting, ping- ong, and paddle ball, resembling tennis on a smaller scale. An indoor track and field meet for the boys ' gym classes was sched- uled to give track coaches a chance to " scout " for new prospects. Girls ' Physical Education courses ranged from field events such as soccer, touch football, kickball, and baseball, to the indoor sports of basketball, tumbling, gymnastics, and modern dancing. Due to the large class sizes of most of the girls ' classes, instruc- tion for sports such as badminton, pingpong, and tennis was given, but actual playing was difficult if not impossible. Written reports and tests were done by the students as part of their grades along with having actual skill in the sports. Giving a " taste of military life " to some 160 cadets, was the aim of the ROTC program. This year, the corps went " co-ed. " Girls were allowed in the ranks for the first time. They had the same privileges and duties as the male corpsmen. The cadets provided school ser- vice duties such as serving as honor guards at various school functions like ball games, commencement, and dramatic productions. By doing these things, they learned discipline and responsibility in addition to be- ing helpful to Manual. ABOVE — Janice Stapert performs stunts on the raised balance beam in her gym class. ABOVE RIGHT — Tim Boler jumps over the horse one-handed. The horse is one of many pieces of gymnastic equipment Manual has. RIGHT — Sindi Shelton does a running jump over the buck. To avoid possible injury, More Schelske and Beverly Wood spot her. 36 Phys Ed SMMrsLnaii Q; TOP — Drill Team. FRONT ROW: 1 Lt. Lynda Wooden, 2 Lt. Greg Young, SFC Dan Pitcher, GTMAJ Gary Wood, FFC Dave Heav- rin, 1 Lt. Tom Ruoff, LTC Jodi Hassfurther. BACK ROW: CPF Tom Cleek, Maj. Char- les Woods, CPT. Gary Ligget, 2 Lt. Robert Lane, LTC. Gerry O ' Neal. ABOVE — Norma Brown and Jodi Hass- further look at the message that now ap- plies to heem. ABOVE RIGHT — Rifle team members Ken- ny Boyd, David Green, and Ted Miller prac- tice in the rifle range off the ROTC room. RIGHT — Sgt. James McDaniel Supervises the rifle team practice — just one of his jobs. ROTC 37 " What you do Explains who you are. " — Anonymous TOP — Masoma. FRONT ROW: Susan Moore, Linda Hann, Debbie Welsh, Jodi Hassfurther, Rowena Bush, Phyllis Yocum, Suzanne Nicks. SECOND ROW: Gail Dur- ham, Kathy Dolan, Lynn Janke, Mary Ent- wistle, Marilyn Short, Karen Marcum. BACK ROW: Michele Newton, Anne Maschmeyer, Carol Komann, Marty Baase, Donna Laetsch, Debbie Murray, Marnie Maxwell. ABOVE — Masomas Many Baase, Debbie Murray, and Carol Komann (SEATED) per- form in the Tee Pee Talent Parade. The Masomas performed " The Rooster Song. " RIGHT — Donna Laetsch, Don Thompson, and Suzanne Nicks model styles of the Fifties which they wore on " Fifties Day. " 40 M asoma Masoma, Roines Co-operate but Continue ' Rivalry ' Masoma and Roines Clubs con- tinued the traditional " rivalry " be- tween them but did combine for several parties, including a Hallo- ween costume party and Christmas caroling in the rain and another party. Both Roines and Masoma pledged seniors during the first semester and Roines also pledged three Seniors the second semester. Roines sponsored three Romps this year. The second one, March 9, was a " Fifties Dance. " Prizes were awarded to the boy and girl best dressed in the mode of the ' 50 ' s. To publicize the dance, a " Fifties Day " was proclaimed. Nostalgia came in the form of bobby socks, pony tails, long skirts, saddle ox- fords, and baggy pants. " I think hav- ing the ' 50 ' s theme really improved interest in the Romp, " said Roines President Roger Carroll. Featured at the Romp, in addition to the rock group BAJ, was " Snake and the Car Thieves, " a " backup group " com- posed of Roines members Bill Mc- Daniel, Gary Mills, Mark Shives, and Jeff Farley. They sang songs of the ' 50 ' s during BAJ ' s intermission. Masomas again put together the Homecoming mums. Meeting at Madson Avenue Florists one even- ing, they glued red " M ' s " to the flowers and tied red-and-white streamers to the stems. " It didn ' t take long to put them together, but that glue took forever to get off my hands! " said President Rowena Bush. " We lost money on the mums this year. Because of the teacher strike, we didn ' t have any time for advance sales so we ended up sell- ing some mums at the game, " added Treasurer Donna Laetsch. Masomas also clothed a child at Christmas and served at the Alumni banquet. All girls agreed the ban- quet was " hard work " and not as fun as they thought it would be. Roines checked coats at the Alumni banquet. ABOVE — Roines pledges Greg Whitley, Dave McAllister, Bill McDaniel, Jay Doty Herb Clark and Bob Watness perform at a Romp. LEFT — Roines. FRONT ROW: Bob Watness, Lang Brownlee, Roger Carroll, John Haley, Greg Whitley. SECOND ROW: Kurt Hede- gard, Joe Kriech, Herb Clark, Jay Doty, Alan Jordan, Mr. Dennis Jackson. BACK ROW: Bill McDaniel, David Sease, Don Thompson, Gary Stroud, Don Goad, Dave McAllister, Norman Leonard. Not pictured: Tim Hebble, Dave Baumann, Gary Mills, Mark Shives, Jeff Farley. Roines 41 National Honor Society — PROMT ROW: Tom Franklin, Gary Slayton, Guy Deboor, Steve Nix, Susie Moore, Jodi Hassfurther, Phyllis Yocum, Mary Entwistle, Kathy Dolan, SECOND ROW: Marcia Williams, Karen O ' Connor, Martha Mullin, Gayle Durham, Carol Komann, Rowena Bush, Cindv Lawrence, Shelia Jent, Bonnie Allen, Marnie Maxwell. THIRD ROW: Glenda Sten ger, Lynn )anke, Michele Newton, Anne Maschmeyer, Donna Laetsch, Marty Baase, Debbie Murray, Randy Simpson, Leisa Betzler. FOURTH ROW: David Sease, Lang Brownlee, Kurt Hedegard, Roger Carroll, Mike McKay, Alan Jordon, John Haley, Edward Marcum, Gary Stroud, John Smith. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Dug- gan, Nancy Ellis, Faith Housam, Anna Van Blaricum, Kay Newton, Linda May, Diann Newport, Tom Paul, Jim Plahitko. BACK ROW: Steve Ziegelbauer, Dave Baumann, Marilyn Short, Mary Mullin, Phyl- lis Walker, Debra Welsh, Greg Whitley. Student Affairs Board -- FRONT ROW: Greg Bunnell, Dean Stegemoller, Sally Trammer, Sharon Van Horn, Tanya Campbell, Cindy Eva, Mrs. Marilyn Dever. SECOND ROW: Joni Kriese, Anita Pardue, Marty Baase, Barb Dawson, Anne Maschmeyer, Jane Ackerman. BACK ROW: Gary Mills, Mr. Harold Baumer, Greg McKay, Bill McDaniel, Tom Pinner, Randy John- son, John Masengale. 42 National Honor Society, SAB B EMIT OF WAY? School Honors, Government, Fun Belong to All Four groups within Manual work to provide honors, student govern- ment, and fun for many Manuali- tes. National Honor Society added 27 seniors and 16 juniors to the 10 carry-over members from last year. These new members were announc- ed on March 15 and inducted May 6. Student Affairs Board met each month and invited speakers from around school to talk on school mat- ters. Mr. John Krueger, Honor Soc- iety sponsor, spoke to the group about how students are chosen for this national honorary. The stage crew spent much of the year reassembling the pipe or- gan purchased from the Louisville Crescent Hill Baptist Church. Time was also spent building sets for two three-act plays, the musical, and the three Redskin Revue acts. A box set was constructed to use for the play, " The Two Mrs. Carrolls. " Radio Club members learned about broadcasting by disc-jockey- ing dances such as the Ivian-spon- sored " Pic Parade. " They also pro- moted a yo-yo contest, which was won by Sophomore Roy Holland. TOP — Radio Club. FRONT ROW: Russel Esselborn, Tim Baker, Stuart Copeland, Clyde Ledford. SECOND ROW: Vic Casada, Aud- rey Lawless, Guy Lanier, Margaret Kimbley, Lloyd Davis. BACK ROW: Gus Kimbley, Eddie Windhorst, Dan Keeney, Mitchell Bradley, Mr. Stephen Sharpee, sponsor. LEFT — Stage Crew members Jeff Thorpe, George Nichols, Sue Mosbaugh, student tea- cher; Dennis Brand, Wayne Armborst, and Stan Mathis (on top of house) build sets for Redskin Revue. The doghouse was used in the act " Is Anyone Seine Around Here? " as Snoopy ' s house. Radio Club, Stage Crew 43 BELOW — Lynn Janke, Clemence the maid in " The Two Mrs. Carrolls, " studies her lines. CENTER — Thespian Karen O ' Connor, poster chairman for " The Two Mrs. Carrolls, " cuts out a revolver billing the play as a " cold- blooded murder in the Manual aud. " LOWER RIGHT — Kathy Wakefield, the real " Charley ' s Aunt, " examines the garden out- side Jack and Charley ' s room. The meeting of the real aunt and the fake one provided much of the laughter in the play. OPPOSITE TOP — Dianna Suttner and David McAllister, Tessie and Bill in " The Lottery, " talk before the lottery begins. OPPOSITE BOTTOM — Thespians. FRONT: Don Thompson, Karen O ' Connor, Kathy Wakefield, Benita Strait, Mamie Maxwell, Sue Wiley, Michele Newton. BACK: Lynn Janke, Charlie Wolfe, David Sease, John Coff, Mr. Fred Bennett. Actors Present Comedy, Murder, Thespians and Mask and Wig Club combined to present many plays during the year. The first of these was " Charley ' s Aunt, " a comedy. The play dealt with two young men, Charley and Jack, who were in love and invited their girl friends and an aunt to tea. Charley ' s aunt could not come, though, so a friend posed as her. The plot was complicated further when the real aunt showed up and played along in the charade, fooling everyone. After Christmas, the Mask and Wig Club presented two one-act plays, directed by Thespians Kathy Wakefield and David Sease. The club also presented " Ferdinand and the Dirty Knight, " a children ' s play, for nearby grade schools. In February, " The Two Mrs. Car- rolls, " directed by Mrs. Linda Ham- mond, played on Manual ' s stage. The murder-mystery featured an artist, Geoffrey Carroll, who was divorced from one woman, married 44 Thespians One-Acts to another, and in love with a third. He had tried to kill his first wife until she finally divorced him, and was attempting to poisen his second wife, Sally. Sally refused to believe what was happening until the first wife, Harriet, told her story. When Sally realized what was really hap- pening, Geoffrey needed to kill her instantly. The police arrived as he was try- ing to strangle Sally. To escape ar- rest, he drank poison. Thespians 45 Choir — FRONT ROW: Terri Horn, Marcia Bridgewater, Jane Usrey, Clenda Stenger, Cindy Surber, Benita Strait, Vicki Minton, Kathy Fouts, Debbie Welsh, Phyllis Yocum, Kerra Clampitt, Sherron Keller, Darlene Fultz. SECOND ROW: Anita Ferguson, Jennie Andrews, Sandy Holmes, Melanie Boardman, Melinda Harden, Nancy Ellis, Carolyn Pittman, Marilyn Sadler, Beth Peak, Marty Baase, Felecia Bailey, Lynn Janke, Anne Maschmeyer, Karen O ' Connor, Kim Burnette, Jenny Shoemake. THIRD ROW: Randy Ferris, Larry Hathaway, Matt Maple, Luther Rush, Lang Brownlee, Howard Kello, David Wooden, Mike Stuck, Tim Baker, Don Campbell, Rolf Bruce, Robert Watness, Greg Whitley. BACK ROW: Paul Tex, Gary Mills, Charles Wolfe, Mike McKay, Bob Stubbs, William Mahone, Norman Leonard, David Poling, Randy Ritter, Thomas Pinner, Butch Krodel, Brian Stuard, Jim Lewis. t Orchestra — FRONT ROW: Lisa Wineinger, Maryanne Lahmann, Dottie Patterson, Julie Hart. SECOND ROW: Debbie Welsh, Vallori Sherman, Bob Stubbs, Vicki Smith, Donna Whitlock, Mary Entwistle. THIRD ROW: Diane Masengale, Judy Duggan, Phillip Dinkins, Sandy Holmes, Mary Williams, Paul Tex, Greg Stotts, Tim Birtchman, Ken Roe. BACK ROW: Sharon Lewis, Amy Farley, Debbie Huber, Anne Lane, Cathy Bussinger, Sally Clampitt, Gary Sparks, Jay Doty, Marshall Wingler, David Butler, Duane Strain, Mike Mascoe. 46 Choir Mr. Daniel Bolin directs the orchestra. Choir, Orchestra Collaborate in Concert, Win Individual Honors Some fifty-four vocalists com- prised the 1972-73 Concert Choir, directed by Mr. Thomas G. Williams and accompanied by Senior Mike McKay. This choral group ' s yearly activities included the musical, Christmas program and carolling at grade schools, Choir-Orchestra Concent, All-City Choir Festival, May Music Festival, and Vespers. The Choir concentrated each day on improving breathing techniques and vowel enunciation, both impor- tant in achieving a full sound through good individual quality. The group practiced and performed both classical and modern composi- tions. With its new director, Mr. Daniel P. Bolin, this year ' s orchestra took on a new perspective. " I have found the students talented and willing to work, " said Mr. Bolin. The 22 strings and 36 winds prac- ticed twice a week during con- cert season, preparing for such per- formances as the musical, Choir- Orchestra Concert, May Music Festival and Vespers. Orchestra — FRONT ROW: Cheryl Stenger, Nancy Ellis, Anne Masch- meyer, Vicki Holland. SECOND ROW: Eileen Kindred, Debbie Zim- merman, JoAnn Birtchman, Kerra Clampitt, Karen Johnson. THIRD ROW: Vicki Minton, Donna Laetsch, Linda Thompson, Randall Borkes, Thomas Pinner, Felecia Bailey, Gerald Cox. BACK ROW: Kent Mc- Campbell, Jim Lewis, Marinell Watness, Francy Lasley, David Mc- Allister, Rhonda Cherry, Mike Aikins, Vicki Webster. Orchestra 47 RIGHT — Pep Band. FRONT ROW: Tom Pinner, Randall Borkes, Phillip Herbig, Deb- bie Thompson, Phyllis Yocum, Benita Strait. SECOND ROW: Brenda Hagenmaier, Debbie Lunn, Monica Sowders, Karen Marcum, Bon- nie Goss, Kathy Duggan. THIRD ROW: Gary Sparks, Jay Doty, Marshall Wingler, Robert Mullen, Larry Peters, Cathy Hittle, Jim Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Harry Butler, Duane Strain, Mike Mascoe, Alan Jordan, Don Thompson, Randy Ferris, Charles Muldrow. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Jerrell, Francy Lasley, Cindy Davis, Karen Jerrell. SIXTH ROW: Jim Harlan, Kent McCampbell, Tim Baker, Dave McAllister. BELOW — Mr. Carl Wright works on the organ at night. Many hours were spent throughout the year until the job was com- pleted. BOTTOM — Jay Doty, Lisa Wineinger, Diane Masengale, and Marvanne Lahmann, part of the Pit Orchestra, practice for the musical. Music Department The musical talents of many Man- ualites shone through again this year by their participation in various performing groups, contests, and musical activities. Many of these groups which are selected sections from Band, Or- chestra, Choir, or Glee Club, per- formed at activities where smaller groups were necessary. Pep Band, consisting of members of the Band, roused school spirit for fans and players, at all the home basketball games. 48 Music LEFT: This instrumental ensemble consisting of Phyllis Yocum, Randall Borkes, Phillip Her- big, Tom Pinner, and Linda Thompson won a First Division in the district and regional contests of the Indiana State Music Associa- tion and advanced to the state finals. Provides ' All-Occasion ' Music Stage productions, like the musi- cal and Redskin Revue, needed in- strumental accompaniment, so the Music Department supplied the needed backround. Having the sound of an orchestra, Pit Orchestra has more strings and fewer winds than Stage Band. Now a class, Stage Band also played for the Pow Wow ' s Variety Show. Manual music students achieved eighteen First Divisions and twenty- one Second Divisions at the Indiana State Music Association District Contest. This contest was comprised of singing and instrumental soloists and ensembles. Those achieving First Divisions went on to State com- petition. A string ensemble from the Or- chestra, called Chamber Orchestra, entered the ISMA Contest and rated a First. They also performed at the Choir-Orchestra Concert. Manualaires and Glee-ettes, top singers from Choir and Glee Club, entertained for club meetings in the community, and for the P-TA. ABOVE — Chamber Orchestra. FRONT ROW: Lisa Wineinger, Debbie Welsh, Vicki Holland. SECOND ROW: Diane Masengale, Vallori Sherman, Dottie Patterson, Nancy Ellis, Anne Maschmeyer. BACK ROW: Judy Duggan, Angela Johnson, Sandy Holmes, Vicki Webster. This group, only two years old, played for several P-TA meetings and won a First Division Rating in the ISMA dis- trict contest. Music 49 Band, Girls ' Glee Club Perform in Rain, on Stage Dedication? That ' s a familiar word to members of Manual ' s Marching Band and Girls ' Glee Club. While everyone else huddled in the stands watching Homecoming events under umbrellas and blankets, the Band and Glee Club performed in the drizzle. At every home game, the Band members performed their latest feats — sunbursts, pinwheels, and regular marching routines — capturing the eyes of both the home crowd and visitors. This year, the Marching Band won its nineteenth consecutive First in the Indiana High School Music As- sociation ' s contest. Playing for the home basketball games, the Pep Band instilled en- thusiasm in the tight situations and got the crowd on its feet. The Glee Club, which many girls strove to make, made its annual ap- pearance at Lafayette Square, sing- ing Christmas Carols, adding to the Christmas shopping fun. In March, the Band and Glee Club combined to present the Band-Glee Club Concert, one of the best musi- cal programs performed during the year. Later in the spring, the Glee Club sang at the All-City Glee Club Festival where they performed for and watched the other ten city high schools sing. This gave them a chance to compare their techniques and performance with others and to benefit from this. Measuring the ability of select groups and individuals, the Solo and Ensemble Contest gave both the contestants and their teachers an idea of areas needing help. For the final performance of the year, the Band and Glee Club joined the other members of the Music Department to produce the May Festival in the gymnasium. Band — FRONT ROW: Vicki Minton, Laurie Cilliland, Donna Laetsch, Linda May, Diana Glasson, Donna Strain. SECOND ROW: Thomas Pinner, Randall Borkes, Phil Herbig, Melia Rutan, Donna Heacox, Linda Mascoe, Benita Strait, Francy Lasley. THIRD ROW: Linda Thomp- son, Phyllis Yocum, Brenda Hagenmaier, Debbie Lunn, Gary Sparks, jay Doty, Marshall Wingler, Robert Mullen, Cathy Hittle, Larry Hatha- way, David Wooden, David Sease. FOURTH ROW: Monica Sowders, Karen Marcum, Kathie Duggan, Bonnie Goss, Mary Ellis, Melanie Boardman, David Butler, Duane Strain, Mike Mascoe, Alan Jordan, Randy Ferris, Don Thompson, Marinell Watness, Kent McCampbell, James Harlan. BACK ROW: Maria Ground, Debbie Cradick, Debbie Eva, Maria Wade, Vicky Burton, Cheryl Miller, Cindy Woodworth, Faith Housam, Cindy Surber, Sheri Sandlin, Kim Burnette, Donna Dewey, Cindy Heacox, Becky Staab, Marcia Mueller, Vallori Sherman, Marty Baase. 50 Band Glee Club — FRONT ROW: Leisa Betzler, Wilma Cox, Maria Wade, Amy Myers, Diana Glasson, Barbara Speck, Cathy Hittle, Marcia Wil- liams, Michelle Kemp, LuAnn Davis, Annette Clark, Lillian Henderson, Jeanie Roy. SECOND ROW: Paula Davis, Sandi Wolfe, Terri Watson, Yvonne Salter, Natalie Meyer, Cheryl Stenger, Judy Farley, Marilyn Short, Jackie Robertson, Cindy Davis, Cheryl Frey, Elaine McKay, Susan Meece. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Goss, Melia Rutan, Christina Sutton, Marilyn Major, Peggy Davis, Sue Wiley, Kay Newton, Sheila Anderson, Linda Mascoe, Vicki W.ebster, Cindy Denton, Joyce Wilson, Becky Drake, Jeanne Hodges, Paulalasley. BACK ROW: Linda Wooden, Clarice Favors, Deborah Church, Maryanne Lahman, Linda May, Anna Van Blaricum, Joyce Ott, Beth Farley, Karla Borkes, Debbie Wood, Cheryl Hatfield, Cathy Noe, Kerri Stine, Denise Smith, Dawne Biro. Band — FRONT ROW: Vicky Swank, Michelle Bowers, Pam Kent, Kathy Fouts, Stephanie Cook, Mary Entwistle. SECOND ROW: Derrick Alexander, Raymond Hauser, Sharon Jerrell, Cindy Davis, Liz Adams, Charles Muldrow, Karen Jerrell, Jim Lewis. THIRD ROW: George Eckler, Marietta Balay, Larry Peters, Mark Costello, Paul Tex, Lang Brownlee, Greg Stotts, Tim Birtchman, Mark Browne, Bob Smith, Ken Roe. FOURTH ROW: Mike Aikins, William Yocum, Eileen Kindred, Debbie Zimmerman, Steve Jent, Bruce Peterson, Randy Duncan, Tim Baker, Vicki Webster, Joe Krause, Gary Farley, Charles Knoll, David McAllister. BACK ROW: Nancy Ellis, Carol Koman, Becky Kellenburger, Mary Hall, Geri Dehoff, Sharon Boone, Karen Cannon, Candy Bal- lard, Susie Beaupre, Susie Woodworth, Carol Mclntire, Jennie Andrews, Shelly Bentle, Rhonda Everts, Kathy Brent, Michelle Hawkins, Myra Whitaker, Mr. William Kleyla. Glee Club 51 A brand new BOOSTER — that was the goal for the 1972-73 year. A change from letterpress to off- set printing provided editors and staff members with a chance to re- introduce the use of cartoons and sketches — a practice that had been discontinued because of rising ex- penses. News Focus, a news column for brief news stories, made its debut in October. The column was later Innovations Add Zip to Booster ' » »!, 52 Booster cited by the Newspaper Fund as being " an example of brief and at- tractive news presentation. " A two weeks ' session at Indiana University High School Journalism Institute planted the " seeds of change " for BOOSTER Editor-in- Chief Kathy Wakefield. The BOOSTER was going to look different! With that thought, Kathy and Publications Advisors Mrs. Jane Gable and Mr. Philip Ross got to work on changing the format at the beginning of the year. A new nameplate, more modern and bolder than ever before, and boxed items helped to create that new, " totally different " look. Kay Newton, Page 2 editor, Roger Carroll, sports editor, and Diann Newport, Page 4 editor, worked with Publications staffers trying to get the best possible news coverage for all Manualites. The News Bureau, headed by Sen- ior Tim Hebble, endeavored to show the community what was going on at Manual. Sending stories and pic- tures the Star, News, and Spot- light kept Tim and other News Bureau reporters busy. Photographers David McAllister Marshall Wingler, Greg Hollis, Tony Smith, and Mark Terrell spent many hours taking, developing, and print- ing pictures. OPPOSITE TOP — Editor-in-Chief Kathy Wakefield confers with News Bureau Head Tim Hebble, Page Editor Diann Newport, Roger Carroll, Sports, and Kay Newton, Page editor. OPPOSITE BOTTOM — Photographer Dave McAllister develops pictures in the dark- room. LEFT — Staffers receive gag Christmas gifts at the Publications Christmas party. BELOW AND BOTTOM LEFT — John Maxwell reads galleys and Kathy Wakefield proofs pages. BOTTOM — Cubs Julie Hafer, Karen Noe, Jane Maxwell, Jenne Masengale, Jeanne Gabonay, and Kay Roe help the BOOSTER Staff by reading stories for corrections. Booster 53 LEFOtD CABINET ABOVE — Assistant Editor Karen O ' Connor takes a break from page layouts and copy to talk to other staffers and to " goof off. " TOP — Editor Mamie Maxwell talks with Sports Editor Tim Hebble about layouts and copy. CENTER — Yearbook staffers Karen O ' Con- nor, assistant editor; Marnie Maxwell, editor- in-chief; Tim Hebble, sports editor; Myra Whitaker, senior section editor; and Don Thompson, ad manager, pose for a picture. Ivian Staff Works to Create The 1973 IVIAN is a creative attempt at telling the year ' s story. The book was developed with a con- tinuous line theme to tie the whole book together and to keep the story of the year moving. " I think it ' s really a different book when com- pared to other books we ' ve had, " said Marnie Maxwell, editor. Plans for the yearbook were made during the yearbook session of the High School Journalism Institute. The IVIAN switched companies this year, changing from letterpress to offset printing. But with the change came new copy deadlines. So, staffers were busy from Sep- tember through March writing and fitting copy and taking pictures. Though everyone got yelled at oc- casionally by Marnie or her assistant, Karen O ' Connor, because deadlines were pressing down, the staff got along remarkably well, and all dead- 54 lvian LEFT— Quill and Scroll. FRONT ROW: Kathy Wakefield, Roger Carroll, Diann Newport. SECOND ROW: Cathy Noe, Cathy Crowe, Gary Stofer, Suzanne Nicks, Kay Newton, Marnie Maxwell, Karen O ' Connor, Lang Brownlee. THIRD ROW: Kent McCampbell, Don Thompson, Norman Leonard, Phil Her- big. BACK ROW: Dave McAllister, Tim Heb- ble, Anne Maschmeyer. BELOW — Anne Maschmeyer types yearbook copy while Debbie Zimmerman, Fran Long, and Jeanne Gabonay work on homework or stories. ' New Year book ' IPP lines were met — almost on time. Invariably, deadline times were hectic with pictures often still need- ing to be taken and copy written. But, the relief felt after each dead- line was met was great. " We tried more modern-style lay- outs throughout the book to go with the colorful opening section, " ex- plained Editor Marnie. " We think it ' s a really good book, " said Karen after the last deadline. lvian 55 ABOVE — Key Club. FRONT ROW: Larry Hathaway, Paul Osmon, Jim Jurgen, Greg Bentle, Steve Neeley, Joe Henschen, Jack Spaulding, Bruce Peterson. SECOND ROW: Dan Sease, Duane Strain, Russ Finley, Les Estes, Doug Polen, Mark Holmes, Paul Tex, Gary Stroud, Robert Mullen, Jim Hummel. THIRD ROW: Lang Brownlee, Tom Pinner, Ray Hauser, Alan Jordan, John Haley, John Deubelbeiss, David Lamping, Mark Browne, Jeff Clemens, Randy Staab, Jim Worden. FOURTH ROW: Bill Davis, Mike Stinnett, Greg Brownlee, Jim Narmore, David Zike, Randy Ferris. BACK ROW: Ken Roe, Bob Stubbs, David Wooden, Dan Bremeir, Keith Lee, John Smith, Tom Allen, Mike Davis, Renoir Gaither, Don Thompson, John Masen- gale, Mr. Robert Hignite, sponsor. RICHT — Dan Sease, Les Estes, and Ken Roe sell comic books at the rummage sale. 56 Service Clubs Service Clubs Help Manual, Surrounding Area Clubs such as Key Club, Tri-Hi- Y and Y-Teens work to benefit needy folks in Manual and the com- munity. The Key Club again fed several families at Christmas. By placing gift-wrapped boxes for collecting canned goods around the school and in home rooms, the club was able to put together several baskets of food for needy families. To each basket, they added a ham or turkey. In February, the Key Club spon- sored a rummage sale in the school cafeteria. There, they sold every- thing from the usual rummage sale items to an antique stove. Benefits went toward expenses for the state convention at French Lick, May 5- 6, which some 20 members attended. The Key Club also finished build- ing the baseball dugout and worked with other Southside clubs to clean up Pleasant Run Creek. The Tri-Hi-Y and Y-Teens, both girls ' clubs, also did much in the way of community service. In October, the Tri-Hi-Y turned a Fountain Square Girls ' Club into a haunted house. They decorated the rooms with suspended ghosts, goblins, and bats to provide the eerie atmosphere. For Valentine ' s Day, they made valentine placemats to give to the Altenheim, a nursing home. And, in February, around Sectional time, they conducted their annual sale of red-and-white derbies which many people sported that weekend. " Speak out, sisters, for peace, justice, and dignity for all people " was chosen as the theme for the Y-Teens summer conference on ra- cism at Syracuse, Indiana. The con- ference was open to any senior high school girls and was well-attended by Manual ' s Club. During the year, the Y-Teens helped in nursing homes, reading and talking to patients. LEFT — Tri-Hi-Y President Michele Newton glues valentines to placements at a meeting. The placemats were sent to a nursing home for Valentine ' s Day use. ABOVE — Tri-Hi-Y members decorate a Southside Girls ' Club for a Halloween party. Service Clubs 57 Art, Language Clubs Provide Cultural Insights Art and language clubs all pro- vided cultural outlets ' to students. In March, Art Club members jour- neyed to Chicago on a field trip. An important stop during their stay was the Art Institute, which houses paintings from many different periods, including modern and pop art. Various art teachers demon- strated art in different media, in- cluding water color and acrylics. Whv do people join Art Club? " Because I like it — I ' m enrolled in art, but it ' s my hobby, too, " one member explained. The French Club visited the Indi- anapolis Museum of Art to hear a talk on French art by Madame Helen Minor, a French teacher. " The pic- tures were good but I couldn ' t understand a word she said — it was all in French, " lamented one freshman. The Club almost didn ' t get into the museum because it was closed, but a guard let them in when he found out who the group was. French Club members also enjoy- ed a dinner at the home of Linda May. The main course was canard a I ' orange ( duck in orange sauce). The meal also featured homemade rolls, tarts, and pies baked by French Teacher David Phillips. The Spanish Club celebrated Christmas with its annual fiesta. Every one enjoyed Mexican and Spanish food with an American touch — punch. Lynn Janke and Steve Nix each spoke to the club about their sum- mers in Mexico and Spain, respec- tively. Also, student teacher Miss Doris Wagner showed souvenirs she purchased during her stay in Spain. The Latin Club celebrated Satur- nalia, a Roman feast which falls near Christmas, as their Christmas party. At the club ' s Valentine ' s party, Cu- pid, god of love, was honored, and new officers were installed. To close the year, the club had a " pitch- in " at the home of Mrs. Audrey Cronkhite, sponsor. TOP — Art Teacher Nick Logsdon demon- strates jewelry-making to Art Club members Carol Komann, Russe Lindsey, Rowena Bush, and Joe Kriech. Most members take some type of art, though it is not a requirement. ABOVE — Anne Maschmeyer demonstrates macreme. She was scheduled to teach the Art Club. CENTER — French Club members, Marty Berzins and Bonnie and Eileen Kendrick, admire a piece of sculpture at the Art Museum. 58 ArtClub i RErrH LEFT — Miss Judy Roman, student teacher for Mr. Carsey Gentry, and Miss Doris Wag- ner, student teacher for Miss Ann Manning, show Spanish Club members Peggy Richard- son and Fougere Gordon a display on Spain. BELOW — The Latin Club swears in its new officers. They are Karel Harmon, Secretary; Mary Hall, former vice-president; Greg Whit- ley, former secretary; Cheryl Denny, vice- president; Debbie Binion, treasurer, and Carole Hosford, president. Language Clubs 59 Judoka, Bowlers, Lettermen Win Sports Honors Sweeping the floor at halftime during basketball season is only one of the many jobs that lettermen perform during the year. Mr. Ray Schultz, sponsor and himself a Manual Letterman, explained that the club was mainly organized to develop pride in being a letterman and to aid the athletic program. Every year the lettermen help out in the Homecoming program by being escort drivers for the King and Queen candidates. The club raised money this year by setting up a booth at the Pow Wow. They closed their year with their annual picnic. For those persons interested in learning the basic techniques of self- defense, Mr. Stephen Sharpee spon- sored a Judo Club after school dur- ing spring semester. " The club is planned for students interested in developing the sport of Judo, " commented Mr. Sharpee, who instructs. This year twenty- six Manualites, including both boys and girls, took part in the weekly activities. This year Manual featured a Judo team of eight members. In a tour- nament at Roncalli, four judoka placed in the top positions. The tournament included separate boys ' and girls ' divisions. The Manual bowling club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Kenneth Freeman, left Manual every Monday after ninth period for the Sport Bowl. The bowlers formed teams and bowled for high averages. Tro- phies were awarded at a banquet. TOP — ludo Club. FRONT ROW: Guy Lanier, Ricky Cray, Fougere Gordon, Margaret Kimbley, Bobbi Perry. SECOND ROW: Miles Dodson, Pam Benjamin, Debbie Barton, Anita Van Rhoon, Mary Brown, Karel Harmon, Charles Campbell. THIRD ROW: Mr. Step- hen Sharpee, Gus Kimbley, Mark Castle Robert Brown, Lex Ford. BACK ROW: Renoir Gaither, Mark Webb, Dave Green, David Liggett, Keith McClullen. RIGHT — Mark Webb and Ricky Gray bow to each other before beginning practice. 60 JudoClub Letternnen — FRONT ROW: Tim Hebble, Lang Brownlee, Rolf Bruce, Dave Baumann, Howard Kello, Les Estes, Keith Smith, Russ Finley, Larry Hathaway, John Haley, Wilfred Jimison, Jim Narmore, Norman Leonard. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ray Schultz, sponsor; Jim Jurgens, Mike Natalie, Bob Watness, Mark Campbell, Rod Cilley, Butch Krodel, Jeff Farley, Mark Shives, John Meehan, Herb Clark, Tom Ruoff, Stan Mathis, Dennis Huber. THIRD ROW: Randy Johnson, Randy Simp- son, Eddie Owens, Dennis Hunter, Lonnie Scott, John Roberts, Mark Luedemann, Bill McDaniel, Joe Snyder, Roger Carroll, Joe Farley, Randy Quillen, Rick Gabbard, Jeff Bunnell, Randy Johnson. BACK ROW: Chuck Cothron, Royce Allen, Terry Thacker, Darol Davie, John Masengale, Steve Thorpe, Pat Callahan, Dan Underwood, Rick Watkins, Dennis Hilbert, Don Goad, Joe Wilson, George Novak, Carl Jones, Leo Massing, Don Kasper. ABOVE — Bowling Club. FRONT ROW; Rhonda Ryan, Shirley Mills, Pam Hill, Debbie Polen, Cathy Spear, Nina Steck, Peggy Davis, Peggy Green, Becky Hansen. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Broughton, Mary Miller, Jeannie Hodges, Debbie Huber, Karen Ford, Ruth Gommel, Marcia Edwards, Karen Harmon, Kay Newton. THIRD ROW: David Vize, Doug Polen, Tom Plahitko, Duane Raymer, John Taylor, Dennis Lindsey, Morris Squier, Terry Perry. BACK ROW: Henry Summeier, Randy Staab, Steve Galyan, Terry Ennis, Richard Lane, Mr. Kenneth Freeman. LEFT — Doug Polen and Dia ne Masengale keep score for a bowling team member. Accurate scorekeeping is important in this sport. Bowlers, Lettermen 61 62 " Victory belongs To the most persevering. " — Napoleon Manual athletic teams made headlines many times with individual and team victories. Number one tennis player Kurt Hedegard was a sectional finalist, and Roger Carroll was the fastest cross country man in the city. The football team balanced out with a 5-5 season, but had an all-city team member, Royce Allen. When only three games into the basketball season Manual had the only unbeaten city team, while last year ' s city champion wrestling team again won Many laurels. Altogether, we had athletic teams to be proud of, and we showed our enthusiasm at many of the contests. 63 Ellis Leads Team to 5-5 Season Finish Beating Northwest 14-6 in the last game of the season, the 1972 Manual Varsity Football team " fired up " to even their season record at 5-5. Eddie Owens, scat back, led the team in season scoring, massing a total of 68 points. Royce Allen, end, was also instrumental in leading the ' Skins to their victories. Quarterback Norman Leonard passed the team to four victories in the last five games. Senior standouts — Mike Grider, Rick Watkins, Bill McDaniel, and Jeff and Joe Farley — helped to anchor strong offensive and defensive lines. Because the team worked togeth- er as a unit, no players were named to the All-City Team. Eddie Owens was honorable mention halfback, though. VARSITY FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW: Manager Stan Mathis, Joe Farley, Jim Narmore, George Taylor, Eddie Owens, Don Campbell, Wilfred Jimison, Mark Shives, Joe Snyder, John Meehan, Manager Mike Natalie. SECOND ROW: Head Coach Noah Ellis, Larry Vaughn, Jeff Farley, Terry Thacker, Joe Wilson, Royce Allen, Mark Campbell, Don Kasper, John Masengale, Assistant Coach Ray Schultz. BACK ROW: Mike Crider, Eddie Childress, Chuck Cothron, Steve Thorpe, Bill McDaniel, Rick Watkins, George Novak, Dan Underwood, Norman Leonard. 64 Football LEFT — The Redskin offense starts a drive, as the line judge watches for infractions. BELOW — Don Kasper, middle linebacker, sets over the Rocket center to key on the play. RIGHT — Quarterback Norman Leonard re- lays a play brought in from the sidelines. BOTTOM - Coach Noah Ellis gives last minute instructions before sending a player in. Manual Opponent 49 Wood 19 W 18 Washington 52 L 27 Howe 33 L 6 Cathedral 22 L 8 Arlington 9 L 28 Tech 6 W 22 Broad Ripple 14 W 28 South port w 20 Roncalli 27 L 14 Northwest 6 W Football 65 Manual Opponent 6 Washington 8 L 12 Howe 16 L 12 Cathedral 20 L Arlington 6 L 6 Tech 27 L 36 Broad Ripple W 7 Southport W 16 Columbus 6 W Reserve, Freshman Teams End Seasons with 3-5, 4-5 Records The Redskin Reserve Football team captured only three contests out of their nine-game schedule. Although led by a defense that was near perfect, the offensive team was not able to put enough points on the board. Opposing teams found that they could not run away from the Re- serves. Most of the losses were de- cided by only a few points. Halfback Dean Stegemoller and Fullback Earl Bowers were two of the top ground gainers for the Jun- ior Varsity team. Bob Stubbs, Jeff Bunnell, Joe Mc- Hugh, and Dave McDaniel plugged the holes on defense in order to stop the opposition. Reserve Quarterback Mark Campbell is expected to step into a Varsity position next year. Mark, who played both Varsity and Re- serve this year, led the team in its three victories. Key wins during the season were against Broad Ripple, Columbus and Manual ' s longtime Southside rival, Southport. The Frosh finished the year with a four wins — five losses record. The first year men were led by Quarterback Brett Andrews. Jim White and Vern Webb, backs, led the team in scoring. Strong of- fensive and defensive lines were the keys to victory for Coach Gerald Root ' s beginners. - » ;ti« RESERVE FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW: Alan Bowler, Joe McHugh, Joe Collins, Mark Holmes, Rolfe Bruce, Earl Bowers, Paul Osmon, Dennis Hunter, Dean Stegemoller,Mike White, Manager Keith Thorpe. SECOND ROW: Coach Dennis Jackson, John Hines, Dave McDaniel, Franklin Brown, David Zike, Steve Surber, Jeff Bunnell,. Mark Nuck- les, Tom Plahitko, Coach Fred Jones. BACK ROW: George Stretch, Carlos Jones, Bob Stubbs, John Smith, Mark Followell, Keith Wimber- ly, Charles Haines, Don Butler, Terry Harton. 66 Football FRESHMAN FOOTBALL — FRONT ROW: Clyde Miller, Tim Boler, John Beaman, Tom O ' Connor, Greg Bunnell, Mark Bateman, Mike Schick, Burl Delk, Manager Chris Ferry. SECOND ROW: Coach James Metzler, Don Napier, Mike Robinson, Randy Hibaugh, Jim White, Chuck Riley, Mike Ray, Tom Brooks, Matt Ellis, Coach Gerry Root. BACK ROW: Cornelius Vaughn, Kurt Kriese, Jeff McKee, Brett Andrews, Leonard King, Don Stillabower, Hobert Turner, and Steve Williams. A Tech defender closes in on Quarterback Norman Leonard forcing an interception. Manual Opponent 6 Washington 12 L 12 Howe 8 W Cathedral 16 L 16 Arlington 6 W Tech 20 L 27 Broad Ripple 8 W 21 Southport W 13 Roncalli 20 L 6 Northwest 22 L Football 67 Roger Carroll Roger Carroll, a name that has become synonymous around Man- ual with Cross Country, was one of the brightspots in an otherwise disappointing season for the Varsity Harriers. Roger, who lettered for three consecutive years while running Varsity, finally captured the goal he had set his sights on. For the first time in fifteen years a Manual run- ner — Roger — won the city title. — • • • I ml ;uw S Km ' ■ ABOVE — Roger Carroll finishes ahead of the pack to grab second place at Southport. UPPER RIGHT — Though hampered with 68 Cross Country injuries, Russ Finley ran second man. RIGHT — Improving in every race, Sophomore Keith Smith leads the Reserve team. Proves ' Run Out ' for Harriers Throughout the season, Roger ran against the best runners in Marion County and beat them. The only runner in Indianapolis and the sur- rounding areas who could beat Ro- ger was Roy Benge from Warren Central. Roger won all the dual meets and invitationals Manual en- tered except for the four meets when he finished second to Benge. Roger and Russ Finley, number two man throughout the season, led the rest of the pack to an 8-5 sea- son finish. Les Estes, who was expected to be a top reserve runner, was the season ' s surprise. He turned out to be the number four man on the Varsity team. Freshman MVP, Kent Whitley, captured most frosh meets and set a Freshman record. Coach Pike will welcome him and other fast frosh to the Varsity squad next fall. 8ftOW: Varsity Cross Country, FRONT ROW: Russ Finley, Gary Jay, Les Estes, Randy Johnson, Roger Carroll. SECOND ROW: Randy Simpson, Dave Baumann, Keith Smith, Larry Milli, Jack Spaulding, Pat Finley, Coach Al Pike. BACK ROW: Manager John Roberts, Kenny Jackson, Tom Ruoff, Butch Fikes, Glenn Sargeant. BOTTOM: Freshman Cross Country, FRONT ROW: Russ Hall, Danny Sease, Craig Fouts, Kent Whitley. SECOND ROW: Manager Carl Baumann, Don Tabor, Jim Hummel, Dennie Brink, Robert Lochard, Coach Al Pike. » Cross Country 69 TOP — Golf FRONT ROW: Mark Wire, Jerry Walden, Paul Osmond, Jeff Clements, Bret Dickinson, Bob Buckle. BACK ROW: Coach " Woody " McBride, Herb Taylor, Da- vid Perryman, John Smith, Ray Hauser, Carl Schnepf. ABOVE RIGHT — Herbie Taylor shows Dave Perryman and Carl Schnepf short drive form. ABOVE — Carl Schnepf, a valuable asset to the Varsity team, prepares to chip a shot. Herbie Taylor, Kurt Hedegard Of the four Varsity sports play- ed in the spring, Tennis and Golf receive less than an equal share of the publicity. This is true even though Manual finished with play- ers in both sports distinguishing themselves in city and sectional. Herbie Taylor, who was medalist in most dual meets, led a 4-7 team to 12th place in city competition Herbie, shooting in the low forties during the season, placed in sec- tional competion and advanced to the regional. No. 1 man Kurt Hedgegard led the young tennis team to a 6-4 season and a seventh place finish in sec- tional play. Kurt placed second in the sectional singles, losing only to Howe ' s Mark Thomas, 6-2, 6-4. Herbie Taylor is at Western Ken- tucky University on a golf grant. 70 Golf RIGHT — Tennis. FRONT ROW: Fritz Kri- ese, Jim Jergens, Chuck Laetsch, Terry Lou- dermilk. BACK ROW: Coach Robert Hig- nite, Kurt Hedegard, Richard Hagenmaier, Gary Okey, John Haley. Not pictured: Gary Mills. BELOW — Tim Crafton concentrates as he backhands a ball to his opponent in a match. LOWER RIGHT — Kurt Hedegard eyes his opponent before winding up for a serve. Pace ' Swingers ' Due to a new IHSAA ruling al- lowing all matches to be played only in the fall, the racketmen had a busy schedule. One of the advant- ages to the new ruling was that the weather was generally better; there was only one rainout during the season. Tennis 71 Owens, Watness Keep Wrestling to Final ' Draw ' Varsity Wrestlers, coached by Ve- teran Jack Foster, compiled one of the best seasons ever. The Matmen pulled off a fourth place in the City Tourney, won the Mooresville In- vitational, placed second in both the Sectional and Regional, and ripped off ninth place in the State Finals. An excellent 11-2 dual-meet re- gular-season slate was also recorded by the Redskins as they went on the warpath. Individuals carried the team in many tournaments. Eddie Owens accumulated an amazing record of 30 consecutive wins before he lost in his last match of the State Finals in an overtime. These victories in- cluded titles of City, Sectional, and Regional Champs. Bob Watness also journeyed to the State Finals and fought his way to third-place. He destroyed all his competitors in the Sectional and Re- gional on his way to earning the bronze medal at State level. The " hard-luck wrestler " of the year was Pasto Shockley, who zip- ped undefeated through all the dual meets. Misfortune stepped in, how- ever, during every tournament, as Shockley consistantly settled for a second place, and never won a co- veted first. Senior Matmen Royce Allen, Ed Johnston, Bill McDanial, and Dave Baumann all compiled winning re- cords for the year to aid in the success of the Varsity Squad. Underclassmen also figured pro- minantly in the winnings of the Red- skins. Super-juniors Rommell Smith and Larry Vaughn showed their might throughout the season. Smith took the titles of City and Sectional Champs and finished undefeated in dual meets. The Reserve Wrestlers also post- ed a winning season. Little 98 poun- der Jack Spaulding won the City and is expected to be a great asset to next year ' s team. ABOVE — Sectional and Regional Champs Eddie Owens and Bob Watness won respec- tive second and third place medals in the State finals. TOP — Reserve Wrestling. FRONT ROW: Pat Arnold, Pat Finley, Mark Winstead, Greg Moore, Jack Spaulding. SECOND ROW: Mike Schick, Robert Mullen, Carl Baumann, Keith Rhem, Paul Osmon, Jerry Richmond. BACK ROW: Manager Richard Baker, David McDaniel, Steve Stillabower, Joe Coughlin, Jimmy Harrison, Earl Bowers, Coach James Metzler. RIGHT — Pasto Shockley grits his teeth while trying to take down a Decatur opponent. 72 Wrestling LEFT — Robert Watness strains to break down his opponent, Jack Bayt from Roncalli. BELOW — Varsity Wrestling. FRONT ROW: Dave Baumann, Greg Young, Rommell Smith, Eddie Johnston. SECOND ROW: Robert Wat- ness, Ken Grismore, Steve Harmon, Ernest Taylor. THIRD ROW: Manager John Roberts, Royce Allen, Bill McDaniel, Terry Thacker, Pasto Shockley, Eddie Owens, Coach Jack Foster. Wrestling 73 ' Giant Killers ' Fall to 10-11 on Hardwood After the first two weeks of the 1972-73 Basketball season, Manual was termed the team to beat. The Redskins were the City ' s only unde- feated team. The " Giant Killers, " a name gi- ven to the ' Skins by Sports Writer Harry Rinier after they had knock- ed off Cathedral and Northwest, were ranked in the top five in City play. The Varsity team then slump- ed to a 4-8 record, winning only one game of their next seven en- counters. Four seniors, Ron Goad, Don Goad, Norman Leonard, and Kurt Hedegard and Sophomore Derrick Johnson started most games, but Coach Fred Belser found he could call on any member of the bench to come in and deliver a varsity performance any night, providing " social security " for the coach. Seven players throughout the year shared scoring honors, with Sophomore Ernie Hill getting the season high, 27, in the game against Howe. The scoring was so balanced throughout the season that not one Redskin was in the City ' s top twenty scorers. Ernie Hill, with two years of Varsity play to go, found his range toward the end of the season, fir- ing through on successive nights of 12, 14, and 27 points. Derrick Johnson and Kurt Hede- gard played the roles as the team ' s leaders. Derrick ' s fine outside shooting kept the Attucks Tigers at bay during the first quarter of City Tourney play. He also, personally finished off last year ' s City Champs, Arlington, with a thirty-foot jump shot at the buzzer. Kurt could often be called on to carry the scoring load, scoring in the teens when needed. Norman Leonard and the Goad Brothers made up a shorter than average front line, but all three got their share of the rebounds. 74 Basketball LEFT — After a fast break, Sophomore Der- rick Johnson, number 12, reaches for a lay- up. BELOW — Norman Leonard, 42, and Ron Goad, 50, battle an opponent for the rebound. BOTTOM— Varsity Basketball. FRONT ROW: Ken Thompson, Mark Collins, Tyrone Baker, Robert Pinner, Phillip Woods, Ernest Hill, Derrick Johnson, Kurt Hedegard. BACK ROW: Coach Fred Belser, Manager James Narmore, Gary Pearson, Don Goad, Ron Goad, Kevin Richardson, Norman Leonard. RIGHT — Chatard ' s number 23 attempts to block a shot taken by Gary Pearson, 52. Manual Opponent 63 Northwest 62 60 Cathedral 59 68 Roncalli 54 77 Marshall 95 71 Columbus 75 88 Wood 74 54 Franklin Cen. 58 56 Ben Davis 65 64 Washington 68 52 Chatard 70 77 Tech City Tourney 73 82 Roncalli 45 53 Attucks 86 68 Lawrence Cen. 79 85 Arlington 80 91 Warren Cen. 76 70 Shortridge 91 G9 Howe 71 65 Broad Ripple 63 60 Southport Sectional 69 56 Attucks 75 Basketball 75 Junior Varsity, Freshmen Teams Both Enjoy Winning Seasons The 1972-73 Redskin Junior Var- sity basketball team produced a big winning season by taking 15 of 21 games. Manual knocked off several powerful teams such as Arlington, Shortridge, Northwest, and Howe. The JV squad won two games in the City Tourney before losing to Cathedral. One of the high spots of the season came when the Manual team scored 62 points on the way to a routing Warren Central ' s Warriors. Statistics for individual players, showed that Junior Darol Davie led the Redskins in fieldgoal percentage as 65 percent of his shots went in the bucket. The Manual Frosh also enjoyed a victorious season by posting a 14- 5 record which included a seven- game winning streak after the City Tourney, in January. The big game of the season, when Manual beat Washington, the City Champions, was an overtime game. After trailing by 16 points in the last quarter, the Fosh won. The Frosh also knocked off our arch-rivals from Southport twice this year in two close battles. Manual finished third in the Pike Invitational Tourney after losing to Pike in the opening game. 1 ABOVE — In vain effort, Kurt Hedegard, 30, and Derrick Johnson, 12, press while Ron Goad, 50, sneaks up on the ball. TOP — Coach Fred Belser discusses strategy and playing techniques with his Redskins. RIGHT — Kurt Hedegard cracks a jumper over a Trojan defender while Ron Goad and Norman Leonard watch the action. 76 Basketball LEFT — Freshmen Basketball. FRONT ROW: Chuck Riley, Sam Russ, Willie Caudel, Mark Bateman. SECOND ROW: Alan Fultz, man- ager, Rick Hawkins, Vernon Webb, Jim White, Brett Andrews. BACK ROW: Rich Lee, Lee Jones, Steve Hotseller, Steve Williams, Russel Osborne, Coach Steve Witty. BOTTOM — Ron Goad appears to have beaten his opponent, as he fires two for the ' Skins. BELOW — Reserve Basketball. FRONT ROW: Connie Baker, Brian Bingham, Frank Jorden, Wilfred Jimison, Jack Cody. SECOND ROW: Larry Davie, Tom Raasch, Mark Hawkins, Gary Wolfe, Pat Callahan, Regan Perdue . BACK ROW: Coach Bill Rosenstihl, Dennis Hilbert, Gary Elfers, Carl Jones, Darol Davie, Ron Henry. ' f!ttMZ)m ? w Basketball 77 72 Track Team Finishes Season With 8-8 Slate Manual ' s 1972 Track team kept Coach Francis " Mo " Moriarty ' s fif- teen-year record of winning teams intact as the cinderman posted an if® ABOVE — Mark Shives shows his own special form in practice, preparing for a meet. ABOVE RIGHT - Kenny Goodman clears the bar as number-one vaulter Greg Young " spots. " RIGHT — TRACKETTES — FRONT ROW: Denise Sheets, Gwen Maxey, Gloria Smith, Myra Whitaker, Donna Heacox. SECOND ROW: Mary Masengale, Alice York, Debbie Alderson, Suzanne Nicks, Marinell Watness, Marilyn Munn, Kathy Lewis, Cindy Wool- wine. THIRD ROW: Mary Garza, Lillian Hen- derson, Debbie Knight, Karen Johnson, Cathy Hittle, Karen Marcum, Cindy Davis. BACK ROW: Martha Mullin, Gwen Davie, Patty Estes, Debbie Wood, Vicki Holland, Sandy Holmes, Karen O ' Connor. EAR RIGHT — VARSITY TRACK - FRONT ROW: Mark Luedemann, Tony Arnold, Dave Baumann, Greg Young, David Cravens, Russ Finley, Dennis Hunter, Randy Simpson. SEC- OND ROW: Joe Snyder, Roger Carroll, Ran- dy Johnson, Wilfred Jimison, Tom Ruoff, Jeff Thorpe, Lesley Estes, Dave Zike, Steve Thorpe. THIRD ROW: Manager John Ro- berts, Larry Walker, Eddie Owens, Royce Allen, Paul Raimondi, Mark Shives, John Meehan, Luther Rush, Steve McCurry, Man- ager Howard Kello. BACK ROW: Coach Fran- cis Moriarty, Bill McDaniel, Mike Grider, Darol Davie, Dennis Hilbert, Pat Callahan, John Masengale, Terry Thacker, Dan Under- wood, Larry Stuard, Coach Ray Schultz. i y4t 78 Track even 8-8 slate. Manual had several consistent seniors including Jim Hall, city shot put champ. The Redskins also pos- sessed a strong nucleus of under- classmen. Among these were six juniors who led Manual to a third place sectional finish in a field of twenty-three teams. The ovalmen finished sixth in city competition. Royce Allen was city champion, sectional champ, region- al winner, and fourth in the state in the low hurdles. Royce also cap- tured a second-place high-hurdle finish in the sectional. The half-mile relay team of Allen, Mark Shives, John Meehan, and Ed- die Owens finished third in the sec- tional, setting a Manual school re- cord. Meehan and Luther Rush cap- tured third and fourth places in the long jump. Junior Roger Carroll, running fourth in the city meet, set a school record. Junior Eddie Owens also finished third in the 100-yard dash at the city meet. BELOW - FRESHMAN TRACK - FRONT ROW: Tom Byrd, Berry Stickford, James Lew- is, Bob Eader, Ron Richards, Reuben Gay, Tim Birchman, Wendil Hughes, Jed Pruitt, Pat Finley. SECOND ROW: Herb Kello, Rob- bie Branham, Terry Brown, Kevin Goodman, Keith Smith, Mike Wycoff, Mark Sorenson, Steve Fortner, David McDaniel, Mark Nuck- les, Kenneth Jackson. BACK ROW: Steve Sur- ber, James Jones, John Himes, Keith Lee, Ken Thompson, Crispus Roberts, Joe Tracey, James Ratliff, Charlie Bauman, George Ruth, Coach Al Pike. £ f f ..%$ § 9 € t £ y i [ k r ? ,J m r $ . .- I j 1 1 fi ■ i f 1 £ l f Track 79 Rick Gabbard Places on All-City Team The Redskin Varsity Baseball team jumped to a fast start early in the season but soon slacked off. Manual lost the first game of the season to Ritter but came back to win the next eight, knocking off such powers as Arlington, Ben Davis, and Franklin Central. Manual ' s eight-win string was snapped by visiting Chatard who handed the Redskins a 7-2 defeat. Manual played two double-head- ers: the first, the season opener, against Ritter and the other against Bloomington University. Three hitters batting over .400 paced the Redskin team. They were Seniors Bob Mack, hitting .453, Jeff Hammond, hitting .400, and Junior Rich Gabbard, batting .447. The pitching staff, led by Norman Leo- nard, compiled a 14-10 season re- cord. Leonard pitched an 8-1 season, Rick Gabbard had a 5-3 record, and Mike Ford a 2-6 record. Herb Clark pitched and won one game for the Redskins. Outfielder Rick Gabbard repre- sented Manual on the all-city first team. Senior third baseman Bob Mack received an honorable men- tion. Manual Opponent 3 Ritter 4 L 7 Ritter 4 W 7 Shortridge 2 W 2 Ben Davis 1 w 6 Northwest 10 L 2 Arlington 1 w 4 Roncalli 2 w 10 Franklin Central 7 W 13 Brebeuf 2 w 11 Brownsburg W 2 Chatard 7 L 6 Bloomington U. 8 L Bloomington U. 1 L 9 Broad Ripple 2 W 2 Southport 4 L Marshall 10 L 4 Cathedral 1 w 13 Washington w 6 Warren Central 2 w 4 Tech 5 L 13 Scecina 12 w 9 Wood 3 w 2 Howe 8 L 1 Southport 8 L 80 Baseball ABOVE LEFT — Tony White " beats the ball " to base during a Manual home game. ABOVE — Joe Harmon listens to Coach Fred Belser. John Wise, Cathedral, looks on. LEFT - VARSITY BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Manager Lang Brownlee, Tony White, Joe Harmon, Danny Clements, Don Sample, Mark Collins, Doug Polin, Herb Clark, Man- ager Butch Krodel. SECOND ROW: Mark Campbell, Gary Elfers, Charlie Johnson, Lon- nie Scott, Tom Allen, Rick Gabbard, Philip Wood. BACK ROW: Coach Fred Belser, Bob Mack, Mike Ford, Ron Goad, Don Goad, Jeff Hammond, Norman Leonard, Coach Bill Rosenstihl. BftOW — FRESHMAN BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Gary Woods, Mark Rawlings, Joe Grant, Gus Godsey, Perry Corbett, Dean Stegemoller, Tom Plahitko, Jim Allison. BACK ROW: Coach Steve Witty, Greg McKay, Gary Wolfe, Mark Terrell, Ronnie Henry, Derrick Johnson, Steve Harmon, Ricky Phelps. jrc t " ' ' . ■ Baseball 81 Cheerleaders Spark Enthusiasm with Signs, Cheers " Being a Varsity cheerleader takes a lot of time and practice. It ' s great, though, when you ' re out in front of the crowd, " commented Cheer- leader Captain Anne Maschmeyer. Hours of hard practice and plan- ning after school went into the cheerleaders ' performances at foot- ball and basketball games. The six girls on each squad worked dili- gently making posters, decorating team locker rooms, and boosting players ' spirits. Throughout the year, they not only practiced effective spirit-raising ideas and rules of the sports, but also learned responsiblity and good grooming. Both the Varsity and Reserve squads enjoyed five days of camp at Anderson College last summer. New cheers, chants, pom-pom rou- tines, and a better understanding of cheerleaders ' jobs were offered at the workshop. Every night after supper, there were cheering con- tests between squads. The best squads received ribbons. Getting to know each other better proved im- portant to the Manual girls. In addition to the regular cheer- leaders, there were eight Wrestling Greeters. In their four-year exis- tance, these spirit-boosters have created enthusiasm in wrestlers and spectators at meets. ABOVE — Varsity Cheerleaders. FRONT ROW: Tanya Campbell, Barbara Dawson, Cassie Woolery. BACK ROW: Joni Kriese, Anne Maschmeyer, Denise Sheets. RIGHT — Varsity cheerleaders Anne Masch- meyer and Joni Kriese spark enthusiasm in a basketball crowd with sideline cheers. Bas- ketball season is the time when the most acrobatics are performed. " We like cheering basketball best because we ' re closer to the team and the crowd, " said one girl. 82 Cheerleaders LEFT — Wrestling Creeters: Gloria Smith, Maria Ground, Marinell Watness, Carol Lewis, Gail Davis, Debbie Alderson, Gwen Davie. BELOW — Freshman Cheerleaders. KNEEL- ING: Melinda Kemp, Brenda McMillan, Cindy Dillon, Cathy Bussinger. STANDING: Anita Pardue, Nicey West, Pat Burnette, Sindi Shelton. ABOVE — Reserve Cheerleaders: Terri Horn, Donna Thompson, Clarice Favors, Karla Andrews, Karla Connor, Michele Kemp. Cheerleaders 83 Supreme Court Rules ' For ' Girls; GAA Teams ' Keep on Playing ' Monday, November 27, was a big day for all women libbers. The In- diana Supreme Court, in a 3-2 de- cision voted to allow girls to partici- pate with boys in non-contact sports. The ruling stipulated that if the school already had a girls ' team in a non-contact sport, the girls would not be able to compete on the boys ' team. Manual ' s Girls Athletic Associa- tion already had girls ' track and bas- ketball teams. These squads, along with volleyballers, continued in their competition with GAA teams from other high schools. Practice time was again a problem, since the girls took second place under the boys in using the gym. The Garfield Park Community Cen- ter was utilized for volleyball prac- tice and some games. The basketball team played an eleven-game season, and competed in an invitational tourney in March. Three players with ankle injuries, which occured in successive games, kept the team from full strength. BELOW — Peggy Dotson and Jane Ackerman practice warm-up serves for a volleyball game. LOWER LEFT — Maria Huber jumps for the tip. CENTER — The Girls ' Basketball Team prac- tices layups to get ready for a game. 84 LEFT — Mary Mullin, Peggy Dotson, Jane Ackerman, and Maria Huber discuss tactics with Basketball Coach Kathryn Lawrie and the rest of the team during a time out. BELOW — GAA Basketball Team. FRONT ROW: Carrie Kennedy, Alisa Snyder, Pam O ' Neal, Maria Huber. BACK ROW — Karla Andrews, Martha Mullin, Karen O ' Connor, Mary Mullin, Jane Ackerman, Marty Berzins (scorekeeper). tfi « . CAA 85 " " A friend is a present Which you give yourself. " — Robert Louis Stevenson During the course of a school day, we see many of our acquaintances. Not a ll acquaintances are friends, though. Friendship must be developed through mutual understanding and respect. It is because of this that we have only a small handful of real friends, but many friendly acquaintances. Three R ' s Prove Mainly Addin ' and Subtractin ' Schedule changes and " popula- tion " adjustments put Manual off to a slow start this year. Because of a School Board ruling to bus students from School 44 to Manual and their later reversing that decision, nobody was really sure how many persons would actually attend. So, class schedules were pre- pared several times for a ten-period day (from 8 am — 3:40 pm) with five lunch periods — the first at 9:30. Once school began, though, few- er students enrolled than anticipat- ed. So, after two weeks of school, nine teachers were transferred from Manual to other schools where they were needed. Classes that had be- longed to them were " killed " and these students were added to other classes. School was halted temporarily be- cause of a city-wide teacher strike in October. (See pg. 16J After these problems were ironed out, school progressed normally. Happily, second semester we revert- ed to the old nine-period day with four lunches. ABOVE: Teachers chaperone student activi- ties as Mr. Francis Moriarty did for the Ivian ' s " Pic Parade. " He chats with Juniors Linda May, Brenda Huckeba, and Vallori Sherman, who came to pick up their pictures. RIGHT: Chief juggler of Manual pupils, Vice- principal William T. Bess, checks his final numbers in classes with Mrs. Joan Bennett, IBM clerk, and Principal Howard C. Thrall as final study slips must be run. 88 Faculty In Years of Ups and D owns for Manual Teachers UAi I Mr. Howard C. Thrall — BA, MA, Ball State University; Princi- pal. Mr. William T. Bess — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana Uni- versity; MS +30; Vice-principal. Mr. E. Franklin Fisher — BS, Central Normal College; MS, Butler University; Graduate Work, Purdue University, Indiana University, Princeton University; Vice-Principal. Mr. Fred Ahlemeyer — BS, Indiana State University; MS, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mrs. Ruth Albro — BSN, Indiana University; MS, Butler Univer- sity; School Nurse. Mrs. Barbara Anderson — BA, Earlham College; MS, Butler University; Head, Home Economics Department. Mrs. jean Bacus — BS, Indiana University; MS, Purdue Univer- sity; Home Economics. Mrs. Betty Baker — BS, Indiana University; Assistant Librarian. Mr. Harold H. Baumer — BA, Indiana Central College; BS, Butler University; Mathematics; Student Affairs Board Sponsor; Evening School Teacher. Miss Margaret (Peggy) Sue Baurley — BA, Indiana Central Col- lege; Science; Science Club Sponsor. Mr. Fred Belser — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Social Studies; Varsity Basketball Coach. Mr. Fred Bennett — BA, MA, Butler University; English; National Thespian Sponsor; Redskin Revue Coordinator; Senior Play Sponsor; Director of Productions. Mr. Harold Bennett — BS, MS, Butler University; Counselor; Drug Education Coordinator. Mr. Richard Blough — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler Uni- versity; Head, English Department. Miss Barbara A. Boeldt — BS, MS, Indiana University; Business Education. Mr. Daniel P. Bolin — BM, Butler University; Music; Associate Director of Bands, Orchestra Director. Mr. Roy L. Calder — BS, MA, Ball State University; Business Education. Mrs. Charlotte Camfield — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; EdS, Indiana University; Head, Business Education Department. Mr. Daniel Camplese — BS, MS +30, Indiana University; Health, Physical Education. Mr. Joseph A. Carroll — BS, Kentucky State University; MS, Indiana University; Science. Mr. John Ceder — BA, University of Washington; Certificate, University of Stockholm; BS, Butler University; MAT, Indiana University; MS, University of Kentucky; English; Exercise in Knowledge Sponsor. Mr. John Ciochina — BS, MS, Indiana University; MA, Ohio State University; Mathematics. Mr. Harold B. Clark — BS, MA, Eastern Kentucky University; Business Education. Faculty 89 After months of searching and negotiating, Mr. Carl Wright finally realized his dream of providing the Manual auditorium with a real theatre pipe organ. Here, he almost lovingly investigates the organ console which will be housed in the orchestra pit. Mr. Michael E. Coffman — BA, Purdue University; English. Mr. Elba E. Cole — BA, Indiana University; MS, Butler Univer- sity; Counselor. Miss Margaret L. Consodine — BS, Butler University; MS, In- diana University; Social Studies; Exploratory Teacher Sponsor; Cadet Teacher Club Sponsor. Mr. Arthur B. Cook — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana Uni- versity; English; Developmental Reading. Miss Audrey E. Come — BS, MS, Indiana University; Science. Mr. Robert W. Crawford — BS, Ohio State University; MS, Butler University; Fine Arts. Mrs. Audrey Conkhite — BA, Indiana State University; MA, Indiana University; Latin; Mathematics; Latin Club Sponsor. Mrs. Martha Cross — BPSM, MS, Indiana University; Vocal Music; Glee Club Director. Mrs. Marilyn Dever — BA, Marian College; MA, Indiana Uni- versity; English; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mrs. Susan Donges — BA, Indiana University; English; English Club Sponsor. Mr. Steven Downing — BA, Marian College; English. Mr. Robert T. Dunn — BS, MA, Ball State University; Director of Guidance. Mr. John R. Easley — BS, MS, Indiana State University; Industrial Arts. Mr. Noah j. Ellis — BA, Franklin College; MS, Butler University; Science; Head Football Coach. Mrs. Irma H. Farthing — BS, Tennessee State University; MS, Indiana University; Business Education; FBL Club Sponsor. Mr. jack Foster — BPE, Purdue University; MS, Butler Univer- sity; Science; Driver Education; Head Wrestling Coach. 90 Faculty Theatre Organ, ' Mr. Wright ' s Baby Arrives Mr. Michael H. Frederick — BS, MS, Indiana State University; Industrial Arts. Mr. Kenneth E. Freeman — BS, Indiana University; MAT, Purdue University; Mathematics; IEA Building Representative. Mr. James A. Fuqua — BS, Indiana Central College; MAT, Indiana University; Social Studies. Mr. lane Hall Gable — BA, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; English; Director of Publications; Quill and Scroll Sponsor. Mr. Robert T. Gallamore — BS, Ball State University; MS, Butler University; MS +30, Ball State University; Director, Evening Divi- sion. Mr. Carsey Gentry — BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Indiana University; Head, Foreign Language Department; Spanish Club Sponsor. Mr. Richard Gira — AAS, BS, Purdue University; MS, Indiana University; Industrial Arts. Miss Margaret Goebel — BS, Indiana State University; Mathe- matics. Mr. George R. Gray — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Indiana University; Business Education. Miss Carolyn Griffin — BA, Franklin College; MA, Indiana University; English. Mrs. Mary lean Haas — BS, Indiana State University; MS, Butler University; Director of Activities; Counselor. Mrs. Maryann Hall — BA Indiana University; Home Economics. Mr. lohn B. Hallett — BS, Purdue University; MS, Butler Uni- versity; Industrial Arts. Mrs. Toni Hammer — BA, Butler University; MA, Brooklyn College; English. Mrs. Linda Hammond — BA, Northeastern Illinois University; English; Mask Wig Sponsor. Mrs. Linda Hanson — BS, Valparaiso University; Home Econo- mics. Mr. Donald Harmon — BA, MS, Butler University; Social Studies. Mrs. Joyce Hartman — BA, Marian College; Home Economics. Mr. LeRoy F. Heminger — BS, Franklin College; MS, Indiana University; Social Studies; Athletic Director. Mr. Willard D. Henderson — BS, MS +30, Indiana University; Business Education; Director of Placement; Counselor; Junior Class Sponsor; Ticket Manager. Mr. Robert E. Hignite — BS, Indiana State University; MA, Ball State University; Industrial Arts; Freshman Wrestling Coach; Varsity Tennis Coach; Key Club Sponsor. Mrs. ]ane Hodgin — BA, Purdue University; English; Y-Teens Sponso-s. Mrs. Lynne Hopkins — BS, MS, Indiana State University; Coun- selor. Mrs. Wanda . Horner — BS, Kentucky State University; Home Economics. Faculty 91 Faculty Women Adopt Minis, Midis, Pant Suits Mr. Hugh Hughes — BS, MS, Indiana State University; Business Education. Mr. Ru ell Hughes — BS, Western Kentucky State College; MS, Indiana University; Industrial Arts. Mrs. Viola Hyndman — BS, MS, Indiana University; Business Education; Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. Mr. Dennis L. Jackson — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler Universitv; English; Junior Varsity Football Coach; Roines Club Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor. Mr. Donald E. Johnson — BS, Ball State University; MS, Butler University; Herron School of Art; Head, Art Department. Mr Paul Johnson — BS, MS, Butler University; Head, Social Studies Department. Mr. Fred A. Jones — BS, Ohio State University; MS, Indiana University, Assistant Football Coach; Dean of Boys. Mrs. Janet Jones — BS, MS, Purdue University; Home Economics. Mr. William D. Kleyla — BPSM, Indiana University; Head, Music Department; Director of Bands; Twirling Club Sponsor; Redskin Revue Pit Band. Mr. John Krueger — BA, MA, Indiana University; MA +30 Syra- cuse University; Social Studies; French; National Honor Society Sponsor. SSg. Roy E. Lawrence (ret.) — ROTC Instructor; Drill Team Coach. Miss Kathryn Lawrie — BS, Indiana University; Girls ' Physical Education; Girls ' Intramurals Coach. Mr. C. Rex Lewis — BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Indiana University; Graduate Work, University of Missouri, Ball State University, Purdue University, Kenyon College; Science. Mr. Nicholas K. Logsdon — BS, Herron School of Art Indiana University; Fine Arts. Miss Cynthia Mahin — BS, MS, Indiana University; Special Education in English; Wrestling Greetor Sponsor. Miss Ann Manning — BA, Purdue University; MS, Indiana Uni- versity; Spanish. Mr. Edward C. Maybury — BS, MA, Miami University; Head, Industrial Arts Department. Mr. Elwood McBride — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, But- ler University; Head, Physical Education, Health, and Driver Education Department. Mr. Dennis W. McClain — BA, MS, Indiana State University; Industrial Arts. Mrs. Marilyn McCloud — BA, Indiana Central College; English. SSg. James McDaniel (ret.) — ROTC Commandant; Rifle Team Coach. Mr. Victor M. McDowell — BS, MA, Ball State University; Industrial Arts. Mr. James A. Metzler — BPE, Purdue University; Social Studies; Freshman Football Coach; Freshman Baseball Coach; Junior Varsity Wrestling Coach. Miss Belinda S. Miller — BS, Western Kentucky University; Home Economics. 92 Faculty Men Wear Colorful Garb, ' Mod ' Hair Styles Mr. Francis R. Moriarty — BS, MS, Butler University; Physical Education, Social Studies; Varsity Track Coach. Miss Helen Negley — BA, MS, Butler University; Head Librarian. Mrs. Kathy Nichols — BS, MAT, Indiana University; English; Masoma Sponsor. Mr. Harold Wm. Paget — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Business Education; Director of Visual Educa- tion. Mr. Ronald B. Parke — BS, Butler University; MAT, Indiana University; Head, Mathematics Department. Mr. Louis Parnell — BS, MA, Butler University; FSA, Edinburgh University, Scotland; Social Studies. Miss Annes Patton — BS, MA, Tennessee State University; Busi- ness Education. Mr. Brownell Payne — BA, Allen University; MS, Butler Univer- sity; MS, Purdue University; Head, Science Department. Mr. David Phillips — BA, Berea College; MA, Indiana Univer- sity; French; French Club Sponsor; IU Honors Abroad Coordi- nator. Mr. Alfred L. Pike — BA, Franklin College; MS, University of Illinois; Physical Education; Cross Country Coach; Freshmen Track Coach. Mrs. Louise Plummer — BA, Indiana Central College; MS, But- ler University; English. Mrs. Evelyn Potter — BS, MS, Indiana University; Physical Edu- cation; Girls ' Intramurals Sponsor. Miss Dorothy L. Powell — BA, Marian College; English; English Club Co-Sponsor; Trackette Sponsor; Redskin Revue Sponsor. Mr. David R. Pugh — BS, Milligan College; Social Studies. Mr. Dale W. Reid — BS, MA, Indiana State University; Industrial Arts. Mr. Arthur T. Roney — BS, MS, Butler University; Science. Mr. Gerald Root — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Science; Freshman Football Coach; Assistant Dean of Boys. Mr. William Rosenstihl — BS, MS, New Mexico Western Univer- sity; Business Education; Reserve Basketball Coach; Varsity Base- ball Coach. Mr. Philip Ross — BS, Ball State University; English; Assistant in Publications; Cub Club Sponsor. Mrs. Alma Rush — BA, Central Normal College; MS, Butler University; Business Education. Mrs. Blanche Ruston — BS, University of Evansville; MS, Indiana University; Home Economics. Mr. Robert E. Rynard — BS, Purdue University; Industrial Arts. Mr. Samuel D. Sangar — BA, Gordon College, Pakistan; BT, Punjab University, Pakistan; MS, Miami University; EdS, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mr. Nathan ). Scheib — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Guidance; Social Studies; Chairman, Superior Child Committee. Faculty 93 Mrs. Juanita Reed serves a student in the cafeteria lunch line. Mrs. Reed has worked in the Manual cafeteria for 33 years and is retiring after this year. She has never con- sidered working in another cafeteria because, " I ' m just a Manualite. " Mr. Raymond C. Schultz — BS, MS, Purdue University; Science; Assistant Football Coach; Assistant Track Coach; Lettermen ' s Club Sponsor. Mr. Stephen A. Sharpee — BS, Western Kentucky University, MS; Purdue University; Science; Radio Club Sponsor; Judo Club Sponsor. Miss Joyce Simmons — BS, Indiana University; Business Educa- tion; Cheerleading Sponsor. Mr. Ted Sims — BPE, American College; BS, MS, University of Illinois; Mathematics. Mrs. Joyce A. Smidley — BS, Ball State University; Home Econo- mics. Mr. Robert F. Snoddy — BA, MS, Butler University; English. Mr. Wayne F. Spinks — BFA, University of Illinois; MS, Indiana University; Fine Arts; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mrs. Pauline Stark — BS, MS, in Home Economics Education, MS in Guidance, Purdue University; Dean of Girls. Mrs. Polly Sterling — BS, MS, Purdue University; English. Mrs. Phyllis Sullivan — BS, Indiana State University; MS, In- diana University; Business Education; Red Cross Club Sponsor. Miss Jane Swengel — BA, Marian College; MA, Indiana Univer- sity; School Social Worker. Mrs. Bonnie Swickard — BA, Herron School of Art, Indiana University — Purdue University, Indianapolis; Indiana Central College; MA, Indiana University; Fine Arts. BA, Southeast Missouri State University; Butler Mrs. Mary Thoma Science. Mr. Marvin W. Thorpe — BS, Purdue University; MS University; Industrial Arts; Future Printers Club Sponsor. Mr. Homer Travehtead, Jr. — BS, MS, Indiana State Univer- sity; MS 30, Butler University; Social Studies. Mr. James E. Walker — BA, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; BS, MS, Ball State University; Science; Naturalist ' s Club Sponsor. 94 Faculty Mrs. Reed Serves Lunch to Redskins for 33 Years Mr. Leland F. Walter — BA, MA, Ball State University; Science. Mr. John Wells — BS, MA, Indiana State University; English. Mr. Charles j. Wettrick — BS, MS, Indiana State University; MS +30, Butler University; Industrial Arts, Guidance. Mr. M. Dale Williams — BS, MS, Indiana University; Business Education; English. Mr. Thomas G. Williams — BM, MM, Butler University; Vocal Music; Concert Choir Director; Musical Director. Mrs. Corrie Wilson — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Herron School of Art; Fine Arts. Mr. Steve Witty — BA, Franklin College; Social Studies; Assis- tant Basketball and Baseball Coach. Miss Sue Workman — BS, Indiana University; Distributive Edu- cation. Mr. Carl E. Wright — BA, MS, Indiana University; Social Studies; Speech; Auditorium Manager. Mrs. ]oan Bennett — IBM Clerk. Mrs. Ritajo Estell — Library Clerk. Mrs. Dorothea Frazee — Registrar. Mrs. Ramona Frazee — Bookstore Manager. Miss Charlotte Hafer — Secretary to Principal. Mrs. Vi Hauser — Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Sandra Hignite — Receptionist. Mrs. Frances Hill — Evening School Clerk. Mrs. Fdith Hoffmann — Cafeteria Manager. Mrs. Virginia Huckleberry — Accompanist; Bookstore Assistant. Mr. Lloyd Powell — Head Custodian. Mrs. Marilyn Prifogle — Bookkeeper. Mr. Noble Tharp — Physical Education Assistant. Mrs. Hilda VanArsdale — Budget Clerk. Mr. Williams ' death on November 16 after several weeks in the hospital was saddening to all. He taught at Manual 26 years. Faculty 95 Gary Mills Wields Gavel for Class of 73 Realizing that you are playing your last high school ball game or performing in your last Redskin Revue — that ' s what being a senior really is. As seniors, we can remem- ber when we were underclassmen and looked to the upperclassmen as " supermen. " But, now we know that seniors really are not so spe- cial as we once thought — actually most of us feel no different than when we were freshmen. Our final year began with the move to Senior Home Room and election of class officers. These events were followed by a post- ponement of Senior Day to October 30 because of the teacher strike. Throughout the year, Seniors re- mained active in all school clubs. ' Our ' year closed, traditionally with Senior Day, Vespers, Com- mencement, and the Senior Prom. As the Year reached an end, we all asked ourselves: " Four years: what have we accomplished? " All Were able to answer either " Much, " or " Little. " No matter what the an- swer, though, we all agreed that four years really do go by quickly. ABOVE — Senior class officers, Secretary Dawne Biro, Vice-president Carol Komann, President Gary Mills, and Treasurer Suzanne Nicks pose on the front steps. Throughout they year they worked with the Senior Coun- cil. TOP RIGHT — Senior Carol Komann poses with her winning picture in the Scholastic Art Contest. Her picture won a Hallmark nomination in addition to a Gold Key. RIGHT — Senior Royce Allen is congratulat- ed by Mayor Richard G. Lugar for being chosen for the All-City Football Team. Royce and other members of the All-City and All- County teams attended a banquet at the mayor ' s office and received a Key to the City. ANAPOLlS ' MERIQfarY % Seniors Presidential Election Finds 18-Year-Olds Voting Thomas Abner — Buckhorn High School, Buckhorn, Ken- tucky, 1-3. Kim Adams Carol Alexander — Judo Club 1; Trackettes 2; Orchestra 2-3; Pit Orchestra 2; Cub Club 2; Science Club 2-3; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4. William Alexander — Judo Club 1; Track 1-4; Band 2- 4; Redskin Revue 4; Drill Team 1; Special Assistant 2; Monitor 2-3; Art Club 4. Bonnie Allen — Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 1-4; Stu- dent Assembly 3; Mon lOT 3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Tournabout Day 4; ROTC Sponsor 3; National Honor Society 4. Royce Allen — Football 1,3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Track 1-4, MVP 1,3; Wrestling 1-4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-4; Tournabout Day 4. Tom Allen — Baseball 1-4; Intramurals 1,3; Redskin Revue 3-4; Monitor 2-3; Key Club 4; League of Honor 1,3; Bowling Club 1,3. De6ra Alston Jennie Andrews — Baton Twirler, 2-4; Co-Captain 4; Concert Choir 3-4; Librarian 4; Girl ' s Glee Club 2; Red- skin Revue 2-4; Choreographer 3-4; Special Assistant 3-4; League of Honor 2-4; Tournabout Day 4; Diamond- ette 2-4; Homecoming Queen 4; Queen Ann Candidate 4. Diana Archer — Orchestra 2; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 1-3; Student Assembly 4. Frank Arnold Tony Arnold — Cross Country 4; Intramurals 1-4; Track 3-4; FPA 1-4; Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 2; Monitor 1-3. Teresa Atwood Kathy Ausbrooks — Pep Club 1; League of Honor 2. Marty Baase — Baton Twirler 2-4, Co-Captain 4; Concert Choir 3-4; Girl ' s Glee Club 2; Musical 3; Redskin Revue 2-3; Student Affairs Board 3-4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Prom Queen 3; National Honor Society 4. Rick Bailey — Arsenal Technical High School 1. Cheryl Baker — FBLA Club 1; FBA 1; Special Assistant 1; Monitor 1-2; Turnabout Day 4. Debra Baker — Broad Ripple High School 1-2. Alvernia Barlow — Monitor 2-4. Debbie Bastin — Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 3. David Baumann — Cross Country 3-4; Letterman ' s Club 3-4; Track 3-4; Wrestling 2-4; Redskin Revue 3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 2-3; Roines 3-4; League of Honor 3-4; Top Ten 4; Hoosier Boy ' s State Delegate; National Honor Society 4; Greenwood High School 1. Shelly Bentle — Baton Twirler 4; Pep Club 4; Special Assistant 2-4; Turnabout Day 4. Terry Bevers — Football 1; Track 1-2; Wrestling 1; Chess Club 4; Special Assistant 4. Jim Binford — Monitor 1-4. Seniors 97 Seniors Receive Appointments for Turnabout Day Zachary Bird — Tennis 1-2; Bowling Club 3-4. Mike Birdwell Dawne Biro — Rackett 2-4; Girl ' s Glee Club 2-4, Presi- dent 4; Glee-Ettes 2-4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 1- 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Senior Class Secretary 4; Tee Pee Talent Show 3-4. Karen Blevins Te r ry Bonner — Special Assistant 3-4; Human Relations Forum 3-4, President 4. Cindy Bossingham — Homeroom Agent 1-2; Special Assis- tant 1-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4. Karen Bowling — FBLA Club 3, Secretary 3; Special As- sistant 2-3; DECACIub4. Kenneth Bracken — Special Assistant 3. Brenda Brady — Special Assistant 2; Monitor 2. Darrell Britt — Intramurals 3; Track 1; Stage Crew 2; League of Honor 1-4; Bowling Club 4. Valda Britt — Band 2; High School Red Cross 1; Y- Teens 1; Home Room Agent 1-2; Monitor 3; Wrestling Greeter 2-4. Larry Brown — Baseball 1,4; Chess Club 1; Special As- sistant 2-4; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Club 1-2. Loretta Brown — Tri-Hi-Y 2; Monitor 2-3; Radio Club 3. Michael Brown Sharon Brown — High School Red Cross 3. Lang Brownlee — Baseball 2-4, Student Manager; Band 3-4; Concert Choir 4; Musical 3-4; Booster 2-4; Roines 3-4, Secretary; National Thespians 4, Secretary; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 3- 4; National Honor Society 4. Margie Bucket Jerry Bunner — Orchestra 1-4; Football 1; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-2. Rowena Bush — Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Assistant 2-4; Student Assembly 1,3, Secretary 3; Masoma 3-4, Pre- sident; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Turnabout Day 4; Art Club 1-4, Vice-presi- dent 2, President 3, Secretary 4; National Honor Society 4. David Butler — Band 1-4, Brass Lieutenant 4; Dance Band 1-4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Mark Butler — Monitor 3. Car Cafouros — Redskin Revue 2-3; Chess Club 2; Stage Crew 2-4; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 3. Dehra Carrico — Pep Club 1-2; Monitor 1,3; League of Honor 1. Roger Carroll — Cross Country 1-4, MVP 3-4, City Champ 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Vice-president 4; Track 1-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Booster 2-4, Sports Editor 4; Roines 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 3; National Honor Society 4. 98 Seniors But Lose ' Jobs ' as Strike Eliminates Activity Jerry Carter — Monitor 2. Debra Chartfield — Intramurals 1; Manualaires 1-2; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 4. Marilyn Cherry — Home Room Agent 2-3; Special As- sistant 2-4; Monitor 1. Deborah Church — Girl ' s Glee Club 2-3; Pep Club 1. Herbie Clark — Baseball 1-4; Football 1-3; Intramurals 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Student Affairs Board 2; Moni- tor 1-3; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-3; Homecoming King Candidate 4. Trudy Clark — Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 2-4. Tommy Cleek — ROTC 1-4. Mike Conlin — Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 4; Wrest- ling 1-4. Carol Cooper — Monitor 2. April Coulombe — Special Assistant 3-4; Arsenal Tech- nical High School and Howe High School 1-2. Gary Cox — Concert Choir 3-4; Manualaires 3-4; Musical 3-4. W 7ma Cox — Girls ' Glee Club 4; Monitor 4; Turnabout Day 4; Strawberry Queen 3; Shortridge High School 1- 2. Sue Creech — Special Assistant 3. Gregory Crenshaw — Monitor 1. Catherine Crowe — Redskin Revue 1-4; High School Red Cross 1-2, President 2; Mask Wig 1-4; Booster 2-4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Student Assembly 4; Monitor 1-3; Quill Scroll 3-4; Turnabout 4; Trackette 4. Michael Cupp — Football 1-2; Judo Club 3-4; Future Printers Club 1; Drill Team 1-2; Special Assistant 2; Stage Crew 2; Monitor 2. Patti Cupp — Redskin Revue 2-3; Pep Club 1; Drill Team 2; Cheerleader 1; Home Room Agent 2; Student Assembly 1; Monitor 1-2. Jeffrey Curtis — Track 2; Redskin Revue 3; Student As- sembly 3; Monitor 1; Whiteland High School 1. Diana Curtiss — Monitor 4. Mauri Dale — Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1-4; Track 1; Concert Choir 1-3; Musical 1; Redskin Revue 2,3; Special Assistant 1-2; League of Honor 1. Lynda Darnell — Special Assistant 4; Arsenal Technical High School 2. LuAnn Davis — Track 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Treasurer 4; Glee-Ettes 4; Redskin Revue 2; Mask Wig 1; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 1; Student Assembly 1; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1; Turnabout Day 4; Trackette 2. Sheryl Davis — Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Queen Ann Candidate 4; Southport High School 1-2. Barbara Ann Dawson — Redskin Revue 2; Pep Club 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Home Room Agent 3; Special As- sistant 3-4; Student Affairs Board 2-4; Student Assembly 1; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Jamboree Queen 4. Seniors 99 Randy Johnson, Cheryl Davis Wear Crowns Guy DeBoor — Track 1; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Kathv Dickerson — Monitor 3; Tee Pee Talent Show 3; Pow Wow Variety Show 3. Russell Dillman — Broad Ripple High School 1; Mon- rovia High School 2-3. lamle Dillon — Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 1; Spe- cial Assistant 1-3; League of Honor 1-2. Kathleen Dolan — Special Assistant 3-4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. jay Doty — Basketball 1; Intramurals 2-4; Band 1-4, Drum Major 3-4; Dance Band 4; Orchestra 3-4; Pit Orchestra 4; Pep Band 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4. Becky Drake — Intramurals 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Robe Chairman 4; Redskin Revue 2; Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Randell Duncan— Basketball 1; Football 1; Band 1- 4; Musical 3; Drill Team 3-4; Officers ' Club 4; Color Guard 2-4; Monitor 2-3; Turnabout Day 4. Gayle Durham — Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Special Assistant 1-3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4. Donald Durrett — Football 2. Mary Entwistle — Intramurals 1; Band 1-4, Librarian 3, Secretary 4; Musical 2; Orchestra 1-4; Redskin Revue 1; Special Assistant 1-2, 4; Student Affairs Board 2; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 3; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Patty Estes — Intramurals 1; Mask Wig 1-2; Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1-3; Speical Assistant 1-4; Stu- dent Assembly 1-3; League of Honor 1. Randy Johnson and Cheryl Davis dance at the Pic Parade where they were crowned King Ivan and Queen Ann. Candidates, who are chosen in Senior Home Room, were voted on by all who attended the dance Dance tickets were used for King and Queen ballots. 100 Seniors At Man ' s Annual ' Pic Parade ' Dance in November Susan Eustace — Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 3; Style Show, First Place 1. Greg Eva — Wrestling 1; Monitor 3. Phyllis Fallon — Mask and Wig 1-2; Y-Teens 1-3. Jeff Farley — Football 1-4; Track 1-2; Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 2-4; Key Club 2-4, Treasurer 2-4; League of Honor 1-4. yoe Farley — Football 1-4; Track 1; Special Assistant 1- 3; League of Honor 1-4. Pat Ferry— Key Club 3-4; Latin School 1-3. Rickey Fikes — Cross Country 1; Home Room Agent 3; Monitor 3. Annette Fischer — Pep Club 1; Monitor 3. lames Flatt — League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Amy Foxworthy — Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 3; Student Assembly 1-2; Monitor 1-2. Tom Franklin — Intramurals 2-4; Clean Earth Club 2; Student Assembly 1-2; Monitor 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Vicki Fulford — Redskin Revue 1-2; Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Rick Gabbard — Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1, 3-4; Letter- men ' s Club 4; Special Assistant 2; Stage Crew 3-4; Monitor 4. Jerry Calyan — Arts Contest 3. Richard George — Intramurals 1; Redskin Revue 1-3; Clean Earth Club 2; Booster 1. Bonita Gilbert — Y-Teens 2-3, Treasurer 2-3; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 1. Rod Gilley — Cross Country 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2- -1; Track 1-2; Wrestling 1; Spanish Club 3; Special As- sistant 2-3; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1-4. Debra Gillihan — Clean Earth Club 1-4. Patte Gladson — Intramurals 1; Redskin Revue 2-3; Clean Earth Club 1-2; Mask and Wig 1-2; Math Club 1; Spe- cial Assistant 1; Student Affairs Board 1; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Art Club 1- 4. Don Goad — Baseball 2-4; Basketball 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Student Assembly 3-4; Roines 3-4; League of Honor 2-4; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Prom King 3; Home- coming King Candidate 4; Perry East Junior High 1. Ron Goad — Baseball 2-4; Basketball 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Redskin Revue 4; League of Honor 3-4; Perry East Junior High 1. John Goff — Latin Club 3-4; Stage Crew 1-4, Stage Manager 4; Turnabout Day 4. Judy Gore Delorse (Adkins) Graham — Baton Twirler 1-3; Red- skin Revue 2; Drill Team 2; Special Assistant 2-3; League of Honor 1; Wrestling Greeter 2. Seniors 101 POW ' S Come Home from Vietnam in Spring Ricky Gray — Judo Club 3-4; Wrestling 4; Monitor 4; Clay County High School, Clay County, Kentucky 1. Donna Green — Monitor 2. Jim Green — Monitor 3-4. Pam Greeson Mike Grider — Football 1-4; Intramurals 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 3-4; Monitor 1-2. Miracle (Dunlop) Griffin — High School Red Cross 1; Pep Club 1; Naturalists Club 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Monitor 1-3. Carl Groves Gene Hale John Haley — Intramurals 2,3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Tennis 1-4, Co-Captain 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines 3-4; Key Club 1-4, Secretary, Program Chairman; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Lillian E. Hall — Special Assistant 3; Monitor 1-2; League of Honor 1. Dennis Hammel Linda Hann — Band 1-3; Concert Choir 3; Orchestra 1-3; Pit Orchestra 1-3; Cheerleader 1-3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4. Carol Harper — Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 1; DECA 4, Secretary. Debbie Harrison — Mask Wig 1; Pep Club 1-2; Spe- cial Assistant 2; Monitor 2; Trackettes 2-4. Rochelle Harrison — Monitor 1. Ricbard Hasselburg — Scholastic Gold Key in Art 1; Honorable Mention, New York Scholastic Artists 1. jodi Hassifurtber (O ' Neill) — Spanish Club 1-2; Officer ' s Club 3-4; Color Guard 3; Special Assistant 1-3; Student Assembly 2; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society 3-4; ROTC Spon- sor 3-4; Battalion Sponsor 4. Darlene Hassler — Baton Twirler 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-3; Pep Club 1; Cheerleader 1; Special Assistant 1,3,4; League of Honor 1-4; Twirling Club 1-3; Trackettes 3; Tee Pee Talent Show 3. Steve Haug Cindy Heacox — Baton Twirler 3-4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Latin Club 3; Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4; City Round Table 4; Human Relations 4; Trackettes 2-4; Twirling Club 2-4. D. Timotby Hebble — Cross Country 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-2,4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Booster 1- 4, Editor 3; News Bureau Head 4; Home Room Agent 1-4; Ivian 4, Sports Editor 4; Student Assembly 1-4; Roines 3-4, Treasurer 4; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 3. Kurt Hedegard — Basketball 1-2,4; Intramurals 3; Letter- men ' s Club 1-4; Tennis 1-4, Co-Captain, MVP 2-4; Red- skin Revue 3-4; Chess Club 1; Roines 3-4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 2-4; National Honor Society. Barbara Hedgspetb — Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 1-3; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1. Robert Heinzelman — Special Assistant 1-2; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-2. 102 Seniors With Coverage on TV Proving Patriotism Lesson Lillian Henderson — Intramurals 1-2; Trackette 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Robe Chairman 4; Musical 4; Mask Wig 1; Pep Club 1-2; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 2-3. George Herzog — Intramurals 2; Stage Crew 2; League of Honor 2. Mary Hicks — Pep Club 1. Charles Hilton — John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas 2. Susan Hindman — Y-Teens 2-4; Art Club 4. Lila Holcomb — Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 1; Moni- tor 1-3. Vicki Holland — Intramurals 1-2; Musical 2-4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Home Room Agent 1-2; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 1, Top Ten Percent 2-3; Turnabout Day 4; Trackette 2-4. Julia Hollenbaugh — Pep Club 1. Kevin Horn — Monitor 2,4. Teresa Hoskins — Mask Wig 3; Math Club 2; Pep Club 1; Monitor 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. David Huber — Cross Country 2-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-2. Denise Hudson — Student Assembly 1. Jeff Hurley — Football 1; Intramurals 4; Special Assistant 2-3. Kris Hylden — Intramu rals 2,4; Redskin Revue 3; Home Room Agent 3; League of Honor 2-3; Arsenal Technical High School 1. Jim Jackson — Monitor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Lynn Janke — Concert Choir 2-4, Robe Chairman 4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Spanish Club 2,4, Trea- , surer 2, Vice-president 4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4, Vice-president 3, Sargeant-at-Arms 4; Top Ten Per- cent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Exercise in Knowledge 3- 4; Class Officer 3, President; National Honor Society 3-4; I.U. Honors Program-Mexico. Sheila lent — Special Assistant 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Anna John Karen Johnson — Orchestra 1-4; Redskin Revue 2; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackettes 3. Randall Johnson — Football 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3- 4; Orchestra 1-2; League of Honor 1-4. Randy Johnson — Basketball 1-3; Cross Country 1-4; Intramurals 2,4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Redskin Revue 2; Home Room Agent 1-3; Student Affairs Board 1-4; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 3-4; Home- coming King 4; Candidate for King Ivan 4. Ed Johnston — Football 1,3; Wrestling 1-4; League of Honor 1-2. Alan Jordan — Band 1-4; Redskin Revue 1,3-4; Special Assistant 1-4; Roines 3-4; Key Club 2-4, League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society 3-4. Dave Jodan — Intramurals 1,4; Monitor 1,3. Seniors 103 ' Key to City ' Honors All-City End Royce Allen Timothy Keesee Becky Kellenberger — Baton Twirler, 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4, Choreographer 3-4; Special Assistant 1,4; Stu- dent Assembly 3; League of Honor 2; Fashion Board Representative 4; Wrestling Greeter 1-3. Howard Kello — Cross Country 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3- 4; Track 2-3; Concert Choir 3-4; Radio Club 1-2; Moni- tor 1; League of Honor 2-4. Schurronda Kent — Monitor 2; Crispus Attucks High School 1. John Kerner Anthea King — Band 1; Future Business Leaders 1-3; Monitor 1. Bob Kirby — Baseball 1-3; Football 1-3; Wrestling 1. Donna Kirby — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3; Turn- about Day 4; Art Club 3-4. Debbie Knight — Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 2-3; Trackettes 3. Carol Komann — Baton Twirler 2,4; Redskin Revue 3- 4, Choreographer 4; Special Assistant 2-4; Masoma 3- 4, Vice-president; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Per- cent 3-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Class Officer 4, Vice-presi- dent; Art Club 1-4, Vice-president; Hallmark Award Win- ner 4; National Honor Society 4. Kellyann Krause — Intramurals 1-3; Band 3; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 1; Turnabout Day 4. joe Kriech — Baseball 1; Football 1-3; Cub Club 1; Home Room Agent 1-2; Special A ssistant 3; Student Assembly 1,4; Roines 3-4, President; League of Honor 1-4; Art Club 1-2; French Club 2-3. Paul W. Krodel — Baseball 3-4; Basketball 3-4; Letter- men ' s Club 3-4; Concert Choir 3-4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Chess Club 2; Mask and Wig 4; Special As- sistant 2-4; Turnabout Day 4. Marilyn Kunkel Donna Laetsch — Band 2-4, Merit Officer 3, Historian 4; Orchestra 2-4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Redskin Revue 1- 4; Masoma 3-4, Treasurer; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4. Maryanne Lahmann — Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Musical 3- 4; Orchestra 1-4, Historian 4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; All-State Orchestra 3; All-City Orchestra 4. Richard Lane — Special Assistant 4; Bowling Club 1- 4; Robert Lane — Drill Team 2-4; Monitor 3. Gloria Langford — Tri-Hi-Y 2; Special Assistant 1-3; Moni- tor 1-4. Tom Lantry — Special Assistant 3. Bill Lasley — Football 1; Track 1; Wrestling 1-3; League of Honor 1-4. Francine Lasley -■ Band 1-4, Librarian 4; Musical 2-4; Orchestra 3-4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Student Assembly 1-2; League of Honor 1- 4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4. Paula Lasley — Girls ' Glee Club 4; Home Room Agent 2-3; Monitor 1; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Constitution Committee 4. Cynthia Lawrence — Home Room Agent 4; Special As- sistant 1,3; League of Honor 1-3; Turnabout Day 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Senior Council. 104 Seniors Marty Baase, Don Goad Reign at Our Junior Prom Vickie Leggins — Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1- 3; Special Assistant 4; Mascot 2; Papoose 1; Trackette 2. Norman Leonard — Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Foot- ball 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Secretary 4; Concert Choir 2-4, Historian 2; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Booster 3-4; Roines 3-4; Quill and Scroll 4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 1-4. Mike Lepper — Future Business Leaders 1,4; Special As- sitant 1; Monitor 2; Distributive Education Club 3-4. Gary Liggett — Latin Club 3-4; Radio Club 3; Science Club 4; Drill Team 2-4; Officers ' Club 3-4; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 1-4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4; Exercise in Knowledge 4. Dennis Lindsey — Special Assistant 1-4; Bowling Club 1,4; Exploratory Teacher 4. Russe Lindsey — Clean Earth Club 1-2; Mask and Wig 1-3; Special Assistant 1-4; State Crew 1; Turnabout Day 4; Art Club 1-4, President, Activities Director 1-4. Pete Lindstrom — Band 1-3; Concert Choir 2; Musical 3; Redskin Revue 1,3; Monitor 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 1,3. George Little — Intramurals 3-4; Monitor 2. Linda Livingston — Home Room Agent 1-3; Special As- sistant 3; League of Honor 1. Alice Lucas — Trackette 3; Future Business Leaders 1- 2; Booster 2-3; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 1-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Mark Luedemann — Cross Country 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-3; Wrestling 1; Special Assistant 3; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 1-4. Dotti Lutane — Pep Club 1; Red Cross Club 1; Twirling Clubl; Glee Club 2-3; Monitor 3. Roger Lyles — Latin Club 2; Art Club 4. Debra Madison — Future Business Leaders 3; Special Assistant 3. Kim Major Matt Maple — Golf 1-4; Concert Choir 3-4; Manualaires 3; Musical 3; Redskin Revue 3-4; League of Honor 1- 4; Homecoming King Candidate 4. Principal Howard C. Thrall crowns Marty Baase and Don Goad King and Queen of the Junior Prom. Juniors danced at the Indiana University Medical Center. The Sky- lighters played, with students from Manual providing talent for intermission acts. Seniors 105 50 ' s Day in March Found Many Digging in Closets Karen Marcum — Band 3-4; Mask and Wig 1-4; Y-Teens 1-2; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Class Of- ficer 3, Treasurer; Masoma 4; Trackettes 3. Rande Marshall — Color Guard 2. David Martin — Radio Club 1-2; Monitor 3; Civil Air Patrol 3-4. Anne Maschmeyer — Concert Choir 4; Musical 1,4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 1,4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Booster 2-4; Cheerleader 1-4, Captain 1, 3-4; Student Affairs Board 3-4, Secretary 4; Masoma 3-4, Historian 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Top Ten League of Honor 1- 4; All-City Orchestra 1-4; All-Sta te Orchestra 1-4; Home- coming Queen Candidate 4; National Honor Society 4. Mary Masengale — Redskin Revue 3; Mask and Wig 1, 3-4; Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; Student As- sembly 4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackettes 3. Annie Mason — Redskin Revue 2-3; Future Business Leaders 2-4, Treasurer 3; Latin Club 2-4, Treasurer 3; Special Assistant 2-3; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Art Club 1-4, Treasurer 4. Leo Massing — Football 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3; Wrest- ling 1-2; Home Room Agent 2; League of Honor 1- 4; Art Club 3. Margaret Maxwell — Redskin Revue 3; Mask and Wig 2-3; Booster 1-4; Ivian 1-4. Co-editor 3, Editor 4; Masoma 3-4, Secretary 4; National Thespians 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Top Ten League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Exercise in Knowledge 3-4; National Honor Society 3- 4; Hoosier Girls ' State 3. Debbie Mayes — Monitor 2. David Lynn McAllister — Basketball 1; Band 1-4, Captain 4; Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 1-4; Redskin Revue 2; Spe- cial Assistant 2-3; Monitor 2-3; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4; Exercise in Knowledge 4. , ohn McClure — Monitor 2,4; Bowling Club 1-4. Steve McCurry — Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1; Letter- men ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; League of Honor 1. Bill McDaniel — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Officers ' Club 1-4; Student Affairs Board 2-4, President 4; Student As- sembly 3-4; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4; Distributive Education Club 4, President. Rick McDonald — Intramurals 1,3; Monitor 3. Zona McCurer — Monitor 2,4; League of Honor 2-4. Mike McKay — Wrestling 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Special Assistant 2; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4. Leroy McKinney Charles McNeal — Special Assistant 1-2; " 500 " Festival of the Artsl. Beverly Me ece — Special Assistant 1-2. yohn Meehan — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 2-4; Band 4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 3-4; Lea- gue of Honor 4. Victor Merida — Baseball 1-4; Football 1-3; Intramurals 1-4; League of Honor 1. Edward Merritt — Intramurals 2-3; Monitor 2-4. Earl Miller — Chess Club 1; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 2-3. Carolyn Milli — Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1; Turnabout Day 4. 106 Seniors For Appropriate Clothing Marilyn Milli — Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Gary Mills — Cross Country 3; Tennis 4; Band 3; Con- cert Choir 4; Musical 3; Redskin Revue 1-4; Stage Crew 1-2; Student Affairs Board 4, Vice-president 4; Turnabout Day 4; Class Officer 4, President; junior Prom King Can- didate 3; NCA Committee. Steve Mills — Intramurals 1,4; Latin Club ' 3; League of Honor 1. Gary Minnick — Lettermen ' s Club 1-4; Track 1-2,4; Sci- ence Club 2; League of Honor 1-4. Mark Montgomery III — Baseball 1-2,4; Football 1-3; Intramurals 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Wrestling 1; Home Room Agent 1, Special Assistant 1-3; Student Affairs Board 1; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Pow Wow Candi- date 1-2. Billy Moore Susan Moore — Band 1-3; Redskin Revue 1-4, Choreo- grapher 2; Redskin Revue Committee 1-4, Co-Chairman 4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 2-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Class Officer 3, Vice-president; National Honor Society 3-4. Mark Mueller — Football 1; Judo Club 3; Radio Club. Elizabeth Mullen — Redskin Revue 2-4, Choreographer 2, Act Writer 3; Booster 1-3; Ivian 1-3, Co-editor 3; Special Assistant 1-3; Masoma 3; National Thespians 3- 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society. Marilyn Munn — Trackette 2-3; Wrestling Greeter 3. Deborah Murray — Intramurals 1-2; Redskin Revue 3; Spanish Club 1-4; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Art Club 1; National Honor Society 4. Amy Myers — Girls ' Glee Club 4. yames Narmore — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Red- skin Revue 3-4; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 3-4; Student Assembly 2-3; Key Club 1-4, President 3- 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Prom Candidate 3. Michele Newton — Redskin Revue 2-4; Redskin Revue Committee 2-4, Secretary 4; Science Club 1-2; Spanish Club 2-3; Tri-Hi Y 2-4, Secretary 3, President 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 1,4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4. Suzanne Nicks — Redskin Revue 3-4; Booster 3-4; Spe- cial Assistant 1; Masoma 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Class Officer 4, Trea- surer; Art Club 1; DAR " Good Citizen " 4; Trackette 3. Steve Nix — Science Club 2; Spanish Club 1,3, Secretary 3; Special Assistant 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Hoosier Boys State. Cathy Noe — Girls Glee Club 3-4; Cub Club 1; Pep Club 1-2; Science Club 2; Booster 1-4; Home Room Agent 1-4; Ivian 1-4; Student Assembly 2; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 2-4; Turnabout Day 4. Rolf-Peter Noot — Student Assembly 3; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Council Member 4; Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central High School, New York 1. Wanda G. Norris — Intramurals 1; Wrestling 3-4; Red- skin Revue 2; FBLA Club 1-3; Stage Crew 1-2. jerry O ' Neill— Wrestling 2; Drill Team 2-4; Officers ' Club 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. David Ottinger — Monitor 2. Debi Ownes — Band 1; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 3; Art Club 1,4. Eddie Owens — Football 1-4, Captain 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-4, Captain 4; Student Affairs Board 4; Student Assembly 1-3; League of Honor 1-4. Gayle Owens — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3. Seniors 107 Seniors ' ' Top Ten ' Juniors Wear Medals with Pride Debbie Parsley — Special Assistant 1; Art Club 1-2. Dottie Patterson — Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Clean Earth Club 3; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 3. Thomas Paul — League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Beth Ann Peak — Trackette 2; Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Manualaires 3; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Mask and Wig 1; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 3; Turnabout Day 4. Evelyn Pepper — Student Assembly 3; Monitor 1-2. 8 7 Perdue — Intramurals 1; Track 2; Monitor 3. Linda Perdue — Intramurals 2; Spanish Club 3; Home Room Agent 1-2; Special Assistant 1-3; Student Assembly 3; Turnabout Day 4; Round Table 4. Ronald Perry — Chess Club 3; Future Business Leaders Club 3; Science Club 2. Deborah Phelps — Red Cross Club 2, Secretary; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1-4. Mike Pierce — Special Assistant 1. Jim Plahitko — League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Lana Porter — Intramurals 1; League of Honor 1. Top Ten Juniors — FRONT ROW: Jodi Hass- further, Marnie Maxwell, Carol Koman, Beth Mullen, Donna Laetsch. BACK ROW: Alan )ordan, Lynn Janke, Susie Moore, Rowena Bush. The Top Ten Juniors were announced on Junior Day, 1972. 108 Seniors Lynn Janke Leads Class Scholastically with All A ' s John Poteet Terry Powers — Cross Country 2; Track 1-2; Monitor 2. Linda Price — Intramurals 1-4; Judo Club 1; Redskin Revue 3; Red Cross Club 1; Pep Club 1; Special Assis- tant 1-2, 4; League of Honor 1-2; Art Club 1-4. joy Pruett — Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 2-4. Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-3; Latin Track 3; Roncalli High School 1. Redskin Revue 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Y-Teens Randy Quillen Clubl. Paul Raimondi Janice Ream - 2. Vicki Richards — Redskin Revue 3; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 2; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Achieve- ment 2. Cheryl Ritter — Band 1-2; Special Assistant 1-3; League of Honor 1. Randy Ritter — Concert Choir 2-4, Vice-president 4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Special Assistant 3- 4; Student Assembly 3; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. John Roberts — Cross Country 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 3-4; Wrestling 3-4; Future Printers 2; Key Club 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Patricia Roberts — Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, President 3. Jackie Robertson — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Vice-president 4; Redskin Revue 3; Mask and Wig 1; Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 1; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-4. Wanda Rosson — Special Assistant 2. Luther Rush Enola (Fields) Ryan Marilyn Sadler— Intramurals 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Dance Band 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Manualaires 3; Redskin Revue 4; Y-Teens 1-4, President 4; Monitor 1-3; Student Assembly 1; League of Honor 1-4. yanet Scharbrough — Trackette 3; Redskin Revue 3; Pep Club 1-2; Spanish Club 2; Home Room Agent 1; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 2; ROTC Sponsor 3-4. Cynthia Scott — Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 3. Lonnie Scott — Baseball 1,3-4; Football 1; Intramurals 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Rifle Team 2. Susie Seaman Marsha Sears — Mon itor 1 . David Sease — Band 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Monitor 3; Roines 3-4; National Thespians 3-4, President 4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Edward Sexson — Monitor 3; Bowling Club 2-3. Seniors 109 Carol Komann Wins ' Hallmark ' in Scholastic Show Denise Sheets — Intramurals 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Pep Club 2-3; Cheerleader 3-4; Special Assistant 3; Turnabout Day 4; Trackette 3-4; Arlington High School 1. Mark Sheley — Football 1; Intramurals 1-4; Track 1-3; Stage Crew 1; League of Honor 1; Homecoming King Candidate 4. Mark Shives — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Trea- surer 4; Wrestling 4; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Stu- dent Assembly 1,4; National Thespians 4; League of Honor 1-4. Pasto Shockley — Football 1; Wrestling 1-4; FBLA Club 1; Special Assistant 1; Monitor 1,3; League of Honor 1-4. yenny Shoemake — Baton Twirler 3-4; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2.-5; Glee-ettes 2-3; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Mask Wig 3-4, Vice-president 4; Pep Club 2; Cheerleader 1; League of Honor 1-4. Marilyn Short — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Librarian 4; High School Red Cross 1; Mask Wig 2; Home Room Agent 3; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Special Assistant 1-2; National Honor Society 4. Sandra Short — Intramurals 1; Pep Club 1-2, Vice-presi- dent 2; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 3; Moni- tor 3; Trackette 3; ROTC Sponsor 4. Karen S. Shute — Band 1; FBLA Club 1-3; Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 1-2; Turnabout Day 4; Trackette 3. Cindy Simmons — Pep Club 1; Monitor 2. Gary Siayton — Football 1; Latin Club 1-2; Special As- sistant 2-3; Student Assembly 1; League of Honor 1- 4, Top Ten Percent 1; National Honor Society 4. Linda L. Smallman — Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 2-4; Turnabout Day 4. Daryl Smith — Judo Club 2; Musical 4; Chess Club 1; Monitor 4; Green House Assistant 3-4. Gloria ]. Smith — Intramurals 1-3; FBLA Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 3; Student Affairs Board 3; Monitor 2,3; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackette 1-4, Captain 3; Wrestling Greeter 4. Joyce Smith — FBLA Club 1-3; Pep Club 1; Special As- sistant 2,4; Monitor 2-3; Turnabout Day 4. Lois Smith— FBLA Club 3; Monitor 1. Robert Smith — Baseball 1,4; Dance Band 4; Band 1- 4; Intramurals 1-4; Orchestra 1,4; Redskin Revue 4; Lea- gue of Honor 1. Gary Snead Joseph R. Snyder — Baseball 1; Football 1-4; Intramurals 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 2-4; Student Assembly 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. ' Gary Sparks — Band 1-4; Dance Band 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 1-2,4; Pep Band 1-4; League of Honor 1-4. Linda Stansberry Lorenzo Stansberry — Baseball 1; Football 1; Redskin Revue 2-3; Chess Club 3; Stage Crew 2-3. Glenda Stenger — Concert Choir 2-4; Manualaires 3- 4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Special Assistant 3; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Tom Stewart — Chess Club 3; Clean Earth Club 3; Mask Wig 1-3; Science Club 2; Booster 1-4; Ivian 3; Spe- cial Assistant 4; Key Club 3; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 2-4. Kern Stine — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Pep Club 1; Moni- tor 2; League of Honor 1; Turnabout Day 4. 110 Seniors Seniors Dominate ' Exercise in Knowledge ' Team Kathy Stodgill — Redskin Revue 2-4; Mask Wig 2; Special Assistant 2-4; Round Table 3-4. Gary Stofer — Mask Wig 1-2; Booster 1-4; Special Assistant 3; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 2,3; Bowling Club 1,3-4; Junior Achievement 3-4. Marilyn Stout — High School Red Cross 1, Treasurer 1; Special Assistant 1-3; Monitor 1-2; Turnabout Day 4. Gary Stroud — Redskin Revue 3; Math Club 2; Science Club 1-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Roines 3-4, Vice-president 4; Key Club 1-4, Vice-president 4; League of Honor 1- 4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Carol Sturdevant Mary Summeier — Pep Club 1. Judy Summerhill — Musical 3; League of Honor 4; Turn- about Day 4; Tee Pee Talent 3. Cindy Surber — Baton Twirler 3-4; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Redskin Revue 3-4; FTA 2; Y-Teens 2; Special Assistant 2-4; Student Assembly 4; Student Affairs Board 3; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 3-4; Pike High School 1. yoe Sutton Dreathia Tarter Anita Taylor (Ferguson) — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 2; Pep Club 1; League of Honor 1. George Taylor — Baseball 1; Football 4; Track 1; Wrestling 1; Home Room Agent 1; Student Assembly 4; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1-2. £ Exercise in Knowledge team members Vicky Webster, Gary Liggett, Lynn Janke, and Mar- nie Maxwell listen to instructions by Ques- tioneer Dick Gregory. The team lost in the first round to Beech Grove. Gary, Lynn, and Marnie are all seniors. " 5JU»Y VPKfT MANUAL PEPSI A Seniors 111 Some 400, Wearing Red or White Caps and Gowns, Paul Taylor Paula Taylor (Davis) Lennie Thatch Cheryl Thompson — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Glee-ettes 2; Orchestra 1-4; Redskin Revue 2; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 2-4. Don Thompson — Band 1-4; Musical 4; Pep Band 3- 4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Booster 1-4; Ivian 3-4, Ad Man- ager 4; Roines 3-4, Secretary 4; Key Club 2-4; National Thespians 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1- 4; Top Ten Percent 1, 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Shawnee Timbs Teresa Trabue — Intramurals 1; Band 1-2; Future Busi- ness Leaders 1; Pep Club 1-2; Y-Teens 1; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 2-3; Monitor 2. Keith Tullis Peggy Updike — Baton Twirler 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Redskin Revue 1-2; Cub Club 1; Drill Team 2; Booster 1; League of Honor 1-3; Rackettes 1-2. David Vandagrifft — Special Assistant 2-4; Stage Crew 1-4. David Vize — Golf 1; Chess Club 1-3; Science Club 3; Home Room Agent 1; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 3; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Club 1-4. Maria Wade — .Baton Twirler 2-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3- 4, Secretary 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Drill Team 2; Special Assistant 1,4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Home- coming Queen Candidate 4; Queen Ann Candidate 4; Trackettes 3. Kathy Wakefield — Redskin Revue 3-4; Booster 1-4, Edi- tor 4; Home Room Agent 3-4; Special Assistant 1-4; Na- tional Thespians 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; IU Journalism Institute 3. Pat Walker — Intramurals 1; Special Assistant 2-3; Turn- about Day 4; Trackettes 2-3; Bowling Club 1-2; Art Club 1-4. William Ward — Future Business Leaders 1; Clean Earth Club 2; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 4. Debra Wafers — Pep Club 1; League of Honor 2. Rick Watkins — Football 1, 3-4. Robert Watness — Football 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1; Wrestling 1-4; Concert Choir 3-4; Musical 3; Roines 4; Key Club 2, 4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Sylvia Watson — Intramurals 1, 3; Pep Club 3; Moni- tor 4. Arthur]. Watts Linda Weimer — Intramurals 1; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Debbie Welsh — Concert Choir 3-4, Secretary 4; Dance Band 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Orchestra 1-4, Historian 3, President 4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Redskin Revue 2 Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Class Officer 3, Secretary; Chamber Orchestra 3-4; Na- tional Honor Society 4. Margie Westerfield — Redskin Revue 2; Citizen ' s League 1-2; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1; Turnabout Day 4. Jackie Whetsel — Special Assistant 3; Turnabout Day 3. 112 Seniors Parade across Stage in Gym to ReceiveDiplomas Myra Whitaker — Baton Twirler 4; Redskin Revue 3- 4; Future Business Leaders 3, Vice-president; Y-Teens 1-3; Booster 3-4; Ivian 4, Senior Editor; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Club 2; Fashion Board Representative 4; Trackette 3. Stanley White — Special Assistant 1; Student Affairs Board 1; League of Honor 1-4. Gregory Whitley — Monitor 1-3; Student Assembly 2; Latin Club 3-4; Concert Choir 3-4; Roines 4; League of Honor 2-4; National Honor Society 4. Charles Williams — Special Assistant 2; Monitor 1; Art ciubr Mary Williams — Musical 1-3; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orches- tra 4; Red Cross Club 2; Pep Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Home Room Agent 1; Monitor 1, 4; Turnabout Day 4. Vickie Willis — Judo Club 1; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 1. Joseph Wilson — Basketball 1; Football 1, 3-4; Intramurals 1; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Track 1, 3-4; Band 2; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 2. Rebecca Wilson — Monitor 2-4. Sharon Wilson Stanley Winbush — Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1-4; Track 1,4; Special Assistant 1; Monitor 3; League of Honor 3. Lisa Wineinger — Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Red- skin Revue 3-4; Clean Earth Club 2; Special Assistant 1-3; League of Honor 1-4; Orchestra Ensemble 3; Red- skin Revue Usher 1-2. Patti Winstead — Future Business Leaders 1; Pep Club 2-4, Vice-president 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1, 3; Wrestling Greeter 2-4. Margie Woirhaye — Redskin Revue 1-2; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 1; Special Assistant 3; Stage Crew 1-2; Monitor 1,3. Charles Wolfe — Football 1-2; Concert Choir 2-4; Man- ualaires 2-4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Mask and Wig 1-4, President 3-4; Special Assistant 1-3; National Thespians 1-4, Vice-president 4; League of Honor 1-4, Top Ten Per cent 1-4; Redskin Revue Committee 1-4, Co-chairman 4. Debbie Wood — Trackette 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Red- skin Revue 2,4, Act Writer 4; Pep Club 2; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 1-4. David Wooden — Track 1-2; Band 1-4; Concert Choir 2-4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Key Club 2-4; League of Honor 1-4. Charles Woods — Radio Club 3; Science Club 4; Drill Team 1-3; Key Club 3; League of Honor 1-4. Cassandra Woolery — Pep Club 2-3; Cheerleader 2-4, Captain 2; Special Assistant 1-3; League of Honor 1- 4; Turnabout Day 4. Kathy Woolwine Harry Wright Keith Wuest — Basketball 1-2. Bryon Yeager Phyllis Yocum — Band 1-4, Woodwind Lieutenant 4; Con- cert Choir 3-4, President 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Man ualaires 3; Musical 3-4; Pep Band 3-4; Pep Club 1; Stu- dent Assembly 1,4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1- 4; National Honor Society 4. Steve Ziegelbauer — League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Seniors 113 Juniors ' Take Over ' and Prepare for Seniority Being a junior — what did it mean? It meant; receiving the special distinction of being an upper- classman, taking U.S. Hisotry, vot- ing for class officers for the first time, sponsoring the Christmas tree in the main hall, having a special day the class could call its own, writ- ing term papers, and attending the junior prom. As upperclassmen, the juniors took their place " over " the under- classmen and prepared themselves for their oncoming senior year. The juniors, members of the class of 74, elected their leaders on Sept- ember 29. The results saw Tom Pin- ner as president, John Masengale as vice-president, Jane Ackerman as secretary, and Benita Strait as treasurer. Members of the Junior Commit- tee were Sydina Ayres, Mike Natalie, and Donna Thompson. Decisions for the class were made by the officers at regularly-scheduled meetings. The committee attended many of these and assisted the officers in their duties. Keeping with Manual tradition, the juniors helped set up and de- corate the Christmas tree. This year a new artificial tree was purchased, since fire laws prohibited a real tree. Trimmed in gold, it added Christmas spirit. March 6, Junior Day, gave the members of the class a special day to dress in their " finest. " The red and white carnations worn by the juniors identified these " honored " students and served as " tickets " to the junior party, after school. Here, the Top Ten Juniors were named. Extra flowers were used to decor- ate the various offices around the school. The Junior Prom was enjoyed May 12 at the Indiana University Medi- cal Center. All juniors had the opportunity to submit a theme idea for the prom. The winner of this contest received five dollars during the prom festivities. ABOVE — Junior Phil Herbig types names of all underclassmen for the yearbook. He and many other juniors helped to put both the Ivan and the Booster to press on time. RIGHT — Junior class officers, Treasurer Be- nita Strait, Vice-President John Masengale, President Tom Pinner, and Secretary Jane Ackerman gather in Class Sponsor Willard Henderson ' s office for a meeting. These four planned the junior activities which occured throughout the year. 114 Juniors Juniors Bob Able, Teresa Achgill, Jane Acker- man, Colleen Adkins, Jeff Adkins, Debby Alderson, Peggy Ammerman, Jerome Ancelet. Mary Anderson, Phillip Anderson, Rich- ard Anderson, Karla Andrews, Debbie Arnold, Glenda Ausbrooks, John Austin, Sydenia Ayers. Robert Baase, Jane Baecher, Ival Ba- lay, Candy Ballard, Connie Baker, James Baker, Kathy Baker, Richard Baker. Becky Barnaby, Cathy Bateman, Donald Bates, Vickie Bates, Michael Baxter, Joy Bazoon, Rita Beach, Paul Beasley. Susie Beaupre, Randy Belcher, Edward Bender, Greg Bentle, Rita Bernard, She- lia Bernard, Leisa Betzler, Brian Bing- ham. Deborah Binion, Jerry Bishop, Ricky Bland, Melanie Boardman, Sharon Boone, Randall Borkes, Kevin Bottema, Pamela Bowles. Billy Boyd, Gregory Boyd, Karl Breeden, Dan Breimeir, Marcia Bridgewater, Cheryl Briley, Homer Britt, Donna Brooks. Jerry Brooks, Ron Broughton, Cassandra Brown, Norma Brown, Renee Brown, Mark Browne, Rolfe Bruce, Kerry Buh- neing. Jeff Bunnell, Nora Burchett, Ron Bur- gess, Robin Burk, David Bush, Pat Cal- lahan, Charles Campbell, Debbie Camp- bell. Juanita Campbell, Mark Campbell, Tan- ya Campbell, Dan Cantwell, David Ca- rey, Marsha Carney, Carla Carpenter, Connie Carrigg. Carmen Carroll, Rhonda Cherry, Edward Childress, Donna Childs, George Chit- tenden, Kerra Clampitt, Kathy Clark, Ke- vin Clark. Jeff Clements, Mike Clymore, Robert Cobb, Mark Collins, Linda Cone, Step- hanie Cook, Marina Cooley, Cathy Cooper. Juniors 115 Juniors Sluart Copeland, Melody Corcoran, Chuck Cothron, Joe Coughlan, Gerald Cox, Willie Cox, Linda Coy, Maxine Coy. Debbie Cradick, Tim Crafton, Dennis Craig, David Cravens, William Crawley, Donna Cross, Nancy Cross, Becky Cubel. Roderick Curry, Mary Dardy, Donald Darnell, Darol Davie, Larry Davie, Bill Davis, Gale Davis, Mike Davis. Peggy Davis, Beth Day, Geri DeHoff, Christina Dejesus, David Delk, Carolyn Denney, Cindy Denton, John Deubel- beiss. Donna Dewey, Teresa DiCicco, Steven Dickerson, Cynthia Dinkins, Paula Do- brota, Dennis Dotson, Lynne Dotson, Teresa Douglas. Melody Downey, Kathie Duggan, Char- lotte Duncan, Earl Dyer, Curtis Edmonds, Tim Elder, Gary Elfers, Kimberly Elliott. Mary Ellis, Nancy Ellis, Ann Emmons, Marsha England, Les Estes, Rebecca Es- tes, Margaret Eustace, Amy Farley. Beth Farley, Judy Farley, James Farmer, Carol Ferguson, Vicki Fidler, Russell Finley, Roseann Fischer, MaryAnn Fis- cher. John Fitzpatrick, Jay Fletcher, Randy Floyd, Marlon Followell, David Ford, Kathy Fouts, Robert Fox, Dennis Fraga. Eugene Frazier, Betty Frederick, Henry Freeman, Doris Fugate, Darlene Fultz, Cheryl Gabbei, Mark Gaddis, Stanley Gardner. Mary Garza, Para Gaw, Laurie Gilliland, Randall Gindling, Diana Glasson, Ruth Gommel, Diane Gonder, James Gooden. Vicki Grant, Marian Gray, Carol Green, Danny Green, Alfred Greer, Dale Greer, Darlene Gregory, Darryl Griffith. 116 Jumors oaoaaoa. flMki Afrafct j 1 JsMl l {L»iIL%l aafv ' ' JL • tf. f C . ' , H ' v • - : ■ ' ■■.-.. 4 • ■ I ' MP . ' ■ ' - . • . " . ' • ' • " ■ ? T " ' 1 David Smith decorates the Junior class Christ- mas tree. The artificial tree decorated all in gold was new to Manual this year as fire rules prevented having a real tree in the main hallway. Juniors t f aa? fat Ken Grismore, Kathy Groce, Maria Ground, Benny Grubbs, Tom Gurley, Vicki Haas, Alexis Haddix, Jeffery Hari- ri ix. Richard Hagemaier, Laura Hall, Mary Hall, Debra Hammons, Sam Harding, David Hardy, Jim Harlan, Ernest Har- mon. Starr Harrington, Jody Harris, Terry Har- ton, Cheryl Hatfield, Laurence Hatha- way, Raymond Hauser, Dana Hawkins, Dave Hawkins. Mark Hawkins, Becky Hayse, David Hea- vrin, Cheryl Hedges, David Heinzelman, Sheila Henderson, Jimmy Hendrix, Phil Herbig. Anthony Higginson, Dennis Hilbert, Danny Hill, Milton Hill, Donna Hind- man, Cathy Hittle, Cathy Hoffman, Rita Hollenbaugh. Gregory Hollis, Janet Holloway, Sandy Holmes, Kathy Holsclaw, William Hooper, Bryon Hopper, Terri Horn, Va- nessa Home. Faith Housam, Pamela House, Victor Howard, Rick Hoyt, Debra Huber, Bren- da Huckeba, Larry Huddleston, Anthony Hudson. Juniors 117 Juniors Jackie Huett, Deborah Hummel, Dennis Hunter, Carlos Inman, Betty Jacobs, Elizabeth Janssen, Gary Jay, Ricky Jeffer- son. Travis Jefferson, Barbara Jenkins, Brian Jenkins, Wilfred Jimison, Angela John- son, Charles Johnson, Deborah Johnson, Dennis Johnson. Nancy Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Tony Johnson, Valerie Johnson, Carlos Jones, Michael Jones, Wanda Jones, Gloria Jordan. Jill Jupin, Don Kasper, Jaynece Keith, Sharon Keller, Constance Kelley, Mary Kelley, David Kelly, Michelle Kemp. Steve Kennedy, Pam Kent, Willie Key, Elizabeth Kieffer, Margaret Kimbley, Mark Kinney, Anita Kirby, Douglas Kirk- hoff. Roberta Kleinfelter, Tim Knapp, Bill Kraft, Charles Knoll, Joni Kriese, Den- nis Lahr, David Lamping, Daniel Land- werlen. Randy Lane, Sally Lathrop, Laura Law- less, Gary Leeds, Suzy Leggins, Drew Lester, Joanne Lewis, Paula Lockwood. •MtfPflS Juniors Linda May, Brenda Huckeba, and Valori Sherman talk with Mr. Francis Moriarty at the Pic Parade. Juniors, as well as other underclassmen received their pictures at this Ivian-sponsored dance. 118 Juniors Juniors §ftSf§i« Sharon Long, Beverly Jo Lovell, Terry Lowden, Karen Lowe, Debbie Lunn, San- dra Madison, William Mahone, Debra Major. Terri Mallory, Ethan Manuel, Edward Marcum, Mike Martin, Mike Mascoe, Diane Masengale, John Masengale, James Mason. Stan Mathis, Linda May, Elliott Mayes, Kent McCampbell, Lavon McCaslin, Row McDaniel, Maurice McFarland, Terry McGee. Elaine McKay, Harold McKeand, Kenny McKee, Sharee McMillin, Susan Meece, Randy Meek, Mark Meyer, Mary Mihay. Eddie Miller, Jackie Miller, Karen Miller, Lillian Mitchell, Joyce Moles, Michael Moore, Walter Moore, Gary Morgan. Patty Morgan, Sabrena Morse, Charles Muldrow, Martha Mullin, Mary Mullin, Rita Munday, Garry Mundy, Wilma Mur- ley. Warren Murphy, Freddie Murray, Jan Napier, Beverly Narmore, Mike Natalie, Diann Newport, Kay Newton, George Nichols. Steven Nicley, Anthony Nunally, Robert Oakes, Karen O ' Connor, Linda O ' Dell, Rosa Olive, Debbie O ' Neal, Pam O ' Neal. Martine Osborne, Paul Osmon, Joyce Ott, Beverly Overton, Charles Overton, David Owens, Teresa Parrott, Pearl Pat- terson. Dennis Patton, Cheryl Peats, Julie Penn- ington, Debbie Perkins, James Perryman, Mark Peters, Tani Phelps, Thomas Pin- ner. Robert Pitcock, Carolyn Pittman, Doug Polen, Donald Powell, Ronald Powell, Anna Poynter, Michael Price, Julie Ran- son. Jim Ratliff, Debbie Ray, Duane Raymer, Bill Reading, Mark Reeder, Dena Rey- nolds, Tena Reynolds, Linda Rich. Juniors 119 Juniors Cherie Richards, Kevin Richardson, Ma- donna Richardson, Peggy Richardson, Jerry Richmond, Mary Richmond, San- dra Richmond, Alan Roberts. Dave Roberts, Nancy Rodriquez, Ken Roe, Shirley Rogers, Karen Roy, Thomas Ruoff, Matt Rush, Ada Rutan. John Ruthroff, David Rutledge, Jon Ryan, Yvonne Salter, Don Sample, Sheri Sanolin, Glenn Sargent, David Schaefer. Susie Schneider, Bob Scrogham, Mike Seaman, Robert Sears, Charles Shaw, Norma Shea, John Shelley, Regina Shel- ton. Robert Shelton, Vallori Sherman, Gary Shipley, Bob Shoptaugh, Carolyn Short, Ramona Showecker, Terry Shreve, Kelly Shull. Richard Simmons, Randy Simpson, Bill Skidmore, Jeannine Smedley, Brenda Smithers, David Smith, Denise Smith, John Smith. Jerry Smith, Larry Smith, Rebecca Smith, Regina Smith, Rommel Smith, Brenda Smock, Cheryle Snider, Mike Snoddy. junior Tim Crafton puts pamphlets in teach- ers boxes. Many juniors work as special as- sistants in the main office doing jobs in the attendance, deans ' and principals ' offices, or taking messages to students. 120 Juniors Juniors 0. §Rf Ck 9 A ■ » v f Holly Sonday, Brenda Spears, Barbara Speck, Hermon Spurlock, Betty Squires, Becky Staab, Cheryl Stafford, Janice Sta- pert. Rex Staples, Nina Steck, Mike Steeb, Rick Stevason, Kevin Stewart, Michael Stinnett, Danny Stout, Duane Strain. Benita Strait, Robert Stubbs, Stephanie Stubbs, Mike Stuck, Patti Sullivan, Patti Sutton, Vicki Tabor, Larry Tardy. Al Taylor, Cynthia Taylor, Ernest Taylor, James Taylor, Terry Thacker, Byron Thatch, Donna Thompson, Jeff Thorpe. Steve Thorpe, Kathy Tooley, Debby Trimble, Ronald Tucker, Gail Turk, Susie Turner, Danny Underwood, Andrew Ur- shan. Jane Usrey, Tim Utterback, Anna Van Blaricum, Carol Van Hoozer, Mary Vin- son, Larry Walden, Carolyn Walker, Phyllis Walker. Timmy Walker, Richard Wallace, Joseph Walsh, Roy Ward, Teresa Warren, Yvonne Washington, Bruce Waters, Marinell Watness. Kenneth Watts, Robert Watts, Vicki Webster, Paula Wetzel, Karen Whalen, Richard Whaley, Michael White, Nancy White. Frank Whitney, Mary Wiggin, Sue Wiley, Jack Williams, Marcia Williams, Marion Williams, Thomas Williams, Jack Wilson. Joyce Wilson, Keith Wilson, Larry Wil- son, Mary Wilson, Randy Wilson, Keith Wimberly, Jim Windhorst, Sheila Win- frey. Marshall Wingler, Kenneth Winkler, Cheryl Winstead, Mark Wire, Saundra Wolfe, Peggy Wood, Lynda Wooden, Venus Woodford. Cindy Woodworth, Jeff Wortman, Don- nie Wright, Patty Wright, Jackie Yar- brough, Alice York, Gregory Young, David Zike. s 121 Sophomores Volunteer Help to School, Community Wade Abner, Faith Acton, David Adams, Debbie Adams, Elizabeth Adams, Gene Adams, Mark Agee, Deborah Allen. Karen Allen, Victoria Allen, Waverly Al- len, Donna Alte, Sheila Anderson, Sher- rell Anderson, Annette Anello, Charles Apple. Pat Arnold, Robin Arnold, Debbie Ashby, Samuel Atwood, Danny Bagby, John Bailer, Felecia Bailey, Patricia Bai- ley. Harry Baird, Brenda Baker, Dianne Ba- ker, Kenneth Baker, Tim Baker, Marietta Balay, Charles Baldridge, Marisa Banks. Candace Bannon, Donna Barlow, Jef- fery Barnes, Joe Barton, Joe Bastin, Steve Bastin, Charlie Baumann, Mary Jo Bea- man. Barbara Beasley, Billy Becker, Nebula Bell, Pamela Benjamin, Harold Bernard, Robert Berry, Betty Bertram, Joyce Bic- kers. Billy Biggerstaff, Barbara Billups, Jeff Binkley, Lisa Birge, Tim Birtchman, David Bishop, Harry Black, Willie Bland. Mk % " " S 4 4 it g si 9 Sophomores Debbie Sheehan and Debbie Gallagher help Natalie, a patient on the child- ren ' s ward at St. Francis Hospital. Both girls are Candy Stripers who do volunteer work after school and on weekends there. 122 Sophomores % ( o kk fl % 9— ' ' ■ ft Sophomores Debbie Blanton, Nannette Boles, Alan Boiler, Johnny Bonner, Randy Boone, Karla Borkes, Roy Bostick, Earl Bowers. Darrel Boyd, Diana Boyd, Mitchell Brad- ley, Pamela Breeden, Robert Brickens, Penny Brickley, Thomas Brinkley, Tyrone Britt. Linda Brooks, Carolyn Broughton, David Brown, Debbra Brown, Debra Brown, Kerry Brown, Michael Brown, Robin Brown. Terry Brown, Greg Brownlee, Franklin Brows, Rebecca Bruce, Sondra Brune- mer, Richard Bryson, Robert Buckel, Donald Burdine. Cheryl Burgess, Cindy Burgess, Doug Burk, Thomas Burns, Teresa Burris, Gail Burton, Vikki Burton, Donald Bush. Donald Butler, Marlene Butler, Marcia Buzzard, Angela Byland, Tommy Byrd, Dereke Cain, John Callahan, Margaret Callahan. Archie Callen, Darrell Canon, Karen Cannon, Clarence Carpenter, Diane Carr, Pam Carson, Charles Carver, Jim Carver. Cynthia Chandler, Debra Chandler, Wil- liam Chandler, Cindy Cherry, Peggy Cherry, Debbie Cheshire, Kerry Child- ress, Terry Childress. Betty Chittenden, Patti Chitwood, Cheryl Church, Annette Clark, Beth Clark, Carmel Cobb, Darrell Cobb, Jac- key Cody. Joseph Collins, Lynn Collins, Tim Col- lins, Cletus Combs, Teresa Combs, Patti Conlin, Karla Conner, Ruby Cook. Perry Corbett, Terry Cosby, Mark Cos- tello, Theresa Coughlan, John Cox, Ka- thy Craig, Kerry Crawford, Debra Cren- shaw. Gwen Cross, Sharper Cunningham, Phil- lip Dalton, Robert Daniels, Gwendolyn Davie, Brenda Davis, Cindy Davis, Loyd Davis. Sophomores 123 Sophomores Martha Dawson, Jimmy Day, Barry Deck- aid, Pamela Dickens, Thomas Dirkerson, Britt Dickinson, Ihomas Diehl, Stotty Dillman. Dan Dillon, Cassendra Dinkins, Phillip Dinkins, Edgar Dobbins, Robby Dobrota, Miles Dodson, Margie Dolph, Daniel Doss. Doris Downey, Judy Duggan, Gary Duke, Beverly Dulin, Chuck Dunigan, Jim Dunn, Arthur Dye, Tommy Dyer. Robert Eader, Felicia Edmond, Calvin Ed- monds, Karen Edmonds, Robert Ed- mondson, Marcia Edwards, Mary Ed- wards, Rod Elrod. Terry Ennis, Russell Esselborn, Vicki Eus- tace, Debbi Eva, Mark Evans, Jeffery Faulkner, Clarice Favors, Bonnie Feltner. Dawn Ferguson, Fawn Ferguson, Randall Ferris, William Fikes, Crissen Finley, Ho- ward Flemister, Patrick Finley, Rhonda Flanery. Michael Fogleman, Karen Ford, Lex Ford, Donna Former, Steve Fortner, Lee Foster, Mary Francis, Sheila Frank. Freeman Franklin, Milton Freeman, Cheryl Frey, Jackie Frost, Pat Fugate, Charles Fulkerson, Patricia Furman, John Gaines. Anita Gaither, Renoir Gaither, Debbie Gallagher, Oscar Gamble, Jim Gammon, Ann Gardner, Kathy Garman, Sherry Garner. Reuben Gay, Richard George, Vanessa Giles, Jan Gilley, Donna Gilly, Sharon Goldsberry, Joan Gooden, Kevin Good- man. Fougere Gordon, Bonnie Goss, Joe Grant, John Gray, Lewis Gray, Melanie Gray, Ronnie Gray, David Green. Cathy Gregory, Alan Gride, Darrell Gri- mes, Patty Grismore, Gary Groce, Ro- bert Grose, Dennis Gum, Debra Gurley. 124 Sophomores fa AA :? § 9. ift 2ft?f?A-3 »£ £? taM9 ftiaa • • Sophomores Arnetta Guyse, Steve Haddix, Brenda Hagenmaier, Larry Haggard, Charles Ha- ines, Thomas Haley, Jeff Hall, Kay Hamil- ton. Karen Hanna, Becky Hansen, John Hard- castle, Melinda Harden, Steve Harmon, Allen Harris, George Harris, Ricky Harri- son. Julie Hart, Deborah Hatfield, Ted Hath- away, Virginia Haug, Debra Hawkins, Michelle Hawkins, Michael Hayden Donna Heacox. Vivian Head, Brenda Hembree, Louise Henderson, Brenda Henry, Ronnie Hen- ry, John Herring, Sandie Hessman, Ernest Hill. Pamela Hill, Randy Hill, John Himes, Jeanne Hodges, Richard Holderfield, Roy Holland, Mary Hollenbaugh, Patsy Holman. Mark Holmes, Kevin Hoover, James Hope, Sherry Horn, Carole Hosford Mark Hubbard, Maria Huber, Linda Huddleston. James Hudson, Debbie Hueter, Wanda Hughes, Wendil Hughes, Anna Hum- bles, Sandy Hunter, Rex Hurley, Joni Hutchison. Jesse Hutton, Steve Irish, Kenneth Jack- son, Marsha Jackson, Susie Jeffers, Steve Jent, Karen Jerrell, Sharon Jerrell. Derrick Johnson, Julie Johnson, Juliette Johnson, Mark Johnson, Michael John- son, Patricia Johnson, Wanda Johnson, Dee Dee Jones. Esther Jones, Kathy Jones, Larry Jones, Margaret Jones, Michael Jones, Pat- ricia Jones, Rosemary Jones, Frank Jordan. Jim Jurgen, Judy Kammerer, Daniel Kee- ney, Steve Keets, Cheryl Kelley, Timothy Kelley, Gregory Kello, Deborah Kelly. Bonnie Kendrick, Samuel Kendrich, Duane Kent, Yvonne Kent, David Kep- ley, Harold Keys, Robbie Key, Steven Kidwell. Sophomores 125 Sophomores Carla Kirby, Candie Kirk, Debbie Kirk, Debbie Kirkham, Michele Kloss, Call ie Koenig, Gail Korbe, Tina Krauss. Cher i Kunkel, Deborah Ladd, Amy Lambert, Walt Lamperski, Donald Land, Anne Lane, Tracie Lanier, Junko Lantry. Vicki Lauray, Audrey Lawless, Judy Lea- thers, Clyde Ledford, Keith Lee, Terry Leeds, James Lewis, Sharon Lewis. Dave Liggett, Virginia Lilley, Ronald Ronald Lindsey, Jeff Lindstrom, Brian Linn, Ruby Little, Raymond Lochard, Donna Lolla. Fran Long, Jean Long, Andrew Lovelace, Denise Lovell, Shawna Lowe, Richard Luedemann, Janice Macy, Marilyn Ma- jor. Butch Mallory, Yvette Mann, Carmen Manning, Ella Manning, Maggie Man- uel, Cheryl Marendt, Peggy Martin, Ste- phen Martin. Linda Mascoe, Linda Mason, John Ma- thes, John Maxwell, Debora May, Janet Maynard, Ann McCarty, Keith McClel- lan. Ruth McCutcheon, David McDaniel, Mark McDermitt, Ronald McElroy, Douglas McCaha, Keel McGavock, Le- Ann McGee, Mike McGinnis. John McGlothlin, Linda McGregor, Joe McHugh, Mary McHugh, Cynthia Mcln- tire, Sylvia Mclntire, Greg McKay, Bar- bara McKinney. Dallas McKinney, Clarissa McLay, Eddie McQueeney, Eugene Meadows, Tim Meehan, Donald Meredith, LuAnn Me- rida, Bruce Melloy. Natalie Meyer, Tim Michael, Billie Mi- lam, Debora Miles, Mary Miller, Ted Miller, Twyla Miller, Larry Milli. Jerome Mills, Debbie Milton, Linda Mink, Vikki Minton, Brenda Mitchell, Carl Mitchner, Nancy Monroe, John Moore. 126 Sophomores aa? f tftf iai VN tiaAMA? Sophomores Kevin Moore, Mary Morris, Chrystna Morse, Brian Mosley, Debra Mosley, Donna Mosley, Natalie Mosley, Garry Mottern. Marcia Mueller, Robert Mullen, Mat- hew Mullins, Tommy Mundy, Gregory Murray, Diane Murphy, Donald Mur- phy, Juanita Murrell. Charlotte O ' Gwin, Gary Okey, Steve O ' Neill, Daniel Outlaw, Jerry Owens, Lisa Owen, Tina Owens, Shirley Nance. Debbie Napier, Diane Napier, Diana Neeley, Ricky Nelson, Oliver Nichols, Rebecca Norcross, Judy Norton, An- thony Nourse. George Novak, Mark Nuckles, Gilbert Palmer, LouAnn Parker, William Patter- son, Brenda Payne, Robert Penner, Jose- phine Peoni. Gayla Perdue, Regan Perdue, Linda Per- kins, Suzanne Perkins, Frank Perry, Jim- my Perry, Timothy Peters, Debbie Phe- Ips. Rickey Phelps, Tina Piazza, Debbie Pierce, Nancy Pierce, Kathy Pike, Delia Pinner, Gale Pinner, Shelia Pinner. Dan Pitcher, Thomas Plahitko, Cheryl Plank, David Poling, Karen Pollard, Ka- thy Pollard, Rosa Popplewell, Saundra Porter. Carole Hosford and Cindy Davis, both sopho- mores, help prepare underclass picture pack- ets for the Pic Parade. The packets must be alphabetized so that they will be found easily at the Ivian-sponsored dance. Sophomores 127 Sophomores Joyce Powell, James Powers, William Preston, David Price, Ted Pruitt, Terri Qualkenbush, Jeannine Quails, Thomas Raasch. Jack Ragland, Greg Rainbolt, Shirley Randall, Kenneth Reams, Richard Rea- ves, Kim Reed, Michael Reeves, Ronnie Richard. Debbie Riley, Jesse Rippy, Beulah Rit- chie, Barbara Roberts, Crispus Roberts, Terry Roberts, Winston Roberts, Sandy Robertson. Jackie Robinson, Randy Robinson, Mark Rollings, Marilyn Rosetto, Brenda Ros- son, Cheryl Rowley, Jeanie Roy, Mi- chelle Ruby. Jeffrey Russell, Anthony Rust, Melia Ru- tan, George Ruth, Cindy Rutledge, Al- fred Ryan, Karen Sanders, Laura Schae- fer. Paul Schenk, Rollo Scott, Laura Shake, Glenn Sharp, Charlotte Shaw, Robert Shaw, Debbie Sheehan, Charles Shop- taugh. Vicki Short, Malinda Showecker, Terry Shreve, Debbie Shuler, Becky Simer, An- thony Smith, Bill Smith, Claudette Smith. Connie Smith, Dan Smith, Deborah Smith, Katrina Smith, Keith Smith, Mona Smith, Rufus Smith, Shirlinda Smith. Vicki Smith, Donna Snead, Alisa Snyder, Mark Sorensen, Monica Sowders, Jack Spaulding, Carol Spear, Cathy Spear. Joyce Spear, Joyce Spears, Kay Spears, Morris Squier, Randy Staab, Louis Stans- berry, Mickey Steele, Dean Stegemoller. Cheryl Stenger, Edward Stevens, Debra Stewart, Barry Stickford, Cathy Stinnett, Esther Stinnett, Julie Stone, Gregory Stotts. Pam Stout, Elizabeth Strahl, Donna Strain, George Stretch, Sue Strickland, Brian Stuard, Henry Summeier, Katie Summerhill. 128 Sophomores as ftftft i 19tft$9 f!S ft 9 AAA A y a 3 1 ft a fiX A V- ' 1 i 4 fr t ? 99 f If ii5tft A 3 ft Sophomores Cindy Summers, Steve Surber, Dianna Suttner, Chris Sutton, Eddie Sykes, Tanya Tanner, Beth Taylor, Daniel Taylor. Denise Taylor, Dewey Taylor, John Tay- lor, Mark Terrell, Paul Tex, Pamela Tho- mas, Robert Thomas, Debbie Thompson. Kenneth Thompson, Linda Thompson, Nanette Thompson, Nancy Thorpe, Jeff Todd, Joe Tracy, Sally Jo Trammer, Char- les Tucker. Gail Tye, Greg Tye, Janis Tyler, Kathleen Tyler, Gloria Tyson, Kimberly Under- wood, Nancetta Upshaw, Audrey Vau- ghn. Larry Vaughn, Johnetta Wade, Jerry Wal- den, Angela Walker, Cheryl Walker, Linda Walker, Phillip Walker, Stan Wal- ters. Dan Walton, Raymond Ward, Rose Ward, Warren Ward, Jim Warren, Rich- ard Warren, Terri Watson, Vickie Wat- son. Jerome Weathington, Rose Wentworth, Dennis Wethington, Teresa Wethington, Elaine Wheeler, Betty White, Joe White, Donna Whitlock. Cindy Wiarek, Kay Wiarek, Deborah Wilkerson, Dannywilliams, Dennis Wil- liams, James Williams, Kathy Williams, Patricia Williams. James Williamson, Cordia Willis, J.D. Willis, Charles Wilson, Cindy Wilson Darwin Wilson, Daryl Wilson, Jeff Wil- son. Johnna Wilson, Leonora Wilson, Wesley Winberg, Terri Winbush, Ed Windhorst, Mark Winstead, David Wolfe, Garry Wolfe. Gary Wood, Debra Wooden, Jeffrey Woodford, Debra Woods, Sheila Woods, Susie Woodworth, Jim Worden, Melvin Wright. Patricia Wyatt, Cindy Wynne, John Yan- cey, William Yocum, Dessa York, Albert Young, Bill Zaenglein, Debra Zimmer- man. Sophomores 129 Frosh, 700 Strong, Meet High School ' s Challenges Bill Able, Emily Abel, Marsha Abel, Ricky Abrams, Tim Agee, Mike Aikins, Scott Aiderson, Janet Alexander. Tetha Alexander, Craig Allen, Patsy Al- len, Patricia Alston, Darryl Anderson, Larry Anderson, Randy Anderson, Sher- ry Anderson. Brett Andrews, Dominic Anello, Robert Argenbright, Kenneth Arnold, David Austin, Sharon Ayers, Mary Baase, Glo- ria Ball. Ronald Ball, Joseph Baker, Lorna Baker, Pamela Baker, Terry Baker, Diane Bar- ger, Cathy Barlow, Judith Barnes. Debra Barrett, Herbert Barringer, Debra Barton, Paul Basinger, Mark Bateman, Carl Baumann, Donna Baumann, Sharon Beal. Shelia Beal, John beaman, Jerry Bean, Richard Beard, Michael Becker, Ken Bennett, Joseph Bernard, Wayne Ber- nard. Sherry Berry, Marite Berzins, Dayna Betzler, JoAnn Birtchman, Edward Blan- ton, Cayle Blevins, Tim Boardman, Den- ise Boat. Freshmen jenne Masengale and Millicent Caither, members of the French Club, ad- mire a painting by Robert Indiana. The paint- ing hanging in the Indianapolis Museum of Art was seen by the French Club members during their tour of the Museum. 18. 9 ? m: ' — ■ -c t ■ ' ■ AT 3 J 9 A 130 Freshmen Freshman an t Aaa at a $ Tim Boiler, Steve Bollman, Sharon Bon- ner, Melinda Boone, Carl Boss, Jacque- line Boss, Michelle Bowers, Sam Bowl- ing. Steve Bowling, Jessie Boyd, Ken Boyd, Terrie Bradberry, Willie Bradberry, Rob- bie Brady, Randy Brandlein, Mike Brat- cher. Randy Bratcher, Vicki Brearley, Kathy Brent, Dennis Brink, Larry Brock, Terrie Brooks, Tom Brooks, Adonis Brown. Carlene Brown, Debra Brown, Margaret Brown, Mary Brown, Michelle Brown, Sandy Brown, Cindy Bruhn, Earl Bryant. Robin Bryant, Allan Bryson, Patty Buckel, Diana Buckles, Greg Bunnell, Kathy Bur- gess, Patti Burnette, Bill Bush. Cathy Bussinger, Janice Byland, William Canfield, Steve Capps, Michael Car- michael, Roland Carpenter, Diane Car- rico, Donova Carter. Mike Carter, Wanda Carver, Vic Casada, Mark Castle, George Catlett, Willie Cau- dle, Linda Chandler, Denise Chastain. Brian Chaszar, Kathalene Cherry, Cathy Church, Michael Church, Sally Clam- pitt, Barbara Clark, Cathy Clark, Diana Clark. Jeff Clark, Ruth Clark, Jackie Clemens, Darrell Coble, Larry Coin, James Cole, Mary Coleman, Sherry Coleman. Charles Collett, Patricia Collett, Bueford Collins, Michelle Cook, Jim Corbett, Diane Corkery, Tony Corsaro, Patty Coy. Tim Cox, Lee Crawford, Danny Creek, Henry Crenshaw, Dorothy Cross, Chuck Crouch, Kerry Crowe, Terrie Crowe. Samuel Crumpton, Belinda Cundiff, Diana Cupp, Vickie Curry, Richard Cur- tis, Terri Curtis, Laura Daeger, Tim Dale. Freshmen 131 Freshman Michelle Daniels, Calvin Dardy, John Daugherty, Robert Davidson, Pam Davis, Sandy Davis, Shari Davis, Steven Davis. Thomas Davis, Greg DeBoor, Karon Deckard, Ivan Delk, Joey Demers, San- dra Dennis, Cheryl Denny, Barbara Deu- pree. Judy Devine, Tony DeVine, Jackie Dick- erson, Melany Dickinson, Timothy Dietz, Cindy Dillon, Lloyd Dillon, Patty Dolan. Jeannette Dorman, Peggy Dotson, Linda Dulin, Sheila Dunigan, Jacki Dunn, John Duvall, Diana Eakle, George Eckler. Debbie Edlin, Patricia Edwards, Frank El- liot, Albert Ellis, Mary Ellis, Steve Ember- ton, Henry Engelking, John Entwistle. Carol Estep, Patty Ettes, Rhonda Everts, Becky Farley, Gary Farley, Thomas Faulk- ner, Bernita Feard, Sarah Felk. Kathy Fields, Nelson Fields, Becky Fish- burn, Keith Flannery, Chris Ferry, Gloria Fields, Craig Fouts, Margaret Fowler. Mark Fox, Tony Frank, Donna Frey, Cathy Fulford, Karen Fulk, Alan Fultz, Raymond Fultz, Jeanne Gabonay. Millicent Gaither, Tom Gallagher, Jerry Callahan, Steve Galyan, Terrie Galyan, Louis Garmer, Greg Gaskin, Randy Gen- try. Perry George, Rudy Gil, Cristy Gimbel, Emma Goldsmith, Jennifer Gooden, Roy Gordon, Mattie Gorman, James Goss. Mary Graham, Laurie Gray, Pat Gray, Joe Green, Peggy Green, John Greer, Jordan Greer, Debbie Greeson. Randy Gregory, Randy Gregory, David Grose, Pam Hacker, Julie Hafer, Douglas Hall, Russell Hall, Teresa Hall. 132 Freshmen cms r. 3J JliL. ' S . cX r A ' ? Freshmen 9 ii £- 1% HA 3L 9. ftotiisv? «. n. Tim Hamilton, Tom Hammel, Karel Har- mon, Kathy Harris, Michael Harris, Ron- ald Harris, Teresa Harris, Jimmy Harri- son. Kirby Harrison, Calvin Harrow, Nancy Harter, Robert Harton, Bervin Hartsock, Ernest Hasty, Carmelita Hathaway, ]anet Hauser. Debra Hawkins, Ricky Hawkins, William Hayes, Clinton Haynes, Vickie Haywood, Steve Hedges, Dale Hedgspeth, Keith Helm. Clauis Hendon, Carol Henning, Debbie Henschen, Joseph Henschen, Dorothy Hessman, Bill Hicks, Randy Highbaugh, Bonnie Hilbert. David Hill, John Hindman, LaDonna Hite, Brenda Hoaglan, John Hoagland, Johnny Hobbs, Joyce Hobson, Ray Hod- ges. Gene Hollenbaugh, Cynthia Honn, Pam Hood, Darlene Hopkins, Jeanette Hop- kins, Tina Hopkins, David Horn, Anita Hoskins. Charles Hoskins, Connie Hoskins, Jackie Hoskins, Steve Hotseller, Maria Houn- chell, Denise Howard, Gary Huber, Da- vid Huddleston. Brenda Hudson, John Hughes, Jim Hum- mel, Yolanda Humphrey, Antonia Hurd, Tony Hurd, Becky llg, James Inman. Angela Jackson, Kathy Jarvis, Joyce Je- well, Brenda Johnson, Delia Johnson, Donna Johnson, Karl Johnson, Mark Johnson. Sharon Johnson, Jeanne Johnston, Adam Jones, Lee Jones, Sylvester Jones, Terri Jones, Gary Joseph, Carol Keesee. Tom Kehoe, Mary Jane Kelley, Gisele Kelly, Melinda Kemp, Carrie Kennedy, Randell Kennedy, Eddie Kieffer, Gus Kimbley. Leonard King, Timothy King, Naomi Kinney, Teresa Kirkham, Arthur Kirk- wood, Joe Krause, Danny Kriech, Kurt Kriese. 133 Freshmen Freshmen Michael Kuchler, Charles Laetsch, Karen Lahmann, Phyllis Land, Phyllis Lang, Guy Lanier, Charlene Lesley, David Lasley. |oy Latimore, Amy Laurence, Russell Law, Bill Lawless, Rickey Lee, Sheryl Leg- gins, Rose Leinbach, Kevin Lester. Carol Lewis, Linda Lewis, Kathy Lichte, Mike Liddle, Jerry Likens, Terry Likens, Kathy Lindsey, Vera Linn. Robert Lochard, Joanne Long, Patricia Long, Ronald Long, William Long, Tony Longere, Janie Lowden, Jeff Lowe. Roberta Loyd, Mary Lucas, Terry Louder- milk, William Love, Foronda Madison, Renita Major, Kristi Manning, Elton Manuel. Jenny Manuel, Thelma Marsh, Tim Mar- tin, Jenne Masengale, Sarah Massing Terry Maulden, Jane Maxwell, Patricia Maxwell. Rickie Maxwell, Billy McCaslin, Darlene McCormick, Melvin McClure, William McDonough, Rose McDougalle, Daniel McFarland, Jeff McGaha. Pamela McGaha, Gerri McGee, Herb McGlaughlin, Danice McGraw, Joe Mc- Guffey, Scott McGuire, Angie McHugh, Carol Mclntire. Jeffrey McKee, Kathy McKee, Laura Mc- Kinney, Douglas McKissick, Brenda Mc- Millin, Josane McNeal, Bill McQueen, Shelia McQueen. Willie Milbrook, William Milburn, Shir- ley Miles, Cheryl Miller, Clyde Miller, Debbie Miller, Kathy Miller, Ellis Mills. Gary Mills, Shirley Mills, Paula Mitchell, Willie Mobley, Tamie Monroe, Victor Monroe, Brian Moore, Greg Moore. Kathy Moore, Nancy Moore, Terry Mon- roe, Laura Moses, Bobbie Mouser, Debe Mullen, Rita Munn, Judy Muns. Freshmen 134 aa s ' j ft sa ASL A ra ft r Afi $ % 3L 9 » wsr k s $ fK a. a %- 9 ftftffa ? » Freshmen Patti Burnette, Matie Gorman, and Katy Summerhill climb poles hanging from the ceiling of the gym. All high school stu- dents are required by state law to take one year of gym; Manual students fulfill this re- quirement in the freshman year. Freshmen Kevin Murray, Donny Napier, Jeanne Naylor, Steve Neeley, Kevin Nix, Mark Niehaus, Karen Noe, Patty Norton. Sherryl Oakes, Tom O ' Connor, Wilma O ' Gevin, Millie O ' Haver, Richard Olive, John Orkmon, Russell Osborne, Evelyn Osting. George Owens, Peggie Owens, Mike Padgett, Brenda Palmer, Anita Pardue, Eddie Parrott, Ellen Parsons, Theresa Par- son. Judi Pasch, Danny Pattersen, Lee Payne, Carol Payton, Roger Payton, John Pep- per, James Perdue, Bobbie Perry. Freddie Perry, Terrell Perry, Bruce Peter- son, Cathy Pettet, Donald Pierce, Cheryl Pitcock, Earl Pittman, Linda Plahitko. Mary Poland, Rita Poland, Debbie Polen, Jerri Pollard, Gary Pope, Wilma Pool, Edward Popplewell, Brenda Potts. Darla Powell, Edward Powell, Edwin Po- well, Tom Powell, Chris Powers, Michael Profitt, Jeffrey Pryor, Carolyn Quassy. Dennis Quillen, Crystal Ragland, Pamela Rawlings, Mark Ray, Mike Ray, Keryl Reed, David Reinhardt, Keith Rhem. Freshmen 135 Freshmen Marvin Rice, Harold Richardson, Tonita Richardson, Donald Rigby, Cheryl Riley, Chuck Riley, Darlene Riley, Wilma Riley. Paul Rippy, Darrell Riordan, Cathy Ro- binson, Linda Robinson, Mark Robin- son, Michael Robinson, Roger Roddy, Kay Roe. Mitzi Rogers, Albert Rose, Pam Rose, Joyce Ross, Clarence Russ, Samuel Russ, Wanda Russell, Mary Ruth. Martin Ryan, Rhonda Ryan, Carol San- ders, Sara Sapp, Patty Scrogham, Elinore Schelske, Mike Schick, Glenda Scruggs. Oval Scott, Judith Schrowe, Don Schultz, Norma Schweikhart, Larry Scorza, Dan- iel Sease, Donna Seawert, Joe Sebree. Sherry Seitz, Terri Shackelford, Sindi Shelton, Mark Shelton, Anita Shepart, Jeff Sherman, Max Shockley, Anna Sho- wecker. Peggy Showecker, David Shrewsbury, Melvin Siggers, Brenda Siggers, Ronald Simon, John Simmons, Cynthia Simms, Lorene Sizemore. Vincent Shaw, Kevin Slemensek, Sharon Sloan, Matthew Sonday, Garry Smith, Herb ert Smith, Kathy Smith, Keith Smith. Loretta Smith, Pamela Smith, Phyllis Smith, Lynda Smock, Barbara Snead, Jo- anna Sparkmon, Tracy Spaulding, Tina Spear. Greg Spears, Randy Spurlock, Nancy Stafford, Becky Stanfield, Cynthia Stap- les, LeeRoy Stargell, Deborah St. John, Don Stillabower. Steve Stinnett, Roberta Stinnett, Keith Stofer, Lisa Stone, David Strain, Del Stubbs, Karen Stuard, Tim Stucker. Helen Summers, Tina Summitt, Juanita Sutton, Ronnie Sutton, Vicky Swank, Marilyn Sykes, Donnie Tabor, Anthony Taylor. 136 Freshmen aa 492Lt Freshmen Cynthia Taylor, Linda Taylor, David Tea- gue, Mark Terrel, Elaine Thatch, Charles Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Susan Thorpe. Wilbert Thorpe, Douglas Thurman, Charlotte Tigner, Irene Tillman, Dennis Tobert, Jim Tolbert, Debbie Tolle, Wal- ter Trotter. Terry Tucker, Darivs Turner, Hobert Turner, Thomas Turner, Artie Tye, Debra Ann Tyson, Karen Van Blaricum, Lee Van Cleave. Leslie Van DerMore, Sarah Vanhoozer, Sharon VanHorn, Anita VanRhoon, Wil- ly VanRhoon, Cornelius Vaughn, Sheryl Velandingham, Byron Verhines. Tina Via, Bruce Wadlington, Charna Wagner, Gregory Wagner, Shirley Wal- ker, Darrell Walton, Sandie Wamsley, Beverly Ward. Judith Ward, Stephanis Washington, Garry Waters, Tammy Watkins, Melinda Weaver, Mark Webb, Vernon Webb, Pam Webber. John Wehr, Denise Wessel, Charlotte West, Michelle West, Cindy Westenho- fer, Debbie Wethington, Rebecca Whar- ton, Kay Whetsel. Jeff Whitaker, Carolyn White, Jim White, Kay White, Leslie White, Timothy Whit- ed, Kent Whitley, Alan Whitlock. Chris Whitney, Janet Wiggin, Mark Wil- coxen, Terry Wilde, Edmound Wiley, Fred Wiley, Melinda Wiley, Sherri Wilde. Michael Williams, Steven Williams, Vicki Williams, Sherry Willis, Chris Willsion, Gina Wilson, Janet Wilson, Jeanette Wil- son. Jim Wilson, Tony Wilson, Mary Wingler, Charles Witt, Kathy Wolfe, Evelyn Wood, Jenny Wood, Tom Wood. Cheryl Woods, Sheila Woolwine, Bob Wortman, Patty Wright, Frank Wynne, Tony Wyss, Patricia Yeager, Ricky York. Freshmen 137 " We can live without our friends, But not without our neighbors. " — Thomas Fuller i m ; -- 8|: y The Manual community consists of not only the building and the people in it, but also the people outside the building — people who are connected to the Manual population through business and industry. These people provide jobs and goods for many of the Manual inhabitants and their families. Without them and their services, it would indeed be hard to exist. r it Going Mod Nv S are the uniforms at Ruthie ' s Uni- forms. Teresa Hoskins models one of the fashionable uniforms that can be found at the shop, while shopowner Brenda Gardner adds the finishing touches. Ruthie ' s Ladies Uniforms 2228 Shelby Street 787-4375 DRINK tte.v.j.PAT.oFF. " Try it, you ' ll like it, " says Tony Smith as he and Carol Alexander enjoy a can of coke. things go better, Banking on the use of decorative plants to enhance their decor, the Indiana National Bank turns their decorative problems over to Maschmeyer Nur- sery. Junior Michelle Kemp and Senior Anne Maschmeyer pose with tropical plants from the nursery. Maschmeyer ' s Nursery, Inc. 244 West Troy 784-2451 CROWD PLEASER! BURGER CHEF! BURGER CHEF! BITE - BITE - BITE!! After the game, enthusiasm always reaches a new high point when you rally at the nearest Burger Chef Family Restaurant for one of their winning combinations. A great Burger Chef sandwich, Golden French Fries and a cooling Soft Drink gives you a good feeling all over, whether your team won or lost! Burger Chef the Crowd Pleaser! I Family Restaurants jSST n " -■ ;: : BgpplTOp Guaranteed -,, -«« 1 r «, kRSO! Excellence fj GWSS0 A in glass from Circle City Class is assured by Mr. James Narmore, Sr. Jim, Jr., a Manual senior, endorses his father ' s work. CIRCLE CITY GLASS CORP. 751 South Meridian Street Indianapolis 46225 636-3524 Ads 141 Ready for Press are page proofs printed by Alexander Type- setting. Kathy Wakefield, Booster Editor-in-Chief, observes as Bill Maze displays the proofs to her. ALEXANDER TYPESETTING, INC. 125 N. East Street 634-2206 — jtirlina jc f service for Southside Residents STIRLING FUNERAL HOME 1420 Prospect 632-6576 Keeping Up on her shorthand is Senior Vicki Fulford. Here, she takes dictation on a stenographer notebook supplied to the Manual " Bookshack " by Hoosier Book and Supply. HOOSIER BOOK SUPPLY COMPANY 929 E. 23rd Street 924-4297 142 Ads Cleaned Pressed are clothing brought to Scottee Cleaners. Senior Bandsman David Butler picks up his band uni- form from Cathy Davis, Manual Grad. SCOTTEE CLEANERS 3535 S. East Street (U.S. 31) 784-2642 ' Mums the Word ' as Masomas Donna Laetsch and Debbie Welsh prepare homecoming mums at the MADISON AVENUE FLOWER SHOP, INC. 2457-59 Madison Avenue 786-0431 Indianapolis, Ind. 46225 700 U. S. 31 North 888-1 144 Greenwood, Ind. 46142 YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK Drink at Least 3 Glasses a Day EVERY DAY Ads 143 It ' s already tomorrow at RCA! In our new Consumer Electronics Design Center here in Indianap- olis, we are developing today the product innovations that you will be enjoying tomorrow. Shown here, for example, is a prototype of what we call the Lounge Module, which offers built-in color television for one or two viewers, plus FM AM stereo radio, plus 8-track stereo tape equipment, plus the comfort of a lounge chair. Futuristic planning such as this is a part of our continuous effort to assure that RCA will always bring you the finest in electronic home entertainment! RC l 144 Ads Aiming for that Pin is Senior Cathy Crowe as she con- centrates on making a spare. She knows that for the best alleys and service she has to visit the Sport Bowl. SPORT BOWL 3900 S. East Street 786-6767 The Personal Touch Comes from — HAWKINS PHARMACY Where Manualites are served by former Red- skins HOURS 8:30 A.M. - 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday Delivery Service Surgical Appliance Hypo-allergenic Cosmetics Personal Record Files HAWKINS PHARMACY 234 E. Southern Avenue 787-5335 Pefect Protection from " Mother Nature " is afforded by aluminum-mounted windows in- stalled by Kool Vent. Here, Seniors Cathy Noe and Don Thompson peer through floor sample windows. Kool Vent Sales and Service Corporation of Indiana 3447 Shelby Street 784-4458 Kool Vent Aluminum Awnings Kool Vent Storm Windows and Door Kool Vent Siding Kool Vent Aluminum Wire Mesh Fence a Aluminum Privacy Enclosures Ads 145 Riding In Style will be Suzanne Nicks and Francy Lasley when they test drive this Stingray from Nankivell Chevrolet. Quality new and used cars may be purchased from Nankivell. NANKIVELL CHEVROLET, IN C. 3800 South U.S. 31 787-3251 G. H. HERRMANN FUNERAL HOME 1505 South East Street 5141 Madison Ave. A Finer Service A Fairer Price Ambulance Service Dan Cupid Has Struck or so it seems as Buescher Florists provides a romantic seting for Sen- iors David Sease and Debbie Wood. David presents Debbie with a selec- tion of mums from a large flower display at Buescher. GEORGE BUESCHER SON, FLORISTS 503 East Southern Avenue 784-2457 Leisurely Family Dining Home Cooked Meals Complete Fountain Service Carry-out Orders Welcome Le Grande Grill One of the Best Places On the Southside to Get: Breakfast Anytime Bjscuits Gravy Plate Lunches Hamburgers Fries Cheeseburgers Malts — Shakes Sundaes Hours: Mon.-Sat. 5:30-10:00 Closed Su n- days 1704 E. LeGrande (corner of State LeGrande) Auto Insurance Rates are explained by Mr. Keith Blessing, an American Family agent, to Sen- iors Myra Whitaker and Shelly Ben- tie. Other types of protection are offered by American Family. KEITH BLESSING " SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENT DRIVERS " 7201 West 10th Street Office 247 - 8188 46224 Residence 881-5613 AMERICAN FAMILY INSU RAN AUTO FIRE HEALTH LIFE ® Ads 147 Expert Upholstering will be received when the recov- ering is done by Gipson Uphols- tering. Here Seniors Alan Jordan and Gary Stroud admire the quality craftsmanship work on a chair done by William Stevenson, an employee at Gipsons. GIPSON UPHOLSTERING CO. 1433 Wade Street 784-6284 (ttupti Wxbul tUm Where the Loveliest Weddings Begin FAST SERVICE ON • Custom Dressmaking and Designing • Flowers (wedding) • Bridesmaids Gowns • Prom Dresses • Bridal Gowns • Mother of the Bride • Rental Gowns • Catering Service • Photography Ask About Our Discount On A COMPLETE Wedding For Information, Courteous Counselling Service And Appointment Call 783-3164 3020 South Meridian ' Mmmm.... Good ' says Royce Allen, senior, to Wilma Cox, senior, as they try some del- icious fried chicken from McFar- ling Brothers Poultry. McFarling » ' the chicken people " 326 West 1 7th Street 923-3251 Senior portraits have been taken by Loudermilks for more than 25 years. Here Seniors Joe and Jeff Farley look at ' 50 IVIAN with their mother. She was photographed by Loudermilks when she was a senior that year. Faculty pictures are also taken by Mike Loudermilk. If you have not been photographed by PRESTIGE PHOTO- GRAPHY you will not receive a PRESTIGE PORTRAIT. A PRESTIGE STUDIO WITH COMPLETE SERVICES ... FULL COLOR ... BLACK AND WHITE AND HAND PAINTED OILS. SERVICING SCHOOLS IN INDIANA School Portraits 5422 N. KEYSTONE Commercial Weddings 253-1764 Ads 149 An Added Accessory to any 1973 Dodge is Rowena Bush or Carol Komann. Here they try out the sun roof in a 1973 Dart. For good quality cars, both new and used, be sure to visit McGinty Dodge. McGinty Dodge 3400 South U.S. 31 787-8361 A Manual Favorite The vy BIG ( CHIEF SANDWICH only at the TEE PEE 2830 Madison Avenue 786-0439 3820 E. Fall Creek Pkwy., N. Dr. 915-8971 GOOD CHOICE " says Senior Michele Newton as she helps Lang Brownlee choose a paper- back for a six-week project. Koch News offers a varied selection of paperbacks in the Bookshack. KOCH NEWS 2120 S. Meridian Street 786-1488 trSIshakes 1 Delicious Food with speedy service is waiting for you at Steak n Shake. Here Junior Charlie Knoll is taking orders from Senior Bonnie Allen and Mark Stansbury. STCAK SHflKC 6 Convenient Locations LtiL a TTlejaZ €• Spankin ' New . . . are the cars from Smart Perry. Here Mr. William D. Kleyla, a sales- man for Smart Perry, hands over the keys to Senior Phyllis Yocum as she prepares to test drive a 1973 Mustang. THINK SMART THINK SMART PERRY FORD Where your friends neighbors buy their cars and trucks. All makes All models New Used 9000 S. US 31 881-2541 - Service With a Smile is what you ' ll get when you visit the Dairy Queen at Raymond and Churchman. Shown here are Jeff Callahan, Vickie Hass, Gloria Jordan, Annette Fischer, Carolyn Beagle, Donna Zazapolous, Patsie Vinson, Dorothy Zazapolous, and Roseann Fischer. DAIRY QUEEN I KAT FOR TAJFf § A ro0 D FOR HttH Ads 151 Make Your Money Work For You Mary Masengale starts her Savings Account at Shelby Federal where she earns from date of de- posit to date of withdrawal plus continuous compounding interest— her money is alway s working. 1525 SHELBY ST. 635-1503 s T SHELBY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION C lake your date toa wdrldjamous restaurant McDonald ' s ■ I® 3920 SHELBY STREET (Just off Hanna Ave) Index AEW 16 Art Club 58 Band 50-51 Baseball 80-81 Basketball 74-77 Booster 52-53 Bowling Club 61 Chamber Orchestra 49 Cheerleaders 82-83 Choir 46 Classes 22-37 Clubs 38-61 Cross Country 68-69 Cub Club 53 Exercise in Knowledge Ill Faculty 86-93 Football 64-67 Freshmen 130-137 Friends 86-137 Glee Club 51 Golf 71 Homecoming 14 Intramurals 84-85 Ivan and Ann 100 Ivian 54-55 Judo Club 58 Juniors 114-121 Key Club 56 Latin Club 59 Lettermen ' s Club 61 Masoma 40-41 Musical 18-19 National Honor Society 42 National Thespians 44-45 Neighbors 138-152 North Central Association 17 Orchestra 46-47 Pep Band 48 P-TA 15 Quill Scroll 55 Radio Club 43 Redskin Revue 20-21 Roines 40-41 ROTC 36 Seniors 96-113 Sophomores 122-129 Spanish Club 59 Sports 62-85 Stage Crew 43 Student Affairs Board 42 Tennis 70 Track 78-79 Tri-Hi-Y 57 Twirlers 50-51 Wrestling 72-73 1 Y-Teens 57 Index 153 Faculty and Staff This index of Faculty, Staff, and Students contains the pages on which these persons are pictured other than in the album section. Individual portraits are on the following pages; Faculty, 88-95; Seniors, 96-113 Juniors, 114-121; Sophomores, 122-129; Freshmen, ISO- IS?. Bacus, Jean 32 Baumcr, Harold 42 Belser, Fred 75,76,81 Bennet, Joan 88 Bess, William 88 Dever, Marilyn 42 Ellis, Noah 65 Foster, Jack 73 Freeman, Kenneth 61 Ackerman, Jane 42,84,85,114 Aikins, Mike 47 Alderson, Debbie 78,83 Alexander, Carol 140 Alexander, William 97 Allen, Bonnie 72,151 Allen, Royce 61,64,73,79,96,148 Allen, Tom 56,81 Allison, Jim 81 Andrews, Brett 67,77 Andrews, Jennie 14,46 Andrews, Karla 83,85 Armborst, Wayne 73 Arnold, Pat 72 Arnold, Tony 79 e Baase, Marty 40,43,46,50,72,105 Bailey, Felecia 46,47 Baker, Connie ■ 77 Baker, Richard 72 Baker, Tim 14,18,43,46,48 Baker, Tyrone 75 Barton, Debbie 60 Bateman, Mark 67,77 Baumann, Carl 21,69,72 Baumann, Charlie 79 Bauman, Dave 42,61,69,79 Beaman, John 67 Benjamin, Pam 60 Bentle, Greg 56 Gentry, Carsey 27 Hartman, Joyce 32 Hignite, Robert 56,71 Jackson, Dennis 41,66 Jones, Fred 66 Lewis, Rex 15 McBride, Woody 70 Metzler, James 67,72 Moriarty, Francis 79,88,118 Students Berzins, Marty 58,85 Betzler, Leisa 42,51 Bevers, Terry 30 Bingham, Brian 77 Binion, Debbie 59 Bird, Zachary 35 Biro, Dawne 96 Birtchman, JoAnn 47 Birtchman, Tim 46,79 Boardman, Melanie 46,50 Boler, Tim 67 Borkes, Randall 47,48 Bowers, Earl 66,72 Bowler, Alan 66 Boyd, Kenny 37 Bradley, Mitchell 43 Brand, Dennis 43 Branham, Robbie 79 Bremeir, Dan 56 Bridgewater, Marcia 46 Brooks, Tom 67 Broughton, Carolyn 61 Brown, Franklin 66 Brown, Larry 29 Brown, Mary 60 Brown, Norma 37 Brown, Robert 60 Brown, Terry 79 Browne, Mark 56 Brown lee, Greg 56 Brownlee, Lang 41,42,46,54,56,61,81,150 Bruce, Rolfe 61,66 Buckle, Margie 98 Buckle, Bob 70 Bunnell, Greg 42,67 Bunnell, Jeff 61,66 Burnette, Kim 46,50 Burnette, Patti 83,135 Burton, Vicky 50 Bush, Rowena 25,40,58,72,108,150 Bussinger, Cathy 46,83 Butler, David 46,48,50,143 Butler, Don 66 Byrd, Tom 79 Callahan, Pat 61,77,79 Campbell, Charles 60 Campbell, Don 46,64 Campbell, Mark 61,81 Campbell, Tanya 42,82 Carroll, Carmen 32 Carroll, Roger 41,42,53,54,61,68,69,79 Casada, Victor 26,43 Castle, Mark 60 Caudel, Willie 77 Cherry, Rhonda 47 Childress, Eddie 64 Clampitt, Kerra 46 Clampitt, Sally 46,47 Parke, Ronald 28 Pike, Al 69,79 Redd, Juanita 94 Root, Gerry 64,67 Rosenstihl, Bill 77,81 Schultz, Ray 61,64,79 Sharpee, Stephen 43,60 Thrall, Howard 14,88,105 Witty, Steve Wright, Carl Clark, Annette Clark ' Herb 41,61,81 Cleek, Tom 37 Clemens, Jeff 55 Clements, Don 81 Clements, Jeff jq Cody, Jack 77 Collins, Joe 55 Collins, Mark 75 81 Conoor, Karla 83 Copeland, Struat 43 Corbett, Perry 81 Cothron, Chuck 61,64 Coughlin, Joe 72 Cox, Gerald 47 Cox, Wilma 51,148 Cradick, Debbie 50 Crafton, Tim 71,120 Cravens, David 79 Crowe, Cathy 26,54,145 Curtis, Rick 25 D Dale, Tim 24 Davie, Darol 61,77,79 Davie, Gwen 78,83 Davie, Larry 77 Davis, Bill 20,56 Davis, Cheryl 100 Davis, Cindy 48,78,127 Davis, Gail 83 Davis, Lloyd 43 Davis, Luann 51 Davis, Mike 56 Davis, Paula 51 Davis, Peggy 61 Dawson, Barbara 42,82 DeBoor, Guy 42 DeHoff, Geri 15,28 Delk, Burl -j Denny, Cheryl ►. 59 Deubelbeiss, John 56 Dewey, Donna 50 Dickinson, Britt 28,70 Dillman, Russell 26 Dillon, Cindy 83 Dinkins, Phillip 46 Dodson, Miles 60 Dolan, Kathy 40,42 Dotson, Peggy 84,85 Doty, Jay 41,46,48,50 Duggan, Kathy 42,48,50 Duggan, Judy 27,46,49 Durham, Gayle 40,72 f Eader, Bob 79 Edwards, Marcia 61 Elfers, Gary 77,81 Ellis, Mary 50 Ellis, Nancy 42,46,47,49 154 Ennis, Terry 61 Entwistle, Mary 25,40,42,46 Esselborn, Russel 43 Estes, Leslie 56,61,69,79 Estes, Patty 78 Eva, Cindy 42 F Farley, Amy 46 Farley, Jeff 61,64,149 Farley, Joe 61,64,149 Favors, Clarice 83 Ferguson, Dawn 32 Ferguson, Anita 46 Ferris, Randy 46,48,50,56 Ferry, Chris 67 Fikes, Butch 69 Finley, Pat 69,72,79 Finley, Russ 56,61,68,79 Fischer, Annette 151 Fischer, Roseann 151 Fitcher, Dan 37 Followell, Mark 66 Ford, Karen 61 Ford, Mike 81 Fortner, Steve 79 Fouts, Craig 25 ,69 Fouts, Kathy 46 Franklin, Tom 42 Fulford, Vicki 142 Fultz, Alan 77 Fultz, Darlene 46 C Gabbard, Rick 61,81 Gabonay, Jeanne 53,54 Gaither, Millicent 26,130 Gaither, Renoir 56,60 Gallagher, Debbie 122 Galyan, Steve 61 Garza, Mary 78 Gay, Reuber 79 Gilley, Rod 61 Gilliland, Laurie 50 Glasson, Diana 50,51 Goad, Don 41,75,61,81,105 Goad, Ron 75,76,77,81 Godsey, Gus 81 Goff, John 101 Gommel, Ruth 61 Goodman, Kenny 78 Goodman, Kevin 79 Gordon, Fougere 59,60 Gorman, Matie 135 Goss, Bonnie 48,50 Grant, Joe 81 Gray, Louis 24 Gray, Ricky 60 Green, David 37,60 Green, Peggy 61 Grey, Ricky 34 Grider, Mike 64,79 Grismore, Ken 73 Ground, Maria 50,83 H Hafer, Julie 53 Hagenmaier, Brenda 48,50 Hagenmaier, Richard 71 Haines, Charles 66 Haley, John 41,42,56,61,71 Hall, Mary 59 Hall, Russ 69 Hammond, Jeff 81 Hann, Linda 40 Hansen, Becky 61 Harden, Melinda 46 Harlan, Jim 48,50 Harmon, Joe 81 Harmon, Karel 59,60,61 Harmon, Steve 73,81 Harper, Carol 33 Harrison, Jim 72 Hart, Julie 46 Harton, Terry 66 Hassfurther, Jodi 37,40,42,108 Hathaway, Larry 46,50,56,61 Hauser, Ray 56,70 Hawkins, Mark 77 Hawkins, Rick 77 Heacox, Cindy 50 Heacox, Donna 50,78 Heavrin, Dave 37 Hebble, Tim 53,55,61 Hedegard, Kurt 41,42,71,75,76 Henderson, Lillian 51,78 Henry, Ronnie 77,81 Henscher, Joe 56 Herbig, Phil 48,49,50,54,114 Hibaugh, Randy 67 Hilbert, Dennis 61,77,79 Hill, Ernest 75 Hill, Pam 61 Himes, John 66,79 Hittle, Cathy 48,50,51,78 Hodges, Jeannie 61 Holland, Vicki 47,49,78 Holmes, Mark 56,66 Holmes, Sandy 46,49,78 Horn, Kevin 33 Horn, Terri 46,83 Hosford, Carol 59,127 Hoskins, Teresa 140 Hotseller, Steve 77 Housam, Faith 15,42,50 Huber, Debbie 46,61 Huber, Dennis 61 Huber, Maria 85 Huckeba, Brenda 27,88,118 Hughes, Wendil 79 Hummel, Jim 56 Hunter, Dennis 61,79 y Jackson, Kenneth 67,79 Janke, Lynn 18,25,27,40,46,72,108,111 JanRhoon, Anita 60 Jay, Gary 69 Jent, Shelia 72 Jergens, Jim 61,71 Jerrell, Karen 48 Jerrell, Sharon 48 - 155 Jimison, Wilfred 61,64,77,79 Johnson, Angela 49 Johnson, Charlie 81 Johnson, Derrick 75,76,81 Johnson, Karen 47,78 Johnson, Randy 14,42,61,69,79 Jones, Carlos 61,66,77 Jones, James 79 Jones, Lee 77 Jordan, Alan 41,42,48,50,56,108,148 Jordan, Gloria 151 Jorden, Frank 77 Jurgen, Kim 56 K Kasper, Don 61,64,65 Keeney, Dan 43 Kellenberger, Becky 32 Keller, Sherron 46 Kello, Herb 79 Kello, Howard 46,61,79 Kelly, David 35 Kemp, Melinda 83 Kemp, Michelle 51,83,140 Kendrick, Bonnie 58 Kendrick, Eileen 47,58 Kennedy, Carrie 85 Kimbley, Gus 43,60 Kimbley, Margaret 43,60 Kindred, Eileen 47 King, Leonard 67 Knight, Debbie 32,78 Knoll, Charlie .... 151 Komann, Carol 40,58,72,96,108,150 Kreich, Joe 25,41,58 Kriese, Fritz 71 Kriese, Joni 42,82 Kriese, Kurt 67 Krodel, Butch 46,61,81 L Laetsch, Chuck 71 Laetsch, Donna 40,42,47,50,108,143 Lahman, Karen 25 Lahmann, Maryanne 46,48 Lamping, David 56 Lane, Anne 46 Lane, Richard 61 Lane, Robert 37 Lanier, Guy 43,60 Laeless, Audrey 43 Lasley, Francy 47,48,50,146 Lawrence, Cindy 72 Ledford, Clyde 43 Lee, Keith 56,79 Leonard, Norman 41,46,54,61,64,65,75,76,81 Lewis, Carol 83 Lewis, James 46,47,48,79 Lewis, Kathy 78 Lewis, Sharon 46 Liggett, Gary 37,111 Lindsey, Dennis 61 Lindsey, Russe 58 Lochard, Robert 69 Logedon, Nick 58 Long, Fran 54 Loudermilk, Terry 71 Luedemann, Mark 61,79 Lunn, Debbie 48,50 M Mack, Bob 81 Mahone, William 46 Maple, Matt 46 Marcum, Ed 42 Marcum, Karen 40,48,50,78 Martin, Peggy 32 Maschmeyer, Anne 40,42,46,47,49,54, 58,72,82,140 Mascoe, Linda 50 Mascoe, Mike 46,48,50 Masengale, Diane 46,48,49 Masengale, Jenne 53,130 Masengale, John 42,56,61,64,69,79 Masengale, Mary 78,152 Massing, Leo 61 Mathis, Stan 43,61,64 Maxey, Gwen 78 Maxwell, Jane 53 Maxwell, John 53 Maxwell, Margaret 25,40,45,54,55,108,111 May, Linda 42,50,88,118 McAllister, Dave 41,47,48,53,54 McCampbell, Kent 47,48,50,54 McClullen, Keith 60 McCurry, Steve 79 McDaniel, Bill 41,42,61,64,72 McDaniel, Dave 14,66,72,73,79 McDaniel, James 37 McHugh, Joe 66 McKay, Greg 42,81 McKay, Mike 42,46 156 McKee, Jeff 67 McMillan, Brenda 83 61,64,79 Miller, Cheryl 50 Miller, Clyde 67 Miller, Keith 34 Miller, Mary 61 Miller, Ted 37 Milli, Larry 69 Mills, Gary 25,42,46,96 Mills, Shirley 61 Minton, Vicki 46,47,50 Moore, Greg 72 Moore, Susan 40,42,108 Mueller, Marcia 50 Muldrow, Charles 48 Mullen, Beth 25,108 Mullen, Robert 48,50,56,72 Mullin, Martha 72,78,85 Mullin, Mary 42,85 Munn, Marilyn 78 Murray, Debbie 40,42 Myers, Amy 51 N Napier, Diane 32 Napier, Don 67 Narmore, Jim 56,61,64,75 Natalie, Mike 61,64 Neelye, Steve 56 Newport, Diann 27,42,53,54 Newton, Kay 42,53,54,61 Newton, Michele 40,57,72,150 Nichols, George 43 Nicks, Suzanne 40,54,78,96,146 Nix, Steve 42 Noe, Cathy 54,145 Noe, Karen 53 Novack, George 61,64 Nuckles, Mark 66,79 O O ' Connor, Karen 21,46,54,55,72,78,85 O ' Connor, Tom 67 O ' Neal, Gerry 37 O ' Neal, Pam 85 Osborn, Russel 77 Osmon, Paul 56,66,72 Osmond, Paul 70 Owens, Eddie 61,64,72,73,79 P Pardue, Anita 42 Patterson, Dottie 46,49 Paul, Tom 42 Peak, Beth 46 Pearson, Gary 75 Perdue, Anita 83 Perdue, Linda 32 Perdue, Regan 77 Perry, Bobbi 60 Perry, Terry 61 Perryman, David 70 Peters, Larry 48 Peterson, Bruce 56 Phelps, Ricky 81 Pinner, Robert 75 Pinner, Tom 18,42,46,47,48,49,50,56,114 Pittman, Carolyn 27,46 Plahitko, Jim 42 Plahitko, Tom 61,66,81 Poler, Tim 36 Polen, Debbie 61 Polen, Doug 56,61,81 Poling, David . 46 Powell, Tom 30 Pruitt, Jed 79 Q Quillen, Randy 61 R Raasch, Tom 77 Raimondi, Paul 79 Ratliff, James 79 157 Rawlings, Mark 81 Ray, Mike 67 Raymer, Duane 61 Rhem, Keith 72 Richards, Ron 79 Richardson, Kevin 75 Richardson, Peggy 59 Richmond, Jerry 72 Riley, Chuck 67,77 Ritter, Randy 18,46 Roberts, Crispus 79 Roberts, John 61,69,73,79 Robinson, Mike 67 Roe, Kay 53 Roe, Ken 46,56 Roy, Jeanie 51 Ruoff, Tom 37,61,69,79 Ru sh, Luther 46,79 Russ, Sam 77 Rutan, Melia 50 Ruth, George 79 Rutlege, David 35 Ryan, Rhonda 61 5 Sadler, Marilyn 46 Sample, Don 81 Sandlin, Sheri 50 Sargeant, Glenn 69 Schelske, Nore 36 Schick, Mike 67,72 Schnepf, Carl 70 Scott, Lonnie 61,81 Sease, Dan 56,69 Sease, David 21,41,42,50,146 Sheehan, Debbie 122 Sheets, Denise 78,82 Shelton, Sindi 36,83 Sherman, Vallori 46,49,50,88,118 Shives, Mark 61,64,78,79 Shockley, Pasto 72,73 Shoemake, Jenny 46 Short, Marilyn 40,42 Simpson, Randy 42,61,69,79 Slayton, Gary 42 Smith, Connie 24 Smith, David 117 Smith, Gloria 78,83 Smith, John 42,56,66,70 Smith, Keith 61,68,69,79 Smith, Tony 140 Smith, Vickie 46 Snyder, Alise 85 Snyder, Joe 61,64,79 Sorenson, Mark 79 Sowders, Monica 48,50 Sparks, Gary 46,48,50 Spaulding, Jack 56,69,72 Speck, Barbara 51 Spear, Cathy 61 Squier, Morris 61 Staab, Becky 33,50 Staab, Randy 56,61 Stansbury, Mark 151 Stapert, Janice 36 Steck, Nina 61 Stegemoller, Dean 42,66,81 Stenger, Cheryl 47 Stenger, Glenda 46,72 Strickford, Barry 79 Stillabower, Don 67 Stillabower, Steve 72 Stinnett, Mike 56 Stodgill, Kathy 32 Stofer, Gary 54 Stotts, Greg 46 Strain, Donna 50 Strain, Duane 46,48,50,56 Strait, Benita 46,48,50,114 Stroud, Gary 41,42,56 Stretch, George 66 Stroud, Gary 148 Stuard, Brian 46 Stuard, Larry 79 Stubbs, Bob 18,46,56,66 Stuck, Mike 46 Summeier, Henry 61 Summerhill, Katy 135 Surber, Cindy 46,50 Surber, Steve 66,79 Suttner, Diane 24 T Tabor, Don 69 Taylor, Ernest 73 Taylor, George 64 158 Taylor, Herb 70 Taylor, John 61 Terrell, Mark 81 Tex, Paul 46,56 Thacker, Terry 61,64,73,79 Thompson, Debbie 48 Thompson, Don 40,41,48,50,54,56,145 Thompson, Donna 83 Thompson, Ken 75,79 Thompson, Linda 47,49,50 Thorpe, Jeff 43,79 Thorpe, Keith 66 Thorpe, Steve 61,64,79 Tracey, Joe 79 Trammer, Sally 42 Turner, Hobert 67 U Underwood, Dan 61,64,79 Usrey, Jane 46 V Van Blaricum, Anna 42 Van Horn, Sharon 42 Vaughn, Cornelius 67 Vaughn, Larry 64 Vize, David 61 W Wade, Maria 50,51 Wakefield, Kathy 53,54,142 Walden, Jerry 70 Walker, Larry 78 Walker, Phyllis 42 Walsh, Joe 29 Warren, Richard 29 Watkins, Rick 61,64 Watness, Marinell 47,50,78,83 Watness, Robert 41,46,61,72,73 Webb, Mark 60 Webb, Vernon 77 Webster, Vicki 47,49,111 Welsh, Debbie 40,42,46,49,143 West, Nicey 83 Whitaker, Myra 55,78,147 White, Jim 67 ' 77 White, Mike 66 White, Tony 81 Whitley, Greg 41,42,46,59 Whitley, Kent 69 Whitlock, Donna 46 Wiley, Ed 34 Williams, Dennis 34 Williams, Marcia 51 72 Williams, Mary 46 Williams, Steve 67 ' 77 Wilson, Daryl 29 Wilson, Joe 61,64 Wimberly, Keith 66 Windhorst, Eddie 43 Wineinger, Lisa 46,48,49 Wingler, Marshall 29,46,48,50 Winstead, Mark 72 Wire, Mark 70 Wolfe, Charles 18,46 Wolfe, Gary 77,81 Wood, Beverly 36 Wood, Debbie 21,78,146 Wood, Gary 37 Wood, Phillip 75,81 Wooden, David 20,46,50,56 Wooden, Linda 37 Woods, Charles 37 Woods, Gary 81 Woodworth, Cindy 50 Woolery, Cassie 82 Woolwine, Cindy 15,78 Worden, Jim 56 Wright, Jeri 15 Wycoff, Mike 79 y Yocum, Phyllis 40,42,46,48,49,50,151 York, Alice 78 Young, Greg 37,78,79 Z Ziegelbauer, Steve 42 Zike, David 56,66,79 Zimmerman, Debbie 47,54 159 " No two human beings have made Or ever will make, Exactly the same journey in life. " — Sir Arthur Keith - -

Suggestions in the Emmerich Manual High School - Ivian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

Emmerich Manual High School - Ivian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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Emmerich Manual High School - Ivian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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