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r- . yy U cA MAN MANUAL EMMERICH MANUAL HIGH SCHOOL Indianapolis, Indiana TABLE OF CONTENTS Studies 21 Activities 37 Sports 61 Friends 83 Neighbors 137 ,- ' »4 » ' f TIME - FOR 1 ? akSI fry ' ' ' ' " ' .. ' ' 1 ■v I ; £■ I V L - , :. i L ; • • • ' " " M ' ■ 1 ' ■ « ' ■ " -.- 1 9H Ik , ' • ■■ ■ 1 Jl jj I " • A 1 : Spirit Loyalty Keep Community Redskin Conscious Manual ' s members of Roundtable, a city-wide discussion group interested in schools ' problems, are Retha Narmore, Mr. Fred Jones, sponsor; Kathy Stodgill, Tim McCoy, Linda Hathaway, Carol Biggers, Bev Narmore, and Gary Mills. Janice Stokes and Terry Bonner speak at a Human Relations Forum-Student Assembly meeting. The Human Relations Forum was initiated this year to allow students and teachers a chance to voice their feelings on school problems. Manualites made a splash in both city and local community through competition and communcation. Manual loyalty carries on year after year as was shown by the an- nual birthday party in February, attended by more than 400 alums. Both Roines and Masoma have active alumni groups, and many " old " Lettermen attend games. Through our Human Relations Forum and the city-wide Round- table, students became informed and expressed themselves on inte- gration and other school problems. The competitive spirit of Manu- alites showed up well when they participated in contests. Their win- nings show talents being well-used. Reporter Anne Maschmeyer interviews Mr. Norman C. Wilson for the Booster about his " Alumnus of the Year " award. " ' -■ :■■ 1? ■ ! i i HL. 2% 1 l j f :- ; ' :»i . ...„ ' .. ' • ; • ' ; Manual ' s band prepares to " take off " at the Central Indiana Marching Contest. It received a " First Division " rating for marching to a medley of song selections on " Love. " H54; Kathy Wakefield and Lynn )anke admire the many awards the Booster has won from Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. i MANUAL m Double Scholastic " Cold Key " winners, Connie Hill and Pat Walker, admire some of Pat ' s sculptural macreme. Rob Stone instructs Manual " Exercise in Knowledge " members Phil Wyss, Lynn Jan- ke, Marnie Maxwell, and Mark Koenig. Candidates Mike Kemp, Marcia Cooden, Rick Phillips, Nellie Lamperski, Mary Jo Squillace, Larry Brownlee, Kathy Brown, and Jerry Coss pose w.th Queen Susie Marcum and King Glen Shake after their crowning at the halftime ceremonies. Homecoming Draws Crowds of Redskins, Young and Old Though rain threatened to damp- en the spirit for the nineteenth Homecoming celebration, many Redskins and Manual alumni at- tended the traditional festivities. Seniors Susie Marcum and Glen Shake were crowned Homecoming royalty during halftime by the re- tiring Queen and King, Cind ' Eva and Wayne Shaw. Pitted against Southport, the ' Skins lost the battle after remaining scoreless until the last quarter of play. Candidates arrived in open con- vertibles and circled the field, while the Redskin Marching Band, under Mr. William D. Kleyla and Drum Major Jay Doty, performed march- ing maneuvers on the field. Two freshmen football players rolled out the white carpet for candidates to walk on and Indian papooses car- ried the crowns. Mrs. Martha Cross led the Girls ' Glee Club in " Girl of my Dreams. " Freshmen Papooses Daniel Outlaw and Deb- orah May bear the jeweled crowns used to adorn the new King and Queen. Norman Leonard executes a pass as a South- port defender dives for a tackle. Members of the Girls ' Glee Club sing " Girl of my Dreams " as homecoming Queen Susie Marcum and King Glen Shake promenade down the white carpet to their car. Queen Susie Marcum bursts into tears from joy and excitement as she is crowned by Cindy Eva, the retiring queen. K ; ng Glen Shake stands waiting to escort his queen down the white carpet to their waiting con- vertible for a trip around the track to re- ceive the accolades of all Manualites. it Vice-principal E. Franklin Fisher shows his turnabout, James Hoosier, " the ropes. " Auditorium Manager Carl Wright and his turnabout. Stage Manager Mike )ones, teach a Stage Craft class. Many students took teachers ' places on Turnabout Day. AEW Helps Schools Bridge Gap ' With Turnabout ' and Open House Mrs. Marilyn Hathaway, P-TA president, and her daughter, Linda, visit Miss Carolyn Griffin, L ; nda ' s English teacher. Open House was Wednesday night of AEW. American Education Week oc- curred during the week of October 25. Theme for this annual event was " Help Schools Bridge the Gap. " The theme was carried out at Manual through posters and PA an- nouncements all week. The annual Turnabout Day saw many students taking the place of teachers and " running " their classrooms. Teach- ers and turnabouts were invited to an after-school tea in the library. Open House Night gave parents and teachers a chance to " bridge the gap " and become better ac- quainted. First six-weeks grading period ended before AEW, giving parents and teachers the opportuni- ty to discuss grades. Also at Open House, the P-TA enlisted new members at the doors. For Manualites, highlight of the week was the naming of Mr. How- ard Thrall principal. Prior to AEW, he had been acting principal. 12 Interested Parents Back Manualites with Time, Earnings Mrs. Nathan Wooden and Mrs. James Maschmeyer perform a skit at a meeting. Manual ' s Parent-Teacher Asso- ciation and Dads Club support school activities in person as well as with money they earn through their many money-making projects. P-TA members, approximately 30 at a time, serve in the three re- freshment stands at all home foot- ball games, providing typical grid fare of hot dogs, cokes, coffee, and candy bars. Much money is made while keeping fans happy. April 28, the P-TA-sponsored Pow Wow was in the gym. P-TA mothers worked in booths, served dinner, and counted ballots for the Pow Wow King and Queen. Many school clubs participated at this an- nual event to earn money. The P-TA helped pay for new Glee Club robes, cheerleader out- fits, workshops, and scholarships The active Dads Club mans the concession stands in the gym during basketball season. Selling cold drinks, ice cream, and candy to thirsty, hungry Manual rooters helps the " Dads " meet their budget. Freshman Tfm Baker serves Mr. Carl Lind- strom refreshments of punch and cookies. Mrs. James Maschmeyer serves football fans at the afternoon Ritter contest. Many P-TA members serviced the refreshment booths at all home grid games. Manualaires Jeannetre Mullen, Vicky Ackerman, Becky Hill, Marilyn Sadler, Carol Williams, Diane Spilmon, Kathy Mauler, Rod Bruce, Bary Cox, David Blythe, Chauncey Davis, and Larry White perform at an evening P-TA meeting. i:: Bye Bye Birdie ' Provides Good Showcase for Musicians Clauderre Smith applies stage make-up to Felicia Bailey for the musical show. The Manual Music Department featured the hit comedy, " Bye Bye Birdie, " as its musical production this year. In November, prelimi- naries for the musical began with members of the Choir, Glee Clubs, and Chorus classes auditioning for both speaking and singing roles. After parts were cast, rehearsals began. These rehearsals constituted two weeks of intense practice and work before the production ' s two engagements, November 19 and 20. On stage, the leads worked on blocking and lines with Mr. Fred Bennett, director. Meanwhile, in the choir room the rest of the cast and chorus sang diligently under Mr. Thomas William ' s direction. Eventually, the two combined for full rehearsals, putting all of the pieces of the show together. The stage crew worked hard un- der Auditorium Manager Carl Wright ' s supervision. They experi- mented with lighting and prepared all of the sets and props used. In the orchestra room and the audi- torium pit, the pit orchestra, di- rected by Mr. Thomas Dick, prac- ticed and perfected all of the songs needed to accompany the cast. The make-up crew learned the skills of applying stage make-up. At the dress rehearsal, the night before the first engagement, they ' " worked the actors over. " Doing this, they discovered what type of make-up should be used on the players to create the contrasting effects of age and youth. The cast and costume committee worked together to find the many different types of costumes worn. Friday, November 19, finally ar- rived .The whole cast felt the ex- citement and " butterflies " mount- ing, coming to a crescendo that night at curtain time. Running true to form, the talented Manual show- men presented another successful and entertaining Musical. In rhe scene Telephone Hour, adults as well as teens converse about the newly announced steadies — Hugo and Kim. All phones in Sweetapple, Ohio, are busy. |oyce Stull and Clenda Stenger lovingly re- cite the Conrad Birdie pledge. I I ll Rosie Alvarez, played by Becky Hill, dances as she sings " Spanish Rose. " The McAfee family is grouped in their kitchen, discussing Conrad. Seated is Mark Koenig, and standing are Cheri Watson, Clenda Stenger, and Bob Watness. A group of townspeople meet at the Sweetapple Train Station to greet Conrad (Steve Chirstian) as Rose (Becky Hill) and Albert (David Blythe) look on. Carol Williams reminds her son (David Blythe) of her bad heart condition Stage and PA Combine for All-school Convocations ™ r « " SB«««iii l « a , Assisting with " Cymnatics Made Easy, " an assembly program by Bud and Edna leffery, are Linda Stansbu ' y. Carol Williams, Fred Murray, and Charlie Johnson. Auditorium programs were few and far between this year because of Manual ' s " exploded " population. Two sessions couldn ' t accommodate everyone. Juniors and seniors at- tended in person while underclass- men listened in home rooms by PA. Two assemblies in the gym en- abled everyone to see a couple of " fun " shows, but acoustics there make other programs impossible. Aud programs included the Tee- Pee Talent Parade, for which Red- skins volunteered to perform; a Christmas music concert, which closed with the " Halelujah Chor- us " ; a reformed drug addict, who shared his life ' s story; a National Honor Society pledge ceremony, and two athletic awards days. Work ' ng with a guest speaker, Mr. Frank Bizzarro, during an aud program on Ecology are David Baumann. Rod Gi Hey, Randy Johnson, and Jeannette Mullen. Fire-twirler Dawne Biro performs specta- cularly for TeePee Talent Parade. 16 Military Ball Queen and her court, the other senior sponsors, line up for an Ivian photo- graph: H C Cpt. Mary Merritt, C Maj. Steve Brown, H C Cpt. Becky Hendricks, C LtC Scot Price, H C LtC. Linda Clark, C Maj. Dave Blythe, H C 1st Lt. Cwen Maxey C lst Lt. Wendell Ware, H C Maj. Debbie Westerfield, and C lst Lt. Don Dolph Cafeteria Converts to Dance Hall for Fun ' Occasions Dances offered occasional diver- sions on the school scene. The Ivian-sponsored " Pic Par- ade " and " John Henry Hop " gave underclassmen a chance to swap pictures and sign yearbooks. The SAB after-game dances en- couraged sports fans to socialize with their many friends. Roines Romps attracted teen- agers who enjoy today ' s rock mu- sic. Lights and movement created a vibrant atmosphere at these events. On March 4, ROTC cadets and their dates danced in the Manual cafeteria at the Military Ball. H C LtC. Linda Clark was crowned Queen of this annual event. Marcia Coodin and Jerry Goss reign as Queen and King of Ivian ' s " Pic Parade. " Win ' ston cZVw l nrTT Queen ° f the Milltar Bal1 as Poli « Chief Winston Churchill and ROTC Commandant James McDaniel stand by. 17 Well-balanced Revue Delights Enthusiastic Audience Becky Kellenberger, Carol Komann, Nancy Ellis, Joni Kriese (front), Cindy Heacox, Jan Napier, Darlene Hassler, and Vicki Holland make up the Redskin Revue chorus line. The Revue line opens and closes the show with their dance routine. A successful forty-third Redskin Revue hit Manual ' s stage March 24 and 25. The acts followed a theme " Holidays Around the World. " This year ' s winning act, " Sum- mer of 72, " was written by Junior Beth Mullen and Sophomore John Smith. " Best Male Vocalist, " Junior Charlie Wolfe; " Best Chorus Line, " and " Best Choreographer, " Senior Pam Wittenbring, were in this act. " Best Actress, " Senior Kathy Mauler, and " Vignette Award " winner, Senior Herb Taylor, were from the act " Cone with the Saw- dust, " written by Seniors Jeannette Bair, Mark Koenig, and Joyce Stull. Senior Rod Bruce won " Best Actor " and Junior David Sease took the " Best Comic. " Both were leads in the act " Support Your Local Quack, " written by Sophomores Tom Pinner and Stephanie Cook. " Goodbye Columbus, Hello World, " by Seniors Leslie Allee and Mary Merritt, had the " Best Female Vocalist, " Clenda Stenger. Co-chairmen Carol Williams and Dan Nye introduced co-chairmen Susie Moore and Charlie Wolfe. Redskin Revue Sponsors — Mr. Dennis Colay, Mr. James Walker, Miss Dorothy Powell, Mr. Carsey Gentry, Mr. Wayne Spinks, and Mrs. Shirley Martz — talk with Revue Coordinator Fred Bennett. Sponsors worked closely with act writers to improve scripts and direct staging of the acts. Not present are Mrs. Maureen Madden and Mr. Michael Coffman, also sponsors. IS As Trophies Divide Up among the Four Acts ' Bests ' John Smith and Beth Mullen wrote the rpi r ited winning act, " Summer of ' 72. " Pit Bard members are Debbie Welsh, Francine Lasley, Jim Lewis, Marcia Coodin, La ry Moore, Cindy Davis, Director William Kleyla, Bill Hater, Gary Sparks, David Jordan, David Butler, Mike Mascoe, Duane Strain, Susie Hafer, Dave Steele. The cast of " Summer of ' 72 " sings its finale number, a parody to " Joy to the World. " This group won the award for " Best Act " and for " Best Chorus Line " along with trophies for " Best Choreography " and " Best Male Vocalist. " I " TIME i W ' ■ " VN it. ' k - i ■ , :•? Minicourses Create Change of Pace ' for English Pupils Mr. Estell ' s English 7g class membe:s take time to work on their own during class. All college-bound seniors study four years of English instead of the required three. Senior English prepares students well for college-level study. Orientation, Histlish, Speech, Etymology, and Humanities make up special classes in Manual ' s well- organized English Department. Reg- ular classes teach English grammar and composition as well as an ap- preciation of literature. New to Manual this year were the Minicourses which provided a " break " in several regular English classes. Some 550 Manualites par- ticipated in the courses for two weeks after Christmas vacation and then again in May. Students desig- nated choices from a list of pro- posed courses, and each was given his first choice, if possible. Students attended during their regularly as- signed English periods. Some ses- sions included were Folk Stories in Song, Mythology, Black Literature, Drama, Bib ' e, Love in Literature. Manual Manuscripts, published for the eleventh time, contained poetry, essays, and short stories from all grade levels. Senior Karlow Tutr explains the importance of listening during a debate situation in his Speech class, taught by Mr. Carl Wright. 99 ? tmg mk Mrs. Dorothy Linkc, reading consultant for the Indianapolis school system, teaches reading to Orientation classes. Diana Weaver point ' s out a word to Dennis Myrick who checks the dictionary to see if it is a " real ' ' word. Etymology classes cover the blackboard with their own words created from the Creek and Latin roots they study under Miss Carolyn Griffin. ■■ ' ■ w ■ ■ ■ s . j , : : , : W ! Studious Redskins found Manu- al ' s well-equipped library with its numerous reference sources, many volumes of books, and cassette tapes a good place to study, both during the day and after school. Our library, with its new reader printer machine, also aided students and teachers in project READ, which emphasized all reading. The READ program also stressed the importance of vocabulary usage by employing high interest and low readability materials needed fr slow learners. Thirteen English teachers devoted at least one per- iod a day to the READ program helping individuals or small groups with reading difficulties. The reading lab, with its speed- reading films and shadowscopes, proved to be helpful to both Orien- tation and Reading students by in- creasing their skills. Many Manual students utilize the excellent libiary facilities during all periods of day. Misr. Helen Negley demonstrates the new reader-printer machine to Junior Marilyn Sadler and Freshman Pam Hill. 23 Students Gain Cultural Insight Through Language, Social Studies Debbie Thompson tries to break the candy- filled pinata in her Spanish class. Three foreign languages — Span- ish, French, and Latin — are being offered at Manual. The largest number of linguistic scholars enroll in Spanish — for a minimum of two years. Students in advanced Spanish are exposed to Spanish literature. Because of the expanding French enrollment, a " new " teacher, Mr. John Krueger of the Social Studies Department, was recruited to teach a beginning French class. Students e nrolled in Latin, as in other foreign language classes, study grammar and learn lists of vocabulary, while also delving into the culture of ancient Rome. A language class listens to tapes in the Language Lab. In addition to tapes, the lab is also used by the Latin, Spanish, and French classes for movies. This year, the Social Studies De- partment added a new class, Metro- politan Problems. " Metro " gives the qualities that an effective city should have and shows how people can influence their city. World History offers a look into the past. Citizenship trains for just that. Students enrolled in Psycho- logy study personality, heredity, and behavior. Seniors, interested in teaching, can participate in Ex- ploratory Teaching. All Manualites are required to study United States History as jun- iors, and Economics and United States Government as seniors. b Mr. David Phillips records Maria Ground, Walter Lamperski, and Larry Hathaway. ' J- 1 - -v w z i- r Marsha Haase and Steve Brown observe the Indiana State Legislature from the balcony. Several government classes spent time at the State House learning the processes bills go through before being submitted for the Governor ' s signature. United States History student, Rick Baily, points to the Rocky Mountain area. ,. " V Mike Kemp and Keith Klingler clock the time it takes a gerbil to go through a maze. Psychology classes studied the part repetition plays in forming habits. 25 Inquisitive Minds Employ Math, Science Fundamentals Earth Science students Terry Willis, Joe Farley, Trudy Clark, and Becky Adkins plot the paths the glaciers took when cutting across North Ame-ica. Math and science principles go " hand in glove " and courses in both areas pile on each other to bring majors in these fields to an under- standing of their concepts. However, all headed for gradua- tion must satisfactorily complete a year in both fields of study. A student begins his math stint with general math or algebra, and if a student e ' ects, he may continue through geometry, advanced alge- bra, trigonometry, analytical geom- etry, and calculus. The science requirement for all students is biology which deals with the form and way of life of living things. Students learn to use the microscope, and employ dissec- tion techniques in lab work. The advanced math courses lend themselves helpfully in chemistrv and phvsics classes. Chemistry stu- dents gain insight to the composi- tion of matter and the nature of chemical change, while physics stu- dents explore energy forms and their effects upon matter. Bob Watness, Bob Crawford, and Mike Graham, Physics students, calculate the range of an arrow. They have already fig- ured out what the range should be by using Trigonometry. Now, they are testing to see if their calculations are correct. 26 Caiy Deupree, Laura Kriere, Beth Carlton, and Phil Wyss punch tapes for storing in- formation in a computer. Freshmen Candy K ' rk and Billy Biggersmith match wits at the board in working Algebra I problems during class. Mrs. Betty Warner tests David Cravens and Theresa Achgill on the parts of the dis- sected earthworm. After the worm, stu- dents move on to clams, crayfish, frogs, and finally, fish. Although many Sopho- mores dread " cutting up " these specimens, all seem to enjoy it to varying degrees. ' - ' 7 Art, Music Enrich Cultural Backgrounds of Students Vanessa Anderson steadies the stand so Keel McCavock can get a better look at " Bonesy. Art students use " live " models to sketch some of their pictures. The Art and Music Departments combine to fulfill student ' s cultural needs. The Art Department offers many courses that widen students ' minds. The Art major starts in Art 1 learning the basics and progresses to Art 8 where he works on his own. In Craft Art, students create macreme, rugs, and pottery. Com- mercial Art mixes business and art. Learning to appreciate artists and styles is the aim of Art Apprecia- tion. All Art classes, including Jewelry, exhibit their products in the hallway showcases. Manual ' s chorus classes provide experience in rhythm and harmony for students who enjoy singing. As a student ' s ability increases, he may move up to Choir or Glee Clubs. Choir members may try for Manual- aires, a special group. Band and Orchestra help instrumentalists to harmonize music and to perform. Music Theory gives music majors the " mathematics of music. " Keith Smith trims a three-dimensional figure he is making in Craft Arts class. Craft Art students work with many materials, such as leather and plastic. Diana Surtner studies the cylinders and cones before starting her drawing. 28 The violin section of the orchestra practices for a coming program. The orchestra performs for the all-school honors day and the Choir-Orchestra Concert. 4 l Drum Major |ay Doty directs the Band dur- their contest show, " Love. " Members of the percussions class practice runs to improve drumming skills. A oortion of the Boys ' Glee Club practices under the direction of Mr. Thomas Williams. Boys ' Glee Club performed with the Choir in the Christmas program. ;-«, Home Economics Classes Develop Helpful Practices for Homemaking Debra Hammons gets her weight checked by Mrs. Ruth Albro, school nurse. Home Economics classes help prepare students for the future by instructing them in several fields. The arts of cooking and sewing are taught on all grade levels. These courses let students expand in un- derstanding and skills. Foods classes learn to prepare tasty and practical menus. They are taught to cook within a budget and to consider nutrition. Advanced classes prepare luncheons and pro- vide refreshments for teas. Meals were served several times during the year by advanced pupils. Faculty members, free during the period a meal was served, were in- vited to attend. Brunches, lunches, and dinners provided the girls with experience in planning, preparing, and serving for guests. Students interested in expanding their wardrobes with their own creations learn the necessary skills in Clothing classes. As new tech- niques are learned, students prog- ress from simple skirts to coats and evening wear, even making swim suits. Social Practice, a course for freshmen, strives to assist girls in social etiquette and social relation- ships. Understanding people and problems is taught in Family Living. Home Management takes in con- sumer education and home decorat- ing. Senior girls learn nursing, nu- trition, and special diets in Home Nursing, a required course. Becky Salyers pins the seam line she will sew as Sharlit Brumley examines her materials. Sewing students receive grades in workmanship as well as neatness. Marilyn Srout places her carefully-prepared casserole in the oven. X Most Manualites Find Uses for Business Courses For all students, whether they are planning to enter the business world or not, Business Education is a vital part of their total education- al program. Business courses are de- signed to meet the common needs cf students as well as their voca- tional needs. According to Business Depart- ment records, 25 to 35 per cent of all students major in Business Edu- cation, and 85 per cent are enrolled n one or more business courses. Many sophomores take Typing 1 and 2. Most business majors ad- vance to Typing 3 and 4. This sub- |ect has the largest enrollment of all of the Business courses offered. General Business, Shorthand, Business Math, and Secretarial Practice prove popular along with Machine Calculations and Filing. A major graduates " job ready. " Typing clas:es, such as this one, learn the basic keyboard and symbols. Once these are mastered, accuracy and speed are reached for through timed writings. Karen Shute, Kathy Obermeyer, and Phil Relford tabulate sums in Machine Cal. Stuart Sutlff and Tanya Appleberry get help from their teacher, Mr. William Rosenstihl. Bookkeeping students get experience in balancing ledgers. 31 Working with a signal generator, oscilloscope, and vacuum tube voltmeter, Tony Bates tests and aligns the superhetrodyne radio he built in Electronics. Shop Provides Background for Engineering, Industry Jerry O ' Neill removes air from brake lines to assure their proper function. Boys also learn brake adjustment and other general car repair in Auto Shop. Six shop areas and drawing class- es provide students with knowledge useful for future occupations. Shop classes give basic instruction for industrialized fields, and drawing courses prepare students for many vocational jobs. In Wood Shop, boys learn use of hand tools and machines, home re- pairs and scale construction. They also work on six-week projects. Students in Graphic Arts print pupil passes and other office forms, and silkscreen Senior Armbands and posters for numerous activities. Boys learn car care and engine repair in Auto Shop. One project mechanics undertake is to disas- semble and reassemble an engine. Electric Shop acquaints students with principles of electronics. Pupils in Metal Shop work with flat sheets of metal, making objects by bending or welding. Machine Shop students use heav- ier bar metal which they cut to shape utilizing different machines. Mechanical Drawing, Machine Drawing, and Architectural Drawing teach skills for future jobs. I ' . ' Jim Perryman grinds a hammer head with a metal lathe in Machine Shop. Precise measurements, to the hundredth of an inch, are required on all projects. Freshmen Warren Ward varnishes his " what-not " which he constructed in Wood Shop. Other projects include chess boards, stools, and baseball bats. Mark Meyer, Bill Trimble, and David Zike silkscreen armbands for Senior Day from a design Junior John Poteet made in art class. . " .:: Sponsor Mary Merritt checks with George Nichols before " pinning " Blake Anderson. Maj. Gen. J. Milnor Roberts congratulates Steve Brown as Scot Price, Linda Clark, and Mary Merritt look on. Maj. Gen. Roberts is Chief of the Army Reserves. Year-round Drilling Prepares Cadets for Active ' Duty SSg. |ames McDaniel and SSg. Roy Lawrence check Dan Pitcher during inspection Each cadet must stand inspection every week and may win a " ribbon " decoration. ROTC attracts many s tudents in- terested in military service. Activi- ties include drilling and marching. Instructions are given on use of am- munition and combat tactics. This year, four cadet officers visited Maj. Gen. J. Milnor Roberts, Chief of Army Reserves. They re- ceived the invitation through Mr. Elba Cole, a school counselor. The ROTC presented the Colors at several basketball games. They marched in the Veterans Day Par- ade with units from other schools. Battalion Commander C Lt. Col. Scot Price assisted Commandant SSg. James McDaniel, new this year. SSp. Roy Lawrence, the other in- structor, served as coach of both the Rifle Team and the Drill Team. The Corps won Federal Inspections in 1969 and ' 70. In May 1971, they placed second in the city. The theme of the Military Ball, March 4, was " Love American Style. " ROTC cadets and their dates danced to " Steve Belmer and His Band. " Highlight of the evening was the crowning of Linda Clark. II Energetic Enjoy Daily Workout in Gym Classes All Freshmen are required to take two semesters of Physical Educa- tion. Phys. Ed. gives students an opportunity to participate in various sports and gymnastic exercises. Volleyball, softball, soccer, bas- ketball, and kickball, along with tumbling, are on the agenda for girls. Tumbling includes work with the rings, horse, and buck, as well as somersaults and headstands. Boys play many of the same games and work on apparatus, also. This helps to develop muscle coor- dination which prepares them for all types of physical activities. Those who really enjoy gym and can fit it into their schedules con- tinue with advanced classes, which offer a break in the day. Health for senior boys and all Driver Education classes are also in this department ' s curriculum. ft Sandy Short and Dorothy Patterson enter the Driver Education car. Driver Education pupils, three to a car, drive every third day during the semester. A boys ' gym class executes a spirited game of inter-squad volleyball. During the warm fall and spring months, gym classes move outside. This girls ' gym class is doing warm-up exercises before beginning regular class. r, TIME . ..... . 16 FOR 37 Members of Senior Honoraries Escort Frosh, Serve Alums Members of Masoma and Roines, senior honoraries, were busy year- round with service activities. The clubs began their stint of school services on opening day when they welcomed and assisted the incom- ing freshmen. Sponsored by Mrs. Kathryn Nic- hols, Masoma members prepared traditional mums for the homecom- ing festivities. They also helped with the Alumni Dinner in Febru- ary by setting tables and serving. Roines actives, sponsored by Mr. Dennis Jackson, checked coats on Alumni night and sponsored the popular Roines Romps. These dances featured the popular groups " Granite " and " Joysprings " and used strobe and colored lights. Roines and Masoma members clashed on the gym floor in their annual basketball game. Competi- tion was spirited and exciting, giv- ing each club an opportunity to di- rect its rivalry at the " other " team. The two groups also sponsored PowWow booths, run by pledges. Masoma members served dinner at the annual Alumni night in February. Here, Nellie Lamperski and Leslie Spencer wait on members of the Class of ' 22, new 50-year Club members — Mr. Oscar S. Vogt, Mrs. Vogt, and Mrs. Helen Barr. MASOMA — FRONT ROW: Joletta Strait, Kathy Lewis, Jeannette Mullen, Nellie Lamperski, Carol Biggers. SECOND ROW: Susie Marcum, Georgia Murley, Laura Kriese, Nancy Hedges, Rose Wadsworth, Betty Abner. THIRD ROW: Linda Hathaway, Gail Butterfield, Debbie Westerfield, Candy Collier, Connie Hill, Carolyn Kasper. BACK ROW: Debbie Hopkins, Brenda Lewis, Becky Hill, Joyce Stull, Vicky Acker- man, Leslie Spencer, Mrs. Kathryn Nichols, sponsor. 38 Winner of the Masoma-Roines basketball game is still uncertain as both teams claim victory in the battle, and who knows? Roines member Mike Kemp checks coats for Mr. Karl Erath, ' 10, and Mrs. Helen O ' Connor, ' 48, at the Alum Dinner. ROINES--- FRONT ROW: Mark Koenig, Phillip Wyss, Patrick Miller, William Hafer, Herbie Taylor. BACK ROW: Mr. Dennis Jackson, sponsor; Stuart Sutliff, David Jor- dan, Doug Neff, Randy Duncan, Michael Kemp. M) NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — FRONT ROW: Susan Marcum, Susie Moore, Janice Butler, Kathy Lewis, Nellie Lamperski, Jeannette Mullen, Linda Hann, Lynn |anke, Gail Durham, Georgia Murley. SECOND ROW: loyce Sfull, Jeannette Bair, Connie Hill, Marilyn Morris, Debra Westerfield, Cindy Lawrence, Carol Biggers, Carolyn Kasper. THIRD ROW: Pat Miller, Phil Wyss, Margaret Maxwell, Donna Laetsch, Brenda Lewis, Leslie Spencer, Laura Kriese, JoAnn Devine, Linda Hathaway, Michele Newton, Rose Wadsworth. BACK ROW: Steve Carrico, Mark Sauter, Alan Jordan, Becky Hill, Beth Mullen, David Jordan, Mark Koenig, Steven Nix, Mike McKay, Mr. John Krueger, sponsor. Honor Society Cites Leaders; Affairs Board Invites Visitors STUDENT AFFAIRS BOARD — FRONT ROW: Mr. Wayne Spinks, sponsor; Vicki Burton, Judy Steele, Tanya Campbell, Mrs. Marilyn Dever, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Melinda Merrell, Anne Maschmeyer, Barb Dawson, Jan Elrod. BACK ROW: Mr. Harold Baumer, sponsor; Bill Davis, Greg McKay, Bill Hafer, Alan O ' Neal. 40 The National Honor Society, an honorary organization for juniors and seniors excelling in academics, leadership, character, and school service, had its pledging ceremony in the aud March 8. The 30 pledges were formally inducted May 14. The Student Affairs Board pro- moted better student-teacher rela- tions by allowing persons with free periods to attend their meetings. There were also several SAB-spon- sored after-game dances. SAB members listen to Mr. Wayne Spinks at a meeting in the Conference Room. Stage Crew Creates Sets; Radio Club Greets Early Birds ' RADIO CLUB — FRONT ROW: Yvonne Morris, Alice York, Eddie Windhorst, Don Tompkins. SECOND ROW: Donna Alte, Connie Wasson, Linda O ' Dell, Keith Ray, David Hole. BACK ROW: Bill Windhorst, Rick Morgan, Kerry Buhneing. The stage crew and radio club are two of Manual ' s busiest groups. The stage crew spent many long hours building the sets used in the musical and Redskin Revue. They also constructed the platforms needed for the four one-act plays and the Christmas aud program. The stage crew is also responsi- ble for the lighting and sound sys- tems and set movement. During Redskin Revue, a set had to be moved off stage and replaced with another in less than two minutes. Radio Club members learn the production techniques of broadcast- ing. They employ their knowledge through a 15-minute radio program on Manual ' s station, WMHS, each morning. Songs and bits of informa- tion entertain all until 8:10. Don Tompkins reads the morning news over WMHS, Manual ' s radio station. Stage Crew members Matt Rush and Terry McGee prepare sets for Redskin Revue. S )und and Stage Managers Stu Sutliff and Mike Jones " work " an aud program. M i U Thespians Perform Modern One-acts Children ' s Stories THESPIANS — FRONT ROW: Lynn Janke, Kathy Lewis, Susie Moore, Joletta Strait, Vicky Ackerman, Nancy Hedges. SECOND ROW: Linda Hathaway, joAnn Devine, Leslie Spencer, Carol Williams, Jeannette Bair, Mr. Fred Bennett, sponsor. BACK ROW: Dennis Myrick, Margaret Maxwell, David Sease, Joyce Stull, Charles Wolfe. Not pictured — Debbie Hopkins, Beth Mullen. Manual ' s active Thespians pre- sented four modern one-act plays, " Quartet for Today, " on February 12 ,in half-round in Band Room. " Quartet for Today, ' ' on February . The first of the plays, " The Masks, " explored the part religion plays in lives. The characters soul- searched before realizing that some people, indeed they themselves, wore masks over their real faces. The next two plays, " Lullabye " and " Memorial Day, " treated over- indulgent parents. " Lullabye " told of parents giving in to a child ' s every demand while " Memorial Day " showed a couple, each so in- volved in his own wishes for his son that he forgot to consult the child to see what he wanted. The final play, " An Overpraised Season, " dealth with teenagers ' views on life, war, and religion. Later in the year, the group per- formed " The Princess and the Pea. " Margaiet- Maxwell and Gary Mills, Mrs. and Mr. Lutz in " Memorial Day, " attempt to pull their son, Peter, from the well he has lived in for three years. Claudia Sutherlen and David Sease play a scene from " An Overpraised Season. " 42 Leslie Spencer portrays an insane old woman in the play, " Lullabye. " Charles Wolfe, Linda Hathaway, B eth Mullen, and David Blythe are cast members of " The Masks, " a play depicting the hypocrisy of some church-going people. Beth Mullen and Linda Hathaway listen to David Blythe in the " church " scene. Paul (David McAllister) comforts his wife Laurel (Terri Class) as she finally realizes that their children are not as innocent as she had thought. Instrumentalist or Vocalist— Manual Has Place for You Annie Mason, Gerald Cox, and Phillip Din- kins practice with the orchestra. Manual ' s Music Department of- fers many organizations for musical talents. These extra-curricular groups are fun for participants and entertainment for others. Early in the fall semester the Marching Band could be found on the practice field every afternoon. With football games each Friday night and the marching contest in October, the band practiced its shows for precision, showmanship. In November came the annual musical. " Bye Bye Birdie " let both vocalists and instrumentalists " show off " to fellow Manualites. Strains of Christmas carols were heard in December from Manual vo- calists singing before school on the main stairway. All vocal classes participated in the " greetings. " February brought the Alumni Dinner and this meant another mu- sical program. The Orchestra and Choir performed for this occasion. In March, the Concert Band and Girls ' Glee Club presented their an- nual concert, followed by the Choir- Orchestra concert in April. The May Music Festival com- bined all phases of the Music De- partment in a big display of talent. ORCHESTRA — FRONT ROW: Lisa Wineinger, Candy Collier, Victoria Holland, Nancy Hedges, Cheryl Stenger. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Pieper, Debra Welsh, Anne Maschmeyer, Karen Johnson, Diana Glasson, Vickie Minton, Gail Butterfield, Donna Laetsch, Mary Ent- wistle. THIRD ROW: Maryanne Lahmann, Dian e Masengale, Bethany Housam, Kerra Clampitt, Ronald Underwood, Francine Lasley, James Lewis, Marcia Goodin, Alan Jordan, Duane Strain, David Butler. BACK ROW: Phillip Dinkins, Georgia Murley, Vallori Sherman, Judy Duggan, Angela Johnson, Jody Kessler, Felicia Bailey, Rhonda Cherry, Victoria Webster, Susan Hafer, David McAllister. I I 5 f CHOIR- FRONT ROW: Glenda Stenger, Beth Housam, Cheryl Thompson, Beth Peak, Joyce Stull, Marsha Haase, Phyllis Yocum, Dbbie Welsh, Jeannette Mullen, Kathy Lewis, |an Butler, Linda Hann. SECOND ROW: Kathy Mauler, Cheri Watson, Jennie Andrews, Carol Williams, JoAnn Devine, Becky Hill, Lynn Janke, Vicky Ackerman, Anita Taylor, Terry Purlee, Judy Steele. THIRD ROW: Matt Maple, Luther Rush, Charlie Wolfe, Mark Koenig, Howard Kello, Marilyn Sadler, Terry Glass, Diana Spilmon. Butch Krodel, Patrick Miller, Greg Whitley, Robert Watness. BACK ROW: Mike McKay, Mauri Dale, Larry White, Chauncey Davis, David Wooden, Norman Leonard, Steven Christian, Dave Blythe, Gary Cox, Randy Ritter, Mike Kemp, Lane Shepherd, Mr. Thomas Williams, Director. ORCHESTRA — FRONT ROW: Gerald Cox, Nancy Ellis, Linda Hathaway, Julie Hart, Dorothy Papperson. SECOND ROW: Larry Moore, Thomas Pinner, Stuart Sutliff, Debra Huber, Jerry Bunner, Robert Stubbs, Amy Farley, Sharon Lewis. THIRD ROW: William Hafer, Gary Sparks, Jay Doty, Linda Hann, Ken Roe, Paul Tex, Callie Koenig, Jeannine Quails, Doona Whillock, Gayla Perdue. BACK ROW: James Harlan, David Steele, Anthony Walton, Mr. Thomas Dick, director; Kent McCampbell, Janet Walton, Marg Williams, Sandy Holmes, Cathy Chelf. Not pictured are Michael Masco and Marinell Watness. r Performing Groups Represent Music Department School Manualaires, a group selected from the Choir, gave many special programs for out- side audiences. FRONT ROW: Lane Shepard, Jeannette Mullen, Kathy Mauler, Charles Wolfe. SECOND ROW: Rod Bruce, Becky Hill, Carol Williams, Marilyn Sadler, Diana Spilmon, Mike Kemp. BACK ROW: Gary Cox, David Blythe, Chauncey Davis, Larry White. CLEE-ETTES, " top " singers in the Glee Club, gather around the piano in their new robes, which are Manual red with white trim, to har- monize with their director, Mrs. Martha Cross. FRONT ROW: Darlene Foltz, Marcia Bridgewater, Becky Hendricks, Vivian Keaton, Terri Lee Horn, Sharron Keller. BACK ROW: Dawne Biro, Debbie Dobson, Claudia Sutherlen, Nancy Ellis, Kay Eckler, Rita Graves. Not pictured, Jenny Shoemake. 46 Whether Attired in Formal Uniform, or Sequins THE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, new this year, directed by Mr. Thomas O. Dick, won a " First Div;sion " rating in the Indiana High School Music Associaton contest. FRONT ROW: Lisa Wineinger, Candy Collier, Vicki Holland, Nancy Hedges, Nancy Ellis, Linda Hathaway, Vallori Sherman, Becky Pieper, BACK ROW: Diane Masengale, Debbie Welsh, Beth Housam, Susie Hafer, Judy Duggan, Angela Johnson, Georgia Murley, Dottie Patterson. TWIRLERS — FRONT ROW: Darlene Hassler, Cindy Woodworth, Jenny Andrews, Vicki Burton, Jackie Ferguson, Faith Housam, Susie Capps, Maria Wade, Debbie Cradick. SECOND ROW: Donna Dewey, Becky Kellenberger, Donna Gibson, Susie Marcum, Cindy Heacox, Melinda Merrell, Cindy Surber, Candy Ballard, Jenny Shoemake, Kim Burnette. BACK ROW: Cheri Watson, Debbie Shanahan, Becky Staab, Marty Baase, Nancy Ellis, Geri DeHoff, Claudia Sutherlen, Debbie Walden, Pam Wittenbring. 17 Band Marches ' to Eighteenth First Division ' Rating Twirlers salute the Stars and Stripes at mid-field as the band plays the " Star Spangled Banner " from the stands and fans sing before a football game. Manual ' s Redskin Marching Band, under the direction of Drum Major Jay Doty, won its eighteenth consecutive " First Division " rating at the Indiana High School Music Association Marching Contest in October. A unique show was dia- grammed with " Love " as its theme by Mr. William D. Kleyla, Band Di- rector. The maneuvers included such techniques as backward marching, pinwheels, abstracts, and a sunburst. Rarely attempted by a high school band, the sunburst added an extra effect of precision to the show. This contest, always per- formed on the Southport field, was well-attended by Redskin fans. BAND -FRONT ROW: Donna Laetsch, Laurie Cilliland, Diana Classon, Cindy Stock, Vicki Minton. SECOND ROW: Thomas Pinner, Randall Borkes, Phil Herbig, Lang Brownlee, Paul Tex, Tim Birtchman, Gregory Stotts, Ken Roe, Bob Smith, Linda Hann. THIRD ROW: Melanie Boardman, Marsha Haase, Phyllis Yocum, Debra Gidcumb. Brenda Hagenmaier, Rod Bruce, Kathy Duggan, Bill Hafer, Gary Sparks, )ay Doty, David Jordan, Tim McCoy, Cathy Hittle. BACK ROW: Debbie Lunn, Monica Cowders, Karen Marcum, Tanya Campbell, Linda Thompson, Peter Lindstrom, Kent McCampbell, Marinell Watness, Jim Harlan, David Steele, Tony Walton. CLEE CLUB— FRONT ROW: Darlene Fultz, Taylor, Kerra Clampitt, Diana Classon, Ne Davis, Kathy Fours, Jane Usrey, Pamela Thompson. Marilyn Short, Surber, Sue Wiley, Anne Maschmeyer, Sandi Wolfe, Donna Thompson. Rita Craves, Kathy Payne, Maryanne Lahmann, Deborah Church, Judy Kemmerer, Becky Drake, Kerri Stine, Karen Bray, Peggy Davis Karen Butler, Nancy Ellis, Linda May, Anna Van Blaricum, Linda Dawne Biro, Linda Brcwn, Debbie Dobson, Sherri Thomas, Kay Eckler, Marcia Bridgewater, Terri Lee Horn, Leisa Betzler, Sharron Keller, Maria Wade, Paula e Lamperski, Marcia Williams, Cheryl Stenger, accompanist. SECOND ROW: Lu Ann Cathy Noe, Vivian Keaton, Lillian Henderson, Judy Farley, Cindy Barbara Speck, Jackie Robertson. THIRD ROW: Becky Hendricks, Cindy Denton, Kim Burnette, Alice York, Vicki Webster, Peggy Cope, Debbie Shanahan, Karen O ' Connor, Susan Meece. FOURTH ROW: Clark, Pam Wittenbring, Kathy Bray, Jane Ackerman, Benita Strait, Nancy Hedges, Debbie Wood, Kay Newton, Carolyn Pittman. BAND -- FRONT ROW: Stephanie Cook, Pamela Kent, Linda May, Kathy Fouts, Mary Entwhistle. SECOND ROW: Francine Lasley, Cindy Davis, Larry Moore, James Lewis, Susan Moore, Carol Williams, Marcia Coodin, Stewart Sutliff. THIRD ROW: Robert Mullen, Marshal Wing- ler, David Sease, Mark Browne, Larry Hathaway, David Wooden, Robbie Branam, Strait. Carol Biggers. BACK ROW: David McAllister, Charles Knoll, Mike Wycoff, Baker, Bill Edwards, Don Wyatt, Don Thompson, Randal Ferris, Allan Jordan, Mark Koenig, Linda Mascoe, Marilyn Kunkel, Benita Mr. William Kleyla, director; Randy Duncan, Tim Duane Strain, Mike Mascoe, David Butler. -i Booster Reporters Capture Manual News Weekly Booster Editor, Tim Hebble confers with Page Editors Lynn Janke and Kathy Wakefield, Sports Editor Keith Klingler, and Alice Lucas, News Bureau Head. Publications staffers work to pro- duce the Booster 24 weeks of the school year. Editor Tim Hebble, Page Editors Lynn Janke, Keith Klingler, and Kathy Wakefield as- sign stories to staffers who then have the responsibility of getting the information and writing the copy. Those who do not have stories work on headlines or proofread gal- leys and assist with makeup. Mrs. Jane Cable and Mr. Philip Ross, sponsors, help with any prob- lems that may arise. Photographers are trained by Mr. Ross. Manual journalists attended the Greater Indianapolis Press Day at North Central High School, January 15. In contests, Diann Newport won first place in Novice Newswriting, and Junior Suzanne Nicks, second in Cartooning for novices At a Christmas get-together, staffers ' gag-gift-exchange provides the entertainment. In June every- one picnics at a park. Booster agents pick up papers for their class- mates as they do every Thursday before home room. Some 70 " news carriers " de- liver the weekly paper. Agents not only bring Boosters to the home room, but they also take orders for underclass pictures and sell yearbook subscriptions. 50 Kay Newton and Diann Newport find some- thing amusing at the Christmas party. Chatting at the Publications Christmas party are Cub Clubbers Mary |o Beaman, Carole Hosford, Liz Adams, Brenda Hagenmaier, and Frances Long (seated), and Cheryl Harmon, Jeff Lindstrom, John Maxwell, and Barbara Kleinfelter (standing). " What is it? " Roger Carroll seems to ques- tion as he unwraps his gag gift. Proofreading galleys for the Booster are underclass staffers Phillip Herbig, Kay Newton, Karen O ' Connor, John Maxwell, Stephanie Cook, Marshal Wingler, and Kent McCampbell. Checking for typesetting errors is a Monday-morning job. Ivian Staff Combines Talents to Produce Best Seller ' Tim McCoy finds Karla Andrews ' under- class picture packet in the alphabetical file in the Publications office. Dream to reality — ' 72 Ivian! With a vague idea, yearbook Co- editors Mamie Maxwell and Beth Mullen tried to present the stu- dents ' year in a different perspec- tive, incorporating new and inno- vative techniques in the book. Since school involves more than learning, the two editors and their sponsor, Mrs. jane Cable, agreed to show the ways many student in- volve themselves in their extra- activities. Manual is " A Time For Learning, Happiness, and You. " Staffers worked long hours mounting pictures, writing copy and cutlines, and proofreading. Some staffers spent weekends and days of their vacations piecing together the yearbook. Photographers kept busy taking and printing pictures. " The combined efforts of a small loyal staff makes the yearbook what it is, " said Co-editor Marnie. Ivian Co-editors Beth Mullen and Marnie Maxwell work with Senior Editor Susan Hafer and Keith Klingler, Sports. A group of Publications photographers — Tom Stewart, Tony Smith, Greg Hollis, and Mar- shal Wingler — confer about their " shooting " schedule for Ivian pictures. " i 52 A trip to the Children ' s Museum enabled Quill and Scroll members to view the " Drug Scene " exhibit. Here Kathy Wakefield, Mar- nie Maxwell, Anne Maschmeyer, Tim Heb- ble, and Tim McCoy question Carolyn John- son, a former addict, who told of her ex- perience and reform. Quill and Scroll Honorary Rewards Journalists QUILL AND SCROLL — SEATED: Debbie Hopkins, Carol Williams, Kathy Wakefield, Roger Carroll, Mamie Maxwell, Beth Mullen, Tom Stewart, Jan Butler. STANDING: Terry Purlee, Randy Duncan, Tim McCoy, Lynn Janke, Don Thompson, Anne Maschmeyer, Cathy Crowe, Mike Kemp, Cathy Noe, Keith Klingler, Gary Stofer, Pat Miller, Lang Brownlee. : ; ' . Manualites Help Others through Club Activities The art of macreme was demonstrated at a Y-Teens meeting. Linda Moore shows the technique to Myra Whitaker, Melinda Harden, and Mrs. Betty Warner, sponsor. Three active groups serve Manu- al and the community — Key Club, Tri-Hi-Y, and Y-Teens. Chartered last year, Key Club members undertake many projects helpful to the community. " Project Christmas " was a drive for canned goods to give to needy families in Indianapolis. The club collected 20 boxes of goods and added meat. Over spring vacation, Key Club- bers campaigned for Multiple Scler- osis with a ping-pong Marathon. Key Club members also Christ- mas carolled, played basketball with Indiana Central ' s Circle-K Club, a nd cleaned up after the Pow Wow. Tri-Hi-Y members sold tradition- al red derbies during Sectional time and organized a contest for the best decorated derby. They al- so sponsored a Pow-Wow booth. Girls in Y-Teens " manned " a coat check during basketball sea- son. At weekly meetings, members listened to guest speakers and watched a macrame demonstration. Tri-Hi-Y President- Patty Roberts presents the award over the PA for " Best Decorated Derby " at Sectional time to the winner, Arthru Dye. Other officers — Vice-presi- dent Kay Newton, Secretary Michele New- ton, and treasurer Bev Taylor — witness the presentation. This was a project of this serv- ice club to promote spirit and enthusiasm for the Redskins during the tournament. " .I Mayor Richard Lugar got the Key Club ' s ping-pong Marathon for Multiple Sclerosis started by giving a donation to Marathon Chairman Carl Schnepf. Others are Presi- dent Jim Narmore, President-elect Paul Os- mon, a multiple sclerosis patient, and Mr. Robert Hignite, sponsor. All met in the Mayor ' s office in the City County Building. Key Clubbers John Haley and Jim Narmore help fill boxes with canned goods for " Project Christmas. " Jim Narmore and Paul Osmon are helping the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation by playing in the Manual Key Club ' s Ping-Pong Marathon during Spring Vacation. KEY CLUB — FRONT ROW: Larry Hatha- way, Greg Bentle, Jack Spaulding, Greg Liv- ingston, Bill Davis, Paul Osmon. SECOND ROW: John Haley, Dave Lamping, John Deubelbeiss, Duane Strain, Russ Finley, Gary Stroud, Lang Brownlee. THIRD ROW: Da- vid Wooden, Don Thompson, Randy Robin- son, Jeff Farley, Mark Holmes, Thomas Pim- mer, Bill Skidmore, Mr. Robert Hignite, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: John Roberts, Mike Davis, David Jordan, Tom Allen, Carl Schnepf, Bob Stubbs, Alan Jordan. 55 Organizations Provide Outlets for Varied Interests Future Business Leaders ' officers — Anthony Nourse, Mark Borden, Carolyn Pittman, Myra Whitaker, Karen Bowling, and Annie Mason — ■ meet to plan club activities. Chess, Art, and Future Business Leaders Clubs cater to Manualites ' many and varied interests. Chess Club is designed for stu- dents interested in learning the fun- damentals of and practicing their skill at the game. The Art Club reorganized this year. Included in the activities were demonstrations in water color, cera- mics, and jewelry. Members worked on individual projects of macrame, figure drawing, and batik. They also took field trips to Indiana Uni- versity and the new Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Future Business Leaders Club offer an insight into business practices and helps prepare its members for the business world. Janice C ordon, Michele Caddis, Robin Burke, and Susan Ruthroff, Art Club members, observe a pottery demonstration performed by ' 70 grad, Patrick Layden. Kevin Hooper and David Vize engage in a battle of wits during a chess game. 56 Students Practice Language Lingo at Meetings Spanish Club officers Leisa Betzler, Peggy Richardson, Leslie Spencer, and Steve Nix meet with Mr. Carsey Gentry, club sponsor, to discuss future club plans. Three language clubs provide stu- dents with culture about the coun- tries whose languages they study. Many people spoke to the Span- ish Club about Spanish-speaking countries they had visited. Their talks were augmented with Spanish travel films and Spanish songs and games. At the Chirstmas fiesta, club members broke a candy-filled pina- ta and ate Spanish foods. Later in the year, Mr. Robert Snoddy, Eng- lish teacher, played his flamenco guitar for the group. The French Club, new this year, discovered delicious French cuisine at La Tour, a French restaurant in the Indiana National Bank tower. The Latin Club had two celebra- tions — a birthday party in Novem- ber and a Christmas party the next month. At regular meetings, scenes from Roman history were viewed. Debbie Binion cuts the Latin Club birthday cake as other members Mike Natalie, Annie Mason, and Kay Eckler watch. Linda May, Diann Newport, Stephanie Cook, and David Sease, French Club officers, plan a dinner at La Tour restaurant with their sponsor, Mr. David Phillips. 57 Active Judoka and Bowlers Practice Throws ' Randy Wi ' son is about to be thrown by Ricky Cray. Wilson is the victim of Cray ' s shoulder thow, which is called Seio-Nage in Japan, where judo began. Two " co-ed " sports at Manual are the Judo and Bowling Clubs. Both have many Redskins as mem- bers who actively participate. Under the direction of Mr. Ste- phen Sharpee, a " black belt, " the Judo Club has progressed to its third year. Meeting several after- noons a week, the members of this club learn the art of self-defense but also have fun in the process. Various holds and throws are dem- onstrated and taught. Manual bowlers traveled to Sport Bowl Tuesdays after school for an afternoon of fun and competition. The members of the thirteen teams tried their best to improve their individual scores and their teams ' standing. The annual bowling ban- quet took place in the cafeteria on March 30. Trophies for team stand- ings and individual accomplish- ments were presented. Secretary Karen O ' Connor had the job of figuring the weekly aver- ages and handicaps for the club. JUDO CLUB — FRONT ROW: Mr Stephen Sharpee, sponsor; Alice York, Connie Wasson, Margaret Kimbley, Charles Campbell. SEC- OND ROW: Keith Ray, Randy Wilson, Stuart Copeland, John Yancey, Kirby Harrison, David Hole, David Hawkins. THIRD ROW: Rickie Cray, Freeman Franklin, Emmet t Miller, Lex Ford, Fougere Cordon, Curtis Edmonds, Miles Dodson. BACK ROW: Rick Harrison, Billy Smith, Jeff Hall, Mark Mueller, George Stretch, Mike Cupp. 58 LETTERMAN — FRONT ROW: John Meehan. Larry Walker, Delbert Bevvies, Richard Quade, Herb Taylor, Virgil Burke, Royce Allen. SECOND ROW: Bob Mack, Jeff Hammond, Darrell Mathis, Butch Boger, Rod Bruce, Gary jay, Roger Carroll, Russ Finley. THIRD ROW ' Karlow Tutt, Steve McCurry, Larry Stuard, Mike Ford, Dave Jackson, )oe Snyder, Don Tompkins, John Haley, Norman Leonard. FOURTH ROW: Leo Massing, Mike Crider, Bill McDaniel, Dan Stegmoller, Dan Underwood, Kurt Hedegard, John Masengale, Mike Lindsey, Sponsor Ray Schultz. BACK ROW: Howard Kello, Tim Hebble, Larry Hathaway, Darrell Short, Mark Shives, Ken Crenshaw, Lang Brownlee, Gary Sater, Randy Quillen. Aiming for a strike is Mark Nelis, one of the Bowling Club members. Denise Smith, Eddie Childress, Debbie Ru- ber, David Vize, Nina Steck, and Randy Staab prepare to bowl. BOWLING CLUB FRONT ROW: Mary Miller, Susie Woodworth, Jeannine Hodges, Jeanie Roy, Pam Hill, Debbie Ann Ray, Karen O ' Connor, Diann Newport. SECOND ROW: Gary Stofer, Kathy Spears, Debbie Huber, Karen Ford, Nina Steck, Lisa Snyder, Denise Smith, Debbie J. Ray, Terry Leeds. THIRD ROW: Mr. Kenneth Freeman, sponsor; Duane Raymer, John Taylor, Debbie Orbscn, Carolyn Brough- ton, Kay Newton, Cheryl Harmon, Terry Ennis, Zack Bird, Gary Leeds. BACK ROW: Dennis Patton, Doug Polen, Richard Lane, David Zike, Ray Hauser, Mark Terrel, Bob Watkins, David Vize, Randy Staab. :V TIME % . ' . . V 1 GO FOR -vr ' Ui anks Collects MVP Honor While Leading Redskins Center Bob Mack (51) sive action against No. and Randy Johnson (70) anxiously await returning to the offen- 1 rival Southport in the year ' s homecoming contest, October 22. The 1971-72 Redskin grid sea- son was a reverse of the last year ' s slate, posting four wins and six losses. Seniors leading the offensive attack were Lanny Banks, Rod Bruce, Mike Collins, Mike Graham, Bob Mack, and Karlow Tutt. Royce Allen, Mike Crider, Randy Johnson, Norman Leonard, John Meehan, Ed- die Owens, Joe Snyder, and Joe Wilson, all of whom are juniors, will be returning next year. Sophomores getting some varsity experience were Wilfred Jimison, John Masengale, and Dan Under- wood; all showed up well. Delbert Bowles, Larry Stuard, Terry Willis, and Mark Montgom- ery consistently upheld a tight line on defense throughout the season. Banks, who led the ' Skins in total points with 66, was voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates. Banks, along with Willis, attained honorable mention in the All-City ratings at the end of the season. Three different players alter- nated at starting quarterback throughout the year — Collins, Snyder, and Leonard, in that order of play. These men received the ball from Mack, playing his first VARSITY FOOTBALL — FRONT ROW: Manager Leo Massing, Royce Allen, Mark Montgomery, Eddie Owens, Joe Snyder, Delbert Bowles, John Meehan, Larry Stuard, Darryl Mathis. SECOND ROW: Coach Ray Schultz, Crawford Spann, Dan Stegemoller, Mike Col- lins, Joe Wilson, Mike Graham, Ken Crenshaw, Wendell Ware, Coach Noah Ellis. BACK ROW: Richard Quade, Dave Jackson, Bill McDaniel, Mike Crider, Lanny Banks, Terry Willis, Karlow Tutt, Dan Underwood, Bob Mack, Rod Bruce. m ® HAWIM. f f 32 .36, .77 V , 91 f.j9P, % §?, ■« ' « IS 30 ? 31 .•« ' » 43 ' f ' WtfBAl ' MAMUJU. 4, i ■ " ■ : - ■ ' ■■■■■ Terry Willis (81), Mark Montgomery (44), and Larry Stuard (61) all employ a tough defense against the Golden Knights. In spite of their efforts, Arlington won 20-0. year in the center position. Collins was also the team ' s only punter and compiled a near 35-yard average for the ten games played — excel- lent for a " prep " school kicker. Manual was outscored by oppo- nents, 201 to 176 total points. Des- pite the losing season, the loyal fans continually filled the bleachers at Delavan Smith Field for all home contests. The ' Skins responded by posting three of their four victories on the home turf. The other win came in the initial game of the sea- son on the Roncalli field. Coach Noah Ellis completed his sixteenth season as head mentor. Opp. Manual Roncalli 14 28 Washington 14 Howe 20 24 Cathedral 21 6 Arlington 20 Broad Ripple 16 6 Tech 16 8 Wood 12 36 Southport 32 12 (Homecoming) Ritter 26 36 Season Record: 4 Wins, 6 Losses Mike Graham (31) prepares to block for Lanny Banks (24) against a Continental. 63 Junior Varsity Gains Experience with 9 -Game Season Aggressive Redskin blocking flattens the Raiders in the season ' s final game. Assistant Coach Ray Schultz explains some defensive strategy to a muddy Terry Willis, who attained an All-City Honorable Mention for this year ' s efforts. r % JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL — FRONT ROW: Mike White, Tyrone Baker, Dennis Craig, Dennis Hunter, Wilford Jimison, David Zike, Paul Osmon, Bill Davis, Mike Stinnett. SECOND ROW: Herb Clark, Rolfe Bruce, Rick Stevason, Mike Stuck, Joe Kriech, Victor Merida, George Taylor, Bob Kirby, Don Durrett, )eff Thorpe, Manager Larry Hathaway. THIRD ROW: Coach Dennis Jackson, Jeff Far- ley, Jeff Bunnell, Joe Farley. Rick Baker, Don Kasper, Mark Campbell, Terry Thacker, Phil Anderson, Ed Childress, Al Taylor. BACK ROW: Tom Ruoff, Rick Hagenmaier, Randy Johnson, Marlon Followell, Norman Leonard, Rick Watkins, John Massengale, John Smith, Rick Walsh, Bob Stubbs, Steve Thorpe. J ft ■ " ■ WHVAL m oa! MAJTOAI, " AW «AM|jAl j, i£ ™ KAKUM, j Wt rJ2 74 3S u46 8F !7 75v7P S ' ' ' ' «• " ••• " If •„. • ■ i « WAHTMU, « Wtt MANUAL HM M £ r ] Frosh Face 10 Foes Manual ' s Junior Varsity gridders played to a stand-off season of four wins, four losses, and one tie. The future Varsity squad, under the leadership of Coach Dennis Jackson, posted strong victories over Howe 20-0, Tech 22-0, Ritter 20-6, and Columbus 22-6. Overcoming the Redskins were Cathedral 46-0, Ar- lington and Broad Ripple 14-0, and Southport 16-8. The lone tie came with Washington 6-6. Juniors Ty- rone Baker, Herbie Clark, Don Dur- rett, Victor Merida, and George Taylor, and Sophomore Rick Steve- son led the determined ' Skins ' at- tack throughout the season. The football-minded Freshmen, led by Coaches Fred Jones and Ger- ald Root, didn ' t fare so well as the older ' Skins, recording a season of three wins and seven losses. Arling- ton, Roncalli, and Wood were the Frosh victims; Washington, Howe, Cathedral, Tech, Broad Ripple, Rit- ter, and Southport downed them. Principal Howard Thrall watches his Redskins closely in the only afternoon football game of the year. Mr. Steve Sharpee announces the Ritter contest over the PA. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL — FRONT ROW: Clyde Ledford, Jack Spaulding, Joe Grant, Lee Fugate, joe Collins, Coach Gerry Root. SECOND ROW: James Godsey, Steve Surber, Dean Stegemoller, Brian Stuard, James Day, Coach Fred Jones. THIRD ROW: David Liggett, Greg Murry, Robbie Brawham, Steve Jent, Rick Phelps, |ohn Baker, Paul Goines. FOURTH ROW: Joe McHugh, Bryon Hopper, Robert Mullen, Mark Holmes, Rick Dobbins, Mark Winstead, Ron Henry, Tom Plahitko. FIFTH ROW: Greg McKay, Joe Tracy, Gary Okey, Kerry Brown, Larry Vaughn. NOT PIC- TURED: James Allison, William Campbell, Charles Dunigan, George Novak, Mark Nuckles, James War- u, Roger Carroll Heads Junior- packed Harrier Team The Varsity Cross Country squad, which was composed mostly of jun- iors, finished out another winning season under head Coach Al Pike with an 8-5 record. Leading the Redskins through- out the season were Roger Carroll, Randy Johnson, Rod Cilley, Tim Hebble, Gary Jay, Russ Finley, Lar- ry Walker, and Mike Lindsey. All will be returning for next year ' s season with the exception of Lind- sey and Walker. The Richard Blough " Roines " Most Valuable Runner Award was presented to Roger Carroll, who consistantly placed high in Varsity competition. Three-hundred Mile Trophies were awarded to Randy Johnson, Tim Hebble, Russ Finley, Mark Leudemann, and Larry Walker. Roger Carroll also recorded the best times of the year both on the home course and away. His home time was 10:13 while his away score was 9:22. Randy Johnson was next in line with a 10:37, and Rod Cilley was second on the foreign courses with 9:53. Well in the front of the pack, Juniors Randy Johnson and Roger Carroll set a fast pace. Throughout the season they placed high in Varsity competition. The ' Skins picked up a fourth place in the City and a sixth in the Sectional while placing a high third in the Northwest Invitational meet. The Reserves had an identical record of 8-5 while the Frosh, coached by Paul Glaspie, student teacher, Indiana Central, were 7-2. VARSITY AND RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY — FRONT ROW: Robert Able, Randy Simpson, Dave Baumann, Greg Young. SECOND ROW: Les Estes, Gary Jay, Tim Hebble, Rod Gilley, Russ Finley, Glenn Sargent. THIRD ROW: Coach Al Pike, Charles Johnson, Randy John- son, Mike Lindsey, Larry Walker, Roger Carroll, Dave Huber, Manager John Roberts, Manager Don Bush. BACK ROW: Mark Leudeman, Dan Breimeir, Scott Robinson. Manual Opponent 15 Scecina 49 29 Northwest- 37 29 Washington 79 29 Arlington 86 23 Beech Grove 32 32 Tech 19 20 Marshall 37 24 Northwest 31 16 Shortridge 44 52 Wood 35 52 Cathedral 37 48 Warren Cen. 15 40 Southport 18 FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY — FRONT ROW: Keith Smith, Pat Finley, Kevin Hoo- ver, Tim Birtchman, Ted Pruitt, Bill Fikes. BACK ROW: Student Teacher Coach Paul Claspie, David Price, Reuben Cay, Keith Lee, Larry Milli, Mark Sorenson, Manager Don Bush, Coach Al Pike. Reserve Runner Dave Huber increases a lead in a home meet at Garfield Park. ABOVE: Freshmen gain experience for future varsity competition. BELOW: Larry Walker and Randy Johnson lead calisthenic drills prior to a home meet. 67 Grapplers Take City with Jimison, Spann, Tutt as Champs Assisting at a wrestling meet are Wrestling Greeters Kathy Lewis, Marilyn Munn, Denise Winstead, Patti Winstead, Sandy Holmes, and Jeannette Mullen. They and their spon- sor, Miss Cynthia Mahin, attended all the meets. The Varsity Wrestling squad, un- der the instruction of Coach Jack Foster, brought Manual its first City Championship while compiling an undefeated season in dual meets. The City Champ ' s Most Valuable Player was Senior Karlow Tutt, who finished his high school competition with a fantastic 12-0 record. Other Varsity standouts were Seniors James Jimison and Terris Winstead and Junior Eddie Owens who all finished first in Sectional Competition but were eliminated in the first round of the Regional Tournament. Jimsion was given the BACUBA award for being the most aggressive grappler of the season. Even though the Redskins will be losing a large portion of their cham- pionship team, they will have sev- eral promising returnees such as Juniors Bob Watness, Royce Allen, Owens, Pasto Shockley, David Bau- mann, and Eddie Johnston, and Sophomore Rommell Smith. VARSITY WRESTLING — FRONT ROW: Romell Smith, Terris Winstead, Pasto Shockley, Jim Jimison, David Baumann, Bob Watness. BACK ROW: Coach Jack Foster, Manager John Roberts, Eddie Owens, Crawford Spann, Karlow Tutt, Ken Krenshaw, Royce Allen, Leonard Taylor, Delbert Bowles, Don Bush. Above Jim Jimison is ready to flip his man. Above right, Terris Winstead prepares to pin his opponent. Manual Opponents 39 Scecina 12 38 Northwest 12 26 Marshall 17 33 Arlington 12 61 Broad Ripple C 27 Tech 18 48 Roncalli 9 44 Franklin Cen. 6 44 Washington 5 42 Decatur Cen. 8 43 Howe 8 54 Wood 12 RESERVE WRESTLINC — FRONT ROW: Mike Conlin, Romell Smith, Greg Young, jerry Richmond, Ken Mullin, Bill Lasley. BACK ROW: Coach Al Pike, Richard Baker, Ken Crismore, Bill McDaniel, Richard Quade, Eddie Johnston, Paul Osmond, Mark Holmes, Don Bush. NOT PICTURED: Rick Jefferson. Mike White. KW .| FRESHMAN WRESTLINC — FRONT ROW: Joe McHugh, Jack Spaulding, Dan Dillon, Pat Arnold, Pat Finley, Mark Holmes. BACK ROW: Coach Bob Hignite, Larry Vaughn, Tom Haley, Frank Jordan, Don Bush, George Ruth, Greg Murray. ()«.) MVP Jim Hall Tops 1000 Mark, Leads Senior Lineup For the third consecutive year Coach Fred Belser guided the Var- sity Basketball squad to a winning 13-10 season. Also for the third year the Redskins were runners-up in the Southport Sectional, this time behind the Attucks Tigers. Jim Hall closed out his Varsity career by being the thirty-eighth player in the city ' s history to score 1 ,000 points or more. He was named the ' Skins ' Most Valuable Player and also received recognition for his rebounding and his assists. He and Darrell Short, who won the free-throw trophy, were co-captains and were named to the All-Sec- tional squad. Other members of the senior- dominated lineup were Fred Hutton, Calvin Davis, and Lanny Banks. Standouts for next year ' s squad will be Juniors Don Goad, Norman Leonard, Ron Goad, Tony White, Rick Cabbard, and Tyrone Baker, and Freshman Derrick Johnson. Senior MVP Jim Hall (44) quickly leads a fast break against Roncalli as Fred Hutton, also a forward, awaits a pass. Hall was the city ' s third leading scorer and passed his well-touted 1 ,000-point career total with 1,081 markers. VARSITY BASKETBALL — FRONT ROW: Ron Goad, Rick Gabbard, Derrick Johnson, Tony White, Tyrone Baker, Norman Leonard, Darrell Short. BACK ROW: Coach Fred Belser, Lanny Banks, Jim Hall, Fred Hutton, Calvin Davis, Don Goad, Manager Randy Duncan. Manual Opponent 82 83 Northwest Cathedral 85 87 92 Roncalli 61 68 Marshall . . 63 76 Columbus - 77 82 68 70 Wood Franklin Cen Ben Davis 69 61 78 50 . 64 47 78 63 96 Washington Broad Ripple Chatard Tech City Tourney Attucks Roncalli 70 62 59 77 68 60 83 81 Lawrence Cen. Arlington 63 84 69 67 Warren Cen. (overtime) Shortridge 63 85 96 Howe 58 70 Southport 65 79 67 Sectional Warren Cen. Howe - 70 58 62 . . Attucks 63 Big Jim Hall goes high to score against Ar- lington. Norman Leonard (30) and Don Goad (20) ready to rebound. Fred Hutron eyes the bucket for another two points of his sixteen-plus season ' s aver- age for the ' Skins. Darrell Short follows through over a South- port defender on one of his many outside shots. Manual won 70-65. n Reserve Roundballers Prepare for Future Varsity Careers As he did all season, Darrell Short con- trols the back-court action. Darrell was honorary co-captain with Hall. Ignoring the defense, Lanny Banks winds up his unique shot which proved deadly for nearly all opponents. Norman Leonard hustles during a two-on- one fast break with Don Goad (20) against Arlington ' s Rodney Scott. • 71 Freshmen Win Pike Tourney, Post Sharp 15-5 Season RESERVE BASKETBALL — FRONT ROW: Pat Callahan, Wilfred Jimison, Carl Jones, Phillip Woods, Mark Collins. BACK ROW: Manager Lang Brownlee, Gary Elfers, )ohn Masengale, Darol Davie, Mark Hawkins, Coach Bill Rosenstihl. Varsity cheerleader Jan Elrod stirs enthu- siasm at a home game. Jan has been a cheerleader for four years with Judy Steele and Sandy Spaulding. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL — FRONT ROW: Derrick Johnson, Jack Cody, Butch Fikes, John Baker, Tommy Byrd, Robert Pinner. BACK ROW: Coach Steve Witty, Tom Raasch, Keith Lee, Ragen Perdue, Kevin Richardson, Ken Thompson, Ernie Hill, Ronnie Henry. 7J Moe-men Run to Fine 15-1 Year; Many Records Shatter Eddie Owens crouches for the long jump. James Pinner is a long jump participant. (ames Pinner (30) and Rod Bruce (66) place in the top four against Washington. Coach " Moe " Moriarty guided his 1971 trackmen to another suc- cessful year with a fine 15-1 record. Leading the senior-packed squad were Jeff Adams, Greg Allen, Bob Lane, Albert Munn, MVP Jim Pin- ner, Eric Smith, and Tim Yates. Strong junior members were Rod Bruce, Mike Graham, Jim Hall, Ter- ry Odom, and Darrell Short. Royce Allen, Roger Carroll, Tim Hebble, John Meehan, Eddie Owens, and Mark Shives showed strong promise as sophomores. Many records were broken during the ' 71 season. City high jump champion, Bob Lane, set a new rec- ord with a 6 ' 5 1 i " leap. Tim Yates set a quick pace for the two mile with a 9:49.6. The relay for the same distance had its time im- proved by Adams, Cannon, Carroll, and Schilling with a total time of 8:19.2. Royce, Greg Allen, Meehan, and Bruce set a new half mile re- lay mark with a 1 :32.2 time. Pin- ner, Smith, Munn, and Graham were clocked at 3:28.5 for the mile relay race. VARSITY AND RESERVE TRACK — FRONT ROW: Manager Arthur Roberts, Larry Walker, Virgil Burk, Bill Perdue, Mark Luedemann, Randy Johnson, Roger Carroll, Joe Snyder, Steve McCurry, Tony Powers. SECOND ROW: Manager Howard Kello, Royce Allen, Eddie Owens, Joe Wilson, Tim Hebble, Rod Cilley, Randy Quillen, Jeff Farley, John Meehan, Mark Shives, Gary Minnick. THIRD ROW: Coach Francis Moriarty, Wendell Ware, Bill McDaniel, Richard Quade, Rod Bruce, Tom Ruoff, Tony Elrod, Robert Lane, Mark Ellis, Terry Odom, Butch Boger, Darrell Short, Jeff Adams, Birl Schilling, Larry Stuard, Manager Dave Wooden. BACK ROW: Manager Paul Herbig, Tim Yates, Claude Bibbs, Theo Dickerson, Eric Smith, Terry Langford, Greg Allen, Albert Munn, Gary Cannon, James Pin- ner, Robert Stevens, Steve Ritter, Coach Ray Schultz. -;• - FRESHMAN TRACK Zike. SECOND ROW: Stubbs. BACK ROW: - FRONT ROW: Les Estes, Russ Finley, Dennis Hunter, Dennis Wethington, Pat Callahan, Jeff Thorpe, David Bob Watkins, Mike Stinnett, Rolfe Bruce, Greg Young, Gary ]ay, Randy Simpson, Mike Baxter, Mike White, Bob Coach Roward Dardeen, Dan Breimeir, John Austin, Wilford Jimison, John Masengale, Ethan Manuel, Ron Mc- Daniels, Mark Campbell, Kenny Watts, Manager Phil Herbig. The Redskins placed a respecta- ble third in the City Tourney of the twelve teams. They also earned a second place among twelve teams at the Franklin Relays. The ' Skins look to a bright fu- ture as the Reserves posted a 6-3 slate and the Frosh a 9-3 mark for their season ' s efforts. Manual Opponent 80 Chatard 44 88 Roncalli 30 105 Scecina 13 77 Warren Cen. 41 107 Ritter 11 87 Arlington 30 86 Marshall 32 101 Cathedral 17 70 Ben Davis 48 42 Southport 76 75 Wood 43 83 Howe 35 101 Broad Ripple 17 98 Shortridge 20 64 Washington 54 TRACKETTS — FRONT ROW: Beth Car- rolton, Pat Walker, Debbie Harrison, Mari- lyn Munn, Kathy Lewis, Nellie Lamperski, Debbie Tines, Jackie Robertson, LuAnn Da- vis, Vicky Leggins, Denise Butler. SECOND ROW: Janet Scharbrough, Vicki Holland, Patti Estes, Brenda Droke, Carol Alexander, Kathy Brown, Pam Thompson, Beth Hou- sam, Sheila Quillen, Rita Reilly. BACK ROW: Beth Peak, Marty Baase, Leslie Al- lee, Beverly Sherrod, Sandy Short, Gloria Smith, Kathy Kivett, Cindy Heacox. Varsity distance runners Tim Yates (57), and Tim Hebble (28) reduce their time Birl Schilling (55), Roger Carroll (16), through strenuous practice. 75 Hartsock, Mack, and Montgomery Pace Diamondmen i • First Baseman Jim Hartsock gets a hit showing the ability which led to MVP, Coach Bill Rosenstihl guided his Varsity Baseball squad to a respect- able 15-11 year in only his second year as head mentor. Leading the team were MVP Jim Hartsock, Co-captains Jim Mack and Dale Petrie, Bob Mack, Mark Montgomery, Ricky Poynter, Mike Ford, and Mike Collins. The Manual baseball team fin- ished as runners-up in the City Sectional behind Southport. Six Manual Redskins earned placement on the Honorable Men- tion list of the Indianapolis Star ' s All-City baseball team: Seniors Jim Mack, Jim Hartsock, Dale Petrie, and Rick Poynter, and Junior Bob Mack, Soph. Mark Montgomery. Boys participating in their last year as Manual baseball players are Dennis Fishburn, Rod Osmon, Rick Poynter, Dale Petrie, Rick Tyree, Jim Mack, Jim Hartsock, Ray Ken- nedy, and )im Harris. Manual will have four returning lettermen next year. They are Nor- man Leonard, pitcher; Mike Ford, pitcher; Jeff Hammond, first base- man; and Bob Mack, third baseman. Bright prospects moving up from the Reserve squad are Dan Clem- ments, Rick Cabbard, Herb Clark, Ron Goad, and Don Goad. The Reserves had a season of 10- 6 and the Frosh, a 4-3 mark. Manual Opponent 1 Ritter 2 19 Shortridge 6 2 4 6 2 8 Franklin Cen. Franklin Cen. Northwest . Arlington Roncalli 5 2 13 . ... 14 7 4 5 12 4 Brebeuf Ben Davis Brownsburg Chatard 4 2 5 4 16 7 1 Bloomington Bloomington . Broad Ripple Southport 2 5 11 4 8 City Tourney Roncalli Chatard 2 10 Cathedral 3 5 2 8 3 Latin School Washington Tech Scecina 3 2 - 7 . Wood - Howe 9 8 2 . Sectional Decatur Cen. . Southport 3 5 VARSITY BASEBALL -- FRONT ROW: Dennis Fishburn, Mark Montgomery, Rod Osmon, Rick Poynter, Dale Petrie. SECOND ROW: Manager Alan Sunderland, Mike Collins, Rick Tyree, Jim Mack, Jim Hartsock, Manager Lang Brownlee. BACK ROW: Coach Fred Belser, Bob Mack, Ray Kennedy, Mike Ford, Jim Harris, Jeff Hammond, Coach Bill Rosenstihl. . j 3 " ' ' MjjTiff ; J RESERVE BASEBALL — FRONT ROW: Rick Cabbard, Rick Miller, Victor Merida, Herbie Clark, Tom Allen. BACK ROW: Coach Steve Wit- ty. Mark Williams, Ron Goad, Don Goad, Steve Wampler, Dan Clements. " Assisting " the baseball squad at games are Diamondettes Cindy Eva, Karla Andrews, Jenny Andrews, Jackie Burkes, and Susie Marcum (kneeling) . FRESHMAN BASEBALL — FRONT ROW: Greg Samples, Charlie Johnson, Mark Collins, Ronnie Broughton, Harold McKeand, Mark Brown. BACK ROW: Doug Polen, Steve Thorpe, Bill Mahone, Gary Elfers, Ernest Harmon, Coach Steve Witty. 77 Three top members of the Golf Team ■ — • Junior Herb Taylor and Seniors Scott John- son and Danny Brown — pose in their individual driving stances. Herb was a strong part of the 1972 squad. Teemen Swing with Tom Klinge and Herb Taylor Practice such as this greatly helped Tom Klinge earn his second MVP award. Tom played varsity all four years. Coif Coach " Woody " McBride led his 1971 team to a nine win, eight loss, and one tie season. Tom Klinge was MVP with a 38.5 stroke average. Manual also placed sev- enth out of 20 teams participating in Sectional play. Divotmen lost to graduation were Tom Klinge, who is attending Bail State, Scott Johnson, who is at the University of Evansville, Dan Brown, and Ted Norman. To fill out the Varsity team for the 1972 season were returnees Tom Cleek, Matt Maple, Mark Wire, John Smith, Ray Hauser, Jim Harlan, Carl Schnepf, Al Creer, Paul Osmon, and Jim Perryman. Herb Taylor was expected to be the star player for the Redskins and could be one of the top high school golfers in the city. GOLF — FRONT ROW: Mark Wire. Jim Perryman, Paul Osmon, John Smith, Ray Hauser, Alfred Greer. SECOND ROW: Herb Taylor, Tom Cleek, Matt Maple, Ted Norman. BACK ROW: Coach " Woody " McBride, Dave Perryman, Danny Brown, Tom Klinge, Scott Johnson. 7S TENNIS — FRONT ROW: Dawne Biro, Charles Peoni, Jim Jergens, John Haley, Lar- ry Walden, Jackie Huett. BACK ROW: Mark Koenig, Bill Hagenmaier, Kurt Hede- gard, Tim Crafton, Coach Robert Hignite. Hedegard and Koenig Reach City Tourney Final Sophomore Kurt Hedegard led the Manual Tennis team to a nine- win and eight- loss 1971 season and went on to be named Most Valua- ble Player of the year. The racket- men, led by Coach Robert Hignite, defeated such foes as Scecina, 7-0, and Cathedral, 4-3, and fell to Broad Ripple, 5-2, Marshall, 4-3, and Franklin Central, 4-3. Other racketmen who contrib- uted to the team during the ' 71 season were Senior Tim Updike, Juniors Mark Koenig, and Steve Catlett, Sophomores John Haley and Zach Bird, and Freshman Tim Craf- ton. Kurt Hedegard and Mark Koenig went into the final rounds of the All-City Tennis Tournament in May. Hedegard started off with twin wins of 6-0, which pu t him in the rounds the next day, and a forfeit enabled him to continue his winning ways. Hedegard and Koenig lost their first set of doubles, 4-6, but were victors of the next two, 6-1 and 6-3. The winners of the first round preliminaries the week- end before were Bill Hagenmaier, Tim Updike, and Koenig. Hagen- maier won his first round with a score of 6-4, 4-6, and 7-8, but lost his second round to a Broad Ripple man at 3-6 and 2-6. Koenig won his first two sets, romping a Northwest Pioneer by a score of 6-1 and 6-4. Koenig and Updike lost their second rounds. Sophomore Kurt Hedegard eagerly awaits an opponent ' s serve in a home match on the Garfield Park courts. Mark Koenig carefully keeps his eye on the ball as he warms up by practicing his all-important serve. 79 Enthusiastic Cheersters Tire Up ' Redskin Fans Brightening the first-year teams are Cheerleaders (front) Beth Taylor, Patti Chitwood, Julie Stone, (back) Captain Clarice Favors, and Karla Conner. Seventeen cheerleaders livened up this year ' s sports as they showed their enthusiastic support at foot- ball and basketball games. The Reserve ' s and Varsity ' s acro- batics, tumbling, cheers, and pre- cision were improved at camp dur- ing summer, ' 71. The two squads traveled to Findlay College in Ohio for a five-day cheerleading work- shop for instruction by the Ohio State University Cheerleaders. The workshop proved to be helpful to campers Michelle Kemp, Tanya Campbell, Terri Horn, Anne Masch- meyer, Donna Thompsom, Linda Hann, Denise Sheets, and Barb Dawson. Enough money was earned and donated to purchase new uniforms for both top squads. The new out- fits sparked spirit and added to the excitement of the ball games. Spon- sor of all three squads this year was Miss Joyce Simmons. Reserve cheerleaders are (front) Michelle Kemp, Linda Hann, (middle) Donna Thompson, Tanya Campbell, (back) Cap- tain Anne Maschmeyer, Joni Kriese. Members of the Varsity squad, elected last year, are Cassie Woolery, Captain Judy Steele, Denise Sheets, Barbara Dawson, Jan Elrod, and Sandy Spaulding. Intramurals Offer Free-time Fun to Sports-minded Energetic students who participate in intramural sports, find the recreation invigorating. Boys from all class levels combine for this evening activity. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM: Deborah Wooden, Judy Duggan, Judy Steele, Pam O ' Neill, Stephanie Cook. SECOND ROW: Alise Snyder, Martha Mullin, Karen O ' Connor, Patricia Williams, Mary Mullin. BACK ROW: Coach Kathryn Lawrie, Linda Price, Janel Denny, Karla Andrews, Sheila Shivley, Robin Brown. Many sports-minded Manualites occupy much of their free time par- ticipating in intramural sports. The girls ' intramurals developed into intramural play this year with their volleyball, basketball, and track teams. Under the coaching of Mrs. Evelyn Potter and Miss Kath- ryn Lawrie the girls competed against other schools ' teams and made a respectable showing. Boys ' intramurals efforts were on basketball. The " B " league con- sisted of freshmen and sophomores, and the juniors and seniors made up the " A " league. Teams in these groups competed against each other on Wednesday evenings. In-Tcmural pfayers jump for the rebcund during an intra-squad game. 81 TIME 82 I 83 Whole Manual Community Plays Batter Up ' for Mr. Thral l Manual ' s " top brass, " Vice-principal E. Franklin Fisher, Principal Howard C. Thrall, and Vice-principal William T. Bess pose for the Ivian photographer. The school year opened in Sep- tember with Mr. Howard C. Thrall still at his job of the previous se- mester as acting principal. The en- tire faculty and a large number of students, their parents, alumni, and other patrons were concerned with the appointment which had been so long delayed. During the summer many teach- ers attended Board meetings, and after the opening of school, stu- dents compiled large petitions and numerous letters to Dr. Stanley C. Campbell, Superintendant of Schools, and to the Board of Schools Commissioners telling of their con- fidence in Mr. Thrall ' s ablity. Finally during American Educa- tion Week in November his ap- pointment was confirmed and Mr. Thrall became Manual ' s seventh principal. Mr. William T. Bess joined Manual ' s staff as a vice- principal. Mr. Thrall ' s official appointment as prin- cipal by the Board of School Commissioners is celebrated by several members of his office staff " the morning after. " Posing with " their boss " beneath the big sign that spread across the main office are Mrs. Hilda VanArsdale, Mrs. Vi Hauser, Mrs. Sandra Hignite, Mrs. Dorothea Frazee, Mr. Robert Dunn, Mr. Fred Jones, and Miss Charlotte Hafer. HI As He Becomes the School ' s Seventh Principal Mr. Howard C. Thrall — BA, MA, Ball State University; Principal. Mr. William T. Bess — BS, Butler University; MS, In- diana University; MS + 30; Vice-principal. Mr. E. Franklin Fisher — BS, Central Normal College; MS, Butler University; Graduate Work, Purdue Univer- sity, Indiana University, Princeton University; Vice- principal. Mr. Fred Ahlemeyer — BS, Indiana State University; MS, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mrs. Ruth Albro — BSN, Indiana University; MS, But- ler University; Home Nursing, School Nurse. Mrs. Diane Alig — BA, Marian College; Mathematics, English. Mrs. Barbara Anderson — BA, Earlham College; MS, Butler University; Head, Home Economics Department. Mrs. Jean Bacus ■ — BS, Indiana University; MS, Purdue University; Home Economics. Mrs. Betty L. Baker — BS, Indiana University; Assistant Librarian. Mr. Harold H. Baumer — BA, Indiana Central College; BS, Butler University; Mathematics; Student Affairs Board Sponsor; Evening School Teacher. Mr. Fred Belser - BA, Indiana Central Collsge; MS, Butler University; Social Studies; Varsity Basketball and Assistant Baseball Coach. Mr. Fred Bennett — ■ BA, MA, Butler University; Eng- lish; National Thespian Sponsor; Redskin Revue Coordi- nator; Senior Play Sponsor; Director of Productions. Mr. Harold Bennett — BS, MS, Butler University; Coun- selor; Assistant Football Coach; Drug Education Coor- dinator. Mr. Richard Blough — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler Universty; Head, English Department. Mr. Roy L. Calder — BS, MA, Ball State University; Business Education. Mrs. Charlotte Camfield — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; MS-f-30, Indiana University; Head, Business Education Department. Mr. Joseph A. Carroll — BS, Kentucky State College; MS, Indiana University; Biology. Mr. John Ceder — BA, University of Washington; Cer- tificate, University of Stockholm; BS, Butler University; MAT, Indiana University; MS, University of Kentucky; English; Exercise in Knowledge Sponsor. Mr. John Ciochina — BS, MS, Indiana University; MA, Ohio State University; Mathematics. - BA, Purdue University; Eng- Indiana University; MS, But- Mr. Michael E. Coffman - lish. Mr. Elba E. Cole — BA, ler University; Counselor. Miss Margaret L. Consodine — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana University; Social Studies; Exploratory Teacher Sponsor; FTA Sponsor. Mr. Arthur B. Cook — BS, Butler University; MS, In- diana University; English; Developmental Reading. 85 Business teachers — Mrs. Phyllis Sullivan, Mr. John Edrington, and Miss Wilhelmina Schaufler — discuss grades and semester schedules in the Business Education Office. Mrs. Sullivan and Miss Schaufler, old hands at this, may have helpful hints for Mr. Ed- rington, a new-comer to Manual ' s faculty. Mr. Robert W. Crawford ■ — ■ BS, Ohio State University; MS, Butler University; Fine Arts; IEA Building Repre- sentative. Mrs. Audrey Cronkhire — BA, Indiana State University; MA, Indiana University; Latin; Mathematics; Latin Club Sponsor. Mrs. Martha Cross — ■ BPSM, MS, Indiana University; Vocal Music; Glee Club Director. Miss Pamela Dabner — BS, Ball State University; So- cial Studies. Mr. Howard Dardeen — ■ BS, MS, Indiana State Uni- versity; MS + 30, Butler University; Physical Education; Driver Education. Mr. Frank Deal ■ — BA, Purdue University; English. Mrs. Margaret Deckard — BS, Indiana University; Eng- lish; Reading. Mrs. Marilyn Dever — BA, Marian College; MA, In- diana University; English; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mr. Thomas 0. Dick — BME, MME, Butler University; Instrumental Music; Orchestra Director. Mr. Robert T. Dunn — BS, MA, Ball State University; Director of Guidance. Mr. John R. Easley ■ — BS, MS, Indiana State University; Industrial Arts. Mr. John Edrington — BS, Indiana State University; Distributive Education. Mr. Noah J. Ellis — BA, Franklin College; MS, Butler University; Science; Head Football Coach. Mr. Douglas Estell - — BS, Indiana University; English; English Club Sponsor. Mrs. Irma H. Farthing — BS, Tennessee State Univer- sity; MS, Indiana University; Business Education; FBLA Club Sponsor. Mr. Jack Foster — BPE, Purdue University; MS, Butler University; Driver Education; Varsity Wrestling Coach. 86 Old ' Teachers Assist New Ones to Acclimate to Manual Mr. Kenneth E. Freeman — ■ BS, Indiana University; MAT, Purdue University; Mathematics. Mr. James A. Fuqua — BS, Indiana Central College; MAT, Indiana University; Social Studies. Mrs. Jane Hall Cable — BA, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; English; Director of Publications; Quill and Scroll Sponsor. Mrs. Susan Gallagher — BS, Indiana State University; Business Education. Mr. Robert T. Gallamore — BS, Ball State University; MS, Butler University; MS + 30, Ball State University; Director, Evening Division. Mr. Carsey Gentry — BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Indiana University; Head, Foreign Language Department; Spanish Club Sponsor. Mr. Richard Gira — BS, Purdue University; Industrial Arts. Miss Margaret Goebel — BS, Indiana State University; Mathematics. Mr. Dennis E. Golay — ■ BS, Ball State University; Busi- ness Education. Miss Carolyn Griffin — - BA, Franklin College; MA, Indiana University; English. Mrs. Mary Jean Haas — BS, Indiana State University; MS, Butler University; Director of Activities; Counselor. Mrs. Maryann Hall — BA Indiana University; Home Economics. Mr. John B. Hallett - - BS, Purdue University; MS, Butler University; Industrial Arts. Mrs. Toni Hammer — BA, Butler University; MA, Brooklyn College; English. Mr. Donald E. Harmon — BA, MS, Butler University; Social Studies. Mr. LeRoy F. Heminger — BS, Franklin College; MS, Indiana University; Social Studies; Athletic Director. Mr. Willard D. Henderson — BS, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; Business Education; Director of Employment; Ticket Manager; Junior Class Sponsor; Counselor. Mr. Robert E. Hignite — BS, Indiana State University; MA, Ball State University; Industrial Arts; Freshman Wrestling Coach; Varsity Tennis Coach; Key Club Spon- sor. Mrs. |ane Hodgin — BA, Purdue University; English. Mrs. Lynne Hopkins — BS, MS, Indiana State Univer- sity; Counselor. Mr. Hubert C. Hughes — BS, MS, Indiana University; Business Education. Mr. Russell Hughes — BS, Western Kentucky State College; MS, Indiana University; Industrial Arts. Mrs. Viola Hyndman — - BS, MS, Indiana University; Business Education; Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. Mr. Dennis L. Jackson — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; English; Junior Varsity Football Coach; Roines Club Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor. B7 Teachers Work, Relax, Snack in the Faculty Lounge Mr. Donald E. Johnson — BS, Ball State University; MS, Butler University; Herron School of Art; Head, Art Department. Mr. Paul Johnson — ■ BS, MS, Butler University; Head, Social Studies Department. Mr. Fred A. Jones — BS, Ohio State; MS, Indiana Uni- versity. Assistant Football Coach; Dean of Boys. Mrs. Janet Jones — BS, MS, Purdue University; Home Economics. Mr. William D. Kleyla — BPSM, Indiana University; Head, Music Department; Director of Bands; Twirling Club Sponsor; Redskin Revue Pit Band. Mr. John L. Krueger — BA, MA, Indiana University; MA + 36, Syracuse University; Social Studies; French Sponsor; National Honor Society. SS. Roy E. Lawrence (ret.) ROTC Instructor; Drill Team Coach. Miss Kathryn Lawrie — BS, Indiana University; Girls ' Physical Education; Girls ' Intramurals Coach. Mr. C. Rex Lewis — BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Indiana University; Graduate Work, University of Mis- souri, Ball State University, Purdue University, Kenyon College; Science. Mr. Nocholas K. Logsdon — - BS, John Herron Art School, Indiana University; Art Department. Mrs. Maureen Madden — BA, Marian College; MA, Indiana University; English; Mask and Wig Sponsor. Miss Cynthia Mahin — BS, Indiana University; English; Wrestling Greeter Sponsor. Miss Ann Manning — BA, Purdue University; Foreign Language, Spanish. Mrs. Shirley Martx — BS, Purdue University; Mathe- matics. Mr. Edward C. Maybury — BS, MA, Miami University; Head, Industrial Arts Department. Mr. Elwood McBride — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Head, Physical Education, Health, and Driver Education Department. Mrs. Marilyn McCloud — BA, Indiana Central College; English. SSg. James McDaniel (ret.) • — ROTC Commandant; Rifle Team Coach. Mr. Victor M. McDowell — BS, MA, Ball State Uni- versity; Industrial Arts. Miss Belinda N. Miller — BS, Western Kentucky Uni- versity; Home Economics. Mr. Francis Moriarty — BS, MS, Butler University; Physical Education; Driver Education; Varsity Track Coach. Miss Helen Negley — BA, MS, Butler University; Head Librarian. Mrs. Kathy Nichols ■ — ■ BS, MAT, Indiana University; English; Masoma Sponsor. Mr. Harold Wm. Pagel — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Business Education; Director of Visual Education. ,NN Teachers are people, too, as they prove in off-guard moments. Mr. Richard Blough, head of the English Department, and Mrs. Toni Hammer, English teacher, share bites of a donut in the faculty lounge. Mr. Mike Coffman, also an English teacher, finds their antics amusing as he kibutzes. Mr. Ronald B. Parke — BS, Butler University; MAT, Indiana University; Head, Mathematics Department. Mr. Louis Parnell — BS, MA, Butler University; FSA, Edinburgh University; Social Studies. Miss Annes Patton — BS, MA, Tennessee State Univer- sity; Business Education. Mr. Brownell Payne — MS, Butler University; MS, Pur- due; Physics; Head, Science Department. Mr. David Phillips — BA, Berea College; MA, Indiana University; French; French Club Sponsor; IU Honors Abroad Coordinator. Mr. Alfred L. Pike -- BA, Franklin College; MS, Uni- versity of Illinois; Physical Education; Cross Country Coach; Assistant Wrestling Coach. Mrs. Louise Plummer — BA, Indiana Central College; English. Mrs. Evelyn Potrer — - BS, MS, Indiana University; Physical Education; Girls ' Intramurals Sponsor. Miss Dorothy L. Powell — BA, Marian College; English. Mrs. Viola A. Ramsey — BA, Indiana University; MS, Purdue University; Mathematics. Miss Helen E. Reed — - BA, Indiana State University; MA, Indiana University; Graduate Work, University of Illinois, Butler University, Rutgars, State University of New Jersey, Stephens College; Science. Mr. Dale W. Reid — BS, MA, Indiana State University; Industrial Arts. 89 Increase in Student Population Brings Larger Classes Mr. Arthur T. Roney — BS, MS, Butler University; Science. Mr. Geral d Root — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Science; Freshman Football Coach; Assistant Dean of Boys. Mr. William Rosenstihl — BS, MS, New Mexico West- ern University; Business Education; Reserve Basketball Coach; Varsity Baseball Coach. Mr. Philip Ross — BS, Ball State University; English; Assistant in Publications; Cub Club Sponsor. Mrs. Alma Rush ■ — BA, Central Normal College; MS, Butler University; Business Education. Mrs. Blanche Ruston — BS, University of Evansville; MS, Indiana University; Home Economics. Mr. Robert E. Rynard — BS, Purdue University; In- dustrial Arts. Mr. Samuel D. Sangar — BA, Cordon College, Pakistan; BT, Punjab University, Pakistan; MS, Miami University; EdS, Indiana University; Mathematics. Miss Wilhelmina H. Schaufler — BS, Indiana State University; Columbia University; Business Education. Mr. Nathan J. Scheib — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Guidance; Social Studies; Chair- man, Superior Child Committee. Mr. Raymond C. Schultz — BS, MS, Purdue University; Science; Assistant Football Coach; Assistant Track Coach; Lettermen ' s Club Sponsor. Mr. Stephen Sharpee — BS, Western Kentucky Uni- versity; Science; Judo Club Sponsor, Instructor; Radio Club Sponsor. Miss Joyce Simmons — BS, Indiana University; Business Education; Cheerleader and Pep Club Sponsor. Mrs. Joyce A. Smidley — BS, Ball State University; Home Economics. Mr. Robert F. Snoddy — BA, MS, Butler University; English. Mr. Wayne F. Spinks — BFA, University of Illinois; MS, Indiana University; Fine Arts; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mrs. Pauline Stark — BS, MS, in Home Economics Education, MS in Guidance, Purdue University; Dean of Girls. Mrs. Polly Sterling — BS, MS. Purdue University; Eng- lish. Mrs. Phyllis Sullivan - — BS, Indiana State University; MS, Indiana University; Business Education; Red Cross Club Sponsor. Miss Jane Swengel — ■ BA, Marian College; MA, Indiana University; School Social Worker. Mrs. Bonnie Swickard — BA, Herron Art School of Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis; Indiana Central College; MA, Indiana University; Art Department. Mr. Marvin W. Thorpe — BS, Purdue University; MS, Butler University, Industrial Arts; Future Printers Club Sponsor. Mr. Homer Travelstead, |r. ■ — BS, MS, Indiana State University; MS, Butler University. Mrs. Ann Updegraff - — BS, Ball State University; Home Economics. 90 Adds Extra Duties to Faculty ' s Crowded Schedule Mr. James E. Walker -- BA, McCill University, Mon- treal, Canada; BS, MS, Ball State University; Science; Naturalist ' s Club Sponsor. Mr. Leland F. Walter -- BA, MA, Ball State Univer- sity; Science. Mrs. Berry Warner — BS, Butler University; Science. Mr. John Wells — BS, MA, Indiana State University; English. Miss Cynthia Werner — Studies. Mr. Thomas A. West - Murray State University; Mr. Charles J. Wettrick - versify; MS + 30, Butler Guidance. Mr. M. Dale Williams BA, Purdue University; Social - BS, Kentucky State; MA, Science. - BS, MS, Indiana State Uni- University; Industrial Arts, BS, MS, Indiana University; BM, MM, Butler Univer- Choir Director; Musical Business Education; English. Mr. Thomas C. Williams sity; Vocal Music; Concert Director. Mrs. Corrie Wilson — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Herron School of Art; Art. Mr. Steve Witty — BA, Franklin College; Social Studies; Assistant Basketball and Baseball Coach. Mr. Carl E. Wright - - BA, MS, Indiana University; Social Studies; Speech; Auditorium Manager. Mrs. Ritajo Estell — ■ Library Clerk. Mrs. Dorothea Frazee — ■ Registrar. Miss Charlotte Hafer — Secretary. Mrs. Vi Hauser — Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Mary Heacox — Book Store Manager. Mrs. Sandra Hignite — Receptionist. Mrs. Frances Hill — Evening School Clerk. Mrs. Edith Hoffmann — Cafeteria Manager. Mrs. Virginia Huckleberry Assistant. Mr. Lloyd Powell — Head Custodian. Mrs. Marilyn Prifogle — IBM Clerk. Mrs. Hilda VanArsdale — - Budget Clerk. Accompanist; Bookstore 91 Judy Steele Makes Small But Mighty President Seniors readily accepted the re- sponsibilities and privileges of their title, earned after three years of being " underclassmen. " October 28, Senior Day, saw the class of ' 72 in their fall finery and wearing the traditional armbands designed by Junior John Poteet in a Commercial Art Contest. Activities began in home room with the reading of the Color Code explaining the class colors. The day ' s festivities ended with a party and dance in the cafeteria. Many seniors were involved with Turnabout Day in which they took the role of " teachers. " " Senior Round-Up, " a square dance April 14, was well-attended and as everyone agreed, " most fun of anything we ' ve done all year. The class of ' 72, piloted by Pres- ident Judy Steele, closed the high school chapter of their lives with a gala Prom at the Med Center the night after graduation. Guiding the Class of ' 72 were President Judy Steele, Secretary Vicky Ackerman, Treasurer Bill Hafer, and Vice-president Brenda Lewis. Working with Mr. Dennis Jackson, head Senior Sponsor, the Senior Council members, and the eight Home Room teachers, they kept the year ' s activities running smoothly. Carol Williams pins on his senior armband for Rod Bruce as Jan Butler waits her turn. Armbands have been a tradition with Man- ual ' s senior classes for 64 years. They make their debut on Senior Day and are saved for wear on other senior activities days. 92 Many Seniors Vote In Local, National Elections Betty Abner — Science Club 2-3; Y-Teens 2; Special Assistant 3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 3-4; Buck- horn High School, Kentucky 1. Victoria Ackerman — Concert Choir 2-4, President 4, Treasurer 3; Manualaires 4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Class Officer 4, Secretary; National Honor Society 4. Leslie Allee — Band 1-3; Baton Twirler 2-3; Musical 1-2; Redskin Revue 1-4; Mask Wig 1-2; Booster 1-2; Special Assistant 1-2, 4; Student Assembly 1,3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackettes 2-3. Peggy Allen Terry Altum — Monitor 4. Tannya Appleberry — High School Red Cross 2; Mask Wig 1; Monitor 1-3; League of Honor 1-3; Turn- about Day 4; Wrestling Creeter 1-2. Charlotte Atwood — Future Business Leaders Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Special Assistant 1-2. Jeannette Bair — Redskin Revue 1-4; Mask Wig 1-3; Boosters 3; Special Assistant 1-2, 4; National Thespians 2-4, President 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society 4. Fred Baker Lanny Banks — Basketball 1-4; Football 2-4; Track 1 ; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; League of Honor 2-3. Nikki Bartley ■ — - Special Assistant 2. Tony Bates - - Basketball 1-3; Football 1-3; Letter- men ' s Club 2-4; Monitor 1-4; League of Honor 1-4. Larry Bauerle Patricia Beach — Musical 1-3; Future Business Leaders Club 2-4, Secretary 4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3. Gary Beadle — Football 1-2; Track 1-3; League of Honor 1 . Carol Biggers — Band 1-4; Pep Band 4; Redskin Revue 2-3; Home Room Agent 2-3; Student Assembly 4; Ma- soma 3-4, Secretary 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turn- about Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Tom Billington — Football 1; Coif 2, 4; Intramurals 4; Track 1 ; Redskin Revue 3-4; Science Club 1 ; Moni- tor 4; League of Honor 1-2. John Binford Dave Blythe — Concert Choir 3-4; Manualaires 4; Mu- sical 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Drill Team 2-4, Com- mander 4; Rifle Team 3-4; Officers ' Club 3-4; Color Guard 2-3; Roines 3-4; League of Honor 1-4. Glenn Boger — Football 1-3; Intramurals 3-4; Letter- men ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Mask Wig 3-4; Science Club 2-3; Special Assistant 3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 3-4. Mark Borden — Future Business Leaders Club 2-4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Spanish Club 1; Special As- sistant 3; Exploratory Teaching 4. Mary Bostick — Intramurals 3; Home Room Agent 1-2; Special Assistant 3; Student Assembly 1-2. Delbert Bowles — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-2; Wrestling 1-4; League of Honor 1-4. Jeff Boykin — Baseball 1 ; Wrestling 1 ; Student As- sembly 3; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1-2; Bowling Club 1 -3, Officer 3. 93 Class of 72 s Junior Prom Remains Pleasant Memory Mask Wig 1 ; Turnabout Day 4; Wanda Brickens Art Club 1-2. Delbert- Britt Pamela Brooks — Stage Crew 1 ; Kathy Brown — ■ Redskin Revue 3; 3; Special Assistant 1-3; Trackettes 2-3; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Senior Council 4. Monitor 2. Home Room Agent Linda Brown — Girls ' Glee Club 4; Future Teachers 2-3; Pep Club 2-3; Booster 2-3; Home Room Agent 1-4; Special Assistant 4; League of Honor 1-3. Steven Brown — Football 2; Rifle Team 3-4, Captain 4; Officers Club 3-4; Color Guard 1; Special Assistant 3-4; Roines 4; League of Honor 2-4. Herbert Browning Larry Brownlee — Football 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Homecoming King Candidate 4. Rod Bruce — Football 1-4, Co-Captain 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Band 1-4; Concert Choir 3-4; Musical 4; Pep Band 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Redskin Revue Committee 4. Woodrow Bryant — Stage Crew 1 . Janice Butler — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Glee-Ettes 2; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 1,3; Booster 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 3; National Honor Society 4. Karen Butler — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Robe Chairman 4; Future Business Leaders Club 1-2; Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4. Principal Howard C. Thrall crowns Melinda Merrell queen of the Class of ' 72 ' s Junior Prom. Vicky Ackerman, )an Elrod, and Brenda Chaszar, who were also candidates, watch the ceremony. 94 After-game Hops, Roines Romps Provide Fun Nights Gail Butterfield — Band 3-4, Historian; Musical 2, Orchestra 3-4; Redskin Revue 2, 4; Mask Wig 1 ; Pep Club 1; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society 3-4. Debbie Byers — Monitor 1 -2. Linda Campbell — Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 1-2; Redskin Revue Usher 3. Susie Capps ■ — - Baton Twirler 1-4, Captain 4; Redskin Revue 1-4, Choreographer 2-4; Drill Team 2; Home Room Agent 1, 3; Special Assistant 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Fashion Board Representa- tive 3-4; Twirling Club 1-4. Alvin B. Carey — Football 1-2; Intramurals 1-4; Mon- itor 2. Elizabeth Carlfon — Pep Club 2-4, President 4; Spanish Club 3; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 2; Trackettes 3; Center Grove High School 1. Steve Catlett - — • Tennis 2; Future Printers 1-2. Robert Caviness — Basketball 1-2; Intramurals 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Tennis 2-4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 3; Junior Prom King Candidate 3. Brenda Chaszar — Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Redskin Revue 2; Cheerleader 3; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3 ; Trackettes 4. Kathy Chelf — Orchestra 2-4; Pit Orchestra 4; Monitor 4. Carol Cherry — Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 1-2. Brenda Christopher -- South Park High School, Corpus Christi, Texas 1. Michael Chumley — Monitor 4; Special Assistant (Night School) 3. Linda Clark — Girls ' Glee Club 4; Spanish Club 1-2; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 1-4; Art Club 1-2; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Rifle Team Sponsor 3; Battalion Sponsor 4. Paula Anne Clark — Katella High School, Anaheim, California 1 -2. Daniel Clements — Baseball 1-4; Football 1-2; Wrest- ling 1; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4, Maxine Clinard — Tri-Hi-Y 1; Y-Teens 1-3; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 1,3; Student Assem- bly 1 ; Monitor 1 -2, 4. Judy Collett — Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Chaplain; Y-Teens 1; Student Assembly 3; Masoma 4; League of Honor 1-4. Bill Collett — Washington High School 1 . Candy Collier — Orchestra 1-4, Librarian 3; Redskin Revue 2-4; Student Affairs Board 3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Class Officer 3, Secretary; National Honor Society 3-4; Hoosier Girls ' State 3. Mike Collins — Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1,3; Football 1, 3-4; Intramurals 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; League of Honor 1-4. Emily Conniff — High School Red Cross 2; Monitor 2-3; Kennedy High School 1. Teresa Conover — Special Assistant 2-4; Stage Crew 1-2; Monitor 1-4; League of Honor 2. Donna Cook — Redskin Revue 1 ; Future Business Leaders 2; Pep Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Y-Teens 3; Stu- dent Affairs Board 1. 95 National Merit Scholarship Program Cites Mark Koenig Kathy Cope — Baton Twirler 3; Monitor 3; Special Assistant 4. Peggy Cope — Girls ' Glee Club 1-4; Glee-Ettes 2; Redskin Revue 2-3; Monitor 4; Special Assistant 3; Hoosier Girls ' State 3. Patricia Coughlan — Special Assistant 3. Steven Cox — Monitor 4. Robert Crawford — Turnabout Day 4; Rantoul Town- ship High School, Rantoul, Illinois 1-2. Clenda Crouch Laura Crouse — Pep Club 1-2; Science Club 3; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. James M. Crowe — Cross Country 1 ; Football 2; Wrest- ling 1-2; Mask Wig 1; Science Club 1; Spanish Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 2; Stage Crew 2-4; League of Honor 1-4. Don R. Cunningham Mike Daegar — League of Honor 1. Ronald Daeger — Home Room Agent 2; Special Assis- tant 2-3; Chartrand High School 1. Debra Dale ■ — Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 2; Stage Crew 1-3; Monitor 3; League of Honor 2-3. Mar go Dale - — Musical 1-2; Redskin Revue 3; Pep Club 1 ; Science Club 2-3; Y-Teens 1 ; Special Assistant 1, 3-4; Monitor 1-2, 4; League of Honor 1-2; Turn- about Day 4; Art Club 4. Beverely Dardy — Home Room Agent 4; Special Assis- tant 3-4. Paula Davidson — Hirschi High School, Wichita Falls, Texas 1 ; ltazuke High School, Itazuke, Japan 2-3. Calvin Davis — Basketball 1-4; Cross Country 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Track 1-2; Special Assistant 1-3; Monitor 1-3; Turnabout Day 4. Chauncey Davis — Wrestling 1,3; Concert Choir 2-4; Manualaires 3-4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Assistant 3-4. Sandie Davis — Home Room Agent 1 ; Special Assistant 4. William Davis — ■ Concert Choir 4; Redskin Revue 3; Future Printers 1 ; Mask Wig 1 ; Home Room Agent 1; Stage Crew 1; Monitor 1-2; Barbering, Wood High School 2-3. Janel Denny — Intramurals 1-4, Captain 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Pep Club 1-3, President 2; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 2, 4; Monitor 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Outstanding Girl Athlete 3; GAA 1-4. Gary Deupree — Baseball 2; Band 1-4; Musical 4; Home Room Agent 1 ; Special Assistant 1 ; League of Honor 1 -3. JoAnn Devine • — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 3-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Class Officer 3, Trea- surer; National Honor Society 3-4; Girls ' State 3. James Diana II — Bowling Club 2. Theo Dickerson — Track 1 . lt, DAR Names President Judy Steele Good Citizen ' Bruce Didion — Bowling Club 2-3. Thomas Dietz — Drill Team 2; Monitor I. Deborah Dobson - Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Vice-President 4; Glee-Ettes 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Spanish Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 4; Student Assembly 1 ; Monitor 1, 4; League of Honor 1-4; Bowl- ing Club 2-4. Don Dolph — Officers ' Club 4; Color Guard 1 ; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 3. Mike Douglas — Intramurals 1. Rickie Draper — Cross Country 2; Band 1-3; Redskin Revue 2-3; Future Business Leaders Club 1-4; Radio Assistant 2-3; Stage Crew 1-4; Club 1 -2; Special Monitor 1 -4. Randy Duncan ■ — - Basketbal Manager 1 ; Lettermen ' s Club Editor; Ivian 3-4; Monitor 2, 4; Key Club 3-4; Quill Scrol 1-4; Operation Enterprise 3. Darladene Dyer — Special Assistant 1-3 Manager 1-4; Football 2-4; Booster 3-4, Sports 4; Roines 3-4; President 4; League of Honor Kay Eckler -- Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Glee-Ettes 2, 4; Latin Club 1-4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; Mask Wig 1; Science Club 3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 2-4. Sue Eckstein — Home Room Agent 2-3; League of Honor 2; ROTC Sponsor 3-4. Patrick Edwards — League of Honor 3; Kennedy High School 1. William Edwards — Intramurals 2-3; Band 1-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-2. Janet Elrod ■ — Redskin Revue 2-3; Pep Club 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Student Affairs Board 1, 4; Student Assembly 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Pow Wow Queen Candidate 1-3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Fashion Board Representative 3-4. Jackie Ferguson — Baton Twirler 3-4; Redskin Revue 3; Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assis- tant 1-4; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 1-4 Trackettes 2-3; Bowling Club 2. Elnora Fields — Intramurals 1 ; Special Assistant 2 Monitor 1 ; Turnabout Day 4. Carol Fletcher — ■ Cub Club 1 ; Special Assistant 1 Monitor 4; Turnabout Day 4; English Club 3. Don Fogleman — Monitor 2-3; Redskin Revue 4. Pat Foley — Morton Memorial High School, Knights- town, Indiana 1-3. Michael Ford — Baseball 2-4; Intramurals 4; Letter- men ' s Club 3-4; Bowling Club 2. Lynne Foster - — Redskin Revue 3; Spanish Club 3-4; Booster 2-3; Ivian 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Englis h Club 3, Secretary 3. Larry Fouts — Football 1; Intramurals 1-4; Monitor 3. Jackie Freeman — Monitor 4. Michele Caddis — Pep Club 1-2; Science Club 2-3; Bowling Club 1-4; Art Club 4. Vickie Cann — Band 2; Special Assistant 2; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 1 . »■; Mark Koenig Earns Number T Position Scholastically Corded Gardner ■ — Monitor 2; Turnabout Day 4. Gary Cenier — Football 1 ; Wrestling 1 ; League of Honor 1 -2. Cecil George — Track 2; Wrestling 2; Tech High School 1. Donna Gibson — Baton Twirler 3-4; Orchestra 1 ; Red- skin Revue 1 ; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 1 -4; League of Honor 3-4. Diane Gilbert — Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 3. :: Mary Gilley - — ■ Intramurals 1 ; Future Business Leaders Club 2; Pep Club 2-3; Science Club 1-3; Tri-Hi-Y 1-4; Special Assistant 2-3; Monitor 1 ; League of Honor 3. Sandra Gindling — Special Assistant 3 ; Turnabout Day 4; Roncalli High School 1-2. Teresa Glass — Concert Choir 3-4, Librarian 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Glee-Ettes 2; Musical 2-4; Redskin Re- vue 1-4; Mask Wig 1-2; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Marcia Good in — Band 1-4, Merit Officer 3, Secretary 4; Dance Band 2-4; Musical 2-4; Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Student Affairs Board 3; League of Honor 1-4; Class Officer 3, Vice-Presi- dent; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Queen Ann. Janice Gordon — Monitor 4; Top Ten Percent 4; Turn- about Day 4; Art Club 4. Jerry Goss — Intramurals 1-3; Redskin Revue 1-2; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 1-2; League of Honor 2; Homecoming King Candidate 4; King Ivan 4. Richard Grable Michael Graham — Basketball 1; Football 1-4; Intra- murals 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Red- skin Revue 3; Student Affairs Board 4; Student Assembly 2; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1-4. Rita Graves — Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Secretary 4; Glee- Ettes 4; Redskin Revue 1-2; Pep Club 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; Student Affairs Board 2; Student Assem- bly 1, 3; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-2; Turnabout Day 3. John Green - — Cross Country 1; Track 1 ; Wrestling 1. Judy Griffin ■ — Science Club 3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3. Marsha Haase — Band 1-4; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Glee-Ettes 3; Musical 4; Pep Band 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Science Club 2; Special Assistant 1-4; League of Honor 2-4. C. David Haddix — Intramurals 1-4; Chess Club 1-2; Future Printers 2-3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 2-4. Susan Hafer — Musical 3-4; Orchestra 1-4, Librarian 3; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Cheerleader 1-3; Ivian 4, Senior Editor; Student Assembly 2, 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackettes 3. William Hafer - — Band 1-4; Lieutenant 4; Dance Band 2-4; Orchestra 2-4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Student Affairs Board 4, Vice- President 4; Roines 3-4, Vice-President 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 3-4; Class Treasurer 4. Bill Hagenmaier — Football 3; Tennis 2-4; Montior 2-4. James Hall — ■ Basketball 1-4, Captain 4; Judo Club 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Monitor 4. Jeff Hammond — Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1; Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Stage Crew 1-4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 1-4. Rebecca Hancock — Booster 1-3; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1 . -Deceased April 13, 1972. 98 Outstanding Students Achieve Honor on Top Ten ' Scarletre Harden - — Redskin Revue 1-2; Mask Wig 1-2; Pep Club 1; Science Club 2-4, Secretary 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Y-Teens 1-4, Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, President 3-4; Home Room Agent 1-2; Special Assis- tant 3-4; Monitor 2-4; Turnabout Day 4, Sandy Harper — Pep Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Booster 3; Special Assistant 3-4; Student Assembly 1 ; Monitor 1-3. Rayenell Harris Intramurals 1 ; Cheerleader 3; Moni- tor 3. Linda Hathaway - Musical 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 1-4; Redskin Revue 2, 4; Spanish Club 1-2; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 4. Vickie Hawkins -- Cub Club 1 ; Mask Wig 1 ; Pep Club 1; Booster 1-3; Special Assistant 1-3; Student Assembly 1 ; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-3. Emma Hayes - — Stage Crew 1 -2. George Hayes - Radio Club 1 ; Rifle Team 3 ; Special Assistant 2-3; Monitor I. Jennie Hays — Monitor 2-3; Perry East 1. Nancy Hedges — Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Musical 1-4; Orchestra 1-4, Vice President 4; Pit Orchestra 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 4; All State Orchestra 1 -4. Rebecca Hendricks — Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Treasurer 4; Glee-Ettes 3-4; Spanish Club 1-2; Rifle Team 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Art Club 1-2; ROTC Sponsor 4. Leslie Herring — Officers Club 4; Stage Crew 4; Moni- tor 4. Connie Hill — Orchestra 1 ; Redskin Revue 1 ; Science Club 3, President 3; Spanish Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Special Assistant 1-4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Art Club 3-4; National Honor Society 4. Rebecca Hill — ■ Concert Choir 3-4; Manualaires 3-4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Assistant 3-4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 3-4; National Honor Society 4; Tee Pee Talent 4; Beech Grove High School 2. James Hooser — Future Business Leaders 2; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 2-3; Turnabout Day 4. Deborah Hopkins — Girls ' Glee Club, President 4; Mask Wig 1-3, Vice-President 2, President 3; Booster 3-4; Ivian 3; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Amy Hopper — Monitor 4. " Top Ten Juniors " of the Class of ' 72 are Leslie Spencer, Jeannette Bair, Brenda Lewis, and Gail Butterfield, seated; Susan Marcum, Joyce Stull, Mark Koenig, Vicky Ackerman, and Candy Collier, standing. Not pictured is JoAnn Devine. They were introduced at the class meeting on Junior Day ' 71. 99 Masoma, Roines Clash in Annual Basketball ' Game Beth Housam — Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Clee-Ettes 3; Musical 4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 2-3; Redskin Revue 4; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Affairs Board 2. Sherry Houston — Pep Club 1 ; Y-Teens 1-2; Monitor 1. Bev Huddleston — Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 1. David L. Huett ■ — Cross Country 1 ; Judo Club 3; Chess Club 4. John H. Hussar — Science Club 1 ; Turnabout Day 4. Janet Huth Fred Hurton — Basketball 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Monitor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Karen Hyde — Pep Club 1 ; Special Assistant 3; Student Assembly 2; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-3. Michael Inman — Intramurals 4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 1. Tim Irish — Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 4. David Jackson — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; League of Honor 1 ; Turnabout Day 4. Mary Jackson — Mask Wig 1-2; Y-Teens 3; Special Assistant 4. James Jimison — Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-2; Wrestling 1-4; Monitor 1-2; League of Honor 3. Patricia Johnson — - Intramurals 1; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1-3. Patsy Diana Johnson — Special Assistant 4; Tech High School 3. Carmen Jones — Intramurals 1 ; Home Room Agent 1 ; Student Assembly 1; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1; Special Assistant 4. Michael Jones — Home Room Agent 1-2; Stage Crew 1-4, Manager 4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. David Jordan — Band 2-4; Dance Band 3; Pit Orches- tra 4; Pep Band 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Roines 3-4, Secretary 4; Key Club 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Top Ten Percent 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4. Carolyn Kasper — Special Assistant 3-4; Masoma 4; Turnabout Day 4; Roncalli High School 1-2; National Honor Society 4. Vivian Keaton — Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Glee-Ettes 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Future Business Leaders Club 1-4; Pep Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Y-Teens 1-2; Monitor 2-4. Jim Kelley — Latin School 1. Judith Kemmerer — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Monitor 1 ; League of Honor 1 ; Bowling Club 2-3. Mike Kemp — Concert Choir 2-4; Manualaires 3-4; Musical 2-3; Redskin Revue 3-4; Booster 2-4; Special Assistant 3-4; Roines 4; National Thespians 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Keith Klingler — Basketball 1 ; Intramurals 2-4; Redskin Revue 4; Booster 1-4, Sports Editor 4; Ivian 2-4, Sports Editor 4; Special Assistant 1-3; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1 -4. 100 Contest Winner Uncertain; Both Clubs Claim Victory Janie Knight ■ — Baton Twirler 3; Mask Wig 2; Pep Club 1 ; Special Assistant 1 ; Monitor 2; Twirling Club 2-3. Mark Koenig — Tennis 1-4; Band 1-4; Concert Choir 3-4, Vice-President; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 1-2, 4, Act Writer 4; Roines 3-4, President; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten junior 3; Exercise in Knowledge 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4, President 4. Laura Kriese — Intramurals 3-4; Special Assistant 2, 4; Masoma 4; League of Honor 2-4; National Honor Society 4; Kennedy High School 1. Steven Lambert — Judo Club 2; Tennis 2; Monitor 1. Marcia Lambert! - — Pep Club 1 ; Special Assistant 2-4; Freshman Papoose, Homecoming 1 . Nellie Lamperski — Trackettes 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Librarian 4; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 3; Mascot 4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; National Honor Society 4. Susan Lang — Intramurals 4. Louis Lasley — Baseball 1-2; Cross Country 1,4; Coif 1-4. Marjorie Lasley — Redskin Revue 3-4; Mask Wig 2; Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 4; Student Assem- bly 3-4; Monitor 4. Rhonda Lee — Special Assistant 1-3; Monitor 1-2; Turnabout Day 3-4. Carl Leggins Brenda Lewis — Special Assistant 1-3; Student Assem- bly 1-2; Monitor 4; Masoma 3-4, Treasurer 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Class Officer, Vice- President 4; National Honor Society 3-4. Kathy Lewis — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Na- tional Thespians 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackettes 2-4; Wrestling Greeter 4; National Honor Society 4. Diana Linn — Mask Wig 2; Pep Club 1 ; Y-Teens 3 Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 3. Danny Lucas — Intramurals 4; Student Assembly 2-3 Monitor 2. Joe Lyman — Special Assistant 1; Stage Crew 1-3 Monitor 3. 1 ; Football President 4; Monitor 1 ; Robert Mack — Baseball 1-4; Basketbal 1-4; Intramurals 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4, Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Assistant 1-3 League of Honor 1 -4. Roger Madden Danny Maple — Intramurals 4; Student Assembly 1. Susan Marcum ■ — Baton Twirler 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4, Choreographer 2; Masoma 3-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Diamondettes 3-4; Homecoming Queen 4; Queen Ann Candidate 4. Darrell Mathis — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1. Kathy Mauler — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Manualaires 3-4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Special Assistant 2-3; League of Honor 3. Cwen Maxey ■ — Redskin Revue 2-4, Choreographer 4; Future Business Leaders 2-4; Pep Club 1 ; Drill Team 3; Color Guard 4; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 2-4; ROTC Sponsor 4; Trackettes 4; Military Ball Queen Candidate 4. Sheila May — Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 4; Ball Junior High, California 1. 101 Senior Day ' Activities Climax with Coke Party Burnetta MeCafferty — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4. Timothy McCoy - - Band 1-4; Pep Band 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Booster 1-4; Home Room Agent 1-4; Stu- dent Assembly 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; City Roundtable 4. Delores Mcintosh — Pep Club 1 ; Home Room Agent 2; League of Honor 3; Turnabout Day 4; Special As- sistant 1-4. lames McMitlin — Intramurals 2; Rifle Team 2-4, Commander 3-4; Officers ' Club 3-4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1 -4. Terrie Merida — Special Assistant 1 -2. Melinda Merrell — Baton Twirler 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Mask Wig 2-3; Pep Club 1; Drill Team 2-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Affairs Board 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Prom Queen 3. Clarence Merrett — Home Room Agent 1 . Mary Merritt — Redskin Revue 2, 4; Latin Club 2; Y-Teens 2-3, Secretary 3; Special Assistant 1-2, 4; Student Assembly 1-2; Turnabout Day 2-4; ROTC Spon- sor 4; Redskin Revue Act Writer 4. James Merryman jim Milhon — Cross Country 1-3; Track 1. Larry Miller — Intramurals 2-3; Wrestling 1. Patrick Miller — Band 1-4; Concert Choir 2-4; Man- ualaires 2-4; Musical 2-4; Booster 1-3; Ivian 1-4; Roines 3-4, Treasurer 4; Quill Scroll 3-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; National Honor Society 4; NATO Con- ference Interpretor 3; Hoosier Boys ' State 3. Beth Carlton, chairman of refreshments on Senior Day, serves cokes to Donna Gibson, Mary Jackson, Diana Spilmon, and Karlow Tutt at the Senior Day Party in the cafe- teria, October 28. 102 April Square Dance Proves Everyone Can Do-Si-Do Richard Miller - — ■ Baseball 3; Wrestling ] ; Monitor 1; Band Manager 2-4. Kim Miner — Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3. Debra Mitehner John Montgomery Larry Moore — Band 1-4, Captain 4; Dance Band 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 1-4; Pep Band 1-4; Spe- cial Assistant 4; Monitor 3; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4. Linda Moore — Y-Teens 1-4, Historian 2, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3-4. Carry Morefield — Rifle Team 3-4; Officers ' Club 4; Stage Crew 4. Rick Morgan — Judo Club 4; Chess Club 1, 3-4; Radio Club 4; Science Club 1 ; Stage Crew 1 ; Monitor 1, 3-4; Bowling Club 2. Marilyn Morris — Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Glee-Ettes 2; Redskin Revue 2; Science Club 1 ; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 1-2; Ma- soma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4. Theresa Mulder — Pep Club 1 ; Monitor 2-4. Jeannette Mullen — Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Manualaires 4; Musical 1-2; Redskin Revue 3-4; Stu- dent Assembly 3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Wrestling Greeters 2-4; National Honor Society 4. Tim Mullin — Kennedy High School 1. Kerry Mulry — Tennis 1-2; Greenwood High School 3. Georgia Murley - — Orchestra 1-4; Special Assistant 1, 3-4; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 2-3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Chamber Or- chestra 4; National Honor Society 4. Martha Murphy — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Historian; Mask Wig 1-2; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Dennis Myrick — Judo Club 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Booster 2-4; Ivian 2-4; Stage Crew 1-2; Roines 4; National Thespians 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Retha Narmore — Redskin Revue 3-4; Mask Wig 3; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Home Rome Agent 1-2; Special Assistant 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; City Round- table 4. Doug Neff — Football 1 ; Intramurals 2-3; Redskin Re- vue 3-4; Booster 3-4; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 2-3; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Dan Nye — Redskin Revue 2-4, Co-Chairman 4; Chess Club 1 ; Science Club 1 ; Home Room Agent 1-3; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4; English Club 3-4; Art Club 3-4. Sarah Oler Alan O ' Neal — Basketball 1; Football 1-2; Intramurals 2-4; Track 2-3; Redskin Revue 4; Home Room Agent 2-3; Student Affairs Board 2-4, President 4; Student Assembly 1-4, President 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turn- about Day 4. Toni Ooley — Special Assistant 2-3. Brian Osman — - Judo Club 2-3; Musical 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Radio Club 1-2; Special Assistant 3-4; Stage Crew 1 -4. Patricia Palmer — High School Red Cross 1 ; Stage Crew 1-4; Masoma 4. 103 Carol Williams, Dan Nye Chair Redskin Revue Janet Parsley — Masoma 4; Future Printers 1; Glee Club 2; Y-Teens 3; Special Assistant 3, 4. Barbara Paul Katherine Payne — Girls ' Glee Club 4. Karen Penniston — Redskin Revue 1-3; Pep Club I; Special Assistant 1-3; Stage Crew 1-3; Student As- sembly 1 ; Monitor 2-3. Charles Peoni — Tennis 4; Latin School 2-3. Fred Perry — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4; Art Club 4. Dave Perryman — Cross Country 1 ; Golf 2-4; Intra- murals 1-4; Redskin Revue 4; Monitor 2. Julia Phillips — Monitor 4; Fashion Show, 1st place 2. Rick Phillips — Football 2; Intramurals 3; Track 1; League of Honor 1-4; Homecoming King Candidate 4. Ronald Pinkins — ]udo Club 2; Track 3; Wrestling 3; Band 1-3; Future Business Leaders Club 4; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 3-4. LuAnn Pipes — Pep Club 1 ; Special Assistant 1 -4. Michael Pollard — Football 1-2; Intramurals 2; Tennis 1-2; Chess Club 4; League of Honor 1-4. JoAlice Porter — Future Business Leaders Club 2-3; Mask Wig 2; Pep Club 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Y-Teens 1-3; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Club 2-4. Lori Pottorff — Home Room Agent 1-2; Special As- sistant 3-4; Student Assembly 1; Monitor 1-2. Deborah Potts — Y-Teens 3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4; Tech High School 1-2. Mary Powers — Clean Earth Club 3; Stage Crew 1-4. Scot Price — Drill Team 4; Rifle Team 2-4; Officers ' Club 3-4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Turnabout Day 4. Theresa Prosser — Monitor 1 ; League of Honor 2; Fashion Show 2-3. Terry Purlee — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Glee-Ettes 2; Manualaires 3-4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Booster 3-4; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 2-4; Quill Scroll 4. Cheryl (Bolls) Purvis Sheila Quillen — Girls Glee Club 2-4; Redskin Revue 2; High School Red Cross 1; Pep Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 1 ; Y-Teens 4; Special Assistant 3-4; Trackettes 2-3. Billy Rich — Boys Glee Club 2-3; Wood High School 1. Randall Richards dent 3. Judo Club 3; Chess Club 3, Presi- )oyce Richmond — Special Assistant 4; Turnabout Day 4; Kokomo High School 1-2. 104 Five Seniors Write Half of Redskin Revue Acts Terry Rickard Peter Rizzo Vonira Roberts — Redskin Revue 3; Future Business Leaders Club 2-4, Secretary 3, President 4; Pep Club 1; Radio Club 1-2, Secretary 2; Y-Teens 1; Special Asssitant 2-3; Student Assembly 1-3; Monitor 1-3; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Club 2, Secretary 2. Janet Robinson — Future Business Leaders Club 4. Michael Robinson — Football 1 ; Intramurals 1-4; Moni- tor 1-2; League of Honor 1. Tom Rowell ■ — ■ Special Assistant 3-4; Kennedy High School 1. Mark Rush — Wrestling 2-3. Ralph Rutan — Basketball 1. Pam Ryan — Y-Teens 1 . Gary Sater ■ — - Basketball 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Radio Club 1 ; Science Club 1 ; Moni- tor 1 -4. Allene Saunders ■ — Future Business Leaders Club 2-3 ; Special Assistant 4; Turnabout Day 4. Mark Sauter — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Joyce Stull and Herb Taylor take a rest at the base of a bust on the State Capitol lawn. They had just visited the legislature with their Government class to get a first- hand look at " how it ' s done. " This coor- dinated with their class study of local and state government as preparation for up- coming voting by seniors of " legal " age. Jl! 105 Lt. Col. Scot Price Commands ROTC Battalion Carl Schnepf III — Football 1-3; Golf 1,3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 3; Wrestling 1 ; Radio Club 2; Science Club 1; Special Assistant 3-4; Key Club 3-4, Vice- President 4; League of Honor 1-4. Glen Shake — ■ Intramurals 2; Student Assembly 4; Homecoming King 4; King Ivian Candidate. Lane Shepherd - — Concert Choir 2-4; Manualaires 4; Musical 3; Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 3; Moni- tor 1 ; Tee Pee Talent 3. Don Shockley — Baseball 1; Intramurals 3; Bowling Club 2-3. Darrell Short — Basketball 1-4; Cross Country 1 ; Foot- ball 2-3; Judo Club 2-4; Track 1-3; Monitor 1-4; League of Honor 1 -4. Les Short — Intramurals 4; Track 3; Monitor 4; League of Honor 3; Arlington High School 1-2. Delores Showecker Deborah Silliman — Baton Twirler 3; Special Assistant 4. Bruce Sizemore Ronnie Sloan — • Allen County High School, Scottsville, Kentucky 1-3. Jonathan Smedley — League of Honor 1 -4. Wonda Smith — Tri-Hi-Y 1; Y-Teens 2-4; Monitor 4; Turnabout Day 4. Richard Smock — Wrestling 1 ; League of Honor 1. Crawford Spann — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4 Wrestling 1-4, Captain 4; Turnabout Day 4. Sandra Spaulding — Intramurals 1; Pep Club 1-4 Cheerleader 1-4; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assist- ant 3-4; Student Assembly 3; League of Honor 2-4 Turnabout Day 4; Fashion Board Representative 4. Warren Spaulding Linda Clark, head ROTC sponsor, and Lt. Col. Scot Price, battalion commander, pin new insignia on the shoulders of Becky Hendricks and Debbie Westerfield. Spon- sors help with records and weekly inspec- tion and serve the unit as hostesses for the annual Military Ball. 10G Five Senior Girls Join Red Coats ' as Cadet Sponsors Leslie Spencer — Redskin Revue 1 -3 ; Mask Wig 1 -2, Secretary; Spanish Club 2-4, Secretary 3, President 4; Booster 3; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Top Ten Percent 3-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4. Penny Spencer — Band 1 ; Girls ' Glee Club 1 ; Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1; Breathitt High School, )ackson, Kentucky 1. Diana Lynn Spilmon — Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Glee-Ettes 3; Manualaires 4; Musical 4; Science Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Treasurer 3; Special Assistant 4. Shirley Spivey — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 2; League of Honor 1-4. Mary Jo Squillace - — - Home Room Agent 4; Special Assistant 4; Turnabout Day 4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Roncalli High School 1-2. Janice Stafford — High School Red Cross 1 ; Y-Teens 3; Special Assistant 1 ; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-3. David Steele -- Band 3-4; Dance Band 4; Musical 4; Orchestra 4; Pit Orchestra 4; Pep Band 4; Redskin Re- vue 4; Monitor 3-4. Judy Steele — Intramurals 1-4, Captain 4; Concert Choir 3-4, Secretary 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1-2; Musical 1-4, Choreographer 2-4; Pep Club 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4, Captain 1-4; Student Affairs Board 4, Secretary 4; League of Honor 1-4; Class Officer, President 4. Daniel Sregemoller ■ — Football 3-4; Intramurals 1-4, Captain 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Monitor 2; Junior Prom King Candidate 3. James Stevens — Track 1 ; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4. Cindy Stock — Intramurals 1-3; Band 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-3; Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 3. Dora Stokes — Pep Club 1-3; Cheerleader 1-3; Home Room Agent 1 ; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 1-2; Turnabout Day 4. Greg Stout — Football 1; Stage Crew 1-2; League of Honor 1 . Joletra Strait — ■ Concert Choir 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Glee-Ettes 2; Manualaires 3; Musical 2-3; Redskin Revue 1-4; Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 2; Maso- ma 3-4; National Thespians 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Larry Sruard — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-3; Student Assembly 3; League of Honor 1 -3. Joyce Stull — Concert Choir 3-4, Treasurer 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Booster 3, Page 2 Editor; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Hon- or Society 3-4. Rick Summers - — Wood High School 1-2. Claudia Sutherlen — Baton Twirler 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Glee-Ettes 4; Musical 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Special Assistant 4; Turnabout Day 4; Tee Pee Talent Show 2; Drama Productions 2-4. Stuart Sutliff — Intramurals 2; Band 1-4; Orchestra 2-4; Special Assistant 1-3; Roines 3-4; League of Hon- or 1-4; Top Ten Percent 2, 4; Class Officer, President 3; Hoosier Boys ' State 3; Auditorium Sound Manager 2-4. Herb Taylor — Football 1; Golf 2-4; Intramurals 2-4 Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Secretary 4; Redskin Revue 3-4 Student Assembly 1-3; Roines 4, Vice-President 4 League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Prom King Candidate 3. Leonard Taylor — Football 1-2; Track 1 ; Wrestling 1- 4; League of Honor 1-3. Michael Thomas — Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-3; Bowling Club 1 -3. Sheryl Thomas — Girls ' Glee Club 4; Redskin Revue 1-2; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. |J -11 Walter Thomas — Monitor 1 . 107 Honors Day, Vespers, Commencement Close Four Years Michael Thompson — Intramurals 1-3; Band 1-2; League of Honor 1 -2. Pamela Marie Thompson — Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Robe Chairman 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Mask Wig 1-2; Spanish Club 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; Student Af- fairs Board 1-3, Treasurer 3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Inter City High School Association; Teen Guide Council. Donald Tompkins — Football Manager 1-4; )udo Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track Manager 1-4; Wrest- ling Manager 1-2, 4; Future Printers 1-2; Radio Club 1-4, Chief Announcer; Monitor 4; Turnabout Day 4. Brenda Toney — Special Assistant 1 . Karlow Tutt — Cross Country 1-2; Football 3-4; Let- termen ' s Club 2-4; Wrestling 1-4; Band 2; Stage Crew 1-2; Monitor 2-4. Ron Underwood — Football 1; Wrestling 3; Orchestra 1-4; Math Club 3; Drill Team 1-2, 4; Rifle Team 1- 2, 4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3; Turnabout Day 4; Cadet of the Month Award 1-2, 4. Patsy Vinson — Special Assistant 3-4. Rose Wadsworth — Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 3-4; Masoma 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Debra Walden — Baton Twirler 4; Redskin Revue 3- 4; Mask Wig 3-4; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1 ; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Council 4; Art Club 4. Larry Walker — Cross Country 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Track 3-4; Wrestling 3; Special Assistant 3; Moni- tor 4; League of Honor 4. Pat Walsman - — Special Assistant 3. Janet Walton ■ — Orchestra 3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4. Tony Walton — Band 3-4; Orchestra 3-4; Pit Orchestra 4; Pep Band 4; Science Club 2-3; Monitor 4. Wendell Ware — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Track 1, 3; Wrestling 1-3; Officers ' Club 4; Color Guard 2-4, Commander; Special Assistant 3; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 1-4. Connie Wasson — Judo Club 3-4, Secretary 4; Pep Club 4; Radio Club 4; Stage Crew 1; Student As- sembly 4; Bowling 1-2. Cheri Watson — Baton Twirler 3-4; Concert Choir 3- 4, Robe Chairman; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Mask Wig 2, Secretary 2; Cheer- leader 1; Student Assembly 3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Ernest C. Watson, |r. — Basketball 3; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 2, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Band 2; Pep Band 2; Color Guard 2-3; League of Honor 1 -4. Diana Weaver — Tri-Hi-Y 2; Monitor 2 Tom Wehr Roseann Weimer — Special Assistant 3-4; League of Honor 4; Turnabout Day 3; Kennedy High School 1. Penny Jo West — Redskin Revue 3-4; Pep Club 1 ; Home Room Agent 1 ; Special Assistant 3-4; Student Assembly 2; Monitor 2; Turnabout Day 4. Deborah Westerfield — Science Club 2-3; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 1-3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Turnabout Day 4; Exercise in Knowledge 3; National Honor Society 3-4- ROTC Sponsor 3-4. Jim Westerfield — Football 1 ; Boys ' Glee Club 1-3. Sue Wetzel — Special Assistant 1, 4; Monitor 1, 4. 108 Grads in Class of 72 Celebrate Prom at Med Cente r Lisa Whaley — Intramurals 2; Y-Teens 1 ; Home Room Agent 1, 3-4; Special Assistant 2-3; Monitor 3. Nicholas Wheatley John Whetsel - - 500 Festival Art Show 3. Larry White — ■ Concert Choir 3-4; Manualaires 4; Chess Club 2; Special Assistant 2; League of Honor 1-4. Phillip Wiley — Football 1; Track 1; Chess Club 3; Radio Club 4; Science Club 3; Spanish Club 4; Stage Crew 1-3; Student Assembly 3; League of Honor 1-2; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1-3. Carol Williams — Band 2-4, Lieutenant 4; Concert Choir 2-4, Student Director 4; Manualaires 4; Musical 4; Pit Orchestra 2-3; Pep Band 4; Redskin Revue 1-4, Co-Chairman 4; Masoma 3-4, President 4; National Thespians 2-4; Top Ten Percent 3. Terry Willis — ■ Baseball 1; Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Wrestling 1-2; Stage Crew 2-3; Monitor 3. William Windhorst — Boys ' Glee Club 1-4; Redskin Revue 4; Radio Club 1-4, Vice-President 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 1; Monitor 4; Turn- about Day 4. Margaret Winkler Ronald Winbush — Intramurals 4; Home Room Agent 3; Monitor 1-2. Tern ' s Winstead - — Cross Country 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-3; Wrestling 1-4; Band 1; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 2-3; Pow Wow King Candidate 2. Pamela Wittenbring — Baton Twirler 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Robe Chairman 4; Redskin Revue 2-4, Chor- eographer 4; Pep Club 1; Drill Team 3; Monitor 4. Steve Woods — Home Room Agent 1 ; Special Assistant 3-4; Student Assembly 1 ; Turnabout Day 4. Shedeenia Woolery — Future Business Leaders Club 4; Pep Club 1,4; League of Honor 1 ; Bowling Club 3. Cynthia Woolwine — Trackette 4; Redskin Revue 4; Clean Earth Club 3; Radio Club 2; Science Club 2-3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4; Turnabout Day 4. Phillip Wyss — Chess Club 2; Science Club 2-3; Spe- cial Assistant 4; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4; Ex- ercise in Knowledge 4; National Honor Society 3-4. ■ ...■■■■ . ■ - Leslie Spencer, Patricia Beach, Delores Mc- intosh, and Georgia Murley, all served the library as assistants. Miss Helen Negley, head librarian, often says, " The library couldn ' t run without the many students who assist us each period throughout the day. " 109 Girls Pilot Junior Class as ' Women ' s Lib ' Takes Over Junior Class officers, Secretary Debbie Welsh, Treasurer Karen Marcum, Vice-President Susie Moore, and President Lynn Janke meet to plan upcoming events. " Women ' s Lib " hit Manual this year as more than 500 juniors voted all girls as their class officers. This year ' s class, sponsored by Mr. Willard Henderson, was an ac- tive one. A junior boy served as editor-in-chief of the Booster while two junior girls act as co-editors of this Ivian. Two more busy juniors made up half of the " Exercise in Knowledge " team. An annual event for each junior class is decorating the school ' s Christmas tree. Maschmeyer ' s Nur- sery donated this year ' s big spruce. After juniors had the tree spark- ling with lights and baubles, they attended a party in the cafeteria where Santa Claus (Mr. Robert Hig- nite) was their guest. March 8th saw class members dressed up for Junior Recognition Day. " Top Ten " Juniors were an- nounced during an after-school pro- gram preceding the cafeteria party. The Indiana University Medical Center hosted the Prom on May 6. Juniors decorated Manual ' s Christmas tree which adorned the main entrance at the foot of the stairs during the week before Christmas. Here, it lends an atmosphere ro the choir as they perform before school. During the week, all choral groups enter- tained Redskins in the morning. 110 Juniors Thomas Abner, Kim Adams, Becky Ad- kins, Delorse Adkins, Anthony Adolay, Carol Alexander, William Alexander, Bonnie Allen. Mike Allen, Royce Allen, Tana Allen, Tom Allen, Debra Alstott, Aubrey Anderson, Sandra Anderson, D e b b i e Andrews. Jennifer Andrews, Diana Archer, Frank Arnold, Teresa Atwood, Kathy Aus- brooks, Martha Baase, Rick Bailey, Cheryl Baker. Debra Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Tyrone Baker, Pamela Barlow, Debbie Bastin, Alvernia Barlow, Terry Battles, David Baumann. Brenda Beck, Debra Bell, Richard Bell, Diana Bemis, Margaret Benedict, Shelly Bentle, Ronald Bernard, Stan Bevers. Terry Bevers, Linda Biggs, James Binford, Zachary Bird, Michael Birdwell, Dawne Biro, Jerry Bishop, Karen Blevins. Terry Bonner, Cheryl Boone, Randall Borkes, Cynthia Bossingham, Charles Bovee, Rose Boyd, Karen Bowling, Kenny Bracken. Brenda Brady, Karen Bray, Kathy Bray, Darrell Britt, Valda Britt, Robert Broner, Larry Brown, Loretta Brown. Mike Bown, Sharon Brown, Lang Brownlee, Margie Buckel, Jerry Bunner, Larry Burgess, Debbie Burgin, V i r g i I Burke. Rowena Bush, Denise Butler, Harry Butler, Mark Butler, Carl Cafouros, Donnie Campbell, Debra Carrico, Roger Carroll. Laura Carson, Debra Chatfield, Marilyn Cherry, David Childers, Deborah Church, Danny Clapper, Herbie Clark, Mary Clark. Trudy Clark, Tommy Cleek, Danny Col- lett, Mike Conlin, Carol Cooper, J o e Coughlan, April Coulombe, Gary Cox. I I Juniors Al9 Wilma Cox, David Craig, Sue Creech, Carry Creek, Gregory Crenshaw, P a m Crook, Sherry Crouch, Cathy Crowe. Pete Cunningham, Patti Cupp, Michael Cupp, Diana Curtiss, Jeffrey Curtis, Mauri Dale, Billy Daniels, Lynda Dar- nell. Jackie Daugherty, Gary Davidson, Lu Ann Davis, Paula Davis, Sheryl Davis, Barbara Dawson, Guy Deboor, Donna Demaree. Kathy Dickerson, Richard Dietz, Dillon, Joe Dillon, Kathy Dolan, Doty, Becky Drake, Randell Duncan. lay Miracle Dunlop, Mike Dunn, Gayle Dur- ham, Don Durrett, Robert Dyer, Kathy Eaton, Al Edmunds, Dallas Ellis. Mary Entwistle, Patty Estes, Gloria Ever- tson, Susan Eustace, Greg Eva, Phyllis Fallon, Jeff Farley, joe Farley. Charles Fields, Enola Fields, Rickey Fikes, Annette Fischer, Bob Flatt, Jerry Floyd, April Foster, Amy Foxworthy. Deborah Fowler, Tom Franklin, Vicki Fulford, Rick Gabbard, Jerry Galyan, James Garman, Linda Garmon, Marshel- ia Garrett. jewelldean Gatewood, Donna George, Richard George, Billy Giboney, Bonita Gilbert, Rod Gilley, Debra Gillihan, Patte Gladson. Donald Goad, Ron Goad, Gary Godby, Sue Godsey, John Goff, Judy Gore, Donna Green, Jim Green. Pam Greeson, Mike Grider, Ricky Gray, Cheryl Grimes, Dave Groves, Jack Grubbs, David Hale, John Haley. Sandy Haley, Fran Hall, Lillian Hall, Den- nis Hammel, Linda Hann, Karen Harnish- feger, Carol Harper, Andre Harris. 112 Juniors Debbie Harrison, R o c h e I I e Harrison, Richard Hasselburg, Jodi Hassfurther, Darlene Hassler, Steve Haug, Cindy Heacox, Tim Hebble. Kurt Hedgegard, Barbara Hedgspeth, Bob Heinzelman, Lillian Henderson, George Herzog, Mary Hicks, D e n n i s Hilbert, Charles Hilton. Susan Hindman, Charles Hite, Laura Hofmeister, Lila Holcomb, Ron n i e Holcomb, Vicki Holland, Julia Hollen- baugh, Madeline Hollowell. Charles Hollingsworth, Toni Holsapple, Kevin Horn, Teresa Hoskins, Donna Hot- seller, David Huber, Denise Hudson, Randall Hughes. Ray Hughes, )eff Hurley, Kris Hylden, Tim Keesee, Becki Kellenberger, Howard Kello, John Kerner, Jody Kessler. Schurronda Kent, Anthea King, Bob Kir- by. Donna Kirby, Debbie Knight, Carol Komann, Diana Kraft, KellyAnn Krause. Laura Carson and Becky Adkins provide one of the " commercials " in the Tee Pee Talent Parade. Many other juniors participated in this yearly hunt for Redskin talent. The pur- pose of the show is to give prospective Redskin Revue act writers an idea of the talent in store for their acts. 113 Santa Claus was an honored guest at the Junior Class Christmas Party celebrated after the decorating of the Christmas tree. Cathy Crowe lets the " old gent " (Mr. Robert Hignite) know what she expects from him on Christmas morning, while Santa is re- freshing himself with a soft drink. Juniors Joe Kriech, Butch Krodel, Marilyn Kun- kel, Jim Jackson, Paula Jacobs, Lynn Janke, Barb Jeffries, Mike Jent. Sheila Jent, Teresa Jent, Anna John, Karen Johnson, Larry Johnson, Randall Johnson, Randy Johnson, Ed Johnston. Walter Jones, Yvonne Jones, Alan Jordan, Dave Jordan, Donna Laetsch, Maryanne Lahmann, Daniel Landwerlen, Gary Lane. Richard Lane, Robert Lane, Gloria Lang- ford, Tom Lantry, Bill Lasley, Francy Las- ley, Paula Lasley, Susie Lasley. Cynthia Lawrence, Kathy Lee, Vickie Leggins, Norm an Leonard, Mike Lep- per, Gary Liggett, Dennis Lindsey, Russe Lindsey. Peter Lindstrom, George Little, Linda Livingston, Mark Luedemann, D o t t i e Lutane, William Lyles, James Lyman, Shelonda Lyons. 114 Juniors Debra Madison, Mary Maier, Carlton Mann, Claudine Manering, Matt Maple, Karen Marcum, Rande Marshall, John Martin. Anne Maschmeyer, Mary Masengale, An- nie Mason, Leo Massing, Margaret Max- well, Deborah Mayes, Cwen Mayes, Da- vid McAllister. Danny McClure, Steve McCurry, Bill McDaniel, Jan McDaniel, Jan McCraw, Otis McCraw, lona McCurer, Michael McKay. Leny McKinney, Charles McNeal, Sandra Mears, Beverly Meece, John Meehan, Victor Merida, Edward Merritt, I rv in Miles. Earl Miller, Jack Miller, Carolyn Mil Marilyn Milli, Gary Mills, Steve Mill Gary Minnick, Darlene Mitchell. Mark Montgomery, Michael Morgan, Billy Moore, Susie Moore, Mark Mueller, Beth Mullen, Marilyn Munn, Terry Mur- phy. Debbie Murray, Amy Myers, James Narmore, Jeff Neff, Mark Nelis, Michele Newton, Suzanne Nicks, Stephen Nix. Cathy Noe, Mike Noel, Rolf-Peter Noot, Wanda Norris, Wilma O ' Gwin, Mary Oliger, Jerry O ' Neill, David Ottinger. Debra Owens, Eddie Owens, Gayle Owens, Debbie Parsley, Dottie Patterson, Paul Thomas, Beth Peak, Danny Pemberton. Evelyn Pepper, Bill Perdue, Linda Perdue, Pauletta Peters, Debbie Phelps, Joseph Phillips, Nellie Phillips, Michael Pierce. Steve Pierce, Linda Pinner, Jim Plahitko, Vickie Poling, Lana Porter, John Poteet, Terry Powers, Linda Price. Vicki Profitt, Joy Pruett, Richard Quade, William Quillen, Paul Raimondi, Wanda Randolph, Robert Ransom, Lin- da Rasdell. 115 Juniors Linda Rea, Janice Ream, Debbie Rainbolt, Vicki Richards, Ricky Riordan, Cheryl Ritter, Randy Ritter, Arthur Roberts. John Roberts, Patricia Roberts, Jackie Robertson, Charles Robinson, Michael Robinson, Wanda Rosson, Luther Rush, Abelardo Salas. Chris Sanford, Marzine Saulter, Janet Scharbrough, Cynthia Scott, L o n n i e Scott, Susan Seaman, Marsha Sears, David Sease. Eddie Sexson, Jerry Sheehan, D e n i s e Sheets, Mark Sheley, Vera Shepard, Mark Shives, Pasto Shockley, Jenny Shoemake. Marilyn Short, Sandra Short, Alan Shreve, Karen Shute, Cindy Simmons, Clifford Slaven, Gary Slayton, Gary Sloan, " The wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz? " wonders Booster page editor, Lynn Janke, as she happens to peer over the corner of her desk. During the winter snows, many students had to find places for their boots other than in over-crowded lockers. These boots found an empty spot in the Publications Office. 116 Juniors Linda Smallman, Bob Smith, Daryl Smith, Gloria Smith, )oyce Smith, Lois Smith, William Smith, Gary Snead. Joe Snyder, Nancy S n y d e r, Gary Sparks, Vicki Spaulding, Jeff S p ears, Rhonda Staab, Lorenzo Stansberry, Glen- da Stenger. Tom Stewart, Kerri Stine, Kathy Stodgill, Gary Stofer, Janice Stokes, Marilyn Stout, Gary Stroud, Mary Summeier. Judith Summerhill, Cynthia Surber, Car- ol Sturdevant, James Surface, Joe Sutton, Dreathia Tarter, Anita Taylor, George Taylor. Leslie Taylor, Paula Taylor, Lennie Thatch, Marsha Thomas, Cheryl Thomp- son, Don Thompson, Shaun Timbs, Shelia Tibbs. Teresa Trabue, Gary Trice, Sharon Tuck- er, Keith Tullis, Peggy Updike, David Vandagrifft, David Vize, Maria Wade. Kathy Wakefield, Malcolm Walker, Pat Walker, Davy Walton, William Ward, Debbie Waters, Ricky Watkins, Robert Watness. Sylvia Watson, Arthur Watts, Jerry Wehr, Linda Weimer, Debbie Welsh, Jerald Westerfield, Margie Westerfield, Bill Whaley. Jackie Whetsel, Barbara White, Stanley White, Tony White, Myra Whitaker, Gregory Whitley, Michael Whitney, Donald Wilkerson. Charles Williams, Mary Williams, Vick- ie Willis, Carolyn Wilson, Joseph Wil- son, Rebecca Wilson, Lisa Wineinger, Tom Wingate. Patti Winstead, Stanley Winbush, Margie Woirhaye, Charles Wolfe, Debbie Wood, Philip Wood, Sharon Wilson, Da- vid Wooden. Charles Woods, Cassandra Woolery, Nancy Wortman, Keith Wuest, Donald Wyatt, Byron Yeager, Phyllis Yocum, Steve Ziegelbauer. 117 Sophomores Become Involved in Numerous Activities Bob Able, Teresa Achgill, jane Acker- man, Colleen Adkins, Jeffery Adkins, Debbie Alderson, Peggy Ammerman, Jerome Ancelet. Mary Anderson, Phillip Anderson, Rich- ard Anderson, Karla Andrews, Angela Appleberry, Debbie Arnold, Vickie Ar- nold, Clenda Ausbrooks. John Austin, Terry Austin, Sydenia Ay- ers, Robert Baase, )anie Baecher, Ho- ward Bailey, James Baker, Kathy Baker. Richard Baker, Ival Balay, Candy Ballard, Lucille Balls, Rhonda Barker, Becky Barnaby, Cathy Bateman, Donald Bates. Vickie Bates, Michael Baxter, Rita Beach, Linda Bean, Paul Beasley, Susie Beaupre, Kathy Beers, Randy Belcher. Debbie Bennett, Greg Bentle, Ovil Ber- nard, Rita Bernard, Shelia Bernard, Leisa Betzler, Brian Bingham, Deborah Binion. Rick Bland, Melanie Boardman, John Bonner, Sharon Boone, Kevin Bottema, Pamela Bowles, Gregory Boyd, William Boyd. Sophomore Diann Newport, Booster staffer, shows Junior Suzanne Nicks the trophy she won in Novice Newswriting at the Greater Indianapolis High School Press Day at North Central. Suzanne placed second in Novice Cartooning. During the sophomore year, many students become involved in extra- curricular activities. 118 Sophomores Cindy Boyter, Karl Breeden, Dan Brei- meir, Marcia Bridgewater, Cheryl Briley, Homer Britt, |erry Brooks, Renee Brooks. Ron Broughton, Cassandra Brown, Nor- ma Brown, Renee Brown, Doris Brown, Mark Brown, Rebecca Bruce, R o I f e Bruce. Sharlit Brumley, Kerry Buhneing, Jeff Bunnell, Nora Burchett, Ronald Burgess, Robin Burk, Daniel Burnett, Kim Bur- nette. David Bush, Violet Bush, Pat Callahan, Charles Campbell, D e b b i e Campbell, Mark Campbell, Tanya Campbell, Chris- ty Canter. David Carey, Marsha Carney, Carla Car- penter, Richard Carpenter, Carmen Car- roll, Pam Carson, Jerry Carter, Linda Carter. Rhonda Cherry, Carroll Childress, Don- na Childs, George Chittenden, Kerra Clampitt, Rickie Chambers, Katherine Clark, Kevin Clark. Jeff Clements, Michael Clymore, Robert Cobb, Sharon Coffey, Linda Cone, Stuf- fy Cook, Cathy Cooper, Stuart Copeland. Melody Corcoran, Chuck Cothron, Char- les Couch, Gerald Cox, Willie Cox, Lin- da Coy, Maxine Coy, Debbie Cradick. Tim Crafton, Dennis Craig, David Cra- vens, William Crawley, Donna Cross, Nancy Cross, Roderick Curry, Mary Dardy. Donald Darnell, Darol Davie, Larry Davie, Bill Davis, Debra Davis, Mike Davis, Gale Davis, Pearl Davis. Peggy Davis, Eddie Dawson, Beth Day, Geri DeHoff, Christina Dejesus, David Delk, Eddie Dender, Barbara Denkins. Carolyn Denney, Cindy Denton, John Deubelbeiss, Donna Dewey, Teresa Di- Cicco, Steve Dickerson, Cyndi Dinkins, Connie Doan. 119 Sophomores Dennis Dotson, George Dotson, Lynne Dotson, Teresa Douglas, Melody Downey, Leslie Draper, Kathie Duggan, Charlotte Duncan. Curtis Edmonds, Tim Elder, Gary Elfers, Kimberly Elliott, Mary Ellis, Nancy Ellis, Carla Rose Elslager, Ann Emmons. Marsha England, Leslie Estes, Rebecca Es- tes, Margaret Eustace, Amy Farley, Beth Farley, Judy Farley, )im Farmer. Carol Ferguson, Russell Finley, Roseann Fischer, MaryAnn Fisher, Ray Fisher, |ohn Fitzpatrick, Jay Fletcher, Jo Flet- cher. Jeffrey Flippin, Randy Floyd, Deborah Flowers, Marlon Followell, Donna Forbes, David Ford, Kathy Fouts, Judy Fowler. Robert Fox, Dennis Fraga, Patricia Franklin, Anita Frazier, Diane Frederick, Doris Fugate, Eddie Fugate, Darlene Fultz. Cheryl Gabbei, Mark Caddis, Werner Cadshian, Stanley Gardner, Kevin Gate- wood, Para Gaw, Debbie George, Debra Gidcumb. Laurie Gilliland, Randy Gindling, Diana Glasson, Paul Godsey, Ruth Gommel, Di- ane Gonder, James Gooden, Lena Gor- Penny Goulding, Linda Graham, Vickie Grant, Marian Gray, Carol Green, Danny Green, James Green, Alfred Greer. Dale Greer, Peggy Gregory, Darryl Grif- fith, Kenneth Grismore, Kathy Groce, Maria Ground, Tom Gurley, Vickie Haas. Alexis Haddix, Jeffery Haddix, Richard Hagenmaier, Bridgette Halcomb, Rich- ard Holderfield, Laura Hall, Mary Hall, Debra Hammons. Sam Harding. David Hardy, Jim Har- lan, Joe Harmon, Starr Harrington, Jos- eph Harris, Curby Harrison, Terry Har- ton. 120 Sophomores Larry Hathaway, Cheryl Hatfield, Ray- mond Hauser, David Hawkins, Dana Hawkins, Mark Hawkins, Becky Hayse, David Heavrin. Cheryl Hedges, David Heinzelman, Dan- ny Helton, Sheila Henderson, Jimmy Hendrix, John Henry, Phil Herbig, Iris Hicks. Deborah Highbaugh, B r u s e Hammons, Danny Hill, Milton Hill, Nathaniel Hill, Thomas Himes, Donna Hindman, Cathy Hittle. David Hole, Rita Hollenbaugh, Gregory Hollis, Janet Hollowav, Sandy Holmes. Kathy Holsclaw, William Hooper, Jeff Hopper. Terri Horn, Vanessa Home, Faith Hous- am, Pamela House, Donald Howard. Victor Howard, Alvin Hubbard, Debra Huber. Brenda Huckeba, Larry Huddleston, An- thony Hudson, Jackie Huett, Cvnth i a Huff, Janice Huff, Deborah Hummel, Dennis Hunter. Carlos Inman, Holly Israel, Betty Jacobs, Gary Jay, Barbara Jenkins, Brian Jenkins, Wilfred Jimison, Debra Johns. Angela Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Ricky Jefferson, Travis Jefferson, Charles John- son, Dennis Johnson, Tony Johnson, Val- erie Johnson. Carlos Jones, Mike Jones, Ruthie Jones, Wanda Jones, Gloria lordan, Jill jupin, Dewayne Kaiser, Donald Kasper. Keith Jaynece, Sherron Keller, Constance Kelley, David Kelly, Mary Kellev, Mi- chelle Kemp, Steve Kennedy, Pamela Kent. Willie Key, Elizabeth Kieffer, Margaret Kimbley, Mark Kinnev, Anita Kirby, Greg Kirk, Doug Kirkhoff, Roberta Kleinfelter. Tim Knapp, Charles Knoll, Valene Kor- be, William Kraft, Joan Kriese, Denise Lahr, David Lamping, Randy Lane. 121 Sophomores ft 9 2t Sally Lathrop, Peggy Law, Laura Lawless, Gary Leeds, Ardella Leinbach, Suzey Leg- gins, Drew Lester, Joanne Lewis. Leon Lewis, Phil Liddle, ston, Paula Lockwood, Terry Lowden, Karen Lunn. Gregory Living- Sharon Long, Lowe, Debbie Maurice MacFarland, Sondra Madison, Debra Major, Terri Mallory, William Ma- hone, Ethan Manuel, Eddie Marcum, Da- vid Martin. Mike Martin, Ronald Martin, Mike Mascoe, Diane Masengale, John Masen- gale, James Mason, Allen Masters, Stan Mathis. Vickie Maxey, Linda May, Elliott Mayes, Ter ry Mayfield, Randy McCabe, Kent McCampbell, Yvonne McCaslin, Kevin McCombs. Ron McDaniel, Kay McDowell, Terry Mc- Gee, Elaine McKay, Harold McKeand, Kenny McKee, David McKenzie, Bar- bara McKimmy. Sharee McMillin, Nina McNeal, Susan Meece, Randy Meek, Mark Meyer, Mary Mihay, Eddie Miller, Jackie Miller. Karen Miller, Lillian Mitchell, Steven Mitchell, Joyce Moles, Walter Moore, Gary Morgan, Patty Morgan, S h e i la Morris. Yvonne Morris, Gary Morrison, Sabrena Morse, David Mosby, Charles Muldrow, Martha Mullin, Mary Mullin, Rita Mun- day. Garry Mundy, Wilma Murley, Warren Murphy, Freddie Murray, Jan Napier, Beverly Narmore, Mike Natalie, Diann Newport. David Newsom, Kay Newton, George Ni- chols, Mark Nichols, Steven Niceley, Anthony Nunally, Gregory Nunally, Rob- ert Oakes. Debbie O ' Connor, Karen O ' Connor, Lin- da O ' Dell, Brad O ' Donald, Mary Okey, Rosa Olive, Debbie O ' Neal, Pam O ' Neal. 122 Sophomores Pamela O ' Neill, Cynthia Osborn, Donna Osborn, Martine Osborne, Paul Osmon, Beverly Overton, David Owens, Debra Padgett. Teresa Parrott, James Peregrine, Al lie Porter, Eddie Parsley, Martin Patterson, Pearl Patterson, Dennis Patton, Danny Pearson. jhoni Pence, Melody Pence, Julia Pen- nington, Debbie Perkins, Ronald Perry, Jim Perryman, Lawrence Peters, Mark Peters. Becky Pieper, Cindi Pillow, Thomas Pinner, Robert Pitcock, Carolyn Pittman, Tari Phelps, Shirley Poland, Doug Polen. Harry Poling, Michael Polston, Randy Potts, Donald Powell, Ronald Powell, Anna Poynter, James Price, Michael Price. Julia Ransom, Debbie Ray, Deborah Ray, Duane Raymer, Bill Reading, JoAnn Redmond, Mark Reeder, Thelma Repass. Dena Reynolds, Tena Reynolds, Linda Rich, Cherie Richards, Madonna Rich- ardson. Peggy Richardson, Mary Rich- mond, Jerry Richmond. Sophomores Mary and Martha Mullin get a briefing from Vice-principal E. Franklin Fisher about the keeping of Manual records. They work as student assistants in his office each day. Many Manualites help in various capacities throughout the building to keep the " gears " of our large institution running smoothly. 123 Sophomores Alan Roberts, David Roberts, David Rob- erts, Randy Robertson, Kathy Robinson, Kathy Robinson, Scott Robinson, Wayne Robinson. John Robson, Ken Roe, Shirley Rogers, Pamela Ross, Karen Roy, Kathy Ruoff, Thomas Ruoff, Matthew Rush. Anna Rusie, John Ruthroff, Susan Ruth- roff, David Rutledge, Barbara Ryan, Jon Ryan, Yvonne Salter, Rebecca Salyers. Don Sample, Janice Sanders, Sheri Sand- lin, Glenn Sargent, Regina Saulter, David Schaefer, Susie Schneider,, Teresa Shcrougham. Thomas Scott, Bob Scrogham, Mike Sea- man, Robert Sears, Linda Sexton, John Shambaugh, Deborah Shanahan, Ronnie Shannon. Ronald Shaw, John Shelley, Robert Shel- ton, Vallori Sherman, Gary Shipley, Steven Shipley, Bob Shoptaugh, Carolyn Short. Ramona Showecker, Terry Shreve, Kelly Shull, Laura Simmons, Rick Simmons, Randy Simpson, Bill Skidmore, Kathy Smallman. Jeannine Smedley, Becky Smith, David Smith, Denise Smith, Gary Smith, Hosea Smith, Jerry Smith, John Smith. Laura Smith, Regina Smith, Rommel Smith, William Smith, Brenda Smithers, Brenda Smock, Cheryle Snider, Mike Snoddy. Holly Sonday, Brenda Spears, Dusty Spears, Barbara Speck, Hermon Spurlock, Betty Squires, Becky Staab, Cheryl Staf- ford. Janice Stapert, Rex Staples, Nina Steck, Rick Stevason, Kevin Stewart, Michael Stinnett, Duane Strain, Benita Strait. Anthony Strode, Marlin Strode, Robert Stubbs, Yvonnie Stubbs, Michael Stuck, Danny Stout, Patti Sutton, Vickie Tabor. 124 Sophomores Terry Thacker, Byron Thatch, Donna Thompson, Harold Thompson, Jeff Thorpe, Steve Thorpe, Kathy Too ley, Ronald Tucker. Susie Turner, Gail Turk, Lorenda Turpin, ]oAnn Tye, Larry Tardy, Al Taylor, Bev- erly Taylor, Cynthia Taylor. Ernest Taylor, Paul Taylor, Danny Un- derwood, Andrew Urshan, Jane Usrey, Tim Utterback, Roberta VanAtta, Anna Van Blaricum. Carol Vanhoozer, Sandra Vaughn, Mary Vinson, Larry Walden, Dennis Walker, Everett Walker, Phyllis Walker, Rich- ard Wallace. Joe Walsh, Yvonne Washington, Bruce Waters, Robert Watkins, Marinell Wat- ness, Kenneth Watts, Robert Watts, Roy Ward. Steve Ware, Teresa Warren, Vicki Web- ster, Vicki Webster, James Werling, Dennis Wethington, Paula Wetzel, Kar- en Whalen. Richard Whaley, Keith Wheatley, Mi- chael White, Nancy White, Frank Whit- ney, Mike Wickham, Mary Wiggin, Barbara Wilburn. Sue Wiley, Charles Wilcox, Marica Wil- liams, Jack Wilson, Joyce Wilson, Keith Wilson, Mary Wilson, Randy Wilson. Woodrow Wilkerson, Marion Williams, Thomas Williams, Keith Wimberly, Jim Windhorst, Kenny Winkler, Cheryl Win- stead, Marshall Wingler. Mark Wire, Barbara Wiseman, Joe With- ers, Cathy Wright, Donnie Wright, Jeri Wright, Patty Wright, Robin Wright. Sandi Wolfe, Peggy Wood, Lynda Wood- en, Venus Woodford, Cindy Woodworth, Jeffrey Wortman, Pam Wycoff, jack Wil- liams. Richard Wyatt, Jacques Yarbrough, Al- ice Y o r k, Deborah Young, Gregory Young, Jim Zengelking, David Zike, Larry Zoellner. 125 Population Explodes ' as Some 850 Freshmen Arrive Car! Abner, Faith Acton, David Adams, Gene Adams, Liz Adams, Mark Agee, Donna Alderson, Deborah Allen. Karen Allen, Victoria Allen, Waverly Allen, Jim Allison, Ricky Alstott, Don- na Alte, David Ancelet, Blake Anderson. attie Anderson, Sheila Anderson, Sher- rell Anderson, Steve Anderson, Vanessa Anderson, Charles Apple, Wayne Arm- borst, Pat Arnold. Robin Arnold, Anthony Ashlock, Samuel Atwood, Felecia Bailey, Patricia Bailey, Brenda Baker, Diana Baker, John Bak- er. Kenny Baker, Timothy Baker, Marietta Balay, Sheliah Baldwin, Charles Bald- ridge, Ed Ball, James Ball, Marisa Banks. Candace Bannon, Donna Barlow, Marcus Barlow, Delores Barker, Jeffery Barnes, Joe Barton, Linda Basey, Joe Bastin. Rolling out the white carpet on which home- coming royalty will promenade are Mark Holmes and George Novak. These two fresh- men football players, along with the fresh- men papooses, represented their class in the homecoming festivities. 126 Freshmen Steve Bastin, Charlie Baumann, Mary jo Beaman, Barbara Beasley, Cynthia Beat- ty, Art Becker, Nebula Bell, Pamela Ben- jamin. Robert Berry, Betty Bert-am, ) o v c e Bickers, Billy Biggerstaff, Harold Bilsky, Jeff Binkley, Lisa Birge, Bob Biro. Tim Birtchman, David Bishop, Bobby Black, Harry Black, Fred Blackledpe, Herman Bland, Willie Bland, Debb ie Blanton. Vera Blunk, Dell Boatright, Nanette Boles, Alan Boiler, Johnnv Bonner. Tom Booker, Randal Boone. Karla Borkes. Roy Bostick, Debbie Boston, Cwenndo len Bounds, E rl Bowers, Darrel Boyd, Diana Boyd, Terrie Bradberry, Mitchell Bradley. Robbie Branham, Pamela Breeden, Bob Brickens, Penny B-ickley, Tyrone Britt, Donald Brooks, Linda Brooks, Carolyn Broughton. Debby Brown, David Brown, Donald Brown, Franklin Brown, Kerry Brown. Michael Brown, Paul Brown, Robin Brown. Terry Brown. Greg Brownlee, Sondra Brunnemer, Richard B r y so n, Robert Buckel, Don Burdine, Cindy Burgess, Douglas Burk. Pamela Burnett, Thomas Burns, Te esa Burris, Gail Burton, Vicki Burton, Mary Burtzo, Donald Bush, Donald Butler. Marlene Butler, Angela Byland, Tommy Byrd, Dereke Cain, Alan Calaway, John Callahan, Ma rgaret Callahan, Arch- ie Callen. David Cameron, James Cameron, Wil- liam Campbell, Darrell Cannon, Karen Cannon, Clarene Carpenter, Dianne Carr, Albert Carter. Charles Carver, Jim Carver, Torrence Cates, Cynthia Chandler, Debra Chand- ler, Deborah Cheshire, Kerry Childress, Terry Childress. 127 Freshmen Betty Chittenden, Patti Chitwood, Cheryl Church, James Clardy, Annette Clark, Beth Clark, Joyce Clark, Marilee Clifford. Carmel Cobb, Darrell Cobb, Jackey Cody, Charles Coleman, Dirk Collins, James Collins, Joe Collins, Lynn Collins. Tim Collins, C let us Combs, Teresa Combs, Patty Conlin, Benjamin Conn, Karla Conner, Ruby Cook, Stacia Cook. Perry Corbett, Ronald Cosby, Terry Cos- by, Mark Costello, Theresa Coughlan, John Cox, Buddy Crabtree, John Crab- tree. Kathy Craig, Kevin Craig, Diana Craw- ford, Joyce Crawford, Kerry Crawford, Debra Crenshaw, Finley Crissen, Deb- bie Crook. Gwendolyn Cross, Sharper Cunningham, Cindy Dain, Phillip Dalton, Betty Dan- iels, Robert Daniels, Jimmy Day, Gwen- dolyn Davie. Audrey Davis, Cindy Davis, Douglas Davis, Linda Davis, Loyd Davis, Robert Davis, Vickie Dawson, Martha Dawson. Barry Deckard, JoAnn Deem, Missy Delk, Pamela Dickens, Tom Dickerson, Britt Dickinson, Tony Diehl, Danny Dil- lon. Cassandra Dinkins, Philip Dinkins, Ed- gar Dobbins, Robby Dobrota, Deborah Dodson, Miles Dodson, Margie Dolph, Barbara Donovan. Daniel Doss, Jeaneen Douglass, Belfield Dowdy, Doris Downey, Lolita Draper, Judy Duggan, Paul Dukate, Garry Duke. Beverly Dulin, Charles Dunigan, David Dunlap, James Dunn, Brenda Dunning, Eric Dupree, Arthur Dye, Sue Dyer. Tommy Dyer, Robert Eader, Calvin Ed- monds, Karen Edmonds, Robert Edmond- son, Felicia Edmound, Marcia Edwards, Mary Edwards. 128 Freshmen Rodney Elrod, Terry Ennis, Russell Essel- born, Vicki Eustace, Debbie Eva, Lesa Evans, Mark Evans, Darlene Everidge. )effery Faulkner, Clarice Favors, Bonnie Feltner, Dawn Ferguson, Fawn Ferguson, Randy Ferris, Virginia Fields, Bill Fikes. Patrick Finley, Rita Fisher, Rhonda Flan- ery, Howard Flemister, Charles Flender- son, Mike Fogleman, Karen Ford, Lex Ford. Warren Ford, Donna Fortner, Steve Fort- ner, Lee Foster, Mary Francis, Debbie Franco, Sheila Frank, Freeman Franklin. Eugene Frazier, Cheryl Frey, Jacqueline Frost, Patrick Fugate, Charles Fulkerson, Patricia Furman, Anita Caither, Renoir Gaither, Debbie Gallagher, Oscar Gamble, )immy Gammon, Ann Gardner, Sherry Garner, Mary Garza, Reuben Gay, Richard George. Karen Gibson, Stanley Gilbert, Vanessa Giles, Elizabeth Ci I ley. Donna Gilly, Gus Godsey, Paul Goens, Tammy Gooden. Kevin Goodman, Fougere Gordon, Bonnie Goss, Cynthia Gossett, Dale Graham, Jim Graham, Micheal Grant, Sheila Grant. John Gray, Lewis Gray, Melanie Gray, Ronnie Gray, David Green, Jerry Green, Ray Green, Cathy Gregory. Darrell Grimes, Patty Grismore, Gary Groce, Benny G r u b b s, Dennis Gum, Thomas Gumm, Debra Gurley, Delores Guthrie. Arnetta Guyse, Joseph Haddix, Steve Haddix, Brenda Hagenmaier, Thomas Haggard, Charles Haines, Tom Haley, Jeff Hall. Kay Hamilton, Jeff Hammel, Karen Han- na, Becky Hansen, John Hardcastle, Me- linda Harden, Cheryl Harmon, Steven Harmon. 129 Freshmen George Harris, Rick Harrison, Julie Hart, Deborah Hatfield, Donald Hatfield, Ted Hathaway. Virginia Haug, Michelle Haw- kins. Francis Hayes, Denise Hazelwood, Don- na Heacox, Vivian Head, Brenda Hem- bree, Gary Henderson, Louise Hender- son, Brenda Henry. Ronnie Henry, John Herring, Sandra Hessman, Pam Hilarides. Ernest Hill, Pamela Hill, Randall Hill, Rickie Hill. John Himes, Jeanne Hodges, Roy Hol- land, Mary Hollenbaugh, Jeff Holman, Patsy Holman, Mark Holmes, Kevin Hoover. James Hope, Bryon Hopper, Sherry Horn, Carole Hosford, Anthony Howard, Mark Hubbard, Maria Huber, Debbie Hueter. Linda Huddleston, James Hudson, Rob- in Hughes, Wanda Hughes, Wendil Hughes, Anna Humb les, Brenda Hump- hress, Sandy Hunter. Rex Hurley, Joni Hutchison, Steve Ir- ish, Walter Israel, Kenneth Jackson, Mar- sha Jackson, Wesley Jackson, Suszn jef- fers. Kenneth Jenkins, James Jent, Karen Jer- rell, Sharon Jerrell, Daniel Johnson, De- borah Johnson, Derrick Johnson, Judith Johnson. Juliette Johnson, Karen Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mary Johnson, Michael John- son, Patricia Johnson, Roger Johnson, Wanda Johnson. Cordelia Jones, Crystal Jones, Esther Jones, James Jones, Kathryn Jones, Lar- ry Jones, Margaret Jones, Michael Jones. Patty Jones, Rosemary Jones, Steven Jones, Frank Jordan, Jim Jurgen, Judy Kammerer, Daniel Keeney, Cindy Kel- ler. Cheryl Kelley, Deborah Kelly, Tim Kel- ley, Grey Kello, Bonnie Kendrick, Sam Kendrick, Duane Kent, Yvonne Kent. 130 Freshmen David Kepley, Robbie Key, Harold Keys, Steven Kidwell, Debbie Kingery, Carla Kirby, Mary Kirby, Deborah Kirk. Delia Kirk, Debbie Kirkham, Barbara Kleinfelter, Michele Kloss, Callie Koe- nig, Gail Korbe, Tina Krauss, David Krick. Cheryl Kunkel, Greg Lacey, Cindy Lacy, Deborah Ladd, Walter Lamperski, Don- ald Land, Anne Lane, Tracie Lanier. |unko Lantry, Charlene Lasley, V i c k i Lauray, Audrey Lawless, Deborah Lea- velle, Keith Lee, Terry Leeds, Cindi Lew- is. James Lewis, Sharon Lew.s, David Lig- gett, Virginia I i I ley. Ronald Lindsey, Jeff Lindstrom, Brian Linn, Robin Lipp. Ruby Little, Donna Lolla, Frances Long, Jean Long, Robin Long, Andrew Lovelace, Denise Lovell, Shawna Lowe. Steve Lucas, Richard Luedemann, Janice Macy, Carl Madsen, Marilyn Major, Yvette Mann, Carmen Manning, Ella Manning. Many freshmen like Callie Koenig and Brenda Hagenmaier find jobs available to help around the school. These girls, who worked first period as assistants in the library, are shelving books that were return- ed before school. Students assist each period and the duties at the five stations they cover are rotated each week so that every library aid learns each phase of the work. 131 Freshmen 13L Tommy Mansfield, Maggie Manuel, Den- nis Maple, Paul March, Cheryl Marendt, Hugh Martin, Peggy Martin, Stephen Martin. Linda Mascoe, Linda Mason, John Math- es, Denise Mathews, John Maxwell, Deb- orah May, Janet Maynard, Ralph Mc- Adams. Ann McCarty, Keith McClellan, Ruth McCutcheon, Mark McDermitt, Ronald McElroy, Doug McCaha. Keel McCa- rock, LeAnn McCee. Michael McGinnis, John McClothlin, Lin- da McCregor, Joseph McHugh, Mary McHugh, Cynthia Mclntire, Sylvia Mcln- tire, Greg McKay. David McKenzie, Dallas McKinney, Cla- rissa McLay, Eddie McQueeney, Eugene Meadows, Tim Meehan, Bruce Melloy, LuAnn Merida. Natalie Meyer, Debora Miles, Annette Miller, Dave Miller, Dennis Miller, Em- mett Miller, Mary Miller, Ted Miller. Twyla Miller, Larry Milli, Tim Mills, Debora Milton, Debra Milton, Brenda Mitchell, Carl Mitchenef, Mattlene Mob- ley. Nancy Monroe, Ruenell Montgomery, John Moore, Kevin Moore, Earlene Mor- gan, Chrystal Morse, Brian Mosley, Deb- ra Mosley. Donna Mosley, Natalie Mosley, Carry Mottern, Marcia Mueller, Robert Mul- len, Mathew Mullins, Tommy Mundy, Jodie Muns. Judy Muns, Diane Murphy, Donald Murphy, Sharon Murphy, Greg Murray, Juanita Murrell, Shirley Nance, Deborah Napier. Diane Napier, Richard Naugle, Dimne Neeley, Richard Nelson, Becky Norcross, Judy Norton, Anthony Nourse, George Novak. Mark Nuckles, Curtis O ' Brien, Everett O ' - Connor, Charlotte O ' Gwin, Gary Okey, Steve O ' Neill, Dan Outlaw, Jerry Owens. 132 Freshmen Lisa Owen, Tina Owens, Kenneth Page, Gilbert Palmer, Louann Parker, Brenda Payne, Teresa Pearson, Josephine Peoni. Robert Penner, Cayla Perdue, Regan Per- due, Linda Perkins, Suzanne Perkins, Frank Perry, Jimmy Perry, Tim Peters. Debbie Phelps, Rickey Phelps, Tina Piaz- za, Debbie Pierce, Mike Pierce, Nancy Pierce, Vicky Piersall, Kathy Pike. Larry Piney, Delja Pinnee, Gale Pinner, Sheila Pinner, Daniel Pitcher, Thomas Plahitko, Cheryl Plank, David Poling. Mickie Poling, Karen Pollard, Kathy Pol- lard, Rosa Popplewell, Saundra Porter, Joyce Powell, James Powers, David Price, William Preston, T e r r i Qualkenbush. Jeannine Quails, Thomas Raasch, Ricky Radford, Jack Ragland, Greg Rainbolt, Kelly Ramona. Shirley Randall, James Ratliff, Kenneth Reams, Richard Reaves, Kim Reed, Kevin Reeves, Michael Reeves, Danny Repass. Shirley Reynolds, John Shirkels, Terri Rhodes, Ronnie Richard, Kevin Richard- son, Debbie Rietel, Debbie Riley, Jesse Rippy. Beulah Richie, Johnny Roach, Brenda Roberson, Barbara Roberts, Crispus Rob- erts, Denise Rober ts, Joe Roberts, Ricky Roberts. Terry Roberts, Winston Roberts, Sandra Robertson, Betty Robinson, Jacqueline Robinson, Randy Robinson, Nancy Rod- riguez, Mark Rollings. Marilyn Rosetto, Brenda Rosson, Denise Rowley, Jeanie Roy, Michelle Ruby, Jef- frey Russell, Kitty Russell, Anthony Rust. Melia Rutan, George Ruth, Cindy Rut- ledge, Gene Ryan, Claudia Sanford, Mike Sanford, Charlene Sample, Allen Saw- yer. 133 Fresh men Laura Schaefer, Paul Schenk, Mark Schil- ling, Joseph Scott, )uli Seiler, Donald Sex- ton, Linda Shackleford, Laura Shake. Raynard Shank, Glenn Sharp, Charlotte Shaw, Kathy Shaw, Deborah Sheehan, Sheila Shively, Vicki Short, Jerome Shoul- ders. Malinda Showecker, Debbie Shule-, Sharon Simmons, Kenneth Simpson, Harry Slinkard, Anthony Smith, Claudette Smith, Connie Smith. Dan Smith, Debbie Smith, Deborah Smith, Eugene Smith, F a r o n Smith, Katrina Smith, Keith Smith, Larry Smith. Lawanna Smith, Mildred Smith, Randall Smith, Sharron Smith, Shirlinda Smith, Vicki Smith, William Smith, Donna Snead. Lisa Snyder, Mark Sorensen, Monica Sow- ders, Cathy Smith, Debra Sparks, Jack Spaulding, Carol Spear, Betty Spears. Cathy Spear, Janice Spear, Joyce Spear, Joyce Spears, Kay Spears, Morris Squier, Randy Staab, Michael Steeb. Mickey Steele, Dean Stegemoller, Cheryl Stenger, Edward Stevens, Debra Stewart, Barry Stickford, Esther Stinnett, Cathy Stinnett. Donna Stinson, Tom St. John, Julie Stone, Gregory Stotts, Pam Stout, Elizabeth Strahl, Donna Strain, Sue Strickland. Brian Stuard, Charles Sullivan, James Sul- ivan, Henry Summeier, Katie Summeihill, Cindy Summers, Steve Surber, Robin Sutt. Dianna Suttner, Christina Sutton, Jay Tabor, Tanya Tanner, David Tapp, Beth Taylor, Daniel Taylor, Denise Taylor. Dewey Taylor, John Taylor, Thomas Tay- lor, Mark Terrill, Paul Tex, Pamela Thomas, Robert Thomas, Robert Thomas. 134 Freshmen Debbie Thompson, Eloise Thompson, Ken Thompson, Linda Thompson, Nancy Thorpe, Jeff Todd, Joe Tracy, Sally Tram- mer. Rudite Treimanis, Tina Turk, Gail Tye, Greg Tye, Janis Tyler, Jennifer Tyler, Kathleen Tyler, Gloria Tyson. Barbara Tyus. Kimberly Underwood, Wayne VanCleave, Audrey Vaughn, Larry Vaughn, Lorie Vaughn, Cheryl Volheim, Johnetta Wade. Jerry Walden, Cheryl Walker, Keith Walker, Linda Walker, Phillip Walker. Randy Walker, Geneva Wall, Mike Wall. Stanley Walters, Daniel Walton, Rosie Ward. Warren Ward, James Warren, Richard Warren, Velma Warren, Gerry Watkins. Terri Watson, Vickie Watson. Jerome Weathington, Willie Weaver, Rose Wentworth, Teresa Wethington, Elaine Wheeler, Betty White. Joe White, Donna Whitlock, Cindy Wiarek, Kay Wiarek, Susan Wiggington, Karen Wilcox, Deborah Wilkerson, Barb Williams. Danny Williams, Dennis Williams, Don- ald Williams, Jim Williams, Kathy Wil- liams, Patricia Williams, Glendalynn Williamson, Cordia Willis. Charles Wilson, Cindy Wilson, Darwin Wilson, Daryl Wilson, JoAnna Wilson, Lenora Wilson, Wesley Winberg, Terri Winbush. Frank Windhorst, Mark Winstead, Da- vid Wolfe, Garry Wolfe, Darrissa Wood, Gary Wood, Gary Wood, Debbie Wooden. Debbie Woods, Thomas Woodford, Susie Woodworth, Ross Wooten, Jim Worden, Dale Wright, Melvin Wright, Carol Wy- att. Patricia Wyatt, Mike Wycoff, Cindy Wynne, William Yocum, Dessa York, Albert Young, Bill Zaenglein, Debra Zimmerman. 135 TIME ; 136 137 McGINTY DODGE WANTS YOU says Faith Housam as she easily convinces Joe Kriech with a new Charger offered by the McCinty Dodge Boys. AAcGinty Dodge 3400 S. East Street 787-8361 tg? n Style! are the new two-color uniforms offered at Ruthie ' s Ladies Uniforms. Here, Shop- owner Brenda Gardner shows Susie Ha- fer one of the attractive outfits. Ruthie ' s Ladies Uniforms 2228 Shelby Street 787-4375 A Manual Favorite The v BIG ( CHIEF SANDWICH only at the TEE PEE 2830 Madison Avenue 786-0439 3820 E. Fall Creek Pkwy., N. Dr. 915-8971 138 E CITY MASS CORP. mm ss , ( o9 . Guaranteed Excellence in glass from Circle City Class is assured by Mr. James Narmore, Sr. Jim, Jr., a Manual junior, endorses his father ' s work. CIRCLE CITY GLASS CORP. 751 South Meridian Street Indianapolis 46225 636-3524 Auto Insurance Discounts are being discussed by Senior driver Patrick Miller and Mr. Keith Bless- ing, his American Family agent. Be- sides auto insurance, Mr. Blessing also offers other varieties of pro- tection. AMERICAN FAMILY INSU RAN AUTO FIRE HEALTH LIFE ® KEITH BLESSING " SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENT DRIVERS " 7201 West 10th Street Office 247 - 8188 46224 Residence 881-5613 139 A Sprucing-up Touch to any home is this awning porch and patio ensemble from Kool Vent. Can- dy Collier invites Stu Sutliff to view this attractive porch setting. Kool Vent Sales and Service Corporation of Indiana 3447 Shelby Street 784-4458 Kool Vent Aluminum Awnings Kool Vent Storm Windows and Door Kool Vent Siding Kool Vent Aluminum Wire Mesh Fence and Aluminum Privacy Enclosures The Personal Touch Conies from — HAWKINS PHARMACY Where Manualites are served by former Red- skins HOURS 8:30 A.M. - 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday Delivery Service Surgical Appliance Hypo-allergenic Cosmetics Personal Record Files HAWKINS PHARMACY 234 E. Southern Avenue 787-5335 A Fun Spot for Redskins to roll ' em is Sport Bowl. Denise Smith, Eddie Childress, Deb- bie Huber, David Vize, Nina Steck, and Randy Staab gather for an after- school game. SPORT BOWL 3900 S. East Street 786-6767 f : ' Keeping Trim is Don Thompson with a haircut from John ' s Barber Shop. Looking on are Marvin Callahan and Randy Kunkle as shop-owner John Biggers does the finishing touches. JOHN ' S BARBER SHOP 2995 East Troy — Beech Grove 787-1296 - : - Jk • tO. U.S. PAT. OFF, and these seniors — Beth Carlton, Donna Gibson, Mary Jackson, Diana Spilman, and Karlow Tutt — do just that at the Senior Day Party, things go better,! Coke ' One Perfect Rose ' has elegance, explains Darrell Mathis to Lynn janke as he makes his choice from the many floral varieties at Buescher ' s. GEORGE BUESCHER SON, FLORISTS 503 East Southern Avenue 784-2457 TVSfe CROWD PLEASER ! BURGER CHEF! BURGER CHEF! BITE - BITE - BITE!! After the game, enthusiasm always reaches a new high point when you rally at the nearest Burger Chef Family Restaurant for one of their winning combinations. A great Burger Chef sandwich, Golden French Fries and a cooling Soft Drink gives you a good feeling all over, whether your team won or lost! Burger Chef the Crowd Pleaser! Because . . . UUe always treat you right. i Family Restaurant " Engraver to the MAN Mr. Robert Behr of Rheitone Inc., the Ivian ' s Engraver, checks over some last minute yearbook details with Don Thompson, assistant ad manager, and Keith Klingler, sports editor. ne vs. ■ ia wma j and 9bm n to%izJj 1 £ s ■•c a ■ ■ » -fv • » ■ " ■ K 326 N. Illinois Street 635-1376 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 142 ' Top Brass 7 are available at Sam ' s Loan as well as fine woodwind and percussion instru- ments. Here, Bill Hafer and Larry Moore seem happy with their trumpet and saxophone. SAM ' S SAM DOCK and MORTON DOCK 24 West Ohio Street 634-4369 R. YOUNG, PRESIDENT 2320 Shelby Street 787-8387 Spreading the Word about how delicious McFarling Bros, chicken is, is Vicky Ackerman. McFarling tk " the chicken peeple ' ete 326 West 17th Street 923-3251 mmw ik »lyiiH| iil ip« iiih lt lil f UMUlil4llMp lllEf ! § jj|m («imt«ir Does a TV set really have to look like a box? ■ RCA thinks not. That ' s because RCA is " thinking tomorrow in the video and audio products we ' re designing today for you, to buy tomorrow. ■ The Lounge Module shown at right, for example, is a self- contained world of entertainment. A rollaround lounge chair with two TV sets, FM-AM radio and 8-track stereo — all built in! ■ What looks like an ultra-modern lighting concept (left) is the Video Satellite. That spherical chrome ball actually contains a 5-inch diagonal TV screen! ■ RCA ' s commitment to design leadership is reflected in these ' and many other " Generation III " experimental design r= concepts now on display at the new RCA Design Center. Drawing on innovative shapes, materials and moods, this collection marks a dramatic departure in sight and sound electronics. ■ RC l An Equal Opportunity Employer 144 0SlURGiR S GENUINE CHI LI TRU- ln Sight -It Must Be RIGHT Patrick Miller, Karla Andrews, Kathy Mauler, and Jerry Goss stop by Steak n Shake for a snack after school, Manual grad Frank Knoll serves them. Visit 6 Convenient Locations ST€AK SHflKC Z£L a TTUjolZ ® G. H. HERRMANN FUNERAL HOME 1505 South East Street 5141 Madison Ave. A Finer Service A Fairer Price Ambulance Service Checking It Out are Debbie Welsh and Dave Butler as they admire a new Chevrolet Camaro from Nankivell. Dave, nat- urally, wants to check the engine. NANKIVELL CHEVROLET, INC. 3800 South U.S. 31 787-3251 145 A Real ' Show Garden Centerpiece at the 1972 Flower and Patio Show is admired by Anne Maschmeyer and Donna Thompson. It was designed and created by Maschmeyer ' s Nursery, Inc. 244 West Troy Avenue 784-2451 % service for Southside Residents STIRLING FUNERAL HOME 1420 Prospect 632-6576 YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK Drink at Least 3 Glasses a Day EVERY DAY 146 A ' Saving Grace 7 is owning a savings account as Nancy White and David Ford have learned. Here, a bank secretary helps Nancy open an account at SHELBY STREET FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1525 Shelby Street 635-1503 Ice Cold ' Suds 7 go well with all the delicious sand- wiches and other delectable foods served at Dog n ' Suds. Marcia Eng- land and Beth Mullen prepare to deliver large glasses to customers ' cars. EDWARDS 7 DOG SUDS DRIVE-IN 2126 South Sherman Drive 786-1638 147 The Finest Meats are served in the Manual cafeteria. Chauncey Davis, Mary Merritt, and Jeff Bunnell order their lunch in- cluding a meat course from WEBER and SONS, Inc. 900 Churchman 787-1391 (Kupti Sriial 9aUm Where the Loveliest Weddings Begin • Custom Dressmaking and Designing • Bridesmaids Gowns • Lodge Dresses FAST SERVICE ON • Bridal Gowns • Mother of the Bride • Rental Gowns • Catering Service • Photography Ask About Our Discount On A Complete Wedding For Information, Courteous Counselling Service And Appointment Call 783-3671 3020 South Meridian For ' Sharp 7 Students a Bic Pen always comes in handy as learned by P e ggy Wood and Ronnie Shaw. Bic Pens, from Hoosier Book and Supply, are available in the Manual Bookstore in fine and medium points as well as assorted colors. HOOSIER BOOK SUPPLY COMPANY 929 E. 23 rd Street 924-4297 wm Clean as a Whistle are clothing articles cleaned at Scot- tie ' s. Here, Kathy Wakefield and Don Thompson pick up a suit from Manual Crad Cathy Davis. SCOTTEE CLEANERS 3535 S. East Street (U.S. 31) 784-2642 ' Best-Seller in the Making ' Ivian Co-editors Beth Mullen and Margaret Maxwell work on page layouts in preparation for sending the yearbook to BENTON REVIEW PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. Fowler, Indiana A Fine Job on re-upholstering this chair is being done by Mr. William Stevenson of Cip- son Upholstering. Mike Lindsey and Joe Snyder admire the work as Mr. Steven- son adds a finishing touch. GIPSON UPHOLSTERING CO. 1433 Wade Street 784-6284 149 Putting ' Heads 7 Together Tim Hebble, Booster Editor, and Lynn Janke, Page 4 Editor, work with Mrs. Fred B. Alexander on headlines. Ivian heads are also set here. ALEXANDER TYPESETTING, INC. 125 N. East Street 634-2206 The Uncola Made to go the colas one better. Fresh. Clean. Crisp. Never too sweet. Everything a cola ' s got and more besides. 7UP?.. The Un and only Cathy Crowe is a 7-up fan. Sitting Pretty is Donna Dewey as she and Jay Doty visit this romantic setting at MADISON AVENUE FLOWER SHOP 2457-59 Madison Avenue 786-0431 Indianapolis, Ind. 46225 700 U. S. 31 North 888-1144 Greenwood, Ind. 46142 m Senior and faculty portraits for the Ivian are by Prestige with Mike Loudermilk behind the camera. If you have not been photographed by PRESTIGE PHOTO- GRAPHY you will not receive a PRESTIGE PORTRAIT. A PRESTIGE STUDIO WITH COMPLETE SERVICES . . . FULL COLOR . . . BLACK AND WHITE AND HAND PAINTED OILS. SERVICING SCHOOLS IN INDIANA School Portraits 5422 N. KEYSTONE Commercial Weddings 253-1764 151 Index Academics 20-35 Activities 36-59 Advertising 1 36-1 51 AEW 12 Album 82-135 Alumnus of the Year 8 Art Club 56 Athletics 60-81 Auditoriums 17 Band 48-49 Baseball 76-77 Basketball 70-73 Booster 8, 50-51 Bowling Club 58 Chamber Orchestra 47 Cheerleaders 80 Chess Club 55 Choir 45 Classes 20-35 Cross Country 66-67 Cub Club 51 Dads Club 13 Dances 16 Exercise in Knowledge , 9 Future Business Leaders 55 Faculty 84-91 Football 62-65 Freshmen 128-135 Glee Club 49 Clee-ettes 46 Golf 79 Homecoming 10-11 Intramurals 81 Ivan and Ann 16 Ivian 52 Judo Club 59 Juniors 110-119 Key Club 57 Latin Club 54 Lettermen ' s Club 59 Mask Wig 43 Masoma 38-39 Musical 14-15 National Honor Society 40 National Thespians 42-43 Orchestra 44-45 Organizations 36-59 Photographers 52 Pit Band 19 P-TA 13 Quill Scroll 53 Radio Club 41 Redskin Revue 18-19 Roines 38-39 ROTC 34 ROTC Queen and Court 16 Seniors 92-109 Sophomores 120-127 Spanish Club 54 Stage Crew 41 Student Affairs Board 40 Tennis 78 Track 74-75 Tri-Hi-Y 56 Turnabout Day 12 Twirlers 47 Wrestling 68-69 Y-Teens 56 152 Faculty and Staff This index of Faculty, Staff, and Students contains the pages on which these persons are pictured other than in the album section. Individual portraits are on the following pages; Faculty, 84-91 ; Seniors, 92- 109; Juniors, 110-119; Sophomores, 120-127; Fresh- men, 128-136. Faculty 84-91 Albro, Mrs. Ruth 30 Belser, Mr. Fred 70, 76 Bennett, Mr. Fred 19 Bess, Mr. William 84 Blough, Mr. Richard 89 Coffman, Mr. Mike 89 Cross, Mrs. Martha 45, 46 Dardeen, Mr. Howard 75 Dever, Mrs. Marilyn 40 Dick, Mr. Thomas O. 45 Dunn, Mr. Robert 84 Ellis, Mr. Noah 62 Fisher, Mr. E. Franklin 84, 123 Foster, Mr. Jack 68 Frazee, Mrs. Dorothea 84 Freeman, Mr. Kenneth 58 Gentry, Mr. Carsey 18, 57 Claspie, Mr. Paul 67 Colay, Mr. Dennis 18 Griffin, Miss Carolyn 12 Hafer, Miss Charlotte 84 Hammer, Mrs. Toni 89 Hauser, Mrs. Vi 84 Hignite, Mr. Robert . 79, 114 Hignite, Mrs. Sandra 84 Jackson, Mr. Dennis 39, 64 Jones, Mr. Fred 8, 65, 84 Kleyla, Mr. William 19, 49 Krueger, Mr. John 40 Lawrence, Sgt. Roy 34 Linke, Mrs. Dorothy 23 Mahin, Miss Cynthia 68 Martz, Mrs. Shirley 18 McBride, Mr. Elwood 78 McDaniel, Sgt. James 17, 34 Moriarty, Mr. Francis 74 Negley, Miss Helen 23 Nichols, Mrs Kathryn 38 Phillips, Mr. ' David 24, 57 Pike, Mr. Al 66, 67, 69 Powell, Miss Dorothy 18 Roof, Mr. Gerald 65 Rosenstihl, Mr. William 31, 73 Schultz, Mr. Ray 59, 62, 64 Sharpee, Mr. Stephen 58, 65 Spinks, Mr. Wayne 40 Thrall, Mr. Howard 17, 65, 84, 94 VanArsdale, Mrs. Hilda 84 Walker, Mr. James 18 Warner, Mrs. Betty 27 Williams, Mr. Thomas 45 Witty, Mr. Steve 73, 77 Students A Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Able, Robert 66 Abner, Betty 38 Achgill, Theresa 27 Ackerman, Vicky . 13, 38, 42, 45, 49, 92. 94, 99, 142 Adams, Jeff 74 Adams, Liz 51 Adkins, Becky 26, 113 Alexander, Carol 75 Allee, Leslie 75 Allen, Greg 74 Allen, Royce 59, 62, 74 Allen, Tom 77 Alte, Donna 41 Anderson, Blake 34 Anderson, Phill 64 Anderson, Vanessa 28 Andrews, Jenny 45, 47, 52, 77 Andrews, Karla 52, 77, 81, 145 Appleberry, Tanya 31 Arnold, Pat 69 Austin, John 69 B Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Baase, Marty 45, 47, 75 Bailey, Felicia 14, 44 Bailey, Rick 25 Bair, Jeanette 40, 42, 99 Baker, John 65, 73 Baker, Rick 64, 69 Baker, Tim 13, 49 Baker, Tyrone 64, 70 Ballard, Candy 47 Banks, Lanny 62, 63, 70, 72 Bates, Tony 32 Baumann, Dave 16, 66, 69 Baxter, Mike 75 Beach, Patricia 109 Beaman, Mary Jo 51 Betzler, Leisa 49, 57 Bibbs, Claude 74 Biggers, Carol 8, 38, 40, 49 Biggersmith, Billy 27 Binion, Debbie 56 Bird, Zack 58 Biro, Dawne 16, 46, 49, 79 Birtchmann, Tim 48, 67 Blythe, David 13, 15, 43, 45, 46 Boardman, Melanie 48 Boger, Butch 59 Bonner, Terry 8 Borkes, Randall 48 Bowles, Delbert . 59, 62, 68 Bowling. Karen 56 Branam, Robbie 49, 65 Bray, Karen 49 Bremeir, Dan 66, 75 Bridgewater, Marcia 46, 49 Broughton, Carolyn 58 Broughton, Ronnie 77 Brown, Danny 78 Brown, Kathy 10, 75 Brown, Kerry 65 Brown, Linda 49 Brown, Mark 77 Brown, Robin 81 Brown, Steve 17, 25 Browne, Mark 49 Brownlee, Lang 48, 53, 59, 73, 76 Brownlee, Larry 10 Bruce, Rod 13, 45, 46, 48, 59, 62, 74, 92 Bruce, Rolf 64, 75 Brumley, Sharlit 30 Buhneing, Kerry 41 Bunnell, Jeff 64, 148 Bunner, |erry 45 Burke, Virgil 59, 74 Burkes, Jackie 77 Burnette, Kim 47, 49 Burton, Vicki 40, 47 Bush, Don 66, 67, 68, 69 Butler, David 44, 48, 49, 145 Butler, Denise 75 Butler, Jan 40, 45, 53, 92 Butler, Karen 49 Butterfield, Gail 39, 44, 48, 99 Byrd, Tom 73 C Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Callahan, Pat . 75 Campbell, Charles 58 Campbell, Mark 64, 75 Campbell, Tanya 40, 48 Cannon, Gary 74 Capps, Susie 47 Carlton, Beth 27, 75, 102, 141 Carrico, Steve 40 Carroll, Roger 51, 53, 59, 66, 74 Carson, Laura ]]3 Chaszar, Brenda 94 Chelf, Cathy 45 Cherry, Rhonda 44 Childress, Ed 58, 64 Chitwood, Patti 80 Christian, Steve . 15 45 Church, Deborah 49 Clampitt, Kerra 44, 49 Clark, Herbie 64 ' , 77 Clark, Linda 17, 34, 49, 106 Clark, Trudy 26 Cleek, Tom . 78 Clements, Dan 77 Cody, Jack 73 Collier, Candy 38, 44, 47, 99, 1 40 Collins, Joe ' 65 Collins, Mark 73, 77 Collins, Mike 62, 76 Conlin, Mike [ 69 Conner, Karla 80 Cook, Stephanie 49, 51 57 Cope, Peggy J 49 Copeland, Stuart 58 Cox, Gary 13 Cox, Gerald 44, 45 Cradick, Debbie 47 Crafton. Tim 79 Craig, Dennis 64 Cravens. David . 27 Crawford, Bob 26 Crenshaw, Ken 59, 62 Crowe, Cathy 53, 114, ' 150 Cupp, Mike 58 D Seniors 92-109 Juniors Tl 0-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Dale, Mauri 45 153 Dawson, Barb 40, 80 Davie, Darol 73 Davis. Bill 40, 64 Davis, Calvin 70 Davis, Chauncey 13, 45, 46, 148 Davis, Cindy 19, 49 Davis, LuAnn 49, 75 Davis, Peggy 49 Day, James 65 DeHoff. Ceri 47 Denny, Janel 81 Denton, Cindy 49 Deupree, Gary 27 Devine, JoAnn 40, 42, 45 Dewey, Donna 47, 150 Dickerson, Theo 74 Dillon, Dan 69 Dinkins, Phillip 44 Dobbins. Rick 65 Dobson, Debbie 46, 49, 58, 59 Dodson, Miles 58 Dolph, Don 17 Doty, Jay 45, 48, 150 Drake, Becky 49 Droke, Brenda 75 Duggan. Kathy 48 Duggan, |udy 44, 47 Duncan, Randy 39, 49, 53, 70 Durham, Gail 40 Durrett, Don 64 E Seniors 92-109 juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Eckler, Kay 46, 49, 57 Edmonds, Curtis 58 Edwards, Bill 49 Elfers, Gary 77 Ellis, Mark 75 Ellis, Nancy lb, 45, 46, 47, 49 Elrod, Jan 40, 73, 80, 94 Elrod, Tony 74 England, Marcia 147 Ennis, Terry 58 Entwistle, Mary 44, 48, 49 Estes, Les 66, 75 Estes, Patti 75 Eva, Cindy 77 F Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Farley, Amy 45 Farley, Jeff 64, 74 Farley, Joe 64 Farley, Judy 49 Favors, Clarice 80 Ferguson, Jackie 47 Ferris, Randall 49 Fikes, Bill 67, 73 Finley, Pat 67, 69 Finley, Russ 59, 66, 75 Fishburn, Dennis 76 Followell, Marlon 64 Ford, Karen 58 Ford, Lex 58 Ford, Mike 59, 76, 147 Fouts, Kathy 47, 49 Franklin, Freeman 58 Fugate, Lee 65 Fultz, Darlene 46, 49 C Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Gabbard, Rick 70, 77 Gaddis, Michele 56 Gay, Rueben 67 Gibson, Donna 47, 102, 141 Gidcumb. Debra 48 Gilley, Rod 66, 74 Gi Hi land, Laurie 48 Glass, Terry 43, 45 Glasson, Diana 44, 48, 49 Goad, Don 70, 72, 77 Goad, Ron 70, 77 Godsey, James 65 Goines, Paul 65 Goodin, Marcia 10, 17, 19, 44, 48, 49 Gordon, Fougere 58 Gordon, Janice 56 Goss, Jerry 10, 17, 145 Graham, Mike 26, 62, 63 Grant, Joe 65 Graves, Rita 46, 49 Gray, Ricky 58 Greer, Alfred 78 Grider, Mike 59, 62 Ground. Maria 24 H Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Haase, Marsna 25, 45, 48 Hafer, Bill 19, 39, 40, 45, 48, 92, 143 Hafer, Susie 44, 47, 52, 138, 160 Hagenmaier , Bill 79 Hagenmaier, Bienda 48, 51, 131 Hagenmaier, Rick 64 Haley, John 59, 79 Haley, Tom 69 Hall, Jeff 58 Hall, Jim 70, 71 Hammond, Jeff 59, 76 Hammons, Debra 30 Hann, Linda 40, 45, 48, 80 Harlan, Jim 45, 48 Harmon, Cheryl 51, 58 Harmon, Ernest 77 Harris, Jim 76 Harrison, Debbie 75 Harrison, Kirby 58 Harrison, Rick 58 Hart, Julie 45 Hartsock, Jim 76 Hassler, Darlene 18, 47 Hathaway, Larry 24, 49, 59, 64 Hathaway, Linda 12, 38, 40, 42, 43, 47, 49 Hauser, Ray 58, 78 Hawkins, David 58 Hawkins, Mark 73 Heacox, Cindy 18, 47, 75 Hebble, Tim 50, 59, 66, 74, 150 Hedegard, Kurt 59, 75 Hedges, Nancy 38, 42, 44, 47, 49 Henderson, Lillian 49 Hendricks, Becky 17, 46, 49, 106 Henry, Ron 65, 73 Herbig, Paul 74 Herbig, Phil 48, 51, 75 Hill, Becky 13, 15, 38, 40, 45, 46 Hill, Connie 9, 38, 40 Hill, Ernie 73 Hill, Pam 23, 58 Hittle, Cathy 48 Hodges, Jeannine 58 Holes, David 41, 58 Holland, Vicki 18, 44, 47, 75 Hollis, Greg 52 Holmes, Mark 65, 69, 126 Holmes, Sandy 45, 68 Hooper, Kevin 12 Hooser, James 12 Hoover, Kevirv 67 Hopkins, Debbie 3 8 , 53 Hopper, Bryon 65 Horn, Terri 46, 49 Housam, Beth 44, 45, 47, 75 Housam, Faith 47, 138 Huber, Dave 66, 67 Huber, Debbie 58, 140 Hunter, Dennis 64, 75 Hutton, Fred 70 I Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Jackson, Dave 59, 62 Jackson, Mary 102, 141 Janke, Lynn 9, 40, 45, 53, 110, 116, 141, 150 Jay, Gary 59, 66, 75 Jent, Steve 65 Jergens, Jim 79 jimison, Jim 68 Jimison, Wilfred 64, 75 Johnson, Angela 44, 47 Johnson, Charlie 16, 66, 77 Johnson, Derrick 70, 73 Johnson, Karen 44 Johnson, Randy 16, 62, 64, 66, 67, 74 Johnson, Scott 78 Johnston, Eddie 69 Jones, Mike 12, 41 Jordan, Alan 40, 44, 48, 49 Jordan, David 19, 39, 40, 48 Jordan, Frank 69 K Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Kasper, Carolyn 38, 40 Kasper, Don 64 Keaton, Vivian 46, 49 Kellenberger, Becky 18, 47 Keller, Sharron 46, 49 Kello, Howard 45, 59, 74 Kemmerer, Judy 49 Kemp, Michelle 80 Kemp, Mike 10, 25, 39, 45, 46, 53 Kennedy, Ray 76 Kent, Pamela 49 Kivett, Kathy 75 Kessler, Jody 44 Kimbley, Margaret 58 Kirby, Bob 64 Kir k, Candy 27 Kleinfelter, Barbara 49 Klinge, Tom 78 Klingler, Keith 25, 52, 53, 142 Knoll, Charles 49 Koenig, Callie 45, 131 Koenig, Mark 9, 15, 39, 40, 45, 49, 79, 99 Komann, Carol 18 Krenshaw, Ken 68 Kriech, Joe 64, 138 Kriese, Joni 18, 80 Kriese. Laura 27, 38, 40 Kunkel, Marilyn 49 L Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Laetsch, Donna 40, 44, 48 Lahmann, Maryanne 44, 49 Lamperski, Nellie 10, 38, 40, 75 Lamperski, Walter 24 Lane, Richard 58 Lane, Robert 74 Langford, Terry 74 Lasley, Bill 69 Lasley, Francy 19, 44, 49 Lawrence, Cindy 40 Ledford, Clyde 65 Lee, Keith 67, 73 Leeds, Terry 58 Leggins, Vicky 75 Leonard, Norman . 11 , 45, 59, 64, 70, 72 Lewis, Brenda 38, 40, 92, 99 Lewis, James 19, 44, 48, 49 Lewis, Kathy 38, 40, 42, 45, 68, 75 Liggett, David 65 Lindsey, Mike 59, 66, 149 Lindstrom, Jeff 51 Lindstrom, Peter 48 Long, Frances 51 Luedemann, Mark 66, 74 Lunn, Debbie 48 M Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Mack, Bob 59, 62, 76 Mack, Jim 76 Mahone, Bill 77 Manuell, Ethan 75 Maple, Matt 45, 78 154 Marcum, Karen 48, 110 Marcum, Susie 10, 11, 38, 40, 47, 77, 99 Maschmeyer, Anne 8, 40, 44, 49, 80, 146 Mascoe, Mike 19, 49 Masengale, Diane 44., 47 Masengale, John 59, 64, 73, 75 Mason, Annie 56, 57 Massing, Leo 59, 62 Mathis, Darrell 62, 141 Mauler, Kathy 13, 45, 46, 145 Maxey, Cwen 17 Maxwell, John 51 Maxwell, Marnie 9, 40, 42, 52, 53, 149, 160 May, Deborah 10 May, Linda 49, 57 McAllister, David 43, 44, 49, 160 McCampbell, Kent 45, 48, 51 McCoy, Tim 8, 48, 52, 53 McCurry, Steve 59, 74 McDaniel, Bill 59, 62, 69, 74 McDaniel, Ron 75 McCee. Terry 41 McHugh, Joe 65, 69 Mcintosh, Delores 109 McKay, Greg 40, 65 McKay, Mike 40, 45 McKeand, Harold 77 Meece, Susan 49 Meehan, John 62, 74 Merida, Victor 64, 77 Merrell, Melinda 47, 94 Merritt, Mary 17, 34, 148 Meyer, Mark 33 Miller, Emmett 53 Miller, Mary 58 Miller, Patrick 39, 40, 53, 139, 145, 160 Miller, Rick 77 Milli, Larry 67 Mills, Gary 8, 42 Minnick, Gary 74 Minton, Vickie 44, 48 Montgomery, Mark 62, 63, 76 Moore, Larry 19, 49, 143 Moore, Susie 40, 42, 49, 110 Morgan, Rick 41 Morris, Marilyn 40 Morris, Yvonne 41 Mueller, Mark 58 Mullen, Beth 19, 40, 43, 52, 53, 147, 149, 160 Mullen, Jeannette 13, 16, 38, 40, 45, 49, 68 Mullen, Robert 49, 65 Mullin, Ken 69 Mullin, Martha 81, 123 Mullin, Mary 81, 123 Munn, Albert 74 Munn, Marilyn 68, 75 Murley, Georgia 38, 40, 44, 47, 109 Murray, Fred 16 Murray, Greg 65, 69 Myrick, Dennis 23, 12 N Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Napier, Jan 18 Narmore, Bev 9 Narmore, Jim 139 Narmore, Retha 8 Natalie, Mike 57 Neff, Doug 39 Nelis, Mark 58 Newport. Diann 51, 57, 58, 118, 160 Newton, Kay 40, 49, 51, 58 Nichols, George 34 Nicks, Suzanne 118 Nix, Stephen 40, 57 Noe, Cathy 49, 53, 160 Norman, Ted 78 Nourse, Anthony 56 Novak, George 126 Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Obermeyer, Kathy 31 Odom, Terry 74 Okey, Gary 65 O ' Connor, Karen 49, 51, 58, 81 O ' Neal, Alan 40 O ' Neill, Jerry 32, 81 Osmon, Paul 64, 69, 78 Osmon, Rod 76 Outlaw, Daniel 10 Owens, Eddie 62, 68, 74 P Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Patterson, Dorothy 35, 45, 47 Patton, Dennis 58 Payne, Kathy 49 Peak, Beth 45, 75 Peoni, Charles 79 Perdue, Bill 74 Perdue, Gayla 45 Perdue, Regan 73 Perryman, Dave 7{J Perryman, Jim 33, 78 Petrie, Dale 76 Phelps, Rick 65 Phillips, Rick 10 Pieper, Becky 44, 47 Pinner, James 74 Pinner, Thomas 48, 73 Pittman, Carolyn 49, 56 Plahitko, Tom 65 Polen, Doug 58, 77 Powers, Tony 74 Poynter, Rick 76 Price, David 67 Price, Linda 81 Price, Scot 34, 106 Pruitt, Ted 67 Purlee, Terry 45, 53 Q - R Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Quade, Richard 59, 62, 69, 74 Quails, Jeannine 45 Quillen, Randy 59, 74 Quillen, Sheila 75 Raasch, Tom 73 Ray, Debbie Ann 58 Ray, Debbie J. 58 Ray, Keith 58 Raymer, Duane 58 Reilly, Rita 75 Relford, Phil 31 Richardson, Kevin 73 Richardson, Peggy 57 Richmond, Jerry 69 Ritter, Randy 45 Ritter, Steve 74 Roberts, Arthur 74 Roberts, John 66, 68 Robertson, Jackie 49, 75 Robinson, Scott 66 Roe, Ken 45, 48 Roy, Jeanie 58 Ruoff, Tom 64, 74 Rush, Luther 45 Rush, Matt 41 Ruth, George 69 Ruthroff, Susan 56 S Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Sadler, Marilyn 13, 23, 45, 49 Salyers, Becky 30 Sample, Greg 77 Sargent, Glenn 66 Sater, Gary 59 Sauter, Mark 40 Sease, David 42, 49, 57 Shake, Glen 10, 11 Shanahan, Debbie 47, 49 Shaw, Ronnie 148 Sheets, Denise 80 Sheperd, Lane 45, 46 Sherman, Vallori 44, 47 Shives, Mark 59, 74 Shivley, Sheila 81 Shockley, Pasto 68 Shoemake, Jenny 47 Short, Darrell 59, 70, 71, 72, 74 Short, Sandy 35, 75 Shute, Karen 31 Simpson, Randy 66, 75 Smith, Billy 58 Smtih, Bob 48 Smith, Claudette 14 Smith, Denise 58, 140 Smith, Eric 74 Smith, Gloria 75 Smith, John 19, 64, 78 Smith, Keith 28, 67 Smith, Romel 68, 69 Smith, Tony 52, 160 Snyder, Alise 58, 81 Snyder, Joe 62, 74, 149 Sowders. Monica 48 Spann, Crawford 62, 68 Sparks, Gary 19, 45, 48 Spaulding, Jack 65, 69 Spaulding, Sandy 80 Spears, Kathy 68 Speck, Barbara 49 Spencer, Leslie 38, 40, 42, 43, 57, 99, 109 Spilmon, Diane 13, 45, 102, 141 Squillace, Mary Jo 10 Staab, Becky 47 Staab, Randy 58, 140 Stansbury, Linda 16 Steck, Nina 58, 140 Steele, David 19, 48 Steele, Judy 45, 46, 80, 81, 92 Stegemoller, Dan 59, 62 Stegemoller, Dean 65 Stenger, Cheryl 44, 49 Stenger, Glenda 14, 45 Stevason, Rick 64 Stevens, Robert 74 Stewart, Tom 52, 53 Stine, Kerri 49 Stinnett, Mike 64, 75 Stock, Cindy 48 Stodgill, Kathy 8 Stofer, Gary 53, 58 Stokes, Janice 8 Stone, Julie 80 Stotts, Gregory 48 Stout, Marilyn 30 Strain, Duane 19, 44, 48, 49 Strait, Benita 47, 49 Strait, Joletta 39, 42 Stretch, George 58 Stuard, Brian 65 Stuard, Larry 59, 62, 63, 74 Stubbs, Bob 64, 75 Stuck, Mike 64 Stull, Joyce 14, 38, 40, 42, 45, 99, 105 Sunderland, Allan 76 Surber, Cindy 47, 49 Surber, Steve 65 Sutherland, Claudia 42, 46, 47 Sutliff, Stuart - 31, 39, 41, 45, 49, 140 Suttner, Diane 28 T Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Taylor, Al 64 Taylor, Anita 45 Taylor, Beth 80 Taylor, George 64 Taylor, Herb 39, 59, 105 Taylor, John 58 Taylor, Leonard 68 Taylor, Paula 49 Terrel. Mark 58 Tex, Paul 45, 48 Thacker, Terry 64 Thomas, Sherri 49 Thompson, Debbie 24 155 Thompson, Don 49, 53, 141, 142, 149, 160 Thompson. Donna 49, 80, 146 Thompson, Ken 73 Thompson, Linda 48 Thompson, Pam 75 Thopre, Jeff 64, 75 Thorpe, Steve 64, 77 Tines, Debbie 75 Tompkins, Don 41 Tracy, )oe 65 Trimble, Bill 33 Tutt, Karlow 22, 58, 62, 68, 102, 141 Tyree, Rick 76 U - V Seniors 92-109 Juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Underwood, Dan 59, 62 Underwood, Ronald 44 Usrey, jane 49 Van Blaricum, Anna 49 Vaughn, Larry 65, 69 Vize, David 58, 140 W Seniors 92-109 juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Wade, Maria 47, 49 Wadsworth, Rose 38, 40 Wakefield, Kathy 9, 51, 53, 149, 160 Walden, Debbie 47 Walden, Jackie 79 Walker, Larry 59, 66, 74 Walker, Pat 9, 75 Walsh, Rick 64 Walton, Tony 45, 48 Wampler, Steve 77 Ward, Warren 33 Ware, Wendell 17, 62, 74 Wasson, Connie 58 Watkins, Bob 58, 75 Watkins, Rick 64 Watness, Bob 15, 26, 45, 68 Watness, Marinell 48 Watson, Cheri 15, 47 Watts, Kenny 75 Weaver, Diana 23 Webster, Vicki 44, 49 Welsh, Debbie 19, 44, 45, 47, 110, 145 Westerfield, Debbie 17, 38, 40 Wethington, Dennis 75 Whitaker, Myra 56 White, Larry 13, 45, 46 White, Mike 64, 75 White, Nancy 147 White, Tony 70 Whitley, Greg 45 Whitlock, Donna 45 Wiley, Sue 49 Williams, Carol 13, 15, 16, 42, 45, 46, 49, 53, 92 Williams, Marcia 49 Williams, Mark 77 Williams, Patricia 81 Willis, Terry 26, 62, 63, 64 Wilson, joe 62, 74 Wilson, Randy 58 Windhorst, Bill 41 Windhorst, Eddie 41 Wineinger, Lisa 44, 47 Wingler, Marshall 49, 51, 52, 160 Winstead, Denise 68 Winstead, Mark 65 Winstead, Patti 68 Winstead, Terris 68, 69 Wire, Mark 78 Wittenbring, Pam 47, 49 Wolfe, Charlie 42, 43, 45, 46 Wolfe, Sandra 49 Wood, Debbie 49 Wood, Peggy 148 Wooden, Dave 45, 49, 74 Wooden, Deborah 81 Woods, Philip 73 Woodworth, Susie 58 Woolery, Cassie 80 Wycoff, Mike 49 Wyss, Phil 9, 27, 39, 40 Y - Z Seniors 92-109 juniors 110-119 Sophomores 120-127 Freshmen 128-136 Yancey, John 58 Yates, Tim 74 Yocum, Phyllis 45, 48 York, Alice 41, 49, 58 Young, Greg 66, 69, 75 Zike, David 33, 58, 64, 75 156 Autographs Autographs MM Autographs TIME FOR And we staffers — Kathy Wakefield, Margaret Maxwell, Beth Mullen, Susie Hafer, Don Thompson, Marshall Wingler, Cathy Noe, Diann Newport, Tony Smith, Dave McAllister, and Pat Miller loved putting it out. The time for this Ivian is forever! 1G0 ■=£ " ' liiaisi - ■nHMMMMIMHMWMM mm ™ i ' ' mmmmmmm Wttmtm mmmmmm ' MNMflUNMiMMNMNMfl Ww«Sw fP| - " ■ ,;: .. ' ' .. ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmm m MmMi :; l V5 ' 1 • V So ; - ■ u ' -■w-mmm y % K ft J il; ij ' tfi, » i i SKI V- ' ,i A i ii:: 1 ii fd W. m mm we w Hi ' ■■■) , , ' M ■,■ t ) A I ■:■■•! ' - mUmma :: : A W$l fili ma

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