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GkzJt . EMMERICH MANUAL HIGH SCHOOL Indianapolis, Indiana iVIAN ' 71 Table of Contents Our Classes 21 Our Activities 37 Our Sports 61 Our Friends 83 Our Neighbors 137 r eddmn hetck d3ooh Manual ' s 1971 Ivian presents a " sketch " of the school ' s seventy-sixth year to keep memories of all happenings for students and teachers. The Redskin Sketch Book covers special events, classes, activities, and sports involving our some 2300 students. Our friends are all pictured here too, and trends of the times show up in pictures and copy covering our school life. S chooi {J i uzzeb Presenting Colors at an auditorium program is the ROTC Color Guard — Daniel Burke, Ernest Watson, )eff Cordon, and Larry Burgess. Leading Manualites in the Pledge of Allegiance is Honorary C Lt. Sue Eckstein. Redskin Marching Band returns from the practice field on an autumn af- ternoon where bandsmen have been perfecting their halftime show for the next football game. Director William D. Kleyla preaches " prac- tice makes perfect " to his musicians. Drummers Steve Busch, Tony Walton, David Steele, and Dave Hodges do a fast cadence to entertain basketball fans during halftime. Several shows were presented by bandsmen and twirlers at home games. Wanda Wade discusses a problem during the Student-Affairs-Board- sponsored " Rap Session " in the library an evening in March. Students waiting for the mike are Rowena Bush, Jeannette Bair, and Tony Duke oitnd the i iocl? ' ' W lit ' " TT Sequin-garbed high steppers, the Color Guard members from the band, present Colors as preliminary ceremonies for basket- ball games in the gym and grid games on the football field. " Exercise in Knowledge " team studies in the library for their next contest. Seated are Phil Wyss, Mr. Robert Healy, sponsor; Cathy Davis; standing, Linda Laetsch, Tom Smith, Margaret Maxwell, ' Paul Herbig. ' junior Class officers Marcia Coodin, Stuart Sutliff, JoAnn Devine, and Candy Collier put finishing touches to the school ' s Christ- mas tree contributed annually by the juniors. nn6ima5 L c ome$ to I IHanucti Director Tom Williams leads the Choir in Christmas carols on the main stairway. Other musical groups take turns singing to Manualites there the week before Christmas vacation. Doug Neff hangs mistletoe over the clock in the Publications Office with the help of Joyce Stull to add some Christmas spirit to the daily routine of the staff members and visitors. Masomas Candy Brunner, Carmen Tremp, and Charlene Walton serve dinner plates and coffee to Alumni attending the annual birthday party. All Masoma members helped set up and serve this banquet. They also assumed ' clean up detail " for the cafeteria after the party ended Ttumd rttend (I5irtkdau j- i rt f F l i fahk ?„ 1 Pspwi ; ■ , P f a IhbI PL ■ Mrs. Richard C. Lugar and Mayor Lugar talk with Roines Mem- bers Mark Kriese and Blake Housam at the alumni reception in the library before going to the dinner in the cafeteria. Roines members Tim Updike and Mike Fox take the coats of two alumni while on duty at the " Roines Coat Check " at the birth- day party. Roines operates this each year for the reunion. Gridders ' Win Makes Homecoming Perfect Large white mums topped with a red " M " and tied with red and white streamers were a part of most Manualites ' Homecoming attire. Freshman Susan Beaupre and Junior JoAnn Devine proudly show theirs to Mrs. Alma Rush, business teacher. The Manual Redskins pleased the large Home- coming crowd by defeating the highly-touted Broad Ripple Rockets, 22-7. Many alumni returned to see an exciting game and the traditional half-time fes- tivities. On October 16, Wayne Shaw and Cindy Eva became the eighteenth Homecoming King and Queen. The new royalty were chosen by an all- school vote and announced at half-time by Princi- pal Wayne H. Kincaid. The Homecoming King and Queen of 1969, Mike Crafton and Vicki Steele, crowned their successors with the gold and red velvet, bejeweled crowns made by the Art Depart- ment several years ago. The Redskin Marching Band performed during the half-time show under the direction of Mr. Wil- liam Kleyla and Drum Major Mike Christy. The band formed an " M " in center field and played " Miss America " while Junior Bill Davis sang its parody, " Queen of Manual High. " The Girls ' Glee Club accompanied Bill in " Girl of My Dreams. " Lettermen drove the c andidates around the track in open convertibles decorated with red and white streamers. Freshmen Papooses carried the crowns, and two freshmen football players rolled out the white carpet for all participants to promenade. Chauffeured by Senior Rick Poynter, King Manual XVIII and his Queen, Wayne Shaw and Cindy Eva, are driven around the football field so all spectators can view their smiling faces under their regal crowns. Twice around with the crowds cheering is " a big thrill. " Homecoming candidates are lined up on the field awaiting the announcement of the new Kin? and Queen. Hopefuls are Richard Breedlove, Denise Robinson, Wanda Wade, Tom Klinge, Cindy Eva, Wayne Shaw, Jackie Clifford, Tim Updike, llze Berzins, and Steve Dietz. Students, coming from the afternoon pep session before the Homecoming game, show the determination that helped the Red- skins down the Ripple Rockets for a perfect evening. Freshmen Papooses Marinell Watness and Greg Livingston return to their car along the white carpet between rows of Glee Club girls after delivering crowns for the coronation. AEW Provides Open House Night for Parents Open House brings parents and stu- dents together with teachers to dis- cuss grades, class work, and student participation. Here Mr. John Krueger talks with Mrs. Vera Stubbs and her son Bob, while Alexis Haddix waits in the background, Senior Charlene Walton, turnabout for Mrs. Marilyn McCloud, even took care of Home Room and did a bit of counseling, as she gave failing students tips on how to raise their grades. Jean Ruoff, turnabout for Mr. Don Hully, uses a transparency projector to show charts of wind currents in explaining weather trends in Physical Science. II) Turnabout Day for ' Teaching ' Seniors American Education Week, an annual national observance, is a week in October set apart for a special educational purpose. The theme of this year ' s AEW, October 25-31, was " Shape Schools for the 70 ' s. " At Manual, the highlights of this week were the traditional activities — an Open House and a student-faculty Turnabout Day. On Wednesday night of AEW, hundreds of par- ents filed through the halls ■ meeting teachers, touring laboratories, and discussing problems, teaching techniques, and grades. Outsiders and rec- ent alumni also came to see the school and visit their former teachers. ROTC boys were at every door to give help and directions to the visitors. Stu- dent Affairs Board members were in the halls to pass out teacher-classroom lists and give assistance. The P-TA furnished faculty members with cor- sages and boutonnieres as identifications. o On Turnabout Day, selected seniors spent the day with an administrator, a teacher, or staff mem- ber to see what the " other side " was like. Students acting as counterparts " ran " the school, taught classes, and performed office duties. These stu- dents had the honor of eating in the teachers ' cafeteria as guests. The day ended with a P-TA sponsored tea for the faculty and " Turnabouts. " Each year on Turnabout Day, teachers treat their student coun- terparts to lunch, and all eat in the teachers ' cafeteria. Here teachers and turnabouts discuss events of the day. Principal for the day. Senior Tom Smith takes the place of Mr. Wayne Kincaid for the announcements. Behind him waits Kathy Cabonay, Vice-principal Franklin Fisher ' s turnabout. Senior Pat Layden shows his Craft Arts class how to form clay into the proper design to decorate a large vase. Pat was the turnabout teacher for Mr. Nicholas Logston. 11 Successful ' Carnival Hit Puppeteers Dale Petrie and Blake Housam save Lili Strait) as she starts to climb the ladder to commit oletta suicide. Seniors George Russ and Bill Brown, members of Pit Orchestra, have a jazz session during a break at musical rehearsal. Rosalie, portrayed by Linda Laetsch, is telling Schlegel, the circus owner, Mike Christy, that she is leaving be- cause Marco the Magnificent is in love with another girl. Greta Schlegel, played by Janice Hardy, sits at the bottom of the " Leap for Life " pole licking her habitual lollipop. Ad • " V 4 ! ! r sw — — k- k mHtX Wkm , ' ■ m jj mm m.ww -» " " fM. !. Entertains Redskins with Musical Evening The musical " Carnival " was the Music Depart merit ' s feature event on the Manual stasre Novem o ber 20 and 21. Members from the band, orchestra and choir auditioned for the parts in this musical The story revolves around Lili (Joletta Strait) a girl who comes to the carnival looking for work There she meets Puppeteer Paul Barthalet (Dale Petrie) , who is bitter toward life because he is lame. Lili also becomes acquainted with Marco the Magnificent (Eric Smith) , who enchants her with his magic and vies with Paul for her affections. The circus owner, Schlegel (Mike Christy) , says that Lili can not stay there unless she works, so Paul ' s assistant, Jacquot (Blake Housam) , gives her a job singing with the puppets. Paul treats Lili cooly, however, because he thinks she loves Marco, who has been paying her a lot of attention. This has made Marco ' s mistress, Rosalie (Linda Laestch), very jealous. Rosalie threatens to run away and marry a doctor (Mark Ellis). Marco would be left without an assistant, but he just says that if she leaves him lie will use Lili. This threat doesn ' t help the situation. Eventually, through the use of his puppets, Paul tells Lili that he loves her. Rosalie decides not to marry the doctor after all when he turns out to be a veterinarian, and she goes back to Marco and everything turns out on a happy note. " Carnival " took weeks of practice, but the suc- cessful end result was well worth the effort. Bluebird Girls Wanda Wade, Cheri Watson, Carmen Tremp, Jo- Ann Devine, Becky Hill, Monica Followed, Joyce Stull, and Rita Covington try to cover up the failure of the magic act. Marco the Magnificent (Eric Smith) sings " Magic, Magic " with his mistress Rosalie (Linda Laetsch) while she asks for volun- teers from the audience to participate in his magic act. W Dances Add Diversion to School Scene Wanda Wade and Tom Klinge were crowned Queen Ann and King Ivan, yearbook royalty, at the " Pic Parade " in November. Dances, which intersperse the year, are one of the weekend attractions at Manual. Students go to visit with their friends as well as to dance. At the November " Pic Parade, " sponsored by the Ivian, students receive packets of their under- class pictures and trade photos with their friends. They also vote for King Ivan and Queen Ann, who this year were Tom Klinge and Wanda Wade. Two Student Affairs Board aftergame dances in the cafeteria during the basketball season kept the activity going beyond the end of the game, giving Redskin fans a fun time until curfew. Roines, senior boys ' honorary, sponsored three " Romps, ' ' one fall semester and two in the spring. All three had " live " bands. Pulsating psychedelic lights and blacklights on posters added atmosphere. Patty Stroud was crowned Queen of the Mili- tary Ball, attended by all ROTC cadets and their dates. Col. Don Clark, head of all ROTC units in the Indianapolis schools, was a guest of honor. The Ivian made its debut at the " John Henry Hop " the evening of Senior Day. Friends signed each other ' s yearbooks, danced to current records, and had a general good time reliving the year. The Junior Prom in May and Senior Prom June 11 gave upperclassmen and " new alums " evenings in formal dress to highlight their year. Wendell Stewart- and Larry Walker, members of the Radio Club, are the disc jockeys for the " Pic Parade, " an Ivian sponsored dance. Radio Club members are disc jockeys for many school dances in order to make mon- ey to buy more records for the club I I Military Ball Queen candidates and their cadet escorts are C lst Lt. Steve Brown, Virginia Collier, C Maj. John Williams, Bev Pillow, C lst Lt. Ron Miller, Kathy Nelson, C Capt. Randy McMillon, Brenda Buckles, C Lt. David Blythe, and Patty Stroud. S?r. Roy Lawrence dances with Ethel Tines, an ROTC sponsor. Throughout the evening he danced with each sponsor. Military Ball Queen Patty dance her " special dance " Stroud and her date Randy Reid after she was crowned Queen. 15 Mrs. David Srace serves Seniors Tim Yates and Wayne Shaw at the P-TA concession stand. Hot chocolate and hot dogs warm the fans and give them extra energy to cheer for the team. Parents ' Fund Projects Increase Redskins ' Fun The P-TA and Dads Club are Manual ' s big fund- raisers. They help both the school in general and its students in many ways. For example, they help send Redskins to camps, institutes, and work- shops, and help buy equipment and uniforms. Besides being helpful, the P-TA ' s and Dads Club ' s projects provide fun. The P-TA is well-known for its football concession stands with the hot dogs, hot chocolate, and other refreshments. The Dads Club is famous for its snacks at bas- ketball games. Cokes were sold by the dozens to frenzied fans in the crowded gym. The Dads Club also sponsored a White Elephant Sale. This auc- tion had many interesting items adding to the fun. One of the most entertaining and profit-making evenings of each year is the annual Pow Wow. The P-TA sponsors this festival in the gym pre - reeded by a supper and followed by a dance in the cafeteria. Students participate because many clubs sponsor booths and games and share in the profits. It ' s a successful venture for all concerned. Pow Wow preparations are being made by Pat Wire and Dave McCor- mick of the Future Printers Club. They are checking over the " Race- way " game their club made to use in its money-making booth. Several clubs made games like this one to earn money at the Pow Wow. II Speakers for Opportunity Day had coffee in the library before the program. Sgt. Jack Tomson and Col. Don Clark, Military Service; Mrs. Doris Baker, School of Practical Nursing; and Mr. Tom Malli- son, E. I. DuPont, are being served by Sophomore Linda Weimer. Manualites Look at Future Opportunities Opportunity Day, March 17, gave Manualites a chance to hear qualified persons speak about dif- ferent areas of education and occupation. College-bound seniors attended a panel on " Prob- lems on Adjustment to College, " and juniors, plan- ning to attend college, heard a panel discussion on " Preparation for College Admission. " In addition to the college panels, 52 other ses- sions were available as choices for students. They included all types of professions such as medicine, law. euoiueeriu , teachinar, and architecture, and numerous vocational careers. Well-qualified speak- ers from throughout the community shared their backgrounds and experiences with students to help them in their planning for the future. Senior volunteers welcomed the representatives and assisted them in the halls and classrooms. Mrs. Jayne Staley, Indianapolis News, talks with Nancy Hend- ricks, Kathy Cabonay, Charlene Walton, and Loretta Tillman. Several boys heard the speakers on Health Careers: Mr. Monte Chaille, Educational Coord inator for X-ray at I. U. Medical Center, and Miss Sher- ri Morris, an instructor. Boys shown are Herbie Browning, Rod Bruce, Don Griffin, and Carry Smith. 17 Myths, Legends Background Redskin Revue Seniors Karen Kurzner and Margaret Combs wrote the winning act, " Alotofbull, " the story of a monster, half man and half bull, that demanded a sacrifice of 14 humans annually. The 1971 Redskin Revue played to a full house on Friday and Saturday nights, March 26 and 27. This was Manual ' s forty-second all-school production, made up of four acts, student-written and directed. The Redskin Revue Committee, under Co-chair- men Jean Ruoff and Dale Petrie, initiated the new idea of requiring all acts to follow a set theme. It was " The World of Mythology and Legends, " and I lie lour accepted acts had settings in early Greece and Rome and in Norway and England. Mr. Fred Bennett coordinated the show, and two I. unity members sponsored and assisted each act. Rehearsals were in full swinsf for four weeks. Speaking, singing, and dancing groups could be found throughout the building afternoons; and dur- ing evenings the last two weeks, practice time on the auditorium stage was allotted each act. Publications photographers took numerous pic- tures for the program; the cover was designed by Leonard Taylor. Mike Fox designed the poster. Selected members of the Concert Band made up the Pit Band that played accompaniment for all groups. Mr. William D. Kleyla directed. Stage crew members built scenery to act writers ' speci- fications and provided appropriate lighting. Ticket sellers are always divided into teams and spirited competition results. Winners this year were Joletta Strait and Charles Wolfe. The cast of " Alotofbull " sings its finale number, a parody to " Good Morning, Starshine, " after being freed from the tyranny of the bull. " Alotofbull " was chosen " Best Act of 1971, " and Mike Christy, as Dexter Newton, was " Best Male Performer. " " For What It ' s Worth, " by Jeannette Bair, Tony Duke, and Leslie Spencer, a satire on the draft, won three awards. Steve Ritter won " Best Comic Portrayal, " Jeff Smith won " Best Male Vocalist, " and Susie Capps and Melinda Merrill received " Best Choreographers. " " Forest Fantasies, " written by Seniors Wayne Shaw and Peggy McRoy, was a take-off on the legend of Robin Hood. Peggy earned the " Vignette Award " for her part of the jester. Joletta Strait, as Lady Larian, got " Best Female Vocalist, " and the " Forest Treats " received the award for the " Best Chorus Line. " Here the cast sings " A Wonderful Day Like Today " in their finale. " Pamela ' s Crate. " written by Darryl Thompson and Rod Bruce, was set in Valhalla and took place under a huge tree. Pamela, the leading lady, was played by Terry Class who won " Best Female Performer. " Here the cast sings " There ' ll Be Some Changes Made, " their finale. Chapter 1: 21 Courses in English Involve Most Redskins Freshman Stan Marhis listens to a play on a cassette tape player in the library. During study halls, students may check out the various tapes that the library has to offer. The English Department is the largest depart- ment at Manual having the most teachers and stu- dents because everyone must take three years of English and many take lour and even more. While studying logic and reasoning this year, English classes at several levels had debates using controversial topics which interested the students, such as sex education and movie ratings. Along with the many English classes in which grammar, writing, and literature are taught, there are speech and etymology classes which teach public speaking and word uses and derivatives. The English Department also includes two ex- clusive classes Histlish and Humanities. Hist- lish -- a combination of United States History and English - - is a class for selected juniors taught by Mrs. Marilyn Dever. Humanities, a mostly senior class taught by Mr. Fred Bennett, covers all as- pects of civilizations in different ages. Students study the literature, drama, music, and culture of peoples from ancient Greece to modern times. In November, the Humanities class travelled to Chicago and visited the Art Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Bahai Temple. They also toured Oldtown and Chinatown. In Janu- ary, the class went to the Christian Theological Seminary to see an onstage production of the musical " Stop the World, I Want to Get Off! " Seniors Beverly Pillow, Wanda Wade, Gloria Vandagrifft, Jeff Gordon, and Debbie Patton debate about the mo- vie rating system in Mr. Dennis Jackson ' s English 7g class. The class ' s debates were part of their study of logic and reasoning. 22 These sophomores are hard at work in the library looking up source materials for research papers. At several levels of Eng- lish such papers of varying lengths are required. Peggy Cope, Sandy Gindling, Patty Estes, and Carol Kasper, juniors, formed a panel to discuss the short story, " The Minis- ter ' s Black Veil, " in Mr. Philip Ross ' s English class. Freshmen Orientation students make good use of the reading lab equipment. " Pacers " help a person to speed up his reading rate. Each orientation class spends nine weeks of the semester in the lab. 23 Mr. Carsey Gentry, with Advanced Spanish students — Loretta Tillman, Carol Fletcher, and Leslie Spencer — visited the Children ' s Museum to view an exhibit of Mexican art. Language Study Leads To Interesting Activities The Language Department at Manual offers stu- dents a choice of three foreign languages — French, Latin, and Spanish. Spanish classes, taught hy Mr. Carsey Gentry, department head, and Miss Ann Manning, attract the most students. Spanish students may study the language for lour years, even if they took it in grade school. There is a special class lor freshmen who studied Spanish in grade school and an advanced class for seniors who are actually in their fifth year. Advanced Spanish (lass started a Spanish news- paper this year which was issued every month and exchanged with other schools. This class also vis- ited the Children ' s Museum to see a Mexican Art exhibit that coordinated with their studies. French and Latin are also offered for four years to language majors. The French classes, taught by Mr. David Phillips, had a Christmas Party in the caf- eteria the last day of school before Christmas va- cation. A major project of the advanced French class was reading Onze Contes, a collection of ele- ven short stories written by French authors. Mrs. Audrey Cronkhite teaches the Latin. Ad- vanced classes translate the writings of such Rom- an philosophers as Cicero, Virgil, and Pliny. Mr. David Phillips, French teacher, is leading his second year French class in a vocabulary drill in prepara- tion for a test. The new arrange- ment of desks is an attempt by the language department to encourage participation and discussion in the different languages. J I Freshmen Warren Murphy and Bob Barker compare the catapults they made for Mr. |ohn Krueger ' s World History class. Special projects like these, including the maps and draw- ings hung against the chalkboard in the background, were made by all the students in this class. Social Studies Make Past, Present Relevant The Social Studies Department covers many ar- eas from regular history to Exploratory Teaching. The freshmen are offered Citizenship which helps them to understand their rights as Americans. An- other course offered to freshmen and sophomores is World History, which traces the history of man hum primitive living to the present time. All juniors are required to take United States History, a course which follows American progress from its beginning to the present and applies this development to today ' s problems. Seniors must take American Goverment a n d Economics, each a one-semester course. They teach about government and its economic institutions. Psychology, for upperclassmen, and International Relations for seniors, are elective courses. Design- ed to help the student understand himsell and oth- er people and nations, they are popular courses. Exploratory Teaching, another elective for sen- iors, gives students a look at the teaching profes- sion from " behind the desk. " Included in the course is assisting in actual classrooms of the subject or grade level that interests the student, either at Manual or in nearby grade schools. Mr. Fred Belser is showing Loretta Tillman, Ron Land, |ohn Williams, and Tim Updike how to use the voting machine. In November, Government classes voted on this machine. - ' Problems Create Math and Science Interest Miss Margaret Coebel and Mr. Ben Parke team-teach the Basic Math class. Here they give Anna Rusie and Dana Hawkins addi- tional help with their homework assignments. Math and Science are permanently interwoven, as mathematical and scientific principles apply in both areas and are necessary to each other. Math courses begin with General Math or Al- gebra the freshman year, and continue through Geometry, advanced Algebra, Analytical Geomet- ry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Biology is required of all students their sopho- more year. This class starts with the study of simple organisms and invert e brat es and progresses through vertebrates. Students dissect earthworms, fish, frogs, and fetal pigs to get a first-hand look at what they ' re learning. Sex education is includ- ed during the study of man. Various courses in math provide a good founda- tion for Chemistry and Physics courses. Chemistry students, laden with slide rules, goggles, and test tubes, study atoms, molecules, and the composition and uses of the various elements. Science majors go on into Physics, whether the traditional course or Harvard Project, which fol- lows the progress of scientific thought. -iodel Sophomores Steve McCurry and Herb Clark dissect a frog in their Biology class, aided by a mc and photos of how the organs should appear. Dissecting gives students a chance to see " how things are arranged, " and to trace the circulatory and respiratory systems and study their functions. K Biology students learn to graph results of scientific experiments. Here Debbie Church is playing a game of " reverse coordination " via a mirror. She will graph the results. Physics students prove their theories with experiments. Here Ron Miller and Jeff Meade, under the guidance of Mr. Steve Sharpee, calculate the acceleration of gravity. A. U . • •. Juniors |an Parsley and Scarlette Har- den do an extra-credit lab in their Chemistry class. |an and Scarlette are members of Mr. Don Hannon ' s experimental Chemistry cla s, which puts much emphasis on lab work. 27 Above, Mrs. Blanche Rusron helps her pupils Sandy Harper and Judy Griffin set a formal table for faculty luncheon guests. Be- low, Patty Vincent and Cheryl Thompson serve brunch to teach- ers. These meals are special activities of Advanced Foods. Practice Makes Perfect For Girls in v Home Ec ' Hundreds of girls prepare for homemaking by taking courses in Home Economics. Whether plan- ning to become housewives or college students, girls find Home Ec beneficial as well as fun. Freshmen girls who take Social Practice, a course featuring proper etiquette and good groom- ing, find it helpful for their first year of high school. Clothing classes, also a big help to many girls, not only prove economically beneficial after high school, but they also help the girls add variety to i heir present wardrobes which are so important to i hem. Clothing classes may be taken at every level, plus a special senior class. Other girls find Foods classes helpful because they learn how to fix well-balanced meals and keep a steady diet, which is always a problem for teenagers. They also learn how to serve correctly, and they get experience by entertaining teachers with " partified " meals in their dining room. Senior girls are required to take Home Nursing, which teaches a wide variety of nursing cares. They learn first aid, care of hed patients in the home, and facts about mental illness, other di- seases, and pregnancy. Speakers talked on subjects sue h as drugs, health careers, and quackery. family Living and Home Management balance out the Home Economics curriculum. Students delve into decorating and study money management. Mrs. Jean Bacus ' s Clothing I Class is taking a two-part semester final exam. The girls in the background are taking the written exam, while those in front are using the sewing machines for the second part. Many Business Students Type for Careers The Business Department, headed hy Mrs. Char- lotte Camfield, prepart s Manualites for a future in the business world through its many eourses. General Business is mainly a freshman course that gives a background in business processes, while Business Law teaches the legal aspects. Students in Machine Calculation and Data Pro- cessing gain practical knowledge through the use of computers, punch cards, and calculaters. Filing and Secretarial Practice offer girls training in office procedures, and Business Arithmetic and Bookkeeping teach accounting and math skills, use- ful in homemaking as well as business. Salesmanship, a two-semester course for juniors and seniors, teaches about merchandising, adver- tising, and retail selling for many job fields. The most popular courses in the Business De- partment are Typing 1-4. In Typing 1, Redskins learn the basic keyboard, while in Typing 2-4 pup- ils work to increase speed and skill. Two years of Shorthand are also offered. Consumer Education and Economic Geography round out the business courses. They present the relations of man to the economic and physical aspects of his environment. Senior Beatrice Morris pauses while she studies a problem that she is trying to work in her Machine Cal Class. Students in this class develop skills in operating calculators. Junior lolert.i Strait runs off extra copies of tests on the mimeo- graph machine in a business classroom. Joletta performs many such duties as student assistant to Mrs. Alma Rush. Mrs. Phyllis Sullivan, business teacher, supervises the work of lassandra Smith, Edna Reid, and Beverly Sherrod as they tabu- ate in their Machine Calculations Class. 29 Both Fine Arts Departments Show Their Excellence Mr. Robert Crawford helps Tim Yates in his Advanced Art Class while Terry Bonner and Wendell Ware also look on for as- sistance. They are matting pictures ready for display. Richard Patterson works on an oil painting for the portfolio he submitted for a scholarship to Herron School of Art. He won five gold keys in this year ' s scholastic art competition. Laura Hall, William Mahone, and Lillian Hall are working with clay in Craft Arts Class. Pupils pursue whatever type of craftwork appeals to them and make many useful and attractive items that can be used for gifts or home decorations. 30 By Collecting Awards Known for their many awards, Manual ' s Art and Music Departments have become extremely popu- lar. Talented students spend many hours perfecting artwork and practicing and polishing songs. Artistic abilities can be developed in several areas in the Art Department. These include free- hand drawing in Art 1-8, skilled crafts and jewel- ry making in Craft Arts, preparing for the future in Commercial Art, and gaining an understanding of and feeling for art in Art Appreciation. Thirteen of Manual ' s entries in the Scholastic Art Competition were Gold Key winners and were displayed in New York. For the second year, Rich- ard Patterson won a " Hallmark " citation. Manual ' s Music Department opens a variety of areas to those musically inclined. A student can play in the Band or Orchestra, sing in the Choir, Glee Club, or chorus classes, or learn to sight read, compose, and conduct in Music Theory. Thirty-eight students from the Music Depart- ment participated in the Indiana Music Educator Association All-State Solo-Ensemble Contest at Butler University. Seventeen received First Divi- sion ratings and twenty, Second Division ratings. The department again hosted its annual Choir- Orchestra and Band-Glee Club conceits. Many par- ents and Manualites enjoyed these evenings of en- tertainment. Also popular was the yearly " May Festival. " It involved everyone in the department and was staged in the gym to accomodate the crowd. In an Orchestra B class, Mr. Thomas O. Dick gives personal help to Freshmen Rita Hollenbaugh and Victoria Webster, who find much enjoyment in practicing their instruments. Mr. Tom Williams leads his Music Theory class in a conducting exer- cise. Members of the class are (front row) )anis Yocum, Jill Ferris, Cathy Davis, Denise Brehob, Sharlene But- ler, and Greg Gibson. In back are Mike Douglas, Mark Sparks, David Hodges, and Debbie Bickers. 31 Six Shop Areas Ready Students for Vocations In Auto Shop, Clen Dinkins and Tony Oberting re-bore holes in a car ' s engine block to size them for oversize pistons. Practical working experience in Manual ' s six shop areas provides students with a pliable knowledge foi future occupations. Boys interested in future fields of engineering, architecture, and construction are attracted to Industrial Arts ' shop and drawing (lasses and gain exceptional background from them. Boys learn car repair working in the Auto Shop ' s " Service Station. " Almost all types of body and en- gine repair are taught. By the end of the year, students are expected to be able to take an engine apart and then reassemble it for a final grade. Students in Wood Shop are taught home repairs, functions ol machines and tools, and scale construc- tion. Building a simple one-level two-room house in miniature was a required project. In Print Shop main ol the office forms, tickets, posters, senior armbands, and pupil passes are made by students working in Advanced Printing. Mechanical Drawing, Machine Drawing, and Architectural Drawing constitute the classes offer- ed to prepare students for possible vocational work as Architects, Draftsmen, or Blue Print technicians. Machine Drawing brings this very technical as- pect of drafting into practice. Advanced shop courses for those majoring in In- dustrial Arts include Machine Shop and Electricity Shop along with an Introduction to Engineering. Mike Chumley and Larry Walker are testing an audio amplifier that they built in their Advanced Electricity Shop class. The test is being done by feeding an audio signal into the amplifier and measuring the amount of voltage on a voltmeter. Electricity Shop is an advanced class for juniors and seniors, interested in the field of electronics. ;• ' David Vandagrifff- grinds a hammer handle with a metal lathe, while Kevin Horn measures his handle before making machine adjustments. In Machine Shop, precise metal cuttings are measured with outside calipers to the hundredth of an inch. Buffing an article in Metal Shop, Freshman Star Harrington uses the Electric Buffer to polish the surface of his project. Tim Hebble and Kevin Bottema work on a house frame in Wood Shop. Scale construction is taught to first year classes. :;.; ROTC Adds Martial Touch to Manua ■ Manual ' s ROTC Battalion Commander, C Maj. John Williams " dresses " troops and color guard in preparation for inspection. Manual ' s Military Science Department has made quite a reputation for itself in competition during the last two years, having won the " Best March- ing Unit " at the Annual Federal Inspection two times in a row. The unit participated in the Veter- ans ' Day Parade in November under the command of C Maj. John Williams. This was also the time of year for drill meets and rifle matches. These two teams participated in competition under a handi- cap, as there were only four returning members for the Drill Team and one returning member of the Rifle Team. To further complicate matters, ROTC grieved the loss of its commandant, Sgt. Emmett Davis, who passed away November 22, 1970. Again- st these odds, the Rifle Team managed to compile a winning record of 3-2. Active was the Color Guard, presenting colors for school programs. The cadets were also busy in the classroom. Freshmen learned first aid, military history, the use of weapons, and customs and courtesies of the services. Second year added map reading and com- bat tactics. The last two years were rounded out with advanced courses in all these areas. Highlight of the year was the Annual Military Ball. The cadets danced to the music of Steve Belmer ' s Band under the theme " Forever and a Night. " Reigning Queen of the Ball was Honorary C Maj. Patty Stroud, who had the added distinction of being crowned by Police Chief Winston Churchill. Ten red-coated girls serve as ROTC sponsors. They are Sue Eckstein, Pa- tricia Stroud, Loretta Tillman, Kathy Nelson, Linda Clark, Ethel Tines, Brenda Buckles, Debbie Westerfield, and Beverly Pillow. Absent for the picture was Virginia Collier. 34 Debbie Robertson, Barbara Dawson, Debbie Parton, and Gloria Smith demonstrate a skill known as an " angel " in Advanced Gym Class. This stunt was performed in an exhibition that the girls in gym classes put on before the WIFE — Faculty Fogies basketball game. x Phys Ed ' Provides Fun Period for Energetic " Physical Education, " to many Manualites, pro- duces a reaction of definite interest as they enjoy a daily period of real action, fun, and relaxation. Gym, to many students who go beyond the one required year, provides a class of fun work. Boys develop skills in such sports as basketball, foot- ball, and baseball and build muscles with weight- lifting. Girls strive for grace and poise as they dance, tumble, and do apparatus work. Boys and girls both learn to play ping-pong and volleyball. Persons who especially enjoy physical activity join boys ' and girls ' intramural squads. Johnny Williams appears amused as he does push-ups, a common routine, while Leonard Taylor counts for him in Advanced Gym. Jim Hawkins develops his strength by climbing with the pegs on a peg board as his classmate, Alan Shreve, looks on. 35 il, 37 Senior Honoraries Serve Manual 58 Years M.iiom.i members decorated each Homecoming mum with a red " M " and ribbon streamers. Here Loretta Tillman, Kathy Cabonay, Veronica Whitney, and Charlene Walton work on their project. Masoma and Roines, honoraries for senior girls and boys, did many services for the school like welcoming and assisting freshmen on opening day. Sponsored by Mrs. Betty Baker, Masoma helped with Homecoming festivities by preparing the mums worn to the game by fans. The girls extended their tradition of service by waiting tables at the Fall and Spring Athletic Banquets and setting tab- les and serving at the annual Alumni party. Masoma officers were President Linda Laetsch, Vice-president Patty Stroud, Recording Secretary Kathy Gabonay, Attendance Secretary Jill Ferris, Treasurer Roberta Okey, Historian Ibe Berzins. Roines, sponsored by Mr. Dennis Jackson, added to (lie Christmas spirit by hanging their annual Christmas wreath over the main doors. They also helped at the Alumni party by checking coats. Their big activities were the Roines Romps — three dances featuring the top " name " bands, " Soul Messengers " and the " Young Turks. " Roines officers were President Tom Smith, Vice- president John Williams. Treasurer Mike Curtis, Secretary Paul Herbig, and Historian Jeff Adams. These 58-year-old clubs went Christmas caroling to hospitals and nursing homes. Both had booths at the Pow Wow and used new pledges to man them. MASOMA - - FRONT ROW: Patty Stroud, Candy Brunner, Anne Hathaway, Kathy Cabonay, Janis Yocum. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Betty Baker, sponsor; Carmen Tremp, Monica Followell, Charlene Walton, Kathy Nelson, Linda Laetsch. THIRD ROW: Peggy Mc- Roy, Cathy Davis, Loretta Tillman, Margaret Combs, llze Berzins. BACK ROW: Lois Doyle, Jill Ferris, Roberta Okey, Kris Browne, Veronica Whitney, Sheila Douglas. ;n FS WIWL. Roines pledges are always identifiable by the traditional ties and buckets. Seniors Steve Ritter, Mike Curtis, and |ohn Sauter were pledges in the fall. Gianf advertisements always appear around school before each " Roines Romp. " Here Seniors Mark Ellis, Tim Updike, and Blake Housam post an announcement of the second Romp. m C 1 T ROINES — FRONT ROW: Wayne Shaw, Steve Ritter, Blake Housam, Mike Fox. SECOND ROW: Jeff Ad- ams, Paul Herbig, Dale Petrie, Tony Kriech. THIRD ROW: Mark Ellis, Bruce Robertson, |ohn Williams, Mark Kriese. BACK ROW: Birl Schil- ling, Mike Christy, John Sauter, Tim Updike, Mr. Dennis (ackson, spon- sor; Mike Curtis. Not pictured are Tom Smith, Bob Kaiser, and Ron Hawkins. 3 ' ) nations HONOR Officers of National Honor Society — President Tom Smith, Secretary Cathy Davis, Treasurer Lois Doyle, and Vice-presi- dent Paul Herbig — look at the charter of Manual ' s chapter. Honor Society Inducts 19 Seniors, 14 Juniors National Honor Society initiated 19 seniors and 1 1 juniors on May 16, and tire members were hon- ored by ;i P-TA-sponsored tea in the library. Manual ' s chapter of the National Honor Society was installed in 1950 and since then some 750 Red- skins have been initiated into its ranks. To be eli- gible, a senior must have a 6.25 grade average, and a junior must have a 6.75 average. Member- ship cannot exceed ten percent of the Senior Class and three percent of the Junior Class. Candidates are evaluated by the faculty and must excel in character, leadership, and service. The names of Honor Society candidates were an- nounced during a " Ribbon ceremony " in the Audi- torium March 10. The ribbon colors are symbolic of the National Honor Society requirements — gold representing scholarship; red. service: royal pur- ple, leadership; and white, character. A large rep- lica ol I he National Honor Society symbol, a key- stone with the torch of learning, always hangs at the back of the stage during this ceremony. At the initiation in May. each member lighted a por- tion of the National Honor Society torch. Mr. John Krueger is Honor Society sponsor. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — FRONT ROW: Anne Hathaway, Phyllis Wolfe, Candy Collier, llze Berzins, Linda Laetsch, Rita Covington, Marilyn Morris, Leslie Spencer, Dale Petrie. SECOND ROW: Monica Followell, janis Yocum, Brenda Lewis, Susie Mar- cum, Amie Woolman, Jean Ruoff, Margaret Combs, Sheila Douglas, Wayne Shaw. THIRD ROW: Brenda Buckles, Kathy Cabonay, Patty Stroud, Tony Kriech, Sherry Phillips, Lois Doyle, Debbie Westerfield, Phil Wyss, Peggy McRoy. FOURTH ROW: Cathy Davis, Tom Smith, JoAnn Devine, Gail Butterfield. Linda Hathaway, Kris Browne, Joyce Stull, Loretta Tillman, Dan Nye, Jill Feris. BACK ROW: Mark Ellis, Paul Herbig, Roberta Okey, Tim Updike, John Sauter, Mark Koenig, David Jordan, Michael Shanahan, Blake Housam. Ill STUDENT AFFAIRS BOARD FRONT ROW: Mrs. Marilyn Dever, sponsor; Beth Housam, Pam Thomp- son, Jan Napier, Mr. Wayne Spinks, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Melinda Merrell, Alan O ' Neal, Candy Collier, Richard Breedlove. THIRD ROW: Mr. Harold Baumer, spo nsor; Bar- bara Dawson, Tim Crafton, Randy Johnson, Steve Ritter, llze Berzins. BACK ROW: Bill McDaniel. Gary Cannon, Dale Petrie, Tom Klinge, Homer Britt, Herbie Clark. Student Affairs Board Promotes ' Rap ' Session The Student Affairs Board " Rap Session " March 4 was a " first " at Manual. The two-hour session began at 7 o ' clock in the library, and students who wished to be heard lined up at the microphone. Sponsored by SAB and the Faculty Human Relations Committee, the meeting was planned to give stu- dents a chance to voice their opinions and sug- gestions to the administration and each other. The discussion was headed by Mr. Fred Jones, assistant Dean of Boys and chairman of the facul- ty committee. He introduced Senior Dale Petrie, president of SAB, who explained the procedure. Subjects brought up ranged from " dressing down ' ' on Junior and Senior Days, leaving the cafe- teria after eating lunch, opening the Booster to student comment, and providing a Black Counselor to blacktopping the student parking lot. SAB sponsored its usual after-game dances, sup- ervised elections for various schoolwide votes, and provided representatives lor city activities. Senior Ma k Kriese voices his com- plaints at the microphone at the Rap Session sponsored by the Student Affairs Board. On the right, Presi- dent of SAB Dale Petrie moderates the panel and Mrs. Marilyn McCloud is a member of the panel. On the left is Mr. Fred Jones, head of th? faculty ' s Human Relations Commit- tee, and Mr. Richard Blough, an- other member of the panel. Mask Wig and National Thespians Provide Gary Stofer pretends he is balancing on a railroad track as Susie Moore watches during rehearsal for " Train Ride, " one of the three one-act plays produced during fall semester. Mask Wig and National Thespians provided the actors for the two three-act plays presented this year. The first play, Laura, was a murder mystery which kept the audience in suspense for the entire performance. It was produced in the cafeteria in the " half round. " The second, Arms and the Man, was presented on stage. This was a satire, poking fun at people who are too idealistic. Organized in 1936, Mask 8c Wig is a club which »ives inexperienced students an opportunity to learn what acting and drama are all about. Three one-act plays were cast from the members of Mask Wig and three members of Thespians — Cathy Davis, Debbie Hopkins, and Roberta Okey — di- rected them. Miss Maureen Northcutt, sponsor of the group, was adviser to these student directors. The National Thespians Society is an organiza- tion for advanced dramatists. Thespian members work under the direction of Mr. Fred Bennett. To become a member of this honorary organization, a student must be a junior or senior with a " B " average. A person hoping for acceptance must also have ten honor points, accumulated through one- hundred hours of work. The points are given for various jobs associated with stage productions. This means anything from selling cokes to taking tickets to having the lead in a play. Manual ' s Thes- pian Chapter, Number 1492, is now 16 years old, having received its official charter in 1955. A scene from the three-act play, Laura, is in rehearsal by Jeff Smith, Charlie Wolfe, and Cathy Davis. The play, which was viewed in the three- quarter round, was produced in the cafeteria during the fall semester by Mask Wig and Thespian members. r Numerous Outlets for Redskin Extroverts Catherine Petkoff, played by Carol Williams, displays a worried look during the three-act play, Arms and the Man. Mike Christy, who por- trayed Major Petkoff, seems amused; and Beth Mullen, playing Raina, gives her mother a what-are-we-going-to- do-now? look. The play was put on in February from tryouts of all drama- tic club members. Sergius, a Bulgarian officer played by Jeff Smith, flirts with the defiant but vulnerable maid, Louka, played by )ean Ruoff, during the production of " Arms and the Man. " " Just goofing off " is Carol Williams as she has some fun dur- ing a rehearsal for " Arms and the Man. " Carol played the part of Catherine Petkoff, a lady of high social airs. 43 Club Mans WMHS; Stage Crew Builds Sets The Radio Club and the Stage Crew are two groups of Manual ites who are responsible for some of the " production " part ol school life. Manual ' s radio station, WMHS, is manned by members of the Radio Club, sponsored by Miss Cynthia Mahin. The club does the taping of some of the announcements and programs lor the P. A. Members also broadcast a program from their sta- tion every morning for a short period before school starts. Early arrivals really enjoy this service. In order to make money to buy new records, the Radio Club members disc jockey some of the school dances, such as the Ivian-sponsored " Pic Parade " in November and the " John Henry Hop " in June. Behind every stage production is the group of hard-working Manualites who make up the Stage Crew. These students are responsible for building and painting all of the sets used in the musical, the plays, and Redskin Revue. In addition to this, they operate the stage lights and spots and make all scenery changes. Mr. Carl Wright is sponsor. Student Stage Manager Brian Osman is respon- sible for co-ordinating the stage crew and seeing that everything is ready by curtain time. Radio Club members, Don Tompkins and Howard Kello, man the controls for radio station WMHS, during the daily morning show. Manual ' s Stage Crew has a large workroom in back of the stage where there are many tools suited for build- ing stage sets and properties used in plays, musicals, and Redskin Re- vue. Here. Mike Jones, John Lewis, lim Crowe, Ernest Taylor, and Gary Deupree work on one of the units used in Redskin Revue. I I ' Future ' Clubs Test Career Possibilities Members of " future " clubs are interested in in- vestigating careers in which the) might hope to find employment. Future Teachers, Future Business Leaders, and future Printers all stud) the possi bilities in these fields and learn of the necessary requirements for jobs in them. Manual ' s Future Teachers Club is sponsored by Miss Margaret Consodine. This group attracted sev- eral Redskins who hope for a career in teaching. On " Turnabout Day " they made name tags to i- dentify teachers and their counterparts. They also sponsored a " Recognition Day " for teachers in April. At the Pow Wow, Future Teachers had a " Kid- die Korner " booth which provided entertainment for little folks and " babysitter " service for parents. Mrs. Irma Farthing is sponsor of Future Business Leaders. Litis group in estimated job opportunities and the potential of these careers. The club visit- ed several business offices including Indiana Bell. The Future Printers Club has been busy with several projects during the year. They made an educational film for the printing classes on " How to Run a Hand Platen Press. " It was helpful as a teaching supplement. Assisting with the production of office forms, tickets, and programs for school use is another of their responsibilities. They made visits to RCA, the National Printing Plate Co.. Cre- ative Packaging, Poster Display Co., The Pratt Printing Co., and National Decorators as field trips to see these firms ' printing operations. " Raceway, " a game made by the club members, was the attraction in their Pow Wow booth. Officers were President Greg Shelton, Vice-pres- ident David McCormick, and Secretary Pat Wire. Mr. Marvin Thorpe, printing teacher, is sponsor. Vice-president Cathy Duggan, Treasurer Peggy Richardson, and President Edna Reid plan meetings for Future Teachers ' Club. President Beverly Sherrod, Secretary Vonita Robets, and Treasurer Mark Bordon, Future Business Leader ' s officers, plan with Mrs. Irma Farthing, sponsor, for their Pow Wow Booth. Printing Club members. Pat Wire, David McCormic k, and Greg Shelton, along with Mr. Marvin Thorpe, their sponsor, are preparing one of the presses for a printing job. This group supplemented the printing classes by helping to print the the tickets and programs used by the school in stage productions. 45 Orchestra, Choir Perform in Musical, Concert Choir Members Pam 0 ' Connor, Eric Smith, and Linda Laetsch practice for the musical put on by the Choir and Orchestra. The Manual Choir and Orchestra performed many services for Manual and the local community dur- ing this year. " Carnival, " the annual musical show, was presented as a joint effort, as was a concert. The Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Thom- as O. Dick, presented the P-TA Christmas Pro - oram. The group provided music for the Honors Day Program at the close of school. Musical high- point of the ye ar was the May Festival in which all music groups performed. The Orchestra con - ( hided the year with music for Senior Vespers. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Williams, the Choir made its debut by Christmas caroling for the Downtown Promotion. They also sang with the Indianapolis Maennerchoir at Clowes Hall in Jan- uary. The All-City Choir Festival, May Festival and Vespers were other important activities. ORCHESTRA - FRONT ROW: Lisa Wineinger, Maryanne Lehmann, Loretta Tillman, Becky Pieper, )anis Yocum. SECOND ROW: Candy Collier, Debbie Welsh, Carol Alexander, Diane Masengale, Gregory Gibson, Candy Capps, Donna Laetsch, Anne Hathaway. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Thompson, Cathy Chelf, |erry Bunner, Sharlene Butler, Nancy Ellis, Larry Moore, Connie Baxter, Marcia Goodin, Debbie Medcalf, Phyllis Wolfe, Jill Ferris. BACK ROW: George Russ, Linda Rann, Mark Browne, Ken Roe, Bill Hafer, Gary Sparks, Mark Koenig, Bill Brown, David Butler, Mike Mascoe, David McAllister. II, ORCHESTRA — FRONT ROW: Linda Hathaway. Bob Stubbs, Georgia Murley, Dottie Patterson, Beth Housam. SECOND ROW: Mary Entwistle, Candy Brunner, Vicki Holland, Nancy Hedges, Amy Farley, Janet Walton, Mary Williams, Val Sherman. THIRD ROW: Stuart Sutliff, Kris Browne, Anne Maschmeyer, Karen Johnson, Ronald Underwood, Kerra Clampitt, Sandy Holmes, Debra Huber. BACK ROW: Thomas O. Dick, Director; Cheryl French, Patrick Miller, ton, Steve Busch, David Hodges, Randall Johnson, Rhonda Cherry, Richard Quade, Susie Hafer. Jody Kessler, Angela |ohnson, Kent McCampbell, Tony Wal- 47 Jill Ferris shows off the new trophy case, a gift from KaAnne Morris, Band Class of 1970. Manual ' s award-winning band now has two cases full of trophies in the Auditorium foyer. Band, Girls ' Glee Club Entertain for Redskins The Redskin Marching Band received its seven- teenth consecutive First Division rating; in the In- diana School Music Association Marching Contest. The Band participated in the " 500 Festivities " by marching in the " 500 Parade " and at the track. Under the baton of Drum Major Mike Christy, the Band performed at football games, in the Vet- erans ' Day Parade, and also for the launching of the balloons for " Cleaner Air Week. " Seniors dedicat- ed their annual show to Director William Kleyla. The Clee Club, diiccted l Mrs. Martha Cross, combined with the Band for the Band-Glee Club Conceit. The Glee Club participated in the All-City Girls ' Glee Club Festival and also sans; for the special Thanksgiving program. The May Festival was another activity in which they had a part. BAND — FRONT ROW: Donna Laetsch, Anne Hathaway, Gail Butterfield, Veronica Whitney, Jan Harlan. SECOND ROW: Jill Fer- ris, Phyllis Wolfe, Lois Doyle, Cathy Davis, Debbie Medcalf, Liz Wiley, Marilyn Kunkel, Carol Williams. THIRD ROW: Thomas Pinner, Sherri Phillips, Randall Borkes, Melanie Boardman, Peter Lindstrom. George Russ, Linda Hann, Bob Smith, Mark. Browne, Ken Roe, Rod Bruce. BACK ROW: Phillip Herbig, Phyllis Yocum, Marsha Haase, Diane Drake, Carol Biggers, Tanya Campbell, Benita Strait, Debra Gidcumb, Debbie Lunn, David McAllister, Charles Knoll, John Mclntire. Band personnel also make up the Pep Band for Basketball season, the Dance Band which is used when a small group is needed, and the Pit Band whose picture is on Page 50. The thirty sequin-garbed twirers are also part of the Band and are to be found on Page 50. CIRLS ' CLEE CLUB — FRONT ROW: Nellie Lamperski, Vivian Keaton, Deborah Church, Debra Welsh, LU Ann Davis, Pam Thomp- son, Peggy Cope, Beth Housam, Marsha Haase, Brenda Chaszar, Brenda Droke, Jennie Andrews, Linda Hann, Debby Tines, Kay Spivey. SECOND ROW: Maria Wade, Jeannette Mullen, Denise Robinson; Diana Spilmon, Martha Turner, Carmelita Crawford, Denise Brehob, Nancy Rutledge, Cathy Wampler, Debbie Robertson, Becky Hendricks, Debbie Hopkins, Rita Craves, Jenny Shoemake, Cheryl Thompson, Mrs. Martha Cross, director. THIRD ROW: Cathy Davis, Phyllis Yocum, Vickie Tolle, Judy Kemmerer, Martha Murphy, Karen Bray, Kathy Bray, Marsha Robinson, Jenny Collier, Favian Cox, Anita Taylor, Maryanne Lahmann, Dottie Lutane, Dawne Biro, Peggy Updike, Yvonne Morris, Candy Brunner. FOURTH ROW: llze Berzins, Jackie Burks, Nancy Hedges, Beth Ann Peak, Kay Eck- ler, Karen Butler, Marilyn Sadler, Kris Browne, Dena Wynalda, Ethel Tines, Marty Baase, Jill Ferris, Veronica Whitney, Charlene Walton, Debbie Dobson, Claudia Sutherlen, Pam Wittenbring. BAND — FRONT ROW: Laurie Cilliland, Cathy Wampler, Cindy Stock, Candy Brunner, Mary Entwistle. SECOND ROW: Francy Lasley, Larry Moore, Susie Moore, Tom Braughton, Marcia Coodin, Connie Baxter, Stuart Sutliff, Kris Browne. THIRD ROW: Willie Key, David Sease, Mark Lowe, David Wooden, Mike Christy, Marshall Wingler, Jay Doty, Tim McCoy, David Jordan, Mark Koenig, Gary Sparks, Bill Hafer. FOURTH ROW: Gary Mills, William Edwards, Mark Sparks, Donald Wyatt, Don Thompson, Darryl Thomp- son, Duane Strain, Alan |ordan, Mike Mascoe, Charlie Bertram, David Butler, William Brown. BACK ROW: Gary Deupree, John Deu- belleiss, Cheryl French, Patrick Miller, Steve Busch, Joseph Wilson, Tony Walton, Kent McCampbell, David Steele, David Hodges, Mr. William D. Kleyla, Director. 1 .«..■■ TWIRLERS FORMING M ' : Susan Marcum, Rita Hawkins, Jackie Burkes. Beckie Kellenberger, Leslie Allee, Carmen Tremp, Cindy Eva, Susie Capps, Jackie Ferguson, Melinda Mer- rill, Delores Adkins, Maria Wade, Jenny Andrews. Patty Stroud, Bev Pillow. Midge Cox, Cheri Watson, Wanda Wade, Darlene Hassler, Kathy Cope. BACK ROW: Pam Wittenbring, Donna Gibson, Claudia Sutherlen, Carol Komann, Janie Knight, Marty Baase, Debbie Silliman, LaDora Baird, Karla Andrews, Peggy Updike. Not pictured: Jan McCraw. Pif Band, made up of selected members from the Concert Band, supplied all accompaniment scores for the Redskin Revue. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Wolfe, Larry Moore, Francine Lasley, Connie Baxter, Marcia Coodin, Jill Ferris. SECOND ROW: Susie Hafer, Bill Hafer, Gary Sparks., David Jordan. THIRD ROW: Bill Brown, Dave Butler, Charles Bertram. FOURTH ROW: Dave Hodges, Duane Strain. -,o Language Pupils Practice Speaking at Meetings Latin and Spanish students enjoy after-school ac- tivities in their language clubs. Members of the Spanish Club organized a Christ- mas fiesta, deluxe with Spanish delicacies, a pi- nata, and music. Mr. Carsey Gentry, the club ' s spon- sor, spoke on Spanish and Mexican culture. Also speaking to the club at other meetings were Mrs. Grace Spencer, who operates a gift shop featuring Mexican imports, and Mrs. Bonnie Swickard, who has visited Spain several times. The club meets twice a month, conversing in Spanish about future activities and playing Spanish games. A new ven- ture this year was a members-produced four-page newspaper in Spanish. Officers of the group are President Roberta Okey, Vice-president Susie Moore, Secretary Leslie Spencer, Treasurer Lynn Janke. Latin Club, sponsored by Mrs. Audrey Cronkhite. meets bi-weekly, tenth period. Members viewed slides of Roman architecture of the past and saw pictures of Greek gods they studied. Anne Hatha- way is president; Mike Natalie, vice-president; Jean Ruoff, secretary; and Elaine Eckler, treasurer. Latin Club officers, President Anne Hathaway, Vice-president Mike Natalie, Treasurer Elaine Eckler, and Secretary )ean Ruoff, are shown with Mrs. Audrey Cronkhite, their sponsor. Theresa Hoskins, JoAnn Devine, Roberta Okey, and Nancy Hen- dricks step up to get their food during the Spanish Feast. Lang Brownlee steadies the pinata dragon while )oAnn Devine takes her turn at attempting to break it and spill the candy. 51 Members of the Art Club gather out- side the Krannert Pavilion of the In- dianapolis Museum of Art for a tour of the galleries. The new Art Mu- seum was opened in October and Art Club visited it several times. They also took other field trips throughout the year including one to the Cincin- nati Art Museum. Manual Artists Visit New Museum of Art Richard Patterson studies the bronze bust of St. John the Bap- tist by August Rodin on exhibit at the Museum of Art. Members of Art Club find time each Monday afternoon to work on individual projects in one of the Art rooms with Mrs. Kay Clay, sponsor. Several trips were made during the year to the new Indiana polis Museum of Art. Members browsed among permanent collections and viewed the ex- hibit on loan from the Metropolition Art Museum. Later in the year, they also visited an exhibit that commerated the Indianapolis Sesquicentennial. Dur- ing Spring Vacation, a field trip was made to Nash- ville, Indiana. Members browsed in Art Salons and Antique Shops and lunched at the Nashville House. Activities for April included a body-painting booth at the Pow Wow. In May members visited the Art Museum in Cincinnati. Officers for this year were Tony Duke, presi - dent; Rowena Bush, vice-president; Gail Vande- moere, secretary; Richard Patterson, treasurer. On a visit to the Museum of Art, members of Art Club and instruc- tors view paintings in the Indiana gallery. They are Lynne Foster, Nan- cy Hendricks, Mr. Wayne Spinks, Tony Duke, Mr. Don Johnson (back to camera), and Richard Patterson. This room nouses the permanent ex- hibit of paintings by native Hoosiers. V ' 71 Ivian Presents Sketch ' of School Year In the " Redskin Sketch Book, " the Ivian staff has tried to give an overall view of the school year. Each " chapter " deals with a different phase of school life. Drawings on each of the division pages produce a vignette of several of the details and events of that section. The editors thought there would be no better way to tell the year ' s story than by " drawing a picture. " Richard Patterson, Art Editor, who is seen in a " self-portrait " on the title page and at the close of the book, did the sketches for all division pages. He also made the design for the front which seem- ed to call for a Manual-red cover. The staff spent extra hours after school, on weekends, and during vacations mounting pictures, writing cutlines an d copy, and finally proofreading and checking page proofs to meet the deadline. Photographers - Bill Brown, Dennis Myrick, and Tim McCoy — were busy " shooting " and printing. The Ivian co-editors, Nancy Hendricks and Kathy Gabonay, were assisted by several strong staff members. Among them were Bonnie Richards who was Editor of the Senior Section, Pat Miller who was Ad Editor, and Debbie Hopkins who planned the Activities Section. Publications ' sports staff, headed by Randy Duncan, took care of the sports. Several Ivian staffers check over pictures and copy ready to send to the engraver and typesetter. They are Loretta Tillman, Debbie Hopkins, and Margaret Maxwell, seated; and Pat Miller, Ad Manager; and Lynne Foster, standing. Ivian Co-editors Kathy Cabonay and Nancy Hendricks discuss with Art Editor Richard Patterson the drawings that he did for the Ivian ' s division pages. Richard also designed the cover for the yearbook. Richard is a several-time scholastic art gold key winner. He is Manual ' s " Best " art student. 53 Sports writers discuss assignments for Manual ' s publications. The sports staff " covers " for both the Booster and the Ivian. They are )eff Neff, Mike Kemp, Sports Editor Randy Duncan, and Keith Klingler, seated, and Lang Brownlee and Roger Car- roll, standing. Weekly x News ' Keeps Record, Informs, Boosts Booster Editor-in-Chief Anne Hathaway (center) talks over new ideas with Page 2 Co-editors JoAnn Devine and Joyce Stull (seated). Standing are Jan Butler, co-editor of Page 4 with Vickie Hawkins, and Tim Hebble, assistant to editors. Publications photographers - - Tim McCoy, Dennis Myrick, and Bill Brown — ■ check over the cameras and ready them for use. They have several cameras from which to choose including a Speed Graphic, a Pentax, a Polaroid, and a Mamiya. ' " ' I As school opened in September came Qnill Scroll ' s " International Honor Rating " for 1969-70 Boosters. This inspired the staff to produce an- other year of award-winning newspspaers. Report- ers and editors were quite busy keeping up the pace with events and changes throughout the year. Staff members attended Indiana High School Press Association ' s Convention at Franklin College in October and Quill Scroll Press Day in January. The Booster was recognized with citations from Tuberculosis Association for the issue that publi- cized the light against respiratory diseases. A new feature in the Booster was the " Redskin Rap Line " which is the students ' voice in the paper. Questions from students, letters offering sugges - tions, and letters merely " griping " were printed, some with attempted answers by editorial editors. Home Room Agents come in to pick up Boosters before going to Home Room. This is typical of every Thurs- day morning in the Publications Of- fice. These agents do several jobs in Home Room to aid publications, such as delivering Boosters and selling un- derclass picture-packets and yearbook subscriptions. Kathy Cabonay pins pledge ribbons for Quill Scroll on Bonnie Richards. Other members and pledges pictured are )an Butler, Pat Miller (pledge), Vickie Hawkins, Dennis Myrick (pledge), Tim McCoy, Keith Klingler, and Anne Hathaway. Photographer Bill Brown, Booster Editor Anne Hathaway, and Ivian Senior Editor Bonnie Richards enjoy the Christmas spirit at the Publications Christmas party. Every year a tree is made of newspapers and staffers exchange gag gifts. J President Scarlerre Harden, Treasurer Marilyn Sadler, Secretary Mary Merritt, and Vice-president Maxine Clinard, Y-Teen offi- cers, plan another of their many service projects. Mrs. Phyllis Sullivan, sponsor of Red Cross Club, advises Rose Boyd, Debbie Phelps, and Kathy Bateman as they trace and cut stenciled figures for placemats at a club meeting. Service Croups Aid With Volunteer ' Work Many Manual girls belong- to one of three ser- vice clubs Y-Teens, Red Cross, or Tri-Hi-Y. The Y-Teens, sponsored by Mrs. Betty Warner, made money with a coat check at home basketball shames. For a dime, Manualites could be cool and comfortable by entrusting their coats to the club- bers for the duration of the game. Y-Teeners col- lected food for a Thanksgiving: basket and save a group of underprivileged children a Halloween party. During the Christmas season, they caroled at an old folks ' home and collected toys to send to Central State Hospital, where a " store " was set up where patients could shop for gifts for their families — " for free, " of course. The Red Cross Club made decorations for dances at Central State Hospital and also made holiday tray decorations to be used in a nursing home. The Tri-Hi-Y helps Redskins at Sectional time when they sell the red derbies that many fans wear to the Sectional games. These derbies start oul plain red, but their owners decorate them with signatures, buttons, and other trimmings. This club also had a booth at the Pow Wow, made place- mats for an old folks ' home, gave children a Christ- mas party at " Baxter Y " , and made cancer pads. " Have a hat? " offers Patty Roberts to Judy Collett while other Tri-Hi-Y members look on. Standing are Nor- ma Brown, Kathy Kivett, Kay New- ton, Michele Newton, Mrs. Viola Hyndman, sponsor; and Loretta Brown. The club sponsored the derby sale so that Manualites could wear the red hats to the Sectional. ,1, Clean Earth Club members drag debris taken from Pleasant Run up the hill in front of the school. Club- bers waded the creek to clean out pollutants and found surprising items that had been dumped by thoughtless litterers. They also tramped the cam- pus to pick up trash. .}..■• J .-$ - ' ■ ,- f - - ' ' " • • • " .■..-. ' , . ' ■: ' Ecology-minded Plan for ' Our ' Good Earth Both the Clean Earth and Naturalists Clubs help students to develop an ecological conscience. The Clean Earth Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Toni Hammer, took definite steps toward prote t- ing our environment by sponsoring a paper drive to save trees. According to Mrs. Hammer, a ton of old papers would save 13 trees. The club members also cleaned up Manual ' s campus. The Naturalists Club, sponsored by Mr. David Ot- to, made money this year by selling pine cone trees at Christmas and potted geraniums at the Pow Wow. The miniature trees were made by mounting pine cones on conical -shaped styrofoam figures, and then spraying them with silver or gold paint. The club members also went on field trips to Turkey Run Park, Mammoth Cave, and St. Louis. niii Several Naturalist Club members - Tim Hebble, Margaret Maxwell, Kat- hy Wakefield, Michele Newton, Gary Minnick, Roger Carroll, and |oe Kriech -- plan with Mr. David Otto, their sponsor, for a field trip by bus to St. Louis on May 1 . : Kiwanis Brings Key Club Chapter to v Manua VIP ' s at installation of Manual ' s Key Club are Mr, Robert Hig- nite, sponsor; Wayne Shaw, president; Ronald Miller, vice- president; Mr. Richard Bauchle, Kiwanis-Key Club chairman; and Dr. Bill Allman, Southside Kiwanis president. An addition to the list of Manual ' s honorary ser- vice groups was made this year when Key Clnb had its charter night March 9 at the Schwitzer Memorial Center at Indiana Central College. ■ The Key Club at Manual is just one of the many high school Key Club Chapters throughout the na- tion. Manual ' s chapter is sponsored by the South- side Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis. Boys in any grade level are eligible. To qualify for membership a per- son must have a " C " average or better, an approved application, and the desire to serve. Each Key Club Chapter is formed to offer serv- ice to its school and the community. One project Manual ' s chapter pursued was the cleaning and pol- ishing of the collection of trophies in the cases at the east end of the auditorium foyer. On March 18, a basketball team made up of Key Clubbers took on the Cirls ' Intermural Basketball team in a benefit game in the gymnasium. The en- thusiastic fans paid twenty-five cents to watch the boys down the girls, 43 to 38, in a hard-fought fun game. Profits were divided between the teams. Officers of Key Club in its initial year were Wayne Shaw, president; Ron Miller, vice-president; Jeff Farley, treasurer; and John Haley, secretary. The faculty sponsor is Mr. Robert Hignite. KEY CLUB FRONT ROW; Russel! Finley, Alan Sunderland, John Haley, David Smith, Greg Livingston, John Coomer, Bob Wat- ness. SECOND ROW: Tom Stewart, Jeff Farley, )im Narmore, Wayne Shaw, Gary Stroud, Mike Davis. THIRD ROW: John Deubelbeiss, Darryl Thompson, Bob Stubbs, Ron Miller, Don Thompson, Alan lordan, Thomas Pinner. BACK ROW: Carl Schnepf, Mike Kemp, Ran- dy Duncan, David Kelley, )ohn Roberts, Tim Crafton, Sponsor Bob Hignite. •„s LETTERMEN — FRONT ROW: Jeff Adams, Tim Yates, Virgil Burke, Steve Ritter, Mark Koenig, Roger Carroll, Bob Caviness, Rand Cradick, Scott Johnson, Dale Petrie, Wayne Shaw, Paul Herbig. SECOND ROW: Rodney Osmond, Merritt Curley, Gary Cannon, Her- bie Taylor, Dave Stegemoller, Eddie Owens, James Pinner, Albert Munn, Larry Stuard, James Mack, Mark Montgomery, Blake Hou- sam, Rodney Bruce, Rickey Poynter. THIRD ROW: Danny Jones, Bob Murley, Terry Willis, Bodo Shick, John Meehan, Ray Kennedy, Tim Updike, Mike Graham, Ron Miller, Bobby Mack, Greg Allen, Delbert Bowles, Bob Lane, Charlie Walker. BACK ROW: Terry Langford, Pat Fitzgerald, John Williams, Mark Ellis, Jim Hartsock, Bob Stephens, Mike Collins, Steve Dietz, Darrell Short, Darrell Mathis, Carl Schnepf, Bruce Robertson, James Hall, Lanny Banks, Robert McClary, Mike Craig. Block M ' s Spur Pride; Chess Club Moves Men Every Friday, many block " M " sweaters, some red some white, are seen in the halls l Manual. It ' s " letter sweater day " ! Some 80 members of the Lettermen ' s Club don their sweaters to show their membership in this traditional organization. Lettermen sponsored their usual basketball foul shooting project for the Pow Wow. This is always a popular money-maker. Mr. Ray Schultz sponsors. Chess Club has met every Thursday afternoon after school with Room 105 providing the battle- ground lor Manualite " chessmen. " The grueling duels between the members have meant many hours ol fun and concentration for all. Officers of the club are President Randy Richards, Vice-president Bob Adams, and judges Dick Kessler and Glenn Sargent. Faculty sponsor is Mr. Robert Rynard. Butch Krodcl and Tim Kessee are matching their wits in a game of chess at a meeting of the Chess Club, as Members Jim Engelking, Carl Ca- fouros, Tim Hebble, and Tom Stew- art eagerly look on. .VI Chapter 3 Jur S iporl 6] Cridders Compile Best Record since 1966 Pushing for more yardage is Gary Cannon as he is tackled by a Ritter opponent. The run was in vain as the Raiders won. The 1970 Varsity football team finished the sea- son with a creditable 6-4 record. This was the best show since the ' 66 team ran up a 7-2 record. Manual ' s two year winning drought was ended in the first game of the season by defeating Ron- call i, 24-14. Two Merrit Gurley touchdowns, an Eric Smith-to-Gary Cannon TD pass, and a fourth quar- ter safety accounted for Manual ' s 24 points. Highly regarded Washington then came to the Manual stadium and were turned away, 32-16. The game saw five Redskins score touchdowns, includ- ing Dave Stegemoller ' s fumble recovery in the end- zone. The victory put Manual in State Top 20. That ratino fell the following week when the Howe Hornets stung the Skins, 12-8. Manual ' s points came by way of a blocked Howe punt in the endzone for a 2-point safety in the second quar- ter and Eric Smith ' s 2-yard run in the last period. A week later, Cathedral ' s Irish used their home field and a 17-6 first down advantage to hand the ' Skins their second straight defeat, 18-6. The Red- skins ' only TD came on a 15-yard aerial from Quarterback Eric Smith to the hands of Halfback Gurley during the second period. VARSITY FOOTBALL — FRONT ROW: Delbert Bowles, Tony Kriech, Eric Smith, Merritt Gurley, Gary Cannon, Tony Bates, Steve Ritter, Dale Petrie, Mark Montgomery, Dave Stegemoller. SECOND ROW: Coach Noah Ellis, Coach Ray Schultz, Mark Ellis, Ray Ken- nedy, John Williams. Charles Dardy, Crawford Spann, Mike Collins, Mike Graham, Charles Wallace. BACK ROW: Manager Paul Herbig Manager Bob Murley, Mike Craig, Lanny Banks, Terry Willis, Tony Elrod, Ed Burgin, Richard Eads, Pat Fitzgerald, Charles Walker. Junior Lanny Banks receives a hand in the face from a Broad Ripple opponent as Edgar Burgin and Mark Montgomery (44) throw blocks onto a Rocket defensive player. Also headed for the action is Ray Kennedy 186). Delbert Bowles (72), and Dale Petrie (83). The ' Skins lost their third straight encounter on the road to Arlington ' s Golden Knights, 30-20, the following week. While the Knights were scoring once in every quarter, the ' Skins tallied only in the second half. Manual scored twice in the third period when Gurley and Smith ran for 15-and 20- yard touchdowns, respectively. Gurley scored again in the fourth quarter on a 5-yard run. Manual returned home and blasted the Tech Ti- tians out of the stadium, 42-0. The game saw four Redskins score touchdowns, and five ' Skins score points. Gurley scored three TD ' s and a two-point PAT for 20 points; Mark Montgomery had eight points; Gary Cannon and Dale Petrie tallied six points each, and Eddie Owens added two points. Broad Ripple ' s Rockets came to Manual for the ' Skins ' Homecoming and were handily turned back, 22-7. Gurley once again led the attack by leaping over the goal line from one yard out in the first period. His 34-yard gallop tallied six more points. Other scorers were Eric Smith, TD; Pat Fitzgerald, safety; and Lanny Banks, a two-point conversion. junior Mike Craham, offensive back. plows through a Ritter defend- er as he heads for one of Manual ' s many first downs. Mike will be a strong part of next year ' s offense. ():) RESERVE FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW: Larry Stuard, Charles Wolfe, Joe Farley, Jim Narmore, Jeff Farley, Joe Kriech, Eddie Owens, Herb Clark, Bob Kirby, Bob Watness. SECOND ROW: Coach Dennis Jackson, Manager Carol Sunderland, Bill Hagenmier, Carl Schnepf. Dave Blyrhe, Richard Quade, Darrell Short, Bill McDaniel, Randy Johnson, Danny Stegemoller, Bob Mack. BACK ROW: Manager Leo Massing ' , Jeff Hammond, Dave Jackson, Butch Boger, Mike C rider, Darrell Mathis, Joe Snyder, Karlo Tutt, Wendel Ware, John Meehan, Mark Shives. ' Skins Outscore Opponents Some 100 Points Rival Southport was the next prey of the host Redskins. The Cards were turned back, 40-14. Gur- ley scored 14 points on a TD and eight PAT ' s, Touchdowns by Smith, Banks, and Spann, and a two-point by Cannon rounded out the scoring. The ' Skins ' last tome game was a tremendous Varsity Cheerleader llze Berzins arrives by the end zone to help a group of Manual supporters cheer the ' Skins as a touch- down is upcoming to add another victory. 14-0 blit of the Chucks from Wood. The scoring started early when Cannon scored a TD on the third play of the game from 27-yards out. The scor- ing then went as follows: Second period: Mike Graham - - 6-yard TD run, Gurley — 54-yard TD run, and Graham -- 2-point conversion; Third per- iod: Mark Montgomery - - 30-yard TD on a pass interception, Gurley — 2-point conversion, Spann — 20-yard TD run, Eddie Owens — 2-point conver- sion; Fourth period: Owens ■ 34-yard TD run, Montgomery - - 2-point conversion. Although the Redskins were undefeated in home games, they did lose one game at Delavan Smith Field when the Ritter Raiders beat the Skins in a 26-8 battle. Manual ' s only score came on Merritt Gurley ' s 4-yard run and his 2-point PAT conver- sion. Those eight points gave Gurley a share of the City scoring title. He collected 102 points in ten grames to share with Chatard ' s Tim O ' Brian. Manual Opponents 24 Roncalli 14 32 Washington 16 8 Howe 12 18 30 7 14 26 6 Cathedral 20 Arlington 42 Tech 22 Broad Ripple 40 Southport 44 Wood 8 Ritter A second later the ball was in his hands, as Senior Gary Can- non received one of many passes from experienced Quarterback Eric Smith. Cannon was one of this year ' s top receivers. JV ' s,, Freshmen Post Strong Win Seasons The Junior Varsity, under the coaching guidance of Mr. Dennis Jackson and Mr. Ray Schultz, and l lie newly entered Freshmen, coached by Mr. Fred Jones and Mr. Gerry Root, posted strong winning seasons with records of 7-3 and 8-2. The JV ' s scored victories over Roncalli, 22-6; Washington, 14-12; Tech, 20-0; and Columbus, 22- 0. Other wins were posted over Wood, Broad Rip- ple, and arch rival Southport. The ' Skins ' only de- feats came from the hands of Howe, Arlington, and always-strong Cathedral. Leading the JV ' s at- tack throughout the season were Juniors Craw - ford Spann, Mike Collins, Bob Mack, Dave Jack - son, and Darrell Short. Frequent sophomore players were Eddie Owens, John Meelran, Mark Shives, and Bill McDaniel who occasionally joined the Varsity. The Frosh scored wins over Howe, Washington, Roncalli, Tech, Southport, Wood, Broad Ripple, and Ritter. Only the Cathedral Irish and Arlington ' s Golden Knights were able to overcome the First Year Men. Wilford Jimison set a new Manual fresh- men scoring record with 140 season points. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW: Greg Livingston, Jerry Richmond, Bill Davis, Paul Osmon, Romel Smith, Dennis Craig, Harold McKeand, Randy Cindling, Mike Snoddy, Randy Simpson, Leslie Estes. SECOND ROW: Manager David Ford, Ron Burgess, Wilfred Jimison, David Hunter, Randy Lane, Donald Bates, Mike Stuck, Rolfe Bruce, Alvis Taylor, Jeff Bunnell, James Collier, Phillip Anderson, Ricky Jefferson, Ernest Taylor. THIRD ROW: Coach Gerry Root, Mike White, Paul Taylor, Donald Casper, Richard Baker, David Zike, Carl Jones, Mark Collins, Rick Stevason. Mark Campbell, Henry Freeman, Werner Gadshiam, Chuck Cothron. BACK ROW: Jeff Thorpe, Terry Thacker. Joe Walsh, S eve Thorpe, D: ug Kirkhoff, Kenny Grismore, Richard Hagenmier, Thomas Ruoff, Tom Williams, Brad O ' Donald, John Ma:engale, John Smith, Bob S tubbs, Marlon Followell. 65 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY - FRONT ROW: Roger Carroll, Tim Yates, Randy Johnson, Mike Lindsey, Rodman Cilley. SECOND ROW: Student Manager Bruce Robertson, Gary Jay, Virgil Burke. Terry Langford, Jeff Adams, Birl Schilling, James Milhon, Coach Al Pike. BACK ROW: Terry Powers, Duane Raymer, Norman Leonard, John Roberts, Tim Hebble, Mark Leudemann, David Huber. Sectional Second Takes Harriers to Regiona Seniors Tim Yates and Jeff Adams lead all competition in a Varsity Cross Country meet. Tim and Jeff ran first and second for the Redskin distancemen through the fall season. ■ ' The Varsity Cross Country Team highlighted its season with a second place in Sectional competi- tion, which enahled the team to make a trip to the Regional at Richmond. The ' Skins ' Sectional finish trailed the State Champion Southport. Another high point of the season was Senior Tim Yates ' breaking the school record. Yates bettered the lime for the two-mile course at Garfield Park with a time of 10:01. Yates also led the ' Skins to a fourth place finish in City competition. Individual- ly, Tim placed third with a time of 10:04. He fin- ished one second out of second place. Jeff Adams scored twelfth with a time of 10:26. Roger Car- roll scored fifteenth with a time of 10:29. Manual ' s first dual-meet opponent, Scecina, was defeated as the Redskins took the first four po- sitions. Placing first was Yates; second, Birl Schil- ling; third, Adams; and fourth, Carroll. Beech Grove was beaten in like style as the Redskins captured six out of the first seven places. Leading the Varsity in the Pike Hokum Karum was the two-man team of Yates and Adams who placed fourteenth with a time of 33:09 over the six-mile course. This meet was the first and most unusual contest of the season. Here Coach Al Pike sized up Manual ' s future state competition. In the ' Skins ' first triangular meet of the season, the Harriers posted their best race to run past Wood and Cathedral, two of the city ' s top rated squads. Manual 1 7 Scecina Opponent - 45 42 42 42 18 37 Northwest Washington Arlington Beech Grove Tech .. 30 64 89 42 18 30 -- 15 Northwest Marshall 26 48 18 32 Shortridge Wood 42 36 32 32 49 Cathedral Warren Central Southport 59 25 15 Passing the half-mile mark of Man- ual ' s Garfield Cross Country Course, Rod Gilly, Tery Langford, and Mike Lindsey use strategy in passing a Marshall runner. The Reserve Harriers carved out their best rec- ord in recent years with twelve wins and three losses. Lead runners were Mike Lindsey, Virgil Burke, and Jim Milhon, who will add greatly to the 1971 Varsity squad. The Reserve ' s only losses were handed them by Southport, Tech, and Northwest. The first year runners showed strength and depth behind lead owners Gary Jay and Duane Ray- mer as the Freshman record stood untarnished throughout the season. This was the first year the Freshmen have gone undefeated in Coach Al Pike ' s tenure. The frosh scored a high third in the City. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY — FRONT ROW: Gary Jay, Duane Ray- mer, Jerry Ancelot, Bobby Able, Tony Johnson, Charles Johnson. SECOND ROW: Student Manager Howard Kel- lo, Glenn Sargeant, Russ Finley, Den- nis Hilbert, Dan Breimeir, Coach Al Pike. 67 Albert Munn Rates MVP as Top Senior Wrestler Crawford Spann and Delbert Bowles (above) went to Regional competition. Albert Munn (below) wrestled in the Sectional. The Varsity Wrestling squad, having performed with top determination and skill, ended its sea- son with an 8-3 record. Winning " Most Valuable Player " on the squad was Senior Albert Munn. Delbert Bowles and Crawford Spann, both jun- iors, entered Regional competition after being crowned Sectional Champs for the 185-pound class and 167-pound class, respectively. Junior James Jimison, 119-pound class, and Munn, 126-pound class, both placed third in Sectional action. Bowles, Spann, and Jimison will be top contenders on next year ' s team. Coach Jack Foster may look forward to a good season with these matmen mov- ing on in their Varsity Wrestling career, but Coach Foster did lose five grapplers to graduation; Greg Allen, Don Bossingham, Mark Ellis, Munn, and Bodo Schick. The Reserve Wrestlers, under Coach Al Pike, clos- ed their season 12 and 2. In the Reserve City Tourney, four Redskins placed. These were Jerry O ' Neil and Bill McDaniels, third places; Wendell Ware and Ed Johnston, fourth places. Coach Pike said that the 1970 performance produced the best season in some dozen years. The Freshman Grapplers, directed by Coach Bob H ignite, completed their season with a 7-5 record. In the Freshman City Tournament, the Manual squad finished fifth. Outstanding freshman was Ernest Taylor who placed second in his class. The Manual squads should be strong and bring another winning season to Manual next year. VARSITY WRESTLING — FRONT ROW: Bob Watness, Pasto Shockley, James Jimison, Eddie Owens, Bodo Schick, Terris Winstead. SECOND ROW: Student Manager Bruce Robertson, Delbert Bowles, Greg Allen, Karlow Tutt, Mark Ellis, Crawford Spann, Albert Munn, Student Manager Paul Herbig, Coach Jack Foster. Two Make Regions Manual Opponents 39 Wood 13 22 Scecina 24 35 Northwest 10 16 Marshall 27 26 Arlington 4 37 Broad Ripple 8 36 Tech 12 33 Roncalli 5 28 Franklin Central 14 28 Washington 16 18 Decatur Central 24 35 Howe 11 Don Bossingham, senior, attempts to score as the referee pre- pares to call points at the Franklin Central Sectional. RESERVE WRESTLING — FRONT ROW: Student Manager Oscar Mass- ing, Royce Allen, James Pinkins, Da- vid Bowman, Mike Conlin, Lenny Taylor, Eddie lohnston, Bill Lasley SECOND ROW: Don Gartin, Larry Walker, |ohn Meehan, Larry Stuard. Bill McDaniels, Wendell Ware, Mark Rush, Coach Al Pike. FRESHMAN WRESTLING — FRONT ROW: Randy Cindling, James Reid, Harold McKeand, Jerry Richmond, Rommel Smith, Greg Livingston, Anthony Nunally, John Coomer, Curtis Edmonds. SECOND ROW: Sam Harding, Dan Brougton, Richard Baker, Russ Fin- ley, Dennis Craig, Werner Gadsian, Ernest Taylor, Jim Perryman, Tim Crafton, Mark Gaddis, Duane Strain. BACK ROW: Coach Bob Hignite, Tim Knapp, Jeff Thorpe, Jeff Hopper, Ron Johnson, John Austin, Dan Underwood. Donald Kasper, Kenny Grismore, Paul Taylor, Mike White, Paul Osmond, Student Manager Phil Herbig. f Y Roundballers Work Up to Sectional Final Junior standout, Forward Jim Hall goes high during a jump- ball situation to try to tip the basketball to his forward team- mate, Fred Hutton, in the foreground, also a Junior. A second straight winning season in as many years was captured by the 70-71 Redskin Varsity basketball team as they rallied for a respectable 12-10 mark and the honor of being runners-up to Cathedral in tlie Southport Sectional Opening games were losses to Northwest and Cathedral, but impressive wins over Roncalli and Marshall brought the Redskins even at 2-2. Then defeats by Columbus and Wood knocked the ' Skins to a 2-4 record, but Manual went into the City Tourney with a 7-5 mark after winning over Franklin Central, Ben Davis, Ripple, and Tech. The best showing the team made was in the City Tourney as Manual literally whipped and up- set favorite Washington, 79-60. But the next night the upset didn ' t mean much to the Attucks ' Tig- ers as they shot a blazing 60 per cent from the field and stopped Manual, 73-63. Other victims of " Big Red " were Chatard and Arlington. While costly defeats came from Wash- ington, Lawrence Central, County Champ Warren Central, City Titlist Shortridge, and Howe. In Sectional action, Manual knocked off neigh- bor Beech Grove, then reversed an earlier 16 point setback from Wood, but was blasted by 27 points in the final game by Champ Cathedral. Players receiving individual honors were Eric Smith who got the " Assist " and MVP awards. Jun- iors Darrell Short and James Hall earned the " Free Throw " and " Rebound " awards. VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Manager Bob Murley, Richard Tyree, Tom Klinge, Eric Smith, Gary Cannon, Darrell Short, James Harris. BACK ROW: Steven Dietz, Calvin Davis, Freddie Hutton, ames Hall, Lanny Banks, Duke Hiatt, Terry Odom. NOT PICTURED: Manager Randy Duncan. Senior Center Steve Dietz awaits an opening to jump up and lay the ball in the basket for two more Manual points. Two more points on Manual ' s side of the scoreboard were the result of this drive to the basket by Senior Tom Klinge. Signaling for a time-out is Coach Fred Belser as he wants to rela te his game strategy to his five players on the floor. The lead man on this fast break is Fred Hutton. Darrell Short (left) and Jim Hall watch Fred go in for two points. 71 No, it ' s not a rocket; it ' s Junior Terry Odom as he jumps high and fires the ball to the bucket for two more markers. Making one of his many scoring drives is junior Darrell Short as he moves toward the basket for two more points. 72 Slow Start Holds JV ' s, Frosh Prove Luckless The Reserve Basketball Team, under Coach Bill Rosenstihl, finished the season with a 9-win and 10-loss record. After suffering five straight set- backs at the first of the year, the JV ' s won over Wood, Franklin Central, Ben Davis, Chatard, Law- rence Central, Arlington, Warren Central, Short - ridge, and Howe. Coach Steve Witty ' s Freshman Team made a complete " turnabout " as they fell to a 4-14 mark after having a 14-4 last year. M.inu : Opponent 64 Northwest 69 68 Cathedral 74 82 Roncalli 55 59 Marshall 54 66 Columbus 78 63 Wood 79 61 Franklin Central 60 84 Ben Davis 79 54 Washington 73 64 Broad Ripple 62 65 Chatard 52 67 Tech 63 79 Washington (City) 60 63 Attucks (City) 73 59 Lawrence Central 63 89 Arlington 73 82 Warren Central 87 77 Shortridge 89 54 Howe 66 75 Southport 70 75 Beech Grove (Sectional) 62 82 Wood (Sectional) 76 48 Cathedral (Sectional) 75 Terry Odom r ' s n " t really headless. His head is blocked by Eric Smith ' s knee as Eric saves the ball back to Terry. RESERVE BASKETBALL - FRONT ROW: Kurt Hedegard, Mark Williams, Tyrone Baker, Norman Leonard, Student Manager Gary Sater. BACK ROW: Mike Collins, Ron Goad, Calvin Davis, Lanny Banks. Don Goad, Coach Bill Rosenstihl. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Wilfred Jimison, Kev- in Gatewood, Mark Collins, Gary Jav. SECOND ROW: |oe Harmon, Larry Shute, Pat Callahan, Terry Harton, Mark Campbell. BACK ROW: Bill Mahone, Gary Elphers, Larry Davie, Darol Davie. Ethan Manuel, C=rl [ones. Coach Steve Witty. NOT PICTURED: |ohn Masengale, Jeff Adkins, Brian Bingham. 73 jHj • - • Iff ,, ■ m IA] " sij V 31 Top Sprinters Eric Smith, Mike Campbell, Larry Lee, and Albert Munn show determination as they make a clean sweep of the quarter-mile. Manual showed great depth in this event. Manual Opponents 76 Decatur Central 24 Roncal 17 92 98 Scecina 20 69 Warren Central 49 82 Ritter 36 66 Arlington 52 80 Marshall 38 61 Columbus 57 85 Cathedral 33 73 Ben Davis 45 40 Southport 78 54 Wood 64 86 Howe 32 78 Broad Ripple 40 Shortridge 37 75% Washington -42V 2 Cindermen Post 15-2 For Outstanding Slate The Redskin Tracksters finished the 1970 sea- son with 15 wins against only two losses. This slate brings Coach " Mo " Moriarty ' s 14-year total to 144 wins and only 38 losses. The Cindermen rallied their efforts to bring them a City Meet sixth place. Roger Davis represented Manual in the Regional by scoring 6 feet 4 inches to become City Champ in the high jump. Bob Lane also scored a third in this event as Tom Thacker went to a fourth place finish in the pole vault. The ' Skins ' mile-relay team led by MVP winner Mike Campbell ran to a third. Tim Yates set a new school record of 10:14 in the two-mile, scoring sixth in the City Meet. Manual scored in every event of the Franklin Re- lays bringing them a fourth of twelve teams. The ' Skins brought home 6 plaques and 25 ribbons, their best performance in recent years. First place was won in the long jump by the team of Thacker and Jim Pinner, and in the high-hurdles shuttle race by Randy Cradick, Greg Allen, Jim McDaniel, and Ter- ry Odom. Davis and Lane combined efforts to bring a second in the high jump. In Sectional competition the ovalmen held their own as Jeff Adams placed fifth in the mile and Yates sixth in the two mile. Pinner scored a fifth in the finishing heat of the 100-yard dash. The Reserve squad ended a winning season with a 5-2 slate while Freshmen won eight and lost one. Jim Pinner springs loose looking fo r extra inches in the long jump. Pinner was also one of the ' Skins ' top sprinters. Number 1 Hurdler )im McDaniels exhibits the style that earned him many first-place awards throughout the season. 41 far m •-r? r ' IK •ff r T7 S3 ' . U x rjft m } x " Y v ! 5 t 1 J j k ' . VARSITY TRACK — FRONT ROW: James Jimison, Terry Winstead, Randy Johnson, Mike Graham, Darrell Short, Alan O ' Neal, Larry Stuard, Butch Boger, Terry Odom, Carl Schnepf, Gary Beadle, Rod Bruce, Ernest Watson, Delbert Bowles, Don Thompkins. SECOND ROW: Birl Schilling, Calvin Davis, Cerom Murry, James Pinner, Bob Lane, Jeff Adams, Randy Cradick, Eric Smith, Steve Ritter, Mike Fox, Tim Yates. Terry Langford, Mark Ellis, Tony Elrod, Bob Stevens, Steve Dietz, Merritt Gurley, Student Manager Paul Her- big, Coach Ray Schultz. •%-, « TRACKETTES — FRONT ROW: San- dy Spaulding, Bette Lasley, Brenda Chazar, Pam Thompson, Kathy Lewis, Miracle Dunlop, Vicky Ackerman, Ian Elrod. Debbie Robertson, Brenda Droke, Carol Mullen, Rita Reilly, lackie Ferguson, Cathy Davis. BACK ROW: ludy Steele, Diane Uncles, Debbie Tines, Alice Wheeler, llze Berzins. lennv Collier, Patty O ' Con- ner, Sheila Quillen, Donna Stokes, Beverly Sherrod. Pam O ' Connor, Sharon Baxter. Barbara Hollowell, anice Stokes, Gloria Smith. RESERVE AND FRESHMAN TRACK — FRONT ROW: James Naramore, David Wooden, Robert Watness, Dar- rell Britt, David Hebble, Mark Sheley, Rod Gilley, Randy Quillen, Terry Powers. Terry Bevers, Steve McCurry, Joe Farley, David Huber, Bill Lasley BACK ROW: Coach Howard Dar- deen, David McAllister, Royce Allen, Larry Tucker, Eddie Owens, Virgil Burke, Derick Alexander, Gary Min- nick, Richard Quade, Bill McDaniel, Mark Shives, Jeff Farley, Mark Lued- aman, Roger Carroll, Dallas Ellis Charles Wolfe. v kJit- it aim J iu y 73 MVP Eric Frey Leads Batmen to Winning Mark Coach Bill Rosenstihl congratulates 1970 Varsity Pitcher Eric Frey on his being selected both the team ' s MVP and All-City. Coach Bill Rosenstihl ' s first Manual Varsity Baseball Team made the Sectional final game for the third year in a row but couldn ' t cop another title as Decatur Central ended the Redskins ' honor of two straight titles by winning 1-0 in a great pitch- ing duel between Manual ' s Eric Frey and Decatur ' s Jeff Jay. These Sectional games enabled the Redskins to end the season with a fine 12-11 mark. Frey, who was the unanimous choice for MVP honors made the All-City squad because of his great pitching abilities. He was a leader in both strikeouts and earned-runs among the city hurlers. Wins during the season were posted over Short- ridge, Northwest, Ben Davis, Washington. Cathe- dial, Bloomington, Broad Ripple, Wood, Howe, and Scecina. The Diamondmen lost to Arlington, Ron- tall i, Brebeuf, Chatard, Tech, Southport, Blooming- ton, Latin School, and Warren Central. Top players lost through graduation were Frey, Steve Breedlove, Pat Cobb, Wayne Bartlett, and Dan Broughton. The ' 71 club returns seven letter- men and was expected to have another fine season on the diamond. Talented juniors like Rick Poyn- ter, Dale Petrie, Jim Mack, and Rodney Osmon re- turned to lead the way. Pitchers were expected to be Petrie, Mike Collins, and Norman Leonard, while strong hitting would come from Poynter and Osmon. VARSITY BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Ray Kennedy, Rick Tyree, Bill Martin, Rick Poynter, Dan Broughton, Rod Osmon, |im Mack, Pat Cobb, Manager Bob Murley, Coach Fred Belser. BACK ROW: Steve Breedlove, Mike Collins, Jim Harris, Mike Ford, Jim Hart- sock, Wayne Bartlett, Norman Leonard, Dale Petrie, Eric Frey, Coach Bill Rosenstihl. 76 : • . ftlH, RESERVE BASEBALL — FRONT ROW: Mike Ford, Joe Snyder. Gene Hale, Joe Kriech, Victor Merida, Phil Wood, Norman Leonard. SECOND ROW: Bob Smith, Rick Cabbard, Tom Allen, Herbig Clark, Mark Wil- liams, Darrell Bunnell, Tony White, Bob Mack. BACK ROW: Coach Steve Witty, Manager Al an Sunderland, Daniel Clements, Mark Montgomery, Dennis Fishburn, Jeff Hammond, Gary Deupree. Manual Opponents 11 Shortridge 2 Northwest 1 2 , Arlington 4 Roncalli 3 Brebeuf 3 5 Ben Davis 3 Bloomington U. 1 Chatard 5 3 Southport 8 6 Broad Ripple 1 4 Cathedral 3 4 Latin School 5 5 Washington 1 2 Scecina 1 1 4 4 I I 2 4 Tech 6 Wood 3 Warren Central 2 Howe 4 Washington Roncalli . Decatur Central 1 f . Rodney Osmon, one of the team ' s back-up catchers, is in posi- tion to catch a fast ball thrown by a Redskin hurler. Rick Poynter, junior slugger, shows his style of great fielding as he prepares for a hard-hit ball to make his mit. 77 Redskin Racketmen Swing 7-7 Season Racketmen who backed the " Varsity " players are Don Bossing- ham, Zachary Bird, and Bob Caviness, kneeling; and Steve Cat- lett, John Haley, Bill Hagenmaier, and Kinny Kenman, standing. These players will add strength to the ' 71 team. Manual ' s 1970 Tennis Team broke even as the Racquetmen compiled a 7-7 season mark under Coach Bob Hignite in his third year as mentor. Wayne Shaw, the number one man, helped the team greatly as he held this enviable spot through- out the year and returned to lead the ' 71 team. In City Tourney action, Tim Updike and Mike Crafton advanced to the semi-final round in the singles competition, while Shaw and Updike made it to the semi-finals in the doubles ranks. Some of the wins were posted over Cathedral, Northwest, Shortridge, Roncalli, and Attucks, while setbacks came from Broad Ripple, Scecina, Tech, Marshall, Ben Davis, and Arlington. Other members of the team were Mark Koenio-, Kurt Hedegard, Robert Caviness, Steve Catlett, Bill Hagenmaier, Zackary Bird, Kerry Mulry, John Hal- ey, Mike Pollard, Mark Stansberry, Donald Bossing- ham, and Kenny Kinman. Something new to the 1970 team was the addition of the so-called " rackettes. " Bev Pillow and Peggy Updike were chosen to help at the meets by keep- ing scoie and taking care of the equipment. With Wayne Shaw, Tim Updike, Kurt Hedegard, and some fine underclassmen returning, the 1971 team should have another fine season. The location for Manual ' s home meets is the Garfield Park courts, where Manual ' s team practices. Top tennis players from Manual ' s team and the two Racketts, girls who accompany the team to matches, line up with Coach Robert Hignite. They are Wayne Shaw, Peggy Updike, Mike Crafton, Bev Pillow, and Kurt Hedegard, Not pictured is Tim Up- dike. 78 T-Men Cain Experience Tom Klinge Paces Team Fifth-year coach of the Golf Team, Mr. " Woody " McBride, guided his young Teemen to an improved 6 win, 8 loss, and one tie 1970 season. Wins were posted over Attucks, Franklin Central, Shortridge, Washington, and Roncalli and Wood in a three-way match. Clubs successful in downing the ' Skins were Brebeuf, Greenfield, Northwest, Scecina, Lawrence Central, Tech, Ben Davis, and Southport and Cathe- dral in another three-way match. The lone tie came with the Marshall Patriots, 6-6. The Teemen finished fifth in the Golf Sectional of 23 participating teams. The ' Skins shocked such golf powers as City Champ Cathedral, three times City Champ Northwest, rival Southport, and low- scoring Broad Ripple to finish in the top ten. Lead- ing this year ' s squad were Junior Tom Klinge and Sophomore Herb Taylor. Both shot consistantly in the low 40 ' s. Dan Brown and Scott Johnson, both juniors, also helped lead the team by averaging a- round 45. Taylor and Klinge placed in the top ten of 94 golfers who participated in the Sectional. " Junior Tom Klinge is frequently seen on the practice field at the rear of the gym during his free moments. Constant practice has led him to the top standing on the squad. Coif Team members are Herb Taylor, Matt Maple, Tommy Cleek, and Tom Billington, kneeling; and Coach " Woody " McBride, Ron Miller, Scott Johnson, Steve Bulter, Dan Brown, and Tom Klinge, standing. Wrestling Creeters who assist at all mat meets are (front) Carol f Mullen, Valda Britt, Becky Kellenberger, (back) Terry Murphy, Delores Adkins, Jeannette Mullen, and Patti Winstead. mm % •■ «£ ««■ ,,$ Reserve Cheerleaders (front) Linda Hann, Cassie Woolery, (back) Rayenell Harris, Anne Maschmeyer, Barbara Dawson, and Bren- da Chaszar po.e in one of their cheer formations. Cheer Squads Back All Teams with Spirit Mascot Vicki Leggins sits among the pom poms of Varsity Cheerleaders Susie Hafer, llze Berzins, Debbie Robertson, Jan Elrod, |udy Steele, and Sandy Spaulding. These girls lead the cheers of hundreds of spirited Red- skin fans during the football and basketball seasons. XI) Intramurals Provide ' Fun, Games ' with Action The leisure hours of many Manualites are filled with exercise and fun as they participate in the boys ' and girls ' intramural programs. Bowling and Judo are Manual ' s two " coed " sports that attract numerous interested Redskins. Bowlers traveled to the Sport Bowl every Tuesday and attempted to improve their scores over their last games. The club was under the leadership of Mr. David Phillips. Manual ' s Judo Club, in its second year, is prov- ing popular and successful as Manualites. under the direction of Mr. Stephen Sharpee, learn the art of self-defense while keeping their muscles ton ed. Several members became proficient Judoka. Girls playing intramural sports had a full sche- dule this year as they challenged many other schools in basketball. The Varsity basketball team played Roncalli, Marshall, and Ladywood-St. Agnes with wins, and played a losing battle against Speed- way, Beech Grove, and Greenwood. At the close of the season, the " Most Outstanding Girl Athlete ' 1 award went to Junior Janel Denny. Boys participated in basketball for their " intra- league " games during winter months. The pro- gram is made up of a league of juniors and seniors and a league of freshmen and sophomores. The " Black Panthers, " a team in the upperclassmen ' s league, won that group ' s championship. The " B " League champs were the " Pacers. " Tony Oberting, only " Yellow Belt " in Judo Club, throws Keith Ray in an upending maneuver at an after-school session. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM — FRONT: janel Denny, Carolyn Pittman, Beth Mullen. Linda Price. BACK: Laura Kriese, Debbie Mur- ray, Pam O ' Conner, Debbie Flowers, Judy Steele, Sponsor; Kathryn Lawrie, Susie Moore, Pam O ' Neil, Cathy Hittle, Stephanie Cook. Karla Andrews. X " Chapter 4: s; Principal Suffle Makes Mr. Thrall ' Big Chief Mrs. Wayne H. Kincaid I seated I , Mrs. Howard C. Thrall, and Mrs. E. Franklin Fisher were hostesses to faculty members at the Christmas Tea an afternoon before Christmas vacation. Promotion changed Manual ' s faculty in January when Principal Wayne H. Kincaid was appointed .m acting assistant superintendent for secondary education and moved to the Education Center downtown. Mr. Howard C. Thrall, vice-principal, moved into Manual ' s principal ' s office. Members of the faculty are busy all through the school year doing many things besides teaching classes. Behind all activities clubs, athletics, dramatics, field trips. Redskin Revue, Pow Wow — are teachers who are willing to use extra time to work with and counsel students. In January all the teachers attended a workshop on " Drug Abuse, " either all day on a Saturday or on three afternoons from 4-6 o ' clock. This counted as replacement for the two extra days added to Christmas vacation. Discussion was directed by Mr. Steve Glenn, a Doctoral student in Sociology and Urban Geography at fndiana University. Mr. Har- old Bennett planned the program. The faculty always closes the year with a lunch- eon at a nearby restaurant during which those re- tirino or leavin° the school are recognized. Retire- ed teachers are always invited, and many attend, proving " once a Redskin, always a Redskin. " Principal Wayne H. Kincaid. Vice- prinipal Howard Thrall, and Mr. John Ciochina, math teacher, converse during the facuity-tea Chirstmas Party in the beautifully decorated Home Economics dining room. SI Mr. Kincaid an Assistant Superintendent Mr. Wayne H. Kincaid - BS, Purdue University; MS, Indiana University; Principal, Fall Semester; Assistant Superintendent, Spring Semester. Mr. E. Franklin Fisher - BS, Central Normal Col- lege; MS, Butler University; Graduate Work, Pur- due University, Indiana University, Princeton Uni- versity; Vice-principal. Mr. Howard C. Thrall - BA, versty; Vice-principal, Fall Spring Semester. MA, Ball State Uni- Semester; Principal, Mr. Fred Ahlemeyer - BS, Indiana State Univer- sity; MS, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mrs. Ruth Albro - - BSN, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; Home Nursing; School Nurse. Mrs. Barbara Anderson BA, Earlham College; MS, Butler University; Head, Home Economics Department. Mrs. Jean Bacus - - BS, Indiana University; MS. Purdue University; Home Economics. Mrs. Betty L. Baker BS, Indiana University; Assistant Librarian; Masoma Sponsor. Mr. Harold H. Baumer — BA, Indiana Central College; BS. Butler University; Mathematics; Stu- dent Affairs Board Sponsor; Evening School Teacher. Mr. Fred Belser — BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Social Studies; Varsity Bas- ketball and Assistant Baseball Coach. Mr. Fred Bennett - - BA, MA, Butler University; English; National Thespian Sponsor; Redskin Revue Coordinator; Senior Play Sponsor. Mr. Harold Bennett - BS, MS, Butler University; 8A-9B Counselor; Assistant Football Coach; Drug Education Coordinator.. Miss Mary Lou Berry - BS, Purdue University; Home Economics. Mr. Richard Blough — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; Head, English Department. Mr. Roy L. Calder — BS, MA. Ball Stare University; Business Education. Mrs. Charlotte Camfield - BS, Indiana University; MS. Butler University; MS -f- 30, Indiana Univer- sity; Head, Business Education Department. Mr. John Ceder - BA, University of Washington; Certificate, University of Stockholm; BS, Butler Uni- versity; MAT, Indiana University; MS, University of Kentucky; English. Mr. John Ciochina - BS, MS, Indiana University; MA, Ohio State University; Mathematics. Mrs. Kay Clay — BAE, MAE, John Herron Art School; Butler University, Indiana University; Fine Arts, Art Club Sponsor. Mr. Michael E. Coffman — BA, Purdue University; English. Miss Margaret L. Consodine — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana University; Social Studies; Exploratory Teacher Sponsor; FTA Sponsor. Mr. Arthur B. Cook — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana University; English; Developmental Reading. Mr. Robert W. Crawford — BS, Ohio State Uni- versity; MS, Butler University; Fine Arts; IEA Build- ing Representative. 85 Principal Wayne H. Kincaid (center) congratulates Mr. Donald Harmon, social studies teacher; Mrs. Barbara Anderson, head of the Home Eco- nomics Department; Mrs. Martha Cross, Girls ' Glee Club director; and Mr. Harold Baumer, math teach- er, on their citations from radio sta- tion WIFE-FM for the spot an- nouncements they did promoting AEW. M Sgt. Emmett Davis ' sudden death on November 21 was shocking and saddening to all Manual. He had worked with the ROTC cadets since September, 1968, and made a last- ing impact on the young men whom he led and advised. Mrs. Audrey Cronkhire - BA, Indiana State Uni- versity; MA, Indiana University; Latin; Mathematics; Latin Club Sponsor. Mrs. Martha Cross - - BPSM, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; Vocal Music; Glee Club Director. Mr. Howard Dardeen -- BS, MS, Indiana State Uni- versity; MS + 30, Butler University; Physical Edu- cation; Driver Education. MSC Emmett T. Davis (ret.) - - ROTC Comman- dant; ROTC Rifle Team Coach; ROTC History Club Sponsor. Mr. Frank Deal - BA, Purdue University; English. Mrs. Marilyn Dever - - BA, Marian College; MA, Indiana University; English; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mr. Thomas O. Dick - BME, MME, Butler Univer- sity; Instrumental Music; Orchestra Director. Mr. Robert T. Dunn -- BS, MA, Ball State Univer- sity; Director of Guidance, Fall Semester; Vice- principal, Spring Semester. Mr. John R. Easley - BS, MS, Indiana State Uni- versity; Industrial Arts. Mr. Noah ). Ellis — BA, Franklin College; MS, But- ler University; Science; Head Football Coach. Mr. Douglas Estell - - BS, Indiana University; Eng- lish. Mrs. Irma H. Farthing BS, Tennessee State University; MS, Indiana University; Business Educa- tion; FBLA Club Sponsor. Mr. Jack Foster - - BPE, Purdue University; MS, Butler University; Driver Education; Varsity Wrest- ling Coach. Mr. Kenneth Freeman — BS, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mr. James A. Fuqua -- BS, Indiana Central College; MAT, Indiana University; Social Studies. Mrs. Jane Hall Cable -- BA, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; English; Director of Publications; Quill and Scroll Sponsor. 86 Teachers Promote AEW ' s Purpose on Radio Mr. Robert T. Callamore - BS, Ball State Univer- sity; MS, Butler University; Industrial Arts; Senior Sponsor. Mr. Carsey Gentry - BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Indiana University; Head, Foreign Language De- partment; Spanish Club Sponsor. Miss Margaret Coebel -- BS, Indiana State Univer- sity; Math; Math Club Sponsor. Mr. Dennis E. Colay - - BS, Ball Sta ' e University; Business Education. Miss Carolyn Griffin — BA. Indiana University; English. Mrs. Mary |ean Haas — BS sity; MS, Butler University; Counselor. Mr. John B. Hallett -- BS, Butler University; Industrial Mrs. Toni Hammer — BA, Franklin College; MA, Indiana Director State Univer- of Activities; Pu-due University; MS, Arts. Butler University; MA, Brooklyn College; English; Clean Earth Club Sponsor. Wayne Repre- BA, MS, Butler Univer- Mr. Don Hannon - BS. Carroll College; MS State University; Chemistry; IEA Building sentative. Mr. Donald E. Harmon sity; Social Studies. Mr. |ames E. Hayden - - BA, Catholic University; MS, Indiana University; Graduate Study, Notre Dame University; English. Mr. Robert Healy - - BA, MA, Butler University; " Exercise in Knowledge " Sponsor; VFW Speech Contest Sponsor; Social Studies Curriculum Commit- tee member. Mr. LeRoy F. Heminger - - BS, Franklin College; MS. Indiana University; Social Studies; Athletic Di- rector. Mr. Willard D. Henderson -- BS, MS. Indiana Uni- versity; Business Education; Director of Employment; Ticket Manager; |unior Class Sponsor; Counselor. Mr. Robert E. Hfgnite — BS, Indiana State Univer- sity: MA, Ball State University; Industrial Arts; Freshman Wrestling Coach; Varsity Tennis Coach; Key Club Sponsor. Mr. Maurice Huckleberry - BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana University; Counseling; Special assign- ment for Indianapolis Public Schools during second semester. Mr. Hubert C. Hughes — BS, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; Business Education. Mr. Russell Hughes — BS. Western Kentucky State College; MS, Indiana University; Industrial Arts. Mr. Don Hully -- BA, University of Northern Iowa; all State University; Head, Science Depart- MA, ment. Mrs. Viola Hyndman - sity; Business Education; BS, Tri MS, ■Hi-Y ndiana Univer- Sponsor. Mr. Dennis Jackson — ■ BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; English; Assistant Fo otball Coach; Roines Sponsor. Mr. Don Johnson — BS, Ball State University; MS, Butler University; John Herron School of Art; Head, Art Department. Mr. Owen A. Johnson — BS, Indiana State Univer- sity; MS, Indiana University; Director, Evening School. Mr. Paul Johnson - - BS, MS, Butler University; Head, Social Studies Department. hirtrrtl Redskin Staff Assists with After-hours Fun Mr. Fred Jones - BS, Ohio State University; Sci- ence; Freshman Football Coach. Mr. William D. Kleyla — BPSM, Indiana University; Head, Music Department; Director of Bands; Twirl- ing Club Sponsor; Redskin Revue Pit Band. Mr. John Krueger — BA, MA, Indiana University; MA. Syracuse University; Social Studies; Sponsor, National Honor Society. SSg. Roy E. Lawrence (ret.) — ROTC Commandant; Drill Team Coach- Rifle Team Coach. Miss Kathryn Lawrie - - BS, Indiana University; Physical Education; Girls ' Intramurals Spons or. Mr. C. Rex Lewis -- BA, Indiana Central College; MS, Indiana University; Graduate Work, University of Missouri, Ball State University, Purdue University, Kenyon College; Science. Mr. Nicholas K. Logsdon - - BS, John Herron Art School, Indiana University; Art Department. Miss Cynthia Mahin — BS, Indiana University; Eng- lish; Radio Club Sponsor; Wrestling Greeter Sponsor. Miss Ann Manning -- BA, Purdue University; For- eign Language, Spanish. Mrs. Shirley Martz - BS, Purdue University; Mathe- matics. Mr. Edward C. Maybury - BS, MA, Miami Univer- sity; Head, Industrial Arts Department. Mr. Elwood McBride - - BS, Indiana Central Col- lege; MS, Butler Universitv; Head, Physical Educa- tion, Health, and Driver Education Department. BA ndiana Central Col- - BS. MA, Ball State BA, Butler University; Mrs. Marilyn McCloud lege; English. Mr. Victor M. McDowell University; Industrial Arts. Mrs. Dorothy Monroe Mathematics. Mr. Francis Moriarty - BS, MS, Butler University; Physical Education; Driver Education; Varsity Track Coach. Miss Helen Negley - BA, MS, Butler University; Head Librarian. Mrs. Kathryn Nichols BS, Indiana University; English. Mrs. Mitsy Niemeyer - BS, Butler University; Home Economics. Miss Maureen Northcutt — BA, Marian College; MA, Indiana University; English; Mask and Wig Sponsor. Mr. W. David Otto — BA, Hanover College; MA, Miami University; Science; Auditorium Sound Sys- tem; Naturalist Club Sponsor. Mr. Harold Wm. Pagel - - BS, Indiana Central Col- lege; MS, Butler University; Business Education; Director of Visual Education. Mr. Ronald B. Parke BS, Butler University; MAT, Indiana University; Head, Mathematics Department. Mr. Louis A. Parnell — BS, MA, Butler University; FSA, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland; So- cial Studies. SS Miss Annes Patton. business teacher, and Mrs. Dorothea Frazee, school reg- istrar, were two of the staff mem- bers who assisted with the " Pic Par- ade " - the Ivian ' s underclass pic- ture dance. Miss Patton helped over- see the dance floor while Mrs. Fra- zee manned the cash register at the coke stand. Mr. John W. Patten - BA, Duke University; MS, Butler University; Dean of Boys; Social Studies. Miss Annes Patton - BS, MS, Tennessee State University; Business Education. Mr. David C. Phillips - - BA, Berea College; MA, Indiana University; French; Bowling Club Co-Spon- sor. Mr. Alfred L. Pike - - BA, Franklin College; MS, University of Illinois; Physical Education; Cross Country Coach; Assistant Wrestling Coach. Mrs. Louise Plummer lege; English. BA, Indiana Central Col- BS, MS, nurals Spoi Marian College; BA, Indiana University; Mrs. Evelyn Potter -- BS, MS, Indiana University; Physical Education; Girls ' Intramurals Sponsor. Miss Dorothy L. Powell BA, ' English.. Mrs. Viola A. Ramsey - BA, India MS, Purdue University; Mathematics. Miss Helen Reed - - BA, Indiana State University, MA, Indiana University; Graduate Work, University of Illinois, Butler University; Rutgars, State Univer- sity of New lersey; Stephens College; Science. Mr. Dale W. Reid — BS, MA, Indiana State Univer- sity; Industrial Arts. Mr. Arthur T. Roney — BS, MS, Butler University; Science. Mr. Gerald Root — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Science; Freshman Football Coach. Mr. William Rosenstihl BS, MS, New Mexico Western University; Business Education; Reserve Basketball Coach; Varsity Baseball Coach. Mr. Philip Ross — BS, Ball State University; English; Assistant in Publications; Cub Club Sponsor. Mrs. Alma Rush — BA, Central Normal College; MS, Butler University; Business Education. Mrs. Blanche Ruston — BS, University of Evansville; MS, Indiana University; Home Economics. S ' l Arriving to talk at a faculty workshop looking l.ke a hippie, as he doss in the righthand picture, Mr. Steve Glenn, of Indiana University, added a tie and |acket and removed his wig to prove the importance of be- ing able to identify with others to gain their attention. BS. Purdue University; BS, Indiana State Mr. Robert E. Rynard Industrial Arts. Miss Wilhelmina H. Schaufler University; Business Education. Mr. Nathan |. Scheib — ■ BS, Indiana Central Col- lege; MS, Butler University; Guidance; Social Studies; Chairman, Superior Child Committee. Mr. Raymond C. Schultz - BS, MS, Purdue Uni- versity; Science: Assistant Football Coach; Assistant Track Coach; Lettermen ' s Club Sponsor. Mr. Stephen Sharpee BS, Western Kentucky University; Science; Judo Club Instructor - Sponsor. Miss lovce Simmons — BS, Indiana University; Busi- ness Education; Pep Club Sponsor. Mrs. Jovce A. Smidley — BS, Ball State University; Home Economics. Mr. Robert F. Snoddy - - BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; English. Mr. Wayne F. Spinks -- BFA, University of Illinois; MS, Indiana University; Fine Arts; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mrs. Pauline Stark — BS, MS, in Home Economics Education, MS in Guidance, Purdue University; Dean of Girls. Mrs. Polly Sterling - - BS, MS, Purdue University; English. Mrs. Frances Stewart — ■ BS, MS, Butler University; English; Developmental Reading. Mrs. Phyllis Sullivan - BS, Indiana State Univer- sity; MS, Indiana University; Business Education; Red Cross Club Sponsor. Miss Jane Swengel — BA, Marian College; MA, Indiana University; School Social Worker. Mrs. Bonnie Swickard — BA, Herron Art School of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Indiana Central College; MA, Indiana University; Art Department. Mr. Marvin W. Thorpe — BS, Purdue University; MS, Butler University; Industrial Arts; Future Print- ers Club Sponsor. Ml) Faculty Workshop Focuses on ' Drug Abuse ' Mr. Homer Travelstead, Jr. — BS, MS, Indiana State University; Social Studies. Mrs. Nancy R. Vollmer - BS, Purdue University; MED., University of Florida; Home Economics. Mr. Leland F. Walter — BA, MA, Ball State Univer- sity; Science. Mrs. Betty Warner - BS, Butler University; Science. Mr. John Wells - BS, MA, Indiana State Univer- sity; English. Mr. Charles J. Wetrrick - - BS, MS. Indiana State University; MS + 30, Butler University; Industrial Arts, Guidance. Mr. M. Dale Williams - - BS, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; Business Education; English. Mr. Thomas C. Williams -- MB, MM, Butler Uni- versity; Vocal Music; Concert Choir Director; Musi- cal Director. Mr. Steve Witty - - BA, Franklin College; Social Studies; Assistant Basketball and Baseball Coach. Mr. Carl E. Wright -- BS, MS, Indiana University; Social Studies and Speech; Director of Productions; Stage Manager. Mrs. Isabelle Brown - Bookkeeper. Mrs. Dorothea Frazee — Registrar. Miss Charlotte Hafer — Secretary. Mrs. Sandra Hignite - Receptionist. Mrs. Edith Hoffmann — Cafeteria Manager. Mr. Roy Horton — Head Custodian. Mrs. Virginia Huckleberry - - Accompanist; Book- store Assistant. Mr. Paul Kesrer - - Physical Education Assistant. Mrs. Marilyn Prifogle - - IBM Clerk. Miss Ritajo Stanger — Library Clerk. Mrs. Dorothy Thomas — Book Store Manager. Mrs. Hilda VanArsdale Budget Clerk. Mrs. Daisy Wall — Attendance Clerk. Mrs. Ruth Wolka — Evening School Clerk. 91 President Kennedy Leads Class of 1971 Senior Class President ' Ray Kennedy presents a senior armband, a 62-year tradition, to designer Helen Milli, while Mr. Robert Callamore, Senior Sponsor, and Connie Cherry look on. Students who had earned the right to be called seniors eagerly assumed the privileges and respon- sibilities of the title, inheriting such traditions as cafeteria for Home Room, senior lunch line, Senior Day, and Turnabout Day. Senior year for the Class of ' 71 began with a frenzied campaign for class officers. Ray Kennedy was elected president; Steve Ritter was chosen vice- president, and Beverly Pillow and Jeff Adams were voted secretary and treasurer. October 29, Senior Day, found seniors dressed in their " Sunday best " and wearing senior arm- bands and red or white carnations. This year ' s arm- band was designed by Helen Milli. The pinning on of class colors was done during Home Room on Senior Day, and the ann ual class party was in the cafeteria where Principal Wayne H. Kincaid official- ly installed the newly-elected class officers. On Turnabout Day many seniors acted as fa- culty members and administrators for a day. This year. Tom Smith became principal, and Kathy Ga- bonay and Paul Herbig acted as vice-principals. Vespers, Commencement, and the Class Prom climaxed the year. Senior Council, comprised of the lour class officers and the nine Home Room Repre- sentatives, selected " Just the Two of Us " as the Prom theme. Seniors danced at the Knights of Columbus Hall the evening following graduation. Secretary Bev Pillow reads the min- utes of a previous meeting to seniors during Home Room on Senior Day. Mr. William Rosenstihl, Senior Home Room teacher, and Mr. Robert Dunn, Senior Counselor, are seated in the background. 92 Steve Ritter Serves as Vice-President Margie Able — FBLA Club 1 ; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Jeffrey Adams — Cross Country 1-4; MVP Cross Coun- try 3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-3; Redskin Revue 1-4; Roines 4; National Thespians 2-4; Turnabout Day 4; Class Treasurer 4. Martha Addison - - West Washington 1 ; Salem High School 2; Special Assistant 3-4. George Adkins - Football 1-3; Wrestling 1-2; Stage Crew 2; League of Honor 1-2. Cregory Allen — Baseball 1 ; Cross Country 2; Letter- men ' s Club 2-4; Track 2-4; Wrestling 2-4; Special Assistant 4; Student Affairs Board 2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Theresa Allen - - Pep Club 1 ; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Y-Teens 2-3; Monitor 2-3; Turnabout Day 4. Candase Anderson - - Redskin Revue 3 ; Pep Club 1 ; Spanish Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Y-Teens 3. Oebra Anderson -- Bowling League 2. Deborah Armborst - - High School Red Cross 1 ; Y- Teens 4; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 3. Deborah Arthur - Spanish Club 2; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 2-3. Trudy Baecher — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1. LaDora Baird - Baton Twirler 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4, Choreographer 4; Drill Team 3-4; Home Room Agent 1, 3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 2-4; League of Honor 2; Trackettes 4. Lois Baker - Monitor 4; Future Nurse ' s Club 1-2. Theresa Barbee — Monitor 1-3. Tom Barnes — Cross Country 1 • Monitor 3; Chartrand 1. Connie Baxter — Band 1-4, Head Librarian; Concert Choir 2-4, Robe Clerk; Dance Band 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1-4; Musical 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Sharon Baxter — Concert Choir 3-4; Musical 4; Stu- dent Assembly 4; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1; Trackettes 3. luanita Beach - - Pep Club 1 ; Tri-Hi-Y 1 ; Special As- sistant 1-2; Student Assembly 1-2; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3. Randy Bechman — Band 1 . Tim Beers — Intramurals 1-3; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 1-3. Charlie Bertram — Band 1-4; Dance Band 3-4; Pit Orchestra 3; Pep Band 3. Ilze Berzins — Girls ' Glee Club 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Student Affairs Board 2-4, Secretary 4; Masoma 3-4, Historian; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 3; Turnabout Day 4; Class Treasurer 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Homecoming Queen Can- didate 4; TeePee Talent 4. Claude Bibbs — Intramurals 2-4; Track 1-2, 4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 1-2, 4. Donald Bossingham — Tennis 3; Wrestling 1-4; Spe- cial Assistant 3; Monitor 1-2; Turnabout Day 4. 93 Bev Pillow Records Senior Activities Robert Bostick - Baseball 1; Basketball 1-2; Cross Country 2; )udo Club 3-4; Home Room Agent 1. Cwen Bowers — Home Room Agent 3; Monitor 3-4; Clendale High School 1. Barbara Bowles - - Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4. Ives Bradley — Color Guard 4. Thomas Braughton Band 4; Citizen ' s League 1 ; Latin Club 4; Special Assistant 3. Rich Breedlove • Intramu ' als 3-4; Student Affairs Board 4 ; Monitor 1 -2. Denise Brehob — Band 1-3; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Historian; Redskin Revue 1-2; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1 -3. Robert- Brickert -- Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 2-3. Debbie Briggs — Pep Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 2-4; Redskin Revue 3, Usher. Myron Brooks -- Special Assistant 1. William Brown -- Band 1-4; Dance Band 2-4; Musical 3-4; Orchestra 3-4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Pep Band 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Booster 2-4; Ivian 2-4; Quill Scrolll 3-4; League of Honor 2-4. Danny Brown - Golf 2-4; Intramurals 3-4; Letter- men ' s Club 3-4; Student Assembly 4. Creggory I. Brown — Basketball 1-3; Tennis 1; Musi- cal 2; Redskin Revue 3; Home Room Agent 1-2, 4 Special Assistant 2-4; Key Club 4; Turnabout Day 4 Kris Browne — Band 1-4, Assistant Drum Major 3-4 Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Robe Chairman 4; Orchestra 2-4 Pit Orchestra 1, 3-4; Redskin Revue 2; Student As- sembly 2; Monitor 1,4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Larry Brown — Cross Country 1 ; Track 1 ; Home Room Agent 2. Candy Brunner -- Band 2-4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Mu- sical 4; Pit Orchestra 4; Orchestra 2-4; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 2-3; Masoma 4; League of Honor 1 -4. Brenda Buckles — Redskin Revue 3; Special Assistant 3-4; Masoma 3-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4; ROTC Sponsor; Bedford High, Bedford, In- diana 1 -2. |ohn O. Bullens — FPA 3, President; Monitor 1-3. Darrell Bunnell — Baseball 1-3; Cross Country 3; In- tramurals 1-2, 3; Monitor 3. Edgar Burgin League of Honor 1; Football 1-4; Monitor 1 . Jacqueline Burks — Baton Twirler 4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Redskin Revue 2-4, Choreographer 4; Pep Club 1; Drill Team 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Council 4. Stephen Busch -- Band 2-4; Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4. Brenda Bush - - Band 1-2; Monitor 2-3; PowWow Queen Candidate 1. Sharlene Butler — )udo Club 4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 1 ; Student Affairs Board 1 ; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 1 , 4. Ml Jeff Adams Plays ' Banker ' for Class Funds Therese Butler - Roncalli High School 1-3. Richard Byers -- League of Honor 1. Glenn Byrd - Intramurals 2-3; Home Room Agent 3; League of Honor 2-3. Clenna Byrd — Intramurals 1; Pep Club 1-2; Tri-Hi- Y 3; League of Honor 2-3. Carlos Canada - History Club 1 ; Student Assembly 2-3; Monitor 2-3; Greenwood High School 1; Triton Central, Fairland, Indiana 1. Gary " Cowboy " Cannon - Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4. Captain; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Vice-president, President; Track 1-4; Special Assistant 2-4; Student Affairs Board 3-4, Vice-president; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 3. Candy Capps — Orchestra 1-4, Historian 2; Redskin Revue 3; Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 2-3; Monitor 4; League of Honor 3; Turnabout Day 4. Mark Carrico — Intramurals 1, 3; Chess Club 1, 3; FPA Club 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; Stage Crew 4. Steve Carson — Turnabout Day 4; Southport High School 1. Sharon Carson - Roncalli High School 1-3. Tony Carter — Wood High School 1. Betty Castle - - Special Assistant 2-4. Treasurer |eff Adams reads the fi- nancial report of the Class of ' 71 in Home Room on Senior Day. All sub- treasurers, one from each of the nine Home Rooms, are responsible to |eff. 95 Helen Milli Wins Senior Armband Contest Donna Chadwick — Latin Club 1-2; Monitor 1. Kathy Chadwick - John F. Kennedy High School 1-2. Connie Cherry - Special Assistant 4; Monitor 2-4. Dan Christopher - Judo Club 4; Special Assistant 4; Turnabout Day 4; Carroll High School, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1 -2. Michael Christy - Band 1-4, Drum Major 3-4; Con- cert Choir 2-4; Manualaires 3-4; Musical 2-4; Or- chestra 2; Pep Band 2; Redskin Revue 1-4; Roines 4; National Thespians 4; League of Honor 1-4. Paul Church - Intramurals 2-4; Drill Team 2-4; Color Guard 1 ; Home Room Agent 2-3. Kenitta Clark -■ Intramurals 1-2; Judo Club 3; Con- cert Choir 1-4; Musical 3; Redskin Revue 1-4; FTA 3; Mask Wig 1-3, Treasurer; Spanish Club 1-3; League of Honor 1 -4. Nancy Clark - High School Red Cross 1 ; Mask Wig 1 ; Special Assistant 2-3; Student Affairs Board 1. Patricia Clark - Intramurals 1-2; FBLA Club 2-4; Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 1; Special Assistant 3; Monitor 2-3. Jackie Clifford Baton 1-2; Redskin Revue 1-2; Monitor 1-3; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Library Assistant 1-3; Junior Prom Queen 3. LaTrece Coleman - Intramurals 1; Band 1-4; FBLA Club 1-2; High School Red Cross 1-4; Pep Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 1 . Jenny Collier ■ Trackettes 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Redskin Revue 4; Pep Club 1-2, 4, President 4; Color Guard 4; ROTC Sponsor 4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 4; Monitor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Marsha Collins - Redskin Revue 1 ; High School Red Cross 1-4; Special Assistant 1-3; Monitor 1-3; League of Honor 2. Margaret Combs - Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Glee-Ettes 3; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Ma- soma 3-4; National Thespians 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Debra Conlin - FBLA Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Monitor 1-2. Mike Conover - Clean Earth Club 3; Monitor 3. Louise Coombes - Special Assistant 2; Monitor 2-3. Leslie Cooper - Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Citizen ' s League 1-3; Home Room Agent 4; Special Assistant 1, 3-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4. Antoinette Corsaro -- High School Red Cross 4; Ron- calli High School 3. Karen Cothran - Mask Wig 1 ; Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 3. Kathy Cothron - High School Red Cross 1-4; Turn- about Day 4. Rita T. Covington Intramurals 3; Concert Choir 2-4; Musical 2. 4; FBLA Club 2; FTA 2-4, Secretary; Home Room Agent 4; League of Honor 2-4; National Honor Society 4. Steve Cox - Band 1-2; Radio Club 1; Home Room Agent 1, 3-4; Special Assistant 1; Student Assembly 4; Monitor 2; Turnabout Day 4; TeePee Talent Parade 1-2. Randy Cradick — Intramurals 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Redskin Revue 4; League of Honor 1-4. ' »!, Kathy Cabonay Heads Class Scholastically Special Assistant 2; Football 1 , 3-4; Intra- 3-4; Track 1-2; Band Drill Team 2; League James Craig — Intramurals Monitor 1 -2. Michael Craig — Basketball 3; murals 1, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2; Concert Choir 4; Musical 4; of Honor 1 . Carmelira Crawford - Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Glee- Ettes 3; Home Room Agent 1; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-4; Bowling Club 2-4. Steve Creager - - Monitor 4; Roulbidar High School, California, 1-2. Ben Cross — Cross Country 1 . Jim Cross — Intramurals 1, 3. Beverly Sue Curl — ■ Franklin Central High School 2. Patrick Michael Curtis — Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 3-4; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 1-2, 4; Roines 4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Diane Dallas — Special Assistant 2; Monitor 2. Charles Lewis Dardy — Basketball 2-3; Football 2-4; Intramurals 1; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Monitor 3. Cathy Davis — Band 1-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Glee- Ettes 4; Pit Orchestra 4; Pep Band 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4, President 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten lunior 3; Exercise in Knowledge 4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4, Secretary; Track- ettes 3-4. Mitch Davis — Monitor 3. Paula Davis — Pep Club 1; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 1, 3-4; Monitor 3; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Council. Patty Dcck.vd -- Home Room Agent 2-3; Special As- sistant 3; Monitor 2. Catl-v De ' - ' -er -- In ' ramu-als 3; Mi ' sxal 1; Pep CI ' ib 1 : Home Room Agent 1 ; Soecial Assistant 1-4; Le cus of Honor 1-4; Art Club 1-2, President; Bowling Club 7-3. Marria Dennv — Band 2 4 ; P dsk : n Rpvne 2-4; Span- ish Club 1; So°r.ial As ist?nt 3: Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Steve Dietx — Baseball 1 ; Basketball 3-4; Cross Coun- try 1; Intramurals 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 3-4; Band 1-3; Concert Choir 4; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 4; Tee Pee Talent Parade 3-4. Steve Dillner Debbie Dillon -- Band 1; Student Affairs Board 2-3, Monitor 2; PowWow Queen Candidate 2; Junior Prom Queen Candidate. Glen Dinkins - - Special Assistant 2. Cindy Dodge — Home Room Agent 4; Special A.sistant 4; Masoma 4; League of Honor 3-4; Martinsville High School 1-2. Sheila Douglas - Monitor 2-4; Masoma 4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Lois Doyle -- Band 1-4, Historian; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Pep Band 2, 4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Student Affairs Board 1 ; Student Assembly 2-4; Masoma 3-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; T op Ten )unior; National Honor So- ciety 3-4, Treasurer 4. Brenda Droke — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Secretary; Glee- Ettes 3; FTA 3; Special Assistant 3-4; League of Hon- or 3-4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackettes 3-4. 97 Wayne, Jackie Reign at Prom, Junior Year Anthony Duke — Redskin Revue 3-4, Act Writer 4; Mask Wig 4; Special Assistant 3; Student Assembly 1-3; League of Honor 4; Turnabout Day 3; Art Club 1-4, President 3-4; John Herron Saturday Scholarship Class; Project Urban Upswing 4. Theresa Duncan -- Redskin Revue 4; High School Red Cross 1-4; Special Assistant 1-2; Monitor 2-4. Richard Eads - - Baseball 2; Football 1-4, MVP 3, Co-captain 4; Intramurals 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, President 4; Track 1; Concert Choir 2-3; Manualaires 3; Redskin Revue 3; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Janet Easley ■ — - Redskin Revue 4; High School Red Cross 1-4; Spanish Club 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; Y-Teens 1-3; Monitor 1-3; League of Honor 1-2; Turnabout Day 4. Mark Ellis — Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4, Vice- president 4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 4; Concert Choir 2-4; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Roines 3-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; National Honor Society 4. Anthony Elrod — - Football 1-4; Intramurals 1-4; Let- termen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-4; V restling 1-4; Red- skin Revue 2, 4; Home Room Agent 2; Student Assem- bly 2-4; Monitor 1-4; League of Honor 1-4. Cynthia Eva - - Baton Twirler 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Robe Chairman 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Girls ' Drill Team 3-4; Monitor 2-4; Pow Wow Queen Candidate 3; Queen Ann Candidate 4; Homecoming Queen 4. Robin D. Everroad — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 3; Turnabout Day 4; Redskin Rev ue Usher 2-3. Neil Ezell ■ — Wrestling 1 ; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 1-2, 4; Turnabout Day 4. (ill Ferris -- Band 2-4; Merit Officer 3, Secretary 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, President 4; Orchestra 4; Pep Band 2-4; Redskin Revue 1, 3-4; Masoma 3-4, At- tendence Secretary 4; Top Ten Percent 2-4; Class Secretary 3; National Honor Society 3-4. Dennis Fishburn - — ■ Baseball 1, 3-4; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-2, 4. Pat Fitzgerald - - Football 1, 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; FPA 1-2. After the coronation at the Class of ' 71 ' s Junior Prom, King Wayne Shaw and Queen Jackie Clifford take the traditional turn about the floor. The music was provided by the " Sky- liners " at the Indiana University Medical Center. ' IS DAR Honors llze Berzins with Award William Fletcher Shirley Fogleman — Y-Teens 1 . Monica Followell — Concert Choir 2-4, Secretary 4; Manualaires 4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Spe- cial Assistant 1-4; Masoma 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4; ROTC Sponsor 3. Gene Ford — Wrestling 1 ; Monitor 2; League of Honor 2. Nancy Foreman — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1-2; Turnabout Day 4. Michael P. Fox -- Cross Country 3; Track 1-3; Red- skin Revue 2; Mask Wig 2; Drill Team 1-2; His- tory Club 1; Color Guard 1; Student Assembly 4; Monitor 4; Roines 3-4; League of Honor 1-4. Sylvia Fox - - Orchestra 2-4; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 2, 4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Willie Franklin — Home Room Agent 1 . Cheryl French — Band 2-4; Orchestra 4; Redskin Re- vue 3-4; Latin Club 4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Spe- cial Assistant 4; Student Assembly 1-3; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Kathy Cabonay — Redskin Revue 3-4; Math Club 2. Secretary 2; Booster 2-4; Ivian 3-4, Co-Editor 3-4; Special Assistant 1-4; Masoma 3-4, Recording Secre- tary 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten junior; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4. Watch Cadshian - Cross Country 2. Patti Carten — FBLA Club 1; Y-Teens 1. Cregory Cibson — Orchestra 2-4, Vice-president 4; All-State Orchestra 4; All-City Orchestra 4; Accom- panist 3-4; Boys ' Glee Club 2. Cary L. Clazebrook — Intramurals 4. David Coff Linda Coins FPA 1-4; Stage Crew 2-3; Monitor FBLA Club 1 ; FTA Club Tom Conder 2, 4. Darlene Candace Coodwin 1 ; Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y Room Agent 1 ; Monitor 1 Turnabout Day 4. Jeff Cordon - - Football 2-3; Officers ' Club 4; Guard 4; Monitor 2, 4; League of Honor 2-4; Central jr. High School 1 . Judy Crathouse — Tri-Hi-Y 2. 2-3; Y-Teens 1-2; Home 3; League of Honor 1-4; Color Perry John Craves — Home Room Agent 2; Judo Club. Ronald Cray Cindy Creer — Monitor 1 -2. Cindy Crider -- Special Assistant 4; League of Honor 1-4; Bowlilng League 3-4. 99 Senior Class Chooses Motto, v Eyes on the Future, Randy Croce Sherry E. Croves — Y-Teens 1 -2. Morris Crubbs — ■ Boys ' Glee Club 4. Merritt Curley -- Football 2-4; Intramurals 1-4; Let- termen ' s Club 2-4; Track 2-3; Monitor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Bernadette Hammel — Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 2; League of Honor 3. Janice Hardy - Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Glee-Ettes 2-3; Musical 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Y-Teens 2-4, Secreta ry 3, President 4; Home Room Agent 1; Special Assistant 2; Student Assembly 2; League of Honor 3. Jan Harlan • - Band 2-4; Twirling Club 4; Chamber Orchestra 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 2-4. Darlene Harley -- Pep Club 2; Home Room Agent 3; Monitor 3; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Council. Jim Hartsock -- Baseball 1-4; Intramurals 2, 4; Let- termen ' s Club 3-4; Special Assistant 1-3; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Prom King Candidate. Michael Hasselburg — Monitor 3. Anne Hathaway - Band 2-4; Orchestra 4- Pit Or- chestra 4; Redskin Revue 2-3; Latin Club 2-4, Presi- dent 3-4; Booster 3-4, Editor-in-Chief 4; Ivian 4 " Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 4; Quill Scroll 4 : League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 3-4; Turn- about 1.4; National Honor Society 4. Thomas Hale — Home Room Agent 1 ; Special Assist- ant 2; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 3; Turnabout Day 4. Jim Hawkins - Football 1-3; Special Assistant 4 Monitor 3. Rita Hawkins -- Baton Twirler 4; Redskin Revue 3-4 Monitor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Karen Henschen - FBLA Club 1; Turnabout Day 4, Art Club 1,4; John Herron Saturday Scholarship Class Nancy Hendricks - - Redskin Revue 4; Spanish Club 4; Booster 3-4; Home Room Agent 4; Ivian 3-4 Co- a A -ur- r S P e f lal Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 4; Quill Scroll 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turn- about Day 4; Art Club 1-2 Michael J. Henning 2-3. Home Room Agent 1 ; Monitor Paul " PAH " Herbig - - Football Manager 1-4- Let- termen ' s Club 2-4; Track Manager 1-4; Manager of , i n ar 3; Wrestlin g Manag er 1-4; Redskin Revue Z-4; Booster 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Roines 3-4- League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Top Ten Junior; Turnabout Day 4; Exercise in Knowledge 2-4- National Honor Society 3-4, Vice-president 4- Boys ' State 3. Cayle Herrinpton - - Spanish Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1-2; Exploratory Teaching 4. Betty Hester - - Macon High School, Lafayette, Ten- nessee 1 . Duke Hiatt -- Baseball 1-2; Basketball 1-4; Football 1; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-4. James J. Hiland -- Football I; Rifle Team 1-2; Color Guard 3-4, Commander 4. Mary Himes — Redskin Revue Usher 2-4; Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 1 ; Special Assistant 4; League of Honor 2-3. Patty Hodge — Redskin Revue Usher 1 ; Special As- sistant 3 ; Tee Pee Talent 1 . IUU Your Past Is Behind You for Display on Banner Eveiyne Hollenbaugh - Monitor 4; FNC 1. Barbara Hollowell — Intramurals 1-4; Pep Club 1-3; Home Room Agent 2-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Moni- tor 4; Turnabout Day 4. Debra (Holsapple) Johnes Michael Horton — Golf 1-2; Special Assistant 4; Stage Crew 1-4; Monitor 4. Sheryl Hotseller — FBLA 2-3; High School Red Cross 1 ; Special Assistant 4. Blake Housam - Cross Country 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-2, 4; Concert Choir 3-4; Musical 2-4, Lead 4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Booster 3-4, Sports Edi- tor 4; Roines 3-4, Treasurer 4; Top Ten Percent 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill Scroll 4. Jacqueline Hollowell — - Intramurals 1 ; Monitor 4. Denise Jay — Cub Club 1; Intramurals 1, 3; Booster I; Pep Club 2; Special Assistant 2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4. Scott Johnson - - Golf 1, 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Special Assistant 1-4, Student Assembly 1-2; Turn- about Day 4; Bowling 1-4. Marceta Johnson - - Pep Club 1 ; Y-Teens 1 ; Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 1-2; Monitor 2. Ron Johnson — Football 1 ; Wrestling 1 ; Chess Club 2; Spanish Club 2-3; League of Honor 1. Daniel Jones — Basketball 3; Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 2-4; Wrestling 2; League of Honor 1. 3. The Class of ' 71 dance at their Jun- ior Prom, the theme of which was " Moonlight and Roses. " The setting was at the Indiana University Medi- cal Center where the music was pro- vided by a fifteen piece band, the " Skyliners. " 101 Tom Smith Plays Turnabout ' Big Chief Larry Jones — Baseball 1 ; Basketball 2; Chess Club 1 ; Monitor 1 ; League of Honor 1 . Bob Kaiser -- Football 1-2; Track 1; Wrestling 1-3; Redskin Revue 4; Math Club 2; Student Asemblv 1-2; Roines 3-4; Top Ten Percent 1-2; Turnabout Day 4. Rufus Keller, Jr. - - Basketball 1-3; Intramrrals 4; Redskin Revue 2, 4; Stage Crew 3; Monitor 1-4. Karen Kelley — Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 3. Marilyn Kelp - — Latin Club 2; Monitor 1, 4. Raymond Kennedy - Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Football 1-4; Intramurals 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; FTA 4; Monitor 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Senior Class President. Vera King - Special Assitant 2-3; Monitor 1. Estella Kirk — Home Room Agent 2; Special Assistant 3; Student Assembly 3; Monitor 2. Joan Kirsrein — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1,4; Turnabout Day 4. Kathy Kiverr -- Pep Club 1-3; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Vice- president 3, President 4; Special Assistant 4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4. Tom Klinge -- Basketball 1-4; Golf 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Redskin Revue 2, 4; Home Room Agent 1 ; Special A-sistant 1 ; Student Affairs Board 2-4; Monitor 1, 3-4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 4; Homecoming Candidate 4; King Pow-Wow 2; Junior Prom King Candidate 3. ' Susan Knapp David Knight - Baseball 3; Basketball 1; Color Guard 3; Bowling Club 1-4. Cindy Kraft -- Latin Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Y-Teens 1 ; Home Room Agent 1 ; Special Assistant 1 ; Twirl- ing Club. Connie Krauss Anthony Kriech - Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3- 4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 4; Student As- sembly 2, 4; Roines 3-4, Vice-president 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 2; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4. Mark Kriese -- Football 1, 4; |udo Club 3; Wrestling 2-3; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Special Assistant 2-4; Roines 4; National Thespians 4; Turnabout Day 4; Tee Pee Talent 3-4. Karen Kutzner -- Redskin Revue 4; Pep Club 3; Y- Teens 1 ; Monitor 4. Linda Laetsch -- Concert Choir 2-4, Histo-ian 4; Mu- sical 2-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Assistant 1-3; Masoma 3-4, President 4; National Thespians 4; League of Honor 1-4; Exercise in Knowledge 4; National Honor Society 4. M ' ki Lamb - - Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 2, 4; Bowling Club 3-4. Ronnie Land Intramurals 1, 4; Chess Club 2-3; Cub Club 1; Special Assistant 1-3. Robert Lane - - Baseball 1 ; Cross Counrty 1 ; Intra- murals 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 2-4; League of Honor 1-4. Terry Langford - - Cross Country 2. 4; Football 1 ; Intramurals 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 3; Special As istent 2; League of Honor 1-4. Bette Larley — Snecial Assistant 3-4; Stai-e Crew 1-3; Art Club 1, 3-4; Bowling Club 4; Trackettes 3. Graduation requirements not fulfilled. 102 Drum Major Mike Christy Struts with Band Michael Lathrop — Football 1-3; Track 1 ; Home Room Agent 1-2; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1-3. Mark Laughlin — Tech High School 2-3. Pat Layden - - Chess Club 1; FTA 1-3; Latin 2-4; Mask Wig 1; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Art Club 1-4. Elaine LeBoutillier Redskin Revue 3; FTA 1-2; 1-2; League of Honor 2-3; Art Club 2. David Lewis — Basketball 1-2; Monitor 1-2. Elizabeth Liford — Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 3; Cub Club 1 ; Pep Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Vice-president 4; Special Assistant 2-4; League of Honor 3; Turnabout Day 4. Joe Lockhart — Intramurals 1-3; Chess Club 1 ; Special Assistant 2; Monitor 2-4. Wanda Logan Patricia Lovett — Intramurals 1-2; Special Assistant 2. Mark Lowe - - Band 2-4; Concert Choir 1-4; Man- ualaires 3-4; Musical 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Home Room Agent 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 1-3. Donna Lucas Barbara Lvnch - - Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Agent 3; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 3. |im Mack - - Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Intramurals 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Student Assembly 4; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1-4. Anita Mays - Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 2-3; Special Assistant 3-4; Student Assembly 2-3. Charles McCann — ■ Special Assistant 2. Robert McClary Football 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1; Wrestling 1-4; Redskin Revue 3; Moni- tor 2; League of Honor 1-3. David McCormick -- FPA 3-4, Vice-president 4. Charles McFarland — Cross Country 1 ; Art Club 2. Karen McCee — Home Room Agent 1-2; Special As- sistant 1 -2. |ohn Mclntire — Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Wrestling 1-3; Band 1-4, Co-Captain 4, Supply 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Home Room Agent 1-2; Special Assistant 1-3; Student Affairs Board 1 ; Monitor 3; Key Club 4, Committee Chairman 4; League of Honor 1-4. Karen McKee — Special Assistant 3. Donna McMillin — judo Club 3. Peggy McRoy - - Redskin Revue 3-4, Act Writer 4; Latin Club 3; Mask Wig 3; Y-Teens 3; Special As- sistant 3-4; Student Assembly 3-4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 3-4; Turnabout Day 3-4; National Honor Society 4; Noblesville High School, Noblesville, Indiana 1-2. Robert Meade — Citizen ' s League 1. 103 Many Seniors Attend SAB ' Rap Session ' Deborah Medcalf - - Band 1-4; Orchestra 3-4; Red- Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 2-4; Student As- sembly 1-2; League of Honor 3. Bradley Melloy - - Football 3; Track 1-2; Redskin Re- vue 4; Math Club 1; Home Room Agent 3; Monitor 1-4; League of Honor 1-4. William Meyers - - Stage Crew 3-4; Hanford High School, Hanford, California 1-2. Claude Miller — Citizen ' s League 1-3, Treasurer 2. Gary Miller — Baseball 4; Intramurals 2-3; Clean Ear h Club 4; Stage Crew 4. — Bowling League 3. — Golf 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3- 4: Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor Michael Miller Ronald Miller Officers ' Club 4; 4; Key Club 4; League of Honor 2-4; Turnabout Day 4. Helen Milli — Latin Club 2; Home Room A§ent 3; Vice-president; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 1, 4; League of Honor 1 -4. |udy Minron -- FNC 1. Cary Mills — Football 4; Wrestling 3; Drill Team 3; Rifle Team 4; Special A ssistant 1. Dawn Mitchell - Special As.istant 3-4; Monitor 1-2. Sharon Moore — Monitor 2. Glenn Miller Seniors who were identified as Top Ten juniors last year are (seated) lean Ruoff, Lois Doyle, Sherri Phil- lips, Cathy Davis, and Phyllis Wolfe. Standing are Paul Herbig, Kathy Ca- bonay, Tim Updike, Dale Petrie, and Tom Smith. These people were awarded gold medals with red M ' s on them to show their high rank. 10 1 Redskin Rap Line ' Draws Senior Letters Lester Morefield — Stage Crew 2-4. Yvonne Morris — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Orchestra 3-4; FBLA Club 2-3; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 2-3. Beatrice Morse — Redskin Revue 1-4; Mask £r Wig 2-3; Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 4. Dennis Mullenix - - Football 1; FPA 1-2; Industrial Arts Club 1-2; Stage Crew 2. Charles Mullen - Srage Crew 4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1 . Carol Mullen Trackette 3; Wrestling Greeter 4. Albert Munn — Cross Country 2; Lettermen ' s Cluo 3-4; Track 2-4; Wrestl.ng 2-4 MVPA; Concert Choir 4; Monitor 1; League of Honor 3; Turnabout Day 4. Bob Murley - Baseball Manager 2-4; Basketball Man- ager 3-4; Football Manager 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Booster 4; Home Room Agent 2-4; Ivian 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 2-4. Clarinda Murray Jerome Murray - Basketball 1-3; Judo Club 3-4; Tennis 2. 3-4. Bill Myers Kathy Nelson — Redskin Revue 4; FBLA 3; Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 4; Special Assistant 1-4; Ma- soma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Bowling League 2. Tony Norman - Intramurals 4. William T. Norman - Golf 2, 4; Intramurals 4. Fletcher Newman — Monitor 2. R.-.ndell Newman — Baseball 1 ; Football 1 -2. Delores Newsome — A.etabula High School, Ohio 1-2; Beech Grove High School 2. Tony Oberting - Judo Club 3-4; Chess Club 1; Rifle Team 4; Monitor 4. Pamela O ' Connor Intramurals 1-4, President 4; Concert Choir 3-4; GirL ' Glee Club 2; Musical 4; High School Red Cross 1; Pep Club 1-2; Home Room Agent 1-2; Special Assistant 1-2, 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Roberta Okey — Redskin Revue 3-4; FBLA 1-3; Citizen ' s League 1; Cub Club 1; Mask Wig 1-2; Radio Club 1; Spanish Club 1-4, Vice-president 3, President 4; Home Room Agent 4; Student Assembly 3; Masoma 3-4, Treasurer 3-4; National Thespians 3-4, Vice-president 4; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Society 4; Tee Pee Talent 3-4. John Oliger — John F. Kennedy Memorial High School 1-2. Deborah Osborne — Monitor 2. Rodney Osmnn — Baseball 1-4; Intramurals 1-2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; League of Honor 2-4. Charles Ott — Science Club 2-3; Special A sistant 2-4; Stage Crew 1 ; Art Club 1-4. Graduation requirements not fulfilled. 105 Rita Reilly Rates N Betty Crocker ' Award )oe Overton - - Football 1-3; Golf 1-2; Track 1-2; Wrestling 1 ; Rifle Team 1 -2. Sandy Owens -- Girls ' Glee Club 4; High School Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 1; Monitor 1. Rick Pahud - - Intramurals 2; Redskin Revue 1, 3; Monitor 2. Mike Parsley - — Monitor 1. Richard Patterson - - Ivian 4, Art Editor; Special As- sistant 2, 4; Monitor 2, 4; League of Honor 1, 3-4; Turnabout Day 3; Art Club 1-4; Scholastic Art Awards. Debbie Patron - Student Assembly 1 ; Monitor 2; League of Honor 2-4; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Club 2-4. Gary Peterson — Monitor 3. Dale Petrie - Bas°ball 1-4; Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4 Treasurer; Red-kin Revue 2-4; Student Affairs Board 3-4, President 4; Roines 4, President; National Thesoians 2-4, Vice-President 3; Tod Ten Percent 1- 4; Top Ten Junior; Class President 3; National Honor Society 3-4. Damyan Pettingill — Special Assistant 1-3. Sherri Phillips - Band 1-4, Woodwind Lieutenant; Redskin Revue 2-4; Home Room Agent 2-3; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 2-4; Top Ten Percent 2-4; Top Ten junior; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Redskin Revue Committee 1-4, Secretary 4. Marv Piazza — Special Assistant 2; Student Assembly 2; Monitor 2; Roncalli High School 1. Bev Pillow — Rprk =ttp 3-4- Baton Twirler 3-4; Red- skin Revue 1-4; FTA 1-4, Vice-president 3; Pep Club 1-2; Drill Team 3-4; Special Assistant 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Class Secretary; ROTC Sponsor 4; TeePee Talent 4; Military Ball Queen Candidate. James Pinner — Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1, 3-4 Special Assistant 1. Rick Poynter - - Baseball 1-4; murals 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; 4; Monitor 2-3. Susan Price — Y-Teens 3. Brenda Reed — Y-Teens 1 ; Monitor 2. Basketball 1 ; Intra- Student Assembly 3- Edna R. Reid — Band 1-2; Concert Choir 1-2; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Musical 4; Orchestra 2; Redskin Revue 3-4; FBLA 3, Hisotrian 3; FTA 3-4, President 4; Special Assistant 4; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 1-4. Rita Reilly - Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 4; Track- ettes 3-4. Bonnie Richards — )udo Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 4 Pep Club 1; Booster 1-4; Home Room Agent 1-2 Special Assistant 1-2; Ivian 3-4, Senior Editor 4 League of Honor 1-4; Senior Council; Quill Scroll 4, Roberta Richeson — Special Assistant 2-3. Corded Richmond - - Intramurals 2, 4; Track 4. Pam Ringham — Special Assistant 2; Monitor 3; League of Honor 1 . Steve Ritter — Basketball 2; Football 1-4; Intramurals 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Color Guard 2; Special Assistant 2-4; Student Affairs Board 4; Roines 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Senior Class Vice-president. Diana Roach — Special Assistant 3. 101, Ray Rudolf Solos at Choir-Orchestra Concert Debra Roberts Deborah Roberts — John F. Kennedy Memorial High School 1-2; Roncalli High School 3. Edward Roberts Bruce Robertson - Cross Country Manager 2-4; Let- termen ' s Club 3-4; Track Manaeer 2-4; Wrestling Manager 2-4; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 1-2; Roines 4, Historian 4. Debbie Robertson - - Intramurals I ; Girls ' Gle e Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-2, 4; High School Red Cross 1 ; Pep Club 1-4; Cheerleader I, 3-4; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 2; Monitor 1; League of Hon- or 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Trackettes 3. Charles Robinson — Intramurals 1-3; Special Assistant 1-4. Denise Robinson - - Intramurals 1 ; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Pep Club 1 ; Cheerleader 1 ; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1; Turnabout Day 4; Homecoming Queen Can- didate 4. Kenneth Robinson ■- Officers Club 4. Linda Rogers — FBLA Club 2; Citizen ' s League 1-2; Special Assistant 2-4; Ma„oma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Corliss Rosier Ray Rudolf - - Concert Choir 3-4; Manualai.es 3-4; Musical 1-4; FTA Club 2; Special Assistant 2-3; Stage Crew 3; Monitor 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Art Club 2-3; Art Gold Key Winner 4. Jean Ruoff - Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue Committee 1-4, Co-Chair- man 4; Latin Club 3; Home Room Agent 1-4; Special Assistant 4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 2-4; Top Ten Junior; Turnabout Day 4; Exercise in Knowledge 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Art Club 1-3; Science Seminar 2, 4. Senior Ray Rudolf practices to com- pete for one of two scholarships in a choral concert at Clowes Hall in which Choir and Glee Club also par- ticipated. Phyllis Wolfe, also a senior, accompanies him at the piano. 107 College-bounds Double Check Requirements George Russ - - Football 1 ; Intramurals 2-4, Captain 4; Wrestling 1-2; Band 2-4, Co-Captain 4; Musical 3-4; Orchesta 2-4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Student Assembly 4; League of Honor 1-4. Suzanne Sapulich — Tri-Hi-Y 2. John Sa uter — Monitor 4; Roines 4; League of Honor 2-4; National Honor Society 4; Chartrand High School 1. Bodo Schick — Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 4; Wrest- ling 2-4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 2-4; Monitor 3-4; Key Club 4; Turnabout Day 4. Birl Schilling - - Cross Country 2-4; Intramurals 3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 2-4; Redskin Revue 4; Monitor 4; Roines 3-4; League of Honor 2-4. Joyce Schilling — Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1. Arthur Shackleford — Intramurals 4; Math Club 2. Michael Shanahan — Science Club 3; National Honor Society 4; Ben Davis High School 1-2. Wayne S ' aw -- Football 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Tennis 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Redskin Revue 3-4, Act Writer 4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assist- ant 1-4; Roines 3-4, Secretary 4; Key Club 4, President 4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Junior Class Vice-president; National Honor Society 4; Homecom- ing King; Junior Prom King. June Shelley - - Redskin Revue 2-4; FTA 2-3; Pep Club 1 ; Monitor 4. Gregory Shelton - FPA 3-4, Pres ; dent 4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Beverly Sherrod Intramurals 2-3; Judo Club 3 Trackettes 3-4; FBLA Club 1-4, Secretary, President 4 Citizen ' s Leapue 1-3, Secretary 3; Spanish Club 1-2 Tri-Hi-Y 1 ; Special Assistant 3-4; Monitor 3-4; Turn- about Day 4. Debbie Shirley Special Assistant 2; Monitor 4; League of Honor 2. Kenneth Shockley — ■ Chess Club 2-3; Bowling Club 3. Paul Shoopman — Baseball 1 ; Basketball 1 ; Monitor 3; League of Honor 2-3; Turnabout Day 4. Harold Short Steve Short -- Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Wrestling 1-4; Drill Team 1-4; Rifle Team 3-4; Officers ' Club 4; Color Guard 1-4; League of Honor 1-4. William Sizemore — Chess Club 1-2; League of Hon- or 1-2. Cassandra Smith — Judo Club 4; FBLA Club 4; Special Assistant 4. Eric Smith — Basketball 1-4, Captain 4; Football 1-4, Captain 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4, Secretary 4; Track 1-4; Concert Choir 3-4, Robe Chairman 4; Musical 2-4; Red, kin Revue 2-4; Special Assistant 3; Student Affairs Board 3, Treasurer 3; League of Honor 1, 3-4; Pow Wow King 1 , Pow Wow King Candidate 3. Geoffrey Smith — Band 4; Musical 4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Mask Wig 3-4; Monitor 4; Turnabout Day 4; Tee Pee Talent 3-4. Thomas Smith Intramurals 4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4; Roines 3-4, President 4; League of Honor 2-4; Top Ten Junior; Turnabout Day 4; Exercise in Knowledge 4, Captain 4; National Honor Society 3-4, President 4; National Merit Scholar- ship Finalist; Boys ' State 3; Chartrand High School I. Jan Smock — Monitor 4; Southport High School 1-3. Kathy Snyder - - Home Room Agent 4; Special As- sistant 3; Turnabout Day 4; Lawrence Central High School 1-2. 108 Seniors Do-Si-Do ' at Heap Big Square Dance Saundra Spann — Monitor 2, 4; League of Honor 1 ; Senior Council. Mark Sparks — Football 1; Band 1-4; Musical 2-4; Pep Band 3-4; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 3-4; League of Honor 1 -4. Anna Kathryn Stace — Flag Girl 3; Concert Choir 3-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Musical 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-3; Mask Wig 2; Special Assistant 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Speech Drama Institute, I. U. 2. Marilyn Steele — Band 2-4; Orchestra 4; Pit Orchestra 3-4; Special Assistant 4; Student Assembly 2; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4. Dave Stegemoller -- Baseball 2; Football 1-4; Intra- murals 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 2; Student Assembly 4. Robert Stevens — Football 1-2; Intramurals 1-2; Let- termen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-4; Monitor 1-2. William Stevenson — Redskin Revue 4. Steve Stewart — High School Red Cross 2; Special Assistant 4; Stage Crew 4; Monitor 1. Sandra (Flike) Stewart - Intramurals 1-2; Band 2-3; Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Musical Usher 1-3; Redskin Re- vue Usher 1-2; High School Red Cross 1-2; Spanish Club 3. Bob Stout - Basketball 1; Intramurals 1-4; Track 2; Wrestling 2; High School Red Cross 1-4; Special As- sistant 1-4; Monitor 1-2. Cary Stickford Belinda Strickland Patricia Stroud - - Baton Twirler 2-4; Redskin Revue 2, 4; Drill Team 3-4, Commander 4; Masoma 3-4, Vice-president; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Percent 1-4; Turnabout Day 3-4; National Honor Society 4; ROTC Sponsor 3-4. Battalion Sponsor 4; Military Ball Queen 4; Tee Pee Talent 2. Mariann Stuard Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; Special Assistant 2-3; Monitor 1 ; STOPS 3. Jesse Stubbs — Baseball 1-3; Basketball 1-3; Football 1-3; Track 1-3; FPA 2-3; Science Club 3-4. William Summerhill — Football 1; Band 2-3; Orches- tra 2-3. C. Alan Sunderland — Baseball Manager 3-4; Basket- ball Manager 4; Football Manager 4; ]udo Club 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Redskin Revue 4; Chess Club 2; Student Assembly 1 ; Key Club 4. Frank Tardy — Home Room Agent 3. Judith Tarr — League of Honor 2-3. Chester Taylor — FBLA Club 2; FNC 2; Tri-Hi-Y I ; Monitor 1,4; League of Honor 2-3; Turnabout Day 4. Elizabeth Taylor — FBLA Club 2-4; Y-Teens 1; Spe- cial Assistant 4. Darryl Thompson — Baseball 1-2, 4; Cross Country 2; Intramurals 4; Band 2-4, Property Officer 3-4; Concert Choir 3-4, Student Director 4; Musical 3-4; Orchestra 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4, Act Writer 4; Mask Wig 3-4; Math Club 1-2; Special Assistant 1-3; Key Club 4; League of Honor 2-4. Ken Thompson — Intramurals 1-2; Track 2. Loretta Tillman — Orchestra 1-4; Pit Orchestra 4; Radio Club 3; Booster 4; Ivian 4; Monitor 4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4; ROTC Sponsor 4. 109 Senior Lettermen Receive Coveted Jackets Vickie Tolle - Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Special Assistant 4; Art Club 1-3. Alan Treeter — Intramurals 1; League of Honor 1-3; Turnabout Day 4; Bowling Club 3. Carmen Tremp - Baton Twirler 3-4; Concert Choir 2-4; Musical 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4, Choreographer 4; Pep Club 1; Drill Team 3-4; Special Assistant 1-2; Student Assembly 2; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Twirling Club 3-4. Arthur Tschoepe Patricia Tucker - FBLA Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Spe- cial Assistant 1-4; Monitor 1. Martha Elaine Turner - Redskin Revue 4; Mask Wig 2-4; Science Club 3-4; Special Assistant 2-4. Richard Tyree -- Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4. Tim Updike - Intramurals 2, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Tennis 1-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Math Club 2, Presi- dent 2; Soecial Assistant 4; Roines 3-4, President 4; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Junior; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Homecoming King Candidate. Glc-ia Vandagrifft Cail VanDerMoere - - Art Club 2-4, Secretary 2-4. Wanda Wade - Baton Twirler 3-4, Captain 4; Con- cert Choir 2-4; Manualaires 3; Musical 1-4; Redskin Revue 2-4, Choreographer 4; Pep Club 1-2; Drill Team 3-4; Special Assistant 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Homecom ' ng Queen Candidate 4; Queen Ann 4; Twirling Club 3-4. Charles Walker - Football 3-4; Intramurals 2. 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Student Assembly 4; Monitor 2, 4. Seniors Tim Yates, Wayne Shaw, Gary Cannon, and Jeff Adams proud- ly display their Manual letter jackets, the highest athletic award, which they received at the Fall Semester Athletic Award program. 110 Vespers, Commencement, Prom Close Year Vicki Walker - — Special Assistant 4; Art Club 1. Becky Walker — Art Club 1. Charles Wallace — Basketball 1-2; Football 1-4; Let- termen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-3; Monitor 2-3; League of Honor 1 -2. Charlene Walton — Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Vice-presi- dent 4; Clee-Ettes 3-4; Redskin Revue 3; Spanish Club 1-2; Y-Teens 3, Historian 3; Booster 3-4; Ma- soma 4; Qui Ml Scroll 4; League of Honor 1-4, Turn- about Day 4; Teen Scene and Teen Star Correspondent 4. Phyllis Walton - Special Assistant 4. Cathy Wampler — Band 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Robe Chairm an 4; Pep Club 1; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 1, 4; League of Honor 1-2, 4. Joni Ward — Y-Teens 2-3; Monitor 4. Sherry Weakley — Monitor 4. Brenda Whitaker — Pep Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Y- Teens 2-3; Special Assistant 4; Monitor 4; Turnabout Day 4. Cary Whitley — ■ Football 1; Special Assistant 1-4; League of Honor 1-3. Veronica Whitney — Band 2-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Treasurer 4; Cub Club 1 ; Mask Wig 2; Pep Club 1; Booster 2; Special Assistant 1, 4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4. Lizabeth Wiley — Band 2-4; High School Red Cross 1; Special Assistant 1-4; Student Assembly 1; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; Redskin Revue Make- up Committee 1-4. John Williams — Football 1-2, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Officers ' Club 3-4, Battalion Commander 4; Coloi Guard 1-2; Booster 2-4; Ivian 3-4; Roines 3-4; League of Honor 1 -4. Larry Wineinger — Intramurals 1-3; Art Club 3. Kay Wire — Monitor 3-4. Patrick Wire — Football 1 ; FPA 2-4, Vice-president 3; Stage Crew 3; Monitor 1; League of Honor 1. Phyllis Wolfe - - Band 1-4, Librarian 3-4; Concert Choir 2-4; Dance Band 2-4; Manualaires 3-4; Or- chestra 1-4; Pep Band 2-4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 3-4, Treasurer; League of Honor 1-4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society 3-4. Jack Woods — Intramurals 1, 4. Amie Woolman — Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Glee-Ettes 3; Special Assistance 1-4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 3-4. Dena Wynalda — Girls ' Glee Club 4; Home Room Agent 1-3; Special Assistant 1-4; Monitor 2; League of Honor 1 -4. Tim Yates — Cross Country 2-4, Captain 4; Intra- murals 1, 3-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 3; Concert Choir 4; Musical 4; Student As- sembly 1-3; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 3. Janis Yocum — Concert Choir 1-4, President 4; Man- ualaires 3-4; Musical 1-4; Orchestra 1-4, Vice-presi- dent 2, President 4; Pit Orchestra 2-4; Redskin Revue 1, 4; Masoma 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Turnabout Day 4; National Honor Society 4; Girls ' State 3. Michael York — Football 1. Richard Younger — Football 1; Intramurals 1-4; Track 1-2; Redskin Revue 4; Monitor 1-3. Ill Large Junior Class Fills Year with Activity Manual ' s official Christmas tree, a project of the Junior Class, makes a perfect background for Vice-president Marcia Coodin, Treasurer JoAnn Devine, President Stuart Sutliff, and Secretary Candy Collier who supervised the decorating. The excitement of being upperclassmen overtook more than 500 juniors as they cast their ballots for class officers to open the year and its flurry of activities. Juniors wishing to run for office sub- mitted letters of recommendation to Mr. Willard Henderson, class sponsor, who screened the letters and selected the actual candidates. Campaigning of these enthusiastic hopefuls filled the halls with posters, and the students were bedecked with " pledge " buttons, " pledging their support to their favorites. The voting poll was set up just outside the cafeteria during lunch periods. Selected jun- iors and the class sponsors manned the polls. Another important event for the juniors was decorating Manual ' s Christmas tree, provided by the Class of ' 72. Afterward they attended a party with Santa Clans (Mr. Steve Sharpee) a guest. Class rings. Junior Recognition Day, and the Prom were all symbols of their newly acclaimed status. Junior Day was March 2 and all the jun- iors " dressed in their best " to meet the occasion. Top Ten Juniors were announced during a program in the auditorium, which was followed by a party in the cafeteria. College Night was a chance for college-minded upperclassmen to see which school best suited them. The Junior Prom, at the Indiana University Medical Center, May 8, closed the year. JoAnn Devine seems to find Joyce Stull ' s request of Santa Claus amusing. Mr. Stephen Sharpee impersonated the bewhiskered old gentleman at the Junior Class party in the cafeteria which followed the decorating of the big Christmas tree. 112 Juniors Betty Abner, Victoria Ackerman, Robert Adams, Judith Aikman, Leslie Allee, Terry Altum, Mary Ammerman, Tannya Appleberry. Charlotte Atwood, Bernard Bailey, Jean- nette Bair, Fred Baker, Lanny Banks, Debbie Barnes, Nikki Bartley, Tony Bates. Larry Bauerle, Gary Beadle, Carolyn Big- gers, Thomas Billington, |on Binford, Ken Blankenship, David Blythe, Butch Boger. Cheryl Bolls, Mark Borden, Mary Bo- stick, Delbert Bowles, Dilver Bowman, Jeff Boykin, Wanda Brickens, Delbert Britt. Melanie Britton, Pamela Brooks, Kathy Brown, Linda Brown, Steve Brown, Wil- liam Brown, Larry Brownlee, Rod Bruce. Woodrow Bryant, Randy Buchanan, Paula Buckley, Richard Bullens, Jack Burton, Janice Butler, Karen Butler, Gail Butter- field. Linda Buzzard, Debbie Byers, Linda Campbell, Susan Capps, Alvin Carey, Beth Carlton, Steve Carrico, Steve Cat- lett. Robert Caviness, Brenda Chaszar, Kathy Chelf, Carol Cherry, Steven Christian, Brenda Christopher, Mike Chumley, Linda Clark. Paula Clark, Daniel Clements, Maxine Clinard, Belinda Clymore, Judy Collett, William Collett, Candy Collier, Bobbie Collins. Mike Collins, Claire Conniff, Emily Con- niff, Teresa Conover, Deborah Cook, Donna Cook, Jeffery Cook, Robert Cooper. Teresa Cooper, Kathy Cope, Peggy Cope, David Cosby, Joyce Cottrill, Patricia Coughlan, Kenneth Crenshaw, Clenda Crouch. Laura Crouse, James Crowe, Donald Cunningham, Pete Cunnin gham, Mi- chael Daeger, Ronald Daeger, Debbie Dale, Margo Dale. 9 ? a13 a 113 Juniors Beverly Dardy, Linda Darnell, Pam Daugherty, Calvin Davis, Chauncey Da- vis, Sandra Davis, William Davis, Sandy Dell. Janel Denny, Gary Deupree, ]oAnn De- vine, Jerry Dobrora, Deborah Dobson, Donald Dolph, Michael Douglas, Rickie Draper. Randy Duncan, Miracle Dunlop, Janet Dunn, Darladene Dyer, Kay Eckler, Su- sie Eckstein, Patrick Edwards, William Edwards. Janet Elrod, Carla Engelking, Kevin Es- selborn, Susan Eustace, Doris Farmer, Jackie Ferguson, Steve Fidler, Elnora Fields. Carol Fletcher, Don Fogleman, Mike Ford, Ronnie Ford, Mary Fortner, Lynne Foster, Larry Fouts, Michele Caddis. Vickie Cann, Cordell Gardner, Rick Gentile, Donna Gibson, Diane Gilbert, Mary Gilley, Sandra Cindling, Terry Glass. Anthony Clazebrook, Marcia Coodin, Janice Gordon, Kenneth Cordon, Jerry Coss, Richard Grable, Michael Graham, Rita Graves. John Green, Paul Greer, Gloria Creeson, Donald Griffin, Judith Griffin, Jeffrey Guyne, Marsha Haase, Kathy Hackleman. Dave Haddix, Bill Hafer, Susan Hafer, William Hagenmaier, Jeff Hammond, Becky Hancock, Jacqueline Hanner, Scarlette Harden. Lisa Hardesty, Russell Hargrave, John Harnishfeger, Sandy Harper, Donnie Har- ris, Jean Harris, Rayenell Harris, Terri Harson. Linda Harthaway, Vickie Hawkins, Em- ma Hayes, George Hayes, Jennie Hays, Christina Heavrin, Nancy Hedges, Re- becca Hendricks. Leslie Herring, Connie Hill, Rebecca Hill, Ronnie Holcomb, Nancy Holloway, Michael Honn, Jim Hooser, Cheryl Hope. II ! Juniors Debbie Hopkins, Arney Hopper, Bethany Housam, Sherry Houston, Bev Huddles- ton, David Huett, John Hussar, Janet Huth. Fredrick Hutton, Karen Hyde, Michael Inman, Tim Irish, David Jackson, Mary Jackson, Steve Jacobs, Joe James. Mike Jent, James Jimison, Deborah John- son, Diana Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Carmen Jones, Michael Jones. David Jordan, Carolyn Kasper, Vivian Keaton, David Keen, Jim Kelley, Judy Kemmerer, Mike Kemp, Richard Kessler. Robert Kirby, Keith Klingler, Janie Knight, Mark Koenig, Debbie Krick, Laura Kriese, Kenny Kinman, Barbara LaBrecque. Steve Lambert, Marcia Lamberti, Nellie Lamperski, Shirley Landry, Susan Lang, Louis Lasley, Marjie Lasley, Marilyn Lawson. Rhonda Lee, Carl Leggins. Brenda Lewis, Kathy Lewis, Mike Lindsey, Diana Linn, Rickey Long, Marlene Lovejoy. Daniel Lucas, Jeff Lutane, Robert Mack, Roger Madden, Dan Maple, Susan Mar- cum, Larry Marshall, David Martin. i?99£l rjflri w9t- lunior Randy Duncan wrote the winning sportsmanship slogan for the city, " All victories are not shown on the score- board. " This was displayed in Hinkle Fieldhouse during the State Tourney. Here Ivian photographe r Dennis Myrick takes Randy ' s picture for the yearbook. 115 Juniors Larry Martin, Darrell Mathis, Kathy Mauler, Cwen Maxey, Sheila May, Mark Mayo, Burnetta McCafferty, David Mc- Clure. Cathy McCorkle, Timothy McCoy, )an McCraw, Delores Mcintosh, James Mc- Millin, Terrie Merida, Melinda Merrell, Clarence Merritt. Mary Merritt, )ames Merryman, Jim Mil- hon, Gary Miller, Larry Miller, Patrick Miller, Richard Miller, Kim Miner. Debra Mitchner, Terri Mittman, Larry Moore, Linda Moore, Tom Moore, John Montgomery, Carry Morefield, Rick Mor- gan. Marilyn Morris, Theresa Mulder, Jean- ette Mullen, Tim Mullin, Kerry Mulry, Ceorgia Murley, Martha Murphy, Den- nis Myrick. Retha Narmore, Doug Neff, Eddie Nic- hols, Dan Nye, Kathy Obermeyer, Terry Odom, Sarah Oler, Alan O ' Neal. Toni Ooley, Buster Osborne, Dave Os- kins, Brian Osman, John Overton, Patri- cia Palmer, Janet Parsley, Jerry Patter- son. Juniors Lynne Foster and Vickie Haw- kins found that the new long fashions often create problems. Because Lynne ' s maxi-coat took up all of the room on the bottom of the locker and Vickie had trouble getting her books in and out, Lynne agreed to Vickie ' s exclusive use of the shelf in the locker. 116 Juniors Barbara Paul, Kathy Payne, Karen Pen- niston, Charles Peoni, Danny Perry, Fred Perry, Dave Perryman, Julie Phillips. Rick Phillips, Patricia Pierce, Paula Pierce, Ronald Pinkins, LuAnn Pipes, Gary Pitman, Mike Pollard, JoAlice Por- ter. Lori Pottorff, Deborah Potts, Mary Pow- ers, Scot Price, Theresa Prosser, Terry Purlee, Sheila Quillen, Kathy Randolph. Rose Raney, Keith Ray, Mike Ray, Phillip Relford, Billy Rich, Randall Richards, Terry Rickard, Pete Rizzo. Bruce Roberts, Vonita Roberts, Janet Robinson, Marsha Robinson, Mike Robinson, Paula Roper, Theresa Ross, Thomas Rowell. Mark Rush, Ralph Rutan, Nancy Rut- ledge, Pamela Ryan, Jay Samples, Kathy Sanders, Gary Sater, Eugene Satterfield. Allene Saunders, Mark Sauter, Carl Schnepf, Fred Scott, Glen Shake, Jerry Sheehan, Lane Shepherd, Kevin Shipley. Don Shockley, Stacie Shoemaker, Darrell Short, Les Short, Dolores Showecker, Michael Shute, Debbie Silliman, Bruce Sizemore. Pat Skinner, Warren Slinkard, Mike Sloan, Jonathan Smedley, Debbi Smith, Garry Smith, Wonda Smith, Richard Smock. Crawford Spann, Sandra Spaulding, War- ren Spaulding, Leslie Spencer, Penney Spencer, Diana Spilmon, Shirley Spivey, Mary Squillace. Janice Stafford, David Steele, Judy Steele, Danny Stegemoller, James Stevens, Su- sie Stewart, Cindy Stock, Dora Stokes. Greg Stout, Joletta Strait, Larry Stuard, Joyce Stull, Ricky Summers. Claudia Sut- herlen, Stuart Sutliff, David Tabor. il Hflfl a 1 ? i.3 £1 1 117 Miss Maureen Northcutt. faculty direc- tor for " Arms and the Man, " plots ac- tion for the play with Cast Member Carol Williams and Student Director )o- letta Strait. Mask and Wig and Thes- pians joined forces for the three-act play presented in the auditorium. immy Thorpe, Linda Thorpe, Ethel Times. Donald Tompkins, Brenda Toney, Thomas Trosper, Karlow Tutt, Ronald Underwood. Carol VeHorn, Patsy Vinson, Rose Wads- worth, Debra Walden, Larrv Walker, Patricia Walsman, Janet Walton, Tony Walton. William Ward, Wendell Ware, Linda Warner, Connie Wasson, Cheri Watson, Ernest Wat;on, Diana Weaver, Tom Wehr. Roseann Weimer, Penny West, Debbie Westerfield, James Westerfield, Bill Wethington, Duane Wethington, Sue Wetzel, Lisa Whaley. Nicholas Wheatley, |ohn Whetsel, Larry White, George Whitney, Anna Wilburn, Mike Wilcoxen, Phillip Wiley, Carol Williams. Mark Williams, Terry Willis, Debbie Wilson, Doris Wilson, Ronald Winbush, II Windhorst, Hattie Windhorst, Mar- garet Winkler. Terris Winstead, Pamela Wittenbring, Wolfe, Steve Woods, Shedeenia Woolery, Cindy Woolwine, Cathy Wright, Phillip Wyss. 118 Second Year ' Musts ' Keep Sophomores Busy Thomas Abner, Delia Adams, Kim Ad- ams, Delores Adkins, Rebecca Adkins, Tony Adolay, Carol Alexander, William Alexander. Bonnie Allen, Michael Allen, Royce Al- len, Tom Allen, Debra Alstott, Aubrey Anderson, Richard Anderson, Sondra An- derson. Jennifer Andrews, Diana Archer, Frank Arnold, Tony Arnold, Billy Atwood, Ter- esa Atwood, Kathy Ausbrooks, Terry Austin. Bruce Averett, Marty Baase, Laura Bail- ey. Rickey Bailey, Cheryl Baker, Debbie Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Tyrone Baker, Robert Barker, Pamala Barlow, Debbie Bastin, Terry Battles, David Baumann, Patricia Beach, Linda Bean, Kathy Beers. Debra Bell, Diana Bemis, Margaret Bene- dict, Shelly Bentle, Ronald Bernard, Stanley Bevers, Terry Bevers, James Binford. All sophomores must take Biology, but there are certain interesting benefits. Here Sophomores Debbie Welsh, Phyllis Yocum, Suzanne Nicks, and Tom Stew- art play with bunnies born in the Biolo- gy Department. The young rabbits ar- rived in December, and several were adopted by students. 119 Sophomores Zachary Bird, Mike Birdwell, Dawne Biro, |erry Bishop, Sandy Bland, Karen Blevins, Terry Bonner, Cheryl Boone. Teresa Boone, Cindy Bossingham, Ruth Bostick, Charles Bovee, Karen Bowling, Kenny Bracken, Brenda Brady, Kathy Bray. Darrell Britt, Valda Britt, Robert Broner, Larry Brown, Loretta Brown, Mike Brown, Mike V. Brown, Sharon Brown. Lang Brownlee, Kerry Buardell, Jerry Bunner, Larry Burgess, Virgil Burke, lames Burnett, Mike Burton, Rowena Bush. Denise Butler, Harry Butler, Mark But- ler, Carl Cafouros, Don Campbell, Ted Campbell, Barbara Carpenter, Debra Car- rico. Roger Carroll, Laura Carson, Jerry Car- ter, JoAnn Chaney, Ruby Chaney, Debra Chatfield, Marilyn Cherry, David Chi I- ders. Keith Childers, David Childress, Deborah Church, Danny Clapper, Herbie Clark, Louise Clark, Tommy Cleek, Trudy Clark. Pamela Cline, Cecilia Cloyd, Teresia Cobb, Danny Collett, Mike Conlin, Jack Cook, Carolyn Cooksey, Virgil Coomer. Vickie Coop, Carol Cooper, Brenda Coth- ran, Favian Cox, Gary Cox, Steve Cox, David Craig, Sue Creech. Gary Creek, Gregory Crenshaw, Pam Crook, Sherry Crouch, Cathy Crowe, Mi- chael Cupp, Patti Cupp, Jeffrey Curtis. Diana Curtiss, Mauri Dale, Billy Daniels, Jackie Daughterty. Gary Davidson, Gar- denia Davie, Debbie Davis, LuAnn Davis. Paula Davis, Pearl Davis, Barbara Daw- son, Lucinda Day, Guy Deboor, Linda Dell, Donna Demaree, Kathy Dickerson. 120 Sophomores Richard Dietz, Paula Debrota, Vicki Douglas, Jamie Dillon, Kathy Dolan, Becky Drake. |oe Dillon, Jay Doty, Sherry Duke, Randell Duncan, Mike Dunn, Teresa Dunn, Cayle Durham, Don Durretr, Robert Dyer, Kathy Eaton. Al Edmunds, Dallas Ellis, Max Emberton, Jim Engelking, Mary Entwistle, Patty Esres, Margaret Eustace, Greg Eva. Gloria Evertson, Phyllis Fallon, Jeff Far- ley, Joe Farley, Louise Fey, Jim Fidler, Charles Fields, Gaye Fields. Rickey Fikes, Annette Fischer, Ray Fisher, Bobby Flatt, Jerry Floyd, Stephen Fore, April Foster, Homer Fowler. Amy Foxworthy, Tom Franklin, Vicki Fulford, Rick Gabbard. Jerry Galyan, Linda Garmon, Fred Garner, Marshelia Garrett. Ruth Garrett, Don Garten, Jewelldean Gatewood, Donna George, Richard George, Terri George, Roy Gibson, An- thony Gigerich. Bonita Gilbert, Norma Gilley, Rod Gilly, Debra Gillihan. Patte Gladson, Don Goad, Ronald Goad, Gary Godby. John Goff, Teresa Goff, Judy Gore, Ken- ny Gouldine, Gail Graham, Ricky Gray, Charles Green, Donna Green. James Green, Pamela Greeson, Mike Grider, Bonnie Griffin, Dave Groves, Donna Groves, Jack Grubbs, Jeanie Gumm. Bridgette Halcomb, David Hale, Eugene Hale, John Haley, Fran Hall, Lillian Hall, Dennis Hammel, Joyce Hammond. Linda Hann, Karen Harnishfeger, Carol Harper, Debbie Harrison, Rochelle Harri- son, Richard Hasselburg, Jodi Hasfurther, Darlene Hassler. i ft ty 121 Sophomores Steve Haug, Chester Hayes, Cindy Hea- cox, David Hebble, Kurt Hedegard, Bar- bara Hedgspeth, Bob Heinzelman, Lil- lian Henderson. Alfred Herzog, Mari Hicks, Rita Hill, Susan Hindman, Charles Hite, Laura Hofmeister, Lila Holcomb, Vicki Hol- land. Julia Hollenbaugh, Madeline Hollowell, Toni Holsapple, Debbie Honn, Kim Hood, Randle Hopper, Kevin Horn, Teresa Hoskins. Donna Hotseller, Rick Hoyt, Greg Hranec, Dav id Huber, Denise Hudson, Debra Humphress, Jeff Hurley, Kris Hyl- den. James Jackson, Paula Jacobs, Lynn Janke, Anita Jenkins, Bob Jenkins, Sheila Jent, Anna John, Arthur Johnson. Karen Johnson, Larry Johnson, Randall Johnson, Randy Johnson, Ed Johnston, Walter Jones, Alan Jordan, Dave Jordan. Sophomore Shelonda Lyons operates a film projector for the Audio-Visual De- partment. Many students serve Manual by working with visual aids, running films and showing film strips in various classes throughout the day. 122 Sophomores Bonnie Kammerer, Becky Kellenberger, Howard Kello, Schurronda Kent, |ohn Kerner, |ody Kessler, Glen Kimbley, Anrhea King. Vicki Kingery, Bob Kirby, Colleen Kirby, Donna Kirby, Debbie Knight, Carol Ko- mann, Debby Koopman, Valene Korbe. Diane Kraft, Kellyann Krause, Donna Kremple, )oe Kriech, Paul Krodel, Mari- lyn Kunkel, Donna Laetsch, Maryanne Lahmann. Dan Landwerlen, Gary Lane, Richard Lane, Robert Lane, Gloria Langford, Bob Lantry, Thomas Lantry, Bill Lasley. Francine Lasley, Paula Lasley, Susan Lasley, Cynthia Lawrence, ]ames Lee, Kathy Lee, Gary Leeds, Vickie Leggins. Norman Leonard, Karl Lepley, Mike Lepper, Laura Lex, Dennis Lindsey, James Lindsey, Russe Lindsey, Peter Lindstrom. George Little, Linda Livingston, Alice Lucas, Mark Luedemann, Dottie Lutane, William Lyles, James Lyman, Shelonda Lyons. Debra Madison, Mary Maier, David Mails, Claudine Manering, Matt Maple, Karen Marcum, Sonya Marcum, Rande Marshall. John Martin, Anne Maschmeyer, Mary Masengale, Annie Mason, Leo Massing, Margaret Maxwell, Deborah Mayes, Gwen Mayes. David McAllister, Kevin McClanahan, Danny McClure, John McClure, Steve McCurry, Bill McDaniel, Juanita Mc- Daniel, lona McGurer. Michael McKay, Leroy McKinney, Bev- erly Meece, John Meehan, Victor Merida, Edward Merritt, David Meyers, Irvin Miles. Earl Miller, Jack Miller, Larry Miller, Carolyn Milli, Marilyn Milli, Alice Mills, Gary Mills, Steve Mills. r 9 % 9 1 Sophomores Gary Minnick, Edith Darlene Mitchell, Mark Montgomery, Billy Moore, Susan Moore, Michael Morgan, David Mosby, Dan Mottern. Mark Mueller, Beth Mullen, Marilyn Munn, Richard Muns, Terry Murphy, Theresa Murphy, Debbie Murray, Fred- die Murray. Amy Myers, James Narmore, Jeff Neff, Mark Nehis, ' John Newman, Michele Newton, Suzanne Nicks, Stephen Nix. Cathy Noe, Mike Noel, Rolf-Peter Noot, Wanda Norris, John Norton, Debbie O ' - Connor, Jerry O ' Neill, Mary Oliger. Donna Osborn, Donald Oskins, David Ottinger, Lily Ottinger, Debbie Owens, Eddie Owens, Cayle Owens, Debbie Pars- ley. Debbie Parton, Dottie Patterson, Thomas Paul, Beth Peak, Danny Pemberton, Lin- da Perdue, William Perdue, Ronald Perry. Pauletta Peters, Michael Pierce, Steve Pierce, Mary Pena, Vanetta Penix, Eve- lyn Pepper, Linda Pinner, Debbie Phelps. James Plahitko, Juddy Poindexter, Allie Porter, Lana Porter, John Poteet, Terry Powers, Linda Price, Vicki Profitt. Joy Pruett, Richard Quade, Cathy Quassy, Debbie Quassy, William Quillen, Paul Raimondi, Debbie Rainbolt, Wanda Ran- dolph. Robert Ransom, Linda Rasdell, Linda Rea, Janicei Ream, Kathy Repass, Vicki Rich- ards. Karen Richie, Darlene Richmond, Becky Richter, Kathy Ridge, Ricky Rior- dan, Cheryl Ritter, Randy Ritter, Arthur Roberts, John Roberts, Patricia Roberts. Jackie Robertson, Charles Robinson, Ed- die Robinson, Michael Robinson, Wanda Rosson, Steve Rutledge, Marilyn Sad- ler, Abelardo Salas. 124 Sophomores Lillian Sanders, Marzine Saulter, Janet Scharbrough, Cynthia Scott, Loran Scott, Marsha Sears, David Sease, Eddie Sexson. Denise Sheets, Mark Sheley, Marsha Shelton, Vera Shepard, Danny Shepherd, Diana Shepherd, Steven Shipley, Becky Shirley. Mark Shives, Pasto Shockley, Jenny Shoemake, Marilyn Short, Sandra Short, Alan Shreve, Karen Shute, Cynthia Sim- mons. Angi Simpson, Clifford Slavens, Gary Slayton, Gary Sloan, Linda Smallman, Barbara Smiley, Bob Smith, Daryl Smith. Deborah Smith, Gloria Smith, Joyce Smith, Lois Smith, Margarette Smith, William Smith, Gary Snead, Joe Snyder. Nancy Snyder, Gary Sparks, Jeff Spears, Rhonda Staab, Lorenzo Stansberry, Glen- da Stenger, Tom Stewart, Kerri Stine. %3£L A3 Sophomores are really " in " when it comes to style. Wearing the height of classroom fashion are Glenda Stenger, Mari Hicks, Lynn Janke, Carol Komann, and Rowena Bush. 125 Sophomores Kathy Stodgill, Gary Stofer, Janice Stokes, Marilyn Stout, Debbie Strick- land, Anthony Strode, Gary Stroud, Carol Sturdevant. Mary Summeier, Patti Sullivan, Judith Summerhill, James Surface, Joe Sutton, Steve Tapp, Dreathia Tarter, Anita Tay- lor. George Taylor, Leslie Taylor, Paul Tay- lor, Paula Taylor, Phyllis Taylor, Lennis Thatch, Carolyn Thomas, Marsha Thom- as. Vicki Thomas, Cheryl Thompson, Don Thompson, Harold Thompson, Shelia Tibbs, Shaun Timbs, Deborah Tines, Teresa Trabue. Bill Trimble, Danny Fye, Keith Tullis, Marilyn Underwood, Peggy Updike, Da- vid Vandagrifft, Bill Vermillion, Dave Vize. Maria Wade, Kathy Wakefield, Patricia Walker, Connie Wallace, Davy Walton, Steve Wampler, Andy Warren, Debbie Waters. Ricky Watkins, Robert Watness, Sylvia Watson, Arthur Watts, Jerry Wehr, Linda Weimer, Debbie Welsh, Jerald Westerfield. Margie Westerfield, William Whaley, Jackie Whetsel, Myra Whitaker, Ernie White, Stan White, Tony White, Grego- ry Whitley. Michael Whitney, Woodrow Wilkerson, Charles Williams, Johnny Williams, Mary Williams, Kristi Williams, Janice Willis. Vickie Willis. Becky Wilson, Carol Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Sharon Wilson, Stanley Win- bush, Lisa Wineinger, Tom Wingate, Patti Winstead. Marjorie Woirhaye, Charles Wolfe, Deb- orah Wood, David Wooden, Charles Woods, Philip Wood, Cassandra Wool- ery, Cathy Woolwine. Nancy Wortman, Keith Wuest, Donald Wyatt, Richard Wyatt, Byron Yeager, Phyllis Yocum, Steve Ziegelbauer, Susan Zoetis. 126 Freshmen Orient to School Life as Redskins Bob Able, Jane Ackerman, Cindy Adams, Desiree Adams, Colleen Adkins, Jeff Ad- kins, Debbie Alderson, James Allen. Peggy Ammerman, Jerome Ancelet, Mary Anderson, Phillip Anderson, Rob- ert Anderson, Karla Andrews, Angela Appleberry, Debbie Arnold. Vickie Arnold, John Ash, Clenda Aus- brooks, John Austin, Sydenia Ayers, Rob- ert Baase, Janie Baecher, Bill Bailey. Howard Bailey, James Baker, Kathy Baker, Richard Baker, Ival Balay, Debo- rah Ball, Candy Ballard, Lucille Balls. Rhonda Barker, Becky Barnaby, Cathy Bateman, Donald Bates, Freda Bates, Vickie Bates, Mike Baxter, Joy Bazoon. Rita Beach, Paul Beasley, Susie Beaupre, Randy Belcher, Edward Bender, Debra Bennett, Greg Bentle, Harold Bernard. Rita Bernard, Sheila Bernard, Leisa Betz- ler, Brian Bingham, Deborah Binion, Judy Bishop, Ricky Bland, Melanie Boardman. Lory Bolton, Borkes, Kevin Gregory Boyd, Sharon Boone, Bottema, Pamela Rose Boyd, Jame Randall Bowles, ; Boyd. One of the many things that must be learned by each freshman is how to use the combination on his locker. Here Masoma Anne Hathaway gives Fresh- man Diann Newport some tips about opening her locker. Members of Masoma and Roines, senior honoraries, always aid in orienting freshmen. 127 Fresh men Karen Bray, Karl Breeden, Dan Breimeir, Marcia Bridgewater, Carol Briley, Cheryl Briley, Homer Britt, Renee Brooks. jerry Brooks, Ronnie Broughton, Cassan- dra Brown, Norma Brown, Renee Brown, Mark Browne, Rolfe Bruce, Sharlit Brumley. Colby Brummett, Kerry Buhneing, Jeff Bunnell, Nora Burchett, Robin Burk, Kim Burnette, David Bush, Ronald Burgess. Violet Bush, Sharon Buzzard, Pat Calla- han, Charles Campbell, Debbie Campbell, Juanita Campell, Mark Campbell, Tanya Campbell. Christy Canter, Lonnie Cantrell, Dan Cantwell, David Carey, Marsha Carney, Richard Carpenter, Connie Carrigg, Car- men Carroll. joann Carson, Pam Carson, Rhonda Cherry, Edward Childress, Donna Childs, George Chittenden, Kerra Clampitt, Ka- thy Clark. Kevin Clark, Milford Clark, Jeff Cle- ments, Stephen Cline, Mike Clymore, Robert Cobb, Rickie Cody, Sharon Cof- fey. James Collier, Mark Collins, Linda Cone, Stephanie Cook, John Coomer, Cathy Cooper, Stuart Copeland, Melody Cor- Norman Cosby, Charles Cothron, Charles Couch, Joseph Coughlan. Gerald Cox, Rex Cox, Willie Cox, Linda Coy. Debbie Cradick, Timothy Crafton, Den- nis Craig, David Cravens, William Craw- ley, Karen Cromer, Nancy Cross, Becky Cubel. Roderick Curry, Dardy, Donald Larry Davie Bill Diana Cutshaw, Mary Darnell, Darol Davie, Davis, Debbie Davis. Debra Davis, Gale Davis, James Davis, Peggy Davis, Eddie Dawson, Vicki Daw- son, Beth Day, Geri DeHoff. 128 Freshmen Christina Dejesus, David Delk, Carolyn Denney, Cindy Denton, John Deubelbeiss, Donna Dewey, Teresa DiCicco, Steve Dickerson. Marc Dillon, Cynthia Dinkins, Connie Doan, Dennis Dotson, Lynne Dotson, Teresa Douglas, Melody Downey, Diane Drake. Kathie Duggan, Charlotte Duncan, Mar- sha Dunn, Penny Eaglen, Curtis Edmonds, Tim Elder, Gary Elfers, Cynthia Elliott. Kimberly Elliott, Mary Ellis, Nancy El- lis, Carla Elslager, Diana England, Mar- sha England, Leslie Estes, Rebecca Es- tes. Berlin Eversole, Richard Farah, Amy Far- ley, Beth Farley, ]udy Farley, James Farmer, Carol Ferguson, Margaret Fey. Mike Fidler, Vickie Fidler, Russell Fin- ley, Roseann Fischer, Mary Ann Fisher, John Fitzpatrick, jay Fletcher, Jo Fletcher. Debbie Flowers, Randy Floyd, David Ford, Marlon Followell, Kathy Fouts, Scott Fowler, Robert Fox, Dennis Fraga. Patricia Franklin, Anita Frazier, Diane Frederick, Henry Freeman, Doris Fugate, Eddie Fugate, Darlene Fultz, Cheryl Cabbei. Mark Caddis, Sue Cames, Barbara Gann, Stanley Gardner, Maria Garza, Kevin Gatewood, Para Gaw, Billy Gearlds. Cecil George, Debbie George, Tommy Gerhart, Debra Gidcumb, Laurie Gilli- land, Randy Cindling, Diana Glasson, Sharon Goldsberry. Ruth Gommel, Diane Gonder, James Gooden, Debbie Gordon, Leno Gorman, Penny Goulding, Linda Graham, Vicki Grant. Carol Green, Danny Green, Alfred Greer, Dale Greer, Chris Gregory, Darlene Greg- ory, Darryl Griffith, Kenneth Grismore. Freshmen Kathy Croce, Maria Ground, Ava Curley, Thomas Curley, Vickie Haas, Alexis Haddix, Jeffery Haddix, Richard Hagen- maier. Laura Hall, Martina Hall, Mary Hall, Mark Hampton, Patricia Hardin, Sammy Harding, David Hardy, Jim Harlan. Johnnie Harlow, Ernest Harmon, Starr Harrington, Eric Harris, Joseph Harris, Terry Harton, Curby Harrison, Cheryl Hatfield. Raymond Hauser, Dana Hawkins, David Hawkins, Debra Hawkins, Mark Haw- kins, Becky Hayes, David Heavrin, Cheryl Hedges. David Heinzelman, Sheila Henderson, Thomas Henderson, John Henry, Phillip Herbig, Jimmy Hendrix, Iris Hicks, An- thony Higginson. Dennis Hilbert, Danny Hill, Michael Hill, Milton Hill, Nathaniel Hill, Robin Hill, Thomas Himes, Donna Hindman. Frieda Hiser, Cathy Hittle, David Hole, Rebecca Hole, Kathy Holsclaw, Rita Hol- lenbaugh, Gregory Hollis, Janet Hollo- way. Freshman Melody Downey, corridor mon- itor on the first floor, checks the pass of Junior Dan Lucas. Many freshmen, as well as upperclassmen, serve Manual by acting as monitors during periods that they would otherwise be in study halls. 130 Freshmen Sandy Holmes, William Hooper, Jeff Hopper, Terri Horn, Faith Housam, Pam- ela House, Donald Howard, Victor Howard. Alvin Hubbard, Debra Huber, Brenda Huckeba, Larry Huddleston, Anthony Hudson, Jackie Huett, Cynthia Huff Janice Huff. Deborah Hummel, Dennis Hunter, Carl Inman, Holly Israel, Betty Jacobs, Gary Jay, Ricky Jefferson, Travis Jefferson. Barbara Jenkins, Brian Jenkins, Rebecca Jenkins, Robert Jenkins, Wilfred Jimi- son, Debra Johns, Angela Johnson, Char- les Johnson. Debra Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Valerie John- son, Carlos Jones, Donna Jones, Mike Jones. Ruthie Jones, Wanda Jones, Gloria Jor- dan, Jill Jupin, DeWayne Kaiser, Don- ald Kasper, Timothy Keesee, Sherron Keller. Constance Kelley, Mary Kelley, David Kelly, Michelle Kemp, Steven Kennedy, Willie Key, Elizabeth Kieffer, Mark Kinney. Pamela Kent, Dav id Keown, Willie Key, Margaret Kimbley, Bob Kiper, Anita Kirby, Donald Kirby, Gregory Kirk. Douglas Kirkhoff, Tim Knapp, Charles Knoll, William Kraft, Sally Krause, Joan Kriese, Denise Lahr, Janice Lambert. Otis Lambert, Dave Lamping, Randy Lane, Debra Langley, Sally Lathrop, Peg- gy Law, Laura Lawless, Gregory Laymon. Susie Leggins, Ardella Leinbach, Joanne Lewis, John Lewis, Phil Liddie, Greg Livingston, Paula Lockwood, Sherry Love. Cindy Lovett, Karen Lowe, Ada Loyd, Debbie Lunn, Sondra Madison, Robin Long, Sharon Long, William Mahone. fi$£J S2A - - S I ?- AMU i 0SL9A A Freshmen Debra Major, Terri Mallory, Steve Man- drell, Michael Martin, Ethan Manuel, Mike Mascoe, Edward Marcum, Diane Masengale. )ohn Masengale, James Mason, Allen Masters, Stan Mathis, Vickie Maxey, Linda May, Elliott Mayes, Sherry Mc- Anally. Randy McCabe, Kent McCampbell, Ron- nie McDaniel, Albert McDonald, Kay McDowell, Maurice McFarland, Terry McCee, David McGinty. Theodore McGurer, Elaine McKay, Har- old McKeand, Kenny McKee, David Mc- Kenzie, Barbara McKimmy, Sharee Mc- Millin, Nina McNeal. Roberta Meadows, Susan Meece, Randy Meek, Mark Meyer, Mary Mihay, Ed- ward Miller, Jacqueline Miller, Karen Miller. Larry Miller, Steven Mitchell, Joyce Moles, Walter Moore, Bill Morgan, Pat- ty Morgan, Sheila Morris, Yvonne Mor- ris. Sabrena Morse, Charles Muldrow, Mar- tha Mullin, Mary Mullin, Lilly Mullins, Melody Mumaw, Carry Mundy, Wilma Murley. Wesley Murphy, Judy Murrell, Janet Napier, Beverly Narmore, Mike Natalie, Kay ,Newton, Diann Newport, Ceorge Nichols. Steven Nicley, Anthony Nunally, Greg Nunally, Melanie Nunes, Robert Oakes, Karen O ' Connor, Linda O ' Dell, Bradley O ' Donald. Mary Okey, Rose Olive, Debbie O ' Neal, Pam O ' Neal, Pamela O ' Neill, Portia Or- losky, Paul Osmon, Joyce Ott. Beverly Overton, David Owens, Marissa Pardue, Teresa Parrott, Eddie Parsley, Shelley Parsons, Cheryl Patterson, Martin Patterson. Pearl Patterson, Dennis Patton, Debra Payne, Cheryl Peats, Jhoni Pence, Melo- dy Pence, Julie Pennington, Debbie Per- kins. I.;: ' Freshmen Jim Perryman, Lawrence Peters, Mark Peters, Tari Phelps, Becky Pieper, Mi- chael Pierce, Cindi Pillow, Thomas Pin- ner. Robert Pitcock, Carolyn Pittman, Shirley Poland, Doug Polen, Randy Potts, Don- ald Powell, Ronald Powell, Anna Poyn- ter. James Price, Michael Price, Gregory Quick, Lavada Quinlin, Dale Ramsey, Julia Ransom, Debbie Ray, Deborah Ray. Duane Raymer, Bill Reading, JoAnn Red- mond, Mark Reeder, James Reid, Frances Repass, Dena Reynolds, Tena Reynolds. Linda Rich, Cherie Richards, Madonna Richardson, Mike Richardson, Peggy Richardson, Jerry Richmond, Mary Rich- mond, William Riddle. Robert Rinehart, David Kent Roberts, David Kirk Roberts, Dianna Roberts, Glenn Roberts, Randy Robertson, Deb- bie Robinson, Kathy Robinson. Scott Robinson, Timothy Robinson, John Robson, Vicky Rodarmel, Ken Roe Deb- orah Roell, Shirley Rogers, Pamela Ross. Freshman Cheerleaders Michele Kemp, Terry Horn, Donna Thompson, and standing, Joni Kriese, Jane Ackerman, JoAnn Lewis, and Debbie Shanahan brighten games for first year teams as they follow them at home and away. 133 Freshmen Karen Roy, Kathy Ruoff, Thomas Ruoff, Luther Rush, Matthew Rush, Anna Ru- sie, Carl Russell, John Ruthroff. Susan Ruthroff, David bara Ryan, |on Ryan, Becky Salyers, Donald Sanders. Rutledge, Bar- Yvonne Salter, Sample, |anice Sheri Sandlin, John Saples, Richard Sapp, Glenn Sargent, Regina Saulter, Deborah Scavitto, David Schaefer, Susie Schneider. Teresa Schrougham, Thomas Scott, Rob- ert Scrogham, Robert Sears, Linda Sex- ton, Deborah Shanahan, Ronnie Shannon, John Shelley. Robert Shelton, Sheila Shelton, Kathy Shepard, Vallori Sherman, Cary Shipley, Bob Shoptaugh, Carolyn Short, Ramona Showecker. Terry Shreve, Kelly Shull, Larry Shute, Becky Simer, Elaine Simmons, Richard Simmons, Randy Simpson, James Sims. William Skidmore, JoAnn Sloan, Jean- nine Smedley, Becky Smith, David Smith, Deborah Smith, Denise Smith, Cary Smith. Gregory Smith, Jerry Smith, John Smith, Larry Smith, Laura Smith, Marvin Smith. Regina Smith, Robert Smith. Rommel Smith, William Smith, Brenda Smithers, Cheryje Snider, Mike Snoddy, Holly Sonday, Arthur Spears, Brenda Spears. Barbara Speck, Spurlock, Betty Cheryl Stafford Steck. Daryl Spencer, Hermon Squires, Rebecca Staab, lanice Stapert, Nina Mike Steeb, Rick Stevason, Susan Stev- ens, Wanda Stevens, Harlan Stewart, Kevin Stewart, Robert Stewart, Michael Stinnett. Danny Stout, Dua ne Strait, Marlin Strode, Stephanie Stubbs, Mike Studer. Strain, Benita Robert Stubbs, Stuck, Joyce Freshmen Patty Sutton, Robert Swanigan, Vicki Tabor, Larry Tardy, Alvis Taylor, Bev- erly Taylor, Connie Taylor, Cynthia Taylor. Ernest Taylor, Paul Taylor, Terry Thack- er, Byron Thatch, )on Theadford, Donna Thompson, Jeff Thorpe, Steve Thorpe. Rusty Tolson, Kathy Tooley, Ronald Tucker, Mike Turner, Sue Turner, Lo- renda Turpin, Jo Tye, Judy Ulozas. Danny Underwood, Andrew Urshan, Jane Usrey, Anna VanBlaricum, John Van- Cleave, Carol Vanhoozer, William Van- Huss, John Vermillion. Mary Vinson, Larry Walden, Phyllis Walker, Richard Wallace, Joseph Walsh, David Wampler, Roy Ward, Steve Ware. Teresa Warren, Yvonne Washington, Bruce Waters, Robert Watkins, Marinell Watness, Kenneth Watts, Robbie Watts, Victoria Webster. Patty Welsh, James Werling, Jim West, Dennis Wethington, Paula Wetzel, Karen Whalen, Richard Whaley, Keith Wheat- ley. Michael White, Nancy White, Frank Whitney, Mary Wiggin, Barbara Wil- burn, Terry Wilcox, Sue Wiley, Jack Williams. Marcia Williams, Marion Williams, Thomas Williams, Jack Wilson, Keith Wilson. Larry Wilson, Mary Wilson, Randy Wilson. Jim Windhorst, Marshall Wingler, Ken- ny Winkler, Sheryl Winstead, Mark Wire, Barbara Wiseman, Saundra Wolfe, Peggy Wood. Lynda Wooden, Venus Woodford, Cecil Woodmansee, Cindy Woodworth, Jeffrey Wortman, Cathy Wright, Donnie Wright, Jeri Wright. Patricia Wright, Robin Wright, Pam Wycoff, Jacques Yarbrough, Alice York, Deborah Young, Gregory Young, David Zike. . • . 136 Chapter 5: Jur i leialib , . n 137 Unique! is the soda fountain and food counter at Garfield Pharmacy. Charlie Wolfe and Nancy White give their order to Susan Lane;. GARFIELD PHARMACY 2602 Shelby Street 784-160C ' Ringed by Manual underclassmen eager to view his many samples is Mr. George Craven of Herff Jones. The most popular is the one designed especially for Redskins by Mr. Oran Davis, former Head of Manual ' s Art Department. HERFF JONES COMPANY 1411 N. Capitol Avenue 635-1554 Bloomin ' Time! is any time in Buescher ' s Greenhouses. Lynne Foster and Carol Biggers select a lovely azalea plant from the many choices surrounding: them. GEORGE BUESCHER SON, FLORISTS 503 East Southern Avenue 784-2457 Aiming for a Strike is Laurie Gilliland on an alley at the Sport Howl where Manual ' s league howls on Tuesday afternoons through the winter season. Beth Mullen is waiting her (urn. SPORT BOWL 3900 S. East Street 786-6767 R.YOUNG, PRESIDENT 2320 Shelby Street 787-8387 It ' ud Be Fun! to take a spin behind the wheel of this beautiful Dodge Charger, say Randy Duncan and Melanie Board- man. McGinty Dodge has a complete line of Dodges available. McGINTY DODGE 3400 South U.S. 31 787-8361 139 Good Anyplace! is Indiana fried chicken and McFarling Brothers ' tender pieces are especially good when picnicking in the park, say Leslie Spencer and Dan Nye. McFarling a mm the chicken people " 326 West 17th Street 923-3251 ' Typed 7 for Redskins are Ivian headlines and all type in the Booster, both heads and body copy, by Alexander Typesetting Company. Jim Engelking and jan Bntler of the Booster staff set a bit of instruction from Mrs. Fred B. Alexander, a Manual srrad. ALEXANDER TYPESETTING, INC. 25 N. East Street 634-2206 Want to Save Money? Let Ahlfeldt Tax Service prepare your re- turns. Mr. Ahlfeldt gives Lynn Janke and Pat Miller a lesson in filling out the neces- sary forms. AHLFELDT TAX SERVICE 1802 Shelby St. 787-2069 DRINK • IO.U.J.MT. OKI Linda Campbell and Bill Hafer pause for a refresher. things go better,! G. H. HERRMANN FUNERAL HOME 1505 South East Street 5141 Madison Ave. A Finer Service A Fairer Price Sitting Pretty! is Mike Christy as he tries a new Chevy at Nankivell. Terry Glass looks as though she would like to try it, too. NANKIVELL CHEVROLET, INC 3800 South U.S. 31 787-3251 You Never Outgrow Your Need for MILK Drink at Least Three Glasses A Day Every Day A Barrow Full ' of you and " Yew, " laughs Norman Leonard as Anne Maschmeyer hitches a ride as he transports a healthy yew bush to a waiting customer ' s car. MASCHMEYER ' S NURSERY, INC. 244 West Troy 784-2451 Really Sharp! is the new pants-uniform with a double- breasted jacket that Mrs. Olive Floyd, own- er of the shop, is showing to Loretta Till- man and Judy Collett. RUTHIE ' S LADIES UNIFORMS 2226 Shelby Street 787-4375 142 For Perfect Grooming :a reliable cleaner is a " must " and Scottee ' s fills the bill for Penny West and John Mc- Intyre who pick up their cleaning from Manual grad Cathy Davis. SCOTTEE CLEANERS 3535 S. East Street (U.S. 31 784-2642 Visit STCRK SHflKC ua. a ttlejoz ® 7 Convenient Locations Redskins 7 ' Book Nook ' is to be found in the Manual Bookstore. Keith Klingler and Lynne Foster make selections for book reports from the choice titles on display. KOCH NEWS 2120 S. Meridian 786-1488 Pick a x Bic ' ■ it the Manual Bookstore which gets many oi its materials from Hoosier Book Sup- ply Company. Margaret Maxwell chooses a black one from the display Pat Miller is holding. HOOSIER BOOK SUPPLY COMPANY 929 E. 23rd Street 924-4297 I A Manual Favorite The BIG ( CHIEF SANDWICH only at the TEE PEE 2830 Madison Ave. 786-0439 3829 E. Fall Creek Pkwy. N. Dr. 915-8971 Let ' s Be Cool say Stuart Sutliff and Candy Collier as they perch on the display rail under the aluminum awning in front of Kool Vent ' s store room. KOOL VENT SALES AND SERVICE Corporation of Indiana 3447 Shelby Street 784-4458 Kool Vent Aluminum Awnings Kool Vent Storm Windows and Door Kool Vent Siding Kool Vent Aluminum Wire Mesh Fence and Aluminum Privacy Enclosures 144 Start the Habit of saving for the future or a rainy day. Charles Mullen and Roberta Okey make a deposit with a helpful teller. SHELBY STREET FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1525 Shelby Street 635-1503 The Personal Touch Comes from Hawkins Pharmacy Where Manualites are served by former Red- skins HOURS 8:30 A.M. - 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday HAWKINS PHARMACY Delivery Service Surgical Appliance Hypo-allergenic Cosmetics Personal Record Files 234 E. Southern Avenue 787-5335 Good as New is the furniture reupholstered by Mr. Wil- liam Stevenson at Gipson Upholstering Co. Manualite Bill Stevenson approves his father ' s work. GIPSON UPHOLSTERING CO. 1433 Wade Street 784-6284 A Romantic Mood can be set by a gift of flowers. Tony Elrod tries out this theory on Kris Browne in this romantic setting at MADISON AVENUE FLOWER SHOP 2457-59 Madison Avenue 786-0431 Indianapolis, Ind. 46225 700 U. S. 31 North 888-1144 Greenwood, Ind. 46142 9 service for Southside Residents STIRLING FUNERAL HOME 1420 Prospect 632-6576 ' Kissin ' Curls ' are becoming to Sheila Quillen with the fanciful hairdo that Mrs. Ruth Thacker has just completed. Jenny Collier has also had her hair done in a sophisticated style. RUTH ' S BEAUTY SHOP 2208 Shelby Street 783-1004 Proteins for Redskins are abundant in Weber meats sewed in Manual ' s cafeteria. Cathy Crowe and Cecilia Cloyd watch Mrs. Ann Craig dish up Swiss Ste.ik for lunch. WEBER and SONS, Inc 1900 Churchman 787-1391 Indexing Manualites are Kathy Wakefield and Cathy Noe as they prepare the final pages for the 1971 yearbook which was printed at Benton Review. BENTON REVIEW PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. Fowler, Indiana r =H All Dressed Up for an Athletic Awards ' program are Eric Smith and Albert Munn, basketball and wrestling MVP. Let Darko Cleaners keep your clothes ready for dressup occasions. DARKO AND SONS CLEANERS 2659 Shelby Street 784-2401 147 Be Exclusive! Both rental and custom-made formals are to be had at " Cupid ' s, " with only one of a kind ' s being made available for the same occasion. No one else will be wearing " your " dress as Becky Hendricks knows as she purchases a Prom dress from Mrs. Sloan, consultant. " Cupid ' s ' ' specialty is a c omplete wedding for $595. Call for an ap- pointment anytime to obtain detailed in- formation. CUPID ' S BRIDAL SHOP 3020 South Meridian St. 783-3671 AMERICAN FAMILY I NSURAN AUTO FIRE HEALTH LIFE ® KEITH BLESSING SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENT DRIVERS ' 5144 Madison Ave., South Suite 6 Indianapolis, Indiana 46227 Office 783-2371 Residence 881-5613 ' Cool ' Sound comes from Bill Brown ' s trombone as he practices for a Band performance. Excell- ent buys on instruments, both new and used, are available at Sam ' s for Redskin musicians. Shop at Sam ' s for a " thousand and one " items. SAM ' S SAM DOCK and MORTON DOCK 24 West Ohio Street 63 - y Good Anytime are the delectable foods and iced-cold mugs of foaming Root Beer for which Redskins flock to Edwards ' Dog Suds. Manualite Waitresses Beth Mul- len, Pam Cline, Marty Murphy, and Terry Murphy prepare to " Dog-head ' ' little Terry Edwards to do her bit of advertising for her dad. EDWARDS ' Dog Suds DRIVE-IN 2126 South Sherman Drive 786-1638 C ' RCIE CITY USS CORP. RS OF 4 QUALITY GLASS Round the Clock SERVICE is guaranteed by Mr. Jim Narmore and Circle City Glass, interestingly advertised on this antique truck, in front of which stand Mr. Narmore and Manualite Jim, Jr. CIRCLE CITY GLASS CORP. 751 South Meridian Street Indianapolis 46225 636-3524 149 A Good Combination! has been Joyce Stall and JoArin Devine as co-editors of Page 2 of the Manual Booster. Photographer Mike Louder- milk took this excellent " candid " with- out their knowing it. Also a good combination is Mr. Louder- mi Ik and " Prestige Portraits. " Mike took the excellent faculty and senior portraits in this 1971 Ivian. P R T R A I T S B Y P H T G R A P H Y 7 5913 E. 10TH STREET • INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA 46219 TELEPHONE: 356-5507 150 bugs CROWD PLE ASER ! BURGER CHEF! BURGER CHEF! BITE - BITE - BITE!! After the game, enthusiasm always reaches a new high point when you rally at the nearest Burger Chef Family Restaurant for one of their winning combinations. A great Burger Chef sandwich, Golden French Fries and a cooling Soft Drink gives you a good feeling all over, whether your team won or lost! Burger Chef the Crowd Pleaser! Because . . . life always treat you right. burger chef; 3 Family Restaurantt Ivian ' s Engraver is Mr. Robert Behr, representative of Rheitone Inc. Ivian Co-editor Kathy Gabonay and Photographer Dennis My- rick discuss pictures to be included in this book that are ready for Mr. Behr to take for processing. VS. 326 N. Illinois Street 635-1376 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 151 Index Academics - 20-35 Activities 36-59 Advertising 136-151 AEW 10-1 1 Album 82-135 Alumni Party 7 Art Club . .... 52 Athletics 60-81 Band 48-49 Baseball 76-77 Basketball 70-73 Booster 54-55 Cheerleaders 80, 133 Chess Club 59 Choir 47 Classes 20-35 Clean Earth Club 56 Cross Country 66-67 Dads Club 16 Dances 14-15 Exercise in Knowledge 5 Future Business Leaders 45 Future Printers 45 Future Teachers 45 Faculty . 84-91 Football 62-65 Freshmen 127-135 Glee Club 49 Golf 79 Homecoming 8-9 Intramurals 8 1 Ivan and Ann 14 Ivian 53 Judo Club 81 Juniors 112-118 152 Key Club 58 Latin Club ... 51 Lettermen ' s Club 59 Mask Wig 43 Masoma 38 Musical 12-13 National Honor Society 40 National Thespians 42 Naturalists 56 Opportunity Day 17 Orchestra 46-47 Organizations 36-59 Photographers 54 Pit Band 50 P-TA 16 Quill Scroll . .... 55 Radio Club .. . 44 Red Cross . 57 Redskin Revue ..... 18-19 Roines ...... 39 ROTC 4, 34 ROTC Queen and Court 14 Seniors 92-1 1 1 Sophomores 1 19-126 Spanish Club 51 Stage Crew 44 Student Affairs Board 41 Tennis 78 Track 74-75 Tri-Hi-Y 57 Turnabout Day 10-11 Twirlers 50 Wrestling.. 68-69 Y-Teens 57 Faculty and Staff This index of Faculty, Staff, and Students contains only the pages on which these persons are pictured other than in the album section. Individual por- traits are on the following pages: Faculty, 84-91; Seniors, 92-111; Juniors, 112-118; Sophomores, 119- 126; Freshmen, 127-135. Faculty 84-91 Anderson, Mrs. Barbara 86 Baker, Mrs. Betty 38 Baumer, Mr. Harold 41, 86 Belser, Mr. Fred 25, 71, 76 Blough, Mr. Richard 41 Ciochina, Mr. John 84 Cross, Mrs. Martha 49, 86 Dever, Mrs. Marilyn 41 Dick, Mr. Thomas 31, 47 Ellis, Mr. Noah 62 Farthing, Mrs. Irma 45 Foster, Mr. Jack 68 Frazee, Mrs. Dorthea 89 Callamore, Mr. Robert 92 Gentry, Mr. Carsey 24 Coebel, Miss Margaret 26 Hannon, Mr. Don 27 Harmon, Mr. Donald 86 Healy, Mr. Robert 5 Hignite, Mr. Robert , 58, 69, 78 Hyndman, Mrs. Viola 56 Jackson, Mr. Dennis 39, 64 Johnson, Mr. Donald 52 Jones, Mr. Fred 41 Kincaid, Mr. Wayne H. 84, 86 Kleyla, Mr. William D. 4, 49 Krueger, Mr. John 10 Lawrence, Sgt. Roy 15 Lawrie, Miss Kathryn 81 McBride, Mr. Elwood 79 McCloud, Mrs. Marilyn 10, 41 Northcutt, Miss Maureen 118 Otto, Mr. David 57 Parke, Mr. Ben 26 Patton, Miss Annes 89 Phillips, Mr. David 24 Pike, Mr. Al 66, 67, 69 Root, Mr. Gerald 65 Rosenstihl, Mr. William 73, 76, 92 Rush, Mrs. Alma 8 Ruston, Mrs. Blanche 28 Schultz, Mr. Raymond 62, 75 Sharpee. Mr. Stephen 27, 112 Spinks, Mr. Wayne 41, 52 Sullivan, Mrs. Phyllis . 29, 56 Thorpe, Mr. Marvin 45 Thrall, Mr. Howard . 84 Warner, Mrs. Betty 56 Williams, Mr. Thomas 31, 47, 61 Witty, Mr. Stephen 73, 77 Students A Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Able, Bobby 67 Ackerman, Jane 133 Ackerman, Vickie 47 Adams, Jeff 39, 59, 66, 75, 95, 110 Adkins, Delores 50, 80 Adkins, Jeff 73 Alexander, Carol 46 Allee, Leslie 50 Allen, Greg 59, 68 Allen, Royce 69 Allen, Tom 77 Ancelot, Jerry 67 Andrews, Jennie 49, 50 Andrews, Karla 50, 81 Anderson, Phillip 65 Austin, John 69 B Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Baase, Marty 49, 50 Bair, Jeannette 5, 19 Baird, LaDora 50 Baker, Richard 65, 69 Baker, Tyrone 73 Banks, Lanny 59, 62, 70, 73 Barker, Bob 25 Bartlett, Wayne 76 Bateman, Kathy 56 Bates, Don 65 Bates, Tony 62 Baxter, Connie 46, 47, 49, 50 Baxter, Sharon 47, 75 Beadle, Gary 75 Beaupre, Susan 8 Bertram, Charlie 49, 50 Berzins, llze 9, 38, 40, 49, 75, 80 Bickers, Debbie 31 Biggers, Carol 48, 138 Billington, Tom 79 Bingham, Brian 73 Bird, Zachary 78 Biro, Dawne 49 Blythe, Dave 15, 47, 64 Boger, Butch 64, 75 Bonner, Terry 30 Bordman, Melanie 139 Bordon, Mark 45 Borkes, Randell 48 Bossingham, Don 69, 78 Bottema, Kevin 33 Bowles, Delbert 59, 62, 68, 75 Bowman, David 69 Boyd, Rose 56 Bray, Karen 49 Bray, Kathy 49 Braughton, Tom 49 Breedlove, Richard 9, 41 Breedlove, Steve 76 Brehob, Denise 31, 49 Breimeir, Dan 67 Britt, Homer 41 Britt, Valda 80 Broughton, Dan 69 76 Brown, Bill 12, 46, 49, 50, 54, 150 Brown, Dan 79 Brown, Norma 56 Brown, Steve 15 Browne, Kris 38, 40, 47, 49.1 46 Browne, Mark 46, 48 Browning, Herbie 17 Brownlee, Lang 51 54 Bruce, Rod 17, 47. 48, 59, 75 Bruce, Rolfe 65 Brunner, Candy 38. 47, 49 Buckles, Brenda 15, 34, 40 Bunnell, Darrell ' I 77 Bunnell, leff 65 Bunner, Jerry 45 Burgess, Larry 4 Burgess, Ron 68 Burgin, Ed 61 Burke, Daniel 4 Burke, Virgil 59 6 6 Burkes, Jackie 49, 50 Busch, Steve 5, 47, 49 Bush, Rowena 5, 125 Butler, David . 46, 49, 50 Butler, Jan 47, 54, 55, 140 Butler, Karen 49 Butler, Sharlene 31, 46 Butler, Steve 79 Butterfield, Gail 40, 48 C Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Callahan, Pat 73 Cafouros, Carl 59 Campbell, Linda 141 Campbell, Mark 65, 73 Campbell, Tanya 48 Cannon, Gary 41, 59, 62, 110 Capps, Candy 46 Capps, Susie 50 Carroll, Roger 54, 57, 59, 66 Catlett, Steve 78 Caviness, Bob 59, 78 Chaszar, Brenda 49, 80 Chelf, Kathy 46 Cherry, Connie 92 Cherry, Rhonda 47 Christian, Steve 47 Christy, Mike 12, 39, 43, 47, 49, 141 Chumley, Mike 32 Church, Debbie 27, 49 Clampitt, Kerra 47 Clark, Herbie 26, 41, 64, 77 Clark, Linda 34 Geek, Tommy 79 Clements, Dan 77 Clifford, Jackie . 9 98 Clinard, Maxine . 56 Cline, Pam 149 Cloyd, Cecilia ]47 Cobb, Patrick 75 Collett, Judy V 56, 142 Collier, Candy 6, 40, 41 , 46, 1 1 2 144 Collier, Jenny 1 5, 49, 75 ' 145 Collier, Jim gr Collins, Mark 65 73 Collins, Mike 59, 62, 73 76 Combs, Margaret 18. 38, 40, 47 Conlin, Mike 69 Cook, Stephanie 81 Coomer, John 58, 69 Cooper, Leslie 47 Cope, Kathy 50 Cope. Peggy 23, 49 Cothron, Chuck 65 153 Cox, Favian 49, 50 Covington, Rita 40, 47 Cradick, Randy 59, 75 Crafton, Mike 8 Crafton, Tim 41, 58 69 Craig, Dennis ---- 65. 69 Craig, Mike 47, 59, 62 Crawford, Carmelita 49 Crowe, Cathy ' 47 Crowe, )im 44 Curtis, Mike 39 Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Dale, Mauri 47 Dardy, Charles 62 Davie, Darol 73 Davie, Larry 73 Davis, Bill 65 Davis, Calvin 70, 73, 75 Davis, Cathy 5, 31, 38, 40, 42, 48, 49, 75, 104, 143 Davis, Chauncey 47 Davis, LuAnn 49 Davis, Mike 58 Dawson, Barbara 35, 41. 80 Denny. |anel °1 Deubelleiss, |oe 49, 58 Deupree, Cary 44, 49, 77 Devine, )oAnn 8, 40, 47, 51, 54 , 112, 150 Dietz, Steve 9, 47, 59, 70, 71. 75 Dinkins, Clen 32 Dobson, Debbie 49 Doty, Jay --- 49 Douglas, Mike ' ' Douglas, Sheila 38, 40 Downey. Melody 130 Doyle, Lois — 38. 40, 48, 104 Drake, Diane 48 Droke, Brenda 49, 79 Duegan Cathy 47 Duke, Tony 5. 19. 52 Duncan, Randv 54, 58. 115, 13° Dunlop, Miracle 75 E Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Eads, Richard 62 Eckler, Elaine 5 1 Eckler, Kav 49 Eckstein, Sue 4, 34 Edmonds, Curtis 69 Edwards, William 49 75 Ellis, Mark 39, 40, 47, 59, 62, 68 Ellis. Nancy 46 Elrod, Janet 80 Elrod, Tony 62, 75, 146 Elphers, Cary 73 Engelking, Jim 59, 140 Entwistle, Mary 47, 49 Estes, Leslie 65 Estes, Patty 23 Eva, Cindy 8, 9, 50 F Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Farley, Amy 47 Farley, Jeff 58, 64 Farley, Joe 64 Ferris, Jill 31, 38, 40, 46, 48, 49, 50 Ferguson, Jackie 50 Finley, Russ 58, 67, 69 Fishburn, Dennis 77 Fitzgerald, Pat 59, 62 Flowers, Debbie . 81 Followed, Marlon 65 Followed, Monica 38, 40, 47 Ford, David 65 Ford, Mike 76, 77 Foster, Lynne — 52, 53, 116, 138, 143 Fox, Mike 7, 39, 75 Freeman, Henry 65 French, Cheryl 47, 49 Frey, Eric 76 C Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Cabbard, Rick 77 Cabonay, Kathy 11, 17, 38, 40, 53, 55, 104, 151 Caddis, Mark 69 Cadshian, Werner 69 Cartin, Don 69 Catewood, Kevin 73 Gibson, Donna 50 Gibson, Greg 31, 46 Gidcumb, Debra 48 Gilley, Rod 66, 67 Gilliland, Laurie 49. 139 Gindling, Randy 65, 69 Gindling, Sandy 23 Glass, Terry 47, 141 Goad, Don 73 Goad, Ron 73 Goodin, Marcia 6, 46, 49, 50, 112 Gordon, Jeff 4 Graham, Mike 59, 62, 75 Graves, Rita 49 Grider, Mike 64 Griffin, Don 17 Griffin, Judy 28 Grismore, Kenny 65, 69 Gurley, Merritt 59, 62, 75 H Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Haase, Marcia 48, 49 Haddix, Alexis 10 Hafer, Bill 46, 49. 50. 141 Hafer, Susie 47, 50, 80 Hagenmier, Bill 64, 78 Hagenmier, Richard 65 Hale, Gene 77 Haley, John 58, 78 Hall, Jim 59. 70 Hall, Laura 30 Hall, Lillian 30 Hammond, Jeff 64, 77 Hann. Linda 46. 48, 49, 80 Harden, Scarlette 27 Harding, Sam 69 Hardy, Janice 12, 47 Harlan, Jan 48 Harmon, Joe 73 Harper, Sandy 28 Harrington, Star 33 Harris, Jim 70, 76 Harris, Rayenell 80 Harton, Terry 73 Hartsock, Jim 76 Hassler, Darlene 50 Hathaway, Anne 38, 40, 46, 48, 51. 54, 55. 127 Hathaway, Linda 40, 47 Hawkins, Dana 26 Hawkins, Jim 35 Hawkins, Rita 50 Hawkins, Vickie 54. 55. 116 Hebble, Tim 33, 54, 57, 59. 66 Hedegard, Kurt 73. 78 Hedges, Nancy 47, 49 Hendricks, Becky 49 148 Hendricks. Nancy 17, 51, 52, 53 Herbig. Paul 5, 38. 40, 59, 62, 68, 75, 104 Herbig, Phil 48, 69 Hiatt, Duke . 70 Hicks, Mari 125 Hilbert, Dennis 67 Hill, Becky 47 Hittle, Cathy 81 Hodges, Dave 5, 31, 47, 49, 50 Holland, Vicki 47 Hollenbaugh, Rita 31 Hollowell, Barbara 75 Holmes, Sandy 47 Hopkins, Debbie 49, 53 Hopper, Jeff 69 Hopper, Randy 47 Horn, Kevin 33 Horn, Terry 133 Hoskins, Theresa 51 Housam, Beth 41, 47, 49 Housam, Blake 6, 12, 39, 40, 59 Huber, David 66 Huber, Debra 47 Hunter, David 65 Hutton, Freddie 70, 71, 142 Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Jackson, Dave 64 Janke, Lynn 66, 67, 73 Jefferson, Ricky 65 jimison, James 68 Jimison, Wilfred 65, 73, 75 Johnson, Angela 47 Johnson, Charles 67 Johnson, Eddie 69 Johnson, Karen 47 lohnson, Randall 47 Johnson, Randy 41, 64, 66 Johnson, Ron 69 lohnson, Scott 59, 79, 142 lohnson, Tony 67 Jones, Carl 65, 73 Jones, Danny 59 Jones, Mike 44 Jordan, Alan 49, 58 Jordan, David 48, 49, 50 K Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Kasper, Carol 23 Kasper, Donald 69 Keaton, Vivian 49 Kellenberger, Becky 80 Kello, Howard 44, 67 Kelly, David 58 Kemmerer, Judy 49 Kemp, Michelle 133 Kemp, Mike 47, 54, 58 Kenman, Kenny 78 Kennedy, Ray 59, 62, 76, 92 Kessee, Tim 59 Kessler, Jody 47 Key, Willie 49 Kirby, Bob 64 Kirkhoff, Doug 65 Klinge, Tom 9, 14, 41, 70, 71, 79 Klingler, Keith 69 Knapp, Tim 69 Knight, Janie 50 Knoll, Charles 48 Koenig, Mark 40, 46, 47, 49, 59 Komann, Carol 50, 125 Kriech, Joe 57, 64, 77 Kriech, Tony 39, 40, 62 Kriese, Joni 133 Kriese, Laura 81 Kriese, Mark 7, 39, 41 Krodel, Butch 59 Kunkel, Marilyn 48 Kutzner, Karen 18 Kwett, Kathy 56 L Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 154 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Laetsch, Donna 46 Laetsch, Linda 4, 5. 12, 38, 46 Lahmann, Maryanne 46, 49 Lamperski, Nellie 49 Land, Ron 25 Lane, Bob 59, 75 Lane, Randy 65 Langford, Terry 59, 66, 67, 75 Lasley, Francie 49, 50 Layden, Pat 11 Lasley, Bill 69 Lee, Larry 74 Leggins, Vicki 80 Leonard, Norman 47, 66, 73, 76 77, 142 Leudeman, Mark 66 Lewis, Brenda 40 Lewis, JoAnn 133 Lewis, John 44 Lewis, Kathy 47, 75 Lilford, Betty 47 Lindsey, Mike 66, 67 Lindstrom, Peter 47, 48 Livingston, Greg 9, 58, 65, 69 Lowe, Mark 47, 49 Lucas, Dan 130 Lunn, Debbie 48 Lutane, Dottie 49 Lyons, Shelonda 122 M Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Mack, Bob 46, 59, 77 Mack, James 59, 76 Mahone, Bill 30, 73 Manuel, Ethan 73 Maple, Matt 79 Marcum, Susan 40, 50 Martin, Bill 76 Maschmever, Anne 47, 80, 142 Mascoe, Mike 46, 49 Masengale, Diane 46 Masengale, John 73 Massing, Leo 64 Massing, Oscar 69 Mathis, Darrell 59, 64 Mathis, Stan 22 Mauler. Kathy 47 Maxwell, Margaret 5, 53, 144 Mavs. Suzi 47 McAllister, David 46. 48 McCampbell. Kent 9, 47 McClary, Bob 59 McCormick, Dave 15. 45 McCoy, Tim 49, 54, 55 McCurry. Steve 26 McDaniel, Bill 41, 64, 69 McCraw, Jan 50 Mclntire. John 48. 143 McKeand, Harold 65, 69 McMillon, Randy 15 McRoy, Peggy 19, 38, 40 Meade. Jeff 27 Medcalf, Debbie 46, 48 Meehan, |ohn 59, 64, 69 Merida. Victor 77 Merrell, Melinda 41, 50 Merritt, Mary 56 Milhon, James 66 Miller, Pat 47, 49. 53. 55. 140. 144 Miller, Ron 15, 27, 58, 59, 79 Milli, Helen 92 Mills, Gary 49 Minnick, Gary 57 Montgomery, Mark 59, 62, 77 Moore, Larry 46, 49, 50 Moore, Susie 42, 49, 81 Morris, Beatrice 29 Morris, Marilyn 40 Morris, Yvonne 49 Mullen, Carol 79, 80 Mullen, Beth 43, 81, 139, 149 Mullen, Charles 145 Mullen, Jeanette 49, 80 Munn, Albert 47, 59, 68, 74, 147 Murley, Bob 59, 62, 70, 76 Murley, Georgia 47 Murphy, Martha 49. 149 Murphy, Terry 80, 149 Murphy, Warren 25 Murray, Debbie 81 Murray, Jerome 75 Myrick, Dennis 54, 55, 115, 151 N Seniors 92-111 juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Napier, Jan 41 Narmore, Jim 58, 64, 149 Natalie, Mike 51 Neff, Doug 6 Neff, Jeff 54 Nelson, Kathy 15, 34, 38 Newport, Diann 127 Newton, Michele 56 Newton, Kay 56 Nicks, Suzanne 119 Noe, Cathy 147 Nunally, Anthony 69 Nye, Dan 40, 140 O Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Oberting, Tony 32, 81 O ' Conner, Pam 46, 47, 75, 81 O ' Conner, Patty 75 Odom, Terry 70, 72, 75 O ' Donald, Brad 65 Okey, Roberta 38, 40, 50. 145 O ' Neal, Allen 41, 75 O ' Neil, Pam 81 Osmond, Paul 65, 69 Osmon, Rodney 59, 76, 77 Owens, Eddie 59, 64, 68 P-Q Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Parsley, Ian 27 Parton, Debbie 35 Patterson, Dottie 47 Patterson. Richard 30, 52, 53 Patton, Debbie 22 Peak, Beth Ann 49 Perryman, Jim 69 Petrie, Dale - 12, 39, 40, 41. 59, 62. 76, 104 Phebs, Debbie 56 Phillips, Sherri 40, 104 Pieoer, Becky 46 Pillow. Bev 15, 22, 34, 50, 78. 9? Pinkins, lames 69 Pinner, lim 59, 74, 75 Pinner, Thomas 58 Pittman. Carolyn 81 Powers, Terry 66 Poynter, Rick 8, 59, 76, 77 Price, Linda 81 Purlee, Terry 47 Ouade, Richard 47, 64 Quillen, Sheila 75, 146 R Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Ray, Keith 81 Raymer, Duane 66, 67 Reid, Edna 29, 45, 47 Reid, James 69 Reid, Randy 15 Reilly, Rita 75 Richards, Bonnie 55 Richmond, Jerry 65, 69 Richardson, Peggy 45 Ritter, Randy 47 Ritter, Steve 39, 59, 62, 75 Roberts, Patty 56 Roberts, John 58, 66 Roberts, Vonita 45 Robertson, Debbie 49, 75, 80 Robertson, Bruce 39, 59, 66, 68 Robinson, Denise 9, 49 Robinson, Marsha 49 Rudolf, Ray 47, 107 Roe, Ken 46, 48 Ruoff, Jean 10, 40, 41, 43, 51, 104 Ruoff, Thomas 65 Rusie, Anna 26 Russ, George 12, 46, 48 Rutledge, Nancy 49 S Seniors 92-111 luniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Sadler, Marilyn . 49, 56 Sargeant, Glenn 67 Sater, Gary 73 Sauter, John 39, 40 Schilling, Bir! 39, 66, 75 Schnepf, Carl 58, 59, 64, 75 Sease, David 49 Shanahan, Debbie 133 Shanahan, Michael 40 Shaw, Wayne 8, 9, 16. 19. 39, 40, 58, 59, 78, 98, 110 Shelton, Greg 45 Shepherd, Lane 47 Sherman, Val 47 Sherrod, Beverly 29, 45 Shick, Bodo 59, 68 Shives, Mark 64 Shockley, Pasto 68 Shoemake, Jenny 49 Short, Darrell 59, 64, 70, 72, 75 Shute, Larry 73 Silliman, Debbie 50 Simpson, Randy 65 Smith, Bob 48, 77 Smith, Cassandra 29 Smith. David 58 Smith, Eric 46, 47, 62, 70, 72, 74. 75, 147 Smith, Gary 17 Smith, Gloria 75 Smith, Geoff 42, 43 Smith, John 65 Smith, Rommel 65, 69 Smith, Tom 5, 11, 40, 104 Snoddy, Mike 65 Snyder, !oe 64, 77 Spann, Crawford 62, 68 Spark, Gary 46, 49, 50 Sparks, Mark 31, 49 Spaulding, Sandy 75, 80 Spencer, Leslie 40, 140 Spilmon, Diana 49 Spivey, Kay 49 Stace, Kathy 47 Steele, David 5, 49 Steele, Judy 47, 75. 80, ' 81 Stegemoller, Danny 64 Stegemoller, Dave 59, 62 Stenger, Glenda 47, 125 Stevason, Rick 65 Stevens, Bob 59, 75 Stewart, Tom . 58, 59, ' 119 Stewart, Wendell 14 Stock, Cindy 49 Stofer, Gary 42 Stokes, Donna 75 Stokes, Janice 75 Strain, Duane 49, 50, 69 Strait, Benita 48 Strait, Joletta 12, 29, 47, 118 Strickland, Debbie 47 155 Stroud, Gary 58 Stroud, Patty 15, 35, 38, 40, 50 Stuard, Larry 59, 64, 69, 75 Stubbs. Bob 10, 47, 58, 65 Stuck. Mike 65 Stull, Joyce 6, 40, 47, 54, 112, 150 Sunderland, Alan 58, 77 Sunderland, Carol 64 Sutherlen, Claudia 49, 50 Sutliff. Stuart 6, 47, 49, 112, 144 T Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Taylor, Anita 49 Taylor, Alvis 65 Taylor, Ernest 44, 65, 69 Taylor, Herbie 59, 79 Taylor, Lenny 69 Taylor, Paul 65, 69 Thacker, Terry 65 Thompkins, Don 75 Thompson, Donna 133 Thompson, Cheryl 28, 46, 49 Thompson, Don 58 Thompson, Darryl 19, 47, 49, 58 Thompson, Don 49 Thompson, Pam 41, 49, 75 Thorpe, |eff 65, 69 Thorpe, Steve 65 Tillman, Loretta 17, 25, 34, 38, 40. 46, 53. 142 Tines, Debbie 49 75 Tines, Ethel 15, 34, 49 Tolle, Vickie 49 Tompkins, Don 44 Tremp, Carmen 7, 38, 47, 50 Turner, Martha 49 Tutt, Karlo 64, 68 Tyree, Rick 70, 76 U-V Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Uncles, Diane 75 Underwood, Dan 69 Underwood, Ronald 47 Updike, Peggy 49, 50, 78 Updike, Tim 7, 9, 25, 39, 40, 59, 104 Vandagrifft, David 33 Vandagrifft. Gloria 22 Vincent, Patty 28 W Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Wade, Maria 49, 50 Wade, Wanda 5, 9, 14, 22, 47, 50 Wakefield. Kathy 57, 147 Walker, Charles 59, 62 Walker, Larry 14, 32, 69 Wallace, Charles 62 Walsh, Joe 65 Walton, Charlene 7, 10, 17, 38, 49 Walton, Janet 47 Walton, Tony 5, 47, 49 Wampler, Cathy 49 Ware, Wendall 30, 64 Watness, Bob 58, 64, 68 Watness, Marine!! 9 Watson, Cherr 47, 50 Watson, Ernest 4, 75 Webster, Victoria 31 Weimer, Linda 17 Welsh, Debbie 46, 49, 119 West, Penny 143 Westerfield, Debbie 34, 40 Wheeler, Alice 79 White, Larry 47 White, Nancy 139 White, Mike 65, 69 White, Tony 77 Whitney, Veronica 38, 49 Williams, Carol 43, 47, 48, 118 Williams, John 15, 35, 39, 59, 62, 65 Williams, Mark 73, 77 Williams, Mary 47 Williams, Tom 65 Willis, Terry 59, 62 Wiley, Liz 48 Wilson, Joe 49 Wineinger, Lisa 46 Wingler, Marshall 49 Winstead, Patti 80 Winstead, Terris 68, 75 Wire, Pat 16, 45 Wittenbring, Pam 49, 50 Wolfe, Charles 42, 47, 64, 139 Wolfe, Phyllis 40, 46, 47, 48, 50, 104, 107 Wood, Phil 77 Wooden, David 47, 49 Wollery, Cassie 80 Woolman, Amie 40 Wynalda, Dena 49 Wyatt, Donald 49 Wyss, Phillip 5, 40 Y-Z Seniors 92-111 Juniors 112-118 Sophomores 119-126 Freshmen 127-135 Yates, Tim 16, 30, 47, 59, 66, 75, 110 Yocum, Janis 31, 38, 40, 46 Yocum, Phyllis 38, 47, 48, 49, 119 Zike, David 65 156 Jhe C nd 157 Autographs Autographs Autographs

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