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ttbTam fcnme- FOLLOW ME AND LOOK AT BOOK IlTyfiaum EMMERICH MANUAL TRAINING HIGH SCHOOL © INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA £ c S: « C eJ X s - MANUALITES -es s©- ON THE MOVE IN ' 58 . . . €£22 Library Manual Training High Sch( v 2405 Ma enu Indi ■ ■HH ■■■■■■■ mmum Spirited Redskins Enjoy Manualites are always on the move. They are constantly hurrying and scurrying to make the most of the too-few daytime hours. Much of this time is ■vC- " spent in or about school. Although not many will admit it, most Manualites enjoy school and the many fun-packed activities it provides. This fast-moving tempo makes high school years pass all too quickly. Busy Year at Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS - s SJmmm ACTIVITIES -t PAGE 6 ORGANIZATIONS PAGE 26 ATHLETICS PAGE 42 ALBUM PAGE 62 ADVERTISING PAGE 114 -es School Days Brim It ' s a help for a man to know how to cook, and Manual " chefs " become pretty expert in the culi- nary arts. In Boys Foods Lab, Ron Sanders, Vasco Walton, Lindsey Beal, Kendall Coop, and Bob Jones work together at a pair of " kitchens. " Home Eco- nomics helps prepare many Man- ualites for future homemaking. Art Production, upperclassmen only, is a self-appointed member of the Manual Promotion De- partment. Signs, posters, pro- grams — anything needed for a Manual function is a specialty with this energetic group of art- ists, guided by Miss Gladys Denney. With Preparations for Future Emmerich Manual Training High School, found- ed in 1895 as an industrial training school, has since developed into a regular academic high school, although the name is retained as tradition. More than 150 courses, touching every field, are offered. An excellent shop department, which trains students for good jobs in industry, is still an important part of the school; but college prepara- tory work is now stressed. Manual students can prepare for any college in the United States. Pu- pils, terminating their education with high school, may major in business, home economics, indus- trial arts, music, or fine arts and be well trained for jobs. Supplementing classes, academic clubs add to Manualites ' education because of their co- curricular activities. $» Manual ' s Business Education Department turns out many efficient secretaries. Using the most modern of office equip- ment in our business classrooms, students are well prepared for jobs in up-to-date offices. Having to write a term paper for an English or Social Studies class is good experience for college-bound Redskins or future business men and women. Dona Lang and Tom McKinley check sources for their papers in the Library. Basic 3R ' s, Plus Many Special Subjects, ce? The first week in June is Manual ' s Student Projects Fair. All departments display their products in one big show in the Gym, and everybody comes. Above is a boat lift made in the Industrial Arts Department. BJow, interested Manualites look over the " yard parks " designed by biology students. Learning in our five-year-old modern plant is fun. Just-like-new equipment and large, well-lighted classrooms do much to provide a pleasant atmos- phere. Competent teachers make learning easy and interesting. Our school day consists of eight, 40-minute pe- riods. Most students stay in school the full time, and, even then, it is impossible to take everything desired from the many varied subjects offered. College-bound pupils fill-up their schedules with Manual ' s special college preparatory courses, while pupils ending their education with high school graduation take advantage of this last for- mal training. Academic achievement is rewarded by many sen- iors ' winning scholarships to colleges. Faculty members encourage participation in outside con- tests and projects. During a geometry class, one of numerous mathematical courses offered at Manual, Bob Burton and Mr. Raymond Van Arsdale, instructor, discuss a proposition for the class. Enrich Our Curriculum o Lr. Bruce Pine, a researcher in the development of space apparel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, addresses a chemistry class on the Physiology of Space Travel during his visit to chemistry and math classes at Manual en March 12. Auto Shop, a favorite course for boys owning their own cars, teaches the maintenance of the automobile, and pupils actually delve into the " inners " of cars. Machine Shop pupils prepare for jobs in industrial plants. Learning to use precision machinery has readied many pupils to be tool and die makers. Manual ' s " sharp-looking " ROTC cadets return from Federal In- spection, where they earned an " Honor School " rating. Cadets drill many hours for the event. ROTC Battalion Marches Through Year We Manualites are proud of our outstanding ROTC unit, and are well aware that some 200 boys are cadets when Thursday and Friday roll around. Those are uniform days, and our khaki- clad cadets add a martial flavor to the school. Each Friday, one of the six ROTC sponsors, in red jacket and white skirt, inspects the battalion. This gives the cadets reason for " polishing their brass, " and the boys covet inspection ribbons. During the annual Military Ball, cadet officers receive their commissions and the Queen of the Ball is crowned. On the left, Principal C. Edgar Stahl crowns Queen Sharon Wallace as Pat Brown, ' 57 and a former sponsor, looks on. Sharon later re- ceives congratulations from her court. lit ■ m ROTC cadets have an opportunity to meet many outstanding Army Officers. Here, Maj. Gen. Theodore S. Riggs, command- ing officer, 6th Corps, 5th Army, visits a class with M Sgt. Jack Nunnery. With Polished Precision X5 mr ■o ROTC cadets prepare for the Spring Federal Inspection early in the year — but they always find time for their annual Military Ball. Besides their regular activities, cadets may join the ROTC History Club, Rifle Team, or Drill Team. These special organizations train the boys, not only in military knowledge, but also in leadership and character, and give them interesting contacts. M Sgt. Jack Nunnery outlines some military procedures for the ROTC Hon- orary Cadet officers, Judy Loeper, La- queta Hines, Sara Baker, Sharon Wal- lace, Linda Schulz, and Julie Kistler. 11 Bob Kratoska, chauffeur for the royal " coach, " and Roland Han ' dns, escort, parade around the field with King Paul Frodge and Queen Betty Shaner after their coronation as King Manual VI and his Queen. Thrilled and happy, Paul and Betty return from their crown- ing via the carpeted path to their awaiting convertible. Queen Betty blots tears of joy with her chrysanthemum scepter. Many Grads Troop Back A standing-room-only crowd of present and past Manualites braved the unusually cold weather to witness a " perfect " Homecoming on Septem- ber 27. Preparations for the gala event actually began several days before with the selection of King and Queen candidates by Senior Home Rooms. An all-school vote elected the royal couple, but the outcome was kept secret until their crowning. Finally the big night arrived, and the enthusiastic crowd watched the Redskins roll up a 35-0 lead over Warren Central by the end of the second quarter. Our 85 -piece marching band initiated the half- time ceremonies by presenting a special show and then going into a tepee formation. The twelve candidates were escorted onto the field in six gaily decorated convertibles. Papooses LaRue White and Charles Hoene, smallest girl and boy fresh- men, arriving in the " Smallest " car, a Volks- wagon, carried the crowns. 12 When not performing at a football game, the band occupies reserved seats on the 50 yard line in front of the press box. Near neighbors are the Pep Club and together they provide a lot of noise to boost our team. For Gala Homecoming Pageant J2 w Twin freshman football players, Tom and Dick VanArsdale, rolled out the carpet on which the candidates promenaded to their positions on the field. Tom McCormick and Lois Strong Barnhart, ' 56 royalty, crowned Paul Frodge as King Manual VI and Betty Shaner as his Queen. The exciting game ended with the final score 70-0. It was the largest score for a Manual foot- ball team since 1923 and made this Homecoming one to remember. Freshmen LaRue White and Charles Hoene, traditional Homecoming papooses, start out on the field, bearing the glittering crowns that soon will designate the new royalty. Marked ' Seniors Parade with Class s- s Continuing a 49 year old tradition, the Class of ' 58 donned senior arm bands, stenciled on felt by the Art Production Class, as identifying insignia for Senior Day, October 23. It was a " dress-up " occasion for all seniors, and ribbons in class colors, red and white, and roses were presented each member during Home Room. After school seniors assembled in the Cafeteria for a party with dancing to music by the Manual Dance Band. As a gift to the school, the Class of ' 58 added 15 new speakers to the sound system in the Gym- nasium. Eleven located on the walls and four suspended from the ceiling, will make it possible to have commencement exercises in the Gym in case of bad weather. Used during basketball sea- son and for school assembly programs, this gift has already proved its worth. Senior officers installed by Principal C. Edgar Stahl on Senior Day are Don Kerner, treasurer; Jerry Mayfield, pres- ident; Gary Beplay, vice-pres.; and Carol Driskell, secretary. From the crowd at the Senior Day party in the Cafeteria, it looks as though the ' 58er ' s turned out en masse for their first class activity. Nancy Brandlein serves punch to Gloria Bowers as Dianne Stokes, Ed White, and Neil Whitaker wait their turns. Sandy Lasley assists at the punch table. 14 Principal-for-a-day Don Kerner dictates a letter to his secretary, Janice Moran, who replaced Mrs. Mary J. Spiegel, secretary to the principal. Principal C. Edgar Stahl is the interested on-lool.er. Pupils Act in Faculty Roles for a Day As a feature of National Education Week, Man- ual staged a pupil-teacher " turn-about " day, No- vember 13. Selected seniors assumed the roles of principal, vice-principals, directors, and depart- ment heads. Each " new " official spent the day with his counterpart, learning first hand what the job involved and even conducting some of the business of the day. In many classrooms, pupils who had been briefed beforehand taught the day ' s lessons. Climaxing Student- teacher Day was a punch party in the Cafeteria to which faculty brought their proteges. Everyone agreed the project was fun and worthwhile. Mr. E. Edward Green, Director of Productions, and Mrs. Vivian Siener, Dean of Girls, pause for refreshment at the after-school party with Lin Schulz and Elva Ayers. In The Boo;ter office, always a bu y place, a group of staff members gather ' round to discuss assignments. Libby Hart is at the typewriter, and others are Carolyn Ibaugh, John Hershberger, Phyllis Anderson, Jan Small, Beverly Cundiff, Bill Rhode, Al Ratz, Alice Bennett, and June Kistler. Manual ' s Publications Boost Activities, Record Editorial Board meeting occurs whenever The Booster ' s busy editors can get together. Lin Schulz, Page 2 Editor, Julie Kistler, Page 3 Editor, Don Snider, Sports Editor, and Jan Moran, Editor-in-Chief, make up the Board. 16 Manual ' s weekly newspaper, The Booster, which has backed the school ' s activities since 1912, was again awarded top honors by the three rating services, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, National Scholastic Press Association, and Quill and Scroll. " Sparkling headlines " and " superb editorials " we quote with pride from rating books ' comments. During March and April The Booster promoted a " Safety Campaign, " running numer- ous editorials and features on driver and pedes- trian safety and presenting an Assembly Program skit. This campaign won sixth place and $50 in a national contest. Libby Hart, Teen Star correspondent, interviews Junior Jerry McClain who attends Manual by telephone. Paul Frodge and Laqueta Hines were crowned King Ivan and Queen Ann at the " Pic Parade, " Ivian Dance where underclass pictures are sold. Accomplishments Plans for the 1958 Ivian were formulated at the Indiana University High School Journalism Insti- tute last summer. Editor Teddy Winckelbach and Art Editor Jerry Mayfield carried off second place honors in the " plans " competition among staffs in their book-size division. Hundreds of pictures have been planned, taken, and cropped since that time and copy has been written and rewritten to fit designated spaces and still tell the story of the year. Yearbook staff ' s work ends with the John Henry Hop, this year on June 5, where sub- scribers pick up their books and spend a busy evening exchanging autographs with friends. 5 3- Ss Ivian staff members work on pictures as deadline draws near. Joyce Kennedy, Senior Editor, and Jerry Mayfield, Art Editor, are seated at the table. Standing are Bill Schmidt, Photographer, Don Snider, Sports, Teddy Winckelbach, Editor-in-Chief, Alice Bennett, Faculty Editor, Gary Beplay, Advertising Manager, and John Manwaring, Photographer. 17 At a dress rehearsal Virginia Newbold, Sara Walls, and Ann Stultz perform a cake-walk dance to " Rouge Et Noir. ' the name of one of the perfumes which is being judged during the action of the " Prince of Pilsen. " It is also Music Groups Stage ' Prince of Pilsen ' French maids Jean SafTel, Joyce Quinton, Gloria Hendricks, and Judy Jensen take time out from their chores to sing a chorus of " Keep It Dark. " Gary Beplay as Francois, the head-waiter, laughs heartily with Frank Carson, as Henri the bellhop, over the name of a town which is the home of one of their guests. 18 The Music Department presented " The Prince of Pilsen " by Gustav Luders, as its 1957 operetta on November 22 and 23. Paris provided the setting for the musical comedy, and the plot revolved around the prize-winning scent of the Festival of Perfumes. Charles Lohman and Janis Small played the romantic leads in the production and sang the two most familiar melodies, " Heidelberg Stein Song " and " Message of the Violet. " Several of the parts were double-cast. Distinctive Christmas Trees ' Deck the Halls ' Juniors decorated the tree in the main entrance — a traditional junior class project. Ornaments were unwrapped and hung in the branches as the workers laughed and joked over cokes. The weeks preceding Christmas are busy and ex- citing ones at Manual. Almost every club has a party where gifts are exchanged and seasonal re- freshments are served. Many clubs also have worthwhile projects to help the unfortunate. The music groups are especially active as they enter- tain at community functions. The building is gaily decorated with trees, wreaths, and mistletoe. Highlighting the season is the annual Christmas Auditorium presented by the Music Department and repeated for the December P-TA Meeting. The Publications Office, not to be outdone, made its own tree from newspapers and chicken-wire. " Trimming " the " tree " are Carolyn Brooks, Jim Schulz, and Don Snider. A " singing tree, " formed by the Girls Glee Club, created a beautiful illusion as part of a playlet for the Christmas Auditorium. Action revolved around the tree when it " came to life " by magic. it.,«.M ■ i ' l Br m « Dads, who are members of the Manual Dads ' club, selling popcorn, ice cream and other refreshments, are a welcome sight to the Cheersters in the Pep Club for a pick-me-up during the game and half time. The refreshment stand, also sponsored by the Dads ' Club, is a favorite spot for spectators. Energetic Parents Increase Funds with Fun Decked out in lambs-wool sweaters received for being Dotty and Dan at the Dads ' Club Bean Supper, are Sharon Lahrman and Ron Miller. A typical scene at the annual P-TA " fair " is the gay crowds of games located in the Gym. Another feature is the talent show Moms and Dads lend Manual support with their active organizations, the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion and the Dads ' Club. To buy school equip- ment, pay expenses for summer workshops, and award scholarships, each has money-making proj- ects. The P-TA annually sponsors a fair in the spring, this year the " Hit Parade. " The Dads ' Club projects are the Dotty-Dan-Dad Bean Sup- per and refreshment stands at games. people as they patronize the shopping booths and the all-age which is presented twice during the evening. Surrounded by several members of rheir court, Junior Prom King and Queen take time out to relax. Seated are Linda Loeper, Prom King Dave Miller, Queen Judy Schoenherr, and Marilyn Stroud. Standing are Phyllis Brehob, Bette Pierson, Bob Brock, Bill Hair, Dave Richards, and Margaret Hughes. Gaiety, Laughter Reign at School Dances Among the varied school activities at Manual, perhaps the most thrilling are the dances. Memo- ries of proms and after-game get-togethers will remain with students throughout their lifetime. An evening in Paris is a dream of all teenagers. That dream came true for Manual juniors who attended the Prom at Butler University ' s Ather- ton Center. Paris was its theme! The annual Cherry Tree Hop, to which girls in- vite boys, always comes near Washington ' s birth- day — hence its name and its " royalty, " dubbed Martha and George. Faculty members co-operate with students in planning and arranging for dances, so they are really all-school affairs. Judy Loeper crowns " Martha, " Nancy Nose, as " George, " Don Staples, and Karen Shera look on at the turn-about " Cherry Tree Hop. " The picture below shows part of the festive crowd dancing to music by Vic Knight ' s Band. 21 Grid ' Scholars, ' Band Win Kiwanis Trophies Mr. George Pattison from the Kiwanis Club presents the Scholarship Trophy to Mr. Noah Ellis, football coach. Each boy received a silver belt buckle. Manual ' s football team again won the Down- town Kiwanis Club ' s Football Scholarship Award for the second straight year. Grid teams of all eight city high schools were considered for this award. Manual ' s top 22 " player-scholars " earned a 6.2 average while the next highest team had a 5.6 average. Our marching band, under the direction of Mr. William D. Kleyla, won the Kiwanis " Best Football Band " award for the fourth consecutive year. The trophy was presented at the Downtown Kiwanis Club ' s fourth annual city high school football awards banquet. Judges considered disci- pline, on the field and in the stands; playing — tone, pitch, school song; marching; special ma- neuvers; entertainment value, and general ap- pearance in making their decision. Band officers proudly exhibit their four Kiwanis trophies. They are Captain Dave Brink, seated, Elaine Schultz, Willis Overton, Judy Ferguson, Jim Crose, Don Hoffmann and Judy Schrader. Marching formations were planned in advance on a football field lay-out sheet like the one on the table. Many hours were spent in perfecting the difficult maneuvers. Manual Receives ' Freedoms Foundation ' Award Another honor came Manual ' s way from the Freedoms Foundation — an exclusive honor given to only 50 schools in the United States. A Prin- cipal School Award, which gives a Valley Forge pilgrimage to a teacher and pupil, and a George Washington Honor Medal to the school, was won by Mrs. Edna Gullett, Head of the Social Studies Department. The entry was a large scrap- book with divisions on " Individual Enterprise, " " Business Enterprise, " and " This Is Your Life, John Q. Public, " three projects conducted in Problems classes last year, and also included photographs and tape recordings. Mike Stead- ham, selected on the basis of a social studies test, scholarship, and League of Honor points, accom- panied Mrs. Gullett to Valley Forge, May 3-5. This is Manual ' s second Honor Medal, The Ivian having won one in 1956. Mike Steadham and Mrs. Edna Gullett admire the George Washington Honor Medal, part of the Principal School Award. Students bring honor to Manual by participat- ing in — and often winning — outside, school-ap- proved activities. Among 1958 winners are Teddy Winckelbach, who won the district elimi- nation of the American Legion Oratorical Con- test. Rosalie Swain won honorable mention for her essay, " Vaccine Against Prejudice, " in the B ' nai B ' rith contest, and Judy Neale won second place in the city VFW-sponsored " America ' s Fu- ture Is Up To Youth " essay contest. Participat- ing in the state achievement finals were Allen Schlamp, Margaret Hughes, Karin Dornfeld. Anne Norcross, Charlotte MacMurray, Bill Davis, and Bob Sargeant in Spanish, and Alan Hedegard in mathematics. Teddy Winckelbach delivers her address on the Constitution to a social studies class. 23 Student author-sponsors of Redskin Revue Acts get together for a confab backstage on production problems and rehearsal schedules. They are, seated, Mary Ella Beeman and Don Kerner, and standing, Oma Birl, Jackie Goad, Julie Kistler, Frank Carson, Lin Schulz, and Steve Matthews. Footlight Magic Lures 200 Redskins The smell of grease paint and the thrill of acting enticed some 200 Manualites to participate in the four big acts of the Redskin Revue, annual stu- dent vaudeville, presented March 20 and 21 in our Auditorium. Dancing, singing and " clown- ing " got into each act. In " Anchors Aweigh, " which won the Best Act Award, Nep- tune, Mike Steadham, watches love-sick gobs pretend that their mops are girl dancing partners. Teddy Winckelbach won the Best Girl Performer Award for her performance in " Once a Year Day. " Teddy led a tradi- tional German song, " Das Instruments. " 24 Dave Richards receives the Best Boy Performer trophy for a trumpet solo in " Shufflin ' South, " from Judge Bob Morrison, while Mr. Fred Bennett looks on. In Annual ' Revue ' The Acts for the 1958 show were " Hillbilly Wedding, " by Mary Ella Beeman and Oma Birl; " Shufflin ' South, " by Jackie Goad and Steve Mat- thews; " Once a Year Day, " by Lin Schulz and Julie Kistler; " Anchors Aweigh, " by Roines and directed by Frank Carson and Don Kerner. TOP — Tom VanArsdale and Martha Edmonds laugh at Ron- nie Connor ' s antics in " Hillbilly Wedding. " Ron was named Best Comedian. BOTTOM — Evelyn Lowe and Mary Ella Beeman, Best Comedienne, sing a duet accompanied by Dick Cuthbertson on his guitar. Our Dance Band provided music for all the Acts. Members are FIRST ROW: Charles Yeager, Steve Spacke, Elaine Schultz, Jon Morris, Steve Aikin, Becky Koenig. SECOND ROW: Jane Carter, Dave Brink, Tom Woodward, Dave Richards, John Bennett, Wayne Niehaus, Don Hoffmann, Tom Fisher, Ronald Evans, and Mr. William Kleyla, director. : r i - v Organizations Provide Many After-school activities round out a busy life at Man- ual. Deserving students are elected to honoraries; others join groups of pupils who share mutual inter- ests. Our conference periods are filled with club meetings, music rehearsals, and play practices. These organizations help us gain experience in shouldering responsibility and in cooperating with others. 26 Fun-Filled Hours Top Scholars Gain Honor Posts The Senior Honorary organizations, Masoma for girls and Roines for boys, have as their purpose service to Manual. Masomas serve at athletic banquets and teas, and sponsor parties for fresh- man girls. Roines boys help with the program on Alumni night. At Christmas they build a huge evergreen wreath which they suspend over the windows above the main entrance of the building. For a new project this year they gave freshmen a helping hand by supervising a ninth hour study hall. Each organization concentrates on helping freshmen adjust to high school and on assisting faculty, students, and guests. Roines Members Mike Steadham and Allen Medlock play " teacher " for Freshmen Judy Deer and Bill Schmidt in Roines Study Hall. Now in its third year at Manual, the National Honor Society initiated 17 seniors and 17 juniors this year. Announced in an auditorium program April 16, new members were formally installed Sunday, April 27, with a reception afterwards for the members and their families, friends, teach- ers, and other guests. Membership in the organi- zation is based on character, scholarship, leader- ship, and service. The Manual Chapter, sponsored by Miss Mary Anna Rose, has the Flaming Torch as its symbol. ROINES— FRONT ROW: Mr. Richard Blough, sponsor, Bob Snoddy. SECOND ROW: Joe Bailey, Don Hoffmann, Frosty Cooper. THIRD ROW: Bill Phillips, Mike Steadham, Allen Medlock. FOURTH ROW: Russ Cooper, Dick Mills, David Brink. FIFTH ROW: Larry Hamner, Don Kerner, Frank Carson. SIXTH ROW: Gary Beplay, Richard Spear, Ed Schaefer. SEVENTH ROW: Tony Uuk, Ervin Bultman, Benny Townsend. 28 MASOMA— FRONT ROW: Janice Moran, Glenda Cobb, Phyllis Anderson, Helen Webb, Betty Shaner, Teddy Winckel- bach, Miss Elizabeth Goett, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Cathy Berger, Jerry Mayfield, Judy Griffith, Jewel Vaughn, Judy Jensen, Linda Bloemker. THIRD ROW: Elva Ayers, Livia Saulgozis, Billie Sue Clark, Judy Ziegler, Janalene Powell, Linda Schulz, Sandra Lasley. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Stewart, Gloria Bowers, Janice Estes, Libby Hart, Sharon Wallace, Joyce Kennedy, Carolyn Winstead. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY members, elected in their junior year, prepare the torch for initiation of new members. Pictured are Janice Moran, David Brink, Helen Webb, Joe Bailey, Teddy Winckelbach, Mike Steadham, Judy Ziegler, Miss Mary Anna Rose, sponsor, and Carolyn Winstead. 29 Manualites jitterbug to a late record hit at an after-game dance. Basketball fans enjoy this chance to relax and sip cold cokes after witnessing the nerve-wracking action in the gym. SAB Backs Activities Student Affairs Board, Manual ' s student council group, concerns itself with student welfare. Mem- bers, elected from all four classes, act as " go- betweens " for Manualites and administrators. Working closely with the Board is a Council made up of one representative from each Home Room. This group helps the Board carry out its activities. Special project this year was an all- school Clean-up Campaign the last of April. The Board regularly sponsors after-game dances, freshman mixers, and supervises various all- school elections throughout the year. €5S (£J j±£ STUDENT AFFAIRS BOARD— SEATED around the table are: Phyllis Brehob, Sue Hawley, Roberta Perkins, Sandie Steele, Mitzi Muse, Betty Shaner, Laqueta Hines, Paul Frodge, Steve Wright, Tony Uuk, Judy Schrader, Connie McCubbins, Viivi Uuk, Nancy Brandlein. STANDING are: Bill Willsey, Larry Sexton, Jim Mahan, Keith Nave, Alan Foster, Russ Cooper, Jack Stanley, Joe Bailey, Mr. John T. Edwards and Mr. John W. Patten, sponsors. 30 Quill and Scroll Cites ' Best ' Journalists QUILL AND SCROLL— FRONT ROW: Jerry Mayfield, Phyllis Anderson, Julie Kistler, Teddy Winckelbach. SECOND ROW: June Kistler, Don Snider, Linda Schulz, Alice Bennett, Karen McDonnell. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Jane H. Gable, spon- sor, Billie Sue Clark, Gloria Bowers, Joyce Kennedy, Janice Moran, Mike Steadham. FOURTH ROW: Janis Small, Ji m Schulz, John Hershberger, Gary Beplay, Libby Hart, Mrs. Rosemary Lewis, sponsor. Manual journalists who do outstandi ' i work on school publications are honored by election to our chapter of Quill and Scroll, International Honorary for High School Journalists. To be eligible a student must be a junior or senior and have been on a staff for at least a year. Cub Club, which meets every Monday afternoon for a " workshop " session in the Publications Office, is for freshmen and sophomores inter- ested in publications work. These " cub reporters " receive instruction in newswriting, proof reading, headlining, and other phases of newspaper pro- duction. Several times this year they concen- trated their efforts and produced feature stories that were used in The Booster. CUB CLUB— SITTING: Mary Jane Winstead, Karin Dornfeld, Judy Harris, Paula Williams, Judy Stuart, Nora- mae Branham, Cynthia Eggert, Carol Hoeping. STANDING: Carolyn Risinger, Phyllis Heavrin, Nicky Ferris, Mary Lou Hoeping, Nadine Faughn, Lori Davis, Mrs. Rosemary Lewis. 31 MASK AND WIG— FRONT ROW: Martha Edmonds, Sharon Basey, Pat Vaught, Helen Webb, Judy Norcross, Ruth Muir, Alice Bennett. SECOND ROW: Sharon Sarkine, Judy Harris, Paula Williams, Evelyn Lowe, Betty Jones, Bonnie Burton, Diana Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Wayne Mullen, Fred Kortepeter, Winnie Manwaring, Joan Scholl, Helen Mobley, Mrs. Sondra Blau, sponsor, Ronald Waugh. Stage-Struck Pupils Believe Tlay ' s the Thing ' The saying " There ' s a little ' ham ' in everyone " proves itself in Manual pupils who join in dra- matic activities. Members of Mask and Wig gain experience by participating in plays both for their own group ' s meetings, and for public per- formances. The big spring play was " If Girls Asked Boys for Dates. " Seniors go out for their Class Play; this year ' s was " Curious Savage. " Membership in National Thespians, honorary for dramatics students, is gained by an accumu- lation of points from public appearances, speak- ing, acting, or singing. Mr. E. Edward Green, Director of Productions, sponsors this group. NATIONAL THESPIANS— SEATED: Helen Webb, Alice Bennett, Norva Lintecum, Martha Edmonds. STANDING: Billie Sue Clark, Betty Shaner, Linda Bloemker, Nancy Brandlein. 32 STAGE CREW members are shown above in their professionally equipped workroom stretching muslin over a flat to be used in the Redskin Revue. Workers clockwise around the work table are Jim Jones, Leslie Shotts, David Teepe, Bob Swartz, Steve Spacke, Larry Jones, Arnold Dale. The flat was later painted to be part of a cabin for " Hillbilly Wedding, " and stored away for future use. Crew Makes Sure Show Goes On Manual ' s back-stage crews, the indispensable but often unsung heroes of the theatre, are active, willing, efficient workers. Stage crafters, sound technicians, and electricians are behind every program presented all year. " Flats " and other scenery are made by the stage crew. These are stored after being used in the stage craft room for future productions. The lights for our well- equipped stage are easily operated from the large control panel. The sound crew not only sets up " mikes " in the Auditorium and adjusts the vol- ume, but also controls the public address system for the whole school and takes care of the sound system in the Gymnasium. Steve Spacke patiently awaits the signal before pulling a switch at the light control board. Levers on the huge panel control footlights, houselights, overheads, and banks. 33 Y Groups Active in Model United Nations Tri-Hi-Y — FIRST ROW: Lib Hart, president; Sharon Wallace, treasurer; Jan Moran, Sgt. at Arms; Phyllis Anderson, vice-pres.; Carole Ziegler, chaplain; Judy Ziegler, sec. SECOND ROW: Betty Lester, Betty Joan Mcintosh, Sandra Lohman, Joyce O ' Neal, Ruth McCaslin, Alice Bennett, Sandra Rullman. THIRD ROW: Livia Saulgozis, Merrilyn Lindley, Sharon Sarkine, Wanda Bailey, Judy Atkins, Marcia Walker. Gathered around Steve Tressler to discuss plans for the Model UN are Hi-Y members William Hogue, Kenny Yarber, Mr. Roy Calder, sponsor, David Fagg, John Garnett, Jim Jones. Members of Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y, clubs affiliated with the YMCA, participate in the Model United Nations each spring. Students are registered as delegates from the member nations, dress in cos- tume appropriate to their " native lands, " and meet in regular UN sessions at the State House. Simulating United Nations ' business meetings, these delegates make speeches (sometimes in foreign tongues that require translators) and debate current questions. This year some 20 Man- ualites attended the four-day session which closed with a dinner at Southside Y. Manual ' s Y groups (Y-Teens is a third) have regular bi-weekly meetings after school. Their purpose is to foster Christian living and promote friendship. As a money-making project to help defray expenses for the Model UN, Tri-Hi-Y sells Manual derbies to Sectional fans. Made of red or white felt and sporting a feather in the other color, these have become " official " headgear for Manual rooters. 34 Clubs Link to Classes Many of our extra-curricular activities tie in well with academic classes. Tops among these are the Odd Number Club, for pupils interested in cre- ative writing, the Swords Club, for those wishing to develop better vocabularies, the Spanish Club, for students of Spanish desiring extra practice in conversational Spanish, the Radio Speech Club, for would-be-broadcasters trying their " wings, " and, new this year, the Ho nor Science Club. The Honor Science Club planned and directed Manual ' s Science Fair on April 23 for which close to 100 pupils developed and exhibited projects. Numerous visitors from other departments, trooped through the labs to inspect the exhibits. Junior Kay Kleifgen explains the project with which she won a third place in the Regional Science Fair to Senior Bill Phillips, president of the Honor Science Club. Kay also received a blue ribbon at Manual ' s Science Fair. Shown in the studio of station WMHS, Manual ' s own broadcasting station, are Helen Webb and Chuck Huppert. Helen awaits Chuck ' s signal to begin her broadcast as other members of the Radio Speech Club observe from the adjoining classroom. Mrs. Mildred Haskens sponsors this group which broadcasts twice daily. 35 CHOIR — FRONT ROW: Joyce Sullivan, Judy Norcross, Ruth Muir, Linda Bloemker, Patty Smith, Frances Stewart, Ann Stultz, Martha Edmonds, Ruth White, Al Pittman, Teddy Winckelbach. SECOND ROW: Fred Dindinger, Marjorie Noe, Shirley Hanlon, Rosemary Nerge, Gary Wilkinson, Beverly Brady, Donna Barker, Judy Brandon, Bonita Creager, Carolyn Kelley, Grace Schreiber, Linda Loeper. THIRD ROW: Freddie Mae Moore, Georgann Coldren, June Kistler, Barbara Shoults, Thelma Sue Dick, Robert Whiteside, Chris Blumhardt, Donna Brown, Evelyn Lowe, Joseph A. Gerber, Muriel Huckaby, Tom Lex. FOURTH ROW: Mike Kelly, Lanny Gerber, Sandra Eggert, Louise Holle, Janis Small, Viivi Uuk, Wayne Mullen, Linda Bulthaup, Bonnie Spreen, Judy Palmer, Paul Yarber, Marilyn Stroud, Jon Morris. FIFTH ROW: Dave Sprague, Chuck Huppert, John Foster, William White, David L. Smith, Dick Swallow, Roger Witt, Bill Nichols, Gary Beplay, Gerald Peats, John D. Hershberger, Willis Overton, Harold Webb Jr., Tony Staples, David Chappell, James Crose. Many Voices Blend to Say It with Music GLEE CLUB — FRONT ROW: Saundra Rimman, Judy Hunley, Brenda Shoopman, Carolyn Mustard, Karin Dornfeld, Judy Loeper, Sonja Keating, Betty Shaner, Sandie Steele, Donnetta Ritter. SECOND ROW: Linda Worrell, Rita Perkinson, Brigitte Kirstein, Julie Kistler, Arleen Taylor, Gloria Hendricks, Barbara Downham, Rebecca Koenig, Nancy Smith, Sara Walls, Sara Baker, Jackie Brackett. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Hofmann, Judy Jensen, Carolyn Hulett, Rita Woolsey, Phyllis Lynch, Nancy Ferguson, Sandra Lasley, Sandie Abbott, Charlene Chapman, Mary Winstead, Barbara Hale, Mary Creasey, Nancy White, Virginia Newbold. FOURTH ROW: Leora Micks, Carolyn Taylor, Jean Saffell, Bertie Saffell, Sandra Kay Wesley, Carolyn Galyan, Carolyn Bunnell, Judy Ziegler, Carolyn Brooks, Trudie Sheridan, Carole Archer, Joann Scholl, Norma Hen- dricks, Karen Shera, Joyce Quinton. FIFTH ROW: Sandy White, Sue Ennis, Sandra Bredy, Carolyn Gobble, Rita Boone, Arthena Smith, Judy Ferguson, Kathryn MacKinnon, Winnie Manwaring, Janet Dell, Janice Estes, Norva Jean Lintecum, Carolyn Brewer, Mary Hawthorne, Sandy Townsend, Jackie Massey. Vocalists Harmonize For ' Note ' -able Events Manual students who like to sing may sign up for Chorus, offered by the Music Department. Stu- dents are picked from these classes for the two large performing groups, the Choir and the Girls ' Glee Club. Both organizations have select en- sembles, the Manualairres from the Choir, and the Glee-ettes from the Glee Club, who sing for programs where a small group is needed. All groups are busy throughout the year singing for school, civic, and church functions. They com- bine efforts for the operetta, presented in the fall, the Christmas Auditorium, and the May Music Festival. A half-credit is given, and par- ticipants also receive League of Honor points. MANUALAIRRES — FRONT ROW: Martha Edmonds, Linda Schulz, Teddy Winckelbach. SECOND ROW: Elva Ayers, Judy Palmer, June Kistler, Linda Bloemker. THIRD ROW: Muriel Huckaby, Tom Woodward, Chuck Huppert, Frank Carson. FOURTH ROW: Dave Chappell, Gary Beplay, Bill Nichols, Tony Staples. GLEE-ETTES singing for the Booster ' s Safety Campaign are FRONT ROW: Judy Hunley, Becky Koenig, Arleen Taylor, Brigette Kirstein, Judy Loeper, Brenda Shoopman, Julie Kistler, Virginia Newbold, Gloria Hendricks, Jackie Brackett, Linda Worrell, Betty Shaner, Sandie Steele, Donnetta Ritter. SECOND ROW: Janice Estes, Janet Stout, Judy Ferguson, Sandra Lasley, Margie Orrell, Joann Scholl, Barbara Hale, Trudie Sheridan, Charlene Chapman, Sandy White, Nancy Ferguson, Judy Jensen, Carolyn Taylor, Joyce Quinton. 37 " I ' ve never seen a girl drum major who could command a band as well, " remarked a judge at the Indiana Music Association Marching Contest, about Manual ' s Drum Major Judy Ferguson. Judy learned her best " twirling tricks " at Drum Major Camp last summer. Our ' Hit ' Paraders Make Band Flashy Buck, Manual ' s Spirity of Victory, owned and ridden by Junior Jerry Isaacs, charges through the Band at the start of a show bearing Jerry in authentic Indian regalia. In front of the Band, struts Jewel Vaughn, feature twirler. An impressive sight! GZj LSa 5M n?Ja i2»ij Manual ' s " Best Band, " cited for the fourth straight year by the Downtown Kiwanis Club, put in many hours of practice and actual per- formance. Besides the extravagant half-time foot- ball shows in the fall, the Band led parades, and participated in contests, carrying off top honors in every case. During the winter months, it became a Concert Band. Our 42-piece Orchestra, directed by Miss Priscilla Smith, played for auditorium programs, Senior Vespers, and presented a concert with the Choir. Indian princess twirlers are Mary Whitney, Mary Van Deventer, Carol Kemp, Nancy Brandlein, Vin- cena Hughett, and Bette Pierson. BAND — FRONT ROW: Miri am St. Clair, Jeanette Chapell, Rebecca Koenig, Judy Ferguson, Nancy Brandlein, Netia Royer, Gloria Bowers, Judith Schrader, Nancy Ferguson, Bette Pierson. SECOND ROW: Steve Spacke, Charles S. Yager Jr., Oma Birl, Marilyn Burge, Jewel Vaughn, Judith Hunley, Larry Sexton, Margie Orrell, Nancy Day, Jack Simpson, Barbara Scott, Judy Crouch, Marylin Evans, Jim Schulz, Janice Moran, Mary Whitney. THIRD ROW: Patricia Stacy, Vincena Hugh- ett, Lydia Brasher, Sharon Rash, Mary VanDeventer, Marianna Pierson, Willis Overton, David Brink, Jane Carter, Thomas J. Woodward, David Richards, Paul Goss, Dennis Jackson, Tom Henninger, Virdon Reeves, Stephen D. Aikin, James Crose, Betty Shaner, Roderic Trabue, Jon Morris, Beverly Louks, Elaine Schultz. FOURTH ROW: Lee Foster, Jim Peters, Car- olyn Creasser, Linda Vehling, Nancy Jenkins, Dave Jones, Brenda Krick, Louis Rigney, Mary Joan Kemp, Phillip E. Faller, David M. Lewallen, John D. Hershberger, Sandra White, Edwin A. Schultz, Charles Wallace, Kenneth E. St. Clair, Edward Shafer, Donald Miller, Ronald Evans. FIFTH ROW: Samuel Monroe, Michael Pearce, Tom Fisher, Jerry Isaacs, John Ben- nett, Jackie Kennedy, Wayne Niehaus, Terry McDonnell, Donald Hoffmann. Instrumentalists Keep Manual at High Pitch ORCHESTRA— FRONT ROW: Ron Conner, Anne Norcross, Kay Kleifgen, Willodyne Quarles, Rita Boone, Sharon Hare, John Danek, Sandra Hoffmann. SECOND ROW: Gloria Harvey, Judy Norcross, Ruth Muir, Pat Hogue, Miriam St. Clair, Becky Koenig, Steve Spacke, Oma Birl, Nancy Ferguson, Jan Moran, Gloria Jacobs, Ruth White. THIRD ROW: Mary Whitney, Mary Ella Beeman, Martha Edmonds, Agris Petersons, Howard Langford, Barbara Schwartz, Linda King, Violet West- erfield, Gloria Dewey, Larry Sexton, Margie Orrell, Nancy Day, Jack Simpson, Jane Carter, Dave Brink, Don Hoffmann. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Evans, Phil Faller, Leo Canfield, Shirley Holman, Margie Williams. President Sharon Wallace discusses Future Teacher Club business with a group of the club members. FRONT ROW: Judy Ziegler, Gloria Coverstone, Sherry Braun. SECOND ROW: Gary Beplay, Viivi Uuk, Carole Ziegler, Lib Hart. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Barbara Fetta, sponsor, Mike Steadham, Phyllis Anderson. Members Preview Careers for Future Guidance for planning our futures is an impor- tant part of our educational activities at Manual. Clubs in our extra-curricular program that help us really know about vocations and avocations are popular. Future Teachers of America plans activities in- tended to show members what the teaching pro- fession is like from the teacher ' s side of the desk and, consequently, to assist them in deciding whether they want to prepare for the profession when they go on to college. What girl ' s fondest dream isn ' t to have a home of her own some day? Future Homemakers is for all girls. New this year, not only at Manual but nation- wide, is Future Social Workers. In fact, Manual ' s club is the first of its kind. As such, its installa- tion was sponsored by the Indianapolis Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, who provided a die for club pins and presented pins to the charter members. Sponsors are Miss Helen Negley and Mr. John Krueger, with Mrs. Martha-Belle Morgan as adviser. Linda Dill serves punch to Mrs. Sondra Blau and Miss Helen Negley at the organization meeting for the Future Social Workers, March 13. Two other charter members, Donna Losey and Beth Ann Tucker, are standing by. Mr. Joe Marchese, Indianapolis Health and Welfare Council, spoke to some forty persons attending. 40 Everyone at Manual can say he is a member of the Junior Red Cross because each year, when the drive for funds takes place, all students con- tribute. However, Manual has an active Junior Red Cross Club which participates in the activi- ties set up for such groups by the Indianapolis Red Cross Chapter. Among its interesting projects is the designing and making of table center pieces for special-occasion dinners at the Veterans ' Hospital. Our club has been com- mended several times for its clever, well-exe- cuted table decorations, and these have been displayed as examples for other groups to follow. In Club Programs Putting finishing touches to a Thanksgiving table center piece are Junior Red Cross members, Freshman Carolyn Farmer, Junior Becky Mitchell, president, and Senior Ruth McCaslin. Future Homemakers served refreshments when they ribboned new members at the regular March meeting. " Pouring " at the punch bowl is Treasurer Glenda Cobb. Other girls are Charlene Hodges, vice-president, Jacqueline Swatts, Nancy Reese, and Barbara Helm, new pledges, and Lori Davis, president. Mrs. Rovene Yeager is sponsor. 41 SEC. 5 £?J?y Rompin ' Redskins Boast From the first touchdown in the Fall, through the action-packed basketball season, to the last home run in the Spring, Manual ' s Redskins are right there fight- ing all the time. Manual fans, who yell their hearts out for their " big " teams whether they win or lose, almost burst with pride at the impressive records chalked up this year. It ' s been tops all the way! 42 © £1 ' 9 ' .;♦ - . ' » -» v TE £ « .3) X jS V if i i .-SV JUL ' Winning Seasons . . . B- co ®- -co CO 43 Best Gridiron Team in Twenty-five Years VARSITY FOOTBALL— FRONT ROW: Coach Noah Ellis, Ronnie Sanders, Bill Willsey, Dave Miller, Dave Enright, Lindsey Beal, Bob Wallace, Leon Harris, Charles Lohman, Earl McCombs, Bob Klein, Alan Maviry, Jim Mahan, Coach Fran- cis Moriarty. SECOND ROW: Ed White, Mike Eskitch, John Stafford, John Manwaring, Ray Schultz, Keith Nave, Nick Scheib, Don Kerner, Dave Boyle, Steve Wright, Ken Graves, Dennis Jackson, Alan Foster. Football headlined Manual ' s fall sports calendar. Coach Noah Ellis guided the Redskin Eleven to their most successful season in over 25 years, with a 7-2 record. Washington applied an early sea- son loss, but the never-say-die Redskins stayed in the city championship race down to the wire. The Manual gridmen, featuring a light, but fast squad, scalped Sacred Heart, September 6, for their first win in an opener since 1950. Leon Harris, promising 175-pound freshman halfback, scored three touchdowns in the 42-12 triumph. Washington won 12-0, despite having their backs to the wall nearly three quarters. Once the ' Skins marched to the Continental two-yard line only to be stopped. " Fired up " over the Washington loss, Manual trampled Howe 37-6, the following Friday. Dave Miller, junior halfback, scored three times in the annual Dads ' Night game. Eight Redskins scored touchdowns, as the Ellis- men gave a homecoming crowd something to 44 talk about, massacring Warren Central, 70-0. It was the highest point-total by a Manual team since 1923- Chosen as the Manual gridders ' most valuable player this year was Dave Enright, team captain and fullback. Thrills Redskin Fans " Hitting the road " for three games, the ' Skins defeated Southport, 26-0, Ben Davis, 45-6, and Shortridge, 21-19- Returning home, tough Crispus Attucks formed the next opposition. The Redskins led all the way in a 13-6 victory. The Ellismen wrapped up the season at Broad Ripple, going into the game with a mathematical chance to capture their first city championship in 31 years and riding high on a six-game winning streak. But Ripple put a 27-0 damper on Manual hopes with Tech grabbing the title. 2S t Larry Hall, sophomore quarterback, is downed by two Warren Central tacklers. T Dave Boyle (45), Leon Harris (51), Dennis Jackson (52), and Kenny Graves (49) close in on a Washington gridder. Washington, one of the top teams in city competition, handed Manual one of our two defeats, 12-0. P ' T N B k 1 ■| j| v m " 4Mn i!M 8LdSi 1 A Ih|Hf 1 , • W i ft ' 1 l fc . LI -T i F k mWbi " TB » ♦» IV ' fe w " -. • ' - " j Kenny Graves, junior fullback, is stopped by a Warren tackier after gaining valuable yardage. Below, Leon Har- ris, freshman halfback, is tripped-up by a Warren Warrior. Dick Pasch, sophomore end, is downed by a Shortridge Blue Devil. Future Hopes Bright John Stafford, 185 -pound junior tackle, won an all-city berth at guard; and Dave Enright, full- back and team captain, was chosen " most valu- able player. " With only nine seniors, and with sixteen under- classmen earning letters, Manual ' s grid future looks bright. Varsity Football Manual Opponent 42 Sacred Heart 12 Washington 12 37 Howe 6 70 Warren Central 26 Southport 45 Ben Davis 6 21 Shortridge 19 13 Crispus Attucks 6 Broad Ripple 27 46 As Reserves Show Well, Frosh Take ' City ' FRESHMAN FOOTBALL— FRONT ROW: John Schoefield, Bob Skaggs, Ronnie Collins, Ronnie Curren, Dave Scheib, Dave Vastine, Ronnie Fritch, Jim Thorpe, John Hurt. Jerry Welch. SECOND ROW: Jerry Flake, Bob Howell, Ernie Wilson, Joe Cummins, Tom VanArsdale, Dick Foran, Dick VanArsdale, Larry Short, Jerry Carter, Lester Summers, Coach Lou Parnell. THIRD ROW: Armon Cobb, Joe Gerber, Jim Peters, Joe Shaw, Bill Green, Ed Stiegelmeyer, Richard Cummings, John Anderson, Victor Rolf, Roy McCubbins, Don Flanders, Scott Hoereth, and Bill Bloemker. RESERVE FOOTBALL— FRONT ROW: Coach Harold Bennett, Coach Jack Johns, Charles Kattau, Dick Rasdell, Lanny Gerber, Fred Clossey, Vasco Walton, Dick Wallace, Dick Pasch, Jim Wray. SECOND ROW: Dick Patterson, Max Money- han, Bob Jefferies, Rex Cummings, Jim Kautsky, Mike Kelley, Gerry Streeval, Don Shotts, Larry Shaner, Gary Bough, Don Riggin. 47 Boys Blend with Girls In ' Raising Roof Supervised by the cheerleaders, the organized Girls Pep Club sits in a block at both football and basketball games and performs its routines of colorful cheers. During football season, mem- bers dressed in white sweatshirts with red em- blems. For basketball season, white mits with red backs were added, and at the last game before Christmas, Santa Claus (Mike Steadham) came out during the half and presented red headbands and feathers to the Pep Club girls. Not to be outdone, the Lettermen ' s Club formed a Pep Club for boys, adding a bass note to the cheers. Lined up on the bleachers — Girls Pep Club, Pep Band, Boys Pep Club — the whole outfit really made themselves heard. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Judy Neale, Marjorie Hart- ley, Sandy Steele, and Carolyn Ibaugh. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS— FRONT ROW: Roberta Perkins, Bonnie McKinney, Jan Stevenson, Gloria Coverstone. BACK ROW: Alice Hughes, Linda Hansen, Sherry Braun. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS — Backing Manual ' s big teams were Sandra Lasley, Judy Schoenherr, Sonja Keating, and Bob Walker. Adding an Indian flavor for the Redskins were Princess Sue Hawley in her gray beaded buckskin Indian outfit and Indian War Dancer Nicky Ferris. 33 ■ « 13 v.,1 SHf ' 14 ' 44 ' .38 ' 7 W j 48 CROSS COUNTRY — FRONT ROW: Marty Baron, Larry Walker, Billy Snead, Willard Miller, Larry Sexton, Bob ' Snoddy, Ronald Crook, Ben Townsend, Erv Bultman, Tony Uuk. SECOND ROW: Manager Al Pitman, Ed Zaenglein, Larry Woods, Fred Larmore, Bill Bordon, Eugene Sims, Lee Foster, Dick Mills, Dave Sauter, Dennis Armour, Chuck Creasy, Roland Hankins, Alan Hedegard, Larry Hamner, John Most, Tim McGuire, Ralph Wischmeyer, Coach Jack Foster. Cross Country Men Train on Long Track Manual ' s " unsung heroes, " the cross country runners, go through their paces each Fall running the two-mile course both as a competitive sport and to get in shape for other athletics. Garfield Park offers ample running space for the Redskin distance-men to practice in their red sweat clothes after school. A good winning time in a meet is between 10 and 11 minutes. Jack Foster, head coach, had 17 boys out for the varsity squad and nine boys running on the fresh- man team. Against competition the Redskin thinlies com- piled a .500 percentage over the season, winning four and losing four. Bob Snoddy, a senior and a veteran at running the distance races, paced the ' Skins during the campaign. Tony Uuk and Erv Bultman, also seniors, and Marty Baron, sopho- more, were among Manual ' s top runners. Bob Snoddy (38), Marty Baron (37), Tony Uuk and Erv Bultman (in background) turn on the speed on the last stretch of their two mile run. 49 H ' " ' S v|r4 - HP i P J ' v w ■ ,, N ,-y MS i ■ v: w : Mr A l «V .:--4 v r- ik ■ ■ Mr f- V H ' m nr ' im 1 ■ Bp - :: jjj ilt. : - P M " - ' t ' - ' : S »( H Ron Miller (white jersey) and a Howe eager scramble for a loose ball as Ray Schultz (32) and Erv Bultman (12) prepare for action. Tall Team Tallies From top to bottom the 1957-58 basketball sea- son was a success at Manual. Every team from the varsity on down to the eighth grade compiled winning records. The varsity squad, coached by Dick Cummins, chalked up their best record in over 15 years as the Redskins won 14 of 22 contests. The Cumminsmen opened the season, flooring one of the tallest outfits in the state. Three start- ers measured 6-4 and two stood at 6-2. This was one of the main reasons they won six of their first seven games, including a victory over sectional runnerup, Ben Davis. VARSITY BASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: Tim McGuire, Alan Foster, Ron Wood, John Stafford, Keith Nave, Bob Edwards. SECOND ROW: Ron Miller, Ray Schultz, Tony Uuk, Erv Bultman, Benny Townsend, Coach Dick Cummins. 50 14-8 Season, Lose Only Two Seniors RESERVE BASKETBALL— FRONT ROW: Roger Wright, Vasco Walton, Ed Zaenglein, Larry Hall, Bill Bloemker. SECOND ROW: Ron Wood, Roger Wood, Ralph Wischmeyer, Dick Foran, Agris Petersons, Charles Mercer, Coach Woody McBride. However, a five-game losing skein at midseason hit the ' Skins. Instilling new confidence and jug- gling his lineup, Cummins worked his cagers back into contention by Sectional time with a 68-61 triumph over a tough Scecina team. Manual ran away from Washington in the fourth quarter in their first sectional tilt, but Broad Rip- ple eliminated the Redskins, 71-61, in the second round of tournament action. From the ten boys who dressed for the sectional, only Erv Bultman and Ben Townsend will grad- uate. Bultman was the team ' s leading scorer and received the MVP award. Townsend won the free throw trophy and Ray Schultz, a 6-4 junior, was named to the all-sectional team. t Ray Schultz scores an easy lay-up against Wash- ington ' s Continentals. 51 LEFT — Ervin Bultman (12) attempts a tip-in against Harry E. Wood High. RIGHT — Keith Nave (24) reaches high for this rebound as the Redskins conquered Harry E. Wood. Woodchucks are Bill Pate (5) and Joe Pinner (22). Ron Miller (34) dribbles into a pack of North Central Panthers and Ray Schultz readies for action. Varsity Basketball Manual Opponent 77 Lawrence Central 44 49 Cathedral 50 68 Warren Central 44 72 Sacred Heart 26 52 Ben Davis 50 52 Harry E. Wood (city tourney) 50 55 Tech (city tourney) 65 45 Broad Ripple • 61 52 Crispus Attucks 67 39 Columbus 54 54 Tech 61 56 Washington 50 46 North Central 45 56 Harry E. Wood 51 67 Greenfield 52 48 Shortridge 64 73 Howe 58 68 Scecina Memorial 61 53 Southport 51 61 Washington (sectional) 54 61 Broad Ripple (sectional) 71 Best-Ever Freshmen Win City Tourney Manual ' s reserve and freshman basketball teams were also blessed with highly successful seasons. " Woody " McBride ' s B-team turned in a fine 12- won, 8-lost record and Harold Bennett ' s rhinies were city champs, compiling a 21-2 mark. The freshmen were especially promising since Tom and Dick VanArsdale, 6-1 twin brothers, moved up to the varsity squad and dressed for the sectional near the latter part of the campaign. Leon Harris, Larry Short, and Jim Cummings were promoted to the reserve squad. Only Sacred Heart and Howe administered the Frosh ' s two defeats. 2 3- % es Ray Schultz displays perfect form as he cons to a field goal in the Wood game. Tony Uuk (54) and Ron Miller (right) have their eyes set on a rebound if the shot is missed. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: Ronald Collins, student manager; Armen Cobb, Dick VanArsdale, Tom VanArsdale, Larry Short, Leon Harris, Larry Lindley, student manager. SECOND ROW: Coach Harold Bennett, Ernest Wil- son, Frank Minardo, Steve Smith, Billy Snead, Larry Sexton, Dave Scheib, John Aldrich. THIRD ROW: Lee Foster, Jim Cum- mings, Joe Cummins, Ed Stiegelmeyer. 53 . Jack Foster guided the Manual grapplers to a fine season winning six and losing seven, but facing some of the state ' s best competition. The team also placed seventh in the state finals and showed signs of flashiness mixed with confidence. The Redskin wrestlers placed three boys in the state finals with Bill Andrews, a 120-pound junior, taking a state championship for the sec- ond straight year. Jim Mahan, 133-pound junior, placed third in the finals, and Scott Frazier, 95- pound sophomore, wrestled his way to fourth. Six underclassmen qualified for the state wrestling region- al. They are: FRONT ROW: Scott Frazier, Ron Curran, Bill Andrews. (SECOND ROW) Marty Baron, Jim Mahan, Ken Graves. Manual Wrestlers Place Seventh in State Merle Sowert, 145 pound grappler, climbs atop a Howe opponent in a contest held in the wrestling room of the boys ' gym. Sowert pinned his foe as the Redskins won by a lopsided score. 54 WRESTLING — FRONT ROW: Manager Bob Denneman, Mike Eskitch, Jim Wray, Larry Shaner, Jim Mahan, Rockne Curren, Marty Baron, Ray Turner, Ronnie Curren, Scott Frazier, Tom Morwick, Fred Wicker. SECOND ROW: Coach Jack Johns, Billy VanBibber, Joe Gerber, Walter Oliver, George Henry, Larry Calvert, Don Shotts, Larry Mitchell, Willard Miller, Mike Pearce, Don Flanders, Dick Patterson, Coach Jack Foster. THIRD ROW: John Gardner, David Switzer, Bob Cummins, Ron Fritch, Bob Price, Joe Gleason, Alan Mavity, Merle Sowert, Bob Davis, Mike Woolsey, Don Riggen. FOURTH ROW: Lanny Gerber, Rex Price, Irvin Zaenglein, Dick Rasdell, Bob Jones, Lindsey Beal, Don Kerner, Kenny Graves, Ed Shaffer, Paul Emberton, Dick Spear. Andrews Rates ' Champ ' Again Against city competition, Manual ' s tusslers compiled two wins against four defeats. The ' Skins whipped Howe and Wood and lost to Washington, Broad Ripple, Tech, and Short- ridge. In the city meet they placed fifth but turned in a sparkling job in the sectional, finish- ing second and placing six boys in the regionals. Foster is expecting big things of this team next year, with 10 of the first 12 underclassmen back. Dick Neal, 127-pounder, and Mike Eskitch, 133- pounds, will be the only seniors lost by gradua- tion. The reserve wrestling team also turned in a fine record. Under the guidance of Jack Johns, the B-team will help bolster future mat teams. ■ 4 - " Ss V Bl » i jL m I ?t - ) w eS?™ 7 ■ All set to pin this Howe Hornet ' s shoulders to the mat is Richard Rasdell, 165 pound sophomore, who won this match by a fall. Rasdell placed third in the sectionals, which helped the Redskins finish runnerup to Tech. 55 Record-Breakers Add Eight " New School " records were smashed dur- ing the 1957 track season as Coach Francis Mo- riarty ' s fleetmen, composed mostly of inexperi- enced sophomores, turned in a fine season. Most notable of the new records broken was by senior dashman, John Keating, who sped to a : 10.1 clocking in the 100-yard dash. Other new marks to be set were: Erv Bultman, 5-11% high jump; Keating, :22.7 time in the 220-yard dash; Bob Snoddy, 4:51.3 mile run; Keating, 21 foot broad jump; Ken Graves, 47-2 shot put; and the half mile relay team composed of Chuck DeRolf, Howard Smiley, Larry Hamner, and Keating with a time of 1:37.2. The Redskin ovalmen chalked up a 5-7 record in dual meets and placed third in the Washing- ton Sectional. Coach Moriarty lost only Keat- ing, Smiley, Maurice Bush, Don Williams, and Jim Finchum by graduation. John Keating shown in his usual style of arms flying and tongue wagging trys his skill in the city meet, broad jumping. The senior trackster holds the record at 21 feet. Ron Miller, a 6-4 sophomore, was one of the many promising high jumpers on the 1957 track squad. Running his specialty, John Keating takes a first in his heat of the 100-yard dash in the city meet at Tech. Against Ca- thedral, John set a new record with a : 10.1 clocking. 56 To Sectional Third-Place-Winning Team — . « " 7 - x " fcM j P If t . « " (3 w . % j.V 2fr VARSITY TRACK— FRONT ROW: Larry Chastain, Alan Mavity, Bob Klein, Larry Elslager, Gerry Hall, Bill Willsey, Bob Snoddy, Montell Johnson, Ed Whire, Chuck DeRolf, John Keating. SECOND ROW: Howard Smiley, John Higgens, Alan Foster, Jim Kautsky, John Stafford, Dennis Chambers, Mike Eskitch, Don Kerner, Kenny Graves, Bob Flake, Larry Hamner, Ed Gordon. THIRD ROW: Coach Francis Moriarty, Tom Wells, Keith Nave, Ervin Bultman, Ray Schultz, Tony Uuk, Don Williams, John Manwaring, Max Moneyhan, Student Manager Warren Wilhite, Asst. Coach Volney Ward. FRESHMEN TRACK— FRONT ROW: Scott Frazier, Mike Pearce, Marty Baron, Larry Hall, Jerry Towe, Charles High- tower, David Moore, SECOND ROW: Coach Noah Ellis, Lonney Breedlove, Wayne McNeil, Fred Clossey, Bob Burton, Dave Sauter, Larry Shaner, Don Riggen, Gary Bough. THIRD ROW: Jerry Jensen, Willie Moncrief, Dick Rasdell, Dick Foran, Pete Peterson, Charles Mercer, Lanny Gerber, Ed Zaenglein. 57 Underclassman Diamond Team Hits for 8 Wins VARSITY BASEBALL— FRONT ROW: Manager Wally Steele, Roland Hankins, Dave Enright, Frank Carson, Bill Hair, Kent Klinge. SECOND ROW: Coach Dick Cummins, Steve Wright, Ronald Crook, Roger Roembke, Ben Townsend, Nor- man Weddle, Coach Woody McBride. RESERVE BASEBALL— FRONT ROW: Jim Wray, Dave Miller, Larry Henn, Jim Mahan, Vasco Walton. SECOND ROW: Bob Brock, Ronald Wood, John Stafford, Ray Schultz, Alan Foster, Marvin Hyatt, Manager Stephen Thomas. THIRD ROW: Coach Dick Cummins, Richard Powell, David Sauter, Dave Richards, Larry Hall, Dave Moore, John Riggin, Coach Woody McBride. 58 Reserves Chalk-up 10-1 Season; Linkmen 12-4 Manual ' s varsity baseballers enjoyed one of their most successful seasons in 1957 when they won eight of thirteen contests. Paul Schoch, junior catcher, was elected most valuable player by El- wood McBride ' s squad. Ben Townsend, a 6-2 junior, was given credit for pitching the Redskins to victory in seven of the contests. He was also the team ' s leading slugger, swinging at a .375 clip. McBride also pointed out Dave Enright and Dave Richards as " long ball hitters. " Five sophomores held down regular positions and only one member graduated, second baseman Kent Klinge. Dick Cummins ' reserve diamondmen also had a " banner " year, winning 10 games and losing only to Tech in an extra inning game. Steve Wright, promising sophomore pitcher, hurled nine wins, including a no-hit and a one-hit game. Ron Woods, thirdbaseman, was one of five sophomores to hold a regular position on the 1957 baseball team. Here, in practice, Ron takes his turn at bat. With a 12-4 record for the 1957 season, three returning regulars spark the ' 58 GOLF TEAM — FRONT ROW: Sam Wheeler, Jim Roberson, Jerry Welsh, David Moore, SECOND ROW: Don Riggin, Dick Lucas, Maurice Metzger, Jerry Towe, Joe Bailey. 59 The up-side-down boy performing on the swinging poles is Freshman Steve Faires while his class looks on. Boys Enjoy Exercise Most any day after school that the Boys ' Gym is not in use for a varsity practice of some kind, groups of boys may be found there participating in hastily gotten-up games. No program of or- ganized intramural sports is set up unless the demand warrants. This year the newly founded Boys ' Bowling League seemed to attract all the interest. More than 50 boys organized into teams and bowled regularly on Tuesday afternoons. Sitting-up exercises are part of the regular routine in boys gym classes. Gym is a good deal, say the fellows, because you can unbend a little for a period. Man on " the flying trapeze " is Freshman Steve Boone. Tricks of the trade in the Boys Gym are performed on rings, parallel bars, horses, and, of course, floor mats. 60 Lively games of Volley Ball fill the Girls Gym with shouting, laughing players every Monday and Friday afternoons during the three-months season. Organized teams play a series of games and there is keen competition. Winning team members this year received aluminum-cup trophies tied with red and white bows. Girls Develop Poise What woman isn ' t interested in developing a good figure and proper carriage? Activities in Girls ' Gym classes do just that. Miss Theo Parr and Miss Elena Raglin, instructors, put girls through a series of exercises and games designed to help their pupils acquire grace and poise. What more could one ask! Sports-minded girls also participate in a diversi- fied program of intra-mural sports. Last fall the girls played tennis on the Garfield Park courts and also used the Park ' s archery range. During the winter their Bowling League met once a week, and Volley Ball teams played twice a week. Spring sports include badminton, softball, ping pong, golf, and tennis. Looking like a mass of tumble bugs, these girls are doing back bends in preparation for an achievement test of skills. The one in the middle looks " down and out. " 61 • ' . % Jm : m t I 4P : ■ mm g Album Puts Manualites Since there are more than 1800 Manualites, we are never all in one place at the same time. Even auditorium programs must be done in shifts, and lunch is served through four periods. But we all " held still " long enough to be together in the next 50 pages — the whole Manual family, students, teach- ers, staff — grouped " classically " for easy finding. 62 ' In Places with Sunny Faces ' . . . CO B sm- ■CO CO 63 Faculty Vice-principals Leslie B. Maxwell and Noble H. Poole drop in for a chat with Principal C. Edgar Stahl. It looks as though Mr. Max- well ' s story must have been a good one. Mr. Fred Ahlemeyer — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; Mathematics; Chess Club Sponsor. Mrs. Barbara B. Anderson — BA, Earlham Col- lege; Home Economics; Senior Sponsor. Mr. Millard Arnold — BA, Butler University; Language; Spanish Club; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. M Sgt. Charles R. Bechtel— ROTC; Rifle Team Coach. Mr. Fred J. Bennett — BA, Butler University; English; Radio Club Co-Sponsor; Stage Director. Mr. Harold E. Bennett — BS, Butler University, Science; Football Equip. Mgr.; Freshman Basket- ball Coach. Mrs. Marilyn Berger — BA, Ursuline College for Women; MBA, University of Texas; Business. Mrs. Ada M. Bing — BA, Indiana University; MA, University of Minnesota; Head of English and Language Department. Mrs. Coral T. Black — BS, Columbia University; MA, Columbia University; History. Mrs. Sondra Blau — BA, New York State Univer- city, College for Teachers; English; Mask and Wig Sponsor. Mr. Richard Blough — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; English; Roines Sponsor; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mr. Harold G. Boese — PhB, Ripon College; Sci- ence. Miss Barbara Brezette — BS, Purdue University; Spanish and English; Co-sponsor of Spanish Club; Y-Teen Club Sponsor. Mr. Oral Bridgford — BS, Indiana University; MS, Indiana University; Head of Phy. Ed., Health, and Dr. Ed.; Golf Coach. Mr. Roy L. Calder — BS, Ball State; Business Ed- ucation; Hi-Y Sponsor. Mr. Robert M. Canner — BS, Butler University; Science; Honor Science Club Sponsor. Mr. John Ciochina — BS, MS, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mr. Robert Crawford — BS, Ohio State Univer- sity; MS, Butler University; Fine Arts; Art Club Sponsor; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mrs. Janice Cummer — BS, University of Wiscon- sin; Home Economics. Mr. Richard Cummins — BA, Franklin College; MS, Butler University; Science; Varsity Basketball Coach; Reserve Baseball Coach. 64 Faculty Mr. Keith Davis — BS, Ball State Teachets Col- lege; Business; Hi-Y Sponsor. Mr. Oran Davis — BA, BS, Indiana University; Art Dept. Head. Miss Gladys A. Denney — BAE, MAE, John Her- ron Art School; Fine Art; Art Production Class. Mr. John Edwards — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; MS, Indiana University; Industrial Edu- cation; Student Affairs Board Faculty Representa- tive. Mr. Noah Ellis — BA, Franklin College; MS, Butler University; Science; Varsity Football Coach; Freshman Track Coach; Lettermen ' s Club. Mrs. Nancy T. Faruki — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana University; Science; Tri-Hi-Y Spon- sor; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mrs. Barbara Fetta — BS, Butler University; Mathematics; FTA Sponsor. Mr. E. Franklin Fisher — BS Central Normal Col- lege; MS, Butler University; Director of Counsel- ing; Senior Sponsor; Cadet Teacher Sponsor, Ori- entation Teacher. Mr. Walter W. Floyd— BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; Social Studies. Miss Dorothy Forsyth — BA, Butler University; English. Mr. Jack Foster — BPE, Purdue University; Driver Education; Varsity Wrestling Coach; Varsity Cross Country Coach. Miss F. Cleo Frazier — BA, Northwestern Univer- sity; MS, Indiana University; Head Business Dept. Mrs. Jane Hall Gable — BA, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; English; Director of Pub- lications; Quill and Scroll Sponsor. Mrs. Rosemary Gatewood — BS, Butler Univer- sity; Home Economics. Mr. E. Edward Green — BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; English; Speech; Director of Productions; National Thespian Society, Troupe 1492 Sponsor; Forensic Activities Sponsor. Miss Phyllis Greve — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; Business. Miss Elizabeth Goett — BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; English; Masoma Sponsor; Developmental Reading Laboratory. Mr. James B. Guillaume — BFAS, John Herron Art Inst.; BAE, John Herron Art School; Craft Art. Mrs. Edna S. Gullett — BA, DePauw University; MS, Indiana University; Head Social Studies De- partment. Mr. John B. Hallett — BS, Purdue University; In- dustrial Arts. Miss Freda M. Hart — BM, DePauw University; Music; Glee Club Sponsor; Glee-ettes Sponsor. Mrs. Mildred S. Haskens — BA, Butler Univer- sity; MA, Indiana University; English; Speech; Radio; Radio Club Sponsor. Mr. Harry R. Henderson — BA, MS, Butler Uni- versity; Music; Operetta Director; Mixed Choir. Mr. Don R. Hully — BA, Iowa State Teachers College; MA, Ball State Teachers College; Indus- trial Arts; Camera Club Sponsor; Public Address Club Sponsor. Mrs. Jennie Howe — BA, BS, Butler University; Mathematics. Mrs. Helen B. Houghtalen — BA, Butler Univer- sity; English; Library Asst. Mr. Jack Johns — BS, Hanover College; MS, But- ler University; Social Studies; Reserve Football Coach; Asst. Wrestling Coach. Mr. J. Ray Johnson — BS, MS, Butler University; Business; Director of Placement; Junior Class Sponsor. 65 Faculty f J Mrs. Louise Kendall — BS, Purdue University; Home Economics. Mr. Wayne H. Kincaid — BS, Purdue University; MS, Indiana University; Head of Mathematics and Science Dept. Mr. William D. Kleyla— BPSM, Indiana Univer- city; Head of Music Dept.; Band; Pep Band; Twirling Club; Pep Club; Cheerleaders. Mr. John L. Krueger — BA, MA, Indiana Univer- sity; Social Studies. Mr. Otto W. Kuehrmann — BS, Purdue Univer- sity; Science. Mrs. Rosemary Lewis — BA, Indiana University; English; Publications Assistant; Cub Club Sponsor. Mr. Edward C. Maybury — BS, MA, Miami Uni- versity; Industrial Arts. Mr. Elwood McBride — BS, Indiana Central Col- lege; MS, Indiana State Teachers College; Busi- ness; Varsity Baseball Coach; Reserve Basketball Coach. Mr. Victor M. McDowell — BS, MA, Ball State Teachers College; Special Industrial Arts; Indus- trial Arts Club Sponsor. Miss Katherine Mertz — R.N., Methodist Hos- pital School of Nursing; School Nurse; Jr. Red Cross Co-Sponsor. Mr. John H. Moffat — BA, Wabash College; MA, Columbia University; English; Table Tennis Club Sponsor; Short Story Club Sponsor. Mrs. Martha-Belle Morgan — BA, Butler Univer- sity; Social Service. Mrs. Thelma T. Morgan — BA, MS, Butler Uni- versity; Home Economics; Director of Activities. Mr. Francis R. Moriarty — BS, MS, Butler Uni- versity; Driver Education; Asst. Football Coach; Varsity Track Coach. Miss Helen L. Negley — BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; Librarian. Mr. Leonard H. Nolte — BA, Indiana State Teachers College; MB, Butler University; Indus- trial Arts. M Sgt. Jack Nunnery — ROTC; Drill Team Sponsor; ROTC History Club Sponsor. Mr. Harold Wm. Pagel — BS, Indiana Central College; MA, Butler University; Business; FTA Sponsor. Mr. Harry B. Painter— BA, Wabash College; MS, Indiana University; LLB, Indiana University; Social Studies; Quiz-em Team Sponsor. Mr. Ben Parke — BS, Butler University; Mathe- matics; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mr. Louis Parnell — BS, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; History; Freshman Football Coach; Asst. Track Coach. Miss Theo B. Parr — BA, Western ' Michigan Col- lege of Education; MA, University of Michigan; Physical Education; Girls ' Intramural Sports Spon- sor; Director of Visual Education. Mr. John W. Patten — BA, Duke University; MS, Butler University; Social Studies; Student Affairs Board Sponsor; Dean of Boys. Mr. Marion Peeples — Master ' s Equivalent, Pur- due University; Industrial Arts. Miss Elena L. Raglin — BA, Western Michigan College of Education; MA, University of Michi- gan; Physical Education; Intramural Sports. Mr. Alvin Romeiser — BS, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; Physical Education. Mr. Arthur Roney — BS, MS, Butler University; Science. Miss Mary Anna Rose — BS, Ball State Teachers College; Business; National Honor Society Spon- sor; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. 66 Faculty Miss Wilhelmina H. Schaufler — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; Business Education. Miss Sally Schnaiter — BS, Purdue University; Home Economics; Cheerleader Sponsor. Mrs. Vivian L. Siener — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; English; Dean of Girls. Miss Priscilla Smith — BS, MS, Indiana State Teachers College; Music; Orchestra. Mrs. Pauline L. Stark — BS, MS, Purdue Univer- sity; Head of Home Economics Dept. Mrs. Esther Steindorff — BA, Franklin College; MA, Indiana University; English; Latin. Mrs. Frances Stewart — BS, MS, Butler Univer- sity; English; Junior Red Cross Co-Sponsor. Mrs. Betty Lou Talbott — BS, West Virginia Uni- versity; Home Economics. Mr. Harry H. Thomas — BS, Ball State Teachers College; MS, Indiana University; Business Educa- tion; Athletic Director. Mr. Howard C. Thrall— BA, MA, Ball State Teachers College; Latin; Science. Miss Helen E. Tipton — BA, MS, Indiana Uni- versity; English; Senior Sponsor. Mr. Guy W. Trickey — BA, Indiana State Teach- ers College; MA, Columbia University; Head of Industrial Arts Dept. Mr. Raymond VanArsdale — BA, Wabash Col- lege; MA, Cumberland University; Mathematics. Mr. Leland F. Walter — BA, Ball State Teachers College; Science; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mr. Volney Ward — BA, MA, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mr. A. L. Weigler — BA, Master ' s Equivalent, Stout Institute; Industrial Arts. Mr. M. D. Williams— BS, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; Business Education. Mr. W. Finley Wright— BA, MS, Indiana Uni- versity; English; Dean of Boys. Mrs. Rovene T. Yeager — BS, Indiana Univer- sity; Home Economics; FHA Sponsor. Miss Patricia Brown — Receptionist Miss Charlotte Hafer — Registrar Mr. James Monson— Head Custodian Mrs. Agatha Riley — Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Patricia Rodman — Bookkeeper Mrs. Mary J. Spiegel — Secretary Mrs. Hilda VanArsdale — Stenographer Mrs. Daisy Wall — Attendance Clerk Mrs. Rausabel Williams — Bookstore Manager 67 Teachers Are ' People ' Manual faculty members don ' t just " work " at Manual; they are dyed-in-the-wool Redskins who put in many extra hours helping student projects succeed, whether they be academic, social, or money-making in nature. Department meetings are often held in the " new " Alumni Room over a cup of coffee brewed in the kitchenette, which hides behind an accordion door when not in use. This makes a nice respite after a day of classes and conferences before the group settles down to the business at hand. Our teachers seem to enjoy these informal gatherings, and we suspect that more than just school work is discussed in the genial atmosphere of this at- tractive room, furnished by the Alumni. With a teakettle of boiling water and a jar of powdered coffee, Mrs. Ada Bing finds it easy to serve coffee for her English Department members. Mrs. Vivian Siener receives her cup while Mrs. Rosemary Lewis and Mr. Fred Bennett await their turns. " There ' s many a slip ' twixt the cup and the lip, " joshes Mr. E. Edward Green. This cosy group, relaxing in the Alumni Room duri ng an English Department meeting, are Mrs. Mildred Has kens, Miss Helen Tipton, and Mr. W. Finley Wright. 68 And Ours Prove Both ' Human ' and Helpful We are proud of our faculty ' s qualifications and achievements. More than 30 colleges and univer- sities are represented among the schools which have granted our teachers degrees, and many have more than one. We students feel that all of our teachers are well prepared to instruct us in the many courses included in Manual ' s varied curriculum. A survey by The Booster, made because of all the to-do about science resulting from Russia ' s first Sputnik, showed our 1 1 science teachers have a total of 735 college hours of science. And teach- ers in other departments are as well qualified in their subject fields. Under this expert guidance, more graduates go on to college each year. " The good earth " is what Mr. James Guillaume, art teacher, calls this symbolic piece of sculpturing, which is his project for his Master ' s Thesis in Sculpture. Mr. W. Finley Wright, who retired as Dean of Boys at the end of March, seats his succes- sor, Mr. John W. Patten, in the inner sanctum of the Dean ' s Office. 69 Mr. E. Franklin Fisher, senior sponsor, pins the first senior arm band on President Jerry Mayfield who designed it. Look- ing on with interest are Gary Bepiay, vice-president, and Don Kerner, treasurer. Class of ' 58 Enjoys Year to Remember Seniors always meet for Home Room in the Cafe- teria so that the class can be together once each day. This gives a chance for business meetings, counseling programs, and special announcements. Senior Day, October 23, opened the year ' s activi- ties. Seniors wore their red and white ribbons and arm bands for the first time. " The door to suc- cess is labeled ' Push ' " was announced as class motto. March 28, Seniors attended a square dance, where a professional caller supervised the dancers who later enjoyed cokes and hot dogs. ' Twas a gay evening! Red and white robes were voted for a " colorful " Commencement, June 12. Final class function will be the Prom at the I. U. Medical Center. Senior Council members, one representative from each home room, are shown conferring over plans for the Senior Prom. They are Teddy Winckelbach, Dick Mills, David Brink, Martha Edmonds, Brenda Shoopman, and Linda Snellenberger. 70 Seniors JAN ADAMS- ROBERTA ALDRICH — Warren Central High School 1-2. FLORA ALLEN (BONTA)— FHA Club 1; Pep Club 2. PHYLLIS ANDERSON— Booster 4; Girls Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Operetta 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Special Asst. 1-4; Tri-Hi-Y Treas. 2, Vice-pres. 3-4, 1-4; Glee-ettes 2-4; Talent Parade 2; National Honor Society. RAY ANDREWS— ROTC Rifle Team 1-3. VERA JEAN ANDRY— Special Asst. 2; Art Club 3. MARY ANTROBUS— Home Room Rep. 3; Moni- tor 4; Radio Speech Club 3; Sheridan High School 2. ELVA AYERS— Choir 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma Sec. 4; Operetta 3-4; Radio Speech Club 3; Redskin Revue 1-3; Special Asst. 2-3; Spanish Club Sec. 2; Manualairres 3-4; Girls State 3; Na- tional Honor Society. SHARON BADER— Home Room Rep. 1-2; Ivian Agent 1-2; Monitor 4; Pep Club 1; Radio Speech Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-3; Special Asst. 1-3; Student Affairs Bd. 2. JOSEPH R. BAILEY— Golf 1-4; Hi-Y Vice-pres. 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Roines 4; Student Affairs Bd. 4; Student Admin- istrative Day Head Custodian 4; Sci ence Honor Club Vice-pres. 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Boys Bowling League 4. SARA LA VERNE BAKER— Girls Glee Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 2; Ivian Agent 2; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; Mask and Wig 1-2; Monitor 2-4; Operetta 4; Redskin Revue 2-3; Special Asst. 3; ROTC Sponsor Captain 4. BOB BARKER— ROTC Officers Club 1-4. BARBARA BASHAM— MICHAEL F. BATTS— Jr. Red Cross 1-4; ROTC Drill Team 4. AUDRIAN BENDER— Intramural 3; Granite City High School, Illinois 1; Worthington High School, Ohio 2. ALICE BENNETT — Booster, Circulation Manager 3-4, 1-4; Cub Club 1; Ivian Faculty Ed. 4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig Historian 3, 1-4; National Thespians Pres. 4, 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Radio Speech Club Sec. 4, 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4. GARY BEPLAY — Booster Business Manager 4; Choir 3-4; Hi-Y Pres. 4, 3-4; Ivian Advertising Manager 4; Operetta 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Radio Speech Club Pres. 3, 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Roines 3-4; Class Officer Vice-pres. 4. ROSEMARY BERRYMAN— Booster Agent 1-3; Home Room Rep. 2; Intramural 3-4; Ivian Agent 1-3; League of Honor 1-4; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 2-4. 71 Seniors HELEN BIESEL— Mask and Wig 1; Monitor 4; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. 2. JOHN BIGELOW— JUDY BIRCH— FHA Club Treas. 1-2; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1; Special Asst. 2-4. CHARLES BLANTON— Ben Davis High School 1. LINDA BLOEMKER— Choir Section Leader 1-4; Operetta 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians 4; Radio Speech Club 4; Red- skin Revue 1-4, Sponsor 1-3; Special Asst. 1-4; Top Ten 3; Staff Member WMHS 4; National Honor Society. GLORIA BOWERS— Band 2-4; Color Guard 3-4; Booster 2-4; Home Room Rep. 4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Redskin Revue Sponsor 3, 1-3; Twirling Club 2; Ivian Agent 4. LOR A BOWLES— Jr. Red Cross Vice-pres. 2; League of Honor 1; Monitor 1; Special Asst. 2-3; Extemporaneous Speaking Contest 3. DAVE BOYLE — Football 1-4; Intramural 2; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4. JACKIE KAY BRACKETT— Girls Glee Club 2-4; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. 4; Record Club 2. NANCY BRANDLEIN— Band 3-4; Baton Twirler 3-4; Home Room Rep. 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig Vice-pres. 1-4; National Thespians 3-4; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 4; Student Affairs Bd. 4; Twirling Club co-captain 2, 2-4. DAVID R. BRINK— Band Captain 4, 1-4; Dance Band 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Operetta 2-4; Orchestra 2-4; Redskin Revue 4; Roines 4; Special Asst. 3; National Honor Society Pres. 3-4; Pep Band 1-4. CAROLYN ELAINE BROOKS— Booster 4; Girls Glee Club 4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1; May Music Festival 1-2. MYRNA M. BROOKS— Monitor 2-4; Special Asst. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1. RAY BROWN— Football 1; Hi-Y 1; Intramural 1-2; Monitor 1-2; Operetta 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Choir 2-4; Track 1-2. BEVERLY BRUHN— Intramural 1, 3-4; Monitor 1-3; Pep Club 1; May Music Festival 1-4. LINDA BRUMMETT— Monitor 1-3; Pep Club 1-2; May Music Festival 1-2. ERVIN BULTMAN— Basketball 1-4; Cross Coun- try 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club Pres. 4, 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Roines Sec. 4, 3-4; Special Asst. 3; Track 1-4; Student Administrative Day Athletic Director 4; National Honor Society. CATHERINE BURGER— FTA Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig 1-2; Masoma 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Special Asst. 1-4; Y Teens Club 1; Student Administrative Day Attendance Clerk 4. Seniors PAUL CAIN— Monitor 2-4. ' LEON E. CARNEY— Visual Aid 3. FRANK CARSON— Baseball 2-3-4; Choir Pres. 4, 2-4; Football 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1-3; Operetta 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Roines 4; Student Affairs Bd. 1; Ensemble 2-4. DAVID CHAPPELL— Choir 2-4; Mask and Wig 4; Monitor 3-4; Operetta 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Ensemble 2-4. BRENDA CHURCH— Special Asst. 2-3. BILLIE SUE CLARK— Booster 3-4; FTA Club 4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig Sec. 1-4; Masoma 4; National Thespians Senior Rep. 3-4; Pep Club 1-2; Quill and Scroll 4; Red- skin Revue Student Sponsor 3, 1-3; National Honor Society. DON CLARK— Monitor 2-4. JACKIE CLARK— Monitor 4; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 3-4. GLENN A CLARKE— FTA Club 4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1; Monitor 2-3; Pep Club 1-3; Radio Speech Club Sec. 1-3. GLENDA COBB— Booster Agent 1-4; FHA Club Treas. 3-4; FTA Club 4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Pep Club 1-3; Radio Speech Club 2-3; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 1-4; Betty Crocker Award; National Honor Society. LARRY COLEMAN— Basketball Student Manager 3, 2-3; Cross Country Student Manager 3; Football 1; Ivian 4; League of Honor 1; Lettermens Club 3-4; Monitor 1-3; Boys Pep Club 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Track Student Manager 1. CAROL COLLINS— League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Monitor 1-3; Operetta 2-4; Pep Club 1; Red- skin Revue 1-2; Special Asst. 1; Sr. Choir 1-2-4; Student Affairs Bd. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; National Honor Society. LINDA ANNE COLLINS— Booster 1; Cub Club 1; Home Room Rep. 3-4; Ivian Rep. 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig Sec, Treas., Pledge Mother 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 3-4. FROSTY COOPER— Baseball 1-2; Football 1; In- tramural 1-3; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 2-4; Redskin Revue 4; Roines 4; Science Honor Club 3-4; Chess Club Vice-pres. 4; Bowling League Vice- pres. 4. RUSS COOPER— League of Honor 1-4; Radio Speech Club Treas. 2-3; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines 4; Spanish Club 2-3; Student Affairs Bd. 4; Bowling League Pres. 4; Homecoming King Cand. 4; Popu- larity Pow-Wow Cand. 3; King Ivian Cand. 4. HAROLD CRABTREE— Whitley City, Ky. 1. JAMES CROSE— Band Supply Officer 2-3, 1st Lt. 4, 1-4; Dance Band 3; Monitor 1; Operetta 3-4; Orchestra 2; Stage Crew 4; Track 1; All City Band 2-3; Pep Band 3. MILLIE DAILEY— Band 3-4; Color Guard 4; In- tramural 2; Pep Club 2; Redskin Revue 3-4; Twirling Club 4. 73 Seniors PATRICIA DALE— Special Asst. 4. KAREN DANENFELSER— Intramural 3; Monitor 3-4; St. Mary Academy 1; Scecina Memorial 2. FRED DARNELL— Monitor 4; Broad Ripple 1-2; Southport 3. JAMES DAVIS— Baseball 3-4; Cross Country 2-4; Intramural 1; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; Monitor 2-4; Track 2; Wrestling 2. WILLIAM DAVIS— League of Honor 1-3; Moni- tor 1; Special Asst. 1; Spanish Club Treas. 1-2. RICHARD DECK ARD— Monitor 2; Lo-Per-Man Contest 2; Wood High School 1. CHARLES DEROLF— Cross Country 2-3; Football 1; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Spanish Club 3; Track 1-4. LINDA DILL— Special Asst. 4; Brownsburg High School 1-3. MARGUERITE A. DILLON— Home Room Rep. 1-2; Jr. Red Cross Sec. 3; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2-4. FRED DINDINGER — Basketball 1; Choir 3-4; Cross Country 1; Intramural 1-3; Jr. Red Cross 1; League of Honor 1; Monitor 3. MELVIN DISBRO— Basketball 1-2; Cross Country 1-3; Redskin Revue 3; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 3. JEAN DONAHUE— Home Room Rep. 1-3; In- tramural 1; Ivian Agent 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Attendance Clerk; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-3; Special Asst. 1-4; Record Club 2. CAROL DRISKELL— Cheerleader 3; FTA Club 4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Junior Class Sec. 3; Special Asst. 1-4; Senior Class Sec. 4; Home- coming Queen Cand. 3. DAVID DRUMMAND — Ham Radio Pres. 1-2; Radio Speech Club Treas. 2-3; Industrial Arts Club Vice-pres. 4. BOB DUNCAN— Warren Central High School 1-2. MARTHA EDMONDS— Booster 1-2-4; Choir 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig Treas., Sec, 1-4; Masoma 3-4; National Thespians Sec. 3-4; Orchestra 1-4; Radio Speech Club Vice-pres. 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4: Senior Council Member; Quill and Scroll. SANDRA EGGERT — Choir Section Leader 3-4; Girls Glee Club 1-2; Home Room Rep. 1-2; Intra- mural 1-4; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; Monitor 4; Operetta 3-4; Pep Club 1-2. DAVE ENRIGHT— Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1; Football Captain, M. V. P. 4, 1-4; Intramural 2; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club Treas. 3, 2-4; Boys Pep Club Pres., 4; Redskin Revue 3; Junior Class Pres. 74 Seniors MIKE ESKITCH— Football 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 2-4; Pep Club 4; Track 1-3; Wrestling 1-4. JANICE ESTES— Choir 3; Girls Glee Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 3; Masoma 4; Operetta 3-4; Special Asst. 1-4. GROVER RONALD EVANS— Band 1-4; Dance Band 3-4; Golf 4; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; Lettermens Club 1-4; Operetta 4; Orchestra 2, 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Pep Band 2, 4; Science Club 3; National Honor Society. PHILLIP E. FALLER— Band 1-4; Dance Band 3; Hi-Y 1; Jr. Red Cross 1-4; League of Honor 2-4; Operetta 3; Orchestra 2-4; Redskin Revue 3; Pep Band 3-4; Stage Asst. 4. DONNA FEARS— Monitor 1-2, 4; Special Asst. 3. JUDITH ANN FERGUSON— Band Drum Major 4, 1-4; Baton Twirler 1-3; Girls Glee Club Vice- pres. 1-4; League of Honor 2-3; Operetta 2-4; Or- chestra 1-2; Redskin Revue 3-4; Student Affairs Bd. 2; Miss Madison Ave. 4; Military Ball Queen Candidate 4. SHARON LEE FERGUSON— Home Room Rep. 4; League of Honor 3; Special Asst. 4; Booster Agent 4; Palestine High School, Palestine, Illinois 1-2. THOMAS FISHER— Band 1-4; Dance Band 4; Monitor 2-4; Orchestra 4; Redskin Revue 4; Spe- cial Asst. 2; Stage Crew 2; Pep Band 1-4; Chess Club Sec.-Treas. 4. RICHARD JOHN FITZPATRICK— Spanish Club 3; Culver Military Academy 1; Southport High School 2. DIANA FLORA— Choir 1-2; Home Room Rep. 1-3; Intramural 2-4; League of Honor 1-3; Operetta 1-2; Redskin Revue 2; Special Asst. 4. JACK CLARK FRANCIS— Cross Country 1; Foot- ball 1; Monitor 2; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 2-3; Track 2-3; Southport High School 1. PAUL FRODGE— Home Room Rep. 3; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig Vice-pres. 3-4; Redskin Revue Co-chairman 3-4; ROTC Officers Club, Lt. Col., 2-4; ROTC History Club 2-3; Student Affairs Bd. Pres. 3-4; King Ivian 4; King Manual V; ROTC Drill Team; United Nations 4. Student Administrative Day gave certain seniors a chance to step into the shoes of some members of the faculty. Dean of Boys, Robert Snoddy, chats with Vice- principals, Mike Stead ham and David Brink. 75 Seniors 3 L4 Z4 LAWRENCE FR YE— Basketball 1; ROTC Officers Club, Captain, 3-4; ROTC History Club 1-3; Track 3; ROTC Drill Team 2-3. CAROLYN GOLDER (HAMILTON) PAULA GRANT- JUDY GRIFFITH— FHA Club Sec. 1-4; FTA Club Vice-pres. 4; Jr. Red Cross 3-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-3; Masoma 4; Pep Club 1-2; Spanish Club 1-2; Girls State 3; National Honor Society Sec. 3-4; Special Asst. 1-2. DORIS GRUBBS— RAY GRUNDEN— Monitor 1-2; Redskin Revue 1; Student Manager 1. BETTY HAIR — Monitor 4; Special Asst. 4; South- port High School 1. GARY R. HALL— Cross Country 1-3; Home Room Rep. 1; Intramural 2; League of Honor 1-3; Red- skin Revue 1-3; Track 1-4. TOM HAMILTON— Cross Country 1; Football 2-3; Intramural 2; Monitor 3; Track 1. LARRY HAMNER— Cross Country 2-4; Football 1; Intramural 1-2; Ivian Jr. Editor 2-3; League of Honor 1-3; Lettermens Club 3; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines 4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 2. ROLAND HANKINS— Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-3; Cross Country 1-4; League of Honor 1-3; Let- termens Club Sec. 3, 2-4; Monitor 2; Pep Club; Special Asst. 3; Student Affairs Bd. 3. NORMAN HARMS— Baseball 1; Cross Country 1; Intramural 1; Table Tennis 4. DIANNE HARRISON— Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 4. ELIZABETH L. HART— Booster, Teen-Star Cor- respondent 4, 2-4; FTA Club Cor. Sec. 4, 3-4; Jr. Red Cross 3; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4; Quill and Scroll 4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 1-3; Tri-Hi-Y Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Model U. N. 2-4; New York Trip 3; I. U. Journalism Institute 3; National Honor Society. GILBERT HARVEY— Monitor 1; Wrestling 1. NANCY HASSELBURG— Monitor 3; Special As- sistant 4. JIM HAWK— Track 1; Audio Visual Aid 1-4. NORMAN HAYES — Hi-Y 2; Intramural 2; Moni- tor 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-3; ROTC History Club 2. 76 Seniors Home Economics students served punch to ROTC cadets and their dates at the annual Military Ball. Assisting Mrs. Pauline Stark, Head of the Home Eco- nomics Department, who acted as host- ess, are Diane Flora, Carolyn Brooks, and Rosemary Berryman. JERRY HENDRICKSON — Football 2-3; Wres- tling 2-3. RONNY HENDRICKSON— Monitor 2; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 3; Track 3. LAWRENCE HICKEY— Football 1; Monitor 4; Jackson Central High School 1. LAQUETA HINES— Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-4 ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC History Club 4 Special Asst. 1-2-4; Student Affairs Bd. Sec. 4 ROTC Sponsor, Capt., 4; Queen Ann 4. WILLIAM HOFER — Baseball League of Honor 1. 1-2; Football 1; DONALD HOFFMANN— Band, 2nd Lt., 1-4; Dance Band 2-4; League of Honor 2-4; Orchestra 3-4; Roines 4; Special Asst. 1; All City Band 3-4; All City Orchestra 4; All State Orchestra 3-4. MARILYN Monitor 4. HOFMANN— Girls Glee Club 2-4; VINCENA HUGHETT— Band 2-4; Baton Twirler 2-4; FHA Club 1; Golf 1; Intramural 1; League of Honor 2-4; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue Spon- sor 3, 3-4; Special Asst. 1-4; Baton Club 2-4. JOYCE HUMPHREY— Monitor 3; Special Asst. 4. PAT HUMPHREY— Monitor 1-2; Special Asst. 4. JUDITH JENSEN— FTA Club 4; Girls Glee Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Monitor 1; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1-3; Redskin Revue 2-4; Special Asst. 4. LARRY JENT— Intramural 4. Seniors GEORGE JOHNSON— Monitor 3-4; Special Asst. 4. MARY LOU JOHNSTON- ROBERT JONES— Cross Country 2-3; Football 1; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-3; Lettermens Club 3-4; Mo nitor 4; Track 1-2; Wrestling 2-4. PETER KARNS— Booster 1-2; Cub Club 1; Mask and Wig 1-2; Monitor 2; Radio Speech Club 2; ROTC Officers Club 4. ANNE MAI KASK— Home Room Rep. 1; Intra- mural 1-3; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4; Red- skin Revue 1-3; Spanish Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4. CAROL SUE KEMP— Band 2-4; Baton Twirler 2-4; Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 2-3; Operetta 3; Orchestra 3; Pep Club 1-2; Twirling Club 2-4. JOYCE KENNEDY— Booster 3; Bus. Girls Club 2; Ivian Faculty Ed. 3, Senior Ed. 4, 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Pep Club 1-2; Quill and Scroll 4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 1-2; Stu- dent Administrative Day Registrar 4. JUDITH KENNEY— Monitor 4. DONALD KERNER — Football 1-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Lettermens Club Vice-pres. 2-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines Pres. 3-4; Student Affairs Bd. 2; Track 1-4; Wrestling 2-3; Class Officer Treas. 4; Science Club Treas. 4; National Honor Society. WAYNE KIMMELL— Baseball 3; Basketball 1-3; Choir 2-3; Cross Country 1; Lettermens Club 3-4; Track 1. JULIE ANNE KISTLER— Booster Page 3 Ed. 4, 1-4; I. U. Journalism Institute 2; Glee-ettes 4; League of Honor 2-4; Pep Club Pres. 3, 1-3; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Redskin Revue Student Sponsor 4, 1-4; ROTC Officers Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y Model U. N. 3-4, New York Trip 4, 2-4; Girls State 3; ROTC Sponsor Honorary Major 4. ROBERT KLEIN— Baseball 1; Football 1-4; Intra- mural 1; Lettermens Club 3-4; Boys Pep Club 4; Track 3; Wrestling 2. Football 1; Intramural ROBERT KRATOSKA 1-2; Boys Pep Club 4. CARL LASHLEY— Football 1; ROTC Officers Club 1-2; ROTC History Club 1-2. SANDRA LASLEY— Cheerleader 3-4; FTA Club 4; Girls Glee Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 1-3; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Senior Council 4. DAVID LEWALLEN — Band 2-4; Home Room Rep. 2; Intramural 1; League of Honor 2-3; Moni- tor 2; Pep Club 4; Redskin Revue 4; Quiz ' Em Team 4. PATRICIA ANN LEWIS— Monitor 4; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 1, 4; Special Asst. 1. JUDY LOCKE — Intramural 2-4; League of Honor 2; Monitor 2-4; Special Asst. 4. Seniors JUDY LOEBLIN — Bus. Girls Club 2; Intramural 3; Monitor 1-3; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 4; Tri- Hi-Y 2. JUDITH LOEPER— Booster Agent 4; FHA Club 1-4; Girls Glee Club Pres. 3-4; ROTC Sponsor 4; ROTC History Club 4; Redskin Revue 1-3; Op- eretta 4; League of Honor 1. CHARLES K. LOHMAN— Football 1-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-3, 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Operetta 2, 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Roines 4; Sr. Choir 1-4; Track 1-2; Basketball 1-2; Ensemble 4. ELZENA LOSE Y— League of Honor 2-4; Moni- tor 1-4. GERALD LOWE— Monitor 2, 4. DEANE LUCAS— Basketball 1; Football 2; Intra- mural 3; Redskin Revue 2-3; Radio Speech Club 2-3; Track 1-3. GUY LYNCH— Monitor 1; Center Grove High School 1. RUTH McCASLIN— Jr. Red Cross 4; Monitor 4; Special Asst. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Redskin Revue 3; Clark High School 1. TIM McGUIRE— Baseball 2; Basketball 1-4; Cross Country 3-4; Football 1-2; Lettermens Club 4; Mon- itor 3; Special Asst. 4; Cherry Tree Hop Candidate 4; Jr. Prom. King Candidate 3- NED MADER— Football 2; Band 1; ROTC Offi- cers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 3; Track 2-4. JOHN MANWARING— Basketball 1-2; Booster and Ivian photographer; Football 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1-3; Redskin Revue 1-4; Spe- cial Asst. 1; Track 1-4; I. U. Journalism Institute. CHARLES MARTIN— Football 1 ; Ham Radio Club Pres. 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 3; Red- skin Revue 4; Wrestling 1; Bowling 4. WILLIAM F. MARTIN- MARY MASUCCIO— Dean ' s Asst. 4; Tech High School 1-2. JOHN MAXEY— Monitor 3; ROTC History Club 3; Drill Team 2-3; Color Guard 3. JERRY MAYFIELD— Ivian Art Editor 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Red- skin Revue 1-4; Y Teens Club Pres. 1; Jr. Class Vice-pres. 3; Senior Class Pres. 4; Homecoming Candidate 4; Student Affairs Board 3. ALLEN MEDLOCK— Ham Radio Club 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Redskin Revue 4; Roines 4; Stage Crew 2; Science Honor Club 3-4; Indiana High School Science Institute 3; National Honor Society. KENNETH MENDEL— Basketball 1-3; Cross Coun- try 2-3; Football 1; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 1; Monitor 1-4; Redskin Revue 1-4. Seniors Representing Manual, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on War Memorial Plaza, are Buglers Charles Nichols and David Brink who participated in a me- morial service on Armed Forces Day. CONNIE MILLER— Girls Glee Club 4. DONALD MILLER— Dance Band 3; Operetta 3; Orchestra 3-4; Redskin Revue 3; Wrestling 1; Pep Band 3-4; All City Band 2-3. JO ANNE MILLER- 1-3; Pep Club 1-3. -Intramural 1; Mask and Wig RICHARD MILLER— Intramural 1-2. RICHARD MILLS— Cross Country 1-4; Hi-Y 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1; Math Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines 4; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; Senior Council 4; National Honor Society. LEORA MIX— Girls Glee Club 2-4; Intramural 4; Monitor 4; Pep Club 1-2. TOM MOORE— Football 1; Hi-Y Vice-pres. 1-2, 4; Intramural 2; League of Honor 1-4; Boys Pep Club 4; Track 1; Wrestling 3. JANICE MORAN— Band 2-4; Booster Page 3 Ed. 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, 1-4; League • of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Masoma Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll Sec- Treas. 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y Treas., Model U. N. 2-4; Top Ten Jr.; I. U. Journalism Institute 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4. MARY JANE MORRIS— FHA Club 1; Monitor 1-2. JEWEL MURPHY— Art Asst. 3-4. BETTY NEAL— Special Asst. 3. RICHARD NEAL — Football 1-4; League of Honor 1, 3; Letermens Club 2-4; Monitor 3, 4; ROTC Officers Club 4; Wrestling 1-4. 80 Seniors VIRGINIA FRANCES NEWBOLD— Girls Glee Club 2-4; Monitor 2; Operetta 4; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 2-4; Glee-ettes 2-4; Melbourne High School, Florida 1. CHARLES NICHOLS— Band, 2nd Lt., 1-4; Dance Band 2-3; Orchestra 2-3; Redskin Revue 1; ROTC Officers Club 1-4, Lt. Col.; Pep Band 2-3. BILL NICHOLS— Choir 2-4; FTA Club 3-4; Hi-Y 4; Home Room Rep. 4; Operetta 2-4; Radio Speech Club 2-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Asst. 2-4; Ensemble 2-4. MASAKO (NANCY) NOSE— Pep Club 4; Mar- tha, Cherry Tree Hop 4; Futaba High School, Tokyo, Japan 1-3. MARY E. O ' NEAL— FTA Club 4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1; Moni- tor 3; Special Asst. 1-4; Spanish Club 2-4; Lo-Per- Man contest 3. BRENDA OWEN— Booster 2-3; Cub Club 1; League of Honor 1-3; Mask and Wig 1-3, Sec. 2, Vice-pres. 3; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 3; Spe- cial Asst. 3-4. BETTY JO PARKER— FHA Club 4; Monitor 3-4; Shortridge 1-2. BEVERLY PARTLOW — Choir 1-2; League of Honor 1; Operetta 2; Special Asst. 1-3. WILLIAM PHILLIPS— League of Honor 3; Na- tional Honor Society; Redskin Revue 4; Roines 4; I. U. Science Institute 3; Quiz ' Em Team 4; Science Honor Club 3-4, Pres. 3-4; Wynn Seale Junior High School, Texas 1; Roy Miller High School, Texas 2. BEVERLY PITMAN (BAUM AN)— Special Asst. 4. JANALENE POWELL— Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4, Historian; Moni- tor 1; Redskin Revue 1-3-4; Special Asst. 1-3-4; Y Teens Club 1 ; National Honor Society 3-4. WILLODYNE QUARLES— Monitor 2-3; Operetta 3-4; Orchestra 1-4. JOYCE QUINTON— Choir 1-2; Girls Glee Club 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Operetta 2-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Special Asst. 1-4; Football Jamboree Queen 4; Homecoming Queen Cand. 4; Popularity Contest Cand. 3. CHRIS RIGGIN— Basketball 1; Football 1; League of Honor 1; Monitor 4; Intramural 4. BARBARA ROBINSON— FHA Club 2; Monitor 3. RICHARD ROBINSON— Tech High School 1. ROGER ROEMBKE— Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-2 Cross Country 2; Football 1; League of Honor 1-4 Lettermens Club 2-4; Monitor 2; Boys Pep Club 4 Redskin Revue 2-4; Special Asst. 3. SANDRA ROLLINGS— Intramural 1 ; Jr. Red Cross 2; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 1. Seniors Mm LiM i WAYNE RYAN- BERTIE SAFFELL— Choir 2; Girls Glee Club 1-3, 4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; Operetta 2-4; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 1-3; Special Asst. 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2. JEAN SAFFELL — Girls Glee Club 1-4; Home Room Rep. 1-4; Monitor 1-2; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-3; Special Asst. 1-3; Cherry Tree Hop Queen Candidate 4. DIXIE SANDERS— Home Room Rep. 1-2; Intra- mural 1; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. 1-3. PATRICIA SARKINE — Intramural 1; Jr. Red Cross 2. LIVIJA SAULGOZIS— Girls Glee Club 2-3; Home Room Rep. 3; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4; Science Honor Club Sec. 4; National Honor Society. BEATRICE ANN SAUNDERS— FH A Club 3; In- tramural Captain 1-3; Mask and Wig 1. HUBERT SAUTER— Baseball 2; Basketball 1-3; Choir 2; Cross Country 2-3; Football 1; League of Honor 1; Redskin Revue 3-4. EDWARD SCHAEFER— Baseball 2; Football 1, 3; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Moni- tor 4; Redskin Revue 4; Roines 4; Wrestling 1-4; Science Honor Club 3-4. HARRY SCHAEFER— Baseball 4; Wrestling 2; Tech High School 1. NATHAN SCHEIB— Football 4; Lettermens Club 4; Boys Pep Club 4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 4; Track 4; Washington High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1-3. THOMAS SCHOENHERR— Ham Radio Vice-pres. 2-3. JUDITH SCHRADER— Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Asst. 1-4; Student Affairs Bd. 4. LINDA SCHULZ— Booster Page 2 Ed. 4, 1-4 Choir 1-3; League of Honor 2-4 , Masoma Vice pres. 4; Operetta 2-3; Quill and Scroll Pres. 4, 3-4 Redskin Revue Sponsor 4, 1-4; ROTC Sponsor 4 Manualairres 3-4; Radio Staff Station Director 2-4 RUTHELENE SCHWARTZ— Redskin Revue 1, 3 Talent Parade 1. BARBARA SCOTT— Band 1-4; Monitor 1-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 3; Baton Club 2. LOWELL SCOTT— Football 1; Ham Radio Treas. 2-3; Hi-Y Treas. 1-2; League of Honor 1-3; Moni- tor 2; Redskin Revue 4; Track 1; Sound Crew Chief Technician 1-4. PAUL DAVID SCUDDER— Cross Country 3; In- tramural 2; League of Honor 2-4; Monitor 2; Operetta 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Choir 1-4; Track 2; Wrestling 2-3; Harry E. Wood High School 1, 82 Seniors BETTY SHANER— Band 2-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Mask and Wig 1-3; Masoma 4; Na- tional Thespians 3-4; Operetta 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Student Affairs Bd. 1, 3-4; Homecoming Queen 4; Girls Glee Club Treas. 3-4. JIM SHEA — Basketball 1; Football 1-2; Intra- mural 1; League of Honor 1-2; Monitor 1-3; Red- skin Revue 3-4. EDWARD SHEARLS— Ham Radio 2; Hi-Y 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Special Asst. 2. KAREN SHERA— Band 2-3; Baton Twirler 2; Choir 1; Girls Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3; Operetta 2, 4; Redskin Revue 1-3; Color Guard 3. TRUDIE SHERIDAN — Baton Twirler Club 3; Girls Glee Club 1-4; Intramural 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Asst. 4; National Honor Society. DORIS SHOCK — Booster Agent 1-3; Home Room Rep. 1-3; Ivian Agent 1-3; League of Honor 2-4; Special Asst. 1, 4; National Honor Society. BRENDA SHOOPMAN— Cheerleader 2-3; Girls Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor 2; Monitor 1; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1-3; Redskin Revue 2-3. JOHN SHROUT— Basketball mural 1-2; Track 1. 1; Choir 1; Intra- SHARON SICKELS— Baton Twirler 1; Monitor 1-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-3; Special Asst. 3-4; Southport High School 1. JOE SIEGMAN— Redskin Revue 1; Stage Crew 4. PAUL SIMMERMAN— Monitor 4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Chess Club 4. LINDA SMITH— FHA Club 3; Intramural 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 1; Y Teens Vice-pres. 1. LINDA SNELLENBERGER— Booster Agent 1-2; Home Room Rep. 1-3; Ivian Agent 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 3-4; Senior Council 4; Future Nurses Club Treas. 3. SIDNEY SNELLENBURG— Baseball 2; Booster 1; Cross Country 1-3; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1; Redskin Revue 3. DON SNIDER— Booster Sports Ed. 4, 2-4; Intra- mural 1-2; Ivian Sports Ed. 4, 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; I. U. Journalism Institute 3; Sports Corre- spondent 3-4. ROBERT SNODDY — Cross Country 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club Sec. -Treas. 3-4; Monitor 4; Redskin Revue 4; Roines 4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 2; Football Student Manager 3-4; Na- tional Honor Society Treas. 3-4. GEORGE SNODGRASS— League of Honor 1-2; Monitor 4. RICHARD SPEAR— Cross Country 3; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Monitor 3; Red- skin Revue 3-4; Roines 4; Track 1-2; Wrestling 2-4. dfrM S3 Seniors DON STAPLES— Home Room Rep. 1; Monitor 2; King George, Cherry Tree Hop 4. WILLIAM STAPLES— Band 1-2; Choir Section Leader 4, 1-4; Operetta 1-3; Redskin Revue 2; En- semble 2-4. MIKE STEADHAM— Booster 4; League of Honor Top Ten 3-4; Mask Wig 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines Vice-pres. 4, 3-4; Spanish Club Treas. 3, 2-3; Quiz ' Em Team 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 4; Science Honor Club 4; Top Ten Junior 3; Wood High School 1. SARA STEPHENS— Martinsville High School 2. SANDRA STEWART— Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma Treas. 4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 3-4; Twirling Club 2. BOB STIEGELMEYER— Intramural 1-2; Track 1. DIANNE STOKES— Cub Club 1; Intramural 3; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 2-4. JANET R. STOUT— FTA Club Librarian 3-4; Girls Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 1-4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 3; Pep Club 1-3; Radio Speech Club Vice-pres. 2-3; Redskin Revue 3; Twirling Club 2. JERRY STUCK— Intramural 1-2. BARBARA STURGEON— Mask Wig 1-2; Mon- itor 2-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 2-3. Radio Vice-pres. 2-3; ALLAN SWAIN — Ham League of Honor 1. ROSALIE SWAIN — Band 3-4; Cub Club 1; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1-2; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 1-4; Twirling Club 2. JOHN SWARTZ— Ham Radio 1; Radio Speech Club Chief Engineer 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Stage Crew Asst. Stage Manager 2-4; Wrestling 1. ARLEEN TAYLOR— Girls Glee Club 2-4; Intra- mural 4; League of Honor 1-2-4; Operetta 4; Red- skin Revue 4; Special Asst. 1-2-4. CHARLES TAYLOR— Wood High School 2. LARRY TERRELL — Cross Country 1-2; Basketball 1-2. PATRICIA THOMPSON— PRISCELLA THOMPSON— Bus. Girls Club 2; Jr. Red Cross 1-2; Intramural 1. 84 Seniors WARREN THORNE— Hi-Y Vke-pres. 2-3, 1-4; Special Asst. 4. ' RONALD TIMMONS — Football 3-4; Lettermens Club 4; Monitor 4; Track 2. BENNY TOWNSEND— Baseball 4; Basketball 1-4; Cross Country 1-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1, 1-4; Lettermens Club 2-3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Roi nes 4; Student Affairs Bd. Vice-pres. 2-3; Home- coming Candidate 4. ROSEMARY TROUTMAN— Monitor 4. TONY UUK— Basketball 1-4; Cross Country 3-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines 4; Student Affairs Bd., Vice-pres., 1-2-4; Track 1-4; Pow Wow Chief 3; National Honor Society 3, 4. NANCY VAN CLEAVE— FH A Club 3; Monitor 4; Rosenwald High School, Kentucky 1. JOYCE VAN LUE— Intramural 1; Jr. Red Cross 2; League of Honor 1; Monitor 4; Redskin Revue Usher 3. JEWEL ANN VAUGHN— Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Operetta Usher 4; Or- chestra 3; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-4; Band, Featured Twirler 4; Twirling Club 4. JOHN WALDEN— Ham Radio Pres. 2; League of Honor 1-2; Redskin Revue 4; Science Honor Club 4; Visual Aid 1; Public Address Crew 2; Tech High School 3. ROBERT WALLACE— Baseball 1-3; Football 1, 3, 4; League of Ho nor 1; Lettermens Club 4; Monitor 3-4; Radio Speech Club 2; Redskin Revue 3. SHARON LEE WALLACE— FTA Club Pres. 4, 3-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-3, 1-4; Masoma 4; ROTC History Club Vice-pres. 4; Special Asst. 1-4; Tri-Hi-Y Pres. 2-3, Treas. 4, Model U. N. 1-4, N. Y. Trip 2, 1-4; D. A. R. Good Citizen 4; Girls State 3; ROTC Sponsor, Honorary Lt. Col. 4; Military Ball Queen 4; National Honor Society. ' SUE WALTON— Choir 3-4; Operetta 3; Talent Pa- rade 2-3. In formal ceremonies at the Military Ball, Capt. Robert H. Hoisington, PMS T for the Indianapolis Public High Schools ' ROTC, presents commissions to Cadet Officers Paul Frodge, Jackie Clark, and Melvin Disbro. CAROLE SUE VANDIVIER- Central High School 1-2. -Monitor 3; Warren 85 Seniors BARBARA WARREN— Home Room Rep. 2-3; Monitor 2-3; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 3. CHARLOTTE WARRENBURG— Ivian 1; Moni- tor 4; Intramural 1-2. MARY WEAVER— Monitor 3-4. FLOSSIE LOUISE WEBB— Intramural 2-4; Moni- tor 4; Millry, Alabama 1-2. HELEN WEBB— League of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Mask Wig Pres. 4, 3-4; Operetta Choreographer 4; Redskin Revue Sponsor 2, Act Choreographer 3-4; National Thespians Pres. 3, Treas. 4, 3-4; Red- skin Revue Student Committee Co-chairman 4, Sec. 3, 2-4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Masoma 4; Bruce Robison-Ragsdale Award 3. ROSA WEBB— Intramural 2. THOMAS WELLS— Basketball 1-3; Cross Country 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Monitor 4; Boys Pep Club 4; Student Affairs Bd. 3; Track 1-3. JUDITH WELSCH— FTA Club 4; League of Honor 1-3; Operetta 2; Orchestra 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2. ROBERTA WESLEY- EDWARD WESTERFIELD— EMMA RUTH WHEELER— FH A Club Sec. 1-2; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1; Monitor 1; Special Asst. 1; Student Affairs Bd. 1. VIRGINIA ANN WHEELER- Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Special Asst. 1. -FHA Club Vice- Seniors not pictured: HELEN ARTHUR RONALD CONNER FRANK COULTER DAVID COX LOIS FOLEY DICK HOLLER DALE MOJtTENBECK PHILIP SADLER PAUL SCHOCH MAX SMITH WAYNE VANVLYMEN DELORAH WILLIAMS Graduation requirements incomplete. Heels and suits easily distinguish top- classmen on Senior Day. Seniors are all smiles in Home Room as they display the outfits especially selected for " their " day. Seniors NEIL WHITAKER— Monitor 1; Stage Crew 1-4. ED WHITE— Football 1-4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 1-2; Lettermens Club 3-4; Moni- tor 4; Special Asst. 4; Track 3; Wrestling 1. JEAN WHITE— Monitor 2-3; Special Asst. 4. JUDY WHITE— Pep Club 2; Redskin Revue 2-3; Special Asst. 3-4. ROBERT WHITE— Band 2-3; Monitor 2-3; ROTC Officers Club 4, Capt. 4, ROTC History Club 4. WILLIAM W. WHITE— Choir 3-4; Monitor 1-4; ROTC Officers Club 4. SENORITA WHITLEY— FHA Club 4; Monitor 1-2. JACKIE WILSON— Monitor 4; Pep Club 1; Spe- cial Asst. 4; Intramural 1; May Music Festival 1; Henry B. Plant High School, Florida 2-3. TEDDY WINCKELBACH— Choir Sec. 3, Librar- ian 2, 1-4; Ivian Editor-in-Chief 4, 1-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Masoma 4; Operetta 2-4; Quill and Scroll Vice-pres. 4, 3-4; Redskin Revue, Spon- sor 1-3, 1-4; Senior Council 4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Ensemble 3-4. CAROLYN ANN WINSTEAD— FHA Club 2-4; Intramural 1-4; Jr. Red Cross Vice-pres. 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma Scholarship Com- mittee Chr. 3-4; Pep Club 2-3; Special Asst. 1-2; Swords Club Sec, Pres., 2-3; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Alternate delegate to Girls State 3; News Bureau 3. THOMAS J. WOODWARD— Band 1-4; Choir 4; Dance Band 2-4; League of Honor 2-3; Monitor 2; Operetta 3-4; Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Asst. 1. MICHAEL WOOLSEY— Football 2; League of Honor 1-2; Lettermens Club 1-4; Monitor 1-2; Wrestling 1-4; Track Manager 2. LINDA WORRELL— FHA Club 1; Girls Glee Club 4; Intramural 1; Monitor 2-4; Operetta 1; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 4. PAUL YARBER— Choir 1-4; Hi Y Sec. 3-4; Op- eretta 4; ROTC Officers Club, Company Commander 4; ROTC History Club 4. IRVIN ZAENGLEIN— Intramural 1-4; Monitor 3; Boys Pep Club 4; Wrestling Student Manager 4. LARRY ZEIGLER— Football 4; Track 1; Senior Constitution Committee 4. RICHARD ZEIS — Monitor 3; Booster 4. JUDITH ANN ZIEGLER— Booster 1-3; FTA Club Sec. 4, 3-4; Girls Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-3; Top Ten Junior 3; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 4; Redskin Revue 4; Tri-Hi-Y Sec. 4, 1-4; National Honor Society Vice-pres. 3-4. Juniors ££ A£ $01 © Robert Abrams, Donna Alexander. Robert Allee, Chuck Anderson. Jacqueline Anderson, Johnnie An- derson. Class officers to preside over the junior class are elected in the fall. Seated is Treasurer June Kistler, shown tabulating re- ceipts for the Junior Prom. Look- ing on are Dave Miller, vice president; Judy Schoenherr, pres- ident, and Alan Foster, secretary. William Andrews, Letha Ballinger, Shirley Banks, Donna Barker, John Barlow, Bill Beachman, Lindsay Beal. Butch Bennett, Doramae Bewley, Jerry Bishop, Judy Blanton, Norman Bogard, Judy Bohannon, Rita Boone. Beverly Brady, David Brandmaier, Roberta Brannon, Sandra Bredy, Phyllis Brehob, Bob Brock, Barbara Brown. Donna Brown, Theodocia Brown, Kay Bryant, Barbara Bullock, Janice Butler, La Verne Butts, Jackie Buz- zaird. Joseph Caldwell, Pat Calvert, John Carr, Dennis Chambers, Charlene Chapman, Larry Chastain, James Clark. Jim Clayton, Donna Cochran, Joyce CofTman, Georgann Coldren, Judy Comstock, Lanny Cooper, Larry Cooper. Sandra Cooper, Dennis Craig, Bonita Creager, Mary Creasey, Carolyn Creasser, Ronald Crooke, Rex Cum- mings. Doris Danner, Nancy Day, Darrell Dean, Ray Deckard, Joyce Deer, Robert Dennemann, Ted Dennett. 88 umors Rosemary Dennis, Brenda Diller, Ronald Dilley, Carolin Dodson, Barbara Downham, Mary Dressier, Marsha Drotz. Robert W. Duncan, Barbara Eader, Rosemary Eads, Donna Elliott, Rich- ard Elliott, Larry Elslager, J. D. Em- berton. Sandra Emmons, Barbara Evans, David Fagg, Tim Fisher, Robert Flake, Diana Flora, Alan Foster. John Foster, Judy Frazier, Linda Fritsche, Jerry Fyffe, Vivian Gadient, John Garnett, Karl Gennrich. Judy Gimbel, Reba Glass, Jacqueline Goad, Jean Goins, Kenneth Graves, Jim Gray, Marcia Grider. Barbara Grove, Jim Grubb, Bill Hair, Stanley Halcomb, Barbara Hale, Rea Handlon, Shirley Hanlon. Wayne Hansen, Richard Hansing, Evelyn Harding, Art Harnack, Jesse Harper, James B. Harris, James Harris. Gloria Harvey, Mayzell Hatcher, Linda Hatten, Dena Heatherly, Mary Heichelbech, Gloria Hendricks, Larry Hendricks. Larry Henn, Eva Henson, Bill Her- man, Patricia Hickman, Vaughn Hickman, John Higgens, Carolyn Hightower. Diana Hill, Mary Hoard, Betty Hoene, Donna Hoene, Mary Ann Hoffmeyer, Ann Hogan, Jane Hol- comb. Louise Holle, Edith Hollingsworth, Gwendolyn Holman, Leon Hoover, Jackie Hubbell, Patricia Hubbell, Muriel Huckaby. $£ $ 89 p £ f uniors Margaret Hughes, Judy Hunley, Dick Hurst, Marvin Hyatt, Jerr y Isaacs, Dennis Jackson, Bob Jeffries. Ronald Jenkins, Linda Jensen, James Johnson, Montell Johnson, Pattie Johnson, Russell Johnson, Tom Johnson. Eva Jones, Paula Jones, Charles Kattau, James Kautsky, Sonja Keat- ing, Juanita Kelley, Michael Kelly. Fredricka Kilgore, Harry Kincade, Alma King, Brigitte Kirstein, June Kistler, Kay Kleifgen, Peggy Knight. Barbara Koenig, Rebecca Koenig, Ruth Kortepeter, Suellen Kottkamp, Robert Kraft, Mary Ann Kratoska, Jerry A. Kupfer. Phyllis Lackey, Sharon Lahrman, Donna Lang, Howard Langford, David Lanham, Carolyn Lathrop, Donna Lawrence. Sylvia Lawrence, Clifford Lawson, Judy Lee, Raymond Lee, Merrilyn Lindley, Norva Lintecum, Linda Loeper. Ronald Lutz, Phyllis Lynch, Carol Lynn, James Mahan, Linda Malott, Joyce Marcum, Ronnie Marsh. Ruthann Marshall, Jackie Massey, Sallie Matthew, Steve Matthews, Al- len Mavity, Earl McCombs, Connie McCubbins. Bill McCurry, Karen McDonnell, Jerry McFarland, Lynne McGinnis, Darthula McGuire, David McLinn, Charlotte McMurry. Roger McVay, Maurice Metzger, Dave Miller, Donna Miller, Ronnie Miller, Beverly Miner, Robert Mink. 90 uniors Max Moneyhan, Donna Monroe, Anna May Montgomery, Amy Moon, Carole Moore, Robert Moore, Sandra Moore. Jennie Moorhead, Bob Morefield, Jon Morris, John Most, John Muse, Janet Myers, Keith Nave. Wallace Needham, Rosemary Nerge, Lanna Newman, Jim Newman, Sharon Nichols, Marjorie Noe, Anne Norcross. Joyce O ' Neal, Barbara Osborne, Jim Ott, Mary Parker, Shirley Parrott, ■Bette Patterson, Gerald Peats. Richard Perkinson, Wendell Petree, Bette Pierson, Deloris Pitcher, Alvin Pittman, Dick Powell, Dorothy Pres- ident. Carolyn Presley, Bern ice Pringle, Betty Pryor, Veronica Quarles, Ron- ald Rainey, Sharon Ralston, Sharon Rash. Gail Ray, Sandra Ray, Lois Rechen- bach, Maudie Reese, Vernon Reifeis, Ronnie Rice, Dave Richards. Stephen Richards, Martha Rippey, Philip Risher, Barbara Ann Robbins, Barbara Robbins, Barbara Robertson, Carol Robison. Tom Robinson, Darlene Rutledge. Mary Rowan, Judy Ryder. Margaret Sabatier, Ronnie Sanders. Members of the junior class met for the first time at a party given in the cafeteria October 9. Class officers were announced and sea- sonal refreshments of cider and donuts were enjoyed by those who attended. Ift (P5i 91 $? n Juniors Juniors Janis Small and John Foster portrayed leading roles as Texans from Gopher Gulch in the Music Department ' s presen- tation of " The Prince of Pilsen. " Judy Schoenherr, Sandra Schofield, Grace Schreiber. Elaine Schultz, Ray Schultz, Sharon Schwarz. Ronnie Scott, Karen Sedam, Robert Sergeant. Bob Shade, Nancy Shannon, Ronald Shingleton. Sharon Shofner, Leslie Shotts, Carol Jean Shrout, John Shrout, Jack Simp- son, Janis Small, Arthena Smith. Chester Smith, Kara Smith, Nancy Smith, Patricia Smith, Stephen Spacke, Bob Spears, Joyce Spears. Charles Speer, Patricia Stacy, John Stafford, David Staley, Eileen Staley, Don Stanley, Jerry Staples. Robert Starnes, Miriam St. Clair, Frances Stewart, Larry Stofer, David Stout, Gerald Streeval, Marilyn Stroud. Roscoe Sturgeon, Rosie Summers, Alice Summitt, Ronald Susemichel, Betty Swinford, Emilie Tague, Don Tallent. Samuel Terman, Mary Tex, Marilyn Tharp, Stephen Thomas, Harry Thompson, Stephen Tressler, Rose- mary Turentine. Larry Ulrey, Raynold Umholtz, Joe Van Vlymen, Wayne Van Vlymen, Linda Vehling, Marjorie Viehe, Sara Walls. 92 umors Nelda Wallsmith, Vasco Walton, Ronald Waugh, Annette Weathing- ton, Angie Webb, Harold Webb, Notman Weddle. Rita Weimer, James Westbrook, Sandra White, Mary Whitney, Latry Wiley, Warren Wilhite, Ronald Williams. Tom Williams, Bill Willsey, Delo- ries Wilson, John Wilson, Peggy Wilson, Ralph Wischmeyer, Ronald Wood. Carolyn Woods, Norman Woods, Ronald Woods, Jim Wray, Steven .Wright, Jim Worz, Jerry Yates. Sophomores Martha Abbett, Sandie Abbott, Roderick Abraham, Tommy Acton, Janice Adams, Stephen Aikin, Shir- ley Allgood. Robert Amick, Nancy Anderson, Tracy Angerer, Carole Archer, Mi- chael Arnold, James Atkins, Brenda Austin. Mary Baker, Shirley Baker, Charlotte Barfield, Martin Baron, Sharon Basey, Mary Baskett, James Bedwell. Mary E. Beeman, Leroy Bell, Char- lene Bender, John Bennett, Jewell Bewley, Oma Birl, Manley Bishop. Christina Blumhardt, Sidney Bobb, Bertha Bohannon, Ervin Boicourt, Regina Bolen, Carol Bottoms, Gary Bough. Judy Brandon, Kay Brandon, Ron Braughton, Lonney Breedlove, Caro- lyn Brewer, Barbara Bright, Robert Brothers. Bill Brown, Brenda Brown, Ella Brown, Julia Brown, Patty Brown, Donna Bruggencate, Helga Bruns. 93 Sophomores Leon Buchanan, Linda Bulthaup, Richard Bumpus, Carolyn Bunnell, Thomas Bunnell, Sharon Burgess, Joan Burrello. Lavone Burton, Robert Burton, Ted Busch, Larry Calvert, Judy Campbell, Tony Carlino, Janet Carnes. Margie Carnine, Paula Carrier, Jimmie Carson, Jane Carter, Carolyn Carver, Sally Casto, David Castor. Susan Caulie, William Caviness, Debbie Chamberlain, Larry Chand- ler, Norma Cheatham, Roberta Christian, Sandra Church. Bonnie Clark, John Clark, Fred Clos- sey, Janet Cobb, June Cochran, Mike Cooley, Kendall Coop. Prentis Coop, Robert Cooper, Edla Jean Cordell, Curtis Covington, Mar- tha Cox, Willard Crabtree, John Craig. Tom Cromwell, Richard Cummings, Robert Cummins, Beverly Cundiff, John Curlin, Rockne Curren, Arnold Dale. Charles Dale, John Danek, Fred Danenfelser. Larry Davidson, Charles Davis, John Davis. Lorelei Davis, Robert Davis, Theresa Davis. Sandra Dawson, Bradley Dearmond, Bob Deckard. Sandy Steele and Bob Walker, sophomores, led cheers for Man- ual ' s team during basketball sea- son. Sandy, a regular Reserve cheerleader, pinch-hit at several varsity games. Sophomores Judith Deckard, Curtis Delk, Janet Dell, Sam Denton, Sharon Devine, Arvine Dewey, Thelma Dick. Carol Dillehay, Marvin Disbro, Stan- ley Dishon, Willie Dishon, Karin Dornfeld, Karen Duke, Douglas Ed- wards. Phyllis Elliott, Patty Ellis, Richard Embree, Beverly Sue Ennis, Judy Esch, Diane Eskitch, Priscilla Eustace. Elizabeth Everett, Sandra Everett, Robert Fallowfield, Pat Ferguson, Nancy Fill, Jerry Flora, James Flores. Dale Foley, Sharon Ford, Nancy Fordyce, Marilyn Fox, Charles Fran- cis, James Franklin, Scott Frazier. Farrell Frentress, Anna Friedman, Carol Fuchs, Carolyn Galyan, Joyce Gant, Nathlie Gard, Donna Garland. Carl Geer, Lanny Gerber, Barbara Gilliland, Roberta Glass, Charles Golder, Edward Gordon, Paul Goss. Suzanne Graham, Barbara Grant, Bonnie Graves, David Green, Kay Green, Billy Greene, Joe Greeson. Alton Griffith, Dianne Grubb, San- dra Gudat, Judith Gum, Ralph Gur- ley, Hans Gut, Eddie Hair. Jim Hair, George Hales, Larry Hall, Charles Hampton, Jack Hancock, Larry Hancock, Thomas Hannon. Judy Hansen, Niles Hanshew, Sharon Hare, Sandra Harlan, Charkne Har- ris, Janet Harris, Judith Harris. 95 Sophomores Margie Hartley, Annie Hatcher, Sue Hawley, John Hayworth, John Healy, Alan Hedegard, Lois Helfenberger. Norma Hendricks, Walter Henricks, George Henry, Albert Henschen, John Hershberger, Judy Herzog, Jo- Ann Hilaides. Janet Hines, Charles Hix, Mary Hoeping, Sandra Hoffman, Diana Holler, Wanda Holloway, Sharon Holmes. Arvel Hornback, Leona Howard, Nancy Hoyt, Gerald Huber, Carolyn Hulett, Jack Humes, Charles Hum- phrey. JoAnn Humphrey, Charles Huppert, Ronald Hyatt, Tom Hyde, Carolyn Ibaugh, John E. Jackson, Elizabeth Jenkins. Jerry Jensen, Paul Jewell, Bernice Johnson, Betty Johnson, Katherine Johnson, Peggy Johnson, Sharon Johnson. Betty Jones, David Jones, James Jones, Larry Jones, Richard Jones, Mary Kehl, Carolyn Kelley. Linda Kelley, Mary Kemp, Glanda Kendrick, Rosa Kimbley, Kay Kim- mell, Phyllis Kindle, Saundra Kin- Jo Knight, Fred Kortepeter, Dennis Ladigo, Peggy Langford, Judy Ann LaPinta, Fred Larmore, Sharon Lash- ley. Barbara Leonard, Betty Lester, Gray- don Leucht, Michael Lewallen, Den- nis Limpus, Laurence Livers, Sandra Lohman. Diana Lonis, Beverly Louks, Evelyn Lowe, Richard Lucas, Marcella Lynn, Kathryn MacKinnon, Theda Malott. 96 Sophomores Miss Josephine Boyd, former head of the Home Economic De- partment, presided at the tea table at the December meeting of Administrative Women in Education. Sophomores Beverly Payn e and Saundra Kinman were two of the Home Eco- nomic students who assisted. Jeannette Marshall, David Mascher. Joan Mascher, Maureen Marx. Dorothy McConnaha, Shirley Mc- Daniels. Dennis McGuire, Betty Jean Mcin- tosh, Harley McNeely, Ivy McNeil, Wayne McNeil, Beverly McVicker, Trank Meister. Charles Mercer, Richard Mescall, Anna Miller, Elaine Mills, Becky Mitchell, Larry Mitchell, Helen Mobley. Jack Monday, David Moore, Freddie Moore, David Morgan, Robert Mor- gan, Lorene J. Moss, Don Moulder. Wayne Mullen, Charles Murray, Mitzi Muse, Ralph Musgrave, Caro- lyn Mustard, Frances Neal, Judy Neale. Barbara Netherton, Richard New- bold, Bob Norris, Frank Ogden, Barry O ' Neal, Walter Oliver, Sharon Oppegard. Margie Orrell, Everett Osborn, Rose Marie Ottinger, Willis Overton, Nolan Pahud, Judy Palmer, Bob Parker. Donna Parrish, Virgil Parton, Rob- ert Pasch, Dick Patterson, Hulah Pat- terson, Beverly Payne, Judie Peacock. Mike Pearce, Carolyn P eavler, Mari- lyn Peavler, Donna Perdue, Rita Per- kinson, Nancy Perry, Agris Petersons. 97 ' £ 1 € c £} ( f$ n ' AflfV© 2s« ■■■ Sophomores Barbara Bright, sophomore, ar- ranges a Christmas display of gingerbread snowmen for the bulletin board in a cooking lab- oratory. Pete Petersen, Constance Petty. John Phillips, Joe Piccione. James Pio, Johnny Pool. Ray Posey, Jr., Gary. Powell, Linda Powell, Donna Powers, Eddie Poyn- ter, Rex Price, Verna Pringle. James Privette, Alan M. Proctor, Barth Ragatz, Norm Randall, Rich- ard Rasdell, Alfred Ratz, Nancy Reese. Helen Rexroat, Alvin Rhorer, Pa- tricia Richardson, Robert Riddell, Boyce Rigdon, Donald Riggin, John Riley. Rosie Riley, Donnetta Ritur, Charles Roberts, Saundra Robison, Nancy Roe, Sandra Rogers, Laurence Rohr- man. Marilyn Rose, Ray Rose, Allen Ross, Barbara Rudbeck, Mary Rutherford, John Salmon, Janet Sanders. Luana Sanford, Jim Sattler, David Sauter, Mary Scering, Marjorie Schaefer, Allen Schlamp, Joan Scholl. Edwin Schultz, Jim Schulz, David Schwartz, Sharon Sedam, Edward Shafer, Larry Shaner, Phyllis Sheeks. Mary Sheridan, Earl Sherman, June Sherman, Bobby Shotts, Don Shotts, Mike Shuppert, Geraldine Simpson. n Sophomores Ottis Sines, Sue Slayton, David Smith, Gloria Smith, Kim Smith, Louise Smith, Shirley Smith. Alben Smock, Peggy Smoot, Merle Soeurt, Karen Sondergard, Carole Speck, Bonnie Spreen, Jackie Stanley. Raymond Stapert, Kenneth St. Clair, Sandy Steele, Elaine Stettler, Dick Stillabower, Judy Stuart, Ronnie Stuck. Ann S. Stultz, Joyce Sullivan, Gwen- dolyn Swatts, David Switzer, Sandra Swope, Sandra Talbert, Steve Tabor. Carolyn Taylor, Judee Taylor, David Teepe, Joanne Terry, David Thomp- son, Orville Thompson, Sharon Thompson. Eugene Tompkins, Jerry Towe, Ro- deric Trabue, Sally Turner, Mary Vandeventer, Beth Ann Van Vlymen, Diane Vaughn. Patricia Vaught, Sharon Sue Ven- tress, David Vernon, Edward Vit- torio, Jim Wagner, Robert Wagner, Bob Walker. Charlene Rae Walker, Julia Walker, Dick Wallace, Sandra Wallace, Rich- ard Weaver, Sandy Webb, Jerry Wells. Betty Wesley, Sue Wessel, Ronald West, Ada Westerfield, Charles Wet- trick, Thelma Wheeler, Nancy White. Linda Whittaker, Frederick Wicker, Betty Wiley, Helen Williams, Sue Williams, Henry Wilson, David Welford. Larry Wood, Roger Wood, Rita Woolsey, Janet Wurz, Charles Yager, Ed Zaenglein, Carole Ziegler. 99 Freshmen r 1 9 . , T Carl Abbott, Judith Ackerman, Cecil Adams, Mary Agan, John Aldrich, Sue Alexander, Margaret Alford. Lynn Amick, John Anderson, Mi- chael Armistead, Dennis Armour, John Arthur, Judy Atkins, Betty Bailey. Wanda Bailey, Rose Baker, Sandra Baker, James Barnert, Mary L. Bar- ton, Jim Batson, Eleanor Baugh. Karen Baumann, Sharen Baumann, Linda Beach, Brenda G. Bean, Terry Beck, Melvin Bender, Steven Benson. John Beuoy, Carol Bidgood, Nyle Biggerstaff, William Bloemker, Richard Boarman, George Boicourt, Steve Boone. Bill Borden, Larry Boring, Jerrene Bowers, Mary Ruth Bowling, Ber- nard Bradshaw, Janet Brammer, Wil- liam Brandmaier. Noramae Branham, Ralph Brannon, Lydia Brasher, Pat Braughton, Sherry Braun, Sandra Breewe, Karen Bre- hob. Donald Breimeir, Nancy Brenton, Jack Briggs. Cheryl Brizendine, Harold Britts, David Broady. ,• David Bronson, Larry Brooks, Jerry Brown. Larry Brown, Robert Brown, Dennis Browning. Freshman Bill Moore and Rose McLinn have a talk with Santa (Dave Chappell) at the Senior Class ' s Christmas Party for all first year students. 100 Freshmen Sara Broz, Shirley Brummett, Ray Brunnemer, Shirley Bryant, Iva Bu- chanan, Norman Bullard, Don Bunch. Kay Bunch, Gloria Burge, Marilyn T. Burge, Bob J. Burgett, David Burris, Evelyn Burton, Shirley Bustle. Danny Butler, James Butler, Roy Butts, Janet Byard, Bob Byers, Johnie Byrum, Donald Caldwell. Nancy Callahan, Ronnie Cambridge, Leo Canfield, Sharon Carlson, Steven Carmean, Phil Carpenter, Sharon Carpenter. Jerry Carter, Linda Caviness, Jo Ann Chandler, Joseph Chandler, Jeanette Chapell, William Chappell, Eddie Church. Enid Church, Harold Claiborne, Rita Clay, Brenda Clayton, Clifford Clay- ton, Pamela Clements, Carolyn Cloyd. Armen Cobb, Richard Cochran, Mona Cole, Charles Collins, Kay Collins, Ronald Collins, Jane Cones. Bob Cook, James Cook, Gloria Coon- field, Mary Anna Coonfield, Sue Coop, Pamela Cooper, Ronald Cooper. Jim Copeland, Mary Cosby, Gloria Coverstone, Johnny Cravens, Charles Creasey, Robert J. Cropper, Judy Crouch. James Crouch, Evanderlene Crowdus, Helen Crow, James Cummings, Joe Cummins, Jo Cundift, Ronald Cur- ren. Richard Cuthbertson, Carolyn Dale, Corrine Daniels, Robert Daniels, Mildred Danner, Louis Darko, Pa- tricia Datson. $Q$ Frl fT3 f ? 101 Freshmen f 0f» ' % v Barry Davis, Darrell Davis, Harold Davis, Keith Davis, Sharon Davis, Carolyn Dawson, Denny Deem. Sandra Deere, Bob Dennison, Donna Derrett, Bill Devine, Nancy Devine, Karla Dilley, James Dodson. Judy Dorn, Larry Dorn, Henry Drahos, Jo Ann Duncan, Brenda Dunkin, Rozella Durocher, Phillip Dycus. Sharon Ecdes, Cynthia Eggert, Gary Elkins, Larry Ellingwood, Gene El- liott, Paul C. Emberton, Barbara Emrich. Judy England, Rita Ervin, Marylin Evans, Stephen Faires, Bob Farmer, Carolyn Farmer, Nadine Faughn. Gene Ferguson, Nancy Ferguson, Phyllis Ferguson, Nickolas Ferris, Phillip Fields, Alice Fikes, Thomas Fink. Marlis Finke, Jackie Finn, Robert Fitzgerald, Jerry Flake, Don Flan- ders, Joe Fobbs, Dick Foran. Lee Foster, Susze Foster, Bill Free- man, La Voy Freeman, Ronnie Fritch, Robert Gambold, Virginia Gammon. John Gardner, Stephanie Gardner, Jimmy George, Joe Gerber, Dennis Gilbert, Donna Glass, Carolyn Gob- ble. Martha Goode, Carol Gordon, Billy Graves, Betty Green, Doris Grider, Jesse Groce, John Groves. Judy Grubb, Helen Grubbs, Linda Haas, Lynda Haas, Beverly Hadley, Katrinka Halderman, Tom Hall. 102 Freshmen " Lollipop " is the theme for the dance performed by Freshmen Sherry Braun, Alice Hughes, Marilyn Burge, and Jackie Mar- ley in a Redskin Revue Inter- mission Act. Judy Hankemeier, Linda Hansen. Norman Hanshew, Shirlan Hard- man. Betty Harlow, Peggy Harper. Bill Harris, Judy Harris, Leon Har- ris, Janice Harrison, Jerry Hart, .Donna Hawkins, Mary F. Haw- thorne. Cindy Haynes, Everett Haynes, Phyllis Heavrin, Tana Heklman, Bar- bara Helm, Vivian Hendricks, Rex Hendrickson. Dean Henson, Bob E. Herman, Car- olyn Herring, William Hester, Jim Hey, Robert Higgens, James High- tower. Yvonne Hindman, Barbara Hinds, Edna Hines, Lester Hines, Mora Hines, Caroll Hinton, Daniel Hoag- land. Kenny Hockman, Charlene Hodges, Charley Hoene, Carol Hoeping, Scott Hoereth, Sheryl Hoffmeister, Jan Hogue. Patricia Hogue, Charles Holkraft, Shirley Holman, Louetta Hoover, Lena Hopkins, Michael Hopkins, Ronald Hornbuckle. Donna Hostettler, Harlan Howard, Robert Howell, William H. Hub- bard, Richard Heuber, Alice Hughes, Sharon Hughes. John Hurt, Ralph Huth, Kenneth Hutson, Ronald Hyatt, Karen Ingle, Gloria Jacobs, Janice E. Jarrett. 103 Freshmen John Jarvis, Nancy Jenkins, Steven M. Jenkins, Vickie Jenkins, Charles Jensen, Sharon Jensen, Sylvia Jensen. Brenda Jewell, Jacqueline John, Ronnie Johnson, Marilyn Johnston, Faye Jones, Sharon Jones, Shirley Jones. Vivian Jones, Jo Ann Kattau, Karen Kattmann, Judy Kelly, Ann Kelsey, Jackie Kennedy, Donna Kenney. Jerry Kermeen, David Kern, Bar- bara Kerr, James Key, Carolyn Kieninger, Don Kieninger, Judy Kinnaman. Sondra Kirk, Thomas Kivett, David Klingler, Arlene Knight, Betty Knight, Kenny Knight, Paul Korte- peter. Darlene Koser, Jean Kottlowski, Brenda Krick, Patricia Lambert, Wes Lance, Frances I. Langford, Jimmy Lanham. Judy LaRue, Robert Lasley, Betty Lawrence, Patrick Layton, Robert Lee, Sandra Lewis, Tom Lex. Larry Lindley, Phyllis Lines, Sharon Lively, Donna Losey, Helen Loth- ridge, Rose Lowe, Linda Lowery. Carol Lucas, Charles Lucas, Kathleen Ludeman, Donald Manes, Jerry Manes, James Mankedick, Regina Mann. Winifred Manwaring, Jackie Mar- ley, Georgia Martin, Jim Martin, Ida Matheson, Richard McClure, Joyce McCoakle. Marshall McCollom, Paul McCombs, Roy McCubbins, Robert L. McCurry, Clarence McDaniel, Corrine McDan- iels, Terry McDonnell. 104 Freshmen Julia McGraw, Clifford McGulre, Jereane McKee, Barbara McKinney, Bonnie McKinney, Eldon McKin- ney, Melvin McKinney. Dallas McLaughlin, Deanna Mc- Laughlin. Rose McLinn, Sharon Mc- Queen, David Meador, Michael Mil- ler, Willard Miller. Frank Minardo, Karen Miner, Thomas Minor, Judy Mitchell, Linda Mobley, Sam Monroe, Betty Moore. Carol Moore, Donna Moore, Kathy Moore, Pamalia Moore, Ralph Moore, William Moore, Carolene Moorhead. Raymond Morefield, Sharon Morten- beck, James Mosley, Tom Morwick, Norman Mountjoy, Carolyn J. Mudd, Elmer Mucsing. Ruth Muir, Richard Mustard, Sam G. Mustard, Steven Myers, Kelly Mapier, Mary Neesen, Joseph Nel- son. Jim Nichols, Wayne Niehaus, Saun- dra K. Noles, Judy Norcross, Sue Nordholt, Judith D. Oelschlager, Wesley O ' Neal. Bruce Osborne, Gloria Ott, Don Owen. Fred Owen, Pat Owen, Gary Owens. Martha Pardue, David Parker, Wil- liam Partlow. Kay Parrott, Barbara Parton, Rich- ard Pasch. Authentic Indian dances by Freshman Nicky Ferris at foot ball and basketball games did much to promote Redskin spirit. iu. ]T. 105 15 «lkv ;k W $©A Freshmen As a money-making project, the Future Homemakers of America Club made Christmas corsages. Mara Hines and Carol Gordon, freshmen members, complete the decorative " pin-ons. " Jerry Patterson, Mary Patterson, Mildred Jo. Paul. Jerry Peacock, Ruth Penhollow, Lin- da Perdue. Roberta Perkins, Michele Perkinson, Jennie Perry. Jim Peters, Larry Petree, Ralph Pet- tis. Kenneth Phares, Frances Phillips, Bill Pickerel, Gerald Pierson, Mari- anna Pierson, Esther Piper, John Plake. Carylon Pool, Dorothy Porter, Rich- ard Powell, Joella Powers, Janice Pratt, Robert Price, Karen Rae. Mary Ralston, Harley Ramsey, Sha- ron Ransdell, Sue Ray, Bob Reese, Dsanna Reeves, Virdon Reeves. Marilyn Renner, Bill Rhode, Lynn Richardson, Carla Riegel, Louis Rig- ney, Carolyn Risinger, Jimmy Roberson. Judy Robertson, Betty Robison, Phil Rockwell, Victor Roff, David Roll, Pat Rooney, Robert Rothwell. Wetis Royer, Frank Royston, Sandra Rullman, Sharon Sarkine, Joyce Schaefer, Raymond Schakel, Linda Schaub. David Scheib, Barbara Scherrer, Harry Schmidt, Sharon Scholl, Bar- bara Schwartz, Joe Schwerr, Jr., Sue Sedam. 106 Freshmen Shelia Severeid, Carol Sexson, Larry Sexton, Ray Seyfried, Richard Sey- fried, Diana Shafer, Linda Shaw. Gay Shearls, Betty Ann Sheets, Mi- chael Shingleton, Charles Shipley, Jean Shipley, Treva Shircliff, Paul- ette Shirley. Larry Short, Barbara S. Shoults, Eugene Sims, John Skaggs, Patricia M. Skillern, Charles Slayton, Jacque- line Ann Smith. Jacqueline A. Smith, Jerry Smith, .Reta Smith, Steve Smith, Billy Snead, Martha Snider, Robert Snider. Bobbie Sodrel, Lester Sommers, Cari- lyn Southerland, Shelby Sparks, Jo- anne Spears, Sandra Spears, Connie Spradlin. George Sprague, Steve Spurgeon, Richard Staples, Janice Stephenson, Sue Stevens, Janet Stewart, Ed Stieg- elmeyer. Darleene Stratton, Gloria Streeval, Sara Strother, Don Stroud, Judy Stuck, Patricia Sullivan, Richard Swallow. Bob Swartz, Jerry Switzer, Sharon Tague, Larry Tatlock, Janet Taylor, Virginia Taylor, David Templeton. Judy Terhune, Donna Terry, Richard Terry, Thomas Tex, Carol Thomas, Pat Thomas, Carlos Thomp- Dave Thompson, Raylor Thompson, Robert Thompson, Jim Thorpe, Sherilee Thurston, Audrey Tinsley, Sharon Todd. Ralph Tolliver, Linda Tomlinson, Bill Toney, Nancy Toney, Shirley Toney, Sondra Townsend, Louis Trefry. 107 t.;$! p Freshmen ££ii [ft L ' Beth Ann Tucker, Eddie Tucker, Kay Tudor, John Turk, Barbara Tur- ner, Ray Turner, Joe Umbenhower. Gary Upton, Viivi Uuk, Tom Van Arsdale, Dick Van Arsdale, Bill Van Bibber, Connie Van Busum, Ronald Van Landingham. Richard Van Vlymen, Betty Vas Binder, Dave Vastine, Sandy Vaughn, Al Verdouw, Rita Verhines, Rod Wade. George Waite, Irvin Waite, Steve Walden, Hilda Woidkoetter, Hellen Walker, Larry Walker, Marcia Walker. Ronald Wallace, Thomas Warfield, Richard Watson, Rolene A. Webb, Barbara Weddel, Jerry Welsh, Jim Welsh. Jerry West, Violet Westerfield, Phyl- lis Wheatcraft, Sam Wheeler, Lois Whi taker, Jackie White, Karen White. LaRue White, Mike White, Ruth White, Bob Whiteside, James Whit- ham, Geraldine Whitlow, Richard Whitt. Charles Wicker, John Wilde, Kath- erine Wilde, Gary Wilkinson, Don Willenberg, Marjorie Ann Williams, Paula Williams. George Wilmoth, Ernest Wilson, Larkie Lou Wilson, Merrix Wilson, Jr., Robert Wilson, Mary Winstead, David Witham. Roger Witt, Darlena Wolf, Frank Wolfla, Nancy Wonders, Larry Wood, Patty Woods, John Wright. Roger Wright, Roger L. Wright, Kenneth Yarber, Thomas Yaudas, Marcia Yocum, Donna York, Paul- ette Zeis. New Comers Michelyn Gallagher, Judith A. Grif- fith. Carney Likens, Doris Niblock. Danny Radish, Peggy Sedam. Bill Schmidt and Albert Ver- douw demonstrate their skill at chess. They are freshman mem- bers of the Chess Club, which was organized this year. January 9B ' s Jerry Ammerman, Lloyd Anderson, ■Sharon Baird, James Barnett, Eliza- beth Baron, Billy Baugh, Lynn Baugh. Phillip Bell, Marjorie Berry, Rich- ard Boarman, Charlotte Bruggencate, L. C. Bunton, Allie Butler, Ruth Ann Carrier. Linda Caviness, Sherri Caviness, Jim Coffey, James Coleman, Lee Cover, Gene Crawford, Phyllis Crisp. Shirley Ann Crisp, Jerry Cummins, Linda Curley, Sandra Lee Curtis, Penny Davenport, Charles Davis, Judy Deer. Thomas Dresslar, Jim Duncan, Ruth Edmonds, Carol England, Kenneth Grider, Patsy Guthrie, Judith Hogue. Bennie Holman, Bob Huston, Tom- my Janke, Sharon Jones, Susan Kahn, Ralph Kekar, Norma Kilgore. Linda King, Donald Kleppe, Her- bert Lepper, Richard McDaniels, Jerry McKinney, Jerry McQueeney, Jeanine Mailing. Charles Miller, Dennis Moore, John Ogle, Bob Pierpont, Ronald Rice, Sharon Roeder, Mary Sanders. 109 January 9B ' s Charles Sattler, Edward Shad bolt, Henry Smith, Yvonne Smith, Lou- etta Sobel, Jacqueline Swatts, Mary Thompson. Carol Toon, Paula Trueman, Alice Tyree, Don Umbenhower, Loren Vandagrifft, Barbara Vest, Madeline Claudia Wand. Karen Wagner, Donald Weimer, Deborah Sue West, David Whitson, Mike Wiley, Robert Wire, Mike Young. Mark Zaenglein, Charles Zimmer- man. 8th Grade Eighth grade teachers are Mrs. Rosemary Carpenter, English; Mr. Glenn Crouch, Science, Math.; and Mr. Carl Roberts, Social Studies. Jim Adams, Ronnie Balay, Mary Louise Berry, Joyce Bird, Jeanine Browning, Donald Burns, Add But- ler. Bob Canfield, Leon Carter, Reed Conrad, Ronald Coope, Charles Creasser, Mary Cromwell, Jim De- Honey. Gloria Dewey, Sue Fish, Judy Fox, Clyde Frantzreb, Gary Fritto, Mike Gosnell, Jackie Hall. Sandra Head, Robert Hillman, Shir- ley Hillman. Leading cheers for the Eighth Grade teams were Jackie Hall, Sue Fish, Mary Stafford, Judy Fox and Mary Crom- well. 110 8th Grade Manual ' s Eighth Grade won the District Basketball Cham- pionship under the direction of new coach, Mr. Carl Rob- erts. Members of the team were: FRONT ROW: Coach Roberts, Add Butler, Leon Carter, David Whitson, Phil Steele, William Todd, mgr. SECOND ROW: Jim Wheeler, Dean Henson, Vilis Lismets, Steve Sudler, Jim Adams, Steve Miller. THIRD ROW: Dale Johnson, John Shew, Jim Coffey, Roger Wathen, Charles Creasser. Diana Hopkins, Robert Iverson, Art Johnson, Dale Johnson, James Jones, Nancy Karstedt, Mary Kelso. Sarah Jo Kinnaman, Barry Kuner, Robert Lambert, Kenny Lewis, Vilis Lisments, Bob Lyon, Ruthanne Mc- Clain. Dorothy McCollom, Hervey McDan- iel, Steve Miller, Charles Monroe, Perry Morgan, Patricia Nixon, Larry Outcalt. Roy Owens, Judith Palmer, Roberta Perkinson, Gloria Pettis, Phyllis Powers, Joyce Radish, Steve Rich- Peggy Rippy, Judy Robbins, Sharon Roberts, Marcia Scott, Ronald Shae, Oma Spencer, Mary Stafford. Philip Steele, Maurice Stone, Steve Sudlee, Cynthia Taylor, Theresa Tay- lor, William Todd, Charles Wallace. Sherry Walls, Roger Wathen, Donna Weidner, Billie Wheeler, Jim Wheeler, Billy Wilhite, Dennis Wolfe. ft ' flii flf OP E .1 K3 m ' Behind Scenes ' Crew Keeps School Clean, Cashier Helen Litzelman has a large chore as she checks out the students at the end of one of the four steam tables. Louise Anderson is ready to dole out salads from their bed of ice on the salad counter, as hungry Manualites pass by. Thanks to Manual ' s efficient custodial staff, the school always has that newly scrubbed look. With the many rooms, miles of corridors, and hundreds of windows our custodians and matrons are kept busy from early morning to late at night. A more helpful group we could not want, and all seem to take personal pride in keeping Manual looking new and shiny. Our hats are off to them. The building is just part of the staff ' s job. Keep- ing the campus in trim entails cutting grass, prun- ing shrubs, and planting and growing flowers. Practicing horticulture as a hobby, custodians grow their own flowers in a plot near the boiler- room door, which is gay with blossoms. Giant-size potato mashers are needed for Redskins ' large ap- petites. Here Addie Smith prepares potatoes that will soon be a steaming pile of fluffy white. 112 Pupils, Staff Well-Fed Henrietta Martin is taking one of the many choices of pie out of the oven for sweet-toothed Manualites. Anna Banner has a big job rolling crust for chicken pie, a favorite of Manual students for a " heap big " lunch. Manual ' s Cafeteria is really a show place for mod- ern kitchen equipment with its walk-in refriger- ators, specialized pressure cookers, large ranges, and over-size pans and kettles. New this year is a series of pie ovens which mean homemade pies every day. Menus, carefully planned by Mrs. Agatha Riley, cafeteria manager and dietitian, give Redskins a wide choice for varied lunches. All-time-favorite lunch is a " Sloppy- joe " with French fries, but even fried chicken often graces the menu. A 40-minute lunch period spent in the pleasant atmosphere of our large, airy cafeteria makes a welcome break in the school day. After eating, pupils have ample time for a few minutes of study or for just chatting with friends. Earl Ritter, typical of Manual ' s custodians, sweeps floors sev- eral times each day to keep the school spic ' n span. Advertisers ' Talk Shop ' School is over for the day and the big parking lot is almost empty; Manualites have gone shopping. Business folks in the community know that Redskins and their families are good customers. Their ads in the following pages, directed to us, prove these adver- tisers ' awareness of our present and potential buying power. Many of us will be home-makers " tomorrow. " 114 M With Potential Buyers . . . B- %m -co CCO CO 115 Profusion of Posies at Buescher ' s Flower Shop offers attractive possibilities for cor- sages and bouquets for all oc- casions. Russ Cooper selects carnations for Jean Donahue inside Buescher ' s big cooler. George Buescher Son, Florists 503 E. Southern Avenue ST. 4-2457 Be On Your Toes Too Plan your insurance program with . . . EMPIRE LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY 2801 North Meridian WA, 5-9672 Over 143 million of Life Insurance in force in the State of Indiana Millions paid to living policyholders and beneficiaries James M. Drake, Ch. of the Board Joseph I. Cummings, President Linda Schulz Covered Up! " And it ' s truly a Redskin front! " says Designer Jerry Mayfield to Editor-in- Chief Teddy Winckelbach. Molloy-Made by The S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago 18, Illinois Easy ' Ups and Downs ' And easy on the eyes, too, are colorful aluminum awnings by Alumatic. Alumatic Products Co. 2621 Shelby ST. 7-1331 Jim Barnett and Bruce Osborne Tantalizing Aroma! makes Bill Schmidt ' s mouth water in anticipation of a sweet, crisp slice of Stark Wetzel bacon, which Chef Bob Allee cooks for him. Starij- Wetzel General Offices, Indianapolis i Ring-er! And it ' s a lucky one when it ' s a class ring from — C. B. Dyers Co., Inc. Jeweler 234 Massachusetts Ave. ME. 4-3381 Rosemary Nerge and Jackie Massey order junior rings from Mr. Virgil Wire. Prom Time Keep fluffy formals bright and crisp by sending them to — Darko Sons Cleaners 2659 Shelby Street ST. 4-2401 At the Junior Prom — King Dave Miller, Queen Judy Schoen- herr, Rosemary Nerge, Linda Loeper, and Marilyn Stroud. Drink (m$ M0.lt4-M1.orfc In Bottles Sharon Lahrman, Phyllis Lackey, John Stafford, and Marvin Hyatt take a " pause that refreshes " at the Prom. ri om SOUTHERN CIRCLE Manualites Gather ' Round the ' Circle ' For delicious, appetite- appeasing, after school snacks. This gay threesome, Cookie Ibaugh, John Hershberger, and Jan Small, order from Carhop Rosemary Caven. Southern Circle Drive In 4100 South East Street ST. 6-1491 ' A Fast Buck ' Start a savings account at Shelby Street Savings and Loan and watch your " Bucks " mount! Jerry Isaacs and " Buck " are a main attraction with Manual ' s Marching Band. SHELBY STREET Federal Savings and Loan Association 1447 Shelby Street ME. 5-1503 Ummm-Yum! " It ' s hard to pick, " says Jani Powell, as she and Bob Wallace eye the scrumptious display of pastries at — CARLOS BAKERY 2640 Madison Avenue ST. 6-2378 Miss Sally Esselborn awaits their decision. ' Hot Air ' Is most important in the Metal Shop where Bill Brown, Frank Wolrla, and John Salmon are welding. INDIANA OXYGEN COMPANY 435 South Delaware St. MElrose 2-4525 Kool Vent Sales and Service Corporation of Indiana 3447 Shelby STate 4-4458 Indiana ' s Newest and Finest Kool Vent Dealer Jalousies K. V. Awnings Storm Sash Aluminum Siding Wrought Iron Railing Elva Ayers and Ed Schaefer. ' Suited ' For the Occasion Marv Hyatt ' s in good form to drink to his lady, Phyllis Lackey, when dressed in for- mal attire from Skeffington ' s. SKEFFINGTON ' S Tuxedo Rental, Inc. 245 N. Pennsylvania Street ME. 4-1583 ' Best Team ' s in the White ' And your laundry can be as Snowy- White as All-City Tackle John Stafford ' s uniform if you send it to Crown Laundry. And Sanitone Cleaning by Crown means " Perfection. " CROWN Laundry • Dry Cleaning Rug Cleaning 2901 East Washington Street ME. 7-3331 ' A Pin-Up ' is this picture-pretty corsage John Man- waring is pinning on Judy Loeper. It was custom-fashioned by — MADISON AVENUE FLOWER SHOP 2457 Madison Avenue ST. 4-4446 ' Classy ' Selection of class rings is displayed by Mr. John Marshall for Juniors Pat Stacy, Sonja Keating, Becky Koenig, and Elaine Schultz. HERFF JONES COMPANY 1401 North Capitol Avenue ME. 5-1554 It ' s Really Good! ' says " Tug " Hawkins, druggist, of the vitamin tablets he ' s showing to Steve Spacke and Helen Webb. HAWKINS DRUGS 234 E. Southern Avenue ST. 7-5335 ST. 4-2700 G. H. HERRMANN Funeral Home A Finer Service A Fairer Price Ambulance Service 1505 South East Street ME. 2-8488 Indianapolis 25 • -,»W ■ For ' Big Moments ' party clothes must look their best — especially when you ' re somebody ' s queen — and what girl isn ' t? . . . Gregg Cleaners 1004 Madison Avenue 2630 Madison Avenue 3455 Shelby Street ME. 6-6501 ST. 6-0663 ST. 6-9877 You Like It — It Likes You 651 East Twentieth Street WA. 3-4545 Having a " treat " on 7-Up at the " Hit Parade " Pat Braughton, JoAnn Kattau, Shirley Jones, Tom Wells, Julie Kistler, and Dick VanArsdale. " Are you thinking about a wedding? ' v0 v e Personalized Portraiture 124 Music Goes ' Round As Tom Fisher toots the praises of — • SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS INDIANAPOLIS PRINTING COMPANY 220 North Alabama Street ME. 4-8388 Joyce Kennedy and Karen McDonnell, yearbook staffers, proofread pages of The 1958 Ivian. And now you are reading proof of a job well done. •ftiMMWMtmmtf c?J£r School life is a pattern made up of classes, activities, social events, friendships — good times that make our high school days memorable, tough times which will soon be forgotten. The pattern is made up of light and dark designs — the ups and downs — the serious and the trivial — which enrich our lives and help us gain per- spective. The whole is kaleidoscopic with each part falling into place to make the pattern. Our yearbook is a pattern too. The Ivian staff has fitted the jumbled pieces together as this year moved along to give shape and scope to 1958. As seniors are com- pleting their pattern with graduation, so the yearbook staff writes . . . Tinis ' to This School Year! 127 Index Activities 26-41 Advertising 114-125 Album 62-113 Art Production Class 6 Athletics 42-61 Auto Shop 9 Band 13,26,27,38,39 Baseball 58-59 Basketball 50-53 Booster Staff 16 Boys ' Foods Class 6 Boys ' Physical Education 60 Cheerleaders 48 Chemistry 9 Cherry Tree Hop 21 Choir 36 Christmas Activities 19 Cub Club 31 Custodians 113 Cross Country 49 Dads Club 20 Dance Band 25 Dotty-Dan 20 Eighth Grade .110-111 Faculty 64-69 FHA Club 41 Football Action 44-47 Football Scholarship Trophy 22 Freedoms Foundation Award 23 Freshmen 100-109 FTA Club 40 Future Social Workers 40 Geometry Class 8 Girls ' Physical Education 61 Glee Club 36 Glee-ettes 37 Golf Team 59 Hi-Y Club 34 Homecoming 12-13 Ivan and Ann 17 Ivian Staff 17 Junior Officers 88 Junior Prom 21 Junior Red Cross 41 Juniors 88-92 Kitchen Crew 112-113 Kiwanis Awards 22 Machine Shop 9 Majorettes 38 Manualairres 37 Mask and Wig 32 Masomas 29 Military Ball Queen 10 National Honor Society 29 National Thespians 32 News Bureau 16 Operetta 18 Orchestra 39 Pep Band 42-43 Pep Club 42-43 Projects Fair 8 P-TA 20 Quill and Scroll 31 Radio Speech Club 35 Redskin Revue 24-25 Roines 28 ROTC 10-11 ROTC Sponsors 11 Science Club 35 Senior Council 70 Senior Day 14 Senior Officers 14, 70 Sophomores 93-99 Stage Crew 33 Student Affairs Board 30 Teacher-Pupil Day 15 Track 56-57 Tri-Hi-Y 34 Typing Class 7 Wrestling 54-55 128

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