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1957 Ivian EMMERICH MANUAL TRAINING HIGH SCHOOL Indianapolis, Indiana TheBqosier TheBoJ v . --. T 800 Mu m nl Invade Man " ashingtons ' tjfk ■ % ' o Reign ITa U-l t Cherry Hop Ivian staffers George Hales and Karen McDonnell, underclass editors; Jerry Mayfield, art editor; Doris Siersbeck and The Ivian TER Ud «na ' Tomorrow Night TheB Redskin Party Rally TalentTryoots »l For ' Parade ' V stings from the Staff -t. -» -■- Christmas And Booster ToFeatur, - Yule Singing ml Christinas Cheer una TheBooster XheBo ster Sandra Kelley, co-editors in chief; Arnold Dale, photographer, and Joyce Kennedy, faculty editor, work on the book. HEADLINES THE 1957 STORIES People make a school and what these people do makes the news. Manual ' s headline stories develop from honors won by individuals or the school, traditional events repeated yearly but ever new, special projects tried by enterprising groups, classes deviating from the regular routine, and the fun derived from working and playing together. Here are Emmerich Manual Training High School ' s front page stories of 1957. 5f " TK SSSSS SSSSSi 55S55S ■■ ■ • .• - ::■:■■ Football season for Manual s Redskins was ushered in by a Pep Session in the inner campus. Cheerleaders and the Pep Band sparked school spirit for pupils and teachers alike. The Gym was the scene of Pep Sessions during basketball season. Manualites ' Write ' Headlines the Year Around Who, what, when, where, why, and how — the essential elements that begin every news story comprise Manual ' s headlines. Manualites, more than 1,700 pupils and 100 faculty and staff mem- bers, and what they do during their busy school days make up these stories. Their setting is the four-year-old, sprawling, modern plant on India- napolis ' rapidly growing Southside. Pupils are here to prepare for the future not only through classroom studies, but also through participation in the varied activities and opportunities avail- able at Manual. In taking advantage of these, Manualites bring honors and acclaim to them- selves and their school. Auditorium programs begin with the Posting of the Colors. Band Flag Bearer Mary Whitney presents Old Glory as actors wait in the wing for the show to start. Kiwanis Club Cites ' Best Football Band ' Snappy Drills Win Musicians ' Third Trophy; Moms and Dads Underwrite Nifty New Uniforms Band majorettes made pretty hoboes last Fall in make-shift bandana outfits. These " tramps " are Joann Dryer, feature twirler, Jewel Vaughn, Carol Kemp, Judy Ferguson, Nancy Brandlein, Tina Hughett, and Lois Strong, drum major. A top headliner all year, Manual ' s 85 -piece Band caused Redskins to beam with pride. Band mem- bers offset late-arriving new uniforms last Fall by donning jeans and bandanas in " tramp " fash- ion. They initiated their stunning new red and blue outfits in a Homecoming " spectacular " that convinced many a grad he was born too soon. In November the Downtown Kiwanis Club chose ours as the " Outstanding Football Band " for the third straight year. They play as well as they march, too, and won a first division medal at the State Music Contest in April. A representative of the Downtown Kiwanis Club cited Manual ' s " best " at the send-off basketball Pep Session, November 30. Mr. George H. Pattison presented the trophy for " Outstanding Football Band " to Band Captain Bill Henninger, Drum Major Lois Strong, and Mr. William Kleyla, director. Members of the virsity cheerleading squad accepted the trophy for " Outstanding School Spirit " which praised the football Pep Club and cheerleading. Redskins came for miles around to the annual Spring Pow Wow to eat supper, play games and dance, see a show, elect a Chief and Princess, and buy practically anything. Our Band ' s nifty new duds might still be a wish- ful thought were it not for the active P-TA and Dads Club. After voting to underwrite part of the cost of the uniforms, these groups set to work, like all Moms and Dads, and produced the necessary money with projects like the Pow Wow and Bean Supper. Barbara Acton and Tom Burk were the Dads ' Dotty and Dan at the Bean Supper. The Marching Band, resplendent in blue trousers, red coats, black-vi c ored hat ; , and white citation cords and plumes, form a welcoming " aisle " for football team. A refrain of " On, Manual " and a rapid-fire cadence take them off the field. M i f M. •- . • r 1 " - - — X A Varsity cheerleaders Sonja Keating, Gail Wayman, Barbara Band Captain Bill Henninger, Drum Major Lois Strong, and Haynes, Jim Vance, and Barbara Acton helped win Manual ' s Cheer Captain Barbara Haynes admire Kiwanis trophies for second " School Spirit " trophy. band, cheerleaders, and Pep Club. ' School Spirit ' Wins Second Year Pep Club Adds Color with Flag Drill Though school spirit is sort of a " how " topic that rarely gets a headline, one of the Booster ' s top stories last Fall told of the second consecutive Kiwanis award given to Manual ' s grid season cheerleaders and Pep Club. To win the trophy cheerleaders taught new yells and routines to Pep Clubbers, who were faithful fans in white shirts and red ties. Some girls wore shorts, even at the coldest games, to march with the Band in a colorful flag drill. Football weather can be mighty cold; but Manual ' s Pep Club, no coats over their white sweatshirts, kept things hot with a rhythmic stamping of feet, frequent clapping of hands, periodic jumping from seats, and almost constant exercise of lungs and vocal cords. r S M Ai£ ' Brainiest Brawn ' Gridders ' Good Grades Earn Scholarship Trophy The old adage about an athlete ' s being all brawn and no brains was disproved by 22 Redskin foot- ball players and the Downtown Kiwanis Club. For the first time this year Kiwanians offered a " Football Scholarship Trophy, " plus individual citations, to the school whose 22 varsity gridders ended the season with the highest grade average. Each city high school named 22 regulars and compiled their grade averages at the end of the second marking period. Manual ' s 5.05 led all the others and brought the school its third Ki- wanis trophy in one year. Thus, the football team wrote its part of the year ' s story. Besides leading the city in scholarship and finishing with a com- mendable 4-3-2 record, Manual athletes dis- played evidence of a belief that it ' s the " how you play " that counts. Football players won shiny belt buckles for themselves and a handsome addition to the trophy case by ending their season with a 5.05 grade average. SEATED, FRONT ROW: Larry Ziegler, Maurice Bush, Jim Mahan. SECOND ROW: John Keating, Frank Klobucar. THIRD ROW: Kent Klinge, Ed White, Charles Lohman. FOURTH ROW: Don Kerner. Ron- nie Timmons, Ray Schultz. FIFTH ROW: Keith Nave, Pat Clancy, Larry Blake. STANDING, TOP TO BOTTOM: Jim Finchum, John Stafford, Mike Eskitch, Dave Miller, Dave Enright, Bill Disbro. Tom McCormick and Lois Strong return to their car down the carpeted path after being crowned King and Queen. Principal C. Edgar Stahl welcomes students, parents, and Manual Alumni, who return annually for Homecoming festivities. Homecoming Fans Hail Fourth Royal Couple Manual ites celebrated Homecoming on October 5, at Delavan Smith Field when the Redskins met Southport. An excited and enthusiastic crowd watched the frenzied action of the game and the half-time extravaganza. The Band, decked out in their new uniforms for the first time, strutted on- to the field. The candidates for King and Queen were paraded around the field in colorfully dec- orated convertibles, and Lois Strong and Tom McCormick were crowned King Manual IV and Queen. Thirty-two members of the Pep Club, carrying banners made in the colors of all the city high schools, performed a snappy drill as one of the highlights of the evening. Crown-bearing papooses, Sandy Steele and Jack Stanley, small- est girl and boy Freshmen, ride in the " smallest " car to the coronation of the Homecoming Royalty. Nadine Brehob, 1955 Homecoming Queen, crowns Lois Strong Queen, while Mr. Stahl holds her flower. In action against Southport, Manual ' s John Keating carries the ball around the end for a sizeable gain for the Redskins. It was an exciting game, but the Cardinals won, 26-20. 11 Booster Scores ' Tops ' 3 Times Running NSPA, Columbia, Quill and Scroll — All Rate Our Manual Weekly Newspaper One of Best in Country The Manual Booster received the highest ranking possible from each of the three national rating services which judge it. The National Scholastic Press Association named The Booster an Ail- American paper. The Booster scored 280 points over the 3,400 needed to make " All-American. " The Booster also received the Medalist Award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association. " Medalist " is equivalent to All-American. The third award won by The Booster was the Inter- national Honor Rati ng, Quill and Scroll ' s top award. Editor-in-Chief Miriam Scharfe proudly displays the three awards won by The Booster, Manual ' s weekly newspaper. The Booster received top ratings from National and Columbia Scholastic Press Associations and Quill and Scroll. Paul Schnepf calls the roll for voting during the " Redskin Party " Convention as Chairman Jon Potter stands by. The " Conven- tion " was in a regular auditorium program to promote Ivian sales. Ivian, Our Best Seller An Auditorium is presented at the beginning of each Fall semester to promote Ivian sales. This year it was a political campaign, with nominating speeches for the favorite candidate, The Ivian, and a roll call of delegates (Home Room agents ) . The annual " Pic-Parade, " a dance at which Underclass pictures are sold, is a money- making project to defray some of the yearbook ' s costs. Manualites elected John Keating and Barbara Haynes as King Ivan and Queen Ann at the " Pic-Parade " dance. Eager Redskins line up to buy their Underclass Pictures, which were distributed at the annual " Pic- Parade " dance. Students danced to music by the Dance Band and traded pictures with their friends. Traditionally, Senior Day begins the formal acknowledgement of class officers by the seniors and school administration. Prin- cipal C. Edgar Stahl presents the gavel to President Tom McCormick while Rose McCombs, secretary, and Barbara Acton, vice- president stand by. Class of ' 57 Has Its Big Day Senior Day, the day every Manualite anticipates for four years, officially opened senior activities on November 13. A special Home Room cere- mony and an after-school party and dance were highlights of the day for the 1957 seniors, sport- ing arm bands, honorary " shields, " and roses. At left. Senior Class Treasurer Kenny Bryant adds figures for paid-up class dues. Right, Gloria Graves sang for guests at the annual Senior Day party in the Cafeteria. President Tom McCormick pins the first arm band on Carole Wingo, its designer, during Senior Day Home Room ceremonies. Manual Counsels Students to Plan Ahead One of the hardest things seniors must decide is what to do after graduation. On October 1 7 sen- iors met with their parents for a guidance session on choosing colleges and vocations. Underclass- men may get a head start on this choice on Opportunity Day, now an annual event. After hearing an Auditorium speaker urge planning for the future, representatives from various voca- tions and colleges visit Manual in January for counseling. Each student elects a group and at- tends a 40-minute discussion with that repre- sentative. Rose McCombs helps register parents at the Senior-Parent Conference while Don Williams " tags " a senior ' s dad. Redskins Hear ' Go to College ' Advice In the Library on Opportunity Day Manualites hear about the advantages of attending college from one of the university guidance and enlistment representatives. A question and answer period after the formal explanation helped students decide if this was the school for them. Count Berezouski (Dave Koepper ) informs Fresco (Howard Smiley) and his ballet corps that Livonia will be bankrupt unless he can locate a missing Lottery ticket. This scene shows a complete view of the stage and scenery which was made by the Stage Craft Class and Stage Crew. ' Fortune Teller Intrigue Delights Audience The Music Department presented the operetta, " The Fortune Teller, " by Victor Herbert, No- vember 21 in our Auditorium. The operetta con- cerned an intriguing mystery of locating a lost Lottery ticket in order to prevent Livonia, a myth- ical country, from going bankrupt. Mr. Harry Henderson directed the show. Joy Schreiber, costume chairman, mends a last-minute tear in Donna Barker ' s costume while Linda Schulz patiently waits her turn. " Gypsy Love Song, " a familiar melody from the " Fortune Teller, " is sung by Musette (Linda Bloemker ) and Sandor ( John Carroll. ) The entire cast joins in the singing of the finale " Romany Life, " as the operetta comes to a close. Miriam Scharfe receives an orchid from the Booster Staff as a send-off present when she visited the UN with representatives from the other city high schools in October. Manual Sends Envoys Near and Far Manualites represented their school well through- out the year by entering contests and participating in school-affiliated activities. The annual UN trek is a " big moment " for some lucky Senior, this year Booster Editor Miriam Scharfe, and Manual ' s first Freedoms Foundation Award came to the 1956 Ivian. Gordon Harnack was presented a $100 check by Mayor Phillip L. Bayt for his winning essay in the B ' nai B ' Rith Contest. Teddy Winckelbach accepted the George Washington Honor Medal and a $100 check from the Freedoms Foundation for the 1956 Ivian. 17 A huge Christmas Wreath, hung over the entrance to the Auditorium foyer, was a Christmas gift to Manual from the Roines club. The wreath which can be taken apart and stored for future years, was hauled into place amid much excitement with the help of Captain Jack O ' Leary of Station House 3 and the Hook and Ladder Wagon from Station House 17. Yule Cheer Spreads The Holidays found Manualites busy spreading Christmas Cheer. Many of Manual ' s service or- ganizations made useful and decorative items for hospitals and packed baskets for needy families. The " Snow Whirl, " traditional Winter formal dance spon- sored by the Choir, made its bow on December 15. Vic Knight and his Sextet provided the music for a gay evening. The Cafeteria was decorated in a myriad of star-shaped snow- flakes, made by Manual ' s Art Production Class, and the tradi- tional Yuletide symbols. Punch and cookies were served. IS The Choir was honored this year by being asked to sing for United Nations Day, October 24 on the Monument Circle. Several exchange students from countries all over the world, dressed in their native costumes, were there. Highlight of the program was a long-distance telephone address by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, broadcast to the audience over a PA system. Music Groups Perform for Community The Manualairres, a select vocal ensemble, have represented Manual on numerous programs through- out the city and on TV. Assembled below in their red and gray outfits are: front row, Lynda Stone, Darlene Welsch, Teddy Winckelbach; second row, Linda Schulz, June Kistler, Elva Ayers, Linda Bloemker; third row, Mary Iannuzzi, Tony Staples, Frank Carson, Ray Brown; fourth row, Howard Smiley, Tom McCormick, George Mudd, Bill Nichols, Dave Chappell. i. National Honor Society candidates, 34 seniors and 13 juniors, Mrs. Thelma Morgan, Activities Director, and Miss Carol were seated on the stage during the formal installation Snyder, NHS sponsor, presented pins to new members. Ruth ceremony. Agan is receiving hers. National Honor Society Honors Manual EMTHS Chapter Installed With 47 Charter Members A flaming symbolic torch, 47 pledges being initi- ated, and a reception in the Library for parents and guests were high points of the installation of the EMTHS National Honor Society Chapter on Sunday, May 27, 1956. The tea table at the NHS reception, decked with red carna- tions and smilax, a fountain centerpiece that actually bubbled, and a tempting array of hors d ' oeuvres, looked like a picture from a magazine. Parents and friends were greeted by the new initi- ates and faculty members in a receiving line in the Library. 20 DAR Choice and Ours Miriam Scharfe, editor-in-chief of The Booster, was Manual ' s DAR Good Citizen. Her citizen- ship essay test was sent to the Caroline Scott Har- rison DAR chapter, where it won over entries from five other schools. Miriam ' s paper was later picked as district winner and finally placed second in the state judging. In-Cased ' Trophies Gleam Manual ' s half a hundred trophies were dug out of storage and housed in the new trophy case, a gift from several senior classes. Trophies, dat- ing back to 1903, were cleaned and polished by Masomas, shown right busy finishing the job. Below Brenda Church and Richard Locke admire the finished product in the east entrance to the Auditorium foyer. While studying economics, Mrs. Edna Gullett ' s Problems Class took a trip to a near-by brokerage to learn about the stock market. While they were there, they purchased a share of stock in General Motors. Jim Shimp examines some ticker tape as other mem- bers of the class look on. Manualites Go to Polls for Straw Election To impress upon students the importance of be- ing regular voters, Manualites had a chance to try their hand at voting for their favorite candi- date in November when the Presidential elections were taking place. Voting machines were brought in to be used for history classes and the Austra- lian Ballot was used for non-history students. At left, members of Mr. Harry Painter ' s class are registering and voting. Mary Ellen Craig, winner of the annual Betty Crocker Awar demonstrates her skill at sewing in Home Economics Lab. Electric Shop. In fact, they fix these non-working devices for their regular classroom work. Above, Ed White works on one Activity Earns Credits The Cadet Teaching Program is growing every year under the direction of Mr. E. Franklin Fisher. Thirty-one students " teaching " various subjects at Manual and at near-by grade schools. The Cadet Teachers are deciding whether or not they are cut o ut for a future of teaching. It gives them an opportunity to see the " teachers ' side " of things, too. Most Manual departments have one or two Cadet Teachers who, at different intervals, teach classes, give tests, grade papers, and do anything in the line of duty. Sandra Wesley checks in properties as Gary Beplay, Fred Dindinger, John Swarrz, and Paul Barnes store them on the new Lumber Storage Rack recently added to the stage facili- ties. All are members of the Stage Craft Class. 2; Manualites Put Studies to Use by Serving Many Manual pupils and classes use their services and handiwork to the advantage of the school and themselves. Some pupils spend free periods serving as assistants in various departments where they learn new skills or practice ones they are studying. Classes in Art, Home Economics, Shop, and Business come in handy in providing pupils with know-how for school needs. And this learn- ing-by-doing routine proves a valuable teaching method that gives Manualites real practice for future jobs and hobbies. While studying economics, Mrs. Edna Gullett ' s Problems Class While they were there, they purchased a share of stock in Gene bers of the class look on. A r , T r The Art Production Class produces many of the posters used to publicize school events. Here, Wayne Kimmell letters a poster for a senior dance. The print shop with its job presses runs off office forms, as well as programs for school productions. Bob Kratoska operates one of the presses as another job is completed. Broken radios and television sets are no problem to the boys in Electric Shop. In fact, they fix these non-working devices for the patients of Central State Hospital. This is done as a part of their regular classroom work. Above, Ed White works on one of the complicated television sets. Boys in Auto Shop study about cars and then put their knowl- edge into practice. Completing a grease job is Art Eaton, manning the gun. Principal C. Edgar Stahl has confidence in Mr. Victor Mc- Dowell ' s mechanics. Johnny Jackson seems to be diving head first into Mr. Stahl ' s big Buick. Gerry DeHoney and Bob Napper examine their award-winning exhibits for the Science Fair. Gerry ' s experiment was micropho- tography. He took pictures of a human hair magnified 450 times, a bee ' s antenna magnified 300 times, and other tiny objects Bob conducted a study of cycloidal curves and cycloids for his entry. Science Fair Develops Pupil Initiative Showing everything from a mouse in a maze to complicated sulphonic acid reactions, pupils of chemistry, biology, and physics classes entered their projects in the annual Science Fair, April 9- Thirty-eight Manual " scientists " won red ribbons when exhibits were judged. A study of photosynthesis, the process of food manufacturing that all plants must perform to live, was Larry Hamner ' s entry in the Science Fair. Larry later entered his project in the Regional Science Fair. Working with sulphonic acid is a simple way of describing Mike Steadham ' s complicated chemistry project. Mike won a red ribbon in the Science Fair, and later entered it in the Regional contest. Tr Looking over their Science Fair entry, examples of molds, are Biology Students Steve Wright and Ray Schultz. These boys won a red ribbon on their project. Trying to discover what effect certain minerals have on plants are Jon Morris and Ralph Gurley. These boys used potted geranium plants as their subjects and observed the growth of the plant to determine the effect of minerals. fe r- r Classes Go Visiting The Science Fair was open to the entire school. Science classes spent their regular periods visiting exhibits of other classes and each of Mr. Wayne Kincaid ' s Chemistry pupils personally conducted an underclassman through the Chem Lab. Twenty of the best projects were displayed latei at the Central Indiana Regional Science Fair. Biologists tried a new type of project this year. A cancerous cell was injected into a live baby chick, and then the subject was dissected and studied by biology students. Here, Martha Rippy, Bob Brock, Harold Carltare, and Mrs. Nancy Faruki examine the " guinea chick. " This project was also entered in the Regional Science Fair. One of the special numbers in the act " It ' s A Great Day " The Best Comedienne award was won by Bonnie Burton for was a vocal duet and dance by Teddy Winckelbach and Linda her pantomime of " Eloise, " in the act " To the Rear March. " Bloemker. Many Manualites Present Four Original Acts Texas was one of the places visited in " Vagabond Honeymoon. " Here Howard Smiley leads a chorus of cowboys and cowgirls in a rousing chorus of " Deep in the Heart of Texas. " Howard won the trophy for the best male performer. The unusual finale of sweeping the circus spotlight off the stage in " The Last Performance " was performed by Frank Klobucar. In Redskin Revue The 28th annual all-school show, for three years now the Redskin Revue, was presented in our Auditorium March 8 and 9. The acts making up the show were " Vagabond Honeymoon, " Livia Saulgozis and Vincena Hughett; " To the Rear March! " Gloria Bowers and Bette Pierson; " The Last Performance, " Cathy Burger and Billie Sue Clark; " It ' s A Great Day, " Linda Bloemker and Teddy Winckelbach. The winning act, which was chosen on Saturday night, was " It ' s A Great Day. " Couples " Singing In the Rain " from " It ' s A Great Day, " are ( seated ) Margie Noe, Larry Lee, Arlene Hedegard, Butch Williams. Standing: John Keating, Martha Edmonds, Kent Klinge, Linda Snellenberger. " Vagabond Honeymoon, " centered about a newly-married couple, Judy Schrader and Don Kerner, and their journeys on their wedding trip. Western Union girls in " To the Rear March! " are (left to right) Jean Donahue, Wynona Carver, Helen Hardigan, Carol Rice, Elaine Stettler, Carole Gamble, Connie Kelly, Karen Shera and Barbara Scott. Staff members of Manual ' s week- ly " Booster, " shown at work in the Publications Office, first get our stories into print. With a " nose for news, " reporters cover the activities of the school ' s many organizations, whose members provide the " who " for many a headline. Teddy Winckelbach, Picture Editor Ji Jt JS- r 1 i« i u - Organizations Share 30 r the Spotlight in What ' s News 31 Masoma, Roines, Oldest Honor Groups, Serve Serving Manual is the main objective of the two senior honorary organizations, Masoma for girls, and Roines for boys, founded back in 1914. Helping underclassmen become acclimated to the school and assisting faculty and guests on numer- ous occasions are part of their self-assumed duties. Manual ' s newest honor group, the National Hon- or Society, is only one year old. This organization bases its membership on character, scholarship, leadership, and service, and presents new mem- bers in May at a special auditorium program. ROINES— FRONT ROW: Kent Klinye, Rudy Gayde, Charles White, Paul Schnepf. SECOND ROW: Mr. Richard Blough, sponsor, Don Kerner, Maurice Bush, Bill Bruhn, Howard Smiley. THIRD ROW: Daniel Chapell, Jerry Adams, Gary Beplay, Don Weddle, Gordon Harnack. BACK ROW: David Kriech, Tom McCormick, Kenny Bryant, Brice Tressler, Gerald DeHoney. MASOMA — FRONT ROW: Joan Ellis, Judy Robertson, Barbara Acton, Rose McCombs, Linda Bloemker, Twylia Kennedy, Lynda Stone. SECOND ROW: Rose Throm, Sandra Osborne, Elva Ayers, Jean Donahue, Arlene Hedegard, Linda Schulz, Bar- bara Haynes, Sandra Harrison, Miss Elizabeth Goett, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Connie Kelly, Joyce Fix, Anita Roeder, Naomi Bagby, Carole Gamble, Elsa Shaner. Harolynn Bush, Mary Iannuzzi, Karen Shera. BACK ROW: Vivian Gill, Linda McDon- n ell, Sandra Eitel, Carol Rice, Mary Ellen Craig, Sandra Kelley, Dorothy Farmer, Miriam Scharfe, Joyce Kennedy, Martha J. Turner, Carole Wingo. 32 STUDENT AFFAIRS BOARD— FRONT ROW: Jerry Mayheld, Rose McCombs, Barbara Acton, Betty Shaner. SECOND ROW: Ann Norcross, Roland Hankins, Miriam Scharfe, Viivi Uuk, Don Riggin. THIRD ROW: John Keating, Kent Klinge, Tom Wells, Alan Foster, John Stafford. FOURTH ROW: Steve Wright, Keith Nave, Brice Tressler, Kenny Bryant, Benny Townsend. Student Board Backs All-School Activities Manual ' s Student Affairs Board is chiefly con- cerned with the welfare of the student body. The Board includes members of the four classes and serves as " middleman " between the school ' s ad- ministration and the student body. It supervises all elections and sponsors after-game dances and freshman mixers where the freshmen can get to know one another. At the right, Manualites jitterbug, sip Cokes, and talk over the game at an SAB dance after a basketball game. Stage Curtain Goes Up National Thespian Troupe No. 1492 and Mask and Wig are Manual ' s dramatic organizations. Thespians is an honorary which a student works up to through points earned by participating in dramatic activities and being a member of Mask and Wig. The two clubs were hosts for the State Forensic Contest at Manual, May 4, which was attended by several hundred high school speech pupils. NATIONAL THESPIANS— FRONT ROW: Mr. E. Edward Green, sponsor, Alice Bennett, Helen Webb. SECOND ROW: Nancy Brandlein, Billie Sue Clark, Linda Bloemker. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Worthman, Carole Wingo, Brice Tressler, Norva Jean Lintecum, Mary Iannuzzi. National Thespians and ' Mask and Wig ' Mask and Wig and National Thespians are very active clubs. They each have regular meetings at which members are entertained by speakers and dramatic skits, besides their other activities. MASK AND WIG — FRONT ROW: Martha Edmonds, Barbara Grant, Alice Bennett, Edla Cordell, Bonnie Graves, Helen Webb, Ann Vought. SECOND ROW: Mr. E. Edward Green, Nancy Brandlein, Sharon Basey, Billie Sue Clark, JoAnne Scholl, Brenda Owen, Barbara Rudbeck, Deloris Pitcher. THIRD ROW: Mary Iannuzzi, Sandra Vaughn, Sandy White, Bonnie Bur- ton, Carole Wingo, Norva Jean Lintecum, Karen Sedam, Dorothy Worthman. FOURTH ROW: Lynne McGinnis, Linda Bult- haup, Fred Kortepeter, Rudy Gayde, Brice Tressler, Kenny Bryant, John Morris, Linda Collins, Sandra Eitel. 3-) For Redskin Dramatists Mask and Wig presented its big production of the year, October 20. " Penny, " a three-act com- edy, was given in our Auditorium. On December 12, under the direction of a student teacher, Mr. Don Thomas, Mask and Wig presented " The Bridegroom Waits, " a one-act comedy. This same production was repeated that evening for a party at which parents and friends of Mask and Wig members were honored. Stage Crew Aid Shows Penny (Helen Webb), begs Father (Kenny Bryant), for a new formal in the three-act comedy, " Penny. " Members of the stage crew, who have worked all year on Manual productions, are, left to right, Art Dinnage, Steve Spacke, John Swartz, Dave Teepe, Bob Swartz, Arnold Dale. The crew awaits Steve ' s signal before starting the show. Radio Speech Club There is very little chance of a blue Monday or of any other day ' s being blue around Manual. Every morning at 7:55, Redskins are greeted over the P. A. with music, interviews, and news about school from station WMHS in Manual ' s own studio. Members of Radio Speech Club act as technicians and program directors. Linda Schulz and John Swartz, WMHS staff members, receive some pointers on radio " engineering " from Mr. Don Sand- berg, radio speech teacher and supervisor. Ham Radio Club HAM RADIO CLUB — Sponsored by Mr. Donald Hully, Manual ' s radio " hams " will soon have their own station. Work is now underway in its preparation. Members of the club pictured below are: (clockwise) Lowell Scott. Tom Schoenherr, Charles Martin, Allen Medlock, Allan Swain, Larry Henn. These boys have a chance to develop enduring friendships as well as to have the interesting hobby of being " hams. " They can send and receive messages from all over the country, and from foreign countries, too. 36 QUILL AND SCROLL — SEATED: Janice Moran, Anita Roeder, secretary-treasurer; Miriam Scharfe, vice-president; Sandra Kelley STANDING: Teddy Winckelbach, Linda Schulz, Doris Siersbeck, Joyce Kennedy, Linda McDonnell, Paul Schnepf. president; Martha June Turner, Bill Bruhn, Julie Kistler, Linda Kellar, Don Snider. Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is an international honor society for high school journalists. To become a member, a student must be a junior and have worked on publications at least a year. Quill and Scroll pro- vides the journalism awards that are given on English Honors Day. NEWS BUREAU CORRESPONDENTS— SEATED: Mar- tha J. Turner, Carolyn Winstead. STANDING: Sharon Wal- lace, June Kistler, Anita Roeder. News Bureau News about Manual that appears in city and community papers is sent in by school correspon- dents, members of the News Bureau. These re- porters keep alert for news that will make new headlines for Manual and be of interest to out- siders as well as to Manualites. 37 Manual Musicians Stress Manual ' s band is a versatile one. During the Fall semester, it is a marching band and this year there were 85 members resplendent in bright new uni- forms. The flashy color guard marches in front of the band carrying the flags of the United States, Indiana, and Manual. The flanking girls bear chrome-plated swords. Second semester, the band becomes a concert band. Manualites found out how good this concert band really is when it entertained the whole school with an auditorium program. HANI) COLOR GUARD— Karen Sherd, M.n Whitney, Gloria Bowers, Connie Kelly, and Bette Pierson stand at attention. BAND — FRONT ROW: Daniel Chapell, Stephen Spacke, Howard Smiley, Rose Throm, Miriam St. Clair, Rebecca Koenig. SECOND ROW: Tom McCormick, Oma Birl, Ronald Braughton, Carolyn Creaser, Connie Kelly, Willis Overton, Jewel Vaughn, Jack Simpson. THIRD ROW: Lydia Brasher, Wynona Carver, Patricia Stacy, Vincena Hughett, Sharon Rash, Karen Shera, Bette Pierson, David Brink, E. Jane Carter, Thomas Woodward, David Richards, Charles Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Direc- tor, Mr. William D. Kleyla, Dorothy L. Farmer, John Hershberger, David Lewallen, Ronald Evans, Phillip Faller, Donald Williams, Kenneth St. Clair, David Miller. I I s 1 Precision in Cadence and Concert Glee-ettes is a special group of girls from the Glee Club. Directed by Miss Freda Hart, these girls have sung at many school and community events. This group also entertains for school par- ties and club meetings. At Christmas-time, they annually sing for the Old Folks Home, Julietta. In April, the girls combined their voices with those of the other Manual musicians at the Easter auditorium. GLEE-ETTES— LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Newbold, Phyl- lis Lynch, Barbara Hale, Diana Hill, Lynda Srone, Janis Small, Betty Doles, Carole Gamble, Judy Gooding, Barbara Down- ham, Phyllis Anderson, and Elsa Shaner. BAND— FRONT ROW: Judith Ferguson, Marilyn Terry, Gloria Bowers, Nancy Brandlein, Carol Kemp. SECOND ROW: Nancy Day, William Henninger, James Crose, Barbara Scott, James Schuly, Mary Whitney, Janice Moran. THIRD ROW: Den- nis Jackson, Alan Foster, Edward Hoeping, Tom Henninger, Gerald Huber, Stephen Aikins, Betty Shaner, Charles Yager Jr., Roderic Trahue, Jon Morris, Elaine Schultz. FOURTH ROW: Edward Shafer, John Johnson, Donald Miller, Michael Pearce, Thomas Fisher, David Reel, Gary Isaacs, Terry McDonnell, Jackie Kennedy, John Bennett, Wayne Niehaus, Donald Hoffman. DANCE BAND — FRONT ROW: Charles Yeager, Stephen Spacke, Danny Chapell, Elaine Schultz, James Crose. DRUMS: Phil Faller. BACK ROW: Chuck Nichols, Jane Carter, David Brink, Tom Woodward, David Reel, Donald Hoffmann, Harold Jolliff. BASS: Tim Fisher. PIANO: Kay Kleifgen. Dance Band Girls Glee Club GLEE CLUB — FRONT ROW: Jackie Brackett, Patty Schuster, Judy Johnson, Gloria Hendricks, Judy Jensen, Charlene Chap- man, Nancy White, Sonja Keating, Judy Loeper, Brenda Shoopman, Lynda Stone, Phyllis Anderson, Virginia Newbold, Betty Doles, Sara Walls, Nancy Smith, Julie Kistler, Betty Shaner, Sandie Steele. SECOND ROW: Leora Mix, Donnetta Ritter, Mary Creasey, Ann Stultz, Sara Baker, Patty Brown, Bertie Saffell, Phyllis Lynch, Barbara Hale. Barbara Downham, Judy Gooding, Peggy Hampton, Louise Dunkin, Norma Hendricks, Patricia Jones, Becky Koenig, Judy Hunley, Arleen Taylor, Marjorie Kay Noe. THIRD ROW: Brigitte Kirstein, Alva Lee Sizemore, Judy Brandon, Helen Hardegan, Shirley Hanlon, Nancy Shannon, Marilyn Hofmann, Joyce Fix, Martha June Turner, Diana Hill, Janis Small, Carole Gamble, Elsa Shaner, Janice Downham, Sandra White, Trudie Sheridan, Livia Saulgozis, Joyce Quinton, Karen Shera, Carolyn Mustard. FOURTH ROW: Jean Saffell. Jackie Massey, Janet R. Stout, Anita Roeder, Roberta Butler, Louise Holle, Carolyn Golder, Miriam Scharfe, Kathryn MacKin- non, Linda Bulthaup, Donna Monroe, Janice Estes, Judy Fergu on, Arthena Smith, Carole Ann Turner. Frances Bewley, Judy Ziegler, Marilyn Stroud, Rita Boone, Ada Westerfield. M I iM J| ORCHESTRA — FRONT ROW: Anne Norcross, Gloria Harvey, Gwendolyn Holman, Margaret Hughes, Kay Pearce, Rita Boone, Sandra Hoffmann, John Danek. SECOND ROW: Mary Whitney, Kay Kleifgen, Willodyne Quarles. Howard B. Lang- ford, Mary Ella Beeman, Barbara Schwartz, Becky Koenig, Miriam St. Clair, Carol Kemp, Howard Smiley, Daniel Chapell, Janice Moran, Leona Howard, Sharon Hare, Sue Sedam. THIRD ROW: Judy Norcross, Patty Smith, Martha Edmonds, Ruth Muir, Violet Westerfield, Linda King, Ruth Ann Catrier, Dorothy Jean Moss, Ella Louise Brown, Jewel Vaughn, Jack Simpson, Nancy Day, William Henninger, Thomas Woodward, E. Jane Carter, David Brink, Wayne Niehaus, David Reel, Donald Hoff- man. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Farmer, Phillip Faller, John Hershberger, Miss Priscilla Smith, director, Tim D. Fisher, Leo Canrleld, Shirley Holman, Don Miller. Orchestra Choir CHOIR — FRONT ROW: Darlene Welsh, Joan Ellis, Judy Robertson, Frances Stewart, Linda Schulz, Patty Smith, June Kistler, Linda Bloemker, Mary Iannuzzi, Joyce Bernhardt, Sandra Eggert, Bonita Creager, Sandra Kay Wesley, Rosemary Nerge, Grace Schreiber, Mary Ella Beeman, Edla Jean Cordell, Martha Edmonds. SECOND ROW: Muriel Huckaby, Elaine Schultz, Anne Norcross, Wynona Carver, Connie Kelly, Beverly Brady, Sue Walton, Dorothy Farmer, Kay Kleifgen, Viivi Uuk, Vivian Gill, Harolynn Bush, Georgann Coldren, Donna Lee Barker, Linda Loeper, Elva Ayers, Teddy Winckelbach. THIRD ROW: Linda Moody, Paul Yarber, Charles Hampton, David Smith, Thomas Hannon, Tony Staples, Jerry Adams, Frank Carson, Bill Nichols, Tom McCormick, Gary Beplay, David Chappell, Leon Hoover, Fred Dindinger, Chuck Huppert, Wayne Mullen, Edwin A. Schulz, Jerry Flora. FOURTH ROW: Gary Spivey, Bill White, Tom Henninger, Harold Webb, Gerald Peats, Paul Scudder, John Carroll, David Koepper, George Mudd, Howard Smiley, Michael Kelly, Ray Brown, John Foster, Roscoe Sturgeon, James Crose, Charles K. Lohman, Lanny Gerber, Nancy Hyde. A f ft J t ilittlit rfi RIFLE TEAM— FRONT ROW: Leonard Wright, Richard Lucas, Frederick Wicker, Ned Woolbright, Robert Dennemann. SECOND ROW: Ray Andrews, William Disbro, Dave Koepper, Joseph Van Vlymen, Morris Proctor. Uniformed Cadets Guide at Manual More than 200 cadets have been enrolled in ROTC this year. Well-trained in carriage and deport- ment, these " men " serve as ushers, doormen, guides, and official escorts around school. During school programs, the cadet color guard posts the colors. Another duty performed by the members of this unit is caring for the school flag. OFFICER ' S CLUB— FRONT ROW: Bill Disbro, Dave Koepper, Brice Tressler, Ned Woolbright, Carl Lasley. SECOND ROW: Arnold Shaw, Ned Meader, Lawrence Fry, Jackie Clark, Paul Frodge. THIRD ROW: Clyde Martin, Dick Mills, Don Andrews, John Kennedy, Bob Barker, Melvin Disbro . FOURTH ROW: Jerry Adams, Charles Nichols, Dave Hatten, Fred Kattau, Sgt. Francis Conder. : 1 f I ff .-sl ( " " V History Club Reviews Wars ROTC cadets can further their special interests by joining the Rifle Team or the History Club. Any cadet who is a good marksman can try out for the Rifle Team. In the History Club, cadets study United States military history. Members attend monthly lectures and must read a pre- scribed number of books. Adding charm and beauty to the unit are six ROTC sponsors. Each Friday, one of these girls inspects the battalion to keep the boys looking sharp. Capt. George L. Michael, of the Indianapolis ROTC unit, explains the Civil War Battle of Petersburg to (LEFT TO RIGHT) Robert Dennemann, Albert Henschen, James Clark, and Miriam Scharfe. Honorary Officers Add Glamor to ROTC Lieutenant Colonel Brice Tressler, commanding officer of the ROTC SPONSORS — Miriam Scharfe, Doris Siersbeck, Pat ROTC, dances with Military Ball Queen Sue Hawley. Brown, Arlene Hedegard, Barbara Acton, Joan Ellis. 43 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB— FRONT ROW: Twylia Kennedy, Veronica Quarles, Carolyn Winstead, Judy Griffith. SECOND ROW: Gwendolyn Swatts, Janet Carnes, Mrs. Jean Bacus, Mary Bevins, Helen Hoffman, Rita Weimer, Mayzell Hatcher, Glenda Cobb. THIRD ROW: Barbara Osborne, Mary Ann Hoffmeyer, Donna Mills, Sandy Townsend, Vir- ginia Wheeler, Regina Bolen, Sandra Wallace, Rosie Summers. Future Homemakers One project of the Junior Red Cross was making stuffed animals for Hungarian refugee children at Camp Kilmer, N. J. Below, the girls select their materials for a " sewing meet- ing. " Redskins join clubs which have purposes as varied as the Redskins ' interests. Departmental groups like FHA, Spanish Club, and Swords Club ( they ' re sharp with words ) , encourage wider in- terests and develop talent. Whether planning a vocation in the subject or not, members acquire knowledge beyond the classroom from organiza- tions like these.- Junior Red Cross Sharing the Junior Red Cross reputation for lending a helping hand are other Manual clubs which emphasize service and character growth. Future Nurses of America started a chapter this year, and the YWCA-sponsored Y-Teens were re-organized. 4-1 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA— ( SEATED) Joyce Fix, Sharon Wallace, Doris Siersbeck, Anita Roeder, Mary Ellen Craig, Judy Ziegler, Brice Tressler. (STANDING) Mrs. Marion Jannetides, sponsor, Mary Iannuzzi, Cathy Burger, Sandra Osborne, Bill Bruhn, Bill Nichols, Arlene Hedegard, Charlotte McMurry, Mr. Harold Pagel, sponsor. Future Teachers of America Manual Hi-Y HI-Y— SEATED: Mr. Keith Davis, Sponsor, Fred Kattau, Brice Tressler, Warren Thorne, Rudy Gayde. STANDING, FRONT ROW: Bob Walker, Richard Mescall, Bob Scaggs, Lanny Cooper, Gary Spivey, Jim Jones. SECOND ROW: Gary Beplay, Stephen Tressler, Joe Bailey, John Moore, Wayne Hansen, Bill Nichols, Bill Bruhn. Manual has had her ups and downs in sports, but school spirit stays at a high pitch. This year ' s teams broke fairly even, and pros- pects for next year look prom- ising. Student managers, like those setting hurdles for a track meet, exemplify the loyalty of Redskins, both " bench " and " headline " variety. Paul Schnepf, Sports Editor I V Redskins Back 46 Their Teams, Win or Lose •T Gridiron Varsity Captures Winning Season Football opened Manual ' s well-balanced athletic program with flying colors as the 1956 Redskin eleven finished a 4-3-2 season, their most success- ful year since the 1948 campaign. The gridders, coached by Mr. Noah Ellis, kicked off the season with three successive tie games, matching Tech in the City Jamboree, 0-0, and Sacred Heart, 21-21. The third tie was fought against Wash- ington, 0.0. After the standstill contests, the tide turned for Manual as the ' Skins slapped consecutive shutouts on Howe, 20-0, and Warren Central, 21-0. Their first defeat of the season was administered by Southport, 26-20, before a Homecoming crowd. Recipient of the Football Most Valuable Player Trophy was Pat Clancy, grid captain. Pat was also chosen for the All-City Team. LETTERMEN ' S CLUB— FRONT ROW: Dick Neal, Bob Snoddy, Larry Zeigler, Maurice Bush, Jim Mahan, Ronnie Tim- mons, Ray Schultz, Don Kerner. SECOND ROW: Tony Uuk, Mike Eskitch, Joe Bailey, Charles Lohman, Dave Enright, John Stafford, Roger Roemke, John Keating. THIRD ROW: Paul Schoch, Dick Spear, Gary Bough, Jim Ray, Tom Wells, Ed Schaefer, Mike Woolsey, Frank Klobucar, Mr. Noah Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Scott Frazier, Larry Blake, Ron Kline, Jim Finchum, Pat Clancy, Ervin Bultman, Benny Townsend, Dave Miller. FOOTBALL SENIOR LETTERMEN— BOTTOM ROW: Jim Finchum, Maurice Bush, Larry Blake, Dave Oliver. SECOND ROW: Kent Klinge, Frank Klobucar, Melvin Chenoweth, John Keating. THIRD ROW: Bill Disbro, Ronnie Timmons, Larry Zeigler, Bill Harmon. Grid Coach Noah Ellis, squatting at right, and the Redskin reserves watch apprehensively from the sidelines as Kent Klinge, defensive halfback, recovers an opponent ' s fumble and goes down under tackier. Pigskin coaches Noah Ellis (left) and Francis Moriarty whip up enthusiasm, sensing a rally during a close contest. Halfback John Keating is mobbed by jubilant Redskin gridders after he scores a touchdown. Bus Driver Robert Sparks joins the cheers. Football Future Looks Promising The Redskins split their final four contests of the season, thumping Ben Davis 26-7, while losing to Broad Ripple and Shortridge, 13-6 and 6-0 respectively. The season was climaxed by a 29-13 victory over Crispus Attucks. Senior halfback, John Keating, led the Manual scoring attack with seven touchdowns for 42 points. Jim Finchum was runner-up with 25 tallies. A bright future seems to be in store for Manual since the reserve gridders displayed a clean, six- game slate, averaging 32.33 points a game against 8.33 for their opponents. Gridders in action: TOP— John Keating (55); BOTTOM- Bill Harmon (57). VARSITY FOOTBALL— FRONT ROW: Coach Noah Ellis, Bill Harmon, Dave Enright, John Keating, Larry Zeigler. Allen Maviry, Jim Wray, Leland Bennett, Coach Francis " Mo " Moriarty. SECOND ROW: Dave Miller, Bob Klein, Kent Klinge, Bob Wallace, Charles Lohman, Frank Klobucar, Jim Finchum, Ed White. THIRD ROW: Larry Blake, John Stafford, Melvin Chenoweth. Morrie Bush, Bill Disbro, Ronnie Timmons, Mike Eskitch, Ken Graves. FOURTH ROW: Bill Hendrickson, Jim Mahan, Dave Oliver, Keith Nave, Ray Schultz, Dave Boyle, Don Kerner, Bob Abrams. FIFTH ROW: Earl McCombs, Dick Neal, Bob Flake, Ronnie Sanders, Pat Clancy, Linsey B:al, Paul Barnes. Alan Foster was absent when the picture was taken. Manual ' s frosh gridders also wound up on top in the won-lost column, finishing a winning 4-3 season. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL —FRONT ROW: Gary Bough, Pete Pedersen, Lonny Breedlove, Lanny Gerber, Coach Jack Johns. SECOND ROW: Rocky Curren, Larry Shaner, Rex- Price, Jerry Flora, Jerry Towe, Ed Zanglein, Ed Hannon. THIRD ROW: Bob Pasche, Alan Hedegard, Ed Hair, John Healy, Scott Frazier. FOURTH ROW: Dick Powell, Dick Pasche, Leroy Bell, Larry Hall, Dick Patterson, Marty Baron, Jim Privatt. FIFTH ROW: Gerald Wallace, Gerald Streeval, Frank Ogden, Rex Cummings, Dick Rasdell. Senior halfback, Johnny Keating (55), skips up the gridiron for Redskin yardage, as Dave Miller (20) gets set to take out an opponent. Our Redskin team was a flashy one, keeping the fans up and down during the course of the game. Manual Gridders Supply Many Thrills Manual ' s gridders outscored their opponents 141-87 and were a strong-hold in the city race, not officially eliminated from the title until the loss to Broad Ripple, Oct. 6. Fullback Dave Oliver is stopped after a short gain as Jim Manual Fullback. Dave Enright, carries the ball deep into Finchum (56) hurries to the scene. enemy territory. % « Tony Uuk, Larry Elslager, and Paul Scudder complete prac- tice on the cross-country course. Cross Country Manual ' s thinly-clads, coached by Jack Foster, turned in an impressive season winning their share of dual and triangular meets. A bright future is also expected in this sport since the squad was composed of underclassmen. CROSS COUNTRY— FRONT ROW: Roland Hankins, David Sauter, Dick Newbold, Bill Andrews, Robert Jones, Bob Snoddy, Paul Scudder. SECOND ROW: Tim McGuire, Benny Townsend, Dick Mills, Larry Elslager, Chuck DeRolf, Charles Mercer, Sid Snellenberg. THIRD ROW: Larry Coleman, manager, Tom Wells, Larry Hamner, Hubert Sauter, Richard Spear, Tony Uuk, Jim Davis, Ervin Bultman, Kenney Mendel, and Coach Jack Foster. 53 Netters Dip Below .500 The Redskin netters under the guidance of Coach Dick Cummins dipped below the .500 mark with nine victories out of 21 tries on the hardwood during the 1956-57 season. Although the ' Skins lost over half of their games, only two players will be lost by graduation. They are Pat Clancy and Tom Burk. Tom Burk (31) flies through the air, going for two points, against Broad Ripple. Ronnie Miller (34) positions himself in case there ' s a rebound. Center Ron Miller goes for the bucket as Earl Schopp ( 43 ) of Broad Ripple moves in. Tom Burk, partially hidden, readies himself for action. With 9-12 Record In the individual departments Sophomore Ron Miller was cited as the most valuable player, while Erv Bultman was awarded the free throw trophy. Miller was the leading scorer with 252 points for a 12.6 average, a rank of sixteenth in the city. Bultman scored 201 points, and Clancy hit for 163. VARSITY BASKETBALL M O 40 Lawrence Central 39 50 Cathedral 48 50 Warren Central 70 5 3 Sacred Heart 51 51 Ben Davis 75 66 New Albany 63 57 Washington 56 CITY TOURNEY 52 Wood 43 63 Technical 80 47 Broad Ripple 68 54 Crispus Attucks 81 48 Columbus 60 48 Technical 67 55 Washington 58 58 Wood 54 96 Greenwood 74 36 Shortridge 42 63 Scecina 62 65 Howe 78 54 Southport 67 Ervin Bultman (12) and Pat Clancy (21) attempt to ground a shot by Ripple ' s Chuck Holle (3). SECTIONAL 45 Ben Davis 50 55 u If V H t y 0k ' V VARSI TY BASKETBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: Pat Clancy, Wayne Kimmell, Alan Foster, Tim McGuire, Tom Wells, John Stafford. SECOND ROW: Coach Dick Cummins, Ervin Bultman, Ray Schultz, Tom Burk, Ronnie Miller, Tony Uuk, Bennie Townsend, and Coach Elwood McBride. Ten Will Return to Boost 1957-58 Team Juniors Erv Bultman, Wayne Kimmell, Bennie Townsend, Tony Uuk, Tom Wells, and Tim McGuire along with Ron Miller, Ray Schultz, John Stafford, and Alan Foster, sophomores, are expected to pace the team next season, as Pat Clancy and Tom Burk graduate. Tom Wells (33) dribbles for the basket with Tom Burk (31) setting position for a block. Sophomore Ray Schultz moves up court with Rein Leetmae (23) of Technical in hot pursuit. 56 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: John Higgins, Bill Willsey, Dave Richards, Dave Miller, Roland Hankins, Norm Weddle. SECOND ROW: Sreve Wright, Keith Nave, Robert Edwards, Kenney Mendel, Hubert Sauter, Max Moneyhan, Coach Elwood " Woody " McBride. Reserve - Freshmen Squads FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAM — FRONT ROW: Jerry Jensen, manager; Richard Newbold, Don Riggen, Larry Hall, David Sauter, Dave Moore. SECOND ROW: Gerald Wallace, Rodrick Trabue, Ed Zanglein, Steven Haynes, Alton Griffith, Pete Pedersen. THIRD ROW: Coach Harold Bennett, Charles Mercer, Ralph Wichmeyer, Dick Foran, Agris Petersons, Gerald Streeval, Roger Wood. Tusslers Continue Upward Drive, Win Eight Manual ' s wrestlers continued on an upward drive during the 1956-57 wrestling season, reg- istering eight wins, against five setbacks and a sixth place in the state tourney. The ' Skins coached by Jack Foster and Jack Johns are still considered a comparatively young squad, al- though they have displayed meritable records in their four campaigns. Besides the fine state performance, the tusslers placed fourth in the Lafayette Sectional with 48 points behind champs Bill Andrews and Morrie Bush, and runnerup Bill Disbro. Frank Klobucar and Larry McHenry finished fourth. Wrestling, newest major sport, ranks high in popularity because it offers the fairest competition as each boy is pitted against an equal in weight. Grapplers in dual meets: BOTTOM: Bill Andrews, state champ, scores two points against his Southport opponent, while Dick Neal " holds tight " to another Card. TOP: Bob Schofield escapes his opponent and Frank Klobucar scores one point against a Cardinal tussler. WRESTLING— BOTTOM: Larry McHenry, Scott Fraizer, Mike Woolsey, Jim Mahan, Dick Neal, Rockne Curren, Bill An- drews, Frank Klobucar. SECOND ROW: Ed Scharfer, Gary Bough, Bill Disbro, Maurice Bush, Ken Graves, Robert Jones, Mike Eskitch, Jim Wray. THIRD ROW: Jack Johns, Larry Shaner, David Switzer, Mike Pearce, Martin Baron, Tom Moore, Joe Gerber, Dick Spear, Jack Foster. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Limpus, manager, Allen Mavity, Paul Goss, Ron Curren, Jerry Flora, Lanny Gerber, Richard Ransdell, Dave Krieck, manager. One of Manual ' s many bright lights of the wrestling season was Bill Andrews, who suc- cessfully clinched the 103-pound state champion- ship title. During the regular season Bill won ten of twelve matches, nine of which were won by falls. Morrie Bush was another standout for the grap- plers, being runnerup in the 175-pound class in the state tourney. Morrie and Bill are shown left with their trophies. r ' -- ' ,■ ' -. - ' . 1 -- J A» J |Ni ::: f 3fif ' " 1 i Bob Lindemann, Bob Snoddy, and Ronnie Price compete in the City Track Meet. Veterans Pace Tracksters to Winning Year Manual ' s tracksters, blessed by a nucleus of veterans during the 1956 track season, displayed. win- ning abilities, beating Lawrence Central and Brownsburg in dual contests, and routing Scecina- Greenwood and Plainfield-Decatur Central in triangular meets. VARSITY TRACK— FRONT ROW: Les Brandt, manager, Bill McDaniel, George Smallwood, Andy Brown, Joe Caruso, Ronal Price, Jim Petree, Carl Short. SECOND ROW: Ned Mader, Robert Jones, Bill Harmon, Howard Smiley, John Keating, Bob Minor, Morrie Bush, John Johnson, John Garnett. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Francis " Mo " Moriarry, John Stafford, Keith Nave, Chuck DeRolf, Don Kerner, Ervin Bultman, Tom Wells, Bob Snoddy, Coach Noah Ellis, Coach Volney Ward. Bob Lindemann was absent when the picture was taken. 60 Runners in the City Track Meet: John Keating, Jim Petree and Carl Short, George Small wood. The Redskins placed fourth in the Washington Sectional, with John Keating winning second in the 100 and broad jump. Joe Caruso tied for third in the pole vault, and Jim Petree and Morrie Bush finished fourth in the mile run and shot-put, respectively. George Smallwood, Ca- ruso, Howard Smiley, and Keating carried the half-mile team home second. FRESHMEN TRACK— FRONT ROW: Leland Bennett, Earl McCombs, Jerry Yates, Montell Johnson, Larry Chastain, Bill Willsey, Allen Mavity. SECOND ROW: Coach Francis Moriarty, Alan Foster, Linsey Beal, John Higgins, Bob Flake, Kenny Graves, Les Shotts, Coach Noah Ellis. THIRD ROW: Jim Grubbs, Dennis Chambers, Keith Nave, Ray Schultz, Max Money- han, Gerald Streeval, John Stafford. Pfclf 61 VARSITY BASEBALL— FRONT ROW: Norm Weddle, Roland Hankins, Jack Lucas, Manager, Dick Kruse, Herbert Sauter. SECOND ROW: Dave Fritsche, Jack Patterson, Sid Snellenberg, Frank Carson, Kent Klinge. THIRD ROW: Paul Schoch, Ronald Presley, Gail Wayman, Dave Enright, Paul Barnes, Andy Jenkins. FOURTH ROW: Coach Dick Cummins, Joe Ernst, Jim Shoopman, Benny Townsend, Roger Roembke, Larry Nelis, Ed Schaefer, Coach Howard Thrall. Howard Sibley and Bob Kleppe were absent when picture was taken. Baseball Team Loses to Eight, Conquers Five The 1956 diamondmen found the going tough displaying a 5-8 record. The reserves did better, however, with a clean break in 10 games, for a 5-5 mark. But with the return of Lettermen Kent Klinge, Roland Hankins, Benny Townsend, Paul Schoch, and Rog Roembke the Redskins had an excellent chance this year to boost their record. RESERVE BASEBALL— FRONT ROW: Ronnie Sanders, Dave Richards, Tom Rugh, Bill Hair, Dick Mills, Jim Mahan. SECOND ROW: Ronald Wood, Roger Roembke, Hubert Sauter, Bob Brock, Dave Miller, Marvin Hyatt. THIRD ROW: Coach Dick Cummins, Frank Carson, Norm Weddle, Tom Robinson, Sid Snellenberg, Larry Henn, Philip Risher, Coach Howard Thrall. Linksters Break Even The Redskin linksmen broke even in six dual contests on the green in 1956, bettering Law- rence Central, Crispus Attucks, and Ben Davis. Seymour, Scecina, and Cathedral defeated the Redskins. Manual, coached by Oral Bridgford, placed seventh in a field of 18 in the Southern Indiana Tourney and finished eighth in the Marion County Tourney. Jim Barker, low-score Redskin, is caught in a smooth swing by The Ivian photographer. GOLF— FRONT ROW: Joe Bailey, Maurice Metzger, Dick Lucas. SECOND ROW: Coach Oral Bridgford, Phil Westrick, Jim Barker, Dick Kruse, Paul Barnes. ■ s» Active Sports -Minded Girls Have ' Ball ' on Table, Redskins, of course, participate in archery. The above archers are: Sharon Ford, Emily Tague, Donna Parrish, Judy Schoenherr, Alma King, Nancy Hayt, Margie Viehe, Frances Stewart, Patricia Hickman. In the " activities " room of the girl ' s gymnasium, Beverly Bruhn and Jackie Anderson participate in a game of table tennis. Mary Dent tries her luck at balancing the " bonga board. " This is one of the activities that is practiced during the regular class sessions. 64 Court, Floor, and Field Besides their regular gym class activities, Manual girls participate in a diversified intra-mural sports program. The girls went to Garfield Park for tennis and archery last fall when weather per- mitted. One day a week, they went to Sarah Shank Golf Course for a round of nine holes. During the winter months, sports-minded girls joined one of the teams in the Girls ' Bowling League. Spring sports include badminton, soft- ball, ping pong, golf, and tennis. Miss Theo Parr and Miss Elena Raglin sponsor all girls ' sports. " Volley Ball ballet " seems to be a good title for this picture. The " ballerinas " include Peggy Knight, Marie Huddleston, and Doris Grider. Gym classes often participate in a fast game of volley ball, which is a favorite among Manual girls. Here Gail Ray anxiously waits for the ball to come over on her side of the net. Keen competition makes this a good sport. 65 People make the news. No won- der we have so much of it, with all the faces featured in the next 48 pages actually belonging to Manualites. From the most so- phisticated senior to the smallest eighth grader, all are important in the overall Manual story. Carol Rice, Senior Editor Faces and Features 66 ' ■ ? l 1 f Represent Our Who ' s Who 67 Faculty Principal C. Edgar Stahl confers with Vice- principals Leslie B. Maxwell (seated) and Noble H. Poole on one of the many prob- lems that confront Manual ' s top executives. Mr. Fred Ahlemeyer — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; Mathematics. Mrs. Barbara B. Anderson — BA, Earlham Col- lege; Home Economics. Mr. Millard Arnold — BA, Butler University; Language; Spanish Club; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mrs. Jean Bacus — BS, Indiana University; MS, Purdue University; Home Economics; FHA Club Sponsor. Mr. Harold Bennett — BS, Butler University; Science; Mathematics; Physical Education; Fresh- man Basketball Coach; Reserve Football Coach. Mrs. Ada M. Bing — BA, Indiana University; MA, University of Minnesota; English Dept. Head; Scholarship Committee Chaitman. Mrs. Coral T. Black — BS, MA, Columbia Univer- sity; Social Studies. Mr. Richard Blough — BS, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; English; Roines Sponsor; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mr. Harold G. Boese — PhB, Ripon College; Science. Miss Josephine Boyd — BA, Indiana University; MA, Columbia University; Home Economics Dept. Head. Mr. Oral Bridgford — BS, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; Physical Education Dept. Head; Health; Golf Coach. Mr. John Ciochina — BS, MS, Indiana Univetsity; Mathematics. M Sgt. Francis Conder — ROTC, Commandant. Mr. Robert W. Crawford— BS, Ohio State Uni- versity; MS, Butler University; Art; Redskin Revue Scene Designing. Mr. Richard C. Cummins — BA, Franklin College; MS, Butler University; Science; Varsity Basketball Coach; Reserve Baseball Coach. Mr. Keith Davis — BS, Ball State Teachers Col- lege; Business Education; Hi-Y Sponsor. Mr. Oran Davis — BA, BS, Indiana University; Aft Dept. Head. Miss Gladys A. Denney ■ Herron Art School; Art. ■BAE, MAE, John Mr. John T. Edwards — BS, Indiana State Teach- ers College; MS, Indiana University; Industrial Arts. Mr. Noah J. Ellis— BA, Franklin College; MS, Butler University; Science; Varsity Football Coach; Freshman Ttack Coach; Lettermen ' s Club Sponsor. 6 S Faculty Mrs. Nancy T. Faruki — BS, Butler University; MS, Indiana University; Science; Tri-Hi-Y Spon- sor; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mr. E. Franklin Fisher — BS, Central Normal College; MS, Butler University; Social Studies; Director of Counseling; Senior Class Sponsor. Mr. Walter W. Floyd— BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; Social Studies. Miss Garnett Foreman — BA, MA, Butler Univer- sity; Mathematics; Roines Sponsor. Miss Dorothy Forsyth — BA, Butler University; English. Mr. Jack Foster — BPE, Purdue University; Physi- cal Education; Driver Education; Varsity Wrestling Coa ch; Varsity Cross Country Coach. Miss F. Cleo Frazier — BA, Northwestern Univer- sity; MA, Indiana University; Business Education Dept. Head. Mrs. Jane Hall Gable — BA, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; English; Director of Publications; Quill and Scroll Sponsor. Miss Elizabeth Goett — BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; English; Masoma Sponsor. Mr. E. Edward Green — BA, MS, Butler Univer- sity; English; Mask and Wig Sponsor; National Thespian Society Troupe 1492; Redskin Revue Chairman. Mr. James B. Guillaume — BA, BS, John Herron Art School; Art; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mrs. Edna S. Gullett — BA, DePauw University; MS, Indiana University; Social Studies. Miss Freda M. Hart — BM, DePauw University; Music; Glee Club Sponsor; Glee-Ettes Sponsor; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Mr. Harry F. Henderson — BS, MA, Butler Uni- versity; Music; Operetta Director. Mrs. Helen B. Houghtalen — BA, Butler Univer- sity; English. Mrs. Jennie Howe — BA, BS, Butler University; Mathematics, Science. Mr. Donald R. Hully — BA, Iowa State Teachers College; MA, Ball State Teachers College; Indus- trial Arts; Ham Radio Club Sponsor; P. A. Club Sponsor. Mrs. Betty Jacobs — BS, Indiana University; English; Assistant Librarian. Mrs. Marian Jannetides — BS, Butler University; Business Education; FTA Sponsor. Mr. Jack H. Johns — BS, Hanover College; MS, Butler University; Social Studies; Freshman Foot- ball Coach; Reserve Wrestling Coach. Mr. J. Ray Johnson — BS, MS, Butler University; Business Education; Director of Placement. Mr. Wayne H. Kincaid — BS, Purdue University; MS, Indiana University; Science. Mr. William D. Kleyla — BPSM, Indiana Univer- sity; Music Dept. Head; Band; Pep Band; Twirlers; Cheerleaders. Mr. Otto W. Kuehrmann — BS, Purdue Univer- sity; Science. Mr. Edward C. Maybury — BS, MA, Miami Uni- versity; Industrial Arts. Mr. Elwood McBride — BS. Indiana Central Col- lege; MS, Indiana State Teachers College; Busi- ness Education; Varsity Baseball Coach; Reserve Basketball Coach. Mr. Victor M. McDowell — AA, Mount San An- tonio College; BS, MA, Ball State Teachers College; Industrial Arts. Miss Katherine Mertz — R. N., Methodist Hospi- tal School of Nursing; School Nurse; Jr. Red Cross Co-sponsor. t- , • JHr O Q " i 69 Faculty Miss Gertrude Mescall — BA, MA, Butler Univer- sity; English. Mr. John H. Moffat— BA, Wabash College; MA, Columbia University; English; Table Tennis Club Sponsor. Mrs. Martha Belle Morgan — BA, Butler Univer- sity; Social Service. Mrs. Thelma T. Morgan — BA, MS, Butler Uni- versity; Home Economics; Director of Activities. Mr. Francis Moriarty — BS, MS, Butler Univer- sity; Physical Education; Driver Education; Assist- ant Football Coach; Head Track Coach. Miss Evelyn J. Munk — BS, Indiana Central Col- lege; Business Education; Y-Teens Sponsor. Miss Helen Negley — BA, MS, Butler University; Librarian. Mr. Leonard H. Nolte — BA, Indiana State Teach- ers College; MB, Butler University; Industrial Arts. M Sgt. Jack Nunnery — ROTC; Drill Team; ROTC History Club. Mr. Harold Wm. Pagel — BS, Indiana Central College; MS, Butler University; Business Educa- tion; FTA Sponsor. Mr. Harry B. Painter — BA, Wabash College; MS, Indiana University; LLB, Benjamin Harrison Law School; Social Studies; Quiz-em Team Sponsor. Mr. Ben Parke — BS, Butler University; Mathe- matics. Miss Theo B. Parr — BA, Western Michigan Col- lege of Education; MA, University of Michigan; Physical Education; Intramural Sports; Director of Visual Education. Mr. John W. Patten — BA, Duke University; MS, Butler University; Social Studies; Student Affairs Board Sponsor. Mr. Marion Peeples — Master Equivalent, Purdue University; Industrial Arts. Miss Elena L. Raglin — BA, Western Michigan College of Education; MA, University of Michigan; Physical Education; Intramural Sports. Mr. Alvin Romeiser — BS, Butler University; MA, Indiana University; Physical Education. Miss Mary Anna Rose — BS, Ball State Teachers College; Business Education; National Honor So- ciety Sponsor; Redskin Revue Act Sponsor. Miss Nancy Rutledge — BS, Purdue University; Home Economics. Mr. Donald L. Sandberg — BS, Indiana Univer- sity; English; Director of Productions; Stage Crew; Radio Club; Radio Staff. Miss Wilhelmina H. Schaufler — BS, Indiana State Teachers College; Business Education. Mr. Richard W. Schulz— BSEE, MS, Purdue Uni- versity; Science and Mathematics Dept. Head. Mrs. Vivian L. Siener — BA, Indiana University; MS, Butler University; English; Dean of Girls. Mr. Herbert W. Smith — BS, Purdue University; MS, Butler University; Industrial Arts. Miss Priscilla Smith — BS, MS, Indiana State Teachers College; Music; Orchestra. Mrs. Pauline L. Stark — BS, MS, Purdue Univer- sity; Home Economics; Future Nurses Club Sponsor. Mrs. Frances Stewart — BS, MS, Butler University; English; Junior Red Cross Co-Sponsor; Redskin Revue Act Co-sponsor. Mrs. Betty Lou Talbott — BS, West Virginia Uni- versity; Home Economics. 70 Faculty Miss Dorothy Teal — BA, Indiana University; English; Publications Assistant; Cub Club Sponsor. Mr. Harry H. Thomas — BS, Ball State Teachers College; MS, Indiana University; Business Educa- tion; Athletic Director. Mr. Howard C. Thrall— BA, MA, Ball State Teachers College; Language. Miss Helen E. Tipton — BA, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; English; Senior Class Sponsor. Mr. Guy W. Trickey — BA, Indiana State Teach- ers College; MA, Columbia University; Industrial Arts Dept. Head. Mr. Raymond VanArsdale — BA, Wabash Col- lege; MA, Cumberland University; Mathematics. Mr. Volney Ward — BA, MA, Indiana University; Mathematics. Mr. A. L. Weigler — BA, Master Equivalent, Stout Institute; Industrial Arts. Mr. A. Ross Williams — BA, Earlham College; MA, Indiana University; Social Studies Dept. Head. Mr. M. Dale Williams — BS, MS, Indiana Univer- sity; Business Education. Mr. W. Finley Wright— BA, MS, Indiana Uni- versity; English; Dean of Boys. Mrs. Rovene T. Yeager — BS, Indiana Univer- sity; Home Economics. Mrs. Coral T. Black, chosen by her Manual Faculty cohorts as " the representative teach- er, " is presented a corsage by Kent Klinge, president of Student Affairs Board, at the American Education Week Aud. We con- sider Mrs. Black a wise choice. She represents Manual ' s fine faculty well because she is a dedicated teacher. A Manual graduate, she has taught school since 1912, with two years out for advanced study. She came to Manual as a faculty member in 1923. Miss Charlotte Hafer — Regis trar Miss Mary Heckman — Stenographer Mr. James Monson — Head Custodian Mrs. Agatha Riley — Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Patricia Rodman — Bookkeeper Mrs. Mary J. Spiegel — Secretary Mrs. Daisy Wall — Attendance Clerk Mrs. Rausabel Williams — Bookstore Manager 71 Faculty sponsors of the four Redskin Revue acts join in " joshing " Mr. Millard Arnold, who helped supervise the winning " Great Day " sequence of this year ' s Revue. The teacher sponsors, two for each act, getting in on the " kibitzing " are Mr. James Guillaume, Miss Mary Anna Rose, Mr. Robert Crawford, Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Frances Stewart, Miss Freda Hart, and Mr. Ben Parke. Mrs. Nancy Faruki, co-sponsor of " Great Day, " was absent when the picture was taken. Teachers Work Overtime to Promote Manual " That ' s my gang. " Mr. Harry Henderson can ' t help smiling his approval during a high point in " The Fortune Teller. " Mr. Henderson conducted the operetta orchestra and singers from this vantage point in the pit. Mr. Don Sandberg, Director of Productions, works with the student Stage Crew at every performance on Manual ' s stage. Here, he checks a few of the endless details that are essential before the curtain goes up. The classroom is only one area where teachers perform duties. Faculty members put in many extra hours after school to insure the success of some student project. No matter what " their line is, " Manual teachers sponsor clubs, chaperone dances and picnics, supervise shows, and help plan election campaigns — and consider it all part of a day ' s work. Faculty Helps Make Headlines Behind many a school headline is a teacher who helped " make the news " of headline proportions. Manual teachers give up many free hours in order to sponsor pupils and pupil projects in contests or to help them attend various regional and state- wide conferences. The pupils who represented Manual in these events know the value in com- petition and in observing new techniques, thanks to some teacher ' s interest outside the classroom. A few bars " out " are welcome rest to Mr. William Kleyla and his versatile Dance Band, who were in demand at many school performances and dances. Redskin Staff Assists With Eighth Grade Some faculty members acquired new duties when the Student Body added three rooms of 8th graders. The " papooses " needed to learn a little art, music, physical education, home economics, and general shop. " Papoose " teachers are, SEATED: Mr. Harold Bennett, Mr. Oran Davis, Miss Elena Raglin, Miss Nancy Rutledge; STANDING: Miss Freda Hart and Mr. John Ed- wards. Mrs. Betty Lou Talbott and Mr. Herbert Smith were not present when the picture was taken. ■vtfil ' ■ ' ■ - Seniors A party with " punch " was the Senior- Parent Conference in the Cafeteria in October. Rose McCombs, secretary of the Senior Class, serves some of the refresh- ment variety to President Tom McCor- mick. PEARL ABRAMS— Monitor 4. BARBARA ACTON— Cheerleader 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 3-4; Redskin Re- vue 2-4; Sr. Choir 1-4; Student Affairs Board 1-4, Sec. 4; Class Vice-Pres. 4; ROTC Sponsor 4; Junior Prom Queen 3; Dottie Bean Supper 4. JERRY CLIFFORD ADAMS— Hi-Y 3; League of Honor 1-4; Roines 4; ROTC Officers Club 4; Sr. Choir 4; ROTC Drill Team 3-4. PATRICIA ADOLPH— Special Asst.; Monitor. PHYLLIS ALBOHER— Red Cross; Special Asst.: Monitor; Redskin Revue. CHARLES AMICK JANET ANDERSON— FHA Club; Booster; Tri- Hi-Y; Special Asst. DON ANDREW ' S— Intramural 1; Monitor 3-4; ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC Drill Team 4. NAOMI BAGBY — Ivian Agent 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Re- vue 3; Special Asst. 4; Masoma 3-4. DONALD E. BAKER— Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 3-4. ANN BALLINGER— Monitor 4; St. John ' s Acad- emy 1-3. KEITH BANDY— Basketball; Track; Cross Coun- try. Seniors JAMES BARKER— Cheerleader 1-4; Golf 1-4; League of Honor 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Moni- tor 2-3; Redskin Revue 1-3; Student Affairs Bd. 3; Talent Show 2-4; Pow Wow 2-4. PAUL BARNES— Baseball 3-4; Football 3-4; Golf 4; Intramural 3; Monitor 2; Shortridge High School 1. KAREN BENNETT— Jr. Red Cross; Sr. Choir; Lo-Per-Man Contest; Redskin Revue; Special Asst.; Operetta. JOYCE BERNHARDT— Booster 2; Monitor 3; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 2; Sr. Choir 2-4. -Booster 2; Muncie ROBERT EUGENE BEUOY- High School 1. JANE BINNINGER— Monitor 1-3; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 1. JOAN BLAINE— Monitor 1. LARRY BLAKE— Baseball 1-2, 4; Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Wrestling 1-2. DONNA BORDER— Home Room Rep. 2; Moni- tor 1; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1. ALBERT BR ANDLEIN— Monitor 2; Harry E. Wood High School 1. SUSAN BRAY— Harry E. Wood High School 1. JANICE L. BRIDGES— Monitor; Pep Club. PATRICIA ANN BROWN— Girl ' s Glee Club 3-4; Pep Club 2; Redskin Revue 4; ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC History Club 4; Special Asst. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; ROTC Sponsor 4. WILLIAM BRUHN— Boosters 3-4; Asst. Editor-in- Chief 4; FTA Club 3-4; Hi-Y 2-4; Sec, Sgt.-at- Arms; Monitor 1-3; Math Club 3; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 2-4; Roines 4; Boy ' s State 3; Home Room Rep. 3 ; National Honor Soc. KENNETH BRYANT— FTA Club 3-4; Vice-Pres. 4; Hi-Y 3-4, Vice-Pres. 4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines, Vice- Pres. 4; Special Asst. 3-4; Student Affairs Bd. 4; Boy ' s State 3; National Honor Society 3-4, Pres. 4. THOMAS A. BURK— Basketball 1-4; Cross Coun- try 1-4; Intramural 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Monitor 4; Track 1-3; Senior Council 4; Dan Bean Supper 4. BILL BURNS HAROLYNN BUSH— League of Honor 2-4; Ma- soma 4; Monitor 3-4; Operetta 2-4; Radio Speech Club 2-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Sr. Choir 2-4. Seniors MAURICE BUSH— Football 1-4; Ham Radio 1; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Pres.; Roines 3-4, Treas. 4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-4. HAROLD BYERS— Monitor. JACKIE CAPPS— Home Room Rep. 2; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. 4; Student Affairs Bd. 1. JESSELYN CARLISLE— Monitor 4; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. 2. JOHN CARROLL — Cross Country 2-3; Intramural 2; League of Honor 1-4; Operetta 2-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-4; Spanish Club 1; Sr. Choir 2-4; Track 1-2; Homecoming Candidate 4. WYNONA CARVER— Band 3-4; Baton Twirler 3-4; Cheerleader 1-3; Booster 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 2-4; Orchestra 1-2, Sec. 2; Redskin Revue 2-4; Sr. Choir 2-4. DANIEL EUGENE CHAPELL— Band Concert Meis- ter 1-4; Dance Band 1-4; FTA Club 3; League of Honor 1-4; Operetta 1, 3-4; Orchestra 1-4, Pres. 4; Pep Band 1-4; Stage Crew 3-4; Roines 4; Redskin Revue 1-4. MELVIN CHENOWETH— Football 1-4; Letter- men ' s Club 3-4; ROTC Officers Club 4; Track 2; Wrestling 2-4; Rifle Team 4. CAROLYN CHILTON (Sch wind)— Operetta 2-4; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. 1; Sr. Choir 1-3; Ensemble 1-2. BONNIE CLARK— Special Asst.; Mask and Wig; Operetta; Glee Club; Redskin Revue; Monitor; Band. FLORA MAE CLARK— Warren School 1; Tech High School 2. MELVIN CLARK— Intramural. Central High ED CLARKE RONALD CLARK— Student Affairs Bd. Team; Color Guard; ROTC History Club; Officers Club. Rifle ROTC PAT CLANCY— Basketball 1-4; Baseball 4; Foot- ball 1-4; Golf 1-3; League of Honor 1-2; Letter- men ' s Club 2-4; Monitor 1, 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-3; Special Asst. 4; Jr. Prom King. LIBBY COGILL— Girl ' s Glee Club 2; Home Room Rep. 4; Intramural 2; Monitor 2; Pep Club 2. DARLENE COLLINS— Home Room Rep. 3; Spe- cial Asst. 4; Morrison Waite High School. Toledo, Ohio 1. SANDRA COMBS— Pep Club 2. Seniors ANNETTA COOK— Monitor 1-4; Special Asst. 2. PATRICIA COOPER— North Vernon High School, North Vernon, Ind. 1-2. ARLENE SUE CORAM— Pep Club 2-3; Special Asst. 3. MARY ELLEN CRAIG— FTA Club 3-4, Sec. 4; League of Honor 2-4; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 2-3; Redskin Revue 2-3; Sr. Choir 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4; Pres. 2; Girls State 3; Sr. Council 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Vice-pres. 4; Harry E. Wood 1. GERALD CROMWELL— League of Honor. JEANNE DIANNE DAVIS— Home Room Rep. 1; Monitor 2; Pep Club 3. JERRY FRANK DAVIS— Monitor 3-4; Arvada High School, Arvada, Colo. 1-2. CHARLES BERNIE DEAN— Intramural 1. GERALD DEARING— ROTC Officers Club; League of Honor; Intramural. GERALD DeHONEY— Home Room Rep. 1; Red- skin Revue 3; Roines 4; Special Asst. 2; Stage Crew 2-4. JUDY DeMOTT— Girls Glee Club 1-4; Intramural 1-2; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 1-3. BRENDA DICKEY— Tri-Hi-Y Club; Special Asst. WILLIAM DILLON ARTHUR DINNAGE— Radio Speech Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2-4. WILLIAM DISBRO— Baseball 1-4; Football 2-4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 3; Track 1-4; Wrestling 2-4; Rifle Team 1-4. BETTY DOLES— Bus. Girls Club 1-2; Girls Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor 3; Operetta 2; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 1-2; Special Asst. 1. JANICE DOWNHAM— Girls Glee Club 2-4, Treas.; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3; Monitor 1-2; Operetta 2; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 3-4; Girls State Alt. 3. WILLIAM DUFF— Cross Country 1; Intramural 1; Monitor 1; Special Asst. 1. ill A 1 Seniors JUDITH K. DUNKIN— League of Honor 1-3; Special Asst. 1-4. SANDRA ECKERT— Bus. Girls Club 2; League of Honor 2-4; Special Asst. 4; Harry E. Wood High School 1; National Honor Soc. SANDRA E1TEL— Home Room Rep. 4; Mask and Wig 2-4; Masoma 3-4; Pep Club 1-3; Redskin Re- vue 1-4; Monitor 4; League of Honor 1-4. JOAN ELLIS— Cheerleader 1-3; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Redskin Re- vue 1-4; Operetta 3-4; Sr. Choir 3-4; Student Affairs Bd. 2-3; ROTC Sponsor 4; Senior Council 4. JOE ERNST- Club. -Basketball; Baseball; Lettermens ELAINE ESKITCH— Bus. Girls Club, Treas. 2; Booster 1-2; Cub Club 2; Ivian 1-3; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; I. U. Journalism Institute 2. DOROTHY FARMER— Band 1-4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 2-4; Monitor 2-3; Operetta 2-4; Orchestra 1-4; Redskin Revue 1; Sr. Choir 4; Girls State Alt. 3; National Honor Soc. FREDERICK FARMER— League of Honor 1 ; Spe- cial Asst. 2. DIANE FERGUSON— Intramural 1-2; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 3. JIM FINCHUM— Football 1-4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Monitor 1 ; Track 2-4. JOYCE FIX— FHA Club 4; Girls Glee Club, Vice- Pres. 2-4; Home Room Rep. 1-3; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 2; Pep Club 2; Redskin Revue 2-4; Special Asst. 2-4; Girls State Alt. 3; National Honor Soc. CHARLES FOSTER— Intramural Track 1. 1; Monitor 3; RUDOLPH W. GAYDE— Hi-Y 3-4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig, Treas. 4; Redskin Re- vue 4; Roines 4; Special Asst. 4; Model U. N. 3; National Honor Soc. CAROLE GAMBLE— Girls Glee Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Monitor 3; Operetta 2-3; Redskin Revue 1-2, 4; Sr. Choir 1-2. VIVIAN GILL — League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Operetta 1-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Asst. 2-4; Spanish Club 3; Sr. Choir 1-4; Girls State 3; En- semble 4; Lo-Per-Man Contest 2; National Honor Soc. LAURA G1MBLE — Monitor; Booster Agent. SANDRA GLADSON— Booster 1-4; Cub Club 1; Home Room Rep. 1-2; Ivian 1-4; Intramural 1-2; Pep Club 1-4, Secy.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Radio Speech Club 2; Redskin Revue 1-2; Special Asst. 3-4; League of Honor 1. JUDY KAY GOODING— Girls Glee Club 1; In- tramural 1-3; League of Honor 1-3; Mask and Wig 1; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1-2. Seniors GLORIA GRAVES (Powers)— Girls Glee Club 1-4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 2-3; Monitor 1; Y Teens Club 1. JUDITH GREEN— Jr. Red Cross 1; League of Honor 1-2; Monitor 4; Special Asst. 1. DONNA GREENWOOD SARA HARDEGAN (Fisher)— Girls Glee Club. WILLIAM HARMON— Intramural; Football; Let- termens Club; Wrestling; League of Honor. GORDON HARNACK— Booster 4; Monitor 2-3; Special Asst. 2; Roines 4; Quill and Scroll 4. SANDRA HARRISON— Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; ROTC Sponsor Alt. 4. BOB HARTMAN— Football 1; Special Asst. BARBARA H A YNES— Cheerleader Capt. 1-4; Girls Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 2; Redskin Revue 2-4; Ivian Queen 4; Dottie, Bean Supper 2; Homecoming candidate 4; Popularity Contest Candidate 2. NORMA HAYSE— Monitor 1-4; Pep Club 1. ARLENE HEDEGARD— FTA Club Treas. 4; Home Room Rep. 1-3; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma Pres. 4, 3-4; Pep Club Sec. 2, 1-2; Redskin Revue 4; Girls State 3; ROTC Sponsor 4; Senior Council 4; National Honor Society 3-4. ANDREW HEICHELBECH— Baseball 1; Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Intramural 1-3; League of Honor 2; Monitor 1-2, 4. DENNIS A. HENDRICKS— ROTC Officers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 4. MARILYN MEYNCKE HENDRICKS BILL HENDRICKSON— Football 4; 2-3; Monitor 2. Intramural WILLIAM HENNINGER— Band Capt. 4, 1-4; In- tramural 1; League of Honor 1-2; Orchestra 3-4; Band Camp. JAMES HENSON— Track 2. NORMAN HERZOG— Cross Country 2-3; Special Asst. 1-2. S; " A Ski a Seniors JIM HOALT— Football 2; Lettermens Club 2-4; Wrestling, County Champ, Sectional Champ, 2 Awards in State Varsity Competition, 1-3. BILL HOBSON EDWARD A. HOEPING— Band 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1-4; Redskin Revue 1; Shop Awards 1-2. JAMES R. HOFFMEYER— Special Asst. 4; Camera Club 1. HELEN HOLLO WAY— Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-2; Monitor 1, 3-4; Special Asst. 1-4. MILDRED HUTH NANCY HYDE— Jr. Red Cross Pres. 2-4; League of Honor 2-4; Operetta 1-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Sr. Choir 1-4. MARY IANNUZZI— Booster 1-2, 4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig Pres. 3-4; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 3-4; Sr. Choir 2-4; Nat. Thespians, Vice- Pres. 4; Girls State 3; Fut. Nurses Club Pres. 4; Manualairres 3-4; National Honor Soc. DON JOHNSON— Wrestling; Monitor. JOHN W. JOHNSON— Band 2-4; Track 3; Bas- ketball 1, 3-4. JUDY JOHNSON— Girls Glee Club 3-4; League of Honor 2; Monitor 2; Special Asst. 4. MARILYN JOHNSON— League of Honor 1-4; Operetta 2; Redskin Revue 2; Sr. Choir 2-3; Stu- dent Affairs Bd. 3-4. PATRICIA JOAN JONES— Girls Glee Club 4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1; Monitor 1-2; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 2-4. BARBARA JO KAY— Bus. Girls Club 1; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 1-2; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 2; Special Asst. 2; Student Affairs Bd. 4; Homecoming Queen Candi- date 4; Football Jamboree Queen 3. FRED DAVID KATTAU— Hi-Y Treas. 4, 3-4; Football 1-2; League of Honor 1-2; ROTC Officers Club 4. JOHN DEWEY KEATING— Baseball 4; Football 3-4; League of Honor 3; Lettermens Club 2-4; Mon- itor 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Student Affairs Bd. 3-4; Track 1-4; Basketball 1-3; Ivian King 4; Class Officer Pres. 3. LINDA JANE KELLAR— Booster Page 2 Ed. 3-4; Ivian 2; Monitor 2-3; Quill and Scroll 4; Spanish Club 2; I. U. Journalism Institute 3-4. SANDRA KELLEY— Booster 4; Ivian Co-Editor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Special Asst. 3; I. U. Journalism Institute 3. Seniors CONSTANCE KELLY— Band 3-4; Baton Twirler Color Guard 4; Home Room Rep. 1-3; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 2-4; Redskin Revue 2-4; Special Asst. 2-4; Sr. Choir 2-4. JOHN W. KENNEDY— Ham Radio 2; Intramural 1; Monitor 1-2; ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC His- tory Club 3. TWYLIA KENNEDY— FHA Club Sec. 3, Pres. 4, 2-4; Inttamural 2; League of Honor 2-4; Masoma 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 3-4; National Honor Society Treas. 4, 3-4; Allen County High School 1. WILLENE KIFFMEYER RICHARD KIVETT— Tech High School 1-3. KENT KLINGE— Baseball 1-4; Football 1-4; Ivian 4; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 2-4; Red- skin Revue 1-4; Roines 4; Student Affairs Bd. Pres. 4; Class Officer Vice-Pres. 3; Basketball 1-2. FRANK E. KLOBUCAR— Football 1-4; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Monitor 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Track 2-4; Wrestling 2-4; Boys State 3. JAMES KNIGHT DAVID KOEPPER— Booster 1; Cub Club 1; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1-2; Operetta 1-4; Redskin Revue 2-3; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; Sr. Choir 1-4. FREEDA MAE KOTTKAMP— Home Room Rep. 4; Orchestra 1-2; Radio Speech Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Miss April Showers 4. DICK KR AMP— Band 2; Football 4; Intramural 3-4; League of Honor 2; Monitor 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Harry E. Wood High School 1. DAVID KRIECH— Football Mgr. 4; League of Honor 1; Lettermens Club 4; Roines 4; Track Mgr. 4; Wrestling Mgr. 4. RICHARD KRUSE— Baseball 1-4; Football 1; Golf 3-4; Intramural 3; League of Honor 2-3; Lettermens Club 4; Monitor 1-3. BRUCE LACKEY— Basketball; Baseball; Cross Country; Monitor; League of Honor. LARRY LEE— Hi-Y 2; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 2; Monitor 2-4; Radio Speech Club 3-4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Special Asst. 4; Basketball Mgr.; Pep Club 1. HELEN LINDSTADT— FTA Club 4; Mask and Wig Historian 3-4; Radio Speech Club Treas. 2-4; Special Asst. 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 2-4; Record Club 2; Southport High School 1. RICHARD LOCKE— Intramural 2-3; Monitor 1, 4. ROANNA JANE LOFLIN— Special Asst. 1; Y-Teens Club 1. 1 Seniors ROSS E. LONG VOLAH LUTHER— Special Asst. 1-2. CLYDE MARTIN— Hi-Y Sec. 3-4; Intramural 3-4; ROTC Officers Club 4. JOYCE MARTIN— Orchestra 2-3; Music Memory Contest 2; Beatrice Evans Essay Contest 3. LINDA MATTOX— Intramural 1-4; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 4. ROSE McCOMBS— Booster 4; Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 3; Student Affairs Bd. 4; Top Ten Junior 3; National Honor Society Sec. 3, 3-4; Class Officer Sec. 4. TOM McCORMICK— Band Lt. 1-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Operetta 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Roines Sec. 3-4; Sr. Choir Pres. 4, 3-4; Boys State 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Homecoming King 4; Class Officer Pres. 4. LINDA ANN McDONNELL— Booster 4; League of Honor 3-4; National Honor Soc; Masoma 4; Pep Club 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Redskin Revue 4; FNA Club 4; Jeffersonville High School. Jefferson- ville, Ky. 1-2. LARRY McHENRY— Football 1; 3-4; Track 2; Wrestling 2-4. Lettermens Club JOYCE McKENZIE— Bus. Girls Club 2; Intra- mural 1; Monitor 4; Pep Club 2-3. ELAINE McVAY — League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 2; Pep Club 1. ELSIE MERKLIN— Home Room Rep. 1-2; Intra- mural 1; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1-2; Pep Club 1-2. Jim Barker, a talented acrobatic dancer, entertained his classmates on Senior Day. Music for the dance was provided by the Manual Dance Band. Jim was Indian mascot for the cheer- leading squad and fascinated sports spec- tators with his gymnastics. Seniors BERNICE MILISH— Monitor 4; Special Asst. 4; Harry E. Wood High School 3. JANICE MILLER— Monitor 1. DONNA MILLS— FHA Club Sec. 4; Ivian Agent 2; Intramural 1; Monitor 3; Pep Club 2-3; Redskin Revue 1-4. BEVERLY MITCHELL— Redskin Revue 4; FHA Club 4; Special Asst. 1. ELLEN MONTGOMERY— Booster 4; Mask and Wig 4; Monitor 4; Pep Club 3; Spanish Club 4; Shortridge High School 1-2. LINDA MOODY— Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1; Operetta 2-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 4; Sr. Choir 2-4. BILL MOORE— Intramural. FRANCES MOORE— Girls Glee Club 3-4; Moni- tor 4; Operetta 2; Redskin Revue 2; Harry E. Wood High School 1. SHERRY MOORE— Monitor 4; Special Asst. 2-3. RONNIE MORRIS— Baseball 1; Football 1-2; In- tramural 2-3; Redskin Revue 3-4; Wrestling 1. GEORGE MUDD— Band 2; Football 2; League of Honor 1-4; National Honor Soc.; Operetta 2-4; Orchestra 2; Redskin Revue 1-4; Sr. Choir 1-4. ROBERT S. NAPPER— Football 1; Intramural 2; League of Honor 1-3; National Honor Soc. DIANNA NAUERT— Redskin Revue. LARRY NELIS— Baseball 1-3; Football Mgr. 1-2; League of Honor 1-3; Redskin Revue 2-4; Sr. Choir 1-3; Mr. Rainmaker 4. TED NETHERTON— Hi-Y 1; Intramural 1; Red- skin Revue 1. CHARLES NEWMAN— Monitor; Special Asst. DAVE NEWMAN— Tech High School 1-3. EUGENE NUTGR ASS— Football; Choir; Wrest- ling; Operetta. Seniors ANDY OEHLER— Booster; Special Asst.; Camera Club; Monitor; Ivian. WANDA JEAN ORMAN— Monitor 4. SANDRA KAY OSBORNE— FTA Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 3; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma Sec. 4, 3-4; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 1-4; Girls State 3; National Honor Society Sec. 4, 3-4; Senior Council 4. JOHN W. PARRY— Monitor 2; Redskin Revue 4. JUDY PASCH— Monitor 2. JIM PATTEN— Hi-Y Club; ROTC Officers Club. HAROLD PATTERSON- Asst. Monitor 2-3; Special Monitor 1-2; JANICE PATTERSON (Crawford) Special Asst. 3. PHYLLIS PAYNE— Monitor; Choir; Redskin Re- vue; Twirler; Ensemble; Special Asst.; Operetta; League of Honor. KAREN KAY PEARCE— League of Honor 1-2; Monitor 3-4; Orchestra 1-4. PATTY PERKINSON— Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig 2-4; Masoma 3; Pep Club 1. RONALD PETERS— Monitor 1. BARBARA PEETREE— Girls Glee Club 3; Moni- tor 2; Redskin Revue 3-4; Talent Parade 2-4; Pow Wow 3-4; Harry E. Wood High School 1. RONALD PINNER— Intramural 3. JON POTTER— Booster 1-2; FTA Club 3-4; Hi-Y Sec. 1-2; Monitor 1; Redskin Revue 1-4; Special Asst. 1-4; Basketball Mgr. 2; Talent Parade 1-3; Pow Wow 3-4. MORRIS PROFETA— Monitor; Baseball; Intra- mural; Cross Country; League of Honor. LINDA PROSSER— Warren Central High School 1. DAVID REEL — Band 1-4; Dance Band 4; Operetta 4; Orchestra 2-4; Pep Band 2-4. Seniors DONALD R. REEVES— Monitor 2-3; Baseball 1. CAROL DELL RICE— Booster Staff 4; Ivian Sr. Editor 4; Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma Treas 4, 3-4; Redskin Revue 1-4; Special Asst. 3; Sr. Choir 3; Girls State 3; Quiz ' Em Team 4. SAM RINEHARDT — Special Asst.; Intramural; Cross Country. ALBERT ROBERTS— Baseball 2; Cross Country 3; Football 2; League of Honor 2-3. EUGENE ROBERTS JUDITH ROBERTSON— League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 3; Operetta 4; Pep Club 1-3; Redskin Re- vue 2-4; Special Asst. 1; Sr. Choir 4. ANITA ROEDER— Booster 3-4; FTA Club 3-4; Masoma 3-4; Girls Glee Club Sec. 4, 2-4; Intra- mural 1-3; League of Honor 1-4; Quill and Scroll, Sec.-Treas. 4, 3-4; Girls State 3; Quiz ' Em Team 4; National Honor Society 3-4. PATRICIA LOUISE ROGERS— Special Asst. 4; Ben Davis High School 1-3. JUDY RYAN — Booster 4; Home Room Rep. 4; Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 2; Monitor 1-2; Pep Club 2-3; Radio Speech Club 2-3; Stage Crew 4. LILLIAN ANN SAGE— League of Honor 1-3; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 2-3; Special Asst. 1-3. -Intramural 1-2; Pep SHIRLEY SAPPENFEILD- Club 1-2; Y-Teens Club 1. MIRIAM SCHARFE— Booster Ed. 4, Page 3 Ed. 1-4; Girls Glee Club Pres. 4, 1-4; League of Honor Top Ten 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Quill and Scroll Vice- Pres. 4, 3-4; Student Affairs Bd. Sec. 3, 2-4; Na- tional Honor Soc. 3-4; Girls State 3; Top Ten Junior 3; ROTC Sponsor Lt. Col. 4. PAUL SCHNEPF— Booster Sports Ed. 3-4, 1-4; Ivian Sports Ed. 4, 3-4; League of Honor 2-4; Quill and Scroll Pres. 4, 3-4; Radio Speech Staff 4; Red- skin Revue 1-4; Roines 4; Sr. Choir 3; Boys State 3; I. U. Journalism Institute 3; National Honor Soc. JOY SCHRIEBER ( Pasch)— Choir; Pep Club; Radio Staff; Operetta; Student Affairs Bd.; En- semble; League of Honor. PATRICIA SCHUSTER— Girls Glee Club 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 2-3. SANDY SCHWARTZ— League of Honor Monitor 3; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. RUSSELL SEDAM 1-4; ELSA SHANER — Girls Glee Club 4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; National Hon- or Soc. 3; Glee-etts 4; Top Ten Junior 3. Seniors JAMES SHIMP— Monitor 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Lo-Per-Man Contest 3. CAROLE SHOULTZ— Booster 3; Pep Club 1; Red- skin Revue 2-3. DORIS PATRICIA SIERSBECK— Booster 3-4; FTA Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. Sec. 4, 1-4; Mask and Wig 3-4; Masoma Vice-Pres. 4, 3-4; Quill and Scroll 4; Redskin Revue 1-4; ROTC Sponsor 4; League of Honor 1-4; Ivian Co-Editor 4, 3-4; National Honor Soc. JOHN A. SKOMP— Football Stage Crew 2-3; Track 1-2. 1-3; Monitor 3; HOWARD SMILEY— Band 1-4; Cross Country 2; League of Honor 1-4; Lettermens Club 3-4; Red- skin Revue 2-4; Roines Pres. 4, 3-4; Track 1-4; Basketball 1-2; King of Cherry Tree Hop 4; Pep Band 2-4. NANCY SMITH— FHA Club. PATRICIA SMITH— Jr. Red Cross 3; Redskin Re- vue 4; Special Asst. 4; Bosse High School, Evans- ville, Ind. RUDOLPH SMITH— Baseball 1; Intramural 2. PATTY SMOOT — League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1, 4; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst. 2-3; Masoma Award 1. ANDREW SOKATCH— Hi-Y 1; Monitor 1-4; Redskin Revue 1; Cathedral High School 2. HERBERT SOLADINE— Football 1. LEAH SOULT— Special Asst.; Cheerleader; Red- skin Revue; Glee Club; League of Honor. ROBERT SPENSER— Baseball 2; Football 2. LEONARD STEEB JUDY STICH — League of Honor 1-4; Monitor 1; Senior Council 4; Miss April Showers Candidate 4. BILL STIEGELMEYER LYNDA CHARLENE STONE — Band Sec. 1-4; Girls Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 4; Monitor; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 4; Special Asst.; Ensemble; Orchestra. LOIS STRONG— Special Asst.; Redskin Revue; Twirler; Drum Majorette; Class Officer Sec. 3; FTA Club; Student Affairs Bd.; League of Honor Top Ten; Miss Madison Ave. 4; Homecoming Queen 4. Seniors HUGH SURFACE— Baseball 2; Football 2; Moni- tor 4; League of Honor 2; Redskin Revue 2; Track 2; Wrestling 2; Howe High School 1, 3. RICHARD SWITZER— Ham Radio 1; Monitor 3; ROTC History Club 3; Basketball Mgr. 4. PAUL TAYLOR— Intramural 2-3; Monitor 2-3. JOHN THICKSTEN— Football; Basketball; Red- skin Revue; Lettermens Club; League of Honor. FREDRICK LIONEL THOMPSON— Band 1 ; Ham Radio 1-2; Intramural 2-3; Monitor 1-3; Basket- ball 1. SANDRA THOMPSON— Booster 3-4; League of Honor 3; Masoma 3-4; Monitor 2; Pep Club Sec. 2-3; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Redskin Revue 2-3; Sacred Heart Central 1. ROSE THROM— Band 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Orchestra Sec. 2-3; Pep Band 1-3; Redskin Revue 3; Special Asst. 4; Girls State 3; All-City Band 3-4; National Honor Soc. BRICE A. TRESSLER— FTA Club Pres. 3-4; Hi-Y Pres. 1-4; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig 3-4; National Thespians 4; Redskin Revue 3-4; Roines Parliamentarian 4, 3-4; ROTC Officers Club Lt. Col. 3-4; Boys State 3. BRENDA TRUE — Home Room Rep. 1; Intramural 1; League of Honor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Re- vue 1-2; Special Asst. 1-4. MARTHA J. TUCKER— Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 2; Special Asst. 1. CAROLE ANNE TURNER— Girls Glee Club 4; Mask and Wig 3-4; Radio Speech Club 3; Special Asst. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Lo-Per-Man Contest 3; Harry E. Wood High School 1-2. MARTHA CLAY TURNER— Home Room Rep. 1 ; Intramural 1-3; Pep Club Sgt.-at-Arms 1-3; Special Asst.; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3. MARTHA JUNE TURNER— Booster 3-4; Girls Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 4; League of Honor 1-4; Masoma 3-4; I. U. Journalism Institute 3; Girls State 3; National Honor Soc. 3-4; Top Ten Junior 3; Quill and Scroll 3-4. PATRICIA TURNER— Booster Agent 3; Ivian Agent 2; Redskin Revue 1; Monitor 1; Special Asst. 1. EARL UNDERWOOD- Stage Crew 1. -Intramural 1; Monitor 4; JAMES R. VANCE— Cheerleader 1-2, 4; Football 1; Home Room Rep. 1-2; Intramural 1-2; Pep Club 2; Redskin Revue 1-2, 4; Student Affairs Bd. 2. DON VAN DEMAN— Baseball 2-3; Wrestling 2-3. GERTIE L. VAN HUSS— Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-2; Redskin Revue 2; Special Asst. 4; Sr. Choir 1-2; National Honor Soc. Seniors DONNA WAGGONER— Cub Club 1; Pep Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3. PAUL WALTERS— Band 1; Monitor 1; Operetta 3; Sr. Choir 3; Track 1; Wrestling 3; Harry E. Wood High School 1-3. SHIRLEY LOUISE WARD— Tri-Hi-Y 4; Harry E. Wood High School 1-3. MARY WARE— Special Asst. 3-4; Shortridge High School 1. LOIS LUCILLE WASHBURN— FHA Club 4; Frankfort Pilgrim High School, Frankfort, Ind. 1-3. RICHARD WARREN— Football 1; Wrestling 1. GAIL L. WAYMAN— Baseball 2-3; Cheerleader 1-4; Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 1-2; Redskin Revue 3; Track 1. DONALD WEDDLE— Band 1-4; Dance Band 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Orchestra 2; Roines 4; Boys State 3; German Band 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Pep Band 2-3; Top Ten Junior 3. BEVERLY A. WELLS— Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 2; Monitor 1; Pep Club 1-2; Redskin Revue 2; Special Asst. 2-4. DARLENE WELSH— Monitor 1; Operetta 1-4; Pep Club 1; Sr. Choir 1-4; Ensemble 2-4; FNA Club Sec. 4. MERLE WESTBROOK— Intramural 1-2; Monitor 1-4; Boys State 3. BILL WESTERFIELD— Monitor 3; Wrestling 1. DONNA WESTRICH— Special Asst.; Pep Club; Redskin Revue; Monitor. PHIL WESTRICH— Golf 1-4; Lettermens Club 2-4. MARY LOU WETZEL— Harry E. Wood High School 1-2. CATHERINE WHITE— Cheerleader 2; Intramural 1-4; Special Asst. 2; Pep Club 1-2; Student Council 1. CHARLES E. WHITE— League of Honor 1-4 Monitor 1-3; Roines 4; Camera Club Pres. 2; Wig warn Workers Pres. 1; Industrial Arts Award 1 Aero Weather Club Pres. 1-2; National Honor Soc JANELL WHITE— Girls Glee Club; Jr. Red Cross Monitor. Seniors JACK WILKENSON DONALD R. WILLIAMS— Band 2, 4; Baseball 1-2, 4; Football 1; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 1-2, 4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-2, 4; Track 4; Senior Council 4; Cherry Tree Hop Candi- date 4. SHIRLEY WILLIAMS— Kentucky High School 1. CAROLE W1NGO— Home Room Rep. 2-3; League of Honor 1-4; Mask and Wig 1-4; Masoma 3-4; Monitor 1; National Thespians Sec. 4; Pep Club 2-3; FNA Club 4; Girls State 3; Special Asst. 2-3; National Honor Soc. NED S. WOOLBRIGHT— Booster 4; Monitor 1-2; Redskin Revue 4; ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC History Club 3-4; Rifle Team 2-4. MARY WONDERS— Band 3; Twirler 3; Monitor 2-4; Pep Club 1; Redskin Revue 1-3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Twirling Club 3. DOROTHY WORTHMAN— Intramural 4; Mask and Wig Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Monitor 4; National Thes- pians Sec. 4; Redskin Revue 4; Y-Teens Club Sec. 4; Bluffton High School, Bluffton, Ind. 1-3. Don Williams was one of the entertain- ers at the Senior Day Dance. Don, better known to his fellow classmates as " Butch, " is a very busy man around school. Seniors Gordon Harnack and Wynona Carver were the principal characters in a stunt to encourage teen-agers to be immunized against polio. This skit was presented at the halftime of the Manual- Columbus basketball game in January, the big polio drive month. One of the things a Senior looks forward to is the processional from Manual to Delevan Smith Field on graduation eve- ning. He prays for sunny skies so he may have all the Commencement tickets he wishes for his proud relatives. Com- mencement, the fulfilled dream, brings to a close the fun-filled years at Manual. Juniors Trimming the Christmas tree for the main hall, a traditional Junior project, are Junior Class Officers Dave En right, Jerry Mayfield, Carole Driskell and Benny Townsend. Jan Adams, Roberta Aldrich. Jim Alexander, Phyllis Anderson. Raymond Andrews, Verajean Andry. Mary Antrobus, Helen Arthur. Elva Ayers, Sharon Bader, Joe Bailey, Sara Baker, Robert Baker, Michael Batts, Audry Bender. Alice Bennett, Gary Beplay, Rose- mary Berryman, Margaret Bick, Hel- en Biesel, John Bigelow, Judy Birch. Charles Blanton, Linda Bloemker, Rita Boone, Gloria Bowers, Lora Bowles, Dave Boyle, Jackie Brackett. Nancy Brandlein, William Brandon, Raymond Brewer, Betty Bright, Da- vid Brink, Carolyn Brooks, Myrna Brooks. Ray Brown, Beverly Bruhn, Linda Brummett, Ervin Bultman, Catherine Burger, Patricia Burnette, Jim Bur- rello. Roberta Butler, Leon Carney, Frank Carson, Charlotte Carter, Tom Carter, David Chappell, Billie Sue Clar k. Carolyn Clark, Jackie Clark, Russell Clark, Glenna Clark, Harold Crab- tree, Ronald Crooke, Jim Crose. uniors Glenda Cobb, Larry Coleman, Carol Collins, Linda Collins, Frosty Cooper, Russ Cooper, Sandra Cooper. David Cox, Barbara Coy, Millie Dail- ey, Patty Dale, Karen Danenfelser, James Davis, William Davis. Richard Deckard, Alice Denton, Phil Deorto, Charles Derolf, Bill Derrett, Marguerite Dillon, Fred Dindinger. Melvin Disbro, Jean Donahue, John Downs, Carol Driskell, David Drum- mond. Bob Duncan, Martha Edmonds. Sandra Eggert, Richard Elliott, Don- ald Elslager, J. D. Emberton, Patty Engle, David Enright, Mike Eskitch. Janice Estes, Ronald Evans, Phillip Faller, Donna Fears, Judy Ferguson, Vickie Ferguson, Sharon Ferguson. Thomas Fisher, Jim Fisher, Dianne Flanary, Diana Flora, Larry Foster, Jack Francis, Paul Frodge. Gilbert Harvey, Rozann Gocke, Caro- lyn Golder, Paula Grant, Judy Grif- fith, Doris Grubbs, Betty Hair. Gary Hall, Larry Hamner, Peggy Hampton, Hank Hankins, Norman Harms, Diana Harrison, Libby Hart. Judith Hart, Nancy Hasselburg, Jim Hawk, Jerry Henrickson, Ronny Hen- drickson, Larry Hickey, Patricia High. Laqueta Hines, William Hofer, Don Hoffman, Marilyn Hoffman, Dick Holler, Tina Hughett, Joyce Hum- phrey. $1 a « m uniors Pat Humphrey, Leo Jenkins, Judy Jensen, Larry Jent, George Johnson, Mary Johnston, Joe Jones. Robert Jones, Pete Karns, Anne-Mai Kask, Mona Kaufman, Carol Kemp, Joyce Kennedy, Judy Kenney. Donald Kerner, Wayne Kimmell, Ronnie Kindle, Julie Kistler, Richard Kivett, Bob Kratoska, Carl Lashley. Sandra Lasley, Clifford Lawson, Pat Lewis, Judy Locke, Judy Loeblin, Judy Loepet, Charles K. Lohman. Dorothy Lowe, Carol Love, Gerald Lowe, Deane Lucas, Jack Lucas, Guy Lynce, Ned Mader. Patricia Mann, John Manwaring, Bill Martin, Chatles Martin, Gary Martin, Mary Masuccio, John Maxey. Jerry Mayfield, Ruth McCaslin, Tim McGuire, Tom McKinley, Allen Medlock. Kenny Mendel, Connie Miller, Don- ald Miller, Jo Anne Miller, Marcia Miller. Richard Miller, Dick Mills, Robert Mitchell, Leota Mix, Larry Moore. Robert Moore, Tom Moore, Janice Moran, Nancy Morford, Mary Mor- Joan Mosby, Jewel Murphy, Betty Neal, Dick Neal, Virginia Newbold. Drum Major Judy Ferguson headed the band for Homecom- ing half-time festivities, substi- tuting for Lois Strong who was a candidate for Homecoming Queen. Judy will be drum major next year. Juniors Bill Nichols, Charles Nichols, Tom Noerr. Albert Ogden, Mary O ' Neal, Brenda Owen. Irma Pack, Betty Parke, Gerald Peats. An Indian Ceremonial Dance by Helen Webb was one of the highlights of the half-time pro- gram at Homecoming. Helen performed in front of a teepee formed by the Band. Barbara Petree, Bill Phillips, Naome Pinner, Beverly Pitman, Wilbur Plunkett, Janalene Powell, Willodyne Quarles. Joyce Quinton, Betty Raper, Joyce Renick, Paul Rich, Barbara Robin- son, Roger Roembke, Sandra Rol- lings. Jerry Rothwell, Darlene Ruthedge, Wayne Ryan, Philip Sadler, Bertie Safrell, Jean Saffell, Dixie Sanders. Pat Sarkine, Livia Saulgozis, Beatrice Saunders, Hubert Sauter, Edward Schaefer, Harry Schaefer, Arthur Scherrer. Paul Schoch, Tom Schoemaker, Ju- dith Schrader, Linda Schulz, Lowell Scott, Ronnie Scott, Betty Shaner. Arnold Shaw, Jim Shea, Karen Shera, Trudie Sheridan, Brenda Shoopman, Shirley Short, John Shrout. Sharon Sickels, Joe Siegman, Linda Smith, Sidney Snellenburg, Don Sni- der, Robert Snoddy, George Snod- grass. Dick Spear, Wayne Spencer, David Staley, Tony Staples, Jerry Stark, Mike Steadham, Sarah Stephens. Juniors Sandy Stewart, Bob Stigelmeyet, Latty Stofet, Dianne Stokes, Janet Stout, Jerty Stuck, Barbata Stutgeon. Ed Suttnet, Allan Swain, Rosalie Swain, John Swartz, Clait Swatts, Emilie Tague, Wayne Taulman. Chatles Taylor, Larry Terrell, Patty Thompson, Pricilla Thompson, Mary Throckmorton, Marion Tomey, Ben- ny Townsend. Rose Mary Troutman, Tony Uuk, Nancy Vancleave, Carole Vandivier, Joyce Van Lue, Jewel Vaughn, Phil Vittorio. Bob Wallace, Sharon Wallace, Sue Walton, Barbara Warren, Charlotte Warrenburg, Larry Warrenburg, Ron- ald Waugh. Harold Wayman, Carolyn Webb, Helen Webb, Tom Wells, Judith Welsch, Roberta Wesley, Virginia Wheeler. Neil Whitaker, Jean White, Judy White, Robert White, William White, Don Whiteside, Senorita Whitley. Many jobs around school are filled by pupils during study hall periods. Tom Carter, who is ser- ving as a monitor, checks Judy Hansen ' s corridor pass. Carole Wilcher, Dave Wilhoit, Larry Williams. Norma Willis, Teddy Winckelbach, Carolyn Winstead. Michael Woolsey, Linda Worrell, Jim Wurz. Paul Yarber, Larry Zeigler, Richard Zeis, Judy Ziegler. Sophomores The " Booster " , Manual ' s weekly newspaper, is distributed on Fri- days through Home Rooms. Here is a typical Home Room on a typical Friday. Roderick Abraham, Robert Abrams, Donna Alexander. Robert Allee, Robert Amick, Chuck Anderson. Jacqueline Anderson, John Anderson, Billy Andrews. Dwayne Atwood, Gerald Baker, Le- tha Ballinger, Shirley Banks, Donna Barker, Morris Barnett, Jerry Baugh- man. Kay Beach, Bill Beachman, Lindsay Beal, Leland Bennett, Larry Berg, Dora Bewley, Jerry Bishop. Carolyn Black, Judy Blanton, Nor- man Bogard, Judy Bohannon, Regina Bolen, Jon Boltinghouse, Roberta Brannon. Sandra Bredy, Phyllis Brehob, Bob Brock, Dale Bronson, Stanley Brooks, Barbara Brown, Donna Brown. Theodocia Brown, Wendell Bryan, Kay Bryant, Barbara Bullock, Harold Burgott, George Burton, Janice But- ler. ' La Verne Butts, Jackie Buzzaird, Paul Cain, Joe Caldwell, Pat Calvert, Judy Campbell, John Carr. Jimmie Carson, Donna Carter, Den- nis Chambers, Charlene Chapman, Larry Chastain, James Clark, John Clark. Joyce Coffman, Georgann Coldren, Verlie Cole, Judy Comstock, Lanny Cooper, Larry Cooper, Rex Corbin. Sophomores Dennis Craig, Bonita Creager, Mary Creasey, Carolyn Creasser, Phillip Crow, Rex Cummins, Doris Danner. Charles Davis, Jerryline Davis, Nan- cy Day, Julia Dean, Robert Dean, Ray Deckard, Robert Dennemann. Rose Dennis, Mary Dent, Arvine Dewey, Brenda Diller, Ronald Dilley, Barbara Downham, Mary Dresslar. Art Eaton, Rosemary Eads, Barbara Eader, Thelma Durham, Louise Dun- kin, Robert Duncan, Marsha Drotz. Barbara Evans, Sandra Emmons, Lar- ry Elslager, Donna Elliott, Robert Edwards, David Fagg, Surada Fields. Judy Fitch, Bob Flake, Dave Flan- nery, Lois Foley, Alan Foster, John Foster, Judy Frazier. Linda Fritsche, Jerry Fyfee, John Garnett, Judy Gimbel, Reba Glass, Jacqueline Goad, Edward Gordon. Becky Grady, Kenneth Graves, Her- bert Green, Marcia Grider, Carol Griffith, Rosanell Griggs, Barbara Grove. Jim Grubb, Linda Grubbs, Bill Hair, Barbara Hale, Tom Hamilton, Rea Handlon, Shirley Hanlon. Wayne Hansen, Richard Hansing, Helen Hardegen, Evelyn Harding, Linda Harman, Art Harnack, Jesse Harper. James Harris, Gloria Harvey, Mayzell Hatcher, Linda Hatten, Ronald Ha- zelrigg, Dena Heatherly, Mary Heich- elbech. Sophomores Gloria Hendricks, Larry Hendricks, Larry Henn, Tom Henninger, Eva Henson, Bill Herman, Patricia Hick- man. Vaughn Hickmen, John Higgens, Shirley Higgs, Carolyn Hightower, Diana Hill, Mary Hoard, Joyce Hodges. Betty Hoene, Helen Hofmann, Ann Hogan, Jane Holcomb, Louise Holle, Edith Hollingsworth, Gwendolyn Holmon. Leon Hoover, Wanda Hopkins, Jac- kie Hubbell, Patricia Hubbell, Muriel Huckaby, Earl Huddleston, Margaret Hughes. Judy Hunley, Dick Hurst, Marvin Hyatt, Jerry Isaacs, Dennis Jackson, John Jackson, Donna Jarre!!. Bob Jeffries, Ronald Jenkins, Linda Jensen, Gloria Johnson, Pattie John- son, Russell Johnson, Tom Johnson. Eva Jones, James Jones, Paula Jones, Sharon Jones, Charles Kattau, James Kautsky, Sonja Keating. Martin Kehl, Juanita Kelley, Michael Kelly, Janice Kemp, Belva Key, Fred- ricka Kilgore, Harry Kincade. Ronnie Kindle, Alma King, Brigitte Kirstein. June Kistler, Kay Kelifgen, Peggy Knight. Rebecca Koenig, Ruth Kortepeter, Suellen Kottkamp. Elaine Schulz, Nancy Shannon, and Phyllis Lynch sing for the annual TeePee Talent Parade, an all-school Aud which serves as " tryouts " for the Redskin Revue. Sophomores Sophomore Marilyn Terry enter- tains the audience with a selec- tion on her accordian at the TeePee Talent Parade. Robert Kraft, Mary Ann Kratoska, Phyllis Lackey, Dennis Ladigo. Sharon Lahrman, Dona Lang, How- ard Langford, David Lanham. Carolyn Lathrop, Judy Lee, Raymond Lee, Dale Leonard. David Lewallen, Carney Likens, Mar- rilyn Lindley, Norva Lintecum, Linda Loeper, Elzena Losey, Ronald Lutz. Phylis Lynch, Carol Lynn, Jim Ma- han, Ronnie Marsh, Ruthann Marsh- all, David Mascher, Sallie Matthew. Allen Mavity, Earl McCombs, Connie McCubbins, William McCurry, Kar- en McDonnell, Johnetta McElroy, Jerry McFarland. Lynne McGinnis, Darthula McGuire, Pat McKinney, Charlotte McMurry, Ivy McNeil, Roger McVay, Maurice Metzger. David Miller, Donna Miller, Ronnie Miller, Robert Mink, Julie Mona- ghen, Max Moneyhan, Anna May Montgomery. Amy Moon, Carole Moore, Sandra Moore, Carolyn Mo re fie Id, Elta Moorefield, Margie M orefield, Rob- ert Morefield. Jennie Moorhead, David Morgan, Jon Morris, Dorothy Moss, John Most, Charles Murphy, John Muse. Janet Myers, Keith Nave, Rosemary Nerge, Dave Newman, Jim New- man, Lanna Newman, Sharon Nich- , „ m - - . L Sophomores Marjorie Noe, Anne Norcross, Mar- garet Norris, Robert Norris, Barbara Osborne, Jimmie Ott, Ronald Over- ton. Phillip Palmer, Bob Parker, Mary Parker, Judy Parks, Shirley Parrott, Beverly Parrlow, Bettie Patterson. Earl Patterson, Richard Perkinson, Constance Petty, Pam Peiper, Bette Pierson, James Pio, Deloris Pitcher. Alvin Pittman, Gary Powell, Bernice Pringle, Carolyn Presley, Betty Pryor, Ronald Rainey. Sharon Ralston. Sharon Rash, Dave Ratliff, Gail Ray, Shadra Ray. Lois Rechenbach, Mau- die Reese, Nancy Reese. Martha Rippey, John Riley, Paul Riggin, Stephen Richards, David Richards, Ronnie Rice, Vernon Rei- feis. Robert Rippey, Mary Rippy, Philip Risher, Barbara Robbins, Barbara Robbins, Barbara Robertson, Tom Robinson. William Scherrer, Ronnie Sanders, Judy Ryder, Jean Rowan, Allen Ross, Phil Rockwell, Carol Robison. Sandra Schoheld, Grace Schreiber. Elaine Schultz, Ray Schultz. Ruthelene Schwartz, Sharon Schwarz. Many underclassmen responded to the call for talent for the TeePee Talent Parade. " Stranded in the Jungle " was one of the numbers done by Ellonora Twy- man, Anne Bass, Bob Edwards, Juanita Kelley, and Raymond Brewer. 2 M I Q Sophomores Biology is the favorite science duting the Sophomore year. Pat Taylor, Judy Lee, Eva Mae Jones, and Madonna Whiteford are ab- sorbed in an interesting experi- ment. Karen Sedam, Robert Sergeant. Robert Shade, Ed Shafer. David Shaffer, Nancy Shannon. Edward Shearls, Earl Sherman, Ron- ald Shingleton, Doris Shock, Sharon Shofner, Leslie Shotts, Carol Shrout. Mike Sheppert, Paul Simmerman, Jack Simpson, Alvalee Sizemore, Ar- thena Smith, Chester Smith, Kim Smith. Lavonda Smith, Nancy Smith, Patty Smirh, Shirley Smith, Ronnie Snead, Linda Snellenberger, Robert Snider. Lyndell Sodrel, Betty Soots, Stephen Spacke, Joyce Spears, Robert Spears, Charles Speer, Gary Spivey. Patricia Stacy, John Staffotd, Eileen Staley, Donald Standley, Jerry Staples, Frances Starnes, Robert Starnes. Miriam St. Clair, Wally Steele, Fran- ces Stewart, Richard Stillabower, Da- vid Stoot, Jerry Streeval, Marilyn Stroud. Roscoe Sturgeon, Rosalind Summers, Ronald Susemichel, Betty Swinford, Don Tallent, Arleen Taylor, Jackie Taylor. Jean Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Richard Taylor, Samuel Terman, Marilyn Ter- ry, Mary Tex, Marilyn Tharp. Sophomores Stephen Thomas, Lorraine Thomer- son, Harry Thompson, Kenneth Ti- tara, Stephen Tressler, Sharon Tribby, Rosemary Turentine. Larry Ulrey, Raynold Umholtz, Jua- nita Van Jelgerhuis, Sharon Vastine, Marjorie Viehe, Edward Vittorto, Charlene Walker. Sara Walls, Nelda Wallsmith, Vasco Walton, Annette Weathington, An- gie Webb, Norman Weddle, Rita Weimer. Hugh Wells, Sandra Wesley, Sam Wessel, James Westbrook, Emma Wheeler, Sandra White, Madonna Whiteford. Mary Whitney, Warren Wilhite, Pat Wilhoit, Linda Williams, Ronald Williams, Bill Willsey, Delories Wil- son. John Wilson, Peggy Wilson, Ralph Wischmeyer, Ronald Wood, Janette Woodall, Carolyn Woods, Norman Woods. Ronald Woods, Thomas Woodward, Patricia Wooten, Jim Wray, Leonard Wright, Steven Wright, Genevieve Yates. Cheerleaders backing the Reserve Teams are, seated, Judy Schoen- herr and Brenda Shoopman; standing, Sandra Lasley, Vasco Walton and Carole Driskell. Bill Hair, who was champion bug collector, and Bob Snider work on their class ' s combined collection. Bob is adding a Pray- ing Mantis. Jim Westbrook and Bertha Mae Bohannon arrange their display for the Science Fair. Their proj- ect was the effect of Cancer on chickens. fill ? , Freshmen 1 ft rt 1 Sandy Abbott, Roberta Abraham, Richard Acton, Cecil Adams, Stephen Aikin, Jeanne Alexander, Peggy All- good. Shirley Allgood, Nancy Anderson, Tracy Angerer, Carole Archer, Rich- ard Armstrong, Mike Arnold, Brenda Austin. Billy Bailey, Mary Baker, Shirley Baker, Martin Baron, Sharon Basey, Mary Baskett, Annie Bass. Eleanor Baugh, James Bedwell, Mary Beeman, Leroy Bell, Charlene Ben- der, Melvin Bender, John Bennett. Steven Benson, Jimmy Berry, Cynthia Bertram, Mary Bevins, Jewell Bewley. Nyle Biggerstaff, Oma Birl. Manley Bishop, Jesse Blankenship, Christina Blumhardt, Sidney Bobb, Berthamae Bohannon, Ervin Boicourt, Carol Bottoms. Gary Bough, Jo-Ann Brandon, Judy Brandon, Kay Brandon, Lydia Brasker, Lonney Breedlove, Carolyn Brewer. Barbara Bright, Larry Brooks, Robert Brothers, Ella Brown, Julia Brown, Patty Brown, William Brown. Larry Browning, Donna Bruggencate. Helga Bruns, Leon Buchanan. Linda Bulthaup, Richard Bumpus. At the beginning of each semes- ter, Masoma, honorary for senior girls, helps bewildered Freshmen find their classrooms and lockers. Masomas Martha J. Turner and Sandie Thompson show a group of " Freshies " the " ropes. " Freshmen Carolyn Bunnell, Thomas Bunnell, Sharon Burgess, Ted Buleson, Joan Burrello, Lavone Burton, Mildred Burton. Robert Burton, Walter Busch, Shir- ley Bustle, Ronald Broughton, Bob Byers, Larry Calbert, Anthony Car- lino. Janet Carnes, Paula Carrier, Jane Carter, Sylvia Carter, Carolyn Carver, Sally Casto, David Castor. Mary Caulk, William Caviness, James Chadwick, Larry Chandler, Norma Cheatham, Sandy Church, Bonnie Clark. Fred Clossey, Janet Cobb, Lavone Condon, Robert Cook, Michael Coo- ley, Kendall Coop, Robert Cooper. Edla Jean Cordell, Patricia Cosand, Judith Cosby, Dorothy Coulter, Cur- tis Corington, Willard Crabtree, John Craig. Tom Cromwell, Robert Cropper, Robert Cummins, Ramona Cunning- ham, Beverly Cundiff, John Curlin, Rockne Curren. Rita Curtis, Arnold Dale, Charles Dale, John Danek, Fred Danenfelser, Donna Danforth, Ralph Daniel. Gerald Dausch, Lorelei Davis, The- resa Davis, John Davis, Sandra Daw- son, Bradley DeArmond, Judith Deckard. Robert Deckard, Joyce Deer, Janet Dell, Sammy Denton, Melvyn Deub- ner, Christina Devine, Carol Dille- hay. Clyde Dillehay, Marvin Disbro, Larry Dorn, Karin Dornfeld, Judy Dotson, Karen Duke, Larry Durham. Freshmen % 1 i- 4 Douglas Edwards, Shirley Eldridge, Phil lis Elliott, Paul Emberton, Fred Embree, James England, Beverly En- nis. Clyde Ervin, Judy Esch, Diane Es- kitch, Pricilla Elistace, Sandra Everett, Stephen Faires. Robert Fallowfield. Pat Ferguson, Tommy Fields, Nancy Fiesel, Nancy Fill, Gordon Flick, Jer- ry Flora, Jim Flores. Sharon Ford, Charles Francis, James Franklin, Scott Frazier, Farrell Fren- tress, Anna Friedman, John Fuchs. Carolyn Galyan, Joyce Gant, Nathalie Gard, Donna Garland, Carl Geer, Karl Gennrich, Bobbie Gerard. Lanny Gerber, Barbara Gilliland, Ro- berta Glass, Charles Golder, Bill Goldey, Paul Goss, Suzanne Graham. Barbara Grant, Bonnie Graves, Jim Gray, David Green, Kay Green, Al- ton Griffith, Sandra Gudat. Judith Gum, Ralph Gurley, Ray Haas, Bob Hagan, Eddie Hair, Jim Hair, Stanley Halcomb. George Hales, Larry Hall, Charles Hampton, Larry Hancock, Walter Hankemeier, Tom Hannon, Judith Hansen. Sharon Hare, Judy Harris, Jerry Hart, Marjorie Hartley, Anita Hawley, Everett Haynes, Steven Haynes. Niles Hanshew, John Hayworth, John Healy, Alan Hedegard, Lois Helfen- berger. Norma Hendricks, Rex Hen- drickson. Freshmen Walter Henricks, Albert Henschen. John Hershberger. Judith Herzog, Jim Hey, Charles Hightower. Jo Hilarides, Janet Hines, Charles Hix. Danny Hoagland, Sandra Hoffmann, Maryann Hoffmeyer. Papooses Jack Stanley and Sandra Steele, crownbearers for Home- coming, practice their official duties. Earline Holder, Wanda Holloway, Sharon Holmes, Mary Hopkins, Micheal Hopkins, Arvel Hornback, Harlan Howard. Leona Howard, Nancy Hoyt, Gerald Huber, Jack Humes, Charles Hum- phrey, JoAnn Humphrey, Charles Huppert. Ronnie Hyatt, Tom Hyde, Carolyn Ibaugh, Dorothy Irick, Elizabeth Jen- kins, Lea Ann Jenkins, Steven Jen- kins. Jerry Jensen, John Jewell, Bernice Johnson, Betty Johnson, Katherine Johnson, Montell Johnson, Peggy Johnson. Ronald Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Dave Jones, Delores Jones, Larry Jones, Richard Jones, Mary Kehl. Carolyn Kelley, Linda Kelley, Mary Kemp, Glenda Kendrick, Rosa Kim- bley, Kay Kimmell, Phyllis Kindle. Saundra Kinman, JoEvalyn Knight, Sharon Knight, Barbara Koenig, Fred Kortepeter, Mary Jo Kretzer, Jerry Kupfer. Freshmen Patricia Lambert, Peggy Langford, Judy LaPinta, Frederick Larmore, Sharon Lashley, Sylvia Lawrence, Walter Lawson. Barbara Leonard, Betty Lester, Gray- don Leucht, Michael Lewallen, Den- nis Limpus, Sandra Lohman, Diana Lonis. Evelyn Lowe, Charles Lucas, Richard Lucas, Marcella Lynn, Kathryn Mac- Kinnon, Ben Maddox, Regina Mann, Joyce Marcum, Jeanette Marshall, Shirley Martin, Marvrenne Marx, Jo- an Marcher, Frank McCollister, Dor- othy McConnaha. Richard McCreary, Clarence McDan- iel, Shirley McDaniels, Julia Mc- Graw, Dennis McGuire, Betty Mcin- tosh, Barbara McKinney. Melvin McKinney, Dave McLinn, Wayne McNeil, Beverly McVicker, Louella Meadows, Frank Meister, Charles Mercher. Richard Mescall, Anna Miller, Elaine Mills, Marilyn Mills, Rebecca Mit- chell, Helen Mobley, Charlotte Monaghan. Donna Monroe, Elaine Montgomery, David Moore, Freddie Moore, Bob Morgan, Donald Moulder, Wayne Mullen. Mitzi Muse, Carolyn Mustard, Kenny Nauert, Frances Neal, Judy Neale, Barbara Netherton, Richard New- bold. William Nichols, Frank Ogden, Wal- ly Oliver, Barry O ' Neal, Joyce O ' Neal, Sharon Oppegard, Margie Orrell. Rose Ottinger, Willis Overton, Ver- gie Pack, Nolan Pahud, Judith Pal- mer, Virgil Pardue, Donna Parrish. ! Freshmen Susan Caulk and Donnetta Ritter combine their efforts and talents in a piano duet for the TeePee Talent Parade. Virgil Parton, Richard Pasch. Billy Patterson, Dick Patterson. Grade Patterson, Lorretta Patterson. Beverly Payne, Judie Peacock, Mike Pearce, Carolyn Peavler, Marilyn Peavler, Donna Perdue, Rita Perkin- Nancy Perry, Pete Pedersen, Agris Petersons, John Phillips, Wilkie Phil- lips, Billy Pickerel, Gwen Pieper. Jimmy Piercey, Herbert Pietpont, Mildred Pitzer, Dick Powell, Linda Powell, Donna Powers, Lola Price. Rex Price, Robert Price, Beverly Pridemore, Verna Pringle, Jimmy Privette, Morris Proctor, Patricia Pruitt. Veronica Quarles, Mamie Radford, Danny Radish, Barth Ragatz, Nor- man Randall, Robert Rasch, Richard Rasdell. Al Ratz, Frances Reed, Edward Reed, Loren Richardson, Robert Riddell, Carol Reeves, Janice Reifeis. Alyin Rhorer, Patricia Richardson. Boyce Rigdon, John Riggin, Louis Rigney, Donnetta Ritter, Virginia Robbins. Charles Roberts, Sammy Robinson, Saundra Robison, Laurence Rohr- man, Nancy Roe, Donald Rogers, Sandra Rogers. Freshmen Ray Rose, Frank Royston, Barbara Rudbeck, Mary Rutherford, Margaret Sabatier, Ray Salisbury, Janet San- ders. Jim Sattler, David Sauter, Mary Scer- ing, Marjorie Schaefer, Allen Schlamp, Joan Scholl, Edwin Schultz. Jim Schulz, David Schwartz, Sharon Sedam, Clarence Selig, Franklin Se- lig, Larry Shaner, Phyllis Sheeks. Mary Sheridan, June Sherman, Charles Shipley, Don Shotts, Robert Shotts, Beverly Shriner, Paul Shup- pert. Sandra Simmons, Geraldine Simpson, Ottis Sines, Patricia Skillern, Sue Slayton, William Slayton, Janis Small. David Smith, Donald Smith, Gloria Smith, Kara Smith, Pauline Smith, Raymond Smith, Ronald Smith. Albert Smock, Clyde Smock, Peggy Smoot, Merle Soeurt, Karen Sonder- gard, Eugene Sparks, Kathryn Spen- cer. Bonnie Spreen, Jack Stanley, Ray- mond Stapert, Kenneth St. Clair, Sandy Steele, Elaine Stettler, Bill Stevens. Shirley Stewart, Ronald Stuck, Shir- ley Stultz, Betty Sullivan. Joyce Sullivan, Margie Sutton, Ro- bert Swartz, Gwendolyn Swatts. David Switzer, Jerry Switzer, Sandra Swope, Steve Tabor. Bonnie Burton, who did a panto- mime in the TeePee Talent Pa- rade, went on to win the award for the Best Comediene in the Redskin Revue. Freshmen Sandra Talbert, Carolyn Taylor, Jack Taylor, Judee Taylor, David Teepe, JoAnne Terry, David Thompson. Orville Thompson, Sharon Thomp- son, Sharon Titora, Eugene Tomp- kins, Jerry Towe, Roderic Trabue, Eddie Tucker. Sally Turner, Mary VanDeventer, Betty VasBinder, Diana Vaughn, Pa- tricia Vaught, Don Ventress, Sharon Ventress. Laura Vermillion, David Vernon, Rod Wade, Jim Wagner, Irvin Waite, Julia Walker, Gerald Wal- lace. Sandra Wallace, Violet Washington, Richard Weaver, Sandra Webb, Jan- et Welch, Nancy Welch, Jerry Wells. Betty Wesley, Suzann Wessel, Ron- ald West, Ada Westerfteld, Chas Wettrick, Thelma Wheeler, Nancy White. Carolyn Whiteford, Linda Whittaker, Frederick Wicker, Betty Wiley, Sue Williams, Betty Willis, David Wol- ford. Larry Wood, Roger Wood, Rita Woolsey, Janet Wurz, Charles Yager, Ed Zaenglein, Carole Ziegler. New Students Flora Allen, Barbara Basham, Bren- da Church, Margie Carnine, Martha Cox, June Daly, Linda Dill. Evelyn Everett, Loretta Flores, Carol Fuchs, Libby Hart, Donna Hoene, Steve Matthews, Janice Moran. Wendell Petree, Janet Sanders, Bar- bara Scott, Jacqueline Smith, Jerry Staples, Joseph Van Vlymen, Jerry Yates. ft ft ft ft ft ft J5k 4 ' J 1 9 l -w J January 9Bs Marjorie Hartley, Carolyn Ibaugh, Sue Hawley, Judy Neale, 1P» and Sandy Steele lead cheers foi the backers of the freshman teams. Judith Ackerman, James Atkins. Wanda Bailey, Donna Basinger. Bob Harris Black, William Bloem- ker. George Boicourt, Bernard Bradshaw, Sandra Breese, Harold Britts, David Broady, Jerry Brown, Don Bunch. Marilyn Burge, Charles Butler, Janet Byard, Jerry Carter, Marie Cash, Rita Clay, Armen Cobb. Becky Collins, Kay Collins, Ronald Collins, Jane Cones, Charles Cook, Jim Craig. Evandeline Crowder. Richard Cummings, Ronny Curren, Martha Daniels, Larry Davidson, Sharon Devine, Thelma Dick, Judy Dorn. Brenda Dunkin, Phillip Dyers, Gary Elkins, Bob Farmer, Gerald Fields, Dick Foran, Jane Foran. Joseph Gerber, Dennis Gilbert, Carol Gordon, Billy Greene, Judith Grif- fith, Judy Grubb, Beverly Hadley. Leon Harris, Mary Hawthorne, Bob Higgins, Yvonne Hindman, Caroll Hinton, Kenneth Hockman, Sharon Hofer. Jan Hogue, Shirley Holman, Jacque- line John, Barbara Kerr, Carolyn Kieninger, David Klinger, Arlene Kniuht. January 9Bs Brenda Krick, Wesley Lance, Judy LaRue, Beverly Louks, Rose Lowe, Linda Lowery, Carolyn Lucas. Winefred Manwaring, Richard Mc- Clure, Bob McCurry, Rose McLinn, Judy Mitchell, Larry Mitchell, Linda Mobley. Willie Moncrief, Lorene Moss, Caro- lyn Mudd, Ruth Muir, Wayne Nie- haus, Judy Norcross, Kay Parrott. Mildred Paul, Jim Peters, Frances Phillips, James Price, Harley Ram- sey, Carla Riegel, Sharon Sarkine. Barbara Scherrer, Barbara Schwartz, Harold Scott, Sue Sedam, Shiela Sev- ereid, Larry Sexton, Jean Shipley. Paulette Shirley, Barbara Shoults, Robert Skaggs, Steve Smith, Steve Spurgeon, Judy Stuck, Dick Swallow. Janet Taylor, David Templeton, Pa- tricia Thomas, Dave Thompson, Katherine Thompson, Juanita Tins- ley, Sandra Townsend. Viivi Uuk, Hilda Waldkoetter, Ste- phen Walden, Bob Walker, Lois Whi taker, Jackie White, Ruth White. Richard Whitt, Charles Wicker. Don Willenberg, Larry Wood. Roger Wright, Paulette Zeis. January freshmen attended a new class, " Orientation. " Meeting one period each day, pupils were in- structed in study habits, guid- ance, and developmental reading, as is the group shown in the Reading Lab. it ft f ft 4h 8th Grade Carl Abbot, John Anderson, Eliza- beth Baron, Janet Brammer, Robert Brown, Dennis Browning, L. C. Bun- ton. Bobby Burgett, Allie Butler. Eighth Grade teachers are Mr. Robert Canner, science and math- ematics; Mrs. Rosemary Carpen- ter, English; Mr. Louis Parnell, social studies and science. Ronnie Cambridge, Leo Canheld, Ruth Ann Carrier, Betty Catson, Harold Charleswort, Jimmy Coffey, Gloria Coonheld. Franklin Cox, Gene Crawford, Judy Crouch, Marilyn Cundiff, Louis Dar- ko, Keith Davis, Penny Davis. Carolyn Dawson, Donna Derrett, Henry Drahos, Judy England, Mari- lyn Evans, Nadine Faughn. Betty Ferguson. Frederick Ferguson, Nicky Ferris, Phillip Fields, Ronnie Frith, Stepha- nie Gardner, Jerry Green, Helen Grubbs. Patsy Guthrie, Tommy Hall, Linda Hansen, Donna Harlin, Judy Harris, Kent Helms, Sue Hiatt. Sherly Hoffmeister, Carmen Hoover. Louetta Hoover, Alice Hughes. John Hurt, Ronald Hyatt. Officers for the eighth grade are Roy McCubbins, President; Alice Hughes, Vice-President; Judy England, Secretary; Faye Jones, Treasurer. 8th Grade Tommy Sue Janke, Janice Jarrett, Penny Jensen, Faye Jones, Sharon Jones, Karen Kattmenn, Jackie Ken- nedy. Linda King, Judy Kennaman, Phyllis Lines, Sharon Lively, Don Manes, Jerry Manes, Jackie Marley. Dorothy McClure, Marshall McCol- lom, Jacqueline McCubbins, Roy Mc- Cubbins, Terry McDonnell, Bonnie McKinney, David Meador. Betty Moore, Carolene Moorhead, Perry Morgan, Steven Myers, Maggie Odle, Barbara Parton, Shirley Patter- son. Michele Perkinson, Ralph Pettis, Jo- ella Powers, Jimmy Ratson, Virdon Reeves, Marilyn Renner, Mary San- ders. Billy Schmidt, Myrna Schrougham, Joe Shaw, Jackie Smith, Louetta So- bel, Mary Thompson, Sharon Todd. Charlotte Tomey, Paula Trueman, Claudia Wand, Jerry Welsh, Violet Westerfield, John Wilde. Ernie Wil- son. Mary Winstead, Roger Witt. The eighth grade makes use of Manual ' s special rooms such as the Shops, the Home Economics Labs, and Art and Choir rooms. Here one of the girls ' eighth grade chorus classes vocalizes un- der the direction of Miss Freda Hart. £ £ ij3 1 . £ £ Coffee Time For Teachers Putting on the coffee pot for lunch is no small task for Juanita Reed of Manual ' s kitchen crew. The big urn with its shiny spigots holds a lot of coffee, and it ' s a good thing. Most faculty mem- bers, the office staff, and maintenance personnel relish a steaming cup of " Java " during the mid- day break. And it ' s no surprise that teachers from neighboring grade schools find it to their ad- vantage to patronize our Cafeteria. Clean-Up Crew Keeps Manual Spotless Now in its fourth year of occupancy, the Manual structure still has a " brand new " look, thanks to our efficient custodial staff. Scores of rooms, miles of corridors, and a myriad of windows make Manual a big place to " redd up " ; and our custo- dians and matrons are among the first to arrive and the last to leave every day. Although it ' s easy to overlook a routine job well-done, the shine on our desks after a vacation is proof of extra polish by our custodians. ¥ I , Phyllis Buenell works on the turkey for a main dish casserole, while Phyllis Alexander, in the background, arranges salads. Oliver Williams helps get the salads one step nearer Manual- ites ' trays by spreading the crushed ice that keeps them cold. Lunch Periods Rate High With Hungry Redskins " Lunch " is one of our favorite subjects as any Redskin could tell you. Although it takes four periods to feed us all, our 40 minutes in our pleasant Cafeteria is time well-spent. The money is well-spent, too. Joyce Trice prepares sand- wiches prior to the Period 4 " invasion, " while Bernice Garrett sets out pies to tempt the sweet toothed. CUSTODIAL STAFF— LEFT, SEATED: (clockwise) Har- old Gerdts, George Mennel, Cliff Bellis, Harold Hart, Mrs. Sarah McKinney, Marquis Heiny, Walter Bowman, Ralph Rink. STANDING: Tom RatclifT, Joe Quassey, Earl Ritter, Head Custodian James Monson, Claude Realey, Charles Bo- hall. Every year Manual graduates sev- eral hundred Redskins who go on to higher learning or out into the community to take their places as adult citizens — and con- sumers. The new " crop " will soon be following the footsteps of the academic line shown here as they proceed to Delavan Smith Field for Commencement. ::: „P •OTRs After Graduation 116 ' Where To ' Gains Importance 117 The New Look of the sparkling new military jackets in which the Color Guard struts its stuff can be retained indefinitely with regular cleaning by Darko and Sons Cleaners 2659 Shelby Street ST. 4-2401 Karen Shera, Mary Whitney, Gloria Bowers, Connie Kelly, and Bette Pierson. Picked for Craftsmanship are the Manual class rings that come from C. B. Dyer Co., Inc. Jeweler 234 Massachusetts Ave. ME. 4-3381 Miss Mary Duncan shows rings to Freeda Kottkamp and Larry Nelis. Not Always Clowning Wait till you see them at the Prom in their formal attire from Skeffington ' s Tuxedo Rental, Inc. 245 N. Pennsylvania Street ME. 4-1583 Morrie Bush, John Keating, Butch Williams, and Mr. Dewey Zook. Larry Hamner and Carol Rice discuss the double spread for Pages 2 and 3 for The Ivian with Miss Norma Sherrill, Indianapo- lis Engraving Company artist. t SPECIALIZED PUNNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS 119 You Like It — It Likes You 651 East Twentieth Street Chief Tony Uuk and Princess Judy Schoenherr, Pow Wow royalty, propose a fitting toast with sparkling 7 -Up. ' Orchids on Your Budget ' are really possible with the gorgeous varieties that Martha Turner admires in the special orchid refrigerator at George Buescher Son Florists 503 E. Southern Avenue ST. 4-2457 Fit for Queens or for kings, or for hungry Redskins, who agree that a Dairy Queen treat is truly " lush. " Dairy Queen 2360 E. Raymond ST. 4-9742 Janice Moran, Linda Schulz, Libby Hart, and Dick Swallow. Banking on the Future are Linda Moody and Phil Wes- trick, with competent advice from Manual Grad Sheron Mo- sey. SHELBY STREET Federal Savings and Loan Association 1447 Shelby Street ME. 5-1503 To a Manualite, Meet Me at the Circle, Means — Southern Circle Drive In Carhop Patsy Wilbur serves Sandie Steele and Carolyn Ibaugh on a " top-down " day. 4100 South East Street ST. 6-1491 G. H. HERRMANN Funeral Home A Finer Service A Fairer Price Ambulance Service 1505 South East Street ME. 2-8488 Indianapolis 25 The Secret ' s Out! And don ' t you love the 1957 Ivian covers? Karen McDonnell and Doris Siersbeck get a preview of the headline story. Molloy — Made by The S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago 18, Illinois Horn of Plenty— Plenty of luscious filling! And it really hits the spot about 3 p.m. after a long day at school, as the faces of Jani Powell and Bob Wallace testify. CARLOS BAKERY 2640 Madison Avenue ST. 6-2378 Chefs ' Favorite Boys ' Foods Class cooks breakfast in the park with Stark Wetzel bacon on the menu. StarffWetze MEAT PRODUCTS General Offices, Indianapolis Larry Nelis, Ned Woolbright, and Kenney Mendel For a ' Ruffled ' Miss Crown ' s " Cotton Clinic " will keep those special Summer dresses, like the one Phyllis Lynch is wearing, dainty and crisp. 2901 East Washington Street ME. 7-3331 Formally Speaking They ' ll be perfectly suited with dinner jackets that fit to a " T " from TOP HAT Formal Wear Rental 124 South Illinois Bill Bruhn and Gordon Harnack. ME. 4-4125 You ' re Reading Proof Right Now that the Indianapolis Printing Company does a top job. Yearbook staff members Teddy Winckelbach and Sandie Kelley, Pressman Al Koors, and Mr. Bill Miles examine a page of The Ivian before the presses start their final run. INDIANAPOLIS PRINTING COMPANY 220 North Alabama Street ME. 4-8388 Be On Your Toes Too Plan your insurance program with . . . EMPIRE LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY 2801 North Meridian WA. 5-9672 Over 125 million of Life Insurance in force in the State of Indiana Millions paid to policyholders and beneficiaries James M. Drake, Ch. of the Board Joseph I. Cummings, President Linda Schulz It ' s Delightful! And de-licious. That creamy frozen dessert in heaped-up cones from DARI-DELITE 2226 Prospect ME. 2-7108 Paul Schnepf, John Hershberger, June Kistler, and Bi Kattau. All Hands On Deck wear rings styled and sized right by HERFF JONES COMPANY 1411 North Capitol Avenue ME. 5-1554 Jack Bowden, Linda McDonnell, and Jim Barker. Heap Good Medicine by former Redskins turned pharmacists, Tug Hawkins and Nila Hawkins Hawley, is delivered to Jean Donahue and Dick Kivett. HAWKINS DRUGS 2554 Madison Avenue 234 E. Southern Avenue ST. 4-2700 A Pair of Queens give top rating to the care their lovely for- mals get at Gregg Cleaners 1004 Madison Avenue 2630 Madison Avenue 3455 Shelby Street ME. 6-6501 ST. 6-0663 ST. 6-9877 1955 Homecoming Queen Nadine Brehob crowned this year ' s royalty, Lois Strong and Tom McCormick. Drink K0.M. PAH OfR In Bottles Taking time out for the " pause that refreshes " during the city-wide Clean-Up Campaign are campus cleaners, Chuck Nichols, Wayne Kim - mellj Jerry Mayfield, and Bill Hofer. Daisies Won ' t Tell But you can say it with other flowers, especially if they are selected at MADISON AVENUE FLOWER SHOP 2457 Madison Avenue ST. 4-4446 Mary Iannuzzi and Jerry Adams. The bare facts show that my Pop can take all kinds of 127 Ind ex Activities 30-45 Advertising 116-127 Album 66-115 Art Class 21 Athletics 46-65 Auto Shop 25 Band 6, 7, 38, 39 Band Color Guard 38 Baseball 62 Basketball 54-57 Biology Projects 27 B ' nai B ' rith Award 17 Booster 12 Booster Staff 30 Cadet Teaching 23 Careers Day 15 Cheer Leaders 8 Cheering Section 8 Chemistry Projects 26 Choir 19,41 Custodians 114 Cross Country 53 Dance Band 40 DAR Good Citizen 21 Dotty-Dan Eighth Grade . . 112, 113 Electric Shop 25 Faculty 68-73 FHA Club 44 Football Action 48-52 Football Coach 50 Football Scholarship Trophy Winners 9 Freedoms Foundation Medal 17 Freshmen 102-1 1 1 FT A 45 Future Homemaker, Betty Crocker Winner 23 Girls ' Physical Education ... 65 Girls ' Sports 64 Glee Club 40 Glee-ettes 39 Golf 63 Ham Radio ... 36 Hi-Y Club 45 Homecoming 10, 11 Ivian Aud and Pic Parade 13 Junior Officers 90 Junior Red Cross 44 Juniors 90-94 Kitchen Crew 1 14, 1 15 Kiwanis Trophies 8 Lettermen ' s Club 48 Library Assistants 24 Majorettes 6 Manualairres 19 Mask and Wig 34 Masomas 21, 32 Military Ball Queen 43 National Honor Society 20 National Thespians 34 News Bureau 37 Operetta 16 Orchestra 41 Pep Club 8 Pep Session 5 Physics Projects 26 Pow Wow Printing Class 24 Quill Scroll 37 Radio Station WMHS 36 Redskin Revue 28, 29 Roines 18,32 ROTC History Club ... 43 ROTC Officers Club 42 ROTC Rifle Team 42 ROTC Sponsors 43 Senior Day ... 14 Senior Officers 14 Senior-Parent Conference 15 Snow Whirl 18 Social Studies Classes 22 Sophomores 95-101 Stage Craft Class 23 Stage Crew 35 Student Affairs Board 33 Track 46,47,60,61 Trophy Case 21 UN Representative 17 Wrestling 58,59 128 •

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Emmerich Manual High School - Ivian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Emmerich Manual High School - Ivian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Emmerich Manual High School - Ivian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Emmerich Manual High School - Ivian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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