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h. u£c mmerich 24C nan 1956 EMMERICH MANUAL TRAINING HIGH SCHOOL Indianapolis, Indiana Library Emmerich Manual High School 2405 Madison Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46225 OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE " We the people " of Emmerich Manual Training High School are ever mindful of our greatest heritage— the American way of life. We enjoy our kind of living with our many freedoms that make our inalienable rights of " life, liberty, and the pur- suit of happiness " very real to us. Training of mind, hand, and heart. Manual ' s educational goal, fits us for this kind of living. ine Communists Are After Our WBiids w Celebrities like Dr. H. L. Shibler, superintendent of Indianapolis schools, Mayor Alex Clark, and Indiana Su- preme Court Justice James A. Emmert visited the Valley Forge Exhibit at Manual. Their hostess is Joy Sehreiber. We had " the American way of life, which we live with so complacently every dav, put before ns in " black and white " this year when the exhibit from Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Pennsvh ania, was displayed at Manual. All 1600 of ns visited it with our English classes and gained a better understanding of onr country ' s background of struggle to gain freedoms fo r every American. OUR MANUAL HERITAGE We the people of Manual have a fine " family " heritage. Founded in 1895, the first high school in the United States to offer free industrial training, our school has enlarged her curriculum to include all fields of study. Whether preparing for college, the business world, or homemaking, we can get it at Manual. Each school day starts with the hoisting of " Old Glory " in front of Manual by the ROTC Color Guard. Cadets Ronnie Clark and Bob Johnson present arms while Cadets Charles Wills and Bill Disbro raise the flag. J Teaching government by the peo- ple for the people is put into prac- tice through the Student Affairs Board. Attending Executive Board Meeting are Jack Patterson, George Smallwood, Nancy Foster, Miriam Scharfe, Sherry Dyer, and Sponsor John Patten. Manual ' s Alumni Association backs our school as staunchly as a college grad club. Bight, Booster Reporter Miriam Scharfe interviews Mrs. Mary Spiegel, alumni registrar, and Miss Garnett Foreman, a teacher- grad, in the Alumni ' s own room, newly furnished by their associa- tion. Manual students cross the court on nice days for a breath of fresh air between classes. Manual Prepares Us for Tomorrow ' A beautiful modern building, set in a picturesque campus and furnished with the finest equipment, makes our school days enjoyable and rewarding. We like school at Manual. Home economics classes at Manual work in colorful labs with the latest appliances. Mrs. Jean Bacus super- vises a sewing class using late model electric machines. Industrial arts classes meet in the most modern of shops like the Metal Shop above, and boys are trained for actual jobs in industry. Making use of Manual ' s picturesque campus is one of Mr. Robert Crawford ' s art classes. On fine days with stools and drawing boards they move outside. , HXf - " 7 mti • We Learn the Meaning of ' Citizen Modern education prepares us to live the American Way of Life. We learn that with our freedoms come the re- sponsibilities of citizenship. We are citizens of the greatest country in the world— a nation including all nationali- ties, races, and creeds, of which our Manual family includes many. Judy Foster was district winner of the title " Good Citizen " from the Caroline Scott Harrison DAR Chapter. Manual ' s seven foreign horn students, Brigitte Kirstein, Karin Blom, Tony Uuk, Algimantas Tekorius, Urve Kask, Livia Saulgoziz, and Anne Kask, discuss school life in their adopted country. lit Senior Urve Kask, a native of Estonia, became a new citizen in March. Principal C. Edgar Stahl and Urve discuss the reproductions of historic American documents in The Freedom Shrine, presented to Man- ual by the Southside Exchange Club. Freshmen John Healy, Sandra Ray, and Lawrence Dom pause at the door of their English class to chat with their teacher Mrs. Frances Stewart. Brice Tressler was president of Hi-Y ' s Model UN which assembled at the State House in April. Jim Miller visited UN for Manual on the public schools ' annual trek to United Nations, New York. One Nation . . . Indivisible Takes On New Meaning We learn that being a strong nation the United States must assume world lead- ership. At Manual we study the mean- ing of world citizenship for our country in the " one world " of today. We learn about the conduct of the United Na- tions, and we study national and inter- national politics, thus gaining an under- standing of why America must remain indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. " Manual ' s " experts " for The Indianapolis Star ' s Quiz ' Em On the Air were Cammie Wilburn, Judy Pitt, Stan Schuchman, Mike Steadham, and Max Smith. rtNjgM 1 ' . vi rW- Bi c " Being a good driver is a responsibility of every driving citizen. More than 200 Manualites en- rolled in Driver Education this year. Shirley Pedigo " recites " by driving classmates through Garfield Park. Many Grads return annually for Homecoming. King Danny Brown and Queen Nadine Brehob, escorted by Papooses Dave McLinn and Rita Weimer, were crowned by George Gritton and Barbara Brown, Royalty of ' 54. f .1 , We Observe America ' s Free Mr. J. H. Maddox, assistant foreman for the Shipping Department of the American Can Company, lectures on the operation of container industries. Mrs. Edna Gullett, Manual Problems teacher, is at the desk. 14 Richard Hadley, a student guide on Students-in-Industry Day, explains the operation of a Canco machine to visitors. School officials, teachers and pupils of Manual, parents, and friends were all invited. Enterprise in Operation . . . i In November Mrs. Edna Gullett ' s Ameri- can Problems classes had a month-long study of America ' s free enterprise system. This Students-in-Industry project used the American Can Company to bridge the gap between classroom studies and the realities of the actual business world. After having daily visiting " teachers " from Canco, the study ended with Stu- dents-in-Industry Day. Selected students served as counterparts of various Canco employees and assisted in the actual management and operation of the plant. Student Plant Manager Jack Patterson dictates to his secretary, Donna Von Pein. Plant Manager N. D. Deitrich looks on approvingly. 15 Home Room " newsboys " stop by the Publications Office on Fridays to pick up Boosters. Every Manualite is automatically a subscriber. Our Scho Linda Collins and Phyllis Brehob mount the News Bureau ' s stones, clipped from local papers, irt the Bulletin Board bv the Publications Office. Ivian Editor Ruth Agan crowns Bob Lindemann r.nd Alice Bogie as King Ivan and Queen Ann at the yearbook ' s annual picture dance. f f f! c Staffers at tlie I. U. Journalism Institute are Elaine Eskitch, Pete Karns, Linda Kellar. Judy Foster, Linda Schulz, Karin Blom, Les Brandt, Jack Patterson. Jim Miller, and on the floor, Joyce Skaggs, Mary Iannuzzi. ublications Date Back to 1895 Judy Delameter, senior editor, and Teddy Winck- elbach, underclass editor, mount Manualitcs for tlie Ivian album section. Mamialites seem always to have felt the need of printed expression. From a small beginning in 1895 that started our " presses rolling, " publications at Man- ual have developed to a prize-winning weeklv newspaper and an annual, bound volume of each year ' s people and ex- periences. Staff members " live " in the Publications Office, but thev love it. W Can Wi Must We Win Art students Janet Jones, Marvin Newland, and Sheron Mosey complete senior arm bands and insignia for their classmates. ' Moments to Remember ' Highlight Ed Throm, band captain, Lois Strong, drum major, and Jeanne Steele, captain of the varsity cheerleaders proudly display the Kiwanis trophies for " best city football band " and " school spirit. " Judy Foster and Miriam Scharfe pin gviest cards on Career Day speakers, Miss Martha Lou Akers, Assistant Director of Nursing at I. U. Medical Center, and Miss Helen Hollingsworth of L. S. Ayres and Company. Our Year at Manual . • • Senior Days, when the Class of 56 was honored; the assembly where the Kiwanis football " school spirit " awards were pre- sented; Career Dav, when every student attended his choice of 60 guidance con- ferences; and Senior Business-Industry- Education Day to which juniors were also invited— all of these were red-letter days on Manual ' s calendar. Mr. J. Ray Johnson and Ricki Rowles brief Mr. Chris Tlieofanis, Indianapolis Schools Public Rela- tions, and Miss Jeannette Raker, American States Insurance Company, for Senior R. I. E. Day. Our Manual Heritage: THE ACTIVITIES Organized activities that are co-curricular have always been an important part of Manual. New groups have been added as students have asked for them; others have been dropped as a need for them no longer existed. Activities belong to us students and fill a need for self-expression. Newest addition is a chapter of Na- tional Honor Society, installed this Spring. J V ■: These S erve School organizations must have a pur- pose to be worth while. Some, like de- partment clubs, provide an opportunity for additional learning; but many of Manuals clubs thrive on service to the school. Roines members George Small- wood, Jack Patterson, and Jim Miller arrange lights on their Christmas tree on the marquee over the Auditorium entrance. Senior Honoraries— Masoma Senior honorary clubs, Masoma for girls and Roines for boys, have served Man- ual since 1914. Jointly they serve at athletic banquets, and each organization takes on the responsibility of helping freshmen adjust to high school. Masoma— FRONT ROW: Retty Shonk, Barbara Spilker, Sharon Roberts, Nadine Rrehob, Phyllis Taylor, Jeanne Steele, Josephine Amato, Louise Barr, Sylvia Staples, Carolyn Wayman, June Burns. SECOND ROW: Jane Clark, Beverly Brummett, Lois Lahrman, Karin Blom, Sonja Meyers, Janet Jones, Nancy Foster, Charlene Muse, Sonya Poppaw, Rosalie Elliott, Frances Crooks. THIRD ROW: Beverly Snow- ball, Sherry Dyer, Judy Foster, Dorothy Farmer, Carol Stellhorn, Louise Kortepeter, Betty Leonard, Mary- ann Wilhite, Joann Harvey, Cammie Wilburn, Sue Calvert, Barbara Collins. FOURTH ROW: Miss Helen Tipton, Lois Wier, Linda Fill, Beverly Rich, Sondra Cooley, Joyce Fix, Gladys Grider, Judy Delameter, Donna Von Pein, Maryellen Burkhart, Joyce Skaggs. Roines — FRONT ROW: Miss Garnett Foreman, Paul Joseph, Don Stafford, Jack Patterson. SECOND ROW: Stanley Schuchman, Al Tekorins, James Staples, George Smallvvood, Tom Whitney. THIRD ROW: Robert Williams, Leslie Brandt, Larry Stakelbeck, Robert Lindemann, David Lackey. —Roines Roines members hand out programs at athletic contests and man the " lost and found " department. Their annual skat- ing partv, object— making money, is a looked-forward-to social event. Student Affairs Student Affairs Board looks after Man- ual ' s politics, supervising all elections. It plans and oversees many all-school functions like Homecoming and after- game dances. Student Affairs Board — FRONT ROW: Joan Ellis, Sonja Keating, Sherry Dyer, Marilyn Johnson, Carol Collins. SECOND ROW: Janet Jones, Nancy Foster, Jack Patterson, Donna Von Pein, Sue Calvert, George Smallwood. THIRD ROW: Miriam Scharfe, Judy Ferguson, Lois Strong, Frank Carson, Kent Klinge, Jim Barker, Keith Nave. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Jennie Howe, Mr. Richard Blough, Mr. Jack Patten, Benny Townsend, Don Kerner, Max Smith. I National Thespians — FRONT ROW: Nancy Riddle, Sharon Roberts, Rosalie Elliott, Felice Fallowfield, Sylvia Staples. SECOND ROW: Howard Sibley, Joyce Skaggs, Ricki Rowles, Janet Jones. THIRD ROW: Sue Calvert, Barbara Collins, Sheron Mosey, Linda Fill, Mr. E. Edward Green. National Thespians ► Manual ' s National Thespian Troupe No. 1492 was a year old in March. " The W hite Phantom, " their big production of the year, was given in October. Thespians is an honorary which a stu- dent works up to through our dramatic club, Mask and Wig, and other theatrical activities. Representing National Thespi- ans in the Ivian ' s skit at the yearbook promotional aud pro- gram are Ricki Rowles, Howard Sibley, and Barbara Collins. Manual ' s stage crew is organ- ized like that of a professional stage. Stephen Spacke, Allen Medlock, and Herman Teepe are shown moving the back drop to enlarge the stage. Many opportunities for self-expression arise throughout the year. In the Fall there is the TeePee Talent Show, for which anyone may try out. One of the unusual chances for varied dramatic abilities this year was a Pep Session skit. Depicting the history of " cheering " from the cave man, through the age of chiv- alry, the American Indian, the flapper period, to the modern " hep cats, " and ending with Manual ' s own cheerleaders, this skit was presented at the Assembly when our Manual cheering ability was commended bv the Kiwanis Club. Pep Session Skit Cast included: Standing, Naomi Bagby, Dave Oliver, Joe Ernst, Brice Tressler, Sandie Thompson, George Mudd, John Carroll, Bonnie Kottkamp, Max Smith. On the floor, Bonnie Whiteside, Martha Clay Turner, Danny Brown, Don Whiteside. Hi-Y members are preparing for the model UN assembly. SEATED: Kenny Bryant, Brice Tressler, Steve Tressler, Dick Hurst. STANDING: Warren Thorn, Dan Morris, Bill Bruhn, Lowell Scott. Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Participating in the Model United Na- tions which assembles in the House of Representatives at the State House in April is Hi-Y ' s big activity. Brice Tress- ler was elected president of the UN and Dan Morris, vice-president. Tri-Hi-Y girls helped Manualites dress in style for the Sectional by selling red derbies to " top " our cheering section. Tri-Hi-Y members were also delegates to the Model UN from Latin American countries. Tri-Hi-Y girls kept " shop " in the Auditorium foyer for a week before the Sectional tournament. More than 500 Manual rooters bought red derbies, identifying toppers for Redskins. lolin Swartz, Bill Nichols, Ray Grunden, Carol Wingo, and Carolyn Turner go " on the air. " Radio Clubs Responsible for the " Morning Show " that comes to us each day before school over WMHS, our own radio station, is the Radio Club. Members take turns at being disk jocky, announcer, or techni- cal director. Commercials concerning Manual ' s activities are often used. Good " contacts " are the husiness of the Ham Radio Club. Allen Swain, Mr. Don Hully, Lowell Scott, David Drummond, Dan Morris, and Ken Cross discuss plans for reaching " hams " in all 48 states. . Cub Club — supervised by Janice Moran, reads Booster gallevs. SEAT- ED: Judy Ziegler, Georgann Coldren, Char- lotte Carter, Sharon Wal- lace, Bonnie Henricks. STANDING: Gloria Hendricks, Bernice Prin- gle, Miss Dorothy Teal. The Booster Everyone at Manual reads The Booster, our weekly newspaper. Its editorial pol- icy is the publicizing and promoting of all school activities and projects, in addition to offering a bit of humor and entertainment on the side. Booster Staff — SEATED: Judy Foster, Page 2 editor; Linda Schulz, Martha Edmonds, Charlotte Carter, Miriam Seharfe, assistant editor. STANDING: Jack Patterson, Connie Webber, Barbara Drotz, Don Snider. Paul Schnepf, sports editor; Brenda Owen, Jim D. Miller, editor-in-chief: Sandie Thompson, Jim Schulz, Marilyn Bates, business; Paul Brink, Carol Stellhorn, circulation: Lois Perkinson, Louise Barr, Page 3 edi- tor; Alice Bennett. Janice Moran. News Bureau Correspondents to city papers help keep Manual in the news. Marjorie Tomasik, Indianapolis News, Anita Roeder, Indianapolis Star, and Martha June Turner, Indianapolis Times, hold a press conference. The Ivian Long hours were spent working to put Manual ' s story of this year together under one cover. Arranging pictures and writing copy to do justice to all of Man- ual ' s activities and achieve- ments took much planning. Ivian Staff — Teddy Winckelbach, underclass editor; Ruth Agan, editor- in-chief; Larry Hamner, Phyllis Brehob, Judy Delameter, senior editor. Ivian Staffers — SEATED: Ronnie Underwood, art editor, Sonja Foernzler, faculty editor. STANDING: Lois Perkinson, Joyce Skaggs, Karin Blom, Les Brandt, sports editor; Paul Schnepf, Jerry Mayfield. ? Quill Scroll— FRONT ROW: Carol Stellhom, Judy Foster, Jack Patterson, Teddy Winekelbaeh, Paul Schnepf, Linda Schulz. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Jane Hall Gable, Ruth Ann Agan, Sandie Thompson, Mar- jorie Tomasik, Louise Barr, Marilyn Bates, Connie Webber, Miss Dorothy Teal. THIRD ROW: Paul Brink, Barbara Collins, Leslie Brandt, Martha June Turner, Lois Perkinson, Jim Miller, Anita Roeder, Miriam Scharfe. Quill Scroll and Student Aids Pat Miller and Cathy Burger cheek girl absentees for Dean Vivian Siener. Bill McCurry and Bill Beachman operate the slide projector for a class in the Visual Aid Boom for Miss Theo Parr, director. Known as Wigwam Workers are the Manualites who assist with routine du- ties in offices and departments, serve as corridor monitors, and act as " right hand men " for Deans and staff mem- bers. Thev are " paid " with honor points toward League of Honor standing. .}{ v m ; , w Gaily costumed cast members made a delightful picture for this finale. The Art Department painted the skyline backdrops. Manual Music Delores Fox, Teddy Winckelbach, and Jack Thompson carried three of the leading roles. " Hollywood Extra was the Music De- partment ' s annual operetta. We followed an ambitious teenager, who won a sing- ing contest, to the movie center for a screen test. " On location " ' in Algeria provided a colorful setting. Manual ' s music groups said " Merry Christmas " at the traditional auditorium program on the day before vacation. The performance this year included a " living Christmas tree ' formed on the stage by members of the Glee Club. ,fvS ri i - r • Band — FRONT ROW: Don Weddle, Lynda Stone. Charles Yager, Gloria Bowers, Nancy Brandlin, Rebecca Koenig, Judy Ferguson, Miriam St. Clair. SECOND ROW: Rose Throm, Howard Smiley, Connie Kelly, Carolyn Creasser, Pat Stacy, William Henninger, David Cook, Joann Drver, Jack Simpson, Nancy Day, Jim Schulz, Jim Crose, Janice E. Moran, Patty Piercefield. THIRD ROW: Tom McCormick, Sharon Rash, Sue Lancaster, Wynona Carver, David Brink, Alan Foster, Tom Henninger, Dave Richards, David Reel, Tom Fisher, Mary Lynn Mann, Betty Shaner, Marietta Floyd, Jon Morris, Elaine Schultz, Lois Perkinson. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Nerge, Mary Wonders, Bonnie Clark, Raymond Scott Harrell, Charles W. Nichols, Dennis L. Jackson, Edward A. Hoeping, Thomas J. Woodward, Ronald Overton, Kenneth Cross, David Miller, John Johnson, Don Miller, Lee Riggin, Harold follifl, Tony Staples, Jerry Isaacs, Donald Hoffmann, Paul Brink, Edward Throm. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Evans, Jack Hess, Phill ip Faller, Donald Stafford, Dorothy Farmer. Band and Orchestra Two of Manual ' s largest and best-known organizations, the Band and the Orches- tra, participate in numerous school and civic programs. Their members wear medals won in many district and state contests. Their director is Mr. William Kleyla. Our " long gray line " is tops as a marching unit. Orchestra — FRONT ROW: Anne Norcross, Gloria Harvey, Mary Whitney, Kay Pearce, Gladys Grider, Delores Fox, Patricia Wooten, Thomas Dick. SECOND ROW: Kay Kleifgen, Rita Boone, Sonja Meyers, Gwendolyn Holman, Marcia Jaggers, Sharon Wallace, Judy Welsch, Judy Ferguson, Miriam St. Clair, Patty Piercefield, Janice E. Moran, Georgann Coldren. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Geier, Shirley Banks, Sally Ann Gaddie, Martha Edmonds, Patty Smith, Sandra Noel, Margaret Hughes, Jacqueline Sheetz, Don Wed- dle, Rose Throm, Tom McCormick, David Brink, David Richards. Thomas Woodward, Elaine Schultz, Lois Perkinson, Marietta Floyd. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Farmer, Phillip Faller, Ronald Evans, Jack Hess, Jack Simpson, Joann Dryer, David Cook, William Henninger, David Reel, Edward Throm, Paul Brink, Don Miller, Tim Fisher, Shirley Pedigo. FRONT ROW: Kathi Ragle, Brenda Shoopman, Lynda Stone, Sharon Roberts, Sylvia Staples, Barbara Petree, Jane Clark. BACK ROW: Sherry Muse, Donna Von Pein, Sandra Eggert, Sue Calvert, Judy Ferguson, Sonya Poppaw, Nina Graves. Glee— ettes Glee Club girls who love to sing make up a volunteer group known as the Glee- ettes. Directed by Miss Freda Hart, thev sang for the P-TA ' s eighth birthday party in February. Above, thev " dig in " to the four-tiered cake which high- lighted the occasion. Called upon fre- quently to sing at various community and school events, this versatile group is always available. Because of the num- ber of girls interested, a well-balanced group is ever readv to sing. Drum Major Lois Strong and Majorettes Joann Dryer, Karen Shera, Judy Ferguson, Wynona Carver, Vin- cena Hughett, and Mary Wonders give a salute around the " best football band " trophy awarded by the Kiwanis Club. Sandra Gladson and Kay Kleif- gen serve punch to Connie Kelly and Dave Koepper, Wy- nona Carver and Danny Brown at the " Snow Whirl. " ' Glitter- ing stars, designed and made by the Art Department, spar- kled against a false ceiling of blue crepe paper. Music Department Dances Manual ' s Music Department sponsored two big dances this year, the Choir ' s an- nual formal " Snow Whirl ' and the Glee Club ' s " Leap Year Fling. " Music for the " Snow Whirl " was by the Blue Notes, and Boyd Bennett played for the " Fling. " This leap year dance gave Manual girls a chance to repay their boyfriends— or date new ones. With the girls footing all bills, how could the boys refuse. Dancing to soft music in a whirl of snowflakes made a beautiful setting for the " Snow Whirl. " Clusters of spruce trees, here and there, added to the atmosphere and provided a wintery aroma. ,. ft Glee Club — FIRST ROW: Kathi Ragle, Brenda Shoopman, Lynda Stone, Julie Kistler, Carolyn Wayman, Judy Johnson, Phvllis Tavlor, Sandra Soult, Sharon Roberts, Sylvia Staples, Barbara Petree, Nina Graves, Gloria Graves, Betty Doles, Janie Clark. SECOND ROW: Nad ' ine Brehob, Leora Mix, Virginia West, Joyce Fix, Patty Brown, Garol Stellhorn, Deanna Shutters, Trudie Sheridan, Patricia Mann, Tina Archer, Felice Fal- lowfield, Mary Ann Wilhite, Helen Wright, Frances Jones. THIRD ROW: Miss Freda Hart, Sarah Harde- gan, Judy Deem, Jean Saffell, Dorothy Ipock, Charlene Muse, Barbara Haynes, Frances Grooks, Donna Kattmann, Sherry Dyer, Judy Gooding, Judy DeMott, Anita Roeder. FOURTH ROW: Roberta Butler, Barbara Collins, Jane Nerge, Donna VonPein, Martha J. Turner, Sheron Mosey, Sue Calvert, Judy Nether- ton, Janice Downham, Linda Fill, Miriam Scharfe, Rosalie Elliott, Judy Ferguson, Bonnie Clark, Karen Shera. Glee Club and Choir Choir— FRONT ROW: Teddy Winckelbach, June B Hyde, Marilyn Johnson, Louise Barr, Darlene Welsc Jeanne Steele, Toyce Quintan, Joann Dryer, Joy Schre Smith, Anne Norcross, Linda Bloemker. THIRD ROW 7 ley, Mary Iannuzzi, Joyce Bernhardt, Elaine Schultz, Thompson, Harolynn Bush, Karen Bennett. FOURTH Gocke, Shirley Scott, Richard McCreary, Beverly Part Dick Germaine, Vivian Gill, Charles K. Lohman. FI Brown, Leon Hoover, Wayne Van Ulymen, Tom Die Paul Walters, Paul David Scudder, John Carroll, Bill N urns, Carolvn Solomon, Joan Ellis. Phyllis Payne, Nancy h, Linda Moody. SECOND ROW: Barbara Acton, iber, Diana Flora, Sandy Nelson, June Kistler, Patty : Delores Fox, Linda Schulz, Elva Ayers, Sandra Wes- Muriel Huckaby, Connie Kelly, Wynona Carver, Jack ROW: Frank Carson, Ray Brown, Peggy Bosch, John low, Eunice Rutherford, Dianne Flanarv, Paul Schnepf, FTH ROW: Carol Rice, Trudy Hill, Ed Throm, Danny k, George Mudd, David Koepper, Tom McCormick, ichols, Wilbur Davis. A Fs fs cs s v O n " O Future Teachers of America — SEATED: Sally Gaddie, Rosie Cheatham, Jane Clark, Judy Foster, Connie Webber, Lois Strong, Sue Calvert. STANDING: Anita Roeder, Lois Weir, Judy Delameter, Janet Jones, Dannie Chapell, Mary Ellen Craig, Louise Kortepeter, Mr. Harold Pagel. Future Teachers Students interested in teaching as a ca- reer find Future Teachers of America gives them a view of the ups and downs of teaching. Members of this club are often cadet teachers at Manual or nearby elementary schools. — Homemakers To be a future homemaker is every girl s ambition. Supplementing the wide range of Home Economics courses at Manual is Future Homemakers of America. This group takes field trips to study various phases of homemaking. Future Homemakers of America — SEATED clockwise around the table are: Peggy Dailey, Twylia Kennedy, Cammie Wilburn, Beverly Brummett, Ruth Kortepeter, Emma Wheeler, Audrey Wheeler, Louise Kortepeter, Lois Lahrman. Claudia Ruscher. Judy Griffith, Charlotte McMurry, Mary Ellen Burkhart. STAND- ING: Janet Anderson. Alice Denton, Carolyn Winstead. Ann Washburn. Judy Birch. Maryann Hoffmeyer, Reba Glass. Marilyn Terrv. Sue Lancaster. Red Cross Manuals Red Cross drive is su- pervised by our Junior Red Cross chapter. In February the girls gave a Valentine party for a group at the Marion County Children ' s Guardian Home for which thev made fancy paper hats and party favors. Junior Red CrOSS — members, preparing for a party, are Lou- ise Barr, Beverly Brummett, Marquerite Dillon, Nancy Hyde, Pat Smith, and Sandra Rollings. Lettermen ' s Club Rlock Ms at Manual are " hard to come by " since thev are awarded on cumula- tive points. A block M may onlv be worn bv the person who earns it. Fri- dav is Lettermen ' s dav, when each man proudly wears his letter sweater. Lettermen ' s Club— FRONT ROW: Jim Petree, Dick Shell, Oorge Smallwood, Jack Patterson, Tom Vittorio, Howard Sibley, Leslie Brandt. SECOND ROW: Ronal Price, Wiley Seudder, Kenny Wright, Joe Ernst, Carl Short, Jim Staples, John Tucker. THIRD ROW: Melvin Chenoweth, Larry Blake, Frank Klobucar, John Keating, Don Mayes, Kent Klinge. FOURTH ROW 7 : Mr. Noah Ellis, Don Kerner, Phil Westrick, Mike Woolsey, Andy Brown, Bob Schofield, Dave Kincaid. ■ Officers Club— FRONT ROW: David Koepper, Phil Bramlet, Raymond May, Charles Wills, Herman Teepe, M Sgt. O. J. Nun- nery. SECOND ROW: Bill Evans, James Patton, Mike Humes, Randall Hendricks, David Weber, Dan Brown. THIRD ROW: Robert Mi- nor, Willard Helms, Lee Frodge, Edward Westerfield, Tack Lasley. FOURTH ROW: Donald Riggen, Brice Tressler, Robert Williams. William Disbro, Ronald Clark. ROTC More than 200 cadets make up Manual ' s ROTC, and all are in uniform on Thurs- day and Friday. They serve the school bv acting as doormen, guides, ushers, and color guard for occasions like open house, school meetings, and productions in the Auditorium. Federal Inspection May 17 was the climax of a busy year. —History Club The purpose of the ROTC History Club is to acquaint cadets with the military history of the United States. Monthly lectures are att ended by members and guests, and cadets must read a pre- scribed number of books from a supple- mentary list. This year the topic has been wars in which our country has fought. First Lt. George L. Michael, Assistant PMS T of the Indianapolis High School ROTC, lectures to members of the ROTC History Club. The group meets one Thursday afternoon each month in ROTC headquarters. Spanish Club— FIRST ROW-Jacquelin Good, Ann Norcross. SECOND ROW: Beverly Brummett, Elva Ayers, Mike Sergeant, Judith Griffith, Anne Kash, Martha Edmonds. THIRD ROW— Cammie Wilburn, Judy Pitt, Bill Davis, Carolyn Presley, Linda Fritsche, Mike Steadham, Mrs. Lucille Rose, Eleanor Carter. Spanish Club Students interested in learning more about our Spanish-speaking neighbors join the Spanish Club. Since all com- municating was done in this language, it afforded an excellent way of improv- ing conversational Spanish. ROTC Sponsors Honorary cadet officers are elected by the Corps from among the senior girls. In bright uniforms they took turns con- ducting Friday inspection of all cadets. Honorary Captain Janet Jones was cho- sen Queen of the Military Ball, March 16. Sgt. Francis Conder inspects the Honorary Cadet Officers, Ricki Rowles, Nadine Brehob, Sherry Dyer, Janet Jones, Nancy Foster, and Beverly Rich, in preparation for the Annual Military Ball. Jim and Donna Barker, brother-sister dance team from " Palette Plot- ters " ; Helen Webb, team mascot from " Kollege Kapers " ; and Anne Kask and Jane Clark, cleaning women from " Stage Door. " did out- standing specialty numbers from these acts. Redskin Revue Manualites get a chance to utilize their talents in various ways through the pro- duction of the annual Redskin Revue, an all-school variety show. Dancing, sing- ing, and " clowning " all get into each of four acts, which are written and directed by students with the help of teacher sponsors. The 1956 show consisted of " Stage Door, " by Anne and Urve Kask; " Your Hit Parade, " by Donna Von Pein and Carolyn Solomon; " Palette Plotters, " by Linda Rloemker and Teddy Winckel- bach, and " Kollege Kapers, by Jeanne Steele and Phvllis Taylor. " Kollege Kapers, " the winning act of the Redskin Revue, was staged at " Midwestern College on the after- noon of the big game. " The " Kapers " included all the color, excitement, and personalities found on a typi- cal college campus, from the be-speetacled bookworm to the muscle-bound football hero. Alice Blue Gown Chorus from " Hit Parade " : Kent Klinge, Bob Kleppe, Ronald Whiteside, Pat Clancy, Bill LaRue, Marvin Newland, George Smallwood, Jack Patterson, John Tucker. After weeks of rehearsals and fun, the show was presented two evenings, March 9 and 10, in the Auditorium. Lending their time and efforts " behind the scenes " were many stage hands, art students, and costumers. All told, sev- eral hundred students were involved in producing this show, and numerous fac- ulty members added their efforts to make it a success. The Redskin Revue is one of the biggest events of Manual ' s school year. Redskin Revue student sponsors were Carolyn Solomon, Donna Von Pein, Anne Kask, Urve Kask, Linda Bloemker, Teddy Winckelbach, Phyllis Taylor, and Jeanne Steele. Mr. E. Edward Green was Gen- eral Director. Our Manual Heritage: THE ATHLETICS Traditionally all athletic contests, whether on the field or in the gym, open with the presentation of Colors and the Star Spangled Banner. Manual has had her ups and downs in competitive sports, but Manualites from the beginning have loyally backed the Redskins with gusto. This year has been a most satisfving one; even our school spirit has won acclaim. 43 Manual Offers Sports for All Manuals athletic department offers a well-rounded program of athletics for sports-minded boys and girls. The fa- vorites, football, basketball, and track, are supplemented bv wrestling, cross country, baseball, and golf. Intra-mural sports for girls as well as for boys give everyone a chance to participate in com- petitive athletics. Directors Coordinate Activites Mr. Oral Bridgford, head of the Physical Education Department, works closely with Mr. Harry Thomas, athletic director. In the picture above, thev check together on a list of supplies to be ordered. Manual ' s gvm is a busy place all day with a partition dividing sections for girls ' and bovs ' classes. Varsity cheerleaders dur- ing the 1955-56 season were Jeanne Steele, Jim Barker, Phyllis Taylor, Gail Wayman, Barbara Acton, and Janic Clark. Redskin Football Improves The Redskin gridders finished the ' 55- 56 season with a much improved 2-3-4 record. Mr. Noah Ellis was named head varsity football coach as Manuals athletic department underwent a big change. The Skins opened the season in fine style as the Tech-Manual quarter of the City Football Jamboree ended in a 0-0 tie. The Tribe fought Sacred Heart ' s Spartans to a 7-7 tie, and held the Continentals of Washington to a scoreless game. Howe ' s Hornets figura- ativelv exploded and stung the Tribes- men, 34-0. The Warren Central Warriors were Manual ' s opponents in the Homecoming contest. Warren dampened the Manual- ites ' festive spirits as they eked out a 14-13 victory. The gridders traveled to Southport where they suffered another close defeat. As the final gun sounded, the scoreboard read Southport 13, Manual 6. L Varsity and Reserve Football — FRONT ROW: Coach Noah Ellis, John Keating, Don Kerner, John Tucker, Kent Klinge, Rill Harmon, Ed White, Pat Clancy, George Smallwood, Jack Patterson, Dick Shell, Tom Vittorio, Frank Klobucar, Dave Enright, Coach Francis Moriarty. SECOND ROW: Charles Lohman, Wiley Scudder, Rill Short, Tohn Manwaring, Larry Rlake, Ronal Price, Maurice Rush, Dave Kincaid, John Thicksten, Larry Foster, Chuck Roberts, Ronnie Timmons, Bob Kleppe, Carl Short. THIRD ROW: Ned Mader, Dick Neal, Frank Carson, Rob Klein, Wayne Taulman, Mike McGrath, Mike Eskitch, Tom Hamilton, Coach Harold Rennett, Ronnie Marsh, Fred Kattau, Jim Shea, Dave Royle, Larry Zeigler, Tim McGuire. •? " ' k H f » I ■ An unidentified Manual gridder brings down a ball-carrier in City Football Jamboree action. Tech Grid Followers Cheer Up Mr. Noah Ellis congratulates Ron Price, named most valuable football player. Redskin followers really had some- thing to cheer abont as the gridders won their first game by romping over Ben Davis, 20-6. Broad Ripple ' s Rockets were surprised as the Redskins fought them to a 6-6 tie. The Blue Devils of Shortridge white-washed the Skins, 18-0, on our field. The Manual gridiron men finished the season by shellacking the Crispus Attucks Tigers by a score of 25-0. 16 M a nua 1 s v ar s i t y cheerleaders whip up enthusiasm at an all school pep session at the football field in September. Manual end, Wiley Scudder (78) pins a number 78 on his dad to identify him at the Dad ' s Night football game. Tom Vittorio, Manual footballer, pulls a sparkling defensive play as he breaks up an opponent ' s pass play. Manual ' s varsity gridders get last minute instructions from Coach Noah Ellis be- fore breaking the huddle. Freshman and Reserve Gridders Showing promise in their first grid season were the Redskin Frosh. The Rhinies, breaking even in their six out- ings, took shut-out victories from War- ren Central 9-0, Perry Township 32-0, and Broad Ripple 27-0. Manuals Reserve footballers had a disappointing season as they lost all five of their games. The ' Skins fell victim to Sacred Heart, Washington, Warren Central, Southport, and Broad Ripple. Freshman Football — FRONT ROW: John Higgins, Jim Wray, Dave Shaffer, Bill Willsey, Leland Bennett, Dave Morgan, Lindsay Beal, Earl McCombs, Coach Jack Johns. SECOND ROW: Kenny Graves, Jim Kautsky, Tom Robinson, Ronald Susemichel, Larry Elsla, Ronnie Sanders, Jim Mahan, Bob Morefield, Bill Andrews, Bob Jeffries. THIRD ROW: John Stafford, Bob Abrams, Chris Riggin, Bob Craft, Chester Smith, Tom Rugh, Jim Grubbs, Ed Gordon, Keith Nave. FOURTH ROW: Alan Foster, Dave Miller, Allen Mavity, Leslie Shotts, Max Moneyhan, Pat Calvert, Vaughn Hickman, Charles Kattau, Paul Emberton, Bob Flake, Roger Doss, Ray Schultz. -«„ ,..«. ... - CrOSS Country— FRONT ROW: Bob Jones, Bob Snoddy, Roland Hankins. SECOND ROW: Ben Town- send, Jim Petree, Bob Lindemann, Ervin Bultman, Coach Ray Ashley. Cross Country Manual ' s thinly-clads, coached by Mr. Raymond Ashley, topped the Warren Central Warriors 25-30 and the Horne ts of Howe 21-34 cross country dual meets. In triangular contests the Skins beat out a victory from Franklin and Con- nersville and finished a close second be- hind Broad Ripple in another contest. The two-milers finished third in a field of ten in the Howe Invitational Cross Country Meet. A sixth place went to the harriers in the city meet. Bob Lindemann, well ahead of the pack, sprints across the finish line winning a cross country contest. Harrier Andy Brown turns on the steam to pass a Washington runner in the Sectional Cross Country Meet. Carl Short, Manual eager, goes high into the air to snag a rebound against Shortridge as Fat Clancy (21) and Bob Kleppe (25) wait ex- pectantly. Netters Turn In ' Best Record ' Manuals netters under the guidance of first-season coach, Dick Cummins, turned in the best Redskin record in 15 years. The Skins with an experienced lineup finished the 1955-56 campaign with 13 wins against eight losses for a .619 average. The Redskins initiated the season with six straight wins topping Lawrence Central 68-55, Cathedral 48-47, Warren Central 64-56, Sacred Heart 45-37, Ben Davis 53-42, and Deaf School 79-53, re- spectively. But the Skins found their match bow- ing to Broad Ripple 63-42, and Howe 71-59 in regular season play, and 57-52 in the Citv Tourney. Following the three game losing streak the Redskins jumped back to de- feat Columbus 64-60, and Tech 52-50. The ' Skins took a loss to Washington, 57-53, but thundered back, beating Greensburg in an overtime 72-70, Beech Grove 56-45, and New Albany 72-50. Varsitv Basketball — FRONT ROW: Wayne Kimmell, John Johnson, Pat Clancy, Andv Brown. SEC- OND ROW: Tom Wells, Benny Townsend, Kenny Mendel, John Tricksten, Ervin Bultman. THIRD ROW: Coach Dick Cummins, Manager Tom McCormick, Carl Short, Tom Burk, Kenny Wright, Bob Lindemann, Bob Kleppe, Tony Uuk, Coach Harold Bennett. During the thrilling Tech encounter, which Manual won in the last few seconds 52-50, the Redskins were on their toes all the way. Ken Wright (14), Boh Kleppe (25), Bob Lindemann (33), and Carl Short (35) are shown rebounding and scoring through a nip and tuck battle that ended with Pat Clancy ' s desperation field goal. " Arch-rival " Shortridge dumped Man- ual 64-53, but the Skins did it again, scalping Greenwood 57-53. The Redskins dropped the last two games of the regular season to Crispus Attucks 64-40 and Southport 54-45, re- spectively. In Sectional play the Redmen re- venged their regular season loss to Washington by snapping the Continen- tal tourney hopes 49-48 in an overtime thriller, but the Redskins lost out in the second round 57-51 to Cathedral. Carl Short, top Redskin scorer with 414 tallies, won the MVP award for the second consecutive year, while Pat Clancy was awarded the Free Throw Trophy. Seniors playing in their last high school season were Carl Short, Bob Lindemann, Kenny Wright, Bob Kleppe, and Andv Brown. In frog fashion, Carl Short (35) waits for Bill Fugh ( 12 ) and an unidentified L:»w.ence Be.,r to foul him in the season opener. Adding to the enthusiasm of the 1955-56 hardwood season was the Pep Club and Pep Band. One hundred strong, dressed in white blouses and red ties, the Pep Club girls followed the basketball team at home and on the road. Pep Club Scores High Redskin goalmen Bob Kleppe (25) and Andy Brown, partly hidden, battle for a rebound against Howe in die 57-52 setback in the City Tourney. Manual ' s Kenny Wright (right) gets ready for action. Reserve Basketball — FRONT ROW: Charles Lohman, Wayne Kimmell, Roland Hankins, Tim McGuire. SECOND ROW: John Manwaring, Hubert Sauter, Tom Wells, Kenny Mendel, Ervin Bultman. THIRD ROW: Coach Dick Cummins, Benny Townsend, Ronnie xYliller, Larry Terrell, Roger Roembke, Melvin Disbro, Tony Uuk, Manager Larry Lee. Reserves Coach Dick Cummins led his reserve basketball team to a much improved season record. From a total of nineteen outings, the B-men captured thirteen while losing onlv six. Freshmen The Frosh basketballcrs, under the guidance of Coach Harold Bennett, broke even in their first vear of compe- tition. The Rhinie netmen turned in a 14-4 season record. Freshman Basketball— FRONT ROW: Sam Ball, Tom Robinson, Earl MeCombs, Bill Willsey, Ronnie Sanders. SECOND ROW: Manager Larry Coleman, Jim Harris, Dave Schaefer, Dave Miller, Chris Rijijiin, Ronnie Wood, Bob Brock. THIRD ROW: Coach Harold Bennett, John Higgins, Max Moneyhan, Allen Foster, Ray Schultz, John Stafford, Keith Nave, Dennis Chambers. V ' n jfe ' at . § $ Tracksters— Ups and Downs Manual ' s varsity track team, coached by Mi " . Raymond Van Ars- dale, opened its season by winning over Crispus Attucks 65 1 ;;-51%. The tracksters continued along the victory trail by defeating Law- rence Central 78-38, and Ben Davis 79-34. The Redskins journeyed to Columbus and brought back a 68- 49 victory. Another road trip paid off as the thiulv-clads outran two other teams participating in a triangular meet at Bloomington. The final score read Manual 103, Bloomington University 45, and Bedford 15. The Skins victory streak was cut short as Howe and Warren Central bested them in a triangular meet. Tracksters in action are, TOP: Dick Shell and Ken Wright. MIDDLE: Jim Petree. BOTTOM: Bob Lindemann. ' — - - — - ■+- Tom Davie turns on a spurt of speed trying to over- Broad-jumper John Keating lands in the sand pit. take a Tech runner. Wonder if the tongue helps. Howe won the meet with a total score of 72 5 6, Warren was second with 52%, and Manual finished third with 29 5 6. Manual ' s trackmen scored 6 1 5 points in the City Meet at Tech but got only one point in the Sectional held at Washington. Varsity Track— FRONT ROW: Bill Harmon, Karl Walker, John Keating, Tom Vittorio. SECOND ROW: Coach Raymond Van Arsdale, Tom Davie, Howard Smiley, Charles Hight, George Smallwood, Andy Brown, Coach Volney Ward. THIRD ROW: Carl Wilson, Jim Petree, Boh Lindemann, Wiley Scudder, Ronal Price, Maurice Bush, Manager Les Brandt. — «i " %-|lSP : - : Varsity Baseball— FRONT ROW: Andy Jenkins, Howard Sibley, Jack Patterson, Dave Fritsche, Jerry Clancy, Ross Miller, Richard Kruse, Roland Hankins, Jack Lucas, Manager. SECOND ROW: Coach Walt Floyd, Chuck Roberts, Jim Shoopman, Chuck Wills, Dave Shaefer, Rob Kleppe, Joe Ernst, John Nelms. Ronald Presley, Kent Klinge, Larry Nelis, Assistant C oach Dick Cummins. Baseball Team Wins Seven The ' Skins diamondmen, coached by Walt Floyd, ended their season with a 7-8 record. Teams who were felled by the batsmen were Southport 5-4, Frank- lin 6-4, Warren Central 5-3, Crispus At- tucks 6-5, Franklin Township 11-4, Greenfield 2-1, Lawrence Central 5-4. The Manual baseballers were de- feated by Shortridge (twice) 5-3, and 7-0, Ben Davis 12-0, Washington 5-3, Broad Bipple 5-1, Cathedral 9-7, Plain- field 5-4, and Howe 9-3. Dave Fritsche, Redskin first baseman, exchanging a few practice throws to " warm up. " 56 Wrestling The Manual grapplers, under Mentor Jack Foster, ended the 1955- ' 56 grunt- and-groan season with a 9-7 record. Jim Hoalt, along with his fine individ- ual meet record, copped the 95-pound County Championship, the 95-pound Sectional Championship, and was run- ner-up in the State 95-pound class. Bill Harmon grapples with an opponent from Broad Bipple. Varsity Wrestling— FRONT ROW: Larry McHenry, Frank Klobuear, Billv Andrews, Jim Hoalt, Dave Enright. SECOND ROW: Don Mayes, Bob Alford, Bill Harmon, Jim Staples, Maurice Bush. THIRD ROW: Coach Jack- Foster, Manager Les Brandt, Joe Miller, Ronal Price, Manager Jerry Hendrickson, Coach Jack Johns. (. I ' ] VH Reserve Wrestling— FRONT ROW: Jim Wray, Bill Martin, Dick Neal, Mike Woolsev, Jim Mahan, Lannv Cooper. SECOND ROW: Paul Walters, Tom Carter, Bob Snoddy, Harold Webb, Ben Chandler, Harry Schaefer, Leland Bennett, Allen Mavity, Mike Es- kitch. THIRD ROW ' : Bill Short, Bonnie Marsh, Paul Scudder, Dick Spear, Vaughn Hickman, Jim Da- vis, Ed Schaefer, Kenny Graves, Bob Jones, Bob Jeffries. Golf — FRONT ROW: Maurice Metz- ger, Dick Radder, Pat Clancy, John Tucker. SECOND ROW: Coach Oral Bridgford, Jim Barker, Joe " Bailey, Phil Westrick, Tom Whitney, Ed Suttner. Tee-Men Chalk Up 10-5 The Redskin tee-men turned in a win- ning 10-5 golf campaign in 1955, taking link events from Pendleton, Greenfield, Sceeina, Ben Davis, Cathedral (twice), Wood (twice), and Lawrence Central ( twice ) . Redskin scalpers were Washington, Southport, Warren Central, and Attucks (twice). John Higgins swings himself over the parallel bars in a gym class routine. Strong arms support Calvin Crooks as he swings his body around the horizontal bar. Mr. Oral Bridgford, instructor, stands by. l « mWf- In a running somersault Maurice Metzger goes head down— and then over— perfecting this exercise tor the Decathlon Contest. Many tumbling exercises are practiced by boys in gym classes. Competition Sparks Gym Classes All Manual boys taking gym are eli- gible to compete in the Physical Edu- cation Department ' s Decathlon Contest, but only freshmen bovs can officially win. This contest consists of exercises on the parallel and horizontal bars, the ladders, and other regular gym equip- ment. Boys earn points as they com- plete the required exercises. Dave Sum- mers won last vear ' s Decathlon Contest with 935 points out of a possible 1,000 markers. Dave received the Paul Fren- zel Medal. Supplementing the regular gym pro- gram are intra-mural basketball and softball. These sports are open to all bovs in school. The basketball teams, which played on Tuesday and Thursday nights throughout the season, saw the Hawks take the championship title. " Daring young man on the flying trapeze " is Ken- neth Graves. After a swing in good form, lie leaves the rings in good acrobat style. Champion team of the Girls ' Bowling League included Janet Jones, captain, Trudie Sheridan, Judy DeMott. and Marjorie Viehe, and Marcia Miller holding the ball. Captain Janet was also leading scorer. Girls Enjoy Gyn Although gym is required for only one year, many Manual girls take four years of it. Its fun! And a diversified intra- mural program keeps dozens of sports- minded gals busy after school. The girls went to Garfield Park for tennis and archery on Monday afternoons last fall as long as weather permitted. Mary Whitney instructs Barbara Bullock in a proper hold on her golf club. " Always line up your thumbs, " says Instructor Mary. Linda Collins demonstrates some good balancing as Up and over the bar goes Barbara Scott. Miss Elena she performs on the low balance beam for members Raglin, girls ' gym instructor, and Martha Rippy act of her gym class. .is lii i steadies md Intra-mural Sports Thursday afternoons found them at Sarah Shank Golf Course for instruc- tions and a round of nine holes. Bowl- ing, starting in October and lasting through April, kept a number of girl keglers in trim through the winter months. Spring sports agenda included badminton, Softball, ping pong, and tennis. Gym classes often participate in a fast game of vol- leyball where competition is keen. This makes it good sport. Our Manual Heritage: THE ALBUM Although we go our separate ways throughout the school day, there are some things we all do in common like attending auds and pep sessions and going to lunch and study halls. There being more than 1600 of us, it is hard to get us all together in one place; but here we are in the next 53 pages— the whole Manual family, students, faculty, and staff. 63 Senior officers arc Sonya Poppaw, secretary; Jack Patterson, president; Sue Calvert, vice-president, and George Smallwood, treasurer. Here ' s the Class of ' 56 Senior Day, November 15, formally opened class activities. Dressed in " party clothes, " we sported our turquoise and black ribbons and arm bands for the first time. A much-needed trophy case, gift from the class, displays Manual honors in the Auditorium fover. Senior Week, including Class Day, Vespers, Commencement, and, topping it all, the Senior Prom, makes a fitting climax to four years at Manual. 64 Seniors RUTH ANN AGAN-Varsity Baton Twirler 2-2; Booster 4; Ivian 4, Editor-in-Chief; League of Honor 1-3; Top Ten 3; Masoma 4; Pep Club 2-3; Student Affairs Board 3; Vaudeville 2-4; Senior Council 4; Quill Scroll 4. ROBERT ALFORD-Baseball 3; Cross Coun- try 4;Wrestling 2-4. JOSEPHINE AMATO-FTA Club 4; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1; Masoma 4; Mon- itor 2; Library Asst. 4; Bus. Girls ' Club 3, Sec. HELEN ABMOUR-Dean ' s Asst. 4. LINDA BADGLEY SANDRA BAKER DON BANDY-Operetta 1; Stage Crew 3; Vaudeville 3. LARRY BARKER-Band 2-4; Dance Band 4; League of Honor 1-3; Operetta 1-3; Orchestra 4; Sr. Choir 1-4; Vaudeville 3; Aero Weather Club 3. LOUISE BARR-Booster 1-4, Page 3 Editor 4; Cub Club 1; Jr. Red Cross 1-4, Treas. 4; League of Honor 2-3, Top Ten 3; Masoma 4; Monitor 1; Operetta 4; Quill Scroll 4; Special Asst. 2; Sr. Choir 3-4. NANCY BASHAM-Intramural 1-3; League of Honor 2-3; Monitor 2-4; Pep Club 3; Gym Asst. 2-3. GARY BATES - Intramural School 1-3. 4; Tech High MARILYN BATES-Booster 1-4, Bus. Mgr. 3-4 Ad. Mgr. 4; Cub Club 1; Quill Scroll 4; Radio Speech Club 2-4; Record Club 3, Treas.; Special Asst. 3; Radio Staff 2-4, Traffic Mgr. 3, News Editor 4. KAREN BECK ROBERT BIRCH-Football 3; Track 3. TIM BISHOP-Football 1. KARIN BLOM-Home Room Rep. 4; Ivian 4; League of Honor 2-3; Mask Wig 3-4; Ma- soma 4; Record Club 3, Sec; I.U. Journalism Conf. 3. ALICE BOGIE-Baton Twirler 2-3; Booster 4; Flag Twirler 2; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 2; Masoma 4; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 3-4; Spanish Club 2, Treas. PAT BOHANNON-Baton Twirlers Club 1; Monitor 3. Seniors mM M WILLIAM H. BOHANON-Monitor 1. DONNA BOONE-Band 2-3; Baton Twirler 2-3; Baton Twirlers Club 2-3; FHA Club 2, Treas.; Monitor 3; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2; Vaudeville 3; Girls ' Bowling 1; Camera Club 4, Reporter. BARBARA BOYCE-Monitor 4; Radio Speech Club 3-4; Record Club 3-4; Special Asst. 2-3. DON BOYLE-Intramural 1. PHILLIP BRAMLETT - Intramural 1; Pep Club 1; ROTC Officers Club 2, Treas.; ROTC Historv Club 1; ROTC Rifle Team 3; ROTC Drill team 2; ROTC Non-Com. Club 2. GERALDINE BRAMMER - Booster 1-3; League of Honor 1-3; Pep Club 2; Record Club 3; Special Asst. 3; Vaudeville 3. LESLIE BRANDT-Football 4, Student Mgr.; Ivian 4, Sports Editor; League of Honor 1-3; Lettcrmen ' s Club 4; Roines 3-4, Sec; Visual Aid Asst. 3-4; Track 3-4, Student Mgr.; Wrestl- ing 3-4, Student Mgr.; I. U. Journalism School 3; Quill and Scroll 4. PAT BRANNON-Plainfield High School 3. DAVID BRAY NADINE BREHOB-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4 Home Room Rep. 1-3; League of Honor 1-3 Masoma 4, Treas.; Pep Club 2; Vaudeville 3 Homecoming Queen 4; ROTC Sponsor 4. BETTY BRILL- Y Teens Club 2. -FHA Club Monitor 1-3; PAUL BRINK-Band 1-4; Booster 3-4; Dance Band 2-4; League of Honor 1-3; Orchestra 4; Quill and Scroll 4. ANDREW BROWN-Baseball 1-4; Cross Coun- try 1-4; League of Honor 1; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Special Asst. 2; Track 3-4; Basketball 1-4. JACQUELINE LEE BROWN - Monitor 2; Special Asst. 1. PATRICIA ANN BROWN-Monitor 4; Girls ' Bowling 3; Shortridge High School 1-2. BEVERLY JO BBUMMETT-FHA Club 2-4, Treas.; Jr. Red Cross 2-4, Vice-Pres., Pres.; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4; Pep Club 3; Dean and Nurse Asst. 2-4; Spanish Club 4; Vaudeville 4; Wig Warn Workers 3, Pres. MARYELLEN BURKHART-Band 1-2; FHA 1-4, Pres. 2-4; Jr. Red Cross 2-3, Pres.; League of Honor 1-3, top Ten; Masoma 4; Pep Club 3; Library Dean Asst. 2-3. JUNE BURNS-Home Room Rep. 3; League of Honor 3; Mask Wig 2; Masoma 4; Monitor 4; Operetta 3-4; Spanish Club 2; Sr. Choir 2-4; Washington High School 1. Seniors SAUNDRA BURRELL-Monitor 1-2. SUE CALVERT-Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Sec. 4; Mask Wig 1-4; Vice-Pres. 3-4; National Thespians 3-4, Sec.; Student Affairs Board 3-4; Class Treas. 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Booster 2; League of Honor 1-3; Operetta 3. DELBERT CAMBRIDGE-League of Honor 1; Monitor 1-2; Stage Crew 2-3. ROBERT L. CARSON-Football 3; Intramural 2; Operetta 3; Sr. Choir 3; Tech High School 1. ELEANOR MARIE CARTER-FTA Club 4, League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1; Dean ' s Asst. 3; Spanish Club 4, Pres. JESSE CARTER-Junior Prom King 3; Intra- mural Sports 1-4. CONSTANCE CARUSO-FTA Club 4, Libra- rian; League of Honor 3; Radio Speech Club 8-4; Special Asst. 3; Southport High School 1-2. JOSEPH CARUSO-Cross Country 2; Football 3-4; Intramural 4; Track 2-4; Basketball 2-3; Letterman ' s Club 3-4. PAT CASSETTY - Baton Twirlers Club 4; Monitor 2; Special Asst. 2. BENNIE CHANDLER-Football 2-4; Track 2-4; Wrestling 4; ROTC Non-Com. Club 1-4. JUDY CHAPPELL-Mask Wig 1; Special Asst. 3. REGINALD CHEATHAM-Football 2; Ham Radio 1; Intramural 1-4; Stage Crew 3-4, Chief Asst. Flyman; Vaudeville 1-2. ROSIE ANN CHEATHAM-FTA Club 4; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 2; Orchestra 1; Pep Club 2; Record Club 3; Tri Hi Y 3-4; Vaudeville 1-2; Y Teens Club 2; Lo-Per-Man Winner 2-3. BETTY CHILDERS-Bus. Girls ' Club 1, Pres. ; Math Club 2. TANE CLARK-Cheerleader 1-2-4, Mascot 4; Cub Club 1; Girls ' Glee Club 1-4; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Operetta 3; Pep Club 2-4, Pres. 2; Library Asst. 1-4; Vaudeville 1-4. Winning Act 3; Track Queen 3. MARLYNN CLARK-Monitor 1. SANDRA CLARK-Special Asst. 4; Pep Club 3. MARY LOU CLEARY-Ivian 2; Monitor 2-3; Library Asst. 4. Seniors WILMA CLENDENEN-League of Honor 3; Special Asst. 4; California Tech High School 1-2. WILLARD COFFEY BARBARA COLLINS-Booster 3-4, Asst. Edi- tor; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4, Sec, Vice-Pres.; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-4, Vice- Pres., Pres.; Masoma 4; National Thespians 4, Pres.; Quill Scroll 4; Special Asst. 3; Student Affairs Board 3; Senior Council 4. DON COLLINS L. DEE COLLINS-Band 1-2; Home Boom Rep. 1; Intramural 4; League of Honor 1-3; Homecoming Candidate 4; Class Vice-Pres. 3. PAT CONOVER-Monitor 1; Pep Club 1. DONALD COOK-Tennessee High School 1. SONDRA COOLEY-Cub Club 1; Ivian 3; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 3-4; Monitor 4; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2-4. FRANCES LEE CRABTREE-McCreary High School 1-3. CALVIN CROOKS-Special Asst. 2. FRANCES CROOKS-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-4, Treas. 3; Masoma 4; Na- tional Thespians 4; Radio Speech Club 3-4, Sec; Special Asst. 2-4; Vaudeville 3-4. BEVERLY CBUSE-Home Boom Rep. 1; Pep Club 2-3; Dean ' s Asst. 2-4; Vaudeville 3-4; Girls ' Bowling 2. NORMAN CUTHBERTSON-Decatur Central High School 1-2. PEGGY DAILEY-FHA Club 1-4, Vice-Pres.; League of Honor 1; Monitor 1-4; Pep Club 2; Y Teens Club 1-2; Girls ' Bowling 1. DIANE DAVIS ( Ayers ) -Booster 2, Agent; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1-3; Operetta 3; Orchestra 1-3; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 3. LAUNA DAVIS-FHA Club 1-2; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Jr. Red Cross 2; League of Honor 2; Monitor 2-4. THOMAS DAVIS Honor 1 . Football 1; League of VVILBUB DAVIS-Intramural 2-4; Monitor 4; Operetta 3-4; Sr. Choir 2-4; Vaudeville 2, 4; Ensemble 4. Seniors JUDY DEEM-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Pep Club 2; Library Asst. 4; Vaudeville 4; Southport High School 1. SUZIE DEEM-Camera Club 3, See. Treas.; Monitor 1. JUDY DELAMETER-FTO Club 4, Treas; Home Room Rep. 2; Ivian 4, Sr. Editor; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 4; Monitor 2; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2-4; Vaudeville 3-4. MARGARET DEMENT-League of Honor 2; Nurse Asst. 1-3. HERB DEVORE-Intramural 2-3. THOMAS DICK-Dance Band 4; Intramural 2: Monitor 3-4; Operetta 3-4; Orchestra 1-4; Sr. Choir 1-4; Vaudeville 3-4. RALPH DOWNS-Track 2. GARY DUNKIN SHERRY DYER-Girls ' Glee Club 1-4; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; ROTC Sponsor 4; Special Asst. 2-4; Student Affairs Board 2-4, Treas.; Vaudeville 1-3; Indianapolis Federa- tion Student Councils 3-4. PHILLIP EITEL-Football 2. ROSALIE ELLIOTT - FTA Club 4, Sec; Girls ' Glee Club 1-4, Treas.; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-4, Treas.; Masoma 3-4, Sec.; National Thespians 4; Operetta 3; Li- brary Asst. 2-3; Vaudeville 3-4. LINDA ELLIS-Home Room Rep. 1-2 Monitor 2; Pep Club 1; Special Asst. 2-4. ANNAMAE ELSNER-Band 2, FHA Club 1; League of Honor 1; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 3-4. DOROTHY ENGEL-Monitor 2-3; Dean ' s Asst. 3-4; Bus. Girls ' Club 1. MARCIA ETTER-FHA Club 1-4; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1-2. BILLY EVANS-Roines 4; ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC History Club 4; Special Asst. 3. HERB FAIRCHILD-Home Room Rep. 2-3; League of Honor 1-2; Monitor 3; ROTC Non- Com. Club 2; Mach. Shop Asst. 4. FELICE FALLOWFIELD-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-4; Masoma 4; National Thespians 4, Treas.; Operetta 3; Library Visual Aid Asst. 2-4; Student Affairs Board 3; Girls ' Bowling 1-4, Bowling Trophy 2-3; Fiesta ueen 3- Seniors f .. . -MM LINDA FILL-Girls ' Glee Club 4; Home Room Rep. 2-3; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-4; Pledge Mother; Masoma 3-4; Na- tional Thespians 3-4; Operetta 3; Special Asst. 4; Sr. Council 4. JUDITH FOSTER-Booster 2-4, Editor Page 2, 4; FTO Club 4; League of Honor 1-3; Top Ten; Mask Wig 1; Masoma 4; Monitor 1; Pep Club 3; Quill Scroll 3-4, Vice-Pres. 4; Bus. Girls ' Club 3, Pres.; Girls ' Bowling 1. NANCY FOSTER-League of Honor 1-3, Top Ten; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 1-4; Orchestra 1-3; ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC History Club 4; ROTC Sponsor 4; Sr. Choir 1-4; Student Affairs Board 2-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Vaudeville 2-4; Indianapolis Federation Student Councils 4, Asst. Sec. RICHARD FOSTER-Camera Club 1; Home Room Rep. 1; Intramural 1; Operetta 1-2; Sr. Choir 1-4; Vaudeville 2-3; Aero Weather Club 1-2. DELORES FOX-Dance Band 1; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Operetta 1, 3-4; Or- chestra 1-4; Special Asst. 2, 4; Sr. Choir 1-4; Vaudeville 3-4; Ensemble 2-4; I. U. Music Clinic 2-4. BERT FRENTRESS-Football 2-4; Ivian 3; Lettersmen ' s Club 4; Track 1-2; Vaudeville 2-4; Wrestling 4. DAVID FRITSCHE-Baseball 1-4; Football 1; Lettersmen ' s Club 4; Gym Asst. 1-4. LEE FRODGE-ROTC Officers Club 1-4. ROBERT FRYE-Gym Asst. 1. SALLY ANN GADDIE-Booster 2-3; Cub Club 2; FTA 4; Ivian 3, Jr. Class Editor; Intramural 1-4; Mask Wig 4; ' Operetta 3; Orchestra 1-4; Pep Club 2-3. LINDA GANDY-Booster 3; Ivian 2; League of Honor 3; Pep Club 3; Quill Scroll 3; Biology Club 2; Publications 2-4. ARLISS GABD CAROLYN GEIER-League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Operetta 1-4; Orchestra 1-4, Pres. 4; Vaudeville 4; Library Asst. 3-4. DICK GERMAINE-Football 1; League of Honor 2; Monitor 2; Operetta 3-4; Sr. Choi r 1-4; Stage Crew 2-3, Manager; Track 1-2, 4. JOHN GOCKE-Cross Country 3-4; Football 1; Intramural 2-4; Operetta 3; Sr. Choir 1-4; Vaudeville 3-4. BILL GOLDER-Tech High School 1-2. RALPH GRANT-Football 1; Intramural 2-4; Track 1; Basketball 1. NINA GRAVES-Girls ' Glee Club 1-4. Seniors GLADYS GRIDER - Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 1, 4; League of Honor 1-3, Top Ten; Masoma 3-4; Monitor 1, 3; National Thespians 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; Librarian; Spe- cial Asst. 1-2, 4; Student Affairs Hoard 1-2. RAYMOND GRIDER-Football 1-2, Manager; Jr. Red Cross 2; League of Honor 1-2; Special Asst. 2-4; Basketball 1-2, Manager. KENNETH HADLEY RICHARD HADLEY-Booster 1-2, Photogra- pher; FTA 4; Vaudeville 2-4. DAVID HALLAM-Monitor 4. JIM HANCOCK-Booster 1; Cub Club 1-2; Home Room Rep. 4; Monitor 3; Radio Speech Club 2-4; Record Club 4; Library Asst. 1; Vaudeville 1. JOAN HARYEY-FHA Club 1; Home Room Rep. 2-3; Ivian 2, Agent; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 4; Monitor 2-3; Vaudeville 3; Bus. Girls ' Club 2-3; Wig Warn Workers 3, Sec. BARBARA HAWKINS-League of Honor 2-3; Bus. Girls ' Club 1. BILL HELMS-Booster 1-3; Cub Club 1; In- tramural 2-3; Ivian 1; Mack Wig 1-3; ROTC Officers Club 4; ROTC History Club 4; Stage Crew 1-2; Track 2; ROTC Non-Com. Club 1-3. RANDALL HENDRICKS-League of Honor 3- ROTC Officers Club 2; ROTC History Club 4 ROTC Non-Com. Club 2; ROTC Drill Team 3; ROTC Rifle Team 2. JACK HESS-Band 1-4; Dance Band 3; Intra- mural 1; League of Honor 1-3; Orchestra 3; Vaudeville 2-4; Pep Band 2-4. WILMA JEAN HOFER-Mask Wig 2; Moni- tor 1-2; Special Asst. 3; Intramural 1. GLORIA HOGAN-Monitor 2, 4. DURAINE HOOD-Football 1: Intramural 2- 3; Track 1; Tech High School 1. MARLENE HOPKINS JUANITA HOWARD-Cub Club 1; Intramural 4; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 1-4; Special Asst. 1; Girls ' Bowling 4. JOHNNY HOWELL JANET HOYT-Girls ' Glee Club 3; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 3-4; Operetta 3; Special Asst. 2-3; Spanish Club 3; Girls ' Bowling 3; Tech High School 1. 4 ftAili Seniors BARBARA HUGHES-Special Asst. 2-4. DARRELL HULETT-Baseball 2-3; Intra- mural 4; Track 1. BUD INGLE-English High School, English, Indiana 1. DOROTHY MAE IPOCK-Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Special Asst. 2; Vaudeville 1. SUSAN JAYNES - Cheerleader 2, Reserve; Home Room Rep. 3; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2-4; Vaudeville 4; Class Officer 3, Sec. CLARA BELLE JEFFERSON-Girls ' Bowling JOYCE JENKINS-Monitor 3; Special Asst. 1-3. JANET JONES-FTA Club 4, Pres. ; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-4, Pres., Sec, Pledge Mother; Masoma 4; National Thespians 3-4, Pres., Vice-Pres.; ROTC Sponsor 4; ROTC History Club 4; Student Affairs Board 4; Girls ' Bowling 1-4, Team Captain; Girls ' State 3. FRANCES JONES-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Mon- itor 4; Operetta 3; Pep Club 2-3; Spanish Club 2; Bus. Girls ' Club 2. MILTON JONES-Football 3; Home Room Rep. 1; Ivian 1; League of Honor 3: Basket- ball 1. PAUL JOSEPH-League of Honor 3; Boines 4, Treas. URVE KASK— League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4; Vaudeville 4. DONNA KAY KATTMANN-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 2-3; Ma- soma 4; Operetta 2-3; Pep Club 2; Vaudeville 2-4. MARY LENA KEITH BETTY KEKAR LARRY KENT BEVERLY KILLE-League of Honor 1; Moni- tor 1-4. PEGGY KIMMELL-League of Honor 1-3; Art Production 3. Seniors DAVID KINCAID-Football 3-4; Ham Radio 2; Intramural 2-3; League of Honor 3; Letter- men ' s Club 4; Sr. Choir 1; Track 2-3; Vaude- ville 4. BOB KLEPPE-Baseball 2-4; Football 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Monitor 4; Vaudeville 1-4; Basketball 1-4. LOUISE KORTEPETER-FHA Club 1-4; FTA Club 4; Jr. Red Cross 3; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Special Asst. 4. DAVID LACKEY-Football 1; League of Hon- or 1-2; Monitor 1; Roines 4; Basketball 1, Manager. LOIS LAHRMAN-FHA Club 4; Jr. Red Cross 2; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Monitor 2-3; Pep Club 2. BILL LANCASTER BILL LARMORE-Special Asst. 4. BILL LaRUE-Cross Country 2-4; Monitor 4; Vaudeville 4; Basketball 1-2. JACK LASLEY-Booster 4, Agent; Football 1-2; Home Room Rep. 3; Ivian 4, Agent; Mask Wig 2; Monitor 2-4; Radio Speech Club 3-4, Vice-Pres.; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 4; ROTC Non-Com. Club 1-2. KATHRYN LEDGERWOOD-Booster 1, 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-3; Spe- cial As st. 4. BETTY LEONARD - Girls ' Glee Club 1; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 4; Monitor 3; Special Asst. 3; Bus. Girls ' Club 3, Vice-Pres.; Cloverdale High School 1. ROBERT LINDEMANN-Cross Country 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Pres. 3; Roines 4; Track 2-4; Basketball 1-4. JUDIE LOWE-FHA Club 2; Home Room Rep. 2-4; Orchestra 2; Special Asst. 4; Vaude- ville 3-4; Girls ' Bowling 2-3. RITA LUDY-Intramural 1-3; Monitor 1, 3; Swords 3-4. JEAN LYNAM-League of Honor 1; Monitor 1; Special Asst. 1; Bus. Girls ' Club 2. °RUTH LYNCH-Monitor 3. THOMAS McANDREWS-Intramural 4; thedral 1-2; Tech High School 3. PETE McCAMPBELL-Monitor 1. Ca- Seniors RICHARD McCOUN-Monitor 1. WILLIAM McDANIEL-Football 3; Intra- mural 2; Track 4; Basketball 2. JERRY JUNE McGILL-Monitor 2. SHIRLEY McHENRY-FTA Club 4; Intra- mural 2-3; Pep Club 2-3; Special Asst. 4; Vaudeville 3. MICHAEL MAIO-Monitor 2. KAREN MASSING-Home Room Rep. 2; Monitor 2-3. RAYMOND MAY-Booster 2; Intramural 2; Pep Club 2; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 4. DON MAYES-Intramural 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; League of Honor 2-3; Wrestling 2-4. VIRGINIA MESCALL ( Rice ) -Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Monitor 3. SONJA MEYERS-Jr. Red Cross 2; Orchestra 1-4, Vice-Pres.; Pep Club 3-4; Special Asst. 3-4; Masoma 4. JAMES D. MILLER-Booster 3-4, Editor in Chief 4; Hi Y 2-3; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 2-3; Quill Scroll 4; Roines 3-4, Vice-Pres.; Boy ' s State 3; Pennsylvania High School 1. JAMES E. MILLER-ROTC Officers Club 4. JAMES J. MILLER-Football 3; Intramural 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. PATRICIA A. MILLER-Cub Club 2; Radio Speech Club 4, Pres.; Dean ' s Asst. 2-4; Radio Staff 4; St. Johns ' Academy 1. PATTY MILLER-Cub Club 1; Pep Club 2; Library Asst. 3. FAITH MILTON-FHA Club 1-2; League of Honor 1-3; Pep Club 2; Vaudeville 3-4; Bus. Girls ' Club 1; Girls ' Bowling 2. PATRICIA MITCHELL " TOM MITCHELL-Mask Wig 2-3; Biology Club 2; Square Dance Club 3. Seniors EUNICE MOOREFIELD FRANCES MOORE FIELD-Monitor 2; Vaude- ville 1. S HERON ANN MOSEY-Booster 3; FHA Club 2-4; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 4; Ivian 1-4; Mask Wig 2-4, Treas., Pledge Mother; National Thespians 3-4, Scribe, Vice-Pres.; Pep Club 2-4; Vaudeville 3-4; Senior Council 4. STEVE MOULDER-Baseball 1; Mask Wig 2; Shop Award 2-3. HAROLD MUELLER-ROTC Officers Club 2; ROTC Drill Team 3. CHARLENE MUSE-Girls ' Glee Club 3; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 3; Masoma 4; Monitor 1; Pep Club 2; Vaudeville 3. SHIRLEY NEAL-Monitor 3; Bus. Girls ' Club 3. JANE NERGE-Cub Club 1; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 1; Intramural 1; Moni- tor 2-4. JUDITH NETHERTON-Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Pep Club 2; Vaudeville 1. " MARVIN NEWLAND-Radio Speech Club 3-4; Track 1; Vandevile 3. IRENE NEWMAN-Intramural 1; Jr. Red Cross 3; Mask Wig 3; Record Club 4. JANET NOE-Yaudeville 1. DALLAS NORRIS RALPH O ' HAVER-Baseball 3; Operetta 3; Sr. Choir 2-4; Vaudeville 3-4; Wrestling 1. SUE OSTING-League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 3; Operetta 3; Special Asst. 3; Sr. Choir 1-4. RITA OVERMYER-Cub Club 1; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-3; Special Asst. 1. WANDA PASLEY-Stanton High School, Ken. 1-2. BOB PATTERSON-Monitor 4. V. Seniors i % 9 :C , JfaAit JACK PATTERSON-Baseball 1-4; Booster 2- 4; Sports Editor ; Football 4; League of Honor 1-3, Top Ten; Lettersmen ' s Club 4; Roines 4, Pres.; Student Affairs Board 1-4, Treas. 1, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Vaudeville 3-4; Boy ' s State 3; Class Officer 4, Pres. PAT PATTERSON-Monitor 3; Girls ' Bowling 2; Library Asst. 3-4. SHIRLEY PEDIGO-Operetta 2-3; Orchestra 1-3; Girls ' Bowling 1-2. LOIS PERKINSON-Band 3-4; Booster 3-4; Dance Band 3-4; Ivian 4; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Operetta 3-4; Pep Club 3; Y Teens Club 3-4; Pep Band 4; Quill Scroll 4. JIM PETREE-Cross Country 2-4; Intramural 1-4; League of Honor 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-4. PATRICIA PIERCEFIELD-Band 4; Dan Mc- Carty High School, Florida 1-3. JACQUELINE PIERPONT-Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 3; Masoma 4; Monitor 2; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2; Vaudeville 1. JIM PIGECELLA-Baseball 2-3; Cross Country 2; Football 1. JUDY PITT-League of Honor 3; Monitor 2-3; Radio Speech Club 4; Special Asst. 3-4: Span- ish Club 2-3; Quiz ' Em Team 4; Tri Hi Y 4; Bus. Girls ' Club 2-3. SONYA POPPAW-Girls ' Glee Club 1-4; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4, Pres.; Monitor 1; Operetta 3; Special Asst. 2-4; Student Affairs Board 2; Class Officer 3-4, Pres. 3, Sec. 4; Vaudeville 2. THURMAN POWERS-Tech High School 1. RONALD PRESLEY-Baseball 1-4; Intramural 1; ROTC Non-Com. Club 2. HAROLD PRICE RONAL PRICE-Football 4, Captain; League of Honor 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3; Track 4; Basketball 2; Wrestling 3-4; Vaudeville 4; Stu- dent Affairs Board 1. MONA PRYOR-Monitor 3; Special Asst. 4; Withrow High School, Cincinnati 1-2. ELOISE QUERY-Band 1-4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-2; Pep Club 2-3; Vaudeville 2-4; Bus. Girls Club 2. BOB QUINLAN-Band 2-3; Monitor 3. KATHLEEN RAGLE-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Monitor 3; Operetta 3; Special Asst. 3; Vaude- ville 1-3. Seniors PAT RAINE— League of Honor 1; Special Asst. 3. FERNE RAINEY-FHA 1, Sec.; Girls ' Rowling 2-4; Shopville High School, Ken. 1. JAMES RORERT RASH-Band 1-3; Intramural 1-2; Pep Club 2; Pep Band 3. JOANNE REMMEL-Monitor 3; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 4; Tri Hi Y Club 2, Vice-Pres. OWEN REXROAT-Football 1; Monitor 2-3. BEVERLY RICH-Home Room Rep. 4; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 4; ROTC Officers Club, Sponsor, Lt. Col. 4; Library Asst. 1-3; Girls ' Bowling 1. NANCY RIDDLE-Tri Hi Y 2; Intramural 1; League of Honor 3; Mask Wig 1-3; Masoma 4; National Thespians 3-4; Quill Scroll 2. DONALD RIGGIN-Football 1; Intramural 3; ROTC Officers Club 1-4. LEE RIGGIN-Band 3-4; Intramural 4; Or- chestra 3; Tech High School 2. MARY RILEY-Home Room Rep. 1; Monitor 3-4; Orchestra 1-3. KAREN SUE RINEHART-Oaktown High 1-2. CHARLES ROBERTS-Baseball 2-4; Football 1-4; League of Honor 1-3; Special Asst. 2; Stu- dent Affairs Board 1-2; Track 3; Vaudeville 2; Basketball 2-4. PATRICIA ROBERTS-Intramural 3; Mask Wig 3; Monitor 3; Vaudeville 4. ' PATTY ROBERTS-Intramural 1; Gym Asst. 3; Girls ' Bowling 1-2. REX ROBERTS-Camera Club 2; Intramural 2; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-2, Vice-Pres.; National Thespians 2; Operetta 1-3; Special Asst. 3-4; Stage Crew 1-4; Track 1-3; Vaudeville 1-3. SHARON ROBERTS-Booster 1-2; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 2-3; Masoma 1-4; Na- tional Thespians 3-4; Operetta 3; Special Asst. 3-4; Vaudeville 1. ALMA ROBERTSON-Monitor 3-4. CHARLOTTE RORINSON-League of Honor 1-3; MASOMA 4; Library Asst. 2-3; Vaude- ville 3. Seniors DON ROSEBROOK-Spanish Club 3; Stage Crew 4; Vaudeville 4; James E. Roberts High School 1-2. HAROLD ROWE-Radio Staff 4; Radio Speech Club 3-4. RICKI LOU ROWLES-Band 2; Cheerleader 4, Reserve; Home Room Rep. 2-3; Ivian 3-4; Mask Wig 2-4; National Thespians 3-4; Pep Club 2-4; ROTC Officers Club 4, Sponsor; Special Asst. 2-4; Girls ' Bowling 3; Detroit High School 1. SANDY RUCKER-Monitor 3; Washington Lee High School, Virginia 1-2. CAROLE RUDDICK-Booster 1, Agent; Mask Wig 2-3. THERESA RUFFIN-Y Teens Club 1; Girls ' Bowling 2. EUNICE RUTHERFORD-Monitor 2-3; Spe- cial Asst. 1; Sr. Choir 2-4. BARBARA SANDERS GUS SANSONE-Ivian 3, Agent; Sacred Heart High School 1. STANLEY SCHUCHMAN-Cross Country 3; Intramural 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 3; Track 2-3; Quiz ' Em Team 3-4. SHIRLEY SCOTT-Mask Wig 2; Monitor 2-4; Operetta 2-4; Orchestra 1-2; Sr. Choir 1-4. WILEY SCUDDER-Football 1-4; Intramural 2-4; League of Honor 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Monitor 1-4; Track 1-4; Vaudeville 3-4; Wrestling 2-4; Basketball 1-3. " RUSSELL SEDAM CHARLES SHACKELFORD WILLIAM SHEA-Sr. Choir 3. JACQUELINE SHEETZ-Monitor 3; Orchestra 1-4. DICK SHELL-Football 3-4; Intramural 1; League of Honor 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Printing Asst. 4; Track 3-4; Southport High School 1-2. BETTY SHONK-League of Honor 2-3; Ma- soma 4; Special Asst. 3; Bus. Girls ' Club 3. Seniors JAMES SHOOPMAN-Intramural 2-4; Monitor 2-4. CARL SHORT-Baseball 1; Football 4; League of Honor 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Monitor 4; Track 1-4; Basketball 1-4. WILLIAM SHORT JEAN SHOTTS-League of Honor 2; Monitor 4; Sr. Choir 1-2. DEANNA SHUTTERS-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 1; Operetta 3; Pep Club 2; Sr. Council 4. HOWARD SIBLEY-Baseball 1-4; Booster 2; Intramural 2; Lettersmen ' s Club 4; Mask Wig 2-4; National Thespians 3-4; Radio Speech Club 1; Roines 4; ROTC Non-Com. Club 1-3. TAVAN SIMS JOYCE SKAGGS-Ivian 4, Associate Editor; League of Honor 3; Mask Wig 1-4, Sec; Masoma 4; National Thespians 3-4; Radio Speech Club 4; Vaudeville 4; I. U. Jorn. Conf. 3; Radio Staff 4. GEORGE SMALLWOOD-Band 1-3; Football 2-4; Intramural 4; League of Honor 1-3; Let- termen ' s Club 3-4. Pres. 4; Roines 4; Special Asst. 3; Student Affairs Board 4, Vice-Pres.; Wrestling 3; Class Officer 4, Treas. JANET SMITH ROBERT SMITH BEVERLY SNOWBALL-Home Room Rep. 2-3; Ivian 1-3; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 4; Visual Aid Asst. 3-4. CAROLYN SOLOMON ( Carter) -Cheerleader 1; Girls ' Glee Club 1-2; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2-4; Sr. Choir 3-4, Sec; Vaudeville 1, 3-4; Ensemble 3-4: Candidate for Jr. Prom Queen. SANDRA SOULT-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Moni- tor 2; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 2-4; Vaude- ville 2-4; Bus. Girls ' Club 1. BARBARA SPILKER-League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 3-4. DON SAFFORD-Band 2-4; Intramural 1; Ivian 3; League of Honor 2-3; Monitor 4; Orchestra 2; Roines 4. LARRY STAKELBECK-Roines 4. JAMES STAPERT Seniors JAMES STAPLES -- Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Roines 4; Track 4; Wrestling 3-4. SYLVIA STAPLES-Girls ' Glee Club 1-4, Pres. 4; League of Honor 3; Mask Wig 2-3; Masoma 4; National Thespians 3-4; Operetta 3; Vaudeville 1-4. BARBARA STARK-Booster 4; Monitor 2-3; Special Asst. 4; Girls ' Bowling 3; Howe High School 1. II IU)I.I) STEEB JEANNE STEELE-Cheerleader 3-4; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 2-3; Masoma 4; Operetta 4; Special Asst. 3; Spanish Club 2; Vaudeville 3-4. GENE STEINBROOK-Intramural State 3. Boy ' s CAROL STELLHORN-Booster 3-4; Circula- tion Manager; Cub Club 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; Intramural 1-2; League of Honor 1-3; Ma- soma 4; Monitor 1; Operetta 3; Quill Scroll 4, Pies.; Girls ' Bowling 1; Mask Wig 1-4. JUDY STEPHENSON-FHA Club 1; League of Honor 1; Monitor 1; Nurse Asst. 2-4. THERESA STETTLER-Girls ' Glee Club 2-3; Home Room Rep. 2-3; Ivian 1; Mask Wig 1; Monitor 4; Vaudeville 3; Bus. Girls ' Club 3. DONALD STEWART-Football 2; League of Honor 2. ROLLAND STUCKEY-League of Honor 2; Monitor 2-3; Student Affairs Board 2. JO AW SIRBER Baton Twirlei 1-3; Bah.,, Twirlers Club 1; Home Room Rep. 2; League of Honor 1-3; Pep Club 2; Special Asst. 3. VIRGINIA SWISHER-Cub Club 1. PHYLLIS TAULMAN PHYLLIS TAYLOR-Booster 4; Cheerleader 2-4; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Sec. 4; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 2; Ma- soma 4, Vice-Pres.; Pep Club 2-3; Vaudeville 3-4; Girls ' Bowling 1-3; Popularity Contest Winner 2. HERMAN TEEPE-Football 1; ROTC Officers Club 4; Stage Crew 3-4. ALGIMANTAS TEKORIUS-Hi-Y 3-4, Vice- Pres. 3; Roines 4. PAULINE THOMERSON-Booster 1-4; Intra- mural 1-4; Ivian 2-4; League of Honor 2-3; Mask Wig 2-3; Vaudeville 1-4; Girls ' Bowl- ing 3. Seniors THOMAS THOMPSON EDWARD THROM-Band 1-4; Dance Band 1-4; League of Honor 2-3; Orchestra 2-4; Sr. Choir 4; Vaudeville 1-4; Boy ' s State 3; Pep Band 2-4. MARJORIE TOMASIK-Booster 4; Jr. Red Cross 4; Monitor 3; Nurse Asst. 3; News Bu- reau; Quill Scroll 4. DORIS TOMPKINS-FHA Club 1-2; League of Honor 1; Monitor 2; Y Teens Club 2. SHIRLEY ANN TROWBRIDGE Award 3, First. Star Art JOHN TUCKER-Football 1-4; Golf 1-4; Intra- mural 4; League of Honor 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Monitor 4; Operetta 1; Vaudeville 4. JERRY UMBARGER-Football 1; Intramural 1-3; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 2; Track 1. RONNIE UNDERWOOD-Ivian 4, Art Editor. ° " CAROLYN VERNON-FHA Club 1-2; Pep Club 4. THOMAS VITTORIO-Baseball 2-3; Football 1-4; League of Honor 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1; Vaudeville 4; Wrestling 3. DONNA VonPEIN-FTA Club 4; Girls ' Glee Club 1-4; Home Room Rep. 3; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Operetta 3; Pep Club 1-2; Special Asst. 1-4; Student Affairs Board 4; Vaudeville 1-4. CAROLYN WAYMAN-Cheerleader 1, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3-4; League of Honor 1-3; Masoma 4; Pep Club 3; Special Asst. 2-4; Vaudeville 3-4. CONNIE WEBBER-Booster 4; Camera Club 4; FTA Club 4, Vice-Pres.; Ivian 4; Quill Scroll 4; Special Asst. 4; Vaudeville 4; South- port High School 1-3. DAVID WEBER-ROTC Officers Club 2-4; Vaudeville 4; Tech High School 1, 3. BETTY WENCKE-Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 1; Monitor 1-3; Pep Club 2; Vaudeville 3-4; Jr. Prom Candidate 3. SHIRLEY WESLEY-FHA Club 3; League of Honor 1-3; Monitor 3. VIRGINIA WEST CURTIS WHEAT Seniors AUDREY WHEELER-FHA Club 2-4; Mon- itor 3. JAMES WHITE-Band 2-3. THELMA WHITE-Operetta 2; Pep Club 2-3; Bus. Girls ' Club 2. RUTH WHITEHOUSE-Monitor 1, 4; Radio Speech Club 3; Special Asst. 3; Vaudeville 3; Wig Warn Workers 3, Pres.; American Legion Contest 3. RON WHITESIDE - Intramural 4; Sacred Heart High School 1-3. TOM WHITNEY-Band 1-2; Cross Country 2-3; Golf 2-4; Home Room Rep. 1-2; Intra- mural 3-4; League of Honor 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Roines 4, Vaudeville 2-4. LOIS WIER-League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 3-4; Masoma 4; Monitor 1; Pep Club 4; Special Asst. 1, 4. CAMMIE WILBURN-Booster 2-3; FHA Club 1-4, Pres. 3; Intramural 1-2; Ivian 3; League of Honor 1-3; Mask Wig 1-2; Masoma 4; Spanish Club 4; Vaudeville 3; Quiz ' Em Team 3-4. ERICH WILD-Football 1, 3-4; Stage Crew 4; Vaudeville 1; Y Teens Club 1. MARY ANN WILHITE-Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; League of Honor 3; Masoma 4; Monitor 2; Operetta 2; Pep Club 2; Deans Asst. 3; Vaude- ville 1, 3-4. ROBERT WILLIAMS-Home Room Rep. 1; Intramural 4; Roines 4; ROTC Officers Club 3-4; ROTC History Club 4; Extemporaneous Speaking Contest 4. ROGER WILLIAMS-Football 1-2; Monitor 1; Special Asst. 3; Stage Crew 1; Track 1; Tri Hi Y 1; Wrestling 1. CHARLES WILLS-Baseball 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; ROTC Officers Club 3-4. RAY WISCHMEYER JANET WOOLSEY - Home Room Rep. 3; Deans Asst. 3; Vaudeville 3. PEGGY WORTHINGTON - Baton Tvvirlcrs Club 1; FHA Club 2; Monitor 1; Pep Club 2-3; Special Asst. 4; Vaudeville 1; Bus. Girls ' Club 1. HELEN WRIGHT-Cub Club 1; Girls ' Glee Club 2-4; Home Room Rep. 1; League of Honor 1-3; Operetta 2; Special Asst. 1-3; Vaudeville 1-3; Girls ' Bowling 1; Ensemble 1-2. KENNETH WRIGHT - Cross Country 1-4; Ham Radio 1; Home Room Rep. 1-2; League of Honor 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Vice- Pres. 4; Math Club 1; Track 1-4; Vaudeville 1; Basketball 1-4; Boys State 3. Seniors MARCIA WRIGHT-Monitor 3. FRANK WYNNE-Intramural 3-4. SUE YATES ' Graduation requirements incomplete. ' " Deceased February 28. 1956. Student members of the Senior Council are Linda Fill, Janet Jones, Sheron Mosey, Cammie Wilburn, Deanna Shut- ters, Beverly Cruse, Ruth Ann Agan, Barbara Collins, Beverly Rich. Mr. Marion Peeples, Industrial Arts in- structor, congratulates Senior Herb Fair- child for his " Outstanding Ingenuity Award " from the Ford Motor Company. In the background Mr. Peeples and Herb are depicted leaving on their trip to Dearborn, Michigan, where they at- tended a three-day awards session with 30 other winners and their instructors from all over the United States. Senior Ruth Ann Agan designed and hand-lettered the scroll presented to Crispus Attucks High School with a $500 scholarship fund from the Indianapolis Public and Parochial High Schools. This fund honored their State Championship Basketball Team. Here, Ruth delivers the scroll to Principal C. Edgar Stahl, who made the presentation. Lois Strong, junior class secretary, takes dictation from President John Keating while Kent Klinge, vice- president, and Linda Moody, treasurer, look on. Class of ' 57 Organizes Classes at Manual organize their junior year, elect officers, and " open a bank ac count " in anticipation of senior year expenses. The class of ' 57 celebrated Junior Day, March 21; and the " top ten, " juniors rating highest in scholarship, activities, and service, were honored. Climaxing activities was the Junior Prom, April 20, at Butler Universitv ' s Atherton Center. si Juniors Marilynn Ackerman, Barbara Ac- ton, Carolyn Adams, Jerry Adams, Phyllis Alboher, Jim Alexander Flora Allen, Janet Anderson, Dori Andrews, Elizabeth Angrick, Pa- tricia Adolph, Helen Arthur Naomi Bagby, Don Baker, William Baker, Keith Bandy, James Barker, Paul Barnes Karen Bennett, Joyce L. Bernhardt, Bob Bendy, Frances Bewlcy, Jane Binninger, Joan Blaine Larry Blake, Donna Border, Jack Bowden, Albert Brandlein, Susan Bray, Carolyn Breeden Kurt Brochhausen, Janice Bridges, Patty Brown, William Bruhn, Maurice Bush, Kenneth Bryant Tommy Burk, Bill Burns, Haro- lynn Bush, Harold Byers, Jackie Capps, Jesselyn Carlisle John Carroll, Carol Cartheuser, Wynona Carver, Daniel Chapell, Melvin Chenoweth, Carolyn Chil- ton Bonnie Clark, Flora Mae Clark, Melvin Clark, Bonald Clark, Ed Clarke, Pat Clancy Judith Clendenen, Libby Cogill, Darlene Collins, Annetta Cook, Carol Cook, Pat Cooper •O n n Juniors Sue Coram, Renner Corbin, Bar- bara Coy, Louis Coy, Beverly Crabtree, Mary Ellen Craig Gerald Cromwell, Eddie Dale, Gloria Davenport, Dianne Davis, Jerry Davis, Judy Day Charles Dean, Gerald Dearing, Barbara Deem, Gerald DeHoney, Judy DeMott, Bill Derrett Nan Dickerson, Brenda Dickey, William Dillon, Arthur Dinnage, Bill Disbro, Betty Doles Janice Downham, Barbara Drotz, Joann Dryer, William Duff, Ce- cilia Dunkin, Sandra Eckert Sandra Eitel, Joan Ellis, Joe Ernst, Elaine Eskitch, Alma Exton, Doro- thy Farmer Fred Farmer, Diane Ferguson, Jim Finchum, Joyce Fix, Don Flores, Loretta Flores Barbara Floyd, Sonja Foernzler, Charles Foster, Phillip Frazier, Lawrence Frye, Carole Gamble Rudy Gayde, Donna Gilbert, Viv- ian Gill, Laura Gimbel, Larry Giuliani, Sandra Gladson Judy Gooding, Jim Gootee, Gloria Graves, Bob Green, Judy Green, Becky Greene Juniors Donna Greenwood, Jerry Grove, Ray Grunden, Sarah Hardegen, Bill Harmon, Gordon Harnack Advanced Spanish students, Albert Roberts, Bill Bruhn, Vivian Gill, Eleanor Carter, Urve Kask, Karen Bennett, Phyllis Alboher, Jerry Bram- mer, and Jim Miller, sing carols in Espariol, in front of the Junior ' s traditional Christ- mas tree in the main hall. Sandra Harrison, Barbara Haynes, Norma Hayse, Arlene Hedegard, Andy Heichelbech, Dennis Hen- dricks Bill Hendrickson, William Hen- ninger, Jim Henson, Evelyn Her- man, Norman Herzog, Trudy Hill Frank Klobucar, Jim Hoalt, Bill Hobson, Edward Hoeping, Jim Hoffmeyer, Helen Holloway Mildred Huth, Nancy Hyde, Her- bert Jackson, Mary Iannuzzi, Ella Jenkins, Don Johnson Judy Johnson, Albert Karamanos, Barbara Kay, John Keating, Tom- my Kehl, Linda Kellar Sandra Kelley, Connie Kelly. Mar- vin Kendall, John Kennedy, Twylia Kennedy, Alvin Kirk Kent Klinge, Carol Knight, James Knight, David Koepper, Freeda Mae Kottkamp, Richard Kramp Juniors P5 fa " % O- £ l-i ■ t- " Try David Kriech, Dick Kruse, Bruce Lackey, Larry Lee, Helen Lind- stadt, David N. Litteral Richard Locke, Ross Long, Gordon Lonis, Johanne Ludy, Volah Lu- ther, Ruth Lynch Leslie Maddox, Clyde Martinjoyce Martin, Linda Mattox, Rose Mc- Combs, Tom McCormick Dick McCoun, Linda Ann Mc- Donnell, Larry McHenry, Albert Mclntire, Joyce McKenzie, Elaine McVay Elsie Merklin, Janice Miller, Donna Mills, Robert Minor, Nancy Mitchell, George Moody Linda Moody, Bill Moore, Eva Moore, Frances Moore, Sherry Moore, Ellen Montgomery Ronnie Morris Dale Mortenbeck, Joan Mosby, Ruth Mourning, George Mudd, Bob Napper Dianna Nauert, Larry Nelis, Ted Netherton, Charles Newman, Gene Nutgrass, Andy Oehler Al Ogden, Ralph O ' Haver, David Oliver, Jean Orman Jon Potter entertains his audi- ence with " Courtin ' in the Rain " at the annual " Tee Pee Talent Parade, " an all school auditorium program. Juniors Sandra Osborne, John Parry, Judy Pasch Harold Patterson, Janice Patterson, Phyllis Payne Anna Peale, Kay Pearce, Patty Perkinson The " Tee Pee Talent Parade, " sponsored by the Student Af- fairs Board, gives entertain- ers a chance to " show off " their talents. The best per- formers are selected for the Red Skin Revue and exchange programs with other schools. Ronald Peters, Sharon Pfeffer, Janet Phillips, Ronald Pinner, Ron- nie Pio, Jon Potter Morris Profeta, Linda Prosser, Dick Rader, David Reel, Donald Reeves, Owen Rexroat Marilyn Reynolds, Marlene Rhyne, Carol Rice, Rarbara Rike, Sam Rinehart, Albert Roberts Judy Robertson, Anita Roeder, Judy Ryan, Lillian Sage, Nancy Sampson, Shirley Sappenfield Helen Sarkine, Miriam Scharfe, Paul Schnepf, Bob Schofield, Joy Schreiber, Richard Schulz Patricia Schuster, Norma Sherman, Elsa Shaner, Jimmie Shimp, David Shafer, Arnold Shaw Doris Siersbeck, Rosalie Simpson, Don Skaggs, John Skomp, Patty Smoot, Howard Smiley A f% ( £5 Juniors r r5 o % 4 It " r - A ift M Ruthie Snyder, Robert Sodrel, Leah Soult, Bob Spencer, Pat Smith, Max Smith Nancy Smith, Rudolph Smith, Sonja Smith, Lovelle Stephenson, Leonard Steeb, Bill Stiegelmeyer Lynda Stone, Judy Stich, Lois Strong, Richard Switzer, Shirley Swope, Joyce Taylor Paul Taylor, John Thicksten, Fred- rick Thompson, Jack Thompson, Sandie Thompson, Warren Thome Phyllis Throckmorton, Rose Throm, Ronnie Timmons, Roanna Loflin, Reverly Gene Tomey, Donald Travers Brice Tressler, Brenda True, Ca- role Turner, Martha Clay Turner, Martha June Turner, Patricia Turner Juanita Ulrey, Earl Underwood, Jim Vance, Mary Jane VanHorn, Gertie VanHuss, Donna Waggoner John Walden, Paul Walters, Ro- wena Walton, Mary Ware, Larry Warrenburg, Ellen Washburn Gail Wayman, Don Weddle, Bev- erly Wells, Darlene Welsh, Merle Westbrook, Edward Westerfield Donna Westrich, Phil Westrick, Marv Lou Wetzel, Charles White, lanell White, Don Whiteside Juniors Carole Wilcher, Phyllis Willhoite, Delorah Williams, Shirley Wil- liams, Barbara Wilson, Carl Wilson Joe Wilson, Carole Wingo, Ned Woolbright, Mary Wonders, Irzo Zaenglein, Larry Zeigler Martha Tucker Drum Major Lois Strong gives a flying cheer for our winning the Kiwanis awards. In the background, the team of cheerleaders poses with the trophies. A familiar dancer to all Man- ualites is Junior Jim Barker. His acrobatic and tap danc- ing adds much to Manual programs. Ronald Etter explains the new regulator knob on a washing machine in a home economics lab to Linda Mat- rox. After the original plastic knob broke, Ronnie dupli- cated it in aluminum in Metal Shop. Top Ten Juniors were hon- ored on Junior Day, March 21. On the ladder are Arlene Hedegard, Rose McComb, Twylie Kennedy. Standing: Donald Weddle, Elsa Shaner, Martha June Turner, Miriam Scharfe, Tom McCormick, Lois Strong, and Mary Ellen Craig. Al Ogden vocalizes at the Tee Pee Talent Parade, given this year in two Auditorium shows. n Sophomores Delbert Abbott, Jan Adams, Shar- on Akers, Chuck Amick, David Anderson, Phyllis Anderson Ray Andrews, Vera Audry, Tina Archer, Thomas Augustin, Elva Ayers, Sharon Bader Ida Bailey, Joe Bailey, Pat Bailey, Phyllis Bailey, Sara Baker, Barbara Basham Carol Baskett, Michael Batts, Mona Jeannette Beach, Alice Bennett, Gary Beplay, Larry Berg Rosemary Berryman, Helen Biesel, John Bigelow, Judy Birch, Helen Black, Charles Blanton Linda Bloemker, Peggy Bosch, Gloria Bowers, Lora Bowles, Dave Boyle, Jackie Brackett Nancy Brandlein, Raymond Brewer, Betty Bright, David Brink, Carolyn Brooks, Myrna Brooks Stanley Brooks, Ray Brown, Veta Brown, Beverly Jo Brwhn, Linda Brummett, Ervin Bultman Catherine Burger, Pat Burnette, Jim Burrello, Danny Burris, Ro- berta Butler, Paul Cain Beverly Camden, Jerry Carney, Leon Carney, Frank Carson, Char- lotte Carter, Tom Carter Sophomores David Chappell, Brenda Church, Billie Sue Clark, Carolyn Clark, Jackie Clark, Russell Clark, Glenna Clarke, Glenda Cobb Many students serve Manual during free periods that would otherwise be spent in study halls by filling corridor monitor posts or assisting in school offices. Elva Ayers is shown here as aid to Miss Katherine Mertz, school nurse. Larry Coleman, Carol Collins, Sondra Combs, Carolyn Cooley, Frosty Cooper, Russ Cooper Sandra Cooper, Rex Corbin, David G. Cox, Ronnie Crooke, Jim Crose, Millie Dailey Patricia Dale, Susan Daniels, James Davis, Ralph Davis, William Davis, Julia Dean Richard Deckard, Alice Denton, Charles Derolf, Phyllis Dilley, Linda Dillon, Marguerite Dillon Freddy Dindinger, Melvin Disbro, Mary Jo Doles, Jean Donahue, John Downs, Carol Driskell David Drummond, Judy Dunkin, Betty Earnest, Martha Edmonds, Robert Edwards, Sandra Eggert i ' %f 5 . Mas n pi a ' T -s»- mm 4IH.J ft ft ft ft ? Ipt irQ ? rAK zf - . i - -y iHy .i v o Sophomores Dick Elliott, J. D. Emberton, Patty Engle, Dave Enright, Mike Eskitch, Janice Estes Ronald Etter, Ronald Evans, Phil- Hd Faller, Donna Fears, Bruce Fentress, David Ferguson Judy Ferguson, Patricia Finch. William Fisher, Lois Foley, Bill Forner, Larry Foster Carol Foust, Sharon Gist. Bill For- ney, Francis Clark, Paul Frodge, Rozann Gocke Carolyn Colder, Paula Grant, De- lores Graves, Judy Griffith, Doris Grubbs, Bettv Hair Gary Hall. Tom Hamilton, Larry Hamner, Peggy Hampton, Roland Hankins, Norman Harms Dianne Harrison, Libby Hart, Tudy Hart, Robert Hartman, Gil- bert Harvey, Nancy Hasselburg Mayzell Hatcher, Dave Hatten, Jimmy Hawk, Norman Hayes, Ronnie Hazelwood, Emma Jean Head Jerry Hendrickson, John Henschin, Mary Hering, Patricia High, Rich- ard Hignite, Laqueta Hines Donna Hoene, Ed Hofer, William Hofer, Donald Hoffmann, Marilyn Hofmann, Dick Holler Sophomores Leon Hoover, Helen Hopkins, Vin- cena Hughett, Joyce Humphrey, Pat Humphrey, Robert Inman Mareia Jaggers, Andy Jenkins, Leo Jenkins, Judy Jensen, Larry Jent, Bob Johnson George Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Mary Johnston, Sharon Johnson Harold Jolliff, Pat Jones, Robert Jones, Pete Karns, Anne Kask, Fred Kattau Carol Kemp, Janice Kemp, Joyce Kennedy, Judy Kenney, Don Ker- ner, Hubert Kieninger Wayne Kimmell, Ronnie Kindle, Ed Kinkade, Julie Kistler, Bob Klein, Bob Kratoska Carl Lashley, Sandra Lasley, Pat Lewis, Pat A. Lewis, Judy Locke, Judy Loeblin Judy Loeper, Charles Lohman, Charles King Lohman, Ida Long, Carol Love, Dorthy Dean Lowe A project of the biology classes this year has been the development of a permanent garden in a plot east of the shops. Working at clearing this area are Ray Brown, Susan Bray, and Nancv Hvde. f S ft f j k . O f 4i ; 1 , T 0 K I o I . . » llsli n A a ▲.k Sophomores Gerald Lowe, Deane Lucas, Jack Lucas, Guy Lynch, Ned Mader, Mary Lynn Mann One of the skills taught in Manual ' s Electric Shop is radio repair. Delbert Abbott adjusts the controls on a needy subject. Patricia Mann, John Manwaring, Ronnie Marsh, Bill Martin, Charles Martin, Gary Martin Marlene Martin, John Maxey, Jerry Mayfield, Ruth " McCaslin, Mary- Jane McConnell, Michael McGrath Maxine McGuire, Tim McGuire, Tom McKinley, Dave McKinney, Robert Carl Meadows, Allen Med- lock Kenny Mendel, Judy Mescall, Con- nie Miller, Donald Miller, Jo Mil- ler, Marcia Miller Richard Mills, Beverly Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Leora Mix, Dick Moore, Larry Moore Tom Moore, Janice E. Moran, Daniel Morris, Mary Morris, Jewel Murphy, Betty Neal Dick Neal, Dorothy Neal, Virginia Newbold, Bonny Newman, Dave Newman, Bill Nichols Sophomores Charles W. Nichols, Tom Noerr, Barbara Oakes, Mary O ' Neal, Bev- erly Orcutt, Ronald Osborn Brenda Owen, Mike Ozment, Irma Pack, Norman Partlow, Gerald Peats, Barbara Petree Wendell A. Petree, Naomi Pinner, Beverly Pitman. Wilbur Plunkett, Janalene Powell, Brenda Quarles Willodyne Ouarles, Joyce Quinton, Jack Rist, Mary Jane Robertson, Barbara Robinson, Roger Roembke Sandra Rollings, Jerry Rothwell, Darlene Rutledge, Wayne Ryan, Phil Sadler, Bertie Saffell Frances Jean Saffell, Dixie Sanders, Patty Sarkine, Livia Saulgozis, Beatrice Ann Saunders, Hubert Sauter Edward Schaefer, Paul Schoch, Tom Schoenherr, Judy Schrader, Linda Schulz, Sandy Schwartz Lowell Scott, Paul Scudder, Betty Shaner, Jim Shea, Karen Shera, Trudie Sheridan It is unusual for a high school Music Department to have an available harpist. Linda Bloemker, sophomore, has accompanied the choir on several occasions. c$ rs f h n a r) Sophomores Earl Sherman, Wilbur Shidler, Brenda Shoopman, Shirley Short, Carole Shoultz, John Shrout Joe Siegman, Paul Simmerman, Ronny Sipple, Darlene Smith, Linda Smith, Sidney Snellenburg Don Snider, Robert S noddy, George Snodgrass, Richard Spear, Eugene Spencer, Tcmpsie Sprag- gins Patricia Spurgeon, Ronald Stader. David Staley, Emma Stanger. Mary Stapert, Don Staples Tony Staples, Jerry R. Stark, Mike Steadham, Sandy Stewart, Bob Stiegelmeyer, Larry Stofer Dianne Stokes, Janet Stout, Jerry Stuck, Barbara Sturgeon, Edwin Suttner. Al Swain Rosalie Swain, John Swartz, Clair Swatts, Emilie Tague, Wayne Taulman, Larry Taylor Rebecca Taylor, Otis Thacker Larry Terrell, " My favorite period? Lunch, of course! " Manual ' s modern, pleasant cafeteria serves de- licious food priced inexpen- sively. Diane Ferguson, Wil- ma Hofer, and Sandra Combs check out with the cashier. Sophomores Sophomore Dan Morris en- tertainer with magic tricks at the Tee Pee Talent Pa- rade. Patty Thompson, Priscilla Thomp- son, Paul Todd, Marion Tomey Ben Townsend, Rosemary Trout- man, Roberta Ulrey, Tony Uuk, Nancy Vancleave, Joyce VanLue Sharon Vastine, Phil Villorio, Bob Wallace, Sharon Lee Wallace, Sue Walton, Barbara Warren Charlotte Warrenburg, Harold Wayman, Carolyn Webb, Flossie Louise Webb, Helen Webb, Rosa Webb Tom Wells, Judith Welsch, Ro- berta Wesley, Bill Westerfield, Vir- ginia Wheeler, Neil Whitaker Bill W. White, Bob White, Bob T. White, Catherine White, Ed White, Jean White Senorita Whitley, James Wilkin- son, Bea Williams, Gloria Wil- liams, Larry Williams, J. Larry Williams Norma Willis, Robert Willson, Lil- lie Mae Wilson, Teddy Winckel- bach, Carolvn Winstead, Carol Wo od Ronald Wood, Michael Woolsey, Linda Worrell, Jim Wurz, Richard Zeis, Judy Ziegler ■ A, ft C rt £ft ft ft fa i . :OcL- ft ft ft ft ft {ft (ft W : - - A W-rr f ft x 1 ft j ist V i gBk ■1 n •- : - 4A p% i . -J Freshmen Robert Abrams, Gale Adams, Ron- nie Adams, Donna Alexander, Rob- ert Allee, Rob Amick Chuck Anderson, Jacqueline An- derson, Billy Andrews, Mary Ash- lord, Billy Bachman, Billy Bailey Sammuel Balls, Shirley Banks, Donna Barker, Sherry Barrier, Morris Barnett, Ronald Basey Jerry Baughman, Shelby Bays, Kay Beach, Lindsay Beal, Leland Ben- nett, Mary Bevins Dora Bewley, Margaret Bick, Don Black, Judy Blanton, Bonnie Blume, Norman Bogard Judy Bohannon, Regina Bolen, Judy Bonewits, Rita Boone, Ro- berta Brannon, Sandra Bredy Phyllis Brehob, Bob Brock, Dale Bronson, Garold Brooks, Barbara Brown, Donna Brown. Thcodocia Brown, Wendell Bryan, Kay Bryant, Barbara Bullock, Carol Burgess, Harold Burgett Mildred Burton, Janice Butler, Jackie Buzzaird, Robert Rvers, Joe Caldwell, Pat Calvert Judy Campbell, Harold Carltare, John Carr, Peggy Carroll, Jimmie Carson, Donna Carter Freshmen Freshman Homecoming " roy- alty were Rita Weimer and Dave McLinn who served as crown bearers for the King and Queen. Bill Andrews, of the freshman football squad, was their escort and Mr. Paid Ferguson loaned his Volke:;- wagon for their " royal char- iot. " Terry Carter, Larry Chadwick, Dennis Chambers, Charlene Chap- man, Larry Chastain, John Clark Al Clay, Georgann Coldren, Verlie Cole, Donna Collins, Linda Col- lins, Judv Comstoek David Cook, Richard Cook, Lanny Cooper, Larry Cooper, Curtis Cov- ington, Bonita Creager Mary Creasey, Carolyn Creasser, Herbert Croekett, Kenneth Cross, Phillip Crow, Charles Davis Jerryline Davis, Jim Davis, Nancy Day, Robert Dean, Ray Deekard, Robert Dennemann Rose Dennis, Mary Dent, Arvine Dewey, George Diekerson, Irene Diekinson, Ronald Dilley Marion Dinkins, Adrienne Dorsey, Roger Doss, Barbara Downham, Donna Drake, Mary Dresslar .-» ft f % ft ft 4 £ 4 JJb A k. Eft fi Q ti - CX ft ( ft ft ft ft f 4 , A. Freshmen Marsha Drotz, Bill Duncan, Louise Dunkin, Barbara Eader, Bosemary Eads, Art Eaton Shirley Eklridge, Donna Lee El- liott, Donald Elslager, Larry El- slager, Paul Emberton, Sandra Emmons James England, Barbara Evans, David Fagg, Art Ferguson, Nancy Fiesel, Tim Fisher Bob Flake, Dave Flannery, Dianne Flanary, Gordon Flick, Diana Flora, Alan Foster John Foster, Judith Frazier, Clif- ford Frierson, Linda Fritsche, Jerry Fyffe, Vivian Gadient John Garnett, Winefred Garnett, Judy Gilpin, Judy Gimbel, Beba Glass, Jacqueline Goad Edward Gordon, Becky Grady, Kenneth Graves, Pat Graves, Hazel Leon Green, Herbert Green Marcia Glider, Carol Griffith, Ger- aldine Griffith Freshmen were guests of honor at a Christmas party at which members of the Senior Class were hosts. En- joying cokes are Seniors Ed Throm and Delores Fox, Freshmen Sonya Keating and Shirley Hanlon, and Senior Carolyn Soloman. Freshmen Ronald Griffith, Barbara Grove, Jim Grubb, Linda Grubbs, Ralph Gurley, Ray Haas Freshmen Mary Hoard and Ricki Walton seemed a bit skeptical of the Seniors ' Santa Clans, alias Jon Potter. Bob Hagan, Bill Hair, Stanley Halcomb, Barbara Hale, Rea Handlon, Shirley Hanlon Wayne Hansen, Richard Hansing, Helen Hardegen, Evelyn Harding, Cesar Hardman, Linda Harman Art Harnaek, James Harris, Mary Ann Hart, Gloria Harvey, Linda Hatten, Don Hazelip Dena Heatherly, Mary Heichel- bech, Bonnie Henricks, Gloria Hendricks, Jim Hendricks, Larry Hendricks Larry Henn, Tom Henninger, Lu- cille Henson, Bill Herman, Jim Herring, George Hibbs Vaughn Hickman, John Higgens, Shirley Higgs, Carolyn Hightower, Diana Hill, Margaret Hill Joyce Hinds, Charles Hix, Mary Hoard, Carole Hofer, Helen Hof- mann, Ann Hogan - ' " f) n m v. ft O ft 1 r l ft 4. " 4 • Freshmen Betty Hoene, Jane Holcomb, Louise Holle, Edith Hollingsworth, Gwendolyn Holman, Wanda Hop- kins Sue Hout, Howard Harlan, Jac- quelyn Hubbell, Muriel Huckaby, Earl Huddleston, Margaret Hughes Judy Hunley, Dick Hurst, Gary Hunt, Gerald Hyatt, Marvin Hyatt, Ronnie Hvatt Lucille Ipoek, Jerry Isaacs, Den- nis Jackson, Johnny Jackson, Glen- da Jaggers, Donna Jarrell Bob Jeffries, Ronald Jenkins, Linda Jensen. Lorretta John, Jim John- son, Montell Johnson Patricia Johnson, Russell Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Mike Johnston, David Jones, Eva Mae Jones Paula Jones, Sharon Jones, Jim Karamanos, Charles Kattau, Wil- liam Kattau, James Kautsky Sonja Keating, Martin Kehl, Jua- nita Kelley, Mike Kelly, Belva Key, Betty Kieningcr Fredrieka Kilgore, Harry Kincade, Alma King, Mauri Kirby, Brigitte Kirstein, Frank Kirkland June Kistler, Kay Kleifgen, Peggy Knight, Ruth Kortepeter, Rebecca Koenig, Snellen Kottkamp Freshmen Robert Kraft, Mary Ann Kratoska, Phyllis Lackey, Dennis Ladigo, Sharon Lalirman, Sue Lancaster Dona Lang, Howard Langford, David Lanham, Carolyn Lathrop, Clifford Lawson. Walter Lawson Harold Laxen, Lucille Leach, Judy Lee, Raymond Lee, David Lewal- len, Shirlev Lewis Carney Likens, Merrilyn Lindley, Norva Lintecum, Linda Loeper, Elzena Losey, Jim Low Maurice Lucas, Ronald Lvitz, Carol Lynn, James Mahan, Linda Malott. Ruthann Marshall John Martin, David H. Mascher, Sallie Matthew, Steve Matthews, Allen Mavity, Chris Mayo Marilyn McClain, Frank McCol- lister, Earl McCombs, Richard Mc- Creary, Connie McCubbins, Bill McCurry Karen McDonnell, Johnetta McEl- roy, Lynne McGinnis, Patty Mc- Kinney, Dave McLinn, Charlotte MeMurry Ivy McNeil, Roger McVay, Mau- rice Metzger, David Miller, Donna Miller, Richard Miller Ronnie Miller, James Mills, Rob- ert Mink, Donal Mitchnor, Julia Monaghan, Max Moneyhan ft ft c$ o o % w 1 v. Artei ft £S ' t , Freshmen Anna May Montgomery, Amy Moon, Charles Moore, Kay Moore, Robert Moore, Sandra Moore Bob Moreefield, Carolyn Morefiekl, Margie Morefiekl, Nancy Mortord, David Morgan, Jon Morris Dorothy Moss, John Most, DeLoros Mount, Dorothy Muse, John Muse, Keith Nave Gloria Nelson, Sandy Nelson, Rosemary Nerge, Jim Newman, I .aiin.i man. Sharon ichols Marjorie Noe, Sandra Noel, Anne Norcross, Bob Norris, Shirley Nunn, Paul O ' Brien Barbara Osborne, Jimmy Ott, George Ottinger, Jerry Outcalt, Ronald Overton, Phillip Palmer Larry Pardue, Gwendolyn Parkam, Bob Parker, Mary Parker, Judy Parks, Shirlev Parrott Beverly Partlow, Earl Patterson, Ethel Penner, Richard Perkinson, Constance Petty, Joe Phillips Pam Pieper, Bette Pierson, Leon Pillow, James Pio, Deloris Pitcher, Don Pitzer Gary Powell, Carolyn Presley, Ber- nice Pringle, Betty Pryor, Mamie Radford, Ronald Rainey Freshmen Betty Raper, Sharon Rash, Dave Ratliff Gail Ray, Lois Rechenbach, Man- die Reese Nancy Reese, Barbara Reeves, Glen Reeves Accordionist Eileen Stale v made her first appearance on the Manual stage as a per- former in the Tee Pee Talent Parade. Vernon Reiteis, Robert Relford, Karen Reynolds, Ronnie Rice, David Richards, Stephen Richards Paul Riggin, Robert Rippey, Mar- tha Rippy, Philip Risher, Barbara Ann Robbins, Barbara Robbins Phyllis Roberts, Barbara Robert- son, Richard Robinson. Tommy Robinson, Carol Robison, Phil Rockwell Susie Rogers, Allen Ross, Jean Rowan, Thomas Rugh, Claudia Ruscher, Judy Ryder Ronnie Sanders, Samuel Sanders, Jim Sattler, Harry Schaefer, John Schaefer, William Scherrer Judy Schoenherr, Sandra Schofield, Grace Schreiber, Elaine Schultz, Ray Schultz, Ruthelene Schwartz Sharon Sehwarz, Barbara Scott, Ronald Scott, Karen Sedam, Franklin Selig, Robert Sergeant a a a o {% ▲ i w % f l Freshmen Rose Shadbolt, Robert Shade, David Shaffer, Nancy Shannon, Edward Shearls, Ronald Shingle- ton Sharon Shofner, Leslie Shotts, Beverly Shriner, Doris Shock, Carol lean Shront, Mike Shuppert Jack Simpson, Alva Lee Sizemore, Arthena Smith, Chester Smith. Edward Smith, Linda Snellen- berger LaVonda Smith, Naney Smith, Patty Smith, Shirley Smith, Ron- nie Snead, Robert Snider Betty Soots, Stephen Spacke, Joyce Spears, Betty Spencer, James Spencer, Gary Spirey Betty Spratt, Warren Spurlock, Patricia Stacy, Johnny Stafford, Eleen Staley, William Stanford Jerry Staples, Miriam St. Clair, Wally Steele, Frances Stewart, Dick Stillabower, Elsie Stivers Carlene Strader, David Stout, Ros- coe Sturgeon, Don Summers, Ron- ald Susemichel, Margie Sutton Betty Swinford, Arleen Taylor, Jacqueline Taylor, Patricia Taylor, Richard Taylor, Samuel Terman Marilyn Terry, Stephen Thomas, Vera Thomerson, Harold Thomp- son, Harry Thompson, Kenneth Titara Freshmen James Todd, Stephen Tressler, Sharon Tribby, Rosemary Turen- tine, Ellonora Twyman, Larry Ulrey Juanita Vanjelgerhuis, Joe Van- Vlymen, Wayne VanVlymen, Mar- gie Viehe, Jewel Vaughn, Ronald Wallace Sara Walls, Nelda Wallsmith, Ricky Walton, Ann Washburn, Ronald Wangh, Annette Weath- ington Angie Webb, Harold Webb, Judy Webb, Norman Weddle, Rita Wei- mer, Janet Welch N ancy Welch, Hugh Wells, Sandra Wesley, James Westbrook, Emma Wheeler, Sandra White Madonna Whiteford, Mary Helen Whitney, Warren Wilhite, Linda Williams, Melvin Williams, Ron- ald Williams Bill Willsey, John Wilson, Peggy Wilson, Ronald Wood, Eillene Woodall, Carolyn Woods Norman Woods, Ronald Woods, Thomas Woodward, James Wray, Leonard Wright, Steven Wright Genevieve Yates, Jerry Yates New Students Jerry Bishop, Jay Campbell, Jay- nette Crouse, Jeannie Davis Vickie Lynn Ferguson, Marietta Floyd, Patricia Hickman, Leslie Scott, Beverly Webster, James Webster n f 9 f o§ ft ff| f% ?S Cl 4 C f f$ (ft f f C © mr:, 3 hhwhih| m ! 4.Jb. Freshmen Jeanne Alexander, Annie Bass, Jimmy Berry, Berthamae Bohan- non, Tessie Blankenship, Bonald Braughton Paul Schnepf, Sports Editor of The Booster, instructs Freshman Jim Schulz in sports writing. Jim covered Spring sports for the freshman teams. Lonney Breedlove, Larry Brown- ing, Donna Bruggencate, Paula Carrier, David Castor, William Caviness John Craig, Bex Cummings, Ba- mona Cunningham, Joyce Deer, Christina Devine, Larry Dorn Judy Dotson, Judy Esch, Nancy Fill, Jim Flores, Donald Gagen, Nathalie Card Donna Garland, Albert Gensehen, Lanny Gerber, James Gray, Doris Grider, Alton Griffith Judith Gum, Judy Hansen, James Hart, Steven Haynes, John Healy, Bob Hendriekson George Henry, John Hershberger, Maryann Hoifmeyer, Wanda Holl- oway, Leona Howard, Patricia Hubbell Jo Ann Humphrey, Dorothy Irick, Jerry Jensen, Bichard Jones, Bosa Kimbley, Barbara Koenig Freshmen Peggy Langford, Sylvia Lawrence Barbara Lee, Jim Lohman, Rich- ard Lucas, Joyce Marcum Linda Marschke, Elaine Mills, Marilyn Mills, Rebecca Mitchell, Donna Monroe, David Moore Donna Morton, Janet Myers, Frank Ogden, Joyce O ' Neal, Willis Over- ton, Bctte Patterson Gracie Patterson, Mike Pearce, Joan Penner, Pete Peterson, Lola Price, Morris Proctor Veronica Quarles, Norman Ran- dall, Raymond Rigby, John Riley, Saundra Robison, Curren Rockne Mary Rutherford, Margaret Saba- tier, Jim Schulz, Steve Schulz, Mary Sheridan, Math Slayton Janis Small, Donald Smith, Kara Smith, Paula Smith, Billie Stevens, Gerald Streeval Ronnie Stuck, Betty Sullivan, Gwendolyn Swatts, David Teepe, Charlene ' Walker, Gerald Wallace Jerry Wells, Sam Wessel, Fred- erick Wicker, Betty Wiley, Carl Williams, Betty Wills Deloris Wilson, Patricia Wooten, Ralph Wusemeyer, Charles Yager, Bill Young, Edward Zaenglein r » r £ ' ■5 mi) ft CL ft Q ft Oj ft ifc ft " ft ft ft 15 ft ft ft ft f ? Faculty Chief members of Manual ' s administrative staff, Principal C. Edgar Stahl (seated), and Mr. Noble H. Poole and Mr. Leslie B. Maxwell, vice-prin- cipals, do a lot of planning for what appear to be routine events. MR. EARL ALBERTSON-Music, Choir Director MR. MILLARD ARNOLD-Span- ish MR. RAYMOND ASHLEY-Busi- ness Education, Cross Country Coach MRS. JEAN BACUS-Home Eco- nomics MR. HAROLD BENNETT - Science, Reserve Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach MRS. ADA BING-English, De- partment Head MRS. CORAL BLACK - Social Studies MR. RICHARD BLOUGH-Eng- lisli. Reading Laboratory MR. HAROLD BOESE-Science MR. ROBERT BOWMAN-Busi- ness Education MISS JOSEPHINE BOYD-Home Economics, Department Head MR. ORAL BRIDGFORD-Physi- cal Education, Department Head. Goll Coach MR. NEIL CERTAIN-Music MR. JOHN CIOCHINA-Mathe- matics. Science SGT. FRANCIS CONDER-Mili- tary Training, ROTC Commandant MR. ROBERT CRAWFORD-Ait MR. RICHARD CUMMINS - Science, Basketball Coach, Co- Baseball Coach MR. ORAN DAVIS-Art, Depart merit Head MISS GLADYS DENNEY-Art MR. JOHN EDWARDS - Indus- trial Arts Faculty MISS FRANCES EICKHOFF-So- cial Service MR. NOAH ELLIS - Science, Head Football Coach, Freshman Track Coach MR. E. FRANKLIN FISHER - Business Education, Director of Counseling MR. WALTER FLOYD - Social Studies MISS CARNETT FOREMAN - Mathematics MISS DOROTHY FORSYTH - English MR. JACK FOSTER - Physical Education, Driver Education, Wrestling Coach MISS CLEO FRAZIER-Business Education, Department Head MRS. JANE HALL GABLE-Eng- lish, Director of Publications MISS ELIZABETH GOETT-Eng- lish, Reading Laboratory Assistant MR. E. EDWARD GREEN-Eng- lish, Director of Production MR. JAMES GUILLAUME-Art MRS. EDNA GULLETT - Social Studies MISS FREDA HART-Music, Glee Club Director MRS. JENNIE HOWE - Mathe- matics, Science, Student Affairs Boards Sponsor MR. DONALD HULLY - Indus- trial Arts MR. JACK JOHNS-Social Studies, Assistant Wrestling Coach, Fresh- man Football Coach MR. J. RAY JOHNSON-Business Education, Director of Placement MRS. MARY JANE JORDAN - Home Economics MR. WILLIAM KLEYLA-Music, Acting Department Head, Orches- tra and Band Director MB. OTTO KUEHRMANN - Science MR. VICTOR McDOWELL - In- dustrial Arts MR. EDWARD MAYBURY - In- dustrial Arts MISS KATHERINE MERTZ-Di- rector of Health Clinic MISS GERTRUDE MESCALL- English MRS. ALBERTA MILLER-Busi- ness Education MR. JOHN MOFFAT-English MRS. DOROTHY MONROE- Mathematics tfvA tf Faculty MISS EILEEN MOREY-English, Library Assistant MRS. THELMA MORGAN- Home Economics, Director of Ac- tivities MR. FRANCIS MORIARTY-Be- hind-thc-Wheel Driving, Assistant Football Coach, Track Coach MISS EVELYN MUNK-Business Education MISS HELEN NEGLEY-Libra- rian MR. LEONARD NOLTE-Indus- trial Aits SGT. JACK NUNNERY-Military Training MR. HAROLD PAGEL-Busincss Education MR. HARRY PAINTER-Social Studies MR. BEN PARKE-Mathematics MISS THEO PARR-Physieal Ed- ucation, Visual Education Coor- dinator MR. JOHN PATTEN-Soeial Stu- dies, Student Affairs Board Spon- sor MR. MARION PEEPLES-Indus- trial Arts MISS ELENA RAGLIN-Physieal Education MR. ALVIN ROMEISER-Physi- cal Education MRS. LUCILLE ROSE-Spanish, English MR. DONALD SANDBERG- English, Radio Speech, Stage Manager MISS WILHELMINA SCHAUF- LER— Business Education MR. RICHARD SCHULZ - Sci- ence, Mathematics, Department Head MRS. VIVIAN SIENER-English, Dean of Girls MR. HERBERT SMITH-Imlns- trial Arts MISS CAROL SNYDER-Business Education MRS. PAULINE STARK-Home Economics MRS. FRANCES STEWART - English MRS. BETTY LOU TALBOTT- Home Economics MISS DOROTHY TEAL-English, Assistant Director of Publications MR. HARRY THOMAS-Business Education, Director of Athletics MR. HOWARD THRALL-Latin, Co-Baseball Coach, Director of Boys ' Intramurals Faculty MISS HELEN TIPTON-English MISS ROBERTA TRENT-Music MR. GUY TRICKEY-Industrial Arts, Department Head MRS. NANCY TUCKER FARUKI —Biology MR. RAYMOND VAN ARSDALE —Mathematics MR. VOLNEY WARD-Mathe- matics, Assistant Track Coach MR. A. L. WEIGLER-Industrial Arts MR. A. ROSS WILLIAMS-Social Studies, Department Head MR. M. DALE WILLIAMS-Busi- ness Education MR. W. FINLEY WRIGHT-Eng- lish, Dean of Boys MRS. ROVENE YEAGER-Home Economics MR. WAYNE KINCAID - On leave of absence with Ford Foun- dation Fellowship Left, Mr. Fisher turns " chef " for Dads Club ' s annual Fish Fry at Delavan Smith Field. On the right, Mr. Green ' s " Good morning " during Home Room Period each day makes no other identification needed for the daily announcements. MISS PATRICIA BORROR-Book- keeper MISS EDITH DAVIS-Cafeteria Manager MISS CHARLOTTE HAFER - Registrar MISS MARY HECKMAN - Ste- nographer MR. JAMES MONSON - Head Custodian MRS. MARY J. SPIECEL-Secre- tary MRS. DAISY WALL-Attendance Clerk MRS. RAUSABEL WILLIAMS- Bookstore Manager Phyllis Alexander and Bernice Garrett prepare a " truck " of desserts for sweet- toothed Manualites. Homemade cakes and a variety of pies, puddings, and fruits are favorites with all of us. " Senior member " of the staff of eooks is Juanita Reed. If all the sandwiches she has made for Manualites were laid end to end— well, who knows? Mrs. Sarah McKinnev and Mrs. Pearl Phillips, matrons, pause in their round of chores to exchange comments about their big Manual " family. " Head custodian James Monson confers with his staff. FRONT ROW: Earl Rit- ter, Tom Ratcliff, Cliff Bellis, Frank Walker. SECOND ROW: Hal Gerdts, Marquis Heiny, Harold Hart, George Mennel. THE ADVERTISING Fart of what we ' re learning in these growing-np years is the value of the dol- lar. Many of us earn our own spending money, so we try to spend it wisely. The businessmen who have advertised in our yearbook know this and recognize in us potential customers. The pictures for these advertisements have been posed by Manual students. 117 G. H. HERRMANN Funeral Home A Finer Service A Fairer Price Ambulance Service 1505 South East Street ME. 2-8488 Indianapolis 25 Spicy, Aren ' t They? says Linda Moody And perfect for Junior Day idents, reports Lois Strong. They ' re from MADISON AVENUE FLOWER SHOP 2457 Madison Avenue GA. 4446 You ' ll Have Trouble, Too making your selection from the cases of delectable pastries at — CARLOS BAKERY 2640 Madison Avenue ID. 2378 Mrs. Myner Freeman, Jani Powell Mr. William Wienke, Teddy Winckelbach, Paul Schnepf 4 ' . $ SPECIALIZE D PLAN NIK G AND [NCRAVING SERVICE FOR 1 1 A B B K STAFFS 119 O-hhhhhhh ! I love it, squealed Sonja Foernzler when Sandie Thompson showed her the cover for the 1956 Ivian. Molloy-Made by THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago 18, Ilinois It ' s the Best! And Mr. Price Hawkins helps Sue Calvert and Alan Foster, Princess and Chief of the Redskin Powwow, choose Whitman Sampler. HAWKINS DRUGS 2554 Madison Avenue GA. 2700 Playing the Keys for Judy Delameter and Ruth Ann Agan is Mr. Ralph Cutsinger as he sets type for the ' 56 Ivian. CENTRAL PUBLISHING COMPANY 401 North College Avenue ME. 6-4505 Drink • EG. U.S. PAT. OFF. In Bottles A " pause that refreshes " is taken at the I ' rom by Sue Corum, John Manwaring, Sandy Gladson, and Jim St a pert. It ' s Luscious! sighs Linda Kellar to Brice Tressler, as Mr. Paul L. Kahn watches proudly because, of course, it ' s Dyer made. C. B. Dyer Co., Inc. Jeweler 234 Massachusetts Ave. ME. 4-5734 They ' re Pretty Special! m m i (If BOTTLES Evening clothes for a Prom — they must look their best. And these are pretty special people. Junior Prom Queen Barbara Acton and King Pat Clancy. «»• Darko and Sons Cleaners 2659 Shelbv Street GA. 2401 Queen Of The Ball! is Janet Jones in her lovely Gregg cleaned formal. An honorary cadet captain by day she was crowned queen of the Military Ball. Gregg Cleaners 1004 Madison Avenue 2630 Madison Avenue ME. 6-6501 ID. 0663 Snug as a Bug in a Rug That is the feeling one gets, says Team Mascot Janie Clark, when one has a savings account at . . . Union Federal Savings and Loan Association 160 East Market Street Perfectly Tailored and perfectly fitted are evening clothes from . . . Skeffington ' s Tuxedo Rental, Inc. 245 N. Pennsylvania Street ME. 4-1583 Mr. James W. Hines assists Jim Miller. Bill Evans, and Tom McCormick get " well dressed " for the Prom. You Like It — It Likes You 651 East Twentieth Street Louise Barr, Student Teacher Sally Brown, and Les Brandt " fresh up " at a Quill and Scroll meeting. I Couldn ' t Turn Him Down It ' s a Herff Jones ring! And Rose- mary Nerge shows her prized jewelry to Miriam Scharfe. HERFF JONES COMPANY 1411 North Capitol Avenue ME. 5-1554 Girls Love Orchids! Phyllis Taylor tries one on for size while Kent Klinge considers a pur- chase. Mrs. Harry Snodgrass shows a dainty corsage of yellow roses. George Buescher Son, Florists 503 Southern Avenue GA. 2457 A Shopping Break while the girls have lunch, and, of course, they ' ve ordered . . . Circleburgers Lillian Sage, Leah Soult, Rosie Elliott, Miss Frances Eickhoff, Carhop Trudie Slicer SOUTHERN CIRCLE 1000 South East Street GA. 0081 Be On Your Toes Too Plan your insurance program with . . . EMPIRE LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY 2801 North Medirian WA. 5-9672 Over 125 million of Life Insurance in force in the State of Indiana Millions paid to policyholders and heneficiaries. James M. Drake, Ch. of the Board Joseph I. Cummings, President Linda Schulz Perfection ! Rex Roberts gives Honorary Cadet Captain Nadine Brehob ' s brass some polish so it will be fitting for her expertly cleaned and pressed uniform. Send it to tfrtWC IAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Co. 2901 E. WASHINGTON ST. Change Banks are all right for a start, says Phyllis Brehob, but I ' m going to change banks right now. My de- posits go to . . . SHELBY STREET Federal Savings and Loan Asso. 1447 Shelbv Street ME. 5-1503 Best for Test and John Kennedy and Jerry Hend- rickson use Stark Wetzel wieners to test the electric wiener cooker they made in Physical Science class. Delicious! Starl Wetzel MEAT PRODUCTS General Offices, Indianapolis Whether you were formerly a Brideif Murphy or a Julius Caesar, it ' s the here and now we ' re interested in pre- serving for you with a personalized portrait. Colored in oil with your own carefully matched color tones, it will he a " you " you ' ll tvant to keep. 126 ne N Personalized Portraiture 127 Index Activities 20-41 Advertising 117-127 Album 63-116 Alumni Room 7 Art Class 9 Athletic Director 44 Athletics 42-61 Band 32 Baseball 56 Basketball 42,50-53 Biologv Project 93 Booster 16, 20, 110 Booster Staff 28 Boys ' Physical Ed 58, 59 Canco Project 14, 15 Careers Day 19 Cheer Leaders 44 Cheering Section 46, 47 Choir 35 Christmas Auditorium 31 Cross Country 49 Cub Club . . ' . 28 Dad ' s Night 47 DAR Good Citizen 10 Dean ' s Assistants 30 Drivers Education Car 13 Faculty Section 109-116 FHA Club 36 Flag Raising 6 Football Action 46-48 Football Awards 46 Football— Freshmen 48 Football Team- Varsity and Reserve 45 Foreign Born Students 10 Freedom Shrine 11, 62 Freedom ' s Foundation Exhibit 5, 62 Freshmen 100-108 FTA Club 36 Girls ' Physical Education 60, 61 Glee Club 35 Glee-ettes 33 Golf 58 Ham Radio 27 Hi-Y Club 26 Homecoming 43, 101 Homecoming King and Queen 13 I. U. Journalism Institute 17 Ivian ' 17, 29 Ivian Dance Royalty 16 Junior Officers 84 Junior Red Cross 37 Juniors 84-91 Kiwanis Trophies 18, 91 Lettermen ' s Club 37 Machine Shop 9,91 Majorettes 33 Masomas 22 National Thespians 24 News Bureau 16, 29 Nurse ' s Assistants 93 Operetta 31 Orchestra 32 Pep Club 21, 52 Pep Session Skit 25 Quill Scroll 30 Quiz ' Em Team 12 Radio 27,96 Redskin Revue 40, 41 Roines 22,23 ROTC History Club 38 ROTC Officers 38 ROTC Sponsors 39 Senior Arm Bands 18 Senior Industry Day 19 Senior Officers 64 Sewing Class 8 Snow Whirl 34 Sophomores 92-99 Spanish Club 39 Stage Crew 25 Student Affairs Board 7, 23 Tee Pee Talent 88, 89, 91, 99, 107 Top Ten Juniors 91 Track .. ' 54,55 Tri-Hi-Y Club 26 UN Representative 12 Visual Aid 30 Wrestling 57

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