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senior booster po -peeps ' 47 published by the class of 1947 emmerich manual training high school indianapolis, indiana A hi! my name ' s pokey, and i ' m here ' cause my great-great-great grand- father is very unhappy in happy hunting ground, well, wouldn ' t you do what your great-great-great grandfather said if he told you right out of the clear blue sky? and he was a killer, too! you see, my great-great-great grandfather killed a man once, it was way back before i was born, in 1821, i think, when my ancestor killed george pogue, the first settler of indianapolis. he killed him after pogue left his cabin on the bank of pogue ' s run, a creek that was named after him. my great-great-great grandfather didn ' t have a radio to listen to dick tracy on, so he didn ' t know crime does not pay. and now he ' s very unhappy, and he asked me to do him a favor to sorta square things up. that ' s why i came down pogue ' s run, hunting some descendant of george. but that wasn ' t the only awful thing my great-great-great grandfather did. he confessed that he also put a horrible " hex " on the little stream. i started at a little valley at forty-second street between arlington avenue and shadeland drive, while i was following it, looking for my pogue, i went through brookside park, spades park and the tech- nical high school campus. while i was at tech i learned that the east side civic league was trying to make the stream into an un- derground sewer ' cause they said it was a health menace. i thought maybe that was the horrible " hex " my great-great-great grandfather had put on it un- til i came to new york street, there i found out about the real " hex. " it used to be a beautiful sparkling stream where little boys like me went wading, but then ' cause of my ancestor factories and train tracks started up around the poor little creek, and it got real stinky, poor pogue ' s run rebelled by flooding all the time, so the naughty city put it in a cage under the ground. now, just ' cause of the " hex " , it isn ' t pogue ' s run where little hoys waded, it ' s pogue ' s run drain, a con- crete run underneath the ground that some people call an old sewer and others, a million dollar w.p.a. baby, ' cause that ' s how much it cost to make the drain. that ' s what i had to go through from new york street southwest through town, it was so-o-o-o dark in there, hut that didn ' t stop me. i went on through, and when i finally went up through a man hole for a breath of air, i was at manual. i got to manual sept. 6, and since it ' s a tepee where other indians go to school on the bank of the run. i thought sure they ' d help me hunt my missing person, i even thought of the possibility that one of the redskins might be a poque, so i decided that if i was permitted to stay there, about the second or third thing i ' d do would be to go through all the files. after i came up out of a manhole, i knew i ' d have to ask the principal, mr. mc comb, if i could go to his school, i didn ' t want him to think i was too big for my britches, or anything, but he was all smiles and said i could be a mascot, whatever that is. next i had to make arrangements with mr. barnhart, the vice principal, but i went to sleep while i was waiting for him. when i woke up, he had me assigned to four roll rooms — 109, 135, 211 and 217. he said i could take my pick! that was the day before school started, and everybody was so busy, seems like everybody looked right over me. all the office staff were so busy that i might just as well have been a file cabinet, but i didn ' t care ' cause i got a chance to see a lot of the teachers, and when i slept i dreamed i was at my own desk and i had the whole faculty for my teachers, gee — there they all were, from mrs. bing ... to mrs. yeager. mrs. ada m. bing, english mrs. edith r. binkley, music mrs. coral t. black, history mr. barold g. boese, science mrs. florence s. boots, home economics miss Josephine e. boyd, home economics " mr. james h. brayton, science mr. williani breedlove, music mr. oral bridgford, physical education mr. e. 1. brittan, music miss ada m. Coleman, mathematics ' " ' miss ione colligan, english, language mr. paul m. Collins, mathematics miss elizabeth 1. davis, language ' ' mr. oran m. davis, art miss gladys a. denney, art miss dorotby ellis, home economics, dean of girls mr. lewis e. finch, art mr. waiter floyd, history miss garnett foreman, mathematics miss dorotby forsytb, english miss elizabeth j. foster, art miss f. cleo frazier, commercial mr. louis j. fuchs, shop miss caryl gaines, physical education mr. e. edward green, english, speech miss menka gnleff, english, speech mr. bowman ball, psysical education mr. earl f. hanske, science miss freda in. bart, music miss helen a. haynes, commercial, director of place- ment mr. albert c. birsebman, shop miss rosana hunter, history sgt. barold jones, rote miss gretchen a. kemp, english, director of pub- lications mrs. dorotby s. kenoyer, home economics mrs. margaret kniptasb, english mr. otto w. kuebrmann, science mr. manley m. lewis, commercial miss gertrnde lieber, commercial mrs. verna g. magee, mathematics mr. j. c. matber, shop j £J % . " p 7 JR 40 » .b ■ fefe ■HI Al ■teMftk mr. leslie b. maxwell, commercial, director of coun- seling miss katherine mertz, school nurse miss gertrude mescall, english mr. John li. moffat, english miss Jessie e. moore, english miss elizabeth nelson, language mr. leonard h. nolte, shop mrs. ivy f. olds, home economics mr. harry b. painter, history miss tbeo. b. parr, physical education mr. marion a. peeples, shop mr. noble li. poole, shop, director of night school miss elena 1. raglin, physical education mr. alvin romeiser, physical education mrs. florenee b. schad, librarian miss siretehen scotten, english mrs. vivian 1. siener, english, speech mrs. laila e. sipe, commercial mr. carroll o. skaar, science miss adelaide b. tbale, history mr. barry b. tbomas, commercial miss eva in. thornton, mathematics miss Helen e. tipton, english, director of girls " ac- tivities miss roberta trent, music mr. guy w. trickey, shop mr. raymond van arsdale, mathematics miss nona vanden brook, commercial mr. volney ward, mathematics mr. a. 1. weigler, shop mr. a. r. williams, history mr. m. dale williams, commercial mr. barold e. winslow, shop mr. w. finley wright, english, dean of boys mrs. rovene e. yeager, home economics department bead a wben i found out later wbo those people were tbat were working so bard that day before scbool started, i was sorry i hadn ' t done a little apple polisbing — or would it be typewriter cleaning — instead of going to sleep, there were mr. mc comb ' s private secretary, mrs. mary spiegel; miss imogene sbinkle, stenograpber-clerk, and miss violet throm, registrar; and if i had ever wanted to cut — not tbat i would have — it certainly would have been nice to be " in " with the attendance clerk, miss margie grider, and the social service department staff who come out to " track you down " if you stay out of school too long, but they ' re nice, too. they help the kids on the south side with all kinds of problems ! I found out that the bookkeeper, miss charlotte hafer, was in charge of all the money— hm-m-m. i got my diool hooks and everything from miss hillie speights, who ' s in charge of the salesroom, mr. roy harmon, the head stodian, was always teasing me about being so chubby, but it ' s mrs. flinn ' s fault, i just cant stay away from the lunchroom, i also met mr. d. w. jackson in the shop department and miss julia niebergall, who plays the piano in the girls ' gym. more people! sc in i was in. i had met the teachers and office staff in full, that was easy, hut the next day i had to worry about the students — after all, i wasn ' t very big. ' J lk ' " m 5 worr ) was ' " ' nothing, though, the seniors — bless their hearts — took me right into their midst, tbere i was — fresh out of kin- prexy hurold kissel -. . , , , , c , . , . , , . . . dergarten — a senior with gobs and gobs ot big doni s and activities. they made me their mascot, and i had my own ribbon and blue and white arm band that was designed by dolores lepper. our first really big event was on fell. 25 when we had ivy day. that was the first day we seniors wore our arm bands, everybody was dressed up fit to kill, i helped tbe class president, harold kissel, plant the ivy and set the stoiie marker of 47 in place, and after the auditorium, being a pretty awful dancer, i stood on the balcony in the girls ' gym and watched. i didn ' t like just watching, so i served punch the night they had their next dance, that was the dance that started out to be a christmas party but ended up as a goodby party for the January graduates, ill never forget about the lights going off . . . oh, but i still stick to my story that it was reddy kilowatt ' s fault. besides all the seniors ' special doings, they had enough tests to make anybody dizzy, that was the big advantage of being their mascot, i didn ' t have to sign my whole life away on card after card or worry about psychology tests, i. q. tests, state college tests, pepsi- cola tests — whew! and all the time i was in c ahoots with the senior of- ficers, well, i helped vote for all of them, on election days i scooted around to all four of the senior roll rooms and voted, after all, mr. barnhart gave me a rov- ing room assignment, s-o-o — each officer can thank me for a vote. gee, i just wish i could stick around for that b. n. o. in. c, (that ' s " big night on manual ' s campus. " ) all the seniors will be marching down the aisle at cadle taber- nacle in their very best bib 11 ' tucker, and afterward they ' ll have their prom, maybe one of them will re- member me and send an invite to my new address on pleasant run. i guess ill have to leave before that, i ' m not doing such a good job of finding pogue. oh, my poor great- great-great grandfather! my classmates did the best they could to help me, though, see? there ' s a whole 231 of them, gee, i ' ll miss those kids. frank greene, vie? president james j. link, vice president arvine raker, vice president dean royalty, vice president paul Stafford, vice president norman tirmenstein, vice president mary jo cassady, secretary geraldine chandler, secretary geneva coleman, secretary auda ruth durhain, secretary adelia grider, secretary jo aim hupke, secretary- Ionise lee, secretary ernestina maio, secretary paul hurdsal, treasurer bob hoffman, treasurer richard painter, treasurer rohert reifeis, treasurer rosella simpson, treasurer wesley walton, treasurer beulah abbott benita abravaya glenn adamson geraldine anderson delores banks wilbur barkbau sara baruch rutb bauchle niarvin becker mildred beeman elfriede bickel lillian black Joseph bova william bower delbert bowles billie Joyce bradburn edward breeden jean brooks scott brown wilma browning betty brumiing robert buehl donald byers rose marie calverl rose capuano william carver esther cassorla norma chaney withdrawn before graduation becky cohen lee cohen John cole betty cooper Virginia cordell John cory niaxine cravens thomas cross maurice cummins geneveve Cunningham helen dale frances dilley alice dillon james donah ue mary jo donahue patricia donahue ronald dornfeld helene doty william dougherty paul duckworth carol east betty eberg martha eberhardt robert edwards raymond elliott mary ellen el lis doris elofson harry elsner 4 niary emery dorothy emrich niartha england betty evans darrell farley jack ferguson earl fishburn shirley gabert patrieia gallagber liarry gillespie ricbard gira alien glass betty gossett everett grant harold grayson betty graves leonora guerrini niartha badden william basbman patrieia boffbein antone bolevas christine bolevas Josephine holliday fern hoover leon horwitz kathleen bowell barbara Jacobs aleene jobnson dolores juday " margaret kelly ted kenyon joan kiste morton klein don kopernak carolyn kuebler james lavell albert lecbner waiter ledgerwood howard lee June lee dolores lepper Wallace leverenz alien levenson aim levy william levy james e. link lawrence lobkamp alfred lvon francis mc clintock mary ann mc crarv ricbard mc malum don marsball ronald martlage joan may mary ann meincken william mellis withdrawn before graduation diaries mescall bess mesliulam wayne minor marilyn morical william muff thomas murray raymond myers dean nevins thomas o ' dell david o ' neill dolores osman barbara osternieier marilyn osternieier roselyn ottin i robert peale joyee pedersen jean petry billie pickering maurice pierce eugene piercefield ronald plew ted pollard Joyce porter geraldean powell joan pratber delores quack robert ransom lois rednour betty reeves dan reichner james reimer waiter reinacker thonias ressler inona reynolds bette rice idora richter rose aim rider loretta ridge micbael riley arvel ringbam Virginia roark betty robbins roseanna robert ricbard roembke jean roempke elmer sawyer george scbnepf frederick sears barriet sebree marjorie sber paula shipley barbara sicbting charles smith clee smith patricia smith robert smith robert smock elbert Solomon jr. robert sparks velma speigbts Ionise spencer george spurgeon waiter stalilbnt jr. Leslie Stanley Catherine Stevens robert stuart pbyllis si nek dola surface lois snttles inary sweeney bazel thrasher joan tnttle lelen van jelgerbnis anona wade lawrence weiiner mary aim white Virginia wiles elsa wonders james wrigbt bebe yosba doris zelner velma zink other members of the class whose picture were not available are eugene hunch, hetty cain, carmen cox. harold cubel, phyllis david- son. kenneth davis, william day, John fergu- son, ronald hallam, thornton lambert, martha mauler, elwood miles, jr., harry nelson, jr., re poehler, jr., Francis ruffin, david ryner and robert stansbury. the yearbook editors were especially special to me. i was their mouthpiece for this annual, they were always running around trying to meet deadlines, they even gave up their spring vacation to get out my life memoirs. mary jo cassady was the one who put the words in my mouth, mary ellen ellis and clee smith helped me shuffle the seniors and faculty around, and the clubs were all sorted out by jo aim hupke. wesley walton helped me out with my sports pages and miss kemp and miss colligan sorta supervised us all. Joyce porter drew me along to what i am — so to speak, and joan prather managed my appear- ance dates and kept my britches pulled up for me. wilma browning made the stick lettering so i would feel more at home, and my road maps around about were made by Virginia roark. helpin ' with the " t " square, layouts and paste-ups, ronald kistner. martha england, a delia grider and lois rednour were guided by miss foster. patricia hoffhein and roseanna robert cornered all my camera subjects, and jimmie link and mr. hanske clicked the shutters. my business managers, all working under elfriede bickel, were waiter reinacker, marilyn oster- meier. benita abravaya, idora richter and charles mescall. it was with a great deal of sadness that i told them goodbye on march 28 — but they . . . they had deadlines to meet, and i . . . i had a rendezvous to keep. ' U, (% fcmcjo! gee ! i wanted so much to be the leading man in the senior class play, what has dean royalty got that i haven ' t got? anyway, since i knew i wouldn ' t be around april 26, i bossed tryouts. the play that mr. green, miss guleff and i — they ' re taking over the directing job when i leave — chose was " come over to our house. " it was written by marrijane and Joseph hayes. they come from indianapolis and are the authors of " life of the party, " that all-school play the mask and wig club sponsored in november. boy, did we have a time even getting a class play! it looked for awhile as if the class of ' 47 would go down in infamy or something bad as the gang of manualites who didn ' t come through, but when we decided to have rehearsals at night, some of the kids who worked after school came to the rescue, just think, while i ' m hittin ' the trail during spring vacation, all of the cast will be busy learning their parts. from what i got of it during that one week i directed, the play centers around jay eldridge — that ' s dean — who is mixed up with a vaudeville show and love affairs with the kids next door, the " younguns " chosen at tryouts were jimmie link, who plays hugo willifred; leonora guerrini, who plays his hep-cat girl friend, lindy eldridge; darrell farley, who ' s butch reynolds, and rose ann rider, who ' s marion eld- ridge and butch ' s gal. bebe yosha, she ' s evie cannon, and marjorie slier, she ' s madge wilkins, both fight over jay. disgusting! i ' d sure like to be around when mary jo cassady, she plays the grandmother, does that can-can dance she ' s supposed to do, and mrs. eldridge, played by Joyce porter, gets fought over by three men. they ' re Stephen reynolds, played by " buz " sawyer, sascha sevinsky, or antone holevas, and philip king, or alien glass. other kids in the cast are bob peale, who plays a fast-talking hollywood scout; arvine raker, who ' s barney fellows, the tough prize fighter; mary ann mc crary, who is hildred reynolds. the mean kid sis- ter from next door; christine holevas and rosella simpson, reporters, and wilma browning, the maid. it really ought to be good, wish i could stay so i could see them back of the footlights. so far life for me at manual has been just like living between two pages of a story book or being set down right in the middle of coney island, while i wasn ' t " ditching " ogres and giants in the form of homework, it was like being on a roller-coaster or merry-go-round of fun and parties galore. i missed the ui ride " that the g.l.m. and masoma tea and parent-night open house were on. seems i just didn ' t qualify, but boy, did things pop around christmas! it was just as if some fairy waved her wand to make the curtain go up so i could see the live christmas tree, santa claus, dancing penguins and brownies. i was personally introduced to dancer and prancer, too. that was up at the circle, where their stable was at christmas. some of the art pupils did the lettering for the decorations. they wouldn ' t let me on the chariot " " ride " during the saturnalia, so i helped referee at the sports carnival, i got a little mixed up refereeing both a ping pong tournament and a girls ' basketball game. personally, i didn ' t see the alumni birthday party, but from the pictures i saw of it, they must have had a gay old time, i know that the students had fun at manual ' s 52nd birthday party, though, ' cause i was kept plenty busy running from the dance in the boys ' gym to the auditorium, where they showed moving pictures, and to the girls ' gym, where they played games. and then stepping out from the middle of the story book were george and martha Washington, when the girls glee club gave the cherry tree hop — well, i didn ' t miss that, i love cherry chocolates, barbara Jacobs and dean royalty were elected george and martha, and jo ann hupke. rose ann rider, Joyce pedersen, John cole, james reimer and richard painter, the other candidates, led the grand march with them. talking about queens, i got so nervous while counting ballots for the track queens! (now if i de- cide to take up pole vaulting, dee smith, marilyn morical. barbara Jacobs and Joyce pedersen will reign, sigh!) as my life memoirs go to press, everybody is wondering who the may queen will be this year, she won ' t be chosen in time for this book, but when i was going through some old pictures in the booster office, i found a picture of last year ' s queen, gee, i wish i could crown her majesty. the next dance i went to i dressed up in a sombrero instead of a powdered wig. it was given by the Spanish club and gosh! were those hot tamales hot! all year ' round the rides would slow down for a minute and give me a chance to get ' " ' undizzied, " but then they ' d start again and off i ' d go. just a big merry-go-round, i tell you. v O ' freshie, freshie! ! gee, i could hardly keep from cringing every time i heard somehody yell that, there i was, rubbing elbows with the seniors and supposed to set an example! my heart beat for those rhinies ' cause, i, too, was scared to death i ' d walk on the wrong steps or get mixed up on locker rooms. but it didn ' t take very long to feel at home, any freshman ' ll tell you that leading the class right into the middle of things were phillip goldsmith and barbara phillips, who topped the top-tenners themselves, and barbara won the masoma award, too. freshmen girls selected inez grant, anna esarey and peggy cooper for their officers in g.l.m. i ' ve never seen double so many times in my life, there were twins patricia joan and mary louise shires, barbara and betty harrington, kathlyn and Jacqueline mann, and esther and lester breeden. it was fun to watch those freshman boys in mr. nolte ' s wood-working class make the saw dust fly on those machines, you should have seen the long line of frenzel ribbon winners they had on the stage at one of the honors day programs, george breithaupt topped a group of ten including richard mahan, curtis capps, richard hinkley, vincent guiliani, John maier, John mc clintock, richard clayton, frank mascari and don aid greene. while i was hunting somebody to play some torn toms for me in the music department (not that i was homesick, or anything) i came across some freshman musicians, bill carter and richard schnepf. well, to explain the torn torn business, i had seen barbara willoughby do her super hoola at the cherry tree hop, and i was sorta thinking of a review. i feel a lot better about being so little since i saw melvin duncan. he could hold a gavel over don osborne as a joke, but all i could do was say, " open the door, richard, " meaning dietrich, of course. the only thing i regret is that i wasn ' t in personality plus like robert earl so i could have my pic- ture taken surrounded by freshman beauties like jo ellen pollard, mary pringle, nancy pierson, ruby Cunningham and patty evans. but anyway i didn ' t mind ' cause louise meibohm smiled at me when she went to broadcast on ' " teen-time news, " and bobby Johnson let me turn the pages of the big dictionary in the library while he was looking up some " heap-um-big " words. Ma m freshie! freshie! that seemed to be the sharpest taunt on the tongues of sophomores at the begin- ning of the new term, they do forget so soon, or is it that they remember? maybe if i were staying after spring vacation, that ' s what i ' d be living for — ah yes! to call someone else freshie, sell tickets for mashed potatoes and elevator rides, and to take up the new name sophomore-senior. but even though they did take advantage of the freshies, they are heap scared of them as far as one thing is concerned, all the sophomores hope, of course, to be the first class to be graduated from the new manual that ' s going to be built on the banks of pleasant run, but, secretly, they fear the freshies will have a better chance by ' 50. committees worked on plans all this year, but it looked as if the redsins wouldn ' t get to break ground for their new tepee until 1948. ho-hum! all these squabbles, it ' s much more peaceful in an honest-to-goodness injun camp, but it ' s much more fun here. ' cause whoever heard of playing tennis in an injun camp? well, i didn ' t play any here either be- cause the competition was too stiff, i never could have beat Joyce hilgemeier or pat prather. they ' re the manualites who won the doubles title, phew! they sure would ' ve worn my feather to a frazzle. speaking of feathers . . . did i like charlotte levy ' s feather headdress when she tap-danced at the students ' birthday party! she really earned ' em with that war dance, it looked like the real mc coy. feathers, feathers everywhere — say i wonder if Stephanie stanton had one in her brief case, i heard that she carries everything from soup to toothbrushes in her war bag, but — maybe i ' ll take a peek be- fore i leave. and it ' s just real magic the way those two gals, jean tutterrow and Jackie teifert, move their fin- gers over the keys of a piano, the most beautiful noises come out, and i can only play chop-sticks, hmph ! but the girls haven ' t got a thing on the math boys, John sharp, gene hallock, david coppage and ed mussmann, ' cause those fellows do some pretty nifty juggling, too, only theirs is with figures in- stead of keys. also fernand coffey and chrisanna rutan are real experts at this thing called pant-o-mime. they act as if they ' re mad, happy or sad. huh. personally, i ' m afraid they ' re mad. and one time i asked mrs. schad to recommend a good book for me as she did for marion sexson, but when she said that she didn ' t have a copy of " " mother goose " i surely was embarrassed . . . and i ' m a senior, too. gee, it ' s awful to be an " in-between " like me — i ' m too old to live a life of play like a papoose and too young to be a hunter or a warrior, the juniors are in just such a spot, but for all their misery they don ' t really do so badly. for instance, lowell farley, sports editor on the booster, captured the vice presidency of the indi- ana high school press association when six manual scribes were delegates to the convention at frank- lin college in October, and three m.s.p.s. gals received certificates of acceptance for the annual anthol- ogy of high school poetry — mary cantrell, Joyce deckard and phyllis miedema! another winner was jack poole, who took the martin-menges title in tennis, i go in for that he- man stuff, myself. and a man after my own heart is bill anderson, who really makes the girls ' hearts flutter when he croons, also in the solo department are lucille prentice, Carolyn kenyon, and phyllis miedema, accompa- nied by waneta staten and yours truly, pokey, barbara ferguson needs no accompanist ' cause she solos on the piano. but what really baffles me is the number of juniors th at are artistically inclined, including boys! ronald kistner, margie board, carolyn marshal] and wilma harding won Saturday scholarships to her- ron art school, margie and carolyn teamed up to do all those beee-uuu-teee-ful twin posters on spring and the school ' s birthday, too. and others that had entries accepted for display in the national scho- lastic art exhibit at block ' s were John leisure, hershal parish, eileen brooks, jean glass, robert babbs and helen schwomeyer. and one day i tried my hand at mechanical drawing with such expert teachers as jim glass, lawton link, don cope, jack edwards, bob bernhardt and mr. winslow. happening into the newly decorated library one day, i spied six studious juniors at a nearby table, so i picked myself up by the seat of my three cornered dress suit and landed smack in the lap of roy turley, the basketball player who plays while lying on the floor, ' course i didn ' t stay there long when i recognized one of my favorite redheads, barbara snodgrass. and there were dick small wood, nila jo hawkins, helen schwomeyer and bob stuckey. all of them were trying to look as though they were studying, but i ' ll lay you odds (shame on me for betting when i know i ' m bound to win) that the thing that encouraged those looks of thoughtfulness was mr. hanske ' s " " click-um-pitcher box. " wanna bet? a •u u " f f t £ i AfftfHL 1 , 3 INMANMOI IS when they first announced a cub class for the booster, i borrowed a bear fur coat and went, i didn ' t want to miss anything, but i found out that being a cub didn ' t require any fur at all. so-o-o, i started writing on the booster, miss colligan and miss kemp gave me my press card to stick in my feather band, and i started learning how to write under editor clee smith and assistant editors mary jo cassady and mary ellen ellis. lowell farley and wesley walton — they ' re the sports editors — let me keep scores at the football and basket- ball games, i think maybe they watched me pretty closely, though, ' cause they never added them up to what i got. and i sure got in business manager elfriede bickel ' s hair when i got tangled up in the adding machine trying to figure lap winners in the subscription campaign races, the booster gave a treat for the first roll room to cross the finish line and tourney tickets and yearbooks for winning drivers, or agents, esther breeden and virgil swaf- ford were 9b winners. gee, did i shine around the junior red cross club! when i had a red cross money box in my hand, i wasn ' t at all scared to get up in front of a roll room and give a speech about how much good it would do boys and gals not so lucky as we redskins are. under mrs. black and its president, rose aim rider, this club really gave out with service, around christmas time the girls were probably better Santa ' s helpers than dancer and prancer. you should have seen the piles of boxes that were packed and sent from room 113 where mrs. martini dill, junior red cross director for marion county, has her headquarters. the manual chapter packed huge boxes of groceries for two of manual ' s more unfortunate families at thanks- giving, packed christmas boxes with the g. 1. m. for children overseas and made stockings for the day nursery. when they received thank you letters for their boxes from luxembourg, germany, they made a pamphlet to send them that shows all about manual and our junior red cross. and then they gave a skating party out at riverside (i wish i ' d had a pillow I and worked for sunnyside. now you can see what i mean when i said they gave out with the service! -If- J : " to be, or not to be. . . . " i knocked ' em dead in tbe aisle — i think tbat ' s good — when i played hamlet for mask and wig tryouts, and what did it get me? i became a servant for all tbe members, carrying their books and everything. seems like tbe officers — wesley walton and janet weaver were presidents — and mr. green as sponsor just didn ' t have any feelings at all about the murderous thing that pledge chairman bob peale cooked up for us mere pledges. and then i didn ' t even get to be in any of the plays, but i guess it was my directing tbat made them such suc- cesses, their first performance was " his first date, " given by tbe pledges for relatives and friends oct. 23. i prompted and stage-managed " life of the party, " all-school play sponsored by tbe club nov. 22. then they, i mean we, gave a double feature feb. 12. the plays were one-acters, " the bishop ' s candlesticks " and " too many marys. " the mask and wig alumni gave tbeir first play feb. 20. the play was " ghost wanted " and, br-r-r, was it spooky! maybe it was just a guilty conscience ' cause of my great-great-great grandfather, actives now are getting ready to entertain alums at a dinner-dance at the hotel warren after vacation, wish i could dance — i can dine . . . but i ' ll be gone .... that first special bulletin for clubs brought me to with a jolt ! my conscience hurt just a little, there i was, sup- posed to be hunting a pogue for my great-great-great grandfather, and i was acting like a play boy. i learned that the redskins were proud of their many clubs — and patriotic, too. the clubs which met on alter- nate tuesdays at roll call they called red and white, and those like mines and mask and wig which met after school they called honoraries and blue clubs. i decided on a plan that would make my great-great-great grandfather proud of me. my plan was to visit all the clubs and get either a clue for tracking down and catching a pogue or a peace-offering for when i finally reached him. i couldn ' t decide which one to join first, but i put on my best bib ' n ' tucker and started out for the honoraries. and later as each three-bell signal sounded i saw the others in action, i didn ' t miss a one of them either, even if it did keep me scootin ' . mines — my first ambition was to make roines, senior boys ' hon- orary, hmmm. ibey made me, and before i knew it i was doing al- lalis along with the rest of them, my first job was to sell freshman basketball tickets, they gave me a whole roll and said if i didn ' t sell them i could use them to lasso pogue with, after i got my lapel pin — i got to help ' em give Luncheons for the football and basketball teams, at the annual skating party i had to sell more tickets, and at the alumni birth- day party i checked coats, jack of all trades — that ' s we roines! president alien glass sponsors miss arda knox mr. oran davis masoma — i must have looked a little out of place when i walked through the masoma initiation ring, i wouldn ' t have considered it twice — you know, since it ' s an all-girls ' club — but it is an hon- orary service club, masomas do all sorts of helpful things around school like acting as messengers and information clerks, answer- ing the office phone and collect- ing attendance cards, they seemed especially nice at teas when they entertained their 9b sisters and their mothers and helped at the alumni birthday party, too. president geneva coleman sponsor miss helen tipton ' r -tfdft block m — all the guys in this club were heap-big chieftains in foot- hall, basketball, baseball and track, when i joined they gave me a block in sweater, it was a mile too hig. hut i was so proud of it i wore it anyway, the block m club sponsored the ice cream sales at the football games, so we were the ones who bought the football players their side-line coats for the season, these big he-men also played tennis, but, gee, they always made me chase all the balls. president edmund martin sponsor mr. harry thomas g.l.in. council — even if it is exclu- sively for women the g.l.m. is super around manual, the coun- cil is made up of all the officers in the different classes, and since it was so important i held one of their candles and sang their songs at the freshman initiation. and i even took my red feather off to put a g reen one in its place so i could help ' em celebrate th ' ir masoma-g.l.m. st. patrick ' s day party, the gals also helped with the fund for european chil- dren. president marilyn morical sponsor miss helen tipton hi-y — they promised me superman muscles to help catch pogue if i stayed with them and if i could have found time for swimming, basketball and all those other games at the y.m.c.a. . . . shazam ! i could have been a regular cap- tain marvel . . . they had speak- ers on the Indiana parole system and vocations, hoy, i was proud when i got to help put out a hi-y news letter, and when they asked me to work on a project for the benefit of foreign hi-y clubs, i knew i was important. president John lee sponsor mr. leslie maxwell OSK ?Z««£r Q Atii c " senior wliite — i was the only senior who belonged to both of the sen- ior clubs, you weren ' t supposed to belong to both the red and white sections, but i was a priv- ileged character, we had meet- ings in a home-ec room and talked about everything from soup to nuts — well, i mean just as long as the soup and nuts meant something or other to the seniors, onee we took a person- ality test and even discussed eti- quette — as if i needed that ! president John cole sponsor miss dorothy ellis senior red — the senior red was just ditto for senior white, and vice versa, they discussed all kinds of senior big doings like parties and dances, i didn ' t get to vote on these all-important announce- ments for commencement, though, they said that i wouldn ' t even be here — oh, i ' d give my very best and newest arrow if i could stay! once they had a meet- ing for girls only, and they talked about material for graduation and prom formulas, ok, so i did peek, if i were staying for com- mencement, i wonder if i ' d get my first pair of long pants. president paul Stafford sponsor miss dorothy ellis business girls — gee, i wish i were a magician so that i could just swish my magic wand and there i ' d be — a redskin girl, then i wouldn ' t feel so kinda queer when it came time to join an- other all-girl club like the busi- ness girls, during their meetings they heard speakers discuss busi- ness and office work, they tell their own " executive " experi- ences, too! at christmas time i helped ' em trim their christmas tree. president barbara Jacobs sponsor miss cleo frazier ttvoopsr Rf5 i9 " i « mi — et tu, brute ... the gift of roman .speech was given to me by the latin club, well, almost, et tu, brute was about as far a i got other than puclla pulchra (that means pretty girl), they knew i ' d always be at meetings when they showed slides of old rome, and sometimes they showed real movie films, besides seeing all those old buildings and monuments, i heard about those famous roman men and myths, and then, we, i mean they, sang in latin, and i won some prizes when they held contests. president antone holevas sponsor miss elizabeth davis Spanish — just call me senor. i wore my sombrero that the Spanish club gave me to all the meetings. it was so big it slipped down over my eyes, so i cut slits in it. they gave me a serape that looked like a bright rainbow, i felt like a ' ■big-time " good-neighbor dip- lomat in it and i saved it for my Sunday best, we senors and senor- itas had Spanish skits, games, songs and even gave an all-school dance with hot tamales and every- thing, it was all south-american flavor. president lowell farley sponsor miss elizabeth nelson f.h.a. — boy, those future homemak- crs sure go about it in the right way. when they get a rolling pin or a needle and thread in their hands there ' s just nothing they can ' t do. they gave me a rolling pin . . . and a sieve . . . which i added to my sherlock holmes detective collection for tracking down pogue. to their waist-line supper they invited the hi-y and roines. and they had a christmas party one night after sch ool for first-graders from school 6. i went, of course, ' cause they made the most delicious popcorn balls. president velma zink sponsor mrs. dorothy kenoyer movie — hubba, liubl a . . . boy, esther williams! when i saw the picture one of the movie club members had of her, i knew that was for me (the club, i mean) and voted her aaaa. that ' s how the movie club rates movies they review, aaaa is excellent; aaa. flood; aa, fair, and a, poor, i thought about being in the movies so i could see just how this club would rate me, but i guess i ' m just not cut out to be an actor — especially after class play tryouts. president janet petry sponsor mrs. ada m. bing odd number — i was sorta scared of that club in a way, but then in another way i wanted to be in it. so i just forgot about the number 13 being unlucky and joined, i didn ' t become a full-Hedged mem- ber right at first, and i wasn ' t at all happy about being called a worm or caterpillar, but it seems that ' s what i was until they ini- tiated me. it was fun writing short stories ' cause i ' ve got a good imagination about indian tales, but i wasn ' t so hot on essays. president frank greene sponsor mr. John mofTat m.s.iJ.s. poetry — roses are red, vio- lets are blue . . . i don ' t see how they do it — write poems, i mean, i never get the rhyme and rhythm to come out right, well, i guess we can ' t expect everyone to be a shelley or keats. some of the members entered the national poetry contest, and three of them received recognition for their poems, at their meetings they talked about poems and poets and heard speakers. presidents.. ( red ) roseanna robert (white) peggy cooper sponsor miss Jessie e. moore horizon — i met these junior high girls when they had their pitch- in supper with the ramp fire girls, there are more all-girl clubs in this school! this one ' s new this year and is mostly just a so- cial club, they invited me to be their guest any time, though, and they ' re planning parties and wiener roasts, hm-mmmm. that ' s when i ' m going to stop chasing pogue (pardon me, great-great- great grandfather) and be a man about town, maybe if i did cut out these parties and their good eats i ' d get my figure down so the girls ' d whistle at me. president dearly n boyd sponsor miss menka guleff forum — gee, this was the arguin ' est bunch i ' ve ever seen ! i played referee at all the club meetings i went to. i believe these boys and girls must be training for a seat in the united nations in the hope of out-arguing a future no-man molotov. i should read more than the funny papers, this year they debated on things like closed shops, enforcement of a curfew law, high school counseling and whether bilbo should be allowed to take his seat in the senate, i didn ' t know much about those subjects. president wesley walton sponsor miss rosana hunter nurses training — " i want a dolly. " every time i saw a girl who be- longed to the nurses training club that ' s what she ' d be crying, poor gals ! they couldn ' t find the post- war model they wanted, when i asked about a present for pogue, the only thing they could think of was an anesthetic, maybe they thought i was the one who ' d need it. i ' ll never forget the scare they gave me that first meeting when they took one look at me and grabbed up their bandages and splints, i ' m no guinea pig! president Jacqueline jones sponsor miss katherine mertz WbA-t- slidc rule — these mathematicians have got it made, they just slide some little sticks back and forth, and they have a long problem all done, they were learning it for advanced math, i ' d have had to start on simple ones using figures like 2 times 4, but they were us- ing letters like 2b plus 2c equals 48d. i don ' t ever want to meet the person that invented that stuff! i ' ve got too much on my mind as it is. what they didn ' t do was to make that slide rule tell me where i ' d find a pogue. president robert herbst sponsor miss ada m. coleman baton — Via always too little, i don ' t see why they couldn ' t have had a little drum major for a change, when i went into the baton club i practiced so-oo hard ' cause i thought i bad a chance, i even kept in step better than any of the others when we practised marching, the majorettes that came out of the club really looked swell, though, i watched them real close — uh, i mean closely — at all the football games. president auda ruth durham sponsor mr. e. 1. brittan stamp — well, it was a stamp club and there was a letter lying on the table, and i was trying to be helpful, but they just didn ' t seem to appreciate my putting one of their best and most valuable stamps on it. i learned, though, and i got to help work on a stamp book for the veterans ' hos- pital and hear all their speakers. i started a stamp book for my- self, but i found it took a lot of work, and i was always too busy for anything like that ... so, i just helped ' em make exhibits for the halls. president fred sears sponsor mrs. laila sipe ?l I stage crafters — the first day on the job they yelled, " bring down the eurtain " and i couldn ' t even reach the rope to do it. it made me so disgusted i felt like quitting, hut they must have noticed my artis- tic ability, ' cause they loaded me down with paint and brushes, i ' d sit and paint scenery by the hour, we stage crafters were always on hand at all the school perform- ances fixing lights, scenery, cur- tains and everything that goes with them, wonder why they never asked me to be the stage manager. stage manager glenn white sponsor mr, lewis e. finch arts and crafts — after i ' d done such a good artistic job on scenery for the stage crafters they wel- comed me with open arms to the arts and crafts club, so there i was with more paint and brushes, during some of our meetings we had demonstrators and speakers, and we talked about different artists and their work, and i really liked going on their trips to all the art exhibits, maybe someday i ' ll try a self-portrait, but i prob- ably wouldn ' t do myself justice. president patsy hansing sponsors miss betty foster mr. oran davis -teens — this is another new club at manual this year, well, it had a new name, anyway, it used to be the girl reserves, but they ' re still affiliated with the y.w.c.a. and that ' s why i got left out of everything they did except mak- ing things for the european chil- dren, the " y.w. " doesn ' t allow any little boys to go swimming in its pool. ok. i went with the hi-y. so there! president ruth kimbrell sponsor miss dorothy forsyth 0 X - L ;irls bowling — alley-oops! these kegling femmes really made a name for themselves, ami in their first year of organization, too. more than 40 would-be maple syrup stars met each thursday after school at the fountain square howling alleys, they entered eight teams in the booster division of the state bowling tournament, their teams all had cute names like the " pick ' em ups, " " howl- ing bugs, " and " rolling fives; " but they just called me the " pood- ler! " i never did get a strike or spare. president harriet sebree sponsor miss theo h. parr boys leaders — at the first meeting i went to i thought maybe i ' d been misinformed about the boys ' leaders, ' cause there they all were — skipping rope, it ' s not such an easy thing to do, though, and neither are their exercises, pyra- mid building, parallel bar work and tumbling, i was the one they dived over when they tumbled. sponsor nir. alvin romeiser girls leaders — not to be outdone by their brothers in the gym, girls ' leaders, strutting their stuff on parallel bars, tumbling on mats and swinging on the rings, were something to behold, i beheld . . . and i love swinging on the rings with them. too. when they shinnied up those poles, they were just as good as any indian relative of mine . . . and purtier, too. presidents (red) joan wolf (white) harriet sebree sponsor miss earyl gaines k - l ' ■ ' « u» £ Q yell chieftains bud reinucker, harriet sebree, wcsley walton, put hoffhein and bob peale. oh, to be a football star! that ' s what i thought when i went to that first football game of the sea- son and we beat howe, 13-12. i yelled till i couldn ' t even whisper, and after that i went to the games every friday afternoon, of course, we didn ' t win ' em all, but it was so much fun and i got so excited that the score didn ' t even matter much sometimes, besides howe, coach floyd ' s boys beat southport, too, but they got the tomahawk from Washington, tech, cathedral, broad ripple and shortridge. wish i ' d been out there with my tomahawk! then i wanted to be a basketball star, but i couldn ' t do what coach bridgford said was " finding the range, " so i trapped a rabbit to get a real rabbit ' s foot and sat on the sidelines and watched while the netters scalped speedway, the silent hoosiers, beech grove and howe. they played 18 games, and wesley walton (he ' s one of the booster sports editors, and i helped him keep sta-sti-stics) said they had a .222 average. i got a front row s pat for the sectionals, and say! those yell leaders — bud reinacker, pat hoffhein, bob peale, harriet sebree and wesley walton — really looked snappy, i saw lots of good basketball, even if the tepee towners did lose their game to the lawrence central bears. i took my little bow and arrow and started right in with the girls when they went out for archery in the fall, ' n ' i could shoot farther and straighter than any of ' em. basketball and badminton and vol- leyball were lots of fun to watch, too, but what i really liked was going bowling, the girls let me set up the pins, course they just knocked ' em right down again — they were really good at it, even if it was the first year they had had bowling at manual, they came away from the state bowling tourney with six out of eight teams in the money. now i ' ll have to be off to keep another rendezvous in my search for a pogue. i don ' t wanna go, either, sometimes i wish i were a little girl redskin so i could cry when i have to do things i don ' t want to do. i got a hot tip, though, that there ' s another run, a pleasant one, where little boys like me still can wade and where the redskins will be moving pretty soon, there ' s where i shall continue my search, i ' ll be waiting for you there ! bye now ! mw i , . ■ r V Jt " ' am Jk tt mss ; 1 sfciMKof ifef f ljP H . M • H H - i 42 ft — , CI § $TUl S K . Kf» B ! JM%% £ fym f. $ h Jjfcjh Jt- " .. •.. - : ,.. . — 3BS «2 the cr ■C6 rorT£r

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