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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1942 volume:

J y The Senior Booster Published by the Class of 1942 Emmerich Manual Training High School Indianapolis, Indiana S Sfc ° .. . V ceV v rf SJ C ■t a tv« : ,o ° vv v at V „ t « rev „ • ■ -.v,s , o s tf «t " e rtcSt e1 v° " .„ T ; V , ° »«£, io co 6 J i vve o oV e ,° KV A rf U „ e 1 A vcv co- t vv e tv e ' .wv wov- v •tfV o . o ' ol °; Vo [ x J6» .1 » ° c $ =, Y rf e a o oi s v ve O ' yrv v v . ' «° G ».v , V 4« " - ' • " ' a V e t° A e tCV " =A ' " ! ' ; 8f vj v o l° x l tfV 6 IcV ,t a $v . ° A A eS f Vvi rt- 1 r v M 9 ' t0 c v a£ c tv e . cV- tfv ' e .V . R V ef J,o v ,V o VCV XV ! ■ ' e V i «Ocv e jpN- ev» ' U v: Alumni Join Faculty Assembly Line Df 123; Foremen IVameri (Continued from Page 2) Two Manual products, Miss Mar- garet Edwards and Miss Helen Carver, have been named assistants in the art and home economics de- partments respectively. Bulletin: Two staff members of the South Side educational plant have joined the armed forces of the United States. Private Bowman Hall, physical education instructor, is with the Second Weather Squad- ron at Bowman Field, Louisville, Ky., and Lieut. W. F. Wright has reported to the intelligence depart- ment of the Army Air Corps at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Ala. Miss Dorothy Weyreter, also a Manual graduate, is new to the office force of five, superintended by Mrs. Mary J. Spiegel, secretary to President McComb. Heads Listed Other departments in the per- sonnel of 123 are headed by Mrs. Ada M. Bing, English; Miss Ada M. Coleman, mathematics; Mr. J. R. H. Moore, history; Miss Eliza- beth L. Davis, language; Mr. Carl F. Hanske, science; Mr. Charles Y eager, art, and Mrs. Edith Ross Binkley, music. Vice President Barnhart is foreman of the com- mercial department; Vice President Sanders, physical education. Mr. Roy Harmon superintends the work of 16 custodians. pfe £ --. ill i .■ Phusical Education 4 ° O r • o " S 2, -t e « 3 0 V C X? s -XV pC If ,, e -y v o N . v „ ! e ° £► ' o ' ,, XV v JA- v£ J A rCv , .Vfr N.O- , ' V ' o X Sr X x ' - , „Cv X V Cv OV " ,e - V pj? XV -r, S v SAW v -. " vv , te sy SS ? ss+ ss s ?ys N 4 .A v js jV O " A . XT " .j5V c, 4 Sv „a . r ,, ? .p M?ss ss y e + v x x7 . e , Sally and Sammy Sophomore .0 s»S , « ,» i ' x i f « o «p v p d v£ v v ' - ? ° X £ e vo ' A c c V A Judy and Jack Junior y £ +KJ -V V V f P -Q rN V . € jtf % V» nP x° v i?» C? 6, k- -v . -, 0 ■ vvv cr a • " o A tp N V N C-Z cf a o s • £■ ■ SS v 6 ' ■r a ■V V O " i XN C N o ,, v o 11 V n-V o " % .XJ, ' ■ • c v : -V . v v .« ■ .v Cv 4 " .o so 4 . e. v ,« sT -0 10 War Activities Increase As GLM Parades Talent Charlie Club, Activities A nn Students See Pageant; May Queen, Attendants Chosen By Judy Junior Highlighting general activities for Emmerich Manual Training- High School this year, the war pro- gram grew as a student war com- mittee was chosen, a flag ceremony was adopted, a stirring nine-act patriotic pageant was presented and classes took up Red Cross du- ties. One student each from the extra- curricular and club groups was named to form the student war council which worked under Mr. John H. Moffat, member of the English belt. Two pupils from the group were chosen to lead the stu- dent body in the pledge of alle- giance at each student assembly. Classes Rearranged Representing great American people, students took part in the patriotic pageant, reliving vital moments in the nation ' s history. Among those portrayed were Abraham Lincoln, played by George Painter; Patrick Henry, Wallace Watkins, and Andrew Jackson, Paul Arnett. Classes in sewing and horn? nursing rearranged schedules to include work in knitting and sew- ing for Red Cross boxes and first aid. Volunteer groups were organ- ized, also. Skating Parties Held Other highlights of the year were the Christmas program, in which the Girls Glee Club formed a live and singing Christmas tree, and the school birthday, Feb. 14, at which the portrait of President E. H. Kemper McComb was un- veiled. The literary staff of five journal- ists completed the magazine issue of The Booster on Jan. 30; Wilma- jean Ketchum was crowned queen of May and, with her four attend- ants, witnessed a colorful fiesta program, and the Red Cross Club sponsored a skating party which was followed by two similar Roines events. Variety Show Stages Numbers Portraying Patriotic Note By Sally Sophomore EMTHS, Dec. 4— With vaude- ville song and dance numbers on the program, the fourteenth an- nual Girls League Variety Show was presented in the Manual Train- ing High School auditorium today. Prefacing other novelty num- bers, Robert Deer and Ruth Norris reminisced as four acts stepped from the pages of a big blue book to bring back " Memories. " Blondie Portrayed A Latin American chorus served as background for June Siler as she nearly failed the Heffer Feffer Sausage radio quiz test despite Announcer Bob Traugott ' s tips. Blondie and her Bumstead fam- ily came to life as students por- trayed their trials and tribulations; while Sol Bunes and Kenneth Nus- baum gave the audience the C- Russian Ballet. Modern Design Act Kathleen Burns and Mary Shultz presented the Modern Design — Woop, Woop, Woop — act as mem- bers of the Chattanooga Choo-Choo presentation prepared to take their places on the stage. Five song and dance numbers closed the program with an im- pressive patriotic note. Band Supplies Music Mrs. Ruth Shull, in charge of the program, was assisted by Mr. Charles Henzie, Mr. E. Edward Green, Mrs. Dorothy Huber and Miss Frc«da Hart, critics. Music was supplied by the Dance Band, and Mr. Lewis Finch directed stage work. 12 WttJ i " . n n P , | . . ' + • j f k dc! 3 ? @ 65 r%k5 3. A Band Under the direction of Mr. Charles Henzie, these musicians form Manual ' s A band. Playing for football games, pep sessions, and school auditoriums is out- standing among their activities. Officers are James Allee, captain; Norman Peters, first lieutenant, and Albert Tavenor, second lieu- tenant. Gordon Grow is drum major. A Orchestra Concert Master John Taylor heads these students who com- prise the orchestra. Their main activity is playing for school programs and commencement. Directed by Mr. George Turmail, they also make outside per- formances. B Band To train for the A Band is the object of these musicians who are learning band technique under direction of Leader Charles Henzie. L. Dance Band Providing modern music for senior and all-school dances, this 12-piece band, led by Mr. Charles Henzie, proudly plays behind the red and white stand covers presented recently by the Girl Reserves. ID K ' v. ... IT, •j JR ' jLia« - . -.r «t-. ■• ,- -a -.- i m v , . .- - ' • ' ■ :• Aj 41 Girls Glee Club These girls, directed by Miss Freda M. Hart, represent Manual well at their numer- ous civic and school perform- ances. President Kathleen Burns is assisted by Gayl Lloyd, vice president; Bernadine Talk- ington, recording secretary; Florence Willard, attendance secretary, and Martha Rooker, treasurer. L Boys Glee Club Besides their recent pres- entation of a Romeo and Juliet burlesque, these boys have appeared at pep sessions, a boys ' sing, and on broadcasts. Mrs. Edith Ross Binkley leads the group and Mr. George Tur- mail accompanies. Songsterettes Led by Jeanne Mathias, president, these girls have broadcast and made outside performances. Mrs. Edith R. Binkley is sponsor and Marian Arthur assists the president as vice president. Choir Outsiders as well as students are provided entertainment by this group of mixed voices in Christmas caroling, broadcasts and Good Friday services. Mr. Harold Winslow is sponsor; Ray Miller, president; Rita Meo, vice president; Gordon Grow, secretary; Gilbert Cohen, librarian, and Betty Hawkins, press agent. 17 Masoma Club Collecting attendance cards, acting as messengers and ass ; sting in the library, these honor pupils have no small part in school routine work. Bernad.ne Talkington, president, is assist- ed by Mary Kleinschmidt, vice president, and Kathleen Eurns, secretary-treasurer. The Masomas are sponsored by Mrs. Ruth H. Shull and Miss Helen Tipton. A Roines Club Co-sponsored by Miss Arda M. Knox and Miss Bertha J. Ebbert, the Roines, senior boys ' honorary society, fetes Manual ' s athletic teams at luncheons with red roses and Miss Knox ' s jelly. Sponsor of school activities and skating parties, the club is directed by Harold Bretz, presi- dent; Joseph O ' Nan, vice president; Elmer Eisenbarth, secretary, and Donald Blettner, treasurer. L. Junior Red Cross Club These girls pack Christmas gift boxes to send to foreign countries, fill Christmas stockings for the Flanner House Settlement, make scrapbooks for local hospitals and knit for war relief under the super- vision of Mrs. Coral T. Black. Jean Ellen Glass officiates as president, assisted by Shirley Link, vice presi- dent; Mae Costello, record ' ng sec- retary; Doris Rogers, treasurer, and Libby Kipp, press agent. c g a ? hm Senior Club Y With Marshall Etherington presiding, this senior group, sponsored by Miss Dorothy Ellis, has as its purpose the training of seniors to meet any social situation. Etherington is assist- ed by the vice president, Gerald Wilson; treasurer, Evalyne Gahimer; secretary, Irma Schleicher, and recording secretary, Dorotha Jackson. Block MClub Donald Strietelmeier serves as president of this club of lettermen who, under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Harry Thomas, uphold the standards of the Block M and keep interest high in athletics. President Strietelmeier is assisted by Joe Stepanovic, vice president, and Joe Lex, secretary-treasurer. L Senior Club X Sponsored by Miss Dorothy Ell this club has the same objective as the Y section, that of learn- ing high school social ethics. Officers are Anna Yetter, president; Helen Kerr, vice president; Maxine Foley, treasurer; Freda Dilk, attend- ance secietary, and Annice Ritter, recording secretary. 19 Girl Reserves Club Dances at the " Y " and hikes make pleasant recreation for these girls whose president, Mary Burks, is assisted by Marilyn Chapman, vice president; Margaret Burks, secretary; Letha Dill, treasurer, and Carolyn Flinn, press agent. This club, a national organiza- tion centered in the YWCA, is sponsored by Miss Dorothy Forsyth. Leaders Club Headed by Arthur McCormick, president, and sponsored by Mr. Alvin Romeiser, this group was formed to promote physical fitness. Assisting the presi- dent are Edward Worland, vice president, and Andrew Raikos, secretary. A Hi-YClub To create and maintain high standards of Christian character in the school and community is the purpose of this club sponsored by Mr. John Piper. Officers are Marshall Etherington, president; Donald Strietelmeier, vice president; John Mascari, secretary, and Robert Jacobs, treasurer. 20 Latin Club Studying the Latin language and customs of the Roman people is the purpose of the Latin Club, under the sponsor- ship of Miss Elizabeth Davis. The president is Donald Miller; vice president, Nita Overman; attendance secretary, Annie Hassell; recording secretary, Robert Schilling; treasurer, Richard Shake, and Booster reporter, Betty Brickert. A French Club The life and customs of France provide subject material for these linguists under the sponsorship of Mrs. Ruth H. Shull. The French Club ' s president is Alliance Medal Winner Catherine Punterelli. Her assistants are Rita Meo, vice president; Barbara Fisher, secretary; Ida Mercurio, attend- ance secretary; Bernard Horwitz, press agent, and Milton Bohard, program chairman. L Spanish Club For those interested in the Spanish language and culture, Miss Alvina Wichhorst has formed this club led by Paul Acton, president; Helen Carter, vice president and Booster agent; Richard Steele, recording secretary; Patty Schutte, attendance secretary; Gerald Tutterrow, treasurer, and Wayne Snider, sergeant-at-arms. 21 Forum Club Leading discussions of nation- al and local problems of interest to members of this group, Joe Moskovitz, president, is assist- ed by Marjorie Loy, vice presi- dent; Walter Mussman, attend- ance secretary; Rita Meo, recording secretary, and Herman Hurwitz, Booster agent. Miss Rosana Hunter is sponsor of the club. A Know Indianapolis Club To know Indianapolis better is the main purpose of this club sponsored by Mr. Otto Kuehrmann. Eugene Cummings is president; Delores Carman, vice president; Vir- ginia Clark, attendance sec- retary; John Kuhn, recording secretary, and Betty Crawford, Booster reporter. International Relations Club This group sponsored by Miss Adelaide B. Thale was organized to give students a chance to discuss world relations in regard to the United States. Officers of the group are Harry Tyler, president; Maurice Zwiesler, vice president; Harry Nicholson, treasurer; Jane Turley, secretary, and John Mascari, Booster agent. 22 Mathematics Club Miss Ada Coleman sponsors this club for those interested in mathematics. Officers are Harold Bretz, president; Morris Bernstein, vice president; Dorothy Reinacker, recording secretary, and Gerald Tutterrow, attendance secretary and treas- urer. L Stamp Club Thomas Piepenbrok is president of this group organized by Mr. Arthur Shull to learn the value of stamps and to study new ones. Norman Speights, secretary- treasurer, and Wilmar Kuehrmann, attendance secretary, are other officers. Art Club Interested in various types of art work, members of this club work under Mr. Charles Yeager. Officers are Mary Lou Lamme, president; Victor De Felice, vice president; Thelma Luedeman, treasurer; Betty West, attendance secretary; Charles Heck, recording secretary, and Barbara Schmedel, Booster agent. 23 Movie Club Y Mrs. Ada M. Bing has organized this club to develop appreciation of movies. Christine Call is, who heads the officers as president, is assisted by Paul Eckhart, vice president; William Freije, recording secretary; Virgil Cronley, attendance secre- tary; Betty Jean Ray, treasurer, and Rosalie Elkin, press agent. L Music Club Under the supervision of Miss Freda Hart, this club was organized to further the appreciation of music. The officers are Gareth Sampson, president; Robert Schilling, vice president; Martha Rooker, recording secretary; Gordon Grow, attendance secretary, and Kathleen Burns, treasurer. A Movie Club X Led by Delores Ostermeier, president, this club was formed for junior high pupils interested in the cinema. President Oster- meier is assisted by Mary Ann Aichhorn, secretary; Jane Swaynie, treasurer, and Barbara Tracy, program chairman. The group is sponsored by Miss Gertrude Mescall. Z 24 Science Club Combining supplementary science class learning with club lectures and demonstrations, Mr. Carl Hanske sponsors this group led by President Joseph O ' Nan. Other officers are Josephine Austin, vice president; Harold Bretz, recording secretary; Herman Tilly, treasurer; Catherine Buehl, Booster reporter, and Phyllis Cron, attendance secretary. Camera Club Milton Garrison, president, leads these camera fans whose chief purpose is to promote interest in taking and developing pictures. Harold Rodgers, vice president; Madeline Meo, record- ing secretary; Marylouise White, attendance secretary; Janet Shapiro, treasurer, and Libby Kipp, press agent, assist hi m. The sponsor is Mr. James Brayton. Naturalists Club To stimulate the interest of students in animal and plant life is the purpose of the Naturalists, sponsored by Mr. Robert l . Black. Heading the group is Alan Wake- land, president; Joseph O ' Nan, vice president; Robert Percifield, treasurer; Jean Taylor, attend- ance secretary; Patty Schutte, recording secretary, and Bonnie McKee, Booster agent. 25 Booster Staff Publishing the bi-weekly Booster under the direction of Miss Gretchen A. Kemp, these journalists are headed by Editor In Chief Larry Stillerman, who is aided by Asso- ciate Editors Dorotha Jackson and Pauline Robinson, and Assistant Editors Bernice Cohen, Albert Tavenor, Mary Fritsche, Mary Cory and Doris Colligan. Under the sponsorship of Miss Helen A. Haynes, the business staff keeps subscription and circulation books and records. Directing the staff is Rut h Norn ' s, business manager. L Business Girls Club Ella Mae Sutt, as president, leads this group of girls who are inter- ested in problems of the business woman. Mrs. Hazel Dorman is sponsor, and officers are Barbara Anderson, vice president; Evelyn Francis, attendance secretary; Nellie Strietelmeier, treasurer; Jean Ellen Glass, recording secretary, and Annie Hassell, Booster agent. A Booster Agents Chosen each year from the roll rooms to stimulate Booster sales, these students deliver Boosters, col- lect money, write receipts and conduct the Booster sales and cir- culation. The students function under the guidance of Miss Helen A. Haynes, adviser. 26 Mask and Wig Club In addition to presenting several one-act plays, the Manual Thespians participate in state drama confer- ences, held at Terre Haute and Indiana University, and see plays at English ' s and the Civic Theater. They are sponsored by Mr. E. Ed- ward Green. Helen Kerr, president, has as co-workers Rita Meo, vice president; Gordon Grow, secretary, and Rosalind Hoffman, treasurer. A Odd Number Club Organized that students inter- ested in short story writing might receive constructive criticism on their work, the Odd Number Club is sponsored by Mr. John Moffat. Officers are Don Blettner, president; Marylouise Woesser, vice president; Pauline Robinson, recording secretary; Ruth Norris, attendance secretary, and James Foxlow, treasurer. Poetry Club To stimulate writing and to further the appreciation of poetry are principles on which this club was formed. Advised by Miss Jessie E. Moore, its officers are Wilma Schwicho, president; Elna Houston, vice president; Ann Nisenbaum, treasurer; Mary Lee, attendance clerk, and Annie Hassell, re- cording secretary. 27 ffc Military Club Capt. John A. Tedrowe is presi- dent of these Reserve Officers Training Corps boys who learn mili- tary tactics and discuss current military affairs under the direction of Sergeant Harry E. Smith. As- sisting Capt. Tedrowe are Lieut. Thomas Heininger, vice president; Lieut. Albert Tavenor, secretary- treasurer, and Lieut. Robert Austin, sergeant-at-arms. L Officers Club With the purpose of acting as an executive council to the military unit, this club is formed of commissioned officers whose duty it is to inspect all cadets. This group, over which Cadet Major Robert Elder presides, is directed by Sergeant Harry E. Smith. A Non-Commissioned Officers The members of this club, comprised of the non-com- missioned officers of the Reserve Officers Training Corps are interested in military training and strive to achieve the highest possible degree of perfection. Warren Sherman, as Cadet Master Sergeant, directs this group, which is under the guidance of Sergeant Harry E. Smith. 28 Debaters These boys under the sponsor- ship of Mr. John Moffat present the semi-annual debates for the Service Club trophy. The winners of the debate, which is presented in the school audi- torium and is judged by three members of the Manual faculty, have their names engraved on the trophy. L Lunchroom Workers Assisting in the lunchroom, these students, whose duties in- clude cashiering, working in the kitchen, and assisting behind the counters, function under the direction of Mrs. Helen Rosaa. A Stagehands Directed by Mr. Lewis Finch, these boys prepare all stage settings for school programs, operate the stage lights, adjust the public address system and assist in setting up all necessary props. Travers Browne, student stage manager, heads this volunteer service group. 29 t % , •,. % «l Stan and Susie Senior •VS. T «, ' s V ' +r i $ 5V U •V e e 6 : e " 30 « Ao v v 3 3 ' » v 0 A .«• , » V V vO . V v ? e " f e " ,v v rf -««► ' 00 . [•P c .o s . ew . e ,.o nO " r , u , v° " V 1 ve 1 vV " P .rf» . e ■ V . o SV A e •-tfv V :%%- v 34 m Kin. in h5j Ted Theater, Doris Drama 1 . • • , ■ $1 r pV 3 36 Donald Blettner Robert Elder Donald Strietelmeier Gordon Grow William VanDerMoere Wilmajean Ketchum Martha Rooker Harold Bretz John Tedrowe Seniors Install Class Officers Blettner Takes Gavel Second Term ; Others Re-Elected By Stan Senior EMTHS, March 28 — Donald Blettner, re-elected head of the outgoing senior class, six other officers and eight members of the council were installed March 25 as leaders of the 1942 Class at Em- merich Manual Training High School. Vice Presidents Robert Elder and Donald Strietelmeier succeed Gor- don Grow and William VanDer- Moere, chosen for the semi-final period of training. Secretaries Re-Chosen Also re-elected, Martha Rooker and Wilmajean Ketchum will con- tinue to record activities of the group as secretaries; Harold Bretz and John Tedrowe will act as treasurers for the two sections. Bretz succeeds Elder; Tedrowe was re-chosen. Vice President Bertram Sanders officiated at the installation, where Kathleen Burns, Eleanor Ayres, James Allee and Elmer Eisenbarth, representing 135, and Maxine Wood, Bernadine Talkington, Ger- ald Wilson and William McClain, 217, were inducted as senior coun- cil members. Serve First Term Miss Wood and Wilson were re- elected from the preceding term, during which Betty Campbell, Martha Breithaupt, Vernon Derrett, Marshall Etherington, Marylouise Woessner and Donald Strietelmeier also served. Dorotha Jackson Evelyn Johnson Meredith West 38 Booster Sales Reach Hew High Dorotha Jackson Heads Staff Of 24 ; Advisers Listed By Susie Senior EMTHS, June 1— The 56-page Senior Booster was issued today to more than two thousand year- book subscribers, Miss Dorotha Jackson, editor, revealed. Aiding Miss Jackson in produc- tion of the annual publication were Edward Reich and Marylouise Woessner. Larry Stillerman was sports editor and Alice Miedema, club editor. West, Art Editor Pauline Robinson headed a photography staff of Robert Baker, Ida Mercurio, Jean Taylor, Mary West and Harold Bretz. Working under Meredith West, art editor, were Martha Hills, as- sistant; Eulamae Hardesty, Mary Lou Lamme and Nathan Kaplan. Business Staff Listed Evelyn Johnson, business man- ager, was assisted by Mary Louise Rinnan, Ruth Norris, James Bottin, Tony Voi, Marian Fender, Mar- garet Hardin, Rose Mary McMur- ray and Rosemary Padgett. Advisers for the various groups are Miss Gretchen A. Kemp, edi- torial; Miss Helen A. Haynes, busi- ness; Miss Betty Foster, art, and Mr. Carl F. Hanske and Mr. Lewis Finch, photography. Council Representatives Yearbook Staff 39 Kenneth Adams Lester Adams Louise Adams Nadine Adams Raymond Adams Loren Adamson James Allee Edwin Allen Mary Jane Ammer Barbara Anderson Aurel Ardelean Virginia Armstrong Paul Arnett William Arnold Josephine Austin Robert Austin Eleanor Ayers Phyllis Ayres Arthur Bainbridge lola Bainbridge Paul Baker 40 Robert Baker Roy Bannister Peggy Barnhart Fairy Baxter Jewel Beckham Lorene Behrens Charlotte Bennett Morris Bernstein Lois Berry Arthur Bessenbach Donald Blair Joseph Boarman Dortha Bockius Robert Boles Lela Boone James Bottin Therese Brady Raymond Brandes June Brehob Elsie Breithaupt Martha Breithaupt 41 Mary Buckles Catherine Buehl Mary Burks Kathleen Burns Charles Bush Emil Caesar David Calderon Lee Roy Callahan Betty Campbell Mary Carroll Dorothy Clayton Gilbert Cohen Jack Cohen Dorothy Cole Freida Cooper Mae Costello Joseph Covert Glenn Craig Jack Creeden Esther Crihfield Edward Cunningham 42 Robert Dain Richard Daum Vivian Davey Betty Davis Robert Deer Eernard Delaney Vernon Derrett Chester Devine Freda Dilk Rosemary Donahue Charles Donovan Edith Dorfman Margaret Douthitt Melba Dressel William Drummond Mayzel Dufek Elmer Eisenbarth Frances Emmelmann Evelyn Ervin Marie Eschenbach Marshall Etherington 41 Helen Faires Morris Faulk Laurence Faust Virginia Featherston Leonard Feldhake Sidney Feldman Marian Fender Mary Louise Finch Barbara Fisher Maxine Foley Rita Forney Renee Fox James Foxlow Corabel Gabert Shirley Gabhart Evelyne Gahimer Bette Garner Constance Geilker Georgia George Margaret Gibson Jean Ellen Glass 44 Robert Glazier Loraine Goldey Leah Goldstein Leonard Gray Helen Green Sylvia Grindean Louise Hamilton Alberta Hankemeier Don Hannan Margaret Hardin Robert Harmon Etta Harrington Ralph Hearn Robert Hill Walter Hillsman Frances Hinkley Mildred Hoffman Richard Hoffmeister Betty Hoop Jack Horner Norman Horowitz 45 Doris Hoyt Virginia Hughes Mildred Hull Wilson Hunsucker Helen Hupke Betty Jacobs Marietta Johnson Rosemary Judd Nathan Kaplan Harold Karas Dorothy Kattau Richard Kellemeyer Mary Rose Kelly Harold Kemmerer William Kennedy Frances Kernodle Helen Kerr Christina Kettrop, Mary Louise Kinnan Lucille Kinnick George Kish 46 Edward Kleinschmidt Mary Kleinschmidt Betty Knight Everett Knight George Kretz Wilmar Kuehrmann Frank Kyle Arnett La Mar Mary Lou Lamme Marian Langer Naomi Lantis Mary Jane LeCompte Frances Lee Arthur Levie Gayl Lloyd Herbert Logsdon Paul Ludeman Norma Luttrell Arthur Lynch Mary Lynskey Vera Lyons 47 9 Kathryn McAdams Margaret McBride Frances McCarrel William McClain Albert McCrary Wilma McCray Betty McElfresh Frank McElfresh Rose Mary McMurray Laura Manion Betty Ann Martin John Mascari Michael Mascari Use Matchull Betty Matthews Helen Mauler Helen Louise Mennel Rita Meo Ida Mercurio John Mercurio Charles Meyer 4S Leon Meyer Alice Miedema LaVonne Miller Ray Miller Ruth LaVerne Miller Ruth Jane Miller Lawrence Milli Lewis Mishelow Ralph Morgan Joseph Moskovitz Edna Mundy Paul Myers Isadore Nahmias Arvine Neal Ruth Neff Harry Nicholson Ann Nisenbaum Donald Nolan Ruth Norrington Ruth Norris Kenneth Nusbaum 41 49 Joseph O ' Nan Robert O ' Neal James Ott Lorraine Otto Rosemary Padgett Betty Jean Page George Painter Carl Pardieck Virginia Parrish Roberta Parker Mabel Parton Esther Passo Dorothy Patterson Clarence Paul Shirley Pearcy Betty Jane Pemberton Rachel Perkins Calvin Phillips Angeline Piccione Thomas Piepenbrok Armanda Pittman 50 Joseph Poett Jim Popcheff Vera Preston Beverley Price Edwin Price John Price Robert Price Albert Profeta Catherine Punterelli Barbara Ray Catherine Rea Evangeline Read Martha Rearick Edward Reich Grace Rettig Robert Reuter Dorothy Rhoads Eugene Richards Dorothy Riewer Helen Rinderknecht Annice Ritter 51 Thelma Rivers Pauline Robinson Cordelia Rockhill Dorothy Rosenberg Chester Rudisell Marcus Ruth Gareth Sampson Alberta Sanders Charles Sanders Mary Sanner William Sauer Everett Sauter Fiorina Schaefer John Scheible Irma Schleicher Edward Schroeder Mary Schultz Lawrence Searcy John Sebree Geneva Sexton Helen Shane 52 Owen Shearin Lawrence Siegel Irene Silbemagel Dorothy Sims Harry Smith Jeanne Smith John Smock Fawn Snyder Mary Solomon Mary Sparks Charles Stammer Patrick Stark Albert Steeb Arthur Steeb Lois Stenger Harry Stewart Lawrence Stillerman Berna Dean Stretsberry James Stump William Stump Emaline Sturgeon j®KPK 53 s FfA4V Betty Sweares Margie Sylvester Bernadine Talkington Gladys Taylor " Jean Taylor Kenneth Taylor Bettie Teeter Martha Thompson Herman Tilly Cornelia Tomescu Arthur Towns Robert Traugott Florence Turner Harry Tyler Anthony Voi Miriam Vornholt Raleigh Warrenburg Robert Wegner Imogene Welton Mary West Jean White Graduation requirements incom- plete. M Mary White Jack Whitehead Peggy Whitley Robert Wick Ruth Carol Wilkins Florence Willard Fay Williams Harry Williams Hilma Williams Raymond Williams Gerald Wilson Marylouise Woessner Ida Woidowsky Maxine Wood Norma Wright Mildred Wundram Anna Yetter Juanita Zimmerman Maurice Zwiesler 55 56

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