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Published by the Class of 1941 Emmerich Manual Training High School Indianapolis, Indiana There Was An Old Woman- There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; She had so many children she didn ' t know what to do. She taught them to study, to work and to play, And when she had done that, sent them on their way. No matter what number trooped out from her shoe, There still were so many she didn ' t know what to do, She bought her a boat, Good Ship Manual ' twas named, For its size, for its strength, its seaworthiness famed. Now each year she docks — to Life ' s voyage she sendc Those sailors who ' ve served four years well to the end, She ' s taught them her best and trusts them to be true. To that jolly old woman who lived in a shoe. — On The Good Ship The three wise men of Gotham, All sailors heart and soul, Could not have been so very wise To set sail in a bowl. Three wiser men do I know, Who proved they ' d wisdom true; They chose the Good Ship Manual, With its large and friendly crew. The Gotham bowl was soon o ' erturned, Its sailors ' neath the brine, ' Most fifty years Ship Manual Has sailed the seas of Time. Her skippers well have steered her In wind and rain and sun, And soon she will be anchored safe Within Port ' 41. Three senior sponsors, too, have helped Through waters rough and calm; They ' ve mapped the course and helped the crew With never fear nor qualm. " Good Dame Manual, What have we here? " " A whole page of teachers Who ' ve helped me this year. ' In history and commercial, In English, science, too, In art and math. — without them I don ' t know what I ' d do. " In languages, library, In lunchroom and home ec, In social service, office, shop Have all hands been on deck. ' They ' ve helped to teach my family— Phys-ed. and music, too, And aided all my children With problems old and new. " Ralph McFall Clifford Matthews Joseph Greenberg Arvine Popplewell Earnest Emery Edna May Hicks Dorothy Larrison Wendell Garrett Charles Hamer lone Colligan Ray Suttles Zena Gershanoff Officers There were some men in our ship Who were so wond ' rous wise We named them for our officers, To lead us and advise. McFall and Matthews chose we For presidents to guide; With Greenberg, Emery, Popplewell, To work close by their side. Our secretaries both were known For smiles so bright and sunny — ■ Our treasurers were diligent In gathering up our money. That we might have a log book To tell of work and play, The Booster editors were named To help us chart our way. Our council viewed all problems That rose within the class; With grave and serious aspect On each weighty matter passed. Council Representatives The Senior Booster staff was seen A ' scurry here and there With camera, copy, deadline-rush, About to tear their hair. With these, the folks who ' ve led us Throughout our senior year, The Good Ship Manual soon will straight Into the harbor steer. The Staff Elizabeth Abbett Tillie Abravaya Dorothy Addis Helen Addis Mary Alboher Marjorie Amos Ruth Andrews Herman Angrick Sol Aroesti Patricia Ashcraft Richard Ashcraft Mary Backemeyer William Badger Beverly Bailey Joe Bailey Kenneth Bair John Baker Ruth Baker k fefk Theres; Ball William Ball Rae Baruch Walter Bauchle Robert Bauer Evelyn Behar Jean Bennett Anna B ergman Jack Betzler Mary B inninger Dorothy Birr Carl Black Nancy Blake Robert Blythe Martin Boatman Christina Bogioaca Beatrice Borinstein Charles Borkes Henrietta Boss Mildred Bowen Thomas Bower Eugene Bowles Paul Brandt Mary Brant Iris Breedlove Paul Brlnkman Ada Bruce Robert Brunning Julius Bunes Mary Bunning Betty Burns Herman Burzlaff LaRoy Bush Richard Bush Donald Byers Wilma Byers 10 August Caito Leon Calderon Earl Cameron Carl Campbell Betty Cannon James Carlin Helen Carver Dorothy Cassel Lillian Chernin Maxine Clark Louise Coffman Becky Cohen Dorothy Cohen Harold Cohen Marion Coleman Donald Cooper Ervin Cope Ann Cory Alphonse Cross Robert Crossen Emma Crouch Lilly Crouch Georgetta Cubel Glenn Cummings Bernard Davis Maurice Davis Wilma Davis Virginia DeFelice Winifred Delk Mildred Delks Mary Frances Delph Mary Demaree Ralph Derry Mary Doherty Gene Downer Harlan Duhamell 12 Lowell Duhamell Stanley Dunn Marjorie Dynes Barbara Eacret Margaret Edwards Milton Ellis Fred Emmelmann Gene Emrich Geraldine Engelking Richard Etherington Rosetta Falls Raymond Farmer Edward Faust Marilee Figley Lawrence Fowler Magdalene Fox Ruth Franks Malcolm Gardner 13 Bessie George Herman Gerbofsky Thelma Giddens George Girdler Vivian Glidden Harry Goldstein Mildred Goldstein Sidney Goldstein Donald Goodrum Rosemary Goss Milton Green Jack Greenberg Sylvia Greenberg Alice Greene Powers Gregory Margaret Gribben Virginia Grund John Gumerson 14 Charles Gunn Robert Hagenmaier James Hall Elizabeth Hansen Albert Harding William Harnedy Mary Harrington Charles Henry Irene Hermann Frederick Hicks Virginia Hicks Dawn Hoeferkamp Mary Hohlt Hope Holding Tom Holevas Arnold Hollander June Holtman Dorothy Horton 15 Ruby Houser Doris Hubert Bernard Hunt Robert Hurt Joshua Hyman Louise Jjckson Charles Jacobs Stanley Johantges Ralph Johnston Dorleen Jones Virginia Jones Leonard Judd Stafford Justus Mike Kass Ruthmary Keaton Bettie Keil Patrick Kelly James Kennington 16 i mmAA Helen Keran Eleanoretta Kerkhoff Dolores Kidwell Betty King Kenneth Kinz Sylvia Klein ' • ' Evelyn Knotts Dorothy Koehrn Ruth Krackenberger Arthur Kramer Leroy Krauss Melvin Kuebler Irene Kuntz Christina Kyle Nellie LaFave Arthur Lamb Audrey Laughlin Robert Lee ' Withdrawn before graduation v 4w viK 17 Belma Lewis Emalou Lockwood Frank Lohmart Mitzi Longere Dorothy Lowe Loretta McCormick Lawrence Mcintosh Allen McKay Maynard McKinley Jack Mahoney Carl Maier Harry Mark Alma Ruth Meyer Dorothy Meyer Betty Mickel Irma Miller Lewis Miller Martin Miller " .S ► k Raymond Miller Louis Milli Mary Lois Milli Norma Miner Wanda Minton Marilyn Moore Laverne Morical Mary Morris James Morrow William Mottler Mildred Mouser Dorothy Mueller Frank Mullinix Harold Mussmann Margery Nackenhorst Albert Nahmias Angela Nahmias Joe Nahmias 1? Sylvia Nahmias Charlene Nicely Imogene Nicely Fred Nikoll Melvin Nordholt Gene O ' Brian Joan O ' Neill Martha Osborn Mildred Ott Betty Overman Harold Overton Esther Pardo Sara Passo Hurl Perkins Dorothy Peterman Gloria Phillips Richard Phillip s Fannie Plott 20 Frances Poland George Popcheff Lucy Presutti Harry Pulliam Jean Rafert Carolyn Raker Sidney Ratcliffe Edith Rednour Mary Rhude Marian Rieck Ed Riedweg Richard Rieman Kenneth Rietel Rosemary Rike John Ritter Jimmie Rizzo Louise Roberts James Robinson 21 E H. Wanda Jean Robinson Don Rodgers Alice Rodman Williarr Rodman Rosemary Roeder Sarah Rusie Morris Sacks Harry Sair Marie Saldine Marilyr Sampson Becky Sarfaty Eugene Sauer Bill Sauter Richard Schmalz Wilbur Schmedet Vaneta Schmidt Frances Searcy Marcella Servies NBaBBSi WtBmmmBmBmm. vMMfc iU i I 22 John Shoemaker Charles Short Francis Short Ethel Shupinsky Esther Siegel Jean Simmons AAarjorie Skaggs Gladys Smith Maxine Smith Gilbert Snider Rosalie Snider Maxine Snoderly Rosemary Snyder Alfred Solotkin William Spangler Clarice Sponsel Oma Jo Sprouse Dorothy Stadfelt 23 Earl Staten Mildred Stein Josephine Stoddard Shirley Stotler John Stroup Betty Summers Norma Talkington Walter Taylor Robert Tedrowe Harry Thomas Robert Thompson Mildred Timmons Ruth Tipton Anna Tomescu Jack Tracy Donald Tredway Harold VanTreese Robert Verhines 24 Frank Vinci Katherine Walker James Wallace Hermine Waltz Gertrude Ward Howard Weaver Ruth Weiland Maxine Wells Herman Westra Donald Wheatley James Wheatley Bertha Whiteside Minnie Wilborn Harold Wilcoxon Inez Williams Mary Williams Robert Williams Thelma Williams 25 Charles Wilson Floyd Winzenread Rose Mary Woempner William Yeager Viola Yetter Thomas York Lawrence Underwood IVY DAY SONG By Anna Tomescu Today we plant our ivy And may it grow to be A lovely, trailing, green vine That everyone may see. Today we plant our ivy With pride we place it here With hopes and prayers for our success For our ivy and E. M. T. H. S. IVY DAY POEM By Ann Cory I stood in the heat of the noon When the ivy clung to the walls Of the honored old building And seemed to encourage and pro- tect It from the hard merciless sun. As the dusk crept in Touching the day with softness, The friendly ivy whispered and com- forted The disillusioned building, Talking over old times, Of those who had gone out from there Into a world of service. When the moon spotlighted the scarred building The ivy had turned to silver, Its broad lustrous leaves Held the moon shimmer, And the honored old building was beautiful. 26 ■■ : r . 7 - S ' " WknLCL Little Bo-Peep, Come leave your sheep, And hear of the play I ' ve just been to; Laughter and strife in " What A Life, " Shakespeare I ' m sure it ' s akin to. Just poor Henry ' s name at Central meant shame, And how Earnest Emery did play it! Vict ' ry, defeat — I rolled in my seat, Delightful? — Ah, no words can say it! To a dance Henry asked, then happy he basked In the favor of, sweet Barbara Pearson, Unaware he must pass at the top of his class, Else give up Barbara — Marilyn Sampson. The history he ' d learned could never have earned The grade which was placed on his paper. In the office they thought (and havoc they wrought) ' Twas just one more mischievous caper. And then they accused, ere the first they ' d excused, Him of robbing the Central High Band, No doubt he saw double — so weighed down with trouble, And no one to lend him a hand. They told him he cribbed in exams, that he fibbed, That he ' d better be hoping for luck; And all of the while he was going near wild Wishing he just had a tux. Mr. Nelson ' n ' Miss Shea, though, had an idea That Henry was not all to blame, And when he was cleared, those two all but cheered At bully George Bigelow ' s shame. Then came Henry ' s chance to go to the dance, But he was again on the fence — Gave Barbara a grin and asked could she lend The small sum of just thirty cents. — Boy Blue CAST (In Order of Appearance) Miss Shea Wilma Byers Mr. Nelson James Robinson A Student Edna May Hicks A Student Stanley Dunn Mr. Patterson Howard Weaver Miss Pike Christina Bogioaca Bill Joseph Greenberg Miss Eggleston Mary Backemeyer Miss Johnson Sarah Rusie Mr. Vecchitto Harold Van Treese Henry Aldrich Earnest Emery Barbara Pearson Marilyn Sampson Gertie Valena Jones Mr. Bradley Robert Verhines Miss Wheeler Sara Passo George Bigelow Melvin Kuebler Mrs. Aldrich Mary gold Glogas Mr Fe-guson Harry Mark Students Dawn Hoeferkamp Dorothy Stadfelt Hermine Waltz Charles Henry Mary Christina Kyle THE STAFF Director Mr. E. Edward Green Assistant Director Mrs. Vivian L. Siener Student Director Dawn Hoeterkamp Assistant Edna May Hicks Technical Manager Mr. Lewis E. Finch Student Stage Manager Stanley Dunn Electrician Jimmie Morrow Stage Crew Stafiord Justus, Chairman Gilbert Snider, Robert Zwiesler, Charles Henry, Travers Browne, Lawrence Muesing, William Bernloehr Costumes Dorothy Stadfelt, Chairman Rosalie Snider, Margery Nackenhorst, Betty Mickel, Mary Frances Delph, Winifred Delk, Elizabeth Abbett Properties Hermine Waltz, Chairman Mildred Delks, Rosemary Snyder, Betty Summers, Lucy Presutti, Richard Rieman, Richard Etherington Make-Up Frances Searcy, Chairman Evelyn Behar, Gene Emri;h, Imogene Elkins Publicity Joseph Greenberg, Chairman Robert Crossen, Morris Sachs, Lawrence Stillerman, Jean Rafert, Iris Breedlove Posters Mr. Yeager and Senior Art I Class Advertising William Ball, Chairman Betty Burns, Ruth Baker, Thomas Bower, Jean Rafert, Gene Emrich, Mary Harrington, Harry Mark, Maxine Snoderly, Ray Suttles, Marjo.-ie Skaggs Business Charles Hamer, Arvine Popplewell, Chairmen Sarah Rusie, Frank Mullinix, Morris Sacks, Paul Brandt, Walter Bauchle, Rosemary Snyder, Betty Summers, Arnold Hollander, Rosemary Rike, Frances Searcy, Shirley Stotler, John Gumerson, Louise Jackson House Miss Lena Brady, Chairman Ushers and Assistants — Members of the 1941 Class Play Selection Earnest Emery Edna May Hicks, Sara Passo, Marilyn Sampson Dear Boy Blue, Have you ever seen " Smilin ' Through? " It was the second big success Of the ' 41 Senior Class. This delightful romantic play Required long rehearsals on hot spring days; And a lot of hard work by the excellent cast To tell this story of the past. The masculine players in afternoon and evening, too. Gave to the play its entire due, And the best feminine roles after a close race In the evening performance found their place. The country garden was a perfect scene, Full of flowers and playing moonbeams, For the steadfast love of Moonyeen and John Who talked in the garden until the dawn. John was bitter when he lost Moonyeen, — His grief haunted him like a dream. And his gentle old friend, Dr. Owen Harding, Never realized that he was starting A wonderful romance When he took a chance And slipped to Ellen, the family maid, Usually very prim and staid, An ardent note for coquettish Kathleen From handsome Kenneth who was her dream. John didn ' t want to part with Kathleen, But generous Owen had a scheme Which, even though he took a chance, Happily ended the gay romance. — Bo-Peep THE PLAYERS (As They Appear) John Carteret Thomas Bower Dr. Owen Harding Ervin Cope Ellen Christina Bogioaca, Gene Emrich Kathleen Dungannon Evelyn Behar, Lillian Chernin Willie Ainley Bernard Hunt Kenneth Wayne Bill Schmedel Jeremiah Wayne ..Bill Schmedel Mary Clare Mildred Stein, Marian Rieck Moonyeen Clare..... Geneva Sexton, Dorothy Stadfelt Guests Dorothy Birr, Elizabeth Abbett, Edna May Hicks, Harry Mark, Ray Suttles, Harold Van Treese THE STAFF Director Mr. E. Edward Green Assistant Director Mrs. Vivian L. Siener Student Director Hermine Waltz Technical Director Mr. Lewis E. Finch Student Stage Manager Stanley Dunn Electrician James Morrow Stage Crew Fletcher Holding, Lawrence Muesing, La Roy Bush, Travers Browne, William Spangler, Raymond Farmer, Arvine Popplewell Costumes Margery Nackenhorst, Chairman Elizabeth Abbett, Mary Hohlt, Dorothy Horton Properties Iris Breedlove, Chairman Ruth Tipton, Ruth Mary Keaton, Jack Mahoney, James Morrow, Gertrude Ward, Dawn Hoeferkamp, Betty Cannon Make-Up Edna May Hicks, Chairman Becky Cohen, Dorothy Birr, James Robinson Publicity Joseph Greenberg, Marilyn Sampson Posters Mr. Yeager ' s Senior Art Class I Miss Foster ' s Commercial Art Classes I-IV Mr. Finch ' s Senior Art Classes V and VI Stanley Dunn, Dorothy Cassel, Betty Overman, Thelma Giddens, Mildred Hull Advertising Wilma Byers, Ray Suttles, Jack Mahoney, Margaret Gribben, Josephine Stoddard and Salesmanship II Classes, Miss Helen Haynes, Instructor Business Miss Lena Brady Senior Council of the Class of 1941 House Miss Lena Brady Ushers and Assistants — Members of the 1941 Class 30 ! -jfe- x i - ■ ' - - III A ' i i C, ' m =« . a Ljk 3|jj » • ■ i . A T • ' " - f " 12 33 ' Pussy cat, pussy cat, Where have you been? " " I ' ve been to Manual To visit again. " ' Pussy cat, pussy cat, What did you there? " " Attended club meetings, Forgot every care. ' I joined ' most a dozen, Then came right away To tell you the fun I have had there today. " 37 £ ) ' lJ! " ' ' ' t 06 56 w Cu r f? t % Roines Roines were making A terrible stir While pledges did " Allah, most hon ' rable sir! " They gave me a basketball Ticket, you see, If the Roines and faculty Game I ' d ref ' res. Sponsor — Miss Arda Knox President — Richard Etherington Masomas Masomas, I found, Were as busy as bees With lunch passes, messages, And absentees. In the library, office, Most everywhere, Of service at Manual These girls do their share. A Sponsor — Mrs. Ruth Shull President — Mildred Delks Block M Club The he-men of Block M I looked on with awe; Those big letters certainly Must notice draw; And how thrilled I was when They said, " Get a sweater; We ' ll make you a member And give you a letter! " A Sponsor — Mr. Harry Thomas President — Ralph McFall 38 4 u m Junior Red Cross X I next took a notion That I ' d like to see A Red Cross Club scrapbook If so bold I might be As to slip into X Club And there take a peek At the clippings they ' ve entered In it for each week. Sponsor — Mrs. Coral Black President — Edna May Hicks A a Junior Red Cross Y Then off to the Y Club I tripped right away ' I had but a minute vVith each group to stay); Found it like the X section, Busy and gay, A ' sewing for Britain — Good deed for the day. A Sponsor — Miss Anna J. Schaefer President — Shirley Pearcy Hi-Y Club Hi-Y boys asked me To go for a swim To the Y. M. C. A. — said I might go with them. Though refusing did grieve me, I could not relent; My fur coat for a swimming suit Just wasn ' t meant. A Sponsor — Mr. John Piper President — Wendell Garrett 39 s r ■; ffl is i, fin. «© Senior Club X The Senior X members Were talking of dancing; I didn ' t once realize How clumsy my prancing, Until with their sponsor I tried a new step, Which she couldn ' t teach me In spite of her pep. Sponsor — Miss Gertrude Barth President — Robert Tedrowe Senior Club Y In Y Club they told me The " musts " on a date; The mistakes I ' ve been making I don ' t dare relate. The next time I ask Her To go for a drive, My manners so charming Will make friendship thrive Sponsor — Miss Gertrude Barth President — Iris Breedlove Latin Club In the Latin Club meeting I felt right at home; There the president showed us Some slides on old Rome. Though I wanted to know, Not a one could tell how Pussy cats of the Romans Said a Latin miaou. A Sponsor — Miss Elizabeth Davis President — Charles Hamer to f r • • o German Club The German Club spell-down Turned out to be fun, Though I thought without doubt I ' d be chosen the one To have to spell some endless Jaw-breaking word The likes of which never In English is heard. Sponsor — Miss Alvina Wichhorst President — Dawn Hoeferkamp French Club In French Club I tried To act smart as the rest, Though when they asked me To talk, even my best Sounded little like French, And I had to confess That I knew naught of France, And of French knew still less. Sponsor — Mrs. Ruth Shull President — Esther Siegel Spanish Club With Spanish Club members I took a last try At a strange foreign language, And came thus most nigh Being asked for a solo, " La Cucaracha, " They said my rolled R ' s Sounded like opera. Sponsor — Miss Alvina Wichhorst Q © A C) 41 S 1 kc S i w jH£ w Js 2 y- «e TO f -a fj ) nil Home Economics Club I think I enjoyed The Home Ec. Club most, For they served me delectable Salmon on toast; And while I was tasting A catnip tea sample, They offered to seam up My new trousers ample. Sponsors — Mrs. Mary L. Graffis Miss Roberta Wesner President — Dorothy Larrison Camp Fire Girls The Camp Fire Girls took me With them on a hike; Before we ' d gone far I wished I ' d a " bike! " But though I was weary And footsore and worn, They all were so jolly I ' d no time to mourn. Sponsor — Miss Helen Irwin President — Alice Weingardt Girl Reserves Girl Reserves said They were sponsoring a dance, And knew with their president I ' d be entranced; I had to confess then That one girl I had, With another I feared The result would be bad. Sponsor — Miss Dorothy Forsyth President — Mary Burks H, if ■ Science Club The Science Club nearly Disgraced me for good — ■ Showed some black, powdered stuff Which I thought might be food. With a match I leaned over To see what it proved, When BANG!! All my whiskers I found were removed! A Sponsor — Mr. Carl F. Hanske President — Charles Hamer f ' Wl © Q Art Club Artists were eager To have me sit on Their staid Awards Jury For Tepee Salon. Of course I decided To grant their request, And from all the entries To help choose the best. L Sponsor — Mr. Charles Yeager President — Shirley Pearcy Forum Club In the Forum Club found I A group that was lively And full of ideas On all topics timely. I went to a meeting, I thought without risk, But soon was engaged In an argument brisk. Sponsor — Miss Rosana Hunter President — Frances Searcy 43 aS ' £ £5 cS Girls Glee Club For Glee Club I tried out, But testing dio show That my voice for Glee Club Was a little too low. So they told me if I Really wanted a lyre, To try singing baritone In the mixed choir. Director — Miss Freda Hart President — Dorothy Stadfelt Choir In the Choir my endeavors To get the right key Seemed funny to all there (Except, of course, me). At last I gave up — There was naught else to do, Unless I could purchase A voice made all new. Director — Mr. Harold Winslow Songsterettes I knew there was no use To try more to sing, So the Songsterettes kindly Did the one next best thing. They asked me to listen — I was glad to do that — While they sang of my Favorite old Cheshire cat. A Director — Mrs. Edith R. Einkley President — Ruth Miller Boys Glee Club The Boys Glee Club, also, Delighted my ear; Than the way they sang " Sylvia " I ' ll ne ' er better hear. It pleased me to find That the boys warble, too, And girls not all Of the talent here drew. Director — Mrs. Edith R. Binkley 44 i i£ r - - -r — ! — y - % — 3BkT ' •i..iimi«% B Band I always have wanted To play on a drum, And I thought with the Band Had my chance at last come. I started with B Band To learn the technique, And then to the A Band Was off like a streak. A Director — Mr. Charles Henzie A Band They gave me a trial With the big kettle drum; What a noise I did make With my rum-a-tum-tum ! But though e ' en to bribery I did resort, They deemed me for formation Marching too short. A Director — Mr. Charles Henzie Dance Band So then to the Dance Band I wended my way; ' Twas comfort and solace Just hearing them play. And ere I did know it, My paws were a -tap — I found myself once more A jolly young chap. L Sponsor — Mr. Charles Henzie Orchestra At last with the violin I found my place; Though sight reading led me A right merry chase. In the orchestra now A musician I ' ll be; The cat and the fiddle Have nothing on me. Director — Mr. Harold Winslow Concert Master — John Taylor i V 4 •5s " ; Manual Friends Of Reading For Reading Club members I made a report On " Sir Tommy Tompkins, " A book sweet and short ' Bout a dandified fellow With tail long and fine — Delighted when " common cats " He could outshine. A Sponsor — Miss Margaret Paul President — Ann Etherington Movie Club Of Manual The Movie Club meeting Was just pure delight, With talk all of movie fare Heavy and light. Their favorite pictures And actors they named; A wealth of new knowledge I soon had there gained. A Sponsor — Mrs. Ada M. Bing President — Paul Eckhart Movie Club Of Manual This one Movie meeting Had proved such great glee, I went with the other Y section to see How everything finished In " Gone With the Wind, " I ' d started the book but Ne ' er got to the end. Sponsor — Miss Gertrude Mescall President — Almarie Hoffmann 46 MP Business Girls Club The Business Girls hastened To show me their skill, And gave me no peace In their meeting until I dictated a letter — ' Twas typed with dispatch And so perfect, I signed with My best backhand scratch. Sponsor — Miss Gertrude Lieber President — Marilyn Sampson Naturalists Club Naturalists showed me Their work ' round the school, Where shrubs in hot summer Seem restful and cool. They gave me instructions On just how to care For my own catnip plants, Which with no one I ' ll share. Sponsor — Mr. Robert Black President — Richard Rieman Camera Club I ' d not brought my camera, But visited here In hopes that some candid shot Pointers I ' d hear. The members did give me A valuable tip — The next picture I take Will sure be a pip! A Sponsor — Mr. James Brayton President — Arvine Popplewell 47 1 ? ? Jgfjfil , ?- Booster Staff The Booster staff told me My visit was news — Asked millions of questions About my club views, And when I replied I was joining a few, They asked me to try out For Booster staff, too. A Editor — Joseph Greenberg Bus. Mgr. — Josephine Stoddard Booster Agents I purchased one Booster To read Manual ' s news; An alert Booster agent Then tried every ruse To sell me subscriptions For all of my friends — Said such an investment Paid good dividends. A Adviser — Miss Helen A. Haynes Mask And Wig Club Though Bo-Peep had told me I never could act, I thought maybe she would Her statement retract, If with Mask and Wiggers In a play I took part. Sure enough, I as Romeo Won Bo-Peep ' s heart! A Sponsor- — Mr. E. Edward Green President — Dorothy Stadfelt 4-. c V ' © ' P».u ' r MJMLlb i V V. i SO C «y M MlS Sk W3 Debaters I next tried debating, But found to my grief Not one could I win To my cherished belief That nothing at all Except chicken and cream Should be offered to kitties — Ah me ! What a dream! L Sponsor — Mr. John Moffat Captains — Joseph Greenberg Charles Hamer Odd Number Club For the Odd Number Club A short story I wrote, But such slighting remarks As upon my ear smote! It must have been awful! Hereafter I ' ll see I inflict my short stories On no one but me. Sponsor — Mr. John Moffat President — Robert Crossen MSPS Poetry Club At poetry writing I met more success; My talent, indeed, ' twould Be vain to confess; In The Booster have six Of my poems been published- ( I cannot remember How many they ' ve " rubbished " Sponsor — Miss Jessie Moore President — Meredith West 49 Non-Commissioned Officers ' Twas an R. O. T. C. boy Who next caught my eye, And made me decide That a uniform I ' d try. A buck private ' s life Isn ' t much of a thrill, And my paws soon grew weary, With long hours of drill. Sponsor — Sergeant Harry E. Smith Commissioned Officers But though I grew weary, Though downcast I felt, I ne ' er lost desire For my own Sam Browne belt. For if all of my friends I could meet thus adorned, They ' d treat with respect The young private they ' d scorned. L Sponsor — Sergeant Harry E. Smith Military Club And so with the Military Club members fine To master my tactics I made up my mind; I worked like a Trojan Until I had earned That snappy brown belt For which long I had yearned. A Sponsor — Sergeant Harry E. Smith President — Robert Blythe 50 f U Music Club In the Music Club meeting I sang a solo; All the members remarked On my voice sweet and low, Then presented a program ' Bout composers and such- Gave their meeting a nice Intellectual touch. A Sponsor — Miss Freda Hart President — Gordon Grow Gym And Leaders Clubs I never on earth Could do all of the things The Gym boys did On the bars and the rings, But I ' ll bet they ' d be failures At trying to mince With a pussy cat ' s ease ' Cross a wobbly board fence. A Sponsor — Mr. Alvin Romeiser Gym President — Wilbur Schmedel Leaders President — Edwin Rate I if fe Lunchroom Workers In the lunchroom I found Still another grand group, That knew how a pussy cat Loves oyster soup; And they stuffed me with fish From an unending store, Till I just couldn ' t stay awake One — minute — more. A Director — Miss Ina Pemberton -i HUs l( ,.M l l[i W J - o 1%. feX »3 £t |ft j|gj J2w - w ,; W jff 9 lIS V- ' , »n Blettnet 1! ,

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