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...r, ..... W' , - , f-'tv'-.-1-,f g , , --. .,- .,.. ... ...Y . , ., ...-., U .,....-.1,-, ... ,.--. ,. . .. . --K1 1 - L+- .-. W - 3'-55121-,. .,,.,. .- .. ,-nf.: ' ' '1 - . ...1-L-..:-y-f:.i,f,1:f:H,-:T -.--,-:.,.g-4451:-Q.-f-V-.-5 L- in 9 bl 1 4-4-0-4-,x I? N xl- ""'ua.-1. fa.: Ck Kafffer lmf,.ff4 fmf fm- fm, N 1 A K W A W N 9 K Ge 1960 Cafffer . G , . . ,:,'ia,"'s af " CON DEDICATION ....................,, ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY .... i , GRADUATES ...... , .T .............. , CLASSESQT. . I " FIEATURESV., . . ACTIVITIES ......... ATHLETICS. .J ....... . . ADVERTISEMENTS ................ Q - ' ' Q1 '21 77 95 107 141, A 161 ' 208 'N' ,T -,Q it EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL i NORTH STREET AND MACUNGIE AVENUE EMMAUS, PENNSYLVANIA -if Eb ' A . ' -Q s , -' .7 T , . 1. -wfnn , . F U QQ' . a , 5 .- s H ,xy .'l,T', -. ',.g. rf . , x ' 4 3-T ' ' IAN . 1 ,L P, .' ,A - Ag . E 5? , , up 59,4 :Q ., ,W +-,ek 4 'fm V .2 il . 7 ,ff . V- ,, Wg, A A. gm! W. .A,.,.3:. gtk . I 1 - ' 1 '5 , X1 ' l 1 I I X 1 1 wx 1 1 S11 L15 KN D 11111 Xl 1111111 111 - 1111111 111111 1111-'s IYILIK1 11111-111111, 1111111111111 1111 11111s1- 1'111'141' 111111. 11111-ill1111-1-1111111111 14110 111111 1 111111114111511111111151111-111'111111 111 ll1111S 111'llI 111115115111-1111111111'11.111s 51111111111 111-111'111111111111s111'111111111-111' X1 1' 111111 111 -111 1111-:111 111111 11111111111111111111 111-111' 11111111 11-11 IIN 11111 111 1511. 111111111111111 3.11 "11-.11111-11N 1'1111111.1111. 111l11l' 11111111 11.11s 11111111 QIIK 111, 11111-g N1111'11111'1111111111111111111111111111111 V1'111I1h. 111-111111.1111111'1'11111111111'. 1 11111118 x11IILlX1l1T'I'1 X1r11g1N1g111-1'f 111A111.11111V511112111-1'111111k,x 11 111'11f 111111111114'-11r1g.1111 111111 111-11111113 1111111 111111111111-11 11111111111'1. Story of Life of Emmous High School Depictecl by Tottler Stoll Thirty-four Seniors Compile Thirty-eighth Edition After many months of laborious but rewarding work, we, Thr Tzzttlfr Staff, present with pride the thirty-eighth edition of Thr Tattlfr. It has been our purpose to portray in words and pictures all activities at Emmaus High School, individual and collective, curricular and extra-curricular, unique and commonplace, all of which were such an integral part of the 1959-1960 school term. Cherish this annual, for within its pages are recorded some ofthe most exciting, memorable, and gratifying days of your life. Yzxif bll'.l',RINl1 COMMII lltlt: Mrs. Hilda Moyer l.'lllZ'l.ft'fl. Bennett Lorber iEll'I-f0f-1,71-CII!-ffl, Nancy Crane f1?11f1'rzf.-'f Jlarzagerl, Kenneth Platt Ql'linf'figrapl1frl.' nl QE Q. if ADX l'.RII5IXG M.-XX-XGI-QRS: Constance Schultzullan- I-'PQA'I'L'RE EDITORS: Uussie Dvmchvk, laner Schoch. Il nl: L'dz'furi, Patricia NIL-ckcs, liilt-cn Bachman. Lois Ht-raltl, Xiattha Ann Schaeffer. blanc 'licrfinko Lllarzagrfzg Lidftori, Robert Benner. CIM-XSS PQDITURS: Ruth Shaufncr. Nancy Helfrich, B5-try SI'l10YL'l',-'xflifll glohnsrgn, I.ll"ld2i Xlcflulrc HIIIIPYIIUIVILQ l h'1f1'?fff'. lzirriviza Milk-r. COPY PQDITURS: Brfndzi Nlonk. Sandra Wm-nm-r. I.imlg1 Fosu-r. Bury Wril. N: p"f':m'.:" Xlgirlum- Vhcob. ClRfl'l.,Xl'ION Xl XX X- GPQRS: S.1ndm Rnhrlmclm. S.mdrg1 Schul-ck. VK orltung to htlp mold the lnxes of thelr students Xlthough at tunes thenr dlsclpllne seemed harsh rhelr asslstance vull newer he forgotten the faculty was ll major influence in school life ls. 'sani- HU.-XRD Ulf SC'llfKll. DlRl1i"lURS. ,-'m.fru": William Sl10L'lll1llil'l rlJ1fin'i'rf Srrrm1f'j.'-. xl1IR'llHgLlt'l llzirold Kt-Ils llVr'i1tfr'P1fl-.'XllTlIlilS.i'1I'SII't'l'I'll1 lloward ltycr fl nf'-pfff:t1'frJll. lxmmgius, third term: llouzird Yzirus lSu!i'fi'!rfri. lxmmzius. Boord Strive to Guide G The Board of Directors ofthe lfast Penn Linion School District consists of members from the communities of Alburtis. limmaus, and Macungie and the townships of Lower Macungie and Upper Milford. The lioard is subject to the regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the duties outlined by the school code. Their responsibilities include thc employing of the Sl'l'Rlfili.XRl.-Xl, S'l'.Xl"l" for tht- district and high school offices. Lfjff In rrglif: Hrs. Nlsic liarto rllrglz Sflionfl. Nlrs. Betty Romig lllilzlz Sflzffofi, Xlrs. .lanicc Rortiiu4D1if1r1'r1l. le A nl v f S't11rit.'fi1:: Robert Shcllv. Route l. lfmmaus. third term: Lloyd ll. slones. lfmmaus, first tcrmL llomer Koch. lYcSCOS- ville. first term: Ycrnon Schuntf. Nlgicunuic, rirst tcrmg .-Xrlington Xloyei. lfmmzius. second rt-rm. of School Directors rowth ond Weliore faculty. the financing of schools, the maintaining of school property. and the establishing of school policies within the state laws, The members aim to provide for all students the best educational program and facilities possible to meet the stu- dents' needs. According to the foresight of the board and the desire to supply the best facilities possible, an annex is being added to limmaus Nliss Anita Yoder lljlillfl-fifl, Xlrs. Klqirion Oxentlalc rlI1',tfrz'rr1, Nlrs. Xlyrtle Baer lD1',ifrirlJ. Miss Surah Nliartnlqesscl iljf,-- frrffl. l.ENIX1ON U. SToL'nNot'R, B.-X., Nllitl, Slfl'liRlN'l'liNDlfN'I' UF SCHIKJLS oncl Administrators of Students High School. Ir will he ready for occupancy in September, 1960. Iimmaus High School will then include grades seven through twelve. Several departments will then he enlarged to accommodate a greater number of students. 'lihe annex will provide twenty-four additional class- rooms, a cafeteria, lihrarv. hand and choral rooms, an art crafts room, a sheet metal shop. and extensions to the present locker rooms. Miss Mildred K. Strauss joined the counseling department this year. and in 1960 the lioard plans to add a full-time reading supervisor and a supervisor of secondary education. Through the control of instruction. curriculum. and school activities. the administrative start' guides and directs the progress of the pupils. 'lihe administrators believe that the pupil is the primary consideration and the policies, methods of teaching. and curriculum should prepare students for the next step in their careers. whether in employment. college. additional training or the establishment of a home. The Board of School Directors. .-Xdministrators. and Faculty of the East Penn lfnion School District are to be commended for their etliorts which resulted in the continued accreditation of Emmaus High School by the Commission on Secondary Schools and its acceptance as a mem- ber ofthe Middle States Association ot' Colleges and Secondary Schools. llow x xo K. Dl5lSL'lll'IR, B l'RINCll'fXl, Pu 1. l, lkxxu, BS., XI X -X SSIST XX l' PRINQ' T I 3 Y ff f Solarium ,ll'.RONll'Q li. B.-'kliR, B.S.. Nl..-X. f General Science: Biology -- Adviser of Solarium Club. viscr of Chemistry Club. HARYI-QY H. lil'.CKlQR. HS. e Physics: Chemistry Y Ad- Sciences ln well-equipped classrooms and laboratories the staff ofthe Science Department olliers the students courses in general science. biology. chemistry. and physics. Clear objective reasoning, needed to reach scientilic solutions for problems of everyday life. is stressed by the department. l3y fascinating demon- strations, student experimentation. audio-visual aids. out-of-class projects. and research. the students acquire a better understanding of the sciences and become aware of the multitude of ways in which they affect their lives. ' 'me-1-an Physics Laboratory Al.Bl'.Rl N. Xlll.l.lr.R..l3.5.- Wll.l.lANl A. ,Xlll.l.l'QR. BS. xl--'Y "1 l'l1YSlQl1.l 5CN'fjCfl General Science: Biology' Bl0l0ilY1 fknfflil 5ClCnCC.1c'Cn'w 'Xilviser of Student Council. eral Chemistry - Adviser of Photography 'Club 12 L Mathematics Stressing fundamental skills and concepts. the Mathematics Department develops in the student the ability to think clearly. to analyze problems intelli- gently, and then to work them out by the proper method. Mathematics also presents an excellent opportunity to train the student to advance not only in mathematics hut also in every phase of education requiring intelligent and logical reasoning. The objectives are to acquaint the pupil with a funda- mental hackground of algebra. plane and solid geometry. trigonometry, and arithmetic. Nlathema tics Display Cast Nlgirhetnaitics Classroom C tie H.-XVI-QN C. KNHCHT f .-Xlgehra f Adviser of Model W Rzailrozul Cluh. RALPH L. RLHN, BA., Vi Nl..-X. f I-Xlgehra: Trigonom- .1.l.BFR'li H. BL'Rlil'iR. BS.. HI-QNRY .-X. F.-XRRAR. 13.5. frliizxfofgdh S'si':CI5'i-xdEf.e"f' NIM-X. Plane cil'0l1lL'TI'XL .Xluehrug General Nlathemar- ig-JH ' flinrfdlll-ish-n ' Cl lin General Nlgirheingitics. ics Xdvist-rof .-Xrcherx' Club. 0 un mL A I 2 U ' -' 3 .W - V 'M T in . 'ia I 43 iz: l i ff' History Classroom RICHARD l'. KliIlVl, BA., MA. f World Cultures: American History f Coach of 'liraclt and Gym 'lieamsz Assist- ant Football Coach f Adviser of Gymnastic Club. 'lf WIl.l.l.-XM KRHBS, B.S. f Pennsylvania History: World Cultures: American His- tory - Coach of Wrestling - Adviser of Weight Lifting Club. WIl.l.I,-XM l.. LOBB, BA.. Nl..-X. f Problems of Democ- racy: American History - Director of Athletics - Coach of Football -- Adviser of Pro- jectionists Club. Sociol Studies Realizing the need for students to study the past. to understand the present, and to prepare for the future, the Social Studies Department teaches by discussion rather than by regimentation. The teachers also point out the benefits bestowed on us by our forefathers, emphasizing the fact that these traditions can be upheld only by vvell-informed citizens who are capable of participation on local, national, and international levels. Trips to the United Nations, County Court House, State Hospital. and County Prison provide excellent opportunities for practical application of social studies. ALFRED D. NEFF jr., B..-X.. MA. A American History: World Cultures - Assistant Football Coach: Coach of Baseball - Adviser of Varsity "E" Club. KENNETH D. WlfSSliR, B.S., M..-X. - Pennsylvania Historyg Vl'orld Cultures f Adviser of United Nations Club. I4 - Languages To treat hngllsh as a prattlcal scnence ns the alm of the Lnghsh Department lsmphasls IS placed on skllls hke wrlt mg spealtmg dlstusslng and thmltmg These sltllls help the student ln hls sthool xxorlt and hum ID the tholte of a career and prep nrt hum lUl'l1lS plate H1 SOLICTX Ihe Portlgn Lmguage Department not onlx stresses these same sltxlls hut ilso trles to lmpart to the student .1 knowledge and understmdmg of peoples of other natlons thelr tulture and thelr tustoms -XL RPX MX lxl'Nlxll BX ustr ol ll Hx xt LOULW YOOD l URI l X -X l 1 n Xtluser of tSS .intl Q llttlttls L 4 I PNN R RFFD B -X ln lsh -Xduser of RUSSIAN Lulturt Lluh 15 Lf 0.1.7 f gud N H il HPR lngllsh 'xClNl9LY ol Drrmx Ul tl WISH 0 N mont Honor SOCILYX l'R mm Nlgtlflll' WOODROW lx SQH-X-XDI l'n hsh lrtnc tum n QIJlLll0lDfiIX1JIlLS ,Il'H.4' . l li, l , -B.S. ci 'I Q 545' f S1 at all . 'D Q'l. ' ff ' .. 1 A , , , -Xl.lif 'I' S. lil-QNFIliI,lJl Nl..-X. f lfnglish: Spanish l'.I1gIllSl'1l l.1lflI1 .-Xtlvistr of lil.. MA. lfnglishg Ger- .-Xd 'A ' ""i- '-Y Club. lx tlcr, 1 -f .-Xml " l Q-Hive, , be, nfl k Z X J 1 e f t Q A ft f Vol lil ' , . . I Y ' I V vge L 1 1 If f pt! ,p .7 HAL ., stu. . .. . .. . e ' ' 2 5' .A .l.. . --f .1 ti W- Q 1 Qi -. 'A ' 7 R..X..Nl.,-X. -- 1 1 l ' hz Ch- 'A "-' 5 'Iuh. ' 4 ' , I-' ll 'L' A 4 ' Typing Room GLADYS B. DISSINGER, HS., MMA. - Bookkeeping: junior Business Training - Adviser of Bookkeeping Club 3 and Net-dlecraft Club. Y J I l NANLX 5. lLl.l0. Bb. - 'liyping 7 Adviser ol' 'liyping Club, Nl.-XRS l.. Hl.AK1l'.R, 13.5.- Shorthand: lfngglish -K .Adviser 0lil'iUfl1l'k' 'lit-achers of America Club. Business Education Students planning to enter the business world as secretaries, stenographers, bookkeepers, or clerical workers are well trained in the Business Education Department. Upon graduation, students of the commercial or secretarial course must have achieved occupational competency to such a degree that they will he efficient employees' To acquire these abilities, the students receive instruction in skills and techniques that enable them to become competent employees. Part-time work through the Co-operative Training Program during the second semester of the senior year provides on-the-job training. Gl'lORGl'. A. BU'l'l.liR, B.S.. Nl.l'id. f Business Mathemat- ics: Business Law: iliypewritingz junior Business 'lirziining -f' .Adviser of Model Airplane Club. KEITH A. SMITH. 13.5, Office Practice: Salesmanshipr lypewriting ' Conch of Cioll V- Adviser ol' Ciolli Club. 16- Physical Eclucotion The Physical Education Department strives to provide wholesome recreation, build character, elevate morale, and improve health. The department prides itself in the unique manner in which these goals are achieved. The classes are greatly diversified, and each student receives basic training in apparatus, swimming. tumbling, social dancing, and in individual and team sports. In health education classes students are taught to understand the functions ofthe human mind and body. KliNNl'I'l'H 'I'. MOYI-QR, B.S.. NIA. - Health: Physical Education - Coach of Basket- ball f Adviser of Sports cmiciafing Club. LEON I,. 'l'U'l"l'I.If, BS., NI..-X. f Health: Physical lfducation f Coach of Gym 'lieam Y .-Xdviser of Invest- ment Club. - 17 v Natorium GWI-1NDLYNj.ARMI- TAGIQ, B.S. f Health - Physical Ifducation f Coach of Girls' Basketball and Cheer- leading - Adviser of Girls' Gym Club. VIRGINIA HERNI.-KN, B.S. A Health. Physical Educa- tion - Coach of Intra-mural Girls' Field Hockey - Adviser of Dolphin Club: Adviser of Girls' Gym Club. Print Shop .IOHX li. CHILD, li.S. - lntlustrizil .-Xrts rltlviser of State Crew Cluh. Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Department aims to give the pupils a hackground that will help them fit into the world of work, which is the hasis of our industrial society. Ir provides means for the pupils to experi- ment with tools, materials, and equipment of various kinds and teaches them how to make things that till a need or satisfy a creative desire. The time is divided among live correlated areas: wood, electricity. metal. drawing, and graphic arts. General Shop Cil,l'QNN li. Hl'.CKNl,5iN, lS.S., l'l.S. - lntlustrial :Xrrs f Nl it lntlusrrizil .-Xrts. .Mlviser of iliailsle 'll-nnis Cluh. WII,I.IANl 'l'. SCHI-QCKLPQR. I8- Home Living Many opportunities that will he prolitahle to girls in future home and social life are offered hy the Home Living Department. Various activities are provided in nutrition, culinary arts, family relationships, child care, crafts, etiquette, grooming, wardrobe planning, and garment construction. Students receive practical training hy serving luncheons, entertaining at a Christmas Tea, and making garments to display in the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. ,lf , , , N 1 A 1 ' ,, 1 J Cafeteria Kitchen Q--.-an fooking Room ,l.-XXP. NI. lRLNll. BA. Home living. -19 lx-XlHP.RlNl. li. Cllfl. B9 I " Diericinn. lromc Living l,iving Room 'Wi' Music Room Art cmd Music To teach each student the hasic art medium so that he may learn to appreciate art is the primary aim of the Art Department. Elective art is olliered for those who wish to further their talents. The Music Department. hy training the ear and mind to understand and appreciate music, awakens interest. lVhere there is talent plus interest, the students develop their ability: thereby they produce musical entertainment for the school and community. ,q.F 1 f"E1f1' e e Art Room Band Storage Shelves MARY lf, MIl,l.liR, l3.S, - .l.-'KCK M. LUNG. l3.S., I-QRRUI, K. l'li'l'lQRS Music :Xrt ,-Xdviser of Arts and M,Nl.l'Qd. ' Instrumental Director 0iii,I'Cl1L'SfI'2l, fllcc Crafts Clliligrhlvist-r ol'Scenury Music V- Director of Band Cluhs, Chorus .-Xtlviscr of Design. Atlvi er of Dance Band. lfrcshinan Nlusic Chili. I I . of :Jeffers Vmqll1C'l'l l'llLvm LU i E Ll on tc f .ifiywe 7 Vim Q' e' wife! :A '1!f5f6P?9f'F11 ' L It 41111 sv , I , f -AQ 51225 1 21-fill ff ,K f Special Services The basic knowledge of driving and the automobile is taught in the Driver Education Course and is furthered by Driver Training for those who wish practical, on-the-road experience. The library plays an important part in any stu- dent's curriculum and is an aid to him in research or in general education. The school nurse and dental hygienist take care of the primary medical needs of the student. Physical and dental examinations are part of their regular schedule. The counseling service helps students to adjust to school life and plan for the future. Nl,-XRCl'Ql.l.,-X G. UR.-XVHR, KN., B.S. - School Nurse - Adviser of Home Nursing Club. QS - Se. ' -21 MILDRED K. STRAUSS, A.B. - Counselor. JOSEPHINE K. HINKLI-l. B.S. - Librarian - Library Science f Adviser of Library Club. Dnver framing Car LOUISE M. ZIMMHRM.-KN. R.D.H. f Dental Hygienist. RICHARD j. SH.-X.-KK, B.S.. Nl..-X. - Driver Training f Coach of junior Varsity Bas- ketballg Assistant Football Coach - Adviser of Lifesaving Club. THX N H mxxng thu ue pup: u TITCX Q zgc fun 14 llll ll 1 x XS I x 'rirsbfivz f',1' to this chapter Of.l'l1l'iI' I4 rs. rhf j1I'llLlllZlI'CS Irvicxx' four wrmclcrful years. " " zl'-1. "'l"l'lX.1x'fI' 'A but leave their :Una Huff virh l'1'gII'CT. As Humble Tlmlcl Freshmen, The Class RILHARD E ALHEY 453 EAsT HARRISON STREET A rather conhdent classmate Achey vsas a surprlsmglx excellent bllllardlst a hnghly sknlled swimmer and a deft baseball player Other sports attracted his attention too for he often went hshmg In the I 1ttle Lehlgh Rlver or hunted ln the helds nearby What stones he had about hxs sports' COLLEGE PRI-PARATORY LouRsr lermu llub I Iluntzng and Fuhzn Club 7 L1 Mating Club 3 RICHARD F ADAMS WESCOSVILLE Among the qulet co operatxve and courteous students of E H 9 was Rlchard better known as Pappy He loathed bellxgerent and dns honest people but he chernshed the frlendshlp of gemal companions and good sportsmen Because Pappy enjoyed farmmg so much he sa1d he would have his own farm after he served Uncle Sam Wlth hls deter mmatlon and perseverance he wlll realxze this ambntlon GENERAL COURSE Stage Crew I 7 3 PATRICIA M ALBERT 620 DALTON STREET Vlm vlgor and vxtalnty exempllhed thls vlvaclous lass Therefore her dlslxke for retlcent people was understandable Her famullar expresslon was I got mononucleosls Want some? Her mterests recexvmg top blllmg were art muslc dramatlcs swnmmmg and travelmg to Europe her pastlmes lncluded pamtmg dancmg lxstemng to Band stand and shoppmg Pat plans to attend an art school GENERAL COURSE Glee Club I 9 Chorus 1 9 Dolphm Club 9 Drama C urla' I 2 3 ROBERT D ARNOLD 339 BERGER STREET An outstandmg mUSlCl3H Bob played the clarmet saxophone and plano Hrs musxcal abllltv earned hlm the honor of being chosen a member of the State Band the County Band and the Dlstrxct Band Bob s future plans mclude a college education ln muslc and a career In composing and arrangmg muslc COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Band 1 2 CPre:zdenzJ 3 Lancer! Urrhnfra I 9 Urearurerj 3 Dance Band Club I Treasurer 9 Ufzre Prrfzdentj 3 24 of l96O Enferecl Emmous Hrgh School I'ILI1l'N j BALHMAN 46 SOUTH FOURTH STREET As a nurse s arde at the Sacred Heart Hosprtal hrleen experrenced the rntroductron to her career rn nursrng a professron rn whrch she wrll be dedrcated low al and understandrng In school she was especrallv actrve rn musrcal organwatrons and programs Her hobbres were roller skatrng swrmmrng and bowlrng Lorrrcr PRHARATURY LOURSI- Home Numng Club I Lrbran Club 7 lhe lattlfr Sfafl 4dzfrtuzng llanagerj 3 fhoruf 7 fgzcretarvl 3 C lff Club I 7 3 llomeroom Prerzdfnt 3 D1.ftrzvtChoruJ I 7 3 Staff Regronzzl fhorux 3 Wx VIRGINIA A BAILEY Wr scosvrLLE A transfer from Parkland rn her senror year Grnnvs charm and congenralrty helped her to wrn frrends qurckly A seemrngly quret grrl rn class she was always wrllrng to jorn rn the merrrment of her class mates Her efhcrency and resourcefulness wrll ard her rn becomrng a good secretary bl-CRI-TARIAL LoURsr lable lennu Club 3 WAI TILR A BANKS MACUNGIL Gus a humorrst and punster was almost always advancrng hrs latest rnventron or goadrng one of hrs classmates When he was not rnvolved rn hrs merrxmakrng Gus pursued hrs favorrte sports basketball and hrgh Jumprng or crammed for an exam Because of hrs love for anrmals he hopes to enter the professron of veterrnarw medrcrne Qourcr PRPIARATORY LouRst B .rleetballl 7 lrarlel 7 3 Chen llubl 7 U :rf Pfflldfllll 3 I rm Klub 3 IOHNI L BANYAE, 1103 Vhasr BROAD Smear Buddx s pet hobbw was cars teasrng hrs classmates ran a close second Other rnterests were golfrng dancrng and eatrng hrs forte however w as hrs musrcal abrlrtv Buddy sang rn manw assemblres and organrzatrons and played the drums for the Moonlrght Serenaders T be a mechanrcal draftsman rs hrs chorce of a future wocatron GFNERAL COURSE Golf Club 1, 7, 3, Glee Club 1. 7. QPrfndentl 3 Chorzu I, 7, CPre5zdentl 3, lluntrng and Fuhmg f'lub 3 25 O O I . . sy. , 4 -I . 1 , . , . .. . . K , 9 7 , 9 ' ' . . V M, - ' ' v V 9 9 ' ' -.. ., ' . ' ' . ' . ...1. . .. , ' , , fr fu . . , ' . v . . . w ,, 1 I 1 s-1 v v v-y 1 j,L",4 . , 1 -- 'fn ' ' ' 52 . . . , , v , , - -Q 1 w xx fy 1. - 1 R , . .. .. . - 4 . t . i V . . 9 1 . . . . , v . V V v v Y ' ! w i, w Q ,. .,nz . . . 0 , .., , .., , - . '- ' I -' 1 4 . , .., ' ., I 1 .. , - A 1 , v - . 7 I r , 4 ' 7 9 7 1 , . - , , H' - - ' . 0 . . . . V . Hurrled Through fhe Corridors fo Orlenfohon, Indlcatnve of Harry was hrs firm statement Well make up xour mind' xet he was always ready to exchange wrsecracks and partlcnpate ln some kmd of mmschref or pranklsh caper In hrs lelsure time Harrv llked to go to football basketball or baseball games To serve Uncle bam and then learn a trade rn electronics are Harry s ambltlons GENERA1 LOURSE Char and Checkers Club 1 7 CTreasurfr 3 Fllrtatrous and frlendlv Beech was one ofthe jollrest and most good natured fellows rn school He always had a cheerful word for everybody he met Hrs mam mterests were huntmg fishing playmg pool and drrvxng hrs car Bemg a good mlxer wrll help hrm succeed rn busmess school GENERAL COURSE Football 1 Stage Crew 3 Wezghth nng Club 1 7 X HARRY L BARZ 131 DELL STREET ROBERT BASTIAN WESCOSVILLE RAYMOND K BARZ 131 DELL STREET An all round fellow who was a zealous sportsman Rav attended most of the athletlc events and partrcrpated rn all of the actrvltles ln gxm class Whether a game or contest was won or lost hrs usual comment was That s the way rt goes Although he enjoyed huntmg he xx as greatly annoyed wlth people who mrstreated anrmals Raymond IS headed for the Marmes where he plans to learn a trade GENERAL COURSE Chef! and Checlzfrr Club I 7 3 GARRY S BEARD XNESCOSVILLE Lommg from Milton Hugh School near bunburx to spend has semor vear at Emmaus Garry entered mto many school actlvltxes VV1th hrs frrendly smxle and natural wrt he soon became a frnend to mam VVhen ever the roar of an auto engine vsas heard or a group of boxs vs as dls cussmg a huntmg trlp Garry was certam to be around He mtends to jom the Army and later become a constructxon vsorker GENERAL COURSE 26 I O l I w . . , . H v 9 P .f . ,,. 7 v . .. ' 9 ., 9 Y ' , . . , .. , Y v w . . , , . ,-, D . ' n ' 7 as 1 ' as - ' W ! ' 9 , . . ,.., . -1 ' ' 3 7 3 , I . . . . , . , , f ,-. , . , . . . , . . ,,,, 9 js , . Y B' f s Their Classrooms, ond Lockers . ELWOODJ BENNER VERA CRUZ Good natured and easy going Elwood was well hked by hrs classmates and was noted for hrs exceedmgly neat appearance Although con stantly workmg he had time to hunt date and attend school actlvmes He may well look forward to a successful career ln the Umted States Navy CLERICAL COURSE Archery Club 3 ROBERT F BENNER MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Bob s performance as T1tus In the class play his athletlc prowess as a swnmmer and hrs contrlbutlon to The Tattler staff as a feature edltor were some of his most noteworthv school actlvntles Hrs hllarlous antics ID the classroom made every day an interesting one To attend college and earn a degree ID brologv ns Bob s next objective COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Clan Play 3 Football 1 Wreftlzng I fracle I 2 3 The fattler Sta CFeature Edztorj 3 Solanum Club I Prexzdentj 2 Band Alnnounrerj 3 Homeroom Vzce Prefzdent 2 Home room Premdent 3 1.,,'.-' GAIL BERND 625 NORTH SECOND STREET There was never a dull moment when Gall was around for her spontaneous wut aroused the whole group She was fond of svummmg bowlmg and consuming hoagres Her gemal and complalsant manner won her many friends Smcerxtv and co operatlveness mll and Gall m her pursult of a secretanal career Club 3 6' a,.."! CAROL L BLOSE 905 FERNWOOD STREET To be an elementarv school teacher IS Carol s ult1mate goal her cordlalnty SIIICCFIIN and her love for chrldren wlll be of great help to her m achnevmg rt Although a great deal of her lelsure time was spent babvslttmg she took an actxve mterest m bowllng and m kmttmg beautlful sweaters COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Future Teacher: of Amerzca Club Vue Prefzdentj 3 Glee Club 7 3 Chorus 3 Lzbrarx Club I 7 27 - - . y . . . , . , , , I u . i w N i s v 7 , . . . . . - - - , I 7 . . I , Q 1 l ' 1 Q r l . ,. "1 Q sl ' 9 5 nl F . 1' ' 9 4 . J' c :I ' J. ' 7 . l , 3 if SECRETARIAL COURSE. United Nation: Club 1, 2,- Glee Club 35 Archery gl, 4?-4 ' . 3 'I Eiflfa, 33,1 iflgbgff. - - n . ' nb Q, I Q 7 -V9 . I , 3 Q ' ' . 3 1- -' 3 1. 1' l ,l 9 -' ' Always Revered the Upper Clossmen - YVONNE A BORT7 550 BROAD STREET ulet and conservatlve thus demure lass was qulte content to read correspond or mcrease her rallroad lore Consldered a tangnble asset by her church Suzne was a consclentlous student as well Her keen foreslght combxned wlth patnence and SIDCCFIIV wlll contrnbute to her success as a secretary and homemaker BECRETARIAL COURSE Leather Craft Club I Home Nurnng Club 2 3 POTTER BRIMLOW JR 617 GLENWOOD STREET A future of engineering IS Potter s desnre shown by h1s unlque hobby bulldmg model boats from hrs own plans Among hls addltlonal pastlmes other than h1s keen interest ln mechanlcs were the outdoor sports of skung skating camping and Hshlng Hls Immediate goal IS a course ln busmess admlmstratlon COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Tennu Club I Che 5 and Checker: Club 2 Gym Club 3 PAUL F BROOKE EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Hercules' Yes here he IS' Paul kept physlcally Ht bv utllrzmg the school s gym equlpment and hxs own perseverance Hls partlclpatlon ln track wrestlmg the gvm exhlbltlon and the aquacade made hmm an excellent cholce for edltmg sports for the school newspaper Although police work IS arduous Paul wlll add thus to hus creditable accompllsh ments INDUSTRIAL ARTS CoURsE Football 1 2 Wrextlmg 1 7 3 Track I 7 3 Gym Club 7 Gym Exhzbztzon 7 3 E Hwe Sta-f CSport.r Edztorj 3 Aquaradel 7 3 Varfzty E Club 7 LYNN M BROWN WE SCOSVILLE All good thmgs come ln small packages ns a sayxng that can certamly be applled to Lvnn Although she didn t have much helght she had a magnetic personalxtv Transferrlng from Allentown to Emmaus 1n her Junlor year she was soon accepted by many frlends Dancmg and attendmg sports events occupled most of her spare tlme Her manv phone conversatxons frequently centered around her PFOECICHCV a Cupid Lx nn IS plannmg to become a nurse GENERAL COURSE Clee Club 7 3 Choruf 7 3 Arty and Cram Club 7 Gym Club 3 Hockey 3 28 Especlolly lhe Seniors PAULINE M BUTZ EAST TEXAS Polly never mthout a smIle and a happy HI was readIly welcomed bw everyone Her dIstaste for careless dressers and concelted people was as Intense as her dellght In danclng and buylng fashlonable clothes Her SIHCCYIIX and desnre to cooperate wxll aId her In her pursult of a secretarlal career SI-CRPTARIAL COURSE Home Nurnng Club I Home Cra ty Klub 7 Ienmy flub 3 Choru: 3 I ln' Club 3 CHARLES W CAMPBELL EMMAUS ROUTE l Transferrmg to Emmaus In hIs jumor year Chuck was a great asset on the track team when he ran the mIle so adroItly He lIked all sports but archery was hIs favorlte therefore he spent most Ofhls lelsure tIme Improvmg hIs bull s eye score On the Mxlford Archery Course If Chuck enllsts the Marmes may have to change thelr regulatlons because he would rather use a bow than a gun GENERAL COURSE Archery Club fPrz.fzdentj 3 Track 7 3 ARDITH CLARKE 468 SOUTH FIFTH STREET A talented gum chewer wIth a contagIous laugh and a keen sense of humor Ardne always looked for the bnght and sunnv Slde of hfe Her attempts at staynng out of trouble took up most of her leIsure tnme ln her chosen vocatlon a beautIcIan her fondness for people and dIplomatIc manner wIll be helpful HOMF LIVING COURSE fyrn Club I 7 leader: Club fum Fr hzbztzon 1 THOMAS j LONIWAY 164 JEFFERSON QTRFET Invarnablw teased bv hIs classmates especlallv bw a certam tall one Tom good naturedlv played along vuth the jokes HIS Innatelx meek dlSp0Sltl0n dlsappeared however when he was partIcIpatmg In sports He was a member of the football basketball and track teams Tom has the scholastIc abIlIty and ambItIon to earn a Vledlcal Degree COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Football 1 9 3 Barleerball I 7 Track 7 3 Band I Spom' 0 rzatzng Club I 7 Gxm Club 3 -29- The Closs of 60 hos Allomed the Gool BETTY COPE WESCOSVILLE Practlcal jokes and laughter usuallv slgnaled Betty s presence Her classmates vull long remember her happy go lucky nature mcessant chatter and mlschlevousness Her llvely sense of humor explalned her abhorrence for dull people Most of her leisure tlme was consumed by dancmg roller skatmg and swxmmmg After graduation she plans to go to Comptometer School SECRETARIAL COURSE Clee Club 7 3 Chorus 7 3 L1 esazmg Klub 2 Table Yenms Club 3 THOMAS COPE MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 nfl Who? Me' Im not chewmg gum Toms favorlte expressxon led to his contrnbutmg pennies generously to teachers school funds After domg hrs homework whnch he drsllked he was busy dnscussmg facts about cars wlth hls many frlends Hrs qulck thlnkmg and ll'll tlatlve w1ll help htm succeed In any work he attempts CLERICAL COURSE Modfl Razlroad Club I 7 cVZC!PfiI1dK7lll 3 Chorus 2 3 Clee Club 2 LR . Jn I QC L NANCY L CRANE ZIoNsv1LLE ROUTE 1 A hnalxst 1n the National Mem Scholarshlp competltlon Nancv verlhed our commendatlon of her excellent scholastxc achlevement In addltlon to conslstently retammg an A average she emploved her talents ln many dlVCI'SlHCd actlvltles One of her manv honors was that of bemg selected the bus1ness manager of The Tattler Her chosen professxon lS the teachmg of mathematics COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Glef Club 1 7 CSecreraryD 3 L1brary Club Secretaryj I CPres1a'fntj 7 Chorus 7 lSecretaryJ 3 Nauonal Honor Soczety Ufzce Preszdfntj 3 The Tattler Sta Buszness llanagerj 3 Studfnt Counczl I umor Derlamatwn Contest 7 VIVIAN C CROSSLEY 652 MINOR STREET Alwavs ready to help others Vuvxan had a svseet unfelgned manner which enabled her to make and hold many loyal friends Her elfervescent laugh and sparklmg smsle brlghtened many dull classes Wrth her keen mmd and trustworthlness she will surelv be a successful, valued olhce worker CLPRICAL COURSE Bookkffpzng Club 3, Glff Club 3, Chorus 3 30 , 9 .fi , , v - - y ,px 9 ' . K, f . - . Y. . . wezkyf- ' ' , , . :f- w K v w - - s . . , . ' ' ' 4 1. ' ' ' 'Ne T. 3 4 Q l 9 KK 2 ' 71 3 ' ' - - 1 s . . . . , ! 7 , ' 1 9 -s ' f w . v x s - T , . 3 7 , . . . . . U ,, 7 . l . ' Y 'Q 1. C a -Q' -s s' ' J j- K A , , , f -. w . . Y . , v s Which Then Seemed So Remofe ANN E DEHART 720 FERNWOOD STREET Ann a transfer from Rahway Hugh School ln New ersey qulckly became accllmated to our school for she was naturally congemal She devoted her lensure time to gomg to the movues dancmg swlmmmg and bowhng After graduation she hopes to become a clerk tvplst or telephone operator LLERICAL COURSE Archery Club 3 GUSSIE A DEMCHYK 820 FERNWOOD STREET The charm and CHHCICDCY with which Gussle assumed responslbllltx won for her not only the respect of the students and teachers but also the honors of class secretary attendant to the Prom ueen and membershlp ln the recently formed Honor Socnety She was an en thuslastlc cheerleader and supported ardently all other school actlvntles Success to Gussle at Gettysburg College COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Clay: Secretary I 2 3 Homeroom Prefzdentl Homeroom Secretary3 EHwe Sta Reporterl I 7 CC1reula tzon 2 The Tattler Sta CFeature Edztorj 3 Student Counetl 7 3 Na tzonalllonor S0c1ety3 Cheerleader V I Ufarfztyj 7 3 fymExh1b1tzon ARLAN D DI ETRICH EMMAUS ROUTE 2 Whether It was to set up scenery for a program manage the mlcro phones lights and curtams or whatever the need was Arlan eflicxent stage hand was there to help As an actlve 4 H member he raxsed a 1 000 pound black angus steer as an Industrxal Arts student he made many commendable wood projects Arlan hopes to join the Marmes INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE Typewrzttng Club I Chex! and Checker! Club 7 Stage flub 3 KAREN L DINGMAN ul8 SOUTH SIXTH STREET Her ldeallsm optnmnsm and hugh standard of morals have made Karen hlghlx respected and admlred bv her classmates At first Karen w as shx and quiet but because of her pleasantness and generoslty she became a cherished frlend She was an actxve band member and an enthuslastnc sports fan Her hxkmg adventures and natural abllltles have msplred her to major IH sclence COLLEGE PRFPARATORY COURSE Band 2 3 The Tattler Stajf 3 l ym Klub 7 The Natzonal Honor Soczety 3 Homeroom Secretary 3 31 y ' . , J ,D . Y . . r . Q t I . 7- 1- ' . . V 9f'7 V- - .lf . 17 I . 1, -' f U 7 ' . .. ' 1, 35 Clee Club l,' Choruf 2,' Clan Play 3,' Varftty E Club 3. 1 A n , l - . Y Y Y . 1 Y They Find Themselves Reminiscing SAMUEI L DONEY 320 FURNACL STRELT bam s lrfe wrll be a bed of orchrds As an assrstant to tl Horrst he wrll obtarn enough experrence to open hrs own paradrse of orchrds When he rs not workrng rn a garden thrs outdoors man rs off to some stream or held hshrng or huntrng At trmes hrs tacrturn nature rs understandable for he drslrkes habrtual complarners and trouble makers INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSF Ilunlzng and Fuhzng Klub I 3 BRUCE E DRULKENMILLFR 220 LoNc STREET Drucky who seemed rather quret most of the trme was not reluctant rn contrrbutrng to classroom shenanrgans Although he was a staunch belrever rn Eat sleep and be merrv he rndulged qurte often rn hrs brg mterest stock car races Bruce rs lookrng forward to wearrng the unrform of the Arr Force GENERAL COURSE Aquacade I DANIEL J DUNTON 321 Woon STREET Carefree and nonchalant Dan nevertheless marntarned a hrgh scholastrc average mamly through hrs natural abrlrtres and rntellr gence He met all challenges good humoredly Usually retrcent Dan was nevertheless wrttv and outspoken rn rnformal drscussrons wrth hrs close frrends He swam read and dated rn hrs spare trme Hrs future wrll be erther college or the Arr Force COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Clan Plav 3 Sport: Ojicrazmg Clubl CPre.v1a'entj 7 Homeroom Vice Preyzdent I Homeroom Prendent 7 WILLIAM A ELK ZIONSVILLE A competent wood worker Brll enjoved makrng projects and preferred workrng rn shop more than partrcrpatrng rn any other currrcular actrvrtv Wrth the Zronsvrlle gang he went bowlrng and huntrng As one of the stage crew he was srncere and dependable among hrs classmates he was a lrkeable pleasant frrend vuth a good sense of humor INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSF Huntzng and Fuhrng Club 1 fherr and Cherkerf Club 7 Stage Crew 3 32 1 - S . . , , . . . . V . ' W ,. . . . H . . ,, n , . , . . . . , 9 . .. . ,-, . w s 9 . . U ,, . . . . a 9 ,s x s s . . , 9 9 , . , , . ' .1 J 9 -v ' 1' -' W 7 . . . . U ,, . . - , . 1 3 1 , . . . . , . , -. 1 , , w . ,,, 4 -, . Their Posf Experiences cmd Conquesfs GORDON R ECKHART MACUNGIE Gordy possessing a happv go lucky attitude and a keen sense of humor kept the Industrial Arts fellows ln a jovral mood Skrlled ln makmg wood projects he enjoyed shop work very much Luke many Voung men he enjoyed hunting flshmg datmg and jokmg Hrs spare time was spent erther workmg on a farm or drxvmg a bakers truck Gordon s no care rn the world dlsposltlon wrll undoubtedly lead hum over all hrs future hurdles INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSF Hunnng and Fuhmg Club I 2 CSec retaryl 3 JAMES M ENGLEMAN VERA CRUZ Fun lovmg and amicable rm was contented when he was drrvmg hrs 1950 Mercury He fmanced hrs drrvmg adventures by workmg at a stone quarry during the summer Mormng and evemng newspaper routes kept hum busy throughout the year An enthuslastlc sports fan he attended all school athletic events lm whose future plans mclude marnage IS lrkely to succeed ln whatever he attempts ROGER E FEGLEY CHESTNUT STREET A happy go lucky fellow and a party enthuslast Roger often asked Where s the party? Being an odd combmatlon of a clown and a good oe at parties and an outdoor sportsman ln huntmg and fishing con stltuted most of his spare time I-Ins chlef hobby was satlsfymg hrs msatlable appetite Roger hopes to become one of Uncle Sam s hghtmg saxlors GENERAL COURSE Football I 2 Huntmg and Fuhmg Club I 7 Gym Club 3 Student Counczl Z LINDA R FEHNEL 178 GREENLEAF STREET Whenever there was laughter or jokmg thls cheerful fun lovmg mlss was ln nts midst When Smllle was not workmg at Gable s she was llstenmg to popular records or attendmg dances In spate of all her fun and drslxke for studymg she drd her work faithfully and recerved satisfactory grades To enlist m the Navy IS her ambmon HOME LIVING COURSE Basketball 1 7 Lzbrary Club 2 Gulf Gym nartu' Club QTrea.fur:r I 33 C I I , r- - l . . , . Q , -... . . . .f 7 3 7 3 ' . . . . . , , H . ,, . . . . . ' 4. . . . A , , - - . . y J. . . , . INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE. Projfcziouim Club I, Z, 3. l ' ' . 7 7 if I 1, ' ' ' . . . ' , - ' . Y ,A I I . 7 'vc . Y. ' . . , . , - . . . . . .. . , 1 . . 1 n , 7 u I u ' , I ' 7 -'x J ' Recollrng Their Excellenl Records, High A RICHARD FILI ILGY 271 Sourr-r FIFTH STRRI-T Talltatrxe frrendlx and devoted to fun Rrchard was usuallv busy caddxrng rt the Iehrgh Corrntrv Club In hrs lersure trme he enjoyed datrng attendrng sports events bowlrng or playrng golf Hrs favorrte expressron lrke Vyovsl created manv a laugh Rrchard s efhcrencv and self tonhdence assure hrm a promrsrng future rn the Arr Force LII-RILAI Lourzsr Foozballl Kol Team! 2 3' lfarfuv If Klub? SANDRA L FILLLMAN 230 NORTH SECOND STRHT Indubrtablv Qandr vsrll be an arrlrne hostess for her congenralrty and rnrtratrve wrll be valued assets As a peppy colour guard her forthrrght manner and school sprrrt were evrdent rn parades and drrlls on the football Held Dancrng and eatrng monopolrzed most of her lersure trme I-Ier sparklrng personalrty enlrvenrng many partres dances and dull classes won her the admrratron of many classmates and teachers GENERAL COURSE Czrlr Basketball I E Hwe Sta 1 Dolphzrz Klub Arfutanl Secretary I WILLIAM R FETTERMAN 158 ELM STREET Trnkerrng around a Model A Ford seemed to be an rnevrtable hobby for Wrllre I-Irs portrayal of lelferv rn the senror class play and the fulfillment of ollicral dutres rn varrous class functrons were some of hrs achrevements durrng hrs hrgh school career Congenralrtv unselhshness and efhcrency were among hrs marn attrrbutes vxhrch should prove to be rnfluentral rn hrs lrfe s Work COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Wrertlrng 1 Iennzf Club 1 Irafle 7 3 Solarzum Club CV1cePreszdentJ 7 Aquarade 7 Cla.r,r Pla3 3 Kxm Club 3 PATRICIA A FINK MACUNGIE Enthusrasm for a Job well done made Pat a valuable member of the Green I-Iornet Band Her frrendlrness sense of humor and optrmrsm have enlrwened mam of her classmates days Extensrwe readrng and vsorkrng rn the lrbrarx have grven Pat the desrre to major rn Lrbrarx Scrence CoLLEor PREPARATORY QOURSF Band I KRecord1ng Serretarxj 7 3 Orchestra I lRer0ra'z1zg Sffffldfyl 7 3 Homeroom Secretary 7 llomeroom lzce Prefzderzr 3 Clay: Play 3 Kxm Exhrbztzon I Lrbrarx Klub I 7 The fattlfr Staff KK lub 'llarzagzng Edztorj 3 34 C O , , . v ' v V 7 -v, 1 Y ' -Y iv . Y Y . Y Y. Y , Y , , - u 1' 7 V sa h - , Y' ',: ' , ' 3. gif , ,,,' 'Y""',' .. . . . . . . ' 7 . It 7 I 7 7 A 'I .7 . I , . . YY Y. . . Y Y , . 4: , - , 4 1, 25 Lzbrary Club 2,' Archery Club 3,' Colour Kluara' 2, 3,' llomeroom . . . . . Y V . . . . Y Y . .YY , Y . . . . Y . . . . . , ' I 3 . ' ' ' - ' . . ' y . -9 , -1 -7 - r 1' 1 . . Y , . Y Y . . .Y Y , Y .Y . Y 1 . . " V . . f . . 7 w a N ' Y Q - Y -- 9 , -a r Q ,' -s rl I-1. 1 - Y. Y, Y. JY, Y Y. Y, Y Y -Y. Achievements, cmd Well Accomplished Tosks LINDA L FOSTER ALBURTIS ROUTE l llnda s Infectious laughter convlvlallty and loquaclousness bright ened many classes Her spare moments were spent bowlmg gonng out mth her friends and llstenlng to the radlo Contmued appllcatlon of secretanal skxlls wrll make thus dlllgent and mdefatlgable worker .1 valuable employee Sl-CRETARIAL COURSE Lzbrary Club I Home Nurszng Club 7 Ihe Tattlfr Staj' CCopy Edztorj 3 WILI IAM W FRAII EY JR 219 QPRUCE STR!-FT The possessor of .1 keen wlt as well as a hne mmd Bull enllvened many a class with his polnted humor The efllclency he acquired m hrs hobbles of stamp and com collectmg made h1m mdlspensable as manager of the football and baseball teams Bull s pnme mterest nn college wall be preparation for a degree 1n dentistry LOLLFGF PRP PARATORY COURSE Chen and Checkerf Club 1 Solanum Club CSecrflar3J 7 Football Cllanagerl I 7 3 Baseball llanagerj 7 3 lhe latllfr Sta fSport.v Edztorj 3 Varfztv E I lub 3 CAROL J FRITZ MACUNGlh RUUTE 1 What S your trouble? replied Carol when asked a puzzling question Nevertheless she was always ready to contrlbute her advice Her dramatlc ablllty yyas revealed IH her excellent portraval of the leadmg role of cunning Mrs gavage IH the senlor class plav and her vymmng second honors ln the junior declamatlon contest Carol IS looking foryyard to becoming an x ray technlclan QOLIEI r PRHARATORY LoURsE E Hue Stay? I 7 Thr lattlfr Sta Cflub Fdztorb 3 Band! 7 5' Dolphm Club I 7 flfflllllfffl 3 Urchfftra I 7 3 unzor Declamanon fonteft 7 1 lass Play 3 llajorftfe 3 Nanonal Honor Sofzety 3 L KN BLSANNA M FROMM WIACUNGIE Ks a nurse busne yull be admired bv her patlents for her Lmdness smcernty and sunny dlsposmon ln addntlon to reading xyatchlng teleyxsnon and llstenmg to hlt records as pastimes she boosted many of the school s sports events Susne enjoy ed school but she d1sl1ked surprlse tests reports and snobblsh people GENERAL COURSE Home Numng Club 1 7 3 35 The ldeolisfic, Romonfic Freshman IOANNE E GAUGLER SOUTH TENTH STRE ET Her reserve rn the classroom belred the fact that wrth her frrends oanne was an anrmated grrl Though promptness was not one of her manv vrrtues and her moods were unpredrctable she was lrked bv evervone Her frrendlrness wrll be an asset rn the future when she becomes a successful beautrcran CLERICAL COURSE Home Nursmg Club 7 Arrhery Club 3 HARRIET M GEIGER 615 WALNUT STREET Loquacrous and rmprsh Harrret was always caprrcrous whether rn or out of school Durrng her lersure trme she could be found dancrng or satrsfyrng her cravrng for her favorrte food przza Although her plans for the future are rndehnrte she hopes to enter a school of cosmotology CLERICAL COURSE Home Nurfzng Club I Gym Club 2 Archery Club 3 DONALD A GRAEF 711 NORTH SECOND STREET Hrs outstandrng portraval of Hannrbal rn the senror class play and hrs accurate reportrng of Emmaus Hrgh s football games for WHOL s football central were probably Don s two most memorable achrevements He was not onlv a grfted musrcran but also an aggressrve athlete excellrng rn basketball Hrs hobby electrrcrty wrll eventually become hrs major rnterest electrrcal engrneerrng COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Bafketball 1 7 Track 2 3 Clay: Play 3 Chevy and Checker: Club I Solanum Club Treafurer 2 frm Club 3 Homeroom V166 Prerzdent 3 Homzroom Prefzdent 3 ROGER C GUINTHER WESCOSVILLE Although most of Rog s after school hours were spent workrng at the Charcoal Drrve rn he seldom mrssed dances movres or football games Good natured dependable and always wrllrng to lend assrstance hrs fellow classmates consrdered hrm an admrrable frrend He plans to enlrst rn the Arr Force and further hrs mechanrcal knowledge CLERICAL COURSE Stage Crew I 7 3 36 Show "Stung by Cupid" CAROL ANN HAAS 122 DELL STREET ulet yet caprrcrous Carol had a cheerful smlle for everyone Her lersure time was spent sewing danclng and dating An mtense drsllke for cold weather drd not hrnder her attendance at outdoor sports events Carol s trarts of neatness and dependabrlrtv wlll make her a rellable secretary SECRETARIAL COURSE Home Nurfzng Club I thorny 1 2 3 flee Club I 7 3 Tfnmf and Table Tennzf Club 3 ROY R HAASE 123 EAST ELM STREET A tall gentlemanly lad Roy had many frlends As the fun lovmg but efhcrent manager of the wrestllng team he was always spurring the squad to better feats An ardent sports booster he could alvx ays be depended upon for support especially at the basketball games at whlch he was a Varsltv E usher Roy IS plannlng to become a draftsman GENI' RAL COURSF Sport: Ojfczatzng Club I 7 Wrertlrng fllanagerl I 7 3 Clary Play 3 Varrzty E Club 3 ROBERT M HALLMAN MACUNGIE bports and Bob were mseparable As a crushmg fullback on the grrdrron an aggressnve forward on the basketball team and a capable broadjumper on the track squad he displayed hrs athletic prowess and versatrlrtx Hrs friendliness and congemalrtv won hum many friends Bob s future plan rs either to attend college or jorn the Arr Force GENERAL QOURSI- Footballl 7 3 Barleetballl 7 Track 7 3 fyn C1123 laryzty E Cub3 JAMES R HARTLE 640 FERNWOOD STRE ET Wmnmgthe Pres1dentoftheYear avsardrnthe lumorAchlevement Orgamzatlon not only allirms rm s skull ln busmess management but also predrcts hrs success as a busmess executlve A sportsman he plaved on the football and baseball teams and was an enthuslastnc basketball fan W'l1ether mth frlends or strangers he was alwxaxs good natured and joual COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Footballl 2 Baseball 7 3 Sporty 0 6101171 Clubl Solanum Club 7 Gym Club 3 Homeroom Trearurer 7 37 "Appleblossom Trme" IUDITH IL HAWK 27 BERGER SRTEET A profound relrgrous phrlosophy underlay udys genral easvgorng temperament An avrd observer and partrcrpant rn recreatron and sports she often spent her lersure moments followrng these pastrmes wrth her many frrends Her determrnatron and good character wrll help her attarn her ambrtron to become a Chrrstran worker among chrldren and later a homemaker CLERICAL COURSE Glee Club 7 Qljrerzdentl 3 Choru: 2 3 Drama fuzld I Secretary 7 3 RUDDY HECHLER 103 SOUTH TWELFTH STREET Ruddy s devotron to Thursday nrght bowlmg equalled hrs aversron to school food and homework Although he was quret rn classes he was exactly opposrte rn study perrods and whrle playrng practrcal jokes Hrs farthful attendance at home and away games accounted for hrs favorrte questron May I have the car ton1ghtP Pursurng a busrness career after graduatron rs hrs rntentron CLERICAL COURSE Projeetzomftf Club I 2 3 Huntzng and Fzfhzng Club I RODNEY R HEEFNER 1244 WEST BROAD STREET Underlymg Rods reserve was a keen wrt and delrghtfully subtle humor Respected by teachers and puprls alrke Rod contrrbuted prowess was evrdent rn varsrty wrestlmg and baseball Wrth hrs determrnatron he wrll undoubtedly achreve hrs law degree COLLEGE PREPARATORY CoURsE Bareball 2 3 Wrestlzng 7 3 Band I 7 Vree Prendentj 3 Orchestra Ufrce Preszdentl 3 Dance Band Club 2 Leader 3 Varfzty E flub 3 Sportf 0 cratmg Club I Ilorneroom Vree Prendent 2 Homeroom Prerzdent 3 Clay: Play QStua'ent Director 3 SANDRA A HEINLY 542 LIBERTY STREET A cheerful smrle and a pleasrng personalrtv descrrbed Sandy to the T Her job as a wartress at Gable s consumed much of her trme but rn her spare trme she was always creatrng the latest fashron trvrng her most recent recrpe gorng to dances or attendrng school sports events Sandv s jovral and srncere manner wrll help her attarn a happv marrred r e HOME LIVING COURSE Lzbfary Club 1 7 Archery Club 3 38 7 - Y I u v - . ' "Y 1 9 2 7 1 C l -9 - , . . . . . ' 7 . . H . ,, . . , - . . n . . I . . . , , I . . . . , . . rntellrgently to varrous controversral class drscussrons. Hrs athletrc . . , . . . h 1 ' ,. ' H, Y. C . - . I 7 . - . n , H, l' as u w -, - '- , w 1 sl 1' 4 'I' .W ' 1 xl ' 1' I' . . I , ' T ' 5 . . 1 , ' 7 9 ' , . . . . . . lf. 7 l u I V , -1: Y 1 Their Firsf Class Dance . SHIRLEY A HEINTZLEMAN BUCIXEYE ROAD uiet rehned and serene described Shirley After work she relaxed bv Crocheting reading and watching television A part time Job kept her so busy that her outside activities were limited nevertheless she went to basketball games when it was possible Her ability in book keeping will be to her advantage when seeking an accounting position CLERICAL COURSE Home Nunzng Club 7 Bookkeeping and Needle fra t Club Vue Prendentj 3 DUANE HEIST ZIONSVILLE Lontinuallv seeking adventure Duane was usually readmg library books to augment his lore of the woods He employed this knowledge while hunt ng hiking camping or swimming all of which were favorite pastime activities Although his future goal is uncertam he would like an exciting outdoor job LLERICAL COURSF Projeclzonzxu Club 1 L1 emwng Club 7 fennzf Club 3 NANCYLEE HELFRICH 29 SOUTH FIFTH STREET mimicking thus she entertained many of her classmates Her manv friends were attracted by her happy go lucky manner and obvious enjoyment oflife She intensely disliked homework but was alw axs well prepared Her initiative and friendliness assure her a promising uture LLERICAL COURSE flee Klub 7 3 lhoruf 7 3 lun llubl 9 lhe lattler Sta Clan Editor 3 CAROLE ANN HELLER 142 EAST MAIN STREET Carole s belief The only way to have a friend is to be one explains why she had so many friends She was usually engaged in her favorite pastimes of sewing dancing and listening to popular music Her dependability and accuracy will be appreciated by both her co workers and emplower when she Joins an ofhce staff CLERICAL COURSE Home Nurxzng Club I Choruf 9 3 Glee Club 7 3 Tennu Club 3 39 - ' ' . . . . . ' . ' ' V v s p 3 o 1 - , ii . - . . . .., ' , . . . . ' I , I .. K. I I. . , . D . . , . . . . - 9 .. , f , -, . Nancylee, with her captivating smile and wit, had a talent for 5 - , 1 . N . . G , l . . ,, - .1 4 -9 1 1 -s v li' 1 s -1' N l ' if ' ' Y! ' 9 9 - I . 7. 1 . y . . . I . . 7 . . V - . ' i xl -a yi -r 1' As Ellie Sophomores They LOIS E HILRAI D 28 NORTH FIFTH STREET Lols s trlm apparel and agreeable dnsposmon made her attractive to all Thus was apparent when she was chosen one of the top ten ln her jumor year Aslde from boosting the Hornets on to vlctorv datmg took up much of her tlme Her altrulsm wlll help her succeed m what ever she undertakes CLERICAL COURSE Lzbrary Club I 9 l lef Klub I 9 3 thorax 9 3 Thr Tattler Staj' Cddvfrtuzng 'llanagfrj 3 LARRY HILLEGASS 220 SoUTH FOURTH STREET Co captam of the basketball team m hrs jumor year Hnllv displayed mcomparablv aggresslve and Judlclous leadership Whether xt was basketball football or baseball his opponents always faced formidable competltlon Always ready to play a practlcal Joke on someone Larry s caprlclous capers enllvened many school actlvltles Dancmg eating pizza and taklng an active part 1n sports headed hls lust of favorite pastlmes GENERAL COURSE Football 1 2 Basketball I CLo captaznj 2 Bare balll 9 Homeroom TreaJurer2 Varsity E Clabl 2 fV1fePre,vzdentD SANDRA V HILLEGASS 340 BROAD STRE ET Sandy wlth her hvely conversatlon and fondness for jokes was Indeed an enjovable companion Her mann Interests were teachlng m Buble School talklng on the phone watchmg telev1s1on and jommg the gang to cheer the Hornets on to victory Her frnendly smlle under standmg nature and cheerful personality wlll make her a successful Florence Nnghtmgale GENERAL COURSE Ilomz Numn flub I 9 3 JOHN H HINNERSLHIET7 MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Thus lad could easllv be recogmzed by hls red hanr freckles and happv grm Much of hls lelsure trme was spent practlcmg the accordnon An outdoorsman at heart he mtenselv enjoyed campmg hlkmg and huntmg He joined the United States Naval Reserve and IS antlclpatmg an excltlng hltch ln the Navy Qu RICAL QoURsE 40 I ' li ,Y ' ' x 9 .. 1-fy 7 4 H'-9 : 1 'S ! ' 9 ,, . I , , , . - . I ' Y ' Y Y 4 - - a 1 9 ' r ' , , - as va ' - . . ' of-, ' h v a 9 ' fm' ' X 35 Clez Club CV1cf-Prendentj 3,' Chorus CTrfa.rurzrJ 3. ' p S 2 L, . 3 3 . , . y. . , 1 . . . a . . . , - 9 f c . g . ,-, . l N 3 . U . U-. . l l . ? . ' . - A K . I . . I, . I. . , ' w Q N Q v En loyed Sofellrfe Swing TERRY E HININERSCHIBTZ MACUNOIE ROUTE 1 Terrv was taunted and teased because of hrs qunck temper never theless he was a good sport and made frlends easxlx He spent hrs leisure tlme playmg has accordlon or gomg huntmg A a 'Naval Reserve he IS lookmg forward to serving the remamder of hrs enlrstment nn the Unlted States Navv CLERICAL COURSE JUDITH A HOUSER Wr scosv1LLE ulet spoken udy was always consrderate of others Her cheerful smlle and frlendlv dusposmon made her delightful to know Qhe enjoy ed dancmg drnvmg and llstemng to records Wrth her helpful attitude dependahnlntx and el'Hc1encv whneh she dnsplayed rn all class functmons udy IS destmed to he 1 success ID the busmess world LLFRILAI Louksr flex Club 7 3 Chorux 7 3 lxm llub I lz z Javmg Club 7 The' Taztler Staj fClub Edrlorj 3 DONNA W HUMMEL 941 LAWRENCE STREET Allentown Hlgh s loss was eertamly Emmaus Hugh s gam when thus pert lass moved to Emmaus ln her semor vear Donna s lovable dns posxtlon and loyal frnendshlp won for her the affection of everx one A dlstmctlve and Immaculate dresser she despised slovenlx people Adept m art manv of her dlsplaved projects received numerous tom pllments Donna s artrstnc ahnlnty wnll no doubt help her attam 1 posr tlon as a fashion deslgner LLERICAL LOURSE BARBARA T HIJINSINGER OLD ZIONSVILLE ROUTE l A page from flamour Barbara persomhed sophxstncatlon and polse from her bun to her nall pollsh She spent a great deal Of time flung down the Shrmerulle hull m her Trlumph headed for a game at school or a shopping tour m Allentown Her personalxtw mtellrgence and good loolts wxll certalnly enhance the social llfe on a college campus COL! EGF PREPARATORY COURSE Drama Guzld I Homeroom I we Prfrzdfrzt I Sfmor I1 em :ng Club 7 Dolphzn Club 7 3 Lzbrary Club 3 folour I uard 3 41 The Unforgettable Sock Hop STANLILY A IOBST 72 NoR'rH KEYSTONL AVENUL A Merit Scholarshrp Recommendatron was one of the greatest honors bestovsed upon Stan durmg hrs hugh school career After graduatlon he plans to enter Moravlan College and major rn hrstory In school Stan play ed In the hmmaus Hlgh Band and attended the Lehrgh County Band for three consecutive vears COLLEGIL PR:-IARATORY Couksh Band I 7 3 Chen and Checleerx I lub I Natzonal Honor Sorzfty 3 Photography Club 2 Solanum Club 3 Senior Clary Plaj 3 MARLENE JACOB MACUNGIE uret and reserved wlth strangers Marlene was fun lovrng and talka tuve wlth mtlmate frrends When she was not reading or lxstemng to rock and roll she had an enjoyable time dancmg or bowling She dns lrked swrmmmg as much as she enjoyed shorthand Dependable and efliclent she lS destmed to be a successful secretarv SECRETARIAL COURSE The Taztler Sraj CCopy Edztorj 3 THOMAS K JOHNSON ALLENTOWN ROUTE Z Enthuslasm and zest for lrvmg marked Tom s everv actron Sharp wltted he was seldom at a loss for words whether on the football held or m the classroom He satlshed hrs Hair for orlgmalltv by always wearxng red socks to match hrs hair Taklng to water luke the proverbral duck he excelled In aquatxc sports Hrs plan IS a degree m buslness admmlstratron CoLLFGh PRhlARAToRY Counsa Fotball 1 7 3 lrack 7 3 Aquacadel 7 3 fym Clubl 7 3 ANITA IL JOHNSTON EMMAUS Rours 1 As friendly mlschlevous and cute as a krtten was Nita Wxth her cheerfulness and understanding she brought a smlle to mam a melan choly face Her creatlveness and exceptional neatness combmed wlth her gaxetv and lnterest ln people wrll be valuable assets to her as a beautlcxan CLFRICAL COURSh flee' Club 7 3 Chorus 7 3 Studmt Counczl 7 Drama Fuzld I Cym Club 7 The Tattlfr Sta fClaJ.r Eciztorj 3 42 Q . Y w w v . ., . , . . ,.., , J . 7 ' . Y n 7 N . 1 3 I , ! ! - v ' . l Q , - - 9 ' ' 9 ,- J . . . , . y s , . 1 Q, N . . r' . , . 0 , .., , .., , l w w 9-9 1 1 s-9 - l I x ,la a - ' 9 1 5 1 - . w I v - . . 1 -, , .., , -, . . , l . , , , -, 17 . Shoeless Shenanigans LOIS A KEENER 312 'WORTH FIFTH STREET How do you do this problem Lois was often heard In math classes Although Intelligent and scholarlv Lois was modest and reserved but willingly she helped others with their problems Her companionship helped her make many friends The future will hnd Lols studvmg for a math degree on a neighboring college campus QOLLFGE PREPARATORY Lotmsr fym Club 3 RAYMOND KEHM 127 EAST HARRISON STREET A newcomer to E H S In his senior vear Ray quickly adapted himself to the schools routine A meritorious trumpeter he plaved with the Moonlight Serenaders the schools dance band and the Emmaus Green Hornet Band Among his many attributes he possessed an unusual perception of humor Ray plans to enter the Naval Academy of Music QL!-RICAL COURSE Band 3 Dance Band 3 PATRICIA M KRIM 1263 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Pat was loved for her friendliness sincerity and spontaneous laughter Always loy al to the school she attended all sports events with great zest Eating homemade Ice cream dancmg and driving her dad s Chevv were her prlmarv Interests Her eagerness to please others and to excel In her vsork vull make her a successful secretary SECRETARIAL LOURSE. fhorzu 2 3' flee Club 2 Qlreafurerj 3' Ianni: flub 3' Chfmirlry Club Qlrfarurfrj 2' Nfedlecraft Club 1. FRED KEIPER Ewvmus ROUTE 1 Known to many of his friends as Freddie he was usually working on his Ford or driving around with his many friends. ln his sophomore year Kipe moved to Emmaus from Berwick and immediately became a friend of many. Vlith his comedian-like antics he can always be remembered for his witty remarks and mischievous pranks. After graduation Tiny plans to join the Pennsylvania State Police. GENERAL COURSE. Football I 2' .llodel Railroad Club fPfffl'll1f7liil I' Projection1'.m' Club 2 3' Flfe Club 3. As Juniors, They Were Proud of Their CAROL A KELHART 145 SPRUCE STREET Amlable and constantly smllmg Carol captured the hearts of her classmates wlth her scmtlllatmg yet smcere personalltw Her perpetual chatter and teasing lxvened manv a dull studv hall Thls blrthe g1rl enjoyed horseback rndmg swlmmmg and archery Her trustworthmess and common sense vull certamlv be assets to her future emplox er QLERICAL COURSE Drama Guzld 1 Home Nurfzng Club 7 Clre Club 3 Archery Club 3 Choruf 3 SUSAN A KERN ALBURTIS Her sweet d1spos1t1on attractrveness neatness and love of fun made Susie a dellghtful person to know Although she spent manv hours dolng her studles she st1ll found tnme for swrmmrng dancmg and above all eatmg steak sandwlches Inherent creatlve abnllty wlll be helpful to her when she becomes a beautlclan CLFRICAL COURSE SANDRA A KLECKNER EMMAUS ROUTE 1 W1th her shv manner and wmsome smlle Sandy found numerous steadfast fr1ends She llked football games but her preference was for less excltlng lelsure actlvltles such as long walks and Watching televlslon programs Although she hopes to emplov her clerlcal trammg she mtends to make her real vocat1on homemakmg CLERICAL COURSE Home Nurnng Club I 2 3 RANDALL KNEEDLER 303 BARRETT ROAD If the screechmg of trres and the acceleratlon of an Impala were heard undoubtedly It was Kneedles the hard hxttmg Hornet half back Practlclng football repalrmg hrs car or fulhlllng the office of presrdent of the stage crew consumed most of Randv s trme Rands s knowledge of mechanlcs vull be a great asset as a garage executor GENERAL COURSE Football I 9 3 Wrefzlzng 3 Staff Crfu I 7 CPre,fzden1D3 Varrztg E Club 3 We1ghtl1ft1ng Club 7 44 9 - 7 r . . . . . Y Y . . , , I. v 1 A N w - . ' I w . , .., 1 . 1 w ., , . 9 9 9 9 9 9 , . 9 . 9 ' 9 9 . M , ' 9 9 ' t - E 1 I 5 G! 9 9 ' ' ' - 9 9 9 ' 9 . 7 ' Y N I - . w ' ' 9-9 1 1 c 9-9 . . H ,, . . . . , . , , ... High Scores in the IOWA Tests JEAN KOVISH 639 FURNACE STREET eanne was welcome wherever she went for she had a warm hearted manner and an lngratnatxng smlle She was an amusmg companuon Her tendency to become exclted and easily flustered afforded her class mates manv an amuslng moment Although her future plans are mdefimte her dlllgence and eagerness to please wlll enable her to be successful xn any endeavor CLERICAL COURSE Chorus 3 Clee Club 3 TERRANLB KOVISH 639 FURNACE STREET Meet the hunter and fnsherman of the General sectlon' Whenever the hunting and hshmg seasons opened Terrance was absent from school and on h1s return he had a good storv to tell hls chums Plaxmg golf and horseback ndmg were other out of school Interests Amxcable and fun lovmg Terrance w as well lnked and respected bv has classmates GI-NPRM COURGI- Huntzng and Fzfhmg Club I 3 gg? AUDREY J KNOLI 649 NORTH STRE FT Avldly mterested ln school functxons and actnvntnes Corky proved to be a loyal supporter of her Alma Mater by falthfully attending the football and basketball games When she was not mvolved ln school actlvltles she enjoyed playing tennis and reading Audrey S future plans are to major ln Elementary Education at Past btroudsburg Qtate Teachers College COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE I lee Club 3 Clary Ojirer CAffuzanr Secretaryb I Axxutant Secretary lffdillfffl 3 llzxed Choruf 3 Home room President I Homeroom Vzce Prefzdent 2 Spanzfh Club CPre51dentD 7 Archery Club 3 E Hue Staj I Student Council I 7 HARRIET A KRATZER 363 CHESTNUT STREET Wmth a Hanr for desxgnmg sewmg and the culmarx arts Harrxet w as alwaxs as busx as a bee These skllls howeser dxd not mterfere wlth her studxmg partxclpatlng IH the Dolphin Club worltmg IH the llbrarx or bemg the most amlable and understandmg of frnends Harrlet wlll concentrate on Home Economlcs as a future career COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Student Counrzl 1 7 Choruf 3 flee Club I 7 3 Dolphzn Club 1 7 3 Iibrarx Club! 7 3 45 a Q o l I . 1 l 1 1 L . 9 v , . . . . ' . , ' t . w v v A v ' . 1 , - rv - . 9 C ' J A ' 1 ' 1 ' J . . - , . -2 2 s y -- J 1 , - , . . 4 . Y . , . A if , 1 1 . , . Y . a I . 1 X - y - - v U Q Q w Q - - - - . . , . .. 1 , . s r ,v v Y , Y ac , ra - Y Y - - , , - x a . , 9 a Y . 7 ' ttiifiixs. - 'qs gee :gn N , , , w - - at - v -y 1 - . w w l - D ' Y 1 9 -9 T 4 ' -9 1 1 , 1 a -v - The Floppers Who Donced of SUI' A KRAUSP MAQUM Il As a registered nurse Sue wlth her aboundlng theerfulness ind frlendllness will help speed manv a patients recovelv Her and Interest ln Girl Scoutxng has taught her the true meanmg of falr pl ax and lovaltw When Sue wasn t busx wlth sthool HCUVIIICS or readmg she spent most of her spare tlme sewmg because she was an accomplrshed seamstress LOLLFGL PRIJARATORY LoURsr flee Club 3 Charm 3 Home Nurfzng Club I leader! Klub 7 Anherx Klub 3 MARGARET R KRAUSS 222 NORTH STRE ET Whether Margaret was attendmg classes or guardmg on the gurls basketball team mrschlef usuallv prevalled Much of her remammg tlme was spent marchmg m the Amerxcan Leglon Drum and Bugle Corps and servmg on The Tattler Staj Her charm perseverance and sympathetlc understandmg wlll assure her success as a teacher Ill the elementarv grades GENLRAL COURSE Barleetball 2 3 jumor Declamatzon Context 7 Leaderr Club Trearurerl 2 Gym Club 1 Cym Exhzbztzon 1 Varrztv E Club 3 Clair Play 3 The Tattler Staj fSportJ Editorl 3 LAROI A KUHNS MACUNC rr Rourr- 1 A damtv blonde wrth a dazzling smnle and a blushmg face was Larol Although datlng consumed most of her tlme she was an ebulllent spectator at all athletic events She enjoyed dancmg and llstenlng to all tvpes of musrc To become a secretarx and later a housewrfe ne her plans for the future BLCRETARIAL COURSE- Home NllT5171V C lub I Home Arty and I ra tr fylff Prerzdentl 7 lable lenmf llnb 3 C horny 3 I lee l lub 3 Home room frearurer 7 DARLENE j LAGLILR 10 HARRISON STREl:T laugh and the world laughs with you was the essence of Darlene s personalltv This rn addltlon to her carefree manner made her a pleasmg compamon Talented m musrc she enjoved smgmg and plaung the piano and organ for church actlvrtles When she becomes a secretarx her presence wrll brlghten the oflice of am hrm Sl-LR!-TARIAI LouRsr fhorus 7 3 Clee Club 7 3 Archerx Llub3 46 - 1- . 1 t 1 . t 1 - Avli y K , . . 2 . . . . , . v ' - r , V U. 1, V , ' V ,' 1 'v' ' ' v -. 1 q N Q Q, w Q 1 v l v ' . .. 1 1 , 1 , ' l n v . w 1 , 1 1 .., ' 1 . 1 . . . , , , . - J 9 1 . ' ' ' . ' 5 1 '-x , , C I l . .. . . 4 J H 7 J ,, rc U l i - 1 : ' ,,,,, w 1 1 . A lf, l . . . . . , 9 . . . . . . n L I . v IA 1 1. N N . , ' , 1 .. 5 1 , 1 f - - 1- 1. - v w - 1 ' .., 1 .,' 1 , I 1 .,' '- 1 as ' rr Y V r 1 , , . . . , . . . . . 1 H- 9 1 . , - v .3 . ' '-. . ' . ' . ' . , ' t . . . 1 .. 1 .., , -, , h . The Roofing Twenhes PHILLIP N LEESER MACUNGIE Phil unobtrusive in manner was a very assiduous student His diligence in class was matched bv his love of the outdoors especiallv hunting and hshing He spent much of his spare time repairing and cleaning his guns as well as testing them in the nearby mountains His liking for the outdoors will prompt him to secure a job nn the wide open spaces CLERICAL COURSE Hunting and Fzfhmg Club 1 7 Invfxtment I lub 3 SARAH j LEHMAN ALBURTIS Smgmg in the District Chorus for two years was not only an honor but a memorable experience Sally participated in manv other activities but did not neglect her school work She will mevitablv be a successful elementary school teacher because of her love for and her patience with children COLLEGE PREPARATORY QOURSE Homfroom Arfutafzl Secretarx I E Hive Staj I Typewrztzng Club 2 Thr Tattler Staj' CC.lub Editorj 3 flee Club I 7 3 Choruf 2 3 Dutrut Chorus 7 3 unzor Dfrlamatzon Fonteft 7 BENNETT LORBER 610 NORTH SECOND STREET The dillicult and tedious task of being Editor in Chief of fhe Tattler was a challenge which Bennett was well qualified to handle His out standing scholastic and executive abilities were recognized when he was chosen president of the newly formed National Honor Society His punctihousness and calm tactful manner should make Bennett a most successful and competent surgeon Lotuzcit PREIARATORY Lounsu. Student Counrz! 2 3 Ilomeroom Preridfnt I 3' Ihe lattlfr Sta Clfditor-in-Chic' J 3' Clary Play QStudent Dirfctorj 3' Solarium Club I' Li efazfing Klub 2' Wre.r1lz'ng 2' lrark 3' National Honor Society fPrr5z'dentJ 3. ALBURTIS LYNN M. LUDWIG Playing fourteen musical instruments will be a considerable assistance in helping Lynn reach his goal the Navy school of Nlusic and a career in music. Furthermore he is much interested in the complexities of science and the intricacies of mathematics. By nature he is reflective and reserved. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Counss. Dante Band 1 2 3- Band I 2 37 Orcheftral 2 3. Their Dromohc Abrllfy Was Displayed DANIEL F MARSTILLI LR 133 BERGER STREET -Xn accompllshed saxaphomst Dan made has talent prohtable bx plaxmg ln a successful dance band Hrs hard work at track practice resulted m constantly good dlscus throwmg and hls alertness and mdustrx ln the classroom brought hum commendable grades Success II1 the legal professlon hes m Dan s future QOILEGE PREPARATORY LOURSI- Ilomfroom Prfrzdfnt 9 llomeroom I :ce Pre.r1de'nt 3 Thr Tattler Sta fSport5 llanagzng, Edztorj 3' Clan Plax 3 Dance Band! Szrretaryj 7 Orchfffra I 7 fPfEJ1dF11fl 3' Band I 7 Urraxurfrl 3 Football I 7 lrarle I 7 5' E lllzr SraflPh0to ,grapherj 7 3 WILLIAM L MASON MACUNGIE Transferrmg from Madnson Hugh m hxs semor year Bull aflable ln nature readily became acquamted with the llfe at E H S and was accepted bx manv friends Whether dlscusslng a problem or relatmg an anecdote he lnjected lntelllgent provocatlve thoughts into a con versatlon lilll has a keen mlnd and should Hnd the mdustrlal en gmeermg course at college stnmulatmg CoLLrt,E PREPARATORY COURSE BARBARAJ MATURA 647 FURNACE STREET A buoy ant spmt sunny smile and gay hello slgnaled Barbara s welcome presence at any gatherlng Because of her amlablllty and readmess to grve needed ass1stance she was well llked by her classmates An mdustrlous student she nevertheless dlsllked domg homework Barbara s excellent shorthand ablllty wlll msure the fulfillment of her deslre for advancement ln the busmess world QECRETARIAL COURSE Unztea' Natzonf Club I fSerretar3j 9 RONALD W MCLLENAHAIN 302 MAIN STREET Chlck was a frnendlv talkatlve fellow whose practical jokes made hrs frlends chuckle and hrs classes llvelv Vlhen he was not drxvmg his car Hshmg ln some nearby stream or huntmg on some mountamsrde he was shootmg pool Although he dld not partlcxpate m sports he was a smcere follower Chuck wnll sexze am opportumtv that seems prop: tnous INDUSTRIAL ARTs CoURsE Iluntzng and Fzrhzng Club 1 7 CS retarx 3 48 C l I l I , . . . 1 - 1 4 3 WY v ' . , f ' . .I , . . . , X w w Q - ,. . . . . , - , lj' . f ., . , . 4 . ' . , y 3 '-s 2-3 -7 v r. . 1-9 y v-1 1-1-y ' l ' 1 .., . N 7 s , 'I . .k. . , . I 9 Q ' N ggi w " ' cc n ' x r , 9 s , , , . , .. . . Y . . , -,3. l W I ,. . , . . . 1 ,1 7 9 a v b , v v Y Y x . . . , . 1 ,-, EC- 'D in the Declomohon Contest LINDAJ MCGUIRE VERA CRUZ A radiating freshness and a sense of kindness describe Linda who when not studxing or reading spent her time working weekends as a junior aide at the Allentown Hospital Intelligence and the desire to help others have moved her to choose nursing for a career and to serve her tountrw as a Navv nurse Louror PRHARA'roRv COURSE lhe Yaztlfr Sta CC,larr llanagzng Ldztorj 3 Home' Nurrmg Club I Lzbrary C'lub 2 Clan Play 3 Natrona! Ilonor Soczety 3 PATRICIA A MELKI-Ib S53 BROAD STREET Pat performed her task as head majorette with efliciencv and finesse just as she did everything else Bllthe sophisticated and popular she was selected Football ueen and an attendant to the Prom ueen Her sincere and cordial manner exemplified her dislike for capricious people Business school will be the next step in furthering her education SECRFTARIAL COURSE llajorette I 7 Cllzadj 3 umor Prom Court 7 Dolphin C lub 7 CSecretaryj 3 fhe Tattler Sta Cfldvfrtzfzng llanagerl 3 C,horu.r 7 C lee Club 2 C lan' Play 3 llomeroom Secretary 3 llomeroom lrfarurer I C ym Club I Cvm Exhzbztzon 7 3 Ifaderr Club 7 Ll-IEROLYN j MILITYLILR 849 QHFSTNUT STRI- ET Lheerfulness perseverance and a desire to succeed are just a few of the commendable traits which will help Sherri realize her ambition nursing To her classmates and teachers she was alwavs courteous and understanding these too will be appreciated by her patients To divert from studying she enjovs reading listening to popular music dancing swimming and ice skating. Nurfin Clubl 2 CSecrftar3D 3. RICHARD D. MEYFR ZION SVILLE ROUTE 1 The philosophy of Montaigne Plato and Aristotle greatly stimulated and inspired Dick who is considering going into this held' however experience gained by working in a drugstore throughout his school life has also interested him in a career in pharmacy. He should be equally successful in either one. COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE. Student Council 3,- Varsity "E" Club 3,' Track Qllllllflgffl 2, 35 Sportr Ofriating Club I, 2: llomeroom Treasurer 2. QOLLEGE PRI-IPARATORY COURSE. Chorur 7 3 C lee Club 7 3 Home C LORIA j MILLILR fJLD 7roNsv1LLL gregarrous Her chlc appea xsms vson her mam frlends eatlng matched her dlsllke mecca a lucratlve posltlon her to attam ShcRrTAR1A1 LOURSI- I lfnnzf Club 3 Choruf 3 ll Czlorla ostenslblx taclturn and reserved was reallv vnvaclous and rance congenlallty and coquettlsh manner Her enthuslasm for dancmg datmg and for homework and dxlatory people Her m the busmess world should he easv for zrlf Athlfnc Club I Leader: Club 7 lablf omrroom Secretary I 7 Student Counczl 3' The Long Anhclpofed Junior PATRICIA A MII I FR 550 MINOR bTRhhT As a future lady of the lamp m Navy blue Pat will boost her patlents morale with her opt1m1st1c outlook on llfe Her reserved and unobtruslve manner m class was deceptive of her gav and talkative nature among friends She spent many happy hours dancmg Ice skatmg and horseback rldmg COLIECE PREPARATORY Couksl- Home Numng Flub I Izbrarx Club 2 The Tatzler Sta cclllff Edztorj 3 RILHARD I MILLER FMMAUS Rouu 1 Dlck could alvx axs be found wlth a group of jokmg boys Hrs spare trme was taken up bx h1s Merc and by playmg football wlth the gang on Sundax afternoons and an occasional game of pool Huntmg and hshmg were also a part of thls ardent sportsman s llfe Hrs plans for the future mclude fulfillmg hrs mxlntary oblrgatlon ID the Umted States Navv and then settle down to a home hfe INDUSTRIAL ARTS QOURSE fob' Club 2 Huntzng and Fuhm l lub 3 ROY G MILI ER EMMAUS Rourr 1 A qunet and studlous member of the General sectxon Roy xx as the champron speller of hls sophomore homeroom An ardent hunter trapper and Hsherman Roy was fond of outdoor lnfe Most of hrs leisure tlme lf not spent wxth hrs Irish setter m the Helds vsas spent at the Hnlltop Servlce Statlon He plans to vsork at Western Electrlc GFNFRAL COURSE Huntmg and Fzflzzng Club I 7 CPreJ1a'fnt 3 50 Prom - "April in Paris" as a loval and fun lovnng frlend WILI IAM C MOENING 629 FVERGREEN STREET DIIHIDUIIVC but mxghtv Buddv was well hked and respected for hrs considerate and courteous manners Hrs mterests varled and wavered from tmkerlng wlth hls cvcle and gomg to motorcycle scrambles to his endless datmg Buddys dependablllty lntegnty and eagerness to help others will help hlm attam success ln the busmess world GENFRAL COURSE flauacade 7 3 fym Exh1bztzon I 3 Cym Club I 3 I1 emvzng Club 9 others 7 Archfrx llub 3 flee' llub 3 Choruf 3 BRFNIDA L IVIONK MACUNGIE The rapxd staccato tapping of a tx pew rlter ln room 203 was usuallx created bs Brendas sltlllful hngers Her unengaged time was spent partntnpatnng IH the band correspondmg wnth that certain guv and broademng her knowledge hx readlng EXQUISIICIV groomed and smartlx dressed she wull IIHPFOYC not onlx the appearance of an ofhce but also xts CIHCICHCN SECRETARIAL COURSE Band 1 9 lCorre,fpond1ng Secretary 3 Orcheftra I 7 Cdffutant SfcretarxJ 3 Lzbrarx Club I Vzrf PfKJ'ldt'7lll 7 The Tattler Staff CCOpx Edztorl 3 51 CAROL ANNI MOATZ 812 CHESTNUT STREET I-Ier patlence and love for chlldren made Carol s cholce of profession teaching ln the elementary grades a logical one Kutztown State Teachers College wnll be the college of her choice She was consclentxous and fastldmus not onlv ln making beautlful clothes but also ln domg her school work We shall especlallv remember thus dlmmutnve redhead COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Home Nursmg Club 1 7 Future Teacher: of Amerzca Club 3 Glee Club 3 Chorux 3 GLORIA E MOHR EMMAUS ROUTE 1 To earn a degree ln nurslng IS Glorla s ultlmate goal ln llfe Her sunnv smlle cheerful dlsposmon and love of all mankxnd wall certalnlx be helpful to her ln her career Some of her mam lnterests other than people Included reading Ice skatmg ammals and the Glrl Scouts She wlll be remembered for her kindness and thoughtfulness towards 7 1 I 3 y. ', " I . - . . y" . . . . ' 9 5 . ' 3. A -, ,- I ' " , ,- , , ,' .f I -. 7 U . y I . .. y 1 I . . , . Q , W 5- CoLLEt:E PREPARATORY CoURsE. Hom: Nurrzng Club 1 I tm Klub .,,' w' 4 ,' 1 , ,' 1 . v , , V. 3 ' Q -I su. 1 . . . - is . y, - , . . - ', .I , V. l I -Y A . - 9 -Q I l l v' 0 -y . -l v' rl 9 K ' ..,' A H' . With fhe Class of l959 as Guests, Varxztv E flub 3 fTlOITlCI9lf GFNFRAL COURSE Cym Club 1 9 3 LARRY G MOSER 319 BERGER STREET To one not famlhar wlth Larry he seemed qulet but those who knew hum mtlmatelv found hlm to be a pleasant and even mlschlevous companion Bowling plaung pool and swxmmmg were hrs favorite pastlmes Larry plans to work at the Community Park during the summer then Tn the wmter he hopes to go to Florlda and work as a lifeguard INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSF Umrfd Natzom Flub I 9 fxm Flub 3 Aquacadf 9 3 LYYETTE R MOYER ZIONSVILLE ROUTE 1 Iynette was an exemphhcatxon of the patlence of ob for she alwavs appeared tranqunl and serene Although her mterests were varxed her outstanding PTOHCICUCW m sewmg made xt her favorlte pastlme She seldom found fault wlth any thmg but she dnd dlsllke haughty people Her versatxhtx was dxsplax ed ln her wxde range of ambitions for the future among them to be an efhclent secretary SLCRLTARIAL QOURSE Home Nurfzng Club 9 Table Tfnnu Klub 3 Chorzu 3 52 an L - Q 1 4 in 4 A 7 ,-, , CA ' sa n 1 . as - 7 , h 9 7 . Q a ' a i v . . 1. 1 1 , ..., W 9 s . Y. V. v. . . . - s , 1 4 . . , 1. 1 ,-, 1' 1 , -, .. 9 Y . n . ' 1 , H - 9 v Y v r . . . . V . 9 .1 ' V , Y 1 1 ,lf Q -Q Q w - - , . . . 1 ..., 1 , w 1 1. F' ALLEN R MOORE ZIONSVILLF ROUTE 1 An ardent sports fan and manager of the track and football squads Sack was wllhng to argue h1s pomt or express hrs oplmon when dlSCLlSSlI'lg athletlcs Fresh water Hshmg and small game huntmg octupled hns lelsure tlme Allen has a keen statlstxcal mmd and the quahhcatlons for a successful career ID busmess admmnstratlon COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Flaw Vzce Prmdenr I 9 3 lmck fllanager I 9 3 Football llanagfrj I Sportf 0 czatzng Klub I LARRY MORY 429 RIDGE STREET A steady mstlgator ofa good school prank Frog became the lnnocent bv stander when somebodv asked Who did that lxke most ex pernenced sportsmen he enjoyed huntmg and hshmg Once he was on the subject of sports lt was dlfhcult to get hlm away from lt VN 1th hrs brxlllant mlrth provokmg mmd the Navv w1ll never have a dull They Helcl the Senior Forewell NANCY L NELSON 1049 HARRIS DRIVE Wnth her pleasant smlle and magnetuc personallty Nancy a new comer to F H S ID her senxor year easlly acquired many frxends I fact she loved to scatter smlles wherever she went Her foremost mterests were clothmg cooklng and readmg Nancy s understandmg nature and ss mpathetlc manner of handling chlldren requnsrtes for a teacher ID the elementarv grades are commendable LULLECP PRFPARATORY COURSE Ellwe Sta 3 Chorus 3 flee Club 3 BARBARA J NEWLOMER ALBURTIS ROUTE 1 Barb a loquaclous lass wlth an Infectxous laugh traveled at a snanl s pace no matter what happened Lovmg a good tame she filled all who heard her wlth galety and mlrth Barb dlsllked cold weather haughty people school buses and studymg Although her plans for the future GkNhRAL COURSE Home Nurnng Club I 2 Drama fuzld 3 Clfe flu 7 3 fhorur 7 3 good for her patlents as any medlcme Nursmg Club I Affhffl flub 3 Club 3 Gler Club 3 53 fx ALBERTA D OATES 344 NoRTH THIRD STREET Baslcally Alberta was rather serlous but to those who knew her well her sense of humor was promlnent Although her studles occupled most of her free tlme she found sufhcxent tame to experxment In coolcmg and sewlng or to partxclpate In muslcal and church actnvntles When Alberta IS a nurse her cheery smxle and reads service wxll do as much QDLLECE PREIARATORY LoURsI lhoruf 3 flee Club 3 llomr BRENDA I oRTT 47 NORTH SECOND STREET Fllrtatlous and voluble Brenda fengned Innocence wrth a sweet smlle whenever she was the mstlgator of some mlschlef She spent her lelsure hours bowlmg eatmg pizza and skatmg She dlslnlted homework people who talk too much and dentlsts Her plans for the Immedlate future are mdehmte eventually she hopes to be an efliclenct housewxfe CLERICAI. COURSE Home Lzzzn Club I Cxm Club 7 Archfrx u - 71 . . v' . I . ,. . I , . , .- .. . .. ' , . n , . S' . . . . , . ' I r . ' . . . I D -' 1 ' Y 7 ' , . . . - j , , 1 N , W' . . . . ., 2 I may D , Y -V ag.- ' . '. . . 2 . . I . f , are uncertam, her frlendly dxsposxtnon wlll help her attam any goal. 5' 3 ' ' . ' , ,- I ' ,' I ' . b -, ,' , -, . , . 5 3 9 'A - . 7 . . ' 9 . ' , . ' ' 3. I ,' I I . 5 U v. ' ' 1 I , I . . 5 ,U ' ,' A Q They Launched Their Senior Yeor IARRY R ORTT W4 RIDGE STREET Larry one of the General sectron s gang was a fun lovrng good natured fellow who made friends easily He liked lrstenrng to records and reading books on hot rods but hrs favorite past trme was working on hrs Ford to see what made rt trck or drrvrng around rn rt To join the Navv rs Iarrvs ambition GPNERAI LOURSE Projertzonutf Club I Wmghllztnzg flub 7 lluntrng and Fzfhmg llub 3 LARRY L OSWALD 238 NORTH STREET A friendly smile and hearty greeting for everyone was symbolic of Ozzie He enjoyed doing odd jobs around the house plavrng modern records and satisfying hrs appetite A part time Job and sports events consumed much of hrs spare time As much as he lrked gym classes he despised the two laps he had to run around the football field After serving an elrstment rn the Armv Larrv plans to go to an rndustrral school to learn prrntrng GENERAL COURSE Umzea' Nazzon: Club I 7 3 Wrefzlzng Qllan ager I PATRILIA A PALE MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Consideration for others amrabrlrty and srncerrty are among Pat s many admirable trarts She was alwavs willing to help new puprls consequently she developed manv warm frrendshrps She spent most of her trme reading books drawing prctures and rarsrng Howers Vvrrh her varred rnterests and her love of people she wrll be successful rn whatever she does. Gym Club CPrf.ridentl 3. DOUGLAS E. PETERS 423 RIDGE STREET Known to all as the mental peer of his class Doug easily lived up to the credit given him by scoring high in both the Iowa Tests and the National Merit Scholarship Tests. He enjoyed such intellectual hobbies as chess or exploring a realm of science as yet unknown to him. Doug will surely realize a successful career in engineering. LULLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE. Chen and Chfckerf Club 1 lPrefi- dent? 2' Solarium Club QSerrftar3J 3' National Honor Soriety 3. COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE. Semor Lrfexazrng Club 7 Czrlf Wlfh fhe Sadie Hawlans Dance enter the medical professlon CAROLINEI RAHI1. 115 EAST SPRUCE STREET One of the most mlschlevous gurls of the Class of 1960 Qarolme was lncessantly chattermg and lookmg for fun she added manv a delightful moment to a dull class session Swlmmmg bowlrng and baby srttmg occupled most of her tlme As an elementary school teacher she wxll be patlent rntelllgent and lovlng as well as lnsplrmg and stlmulatlng LoLu-c 1- PRPIARATORY QOURSE Dolphzn Club 7 Izfrfazzng Club 7 Future lmrherf 0 Amerrca C lub lreasurerj 3 Chorus 3 C lef Club 3 BONNI IL RAULH VERA QRU7 A mlschlevous smile rmplsh eyes and a vlvld personahty made Bonnie a refreshlng component of anv school actlvltv She enjoyed dating and had an lnsatlable craving for pizza and mllk shakes Al though her future plans mclude a secretarnal posntlon her ultrmate goal IS to LlIlll7C her admirable sewing and cookmg abllltles for that certam someone SPCR!-TARIAI Louksr llome Numng C lub I lennu Club 3 llomf room Affzftant St'Cf!'fIlfX lrmrurfr 3 Qtgn i' m the secretarlal held 3 l' nnzf Club 3 55 ' Y! ' ' 71 I . 1 .. r 1 a Y 'N N ., ,- . , . 1 - fl .., 1 -, , . . . . , , . ! 3 V - 7 a ' ' ! 1 a - W qxg 5, Y ' W ' ' ' Y ,1. . . 4 .., 4 V 4 .., f. - v f. , . , f . C ,, , ,, , .. - w i w 1 s 1 . , 4 . . .... U . 39 Y- 1 N w- . v . I' I V - A . . . A.. 1 , 1 , ' . ,- '- -K , . Q w - - w , 1 Q . . . 1 f 'Q . Y Y Y s , . , . . , . .. J r ' W v ., 6' 4 . KENNETH li, PLATI' 7:1 BERGER STREET Argulng In a classroom to prove a well founded point and taking photographs for The Tazzler challenged Ken Hrs keen analytical mmd led hum Into many heated debates wrth hrs classmates and teachers Although headstrong and frank he had many frlends Ken plans to QOLLhGl' PREIARATORY LoURsE Chernzxzry Club I L llzze Szaj CPhotographerD 7 Photography C lub 7 lhe Tattler Sta Phozogrczpherj 3' LHARLOTTL I' RILILHARD 679 GLENWOOD STREET Qaprlclous and affable Charlotte w as qulet although she xehementlx demed thus Aboundmg ln energy she attended mam soclal functlons and capably serwed as head colour guard Char s Half for fashion vnll undoubtedly be an asset to her whether she will be modeling or worltmg SLCRETARIAL Qouasr Izbrarx Club I 7 Colour C uard 7 Napzanzp The Currous Savage, the Class Play, RICHARD C RILILHARD MACUNGII- Prc often yelled Let s see a lrttle actron rn there as he spurred hrs teammates to play better baseball Although he seemed shy rn hrs classes he certarnly had a great deal of fun wrth hrs frrends Workrng at McDonald s and hxrng hrs Chevy consumed most of hrs after school hours Rrchard s tentatrve plan rs to become an auto mechanrc GENERAL CouRsr Basrball 9 3 13m C lub I 9 3 C vm Exhrbmon 1 G MALCOLM REID 73: HARRISON STREET A somewhat reserved fellow Mrlkv s dry sense ofhumor and courteous manners won hrm many frrends When rt came to sports he was actrve rn football basketball and baseball Loafrng around the house eatmg przza pre and drrnkrng mrlk shakes seemed to be hrs hobbres Malcolm rs lookrng forward to an apporntment to the Unrted States Coast Guard Academv GFNERAL COURSE Footballl 7 3 Basleftballl 2 Umtfd Natzonf flub I 7 3 Baseball 7 GENERAL COURSP Home Nurfzng I Drama lurld 3 fym Club 7 BARBARA In RILINHART EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Barb antrcrpates workrng for an arrlrne company Srnce Barb a born gloom chaser wrll meet manv people her pleasant personalrtx wrll be an attrrbute rn her chosen career An eager beaver she was successful rn manv fields of endeavor qrngrng plavrng prano skatrng and drrvrng her 47 Chrysler were her foremost Interests fhoruy 3 flee Club 3 KAY R RILITZ ALBURTIS The wrtty remarks jokes and laughter of versatrle exuberant Kas enlrvened mam a dull group Always a leader and never a follower of new fads rn clothes and jargon Kav was often the center of attractron Although her chref drversrons were datrng and eatrng she was a devout follower of sports Kan rs plannrng to go to college LOILEGF PREPARATORY COURSE Glee Club 3 Lhoru: 3 56 Was lnlngumg and Enferfcunlng ROBERT R ROEDER 1122 WEST JUBILEE STREET Un the grndlron or on the track speed and Poopsxe were synonymous l-Ins outstandlng athletlc achlevements were equaled o lv b hs unassummg modesty In school he was always conscientious IH hrs duties as class president and student out of school he was fun lovmg and mischievous College bound Bob hopes to study dentlstrw LCJLLEGE PREPARATORY C,oURsE Football 1 7 C60 captalnj 3 Basketball I 2 Track I 2 3 Fym Exhzbztzon I Varxzty E Club fPre5zdfntJ 3 Clan Prendent I 2 3 FORREST A ROHRBACH 327 DELONG AVENUE Infectlous laughter and a sharp sense of humor whxch he put unto use at manv advantageous moments made up Woodv who was well liked bv manv of hls classmates A devoted member of the Projectlonlsts Club for three vears he spent many hours m the vnsual ands room check mg equipment f1lms and schedules Out of school he was alwavs workmg on hrs car and attendmg sports events After servmg Uncle Sam he mtends to become an auto mechanic INDUSTRIAL ARTS CoURsr Projectzonuzx Club 1 CSerrelary3 7 3 SANDRA A ROHRBACH ALBURTIS Sandy wnll always be remembered for her mfectnous laughter and keen sense of humor Dancing eating Itallan foods and wrltmg letters consumed some of her leisure hours Her antrpathles Included haughtx people washnng dnshes and leotards Always co operatlve doggedlx determnned and truly dependable Sandy should be a jewel of a set retarw for some employer SECRETARIAL COURSE Choruf 7 3 flee Club 7 3 Home Aurrzng Clubl 7 fhe Tattlfr Sta CC1rculat1on llanagerj 3 WILLIAM SABOI. 40: SOUTH SEVENTH STREET A hard hghtmg competent end on the Hornet Eleven Bull was alw aws dependable and dad an outstandmg Job VVhen he was not plavmg football baseball or other sports he was drnvmg has Studie the Grax I-Iawlt Other faworlte pastumes were huntmg fishmg datlng gurls and plax mg pool After graduation he plans to enlist ln the Navy GENERAL COURSE Beufball I 7 3 Football 3 Pol Clfb I 2 Tffllfllfffl 3 57 Leap Year, the Girls Escorted fhe DI-NNIS B SALTILR 14 SPRucE STREET Denms had a hmltless amount of energy but he dld not use It entrrelx for hrs school work he whlled away many hours bv huntmg Hshmg dancing and datlng The stunts he performed ln the gym exhlbltlons showed hrs adeptness ln acrobatncs As an actlve member of the Naval Reserve he plans to make the Navv hrs career GENFRAL COURSE Wrfftlzng 1 7 Football I Track I Stage Crew C rn Club I RICHARD W SAYLOR MACUNGIE She amt evens nlcel Sald Rlck our dark halred partlclpant ln many m1sch1evous act1v1t1es Hls congemallty and loyalty enabled h1m to get along wlth almost everyone Rrchard s favorlte pastlmes were sports of any krnd especrally huntmg or target shootmg After servmg ln the Marmes he wants to enter the State Trooper School GENERAL COURSE Huntzng and Fuhmg Club I 2 Archery Club 3 MARTHA A SCHAEFFER 212 NORTH FOURTH STREET Aboundmg ln vltahty Marty will be remembered for her portrayal of Mrs Paddy ln the semor class play and her enthuslastlc partlcrpatlon ln many varled actlvntles centermg around muslc dramatrcs and the church Her muslcal talents are mamfold she plays the pxano organ vlolrn and flute well Her plans for the future are college and a career as a Latm teacher COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Band 9 3 Orcheftra I 7 Unzzfd Natzonr Club 1 2 The Tattler Sta Advertuzng 'llanagfrj 3 Dolphin Club 3 Clff Club I Clan Play 3 umor Deflamatzon Contax! 2 Dzftrzcz fhorur 7 H WALKER SCHANTZ III 250 MAIN STREET To follow rn hrs father s footsteps as a successful moruclan IS Digger s goal Although qulet ln class he became a fierce competltor on the grldnron and was clted by the Booster Club as Lmeman of the VVeek for the Catasauqua and Wilson Boro games Hrs Jovral and carefree attitude predicts a successful happv hfe COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Fozball 1 7 3 lrark 1 7 3 Chen and Checker Club I Solanum Club 9 fvm Club 3 Alguacadf 3 Homfroom Vue Prfndent 3 58 Fellows fo the Twrrp Twrrl WARREN G SCHANTZ MACUNGIP ROUTE 1 Warrens neat appearance and easw gorng manner alwavs made a favorable rmpressron on hrs classmates Excellrng rn wrestlrng he used hrs 'rbrlrty as a Hornet grappler Also a hne musrcran Warren played the barrtone rn the Green Hornet Band Workrng on hrs father s farm has grven hrm the rncentrve to become a farmer hrmself after servrng an enlrstment rn the Marrnes GFNERAL COURSE Wrertlrng I 2 3 Track I Band I 7 3 Varfztx E Club 2 3 Chef: and Chffkfff Flub 1 Barfball 'llanagerj I CARL E SCHEIRER MERTZTOWN ROUTE 1 Carl wrth hrs brg broad smrle was a buddrng comedran who kept manv of hrs classmates rn strtches As a hunter hrs fondest desrre was to brrng home that deer Spare trme found hrm attendrng school sports events and workrng on wood projects He loyallv helped the school stage productrons by movrng scenerv or settrng lrghts Carl awarts a brrght future rn the Arr Force INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE Stage Crew I 7 3 WILLIAM R BCHLOTT 419 RIDGE STREET Most people regarded Brll as retrcent but hrs frrends found hrm aboundrng rn fun and frrendlrness I-Irs spare trme was spent gorng to the movres or attendrng athletrc events Hrs rnterest rn world affarrs was exemplrhed rn hrs actrvrtres rn the Unrted Natrons Qlub Brll plans to Jorn the Navw and perhaps see the world INDUSTRIAL ARTS QOURSI- Unztfd Nanonf Club 1 9 3 C,-XROI I SCI-IMELTZLE 1764 Trtomrrw STREET Carols krndness and helpfulness explarned why she had so mam srncere frrends Although she loathed smug people and drsloval frrends she lrlted sports popular records and przza She spent much of her trme rn correspondrng readrng or attendrng movres and school functrons. A trip to Hawaii or California is included in her future plans. SECRETARIAL COURSE. Archeq Club 3. The Sfudenf Governmenf Day Whuch Clumcuxed IANILT F SLHOLH MACUNCIP Thus voluble lass always poused and well groomed relushed ltaluan food and datung Fond of sports she was an attuve nuember of the Dolphun Club anet had the dustunctuon of beung chosen as .1 member of the Prom Lourt Her savour faure wull and her un uttaunung a coveted posutuon as a pruvate secretarv SFCRETARIAL COURSE Clee Club I 7 3 lhoruf 7 3 Dolphzn Klub 1 7 E Huw Staff I 7 Ilomeroom Secretary 1 7 3 Prom fourt 7 lhe Tattlfr Staj Clfeaturr' Edztor 3 FRIEDA L SCHOLK 37 SOUTH FIFTH STREET A fruend un need us a fruend undeed Frueda vsas that person for she was always ready to lusten to her classmates problems A lover of the out of doors she devoted much of her tume to rudmg her horse Exchangung news wuth her pen pal un Mexuco was also an enjoyable pastume Sunce New York Cutv offers so mam attractuons she plans to work and luve there COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Home Nursuug Club 1 7 3 flee Clu I 2 3 Chorusl 23 MACUNGIP ROUTI- l Sandy wuth her sunny dusposutuon and muschuevous dancing eyes brughtened manv a gloomv day She enjoyed eatung puzza and swummung as much as she despused cold weather and people who pushed un the halls She was a fauthful band member and sports enthusuast Her earnest determunatuon to succeed vuull make her a valuable stenographer SFCRETARIAL COURSE Band I 7 3 The Tattler Staj CCzrculatz0n 'llanager 3 ROGER G SCHULER 6:7 WALNUT STREET Many successful dances at E H S were due to the enguneerung skull of Uncle Schu who manupulated the tape recorder There was alwaxs tume un hus busx schedule to stop and talk to hus manv fruends As a loval patron of school functuons and a seruous partucupant un mam events Roger vsas revsarded wuth the honor of Student of the Month He had been an actuve member un the prunt shop and of the stage crevu these are a good background for euther pruntmg or the field of electronucs INDUSTRIAI ARTS LoURsu Solanum Club 1 Projfmonutf Hub I Pffildfllfl 7 3 Sta fl e 7 3 60 U I ' W W W . L 12 Q - J Q 4 1 y 1 C- , . . . . . 1 . . I i o - K 1 w - v . v . - . . . I ,...,., A .., , 1 - v rv 9'-1 ' uf-x v-9-y 1 -v v - J ' W H . . . . . ,, . 1 - v ' x - .. , . . . . Y . . - i , v - w . w . A ,.., , 1 I 'V b a 9 a 1 9 9-' -w w SANDRA E. SLHUELK ., , 9 v ,l a 1 . ' ' it . . . ,..., , D A - Y ' . . . ca ra Y ' V , . V 1 . Y . V V Y V' 7 cfv 9 ' ' 7 , 1 . , . . . . , . .. 1 , . , v - Q -,.,. gf ,ru'-,. a Spirited Senior Campaign Rally CONSTANICE R SCHULTZ Fvivmus ROUTE 1 Always jovial and good humored Schultzie won her classmates respect and admiration The appointment of advertising manager f The Yattler proved her efficiency and diligence While spending the summer months at the shore Schultzie participated in manv water sports boating surfboarding and water skiing College bound she will major in elementary education COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Ellwe Staf I Spanish Club Secretaryj 7 Ilorneroom Treafurer I 2 3 The Tattler Sta Advertiung llanagzng Editorj 3 JAMES R SCHWEYFR 657 EVERGREEN STREET Zoom' There goes that yellow convertible with its capable driver ames Besides working on his car s motor he attended Youth Fellow ship meetmgs and went bowling and Boy Scouting Many times im s classmates annoved him just to hear him say You cotton picking buzzard Fulhllmg his military obligation and later entering business school are :ms primarv ambitions GENERAL COURSE Ihefr and Checker! Ilub I Secrelaryj 7 Umted Nation: Club 3 CLAUDIA A SEAGREAVES ALBURT1s To earn a degree in nursing is Claudia s aim for the future She was greatlv mterested and talented in music and participated in the District and State Choruses As for sports archery was her favorite Her congemality and understanding of people will be invaluable in the held she has chosen. COLLEGE PREIARATORY COURSE. Ilome Nursing Ilubl 2' Ihoruf 2 Vice-Preridentj 3' I lee I lub I 2 Vice-Prefidentj 3' llomeroom I reafurer I 3' Diytriet I horzu 2 3' State I horux 3' Archery Club 3. RUTH B. SHAUFNER MACUNGIE ROUTE l Decisive clever and intelligent Ruth was never at a loss for words. Her musical ability and extra-curricular activities kept her on the go continually. With her poised mature manner and stenographic ability Ruth is sure to become a competent executive secretary and later fulhll her dream of traveling around the world. SECRETARIAL COURSE. Clee Club I 2 3' Choruf 2 3' United Nationf Club Ig Homeroom Secretary 1,' Oreheftra 2, 3,' Library Club 2,' The Tatzler Staff IC'la.f,r Editorl 3,' Diftrict Choruf 2, 3. The Enyoycvble Time Had by all LENIORIL C BKINKII 157 5rRUcr STR!-PT The hrccup krd Ienore had a ltnaclt for gettrng the hrccups at the oddest trmes She vsas consrstentlx lox al and rndustrrous especrallx so rn basketball cheerleadrng and edrtrng news for the E Hrve Students at E H S have had rrch and happy experrences because of her frrendshrp and assocratrons her frrends at Denrson Unrversrty vsrll do lrkewrse COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Barkfzballl 7 3 Ch erlfaderf V 1 Ufaryztyj 7 3 D0lphmClub1 3 Cym Exlubztzonl 7 3 Varrrtv E Club 3 E Hwf Staj CC1rculat10n Wana erj I 7 QNMJJ Ed torj 3 C horuf 7 Clfz Club I 7 Homfroom Sfffffdfy I Homeroom Yreafurer 3 ALBERT 5 SMITH EMMAUS ROUTE 1 An effectrve debater Kat strmulated many Unrted Natrons Club meetrngs wrth hrs profound arguments Although happy go lucky he was conscrentrous rn hrs favorrte actrvrtres Albert vs as actrve rn scoutrng and was the presrdent of hrs post Other actrvrtres that he enjoyed were bowlrng huntrng and camprng Hrs membershrp rn the Marrne Reserves rs a prelude to hrs career COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Ch Jr and Chechen Club I Umted Natzon: Club 7 3 BARRY SMOYER -141 NORTH THIRD STREET A non conformrst Barn was an rndrvrdualrst who applred hrs ovrn axroms to hrs evervdav actrons Behrnd hrs amusrng comments were rnnumerable serrous and mature thoughts Skrll on the lrnks prowess on the mats and adeptness as a gurtarrst are some of Barry s srdelrne talents Hrs plan for the future rs a college educatron COLLEGE PRI-IARATORY COURSE Wreftlzng 2 3 lol leaml 7 3 Colf Club Urfafurer I V166 Prffzdentl 7 P7'6'.S'ZdF7ZlD 3 BEI IY l SMOYILR MACUNGIR ROUTF 1 To most people Betty appeared to be quret and reserved hovsever to her rntrmates she revealed her carefree nature Throughout her hrgh school years she was an excellent clarrnetrst rn the Green Hornet Band Betty has the qualrtres of an elhcrent secretarx pleasant personalrtx ambrtron and co operatrveness SFCRI-TARIAL COURSE Band! 7 3 The laltler Qtajf QI lan Ldztorj 3 62 I C Q , . , 4 A . 1. w 1 - ' ,T II KK. 77, v r - 7 'uw r 'J 4 , , - v " . , . . - o Q A a C C Y Q 1 ' 7 ' lf Cl A .-,, T f , . ' . ' ,V . . 4, ,, 9 -9 J ! rl !"'s , , t . ,. . 0 F 7. L . , x ' A R v-9 V - 1 v w w . . ,. "3 ,"', J " 1 9 . . . . , s . " ' , 1 9 1 ' . 9 A ,' 4 r., . - 1 1 9 , , - a . . , . . 9 w N i, w - w ,- , , , . . . 1 j,C - -,f . , . X . v 9 Y . . . , , 9 ' 'V 7 V - ' . - V 4, . 9 ' - x i v rv w w- R. . .. ,...,, T 1 .. of the Senior Junior Boskefboll Gome of becommg a medlcal secretary IFAN M STAHL WESCOSVILI E beemxngly tlmld petlte ean was anvthmg but that among those whom she knew well Rarelv was she seen wrthout a pencxl and some paper to sketch a frlend or a scene Her future plans mclude a posntnon ID the clerical held and later a trlp to Callforma LLPRICAI Lounsr- Choruf 7 3 flee Club 3 IEROY H STAUFFPR 53-L IIBHQTY STR!-ET To hrs manv frlends Rock was a quiet but happy go lucky and good mischievous adventure Among his favorite actlvltles were pool football baseball and swlmmmg Rock enjoved attendlng school functnons both soclal and athletic and workmg at McDonald s To be an emplovee of the Mack Truck QOFPOFHKIOH seems lnvltmg to Rock GrNLRAL QOURSP Ixm Klub 7 3 Stage Crea I Football I Baxfball I C,xmEvh1bzt1onI 3 m Flub 1 63 . i . . , 7 ,. . Q , 1 l, . . W A Y 'A I I I ,' , ,' V , ,' ' .l . ' . . , , .. .4 .., , I 4 . . , 3 Q 2 . V - - 1 - natured fellow whose "Hey, guys," often called his pals to jom ln some l . Q Q . y v 1 - , . . . . , Y Y ' , . . . . 5 4 -K W i Y V I Y Q l ' . t q q .. 1-' - -, , 'Z' , , Q' V' -f y . . y -Y . ' Y ', 7 ' if YI Q ' ' -, . Y - Cty 4 , By 3. PENNY L SORREINTINO 630 NORTH SECOND QTMLT An alluring little blonde with an CXQUISIIC tharm was Penny li cause she always dnd thnngs out of the smcerltv of her heart Penny gamed the fnendshlp and respect of her classmates An apt bowler and svummer and a fervent sports fan she was nevertheless studnous Her perseverance and determmatlon wnll help Pennv reallze her ambntlon QoLLhGE PREPARATORY QOURSL The lattler Staj CSpom Edztorj 3 C lff flub 3 Fhoruf 3 L1 efatzng Club I I xm Club 7 fym Exh1b1t1onI WALLACE R STAUFFER Ewwmus ROUTE 1 Behold one of the most fun lowing and good natured members of the Llass of l960' Hrs optnmlstnc spmt and happx go luckx attxtude made hnm verx popular He was a valued player on the grldlron for three xears as well as on the dlamond He drslnked being cooped up there fore he enjox ed shouldermg a gun and golng huntmg suth hrs gang GENERAL COURSE Football I 7 3 Bafrball I 3 Sta r Crfa 7 Parxztx E 3 Homeroom Vzcf Prffzd 1113 Homfroom Yrraxzrrer I The Dreamy Afmosphere of SANDRA J STERNER 704 WORTH SECOND STREET Sandy s time was well occupied as a waitress and as the special date of that certain fellow Her genial smile and vlvacious manner made her a delightful companion Sandy s excellent taste in clothing vsas dlsplaxed in her dailx attire Cooperativeness and dependability will make her a competent secretary and later an efficient housewife SPCRIMTARIAL COURSE United Nation: Club I Hornrroom Prefzdfnt I leadfrf Club 7 llomeroom Assutant Sfcretary Treafurer 7 Ifnmx Club 3 Homeroorn Secretary 3 Natzonal Honor Soczrty Treafurerj 3 LONSTANCE L STETTI I- R MACUNGIE ROUTE- I Petite and attractive described Connie vshose long well groomed ponytail was admired bv many Endowed with a literarv flair she was incessantly writlng poems plays or letters Her likes ranged from cvclmg and rollerskatmg to Orchids and dancing Fond Of motorcycle riding she seldom missed a race Her goal is to become a successful secretary SECRETARIAL COURSE Drama fzuld I Qlrfafurerj 9 fPres1de1zz 3 Clan Plav 3 SANDRA K STIMMEL ALLENTOWN ROUTE 2 Amiable modest and blithe Sandy liked sports dances and prettv clothes Although a part time job kept her busy she still found time to attend school functions read dance ice skate and draw Her abilitv to write shorthand with facility will aid her in securing a position as a secretary. SECRETARIAL COURSE. Library Flub I 2' Home' Nurfing Club 3. RONALD STORT7 217 NORTH SEVENTH STREET An avid United Nations Club member, Ronnie took an enthusiastic interest in all its activities. Reading good books rated highly with him. Rather mischievous, he was Often involved in some kind of prank. When not glued to his television set, he was usually visiting his friends. Ronnie anticipates a successful Naval career. GENERAL COURSE. United Nationf Club 1, 2, 3. fhe Momenfous Semor Ball BU bAN J bTORTl 339 NORTH SLCOWD STREET VVhere there was laughter there was Suslel Many classes were enllvened bv her gurleless antics and her friends troubles were for gotten ww hen she was around Susle as sports editor of the F Hive was creatxve and colorful ln her ws rltmg Xvlth desirable tralts and athletlc prowess she wlll certamlw succeed ln her physical educatlon courses at Penn State Co1LEor PREPARATIJRY CoURsE Bafleezballl 7 3 Cheerlzadfr 9 3 Dolphm Club I 7 3 E llzzf Sta I 7 CSp0rU Edztorj 3 Chorui I 7 C lee Club I 7 Varfztx F Club 3 fxm Exhzbmon I 2 3 Homeroom Secretary I JANE M TERFINKO 120 ELM STREET ane a splrlted colour guard and consclentlous feature editor of Ihr Tattler abounded 1n vltahty enthuslasm and schoolsplrlt Wherever ane was there was ammated conversatlon fun frohc and a umque plcnlc basket purse Studvlng for medical technologv at Cedar Crest College wlll further prove her eHic1ency and mdus trlousness Cor 1 for PRFIARATORY COURSE Folour Cuard 7 3 The Taulzr Staff CFfature llanagzng Edzlorj 3 Gym Club 7 Umtfd Natwn: Club I ANINA TOTH 56-1 BROAD STREET Anna xx 1ll be best remembered by her expresslon Honestlv' Although once m a whmle she would get m an obstinate mood she could usually be teased out of lt VVhen not skatmg she was attendmg school functions readmg sketching or llstemng to records Her gav smile and amlcable manner will be welcomed ln anv ofhce CLERILAL COURSI- fxm Club I Archfrv I lub 3 flff Club 3 PHILLIP TRITTENBACH 661 CHESTNUT STRFET Here ns the box wlth an mterestmg hobbv buxldlng model airplanes Hunting hshmg and swxmmmg were also tlme consumers Often Phrl ws as drawmg hrs conception of hls dream rod An enthuslastlc Umted Natnons Club member he attended the mock Umted Natnons Assemblx meetmg m Bethlehem Hrs deslre IS a career m electromcs IH the Armx or Arr Force INDUSTRIAL COURSE Unzted Natzon: Club 3 65 I I w vw 1 f . J .- Y - 4 C T . . . . , - 9 ' . , 4' , 7 . 1 N . - . N 1 . Y . , . . . ,-, , .., , . , . .Y . . , l 1 v--9 v ' jl v--9 s y'-s I v . ' 'KK 77 V ' V' ' " . 1 ,-, -I T A , :A , , , Y J , ,, . . . . . . v 9 9 ' - 7 ,l 9 n s a ' ss ' ' an - - , , . ' . . r N qii , v . ... . . . 1 1 .., , . . , . . , . . . , 1 -, . A ,- Y ' cc u . V .,' v . . ' Q s s n - , N i w N v w I v ' w w .. 1" 4 , 1 4 , 1 . . W X 1 W . V Y. . . . . . v 9 - . v V. . . . H H . . A v , , And Flnclly the Baccalaureate SGFVICGS GLORIA IEAN URLAND 70 SOUTH THIRD STREET Talkatlve and carefree Glorla lean often enhvened a crowd vnth her Ingenuous remarks Her enthuslasm for sports prompted her to attend all the school games She relIshed all the usual act1vItIes but If Nou mentloned archery her eves lIt up luke stars After graduatxon she hopes to become an eflictent clerlcal worker LLERTCAL COURSE fym flub I I1brar3 Club 7 Archery Club 3 JEAN H WEAVER PINIE TREE TRAILER PARK lean who IS plannmg to make the Marme Lorps hIs career antlclpates developmg h1s Interest In radlo and radar and eventuallv becommg an electrlcal technlclan HIS favorlte sports Include football basketball sWImmIng and huntmg Belleve lt or not hstemng to popular records OCCUplCd manv Of hls leIsure hours ean dld an excellent job 2iSSlSIll'lg In the prmtmg Of the E HIVC dent 3 ARTHUR WEIDA ALBURTIS Ockey wlth h1s dexterous lav ups was hxgh scorer for the basketball team IH 1958 59 and hIs adeptness and abllltv made many Opponents struggle to make a basket He was also enthustastlc about baseball football and swlmmlng Arthurs warm personalxty and good nature won hlm many frlends GENERAL COURSE Baflzetball I 7 Bafeball Cffaptaznj 2 Wfzght l11mg3 Varmty E Club 3 TRENNA L WEIDNER 415 RIDGE STREET Whether completmg a profound asstgnment or practlcmg her acrobatlc feats Trenna was consclentlous and adept Her Intelllgence was equalled onlv bv her ablllty to cheer many a troubled frxend VVherever Trenna vsent so Went a palr of broken glasses one of her most chernshed possesslons vxhlch vull undoubtedly contlnue to accompany thls prospectlve psvchologlst through future years at Penn State COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Dolphzn Club I 9 Lzbrarx Flub I 7 Table fenrrtf Club 3 Natzonal Honor Soczfty 3 O I I , 5 , . 3 ' j 1 , l - W Y W ' Y Y 1. 1 1 ,' 1 V l.,' . A , ' ,. Y . . 1 - , . . . . . I l. I . . - . 1 Q , , Y ' 9 INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE. United Natiom Club 1, 2, CVice-Pre:i- . , l l . ' - , l. . - 9 " . . K . . ' , . , , . .- 9 -1' I pl l ' ' ' I ' KK !! f , - , . . 7 y . y . . y . - f . . ' I . , -J. A 'V A Q --' 2' ' -. 66 - and Commencement Exercises . BI- TTY A WI' II VI r RTITOWW RoUTr l liettv s enchanting smile and profound mcllnatlon to work made her a welcome member of any group Her dlsllke for haughty people and washing dishes was equalled by her enthuslasm for slumber partles and eatmg pizza Betty yyxll be the answer to a businessman s prayer for a consclentlous and lndustrlous secretary SECRETARIAL COURSE Home Nunzng Club I 7 Thf Taztler Sta fCopv Edztorj 3 I ARRY WILNNILR OLD 7loNsvILLr Adept with his hands Larry dld an excellent job IH the wood shop and the prmt shop A verv congemal loyal fellow I arrv was .1 capable stage hand a regular spectator at most sports events and an ardent bowler Hrs future plans Include vyorklng ln a furniture factory and eventuallv startmg has own hrm INDUSTRIAL ARTS LoURsr Stage Crew I 7 ? SANDRA A WILNNILR O1 D ZIONJQVILLI- Although Sandy despised concerted and laggard people her wrath was qulckly forgotten Truly 1 serious student she camoullaged thus with her galetv yymnmg personality and ready smlle A loye of outstanding abxllty In shorthand and typing will undoubtedly bring her success as an efhuent trustworthv setretary bI'CRI-TARIAI LoURsr lym Klub 1 Ieaderf Club 7 Ihr lazlr Sta CC opy fdztorj 3 Ihr Amrzonal llonor Society fSrcrftaryl I NIAWCY VI W ETZEL VIACUVGIE ROUTE I Vancy s Joylal personallty and merry heart made her everyones friend She took an actlve part ln many actxyltles but she especially enjoy ed the Drama Gulld Her natural ablllty and falthful appllcatlon to study enabled her to develop skulls yyhnch yyxll and her m a business career and the managmg of a household LLIRICAL LOURSF Drama fuzld I 7 Qlreafurer 3 Afatzonal Honor Somety 3 67 1 I '. A, I , . . . , . . . v. ' Y . , r v N ' v A v v " ' . . Y . , -, j V. . , . . . V I . H , , I J . . , ,n 1 - 1 , V o Y I y - 'w 5 v U .. f , , -, . . E' , Q V ,U , . K1 - , v . D , . A Q , . . . , , danclng, travelmg, and sports kept her constantly actlve. Sandys , , Qu. , v - s -Y. ': 3 . ' sz. In' J ,- . ' I -5 " " re I , 1 I I , ' ry , . iv N N . . ,. v . 2 4- I v -v D I' . 'Q A ' - Heods Held Hagh They Lefl Those Socred KYLIL B WHITI1 PMMAUQ ROUTE 1 A degree from The Rrce Instltute rn Metallurgv ns Kyles prnme ambltlon llloclung and tacklmg on the football held putting the shot rehearslng for the senlor class plav and the jumor declamatnon contest and vxrrtmg edltorlals for the F Hrve kept thls versatlle scholar hurrung hurrylng but usuallv late' COLLEGE PRFIARATORY COURSE Football I 7 Clocapzamj 3 Wrfftlzrzg 1 Track I 7 3 E Ilzzf I QSportJ Edztor 2 Edztor rn Chu' J 3 Aquacadel 7 3 Varfzty E Club3 un1orDeclamat1on Context 7 Class Plax 3 Natzonal Honor Socretv 3 MARGARET E WILLIAMS 302 NORTH PENN STREET Nurse s tralnmg at Allentown Hosprtal or ackson Memorral I-Iospltal IH Mlaml rs Margaret s goal for the future Durmg school she showed her Interest bv servmg as presrdent ofthe Home Nurslng Club Her cholce IS commendable because of her alfabllrty and generosity Margaret s pastnmes mcluded 1ce skatmg attendrng sports events and plavlng the organ ln church COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Unzted Nanons Club I Lzfexaozng Club 2 Homfroorn Treasurer 3 Home Nurfmg Club lPre.r1dfnt 3 Cleo Clubl 7 3 Chorus? 3 'Va' RICHARD R WOLFE jR 557 BROAD STREET Behold a musrclan ofthe General sectlon Rlckx was a member of the Boys Glee Club the Orchestra and the Green Hornet Band Among hrs mterests were music movles cars dancing and bovwllng Although he drd not study too much hrs marks were satlsfactorv Moreover a paper route gave hum a sense of securnty After servmg an enhstment ln the Arr Force Rxchard plans to become a barber GENIFRAL COURSE Clee Club I Orchestra 7 3 Band 7 3 Umfed Natzoru Club I 7 Treafurerj 3 NIANCY S WOLFGANG HEREFORD Natural poxse and stablhty wlll and Nancy ID her dutres at the Allen town School OfNurs1ng Glfted wlth culmarx skill she recentlv had her cookne reclpe pubhshed ln the local newspaper She enjoyed hrklng and carmg for her many pets Nancy was a consclentrous student and mamtalned an excellent scholastlc record COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Home Nurfzng Club! 7 3 Narzorfal Honor Soczetx 3 68 I 4 ., I . . . . , . . I , 7 . , , 4- v C v V . 7 .f ' w w - . , - . , . . , -, , , W . , . . . . , . 7 ' ' - Y , - r 9-1 a x D vc 'f l , - Yu sr w ' . - w l v 9-3 x :J 7 -9 , . . Y I' ' . . .. , . , . . . . . ' 1 3 . , J , , D , 3-1 1 9 - . . . . . V , . 9 9 ' 1 9 9 9 - y ,' v , . . I . s . I I , . 1 , .., , -, 5 f - w Q-at - v - I ' .I ' V r - . I 4 ,- - - s-3 1 ' I . Holls of Learning fo Enfer o New Worlcl JUDITH A WORK 911 LAWRENCE DRIVE Mnss Personality Plus ns a tntle well belittmg udle for her sparkling blue eves were full of mlschlef and her unusual laugh enllvened manv a gathermg She represented Emmaus Hugh at many Student Council conventions creating a good Impression of her school She will surely carrv on thus enthusiasm as a co ed at Gettysburg College CoLLrcr PRI-IARATORY COURSE Student Counrzl Cdffuzant Treaf urerj 3 Ilan Play 3 fzrlf Hockey Tram 3 Archery Club 3 Dolphln Club 3 fhoruf 3 .JN SHARON E YAECK 148 MAIN STREET The queen ofthe jumor Prom well deserved the honor especlallv because of her charm frxendlmess and zest Wlth abllltles unlnmlted Sharon partnclpated nn every phase of school life A cheerleader captam ofthe basketball team presldent of Student Council and class treasurer Sharon was busy during and after school What an excellent prepara tlon for a busy and profitable college experlencel 7 3 Student founczl I Clfue Preudrntj 7 Prfndentl 3 Bafkftball I Captamj 3 Dolphm Clubl 2 3 EHwz Sta I Ednorj 7 Varsm E Club 3 L1 efamng Club 3 JEROME A YANDLE S13 MACUNGIE AVENUE Sports consumed much of errv s trme especially swlmmmg The success of the aquacade was enhanced bv hrs adrolt smmmmg and dlVlDg For dlverslons he enjoyed workmg on hrs car bowlmg roller skating and water skung Earning a llfCS8Vll'1g certlhcate at school motivated him to choose llfesavlng as a summer occupation To be 1 lifeguard m Florida and to Jom the Navv constltute hls future plans GENERAL COURSE fyn Club I 3 Llffillvlflg llub 7 ffqzlaradf 7 3 lym Exhzbztzon 3 WILLIAM R YANDLIL 313 MACUNGIE AVENUE Bull a quiet unassummg lad had manv frxends because he could always be counted on to accept hrs share of a responslbrlltx in and sports fan he enjoyed track football gxmnastxcs and huntmg but he vehemently dnslnked vlolm music and operas Durlng hrs leisure tlme he mdulged nn wenghtlnftmg roller skatmg and bowlmg -X Job at Mack Trucks Incorporated IS hrs goal GENERAL COURSE Footballl Wrexllzrz 7 Trarkl 7 4quacadf7 3 ftm Club I 7 3 1 69 I I H . . ' ,, .' . . J . y . . - ' 5 . ' 3 9 3 3 ' 3. ' ' ' ' - . I . v. , v . I u . v 1 a ' 9 4 1 - a L I . ' ' y . , , .I . .. . . . 1, A AEAZ ,r, r - ,, ,,.,,, .,,,,r1 , ' , . , .lf ,,., . .n s a C l I COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE. Clan Treafurer I, 2, 3g Cheerleader -9 ,I Q 1 . 9 ' H-.1 c sl . s --gs gg H Y J. I . 7 9 y. ' ji 7 C 'J' ,I J f - ...- , J , . i . . . .gi . . I . . , . . . , . Y - 18. gs . .. . . . . . . "1 V . ' . ' : . . Ss '55 9 . E 3' .,1a ' ' 3' 1- N v v 1 - ' v ' I . V . . I ' , 1 , 1 ..., . -, . , I n - I il I , . , . , . V . Q 1 - - , . . I . - , 1 , 'I l , - - . . Q v . . . . . U, . - . , . . A . s . 0 Q - - ' ! 5 "1 ' -' 1' -w v Ii' , ..., . rfh cr Solemn Farewell IINIX X XFX 'XIMLM rr rtx Urrefree .md grx I rm xx s tht roIc of a Nlfre rn the tI.rss plax Her rnrnx rttrxrtres kept her Irusx hoxxexer xxhen trrne pernrrtted, she enjoxcd sexxrng and rnrde rn rnx of her oxxn as plothes Prm s understmdrng and rI'IrhrIrtx xxrII tert1rrnIx .rnrrnrte Irfe 'rt Susqueh1rnna Lnrxersrtx, xx hue she pI1ns to prep rrp for the te rehmg professron rr rc r I Rr-rARAToRY Qourcsr omfromn If I rfyr rut 5 rtball Ulzzzafffrb I 7 3 0 fr Guard 7 1 If fm rn 1 7 nrtrfx 4 U I1 S' flrorru IN APPRECIATION VM tht Udss of 1960 xxrsh to extend our srrrnere gnrtrtude to the I' rnrrltx eXdrrrrnrstr.rtron 'rnd I3o1rrd of Pdut rtron of I' rrrrn urs Hrgh Sthool I In rnernhers ofthe frtuItx Ir rxe heen the unsung Ireroes ofour .rt rdtrnrt rnhrexurrerrts thex h.rxe heen the people hehrnd our Lourses of studx Often durrng these past four xe1rs xxe haxe Iound frult xxrth them Noxx Iroxxutr xxe reaIrLe th rt rt xx1rs xxe xx ho xxere rt frrrIt for rII therr efforts rn rc rthrng drscrplrnrng and nounselrng xxere for our heneht Iht rdrnrnrstrdtrxe personnel hrxe pI.rxed rn portant prrt rn r sthool Irxts .rrrd thex xxrII tontrnue to xxork for us after grsrdu rtron Ihcx lr rxt Ltpt the dossrers oI our Irxes thtse retords xxrll pI rx rn rrnportrnt p rrt rn Irelprng us to rtt1rrrr our pI ues rn the xxorIcI I he rmrnhers of the ho.rrd ofedut.rtron Ir rxe hclpul to pI rn the he rutrIrrI rrtture rn xxhrah xxe hrxe attended nur LI sscs rr d rn rc tx ssrhln Irtrlrtx of errrrrng rx rr rule to LX r mrde the rules goxcrrrrng our sthool rttrxrtres rs Ienrcnt is possrhle so th rt xxe h.rxL hecrr rhlt to errrox our hrgh sthool xe rrs to the fullest me rsurc o rust nople xxe the Llrss of 1960 srx xxrth rII srmerrtx I rrr xou srr 1IxxrxS rcrnernrer xou xx t ru xerx dccpest of rcsv Lt .rrrd .rpprurdtron 70 P,-XIX' . : . ,1 CrItR II ,,. r "" I I'iIrgI " ' . ' 1-', 31 '21 -21 n1rtur'1rI for' A ' I If irx' A -I g ' U D P V QIOMQS-I I 2' ' ll Inv'-J 'd' 1.- B11 k' . f , -, , ,' C fur ' ,,, fp bl lv' Clrb -. 35 h lf' . "EH Clrb 3: Cla Pl 5' 35 E-llrrw r fajf I, 2: .' 1, 3. 35 ' Gln' Club l. 2, 3: l,zlf1'Jr1z'z'rzg Clrrb 35 ljlrrarx' Club l: Gym H.x'l1r'b1'fr'o1z 1. 3. ' I ' 1 I ' " If 1 ' 1 im " 1' ' nur str' ' " I ' " ' 1 ' 1 1 '11 1 1 r have 1 Ie ' 'ery po.,4 A .1 " A 5' I 1 ' 1 '1'I1I us. Ih I1rx'e 1 ' 'I' Ilwrf '. '1 ,.1w' " 1 I INQIZIIL b' ." YHA IZIIZ 1 I Ifh' 'rh I- H ere' Seniors Prepare For The Future lflil-.Nfll llu- m.11n 0lbVll'CI'lYt'i ut rlu- lu-fu-I1 k'Ulll9l' gm- to all-vrluu rlu- Slllklbllf S :llulnrx ru speak ln-zulu tllu-nrlx Luul to YILIHS- lm rlu' llll1LllI1ILIl' xwll. llum- Ullvlk'L'flNl'S nu' Llfflllllkll rllrullulm UIlL1ll12IlSIH'l'l'l1L'SIlI1Klflll'fl'ZIl1S- lnmn nl mu-u-stung srmu-s. lnsrrurrul ln Xlr. XYorulmw Nclmzulr. l2Xl Srlulvnri rrgms- lnrn- nn rxcrrpt from lfrvnclm llfi'I'2iYlllX'. .S .rg .f '-it HI- l' lL'lx l'R M' lllL'I: ln rlu nf'lu'r pmcruw Utblllik' flu unun sl-cur.lr1.1l erxulvnu rv- uxu fI.1Il1lIlLl for .l fufuu- aw- rLr.m.ll L'.llLl'I lmlnr' rlu u.m'l1lul L-yrs ul Tl1l'll' msrruc mr. Xl: lxrlrlw Hmirlw. rluw lr-.urn flu- np.-r.mons or sr-xg-ui' nmclumi. Such JS flu- rotary r11lc11l.1mr44mlrlu'rcn-kry'1ul.l- mu mgiclmu-, :QTL SOLID 1Ll',UNllC'l'RY llu' srluly ol Solul Ut'UIHl'fIy uiws rlu' Sfllklt'Hf conrimu-4 uroxxrlx :lml POXXVI' ln lnguxnl rm-nsrmninu. Xxvlfll flu- .ful ul' gn fl1I't'Q'tllII1t'HSl0FlLlllAILlllI'1', slum n lw Nlr. Ralph Kuhn. iflltlk'l1TS Ol-l2'x:1lI'Tl'I11llY muxulmsr.uul tlul pmlwlr-ms nu-I lu fllt' .lu-lui rvcr. rlu' k'IUlll1l't'I. flla' C.lllN'l1 rm. Lnul rlu- nu-clmnui Seniors Reminisce, As . FRl'1SHlVl1'QN IVIINSTREI, PARTICIPANTS. Orchestra- firft row: Douglas Hill, Herman Greenawalt, Barrie Leeser, Richard Hahn. Second row: Elmer Viiinzer, VVard VVillis, Ronald Ziegler, blames Gardner, Thomas Kushinka, james Iobst lPianistl, Mary Ann Deischer lGeneral Chairmanl. Slaiiding: Mr. lirrol K. Peters fSupervisorJ, Donald Wlinzer fStudent Directory. PARTICIPANTS, Fir!! row: Gloria Urland, Carol Fritz, jane Terlinko, Trenna Vlfeidner, Bonita Wieder, Sandra Fellman, Renee Laudenslager, Judith Houser, Gail Bernd. Sfmnd mtv: William Moening, I.enore Skinkle, l.inda Fehnel, janet Schoch, Robert Hallman, VVilliam Delfsch, Daniel Marsteller, Robert Erwin, Douglas Peters, Emmaus High School opened its doors to a new world for two hundred ninety-nine wide-eyed and apprehensive freshmen as they began their high school careers, September -1, 1956. Eager to begin the work at hand. they quickly accustomed themselves to their rigid schedules. new teachers, and the high school routine. lfarly in the year the class was organized and the following officers were elected: President, Robert Roeder, who was destined to be their leader throughout their four years: Allen Moore. vice-president: Gussie Demchyk, secretary: Sand- ra Fellman, assistant secretary: and Sharon Yaeclc, treasurer. They also selected hlue and silver for their class colors and a white rose as the -72 Robert Cunningham, Robert Bastian. James Grant, Gordon Kemmerer, Iiileen Bachman, Donald Graef. Tlzird race: Rohert Roeder, Beverly Hartman, Nancy Shade, Donna Gehringer, Shirley Roth, Sandra Roth, Sharon Yaeck, Patricia Meckes, Harriet Kratzer. Patricia Keim, Carol Kuhns, Kathleen Hess, Darlene Lagler. Fourth mtv: Margaret Krauss, Karen Wickel, Claudia Seagreaves, Vivian Crossley, Ruth Shaufner, Pamela Yeager, Brenda Urtt, Barbara Reinhart, .Audrey Knoll, Dennis Salter, l.ois Pigott, Sue Krause, Nancy VVetzel, Gussie Demchyk, Betty Hopstoclc, lVlildred Stephens, Sara Lehman, 'loanne Gaugler. class Hower. With the "Anniversary Waltz" as its theme, the Freshmen Musical, "Stung by Cupid." was presented on February 9, 1957. Dennis Salter and Audrey Knoll. portraying an elderly couple who was celebrating its fiftieth wedding anni- versary, relived the years of their courtship and marriage for a large and appreciative audience. In the spring of 1957 they enjoyed their first social function, "Appleblossom Time." featuring a delightful atmosphere of apple blossoms for decorations. Their musical. social. and athletic talents were soon recognized as great potentials for the years ahead of them. Freshmen ancl Sophomores "S'l'1fNii BY L'L'l'ID," the freshmen show, was hased on the reminiscences of an elderly couple. lhe couple, portrayed Ivy Audrey Knoll and Dennis Salter, is celebrating its golden anniversary hy waltzing to the show's very appropriate theme song,"TheAnniversaryWaltz." Vlvith eager :anticipation for the new school year, they came hack to lf. H. S. on Septemher -1. 1957. As sophomores, they enjoyed a marked sense of superiority superior, at least, to the freshmen. The new term brought a revival of the ever- present E. H. S. spirit. It also hrought a host of studies and school activities: the Class of 1960 met them with eager hearts and minds. :Xt the first class meeting ofhcers were elected. Rohert Roeder was again chosen president. Others elected were Allen Moore, vice-president: Gussie Demchyk. secretary: Audrey Knoll, assis- tant secretary: and Sharon Yaeck, treasurer. :ln innovation in lf. H. S. during that year was the selection of xlunior Varsity Cheerleaders. Gussie Demchyk and Lenore Skinkle were chosen from their class to cheer the Little Hornets on to victory. :Xnother innovation hrought ahout hy their class was the annual Mum Sale. That year and each year thereafter, the Class of 19611 sold gold chrysanthemums, trimmed with green rihhons. which were worn by the girls at the annual Thanksgiving Day games. Their hrst social event of the sophomore year was the "Satellite Swing," which had a timely atmosphere of outer space. Autumn soon passed. With the advent of winter came the haskethall season. Yictories in the hrst games of the season were portents of a Lehigh Valley League Championship. which was realized lfehruary ZS. 1938. To conclude their sophomore year. they present- ed a sock hop. "Shoeless Shenanigans." The dance featured lim N1cCarthy, a local radio station disk jockey. The result of this dance tired feet hut hundreds of happy people. gl1'NI1JR Y,-XRSl'l'Y L'llliliR- l,1QADliRS, Lenore Skinl-ale and Gussie Demchyk. practice one of their cheers. lfntil the class of 'e0's sophomore year. there was no one to cheer the ,lunior Varsity teams on to victory. In that year the ,l.Y. Cheerleaders were initiated two sophomores ipicturedl and two freshmen. Pt-guy' Saylor .ind Roberta Ruhf. JOVIAL JUNIORS lVith the opening of school, September 1958, the Class of '60 now were juniorsione step closer to their goal of becoming seniors. With the approach of December, the class became rather serious, because the time to take the 1owa Tests of Educational Development was at hand. After the tests they realized that their diligence and perseverance of previous years were rewarded, for they were very proud of their score ff a ninety-five percentile rank, the highest score made by any other class in the school's history. Now the Class of 1960 realized their great potentials. Their social life started with a bang when, on ,lanuary -1, they sponsored their hrst dance, "The il-IUN CON'lil'.S'li, an annual t-vt-nt in tht- school calendar. students to exhibit their dra- matic ability in prest-nting se- lections of litt-ratui'L', ranging from light comedy' to tragedy. Nlargart-t Krauss, Sally 1.1-li man, Martha Sclizit-llflw. Carol Fritz and Nancy Crane tsvat- L-dl await tht-ir turn as Kilt- 1l'hitc prt-srnts his monologue. uvlilll' Nladman " Roaring Twentiesf' Silhouettes of Happers adorned the walls and set the mood for the dance. Next on the class's agenda was the annual ,lunior Declamation Contest, March 17. Kyle White captured top honors with his rendition of "The Madman." 1A'lf-"' '1 n pri , twenty eight juniors toolt the National Merit Scholarship tests. As a result of these tests, Nancy Crane and Kyle VVhite were com- mended for being the finalists of lfmmaus High. April 2-1, 1959, was the date ofthe long-awaited junior Prom. Committees had been chosen soon after the beginning of school, and weeks were spent on choosing themes and making prepara- Aho. .f M07 NANCY CR.-XXI-Q and KYLE WH1'l'lf. Finalists in the Na- tional Nlerit Scholarship Com- petition. art' looking up dc- finitions of words in an un- abridged dictionary and dis- cussing their usage prior to raking their final test in Di-- cemher, 'l'Hli ,ll'NIUR IJl-Ql'IANlfX- provides an opportunity for 0 JUNIOR PROM QUEEN AND HER COURT Sandra lfellman, Patricia Meckes, Sharon Yaeck lQueerz2. fiussie Demchyk, janet Schoch. tions. Finally a French theme was chosen, and all plans centered around "April in Paris." Ar 9 o'clock the couples entered the gymnasium of Moravian College through the magnificent l'Arc de Triomphe. The gym was transformed into a gay, outdoor French cafe. The dancers relaxed at tables which were under candy-striped awnings and were covered with red checked tablecloths. Couples danced on a sawdust-covered Hoot to the rhythm of Bud Rader's orchestra. As a memoir of the junior Prom, small charms of the lfilliel Tower were given to the girls. Intermission was the climax of activity, for Sharon Yaeck was then crowned The .lunior Prom Queen hy Susan Frederick, Class of 1959's Queen. Sharon walked to her throne, situated at the hase of La Tour NPI" ' ' ' ' HR :XX l'.Xl'.NlXli of dancing and merriment at 'ltrchilmld llall, xlotayian Col- lege. the Class of 1960 pro- ceeded to the lfmmaus Owls Home. where they enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner and were entertained hy a magician and a rock and roll group until three o'clock. What a wonder- ful evening to rememherf 'I 1 z.fl..AX A Eiffel, and was presented with a houquet of long- stemmed white roses. After dancing until 12 o'clock, the dreamy-eyed couples arrived under police escort at the Emmaus Owls Home for the after-prom dinner. There they settled down to a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings. A magician kept the couples in Nstitchesn with his amusing sleight-of-hand acts. Afterwards a rock and roll group, The Bandits, entertained. keeping the group dancing till 4:00 a.m. Tired hut happy, the promenaders made their way home after a very memorahle night. As a linal trihute to the departing seniors. the juniors greeted the seniors and hid them "hon voyage" at the heautiful "Senior Farewell" dance. DC 955 75- SEDULGUS SENIORS No longer was the senior year a dream: now it was a reality. Diplomas were looming ahead. tangible proof that years of learning and growing in high school would soon be over. As seniors. however, the Class of'6U did not relinquish their responsibilities but assumed more and became leaders of many endeavors. They also tried to set good examples of high standards for the under- classmen. November 14, their first social event of the season was launched f the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Dressed as Daisy Maes. the girls invited their favorite 'I,i'l rlbners for a night of fun and dancing. Eleven girls and boys displayed their histrionie ability in the presentation of the class play "The Curious Savage," November 20 and 21. Carol Fritz played the leading role as Mrs. Savage. an eccentric millionairess who was placed in a mental institution by her three money-seeking step- SHNIOR Cl.XSS l'l,AY C,-XS'li: William Fetterman l'lel'l'ii, Donald flrael' rllannihalv, Pam Yeager llfairy Klael, l.inda NlcGuire1l"lorencel, Robert Benner llitusl, Martha Schael'l'er 'l'Hli DlRlfC'l'URS of the Senior Class llllly, pictured at left, are Nlr. Vlioodrow Scliazidt. director: and Bennett Lorber and Rodney lleeliner. student assistant directors. Xluch of the success ol' the play can be attributed to these men who worked so diligently to perfect the play for presentation. children. The children -Y -Lilly Belle, Margaret Krauss: Titus, Robert Benner: and Samuel, Daniel Dunton fprovided many a hilarious moment as they attempted to force their step- mother to tell them where she had hidden her ten million dollars. Mr. NVoodrow Schaadt, assisted by student directors, Bennett Lorber and Rodney Heefner. did an excellent job directing a play which was quite different from any other play enacted in the past few years. The football season of '59 was extremely successful as the team tallied a score, matched only once in the history ofthe school. of eight wins and two losses. The seniors who contributed so much to this exceptional season and helped to win the first leg of the lfmmaus vs. Xlihitehall Turkey Day trophy were Robert Roeder, Kyle White. Robert Hallman. Vliilliam Sabol, Thomas Llohnson. Wallace Staulter, Tom Conway, Mal- colm Reid. Vliallcer Schantz and Randall Kneedler. rNlrs. Paildyf. Kyle White 4Dr. limmettl, Margaret Krauss fl.illy Heller, Daniel Dunton 1Samuell. Carol Fritz lNlrs. Savagel. .Yfft pirfzzrnli Gussie Demchyk fhliss Xliilliel. 1 3 Z will Ol'iFlCl'QRS:.-Xllen Nloorergl'z'fe- Prefidzntl, Ciussie Demchyk 1SrcrftaryQ. Audrey Knoll CAJ- fiffant Sfrrftary and Treafuffrj, Sharon Yacck 1' Treafurerl, Ro- bert Roedcr 1Prf5idfrz1J. An innovation of the senior year was the organization of the limmaus Chapter of the National Honor Society. Fourteen senior stu dents received the honor of becoming charter members. The members attended a series of lectures and discussions on the educational svstem of European countries, and delegates were sent to a forum at the Dieruff High School in Allentown Putting the holidays behind them, they then began plans for a dance to celebrate the leap year February 27, "The Twirp Twirl" was a huge success: those of the weaker sex invited their favorite fellows to enjoy a night of dancing March 25 was the date for the next event The Senior-Junior Basketball Game. The luniors defeated the Seniors with a score of 76 to 70 Suddenly they realized their high school career was coming to an abrupt end when Iune 9 the date for the Senior Ball rolled around The setting for their formal event was the Allentown Ievvish Qommumtv Qenter Sundav night Iune 13, one hundred eightv hve seniors solemnlv hled into the E H S auditorium to listen to the Reverend Paul Carlson deliver the Baccalaureate sermon Internationallv famous traveler, explorer and lecturer Dr Philip Gearv vv as the honored guest speaker at the Commencement exercises on Iune l-l for the Class of l96ll Dr Gearv expressed vvords of courage and advice throughout his speech This ls Your World With tears in their eves and vvonderful memoirs in their hearts the Class of 60 bid a reluctant and solemn farevvell to their Alma Mater .-XDYISFRS. Seated: Xlr. Ralph Kuhn. Nlrs.,lean Bit-her. Stand- ing: Mr. Albert Berger. Xlr. Wiilliam Sheckler. Nlr. Albert Miller. T1 lSSlI VNJCIIL U tllll i I 3 Olllllflllg QUIK S TOITSIU illb ll H IINK K STX HH t lktl XXI 1 NU I rlw cmling nf ilINlI'l1l'I' sclmul year. the lIIHit'I4L'l2lSSlTlt'I1 l'llQ1'l'lY stvp fUl'XX'LiI'll ru me rfu- tasks zmuiring rhcm, Tlu- l'l'SIHUI1Sil5iliTiQ'S nf ull Ili f :md fq sr-'A gg past stgmdxrcls :ml I' V lil "1 'l'l. 1 I'Q'Y'l't'l1CL' 1111- plz "1 in rin- uzxpzllwlc :md llAng lmnds of thc umlcrclusslm-n. sq! JUNIOR CLASS ln their junior year. the Class of 1961 proved to he outstanding in hoth academic and social achievements. After Christmas they learned the results of the Iowa tests and were very proud of their high class average. February 3 they launched their gala events with the traditional and romantic St. Yalentine's Dance, which was appropriately called "Romantic Hawaii." March 17. top honors in the Junior Declamation Contest were won hy Audrey Gardner for her excellent rendition ofthe monologue "Mary Stuart Pleads." April 22 was the climax of the year, for they held their most anticipated event, the .lunior Prom. at the Frolics Ballroom. An exotic. oriental theme set the mood for dancing. 'gThe Senior Farewell" ended a happy year perfectly. ADYISHRS, Sfamls Mrs. Nan- cy lulio, Miss Gwendlyn Arm- itage, Mrs. Gladys Dissinger, Miss Mary Miller. Sfarzdirzg: Mr. Keith Smith, Mr. William Krehs, Mr. Alfred Neff jr., Mr. Henry Farrar. OI-'FICI-QRS: Suzanne Schappel lPrf.r1'zlen1l, Carol Vllilson 1 firf- Prfrfderzri, Peggy l,ou Saylor lSfrrf!aryJ. Nancy Dielhender- fer lTrfafurerJ. GliNlfR.Xl, S'l'l,'lJl'lN'l4S Section HG fqffff rf,:4': Dave Scliuucla. Kathleen Rcinnucr. Nancy Stinc. Xlirizim llzirm- kcsscl. Carol Kchm. lfluim- Stcvunson, -lutly Dunnclly. Leroy Wt-rlcy. Szrfnid rffxx' Grunt Rt-inert, Ronzilcl Nlillcr. Riclinrtl Flcxcr, Roucr Nlutclilcr, Rmlncy l"t-nsrt-rrnulccr. Curl lfist-nliziixl. fic-rulcl lfzikt-. Tl'z'nl' fuzz: l.zii'i'x Rutli, .lrilin Six, Xvgiync l'.ist-nlmrtl. l,giii'y lla-rgiltl, Ronulml Klilflktf, Rmlnt-5 llziinvs. f-'rIl"'!.' rw: xlnrm-s Ka-ist-r. llgirrx Rupp, liioolqc Young. .Xnrliunx fm'l.ix'slu. llrmgilel Stm-ckcl, 'l'cri'y You-l. ilu! pzlfzzmlf fzimlxn f'l'!I'lSTI1lZlI1. llzilrvr lioxrr. Sum Nrrvcns. Ricliqirnl fzaclizmlgi. L'l,l'lRlL'Hl, S'l'l'IJHX'l'S Section HL' Fifi? 'CLI' l.0iS uvcflvl. l,L'.iI'l lfcltl. gltzlli UIQ-in-II, Nancy llt-it-ic. Xl.ii'x llt-lfricli. Nsncy Ht-rlwstrr. l'nr Xiu-ilbl. Sfwfvm: f'-31' Shirlcx Ft-urlx. liunnit- l'l.inimnn. liloriu lfisc-nlmrtl., liitlii Klint-sniirli. Dolores Nloyt-r, lltlm Sroutlr. Tfcznf f 1.1 ,lohn Swinchnrr, Rolwrr B14sti.m lr.. Rolu-rt St-rtliss. Nlikt- lllmorc. Ronald Fimtv. Daniel lit-orgc. Dim, Xlinnicli. X7ff f':'f?:uf11'.' Sonya Usxultl. GIQNERAI, CHEMISTRY 'l'h rough cxpcriincntzirion anal tliscussion, tht' in-nn-icznl churn- istry course zncquannrs tht- SYLI- tlt-nts with flu- prolwluins ol' scicnct- fouml in cvt-ryclgiy liv- ing. lliirry Rupp, Runnltl Krutzcr, -lutlirli Dum-lly. :intl l,:irry llcrznlal. lllltlvl' rln- tliruc- tion of Mr. 'Xllwrt Nlillt-r, pci'- lorm rht- vxpt-rirnt'nr on lraic- tionzil tlistillzltion ol pt-tmlruni, SIQCRETAR IAI, STUDENTS Section 1lSl ,sl-7'.l'f rmz' lit-my .-Xnn Walters. Diane Nuss. Dorotliea Helfrich, Katie Lolwacli, Ann Marie Gianetto, Diane Seiliert, Linda lfrtlinan. Roberta Guinther. Srmml m:c': l'arriCia lfnser, Connie Nliller, Carol Hamscher, Carol Swank. 'lirudy Nliller, Darlene Ziegler, Sara Bloch, Tlzim' mfr: Diann Andrews, Carol Moyer, Shirley Ruth, Carolyn Roth. Nancy Diefentler- fer, Shirley Bcrtsch, Rene Hartxell, Sharon Nonnenlaclier. Fourih flA'fl'.' Nlarietra Karak, Diane Lalwenberg, l'liillip Farruui. Lynne Krause, Nancy Stephen. SECRIQT.-XRI:XI, STL'DIiN'I'S Section llS2 Firir rff:c': Sandra Kulins, Bonnie l.aucli- nor, Virginia Fritz, Kay Nlizera, Rutli Hilliard, Vlanice Scliaratlin. ,lanice Romig. l.ila Rulimel. Sfmritl rfffzz' xloann liimler. ,lutlitli lfretlerick, l,intla lliehr, Sanclra Nonneniaclicr. Renee Guth. Carmella Xlarsreller, .luditli Delwus. Thin! rm-: Carolyn Cope. Phyllis .-Xrnclt, -lane lliauner. Diane Hartman, Shirley ,-lnn Busher. Dolores Keeler. Sandra Rein- harcl. fffurffz mica' Rutli Kenner. l,intla llionias. Shirley Nliller. Nancy Doll. lrniuartl Cirtienvlweru. Bonnie Stoutlr, l'arricia Noti. .Nfff p.'ffz4mI'A ltleanor Nlcwer. Juniors Learn Through Research ancl Practice AMERICAN HISTORY lo hi- ii good citizcn, a pcrson must understand his licritzigu and his govt-rnmunt. 'lihu stu- dcnts of suction llSl apply this principle as they ponder thi- prohlcms suggcstccl hy tlit-ii'tv:icl1ci'. Nlr. l,uc1is l,ohh. SHOP lfach hoy in woodworking class is I'l'f1lllI'L'il to employ his skill in COl'1Sl'l'l1CflI1L11iI1l1St'lilllZlfflClt'. Ronald Cliristoliaro, Xxvilliam flausi-r, and .lohn Brown listcn atta-iitivn-ly' as Nlr, William Slit-cklvi' tt-lls thvm how to improve- and touch up om- of tht-ir projects, "' 1 ft fx INDL'S'I'RIAL ARTS S'lil'IJllN'I'S Section lll fra' f :cf l.t-onaid ligicliinan. Villiain Dt-lzsch. l'arl liindtr. Xlarlon SCl1.Il'l.Vl'. larry Swan-ly, ,lainrs Ufliong. Alt-irill Nlillvr. Kilt-nroy' Nlillfr. Sfrffmz' fwfr: Carl Dries. David Schnrllman, Ronald Christ- ofaro. Richard Ratclilfc. uiilliam Clauscr. Gerald Reinhold. Georg: Frey. Tlim' f' :cf Dt-nnis Nlatura. Terry l-itLt-nhrrm-r. slack Nlcycrs. Nevin Bauer. Danicl Clouscr. Ronald Nlutchlcr. Richard Rozy. Rum-nc Rcichard. Fourth rffxx' Xlcrvin Yoder. Stephen Becker. john Stoudnour. glohn Brown. Harry Hillman. Charlrs Nlgirlcs. Roger llraim, ffftlz fwfr: David Kennedy. William Whitukniuht. Ronald llgiurr. Donald Hahn. lYilliam Butz, An: pfrfiimf: Rohrrr Folk. l..irry lloxwll. Hi-nry Hi-il. lafonard Binder. -83.- 1: " ' t gg I -...4 4 Q 2 ' g 'VC 5 ' 1 1" 9.9 A f 0 0 Q v 0 U -1 5 Wifi 4 ? Q T- ig iff ' if 1 " A 1 I , Z 4 Q 4-1 nina "" gr W 1 ,I A ,f-rf Q 1' I x A 'F A,-5? . xv IX ,U .1 if 'xx'xVTwaxf! 49? X ,u Max .L .f , . W' 3 . .. ,gsm 1, 1,, lg, li 1 1 fl immw, . 9 l.lr I ,- -' A . K ffsqr' ik XM. ' ,ng ..1., 3 V C U , Q: 'f , , . . 1 v V v'u ' x 'I' s gr ' , ' 2 1: ' x Q ' K Y Q! V v , 5 l ..,. 94 .. F Q Q ,k ' . ,X as 'aw ri 3' ry 9 , k .. Q 1, My . v - -' nf 5 U I ,, . Q K' 7' ,, 5 1. ' YA ' 5 ,4-N -q,-w Q-an-n grit Au...+ . 1- . ,-H.. is Juniors Goin Academic Recognition L'OI,I,IiGli l'RlilJ:XR.-li'liURY S'lilfDliN'liS Section IIA3 fir,-1 row: Nziitcy Nloyvr, Kathryn lrvx- lvr, ,lnycc l"t'i-clwick, Nlziry Schrnoyn-r. fzirol .-Xnn llt-ist, Kitty' licy, llzirlizirzi livntlvr, Nlonzi Schultz. Sn-mid rfffcx' Donna Worley. :Xlulrcy lizirclner, Lczinclzi Curr, Peggy Sziylor, Marian .-Xrnolcl. lizirhzirzi Blosc, Sharon Stephen. Thin! rosa: Neil Re-inltzirilt, Philip Schaffer, l,intl:i Funk, Cairolt- Prctko, Carol Sclizitll-r. Nlzircizi Xlllt'llL'I', Nlziric Yloscr, john Kummm-ry. Isfillffll mfr: .-Xlcxzinclcr Hi-mlry, Rohr-rt liull, 'lylcr Davis, ,lack N1CcillifC,D1ilt'liI'1lTltI',xh'llll2iI'I'l Schuster, Nlichzicl fhuhiiku. Fiiflh mtv: Stephen liitncr, Ronald Wttssnt-r, l.t-c lhompson, Gem- Wi-itlm, David l.zislo, Patrick lliclgs, -lohn .'Xi'HL'l'l52lCl1. PIAN ll GI-QUN1li'l'RY ln iinpmmnr pligist- of l'lgint- iii-t1ittuti'y is tht- stutly of ginulvs zintl tht-ir pi'opvi'rit'S. ll'Xi stuilt-nts, Nlichgtt-l C'huhiik.i. Qitrlcllii-inlvl.AnilllLil'ttln'lll'L'flL0. gissistml lu flll'il'il1Sfllll'f0l'Nlll rlllu-rt llutuvt. vui1cvttti.itt- un curtiriiirtitig .intl lwiwrtxtm .in .inulu gintl ilu-rt-iiiiining its sim ENGLISH ,X huckurountl in litvr.irurr is just JS imporrgint ro gi tiuturr collm-ur Stutlt-nt its gi knowlulm- of lusic llnglish principlus and Il :good vociihiiliiry. Dirrctcil by Xlrs. Hilti.: Xloycr. Vlamrs l.On:. Carolyn Xlocninu. Klau- rccn 'll-try. Rmlnt-3' Kuhns. Sharon liislihurn. .intl 'lit-tltlx Sun girr rt-.tiling llliwr iioltl- Smitlfs play' "Shit Ftoops to Conqut-r." -85- SOPHOMO RE CLASS -ls the Llass of 1967 began the1r second, excltmg xear ID hlgh school memorles of thelr freshmen show Two D1llCfCDt Worlds and thelr dance, Carnival Capers lmgered on xxlfh alacrltx houewer two hundred tvsentx hve sophomores assumed the1r responsxblhtles and planned the soclal functlons of the sophomore xear December 5 thex held thelr hrst dance entltled Slelghrlde a httmg tltle for the llostx season Louples danced to the CIlCl'l3I1TlI1g muslc of loe VlcQla1n Thelr hnal dance held lVlax 71 clrmaxed thelr sophomore xear Thelr con fflbllflflg to all phases of school hfe and shomng of great potentlalltles made them eager to hll the vacated POSITION of upperclassmen 1 Ul' l' IL l' Rs Brunch utlxl If ll ur rr l mtrri l' rh lSFf7'Fft1I'X 1 Dum H lclxman 11 zrr PM 1 ffntr imts BlIIl10lOlTllVs If ll mil XDXINPRS Xl! LIOFHLBILI Rnhml lXLlI'l1 Nl: Hum lx mth! N1 llvsoodfhtt lr wut tnl C ann lun , 7 . . U, . , ,,' . . , .4 v ' Y sa , ' 'l Y H . W ' ' ' r x v l v 9 , A - v A - - w ' as W ' v I H - ' - Y ' v- - V - l . . ' . . - Q ,fo 35 Q ,V.f..'2.' fl I , ,la A 1' lP'j'f . LA fx W ,aa 'frffe , t ' , ' ' ' L", Mt, sg- 1 1- 'nf .. 11 Q' '.N. 'XII -' li- fkld. Nlr. IIA I -11. 4 86 - GEN PQRAL STLYDIQNTS Section IUGI l'z'r,'! rf,:c': Rolu-rr Sclwocnljs. Km-ith Wil-- unil. Ronald fiilln-rr. Wzixnv Rcirnolnl. Ronzilcl lfislmir. fligirlm-S Klirzm-r'. Swffnzil wiv: Paul Smith. Rcplilioril li-ull-x, David Drics. joscpli Hrookr. Hairy Hoffman. Third ro:.:': Neil Xlosur, .lohn lrorrcr, ,lolin Korncuzay. 'liliomzis Hun- ilricks. l'ziuI NYlum-ln-lc. fuznflz mic' -Xllu-rr lurk. IM-1iurl1.Xll-r!-.nlhiiison, Rm YYzilln-rr, llurolil lion-r. Nw piffzlrwff: Ihiiil lin-rn. l l l -I fllfNlfR.Xl, STl'DlfN'l'S Section lllfll Fm" 'J lyilugiiul liforgr. Donilil liiulriiu. lfilwgml l'Qoll.n', -l.lIIk'i llulilrn. Chgirlvs li-gli-5. Clmrlrs tirirn. "'ifl'.' ,lurnvi l.p-nm-r. Rnln-rt lm-y, lullly l'g4lQ-ncgir. Ch-our lolwsr. larry .-Xclzurnilin. Y'f':'f.:' for: Xlnrslmll lim-rs. Dong4l.l lgllfl. Richard Zwirlcouirs. Dm-iii l'nSrr. l3r'i.1n Hicks. XYllll.iI'l1 W1-rinig. F :HW 'dsx Rolwi-r Dill-S. Km-fry Sn-ski-l. lil-orm' Sul-ol. Dzalr Young. l.nRoy Silxius ,Y 3 P ."i '?:m'.:': Xlilns l'lgillm.m IZIOUXSY Q' , ' ' INT Wt ' . V l.k'lI1L 1 4 n - Tllgjllllljg ro fl1t'STllLlt'HTS. l mlm flu- llirwriori ol Xli. ,lvronu limi, lllllft' llillon. llgiviil llnsvr. Anil l,n-Roy Silvius usa ll' l5I'0lt'l'fll1! IHICIAUSCOPL' Ill 'ill-1' to sruilx more minuri-lx v puns ol xi moss plzmr. 'isl- ,V . Q , Sopliomores Master New Arts and Skills HOME LIVING Future Iiomemakersz D. Nloyer, II. Fausrner, N. I"e-Ii-gy. I,. N1 arsli. If. Ilolifman, Y. Steiner. NI. Reiflileclerfer lsramlinglg I.. Ifelinel, S. Ileinly. and N. Clarke Isearecll listen atten- rively ro Nlrs. .lane 'lirump as slie demonstrates tlie proper metlioml of setting a ralwle. COI,I,IiGI-l PR EPI-XRATOI STLIDIQNTS Section IIIAI Fi'rf! mica' I,ynnIa Ifrwin, Iiarlmara .-I Renee I,orIwer, Ann Rodgers, Ruth I er. Suzanne Iiornman. Donna Iii Nicola Cluluirose. Serum! fflfll' III D 'I 1 i Bin. I' I Stl L ' . 7: 'A , i L I ll fr'-' If I I I S I J N Bri ful I I H D I eiuert. Venevg L '. a NI 'Ianie Ialmer Donna VM ner 'O e, Nancy Uehman. Hzird r N oyer, .ames Iiartholomew, R fcioch. Reber! Klerx. Walter .I -'r Nelson, P1 N olir, Davie Robert Wood. Ffizmli my-5 Bruce 'Iierry' Harwell. Dennis Reckrnack, . Hopsrock. Douglas Reeder. He-nj Nlarrin. Barry Iiarro. Ralvli Sassa - - Q I ,Not l'1f!urfvJ'.' Nlarilynn Xeer. IIONIIQ LIVING no GI1NIfR:XI, S'I'I'DIQN'I'S Sections III H. I,. Si IIIG3 fulfil rfuzx' Yalenreen Srerner. Iflizalwerli Ilofliman, Sandra Wagner. Diane Nloyer. Nancy Ifeleuy . Cieralcline Hinlcel, Ifarlwara Ifausrner. Sfrmiif rwfzu' I,orraine Haase -Innalvelle Ifrney, I.imIa Nlarsli, Iflezinor Iiegley. flieryl Ilopko. flail .-XIIIerIwacIi. 7'f'1'nJ rfI:4-: I"rank Ifreili-rick, Robert IIoI'I'man. I'auI Wlazelek. Douglas Cher- ringron, .Xrilen Kl'lSI11lXN',vIIII0U12iSI,ICIlfL'H- walner, Davicl Ifretx. .XVII llliffllfflf. Nlargarer Reiclielclerfeio. L'UI,I,IiGlf PR HPARATURY STUDENTS Section NJA-X2 l"1'r,fr rf,:z': Honnic Schmick. Suu Kclls, Sandra Stoudr. Carol Schmoycr. Louise Brcnsingcr. Barbara Roth. Louisi- Toma- schck. Kay' Knauss. Sfmvrfi row: Ann Lichrcnwalncr, Carol Dry. Pair Wkrza-I, Hairy Louise' Schaffer, Loretta lfrh. Xlary Carta-r. Sandra Ciohu-n. Thin! ruff: Ross Sfgilirfrr. Bruce Yzicck, Larry HL-inly. Donna Schulcr. Doris Bruhsiki-r. Donald Hurh. ,lzirnrs fnqcr. Philip Pri-chrcl. Fffurfli rw-.' frniu Anthony, Bill Hoyrr, Brooks Xiznrch, Dick Iiovr- rigcr, iliom McHugh, .lon-l Vopv. Alla-n Si-lla-rs. ,Yfft I'1'frurni.' Donzilcl Hilhurr. WORLD CULTUR ES Sruili-ms of l0:X3, undi-r ilu- guiclzincu of Mr. .Xlfrn-cl NL-ff jr., rake time our from rhuir Wvorld History Dl'0gl'2lIT1 to study rhu prohh-ms of mn- rcmporary civilization so rhar they can understand rhu por- plcxities of the world in which rhcy live. 'S-wx 5 I mam IRIMI XRXH SILDIHNIS ation IUX ir n ini uhm nu Q Q er ii I i Qin lXI'lI1llNk1I1'l0NtI' om l'I'lTki1I11ll'1 Donni Vu and Nllllflfh 5m1r1. ,ludirh huhriLht. Xnm- Xl1gh-l- son. Rosaiiv Bn-nciiick. Szindrgi Rgindill. lg iclg NAl.on. Tfrf " Scorr Stony- zic' no n avr. hlzimrs johginnvi. Ifi1La-nc Schanrzcnhnch. -Xugustus N ,ir- A , ssell givis. ogfr urn-rl, .. . giyngirl Qnglrr. ' :Y wx: . .4 fziilur. Ygrrvn .1 ii.. .1 3 A 4.1 unix-I Swan-3. ongild Ncxr A. H i.nn .owx , ff A ': . giri. rrlfyl . ' 1' 1' 1 . .crm ,' .. 8Q - Versatility Displayed By Sophomores CLIERICAL STUDENTS Segtion IUCI Firff mtv: l'zirrici:i Scll, Nlarlvms Carl. -lanur lficlmrr, Nancy Wiuclcr. Paim-la Xlarstcllrr. Szimlra Xlcnillingg, l.indu Yuri, l'arricia Scholl. Sfrorzif mic: Dolorcs Dech. Diana- ljclircnwalncr, Rrgina Kline, Nlarcia Uswald. ,loan Dclxmg. Nancy Hain. -lulia l,0rish. Third mtv: blanc Hzimschcr, Linda Bin-vcr, .Iran Siegfried, Linda Nloorc. lfilccn flckcrman, Bctry David. .Ivan lrlllltll Marjorie I-lllcuy. fiffzirlfz rnccz' Charlcs Kerchner, William Higgins, Patricia Ruff. Diane Schoch, Duam- Nlillcr. Rodger l,augl'1rcy. lfrncsr Kehm. .Yni P1-r'fIlVftf.' l,inda Nlatura, kludy Kennedy, Sheila Sroudt. -lean Uruhr, Carol Kulp. CLER IC,-XL STU DFNTS Section IOCZ Ffrff V'0'fl'.' Carol Kovish. lfilecn DL'l.lll53li. Xlargarcr Marc. liilccn lmisrcr. Susan Bortz. Catherine Kern, NAl2iI'j'Al'll'l Nloyur. Karen Howell. SFFUHIJ ruzzz' .ludith Heyrr, Dororhy Pri-sron, Barbara Bern- cckcr. Sarah Kuzma. ,lean Wrrncr, Dianne Hinncrschicrz, Betty Harrison. Marlene Smith. Tlifrd roto: .lanncrrc laitr, Barbara Dcnulcr. Charlotrc Nlilli-r. lsahcl Mangold. Cicraldinu .-Xllx-rs. Gail Shull. Linda Svll. Alvann lfischcr. Fourrli mica' Nlillidinc flauscr. l.inda Xlillcr. ,lancr Long. lflainc Nloyur. Sandra Haines. Donna Rvinhard. Linda Schmoycr. Bonita rivalry, .Yfff l':'ff1imf,' Eileen Xlason. Donna Ycnscr. TYPING Siu-ul :ind acciiiacy arm- flu' two hasic liumlziinunrzils mm-ilul to lu-conir a coinpm-ri-nr rvpisr. Siipwvisifil lu Xlrs. Nllllff' iliulio, rln- lflfl srudvnts my to ncliivw rlwsi- 1-ssvnrizils in a Siu-oil rvsr. FRESHMAN CLASS lintering school Septemher 9. three hundred twenty-four freshmen faced the challenge of their initial year in high school. 'liheir hopes and dreams of mastering new skills. achieving new academic levels. and participating in varied social events were now to come true. 'lihey immediately liegan plans for the annual freshman show, Hlfrosh Follies." which featured two young couples on a cruise to the tropical lands of Nlexico, Latin America, and Hawaii. Fehruary 6. the show was successfully presented to a large. appreciative audience. They immediately started plans for their one social function of the year a very en-ioyahle dance entitled "Swingin' Spring," on :Xpril 3ll. This dance climaxed their freshman year. M , f' Olfltilflflinz Carol 'Y'rm.- fzzrrri, Linda bclileiler 'l'i-r.-:- 'tm tfrizfi, Donna Caulron fSrff-f- 1 faryi. lircnda NYt-lland fl',-'if- 4 , l'rf,-ziilrrili. V' 9 j is if is f 2 :XDX'lSl'.RS, fzfuf i'fff.r': Xlis. 5 , K Hilda Nloyer. Nlrs. Nlarx Yea- 'H , i utr, Nliss .'xllkll'L'X Kunkel. Nli. IV.. I , gf Kenneth llvesser, Sf i'fi nu' tffif N' at Nlr. llvilliam Nliller. Nli, llnai- f Vey lit-clit-I, Nli. ,lolin lliiltl. ' Xlr. lYoodron Scliaailt. ' 1 w I , -91, .-.., ART Ol' the many basic art forms experienced by ninth graders. noneis as important as a foun- dation in designing. lvnder the Supervision of Miss Mary Miller, the students of 9C dis- play their imagination and adeptness as they stencil orig- inal designs. v Yi Vim, Vigor, and Vitality 4 Q -ff v-f' ' . i ka D. ,. m if 'W ...qi Section 9A Firff mtv: PennyLee jones, Carolyn Phillips, Carol Dels, Suzanne Huber, Barbara Baker, Linda Dries, janet Shoemaker, Annabelle Hillegas. Sfmnd row: Donna Caulton, Sharon Gardner. Peggy Kemmerer, jane Marsteller, Mar- cia Bender, Brenda Schmoyer, Diane Ludwick. Third row: David Ritter. Robert Gianerro, Larry lfverhard, julia Laser, john Brimlow, 'lierry Constance, William Wagner. Fuurilr mcv: joseph Seem, Andrew Kocis, Paul Fichter, Ronald Merkel. Dale Thompson. David Nelson. Roy Afiierbach. .Ynt Pirturfd: AnniVlarie Zoshak, Darryl Harris, Tim Weider. Section 9B Firfi rocv: Susan Feely, Nlary Huns- berger, Kay Moyer, Constance Nuver, joan Baker, joan Hartle, jean Kaldy, Berdine Wihedon. Serena' row: .-Xlbert Burger. Elwood Rohrbach, Lois Dunlap, Mary Readinger, Regina .-Xrazosa, Susan Giglio, janet Weida, Susan Kunkle, Daniel McCabe. Third mtzz' Dale Fink. Richard Lauchnor, Robert Davey, Rich- ard Hendry, David VN'iley, james Lutz, Arthur Tomaschek, Douglas Hines. Fwurflz mcc: Wayne Schmoyer. Philip Carlson. Fredrick Kennedy, Nlartin Stephen, Richard Seibert, Harry Nonne- macher, james Kimmel. .Yin l'i'fIi4rfd: Lucille Undercuffler. 1 l Exemplily The Freshmen Section 9C Firff msc: Barbara Dychala, Diane Landis, Karon Brunner, Brenda Welland, Cynthia l,ynn, Suzanne Christman, Patricia Bachman, Norma Delisch. Strand mtv: Linda Schleilier, lflaine Richards, .leanne Hawk. Janice Graef, Barbara Nlueller, Diane Frey, Susan Zanger. Thin! rncv: William ilirotter, Dennis Nloon, -lohn l,eeser, james Berger, 'lilghman Fenstermaker, Delbert Knauss, William Barto. l.arry Schuler. Fnurrh mfzx' Paul Moyer, David Peters, George Katchak, Daniel Hersh, Dale Stortz, Robert Nlcfluire. .Yer Pirturfd: llvard Hunsinger. Section 9D Firfz rfur: ,luanita l,andis. Pam Baum- gartner, Kathy Conway, Susan lfttinger, Sheila Helfner. Kathleen Kelly. ,ludy Zimmerman. Kathy Linn. Sfrnnd mfr: Curtis NlacConnell. Keith Knauss. ,lanice Smith, -lean Sergeant. ,lane Peters. Carol Nloser, Linda Grueneberg, .loel Oswald. Raymond lliessner. Third rox? Richard Blair, Leland Carl, Depuy Yan Keuren. Maynard Dreas. Gordon Schantz. Philip Rems. Richard Boyer, Kenneth Fey, Fourth rff:c': Glenn Seem. Carl Naugle. Pete Bair. Nlike johnson, Alexander lamerler. .Yet PJ'L'll1fiLll.' .loyce liehman. Cathy NleClLcS. GENER.-XL SCII-ACP, Students, Sheila Heliliner, Joel Oswald, Raymond Nlessner and farol Nloser, gain knowledge of general science from their teacher, Nlr. William Xliller. He is explaining the experi- ment ol contraction and ey- pansion of metal due to heat. S 1 - 1 1 2 v1YiA . PM 3 51 s K QM ia 2 vw C v ' . ' 5 6 3 M 2 ,, 21,1 . Ev ,E YV Qi5 iiil!9f !ci1E J? ...lf 2? -n , ? ,mf ii 1 L Y ' 1 5 6 6 Y x ,-T 'fl Y if .,. 0 Q. ' 'V K .y v 'X 5-bgx.-. A V- A 2 I , 53? ,sf xi 5, ..1: gy i . 1.- Ya 'f " -s nj Yi d 31 A" x ,4-is X13 ' :P . .f 2' 5 f f f mg, X f 'I T391 Wy 'p 5 V 'Q J Q .g . Wx W 2. ali ' sf 'a fl k 51, wists Q 9 5' .12 A .M GQ 1' - e " 1-Q f Y GV .5 K, -r " GW' - ur X d . ,511 " ""' " "' X Z' fl Ev 4 Q rv , V if 1 '25 v gg, Y! A A T s K ILX l.l1f1fJI'QL'TfLil3ll' II1Hl1N'l1I'S uf sulwwl liil' ful. nlnss flzimws. :md umrsunl hzzppvlmilmggs flu-sm Tnrlmwl rln- sfvizal lifl' uf- the- SflILll'I1TS :nr lfnmmzms ..L'I1Olbl. HIGHLIGHTS OF SCHOOL LIFE , ,.+x,:, p h Q, "Mary Stuart Pleads," presented hy :Xudrey Gardner i .rv P 1 1 ," -,, 1 l t 1' . i i K M D. A. R. Citizen. Nancy Crane. was selected Ivy the Senior Class on the basis of leadership. patriotism. service. and dependability. I cz- an .. if W ,.. lQ! uw F fi . 'fi riff If' f' 1 tt ,N W 1 If A saga... - - M, V. .5 2 Q. 0 X, A -..TW 5 Candidates for Student Borough Government. Ifretl Keiper :ind ,Iohn liunyas, run u successful curnpzugn. captured first place honors in the IQGO junior Declzimzitiun Contest. Audrey Gardner, winner of rhe "I Speak For Dernocr:icy" contest. proudly reviews her prize-winning essay. Kenneth Campbell. ai representa- tive of fll'iNlfRAI, NIUIORS. presented :in interesting and in- formative program on the ud- vuncements ol' Chemistry. 'lilie future of chemical iesegireli wus discussed 4IeI'tJ. and experiments were performed fright 1. :X pantomime to Li popular son4 provitlt-tl at pcrllcct thctnc for :in ztcr in ont' ol' tht' xxcultly llUXll'iRUUNl ASSliNll3l.Y l'RUIiR,XXlS. 1 Looking towgml rlit- fururc, thc liogirtl of litlucgition plginm-tl tht- construction of an annexation to provide facilities for st-nior high stuclcnts as wt-ll us junior high school. lfmmuus. High School DlS'l'RIC'l' CHURYS rcprcsrntutivcs, Smztfiif' bully l.t-hmzin, liilcrn Bzichmzin. Sfi1wi:':f'g.' flziutlizt Sexi- grrnvcs. .lohn Banyas. Ruth Shautinrr. -991 as IXNOY,-X'l'IONS: Stutlcnt Council sold many new girticlrs in thc school store this year' 'stuffed pennnnts and platypusses. gym bags and student directories, 1 WHO'S WHO CLASS OF B , UW. HOST l,lKlfl.Y 'IU SL'Cfl'QlfID Nancy c1l'llI1L' Bvnnm-rr Lorlu-I B liS'l' D ANCIQ R S Clul' HST Carol Kulms Wzzllzncm- SruL1H"1-1' f 06' X 47 W ' X rm' Nl Nl 1 r non 'I an I 1 Nrfll nl O Ilhltllllll xxblciklfltl' l.llI'l'X Hilluuzzss I I , I ,,,,x.... f -45 IN THE I96O , , .-M NIUSI I'I,Ii.XSINfl PERSON-XI.I'I'Y I I ISL-nnm-rt I,o1'Iu-r I'ur XII-ckm-S KWH Q 'Q I XIONI NII5CHII.X0l5 slrnnm' KOVISI1 XYz1IIuce Srzilzffm-1' BEST DRIQSSFD Gussiv IJl'I'l'ICI1jIi Rohm-rr ROVKIUI' 7 3 . X 1 . IX ig-x.., " 1 f -I I 1 x NIUSI' XR'I'IS'IIIC MUST XIIQSICXI. Iicnncrr I.orIn'r I'.ar I'.4u- Bob .-Xrn0III CIQILIIIILI S .4 r ,Iv ' -lOl- FADS, popular among the students, included shawl-collared sweaters: various kinds of shoes worn with stockings: hand- knit sweaters: and "suit-case" purses. MOMENTS TO W 1. In observance of the Borouglfs centennial celebration, the EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL BAND performed a half-time drill at the Thanksgiving Day game. ' f- .-X VICTORY BOX!-'I-Rl-I, celebrating the 'liurkey Day game. There was never a dull moment as mock trials in Problems of was highlighted hy loothall cheers and songs, led hy the Democracy classes proved humorous, as well as entertaining cheerleaders and members of the hand. Pictured here are Bill l'ruilex' 1l'm,rzrut1'r1v 0ffUf71f','l Roh - 102 ,-Xrnold flleferzdarzt' and Bennett l.orher f zu! REMEMBER Q C, DUGl',X'l'l'H sms rhc Srrrinu for thc unnuul Sgulia- Hawkins Dunn-. sponsorul Ivy thc Sm-nior flznss. Enjoying thx Ushmoo ltllmosphun-" :irc -Indy' Wbrk, Wvillin- F'-rrrrl1111n, Pzim 'Ye-nge-r J I Kyla' Whirc :md lar lzncu. .1 Fl if YI!!! KH, QI'ffl'LX. l'.1r UQ-ck:-S. WJS chnsvn .ni rhv gill who did rhr mos: m bows: thu lin-rn Hornvr football u-.un Srudcnrs ur lf. H. S. haw- various reasons for DRESSING .-Xl,IKlf as Shmvn by rwim, john :mal 'llrrx' Hinnrrschicrf, anal srczxdim-Q, jam- 'l'm-rfinko :mal Bob Rom-dur. ,.- C'UXlBINlfD GYM L'I.'XSSI-QS provided :an opportunirx' for boys :mal girls ro dn-VL-lop Qflifk' in both mmla-rn amd Sllllllfl' mlzmcinu. I Ab 'D 1 N L ws ms rn l iff ' PRESENTS COLORFUL "FROSH FOLLlES" was next on the itinerary. Here they were entertained with "Brazil" and "Red Sails in the Sunset." The beautiful and enchanting Hawaiian lslands brought the journey to a close with songs and dances from the tropical island. Most of the songs were accompanied by gala and joyous dances performed by the native boys and girls. During the voyage the young couple. who have fallen in love. have announced their engagement, despite the poor example set forth by their two traveling companions. .-Xlthough it was a trip neither of the couples would ever forget. they anxiously anticipated returning to the Linited States. "Frosh Follies" was directed by Mr. Errol K. Peters. supervisor of the music department. Four student directors. Anita -lohnston. Nancy Hel- frich. Kav Reitz. and Carol Decker. metnbers of the music club. assisted Mr. Peters. fJRCl'll'iS'llR,-X: Dale ilihompson. Neil Schaffer, Barry Nierhauss, Robert Arnold. Phillip Prechtel, joel Cope, Daniel Marsteller. Gordon Schantz. Richard Lichtenwalner. S'l'l,'Dl'lN'li DlRlfC'l'ORS: hileen Bachman. Martha Schaeffer. Ruth Shaufner, judith Hawk. Kay Reitz, Carol Decker, Nancy Helfrich. Anita johnston, Mr. lfrrol K. Peters, fDl-7fff0Tl. Nancy Crane. Franklin Marsteller, ilihomas Cope. P.-XR'lllClPAN'l1S, flint! ruff: -lean Sergeant, Marion Hunsicker, judy Zimmerman. Pamela liumgartner, Mike johnson. Gladys Bartholomew, lrene Yaniger, Carol Hillman, Peggy Kemmerer. Carolyn Phillips, joan Hartle, Marcia Bedner. RoseMarv Stauffer, Carol Moser. jane Marsteller, Carol Huber, Berdine Whedon. Bonita Yandel. Cynthia Lynn. Patricia Bachman. Serum! mu" Susan Kunkle, Mary Hunsberger. Gail Nothstein. Alanet Stauffer, Kay Moyer, janet Weida, Keith Knauss. Diane l.udwick, Linda Urueneberg. Maynard Dreas, Catherine Meckes, Regina .-Xroza, Kenneth Fey, Jeanne Hawk. Susan Feely. -lean Kaldy. ,luanita Landis, Third mtv: Diane Landis, Shelia Heffner, Susan Schleifer. Martha Craumer, Connie Nuver, Faye Bastian. Diane Frey. Kathy Lynn, ,Ioyce Clehman. Kathy Conway, Sandra lick, Kathryn Kern, Jeannie Urtt, Annabelle Hillegass, l,inda Dries, loan Baker. Brenda Kehm, Beverly Capperall, Barbara Moyer, Billy Wagner. Fnurtlz mtv: Richard Miller. Harry Nonnemaker, David Ritter, Darrell Harries, Ward Hunsinger. Bill ilirotter, Richard Blair. Richard Henry. -lccomvanied by Mike ohnson on his boneo drum were A .1 I A ' J . ' A Hawaiian dancers Peggy lsemmerer, Gladys Bartholomew. Irene Yaniger. and Carol Hillman. -IOS- SENICJRS GOVERN BOROUGH S l LDFNT BOROUC l-l OFFICIAI S Sentra' Ruth Shaufner Nancx Crane 'Nancx VK ttzel l ons Herald ohn Bam as Brendl 'Vlonlt lNancx 'Nelson l lnda Vlcf Lure gfazzdzrz School admlnlstrators, borough officials and teachers of soclal studies classes sponsored a candldates for borough posltlons bled thexr petltlons and a polltlcal rallx was held 1n the audltornum Here the student bodx dlsplax ed nts enthuslasm and hstened to the campaign speeches of the candldates who were lr roduced bx Mr Xxlllliiffl Lobb charrman Senlor and rumor classes had been lnstructed on the use of the xxlllldm htterman guts hxs cxmpngn speech IH the IUOllflCll rrllx btfort tht tltctron Ktnneth Platt Fred Kelper Robert Benner Donald C r cf Rodnex Hedntr Dan el 'Vlarstclltr lhomas ohnson lxxle Whrte Ylxlham Fetterman Stanlex lobst votlng machme vshlch xx as granted bn the Lehigh Lountv Qommrssloners for such tralnmg O elected the ten ofliclals These olllclals then met and appomted fellovs students to the folloxung posltlons Ch1efofPol1ce Flre Lhref Borough Qupervxsor Secretarx Treasurer Qollcxtor Bor ough Englneer and Chaplam Before assummg thexr dutles the elected ofhclals toured the borough vvlth thelr counterparts Ufhcrals were elected bx the Junior and stnlor classts who xottd on 'Nlarch 10 ind ll 1 Z4 W of :rf , , , T, , T ' ' ' , ' ' " ' ' . . . . W L , a . 1 . t IQ. , ' , A F . ., . -, V , . . i ' . . I n student government day on Apr1l9. The hopeful March IO and 11, upperclassmen voted and 9 iv v ' . Y Y. f . . . I . K . is . , X .. , I - . . ' l Y ' . . ' . Y ' . s 9 ' , 9 f I 1' l - IO6 - PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES AT E.H.S. Hl-Q.-XD UF MAINTIQN,-XNCE: Billy Wagner Nl.-XTRON: Nlrs. lfclna Dellsch T ,xi CAI-'lQ'l'l-QRI.-X YYURKPQRS: Nlrs. Violet HLlDSlT4'Tl1l'f, Nlrs. Pauline liorrz. Nlrs. Ruth Gardner, Nlrs. Nlalwl l'1lSl'l4'I, Nlrs. lflizzilwrh Haines, Nlrs. :Xrlcnc lfrlzmml. Xlrs, Prnrl llvllnr-r'. ll'S'l'UDl.-XNS: Hownrml Hvllrr. lfnrl llousa-km'cl1r lllmzrf lfzz,-Aff,ll'1'f1r:r, lfrncy Divhl. -lohn Bnllrnun. wl.um-S 'lpn-iclwlr-11 BUS DRIVERS: Douglas Sell. Rolwcrr Srrochcckcr. Rolwcrr Smclrz. Curl Shrll. Warren NlcNnlwlw. Rm' l.r-ilufnslw-:gr-1'. Rush-ll Koch. Xlrs. Xrlrnr Hzirrzcll. Curl liclucnwgxlncr. Rolu-rr H0ll'wl111!D Vlr.. Smnlm' ljchrrnwgrlnrr. Russvll Bllfl. Hill Smurlw. .lolm Kcsrrr. lO7 - S ? Xi w, u Ulflllllfllb 1 mx Student dcsum r us uh Qfurlcmt rs PIIXIICQGC to ikfllllft' mc rmlnclgg I x uni mn c to ur I1 irmrmx xuth hm fellow Qtuce UI p ' 4 of all kinds arc 1iV2lil2blL' at I' H. 5. to 1 -3 g 6'XfI'21-Clll' iCllliI utivities. l'mlsr the supervision of cupziblc ad x1s'.e:' , 1 f 1 1' ' ' 1 Y-. 1:1 'c re ' ' -1 t' . and luirn 'nk 1 -' 'A '. 7 ' , I nts. 'E Mel IIO Student NPV H -XR S D-YXCP mth nts tmd1t1on.4l -Xuld Lang bx nc uns sponsored hx the StudcntQounc1l Sharon Yaeclt and Roberta Ruhf are handmg out multl colored bal loons .md brrght nolsemalttrs to Malcolm Rnd and lyme l obdch FHE SCHOOL SFORE spon sored bx the Qtudent Qounrll sold varied .xrtxcles Robert Bell IS trx mg, to persuade Davld Wxlex and ohn Brlmloxs to bux a svxeatshrrt Sl AN -XBILI presented hx tht Qtudent Councll expltuned the dlfferent qualmts ol good rhx thm .md related the hrsrolx of drums Council lnitiotes New Ideas lift! rfftzx' l.ynne Xloening, l.arry lleinly, lxatie l'ey fluf- l'rrf1't1'rv:li. Dolores llackman 'Sn'rf!tiry'l, Sharon Yaeclc t1'rr,f:'t1'f21Ii, ,lutly xxlilfli. ltuuene Scliantzenliaeh 'Tn'r1.f:1rf'r., Carolyn l,usch. Srf'ff1:tf'rffic'.' lrene Yaniger, Roherta Ruhr. Gloria Nliller. Penny jones, Carol Decker, Carol lluher, l Donna Wieantl. lamela llumgartner. l.ynda lfrwin. Third The Student Council, composed of one repre- sentative from each homeroom. huilt its agenda around the students' needs. l'nder the super- vision ol' Nlr. llilliam Nliller. it met weekly to discuss the prohlems of the student hotly. .-Xmong its many activities. the Student Council sponsored Color Day. the New Year's live dance. the dances after the foothall games. and the lyceum programs. They continued the manage- ment of the school store and sent delegates to several conventions. New additions included a student directory. which was sold at the school store. Student Council was also instrumental in organizing the National llonor Society. m:c: Nlr. William Nliller I.-lii:'1,tfrl. Daniel liaker. lringaitl l.indroth, Clussie Demchyk, Nlarcia Nlueller, ,leanne Hitt, Davitl Wiley. 'lames llartholoniew. Fnitrrl: rf,:i': .Xlexantlei HCY'lfll'X- Bk'm1L'tt l.orher, Rohert Bell. .lames Stevenson, Richard Nleyer, George lienedict. Barry llarto. Rolwrt Nlcfluire. Ul"l"lfl'QRS: Nlr. lliilliain Xliller .l':i:':' ff. Katie l'it" l':l'r-1"ff:'.".- "" . Sharon Yaeclt l"r.:f:'ri". liuztnt Scliantzenliach Trffif:uf" .Dolores llaclgman 'Sf rwwfj,-' i , lei New Soclety Stresses Scholorshlp Objectlves of the National Honor Socletw are to create an enthuslasm for scholarship stlmulate a desire to render servlce, to promote vxorthx leadershtp and to encourage the develop ment of character ln students of hmmaus Htgh School Fzrfr me Douglas Peters Carol Prrtz Nlancx Wolfgang Sandra Vlenner lqffrefarxl Bennett Lorber fPrezdezz1l nu C n ll rflrf'1'f'r!l ftussn Dtmchxl. lfrfa um rncx xxlflkl llntll 'Vlcfnuu x L utr Sfmt: Mrs lean liulur 4 -Irlazffrt Balham Btnmlu lxutn Dmtmm nn: 'ludmr 'Vlaulun L Sharo Sttm Q out utuxclt htrx -Vt oust Ywonnt lurnxutr fm mr lom Karsttn lirlrnttc C erhert Marlin Arnold Carol XKll90I1 Su7anm Schapptl 'Nancx Dufenderfer 'Vlaxcu Nlutllu Nancx lVloxe1 Fourth rm ltgfax Saxlor limes ont Xklllldm Schuster -Xlexancler Hendrx ames Stevenson C erald Sun larrx Gehman Richard Balttr Foreign Countrles Interest Stuolents Wemhers of the Lnlted 'Nations Qluh were lands Tht tluh partttlpated ID the annual lehlgh Xallex laorelgn Polux 'XSSOQIAIIOH and the lntcrnatlonzl Prlendshlp league Durmg thelr tlulu pernods thex enloxed speakers from l.0I'ClgI1 tountrles and planned a trlp to New X orlt to see the Lmted Natlons hulldlng r r v tn mt new n Y t 1 r uferfl ar ui N aturl lSFfI't"l1FX Rltltaltl X 0 1 ll frm xu s o fr! It mm lxoush 'H xonnt umautx f H Walton lrtltson -Xltxandtr ll ndrx mms Schnutr C 1 t l nm Stl Rtctut 1 Ll to m ua 1 r onald Stott! nm st x s I L lu 'X tnnttt Y tsstlf 11 1 ldxx nd Xltlonnmll Rrchutl Sthmlc ohn Broun nrt mth lun L swat mr limolt Nluch ' 'Q . - ti l ' Nz: 'ra c 'z' - , fir. 1 , ' - ' I "'l. . , ' "Q to Nz- '- ,A f ' Vlil-' L., r ' I' ,w',fz': , lrc hz V-A ' . . z ef: 'I'-rry, f 2 f tgh-n, bl ' D' y. 1 A - F'-lf gf' ...h .', ' 1 1. A' . .x .' -vm: gimp ll. l A ' ' A Y ' ' ' Fr If oft: Sharon Stq h- , K1 r' ' l.ol: sl . ,lea Y raver A - ' S' - H'-'Fr :a'z.' :.' ffl lnterested IH forelgn aflalrs and cultures of lx0I'6lgI1 ll-Il.,g,Yl ff, Da'-'ll I.ll,l tllm,-Q, I X ,, lf, ' . ' ' n ' ' 'I' ' 1 Sa ml mf:-: 7 Az ,, -' rr -5, I ' ', . ' ' '. Y A ' . xla a .1 ' '. 'hz rlcs lft-ul 'yy Villa f '1lort, ' l 1 'l : I . . . ' 1 . ,liz lc xlZ'l' l R 7 l. Tlfffl ff-tru' R 1 .1 ' .. Phillip ' ' ' . ' ' l'rittvnlz 'l. Rus, -ll Da l,. l'ert-r liuir. -'allen St-lla-rs. .-Roy ' - ' ' ' ' ' VU- 'l -- '. .ltl H ' - l Y A' .'lzfC'1'ff'r1. ff,14"7' fwfr' l'l'Ii1 ' N ' , ' ' ' ' ' , ' , lfurruui. 'Q L ' . ' ' A . 4 1 "l:. .l ' , , , , , , , ' All At Sm' . Ro -' l5'll, lazrry U. "ll. .Xf-I p:lr1"l, - 112 - Leftermen Promote Good Sportsmonsbip Students wbo had earned their varsity letter in any sport were eligible for membersbip in the Varsity "EH Club. After becoming members of tbe club, tbey received green blazers. wbieli tliey wore proudly. Putting tbeir club periods to good use,tbe members lield discussions on tbe rules of all sports and metbods to promote good sports- mansbip. "XYl'1'Ylf Ci0'li'1UXK'lN" was rlie clieer liexnd by rlie boys ol tlie Yzirsiry "lf" club when they went into rbeir annie :iggiinsr Frm! mtv: Robert Roeder lPfE.lxI'Illf71fl, Ciussie Demcliyk, Susan Srorrx, Pzunelu Yeager, l,enore Skinlcle, Nlnrgzirer KI'2illSS, Sliziron SYZIQCR, l,arry Herald lSfrrf!aryJ. Sfrfnirl nite: YI r. Alfred Neflqlr.1.-Id:'z'.ffrj,Vl'illium Delfscli,R0dneyHeeline1', Larry Hilleguss llvllfz'-ljffflidillfl, Wlallace SI'I1lll'l:t'!', Randall Kneedler, Warren Scbantz, David Nlinnich. Thin! ww: George Benedict, Vllilliam lfrailey, Allen Moore. Daniel George lTrfa.furfrl, Ronald Kratzer. David Sebueclc. Roy Hzrzise, 'liyler Davis. Fourflz ruff: Robert l'lullm:in. :Xrrbur Wveidn, Richard Meyer, Kyle Xybite. Hurry Smoyer. Ricbxird Felt-gy, Rodney Kubns. .Yer pirtureii' Carl lfisenliurd. tlie Boy s' Gym Club. ilibis preliminary gtmie entertained rlie spectators before the lwzculry' Game. ,W 1 X Professional Career Interests Members of Z To develop and tultnate deslrable professlonal qualltles of Ieadershxp character and scholarship and to encourage more Interest ln the teachmg professlon were the alms of the Future Teachers of Amernca Club I f I L C IIOIIDL R the flfea urrrl Ianet I'g,ner rs 'VI :rx Yelger I -ld 1 ffl C trol Nloatz Illzft nan! Ioretta I'rb Iqfrrafarx qffftld roi -Xllrul Kend KP ffdffztt Bar ara Dx chall Carol Blose U zrr Pffilllfilfl Sxlua Obencham Dramatlsts Provlcle Entertainment For Its members the Drama Gulld provided dramatic experlence and developed an apprecla tlon for theatrical productlons At the annual Lhrnstmas program the members presented 1 one act tomedx Along Lame Harrlet I mi rrc Barbara Baku Bubara Runhart utlx Hawk lSfrre1arxJ 'Nancx xxtfltl ITrfarur rl Qonstancf. St:-ttler rPrr d ntl C zrolxn I 1II1ps Sefrml rr z -Xuclru C are ner nan Wtrntr Chtrlts IXIlI'lI'lLI Ixartn Howell Barbara uxcomtr 7 :rd nz dx H :ms I'Ia1nv. I' Woxtr mmrtt I mt nm Itrus L Irolt Schocl. 'Vlrs L an Iinbtr ft ure rtcn MX wt II' ful ' O - , f f. I f 1 C if 5 . , - - 'f 'f ' '1' J' ru:': 'z' ' I 2 A " f ', ,' ' If , NI . " ' ' .IN'7l".Z'-.f,w2'. An' ,A '. ' - 'A . . VII, . 1 7 '- rj , b ' - w . I I ' ' ' 'fs nz' 'v Q' -' Nz ,J " . , , XIII' , 'Q I' 'It .. .I W 1C'.', I' I , 4 - IN-' ', I1 ,:'.'h:1n'a Il '. .' - "', ' ', H, N ,H ,Is b- - g '.,I2-' " 1-'W - - ' 1.-ld:'z,fffI. .Nm Azcf fl: Par 1 . II -rt. I - 'I'I5 - Future Nurses lddlxlllg th lrge of the health sulte, ledrmng more rluout nuxsmg and home tare of the sltlt .and tdlung 1 trlp to .1 hospltal were a few of the 'rttrwltles enjoxed hx the Home Nursmg Qluh The memhers galned mwaluahle knowledge for muses trammg or homemaltmg Learn Flrst And ltcltnu Y 1 nm ml du lllml lx tlhnttl mm rfz Ll tx t lN huhltost Q Looptr SCl1IlJtllI1 l Ruhmtl l Sc oclt Q lvlklfllll lhffffldfll 'Xllss Vl llCtlllc r.1xv.rl-Id 1 fri rlllflf V4 l N tztl 'Nlzxhtrrx S lwshhuxn Nl VN umkts chtuu Dt ll Stout D Stnsu VN olfgmg, fourth rm 'Nl Vlxllmms lpfffltllfllfl S Bushu Stouclt l nlt 'I 1 I fzrirntl 'Vl K uttr D Bllllil t l lmu N ithmdn l Schmoxer D Runlmrd 1 T Girls Stress Wholesome Character To treate mrnntam and extend throughout the sthool home and tommunxtx hlgh standards of Qhrmstl in character were the alms of rhe Trl H1 Y Qluh 'Xlrrx Xnn Nloxer lsxlttn luster Dum Nuss 'Nmu Htlhsttr Qrrol lxoush Dororhtd Hellrnch 'Xldrx Scnnoxu lifl'lI'lA Scholl S mfr z l1ntl.r lrtlmdn esx Walrus Rtm Hdrtltll 4Prf nfrzfl Dolorts Nlox er 1 lout llitfilldlll ludx llutr 'Mmm lwltgg lhlhdrd Dtnrltr Amt IC mr 'Nlmss Xudru lxunlttl 4111 ff fl Sm fl LlI1l'l.llCl Lrrol H mschtr sl rlcx lm l llndd X t r Shlrltne lxoch Ddrltne flegltr Shtld Ntoudr N mcx Dltltn r ffr C1 f urrlz r c Karol Nwdnl- Shlrlu Bert l HF ff 1 fr nn: e e rnu trrx Dun X .nw XIOGCI XIXIAU Xlostr lrlleen Dlthl l 1tr1c1.1 Ruhl -Xlx ann ISILF zz ll FJ lxnnc km ' 1 5 - 2 ' f ' S. K i ' '. lforti, S. l"1l'0l , nl. Ro -ll, nl. lfrf: 'lclu ' .- x -Y Y , S. K '. 2, V, Rf' ji Sf' f rch' D. Vl"'l--', N.l,1nz, ' , , . ' '. l ' N. N. D sl. .' 1" ' , .. '. D. -D ll '. K . ' ,' ' ' v . ' ' ruff: '. X 'L' , l.. . Ls' ' Q, f. D' ' , . . 'L' " Stl, ' . ' . Y v ' S2 S ' l.. Kline, B. -ibvj-t, lf. f lt, . N. - , ' ' 5 . ll. f K ,. Fu ' . .YI-DFL '-rf, ' . l . 'L ' ' . n ' zlvrz M. 'u ", . Y. 1' ' . ,. f j . . ' ' . ,NUI Fizgrt mm' B. Nichrer lTrf11,furfrl, 5. Stimmel, S. Hillegnss, pfrlurfrfs Cl. .-Xfllerhacl1, Nl. Felegy. lN. Hein, Vl. l,nucr. Y Q f ' V. I I Y l'. h A . . , 1 'A , :mf M Th: frm-:': .1 d 4 2 ' t ' - - " . " a .I I ' . ily ry. ' ljh, l tltflqtt ' F flzrfrl. in 4 uC'.'l ll' .Z " 1.1! 'A ji SCI F,"ff1m::'.' . 1 73 . j . It H . " '.' ., 11" -P flfj rI'. A zh ll tl B- W' ' 'A l. rl' tl 'Q f . ffm: ff: f ' D ' , B r F' l 4. Xu! p"r r ' 'use - 'll6 - IW Students Learn Library Techniques Nlcnjlyt-fs Of fljg Ilihrzlfy fllulj assisfgd fljg DlLl!1l'NlOXL'l'.ll1lITlk'l' Kl'ilTll'I'.vliI'lILlX xllllvl'f,iii1'-f,"f'i',"zJ'f'f' Iibrariqn with the mending 'ming :md Shelving Of' -Xnn Nliclielson, ,loan llgnrlu, C':irolin l,usuli l7l!'1'fI,i!l7'f' hooks. -lunior girls who ziccumulatecl one tliouszmcl points in rlieir work at tlie encl of the year received -Xlrhousi-, Swimim--1 kluzinn liimli-r. Vqiml Scliinrru-r. Iigu-Im 1 3 gold any-argl. FUI- their annual Christmas pro- lil'I'l'1R'CliCI',.llltlX l'1l'l'1l!'Ill'li. flizirlorri- Nlilln-r. lJi.im- l.irliri-n wgilner. Susan Aponeylmriger, vliinn-r llgiriisclin-ig Rr-rigiv fiurli -leit' thi? game gifts to the m'f"f'lll retln U l,incl:i Nliller. 5ll91iIlfilUll0,5lllIL'5Cllll'llk'I', Klum-rrgi ki-1-.1 fgiml Moyer, lizirlizirxi lflosc. Nlrs. -losi-phine llinlxlv plif: -' children: in fall they made ll trip to New York and saw the BI'01lilXK'2lf' show "My Fair l,aCly." Sgimlru Nonm-mqicki-r, klucly Danni-Ily, Digim- lnilwnl-.-i Nzinvx Sri-pln-ns, fznrniellai Xlziriu-llir. Carolyn Rorli. fziml Xml,-ff: luis Dunlgip. llqzrlmm llunsinuvr. 'YLHIUY Wivilvr. Sfllllll-l'lX ll'Im:2H'll lil'lll'Hl'lWl'l'L!. GIRLS ,-Xllllfll Nlrs. llinkle in rlii- lilwrgnrx liy pei- Slllfl.YlNCi BOOKS is zz ilury im-clit:-sl lvx .ill inf-in liorrninu vairioiis tasks. l,url'ir-r Souilers is lu-img zissisn-il lu-rs of flu- clulw. iliruilx' Nlillei' i9 plzicinu .1 lwook in its lui' fzirrm-llgi Xlgirsrr-lla-r nnil Diginr l.iCl'irn-nuxilner. proper place on flu- sln-If. 1.49 Diane Sr-ilu-rr. Nancy Doll. Czirol Wilson rl'rf:i'dm:fi, Priscilli lXISI'lL'I' lSff'Vt'fI1V'i'l, lieu-rly Hopkrm, l'girririzi limi-r. flu-ixl Girls Develop Typing Ability For people whose regular curriculum did not include typing, the Typewriting Club proved very helpful. Members learned the keyboard, parts of the machine, and how to set up letters and manu- scripts. Illifjf max' Kay lloltie lSffre'!1lrj'l,YVOl'1l'lC Marstellur, Dianne Benner Clare-1'rf,tz'tff1:!j, Joyce llialcltnan, Nancy Heim, G.-XINING experience under the supervision of Nlrs. lulio. the girls practiced typing letters and manuscripts. 1'tffz4m!: Diane Skrip, Diane Miller. ,-Xrlene Yorlqey. Kay llvollie, Mrs Darlene Keiscr. Patricia Bachman. Suzanne Christman. Sfmnd mia: Mrs. Nancy Tulio, l.'Iff'l'Ii.ft'fl. Carol Huber, Carol liillman fPrf.fizlrn!l, Diane Miller, Randi Mosser, Judy Sie-bert, Arlene Yorkey, Diane Scrip. Tfzfrzf rnfcz' Susan fanger, Karen Brunner. Fay Debus, Diane Radermacher, xluditlt Biever, Susan littinger, ,lanice Smith, Bonnie Schmick, Fffurflz mtv: lflizabeth Umlaul, Carol Hieter, Carol litringer, Dolores Kehm, Lucille Mcclc, fVlary Readinger, Susan Koch. Xu! prriurfdr Norma Delfsch. Nancy 'liulio l.JLff'li.ff7", Yvonne Nlarsteller, Carol Hillman, Diane Benner, Randi Nlosser. One Club Combines Varlecl Talents Io f1I1llllll'llC themselxes mth retords md general routlnes of 1 torpomtlon ofhte was the mam purpose of the booklteeplng group of the dub The mtnn purpose ofthe needlecraft group was to learn and master the slttlls of tertaln tx pes of needletraft espeuallx the Lnlttlng of afghins and swe1ters Members Master ln New Hope P6I'lI1SXlXdI1l2l prox ed to he L1 xerx edueatlonsal ewperxence for the members of the leithercraft Lluh The Lex mses belts intl purses xshlth thex made xx ere xerx useful to them f I rz I Sl'1ll'lLX l tlntltlmtn fl zre lrftnlfnfl itrlct Non lutltth Dnhus fl rftzlzrztl Qonsttnct 'Nlllltr t'5errfIz1rx+ L n Q 4 tr Btrtx Htrrtson tTrfaturfrl Nlrs licxs Dxssmttrr Ill ztfrl Dorothx lrtston Sl1ll'lLX Nlxlltr Ruthdnn H trd Munn Crosslu bl'llI'lLX nth Leathercraft Skulls lznn -Xntlluss rlzfe I ff zdfrzll -Xnn Oswald Stamfzrz N use Nl irx Nlxlltr 111 1 er! Nldrx -Xnn IXUUCIO lsr' rftarxr N irx Htllrxch ll rftzzlfnfl Nltss l mths lS!11l1f7lf frmltrl 01s Mtltl 1 fra urfrl Hmdra ILlf7lCI' mm an Q lust 'S 119 41,1 'LX if V , . 1 , n. V Ax i. K Y A v X b ' x ,, I W in, ,,., ,.........' Av --V 47 " 1 , - lk, 'Q 2 ' -2 ' 'h ' Q l,f1 0 'Ziff .1 I 2 H - D .' , ll: l .ll , ' . . ,' , ., .".- I A. '.'. ,W .1 .' -', . K , - liil-tl D'l,zh1 , ' V' 2 4. . , . ,. fl: lx A "ft ff", , j'A ,." -, ' - . f' . ' aut , N . C Their annual trip to theANew Hope Art Colony D4-Wfdffdt' Nlilflfnv Y-'Hfl-2 P-SHKY 3fUnSif121Pfy. f11f0l5'f1 CQPU- 'N .V ' . 'Y W ' v 1 Y -' . -1 Q. 4 - . ll'-J' Vf,. ' 'U -.'r X ' ' .lzj 'f ,.' ,z f .' ' ':', , 4 N . ' D' H . . - l. f X3 XT ,t , .': N -' . -. .Ynt pffz rf: V 1 Y 4 V Y - . ,ln ' - --11. - l M " , ll' ll 1 s an-f n - e 1 xt, l I ' U T f E 9 S HM - i . 1 -' ,A If A. u .4 5 l E-Hive Publishes School News ond Activities Opening the school year with a bang. the mem- ln addition to selling subscriptions. the staff bers of the H-Hive staff launched their sub- sold hookcovers designed in the school colors. scription campaign and money-raising projects. sponsored the first dance of the year. "Autumn Lvnder the supervision of Mr. Leaves." and held bake sales A-Xlbert Bentield, the school paper throughout the year to cover XYZIS plll3llSli6d I1lI1C flIT1CS fllfllllgll- the Cost of puhlicafignn out the Sthlml termf . . The Editor-in-chief of the lf- lnvolved in the printing of each issue of the lf-Hive were two ' printing concerns and the ln- dustrial Arts department. under the direction of Mr. Glen Heck- man. lnstructing the members on the fundamentals of journal- . ism and the methods ofentertain- tors, and a news editor were also Hive was selected bv the adviser and the previous editor-in-chief on the hasis of prior journalistic accomplishments on the school paper. The assistant editor. two feature editors. two sports edi- ing and informing their readers Selffefl for fhelf .iollflwllsfls was the aim of the staff. The 11b'llfY- The Stahl Coflslstefl Of members and the staff were busy l'9P0TfCfS, fYP'5f5' Ph0f0t'If3Ph9l'5- gathering news, writing features, and artists. After completing editing headlines, and typing two YCHTS Of service on the St2il'l'. articles which went into the bT'e'f ll"""F If-Hive members are awarded a publication of the lf-Hive. hfl""i'l'l'f'lll'7l silver charm. fjryrf rf,-gg: Nancy Nloyvr, Mona Schultz, liarbara liendei, i-ore: Nlichael xlohnson. Carole l'retko. Daniel Xlarstellcr. Katy hey. Xadine Neitl. Dolores Hackman. Kay Knauss, licrri l,ee Cole. Walter Spadt. Carol Dry, Carol Kehm. Xancy Sfrmizl wit-.' Bonnie l.auclinor. Roberta fiuinther. ltlaine Nelson. iloyce Newfieltl. Donna Yiieaver. Lorraine llaase. Stevenson. ,lune Wagner, Suzanne Scliappel. Carol Uels, Sandra Randall. l.inda Cirueneberg. Sandra Cioht-en, Richard Bonnie S-chniicli. Tfifrrf 1'o::': Gerald Sun. Penny blones. Siebert. ,lames Stevenson. XM? p1'ftz1rrff.' Karen Nlcfiarvic. Donna Xlieand. llyntliia Schmoyer. Peggy Saylor, Roberta lerrence Keller. Nlarily nn Seer. Ruhr, Marian .-Xrnold. Barlvara flkins. fit-neva Burl. Fffiirfl' r I ' ' 5 s jjj fit 2 viiiiiigjitu i f cs vw YI 2 AR'l'ICl,lQS.for the school paper were written during club periods. l,enore Skinkle is reviewing the essentials of a good, interesting article. i Hmm P,-Xillf I-lDI'I'ORS, working with the editor-in-chief and the adviser, were re- sponsible for the editing of the paper, Sealed: Susan Stortz KCQ-Sporty lfditorr, Nlr. Albert Benlield lddzirlrerl, Nlaureen 'lierry fffo-Fralure' lfdimrl. S!anzlz'ng.' l.cnorc Slcinkle f.Yeu',r L'di!f1r,l, Paul Brooke lffn-Sporty l:'dz'!nrl, Mary Persian lffo-Feature Editnrl, Cindy lNcigard '.'I.f.fi.ffant Editorj. SiliL'Dl'QN'l'S became disinterested in their lunch when a new edition ol' the li-Hive came out. Here .loyce Newtield and Carol Kehm are distributing them to anxious students. -121- Proiectionisfs Work Toward Store Licenses mmf? An invaluable asset to the school was the Projectionists Club, for the members not only showed films but ordered and filed them, and kept the equipment in good, running order. Each member's goal was to earn a state operator's license. Klil'QPINQl-the projectors in running order was one of the many activities of the Projectionisrs. Here Roger Schuler and ,lohn :Xlllerbach are repairing a broken projector. Fin! row: Ruddy Hechler, David Wiley, Barry Nierhaus, Daniel Clauser, Forrest Rohrbach, Mike lilmore, jack McGuire, Roger Schuler, blames lfngleman, Larry Heil, Mr. Lucas Lobb Cddvirfrl. Serond row: Raymond VValbert, Albert lick, John Brimlow, Thomas Hendricks, james Johannes, Leroy Silvius, Dale Stortz, Larry Hetricks, 'llcrry Constance Wayne Schmoyer SCHEDULING films for the faculty kept the Projectionists busy. Pictured here are James lfngleman and Forrest Rohr- hach as they schedule a film for a class. Photographers Develop Techniques Students interested in learning the art of pro- ducing images on sensitized surfaces and in en- joying the studv ofthe linished product joined the Photography Club. They received instruction in all aspects of photography f- types of cameras, proper procedures in taking a picture, and methods used in developing films, horh colored and black and white. Many club periods were spent in the dark room studying the prints and trying to im- prove their technique. Firyt row: Robert Keener, Ross Staulter l'Tre'z1.fur1frl, Terry Keller CPrr.vidfnU, Robert Bastian flire-l'rfrz'derzrJ, leddy Sun lSm're1aryj, Neil Reinhardt, lfdwin Vlvcndlmg. Srforid rote: blames Reichl, Richard Boettger, jack Trauch, Mr. Albert Miller Cnldviferl, Paul Moyer, Dale Kratzer, Ronald Fisher. Boys Enioy Outdoor Sports To encourage more active participation and promote safetv in all outdoor sports were the objectives of the Hunting and Fishing Club. By viewing Films. listening to speakers, and engaging in group discussions their objectives were attained. Firft rff:c': Bryant Urtt, Depuy Yan Keuren, William , - Schuster fl'z'cf-l're5z'flfr1fl, Gordon lickharr tSrrra!m-yt, Roi' Miller tl'rffz'dfrz'J, 'lierrance Kovish fTm1.fzm-ri, William Moyer, .-Xrden Kelshaw. Srrnnd mfr: Nlr. Ralph Kuhn 1,-ldz'z'.ffrl, Larry Nloatz, Robert Schoenly, Paul Smith, Henry Heil, George Frey, Ronald Gilbert, David Dries, Samuel Doney. Tlzim' msc: Miles Hallman, Larry Urtt, Brooke Young. ,lohn Banyas. George Sabol, Ronald Nlcflenahan Theodore Palencar, Paul Mohr. liugene Reichard, Warren Hiller. .Yet p1Af1ufnl': Richard Hiller. Building Airplones Promotes Interest Promoting interest in the construc- tion of model airplanes and giving the members an opportunity to Hy the models they built were the main ob- jectives of the Model Airplane Club. The members also held discussions which were verv helpful to boys with an interest in aviation as a hobby or a vocation. lliliomxis Yliickrl. .lost-ph Sa-ein lSfI'7'FfI1fj'l. Sffwriif rmzz' David lxerinetlv lPff'.fIiff'7Zfl, l,ee Ciuth lliliff'-I,l'f5I.tI,F7Ifl. Ancient Gomes Provide Competitive Spirit One of the outstanding recreation groups of our school, the Chess and Checkers Club provided and promoted a friendly and competitive spirit in these two ancient games. Beginners. too. had an oppor- tunitv to learn the rules of the game and then to apply them. Tournaments were held during club periods to determine the champions of chess and checkers. Sfalfd: David Unser, William VVennig. Rocluer Braim, Fabian Pierog, Tim Fenstermaker. David Peters rSerre!aryl Dick Hendry, Robert Davey, George Katchak.SIandi'r1g. Robert Fey, Vlvilliam Higgins, Paul Ficbter iTfZH,f1AVfVl, Dennis Reckmack flirz-Prf.fi'dfrztl. David Hopstock lPfF,Vli' 1lF7Ifl,'lil10lT1LlS Ruth. lfrnest Kehm, Nlr. lflwood Ortt l.'1!i'l'I-.fffl No! pz'r!urfd: Harry Barz, Paul liclelman. Andy Fedorisko, Nlavriarcl lfngler. Barry Garber, ilihomas l,ichtemvalner Samuel Stevens. lifr.t! rffizx' Riellartl Boyer lTrr11.i'iu'fr'. l,t-land Carl. Nlr. George Butler l.'IIif'I-,Vt'Vl, v Fzrft rm: Rodger loughrcx ohn letscr lrnest Kulp lxmcht lidzufj Thml r 4 Duxd Hxettr lhomzs Cope ltrrx Kline V5 une Berneclter Duane Nllller Sefrrzd r 1 zrf I rz r Vlirm l't L x fqfrrf arx ltrrx lltltn ohn Svunthart 'Vlernll Vlllltr 1Prr1d'en!J ltonarcl Vlnlltr mtrttr Qluron 'Vlulw X I fzfluml Bruct in an lhlllp Q nrlson fTrmfurfr1 Rax moml 'Nlarsttlltr Vlr l-lawn Club Bullcls Putz Bows mterested nn learmng the fundamentals of Lluh Thew held mam CllSCLlSSlOI1S enjox ed held model rallroadlng as vsell as those who wished to trips vlewed hlms pertalnmg to thls hohhx and acqulre more proflcxencx IH bulldmg model rarl treated a C hrlstmas putl whlch xx as dlsplax ed rn roads were encouraged to jom the Model Raxlroad the mam torrldor shoutase tht month ol Dtcrmhtr Ri WN J Yr :Ig v-I, Km. 125 ' j , ' ' 'A , ' - . ' . .' , wx' ll" - 'rrfdfvrh . 1 l' '-gl' . r gl, ' j , - j Q' " ,. -' .'- .v' , ,- ' . ' ', l-P, . 1'-., ff, : ' -Yll'. I Y Y 'A D 7 I 'V i Y l I l V iv, 'l'Hli CIIRIS-'l'Nl,-XS l'Ul'Z, huilr hy the Xloclcl Rznilromling Club mt-mlwrs, nrrmcrul well-tlrscrvt-nl :nrt-nrion during , ' W' ' LQ V" l - ' v . xx V k X xi .a I Qi? . 1 K Q S ., -Q M 1 . Q e r , K ' fe ' 1 .Q . , F b A Ki 1i.:,Ai, 2 S so 'TQ 1' 'Q 'Saw 1 r , ' :Mig ll f' V L 1' ' 1 -I ix Stage Hancls Create Scenery A versatile group of workers for school and public shows was the Stage Crew Club. Home- rooms, the Senior Class, and civic organizations appreciated their construction of scenery, manip- ulation oflighting and sound effects. and manage- ment of stage equipment. CON'l'ROl.l.lNU the panel for the lighting of the auditorium and stage was lmndled effectively and efficiently hy Randall Kneedler. rf? H ---13. Firft rout' Roger Guinther 1Sefremry-Trenfurerl, Carl Scheirer, Richard Adams, William lick, Arlan Dietrich. Robert Bastian, Larry Vl'enner, Roger Schular. Serum! rose: Earl Binder. james DeLong. lidward George, Mr. john Child l.fldvz'ffrJ, Ronald Miller fl'1'rf-Prfddfrzll. Larry .-Xckern'."i. Richard Zacharda. Thin! msc: john Kornegay, Nlerlyn Harrison, Gene Wieder, Harold Boyer, Donald Stoeelcel, Stephen Becker. .Yof pifruml: Randall Km-edler lljffflllffllfl, PROGR.-XNIS owed their success to therskillful controlling ol' the sound system. Roger SCl'llllCT manipulated the various dials and record changer. Mysteries of Botony Foscincite Boys To provide stock for the biology classes and to acquaint club members with the simple techniques of propogating plants, as well as raising small animals, kept the Solarium Club busy throughout the year. Smffdx l.ee 'lihompson Cl,fF,f1'Ljf7lfl, Richard Schmaldinst Experiments Create l1'1'cf-Pratfdfrztl, Douglas Peters fSfrrfIz1ry4, Nlarlon Scharliei' lTreaJurerl, Stanley lobst, Charles Grim. Sfllfllfliiltljl Xlr. vlerome Baer lfidviffrl, Harold Haas, Dennis Moon. Daniel Hersh, Dennis Ort, Robert jones, Curt Nlacfonnell. tlohn ilirotter, William Barto, lflmer Kave. .lerry lfvans, Robert Folk, Nlarshall Beers, Larry Ackerman. Gary llottiman, Carl Dries, Luther Soutlers, Donald Schneck. Interest in Chemistry Students who did not have chem- istry in their regular course of study were eligible for membership in the Chemistry Club. The aims of the club were to create an interest in chemistry. to learn simple funda- mentals. and to acquire information about the training and duties of chemists. Many club periods were spent in viewing movies and film strips and performing experiments with various chemical elements. fl 'Q Fifi? r Keith Knauss lsiffffllfj' . Charles Kerchner lTrmf:zffr'. Peter NX. Sfwvrfi' rffxx' Nlr. Harxey lieclccr 4.-ld:':'.ffr'. ,lohn Sis, lerry X out-l. ,lames l nut-r Pw' ifavxf . -l27- Glee Club Provlales Musical Treats lwerx rlhursdax mornmg the lioxs Cnlee Qluh could he he 1rd practlcmg fzuthfullx for the Sprmg Qontelt Thex also dlsplawed thelr harmomzmg dl3lllflCS ID the Thanltsgrvlng assemhlx Fmt mc iudlne V5 hulon 1P1m1ffJ 'Nlr ol ltr ffldzmj Rrchud Blarr kenneth Pex 'Nlulon Schr tr lTfFHJZLVffl larry Hrlletass Qlzre Prerzdfnfl Cltnn Hutr wood Rohrhach R lun lim ml rn X tr mx onmrnuhtr ru L9 rrlntr mms lxunmt curl ol nson Dnrd Hutu 'Nlrxnurl Du rs H11 VI rtdtllclx lxuptl Vlulxn Hxrrlson Daniel 1 tonga Roux Bigfllll Vlurrn Srtphtn ohn Broun lsftfffllfll Ronald 'Nlrllu Ronald Qhrrsrolaro Dah lclnl. lohn Bam 1slPrr denrl Mt pzrfurfd -Xrrhur lomasclnlt lohn lxornttrx l urx Cchm n Frosh Learn Appreciation of Music Members of the Freshman XIUSIL Club par trclpated ln talent shows dLlI'lDg club perrods the on Feoruarx 6 These experlences proxed IC xx ardmg for the freshmen learned stage presente as well as good harmonx I r Susan lxunltlt lxarhlttn Lonxxax Xlarx Huns herger Xlltne R lchtldtrltr Berdme VK hedon lantt Nrrullu Xartarer Burl antr Shoemaker oan SClQlLl I rr ernhart Rlthard Blalr Qonsranct 'Nuxtr an P clx 4 r lramta landls llnda Duns Cxnrhxa lxnn an1cefratllSf rfiar Shell.: Htffner Pau .rsrran Srndra Hamscher Rrchard Nlrller Ylmr lrndls -Xnnilmtllt HlllLLdSS hu Nloxer Bomta handle S ndlr lclt loan Baker Brenda lxchm cldll Norhsttm 1 a rrfrr r o erers d rf r I ll'1Kll5ClllLllLI' P ff DIAUDL Pru Barhrrr 'Nloxtr Carol Xlostr lfmnt Urrr 'Nlarran Hunsrclttr ludx flmmuman Nlurha Qrarnu lem Sergeant Retina Xrnost harhx lrnn mtt Xtllld .trol Brohst Irene H 1I1lLtI' p f urea Harm XOI1HLI'HdCl1LI Hollx Bll er Butrlx Lippartll loxce C thmrn Larhrrrm Nltcltes O . I ' ' Q ' ' I ' ' N ' lil ' ' 4 . o -' Sam sv: l,t-slie .lill'. . ' I ' . ' ' ' v ' , A' ' ll: N - xr Cl: 'l -. KI' L -, ,lg -. ' -I, N i . V - I Y '- Nlilzl 1 . 1" " ",.':.' 1' Hzlrf IICH' .' h . '. 1 , , ',' A... 2.3 v , ', .Vg I,.r 1' Cx' l -' A ' V A y 1' 1 l, A . hrr '- ers . I ' ' 1' ' , ' ' M ', D 2 ,rr- 1 ' r. 2' A' , '-U "3 .z' . err- . if ' ' I, ,' ' 1' - , 1' 1- a. . . ' ,I Q A' I' N ' '- 'A' .:' .-l' A I -' .Ui A , ' ' ' f V ' ' Q B' ' , .: ' ' ' . ' . . '14 I ro:4'.' Qentenmal Muslc Show. and the freshmen show slN?f'd Dfus' 'lem lfdldl If rs" fwfr Sfl",W5" ,Dmm I Y - Y A it .. .1 1 ' ' Q' , . Y A V v . i I ' v ' V. ' . N '.'I1f1-571117 Tw fl . NI . lzrr l P 4.1 T?-ft' . Fon :lr rox: ' v'. f Lf ' r 52-dF7Zfl. " - 1 ' 1 1 A . N' A11 ,. A .qv 1, A A' n , ,A w . V N :lg Ixcm ,li f '. C' . , 4 'I 'f ,i ,Yol Sr is R ' . SFIVNZKII roto: ' ' V ' , I ' , ' . 1' Y A i A ' A .Y 2 ' ' " .Y 1 ' ' ' . f Sus' 4l'z'fe-1'rff:':'f:f'. V 1' ' 5 , . ' ' a, 1' 2 Y ' ' ' - ' " 4 - 128 - VIFIUOSOS Dlsplay Varled Talents Members of the Urchestm were husw pI'ZlLIlLlI1g for mam events especmllx the Thanksglung and c,I1flSI'ITllS .tssemhhes md the sc1nt1IIat1ng per Iorrndnce dt the Sprmg Loncert on Max 7 rf rn Ruth Shdufner l1,ld7I1J'Il N1 I'rroI Ieters r1nI1I1n NI.-1rstLII1r flzmzz II Sfrnzrl roc Ilmcs Blrt olo muw 1 Cl IH I .ff FF rlrx 1111 1 mn 1 111111 frffarxl 011191 lm 1 ll III Ronrt Ixltrx N11IS1h1l'I'11 Nlll1lI1INI'tX4I'lS I7on1I1IS1hn11l1 11111 c 1 1 ml 1 I 1 1 t1I Rlch ll r Ir tn Sch mtl I I hr11 mtr mn Ol og Smut 1111 Scott Ston1h1cI1 Rlchnd Ilollt Rodnu Hulmltl II? Rohr rt f111n1tt0 Accompllshed MUSICICDS Provlde Entertalnment The Dance Band conslsted of students mshmg to gam pr:1ct1caI experlence XNIIICIT would heneht them ln the future III other l'I1USlC3I organlzatmns and bands In the Bands of Tomorrow contest IH Readlng the ESQUIFCS won Iourth place honors Thex prouded YHLISIL IU speual issembhes for the entert11nment ot the student bodx r 1nkI1nNI1r rtlltr FJ 111111 IK 11.1 nu n llc 111 o111t X1noI1I C1or1 on Schuntz D.1x11I Rttttr S Stott Sron1h1cI1 .xm1sIenn1r I'h1I1p rcchtel IX1II11m rotter I1m1s Bet tx Q lenn Seem Ioel Lopt T 01 nu H mr If: 0n.1I1I Schqppell 'N 1I Schilt r 1 1 ohtrt Ixlerx xx mon1I In hm D ale I homt son QF'Al Xnthonx I3 rn Xtuhuus R htrtl unttto Ithxm It . Q Q V ' ' ' ' ". I'ur'1':1 If' Ii S" I V-1, Br- I1 NI1 It .tlwft , , v 'f I I I ' ,' . .Srl jr, I, -KI' :, Iiz1t1'11'1:1 QVI'-tml, I,x'nn QI, Ixxiu. ,I . 2 ' ' , I I 2 Y It I I ' Th' UT 121.51 Fritz.. I,llfII1l S0ll1IA'I'S. D1 I: I I III ntl , Philip. ' ' ' - ' ' f . I,I'k'CI1 -. 7 1 '1I I,icht1'nw:1In1-1', Rohcrt -Xrnolcl lTl't'1I,VIl ffl. IYQ r- f 1 ,1lll.I"IC AI: - I.: g.,I -I K' vc. 1' 1- Fir, tv: .1 ' ' ' , . r. 1 'f . ' j: f f ' 1 ', ' 1 ' ' -- - I,'lt!f'IA,ff7'I, Geneva Butz fOrgar11',vft, I,ynCIL1 Ifrwin Illarpfrrzt, I'rf,f1'1lz'21lI, .Ynf Pfffllfflff Daniel fVI11rst1-II1-r 1l'rf,1-Illfrzryl, F: 'A ' ' V If . -' 1 :Wiz ' : h - ' 'Az - . ' ' I " A ff ,ff 'fees Fr: I ' . 1 S A ' 'Tr ffrtrfr , Ri 'Ig ' I "ht1-n- ' - ' A- ' A ' v ' "I IA: n I. I 'Ag. R I A' . ' .l. -',1 :'n1v:' l.fu11:Q'r . ' ' ' ' ' ' I I .' ' '. ' " ' ' . fr 'f" fri1lI"'fC'.'.N' .Q ' 1 '. W - -I' A .' 4. U P -' . U 'L 'I' ,hr 1 . ' . . I .1 ' .g I z Efnf roxz' R I 1-et A 1 . f1:'ff'. - Q D U ' V ' . Q - R ' f ' . fr' Q 1' .:'?r.:f.lz1:'. R 4' ' '. ' ' ' ' . R: W' 7 . Q M 1 . ,XT ' pzl-':1m:'.' ' . 'L D L' ' -. . li ' .. 0 ' IIL - . I: V1 I" A101 1 I29 - Singing heard throughout the music area during Friday morningis activity period was easily identihed as coming from the Girls' Glee Club. The club participated in the school's concert and the Christmas assembly. The girls learned to improve their singing, to read at sight. and to gain tone balance in their singing. Singing Adds Color to Firff wie: C. Weigard, C. Rahe, C. Kuhns. -X. Alohnston, S. Lehman, D, Seibert. C. Cooper, S. Kulms. C. Nloatz. B. Roth. l.. Brown, D. Derr, M. Mover, B. Reinhart.-l. Karsten. R. Shaufner KP1'a1z1'.vfP. Mr. lfrrol Peters 1.-Idz'1'.rfrJ, B. Urtt, D. Vlverley. K. ilirexler, A. Knoll, N. l.en2, D. Hackman, l.. Herald, gl. Hawk lPrf,fizffrzYl, P. Sorrentino, Stahl. Sfrwizf wet-.' Heyer. F. Schock, S. Fishburn, B. Faustner. P. Scholl A. ilioth, D. Nuss. S. Wiendling, l.. Folk, M. Smith. gl. l.orish: D. Yenser, l.. Mayberry, S. Stephen, D. Lagler. S. Sponev- Participating in the school's concerts. shows. and assemblies: learning to read at sight: improv- ing singing ability: and gaining tonal balance were the main objectives of the Mixed Chorus. ln addition. the chorus proved an enjoyable depar- ture from regular school activities. Mixed Voices Enhance Sflliftff Ruth Shautiner 1P1'ar:z'.-Tv. Nlr. lfrrol K. Peters Midi' .". ffrr. l'fr.ff rffzzz' Frederick Keiper. john Hamas il'm':'- Jan' . Ronald Miller. Kenneth Fey. Richard Blair. Maynard Dreas. Nlarlon Scliarltier. l.esIie Miller. l.atrv Hillegass YU-rfzzfzufr . Cilenn Hey er. lilwood Rohrbach. ilihomas Cope. Nlerlyn Harrison. Robert Bastian. Charles Klitzner. Daniel George. Nlartin Stephen. Michael wlohnson. Dale lfinlc. ,lean -130- Assemblies ond Shows hargcr lSt'tiV!'f!lVj'l, li. Stevenson, B. .-Xlcins, l.. Ruhnmcl. Y. Sterner, C. Blose. Nl. Vlarmkessel. C. Nleirzler 'l,z'brar1'f1r1l, S. Rohrhach 4l.!brari'niz1. T11 inf rfftcx l.. illomaschelq, G. Nlohr, l. Cirueneheru, N. Nelson. lf, Scheuer. C. Chrisrman, S. Koch. S. Nonncmzacher. C. Swank, Y. illurnziuer. ll. lilose. fl. Afllvr- lunch. D. Weaver. D. l.ahenln-rgg, li. Diehl, Vl. Houser. sl. Hamscher, S. lierrsh, Fffurfli mfr: S. xN1lfL'l'IT12!H. lf. Srouilr. K. lli-llier, X. Nloser. X. Crossley, 5. liuslu-r, ll. lone. ll. llaviil. C. Srliock, l'. lfnser. U Scliall-i'r, K' Klarsrcller. C. Haas. C. Kelharr, S. Ohenchain, Nl. Terry, Nl. Arnold, Cl. Cole, D. Schuler, l.. Funk lSffrefaryl, Kovish, Nl. Wlilliams, C. Kehm, P. Butz, fl. Bernd, .-X. Oates, N. Uchman, S. Krause, l". Kcim l7'7'c'!IJ'ltVFV', S. Schleifcr. K. Rcirz. Filftlz row: B. Hopko. R. lie-ni-click, N. Helfrich, Ql, Schoch, H. Krarzer, li. Stouilr, C. Hoplco, Nl. llalmer, N. Crum- fSLrre!aryJ. .Ynf p1'flzuf:l.' .l. lYork, ll. Newcomer, l'. Saylor, ,l. Dzinnully, lf. liachman. C, SL'llL1l'l'JlVL'S fl'fff-l'rf.iiiffzzfl, Nl, iVloser, Nl. Schultz, D. fix-gli-r, D. Keil-er. Musical Progroms Stahl, .'XllalI'rY Knoll. Sf' uf fic: Nancx Helfrich. .-Xnitn wlohnsron. Carol Kuhns. Barbara Reinharir. Frieda Schock. Sarah Lehman. Carol Nloau. l.ynn Brown, ,luilirh Work. Carol lilose. Cherolyn Xleirzler l.g5'.:f..:1: . l.ois Herald. liloria Xliller. llauline Butz, Aludirh House-r. Penny' Sorrenrino. Sginilra Rohrhach l.:'5wf:'w: . Tf':f.:' f if: .lam-r Schoch. lqnerre Xloyer. lie-ru Cope. Nanci Crane .N:'i"'r"ii'f.' Harrier Krarzer. Carol Kelharr. Carole Heller. Carol Haas. Yivian Crossley. Gloria Nlohr. Caroline Rahe. Nancy Nelson. Sue Krause. Nlaruxiret Yllilliams, -ludirh Hawk. Kay Reirz. Patricia Keim. -leanne Kovish. .Xlherra Oates. .YM Pliffltffill. flllillkllli Seziurraves l"'ff-Pf..f:'.:'f'r:! . lfiileen Bachman 'Safra- fi.rj.'-. Barhara Newcomer. l,inila Folk, arthur iliomaschrla. .lohn Korn!-gay. Band Strives l'nder the expert guidance ol' Nlr. .lack l,ong. the inarching hand has perlorrned inagnilicently at foothall games and in many parades. Specta- tors will never forget the intricate drills and spectacular P6I'li0I'I1l2i!1CCS of this group during hall'-time at the games. Nlenihers also spent many long hours practicing diligently to Illlilit' the concert. April S. a great success. The trip to Penn State for Band Day' and the Lurnlverjaclc Supper Vlilllt XlX.lllRlf'l"l'l'.5 cxccurrd drills at all loorliall and lmskt-tlnrll ganies, lxrm',"."rr.4,' liailwara llenrler. Susan llorna- inan. .loan lialu-r, .loanne liindrr. Claire Clauser. SlcJ"r.'lIPlL'.' Nlrs. lirginia llernian l.lrf:'1.w'i. Sandra Reinhart. larricia Nlecltes 'llr.1ffi. Carol Willis. Sandra Randall. fggl For Perfection were two highlights of the year. Nlany' hand rnernlwers were honored hx lui chosen for County and District liands. Xincttt inernhers participated in County Band, inc two inenihers. Roliert Arnold and Rolnert fninn to participated in District lfand at Shenanc m Chenille letters were presented to incmlicis earning Sllll and lelllll points. -laclcets wart awarded to seniors who had acquired 2llllll poi ts llllx Qlllllli lil.-Xlillo tlisplayr-rl precision in un drills while they marched at lootlwall and lmasltetliall gain s intl n parades, lx ?l:':'l1-VJAQI llarnela Yeager. ,lane ilierlinlxo 4 llrigitte lierlverr, Katie l.olsach. Sf11r1rfi'1ig.' lill I' singer. fharlotre Reicliard lllmrfi. Sandra lfellmz p . V 5553511 K V. I ' 4 'mf if i 1 l32 - lu ur llun R0l'l'Q C'l.lNll3lNCi lit-ats were displayed hy various niciiiht-rs of tht- cluh. Vivilliatn and -lt-roine Yandlt- are shown doing an inverted hang. INC oui a iumin pxi :mid of stun woxs I 1 dtmonsti ittd thrilling tximplt ot skill SHUL'l.Dl'1R STANDS and inverted hangs are executed hy t csc four Liris. The ot it-r "5 are spotting. for them. Students Demonstrate Gymnastic Ability Conihining the talents of the Boys' and Girls' Gym Cluhs. the inemhers practiced long to attain perfection and coordination in their routines for the Gym Exhibition which was held on May 4. The girls. under the supervision of Miss Gwendlyn Armitage and Mrs. Virginia Herman. formed wrecision drills on the mats. marallel hars. l . l and trampoline. The hoys, under the direction of Mr. Richard Keim. displayed outstanding feats ol strength and perfection on the ropes and other apparatus. X l'YR:XNllD was formed hy nine girls, who lH'l'li0I'II1L'Ll various formations and stunts on the mats. :X ili.-XBl,h.U.'. displaying perfect form. was made hy these tiye hoys who did shoulder stands on the parallel hars. Z Girls Display Gymnastic Skills To provide an opportunity to learn advanced skills in all stages of physical education was the purpose of the Girls' Gym Club. After gaining this knowledge, the girls put it to good use in the annual gymnastic show. Frrft ro-7z'.' Nlrs. Virginia Herman K.-Iflzirffrl, Rogers, llreslin. S. Stoudt. llornaman, l,orber, Mot-ning, lirexler, Ruhr, Garnhler, Decker lIiflff-l,H'J'l-lffllfl, l,orish. Brown. Kuhn. Nliss Kiwi-ndlyn .-Xrrriitage fnlr1':'iff1'j. Srffnrrl mtv: lfisenhard, l.. lfeaelyt Schaffer, llortz, Clark, Stine. Thomas, Karsten. Gt-rbert. l,indroth. Carr, Benedick lyvffllfllfffl, Keener Hopko. Sterner. Third mic: Schwar, Saylor. Fritz. Monroe Gould. P. Stoudt, Roth, lfrwin. C. Clauser. Schuler, Schwartz l.uclwick. Hamsclitr. Pace fl'rf.ffdf21fl, lf. Fegely. Fnurili rofc: Gardner. llarrholomew, Willis. Schultz. Caulton. l.ichten- walner iSwr'rflaryi, Xloore. Hamman. Heist, llumgartner. Kelly, llellanrl. Han k. llartman, Rhuhright. .NM prfiurnfx gXrnilr. Nlizera, Xl. flauser. Schock, Mueller, Richards l'nder'clul'lier'. Q Boys Improve Coordination Developing gymnastic ability and proper body coordination was the instruction received by the members of the Boys' Gymnastics Club. The skills were taught on such apparatus as the mats. springboard, parallel bars. rings. and the horse. The members took part in the Centennial Ex- hibition and the annual gym show. ffff f 5: 'lihornas Conway. llialter Banks. Donald Kiran-li. William l"etterrnan. 'lihomas klohnson. blames Hartle. l,arry Schuler. Delbert Knauss. 'liheran Bastian. S: f'ff ml' wir: Potter lirirnlow. .lohn Kummery. l.arry Heinly. lllilliam Nlot-nina. -lohn Kratzer. William Butz. Bert Nelson. Raymond Wit-ssner. Xlr. Richard Keim .Jr1':':i.frr. Tlirri ffficx' iliyler Davis. Andrew Kocis. Richard l.auchnor. Charles Nlarks. Xlarrin Stevens. Dale Fink. 'lierry Hartzell. Ff2:if'f: 'feat Walker Schantf. William Yandle. Dennis Salrers. Richard Reinhard. l..irri' Xlori. l.t-roy smarter. .lt-rry Yandle. Roger ht-:lt-ji.. .Nw p' "4 l'ilLlDlL Frederick, l.arry' Xloser. William Delfscli. Rohr-rt Hallman. 135 - . 2' mmmwm ,ur- 071 rllitirzg board: lrl. Kratzer lP7F,VI'df71fl, B. Hunsinger llvliff- l'r'ffi'ff11!l. P. Nleclces fSwrf!ary', C. Fritz fTrfa.furfrl, S. Yaeclc. l.. Skinlcle, Nl. Scliaefficr. P. Yeager. In fvalrr: S. Rortz, C. Hoplzo. Vl. Schwartz. B, Roth. M. Schallier, D. Brubaker, S. Goheen, Nl. Henry. R. lorber, l.. Tomaschek. D. Hackman, rl. Rogers. P. Kistler. lf. W, Moyer, .-X. l.ichten- walner. P. Stoudt. Slifflillff K. Fey, C. Moe-ning. C. Pretko, j, XYagner. Nl. Arnold. B, Gerhert, Nl, Terry. Akflfffl-71g.' l.. Trexler, B. Binder, C. Vlveigard, K. Trexler, D. Vlierley, K. Lobach, K. Monroe, Y. Fritz, B. Welland, D. Caulton, C. Hillman. P. Bachman, S. Hur.:-r. Standing: Stortz, J. VVQ-ida, S. Kells. G. Alllerbach. C. Nleckes, S. Gardner, bl. Marsteller, P. Bumgartner, S. Feely, ,l- Kaldy, bl. Graef, D. l.andis, S. Kunlcle. N. Felegy, Mrs. Virginia Herman i54dii1'rerl. .'Yotp1'rtun'd.' D. Schoch, lf. Richards, K. lVlcGarvie, . Arndt. Aquoccicle Exemplilies Precision At the beginning of the school year, tryouts were held for the Dolphin Club. The girls having grace and a basic knowledge of swimming stunts were chosen as members. Perfection ofthe tech- niques needed to manipulate intricate Water skills to be used in their annual aquacade was the main concern ofthe Dolphin Club. Under the expert direction of Mrs. Virginia Herman, the aquacade, "Fiesta de Agua," was presented March 17. 18, and 19. The spectacular opening number, "Granada," comprised of the "ON YOUR MARK. Glfl' Slcflif' 'lihis was the cry the boys heard as they began the relay race. ffm! mic: Paul Brooke, Robert Benner. Robert Wood, Willliam Xloeninu. ,leromeYandle,Vl'illiamYandle. Sfrmzd foie: Gordon Kenimerer. Kylt-Whin-.WilliamFerrerman. Duane Heist. David l.aslo, Richard .-Xchey. -136 sixty members of the Dolphin Club, featured three seniors, Harriet Kratzer, Carol Fritz, and Pat Meckes. Other impressive numbers were "Poin- ciano," a quartet number, "Jealousy," a solo by Harriet Kratzer, and "Besame Mucho,,' the Finale. Under the able supervision of Mr. Leon Tuttle, the male contingent ofthe aquacade performed Water races, Water polo, a comedy act, and various forms of diving. 'K--fuss., f. M, , ,M Q' fe., . c ,M , M, .,,. ' 4? 'N 5 137 K 1 1:s11l1n11I1Cl-1 S111m111 OIIWCIIDI N11111111r1 ll lt rs 1111 1 11 1 1 IS n 1 Nhll 111L 111111 1 111 n1l111 X11 n11 111111 fl 111 flll 111 1 S mn NIUFYI I1111111 Sl1111l1l1 1 wil N1 1 tl LFKLD ourhrs b1?o11 1n1111n T11 11 0 '111 1l111r r1Q11111111 1111111 urs 1 11n 1n1 n11111 1f1l R n11 11111111 1 H11 1r1n11 1 1111n 111111 1111 1 1n1l IX 11111111 ll 1 11111111 11n 1111111 111 m111 Ill 1111 lx I1 IL 3111 l 11 I I I llsfl H11 1111 n n IX 111 1 1 '111 11111111111 1 11110111 01111QQ1 N 111 1 11111 11 1 1111 NIL k 1 111 111 IJ!! U1 H1 CT X 1 1 111 IH Xl 19 1111 1 1 NI11111111 LIH1 H1 111n N11 11111 111 1 Nfl' K g 1,1 1 K 111 IP 1 1 11 11 1111 IO 1 11 1 OQQ11111 NU1111 IL lx 1l11 111 fo 11 1 Nunn B III .mi ODD! V11 1 .1111n 1110111 1111 H11 1 F 111.1 1 L11 Q 111 1 1111 X 111 M1111 1 Dons 111 11. 1 nn It 1111111 1 I1 X .111 n H1nr1 1011191 1011114111 D1.111r 111111111111 1 1 1 1 IL 111 1 NY 1 1111 IO N 1111111 swn 1 1111n1 Club Encouroges Improvement in Tennis On days that the weather was suitable, mem- bers of the Tennis Club played tennis on the courts: and on days of inclement weather, they played table tennis in the Industrial Arts Depart- ment. The main purpose ofthe club was to foster more interest and to learn all the rules of the sport. Golfers Spons At the meetings of the Golf Club, members learned the fundamentals of golf and constantly tried to improve their skill. They sold candy during the year to linance trips and to buy films and trophies for the Club. These trophies were given to the champions of the tournaments held at the close of the year. Ffrf! rnfzz' Lynette Moyer, Trenria Wvcidner, Sandra Sterner, Kathryn Trexler. Carol Kuhns, Charlotte Reichard, Bonnie Rauch, Gloria Miller, Pauline Butz, Sfrond fora' Duane Heist. Virginia Bailey, Betty Cope, Carol Haas. Carole Heller, Patricia Keim, Gordon Kemmercr, Mr. William Shecklcr I .'lff:'1'.re'rl. or Tournoments l"1'ryf ruccx' blames Kelly, David Schucclc, Carl lfiscnhartl Il'1'ff-l'rf.tfdfri1l, Barry Smoyer tPrf,r1'rIfr1rl, llvarrcn l.antlis 1Sfrrftaryl, VVilliam Sabol CTrfa.turfrl, james Kcist-r, Mr, KL-ith Smith 4,-Id:'1'ffrJ. Sfrrmd rnctx' Ronald Frey, Donaltl Hutli, james Bartholomew, john Baker, Hrucc Yacck, Pt-ter firecnnwzilt, Xlvilliam lVagner. Third mtv: Robert Scrliass, Anthony Bt-aky. Richard Felegy, Vlvilliam l.obb, lfugt-nt' Schantzenbach, l.arry Hillegass, Benjamin Martin. Harold Boyer, .Ym PIifflU'Ftf.' Steve Banyas, Robert Fritz. 14 nm. ff! 2 3 i w 4 1 1 Z a L X Q 2 Future Robin Hoods Stress Skill With bales of straw for targets. the newly formed A-Xrcliery Club practiced diligently. ln- clement weather did not prevent training. for instruction on the making of targets and arrows was carried on indoors. :Xrchers held tournaments during the year :ind planned za picnic for the spring of the year. FIM! rffxx' C. Lliiiiplu-ll fl'w'if1frr:f+. S. lltzglit-1'. D. Bron n. fl. Knoll. B, I"1iustnt-r, A. Dt-llzirt. li. Urn, Nl. Henry. R. Nll',Nll3lfRS of rlit- fXi'clit-rx flulw wt-rv Lilwnys striving lox pt'i'l'ut'tioii. Rogur lllittvi'fit'ltl, lmslit' Nlillrr. Cligiilvs Qfiriip- X ' l lienm-rll'z'rf-I'rf,f1'fIer11J. Sffmid rf1:z': D. l.ziglvr, C. SClllT1l'll'llC l. fi2lllL1lL'I', S. Fellmun. li. Lvrlzmcl, A. iliorli. A-X, flutes, K lirlldcr, N. St-idtl, S. Ht-inly. Thin! rffict' 5. Krause. NI Xlcullcr, C. SCll!TK'LlVUS., G. Nlolir. S, Smith. H. flciggclx ll Bernd 4Sffrf!z1fy1. C. Kclhzirt. D. Keeler. Nlr. Hunry l'illI'l'1ll l,'lfjf'I'jfI'l, fourlli FUTZQ' l"1't-Y. R. llllrtvllit-lil, I-Q,S1idtlIt-r Cl, Fgikt-. l.. Nlillttr, li. Xrmlt, xl. liurut-r. -I, lock, S. lfitnt-i lx. lrndt, filililil my: xl, Kimrnrl. l", Ktfnnmlx, li. Scliinoyt-i R. Sailor. K, Ft-x, R. Nlcfluiit-. N. Nlost-r. K. Strut-tkcl. K XYimrul. lf. lit-nntr, A, -l1UIl1SK'l1k'l'i 1Trm-urrri. .Xfff fvfifziml lt. Kulp. l,. fwl1lnLni,kl, Hint-s. D. Xltlgilw. bl. Worlt. l'. hclioll it-ll. Rolu-rr lit-nm-V. llwood lirnmtr, amd Ricligirtl Naylor pixicricwl lgurlilully to iniprovt- fllrll' skill. x f st Y iff, i . ' ' . Vifis' , " AlUMP B.-Xl,l. was called hy ,lohn Sliiffcr whun two Saturday morning haslu-rhall players hoth got rhe hall. Boys Learn Olllcicihng To learn and understand the techniques of officiating and to officiate at intramural games were the main objectives of the Sports Olhciating Club. The club stressed the importance of good sportsmanship at athletic events and encouraged members to consider ofhciating as a profession. I ...K- wp- "' Members Qualify for Lifesaving Badges By practicing on land and in water members of the Lifesawing Qlub learned the techniques needed to attain their goal as qualified lifesavers After learning the proper procedure to use in making a rescue the members were required to take a water test which consisted mainly of using their ap proaches and carries on a struggling victim Their ability to think in various crises w as then tested in the form of a Written exam If they were six teen vears old or a junior in high school and had passed all the tests the members ofthe I ifesavmg Llub became qualihed senior lifesavers left ff nrht Sharon Yatck lameli Yr igcr ack 'Vlunrs louise lomaschtk 'Vlr Richirrl Shank l-lr! zrfrl Robert Mood Richirtl -Xchu Weightlifting Develops Strong Bodies To develop the muscular structure ofthe body to an optimum to obtain poise and pride in the body itself and to render service to anyone needing physical therapy were the main objectives of the Mveightlifting Club. First rfvxz' :Xroll Heller. Victor Clouse. Howard Raith. Thomas Walherr. Richard Ratclitte lpfffilidfllll. Michael fhubirka 1Sfrrfiafy-Trfn,-'ufrr1. Richard Kozy. Darryl Harries. Miilliain Mihiteknight rlife-I'rff:lirrz!1, ,lohn Stoud- nour. S" nd :cp Mayne hisenhard. Brian Hicks Thomas McHugh. Larry Moser. Douglas Reeder. David Nelson. Ronald Christoliaro. Harvey HolTman Randy freenawalt . . Yilliam Kr bs 1.1 :':',f . T.:'r fav: N ervin Yoder. Dennis Swavely. Patrick Hicks. Ronald Kratzer, Donald Hahn. Miilliam Clauser. Robert Reichard. Terry Bauer, Thomas Banrler. Fozutlz rff-:cs Roy :NHL-rbach, laul Wlazelek. :Xugustis Martin. ,lettrey Schultz, ,lames Lutz. Ronald Gamb- ler, Mayne Dunton, Ronald Nlerkel. Wayne Reimbold. joseph Brroolge. .xvflf pzrtuffdx :Xrthur YVeida. Terry Moser, Thomas hc a er. -141- 111111 111411 111 sp1111s111111sl11p 1111 G11-Q11 111 1111s p11ss1sse1l r1111s11111l111g 1111 1111115 111 PCISCXLI 1 S7 11 1111 1 shued 11 S 11151 11111111 of 1 11111111 11111 le 11111111 1111 lesson of 11111 If 111 I' 111111.1 H 11 1111 1 111 1 1h 111 es 1 1111 1 111 111 X be 11111 l' 1 71 ' ' ' 1 1 4 . A " H '- 1111c- 111111 11111. :XS Il 1111 ep' 1 ' 1l - 11 1lef1A111. Tl11Js11 wc111'e1s of green 111111 gold were 1111 11111 ' 111 111111 ' I 'us ig S1111 . Z1 par ' wl 1' I111 11111111 ll 111 Q. IS '1 ' 1111- full-' ' 1111. M, , Z 4 xi Y .., X 2 fffizb' wx-gf , ,ff Q' ,74 ii e V f an f - 1 Iv 1 ' , 5 x V '31 ,V 'Q i W' - I f' l - in 'I + 2 , ' si 6 a v r r a ' D . - Q - l' 5 P E' 'fr V , D sf , ag? 11 ,. 4 A wa ,f at Q Krarzer, Donald Hahn, Ronald VH-ssner, William Lobb, David Nlinnich, james Kelly, Dennis Reclcmack. Fifth mx- William C'lZiUSCI'.,lZ1IDL'S Stevenson. Fourth mac: Gerald Fake, Daniel George fTraz'nzrJ, 'l'imotl'iy Bortz fjurzzinr .llanagfm Herr Nelson, Brooke Young, William Frailey rSznz'0r lflanagerj, E H' lw S li l H' T Uursprinring two Wilson lloro would-lie raiclalers, Ronnie RECORD Krznrzer. Hornet right Imlfback, levels on the goal line. Opp. E.H,S Parkland ,... ..l3., 32 Quakertown .,.. .a.13, .., .47 ,kSl'F0llilSlHllI'g.. . , 7, I3 'Norrliamprorr ,. 41. ll :"Slz1tington. .. . . 6 ZF "l'atasauquzi, . , 7, lil 'l.el1ighton. ., .,. 7,. ,119 xpalmerton. .. . .. 7. A . 6 lliilson Boro. . ,, ,l3. A 27 ":XYl1itel1all.. . . 12. W 1' Lflltfllc' Hrzvzff Turkey Doy Victory ls Senior Forewell AW.-XRD WINNERS WERE ROBERT HAl.l.NlAN, Most Improved Player of the Year: ROBI-QR'l' ROEDER, the Players' Player Award. the award to the senior who has done the most for foothall in his four years at Emmaus High School: the Outstanding liackheldman of the Year .-Xward, and the Mike Pokorny Award to the senior displaying the most leadership and ahility on the gridiron: and Wll,l.l.-XM S.-XBOL, the Outstanding l.ineman of the Year ,-lward. 'l'WIS'l'lNG and turning on his way down the gridiron, eludes Whitehall High School taclcler, Emery Roman. 'llhe Emmaus Green Hornets started their sue- cessful season hy handing Parkland. a new team on the Emmaus High School schedule. a defeat. On another unfamiliar gridiron the llornets realized a second victory hy heating Quakertown. 'lio complete the trio ofopening victories. Emmaus traveled to Stroudshurg for the lirst Lehigh Valley League game and again realized victory. ln the first home game the squad mer the powerful league champions, Northampton. and were defeated. hlourneying to Slatington. an enthusiastic Hornet squad was victorious. On the home gridiron against Catasauqua. Emmaus garnered its fifth victory. Traveling to l,ehighton was rewarding too: the Hornets heat l,ehighton. Starting a linal three-game home stint. the Hornets lost a hearthreaker to Palmerton 7 6, late in the game. The next game belonged to quarterback lioh Roeder, who scored 26 of the 27 points and passed to Ronald Vlvessner for the twenty-seventh. ln their last game of high school foothall, the seniors hid farewell hy hringing Emmaus High School its eighth victory of the season when they trounced Vllhitehall in the important game of the seasonfthe Turkey Day game. Rohert Roeder, Emmaus High School's all-league quarterhack, I Q 1 .-f 5 1 1 'X n i tv .A-film JUNIOR VARSITY FCXJTBALL SQUAD, Firrt msc.- Nlichael johnson, Robert Wood, Rephford Fegley, Ralph Sassaman. Eugene Schantzenbach, Benjamin Martin, William Moyer. Srmnd row: Daniel Hersh, Martin Stephen, Victor Clause, Arden Kelshaw, Peter Bair, Dale Fink. Third row: Junior Griclclers The Emmaus High School Junior Varsity foot- ball squad, like their big brothers, had a very successful season - six victories and one defeat. Coaches Richard Shaak and Evan Richards, building the squad around seven former experi- enced players, guided an aggressive and spirited team through a winning season. Several varsity prospects, such as quarterback Eugene Schantzenbach, half-back Ralph Sassa- man, and center Mike johnson, turned in out- standing performances to help the squad over the rough spots in the seven game season. Following the example of the Green Hornet Varsity lileven, the junior gridders began the season with a trio of victories. The Baby Hornets started by downing Parkland 19113. ln the next game the Eleven trounced Quakertown 27'-7. Completing the trio of victories, the Hornets were triumphant over Slatington, 13-16. Against Catasauqua. Emmaus stumbled and lost the only game of its season. I2-6. The gridders, back in their stride again, continued to down their opponents. The Hornets' aggressiveness was felt by Lehighton when they realized a 32-6 defeat. Palmerton's downfall was a safety scored by Emmaus: this gave the Hornets an 8-6 victory. The final game, which brought the bl. Y.'s their sixth victory. was a decisive victory over Wihite- hall. 2:-U. - 147 - Larry liverhard, Ronald Merkle. Paul Fichter, Harold Boyer, Dale Storrz, Darryl Harries, Bruce Yaeck. Fourlh msc: Daniel McCabe, William Wagner, David Hopsrock fSophnmore llanagerl, Glenn Heyer. Fifth row: Raymond Wessner, Delbert Knauss, Larry Sicher fFrerhman Jlanagerrj. Hove Top Season EMMAUS .I.V. FOOTBALL RECORD Upp. E.l1.S. Parkland ...., . , .13 ...... .19 Quakertown .... .. 7 ,.,..,. 27 Slatington .... . . . 6 ...... ,I3 Catasauqua .... . , .12 ...,. .. 6 Lehighton .... . . . 6 ...,.., 32 Palmerton .... . . . 6 ..,,. . . 8 Whitehall. .. ... 0 .... ...ZS Director of Athletics, William Lobb, seated behind dt-sk, inspects new shoulder pads, Looking on are -lunior Varsity Coaches, lfvan Richards and Richard Shaak 'sean-dl: and Varsity Coaches. Alfred Neffblr. and Richard Keim lstandingl. 4 Varsity Clieerleadersi Bonnie l,auclinor lfuninrl, Roberta Ruhf fjuniorl, l,en0re Skinkle l.ft'1II'Ufl. Gussie Demchyk l.ffr1."ffrJ, Susan htortx fffzzzbrl. Sharon Yaeck lfezimrl, Peggy Saylor Kjurifnrl. Vivocious The peppy, energetic Green Hornet cheer- leaders, clad in the traditional green and gold of limmaus High School, boosted the team's spirit when the going was rough and directed the spec- tators' enthusiasm through victory and defeat. The varsity squad wore gold blouses, forest green skirts, and matching Eisenhower jackets, the junior squad had similar outfits topped with ilihe peppy varsity cheerleaders jump in approval after the Hornets make 11 touchdown during the lurkey Day game. Cheerleaders Aclcl 148 tailored vests. This snappy group sparked the school spirit through football and basketball games, the spirit- boosting pep rallies, and the traditional victory bonfire held after the Turkey Day game. During football season, the never tiring girls cheered through rain, snow, and freezing weather, during basketball, the rafters of the gymnasium echoed hmmaus fans cheer heartilx' as the lfmmaus Green Hornet team scores another point. The faithful rooters of the basket- i 1 f ' wo g , e - 4 1. V ' A - J '15g1, . A Q .x t 6 , . 'f X ' R ., V. S-.a v . J S . Wfp Q Q R' 'Q . K g 4 .E lnexperiencecl Basketball 1 Q N-XRSIIX -XS B-Xll QI XD rr r W1 um Sctustcl Clcolgt mst rncs n n Ll cr Sfmm ma 1 Buto Dtlt Xoung, Rocncx Durlng the 1959 60 season Qoach Kenneth Nloxers team, all underclassmen mth wrtuallx no xarsxtx experlence was faced bx some of the most formldable foes es er seen on the hardwoods Prmcnpallx hampered bx the loss ofthe hrst seven ol hrs 19w8 v9 record breakmg squad Loach 'Xloxer began the laborlous task of hulldlng an entlrelx new team Qomxng up from the lumor Yarsltx were the lndluduals upon whom fell the responstbxhtx of representlng Pmmaus Hlgh School on the basket ball tourt lames Long ex jumor xarsltx team Lilpfilln and destlned to become thls xear s warsltx team captaln, headed thls group Dale Young, the team s hrgh scorer thrs xear added hls xer satllltx to the Hornet tue Ronald Vlessner, Rodnex Kuhns, and Xhllllllfli Schuster were the other three JUDIOTS who rounded out the hrst team Sophomores Eugene Schantaenbach Larrx Hxllegas George Iobst and Barrx Barto, ablx lent thelr respectlve talents to nmproxlng the team lxuhns Ron tld XKLSSDLI l'ugcnc Sch iDfltl'llUiCl1 flzzrd r 4 cr uzfn frmfrl I lxcnnttm 'Xoxcr I VII! ll llmot x BOIII lS!1u ru! 'llzzrza :rl The Hornet c igers worked dlllgentlx throughout the xear attemptmg to hll therr blg brothers shoes As a result of the Sflll' competltlon thex faced and their lnexperlence the Hornests ended theur season wlth 1 campalgn record of one wctorx agamst twentx one defeats Ihelr smgle uctorx was oxer a hapless Tuakertown team Howexet xt max be sald to the ctedlt of the P H S squ td that under the leadershrp of thelr able coach thex lmprox ed thelr game lfTlIHCZiSllI'dl3lX and added to therr steadllx growmg store of basketball know ledge -Xlthough thelrs was usuallx the lower of the two scores on the scoreboard thex frequentlx gaxe the opposmg team mam rough moments and proxlded the home team fans wlth mam thr1lls Although thex failed to equal or top rhenr adx er sarles ln total polnts scored thex equalled them III starnlna and fortltude The second Northampton game was surelx the clrmax of the season ln thls game although the Hornets were rn the losing column the team SU ae 24 453 Mg 7 Y aa ' t aaa , aa t W - J K ,, R fl N '. f M ' B. fKlf'l' . .. Sl' . Flff nun' "Ill Y ., 1 Y- -', f 1' 1 1 . ' ' wc:- fl . ", 7 'f- lol . .lar '. l,o g. .loh Shiff-', l,zu'ry laxrry H'alcl ISI f t .lll ,gt , NIA. Y- -l .1, -' Hill-gals. l lizrry 1' , 1 - Y ', l If, -1 . hw' .' I . . -150- Tecim Builds For Future D'Xl,lf Yflfxii, lfmmaus lligh Schools sharpshooting ace. hits for two more as Ronald XVessnt'i' moves in for the possible rebound. .-Xstounded Whitehall players attempt in vain to block the shot. members who had played so hard throughout the season. put on a rather spectacular show for the fans. 'lqime after time .lim I,ong's hard, driving lay ups broke the Northampton defense. llis line ball-handling steered the Hornets down court into scoring position. Dale Young. lfmmaus llornet, and Will Uplinger. the North- ampton ace. seemed to be having a personal contest as they matched each other basket for basket from the outside. Ronald Wessner. Rodney Kuhns. and Bill Schuster did so master- ful a job on the backboards that the considerably taller Konkrete Kids soon learned they had a real battle on their hands. It was a hard-fought battle all the way. and the Hornets played with dogged determination as they endeavored to contain their foes until the waning moments of the game: then Northampton managed to get the few extra points needed for the victory. As the season progressed, the team members. as lf0llIyd rzavt patgfi -151 lNDlYlDl,'.-Xl, SCORING Total 1J0l.7Zf5 Dale Young. . M243 blames Long .... . H215 XYilliam Schuster, . .187 Ronald Wessner ...,.. . .lll liugene Schantzenbaeh , , . . 78 Larry Hillegas . . , . . . 67 George lobst , . . 57 Barry liarto. . . . . 39 Rodney Kuhns ,, . . 30 -lohn Shifter , . 3 WIl,I,l-XN1 SC'lll'S'l'l'.R stretches his muscles in clearing tht- boards for lfminaus lligh School as Whitehall opponents stand in amazement. Sr:huster's rebounding fortified the Green Hornets throughout the season. AWARD WINNERS WERE WILLIAM SCHUSTER, the Most Improved Player ofthe seasong RONALD WESSNER, the Player Gaining the Most Rebounds of the seasong JAMES LONG. recipient ofthe Players' Player Awardg and Uensvlingl EUGENE SCHANTZI-INBACH, the Player Having the Most .Assists of the season. Young - Top Scorer well as the coach, had to cope with a new problem - criticism. Living in a community in which the school spirit is high, the E. H. S. players found that the criticism of their classmates and the townspeople, as well as the crushing blows dealt them on the Hoor by their opponents, was difficult to endure. The team bore up nobly under all this uncommon stress and strain. Looking into the future, however, the Hornets realize that they have better days before them. Although the other league teams will again be powerful, Emmaus, bolstered by the strength ofa full returning team, will be able to hold its own because ofthe Hne character and excellent sports- manship that was built this year. SCHEDULE Opp. E.H.S. Opp. E.II.S. Southern Lehigh. . . . . .68 ....... 41 'Palmerton .... . . .lO2. . . . . . .54 Nazareth. ..... . . .48 ....... 41 "'Catasauqua. . . .... 88. . . . . . .60 Bethlehem. .. . . .81 ....... 25 :'Lehighton. .. .... 58. . . . . . .48 Quakertown ....... . . .46 ....... 63 "'Northampton. . . .... 87. . . . . . .66 Central Catholic ...., . . .71 ....... 33 'Stroudsburg ..... .... 7 4 ...... .57 Dierulf ......... ...56 ....... 49 "Whitehall. . . .... 89. . . . . . .60 Allentown ...... . . .73 ....... 66 'Slatington ..... .... 6 7 ...... .60 Fountain Hill .... . . .83 ....... S2 'Palmerton .... .... 8 0 ...... .53 'Stroudsburg .... . . .89 ....... 58 "'Catasauqua. . . .... 97. . . . . . .42 ":Whitehall .... . . .69 ....... 49 ":Lehight0n. .... .... 5 1 .... . . .49 "Slatington. . . .. . .78 ....... 50 :'Northampton. .. .... 58. . . . . . .52 gf League gamer EUGENE SCHANTZENBACH, newcomer to the Hornet five, employs all his skill and ability in dribbling through a maze of Northampton defenders as he brings the ball up court in the final and most exciting game of the 1959-1960 Emmaus High School basketball season. N., ZS Zi fg- f-ZL Z .Z , 2 Z, .lg fi- UR X XRS! I H r xnnm Nu 11.111 11 zrmnrf arm frv R c 111 lm 11199 1111l N VMII1 11n lohh H 1r0I1l Bo 1 rfxlzn 1111 Irma rrb DIIHNK me IL I1 1 ll 31 o11 QL fron fl 'N R11 1 111 1 11 lr1n1f1r1 1 III rrl 11 nnls X on flrf 11 ll 1 L ll 1 ll 11111 Ol nn 1' 1 XIKIPIIISKFV 1 1 IX mom wsml nf .lumor Cogers Gum Experlence nfl SQ'Yl'IA'll 1'xpcric11cccl pl'1yc-rs df'ifI't'd ' varsity work. L'U2lk'h Richz1rd Sh1111k i11s1r11c1cd 's 1111p1'o1'c11 fl'k'Sl1H1l'll 111 rlw f1111cl11111c111:1ls of hz1skc1hz1ll. To the group of re-r111'11i11g czngcrs. Ralph Sz1ssz1111z111, hhvillilllll Lohh. Rephford Fr.-glcy. IJ'iI1it'l Biker, 'md xy'll'l'CIl I '1111lis were '1d1l1-11 thc- r:1c11rs of t1c rcshmen. . ovin 11ro1111 1 sn-z1so11 of stiff' co111pc1irio11, the jllllifll' cugn-rs 1111111011 knowledge which 1111-y hope will 0:1111 thx-111 11 position o11 ll future varsity teu111. SCH HDLTLH S0lll'l'K'l'l1 L1-high ,. Nz1z:11'1-th A ,. 15011111-l11'111. ,. fJll2lkl'l'fHXKl1 A f'k'llTI'1llc'1lI'l1Ul1C . lJ1l'fllH'-. 'xHt'l1I'f1NXI1 , xSI'l'UlldSI1lll'j1 Xhvllifkllllll iSl1if1IlQI'f1l1 lkPllllNl'I'fUll xh'llf2lS2llll1ll1l x X ' 1.1-highron 'Xor1h11111pro11 X S114o11dsh111'g XYl111chz1ll Sl1lI1IlQl'I1I1 , Pz1l111crro11 SLNI1IIlSZillQll1l '?Xo1'1h:1111pro11 . it f.1'11f:11' 11111111 x if i opp ...KS 719 59 +3 S3 64 59 . , ,361 37 +9 , - .nr Fl 4X .24 37 +9 M41 4S ...6F 4-1 li.ll.S. V1 SN , -14 F6 . 511 A F7 Sl 29 33 411 4s V x N -H , F4 Nl ,. ,Jn 42 .,- J? 46 Q9 DXYIIAI ISXKI- R, N1111l111111ow 1o1w1.1r1l for L'o.1ch R1ch.111l Nh11k I111 II11111 1s I1111 I11 h ro 111111 111 11 1 1111111 ,,.'N, 110' 1:1 I .'4. .YH hlofk hw ch-.11 Qhor .11 1h1- l1.1sl1-1, -4 qv GIRLS' B.-XSKl'1'l'B.5il.l, SQUAD: Frm! rncc: Louise Kline Miss Gwendlyn Armitage lffoaflzl. Third roto: Gerri Cole lsflllffllf.'llfUIIlI5ft'Vl.ih12ll'Q2iI'UI Krauss, Sharon Yaeck lfffzptairll. lSfZl!f'!7If .'ll11rzag'rrl. ffleanor Fegley. Barbara .-Xkins, Donna Susan Stortz, l.enore Skinkle. Pamela Yeager lSfudfz1r fllari- Schuler, -lam-I Saylor, Marion Hunsicker, Barbzrra fVlueller. ilgrfb. Srmrzzl row: Roberta Ruhf, Susan Sponeybarger, Diane Ludwick lSf1ltfe'IIf Jlawzaurrl. Nlarcia N1 ueller. Linda Funk. Lezinda Carr, Irmgard l.indroth, New Coach Sparks Hornettes XXV.-XRD VVINNHRS were Sharon Yaeck, Players' Player Xward: Susan Srorrz, Most Improved Player: l.enore Skinkle, Nlost Cooperative Player: and Barbara Akins, Most Valuable I'lzr5'er. Under the tutelage ofMiss Gwendlyn Armitage. the new coach of girls' basketball, sixteen girls commenced practicing in early November to pre- pare themselves for a rugged season. Many long hours of practice and rough drills were undergone before the Hornettes met their first opponents. the Parkland Trojanettes. Defeat in their first game did not lessen their determination, but it strengthened their amihition to win. This was demonstrated in the encounters with Southern Lehigh and Central Catholic. However. the sharp shooting and close-guarding Alumni proved too much for the Hornettes. The closely fought game ended 3-I-32.the former Green and Gold stars were the victors. After this heart- breaking defeat the Hornettes. sparked with renewed determination, defeated Vlvhitehall, Slat- ington, and Palmerton. Again the Green and Gold Lassies faced defeat when a strong Cata- sauqua team nosed them out, 4343. :Xfter this defeat, the Hornettes seemed to lose their usual enthusiasm. for they were defeated by Parkland. Whitehall, and Slatington. These were heart- breakers, but the girls of the Dierulf team and Palmerton High team felt the Hornettes' sting as they were downed 3645 and 48-39, respec- tivelv. l54 - ive-1 Girls Excel In Scoring The girls' squad produced a record in which they had seven wins and seven losses. While the forwards were husy scoring S29 points. the guards were working hard to keep the opponents to FIU points. llarhara xXkins led the Green and Gold l,assies with 240 points. Runners-up were Sharon Yaeck and lrmgard Lindroth. who tallied 130 and 66 points respectively. The 1960 llornettes, regardless of del-eat. dis- played great stzuninzt and extellent teamwork. Fortunately. six of the ten letterwinners will re- turn to strengthen next year's Hornettes. SQ'llliDL'l,lf Opp. la'.ll.S. l'arkland, . . . . il.. .ZS Southern l,el'.igh. . ...lo .. . 37 Central Catholie. .. .lo .. . .39 .-Xlutnni ..,. .. 34 .. H32 'lliliiteliall .. .. 37. . 43 i'Slatington.. .. 37 ..... .48 xpalmerton. .. , . ,39 ,.... . .30 xl'atasauqua .. .. 43. U33 l'arkland.. ...Fl ,. 34 ,"XYl1itehz1ll... ...3F.. U26 'Slatington .... . . 43. . . .39 Dierulli ,... . . 13. . .36 xpalmerton . . . . .39 . . . . 43 :'Q'atasauql1a. . . ...44. ., H36 ak I v y ' li.-4RlHR.4 'XKIXS!seores again. adding two in -fflflff i'fU71ff points to her total ol 240 points. Piztctieing relvoumls was gi vital pant ol pi'gictu't-s. ltnmartl lantlroth gets the take-down in this sriiinrnaue. llUCKl'iY ll, ANl, Fir!! rw:z': Claire Clauser, Priscilla Kistler, Sandra Randall, Donna Wieancl, Diane Hackman, lileanor lfeglcy. Bonita lfeglcy, -lanette iliaitt. Semnd row: Mrs. Virginia Herman 'Cof1fl1i, Nancy Felegy, l,inda Nliller, jane Hamscher 1Gnnli'rr. janet l.ong, Carol Kovish, .Annabelle lfrney. Third m:z': Renee liuth, Susan Sponeyharger, ,luclie Work, Sharon Yaeck. Kathren 'lirexlt-r, Carol Fritz, Nancy Hockey Introduced As the 1959-1960 school year commenced, hockey, an exciting sport. made its appearance at lfmmaus High School. Vlvith determination and enthusiasm, approximately sixty girls and Coach Virginia Herman introduced hockey to the lfmmaus High School sports roster. The girls learned that hockey is an exhilarating sport and requires precision. coordination, and alertness. 'lihese aggressive girls spent many crisp Uctoher days practicing defenses. hullies, and all the important techniques needed for a good olliensive game of hockey. The intramural hockey games were played after school on Nlondays and Nkednesdays at 3:30. with Fridays as a rain date. The group of players was comprised of three teams: juniors and seniors. sections lil.-Xl and IUAZ. and the remaining sophomores. Ir was these remaining sophomores who were honored hy heing made the repre- sentatiye team in liHS's inter-scholastic hockey game, played against Southern Lehigh High School. in which the lassies were defeated. Fffll. -157- Doll, julia l.0rish. Fourth mtv: Mona Schultz, Ann Rodgers, l.ouise lomaschek. Harhara Akins, Linda lrexler, Kay Knauss, Renee l.orher, Carol Dry. Flflfl mtv: Carol Schock, Ann Lichtenwalner, Nicola Guhitose, Pat Stoudt, Phyllis Arndt, lflaine XY. Moyer, Donna Schuler, fierri Cole, l,t-antla Carr, Donna Weaver. To Sports Program SCHEDULE .lr.Sr... ...Soph. -.lr.Sr...,....3-l Soph. ....,.. IOAI, IUAZ Soph. .,., , .lf-l Alt. Sr.,. . .llJAl, IOAZ lllAl, IOAZ. .ZW3 Soph.. .. ..,lr. Sr. Soph. .....2 l Soph.. ., ...l0,Al. IUAZ Soph. . , 2 l ,IANlQ'l"l'l-Q 'l'Alil'ili AND CAROL KUYlSH face-oil' at tht opening ol' the game which pitted IOAI, I0-X2 against tht sophomore team. -W I ,, -. ,rf 1 'Z E ,un 9 lfNlNl-XLS llliill SCHUUI, GOLF CU.-XCH. Xlr. Kt-ith Smith. gives advice to six mcmhcrs of his 1960 kiIAL'K'I1 lloinet iioll' 'licani on how to improve their swings. Left to right are Golfers Hove Third 'lihe Green Hornet golf team ran their string ol' victories to 23 wins without a loss as they high- lighted their very successful season inthe newly- formed Lehigh Valley Inter-scholastic Golf League. The tive pioneering teams which comprised the League were Vkilson Boro, Notre Dame, Southern Lehigh, Allentown and lfmmaus. lfolstered hy the strength of returning letter- men, Barry Smoyer. Carl Ifisenhard, Richard Felegy. and David Schueck, the Hornet linksmen complemented their stellar squad with experi 1 e in l RC c ht 1 noni imts tisti imts 4 iti mirh at ss nit! y F , Z2.:f:4.,., . r"" P Ulises llatrx Smover, Warren landis Un-I l"iscnl1'ird liiclritl M . , 4 . . . , tl Felegi. blames Km-iscr. and Augustus Nlarrin. Unclefeoted Seoson eneed golfers like Augustus Martin 2ll1ClxY1ll'l'l'l1 Landis. Brookside Country Cluh was the home course. where the Hornets added potency to their sting. Here, through long hours of practice, Coach Keith Smith. president of the league, readied his team for their competition in the District XI tourna- ment at Glen Brook Golf Course in Stroudsburg. Since the golf team will lose only two ol' its present members through graduation. the fair- ways look quite green for Hornet squads in the xeirs to tome itnhiid aut St utck ntionx ti x ustus 'Xlaitin Richnd l iuthnoi Dinitl cl i t x uit l'lYl imts lintholon t x Hornet Nine,Displciy Defensive Ability Coach Alfred Nell. starting with returning lettermen and experienced players, molded a defensive team of high caliher. Starting practice in early Nlarch. the squad learned the funda- mentals as well as the line points of hasehall. Snow on the ground, however, forced the first instructive practices to he held in the gym. :Xlthough the Green llornet Diamondmen had an unsuccessful season in the win and loss column, the team pained much experience that will help them in liuture competition. l3ASIiI3AI,I, SCH I-IDULE Opp. E.ll.S. Northwestern. . . , . , 4 .... . , . 5 Hellertown ...........,.. , . 3 .... . , 2 Bethlehem Catholic ..,..,.. , , l .,.. . . el- .-Xllentown Central Catholic. . . . 7 .... . , H 'Kpalmerton ..........,...., . , . 7 ,... . . 6 "l.ehighton .,.. , . . 3 ,,.. , . 2 "'VVhitehall ...... .. . 5 ..,. . , U "Northampton ., ... 2. . .. .. 6 Vlvilson Boro, . . . . . S, . . . . , ll "'Catasauqua .,., . . . 2 ..., , . 0 'Slatington .....,, . . . 3 ..., . . l iStroudshurg ...., . , 7 .... .. 6 Southern Lehigh. . . , 2 ..., . A 8 5' lxagzzf Ki'IlU1t'.S' lipXSlfl3.'ll,l, 'l'lfAXl, firm rfffcx' Nt-il Xloscr, Rodney Kuhns, 'liylei' Davis. Rodney Heefnt-r.lYilli:in1 Sahol, George Benedict. Wiilliam Schuster, l.arry Hillt-gas. .'iffm1f! rfiic: Ralph Sassa- man. liarry liarro. Yliilliam Nloyt-i',fit-oi'ge lohst. .lohn Shifter, Bruce Schinoyer. .Xllrt-tl Nell' -lr. llfffuflil. Tliirtl rfiizz' ,Iohn Kratnr, Donald llurh. Allen St-llt-rs. 'lit-try Hartzcll. .-Xrdt-n I X let jf! l'I'liCHl'lRS, Nlill. NIUSHR AND WIl.l,lANl S.-Xlilbl, fffandirigj, check signals with hattt-ry mates. catchers -Iohn Kratzer and Bruce Schmoyer. Kclshaw, Ronald l'ii't-y, klohn Vlvrottcr, Nlaynard lfnulcr. Fuurfli mic: William lsrailey lSt1uIfri! .llurnzyfrn Richard Reichard, james Hartle, Raymond liatl. l,arr5' Gehman. hlohn lack, Donald llilhert. Rt-phlord lfeglex 'Sfiuffid .llIl7Il1fFV',l. Leogue Chompionship Highlights Spectators at the track meets saw the lfmmaus High School Green Hornet track team capture the League Crown hy being undefeated in their Lehigh Valley League dual meets. The Hornet cinderinen. led by such iron-men as senior Rohert Roeder in the 100-yard dash. the 220-yard dash, and the discus, and junior, Larry Herald in the mile-run, the 880-yard run and the -HO-yard dash, worked hard all season to Hll the berths left hy last year's graduating letter winners. Because of the diligent efforts of these two fleet-footed Hornets, five records were hroken. Herald and Roeder set three of these records on the If.H.S. track and the other two at away tracks. lfach captured an individual District champion- ship and surged on to represent Emmaus High School in State competition at Pennsylvania State Cniversity. The weight and field men also ably lent their skill to making the 1960 track squad one of the best in Emmaus High School history. Vilalker Schantz, Kyle White, and Bennett Lorber flexed their muscles and did an admirable job of controlling the shot put. Daniel Mar- steller and YValker Schantz teamed with Robert Roeder to make lfmmaus High's discus combina- tion a hard one to beat. In the pole vault Paul 'l'R.-XCR SQLL-XD. flliffl race: Daniel lVlarsteller, Kyle Vllhite, lhomas Conway, Charles Camphell, Robert Hallman, Rohert Roeder. Larry llerald, l'aul Brooke, Walker Schantz, William Delisch, Bennett Lorber, Srrmirl race: Raymond Wessner, wlames Long, lierald Fake, ,lames Stevenson, Vliarren Schantl, William lfetterman, Rohert Benner. Walter Banks, Peter Nelson. Neil SCllLll'l'iL'l'. Richard Keim llfoarlil. Thin! rarer Allen Nloore 4S!mlfiil llzzrizzgrrl, Depuy Yan Keuren, 'lierry Vogel, Anthony Zeravsky, ,lames Unger, Scott Stonehack. Brooke, ,lohn Brown. and Bruce Yaeck stretched their tendons as they added points to the team total. Broad jumpers, Robert Hallman. Ronald Vivessner, and Thomas Conway, sped down the runways to gain successful leaps for lfmmaus High. Walter Banks added his agility to that of Hallman and Vkessner to win consistent honors in the high jump. Emmaus High School's relay team. made up of underclassmen. Peter Bair. Dale Fink, Leroy Vlverley. and Larry Ifverhardeasily made up in spirit and perseverance what they lacked in experience. Piloting the Hornets to their honor as un- defeated League champions was Coach Richard Keim. For the second year in a row Coach Keim's sincerity. assistance, and good humor instilled in the heart of his team the desire to win. Rounding out three years as track coach, Mr. Keim leaves a bigger vacancy to be filled than that left by his graduating lettermen. Much credit must also be given to the under- classmen on whom the task of upholding the team record will fall. Their hard work this year will surely put them in good standing in the future. as it has served to improve the team this season by intensifying the intersquad competition. Victor Clause, Dale Fink, and Gerald Sun did noble work Bruce Yaeck, Daniel Baker, Bvilliam Butz, Cierald Sun. ,lolin Brown, Alex Hendry. Fourth rote: Harold Boyer, 'Staifriif .,lld71I1Qfl'l, Nlicliael johnson, Ronald Wessner, Charles lirim. .loel Cope, David Hopstock, Wiilliain Lohh, Russell Davis, 'lied Palencar, Richard Ratclilfe. Fifffi riifrg Nlartin Stephen lsflllffllf dllllllllyffl, Nlervin Yoder. Peter Bair. Brooke Young. Dennis Reckmack, liugene Scliantzenhach. Dennis Swavelx. Ronald Schappell. Richard Liclirenwalner. Benjamin Xlarrin, 'liom McHugh. Dale lfink. Troclc Seoson on the starting blocks by building a raft ofcapable sprinters. Scott Stoneback, David Hopstoclc, james Stevenson, and lfugene Schantzenhach eagerly set to work on their grueling distance runs. Bert Nelson, William Lobb. james Long, Dennis Reclcmack, and Terry Vogel showed promise of becoming a first-rate squad of weightmen: and james Unger, Benjamin Martin. Michael john- son, and Alex Hendry added strength to the Held events. SCH r1DU1,If3 opp. 531135. Upper Perlciomen. . . 3 3 . 31 . . . 3 68 'Northampton ...... . 3 3 4622 .... -ESM Nazareth ..,,.. . . 3 -ll . 3 . 4 -L9 "'Palmerton3 . .. 3. 3 38 .3 3. 57 "Lehighton. 3. ... 38 .3 3. 57 Bethlehem .... 3 3 3 55 . 3 3 . 35 :"Slatington 4... , 3 . 3 20 . 3 3 . 75 'Whiteh:1ll ...,,,.....,.. .... 3 6 3 3 , 3 59 ""'l,ehigl1 Valley League Meet . . 30 3 . , . 29 Hellertown ................., 43 3 3 . . 47 4' League -lleft "U" Northampton - lfylillllfl' RUNNING :XCR ROBl'QR'l' RUliDl1R takes sprintt-r's position as an example for Coach Richard Keim's instruction to trackmen Robert Benner, Walker Schantz, Bennett Lorber, f .1 x' tb 5 il w ,J .v , , X K 3 I -fm M15 . M0iFY'W 4 W, I 03 M eff f 3 K va, X Q z L A ' f f "l 1 3 f Q , 3 f we 37" Se., W ieie 3 new kiwi, gy! I 9 ff , ' M , 4 ijffag fi? 3 fe fini 3 X 1 J ' f M'nf'zff!?,gS ,Ea Tm if 'twig f . ,,. ff 45: W W 4 we i ,V A f M3 'fx'f","f9,3'f1l' 'Q 3" " B ,Mfrs X134 'ff'!'f,Hnjfg,, ,?.5A"g 'r . +7 J' 3 ..LA5..fgY3fA:3'2fl' SENIOR DISCUS-'l'HRUWliR DANIICL Nl.-XRS'l'lil,l.l'QR displays good form as he releases the discus at the height of his spin. l.arry Herald, Donald Clraef, and 'lihomzns johnson. Roe-der holds the limmaus High School 100-yard dash record. CHQ 'av 1 dh h L la ff pc ssnlslc ull xpprcu iff: xml! p mon LL Th ' fricn j merchants who have clpcd ru mzilv this rhil'ry-eighth edition of Thr " rf! 'A 1.1. - 'Ala -' A 1 ' 11", , K ,Q 1-1 I1aU' Century 0 Budding Experzence ARTHUR P HOUSER INC General Contractors Phone WO J-2664 706 WALNUT STREET EMMALS PA. Arthur P. Houser Prexidfnt R. N. bwinehart fire ff prffidc 711 Bu1'ld1rJ of Quafiry 11011111 -164- LEIIIGII VALLEY,S LEADING SPORT SHOP if? 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IMMAUS, PA 202 W FE-:E,::,.,::5g,:E.j1:A5f:: 3-5-51,111.,:--Zigi:555553:igggQEI555f5::zz, A 1 A X '?f:555151ff5f'fZ3--525154ievzf-41:1515223512-e5Wef'E5g5g1g15E1E2Q25:51:H., 1 6. I. ITI . A . i N. . . . , 4n 1 a - C L , n C C C I C g u . , , r A f 1 E X 1 '. A 4 x I Y 4 '. I 1 A 4 x A , : g 4 - . 4 . . , , . . , . , . , . . . . , . . I 4 . . 4 . . . 4' A J . . , - . - 4- 4 1 A 4 4 IMPERIAL CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT f 0 ffafznzn uf om' mum f 1 M H GEHMAN SONS INC Sczlex lhru Sgr 115 Szme 974 Also 1 member of the Ln Rental System III CNN L I WLC 2 ITIODI IS Of III! to IIITCC' YC IYS X :Nm xxmus EMAUS BOTTLI NG WORKS HI I u NIU 7S4v N XIII N RII from DR CH ESTER E KIRK Sus Sl! IJIBJAIR IIAJRD Pmmw I NIXI XI N 20 iff " Kg for , - 5' !1'Aff-nf-fc 'arf O Q I .' I H .' ' I - Re il n ' 'ur for 2 days, 1 'J k, Is, IQLM STRI-ZIi'l' ANI: S'l'A'l'Ii f v -1 If HILLSIDE MOTOR C0 Ilistrilwurors of Smlns :md IIN-I' HU t, lL,f'f,I,m, 'lf CIIICS'lANl"l' SIRI I I fir' IIIIOI A I S-,U I 123 S. 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Suggestions in the Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) collection:

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Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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