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- - .f--.Q-4 JQQ- "rpg, 'K' "' .l-'3.f 3?!L P WM., ,. ji, J. ' 'A . W T17 :EEN 2 .. V .,,x.,m.-fn .M--.m-1, 1 ..,-.-- 1-,Y-4 --- - -YW ..- -- YY? pw wu.3nv-.1-:sn-:gnupg-.anvymu-.1 .n.. -V, , .umm 'Mn nf-4. Qxmfmn: 1-mr-n Tl-IIS IS YOUR 'I' W ICN 'lt Y-N I N 'l' l I IC D I 'I' I O N O lf Kim Cafffer Klee Cafffer EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL ICMMAUS, PENNSYLVANIA VOLUME XXIX Presented by the Class of 1951 l Forozooro' I 'l'hroughout the four years spent at lfmmaus High School, many memorable occasions have materialized. It is the objective of the Tattler Staff through an editorial and pictorial means to bring forth to the reader the school life of the year l95O-51. Seniors, as you page through this Twenty-Ninth lidition of the Tattler remember that it now has a new significance. l-leretofore, it has been just another annual, but this one is different-you are part of it. Contents ADMINISTRATION y GRADUATES cLAssI4:s i FEATURES . ACTIVITIES lATHLI:TIcs 'AIJVRRTISRIVI ICNTS Jnfzilzis fmfiorz Lzifl In Riglzl Fin! Roto: Artlnir lolwsr cSL'CI'k'Tlll'yJ, Arthur Gehringer. Claude Keller Clireasurerj. Dr. l,r-Roy llahn Cl'rt-sidentb. Srromi Roco: Raymond Miller, Howard liyer, Thomas Schrader CVice Presidcntl. Boom' of School Dzreotors To these seven men goes the responsibility of executing the innumerable tasks involved in the supervision of the schools of Emmaus. lt is they who lay the ground work necessary for the education of the men and women of tomorrow. The lloard of School Directors is subject to regulations by the State, and its duties are definitely outlined by a school code. Collectively, their duties concern Il0t only the supervision of school activi- ties, but also matters concerning finances, buildings, grounds, supplies, and curriculum. At their meetings, which are held the first Thursday of the month at the high school, they bring their business and professional experience to help solve the problems coincident with running a school system. Attorney Theodore R. Gardner, the school solicitor, executes all legal documents and renders legal advice to the Board. To these men, whom the townspeople have elected, we give our sincere thanks for their time and effort in order that we may have a better education. A afmin istratio 71 Secretaries 'gGerry,' and "Pat" are the well- tliked and efficient administration sec- retaries. They do all the clerical work, operate the telephone switchboard, and maintain the student records. ln addition to their office duties they sell tickets, make bus reservations, handle class funds, and render messenger service. Always pleasant and cheerful, these two young ladies have been of 'great help to us. Bliss l,liS'I'liR Mus. Guru T 6 4, 4 To the Clary of 1951: You have arrived at that point in life where you will either continue your education in some higher institution of learning, or go out into the ever broadening horizons of life's duties, hopes and accomplishments. You will not have to be a great figure, or a state or national leader to make your influence felt. lt is the common people who have made real contributions in the world's struggle for social improvement. We do not know what the morrow will bring but we do know that it will not be exactly as it is today. You may not think of something completely new, but you may at least think of many ways of improving what we already have. Do not become bewildered because of the confusion among leaders. This has always been the case since the origin of our republic. VVe believe in discussion and in majority rule. At no time has there been such a demand for intelligent and emo- tional stability. l'l0W.'XRIJ J. Yia.-xoiak. B..-X., MA. How-ARD .l- Yvli-ACER S1cpt'rz'r1lrl1r1m1' qf Sclmolf T be Admzhzktrarors To MR. HOWARD bl. YEAGER, Superintendent of Schools for the past nineteen years, goes the respon- sibility of executing the school board's recommendations and the supervision of the borough schools. He is responsible for the maintenance of the high quality and standard of the Emmaus schools through the years. He has carefully planned the curriculum for each school and has selected an excellent faculty to teach it. To MR. ALLEN F. HELLER, Princi ual for the vast twent f-four years, foes the res ionsibilitv for the . . . I . I . . . . 5 . 5-1 . l - supervision of all curricula and extracurricular activities in the high school. His effort to help those who seek his advice has made our principal widely known for the intelligent and just handling of student problems. lhe administration is to be connnended for its effort, which resulted in the accreditation of the high school by the Commission on becondary bchools and its acceptance as a member of the Middle States Association of Colle es and Secondar Schools. Y .-Xi.l.i-:N l". l'lizl.l.icit. B.S. To the C1055 of 1951: """1'if7"1f High school days are over and we have entered a troubled world, clouded by strife, ideologies, intolerance, and selfishness. You have studied under adverse conditions. Our facilities have been inadequate, world affairs have not been encourag- ing, but we have high hopes for those of you who are prepared to make the most of opportunities as they appear. Our most precious possession is liberty. VVe may speak freely, gather in assemblies, worship as we please, do work of our choice, and vote for our officials. Government is our servant, not our master. No sacrifice, no price is too high for the preservation of our way of life. If liberty is to be preserved, religious, moral, and political progress must keep pace with science. Leaders must put God first country above party, others above self. May you be such leaders and may all your dreams and hopes for a successful future come true. ALLEN F. HISLLEIK ,.. 7 ... l l i Miss JXRNULI1 MR. BARR MR. BISCKIZR MR. liliNFllil.lD MRS. BIIRZIQIAIR The Faculty l I FIKANCES li. ARNOLD, lg.S."l'lOlIlC Economicsg General Science---Adviser of Knitting Club. IIEROMIC lf. BAIEVR, l3.S.--Senior Seieneeg junior Scieneeg Biology-eAdviser of Conservation and Wilcl Life Club. HARVEY H. llliclilik, l3.S.fPhysics3 Cheniistryg Biology-Adviser of Nature Study Club. Al.lHiR'l' S. BICNFII-QLD, A.B., A.lVl.WlinglishfAdviser of Hi jeff. .IRAN H. lil!-IISIER, l3.S.f' -l.itcrz1tu1'eg lfnglish-'ffAdviser of Junior High School Needlework Club. Al.maR'r H. BURGIQR, l3.S.W-Geiieral Nlzithemzitiesg Plane Geometry: Biology -Adviser of Conserva- tion :ind VVild Life Club. l HowARlJ K. DEISCHER, Ph.l3., lVl.A.f --Problems of Demoerzlcyg Algebrzifrf-Adviser ol' Varsity "li" Clubf-Faculty Manager of Athletics. , ciliRAl.DlNli li. DILS, l3.A.---Spzmislig lfuropean l-listoryfAdviser of Debating :ind Reading Club. PAUL l. FRANTZ, B.S.fCounselor --ffr Business Lnwg Uffice Practiceg Salesm:mshipf-Adviser of Tn is TATTL li R. 1 lVlARCIEl.I.A G. GRAVIER, R.N.-NursefAdviser of Home Nursing Club. i l MR, llL'R4il'IR MR. Dmscnim Miss Dn.s MR, IFMN1-Z MISS GMWR i ,8... Miss ll.-xusick Mk. HAusisk Mk. HECKM.-KN Mas. Hia1N'1'mai.xiAN Mus. l'llNKI.li T he Faculty ciI,ADYS ll. HAUSER, l3.S., A.M.-Bookkeepingg Sliortliand--Adviser of Knitting Club. XVALTIER W. HAUSISR, A.l3.--General Scienceg MZ1tl'lCl'I1ZltiCS"ASSiSIZlllt Couch of Football and l3z1sketbnllfAdviser of Monitor Club. Gu-:NN E. HHCKMAN, B S.7lllLlllStl'l2ll ArtsffAdviscr of Industrial Arts Club. l':l,l'IANOR M. l'lIilNTZlil.MAN, R.D.H.ff-Dental Hygienist. -IOSIQPIIINIE K. HINKLIE, li.S. f'l,ibrzu'i:ni--'Library Science f-Adviser of l.ibr:u'y Club. BARIIARA K. Klflgli, l3.S.-jfHe:1ltl1g Physical lfduczition -f-AC0z1cl1 ofGirls' liuskctbzill :ind Gym 'llczun Adviser ol Athletic Club, Cheerleaders, Colour Guards, und Nlzijorettes. NVILLIAM L. Louis, lg.A.fAlI1CI'lCI1l1 Historyg Civics and Guidance 'fCoucl1 of Football :uid Truck - Adviser of Sczibbard and Blade Club. LAURA A. MCCARTY, B.S.il-Iome Economicsg Cafeteria-Adviser ofCl1cfs' Club. MARY E. lVllI.l.liR, l3.S.-ArtiAdviser of Arts and Crafts Club. HILIJA C. MKJYl5li, A.l3.-English-Adviser of Tri-Hi-Y Club. Mus. Klikk Mk. l,0IiIl Miss MCCARTY Miss lVlu.i.iak Mus. Nloviau 1 9 .T I 4. iXll'I.l.lN Mu. Uiwr Mu. l,li'l'l'1liS l MR. Roi-imau Mic. Ro'l'iliiNnl-:lu i The Faculty 1 RAYMOND C. lVlUI.l.1N, l3.S.-Driver Trainingg Wo1'lcl Historyg Problems of Democracy. lfrwoon L. fJRTT, AB., lVI.A.-fLating Civics and GuiclancefAdviser of Chess and Checkers Club. liiuaoi. K. PIi1'liIlSTMLlSiCQ junior Business Training-Adsiiser of Student Council, Orchestra, Chorus, Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. 1 l CLARIQNCIQ R. ll0IiDERf'Al't1 Algebra-Adviser of junior High School Chess Club. Wu.l.iAM B. Ro'1'iii+:NB1ziu:, l3.S., M.A.'fqIunior High School lVlusicffDirector of High School Band and junior High School Chorus. VVoonRow K. SCHAADT, A.l3.fffEnglisl15 Frenchg German-Coach of Dramatics-Adviser of Dram- atics Club. i lVlIl.DRIiD K. STRAUSS, AB.-ff'l'ypewritingg Englishfffldviser of Typing Club. LEON T. TU'r'rl.l5, l3.S.fHealthg Physical Education-Coach of liaslcetball, Baseball, and Gym 'liC1lI1l7AdVlSCl' of Gymnastic Club. Emu. M. Wislslsli, l3.S.eIndustrial ArtsfAdviser of Stage Crewg Faculty Manager of Athletics. Mu. SCH.-x.'xn'1' Miss S'1'RAljSS MR. 'l1U'll'I'l.li Mk. XY!-IIKFR i 1 1 i Thamlef to The Faculty Before we, the Nineteen Hundred and lfifty-one graduates, go out into this War-torn world, we wish to extend our heartiest thanks to the faculty members who have devoted their time and effort to make us well-informed young Americans. With unlimited patience, you have taught us the essentials necessary for a more worthwhile life. We acknowledge all the friendly advice and counsel you have given us as we progressed through school. It is to you, the Faculty, that the senior class wishes to express their gratitude with deepest sincerity for what you have done in the development of our lives. gs SX-N041 -t .., fwxmxx 5155 'll nl Nw X95 . A X W- X X KHXGXM Lx S, 'xQMxxxx'A xXV.'- vwnmx YN. I Va LL 41465 . . 5 - 1 , I K l ' , ' . - - T2 51 1 E 9 3 l x?Ls.3.2224ai9.sQ 'U' 0 0 'Q a 0 sv qu -s Q ,.. ,, , T.. , .- .., - ,ZR - - V. yi .. 1. . W, .1 . , - - f .Qf 5 xg: ' Q A mgr ig. -Q' Q 'E' 'Q' F: U U 'S' 5' Q' 4 9 'E E 9 'v . ", .il - 5'-M, H .si-2i542,5E42ELi5f4 T' s i 2 2 E gg sg g Q 2 E 3 Pl R 2 2 Q G Q W 9 Q 0' un up ar sw Sf-Q,a... fI ,-..,. ,.4, . - .. N, , . h mh xg? I an S' 'Q 2 2' Q ' Qfewv -Q' 2' Na' 6 X. 1 , tm 0 V Q 'Q' 42? Q k 5, 1 fa , , 'B ff fi ,.. 4, , fa 1' . ,. -2 " -t L Q i 1. : 1 4 CLASS OFFICERS Joan Diefenderfer, Treafzirfr Donald Miller, Prefident Theodore Houseknecht, Vine Prexident Fay Funk, Secretary C an H 1.370 ry When the class of '51 entered high school, few realized our potentialities in the scholastic, social, dramatic, and athletic fields. Our class was separated, two sections were in the Lincoln Junior High School and three in the High School. After a general pushing around hy the upper- classmen, we all settled down to a full schedule of studying. Our only diversion was to plan for our Freshman Minstrel, and on the nights of February 13 fand 1-1, the "Country Style Shindign was presented. It was a grand success and showed the abilities and talents of our class. May 14, 19-18, the "Spring Swingn was held, our first and only soclal event of the year. The term ended with everyone looking forward to their sophomore year. j Returning to Emmaus High in fall, we were fewer ininumber, but so much wiser. More socially inclined, we held two dances. The first one, the "Green and Gold Hop," was held December -1, 1948. Probably no one will ever forget the orchestra, "The Jolly Four," or the gaily decorated gym. We now began to take an interest in high school functions and at the end of the year we supplied cheerleaders and colour guards. Our second dance, "The Springtime Frolic," was held May 14, 19-19, and brought an end to the affairs of the sophornore class. And now we were Juniors! "The Bal L'Automne,', oulr first dance of the year was held on the night of November 5. Our decorating committee did a wonderful job for the dance, and for the first time, supplied a stage for the orchestra. The amiual Junior Declamation Contest was held on May -1, 1950, and was won by Barbara jean Kline. Other contestants were Willard Stratz and Rodney Fenstermaker. In spring, our eagerly awaited Ylfunior Prom, the biggest social affair of the year, was held April 21, at the Frolics Ballroom in Allehtown. The Ballroom was beautifully 1 -. decorated in our class colors, green and white, and hundreds of pink carnations adorned the wish- ing well, the entrance, and the royal thrones. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen, Donald Andrews and Ann Reinsmith. Bud Rader's Orchestra gave the final touch to what was acclaimed the most successful social function of our school career. To climax the year and as a farewell to the class of 1950 we sponsored the "Senior Farewell." The steps to the senior class are gradual and true, but finally we arrived, and at last the cares and joys of being seniors were ours. Of course we now had many of our boys and girls taking part in every phase of school life. We immediately began to choose committees and the cast for that never-to-be-forgotten event, the Senior Class Play. "January Thaw," a fast moving comedy, was presented three nights, November 16, 17, 18, and had everyone in a whirl for weeks. Then, November 24, 1950, we held the "Sadie Hawkins Dancef' The gym was decorated with funny papers and corn-cob pipes were presented to all of the couples attending. It was a gay night and the gym echoed with laughter. Following this we held the dance "Christmas Capers" on December 21, which attracted many students and alumni. Shortly after the Easter vacation, on April 4, we sponsored our last school dance in the gym, the "Spring Swing." During the remaining months of school we took field trips to the State Hospital, County Jail, and the Court House, which proved very interesting and educational. And at last, the best social event of the year, the Senior Ball which was held at the Brookside Country Club on Junel, 1951. Then came the serious Baccalaureate Service and the thrill and sadness of Commencement. And so ended four wonderful years spent at Emmaus High School for 110 students. ADVISERS Mr. Schaadt Miss Miller Mr. Deischer I I I I I I HER AN O. ALBITZ 176 IHarrison Street Iuduftrial I Uflffmn A friendly and happy-go-lucky guy, Herm will always be remembered for his friendly smile and pleasing iersonality. His leisure time is spent playing his trumpet, swimming, and pailiicipating in gymnastics. He hopes to have a job which will send him traveling throughout the world. I Gym Team. 3,' Band I,' Gymblaftic Club 2, 3. I I I I I I DONALD P. ANDREWS East Macungie General "Donny" Donny, shy and modest, was popular with all members of the class, havi g been chosen King ofthe Junior Prom. In his spare time he was usually playi g football, basketball, and baseball, his favorite sports. His aim is to play with a major league baseball team. I Football 2, 3,' Bafkelball 2, CStudeut Mauagerj 3,' Bafeball I, 2, 3,' Band I ,' I I I Coufervaliou and Wild Life Club I, fPreJizle11tD 2,' Vanity "En Club 3. I I I uduxtrial Kenny, one of our outdoor lovers of hunting and trapping, has proven llis skill in this line of sport. He is also an ardent baseball fan and a loyal supportler of all school functions. An industrious student, he is sure to succeed as eitlier a carpenter or a roofer. I Gln Club 3,' Choru: 3,' Gyuznaflic Club I, 2,' Cheff' Club 3. KENNETH E. ARNDT Emmaus, Route 1 CLAUDE L. ANSELM 17Il Ridge Street Iuduftrial I "Wimpy', A stand out in a crowd, WiI py is a mimicing drum beater who is always creating new jokes. He dislike studying but likes girls and dances. For his hobbies he likes to build model rzlilroads and raise rabbits. Wimp plans to divide his future between technical work and entertainment. Band I, 2, 35 Glee Club I, 2, 5 Chorus' I, 2, 35 Monitor Club 2, 3,' Chzff' Club 3,' Comervaliou and Wild Life lub 2,' Chex: and Checker: Club I. I I ccKgnn ar I I I I -l8- I I I I - WALTER W. BAUMAN 419 Chestnut Street General "Walt" Strike three! NValr came through again. He was an outstanding athlete, who excelled as a southpaw pitcher on our baseball team. Talkative, he was usually cracking jokes, leading bull-sessions, dancing at Bussy's, or traveling to Whitehall. For a profession, his hopes are pinned on organized baseball. F oolball I, 2. 3,' Rafkelball Ig Bareball 1, 2, 3,' Gym Team 2, 3,' Cm1.ferval1'on NANCY J. BEAR 120 Maizi Street General Nancy Nancy, who is a pleasant and cooperative girl, has proven to be a true friend. She enjoyed her holidays, swimming, and playing basketball immensely. She is a very skilled knitter, making many articles which will be useful to her as an efficient and resourceful housewife. Batkelball I,' Sludent Council 2, ffixxixfant Trezuurerj 3g Illonifor Club 2, 3,' Home Nurfing Club 1, fTreaJurerl 3g Atlzleiic Club 2. RICHARD D. BERGER Macungie, Route 1 'Y S ' I! General ' Bffgle' Quiet, calm, and loyal to friends and teachers was our Bergie. He enjoyed traveling with the boys of his section and attending dances. Football and baseball were in his field ofsports. His leisure time was spent in coin collecting and photography. Bergie wishes to become an aeronautics mechanic. Chen and Clzecleerf Club Ig Conrervaiion and Wild L1fe Club 2,' Drama1z'r.r Club 3. HAROLD A. BITTENBENDFR 26 South Fifth Street General - "Billy" An outstanding sports figure for four years in high school, Bitty will prob- ably he best remembered for his feats on the gridiron. Popular with both sexes, Bitty always has a big smile for everyone. He would like to spend his immediate future in college sports. F oolball 1, 2, 35 Bafleelball 35 Baseball 2, 3,' Trark 2,' Gym Team 2, 35 Vanity "E" Club I, 2, 3,' "january Thaw" 3. I I I I 1 STE E W. BOHUS 536 1 Furnace Street Iualuxtrial Steve Looking for Steve? I believ he's in the shop! He spends most of his time there doing carpentry in which he displays varied skills. Other hobbies are golfing, roller skating, and arg ing with his classmates. ln the near future he would like to become a televi ion technician. Typing Club 25 Clieff' ClubI3. I 1 1 I 1 I JAMES 0. BOLICH S44 Liberty Street Academic "jim ' Jim will always be remembered as an excellent photographer on "Tile Tattler" staff. Not the studious type, he enjoyed dancing, working at tlie football and basketball games, and taking pictures of the outstanding schobl events. Because of his experience and keen eye for perspective, be will be a challenging competitor for the "best photographer ofthe year" award. I The Taffler fPhotographerD 3,' Football I,' Bird Club I,' Nature Study Cllfb fSecrefaryl 2. 1 I 1 . I I I I I JAMEIQS H. BOYER Alburtis, Route 1 Induxtrial Hfimmyn This easy-going, modest guy Iwho dislikes work, is sure to be found wherever there is excitement. Although aigreat sports fan, his special interest is baseball. Jimmy likes hunting, fishing, alnd trapping, and plans to live in the thicker of Canada. , Bafeball 25 Conxervaiion ana' llfilfl Life Club 2,' Clzefx' Club 3. I 1 1 I I KENNETH D. BROBST 552 Minor Street General "Kennyf' Kenny will be remembered for his brilliant portrayal of Johnathan in "January Thaw," and his excellence as a saxaphonist. Although he partidi- pated in many extra-curricular activities and church work, he maintainnd an admirable scholastic standard. He hopes to have a career as a musici n or missionary. I "january Thaw" 3,' Band I, 2, Ufice Prexirlentj 3,' Coneerl Orrhextra I, fPre.rizlen0 2, 3,' Dante Orehexira Ig Clee Club 1, 2, 3,' Chorux 1, 2, Ufice Prexizlerllj 3,' Dramalief Club 3. i I Wzow I I I JOSEPH BUCHEN Zionsville, Route 1 Academic "foe" Calm, poised, and even tempered, Joe was known for his unperturbable disposition. He was one who was never unprepared for class. Sports and girls were the least of his worries. Hunting, collecting arrowheads, and riding are the life for him. joe's fondness for the out-of-doors might discourage further academic training. Bird Club l,' Nature Study Club 2,' Confervation and llfiltl Life Club 3. GEORGE W. BUTZ East Texas Iud-u.ttrial "Woffel Duet" George, a likable, energetic fellow, in his spare time was usually driving around in his "38" Buick. or roller skating at Dorney Park. He wishes to go hunting, fishing, and trapping in the Canadian wilds for a few years, and then go into the butcher business. Gym Team 25 Clee Club 35 Clzoru: 3,' Couxervation and W'il11' Life Club 2. LLARISS M. LARTER 346 Broad Street Secretarial Carter With an ever ready smile, Clariss is fun-loving, and enjoys sports, talking, and practical jokes. She is equally serious, conscientious, and efficient in assuming responsibility, as was evident by her capable assistance on many class function committees. These excellent qualities will surely help her to succeed as a secretary. Ili jeff fReporterQ 2, 3,' lllouitor Club 2, 3,' Library Club 1, 2. NORTON L LOPE Macungie, Route 1 General "Copey" Copey spends much time fishing, hunting, and doing research work in the fields of aviation and the sciences. He is a quiet, good natured fellow with a gifted talent for literary satire. After graduation We can look for him in the U. S. Marine Corps. Bird Club I,' Nature Study Club 2, Couverfation and Wild Lie Club 3. JOAN F. DIEFENDERFER 308 North Fifth Street . Sfcrmzrial , "f0a1m"' Jeanie, our vivacious, bluereyed class treasurer is known to all for her sparkling personality and superb choice of clothes. She is as graceful on ice as on the dance floor. Her aggressiveness, self-sufficiency, and diplomacy are certain to be her greatest assets as a successful business woman. Clary Trearurer 1, 2, 35 The Talller Crlxxociaze Erlitorj 35 Bafketball lg Moniior Club 2, 3,' Library Club I, Z. v ELAINE ll. DREAS 130 North Fourth Street l Sfcn'tarlal Elaiue Pert and modest, with a friendly disposition, lflaine is one of the quieqer members of the class. She spends most of herleisure time listening to popular music, bowling, going to the movies, and chatting with her many friends. She will someday make a devoted and understanding wife for some lucky fellow. , l . P 1 3. i Sluflrnt Council lg Knilling Club I, 2, U'ice refizentl MARIAN DRIIQS Alburtis, Route 1 Secretarial .llariu II, Marian, a cheerful, energetic girl, was known not only for her scholastic rating, but also for her dramatic ability. Driving her mother's old lford. attend- ing movies, and dancing occupy most of her leisure time. Her aggressiveness, competence, and self-reliance wlll greatly aid her in her career in the business world. l 1 The Taltler CBufirze,r.r lllanagerj 3,' "january Tlmw" 3,' Gln Club 2,' CIIOVIU' I, 2, 35 Girl Referees 1, 2 i l JACK F. DRUCKENMILLER 547 Minor Street Irzduflrlal "StugiZ" Small, blonde, and wiry, Stugie was incessantly found roaming the halls getting into trouble. A great deal of his spare time was spent roller skating, working at the printing shop, or joining in a basketball game. After graduation A jack plans to become a bricklayer. 1 Gln' Club 3,' Clzorur 35 Typing Club 2,' Cbeff' Club 3. l I 4 1 W l -22- 1 l RUTH E. DRUCKENMILLER 560 Ridge Street SL'Cft'ffl7'1'!Ib "Ruthie" Slim, talkative, and temperamental best describe Ruthie. Her mischievous tactics and restlessness cause her to roam endlessly through the halls. She is an ardent movie fan when not supporting her team at haskethall and football games. l'ler amhition is to hecome a telephone operator. Colour Guard 2. CCapl11inl 3,' K'7l1.lf1'7lg Club I, 2: 1mlu.flr1'alArI.f Club U'iee 1,fl'.l'l.lll'lll, 5. BARBARA R. ILISILNHARD 517 Broad Street Secretarial "Baby" Babs, one of the blonde memhers of the class, has a pleasing personality and isa friend to all. She spends most of her spare time roller skating and attending movies. Babs has all the qualifications for a hookkeeper and is sure to succeed in the career of her choice. CLEO E. ENGLERT 27 South Fifth Street Secretarial Cleo Quiet and cheerful, Cleo is an ardent foothall fan and enjoys knitting. Other interests of hers are going to Roller Derlxies and listening to the radio. She has no special future planned, but we all know she will succeed in whatever she undertakes. Kriiftivig Club I, 2, 3. The Tnlller fCla.rJ Edilorl 3,' Gym leam 2 Ixmllzng, Club 2 LETITIA M. FEHNILL 31-L North Fifth Street General "TiJh" XVith a hardy laugh and pleasant disposition, 'liish was enthusiastic about anything pertaining to nursing, her intended career. She was an ardent rooter at all Emmaus High School games and worked at VVeida's l.uncheonette in most of her leisure time. Knitting is 'l'ish's favorite hobby. The Talller CCla.fr Editor, 3,' Knilling Club I, U'iee P1'6'J1.llt'lllD 2. GERALDINE M. FLEXER 201 North Second Street General Gerry, capable and earnest in the classroom, let loose her fun-loving spiliit outside of school. Musically inclined, she creates charming melodies on the flute and organ. Her extreme interests are helping in church and rooting at all sports events. Gerry has a brilliant future ahead of her as a musician. I The Talfler fClub Edilorj 35 Band 1, 2, fSeerelary-Treafurerj 3,' Coucebl l l l RODNEY B. FENSTERMAKER 32 North Fifth Street Academic i "Rod' Rod. the clarinetist and singer of our class, will be remembered for his fond- ness for flashy clothes, music, golf, and zest for collecting matchbook covers. His skill as an amateur golfer lhas encouraged him to become a professional, and instruct newcomers in thai art. The Tattler fddvertifing Manager, 3,' Track 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, cPTf.fl.llZIllJ 3,- Concerl Orchestra 2, 3,' Dance Orelzeflra 2, 3g Glee Club I, 2,' Choruf I, 2, fPreJi- denlj 35 Cl1e.r.r and Checkerx Clubl 1. i i l i I 1 I P Orcliexlra I, CSecrelaryJ 2, 3,' Glee Club 3,' Clzoru: 2, 3,' Girl Rerervex 1. 4 i I i ' l I l Q EARL J. H. FRITZ 4 . n Macungie I Industrial ccFTLiZlK,l Outspoken, Fritzie has a sense of humor, and is willing to do anything. lil his leisure time he likes to yodel and hang out at l3utz's garage. During thd hunting and fishing season, he is strictly an outdoor man. Fritzie intends td have his own bakery in future years. l l Confervalion and W'ild Life Club 2,' Cheff' Club 3. l ROBERT G. FREY I lVlacungie Secretarial "Bob" i Bob, the only boy in the secretarial section, developed a dislike for noisy girls. This brown-eyed fellow islpleasant and cooperative. His earnest desire to become a practical office worleer has been proved by his conscientious parti- cipation in all school activities.: Student Council 2, 3,' lllouilor:Club 2, 35 Bird Club Ig Courervaliou and W'ild Lrfe Club 2, 3. j I l l l l l 1 l l l l 1 l -24.. . l 1 l 1 i ! FAY E. FUNK Macungie Secretarial Fay Friendly and ambitious best describe Fay, whose efficiency and competence proved her to be a capable class secretary. She spends much of her leisure time attending dances, movies, and sports events. Fay is undecided as to her future, but would like to be either a secretary, or a beautician. Clan Secretary 35 The Taltler CCirrulation lllanagerj 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Choruf I, 2, fTrea.rurerD 3,' Girl Reyerver 1, Ufice Preridentj 2,' Monitor Club 2, 3. . .SJ WILEY P. GEHMAN Macungie General ' Wiley Wiley, a good natured and well liked fellow, spent most of his spare time hunting, or driving his father's Dodge truck. Although courteous and sociable with the girls, he was not especially interested in them. Wiley participated in almost all of the sports in school, but was particularly interested in football. "january Thaw" 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Traek 2, 3,' Monitor Club 2, fLieutenantj 3: Seabbard and Blade Club 2. RICHARD H. GERHART 912 Chestnut Street General "Dreamer" Dreamer, a congenial, easy-going, and very likable fellow was an outstanding figure in all sports. He held many offices in the various school organizations. Dreamer was fond of driving cars and was usually at Bussy's with his friends. He plans to make golfing his profession. The Taltler fSport.r Editor, 3,' Football 1, 2, 3g Bafleetball I, 2, fCo-eaptainj 39 Baxeball 1, 2, 3,' Student Council I, Ufice PftJidZ7llD 2, fPre.ridentj 3,' Chex: and Cherkerf Club fTrea:urerJ 1,' Conrervation and Wild Life Club Ufiee Prexidentl 2. ' ESTHER M. GILBERT S45 Ridge Street General , "E.r.fy" Here's Essy, one of the lively colour guards, who was usually seen telling her friends her amusing experiences. She spent her time knitting, dancing, skating, and going to football and basketball games. Her main ambition is to be a housewife. The Tattler fFeature Editorj 3,' Gym Team 2, 31 Athletic Club 25 Girl Reserve: If Colour Guard 2, 3. I-25- ELIZABEQTH A. GREENBAUM Allentown, Route 2 Academic u "Betty" Strong willed and persisterlt, Betty was always championing her cause. Noted for ber artistic and executive ability, she was elected chairman of the scenery committee for the Senior Class Play. Understanding and congenial, she possesses all the fine qualities for an excellent nurse. Thr Taffler CClub Iidilorj 3gi Glez Club lg Choru: I, 2, 3,' fltlzleiic Club I: Cliff: uml Clifrkfrr Club 2. l l ALAN K. GREISS l Macungie L Academic Alan Vlle will always remember Alan as an outstanding tackle on our football team. VVben not attending or participating in sports events, he enjoyell driving his car, motorbike, or watching television. His pleasing and likable personality has brought him many friends. ln the future he wishes to own and operate his own dairy farm. Foolball I, 2, 3,' Track 2,' Bin! Club I,' Nalure Slurly Club 2,' Corufrvaliolz and ll'1'lfl Life Club fl're'.f1'rlrnlJ 3. W CORINNh D GRIM 563 Harrison Street Secretarial l Corinne l A friendly personality and a cheerful disposition have made Corinne a friend to everyone. Corinne was always helpful in making a dull moment lively. She enjoys movies and roller skating. Her ability to get along with people will be a great asset in whatever she may attempt. Kuilliug Club 2, 3. l l I l RICHARD R. HAMSCHER 31 South Fifth Street General "Dicle,'i Dick, one of the many sports-minded fellows of the senior class, is welll liked because of his good-naturedness and his splendid athletic ability. Hel excelled as a third baseman for the Green and Gold, and his ambition is to: play professional baseball for the Detroit Tigers. 1 Foolball 1, 2, 3,' Barkflball l. 2, fCo-rapfaiuj 3,' Bafaball I, 2, 35 Clzerf andl Cbrclcfrf Club l, 2,' Varrily "E" Club 3. 1 -26- , JUNE N. HEIST Emmaus, Route 1 Cwzfral fu ue 'lihis sparkling lass with her radiant personality, could cheer up the un- happiest person. Besides being a faithful church member, she is also an enthu- siastic sports fan. She will always be remembered for the dimple in her rosy cheeks and her peppy spirit. She expects to make a sincere and understanding wife to a certain lucky fellow. Clmruf 3,' Girl Rr.v1'rvr.f 1: Knilling Club 2: llomr .Yurring Club cTfl'l1,flU'l'fJ 3. PATRICIA A. HENNING 127 East Elm Street flcadmnzfc "I all' D Well-groomed, versatile, and unconventional describe Pat. l'ler clear and resonant voice and sense of interpretation won her a leading role in the Senior Class Play, She was both an ardent sports fan and speedy basketball player. Because of her varied interests and restless nature, Pat has no definite plans for the future. Tlzz' Talller fSporl.f Edilorj .ig "january Thaw" 3,' l?a.vkz'1br1ll I. Z, 3,' Cboruf 2, 35 illonilor Club 2, 35 Chen and Clzrrlcfrx Club 2,' ffirfily "If" Club fTrfr1J- urrrl 3. LILONARD K.. HILBIQRT 23 South Cherry Street GL'lIL'I'llb "S11f6l1" Satch. who had little time for girls, devoted most of his time to sports, especially basketball and the New York Yankees. He was an efficient student football manager and spent his summers covering second base for the Shire Hall softball team. He maintained that the holidays were the best thing about school. Foolball fslllllflll illanugerj 1, 2, 3,' Cliffs and Clzeckerx Club 1,' Covmfrvaliorz and Ilfilcl Life Club 2: l'ar.ri1y "E" Club 3. RAYALD G. HILDEBEIDILL 518 Franklin Street General "1Iildy" "Move over so I can see." was the usual expression of the girls in assembly who sat behind Hildy, that broad shouldered, blushing individual. He was a very serious and energetic sort of guy who was like a brick wall on our football team. 'liinkering around cars was his pastime which will probably develop into a career, Fuolball 2, 3,' Conxervafion and Wild Lzfe Club 2,' Dramalirf Club 3. - 27 - l l 4 l THEODORE Academic ' l l BARBARA J. KLINE l 523 North Second Street l General "Kli1li-in l,ights! Curtain! Music! Before us appears the attractive dark-hairhd class pianist, a familiar scene in our assembly. Her flirting with the boys and exciting slumber parties will remain in our memories forever. With her willinlg- ness, friendliness, and pleasing disposition, she will surely be a success asl a nurse. l 111' jeff Uleporlerb 2, 3,' "january Thaw" 3,' Bafleetball CSIudent lllarzagerj 35 Concert Orrhexlra I, 2, 3,' Dance Orcheftra I, 2,' Choruf 2,' Knitting Club 1, ?: Boyy' Clee Club c.'1l'C0lIlfI!llliJ'lD 1. 2. 5 47 sbuth Fifth street 4 1 ,. . l . . . . . led, a slim, red-headed lad with a high scholastic rating is Q L . . . and extremely versatile. He rs outstanding as a pianist. ranges from Chopin to chopstihks. Although an expert in Cla.t.r Vice Prexident 3,' The! Talller fflffociale Editorj 3,' Baxhelball I, 2, 3, Bafeball I, 2, +35 Chess and Chechen Club Ig 2 3 , M. HOUSEKNECHT Sl' Vgdli witty, humorous, whose repertoire all sports, he ex- celled in baseball and has aspirzitions for the big leagues. Football 1, 2, 3,' Varsity "E" Club l 4 . l E JANET F. Koziz Emniaus, Route 1 Academic "fan" bestowing her friendly smile on all The Taitler Cddverlixirzg Illau Atop a horse, or rescuing a dbg, you will find Jan, our peppy, petite, and vivacious blonde cheerleader. She was habitually dashing around the school her classmates. Her intelligence, sparkling wit, and inexhaustible ambition will make her a diligent and capable nurse. l agerj 3,' "january Thaw" 35 Cheerleader 2, 3,' .flihlelic Club 1, 25 Vanity "E" kfluh 3. l I , . i I I DoR1s B. KRAUSE l 454 East Main Street Secretarial Doris This mischievous and talkative girl has a pleasing smile and is liked by! everyone. Her main hobbies are ice skating, roller skating, and driving hen Dad's car. Doris's understanding and ability to do housework are qualities, which foretell a bright and successful married life. l l Knitting Club 2, 3. l I I l -28- l l JOSEPH KUNCIO Macungie, Route 1 General "joe" Joe's willingness and thoughtfulness made him an irreplaceable associate to his many friends. When not driving his car, he was usually skating or playing basketball. With his understanding and perseverance, he will surely be accept- ed in the world as an outstanding mortician. Comervarion and Wild Life Club I, 25 Chrfr' Club 3. JULIA LAZOR Macungie, Route 1 Central "julie" Quiet, flirtatious, and friendly, with a pleasing smile, Julie, was always happily singing or yodeling. She, liking neat clothing and handsome men, spent most of her spare time in the movies. Her main interest for the future is to go abroad with a U.S.O. troop. Home Nurfing Club fPrz.fidfnO 3 DARWIN R. LEISTER 532 North Street Academic Darwin With a keen sense of wit, and a unique personality, Darwin has a flare for the theatrical and the dramatic, as evidenced by his skillful character portrayal of Uncle Walter. He enjoys attending all sports events and listening to popular music. Always neat, and with an obsession for smart clothes, he aspires to manage an exclusive clothing store for men. Th: Talllrr CCla.r.r Erlilorl 35 "january Thaw" 3,' Monifor Club 2, 3,' Cl1z.fJ and Cberkerr Club 2. Cla: Club 1,' Chorux I, 2, 3,' lllomlor Club 2 fgzrreiaryl 3 fithlmc Club I 2 NANCY L. LICHTENWALNER 143 North Fifth Street General "Lichty" Lichty was the lively captain of the girls basketball team. Because of her continual talking and giggling, there was never a dull moment. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, swimming, and dating boys. She can be equally serious and is planning to assume the responsibilities of a nurse. I1ijefffBu.rine,r: Manager, 2, 3,' "january Thaw" 3,' Bark-elball 2, fCaplainQ 3g Chorur 25 Vanity "E" Club 35 Alhlrfic Club 2. CAROLYN N. MANTZ 657Q Chestnut Street Cenfral , HflO1l7IZiB Connie, always rushing about hreathlessly at the last minute, is happy- go-lucky, hut understanding. She is kind, good natured. and faithful in all her school activities. Knitting and sewing take up much of her time. Conniels love of housework will someday? make her a skilled and competent homemaker. Library Club I, 25 Tri-lli-l' Club 3. MARILYN M. MARSH ' 669 Ridge Street 1 Ccnfral lllarilyu 'lihe most talkative girl in the senior class is Marilyn. A rosy complexion and a pleasing smile have always heen an asset to her. Dancing. flirtitig. chewing gum, and eating are her favorite pastimes. We are sure that Marilyn will succeed in anything she attempts. i MILDRED MILINICHIK Macungie, Route 1 Cmeml "lWilly" Milly, who is everyonels friend. blushes easily, is coy and modest, and dislikes anything gaudy and flashy. She likes going to movies, and playing hasehall and haskethall. With her experience in housework, we are sure she will make a good wife and hotnemaker. 1-Iflzlefir Club 1, 3. l l i i i BARBARA A. MILLER . 7-1-S Chestnut Street 1 General "Babx"' If you hear a wide ranged voice ringing through the halls, you can he surl- liahs will soon appear. When not causing disturbances at school, she was usually found tumhling, roller skating, or attending movies and dances. This talkative, energetic senior likes housework, which might he a good indication of her future. l Gym Tram I, 2, 3,' Library Club l,' .flllllelir Club I, 2, fPrf,rirlf21lJ 3. i l 4 - ao - , l i I l ' DONALD R. MILLER 150-I Shimerville Road General "Donnie" Donnie is a versatile sportsmnn, participating in most school-sponsored sports as well as hunting and fishing. He is equally interested in higher educa- tion and plans to go to college. Recognizing his leadership and reliability. the class elected him president, thc duties of which he performed faithfully, efficiently, and enthusiastically. Cln.r.r Pre.v1'tlenl 35 I1ijeffCRepor1erJ 2, 3,' Fooiball l, 2, fCapla1'11J 3,' Bafkel- ball 1, 2,' Bafeball I, 2, 3,' Mmzilor Club 2, CCapra1'nJ 3,' Photography Club 1,' 1"ar.r1'ly "E" Club 2, 3. The Taltler fClub Edilorj 3,' Glee Club 25 Clmruf I, 2, 3: Girl Re.vrrw.r l, LEONORE M. MILLER Vera Cruz Secretarzal Leonore One of Perry Como's most ardent fans is Leonore. She also enjoys ice skating, dancing, and motoring. Her fingers prove their skill in both playing the piano and typing. Her expressive eyes and intelligence will add to her appearance and competence as a secretary. fTrea:urerJ 2. LEVANE A. MILLER ' Alburtis Imiuxtrial "Popeye" A carefree guy with a pleasing personality, Popeye has a way with the girls. He likes dancing, fishing, skating, and keeping telephone operators busy with certain numbers. Although his future is undecided we are sure his friendliness will enable him to succeed in whatever he chooses. Confervaiion and Wild Life Club 25 Cheff' Club 3. RAYMOND C MILLER 1125 Pennsylvania Avenue Induftrial "Ramey" Good natured and fun loving, Ramey spent his time playing baseball, taking in the latest movies, and playing popular records. For a hobby, he liked to draw cartoons. His pleasing personality and general ability will surely help him to be successful in the years ahead. Confemation and Wild Life Club fTrea:urerJ 25 Chefx' Club 3. and reliability in housework arml certain to make a happy and pleasant homelife I 1 IANET Y. MOATZ ' 2-l5 Ridge saw Secretarial I fauet Courteousness, daintiness, land neatness are -lanet's outstanding qualities. Inquisitive people are her only aversion. Her favorite pastimes include knitting, reading, and vacationing and boating at Saylor's l.ake. Janet's creativeness for a lucky husband. 1 1 I I 1 SUSAN I. MOHR Macungie, Route 1 I Academic "Sane" I Her friendliness and mischievous nature combined with wit and a keen sense of humor have made Susie attractive to her many friends. Susie wlas generally busy knitting, attending the movies, or driving her brother's Ford. She was always enthusiastic in lending a helping hand at all our school functiods. 1 The Tatller Cdrlveriixivzg lllanagerj 3g Knitting Club 1,' Chem and Clierkdrf Club 2. 1 I I 1 I1lJ!ffcCifC1ll!ll1i07lll1!l7I!lgt+"J2 flrl Irluor 3' anuarv fha 0 3 'S'Iurlen! Council 1, fTrea5urefD 2, 3,' Kinitmig Club I 2 WILLIIAM H. MOHR SZQ North Street Induftrial 1 "Bill" Bill is a likable, friendly, and pleasant guy to have as a friend. He is the type of fellow who will always help one out in a predicament. Bill liked all sports, but baseball and basketball were his favorites. Collecting phonograph records and watching television lake up most of his time. I I DUAN12 K. MOYER F Alburtis Iuduftrial "CactuJ1' Happy, cheerful, noisy, and jovial are Duane's outstanding qualities. He was usually at Pop Rauch's store, or getting into trouble on the school busi. In his spare time he was usually singing hillbilly songs or playing his Jew's harp. I-lis interest for the future seems to be hunting and trapping with hila pals in the Canadian wilds. I Clee Club 3,' Pllolograpby Club 2,' Cliefx' Club 3. 1 I I 1 I I -"32-- , 1 Conxefvaiimi aml llfilrl Lzfe Club I 1 I RONALD A. MOYER 554 Minor Street Cfneral "Shorty" Small of stature, and shy with girls, Shorty is a whiz on ice skates or on a roller rink. He was a serious student who always worked first and joked afterwards. Because of his friendly and pleasing personality we know Shorty will be a respected officer in the United States Air Force. Cllerr and Clrrclfrx Club I C07lft'fU!1l101l mul llfilrl Life Club 2,' Clzefx' Club 3. THOMAS E. MUTCHLER 49 South Fifth Street General " Tom" Tom, one of the rugged guards on our football team, is a neat, talkative lad with a pleasing personality. His main attractions are blondes, Pontiacs, and parties. His aim in life is to wear the blue and white of the U. S. Navy. Foolball 1, 2, 35 Bareball fSiurlent lllanagerl I, 2, 3gCyn1na:tir Club 25 Varxiiy "E" Club 3. MAE L. NESTER 1442 Shimerville Road General 'Ullaizien Energetic, neat, and ambitious describe Mae, who excelled in sewing and art. Her favorite sports are swimming and bowling which took up most of her time. The senior class will well remember lVlae's artistry and originality in scenery design and decorating for class functions. Plmlography Club lg Alblelic Club 2,' flrlr and Craft! Club 3. KENNETH C. NICHOLAS 519 Broad Street General "Kenny" Courteous, understanding, and energetic portray Kenny. Fond of sports, he devoted his leisure time to basketball and bowling, and actively participated and excelled in football. Kenny, being capable of assuming responsibility, will surely be a successful businessman in our community. Cla.v.r Vin Presidfnt I, 25 Football I, 2, 3,' Gym Team 1, 2. 3,' Varilly "E" Club I, 2, UWM Prexirlenil 3. "WW" ' ' 7 I I MAR IN T. ONDROVIC 48 outh Fifth Street General "Blurty" Boisterous, good natured, plrankish, and usually in trouble, he was generally the center of attraction in the middle of his group of buddies. Marty, a rugged muscular athlete, who held the position of a varsity guard for three years, hopes to play professional football if the Marine Corps does not assume priority. Football I, 2, CCapla1'11D 3,' ,Bmrkelball cslullflll lllauagzrl 3,' Bafeball 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3, Varnly "E" C'ub I, 2, 3. DORIS J. ORTT 127 South Sixth Street Secretarial "0rttiv', I Orttie, a pretty brunette with flirting brown eyes is fun-loving, pleasing, good natured, and well liked. She likes roller skating, basketball, swimmin g, I and anything exciting. She spends most of her spare time driving "Stan's" Ford. Her ambition is to become a private secretary. Knitting Club 1, 2,' Tri-II1'-Y Club 3. , K ,N N Y , DONAlLD G. OSWALD I Alburtis Iuduftrial I "Quia" Ossie is a cheerful, easy-goi g, but shy fellow. Among his activities are baseball, fishing, roller skatng, and dancing. When not busy, he was usually at his favorite hangout, the Allurtis Cut Rate Drug Store. Hesitant about decisions, he is indifferent about! girls, and has no specific aim in the future. The Taltlzr fCla.rf Eflitorl 3,- Gln' Club 3: Comfrvaliou and Wild Life Club 1, 2. I I I I I RONALD B. PLARR I 137 Dell Street I Induftrial "R0n'f I Here is the seniors' number one bass player He is courteous, friendly? cooperative, and a good sport. He enjoys driving anyone's car he can get a hold of. When not playing in a dance orchestra or putting in time at th Naval Reserve, Ron enjoys a quiet evening at home, playing records of Sta Kenton and his orchestra. I F ooiball I,' Concert Orcltextra 1, 2, fyicf Pre.f1'dentD 3,' Dann' Orchnira I, 2, 3 Gln Club 35 Cltoru: 3,' Gyumartic Club fPre:ideutD 3. I I I - 34 - : I I I I I . MARY E. READLER Macungie Aeadem ic Mary A determined, conscientious, and attentive student, Mary hopes to continue her education to become a teacher. She is admired for her sincerity and modesty despite her quick temper. Although outstanding for her scholasticism, Mary has an intense interest in sports, especially for her favorite team. the Phillies. lhe Talllrr flvformle lflzlor 3 Cler Club 1,' Choruf I, 2, 35 K7l1.lf1-fig Club l ELIZABETH A. REESER 808 Fernwood Street Secretarial "Betty" Inexhaustible patience, cheerful smile, and sympathetic understanding of human nature add to Betsy's many fine qualities. After being transferred from Allentown, Betsy entered lf. H. S. in her senior year and made many friends. Her competence and willingness will help her succeed in becoming an efficient secretary. Chorux 35 Tri-Ili-Y 3. JEANETTE C REINHARD 304 North Seventh Street Seeretarial "Nettie,' Sparkling blue eyes, a charming personality, and a likable disposition describe Nettie. She was usually talking and running around the halls with an impish smile, and supporting our team with her dynamic cheerleading ability. This lass enjoys movies, dancing, swimming, and vacationing at Saylor's Lake. Her ambition is to be a successful secretary. The Tarller fFea1ure Edilorl 35 Cheerleader 2, 35 Monitor Club 2, 3,' l'arx1'!y "E" Club 3: Library Club 1, 2. ANN C. REINSMITH 332 North Third Street Secretarial Ann This talkative lass, with the beautiful brown eyes, a sparkling personality, and a devilish grin was elected Junior Prom Queen. Ann was a capable basket- ball player, and a peppy cheerleader. She enjoys dancing, slumber parties, and vacations at Saylor's Lake. Ann's ambition is to become a physical educa- tion instructor, or an air stewardess. Clay: Secretary I, 2,' Tlze Talfler fCla:: Edirorj 3,' Baxleelball I, 2, 3,' Cheer- leader 2, 3g lllorzifor Club 2, 3,' Library Club fSecretaryJ 1, fPref1'denll 25 Varxily "E" Club fSecreZaryJ 3. LERlOY s. REPPERT Allentown, Route 2 General 1 Repperl Whether it is part time worlk in the silk mill after school, or taking in sight seeing jaunts with his girl friend, Reppert is always good natured and reserved. He likes week-end trips withl his car and enjoys automobile races. Being industrious and reliable he willlsurely be a capable truck driver Carzl Club 1,' Comeruafinn alul llfilfl Life Club 2, 3. A 1 i 1 ELAINE G. RICHARD l 333 Broad Street Academic Elaille 1 Small, pert, and energetic best describe Elaine. Her radiant smile, pleasipg disposition, and irrepressihle humor have made her an amiable classmate. Roller skating, dancing, movies, and driving her father's car consumed most of her leisure time. She hopes to pursue a nursing career in the fall. l I The Tafller fFealure Ediforl 35 Gym Team 2, 3,' Girl Refervex Ig Knitting Club 2,' Vanity "E" Club 3. l A 1 GEIlALD R. ROTH QWescosville Iudurtrial 1 "ferry" Cheerful, happy-go-lucky, w,th a mild temper, Jerry was usually working at Ryan's Service Station in his pare time. He is content only when full of oil and grease, and tinkering around something mechanical. ln the future he hopes to become a full-fledged mechanic and run his own garage. I Confervaiiou and lVilrl Life Flub 25 Cbefx' Club 3. 1 i l I I l 1 JACOB G. RUPP Emmaus, Route 1 1 Induxtrial Hfaleel' Jake, I1 well liked fellow, is self-reliant, modest, and courteous. He partici- pates in basketball, baseball, and outdoor sports. He especially liked to gf ice skating, and on long sporty trips. ,lake hopes to drive a large tractof trailor truck on cross country runs. i Scabbard and Blade Club 2g Cymuaxiie Club I, 3,' Clee Club 3,' Clmru: 31, Sludent Council 1: llloniior Club 2. 3. N l . -sae 1 1 I ANNA F. SCHIRMACHER Maeungie, Route 1 Grnrral flmza Anna. coming from Kutztown in her sophomore year. has won many friends. She enjoys swimming and movies, as much as she dislikes sewing and house- work. liaskethall and softhall are among her favorite sports. Her wish is someday to hecome a registered nurse. .lrlx mul Crqfif Club I,' flllllflic Club 2. 3. MARTHA S. SCHIRMACHER Macungie, Route 1 Gmcral illrmha Martha. easy-going and soft-spoken, is well known hecause 0lil1Ul' friendli- ness. She enjoys skating, dating, and attending lf. H. S. baskethall games. 'lihat twinkle in her hlue eyes, her amiahility, and her neatness will help her become a graceful, efficient nurse for some lucky doctor. Cll0f1l.f 2: Jrlf and Craflf Club l,' llomc' .hillfflillg Club 2,' ljffllllllllilfi Club QSfcreraryJ 3. DOROTHY M. SCHMALDINST Zionsville, Route 1 N A Y, tSl'Cl'l'll1I'Il!l MDG! Wherever there was laughter, there was Dot. Her friendly and under- standing disposition made her many friends. She is cooperative and amhitious: likes dancing. music. skating. and boating, hut rehels against gym classes. We are sure that with her husiness ability she will make an efficient secretary. Gln' Club 2: Clmruy I, 2, 35 Girl Rfffrver 2,' Tri-lli- Y Club 3. ESTISLLE L. SCHNELLMAN Emmaus, Route 1 SL'C7'E'f!Il'IilIl "Duffy" Shy. quiet, hut friendly. Dusty was usually seen sharing her laughs with Shellie. She will he rememhered for her skill in volley hall. Sports, movies, danc- ing, and parties are her favorite pastimes. liagerness, reliahility, and con- scientiousness are her admirable qualities. and foretell a successful career as a teacher. Ili jeff flftrliange Erlilorj 2, 3: Gln' Club I, 2,' Choruf I, 2, 35 .llorzilor Club 2, 35 Girl Rc'.rfrw.r l. 2. l l RAYMOND L. SCHRANTZ V South Seventh Street 17ldIl.Yl7'Z.Clb "Ramey" Although Rainey enjoys parifies and social affairs, he is a follower of sports such as baseball, basketball. target shooting. and other physical activities. He is fond of machinery, and enjclys dismantling, diagnosing, and reassembling intricate gadgets. A hobby which has inspired him to take up farming with all its fascinating, agricultural lmachinery. Club 1, 3. l I i l l l ARLENE D. SCHUECK 5 Macungie, Route 1 l Sfffflllfl-Ill Arlene Arlene, a quiet girl with sparkling blue eyes, is always willing to help othe s. Driving a certain Plymouth Coupe is her favorite pastime. She dislikes wrest- ling and boxing. Ifa certain fellow does not change her plans, Arlene's amhiti n is to become a switchboard operator. Glce Club 2,' Cboruf 3,' Tri-Ili-Y Club 3. W l i l I l l CAROLPKN K. SCHUECK I Albin-tis Cwzeral l "Clint" This tall, slender, brunette gil'l was known to everyone by her dark, fascin- ating eyes, and her sparkling smile. Although resourceful and courteous in the classroom, she let go her fun-loving spirit outside of school. Music, dancing. and skating occupied most of her leisure time. l Clzoruf 3,' Girl Rareruex I,' K71ilf1il1g Club 25 Home Nurring Club 3. A I I LAMAR R. SCHWARTZ I 106 South Fifth Street General "Lfft3 .gr l l,alVlar, a natural accordionist, is well known for his appearance on telaf- vision. A happy-go-lucky sort of guy, he is friendly to everyone. He hopmis to become a nationally known accordionist, or a golfer, and with his staminqa and ability l.efry will undoubtedly achieve his goal. l Baxkzlball QSHIIIEHI lllanagfrj I,' Dance Orclzeffru 3,' lllonilor Club 2, Chant and Clzeckerf Club 1, cljffilitlfllfb 25 Dramalicf Club Cpffffdflllj 3. l -3a- i I l Glrc Club 3,' Cl1oru.r 3, lllonilml Club 2, 35 Sfabbanl and Blade Club 25 Gym mulic l RUSSELL A. SEIBERT South Second Street I1zdu.rlr1'al "Run" Sensitive. strong-willed, and aggressive, Russ has strong likes and dislikes. Although caustic in his criticism, he is kind and will go out of his way to do a favor for a friend. Being restless and impulsive, he will only be content as a world traveler. Confrrvafion and Wild Life Club 1, CTreaxurerJ 3. LESTER H. SHAFER Nlacungie, Route 1 Iudmtrial "LU" Shy and quiet, l.es was a cooperative and ambitious student. His favorite 1 subjects were science and shop work, and he was especially interested in leather- ! work. Les also found time to tinker with mechanical gadgets and repair automobiles, a hobby which may develop into a career. Q NIRA J. SHELLY 205 North Sixth Street I Secrefarial "Sl1fll1c"' Nira, a cheerful, fun-loving girl, always brightened up a class with one of her unpredictable statements. Rooting at games, singing, and dancing occu- pied most of her spare time. Here is one secretary that will make life for her boss exciting and eventful. Ili fReporltrD 2, fFralurz Edilorj 3,' Gln Club 2,' Clzoruf 2. 3: Studenl Council I,' llfonilor Club 2, 3: Library Club 1, Ufice Prnidrntj 2. . I ROBERTA J. SHINER 529 Minor Street Secretarial "B0bbie', Bobbie, an attractive strawberry blonde, who has a weakness for beautiful clothing, wishes to become a professional model. She was active in all activities, and was outstanding as head majorette. Driving, swimming, skating, and danc- ing at l3ussy's took up much of her time. Barkslball l,' Gym Team 1, 2,' lllajoretlf I, 2, Uleadj 3,' Knilling Club I,' Girl Rerervef 25 Industrial Arif Club fSecrelaryl 3. .ts Yi. -,,, -39- I I I LEONARD E. SHOEMAKER 225 orth Seventh Street General "ill0c'haker" . . . I . , . Moehaker, a hilarious Jokqster, has a strong and dominating personality. His experience as a Caddie master has inspired him to be a professional golfer. He spent most of his time playing basketball, dancing-especially with senior girls, and driving his "29" VVhippet. Yve will always remember him for his mimicry and witty expressionb. Slug: Ilamll, 2, 35 Cymuarlik Club l,'Cl1f:: 1 ml Cberkfrf Club 2, f1'rc'J1'rlc'11tj3. I I I MARTHA -I. SHOEMAKER Macungie I .4C!ldL'7lZl6 "fcauid" To many people, Jeanie may appear to be shy, reserved, and poised, b it her companions know her as an amusing and understanding friend. Shelis one ofthe few persons who is both attractive and intelligent. Her pleasing disposition, patience, and stability will surely be valuable assets for a successllil I career in teaching. Tbf Talller Qflfxociafe lfrlitorj 3,' Glee Club I,' Clzoruf 1, 2, 3,' Sludenl Coundil 2, CSfcrz'InryJ 3: lllonilor Club 2, .3,' Girl Referbef I: Clzeff and Clwclefrf Club fsfffflllfyb 2. I Q I I I I RENIA SMOYER I Alburtis, Route 1 I SvcrL'iar1'al Rwzial lfriendly and lively, Renia was liked by all who knew her because of heri happy-go-lucky manner and her ability to make friends. She enjoys dancing,I roller skating, and driving her father's car. Her pleasing voice will be ani asset to her as a switchboard operator. Cboruf 3,' Tri-Hi-Y Club 3. I I EARL s. SMITH 1317 West Minor Street Gmzeral 1 "Smitty" Smitty, an individualist with a strong will, was an ardent, aggressive leader. Although he disliked school, he vslas an outstanding football player and a credit to our baseball team. In his spzlre time he could usually be found arguing at Bussy's or Weida's. In the future Earl hopes to become a member of the U. S. Marine Corps. I Clan' Pretrirlerzl I, 2,' The Talllel Cddverliring llllllldgffu 35 Football 1, fffaplainj 2, 3,' Bafleelball I,' Baxeball I, 2, 35 Varsity "E" Club I, 2, fPre.ri:lenlJ 3,' Gym Team I, 2, 3. I l I I I I I I I -4o- I I I I DENNIS R. STAUFFER 17 North Fourth Street Academ ic Rodney Rodney. a curly-haired, active, and cheerful companion. was a reliable bass in the chorus. He was equally fond of dance music, and attended most of the school dances. During his vacations he spent his time golfing, bowling, and swimming. Soft-spoken, intellectual, and scientifically-minded, Rodney has the stability and patience to be a successful pharmacist or scientist. The Talilfr fSporl.f Erlilorl 3,' "january Tllflflln 3: Baml I,' Glf: Club 2: Chorus 2, 3, Sludfnl Council 1, 2, 3,' Cooking Club fPre.rirlenlJ I,' Typing Club cSl'Cfl'l!Ifj', 2. DONALD C. STICHTER Macungie General Stlrhter Stichter, cheerful, pleasing, and an outstanding athlete, with hopes of main- taining a career in professional baseball, is an agreeable and likable fellow and easy to get along with. Much of his time is spent watching television, movies, and driving a blue DeSoto with a certain girl. Bayrball 1, 2, 35 Comervaliofi and llfilrl LU? Club 25 Ifvtlfjftj' "lf" Club 3. l RANQILS -l S l ICI-ITIQR Macungie Sfcremrlal "Frau" Attractive, talkative, and with sparkling auburn hair. Fran was known to everyone for her friendly smile and keen sense of humor. Much of her leisure time is spent going to the movies and learning to drive. Fran's prime ambition is to enlist in the United States Air Force. The Talfler ffldverliring lllllflllgffj 3,' Glee Club I,' Clirouf I,' Girl Rffrrwr 1, 2 ARTH UR 14. STORTZ 668 Chestnut Street General Stortz This ambitious, capable. and congenial lad has proven himself an effective and efficient liditor-in-Chief of "The Tattlerf' He was always striving for a just cause and willing to help others, which accounts for his interest in psychol- ogy and studying people. Stortz's ambition is to be a politician, a United States Senator. Tlie Tatller Qlldilor-iii-Clziejll 3, "january Thaw" 3, Sluflenf Counril 3,' Slngr Ilanrl I, 2, 35 Confervalion and llfild Life Club UTC: Ijffifdfllly I, fpffilllfllly 2. HARRISON T. STOUDT -L22 iouth Fifth Street I1za'115l1'1'al , Hllarryu Harry's aim in life is to hcl a draftsman in which he can use his power of imagination. He is a horn actor, an inexhaustihle storyteller, and a witty conversationalist. Dancing. istening to dreamy music, ice skating, and swimming take up most of his lleisure time. "january Tlmuf' 3,' Track lg Cynlzzaffic Club I,' Clzfxrx and Cllffkffi Club 2,' "li" Club Z, 3,' Cl1c',v.v 11mlCbc'cker,r Club I. l Cllllffy Club 3. l WILLARD W. STRATZ 842 Chestnut Street l f1cade1iL1'c Wffllalzf Congenial and fun-loving, Vllillard has spent much of his time in howlil g halls and on dance floors where he has made many friends. l-lis diploma y, efficiency, and conscientiousness have made him a respected and reliallle sports manager. His aim is to he a professional athletic trainer, and the pilo- prietor of a chain of howling alleys. 1li QReporlerj 2, CPage Edilorl 3,' "january Thaw" 3,' Foolball fslitdtvll .lllfllllljlffy 2, 3,' Track cslullflll illmzagerj I, 2, 3,' lllonilor Club 2, 3,' faulty IQSTHER M. SWAVELY 119 Nhrth Second Street SL'L'l'L'lIl7'1'6ll I Efthcr Friendly, sincere, and depehdahle is Esther. Dancing, baking cookies, and talking to people are her favclrite pastimes. VVith many interests in sports, she is an enthusiastic swimmihg and baskethall fan. Her willingness and ahility to adapt herself to new clonditions will help her to succeed in whatever she may undertake. L The Talller CFeaIurf Edi1orD:3,' Library Club I, 2. 1 I I l ' 'i l l HENRIETTA TAIVIERLER i Macungie, Route 1 Secretarial Ullaazlel' Intelligent. happy-go-lucky, and congenial, this attractive hlonde wals usually found talking to everyone she met. Driving a car and ice skatinll consume most of her leisure time. Her efficiency and understanding will he her most valuahle assets for her career as a well-groomed and competenlt receptionist. I The Talllfr fClub lfdilorl 3,' Band 1, 2,' Conrerl Orrlmrlra 2. 1 l I l - 42 - g 4 l l l - A SANDRA M. THOMPSON 226 Long Street .4cadc1n1'c Sandra :Xn intelligent and efficient student, Sandra has hopes of becoming a labora- tory technician. Sparkling and vivacious. with a boisterous laugh, she was a rooter at all E. H. S. sports events. Sandra likes swimming, knitting, and parties. ln her leisure time she attends the movies, watches television, and plays the piano. Ili I ff fkfpnrlrrl 2 Nr or Copx Lflrlor 3,' Clzoruf 2, 3,' Library Club 1, 2. LLOYD A. WEAVER 213 South Thirteenth Street General H mwr 7 Weaver, a good natured senior of small stature and tireless energy, found time for driving, dancing, and flying. A sturdy fellow, he was an agile, scrappy football player and a spry trackman on the 220. His earnestness and persever- ance favor a profitable and successful career in either aviation or architecture. Cym1za.rIic Club 3. MARY LOUISE L. WENDLING -1,08 South Fourth Street Sam-mf-ia! "1l1'a1'y Lou" Talkative, cheerful, and attractive, Mary Lou was a very understanding and sympathetic friend. She was always chatting with her many friends. lVluch of her leisure time was spent going to movies and driving. We are certain she will be successful as a secretary. Knilling Club 2, fSecre!aryJ 3. Football I, 2, 3,' Trark 1. 2, 3,' Gym Team 2,' Srabbard and Blade Club I 2 JACK G. WIEDER 242 North Street General "W1'1zdy" Here is Jack, one of our modest baseball managers. Windy has made many friends because of his likable character and unusual sense of humor. He spent his summers at the Lehigh Country Club with the "big names" in the golfing world. Boosting the man-power ofthe United States Navy is his main ambition. Foolball I. 2, 3,' Bafeball fsludflll lllanagerj 1, 2, 3,' Conffrvalion and llfild Lzlfe Club I, 2,' Varfily "E" Club 3. l LOUHSE W. WIEDER 5-ll Broad Street Secretarial 3 Louife Pleasant, charmin f, and alwavs smiling, l,ouise was constantlv dreaming . . l' l ' . ' of becoming a wife of some lucky fellow. She was an inseparable chum of Fran's. Althourh qualified t be a secretary, Louise is more interested in lv clerical work because of the ,many various and interesting experiences it affords. l Tlze Tarller Cdzlverlixirzg Managlrj 3,' Knilfing Club 1, 2. l l l RICHARD A WIEDER l 182 Harrison Street 4 General "Dicle,' Dick was one of the constant arguers of our class, but very likable ahd easy to get along with. He has great musical talent and was an ourstandilng drummer in the band and orchestra. WVith his ability to manage and 2lSSUlll'lC responsibility, he someday wishes to better the grocery business. Band I, 2. U'iee Prexidenlj 3,' Clee Club 1, 2, 3,' Clzorur 1, 2, 3,' Chef: abul Clierlcerr Club 1,' Conxervafion and Ilfilfl Life Club 2,' Slage Ilaml 2, 3,' Dramallev Club fl'1'ee l're.firle11lj 3. 1 l GEORGE E. WINZER 52 South Fourth Street Ceuereil "Amil,' Lively, likable, boisterous, ulith a crazy sense of humor-that's Amil-fond of girls, dancing, eating, all types of music. and his Ford. In the future, this energetic musician plans to enter vocational school to learn the repairing of musical instruments. l Band I, 2, 3,' Concert Orelzellra 1, 2, 3,' Dance Oreheflra 1, 2, 3,' Clee Club 1, 2, 3,' Clzorur 1, 2, 3,'Coolci1zg Club1,'Drama!ieJ Club 3. l l I l 4 4 I SHIRLEY I. WOTRING ' l Mertztown, Route 1 Ce-neral "Swattzel ' 1 This lively and energetic young lass was usually driving the gang arourld in her Dad's Studebaker truck. Although Shirley Claimed she disliked hous '- work, she could usually be found talking with some engaging fellow. After graduation, she hopes to be a credit to the United States Air Force. l I Knilling Club 25 zlrlf and Crqflf Club 3,' Clee Club 1,' Clzorur I, 2, 3. I l 1 - 44 - 1 l 1 JOHN P. YANOCHKO 545 Furnace Street Irzdwtrial johnny. a loquacious lad at times. was liked by all, and will be remembered for his giggle and pleasing smile. In his leisure time you could find him driving his hrother's "49" Chevy. .lohnny's ambition is to wear the steel colored uniform of il state trooper. Typing Club 2,' Clzzff' Club 3. KCJ0hnny7Y DOLORES J. YOUNG Fullerton Secretarial "Del" Talkative, friendly, and always willing to help others is Del. When not attending the movies or a good football game, she could usually be found knitting or listening to popular music. Although she has no plans for the future we know she will succeed in whatever she undertakes. Baxleellmll fsludtnl lllmmgzrl 1, 2,' Knitting Club I, 2, 3. Alma Mater As we plod through life's road steeping Climbing up those rocky hills, We will ever hold in keeping Thoughts of these dear wisdom mills. Hear Hear Hear Hear Gone Gone Much we did in Things we'll do these silent stone walls shouting their words of would-be woe them plead with hopes and doubting them tell us not to go. "learned" company, which are of yoreg rooms now empty and see no more. is our gay those days Choruf: Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Hear our song of thanks to thee! Hold in keeping joy and weeping, Hold our blessed memory. NNT. 'S K iw. x fa, , :V '.', , 1 ff, -mw'iE'ggfW' A ,J Y 1 e 1- ,Z J'-JSF-ff' 1 ire? 5fi'3J9:L fzfkfsi' .- 5' ,' , f - ff , A. ,5if'Z?M,?'f?'Qa2iL1't PM , S' - I 4 V " K in Y , W 1 L, wh w. ff x.,..f -5 pw f f Zn fT, '.,,,,f , .Q M .af 1 P tv'-f J. ,Q , 4.1 1' lg-Q f r if N.: , H5565 ,A N .XCA DICM lk' Lffl lo Riglll Fir!! RI11'U.'Bl'Ilflk'lll Herman, Da-l.ong. Railler. Wlyers. D Butz. Heiney. Clewell. Semin! Rnfc' Sassaman. Reins. Anderson. Rein hardt. Sachs, N. Butz. M. Smith Thin! Row: lohst. lfretz, lluss. Arnold Nlclfetritlge. lfschenbach. :Xten Kohler. Fnurlh Rnfzz' Niess. Knauss I-Iillt-gags, Silva. lick. Miller. R Smith. Fifllz Ro-:c': Charlesworth Rohrbach. Gardner. l.etterhouse. l 1 Junior Class The capability and uniqueness of the Alunior Class can well be illustrated by their three social functions of the year. The first, "junior-Jamboree," was successfully launched on November -L Fortune telling, a cider garden, a bake and white elephant sale, and a game room were some of the features open to the public, making it an entirely different affair. After a complete sell-out, a dance was held in the gym. On March 6. the -lunior Declamation Contest was held in which ,lune Arnold took top honors. The high spot of the year was the Junior Prom, held at the Lehigh Country Club on April 20. Their last social function was the memorable "Senior l"arewell,', held at the Owls Home on June 6. N These 137 hluniors, wearing their cardinal and gray colors, with a yellow tea rose in their lapel, are well qualified to take over the leadership of lfmmaus High School. l l i I A COMMICRCIAI, AN., y s icciz ivm iz ii 1, l Lrjfl In Riglzl l"ir.rl Ru-rv: Gross Hilbert, Seidel, llraim, Hess, lfindlay Weil. lfrederick, Conrail. lf. Mohr mer. Miller. Kline. Reifinger, C hard. Giering, Siegfried, B. Mohr Madtes. Fozlrllz Rare: -loan Sell David. ,lane Sell, Brown. lflexer Smith. Snyder. llertzog. l,audenslager Fzifllz Row: Polster. llaumer, Oswald Neimeyer. Frey. -l. llieber, Millhouse I Ieussmann. Sfmmi Rocca' Marks. Reichartl, XYim- Bieber, lfeatlinger, Schwar. Tlzirzl Roca: Kichline. lfglin, Long. New- GICNICRAI, lmfl In Righlf l"1'r.fl Rofv: Haines. Gowvr. Sell, lVl0j'L'l',Li0l1I'2l1l, Running cr. l'. Milllmousc. U. Millhousc, D llvnsingcr. Boyer. Sfmmi Rua' Riclnml. Butz. lin-ckcr. Pin-rug. l'ilSl1l'I' Rcirnznn-r. R. Nlillvr. Sromlr, Antler Thin! Rn:z'.' Da-rr. lVla-alcr. C. Miller Gcist. C. llcnsingvr. Wctzcl. Polsrcr l.ulwnlwrg. Fnurlh Row: Rinlccr .-Xmlzuns. Sclxwurrz, lFl0lvl.l111lI1, Sflllllll-CI' llortl, Klingcr. OIL-ksu. Brown. flFFlCliRSZ Gzxrnlnur QI'rr,fz'dn10, S1lL'llSfSF!'TFfl1fj',, .-Klwlsliks: Nlr. liurgu s N cn Brown fl'1'ff l'rr,v1'1lfr1tj. llim-lwr fTf1'1l.fIlft'fD. Mr. llunsu INDUSTRI.-Xl, l,.'jfl In Riglzl' l"1.f.ff Row: NYilt. Srznnlvll-r, Kulmns. l"c-nsrcrnmkur. Srruusc. UrH'c1'. Buclu-ckcr. Roman- cllnk. Svrrnzd Raw: Mzarslm, llortl. Srolllct. l,orisl1, llulwr, Conlon, llltrcr. Tlzfnl Row: RL-lclulrnl, Rulss, lVl0llfl10IIll'l'Y. SL-ll. awk s it tl t I l .-XL'ADlilVl IL' Snyder. Urfft-r, Dt-isrlicr, k'l1lllSk'l'.l.lCl1fL'l1XYZlllll'l'. Sn'- rr mul Row: Stoudt, Gt-isiitger, lotb. Dcvuraux. Rollman. Orricisus: Wit-der Q1'rf,riflrnrj, lleiinhacli CSfrn'laryJ. Knauss Cliff? I'rr,ti1Iz'nll. Heist fTrfa,rurfrj. Anvlslaus: Mr. llt-nficld. lVli licar, Miss Hauser. lVlr. Ortt. iff? .. .t M km-cbt. Youkonis. Fnurtlz Roto: Rittt-r,Wt-aver, l"t-gt-ly, lirosky, Wilfingur, li. 'l'rt-icblcr, l.. Nlillcr, Arnold, Blank. Fiflli Roca: l-loffman, Thompson. D. Moya-r. N. Moyer, Mitcln-II. Sixflz Row: Kozak. l.t-ist-r. lVlL-nxt-l. Marks. Nl. Nlillcr. Martin. W'illiams, A. Moya-i'. Yfwrltll Row: RCl1l2ll0y, R. lireiclilclx Mintz, Rabn. Buss. Reed. Wit-der, Knauss. l l i l Soplzamore Clam The class of 1953 began the year with the special privilege of initiating the unluck "'Frosh,' with vengeance, remember- ing their distasteful ex eriences a year ago. Looking hack to their freshman year, these ambitious sophomores endeavoredl to make this year even more success- ful. They opened the social season on February 24 with a dance, the "Starlight Vlfhirlf' Libby Guinta and his Orches- tra provided the music' for this enjoyable affair which was held in the gym. The second dance was held on May S and was equally successful.' Thus ended their social activities for the year. . . l . Having contributed much to the social and sports events, these 184 sophomores are looking forward with high hopes to returning next fall and taking over the position of exalted luniors. l l I 750i . i lajfl In Rigfzl- Firfl Rn-:c'.' llcff- ner. lluiinhach. lVlt-yt-rs, Slmafvr. Swavely, Druckcnmillcr. Rt-ms. Knapp, Yan-ck. Heist. 1711.711 Row: Alnig, Knoll. Szuppur, Althouse. Kl'l11lllL'l't'l', ,. lVlutli. lrautt. Cocklm. llousc- Allentlvr. AIrl1ousc.Gi'ccnha um. GlCNl'IR.-Xl, Lzfl In Riglll l"l.f.l'f Rofv: Drcns. D. W1-nalling. llcinrzulmun. Miller, K.-rclnwr. Mn-flu-l, Gzuspcr. llollznnl. lirinlu-r. R. Rcinlmzml, Kulmns, Ncinu-yor. Srroml Roux' 'lll'Q'Tl'k'l'. licltlcf. Swank, Sn-ll. Diller. Nvstcr. R. Rcinlmzml. 'l. Nloyvr. Rollrlmclx. Sll1ll1l1WL'll1'l'. Third Rofv: Worm-l. lllnnk, Y. Hmvcrrvr. lfink. Crcssmzm. Rorlwrnwl. Rl'll-lI1j.ll'll, Rompcllu. fiflllffll Rnfv: xvlIlfL'l1lj.1llI'. Small. Sv- lmrlng. lin-y, l'ln-ycr. Buss, C. l lowcrtur, l'. Wvcmlllng. Walla-rs. Fifth Row: Wicdcr. l"lcxcr, Miliniclmik. Storm-r. Volk. llcrnmny. Kruslcy. Pav- 1lllK'llO. Sixllz Rufr: l'i02lI'l1k'I'. l'olsrur. Krcsslcy. RlllllIl0Il DL-l,0ng. Hillugnss. lfnusr, Srvxnllz Row: Wcrln-rlmold.Srnl1l, Scln-llcnlu-rgcr, Yn-zulu-l. Knnuss. ll. Moycr. Sclmrzulm-r. lick. COMM ICRCIAI, l,fjfl In Riglzl- Firxr Row: Heck, liilliu, Dries. Kern. Siugllrlccl, BIlSfl1ll1. Young. XVL-lllngton, Kulp. Srroml Rnfv: S. Rolnig, Mcrlzlc. Gclnnznn. lfink. Kress- luy, Sn-ll. SL-ilu-rr. Yons. 7711.711 Row: D. Romlg. Y. Klllllllxlllllll. l'n-tors. Bonn. Rice. lfvgloy, Sn-plu-ns. Wngmr. lfourlh Row: Wim-nlcr. Yocum. Sclmlort. ljclmrcmvznlncr, Dorm-y. Long, llcrr, Knorr. Fifflz Row: l,n-vy. R. l,SXN'1llil. Ziegler. Montgom- vry, lVlillrr. Kohl.-r, C. Sclnn-ck, Ziegler. SIRVIII Row: ,l. Sclnn-ck. l.ulu-1. Koller. Gcisingvr, l'l. Uswnlal. King. R. Klllll-lllllilll. ' F ' F reyhmzm Clam' The class ol' 1954 started a new phase of heir school career in the fall of 1950. Because of the large enrollment of189, the class was divided, three sections at the High School and two at Lincoln .lunior High School. The talent of the class was ahly displayed in the animal Freshman Minstrel, "Night and Dayf' held on February 2 and 3. lt was a great success judging hy the attend- ance and the appreciation of the audience. ln Spring they proudly sponsored a dance, their only social activity of the year, held on lVlay 19. SlCC'l'1ON 9-1 Lrjfl In Riglzl-1 lfifff Rove: Nvaschelc. Clewell. llerlcy. Dicltcrt. Kline. Romanehuk. Allender. Oswald. llersh. Bauman. Serum! Ru-rv: Genovese. Hensinger. David. lfegley. Andrews. l.l0yd. lirahler. C. Clauser. llrinlcer. Tliinl Row: lakacs. lfatula. Druck- enuiiller. Holtz. li. Clauser. Geiger. Conrad. Nl. George. Fourlh Row. Srauflier. Urland. C. George. fleinow. lfensrerniaker. Miller. Bender. Musser. Frflll Rumi: Frey. Sterrler. Rainer. Cope. Diehl. Bowers. 1 1 11191-ilC1iliSZ Reiss Cliffl'rr,f1'dfri1J. Kirby cllffjitlfillba Andrews fSfrrflaryj. AIDVISIERSI Mr. Becker. Miss Dils. Mr. Nllullin f1'n'11.rurfrJ. M rs. llielier. Mr. Roeder. l l S' SliC"l'ION 'J-2 Lrffl In Right- -1"z'r.vf Row: Meirzler, Kohler. liilhert. Moyer, l.ippowirsch. Kershner. Spencer. Wisser. Spayd, YVhirenight. Sfmzzzl Rocca' Kline. Geist. l.orish. Smith. Silvius. Sachs. Reinsmirh. Pokorny. Mintz. Third Row: Kulp. Ferguson. l.okez. Cress- man. Kern. Ziegler. Krauss, Stein. Ifoizrtli Row: Raudenlvush. Ruddell. Minnieh. Reichelderfer. lfvans. Kirhy. Reiss. lfisenhard. Seaman. Fziflfz Row: House-knechr. Krick. Nlcliinley. Bear. 'l'ruinp. S lifl ION 9-3 l.rQft In Rfglzl F1'r,vl Rrrscx' llvzln-l'x11:ll1. Marks. Kisrlcr. lVlcN:ll1ls. Cops, Gordon. lillgll. Sclu-rvr, Dru-as. Sn'- mzd Rnfr: llmclw. llcrlwstcr. Smith. Slunlr. Mill. NVQ-lulw. Gu-iss. xv1ll'l11' lu-ssvl. Tllllftf Roto: Sclum-lrzlc. l,ll'fl'lCll. Millcr, Rzullcr. ROIIIIQ, l,nmr. slmlcrson. Siclwr. 1'sUIl7'fl1 Y lwrzx' K0l1lL'l'. Dzlvisl, Scip. R0l1rlw:u:l1. Knrmlos, .-Xmlrn-ws. Gcnry. Fxiflll Row.- lfclz. l,:uulcnslngvr, Notlwstn-ln. llortz. Nlclnm-s. Stl-plwn. SlCC'l'l0N 'J-4 l.Ql'l in Rllghl Fin! Rofv: liuslwr. lllinnlclw. l:l'ZlfllL'lA. Gzllllnzl. Sn-ll. Slmiffort. Gnrmzm. ll-rnolsyl. llam- snilu-x'. Srmml Rnrr: il. Dm-rr. l.. ll-rr. l'llSk'llt'l'. Gmluslzy. lJL'fN'l'llk'l'. lim-hm. Nlilfflll. Strauss. Y'l11'nl Row: Ruth. l.or:ul1. Mzulrvs. Sclumalllinsr. Mun- sl-II. RL-L-sl-l', Sclm-nr. l"nufll1 Row: 5l'l'0llSL'. l'xlll'l'l'. llzllwrstumpt. I.:mcl1- nvr. limos. X lnlmovw. lxrnslcy. lgll1Ll0l'. SlCC'l'lON 9-5 Lzjfl lv Riglll 'FI-f.1'f Rocca' llzlllvy. Moyers, l.ol1rmnn. Nil-rlmzms. llarr- mzm, Srllmoycr. lilzmk. Rzllwnolml, NYvx'lcy. Sn'm1flRof1'.' l'onll'r. Kolmlcr, Scllulvr. liogcrt. Ruppcrr. Miller. Zin-glcr. l'l0sl1-ld. Tl1in1'Rof1'.' llulrz- lmtl-r. Smith. Xamlcr. Dcl'l',Gn-cl1:1- wnlr. LXFCSSIIIQIII. Kulms. fqlillffll Roux' Drivs. lflucli. l.nuv1'. Romig, lfogcl. v-all -uu- ' '? f. .f .F"" Q-eafures l I Clan Wil! , . At this notable occasion in our lives, WE, the Clan of 1951, having completed a most enjoyable and profitable high school career, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last IV!!! and Tfftamfut. i l To our most worthy successors, The Clafy of 1952, we bequeath our most cherished rights and possessions. j The exclusive right to plan and publish Thf Tattlcr. The sole right to assume all the refponfibilitiff and exp.e1z.ffJ of the Seniors. The honor of wearing those majestic black capl and gownx. The exclusive right to select and produce a Slfnior Clan Play. The privilege of enjoying and having the dream come true, namely Senior Day. To all future claffef who pass through the aged,and venerable halls of learn- ing at E. H. S. we bequeath the following highly priied privileges and possessions. The right to surpass us in all zzchifzrfvfzmzff which we have accomplished in order to better education. ' The comfortably furnished claxxroovrzf with their textbooks and teaching aids. The excellent rmclmzg fmff who has helped us bn our merry road of life. I We hereby, make, constitute, and appoint the 'Clan of 1952 to be the sole executor of this last Will and Y'E.S'l!l1'IZl?17.f, hereby revoking all former Wills made by us. T l IN WITNESS WHEREKDF, we have here unto subscribed our name and affixed our seal this seventh day of June, in the year of oiur Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one. I ' CLASS OF 1951 W1TN15ssiss: T Esther Gilbert l Jeanette Reinhard i Elaine Richard 1 Esther Swavely l 1 l We 56- I l PERSONALITIES wiv.. ...f-""" k,,,f- ... Q-:L CUUl'15', MVS- Rl'5NlllUl'-'V llml MVS- l'lf1lm'S WCW I75lfflY 'l.fxNl'l'0Rs" lYitl1 rlu- 4-l-ficiulmcy of Mr. llk'lSSlIHJ,l'l' :xml rn-sponsllvlc lor flu- cxccllunr lllL'1llS wlnch wurc scrvcml at M,-. gwnwly. lf- 11' S' ,-c.m5,im.d ,Wm and Q-lk.m,. noon in our Cill-t'I'l'l'l2l. ' rv' 1 . always I'L'IMly for any special occasion. QT Q,.Nl he- .xomnxxns--' With :lu-sv luoys in clmrgu. rlw stage was Brs Druvnsus - 'l'l,l.sL. mm draw, tht. busts wl,ich lHl'0lIgl1T our C0l11Il!llfl'l' pupils to Zlllil from school. 'l.Ukl'l'llI.liSS" f'l'l1c flu-Inu song of Millur. Wimlcr, Ondro- IIN' AHNHR AND DMM. IWM? 'I-lu, Smit Hawkins . ...". " h- '-'. .. . , 1 - A w A A - VW, 111111 ll0l5f"l W-15 Alll l ll-mf fo' U"'5"n"5 lh Mr zxwamls wurc won lw l',:u'l bnnrlm :xml Klmsunu Q l2lllSl'I'. Two lfronr ,ll-mlm." ' .i57... l mm uns lhgh Sthool ollus five courses ol studx to its pupils in tenth, eleventh, :ind twelfth gi idcs lhcsc touiscs ue the At idenuc, Loinmeici il, Genet il, Industrial Arts, and Secretzuizil. The Academic Course is offered prim- arily for those students who wish to enter college, nursing school, or other fields of education. To the left is zi picture of Section 12A in Physics class. The lndustrizil Course is designed for ,those students who desire to enter the Qskilled trades field. Ar the left is l2l in :Mechanical Drawing :ind Printing class. se I 0 You Remember . . . Dodging freshman initiations? The cat in our freshman minstrel? The boys from the Class of 'Sl mopping up the gym before the Freshman dance? Loveris lane in the E. H. S. halls? VVhen all the teachers gave you tests on the same day? Rauch's during the noontime rush? VVhen you were thrown out of classes? Your trips to Mr. Heller's office? The trip to the U. N.? The excitement of having a King and Queen at the .lunior Prom? Those two hour movies? The days of water pistols? When electric water coolers were installed? VVhen the school was redecorated? The clock in Room 18? The snakes in IZG science class? The big helpings of food from the cafeteria? ? ? ? Our two day testing program in the auditorium? The pigs in the senior class play? The senior football players who were in the hospital? The time we had a student council meeting in assembly? Exchanging name cards and pictures? Our imaginary trip to foreign lands at Christmas? Our senior Christmas party in the gymnasium? Our mock court trials? The monitors, arm bands? The citation braids the band received? Wlieli the seniors started a dress well program? Autographing yearbooks? The thrill of the Senior Ball? The sadness at Commencement? Saying goodbye to everyone? -59.. High Lighff in Q , . - - . V , . . L1m1s'1'x1.-xs DANCE' btunlunrs xx-nd :Xlumm vnjoycd the 5.-xmu H.-xwKxNs D.-XNCl4Zf" I he gxrls had Il chance to catch ptlplllill' lhl'lSflHilS DZIIWU Whlfh WSIS he-ld OH DCC' their man at thc 2ll1llll1ll Szuhc Hawkins Dzxncc on cmhcr 21. Novumhcr 24. Rravm i'l' CARDS- -Six wcvk rating cards www- lx-ccivn-ml with varied m-motions. I Iowxx Tlasqrsf On NON'L'lI1lTl'l'91ll1il IO. tht- scmors concvn- trutcd on tusts to dctcrnnm-tho.-xrscholzlstlc uchlcvclm-nts. t t I I K . tg 5l'l-:c'r.-vmlas linskctlmll fans rm-luxing during halt' S'I'UDl2N'I' QOUNCII, c'UNIfIiRliNCIC Rcprusuntntivus from llllw. schools III lour countws mot on Nova-mhn-r IS to uhscuss studunt govcrmm-nt. I W -v eo -f t . t t N I Our Sc'l100!Lzfe lfmm'1'n,xl.l. G.-pw -lfrc-gnnu' vnu-rrninnu-nr muh-d with 1N,,.,5R-C,ASs Q,,CM,-IMNS, Thi. 50plm,mm,s ,.l,u,iw1l VIN' 11111111 Wklml fhK'1l'S1'1lfS 51' 3' lmml' flimw- fllk' lmll Iltfiil' :1 31-0 VlCT0l'j' on-1' rlu- l'rL-sl1nu'n. CHRlS'l'N1-W5 PRWFR-'Ul"A'1 im3lHin1'VY TMP T0 f-0l'l'i!lU CLASS Pl..-U'---Sc11io1'S u'0nstl'llctm-cl ilu- SL'l'llK'l'j' for lauuls was I'lIl'fI1t'I11t'lI10lll'L lmsrmnsnsscmluly pI'OMI'3ll1l. ,hmr play "Im1u5u'y llmwf' IJRIYIQR IVR.-XlNlNG""SI'llilk'I1IS for rlu- first rinu- wvrc Cxlfs .-mv f:0XYNS""Sk'l1i0l'S mlomu-d cups mul gowns You nlwlv to In-:urn rlu- fxlll1klIll11L'llfIllS of driving :1 rar. tlullr class pxcrurv. ,WY -. Name AI.III'I'z, HHRIVIAN ANImRI:ws, DilN1XI.IJ ANsHI.IsI, c'l,AUDl5 ARNn'I', KIaNNIa'I'II BALJMAN, WAI,'I'IaR BIQAR, NANCY BIQRGI-:R, RICI-IARIJ BI'I"I'IaNIIENnIcR, HARoI.n Bonus. S'I'IcvIa BoI.IcH, .lAIsIIas BoYI:R. ,lAIIIIas BRoIIs'I'. KIQNNICTII BUCHRN, josI:I'II Burz, GI:oRoIa CARTER. CI.ARIss CoI'I:, NoR'I'oN DIHI-'RNImRrIaR. JOAN IJREAS, I':I.AlNli IJRII-IS, MARIAN lJRUCKl5NMIl.l.IiR, JACK DRUcRRNIsIII.I.I:R, Ruru ICISRNI-IARII, BARIIARA l'iNGl.ER'l', CI.Ico l"IcuNEI., l.li'I'I'l'IA l"r:Ns'I'HRIIIARIaR, RODNEY l"I,IaxRR, ciliRAl.DlNli l"RIaY, RoIIIaR'I' l'iRl'l'Z, l'iAKl. FUNK, PAY fililllVlAN, WIl.IiY RIERHART. RIcIIARn ciII.liER'l', l':S'l'HliR GRIQHNIIAIIM, l'il.IZAlHi'l'H GRHISS, Al.AN fiklhl, CoRRINIi HAMSCHER, RICIIARII HlilS'l', .IUNIQ HIQNNINII, PA'rRIcIA l'lII.III:R'I'. l,IaoNARn HII.ImEIII-:IImHI., R,-IvAI.p HUUSEKNICCHT. 'l'II I:onoRH KLINE, BARIIAR.-x Kozri, JANET KRAUSII, DORIS KUNCIO, ,IosIcI'II l,AzoR, ,luI.IA l,IaIs'I'i:R, IJARWIN l,lCH'l'IiNWAl,NliR, NANCY lVlAN'I'z. CARoI.vN lVlARsII, lVlARlI.YN lVlII.INIcIIIR, lVllI.DRliIl lVlII.I.IcR, BARIIARA lVilI.l.liR. DoNAI.Im lViIl.l.l-ZR, l,li0NORli MlI.I.liR, l.liV.-XNIE Low Secret Darin' lfly an airplane Become a 'pro' hasehall player Date girls Get married Be Il famous dancer "Best home" nurse .loin the Air Force Be :In orchestra leader Become U. S. President Honor Roll Go trapping Finding the right female Become a professional trapper Go to Canada Own a horse 'liravel Work for tlIe FBI Car l,ive in Florida BecoIIIe a general lford A husband Drive a Chevy Be a graduate nIIrse Meet my dream girl School teacher Succeed in business Own a bakery Have a driver's license Be a state policeman Be :I golf professional Go to Florida Be a politician Referee college football games A Cadillac A lVlZlI'ilIC Sargeant Housewife Be in a Dixie l,and Band Nlechanic lflectrician Play in big leagues Concert pianist Own a horse Convertible Be a mortician Become a movie star Be :I traveling salesman Be a flirt Housewife Never fight with Donald Get married See john lreland Become a 'pro' baseball player Play an organ IvI. I. R. Favorite Exprefxiou l I Aach, Clll leeva! 4 Oh, l don't know! What tlIe heck? ' Cut it out! I B-U-U-U-R-P! Gees Oh! I Gosh darnit! I Yeth thir! What a revolting development this is! Now get out! l Flu h-a-Il ll bl ! Whoop-de-doo! 1 Hey-y-y! I Whoop-de-doo! Oh, Crum! Beats rIIe! For Pete's sake! Darn all anyway! ' NVait for me! I Come one't here! ' Yeah! I Man! For real! I How much for you? What? ! 'lllIat's for sure! 1 Yeah! , What about it? Do l have everything? Good one! I I 'I'hat's terrific! Hi, Schnook! I It's pathetic! ' Sounds logical! l Say! Say, fellow! l lt's pathet-ic! l You dumb Jack! , , Yeah, tlIats what you think! l Yeah! 'l'hat's logical! ' Oh, say fellow! I You lie! ! Honest? ! Get oIIt! I My gosh! Oh! I You act so-o-o bi-gl! Honest? I Come on-n-a! ' HIIrry u-up! 1 'l'hat's all right, it helps! Don't yoII like it? I Ah, that's nice! ! 'l'hat's dandy! I I g 62 -f- I I 4 Probable Cause of Death Playing a trumpet l.L'Zll'I1il1g to become :III undertakcr Promptness Bad report cards Heart stopped heating Nelly Women drivers Drop dead from clowning Assassination Over eating Women Playing Iny CTI rusty sax 'lialking "3S" BIIick Not getting enough sleep An accident Bad case of nerves Listening to radio Driving the "oId,' l"ord A Russian bIIllet Boys Roller skating Basketball games lfmptying hedpans Too many girls 'footing too hard Getting an "A" in typing Smoking Worrying about dying Girls The 'l'hird Street Mystery Juniors Driving cars Gored to death by a bIIll Reading mystery books BB gIIn hattle Charlie Working on people's nerves High blood pressure Old Age Playing piano FHfllCf'S Pontiac Being early Worrying Driving a car Heart failure Not having anything to talk about Being quiet Biting fingernails Talking Working Silence Old age 'liaking care of Ginny l.ee Girls My pop pays school tax! Nothing to laugh alwout Name' MII.I.IaR. RAYNIDND lVl0A'l'Z, blANli'l' Milllll. SusAN MOIIR. WII.I.IAIxI NIUYIER, De.-xNI2 MOYIQR. RONALD lVlU'I'CHl.liR, 'l'IIOxIAs NPIS'l'liR, lVlAli DIICHOLAS. KIaNNIe'rH ONDROVIC. lVlAR'l'IN OR'r'r, DORIS f7SWAl.l7. lj0NAl.ll PLARR, RONALD RHADLIQR. lvl.-KRY RIcIasIcR, l'il.IZAlili'l'H RRINIIARD. AlIEANE'li'l'li RIaINsIsII'rII. ANN RIaeI'RR'I'. LIQROY RICIIARD. lil..-XINIZ RO'rII, GERALD Rui-In JACOB SCHRANTZ. RAYMOND Sci-IIRAIACIIRR, ANNA Sci-IIRMACIIRR. MAR'rIIA SCH MA I.DI Ns'I'. DORO'l'HX' SCHNI-:I.I,IsIAN, EsTEI.I,Ic Scnuiacic, ARI,IeNIa Scuuiecx. CAROLYN ScHwAR'rz, LANIAR SIQIRRRT, Russia. SHAFIQR. l,liS'l'liR SIIRI.I.Y. NIRA BHINER, ROIIHRTA SIIOEIsIARr:R. LEONARD SIIOIQMARHR. lvl.-XR'l'll.-X SnII'rII, li.-xRI. SNIOYER. RIQNIA S'rAL'rrIaR, RODNRY S'I'ICH'l'liR. IDONALD S'l'lCIl'l'liR, FRANCIQS S'rOR'rz. AR'rIIuR S'l'OUD'I', LIARRISON S'rRA'rz, WII.I.ARD SwAvIzI.r. l'lS'l'llER 'l'ANIIiRI.IsR. HENRlli'l"l'A 'llHOMl'SON, SANDRA NVEAVHR, l,LOYll WENDI,INt:. MARY Lou XVIEIDER. JACK NVIEDIQR. LOUISE NVINZER, kiliilkfili WO'rRINc:. SIIIRI.IaY YLANOCHRO, -IOIIN B70UNG. IJOLORHS L0 Secret Defirf Live a long and happy life Be a housewife Be a governess 'lirip to Venus Go to Canada Fly jet plane for Uncle Sam Get married Get married Become rich Marry a nice girl Famous ice-skater Own three cars jet pilot Marry :I "pro' hasehall player People Be a private secretary Own a ranch Have Iny own husiness 'liravel around the world Mechanic Become a harher Farming Own a ranch Own a mansion Go to England Trip to Switzerland Get married Travel Stay in service for 20 years Money Own a Cadillac FBI work Get married Be a "pro" golfer Married school teacher Become principal of lf. I-I. S. Crosley Own a Pharmacy Professional hasehall player Meet a certain someone Become a politician Become a draftsman Athletic trainer Travel Hudson convertihle Bc a millionaire Pilot in the Army Air Force Be a Inillionaire Increase manpower of U.S.N. Be a millionaire Own a custom I'll3LlC foreign car Black convertihle Be a millionaire Driving :I e:II' Favorite Exprefrion Yeah! hut Gee! Oh, yeah! Super Suds! XVe cripes! BIIllets! Hurry u-up! Drop dead Good deed! Oh, Crum! Oh, man! Yes well. l Ilon't care! Hey, hoy! Holy cow! Oh! Oh, my gosh! Do you want to hear :I g You're crazy! For the love of Pete! How about it? Come on! Yeah, well! You know! Say! I don't know! Golly! Boy, oh hoy! O-o-o-oh-a ! Drop dead! Hi, Kid! Oh. piffles! Nothing! Get out! lt's different! What ails you! Ah, Sllllf IIp! 'l'hat's all l can say! Oh, come oII! Oh, Happy Birthday! BIIllets! Oh, hoy! Say! Come on now! Oh, no! -lim-in-ee! O-h-h-h! How 'hout that? Oh! Ah ha! I!!! heat you llp! Dlllly for you! Oye! and tIIrn hlue! ood joke? Probable Carrie of Death Ignoring girls l.ee Long locks of hair Heartache 'l'hrowing knives Roller skating Curly hair Working Not heing :ihle to skip school Women Driving Stan's car 'lirying to find a girl l,ooking aroIInd Atomic homh Laughing 'l'rouhles Nothing to do M2ll'j' Roller skating Over working Alhurtis girls Shot in the head Chewing gum Watching television 'liyping Blushing 'liemper Being artistic His accordian Smoking Old age Keeping quiet Dancing Stop hreathing Disappointment Arguing lfxceeding the speed limit Wine and women Heart will stop heating Working Lack of sleep Being on fllllt' Giving ruh-downs Broken neck lfxceeding the speed limit Being ta Learning Oltl age George Women Driving Money ll to drive the truck Basketliall games l l A Typical ay X nn, UHZNINI, lglimv,-,,,NSf ,lfnch moming M, mul flu. lgihh., AIiSEN'l'lCliS' Srluh-ms rcpom-Ll for vxcusvs which would l'0p0IlI'Ckl rho l,onl's przxycr, :xml lwcircal thc plc-mlgu ro rhc ilflmlt flwm T0 flflsscs- flag. CH.-xNc:lNm: Clulxsslss- -Srxulcnrs hzul rlm-c minurcs ro pass , GYM Cl..-XSS!-IS' -l'l1ysic:1l firm-ss is thc mzun ohjcctivc from class ro class. of our I7l1j'SlL'Ill m-Llucntion l1l'0Ql'Zll11. . , . . .. . ,A , . . SEWING Qmss-V l':xtw11cu and mmhlc llIUJ,K'l'S :uclul LUNCH llllllli"l'I'L'Sl1ll1Ill1 students unJoymg :1 lu-:arty tha-sc gurls Ill thu :nrt ol SUWIIILI. lunch Ill ,Room 17. l l 64 l l az' Emmaus Hz' NHUN lilicluf,-x'1'loN' Dnncn-s www sponsorvnl hy rho qlsslsrsllzm' Room 7 pn-sm-mul zz llanllowl-rn plug Srmlvm Ql0lll1Cll during rhc lunch hour. lor the srunlvnrs nn Ucorln-r 3 ll. X l ' I 5- x l.lliR.-XIKYW'RQllL'I't'l'lCL' Work was :mcomplislu-cl in our l,YClil'NI7l,l'0lql'SSl0I12llfIllt'l1fDl't'Sl'I1IL'tl mlm-liglnllul :mlm quxcr :mal up-ro-nlnrv llhrnry. fL'l't'Sflllg programs :nr mrcrvznls mlurmg thu school rum ll. Iii lll Wing., W WN! ,QR Ill ' "'- --J .ll ll llll UI llll 1? in-L l'lls'rom' Cmssf--IIA srudcnrs studying nn American 3:30 Rusu--The cnml of :mother day and srualcnrs lm Nl llistory IISSIQLIIIIIUIIT. for homu. ..-65,- Class of 1951 fzzzzior Prom Bud Radeids orchestra provided the music for the annual hlunior Prom which was held at the Frolics liallroom in Allentown on April 21, 1950. The liallroom was trimmed in green and white, the class colors, with pink carnations, the class flower, scattered profusely ahout the room. An added attraction was a Wishing Well, which was very popular among the guests. The big event of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen and to the music of "A Pretty Girl 1s Like A Melody," Kathryn Kershner, Queen ofthe Class of1950, crowned Donald Andrews and Ann Reinsmith. Their court consisted of .lulia Lazor, lVIartha Shoemaker, Jeanette Reinhard, Alanet Koze, Donald Miller, Richard Gerhart, Harold Bittenhender, and Martin Ondrovic. After four hours ofenjoyahle dancing, the couples visited their favorite restaurants for a late lunch. 'lio the right is pictured Ann Reinsmith and Donald Andrews after heing crowned Queen and King, BFXOYOJ Pictured at the Wishing Well are Donald and Ann with Donald Miller and ,lulia l,azor, the two seniors receiving the second highest numher of votes for King and Queen. Tu.-xnnicus STIQVIENS CIZNTR.-XI, xV:'kS1llNG'I4HN Our Sch 0015 f Ar present the Thaddeus Stevens, Central, and Washington Buildings are serving the community as elementary schools, while the Lincoln and Jefferson Buildings are serving the borough as -lunior and Senior High Schools, respec- tively. A brief history in the develop- ment of our schools is that in 1891 the Central Building on Ridge Street was erected and enlarged in 1898. In 1910, an eight room building was erected on Broad Street and named the WHShlIlgt0ll Building. The Jefferson Building was erected on North Street in 191-1 and due W, - to the continual growth in borough popu- lation it was enlarged on several occa- sions. The auditorium and West Wing were added in 1925 and the east Wing in 1926. The Lincoln Building was erected on Seem Street 1928 and the Thaddeus Stevens Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in 1929. l.lNCOI.Nf',lU N lox H mu Scuool. as l -,af jrarr1cRsoN-S1zNloR HIGH Sci-iool. Gfcfivifies .'XIH'ISlillZ Mr. l'znul rl. lfrzmrz :xml K lllCl'l..-X'l'IUN lN'l.xNxc:lfl4: lfzxy lfunk. l'lm'rm:la.xl'1lru' I :mos lloliclu. :xml l31'slNl-iss Nl xN.xc:lzu: lllnrizxn lirics. l'.l1l'l'ou-IN-Culmfz Arthur DRTS l':lJl'I'URSZ Riclmzml Clcrlmarr, Patricia llcnning. and Rodney Stzulffcr. if .: Srorrz. sin Wi 1. xx! ,gilzfflufiivf f ff 'l in .5,,, . Al M 4 j5"',, was 'S lg? Nxxxa, if Xb AJ-Qyl? mxx ig-3,1 pf' 3 Q JY' fy H X5 , ? M w vi: Ai A-,. 1. K- . I . f 'Y ,fl ". - V,-'agga' l GAL ,sniff mu' ' ws, r ll . . r,,.1:i-A?r.-k , ml ,- , . xv ,N-,M , r ,L -P, v,,g,. .,.r - ig jill 'V A ' . g rl r r xgffq' -, 95. -v-. ' -- 5g,,.',l'X K qw K . Qin, Y' "lAla2'3gE1ii3i.- ' Xb! ' A lllxliwml A 1 f .E,..?wm,,-4:'w"Mws H ,ul . ,M ef' ' . H 1- ww' l - 1 X 5 , Q Q- A 1 1, ' T X l . " ' if 1 ' x, -'F' :fu , ' ., : Q. W f":, ,," , V' , ' ' A 1 -- Fr r . . t vs , 4, - yy' 1 W A F. ., - A li' Iifagl' W r l 'X' '1 4 . ff.,Na-ww ' gb, , .w . w 1,1 ,', , V A, M-, , 1. ' Ismlff- if 4 f :ngn - M 1 it . ' 'z' 4- .x, x, ' f f' rl ,f l f . 1 ,A 111: V' 2 , QR 5 l r'-E-:ff ' . X '-'.'v,, il' A., V 'M-F 1 r l - ., N - . , f r Ar is 'xy' N , , V , 6 f S . - 4 , -' ,V ' N '- xx' .-km - 1 2 H .Q ff ww 'wr 9 A at .. far 4 ,, 1 - Q 2 ,V - p sy: 335 fl. 'fy V li l l A' if A r rw I 3 1 1 :H ,, .f f - r ll' ' 1 2 3 R EEZ! -.-5 1 I g . 'll' sv , bl? ' M, 'l X 1 1 ! J. M, ,- QW . I . 5 QA, Q :I la x A l fs 5 ' ,fl X X - 1 X l E KT.xv"?'."? fix it x . "rs-A - ' . l 13, P 'N V. I if L'l.L'n lfmruks: lin-try Grccnlwzuurn. l,m -onnrc Millar. Ch-rnlclim lflcxcr. :mal llunriutrn lznm-rlcr fi .VIH- .ful I IO,-C llcnmk: lvnn U 'ljyol Hur. :lm . I ITUW' , .v RUN Yum-I,x'I'l'i I'D1,ll.U'. NIJU . 5. . . 1 4 ' - hm' - hil 5 Mm' lair-e1-mlwfu . hlll 1 ,ly HJ! lwhm .flfl-l ll Uewzllll' IA ,, DUIWK - V- kh- . .- I-.vl"' UAW . 'mal :Xnn Rm-il1sl111'h' 2lI'XViIl INISNI' liisn-l1l1:ll"I' D X X Tllll Tl TTLEII f The Stall had Nm goals in editing this ycarboolc. TI-Ili 'l'.4'1'1'1.lfR. Since thc average person notices only um things almur any year- lmolq -its l5f'iII1F-V in general and his own pictures in particular nur aims were to make this year- hnnlq as lxvautiful :uul artistic' an annual as our H'nam'cs would permit and ru picture cverx' srudcnr at least mice. vitlrer in :1 group or I-lltliX'idlliIllPY. Ifsing rhe hcst ycfarlmok rnoclc-ls, wc tried rn lvuild an annual ofu-'Irich thc class of nineteen hunclrvcl and lilly-one nzay hc pmnrl. Our hook flmllnwcd no definite- rhome but insrcarl wove- inro its pages rho idea of school as a cmnnzunity, wurlcing, living. learning. and growing togerlwr. Tliirrv seniors, under thc guidance of Mr. Paul Frantz. ha vc wmlcczl diligc-nrlx' during study pcriorls, club periods, and afrc-r school, and VUlllI1F2lI'l.lj' fllSCOI1fl.I7llCd other extra curricular loam-tn activities in order to make this the rwenry-zulzrlz , IU. gwnvfly' ' edition of T115 Yi-1Tl'l.IfR. rhcir last szzccvssful fmi,-Ons: MN venture. It-m414L'li'5 I' , ,-l. - . R1Ch'm Iilillm .' -Ar and .1 ICsrl1C1'c'llhLl RL'il1huH' w -s - lr'-glllU -lvl' . NXNIU ,kur- uhl .rm-' hi IAOl lrklnsu . SHUT lu-V U 141311 IRON . . IV'l.'NN.WI4'-M1111 N1 ollll' 'ml .- 1-1sIN" f Wu. WS' .MN "li I-,ner N A , -,lm-1: .' SUR 71 original translat' yea,-sober der t they 'fog glad High School Councillors Advocate Self ie1lnfiiiue,BihIei , Scggmg all lgplay In library ,pa 'iSchool Spii-ite! you Se th V2 words which . ' -en e i y -V 1' 1 that was on display fllg We F Q ana gg, These are should be by all at- Meetings, '? Linwood Rohrbac U29 b0df WG!-G EQ N.. L h ld 'rowed it from Rev' W75fQbpl7y,c39 of tespeci I 'wi got larry Raines of Dejs - an D198 be 803115, eq! -, harm-imea in 17 'fha' - -sn' flap fie f... adl,f','1f11,sf2,we,27'2 1 c apex' ln German a H0231 We is :ian 'ff sfnllf ,UTEHVIIBQY t 305156 f 00 . n,q am mine takin a good look?11tlg:,,I Wffy 't 752' P 0110 Reflex? gflvfyggiii 01" Wm- ly P spa Nc und the lnmg 'md ,S ' A el: s.: H C' School Simms!! it srooms 2301 11 , 1 llllllk V011 noticed some of the Ant eil-,tics ot the fr I com- 18 , 'Y 009 If Otiihfifzziizea 02' Wir QU . dzforju know t that sciioolj-zen a fitviolfnis 77011: X echo Dursego, ' she of Stars GQ R 3 MONg0f U, A96 .X . EYI' .9 Oo 9' Q e loin do 9 '3 Q "fade 'P we Z3-Q V15 1215, in Ig her 'f 'si lQf1 I lf .,- 1 ,era 0 Q4 Y 9 60. ,Q 1- . Q,-,o A 9' fs' e',e- eoefa get ep? M 'Kim ii ii XXXS N iq, is PQ ",vg2wQf,'1fg ' ' . !' V-A O . , gag! O6 dk. QA ?9 f ft- JBAQZ, e U69 Qld NJ, "7, -Z4 uN9?+09?g'8 -6 6? IQ- Q OQIQ CZ, ,A 492916 3' QQB-F nib 36-I 601 . . 1491 dal? tf9f5o'5Gf9ZgJbf2v M A na QXYEGQXY Q, 'Af-,u,apf, Xgziewiibgfbp IJOIKA' bot E 2'4-oiexjbs'-BQ6 QGQQQQQQZQQVOQR ol Wi0i1fl'f?5Ma2r?iiel'afii q?:'d'PPf2a"f' lbbefbfbeas oi? "if ? eggeo :tg,43g,o,,,,o :Ae A we Mi, W' 6 ee Mime np, beef all 10, 1, fe 4 be ' 3 -66-0 Univ, 'YO we 510 'Lo W Q W .-V' Q U' o S1 40 -Q 'PJ 'O 4 4.29 .de -1-.':'2'.QuSvor1-Q.. ,Q.0!.5 A 'Ywoafiaie fro cofjni. '50.Ae39.1 Bogisi.-,Ji ihilmf' of "I Snfi' Ofc -Sufi, lo" i I l Hz' Jaffe A staff of twenty-eight young people representing every class of the school keep the rest of the student body informed of everything that takes place in the school environment. Besides this, the members of the club receive training in writing news items, feature stories, and sports articles. They ferret out hits of humor and discover individuals engaged in interesting specialties and hobbies. They learn how to make up a page according to good newspaper practice. All in all, an excellent opportunity is offered aspirants to learn practically every phase of newspaper publication. Two years of faithful work entitle the staff to an additional award, a beautiful script school HE". ,Y 4 ,,0JBGbIJv' Y V -.-sy, X f 11- . 'U-Sy' 4,051-D " 7 . ' I I I. . f. ll lf1,,,Y 0 - 5 The crowd s all a ro ,, " zffqlfz,.Q,'f'1,v,H'l-j' UI, .,, if 'Plm're's u minute to 3 I I f.,Jl"'1-5, flag flax, my aff, 'wp,c,m I ,VS-hlle out on the fic iz, I j,x.!ll,fQf'S li'1.,A,hw ,,.0!1y' Mfg!!! I 42, 7722? X Q N Our q11a1'tcrback lay. 1 f'i'- 1. G 1.3 A1 . S , I If H 1.1-v lik' fffzg, 8 !1,.'-fx "u,,j'-lp MX? Uv, Q fjlz A ff' 1 Ezrowzi f1lIlBtS do 'X l'f1f-A 4- , " - 'Q ,fir 02 -,' tg ' 87,7 '95, QV I Q55 we had all thes flu ' C fn.. . KJ by ,lla . Sf Q , .t ,I Ak. ' at Gad 1,0 3 1. D 1 .el IRC, s h ab, .850 0,, Q9 U at Offzjfj, '-It a breal 1. ef! -0,0 50 0 L- f' 2' Off Q2 J, GSS ,,G9,.. .1773 00 Q50 46 JS, J, I, fied 1 ' " ,eh QQO? 6' O DAYOJQ ln' 12 S' X -i O nod 1111! I' ,Ii an 200-IQ! 0,0 10 A 9 V ' l DI' ' i X ""'-N, 4 11, ' Qfghnh ' "0 Q , ff-.S X51 4, A -J ' 4 "'Q722 6 H NXVW I lf. JG! fb - 1 I ,v,g?,. Q, ...lz 'G eu f 1 fl 4' 1 I fr fy Q Q 13 ..0.f'lvjv:,- "ffl fa ' "::x.-,, CV INA, 4 QX4? 1 J If .Jai Staff l,lCfllI't'll alwovv arc Lfjfl In Rfgfzl- Firfl Rofc: Pearl Bcnficlll QRL'l7Ol'YL'l'D. -Iam-t Moatz fxhr I':LllI0l',. Clariss Carrm' QRQ-porrcrj. Barbara Buss QRl-porrcrl. janv .Nnn Sassaman Cfircularion Nlzllmagcrj. :X1'llyrl1 .Mun Hcilnlwach fRUl70l'fL'l'D. ,lacqllclinc Boyur fL'll'Clll2lfl0ll Managcrj. N12ll'fI1ll-l2llll' LYIZHISUI' CRl-porrcrj, N111 Allwrr S. Bl-nficlll f:XllvisL-rj. Sffmlfl Ruff: Ifsrcllu SChnL'lln1an fRk'D0l'TK'l'b. .loan Miller fRk'llOl'l'l'l'D. Carol Schwal' QRQ-portl-rl. Ba1'lwa1'a Kline fRcp0rtL-rj. Nira Sha-lly flfciltlllw- lfllirorj. Bt'l'lllCl' I7k'Yk'l'1lllX cRUlWOl'fL'l',, Nancy Hn-ist QRL-porrcrj. Thin! Row: Ima- Ralln QRL-porn-x'D, Charlotrc .'xlllll'l'SOIl fRk'llOl'fl'l'J. ,lunv Bin-In-1' Ckssisranr Circulation Managm-rj. Diane Yan-Ck CRcpo1'rc1'j. Morris Hoffman Clh-porn-rj. XYillarll Strarz fSports lfditorj. .Vol I,iffllf!'d.' fVlarylu Herman CR1-portl-l'D. Donald Milla-1' CRl-porrvrj, Nancy licllrulmwalm-1' fllnsincss Managl-rj. Rita lfislm' fflssisranr Circulation N1IlllIljll'l',. Shirlcy :Xpffcl ffartoonistj. Alvin Srcrncr ffarroonisrj. To the IL-fr of thc group picture- is 'l1IlL'0tl0l't' 4:lll'llllL'l' Il Cwlanaging lfllirorj and to the right is Sandra Thompson QNL-ws Copy lfnlitorj. . Q' 0 9 06,9 'fl-57, "o,.'5'f,f5k1 'faffebr 2, 481111 ,fl I 0, "KS -s lv 1' L-Q 'l 9 fl X "Ie Obejjloba 4'!fo,'?z-ff' ,fb 5.0" 41000 6933? ffyf K X bo ' '52 Qbff Qt- 71' 0,00 '4'zWC'- hx., M-fffa Q2 W -X W 'AV Umm Af l Qllsmmvll W y -2, ' fy, , 5 ,I rsrflrlou 010.95 gff 'wfff fag fgggzmz S H - .1 fj vga mi wi QL Sr r0,,,, 41051041 qc 1 an 4571 Xm fl!S'3"Q n 005 00 0 .9 -55 4, fb 00 0 219 'X 4 S H aw- i Xxxcvm '36 63, 'muff' X Lfffz R- . 0 QMAS1rrv11ltL.mlm,Kun I 1 ' ' C. ,. Lmlmgt Brobsr, Stougffgl-ifclinrtarm, Storw 's. 'f TECHNICAL STAFF PLAY COhlMlTTlTEMllortald Miller, Class Prcaidcnt and Chairman, Patricia llunning, Darwin l.cir-ter, Nancv Baer, Arthur Smrtz, lnhn Yanochko, Marian lirics, Martha jane Shncntalccr, janet Moatz. SCENERY l'5ESlGN -vlilizalwctli Brcetiltatitrii Riclmrtl llamscher, Elaine Richard, Mac Nester. SCENERY CONS'l'RUC'l'l0N Y-l.unnarrt Slmcinalaeri Riultard Wicder, George Butz, Kenneth Arndt, Claude llnselern, PROPERTY- -Clarisa Carturi Shirley Wolring. lnscplt Kuncin, La Mar Schwartz. MAKE-UP-Sandra 'l'linxiinsnn', Fav linnk, Nancy Lichtcnwalncr, Martha Slmcmakcr. PUBl,lClTY-Richartl Gcrhartf, Rodncv lfcnstcrrnztlacr, Donald Oswald, Raymond Nlillcr. USHER5-HR0bcrta Strgitwrf, Arlene Schncck, lnnc Hcishrlltttli Druckun- miller, Marilyn Marsh, listlicr Ciilhert. TlCKE.TS-Llcraltline lflcxuv, lamisc Wiudcr, Susan Mohr, julia Laznr, Estlicr Swavcly. FACULTY 1XllVlSOl2S -llraxnatic Cuach and Cicncral Eldvif-or, Wood- row Scltaadt. Scunvrv llcslgn, lllgtrv hlillcrg Sccncry Construction, Earl Wchur, Glen Hscknmng Class Advisors: Howard K. Deischcr, hlarv Miller, Wuotlrnw Sclianrtl. 'Crnnmlttcu Chzrinnan S'1'ir.lt'ry H HNNINQ BROIZ Q' t I ,ffl lo ' ' '- Rlvfzl---I ' N ,risrt-r. hroutlr, brits' t 2 . Qzulmmznmrzr arsiatw 1 By WILLIAM ROOS mv Partridgv: l Arlaptcd from the novel BV Bella l 1 l f Plznslinttatm nv l l T H li S E 1 h School NIOR CLASS Ernrnaus l-lig I 1 UlRliC'l'Ell BY I 11'ooDRo14 ' K. SCIIAADT ' tr ml ts, telao NOVEMBER l6, ! cutznxin Tiana me tt. in I I 1 4 I,lcH'l'1zNt,MlNlZR Bin-y '- N ll liNll ' -,nal STORTZ D1u1:S MR. ScH.'x.xDT KLINI5 S'1:xL'l'FlfR YA 5'-i SYNOPSIS CAST OF CIIARAC'I'IiRS I flu :mlm-r rv! :ryw1w:ur.1l1u'I Y? Mr. :i ul Hn. fhzgr ul' NL-w York Ciiv pl1rdwfQmI n Prr-Rcx'oIution- i' .wry N4-n l,v1ql:m4I I.zr'nlmllsc wflitll Hu-V Imw vlltllusinslimllx' rcstorvd, :wm:11.-:Jing .v Imvcn uf M-runilx' :und im-prraamn :unidst cwlmlizll, IIIIIIQIIIC FRU,-In Nm , lw,m.'m,,IIm.r syrlcllzlwr ' I ff' ' U ' ,, .' Ihu Alnld Iitlllln I'x'IlllL'I IIIiRliIiI?'I' li.IfIIi ..,. ., . . . , .. , XI'rH.'mI Strrnlz ACT I An Aspirulag Nun-Im If.'lI'I Nmilh - - - SARAII fiMiIf . . ., . ... . . ., . ,, Imlgf ,Xlmlll 5" - I. f -. .. , 'tm A """"""' "' """ my I2 ww fm Ilnuglm-1' Nm-,f Iiuar Scum- 2. liwniug Ur thu saint- day. HXULA fmmf byvb H ,A , ,, , imma Kun- Hu Yuungur Sisu-r ,Inn RUIIISIIIIIII ACT II .'II1I?filf GAIXH , , . . . .. I':lYIi:'v:: Ilvnning Scclrc I. Nm! Svprclnlwr iunrly morningj. H'-'f"ffVS WIN' 'FIV Vllllk .. , , , I V l 1i,xlefs.xR,x cmoli .. , . , mfr-.-.f.v. 1 mm.- Sunx, 2. Ihu fnllmmn, Inmmry 1I.m .n'lLrmmnJ. HW Hymn IMHQIHU 'mmm' MINIMUM ACT III! GEORGE Hl.'STl?II . ..,... . .. Ilnnfld I,IiHL-llllvmlcr Ii:nrIvnra's Ifrivmi Rirlmnl Winder Ii. I II- -xr ' . 1' V 'L "U """""": 1uN.x'r1mN mvcxwrmzw . ,. ,. , , mlmm ran.:-sr An Irhi S1-rllrr v-n.h-ng Ilwsr..-k11vfIl! i' MAI'IIII.I7.-I RUCKWUUIJ .. . ., . . . . Mnrinn Ilrius His Ullniursrrlnding Wiiu Marx' RL-zullur BETWEEN ACTS I MR, I.0U.WS . . . . .... , ., . Rwdllcv Slaulfcr Thu Ifiunilv I.:mur I,uuu:ml SI1fwn1.1Iwr U0mf"f"l' 'MD' N ':"""1' UNCL1f w,u,1'15R ..,, . .. mmf., lmao: I.n Mnr Sclnvnrlz M - Auwrmfiovlist "IilgI1lx'-NEA .IIuI'1Ivu Ifigllty-ri,QIl1 iicnrzgm- IVIIIICI' Tllwifflfv IIIHMP-I'1'-'III - - Avwrvlmvvihf M.-ITT RUCKWUIIIP ,.... . .. .. . II.nrriwn smuuv Thr Ix'wkwuuLI's Sun " if CARSON . "January 'I'h:zw" was produced nf ' ' In IU-Ili. ihv. Golden Thvntr M 0.-WZ IICIIN-'I N u, New York, l,1.1a11.R U IN8'I'AISLE .. Tm- c.mrQ' snl-mf' ' Kumi Ihmnm. .uIIICIIIt'I' Anhnr Slurlz I?lL'Il:ud Iirrgur Wxlvv th-Iunnn Waller Itnunmn S'1'u11lm'I' .-Xbovc is pictured Cfnpj the Student Council in session in Room l and flfflnrvj thc delegates from thc 'fri County Student Council Conference enjoying lunch. 'lio the right is the lloard of-lutlgcs and a scene from rlmt- Stutlcnt Council-Monitor Club basket- ball gzunc plavctl on lfubruarv 23. , 76, l l lll tai l l,fQfl In Rigfzl Frrfl Rnfv: Nvilflll' ltcsscl. Clt-wt-Il. Nt-wliartl, Young, Moatz. Bear. lVlr. l'ctL-rs Q.-I1l'rfi.vfrj. Srroml Roto: Smoll, Swank. Rein- smith. Druckcnmillcr. Stoutlt, Wess- ncr fTfFIIJ'Il7'I'7'J. Casscl. Third Roan' Polstcr, Ulcska. lVlillcr Cliff I'rf.fi- flrnfl. Kirby. Clcinow, liardos. Fozzrlli Row: Stortz. Stzuiffcr, Frey, l.orish, King. Blank. Gcrhart fPr1'.ri- zlrnlj. .Yoi l'z'til14rmi.' lioehm, Shoc- makcr fSrrrfl11ryj, l labcrstumpf, Kohler. Kuhns. 1 Stzidenr Council Two representatives from each homeroom comprise the governing body of the school. This group gave the students an opportunity to voice their opinions on school problems, to suggest possible improvements in the school system, to create a better understanding between pupils and teachers, and to guide and to encourage self discipline ,of the students. The latter is accomplish- ed by the Board of gludges, composed of Student Council and Monitor Club membersg who acts as a court on school violations by reviewing the eases and deciding upon a suitable punishment. The council furnishes the students with lyceum programs, feature movies, and the noontime dances. They also annually sponsor a trip to the United Nations. This past year the Einmaus Student Council had the privilege of being host to the Tri-County Student Council Conference. Approximately 300 students attended in order to discuss various problems and activities: Emblems are given tolmembers and gold pins to senior members. l l 1 lajff In Right I"1'r.vI Rmv: lit-ar. l,azor fSrrn'ff1ryl. Slielly. Dicfemlt-t'll-t'. Carter, Reinsmith, Rt-inliartl. lloycr, Smith. Sfmrnl Ro:z': bl. liieher. lleinliardt. Sachs. Butz. liunlt. llen- ning. Schnelltnzin. Mohr. Y'lu'n1 Ro-zzz' Schrantz. Wt-wel. C. Millhousc. l'. lN'lillhousc. Readinger. C. llit-her, l.t-ister, Richard. Fourth Rum' Kuhns. Stztttffcly xltlatns. lirown. Knauss, Stratl. lfrey. Fifth Rofzz' Reichard. Rupp. Mr. llanser C.ltl:'1'.ffrD, Gt-liman U.t'rulr1im1IJ, .-Xnsehn. .Yol 1,li1'11U't'tl.' lVlillt-i'QCupfa1'nD. Slioetnalu-r. liatman. MONl.f0f Club 'fhelau'enhncuu1lnanch ofcnu'sduxd,connxwed oftwenty Seniors and twenty .luniors selected in their Sophomore year. is the Monitor Cluh. The purpose of this cluh is to direct traffic ui and :dnout school according to the rules and regtdatious set up hy the Student Councu. 'fhdr dutks arezthe duecuon of uafhc uilndls the supervidon of hutch hnes,zuid the noon- titne dances in the gym. Pupils who hreal: laws are reported hy the hloniuns to the lioard of judges 'lihe officers of the eluh consist of a Captain, Lieutenant, :uid ll Secretary. llie Cfaptaui Inesides at :dl the tneetuigg uluch are held xveekly. ln case of ahsence of the Cfaptain the lieutenant takes charge of the tneetnigs. hdinutes of the pre- vious nieetnigs are reacllwy the Secretary :uid ixdl caH is taken. Ar these meetings the memhers discuss methods to keep laws enforced anclzdso other prohlenisxvhich niay'face the cluh. . i !. M! i V ' mxq, 5 :ws '-' lg S IEW J -T f' 4 9'M0I' iff fa Q1 :Xhovc are pictured flnpl monitors calling students lrom Room lo tothe L'2llk'It'l'lIl and Clfflmvj a meeting ol tht- Nlonuor Qluh. lo tht- lelt are ptcturetl students enjoying Monitor- Student Council dance and friglilj momtors ready lor dismissal ol student hotly. 77 Lejft In Riglzl- Fllffl Row: Romig. Barry Moyer. Scholl. Krcsslcy, Wiulcr Anselm. IQZIUIIIIIHZIII, Iiuclu-ckcr, IVIcrI:a-I, Stephens. Ifcglcy. Szrmzzl Row: IVI. Hoffmann. Winzcr. Gulln. Ifrcrz. I"IL-xcr fSfrrflary-Trfzrrurfrj Strauss, Srorrv. Dickcrr. G. RicI1:mI. Krauss. Tlzinl Row: H. I.m-iscr. Myers. D. Riclulrd. I.. Srzmffl-r. Weidner. Mussvr. Kulp. Ih-:u', Gon- ovcsc. Mr. Rorlwlllu-rg fllirfrlnrj. Fourih Row: Millhousc, SZISSZIIIIIIII. Ig1lllI'l1i'l'. Rr-ppm-rt. c:I'L'ISS. Krick. Iirohsr Cl'z'rr-l'rr,v1'rlfr1lJ. Clzlusur. R. l'1-nsre-rmakvr fI'rf.ri1lr11O. Druckun- miller. Frifllz Row: XVL-rm-I. I.. ROI1rIv:lcI1, Trciclxlcr, I'Iowcrtcr. A. HOIQIQIIIIIII. Iiowcrs. P. Sl'ZlllIAII.'I', Gurd- ncr. Sixlh Row: D. I"k'llSI'k'l'lIl1lIit'l', R. ROIIFIWZICII. R1-iclmrd, I.. I,1-isur, Russ. Blair Moya-r, Iiorrz, Sn-rlcr. Mznrrin. Lfjfl lo Rziglzl Rt'II.IlUll'l'- IVIiIll1ousc. I'rc-y, SI1lI'IL'l'. Rcltnzuxcr. I.orisI1, Clauscr. Leif! in Rz'gl1lfGilIwrt. Iiicln-r,Gicril1g, Arnold, Burl, IDl'llCICt'lll'llIIIl'l'. ,,78, 'g .V-'mfg ' The Band playing "Fight, Fight lfmmaus," The Colour Guards and Mzijori-ttcs pcrlbrnnng, at rhi- game wirh Carasauqua. lwlori- the game at lYhitel1all lrligh School. Band, Maj'orerfe5, and Colour Guards BAND-Through the untiring efforts of the Director, Band Club, and the Band members themselves, our High School Band has developed into the largest and most capable musical organization ever to represent E.H.S. Their stellar performances at the football games, four I-Iallowe'en parades, Memorial parade, and the Christmas party at Town Hall, delighted even the most critical. The climax of the long hours of rehearsal was the splendid performance of the Band in their annual Spring Concert in April. In February they were the guests of the Band Club at the Eastern District Band Festival in Bethlehem, in which two of our members participated. As a reward for their efforts, the members of the Band were treated to a fine banquet as guests of the Band Club at the Owls Home. At this time emblems were distributed and senior awards were presented to the six members who were lost through graduation. MADIORETTES-Forward, march! Off they go, gaily twirling their batons with perfect coordination. Our six high-stepping majorettes and the tumbler, Christine Clauser added zest and sparkle to the high school marching organization. These girls spent many long, tedious hours of practice in order to achieve their goal of making a dazzling performance at all football games and parades. COLOUR GUARDS-Six stunning young ladies guarded and protected our country's and school's flags. These smartly uniformed girls strutted with a martial air in front of the band to lend an air of snap and precision to the scene. l.ej!'l In Riglll- l"irxI Rnw: l'Iarr, I"Iexer. Sachs, llaunicr, iirciss. Weidner. I.. Stauffer. Uilhcrt, llcischcr. F. Rcms. Xl'clzcl. liorlz. Rcichard. l', Slauffer. J. Myers. ll. Lciser. li. Kressley. .Nrruzlnl Rune: Stewart. Mulh. Richard. Roger Reinhard. llrcas. Merkel, Roadinger. C. Bit-lu-r, Schwar. Flauscr, llcyer, Antler. Kuhns, ll. llrffi-r. joan Sell, Kohler. Tllfnl Kate: Hiller, Dries. Scliwarlz. Gerharl. Wir-der. Winner. N. Liclilcnwalncr. Brohsl. Lazor. Ifenslcrmaki-r. l7cl,onp:. I.. Rolirhach. Heiney. I.. Leiscr. Herman. R. Ruhrhach, Rea-ser. l"1VlH'll1 Rate: Hr. llcnficlcl fllmmfifiz' Ilirrclnrl. 'l'hompsrm. Rcadler. M. Smith. N. Iiulz. .Xlen. Uasscl. Ruhic Reinhard. li, Krcssley. Sasfaman. Young. il. St-II. lfcglcy. J, Snyder, Swavcly. llillwrl. lf Xlillhousc. llensing:er. j. llcisl. lf, Scliucrk. Fisher. l'. Millhoilsc. Shelly. Lcouore Miller. .X, Schut-ck. Wimmcr, Ci. Smith. lleusnian. Mr, l'clcrs fl2irN!nv'l, lfiflll Rate: Schmaldinsl. Schm-llman. N. Urifer. Rrosky. Yacck. Knapp. .N'i.rlll lx'n2e: l,1lVlll.-lillll' Sell. Findlcy. Frey. Ili-ss. J. Buss. R. Slauffcr, liardncr. Rnauss. Youkonis. Bauman. Vharles- worth. lloffman. Brown. lieiller. Oswald. .Xnsi-lm. lircenhaum. Funk. Shoemaker. .Ynl l'it'll1v'4'1l.' lYolrini:. Lucille Miller. llielrcr. ID. llulz, liglin. Kalmlxach. .-Xllhousc. Szupper, Ziegler, Henning. nlnclerson. Il. Miller. Reil- nauer. N. Snyder, Fockliu, N. llcisl. IC. Miller, Rice, Stephens. Sloudt. 'I'reichIer. Wellington, .Xruold, Becker, Il. Russ. Giering. llerlzog. Renningzcr. llcvcraux. Fink. M. Lichlenwalncr. l', Rm-ms. Smoycr. Iioycr. lohsl. ll. Myers. Ncwharml. Rcifingcr. llcimlmach. llousckncchl. Kulp, Rollman. vlifilllll. liitlenlmcnclcr. il. Hula, Klingcr. S. Miller. .-Xrndt. Mlams, Rupp. Schranlz. Moyer, Ilruckcnmillcr. Ch om! The lar vest musical orfanization in our school was the chorus . . 5- . . 5' . of mixed voices, which was directed hy Mr. Errol K. Peters. Durin the year the chorus vresented several selections for assem- gf - . .l . lily programs which were enjoyed by the faculty and student body. The outstanding performance of the year was the operetta "VVords and Music" which was presented in the Emmaus High School Auditorium on lVlarch IU and ll. The scenes took place at llarton College, a small school for select young ladies and gentlemen. A calamity arose when the classical minded Deans, portrayed hy Nancy Lichtenwalner and Kenneth lirobst, attempt- ed to write l5arton's annual operetta in a modern vein. livery- thing ended well as the operetta was finally written hy two students portrayed hy glulia Lazor and Rodney Fenstermaker. The chorus also participated in the Spring Concert. Ir was a very interesting and delightful program and at this time the annual Senior Music Scholarship was awarded by Mr. Peters. :Xlwovc is pictured imp? a chorus rc- hearsal on rhe halcony and Ul."lIlTl'D is a scene from rhc operctta "Words and Music." To the left is pictured Rodney Fenstermakcr singing a love song to .luha l.azor, signifying rht- rirlc ol rht opererta "Words and Music" and Rcadinger. llit-her. Boyer. and St-hwax in the Dance ol' rht- -lolly Bakers. ,,,8O., V Almw are pictured the dancers and tht- entire cast in rln- grand linalc. iqi is L uar u com most-t o einsmi 1, R l lr 1 r r I l l R tl Bralilcr. KL-rslincr. and Mintz. Master of k'l'l'L'IN0lll0S. 'lihomas Ruddcll. ' - ai ee l Lzjfl In R1'gl1l-'-Srr1lf4l.' l'larr. Schwartz, maker. B. Kline. Mr. Pctl-rs fljliffffllfp, nich. M. Moyer. Goilusky. .loycc Kohler. nm! Roca' Gallina. Dries. lirabler, Cla-well, Rc-insmirh. l.. fVlillcr. Romanchuk, lf. Kline. Drcas. Ruddcll. Pokorny. Silvins, kcsscl, Shade. David, Blank. lfa-glcy. Thin! Row: ll. Clauscr. Kistlcr. Mill, cnslagur. Maxwell. St-ip, Notbstcin, IC. lxohlcr. Stein, Genovese, btcrtls-r. Nabb. Ht-rbsrcr. Fourlfz Row: llrinkcr, Bcrky. llcrsli. Lippowitcli, Mcitzlcr, Allcmlcr. l.okt-z. 'lc-an Kohler. Spayd, Nancy H.Smirh, Kern, Oswald, Anderson, Scliulcr, Sicht-r.Mycrs. Sclimcltzlc, liailcy, lf. Warmkcssol. lbach. li. Miller. Freshman Mz'n5Irel A unique and original minstrel was presented February 2 and 3 by the Freshman class. The show was built around the theme "Night and Day." A city skyline, sharply etched against a beautifully colored sky, provided a gorgeous backdrop for the program which was based entirely on the contrast between night and day. The debonair master of ceremonies, Thomas Ruddell, bantered with the rollicking ends and introduced the talented soloists. A capable chorus and orchestra provided the musical background for the varied numbers consisting of cowboy, "blues," and comedy vocal solos. Also featured were instrumentalists, ballet, tap, and acrobatic dances. An impressive dance impersonation of "Slaugh- ter on Tenth Avenue" was performed by Nina Brahler, Mary Lou Clewell, and Mary Ellen Reinsmith. The ends were .Ioanne Mintz, Constance Garman, LaRue Gordon, Merritt Stephen, Robert Minnich, and Bruce Bear. An enthusiastic ovation was received from the large and appreciative audience. Douglas llortz, Delano liorrz. l"cnsrm-r- Andrews. li. Moyer. Rc-icliard, VW-tzc-l, Winzcr. Fin! Roco: Bear. Steplu-n. Min- l,orish. liloyd. C. Clauscr. Ccrnobyl. Kcrsliner, Mintz. Gordon, Garnian. Sm'- HL-nsingcr. Waterman. Gu-iss. j. Warm- llushcr, Druckt-nmillcr. Bauman. l,aud- llortz. Crouthamcl, Nancy l.. Smith, Mc- i I i cfm' Glee cm ln our Christmas assembly program we suddenly heard the melodious voices ofthe Glee Club as they slowly made their way down the aisle in a beautiful candelite procession. Our classmates will always remember the chirping voices coming from the balcony each Tuesday morning as the girls faithfully rehearsed for assembly prio- grams, opcretta, and the annual Spring Concert. i l l l l i l Lfiff lo Riglilf'-eFz'r.rl Row: Dt-l.ong. St-ll. Reinhard. Murh, Kohler. Kalm- bach. Mr. Pt-tcrs fllirfrlnrj, Rt-ms 4I,l.lIII1'.ff,. lfishcr. Rcnningcr. Knapp. lirosky. Uilft-r. llcrman. Semm! Row: Diller. Dt-isclicr. Sassaman. lflt-xt-1'. Krcsslcy, Rice. l'. Millhousc. C. Millliousc. Yacck. Swavcly, llcnsing- cr. .Yol 1'f1'l11rr1f.' lfcglcy. SllyLlL'I'. llm-ini-y. Boys' ' Glee Club Here we have an organization of enthusiastic young fellows who practiced long hours to perfect their harmony. The club provided a popular diversion from the long hours of study. They participated in the Thanksgiving and other special assembly pro- grams, the operetta "Words and Music", and brought their successful J' season to a close by performing in the Spring Concert. laifl lo Riglzl-'F1'r.vl Row: Urlilicr, Bauman, l,cisi-r. Buss. Arnclt. Butz, Mr. Pct:-rs clJif1'!'lUT,, -loan Druclccn- niillt-r Ql'iani.rlj. R. Rohrbach. Schrantz. lllanlc, Adams, Wit-ila'l', Winn-r. Sfmml Row: Mt-rkt-I, Rcin- haril, Kuhns. l,. Rolirbach, l3t-irlcr, 'lack Druckcmnillcr. Rupp. l'larr, lirobst, lVloycr. Anselm. Charles- worrh. Nui l'14fl1m'1l.' llirrcnhi-nilcr. Dries. Clarilncr, Oswald. -82 Lfjfl In Rigllr--F1'r.ff Row: Dcischer Hilbert, Walhort, Flext-r fSz'!'Vt'f!IfVJ Millhousc, Kline, Mr. Peters fljirfc- lorj, Nloyer. Born, l.t-iser. Reieharml Sfrrnul Rn:c'.' l"t-nstermakcr fTrra,f- urrrl. Baumer. l,. Stauffcr, Weidner l'. Stauffcr, Rohrhach. lVlvn-rs. Winzer. Slaridrng: llrobst cl,ft'J'liil't'?lf,. Sachs Crt-Iss, lllarr fl'irr l,ft'.f1'l1fllf,, Wetzel lxresslcy. .Yni 1'irluml.' Gardner. Concert Orchestra These talented musicians have endeavored to become an in- strumental organization by performing in assembly programs, the Spring Concert, the Operetta, and Commencement. In recent years individual members have won honors for their Alma Mater by gaining participation in the District and All-State Festivals. April 12 13, 14, our orchestra proved an able host to the Eastern District PMEA Orchestra Festival. Dance Orvlz extra This group of versatile performers, under the student direction of Arnel Wetzel, furnished a repertoire of both "sweet and hot" numbers at many school functions, the District Orchestra Dance in the gym, and a WSAN radio broadcast. Its main accomplishment for the season was providing a polished background for the singers and dancing artists in the Freshman minstrel, "Night and Day." Lqfl Io Riglzl-l"z'rJI Row: Fenster- maker, Delano liortz, Douglas liortz, Schwartz, Kline fPianz'.vtj, Mr. l't-ters 41,1-ffffllfb, Andrews, R1-icharcl, lVloycr, NVinzcr. Srmnd Row: l'larr, lVt-rm-l. ff ., Arts and Crafts Club i Students who are artistically inclined, although not art majors, exploit their talents and follow their hobbies in the Arts and Craftls Club. Leathercraft, oil painting, designs, and ceramics, including the latest fad of figurine painting, are some of the many activities carried on by the club. Lfjfl In Righlff--Sr1lfnl.' Dorm-y. Shir- machur CSffrrI11ryJ, llsach. Kern. Slamling: lirosky. Berger. Hilde- lu-idt-I, Brolast, Wiliam-1', Q Schwartz fl'rf.rirlfrlIJ. Szuppcr, Apflel, Rosso- mzxndo, Wit-der Cfice Pre,ridenlj, Keller, Mr. Schazult fflflvzfrfrj, Kistler, Miller. Nur Pirtured: lVlaclnnt-s c1'ff'l1J' Il rrrl. C, luv' Lffl lo Rigl1tfSmml.' David CSerrr- Iaryj, lfvans. l,ichtt-nwalncr. Cluuscr, liluanort- lVlillt-r, Muth fI're.vi4lenlJ. Kcmmercr, l,azor, llortz. Stephen. Slamling: Rohrhach. Kardos. bl. VVarmkcsscl, Dietrich, Smith. lf. Warmkesscl fl'liI't'1,Tt',f1i!lKIIfJ, Shade. Miss Miller fdrlvriferj. Worring, VVatt-rnlan, Sclit-rt-r. Nestor, Hi-rhster, lflaim- Miller. l.:uulcnslagt-r. .vol Piflurnff Nvhitunight. 1 l l l i i Dr 1 maticy Club A group of young p ople learned producing, directing, and staging of plays, with speci l consideration of the problems of gesture, make-up, and sound effects. A committee appointed at each club meeting assumed the resgonsibility for the scheduled production. Another committee made ,an evaluation of each performance. A general discussion followed. l Lzifl lo Sclimcltzle. Nlillhouse. VN entllmg C Tf!'N.f1lfffJ. SlamI1'ng.' Nlarks. Spencer. Gilliert. Cope. lfcgley, Grim, lfnglcrt, Young. Krause, Miss llauser c.'IlfU1A.f!'fD. .Yol l,1.t'lllf."1iI Miss :Xrnoltl C.'IlfZ'l..fffD, l,ong. lleusman. Dickert. Kline. 'lio satisfy a hidden interest of woodworking and leather-craft among the girls as well as the boys of our school was the purpose in the formation of this clulv. Included in their work during the year was the designing and making leather belts, key cases, and little cedar chests that could he used as handkerchieli, or jewel hoxes. Rfglzlf 'St'1Ill'!f.' lvisser. .-lnclerson. lolist. lfink. fS."1'f!'lIIfVJ, Kalmlmach llcnsinger c1,7'f.Vi!lf!llD, Du-as lfirr l,ff.f1'!ffIIf7. Km'Zz'z'ng Club This club was organized for the purpose of teaching high school girls to knit, crochet, emhroider, and to increase the knowledge of those already experienced in these arts. These girls made many knitting projects as Christmas gifts and for their own use while they talked over the "news', of the day. Inrlmtrzbl Arts Club - Min" QNI? M-9' Lejft lu Rligfllf liutl. R. lVlillcr, Klinger fI'rr.f1'flru!D. Mr. llm-ckman C.1d:f1',vfrl. lVlarsli. McGinley. Nlc lfetritlge fTrm,r11rrrQ, BZIlII'l1t'l'. Druck- enmiller c,'l'I'l' llflifl-tfflllb, l'lt-rman. Wimmt-r. Xu! l'1'rlurrfl: Shiner fsffffftlfyj. Smith, l'it-rog. llt-nsinger, li. Miller. as ,.,.,.-as .-- .1-Q Lqfl In Riglll - l'i1'fJ'f Raw: llillcgass Civ!-ff l,7't'.firl."IIlD. Musscr. lakacs. Ritter. Kulp. lfcrguson. Srruml Rum: Nlr, Becker Q.-lzfriiffrl, Williams, Rcmaley. lllanlr. Nicss fSfrrffaryl. Third Rnrv: Rcieharcl C7lTI'II,YIlfffJ. llowcr, Rahn, Miller fl'rr,f1'flr'11ll. Rinltcr. X01 l'1'rIurfrl: Rt-t-tl. Stettlcr. Nature Study Club The purpose of organizing this club was to acquaint the members with the wonders of nature. Field trips were taken when wild flowers, weeds, trees, birds, and other things of interest were ob- served. The characteristics and habits of birds were cliscussecl and the members learned to recognize them with thc use of colored lantern slides and charts.' Conservation and Wz'!d Lzfe Club t Planning a reforestation program to help conserve our natural resources was one of the many activities undertaken by these nature enthusiasts. A trip was made to the zoo and the Museum of Natural History in Philadelphia. A program, presented by Mr. Roy Trexler ol' the Pennsylvania Game Commission, helped them to betteil understand wild life problems. l.r'7'f lo Riylzl- 1'1l'fJ'l Roux' llrciss Qlirfxvidfnlj. Diehl, Brinker, Kcrshner, ii 4 llollzmtl. flaspcr. Strousc 41,1-ff I,ft'.l'!A' ' rlfllll. llfloyer. D. Vllelullilig. li l lcinrzclman, l luher fl'r1'.r1'rlf'nlD. Srmml Rnfzz' lfcarlier QSfrrrl11ryD. Grccnlwalini. Smoll, Miller. l rctrer. llllfci' CTrr11.r Il rrrl. .-Xllcmlcr. liuss. llcitlcr. ul. lVloycr. Scliratlt-r, Tllirfl Rnfv: lfrev. R. NYM-tler. St-ilu-rt f1'fI'II.fIl7'l'f7. Baumer. Rciliingcr. R. lllanlc, lfclt, Shankwcilcr, lirey. Ycakel. Fourlfi Row: Althouse. l,orish CSrrrrmryD, Sebring. Rohrbaeh. Pav- ancllo, llucln-ckcr. Wliirt-night, D. Ritter. lVlilinicl1il:. Fliflfl RMU: Rep- pcrr, YV4-tm-l. liuchcn. lVlr. Bear C.'lflf'l'.vrrD, l'olsrcr Cllliff' l'rf,t1'flm1lD. Yolk. l'. W'untlling, Mr. llurgcr f.Alrlt'1',rrrJ. Rokosny. Nlontgonlcry. Hull. .vUI1,l'IAfIlf!'l1'.' Cope.ilircieliler. llcycr. lVlarks. Miller, N. Moyer. Stahl. XYl'fl1l'l'l10lKl. Romancliuk. l.1jfl In Riglil Fir.-'I Rfuix' Rollman. l,isi. lioinigg. XXX-lah. Geist. l,azor f,,fl'.f1-!fl'7IlJ. Miss Gravel' C.lfl111'.ffrD. Ziegler. George. lit-11fit-ld. Knoll flil'ClCl1ll'l'. Scliueck. Srrnmf Rove: McNal1I1. Urffer, Kulp. Bear. lleist CSrrrrmr-vb, llcrr. Sliafer, Reins. .Yol l'1'rl1m'1l,' l'lill1t-rt. Rzidler. XYllfll1jll'I'. Home Nursing Club This cluh consisted of girls especially interested i11 health and nursing tl1e sick. These girls lC2il'l1Cil to apply practical nursing skills i11 caring for self, their families, a11d to promote healthier conditions at l10lll6 and i11 their comniunity. The girls learned to care for the sick, the hathing and care of a hahy, llllll tl1e l.llllCl2lH1Cl1f2llS of first aid. , . . , ffl-HI-ll Club 'lihe Tri-Hi-Y Cluh, an affiliate of the Y. M. C. A., is an organ- ization composed of high school girls. As special projects, they attended tl1e Tri-Hi-Y convention i11 lfaston, held a series of teen talks, took a trip to XV1lSl1ll1gfOll, D. C. I1 April to see the cherry blossoms, organized ,lunior Red Cross gift hoxes, Zlllfl distributed Christmas stockings to tl1e needy children. rum Lzjft in Rrglll F1'f.rl Ruta' Dillelk Nleyers. l"i11dIey. AX. Scliut-ck. Snioyt-r. . ' er. t-walt. Nt-ster. Gross. Well- in fton. Srrrmd Ruff: lleffner, Geis- in ver, .ieic 1' . "ret er' ' ', Q 1 ll .7 Hrrrrlary . M -rkle. llzsriz 1, l "-' - ai X. : mig. "lin fre: 'i'-j, S o rra.r1m'r . utz rmif ful , h . .ic1lu'Ck. . ' iw 11111 . . anti. ics Mft' rr,r1'1lf11l . 'ig ' . liflllfffl fifth' 1' 's. ployer ,f 1 riifvrr . ii -"1 1, ' - iss-. x muse, Ylolir. f. S' I-C '. . ."eg'l'ied. -1 1' .le . rf': - - i ger, Swank, Q-'11z 't .Schn :llc i J , -est-r. .aut t-ns :1 1 ,Yfl I irlzzrrilx Brown. David. lVloyer,Oswalil, l't-ters. - 'u-tl. l',Sl'l11'l1l11IL'l!.flfff. tiiig.. ft Oswald. Nl'll1lL'j'L'l', Ni-whard. Polstcr, lmfl In Rfqhl: Sticlitt-r. Ri-zulinger. Rcifiiigcr. llii-lst-ig Miss Nl cCarty f.'lr1t'1',rrrj , lyivilcr. .Yrrl l'f1'lurfzl.' Swavi-ly. 7 xxiltix gs . ,. fl C ezfez'erz'ez Receiving valuable experience in planning, cooking and serving delicious meals, also using latest kitchen equipment, these ,lunior and Senior girls met every ,day in our cafeteria to prepare and serve the meals to the studentsfand teachers. The girls are kept husy drying dishes and cleaning up the cafeteria after they serve the meals. Chefs ' Club N 'lihis all male cluh, eager to learn the fundamentals of cookingg disregarded the old saying, "the woman reigns in the kitchen." Their aim is to follow any recipe and have it turn out according' to their wishes. liesides cooking. they also had movies on tahle, service, manners, and the finer techniques in cooking. l Leif! In Riglil- Sfami: :lntli-r, Roth, lf. Sfillllil-Cll Boyer. lick. Stoudt. Sfllllrilflgf R. Nloyur. Yanorhko fS1'frrlr1ryl. liohus. .'xl1SL'lI11. l,. Milli-r. R. Miller, lfritl. Butz ql,7'I'J'IiII,l'lll,- D. Moyer, Kuncio. xlrndt. l'. Sraulifl-r, Worm-l flrliff l'rf.f1'iIrnlD. l'oIsri-r. Ulcska. Hollliman, .Ynl l,l.flIlf!'Il,' Drnckcnmillcr QTrz'aJ-zirrrj. Miss Mc Carry C.Aldzii.frrD. l,aIwnhi-rg. ,,88. li is . , Lffl in Rigfll Sr'11!1'rf.' C.'Ir1'f'1',trrl. 'llrautt fSl'4'fl'l!17'j'D, Mintz qT7'f'll.fI4ft'fJ. Reinliartlr fl'rr,tidfr1lQ. lfisher flhl-ft' l'rf.firlrnlj. Slnmling: llieher. lleitnauer. lloffnian, lioyer, Nl. xl. Smith. ll-l.ong. Yaeek. Deiseher. llerlcy. flewell. Kerslmer, lleinsinith. Pugh. Knapp. l'okm'ny. N. Smith, Myers. liemlimger, xlmler- son. Seliwziix Nliller, Nlillhouse. .Yul l,I'flIlfl'tf.' lleiinhaeh. lleiney. Librar Club y nr an 'llhe eharrning atmosphere and attractive displays found in the lihrary can he attrihuted to the efforts of the girls in the Lihrary ' Cluh. lieginmng as Freshmen, these girls help the hhrarian lay . .,,. shelving, stamping, and mending hooks and magazines. lf. hy their 'X,.".? v I " i Iunior Year, thev have aeeunlulated 100 hours or 1,000 points they F i ' Q ' 2 H lllf Hill? -.xg , f, ' 1 g , A 'ff 1' , H 4 - v sg' - V' 1 , A ' are entitled to ll' old l,ll5l'1ll'Y Clulx win. 0 V EI . I 1 w I u r E 4, fl- 'A H. " . n ' Debczrirzg amz' 1f6dfllI.7Zg Club Nine pupils, interested in loeal and international affairs, inet to dehate Current Pl'Ol7lCI11S eaeh eluh period. Chosen topies were discussed in a formal dehate and then argued at a round-tahle session. The elulfs ohjeetive was to develop the ahility to present thoughts clearly and convincingly heeause the art or puhlie expression is a valuahle asset. lmfl lu High! S1'rllml.' lladler. lluss fSrfrrlur.vl. l'hl'k'I'Z. Reins Clin' I,fl'J'I-' tlrzzll. Ulewell. Cassel CY'rfa,r11rrrD. Sflllltllllltl' slten. Gardner fl'rf.r1'tf.f'11lj. hlaxwell. Nliss Dils Cxl1lc'i,ffrD. ,Yol l'irl14mI,' plrnohl. 89 H Girls ' Athletic Club E To develop poise, balance, coordination, and interest in gynmas- tics in its members was the chief purpose of organizing this club. ln the spring and fall ofthe year they had track meets and softball games. The girls participated in tumbling and gymnastics, which after being mastered, were skillfully displayed in the annual Gym lfxhibition held in spring. lmfl lo Riglil Firfl Roan' XXX-tzel limi... lfinlt. Merkel, if Robrbach Kuhns, Reinhard. Richard, Silva Rupp. Srrmnl Rum' Dt-l.ong. Kras ley. Schrantl. l'larr fI,fl'.l'1-Illflllj Moyer. Miller clvlifl' l'rrf1'flf11lj l Knauss. Neimeyer. Cressman. NX eaver Tlrfrd Row: l,. Rohrbach. Kozak llillegass. Sterner. Buss. lVlartin. qllbitz. Vlalters. l,eiser. .Yot I,1i1'lIlT!'Il, Dreas. Rompella. Sehellenberger. 90 Lrjfl In Rfglil- I'1'r.fI Rr::z': llillegass. Druclcenmiller. Sassaman. Kohler. Schirmacher. Greiss C7'n'a.vim'rJ. Nlxlinichilc. Srrnml Row: Miller , Cl rf.fz'1lrr1lj, Ziegler. Reppert, lVlarsh. Sicher. Cocklin. Houseknecht CSn'rr- lar-VD, Swavely, Mrs. Kerr f.'l!l77Ii.fff,. Tlzfnl Roux' Spayd, Allentler. C. Clauser. Licbtenwalner. M. Clauser. Heist. Sachs fl'1'rfl'rf.firlfrllQ. .Ynl l'1'rl11rrrl.' Snyder. Kisrler. Boys' Gynznastzk' Club Developing coordination, balance, and mobility of the body was the sole purpose of organizing this club. During club periods these ambitious boys were active in gymnastics on parallel bars, calisthenics, jumping, diving, and tumbling. After mastering these features the members displayed their accomplishments by partici- pating in the annual Gym Exhibition. i I I I I L lajll lu Rziglzr l"1'r,-I RU.-wx Douglas llortf Cl'rr.ll'1lf'r1lD. l"enstermalu'r. .xkl1llIlS. Kulins. Sroliflet. Nlr. l.olwlx s - Q.-li1'f'i.w'rH. Sfffflltf Rnfe: Schwartz. Nliller. Wit-der. Delano liortz. Gordon . ' ' lS1'4'l'l'lIII'j"Tf1'IIAllV'2'fb, Smith. Xml l'irl1m'il.' liatnian fl'irr 1,7'l'.VI-lflI'lllD. X P43 Scabbanl and Blade Club Sinee the world is again in a turmoil and mueli emphasis put on military training. these students realized the seriousness of the situation and took an aetive interest in the armed forces. ilihey acquainted themselves with drilling routine, military courtesy, and discipline. They also learned the meehanies, use, and eare ol' Slllllll XYCIIPUHS. Vzzrsfty "E" Club This group, made up ol' letter winners in all sports, had a well filled year. 'llhey sold gloves and sweat shirts. also sponsored dances and the lfmmaus Faculty vs. Slatington Faculty basketball game to secure funds for sweaters given to all Senior members. Dis- cussions at meetings eentered ahout athletics with the ohjeet of improving the rules and regulations. IMI in Rllfllf fini Ro-:ox laeliren- walner. Smith flyfffllrlfflll. liirten- lu-mler. I lntlrovie. Srielner. Reinsniirli, QSrrrrlnryD. Reinhartl. Srfnml Rmfu' Straw. lxluteliler. .'lndri-ws, Wieder, liauman. llousekneelit. Tlizinl Ruse: llenning fTfI'Il,Vllff'fD. XXX-ssner. Sachs. Richard. Koze. Fnurlli Rare: Letter- liouse. C'liarh-sworth, fVlr. Deiselier f.'lfl:'1'.frrl. llrown. Xu! l'144'lurnl.' Nicholas flair l'rriz'1lrull. Nliller. llamselier, llillierr, l,1jfl In Rigfll Sralnf' l"1'rfl Ruse: Knerr. lllietler. Stephens. Srrorztl Ruta: Young fsfffflllfyj, llrainl. Kaul'l'man. Third Row: G. St-ll. Kressley, Snyder. Fourllz Row: Yous. lVliss Strauss f.'lrfzf1',frrD. Sf11mli11g.' Geist. Stoudt. ll. Oswald. Gantz. Housekneeht. R. Oswald. Heck. King. Arnold fTfftl.l'll7'!'f,, liutz fl'1'rf Prari- drnll. Wzigm-r. Rice fPft7,VIArf."71lJ, Kohler. Yocum. lfnglt-man. St-ilwrt. ,Yul l'irlurf1l.' S. Romig. Nvilt, Reiss. Youkonis, D. liomig. bl. St-ll. fypzkzg Club This eluh was organized for those students who did not have the opportunity to take a course in typewriting during their regularly scheduled classes. The main idea was to learn the keyhoard and the hasie fundamentals of typing. Artistic typing was done during the holiday seasons to introduce this type of work. l Chess and Checkers Club llelving into the game of the ancients, many of our students found pleasure and an interesting pastime in our Chess land. Checkers Cluh. Two of the most cosmopolitan games, their activities requnge deep concentration, patience, and strategy. Tournaments in hoth of these games were arranged to cultivate interest and sports- manship. e' """' "' l ' I I ' 5 Lqfl In Rigfil- Srnlrd: l'1Cl1Sft'I'Ill1llil'I', Diehl. lXlt'nzt-l. lvieiler. Us-orge, Ui'- land. l,. Knauss. -I, Knauss, Rauden- hush. llol'finan, Reiltinger. Rainer. lliompson. lft-gt-ly. liit-lu-r CSrrrr'larAv- TfF!l,fIlT."f,. li. Moyer. Slamfz'ny.' liender. Seaman. lVlinnich. Geiger. Slioentaker fl'rr.fi'u'r110, lfrey. Mr. Urtt f.Irlff1'.ff'rD. Conrad. lfatula. D. Moyer. llowerter, lfisenhard. Nui l'iflzam1: Krick. Mintz. Nlitcliell. Staiiffer. Stein. Weaver. -92 fzmior Glee C lub A new club organized this year was the Mixed Junior Glee Club, consisting of Freshmen, who had two meetings monthly. At these meetings the president took charge of entertainment which usually featured vocal, instrumental, and choral selections. One of the club's functions was the Freshman Minstrel which proved to he quite a success. Herz'-vz'tz'e5 Calendar Lffl Io Riglzi-YFir.vt Row: Diehl, Kerr, Druckenmiller, Brinker, lirahler cpffflillflllb, Lolcez, Ziegler, Kern, l,orish, Mr. Peters fDirecforJ, lfegley fPiani.rlJ. Second Row: Meyers, Dreas flfllft' I,f!.fl.llt'I1fJ, Lloyd CSecrz- taryj. Oswald, Hersh, Miller. Gordon, Schuler, Crourhamel, Silvius, David. J. Koehler. Third Row: Bailey, Romanchuk, Andrews, Kline. Moyer, Mill, Bauman fTrm:urrrD, Meitzler, Rahenold, Lohrman. l.ippo- witch. Fourth Row: Lauer, Bear. Romig, Giering, Kirhy, lfluck, C. Andrews, Dries, li. Koehler, Greena- walt, Seip. lick. Not l,1.t'fllTt'lf.' Genovese, Hensinger. Waschek, Noth- srein. Confer, Hosfeld, Kohler, Long. STUDENT COUNCIL TRI-COUNTY MEETING-"NOVCml5Cf 15. SENIOR CLASS PLAY-NOVCU1bCl' 16, 17, 18. FRESHMAN M1NsTREL+February 2, 3. HIGH SCHOOL OPERETTA-Marcli 9, 10. BAND CoNcERTfApril 6. DISTRICT ORCHESTRA-April 12, 13, 14. Music CLUBS CONCERT-May 11. . Wx kxxfjf s rg 5 I . X , 4 ., 5 5 K. 'sw N x -L fx, .1 : is rv, ,N-X. am . ,Wu M WMM M7 an 4 f--J v..,,,,,..f sv- L 'N 1 v f:mfS , 34 NWS? ig pork it v ng 'f V L Q. -.. ' K. ,Q cya-?cf'2 l Q '4a,',is'v L "r .i X . . . .s x. X .. " . sl 4.1 xf3y1.k?w,, , K Q-11 -Q Lfjfl lu Rifglil: Reinhard. Rt-insmith Cheerleaders Aida' Many times during foothall and haskethall seasons our teams were cheered on to victory hy our pcppy cheerleaders. The girls hegan their work last spring when three sophomores, .Ian Sachs, "jackie" lloyer and Carol Schwar. were chosen to replace the three seniors who were to graduate. They joined with the experienced cheer- leaders, Ann Rcinsmith, janet Koze, and .leant-tte Reinhard. to form our cheering squad. . Koxc. Boyer. Schwar, Sachs C 0101+ Z0 Games Under the guidance of Mrs. Kerr, they held many long practice sessions in which they created new cheers and worked for perfect coordination and rhythm. Dressed in their snappy new uniforms, which consisted of yellow slip-over sweaters, pleated green skirts, and dickcys to match their skirts, the girls were admired wherever they went. l yer and Kon- It-:nl fans in Rt-insinitliantl Reinhardcheering onteam Sachs and Schwar doing 'xllika-L'lnck-:Xlacka-.-Xlit-," with 'Warsity right." ".-Xcka-l.acka-flung." ' I' l l.r'11u Riqlil f Firrl Rafe: Greiss. llziuinan, Uehman. Unilrovic. D. Miller, Amlri-ws. hlutchler. llilileheiilel, .V . , . . Srmnil lwcv: Nlr. :Xlherr Deiscliei' fxlssistant Coaclil, llouseknecht. Wieder. liittenhentler. Nlr, Xlilliam l.ol1Iw Ulead Coacltb. Gerhart. llanischer. Weaver. Mr. lYalter llauser C.-lssistant Lloaclib. Tllfrtl Rafe: Stofflet. llinlcer. N. l'olster. l,ahenherg. hlcllinley. Klinger, Niess. Fuurflz Rare: Rainer, li. l'olster. Smith. Cope. linauss. M. Miller. Fziflli Rme: llilherr, lfeather. li. ll'ieder, Reiss, lfclt. llillegass. Straw. G'7'l.!llZ?'07Z Men Eymblzkh Medz'ocre Record 'llhe old cry "Hit them hard!" was heard on the day of August 18, when our Green and Gold gridiron men started to round out a smooth working machine. Turning hack to the '49 season, the splendid record of seven wins and three losses plus second place in the Lehigh Valley League is re- called. For this yearls ball cluh, it was a challenge to prove that they could up-hold that fine record. Coach Luke Lohh had five returning lettermen around which to form a nucleus. With the little experience on hand and the many injuries sustained during the season, the team had to settle for a five won and five lost record. After the first contest, under the lights, things looked hrighter than expected. For the first time in four years lfmmaus defeated lVluhlenherg Township, hy the overwhelming , io-captains D. Miller and M, Ondrovic. 'l'Roi'm' XYINNICKS or 'rms '50 Smsox -- Nl.Ondrovic. winnerofthe Ma ry Deische r ,, Senior Award 'llrophy for heing the our- standing player during his high school career: N. Polster. winner of the Dr. lf. li. l,ichtenwalner 'lirophy for heing the most improved player: 'l'. Hoiiseltneclit, winner of the football for the most out- standing performance in the llooster ilaine. ' -. A 9 c. ,. W . ta, Tap Lfjfl: lCmmaus High Gridders takti the fit-Id. l Top Righl: Opening kickoff bv W .,t:Af'Q. Q Hornets at Palmerton. 1 ll1SfI'llCfl0IlS. score of 32-7. Continuing with the same vim and vigor, the team performed magnifi- cently before its home folks and on September 23 won the first league game by the score of 26-0 from a strong Stroudsburg team. By this time the custom of being shoved aside by Northampton seemed to disappear among the squad members. However, an unexpected powerhouse proved differently and sent our boys home with a S8-0 lacing. Coming back to the homegrounds, an undefeated Slatington team invaded and Lqfi: 'lream gets pre-game Right: Gerhart sneaks over for ltmmaus tally against SlZlI'lIlgI0l1. l i l was turned back by the score of 12e6. The following lweek our boys traveled to Catasauqua and looked good in defeating an aggressive outfit, 26L7. Losing ground as the season rolled on, our teani fought hard to defeat a scrappy Lehighton team and win the annual Booster Game on October 21. The decision went to us by a Z1-12 count, and the entire student body capitalized on this victory by having a holiday the following Monday. Once again on the road, they traveled to Palmerton, crowd at halftime. Right: Quarterback Hamscher hemmed in hy Northampton tacklers. l Bollom Lqfl: Our band entertaining football I 130110111 Right: Alert, Hicient coaches steer lfmmaus to 'ictorv. l l l I l Lzfl: Determined Hornets return ' to field for second half. I l 'Ill raw-'a 5- . X :W A "-' Q lvllhflifj' Playrrr Who Conzplrlni Foolball CHffffJ'1NCXf years' team will lose -the services of these liour-teen players who grzuluatetl. 'l'lu-y are l..fjff to Right: Gelnnan. Antlrt-ws, ,l. Wu-der, Hiltlt-lmeulul. D. Miller, liirrenhemler. Greiss. Gerliart. lV1llI'l'l1l0l'. Hoilselmeclit. Bauman. llainsclier. Ontlrovlc. Weaver, hoping to keep the winning streak intact. The Bombers thought differently and out- rushed the Hornets for a 12-7. decision. Playing in the mud, a fine Nazareth team, which was unbeaten, laid the third defeat to our Hornets by whipping them, 13-0. NVith strong rivalry showing up the following week, our hoys were again turned hack. This time it was East Greenville, for the SCHEDULE EJ-Ls. ovv. Muhlenberg Township. . . 32 7 "fStroudshurg .......... 26 O "'Northampton. . . 0 S8 'Slatington .... 12 6 lkcatasauqua. . . 27 6 3"Lehighton. . 21 12 "'Palmerton .... 7 12 Nazareth ...... 0 13 East Greenville. . . 12 32 'Whitehall ................. 12 20 lk Lfllligll Vallry Lmguf Cfznmr 2, first time since 1939, hy a surprising 3242 score. Finally, the day came when the seniors performed for the last time, in the annual Turkey Day clash which was played at Whitehall High School. Battling on even terms most of the way, the Hornets finally losr out, 2042. Si-nior Student M Zll12IjJ,l'l s Strarz a ml l lillwerr ,,,,....---I Cllllfll lajfl lo Rfgfzl- Ffrfl Rnfv: ,l.auer. Yealccl. Nt-iuieycr, Silva. Fink, NVeavcr.'Nich0las. Smith, Mr. Donald lmilit-1isp1'1'g1-I' ffoaclij. S."l'1UlllI.Rl?fZ'.' ,l. lxnauss. l.. Knauss. l'ik'1lfllCl'.SI1'IOll,.'xllCIlklk'l'. Xliieder. liaust. .-Xlrhousc. sCl1l'lll'I1lK'I'j1t'l'. 1'!l1'f11R1lIl'.' Cope. Strouse, lrump. AlltlI't'WS. Kotak. l.auchnor. llouseltncchr. lxardos. Diehl. lfnzzrlli Rn-:c': llcycr. Schwar. Scliillit-rt. lleal'y. Geiger. Sehriug. RIlllilk'I1l1lISl1. J. V. 'J Poysess Power and Speed for Eumre To this squad goes the responsibility of grooming football men for our future varsity teams. Under the tutelage of Mr. Leiben- sperger, and assisted hy seniors Earl Smith and Kenny Nicholas, our young gridiron men estahlished a record of two wins and two losses. Our juniors had a difficult time getting started and howed in their first contest to lVluhlenherg Township on the home grounds ins ll. l'olstt-r and M. Miller. SCH IZDULI5 Catasauqua ....... Central Catholic, , . Central Catholic. . . lVluhlenherg Township. . hy a 9 to U score. Un Octoher 16, our .I.V.'s rebounded and pushed aside an aggressive Catasauqua team hy the score of2lfO. llravel- ing to Central Catholic, for their one and only game away from home, the second loss of the season was tagged on hy a 13--76 count. Nleeting Central Catholic as the opposition for the second time, our juveniles, showing great impiiovement, evened the series and their season's record with a convincing H-'12 score. ng, l lcycr Krauss. l Student Managers St-hri l Geiger. X01 I' 1'f- mmf: 1i.11.s. ,Ol'I'. 0 19 21 lo 6 13 14 12 ghd 4 1 Lzifil In Riglzf F1'r.rl Race: Boyer. llousekneeht. li. Sachs. llt-ist. l,ielitemvalm'r CCaptainD. Wessner. lfisher. .l. Sachs. llenning, xl. Rt-insniith. SlrunI1'r1g.' Coclclin fStuclent MilllHgL'lAD. Nlintx CSt.utlent lVlana'gt-rl. Knapp, lVl. lf. Reinsmith. iliflllllf. Mrs. Kerr CCoachJ. liieher. Clauser, Smith fStutlent Managerj, li. Kline QSenior Student Nlanagerj. .Ynl Piflurnl: N. Kline, lleimhach. Girls Display Ski!! and Spzhfzf lloping to follow the pattern ol' previous teams, who had won the unofficial league championship for the past two years, the lassies startecl off with a hang, winning six straight games: two from Coopershurg and single victories over the Alumni, Central Catholic, Vllhitehall, and Slatington. Then our team was suddenly awakened to the fact that the competitive spirit in girls' lwaskethall was rapidly increasing. The first team to exhibit this spirit was a tall, sharp- - I l ' SCHEDULE Klll'.fX'l'IiS Reinsnnth. l.1cntt-nwalner. Coopersluurg . . . llenning. . 5 Qoopersburg . . . Alumni ..,..,..,, Central Catholic. . 'kVVhitehall ...,,.. ":Slatington . . :"Palmerton . . 'Catasauqua ...... Central Catholic. . 'klvliiteliall ....... :kSlatington . . bkljalmerton .,..... Pk Catasau qua ....., ik1,z'lII.gll Valli Y' lOl 'y Lfllgllr' llanzvf shooting l'almerton aggregation which won a thrilling 42 39 contest from the Ilorm-rs. 'lihis clefeat was followetl hy two more, at the hancls of Catasauqua anal Central Catholic, hefore the girls came through with clecisive victories over Whitehall and Slatington. After another loss to Palmerton, the team put a thrilling encl to an exciting season with a S1-51 tie with the new league champions, Catasauqua. 1211.5 Opp. llouselcneeht looks on as Ili-is: jumps with Carry guartl, l.att-r Ili-is: svoret 19 tying ln-lil goal. . 29 25 . 36 24 , . 49 35 . 38 29 . 84 Z-lf 39 42 25 35 , 25 35 . 36 2-lf . 60 18 -lf-l -18 . . Sl Sl l l,qf'1 In Rigfzf Sr'1ll1'4f.' Charlesworth. Housekneelit. Hamseher CCQ-Captainj. Gerhart ffo-Captainj. liittenhencler. ,-Xtlanis. Slrllltfillgf Ontlrovic, Pavanello, Hellman, Letterhouse, Moyer, Brown, Polster, Andrews. .N 01 Pirlunfd: Coach Tuttle. Hezlglzt Iiandzkap and Ifzjuries Izzlaz'bz'Z Varsity Coach 'lluttle's squad, during the past season, estalvlishecl a poor league reeord ol' one win against thirteen clefeats. Their sueeess was limitecl partiallv luv a lack of height anal also hy injuries sustained during the season. 'lihe team started off fairly well, with a three win and four lost reeorcl in pre-season games. Ol' these games our most capable clemonstrations of power and teamwork were in the two contests with Coopersliurg anal in the Lansdale game, although this power failed to heeome a factor strong enough to overcome the height advantage ol' the league teams. The league season was opened with a thrilling one-point victory at Lehighton, anal this narrow margin triumph provecl to he l 'l'iioi'm' WINNERS: l'avanello, hest at foul-slioqtinga t ituns llamseher :uul Polster, most improved playerg and Clerliart, winner N-uior htutlent hlanagt Gt-rhart. of the assist trophy. I Ontlrovie and :Xmlrt-ws . ix - 'f xx "L Q A iff 1 Sf S 5 ii fm I 4. Y xl ' QV i 1 Q 5 A... .nw - ' N, .J - . N .W-.M i s I 5 ' Tg?! .4f15s Sig, wif! X LL.f ,B 4, 5 Pifzl Xian 22 ,,, L . 2X 'I in. h 551 ess Q52 Q34 l lajfl lu High! lXvIIl'A'lI'7I.Lf.' Geiger fStudent lvlllll-IIQCYD. lllillegass fStutlm-nt lVl2lIl2l,lLL'l'j. Nlr. llauser Cfoaehj. Slllflll CStudent Managerj. Krauss fStudL-nt Managerj. Sl!lIIll'17Ig,' Miller, lrump, Reiss, Houseknechr, Cope, lVleGinley, Rahn, l,eiser, Y Wieder, lolster, Feather, Knauss, Urland. fznzior Varsziy T aka League' Cbampiomhzb Coach llauser's 'lunior Varsity piled up an exeellent league record ol' ll wins and 2 losses and thus st-wed up an unehallenged champion- ship. The ,lay Vees compiled one ol' the hest win-loss records in school history and deserved the respeet and admiration of the fans. They trouneed four of the six pre-season teams and also liast Greenville, a niid-season, independent opponent. Opening the regular season with tireless energy, they set the paee in the league with a five-game winning streak. ilihe first half was elosed with the only two league defeats of the season. All the power and speed of the underclassmen lwroke loose in the seeond hall' as they eopped the championship with a clean sweep of the league. We are looking forward to these hoys to form the hulwark of a fighting varsity next season. SCIIICDUIJC li.ll,S. OPP. N,w.xuia'1'ii, . . tlnrNo.4'?,l'olslerNo.4l.andlYietle1'No.-1.5 "' Riavxumo, . .. :dx lor rt-hound as Rahn gets away a jutnp shot. """ C ooifi-iksurius Citznw.-xi, CA'I'lI0l.IC. . . I.xNs1mi.l-. ....,,.... . Cool-iaitsutiu: ,..... :k . . .. l,I'.llIK.IllUN. . , .. :klNUR'I'll.-KMI"l'ON ..,. :kNI'RUl'l?Slil'lUG. T ' V. , 'xxlllll-.ll.'Xl.l. ....... . - , lSl.,'x'l'iNc:'i'oN ..... , 4l,.Xl.Nll-1R'l'IlN .... :'L'.x'1'xs.-xL'Ql'.x... 'Ia-:n1on'roN, ,. 4gNl7Il'l'Il.-XNlI"I'0N YS'l'RUl'IJSliL'RIi. . . lf I W lllll4.ll.'Kl.li. . .. 'k5I..'Yl'lNlS'I'UN. .. il! . ,. 1 l'.xs'r inn-i1aNx'11.i.i-3. .. ,-XI,NIIzRIUIN .....,......., 'kk ,x'l'.1xs.-x LFQLI-X ............. :'cl,fl11'gf1 frlllry lfllglll' GKIHHKV. 62 36 R0 W N liahn No. SU. Knauss No. -W, in Witte kj 'gtg No. -13 watch llouseltneeht et tim 27 -ll? SN l SS -l-2 A 30 57 ' 40 htm 30 35 lfw is 1 40 +4 X 57 -Hi 39 36 -Hx -ll 46 68 24 S7 -lf? 49 24 48 , -H- SS -PN -ll 41 QS i 37 l l l 'ef' .,y f 4, X AZ . , tl .4 1 .,,4- l sk: 1 ' I. , ,V ,. X . . ' ' A Q Av cr .4 .. - . ' r lajf! In Rzglzl ltr.-'I Rafe: link, plntler. hassaman. Snyder. hpayd. lloyer. Sachs. llt-ist. llennhaeh. Nl. Clauser. ll. Richard. Silva. Srfmnl Ruff: Vl'etzel. ll. lVliller. Gilhert. lf. Richard. hegley. C. Clauser. l.loyd. Oswald. lf. Miller. l,orish. llonse- knecht. liohrhach. Tlrinl k'n-re: Bauman. Nl. Nliller. Kuhns. Sterner. lluss. Gelnnan. Brown. lloliliman. Knauss. Smith. liittenlwmlet. Development of Physica! C00m'z'nat1'0rz Exhibited hlany ol' the more adept and agile memhers 'l'umhling, expert use ofthe gym apparatus, ol. our school volunteered in late winter for rope-skipping, dancing, and several other our flashy Gym Team. lVlr. Tuttle instructed events were the main attractions, while and assisted the hoys while Mrs. Kerr was in elowning was an added feature. charge ol' the girls' gymnastics. After many weeks of practice and training, these students displayed their talents in the annual Gym lfxhihition, held March 29 and 30, hefore two large groups of spectators. Those athletes who had heen on the team for two years and had participated in two or more activities each year were awarded a green and gold letter. 'Xliller and Clilhert in a hand-lcnee halanee. Ciehman and Smith doing douhle liandstantl on par nlltl Ii ns Richard in a headstand. while clowns llittenhentler and llauman loo I ss H149 A 6,440 Lefl to Riglil Firft Roca: Knauss. Batman. Charlesworth, Ondrovic, l.. NVeaver. Fenstermakcr, lgihunhcrg. Marsh. Mr. l.olsh fCoachJ. Semml Row: Reiss, l,uiser, lfink, Butz, Silva, Ht-yer. R. VVeaver, C. Miller. Nicss. Tliinl Raw: Smoll CStudent Managt-rj, Krauss CStudcnt Manage-rj. Cleinow. A. Hoffman, Copll. Brown. Howertur. lick, M. Hoffman, Strata CSi-nior Student Managcrj. fillllflll Row: Seaman, Berger, Diehl, Rahn, Treichlcr, Musser, lf. Miller. Top: lirown and Charlcsworth ready to start 220. lfoIIom.' Marsh and l,Zll1L'l1l5t'I'g practicing with javclin and discus. Cifzdefmen Lezele Experience With the impressive record of their prede- cessors as a constant reminder of past achieve- ments, the ,"51" track squad did its best to re- capture thelLehigh Valley League Championship for the fifth consecutive year. Coach Uohb feared a lean year in track, due to lack of ekperience, but the team worked hard to overcome this handicap. By continued prac- tice, the boys maintained good condition and quickly mastered the skills required ofa champion. The out 'ome of the season, however, depended largely on fhe performances of the two returning letterwinners. These boys were "Bill" Brown and Lloyd Charlesworth. The tealii began its season on April 3 with a meet at Quakertown, and then met Bethlehem, Lehighton, Allentown, Whitehall, Northampton, and Palmerton. Besides the afore mentioned, the team also participated in the L. V. I. A. A. meet held at Northampton, the District ll Meet, and the P. I. A. State Meet at State College. l l 1 we - l L lajfl lo Riglzl-I"ir.fl Row: Nlr. 'liuttle fCoachJ, Douglas Born Stichtcr Hamsclur li iuman liitttnliuultr lloxu llousm knccht. l.etrerhouse, C. Wiedcr CStudent lVlanagerD. Strand Rot I Vlicdcr Stmor Srudcnt M in igtr lolsrti Dui M. Miller, Knauss, Ondrovic, Delano Bortz, Andrews, Nlutchler fScnior Student Managcrj 'N alP1rIured D Miller iyuliait Diamofm' Stars Excel Coach Tuttle had the good fortune of having the greater part of last year's Lehigh Valley League Championship team return for action this season. This lineup of veterans, which included pitchers, "Walt" Bauman and "Doug" llortzg infielders, "Donny" Stichter, "Dick', Hamscher, and "Don" Millerg and out-fielders, "Donny,' Andrews and "Hal" Bittenbender, together with some promising newcomers, made up an aggressive and good defensive aggregation whose only weak spot was its lack ofhitting power. During the season the Hornets crossed bats with Coopershurg, Central Catholic, Slatington, Stroudsburg, Palmerton, Lehighton, VVhitehall, Northampton, and Catasauqua. Due to the early deadline which the copy for this yearhook had to meet, we regret that we are unable to print the outcome of the campaign. llut it looks like a great season, topped off, we hope, hy the fourth consecutive championship for lfmmaus High. v IO7 3 'Vx xxxvxx- xc K'.'.xXx'Kxx 'iwxxxdxu xxx x xx Y- x-xwW'- 1 ' "".!F'5'l0'um ' 4 , Xi, "' in - . 1, 1 X ,I--lm Guull Plmuvmnx Ny'-.x.,u , vbli.-x ,,f.- M ff- X ,ffffzx . J , x ,. x ,VZ . 9565 .,,,i5y V rfis Emenf 5 Emmaus Ford Company " Your Fora' Dealer" SHOWROOM AND USED CARS SERVICE AND PAIRTS I Q I SEVENTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS I I I I I I I I Your Ford Dealer Knows IYour Ford Best I I I I , I -11o- I I I Ilafl to the oncorzzrlvzg gevzerarfon and fo the Clan' of 1951 befng graelezmlecl from Emmazzx Ilfgh, ami H.YlC171fl7'I.'llg wffh -rel'z1eta1z,ffee1' where ilze brook and rizfer meet." The olcl orcler clzmzrgetlz and giveth way to the new. life salute you and look to the time when some of you gradx will join us, czml our xfaff will be refreshed by your xhills, your pep and your forward vision. Goocl luckl il? Air Prodzzets, Inv. ICMMAUS, PA. -Ill- HENRY P. GRUBER Qualify and S!'ff'l'Ct' IN FLOIVERS C'07llfJ!1-lIlt,'IIf,l' of 1 DR. F. H. MARTIN -us-ay, A 'D' ,vga Phone 131 5 :ml 'At ' s 3-3-Af! E X jf? 6, 5 5-H Nolwl-1 b'1'1uz1s'r 94. 95 1 B"75Lw-A" ILMMAUS. PA. 1 Q 5 DE gn S X X BETTER SHOES B'Y FARR For All The Family! AI.I.I2N'l'0WN - BETHLEHEM - EASTON - READING ,'!,r',M!,. . JL .594 HN num' ms ""' wk 5 s.. JOHN GOULD PHARMACY Prescription Sjnecialfst ICMMAUS, PA. 13110116 240 W W 112 ..- I for effer kofoqrap 5 We point with pride to thix ixxfzw of KKTHE TATTLERH 617 LINDEN STREET ALLENTOWN, PA Phone 2-1310 -1123? I 1 I I I MARVIN A. YEAKEI. WII.I.IAM H. YEAKEI,E WARREN A. YEAREI. 5 I I l I I 1 , I WM M E YEAKEl 81' SONS INC EXPERIENCED I l ROOFING AND SHEET. METAL CONTRACTORS! I Phones: Office S60-B, Residenie S60-B-2 1 RIDGE AND WILLIAMS STREETS, EMMAUS, PA. 114 J, Jack's Texaco Service Station Phone 9018 LINOLEU TILE WALL CovERIN Phone 960 COPE 81 SEISLOVE LINOLEUM CONTRACTORS wif 127 NORTH SECOND STREET EMMAUS, PA N 1 l I 4 Congratulations To The Class Of 1951 . T EAS'l' 'fEXAS, PENNA. SCHOOL I3 U S CONTRACTOR ALLEN M. LEIBENSPERGER JOHN H. SINGMASTER DEALER IN COAL - LUMBER - GRAIN CEMENT iff MACUNGU5, PA. Phone: EMMAUS 83 T : MACTJNGIE suPPl.v co. I JOHN DEER1-3 QUALnW'FARM HXHPMENT Q A 1 MACUNGIE, PA. L 111111110 416-W E1111,111S W l T T STEAK sHoP I ERNEST MOHR'S STEAKS - HAMBURGERS GARAGE 1 HOT Docs T BARBECUES 3 ik 1 ik lTelephone 185-B 1 ive us 21 call and we will have them 2 ready to take out. I jk if f T PHONE 287'R 513 BROADQSTRICIET EMMAUS, PA. 4 l I 4 - na - 1 s PLYMOUTH-- Packed Wifh Value cmd Ready fo Prove If WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS. AAA SERVICE ...I 1'....,.--,..,,... ,.., Y ,.., . '. ' j . i "' ..4,, :,... CAR f - ' "1 ' ...,.. , ' - ., - -'- . WILL ' i i'-'-A+1"f -,----'-- 1,-. : 1 :57122131112112-f2Zg1E111Si:1i:E:3, A " ""' ' "A ffl: '-" ' 'f" ' ,,,,,.,... .,..-.-... - .g.g,g., .,-,-.-.-,-.-. 1 .1.1.f,g-z-gr:-:-af:-'gr-:fran2:1-1:E'1:f:frf2f'f2?1f2fj'f-fr'2'1131-..'2561-E-11:1:5E2:E.f:Q:5., GIVE e"'4 "'- A "-' You 44,A,4,,4,, ,.E,.,, 4 VIVV A ,E,, gQQIQQQQQEQg:jgigQgijgiff' .'.' i':ITT11112151212.2123555352Qigiiiiiigigiiiiii 2gigE5iiiiE2i2iiiiiE5igi g, g2 g"' 121?1:':' K IF 1 ' """"" " "" SEEVICHD ' ' 'A" ' '3'm' m "" " "A""'A" """' ' A BY E.,:.: I US- WM. A. GEHMAN SCNS, INC EMMAUS, PENNSYLVANIA Chrysler-Plymouth Sales and Service Represented by Paul Frantz, XVilliam C. Rapp, Harris Weingart I i All Essential Part of Your Education LocAL NEWS aibout the people you iknow. NATIONAL NEWS that effects your daily living. i WORLD NEWS upon which your very future depends. N ENTERTAINMENT in the many comios and special features, delivered to your door Daily and Sund'ay in the i CALL-cl5ln0NlCLE NEWSPAPERS3 y The Morning Call Sturt Your Subscription 2 Evening Chronicle PHQNE A1,i.izN'rowN 3--i2-L1 i Sunday CaIl,Chr0nicIe CI.I'L'IlZHfI.0IL Dfpartnwnt L 118 1 H, COIlLPlI.'lllL'11f5 of JUSTICE OF THE PEACE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE ik iii' Phone 97-.I Phone 65 ik' 18 SOUTH FOURTH STREET ILMMAUS! PA' MAIN STREET AI.lHJR'l'lS DE LABAR CHEVROLET AND Phone EMMAUS, PA. PASSENGER CARS - TRUCRS -- PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Ray C. De Labar, Prop. -119- " 12: was a master because he tool: infinite Pains. We are his earnest disciples? 120 Courieous 1J6'PL'7Ilfl11J!6 24 HOUR SERVICE EMMAUS CAB SERVICE Congratulations, Best Wisl1es, amd Success to the Future Leaders of our Community. wi' P H O N If ICMMAUS 400 ii? Homf Owned and Opfmfed SAMUEL L. MIl.l,lER, Prop. -121- I 2 Lumaen COMPANY mfygjj2413jjffTfiQ?55i5?QiEiFiQEEifiiEfH3i!iEiHQE?EF?T?fE 939 HAMn.ToN ST., ALLZENTOWN 1 LUMBER YARD AND PLANING MII,L ICMMAUS, PIQNNA. Complimfnts Of International Felt Corp. wiv EMMAUS, PA. L l +1223 l Our Ifffffy Sym- You Enough To RI.XlP.KlINl'.h GIIIfI2'I'INI: Q'.KRllS Buy Extra P11 fri B E E R S .-Xl.I. .-XDYlCR'l'lSliD BRANDS Ol" SIIOICS PrfI'z',I' lu Fill lflr' l,IIfA'!'l lftllllb 565-S67 CHIzs'I'NU'r S'rI1IaIa'I' Phone 13-I-B EMMAUS, PA Opfn lfvfry lfwzzing I1'H 9:00 Pull. MOH FPS CUT RATE 36 WIas'I' MAIN STIIIQIVI' IVIACUNGIE, PA. "D0l,l,Y ,IIJIJISOX ICI1' CRlz'.Al,1l" Phono: lCm1AI's 9000-B Co11IplInIrIII.v qf GEORGE D. BERGER Carprntzr Hfork, Plll.1Zlf7Zg, Paper llangivzg, Floor Sr11zdI'IIg, and RrfI'II1',rl11'IIg Routc l MACUNGIIQ, PA l'lIoIIc: .'xl.l.liN'l'OWN 5-0964 H I NKLE'S BAR-B-Q K. D. HINKLIC, Prop. Ifjflffffllllff Svrzffca and llauling ii? Route 222 WI2scosvII,I.Ic, PA. Phone: 7002 SAI.I2s SIQIIVICI5 S E L U - l, Q S S T U D E B A K E R A , f I Ifou 'I'IIA'I' AAA ROAD SERVICE fl :Q W e d d I n g 'L QYAPS E GowNs Ihg.. ' COSTUMES ruomm III Hg! , Wm . L3 . I' 1l'."fiIlI4II ll .fprfially Made-to-MezIsIII'e Q Clothing Pl 255 mme fjl'ChCSfl'2lS Equipped Y 17-L-178 I'1As'I' MAIN S'I'IIIzIa'1' C. E. RUTH MACUNGIE, PA. 200 NORTH 'l'liN'l'H S'l'RliIi'l' AI,I,lCN'I'OWN, PA. - 123 -- I East Penn Foundry Company cAsT-lRoN sou. PIPE AND FITTINGS ul' BRASS PLUMISING SUPPLIICS A IRON A BRASS AND ALUMINUM CASTINGS I I MACUNGIIQ, PENNSYLVANIA -124- Robert A. IVIcIcIIioI' Walter I". Selma I. Tlzfre II No S'z1b5f1'f111'e NIELCHIOFI 81 SCHNECK IJIZIINOIMIS :Ind Diznnond IVIOUIITIIIQS For The Lzftzfng Power Of EClltC'l1fl0'll Gifts I Costume Jewelry WZIICIIGS FINISH HIGH SCHOOL PMNE 7566 FIRST S22 HAMILTON STREIVI' ALLENTOWN, PA. THEN COME To THE A L L E N T 0 w N ConIpl1'mz'11I,f Qf BUSINESS COLLEGE A. D. WEAVER Nl. D. 920 HAMILTON STREET if? Stated L'1'ce1I:fd MACUNGIE, PA' ,, f I Approud for I Ngram Telephone EIUIDZILIS 165 CHESTER B. NICHOLAS Electrical Sales and Service ALIIURTIS, PA. RICFRIGICRATORS RANGES 4 RADIO MOTOROLA - SYLVANIA -- TELICVISION YOUNGSTOWN KITCHICNS Phone 650-I3 S 125 1 RODAILE Manufacturing Company ik 1 Manufacturers of A ELECTRICAL DEVICES AND SPECIALTIES il? ICMNIAUS, PICNNA. 1 EAST PENN BEVERAGE CO. Dixtribzztor of BEER, ALE, AND PORTER ENIIVIAUS HARDWARE C0 MILLER BROS., INC. Compleie 1,1518 of HARDWARE, PAINTS, ICTC. SOFT DRINKS 72? 231 Main Street Phone -H-B EMMAUS' PA' Phone 103 EMMAUS, PA . 598.95 to Americas smaffesr walking Shoes fll-95 SHAFER and LOHRMAN 43 NoRTH SEVENTH STREET Al.1,lsNTowN, PA. C011zp!T1'T11ze1zr5 PAUL F. HELD of AAA Towing Sfr211'4'e RALSTON'S FLOWERS Si? HUDSON CROSl,lCY il? Auto Painting :md lVlcr:1l Work ON ICMMAUS Phone: Allentown 56-1731 HIGHWAY TREXLERTOWN, PA. f 127f i v Phone Allentown 3-6-L16 RALPH B. SASSAMAN, Sr. HATCHERY AND POULTRY TFARM POULTRY Suvmuzs, Dkusslzn POULTPTY, AND EGGS QNear Eaft TUNIJID MACUNGIE, R.F.D. l, PENNA PLATT FURS ik Compliment: FUR COATS of Direct from Factory to You a co- iff 12-H SOUTH FOURTH STREET EMMAUS, PA. if Phone 166 RAY F' Complimentf CTROCERIISS -M ICE CREAM 4 of il? DR. TCHESTER E. KIRK 515 CHlss'rNU'r STRIQIQT T PZMMAUS, PA. if Phone 133-M 1 Peaches and Apples ll IIOLLSALE AND RL FAIL ik PENNEBACKER'S CRCHARDS ROUT1-:s 29 -100 I3 7 H l P. J. SIEGFRIED GARAGE Phone 98-W-2 Emniaus il? Parts and Accessories General Repairing AAA Towing Service Atlantic Gas and Oil ALBURTIS, PA. , C077ZPfI'7llzT'lIfI of HOPIACE w. scHANTz FUNERAL 11011111 lllodern FHCl'l1'fl't'J - Centrally Located 1 Licensed Funeral Director and l Embalmer if? THIIKIJ AND MAIN STR1sizTs Phone 11 7 EMMAUS, PA. LEIIICII VALL.EY,S QLEADING SPORT SHOP il? W itzwer-Jones ompzmy 923 HAMILTON STREET i ALLENTOWN, PA. Phone 2-2780 130 F R I T C H , S Cfllllfifl-IIIFVIIJ' Qi' Fine GI'0I'L'I'I'L'5 and C07lf6'l,'fl'0Il,S' WEIDAS LUNCH EONETTE and MILK BAR if Phone -120 SIXTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS il? 8 SOUTH FOURTH S'l'Rl5l5T EMMAUS, PA. A L T H O U S E SHOE REPAIRING if FIFTH AND RAILROAD STREETS EMMAUS, PA. DREAS GARAGE Complete AUTO REPAIR SERVICE ACCESSORIES AND SUI'Pl.IIiS High Grade Oils and Greasing il? 130 NORTH FOURTII STREET Ckmrj GEORGE J. J. KOCH GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRING A rFOVVlNG SERVICE - XAIIELDING E711'IIIHIIJ'-41l1lCIl'lLgiL' Il1'gl1fcI11y fllfl Roni! 29 l'lIOm': lfmmsnus OIF-B2 R1-SIIII-ncc Alluntown 3-699S Plmonc: PENNSIIURC 550 Paul S. Spaar, Inc. PONTIAC-BUICK Sain and Serviu' if? ROUTE 29 - NEAR HEREFORD CHAPEL, PENNA. CLARENCE R. RITTER FUN ERAL IDIRECTOR AN D FMEAIJVIER si? Tele. 342 EIIIIIHIIIS 36-38 SOUTH FIFTH STREET IQMMAUS, PA. 131 HH I 1 FOR the BEST in RESILIENT F loaf Cocvering Armstrong and Nairn Linoleum liubber-Asphalt, Cork and Linotile, l-lardwiek-Magee Co., Firth and Mohawk Carpeting. if? Floors to meet your flooring requirements, whether hard surface or correctly styled carpeting. l il? Insured e 27 Years Experience N Fully Equipped Phone Allentown 56-1281 oWEN M. BASTIAN LEHIGH VALLEY'S ORIGINAL LINOLEUM CONTRACTOR TREXI.ER1'OWN, PA. Junction Routes 222 and 100 l 132 -- l THE BUTZ COMPANY CINCORPORATEDI REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE FIDELITY BONDS SURETY BONDS ik' Telephone 56 FOURTH AND MAIN STREETS EMIVIAUS, PA. PAUL S. C. RINKER PLUMBING AND HEATING if Phone 264-R -Il SOUTH SECOND STREET EIVIIVIAUS, PA. Complfznvntx of DR. E. J. TREXLER if f,'un1pl1'1m'nl.f of FAUST SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR DEALER Sf? Route 100 MACUNKIIE, PA AMERICAN HOUSE JOHN BAILEY. Prop. BEER, LIQUOR, AND NVINE LIGHT LUNCH iff Phone 97-B ALBURTIS, PA. Cumplimenly of MOYER'S FOOD MARKET Groceries, Meats, Produce Frozen Foods il? Emmaus 599-W ALISURTIS, PA 1 I33 - E. B. SCH U LTZ DELICIOUS LUNCIIES AT HARDWAR"f SHORTY'S PLACE PAINTS' Unis, L Ilxlwln lion-'R Prop SLT SA? MACUNGIF, PA. TQBACCO AND CANDY I RAUCH'S GROCERY STORE STOhTZ 3, EISENHARD GROCERIES - CANDIES CGLD MEATS - SODAS ii? 516 NORTH STREET lf:MMAUS, PA. N FRIGIDAIRE "Own ll ,Uillion In UN" ABC :md Easy Washers Frigidaire Automatic WHSl1Cl'S I Hoover Cleaners 0 Phone 330 CLAUSER'S MARKET MEATS : GROCERIES Distributor of H PRODUCE LEIIIGH VALLEY DAIRY PRODUCTS ik 103 NORTH SEVENTH STREET J I 1 1 4 PHON E 150 ICMMAUS, 1 A. 5 I -J 134 C011z,pfi1f1ne1ztx of General Machine Co., Inc. AND Electric F urnace-Man, Inc. A'fd7Z'IlfCICf1l7'67'.V and D1f.v1'1'1'b1zf01'.v of EFM Complete Boiler - Stoker Units EFM Complete Furnace - Stoker Units EFM Conversion Stokers EFM Complete Boiler - Burner Units C0iIj EFM Conversion Oil Burners wif' l"oUR'rH AND FURNACE STREETS lCMMAUs I --135 We 1 1 1 1 1 STEPHEN'S MARKET THE TRIANGLE SHOP 528 NORTH SECOND STREET UN THF TRMNGW 1 Phone 536-B EMMAUS, PA. Phone 950 EMMAUS, PA WE Dmlvlau 1 l WOIIlCIl,S and CI1lldl'CI1,S Wear Frefh and Cold Meat: 3 . Frozen Foodf Grocerzef 1 Yald Goods Brfyeff Ice Cream McCall Patterns 013131: 4 1 Complzmenlf of Noferl For Goof! Food F The Ideal Place for Parties ' I and Banquets ' NI- D- Q 1 Allentown, 56-H12 1 UQ' 'l1RIiXI,I5RT0VVN, PA. 1 1 1 The' 1951 "TAITTLER', prinzged by the 1 5 FD "2 'F UU S33 rw :- E N D E7 ff' D' o fm "1 N 1: ET : fro O S3 'I -I : o Q :u za 'U :: FI :u CD I 'U E z -1 FI :u U3 21, F1 UD -a af 2 c 'Fi F' Z UD -1 vw Fl F1 +-1 UD DP F' I" U1 2 -a o E W2 '-a F' 1 r c : FD U3 in U1 KX-3 c: +- 1 YQ U1 N C U1 I 1 -136- ' 1 1 LLOYD E. BRENSING ER C0,,Lp,,-,,, m GROCERIES, FRUITS, MEATS, of AND VEGETABLES GLENN H. SHANTZ IU, Cm Iiil M. D. Z0 N. FIFTH ST. EMMAUS, PA. il' SUPERIOR COMBUSTION INDUSTRIES, INC. EMMAUS, PENNA. U11 ff: STEAM GEN ERATORS CIAS AND Ou, BURNIQRS lleafer,v: CDN DI-IN s ERS SHIIVIERVILLE ZOLLINGER - HARNED'S DRIVE - IN - THEATRE , HAMILTON STREET NEAR SIXTH between . N 72? ILMMAUS AND PENNSBURD ROUTE 29 TIIE HPARK AND Sum," ii? Department Store that give: "S E5 II" Green Stampf Fivzeszi in Outdoor E1zterfe11'11ment il, il? Shows nightly ut dusk ALLENTDWN, PA. W- 137 -A 1 1 "Say It PI71'tlz Flowmwu . . . Uffzy Mot Ufith Ours? ig 1 NEW YORK FLORAL CO. Phone 9685 or 9686 906 TO 912 HAMILTON STRISIVI' A ALLENTOWN, PA. DUNDORE'S A .Modern Pharmacy In lf'I'l'l'y Sum' of rluf W01'd A Complete Line Of PHARMACEUTICALS, MISIJICINIES, AND GIl"TS AT THE RIGHT Pawn Tir DUNDORE'S DRUG STORE 011 the Triangla HILLOIDE MOTOR CO. 525 CHESTNUT STRE ET 1 il? Safer 1 STUDEBAKER Serv ice 'iir 1 Phone 369 TEMMAUS, PA. 1 Cy07lLP!I.1llE'Ilf.f J' of SELIQSERVICE MARKET E 1 RAHN A P 104 N. Fou1iTn ST. IQMMAUS, PA ji? Phone 312 I i 1 A - 138 -A 2 KEMMEREFYS MEN'S SHOP DRIES SERVICE STATION ICARI. and PICARI. DRIICS, Prop. ICSSO GAS AND MOTOR OILS ii' PI 1cml1n-: lf:m1AL2s 68613-Z ON Tina 'l'1uANm,,5 Ol"l"lK'I.'Xl. INSPI-3Cl'l0N S'I'.fX'l'ION Supplff Smlfm I 14f' Crmm "'m"'WS PENNA' AL1sURT1s, RD. 1 "TED" IO BST Lora! Diflribulur Qf Fegelyfr Dairy Producti Qzmlity Bakfd Good: "It Payf to Look WW!" HEATEFYS BARBER SHOP XV.-'XI.'l'liR H1aA'l'liR. Prop. A L S O Hunting and Fishing Supplies PA? Hunting and Fishing Licenses -H7 QOUTH FIFTH QTRFFT Opvn t'VL'l'j' day uxccpt Monday L Phone: lfmifws 97R-2 'I 483-M EMMAUS PA. , I Mme , MAIN BTRISIZT A1,1sUR'1'1s, PA Fi El N H A RT'S COIlZPHIll.E7l.l'.X' 7 3 4 ' M Siaifns - CANDIISS of HALLMARR GREETING CARDS 72? ARTHUR P. HOUSER wil? GENERAL CONTRACTOR 510 CHESTNUT STR1i1a'1' EMMAUS, PA. CU77lf1ll:IIIl'I1f.f of EIVINIAUS JEWEL SHOP Sex UI For lfmmazu High Clan Ringf Sir Phone 30-B 338 MAIN STRR1 139' V C07l1jJlIT7lIL'1LfJ' RICQHARUS MARKET of 351 CHESTNUT STREET FREDERICK A. DRY I EMMAUS' PEW' lvl. D. I if S Phone 5-ll-W SQ? 1 FRESIITFRUITS - VEGETABLES FRED SCHULTZ HOTPOINT - CROSLEY - PHILCO APPLIANCES MOTOROLA - EMERSON - PHILCO TELEVISION Sale! and Service A Phone lfmmuus 635-R-2 SlEllMlCRVll,I,Ii Upen, Efwnfn J one 50-R RADIO SERVICE ' DAVID'S ELECTRIC ? KEMMERER Emmazu Record Ileadquczrtery PAPER COMPANY ii? 314 MAIN STREET il? EMMAUS, PA. I WHOLESALE SCHOOL SUPPLIES Complimentf I ofthe Si? 1951 TATTLER STAFF 3554357 I'IAMII,TON STREET I ALLENTONVN, PA. ii? 4 -MOW- I E M M A U S Manufacturing Company .Mannzzfarfurerx Of MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS and MEN'S, LADIES', and BOY'S WESTERN SHIRTS vi? ELM AND MOYER STREETS IQMMAUS, PA. 141 C01nplimmztf I 319 MAIN STRIQICT of I ICMMAUS, PA. A. E. KRATZER, lvl. D. gif Si? 'lljfck-Up :md Delivery" X Phone 58-I-R CLINTON A. SCHMOYER CARL F. SCHMOYIQR S C H M 0 Y E R FUNERAL SERVICE Phone: Allen town 56-9092 A BREINIGSVILLE, PA. HSt'I'UI.Cl' Alwayfu C. T. FLEXER ESTATE WAYNE A. FEATHER HAULING, EXCAVATINII, Plumbing 84 Heating AND CIQMIQNT Wolua 557 l , iff Telephone 250 THIRD AND MAIN IEMMAUS, PA. l Phone 16-L-W 22 MAIN STREET I EMMAUS, PA. I l ! l T H li E M M A U Pajama Company, Inc: Rmcslz STR12121' AND KEYSTONIQ AVENUI ICMMAUS, PA. Sf? GONGRATULATES THE GRADUATES vi? GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR jOURNEY THROUGH LIFE 143 Plmnc: TCM Nl AI IS 27 I-R PROGRESS Printing House HEIKIIIERT E. SEIBERT, Prop. iff 128 EAST MAIN STREE1 MACUNGIE, PA.- ik Social and Commercial+ Printing 144 C and G MOTOR CO. AutlIor1'zrd KAISER - FRAZER Dfalfr RIECONDITIONIZD USISD CARS Phone 470 HARRISON AND STATIQ ROAD EMMAUS, PA C07lLPl1"IlZt,"'IlfJ' f:0'H1fJlf77Zfll1,f Of GABLE'S RESTAURANT of We Specialize DFI. E. A. WILSON in PENNA. DUTCH COOKING 'lt' ROBERT J. WIEDER SWU, ,H- BR I CKLAYING CONTRACTOR E.rfi1natef Cizrrn Ti? WORK DONIS AT PRICIas YOU CAN AFI-'ORD TO PAY iff 557 CHESTNUT STREET Phone 134-M PINE TREE PARK TTIIOMAS IVIIKLIENCIC, Prop. 72? Phone 162-I3 ISMMAUS, PA. -145- I I B 84 H C0mpl1'n1r'11!.r if Of 1 R. . R Phone 142-B D 1 KARL H KLE X MAIN STREET EMMAUS, W Pi' B W' I ' P ff' 'W NEEDLECRAFT SHOP to I TIM Cmdmuw of 1951 1147111 and Crochft Cotton Domeqfic and Imporlvd llfuzleiex cRAurvlER,s 1 ,Q On The Triangle 4320 CHIQSTNUT S'rRrs1zT Phone 414W EMMAUS, PA EMMAUS, PA. F I . y fre fzflrufl If BROBST'S MARKET Home Owned ECONOMY S TORE WAIllil'IN S. BRo1ss'1', Prop. -L22-42-L ELM STREET GEORGE'S GREENHOUSE , Funeral DE.VI.g7l,X' I 'Cut Flowery I Corsages WDz'slL Carciens WPotied Plants 4 Phone 38 EMMAUS, PA. 4 We Wil.e Flowers A110 ' if PHILCO ' , . , . SECOND AND RIDGE STREETS R'1d1os - RCf1'lgCf3t0fS - TCICVISIOI1, Etc. ABC Washers - Caloric Stoves E Phone 410-B JOSEPH I. HAINES il? ELECTRIC and GAS APPLIANCES made by MAYTAG - WESTINGHOUSE - PHILCO IRONRITE - HOTPOINT GENERAL ELECTRIC HOOVER and many others il? SALES AND SERVICE 328 Main Street Allentown, R.D. 3 ICMMAUS, PA. CETRONIA, PA. 147 ROYAL SWAN EMMAUS PLANT EMMAUS, PAA iff MANUFACTURER OF RIBBONS OF ALL TYPES INC. Dlvlslon of Burlington Mills 148 JOHN GULLA SELF-SERVICE MARKET AND LUNCHEONETTE :fr Phone 9007 II6-120 SOUTH SIXTH S'l'RIiIi'I' EMMAUS, PA. REINSMITH'S FUNERAL SERVICE Siner I N0-I ik' Phone 43-I3 EMMAUS, PA. CHESTNUT ST. MARKET 711 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS, PA. For flllfff that pleafe IVllNNICH'S GIFT SHOP sir COLD .IIEATS - FRESII .IIEATS GROCERIES Telephone 359-I3 PHONE 101-R 562 CHESTNUT ST. EMMAUS, PA ROCKELS STORE 30-I MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PA. Telephone 930 if LADIES,, CHILDREN,S, AND IVIENyS XVEAR IDRY Goous AND NOTIONS WEST END SERVICE C. n. IIRENSINGIELR. lu-op. Sf? GAS AND OIL OFF! C I .AI 1, S TJ T15 1.YSPliC TIOX Wheel Balancing and Alignment Our Specialty Si? Phone 340 1003 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS, PA. W 149 I I I I I I SNIOYER'S QLAREMAR IJIAIVIONDS as JEWELRY E WATCHES Genera! fl'I6'l'C1I,!1'llfZI-SL' HA? Wi' I Fll"TH AND BROAD S'l'RlClC'liS 1015 HAMILTON STREET I EMMAUS PA' ALLENTOWN, PA. I 72' I jk C0ll7'ff'OllJ Service - Fair Prieex I HIIZIIHTE Silver and Cold are Fairly Soldm I Phone 681-B I 1 I Phone 2-9805 I I'lI,,Y'lU'Ed - Experienced -- Equipped PAINTING and DECORIATING Shop and Office: 1180 Noirrn SEVENTH STREET I ALLENTOWN, PA. I Decorating Department I Pahztiing and Spraying Cliurclies, Club Rooms, Factories, Offices, Display Rooms Homes, Aiiditoriums xV8l'6ll0l1SCS, Garages, Etc. Steam Cleaning - Sandlilasting VVater Proofing - Calking - DIIIIHIJ Proofing I 1 I I I I -- 150 -- , I D. D. Fritch Milling Co. A1011 Ilf616'fIU'L'l',k' of X X X X FANCY FLOUR AND FEEDS MACUNGIIQ, PA. MOORE'S LUNCH EONETTE sir MACUNGI15 Phone 416-M KERN'S RATHSKELLER ,x1z'1'HUR --tink.-y" K1-QRN. imp. BEER, XVINIES, AND LIQUORS Saturday Spfcial CHICKEN AND SHA F0011 Phone Emmaus 696-R ALBURTIS PICKERING'S DRESS SHOP DRESSES -- SUITS - TOPPERS LINGERIE - NYLONS if 340 NIAIN STREIQT EMMAUS, PA. Phono 237-B Nlks. M1NN11a 'l'lwxi1soiua, Mgr. I,,'XYliR Cuciss PII-is Q' crum KII Variety of Bread Baked Daily at NIOYEFYS BAKERY 71-73 CHURCH S'l'RIiE'I' MACUNGIE, PA. Phone 10-R-2 .ILSO .I FULL LINE Ol" GROCl:'Rll:'S Store Opv.-n lfvcnings for Yo lll' Conn-nicnc -151 life Have A Full Selection Qf .... A EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS F Wand Z fancfai FAMOUS WATCHES - FINE DIAMCJNIJS jewelry of Distinction 71? We Clive S. U H. Trading Stilmpf MANNING-ARMSTRONG il? FINF FEMININE FOGTWFAR ik 807 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA I Compliments of 1 PERKIQMEN TRANSFER, mc. EMMAUQ PA. ' - 152 V+ C' A' DORNEY EMMAUS THEATRE FURNITURE co. FURNI TURE RUCS L1'l11'gl1 fI0ll7lI:V,.f Eff! Show Valm wif DRA PE RI E S Si? EJIfIbZI'JI16d in 1877 E7I,IKI'II1I.7l'Hl,L'7I,f for you and the enlzfre family. ik il? 612 HAMILTON STRE ALLENTOWN, PA. ET Phone 273 C0n1,pI1'n1w1Tfx of GEORGE HARWICK 575 CH ESTN UT STREET IQMMAUS, Sf? IF IT'S AN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE WE HAVE IT SERVICE AFTER THE SALE PHONE 43-1 fg 153 - PA 1 Founded 1889 Hcl-IARMING. HOMES" 1 1 by RITTER 1 1 TF !171111fff1711q'fmvlffhwmwrnlil 1 IH' 'Of 1 ,f, 'lj MMUQ ..... . ,,.. ,,.4 .. ,. 1 1. ...,,. 1 s:e:5:5:5:5: ' ua "' TL, "' ,,,, IplHPflIw"H""M"'wr1'417 41 " kQx'k:'i " v 6:-fa' -5 Lf ? 4- j' ,A ir - -inlay , ,-- ke' ff 'Q -, "E: Q-1 w . I '- T2 5259" 1 " 1 1: 4 4 , 1 Due lo our location and low overhead, Rz'tter'.ffeuabZe you to expresy your individuality and perfonality at pricex no hhigher than ordinarily charged for cornmereial quality. 1 We pay no high city rerztf, taxex, etc. 1 1 1 il? ROBERT E. RITTER1 sf SONS 187-191 MAIN STREET 1 EMMAUS, PENNA. open Daily from 9:00 AM. to 81:30 PM. 1 1 -154- , 1 i Acknowledgment wie 111 l1fJfJl'6'Cl.l1f1.07I for f!1L'fI.7IC17ICI-ll! ,vzfpport gfoevz, the yearbook by the bll.N'I'7l6'.Y.V L'5fdbl1'.S'1L7ll6'7I,f5 of EIlZ7lld'1l5 and 51u'1'o11f1zcZ111g e01111111w11'f1'e5, the 1951 Taffler Staff wishex to extend their sf1'nee1'e thanks for making fllllf, the twenty-11u1'111rh ECfI'fI'O1lV of The Taftler poxxzofe. III the fJl'0lZI16'fI'0'7IV of 1l11'.v ll'7I1IIl!1! we are fvzdeezl g1'aref11! fo 1W1'. f:l1l'C'1'lI SI.E.Y!IOffZ of C61f'C'I.7I SI'llIlJl'0, 1111: Charles RL'I'7l1IllI'fII?' of SCl7Id6'I'.V- RL'I'll!Il1l'df Company, and 1W1'. Garreir All.r?l'.V of A1I.6'l'5-Bllffl11161711 Lifho- gI'fIjJfII'7lg C077Ij5CI7ly for their eo0pe1'atz'01z and exeellehi work. To 111155 Strafzcss and the senior seeretarzfal class for their help and pa1'1'e11,ee in the typing of the yearbook 111azfe1'1'a!,' to IVI1: Sehaaelf and the 567111-Ol' E'7Zg!If5lL classes for their a5.f1'5ta11ee in C077lfD05'lf7Zg the 5e1z1'o1' b1'Ogl'l1fD!l1.E5, and Io af! others who have helped 1.11 any way 10 make this year book a success our sincere fha11le5. -4- 155 Y Azziognzphy Auiognzphf Aufognzphy Autographs 1 4 1 1 1 1 I N D E X 1 1 Page 1 Pagf ACKNOWLEDGMENT ,,.,....... . . . 155 GYM TEAVI ,............. .... 1 05 ADMINISTRATION SECRETARIES. . . . 6 GYMNASTIC CLUB, BOYS' . . . . . . . 90 ADMINISTRATORS ............ ..... 7 HI JEFF. ,.............,.......... 72-73 ADVERTISEMENTS .,...,... .. 109-154 HIGH LIGHTS IN OUR SCHOOL LIFE .. 60-61 ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB .... 84 HOME NUBSING CLUB ............. . 87 ATHLETIC CLUB, GIRLS, . . . . . . 90 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB. . . . . . . . . 85 BAND .................. . . . 78-79 JUNIOR CLASS ............... .... -1 8-49 BASEBALL ................... 107 JUNIOR GLEE CLUB ............. , 93 BASKETBALL, GIRLS, .......,. . . . . . 101 JUNIOR PROM CCZMJ of 19515. . . . . 66 BASKETBALL, JUNIOR VARSITY .... 10-1 KNITTINGJCLUB .....,...... . . 85 BASKETBALL, SENIOR PLAYERS .... . . . 103 LIBRARY CLUB. . . . . . . . . . . 89 BASKETBALL, VARSITY ........ 102 LOW DOv1'N .... .... 6 2-63 CAFETERIA ............ . . . 88 MAJORETTES .... . .... 78-79 CHEERLEADERS .... .... . . . 96 MONITOR1CLUB ......., . . . 77 CHEFS, CLUB ................ 88 NATURE STUDY CLUB .... . 86 CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB ..... 92 ORCHESTRA, CONCERT .... . 83 CHORUS .......,,.......,,.. 80 ORCHESTILA, DANCE ........ . 83 Cl.ASS WILL. . . .. . 56 PERSONAILITIES .......... .. . . . 57 CLASSES ............................. 58 SCABBARI? AND BLADE CLUB ,.., . 91 COLOUR GUARDS .................... 78-79 SCHOOL DIRECTORS, BOARD OF... . 6 CONSERVATION AND WILD LIFE CLUB .. 86 SCHOOLS .1 ................... .. . 67 D1iBA'I'ING AND READING CLUB ........ 89 SENIOR QLASS ...... . .... 13--15 DO YOU REMEMBER? ........ 59 SENIOR CLASS PLAY .... .... 7 -1-75 IDRAMATICS CLUB ......... ...... 8 1 SOPHOMOBE CLASS ....... .... 5 0-51 FACULTY ..........,........ . . . 8-9-10 STUDENT1 COUNCIL ......... . . . . 76 FOOTBALL, JUNIOR VARSITY. . . . . . 100 THANKS 1TO THE FACULTY. . . . . . 11 FOOTBALL, SENIOR PLAYERS. . . . . . 99 THE TATTLIER QYearbookj ..... . . . . 70-71 FOOTBALL, VARSITY ....... . . . 97 TRACK. .................. . . . . . 106 FORIQWORD .......... . . . 4 TRI-HI-Y CLUB .................... . 87 FRESHMAN CLASS ...... . . . 52-53 TYI'ICAL,DAY AT EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL 6-1-65 FRESHMAN MINSTREI, .... 81 TYPING QLUB ....................... . 92 GLEE CLUB, BOYS, .... .. . 82 VARSITYJ "E" CLUB. . . . . 91 GLIEIE CLUB, GIRLS, . . . 82 1 1 1 - 160 - 1 I I - L.. nw "' QI ' J L 'fa -'Ha H HIL' 'i7 .l"'LI.if 153 Eh . ,Eng V A4 . I A 1 , I I I ij 9 v . - - .. 1 , e .M ix if -44 Lf Uhffz . 3514 ' 5. g 14:57, ,gk fig i f V Fw' 554 :Gb 57321 ," -. :iii ' 2 73 A '- Qiggid A 1 A, , 1 Q gh., . ,SA ef., ff.-' 2' ig., f Q, .1 ' . 5 1, rg-I . .1 -3 , - 5 ' f' if fl -wg 4 wi' Juli . ig ,b i ' 51, , W 2: 5 -: gg : f E1hl5tgH.w X ,J Q K H ' 'if' -- . '. :gp ,. " , ':.1M.i2, ', Q "WJ Q E: i' X . rg: ki ' ' AN il 4: 1 , av rl, A 1 -, gl .pr ' f- ,S Q if a f.,-ig! -1 A . Q' WW if ' 1 gk. -gf 15,3 +.f, Q:,?g,,- ,, 5, .514?. Qg,,5,5s ., Wv,f,,iS.5,,,'v -ly . rf -if - --5. 9, '- 7. r, 55 3- pg., - ,z -'- +L: ,gm:f',1'Z' gf' ' Q. W. 1 ' xg r ' uf-:.isf"r a.NW:fg5.afaf5:4. , f '. ' e... 4,4 .1-ya. A f x E, A veg. XEF1 L 3 f i .2 gg : 2:1 5 ' G 41. '- 5 E 1 ? - 'U Jw :f5f..,f ,mfwff 1 ..,A,f:fw:.- . -.vm , ff sf ,,-M: '- -:ij M5----.,.3,: 's. wgxg,y. '54, .iff jfgfgiixft ' y , , 'A' 1:'3w2j1, :vI, '-ff, 'Ci f wuggx L . - ' 1 H nj . " - 'f . ' S - ,Wy -A ,55:,W ,4wq :K ,,, .,p. i,.5?U: A-F ,Asif-sim H. R , 2 , Ai :J was Saw. , , ,Ravi :f x , a tfim ,5-"5,g,-, -1 r..- K A .e:g',f,g ,, f 1' .ark lig fwfgsrf if H -l , qiigj3?:g - --3 ,ik 3531- A - 5 3 5 :law ' I 515 ,151 -nffjgfh 1 L4 : iii af- fs, 1 fw .is4 sf fuk- -ilifwrf I -3 ? 'fg.,, p,, 4y f,f '1 -5' 5 24 gif I FSH: '-K 4J ,5,1,:g Q 21. 1,3f,,.d 1153231-Q4 Jgfijny f -,g Q LQ. igif ft - 4 . 59512. ,.: '15 iff, iii., 'in gigs! 1. V Q1lQiQL!. gil fag, Mfg?-.. .,,15,,-1'-M-Q , f,f, nazi- 2 K ' ggrgk egg' - 5 g L,,' w.,f - 1 5 Lxizeigg wv qw, - ,.,,vi,f:,4 fm- .., i.-A 1-45:55, - 8 F5 5, .A,f,,.i W., .- ,. ., .Q43.C,w g.,. W 3,3 ,44...,, ' gf - A 3 A - A ' 1-, -H-2 -.4 ' 'lv ,fe '1f"1 FY '- ' -' . , , '- 1:5-4 , -rf, g - . 4,vg 4w -?- fpfv fff.,-' ' iff .L ,.,, -.,: ,A ,uw , .1 Ar, - - Q ,. V5.1 . Y , W ifi, ,5g53?h.. -F .,:,:5mix -H .5 in pang,-fig' 1.1 33.5 E, ,j - . . Q , - 555 an I.. :is 1 , , ., .Q , .,., .,. aug.. ., . ,X I f ,.,, -y 5- ,... , ,f 5 ' Q51 5 -, if 'V A' Um up I ' "W A, "5 35":"'. " I' ' f53P-1"-y.f'f'- if- ' P' ' Q R315 - 4 , -411 -.15 4-gmygp, f, 'fri 1 13. '9-,W :.'?Y1',53g1frE. , A 5 Q .Q 3- H-Q: 5151.5 -- -935: 551 ',' 1"gk,gfLJi ia, 1i?2j,5rQ:fdi , -1 'fl gy rus 25, gf -Q -a my l 3-.pw 1, ' 5 4: .52 i -, ' a rk' 'f-'-if-fp-.'i,3'A 5561 I 3' 1 I :2 ' P' ' H 1 - , gs.-- ' 5:22, .I'u' 4. vii. gn..f, 1s .,f' :Q fi 'f if f sir? Q fgg f , jigs I in-s, ff gig 1 w.:.", "i5?Q?- Lgsggifsf "G -l qgfiffif l giii LP- H2 gf ' fjjf di gs 5: - '53 . 1 - 3 1 L- '. 1,.5?n:1 .'Xx..g, F9 4 '1--PS . 31,531 'lg ' yffifa - H fi. 'JI-fgfg-f.f',F: -3,3555-' -ig! f. c , x '-J 'kai - 'ut ,, nv, :T J Lfgl ' , QJQ f D , -. if-A, -1: f!fLyfE551,, b:,, f1?i1ff5,fg.6f..57 5,g1.:,fgg9. - ffl fm 5' 5"- ' fjliiih-A 44fSf 'rfff" "T'f Q , . G, if: 492 ' m1 ,1173y"'t,i-4 ,2 1 A22 13 f f l - 1 " Biff:-MI, 'ZIP' " iq-2 N ' 'v2ff ,fj+f gfsf ' " -, g:g.."'.. Hg-V 'fa X +!511'ig:f,.f.-' -4igi,3m. '53ig gvffzij ,fl-' f Jim 'fi-ix 'ifvirfaiaf?-ififflffvgwd 9, 5 ,"? 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Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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