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'Y I 09 I fu Q E I . I Ail n. ffc A f 7 T lee Cjafiler 1945 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL EMMAUS - PENNSYLVANIA IINNX. VOLUME XXIII ' '15 "naar-w thu ""'ua-fu - .-f .--. Q1-,mgla .1 J . X fffvssfz'-A--55? wfn V 'Y Q, if-if X aw, 5? J, . wg wi K 12.451 Q my ig Qi ig Six? x K W6 - ' "f fx,-H, .. , M y wr ..,. ..,. I 1:-'fS:, , ' fi? -2 gzv 521' E3 as if 5 35 QE? 1 W., -.. v 5 5 Q S 5 2 3 mm. + 1, ,ge mm 235232. 75, rf? 5 T ':.H,'-:F ' Q ez .I 25 511 fm as -s .id .- Z B- la., R kc? f 532215 f 1. - if-if 4 J 3 12 'ff wx . T. 5 Q 1 a if ,j ,ff Q5 f kg? J K .Aff z:5qmii . .4 '15 2 :mg W' Tim 23 KIIV. - . :,,.2,.,5 -my M w. ,, X , .M ,X Q 5. EQ . pw? J f e ,,,,i, . E .ig H E' 5 'Q A :wg 'Tk 43221 W rp , F 3, kg1.:gw,,, . . : Y . .. in .3 4 5.45: .,. QQ., . 3. . .. 1 : 'zips -.East :- I .vE5., . , 52? x , X ,-552. , ,gfqfv ,, .mx x GQKKSS E a l17l1llKxxX r X 1 Z 1 -lvgli I LK 5' f Cibevbca fion With mingled pride and regret We have Watched our classmates march away with Uncle Sam for two years. In appreciation of the service they have ren- dered our country and the sacrifices they have made, We dedicate 'The Tattler, l945" to them. It is our de- sire to show throughout this book the relationship of various departments of the service to analogous school activities. X 5, Ex gg QA, H si 5 .ir Ss 4, WLM .cy 2 RE fx " , .A ii ,, 'in X v, sl , ., ,X ,Q 1 '-mf, ww-'?"' UMII TID ALLEN F. HELLER, B.S. Field Commander General Eisenhower's prototype on our front is found in the person of Mr. Allen F. Heller. Mr. Heller, our field- commander, is the one who must act on all matters directly relevant to opera- tions within the area of his command. To Mr. Heller come the more serious cases of the Provost General's office- fmatters of discipline, truancy, and tardinessj upon which he must act. Himself a commissioned officer, Mr. Heller has been our field commander for years. We all like 4'Big Al". HOWARD J. YEAGER, B.A.g M.A. Chief of Stag Our counterpart of General George C. Marshall is Mr. Howard J. Yeager, the Superintendent of Schools. His duties are those of general administration over the whole system and the issuing of monthly communiques to the General Staifg he likewise must inspect Held operations and be the co-ordinative liaison officer between operations. Di- rectly responsible to the Chief of Staff are all the field commanders and com- missioned officers. Mr. Yeager was com- missioned Chief of Staff many years ago and has given able service ever since. R. CHARLOTTE TREICHLER, KUTZTOWN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, Art, Supervisor of Art in the Grades. HOWARD K. DEISCHER, MUHLENBERG COLLEGE, Ph.B., UNIVERSITY' OF PENNSYLVANIA, M.A., Problems of Democracy, History, Algebra, Advisor of Monitor Club, Faculty Manager of Athletics. ELWOOD L. ORTT, KUTZTOWN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, M.A., MUHLENBERG COLLEGE, B.A., Latin, Civics, Assistant Advisor of The Tattler. MRS. J. HAROLD ZIMMERMAN, MORAVIAN COLLEGE, B.A., COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, M.A., MIDIILERURY FRENCH COLONYQ English, Coach of Dramatics, and Declamation Contests, Advisor of Dramatics Club. Benfield Weil Peters' Stone ALBERT S. BENFIELD, KUTZTOWN STATE TEACHERS COL- LEGE, MUI-ILENBERG COLLEGE, A.B., UNIVERSITY OF ZUERICHQ NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, A.M., English, Advisor of The Tattler fNewspaper and Yearbookl, Coach of Debate. PAUL WEIL, WEST CHESTER STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, B.S., UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, M.S., High School Instrumental Music, Director of High School Band. ERROL K. PETERS, WEST CHESTER STATE TEACHERS COL- LECEQ MUHI.ENBERG COLLEGE, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, Music, History, Civics, Advisor of Student Council, Director-Orches- tra, Glee Clubs, Chorus, Three Dots and a Dash. WINFIELD J. STONE, KUTZTOWN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE B.S., Mathematics, Guidance, Guidance Counselor, Coach JI' High School Sports, Advisor--Chess Club, Slide Rule Club, Science Club. a Treichler Deischer Ortt Zimmerman MRS. STANLEY T. MOYER, CEDAR CREST COLLEGE, B.A., MUHLENBERG COLLEGE, English, French, Advisor of Girl Re- SBFVCS. JEAN A. LONG, CEDAR CREST COLLEGE, B.S., Law and Office Practice, Commercial Arithmetic, Junior Business Training. FLORA VAN BUSKIRK, PENN STATE COLLEGE, B.A., His- tory, Spanish. Moyer Long Van Buskirk BETTY J. WETHERHOLD, EAST STROUDSBURG STATE TEACH- ERS COLLEGE, B.S.g Health, Physical Education, Advisor- Junior Red Cross, Girls' Athletic Club. HARLEY R. RUCH, MUHLENBERG COLLEGE, B.S.g KUTZTOWN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGEQ Science, Biology. HARVEY H. BECKER, KUTZTOWN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, B.A.g MUHLENEERG COLLEGEQ Physics, Chemistry, Biologyg Advisor Of Hi-Y Club. MARY E. MOYER, KUTZTOWNc STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, B.S.g Librarian, Library Club. Bible Tuttle Zimmerman Grease: BOND L. BIBLE, PENN STATE COLLEGE, B.S., M.S.g Voca- tional Agricultureg Advisor and teacher of F. F. A. LEON L. TUTTLE, EAST STROUDSBURG STATE TEACHERS COL- LEGE, B.S.g Boys' Gym, Health, Coach-Football, Baseball, Basketball. CONSTANCE H. ZIMMERMAN, KUTZTOWN STATE TEACH- ERS COLLEGEQ PENN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF' PENNSYLVANIAQ Industrial Arts Department. MARTHA A. GREASER, CEDAR CREST COLLEGE, B.S.g DREXEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYQ Home Economics. V - ,..,.,,- ,Wrfv f zgwL,,mMmV A - wx, QE ,fu ez my Q' SSES fd 53 -1 5 ,gg 5 M 1 X if . 9' . Yifggiy fl , H53 is WINFIELD ERWIN ADAMS 433 ELM STREET, EMMAUS Need any solid rhythm? Better look for g'Windy." Hels the senior master of dancing drum-sticks and hot licks. When he's not pounding on his drums, he may be found helping out Uncle Sam on the mail route. '4Windy" is sure the future holds plenty of good luck for him and welre all rooting for him! General Courseg Chorus 1, 25 Dancing Club 1, 23 Opereitta lg "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 35 Class President lg High School Orchestra 1, 2, 3 fPresidentJg High School Jazz Orchestra 1, 2, 35 High School Bland 1, 2. 35 Boys' Glee Club 3. ADAMS ALBITZ V 1 ALLOWAY AMEY DAVID NELSON ALLOWAY 423 RIDGE STREET, EMMAUS Known to almost all as 'Trofessorf' David, a high dramatic tenor, is the Caruso of our class. He was the moon-struck sailor in MH. M. S. Pinaforev and dramatized an Englishman in our class play. As the politician of our class, David has no regrets concerning the November ,411 election. Helll probably be a leading politician in our next election. Academic Coursey Stage Manager 1, 2, Operetta 1, 3, K'The Man Who Came to- Dinner" 35 Chorus l, 2, 33 Band lg Boys' Glee Club l, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 25 Hi-Y Club 35 Yearbook Stall 3. Ten V. Ruth, E. Knerr, E. Miller WILLIAM CHARLES ALBITZ 843 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS MBill' is a gentle, dependable young fellow and was employed during the summer months at the Bethlehem Steel Plant. He is very active in the shop and can usually be found there working hard for the Red Cross. He is a great lover of blonds and has found an extra special one. Industrial Arts Course. MERIAL FAY AMEY ss SOUTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS All good things come in small packages and so does poison. She,s like poison to the teachers when it comes to handing in homework. Knowing Merial, you're always sure to enjoy life. When you see her, you can always find her smiling. Merial wishes to secure an ollice job after graduation. Commercial Course, Junior Declamation Contest 23 Operetta 3: Dancing Club 1, 29 Girls' Athletic Club 39 Chorus 33 Glee Club 39 Softball Team 2. D. Diefenderfer, W. Dimmig M. Schuler, R. Lichtenwalner JEANNETTE RUTH ANDREWS 406 SOUTH SECOND STREET, EMMAUS sflennyf' an ardent little lass from Allentown, came to us in the Junior year. She can often be found either 'skating at Mealey's or making some of her delicious French frieds or fudge candy. ujennyl' is preparing for college and some day we hope to see a write-up of her in some college yearbook. Academic Coursey Dancing Club 27 Knitting Club 3. OSBON DANIEL ARNDT EMMAUS R. D. 1 This boy is well known to the opposite sex. He can be found working in the shop most of the time. Inter- ested in all sports, especially baseball, "1Ossie,' is an all around fellow and always has a smile for his classmates. uOssie" is sure to succeed in anything he attempts. Good Luck, a0ssie.', General Coursey Craftsmen Club 19 Red Cross Club 2. G. Warmkessel, V. Stephen, G. Hartman BLANCHE M. ARNDT EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Whenever you see "Duds,, she is smiling. We all won- der where she got her sunny disposition and joking manner. Boating is one of her favorite pastimes along with swimming. So far, she has kept up the morale of quite a few servicemen. Success in an office! Commercial Coursey Operetta 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 3: Girls' Reserve lg Dancing Club 1. ANDREWS B. ARNDT O. ARNDT BAUMAN HELEN JEAN BAUMAN 419 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS A sympathetic nature, sunny disposition, and a set of dimples distinguish Helen. She is an all round pal, and is the life of any party. Helen is good in almost anything that she endeavors, sports and studies alike. Her future lies in the Cadet Nurse Corps. Good Luck, Helen. Academic Course: Glee Club 1, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 35 Knitting Club 39 Operetta 1, 33 Dancing Club 1, 2. Eleven ARDELLA MAE BIEBER 659 WALNUT STREET, EMMAUS '6Archie," besides having attractive brown eyes, a win- ning smile, well-groomed hair, and always being neatly dressed, also has a very keen mind. She has clearly proven this in the articles she has written for our school newspaper and by the appearance of her name on the honor roll. We are certain of her success in the com- mercial world. 'Commercial Coursey Tattler Stall 2, 3 Qlleportterjg Chorus 39 Glee Club 33 Girl Reserves lg Knitting Club 39 Dramatic Club 2, 39 Monitor Club 2, 3: Softball Team 2, 3. A. BIEBER J. BIEBER BODNAR BROSKY RICHARD EUGENE BODNAR 568 EVERGREEN STREET, EMMAUS An outdoor lad with a pleasing smile and heart of gold is HDick.', Even though uDick" is a little mis- chievous at times, he is still a good student. He can often be found with '6Booker', and Reimert. After gradu- ation Richard expects to enter the Army Air Corps. General Coursey Hi-Y 'Club lg Arts and Crafts Club 19 Dancing Club lg G1fee'Clu'b 1, 2, 35 Chorus 2, 39 Red Cross Club 2, 3. Twelve J. Rubenak, V. Lorah JEAN IDA BIEBER 534 JUBILEE STREET, EMMAUS Here we have the girl that always has her homework. Jean is also known for her correspondence with an Eng- lish girl. She has swimming and tennis for her hobbies and spends much of her time in the cafeteria. General Courseg Student Council 23 Dancing Club 19 Cafeteria 3. JOSEPH BROSKY 148 EAST MAIN STREET, EMMAUS One of the smaller members of the class, '4Peewee,,' acts as the clown in classes, study halls, and home room periods. Golf and howling are his main pastimes. To find him, one has to look for his side kick, "Glimpy" and together they make a comical pair. General Course: "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 3: Hi-Y Club lg Dancing Club lg Stage Hand 1: Glee Club 1, 23 Chorus l, 2: Arts 81 Cralts Club lg Red Cross 2. E. Kistler, A. Pennebacker L. Wertman, H. Koneski, B. Hillegass HELEN BUCHEN ZIONSVILLE ROUTE 1 Helen is one of the few who takes her studies seriously. Although she seems shy at times, she has acquired a host of friends. The things she is fond of are reading, horse-back riding and hiking. In fall she is entering the Sacred Heart School of Nursing. Let's hope her interest in her chosen profession continues. Academic Coursey Junior Declamation Contest 25 Dramatic Club 2, 39 Chorus lg Glee Club 17 Orchestra 2, 3 fSecretaryJ3 Red Cross Club 3: Knitting Club 3. LOUISE CORNFELD POWDER VALLEY ROUTE 1, ZIONSVILLE If you want to see yourself as others see you, just ask Louise. 'aCornie," also known as the Mgum cracker,', does a fine job of gathering the gossip for page three of the school newspaper. This also serves as an excellent excuse to speak to every serviceman that appears in the halls. Numerous fortune tellers have told her it won't be too long. General Courseg Junior Declamation Contest 25 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 33 Dramatic Club 2, 3 LPresidentJg Tattler Staff 2, QReporterJ 3, QPage Editorj. R. Snyder, N. Nester ELEANOR CATHERINE CHARLESWORTH 235 MAIN STREET, EMMAUS HEI," the girl with the beautiful hair and friendly per- sonality, takes the rough things of life lightlyg thinking only of the pleasing things. She has day-dreaming and dancing as her hobbies and will always be remembered for her art work in school. General Coursey Operetata 1: Dancing Club 1, 25 Yearbook Staff 39 Glee Club 1, 29 Red Cross Club 25 Arts and Crafts Club 1. BUCHEN CHARLESWORTH COPE CORNFELD BETTY LORRAINE COPE 127 NORTH SECOND STREET, EMMAUS Five-feet-two, eyes of blue, dark brown hair and a friendly smile all add up to 5'Betz," one of the prettiest girls in the class. She has the rare ability of making friends quickly and easily. In school MBetz,, has been a faithful worker in the cafeteria. Among her hobbies, dancing and swimming are her favorites. Commercial Coursey Cafeteria 2, 39 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Thirteen ESTHER MIRIAM DELONG 203 SOUTH FOURTH STREET, EMMAUS Here is one of the rare people who went through twelve years of school without missing a single day. Besides, she receives good marks and is sometimes called a hookworm. Esther has enlisted in the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps and will take training at the Sacred Heart Hospital. Academic Coursey Operetta 1, 3: Junior Declamation Contest 23 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 1, 39 Yearbook Staff 33 Tattler 2, 3 CReporterJ. E. DELONG R. DELONG I DIEFENDERFER DIETER DIANE FRITCH DIEFENDERFER 308 NORTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS Boys, how would you like pretty, blonde MNootzey" take your pulse? Yes, she's going to join the Cadet Nurse Corps after graduation. Diane likes swimming and ice skating which helps make her cheery personality. General Course: Operetta 15 Dancing Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Red Cross Club 2. Fourteen, M. Amey, B. Peters RUTH JEANNETTE DELONG 545 'NORTH THIRD STREET, EMMAUS Ruth has successfully edited our school newspaper. She is greatly interested in journalism and would like to continue in that field after graduation. Ruth can be found attending all the dances, for she is quite an ar- dent jitterbug. Roller-skating is a favorite of hers, but at present she has a special interest in the Navy. Commercial Course, Operetta 1, 3: Tattler Stat? fReporterJ 2: Tattler Staff 1Editor-in-Chiefj 35 Student Council 1, 23 Library Club fPresidentJ 1, 29 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Chorus 1, 33 Dramatics Club ffreasurerj 3. NORMAN WILSON DIETER EMMAUS R. D. 1 This tall dark boy is the muscled man of our class. Dieter is one of our shop pupils and you will find him there most of the time. His main sport is hunting. Be- tween classes., Dieter is an assistant monitor for a certain senior lass. Industrial Course: Dancing Club 1, 25 Hi-Y Club 29 Boys Glee Club 29 Red Cross 3: Chorus 1. M. Miller, R. Stash, B. Laudenslager 0. Armlt, M. Lutsey, N. Dieter N. WILLIAM DIMMIG 531 ELM STREET, EMMAUS This lanky lad is one of the more outstanding athletes of the class, excelling in basketball, which he captained through a successful season, and football as a varsity center. "Bill" is a very amiable fellow--especially around the girls, we know from experience that this will stand him in excellent stead. Academic Coursey Class Officer fTreasurerJg Football Team 1, 2, 37 Basketball Team, 1, 2, 39 Baseball Team 2, 3. EVELYN ANNA ENGELMAN VERA CRUZ '6Evie" is a very attractive and well known lass of our class. Her friend, HDud,7, and she can often be seen in a giggling session or cracking gum. Her hobbies are hiking, Swimming, riding bicycle, and of course writing letters to a certain sailor. Commercial Courseg Operetta 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 39 Girls' Reserve lg Dancing Club 1. E Hess, H. Bauman, A. Fenstermacher, I. Andrews JOYCE MINNIE EASTMAN 119 NORTH THIRD STREET, EMMAUS This is the girl, who can be seen running to school every morning at the sound of the last bell. With a smile for all, ,loyce did a fine job cheering our teams to victory. Sports and a certain serviceman take up ,loyce's spare time. Commercial Course, Cheerleader 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Red Cross 25 Dancing Club 1, 29 Athletic Club 13 Art Club 1, 2, 33 Softball Team 2. DIMMIG EASTMAN i 1 ENGELMAN FAUST FERN OLIVE FAUST 25 NORTH FOURTH STREET, EMMAUS Fern is one of the working girls of our class and iinds pleasure in Something few girls enjoy-reading murder mystery novels. She is also one of the singers of our class and spends a great deal of her time in the movies, writing letters, or with her best friend, the other Fern. After graduation she hopes to get a bookkeeping job. Commercial Course, Student Council 1, 3 fAssistant Treasurerjg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 35 Red Cross 2. Fifteen DONALD GEORGE FEGLEY 234 NORTH STREET, EMMAUS Never a dull moment when '4Bimmer" is in class! Getting into trouble seems to be his hobby. When it comes to dancing and dressing "Bimmer', is a usharpf' Let's hope he keeps his cheerful attitude after gradu- ation and he'll be a friend to all. General Coursey Dancing Club 1, 2 fVice Presidentj. FEGLEY FENSTERMACHER FOWLER FRITCH JAMES BURR FOWLER 184 ELM STREET, EMMAUS Flash! What was that? Just 4'Jim', zooming by in his car. Salim," with his Siamese Twin, uBimmer,, can cover more territory in one night than Superman. Even though Jim missed a lot of school, we all miss him. But our loss is the navyis gain-a good swimmer. General Course. Sixteen A. Hunsicker, B. Sell ALBERTA FLORENCE FENSTERMACHER MERTZTOWN ROUTE 1 "Betty" left Slatington and joined the class in the junior year. A sports minded person, she likes skating, dancing, and swimming. Living in the country gives her a great opportunity to enjoy them. She joins others of our class by planning to become a nurse. Academic Coursey Dancing Club 2g Knitting Club 3. ROBERT ACKER FRITCH 168 MAIN STREET, EMMAUS Nature has endowed "Freddy,', with gorgeous red hair and attractive personal traits. He showed superb ability as a lineman on our football team. He works at the Peanut Shoppe after school, where he is often seen in the company of L'Shrimp," and other fair members of the opposite sex. Industrial Printing: Dancing Club l, 25 "The Man Who Came To Dinner"g Football Team 1, 2, 33 Basketball Team CManagerJ 1, 2, 35 Gym Team 1ManagerJ 1, 2, 3. 0. Stortz, A. Bieber, L. Gehman R. Fritch, S. Schantzenbach, I. Sikorski KATHLEEN LOUISE FRITZ 849 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS One of the cutest girls in our class, LGSis,,, came to us in her sophomore year from Catasauqua. Lucky for us she did for 5'SiS" was one of the girls that cheered our boys to victory. Her favorite pastime is enjoying the out-of-door sports, especially bike-riding. On the whole, she is versatile and enjoys life. Commercial Coursey Cheerleader 2, 33 Yearbook Staff fActivity Committeej 3g Softball Team 23 Dancing Club 1, 23 Athletic Club 1. RICHARD FRANK GAAL 578 JUBILEE STREET, EMMAUS Richard is one of the members of our class, who is serving in the U. S. Navy somewhere in the South Pacific. Before entering the service, he was known for supplying his home room with chewing gum. He likes sports, dancing, and loves to pull tricks on other people. J. Kirschman, E. Walbert ALLEN ERNEST FUNK, JR. MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 This cheerful lad has a pleasant greeting for all. He likes to hunt, and takes a great deal of interest in sports. The Alburtis A. C. is proud of him as their shortstop. We wonder whether Elizabeth would rather have him in the big league or on a farm! Commercial Coursey Monitor Club 2, 3 QLieutenantJg Science Club 3. FRITZ FUNK v l l GAAL GEHMAN LOIS BAUS GEHMAN 635 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS Where's all that noise coming from? As usual, it's Gehman talking with a gang of girls. Being one of the smaller members of our class doesn't handicap her in any way. She is a good sport and enjoys a great deal of fun, but her favorite enjoyment is taking long walks. Her goal is to become 21 bookkeeper in the business world. Commercial Coursey Girl Reserves 1, 3 ffreasurerjg Red Cross 25 Library 1, 2. Seventeen HENRY MAURICE GERHARD ALLENTOWN ROUTE 2 Gerhard is a good mechanical drawing student. He has served on the monitor club in his junior and senior years. Previous to his enlistment into the United States Air Corps, Gerhard was interested in the scouting move- ment. His main hobbies are camping and fishing. Industrial Printing Course: Hi-Y Club 1 fTreas'urerj 2, 37 Dancing Club 1, 29 Monitor Club 2, 3. GERHARD GLASS GODUSKY GRIM HELEN ANNA GODUSKY 328 SOUTH TWELFTH STREET, EMMAUS Helen, l am sure will be remembered for her sweet, unassuming self. She is very fond of bike-riding, soft- ball, and hiking. The person who employs Helen will surely be pleased with her shorthand and bookkeeping ability. Unlike H. Iobst or J. Eastman, Helen was al- ways at school at least 20 minutes before classes, to look over the day's schedule. Commercial Coursey Dancing Club 25 Red Cross 29 Knitting Club 33 Student Council 3. Eighteen E. Walter, R. Moyer, W. Moyer FORRIE THOMPSON GLASS MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Forrie, a great lover of the outdoors, is our consul- tant on matters pertaining to the services. Formally a member of the State Guard for many years, Forrie joined the Army but has since received an honorable discharge. Excelling on the track as our miler, he has shown his trait of faithfulness as well as many others he possesses. Vocational Agriculture Courseg Future Farmers of America 1 fsecretaryl, 2 fPresidentJ, 3 fSecretaryJg Chorus 2, 35 Glee Club Sg Football Team 1, 29 Track Team 2. GERALD FRED GRIM 563 EAST HARRISON STREET, EMMAUS Whoever sat near uGlimpy" in the English class will testify that he is one of the noisy boys of the class. aloe" and 4'Peewee', insist he is a good sport, and they know what they say. With his eyes closed, 6'Glimpy" can tell you the minutest detail of Mr. Heller's office. General Coursey Dancing Club 1: Athletic Club 2, 3: Glee Club 15 'Chorus 1g Stage Hand 1, 29 Red Cross Club 23 Football Team 2, 3. R. Lorish, W. Albitz L. Wersi, L. Moyer, D. Hojman, M. Long GRACE ALICE HARTMAN 154 WEST MAIN STREET, MACUNGIE Here's a miss endowed with a sunny disposition. Her main hobby is driving a car. She also enjoys ice skating, dancing, and swimming. Any one in need of a typist should call on "Gracie," for that's her one delight. May that smile carry you far Grace, and life treat you kindly. Commercial Course: Operetta 1: Cafeteria 3: Yearbook Staff 35 Red Cross Club 25 Dancing Club 29 Athletic Club 1: Chorus 1, 3: Knitting Club 3. ELINOR M. HESS MERTZTOWN ROUTE 1 This small country miss commutes daily from Mertz- town. Although she's from the country, she does not miss many a day. During school you find her mostly with the girls, but we wonder about Saturday and Sunday nights. 'LI-Iessyi' wishes to serve her country by helping in defense work. Academic Course 0 Rinker, B. Cope, R. DeLong, V. Stoudt gm' ua DONALD FREEMAN HEFFNER 554 BROAD STREET, EMMAUS "Donnie" is one of the reticent members of the class. His hobbies are roller skating, dancing, and taking fre- quent trips to Topton in his car. Everyone is his friend and he has a smile for anybody coming along his way. Previous to his induction into the infantry, he was cm- ployed by the Rodale Manufacturing Co. in Emmaus. General Coursey Glee Club 1: Dancing Club 2. HARTMAN HEFFNER 'HESS HEITER DONALD RICHARD HEITER HANCOCK Hold on to everything! '4Fats" has a laughing spell, and when he laughs the whole room shakes. Welre glad to see him so happy. He owes much of his good-looks to his curly hair, and he is constantly being chased by girls. Showing excellent sportsmanship in athletics, Don- ald is loved by us all. Good luck, Donald. Academic Coursey A'The Man Who Came To Dinner" 35 Foot- ball 3g Baseball 3. Nineteen BETTY LARUE HILLEGASS 221 SOUTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS Betty is a loquacious person at times but she is liked by all. Among Betty's hobbies are chewing gum, hiking, playing baseball and writing to the boys in the service. After graduation she expects to attain a job as a secre- tary. Commercial Course: Red Cross Club 2: Softball Team Z9 Knit- ting Club 3. HIILLAEGASS HILT HOFFMAN HUNSICKER DORINE FAITH HOFFMAN FRANKLIN STREET, ALBURTIS '4Deeny,,' a fun loving and witty brunette from Alburtis, likes to indulge in arguments and is rather skillful at it. Besides, she does sewing and embroidering. We won- der whyl Could it be for her hope chest? She is often found playing cards with some of her friends, when she isn't with a certain lad. General Coursey Girl Reserves lg Dancing Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 3 QVice Presidentjg Monitor Club 2, 39 Athletic Club 1. Twenty C. Miller, H. Gerhard MARGUERITE MARY HILT MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 6'Peggy', can be called an all around girl, because she finds interest in dancing, swimming and hiking. Al- though some of her time is reserved for servicemen, especially the Navy, she usually finds time to attend the Alburtis movies. At school, she served the Monitor Club faithfully for two years and her future lies in the business world. Commercial Coursey Dancing Club 1, 29 Chorus l, 2, 33 Glee Club 39 Monitor Club 2, 33 Operetta l, 3. ANNA LOUISE HUNSICKER 419 NORTH THIRD STREET, EMMAUS Anna Louise is the popular soprano in ."The Three Dots and a Dash," the best trio our high school has had for a decade. g'Toots,' was one of our first majorettes. She sang a leading part in MH. M. S. Pinaforef' A host of admirers wish her success in a conservatory of music. General Courseg Operetta 1, 25 Dancing Club 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 39 Chorus l, 2, 39 Trio 1, 2, 35 Athletic Club 3: Gym Team 1. R. Solt, C. Wetherhold P. Nuss, W. Adams, C. Markley ELIZABETH JANE HUTCHINSON 542 LIBERTY STREET, EMMAUS "Dimples', can always be seen in drum majorette posi- tion in front of our bandg and has been a majorette for four years. She has many friends and admirers whom she seems to draw to her with a magnetic force. Her Inain interests are outdoor sports and her chosen career is physical education instructor. Commercial Coursey Dancing Club 1, 2: Red Cross 2, Majorette 1, Z, 3. THEODORE CHARLES WINFIELD IOBST 437 SOUTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS '4Milkman, keep those bottles flying." Yes, that ex- plains L'Ted's" future. An ardent sports enthusiast, 'gTed" has shown his ability on the gridiron. By listening to the chugging of his jalopy, we can usually mark Ted's where- abouts. With his determination no task will be hard for him. General Coursey Monitor 2, 35 Dancing Club lg Football 1, 2, 3: Tattl-er Staff 2, 3, fSport Page Editorjg Yearbook Staff fSpnrtsJ9 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 3. A. Koch, L. Schmeltzle, 1. Wambold "1-w EDGAR HENRY IOBST 244 MAIN STREET, EMMAUS Need a problem explained? uHank" will help you. Besides being the capable and efficient manager of our athletic teams, MI-Ianki' excells in his studies. This am- bitious lad plans to further his education after gradu- ation. With his ability, uHank" is bound to succeed in whatever the future offers. Academic Coursey "The Man VVho Came To Dinner"g Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3: 'Science Club 33 Dvancing Club 19 Football Team QManagerJ 1, 2, 3: Basketball Team 1, 2, 33 Track Team 15 Baseball Team 2, 3. HUTCHINSON E. IOBST T. IOBST JARRETT WALTER HOWARD JARRETT MACUNGIE ROUTE I Before you is one of the most sincere, steadfast and loyal friends in the senior class. '6Carrots', most out- standing hobbies are hunting, aeronautics, and chess. Unyielding determination is characteristic of Walter. His favorite loafing place, as also his friends, is the MBilliard Palace." General Course, Hi-Y 1, 23 Chess Club 33 Science Club 3. Twenty-one ELIZABETH JAYNE KELLY MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 A familiar figure in our class is happy go lucky HBetty.,' She is often seen careening in her 'L29" Chrysler, on a badminton court or in a swimming pool. One of her characteristics is that she is always willing to give a helping hand. She is very much interested in dramatics and would like to continue it after graduation. Commercial Courseg Cafeteria 25 "The Man Who Came To Din- ner" 39 Chorus 15 Red Cross' 2g Dramatics Club 2, 35 Softball Team 2. KELLY KIRSCHMAN KISTLER J. KLINE , ERNEST ORLANDO KISTLER, JR. MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Ernest is one of the more reticent members of our class. His main occupation, aside from school work, is poultry and turkey raising. He, like most boys, is mainly interested in sports, and is an ardent fan. He expects to become a chicken and turkey entrepreneur. Academic Coursey Hi-Y Club 2, 3 fsecretaryj. Twenty-two F. Schuler JOHN C. KIRSCHMAN 113 NORTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS 'gMay I help you?,' No, it's not Sir Callahad, just n.l0hnny" serving a customer in the local ufive-and-ten." Flute playing and story-telling are among his many talents. One never can tell when John tells one of his jokes. On the serious side, however, John expects to follow engineering. Academic: Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Gym Team 'lg Oper- etta 1, 3. JOYCE FAYE KLINE 31 NORTH SECOND STREET, EMMAUS Wherever there's dancing you will find Joyce, who has mastered the art. She is attractive, has beautiful brown eyes, and is popular with both sexes. She has ably man- aged the girls' basketball team since her freshman year. Her future lies in the right field-The U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. General Course: 'Operetta 25 Dancing Club 1, 23 Glee Club 13 Class Vice President: Red Cross 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3 QManagerJ. R. Wieand, R. Fritch, D. Romig F Glass, A. Funk, F. Reimert, W. Adams, T. lobst LOIS JOHANNA KLINE 16 SOUTH THIRD STREET, EMMAUS "Eloise" is the only girl in our class with strawberry blond hair. Her musical ability is phenomenal and she has already opened her own studio. Besides being the pianist of the 'Three Dots and a Dashf, she has faith- fully helped out in almost all our school affairs. '4Eloise's,' other interests are sports and a certain someone in the Air Corps. Academic Coursey Operetta 1, 25 Class Treasurer 33 Class Sec- retary 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 37 Athletic Club 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 39 Boys' Glee Club 1, 23 Trio 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH CAROLINE KNERR SCHOOL STREET, ALBURTIS Elizabeth likes fun and her imitation of teachers is justly famous. She enjoys sports and swimming, ice skat- ing and hiking are her favorites. She also displays con- siderable talent in typing and shorthand. When one asks her about her future, she just coyly smiles. Commercial Course: Girl Reserves 2: Student Council 1, 2. R. Marsteller, C. Schantzenbach VILMA AILEEN KNELLER 665 NORTH STREET, EMMAUS Our little flirt pops up everywhere imaginable. Be- lieve us, she never misses anything. For the benefit of those who do not know "Shorty,,' she is one of the hep cats of the class. 4'Cerryl" and she are always in trouble. Her ambition is to be another, 'gSwing Shift Maisiev at Vultee Aircraft Corporation. Keep 'em swinging, HShorty!,' Commercial Course: Dancing Club 1, 2: Knitting Club 3: Girls' Athletic Club 1, 2, 3: Red Cross Club 2: Cafeteria 1, 2. L. KLINE KNELLER KNERR A. KOCH ARLENE ELLEN KOCH EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Tall, slender, pretty are the words that best describe 4gKochie." Arlene is very fond of singing, and she takes great interest in her piano lessons. Her favorite sports are bike riding and tennis. Arlene's ambition is to con- tinue studying music and to go on to college to study business. Commercial Courseg Operetta 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 33 Dancing Club 2: Yearbook Staff 3. Twenty-three GAWAIN BORS KOCH 662 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS Few in our class have the wide variety of talent dis- played by Koch. Excelling especially in the Held of photography, he is constantly taking pictures of anything and everything about school. His performance in, "The Man Who Came to Dinneri' assures him recognition in the field of dramatics. Academic Courseg Junior Declamation Contest 23 Operetta 1, 3, 4'The Man Who Came To Dinner"g Assistant Yearbook Editor 33 Student Council 1 QS-ecretaryjq Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 23 Science Club 35 Dramatic Club 2 QTreasurerJg Photography Club 2, Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Stall Photographer 3. G. KOCH KONESKI KOZE LAUDENSLAGER ALBERT WILLIAM KOZE EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Here we have the Jack of all trades. No matter if the subject is cooking, sports or politics, HAP, shines in all of them. He also is talented in dancing, art, and swim- ming which are his hobbies. Being a sailor is Al's future, without a girl in every port. General Course: "The Man Who Came To Dinner"g Hi-Y Club 3, Football Team 2, 33 Yearbook Staff 3. Twenty-four A. Pennebacker, R. Noll HELEN BARBARA KONESKI 404 SOUTH FOURTH STREET, EMMAUS Gosh, where is that giggling coming from? Oh., of course, it's room 2 and Helen is in her laughing mood. Helen also has serious thoughts and pastime favorites as, writing to our servicemen, reading, dancing, and roller skating. Her ambition after graduation is to 'take a posi- tion in a local oflice. Commercial Course: Yearbook Staff 3: Athletic Club 1: Red Cross Club 25 Softball Team 23 Knitting Club 3. BETTY LOUISE LAUDENSLAGER 121 MACUNGIE AVENUE, EMMAUS Betty is a regular out-of-door girl and enjoys camping and hiking. She shows a great interest in drawing. An- other singer of the class! A good argument can interest her anytime, providing she can put her three cents into it. On the whole she is a swell sport and expects to enter the business world. Commercial Coursey Monit-or Club 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 35 Arts and Crafts Club 1, 2, 33 Cafeteria 1, 2: Red Cross 29 Dancing Club 17 Operetta 3. P. Nuss, R. Borlner H Shelly, E. Charlesworth, 1. Reinbold, A. Koze EUGENE WILLIAM LANDIS MERTZTOWN ROUTE 1 '4Lefty," the blue eyed blond, who joined our class in his senior year, came from Freehall and has become very popular with the opposite sex. In the sporting world, he enjoys bowling and hunting, but shows superlative ability in playing baseball. Uncle Sam holds the key to uLefty's,' future. Academic Coursey Football 33 Baseball 3. RUTH TILERIA LICHTENWALNER MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Besides being one of the more brilliant students in our commercial class, we find '6Lichty,' is also good-natured and full of fun. Her alertness and keen-mindedness come from her unusual ability to read books. The business world is her ambition. We know Ruth will make some business a valuable Secretary. Commercial Course: Red Cross Club 2. C Wetherhold, G. Grim, 0. Arndt, R. Snyder, C Schantzenbach, I. Brosky, T. Iobst, N. Nester JUNE ANNETTA LERCH 545 ELM STREET, EMMAUS HLerehy', is an artistically minded person and reading is one of her pet pastimes. She likes dancing, movies and letter writing. The Navy has held her interest for a long time and her one ambition is to get an oHice job in a defense plant to back up the boys on the lighting front. Commercial Courseg Fine Arts l, 2, 39 Dancing Club lg Red Cross 2. LANDIS LERCH LICHTENWALNER LONG MIRIAM JOYCE LONG ALBURTIS ROUTE 1 '4Hey, Wimpy, are you going to the library for another book?" This is "Wimpy', preparing for another evening of her favorite pastime-reading. Although she is one of the reserved members of our class, she is quite ambi- tious at times. 6'Wimpy" is a genius on a typewriter. Stenographie work is sure to engross her after gradu- ation. Commercial Course: Operetta 1, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 35 Dancing Club 1, 25 Knitting Club 35 Dramatic Club 39 Girls' Softball Team 25 Yearbook Staff 3. Twenty-five , VIRGINIA MAE LORAH 1761 RIDGE STREET, EMMAUS The proverb, 6'Good things come in small packages," certainly holds true with nGinnie," who is everybody's friend especially Joseph's. At times she is very comical, but she can also be serious. uGinnie's" hobbies are swim- ming and dancing. After graduation, Virginia expects to seek a career in the business world. Commercial Course, Operetta 35 "The Man Who Came To Din- ner", Dancing Club 1, 29 Monitor Club 2, 33 Chorus Z, 33 Glee Club 35 Athletic Club 3: Yearbook Staff 3. LORAH LUTSEY MARKLEY MARKS CHARLES FREDERICK MARKLEY 175 SEEM STREET, EMMAUS Charles, a musical-minded senior, displays his talent in our school productions. Then, too, his interest lies in the scientific field, particularly in electricity. The ex- cellent lighting of 'The Man Who Came to Dinner" was largely due to his effort. After graduation, he is slated for the Navy. Academic Coursey Chorus 1, 2, 39 Band l, 2, 39 Orchestra 1, 23 Dance Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Brass Quartet 1, 2, 3: Operetta 1, 35 Boys' Quartet 1, 2. Twenty-s ix R. Noll, 1. Kirschman, E. Walbert, H. Iobst MARY JANE LUTSEY 415 RIDGE STREET, EMMAUS This dashing, all-around girl, who has been a great success in our class play, is known as "Hindu," To her we owe the circulation of uThe Tattlerf' Her beautiful contralto voice, blended with the other two 6'Dots and a Dash," has done much to keep up the morale of us all. 011 leaving school, Mary intends to follow a musical career. Academic Course, Operetta 1, 35 "The Man Who Came To Dinner"g Dancing Club lg Athletic Club 1, 2, 33 Monitor Club 2, 39 Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Trio 1, 2, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 39 Yearbook Staff 33 Tattler Staff 2, 3 fBusi- ness Managerjg Basketball 1, 2, 33 Gym Team 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR ELAINE MARKS ZIONSVILLE ROUTE 1 Most people think of 'IEP' as being shy, but not those who know her well. Her hobbies are swimming, hiking, reading and baking. She takes special interest in baking and will someday be an expert in cooking. NEI" says uniforms do not appeal to her. We wonder! General Coursey Cafeteria 35 Operetta 35 Glee Club 1: Chorus 1, 2, 35 Dancing Club 2. K. Palencar, L. Mohr D. Hoffman, L. Werst ROBERTA MAY MARSTELLER MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Who walks down the halls yelling, l6Hey Abbot?,' None other than one of our popular majorettes. Roberta has served as secretary of the senior class and her favorite pastime is conferring with the class president. Her hob- bies are bicycle riding, dancing and all sports. Roberta's future lies in the business world. Commercial Coursey Majorette 1, 2, 3: Cafeteria 37 Chorus 19 Dancing Club 29 Girls' Athletic Club 2, 35 Class Secretary 33 Yearbook Staff 33 Softball Team 29 Tattler Staff 2 CReporterJ 2 lCo-Page Editorj. ELSIE EVELYN MILLER 1450 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, EMMAUS Dark hair, brown eyes and a musical giggle, describe our Elsie best. She has a 'iLet's be friendsw smile, and through it has won many companions. With her out- standing ability in typing., weire sure she will succeed. In anything she may undertake, here is hoping her path will be strewn with four-leaf clovers. Commercial Courseg Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3: Softball Team 2. L. Cornfeld, B. Pennebacker, I. Rudegeair LOIS JAE MEYERS 447 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS Did you hear someone arguing? By gosh, it's Lois and Fern at it again. We are told she could listen to good music for many an hour, and would rather read than eat or sleep. She loves to work with children and evidence of this may be found, when Sunday morning comes along and we find her teaching the children. Commercial Coursey Dancing Club 1, 2: Chorus 2, 3. MARSTELLER MEYERS E. MILLER G. MILLER GERALDINE LILLIAN MILLER 322 NORTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS "Gerry,', as she is known to her numerous friends, is the liveliest jitterbug in the senior class. Any time and any place Vilma and she can be seen trying out new steps. She is equally fond of roller-skating, but her hopes for the future are to do a great deal of traveling. Bon voyage, "Cerry.,' Commercial Coursey Athletic Club 13 Band 1, 2, 39 Dancing Club 1. Twenty-seven MARGARET FLORENCE MILLER 203 NORTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS uOh! Now, I put an 'h' where it doesnit belong. How do you spell weather?" That is uPeggy1' writing a letter. Whenevei' you ask her to whom, the answer is, "To my relativesf, Her other hobbies are singing and art, taking hikes, swimming, and skating. Commercial Courseg 'Operetta 1, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 37 Arts and Crafts Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' Softball Team 2. M. MILLER P. MILLER MOHR L. MOYER LORRAINE JOY MOHR 520 RIDGE STREET, EMMAUS Lorraine can usually be recognized by her friendly smile. Of her many activities, band rates highest. It claimed her in the freshman year and she has proved faithful since. Her ambition is to stay in the commercial field and enter business school. Singing lessons take up part of her valuable spare time. Commercial Coursey Oper-etta 3: Dancing Club 15 Athletic Club 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 33 Student Council 35 Tattler Staff 2, 3 QRe- porterjq Basketball 1, 2, 3: Library Club 1, 29 Glee Club 39 Chorus 33 Gym Team 1, Z, 3. Twenty-eight J. Eastman, K. Fritz, B. Kelly, B. Hutchinson PHYLLIS JEAN MILLER ZIONSVILLE ROUTE 1 Will she be a cook, or a trombone virtuoso, or another Sonja Henie? She has a good deal of talent in either direction, and, while she is making up her mind. she writes cheerful letters to sailors. This girl wished for twelve feet of snow! General Courseq Cafeteria 3: Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3. LORRAINE ELIZABETH MOYER WEST SECOND STREET, ALBURTIS Lorraine is tall, blond, and a grand executive. She is no slouch as a student either, for she is one of the speakers at Commencement. This annual testifies to her ability and popularity. She likes sports and swimming. College will probably claim her, although she is more than ordinarily interested in an infantryman. General Course: Monitor Club 2, 3 fSecretarylg Dancing Club 1, 25 Glee Club 15 Operetta lg "The Man Who Came to Dinner"q Cheerleader 2, 35 Tattler Stall' Z fReporterJ: 3 QPage Editorj: Yearbook Staff fEditor-in-Chiefl. M. Miklencic, L. Moyer, I. Barret, M. Lutsey A. Tichy, J. Wiesner ROBERT MILLER MOYER 907 SOUTH TWELFTH STREET, ALLENTOWN HPep," as the name suggests, is one of the most active, physically, of any one in our class. He is an avid out- doorsman and likes swimming, hunting, fishing, and ath- letics. He is desirous of being a forest ranger or taxi- dermist. General Coursey Hi-Y Club 29 Boys' Home Economics 25 Red Cross 2. NORMAN HENRY NESTER 1442 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, EMMAUS 'gNorm,', besides being the best nsoda jerk" in the class, is also noted for his wave, which is the envy of many a boy. If you ever want an ice cream soda or sundae, drop in at Dundoreis and look for the guy with the large up-sweep, and you can be sure that you are in for a treat. Commercial Coursey Chorus lg Operetta 15 "The Man Who Came To Dinnerg" Dancing Club 29 Tattler Staff 2, 3 fReporterJ. H. Shelly, E. Charlesworth WALTER FRANKLIN MOYER 428 NORTH FIFTH STREET. EMIVIAUS 6'Bookeri' is the lad in our class who likes to travel. Give him a pipe and a Suitcase and he is either hitch- hiking or going on a long bicycle trip. Because of his physique and ability he is captain of our boys, gym team. He also is the lad with the talented hand for painting pictures. General Course: "The Man Who Cam-e To Dinnergn Dancing Club 1, 25 Glee Club 3, Chorus 33 Gym Team 1, 2, 3. R. MOYER W. MOYER 1 l l I NESTER NOLL RALPH AARON NOLL 237 RIDGE STREET, EMMAUS Who's who in Big League Baseball? Just ask Shottyg he's really up to date on the subject. The opposite sex doesn't seem to bother him, but then one can never tell why he is so interested in basketball. Ralplfs ambition is to attend Stroudsburg State Teacher's College to be- come an athletic coach. VVe're sure he'll get there, unless Uncle Sam gets hold of him beforehand. Academic Courseg Hi-Y Club 35 Chess Club 39 Basketball 1, 3. Twenty-nine PHILLIP CHARLES NUSS EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Behold! We present the Nelson Eddy of our class. uPhil," the baritone soloist of the chorus, also plays the trombone in our orchestras and band. His long, curly, blond hair easily distinguishes him from other tall seniors. The music lield is his choice of a vocation. General Coursey Stage Manager 1, 25 Operetta 1, 33 Band 1, 2, 39 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dance Orchestra 1, 2, 39 Boys' Quartet 1, 2. NUSS PALENCAR A PENNEBACKER B. PENNEBACKER ABRAHAM DANIEL PENNEBACKER Box A, EMMAUS Whizzl Is it a meteorite? No, it's just uAbe,' and his Mercury transporting the Zionsville gang home after a social function. g'Abe" can often be found taking a razz- ing from any member of the class, and because he is good natured, he takes it without becoming angry. Since he is often hiring students to work, we wish him luck in the business world. Academic Course: Basketball Team 35 Track Team 1, 25 Foot- ball Team I, 2, 3. Thirty A. Benfield KATHLEEN HELENE PALENCAR sos SOUTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS 4'Kacky,, is the popular lass with the brown hair, green eyes, and surplus energy. She is very active in social activities of the school. Although she has no plans for the future, we well remember her fine performance in "The Man Who Came to Dinner," and know she will succeed in anything she undertakes. Good luck '6Kacky!,' Commercial Coursey Operetta 3: HThe Man Who Came To Dinner"g Dancing Club 1, 25 Band 1: Chorus 2, 39 Glee Club 35 Knitting Club 3g Yearbook Staff 3. BARBARA ANN PENNEBACKER Box A, EMMAUS Rah, Rah, Rah team! You were sure to find this smil- ing brunette at all the games cheering for our team. Barbara was page editor of wfhe Tattlern and a line page she brought out. Her lovely voice is sure to get her places. Barbara plans to further her education at college. Academic Cours-eg Glee Club 15 Arts and Crafts 2 fVice Presi- dentjg Yearbook Stalf 3 QCabinet Memberjg Tattler Staff 2, 3 CPage Ediftorlg 'Operetta 1: Cheerleader 2, 3. G. Fasching, C. Yerby, M. Nlulh, B. Wetherhold, E DeL R. Snyder, V. Nester, R. Diaz, B. Knauss, C. Wetherhold, R. Kohler BETTY JANE PETERS 540 NORTH STREET, EMMAUS Betty, the happy-go-lucky member of our class, proved herself to be an able actress in our class play. Beside a member of the junior class, Betty likes tumbling and sports of all kinds. Amiable and attractive, Betty illus- trates the point that '4Clothes make the woman? Commercial Coursey "The Man Who Came To Dinner": Athletic Club 1, 2, 35 Dancing Club 1, 2: Softball Team 2. FRANKLIN WILSON REIMERT 130 SOUTH FOURTH STREET, EMMAUS uPop,,' who played varsity football this season, is a part time mail clerk and carrier of our post office. His diversified activities include playing the bass drum of the American Legion Corps and dash man on our track team. His mail carrying job seems to interest him as his future occupation. General Courseg Operetta 15 "The Man Who Came To Dinner' 35 Glee Club 1, 2: Chorus 1, Z5 Dancing Club 1, 2: Football 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 35 Basketball 19 Public Speaking 1. Bussyis Peanut Shoppe VIRGINIA LEE QUEEN 810 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS Virginia studies in school and pays attention to teach- ers, but, outside of class, it's a different story. "Queenie" likes knitting, bowling, dancing, and basketball in which she is proficient. She is also a good typist and hopes to End her future in an office. Commercial Courseg Dancing Club 1, 2: Basketball Team 1, 2, 39 Softball Team 25 Monitor Club 2, 39 Knitting Club 3. PETERS QUEEN REIMERT REINBOLD JANET MAE REINBOLD 49 SOUTH SECOND STREET, ENIMAUS Janet wields a mean paint brush. She is one of the best artists in the class and expects to attend college after she graduates. This pretty, blonde miss tells us her hobbies are swimming and ice-skating. I-lere's wishing her luck and success with the canvas. General Coursey Operetta 15 Glee Club 1, 25 Yearbook Staff 35 Athletic Club 1g Dancing Club 1, 29 Red Crioss Club 25 Ants and Crafts Club 1. Thirty-one OLETHA MAY RINKER 41 SOUTH SECOND STREET, EMMAUS 'QDeeda,, is a tall, attractive brunette, interested in dancing and fond of roller skating. During her high school career she has faithfully tooted away on her clarinet in the band. Although she is interested in the navy, her big heart interest is a certain senior at Slat- ington High. Oletha would like to make commercial radio work her career. Commercial Course: Cafeteria 33 Band 1, 2, 3: Yearbook Staff KCI:-xsses Committeej 39 Dancing Clubv 1: Chorus 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Softball Team 2: Athletic Club 1. RINKER ROKOSNY RUBENAK RUDEGEAIR JOSEPH ALEXANDER RUBENAK 529 MINOR STREET, EMMAUS To the list of energetic seniors we add ".loe,s" name. He has taken the responsibility of heading the Student Council and Board of Judges. A fine speaker and actor, "i.loe', has displayed his talent in both these fields. The Boy Scouts occupy his spare time and he has acquired the rank of Eagle. General Coursey Operetta 1, 3: "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 39 Student Council 1, fVice Presidentj, 2 fPresidentJ, 39 Hi-Y Club 1, fChaplainj, 33 Monitor Club 2, 33 Public Speak- ing lg Boys' Home Economics 2: Chorus 1, 2, 33 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Male Quartet 25 Vice President Class 3g Yearbook Stal? 3, fCabinetJg Gym Team 1, 2, 39 Track Manager 1, 2, 3. Th irty-two W. Jarrett, G. Boyer, M. Miller, R. Coney, I. Rudeg ELIZABETH THERESA ROKOSNY 414 SOUTH SIXTH STREET, EMMAUS Number, please! This is what "Liz', says, when she's on duty as a telephone operator. A lover of sports, '5Liz,' spends lots of time hiking and attending sports events. Commercial Courseg Girl Reserves 1, 2 fPresidentJ, 3 QPresi- dentj. IRENE LUANNA DIANE RUDEGEAIR EMMAUS, ROUTE 1 Bang, bang!! Don't get excited. lt's only Luanna's powder blue and yellow car. Fun-loving Luanna entered our class in the junior year making numerous friends and acquaintances. Her determination, amiability, and 'gquick to smile and slow to anger" personality will stand her in good stead in the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. General Coursey Dancing Club 2. D. Romig, E. Dries H Iobst, E. DeLong, W. Adams, Mr. Deischer VIOLA MINNIE RUTH 415 SOUTH TWELFTH STREET, EMMAUS uHoney" is that attractive blonde in our class, who attracts boys and girls like a high-powered magnet. She is always seen with her best friend Elsie. Together they enjoy all outdoor sports and listen to records. With her knowledge of typing and shorthand, we know there will be many opportunities for her. Commercial Course: Girl Reserves 1, fTreasurerJ 2, 3. CHARLES HENRY SCHANTZENBACH 105 NORTH SECOND STREET, EMMAUS uChas.," the president of our class, is a sports enthu- siast, participating on our baseball and basketball teams. Outside of School, he plays American Legion baseball. Comical as he is, 6'Chas." can be serious, especially when working on a committee. The commercial field seems to be his chosen occupation. Commercial Coursey Dancing Club 29 Baseball 2, 35 Class President 23 Yearbook Staff fSports Committeej 35 Basketball 33 "The Man Who Came To Dinner." R Gerhard, E. Dennis, R. Mabus, A. Rizzetto, R. Wiesner, C. Winzer s1a1:c,a:1.t. m-anna:Qxassgezmsasmzmw,,p..w,,w:wp:s ..s.z,f,.f .. f,-Q' ,, ...Me .. sg ., W., ELIZABETH LILLIAN SANDEL 226 GREEN STREET, EMMAUS The thing a'Betty" enjoys most is roller skating and she is quite a skater. She can be found at Mealey's almost anytime. Her interest lies also in typing and so we will probably find her in some office. A certain Marine has the situation well in hand. Commercial Courseg Dancing Club 1, 2: Softball Team 2. RUTH SANDEL C. SCHANTZENBACH H. SCHANTZENBACH H. STANLEY SCHANTZENBACH 650 WALNUT STREET, EMMAUS Stanley, otherwise known as '4Shrimp," is one of the most handsome and personable athletes of our class, and showed his athletic ability by being on the varsity bas- ketball team and captain of the football team. He is interested in a certain brunette working at Dundore's. MShrimp,' plans to be a coach, provided Uncle Sam doesnit change his mind. Industrial Printing Course: Football Team 1, 2, Captain 3: Basketball Team 1, 2, 3: UThe Man Who Came To Dinner"g Track Team 1, 2, 39 Gym Team Manager 1, 2, 33 Dancing Club 1, 25 Class Vice President 2. Thirty-three LORRAINE MARY SCHMELTZLE 13 MAIN STREET, MACUNGIE Lorraine, an afliable and accommodative person, can be found wherever a friend has need of her, and this affability extends to the field of letter writing to service- men. Seeing good motion pictures is her favorite pass time. She plans to branch out into the field of business and general commercial work. Commercial Coursey Dancing Club 25 Red Cross Club 29 Knit- ting Club 39 Yearbook Staff 3. SCHMELTZLE SCHMOYER SCHOCH SCHREIBER MARVIN WALTER SCHOCH 100 CHURCH STREET, MACUNGIE Marvin, who spends most of his time in the shop, where he majors in carpentry, is another of our outdoor sports- men. Included among his pastimes are camping, fishing, bowling, and driving his Ford. The opposite sex seems to have made no impression on him, but sometimes we are not so sure! Industrial Arts Coursey Red Cross Club 3: Hi-Y Club 2 fSecre- taryli Arts and Crafts Club 1. Thirty-four G. Radeline, E. Dennis, F. Dries, F. Glass, S. Deglel D. Fegley, L. Hinkle DORIS KLINE SCHMOYER 526 JUBILEE STREET, EMMAUS Schmoyer is one of the more mischievous girls of our class. She is very seldom seen, but is always heard. She is not active in sports but she takes an interest in music. For the future she will take the hurdles as they may come. Commercial Course, Chorus 2, 39 Glee Club 3: Softball Team 2. STERLING VINCENT SCHREIBER 222 NORTH FIFTH STREET, EMMAUS This is one of the more technical students of the class, who has proved his knowledge of radio, physics, and chemistry. Most of his spare time he spends furthering his hobby, radio. After graduation, he hopes to enter the Army Signal Corps, and we are sure his training and knowledge will help him achieve his ambition. General Coursey Radio Club 1: Dancing Club 25 Science Club 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Buzzyis Gang B. Treichler FREDDIE CHARLES SCHULER MERTZTOWN ROUTE 1 Run for your lives! It's a giant. No, wait, it's only Freddie. Heis muscle-bound and red as a ripe tomato. He always greets us with a pleasant smile and we all think a great deal of him. Sometimes referred to as the umathematical wizard," Freddie has no trouble work- ing problems. Academic Course: "The Man VVho Came To Dinner," Foot- ball 35 Baseball 3. BETTY MAE SELL 632 WALNUT STREET, EMMAUS Sell, a girl with a beautiful voice-plus, has often entertained servicemen as a member of our trio. Highly active, she helped to bring about the success of our class play and took first prize in the junior declamation con- test. She plans to become a medical secretary and follow music on the side. Bon Chance! General Coursey Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Chorus 33 Junior Declama- tion Contest 29 Operetta 1, 3: "The Man Who Came To Dinner", Student Council QSecretaryJ 3, Yearbook Staff 35 Tattler Staff 2 1Assistant Business Managerj, 3 fliusiness Managerjg Band 1, 2, 39 Gym Team 1, 2, 3: Library 1, 2, Athletic Club 1, 2, 39 Trio 1, 2, 35 Basketball Team 1, 2, 3. W. Moyer MARIETTA MARIE SCHULER EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Marietta, o11e of the singers of our class, spends most of her time in school with her friend uPeggy."' A num- ber of our Monitor Club, she enjoys hiking, dancing, movies and writing to servicemen. She says her favorite branch of service is the Navy. Commercial Course: Operetta 1, 3, Dancing Club 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 35 Monitor Club Z, 3. F. SCHULER M. SCHULER SELL SDKORSKI JOHN ANTHONY SIKORSKI 622 MINOR STREET, EMMAUS One of our outdoor lovers of hunting and fishing, John has proven his skill in this line of sport. Among his other hobbies are trapping, swimming, and horseback riding. Easy to get along with and especially friendly to the opposite sex, John looks towards the future to being an outdoors man. General Course. Thirty-five WILBUR JAMES SINGLEY, JR. 178 BERGER STREET, EMMAUS Ill our junior year, we welcomed into the class a young man altogether devoid of insufliciencies. As Sheri- dan Whiteside in our senior class play, he proved this to all of us. Having the ability to absorb knowledge so readily, he'll succeed, we are sure, in his chosen lield, Navigation. Academic Course: 'lThe Man Who Came To Dinnerqu Hi-Y Club 2, 33 fPresidentj Science Club 35 flaresidentjg Yearbook Staff fcabinetj. SINGLEY SHELLY SNYDER SOLT ROBERT DONALD SNYDER 601 WALNUT STREET, EMMAUS 'lBobby" is one of the smallest boys in our class, but then as the old saying goes, HAH good things come in little packages." With his dark black hair, 4'Bobby" shouldn't have much trouble getting ua girl in every port," for he has already enlisted in Uncle Samis Navy. Good sailing, uBob l ii Commercial Course: Red Cross 2: Dancing Club 2. Thirty-six A. Heist, W. Adams HAROLD WEIDA SHELLY EMMAUS ROUTE 1 This handsome, versatile lad is one of the more intelli- gent of our class. Shelly played a vital part in our foot- ball victories the past few years. His acting talent was displayed by his excellent performance in the class play. The navy gained a real sport when it took Shelly from us. Academic Course: Hi-Y Club 2, 3 1Vice Presidentjg Class Officer fPresiden.tJ: Football Team 1, 2, 33 "The Man Who Came To Dinnerl' 3. ROBERT WILLIAM SOLT MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 Serious minded, energetic, and ambitious describe Robert. "Solt,' is well known for his faithful work on the Monitor Club. And usually, if there's a political argument going on, Robert is in on it. Among his many and varied interests, serious music, swimming, public speaking, and writing rank high. General Course, Junior Declamation Contest 23 Operetta 1, 37 "The Man Who Came To Dinner," Monitor 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Reporter fTattler Statlj 2, 3: Dramatics 2, 35 Public Speaking 1. E. Walbert, A. Pennebncker, E. Kistler, R. Noll F. Wendling, L. Meyers VIOLA ALTHEA STEPHEN 209 CHURCH STREET, MACUNGIE Where do those sweet melodious strains come from? It is none other than our own Viola with her lovely low voice. She can often he seen entertaining a group with her corny jokes, and cute laugh. As for hobbies, she likes all sports, dancing, knitting and playing the piano. Her sparkling personality will help her to achieve her main ambition, receptionist. Commercial Course, Operetta 1, 3: Tattler Stall 2, 3 fReporterJ: Dancing Club 25 Monitor Club 2, 39 Chorus 1, 33 Glee Club 2. RUTH MARTHA STOSH 661 FURNACE STREET, EMMAUS Does she impress you as taciturn? You don"t know "'Ruthy.,' She's fun-loving, attractive, and also an excell- ent typist. In her spare time she does her best to keep up the morale of a certain sailor. She is active in church affairs and hopes to become a secretary in the future. Success be yours! Commercial Coursey Operetta 3: Chorus 2, 37 Dancing Club 1, 25 Dramatic Club 3. Refreshment stand ORPHA LORAINE STORTZ 558 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS One glimpse of 0rpha's winning smile and you'll want to know her better. Not only is she studious but a great lover of sportsg especially, ice Skating. Orpha can al- ways be found with her Shadow, 6'Archie.', With her sunny disposition and ability, she probably will succeed in the commercial world. Commercial Course, Girl Reserves 1, 23 Dramatic Club 3. STEPHEN STORTZ STOSH STOUDT VIVIAN LOIS STOUDT 524 SEEM STREET, EMMAUS Did anyone ask where that excellent music is coming from? Yes, that's g'Viv," playing the piano. She can always be found wherever there is a crowd and cheerful laughter. No, we would not say that she is timid. You probably know by now that music will determine 'LViv,s', future. Commercial Coursey Cafeteria 1, 23 Operetta 1, 3, Dancing Club 25 Dramatic Club 33 Red Cross Club 1, 2, 3, Cvlee Club 2, 35 Chorus 1. Thirty-sev en MICHAEL TERFINKO MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 'gMike,,' one of our football and baseball stars, left school in his junior year to enlist in the Marines. Whell he is finished with this job, he wants to become an air- craft machinist. When he completed his school credits by correspondence, he furnished ample evidence of his determination to succeed. TERFTNKO TREICHLER WALBERT WALTER EARL HENRY WALBERT, JR. 239 EAST WEISS STREET, TOPTON From Topton comes the fellow who has helped to make our concert orchestra a success. Although Earl never says much, he has a great sense of humor, often exercised in Mr. Deischerls P. D. class. A member of the Air Corps Reserve., Earl expects to help Uncle Sam. Academic Coursey Orchestra 2, 39 Chorus 2, 35 Track Team 2, 39 Chess Club 3 fPresidentJg Hi-Y Club 35 B-oys' Home Eco- nomics Club 2. Thirty-eight R. Williams, G. Kern, D. Lichtenwalner, K. Rlttc W. Madtes, B. Knauss ELIZABETH JEAN TREICHLER EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Vivacious g'Bette,,' artist of the class, did the portraits of our principal and superintendent for the opening pages of this annual. The girl with the bangs has tapped her way through the gym exhibit and her jitterbugging is definitely asuperf' uBette's,' talents and her easy to get along with attitude will bring her success in any field. General Course: Glee Club lg Yearbook Staff 3g Operetta 1: Athletic Club 1, 25 Dancing Club 1, 2: Arts and Crafts Club 2 fPresidentJ. EUGENE JOSEPH WALTER, JR. 443 NORTH THIRD STREET, EMMAUS If you have admired the scenery for the senior class play, Eugene is the fellow to thank. Besides being very industrious fout of school, of coursel Eugene is well versed in the radio field. He can usually be found tinker- ing with some mechanical object. He is also fond of the so-called weaker sex. General Course. Gym Class Alley Oop JOY KATHRYN WAMBOLD 124 MACUNGIE AVENUE, EMMAUS This likely lass is serious in school and a great deal of fun out of school. She likes to draw cartoons and writes newsy letters to the boys in the service. Her ambi- tion has always been to sing and several organizations of town will testify to her charm and skill. Commercial Course: Cafeteria 1, 23 Operetta 1, 39 Dancing Club 2: "The Man Who Came To Dinner", Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 3 fsecretaryj. FERN REINHARDT WENDLING 408 SOUTH FOURTH STREET, EMMAUS When greeted by the expression "Cow" or L'Oh broth- er,', we all know that it's Fern, our jocular classmate. Always on the move, Fern is to be found at dances or absorbed in a murder-mystery novel. She also works in the high school office and nourishes a desire to join the Spars. Commercial Course: Dancing Club 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3, Red Cross 25 Chorus 39 Operetta 3. B Cope, V. Queen, R. Woodring, C. Keller, 1. Lerch GLADYS MYRLE WARMKESSEL 50 LOCUST STREET, MACUNGIE Who is the girl with the big smile? The one who would be completely lost without her chewing gum and her Grace? Why, "Gussy,,' of course! Gladys is excellent proof that good things can and do come from Macungie. Intelligent and friendly, she loves to read and knit and is one of the class"s engaged girls. Commercial Course: Cafeteria 3, Red Cross' 2, Knitting Club 3, Yearbook Staff fCabinet Memberj. WAMBOLD WARMKESSEL 1 l WENDLING WERST LARUE CHRISTINE WERST FRANKLIN STREET, ALBURTIS LaRue, an attractive blond-haired girl, is intelligent, serious, and jolly. She is very fond of outdoor sports and is skilled in ice skating and playing softball. "Whashty" takes keen interest in collecting school souvenirs. To a friendly girl, we wish much success and few disap- pointments. Commercial Coursey Operetta 1: Chorus 1, 2: Dancing Club 1, 2, Knitting Club 3: Softball Team 2. Thirty-n ine LUCILLE MARGARET WERTMAN 414 CHESTNUT STREET, EMMAUS Jocular Lucille likes dancing, skating and all kinds of sports. She seems to be drawn towards Fountain Hill by some magnetic force-maybe a senior? She is always ready for a sizzling argument and this augurs a warning for those who dislike them for she is a master at it. Commercially inclined, she hopes to work in an office. Commercial Coursey Softball Team 2, Red Cross 29 Fine Arts 1, Z, 3, Knitting Club 3. WERTMAN WETHERHOLD WIESNER WINZER JOSEPH WIESNER EMMAUS ROUTE 1 "Muggs," the he-man of the class, is a mass of rippling muscles who plays left end on our football team. As an outstanding sportsman Joe has won athletic awards and commendations for his many spectacular pass-catches and runs. Still a trifle undecided about the future aloe" looks forward to a hitch in the Navy. 'General Course, Dancing Club 1, 2, Athletic Club 2, 35 Foot- ball Team 2, 33 Stage Hand 1, 2. Forty A. Wieder, D. Diefenderfer, N. Kline, L. Thomas K. Stortz, L. Kulp CARLTON EARL WETHERHOLD EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Carlton is another of the sports minded boys of our class. He is a keen follower of all sports, especially baseball. Carlton is head of our Monitor Club on which he has done fine work. He also surprised us in our senior class play. His main hobby is sports. Commercial Course: "The M-an Who Came To Dinner", M-onitor Club 2, 3 fCaptainJq Tattler Stal? 2, 3 fReporterJg Baseball Team 2, 35 Student Council 25 Dancing Club 2. CLARENCE EDWARD WINZER 228 STATE AVENUE, EMMAUS This suave, fluent fellow is best known as the "Duke" to the girls. Why? Because he knows all the girls worth knowing from Reading to Wilkes-Barre. g'Duke,,' a swell guy, is still somewhat befuddled about the future, but we all know that he,ll get along OK. General Coursey Stage Manager 1, 2, Operetta 19 'Vfhe Man Who Came To Dinner"g Arts and Crafts Club 13 Chorus 1, 25 Dancing Club 1, 2: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 39 Athletic Club 2, 39 Track Team 13 Gym Team 1, 2, 35 Football Team 2, 3, Base- ball Manager 1, 2, 3. H. Henry, S. Whitehallg Frances Ann Krimmel, Emmausg L. Brunner, Fountain Hill. Second Row-L. Eisenhower, Coop- ersburgg M. Kukitz, Coplayg A. Grzwer, Whitehall, M. Lynn, Slatingtong R. Sherlin, Cutasauqua. Refreshment stand BETTY CATHERINE WILT MACUNGIE ROUTE 1 "Betts',, humor is well known to her many close friends. Her ability to study and to get along with people will enable her to become a good nurse. Betty expects to enter Temple University School of Nursing. Her hobbies are swimming, reading, gardening and going to the movies with Warren. Academic Course: Knitting Club 2: Glee Club 17 Cafeteria 2. Lyceum number GLENN JESSE ZEPP 52 NORTH THIRD STREET, EMMAUS "Clem,', one of the working men of our class, is a sports minded person and can usually be found fooling with the girls. He is studious but he enjoys playing pranks and does it often. As the assistant photographer for our book he proved very dependable. His main in- terest lies in traveling, preferably hitch-hiking. Thumbs up! Academic Courseg 'The Man Who Came To Dinner"g Year- book Statf 33 Hi-Y Club 2 QSecretaryJ 33 Science Club 2 fVice Presidentjg Photography Club 29 Basketball Team l, 39 Football Team 1. ZEPP WILT ZIEGLER ROBERT EDWIN ZIEGLER EMMAUS ROUTE 1 Robert is hardly ever heard, but if you are ever in need of a friend he is right there. His favorite pastime is driving his father's Chevy and he is looking forward to the day when he will own his own car. The shop was his first love at school. General Coursey Arts and Crafts Club lj Band 3. Forty-one Richard Caal James Fowler have ny erm' - ' .,. L 5.?fXf'T"f .Q :fn 'F' ,f va! ' -' M -A . 1 rrnrr 7 Donald Centher ww' 2 1 , , - vv ,,, , M, 1 .m ei n If Donald Heffner Frank Flamisch Donald Fegley William Alhitz Clarence Winzer F Orty-tw0 6 zz!! Henry Gerhard Norman Nester Harold Shelly Joseph Wiesner F orrie Glass Waller MOYCI' Henry Iobst F orty-three JUNIOR GIRLS First Row-Left to Right: Mary Ann Eck, Violet Wagner, Catherine Hersch, Jeannine Hamsher, Jean Seip, Rachael Lorish, Alice Schmoyer, Saraellen Wetherhold, Gloria Boyer. Second Row: Faye Hallman, Althea Eisenhard, Pauline Wetzel, Patricia Lester, Isabel Clauser, Mae Stephen, Martha Moon, Marianna George, Phyllis Weaver, Margaret Lichtenwalner, Marie Danner. Third Row: Elizabeth DeLong, Sarah Fisher, Betty Hillegass, Eleanor Stratz, Geraldine Kulp, Phyllis Erb, Marion Wetzel, Mae Shelly, Esther Shimer, Joyce Stephens. Fourth Row: Virginia Brahm, Lucille Kocis, Celia Benedick, Evelyn Beitler, Catherine Dimmig, Leanna Burian, Blanche Detwiler, Grace Oswald, Helen Wessner. Fifth Row: Marion Lohrman, Gloria Roth, Charlotte Miller, Ethel Winzer, Velda Mae Haas, Lois Wieder, Verna Schantzenbach, Roberta Johnson, Violet DeLong, Joyce Kulp, Frances Ann Krimmel. Sixth Row: Mary Jane Walters, Margaret Miklencic, Joyce Haines, Leola Feather, Marie Brown, Althea Schive, Joyce Knauss, Evelyn Miller. Seventh Row: Betty Bloch, Lois Carl, Priscilla Brahler, Lois Hamscher, Doris Heimbach, Dolores Gerhartlt, Velma Gould, Mary Jane Olson, Mary Miller, Joyce Newhard, Althea Snyder, Shelia McKeever. Not Pictured: Shirley Barto, Cora Geist, Althea Schmick, Betty Snyder, Fay Sowers, Jean Barrett, Barbara Kelly, Elverna Kline, Betty Mae Reinert, Barbara Schreiber, Nancy Shoemaker, Eunice Mohr. , F orty-fo ur OFFICERS RICHARD WIEAND ..,..... ....... ,..... ,......,........ ..,,....,,..,. P r e s ident BRUCE KNAUSS ..,. .......,. ...,..,, V i ce President BARBARA SCHREIBER ........ ...,,,,..,. S ecretary MRS. BENFIELD .,,..,.., .,.,., T reasurer JUNIOR BOYS First Row-Left to Right: Donald Geisinger, Robert Gery, Harold Baus, Ernest King, LeRoy Kneller, Kenneth Long, Kermit Bieber, John Furhosel, William Madtes. Second Row: Lester Gilbert, Kermit Shoch, George Yanochko, Vernon Nester, George Kern, Bruce Knauss, Rich- ard Schantz, Carrol Marsteller, Donald Lichtenwalner, Lewis Hosfeld. Third Row: Robert Mattern, Walter Weselsky, Lester Harwick, Francis Stratz, Charles Keller, Robert Strouse, Gerald Radeline, Kermit Ritter, John Goduscik. Fourth Row: Richard Gilbert, Donald Warm- kessel, Marvin Behm, Richard Laudenslager, Robert Kahle, Richard Williams, George Carl, Richard Wieand. Fifth Row: LeRoy Hinkel, Robert Ramer, Edgar Dennis, Stanley Kline, Richard Yeakel, Elmer Schuster, Ray Roeder, Charles Hersh. Sixth Row: Dorn Romig, Bright Heist, Russel Ganey, Herman Hoffman, Willard Kehs, Roy Woodring, Donald Fegley, Kent Druckenmiller. Seventh Row: Whitford Dickinson, Adam Hendritz, Harry Hauser, Edwin Fogel, Carl' Wanamaker, Gerald Schlonecker, LeRoy Eck, Gene Kline, Charles Olson. Not Pic- tured: Gerald Romich, Roland Druckenmiller, Robert Wiesner. ADVISORS MR. RUCH MRS. BENFIELD MR. BECKER F arty-five SOPHOMORE GIRLS First Row-Left to Right: Carla Reinert, Betty Godusky, Carol Yerby, Helen Engleman, Dorothy Brohst, Ellen McNabb, Susan Brown, Helen Sikorski, Dolores Miller. Second Row: Naomi Geh- man, Stella Romanchuk, Doreen Wenner, Buraldine Stephen, Macy Snyder, Dorothy Wenner, June Houser, Norma Mackes, Gloria Fasching, Ruth Stahl, Marion Yeakel, Betty Schmoyer. Third Row: Joanne Bolich, Ruth Rhode, Marjorie Fehnel, Nancy Lou Weidner, Joanne Reinhart, Margaret Bear, Mary Jane Lippowitch, Marilyn Krauss, Catherine Brauchle, Doro- thy Howerter. Fourth Row: Mary Jane Muth, Margaret Mailin, Reba Seem, Janet Wetherhold, Jane Walbert, Betty Bairer, Ethel Gorr, Althea Lorish, Betty Gehman, Marion Lichtenwalner, Blanche Miller. Fifth Row: Evelyn Gangewere, Arlene Shell, Mary Jane Fisher, Barbara Weth- erhold, Josephine Readinger, Maydalene Kuzma, Betty Gilbert, May Lichtenwalner. Sixth Row: Nancy Christman, Phyllis Boger, Janice Kleppinger, Evelyn Wentz, June Dries, Betty W'itman, Anna Mae Wieder, Wanda Engleman, Martha Chwastiak, Betty Wetzel. Seventh Row: Betty Krasnansky, Alice Heist, Kathleen Hoffman, Esther Dries, Christine Litzenberger, Anna Mae Fenstermaker, Mabel Essig, Betty Kelly, Joyce Keller, Theresa Kocis, Ruth Christ, Ethel Kehs. Eighth Row: Lucille Oswald, Doreen Miller, Bertha Helt, Shirley Dankel, Georgianna Hubbard, Mildred Hinkel, Mae Long, Mary Jane Gulla, Marie Miller, Gloria Reese, Jean Schellenherger, Rose Buhn. Not Pictured: Jacqueline Berry, Harriet Zepp, Agnes Labanz, Dorothy Moyer, Dorothy Iobst, Vivian Moyer, Jacqueline Smith, Esther Schantzenbach. F orty-six OFFICERS GERALD KELLER ...,..., .,.....,...,.........,.,...... ......,..,..,.. P r estdent DONALD FOLK ....,.. .,...... V ice President CARLA REINERT . ,... ............... Secretary DOUGLAS MARTZ ....... ....... T reasurer MISS WETHERHOLD SOPHOMORE BOYS First Row-Left to Right: Jack Hamsher, Robert Reinhard, Richard Knauss, Frank Koneski, Joseph Chwastiak, Donald Folk, Richard Conrad, Eugene Findlay, Anthony Timar. Second Row: Rodney Gerhart, Alfred Kern, Emory Long, Gerald Druckenmiller, Richard B. Snyder, Earl Houseknecht, Douglas Martz, Jackie Queen, Carl George, Robert Sandel. Third Row: Frank Estoch, Albert Rizzetto, James Rohrbach, John Brey, Donald Cole, Linwood Arndt, Charles Miller, Robert Schoch, Isaiah Nuss, Robert Wieand. Fourth Row: Wilmer Schmoyer, Harold Rauch, Ralph Frankenfield, Donald Markley, Nick Pickel, John Wetzel, Lloyd Stephen. Fifth Row: Michael Toth, Carson Schuler, Joseph Ralascak, Thomas Kern, George Sebring, Raymond Snyder, Vernet Schwartz. Sixth Row: Roy Hertzog, Lamont Mohr, Mark Ruth, Raymond Nester, Nick Micklos, Richard Keim, Richard Yeahl, Albert Krasley. Seventh Row: Elmer Dries, Jack Felegy., Richard C. Snyder, Donald Hersh, Gerald Brey, Martin Reinhard, Stanley Degler, Harlon Fenstermaker, Herbert Stoudt. Eighth Row: Frederick Treby, James Mclnnes, Edwin Bauder, Richard Mabus, Leslie Seaman, Robert Howerter., Richard Leh, George Scholl. Not Pictured: Roy Engler, Marvin Diehl, Gerald Keller, Edwin Kline, Earl Miller. ADVISORS MRS. ZIMMERMAN MR. DEISCHER MRS. MOYER Forty-seven FRESHMEN GIRLS First Row-Left to Right: Joyce Stoudt, Evelyn Hoffman, Lorraine Henry, Sylvia Ortt, Jean Fatula, Mary Ann Evert, Sara Deibert, Annabelle Henritzy, Vivian Miller. Second Row: Rosemary Schmaldinst, Reda Moll, Christine Iobst, Virginia Latsch, Barbara Fisher, Roselyn Nichols, Claire Garman, Ethel Stoudt, Patsy Stauffer, Helen Witman, Catherine Stump, Loretta Rodenbush. Third Row: Dolores Brown, Helen Gerhard, Jeanette Dries, Mildred Arndt, Doro- thy Stichter, Marilyn DeEsch, Jeanette Eltz, Dolores Neimeyer, Mary Kline, LaRue Reinhardt, Charlotte Knerr. Fourth Row: Marteene Stickler, Marlene Diefenderfer, Florence Kauffman, Lucille Thomas, Carolyn Stephen, LaRue Kulp, Anna Danner, Annabelle Nester, Lillian Reichard, Nancy Beitler. Fifth Row: Frances Bauder, Joyce Hallman, Lahoma Gardner, Sophia Shesslak, Nancy Bieber, Elaine Elkins, Bibianna Yanochko, Nancy Moyer, Halerine Hersh, Jean Hosfeld, Betty Kauffman, Dorothy Werst, Heraldine Wetzel. Sixth Row: Dolores Schaef- fer, Jean Iobst, Agnes Tichy, Irene Carl, Doreen Reese, Kathryn Stortz, Avonne Knauss, Edna Measler, Olga Kalibishko. Seventh Row: Arlene Moyer, Lucille Knaus, Dolores Madtes, Pearl Rohrbach, Gloria Richards, Uldine Nuss, Dorothy Newhard, Elizabeth Urder, Jean Degler, Arlene Yeakel, Fern Hepler. Eighth Row: Doris Jane DeLong, Charlotte Fisher, Doris Kehr, Eleanor Koze, Pauline Hubbard, Geraldine Miller, Myrtle Eck, Patricia Lynch. Not Pictured: Lillian Richard, Sally Andrews, Marilyn Diefenderfer, Marianna Egner. l F orty-eight OFFICERS STANLEY HINES ....., ..,....................,..,.. ............. P r estdent NEIL KLINE .....,... .....,. V ice President NANCY WEIDA ........... ...,,.,... S ecretary RICHARD READINGER ........ .,... T reasurer MISS VAN BUSKIRK L FRESHMEN BOYS First Row-Left to Right: George Morris, Edwin Marsteller, George Spieker, Howard Yenser, Raymond Rothenherger, Earl Kechline, Walter Kirschman, Lowell Druckenmiller, Wayne Weider, Stanley Hines. Second Row: Henry Klingaman, Charles Shankweiler, Claude Reichel- derfer, Dale Deihl, John Faust, John Laudenslager, Richard Amey, Luther Hallman, George Kozak, LaMar Schuler, Ralph Kulp. Third Row: Norman Miller, Philip Gessinger, Robert George, Howard Bortz, Peter Milinichik, Robert Kunkel, Emmond Kline, Theodore Latsch, Floyd Dries, Kenneth Reed, Allen McNabb. Fourth Row: Glenn Kuder, Charles Winzer, Albert Plarr, Lynn Moyer, Neil Kline, Richard Biehn, Richard Reifinger, George Schmetzle, Robert Bieber, Charles Hinkle. Fifth Row: Robert Yerby, Oscar Crossley, Melvern Bitting, Herbert Schmoyer, John Tomanio, Raymond Adams, James Herbein, Earl Brensinger, Marlin Gehman, James Roth. Sibcth Row: LeRoy Snyder, Ray Liebensberger, Richard Dorney, LaVerne Stahl, Richard Fenstermaker, Robert Weaver, Gerald Kemmerer, Harry Long, Kenneth Wieder. Seventh Row: Floyd Keim, John Meckes, Stanley Meierhoff, Werly Bast, William Gehman, Melvin Heck, Carl Blank, Gerald Schaeffer, Wallace Fritz, Donald Hohe. Eighth Row: Charles Oleska, Burrell Brown, Richard Hatfield, Richard Miller, Laird Stortz, Stephen Kocis, Charles Urland, Charles Kleppinger, Emerson Musser, Donald Schaeffer, Neil Bartholomew, Stanley Miller, Donald Eberwein. Not Pictured: John SchaeHer, William Laub, Harold Gower, Rich- ard Lehman, Richard Stahl, Charles Berger, Robert Hepler, Charles Lenner, Harold Boyer, William Charlesworth, Ronald Deaz, Harvey Dimmig, Ronald Geist, Robert Gerlach, George Haines, Edmund Herman, Richard Kruse, Karl Lessel, Edwin Miller, Richard Readinger, Thomas Stoudt. ADVISORS MISS HAUSER MISS LONG MR. ORTT F orty-nine 1 Q , VN? cf' A05 5 K0 0 5 -. ' XJZXE-Qxgegaex X'Q,v Left to Right: B. Peters, H f qoqww qw . 0 04 10 X593 Ago , df 4, X65 QV C? 104, ew abxwa V Q9 Q3 ' eggxeft 539 and A. Koze 'ii' P315 Cf 018' blew 'QU ,bah 60525-17 Left to Right: W. Singley, B. Sell, and H. Shelly Left to Right: K. Palel and T. Iobst u Q63 1 . QQ - . hm- 0 YM' ,139 gm m me' me ,xv Left to Ri ht: W. Singley, g and J. Rubenak Left to Right: W. Singley, and M. Lutsey If ez' f ' P 0 . Ql90S?4g., W 5 Q11 d . 7? 'Gel 106553 Left to Right: W. Singley, G. Koch, and J. Wambold M wx 4.6533 - K if KA, fi i J 4 2 G 1 . 'z 5? a a y xx 3 'Q :V 5 21 i E Q Q r x 1 I ls if 3 S ,4 9 gm PN if 2 3, s 5 E 5 2 1 i v 5 fa 3 3 vi 5 25 Qs P 'Q We Pnint Ilur Nusa fur News Freedom of speech, one of the principles for which the Allied Nations are striving, is being practiced by the ubudding journalists" of our school. 4'The Tattlerw, our four-page paper, is published eight times a year by a staff of thirteen seniors and thirteen juniors. These unews-hounds", bent on bringing out an interesting paper, gather news of sports, school life, gossip, and edu- cational material. Receiving no credits, these people devote their club periods on Wednesday and after school time to learning the ABC's of journalism and the actual pub- lishing of uThe Tattlerfi The business end is handled by a capable staff of two seniors and two juniors. They distribute the paper and solicit the ads, which aid in paying for the paper. During the illness of the regular editor-in-chief, Ruth DeLong, the December and January issues were taken over efficiently by Barbara Pennebacker. This year for the iirst time a cartoonist, Edgar Dennis, was added to the staH. He alone did all the cartoons found in NThe Tattlerfi Mr. Albert Benfield supervises the editors and the reporters, while Mr. Elwood Ortt manages the financial department. Editor-In-Chief .,.... .......,. ..,.............. ,.,.. R U T H DELONG Page Editors Lorraine Moyer, Barbara Pennebacker, Louise Cornfeld, Theodore Iobst, Roberta Marsteller, Co-editor. Senior Reporters Lorraine Mohr, Robert Solt, Ardella Bieber, Esther DeLong, Viola Stephens, Carlton Wetherhold, Norman Nester. Junior Reporters Velda Mae Haas, Richard Schantz, Lois Carl, Gloria Roth, Barbara Schreiber, Mary Miller, Betty Jean Bloch, Joyce Haines, Frances Ann Krimmel, Joyce Knauss, Velma Gould, Saraellen Wetherhold, Gene Kline. F ifty- fo ur at 5 i f 90165 33 It, A ily I3 ia :QQg j - , a 21 1W gHMi2'AEf,STbsf'W Yu rg ling Hamm ua. QQ x 'W ,. ,lllnktxh Nl xl. K ,ukllqb WI "x, 'jak . A 4 X 1 Im, L1460 X400 Q" ff W -,vigxpcb X fb fgkfb- X , .ix H ' , Ai ww, 'WAN mb 7 ' V 1 H kv NQWQN5 wfqxii, gd, fxxswi QX35? xi: as In . , "jew mm C080 Q 'gcggxxxy ' , jf O JU ,. 4 , ' 1, 'cf' mu Y' 0, xi IN, we :Lb Avi? oN YW X69 V284- A 'A' X wkx N bx N96 ' xy Q, W QQ -.X :Q xqx 'Axe Gbogbs, 0, , me Qomxoe. 5095? Rex N43 '55 rw' gQxxi6b0 . ..a5N0ix6 ' WWC .M Ma . 49 xi. vb GN B X , ' 'S J I af, 0,575 fs' f L AS- CiT:"9'3 Y L bl ' -'Io Q C CXQFQXQX 2, Q!! 4,121 7,1 bog?-, 1,7 X L 4, QQQNNG . 14 QVQC' 2968- -, 'oc :QM A Sc., iclrw foam . . . gy Nvl'bQgX0x2. 960495 - ' .N Q'g0x5x'3,Abx 1 mg -3356 f f ' I-Aqm H X605 O. ' ' . A 'L w-Xvlw 'fbwwim , cvigxxccgwqphx AxQQ355X,Xf. Qian 0' M . M A X les QQFQO ,g J' mf' Right: I U to R- diwffl 59 Xue iswnt E03 GW ASS ein 3 , O04 N309 Efhwrg 15996 YEARBOOK Editor-In-Chief ....., Assistant Editor .... Yearbook Cabinet , Activity Committee Classes Committee Yeiwel . ht. 30 Left 'owgliixxgxeg' Financial Advisor and Advisor-Left to Right: Elwood L. Ortt, and Albert S. Benfield. WE HEIIALI. I1 H STAFF LORRAINE MOYER GAWAIN KOCH ..,. BARBARA PENNEBACKER GLIADYS WARMKESSEL WILBUR SINGLEY JOSEPH RUBENAK KATHLEEN PALENCAR MIRIAM LONG KATHLEEN FRITZ JOYCE EASTMAN ROBERTA MARSTELLER VIRGINIA LORAH OLETHA RINKER HELEN KONESKI ARLENE KOCH LORRAINE SCHMELTZLE Y earb 0019 G? W Mm Yrubeu b ackef 1 ' if . qblne xgC55ex5 gk' Business Staff-Left to Right: E. Charlesworth., G. Hartman, M. Lutsey, G. Warmliessel, B. Sell, E. DeLong. C! Art and Photographerswlteft to Right: B. Treich- Xggjf'-5' Cob ler, A. Koze, G. Zepp, J. Reinhold, and G. Koch. Lolfokflzzzkl HAPPY SEHIJIIL LIP Administration Committee Y 11711 lgbg . ee fl, 9 D - O ld . 4110? 1i'f,,kg1ff,,,l,u, 510, Gy, IQ A Sly-at . DAVID ALLOWAY Sports Committee ,...... ...,...,.. ....,.,...,,..,... T H EoD0RE IOBST Business Stay? . ,,.. Art S tag ,..,.. Faculty Advisors .,.... CHARLES SCHANTZENBACH J0YcE KLINE ESTHER DELONG GRACE HARTMAN GLADYS WARMKESSEL ELEANOR CHARLESWORTH BETTY MAE SELL MARY JANE LUTSEY BETTE TREICHLER JANET REINBOLD ALBERT KOZE AI,BERT S. BENFIELD ELWOOD L. ORTT 401,222 J' 1' Gd, 111111 . K lolz 0 R, 001, C elelz K-0 Marstg 154. Sc Z'12'?z12,e "9s,Q-l- er, fvzlelzzlee ' I PQ, , Sports Committee-Left to Right: T. Iobst, J. Kline, and C. Schantzenbach. C P1-Ilglblfllgkte call Iflexlef F1-' I fo . Ui ahdglgfg. 1 E583 Lon 311. gs K' WHITESlDE'S ENTRANCE Left to Right: Betty Sell, Kath- leen Palencar, Wilbur Singley, Henry Iobst, Carlton Wetherhold Betty Jane Kelly, Gawain Koch Betty Jane Peters, Harold Shelly Joy Wambold, Louise Cornfeld Virginia Lorah, Joseph Rubenak, Mary Jane Lutsey. SE IUH5 ST EE During the trying days of War last autumn, the senior class decided that what would be most appropriate would be a play without the slightest mention or hint of War. So the class chose the hilarious escapist drama just off Broadway, 'GThe Man Who Came To Dinnerfi Lacking in dramatic emotional impact and hidden moral, but packed with comedy, this play has excelled by far all other class plays. The central theme of the play revolves around the antics of Sheridan White- side, who had gone to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley in the small town of Mesalia, Ohio, for a dinner guest, but who fell on the ice on the steps and injured his hip. As the play begins, Mr. Whiteside is getting out of bed, from here on begins an endless parade of personalities constantly wondering in and out in the most bizarre fashion. The net result of it all is that Mr. Stanley, angered by Mr. Whiteside's constant annoyance and infuriated, when he receives the telephone bill for Mr. Wfhitesideis telephone calls to all corners of the earth, orders him from the house. Whiteside graciously leaves and injures the other hip on the Way out. The play established a record run of three nights' continuous performance. The technical side of the play was handled by David Alloway who had absolute charge of all advertising, programs, tickets, finance, and business mattersg ON THE AIR Solt. Left to Right: Betty Kelly Wil bur Singley, Choir Boys Robert ENSEMBLE Left to Right: Charles Schantz- enbach, Theodore lobst, Betty Kelly, Robert Solt, Walter Moyer, Norman Nester, Mrs. Zimmer- man, Kathleen Palencar, Henry Iobst, Wilbur Singley, Harold Shelly, Betty Mae Sell, Winfield Adams, Franklin Reimert, Don- ald Heiter, Joseph Rubenak, Rob- ert Fritch, Carlton Wetherhold, Fred Schuler, Louise Cornfeld, Stanley Schantzenbach, Virginia Lorah, Joseph Brosky, Mary Jane Lutsey, David Alloway. Rear- Left to Right: Glenn Zepp, Betty J. Peters, Albert Koze, Lorraine Moyer, Joy Wamhold, Gawain Koch. Bllll HW!-lY HIT Charles Markley, who handled lightingg 'Winfield Adams at propertiesg Eugene Walters, who was in command of science constructiong Miss Charlotte Treichler, who designed the sceneryg and Mrs. J. Harold Zimmerman, who directed the play. CAST Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley ,...,..... Joy Wambold Luncheon Guests ...,......,.,,.... Freddie Schuler Miss Preen .,............,....,.... Kathleen Palencar Stanley SCh3Y1iZ0Hb.3Ch Richard Stanley ...... ...,...,,..,..... A lbert Koze Robert Ffltch John 4 l,'4,4lAl-AA.--."---" Carlton Wetherhold Mr. Baker ,.,..,....,.,, ..,....,..,..... oseph Brosky Sarah ..,..,.........,,... .......,.,..,..,.,. B etty Kelly Expressman 'AA""""A"'A4""A4'A' Wlnaeld Adams Mrs. Dexter ........,.,.,. Mrs. McCutcheon ., Mr. Stanley ........... Maggie Cutler .,,...... Dr. Bradley ..,,............... Sheridan Whiteside Harriet Stanley ...,.. Bert Jejferson ....,.. Professor Metz ...,. MUMMY SCENE Lejt to Right: Wilbur Singley, Theodore lobst, Mary Jan-e Lut- sey. Virginia Lorah Louise Cornfeld Gawain Koch Betty Mae Sell Henry Iohst Wilbur Singley Lorraine Moyer Harold Shelly Joseph Rubenak Lorraine Sheldon . Sandy ...,..,...........,.,, Beverly Carlton .....,.. Wescott ..... , .........., .. Radio Technicians Banjo ....,,.,.....,.,...... Two Deputies .,,.... Plainclothes Man , Mary ,lane Lutsey Charles Schantzenhach David Nelson Alloway Robert Solt Walter Moyer Norman Nester Theodore Iohst Donald Heiter Franklin Reimert Glenn Zepp BAND First Raw-Left to Right: Mr. Weil, Lowell Druckenmiller, Oletha Rinker, Betty Mae Sell, Donald Muth, Robert Gerlach, Ray Wetherhold, Carl Kulp, Bruce Reinhard, Uldine Nuss. Second Row: Richard Conrad, Louis Hosleld, George Spieker, Winfield Adams, Don- ald Markley, Malvin Bitting, Robert Kahle, Stanley Kline. Third Row: How- ard Hoffman, Gerald Schlenecker, Charles Hinkel, Donald Folk, Mary Jane Lutsey, Glenn Hertzog, Robert Wieand, Douglas Martz. Fourth Row: Donald Warmkessel, Donald Lichtenwalner, Anthony Timar, Gerald Druckenmiller, Phyllis Miller, Isaiah Nuss, Edwin Miller, Dale Diehl. Fifth Row: Charles .Markley, Betty Geh- man, Albert Plarr, Gerald Kemmerer, Roy Hertzog, Richard Laudenslager, Walter Wesielsky, Harry Fenstermaker. Sixth Row: Walter Kirshman, Donald Wagner, Edwin Fogel, Marvin Diehl, Martin Reinhard, Rosemary Schmaldinst, John Kirshman. Nat Pictured: Phillip Nuss, Richard Wieder, Geraldine Flexer, Lorraine Mohr, Richard Hatfield, Floyd Keim, Geraldine Miller. usil: Frnshnns the Spirit Our band makes a spectacular appearance wherever it goes. Ever-present at athletic events, the band has never ceased to amaze us with its Well-executed drills at football games. Every spring these accomplished musicians present a concert that well attests their skill. The director, Mr. Paul Weil, is not only an excellent musician himself, but is able to influence the band both morally and musically. Enlur and Posture Fill the Eye Z Several stunning young ladies in natty uniform prance before our band, wher- ever it paradesg they strut with martial air and snappy step as they twirl their batons before them. These fine young ladies have spent many long and tiresome hours perfecting their steps and baton twirling. We salute them for a job well donel , r C MAJORETTES Left to Right: Elizabeth DeLong, Roberta Marsteller, Fay Sowers, Patricia Lester, Esther Shimer, Dolores Gerhardt, Betty Hutchinson. .. New W f -rf, if f CONCERT ORCHESTRA First Row-Left to Right: Lucille Knauss, Helen Buchen fSecretaryJ: Earl Walbert, Sterling Schreiber, Gawain Koch, Lewis Hosfeld, John Kirshman, Richard Lau- denslager, Charles Markley Donald F lk. , , o Second Raw: Richard Schantz, Stanley Kline, Richard Conrad, Isaiah Nuss Rob- ert Kahle, Donald Warmkessel, Albert l Plarr, Phillip Nuss, Phyllis Miller. Third Row: Mr. Peters, Edwin Fogel fVice Presidentlg Gerald Romich, Uildine Nuss, Melvin Bitting, Winfield Adams CPresi- dentj. Not Pictured: Richard Hatfield, Robert Wieand, Mary Jane Lutsey. ,ca -J' Great Masters Are Nut Neglected For nearly an hour every Friday afternoon, We can well remember hearing melodic strains of music wafting through the still air of our school as the con- cert orchestra Was holding its Weekly rehearsals. The orchestra, under the direc- tion of Mr. Peters, plays exclusively the finer Works of the great and near great as Well as delightful operatic excerpts, fantasies, and scherzoes. I AV Fresh mees ust Please The Chorus strives to achieve harmonic tonal blending, dramatic musical ff Q poise, and excellence of vocal timbre. These fine qualities were well exemplified when they gave their comic opera, H.lVI.S. Pinafore, last March. Every year they , . . . . , . M . . ,, N 5 give a concert 1n Spring, this year s being called Music ln Spring. OPERETTA H. M. S. PINAFORE Left to Right: StagehandsgGerald Ro- mich, Albert Plarr, Joh-n Kirschman, Donald Markley, John Wetzel, Elmer Dries, George Morris, Gerald Brey. First Row: Edwin Fogel, Louis Hosfeld, Rob- ert Solit, Richard Lauclenslager, Donald Warmkessel, Stanley Kline, Walter Wieselisky, Richard Bodnar Winfield Adams, Franklin Reimtertz Richard Shantz, Herman Hoifman, Fern Wend- ling Oletha R' k , i in er, Helen Bauman, Robert Kahle, Isaiah Nuss, Eleanor Marks, Blanche Miller, Robert Strouse. Second Row: Ruth Stosh, Ardella. Bieber, Evelyn Wentz, Mary Snyder, Betty Cope, Elverna Kline, Joseph Rubenak, Mary Jane Lutsey, Charles' Markley, Betty Mae Sell, Phillip Nuss, Anna Louise Hunsicker, David Alloway, Gawain Koch, Christine Litzenberger, Josephine Read- inger, Lois Meyers, Gloria Reese, Helen Sikorski, Nancy Christman. Third Row: Joan Reinhard Nancy Lo W'd , u ei ner, Reba Seem, Vivian Moyer, Frances Ann Krimmel M 'l , an yn Krause, Verna Shantz- enbach, Esther DeLong, Ruth DeLong, Vivian Stoudt, Althea Snyder, Alice Schmoyer, Sara Ellen Wetherhold, Mar- garet Bear, Merial Amtey, Shirley Barto, Ethel Winzer, Phyllis Bogert, Evelyn Gangewere, Jacquelyn Berry, Joanne Bo- lich, Margaret Miller, Vio-la Stephens, June Houser, Dorothy Wrenner, Carla Rein-ert, Eloise Kline, Mr. Peters. Fourth Row: Doris Schmoyer, Arlene Koch, Susan Brown, Joy Wambold L ' t , orralne Mohr, Leanna Burian, Marietta Schuyler, Marguerit H'l t e 1 t, E v e ly n Engleman, Blanche Arndt, Miriam Long, Lois Carl, Betty Jean Bloch, Naomi Gehman, Mary Jane Muth, Gloria Roth, Betty Sichmoyer, Arlene Schell, Betty Laudenslager, Vir- ginia Lorah, Russel Ganey. DANCE ORCHESTRA I , Left to Right: Eloise Kline, Mr Peters i ft Kahle Albert Plan Wm s, Richard Laudenslager, Charles Markley. Donald Markley, Phillip NuAss,. Stanley Kline, Robe, i , , ' - 2 field Adam ' A5 ,. ' WM in p-als--ff QQ Yllunq People Like in Dance school, especially during Minstrel rehearsals, our dance orchestra played solidly eight to the bar, and in accordance with popular trend our dance orchestra, l1ke others of its kind, has caught on and seems to tickle the fancy of our swingsters who are legion. llur Name Spells Vietnry O O 0 - These piquant misses blend their voices in golden harmony to the accompani- ment of Miss Eloise Kline in a manner that ingratiates them with all. Their large repertoire embraces almost all forms of music from Boggie Woogie to Grand Opera and Church Musicg and many are the people Whom they have entertained. U1 THREE DOTS AND DASH Left to Right: Mr. Peters, Eloise Kline, Mary Jane Luitsey, Betty Mae Sell, Anna Louise Hunsicker. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Left lo Right: Robert Kahle, Stanley Kline, Walter Moyer, Walter Weselsky, Robert Strouse, Richard Schantz, Eloise Kline, Donald Warmkessel, Russel Ganey, Mr. Peters. Phillip Nuss, Edwin Fogel, Robert Solt, Richard Bodnar, Franklin Reimert, Gawain Koch, Lewis Hosfeld, Joseph Rubenak, Winfield Adams. Not Pictured: Clarence Winzer, Richard Lau- denslager. g l 'S' f Q. Seventeen gentlemen of harmony unite thelr voices every Monday afternoon to sing classical and semi-classical works and operatic excerpts Under the direc tion of Mr Peters, the Boys Glee Club has attained a marked degree of musical counter point and have steadily been perfectlne their vocal tlmbre Snnqsters Prnvllle Muslcal Intnrludes The Girls' Glee Club 1S composed of sophomore, Junior and senior sonffsters, who meet weekly under the direction of Mr Peters to unite their volces 1n harmonizing difficult compositions No special talent 1S needed, for the purpose of the club is to develop the frlrls voices Activity credit points are given for participation and membership S' x5 I ,E I W ! A L GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row-Left In Right: Joanne Rein- hart, Merial Amiey, Esther DeLong, June Hauser, Dorothy Werner, Jacquelyn Berry, Evelyn Gangawere, Betty Mae Sell, Fern Faust, Mary Snyder, Betty Schmoyer, Arlene Koch, Nancy Christ- man, Mr. Peters, Susan Brown, Mary Jane Muth, Naomi Gehman, Lorraine Mohr, Helen Bauman, Joanne Bolich, Blanche Arndt, Mary Jane Lutsey, Evelyn Wentz, Ardella Bieber, Fern Wendling, Virginia Lorah. Second Row: Reba Seem, Blanche Miller, Anna Louise Hunsicker, Vivian Stoudt, Joy Wambold, Doris Schmoyer, Kathleen Palencar, Bertha Helt, Miriam Long, Margaret Bear, Sheila McKeever, Nancy Weidner, Mari- etta Schuler, Evelyn Engleman, Vivian Moyer, Marilyn Krauss, Phyllis Boger, Helen Sikorski, Arlene Schell, Marguerite Hilt, Ruth DeLong, Christine Litzen- berger, Gloria Reese, Oletha Rinker, Shirley Dankel, Josephine Readinger. Not Pictured: Betty Cope. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row-Left to Right: Edwin Mar- steller, Betty Mae Sell fsecretaryjg Velma Gould fVice Presidentlg Mr. Peters, Mae Stephen QTreasurerJ: Jo- seph Rubnak fllresidentj: Gerald Brey. Second Row: Betty Godusky, Lorraine Henry, Janice Kleppinger, Viol-et De- Long, Elizabeth Uffer, Marlene Diefen- derfer, Althea Lorish. Third Row: Ralph Kulp, Charles Kleppinger, Shelia Mc- Keever fAssistant Treasurerj: June Houser, Richard Keim, Lester Harwick. Fourth Row: Jack Felegy, Earl Walbert, James Mclnnes, Russel Ganey, James Roth. Not Pictured: Helen Godusky, Fern Faust, Eunice Mohr, Lorraine Mohr, Willi-am Charlesworth. 4 Free Men llhey Law The Student Council, our student governing body, is a select group of pupils, partly elected by the general body and partly appointed by the faculty. Its duties are first of all to make and enforce rules touching the behavior and activity of the school community. It also shares power with the Monitor Club in judicial matters. Buys and Girls Dig Deep To this group of hard workers, we tip our hats. Through their leadership, our school achieved the goal of 330,000 to purchase war material. Appointees of the Student Council, they were chosen for ability and resourcefulness in this work. 9 . -aa-.1esz 030 1 'B ls!-Sl BOND DRIVE COMMITTEE Left to Right: Betty Mae Sell, Shelia McKeever QAssistant Treasurerj 5 Mae Stephens QTreasurerJg Velma Gould fchairman, Puhlicityjg Mr. Peters, Jo- seph Rubenak. Not Pictured: Janice Kileppinger fAssistant Treasurerlg June Houser QAssistant Treasurerj. MONITOR CLUB First Row f Left to Right: Lorraine Moyer, Secretary: Sarah Fisher, Joy Wambold, Margaret Miklencic, Frances Ann Krimmel, Charlotte Miller, Eloise Kline, Betty Laudenslager, Mr. Deischer. Second Row: Mary Jane Lutsey, Leola Fe-ather, Patricia Lester, Ardella Bieber, Faye Hallman, Marie Brown, Barbara Pennebacker, Margaret Hilt. Third Row: Lester Harwick, Richard Schantz, Dorine Hoffman, Mary Jane Olson, Barbara Schreiber, Robert Strouse, Edwin Fogel, Fourth Row: Robert Kahle, Theodore lobst, Donald Warmkessel, Phillip Nuss, Henry Gerhart, Joseph Rubenak. Not Pictured: Virginia Queen, Marietta Schuler, Viola Steph-ens, Allen Funk, Lieut., Robert Solt, Carlton Wetherhold, Capt., Leanna Burian, Barbara Kelly, Marvin Boehm, Leroy Eck, Virginia Lorah. pg Kees fr tl 5 0 We ...W Enforcement Is llur im The Monitor Club is the enforcement arm of the student council, in that its members comprise a police force. Club members direct student traflic in the halls during class changes and in front of the building at noon. This club also has legislative power in that it may lay down rules governing conditions which they supervise. lilrls Unite In Ilhrlstlan Fellowship This club has for its purpose the up-building of fine Christian character in young women and is affiliated with the Y. W. C. A. It meets every Wednesday I, to enjoy a recreational period, to discuss or continue some project begun by i the group. The object of the Club is to stimulate its members to do their best, to honor God, their community and country. 9 GIRL RESERVES First Row-Left to Right: Reba Seem, Mary Snyder, Nancy Weider, Joan Rein- hard, Mrs. Moyer, Gloria Reese, Blanche Miller, Dolores Madtes, Marlene Dieien- derfer. Second Row: Florence Kauffman, Helen Gerhart, Nancy Bitebe-r, Sophie Shisslack, Edna Measler, Rita Moll, Jeanette Eltz, Carolyn Stephens, Rose- mary Schmaldinst. Third Row: Mildred Arndt, Lahoma Gardner, Agnes Tichy, Jean Iobst, Irene Carl, Elsie Miller, Georgiana Hubbard, Marion Desch. Fourth Row: Althea Shive, Ellen Mc- Nabb, Mae Schelly, Violet DeLong, Pau- line Wetzel, Frances' Bauder, Viola Ruth, Orpha Stortz. Fifth Row: Loretta Rendenbush, Janice Kleppinger, Magda- lene Kuzma, Betty Godusky, Alice Heist fSecretarylg Kathleen Hoffman, Christine Litzwenberger fVice Presidentj. Sixth Row: Mildred Hinkle, Dolores Schaeffer, Arlene Shell, Larue Reinhard, Dorothy Howerter, Catherine Brauchle, Ethel Kehs. Seventh Row: Betty Schmuyer, Nancy Christmian, Jean Shellenberger, Esther Dries, Doro-thy Brobs-t, Rose Buhn, Mary Jane Gulla. Not Pictured: Nancy Beitler, Martha Engleman, Lois Gehman fTreasurerJ: Barbara Gower, Doris Heimbach, Edna Measler, Althea Schmick, Harriet Zepp, Elizabeth Ro- kosny fPresidentJ. I Willing Hands Wnrli fur icinry RED CROSS CLUB First Row-Left to Right: Miss Wether- hold lTreasurerJg Joyce Keller, Lor- raine Henry, Lucille Knauss, Gloria Fasching, Betty Kelly, Lillian Reichard, Olga Kalabislco, Dolores Neimeyer. Sec- ond Row: Dolores Brown, Annabelle Hendritz, Sara Deibert, Mary Ann Everet 1PresidenrtJg Sylvia Orht, Evelyn Holi- man, Betty Gehman, Helen Witman. Third Row: Sarah Smith, Nancy Wieida, Mae Long, Anna ,Mae Fenstermaker, Betty Wetzel QSecretaryJ: Helen Buchen, Betty Gilbert, Martha Chwastiak. Fourth Row: Ernest Schoch, Glenn Kuder, Lois Weid-er, Mary Jane Olson fVice Presi- den.tJ: John Ferhosel, Osbon Arndt, Richard Bodnar. Fifth Row: Norman Dieter, Stanley Mierhoff, James McIn- ness, Phillip Nuss, James Rohrbtach, Charles Olson. V f NIIPB The Red Cross has often been compared to an angel of mercyg here in school can be found an organized subsidiary of it. The Red Cross Club, under Miss Wetherhold, was in charge of all school Red Cross activities and projects. We are proud of its achievements. We I-lid the Greatest nther The War and our boys and girls in the service gave this club impetus and unusual interest. Three boys joined about forty girls to work for the Red Cross. Experienced knitters made sweaters for recuperating soldiers and begin- ners learned to make Afghan squares for the military hospital at Valley Forge. -' The girls also knitted some personal articles. KNITTING CLUB First Row-Left to Right: Jane Walbert, Eleanor Svtratz, Evelyn Beitler, Jack Fvelegy, Miss Hauser, Jackie Queen, Har- len Fenstermaker, Geraldine Kulp, Kath- leen Palencar, Magdalene Kuzma. Second Row: Margaret Martin, Doreen Miller, Mae Shelly, Mae Stephens, Martha Moon, Marie Danner, Sarah Smith. Third Row: Miriam Long, Patsy Stauiier, Mary Ann Eck, Anna Danner, Marion Desch, Ethel Gorr, Phyllis Weaver, Joyce Kulp. Fourth Row: Helen Wessner, Phyllis Efb, Marianna George, Mary Jane Gulla, Rose Buh-n, Marion Wetzel, Verna Schantzenbach. Not Pictured: Bet-ty Sny- der, Joyce Newhard, Gladys Warmkessel, Grace Hartman, Alberta Fenstermacher, Helen Bauman, Jeannette Andrews, Ar- della Bieber, Orph-a Stortz, Lois Geh- man, Marie Brown, Cora Geist, Althea Schmick, Barbara Gower, Edna Measler, Joyce Eastman, Eunice Mohr, Betty Wil-t, Elinor Hess, Helen Koneski, Lu- cille Wertman, Betty Hillegass, Lorraine Schmeltzle. s. HEEEMQ. CHESS CLUB First Row-Left to Right: Elmer Dries LTreasurerJg Joanne Bolich ifSecretaryJ: Earl Walbert CPresidentJg Mr. Stone. Second Row: Ernest Kistler, Jean Fatula, Barbara Wetherhold, Luther Hallman, Richard Amey, Donald Hohe, Vernon Nestor fVice Presidentj. Third Row: Donald Hersh, Mary Jane Fisher, Norma Mackes, Douglas Martz, LeRoy Kneller, Ronald Geist. Fourth Row: Ralph Noll, Josephine Rveadinger, Raymond Nester, Donald Markly, Edwin Miller, Albert Krasley, Charles Kleppinger. Fifth Row: Walter Jarret, Charles Winzer, Martin Reinhart, Richard Yeahl, Gerald Brey, Michael Toth, John Faust. Not Pictured: John Brey, Frank Estiock. 3 47 I-ln I-lneient Game Is Iiept live The chess club keeps alive a medieval pastime constituting a tournament of wit and skill. This club is a new comer among the others but has been none the less activeg two tournaments were held this year and three chess meets with the Lincoln School chess club were held. Under the prudent guidance of Mr. Winheld Stone, the club has revived interest in a game that was sinking into oblivion in this area. Character Must Be Cultivated The purpose of these boys is to improve their character using Christian ideals as the standard. The Hi-Y Club, a branch of the Y.lVI.C.A., is one of the oldest clubs of our school. The club, under the capable sponsorship of Mr. Becker, met every first and third Friday of the month, and various subjects of world- wide importance were discussed by the members. Wir 8. E i First Row-Left to Right: Robert Solt, LeRoy Hinkel, Treasurer: Lester Har- wick, Robert Strouse, Richard Schantz, Bruce Knauss, Joseph Rubenak, Chap- laing Ralph Noll. Second Row: Glenn Zepp, Harold Shelly, Vice President, Richard Wieand, Stanley Degler, Gerald Brey, Donald Hersch, Albert Koze. Third Row: Warren Yeakel, Bright Heist, David Alloway, Elmer Schuster, Wilbur Sing- ley, President: Earnest Kistler, Secre- tary, Mr. Becker, Advisor. Fourth Row: Harry Houser, Burrell Brown, Roy Wfoodring, Marvin Boehm, Henry Iobst. They Counsel Enml Heading Twenty girls assist the librarian b sh l ' b k LIBRARY CLUB First RowfLeft to Right: Miss Moyer, Nancy Shoemaker fVice Presidentjg Marion Lohrman Vfreasurerjq Eleanor Koze, Shelia Mclieever, Frances Ann Krimmel, Jeanette Eltz, Helen Witman, Charles Olson. Second Row: Betty Hille- gass, Isabel Clauser, Evelyn Wentz, Jeannette Dries, Annabelle Hendritz, Doris Kehs. Third Row: Betty Reinert, Barbara Kelly fPresidentJq June Dries, Naomi Gehman. Not Pictured: Georgiana Hubbard. U I y e vlng oo s, preparing books for the shelves, stamping books, and carrying out slips for a period of three years. They begin as freshmen and after h d , , one un red hours, they have accumulated one thousand points, which entitles Ease In Pulllil: Is llur Him them to a school letter, the uLibrar E." Y More than thirt ounff eo le banded together to learn about drama, the Y Y rv P P c, movie industry, and the stage generally. They faithfully labored to develop poise, a stage presence, and the speaking voice. Three one-act plays were enacted for their ersonal en'o ment. Es ecial attention was Given to costumin and P J Y P e g make-up. Mrs. Harold Zimmerman, an accomplished public speaker, directed the activities of this group. DRAMATICS CLUB First Row-Left to Right: Ethel Winzer, Vivian Stoudt, Barbara Wetherho-ld, Nancy Weidner, Joan Reinhart, Dorothy Brobst, Blanche Miller, Mrs. Zimmer- man. Second Raw: Ardella Beiber, Lois Weider, Velda Mae Haas Cath ' . , 1 erme Dimmig, Joy Wambold fstecretaryjq Al- thea. Sn d ' y er, Joanne Bolich, Josephine Readinger, Charlotte Miller, Saraellen Wetherhold. Third Row: Dorine Hoff- man, Miriam Long, Helen Buchen, Eve- lyn Wentz, Mary Jane Muth, Gloria Fasching, Betty Bloch, Lois Carl, Joyce Knauss, Louise Cornfeld fPresidentJ2 Mary Miller, Esther DeLong, Fourth Row: Betty Laudenslager, Mary Jane Olson, Walter Weselsky, Robert Strouse, Richard Schantz, Robert Solt, Frances Ann Krimmel, Orpha Stortz. Not Pi- c lured: Gloria Roth, Betty Kelly, Ruth itosh, Ruth Lichtenwalner, Ruth De- ong fTreasurerJ, Carlton Wetherhnld, Gloria Boyer. . ,.,.Wss ATHLETIC CLUB First Row-Left to Right: Miss Wether- hold, Helen Sikorski, Gloria Fasching, Betty Peters, Charlotte Miller, Geraldine Fritz, Carol Yerby, Elizabeth DeLong, Roberta Marsteller, Esther DeLong, Gloria Reese. Second Row: Susan Brown, Sarah Fisher, Betty Bauer, Anna Louise Hunsicker, Jean Barrett, Nancy Wieda, Sophie Shisslak, Joyce Keller, Althea Lorish, Josephine Readinger. Third Row: Joyce Kulp, Geraldine Kulp, Ferne Hep- iler, Patricia Lynch, Janet Wethierhold, Verna Schantzenbach, Esther Schantzen- bach, Althea Snyder, Dolores Madtes. Fourth Row: Dorothy W'erst, Faye Hall- man, Marie Brown, Lois Hamsher, Doris Heimhach QVice Presidentjg Althea Smick, Virginia Brahm, Magdalene Tir- pak. Fifth Row: Celia Benedick, Cath- erine Dimmig lTreasurerJ: Patricia Les- ter, Margaret Miklencic lSecretaryJg Barbara Schreiber, QPresidentJg Lucille Kocis, Leola Feather, Mary Jane Muth. Not Pictured: Merial Amey, Irene Carl, Marilyn Diefenderfer, June Dries, La- homa Gardner, Jean lobs-t, Joyce Knauss, Vilma Kneller, Charlotte Knerr, Eleanor Koze, Virginia Lorah, Dolores Miller, Evelyn Miller, Roselyn Nichols, Jeanette Schaup, Sarah Smi-th, Mary Jane Lutsey, "W 111351 Dorothy Wenner, Geraldine Wetzel, Helen Whitman, Sarah Deibert. Litho Girls re Pretty ,l Miss Wetherhold attempts to develop poise and coordination in the members of this popular club. At the annual Gym Exhibition the girls show what they have learned. After three years of active membership, a senior is rewarded with a school letter for faithful participation. They Find the Way tn His Heart Here we Hnd the girls who believe in that old adage, Wfhe way to a man's heart is through his stomach." They receive Valuable experience in both cooking and serving delicious meals under the capable direction of Mrs. Martha Greaser. With the assistance of Mrs. Mabel Schantz and Mrs. Belle Hensinger, the girls prepare daily lunches for one-third of the student body every day. Munn-......... G CAFETERIA Sitting-Left to Right: Roberta Mar- steller, Gloria Reese, Ethel Winzer, Evelyn Miller, Joyce Knauss, Margaret Bear, Mary Jane Lippowitch, Vivian Moyer, Marian Wetzel, Martha Moon, Mae Stephens. Standing: Jeannine Ham- scher, Jean Seip, Naomi Gehman, Violet DeLong, Fay Hallman, Marie Brown, Eleanor Marks, Doris Heimbach, Isabel Clauser, Althiea Schmick, Oletha Rinker, Jean Bieber, Mrs. Greaser, Marilyn Krause, Dorothy lohst, Phyllis Miller, Helen Wessner, Bertha Helt, Cora Geist, Marianna George, Charlotte Miller. Not Pictured: Betty Cope, Grace Hartman, Gladys Warmkessel, Velda Mae Haas, Elizabeth DeLong, Eunice Mohr. i " SCIENCE AND MATH CLUB First Row4Lejl to Right: Ralph Noll, Harold Shelly, Mr. Stone. John Kirsh- man, Sterling Schreiber. Second Row: Gawain Koch, Glenn Zapp CVice Presi- dentjg Earl Walbert 1SecretaryJ: Henry Gerhart, Wilbur Singley QPresidentJg Gene Landis. Third Raw: Freddie Sehuler, Donald Heiter, Henry Iobst, Walter Jarrett. No! Pictured: Allen Funk, Albert Koze. "- XA l .-v ..-Q W4 T !!! Ynunq Men nf Science The Science and Mathematics Club, a new club at our school, is designed to afford students ample opportunity to develop natural skills, talents, and apti- tudes. This club is a member of the Science Clubs of America. Under the tute- lage of Mr. Stone, the boys learned to use the slide-rule. Research in astronomy and attempts to trisect an angle busied several members. DElllEtEl',S Suns Build fur Tnmnrruw The former has long been considered the foundation of the American eco- nomic structure. For some years the State and Federal governments have been granting funds toward a more utilitarian approach to agricultural education in schools. The F. F. A. is the result. Our F. F. A. Chapter has been, for four years, practicing practical farming education, and its many trophies and prizes attest to the skills of its members. FUTURE FARMER Left to Right: Elwin Kline fsecretaryjg Robert Hepler, Herbert Schmoyer, Don- ald Lichtenwalner fTreasurerjg Claude Riehelderfer, Carrol Marsteller, Earl Miller CRep0rterJ: Mr. Bible fAdvisorj: John Tomanio, Forrie Glass, Gerald Keller CVice Presidentjq Adam Henritzy 4Pres1dentJq Charles Winzer, Marvin Diehl fSientinelJ. H1 ff - ' 4 g ,rf 'wk k I A .1 gk . 'aa .E .L E ' - ki et Ng . af-fy. 3 , ' ' 1. Q . ,. A ,. A .. Wu gggeffx V -L 72 f k X- '4 KN' F i 15 .bf 'ig N - X . A . H :. 1-'x i X Q. E. 1 qs .K K 4:2 I mi' ' f ' 0 . If-2: In if , l , .3,- , - ' 5- V - " '3,,'- ' E11Y"'27SE'2 W E: .J fs 'giagfv' Q kfyifiii' --1 -. , . - A 5 . .V ..,V i, . . . , . .. if K i .Ai ' Z is . V i 1 IQ... M' '-ljfvssg W. . .. K ff MM, fu "H:.lz ix I H... ... K' A Hg., 5' K gf- M N.-rf-fyS1.,w-' M-ff '- K N ,H -f xr' .' A Q ,, , . t , . I Hwwnwum., fmwfrfv'':QX"'f-WV-ffsv2fw'fVf"evx"'-vm:-M A- M457 A V 'F l l Q,. . 6 ' ,. 'Y u' if " ' . M . as-.,.Q .fwxz -W z 1 H . , , , M ' h 1 3 g, 225 ,ff .gapgg gg s. N... , 53 ' QQ f liz. I Y 'iff R ' , , Q., . L , ' P Q, ' ' 7' X K . z .. 555 A ' 6- . 1:, K . .4"' ' .f ME ' . .,,. g V. yea s X Q ,Q Q K Lv ' K Ry .' , A K KK -A Q N E M H - E ' ' ' f A K Q,M,...,,,,Lyi.:5.ZiE M TAL., .V U , ...A f- A. by I. , iw ijllzwzpm .6533 , gf ,.J, ,-f"., L - - . .... ,,.., .,, W f .',- I .'., M- . . in , .vi-W V .uf L. V3 . M 1 I It K I . 5, .. . --- W - -f-f LL gy - A Z.,m.Q mwnmw-Amwgmmff ws ,,., wfwvfyfgvmaf g . f ' ' X .. 'W 2 il ",Qi-,,.v.: ,- .Hier 'AH y f'?frA4f2i1?fL . A 'Www ' H " A Q 11.1 2 ff , gf . ' bi Q A , ,, if' , my , , .1 , MW fijmf. X K 'll I N N l 1 Chiefly through its athletic program, the United States has succeeded in building up the most powerful Army and Navy in the world. From this rigid training have come men physically lit and willing to take on the Msupremew anywhere and any time. Through the competitive sports program of the school, we have developed athletes, keen of mind and strong of body. It is training such as this, which develops leaders in school and in the service. Hnnnr Is Dunn The Annual Testimonial Banquet was held at the Owls' Home on November 29. Former State Senator Henry L. Snyder was guest speaker of the evening. In closing his speech, Mr. Snyder set up this challenge: HUnless you beat the Catasauqua team in 194-5, I'm going to be very much disappointedg so beat Catasau- qua!" Coach Leon Tuttle presented Captain Stanley Schantzenbach with the Mary Deischer trophy for being the outstanding player of the seasong to Joseph Wiesner, Went the Doctor Lichtenwalner cup for being the most improved playerg and Harold Shelly received the football used in the Booster Game for his outstanding performance. Seventy-one Schantzenha ch Fe gley Pennebacker Iobst GREEN HIIHNETS FINISH ,-1: Coach Leon Tuttle started the 1944 football season with 4 only siX lettermen returning from last season's squad. The T", boys started practise on August 27, and after vigorous drills ' ld in the hot sun, began rounding out the team and getting them f accustomed to the T-formation. 'fa The Moravian boys opened their football season on Septem- " ber 16, with a 19-14 triumph over the Allentown J. V. The locals substituted freely after a 19-0 lead at the close of the third quarter and in return the Canaries pushed across two touchdowns. The following week the Green Hornets met a strong Stroudsburg squad, at home, and defeated them to the tune of 13-2. The Poconos scored only after recover- ing an Emmaus fumble behind their own goal line. With two victories tucked under their belts, Coach Tuttle's boys traveled to Northampton only to come home with a 6-6 tie after a hard fought game. Although the locals scored first, the Konkrete Kids came back in the closing minutes of play to score upon us. On October 7, the Hornets again stepped on the winning side by defeating an aggressive Slatington High combination 13-0. The fifth game of the season proved to be fatal for the Moravians as Cata- sauqua ran wild with a 31-0 victory. Now, having the feeling of defeat, the Green and Gold men traveled up to Lehighton and on a mud-soaked field, scored a touchdown in the fourth period to hand them a 7-0 setback. October 28 found the locals on the short end of a surprise 13-6 score handed them by the Blue Bombers of Palmerton. To prove that their sting was FOOTBALL First Row-Left to Right: Theodore Iobst, Robert Fritch, Abraham Pennebacker, William Dimmig, LeRoy Hinkle, Donald Fegley, Jo- seph Wiesner. Second Raw: Lloyd Englemen, John Godu- sick, Stanley Schantzenbach, Captain: Richard Wieand, Harold Shelly, Nicholas Micklos, Coach Tuttle. Third Row: Richard Mabus, Clar- ence Winzer, Franklin Rei- mert, Dorn Romig, Carl Wan- namaker, Gene Kline, Bur- rell Brown, Donald Heiter, Fred Schuler, Donald Kern. THIHI1 HESPITE I-ll1VEH5ITY Fritch Heiler fatal, the Hornets trampled a strong Nazareth High squad in Shelly its 'GBooster Day" game by a well earned 19-0 score. The fol- lowing weeks the Moravians traveled to East Greenville and came home with a 7-6 victory. With fight in their veins and blood in their eyes, the squad was sent to play Whitehall on Thanksgiving Day only to be defeated after a heart breaking game 18-12 to end the season in fourth place. There are 13 lettermen graduating from the 1944 football squad. They are: Capt. Stanley Sehantzenbach, William Dimmig, Abraham Penne- backer, Robert Fritch, Theodore lobst, Franklin Reimert, Joseph Wiesner, Harold Shelly, Donald Hieter, Freddie Schuler, Albert Koze, Clarence Winzer, and Gene Landis. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE E.H.S OPP. Sept. 16-Allentown High Jr. V.-Home ,................,....,....,,. ..., 1 9 14 Sept 23-i:Stroudshurg-Home ......,............ ...,. 1 3 2 Sept. 30-P'fNorthampton-Away ..,,..,... .... 6 6 Oct. 7-:':Slatington-Home ......,., ..,. 1 3 0 Oct. 14-fCatasauqua-Away ,....,.,. .,.., 0 31 Oct. 21-'kLehighton-Away ..,,,,. , 7 0 Oct. 28-4'Palmerton-Away ......, ,,,, 6 13 Nov. 4-Nazareth-Home ......,..,..... ..... 1 9 0 Nov. 11-East Greenville-Away ....,.....,.,.......,... ,.,,......,,.... . . .... 7 6 Nov. 23-'kWhitehall-Away .....,,...........,......,..........,,...,..,............. 12 18 i'Lehigh Valley League Games Fourth Row: Robert Ramer, Richard Keim, Edgar Den-nis, Stanley Degler, Rodney Ger- hart, George Scholl, Louis Rizzetto, Gene Landis, Earl Houseknecht. F i I t 11 Row: D-onald Eberwein, Charles Lenner, Stanley Hines, Rob- ert Bieber, Edmond Herman, Ronald Geist, Richard Miller, Lamar Mohr, Harvey Dim- mig, Arnold Mill-er. Sixth Row: Bruce Knauss, Stephen Kocis, Richard Gilbert, Roh- ert Wieand, Marlin Gehman. Wiesner Godusick Wieand Ze J VARSITY SQUAD Left to Right: Richard Wieand, Stanley Schantzenbach, William Dimmig, Captaing Coach Tuttle, Glenn Zepp, Edgar Dennis, Dorn Romig. Coopersburg QAJ . Allentown QAJ ...,. Coopersburg KHP . Hellertown IAQ ..... Nazareth QAJ ...,... Hellertown QHJ 'fNorthampton QHJ 'Stroudsburg QAJ . +Whitehal1 QAJ 1S1atington QHJ 'fPalmert0n CHD 1'Catasauqua fAJ . 1'Northampton KAI xStroudsburg fl-IJ 1eWhitehall QI-IJ 1Slatington QAJ 1'Palmerton KAI 1Catasauqua QHJ . 1H'Catasauqua QAD 1944-45 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE XLehigh Valley Inter-Scholastic Games MPlay-off Game. Seventy-four EHS Opp 22 24 17 47 34 22 29 23 37 16 41 20 28 22 34 11 21 28 32 24 27 40 27 25 27 21 47 21 30 13 47 45 38 53 36 33 32 22 a- -- -V ----------, BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM First RowfLeft to Right: Abraham Pennebacker, Richard Wieand, Edgar Dennis, William Dimmig fCaptainJg Mr. Tuttle, Stanley Schantzenbach, Glenn Zepp, Dorn Romig, Ralph Noll. Second Raw: Bright Heist, John Goduscik, Rich- ard Keim, Nick Miklos, Stanley Hines, Charles Schantzenbach, LeRoy Eck, Don- ald Fegley, Henry Iobst. Third Row: Donald Hersh, Donald Markley, Burrell Brown, Richard Mabus, Roy Woodring, Richard Gilbert, George Yanochko. Not Pictured: Earl Houseknecht. Team Beaches New Heights The first year as head basketball coach proved to be a very successful one for Leon Tuttle, since his Hornets made a fine showing with a completed record of thirteen wins and five defeats, two of them being independent games. They started the season by suffering two defeats, both in independent tilts. The Hornets let loose an onslaught and won six consecutive games before being turned back for their first league defeat. Again the Hornets came back for a victory, which was followed by their second league defeat. The lads came through with a victory and ended the first half with four victories and two defeats. The second half was even more successful than the first, for the lads took the first four games before suffering a defeat. Again the defeat was followed by a victory, which closed the second half with a record of five victories to one defeat. This found Palmerton, Catasauqua, and Emmaus in a three way tie for second half championship. The Basketeers, entering the play-offs, played their nineteenth game against the Catasauqua five and suffered their sixth defeat. Although the Junior Varsity did not have such a successful season, they played good ball and prospects for the varsity look fine. First Row-Left to Right: Janet Wetherhold, Catherine Dimmig QCO-Captaini, Miss Wether. hold, Barbara Schrieber fCo-Captainl, Teresa Kocis. Second Row: Gloria Reese, Blanche Det- weiler, Marie Brown, Velma Gould, Lucille Kocis, Dolores Brown, Dolores Miller, Margaret Miklencic, Virginia Queen, Betty Mae Sell. Third Row: Barbara Ann Wetherheld, Joyce Keller, Mary Ann Evert, Mary Jane Lutsey, Dorothy Werst, Lorraine Mohr, Sheila McKeever. Fourth Row: Kathryn Stortz, Velda Mae Haas, Josephine Readinger, Helen Engleman, Betty Godusky, Joyce Kline, Carol Yerhy. llur Girls Slrnve Valiantly Our local girls' team ended a mediocre basketball season this spring with three victories, nine defeats and three ties. It can be said for the girls that they were up against much stronger teams and that they made a comparatively good showing. Several of their better players will be graduated this year, but our girls' team promises to do much better next season. VARSITY O. Coopersburg ..,.. ..... 4 6 Bethlehem Business College Coopersburg ..... .,.., 4 2 Fountain Hill .................,..,.., Hellertown ...... ..,., 2 5 Bethlehem Catholic ,,.,......... Hellertown ...,..... .,... 2 5 Bethlehem Catholic ,,,,..,,....,. Fountain Hill ,...... .,,.. 3 5 Bethlehem Business College JUNIOR VARSITY Pennshurg ...... ..... 3 7 Pennshurg ,.,... ...,. 4 4 Seizenty-six Moravian Prep. .... Moravian Prep. I-l Sound Pnumlatinn Is Laid The success of the Boys' Gym Team was decided upon after two nights of successful performances. On April 5-6 the gymnasts displayed their ability. They specialized in tumbling, diving, jumping, and gymnastics on the hori- zontal and parallel bars. There were fourteen boys out for the squad and only two of these were seniors. This leaves a high percentage to carry on in future years. Those graduating from this season's squad are: Capta-in, Walter Moyer and Joseph Rubenak. GYM TEAM First Row-Left to Right: Glenn Apgar, Claude Reichelderfer, Raymond Wetherhold, Byron Apgar, Kenneth Wieder, Elmer Dries. Second Row: Richard Wagner, Joseph Rubenak, Walter Moyer, Gerald Keller. Third Row: Clarence Winzer, Mr. Tuttle, Herman Hoffman. Not Pic- tured: Dorn Romig, Richard Miller, Laird Stortz, Harold Boyer, Ralph Keiler, Nicholas Micklos. Seventy-seven BASEBALL TEAM First Row-Left to Right: Donald Heiter, Earl Houseknecht, Dorn Romig, Richard Keim, Richard Wieand, Charles Schantzenbach. Second Row: Robert Cery, Harold Bans, Allen Funk, William Dimmig, Richard Gilbert. Third Row: Mr. Tuttle, Robert Wieand, Kenneth Wieder, Elmer Dries, Clarence Winzer. Not Pictured: Ernest King, Ralph Noll, Carl Wana- maker, Harold Rauch, Eugene Findlay, Stanley Hines, Osbon Arndt, Elmer Schuster, Carlton Wetherhold, David Renninger, Robert Ramer, Wallace Fritz. Enach Tuttle Hevives Baseball Q iv V This year a much improved baseball team planned a heavy schedule of six ' J home games and live games away from home. This will be a revival of our na- i""Q tional sport, which we dropped the year before. The team, this year, has the benefit of much greater experience and ability, being blessed with four varsity a .I letter winners of last year. Q April 17 ,..,..,. ,...,, A llentown ,.,.. .,.,.... A 241 ....,,.. .,.,.. C oplay ..,.,..,.... .,....,. H 27 .....,.. ...... C oopersburg ..,.. ,...,.,. H May 1 ....... ...... N orthampton ..... ....... H 4 ,....... ...... C oplay .....,........ ..,,.... A 8 ..,.,.,. ...... W hitehall ..,.. ,....... A 11 ..,..... ....,.. C oopersburg .,.. ........ A 15 ...,... ...... P erkiomen ...... r..,... H 18 ....... ,.,..,. N orthampton . ..,. ,..,.., . A 22 ,..... ,,..,.. W hitehall ,.... ....,... H 25 ........ 4.,... A llentown ..... ,....., H Seventy-eight 2 JM They Hun fur filnry Mr. Roeder, called all candidates for track to report on April 2. Ten members of last year's squad reported for practice with a large group of freshmen, a small but strenuous schedule was arranged for this year's trackmeng all the meets were played on the opponents grounds and two of them with Class A schools. The graduates of this year's squad are: Forrie Glass, Franklin Reimert, Abraham Pennebacker. TRACK SCHEDULE May 4 ..,..,.. ....... Q uakertown May 15 ..,.., ...,. B ethlehem May 9 ..,...,. ...... B oyertown May 23 ,,..,, ...,. P erkiomen May 11 ....,.., ...... A llentown TRACK TEAM First Rowe-Left to Right: Marlin Gehman, Werley Bast, Richard Hatfield, John Laudenslager, Bruce Knauss, John Tomanio, Charles Kleppinger, Mr. Roeder. Second Row: Robert Kahle, Gerald Radeline., Stanley Degler, George Carl, Leroy Hinkle, Elmer Dries, Floyd Dreas, Forrie Glass, George Morris. Third Row: Joseph Ruben:-lk, Carl Wanamaker, Robert Wiesner, Albert Rizzetto, John Goduscik, Franklin Reimert, Alfred Kern, Gerald Brey. Fourth Row: Roy Woodring, Earl Walbert, Gene Kline, Burrell Brown, Donald Fegley, Richard Mabus. Not Pictured: Edgar Dennis, Stanley Schantzenbach, Edwin Fogel, Harold Boyer., Floyd Keim, Robert Bieber, Theodore Latch, Richard Miller, Laird Stortz, Donald Schaeffer. Seventy-nine .J-4, Lf. :VM- 2'f7!2iL?5iZ?f3gg f!.2-,iifbfiy eSf.'f,s1i6vk ' , f 1 4 ,wi 5 14 A . f iv s , XUVEHT I SEMBNT 5 Phone: Allentown 3-6702 Daniel E. B. Clauser Distributor of LEHIGH VALLEY DAIRY PRODUCTS FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER FRESH EGGS LIVE AND DRESSED HOME-RAISED POULTRY 0 O 6 Route 2 ALLENTOWN, PA. HOWARD WEAVER Justice of the Peace Real Estate and Insurance PHONE 65 EMMAUS, PA. SINCE 1874 THOMSON PORCELITE PAINT CO. Sole Makers PORCELITE PAINTS AND ENAMELS Phone 2-1191 7th Sc Linden Sts. ALLENTOWN, PA COMPLIMENTS OF Dundore'S Drug Store The Store That Has About E-verything At The Right Prices M. J. MILLER Sc SON TIN-HARDWARE-STovES PHONE Emmaus 36-W OLD ZION SVILLE, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF The Emaus Shirt Company INC. E ighty-two Compliments of The Morning Call Evening Chronicle Sunday Call-Chronicle ROYAL W. WEILER, '95 President and Manager WILLIAM IOBST FLOYD H. IOBST Emmaus Corresp ondents See Us for , A 6 G NEWHARD,S GARAGE that Weddiny ' A on the Triangle Ggjxgs 'A H COSTUMES A Seventh 85 Chestnut Streets WIGS EMMAUS, PA. " Made-to-Measure NE: Clothing iq' in I COMPLIMENTS OF if Ri' Orchestras '1- THE EMMAUS Equivved Jr, if X X9 DRESS COMPANY C. E. ROTH 206 NORTH TENTH STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. E ighty-three COMPLIMENTS OF BROAD STREET HOTEL Phone, Emmaus 271-R Progress Printing House HERBERT E. SEIBERT, Prop. 128 EAST MAIN STREET MACUNGIE, PA. W STH Sl BROAD STREETS . EMMAUS PA Soczal and Commercial , Printing COMPLIMENTS OF JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS CHARLES STORES Since 1892 ALLENTOWN, PA. 637 Hamilton St. ALLENTOWN, PA CARL R. GEORGE FLORIST We Wire Flowers 2nd and Ridge Streets PHONE 4-10B EMMAUS, PA COMPLIMENTS OF Aaron D. Weaver, M.D MACUNGIE, PA. E ighty-four .io --fr " 5 .. . ' "A" s e Bun m ns 'Q wwf WW' -xxx'-1 ,W 'f' ja, 3 'R 'ff c 1 A f 'ZZ f -. IN . 22213 Q52 1 E K1 Q , t . Xi, llsuszr JV: 5 4 ""'4 A -'-A":i 5 :Wi 5-fiffff fafsfssssi ifi 5 -A'V'A' 'l'0M0llll0W l l I ',.:V 52.5 Jlzu , , -':::: 1 , 0 THE young high school boys and girls of 1945, we extend our greetings and admonition: Let us hope most of you may he spared any combat military service, although we know you would be willing, yes, glad to offer your all for your country and for the American way of life. To you the world will look for leadership in the world of tomor- row. Yours will he the responsibility to put into operation, perfect, or change if necessary, the peace plans your fathers we hope will wisely make for you in a few years ahead. May you dedicate yourselves as you leave your high school to do your part, your best, yes, your all, to make this whole world, not only this country, a peaceful, God-fearing and brother-loving place for all peoples. KU'l'Z'l'0WN PUBLISHING C0. INCORPORATED 243-245 Main Street in KUTZTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Eighty-five PLATT FURS MAKE WARM FRIENDS PLATT FUR COMPANY HENRY PLATT 14 So. Fourth St. Phone 166 Emmaus, Pa. ZOLLINGER HARNED'S Hamilton Street near Sixth The Department Store That Gives 'KS 81 H" Green Stamps ALLENTOWN, PA. W. J. Fenstermaker BETTER STORES Distributor for FREIHOFER BAKING CO. 104 N. Fourth St. Emmaus, Pa. Phone 312 EAST PENN BEVERAGE CO. Distributorx of Beer, Ale and Porter JUBILEE ST. EMMAUS, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF DR. PAUL W. RAMER FREEMAN'S MILK BEST BY TEST Eighty-six COMPLIMENTS OF Altown Division GENERAL RIBBON MILLS Incorporated IST sf MINOR STREETS EMMAUS, PA. C. A. COMPLIMENTS OF FURNITURE CO. RALSTONS Furniture Rugs Draperies ' ' ESTA LISHE IN 1877 ON 0 ' 0 EMMAUS HIGHWAY 612 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. Eh WENZ COMPANY, INC. MEMORIAL CRAFTSMEN 1928 HAMILTON ST., ALLENTOWN, PA. Phone 8544 Largeft Producers of Cemetery Memorials in the East-Highest Quality Lofweyt Prifes JOE WIEDER'S PHOTO STUDIO Retouched Portraits I I l Phone 287-M 4TH 85 BANK STREETS EMMAUS, PA. FARNSCHLADER'S Home Remedies Old Fashioned Ice Cream Ph ne 9000 B MACUNGIE, PA LADIES APPAREL EMIL E. OTTO The name that identifes Style and Quality Phone 33301 639 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. HILL METAL AND ROOFING COMPANY Sheet Metal and Roonng Contractors Heating and Ventilating 901-907 NEW STREET ALLENTOWN, PENNA. E ighty-eight SCHADLER,S BAKERY Phone 43-R 417 CHESTNUT ST. EMMAUS, PA. Compliments Of a Friend PHONES Residence 260-B Shop 260-M WM. M. E. YEAKEL EXPERIENCED Roofing Contractor Slate and Asbestos Roofing l I I VERA CRUZ, PA. KUHNS and SHANKWEILER The Man's Store ALLENTOWN, PA. Young Men's Smartly Styled Clothing and Haberdashery LLOYD E. BRENSINGER Groceries, Fruits, Meats and Vegetables 20 N. STH ST., EMMAUS, PA. H. T. KEMMERER Clothier and Haberdasher 0 9 Q 346 MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PA. Eighty-nine 'THE CALVIN STUDIO !0I' Better Photographs 617 LINDEN STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. PHONE 2-1310 We point with pride to this issue of the "TATTLER" N y KOCH BROTHERS ALLENTOWN'S LEADING Sales Service STUDEBAKER AAA Road Service CLOTHIERS BUTZ GARAGE MEN'S, YOUNG MEN'S and BOYS' Phone 255 Maclmgiey PH- CLOTHING and COMPLIMENTS OF FURNISHINGS HARRY WALTER At Popular Prices Economy Grocer Centre Square N.E. Corner 4-27 CHESTNUT ST. EMMAUS Layer Cakes Pies Cookies Variety of Bread Baked Daily At MOYER'S BAKERY 71-73 CNHURCH STREET MACUNGIE, PA. AISO x FULL LINE OF GRTOCPRILS ll 10 I! St 01 P g, I X L COMPLIMENTS OF DR. KARL I-LKLERX JoHN GoULD PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 337 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS, PA. N inety-one Phone 340 WEST END SERVICE STATION C. H. BRENSINGER, Prop. Motor and Radiator Repairing, Motor Tune-Up, Carburetor, Generator Starter and Distributor 1003 Chestnut Street, Emmaus, Pa. NIGHT AND DAY SERVICE Laudenslager 8: Geist Dealers in OLD COMPANY'S LEHIGH COAL FLOUR AND FEED EMMAUS, PA. Phone 123 COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. Charles F. Johnson IRWIN J. KERCHNER Painting and Paper-Hanging Phone-Emmaus 279-R 154 MAIN ST., MACUNGIE, PA. The Butz Company Real Estate, Insurance Investments FOURTH AND MAIN STREETS EMMAUS, PA. PAUL S. C. RINKER PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 264-R 402 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS, PA. Ninety-two COMPLIMENTS OF It Costs Less At Dobnoffls 615-617 ALLENTOWN, 631-633 Hamilton St. PA. Ridge Ave. HENRY P. GRUBER FLORIST 'CUT FIAJWERS, PCYTTFID PLANTS AND FLORAL DESIGNS 544 North Street EMMAUS, PA. Phon 131 We Gro O 0 Fl F D l y HORAC1-3 B. STROUSE Light Lunch Atlantic Gasoline At the Triangle SHIMERSVILLE-MACUNGIE JUNCTION Fritch's Emaus Ice Sc Storage Fine Groceries CO" Inc' EMMAUS, PA. 6TH at CHESTNUT STS. PHONE 160 PHONE 420 FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Free Delivery WARREN S. BROBST ECONOMY STORE no order too large . . . no Order too small for us to handle 424 Elm Street Phone 38 Emmaus, Pa Ninety-three COMPLIMENTS OF STYLETEX CLOTHES F actory-To-You Clothing For Men and Boys If it's anything to eat ' ITIS Giering's Restaurant 313 MAIN ST. EMMAUS, PA RUSSELL J. GEHMAN Tinning-Roofing Plumbing and Heating 726 E. MAIN ST., MACUNGIE, PA FURNITURE ALLENTOWN, PA. "Blown-In" ROCK WOOL INSULATION COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. Albert Kratzer PA. FREEMAN INC. Registered Jewelers American Gem Society 911 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. N inety-four Peaches and Apples Wholesale and Retail ' .-.. figs . . :-mf: . PENNEBACKER'S ORCHARDS Between Zionsville and Hereford fi REINSMITH'S FUNERAL SERVICE ' Since 1864 32 North Fourth St. EMMAUS, PA. Emmaus Hardware Co. Complete Line of HARDWARE, PAINTS, ETC. 231 MAIN STREET Phone 103 EMMAUS, PA FOR BETTER PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 250 Wayne Feather SPECIAL ORDER WORK We specialize in the repairing and modernizing of fine jewelry. We ex- cel in Diamond Setting. All work done in our own shop. OOO Faust 81 Landes A J E w E L E R s ALLENTOWN JOHN GULLA FINE GROCERIES Phone 9007 540 MINOR STREET EMMAUS, PA. Photo Supplies LEHIGH PHOTO SHOP 324 N. Seventh St. ALLENTOWN, PA. Phone 29012 N inety-six Hillside Motor Co. 525 Chestnut Street Sales STUDEBAKER Service PHONE 369 EMMAUS, PA. RAY F. KRAUSE GROCERIES-ICE CREAM 515 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS, PA. GEHMAN'S DAIRY Producers and Distributors of RAW MILK, CREAM and CHOCDLATE MILK T.B. and Bang Tested Herd BREEDERS OF PURE-BRED HOLSTEIN-FRESIAN CATTLE Phone-Emmaus 98-B-2 Route No, 1 MACUNGIE, PA. D. D. FRITCH MILLING Co. Manufacturers of XXXX QUALITY FLOUR AND FEEDS Marcungie, East Greenville Phone 133-M ACKER'S GARAGE MINNICH'S WM. J. ACKER, Prop. GIFT SHOP GOODYEAR TIRES-BATTERIES Gifts for AH Occasions Phone 86 MACUNGIEY PA. 562 Chestnut Street Emmaus, Pa Ninety-seven LEHIGH VALLEY'S LEADING SPORT SHOP Equipment For All Sports WITWER-J ONES COMPANY 913 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. Phone 2-2780 Allen M. Leibensperger Roofing of All Kinds Metal Work Plumbing - Heating Electric Pumps PHONE 36634 EAST TEXAS, PA "TED" IOBST Distributor of Dairy 81 Bakery Products Use Fegely's Milk All-Ways 437 S. 5TH ST. EMMAUS, PA GEORGE T. WENTZ BETTER PLUMBING AND HEATING OIL BURNERS AND STOKERS 380 Broad Street EMMAUS, PA. FOX TRO T-WALTZ-J ITTERB U G TANGO-RHUMBA-LACONGA MERRITT LUMBER COMPANY OOO Paints U upuiuted Furniture Building Supplies 7500 to 9200 Only 75c Weekly 0 ' 0 GUDIE 512 CHESTNUT STREET Phone 3-2852 EMMAUS, PA. 34 North 6th St. Allentown, Pa. N inety-eight EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING SERVICE Allentown Photo Shop PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES PHONE 20504- 339 N. SEVENTH ST. ALLENTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF BLoCH's HOBBY SHoP Specialists in all Hobbies 22 N. Eighth St. ALLENTOWN, PA. KEMMERER PAPER COMPANY WHOLESALE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 355-357 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. ROBERT J. WIEDER Bricklaying Contractor Estimates Given WORK DONE AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY Phone 134-M Swim at PINE TREE PARK TI-IoMAs M1KLENc1c, Prop. Phone 162 WEST EMMAUS CHARLES C. VOGT Jeweler In Allentown for 40 Years N inety-nine s nn 'f E was a master because he tool: infinite Pains. We are his earnest clisciplesf, One Hundred ROBERT A. MELCI-IIoR WALTER F. SCHNECK c -4- A MELCHIOR 81 SCHNECK Diamonds and Diamond Mountings Gifts : Costume Jewelry Phone 7566 822 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PENNA, A 31 Macungie Supply Co. JOHN DEERE ALLENTOWN'S LEADING HABERDASHERY QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Comfortably Air Conditioned MACUNGIE, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF ALWAYS A ARTHUR P. HOUSER GOOD SHOW AT REESE 81 SCHANTZ GENERAL MERCHANDISE FIFTH AND BROAD STREETS EMMAUS, PA. EMMAUS THEATRE EMMAUS, PA. Courteous Fair Service Prices One Hundred One C 8: G MOTORS Reconditioned Used Cars Full Line of Accessories Qualified Mechanics Ready to Serve You 341 Chestnut St. R. D. No. 1 Emmaus Mertztown ALTHOUSE Shoe Repairing 5TH 8a RAILROAD STS. EMMAUS, PA. ROCKEL'S STORE LADIES APPAREL Baby Wear-Men's Working Clothes, Etc. 000 304 MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PA. J. D. CARL Dealer in GENERAL MERCHANDISE ZIONSVILLE, PA. PHONE 36-R Clarence R. Ritter Tel. 342 Emmaus MCNABB POULTRY FARM RITTER AND BUZBY l'Chicks That Satisfy" WM. H. MCNABB-WEscosv1LLE, P Funeral Directors and Ernbalrners Funeral Parlor for Convenience of Public Hammond Organ Service UWe cooperate with FFA Students" 36-38 S. Sth St. EMMAUS One Hundred Two Telephone 2-0808 Compliment: of KEYSTONE FURNITURE Co. 943-45 HAMILTON ST. Next to Rialto Theatre ALLENTOWN, PA. Norman C. Laudenslager NOTARY PUBLIC and ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 121 Macungie Ave. Emmaus, Pa. Phone 46-B KLINE'S IGA STORE Phone 150 Open 6 A. M. to 8 P. M. SEVENTH and WALNUT STREETS EMMAUS, PA. "No One Man Can Think of Everythingu Creative Printing HOWARD A. SMITH Phone 173-B EMMAUS, PA. ANTHONY'S PHOTO SERVICE School Photographers 73 EAST BROAD STREET BETHLEHEM, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF DR. CHESTER E. KIRK One Hundred Three BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE BETHLEHEM, PA. ESTABLEHED 1897 An approved business school. Complete Secretarial, Stenographic, Accounting, Business Administration Business Machines, and Civil Serv- ice courses. Free Employment Service. Ask for Annual Bulletin. W. F. MAGEE, President DUNDEE CLOTHES OOO Buy Your Clothes At the Factory At Factory Prices 521.75 to 338.75 DUNDEE CLOTHING FACTORY 930 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. L. E. EROH, Mgr. DRINK. Allentown Dairy Company Milk A SAFE DRINK PRODUCED UNDER VETERINARIAN AND LABORATORY CONTROL One Hundred Four Rodale Manufacturing Co. Manufacturers of ELECTRICAL DEVICES AND SPECIALTIES 90 Students: earn extra money by Working here after school hours and during the summer months EMMAUS, PENNA YOUR TARGET FOR TOMORROW .... ALLENTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE where you can prepare for a business career in a short time at little cost Fall Term begins Tuesday, September 4 Call, write, or telephone 4790 for complete information ALLENTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE fAn Approved Business School, 920 HAMILTON STREET ALLEN TOWN, PENNA JOHN W. OBERLY, President CLARENCE M. FREY Plumbing-Heating Sheet-Metal Work Roofing 81 Spouting Phone 41-R 408 CHESTNUT ST. EMMAUS, PA. WIEAND Sc CO. JEDDO -and LEHIGH COAL CONCRETE BRICK and BLOCK PHONE 217 25 SOUTH SEVENTH STREET EMMAUS, PA. Stortz Sc Eisenhard Look Slick Kozy's haircuts do the trick TOOLS Kozy's Barber Shop ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES JOHN KOZY, Prop. 4th Sc Main Sts. Emmaus, Pa. 340 MAIN ST. EMMAUS, PA "Say It With Flowers" . Why Not With Ours? NEW YORK FLORAL CO. Phone 9685 or 9686 906 to 912 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. One Hundred Six CO SO GENERAL MACHINE COMPANY, Inc. and ELECTRIC FURNACE-MAN A Inc. .fWSfX, EMMAUS, PA. Emmaus Hosiery Mill Armfaffufm of LADIES' FULL FASHIONED SILK HOSIERY 541-549 NORTH ST. EMMAUS, PA. RAUCHYS GROCERY STORE Groceries Candies Cold Meats Sodas 516 North Street EMMAUS, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF DR. E. A. WILSON CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Wm. A. Gehman Sons "Your Car Will Give You Service If Serviced by us" EMMAUS, PA. Phone 124 HACKMAN,S LUNCH ROOM Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Barbecues, Short Orders, Soft Drinks, A Ice Cream 251 MAIN ST. EMMAUS, PA. MACUNGIE BANK We Invite Your Patronage All Deposits Up to 555000.00 Insured Under Federal Deposit Insurance Buy U. S. Wfar Bonds and Stamp: MACUNGIE, PA. One Hundred Eight FOUNDED 1889 Ig 77 Aarming omed ' by RITTER K Due to their location and low overhead, Ritter's enable you to ex- press your individual and personality at prices no higher than or dinarily charged for commercial quality, They pay no high city rents, taxes, etc. ROBERT E. RITTER 8: SONS 187-191 MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PENNA. Open Daily from 9:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M. One Hundred Nine Printed and Serviced by Kutztown Publishing Co. Kutztown, Pa.

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