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4 ,. U-'-ff.-' 'R' ' Y -1' , + .J J . .4 ..,.. 0 -,I 11.3 3- s c x 1 fl- Q! v al , ,? J., 1 . U J, - .. ., . m X, ,4 4, . Q' ', ., X .4 . ' Q' X . 4 .ah v. f I . ., ,. S, ' A, Q '-Q1-' fffiiis-1+--5-ww-S .gwv-1,-fff-any I--v xy, J K Hr ': :' , 4-21: 5 JM ., :rf '4..5g"5gF'.-rw-f.g -5 '--nw--5: . gg-,M---'gg ff :' gf 5 " , 4, 'J V lf' w . :4'..w ' H' -'w ,,'1'- rw-'51 F , wus, r, 4,-3 f 'H " f 4 . N -H -- 'X x J' a H.'Z"'5 fri' f H1 5' A + 3 my , "-Mm: .Q 1 1 ' " .1 1 The ug-j 7 N reparer :zen 'Cflgifionz of ilze- H1941 'faffferv e Preparedness PRESENTED IN THREE VOLUME! ae l94l TATTLEI: r BY THE SENIORS OF EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL heme . . . This 1941 edition of the Tattler is based on' Preparedness. We, the staff have attempted to portray that American youth as a whole is not tainted with isms other than Americanism. In order to do this we have divided the annual into three books, each showing the true spirit of democracy as developed by the public school., Thus this nineteenth publication of the Tattler is based on Preparedness. FW if 11- ffl 5 s s 431 li x ' Q i reparedness . . . gl ' Is the Keynote 'of the youth of the nation who are entering a new world. A world where the "free way of life" is being chalf lenged-a world where the spread of brute force is increasing rapidly-a world where our livelihood is constantly being threat' ened. The world's future is in our hands. We must and shall defend our "free way of life," that man may be free and unfettered by tyranny. .. -- ,- iii - "'A.". ' fl J-i - 4.71,-:L T-3 reparedness . . . ln Education . . . That we may be guided by the light of knowledge, not the shadow of ignoranceg thus, we shall see our way in the future more clearly, and with good faith in all mankind. ln Health . . . That our bodies may be sound and our minds pure in the years to come. In this world in which we live there is a part which each one of us must play. In Cooperation . . . Should teach us to live with our fellow man that the spirit of fraternity and good will shall rule, not the theme of hate, and bitterness. We must continue the ways of democracy. i PREPAREDNESS .. . in Education Left to right: Weidner, Wiecind, Stephen, Harwick, Keller, Muih, Stouffer Board of School Directors Education is the main barrier that can successfully oppose the evils of dictatorship, and the inevitable censorship and brutal treatment that follows. The board of school directors, which meets the first Thursday of every month in the council room of the Town Hall, is a symbol of that barrier which safeguards the American way of life. By means of progress in education we can combat all evil forces with success. These seven citizens elected by the people of Emmaus to supervise the development of children in the Emmaus public schools have a task of immense importance. The board of school directors, subject to state regulation provides school supplies, improvement, and care of the grounds and buildings, finances, and approves the curriculum. During the year vacancies are filled, taxes levied, appropriations granted, and resignations accepted. For the year 1941 the board approved a new course for the high school, which will deal with agricultural work. The course is just another example of the board's accomplish' ment in keeping abreast of the times. Mr. Theodore R. Gardner is solicitor for the board. Ivlembers of the board are: George S. Harwick, President Claude H. Keller, Secretary Edwin L. Muth, Vice President Ralph W. Weidner, Treasurer Robert G. Stauffer, George S. Stephen, Albert B. Wieand 8 Administrators O To the Class of It is a pleasure to greet you once more y best wishes for a and express to you m happy and successful future. . We have spent four happy years to' gether, working, playing, and learning how to live. The manner in which we have work' ed, played, and lived in school will help to determine what the future shall be. The world is crying for responsible leadership and your community is expecting you to furnish some of it. This demands that you stick to the old fashioned principles of honesty, dependability, devotion to duty, and the determination to carry things through. Let us be leaders. Face the issues of life, think things through and properly evaluf ate them. Take a firm stand for that which is just and honorable. Bear your responsibility and be dependable in whatever position you may occupy and opportunity will always seek you out. .Gillian Q5 gdllan When you are buying some apparel you may not know exactly what style, color, or material you will select. While this may be important, however, the most important factor is that it will fit. Use the same common sense in selecting your vocation as you do in selecting your clothes. What are your interests? Which of the hundred and one things that make this world so fascinating arouse your enthusiasm? Find out what you can do and what you like to do so that you may select a vocation that gives your talents and interests full sway. After you have made your final decision, let no physical handicap block your progress. Demosthenes stuttered, but he stcod by the edge of the sea and, with pebbles in his mouth, delivered soliloquies to the waves. Milton, who gave the world Paradise Lost, was blind. All the world bows to Helen Keller who, though deaf, dumb and blind, has accomplished miracles. David Starr Jordan said: L'The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows whither he is goingf Best wishes for a successful career. 9d'6l3'L'UCl1f'J Cy6ClgC1f' 10 L OFFICERS President ............ HENRY WETHERHOLD Vice President ................ JEAN RICE Secretary ....,. ..., R ACHEL GEHMAN Treasurer , . ,... HARRY Buci-I IN CLASS ADVISERS Miss PAULINE MCLEAN MR. ALBIZRT BIZNFIELD MR. HOWARD DEISCHER The Class of 1941 We entered E. H. S. as Freshmen, one hundred liftyffive strong in 1937, young and eager for an education. In 1941 there are one hundred nine of us remaining. As Freshmen we gradually became interested in various school activites, and in Spring we decided to have a doggie roast at Weid' ' 'll. ' ' ' , a s mi This was held on June 7, with the class advisers as chaperones. Vacation oo as ophomores. Many of our classmates became active in sports and oth h ' ' ' er sc ool activities. The junior varsity teams were mainly composed of Sophomores. As the term drew to a close we decided to hold a 'Spring Shag" to the music of Bull Weida and his gang. time quickly passed and we returned to sch 1 S As our first social function in our Junior year we sponsored the "Turkey Trot" on November 4. The Junior Prom, the biggest social event of the year, was held on April 12, at the Owls' Home with the Schaadt Brothers furnishing the music. To climax the Junior year we sponsored a dance on May 29 in honor of the 1940 graduating class. This year saw many members of the class elected to important extrafcurricular positions, and particif pating in varsity sports. Finally the portals of Seniority were opened and on October 25 we held a Halloween Dance. Soon afterwards, on November 15, we demonstrated our dramatic ability by pref senting, "Don't Take My Penny." During the Christmas vacation we held a "Belsnickel Hop," and on February 15, sponsored the 'LCupid's Frolicf' On April 14 we presented "Life Begins At Sixteen," a heart warming comedy. A Senior Ball will be held after graduation. Other activities such as s orts ' l p , musica and dramatic performances, club activities, and the publishing of the yearfbook kept man of o l ' y ur c assmates active throughout the year. We reached our goalf'LGraduation''-and in the process have benefitted socially, and scholastically. We shall remember E. H. S. as a true example of democracy at work and play. 12 HERBERT W. BARTO 176 Seem Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "Whate'e'r his life's defeatures, He loved his fellowfcreaturesf' Activities!-Monitor Club 2, 3, Arts and Crafts' Club 1, 2, "Life Begins At Sixteen", Bicycle Club 1. ANTHONY D. BASKO 618 Minor Street GENERAL COURSE "Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face, Not always smiling, but at least Activities-Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Baseball Manager 2, 3, Art Club 1. WAYNE W. BARTO TOptOn E GENERAL COURSE 'LAll his faults are such that K One loves him still the better for them." Activities-"DOn't Take My Penny", Chorus 2, 3, Dancing Club QTreasurerD 3, Tennis and Ping Pong Club 2. serene." ARLENE E. BAUDER Route 1, Emmaus COMMERCIAL COURSE "The idea of her life shall sweetly creep Into his study of imagination." Activities-Tatting Club 1, 2, Dancing Club 3, Yearbook CCOpy Eclitorl. 13 H. ROBERT BEIDLEMAN 39 Main Street, Macungie COMMERCIAL COURSE "Ideals are like starsg you'll not succeed In touching them with your hands." Chorus 3g "Don't Take My Penny"g Track 3. PAUL J. BIEBER 147 East Main Street GENERAL COURSE NA youth to whom was given So much of earth, so much of Heaven." Activities-Aviation Club 15 Art Metal Club 2. PAULINE D. BIEHN 1434 Pennsylvania Avenue COMMERCIAL COURSE "Defer not till tomorrow to be wise, Tomorrow s sun to thee may never rise." Activities-Speech Club 15 Dancing Club 33 Tattler Staff CReporterQ 2, 3g Bridge Club 3g "DOn't Take My Pennyng Chorus 1. S BETTY J. BITTINC 23 North Fourth Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "Something the heart must have to cherish, Must love and joy and sorrow learn." Activities4SeW So Club CSecretaryD 23 Yearbook CClass Editorjg Dancing Club 3g "Don't Take My Pennyug Chorus 1, 2, 3g Student Council 1g Def hating 3. - 14 ActivitiesfDancing Club 1, 3g Monitor Club 33 MARK T. BOWERS 209 Main Street INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE "Life is a mystery as deep as ever death can beg Tet, oh, how dear it is to us, this life we live and see." Activities-HifY 3g Aviation Club 1. J. GORDON BRENSINGER 802 Chestnut Street GENERAL COURSE L'Cheerful at noon, he wakes from short repose, Breathes the keen air, and carols as he goes." Activities-Band 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3g Track 3. MAYNARD L. BRENSINGER 20 North Fifth Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "The wise in heart shall he called prudent And the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning." Activitiesgfiootball 2, 3, Bicycle Club 1. HARRY BUCHIN Route 1, Zionsville COMMERCIAL COURSE "For this is Wisdom, to live, to love, To take what Fate, or the Gods, may give." Activities-fHandwritir1g Club lg Monitor Club 2, 3, Yearbook CAdvertising Managerjg HifY 2, CPresidentj 3g Class Treasurer 3g junior Declamation Contest. 15 AARON D. CARL, JR. Route 1, Zionsville GENERAL COURSE "Make the most of yourself For that is all there is of you." ActivitiesfDancing Club 1, 3, Pennsylvania German Club 2. STUART C. CARL 207 Macungie Avenue GENERAL COURSE "No fidget and no reformer, A calm observer of ought and Activities-Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Aviation Club QPresidentj 1. ELAINE I. BURIAN 43 South Third Street COMMERCIAL COUIKSE 'iSweet are the thoughts that savour of content, The quiet mind is richer than a crowrlfl Activities-Girl Reserves 1, 2, Student Council 3, Chorus 1, 3. l MADELINE L. CARL Old Zionsville COMMERCIAL COURSE "Have you not heard it said full oft, A womarfs rzay doth stand for naught?" Activitiesghlandwriting Club 1, Girl Reserves 2 CTreasurerD 3, Tennis and Ping Pong Club CTreasurerJ 3, Bridge Club CVice Presidentj 3, "Life Begins At Sixteen", Yearbook QOrganization Editorj, Girls' Baseball 1. just must." 16 Activities-Basketball 1, Tattler Staff fRepOrterj 2, 3g Yearbook COrganizatiOn Editorj, Cheerleader 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Club 3g Dancing Club 3. CAROLINE C. CHIHUL 523 Broad Street GENERAL COURSE "Grace is in all her steps Heaven is in her eyes." Activities-Yearbook Staff CAdvertising Managerjg Dancing Club 3, Tennis and Ping Pong Club 2g Chorus 3. MARIANNA R. CHRISTMAN East Main Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "Her voice is ever soft, gentle, And low, an excellent thing in woman." Activities-Girl Reserves 1, Tatting Club 2 Chorus 1, 2g Knitting Club 3, Dancing Club 3. HAROLD L. CORNFELD Route 1, Old Zionsville ACADEMIC COURSE L'What I aspired to be And was not, comforts me." LEAH S. CROSSLEY Route 1, Barto COMMERCIAL COURSE "Her very frowns are fai're'r far Than smiles of other maidens are." Junior Declamation Contest. 17 Activities-Band 1, 2, 3, Handwriting Club 1g Tatting Club 2g Bridge Club 3, Knitting Club 3, DONALD M. CUNNINGHAM 110 Ncrth Fourth Street GENERAL COURsE "But theve's nothing half as sweet in life As love's young dream." Activities-Track 29 Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, Monitor Club 2, CCaptainJ 3, Chorus 3, Art Metal Club 2. MAE P. DECKER 568 Chestnut Street GENERAL COURSE "Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, Help to make earth happy like the Heaven above." Activities-Student Council 2, CSecretaryJ 3, Chorus 2, 3g Arts and Crafts Club 3, Girl Reserves 2g Tatting Club lg Handwriting Club 1. HAROLD J. DERR 335 South Twelfth Street GENERAL COURSE I agree with no man s opinions. ,, I have some of my own. Activities-HifY 2, 3. JOHN F. DERR, JR. West Second Street, Alburtis GENERAL COURSE "True and tender and brave and just, That man might honor and woman trust." Activities-Art Metal Club 2, Football 2. 18 JEAN B. DICKERT 424 North Fifth Street ACADEMIC COURSE "None without hope e'er lotfd the brightest fair, But love can hope where reason would despair. ActivitieSfArt Club 1, Sew SO Club JOSEPH z. DWORNAK 559 Elm Street GENERAL COURSE "Knowledge is proud that he has learned so muchg I Wisdom is humble that he knows ActIVitieSABaSketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, HifY 2, CVice Presidentj 3. 23 Chorus 2, 3. IRA E. DONEY Vera Cruz COMMERCIAL COURSE s 'He had no malice in his mind No ruffles on his shirt." Activities-Checker Club 2. as , T10 YTLOTC. f CLINTON W. EDWARDS 570 Broad Street INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE "Nor Fame I slight, nor for her famous callg She comes unloolqed for, if she comes at all." Activities-Aviation Club 1, Art Metal Clu Tennis and Ping Pong Club 3, Dancing Club 3. 19 b JEANNETTE D. ESTERLY 846 Chestnut Street GENERAL COURSE "Soft is the music that would charm foreverg The flower of sweetest smell is shy Activities-Chorus 1, 2, 3, Handwriting Club 1g Tennis and Ping Pong Club 2, Band 1, 2, Dancing Club 5. L. MAE FENSTERMAKER Route 1, Macungie COMMERCIAL COURSE "Heart on her lips, and soul within her eyes, Soft as her clime, and sunny as Activities-Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Knitting Club 3, Bridge Club 3, Chorus 1. DOROTHY E. ENGELMAN Vera Cruz COMMERCIAL COURSE "As if Misfortune made the throne her seat, And none could be happy but the great." Activities-Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. and lowly." FAYE F. FEATHER 303 Main Street GENERAL COURSE "Friends depart, and memory takes them l To her caverns, pure and deep." Activities-Cheerleader 2, 3g Chorus 1, 2, 5, Girls' Athletic Club 2, 33 Dancing Club 3, "Don't Take My Penny", Args and Crafts Club 1. her skies. " 20 ,..L,,,,,,, Y JOYCE M. FISHER 651 Walnut Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "Had we but world enough, and time, This coyness, lady, were no crime." ActivitiesAChorus 1, 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Art Club 3, Dancing Club 3. EMMA F. FOLK Vera Cruz COMMERCIAL COURSE "All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream." Activities-Handwriting Club 1, Girl Reserves 2, 3. CHARLES L. FUNK Route 1, Macungie COMMERCIAL COURSE L'But he whose inhorn worth his acts commend Of gentle soul, to human race, a friend." ActivitiesfHifY 3, Monitor Club Club 1, 2, "Life Begins At Sixteen." 2, 3, Nature RACHEL I. GEHMAN 117 South Church Street, Macungie COMMERCIAL COURSE "Paradise itself were dim And joyless, if not shared with himll' Activities-0-Monitor Club 2, CSecretaryD 3, Cirl Reserves CTreasurerj 2, CPresidentD 3, Class Secref tary 3, Tattler Staff Cfypistj 3, Yearbook Staff COrganization Editorj, "DOn't Take My Penny", Handwriting Club 1. 21 LYNWOOD D. GIERING 34 South Second Street GENERAL COURSE "Where glowing embers through the room Teach light to counterfeit a gloom." Activities-Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2g Arts and Crafts Club 1. WILLARD C. GIERING 653 Walnut Street INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE "Labour itself is but a sorrowful song, The protest of the weak against the strong." ActivitieS4Track 1, 2, 5, HifY 2, 3. LOUISE E. GUTH East Harrison Street COMMEIKCIAL COURSE ul-Iere cornes the ladyg oh! so light a foot Will ne'er wear out the everlasting flint." Tatting Club 1g Sewing Club 1, 2. VIRGINIA R. HAINES 910 Chestnut Street GENERAL COURSE 'L'l'here is no sorrow like a love denied Nor any joy like love that has its will." Activities-Chorus 2, 35 Girlsl Athletic Club 2, 'Zag Arts and Crafts Club 1g Dancing Club 3. 22 Activities-Student Council 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3g , JEANETTE M. HALLMAN 117 South Fifth Street COMMERCIAL CoURsE "One does not know+cannot gthe best that is in one." Activities-Tattler Staff CReporterj 2, 3, Monitor Club 2, 3, Sewing Club lg Bridge Club 3, Junior Declamation Coatest, Chorus 1g Dancing Club 3, Speech Club 1. FORREST D. HARWICK Vera Cruz GENERAL COURSE "He speaketh notg and yet there lies A conversation in his eyes. Activities-Astronomy Club 1, Pennsylvania Cer' man Club 2g HifY 3. know BERYL L. HARRISON Vera Cruz ACADEMIC COURSE "Pleasure comes, but not to stay, Even this shall pass away." Activities-Chorus 1, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Dancing Club 3, Bridge Club 3, Debating 3. WALTER W. HAUSER 728 Chestnut Street GENERAL CoURsE 'Stately and tall he moves in the hall The chief of a thousand for grace." Activities-Football 1, 2, CCaptainj 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 3, Tattler Staff CReporterD 2, CPage Editorj 3, Yearbook Staff QAthletic Editorjg Dancing Club 3. 23 LEROY C. HERTZOG 44 North Second Street ACADEMIC CoURsE " 'Tis education forms the common mind, just as the twig is bent the ITCCQS inclined." Activities-Astronomy Club 1, Tennis and Ping Pong Club 2, Chorus 2, 3. MARGARET I. HERTZOG 369 Broad Street GENERAL COURSE "Better by fm' you should forget and smile Than that you should 'remember and be sad. ActiVities4Chorus 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Arts and Crafts Club QVice PresidentQ 3, In and Out Club 2, Tatting Club 1, Hockey 1, junior Varsity Basket' ball 1. ARLENE E. HOFFMAN 203 North Third Street GENERAL COURSE 'LIt's the song ye sing, and the smile ye wear, Thafs afmaleing the sun shine everywhere." Activities-"Life Begins At Sixteenf, Student Counf cil 1, Monitor Club 2, CLieut. Captainj 3, Arts and Crafts Club CTreasurerj 1, Bridge Club 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Knitting Club 3, Speech Club 1. LORRAINE I. HOHE 121 East Elin Street GENERAL CoURsE "To love and win is the best thing, To love and lose is the next best." Activities-Monitor Club 2, 3, Chorus 1, 3, Arts and Crafts Club CTreasurerj 1, CSecretaryfTreasurerD 3, Dancing Club 3, "Life Begins At Sixteen." 24 SCPHIA J. HOPSTOCK 420 South Seventh Street GENERAL COURSE "Tet taught by time, my heart has learrfd to glow For others' good, ancl melt at others' woe." Activities-Handwriting Club lg Chorus 2, 3, Dancf ing Club 3g "Life Begins At Sixteenng Sew So Club 2. WILLIAM HORN Route 1, Zionsville GENERAL COURSE HI have drunken deep of joy And I will taste no other wine, tonight." Activitiesm-Tattler Staff QReporterj 2, CEditorj 3g "Don't Take My Pennyug Chorus 3, Dancing Club 3g Yearbook Staff CEditorj. WINNABELLE L. HOSFELD 551 Elm Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "I am not merryg but I do beguile The thing I am, by seeming otherwise." Activitiesffxrt Metal Club 2g Bicycle Club Ig Dancing Club 3. GRACE L. HUBER 133 Church Street, Macungie GENERAL COURSE "Those eyes the greenest of things blue, The bluest of things grey." Activities-Girl Reserves 2, CVice Presidentl 3, Handwriting Club 1, Tennis and Ping Pong Club fSecretaryj 3g Chorus 3. 25 MARILYNN S. HUYETT 331 North Second Street ACADEMIC COURSE "Her glossy hair is clustered o'er her brow Bright with intelligence and fair and smooth." Activities-Speech Club 1, Tattler Staff fReporterJ 2, CPage Editorj 3, Yearbook Stalf CAssistant Editorjg "Life Begins At Sixteenng Chorus 1, 3, Band 1, 2, 3g Debating 3, Class Vice-President 13 Class Secretary 25 Bridge Club 39 Hockey 1. JANE ANN IOBST 244 Main Street ACADEMIC COURsE "The fairest garden in her looks And in her mind the wisest books." Activities-Band 1, 2, 3, Monitor Club 2, 3, Basketball 3g Bridge Club 2, QPresidentj 3g "Don't Take My Pennyvg Debating 3g Tennis and Ping Pong Club 3, Junior Declamation Contest, Chorus 1, Speech Club 1, Hockey 1. ZANE L. IOBST 316 North Second Street GENERAL COURSE "Merrily, merrily shall I live now, Under the blossom that hangs on the boughf' Activities-Art Club 1, 2, Dancing Club 3. FERN J. KLINE 337 Broad Street COMMERCIAL COURSE L'Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety." Activities-Dancing Club 3, Art Club 3g Girl Reserves 2g Chorus 3g Sewing Club 1. 26 'hHer little,,nan1eless, unremembered acts ActiVitiesgChOruS 1, 2, 3, Dancing Club 3, Girls' Athletic Club 2, 3, "Don't Take My Penny", Arts and Crafts Club 1. ActivitiesiChOrus 1, 2, 3, Tattler Staff QRepOrterJ 2, CPage Editorl 3, Yearbook Staff CAssistant Editorl, Speech Club 1, Knitting Club 3, Girls' Athletic Club 3. GENEVIEVE A. KLINE 371 Broad Street GENERAL COURSE of kindness and of love." , HILDA A. KLINE Vera Cruz COMMERCIAL COURSE "Heres a sigh for those who love me, And a smile for those who hate." Activities-fGirl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Knitting Club CSecretaryj 3, junior Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3. ERNESTINE J. KNAUSS 113 South Sixth Street GENEIKAL COURSE "Life is a jest, and all things show it I said so once and now I know it." THELMA M. KNAUSS 33 North Fourth Street ACADEMIC COURSE "Oh the heart is a free and a fetterless thing, A wave of the ocean, a bird on the wing !" Activities-Yearbook Staff CFeature Editorj, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 3, Class Secref tary 1, Basketball Manager 2, 3, Monitor Club 2, 3, Junior Declamation Contest, Girls' Athletic Club CRepOrterfSecretz1ryj 3, "Life Begins At Sixteen", Hockey 1. 27 JAMES G. KOCH 662 Chestnut Street ACADEMIC COURSE "We grant although he had much wit He was very shy in using it." grapherjg Chorus 3, Tennis and Ping Pong Club 35 Student Ccuncil 2, CPresidentj 3g HifY 35 Astronomy gg Club lg Junior Declamation Contest, Debating 3. JACQUELINE D. KOOKER f I ' 1 , I- I- IN? CD O C 1-+ D' 'Tl I-. Q D' CD rf P-s 0 N rf is. ,. 'hhl COMMERCIAL COUIKSE L'Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad." ActivitiesfGirls' Athletic Club 2, CTreasurerD 3g Student Council CAssistant Treasurerl 2, Tattler Staff CCirculation Managerj 35 Yearbook Staff CCirculatiOn Managerjg jr. Varsity Basketball 1g Varsity Basketball 3, Gym Team 1, 2, 3g Hockey 1, 2. GLORIA B. KRAMER Front Street, Alburtis COMMERCIAL COURSE "A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty." ActivitiesfGirl Reserves 1, Tennis and Ping Pong Club 2, Bridge Club 3, Chorus 1, 'LDon't Take My Penny", Band 1, 2, 3, Tattler Staff CTypistj 3. PAUL A. KRASLEY 27 South Third Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "Of ancient race by birth, But Nobler yet in his own worth." 28 Activities-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff CPhotof WILLIAM S. KRATZER 301 North Third Street Academic Course "Endurance the crowning quality And patience all the passion of great hearts." Activities-Yearbook Staff CAdvertis "Don't Take My Pennyug Band 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 3, Debating 3, Tennis and Ping Pong Club 1, 2, QPresiclentD 3. DONALD G. LOHRMAN 151 Church Street, Macungie Q ACADEMIC COURSE "A rnan he seems of cheerful yesterdays And confident tornorrows. Activities-Dancing Club 1, Stude Orchestra 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Debating 3g Yearbook Staff CCopy Eclitorjg Chorus. ing Managerlg HARRY H. KRIEBEL 91 Church Street, Macungie GENERAL COURSE "Fireside happiness, to hours of ease Blest with that charm, the certainty to please Activities-Tennis and Ping Pong Club 1. nt Council 1g WARREN E. LONG Alburtis GENERAL CoURsE "I envy none, no, no, not I And no one envies rne. Activities-Aviation Club 1g HifY 1. 29 KENNETH O. MARKS Route 1, Zionsville COMMERCIAL COURSE "Lord of himself, though not of landsg And having nothing, yet hath all." Activities-Student Council 2, 3g Aviation Club 1. M. COLLEEN McKEEVER 1 112 Pennsylvania Avenue GENERAL COURSE "Happy am Ig from care I'm free! Why aren't they all contented like me?" Activities-Chorus 2, 3g Dancing Club 3g Sew So Club 2g Arts and Crafts Club 1. :g REEF? ELAINE B. MEITZLER 522 Minor Street COMMEIKCIAL COURSE "Nature her custom holds, Let shame say what it will." ActivitiesfGirl Reserves 2g Chorus 2, 3g Dancing Club 3. JOSEPH R. MERKEL Alburtis GENERAL COUIKSE "The work of the world must be doneg And minds are many though truth be one." Activities-Student Council 1g Football 2g Dancing Club 1g Monitor Club 3g "Life Begins At Sixteen." 30 ROY P. MILLER 1125 Pennsylvania Avenue INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE "Peace, peace is what I seek and public calm, Endless extinction of unhappy hatesf, ActivitiesMHifY 2, QChaplainj 3, Aviation Club 1. WILLIAM S. MILLER 920 Chestnut Street COMMERCIAL COURSE VINCENT E. MILLER 1450 Swartz Crossing GENERAL COURSE 'lMy life is like a stroll upon the beach, As near the ocean's edge as I can go." Activities-Baseball 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3 I'IifY 2, 3. "Behind a frowning providence He hides a shining face." Activities-Band 1, 2, "Don't Take My Penny", Baseball 1, Chorus 2, 3, Dancing Club 1, 3, Astronf 1 only Club 1. OWEN J. MOLL Route 1, Barto GENERAL COURSE 'iAnd though he promise to his loss, He makes his promise good." ActivitiesfMOnitor Club 2, 3, HifY 2, CSecretaryj 3 Dancing Club 1, "Life Begins At Sixteen". 31 WILLIAM L. MOORE 49 South Third Street GENEIKAL COURSE "Blonde or brunette, this rhyrne applies, Happy is he who knows them notf' Activities-Chorus 3, Aviation Club 1. FREEMAN C. MOYER Route 1, Zionsville COMMERCIAL COURSE "Alack! There lies more peril in thine eyes Than twenty of their swords." Activitiesf' I-IifY 3, Aviation Club 1. HAROLD R. MOYER 1043 Pennsylvania Avenue COMMERCIAL COURSE "What shall I do to be forever known, And make the age to come my own." Activities5Aviation Club 1, Arts and Crafts Club 2 Monitor Club 2, 3, HifY 3. STEPHEN NATYSYN Pennsylvania Avenue COMMEIKCIAL COURSE "No words suffice the secret soul to show For truth denies all eloquence to woe." Activities-Arts and Crafts Club 2g Bicycle Club lg A Aviation Club 1, 32 HENRY I. NEIMEYER 203 Main Street ACADEMIC COURSE "How many a thing which we cast to the ground, When others pick it up, becomes a gemll' ActivitiesvAStrOnomv Club 1, Pennsylvania Cer' man Club 2, Travel Club 3. ROY C. NEITZ 31 North Fourth Street GENERAL COURSE i'Happy who in his verse can gently steer From grave to light, from pleasant to severe." ACtivitieSfFootball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Stage Hand 1, 2, Avia' tion Club 1, Dancing Club 3. MYRTLE C. NEIMEYER 419 Railroad Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "A happy soul, that all the way To heaven hath a summefs day." ActivitiesAArt Club 1, 2, Dancing Club 3, Tattler Staff QBusiness Managerl 2, 3, Yearbook Staff CBuSineSS Managerlg Chorus 1, 2. LEO C. QUEEN 810 Chestnut Street GENERAL COURSE 7'Rock'd in the cradle of the deep I lay me down in peace to sleep." ACtivitiesfffBiCyCle Club 1, Dancing Club 1, 3. 33 MARGARET E. RAEDLER Route 1, Macungie GENERAL COURSE "She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud." Activities-4Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girl Reserves 1, Arts and Crafts Club 2, Dancing Club 3, Bridge Club 3. MYRON A. REYNOLDS 223 South Second Street GENERAL COURSE "The sea! the sea! the open sea! The blue, the fresh, the ever freell' Activites-HifY 2, Track 2, Aviation Club 1, Chorus 3, L'Life Begins At Sixteen." JEAN O. RICE 181 Main Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "If she under value me, What care I how fair she be?" ActivitiesfClass President 1, Vice President 2, 3, Monitor Club 2, 3, Chorus 1, 3, L'Don't Take My Penny", Yearbook Staff CManaging Editorjg Dancing Club 3, Girl Reserves 1, Art Metal Club 2. MARGARET M. RITTER 143 East Main Street, Macungie COMMERCIAL CoURsE "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn." Activities-Student Council 1, Handwriting Club 1, Girl Reserves 2, Chorus 3, Bridge Club 3, Dancing C ub 3. 34 BUTLER ROBERTS 626 Chestnut Street ACADEMIC COURSE "Dreams, hooks, each are a world, and books, we know, Are a substantial world, both pure and good." Activities-Art Metal Club 1, CPresidentD 23 "Don't Take My Pennyvg Tennis and Ping Pong Club 3, Bridge Club 3, Dancing Club 3. WILLIS H. ROHRBACH 330 South Horne Street, Topton GENERAL COURSE 'iResolve to be thyselfg and know, that he Who jinds himself, loses his misery." MIRIAM M. RUCH 643 Chestnut Street ACADEMIC COURSE "The light of love, the purity of grace. The mind, the music breathing from her face." ActivitiesAYearbook Staff CEeature Editorjg junior Declamation Contestg Girls' Athletic Club 3g "Life Begins At Sixteen", Cheerleader 3g Monitor Club 2, 3g Dancing Club 3g Chorus 1, 2, 3, Tattler Staff QReporterD 2, CPage Eclitorj 3, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Speech Club 1. DONALD G. SCHAEEFER 117 East Elm Street lim' .aw ACADEMIC COURSE L'For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these, It might have been!" ActivitiesA-Astronomy Club lg Dancing Club 3 HifY 3. 35 ActivitiesJPennsylvania German Club 2g Chorus 2, 3 ELIZABETH J. SCHULER Vera Cruz GENERAL COURSE slCll66TfUlHCSS and content are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks. Activities-Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Tennis and Ping Pong Club 3, Chorus 1. HOWARD C. STAUFFER, JR. Old Zionsville GENERAL COURSE 'iBliss in possession will not last, Remembered joys are never past." Activities!-Dancing Club 1, 3, Pennsylvania German Club 3. MARIAN V. SCHAFFER 308 North Fifth Street GENERAL COURSE "A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases! It will never pass into notlaingnessf' Activities-Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 3, Arts and Crafts Club 1. BRUCE D. SMOYER 141 Main Street GENERAL COURSE i'Ol1 call it by some better name. For friendship sounds too cold." Activitiesk-Student Council 1, Track 2, Band 1, 2,3, "Don't Take My Penny", Tennis and Ping Pong Club 2. 36 CLINTON G. STEPHENS 815 Chestnut Street GENERAL COURSE "Twilight, a timid fawn went glimmering by, And Night, the darkfblue hunter, followed fast." Activitiesflnootball 2g Baseball lg Bicycle Club lg Dancing Club 3. EARL L. STOUDT Vera Cruz GENERAL COURSE "And still they gazed and still their wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew." Activitiesfflstronomy Club lg Pennsylvania Gerf man Club 2, HifY 3, Baseball 1, 2. JOHN D. STOSH 661 Furnace Street GENERAL COURSE "But let me live by the side of the road And be a friend to man." Activities-Arts and Crafts Club 2g Chorus 34 Aviation Club lg Paste and Scissors Club lg "Life Begins At Sixteen." DAMIAN J. SVRCEK 746 Furnace Street GENERAL COURSE "Whoever thinks a faultess piece to see, Thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor e'er shall he." Activities-Student Council 2g Chorus 5g HifY 1, 2, Baseball 2, 3g Paste and Scissors Club lg Aviation Club 1. 37 Activities4Tattler Staff CReporterJ 2, 3, Arts and Crafts Club 1, 3, Dancing Club 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3g Yearbook Staff CClass Editorjg Bicycle Club 1g "Life Begins At Sixteen." Activities-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girl Reserves 1g Art Metal Club CSecretaryj 2g Student Council 3g Monif tor Club 2, 33 Class Treasurer 2, "Don't Take My Penny." JAMES P. TREICHLER Vera Cruz GENERAL CouRsE "A little fun, to match the sorrow Of each day's growing-until tomorrow!" Activities-Gym Team lg Dancing Club 1, CVice Presidentj 35 Aviation Club 1. HELEN J. TRUMP 211 South Fourth Street GENERAL COURSE S "A friendship that like love is warm A love like friendship, steady." HARRIET V. URFFER Macungie ACADEMIC COURSE 'LHe'r face is like the milky way in the sky A meeting of gentle lights without a name." Activities-Chorus 1, 3g Arts and Crafts Club 2g Handwriting Club 1, Dancing Club 3. GERTA E. WEBB 326 Broad Street GENERAL COURSE 'iShe doeth little kindnesses Which most leave undone, or despise." 38 GLENN K. WENNIG 30 North Second Street GENERAL COURSE "He that complies against his will Is of his own opinion still. Activities---Chorus 1, 2, 3, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, HifY CSecretaryj 2, 3, Dancing Club 1, 3, "Don't Take My Penny." HENRY K. WETHERHOLD 231 Ridge Street GENERAL COURSE "Wisdom is oft times nearer when Than when we soar." Activities4Tattler Staff QReporterD Staff CAthletic Editorl, Football 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Student Council 1, Class President 2, 3, Dancing Club 3.- ROBERT W. WESSNER 230 Green Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "One inch of joy surmounts of grief a span Because to laugh is proper to the man." Activities-Track 1, 2, 3, Stage Manager 1, 2, 3, HifY 2, 3, Aviation Club 1. we stoop 3, Yearbook LORRAINE R. WETZEL Route 2, Allentown COMMERCIAL COURSE 'lOhl then I saw her eye was bright, A well of love, a spring of light." Activities-Chorus 3, Dancing Club 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Bridge Club 3, "Life Begins At Sixteen." 39 W JULIA YAREMA 66 Keystone Avenue GENERAL COURSE "Laugh and the world laughs with you, Weep and you weep alone." Activities-Chorus 1, Sewing Clublg Checker Club 23 Dancing Club 3. ANDREW D. YANOCHKO 545 Furnace Street COMMERCIAL COURSE "We shall be judged, not by what We might have been, but what we have been." Activities-Aviation Club lg Tennis and Ping Pong Club 1, 2, Boy Scout Club 2. CO9 40 . I 41 n Wl1o's Who In The Senior Class Who's Who in the Class of 1941 Has Been Selected by o Vote of the Seniors Most Popular . . Prettiest .... Handsomest . . Most likely to Best Singer. . . Peppiest ..... Best Athlete. . Best Musiciaii succeed .... , 4 . , . Best Character .,.,. Best Actor. . . Best Actress . Best Dressed ..... Tallest .... Shortest . . . Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Jeanette Esterly Henry Wetherhold Jean Rice Lynwood Giering Rachel Gehman Butler Roberts Harriet Urffer Wayiie Barto Carolyn Chihul James Koch Jacqueline Kooker Joseph Dwornak Marilyiiii Huyett Donald Cunningham Margzxret Rae dler Harry Buchin joseph Merkel Thelma Knauss Faye Feather Bruce Sinoyer Jane Ann Iobst Walter Hauser Iviarian Schaffer Donald Lohrnian MUST POPULAR 3 I east svnaeas BEST MUSSCIANS BEST DRESSES ST DDK PEPFKEST ST IHARP-ET TALLEST 43 MUST UKELY TO SUCCEEU w BEST ATHLETES EEST AETUR AND AETRESS SHBRTEST ute .... azy ..... udacious , . hy ..... printer . . . ptimistic . . . acetious . . ice ...,.. nteresting aive ...., legant ..... hespian . . ffervescent. , , . . arnest .... aughty . . , eniinine oinph. . . eckless. . . raveler. . . oung .... IHIIOI' . . 631 .... nergetic , Senior Acrosfic Freeman Moyer Donald Schaeffer Gordon Brensinger ,Madeliiie Carl .Willard Giering .Herbert Barto 'Zane Iobst . . .Lorraine Wetzel .Grace Huber ,Colleen McKeever .Miriain Ruch .Willianm Miller .Genevieve Kline . . . .Arlene Hoffman . Vincent Miller .Ernestine Knauss .julia Yarema William Horn . . . .Henry Neimeyer 44 . john Stosh . . .William Kratzer . . ,Anthony Basko . . .Betty Bitting 45 X r N w 6 I 5 A Juniors OFFICERS President ...... .....,......,.,. N ATHAN GERY Vice President. , . .... MADLYN BACKENSTO Secretary ..,,. ........ M ARY MIKLENCIC Treasurer. . ,....,,.. . . .ARLENE Srnfxuss BENFIELD FACULTY ADVISERS Mas. BENFIITLD MR. BROKER MR. HUMPHREYS Albright, Arabella Backensto, Madlyn Balascak, Margaret Biehn, Melba Bowers, Ruth Carl, Arline David, Phoebe Desch, Arlene Devlin, Mary Eck, May Eschback, Edna Folk, Joyce Fowler, Mary Gardner, Helen Gerhard, Ferne Giering, Lorraine Grim, Millidrne Hamscher, Joyce Heater, Doris Hennemuth, Doris Hieter, Beatrice Houseknecht, Madeline Hubbard Muriel Iobst, Hannah Knauss, Marguerite Kransky, Ethel Kratzer, Florence Krupa, Irene Laubach, Evelyn Laudenslager, Dorothea Leiby, Ruth Lenner, Helen McCutcheon, Marcia McElroy, Ernestine Mehi, Alice Miklencic, Mary Moll, Dorothy Moyer, Eleanor Moyer, Gloria Neimeyer, Ethelmae Pannepacker, Ruth Phillips, Doris Rauzh, Betty Schreiber, Carolyn Schiffert, Dorothy Sittler, Aldine Smith, June Stortz, Mary Vetrosky, Mary Weaver, Hazel Wennerholt, Ruth Wieder, Kathryn Winkle, Edith Wilson, Mary Vivian Yeahl, Gladys Bauer, Bernard Bilger, Donald Bitting, Kermit Bortz, Russell Brobst, Arthur Cagna, John Correll, Robert Crouthamel, Donald DeLong, Paul Derr, Jennings Druckenmiller, Perry Eisenhard, Dallas Esterly, Donald Faust, Maurice Fegely, Burton Fegely, Edward Fellman, Russell Fenstermaker, Donald Fenstermaker, Walter Fischer, Willard Folk, Paul Gery, Nathan Giering, Charles Greenawalt, Russell Haas, Donald Hamscher, Howard Hebelka, Theodore Heimbach, Harvey Heimbach, Martin Hertzog, Wilmer Howerter, Paul Iobst, David Kerak, Paul Kern, Arthur Kern, David King, Gordon Knappenberger, LaVerne Knecht, Harry Konkus, John Kuncio, Stephen Lenner, Francis Markle, Victor Meinhofer, Francis Merkel, Thomas Miklos, Steve Miller, Donald Mohr, Stanley Moore, Frank Moyer, Bruce Natysn, Charles Neila, Nickolas Neimeyer, Ernest Nester, Wilmer Paul, Ralph Pfleiger, Robert Reed, George Richards, Lawrence Sadrovitz, Frank Sikorski, Edward Treby, John Vargo, William Walbert, Woodrow Wasco, Thomas Wenner, Anthony Williams, Robert Yarus, Stanley 49, Sophomores OFFICERS President ........,.,..,.. ..... R OBERT READINGER Vice President ..... . . ,VIRGINIA SHAW Secretary ,...... , . . .BETTY GOHEEN Treasurer . . .,,.............. . MARVIN STEPHEN FACULTY ADVISERS MISS BEARY MR. OILTT MISS Cook MR. PETERS Albright, Karyl Antrim, Annabelle Bealer, Dolores Beitler, Joyce Bord, Betty Buchin, Mary Carl, Marcelle Corner, June Deibert, Althea Derr, Irene Dries, LaRue Engleman, Ruby Erney, Helen Falk, Mae Fick, Susan Findlay, Jean Folk, Pauline Gaal, Helen Gilbert, Jean Godusky, Dornelda Goheen, Betty Hamscher, Fern Haring, LaRue Hauser, Elaine Heist, Thelma Hennemuth, Jean Hoffman, Frances Huber, Joyce Iobst, Caroline Kapcala, Anna Kemmerer, Kathryn Kocis, Cecelia Kotch, Katherine Laudenschlager, Dor Leh, Florence Leibert, Gloria Leister, Fay Marsteller, Geneva Martin, Anna McElroy, Loretta Moyer, Gloria Nester, Alma Patzold, Vivian Paul, Helen Paules, Geraldine Pyle, Catherine Queen, Evelyn Reinert, Betty Reinhard, Lorraine Reinhard, Madeline is Romanchuk, Emma Romich, Lucille Seaman, Leonarda Seislove, Arlene Shaw, Virginia Shive, Arlene Shoemaker, Carol Siegfried, Grace Spohn, Gloria Steltz, Sarah Stephen, Annetta Stoudt, Dorothy Stoudt, Lorraine Strause, Jean Stulpin, Mary Trappe, Dorothea Urffer, Hazel Vince, Irene Vogel, Justine Wannamaker, Betty Wentz, Faith Wertman, Eleanor Wetherhold, Doris Wetherhold, Nancy Jane Wieder, June Wieder, Madge Williams, Jean Wlazelek, Virginia Westwood, Grace Wolfinger, Betty Yaniger, Julia Adam, Ray Albright, Harold Apgar, Clark Apgar, Neal Bechtel, Carl Berger, Howard Bieber, Jansen Brouchle, Joseph Bowers, John Broadman, Alfred Brosky, Bernard Brown, William Conrad, John Derr, William Diefenderfer, Henry Diehl, Alfred Durbak, Lawrence Eisenhard, Donald Engleman, Dalton Englert, Ralph Feninez, Stephen Fowler, David Gehris, Sydney Gery, Carl Gilbert, Ray Greiss, Gerald Gruber, Carlton Gruber, Daniel Hankwitz, Reed Heil, Jacob Hertzog, Verner Hilbert, Bruce Hoffman, Dale Hoffman, Lawrence Hopstock, Peter Hosfeld, Richard Kauffman, Robert Kemmerer, Louis Kleppinger, Walter Koch, Harold Kramer, William Landis, Wesley Laudenslager, Paul Leh, Ralph Leiby, Paul Lichtenwalner, Georg Lutsey, Ira Martin, Kenneth McGinley, Richard McKeever, Robert C Merkle, Henry Milincik, Walter Miller, Allison Miller, Richard Moyer, Stanley Neetz, Jerald Readinger, Robert Reitz, Roberts Rinker, George Ross, Harry Schaffer, Linford Schantz, Albert Schantzenbach, Harold Schuler, Kermit Shoemaker, Irwin Stephen, Marvin Stichter, Elmer Stortz, George Terrifinko, Michael Trump, Kenneth Wagner, Carson Wenner, Paul Wetherhold, Kenneth 50 Freshmen OFFICERS President ...... ..,........... S AMUEL KNAUSS Vice President .... ..... K ENNETH HAAS Secretary ...... 4,,. J EAN MILLER Treasurer ..., . . . ..... JESSE MILLER FACULTY ADVISERS Miss HAUSER MR. FRANTZ MR. BOWERS MR. WALBERT Adams, Gloria Adams, Lillian Apgar, Joyce Balascak, Irene Barto, Anna Bast, Gloria Baus, Dorothy Bohus, Catherine Bortz, Betty Boyer, Madelyn Boyer, Myrtle Brey, Dorothy Brey, Myrtle Brown, Betty Buchecker, Dorothea Christman, Patricia Correll, Betty Durbak, Betty Eltz, Lorraine Entler, Emily Erb, Mervanna Fisher, Norma Flores, Jean Folk, Lorraine Fritz, Marion Gardner, Marion Gehman, Dorothy Gehman, Jean Geissinger, Ruth George, Carolyn Hamsher, Hope Hein, Esther Hensinger, Fern Hess, Pauline Hoffert, Ruth Iobst, Evelyn Iobst, Marilyn Kehm, Lillian Kirkhoff, Betty Kline, Lois Knapp, Frances Kratzer, Marion Kustahk, Verna Lehman, Joyce Leister, Shirley Long, Marie Long, Sarah MacNutt, Beatrice Marks, Esther McKee, Rosemary Miklos, Martha Miller, Betty Miller, Jean Moll, Betty Moore, Lois Moyer, Ruth Nierhaus, Gladys Pennebacker, Joan Pennepacker, Grace Reinhart, Phyllis Rothrock, June Rupert, Elaine Schuler, Lucille Seibert, Ann Seibert, Betty Shankweiler, Betty Shoemaker, Dorothy Sikorski, Julia Stephen, Betty Ann Stephen, Doris Stratz, Evelyn Tichy, Anna Vince, Stella Walbert, Betty Weaver, Joan Wertman, Naomi Wessner, Ruth Wilson, Virginia Woodring, Jean Yanochko, Josephine Yarus, Shirley Bauer, LaVerne Benner, Joseph Bieber, Paul Bortz, Richard Brunner, Benjamin Burian, Dale Buzzard, William Carl, Eugene Carl, Kenneth Chwastiak, Steve Clymer, George Dankle, Harold Derr, Richard Doney, William Druckenmiller, Richard Eberwein, Paul Fowler, James Funk, Allen Gehris, Arden Genther, Donald Gerhart, Bennett Godusky, John Gunkle, Harvey Haas, Kenneth Harmon, Sturley Heimbach, Albert Heimback, Donald Hemphill, Thomas Hersh, LaVerne Hillegas, Melvin Hilt, Thomas Hutchinson, Harry Iobst, Bruce Kahle, Bruce Keller, Dale Kinsey, Frederick King, Richard Kline, Wayne Y Kline, William Knauss, Samuel Kocis, Cyril Kollar, Edward Koneski, George Krause, Stanwood Lenner, Michael Longenecker, Eugene Lorish, Harold Mantz, Homer Martz, Dennis Meitzler, Wilmer Miller, Donald Miller, Gene Miller, Jesse Miller, Peter Miller, Thomas Natysyn, Nick Neitz, Howard Nonemacher, Ulysses Oswald, Vernon Paules, Claude Reinert, Charles Schaeffer, LaVerne Schmeltzle, Richard Seagreaves, Clifford Seaman, Andrew Shelly, George Sikora, Vladimer Solt, Harold Speer, Earl Stauffer, Stanley Steiner, George Strohm, Maynard Stump, Marvin Urffer, Carl Urffer, William Wallistsch, Walter Weaver, Gerald Wetzel, Harold Winzer, Clarence Yarema, Charles Yeakel, Arthur SCHOOL LIFE y aff' L ,Ain W ' WWTQQ., fx. k Ax ,s ,Af 52 PREPAREDNESS .. . in Health Left to right: First Row: Brunner, Seagreaves, Derr, Stichter, Haas, G. Miller, S. Schantzenbach, H. Merkle, Schuler, Gilbert, Flamish. Second Row: Basko, Bortz, Markle, T. Merkel, Brensinger, Wetherhold, Hauser, Neitz, H. Schantzenbach, Fellman, Sikorski, Miklos. Third Row: Kocis, Giering, D. Miller, Durbak, McGinley, Moore, Longenecker, Diehl, Stephen, Konkus, Wasco, Terrifinko. Fourth Row: DeLong, Adam, Carl, Correll, Conrad, Bechtel, Kovish, Bitting, Druckenmiller, Gery, Clymer, R. Miller. Football Mediocre Record Established by Squad The Green and Gold football team com' pleted it's 1940 football season with four victories, five defeats, and one tie. With the exception of the Palmerton game, the locals played a line brand of ball, the opponents scoring only one touchdown more than the Moravian Boro lads. After losing four conf secutive games the Hartman coached boys showed their willingness by displaying a lighting spirit winning the next two contests and gaining a tie in the last game of the season. The season opened with a veteran line reporting, however, no experienced backheld men returned from the preceding season. The boys inaugurated the season by handing the Allentown Junior Varsity a 14fO setback. The next game the locals stacked up against Northampton, Champions of the Lehigh Valley League. After Emmaus led through' out most of the game, a blocked punt enabled the Konkrete Kids to gain an 837 verdict. The following week the Slate Boro lads visited Emmaus, and were handed a decisive 19fO defeat. Failure to take advantage of the "breaks" caused a 1OfO loss to be inflicted upon the local lads by the Catasauquans. Lack of spirit on the part of the players played an important part in the 13f6 defeat given the local eleven by the Lehighton Indians. The undefeated Boyertown High team squeezed out a 12f6 victory on a muddy Emmaus field, and Palmerf ton's Blue Bombers trounced the local crew to the tune of 45f6. A touchdown in the 9 . last minute of play enabled the Green and Gold to eke out a 6fO victory over East Greenville High. The underfdog Emmaus High eleven gained a 6fO decision over a strong Pocono Team from Stroudsburg in the annual Booster Day game. On a snow laden field Emmaus held the powerful Whitehall Zephyrs in the annual Turkey Day Clash to a OfO deadlock. The basement room of St. Matthew's Evangelical Church was the place of the annual football banquet. The speakers were Alvin Julian and Jud Timm, Coaches of Muhlenberg and Moravian respectively, and Leo Prendergast, former Bethlehem High coach. The Mary Deischer trophy was presented to Captain Walter Hauser as the team's most outstanding player, and the Doctor Lichtenwalner trophy was shared by Russell Fellman and Richard McGinley, as the most improved players of the year. Harold Schantzenbach was awarded a foot' ball for being the outstanding player in the booster day game. Only four seniors will be lost through graduation which leaves a great nucleus for next year's team. They are: Maynard Brensinger, Captain Walter Hauser, Roy Neitz and Henry Wetherhold. SCHEDULE Allentown V. 'fNorthampton High :':Slatington High 'Catasauqua High XLehighton High Boyertown High "'Palmerton High East Greenville High 'Stroudsburg High tWhiteha11 High O E O 14 8 7 O 19 10 O 13 6 12 6 45 6 O 6 O 6 0 O :'cLehigh Valley League Games 1 , V, .. ., 2,1 Asst. Coach Humphreys Captain Hauser Coach Hartman Left to right: First Row: Dwornak, Fellman, Hauser, Wetherhold, Carl. Second Row: Wennig, Bortz, Sikorski, Markle, Giering, Hertzog. Third Row: lobst, Schantzenbach. Varsity Basketball Cagers Establish Impressive Record by Winning Second Halt League Championship Never to be forgotten will be the 1941 basketball team which captured the second half championship of the Lehigh Valley Inter' scholastic League, a feat never before accompf lished by a former Emmaus team. The locals established a record of eighteen victories and seven defeats. Coach Hartman Captain Wetherhold The Green and Gold cagers got away to a poor start losing the first three contests to Moraviaii Prep, Allentown, and Central Catholic. They came back, however, to win the next four games over Lansdale, Central Catholic, Alumni, and South Whitehall. In the league opener the local quintet lost a 25f23 thriller to Palmerton on the latter's court. The next two games resulted in victories over Catasauqua and Lehighton. After suffering a defeat at the hands of Northampton the Green and Gold squad defeated Stroudsburg, lost to Whitehall, and then finished the first half league schedule with a victory over Slatington. Coach Hartman feted his squad with a turkey dinner held at his home, at which the boys vowed to take the second half champion' ship, and they did just that. They started the undefeated second half campaign with an encouraging 3625 victory over Palmerton. Following this they squeezed out two wins over Catasauqua and Lehighton, handed Northampton a 55f19 lacing, and were vicf torious over Stroudsburg, Whitehall, and Slatington to complete the undefeated second half. Smith Hall in Slatington was the scene of the championship tilt between Palmerton Cfirst half championsj and Emmaus Csecond half championsj. After a nipfandftuck battle, the Palmerton boys came out on top, 32f27. Following the league schedule the Hartman proteges were victorious over Moravian Prep, Central Catholic, and Millersburg Alumni. In appreciation of the splendid playing of the Moravian Boro lads, the athletic association presented the boys with a banquet held at Trainers in Quakertown. Also, as a token of appreciation the Green and Gold boys were presented with their uniforms at the end of the season. CO0 SCHEDULE O E Moravian Prep 39 37 Allentown 28 12 Central Catholic 38 35 Lansdale 21 A 35 Central Catholic 24 37 Alumni 29 41 South Whitehall 32 41 9'Palmerton 25 23 'Catasauqua 23 39 "gLehighton 21 23 "Northampton 37 31 'kStroudsburg 16 22 3fWhitehall 38 35 "'Slatin gton 5 1 58 "'Palmerton 26 35 "'Catasauqua 35 ' 37 'Lehighton 43 45 "FNorthampton 19 55 a"Stroudsburg 22 28 3"W'hitehall 24 49 'kSlatington 34 58 Palmerton 32 27 Moravian Prep 34 56 Central Catholic 30 39 Millersburg Alumni 27 68 "'Lehigh Valley InterfScholastic Games Left to right: Dwornak Carl Hauser Left to right: First Row: Bowers, Eck, Miklencic, Albright, Iobst, Kocis, Hamscher. Second Row: Knauss, Yaniger, Tomasovic, Flores, Westwood, Kline, Eschbach. Girls' Basketball The lassies completed their basketball campaign with eight wins and eight losses. After losing eight of the Hrst eleven games the local sextet showed renewed strength with a five game winning streak to gain a 500 per cent average for the season. They opened their season with a def cisive 22f8 decision over the Moravian Prep Girls, and followed this with a 25f22 victory over Coopersburg. The girls, however, did not show their best form until the latter Coach Cook Captain Miklencic part of the season when they defeated Coopersburg, Fountain Hill, Palmerton, and Moravian Prep. .lane Ann Iobst and Hilda Kline are the only two lassies graduating. SCHEDULE O E Moravian Prep 8 22 Coopersburg 22 25 Fleetwood 23 13 Alumni 37 28 Wilson Boro 28 13 Fleetwood 19 18 Wilson Boro 23 22 Fountain Hill 14 17 Bethlehem Catholic 26 17 Sel1ersvillefPerkasie 39 8 Bethlehem Catholic 15 10 Coopersburg 17 2 l Fountain Hill 12 14 Palmerton 15 29 Palmerton 19 21 Moravian Prep 6 39 Left to right: First Row: Genther, Kollar. Second Row: Stephen, Diehl, McGinley, Reinert, Durbak. Third Row: Sikora, Apgar, Carl, Longenecker, Dankel, Kocis, Hankwitz. Fourth Row: Seagreaves, Lutsey, Lenner, Koneski. Allentown 1. V. Central Catholic Landsdale Central Catholic South Whitehall Palmerton Catasauqua Lehighton Northampton Stroudsburg Whitehall Slatington Palmerton Catasauqua Lehighton Northampton Stroudsburg Whitehall Slatington Junior Varsity Basketball SCHEDULE The Junior Varsity squad which sup' O E plies the varsity with experienced players in 44 15 future years, completed the season with six 46 22 wins and fourteen setbacks. 36 23 With practically the entire squad of the 32 19 preceding year advancing to thes varsity: Coach Humphreys had to start from scratch' 47 21 and did a good job considering this fact. 40 17 Since four members of this year's varsity 45 28 are graduating, several members of this 29 32 squad are due for varsity action next season. 57 32 11 30 23 28 50 17 32 20 24 17 25 28 25 21 21 19 ' 19 21 20 24 38 16 Palmerton Coach Humphreys Captain Durbak 5 9 Left to right: First Row: D. Miller, V. Miller, Wetherhold, Hauser, McGinley, Giering, Dwornak, Tern lnko Second Row: Trump, Secgrecves, Benner, Reinerl, Derr, Berger, Dunkel, Strohm, Apgar, Buskc. Third Row Brunner Bechtel, Hilbert, Kuncio, lobsl, Diehl, Lenner, Meitzler. Baseball With ten members returning from last year's squad to form a nucleus, the Green and Gold baseball nine faced a twelve game schedule. In addition, twentyfseven inf experienced underclass men responded to Coach Hartman's call. Due to the wet condition of the Athletic field the locals were without outdoor practice at the beginning of the season. However, as the season prof gressed field conditions improved giving the Moravian Boro fans an opportunity to witf ness thrilling games, and the team a successful season. The following members are leaving through graduation: Joseph Dwornak, Lyn' wood Giering, Walter Hauser, Vincent Miller, Captain, and Henry Wetherhold. SCHEDULE Allentown l"Palmerton Central Catholic 'fLehighton "'Whitehall Northampton 'Catasauqua Allentown l"Slatington Central Catholic South Whitehall South Whitehall 3"Lehigh Valley League Games all Left to right: First Row: Coach Schroder, D. Miller, S. Gehris, Howerter, Schuler, C. Giering, Miklos, Clymer, W. Giering. Second Row: Reodinger, Rinker, Hutchinson, Schuntzenbach, Esterly, Sikorski, Longenecker, Fowler, Gilbert, Derr. Third Row: G. Miller, A. Gehris, Brosky, Correll, Druckenmiller, Moyer, Wetzel. Fourth Row: Oswald, Delong, R. Miller, Brown, Reed, Hoffman, Brobst. Fifth Row: Krutzer, Doney, Gerhcrt, Knauss, Speer, Eberwein, Gruber. Sixth Row: Markie, Brensinger, Beidlemcn, Moore, Lutsey, Hertzog. Track Fortyfone candidates reported to Coach Schrader's call to form a team to engage in eight meets, only two being on the home field. To prepare for this schedule, the track men practiced strenuously, but were unable to practice outfoffdoors due to inclement weather and because of the condition of the athletic held. With only three boys graduating, prosf pects for future years look very bright. The following boys are lost through graduation: Robert Beidleman, Gordon Brenf singer, and Willard Ciering, Captain. SCHEDULE Allentown, South Whitehall Slatington Central Catholic Palmerton P. I. A. A. District Meet P. I. A. A. State Meet Nazareth Nazareth Invitation Meet Second Won Won Lost Second Second Won Won Left to right: First Row: Mary Vetrosky. Second Row: Miriam Ruch, Carolyn Chihul, Faye Feather. Third Row: Betty Rauch, Alice Mehi, Kathryn Wieder. Cheerleaders These trim young girls played a major part in all our athletic contests. They did not participate in the games but they did develop enthusiasm among the spectators and inspired the team by leading the fans in the school yells. The squad, under the guidance of Mr. Frantz, is composed of Junior and Senior girls. They were outffitted in attractive green and gold uniforms with megaphones to match. The Senior girls are: Carolyn Chihul, Faye Feather, and Miriam Ruch. The Juniors are: Alice Mehi, Betty Rauch, and Kathryn Wieder, with Mary Vetrosky acting as substitute. The girls, at the end of their senior year, are awarded a sixfinch chenille letter in recognition of their valuable services. i 62 PREPAREDNESS . . in Cooperation The School Paper "A nation is free only as long as its press is free", following this motto, members of the journalistic Club were allowed to use their own discretion as to the content material of the school paper. The Tattler, a monthly publication, consisting of four pages was printed throughout the school year. lt was devoted to news about school activities, feature articles, alumni news, humor columns, editorials, and gossip about the students. Our paper, and club which meets weekly is sponsored by Mr. Frantz, while Mr. Benfield serves as adviser on copy material. The objective is to publish news accurately, honestly, and intelligently. We serve as the eyes, ears, and voice of the student body. At all times we strive to reflect the students' thoughts and activities fairly and impartially. Although we do not have a journalistic Course in our high school, the members of the staff learned by actual writing just how and what to write. Henry Justin Smith, noted journalist, often proclaimed that the only way to learn to write is to write. By writ' ing everything, and anything, we became proficient in writing copy for the paper. The seniors of the club took part in the Five County Scholastic Press Conference at Schuylkill Haven in October. At this meeting various advisers and members of student publications exchanged ideas, and discussed school publications in a constructive manner. Staff EditorfinfChief. . , .......................,.... WILLIAM HORN Page Editors. . . , . ERNESTINE KNAUSS, MARILYNN HUYETT MIIKIAM RUCH, WALTER HAUSER Reporters4Seniors. . . . ..........,, PAULINE BIEHN, CAROLYN CHIHUL HELEN TRUMP, HENRY WETHERHOLD Reporters fejuniors .,.......,... MAB ECK, MILLIDINE GRIM, MADELINE HOUSEKNBCHT, MURIEL HUBBARD, IRENE KRUPA, GLORIA MOYBR, ETHELMAE NEIMEYER, JUNE SMITH, BURTON FEGLEY, FRANK MooRE. Business Manager ....,...........,...........,..,,. . . , MYRTLE NEIMEYBIK Circulation Manager. . . ....... . . JACQUELINE KooIcER Assistant Managers. . . ..... GLADYS YEAHL, NATHAN GERY Typists ......,... . . .RACHEL GEHMAN, GLORIA KRAMER Faculty Advisers . . . . . PAUL J. FRANTZ, ALBERT S. BENEIBLD 64 THE Y93' NQ119 . ?2P1'1F'2'US Musical Groups ui' b Prcsmlt. Alllllliil, Co DANCE. MUSICAL Apvil April Apu. Mmy M my 31 my mm 10021 Y. ywlrxns Y, TWU JUNIDRS CUMPEUNG vx R FUR CUUNTY ,mm , , mum,- wliwp :nun be :mg gc mil dxf. bfvbu., II iw ffiimizxawd :xx xx I v!+'u'mPr grmic but wr,xmm. ' um 'fi -nw xxms! Saw subxaiiutcxi. xc and 7 ,rmsxum Te AST! will m mums an mt 1fSenior Reporters 3-Page Edirors 2-Edif0f'in-Chief, 4-Junior Reporfers Faculty Advisers 5--Business Staff, Typists 65 Managing Editor, Business Manager, Circulation Manager -Advertising Managers -Class Editors -Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editors Feature Editors, Copy Editors -Sports Editors Organization Editors -fPhotography Editor, Faculty Adviser The Yearbook To publish the yearbook, twentyfone members of the senior class were chosen from a large group of volunteers. These talented students were selected by the senior class officers, and the senior members of the journalistic Club. After the staff was organized, the first objective was to award the engraving and printing contracts. MiersfBachman Lithographing Company of Allentown was awarded the printing contract, while the Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Company of Chicago, was awarded the engraving contract. Calvin Studio at 617 Linden Street, Allentown, handled the photographic work of the groups, while James Koch, a senior, handled the informal photographic work of the teachers and students, Mr. Frantz served as adviser and directed the staff in its work, In order to publish the Tattler many staff members were obligated to work many hours after school, and voluntarily discontinued other extrafcurricular activities. The staff was divided into many units, each of which had its own special functions in the preparation of the yearbook. The Staff EditorfinfCl1ief .... .............,...... W ILLIAM HORN Assistant Editors. . . . . ,MARILYNN HUYETT, ERNESTINE KNAUSS Managing Editor. . , ...................,.. JEAN 'RICE Copy Editors. . . . . .ARLENE BAUDER, DONALD LOHRMAN Class Editors ...... .......,............ B ETTY BITTING, HELEN TRUMP Organization Editors. . . .... MADELINE CARL, CAROLYN CHIHUL, RACHEL GEHMAN Athletic Editors .... ............. W ALTER HAUSER, HENRY WETHERHOLD Feature Editors ..... .... T HELMA KNAUSS, MIRIAM RUCH Photography Editor. , . ....,........,... JAMES Kocu Business Manager .... .... M YRTLE NEIMEYER Circulation Manager. . , .,.....................,..., .JACQUELINE KOOKER Advertising Managers ,,,. . , .HARRY BUCHIN, HAROLD CoRNEELD, WILLIAM KRATZER Faculty Adviser ...... ....,.................. ........ P A UL FRANTZ 67 "Don'f Take My Penny" "Don't Take My Penny," a three act comedy, was presented by the Senior Class on November 15. The play dealt with Penny who thought she was the ideal girl to be chosen to play the star role in the movie version of a popular novel. Some of her best friends posed as the author and his friends in order to End someone more suitable than Penny to play the role. This play had everythingg youth, charm, and funny incidents, which were enjoyed by both young and old. CAST Sally . ..,..,... Norman Porter, . Penny Pringle. . . Caleb Pringle . Mark Pringle. . Mavis Pringle. , . Mrs. Pringle r... Joanna Burnet . Kerry .... . . Greg ..,... Gram .....,, Monsieur Henri , Claire .....,. Elsie ....... Lucille ....... Red .....,..... Harris onDay,... ..,.............,...... . Miss Joyce Beary-Coach 68 . . . .Faye Feather . . .Glenn Wennig . . . . Genevieve Kline Robert Beidleman . . . .Bruce Smoyer ... jeanRice . . . . ,jane Ann Iobst , Rachel Gehman .William Kratzer . . . William Miller . . . .Betty Bitting . . . .Butler Roberts . . , Pauline Biehn , . . . Gerta Webb . . Gloria Kramer . . . Wayne Barto 4 . , William Horn 'Life Begins at Sixteen" The Senior Class presented their second play, "Life Begins At Sixteen," on April 4. The title of the play very readily suggests the contents. Young Paul Hollis, with the aid of his club, "The Secret Seven," attempts to modernize his father's store while his parents are away on a cruise. He also sets out to prove that his eldest sister's suitor, Crandal Smythe, is a cunning racketeer. Hilarious complications follow as the parents return unexpectedly from their cruise. Events reveal that Mr. Smythe is a forger and that Paul's renovation of the store is Mr. Hollis's good fortune. Mr. Hollis .... Mrs. Hollis, . . Paul Hollis .... Frannie Hollis ,..,. Marjorie Hollis .... Snookie Hollis. . George Gordon , Cmndal Smythe. . . Hilda .,...... Fattie Zimmer, , Theo Arbuckle. Pidgie Miller, . Boots Bennett. . Daisy Jenkins. . Elsie Taggevt. . . CAST Miss Joyce Beary-Coach . , . , . ,Charles Funk Sophia Hopstock . . Joseph Merkel . .Thelma Knauss . . . Helen Trump Marilynn Huyett . . ...Owen Moll Myron Reynolds .Lorraine Wetzel . . .Herbert Barto , , . . .John Stosh .Arlene Hoffman . .Madeline Carl . .Lorraine Hohe . . .Miriam Ruch ! 69 CLARINETS Backensto, Madlyn Clymer, George Crossley, Leah Druckenmiller, Perry Druckenmiller, Roland Hertzog, Margaret Huyett, Marilynn Iobst, Caroline Kahle, Bruce Kahle, Robert Kline, Stanley Kramer, Gloria Kratzer, William Markley, Donald Nuss, Asiah Rinker, Oletha Sell, Betty Mae Stephen, Betty Ann Trump, Kenneth Yarus, Stanley Band HORNS Fenstermaker, Walter Kline, Joyce Lutsey, Mary Jane Neitz, Howard Neitz, Roy Romich, Gerald BASSES Hankwitz, Carol Markley, Charles Seaman, Andrew PERCUSSION Adams, Winfield Alloway, David Keller, Dale Romig, Dorn BARITONES Iobst, Jane Ann Fogel, Edwin Keller, Claude Reinhart, Phyllis BASSOON Knauss, Thelma FLUTE Schaffer, Marian PICCOLO Iobst, Hannah SAXAPHONES Adams, Ray Houseknecht, Madeline Stratz, Francis Mr. Anthony Jagnesak-Director 000 CORNETS Cunningham, Donald Derr, Jennings Dries, Floyd Gruber, Carlton Hartman, Joel Hertzog, Wilmer Hoffman, Lawrence Howerter, Paul Laudenslager, Richard Iobst, Henry Lohrman, Donald Sittler, Aldine TROMBONES Bieber, Jansen Brensinger, Gordon Hankwitz, Reed Hosfeld, Richard Mohr, Stanley Nuss, Phillip 70 Arts and Crafts Club Since the beginning of the present school term, the Arts and Crafts Club has been forging steadily ahead. The club has turned out several useful and attractive articles. Rings, bracelets, serving trays, and other things of that nature were offered as projects during the Winter Sell SOD . OFFICERS President ,..,,. ..4.. R OBBRT PFLEIGBR Vice President ,.., .... M ARGARET HERTZOG Secretary. .,,... , .LORRAINE Hoi-na Sponsor, . . . . .MR. HARVEY WALBERT MEMBERS Bauer, LaVerne Croutharnel, Donald Decker, Mae Diefenderfer, Henry Faust, Maurice Fisher, Joyce Fischer, Willard Fowler, David Cehris, Arden Genther, Donald Gruber, Carlton Hilt, Thomas Hoffman, Frances Kemrnerer, Louis Kline, Fern Kline, William Knappenberger, LaVerne Lutzey, Ira Mantz, Homer Ncimeyer, Ernest 71 Nester, Alma Pennebacker, Joan Rinker, George Sadrovitz, Frank Speer, Earl Trump, Helen Urffer, Carl Wetzel, Harold Williams, jean Winzer, Clarence Boys' Glee Club A group of boys, who met every two weeks, on a Wednesday, for one hour rehearsals, comprised this year's Boys' Glee Club. The boys took part in the operetta "Tune ln", and in the music concert in May. The club also participated in various assembly programs. Although the club was very small they accomplished a great deal during the year. Mr. Errol Peters-Sponsor MEMBERS Barto, Wayne Beidleman, Robert Brensinger, Gordon Cornfeld, Harold Cunningham, Donald Druckenmiller, Perry Fegley, Burton Greenawalt, Russell Hamscher, Howard Heimbach, Harvey Hertzog, LeRoy Horn, William Hosfeld, Richard Howerter, Paul Iobst, David Kratzer, William Lohrman, Donald McKeever, Robert Miller, William Mohr, Stanley Moore, William Neimeyer, Henry Reynolds, Myron Rohrbach, Willis Smoyer, Bruce Stosh, John Svercek, Damian Yarus, Stanley Bridge Club The Bridge Club, which was organized during the 19394940 school term, is increasing rapidly in membership. The aim of this club is to learn the fundamentals in playing Auction Bridge. The members, under Mrs. BenHeld's able supervision, are now very capable of playing without assistance. At the end of the year the club held a bridge party, at which prizes were awarded to the highest scorers. OFFICERS President ...... Vice President .,,. Secretaryffreasurer . . Sponsor ....,.. Backensto, Madlyn Balascak, Margaret Biehn, Melba Biehn, Pauline Carl, Arlene Carl, Madeline Crossley, Leah Edwards, Clinton Eschbach, Edna Eenstermaker, Mae Fowler, Mary MEMBERS Gardner, Helen Giering, Lorraine Kramer, Gloria Grim, Millidene Harrison, Beryl Hoffman, Arlene Huyett, Marilynn Iobst, Hannah Iobst, jane Ann Kratzer, Florence Laudenslager, Dorothea . . . ,JANE ANN IOBST . . . .MADELINE CARL .,.......,,.HANNAHIOBST Rs. ARLINE STRAUSS BENFIELD McElroy, Ernestine Moyer, Gloria Raedler, Margaret Ritter, Margaret Roberts, Butler Schaffer, Marian Sittler, Aldine Smith, June Wetzel, Lorraine 73 Cafeteria The Cafeteria tries to satisfy all customers. It is operated by girls from the Senior and Junior classes. The cafeteria is under the direction of a student manager who 15 chosen monthly by the sponsor. By the end of the year, the girls are prepared to help with quantity cookery, as well as any phase of home cooking. Miss Pauline McLean-Sponsor MEMBERS Balascak, Margaret Chihul, Carolyn Decker, Mae Esterly, Jeannette Feather, Faye Haines, Virginia Hohe, Lorraine Hopstock Sophia Huber, Grace Kline, Genevieve Knauss, Ernestine Kransky, Ethel Laudenslager, Dorothea C00 Mehi, Alice Moyer, Eleanor Raedler, Margaret Rice, jean Ruch, Miriam Schaffer, Marian Schreiber, Carolyn Schuler, Betty Vlfeaver, Hazel Webb, Gerta Wieder, Kathryn Yarema, Julia Yeahl, Gladys 74 ,-w i Chorus Bradley and Wilson's musical comedy, "Tune In," was presented by the Emmaus High School Chorus on March 14 and 15. under the direction of Mr. Peters. The Chorus also participated in Assembly programs, and presented a concert in May, in celebration of Music Week. In this concert a mixed octette of which two members participated in the AllfState Chorus, rendered several selections. Mr. Errol PetersgSponso'r MEMBERS Arndt, Everett Backensto, Madlyn Barto, Wayne Bealer, Dolores Beidleman, Robert Bitting, Betty Bowers, Ruth Burian, Elaine Brensinger, Gordon Cornfeld, Harold Cunningham, Donald David, Phoebe Decker, Mae Dickert, jean Druckenmiller, Perry Eck, Mae Eschbach, Edna Esterly, Jeannette Feather, Faye Fisher, Joyce Folk, Joyce Gardner, Helen Gerhardt, Fern Gilbert, jean Godusky, Dornelda Goheen, Betty Greenawalt, Russell Guth, Louise Haines, Virginia Hamscher, Howard Haring, LaRue Harrison, Beryl Heimbach, Harvey Hennemuth, Doris Hennemuth, Jean Hertzog, LeRoy Hertzog, Margaret Hoffman, Arlene Hoffman, Frances Hohe, Lorraine Hopstock, Sophia Horn, William Hosfeld, Richard Howerter, Paul Huber, Grace Kline, Fern Kline, Genevieve Knauss, Ernestine Knauss, Marguerite Knauss, Thelma Koch, James Kratzer, Florence Laudenslager, Doris Lichtenwalner, George Lohrman, Donald McKeever, Colleen McKeever, Robert 75 Mehi, Alice Meitzler, Elaine Miklencic, Mary Miller, William Mohr, Stanley Moore, William Neimeyer, Henry Raedler, Margaret Rauch, Betty Reynolds, Myron Rice, jean Ritter, Margaret Ruch, Miriam Schaffer, Marian Schreiber, Carolyn Schiffert, Dorothy Sittler, Aldine Smoyer, Bruce Stortz, Mary Stosh, john Svrcek, Damian Urilfer, Harriet Webb, Gerta Wennig, Glenn Wentz, Faith Wetzel, Lorraine Wieder, Kathryn Williamsklean Debating This club likes to take part in an intellectual activity in which students may compete with rivals from neighboring schools. Meiiibers of the club hope to acquire skill in the use of language, poise, and confidence. Great questions of the day are of interest to members, and ability to discuss one or more of them with intelligence, is their aim. The question they debated this year was: Resolved: That the power of the federal government should be increased. Mr. Albert Benfield-Sponsor 002 MEMBERS Bitting, Betty lobst, Jane Ann Harrison, Beryl Koch, james Huyctt, Marilynii Kratzer, William Lohrman, Donald 76 Girl Reserves Each and every member of the Girl Reserve Club is pledged to face life squarely and to find and give the best to humanity. Many inspiring subjects were discussed, which proved helpful in maintaining and upholding the Christian ideals of the club. This club meets every two weeks, and besides discussing numerous subjects many parties were enjoyed at special occasions. President ..,. VicefPresidsnt. . . Secretary .... Treasurer, . . Sponsor. . . Antrim, Annabelle Balascak, Irene Bortz, Betty Buchen, Mary Carl, Madeline Devlin, Mary Deibert, Althea Eltz, Lorraine Engelman, Dorothy Engelman, Ruby Fenstermaker, Mae Fick, Susan Folk, Emma OFFICERS MEMBERS Fritz, Marion Gehman, Rachel Heist, Thelma Huber, Grace Kapcala, Anna Kline, Hilda Laudenslager, Dorothea Leh, Florence MacNutt, Beatrice McElroy, Ernestin: McElroy, Loretta Miller, Jean Moll, Betty . .RACHEL Gm-IMAN . . . .GRACE Hurarx . . . . .VIRGINIA SHAW , . . . , .MADEUNB CARL lvhss HILDA Busmiiz Nierhouse, Gladys Reinert, Betty Schuler, Betty Schuler, Lucille Shankweiler, Betty Shaw, Virginia Smith, Shirley Stoudt, Lorraine Vince, Irene Vogel, Justine Wetherhold, Doris Wertman, Naomi '77 Girls' Athletic Club The Girls' Athletic Club is conducted for the development of the girls Practical use is made of the dances and drills learned by the members through participation in the Gym Exhibition and the High School Gymnasium Championship held at Stroudsburg State Teachers College. President .,.... Secretary-Reporter Treasurer .,.... Pianist ..... Manager. . , Sponsor. . Bealer, Dolores Bowers, Ruth Chihul, Carolyn David, Phoebe Eck, May Feather, Faye Flores, jean Haines, Virginia Hauser, Elaine Hamscher, Fern Hennemuth, Doris OFFICERS MEMBERS Hennemuth, Jean Houseknecht, Madeline Kline, Genevieve Knauss, Ernestine Knauss, Thelma Kooker, Jacqueline Lester, Patricia Mehi, Alice Miklencic, Mary Neimeyer, Ethelmae Rauch, Betty . . .MARY MIKLENCIC . . . THELMA KNAUSS .JACQUELINE Kooican MARGUERITE KNAUSS , . . .... JEAN Fronts .Miss PAULINE COOK Reinhard, Madeline Ruth, Miriam Schreiber, Carolyn Stephen, Annetta Urffer, Hazel Vetrosky, Mary Wieder, Kathryn Wilson, Virginia Yeahl, Gladys 78 Girls' Glee Club This year the Girls' Glee Club had an enrollment of sixtyfiive members. The club participated in school affairs and also community affairs, showing both talent, and good training in their rendition of four part harmony. OFFICERS Accompanist , 4,.. Sponsor ..... Albright, Arabella Antrim, Annabelle Bauder, Arlene Biehn, Melba Biehn, Pauline Bitting, Betty Bowers, Ruth Burian, Elaine Chihul, Rosalie Christman, Marianna Corner, june David, Phoebe Decker, Mae Deibert, Althea Eck, May Eschbach, Edna Esterly, Jeannette Feather, Faye Fick, Susan Fisher, Joyce Folk, Joyce Folk, Pauline MEMBERS Giering, Lorraine Grim, Millidene Guth, Louise Haines, Virginia Harrison, Beryl Hertzog, Margaret Hieter, Beatrice Hoffman, Arlene Hosfelcl, Winnabelle Huber, Grace Huyett, Marilynn Kemmerer, Kathryn Kline, Fern Kline, Genevieve Knauss, Ernestine Knauss, Thelma Kratzer, Florence Leibsensperger, Mary Leiby, Ruth Lenner, Helen McElroy, Loretta McKeever, Colleen 70 MARILYNN HUYETT . , .MPM ERROL PETERS Meitzler, Elaine Miklencic, Mary Neimeyer, Myrtle Paul, Helen Raedler, Margaret Rice, Jean Ritter, Margaret Ruch, Miriam Shiifert, Dorothy Siegfried, Grace Sittler, Aldine Stortz, Mary Trump, Helen Urlfer, Harriet Vetrosky, Mary Webb, Gerta Westwood, Grace Wetzel, Lorraine Wieder, Madge Wlazelek, Viginia Yarema, Julia Hi-Y Club The HifY Club, composed of Senior high school boys, is pledged to create maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character The club, a branch ofthe Youn Men's Christian Association, contains in its latform g P four planks: clean speech, clean living, clean sports, and clean scholarship. At semifmonthly meetings of the club, problems of the older boy were discussed to gether with the solution from a Christian standpoint. President .... Vice President ..... Secretary ..,. Chaplain . . . Sponsor . OFFICERS . . HARRY BUCHIN JOSEPH DWORNAK . . . .OWEN MOLL . . . .Roy MILLER . . . .MR. HARVEY BEQKER MEMBERS Bowers, Mark Buchin, Harry Derr, Harold Dwornak, Joseph Funk, Charles Giering, Willard Harwick, Forrest Hertzog, Verner Koch, James Long, Warren Miller, Roy Miller, Vincent Moll, Owen Moyer, Freeman Moyer, Harold Moyer, Stanley Schaeffer, Donald Stouclt, Earl Wennig, Glenn Wessner, Robert K niffing Club The Knitting Club was organized for the purpose of teaching pupils to knit and to further the experience of those who already knew the principles of knittinv The Knitting Club serves a tvvoffold purpose, the first of which is the knitting the individual would do for herself, and second the knitting the individual would do for others Our chief aim has been to knit for the Red Cross. Some of the contributions to the Red Cross have been sweaters, and six inch squares for an afghan. President ..,. Secretary ,.... Treasurer . . Sponsors ,,,. Albright, Arabella Baus, Dorothy Biehn, Melba Bord, Betty Brey, Dorothy Christman, Marianna Christman, Patricia Crossley, Leah Derr, Irene Devlin, Mary Durback, Betty Eberwein, Mae OFFICERS . . .Miss GLADYS HAUSER MEMBERS Folk, Lorraine Gehman, Dorothy Geissinger, Ruth Hensinger, Fern Hieter, Beatrice Hoffert, Ruth Hoffman, Frances Iobst, Evelyn Kehm, Lillian Kline, Hilda Leh, Florence Leibert, Gloria . , , .BEATRICE HIETER HILDA KLINE ARABELLA ALBRIGHT AND Miss PAULINE MCLEAN Leiby, Ruth Lenner, Helen Long, Marie Miklos, Stephen Smith, Shirley Stoudt, Dorothy Vetrosky, Mary Vogel, Justine Wasco, Ethel Wertman, Eleanor Yarus, Shirley S1 MEMBERS Monitor Club The Monitor Club, consisting of thirtyffive juniors and Seniors, gives part of their time to the services of the student government by upholding and enforcing the laws laid down by the student governing body. It is also the duty of the Monitor Club to see that all traffic in and about the school is functioning within the regulations that have been set by the school. Monitor Club meetings are held to report on existing conditions, and to formulate plans and laws which will improve student traffic. OFFICERS Captain ,... ,............... . DONALD CUNNINGHAM Lieutenant .... . , .ARLENE HOFFMAN Secretary ..,. ..,.. . RACHEL Gai-IMAN Major .... .... M R. HOWARD DEISCHER Backensto, Madlyn Barto, Herbert Beidleman, Robert Bitting, Kermit Buchin, Harry Cunningham, Donald DeLong, Paul Desch, Arlene Funk, Charles Gardner, Helen Gehman, Rachel Gery, Nathan Hennemuth, Doris Hertzog, Wilmer Hoffman, Arlene Hohe, Lorraine Iobst, jane Ann Knauss, Thelma Knecht, Harry McCutcheon, Marcia Mehi, Alice Merkle, joseph Miklencic, Mary Moll, Owen Moyer, Harold Moyer, Eleanor Rauch, Betty Rice, Jean Ruch, Miriam Schrieber, Carolyn Treby, John Vetrosky, Mary Weaver, Hazel Webb, Gerta Wilson, Mary Vivian 82 Orchestra The High School Orchestra is composed of twentyfnine members. Rehearsals are held every Friday from 12 o'clock to 12:45. The club furnishes the music for the operettas the minstrel, the annual spring concert, and several assembly programs. President .... Secretary .... Librarians . Sponsor ,.... Adam, Ray Adams, Winfield Backensto, Madlyn Bechtel, Carl Brensinger, Gordon Druckenmiller, Perry Esterly, Donald Fenstermaker, Walter Harrison, Beryl Hennemuth, Jean CFFICERS . . . .Wn.MER Hrzrvrzoc MADLYN BACKBNSTO , . .RAY ADAM AND CARL BECHTEL MEMBERS Hertzog, Wilmer Hosfeld, Richard Hovverter, Paul Iobst, Caroline Iobst, Evelyn Keller, Dale Knauss, Thelma Koch, Gawain Koch, James Kratzer, William 83 . . . . . . . .MR. ERROL Pizrnas Lohrman, Donald Lutzy, Mary jane Mohr, Stanley Reinhard, Phyllis Schaffer, Marian Schreiber, Sterling Strauss, jean Trump, Kenneth Yarus, Stanley Senior Quartet This group of senior boys was organized in October. After holding many rehearsals, they soon became proficient with a large number of selections. After some time, they were in great demand throughout the locality. Some of their engagements were: Senior Class Plays, High School Operettag various Churches, Municipal Cpera Companyg Rotary Clubg Ladies Auxiliaryg Legion, Women's Christian Organizationg and Peter's Studio. They also sang at various hospitals and other institutions during the Christmas season. The boys received their greatest honor when they were chosen to sing with the Pennsylvania 'School Music Association Chorus on January 11 and 12. Two members of this quartette, Wayne Barto and Gordon Brensinger, were picked to attend the Pennsylf vania AllfState Chorus at Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Mr. Errol Peters-eAdrise'r lst TENOR BARITONE Lohrman, Donald Brensinger, Cordon 2nd TENOR BASS Barto, Wayne Koch, James S4 Student Council The Student Council is the legislative organization in the school. The members of the Student Council discuss and recommend improvements in school discipline and school activities. Members are respresentatives from each home room, who bring suggestions and plans to the Student Council for discussions. It is a student activity and a clearing house for student problems and ideas. Recomf mendations and discussions this year included: Lyceum, Pennyfafweek drive, problems, lunch period, New York World's Fair excursion, and movies. President ..... Secretary .,.,. Treasurer .... Sponsor .... Albright, Harold Apgar, Neal Bodnar, Richard Benner, Joseph Bord, Betty Brey, Dorothy Burian, Elaine Decker, Mae Flores, Jean Gardner, Marion OFFICERS MEMBERS Grim, Millidene Heirnbach, Harvey Hennemuth, Jean Hutchinson, Harry Iobst, Bruce Koch, James Lichtenwalner, George Lorah, Virginia Marks, Kenneth Martin, Kenneth . . . .JAMES Kocn . . . . . .MAE DECKER , . . , MILLIDENE GMM . . . . .MR. ERROL PETERS Miller, jesse Miller, Vincent Neimeyer, Ernest Pennebacker, Joan Pfleiger, Robert Schreiber, Carolyn Shoemaker, Carol Strauss, Jean . Webb, Gerta Wilson, Mary Vivian home room 85 Tennis-Ping Pong Club The Tennis and Ping Pong Club has been participating in many sports this winter season. They have not only been active in Tennis, but in such sports as bowling roller skating, and badminton. President .,,. Vice P1e.sident ,.... Secretary ,..,. Treasurer, . . Sponsov .... Bitting, Kermit Carl, Madeline Edwards, Clinton Fowler, Mary Huber, Grace Iobst, Hannah OFFICERS WILLIAM KRATZER . .... DAVID IoBsT . .... GRACE HUBER . . . .,. . ..MADEL1NE CARL . . . .MR. HARRY HUMPHREYS MEMBERS Iobst, Jane Ann Koch, James Kratzer, William Roberts, Butler Schuler, Betty Yarus, Stanley C00 l 86 Checker Club The checker Club, consisting of thirty members, met every Thursday in Room 6. A schedule was drawn up which provided for all members to participate in a checker tournaf ment. After the members were matched, the losers were eliminated, and the highest scorers were matched for the inal tournament. Martin Heimbach was the undefeated champion. Runners up were: Donald Miller, Howard Hamsher, Daniel Gruver, and Dennis Martz. Mr. Elwood CrttgSponsor C02 Ddnmg Clue as The Dancing Club met every second and fourth week of the month. Students who could not dance very well, were taught by the better dancers. The club, which was the largest in the school, had 171 members. The popular dances, such as the jitterbug, rhumba, and waltz, were amusing to all. The members enjoyed a dance held in May, which was the outcome of each member paying 25 cents a year dues. The post of pianist was capably handled by Marguerite Knauss. Miss Joyce Beary and Mr. Thomas Schrader--Sponsors C00 Printing Club p The Printing Club was organized for the first time this year. The club was composed of boys interested in the art of printing. They met every Monday and Thursday at 2:45 The members set up type for excuse blanks, tickets, programs, and name cards for the Senior class. The purpose of the club was to teach the members the fundamentals of printing, so that in the future, classes could be conducted in the regular curriculum. Mr. Thomas SchraderfSpo'nso'r 87 Sifgfkfis an The Science Club this year, as heretofore, was organized for those students interested in any field of science. Following the organization, the club was divided into three studentfselected groups, namely, chemistry, astronomy, and zoology. Each group had charge of one, or more, club periods, in which experimentation preceded discussion, which included the distillation of water and wood, mixing chemicals producing various colorsg star finding, etc. Mr. Wilimuer Bowers-Sponsor cw Travel Club Each member of the Travel Club was given an imaginary 35800 with which he was to plan an imaginary pleasure trip to Europe. He learned to plan an itinerary, about passports and visa, about trains and boats, and about the sights seen at different places. Foreign foods, drinks, customs, and national costumes were all interesting to the members. Mr. Albert Benfield-Sponsor QQQQQQQ I 88 ADVERTISEMENTS inisfz fyfiqlz Selma! THEN COME TO ALLE TOW BUSI ESS COLLEGE Q A Successful School Enjoying thc Prestige of the Entire Community COURSES SECRE'l'ARI.Xl, - STENOGRA l'IllC BUSINESS - .XCCOIINTING SESSIONS DAY AND NIGHT C lwodern Text Books - lVIodern Equipment - Excellent Faculty Free l'la,cemcnt Service - Social Activities and Basketball Excellent School Spirit and Pleasant Atmosphere Q FURTHER INFURIVIATION ON IKEQVEST Establislxecl 1809 PHONE 4790 Incorporated 1897 90 "FAMOUS SHO ESU For- y 5 U Steps ot'4 . Q6 H Fasllioxi -f Steps of- - mn' ,' Freedom ' I X 7I9 HAMILTON SI S S ALLENTOWN See IIS for that Wvedding ' -' . F4 CAPS 1 .gg GOWNS L1L ' U "gf COSTUMES .ff WIGS ' fi? ' Q f' . Ng. KIRSCHBAUM Made-to-Measure Q A Clothing t 0 f ','q Orchestras Equipped 9 P C. E. Asfkctchcat 206 North Tenth Street ALLENTOWN, PA. FORD PARTS ERNEST E. MOI-IR GAS - OIL 513-515 Broad Street EMMAUS Pl1onefShop 185-I! Residence-185-B-2 MACU GIE BA K We Invite Your Patronage All Deposits Up to 335000.00 Insured Under Federal Deposit Insurzulcc ' MACUNGIE, PA. C'OMPl.IMl'1N'l'S OF DR. E. J. TREXLER M I N NIC H ' S BOOK AND GIFT SHOP 540 Chestnut Street EMMAUS, PA. Gifts For All Uccussiou I GEHMI-lN'S DAIRY Producers and Distributors of GEURGE T. WENTZ RAW MILK, CREAM and 0 CHOCOLATE MILK T. B. and Bang Tested Herd BREEDERS or PURE-BRED HEATING H0LSTEIN'FRESIAN OIL BURNERS AND STOKERS CATTLE O O IJTIOHSZEIIIHIHUS 98-B-Q 380 Broad Street Route No. 1 MACUNGIE, PA. EMMAUS PA- IJUNDEE CLUTHES Buy Your Clothes At the Factory At Factory Prices 314.75 to 321.75 DUNDEE CLOTHING FACTORY 930 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. L. E. Eron, Mgr. DUNDORE'S DRUG STURE Has A complete line of Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles and Gifts at the lowest Price THE REXALL STORE 4th and Bank Streets EMMAUS, PA. THE CALVIN STUDIO FURMERLY WITH WINT STVIJIU FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS 617 LINDEN STREET ALLENTOVW N, PA. PIIONE F 2-1310 O00 PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL ,l'HO'l'OGR.XPHY HUWARIJ H. WEAVER Jlistice of the Poawo Consulting Actuary 0 REAL ESTATE 0 Phono 65 Fourth and Bank Streets EMMAUS, PA. BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE Union Bank Building Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Estalmlislled 1897 AN APPROVED BUSINESS TRAINING SCIIOOL COIIIPTCEO Seen-l:u'ial, Accounting, and Business Administration Courses, plzmned for high school graclllaies fluss and IIIIIIVICTIIZIT TIISIFIICTTUII Effective Employment Service Vzilulog rmlilt-ml upon l'Gflll0Sl'. W. I". MAXGEE, l'r1-siflr-nt EMAUS HARDWARE CO. Complete Line of IIARDVVARE, PAINTS, ETC. 231 Main Street Phone 103 EMMAUS, PA. Phono: Emmaus 124 CHRYSLER :lull PLYINIOITTII Sales and Service EXPEIVI' AI"l'O llEl'AIllING WILLIAM A. GEHMAN EMMAUS, PA. A L T H O U S E SHOE REPAIRING Fifth and Railroad Sts. EMMAUS, PA. ACKER'S GARAGE VVIVI. J. ACKER, Prop. MACUNGIE, PA. Goorlyvau' Tires - llnllcricw PHONE 86 Clarence R. Ritter YYalter C. Buzby RITTER 8: BUZBY Funeral Directors and Emhalmers Funeral Parlor at the Convenic-uc , of lhe Public 38 South Fifth Street EMMAUS, PA. Telephone 34-Q COMPLIMENTS OF ADA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 314 Main Street EMMAUS, PA. PHO X E 263-I! RAY F. KRAUSE GROCERIES - ICE CREAM LIGHT LUNCH 515 Chestnut Street EMMAUS, PA. Phone I33-lVl CHIP STEAKS .IIFFY STEAKS MACUNGIE SUPPLY CO. JOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT MACUNGIE, PA. ROBERTl.WIEDER Bricfklaying Contractor Estimates Given XYORK DONE AT PRICES YOI' FAN AFFORD TO PAY O Phone 134-BI HILLSID E MOTOR GO. JOHN KO HLER, Prop. Studebaker Sales and Service ALSO VSED CARS EMMAUS, PA. PHONE on Sales Service STUDEBAKER AAA Road Service BUTZ GARAGE Macungie, Pa. PIIONE 255 H. T. KEMMERER MEN'S WEAR Featuring " Byron" Hats Old Bank Building EMMAUS, PA. LLOYD Q E. BRENSINGER GROCERIES AND MEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 20 N. 5th Street EMMAUS, PA. Compliments of RUBERTS DUAL AND SUPPLY CU. I 6th and Chestnut Sts. EMMAUS, PA. I Phone Q07 COBIPLIMENTS O F THE MORNING CALL EVENING CHRONICLE SUNDAY CALL-CHRONICLE VVILLIANI S. IOBST and FLOYD H. IOBST Ernniaus Correspondents ROYAL IV. IVEILER, '95 President and Mamnzmgor SPECIAL ORDER WORK IVQ specialize in the repziiriilg and ll1OdCl'HIZIHg of fine jewelry IYe excel in Diamond Setting. All work done in our own shop. OUR PRICES SAVE YOU ENOUGH TO BUY EXTRA PAIRS 36613 SHOES for All the Family cI'IOI'lIl0I'Ij' Custerlzb The INIOSI Tzllkcrl About Shoe Store This Side of Allentown 342 Main St. EMMAUS, PA. Norman C. Laudenslager FA 8 No'r.x1zY 111131.10 .xxn JEWELERS Am. mums olf' INsuu.,xNc'1c 121 Macungie Ave. ALLENTOWN EMMAUS, PA. Phono 4-fi-li 96 LEHI GH VAl,I.EY'S LEADING SPORT SHOP Fquipmcnl for All Sporte WITWER-JO ES COMPA Y 913 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. Phouc, Q-2780 HAROLD KULP BEAUTY PARLOR Qixth and Walnut Streets I IIOINI HQ REESE 81 SCHANTZ GENERAL MERCIIANDISP Fifth and Broad Streets EMMAUS, PA. Courteous 1 air Service I rxcc CTOMl'lqIMl'IN'l'S O F TH E EMAUS COAL 8: LUMBER C0., INC. BERTH0l.llgllUDIO l'IIO'l'UGRAl'I'IS . . . A Fifi Oulx You C' 111 Cixe Gernerd Building 836 HAMILTON STREET Phone 3-9842 ALLENTOWN, PA MENTS THE PURE OIL E DEALERS CONRAD STUDIO PHCTOGRAPHS fl'I'IU'I'0GRAI'HS LIVE FOREVER- STLDENT PRICES 213 North Twelfth Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. Layer Cakes Pies Vookies Variety of BREAD Baked Daily at MOYER'S BAKERY 71-73 Church Street MACUNGIE, PA. KOCH BROTHERS ALLENTOWN'S LEADING Y Y CLOTHIERS ALSO A Fl LI, LINE OF GROCIMIRIIQS Phone 10-R-2 Slorc Open Evenings For Your Q-,,,,V,.,,iQ,,C,, MEN'S, YOUNG MEN'S and BOYS CLOTHING REINSMITH'S AND .S,e,,w O FURNISHINGS 1fUN1f:1m1, slmvlczlc AT POPULAR PRICES SINCE 1864 32 North Fourth Street EMMAUS, PA. Centre Square N. E. Corner FROSTED FOODS BEG'U'S'PAT'0FF' WARREN BROBST 424 ELM STREET, EMMAUS P. E. STANSFIELD SHOE REBUILDER THOMAS G. FREY 408 Chestnut Street DEALER IN . STOVES, HEATERS, RANGES South Fourth Street at Broad TIN AND SLATE ROOFING PLUMBING - HEATING EMMAUS, PA' Phone 4-1-R W. T. BRENSINGER 81 Son GROCERIES, ICE CREAM CANDIES, TOBACCO, ETC. 516 North Street EMMAUS, PA. The ibisturin 17 60 Zianuse "Noted For Good Food" The Ideal Place For PARTIES AND BANQUETS For Res. Phone: Allentown 36698 TREXLERTOWN, PENNA. MR. and MRS. FRED H. WERLEY RAYMOND HIETER'S BEAUTY SALON Theatre Building TOPTON, PENNA. Phone 4-2-R-12 TOPTON MOTOR CAR CO. ST UDE BAKER Sales and Service Bell Phone 4-O TOPTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF 615-617 HAMILTON STREET 9 631-633 RIDGE AVENUE ALLENTOWN, PA. GOULDS Drug Store CO0 ON THE TRIANGLE Formerly Stonelmelis IT PAYS TO PLAY YVholcsaIc and Retail DISTRIBVTORS OF Baseball-Footballe-Tennis Golf and Fishing Tackle ALLENTOWN SPURTING GUUIJS CUMPANY Phone 6704 EMMAUS, PA. 532 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. QUALITY SERVICE Phone 55Q5 or Q-9445 CITY COAL 8: FUEL OIL CO. k it c'1-:RTIFIED BLACK DIAMOND AND HAZELTON COAL ATLANTIC FUEL OILS Allentown, Pennsylvania COMl'I.lMEN'l'S Yard and Office! 451 Lehigh Sr. CRearJ OF STORTZ 81 EISENHARD Wayne Feather ERIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC RANGES FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS ZENITH RADIOS of ,L Fourth and Main Streets EMMAUS, PA. IN APPRECIATION OF THE PATRONAGE Granted Us by the CLASS OF 1941 AND EMMAUS HIGH SCHOOL BIEBER Sz RIEGEL THE PENNEBACKER COMPANY Founders and Machinists GRINDING BALLS AND CYLINDRICAL GRINDING SLUGS TUBES AND BALL MILL LINERS, CHILLED CASTINGS ALL DESCRIPTIONS EMMAUS PENNSYLVANIA 102 WIEAND 81 CO. JEDDO and LEHIGH COAL CONCRETE BRICK and BLOG K Phone 9217 25 South Seventh Street Harry G. Haberstumpf Groceries and Provisions 111 lfyll 0 Q02-w 229 Adrain Street EMMAUS, PA. EMMAUS, PA. A Largo Variety of A- RUCKEL BREAD and CAKES ' Baked Daily . GENERAL MERCHANDISE EMMAUS 417 Chestnut Street XVIII. Schudlcr Prop. Phone 43 R KLINE'S ' " I' G' A' COlN1PLUVIENTS S T 0 R E ' OF Phono 150 Open 6 A. LI. to 8 P. NI. Seventh and Walnut Streets EMMAUS, PA. L. T. RAHN i Q KEEP AT IT If you want to reach the top, Keep at itg Forge ahead, and never stop, Keep at itg Steep indeed may be the hill But the goalis not hopeless, till You let failure crush your will Keep at it.'Detroit Free Press The Trouble begins at the bottom. The young man entering business, with his living to earn and his way to make, must save every penny, live narrowly, and avoid display, if he wishes to succeed. Open a bank account-Deposit so much every week-Keep this up and success will be yours. THE EMAUS NATIONAL BANK EMMAUS, PA. Deposits insured by THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Washington, D. C. 255,000-Maximum Insurance for each depositor-35,000 Compliments of EAT AT EMAUS CLEANERS AND DYERS G R U N D Y , 344 Main St. EMMAUS, PA. LLOYD MOH REY, Prop. QUICK LUNCH 24 HOUR SERVICE LIGHT LUNCH - PLATTERS ICE CREAM e HOT DOGS 434 Chestnut Street EMMAUS, PENNA. - All VVork Guaranteed -A VVe use 'aDuPont Triclenc" solvent Exclusively HENRY P. GRUBER FLORIST CUT FLOWERS, Po'r'rED 1'1.AN'1's AND FLORAL DESIGNS 544 North Street Emmaus, Pa. Phone 131 IVe Grow Our Own Flowers Free Delivery Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere 'Member F. T. D. A. 104 l W. J. FENSTERMAKER BETTER STORES PAUL S. C. RINKER I Distributor For FREIHOFER BAKING CO. 104 N. Fourth sr. ' EMMAUS, PA. PHONE H2-R PLUMBING AND HEATING I GENERAL ELECTRIC ' Refrigerators, Ranges, VVashers, ' and Radios Service After thc Sale Phone 264-R I GEO. S. HARWICK, Inc. 402 Chestnut Street Established 25 Years EMMAUS, PA. I 569 CheStI1Llt St. EMMAUS, PA. Bendix Home Laundry BRUDER'S GROCERY ALWAYS GROCERIES AND TWEATS A 618 Walnut Street EMMAUS, PA. Carson Bruder, '30 C AT CUTWPLTNTENTS OF STATE THEATRE DR. A. E. KRATZER WERTMAN' S LUNCH ROOM H. A. Wieder's Hardware HAM ISURGEIIS - HOT DOGS IVE FREAM SOFT DRINKS f C'ONl+'ECTIONl'lRY EMMAUS, PAL 4th and Chestnut Streets 251 Main St. EMMAUS, PA. WIEDER'S SERVICE STATIUN Allentown Pike and North Street EMMAUS PHONE 270 MOTOR TUNE UI' WORK sINc'I,.xIn OAS AND OIL 'l'IRES-TUBES-l5A'l'TERIES COMl'l,IMEN'l'S OF P. A. FREEMAN EMAUS Jeweler BGTTLING WORKS SCHOOL RINGS OF QUALITY 911 Hamilton Street EMMAUS, PA. ALLENTOWN, PA. FEGElY'S DAIRIES TUBERCULIN TESTEDAPASTEURIZED MILK LIMEPORT, PA. V PHONE 31-R2 USE FEGELY'S MILK ALL-WAYS TED IOBST, Representative 130 S. 4th Street, Ernmaus, Pa. 106 EMMAUS CUlVIPl,IlVIEN'lIf FROZEN FOOD LOOKERS S Q UF f'RYS'l'Al, ICE A. P. HOUSER Dislrilmutors Of CUULERATOR The Air-Conditioned Refrigerator COAL I EMMAUS ICE 81 STORAGE 00. INC. EMMAUS, PA. PAUL KNAUSS 534 Ridge Street NYC Givc S. K H. Grccn SIZIIIIIPS Phone 37'-M Phone: Alla-11lOw11 3-6702 DANIEL E. B. CLAUSER Distributor Of LEHIGH VALLEY DAIRY PRODII CTS FRICSH VIIEAMEIIY BITTTER FRESH EGGS LIVE AND DRESSED HOME-RAISED P0l'l,'l'RY Route 2 ALLENTOWN, PA. D . D. Fritch Milling CO I Manufacturers of XXXX FANCY FLOUR AND FEEDS Macungie, East Greenville JOHN SINGMASTER DEALER IN COAL. LITMBER, GRAIN CEMENT MACUNGIE, PA. Phone: IQIHIIIQHIS 83 107 DUNALDSUN mmm UUMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF CAST IRON PIPE FOR WATER AND GAS EMMAUS PENNSYLVANIA CTUTVIDLINIENTS CINCORPORATEDJ OF ' Real Estate General Il1SUl'1l,lli'0 Fidelity Bonds Surety Bonds THE HUME MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO OF LEHIGH COUNTY U 0 TELEPHONE 56 1 A. R. WEAVER, Secretary Fourth and Maln Streets EMMAUS, PA. EMMAUS, PA. J. D. CARL Dealer lll GENERAL IVIERCHANDISE ZIONSVILLE, PA. ALBURTIS GARAGE 'FILDICN E. KUIINS, Prop. Sallvs 4 PONTIAC - Service GASOLINE f OILS 4 REPAIRS ACCESSORIES f GOOD USED CARS ALBURTIS, PA. Phone 36-R Pllouc 98-ll-3 OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET HUDSON Y COIVIPLIIVIENTS LEESER MOTOR CO. BI. R. LEESER, Prop. OF lflmnes Gs-561111 2 Lllf 1 98MQ Branches: Alburtis and Bowers No. 17 Franklin St. TOPTON, PA. DR. KARL H. KLERX Phones: EIHIHRIIIS 1-I8-B Allentown 2-2736 E. B. FREY FLOUR, FEED, GRAIN AND SALT Distriblltor of LA RRO and FULL-O-PEP Poultry Foods R. D. No. 1 EMMAUS, PA. 3rd and Union Sts. ALLENTOWN, PA. ANTHONY'S PHOT0 SERVICE School Photographers 73 East Broad Street BETHLEHEM, PA. K IOR CO, IIIIPRIXIIR umms U V U S C'OMl'l,IMEN'l'S I I AD, FIV. -T OF CRfU1f0ER'S THE EMAUS ... SHIRT COMPANY Fourth and Chestnut EMMAUS, PA. C00 DRINK... Allentown Dairy Company Milk ASAFE DRINK C-O9 PRODYCED UNDER VETERINARIAN AND LABORATORY CONTROL llO M. .I. MILLER 8: SON TIN PIIARDWARlC+S'l'OYICS PHONE Enlmaus 36-TV OLD ZIONSVILLE, PA. Swim :xl PINE TREE PARK THOMAS MIKLENCIC7, Prop. Phone 162 WEST EMMAUS KPMMPPPP PAPER l,l.ib D COMPANY W CO'-1 WHOLESALE SCHOOL SIIPPIJES fOD 355-357 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF DR. W. A. BANKS WEST END SERVICE STATION 1003 Chestnut St. EMMAUS CO1 For Better PCI'fOI'Il1Z1T1CC Use SINVLAIR GASOLINE S OILS Laudenslager 81 Geist Dealers in OLD i'OMl'ANY'S 'I,l+II'I1GH COAL I"l,Ol'R AND FICEIJ Phone 123 EMMAUS, PA. The marie of the time rfrtismt is reflec- Xy ted in his craft. acts mfaftsmeefz we strive to tz'a11sfoz'm your 1-tmzmsczript into ct completed zrorle of beauty. Nve point wit'l1 pride to this tissue of "The Tattlelzv C09 Miers-Baehman Litho. Co. Lithographers and Printers Dial 3-5204 731-735 Allen Street Allentown, Pennsylvania ,ig-1Pu1zf ug n on X - ' Lab- maste1f Cngtavets TO ftmezficofs Schools QS-f PONTIAC 13NQRAv1NG at ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 812 WEST VAN BUREN STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 112 FOUNDICD 1889 "efza2uning, Jfamoiu by RITTER Duc to their loc-ation and low overhead. Rittcfs cmmlmlc' you to express your iudividuzxlity and porsomllity at prices no higher than ordinzlrily charged for C0llllH6I'CiRl quality. They pay 110 high 1-ity rants, taxes. OH-. ROBERT E. RITTER 8: SONS 187-191 MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PENNA OPEN DAILY FROM 0:00 A. M. T0 9:00 P. M. 113 I I , Zulu --1 1 'A J". 'I f 6' 4. ONQMQWS- !J,1 f5L4ffIff Gfufograpks fa ,.,.. 4 J 4 J 114 , 5?'wf0wPflf fa fb ,iw ,MALQ 4 my .. f QI- .- ' . - R I fff f,VA.,,i4.'. fb. X.- f 1 115 HM! 5 L an J 1 , i F- '1 I ' ckfzowfegqmefzf The 1941 Tattler Staff expresses its deep appreciation to the advertis- ers, and to all others who have so generously contributed in making this book a Worthwhile project. W v gs, 4 S I , 1 . 44.3 Q- an A -iq.. fu 'i ' x L J 1 ' Il P351 ' ,- few. , , 4 Q 'K' , 4 Q wg W 3 wif: 3 - if 5 A :.x ,A Q A 4 Q' 5 Ii" ' 14 J 'W . af, - kg-s Q. 'Wgylwflv " ' ,' . ' li fa I' K -,J .V - 44" . -f-'ff , ' if?-if if Zn., 4 1'

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