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i ! 1 I ! 1 I I ! I 1 1 4 I , J' . A Q, r',' Q-' .,f -A ,W V. ' x .W +- FQ. V. I I , U Y F-riendsbip Edition Of ffff 01940 Ta.ttle1r7' , - 4 V- , ' 1, -f ' -- g ' ff A 'Q ',r..F 'J-w 'A , T L - 13' ' , , Q, 5241 LLB!! - gg, . K f ' in I ,-r r .. ,. 5 ips. ' . I ' 'F ' ,U-1 A " K 1 '- I , . V J, 1 - -g.-- W 9 -1.5, a ,gs --pf I 5 u , P Qlfj-fx Tl, -:VT ,ly -. V v . J L5 PRESENTED S7 T ENIOR CLASS pl EMMAU ' GH SCHOOL EMMAUS, PA. VOLUME XVIII F Ve V, ,I A JN I , 1 THE 1940 TA 'Q .l ,. s.-,Y -fp l'TLER 5? 1 an' My quo L! ,. BEFORE WE BEGIN . We, the Yearbook Staff of the Fiftieth Graduating Class, endeavor to recreate the happy and profit- able days that were spent during our High School years. After leaving High School, We shall casually recall these days, and may then refer to this Annual to revivify dim memories into realistic ssenes. That these recollections may be referred to throughzut our entire lives, we bind them together in this vol- ume, Tl-IE 1940 TATTLER. I iw ' AT Al F R I E N D S H I P Every Annual has a set theme upon which is based the type of pictures, style of Writing, and manner of presentation. In this, the Eiqhteenth Edition of THE TATTLER, in order to set forth the theme of friend- ship, we shall strive to disclose, both pictorially and editorially, the friendships developed through classes, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. To do this We have divided the Annual into three books. REQ lik? X fu if if 1 - BCOKS OF FRIENDSHIP Q PERSONALITIES U ATHLETICS Q ACTIVITIES PERSONALITIES George S. I-Iarwick FRIENDLY ADVICE Trampinq feet and the endless chat- terinq of hundreds of students have long ceased-silenced by the dismissal bell. Only faint echoes remain to represent it at the meetings of the board of educa- tion. On the first Thursday of every month, these seven citizens, chosen by the peo- ple of Emmaus to supervise the educa- tion of their children, assemble to de- vote themselves to the important duty entrusted to them. Subject to state regulations, the duties of the board of education are definitely outlined by a school code. Collectively, Claude H. Keller Edwin L. Muth Robert G. Stauffer GIVEN BY BOARD these duties concern the supervision of all school activities, finances, buildings, grounds, supplies, and curriculum. At the busy sessions of the school board, vacancies are filled, resignations are accepted, taxes are levied, appro- priations granted, and provisions are made for the purchase of books and supplies. Any addition to the curricu- lum must meet the approval of this group. Through its efforts, also, com- mendable school repairs and improve- ments have been made possible. In this manner, the path of knowledge is made smoother and more accessible to the younger generation of our community. 0F EDUCATION The officers of the board of education for nineteen hundred and forty are as follows: Albert B. Wieand, President Robert G. Stauffer, Vice President Claude H. Keller, Secretary George S. Stephen, Treasurer Since April it has met in the council room of the new town hall by invitation of the Emmaus Borough Council. lts former meeting place had been the directors' room in the Washington Build- ing. GC0l'gP S- Stephen Ralph W. Weidner Albert B. Wieand CUR FRIENDLY Superintendent After four years in the realm of theory together with some advice and guidance from parents, teachers, and friends, the practical World of reality must now be faced. I realize that the same opportunities that were open to me are not equally available today, but new and possibly larger opportunities beckon the youth with brains, courage, ambition, and a willingness for hard Work. If you have evaded certain duties and responsibilities While in school, you have cheated only yourself. You will find yourself greatly handicapped in the battle of life. Continue your education. lf you graduate today and stop learning to- morrow, you will be uneducated the following day. HOWARD I. YEAGER Although we were not very often in personal contact with our superinten- dent, We constantly felt his presence in the well organized systern under his supervision. J ADMINISTRATORS Allen 4. Jlellw Principal p You, seniors, have come to the end of a trail that has led to an elevation from which you may see the World and its people. You are about to enter the highway of life. The road is Worn smooth: its sides are littered by the victims of the pitfalls and failures encountered along the way. It is also marked by the monuments of those who have overcome hardships and through their achievements have reached success. The future is unknown: there is no rainbow of promise on the horizon: but, this fact should be a challenge and an opportunity to prove your Worth. You must go forth as pioneers, seeking new frontiers of activity and opening new avenues to accomplishment and success. ALLEN F. HELLER We brought our intimate and in- dividual difficulties to Principal Heller and received helpful and friendly ad- vice. He shall be remembered for his just disciplinary measures. Joyce E. Beary Harvey H. Becker Albert S. Benfield As We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty, leave Emmaus High School to ao forth and take our place in the world, or to further our schoolinq in a college or university, it is fitting that We bid farewell to the people, who have played such a great part in our high school training-Our Faculty. But in saying qood-by, We do not Wish to bid farewell as one does on a permanent separation, but as one does on a short departure, for Whether We go to college, or out into the World, we shall have it A with us indirectly. These people are a part of the instruction that we received and shall strive to put into practice. For four years the faculty has patient- ly taught us, and if we have not bene- fited by that instruction, it is not its fault, but our own. But before We leave, let us have one final roll call of these teachers with whom We had so many personal con- tacts, and try to place them in their proper setting in which we saw them so often and of which we ourselves were a part. ,J .7 Q 5 Wilmer F. Bowers Hilda. C. Busher Pauline R. Cook T Reaching the head of the east stairs and not knowing where to start, we go down a side hall, from which issues a most savory odor. Opening the door at the end of this hall, we burst in upon Miss McLean, instructing a group of girls in the art ot cooking-a branch of Home Economics. Miss McLean also supervises the cafeteria. Leaving the aroma of cooking behind us, we enter Miss Cook's room at the head of that hall. Besides teaching Health and Physical Education she coaches the girl's athletic teams. Cross- ing the hall to room eleven, we see through the open door, Mr. Deischer, instructing an American History Class. In addition he teaches Algebra and Problems oi Democracy, advises the Monitor Club, and is Faculty manager oi athletics. Passing along the hall, We hear Mr. Humphreys telling a European History Class about the Reign of Terror and other high-lights of the French Revolu- tion. He also teaches Civics and An- cient History. Apart from his teaching duties, he coaches the track team ana is assistant football and basketball coach. ln the next room a group oi' seniors are reading a poem in unison and, looking tor the preceptress, We see Miss Beary at the front ot the room. Miss Beary is coach of dramatics and ora- tory. Coming to the west end of the hall we encounter a strong odor, but instead ot the smell of food, the stench of chem- icals and gases greets us. We enter a room on the lett in search of the source, but interrupt Mr. Frantz, who teaches lunior Business Training, Business Law, Salesmanship, and Business Arithmetic. Mr. Frantz is also Faculty adviser oi the School Paper and Faculty Manager of Athletics. Leaving the room, we cross the hall in search of that awful odor and upon opening the door of room fifteen-Phew!-We find it. There, among a maze of test-tubes and beak- ers, are Mr. Becker and the Chemistry Class, mixing a concoction that is l l 4, fl aw- Howard K. Deischer William S. Geisinger Clitford D. Hartman known as Hydrogen Sulfide. Mr. Becker teaches Chemistry, Physics, Biol- ogy, and Science. We leave abruptly and head for the stairs. Upon reaching them, We pause: to the right, We hear rnusic. Opening the door, We look in upon the balcony and see Mr. Peters, Who conducts Music and Guidance Classes. Mr. Peters is director of the glee clubs, chorus, high school orches- tra, the annual High School operetta, and sponsor of the Student Council. As We descend the stairs to the first floor, we hear a steady clicking sound and the jingling ot small bells. Upon investigation we find the typing room, crowded to capacity, under the super- vision of Miss Strauss. Miss Strauss also teaches Shorthand. With the noise of typewriters in the background, We Cross the hall and enter room iive, where we hear Miss Hauser discussing Bookkeeping. On the blackbord she has forms called T-accounts, and debits and credits are mentioned. Miss Hauser teaches Shorthand and Bookkeeping. Confused with the words accruals, assets and liabilities, we enter the ad- mi Harry A. Humphreys Pauline E. McLean Elwood L, 01-tt l v Errol K. Peters Thomas M. B. Schrader Arline K. Strauss joining room Where a Latin Class is in progress. Mr. Ortt is the Magister, teaching Latin and Civics. Returning to the hall, We perambu- late to room three and see Mr. Bentield at his desk, checking English projects handed to him by the students in his classes. Mr. Bentield teaches English and German, coaches the debating team, and is copy adviser of the school paper. To the right oi the main entrance, We enter the art room under the super- vision ot Mr. Walbert. A person could spend an hour in this room, admiring the students realistic paintings and drawings Which decorate the Walls: but we must leave and continue our roll call. At the end of the hall Mr. Geis- A inger teaches Algebra in room one and, directly opposite, Miss Busher teaches English and French. Branching oft from the main hall, we pass along a side corridor and enter room eight. Here Mr. Bowers conducts his Biology and Science classes. We leavo quickly to prevent interrupting him in his demonstration of an experi- ment to his class. At the end ot this side corridor, Principal l-leller's office is located. Mr. Heller divides his time in taking care ot his duties as principal and teaching Plane and Solid Geom- otry, Algebra, and Trigonometry. Going to the basement on the last leg oi our journey, We enter the Industrial Arts Department under the supervision of Mr. Schrader, who teaches Wood- Work, Electricity, and Architectural and 1 . V I .M mm! Elsie Albright Miriam E. Gery Anthony A. Jagnesak Mechanical Drawing. He is also Faculty Manager of Athletics. To the right ot the shop, Coach Hart- man's ottice can be found. Mr. Hartman, besides his coaching duties, teaches Health and Physical Education. Aside from class room instruction, students need assistance in library work, instrumental Work, and medical attention. So we wish to recognize Miss Gery as librarian: Mr. Iagnesak as in- structor ot pupils interested in learning to play musical instruments, and as band dire-ctorp and Dr. Kratzer as our periodical health examiner. Upon the shoulders of Miss Albright falls the school's routine responsibility. As secretary to Mr. Yeager, Superin- tendent, we find her keeping school records. Dr. Albert E. Kratzer 1.-'.4..5z'- ' n.n,.':f-, LLifil?,Qi'isEQbg.5- , ' V!-' ' Paul J. Frantz Gladys B. Hauser Harvey 0. Walbert SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty, extend our rnost sincere thanks and appreciation to our class advisers for supervising the class through- out our four years in high school. Also, We thank them for the great effort they have put forth in making these years happy and profitable. To expedite the work of our senior year and to designate more definitely the functions of the class advisers, certain responsibilities were assumed by each. We take this opportunity to pay tribute and to express our sincere ap- preciation to Mr. Frantz for the guidance he has generously given the staff in publishing this yearbook and in making it a great success. To Miss Hauser for her guidance, advice, and help, which was constantly extended in super- vising the class meetings and finances, We express our heartfelt gratitude and unfeigned thanks. We applaud Mr. Walbert, and truly appreciate his service and good-will which was always unselfishly proffered in superintending the class plays and dances. To all, we pay our highest regards and respect for the sincere, unselfish leadership and devotion they have given the class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty. Donald E. Wetherhold, President SENIORS David H. Brey, Vice President Olga R. Nickele, Secretary Joanna L. Wentz, Treasurer THE CLASS OF l9ll0 In 1937, one hundred sixty-six students assembled in the high school auditorium as "corny" freshmen. We were finally divided into four sections, and thus our high school career was launched. Many became active in extra- curricular work. Our only social function of the year was a swimming party held at Pine Tree Park. Vacation time passed quickly, and with the first summons of return, one hundred twenty-three "sophs" responded. We were allotted two social func- tions, a Halloween Party and our first dance, the "Rainbow Hop." More students took part in extra-curricular activities. We were soon planning our summer vacations, and presto, we had completed our second year of high school. Returning as juniors, we found that our ranks again were depleted to one hundred fourteen. We successfully held the greatest function of the year-the Iunior Prom. A large crowd was entertained and everyone declared it our best event. We also sponsored a Christmas Dance, and, as a farewell to the class of '39, we gave a dance in their honor. We were now nearing the end of our third year, not lacking athletic, dramatic, and operatic stars. We reached our first important goal when we became seniors, one hundred and seven in number. From the start, the year promised to be successful. We managed the school paper, were active in athletics, and dramatics, presenting two highly successful class plays. For the third successive year we partici- pated in the annual operetta-the cast of "Hollywood Extra" being comprised mainly of seniors. We reached a social climax by sponsoring three dances, Hallow'een, Christmas, and Valentine. We soon wrote "finis" to our memorable high school days, with a record of which we can be truly proud. Af""'7 if . ,. , ,I , ,-Y' f of f-'eg' A' ' Y- ,. 'A v .M XP VJ., V F- 1 , fx , 51" I .r L G7 Dallas Adam Paul Antrim 1 1 K 4, -Y Aurel Arndt S E Mary Bittenbender Betty Boger Jearmetta, Bogert Elden Bortz Adele Boyer ' f f"' W ' w . im,.ias11'f'1.,-ful-rw.fi!-f'gsR11:1,a-'11 .eg.d12f:i2fif.Aw.if9." meimtf-Q iis 'fa ' - KE w..ia . 5+ai:fa1 .11 A-f 'JSH1f" 'wkfs 1.c4-f1'112's+!41.ae DALLAS L. ADAM R. D. 1, Macungie Commercial Course Activities-Yearbook Staff iAdvertising Man- agerlg Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3, 4. AUREL M. ARNDT Route 1, Emmaus Commercial Course Activities-Track 43 Monitor Club 3, 43 Chorus 4g Dancing Club 33 Pennsylvania German Club 1PresidentJ 4. BETTY E. BOGER Alburtis Academic Course Activities-Class Vice President 1: Yearbook Staff KOrganization Editorlg Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 33 Tennis and Ping-pong Club lTreasurerJ 43 "Aunt Susie Shoots the Works." ELDEN W. BORTZ 251 Main Street Academic Course Activities--Football 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Fattler Staff tReporter7 3, 4Page Editor? 43 Yearbook Staff 4Sports Editorbg Clhorus 43 Gym Team 3. sanalnl nlyoopn ..Aundy,, "Butch" "Butch" "Jennie" "Bortz" "Dolly" PAUL B. ANTRIM 115 Macungie Avenue General Course Activities-Football 1- Cooking Club 31 Danc- ing C-lub 3. MARY A. BITTENBENDER 423 North Street Commercial Course Activities-Basketball Vr. 3, 43 Tattler Staff iReporterJ 3, 4Page Editorl 43 Monitor Club 3, 41 Yearbook Staff fOrganization Editorbg Student Council 2, 3, iTreasurerJ 45 Chorus 3, 43 Hockey 3. IEANNETTA E. BOGERT 233 North Street General Course Activities-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, fTrcasurerJ 47 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ADELE I. BOYER 222 South Fifth Street Commercial Course Activities-Sewing Club 23 Dancing Club 3g Bridge Club 4. DAVID H. BREY 537 Minor Street General Course Activities-Class Vice President 43 Tattler Staff tCircu1ation Manager! 3, 45 Student Council 2. ELIZABETH V. BRUDER 30 North Sixth Street Commercial Course Activities-Basketball Vr. 3, 43 Tattler Stal? 1ReporterJ 3, lPage Editor! 47 Monitor Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff tClass Editorlg Student Council 3, Chorus 2, 3, 45 "Oh, Promise Me!" OSCAR H. CHRISTMAN 129 North Fifth Street Commercial Course Activities-Track 13 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, CPresi- dentl 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4. RUTH PEARL CORNFELD Powder Valley Academic Course Activities-Chorus 43 Book Club 4. WILMER H. BREY 212 South Fourth Street General Course Activities-Class Vice President 33 Football 3, 4, Gym Cflub 2. CARL A. BUSS 332 Main Street General Course Activities-Band 33 Chorus 3. 43 Gym Club 23 Dancing Club 3, Hi-Y Club 4. CARL M. CONRAD 127 Main Street, Macungie Commercial Course Activities-Yearbook Staff fCopy EditorJ: Orchestra 3, 47 Band 3, 4g Chorus 3, 4, Art Club 2. BEATRICE M. DANNER Emmaus, R, D. General Course Activities-Chorus 3, 43 Stitch and Gossip Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Sew-So Club CVice President? 4. "Big Dave" Hwhipfl uBettyn "Chief" "Ollie" "Hammer" "Cornie" "Beatie" M5653 WWW David Brey Wilmer Brey ,.,,,.,--41-' W' f , 4 X-1'X.,f A U .-- L M . f If J N "aff, " ,f I 1 Elizabeth Bruder Carl Buss ,Z-fd4.f,..,z, -A-lane-.x4..la..J A-41.1 4,..fl AW .MAMA-and H :jf Oscar Christman Carl Conrad Ruth Cornfeld Beatrice Danner . s i 5 Rhea Derr Paul DeVries Irene Durback Charles Elkins Annetta Erb Jean Fegely Warren Fegely Kenneth Fegley -,9lr' if2i'fiiiIi!M5FlSvm".1's?m-'1k2i'L'F"P VFW-Yu. f-,AWS 5135112 i-h1'2r'Z'f'!a?3ibT4x ' RI-IEA M. DERR Alburtis Academic Course Activities-Basketball Vr. 3, 43 Tattler Staff tReporterl 3, 4Exchange Editor? 43 Stitch and Gossip Club 23 Chorus 2, 3, 4g Basketball Jr. Vr. 2. IRENE DURBACK 315 South Sixth Street General Course Activities-Basketball Jr. Vr. 33 Basketball Vr. 43 Typing Club 43 Stitch and Gossip Club 23 Handwriting Club 3. ANNETTA A. ERB Alburtis General Course Activities-Stitch and Gossip Club 23 Art Club 33 Girl Reserves 4. WARREN H. FEGELY Zionsville Commercial Course Activities-Tattler Staff CTypistJ 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Debating 3, Chorus 3, 43 Choral Speak- ing Club 23 Monitor Club 3, 4. "Lefty "DeVries" "Derby" "Charlie "Shortie Unedsll "Fegel tlFat!9 Q ' PAUL E. DE VRIES 530 North Street General Course Activities-Chorus 43 Gym Team 23 Athletic Club 23 Dancing Club 3- Typing Club 43 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works." CHARLES I. ELKINS Alburtis Academic Course Activities-Football 3, 43 Track 43 Art Club 3, 43 "Oh, Promise Me!" JEAN M. FEGELY 18 East Smith Street, Topton Commercial Course Activities-In and Out Club CPresidentD 4. KENNETH K. FEGLEY 527 South Second Street General Course Activities-Football 23 Orchestra 3, 43 Band 3, 4. 1. RUBIE I. FEGLEY 328 Broad Street Commercial Course Activities-Sewing Club 25 Dancing Club 35 Typing Club 4. IOHN I. GEHMAN 95 Church Street, Macungie Academic Course Activities-Football 3, 4, German Club 4' Astronomy Cflub 2. Q LUELLA M. GEISSINGER Old Zionsville General Course Activities-Art Club 3, 45 Stitch and Gossip Club 2. HOWARD L. GOULDNER Alburtis, Route 1 Commercial Course Activities-Astronomy Club 25 Typing Club 4. EMILY R. FELLMAN 51 South Second Street General Course Activities-Cheerleader 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 25 Dancing Club 33 Athletic Club 4. LEON K. GEI-IRIS Old Zionsville General Course Activities-Track 3, 4: Athletic Club 23 Ger- man Club 4. WARREN S. GEISSINGER Macungie General Course , Activities-Orchestra 3, 45 Chorus 3, 43 De- bating 3, 43 Art Club 23 Tennis Club 33 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works." GERALDINE M. HAMSCHER 226 North Seventh Street General Course Activities-Basketball Jr. Vr. lg Basketball Vr. 2, 3, 43 Tattler Staff fPage Editor? 3, lEdi- torl 43 Monitor Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 1EditorJ3 Chorus 3, 4g Athletic Club 43 Sew- ing Club 2. Ruby" Em!! Johnny" Horse" "La.la" "Bamey" Gouldner" Gerry" jf Vw uf! Rubie Fegley Emily Fellman Affn ,4 -F , ., 1' .L . 'DLH .I 7 . '4Jf A4 ,- f' L,. ,I ' 'X 1 John Gehman Leon Gehris , wwf!- .4,"J JJXJ W' N. Luella Geissinger Warren Geissinger Howard Gouldner Geraldine I-lamscher ,f u.-,Q V' 1- 'LZ' .4 -M5'+.,,.1.,,Q, -4"4.! "4 mf XVA' fu! 0- -.-, 1-.4. L0 ll , d ..g. nl, wa. I' 5 .. 'Nr L QF r x r I ,fx Tuff vid' 'D 1 ." A NQM.. . 1' v f X QNX k 1,5 K WL 1 x, gnu mx v 1 4. 'Y 1 K f R - R x fi , ii 'JV V lx x i . Af lg 14 L, I . i If l N fl? X f K2 if f , X . f f 7" Y I j' If J' YJ' J X 1 "'-"Egfg.4nf'f'i 'E ffl J Nellie Hensinger William Hilbert If X X R .. I -33315 f fa if fl. J Nb Lv V in - .1 . A . .3 XS i gifs fe J J 5 W Helen Hoffman Jeannette I-Iosfeld g,. f LA-'fa ,ff-"" 1,0 ' , if OV-. L ,L Ji lf' lr , rx' J f Q, f 'ff' rj!! ff' Jean Houseknecht Doreen Houser I ,lx- Charles Huber Joseph Iobst NELLIE I. HENSINGER 203 South Second Street Commercial Course Activities-Tattler Staff tTypistJ 43 Student Council 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Art Metal Club 23 Typing Club lPresidentJ 43 Handwriting Club 33 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works." HELEN M. HOFFMAN 203 North Third Street Academic Course Activities-Chorus 2, 3, 43 Stitch and Gossip Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Sew-So Club 4. JEAN I. HOUSEKNECHT 621 Walnut Street Academic Course Activities-Band 2, 3, 43 Debating 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Book Club 3, tTreasurerJ 43 Jr. Decla- mation Contest3 Stitch and Gossip Club 2. CHARLES R. HUBER 133 Church Street, Macungie Academic Course Activities-Track 33 Baseball 3, 43 Tennis Club 2, 33 Typing Club 4. "Nell" "Bill" "Helen" "Flash" "Jeanie" nnazy., "Huber" que.. WILLIAM D. HILBERT 208 South Home Avenue, Topton General Course Activities-Hi-Y Club 43 Dancing Club 3. IEANNETTE E. HGSFELD Macungie Academic Course Activities-Debating 3, 43 Chorus 2. 3, 47 Dancing Club 33 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works"3 Book Club 43 Stitch and Gossip Club 23 Jr. Declamation Contest. DOREEN M. HOUSER 548 North Third Street General Course Activities-Monitor Cflub 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Art Club 2, tPresidentJ 33 Bridge Club lTreas- urerb 4. IOSEPH I. IOBST 244 Main Street Academic Course Activities-Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Club 3 CPresidentl 4. SADIE I. IOBST 316 North Second Street General Course Activities-Cheerleader 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Dancing Club 33 Cooking Club 33 Book Club 43 Choral Speaking Club 2. MORRIS W. KEMMERER Macungie Academic Course Activities-Chorus 4. HOWARD W. KEYSER Emmaus, R. F. D. 1 General Course Activities-Football 2, 33 Art Metal Club 3, 43 Athletic Club 2. CHARLES I . KLINE Emmaus, Route 1 Academic Course Activities-Football 43 Tattler Staff CRepor- terl 4. WARREN C. KAUI-'FMAN 14 East Minor Street Commercial Course Activities-Chorus 4g Astronomy Club 2, Hi-Y Club 3, 4. RUSSELL R. KERSTETTER 519 Elm Street General Course Activities-Basketball Jr. Vr. 2, 33 Basketball Vr. 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Football 1ManagerD 3, 43 Astronomy Club 2. MARK I. KLEPPINGER 430 Chestnut Street General Course Activities-Monitor Club 3, 43 Boy Scout Club 43 Art Club 33 Astronomy Club 2. KENNETH A. KLINE 27 North Third Street Commercial Course Activities-Track 3, 43 Arts and Crafts Club 3 CPresidentJ 43 Gym Club 2. "Peter" "Cough" "Morrie" "Russ" "Hops" "Klepp" "Buck" "Kenny" ,' .1 ,I wi f!f,-J' J' J' fu nfycx Q!! D, W Off w , u J 1 pdf fu ,, ls rf I fy f nf V' j X f 1,15 jg" J J ,-L ' V .6 Sadie Iobst X -V Warren Kauffman I 9LU 2Ii1f1 --. Morris Kemmerer Russell Kerstetter Howard Keyser Mark Kleppinger Charles Kline Kenneth Kline 4... ,-:g,a,..',,.,p.,-3 -4. -.-.-.-. f V... ,. - -- r- -- -"""' l.-Q -mv rv- mv' ws'-1 rv:-r"":' 1' "1P"'1"' , i V ' ,i , f. - - :N ' ,L - - ' - '5 '- .xv : - w-'-1 3--:F H 0 ':1"1'v':'--',f?4- Vr9l'1'f'jWl 1 - ' ' 15 mf-fY'3-'ii'qf"4--1'.ala' Iii'W.-ws.,.f,57v.rf.u-1"1'P' ff'-93 fu71.:.n'i:.,y,' -,+Tf'XQx21:g.s'f!'E"r" E ?,s5: 7, Q . my , .e ,A A .rv-pw ,F 1 3-1 g , , fsifp. L,L',w, jl:fy'L',ff?2141w1-,,,fy,5155., . - , f ' .9 11?1a2'1j'-- lflgw ,A .l1.14,'H 4: EPM ',5?,g-555:-ff, ,933lg-Qi?-i1?'a,1gP15L1fyilg,w l2.:3?5jjM1L-aUliJ"1E QEPZQQ,-'l"V,5!',':f g1:.,w-if V: "f5jflf',A .1 A ' 'Q' 9,115 ' 'sg -Y " ' , f egfifi.-552211,X'-'fi , . v21gfig,'A W' 'E gf3f:'f.f,'LL'5F+H-H,1?W?55?'?.ixg?fs.Mrn' ffm:wgvliz':.f.::fm+ff3QJ'1 l f . My W ., 'f + 1 ,.:.,, F X fl V. vnu ,.f .uiulwfr ,U ,,. he ,,... - Nm' , ,,,, .,..5,,, , , ., k . . V . , , ,,.. ,fd-ff'A"? "VA N K I 'F ff 4 . A . . I ,. M4 wif' N 1 . nf' I IA Robert Kline. Jr. Thomas Kline '- nl- ' ' Junk-I-A-1 W -- 01" 'A a ln. xl I Carol Knappenberger Mary Ellen Knauss John Knerr Helen Kocis Henry Kuehl Arlene Kulp M, .11 gi n. 'rv' Him 'WF' lf -'vm -K--L 'gs Fun ni' 5: .FK '8jWL'fuWf'5 '2 , gf,f.g5kL,,?i1+ G as 6 vt 'LP x2"f'gx" swwlyi Mina' Js.iaLflia.a1, I 5 A q awk! a..,uLAj.5v.vnn:....1 V4... ,.1.......,-.rfvfias-lla'-l wxluui Q is 5 J L amymlbuf ROBERT E. KLINE. TR. 371 Broad Street General Course Activities-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1,2, 3, 4. CAROL M. KNAPPENBERGER 401 North Fifth Street Commercial Course Activities-Tattler Staff iTypistJ 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 4Secretary7 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 "Oh, Promise Me!" IOHN H. KNERR Alburtis General Course Activities-Baseball 3, 45 'Typing Club 45 Athletic Club 2. HENRY A. KUEHL 148 Main Street Academic Course Activities-Football 2, 4- Monitor 35 Orchestra 35 Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus '45 Astronomy Club 25 Tennis Club 45 Track 45 "Oh, Promise Me!" "Monk" "Tommy" "Shrimp' "Tootler" "I-Iuns" "Kocy" "Cool" "Kulpie" THOMAS L. KLINE Vera Cruz Commercial Course Activities-Class Secretary 27 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Vr. 45 Track 1. 2. 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 Hi-Y Club 2. MARY ELLEN KNAUSS 123 South Sixth Street General Course Activities-Basketball Jr. Vr. iAssistant Man- agerh 35 Basketball Vr. tManager1 45 Debat- ing 3, 45 Chorus 4, Art Club 2, 35 Bridge Club fPresidentJ 45 "Oh, Promise Me!" HELEN D. KOCIS 580 Sixth Street Commercial Course Activities-Basketball Vr. 3, 45 Tattler Staff LReporterJ 45 Yearbook Staff iAssistant Edi- torJ5 Debating 35 Chorus 45 Dancing Club 35 Tennis Club 35 "Oh, Promise Me!"5 Sewing Club 2. ARLENE M. KULP 676 Chestnut Street Commercial Course Activities-Monitor Club 3. 45 In and Out Club 45 Jr. Declamation Contestg Dancing Club 35 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works." BURTON LAUDENSLAGER 121 Macungie Avenue General Course Activities-Track 1, 2, 3, 45 "Oh, Promise Me!"5 Basketball Vr. 3, 4: Jr. Vr. 25 Football 25 Student Council 35 Tennis and Ping Pong Club CPresidentJ 4. ARLENE E. LICHTENWALNER Macungie Academic Course Activities-Chorus 2, 3, 45 Stitch and Gossip Club 25 Tatting Club 35 Sew-So Club 4. RUTH LORISH Macungie, R. D. 1 General Course Activities-"Aunt Susie Shoots The Works"5 Student Council 3. lPresidentJ 45 Stitch and Gossip Club 25 Dancing Club 35 Girl Reserves lSecretaryJ 45 Junior Red Cross 2, 3. W. IEAN MCCUTCHEON Route 1, Zionsville Academic Course Activities-Student Council 45 Chorus 35 Book Club 3, CVice President? 4. JOYCE M. LEIBERT 160 Ridge Street Academic Course Activities-Yearbook Staff 4Feature EditorD5 Cheerleader 3, 45 Tennis Club fSecretaryJ 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Cooking Club 35 Choral Speak- ing Club 25 Dancing Club 3. RICHARD H. LICHTENWALNER 143 North Fifth Street Commercial Course Activities-Class President 1, 2: Football 1, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Dancing Club 35 Gym Club 2. WARREN P. MANSELL East Main Street General Course Activities-Track 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Dancing Club 35 Aviation Cflub 25 Hobby Club 4. BLANC!-IE A. Route 1, Emmaus Commercial Course Activities-Basketball Vr. 3, 45 Chorus 45 Cooking Club 35 Bridge Club 4. Birdie" Skinny" Bunny" Dick" Ruthie" Slug" Billie" "Blanche" Burton Laudenslager Joyce Leibert Arlene Lichtenwalner Richard Lichtenwalner Ruth Lorish Warren Mansell O.. .. 5-M4 all E ' el i tt L ll 1 L.. 06,7-26,6 32: Jean McCutcheon Blanche Meitzler Hiuififm. liz. V. A ' 'fi 7. "?"'1 '. In . ' -, l5,,..g,C" -, "' ' fl' fl-' f f 1 f 1 W, l..f , v fl-cgi -s cr-cp ' , fl 70'-Lp Pearl Miklencic G27 QNX Q J Elmo Miller LaRue Miller Russell Miller Naomi Moll Reginald Niess Mom 'of 5 ll .SYN MA A v nu J S. - R,-dr. 1 uf" M QWWFVLY3. J ,AP my ' LM , ' AJAX 'bl ' ,vb I' A N,'xv"'k -:lr PV - UAL? , vi Marian Nester A YN U Olga Nickele i -3,-f. Y .k .. K ..f. .. . PEARL T. MIKLENCIC Pine Tree Park General Course Activities-Basketball Jr. Vr. 23 Basketball Vr. 3, 43 Monitor Club 3, fSecretaryJ 43 Year- book Staff fAdvertising Managerbg Chorus 3, 43 Athletic Club tPresidentJ 43 Cooking Club 43 Industrial Arts 23 Dancing Club 3: "Oh, Promise Me!" LA RUE M. MILLER Vera Cruz Commercial Course Activities-Tattler Staff tTypist5 43 Chorus 3, 43 Dancing Club 33 Typing Club lTreas- urerl 43 Stitch and Gossip Club 2. NAOMI M. MOLL Barto General Course Activities-Chorus 2, 33 Sewing Club 2, 43 Dancing Club 3. MARIAN S. NESTER 1442 Pennsylvania Avenue General Course Activities-Band fDrum Major? 2, 3, 43 Chorus 43 Stitch and Gossip Glub 23 Dancing Club lSecretaryJ 33 In and Out Club CSecretaryD 4. ELMO C. MILLER 314 Main Street Academic Course Activities-Monitor Club 3, 43 Astronomy Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Hi-Y Club 4. RUSSELL C. MILLER 201 North Fifth Street Commercial Course Activities-Basketball Jr. Vr. 23 Baseball 33 History Club 2, Typing Club CVice Presi- dent? 4. REGINALD M. NIESS 123 North Second Street General Course Activities-Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Typing Club 43 Bicycle Club 33 Astronomy Club 2. OLGA R. NICKELE 37 North Sixth Street Commercial Course Activities-Class Secretary 3, 43 Class Treas- urer 1, 23 Basketball Vr. 2, 3, 47 Tattler Staff CAssistant Business Managerl 2, 1Business Manager? 43 Monitor Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff tBusiness Managerlg Band 2, 3, 43 Chorus 43 Baseball 2, 33 Hockey 33 "Oh, Promise Me!" "Pal "Moe "Dooley "Bing "Naomi "Reggie" "Marian" "Nickey" SAMUEL F. C. PAANO 649 Furnace Street Commercial Course Activities-Football 13 Baseball 6Student Managerl 3, 43 Student Council 43 Art Club 37 Typing Cflub 4. PAUL E. ROEDER 1202 Pennsylvania Avenue Commercial Course Activities-Football 13 Baseball 3, 43 Art Club 33 Typing Club 4. EARL B. ROHRBACH 26 South Fifth Street Commercial Course Activities-Aviation Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Hobby Club 4. IOSEPH S. ROKOSKI 101 Lehigh Street, Macungie Commercial Course Activities-Chorus 43 Dancing Club 3, Ath- ieuc ciub 2g Typing ciub 4. VERNA F. PAUL Zionsville General Course Activities-Debating 33 Chorus 2, 33 Sewing Club 2, 43 Dancing Club 3. ANNA I. ROHRBACH 51 Church Street, Macungie Commercial Course Activities-Handwriting Club 23 Tennis Ping Pong Club 33 Typing Club 4. and PAUL H. ROI-IRBACI-I 330 South Home Street, Topton General Course Activities-Dancing Club 33 Art Club 4. n GEORGE I. BOTH 223 Minor Street Commercial Course Activities-Student Council 43 History Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Typing Club iSecretaryJ 43 Chorus 4. 'Sa.mmy" "Verna" Roeder' Ann" Rohrbatchn Stinky" Shrimp" "Roady" I r' iff' ,I'!'f' W' -' Samuel Paano Verna Paul Paul Roeder Anna. Rohrbach Earl Rohrbach Paul Rohrbach ff f. 94, deff ,ff 1524-'4"!fffk 11 f A7 "' , ' A ff, I rl, ,. 0.410 X o"' ?f9'f,f'h , 'x V ,wr ' fe I P , ., ' A I y Joseph Rokoski 54" ,M Q 1' N it f " ' George Roth fb! 1 ...I ' U ww. , 'M ww", xi m . .,, j 2, ' -L ., 'af-fFID,'e.'1'.i'E?'21TW"kT?!1Ef1'.'F' 1 , M ,WEN gffyg m 'Qmggigxvgy?Ljivfayvesgggf.-.fggaff 595-95'hillyu74fg:,j,:gWgfqwg.-g,-K, ILA? :V,5gi.gf,53Q rf., qs V 5, , ,, , 2 -,y 'g 1 .. , - .l ., : W , . ,-f f 1: -X, v.,.' , , ,X - A. 5, W ,t1J:,,' 'WW-:if 1-f ,,,f,,ug. U ,mi-"fm: -l .' , .ww I fr,-, 3.-vfwy :law W za. 1b?2':i's-fifflbfifgaumif' le.-iw 4jI?m'45" c-:Hsu R33f .1 1z1 . . ' '13 MW 'LL !. .1' 1. ffm- ,YT hw: '4 ' 5?fl?f-i?15f931fff?f1ii5.31EB!3.agW-Avliiffffi'h'i1 l3B'Ll?7 f51i'-'Wim-'iliifei-5 ' ' J di we FQ? X f ' ht. 4' V, , . , .4 1- - 1 I p , x 4 ,- ! L I I Q Y P A . N . Ardella Sallade Robert Schaeffer 'J Roy Schantzenbach Howard Schmoyer Annabelle Schreiber Mary Ellen Schultz , L Albert Seibert Charles Shankweiler :f Q: . - Q V ' '-wrfafl, KT mefirzl,11:-tf'1.'.'-'-wr. ",r1i':'wfw"i:"'f '1-I . , , , , F . 'lf''11-'ZP5Y'2f"f!'1:f.jF1',ifF"i4,?j2''7'FE"Q'Z'iIZfI?1!ffZ'T Wi",'f5W"??9'f:5fl?'f?ifif!'f3kff"l3lfli',ff'?7',"f'fffff" -' - ARDELLA P. SALLADE 534 Ridge Street General Course Activities-Monitor Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff iAdvertising ManagerJ3 Cheerleader 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 23 Cook- ing Club 33 Athletic Club CTreasurerD 4: Dancing Club 3. ROY L. SCHANTZENBACI-I 743 Chestnut Street General Course Activities-Football 1, 23 Basketball Jr. Vr. 1: Track 1, 23 Typing Club 4. ANNABELLE M. SCHREIBER Zionsville General Course Activities-Monitor Club 3, 47 Art Club 2, 3, 4. ALBERT SEIBERT 645 Walnut Street General Course Activities-Football 3, 43 Basketball Vr. tManagerJ 3, 43 Typing Club 4. ROBERT SCHAEFFER 115 Elm Street Academic Course Activities-Astronomy Club 23 Metal Work Club 33 Hi-Y Club 4. HOWARD G. SCHMOYER Macungie, R. F. D. 1 General Course Activities-Student Council 33 Chorus 33 His- tory Club 23 Dancing Club 33 Typing Club 4. MARY ELLEN SCHULTZ 426 North Second Street General Course Activities-Chorus 43 Art Club 2, 33 Bridge Club 43 "Oh, Promise Me!" CHARLES F. SH Macungie General Course Activities-Chorus 33 Aviation Club 23 Danc- ing Cllub 33 Typing Club 4. ularissn usleepyn uBuddyu "H. G. S." "Annabelle" "Schultz" "Pouch" "Schnicky" FRANCES I. SIKORA 549 Minor Street Commercial Course Activities-Tattler Staff CReporterJ 45 Year- book Staff CClass Editorl' Student Council 2' Chorus 3, 45 Dancing Club 3, Tennis Club 3i THOMAS A. SIVIITH 844 Chestnut Street General Course Activities-Track 3, 45 Dancing Club 35 Astronomy Club 2. MARTIN P. STEPHEN Route 2, Allentown Commercial Course Activities-Track 3, 45 Tattler Staff CRepor- terl 35 iPage Editor? 45 Monitor Club 3, CCap- tainl 45 Yearbook Staff fAssistant Editorlg Debating 45 Chorus 3, 45 History Club 25 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works." DOROTHY C. STOUDT Emmaus R. F. D. 1 General Course Activities-Chorus 35 "Oh, Promise Me!"5 Stitch and Gossip Club 25 Dancing Club CTreasurerJ 35 Girl Reserves 4. ANNA SIKORSKI 622 Minor Street Commercial Course Activities-Tattler Staff rReporterl 45 Year- book Staff 6Feature Editorlg Chorus 45 Ten- nis Club 35 Dancing Club 35 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works." FRANK H. STANSFIELD 149 Main Street General Course Activities-Tattler Staff CReporterJ 45 Year- book Staff fPhotographerJ5 Astronomy Club 25 Hi-Y Club 1SecretaryJ 3. ROBERT M. STEPHEN 18 North Fourth Street General Course Activities-Baseball 3, 45 Art Club 35 Astron- omy Club 2. STELLA C. SUBERROC South Tenth Street General Course Activities-Typing Club 45 Dancing Club 37 Handwriting Club 35 Stitch and Gossip Club 2. "Frances" Pinky" "Tommy" Stanz" rmMartynv Steve" llDotl! "sm" xg, Frances Sikora Anna Sikorski gfffdwft Thomas Smith Frank Stansfield f . ,4 , ..f31.,.,L in aM..Q2'J.L0 . .yr ,.,. ,,, ,, ,.,...,,, Y. , mvwz.. .ML g!l.TLn.4., N , Martin Stephen Robert Stephen Dorothy Stoudt Stella Suberroc ff ?W4' l r""' INR. k'Wx' VW VVVL f4U'fNUf1f' '-JV 'GUM Weave Lmufulufwl w A J X K ' "Y X my-ft .lic5,.4 fl v y 'H KL 'T 1 " L A-flff, V lfl Francess Weida Philip Weida Wayne Weida Walter Weidner, Jr. Joanna Wentz Donald Wetherhold James Wetherhold Thomas Wieder M 5' '74 , 5 E lm!! ,R gg .xfhfifczfafy FRANCESS E. WEIDA 242 Main Street Academic Course Activities-Monitor Club 3, 45 Student Coun- cil 2, tSecretaryl 3, 45 Chorus 2. 3, 43 "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works"5 Book Club 3, 1PresidentJ 45 Jr. Declamation Contest. WAYNE F. WEIDA Allentown, Route 2 Academic Course Activities-"Aunt Susie Shoots The Works"5 Art Club 2, lSecretaryl 4: Dancing Club tPresidentJ 3. IOANNA L. WENTZ 221 North Fifth Street Academic Course Activities-Class Treasurer 3. 4: Yearbook Staff tCopy EditorJ5 Debating 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Stitch and Gossip Club 25 Girl Re- serves 35 Sew-So Club iPresident5 4. IAMIES C. WETHERHOLD 231 Ridge Street General Course Activities-Class Vice President 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Jr. Vr. 15 Basketball Vr. 2. 3, 1CaptainJ 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. PHII.IP G. WEIDA 118 North Fourth Street General Course Activities-Football 2, 3, iCaptainl 43 Chorus 33 Gym Club 2. WALTER E. WEIDNER. IH. 149 Elm Street General Course Activities-Band 35 Chorus 2, 35 Art Club 35 Boy Scout Club 4. DONALD E. WETHERHOLD 316 Berger Avenue Academic Course Activities-Class President 3, 45 Football 2, 3. 45 Basketball Jr. Vr. 35 Student Council 45 Chorus 45 Athletic Club 35 Dancing Club 35 Tennis Club 4. I. THOMAS WIEDER 79 South Lea Street, Macungie Commercial Course Activities-Track 35 Baseball 3, 45 Yearbook Staff fCirculation Managerlg Student Council 35 Chorus 3, 45 Tennis Club 2, 35 Hobby Club 45 "Oh, Promise Me!" "Fran" "Filthy" "Shorty" "Skinny" "Wentz" "Donnie" "Jimmy" "Tommy" HAROLD L. WILSON 43 North Second Street General Course Activities-Football 2, 4: Basketball Jr. Vr. 33 Basketball Vr. 45 Track 3, 4: Art Club 25 Dancing Club 3. BERTRAM S. WINZER Elm and State Highway Commercial Course Activities-Track tManagerb 3, 45 Chorus 3, 43 Jr. Birdman Club 23 Dancing Club 35 Hobby Club 45 Monitor Club 3, 4. "Willie" "Bertie" uwitn AARON WITMAN 226 North Fourth Street General Course Activities-Art Club 2, 3, 4 Harold Wilson Bertram Winzer Aaron Witman .flf'l0'2A Bureau of Enlightenment Name of Senior Dallas Adam Paul Antrim Aurel Arndt Mary Bittenbender Betty Boger Jeannetta Bogert Elden Bortz Adele Boyer David Brey Wilmer Brey Betty Bruder Carl Buss Oscar Christman Carl Conrad Ruth Cornfeld Beatrice Danner Rhea Derr Paul Devries Irene Durback Charles Elkins Annetta Erb Jean Fegely Warren Fegely Kenneth Fegley Rubie Fegley Emily Fellman John Gehman Leon Gehris Luella Geissinger Warren Geissinger Howard Gouldner Geraldine Hamscher Nellie Hensinger William Hilbert Helen Hoffman Jeanette Hosfeld Jean Houseknecht Doreen Houser Charles Huber Joseph Iobst Sadie Iobst Warren Kauffman Morris Kemmerer Russell Kerstetter Howard Keyser Mark Kleppinger Charles Kline Kenneth Kline Robert Kline Thomas Kline Carol Knappenberger Mary Ellen Knauss John Knerr Remarkable Things About us Seniors Green Chevie Skipping class Open collar Baby blue eyes Telling wild tales Blond waves Driving a Packard Tidy appearance Teasing ability Blushing Calling boys Eddie Purple Goose Club owner Soda-jerking ability Love 'em 'n leave 'em attitude Arguing with her brother Infectious giggle! Interest in "Legs" Noted Expression "Better watch out!" "You moldy thing!" "Hi Fat!" "Ah, Shucks!" "For crying out loud!" "Gosh!" "Hey-Hyah!" 'Tm looking for back work." "So-o sorry!!" "Say that again!" "Oh! I did not!" "Oh! Heck!" "Pm so sleepy . . . "I'll get even" "Isn't it gorgeous!" "Now, stop it!" "D'ya read your P.D.?" Technique in "Throwing "D0g'0I1-iw" the Bull" Being so quiet "Sakes alive!" Keeping his wig out of his "Hi, GIOOUIYV' eyes Tiny features "Honestly, I do the dumbest things!" Flying fingers in Shorthand "Gorsh!" Solitary wave Manual ability Reddish-brown hair Going to bed early Taking a dame out Dark, glossy hair Natural red cheeks Oh, those eyes The old car Hoping her check comes Flying lingers in typing Beautiful blond hair Home Ec. ability Missing lamp posts!! Stunning coiffurel Day dreaming in Music Class Picking on short girls Minding other's business Taking advantage of Leap Year? Thick, dark eye-lashes Breaking hearts? Looking innocent His red shirt!!! Printing ability Keeping his figure? Habit of staring His drum fjazzl sessions- Sparkling teeth Tickling the ivories Oratorical ability Ability to be seen and heard??? "No foolin'!" 'How about this minute?" "I don't know." "Oh, Jimmy, stop that!" "Ain't the way I heered it!" "Hi, Shorty!" "Oh, Gee!" "Don't get loud!" "Always ignorant, never innocent." "It isn't funny but I must laugh!" "Oh, you cow!" "I won't tell you!" "We need more vinegar." "You louse!" "Go chase yourself!" "Jeese and Rice!" "Aw, heck!" "But in a larger sense . . . "Let's get refrigerator cake!" "Tish, Tush!" "Go1ly!" "I have to ask her." "What're ya doin' t'nite?" Probable Cause of Death "Lucky Teter" driving Ambition Bus riding Setting hair Stuck in a ditch Driving Picking up girls Working hard Minding his own business Being tough Milk truck Business Midnite shows Girls Studying German??? Movies Basketball Delivering papers Nursing "Double Lindy"??? Crushed by her Romeo Stiff fingers Curling his hair High ladders "Monkey night" Being an Old Maid?? Fighting A girl friend School Bus Schreiber's Plymouth A new car Being quiet Jimmie's arms A green Chevie Burning her steak Playing a piano Losing J. I. Falling in love again Walking??'? Getting married?? Upholding R. R. A. Dating too many girls. Reckless driving Being hen-peeked Automobile accident "Did you see Dotty?" Dates!!? "Hi, kid." Talking too fast "Join the army." Gun shot "Hello, wifie!" Clowning "Stop it, Dick!" Woman trouble "You're moldy!" Dancing "Cfmon, tell me!" Swimming in the moonlight "Yeah?" A mystery Bureau of Enlightenment Name of Senior Helen Kocis Henry Kuehl Arlene Kulp Burton Laudenslager Joyce Leibert Arlene Lichtenwalner Richard Lichtenwalner Ruth Lorish Warren Mansell Jean McCutcheon Blanche Meitzler Pearl Miklencic Elmo Miller La Rue Miller Russell Miller Naomi Moll Reginald Neiss Marian Nester Olga Nickele Samuel Paano Verna Paul Paul Roeder Anna Rohrbach Earl Rohrbach Paul Rohrbach Joseph Rokoski George Roth Ardella Sallade Robert Schaeffer Roy Schantzenbach Howard Schmoyer Annabelle Schreiber Mary Ellen Schultz Albert Seibert Charles Shankweiler Frances Sikora Anna Sikorski Thomas Smith Frank Stansfield Martin Stephen Robert Stephen Dorothy Stoudt Stella Suberroc Francess Weida Philip Weida Wayne Weida Walter Weidner, Jr. Joanna Wentz Donald Wetherhold James Wetherhold Thomas Wieder Harold Wilson Bertram Winzer Aaron Witman Remarkable Things About us Seniors Her hair Arguing about nothing Getting "sore" at the typewriter Getting to school one minute early Watching the baseball Noted Probable Cause Expression of Death "That's what they all say!" Getting a permanent "Is that only rare!" "You here again?" "Well, what d'ya know?" "What, the freak!" Breaking pencils Being a housewife Driving over "50"? Chewing gum news Baking "Upside down" "Oh, my!" Standing on her head cakes Sleeping in English class "Thursday night is the Teasing Blanche night!" Delicate profile "Open the door, it's Ruthie!" Capturing a classmate Humorous attitude Her artistic ability Writing letters Painting jewelry with nail polish School girl complexion Typing Bookkeeping ability Glamour girl bobs Those glasses Drum major Hair ribbons Infectious smile Inability to sit still Bashfulness Ability to talk loud Hard boiled attitude "Hello, there!" Smoking a corn cob pipe "You thing and a half!" Acquiring southern accent "Let's go to town!" "Hi, you ole' bag!" s4Huh!rs "I d0n't get it!" "I dodn't study-" Hohgll "Bye now." "Oh, you're foolin'!" "Hey, Hen-ry!" "You're love sick!" "You're crazy!" "Could bc?" "I wouldn't know!" "Don't lie!" Love problems Driving under "50" Riding a bike Waiting for Carl to come home Pitching baseball That butcher boy Thumbing lifts Dating an alumnus Laughing Girls Riding Hunting Knot for girls? ushing perambulators Driving a car Quietness "Now, in Topton . . ." Riding in a Chevie Pesting girls "How about a date?" Jitterbugging Stick-to-it-iveness "Well . . . ??!!" Arguing Writing love letters "Gee, that's cute!" Two-timing Seemingly sleepy "Wait up, Jean!" Getting up early A Ability to keep quiet "Some Cookie!" Naturally Typing technique??? "Who d'ya think ya are- Being murdered??'? any how?" Closet full of clothes "Oh! dear." Reckless driving??? Hair-do "And all that sort of junk!" Being a seamstress Radio-announcer voice "Here's one of my girl Manager of a basketball friends." team Disturbing typing class "Where's Howard?" "Repairing" typewriters??? Page boy bob "I'm tellin' you!" Playing cards??? Dimples "Variety is the spice of life." Horseback riding Orders for name cards "Jeese, I don't know!" Studying??? Taking pictures None in particular Smoking Commercial Law 'Is that so?" Talking too much Ability to eat "Would'st I could kiss thy Pronouncing "V" hand!" Keeping secrets "Hey, Ruthie!" Learning the printing trade Slim tallness "Darn it!" Driving the car Getting late excuses Athletic ability Grecian profile Short stature "Hello beautiful!" "Hey, fellas!" "Oh, a riot!" "Pull yourself together. Liking for a certain Junior "Fluey" Busting things Walkin like "Groucho" 8 Rosy cheeks Flashy socks Ford truck Driving a big car "Blast it all!" "D' a mush it u latel ?" Y P Y- "Bashful!" "How about the next dance?" sHey!1r "Oh, go1ly!" A bee t??l in her hat Delivering ice Keeping his hair straight Pushing his automobile Holding hands Making speeches Worrying?? Teasing girls West end of Chestnut St. Delivering flowers Growing up E JUNIOR CLASS EAGER TAKE OVER SENIOR OFFICERS Ilcnry Wetherhold Jean Rice ......., Max-i'ynn Huyett . Carta Webb ...... Facu M r. Benfield Bauder, Arlene Bernhard, Ruth Biehn, Pauline Bitting, Betty Burian, Elaine Carl, Madeline Chihul, Carolyn Christman, Marianna Crossley, Leah Decker, Mae Dickert, Jean Eck, Edna Engleman, Dorothy Erb, Beulah Esterly, Jeannette Feather, Fay Fenstermaker, Mae Fisher, Joyce Folk. Emma Gehman, Rachel Guth, Louise Haines, Virginia Hallman, Jeanette Harrison, Beryl Hertzog, Margaret Hoffman, Arlene Hohe, Lorraine Hopstock, Sophia Hosfeld, Winnabelle Huber, Grace Huyett. Marilynn Iobst, Jane Ann Iobst, Zane Kleppinger, Pauline Kline, Fern Kline, Genevieve Kline, Hilda Knauss, Thelma President . . . . Vice President . . . ..... Secretary . . . ......... . . . . Treasurer lty Advisers Mr. Deischer Knauss, Ernestine Kooker, Jacqueline Kramer, Gloria Meitzler, Elaine McKeever, Colleen Neimeyer, Henry Neimeyer, Myrtle Raedler, Margaret Reinert, Pauline Rice, Jean Ritter, Margaret Ruch, Miriam Schaffer, Marian Schuler, Betty Trump, Helen Urffer, Harriet Webb, Gerta Wetzel, Lorraine Yarema, Julia Barto, Herbert Barto, Wayne Basko, Anthony Beidleman, Robert Bieber, Paul Bowers, Mark Brensinger, Gordon Brensinger, Maynard Buchin, Han'y Carl, Aaron Carl, Stuart Cornfeld, Harry Cunningham, Donald Derr, Harold Derr, John Doney, Ira Dwornak, Joseph Edwards, Clinton Funk Charles Giering, Lynwood SHIP Giering, Willard Harwick, Forrest Hauser, Walter Hertzog, LeRoy Horn, William Koch, James Kratzer, William Lohrman, Donald Long, Warren Marks, Kenneth Merkel, Joseph Miller, Roy Miller, William Miller, Vincent Moll, Owen Moore, William Moyer, Freeman Moyer, Harold Moyer, Kermit Natysyn, Stephen Neitz, Roy Paules, Ernest Queen, Leo Reynolds, Myron Roberts, Butler Rohrbach, Willis Schaeffer, Donald Smoyer, Bruce Stauffer, Howard Stephens, Clinton Stosh, John Stoudt, Earl Svrcek, Damian Treichler, James Wennig, Glenn Wessner, Robert Wetherhold, Henry Yanochko, Andrew Amig, June Backensto, Madlyn Balascak, Margaret Bernhard, Helen Berry, Eleanor Biehn, Melba Bowers, Ruth Boyer, Grace Carl, Arline Chihul, Rosalie David, Phoebe Desch, Arlene Eck, May Eschbach, Edna Faust, Lorraine Folk, Joyce Fowler, Mary Frederick, Betty Gardner, Helen Gehman, Ardella Gerhard, Ferne Giering, Lorraine Grim, Millidene Hamscher, Joyce Heater, Doris Hennemuth, Doris Houseknecht, Madeline Hubbard, Muriel Iobst, Hannah Kerak, Agnes Knauss, Marguerite Kocis, Betty Kransky, Ethel Kratzer, Florence Krupa, Irene Laubach, Evelyn Laudenslager, Dorothea SOPHOMORES ANXIOUS Lenner, Helen Lipyanik, Rose Marie McCutcheon, Marcia McElroy, Ernestine Mehi, Alice Merkel, Madeline Micklencic, Mary Moll, Dorothy lvloyer, Gloria Moyer, Eleanor Neimeyer, Ethelmae Pannepacker, Ruth Phillips, Doris Rauch, Betty Reese, Evelyn Rosenberger, Harvella Schreiber, Carolyn Schueck, Dorothy Seip, Ethel Shiffert, Dorothy Sittler, Aldine Smith, June Stortz, Mary Vetrosky, Mary Weaver, Hazel Wennerholt, Ruth White, Pearl Wieder,Kathryn Winkle, Edith Wilson, Mary Vivian Yeahl, Gladys Bauer, Bernard Bilger, Donald Bitting, Kermit Bortz, Bruce Bortz, Russell Cagna, John OFFICERS John Treby ...................... President Mae Eck .............. Vice President Mary Vivian Wilson .... ...... S ecretary Miss Strauss ..................... Treasurer Faculty Advisers Mr. Becker Mr. Humphries Miss Strauss Correll, Robert Konkus, John Crouthamel, Donald Krause, LeRoy DeLong, Paul Kriebel, Harry Derr, Jennings Kuncio, Stephen Druckenmiller, Perry Lenner, Francis Eisenhard, Dallas Mackes, Robert Esterly, Donald Markle, Victor Estock, Albert Meinhofer, Francis Faust, Maurice Merkel, Thomas Fegely, Edward Fegley, Burton Fellman, Russell Feninez, George Fenstermaker, Donald Fenstermaker, Walter Fischer, Willard Folk, Paul Gery, Nathan Giering, Charles Greenawalt, Russell Haas, Donald Hamscher, Howard Hebelka, Theodore Heimbach, Harvey Heimbach, Martin Hertzog, Wilmer Howerter, Paul Iobst, David Kerak, Paul Kern, Arthur Kern, David King, Gordon Kistler, Marvin Miklos, Steve Miller, Donald Mohr, Paul Mohr, Stanley Moore, Frank Moyer, Bruce Natysyn, Charles Neila, Nickolas Neimeyer, Ernest Nester, Wilmer Paul, Ralph Pileiger, Robert Pollock, Paul Reed, George Reiss, Willard Richards, Lawrence Sadrovitz, Frank Sikorski, Edward Strauss, Willard Treby, John Vargo, William Wasco, Thomas Weider, Donald Wenner, Anthony Knappenberger, LaVerne Williams, Robert Knauss, Niles, Jr. Yarus, Stanley Knecht, Harry Kollar, Anthony CROSS INVISIBLE LINE INTO JUNIORHOOD ., 1 J. ,Z ., in . 1 -- ' .,-nwzmaarssw lH'VBN'lPF FRESHMEN PATIENTLY WAITING TO ENTER L, ir SOPHOMORE PORTALS OFFICERS Robert Readinger ..........,..... President Neal Apgar ...... ..,. V ice President Alfred Diehl ..... .,...... S ecretary Marvin Stephen ................. Treasurer Miss Beary Mr. Bowers Miss Cook Albright, Ka.ry1 Antrim, Annabelle Bartholemew, Althea Bealer, Dolores Beitler, Joyce Beiler, Rita Bord, Betty Bogert, Janice Buchin, Mary Carl, Marcelle Corner, June David, Jean Deibert, Althea Derr, Irene Dries, LaRue Eberwein, Mae Engleman, Ruby Erney, Erma Erney, Helen Fenstermaker, Mary Fick, Susan Findlay, Jean Folk, Mae Folk, Pauline Furhosel, Anna Gaal, Helen Gilbert, Jean Godusky, Dornelda Goheen, Betty Hamscher, Fern Harring, LaRue Hauser, Elaine Heist, Thelma Heimbach, Ruth Hennemuth, Jean Hoffman, Frances Huber, Joyce Iobst, Caroline Kapcalla, Anna Kemmerer, Kathryn Kocis, Cecelia Kotch, Katherine Laudenschlager, Doris Leibert, Gloria Leister, Fay Faculty Advisers Mr. Geissinger Miss McLean Mr. Ortt Marsteller, Geneva lviartin, Anna lvlatura, Bernadine McElroy, Loretta Meck, Edna Meitzler, Dale ivloyer, Blossom Moyer, Gloria Nester, Alma Patzold, Vivian Paul, Helen Haules, Geraldine kyle, Catherine Queen, Evelyn Reinert, Betty Reinhard, Lorraine Reinhard, Madeline Reiss, Burnetta Romanchuk. Emma Romich, Lucille Ruth, Miriam Schantzenbach, Jean Seaman, Leonardo Seibert, Annamae Seislove, Arlene Shaw, Virginia Shive, Arlene Shoemaker, Carol Siegfried, Grace Spohn, Gloria Steltz, Sarah Stephen, Annetta Stoudt, Dorothy Stoudt, Lorraine Stulpin, Mary Strouse, Jean Trappe, Dorothea Urffer, Hazel Vince, Irene Vogel, Justine Wanamaker, Betty Wenner, Marian Wentz, Faith Wertman, Eleanor Westwood, Grace Wetherhold, Doris Wetherhold, Nancy Wiener, June Wieder, Madge Williams, Jean Wlazelek, Virginia Woitlnger, Betty Yaniger, Julia Adam, Ray Apgar, Clark Apgar, Neal Arndt, Everett rsecntel, Carl Berger, Howard Bieber, Jansen Bowers, Jonn Draucnle, Joseph Brodman, Alfred Brosky, Bernard Brown, William Conrad, John Dieienderfer, Henry Deifrain, Clifford Uerr, William Diehl, Alfred Durbak, Lawrence Eisenhard, Donald Eisenhard, John Engleman, Dalton Engbert, Ralph Feninez, Stephen Fowler, David Gallina, Alexander Gehris, Sidney Gery, Carl Gilbert, Ray Gouldner, Roy Greis, Gerald Gruber, Carlton Gruber, Daniel Hankwitz, Reed Heil, Jacob Heil, Harold Hertzog, Vemer Hoffman, Dale .' f'l Hoffman, Lawrence Jane Hopstock, Pete Hosfeld, Richard Kauffman, Robert Kehm, Robert Kemmerer, Louis Kleppinger, Walter Koch, Harold Kramer, William Landis, Wesley Laudenslager, Paul Leiby, Paul Lichtenwalner, George Lutsey, Ira Mackes, George Martin, Kenneth McGinley, Richard McKeever, Robert Merkel, Henry Milinichik, Walter Miller, Allison Miller, Richard Moyer, Stanley Neetz, Jerald Readinger, Robert Reitz, Robert Rinker, George Ross, Harry Schaffer, Donald Schaffer, Linford Schantz, Albert Schantzenbach, Harold Schuler, Kermit Smith, Arthur Stephen, Marvin Stichter, Elmer Stortz, George Terrifinko, Michael Trump, Kenneth Wagner, Carson Wenner, Paul Wetherhold, Kenneth M. ' " ' ' 'ww ffv rv-'wr .M 1 um.. u'f:. 'Q 431..'RFE''Qfiifi-X1:!.I,13fQff5'P:'Jff"Hmf'Fx 'V ' 1!'n"'A' 3 1 'W :I?i"'f'.. .1"iV'HL"-:X """ : -"4 -my f It L - :- - , u -,., , . - 1 t , ATHLETICS -gi-lit Coach Hartman, C a n t n i n xvl'lllll, Assistant C 0 in 0 li llumphra-ys. Lvft tn rilxht: First Row-Iivrsti-ite-r. I'. Kline, I,i1-lm-nmilm-r. S1-lmut1.4-nlnu ln N ntl I Yv1'ill1l. J. H'vtIu-rhulcl, li. liorlz. 'l'. Ms-rkle-. llnuser, Sikoruki, lirvy. llw-:lu Nuuml ro llvlomr Nlnnrv 41il'l'. x.. B Bl t l'1lIl Nlikl H A , . , 1 in", . lrz, 4- nun.i os, llrillillll, Nll'fiiIll1'y,l'1I'lll IKIIIIII Se ull Glllllllilll, Li-iby, Stortz. Third row: J. Morkle. Amzur, II. Mvrklv, Sflllllllr. Lili Slurkln- Dui Wilson, ll. W4-tin-rliulil, Bn-nsimrer. liurlmk. and lfowlvr. F O 0 T B A L L Gridiron Warriors Have Successful Season The 1939 football team accepted the responsibility of upholding the school's record by completing a successful sea- son. ln addition to winning seven of the ten scheduled games, the boys total- led 234 points to their opponents' 85 However, the three defeats were suffer- ed in league competition: thereby low- ering the locals' standing in the League At every contest fans witnessed the finest brand of football, the best co- operation, and the most colorful school spirit possible. Starting the season with an inexperi- enced line and a veteran backfield, Coach Hartrnan's proteges won the sea- son opener against Allentown 1-Iigh's junior varsity, 27-U. ln this game Cap- tain Weida broke two fingers, putting him out of service for the game with Northampton, which Emmaus lost, 21-6. W'eida returned, with casted fingers, and Emrnaus trimmed Slatington, 33-7. An injured foot prevented Wetherhold from being abel to punt throughout most of the game, and the locals lost to Cata- sauqua, 6-O. Upon defeating Lehighton High, 46-19, the Green and Gold inaugurated a five game winning streak of which Emmaus can feel proud. They defeated Boyer- town, 39-145 highly favored Palmerton, 26-O7 previously undefeated East Green- ville, 43-6: and their Turkey Day rivals, Whitehall, 7-O. However, the season closed with a 12-7 defeat at the hands of Stroudsburg, co-Champions of the Lehigh Valley Inter-scholastic League. vmnW,qw fw: is-'wwsss.r.m,-iwmmmnmssiasswr - The annual football banquet was held in the basement of St. Iohn's Reformed Church. Captain Philip Weida received the Mary Deischer trophy as the teamla most valuable player, and Iames W' eth- erhold was awarded the Booster Game football as the best player in that game. The Dr. Lichtenwalner trophy, prevented to the most improved player, will be shared by Richard Lichtenwalner angl Wilmer Brey. Twelve members ot this powerful squad leave through graduation. Thev eric: Captain Philip Weida, lames Weth- erhold, Thomas Kline, Elden Bortz, Wil- mer Brey, Charles Elkins, Richard Lich- tenwalner, Harold Wilson, Charles l!4lyl'l't0XYIl, Fooilmll lflllllillvi. In um row: S IN 1-n minor . ax ru Nllll an 'al ns tl nu-r u, alll ur Kline, Albert Seibert, Henry Kuehl, and Iohn Gehman. Schedule O. E. Allentown High I. V. . .. . O 27 'Northampton High .... . . . 21 6 'Slatington High . . . . 7 33 'Catasauqua High . . . . 6 O 'Lehighton High . 19 46 Boyertown High . . . . 14 39 'Palmerton High ...... . O 26 East Greenville High .... . 6 43 'Whitehall High ..... . O 7 'Stroudsburg High .......... 12 7 'Lehigh Valley League Games. lin-ft to rizht: Tun row-Tir-lury l':lrauIv, Br:-3' sr-orvs aurninst Ennl lirvm-nvillv. "Yunlm" rum-N across at Stl ill Hll't l't r.lfl'l to ll'u-1 1 k I 1 I ll ll k I t tl! I IiN'il er. " 'UV' fl'1'IIl1'l'- " -e-1 sixe min 1-r zuruinn nm u-rs. ffggmcl V -+1--Q-4349" 'r . VARSITY BASKETBALL Cagers Complete Season With Fair Success Witli three varsity men returning to form a nucleus, the Green and Gold cagers completed a twenty-six game schedule with fifteen victories. Inau- aurating the season with less than a week's practice, the Moravian Boro lads suffered a 32-lU defeat at Allentown. A rejuvenated team with champion- ship hopes easily defeated Moravian Prep, Quakertown ,and, in a thriller, upset Central Catholic, 34-32. However, the following week the Vikings retaliat- ed with a 56-21 victory. ln the next two engagements, during the Christmas Holiday Season, the locals successfully defeated Columbia and the Alumni. Playing host to Slatington, the league season was opened favorably with a 39-30 victory, but upon encountering Palrnerton and Catasauqua two heart- breakers were suffered, 23-22 and 36-35, respectively. Continuing in league con- tests the Green and Gold surpassed Lehighton, 41-37, Northampton, 37-22, and Stroudsburg, 34-26, before suffering a reverse in a closely contested battle with Whitehall, 29-28. Playing without Wetherhold and Laudenslager, Emmaus lost to South Whitehall in a non-league game. Open- ing the second half of the league sched- ule, the locals defeated Slatington 46-23, without the aid of their captain. How- ever, championship hopes died, when Palmerton and Catasauqua repeated victories over Emmaus. Xl IPIINSI..XliI'IIC ll. YYI'I'l'lll'IKll0I,Il IHYORNXIQ II.Xl SICK CARI 1 unrll l'l0l'H'2ll'lI lforwalrrl C1-ntl-r Guard 5311? T-i'FZ7'i'1I3'!H-'ISI-if ',f"f?'Z'-'TW'-"5FNf KK "Ea74l3iW 2313? nzht- Mrst row: lnrl. li2lllll1'llN1:Ul'l'l'. Iluusvr. J. Wvllu-rlwlal. ll. Wa-ilu-rholnl. Sc-4-mul Foau-ll llurtnmn. 1 it I row: S4-ilu-rl. lilim-, llwnl'n:lk. Wilson. lim-l'Hh'Ih-l'. and Yvl'llIlilI- WY:-tln-rlmll A game which disclosed the best teamwork of which the lads were capable, was shown when Lehighton was handed an inhospitable 61-32 lacing. ln the remaining league qames, three reverses were suffered at the hands of Northampton, Stroudsburq lforced into an over-time duel to win 33-311, and Whitehall. In post-season contests, the Hartman coached lads walloped the Millersburq Alumni 37-16, jolted Columbia 39-31, swamped Moravian Prep 33-18, and in a benefit qame for basketball suits, defeated the Alumni, 44-23, to wind up a successful season. Central Catholic . . . . . 56 21 Columbia ...,.... . . 31 32 Alumni ........ . . 36 47 Slatinqton . . . . 3U 39 Palmerton .... . . 23 22 Catasauqua .... . . 36 35 Lehiqhton .... . . 37 41 Northampton .... . . 22 37 Stroudsburg .... . . 26 34 'Whitehall .......... . . 29 28 South Whitehall . . . . . 43 23 Slatinqton ...... . . 23 46 Palmerton .... . . 53 25 Catasauqua .... . . 35 29 Lehiqhton ..,. . . 32 61 Northampton .... . . 37 25 Stroudsburg ....... . . 33 31 'Vlfhitehall ............ . . 36 33 Schedule O- E- Millersburq Alumni . . . . . 16 37 Allgntgwn ,,,,, , I 10 COlL1I'1'1lIJlCI ............ . . 31 Mgfqvjgn Prep l , , . , . 18 1V1OI'CtV1CII'1 Prep ......... . . . Centfgl Cgthglic I . . ' . . A11lIT1I'11 ................ . . . Quakertown . . . . . . 16 31 Lehigh Valley Inter-scholastic Games '9WUWie:'mI-N'- 'wil PM-H-ilfwi-1+'wNtw.4 "EW 4 F' '4 lim tw r J " ' ' " 1"' 1 st l luntnin Fellmaln, Conch Left to rixrht-First row: Givring. Miller. Borlz, I-cllman qlhRlIl1A'l'lbIlCh qlk0l'Fkl Markle llnmphreys. Iobst. Sn-4-mul row: llertzog, Cornell, Miklos, Diehl Durbiuk Stephen Am.nr mul IIIIIKNIKZ Junior Varsilny Basketball Teams which are expected to produce material for varsities of succeeding years are the junior teams. Composed usually of inexperienced men, this team develops teamwork and the art of hand- ling the ballp also providing good op- position for the varsity at practice ses- sions. The local Iay Vee team completed the season with nine victories and nine de- feats. Cpening the season with a num- ber of reverses, they quickly improved themselves to defeat highly rated teams. The finest brand of ball was exhibited late in the season when the Green and Cold defeated a highly favored Strouds- burg five, 32-27. Promising material, awaiting promotion to the varsity, has been developed from this fine team. Schedule Allentown ..... Central Catholic Central Catholic Slatington ..... Palmerton . . Catasauqua . . . Lehighton . . . Northampton . . . Stroudsburg . . . Whitehall ..... South Whitehall Slatington ..... Palmerton . . . Catasauqua . . . Lehighton . . . Northampton . . Stroudsburg . . . Whitehall . . . A " VH?" 'tiixwf' fi Nil Ti, :if-k-i33i'l' 3- 1'.::iff'f ti1. Y 1 . it 'tt f M 'f i x we Q Basketball Lady Luck failed to smile on the girls' basketball team this year, and therefore many reverses were suffered. Of the fifteen games played, only four resulted in victoriesg two were ties: and nine were defeats. Official ruling permits no overtime periods for girls, therefore the ties remanied. The lassies opened their season favor- ably by jolting Moravian Prep, but fell before Quakertown in a closely con- tested battle, 2l-l6. After tying the Alumni, they defeated Fleetwood and Coopersburg. Graduating are: Captain Geraldine Hamscher, Helen Kocis, Pearl Miklencic, Olga Nickele, Betty Bruder, Irene Dur- back, Rhea Derr, Blanche Meitzler, and Mary Bittenbender. Schedule O. E. Moravian Prep . . . . ll l9 Quakertown .... . . 21 l6 Alumnae .... . . 25 25 Fleetwood .... . . l4 26 Coopersburg ......... . . 9 l8 Sellersville-Perkasie . . . . . 19 l6 Hazleton Hi Lassies .. 36 l9 Bethlehem Catholic .. 20 l2 Wilson Boro ......... . . 29 l5 Continuing their schedule, the lassies Bethlehem Catholic . . . . . 15 l5 failed to dent the victory column until Fleetwood ......... .. l8 5 they met Moravian Prep near the close 'Wilson Boro . . . . 39 30 of the season. ln this game the local Armorettes ........ .. 25 l8 sextet established a record by adminis- Moravian Prep ....... . . O 27 tering a shut out to the visitors, 27-O. E. S. S.T. C. Graduates .. .. 17 10 I 1 Ll C-First raw: llurbawk. Brullq-r. Nic-kvle, l'. Mikie-lwiv. G. llxnnsq-In-r. M4-ilzla-r. Bit- h l nal r ll. lieu-is. S4-4-mul row: 'l'. Kmums, Amilr. NI. Miklom-iv. Evk. Bowers. lh-inert-. ul B4 divl, Sl. Iillilllli. Third row: ShiH'm-rt, Flores. Gmhlsky, Ik-rr, llzlusa-r. U-ohm-ll. f'n:u-Il Cook, Funluin ll l'. liuvis. :Ind F. llannsrlu-r, M-In-r. Uhr wma 4++'i-Qf1v-aihwvnfw-sa2,f:.'5-":z2'fA- - ' 'wnvf-HI' - Lg- if . Ct- 'ur'4-'fsbn-3-e.zit,1,:,,::'E.!w At the time of the writing of this article, the baseball team has played only two games of the 1940 schedule. These games resulted in a lO-3 victory over Central Catholic, and a 7--l drub- bing by Allentown. From a squad of titty candidates who responded to Coach Hartman's call, twenty men were selected to represent Ernmaus. Ot these, ten were members ot last year's team. With strong league competition anticipated, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the squad, but it is certain the boys will exhibit a brand of ball Worth while witnessing. Leaving through graduation are: Cap- tain Thomas Kline, lames Wetherholcl, Thomas Wieder, Robert Stephen, Iohn Knerr, and Wilmer Brey. Baseball Schedule Allentown ............ . South Whitehall Central Catholic South Whitehall 'Lehighton ...... . 'Whitehall . . . 'Northampton . . . Allentown .... ' Cata sauqua .... . Coplay .... ' Slatington ...... Central Catholic 'Lehigh Valley I4-ft to lzht-l"lrwt row: lillfff. V. Milla-r, J. Wetherhuld, Kline, Fellmnn, Dwornuk. Hauser. '. il ' rh irhn il' tollle. lil HBNBQ- r Na-00nd row' ll. M I er. Bled? , I lrtz. . te-1 el. I Pflllll. S uc t, rr T1 rc row' reg, rm- , 'lwrcek Couch Hartman, H. Wetherhold, Markle. Diehl. Fourth row: Pnnno, Fisher. Trump. and Bansko. League Games Left to right-First row: Coach Humphreys, S. Gehris, Bortz, Kline. Mlklos, Slkorskl Stephen Schrader. Second row: Arndt. Inurlenslaszer. Rnhrbnch. Kc-rstotter. Sehnntzenhach Rewnolds Glerlng. Third row: Howe-rter. Knnusn. Huber, Mansell. L. Gehrls. Smoyer. Fnurth row Schiller. Readimrvr, Fezlvy. Neitz, Wlnzvr. Wnssns-r, and Cunnimrhnm With several veterans returning and a large group of promising candidates responding to Mr. Humphrey's call, hopes are high for a successful track season. The trackrnen have a tough schedule to complete, with possibilities of annexing several trophies for their Alma Mater. Lack of practices, because of inclement weather conditions, greatly handicapped the boys early in the sea- son. Through the inspiration ot school records and their own will power, these boys entered the meets, never complain- ing of lack of practice. Graduating members of the squad are: Burton Laudenslager, Martin Ste- phen, Elden Bortz, Russell Kerstetter, Kenneth Kline, Leon Gehris, Earl Rohr- bach, Warren Mansell and Aurel Arndt. Track Schedule South Whitehall, Allentown, Cen- tral Catholic .................... Wilson Boro, Slatington . . . . . South Whitehall, Slatington . . . . . . Bangor .................. . . . Lehighton, Slatington .... . . . P. I. A. A. District ll Meet .... . . . Boyertown, Central Catholic ...... P. l. A. A. State Meet ....... . . . Nazareth ......................... Nazareth Bi-Centennial Track and Field Meet ..................... Left in rilrht-First row: Snllnllv, Fe-llmun. Le-ihe-rt. Sn-rnml row: Ioln-st. Chihul. Bernhard, und Fvuths-r. Cheerleading Squad Playing an essential part at all major athletic contests, we found a squad of six girls leading enthusiastic fans. It was not their duty to directly participate in the games but, indirectly, to develop enthusiasm among the fans and to inspire their team on to victory. The squad, attired in Green and Gold uniforms with mega- phones to match, consisted of: seniors-Emily Fellman, loyce Leiloert, Ardella Sallade, and Sadie lobst, assistant: juniors- Ruth Bernhard, Caroline Chihul, and Faye Feather. ln acknowledgment of their services, each senior is award- ed on Letter Day a six-inch chenille letter. ACTIVITIES 1 V! THE SCHOOL ANNUAL Eighteen members of the senior class, who were chosen from a long list of volunteers by the senior class officers and home room presidents, comprise the staff of the nineteen hundred and forty yearbook. To attend its meetings and business sessions held after school hours in the basement room, many mem- bers were compelled to discontinue other activities. Divided into several groups, each group having its particular function, the staff spent a great deal of time in planning and preparing this annual. After considerable deliberation the staff awarded the printing contract to Mr. Malloy, representative of William F. Schlechter Printing Company of Allen- town. Mr. Sharp, local agent for the Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Corn- pany, Chicago, Illinois, furnished the engraving and Calvin Studios at 617 Lin- den Street, Allentown, handled the photography of the groups. Mr. Frantz, with the assistance of Miss Hauser and Mr. Walbert served as adviser and directed the staff in its work. Editor-in-Chief . . . Assistant Editors . . . Copy Editors .... Class Editors ...... Organization Editors Athletic Editor . . . Feature Editors .... Photography Editor Business Manager . The Yearbook Staff . . . . . . . . . Geraldine Hamscher . . . Helen Kocis, Martin Stephen . . Carl Conrad, loanna Wentz Betty Bruder, Frances Sikora .. .. . Mary Bittenbender, Betty Boger Elden Bortz . . . loyce Leibert, Anna Sikorski . . ........... Frank Stanstield . . . Olga Nickelo Circulation Manager . . ............................. Thomas Wieder Advertising Managers . . . .... Dallas Adam, Pearl Miklencic, Ardella Sallade lie-fl in riuht: llll5iIN'HB Munznu-r, Nivkn-In-. so-lling 9-lllnsr-l'intion: .Ulu-rlisimr Nlalllaurfrs. sllllillllk .KIIZIIIL ill I M.ikIl-llc-iv: l'Ilutox:r:mln Ificlitnr. Stxunslieltlz illlll Amis-txlllt Ellitlllk, Sh-nlwn nm! liovis. The Tal:I:ler Staff Editor-in-Chief ....................................... Geraldine Harnscher Page Editors .... Martin Stephen, Betty Bruder, Mary Bittenbender, Elden Bartz Exchanqe Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . Rhea Derr Reporters f-Seniors: Helen Kocis, Frances Silcora, Anna Silcorski, Charles Kline, Frank Stanstield Reporters luniors: Pauline Riehn, Carolyn Chihul, leannette l-lallrnan, Mari- lynn Huyett, Ernestine Knauss, Miriam Ruch, Helen Trump, Walter l-lauser, Williarn Horn Business Manager .... . . Olga Nickele Circulation Manaaer ..................... ,. David Brey Assistant Manaaers .................. Pauline Kleppinaer, Myrtle Neirneyer Typists . .Nellie Hensinqer, Carol Knappenherqer, LaRue Miller, Warren Feqely Faculty Advisers ..,................... ,...Paul I. Frantz, Albert S. Benlield Imft- ln right: l':u.:'1- lillitnr, llilh-llIu'll1l4'l': Ill-u0l'tn-rs, Silmrski mul Sikoral: 'I'MliHl, lillalpln-llln'r1:1'r: und l'il'4-ulallion Nlzlmlzvr. lin-5, E-'JQ225' " " 'f"3'iT" T5?BI7S'!'1f!1"fPBZQw??K6Q7'ZT. The School Paper The Iournalistic Club, better known as the Tattler Staff, convened Weekly in the basement room and library. The club is composed of seventeen seniors and eleven juniors, selected for their scholastic ability, initiative, and respons- ibility. The Tattler, a monthly periodical, was published throughout the school year. The four page, printed publication contained articles concerning school events, alumni activities, humor, features, and sports. Students of Emrnaus High School do not obtain the opportunity to enroll in a Iournalism course, but those students who become members of the paper staff may profit through the experience which a publication of this sort can offer. The members of the staff receive fundamental rules and ideas and im- mediately set forth to accomplish their assignments. The seniors of the club took part in the annual School Press Conference at Palmerton High School, September 27, 1939. At this meeting, the advisers and staff members from schools of five counties participated. Lectures and group meetings were held for the benefit and improvement of school publica- tions. The staff is subject to the guidance and direction of two faculty members, Mr. Frantz as sponsor of the club, While Mr. Benfield serves as adviser of copy material. p-.gee r-H16 CAST f-is-1 ,Wil . floral, f sq, 'Zi f"'f'x,!iiva-N ' Q ' t Q K! 0 Aunt Susie Shoots the Works" "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works," a mystery farce in three acts, was pre- sented by the Senior Class on November 17. The weeks of practice previous to the play were well rewarded because the audience practically rolled with laughter. The play unfolds in this manner: Aunt Susie Stowe lives entirely alone. She is eccentric and a spinister. One day she learns that her former school' mate, Cora King, has willed Susie her property providing she marries Omar Graves, a cousin of Cora's, within thirty days. Miss Stowe objects vigorously, but at the end of the play she and Omar Graves decide to be married. Al'N'l' SUSIE S'l'OH'l'I .. JOY lll'IRlilCli'l' .....,.. SCARLET DEANE . .. LAVRA DAWYSON ...., MAIIAM ZOLA .....,.... MRS. EllW'Alill IIUNNING l'OR'l'IA LARK . . , .. . .. ONIAR GRAYICS .,.... . I.,-X SALLIC JOHNSON . . . .IOIINNY ROGERS . . . SLICK CONVYAY . . . . , . . . . . . . . . lfrumw-ss Wvillu . . . . . . . Ruth Lorinh , . . .lm-urlrwtt-e lim-afvlrl . . Nellie llennlnzc-r .. . zxllllil Sikorski . . . . Betty lim-rf-r . . . . . Arlem- liuln Martin St4'llIlQ'll Paul Ill-Vrivs . . , . .,.,. . . ....... !Vnyne lYei4I:u . . . !Varrf-n Gm-issirluvr Umu-ll-Miss Henry "Oh, Promise Me" The second Senior Class play, "Oh, Promise Mel was presented on March 15, l940. The plot was built around a young millionaire playboy, Barry Hollis, who gets into no end of trouble by getting involved in several love affairs simultaneously. While trying to prove to a girl, whom he no longer loves, that he is already married, he "borrows" a baby and at this stage his true love walks in and - poor Barry. After more trouble and hilarious comedy Barry gets rid of his girl friends and discovers that Ann Furber, his own butler's daughter, is the one he really loves. SETI! MILLER, .. I"lTRIH'IR .... .. BARRY HOLLIS MRS. SLE HOLLIS JYNIC HOLLIS . . ICATIIIIICIGN . . ANN Fl'RIlICIi , . . . I'.VI'SIE LINIIEN .. MRS. LINIIICN ..,... GLADYS VANCE RALPH SAUNDERS MRS. JONES .. ,. CAST Umwll-Miss Ill-nry Tlmmns II'i9llvr .. . . lla-nry Kun-hl llurtun Laudennluze-r . . . . Belly IIFIIIIPI' , . , . Dorothy Stuudt Mary Ellvn Knxmss .. . , . .. Ilvle-n Km-is . . .. Penrl Iliklenrir .. . ..,, Olzn Nivks-lv Fnrol Knnnpenherzrr . . . . Charles Elkins . Mary Ellen Srhultz 40' Muhr, Stanley Band The Band is the organization which is responsible tor the pep at football and basketball games. During autumn the band rehearsals consist ot the practicing of drills and formations to be used on the gridiron. After the football season is over, preparations are begun tor the annual concert in May. On March 1 and March 2, 1940 the Emmaus High Band was host to the All- District Band of the Eastern District ot Pennsylvania. Directorf-Mr. Iagnesak MEMBERS Adam. Dallas llrulfkeniniller. l'erl'y Adam. Ray Huwerter. Paul Merkel, Mails-line lflsterly. Jen nnette lulvst, Fa roline Admins, Winfield liar-kenstu, Maullyn liielier, Jansen Boiler. Betty Brensinger, Gordon Phristman, Oscar Ulymer. George Conrad. Carl Crossley, Leah l'unnini.:ham. Dunzlld Dei-r, Jennings l+'e-prley, Kenneth Fenstvrniaker, VVnlte1' lf'm.:1-l. Edwin Hztnkwitz, l'urul Hzlnkwitz, lie'-eel ller'tzm:, lllargaret llertzui.r, Vt'ilmer llot'fmun, Laiwrenz-e llrrstvlcl. liis-liiirll llouseknef-ht. Jenn Iluyett, Mnrilynn Iulist, Hannah lulist. June Ann lnlxst, .luseph Kline, Hubert Knzippenhenirer, Cami Knuuss. Thelma Kramer, Gloria Kratzer, Nvillium Kuehl, llenry Lohrnian, lmnuld Markley, Charles Nic-kele, Olga Niess, Rf-irimild Nietz, llowuril Nietz, Roy Puules, Ernest S1-huffer, Marian Sitller, Almline Stephen, Betty Ann 'l'rump, Kenneth Yarus, Stanley MEMBERS rts and Crafts Club During the winter months the projects offered to the club members were the making of Wooden bracelets, Celluloid rings, candleholders, model air- planes, and Wooden serving trays. In the spring the club studied photography. Clear Weather and good moods tempted the group to record the beauties of the Lehigh as Well as the pulchritude of our fair friends. OFFICERS Kl'INNE'l'H KLINE ,..... . ....,. . l'ro:1idf'nt VVAYNIC VVEIDA .. .. SP:-rotary IADRRAINE HUHF1 . . Treasurer' MII, WALIIEIVI' . Sponsor Rinker, George Mario, Herbert llvinlleman. lluhert Nrauc-hlc. Joseph Vonracl, John lliof0nflerI'Pr, Henry liisenhnrrl. lhonuhl lllisvnhard, John Elkins, Charles Fvninoz, Str-Dhon Fowler, David Geissingor. Lnuelln Gery. Carl llilluf-N. Roy Gruber, Carlton Iloffman. Frances Ilohe. Lorraine- Kennnc-rer, Louis Kleppinrmr. NY:1ltor Klinr-, Kenneth Koch, Harold Loi!-y. Paul Klarklv, Yiwlur Al:-Ke-vver. Iiolwrl Mx-rklv. 'l'homus Milinir-hik, XVHIQM' Millvr, Ili:-lmrsl Mnynlx llurnlwl Nutysyn. Stvphun ltnerlln-l'. Al:1r':::urf-t lit-zulinpze-r. liulvr-rt Rohrhavh, Paul Sr-hantz. Albert S4-hreilser. Annabelle Slivhtf-r. Elmer Stash, John Vrffer. Hnrrir-I VW-idn, Vhiyne Witnmn, Aaron XVillinms, Jean '52- sinf- Arl: Melsal Club Boys and girls are eligible to membership which presupposes an interest in arts cmd metals. The members worked on a variety of projects including bracelets, ash trays, book ends, nut dishes, scoops and letter openers. These articles were made of pewter, copper, brass, silver, or aluminum and, after having been sawed and filed into shape, club members hammered the metals and then polished them to a nice finish. Possibly the most popular projects were copper book ends and letter openers. Many of these projects became Christmas and birthday gifts. Con- tinuous activity provided much interest among the members. OFFICERS lII'TLlCR ltUlilCl!'I'S . .. ..... .. .. JEAN RIVIG . . .... . l u14:w1',x wmm .... ARLICNE DESVH ... ,.,... . . M R. SCHRA DER Hrmvn, NVillimn Curl. Exim:-no Uhristnmn, Luke Cnnnimrham, Donald Dm-rr, .lnhn llvsvh. Arlene lflclwuwls, Plinlnn Mrh, Beulah MEMBERS lfPY'lSl9l'l11FlkPl', Le-onzird Long. VVarren Hzuis. Kenneth H1-rtzmr. Verne-r Moyer, ldlvzmnr Puules. Claude Vhillins, lmris Hnslkfld, NVinnaluellD KF-rn, Arthur Kern, David Pyle. f'2lll'lPl'll'N' Keyser, Howard Iieihensperger. Xvillizim ltit-9, Jr-nn lN11'f'utt'l1t-un, Mzlrvll lleinhztwl, l.m'r'uine . .... I'rr1si:l4-nt Vivo l'r4-'sirle-nt ,, S91-rf-tary . 'l're-zistlri-1' Swmsm Itnlu-rts, Ruth-r Rnsenhorger. HPlI'V8ll2l VVS'-zwer. G0r:1l1l XV9lvlv, Ge-rtzl XVOnnerhult. lluth VVm'st, Hurulml XVinzf'r, K'l:lr1-nvl' MEMBERS Boys' Glee Club A group of boys who met every Tuesday torenoon, for one hour rehearsals, comprised this year's Boys' Glee Club. They took part in several assembly programs, in the operetta, "Hollywood Extra", and in the music concert held on May 10. At a Rotary meeting held last fall at the Broad Street Hotel, these boys pleased a large group of attendants with their singing. The club has partici- pated in other activities during the year, and although it is rather small in size, it has done Wonderful Work. llarln, VVuym- lim-tz. ldldon lluss. Curl Phristmun, 0:44-:lr t'ur'rvll. liulwrt Ile-Vries, Paul Greenuwzllt. liussx-ll llmnsvlivr, Huwzuwl llortzmr, lmrny Kr-nimvrvr. lttnrris Kunviu, Stmxllvli Miller, XVillium Mohr, Paul Mohr, Stanley Mmtre-, Frank Iiivlmrtls, I.awrL-n 1 llohrlum-h, XVillis Weitlm-r. Whitten' XVPnni1-1, Glenn Vt'iv-tlvr. Dunulll Xvllll2llllS. Rrmlwrt Bridge Club The Bridge Club was newly formed this year tor the purpose of learning the fundamentals governing the playing ot bridge. At the end ot the year the club had a bridge party at which prizes were given to those holding the highest scores. OFFICERS MARY I1Il,l,I1IN KNAVSS . .. ., l'rn-siclt-nl MARY lCI,I4l4IN S4'lIl'l.'I'Z .. Yi:-v l'rusinIent 4'.XIltIl.YN SVIIILICIIEICIE ,... . Sevlw-tzul'y INIIHCICN IIUVNIGII .. ,.. 'l'l'n-zlslxlwfl' MISS S'I'li.Xl'SS .. Sllnlisnl MEMBERS linyvw, Amlvlv Knuuss. Mzlry ICHPII ll2lll1S1'l10I'. .loyvs Meitzlc-r, liluni-lie llu!'fm:m, .Xrlvlw S1-hr:-ilu-r, 1':nrulyn Ilunser. l7m'm-on Svhultx, Mury lflllvn Iulvsl, llunmull XV1-:lx'v1', Huzvl Iul tsl, .lamv .X Im MEMBERS '-.ff a eterla C F ' The Cafeteria functions tor the convenience of the students in the high school. Girls from the lunior and Senior classes are scheduled to Work through- out the year. There is a student manager of the Cafeteria for every month. By the end of the year the girls have learned the art of cooking as Well as the ability to do quantity cookery and serve large groups ot people. These prac- tical experiences are felt to be quite valuable to the girls. Sponsor-Miss McLean lhwilrwf., .lvunnf-Hn llurhm-k, lrvfnv lflrb, Annvltal lfouthr-r, Fuy Fellmzln. Emily llzilnsr-her. Geranldim- Huffnmn, Hvlvn Hmlsf-kviewht. .lmm llnuser, llorvvn Kline-, f1Pl11'Vl0VP Knnuss, Maury I-lllvn lrivhtenwzllnvr, Arlenff lrnrish. Ituth ll4'ClllI'l11'I!T1, .Ioan Miklvnviv. I'4':n'l Mull. Naomi l'21lll. Verna Rau-dler, Itlarlrarvt Sallnde-, Arrlvlla Sm-h rn-i I -or, Annu! vellv Nr-hulvr. llvtty Sc-hultx. Mary Elle-n Sum-rrm-, Sh-'llzl Chorus c The operetta, "Hollywood Extra", was presented amidst elaborate costum- mq and the qay whirl of the fun ot imitation of a Hollywood production. The Chorus has also participated in Assembly programs, and has pre sented a concert which was held in the auditorium on May 10, in the observ- ance ot Music Week. Adam, Dallas Armlt. Aurel Uittenlventler, Mary liittinxr, Betty Roger, Betty lirensin.L'er, Gordon Russ, Curl Fhrislmnn. Marian t'hristvnz1n. Dsl-zu' Unnrurl, Uarl l'nrnfel4l. Ruth lmnner, Beatrivo Derr, Rhea lim-kor. liwap lleVries. l'uul lbivkert, .Ie-an Esterl5',.lean0tt0 Fcuther,Fay nn Sponsor-Mr. Peters MEMBERS Fesrely, Tvarren Fellman. Emily Geissinxrer, XY:1rrcn Guth. Louise Haines. Virginia llunrsvher, Geraldine llc-nsin::el', Nellie He-rtzuzr. ltlargurct Huffman. Arlene Huffman. Helen llmrstfwk, Sophia Hosfelml. Jeannette lluusekneoht. .lean llnuser, Doreen ltilnst, Sadie KaufTmz1n. X'Vurren Kline, Genevieve Kline. Thonuis Kline. Rnhert Knnmnenherge-r. Carol Knauss. lirnestine Knnuss. Mary Ellen Km-is, Helen Kuehl, Henry l,eilxz-rt. .Toys-u Li:-htenwnlner, Arlene liivhtenwzilner, liif-hzarvl Mansell, WV:arren AlvKvf-ver. Colleen Mvhi, Alice Ale-itzler, lllnnr-lw Alikls-nvirx Pearl Miller. LaRue Neimeyer, Myrtle Nest:-r, Marian Nicke-le. Olga Raefller, Margaret Reinert. Pauline llokosl-ci, Joseph Roth, George Sallade, Ardella Schaffer, Marian St-hreihor, Carolyn Svhuevk. Dorothy Schultz, Mary Ellen Siknra, Franc-es Sikorski. Anna, Stephen, Martin Trunixv, Helen VVOntz. Joanna Xveida., Frzmvess VVie-der, Kathryn WVie-der, Thomas VVinzer. Bertram Debating The six seniors Who were members of the team debated the question: "Resolved, That the Federal government should own and operate the rail- roads." The highlights of the season were the annual triangular debate and a debating tournament sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Debating Association which was held at Slatington. ln the triangular debate, the affirmative met Slatington, and the negative met Catasauqua. Both teams were defeated. It was the first time that Emmaus High School was represented in the debating tournament. One whole day was consumed in debating ten other teams from Pennsylvania and New Iersey. Sponsor-Mr. Benfield lieissinygcr. Warren Knauss, Mary E11 Hnsfold. Jeannette Stephen, Martin llomwkne-4-ht, Jean Wentz, Joanna OFFICERS Girls' Athletic Club Twenty-nine industrious members presented themselves for training and several outside engagements. The club spent much time in preparation for the High School Gymnasium Championship held annually at Stroudsburg State Teachers College. They participated in dancing, tumbling, marching, and calisthenics. PEARL MIKLENCYC ,. FAY FEATHER ..... . MARY MIKLENPIC .... ARDELLA SALLATHE . JEANNETTE HOSFELD MISS COOK ........... Amin. June Bernhard. Ruth Bowers, Ruth Rurhecker, Dorothea David. Jean Eck, May Feather, Fay Fellmnn. Emily Fischer, Norma MEMBERS Flores, Jenn Haines. Virginia Hams:-her, Fern H:iinsr'hei', Geraldine Hauser, Elaine Hr-nnemuth, Dorris Kline, Genevieve Krmker, Ji-li'flll6llYlC Kransky, Ethel Lcistcr, Fay ii v- ,wa , . . , . . President Vive President . . . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer , . . Pianist . . . Sponsor Mehi, Alice Meitzler, Dale Miklencic. Mary Miklencir. Pearl Neimeyer, Etheimne Priest, Janet Snllade, Ardella Shoemaker. Dorothy XVimlcr. Kathryn V..-Y., .2 ,5 . .pu- Girls' Glee Club The Girls' Glee Club has increased its membership this year to reach the total number of seventy-one. The club has partioipatea in a rnimber of school affairs, showing both talent and good training 1I'1 thelr rendition of four part harmony. OFFICERS DOREEN Housmn . . Sevfefflfi' GERALDINE lmiusc-mzn . .- Treasurer MR. Pl4I'1'EltS lim-kensto. Madlyn llauder, Arlene Biehn, Pauline llillimr, Betty lloger. Betty liurian. Elaine Vhristnmn. Marianna llanner, lleatrire De-rr, Rhea Desvh. Arlene Fellman, Emily Fisher. Joyce Folk, Joyce Fowler, Mary Gardner, Helen Gehman. Ardella Gerhardt. Fern MEMB Guth, Louise llullman, Jeanette llmnsc-her. Geraldine Hams:-her. Joy:-e Harrison, Beryl Heater, Doris llennemuth, Doris lloffman, Arlene Hoffman. Helen llohe, Lorraine Hosfeld, Jeannette llouseknecht, .lean Houser, Doreen Iobst. llannah Kline. Fern Kline, Viola Knauss, Marguerite ERS Knauss, Mary Ellen Knauss. Thelma Krnnsky. Ethel Kratzer. Florenve Krutm, Irene Laudenslager, Dorothea Leilrert. Joyve Lia-htenw:tlne1'. Arlene Alehi. Arlene Merkel,Madeline Mlklenclc, Pearl Moll. Dorothy Moyer. Eleanor Moyer, Gloria Neimeyer. Ethelmae Neimeyer, Myrtle Pennepacker, Ruth Phillips. Doris . . Sponsor Rnedler, Margaret lleinert. Pauline Rice, Jean Ruch. Miriam Sallade. Ardella. Schreiber, Carolyn S1-hueck, Dorothy Schultz. Mary Ellen Smith, June Urfter, Harriet NVebb, Gerta Welda, Francess Vvennerholt. Ruth Wentz. Joanna Wleder, Kathryn Wilson, Mary Vivian Yeahl, Gladys i li' S Girl Reserves Each member oi the Girl Reserves strives to honor, God, our country and our community, and to always help others. The Work of a Girl Reserve, in fact, runs parallel with that of a Girl Scout. Among the most outstanding events of the year were the making of toys at Christmas for the benefit of the Iunior Red Cross. Many parties were also enjoyed on special occasions. OFFICERS ANNETTA ERB . . . ........,,.... . . . President RUTH LORISH ..... , . . , Secretary RACHEL GEHMAN . . . . Treasurer MISS BUSHFJR ,,..., . . .......... .., Sponsor Brnwn, Betty Burian, Elaine Carl. Madeline Chihul. Rosalie Christman, Marianna Derker, Mae Enrzelman, Ilornthy Engelman. Ruby ldrh. Annetta Erney, Helen Wegley, Cecelia Fenstermaker, Mae MEMBERS Fick. Sarah Fisher, Joyce Folk, Emma. Frederil-k, Betty Gaal. Helen Gehman, Ardella Gehman, Rachel Gerhart. Ferne Giering. Lorraine Heimbach, Ruth Heist, Thelma Huber, Grace Kline, Fern Kline, Hilda Laudenslairer, Doris Lorish, Ruth Marsteller. Geneva Matura, Bernadine Meitzler, Elaine Moyer, Blossom Patznld. Viviun Paules. Geraldine Reiss, Burnetta Ritter, lklargaret Schuler, Betty Shaw, Viririnia Siegfried, Grave Stnuilt, Ilnrnthy Stoudt.. Lorraine Vetrosky. Mary Vogel. Justine Westwood. Grave VVet.herh0ld. Nan:-y VVetzel. Lorraine XYieder', Madge Jane Hi-Y Club The Hi-Y Club, a nationally established subsidiary ot the Young Men's Christian Association, offers to Senior high school boys a program ot instruc- tion and group discussion on the problems ot the older boy. The club is pledged to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards ot Christian character, and has for its purpose the highest development of body, mind, and spirit. Highly appreciated speakers were regular guests at the semi-monthly meetings and, in addition to various club activities, the members conducted devotional exercises in Assembly on designated occasions. OFFICERS JUS EVN It YBST , CARL BVSS .. .. GLENN VVICNNIG DAVID 1UBS'l' ,..... .. ROBERT St'lIAICI"l"l'Il! . .. MR. BIGUKEII . ,. MEMBERS Yi Vrvsiclent m- President . Sm-rotary .. 'I'r1-asurvl' f'h:lplai11 Sponsor Ritttnu. Kermit lrwnrmuk. Just-ptr Iubst. Joseph lit-ynolils, Myron Ruvhin, Harry tlvry. Nathan Kzruffinun, XY:1Vrt Srlizwffvlx Itnhr-rl Russ, twirl ltif-ring. Clmrles Miller, Elmo st-r.-pk, Damian Ilvhonrt. Paul Givrinxz, XVllInrd Miller, Roy Wc-rmipr, Glf-nn Uvrr, llarnld Hilbert, XVilli:im Miller, Vinvvnt NVl'SSV1PI'. H0llf'l'l Inlrst. David Moll, Owen 'F-?"' . L0-U Aman 1 M .5 Monitor Club The Monitor Club is one ot the very crctive clubs in our high school ond qoins its impetus from the student body itselt. Its thirty-one luniors ond Seniors give pdrt of their time to requlcrte, ossist, and supervise the students during the change of clorsses, crnd protect their tellowrndtes dt intersections MAli'l'lN F-'l'l41l'HI41N .. FRANCFISS VVEIIIA VEATIL lN1lKlJ'lNK"lK' MII. DICISCHHR ..., Arntll, .Xurvl llnrtrm. Hvrln-rl Iiith-nluender. Marry Rrmlvr, Betty Huw-hin. Harrh' l'unnin::ham. Donald Foprely. Xvarrvn Funk, Charles Gohnmn, Rachel llzimsrhcr, Geralflim- OFFICERS MEMBERS llnffmun. Arlem- Ilnho, Lorraine Ilnuser. Doreen Inlust. Juno Ann Klm11xinL:'vr. Mark Knauss, 'Fhelma KUID. Arlene Miklenc-iv. Vi-'2ll'l Miller, Elmo Moll, tlwl-n .. Cuirtslin ... Lieutenant . . Ser-retary . . . . Major Muyer, llzirnhl Nivkvln. Uliczt Rive. .learn Rue-h, Miriam Srtllarle, Ardella St-hreihcr, Annabelle Stvuherl, Martin VVE'IvIi, Gertzl VVeilla, Franrnss XVinz0r, Bertram e E ,- ! q'i ..r,- ,f-.---vw-f M..-Wvi as 1-'1fY"" """""' , ig, ...:..,.... 0rcl1esl:ra fi u 1 3? X S 1 Nm The Orchestra was organized this year and held rehearsals every second Wednesday of the month in the auditorium. This club furnished the music for the operetta and the minstrel. OFFICERS OSCAR CHlUS'l'M.XN ...,.. DALLAS ADAM UAR01. KNAl'PENBERlll1Ili ....... JEANNETTA BUGER'l' . ...., .... . RICHARD HOSFELD. RAY ADAM . , , M R, PETERS . Adam, Dallas Adam, Ray Backensto, Mudlyn Bechtel. Carl Rorzert, .lminnetlu lirensinxrer. Gnrdlm f'hrishnnn. Usvnr Ponmd. Carl MEMBERS Dm-r, Jennings llorr. Richard lmney. WVil1iam Drum-kvnmiller. Perry E1-k. Edna Estel'ly.llnnul1l Fegely. XVRITPII l"Pgle1,', Kenneth Gels:-iinlrfw. NYai'rPn Harrison. Beryl Hertzou. Wilmer Hnsfeld. Rim-hard llmverter, l'ulll Kline, Robert. Knuplmenlmerm-l'. Faro! Knaussx, Thelma. . . Presiilent Via-P l'r0:-iidPnt . , See-retary . . . Treasurer . . Lihrzlrlalns Swanson' Km-h. .lzunes Lnhrnuln, lmnuld Merkel. Madeline Mohr. Stanley S1-huffer. Marian Strauss. Jean Trump. Kenneth Xvetherhuld, Kenneth ...... Ah. I , ..,. -- 40... , 4 Reading Club The Reading Club is conducted for the purpose of interesting students 1n reading. The typical routine at meetings consists of giving book reports reports on movies, discussions oi modern magazine stories, movies, and plays l"li.-XNVFISS VVIGIITA .. JEAN 1Wm'l'IT'l'f'lllCUN . ANNAl+ll4ll,l.lC ,XNTICIM .IRAN ll0l'SI1IKNICCl1'l MISS HEAILY .... .. . Antrim. Annuluelle llnyvr, llrave Vurnfvlfl. Ruth In-ibert, Althf-:L Ifinellay. Jr-nn lfivk, Susan Hvnsillyf-'l', Ilvlt-In llnsfelfl, .lffzxnrmltv llmxsvknf-1-lit, Jean w OFFICERS MEMBERS Hntlseknevlit. Mmlvlin l-Inhlmral. Muriel Hulrer, Joy:-0 Iuhst. Sallie Karwulzl. Annu Kralzer, lflurolivf- Krupa, Irene I4ZlUll1lt'h, l-Evelyn Iilll5'2lTllk, llose Marie H . . , President . . . Vim' President , , . . Sec-rx-'tary 'I' rea su rv r , Sponsor' M4-Putt-honn. Jenn Mn-ldlrny. Ernestine Ms-Idlroy, Loretta lleink-rt. Hefty Ruth. Miriam XV:1mlvnlml, Eleanor We-idn, Fram-ess XVetl1erhol4l, Doris XVinkle, Edith Sew-So Club The members of the Sew-So Club combined Work and pleasure Some of the girls knit, others embroider, still others crochet and Weave but there 1S I 1 one diversion in which they all engage-talking. Thus the club aims to pro mote friendliness while the members are accomplishing something Worthwhile .IUANNA VVICNTZ ,... l!l'IA'l'l!.li'l'l DANNER .. llE'l"l'Y BITTING . MILLIDICNIC Glllll ... MISS M1-LICAN ...... lleiller, Joyne- liiehm. Melha Rittimr. Betty lima-l't. Janive Buyer, Grave lmnm-r. Beatrix-e llivkelrt. Jean Esc-hluarwh, Edna Godusky. Dornelda. Goheen. Betty Grim, Millimlene lloffmnn. Helen OFFICERS MEMBERS llnpstxmk. Solrhiu Kotvh, Katherine Lnurlonsalamfr, Dorothea lmhlnan, .loyt-e LQ-ilvert, Gloria his-hlenwzxlner, Arlene AlcKeever, Colleen Mm-k. lfhlnn. Moll, Naomi Nester. Alma Paul. Verna. Ve-nnevnfker, Ruth . . .. l'l'esinlf'nL . . Vivo lwvsislvnt . . . . . Sc-1-reluw' . Trensilror ,, Swnnsul Rnmif-h. liuvillr- Senman, Lermurllzi, Shoe-m:ike'!i', Varul Trnmme, lmrullwzl Urffer, Hazel XV:1nmi1akPr, llc-tty Wentz. Joanna XVhit0, l'P:u'l lVilsrm, Mary Vivian VVlazelek. Viririnin, Yeahl, tllmlys Student Council The Student Council discusses and recommends improvements in school discipline and school activities. Members are representatives ot each home room who bring to Student Council suqeqstions from the home room. Discussion follows and the home roorn member returns with the results of the discussion. It is a student activity and is a clearinq house for student troubles and ideas. Recommendations and discussions this year have included: Lyceum, penny-a-week drive, choice ot courses, home rooms, clubs, fire drills, lunch periods, and bulletin boards. OFFICERS RUTH LORISH ........ . . . ,.,, ....... . President FRANCESS WEIDA . . . . . , . . Secretary MARY BITTENBENDER . . . . . Treasurer MH. PETERS ......... . . ...., ..,,,.. . .. Sponsor MEMBERS Adams. Lillian Fowler, David Koch. James Ruth, George Apgar. Neal Fowler. Mary Kocis, Cecelia. Ruth. Miriam Blttenhender, Mary Furhosel, Annu Kooker. Jacqueline Svrc-ek, Damian Bord, Betty Giernig. Lorraine Lehman, .lon-P Htnudt. Earl Brosky, Bernard Guth, Louise llnrish, Ruth Trehy, John, Jr. Decker. Mae Heimbach. Harvey Marks, Kenneth Weida, Francess llesch, Arlene Ilensinger. Nellie McCutcheon, Jean Wetherhold, Donald Fischer. Willard Hutchinson. Harry Merkel. Henry Wetherhold, Nancy Jane Folk. Paul Koch. Harold Paano, Samuel "W 'l" ,k . . OFFICERS Tatting Club Aspirations of yesteryear bid students assemble for tatting and similar handcraft. The dip of the shuttle fascinated a score or more, but not many meetings passed by before knots played havoc with good intentions. Dreams of completing hand-made laces vanished before spring arrived. Knitting, Crocheting, embroidery, and even handwriting stole the show. Planning for the Valentine party was almost as much fun as the Valentine box, the games, and the refreshments. .IICAN I4'HGEl,Y .., MARGARET KNAVSS MARIAN NES'l'l'Ilt .. MISS HAVSER Alliriprht. Karyl lmtass-ak. Margaret Harm. Anna lmudf-r, Arlene Nord. Betty Crossley, Leah Dvrr, Irene Ebervrein, Mae MEMBERS lfezs-IX. J ean Fc-nstcrmalker, M ary lluth, Louiso Hahn. lleatriv-0 llertzmr, Mariral'0t Knauss, Itfnrtrzlret Kratzer, Marian Klllh, Arlene Mull, Dorothy . . , . Pri-sinlent . Yin- President . . . . Sec-rotary . . Treasurer Ns-stor, Marian Rauf-h, Betty Shiffert. Dorothy Stnudt, Dorothy Vince, Irene We-nner, Marian XVentz, Faith NVieder, Vivian a I Y ? M1- Tennis and Ping-Pong Club The Tennis and Ping-Pong Club had competitions on the school courts on fair Weather days. Eut when the sky was overcast, the games of tennis had to be forfeited and the members played ping-pong, badminton, or basketball ln the spring of the year the club engaged in matches and tournaments with various schools. lil'Il'l'ON I.,XI'I1l'INSI.JXhlull JOHX 'l'TU'IIiY, JH. .... .,,. .TUYFM LICIBEIVI' .. BETTY ROGER .... MR. HIVMPHREYS . Hairlu, XVaynv limrr-r. Betty t'nl'nl'9l4l. Hztrnltl Estvrly. Jeunm-tie l"I'l'lSfG'l'Il1ilkPl', XV:1lte1' Fisher, VViIlz1rcl Fowler, Mary OFFICERS MEMBERS H:1l'mlvw1', Ile-Ivn Ilvrtzusr, Tim-my line-1-ht. HEIITY. Jr. Krmner, Gloria Kratzer, Xvilliam Kuehl. Henry Lnudenslaser, Burton Leibert. Joyve .. , I'r0sidvnt . Vive Prf-sirlffnt . . . . Sr-vrfftixry , . Treasurer . . , Sponsor' Moyer. Gloria l'flr-its-r'. Robert Smith. June Snmyer, Rruvf' Treluy, John. Jr. Vargu, XVilIi:lm XYQ-therhold, Donald Typing Club The Typing Club was organized in September for the benefit of the students who desired to improve their typinq. The club members have attained their personal goals in most cases. This, ot course, was due to their Willingness to become better typists. Making designs, typing of speed tests, and notebook projects were some of the opportunities derived from the club. OFFICERS NELLIE IIICNSINGICR , .. ..,, .,...... . . l'rPsicle1nt RUSSELL Mll,l.lCli ,,.., .. Vivo l'rr1sirlPnt GEURGE RUTH ..... . LA RUE Mllihlflll De-Vries. Paul Ilurluavk. Irene Fe-xrlvy. liulmie Gmilrlnor, Hnwnrml He-nsim.:er. Nellir- Huber, Charles Knerr, John MEMBERS Miller, Luliue Miller, Russell Nik-ss, Reginald Pzuinn. Samuel liuvnlvr. l'uul llohrlmvh, Anna Iinkoskl, Jnseph . . . , Sm-i'9lal'y . . . , 'l'rf-:usurvr Ruth, George Sc-hantzenhac-h, Iluy Sc-hmoyer, Howard Soihert. Albert. Shankwr-filer, Chzlrles Suberrnc, Str-lla , .143 ii V 4 VV' d Astronomy Club The Astronomy Club, consisting of fifteen members, was organized for the purpose of studying the solar system and stellar movements. Articles conceming astronomy were brought in by each of the members of the club, followed by a rather comprehensive discussion, and later arranged into a scrapbook. Many members have made charts depicting the various solar phenomena, and also many sterioptican slides, for projecting on the previously constructed orrery. With the aid of the orrery and slides, the group has made extensive study of the constellations. The Astronomy Club is under the direction of Mr. Bowers. Checker Club Iunior and Senior High School students who desired to relax for forty-five minutes gathered in Mr. Geissinger's room to play checkers, Chinese checkers, and similar games. All players chose their own opponents and the "heat of the games" retained a calmness which evidences fine character in the realm of play. The year started with an enrollment of fifty active members. Hobby Club The Hobby Club was formed for the purpose of satisfying a large number of pupils in working at their hobbies. The members of the club have many different hobbies. Some of these are: playing checkers, collecting all kinds of cigar bands, match cases, stamps, movie stars, and sport pictures. Others discuss the merits of the various makes of automobiles and airplanes. The remainder of the members read, study, or have miscellaneous conversations. Mr. Ortt is the sponsor of the Hobby Club. Boy Scout: Club The Boy Scout Club, planned for boys who are advanced in scouting as well as for those who take an interest in scouting activities, is sponsored by Mr. Heller cmd is under the direct supervision of Life Scout Walter Weidner and Star Scout Mark Kleppinger. The activities of the club are varied, including any phase of scouting in which the boy may be interested. New hobbies and unusual activities are encouraged. Pennsylvania German Club To foster love for the Pennsylvania German dialect, customs, and litera- ture is our aim. To this end the members were encouraged to read, study, and enjoy representative works of authors in the dialect, and to collect " 'S Pennsyl- fawnish Deitsch Eck," edited by Professor Preston A. Barba of Muhlenberg College. Some of the literary pieces examined were: "Der September Schtarem," "Der Rewwer," "Sammstag Owed," and " S Schneckehaus" by Charles Calvin Ziegler: "Der Regeboge" and "Heemweh" by Reverend Henry Harbaugh. The club investigated the reasons tor emigration from Germany during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and for settlement in Pennsylvania. Since understanding and speaking the dialect are prerequisites to mem- bership, no attempts were made to teach members to speak it. Mr. Albert S. Benfield was the sponsor of this club. Buoys M8889 HHVEHIISIMENIS ......- . ++++++++ qiniali High .Scl1ooQ ALLENTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE 920 AND 927 HAMILTON STREET O A Successful School Enjoying the Prestige of the Entire Community COURSES SECRETARIAL - STENOGRAPHIC BUSINESS M ACCOUNTING SESSIONS DAY AND NIGHT Personality Development Modern Text Books - Modern Equipment - Excellent Faculty Free Placement Service - Social Activities and Basketball Excellent School Spirit and Pleasant Atmosphere O FURTHER INFORMATION ON REQUEST Established 1869 PHONE 4790 Incorporated 1897 1 +++++ C 0 A L SWIM AT PAUL KNAUSS 534 RIDGE STREET THOMAS MIKLENCIC1, Prop. We deal in Black but treat you White Call us before you buy Phone 162 PHONE 37-M WEST EMMAUS COMPLIMENTS U OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE EM AUS THE EMAUS COAL 81 LUMBER SHIRT COMPANY C0., INC. U , , ALLENTOWN. PA. +++++++4 RAYMOND HIETERS J. J, SCHOFER 81 SON DEPENDABLE FURNITURE THEATRE BUILDING DEALERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS TOPTON, PENNA. Phone 42-R-12 TOPTON, PBNNA. Q46 1940 jafffez SCI-ILECI-ITER'S 23l:lfLt6Z,1 WILAZIIAACZA 540 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN. PENNA. WlEDER'S SERVICE STATl0N ALLENTOWN PIKE and NORTH STREET Sinclair Double Ronge Gus ornd Sinclair Motor Oils To Enjoy Your Motoring Most Important For the Student A DEPENDABLE WATCH Excellent Styles and Values at S9.00 TO 515.00 others Slightly Higher EMMAUS ICE 81 STORAGE C0. P. A. ' IEWHAER' IINCORPORATEDJ 911 HAIVIILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. 5 Manufacturers of REINSMITH'S ' COOLERATOR FUNERAL SERVICE D SINCE 1864 32 NORTH 1.-OUR-I-H STREET The Air-Conditioned Refrigerator EMMAUS. PA. EMM!-US. PA- Layer Cakes Pies Cookies Variety of Bread Baked Daily At MOYER'S BAKERY 71-73 CHURCH STREET MACUNGIE. PA. ALSO A FULL LINE OF GROCERIES Phone 10-R-2 Store Open Evenings For Your Convenience HILLSIDE MOTOR CO. 208 and 210 GREEN STREET Soles - STUDEBAKER - Service Phone: Emmaus 369 EMMAUS. PA. LEHIGH VALLEY'S LEADING SPORT SHOP Equipment For All Sports Cl WITWER - JONES COMPANY 913 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. Phone 2-2780 CONRAD STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS -PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER- Student Prices 213 NORTH TWELFTH STREET ALLENTOWN. PENNA. Compliments of EMAUS CLEANERS MACUNGIE SUPPLY CO. AND JOHN DEERE 344 MAIN STREET EMMAUSI PA. QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT LLOYD MOHREY, Prop. - A11 Work Guaranteed- PA, ALWAYS EAT AT A GRUN DY 'S GOOD SHOW QUICK LUNCH O lj LIGHT LUNCH - PLATTERS AT ICE CREAM - HOT DOGS STATE THEATRE ' 434 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS. PA. EMMAUS. PENNA. ++++++++++ FROSTED FOODS BEG'U'S'PAT'OFF' WARREN BROBST DUNDORE'S DRUG STORE tj LET US SHOW YOU OUR LATEST EASTMAN'S CANDID CAMERAS As Low As 514.50 Cl Foldinq Cameras 57.50 up Box Cameras 52.00 up A11 Films Sold at Lowest Prices FOURTH AND BANK STREETS EMMAUS. PA. W. T. BRENSINGER 6 SON GROCERIES, ICE CREAM, CANDIES, TOBACCO, ETC. 516 NORTH STREET EMMAUS. PA. ++++++++++ 424 ELM STREET. EMMAUS Ford Parts ERNEST E. MOHR GAS - OIL 126 NORTH FOURTH ST. tReari EMMAUS PHONE 185 HOWARD H. WEAVER Iustice of the Peace Consulting Actuary E1 REAL ESTATE EI PHONE 65 FOURTH AND BANK STREETS EMMAUS. PA. +++++++++++++++++++++ HENRY P. GRUBER FLORIST CUT FLOWERS, POTTED PLANTS AND FLORAL DESIGNS 544 North Street EMMAUS, PA. H A R O L D K U L P BEAUTY PARLOR Sixth cmd Walnut Streets Phone 131 We Grow Our Own Flowers PHONE 332 Free Delivery COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF DR. KARL I-I. KLEBX DR. W. A. BANKS Philco and Westinghouse REFRIGERATORS cmd RANGES R. C. A. Victor, Philco, and Zenith RADIOS H. M. WALBERT Manager, Appliance and Radio Dept. KRAMEITS MUSIC HOUSE 544 Hamilton St. Allentown. Pa. PASTEURIZED MILK ' SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH IOBST Local Distributor of FEGLI-IY'S Pasteurized Milk and Cream Also Fresh Eggs, Butter, Bread and Pastries 130 S. Fourth St. EMMAUS. PA. STUDEBAKER AND Dealers in CHEVROLET OLD COMPANY'S LEHIGH COAL Sales and Service Bell Phone 4-0 TOPTON. PA. FLOUR AND FEED EMMAUS. PA. Phone 123 ++++ EMAUS HARDWARE CO. IOHN SINGMASTER DEALER IN Complete Line of COAL LUMBER GRAIN HARDWARE, PAINTS, ETC. ' ' CEMENT 231 MAIN STREET M-ACUNGIE, PA, Phone 103 EMMAUS. PA. Phone: Emmaus 83 COMPLIMENTS OF T-H-E M-O-R-N-I-N-G C-A-L-L E-V-E-N-I-N-G C-H-R-O-N-I-C-L-E S-U-N-D-A-Y C-A-L-L C-H-R-O-N-I-C-L-E Cl WILLIAM S. IOBST cmd FLOYD H. IOBST Emmdus Correspondents ROYAL W. WEILER, '95 President cmd Mcmcrqer COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF WERT BEVERAGE CO. A. P. HOUSER TOPTON. PA. RAY F. KRAUSE GROCERIES - ICE CREAM 0 515 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS. PA. Phone 133-M GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerators, Ranges, Washers and Radios Established 25 Years Service After the Sale GEO. S. HARWICK. Inc. 569 Chestnut St. EMMAUS, PA. Bendix Home Laundry PAUL S. C. RINKER CI PLUMBING AND HEATING U Phone 264-R 402 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS. PA. In Appreciation of the Paironaqe Granted Us By The CLASS OF 1940 0 BIEBER 81 RIEGEL REESE 6. SCHANT Z GENERAL MERCHANDISE FIFTH AND BROAD STREETS EMMAUS, PA. Courteous Fair Service Prices P. E. STANSFIELD SHOE REBUILDER South Fourth Street and Broad EMMAUS. PA. , Banquets Floor Shows aDinner Parties iForma1 Dances ROlVIIG'S RHYTHM - AIRES FERYLE ROMIG. Mgr. 418 Chestnut St. EMMAUS, PA. Estimates Gladly Furnished Phone: Emmaus 57-R BRUDER'S GROCERY G-ROCERIES AND MEATS sis WALNUT STREET EIVIMAUS. PA. Carson Bruder, '30 MINNICH'S BOOK AND GIFT SHOP 540 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS, PA. Gifts For A11 Occasions EMAUS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY. INC. PRINTERS :-: PUBLISHERS EMMAUS FIFTH AND JUBILEE COMPLIMENTS OF DR. A. E. KRATZER DANIEL E. B. CLAUSER Distributor of Lehigh Valley Dairy Products Fresh Creamery Butter - Fresh Eggs Live and Dressed Home-raised Poultry Route 2 Allentown, Pa. Phone: Allentown 3-6702 GOLDEN GUERNSEY AMERICAS TABLE MILK Produced by I-IESS LEHIGH FARMS Phone: Emmaus 392 MACUNGIE. R. 1 W. I. FENSTERMAKER BETTER STORES Distributor For FREIHOFER BAKING CO. 104 N. Fourth St. Emmcxus, Pa. PHONE 112-R ++++++++++ WIEAND 61 CO. IEDDO cmd LEHIGH COAL CONCRETE BRICK cmd BLOCK PHONE 217 25 SOUTH SEVENTH STREET EIVIMAUS. PA. A. ROCKEL GENERAL MERCHANDISE 304 MAIN STREET EMMAUS KLlNE'S IGA STORE III Phone 150 Open 6 A. M. to 8 P. M. SEVENTH and WALNUT STREETS EMMAUS. PA. HARRY G. HABERSTUMPF Groceries and Provisions Phone 202-W 229 ADRAIN STREET EMMAUS. PA. A Large Variety of BREAD cmd CAKES Baked Daily SCHADLER'S BAKERY 417 CHESTNUT STREET Wm. Schadler, Prop. Phone 43-R COMPLIMENTS OF L, T. RAHN S'l'0NEBACK'S DRUG STORE A ON THE TRIANGLE H. Walter Stoneback, '16 EMMAUS. PA. Ehe iiiainrir 17511 Hunan "Noted For Good Food" The Ideal Place For PARTIES AND BANQUETS For Res. Phone: Allentown 36698 TREXLERTOWN PENNA. MR. and MRS. FRED H. WERLEY H. T. KEMMERER Specializing in 3520.00 SUITS Also Featuring "BYRON" HATS Bank Bldg. Emmaus. Pa. Our Prices Save You Enough to Buy Extra Pairs B E E R S SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY 4Former1y Custer'sJ The Most Talked About Shoe Store This Side of Allentown 342 MAIN ST. EMMAUS. PA. Norman C. Laudenslager NOTARY PUBLIC AND ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 121 Macungie Ave. Emmaus. Pa. Phone 46-B KOCH BROTHERS ALLENTOWN'S LEADING CLOTHIERS O MEN'S, YOUNG MEN'S and BOYS CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS AT POPULAR PRICES O CENTRE SQUARE N. E. CORNER DONALDSON IRON COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF CAST IRON PIPE FOR WATER AND GAS I EMMAUS. - PENNSYLVANIA THE BUTZ COMPANY COMPUMENTS KINCORPORATEDJ III THE HOME MUTUAL Reglrijgielnsurance FIRE INSURANCE CO' Fidelity Bonds OF LEHIGH COUNTY Surety Bonds U II TELEPHONE 56 FOURTH AND MAIN STREETS A. R. WEAVER, SSCIQYCITY EMMAUS, PA. EMMAUS, PA. ALTHDUSE SHOE REPAIRING FIFTH AND RAILROAD STS. EMMAUS, PA. ACKER'S GARAGE WM. J. ACKER, Prop. MACUNGIE. PA. GOODYEAR TIRES BATTERIES PHONE 86 Clarence R. Ritter Walter C. Buzby RITTER 6. BUZBY Funeral Directors and Embalmers Telephone 342 Funeral Parlor at the Convenience COMPLIMENTS OF ADA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 314 MAIN STREET of the Public EMMAUS, PA. as SOUTH FIFTH STREET PHONE 263-B EIVHVIAUS, PA. THE EMAUS NATIONAL BANK Member of National Reserve System Young people with an eye to the future enthusiastically endorse our plans for the investment ot small or larqe amounts from income. Proven safety coupled with liberal return make this the ideal plan for the conservative in- vestor. lt takes only a small sum to open an account. EMMAUS, PENNSYLVANIA B E R fT1M5LiM5NTE'?Fun 1 0 PHOTOGRAPHS . . . AGift Only You Can Give Gernerd Building Phone 3-9842 836 HAMILTON STREET MACUNGIE BANK KEMMERER PAPER lj WE INVITE YOUR PATRONAGE All Deposits Up To 55000.00 Insured Under Federal Deposit Insurance III MACUNGIE, PA. R P E Sales L L and Y S Service M Y O R E. M. Rofthenberger U H Macunqie, Pc. T C H Phone 102-B COMPANY Wholesale School Supplies 355357 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF WAYNE FEATHER +++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ F or Finer Paper COMPLIMENTS Tablets Pencils OF Lead, Etc. , DR. E. l. TREXLER C R A U M E R ' S D. D. F RITCH MII.LING CO. Sc AND 1Uc D . Manufacturers of XXXX FANCY FLOUR AND Fourth and Chestnut FEEDS EMMAUS' PA' Macungie, East Greenville E- B- SCHUT-TZ SPECIAL ORDER WORK HGrdWare'EE:GimS' Oils' We specialize in the repamnq 15-17 EAST MAIN STREET MACUNGIE. PA. COMPLIMENTS FROM McNABB'S POULTRY FARM WESCOESVILLE, PA. 0 Our Motto Only The Best Is Good Eno gh and mode-mizinq of fine jewelry. W' e excel in Diamond Setting. All work done in our own shop. FAUST 81 LANDES IEWELEHS ALLENTOWN Established 1897 BETHLEHEM BUSINESS COLLEGE UNION BANK BUILDING Telephone: Bethlehem 978 O A distinctive business training school offering Secretarial, Accounting, and Business Administration courses tor high school graduates. Advanced and special courses in Secretarial subjects and higher ac- counting for students from commercial departments. Effective Placement Service Complete Catalog Mailed Upon Request W. F. MAGEE, President. See U5 for that Wedding A GOWNS 1 COSTUMES Q5 Wles N e' , ' --', T' A . 3. Kmscl-IBAUM Made-to-Measure - Clothing 0 Orchestras ' Equipped l As Szctclucd E. C. ROTI-I 206 NORTH T'EN'I'H STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. BLITZKRIEG LETHARGY AND APATHY One single dollcir cr year from every Senior cmd Alumnus will put the E. H. S. A. Association in the firing line, fighting for your school cznd commun- ity's welforre, and the - common qood. - ENLIST TODAY - KOCH'S MARKET WESCOESVILLE. PA. Telephone 3-6870 We Deliver Open Sundays 8-10 A. M. I. G. A. STORES Compliments of C. L. A. SCHMOYER 6 SON BREINIGSVILLE. PA. Phone: Allentown 3-6574 ANTHONY'S PHOTO SERVICE SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS 73 EAST BROAD STREET BETHLEHEM. PA. U. A. BORTZ G SONS HOME DRESSED MEATS MACUNGIE, PA.. THOMAS G. FREY 408 CHESTNUT STREET DEALER IN STOVES, HEATERS, RANGES TIN AND SLATE ROOFING PLUMBING - HEATING Phone: Emmcrus 124 CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Sales cmd Service EXPERT AUTO REPAIRING WILLIAM A. GEHIVIAN D R I N K .... ALLENTUWN DAIRY CDMPANY MILK A SAF E DRINK PRODUCED UNDER VETERINARIAN AND LABORATORY CONTROL ' +++++++++++ 4+ 4 THE CALVIN STUDIO FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS 617 LINDEN STREET - - ALLENTOWN. PA PHONE R 2-1310 PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER ENGRAVERS TO AMERICAIS SCHOOLS CEE Pontiac Engraving Sz Eleciroiype Co. 812-822 West Van Buren Si. Chicago, Illinois ++++++ H+ FOUNDED l889 U ' J E I ll by RITTER Due to their location and low overhead, Ritter's enable you to express your individuality and personality at prices ' ' ' 1 lit no higher than ordinarily charged for cornrnercia qua y. They pay no hiqh city rents, taxes, etc. ROBERT E. RITTER 8: SONS 187--191 MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PENNA OPEN DAILY FROM 9:00 A. M. TO 9:00 P. M. ACKNGWLEDGMENT Tfze staff of tile 1940 fleartify expresses its t!zanLs to time aofvertisers ana! to aff otfzers wfio fiave so spfenokalfy cooperateo! ana! wfzo unse!1QsA!3f gave up tfzeir time ancf effort to make this puofication a su . . . . Q 4 J Y 'f i' 7'v- . ,L sf.,-' r f !' 11 c J .1 'f ' -1 ,jg I , m Q , v . ,- f Q 'Y' , f u . L u . .4 , , ., an .V . . .4 , Q, -, , mf , fu. 3 -. 1 ,. Q Yu -L. - 4- -n ' -1 , . .. . JL' . I M M, 1? t T, r' MF" ,. f . J ' is , JZ .i' . AH. V ., N, . ' Y ff: VX.: ' f"t-.'-J . 'fri W 4- Ii. -v' "1" -x' ' ' 1-. - .H I, Af- -:ily I .4-'- -I . X,-.fy ' 31. L 1 -3,lxi,?-I ' Q V : x Q ...al -, II ii fx E 41 .u. I I 5 : 1 i

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