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6M F REWORD El WE. THE CLASS OF NINETEEJN HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE PUB LISH THIS YEARBOOK. IN ORDER THAT OUR MEMORIES. ASSOCIATIONS. AND ACHIEVEMENTS MAY BE PRESERVED FOR THE GRADUATING CLASS. AND BE PASSED ON TO OUR SUCCES- SORS AS AN INSPIRATION FOR STILL GREATER ACHIEVE- MENT IN THE FUTURE. CGNTENTS III ADMINISTRATION .CLASSES FEATURES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS QW English Class Advisors To these our faculty advisors, We pay our highest tribute and respect for the sincere, unselfish leadership and guidance they have given the class of 1939. IOYCE E BEARY Moravian College for Women 1924 BA Lehigh Umversny 1937 M A ELWOOD L ORTT Kutztown State Teachers College 1924 Muhlenberg College 1927 B A Lehigh University 1933 MA Latin History I , . . 1 . . . , , . . , , . . . 1 . , , . . Yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief OSCAR IOBST Class History .... .............. A nna Hauser Class Poem ...... ............. M ary Buss, Faye Yoachirn Class Prophecy .... ..., W illour Paules, Phyllis Schantzenloach Class Will .......... ..................... I eanne Engleman Special Class Features . . . .... Arlene Hersh, Margaret Vetrosky Classes .......................................... Theodore Reitz Biographies .... .... b y the class, directed by Elwood Backensto Athletics ..... .................. M artin Kline, Charlotte Long Other Activites . . . .... Fern Walter, Hamilton Carl Business Manager . .. ............ Walter Stoudt - KT' eff um t N - 'l"7 w 'fu ' . Y , -4 " :- 11121 ' Plan, -f.: A Y, , Advertising Staff ...... Wallace Barto, Earl Hertzog, Alvin Marsteller, Charles Miller, leanne Mohr, Warren Zentner Circulation Staff ...................... Richard Correll, Harvey Eck Typists ..... Gladys Bauer, Sarah Bauer, Dorothy Danner, Ruth Montz QW DEDICATI lj IN APPRECIATION OF HIS WHCDLEHEARTED GENEROSITY BY ' WHICH EMMAUS HAS GAINED THE BENEFITS OF A PUBLIC LIBRARY. WB. THE CLASS OF 1939, DEDICATE TI-IIIS VOLUME TO IOHN D. WEAVER l fQ232W ? N I W it l Q I W ' w , , , A f , W KM W?-Q'-1. W, ' A aww" :ws-1122, v .E , - H ' fv Q22 ,M , Z -2' A X M A A' K' ' y 1' , .1 ' X V f M . L f f .,- K Y' , ,., . ,N sw f 'X-, -X .. U ,X X me ' H X l XI' - xv . A -W ., V E252 Q, T ' N fl J A S f , 5 ' ,L Q N . - , , M H L ,-' K I 'X ' ' if Q w r' - - K "" , k A , S'-g-. qi A I fb Q 2 gfi, A .fx , T?- dgb 1 llll or f , WR X f Zi X fu 'C+ 'MI 337717 M f ' AY 641144444 XY XS K gg' "J " K .ZX - il. xxx . 1.- 6M Board of Education ROBERT G. STAUEPER ALBERT B. WIEAND President Vice President CLAUDE H. KELLER GEORGE S. STEPHEN Secretary Treasurer Q 14' 'hay A QQ, Board of Educatlon GEORGE S. HARWICK VICTOR H. HAUSER RALPH W. WEIDNEB ww Greetings to the Seniors III You, Class of 1939, are about to leave your high school, some to attend higher educational institutions and some to take their places in the World of industry. No matter Where we look, the future does not seem very encourag- ing, yet the World needs leaders today as it has never needed them before. What is to be done? People will expect more than you can give, you will meet the most per- plexing problems. Because of this, it is important to make use of every oppor- tunity as it presents itself. Be honest, reliable, tolerant, kind, and generous. Have courage, meet the World and its problems with head erect. Remember that the starting line is always crowded with contenders but as the race is being run the field spreads out and finally the one with the greatest amount of stamina and perseverance is the one to Win the race. Be satisfied to occupy the lowliest position but do not stay there. Conduct yourself in such a manner that you will gain the confidence of your community which will then recognize you as one of its leaders. .7-lllw J. Qllellet, H Message to the Graduates U You of the graduating Class of l939 are going out into a highly transitional world. Confusion, discouragement, and conflict are everywhere. Shall your coming merely add another million to the mass of unemployed? Shall you worry away your energy in idleness and complaint? Or shall your coming mean a new stream of vitality, courage, and intelligence flowing into the currents of national life? Whether it shall mean the one or the other depends in the end upon you. Sound personal habits, disciplined minds, trained skills, and constructive citizenship will tell in the end. Determine to make the best use of your training and ability. Without a doubt, you are anxious to earn your own way and to have your part in the world's work. You cannot begin too early to observe how the world's work is done and to think of your relation to it. Do you know how to look for a job and to apply for it? Do you know how to hold a job once you find it? Have you trained yourself to get along with people, to carry out direc- tions? If you cannot find employment immediately, continue your preparation and self discipline. May your hopes and dreams be realized to the fullest degree, and in the years to come, may your names reflect credit upon your alma mater. OWQIQZ y. 'QZQWZS QW 1 MR. YEAGER Superintendent The Emmaus school system has reached a high degree of efficiency under the guidance of Mr. Yeager, who is held in high esteem by all the pupils and by all who have Worked with him. Franklin and Marshall College B A 1911 Lehlgh UI11V6I'S1lY M A 1925 1 ,, 1 . I ' -I I . 1 I ' 'I MR. l-IELLER Principal, Mathematics . We shall always remember our principal as the person Whose guidance We valued most While in High School. He is ever ready to help us solve our problems, and the success of his pupils is his greatest ambition. Kutztown State Teachers College, l9U7 Muhlenberg College, B.S., 1925 fl' A A I 'ir 'll' 'Q -1x' M2 L . , 9 '1 ' ,j . .1 x ,. 1:.,. 4 HARVEY H. BECKER WILMER F. BOWERS Kutztown State Teachers College, 1909 Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S., 1934 Muhlenberg College, B.S., 1926 Science Science Geography English History French , Mathematics 1 HH-,DA C, BUSHER HOWARD K. DEISCHER . Kutztown State Teachers College, 1925 Cedar Crest College, B.A., 1935 Muhlenberg College, Ph.Bl, 1929 University of Pennsylvania, M.A., 1932 L'-EFF., EI: - F i hell i , n T A T T L E: R 1 w e PAUL I. FRANTZ WILLIAM S. GEISINGER Indiana State Teachers College, B.S., 1935 Muhlenberg College, Ph.B., 1928 Pennsylvania State College Salesman- ship Mathematics Commercial German Law Physical Education Health Bookkeeping History Shorthand CLIFFORD D. HARTMAN GLADYS B. HAUSER Kutztown State Teachers College, 1924 Kutztown State Teachers College, 1918 Juniata College, B.S., 1927 Temple University, B.S., 1933 Pennsylvania State College New York University xx. ,mf 1 F. 39 1-ilgl T l 'ruffle ?fL:?"i ,, ,iwlgihj H E 1 9 .Q-Qufeiggfgglfgggffgfi31532 ,qfg5Lr4Qgz::..5-negise- fw- ANTHONY A. IAGNESAK ALBERT E. KRATZER Lebanon Valley College, B-S-, 1935 Muhlenberg College, B.S., 1932 Temple University, M.D., 1936 Bornd School Instructor Physician Home Economics Music PAULINE E. McLEAN ERROL K. PETERS Drexel Institute of Technology, B.S., 1935 West Chester State Teachers College Muhlenberg College New York University , 1 1,-'ijkxgt , N u . .. .. ,ef 1 - 4' ' f ffa A ,-2-,A v, ff .wi 1 :.1.,-w..'g, ,,f,-.f,f,7fl 4: ,f 'f ,f 2 '..,f u A x..f V- if .- .fz ,.-Q. l' J lj fi" LJ' U L' wfllkxcfeoygxf-'xe' 21 X-gg. S ,jf L' X, :- I 1 1:11. 9 e gg ' ' 7 2 elel SEC 'I' A T T L E R V 1 F' Q THOMAS B. SCI-IRADER ARLINE K. STRAUSS Perm State College, B.S., 1933 Cedar Crest College, B.S., 1934 Temple University ,.. wr 1 I 1 9 1 H ii ? F? lndustricd Q ' Typing Arts Shorthcmd ggi age Aft Secretary .35 3. ,l-:Ugg 1, W, , L. , 1 " 12555 ' M' W Nmxw"H" W' 1 1 f wr ' H . 1 1 ll 1 ... ..W.v,. Xu H W 1 U H 1 H 1 . , 1 W1 Wwggfgw M ,N H ,- . W A .R 1 1 ml HARVEY O. WALBERT EI-,SIE ALBRIGHT Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S., 1934 Q59 if, ' VZNQYLYJ 37 If it T A T T L E 'lt V, zijn "E y TIF? 5KN.f3.zQif4' R . L 7 C' 1- .f 4iirs:1iJL:'fE-1 ik - ALBERT S. BENEIELD HARRY A. I-IUMPHREYS Muhlenberg College, B.A., 1926 Albright College, B.S., 19375 Hopkins Uni- New York University, M,A., 1928 versityg University of Pennsylvaniag Kutz- University of Zurich, Switzerland town State Teachers College. , .Ni 1 wi -Rif- ills English German MIRIAM E. GERY Librarian Kutztown State Teachers College, 1937 Health Education Science English PAULINE R. CCOK Stroudsburg State Teachers College, B.A., 1938 History Civics i 95 ,AEN ,Ex xx GQFW ' 1 -+1 ,.... , ,4ff,1'.:, xx - 4 A , I x X.. T-" F.: xv rin., --T-X e 'VYVJ X f11VEgaE+ 1' TY Qff , ifg,?.'i, lff '5 f eww 3 M Xia J ,-' V-, 'l TF fn fv2 ?1fZ7w,QqL 5 3 : ai. , -F4 12' ff , Vfwr O wi Q ' rf. iz 1 F-77, 1 525' r,,: .1 N . RJ- n. T L E W -. f .., 1,1 fam, N CARL IVI. ADAMS General "Sparky" West Second Street, Alburtis ACTIVITIES Gym Cluh 35 Hi-Y Club 49 Orchestra 2. Carl Adams hails from the Metropolis of Alburtis. Though the son of a butcher, Carl is not called "I3nl:cl1", but "Spa1-ky." ln the four years in Emniaus High School, Carl has been a cond sport. Ile likes i'un, and is habitually happy. Hia qualities for future life are good. Good luck "Sparky", you may need itz. i ij sii Ea' ' V gi ' 4. f -- '-- CHARLES 0. ALBRIGHT Academic "Charlie Chas" Sixth and Chestnut Streets, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Track 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 3: Student Manager 3, -lg Senior Class Play 4: Senior Class Play Committee 3: Junior Prom Committee 3. lsn't he cute? This "classroom terror" is a friend to everyone. He is very proud of the high school track record which he holds at present. Short-wave radio, and television are his greater interests. Some day, ac- companied by his pal Puules, he expects to enjoy ad' venture to and into Alaska. ELWO 0D B. BACKENSTO HEII!! Klwoodll 213 North Third Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Gym Team 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Monitor Club 3, -lg Boys' Glce Club 41. Mixed Glee Club 3, -lg 14111 is an all arolnnl fellow lf there ever was 0lll!. He is on excellent trumpet player and manages the "Four lleraldsf' Wood edits the sport page of the "Tattler", and is a good athlete, especially ln track and gym. Besides all this he has loads of time to visit his heart- throh "Em", and plan his future as n chemical en- gineer. WALLACE C. BARTO, JR. General "Wally" 1 South Haas Street, Topton ACTIVITIES Track Team 35 Student Council 4: Chorus 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 45 Tnttler Staff! 4, The "Kutztown Convict", hailing from Toptou, came to Emmuus Iligh School during his Junior year. Every- one innnediutely liked XVally for his happy-goelucky na- ture. Wallace always walks as if he has some place to :ro und something to do. He's the fellow who always has something funny to say when something funny is necessary. E1 Xi if rj J Ai.m?2EaaI..m., ' , , - A A filo- 11-5 - F---YZ. V 'mg FIT' F- , fi, ' V -I '41 I nc- ' ' V2 xl ' ,- . i f EFEZYT..-. stray.. .M.f"ii Pg -i lf?l,ff,g.ig Zigi' I f" y E: 3 1 ? ff:5t5gfA1'33z5ll that p jgl IE , -. 4V,..,?T"'51,Q:Q Q -5 V, ,V Y - wr- -----V - W GLADYS M. BAUER SARAH J. BAUER Academic UTWinie" Academic "Sahara" 46 West Main Street, Macungie , , ACTIVITIES 46 West Main Street, Macungxe Bicycle Club 4: Stieh and Gossip Club 3: Senior ACTIVITIES Class Play 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Junior Proni Committee 3. Flash! Ilere comes one of them, but which one? The champion cake seller ol' the senior class! Gladys hails from the big town of Macnn:,:ie. She is often escorted from the big town by a certain boy from Macungie. Gladys wants to he n nurse, and we sin- cerely hope she will succeed. Like her sister, she is a good typist. Bicycle Club, Vive President 45 Stitch and Gos- sip Club 35 Yearbook Staff -ig Tattler Staff 4: Junior Prom Coniinittee 3. Here's to the great typist of the senior class. When "Sahara" gets to u typewriter, she actually types! Sarah is interested in a noted nxeniber of the Senior Class lshnll we say the President of the c-Iass?J All joking aside. Sarah is a good student. We believe that she wants to In-voine a nurse. Ilere's wishing you luck. ESTHER M. BECHTEL MAYNARD S. BEALER Commercial "Becky" Adademic "Bea.ler" 111 Church Street, Macungie North Third Street, Emmaus Sewing Club Play 45 Glee "Beeky" is from that great ACTIVITIES 3g Dancing Club -l: Senior Class Club 43 Junior Prom Committee 3. one of the few in our class hailing metropolis of Mncungie. She has no particular interest in the Senior Class, but is always talking about a ertacin "he," Tllat's 0.K., Becky: we won't give you away. Best of luck and success in everything you attempt in the future. ACTIVITIES Hi-Y Club 45 Draniatics 1: Senior Class Play 4. Good land who is that! Maynard with his outlandish hair whieh faintly resembles the wild inuu from Borneo wild about railroads at least. Whenever you want to ask him something, prepare yourself for a wise crack answer. Here is hoping his entertaining abilities will :ro through life with hlni. His ambition is to become a telegraph operator. "Trinka" hails l'I-om the place known as Bieher's Senior Class Play 4' QL in 7 rl 'A . R It 721-'2 ,. Fe., ELEANOR. E. BENNETT General "Bennett" Mertztown, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Fancy Work Clnh 45 Chorus 4. Eleanor is one of the newcomers to the senior vlass. She has been with ns only during her senior year. Eleanor has n pleasing personality, and is always wil- ling to help everyone along. Very stndious-at tinies- Eleanor favors home economic:-2. Eleanor expects to take a nursing course at the Allentown Hospital. Good luck to yon, Eleanor. A 1Wi7'??-qv, RAYMOND W. BERNHARD Commercial "Ray" ' 416 Ridge Street, Emmaus "Ray" came to us in the Junior year. He has been one ol' the most popular fellows in the senior class. He is always ready to help anyone at ull times. "Ray" has served as an able assistant to the stage counnittee in his senior year. He intends to enlist in some mili- , ARLENE J. BIEBER Commercial "Bieber," "Trinka," Allentown, Route 2 ACTIVITIES Typing Clnh 35 Dancing: Club -lg Glee Club 43 Glass Play 4. Mill. "Trinka" with hor smile is a friend to all: especially the opposite sex! Ask her what time she gets in Saturday night: or is it Sunday morning? "l5ieber" intends to heroine a liairdresser and we are sure she will he n success if someone, tall, dark, and handsome does not interfere. tary service after leaving: school. Good luck "Rayl ' I JACK C. BOYER Academic "Butch" 222 South Fifth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Gyn: Team 25 Ath- letic Club 3: Basketball Student Manager 3, 4. Dancing Club President 4: Cooking Club 43 llore's to one ol' the rosyrcheeked niemhers of the class. .lack proves to he quite noisy at timesg when he is with a certain auburn-haired Senior, however, he is n perfect gentleman. Though "Butch" really can study if he so desires, his motto seems to be "ya can't heat fun." His aim is to become a forest-ranger. .Q EF: 1 ,.-., SWE , .. 3 I :1 4 2 . l . - 111 , 6- 'gi-L' .i7l'W'Y?s,,..... f:..-:o.- I ' . v, Y, . MARY E. BUSS General "Bussy" 155 Elm Street, Emmaus , ACTIVITIES Girls' Manual Arts Club 3: Debating 4, Senior Class Play 4: Junior Orntoricnl Contest 3: Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2: Junior Glee Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 3. 43 Mixed Glee Club 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Yearbook Stuff -lg Tnttler 4. Mary is n nice und very sweet girl! She is quite u talker. but she does have quite :i bit of wit and quite n good singer. Mary, 11 loving und true friend is u sweet little headache: but she is lots of fun! XVe wish you ull the luck in the world, Mnry. J. HAMILTON CARL General "Ham" 01d Zionsville ACTIVITIES Baud 2, 3, 47 Drawing Club 4. J. Hamilton Curl, nick named "Hum" by his clnss- mntes, is :1 quiet sort of fellow: in fact, a great per- uonulity. J. Ilxuniltou Curl is the kind of fellow every- body likes to have for u pnl. We ull hope that he will he as suecessful in future activities as he has been during his four years in Enunuus lligh School. MARY E. CHRISTMAN Commercial "Snookums" 324 North Fifth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Handwriting Club 3: Typing Club 4: Glee Club 3, 4g Chorus 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 3. "Suookunis" really is 11 good sport, but to many students she seems to be very quiet. Her favorite sub- jects are shorthand, bookkeeping, and typing. Her re- wnrds every six weeks prove that she is u studious girl. Housekeeping and steuogruphy interest Suookums, und we know she will succeed in Whatever she attempts. HARVEY A. COPE Commercial "Bumber" 127 North Second Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, -lg Tennis Club 33 Dancing Club 4. Hey! lYhut is ull the commotion? Oh! Only Cope in :mother one of his niziny arguments. "Bomber" is very popular and is liked by all uuml loved by one. But coming down to more serious business if "Humber" plays the game of life as he played throughout the four years of his athletic career he will be Il great success. 39 RICHARD L. CORRELL Commercial "Mooney" 42 North Fourth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Handwriting Club 3: .Tournulistic Club 4: Senior Class Pluy 4: Yearbook StuE 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. "Mooney" is fl sturlious young chap. Whenever the vluss soexus to he stuvk, Mooney pulls them out of the rut. He uxiswers to his nuune with :I broual smile. Mooney hus ambition to go to Couimereinl School after graduation. I know we all wish him luck. , T?-fx A I.. ir infix?-4 Fl "" ' of I il-fb C 9 ': E'l'2-T :gxil . ' I I we parm lm a l l IE " -' .,y -luv, '-.. ..- '- MILTON D. CROSSLEY Academic "Crossley" Barto, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Bnuml 2, 3, 4. Milton, one of the quiet fellows in the Senior Glass, has been 11 fuithful Ineuiher of the hand since its organi- zation in 19313. Milton is the lone representative from llulT's Ulnuwrlx in our 1-loss. Though he is lnnlocixled nhont: his future, with his gruy mutter Milton is certain to lead :I successful life. DOROTHY I. DANNER. Commercial "Dot" Emmaus, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Hnndwrltlng Gluh 3: Slzitch und Gossip Club 4: Debating -1: Glee Club 4: Yearbook Stull? 4: Tuttler Stuff 4. Dorothy is one of the most studious ,frirls in our class, and always answers to the name of "Dot" "Dot" is the quiet type of person, und has her mind oII books- if it is not wondering to the opposite sex. 0.K. Dot, we wou't tell. "Dot" intends to be solueho1ly's stenog- ruphor. Muy success be yours. FRANKLYN T. DeE SCH General "Butler" North Third Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Football 2, 3, 4: Busebnll 4: Cooking Club 4: Senior Class Play 4: Chorus 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4. That noise you just heard was "Butler's" usb truck coming :Ironnd the corner. "Butler" is noted for his "corny" jokes and original giggle. His serious thoughts concerns engineering which he intends to make his future voontiou. The c-lnss of '39 hopes he will be as successful in his engineering career us he is with his :Ish business. KK.. fbi, K ' T: LQXQ 5117 fe, , . , H 1 9 3 9 4-1.-'gh 'aux Vi. I . iaeacli 4,1 V! EARL B. DEIBERT WESLEY G. DCVRIES Commercial "Buck" Commercial "Wes" North street, Emmaus 530 North Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES ACTH ITIES Gym Team 2, 3, 45 Basketball 45 Gym Club 3, 43 Typing Club 45 Stage Manager 3, -lg Junior Prom Committee 3. Even though "Buck" is one of the phlcginatic persons in our class, he is u great suporter and participator in athletics, and when there is something to be done, he is always the rst to volunteer to do it, His present interests are aviation and girls, and we wish him great success in both. Go to it "Buck!" Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Track Captain 4: Gym Captain 4: Gym Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Athletic Gluh 35 Glee Club 4. I'l'l!F9lltll'Ig' lady-killer DeVries! "lVes" has a crop of uncontrollable blonde hair which has caught the eye of many a fair damsel. "Wes" possesses athletic abil- ity which he demonstrated in basketball, football and track. He is undecided as what to do when he leaves high school, but if we know "Wes", he will succeed in anything he tries. JEAN DRUCKENMILLER. Academic "Jeanie" 211 South Second Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Monitor Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 43 Mixed Glee Club 3: Chorus 3, 4, Tattler Staff 3, 4, Class Officer 23 Cheerleader 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. Presenting the all-around pal of the Senior Class, friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. Jean, having n sense of humor, is always waiting for a good pun. Jean, au excellent pianist, accompanies the chorus. Jean expects to study home economics. Here's wishing you lots of success in the future, Jean. 4x + ,se H HARVEY 0. A. ECK General "Ecky," "Two-point" 135 Main Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Junior High Basketball 13 Basketball 4: Mans ager 4: Baseball 3, 45 Journalist Club 45 Ath- letic Club 3, Yearbook Stuff 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. Presenting "two-point" Eck, heaveu's gift to basket- ball, baseball, and the women. How about it "Maggy?" Seriously, "Eeky" can really pitch. He was wild in the beginning but now can be counted upon to wil. Some day "Ecky" hopes to pitch the Phillies to 11 peu- nant. Go to it kid, whiff them over and you will sues ceed, Good Luck. JEANNE M. ENGLEMAN Academic "Jeanne" 532 Broad Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Senior Class Play 45 Yearbook Stuff 4: Tnttlcr Staff 3, 4: Class President 13 Cheerleader -1. Jeanne is popular with both boys and girls, hut is usually found with a tall blonde athlete who answers to the name of Hives." Jeanne hopes to attend college after graduation, to study llnnn- Errmmuisrs. .lm-aune'a sr-lmol spirit was well flisplayecl, as she was an able cheerleader during her Senior Year. S1104-ess and hap- piness from the class of '3iJ! 1 QEKN 1" ' Tflv- I 'sh " Eva: . I' K I . nr 1 - yegeexqli, 1, , JOHN R. ERICH Academic "Johnny" Zionsville, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Dancing Club 4. Here you see a classmate woh hails from Zionsville. ldrivh is not opposed to the opposite sex: in fact, he knows them very well. We wonder what became of the old green Buick. Erich has not decided on the future hui: we know he eau conquer everything-even the girls. The class nl? '30 wishes you luck iu the future. VIRGINIA C. ESTERLY Commercial "Ginnie" 654 Ridge Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Typing Club 3: Dancing Club 49 Glee Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4. "Ginnie" is one of the fair lnssies of the Senior Class. She is a studious person and is interested in the Junior Class. "Hey, Ginnie, wait for me after school." eau be heard almost everyday by that I-ertain someone whose name is "Phihi." ller career after fzruwluutien is somewhat uncertain but we know Virginia will be successful. N NOBLE M. FAU ST Academic "Butch" 302 North Fifth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Tennis Club 35 Bicycle Club, President 4: Orchestral 1, 23 Senior Class Play Committee 49 Junior Prom Committee Ilere's to the gentleman leaving the title "Best dress- ed male student." Ile sure is a quiet lad . . . some times. Of course he's not interested in the weaker sex . . . muh. Why should he he? A certain "Soph" keeps him entirely too busy. Nvhat "Butch" really is interested in is his father's trzule, aviation, business, or . . . "sumpiu." But whatever it is, we're all for you. 3? Y .- no 4- , 1. . . :-- , g.. L tr 1 XX :rum 31 A . mei' ,!,,,i F FAFEQLITE' ...EET -Q . I 1:5 ,gk-jg, ' .i f " ' V- qu N qi 1 v ASHER R. FRANKENFIELD General "Ash" Allentown, Route 2 ACTIVITIES Footlmll 45 Bnsketbnll 3, 4: Baseball -1: Ath- letic Club 3, 45 Cooking Club 43 Boys' Glue Club -1. Introducing the nmu with the beautiful wave in his hnir! If at nnytime you unnnot lllll1lQilllll'l'lY locate "Ash", look for a certain junior girl and yon'll be sure to lind Ash trninsing nlong. His interest in nth- letics :Incl souinl nciivities has Won him nmny friends. Wlmtever you nnrlertake the eluss is behind you, "Ash"g success be yours, HE 193 BERNARD W. GARDNER Academic "Barney" Emmaus. Route 1 ACTIVITIES Hi-Y Club -lg Glec Club -lg Chorus 4. We raunot say lnneh about Bernard, clue to the fact that he vnnn- to us only four months neo, but nlreuily he has won xnnny friends in the Senior Class. Bernard lives on n fnrxn, und has deeialerl to keep on farming: nffer he Q"l'ikI4lllilfPS. At present there seems to he no 1:nrtlv:nlnr fernnle in his life. BEATRICE M. GEHMAN Commercial "Beadie" 426 Ridge Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Glee Club 4, Typing Club 3. 4. Here is the most polite girl of our eluss! fAsk the clesksp. When she bumps 11 Llesk she says "Pardon nie." Beatrix.-Ie proved to be quite :I "lxe:xrt-breuker" to that certain someone. Coming to the more serious side of things, Beatrice is il very studions girl. She ranks ns one nf the highest in bookkeeping and com- mercial lnw. KARL W. GEISINGER Acdemic "Geigy" 416 North Third Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Football 2, 3, -lg Truck 2, 35 Hi-Y Club 43 Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestral 1, 2, 35 Class President 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3. l-lore is n mnu of great. ilnportnnce to our elnss. Karl has been our president for the last three years, and we nll think he rlirl very well. "G-eigy", ns we ull cull him, hulls from Eniuxnus. He is "tall, dork and hnn:lson1e" to some people. We all sincerely hope "Geigy" comes out on top in anything he attempts. L EVELYN F. GILBERT Commercial "Evy" 545 Ridge Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Typing Club 4, Stitch and Gossip Club 3: Glee Club -lg Monitor Club 3, 4: Chorus, 4. Evelyn can allways be seen with "TedL1a." She is rather quiet at times but is always sure to get her daily exercise-especially of the jaw. "Evy" is not very active in sports because she always sees the Maunngie bus leave. Keep cool "Evy" we won't tell. Evelyn is uncertain about her future but keep smiling, we're with yon. -Qee 1 I-'?'s'f. ?i' . iq fffq. I "W I-L ' FT... GRACE E. HABERSTUMPF Commercial "Gracie" 228 Admin Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Typing Club 3, 45 Glee Club 4. Grace is hoping to he sonieoue's stenographer after training in some Business College. She ranks very high in the two eoniniercial subjects, bookkeeping and short- hand. The opposite sex does not bother her to any great extent although she does enjoy visiting Allen- town once in n while. Success to you from us all! I-IAZEL H. HARTMAN Academic "Giggles" Alburtis ACTIVITIES Girl Reserves Club -lg Industrial Arts Club 33 Junior Decluniation Contest 3: Senior Class Play -lg Girls' Glee Club 45 Chorus 4. Here is the giggler ol' the Senior Class who hails from Alburtls. The only time Ilnzel becomes serious is when "Relly" is around. If you see a cloud of dust and a whirl of wind in the classroom, that's Hazel! She is always found near the band or orchestra. We wonder why??? Hazel intends to enter training in the future. ANNA C. HAUSER Commercial "Hauser" 728 Chestnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Monitor Club 3, 45 Industrial Arts Club 3: Yearbook Stall 4: Tattler Stuff 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. Entre Anna, the gal upon whom all the fellows un- load their troubles, Perhaps it's her material instinct. Boys, to her, are like "ships that pass in the night"- they conie and they go, and no one gives a hung. At any rate, she hopes to enroll in a connnereial college at the completion of her high school career. - 'r H 1 9 3 9 su PSU- .JL . I . Q , ,A . +r!1- r ARLENE K. HERSH Commercial "Hershy" 512 E. Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Student Manager oi! Girls' Basketball Team 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Monitor Club 3, 4: Chorus Secretary 43 Glee Club 23 Yearbook Staff -lg Tattler Stuff 3, 45 Treasurer of the Class 3: Secretary of Class 4. Arlene is one of our pretty, fair-haired lasslos. She is very attractive to the opposite sex and has had a few romances. She is very ambitious and has been active in many school affairs. Her ambition is to be a telephone operator or a hair dresser. We know she will succeed in anything she attempts. EARL S. HERTZOG General "Fat" 554 Chestnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track Z, 3, 4: Gym Team 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 4: Art Club 43 Journal- ist Club 45 Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 45 Yearbook Staff 4: Tattler Advertising Manager 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. "Fat" is the heaviest member of the class, probably mlue to the fact that he has such an enormous appetite. "Fat" really uses his weight to n good advantage, as an excellent tackle on the football squad, and on the track and gym teams. Earl intends to go further in quest of an art education. Good luck "Fat." MICHAEL A. HOPSTOCK Commercial "Mike" 420 South Seventh Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Athletic Manager 3, 45 Typing Club 3, 43 Senior Class Play 45 Debating 45 Chorus 4. Here is one of our athletic managers, "Mike" likes to run around looking busy and ambitious. In his own busy way he knows all the gossip,-and I advise you not to argue with him. XVell so long "Mike." With that crop of brains, and that pleasing personality, we know that you will succeed. HARRY R. HORN Academic ' "Harry" Cross Ros.d's Farm, Route 1, Zionsville ACTIVITIES Boys' Glee Club 3, 43 Hi-Y Club 35 Chorus 3, 4. Since joining our class in the beginning of our junior year, Harry has established quite a reputation musically by succeessfully handling lending roles in, "The Count and the Coed", and "In Arcadyl' Harry has sacrificed much time and effort in serving on many committees, and the class is grateful for his services. Here's wish- ing success to a decent, intelligent chap. W A rigid. 'lg --lhkq V ilk fi:-1 19 fi i t i H ,X OSCAR T. IOBST, JR. ATHELDA R. JONES Academic "Oil" Commercial "Tedda" 26 North Fourth Street, Emmaus E 560 Chestnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Boys' Glee Club -L: Mixed Glec Club 3, 4: Monitor Club 3, 47 Buncl 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 43 Tuttler Stull' 43 Associutc Editor 33 Editor-in-Chief 4: Yearbook Stuff 4: Lieutenant of the Monitor Club 4. "Oli" is an ull-around scholar in music :ind journal- ism. His extru uutivities gut him several things- tuking his tenor voice for ixistzaixwe, cfultivuted for thu operettu lust your, won him n vc-ry tnlkutivv- junior. Typing Club 3, 4: Glue Club 43 Chorus 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. Who is doing ull that giggling in Law Class? Why 'Ferldzl of course! And can she giggle? Teddn can be seen strolling down Chestnut Street after school with her body-guurd, Bill. Ur did I suy bodyaguard? Teddn expects to take up housekeeping utter graduation und we know Bill will like her cooking. Success to you, Teddn! WILLIAM C. KECK Academic "Keeky" 232 North Fifth Street. Emmaus ACTIVITIES Bit-ycle Club 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, -iz llunml 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glen Club 3, 4. Introducing one of the silent members of the class. "Ken-ky" muy socnn quiet outwardly, but he has no trouble nt ull with the opposite sox. XVheuever n car is needed for some event or function "Keeky" can bn depended upon for u Buick. "Kr-oky" has not yet chosen his life work, but he expects to enter the business field. EARLE L. KELLER General "Earle" 31 South Sixth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Art Club 3, Bic-yn-le Club 4: Dramatic 1, 2: Glee Ulub 35 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. If you nre ever down town und see n iisxshily dressed g.:cutlenInn nrrungixxgx nicrchnndiso in one of Grnumi-r's windows, you :fun be sure that is Earle. Eurle wus u member of tho cheering: squud in his junior und senior years und wus one of the si-hooI's most sensationul jittorbugs. If fate is kind Earle will become n famous window designer. .FX I-mm' ul 939 , . 'I' E 1 Es, if '12 1 . 2' QV'l. 02, IME .H f ' "H f. qt.-j Q-2 ,ig K ' .EES-L Hg., emi .. .lf is ELIZABETH J. KERAK Commercial "Kei-ak" 748 Furnace Street, Emmaus . ACTIVITIES Varsity Basketball 4: Hockey -it Baseball 2, 3, 4: Handwriting Club 3: Typing Club -4: Glee Club 4. "Kid Kei-ak" just simply dnesu't feel at home unless slu- has a basketball in her hands. But we all know that she is a swell athlete. lVc hr-ar she is not iu- teresforl in the opposite sux, but we know llifferent don't wc? Kid is "small" but iuiggliiy. li' you lei-l blue just :Lv to "Kerala" sho will cheer you up! MARTIN L. KLINE, JR. General "Marty" 16 South Third Street, Emznaus ACTIVITIES lv'ootbull 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Mixed Glee Club 3: Chorus 2, 3, Al: Junior Orutorical Contest 3. "Marry" is u luunlsrnne lad who thinks he van win the ladies' he-arts by wearing a uniform. Ile has already joined the National Guards and is hoping to win an appointment to West Point. His keen mind, common sense, and determination will surely get him to his vnveted destination. Here's wishing the best of everything ta il grand guy! JOHN L. KRATZER Academic "Kramer" 301 North Third Street, Emmaus AUTIVITIES Boys' Glue Club 4, Aviation Club 3, 4: Chorus 4. "Kramer" is one of the quiet innmhers of the class. In his spare time lux designs and builds gras model nir- plaucs. "Iirntzer" besides In-hu.: interested in airplanes is interested in the fairer sex but as yet has not settled down to anyone. After High School "Kratzer" expects to further his education at an aeronautical school to learn flying and designing. VVILLIAM H. KRIEBEL Commercial "Kriebel," "Willie" 91 South Church Street, Macungie ACTIVITIES Hi-'Y Club 3. -l. William is zu rather quiet sort of follow and does not pay auu-h attention to the opposite sex. "Krlebel" hails from that large city of Macungio and is one of its leading ping-pong players. lVilli:un is undecided as to what he will undertake in the future, but we are sure he will be a big success. Good luck-"Willie," o one M 2 ,.. .. E1 I' Q 'FE t 'liars-f -. N I m 'il L 5 7 kjklgv ah L 5 '-JEEE UEQTEF' :ilk GEORGE F. LAUBACH Commercial "Greg" Emmaus, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Hi-Y Cluh 39 Tennis Club 4: Monitor Club 3, 4. George, who hulls from the outskirts of Emmons, is :I quiet young chap whose hobby is driving :I ear and on various occasions he can be heard urgruing nbout. the Hudson. Although "Gog's" future is still uncertain we ure sure that he will be successful in whatever he attempts. Good Luck Gcorsre! DONALD F. LAUDENSLAGER Commercial "Donny" 401 North Fifth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Basketball 35 Truck 25 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 4: Tattler Staff 4g Junior Prom Committee 3. Donny, one of the tallest members of our class, is n sindious young niun, possessing many promising quali- ties. Donny hus il liking for the opposite sex, especially for :I certain Miss from Alburtis. Don't worry Donny, we wen't tell that she is "Butch." Donny intends to attend some business College after leaving high school. We wish you luck. CHARLOTTE I. LONG Academic "Shot gun" Emmaus, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Basketball 2, 3, 45 Cnptnin 43 Baseball 2, 3, 49 Cnptnln 33 Hockey Cnptnin 45 Gym Team 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves Club 43 President 43 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Student Council 3. 43 Treasurer 33 Vice President -lg Chorus 3, -l, Whut's that awful rocket? It's only "Shot gun" cheering for Emmons at n game. "Shot gun" is an outstanding athlete in our clnss. Maybe she get her strength by milking cows!!! XVho knows? "Ye Faith- ful Ford" brings her to school each day. ALVIN F. MARSTELLER Academic "Marsteller" Macungie, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Drumutie Club lg Hi-Y Club 3: President of the Ili-Y Club 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, 43 Mixed Glee Ulub :lg Chorus 3, fly Yearbook Stnlf 4. Alvin l-'. Mursteller hails from Mncungie, Route 1. Ile is ll ruther quiet member of the class, but very active in CXfl'5l-l'lll'l'iK'll1lll' activities. He does not, however let these interfere with his studies. Alvin intends to con- tinue his studies beyond high school and become un undertnker. Xve know he will be successfuL .fn .fx-if ?1fq1g1'-'if i"fi'ii,' F. ILL? H 1 9 3 9 A 1 l 359-l N :Q -I fi-.5 H4 ' Lu ' ' .4 ,,- -1y...- ,. - ., . -V RICHARD M. MARTZ Commercial "Dick-Mooney" 108 South Church Street, Macungie ACTIVITIES Basketball 1, 2, 3, -lg Captain 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, -lg Athletic Clnh 45 Typing Club 4: Tennis Club 3, -L Presenting a great basketball and lmselmll star! A gentleman whose experiences extend into the kitclien, especially washing dishes! A :road tip for you, Jenn. Maybe it's his curls but he vnu attract the ladies! Beware girls! "Dick" likes in be il pest on olfualsimi. "lli4'k" intends to bovmne :1 "IL P. A." lVith his ability u'e're sure ho will succeed. JEAN E. MERKEL Commercial "Shtumpy" 54 North Sixth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Typing Club 3, 45 Glee Club 4: Senior Clnss Play -l. Presenting one of the smaller lnssies of our class. "Stlunnpy" however, has landed her tnll, dark and hnndsome. Guess Who! His initials are Il. M. Jenn is well liked by both sexes, She is usually soon strolling through the hulls with a couple of friends. Good luck! WILLIAM A. MERKEL General "Speedy" Alhurtis ACTIVITIES Gym Club 33 Hi-Y Club 44. l'resenting to you n quiet but aminble lad who hails from Alhnrtis. lVilli:un, better known among his eluss- mates as "Speedy" Ho doesn't say much but does plenty, and does it well. William Inns high nmbitiens ol' being a big league pitcher, prelfernbly with the St. Louis Cardinals. Well, whatever he does, he'll pltcll n good game. CHARLES W. MILLER General ' "Chass" 114 Race Street, Macnngie ACTIVITIES Hi-Y'Club 3: Monitor Club 3, 4: Bicycle Clnb -lg Chorus 35 Yearbook Staff 4. An argument - Snbjectll? - Automobiles, especially Chryslers. Whenever you hear someone talking nhoni Chrystlers, you know "Chass' 'is around. lVe wonder why? Could it be the fairer sex? All kidding aside, HCIHISSH, who hails from Maenngie, is a peculiar type of chap, and experts to nttend Bliss Electrical School. Lots of luck "Chass"g we are sure you'll attain great heights. L MARILYN M. MILLER Commercial "Blondie" 227 North Seventh Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Glee Club 3, -lg Typing Club 33 Dunning Club 4: Chorus 3, -l. Marilyn is one of the few hlolnles in our vlnss. Being a quiet girl, she keeps her sec-rets to herself. "Blondie's" interests ure not in the Senior Glossy she keeps them outside. Okay Marilyn we won't tell: keep "him" just for yourself. "lSlondie" is not certain whut she will do nfter grmluutiong whatever she does we know she will sum-eeal. - ,- Ti if 'I rif'T mr 1 ,W lim 1 'Li ii I i Fi' Z fx i L: E 1 , JL fi... 1 'iv , . ws 'X r -i - 115 57. 1: ia 3 fain , .1 ' - H PM Q - F If-Q- N I Winn . ' It ' "M me: , ,vw .Ir v ..-1 ,,""l Y: s,q:g:' - - 1. X, 15 rffiib .'.,,'h'i r. sl4l- ' , l.A-.,.- - . x RICHARD T. MILLER Commercial 1125 Pennsylvania, Avenue, E ACTIVITIES Dosebull 35 Trunk Munuger -lc Te Hi-Y Club 35 Monitor Club 3, 4: upeten IHIIIBUS nuis Club -lg Chorus 2. On side please. here comes the biggest boy of the 1-lass, und we :lo :neun big. Although "Pete" isu't any too rouiuntiv, his thoughts seein to he set on u certain fresluuun girl who hnils from Alhurtis. "Pete" 1loesn't huvv any pnrtivulnr thing in mind. but whntever it ls, he will sure be sun-cessful. Good-bye N JEANNE D. MOHR Commercial "Jeanne" 678 Chestnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Junior Varsity Iiuskctbnll 1, 2: Varsity llusket- bnll 33 Hockey 4: lnwlnstrlul Arts Club -lg Moni- tor Club 3, 4: Senior Ulnss l'lny -l: Junior Om- torivul Contest 35 Yenrbook Stuff -lg Student Council 33 Junior Proul Connnittei- 3. Jeonno ls one of the best girls in our elnss beenuse of her ubillty in sports und other activities. She luis u pleasing' pursornllity und is likell by everyone in our ffluss. .leunno studies hard in Commercial subjects null hopes to 1-ouiiuue :xt u conunorulnl sr-hool. The class of '39 wishes her lots of luck in the future. :xml Hood luck, RUTH E. MONTZ General Old Zionsville ACTIVITIES "Pickles" Girls' Bnsehnll 2, 3, -ly Girls' Basketball 3, 4: Iloc-key 45 Monitor Club 3, -l: Girl Reserves 43 Secretory, 45 Industrial Arts Club 3: lllev Ulub 4: Chorus 4: Class Sec-retnry 3.3 Yearbook Srufl' -lg Junior Prom Committee 3. llere she comes, the lass who lmils from 0 ld Zions- villo. Hhe's n good sport, swell uthlcte, ond an pleasing: person. Ruth wnnts to bevonn: n nurse ul'ter leaving our Alum Mater. We believe she will bo sucvessful, lIere's wishing you lots of luck, Ruth. F-. w "P . 4L',L.,+ff "Q4'-1"-S'- "-1- ' . -fk ,EFAJ , I M Iriiw, a n in T ff I 'I' H E 1 9 3 BETTY C. MOYER Commercial "Windy" 428 North Fifth Street, Emmons ACTIVITIES Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Typing Club 3, 43 Chorus 3, 45 Junior Prom Cmnrnittee 3. My gosh what was tl1at??!! 011, its only "Wiiidy" laughing again!! She and Fern are great pals and are nlwuys laughing. 'tWinrly" is enthusiastic about two things, Toptou, and ice-skating!! No kidding "Windy" is n lovely and ambitious girl. One of her ambitions is to be ai commercial artist. We are certain she will succeed. Good Luck "Wiudy." . RAVELLAN H. NEITZ Commercial "Relly" 31 North Fourth Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 47 Stage Manager 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 3. "Relly" is about the biggest boy in the Senior Clnss. He is :1 very good trombone player and is very active in the band, orchestra, and the school jazz orch- estra. Ile is il very good student and we are sure that wlmtever he attempts he will be a success in it, and we all wish him the best of luck. BERNARD W. NEUMEYER Academic "Barney" 21 East Main Street, Macungie ACTIVITIES Hi-Y Club 3: Dancing Club 43 Class Play Selec- tion Committee 4. Bernard Neuinoyer, better known to ns as "Barney" hails from Macungie. He is one of the few in our class, who really knows his stuff when he comes to classes. "Barney" is the pnstxnastei-'s son, and I suppose we all know what his job will be after he leaves the good old Eluinuus High School. PAULINE A. NOLL Academic "Pan," "Polly" ACTIVITIES Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bzisketlmll 3, 49 Hockey 43 Glee Club 35 Choral Speaking Club 3: Sewing Club 43 Chorus 33 Junior Declnmntion Contest 3: Junior Prom Committee 3. Yes, folks! it's none other than "Pan", better known as "Polly," Her one weakness is talking. Nevertheless she is u good sport and n willing worker. "Pun" loves the great-out-doors and is very active in sports, espe- cially basketball. K'Polly" is usually seen with "Fifi" and "The Twins." She expects to go ln training at the Allentown Hospital. Success be hers! WILBUR W. PAULES Academic "Dopey" 53 North Seventh Street, Emmans ACTIVITIES Gym Team 35 Ili-Y Club 45 Band 2, 3. 4: Year- book Staff 45 Junior Prom Committee 3. Presenting another "Classroom terror." Wilbur is an ardent buselmll fan and an expert baker ut our locnl bakery. As to his interest in the fairer sex, he seems to have fl different interest every day. Sumo day aucoinpunied hy his pal Albright, he hopes to visit, and perhaps inhabit, frigid Alaska. Ilere's wishing you luck, Wilbur. .::'fX- ,r , ? 'f - no-his eonoucu our , i-.X IL- M- M - 5 f um L4 I, 1' -- . f me f E-' .r:1: 1 - fi ' ' d . . 23 , 2 :. it 5 N- - Z, td... - -- HELEN A. RADER Commercial "Bud" 143 East Main Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Typing Club 35 Dancing' Club 4: Give Club 3, 4: Chorus 3, -l. "Bull" is El very quiet girl, but outside of school- oh my! I believe u certain Alumni named "Domi" would know more about this than we do. "Dunk" seems to be her highest point of interest! Go ahead "limi", thut's Okay. "Bull", a staunch friend to all her tfIllSSllll1I'CS, expects to he someonc's stenographer anrl surely sho will succeed. THEODORE H. REITZ Commercial "Chubby" Allentown. Route 2 ACTIVITIES Itaselnall -lg Typing fllnh 4: llnnrlwritilnfr Club 33 Yearbook Stall 4. Ileitz is il line, lieavy built. good-uuturccl young main, usually hailed as "Clil1hhy," Ile always greets :i person with n hrmnl smile. "l'hnhhy' hails from the country, a place called Minesite. Ile is Fl very stndious young man and is likerl by everyone int-luding tho girls. Ilis ambition is to become a typist. MAE E. E. RENNER General "Rumor" Emmus, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Stitvh and Gossip Club Hg Dramatic Club 43 Debating 4: Mixed Glee l'lnh 2, 3, -lg Ohorus 3, 4. Mae is the singer of the Senior Glnss who comes to sc-heol on the Upper Milford Bus. Mae has her eye on n certain Senior from 0141 Ziousville. We wou't tell it is, Hamilton. Mae was one of the good dehntorz-1 this your, She hopes to slug with a famous orchestral some day. We wish you ull the luck. it p pfsfife l I . ..Akf VE T A-.CT 2 s...? f ti it ? ,55 5 gif ? 3, WILLIAM J. REPPERT General "Bill" 627 Chestnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Truck 4: Gym Team 4: Typing Cluh 3. 4: Glee Cluh 3, -lg Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4. A scholar, who has n very keen mind both in music nnd other subjects, llill likes to use his own juzlpznwntg and he can visually conquer anything: he sets out to do. Bill plays a very "hot" trumpet and will surely suc- eeed with that instrument. In spite of being: very bnny, he still finds time to vourt his lassie. 'Baa T E 1 9 39 PHYLLIS E. SCI-IANTZENBACH flPhil!I 650 Walnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Dann-ing Club 4: Stitch and Gossip Club 3: Glee Uluh 3, -lg Chorus 3, 45 Yearbook Stan? 4. XVhat is all the talking about in study periods Just "Phil" talking about her interest in Allentown. We used to wonder why "Phil" wanted to attend choir practices more often, but now her interest lies some other plnee. Getting down to serious business, "Phil" knows her stun' and wi- are sure she will succeed in whatever she attempts. WILBUR K. SCHANTZENBACH General "Whip" 650 Walnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Captain 4: Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, -tg Base- ball 2, 3, -lg Track 3, 43 Athletic Ulnh 3, -lg Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4. Here we find another athlete of the class ot '39. He was our foothnll captain, and was on the basketball. baseball, and track teams. "Whip" is popular with all the girls, no wonder he cannot rind a particular one to suit him. "Whip" expects to go to college and the class of '39 wishes him the best of luck. I EVANGELINE R. SCHULER Commercial "Schuler" Vern. Cruz ACTIVITIES Handwriting Cluh 35 Girl Reserves Cluh 45 Debating 45 Girls' Glee Club 4: Chorus 4. Who is that blonde who just rushed into the room? Why it'x none other than "Sehuler." Did you ever hear hor talk about the time "When I was small." But then, "SClllI10l"' goes for small people, doesn't she "Midget"?? To the men! Watch out for that small blonde nurse when she goes whizzing post your bed! Sl1e'll mow yu down! 1 I ' WILLIAM SCI-IUSTER Commercial "Willie" Vera Cruz ACTIVITIES Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Footlmll -lg Truck 2, 3, 4: Athletic Club 3: Cooking Club 3: Glee Club 4: Chorus 3, 4, Tnttler Stull? 4. Wvillinm is one of the better known residents of Vern Crnz. Be has n reputation for playing n "menu" guitar :intl knows what dancing is all nhnnt. "Bnshi'ul Willie" as he is known to A'lll0St,, girls, has already estnblislwd his nthletie prowess nt E. ll. S. nnd Lehigh Valley sports circles. Willie is one innn who cnnnot help being: successful. EF feek , I mi ,-E - GERALD W. SECHLER Academic "Alfred" Alburtis ACTIVITIES Dnucing Club 4. Let us introdnoe you to "Alfred" as Gerald is het- fer known mnong his intinuites. Gerald, ll very studions person, is interested in the scientific world. You cnn't "horse" him on nnything technical. He is nn nll around good fellow on whatever he muy undertake to do. lVe wish Alfred nll the luck in the world. I ROBERT P. SHIVE Commercial "Bob," "Shive" 502 Wyoming Street, Allentown ACTIVITIES Handwriting: Club 35 Iiivyc-le Club -fl. "Shire" is another of our quiet and bnshfnl boys: unless ynn iind him with n Lining' with whnxn he is well ncqnnintud: thnlfs different. He enters into the fun and new and then has il joke tu offer. Bob hun qualities whit-h nre hidden from those who do not know him. Lots ot' hu-lc to you "Bob," EDNA M. SMITH Commercial "Eddie" Coopersburg, Route 2 ACTIVITIES . Ilnnrlwriting Club 3, Girls' Glce Clnh -lg Tnttler Stuff . Ednn has n kind disposition and is nlwnys ready to extend n helping hnndg this "Good SIllIl5ll'lf,Illl1' trail: hns won her ninny friends. Efhm is very stndions nt certain times. She is fond of shorthand und typing. Ednn's aunbition is to go to the A. B. C. nfter gradual' tion. She ituends to become 11 stenogrnplier. Luck to you, Edna. if f C- ' ef '-'fi' ? gi mf g Eh Q - l L .1 ' Y " E I I ' QEEI1 ' ' .. . if i s I .J ,,., JOSEPH W. SMOYER General "Joe" 141 Main Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Art Club 3, 4g President 4, Glee Club 45 Chorus 4. Joe is one of Mr. lValbert's pet neeves in the art class, but when he Wants to, he really can work, nnd his nnlsternieces are something to behold. His inain interests ure in church activities und scouting. Joe intends to continue training ut Citizens Military Truin- ing Camp, Fort Hoyle, Maryland, in the Field Artillery. THE 19 JAMES R. STANSFIELD Academic "Jimmy" 402 Broad Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Boys' Glee Club 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Chorus 3, 43 Tnttler Stuff 3. Among our classmates with artistic tastes, a blonde and fuir fellow who is known by the name of "Jimmy" is easily the most evident. He is always reudy to enter a conversation pertaining to music: or drnmu, und his talents in these iields lend ns to believe that some fine art will surely profit through his versatility. LORRAINE M. STOUDT Commercial "Lanny," "Blondie" Emmaus, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Handwriting Club 3, Glee Cluh 49 Home Ec- onomics 4. XVe1l, here comes "Blondie" who hulls from the cider press junction. I always wondered why Lorraine didn't take Snlesxnunship to be "Chicks" partner sel- ling Automobiles. She is very studious in shorthand und typing. We do not know Lorraiue's plans after leaving High School, but we do know Lorraine will succeed. l WALTER C. STOUDT Commercial "Reds," "Waldo" 1029 Pennsylvania. Avenue, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Monitor Club 3, 4: Journulistic Club 4: Business Mnunger 45 Boys' Glee Club 49 Cluss Vice President 33 Student Council 33 President 4: Debating 4: Junior Orntorical Contest 3: Chorus 4, Yearbook Stuff 43 Business Manager 4. Here he is, the nmn who handles the business end of the Tattler. lVulter is liked by everyone. If he isnt seen with "Pete" Miller, then he must be with one of the fair sex, not mentioning names. Being interested in Nature, he expects to study forestry, and we know he'll be successful. Best of luck "Reds." 39 3 1 LORRAINE E. SWAVELY Commercial "Lonnie" 336 South Twelfth Street, Emmans ACTIVITIES Public Speaking Club 3: Junior Deelaniation Contest 3: Debating 4: Glee Club 4: Chorus -lg Tattler Stuff 3, 4. Lonnie, with the dark eyes and brown hair, hails from the west end of town and is a very stuclious girl. She enjoys dranunties, but most ol' all she enjoys "L'l1arlie." Getting down to serious business: we know she will turn out to be a private secretary for some employers. Who knows, it might be in a shoe store? , -yt ng-ivcu L VA I ' 1 E.. : ..2 'Z I ' . l ei Q 1 F-'S -. A - . 1- f W .. 2 RUTH C. TREICHLER Academic "Chickie" Emmaus, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Basketball 2: Industrial Arts Club 3, lllonitor Club 3, -1: Firl Reserves Club, Treasurer 4: Glee Club 4: Chorus 4: Senior Class Play 4: Student Manager 4. Quite n good snort is "Chiekie," always ready to take part in things when she is asked. Her ambition is to be a Home EVIIIIUIIIIUS Teavher. lVith ber pleasing: personality. we are sure she is on ,the road to success. 1'harlofte 1-an be found at all the school functions, we wonder why! rata.. , WILLIAM H. TRUMBORE ' Commercial "Bill" 819 Chestnut Street. Emmaus 4 ACTIVITIES lfootball 1: Basketball 1: Athletic Club 3: Typing Club -lg Boys' Glee Club 4. XVilliam, the woman hater ol' the class!!! She must be what he likes best because that is what he does in school. fI'robubly flue to nightlifej. Skipping school is also a favorite of Bill's-maybe it is to go on n candy route to ltending. Bill would like to be a candy salesman. "Go to it. "Bill" 1 in mu at , ,, MARGARET H. VETRO SKY Commercial "Maggie" 403 South Seventh Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball 2: Girls' Vars- ity Basketball 3, 4: Girls' Varsity Hockey 4: Industrial Arts Club 4: Monitor Club 3, 4: Girls' Glen Club 2: Chorus 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Student Council 3, -1. 'iMaggie" is a good friend to all who know her. She is one of the happy-go-lucky girls of our class. "Maggie" takes frequent trips to the Valley Forge Military Aeaclelny-we wonder wl1y??? NVe do not know what "Maggie" intends to do or what she is interested in. fx X1 FT: 51231 'mls Tl A 1-1 1 9 Egolf, , I will Agn-V' X :pig 12' I A, 2' 'rn , " ' FERNE A. WALTER JULIA M. WALTER Commercial "Butch" Academic "Walter" 543 Elm Street. Emmaus 427 Chestnut Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Girls' Glee Club 3, -ig Typing Club 43 Stitch and Gossip Club 33 Chorus 3, -13 Yearbook Stuff 4: Junior Prom Conunittee 3. Fern is one of the witty students of our class. She is :I rezuly, willing, and nhle 4-nnversntionnlistz in other words il gossip! Fern is quite active in school work mul hns many interests, one of whivh is that little plauze culled Tonton. We wonder what is interesting there! "Butr'lI", as her friends cull ber, hopes to heroine somebody's stenog. some rlny. Gym Team 1, 23 Class Treasurer 4: Tattler Staff 3, -Lg Junior Prom Committee 3. Tnke heed! Count your change before leaving XVIII- ter's grocery store. lVhy? Because Julia is chief cashier. Julia likes to write melodrannas, in which nppenr villinns with lnindlehnr IIIIJUSUICIIOS, and hund- some heroes in the nick of time. After graduation Julia and Gloria hope to open Il lunch room. NVith Ju1in's clerking experience and Glorin's dishwashing ability, they should be quite successful. GUY LAVERNE WAMBOLD Commercial ' "Wump" 124 Maeungie Avenue, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4: Athletic Club A 3, -lg Boys' Glee Club 3, -lg Vhorus 3, 4. When you wnut il question nnswered I-nll on Hxvlllllllu xvlllllllllld. Guy is n quiet fellow when the girls :ire around, but when he's with the fellows what :I racket he nnlkes! Guy is nn :Ill around good sport. NVe wish Guy the best of luck, even though we know he will succeed in whatever he undertnkes. l GLORIA K. WENNIG "Wennig" 30 North Second Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Bicycle Clnh 4, Illlll?l'll2'ltl0lllll Arts Club 33 Band 3, -L. Behold! The only fem of our elnss in the high school lmnd. But is it possible that hor mnsicrul talent is the only reason fur her interest in this organization? Glorin is very quiet when the opposite sex is concerned, but "still wnter often runs deep!" Glorin is rnrely seen without Julia: they are as nnseparnble as Siamese twins! PAULINE L. WOODRING Commercial "Polly" 1041 Pennsylvania Aveiue, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Typing Club 43 Monitor Club 3, -l: Ilandwriting Club 3: Senior Glass Play -lg filce Club -lg Chorus 4. Polly is n dark eyed girl who is well liked by every- one. Chewing gum is her chief hobby, and you will rind ber chief topic ol' conversation is vheniistry. That, however, is only natural, because some clay Polly is going to be n second lflori-uve Ni::htiu::alo. Follow your ambition, Polly, and we know you will succeed. 4: K Y A F , f . X ii i y fi ws. I:-1 iugllmxlg ' T' if V1.3 if . I 1 1 I I Eff- T 1 1 2. H M X WARREN R. ZENTNER General "Schnook" 528 Jubilee Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Tennis Club 3: Dancing Club 4, Cooking Club 4: Monitor Club 3, -Lg Boys' Glee Club 23 Yearbook Stall' 4. lVarren one of the snnlllost boys in the senior 4-luss. In his liesure tinne, he studies which is very little. Warren lives in the town of Ennuaus unal is usually found at the Enmns Athletic Club, loc-ated at lfiftli nnrl lironul Streets. Warren has no rlovlderl future, but we are sure he will unset with sun-1.-oss. HOWARD YARUS Academic "Baldy," "Howy" 221 Main Street, Emmaus ACTIVITIES Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, Monitor Club 3, 43 Mixed Cleo Club 33 Cuptnin of Monitor Ulub 4, Bund 2, 3, -lg Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: President -lg Chorus 2, 3, 4, Proslrlent 4: Tuttler Stuff 33 Senior Cluss Play -lg Junior l'rrun Committee 3. Here is al lesser mental giant who believes in uny- thiug revolutionary. Baldy reaches live feet seven inches toward the sky and this gentle Sex adores every inch of this black haired beauty. Howdy seems to nt- tach all his passion to his violin. FAYE M. YOACHIM Academic "Fifi" Emmaus, Route 1 ACTIVITIES Gym Team 2, 43 Girl Reserves Club -1: Stitch and Gossip Club 33 Senior Class Play 4: Year- book Stull' -l: Junior Prom Committee Here comes one of the tiniest nieinbers of the class. Yes, ir's "Fifi," Faye is the type who appreciates :L good joke and generally has one to offer in return. Dancing nncl hiking are her hobbies, and talking seems to be her specialty. Faye intends to go in training at the Euston Hospital. Success be with her. if TLf""T' QV. TE: Trai ir T H E 1 9 3 9 T ' Adam, Dallas Antrim, Paul Arndt, Aurel Brey, David Brey, Wilmer Bortz, Elden Buss, Carl Christman, Oscar Conrad, Carl DeVries, Paul Elkins, Charles The Class of i940 BOYS Kauffman, Warren Kemmerer, Morris Kerstetter, Russel Keyser, Howard Kleppinqer, Mark Kline, Charles Kline, Kenneth Kline, Robert Kline, Thomas Knerr, Iohn Kuehl, Henry Rokoski, loseph Roth, George Schaeffer, Robert Schantzenbach, Roy Schmoyer, Howard Seibert, Albert Shankweiler, Charles Smith, Thomas Stansfield, Frank Stauffer, Ralph Stephen, Martin Feqley, Kenneth Feqley, Warren Gehman, Iohn Gehris, Leon Geisinqer, Warren Gierinq, Lynwood Gouldner, Howard Hilbert, William Huber, Charles lobst, Ioseph Laudenslaqer, Burton Lichtenwalner, Richard Mensell, Warren Miller, Elmo Miller, Russel Niess, Reginald Paano, Samuel Roeder, Paul Rohrbach, Earl Rohrbach, Paul Stephens, Robert Stortz, Ralph Weida, Philip Weida, Wayne Wetherhold, Donald Wetherhold, Iames Wieder, Thomas Wilson, Harold Winzer, Bertram Witman, Aaron X3 TA Efx fT F 5, ' n 2251.61 - -f5FRy E- T T L E R lr xl, , wr:-u-L1 H W .li l 'S1 q I ,V .N The Class oi l94O CHBLS Bittenbender, Mary Hosfeld, Ieannette Boqer, Betty Houser, Doreen Boqert, leanetta Houseknecht, lean Boyer, Adele Iobst, Sadie Bruder, Elizabeth Kline, Emma Danner, Beatrice Knappenberqer, Carol Derr, Rhea Knauss, Mary Ellen Durbak, Irene Kocis, Helen Erb, Annetta Koneski, Mary Feqley, Buble Kulp, Arlene Fellman, Emily Leibert, loyce Miller, LaRue Moll, Naomi Nester, Marian Nickele, Olga Paul, Verna Rohrbach, Anna Sallade, Ardella Schreiber, Annabelle Schultz, Mary Ellen Sikora, Frances Sikorski, Anna Geisinqer, Luella Lichtenwalner, Arlene Hamscher, Geraldine Lorish, Ruth Hensinqer, Nellie McCutcheon, lean Hertzoq, Faith Meitzler, Blanche Hoffman, Helen Menael, Irene Miklencic, Pearl N Srnoyer, Dorothy Stoudt, Dorothy Suberroc, Stella Weida, Frances Wentz, Ioanna Ol X 'WERE sizes. 1 1 -. Q. 4. .,- X . 1 ww 4-in-.t 3 r.: 2 1- , .- it ,, ,, , ,, . 1 ,r N 4, M , - W - l , . -, Q-L: L - ,ff U., .. - . . - X, 193 2 .FE?WEf5? lgmifi Er' fi If E9 M' V it 'li will rt The Class ot l91ll BOYS Barto, Herbert Hartman, Vernon Basko, Anthony Beidleman, Robert Bieber, Paul Biers, Albert Bowers, Mark Brensinqer, Gordon Brensinqer, Maynard Buchin, Harry Butz, Norman Harwick, Forrest Hauser, Walter Hertzoq, LeRoy Horne, William Iobst, Zane Kneedler, Milton Koch, Iames Kratzer, 'William Kriebel, Harry Caqna, Iohn Lohrman, Donald Natysyn, Stephen Neimeyer, Henry Neitz, Roy Oels, Carl Paules, Ernest Queen, Leo Rauch, Claude Reynolds, Myron Roberts, Butler Schaeffer, Donald Smoyer, Bruce l l Carl, Aaron Carl, Stuart Cunningham, Donald Derr, Harold Derr, Iohn Doney, lna Dwornak, Ioseph Edwards, Clinton Erney, Arthur Funk, Charles Gierinq, Willard Golas, Thaddeus Long, Warren Marcks, Kenneth Merkel, loseph Miller, Roy Miller, Vincent Miller, William Moll, Owen Moore, William Moyer, Freeman Moyer, Harold Moyer, Kermit Stauffer, Howard Stephens, Clinton Stortz, Milton Stosh, Iohn Stoudt, Earl Surcek, Damion Treichler, larnes Voqel, Warren Wenniq, Glenn Wessner, Robert Wetherhold, Henry Yanochko, Andrew I X fX,.,. 'E Left " 'ii iifiiifr ' T A T T L E R li 4? -. F 31 . Bauder, Arlene Bernhard, Ruth Biehn, Pauline Bitting, Betty Burian, Elaine Carl, Madeline Chihul, Carolyn The Class oi l94l GIRLS Haines, Virginia Hallman, leanette Harrison, Beryl Hertzog, Margaret Hillegas, Kathryn Hoffman, Arlene Hohe, Lorraine Christman, Barianna Hopstock, Sophia Crossley, Leah Hosteld, Winnabelle Dearolt, Verda Decker, Mae Huber, Grace Huyette, Marilyn McKeever, Colleen Meck, Anna Meitzler, Elaine Meitzler, Eva Miller, Hilda Neirneyer, Myrtle Paules, Betty Beacller, Margaret Behm, Virginia Beinert, Pauline Rice, lean Dickert, lean Eck, Edna Eline, Elinor Engleman, Dorothy Erb, Beulah Esterly, Ieanette Feather, Fay F enstermaker, Mae Fisher, Ioyce Folk, Emma Gehrnan, Rachel Guth, Louise Iobst, lane Kleppinger, Iune Kleppinger, Pauline Kline, Fern Kline, Genevieve Klins, Hilda Knauss, Ernestine Knauss, Thelma Kooker, lacqueline Kramer, Gloria Lubisack, Florence Ritter, Margaret Roth, Betty lane Buch, Miriam Schaeffer, Marian Schuler, Betty lane Sticher, Iune Trump, Helen Urffer, Harriet Webb, Gerta Wetzel, Lorraine Yarerna, lulia ' Yurisko, Sophie l -O X, 4 U .fa fidutlil 'FE EE I Bllligm F"LffiE.7T?:EsI Mi' Y- x HEY all Efliii-, E1 Elini- ,ez las! U -V I ' jg'-tlgsflfi pref J 7 ' i 7-lb :Exif 5.55. r ts ' 5 '- 2, 1 -fn ,,., ,, . f. f 1 x. Bauder, Richard Bauer, Bernard Berosh, Georqe Bilqer, Donald Bittinq, Kermit Bortz, Bruce Bortz, Russell Bowers, Iohn Chwastock, Mike Correll, Robert Crouthamel, Donald DeLong, Paul Derr, Ienninqs Druckenmiller, Perry Eisenhard, Dallas Eisenhard, Fred Esterly, Donald Estok, Albert Faust, Maurice Feqley, Edward Feqley, Burton Fellrnan, Russell Feninez, Georqe Fenstermaker, Donald The Class oi l942 BUYS Fensterrnaker, Walter Findlay, Charles Fischer, Willard Fisher, Arthur ' Folk, Paul Gehrnan, Paul GeI'Y. Nathan Gierinq, Charles Glass, Raymond Greenawalt, Russell Haas, Donald Hallman, Donald Harnsher, Howard Hartman, Randoloh Hebelka, Theodore l-leirnbach, Harry Heirnbach, Martin l-lertzoq, Wilmer l-lowerter, Paul lbach, lohn, Ir. lobst, David Kerak, Paul Kern, Arthur, lr. Kern, David Kina, Gordon, Ir. Kistler, Marvin Knappenberqer, L Knauss, Niles Knecht, Harvey Kollar, Anthony Konkus, lohn Krause, LeRoy Kulp, Clarence, lr. Kuncio, Stephen Mackes, Robert Markle, Victor lvfeinhotm, Franci Merkle, Thomas Miklos, Steve Miller, Donald Mohr, Paul Mohr, Stanley Moore, Frank Moyer, Bruce Moyer, Roy Moyer, William Natysyn, Charles Neila, Nickolas Neimeyer, Ernest Nester, Wilmer Paul, Ralph Reese, Richard Reiss, Willard Reitenauer, Claude Richards, Laurence Sandrovitz, Frank Schaffer, Donald Schuler, William Shelly, Ray Sikorski, Edward Stortz, Fred Stortz, George Strauss, Willard Treby, Iohn Varqo, William Wallistach, Frederick Wasco, Thomas Wenner, Anthony Wieder, Donald Williams, Robert Yarus, Stanley Yost, Iohn ,I fglr-MQ ,XT lfx- -'I ifg""f.- ,lfx J 113511 ...k-' "4 ' Q gi" -F lisp: :gi ' lb' 1 l lt' Arnig, Iune Apgar, Caroline The Class of l91l2 Folk, Pauline Fowler, Mary Backensto, Madlyn Frederick, Betty Balasack, Margaret Gearhart, Ferne Benedict, Mary Bernhard, Helen Berry, Eleanor Biehn, Melba Bortz, Geraldine Bowers, Ruth Boyer, Grace Gehrnan, Ardella Giering, Lorraine Grim, Millidene Haring, LaRue Heater, Doris Hennemuth, Dorris Hensinger, Helen Buss, Charlotte Houseknecht, Madeline Carl, Arline lobst, Hannah Chihul, Rosalie Iandrisevitz, Catherine Clingenpeel, Lucile Kerak, Agnes Dankel, Dorothy David, Phoebe Desch, Arlene Eck, May Erney, Errna Escheback, Edna Faust, Lorraine Felegy, Sue Folk, Ioyce Kline, Gertrude Kline, Viola Knauss, Marguerite Kocis, Betty Kovish, Marie Kransky, Ethel Kratzer, Florence Krupa, Irene Labanc, Dolores GIRLS Laubach, Evelyn Rosenberger, Harvella Laudenslager, Dorothea Lipyanik, Rose Marie Lorish, Marie McCutcheon, Marcia McElroy, Ernestine Meckes, Helen Mehi, Alice Merkel, Mareline Miklencic, Mary Milhouse, Mildred Miller, Anna Moll, Dorothy Moyer, Eleanor Moyer, Gloria Neirneyer, Ethelrnae Pannepacker, Ruth Phillips, Doris Rauch, Betty Reese, Evelyn Reinert, Lillian Reiss, Burnetta Rohrbach, Mary Romanchuk, Mary Schiftert, Dorothy Schreiber, Carolyn Schueck, Dorothy Schuler, Annabelle Seislove, Betty Shelly, Frieda Shive, Betty Sittler, Aldine Skinner, Arlene Smith, Iune Stortz, Mary Tapler, Eleanor Toth, Elizabeth Vetrosky, Mary Warnbold, Eleanor Wasco, Dorothy Weaver, Hazel Wennerholt, Ruth White, Pearl Wieder, Kathryn Wilson, Mary Vivian Yeahl, Gladys , f ,,,- fx-1 1 if K -. " , ,Liv ' 1 X, -N -V 1 I . . Tv T A T T L E R -ml bib? - lszffrzf- Y-I sv-M 'f H A --55351-fgg, --'I -is -ir' rr-if'-"ar - Class Officers and Advisors lil CLASS OF 1939 President, KARL GEISINGER Vice President, GUY WAMBOLD Secretary, ARLENE HERSH Treasurer, IULIA WALTER Faculty' Advisors, MISS BEARY, MR. ORTT CLASS OF 1940 President, DONALD WETHERHOLD Vice President, WILBUR BREY Secretary, IOANNA WENTZ Treasurer, OLGA N ICKELE Faculty Advisors, MISS HAUSER, MR. WALBERT, MR. FRANTZ CLASS OF 1941 President, IEAN RICE Vice President, MARILYN HUYETT Secretary, TI-IELMA KNAUSS Treasurer, RUTH BERNHARD Faculty Advisors, MISS COOK, MISS MCLEAN, MR. DEISCHER, MR. BENFIELD CLASS OF 1942 President, IOHN TREBY Vice President, MARY MIKLENCIC Secretary, ALICE MEHI Treasurers, MILLEDINE GRIM, ARTHUR FISHER, BRUCE BORTZ Faculty Advisors, MISS STRAUSS, MR. BECKER, MR. HUMPHREYS, MR. GEISINGER fy C Z ' Mi? , Z Jil wx ,,. E H kk x KU. ff 5. ,, m fQ ff mix, ,-fi: . ,flff '3-1.l,"74'1,, ' A '- f'?7,,? Qmxm K, 5 ., f ' K W viii? Aiff:. t-1-f f f",k ",' 'FRG 1, , ff, X -if ' F L..,.r 13' ' 'fir-V - Ea C 1 ' -'vx , ,11- ,..-,V T, ,, X FQ ci L"5x, ., Fx JA v 415 Class Poem Now that parting time is near In our thoughts we dream our dreams, Not only of the past so dear- Even future hopes, it seems, Travel dimly through our brains. Endless pleasures we have shared Ever working for our gains: Never caring how we fared. Twelve years have passed, some fast, some slow, I-Iowever, we have tried our best: Indeed we hope We've made a show Regardless of the work that steeped. Time has brought us many joys, Yearly treasures we have reaped. Now, it's time to say farewell, In our hearts we pine and sigh- Not for books, but friends-ah well- Emmaus High School-goodbyel PAYE YOACHIM AND MARY BUSS X-X., il TAQ, tilt , filllelllilll i - in ,A Y-' ,-,. T in A... .. ..,1L,, Ti A T T L. E: R Senior Class History History is a record of man, so say the historians. This history concerns only 92 MEN, and WOMENg in other words, the Class of 1939. These 92 students entered the Emmaus High School in 1936 as "corny" freshmen, who thought they knew something of the world at large. But were these freshmen surprised when they discovered they were nothing but a cluster of green grapes in the vineyard of education! These scholars ta-heml decided to have a Hallowe'en Party and every one attending this shindig had a grand and glorious time. The year slipped by so fast that it was Iune before these freshmen knew what had happened. Two months passed quickly, and again our friends labored at their "readin', ritin', and 'rithmetic." Our Sophomore friends decided to have an- other iamboree, and since they had had so very much fun at their first Hal- lowe'en party, they decided to have another. The second one was as much of a success as the first. The mid-year was soon over and their Sophomore year was coming to an end, when some bright little cheruh looked into his handbook, and to his surprise and amazement found that sophomores were allowed two social functions a year. Were these kids surprised, or were they? They were! Their class president called a class meeting and our friends decided to have a "Sophomore Hop." Gosh, but these Cherubs were excited! They walked through the corridors with their heads held high, 'cause their class was the first class of sophomores ever to hold a dance. Boy, oh boy!!! The dance came and went with little excitement for the Sophomores, of course. Soon, very soon, after that, lune 22nd rolled around, which meant a whole two months of no worries. At least no school worries. On September sixth our friends again entered the old camping grounds. This time they were luniorsl Thing of it - Iuniors. This meant that, next to the Seniors, they ran the high school--tthey hopedll Among this population of ll7 were found several who had athletic ability treal he-rnenlp others who had oratorical ability: and some who could sing. These socially minded lunior friends had soon made plans for their first social function, which was another Hallowe'en party: only this time it was a dance. At Christmas they had another dance: for what would Christmas be to the Iuniors without a dance to prove to Saint Nick that they could really be good boys and girls? In April, the big occasion finally arrived - the lunior Prom - the largest prom ever to be held at the Cwl's Home. Several years previously, some Iunior class had begun the custom of sponsoring a farewell dance for the upper classmen. Our Iuniors did their I V,,-Yi: c ,.A, ., ,.A,. s y wg 1 f ifjiift t 1 T I-1 E: 1 9 3 9 t east steel, t'it.ti.t ta - part in furthering this custom by sponsoring a rip-roaring dance for the so- called dignified Seniors, in the form of a "Hobo Dance." That dance made history! Before these jolly luniors had chance to say "lack Robinson," the school had locked its doors for another two months. That last vacation went by like lightning. ln another "lack Robinson" those same familiar faces entered the same familiar institution of learning, but its name was changedg from the Emcxus High School to Emmaus High School. 1938-1939 being the last year these students had in school they decided to use it to good advantage, not to spend it only on recreation. Besides athletes, orators, and songsters, we found that there were several Greta Garbos and Robert Taylors who staged two magnificent plays. tune 22nd arrived so quickly that it took a long time for these students to realize they were graduates of the Emmaus High School. lil Class Prophecy The ambition of the world peace makers, that there would never be a World War again, had not been realized. About the middle of the twentieth century the world witnessed the worst War it had ever seen. Immediately! thereafter followed a period of reconstruction. Because a southern country had neglected to provide for its self-defense, that country was overtaken by the queerest man who ever paced this old earth. Several years before the terrible war this man had instilled fear into the hearts of the people through- out the world by bringing to life a destructive monster that had been created by his father. But during the war this man killed the monster by pushing him into a pit of boiling sulphur. The man was none other than Wolf Frankenstein who had now changed the name of this southern country to Elasco. A fortress of fear was built under his direction, and called Bucyrus. At Bucyrus were located his large laboratories, offices, and archives. The fortress was, in reality, the capitol of the country. Except for this one aggres- sive and scientific city, the country was progressing no faster than it always had even though it was under the supreme rule of this reputed fiend. People went about their business as before, with the same ambition and cheerfulness. Despite the fact that the people thought they were being ruled by a fiend, he was doing everything in his power to make this country the best and mightiest in the World. Frankenstein had achieved his one ambition: to become ruler of a large country, and then to be non-imperialistic. t 'r A T 'I' L. E R its tl '.YA 'l it I7 H 4 It was during this stage of World progress that we, Phyllis Schantzenbach and Wilbur Paules, decided to pay a friendly visit to this great monarch. Our homes were located a great distance from Bucyrus. Because of the topograph- ical conditions of this southern country, we were going to use different means of transportation. We left home early one morning in spring. As the first part of our trip was to be taken by airplane, we hurried to get to the airport on time. Suddenly the fate which befalls all speed demons came upon us. We heard the shrill note of a policeman's whistle, and came to a halt. A state Motor Policeman, with broad shoulders and a stern face, approached us. We looked at him with a feeling that we had seen him before. Yes, it was our good friend Martin Kline. He was overjoyed at meeting us, and when we departed, the ticket was still in his possession. At last we were at the airport. Here we were introduced to our pilot, Earl Deibert, who had realized his boyhood ambition. As we entered the office building of the airport, we noticed on our left a large bulletin board. We saw a poster stating that Arlene Hersh, the famed aviatrix, was to appear at that airport in two weeks. She was going to give a stunt demonstration assisted by her able attendant Mary Buss. Our pilot flew us to our next destination, at which we were to spend the night. When we arrived, it was early afternoonp so, we decided to seek some entertainment. First we selected a beautiful hotel for our night's lodging, and found that the hotel was owned by William Schuster. We asked him about some good entertainment for the afternoon. He suggested, "Why don't you go to see Dick Martz and his Daredevil Demons?" Because of the desire to see Dick once again, we departed immediately to see this supposedly great show. Dick had organized a group of men into a great show of daredevil driving with motorcycles and automobiles. We enjoyed the performances very much. We discovered that William Trumbore, Raymond Bernhard, Ralph Stauffer, and Michael Hopstock were the most daring of the demons. Dick had hired these men because he knew much about their excellent characteristics and abilities. It was evening when we came back to our hotel. There we saw and heard Warren Zentner and his swing band putting on an appealing performance. He told us afterward that William Keck and his jazz band, starring trumpeter William Moyer, were to appear at the hotel the following evening. Athelda Iones realized her pet ambition in becoming the wife of the celebrated trumpet player. We spent the night at the hotel, and prepared to leave by train the next morning. At the railroad station we saw Theodore Reitz and Dorothy Danner employed as secretary and stenographer for the railroad company. They informed us of the fact that both Lorraine Swavely and Margaret Vetrosky had married several months ago. rx in . NY' ' While traveling on the train we met Walter Stoudt, a printer, accompanied by Richard Miller, who had won a contest in his friend's newspaper, and was going north for a tryout with a moving picture company. Our next stop was a city located on the shore of a very large lake. On arriving there, we asked an insurance man, Donald Laudenslager, about berths for the night. He recommended the hotel managed by Wesley DeVries, and co-managed by Robert Shive. We told Donald that we were glad to have seen him again, and then drove to our prospective lodging place. Upon arriving, we soon learned that Ravellan Neitz and his swing band were to appear at a night club that evening. This night club was owned by Oscar lobst and Howard Yarus. Guy Wambold and his orchestra were to appear at the night club the following evening. We also learned that Fern Walter was making quite a hit as an ice skater at the local arena. We retired to our respective rooms late that evening, and enjoyed a good night's sleep. A As a boat was not due in town for the next two days, we decided to observe a little of the vocational and educational side of life. But early the next morning, as a result of not feeling quite well, we went to the Municipal Hospital for a checking on our physical conditions. There we met Beatrice Gehman and Marylin Miller, who were handling the secretarial duties of the hospital. As we passed through several wards of the hospital. To our sur- prise we met several of our classmates, who had become efficient and reliable nurses. Gladys and Sarah lane Bauer, Eleanor Bennett, Ruth Montz, andi Pauline Woodring all were glad to see us. We were told that Faye Yoachim, Pauline Noll, Evangeline Schuler, and Hazel Hartman were also employed as nurses at a nearby hospital. Charles Miller had become an honored doctor at that same institution. lust before noon time we were discharged with assur- ance that our physical conditions were excellent. That noon we were very hungry, and decided to patronize the first neat looking lunch room we would see. Soon we spied a very appealing restaurant, which we entered. We saw with pleasure, lulia Walter and Gloria Wenig discussing the financial statistics of the establishment. The girls were glad to see us, and hoped that Noble Faust would arrive for his meal before long, so that he could see us again. Noble had become a United States Government meat inspector. During the afternoon we visited Charlotte Long, girls' physical education teacher at the local high school. We also visited lohn Kratzer, an airplane designer, at a designing concern. At the high school we met several important teachers, among them lean Druckenmiller, who had become a musical instruc- tory Carl Adams, who was handling the industrial arts job at this institution: and Charlotte Treichler and leanne Engleman, two efficient home economics teachers. aff , if-f . ... , ,..A .. . q r ' T ri T T L E R p 5 ..,. N -inept W tfrL,lwfw:-Aff. Having had the pleasure of meeting several of our good friends at the high school, We went to the designing concern. As We entered the office of the designing company, we saw Grace Haberstumpf, who was employed -as a stenographer, and Arlene Rader, who was a guide for visitors. Arlene accom- panied us to the department in which Kratzer was laboring. Iohn took us to the architectural designing department, where we saw Earl Hertzog and loe Smoyer planning a proposed dwelling for the mayor of the city. Earle Keller, an efficient display window "dresser," was assisting the two men. They told us that Betty Moyer, an artist, had gained considerable recognitioffor several of her paintings. Late that afternoon We returned to our hotel for the evening meal. Vifhile enjoying almost all the delicacies on the menu, we listened to the radio. We heard a program which presented Iames Stansfield at the console of the organ, accompanying Mae Renner, who gave vocal interpretations of the melodies he played. We enjoyed another night of good sleep, and then prepared to continue our vocational and educational expedition. Between breakfast time and noon- time we visited a large newspaper concern, and a spacious farm. At the newspaper concern we found Maynard Bealer, a telegrapherg and Hamilton Carl and Richard Correll, two reporters for the publication. Mrs. Correll's little boy, the gossip-gatherer, told us, before We left, that leanne Mohr had become a telephone operator, and William Markel, a radio engineer. After leaving the newspaper concern we visited the large farm owned by Milton Crossley and Bernard Gardner, who told us that they had been cor- responding with William Kriebel, also a scientific farmer. We were told that Elizabeth Kerak and Mary Christman, who had realized their ambitions, were residing in the nearby vicinity. One of the places we toured during the aftemoon was an engineering corporation. Gerald Sechler, Harry Horn, and Elwood Backensto were em- ployed there as chemical engineers: Wallace Barto and Asher Frcmkenfield, as mechanical engineers. All of them were doing very satisfactory jobs. About mid-afternoon we left the engineering corporation, to go to a dairy operated by Edna Smith and Arlene Bieber. They informed us that lean Merkel and Lorraine Stoudt had settled down, and married. Arlene Bieber told us, "Would you like to hear some very good news? Charles Albright was here the other day. He wanted us to operate a dairy in his vicinity, soi that the people could get some fresh milk every day. You know, Charlie had gone north, and become a very important citizen in some town up there." And then she said, Yes, Charlie took Alvin Marstellar, the undertaker, and social worker Karl Geisinger with him on his last return trip. We expressed our joy at having heard about so many of our dear classmates, and then said We had to hurry back to the hotel. H L l I- aw , T H E 1 9 z-x I , WY. E f-N. mi . As we were leaving, we walked into Wilbur Schantzenbach. Wilbur told us that he was going inside to place an order for Grade A Milk. He wished to use the milk at his training table, as he had become a famous athletic coach. After a chat of a few minutes, we left "Wip" to go to our hotel. Late that evening the manager of the hotel came to see us. He had looked up references on some our classmates, and wished to tell us some of the good news. ' He related, "Esther Bechtel and Evelyn Gilbert are partners in a hair- dressing shop, located in a downtown section of the city. Evelyn told me that Anna Hauser, who has become a novelist living nearby, is one of their best customers. Harvey Cope has become a respected and well-liked citizen and Iohn Erich is president of a large bank. Virginia Esterly is associated with a traveling fashion show, and is recognized as one of their most beautiful models." We were very glad to hear about our friends, and to our surprise he had more news. He told us that Harvey Eck was earning large sums oft money as a golf pro at a large country club. Having told us all he knew, the manager bid us farewell, as we were to continue our trip by steamshipf early the next morning. As we entered the ship, we were instructed to report in the captain's cabin. On arriving there we found that the captain was none other than Bernard- Neumoyer. He was very glad to see us, and told us that he had recently bought some shares in an organized baseball club. We told him all the good news that we had heard during the last three days. W'hen we were finished, he said, "You think you have good news! Well, l have the cream of the crop for you. Franklin DeEsch has joined the navy, and lack Boyer has become a national forester." We certainly were overjoyed, because we knew that these two classmates had worked so patient- ly, and had succeeded. With the satisfaction of knowing that the entire 1939 class of Emmaus High School had succeeded in whatever ambitions they possessed as high school students, we retired to our respective cabins for the rest of the day. Now that all our classmates and their successes were accounted for, we had a re- newed interest in the great Ruler, whom we were to meet one day hence. 39 The Hall ot Fame A T 'r L E: R Unusual - Noisest boy Noisest girl - Best dressed girl Best dressed boy Tallest boy - - Tallest girl - Tiniest girl - Tiniest boy - Class comedienne Class comedian - Best girl dancer Best boy dancer Most bashful girl Most bashiul boy Most studious boy Most studious girl Best girl athlete All around athlete Best pencil loser Biggest girl flirt Biggest boy flirt Most artistic - Best day dreamer - The "I don't get it" girl Biggest eater - Biggest pest Best bragger - Most talkative - Everybody's friend Most lovable girl Most handsome boy Most likely' to succeed Look alikes - Biqqest school skipper Undescribable - Argumentative - Most sophisticated Most likely bachelor Nicest blush - Queerest laugh - Best operatic ability - Wilbur Paules Bernard Ueumoyer - lean Merkel Charlotte Treichler - Noble Faust - Richard Miller Phyllis Schcmtzenbach Evangeline Schuler - Warren Zentner - Fern Walter - Wallace Barton - Althea lones Earle Keller - Edna Smith - Carl Adams Michael Hopstock Lorraine Swavely - Charlotte Long Wesley DeVries Arlene Hersh Pauline Noll Howard Yarus - loe Smoyer - William Schuster - Ruth Montz - Earl Hertzog - - Mary Buss lean Druckenmiller Margaret Vetrosky Karl Geissinger Ieanne Engleman - Oscar lobst Dorothy Danner - Bauer twins Franklin DeEsch Gerald Sichler Walter Stoudt Hazel Hartman William Kriebel Esther Bechtel Arlene Bieber Mae Benner ,tra-.IX ,,,f X ,f"x +, If I ' ' fe, -7 lelifl 'I' I-1 E 1 9 A- .f .ee 11. 5-- 5 M1511 'HE' 'fig ' ,ww "iz:-L La- '-fr li. - ' . wa 1 35 gg , , f'm1:':F .111 X ." fuf:::Ei1'l5 'Pj' M5221 I .Zia . 2: was iw-13 - ,V - 1 ,N-'.m1 ' " 5U4i..Vf'l ll!! tl L ,fel-2, 'Q L. .f15L"tIf1t.w Je.. . Famous Sayings Adams, Carl ....... Albright, Charles .... Backensto, Elwood . .. Barto, Wallace ..... Bealer, Maynard ..... Bernhard, Raymond .. Boyer, Jack ........ Carl, Hamilton Cope, Harvey ...... Correll, Richard Crossley, Milton DeEsch, Franklin .... Deibert, Earl ....... DeVries, Wesley Eck, Harvey ..... Erich, John ........ Faust, Noble ......... Frankenfield, Asher .. Gardner, Bernard .... Geisinger, Karl ..... Hertzog, Earl ........ Hopstock, Michael Horn, Harry ..... Iobst, Oscar .... Keck, William Keller, Earle Kline, Martin .. Kratzer, John .... Kriebel, William ..... Laubach, George ..... Laudenslager, Donald Marsteller, Alvin .... Martz, Richard Merkel, William .... Miller, Charles . . . Miller, Richard ..... Neitz, Ravellan .....,. Neumoyer, Bernard .. Paules, Wilbur ....... Reitz, Theodore ....,.., Reppert, William ..... Schantzenbach, Wilbur Shuster, William ..... Sechler, Gerald Shive, Robert .... Smoyer, Joe ...... Stoudt, Walter ..... Stansfield, James ..... Trumbore, William "Oh Grash! . . . . . . . . . "Alaska-here we come! . . "Well, I'll tell you it's like this. .. . . . . . . . "How's the corn crop? "AchduGut. HLIKGFUII. . . . . . . . "I like freckles. "Oh Yeah! 'Tm going up to Mary. "You're a heck of a guy. .. . . . . . "Where's my pipe? .. "That's what you think. . . . . . . "You're hurting me. "Cheese and Rice. .. "Did you see Marilyn lately? "Ah Gee! . . "I wish I could play an accordian. "How much, say how much. "Yourjuicy. "Fish-Posh. "You're dopey. "This can't be love. "Oh du Gut. "I don't get it. "Jesse and Rice. .. "Do ya think your big enough? "It's all the same difference. "It's all the same difference. "Ah, shut your mouth. "I don't know. "Variety is the spice of life. "Get out of here. .. "I haven't got the nerve. "Cut the crap. .. . "What my fist. . . . . "You horse. .. "Ahhhhh Heck. "It wasn't me. . "Can't do it. "None of your lip. "What'? .......... "I'll mummer you. "H'm! Gee! . . . . . . "How do you feel tomorrow? .. "Student Council meeting today. . . "Do you know any -- stories? "I want to be alone. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 "The class will please come to order. . "Mayn't I hold your hand awhile?' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ATTLE Wambold, Guy .... Yarus, Howard .... Zentner, Warren Bauer, Gladys .... Bauer, Sarah Bechtel, Esther . .. Bennett, Eleanor . .. Bieber, Arlene .... Buss, Mary ....... Christman, Mary Danner, Dorothy ..... Druckenmiller, Jean Engleman, Jeanne . Esterly, Virginia . . . Gehman, Beatrice .... Gilbert, Evelyn .... Haberstumpf, Grace Hartman, Hazel .... Hauser, Anna . .. Hersh, Arlene Jones, Athelda .... Kerak, Elizabeth Long, Charlotte Merkel, Jean .... Miller, Marilyn Mohr, Jeanne Montz, Ruth . .. Noll, Pauline .... Moyer, Betty Rader, Arlene ..... Renner, Mae ....... Schantzenbach, Phyllis . . . . Schuler, Evangeline ..... Smith, Edna ........ Stoudt, Lorraine Swavely, Lorraine it ieli., ...e.- 4 Ei - t I ,gill it 4 . . . .. "Hi, Joe!" "I don'tcare." .. . "Get the h- out of here." ak .. "That's what you think." "If this were last year." "Oh Phooeyl' . . . "Gee, this damp weather." "Oh, did you hear this joke? H "Someday my prince will come." "Gee, you look nice." "Oh that's right." . . ...... "Holy Moses. .......,. "You big noodle. . "It's the ice-man for me." as sv vs "Pardon me. . . . . . . "Search me. "You, pineapple. ss 11 n "Why? . . . . "You're too young to know." "Where's that pencil of mine?" . . . . . . . . . "The feeling is mutual." . . . "Let's pass the A. C.'s" .. "Did Billy go already?" "Don't you feel good?" "Oh Yeah!" "Wheel" . . "How are those pies?" "Well, say something." . . . "Oh Golly-Whoppersi' ..... . . . .. "No kidding." . . "Oh Gee, I don't know." ........ "Yes, my love." . "You're telling I." "Wait a minute." "Oh Yeah!" .. "What are you talking about?" Treichler, Charlotte ........ "Goody, Goody, Gumdropsln Vetrosky, Margaret Walter, Fern ......... . . . Walter, Julia ......, Wennig, Gloria .... Woodring, Pauline . . . Yoachim, Faye "Well, for evermoref' "There's something about a soldier." , .......... "Shall I let 'em have it?" "Oh Phooeyf' . . . . . . .. . . . "Your telling me." . "I am innocent, so help me." A'-f--ir 2 Z r 1 I 1 Tiki nz, be J THE 1939 Movie Stars and Songs Name Adams, Carl Albright, Charles Backensto, Elwood Barto, Wallace Bealer, Maynard Bernhard, Haymond Boyer, Jack Carl, Hamilton Cope, Harvey Correll, Richard Crossley, Milton DeEsch, Franklin Delbert, Earl DeVries, Wesley Eck, Harvey Erich, John Faust, Noble Frankenfield, Asher Gardner, Bernard Geissinger, Karl Hertzog, Earl Hopstock, lVlichael Horn, Harry Iobst, Oscar Keck, William Keller, Earle Kline, lvlartin Kratzer, John Kriebel, William Laubach, George Laudenslager, Donald Marsteller, Alvin Martz, Richard Merkel, William Miller, Charles Miller, Richard Neitz, Ravellan Neumoyer, Bernard Paules, Wilbur Reitz, Theodore Reppert, William Schantzenbach, Wilbur Schuster, William Sechler, Gerald Shive, Robert Smoyer, Joseph Stansfield, James Stoudt, Walter Trumbore, William Wambold, Guy Yarus, Howard Zentner, Warren Favorite Song "Heaven Can Wait" "And the Angels Sing" "Alone Together" "Deep Purple" "I Love to Ride Clhoo Choo Train" "Little Skipper" lVly Heart Belongs to Daddy "1-leaven Cfan Wait" "Hold light" "Little Sir Echo" "lVlexacali Rose" "Are You in the lvlood For Mischief" "Hold Tight" "The Masquerade is Over" "l Love For You Alone" "Hold Tight" "mold 'light' "Hold 'l'ignt" "Beautiful Ohio" "Afraid or Love" "I Ain't Got Nobody" "lVly Best Wishes" 'Sleepers Creepers" "lt Can't D6 'l'I'U.c" "l-leaven Can Wait" "Davenport Blues" "The Funny Old l'.l.11lS" "And the Angels Sing" "Kiss lVle Again" "Deep Purple" "And the AI1g9lS Sing" "l-leigh Ho Silver" "Solitude" "I Have Eyes" "The Masquerade is Over" "Deep Purple" 'Tm Getting Sentimental" Over You" "Heaven Can Wait" "Cookoo in the Clock" "Deep Purple" "Sugar Blues" "Blame it on My Last Affair" "Hurry Home" "After Looking at You" "Lovelight in the Starlight" "Easy to Love" "Deep Purple" "Heaven Can Wait" "The Masquerade is Over" "East Side of Heaven" "Little Skipper" ur Star Similarity Dick Baldwin Andy Devine William Powell James Dunn Freddie Bartholomew Alfalfa Lanny Ross Joe DeMaggio Mickey Rooney Whitey Marsh Eddie Cantor James Cagney Gene Raymond Wayne Morris Frederic March Lew Ayres Francis Lederer Errol Flynn Pinky Tomlin Tommy Dorsey Oliver Hardy 1-lumphrey Bogart Caesar Romero Lee Dixon Cary Grant Franklyn Pangborn Jackie Coogan Charles Lindbergh Ben Blue Edward Horton John Payne Richard Cromwell Fred Waring Leslie Howard Charlie Chan Slim Summerville John Weismuller Walter Catlett Joe Palooka Ferdinand Gravat Joel MacCrea John Garlield Eddie Albert Harold Lloyd Tom Brown Frank Mavl-lugh Nelson Eddy Dick Foran John Hall Clhester Morris Richard Dix Jackie Cooper Bauer, Gladys P' ff"--, -V EC ?fi'TEEqTQ77??71-I -N,' - ilhhfff gig, Bi M2211 s , J' Ji stew: 5 - , . 1412"-.-K '4-. guyz -'k, A-'A .. Movie Stars and Songs Name Bauer, Sarah Bechtel, Esther Bennett, Eleanor Bieber, Arlene Buss, Mary Christman, Mary Danner, Dorothy Druckenmiller, Jean Engleman, Jeanne Esterly, Virginia Gehman, Beatrice Gilbert, Evelyn Haberstumpf, Grace Hartman, Hazel Hauser, Anna Hersh, Arlene Jones, Athelda Kerak, Elizabeth Long, Charlotte Merkel, Jean Miller, Marilyn Mohr, Jeanne Montz, Ruth Moyer, Betty Noll, Pauline Rader, Arlene Kenner, Mae Schantzenbach, Phyllis Schuler, Evangeline Smith, Edna Stoudt, Lorraine Swavely, Lorraine Treichler, Charlotte Vetrosky, Margaret Walter, Fern Walter, Julia Wennig, Gloria Woodring, Pauline Yoachim, Faye Favorite Song "Wishing" "Heaven Can Wait" "Blame it on My Last Affair" "Little Sir Echo" "Two Sleepy People" "Someday My Prince Will Cornen "Melancholy Baby" "The Moon is a Silver Dollar" "Deep Purple" "Three Little Fishes" "Heaven Can Wait" "Honolulu" "My Heart Has Wings" "Deep Purple" "Star Dust" "Lonely Heart" "The Masquerade is Over" "Heaven Can Wait" "Little Skipper" 'tBilly Boy, Billy Boy" "Hold Tight" "And the Angels Sing" "It's Never Too Late" "Wishing" "Sugar Blues" "I Cried For You" "Mexacali Rose" "Wishing" "Mexacali Rose" "Little Sir Echo" "Little Sir Echo" "And the Angels Sing" "Little Skipper" "Star Dust" "Deep Purple" "The Masquerade is Over" "Deep Purple" "Heaven Gan Wait" "Deep Purple" "Heaven Clan Waitv A Star Similarity Gloria Brewster Jane Brewster Loretta Young Wendy Barrie Beverly Roberts Ella Logan Shirley Ross Bette Davis Jesse Matthews Olivia DeHaviland Janet Gaynor Phyllis Brooks Nancy Kelly Betty Furness Jean Parker Ginger Rogers Priscilla Lane Fay Wray Ann Shirley Lupe Velez Frances Langford Miriam Hopkins Eleanor Powell Andrea Leeds Lily Pons Greta Garbo Dorothy Lamour Helen Jepson Madge Evans Gloria Stuart Edith Fellows Anita Louise Binnie Barnes Judy Garland Constance Bennett Kay Francis Rochelle Hudson Merle Oberon Gail Patrich Alice Faye fxs '1 1-.1-------'H '--,i f-x . i Ll sf 'ff t we fil........,... ...ff W, .UH ,.,. ,,,. ,M-llrI.,...H -. - A 'I' H E 1 9 3 V 6.12525 iigiiiit ' fi: J- ,, l Ll ' if555i?l,l fliiilli it i ' -.rE'Zfhrvf.zf5lQ.si.l.ti '- . - ,. -, .. Senior Class Will We, the members of the class of 1939, being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this trail and transitory lite, do therefore make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament: Raymond Bernhard's single, solitary wave to Emily Fellman. Harvey Cope's "one and only" to Elden Bortz. Richard Correll's interest in Macungie to Adele Boyer. Earl Deibert's bashfulness to Kenneth Fegley. Wesley DeVries' "uncontrollable golden locks" to Thomas Wieder. Michael Hopstock's southern accent to William Hilbert, William Kriebel's snappy retorts to Morris Kemmerer. George Laubach's knowledge of tractors to Robert Stephens. Donald Laudenslager's trips to Alburtis to Burton Laudenslager. Richard Martz's hand-holding in class to Ioanna Wentz. Charles Mi11er's annual Christmas wish tor a new Chrysler to Wilmer Brey. Richard Miller's height to Wayne Weida. Ravellan Neitz's large pedal extremities to Ruth Lorish. Theodore Reitz's story telling ability to Luella Geissinger. Wilbur Schantzenbaclfs "lucky Teter" driving to Verna Paul. William Schuster terpscichorean aptitude to lames Wetherhold. Robert Shive's dry jokes to Stella Suberroc. Walter Stoudt's red hair to Charles Kline. Edna Smith's retiring nature to loyce Leibert. Lorraine Stoudt's striking blond hair to Oscar Christman. Lorraine Swavely's Saturday job at l:'arr's to Warren Mansell. Margaret Vetrosky's trips to V. F. M. A. to Betty Boger. Fern Walter's "Nicodemus" to Leon Gehris. Pauline Woodring's part in the Senior play to Roy Schantzenbach. Wallace Barto's request for the improvement of South Seventh Street to Donald Wetherhold. lack Boyer's passion for freckles in the moonlight to Lynwood Giering. Carl Adams' compliments from Mr. Beniield to Doreen Hauser. Charles Albright's plans for Alaskan adventures to Sadie lobst. Sarah Bauer's colossal and small, fair hero to Pearl Miklencic. Gladys Bauer's resemblance to Sarah to Howard Gouldner. Elwood Backensto's interest in cheerleaders to Thomas Kline. Maynard Bealer's tardiness to LaRue Miller. Milton Crossley's eighteen mile trip to school to Paul DeVries. Hamilton Carl's "innocence" to Mary Ellen Knauss. Earle Keller's supposed knowledge of women's clothes to Paul Roeder. Franklyn DeEsch's combined taxi and ash disposal service to Annabelle Schreiber. JI- A -1 lfs jean Druckenmiller's "Northampton, here I come" attitude to Carol Knap- penberger. Ieanne Engleman's fondness for red hair to Richard Lichtenwalner. Harvey Eck's Woman trouble to Carl Conrad. Noble Faust's well groomed appearance to Aurel Arndt. Asher Frankeniield's hikes to the girl friend's house to Reginald Niess. Karl Geisinger's soda jerking to joseph Rokoski. Hazel Hartman's powers for fascinating Ravellan to George Roth. Earl Hertzog's annual navy day journeys to Arlene Kulp. Oscar lobst's bluffing in PD. class to Helen Hoffman. William Keck's timidity to Robert Kline. William Reppert's "Crosby Croon" to Paul Antrim. john Erich's hunting to Frances Sikora. Earle Keller's Crocheting to Charles Huber. john Kratzer's air-mindedness to Emma Kline. Charlotte Long's noon-day contabs with Schuster to Ieanette Hosfeld. William Merkel's "secret passion" to john Gehman. Ruth Montz's home economics ability to Olga Nickele. Alvin Ma'rsteller's marriage problems to Dallas Adams. Bernard Neumoyer's horrible plaid shirts to leannetta Bogert. Pauline Noll's hallucinations to Frank Stanstield. Mae Renner's operatic aspirations to Ralph Staufter. Wilbur Paules' "night Work" to Harold Wilson. loe Smoyer's passion for Tru Blu beer trucks to Nellie Hensinger. james Stansfield's resemblance to Nelson Eddy to Elmo Miller. Charlotte 'l'reichler's "True Love" to Dorothy Stouclt. julia Walter's method of skipping school to Geraldine Hamscher. William Trumbore's interest in girls to Albert Seibert. Guy Wambold's "teddy bear' haircut to jean Houseknecht. Esther Bechtel's blushing to Mary Koneski. Eleanor Bennett's salesmanship to Samuel Paano. Arleen Bieber's rosy cheeks to Faith Hertzog. Mary Christman's engagement to Ardella Sallade. Mary Buss' interest in the junior class to Charles Elkins. Dorothy Danner's modesty to Martin Stephen. Virginia Esterley's backtield man to Annetta Erb. Beatrice Gehman's apologies to Anna Sikorski. Evelyn Gilbert's sewing ability to Beatrice Danner. Grace Haberstumpfs mysterious boy friend to Naomi Moll. Anna Hauser's fondness for the name Harvey to Helen Kocis. Arlene Hersh's coiffure to Dorothy Smoyer. Athelda jones' craze for hot trumpets to Warren Eegley. Elizabeth Kerak's "Sweetheart" to Arlene Lichtenwalner. lean Merkel's minature stature to Marian Nester. T 'tL4k: Y l ,ft-F7 Q' ' fe-" gl A -:Ztf,:it:i.,::gI . rg?-51,321 'rf-gl-f ,,, 'fjnl' 'win-.. " , -ff-wg-l , Marilyn Miller's dreams of South Whitehall to Frances Weida. leanne Mohr's habit of wearing the boy friend's sweater to Rhea Derr. Betty Moyer's ebony tresses to Mary Ellen Schultz. Arlene Rader's ability to mind her own business to David Brey. Phyllis Schantzenbach's trips to Lehigh Parkway to Henry Kuehl. Evangeline Schuler's hustle and bustle to loseph lobst. Gloria Wennig's desire to play the violin and clarinet to Rubie Fegley. Howard Yarus' bacheloristic tendencies to lean McCutcheon. Faye Yoachim's experiences in "love" to Branche Meitzler. Warren Zentner's big baby blue eyes to Mary Bittenbender. Harry Horn's moustache to Philip Weida. Gerald Sechler's dime novels to Mark Kleppinger. Martin Kline's arguments to Anna Rohrbach. Bernard Gardner's apparent disinterest in girls to Howard Keyser. Wesley DeVries' flashy socks to Betty Bruder. Faye Yoachi1'n's daily hike to Bertram Winzer. Richard Martz's spats with lean to lohn Knerr. Charlotte Long's husky voice to Russell Miller. lean Druckenmiller's admiration of the "38" broad jump record holder to Kenneth Kline. Noble Faust's love notes to Thomas Smith. Warren Zentner's art of acting innocent to Robert Schaeffer. William Trumbore's "chin spinach" to Warren Geissinger. Harry Horn's managerial ability to Raymond Eisenhard. Maynard Bealer's sudden outbursts in German class to Russell Kerstetter. Virginia E'sterley's date nights to Warren Kauffman. The Bauer Twins' typing technique to Howard Schmoyer. Harvey Cope's giggle to Charles Shankweiler. Wallace Barto's battered Ford to Ralph Stortz. Franklyn DeEsch's newspapers to Earl Rohrbach. Harvey Eck's dilapidated hat to Paul Rohrbach. Fern Walter's Hbalmine-ss" to Walter Weidner. Likewise, we make, constitute and appoint Ioyce E. Beary and Elwood L. Ortt to be executors of this our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by us made. in Witness Whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name and attixea our seal this twenty-second day of Tune, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine. CLASS OF 1939 Q Witnesses: Laboratory mice Approved AMBROSE KARL GEISINGER, President HILDEGARDE GUY WJ-XMBOLD, Vice President ER ww Y, 4 ffgf ,A ,, .,.,-"1 . ef' .,, 1 , " X, X -an ff .Sp X XV, . ff , ,MQW Li X X' g 'b rf' i 11.4, VA:-if A o 0 o .-47 , .,- 5 X . XMXXR A-V ' ax N.. f 11 K X ,A - X , Q -, 'Q-11-. K sign -P .Hx Qs, . -as if-2.-lf if V-,- V .s The Class Plays Two dramas, one a thrilling mystery, the other a hilarious comedy, were produced by the Senior Class. Robert St. Clair's "The Green Light", presented on November 18, made the audience's hair stand on end, but did not fail to rock them in hysterical laughter. CAST "THE GREEN LIGHT" Miss Mattie ........ .. . Hazel Hartman Kitty Corey ...... ....... G ladys Bauer Doctor Spaulding .,.. .... H oward Yarus Donald Rhodes ........ Elwood Backensto Mary Marston ..... .... J ean Merkel Trinka Anderson .......... Arlene Bieber Jerome Forrester .... .... J ack Boyer Aesop ............. .... M aynard Bealer Madame Zenda .... ..................................... ...... F e rn Walter "Aunt Tillie Goes To Town", written by Wilbur Braum and given on March 17, was a story oi mistaken identity. The consequences were both surprising and delightful. Lucinda Talbot Pamela Marsh . CAST "Aunt Tillie Goes To Town" Pauline Woodring Tillie Trask ...... .... Faye Yoachim .. Charlotte Treichler Lizzie Parsons ......... Mary Buss Ellen Neeland . Dr. Hattie Bing Jeanne Engleman Roland Howland . Luther Lorrirner . Mervin Tucker .......... Charlie One Lung ....... Mrs. Tillie Tucker Franklyn DeEsch Michael Ropstock . Richard Correll .Charles Albright .. Esther Bechtel Jeanne Mohr ,W 'fx 5 Ofsi 5 T A T T L E R fx .- W itil N31 ,AUM FOOTBALL The Emmaus high school football team, of the 1938 season, established a record of six victories in ten contests. Other than having attained a higher average, in Wins and losses, the team figured in a three-way tie tor second place in the Lehigh Valley league. The success of the campaign Was due to the patient work of the Coaches, and to a team consisting mostly ot ex-1 perienced players. The graduating members ot this season's team are as follows: Captain Wilbur Schantzenbach, Earl Hertzog, Karl Geisinger, Franklyn De-Esch, Wesley DeVries, Guy Wambold, Harvey Cope, Martin Kline, and William Shuster. We, the graduating members of this season's football squad, oiter our record as a challenge to the future football teams representing Ernrnaus high school. ... ,. Lf f gr ,ln- Opponents O. E. Opponents O. E. A. H. S. I. V's. ...... . .. U 7 Shillington H. S. ... ... 13 6 Northampton H. S. . .. . . . 33 O Palrnerton H. S. . . . . . . . . . . 6 7 Slatington H. S. .... . . . O 16 East Greenville H. S. ..... . l9 13 Catasauqua H. S. . . . . . . 33 U Stroudsburg H. S. . . . . . 6 12 Lehighton H. S. .... 6 7 Whitehall H. S. .. 6 39 -1 . T H E 1 9 3 9 Boys' Basketball This season's Ernmaus high school basketball team Was left out in the cold in many ot its contests. Although in many events our local crew out- played its opponents, we seemed to lack something in the closing minutes ot the games. - The school will miss the graduating members ot this year's team, namely: Wesley DeVries, Wilbur Schantzenbach, Harvey Cope, Richard Martz, and substitutes Asher Frankentield, Earl Deibert, and Harvey Eck. Even though we me losing these good players, we need not be down hearted, for judging by the lunior Varsity's performance we shall have a good team next year. The Varsity Won 7 games in 24 encounters, While the Iunior Varsity Won 11 games and lost 13. Here's Wishing next year's team the best of luck. Opponent O We Opponent O We Moravian Prep. .... . . . 12 17 Columbia H. S. . 29 23 Allentown H. S. . . 43 16 W'hitehall H. S. . . 34 19 Pennsburg H. S. . . 23 50 Slatington H. S. . 32 30 Central Catholic H. S. ..... 30 22 Palmerton H. S. . 33 15 Pennsburg H. S. . . 18 27 Catasauqua H. S. 50 30 Central Catholic H. S. ..... 32 34 Lehighton H. S. . 33 24 Alumni ............. . . . 34 29 Northampton H. S. . . . . . . 24 25 'Eff' , ' lfflffkl-Evil? T155 g lflil-Q-. fi ' VH-r: --is it- A . , f F f.+x.'r'f2'7 1- Fifi Girls' Basketball ln the beginning of the Basketball season the Girls' Team made only fair progress. Under the able leadership oi Miss Cook, who served her first year l as Girls' Physical Education Director, the team underwent a reorganization and retaliated at the close of the season completing their schedule with a total of five victories, six losses, and one game resulting in a tie. The following members of the team are graduating: Margaret Vetrosky, Charlotte Long, Captain, Elizabeth Kerak, Ruth Montz, and Pauline Noll. We wish Miss Cook and her Basketteers lots of success in years to come. The girls' completed the following schedule: Pennsburg .............. A Pennsburg .... . . H Slatington .......... . . . A Slatington .......... . . H Bethlehem Catholic ...... A Bethlehem Catholic . . . . . H Moravian Prep. ..... . . . H Alumni ......... . . . H Quakertown .....,....... H Quakertown . . . . A Moravian Sem. . . . ...... . . . . H T' fxiijf ramiifiiz. .if1 - 1 io, -ki.. init t -4.Y L -'ll QJT511 nan , X T ,v -xx..-X -- .. - -' BASEBALL The Boys' Baseball Team is progressing fairly well. We are sure they will gradually crawl to the top of the league and remain there The following members ot the team are graduating: Eck Reitz Frankentield Schantzenbach Martz Wambold Schuster, Captain Mr. Hartman is serving as coach for the fellows. We wish the future teams success in the future. They are scheduled to play the following games: Coopersburg I. V. ....... . Cooperslourg I. V. .... . . Slatington ......... . . Allentown ....... . . South Whitehall . . . . . Coplay ......... . . Fountain Hill .... . . A Lehighion ..... H Whitehall ..... H South Whitehall H Northampton .. H East Greenville A Catasauqua . . . H Allentown .... HE 9 ,iff T V V f 'A qltr L Ella iwihgibm at T l"' 'S 'Sl 'WW KCMKMW TRACK The Ernmaus high school Track Team has undertaken a heavy schedule this season. Thus far "Lady Luck" has smiled upon us, and We hope she will continue to do so in the future. The team won another trophy tor the school by taking the annual triangular meet with South Whitehall and Slatington high schools. The relay team, however, could not quite win the "third leg" on that respective trophy, and consequently will have to make a new start next season. Let us hope that our good luck may stay with us this year as well as in the years to come. I-IE 19 Ceffl 'fx-21, fs.. t . waz. Monitor Club Iuniors and Seniors who are willing to give part of their time to regulate, direct, and supervise the students when classes, and protect their fellow stu- dents at the crossings compose the Monitor Club. At special meetings Monitors report on existing conditions and formulate plans and laws which will improve student traffic. Green and Gold emblems are awarded to members who serve satisfac- torily for two years, Major .... Captain .... Lieutenant . .. Secretary . .. OFFICERS .....HarVeyO.Walbert . . . . . . . Howard Yarus Oscarlobst . . . Arlene Hersh Arndt, Auriel Backensto, Elwood Bittenbender, Mary Bruder, Betty Druckenmiller, Jean Gilbert, Evelyn Hamscher, Geraldine Hauser, Anna Hersh, Arleen Hertzog, Faith Hauser, Doreen Iobst, Oscar MEMBERS Feglek, Warren Sallade, Ardella Kleppinger, Mark Schreiber, Annabelle Kuehl, Henry Stephen, Martin Kulp, Arlene Stoudt, Walter Laubach, George Treichler, Charlotte Miklensic, Pearl Vetrosky, Margaret Miller, Charles Weida, Francis Miller, Richard Winzer, Bertram Montz, Ruth Woodring, Pauline Mohr, Jeanne Yarus, Howard Miller, Elmo Zentner, Warren Nickele, Olga LEVXR H ps V T A '1' T L E R ' ' ffm r .V ' " - f The Tattler Staff Editor-in-Chief .... ....................... O scar lobst Page Editors .... .... A rlene Hersh, Geraldine Hamscher, lulia Walter, Elwood Backensto Exchange Editor .... ............. I ean Druckenmiller Reporters ...... ................................ M ary Bittenbender, Betty Bruder, Mary Buss, Rhea Derr, lean Engleman, Ann Hauser, Edna Smith, Lorraine Swavely, Elden Bortz, Richard Correll, Martin Stephens Business Manager . . . ................................ . . . . Walter Stoudt Assistant Managers .... ..... O lga Nickele, David Brey Advertising Manager .... ............ E arl Hertzog Circulation Manager . . . ......................... Harvey Eck Typists .............. .......... D orothy Danner, Sarah Bauer, Donald Laudenslager, William Schuster Faculty Advisers . . . ......... Paul I. Frantz, Albert S. Bentield el-fxxix fvgi F Q33 it T 1-1 E 1 9 3 9 Debating Clulo Each of the eight seniors who came out for debating tried to prove his side of the question, "Resolved, That the United States should establish an alliance with Great Britain." The teams consisted of: Affirmative, Lorraine Swavely, Michael Hopstock, and Iessetine Carterp negative, Dorothy Danner, Evangeline Schuler, Mae Ren- ner, Walter Stoudt, and Mary Buss. The competent coach was Mr. Benfield. ,,,, Both teams were unsuccessful in the triangular, the affirmative losing to Catasauqua, and the negative to Slatington. Northampton was on the list of opponents for the first time. Their affir- mative met with defeat at the hands of Emmaus' negative While our affirma- tive lost to the opponents. South Whitehall and Hellertown completed the list of opponents. On the whole Emrnaus had quite a successful season. j?fxr - T A T T L E R T' fl 1 l-li-YlfClub Character training is the object of the Hi-Y Club led by Mr. Becker. lt consists of senior high school boys who Wish to form and maintain high stand- ards of christian character. This club is a branch of the Young Men's Christian Association an organi- zation ot high Christian standards. The four planks in the platform of the club are: clean speech, clean scholarship, clean living, and clean soprts. A chal- lenge to high ideals is its emblem. The club meetings every two weeks are the scene of discussions of prob- lems of the older boy. Several speakers came at various times to address the boys. Alvin Marsteller Wilbur Paules . Frank Stansfield Martin Kline . .. Ralph Stortz Carl Adams Maynard Bealer Bernard Gardner Karl Geisinger OFFICERS MEMBERS Joseph Iobst Warren Kauifman Martin Kline William Kriebel Ralph Stortz President Vice President . . . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer , . . . Chaplain Alvin Marsteller William Merkel Wilbur Paules Frank Stansfield h! -fx . Q Lg M, ,LQW ,x s , :: lk 'ug :Ep " Q l . Niall f ir , g A " L, 4A X HE 19 Cooking Club The Cookinq Club consists of boys cmd qlrls of the Senior High School The club is run on cr self-supporting bosis. A1 the meetings ecrch member pcnd ten cents to cover the expenses. Sadie Iobst Joyce Liebert Blanche Meitzler Pearl Miklencic Ardella Sallade Asher Frankenfleld MEMBERS Franklyn DeEsch Wallace Barto Paul Antrim Warren Zentner Jack Boyer Wiliam Schuster G ' in IE ' F--if f" ?...,i mst q w. "Sig A T T L E R it is V -' bfi? 12.26" :.,,- 1 . Xf.., E' H A lim! E E . V. Typing Club The Crirn of the Typing Club, under the supervision of Miss Strauss, is to give the members gn opportunity to improve their speed and gctin or broctder knowledge of typing. Mcrking designs with the various typewriter keys is one ot the projects grid the typing of gn original composition on office Work is another. Speed tests gre glso given to increcrse speed and gccurgcy. H3111 A Tviggrix OFFICERS Ferne Walter ..... .............. ....... P r esident Michel Hopstock Vice President Jean Merkel ...... ..... S ecretary Beatrice Gehrnan .......... Treasurer MEMBERS GIRLS BOYS Christman, Mary Bernhardt, Raymond German, Beatrice Diebert, Earl Gilbert, Evelyn Hopstock, Michael Haberstumpf, Grace Reitz, Theodore Jones, Athelda William Reppert Kerak, Elizabeth Trumbore, William Merkel, Jean J fTLV 1111-f abr? l f T H E 1 9 3 i fl' li ew ll ?tll?'lll tat? 1 lhsf?'.' as' .w'. .1 i7 ' are -E Art Club The Art Club is supervised by Mr. Walbert. The younger members Work with leather While the other members decorate jewelry boxes and make candle holders. They are also studying photography. The members qo out and tarae the pictures and then develop them. OFFICERS Joe Smoyer .... ............ . .. President Annetta Erb ..... Secretary Robert Stephens Treasurer Annabelle Schreiber Annetta Erb Caroline Schreiber Aaron Witrnan Cllark Apgar Dalton Engleman Daniel Gruber Donald Crouthamel Henry Diefenclerfer Joe Smoyer MEMBERS GIRLS Doreen Hauser Gloria Spohn Hazel Weaver BOYS Karlton Gruber Kenneth Kline Kenneth Wetherhold Kermit Moyer Louis Kemmerer Mark Kleppinger Marvin Stephen Paul Roeder Mary Ellen Schultz Myrtle Neimeyer Pauline Kleppinger Ralph Paul Ray Gilbert Robert Stephens Robert Readinger Samuel Paano Walter Wiedner Zane Iobst :ifxr -r A T 'I' L E Girl Reserves The Girl Reserves under the supervision of Miss Busher, strives to be: Gracious in manner Impartial in judgment Ready for service Loyal to friends Reaching for the best Eager for knowledge Seeking the beautiful Earnest in purpose Reverent to God Victorious over self, and Ever dependable. President ,... Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Antrim, Annabelle Backensto, Madeline Borger, Betty Engleman, Dorothy Fenstermaker, Mae Fowler, Mary Gaal, Helen Gehman, Ardella Hamscher, Fern Hartman, Hazel Hillegass, Catherine Hensinger, Helen Hertzog, Faith Hoiman, Frances Houseknecht, Madeline OFFICERS . . . . Charlotte Long . . . . . Gloria Moyer Q'Q1QQ1'.QQ1'.1'. ........., Ruth ivronrz ...Charlotte Treichler MEMBERS Kline, Hilda Kramer, Gloria Kransky, Ethel Laudenslager, Dorothea Leister, Faye Long, Charlotte McCutcheon, Marcia McElroy, Loretta Meitzler, Eva Milhouse, Mildred Montz, Ruth Moyer, Gloria Paules, Betty Raedler, Margaret Reinhard, Madeline Reese, Evelyn Rice, Jean Rohrbach, Mary Schuler, Betty Schuler, Evangeline Smith, J une Stichter, June Treichler, Charlotte Vogel, Justine Webb, Gerta Wentz, Joanna Wentzel, Lorraine White, Pearl Yoachim, Faye -f fee 1 C l Eff: 'Eff' 'FTIYZ 1312? - . flaiir, T ' iff l 'ij'l-Hilti H 1 1 ,.l?is':Zf tlssaa 1 me ffl' iii. lm -- it"Uli iff J , ,l , argl N r,, - J Y ,, 1-Q43 Student Council The Student Council has seen its second year of very successful service to the school. After accomplishing the financinq of the Lyceum course so that every student could see the numbers and after making and adopting of a set of rules for functions at school, the council looks forward to a better corninq year. They meet every Thursday afternoon at 2:45, in the Library under Mr. Peters' supervision. OFFICERS President ........ ...,......,.,... . . . Walter Stoudt Vice President .... Charlotte Long Secretary ........ .... F rances Weida Treasurer ............. ........................ A rlene Hersh Assistant Treasurers ..,. .... A rlene Hoffman, Mary Bittenbender Barto, Wallace Binder, Carl Bittenbender, Mary Bitting, Betty Corner, June Esterly, Donald Fischer, Willard Fowler, David Grim, Millidine Guth, Louise Hartman, Randolph MEMBERS Hauser, Elaine Hersh, Arlene Hertzog, Verna Hennemuth, Dorris Hoffman, Arlene Long, Charlotte Lorish, Ruth Merkle, Joseph Miller, Donald Moyer, Gloria Neimeyer, Ethelmae Raedler, Margaret Ritter, Margaret Schmoyer, Howard Stoudt, Walter Vetrosky, Margaret Weida, Frances Wetherhold, Donald Wetherhold, Henry Wieder, June Wieder, Thomas A T T L. E R ' f?F'gFt'1.Y iifftlt ' - . ,faEEl new . l f J . - .Q s - lj Bicycle Club K.:- The Bicycle Club Was organized by Mr. Deischer. The club meetings were educational. The assembling of a bicycle, including its history was part of the winter meeting activities. Safety rules Were also stressed. Recreation, in the form ot group trips, took the club to the local Ice Plant, the Emmaus Water Works and the Trexler Fish Hatchery. OFFICERS President ....,,.. ........,..... ..... N ' Jble Faust Vice President .... ,.,. S arah J. Bauer Secretary ....... ...... G loria Wennig Treasurer ...... .........,. J ohn Cagna Adviser .... .. , Mr. H. K. Deischer Barto, Herbert Bauer, Gladys M. Bauer, Sarah J. Brensinger, Maynard Cagna, John Cllingenpeel, Lucille Correll, Robert Eisenhard, Fred Faust, Noble Fegley, Burton Fensterrnaker, Walter Fisher, Willard Hamscher, Howard Hennemuth, Dorris Hilbert, Bruce MEMBERS Hosfeld, Wennabelle Ibach, John Iobst, David Keck, William Keller, Earle Kern, Arthur Kern, David Kratzer, Florence Mehi, Alice Miller, Charles Mohr, Paul Natysyn, Stephen Niess, Reginald Phillips, Doris Queen, Leo Shive, Robert Sittle, Aldine Stephens, Clinton Strauss, Willard Stortz, Milton, - Jr. Stortz, Fred Treby, John Trump, Helen Trump, Kenneth Vargo, William Wennerholt, Ruth Wennig, Gloria Wieder, Kathryn Williams, Robert Yost, John FIRST TENOR FIRST BASS k lfgorii-V 'TEL-i-Qi' F Y , -3, fl ' gg. ii, A M31 'I' H E 1 9 3 9 frllggggxe ' lliilgt lg. vi M Boys' Crlee Club The Boys' Glee Club consists of junior and senior boys and is under the direction of Mr. Peters. Carol Knappenberger served as their accompanist. The Glee Club was active in a few assembly programs and also rendered a few selections at the annual music program of the Moravian Church of Emmaus. The Glee Club spent much time in preparation for the operetta "ln Arcadyu, given by the high school chorus. MEMBERS SECOND TENOR Dallas Adams Warren Fegely Oscar Iobst Richard Lichtenwalner Warren Mansell Alvin Marsteller James Stansfield Philip Weida Wallace Barto Carl Buss Wesley DeVries Asher Frankenfield Elwood Backensto Carl Conrad Franklyn DeEsch John Kratzer Wilbur Schantzenbach Thomas Wieder SECOND BASS Harry Horn Martin Kline Thomas Kline Karl Geissinger Earl Hertzog William Keck William Schuster Ralph Stortz Guy Wambold Bertram Winzer Howard Yarus William Reppert Joe Smoyer Martin Stephens Walter Stoudt T A To T L E lf i ll, - -4A' ' - - ' Girls' Glee Club The Girls' Glee Club is growing in size, popularity, and quality more and more every year. They have had several outside engagements besides sing- ing for school events. MEMBERS FIRST SOPRANOS Buss, Mary Miller, Marilyn Esterly, Jeanette Gilbert, Evelyn Rader, Arlene Ruch, Miriam Hartman, Hazel McCutcheon, Jean Esterly, Virginia Jones, Athelda Sallade, Ardella Trump, Helen Long, Charlotte Smoyer, Dorothy Sikora, Frances Weida, Frances FIRST ALTOS Haberstumpf, Grace Hertzog, Margaret Schuler, Evangeline Schantzenbach, Phyllis Hoffman, Helen Hensinger, Nellie Hosfeld, Jeanette Knappenberger, Carol Lichtenwalner, Arlene Kramer, Gloria Iobst, Jane Ann Schuler, Betty SECOND ALTOS Christman, Mary Walter, Fern Fellman, Emily Iobst, Sadie Miklencic, Pearl Fenstermaker, Mae Harrison, Beryl Hohe, Lorraine Huyett, Marilyn Krauss, Thelma Kehm, Virginia fin ,H , EJ? Elgar? T H E 1 9 I t r 1.15 ' Q g 4 E .llgif Fei ffa vf : '54 - 'lg ge t ,.. ,. .f.,, , l-liqh School Qrchesira The Emmaus High School Orchestra was reorganized in September under the able direction of Mr. Peters. The orchestra of twenty-eight members, have played at various social functions and made a great hit at the Spring Concert OFFICERS President . .. .......,...................... Howard Yarus Secretary ....,........... Ciarol Knappenberger Librarians .... .... D onald Esterly, Perry Druckenmiler VIOLINS Donald Esterly Warren Fegley Beryl Harrison James Koch Stanley Mohr Howard Yarus SAXAPHONES Edna Eck Jeanetta Bogert BARITONES Ernest Paules Carl Conrad MEMBERS BASS VIOLIN Carol Knappenberger BASSOON Thelma Knauss TRUMPETS Elwood Backensto Donald Cunningham Wilmer Hertzog Donald Laudenslager TROMBONES Gordon Brensinger Ravellan Neitz PIANO James Stansfield CLARINETS Dallas Adam Perry Druckenmiller Oscar Iobst William Keck PICCILO Madelyn Merkle FLUTE Marion Schaeifer DRUMS Oscar Christman Kenneth Fegley Robert Kline TA K l-ligh School Band The Emmaus High School Band was organized by Mr. lagnesak in the Fall of l936. Since then the band has advanced farther than any other of our extra-curricular activities. At the time ot its organization the band consisted of only twenty-tive members. For the annual spring concert in May the band Will consist ot approximately sixty-tive members. By the end ot the year the lunior Band will consist of approximately forty members. The band made its appearance at the football and basketball games and will again take part in the annual field day held by the Ernmus Public Schools. Last summer the band was honored by the invitation to participate in the annual Four-County l:'iremen's Parade held at Easton. The band will again play a concert for the T. P. A. at the Americus Hotel in Allentown. The band entered the band contest sponsored by the Forensic Music League held at Northampton. Although this was the first time our band had entered such a contest it did well in capturing second place. 5i"f"55:ii. ,g.. 'Hi 3 T T L E R 13 jg .t ,Q-f'Xe, f-kie +-. EJ it H E: 1 9 3 9 l ri , Operetta Stevens cmd Berkh's operettct, "ln Arcc.fdy," was presented by the Emmdus High School Chorus on May 12 cmd l3 under the direction of Mr. Peters. Members of the Chorus cmd Mr,, Peters should receive due credit for the successful presentation of this operettot. ' MEMBERS SUPIIANOS: Eleanor Bennett, Betty linger, Mary llnss, livatrin-e Dannvr, Rhea D1-rr, Mary Bittenbvmler. Marianna Christman, Lnella Gt-lssinger, Evelyn Hilhe-rt. Virginia Iistvrly. Fay l"ealln-r. .lnym-P Fischer. .Team-tie Hallman, Geraldine U:llllSl'll0l', llnzul llnrtnnm, Arlene Ili-rsh, .loam llolisi-km-4-lit, Doreen Ilnnser, Alhelila Jones, Erm-Stine Knunss. Gt-iivvieve Kline. Joyi-0 I.eih1-rt, C'lx:n-lotto Lungr, Jean M1-Cntr-lieon, Lallue Mllh-r, Marilyn Miller, Naomi Mull, Ilnth Montz, Betty Moyer. Myrtle N1-inn-yer, Vs-rna l':llll, Arlem- llaaler, Marggnrelt Ilat-filer. Pauline Reina-rt, Mao R1-nm-r, .Is-an Rive. Miriam Iluvh, .Xrlh-lla Sallarlv, Mary Ellen Se-hnltz. Primm-es Siknra. Dorothy Snmyi-r, Dorothy Sfollllr, Lorraim- Swavely, l'l12ll'lUftl' 'l'ra-ivlilvr, llelen Trump, llnrriet' lTrlTer, Margaret Vetrosliy, Fl'Illll'l'S Wi-Isla, and Pauline Wemlringr. ALTOS: Pzxnline Bit-lm. Betty liittingx. lletty llrnller. Elaine linrinn. Mary Fhrislman, .lean llrllolmn- miller, Emily Fellmnn, Bllltf Fellsterinaln-r, Luniscf Guth, Ilvryl Harrison. Faith Ilertzugr. Margaret 114-rtzmr. Arlene 1-Ioffman. Lorraine Hohe. Nellie Ilvnsinger, Jvaneite Iloaiielll. Marilyn llnyi-tr, Helen Ilnl'fman, Smlio Iuhst, Jane Ann Iobst. i'arul lilllll7Dlxlllll'l'l,!0Y'. Mary Ellen Knanss, Thelma Knanss, Gloria Kramer, Arlene Lich. fenwulter, Pearl Miklem-ic, Marion Sn-lmeffer. lic-tty Svlmler, Evangroline Schiller, Fl-rn Walter, Gertn Xvvllll, Virginia Ilehnx, Joanna lYQntz, and Phyllis Sn-llalufzenlialvli. TENURS: Dullus Arlzuns, XVallar'e Hartu, Hamilton Carl, Om-ar i'hristm:m, Carl Uonracl.l4'ranlc1in Delisvh, XVesley Dv:-Vries, linymontl Eisonharil, lit-rnurfl Garxlnr-r, Asher Frankoniield, Warren I"eg:h-y, Mivlmel lllupsiuck. Oscar Iolvst, Earle Keller, Thomas Kline. ltic-hard l.ivhtenwalil-r, Warren Mansell, Alvin Marsteler, .Iainvs Stanslield, Philip NVelda, Thmnas NNW-iila. Tlmlnas XVL-islet, Glenn NVennl:r, Howard Suliineyer, Vharles Shank- weilcr, Wilbur Schantzenbziell, and William Trmnborv. BASSES: Elwood Backonsto, Gurdon Hrs-nsinger, Carl limes. Karl ileissinger, Earl ll:-rtzugr. Harry Horn, XVnrren Geissingnr, NVilliani Keck, Martin Kline, John Krarzer, Donald Lllllll1'llS1llg0l'. Ilavellan Nm-itz. William Reppnrt, NVilliani Sulnlstvr, Jnseph Snloyer, Martin Steplivn, Ralph Steriz, Walter Stmnlt, Huy xvlllllllllld, Walter Weidner, Bertram Winzer, and Howard Yarns. .7 Astronomy Club The Astronomy Club, under the instruction of Mr. Bowers consists ot twenty-four members. The members of the Club produced an orrery. The orrery is a replica oi the planetary swstem, including the sun, planets, satelites, asteroids, comets, and meteors. At some of the meetings members brought appropriate articles taken from newspapers and magazines. The members, with the aid of the instruc- tor, discussed these articles. At some meetings the Club instructor lectured to the members about inter- esting points concerning the heavens. Handwriting Club The purpose of the Club is to prepare students to meet the certificate re- quirements of the Palmer Company. The Club is ably sponsored by Miss Hauser. Most members will receive their certificates in May or lune. Tennis C The Tennis Club is under the supervision of Mr. Humphreys. ln the Fall and Spring the club engaged in competition on the school's tennis courts. During the winter the club played ping-pong. ln the spring the club Will engage in various matches with schools such as Lehighton and East Green- ville. . Tatting Club The Tatting Club this year is under the direction of Miss Hauser. The girls are learning to make various laces and designs in tatting. lunior Birdmen The lunior Birdmen are under the leadership of Iohn Kratzer. The mem- bers come from both junior and senior high schools. The club studies about famous aviators and the fundamental principles ot aviation. They also built models and rent them aloft. OFFICERS President ........ ............,..... .......... S t uart Carl Vice President ..... ..... D onald Schaffer Secretary ........ ...... J ohn Konkus gflu f'N?g.., A fr fr L E R M1 Book Club .... , i. -- -rv-S-1 -av -f r L... l fgs-... 5 .,.. Item.. N mptrif ifei-i,,...,.' :fat H tt? - .. +139 , ll - , 1, ,iw ff? if 5' X lf-x, mf .::,f .lb f?-gf, V tif A T T L E Fl s'iTE'f' Vg , ,rn V, ag. 1 i -rift Ei itself Y . .v-qw-h.1 ,- This club is under the supervision of Miss loyce Beary. The fellow book worms are lean McCutcheon, Frances Weida, and lean Houseknecht. The general routine of this club centers around the following trends of thought: Criticism of movies, discussion of such books as "Gone With the Wind", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "Lorna Doone", and many others, and the dis- cussion and criticism of magazine stories. The book Worms of this club now feel that they have gleaned much knowl- edge in the world of boks and wish to state that they had a most enjoyable time. Dancing Club The Dancing Club was organized this year under the supervision of Miss Cook. The club is composed of Senior High School students. The main pur- pose of this club is to teach dancing to those unable to dance. The members paid dues and are looking forward to a dance to be held in the near future. OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Arndt, Aurel Beers, Albert Beidleman, Robert Boyer, Adele Buss, Carl Carl, Aaron Carl, Hamilton Danner, Beatrice DeVries, Paul Erich, John Fegley, Rubie Fellman, Emily Gardner, Helen MEMBERS Geissinger, Warren Miller, Richard Hilbert, William Hostield. Janette Kline, Emma Mohr, Jeanne Moll, Naomi Moll, Owen Knauss, Mary Ellen Nester, Marian Kocis, Helen Lichtenwalner, R' Lorman. Donald Lorish, Ruth Mansell, Warren Merkle, Joseph Miller, Elmo Miller, LaRue Neumoyer, Bernard Paul, Verna Rohrbach, Earl Rohrbach. Earl Roth, George Schmoyer, Howard Shankweiler, Charles Sikora, Frances Wayne Weida Marian Nester . . . . Dorothy Stoudt Sikorski, Anna Smith, Thomas Smoyer, Bruce Stauffer, Howard Stauffer, Ralph Stoudt, Dorothy Subberrac, Stella Treichler, James Wennig, Glenn Wetherhold, Henry Weida, Wayne Winzer, Bertram lndustrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club is under the direction of Mr. Schrader. The Club consists of both boys and girls. Most of the year was spent at art metal. The members made bracelets, book ends, ash trays, and other metal projects. The metals that were used Were: copper, pewter, and aluminum. The members also discussed the repairing of electrical appliances. 9? ,1f'- Gif? xx X .as - H. N ' A -S, K 'f K N.. ,.,-..., ..,. . ' : Q ., ..n, - ' x Q A ij Mfg? ma ll, J N66 ' 1 f 2lf.ll'f'72j, , K 1 Q K b , 'f!' , 5 ' 4 1 dff 'S W., 'M ' Q., N. iii' "' J" my W fx KB? Www EQL 4' W 152. K L flaw- jf? , X -4 .N ' 'im Q I fA,QT,,'j ff fi N D K V V W x f" K Q y -f ss XM as mm aww- mms an any B sm 14 H A ef vi -H wr ml k ' 1 H mm xwnx a sm 4' ussik' 'X H21 v f G 1 D X 5, , x fl F Y K 'f Z1 V vj EEN A X 43... 'QV fy f 'e g flu 'I N ' vis A If Q QD x 1:2 4 ff ,f"' x X , ,,..-.ff ', t' fi' X K? ii VV' f . -Pi?-jlql .WA ..f 7.17, ,f ,- fx ,il X ALS xkfm X fffff-'QQ , 21 Y-, ll -,, 5, PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. William A. Albitz Mr. Milton H. Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Backensto Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Barto Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Bauer Miss Ioyce E. Beary Mr. Harvey H. Becker Miss Margaret Bornman Mr. Lloyd Brensinger Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Buck Miss Hilda C. Busher Mr. and Mrs. George Butz Mr. and Mrs. R. I. S. Butz Miss Pauline B. Cook Miss Margaret DeEsch Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Deischer Miss Irene Deischer Miss Mae Deischer Mr. W. I. Fensterrnaker Mr. Paul I. Frantz A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Geisinger Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. George I. Hartman Miss Gladys B. Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Claire Heiter Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Heller Hendricks Motors Miss Thelma High Mr. Harry A. Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. Oscar T. lobst Mr. Anthony Iagnesak Miss Lucille Klingaman Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Knauss Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Kratzer Mrs. Elizabeth Kratzer Miss Emma M. Kratzer Bev. and Mrs. Henry A. Kuehl Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Kulp Mr. Floyd Laudenslaqer Miss Pauline E. McLean Mrs. E. M. Neimeyer Mrs. Lila E. Neimeyer Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Neumoyer Mr. and Mrs. Elwood L. Ortt Mr. and Mrs. Errol K. Peters Miss Laura Reese Miss Emily Schaeffer Miss Helen Schaeffer Rev. and Mrs. Boyce E. Schaeffer Mr. Thomas M. B. Schrader Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Sicher Mr. and Mrs. M. Luther Souders Rev. and Mrs. Paul F. Spieker Mrs. Doris Stong Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stoudt Miss Arline K. Strauss Miss B. Strimel Chief Fi. A. Walters Mr. I. H. Weidner Miss Madeline Weidner Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wittmer Mr. Walter P. Yarus Prof. and Mrs. H. I. Yeager Miss Pansie Ziegenfus Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Zimmerman ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This volume was made possible by the kindness of patrons and advertisers To them we, the Class of 1939, are deeply grateful, and we urge all our friends to patronize the business firms Whose names are found in this yearbook vo: oneoo.:ooaoouoaooooQooQq4oooooooooooooooooooooooooaao oo,oo.u,n,o . Q Q Q . 0,oo,o0.n'oo.ov.o .01,0o'oo,oo'oo'oo'n.oo'oo,o0.000050goofs:0,0o'oo.oo'oo.oo'oo,oo.oc,or.oQ,oo'oo,oo.oo'u.oo.ooov.oo'n.oo.0o'o4,oo.oo.oo0 qlniah High .Schoall ALLENTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE 920 AND 927 HAMILTON STREET O A Successful School Enjoying the Prestiqe oi the Entire Community COURSES SESSIONS Secretarial, Stenoqraphic Day and Niqht Business, Accounting Open All Year Personality Development Modern Text Books - Modem Equipment - Excellent Faculty Free Placement Service - Social Activities and Basketball Excellent School Spirit and Pleasant Atmosphere FURTHER INFORMATION ON REQUEST Established 1869 PHONE 4790 Incorporated 1897 oo ooo oaooooo no o q4oooooo o oooooooo o s 0,450 oo. O un. 0' v,oo,u.oo.u.n,oo, o, Q, fo. v, gn.: oo on o :goof 'oo' , . Q. , , Q' Q, o,u.u,oo'o500.0o.n.n.oo.n'oo.oo,o . 0,4 . Q. Q. eo , an o oooooooooo oooooooooosvoao co oooaoooaoaoooo 4 on oo .u.n.u.n4oo.4o.o . .oo.u.oo.u.oo,oo.n. .n.n,u,u. 4 A A .n.oo.u.o .u.u.oo.oo,oo,oo RAY F. KRAUSE GROCERIES - ICE CREAM 515 CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS. PA. Phone 133-M GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerators, Ranges, Washers and Radios Established 25 Years Service After the Sale GEO. S. HARWICK, Inc. 569 Chestnut St. EMMAUS. PA. Bendix Home Laundry PAUL S. C. Rl KER CI PLUMBING AND HEATING III Phone 264-R 402 .CHESTNUT STREET EMMAUS. PA. In Appreciation of the Patronaqe Granted Us By The CLASS OE 1939 BIEBER gl RIEGEL .. .... ......- ..,... ,..,..,..,. ..,..,..,.., .. ..,.g. ,.. . . REESE 6. SCHANTZ GENERAL MERCHANDISE FIFTH AND BROAD STREETS EMMAUS. PA. Courteous Fair Service Prices Phone Orders 244-W Delivered M. A. FAUST Fresh and Smoked HOME DRESSED MEATS SIXTH AND RIDGE STREETS EMMAUS. PA. ' ' g..g..g..'..w..'..'..'..'..'.. -..'..'..'. ooooovooooooooooooouo ooo 0 o ufo.n.u.n.o0.4o.oo,u.oo.n.u.u.oo.oo.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.u.o 0 PASTEURIZED MILK SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH . ..g..'..'. ..'..'..'. ..'..'..'..'. P. E. STAN SFIELD "TED" IOBST SHOE REBUILDER Local Distributor of FEGLEY'S ' Pasteurized Milk and Cream Also Fresh Eggs, Butter, Bread South Fourth Sireei Cd Broad and Pastries 130 S. Fouth St. EMMAUS, PA. EMMAUS' PA' COMPLIMENTS CQMPLIMENTS OF OF DR. CARL H. KLERX DR. CHARLES BACHMAN D U D 0 R E' DRUG STORE lj LET US SHOW YOU OUR LATEST EASTMAN'S CANDID CAMERAS AS LOW AS 3514.50 EI Folding Cameras S7.50 up Box Cameras S200 up All Films Sold at Lowest Prices FOURTH AND BANK STREETS EMMAUS. PA. oooooooooo sooo .4Q04o.oo'u.oo,av.oo,oo.oo,o 30.09.403 HDWARD H. WEAVER Iustice of the Peace Consulting Actuary II REAL ESTATE Cl PHONE 65 FOURTH AND BANK STREETS EMMAUS, PA. n'oQ STONEBACK'S DRUG STORE El ON THE TRIANGLE H. Walter Stoneback, '16 EMMAUS, PA. on ooo oooooaooaoo ceo: nge, 34.4 Q, nfs..o.u.u.on.n,n.n.n uf .oo.oo.oo.o Our Prices Save You Enough to Buy Extra Pairs B E E R S SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY CFormerly Cus1:er'sJ The Most Talked About Shoe Store This Side of Allentown 342 MAIN ST. EMMAUS. PA. H. T. KEMMERER Specializing in 320.00 SUITS Also Featuring "BYRON" HATS Bank Bldg. Emmcrus. Pct. WIEAND 6. CO. IEDDO and LEHIGH COAL CONCRETE BRICK and BLOCK PHONE 217 25 SOUTH SEVENTH STREET EMMAUS, PA. W. T. BRENSINGER 62 SON GROCERIES, ICE CREAM CANDIES, TOBACCO, ETC. '516 NORTH STREET EMMAUS. PA. THE BUTZ COMPANY lj Real Estate General Insurance Fidelity Bonds Surety Bonds III TELEPHONE 56 FOURTH AND MAIN STREETS EMIVIAUS. PA. ..g..3..g..'. . ..-..'..'..'. ..'..g..'..'. ..'..'..'. ...'..'..'..'..-..' - . ?.g..g..g-4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.4.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..3.,g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..? 0.0 0.0 .g. .g. 4. .g. O 6 251 152 .9 .g. . . ozo 0:0 If THE CALVIN STUDIO 31 Q? ozo FORMERLY WINT STUDIO Q. .3. .!. .z. .x. FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS .5. . . 232 If 53 617 LINDEN STREET - - ALLENTOWN. PA. 3: .g. .g. .z. . V .!. If! PHONE - 2-1310 Is: 4. .'. Q. .:. ISI 121 o O O O o .g. .'. A 0 0 3. . .g. :gr :gr 4. . .Z. aiu oo gag PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 323 J. 12: :iz :iz 15: .5 .g. 00 OO 5: :iz .g. .f. Y .g. .,. .g. SANDER -REI HARDT COMPANY 15: rg: gig ,, . . . ,, gig Makers Of Fme Prlntmq Plates 4, :gr Iii .:. .z. Ii ISI OQO Oib 3. .g. :to Q? 20 0:0 PHOTO - ENGRAVERS - DESIGNERS - ARTISTS 321 4.1 of Q? Q? :fr :gr Q? etc . . 131 ffl . . Ig! 711 LINDEN STREET - - ALLENTOWN. PA. 251 Ii ' Ii , .g. 0.0 OO Q Q , o,n,n.n.u.oofo.n.w.u.u,n.u,oo,u.n.oo.oo.n,oo.u,oo,n,oo,oo'n.oP..0.00,00,49.0Q.:ofo,u,oo.oo.oo,n,u.n,o4,oo,oo.u.oo.oofo,oo.n,u,n,oo,u.oo, ,n'n,n.n'. ...ova ooeoooosooeunaoynnaoaf:nan soooooooooooooooooaoooooo 4.u.u,N,-on :Oc at Q oo oo oof4.44,43o,u.n.u,u.oo.oo.u.n.n.Qo.n.n.u.u,u,a ,Qo,n'n,o4,0ofnoany0.04303o,n.n.u,n.u.n.oo.oo oo'u.oo.oo.oo,oo,oo'n'o .5 4 O . 'z :gr EAT AT . . . . 0 I '4 . . ,. . :sz LIBERTY BA D 4 of of 'I LUNCH ROOM . If: LIGHT LUNCH - SODAS ICE CREAM - SUNDAES 9:0 u 351 431 CHESTNUT STREET gig EMMAUS, PA. .f. :iz -if Clarence R. Ritter Walter C. Buzby .x. Ii .5 RITTER G BUZBY ff' Funeral Directors and Embalmers :if Telephone 42-R Iii Funeral Parlor at the Convenience ff: of the Public lil as SOUTH FIFTH STREET EMMAUS. PA. 1:1 ago 5:0 0:0 .g. LAUDENSLAGER 6. GEIST rf: :if Dealers in ISI OLD C-OMPANY'S LEHIGH COAL Qxt .f. FLOUR AND FEED ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW III AT STATE THE TRE EMMAUS. PA. HILDA DANKEI. BEAUTY PARLOR 0 348 Main Street-Emmaus Phone 222 EMAUS HARDWARE CO. Complete Line of HARDWARE, PAINTS, ETC. 231 MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PA. Phone 123 Phone 103 EMMAUS, PA. 4,0 vga 4.0 oooooooooooooooooooo once 00.0.4000 ooooooo ooo o von o.oo.u.oo,oo,oo.oo,n, 0,0 .n,u.vv,n,os oof4.4ofo.u,oo,oo.u.oo'oo'oo'oo,u.oo. o,u.oo.oo. 'Q .oo'oo,oo'u, 4.04, . 9.40, 0.00.40 0.0 :Oo Q sfo, Q. . o :O o . NQQQQ QQQLQQSQTQQQQQQQ ' REP 1 E RANGES R G RAQNSAEHERS M N N I C H ' H. M. WALBERT Manager Aippliance Dept. BOGK AND GIFT SHOP KRAMER'S MUSIC HOUSE 540 CHESTNUT STREET 544 Hamilton St. Allentown 'EMMAUS' PA' II A Large Variety of BREADS cmd CAKES Cards for All Occasions Sunday School Supplies Baked Daily School Supplies O Leather Goods SCHADLEITS BAKERY Gift Boxes 417 CHESTNUT STREET Books Wm. Schadler, Prop. Phone 43-R EIC- CONRAD STUDIO K L I N ' S PHOTOGRAPHS I I G A Photographs Live Forever S T O R E Student Prices 213 NORTH TWELFTH ST. III ALLENTOWN, PA. phone 150 Phone: Emmaus 124 CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH . . P. . Open 6 A M to 8 M A Sales and Service I SEVENTH cmd WALNUT STREETS EXPERT AUTO REPAIRING WILLIAM A. GEHMAN EMMAUS. PA. EMMAUS. PA. . . , , ., ., ., . 3, , v , ., . . 4..5.g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g . ..g. vooooo ooooooooooooqoo ooavoooooooooooooooooooo n.n'n.o o o o oo.n.n.N.oo,oo.oo,oo'n'agoofs, 4 0 fan..ofo.n.u,oo,oo,n,oo'u,oo,oo,n.u.n.n.oo,oo.u,o YOU SAVE WHEN YOU BUY HERE WARRE BROBST Compliments of EMAUS CLEANERS AND DYERS 344 MAIN STREET EMMAUS, PA. Lloyd Mohry, Prop. ALL WORK GUARANTEED EMIVIAUS, PA. 0 MACUNGIE SUPPLY CO. JOHN DEERE GENERAL MERCHANDISE QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Free Delivery Phone 48-R-2 M AC-UNGIE PA CQMPLIMENTS DANCING CLASS OF EMMAUS OWLS CLUB BARR'S BAKERY TOPTON. PA. Compliments of ADA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 314 MAIN STREET Thurs. Afternoon cmd Eve. II TAP, ACROBATIC, WALTZ, FOX TROT, SHAG, TANGO, ETC. III GUDIE STUDIO EMMAUS' PA' 34 NORTH SIXTH STREET Phone 263-B Allentown, Pct. Phone 3-2852 canooooeooocoooooooooooooooosoooeooooooooooooooooooooaoooooo 0,00.0o.:o.:54u.:any4.00.0.0o.u.oo,oo.o4,oo.oo.u.u.o0,4ovo.u.oofo.oo.oo,u.u.qof030,043o,oo.oo.oo.4o,4o.u.oo.oo,oo.oo.oo.oo.4o.40.0sfo,ofo.oo.n.u,u,u,u.o4,o 7 O :gr rf: of 4. 0,0 4:0 .2. 4. 4 0 .Zo 020 Q14 0? Q? Qz0 4.5 080 .Zo 'zf 0:0 .:. .,, of .:, ISI 151 3. 5. 3. 3. Q. 3. .!. Q. Q20 Q Q 489 0gQ Iii ISI 5. , , .g. 9 O I 6 .f. .f. 0? 4:0 use Q? 9:9 Ott . . J. ISI Q. .f. Iii -A 152 :ff ' ff: : z :zz Tig - :gr 3. , Q- 4. Of' :zo 5. ' .? . . - . . z L z . . . .Q .. - - 231 0 o , Qi. Ig. O O 3 .:. . . S atv 321 131 O 9 9 Oi- 231 . I fi: ft: 122 gig 3. 5, 3. n i 0 3, .'. 2 .g. un eu- L4 em :gr . . 3. 31 Q. 3, 31 gig 'i' oss . . . 'E' 212 - : iii Sgt If 1:1 . . 3. 1:1 3. Z 3. 'z' 3. ':' g .x. ' ' Q Q 7 I If . . 2 . . axe .5. o'o oz, .5. ofa etc 0:4 ozo 0:0 4. oz: oss of 4 0:0 ooeaoooooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQvoooooooooooeooooooooovaooooooo s.u.w.oas0.043auf...o.u.n.u.ou,u.u.n,eo,n.u.n.n.4o,n,n.u.n.o5,anyo.u,oo,oo.n.u,oo,4o.u,n,oo.u,u.oo.oofofo.n.oofangu.oo.n'u,u'u.w,oofa.. oooooo ooooo oaooooooooooosoQQQQQQQQQQQQQ4 ow neonuooun 0 , , , , , , n.4o.oo.oo,u.o 4 oooooouu44u.o.u.n.ao.n,u.n6u,n,n oo.u.oo.u.oo.oo.oo.n on no oo goo, 0 When In Need of Flowers COMPLIMENTS can VIADUCT DAHLIA GARDENS OF PAUL WINZER, Prop. ELM AND STATE HIGHWAY CO' P. O. BOX 174 Phone 241-R 1-:MMAUs, PA. TOPTON' PA' IOHN SIN GMASTER DEALER IN COAL, LUMBER, GRAIN CEMENT MACUNGIE, PA. Phone: Ernmaus 83 D. D. F RITCH MILLING CO Manufacturers of XXXX QUALITY FLOUR AND FEEDS Mctcungie. East Greenville SPECIAL ORDER WORK We specialize in the repairing and modernizing of fine jewelry. We excel in Diamond Setting. All work done in our own shop. AUST 81 LANDES I EWELERS ALLENTOWN 6 EMMAUS EMMAUS ICE .81 STORAGE CO. 1 INC ORPORATEDI III Manufacturers of CRYSTAL ICE Distributors of COOLERATOR U The Air-Conditioned Refrigerator EMMAUS, PA. , ' ' '..g..g..g..g. .g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g. PHONES Residence 260-M Shop 260-B P WM. M. E. YEAKEL COMPANY . 0 EXPERIENCED ROOFING CONTRACTOR Wholesale SLATE AND ASBESTOS School Supplies ROOFING O 355-357 HAMILTON STREET VERA CRUZ PENNSYLVANIA ALLENTOWN, PA. R P COMPLIMENTS E Soles L L ornd Y OF S Service M Y O EMAUS A. C. R E. M. Rothenberger U H Mcrcungie, Pa. T E C H phone 102.3 Exponents of Clecrn Sports Layer Cakes Pies Cookies Variety of Bread Baked Daily At MOYER'S BAKERY 71-73 CHURCH STREET MACUNGIE. PA. ALSO A FULL LINE OF GROCERIES Phone 10-R-2 Store Open Evening For Your Convenience 0.0 O'QO.Q9.9 0.0 0.6 O Most Important For the Student A DEPENDABLE WATCH Excellent Styles and Values at 39.00 TO 515.00 Others Slightly Higher P. A. FREEMAN. JEWELER 911 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN. PA. oooooooo: oooooooooooocooooo4 0 ,u'u'oo.oo'u,u.o oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo so oo oo on n.oo.oo.n, COMPLIMENTS THE HISTORIC 1760 HOUSE FROM "Famous For Good Food" McNABB'S POULTRY FARM The Ideal Place For WESCOESVILLE, PA. Pcrrties cmd. Banquets our Motto: TREXLERTOWN. PA. For Reservations Only The Best Is Good Enough Phone, Allentown 3-6698 STROUSE'S SERVICE STATION Try Our E. B. SCHULTZ LIGHT LUNCI-IES - ICE CREAM SOFT DRINKS - CIGARS CIGARETTES -- TOBACCO AT THE TRIANGLE SHIMERVILLE-MACUNGIE IUNCTION Hardware, Paints, Oils, Etc. 15-17 EAST MAIN STREET MACUNGIE. PA. QUE IQBQ Qmfzlet SCHLECHTERHS tinlfeu Q73 g0,,4zi.,4m 540 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN, PENNA. 0.0 ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..gm. , ,.'..'..'.. . .. .. , ..g..'..'..'. . ..'..'..'..'..'..'.g ..g..'..g. 0.00 Q o Q 00 0 00 00.00.00 00 00 0 00.00.0 00 00 00 00 00.00 00 00 00.00 00 0 5.00 00 00 0 'oo 00 00.00 00 00 00.00 00 0 00 00 00.00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0 00 00 00 0 oo.oo 44.4 ...ooo neo 00.0. ooo.oo ooo oououowofoo :venous o.ooo A .......................................................... 5. z x 0.0 0.0 0.0 0,0 3 3 z 0.0 0x0 9 ffl :ff .g. .'. . . Iii Member of Natlonal Reserve System 131 :ff 131 .g. .g. . . Iii 44 77 :if 11: Young people with an eye to the future enthusiastically fi . . .g. I .'. Q? endorse our plans for the lnvestrnent of small or large 0.0 0:0 . 'ff amounts from mcorne. Proven safety coupled W1Il'l llberal :QI 4. .9 ji: return make this the ideal plan for the conservative in- ji: , . vestor. It takes only a small sum to open an account. '5- , . If: :jf fo vo -2- EMMAUS. PENNSYLVANIA ooo oo .? Q. 0,0 0,0 fo Q z z Y y .. 0.0 00 3 o :ff .if 'Q 131 151 151 0.0 0.0 .g. A .5. 0,0 fo .E. .f. 3. .g. exe Q? 13: ' Ig: via ofa 4. .. 1:1 MANUFACTURERS OF jzj .g. .5 31 221 CAST IRON PIPE .'. .g. .Q .g. 0 151 POR WATER AND GAS 1:1 . Iii :ff J. .5 .Q 5. .g. 0 .5. 00 0.0 x : 131 231 .,. .g. 151 EMMAUS. PENNSYLVANIA ,zj .g. .. 'Q 33. 131 .S..g..g..g..g..g..g..g .g.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g .g..g g of4:00:0014ozufuznzuzuzuf .g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.., .:Q:u:..1u:u:u:u:. oxo x Q 4,0 fo Iii HENRY P. GRUBER OF T-EHIGH COUNTY of 351 ARBOGAST 81 BASTIAN COMPLIMENTS 1? 6.9 3 S ki 351 323 E DR. W. A. BANKS .5 :Ez ALLENTOWN, PA. 310 North sixteenth street gg 0 , 0 "' I 'Q ,va Q 045 4' "" :iz TOPTON MOTOR CAR co. ' 221 STUDERAKER COMPLIMENTS AND Q, CHEVROLET OF 152 s 1 A s ' 5.3 P..Z53.5m M THE Home MUTUAL TOPTON. PA. 121 251 FIRE INSURANCE CO. 'I' 0 , 7 f fo X :zo e 4.0 sto O Q 0 FLORIST .g. fx: E CFUT FLOWERS, POTTED PLANTS 121 AND FLORAL DESIGNS 2 If 0:0 'x' A. R. WEAVER Secretary 'I' fx: 544 North Street EMMAUS, PA. ' 'Q' fx: .g. Phone 131 3, If: We Grow Our Own Flowers PA' 12: ,f, Free Delivery jf: :iz 222 'Q' .Q .g. ft: of . 323 If! O 0 ,:. ate 3, '5' COMPANY OF '2' .. .f. 4" :iz 'Q' Ig: 252 353 MEATS AND PROVISIONS :ij Club cmd Frcrternity Pins jj J. 5. U. S. Government Inspection I 3- Commencement and Weddmq -E. 31 , , jij Inv1tcrt1Ons III Q fgi 151 gg EDWARD MORRIS JONES rg: Q.. o 0 0 0 o.o 1:1 PHILADELPHIA, PA. Zig of ,., .,. .g. .once ooooooooooooooovooo ooo 'o"o"o"o"0'o Q o 0 o o o ' ' o 4 o 1 o ' o o Q ' ous' . o ox. 0:0 of .Io fo ox. .2. of 4:0 .g. 0? oz' o Q os. .3. fo .i. ox: Q.. .zo 'Z 0? o o .2. of ore Q? o o are 4:0 .f. in .:. o o can Q. .xo of ox: 0,0 0? ox: .xo 4.4 Q? 4.4 ofa 4. 0:0 'Q QS in .Io 0:- 0? 'f 4. 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WALTER COMPLIMENTS Groceries, Green Groceries, Fish, Oysters, Clams, OF Sea Food, Etc. 427 CHESTNUT STREET A. P. HOUSEVR EIVLMAUS, PA. The Royal Portable Typewriter is a F 't 'th both Teachers and , am e W1 Studemsn R EIN s M IT H s WHE YOU BUY SEE FUNERAL SERVICE --::::-'.1,Tj' if SINCE 1864 32 NORTH FOURTH STREET FRANK I. HABERLE EMMAUSI PA. 129 N. Sixth St. Allentown. Pa. o ooooooooooeono 00.400.40.040 4 n,n.u.w,oo,oo.oo.oo'o4.n,u.oo,o o nge..ofa..o.n,n,u,n'aa.n.n 4 o n'u'w'u'u'u .?.g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.., of .g. g. 3 ,..g..2. 121 121 3. 131 Norman C. Lcxudenslager .51 fo Jo .2 III 3. gf NOTARY PUBLIC 53 15: AND 25: If: ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 131 151 COMPLIMENTS jig vi- 121 Mcrcunqie Ave Emmaus, Pa. 12' '21 .13 Phone 46-B OF IQ. 121 121 OXO O30 .3. 51 THE EMAUS 5: fo 0:0 151 CLARENCE S. SHELLEY 151 :fi Representing 151 .5 .XI HILL METAL 6: ROOFING CO. 151 151 5. 901-907 NEW STREET EI 3. '21 151 ALLENTOWN. PA. g. E32 E32 o'o fo oxo 0:0 .f. Sig HARRY G. HABERSTUMPF gig 231 COMPLIMENTS jg Groceries cmd Provisions 1:1 3 2 121 121 QF Phone 202-W THE 229 ADRAIN STREET .g. EMMAUS, PA. 121 151 EMAUS 0:0 0:0 .5. .5 A. ROCKEL if 'P' COAL 81 LUMBER OXO GENERAL MERCHANDISE 1:2 :ff of 0:0 :QI C0., I C. 304 MAIN STREET jr 0:0 0:0 EMMAUS 221 .g. - .,. Q? ao Q . ooooaoooooooooo :cocoa ooo,,,uo4foooooo4oonoo orooooeoov of0343o.n.oofa.u.oo.oo,oo.n.oo.oo.oo oo oo solo 0. Q, . Q. . oo. O auf q.n.u,u.u.u,n,oo oolo, o.n,oo,n.u.n,oo.o .oo Q00 ufo.w.oo.oo.oo.oo.u,oo.o so Q oooooooeyuasooo O oboe so oo, nu, an oo,u,oo, Q. Q. o Q, ofa o .Q Oo ,oo,u,u oooo ooooooooooooooooo 0.4 ,ooo . 4 s o ,oo oofovo 0.04.45 . 0.04, of 'ua .45 BELDLEMAN'S HOTEL MACUNGIE Turkey Platter Chicken Pie oooooooo ooooo ovoooooooono oo O .n no .or o Q on anon oo.oo,n.o fun, Q, Q, oy .4 ,Q ,Q ,neo oo aan. IOHN R. MOYER All Kinds of Home Made Products Fresh cmd Smoked Meats 14 SOUTH THIRD STREET EVERY SATURDAY NIGI-IT EMMAUS .,.,.,.,.g.g.33!!!!2!'!!5.-.-.-.-.-za-1-:-:':-:':-z-MINE-:-:-:-:-:-12:-:-12:-11:-:2:1:1:2:1:1 :1:2:I:2:2:fifiririziEgg-:-:-:51-:-:-giiizlzicizizlzliIE2E1E5E1E2:2:5:lizI12g2g!g2g2g!grg:E:5:-'2:-:: ':5:5:3255335E5E525S5EgEgEgE5E3E3E3i5E5EjE5E::" ,5555555252552535552gi35553E5Egigigizigigi:E:3:2E5E5E3E5E5E555S3E5E3i5E1f ,zgigigigirf 55 ,E5E5i5E1E3S5S25:E53ErE5 -. 'mzfirz :E555E5E555533533552525335332151515135 ig515152E221E2SIZE2E22IEISISIEIE2E1E1E1E5E2EfE5E5E5E55525555555E5E5E5E5f5" . .-2131? .-:2S1f':2E2S3E1?E2fQQ-4" .-:-:-:-. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:f-",:g2:l:f:3 ,v1IgIgrg:gi-'-'-'-'-'::f:-:::g:::5:1:::::::-:-'-'"'-:-:g:5:3:-:-' .':gIg:g.g' .-:5:5:::::::-:- -- " ..g:2:f:f:f: -:5:1:2"' "?:!'f" '5:g:::g:-' -.w, . , ' .2:2:1:2:1:2:f 55' iz!" 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H no lmqher than ordlnarlly charged for commerclal quallty. o.- .g. . 1:1 They pay no hlqh Cl1Y rents, taxes, etc. Q51 3. 5, fs. 5. '2' 4 l 0,0 in 0 .g. 121 -5 187 - 191 MAIN STREET EMMAUS. PENNA. .f. 'J 4:0 lo 0 3. OPEN DAILY FROM 9:00 A. M. TO 9:00 P. M. :Sf ' x 4- .,. 'Iv 4:0 'I' fo ..,.....f...................-......-.......................42 .,u,n,...- V....,n,u,.,..,...n.u,. n,oo.u.oo.e .,..,..,.....,u...,..,n,.....,..,. .,..,..,...n,v Q,.,.,,n,n,..,..,..,..,.5..,..,..,f.,n...,n,n,o .,w,ff,n,n,.....,.

Suggestions in the Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) collection:

Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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