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 - Class of 1938

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Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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fc- x .xxzf azz: Mans K .' ,- Q -iff . 4 -ya . 2- - XA. .4 ' il --n 41' A 71235- :--,. , .., I ,. ,a w- :J - , .4 ,L ,- iv , . - ,5- 7-Nqr, ,W .4. -1 '4 '4 W.. 'J"11V, -"fPm..' .1 a W.: , . ,.v .-L.--,. fm- .J ,. , .,14'g,,:- L' ' f',"1 'i 7?-1' I.-f'-g -,'..:Tf's'f-'N.- .gf - .-g,.z: H Efsfn,1Ef..U,'-,,-f3mQff:? .q- - - -f J' , - iv ,Y -1- 5,-m .A n,, .-vu-A - -. ,, 1'-i f :mm -,-.-1-1-Y-2--FW - New M -, -, -. Mi, Q,-, 11. ,, ,iv pl .sq - 152-2 ,W A "vw,-, ?'!g.'.pq ,QVLES1-g-..ZY -E-e'ffi-,'f-Q-,' .- T-,Ei Q 1-1. - 3,-F fn, w 1-1' fgilLy'-.-212T-I1,"f3i-SH' ,-.25-1 - -. 7 '-, ,J 1' 1- :KH-.53 i -".4jf.'3l--" -4 ig ,- ' +,'f!:2 ' y5:'L1":5 .,- '31 I-'iff' 39 fi535'5,'ft.H'l7' ?f.!.i."k. ' ' '- --,, 54 ,rg .--., ,gt 1, ,- .uh ' ,-, :wg . Q, -, iii. , 5- if 4,'E-"-5155W-2-7-??flgf4'7i f ,155 5,5 K- - SE, jg?-.ijgff--:'ggf' ,Vi 4 M ' Te: h I 1 , ,V1,'.. - h., -L.. 41- , .--:f.H:,g,1. - , . . '-v11- Jff' ' . ' -fav amz. . u -- :64 . .4 -H. H ' 451 ' . ' ' ,, --..."--I "1-, - , Mr- , . , ',-1 -wx, .. - - .,,,f.ig2E,.',N .. k 1: M ' 521- ,ifjgf -Q Q N- .2-'X 41- v 5 Q 4?i-sf? 5 f - -E zlrfiai- - X.-1,2--'..'-1 - , ..5.x.,-by -- - -- ,K V .- . ,,, . w iJfI.,1--4 LYFESWHI .-,- 'AQF-'-'Q :if . ,fyf-5, " ,u.a5:.v --1: - ., I vii.. .' .I T - TA '.' '.1,5Jik,'!- 7 M., A -". - ' - -If-" icy g 1- 45 '.1 mx.-7. , , s L- . 1- 'ff -Asif 1.. "s A .. 'tigig 1 1.1 'v . . -,v , . aill, ,Qi-'g 9 K 'ff' ' - ' rf.-.I f 1 I- -gfe- -5. A ,au Q-miie' 4 -Fr- Wir ' 'F' : . W Q- .- 'afElP1'3gf2 JRSEF'-95 - -I ,- ' J . . 'E-M515-5 1496521 - ' ff'--i"',v:: -F45 .. .- -- Q' 1.3, fn'- FM . P.- ',! .U -12- -- mx- W -i,'W.-7?ff'3'F'7fgkf2fi.-kiffafiigi -A-5'5',,X!f3?'C fll'LJ?H-"' gr'iiP5fg5fi-L m5a+24:54'- ' 4 ,,, -15223.--f-f-"M -1f"fI'4',-EIN5-5'J i u.1.fiwrwQ+-".----,A .,3,,, -1-' ' ' wa- r"' 1- T'-Q'-Fo? -1 -W-1?-r:n55v2.q,f-w.."L:s..1--A . - --f'f-:asa '- if" -ze?--'-12' - A v , J - ,H v f.--'f.,:- - ,- An -'-'i"" ,,-.J IIHII I IIFIIII Publislzed by the SENIOR CLASS OF EMAUS HIGH SCHOOL EMAUS - PENNSYLVANIA VOLUME XVI Contents ADMINISTRATION Pk CLASSES Pk ACTIVITIES Pk ATHLETICS Pk FEATURES Pk ADVERTISEMENTS Of8WOf E hope that this, our last achieve- ment, will be worthy of our school, for in it will be found a summary of our high school lives which we will soon leave forever. If this book will bring back pleasant memories in years to come, we will then know it has been a successful one. ARLINE K. STRAUSS Typing, Shorthand Cedar Crest College, B.A., 1934 Temple Univcrsiiy, 1955 HARVEY H. BECKER Science Kutzlown State Teachers College, l909 Muhlenlnerg Coll:-gf-, BS, 1926 Qecfica tion a token of our sincere ap- preciation for their service Emaus High School, for example of unselfish leadership and zealous interest in all our activities, we, the class of 1938, affectionately dedicate this volume to our faculty advisers. Alma Mater As we plocl through life's road steeping Climbing up those roclcy hills, We will ever holcl in keeping Thoughts of these clear Wisdom mills. CLOFUS Alma Materl Alma Materl Hear our song of thanks to theel Hold in keeping, Joy and Weeping, Hold our blessed memory. Hear these silent stone walls shouting, Hear their worcls of would-he woe Hear them plead with hopes and douhting Hear them tell us not to gol Gone is our gay Hlearneclu company, Gone those Clays which are of yoreg Much We did in rooms now empty, Things weall do ancl see no motel wk 5212? .P - 37' , , ff, .1 S ,S ,A n. U", 1-3411-,Xi.f'Q -' , '4 f fffwf Q ,-yr 'ffvxg 1: Y-Q . .,, ',,. XM'-7'i 4'Q?iz-fi5::rf55'32fi'3FfTw?I'r'7'2-51.13153 nf?-'i 1 A .. K. ., .4 1 Q. 1 .T-fp ' 1 '.2Jx1Q,1L:N' x ',3,14F5,1jo- .gf-w,vu:y5'4dxQg ' 25-'H?25.ft'l' . a'-r.q,1 -.J --gg':g-w.?'.fi, sfffm12:?.,1-f 12332: -- 2 33 ' 1 ., -www,-,L ,--.X sf,f::.e"--si-Q2-fN'1gvau3'S:f-1: -.f"ff.1,Q:'1 f ' cam,-4'4f..w - -f, -Q. .v:zs.nQfg.f:g1...t-,V.-g5:g,,.,ff.m..fg,g3?.ww wif ' .- PM Jax. f-f--1 - -fn fs. - . - .. - ,sg xx: av. .Q-'-..'f.,-yi, ' . ' . , V. -N . -6, gf v,f,f""3C"'y - . fi , 5 5-V--Qs' ,,:.94."g1'-. ,.,,,-,n..4:9.-' gp- 1:-, :i1fiS5a1'S'9 : , : 'gf'-11.221-vzffyf' ' 1415 .- 'nflihwfywffii,.-,-.'f-qw-9.-f..gras e5?x:.a2es L..f Q..'f. ' '-i'-1 ff?" . "fi 'X' f -'aff gilifgafsifldiqfii?"5:55 V- - " ' -e3.q.v.m Q-, f 2-gg., safscz.ful1,-fgqyig-::.fs.,,.-. - - ,,,g,-off ,y 1 -,,- -.-.-75.371 ,gzzfftiv 'g ' f " 1 - - 1- " ff - ' . .-- wg 25.11.-.---if " 'f Board of Education RAIPH XV. VVEIDNER ROBERT C. STAUFFER Pl'0Siflf'llf Vivo Presiflvnl CLAUDE H. KELLER VICTOR H. HAUSER Sggrgtary Treasurer NV V V lm V , .,.V.,.. . .,, . , , ---- - -,ul-V--E, i,,,........-.-.A....-. 1 , . . -11.-, ,- ,--- rr- 6 -,f-v -1-. xl V i Board of Education GEORGE S. STEPHEN ALBERT B. VVIEAND GEORGE S. HARWICK Greetings to Seniors YOU are fortunate that you are graduating from a democratic institution in a democratic nation. Our American democracy, with its fundamental principle ol the separation of church and state, has regarded education as the hulwarlc of lree institutions. We have no recognized class distinctions hut one educational ladder for all classes. in the time of our forefathers a man's education was a matter of concern only to himself and his parents. The masses, whom the past regarded as mere uhewers ol' wood and drawers of waterf' are no longer content to remain in ignorance. Vve are striving lor universal education and an equal educational opportunity lor every child. What knowledge is ol most worth? The public is not concerned so much as to how much actual hoolc knowledge you have acquired hut they are anxious to lcnow whether you can take your place in a democratic society, whether you have received training for co-operation with the group as well as promote individual fitness to survive. HOWARD J. YEAGER YOUR high school days have come to an end and now you are standing on the thres- hold of a new life. The whole world lies before you. it is for you to decide what kind ol a life you wish to live and exemplify. lvlay it always he a patient, unending search for "something a little more good, a little more true, a little more beautiful." Your parents have made many sacrifices to malce your graduation possihle. Your community has given you an opportunity, denied to many great men ot the past, and now expects to derive some income from its investment. You owe much and can repay your debt only hy living useful lives as public spirited and law- ahiding citizens, thinlcing for yourselves instead ol- loeing led by others. Our days together have been pleasant and now as we part. may l assure you that my interest and best wishes will he with you to the end of my days. ALLEN F. HELLER HOWARD J. YEAGER Superintendent Franklin nnfi Nturstnaii Coil:-gc, BA., l9lI Lctligii University. BTA., 1923 A NIAN ot uncompromising jus- tice, wtiose soie iite interest is education in every form. Ati wtio icnow tlim recognize ills strength of character and his executive atoiiity. We, time ciass ot 1058, iiereigmy, wisii to express our acl- miration and respect for tiim. ., ,emi LONG after we have left Emaus High School, we will loolc laaclc to our Principal as one of the men who has shown us how we coulcl malce our lives better and more useful. May we never forget his spirit of helpfulness and unself- ishness. F5 3 . 1 K' L. ALLEN F. HELLER Principal, Nlathemafics Kulztown Shah- Tenrlwrs College. I Mulllenherg College, BS., I025 Faculty JOYCE E, BEARY :fllgliSIl xlfH'ilViil!l Coll:-gr' for XXYOIHPII, BA., IUVI L1-Iligll ltnivvrsily, NLA., l03f' Z ALBERT S. BENFIEID ISIIQHSII, Gvrmun Nlllllbnlwvrg Cullvgfv, B.A., H120 Nvw York Univvrsily, H323 Urlivm-rsiiy of Zurivlz, Swilzvrlsmrl. I032'IO'i'5 VVILMER F. BOWERS Srivrwfe. Gvoqmpllv HHDA S. BROVVNLEE Pllysival Ecluvulion, IYIPIIIHI Kuizlown Stair- Pl10fll'lll'g'S Colle-gv, BS., East Stroudsburg Slate Teuvlwrs Cnffpgv, 10341 BS.. 1934 ,......., .4 X X, J XMLUA ,TIUPIUC Faculty HILDA C. BUSHER HOWARD K. DEISCHER English' Fwnrll History, Nlrllflmrlnfirs fcdm. frost Cnllvwx B-A-' IQ-55 Kulzlnwn Shah- 'l4r-nrln-rs Cullvgv-. l02'3 Ix1lIlllC'lllN'l'Q' Collvgr-, PILB., I020 lvnivz-rsily of l,I'Y'll1SylVElYIi1l, IXIJX., l0'52 PAUL J, FRANTZ XVII I IAM S C FISINGER Sulvsnuulwllip, Colnnwrcial Law ' 1 1 lnrliann Slnlr' Teachers ffnllvgc, BS.. 1935 Billhlfnllvfg C0lIf'IIf'- MLB-I 1029 Pr-nnsylvania Shale' Collcgv, I0'i7 . - N - 4 g . Y A L Mzxllxa mulics, fvvrnmn Tllirhfvn I W iff? Faculty CLIFFORD D. HARTMAN GLADYS B. HAUSER Pixysicui Eclucalion, iieailil, Hislory Booiciwvping, Simriilumi Kutziuwn Stull- Tc-acilcrs Coiicgv, l924 Kuizlown Shxlo 'i'l'iN'ilCl'S Coiic-gc, If-IIB .iuniaia Coiicgv, BS., 1927 Tvmpic Univvrsily, BS., H753 New York Linivvrsiiy. 1933 PAULINE E. MQLEAN ELVVOUD I.. ORTT Home ifcouumics Lniill, History Drvxvi insiilulv ni VIY4-Cilnoiogy, 1955 Kulzlown Slntv Tc-nrilvrs Coiicgv, 102-I Nluixicrliu-rg Coiicgv, BA., I027 Lciligil University, FLA., 1933 infzllrivvrl Faculty ! THOMAS M. B. SCHRADER lmluslrml Arls f Ponnsylvzmia Shah' Collvgv, US., 1033 ERROI. K. PETERS Mrxsic S. XVOODROVV SPONAUGLE HARVEY O. VVALBERT His or , Civics r Franklin mul Iwnfslmin Collvgv, A.B., 1057 Kullhwwn Sink' 'l'itN?Il0l'S College, ILS., 1934 Fifi:-'vn X Q- - A., -ZMU Faculty Q, - 7 A W7 MARGARET R. BORNMAN ANTHONY A. JAGNESAK Llbrnrmn Band lnsfrudor fy:-flnr Crcst Coll:-gf-, A,B,, 1056 L1-lmnnlm Vnllf-y Colle-gf: BS, 1036 ALBERT E- KRATZER ELSIE ALBRIGHT School Illyslclan Se,U.em,.V MUIIIEIIIJCIQ College. BS., 1932 y Tvmplc University, NLD., 1956 X 5 K Smeg I Q aff ,er fx ,, x iii' Si 1. of H6 ,za ,xy xl L .sr I 4 155' r DOROTHEA M. ADAMS Academic 455 Elm Street, Emaus Good tilings come in small quantities. Tattler Staff I, 4: Class Vice Presielent 2: Yearbook Stott 4. RGBERT W. AHNER General Allxurtis VVl1y worry about tomorrow? Today isn't over yet. Orrlmestm 2, 3, 43 Banrl 3, 4: Football 5, 4. DELBERT A. AMIG Commercial 553 Nortli Tliirnl Street, Einaus Aristotle tile second, If only treo stuclyl Baseball l, 2, 5, 4: Football 2, 5, 4: Varsity Basin-tlwall 2. 5. 4. Captain 4: Class Vire President 5, 4: Clmrus 4: Boys' Glen Club 4: Typing Club 4. HENRY E. BACHMAN General 324 lvlain Street, Emaus He knows what ine Wants, But ire talces what he gets. Cllorus 2. 5. 4: Mixed Glee Clulm 3: Track 4, Student Manager 5, 4: Monitor Club 5, 4, Captain 4: Boys' Glec Club 4: Hi-Y Club, President 4: Yearbook Stall' 4: Senior Class Play 4: Class Treas- urer 4. Seventeen fly lair CHARLES L. BAUS Commercial Alburtis The speech in tlmose deep blue eyes ls more than we can analyze. Atlilctic Clulm 4, FLORENCE A. BEITLER Commercial 55 Soutlm Spruce Street, Topton "Flossie" is a modest little lass And much respected by our class. Stitcli and Gossip Club 4. JOSEPH BOVANKOVICH Academic 204 Main Street, Emaus Not mucil for silliness, and not very coyg Has a Winning Way, an all right boy. Gym Team I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Play 4: Yearlaoolc Staff 4: Hi-Y Clula. Cllaplain 4. ELLAWESA A. BOVV ERS Commercial 185 Main Street, Emaus Our "VVesa', always laughs with glee, when "BuclcyH talces ller out to tea. Gym Team 2: Cllorus 4: Girls, Glee Clulu 4: Junior Red Cross Council 4. le jatfir Eighteen I DONALD H. BRENSINGER Academic 565 Ridge Strcct, Emaus Quiet as a mouse. But wllen tlxe cat's away, the mice will play. Orcllestra l, 2. 5, 4, Lilvrnrian 45 flmrns I, 2, '5, -t, lilrrnrinn 4: lxlixecl Glee Clulv 5: Band 5. 4: Boys' Give Clnlr, lilmrarinn 4. JEAN C. BUTZ Academic Allmrlis lt's nice to be natural wlien you're naturally nice. Dramatic Club 2: ClIOIUS 2. '5. 4: Girls' Glvf- Ljlllll 5: lxtixml Glec 3: lnclustrial Arts Clulm, Prosimlvnt -1: Senior Class Play 4. TERRENCE F. CARL Coinnlercial 424 Nortll Street, IQIIIZHIS Quiet and stmy So poor women. goocl-lnye. VVESLEY I.. CARL Gnnm-ml fillet Zinnsville A slly but pleasant lncl: Never really Very Sad. Football 2, 3: Baseball 3, 4, Tennis flnlm -t. UL, lui. CLAIR F. CHRISTMAN Commerciat East Main Street, Emaus A quiet man and ctignitiect Who tries to hide from sociat tite. SAMUEL A. CUSTER Gcnerat l42 North Fitttl Street, Emaus Hsamu is the girl teaser ot our ctass, Atways ttiere, Wtlenever they pass. Orctmcstra I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Ctuia 2: Monitor Ctutx 2, 3, 4: Ctlorus 2, 3, 4: Junior Dectamation Contest 5: Mixert Gtee Ciutl 5: Boys' Gtee Ctutm 4: Foottmtt 3, 4: Varsity Basicettnatt 4: Tattter Staff 5, 4, Associate Ectitor 3, Ertitor-in-Ctiiet 4: Yearbook Statit, Ectitor-in-Ciiiet 4. ADELINE D. DIEHL Acactcmic 526 North Fifth Street, Emaus Quiet, stly, tuntoving, too: T6ElCiliHg',S Wtlat stle ptans to do. Dramatic Ctuts 2: Baseizvatt 2, 3, 4, Captain 5: Stitcti anct Gos- sip Ctuta 4. LORETTA DUN STAN Commercial 184 Norttr Street, Emaus Vvtxat stuoutct a giri cto, but toe merry? Live anct tue tiappyt Gym Team I, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Bastietiwatt 2, 3, 4: Ctmrus 3, 4: Girls' Gtee Ctutw 3, 4: Stuctont Council, Secretary 4. le lui.. Twenty CATHARINE E. FEGELY Commercial 18 East Smith Street, Topton She smiles when slie comes, Slle smiles when she goes. But what Slle is smiling about Nobody lcnows. Typing Club 4. SARAH E. F EGLEY Academic 220 Adrian Str:-ct, Emaus My plans are laid, I want to be a clairymaid. Class Prcsirlcnt I, 2: Student lvlanagcr 5. -I: Tattlvr Stall' 5, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Class Play -l. WILLIAM E. FINDLAY General Allrurtis He's air-minded. Tl1at's Wlly ll6,S always up in the air about something. Junior Birilmcn ol E. H. S, 4. PAUL K. FREY Academic Emaus, Route l Small in stature but not in mind. Exceedingly quiet and very kind. Student Council, Vice President 4. N Twenay-one x x j Q jlffif JOSEPH A. GALL General Emaus, Route I A ready wit and frank replies, Topped by a pair of roguish eyes. Hi-Y Club 4. EDNA M. GEIGER Academic Merlztown "Silence is goldenf, so they say: She must be rich to be that Way. Chorus 4: Girls' Giee Club 4: Stitch and Gossip Club 4. ' ETHEL L. GEISINGER General Mertztown Gray eyes, dark hair: Gentle ways, never a care. Orciieslm 4: Chorus 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: Stitch and Gossip Cluim 4: Debating 4. RUTH E. GOHEEN Commercial Allentown, Route 2 Friend to ali. dependable lass, And much admired ioy our class. Junior Dc-clamation Contest 3: Class Treasurer 4: Tattier Staff 4: Yr-nrlnook Staff 4, X S I' j ,Z lffdf un-filly-two CLIFFORD L. GREENAWALT Commercial Alburtis He ltislxes and hunts wllen lie gets a chance For fisll in the water and girls at a dance. Baseball 5, 4: Hi-Y Club. Secretary 4: Chorus 4. VVARREN M. HAMSCHER Commercial 226 Norlll Sevenlli Street, Emaus Guard, fullback, lover all: Heres the lad who can malce tllem fall. Baselwall 1, 2, 5, 4: Football 2. 5, 4, Captain 4: Varsity Basket- ball 2, 5, 4: Class Treasurer 5: Clnorus 4: Tnlllcr Staff 4: Year- lyoolc Stall 4. PAUL R. F. HANGEN Commercial 109 Norlli Sixlli Street. Emnus Never sorrowful, never sad. But a boy who is always glacl. Football 3, 4: Blonilor Clulr 5. 4: Aililclic Club 4: Senior Class Play 4. DURELL B. HARTMAN General 525 Soutlx Scvenlli Strvel, Emaus Hartman is sliy, But not when the girls pass by. Gym Tram I: Clrorus 2, 5. 4: Mixecl Glr-Q Clulx '53 Student fxlanagcr 5, 4: Boys' Glce Club 4: Gym Clulx fl. Tll'P7lly'l,lfPF 3 Q lair FERN E. HARWICK General 571 Chestnut Street, Emaus Tall and slim, boys, not a chance, She has her friencl and loves to dance. Chorus 2. 5, 4: Mixed Glee Club 5: Girls' Glee Club 5. 4: Cheerleader 5. 4: Typing Cluh, Vice President 4: Senior Class Play 4. BERNICE M. HEFFNER Academic 255 North Street, Emaus Her loss We regret, For she's hard to forget. Girls' Glvf- Cluh 5, 4: lvlixeil Glue Cluh 5, 4: Chorus 5, 4: Taltler Stall- 4: Yearbook Staff 4. MINERVA E. HENSINC-ER Commercial 205 South Second Street. Emaus Minerva is very jolly, Gay, glacl, never sad. Chorus 2. 5, 4: Girls' Glee Cluh 5, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Stitch and Gossip Cluh 4. KERIVIIT D. HIETER Acaclemic ll4 East Smith Street, Topton He came to us in his junior year: But we like him because he's full of cheer. Band 5, 4. y x ,cle jc-:Mr Twenty-four X ALFRED R. HILLEC-ASS General 427 Norlli Street, Emaus ul'lilly" is lJrave and very strong, He clrives tlie truclc tlme season long. Taiiler Slall 4: Yearlmolc Stall 4. WARREN J. HUNSBERGER General Allmrlis Vvarren ialces it easy. always ialces llis time, Never cloes lle lwurry, tllai woulcl loe a crime. Hi-Y Clulv 4. HELEN A. JAGNESAK Academic 300 Broml Street, Emuus HSTCVS llle Ciilie seller ol OLII' ClHSS. To laalce a calce is ller one great taslf. Varsity Baslceilmall 2. 3: Gym Team 2, 3: Clmrus 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Play 4: Talllr-r Shall 4: Ycarlmooli Slalll 4. MARY R. JONES General 44 Soulll lfilllx Slrcel, lfmaus Sclxool or no scllool. lt's love l'm alter. Cll0fUS 5: Girls' Glee Cluln' 5: lvlixcxl Glee Clulm 5: Astronomy Cluln 4. Twenty-five i LQ jlffdf REGINA L. C. KEMMERER Commercial 239 Nortti Street, Fmaus Study, work, love'- Ttne greatest of ttnese is love. junior Red Cross Council I. 2: Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2. 3, 4: Ctiorus 2, 4, Treasurer 4: Band 3, 4: Yeartrook Staff 4, Girls' Glec Club 4: Typing Club 4. ANNABELLE J. KIEFER Commercial Attiurtis An excellent typist we know is she. So a stenographer we reckon st1e'Il be. Class Secretary I: Girls' Gtcc Ctutm 3: Ctiorus 3, 4: Monitor Clutx 3, 4: Yeartioolc Stott 4: Student Council 45 Tennis Club 4. GRACE M. KLEINTOP Commercial Emaus. Route l A merry jest. a frequent smite, Makes tier friendship welt worth white. Ctiorus 45 Girls' Glen Club 45 Stitch and Gossip Club 43 De- txating 4. CLADYS R. KNAPPENBERGER Commercial 1327 Pennsylvania Avenue, Emnus Happy am I, from care lym free, Why aren!t they all happy like me? Mixf-at Gtce Club 3: Chorus 3, 4, Stitch and Gossip Club 4. .7Ag lffif Twenty-six HAROLD L. KNAUSS Academic 55 North Fourth Street. Emaus Semester by semester, A future Daniel Webster. Orchestra l, 2. 5, 4: Junior Red Cross Council 2, 5, 4: Band 5. 4: Monitor 5. 4: Senior Class Play 4: Tattler Stall' 4: Track 4. LILLIAN M. KNAUSS Commercial 125 South Sixth Street, Emaus A story from "Telegraph" is quite a treat, Here's a girl you'cl like to meet. Gym Team l. 2, 5, 4: Junior Reel Cross Council, Treasurer 2, President 4: Tattler Staff 2, 4: Junior Dc-clamation Contest 5: Cheerleader 5, 4: Chorus 5. 4: Yearlsoolc Stall 4. CARSON W. KRESSLEY Commercial l5l North Filth Street. Emaus An ear for music And a wealmess for women. Orchestra I, 2, 5, 4: Bancl 5. 4: Chorus 5. 4. ARLENE M. KRUSE General 529 Elm Street, Emaus A girl who can malce her fingers fly: She'II put them to use lay ancl by. Dramatic Club 2: Chorus, Accompanist 2, 5, 4, President 4: Junior Declamation Contest 5: Monitor Club, Secretary 5, 4: Girls' Glee Club 5, 4, Accompanist 4: Mixed Cvlee Clula, Accompanist 5, 4: Banrl 5, 4: Tattler Stall' 5. 4: Debating 4. wvnty-ser' n C746 lair MARY C. KUEHL Academic 14S Main Street, Emaus She giggles. No matter when, where, or why,-1 she giggles. Chorus 2. 5, 4: Girls' Giee Club 5, 4: Mixed Glee Ciuh 5, 4: Tattlcr Staff 45 Senior Class Play 4. CHARLES W. LAUBACH Commercial 675 Chestnut Street. Emaus Give him a prohiem or theorem to work. And all other duties he gladly will shirk. Football 5, 4: Typing Ciuh, Treasurer 4. GEGRGE E. LAVVRENCE cT0lHl'IIC'l'I'iHl Alburtis Eat, sleep, and he merry, Wine. women. and song- Vvhy not he happy, Life is not so long. Base-hall 5. 4: Foothali 4: Athletic Cluh 4. LULA C. LEIBY Commercial 28 West Weiss Street, Topton Hear yet Hear ye! Stay out of the street Luta's driving can't he heat. Typing Cluh 4. Ulm jeffd., Twenty-eight ." 'rvww-1.15 fwur-:rr-uw-1-rxruxqvwl GLADYS A. LICHTENWALNER General Mrxcungie. Route 1 Very quiet and meelc is she: But just as happy as can be. Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, -1, President 3: Clnorus 2. 5. 4: Girls' Glce Clulzm 5, 4: Mixed Cvlee Club 5, 4: Stitcln and Cvossip Clulo 4. MARY ALICE LICHTENVVALNER General 143 Nortli Filtli Street, Emaus Mary Alice lilces nothing better tlman to tallc: Other than that, sl1e prefers to walk. Cliorus 2. 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 5, 4: Girls' Cla- Clulm 3, 4: Flixed Glee Club 3. 4: Typing Club, President 4: Debating 4. MARTHA V. NLATURA Commercial 651 Furnace Street, Eluaus Full of wisdom, Full of wit, O11 we love lmer. every bitt Varsity Basketball 2, 5, 4. Co-Captain 4: Girls' Glen Clulm 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Tennis Clulm 4: Stitcll and Gossip Clulz 4. ELAINE S. NICELROY Commercial 198 lxlain Street, Enmus E1aine's future seems to be all planned Because slme ttlinlcs Ulolmnyn is grand. Nlonitor Club 5. 4: Chorus 5, 4: Girls' Cvlee Clnlm 3. 4: Band 4. Twenty-nine 346 2.51561 RALPH E. MOLL General Barto, Route I Quiet, unassuming, anct true: Always pleasant, never blue. Band 3, 4: Orriiestra 4: Yvartnooic Staff 4. EARL E. NOLL General 237 Ridge Street, Emaus We bestow on trim tile tlonor of G. G. G.. Gocfs gift to girls. Ctrorus 4: Boys' Give Clulu 4: Gym Ciuiu 4. FLORENCE B. PALENCAR Commercial 422 Chestnut Street, Emaus Here's to a girl wtro iiices to chew gum: Basketball ability too, and ttlen some. Varsity Basin-ttraii I, 2. 3, 4, Captain 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Girls' lilac Ciuiw 4: Tennis Ciuim -1: Stitrtl anci Gossip 4. DOROTHY J. PEGUESSE Academic 16 North Eighth Street. Emaus Her graceful manner and modest air: Prociaim tier welt, as stle is fair. Junior Rod Cross Cuunrii l, 2: Ctlorus 4: Stitctl and Gossip Ciuiw, Treasurer -1. 31,8 jeffd. Thirty RUTH W. RAEDLER Acarlem ic lvlauungic, Route l A true friend, well liked lay all: Not stout, not thin, but very tall. Cllorus 3. 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: NQHKPJ Glm- Clulu 3, 4: Stitcll and Gossip Clulv 4: Senior Class Play 4. NVILBUR F. REICHARD Ac-aflcinic Nlacungic, Route I He's the presirlent of our class, And l1e's loved by only one lass. Baseball 3. 4: Class President 5, 4: Tuttlvr Stuff 3, 4: Monitol Cluls 3, 4, Lieutenant 4: Boys' Glec Clula 5, 4: Clxorus 4: Student Council 4: Senior Class Play 4. VERNA A. REIGNER Commercial Emaus, Route I Neither small, neitiler tall. Yet a jolly friend to all. Nlixccl Glee Club 5: Clnorus 5, 4: Girls' Glcc Clulx -1: Stitrln :mil Gossip Clulr 4. MYRON H. REINHARD Commercial 551 Clxcstnut Str:-et, Emnus Talking comes lay nature. Silence tilrougll wisdom. Football I, 2, 3, 4: Stuxlenl Council, Pre-siile-nt 4: Senior Class Pluv -l. Tllirly one jim lui: ROBERT R. REINHARD General 404 North Filth Street, Emaus They call him "Fat", he can,t he heat For his lcincl of fun is such a treat. Chorus 2, 5, 4: Student Manager '5, 4: Hi'Y Club, Treasurer 4: Boys' Glee Club, Treasurer 4. HAROLD A. REPPERT General Mertztown, Route I Always happy, never blue: A pleasant lad and very true. Gym 4. XVINSTON R. RITTER Acaclemic Nlacungie A jolly fellow among the lellows, But what a man among the womenl Football 4: Athletic Club 4. GERALD G. ROHRBACH Commercial 547 Chestnut Street. Emaus A flashing Wit. a brilliant smiley A ready hand, a chap worth while. Junior Rc-cl Cross Council I, 2: Gym Team I, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra I, 2, 5, 4: Bancl 5. 4: Student lvlanager 5, 4: Senior Class Play 4. jim lffif Thirty-two Ve'.,.:F.2-:W-:f,v,..,5Ls. F NA DOROTHY F. RUBENAK Commercial 572 Broarl Street, Emaus Heres the prize taIIcer OI the Class, So they say of this Iass. Class Treasurer I: .Iunior Red Cross CounriI 2. 3, 4, Prcsiilcnt 2: .Iunior Dcclaniation Contest 5: French Clulw '52 Taiiler Sinn' 3, 4: Monitor Club 3, 4: Chorus 4: Girls' CIN- Cluim 4: Dehating 4. Senior Class PIay 4: Yvarhoolc Staff 4. CATHERINE A. RUCH Academic 645 Chestnut Street, Emaus To whom it may concern- She's one who is wiiling to Iearn. Draniixlic Cluh 2: Shiclvnt Council 4. RUTH R. SCHANTZ Afactf-niic' 42I North Stn-vt, Enmus A right smart girl is she. She cares a Iot you see. Orchestra I, 2, 5, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Ixiixc-cl filer' Clulm 5: Girls' Glee Cluh 5, 4: Chorus 3, 4, Sr'c'ri'ii-ary 4: Varsity Baslwi- hill 3, 4: Taltier Staff 3, 4: Yearbook Stall- 4: Dr-hating 4. HAROLD E. SCHEIRER CommerriaI IVIai'i1llg,!lc', Roulc I Driving Cars in a reckless fashion, Seems to he Harohiys secret passion. Band 5, 4: Chorus 4: Boys' Glcc Cluh 4: Baseball 4. Thirty-three X w xiii ANNA M. SCHMOYER General lwlacungie. Route I Very gentle and very small: A dainty miss, well liked hy all. Chorus 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Mixed Glee Cluh 5: Stitch ancl Gossip Cluh 4. RUTH E. SCHUECK Academic Church Street, Alhurtis Goocl natured, quiet, and shy. Dramatic Cluh 2: Chorus 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Mixed Glee Cluh 5: Junior Declamation Contest 3: Senior Class Play 4: Tattler Stall 4: Yearhoolc Stall 4. MARJORIE M. SCHUPP Commercial 446 North Tliircl Street, Emaus lt's a little thing to do a lcind cleecl. But little things are what we need. Gym Ti-am I: .lunior Reel Cross Council. Treasurer 3, 4: Year- hoolc Stall' 4: Typing Cluh 4: Girls' Glen Chili 4: Chorus 4: Senior Class Play 4. EDNA C. SCHVVARTZ Cominervial 29 South Fifth Street, Emaus Ednzfs friencls all report, That she is one of the cheerful sort. Girls' Glee Cluh 3, 4: Chorus 4: Stitrli :incl Gossip Cluh 4. Thirty S I Ae lita- CHARLES E. SEISLOVE Connm-rriui Enluus, Roulu I Heis aiways iaugiiing or taiicing. Anci with giris seiciom walking. Gym Tram 3. -1: Hi-Y fiiuim, Vim Pr:-sifivnt rl. MILDRED A. SELL Lw0lIlHlC'fCi?Ii 107 ixim-ungiv Av:-num-. ifnmu. A gooci giri is sine Her ciassmales agree. iviixvfi Give Ciuix '51 Ciiorus 3, 4: cjviris' film-0 Ciuir -Ig Sliirii anti Gossip Ciuip 4: Senior Class Piny -1. ROY K. SNYDER cj0lllI1lCl'Ciili ixiain Sirvvl. ixiarungiv "There are tilree types of women: file ileautiiui, tire inieiiectuai, and iile majority," says Roy. Track 2: Foolivaii 3. -I: Bas:-imii 3, 4: Varsity Basin-iimii 4: Boys' Give Ciuil -1: Aliiieiic Ciuia 4. JEAN F. STOBO Gvncrai 22l iX1Fll'llllQi0 Avvrlrlc. Iilllklll. She is popuiar. pretty, and an aii-rounci sport. Ciass Tn-usurr-r 2. 3: .iunior Dl'lfiklIlliliillll Cunt:-sl 5: Cirorus 3, 4, Virc Prcsicivnl 11: Giris' Ciicc Ciuiy 3. -1: Niixcli Gif-1' Ciuir 3, 4: ivioniior Ciuiv 3, 4: Circ-vrivacivr 5, -iz Viiullivr Sinn 4: Your- inooic Staff 4: Senior Ciass Piuy 4. TIliTiy"fil7U X W lu ' Acaclc-mic 326 Nortli Tliircl Street, Emaus Orcliestm I, 2, 'i, 4, President 4: Football 2, 3: Cliorus 2, '5, 4, Bnnfl 5. 4: Niixf-cl Glu' Clulm '5, 4: Boys' Glcc Club 4. Conimerrial T32 Clif-stnut Sire-et, Emails Mixvri Give Clulv 35 Cliorus 5, rt: Senior Class Play 4: Stitclm ami fiossip Cluir 4: Girls' Give Clulx 4. General 46 Nortll Sixtli Street. Enmus Music llittll charms to S00lllC tile savage lieast. Cliorus 2. 5, 4: l0tli :Incl lltli Gmzlc Glee Club 3: lxiixerl filer- Cluix 3, 4, Girls' Give Clulm 5. 4: lnclustrinl Arts Clulb. Setretury ami Tre-nsurcr 4. cw0lnllll'fI'iiIl Allentown, R0ll1K' Niixf-rl Glce Clulx 5: Girls' Glee Clulm 4: Stitcll ami Gossip Cluir 4. DALTON VV. STONEBACK Hels got time best ol love's great fire, For ll6,S tl1e man wlwom side admires. ARLENE F. STROH A faithful lrienci is better tllan gold, Une to keep. elierislw. and hold. IORRAINE E. STROHIVI LAURAINE V. TRAPPE it is time steady, quiet, plodding ones, Tiiat win in time lifelong race. ,X j Thirty-six ze ,jlllfdw Lg" 'SWE 'm" ' THOMAS W. VALENTEEN Academic 657 Walnut Street, Emaus Smile and the world smiles with you, Weep ancl you weep alone. Gym Team I, 2. 3. 4: Chorus 2. 3. 4: Mixed Glee Club 3: Tattler Stall 5, 4: Yearlnoolc Staff 4: Senior Class Play 4. THOMAS D. VETROSKY Academic 724 Furnace Street. Emaus If there is anything you clon't lcnow, Ask Vetroslcy. Class Vice President I: Gym Team I, 2, 5, 4: Nlonitor Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Declamation Contest 3: Track 3, 4: Varsity Basket- ball 4: Tattler Staff 4: Yearbook Stall 4: Senior Class Play 4, BILLY N. WAGN ER Commercial 403 South Fourth Street. Emaus Life is too short to worryl Why should one he in a hurry? Track 2, 4: Football 5. 4: Chorus 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: Ath- letic Club 4. ALBERT W. WEAVER Commercial Vera Cruz Studious, industrious, sincere, and just, Progressive, cleterminecl, but laugh he must. Baselmall l, 2. 5, 4: Traclc 5, 4: Hi-Y Club 4. Thirty-seven jim lady AMOS C. VVEIDA Commercial Allentown, Route 2 Better ine small and siiine Tiian great and cast a shadow. Senior Class Play 4: Gym Club 4. JOYCE L. WEIDER Academic 661 Vvalnut Street, Emaus A pleasant, Willing young lass: A ileipiui aid to our class. Stitcii anci Gossip Ciuiw 4, FORREST S. WEIDNER General 149 Elm Str:-nt, Emaus A smaii and little man is tie, Vvitil plenty of airs and always carefree. Mixed Glee Club 3: Banci 3. 4: Ciiorus 3, 4: Boys' Glee Ciuiw 4. BETTY J. WETHERHOLD Cmmncrviai IOI Elm Street, Emaus A very small girl and a quiet lass, Nevertheless Si'lC,S iligiw in our class. Gym Team I, 2. 5. -1: Dramatic Club 2: Class Sc-cr:-tary 2, 3, 4: I:l'C'lll'I'l Cluir 3: Clrorus 3, 4: Girls' Gicc Cluim 3, 4: Mixed Glen Ciuim 3, 4: Taltivr Slalzi 3, 4: Yvarimoli Staizi 4: Tennis Cluim 4. 7 Q lair Thirlyveigiit LUCILLE A. NVIEDER General l045 Pennsylvania Avi-nuv, l':lllhllS She lias ilel' CYCS 0l'I SOIIIBOIIC lmncisome, VVe lcnow slle will not be so lonesome. Cil0fllS 2, 3. 4: Junior Declzunnlion Cunlvsi '51 Girls' Give fini: 5, 43 iviixml GIQC Clnlm 3, 4: Fancy Xvorli Clulr 111 Dclmling -L VVILLARD D. WIEDER Comrnc-rrinl T9 Soullx Lea Slreol, lxincungic If at First you don't suvfeecl. Try, try, again. Bnselmll 2, 5, 4: Bovs' Give Clulr -I: Clmrus 4. ALTHEA M. WINZER Commercial Elm Sircel, Enmus A good girl is she, ller classmules agree. Ready to lxeip, although she is wee. Cliorus 3, 4: Girls' Glec Cluli 5. 4: Siilrii nmi Gossip Cluli 1. Tllirly nine X M lair Class History To write tlie liistory of the class of 1958 is a pleasant taslc, since the record of tlie class has been one of emulation. We desire not to boast of our deeds and our ac- complisliments, but simply to set fortli in plain language incidents of note during tlie past four years. To loolc baclc across tlie four years tliat we lnave spent at Emaus Higli Scliool we see drastic clianges in our class. Vvitll a large group ol' one lmundrecl fifty students in our first year, we dwindled down to ninety-one. We began our high sclmool careers ratller timidly, but as tlle strangeness wore off, we began to malce a name for our class. We were not very active in extra-cur- ricular activities in our first year, but we studied llard and attempted to gain tlie l1igl'lCSt respect from our teacliers. Our leadersliip began to dawn as we approaclled our second year at Emaus Higla. Alter becoming accustomed to our curriculum, we settled clown to liarcl worlc. We attained our goals in all lines of activity-scliolarslaip, music, athletics, and society. A tlxird year at lmigll scllool demanded of us more than leaderslmip, but also respectability and responsibility. VVe successfully lmeld tlme first big function of our class-tl1e Junior Prom. A large crowd was entertained, including as our guests the faculty, senior class, and tl'1e scllool board. As a farewell to tlie class ol: 1957, we sponsored a farewell dance in tlieir lmonor. Vve sliowed tllat we possessed a spirit of persistence and perseverance that said "Non to failure. We reaclled our lzirst goal in life as we entered the senior class. The years 1957-'58 became a never ending clmain ol' events, demanding time responsibility of eaclm individual linlc. We, managing tlie scliool paper in our senior year, produced a paper of distinction. As seniors we were especially active in atlmletics and dra- matics, l1aving a goodly representation on all our varsity atllletic teams and partici- pating in two class plays and on our debating teams. We hit tlle social line liigll in sponsoring tl1ree school dances in addition to our own Senior Ball. One more privilege was allotted to us, tllat of presenting our Alma lVlater witll a gift as our liumble appreciation for all we received witliin its doors. A strong initiative, fine sportsmansliip, and sociability may be added as at- tributes to our class. Above all We learned to sllare-to give wllat we llacl in excllange for tlle otber fellowys goods. We were a fun-loving, optimistic class, but guided by a spirit ol ambition and by tl1e presence of competition. We liave made a record of which we need not be asliamed. It will be tlie solace of old age to loolc baclc upon tliese events and, figuratively, live tllem all over again. Let eaclm succeeding class endeavor to malce its scliool lile redound to tlie liigbest and noblest tliat is in life morally as well as intellectually, and if tliey will never be able to attain our lofty standards, let ttiem at least aspire to tliem and continually strive for better tlxings. Forty jig lui,- I Class Poem When we were young, we yearned to go to school, And could not Wait until the time should come When we could follow others to that great, Mysterious building where the boys and girls Were swallowed up in galahling haste. How soon Vve changed our mindsl Vve grew to hate the grind Oi walking loaclc and forth, and studying Until our brains became so filled with facts They ached. Thus slowly passed the time until We came to recognize the fact that we Were growing up, and lcnew instinctively That we had judged our school too harshly. Now We sorrow in the thought of leaving school: But sorrow dies--and so we say farewelll jim flak. Adams, Carl Allmriglit, Cllarles Baclcensto, Elwoocl Bario, Vvallace Healer, Maynard Bernliarcl, Raymond Class of 1939 BOYS Franlcenfielcl, Aslier Geisinger, Karl Hertzog, Earl Hopsloclc, lVlicl1ael Horn, Harry lolyst, Oscar lVliller, Richard lVloyer, Vvilliam Neitz, Ravellan Neumoyer, Bernard paules, Vvilliur Reitz, Tlieorlore Boyer, Jaclc Keclc, William Scllantzenlvacln, VVillJur Burian, Dellnert Keller, Earle Sclrusler, William Carl, Hamilton Kline, lVlartin Secl1ler, Geralcl Cope, Harvey Kratzer, .lolun Sliive, Robert Correll, Richard Krielnel, Vvilliam Smoyer, .losepll Crossley, lVlilton Lauloacl1.George Stansfielcl, James DeEscl1, Franlclyn Lauclenslager, Donald Staulzler, Ralph Deilaert, Earl lvlarsteller, Alvin Stouclt, Vvalter Devries, Vvesley lVlarlz, Riclward Trumlaore, William Eclc, Harvey lVlerlcel, Vvilliam Vvamlmolcl, Guy Ericlm, .lolm lVliller, Clmarles Yarus, Howard Faust, Nolnle Zentner, Warren Forty Ulm lub Bauer, Giaciys Bauer, Saraim Beciitei, Esther Bieioer, Ariene Breunig. Dorothy Buss, Mary Carter, .Iessetine Cilristman, Mary Danner, Dorothy Drucicenmiiier, Jean Engieman, Jeanne Esteriy, Virginia Geilman, Beatrife Gilbert, Evelyn Haioerstumpt, Grace Class of 1939 GIRLS Hartman, Hazel Hauser, Anna Hersh, Ariene Jones, Atiaeida Keraic, Elizabeth Long, Cilariotte Merkel, Jean Miiier, Marilyn Niiiier, Tiieima Nioimr, Jeanne Montz. Rutii Moyer, Betty Noii, Pauiine Rader, Arlene Renner, iviae Scilantzenioacia, Phyiiis Sciluier. Evangeline Smith, Ecina Stoudt, Fern Stoucit, Lorraine Swaveiy, Lorraine Treictlier, Charlotte Vaienteen, June Vetrosicy. Niargaret Waiter. Fern Vvaiter, Julia Vvennig, Gioria Vvoodring, Pauline Yoactlim, Faye Forty ltrree L le UML,- Adams, Dallas Antrim, Paul Arndt, Aurel Bortz. Elden Boyer, Richard Brey. David Brey, Vvilmer Buss, Carl Carl, Vvilliam Christman, Oscar Conrad. Carl DeVries, paul Dyas, Ralph Eisenharcl, Rayrnon Fegely, Warren Fegley, Kenneth Gehman, John Gehris, Leon Geissinger, Vvarren Giering, Lynwood Gouldner, Howard Guth. Russell Horn, Vvillirm Hulyer. Charles d Class of 1940 BOYS lohst, Joseph lolnst, Zane Kauffman, VVarren Kemmerer, lVlorris Kerstetter, Russell Keyser, Howard Kleppinger, lVlarlc Kline, Kenneth Kline, Thomas Knerr. John Kuehl, Henry Laudenslager. Burto I1 Lichtenwalner, Richard Liclc, Forrest lVlansell. Vvarren lxfliller, Elmo lVliller, Russell Niess, Reginald Paano, Samuel Reinhard. LeRoy Rietenauer, Roy Roeder, Paul Rohrlmach, Earl Rolcoslci, Joseph Roth, George Schaeffer, Rolaert Schantzenlyach, Roy Scheirer, Paul Schmoyer. Howard Seihert, Albert Shanlcweiler, Charles Sicher, Quinton Smith. Thomas Stansliield. Franlc Stephen. lwlartin Stephen, Robert Stortz. Ralph Vveida, Philip Vveida, Wayne Vveidner, Vvalter Vvetherhold, Donald VVetherhold, James Vvieder, Thomas Vvilson, Harold Vvinzer, Bertram Vvitman, Aaron Yeahl. Cleave jim lffif Foryf X Bitteniaencler, lVlary Boger, Betty Bogert, .leanetta Boyer, Aclele Bruder, Betty Danner, Beatrice Derr, Rlrea Durimaclc, lrene Erla, Annetta Fegley, Rulimie Fellman, Emily Geissinger, Luella Hamsclier, Geraldine Hensinger, Nellie Hoffman, Helen Hosielci, Jeanette Houselcneclit, .lean Class of 1940 GIRLS Houser, Doreen Hoyt, Sllirley lolxst, Sadie Kline, Emma Knappenberg, Carol Knauss, Mary Ellen Kocis, Helen Kollar, Florence Koneslci. lvlary Kulp, Arlene Leilaert, Joyce Liclmtenwalner, Arlene l..orisl'1. Rutli lVleitzler, Blanche lVlengel, lrene lvlilclencic, Pearl lVliller, LaRue lVliller, Sarah lVloll, Naomi lVloyer, ESfllCF Nester, lVlarian Niclcele, Olga Paul, Verna Rolirluaclw, Anna lVlae Sallade, Ardella Sclmaup, Donalcline Sclareiller. Annabelle Sclaultz. Mary Ellen Silcora. Frances Silcorslci, Anna Smoyer, Dorothy Stouclt, Dorotliy Sulaerroc, Stella Vveicla. Francess Vventz. .loanna Forty-five ' fze lu W Arndt, Percy Barto, Herlnert Baslio, Antliony Baucler, Richard Beers, Albert Bednar, Joseph Beidleman, Robert Beroslm, George Bieloer, Paul Bowers, lVlarlc Brensinger, Gordon Brensinger. Maynard Bucllin, Harry Butz, Norman Cagna, Jolin Carl, Aaron Carl, Stuart Cunningham, Donald Derr, Harold Derr, Jolmn Doney, lra Dvornalc, llosepli Edwards, Clinton Eisenllard, Fred Ernev, Artliur Findlay, Cllarles Class of 1941 BOYS Funlc, Cllarles Gallena, Anthony Giering, Willard Golas, Thaddeus Hallman, Donald Hartman, Vernon Harwicli, Forrest Hauser. Walter Kline, Robert Knedler, Milton Koala, James Kratzer, William Krielyel, Harry l,ol1rman, Donald Long, Warren lvlarlcs, KEHHCth lvlarlcs, lvlarvin lvleitzler, William lVlerlcel, Josepll Miller, Roy lVliller, Vincent lvliller, Vvilliam Moll, Owen lVloore, William lVloyer, Freeman lVloyer, Harold Natysyn. Stepllen Neimeyer, Henry Neitz, Roy Oels, Carl Paules, Ernest Queen, Leo Rauclm, Claude Reynolds, lvlyron Ringer, Harvey Roberts, Butler Schaeffer, Donald Smoyer, Bruce Staulller, Howard Stepllens, Clinton Stortz, Fred Stortz, lVlilton Stosli. Jolm Stoudt. Earl Svrcelc, Damian Tll0mHS. Earl Treichler, James Vogel, Warren Vvennig. Glenn Vvessner, Robert Vvetlaerllold, Henry Yanaclilco. Andrew Zeravslcy, Joseplw s s F l j ,Q lady Baucler, Arlene Baus, lVlae Bernharcl, Ruth Bielm, Pauline Bitring, Betty Bortz, Emma Burian, Elaine Carl, lxflacleline Chihul. Carolyn Christman, lxlarianna Crossley, Leah Danlcel. Dorothy Dearoll. Vvercla Declcer, lVlae Diclcert, Jean Eisenharcl, Glaclys Eline, Eleanor Engleman, Dorothy Erlm. Beulah Esterly, Jeanette Feather, Fay Fenstermalcer. lxflae Fisher, Joyce Folk, Emma Frantz, Corrine Class of 1941 GIRLS Gehman, Rachel Gutll, Louise Haines, Virginia Harrison, Beryl Laura Hertzog, lvlargaret Hillegass, Kathryn Hoffman, Arlene Hohe, Lorraine Hopstoclc, Sophie Hosleld. Vvinnahelle Huber. Grace Huyett. lvlarilyn lolzist, Jane Ann Kleppinger, June Kleppinger, Pauline Kline, Fern Kline, Genevieve Kline, Hilcla Kline, Viola Knauss, Ernestine Knauss, Thelma Koolcer, .lacqueline Kramer, Gloria Lulxisaclc, Florence lVlcKeever. Colleen Wieck, Anna lvleitzler. Elaine lVleitzler, Eva lVlerlcel, lvladeline Miller. Hilda Neimeyer, lVlyrtle Paules, Betty Raedler, lxflargaret Reinert, Pauline Rice. Jean Ritter. Nlargaret Roth, Betty Jane Ruch. lVliriam Schaffer, lwlarion Schuler, Betty .lane Seilaert. Lucille Sicher, Jennie Stichter, June Tirpalc, Eleanor Trump, Helen llrlller, Harriet Valenteen. Jacquel Vvehlo. Gerta Vvetzel, Lorraine Yarema, Julia Yurislco, Sophie ine Forlvfseve S ks 'I Q N L-6 A , It f-.. 4 af ,. . if K5 1 1 I, 5. I 2 L, ,R J., ,, it if if 3, 1 F I E pt E A ,, ,LEA-fue g, ,Iv . IQ. Ir .- 1. '54 if A J E u, I rw I1 qw ww: , . I ' I I Class Oflicers CLASS OF 1958 President, WILBUR REICHARD Vice President, DELBERT AMIG Secretary, BETTY WETHERH0l.D A Treasurers, HENRY BACHMAN AND RUTH GOHEEN CLASS OF 1959 President, KARL GEISINGER Vice President, WALTER STOUDT Secretary, RUTH MONTZ Treasurer, ARLENE HERSH CLASS OF 1940 President, RICHARD LICHTENWALNER Vice President, JAMES WETHEROLD Secretary, THOMAS KLINE Treasurer, OLGA NICKELE CLASS OF 1941 President, EARL STOUDT Vice President, GLORIA KRAMER Secretary, JANE ANN IOBST Treasurer, NIARILYN HUYETT le lffif Forty-eight X . -4 .5 "'1'vi.'. , , X ,.J'f""L ' . . ,..,g,g, , A. A '-2 -:A .bi . ig1.CL,, ,,,,, 4" n.-:?312:fn'. ,.f. , K. xQgt.,gL:. :QQ V My 'fw -X .-X '7 JEQ.-1:.. , qj,. ,, -1- ' " - 'f-'..aa:.' ' , .Yi-itP+"13? iii? viifxi . 4' , 'E' Si'-'-'5Lf 7Desv,2'f3.f - ' P21 fff- AS! ' V- 13,"21:'viQ,- 4 , 4.w.'-,,13:.'4:ef-sf.3ifif:r- ,,. ' '14, --4. 111 -,g'f'xf,,:!-QQ?-,gn ' "4 :-'ae -'I-J'Tw-9 ,fgelfix fp- A -' " E - - 'ffl' - 'Q-"ff-Q 1 ' ,-fiviifaf' 4 ' - - ' 2' ' H f feiaxxg-i:i..a,gg-wisip-in-2:rg.Q-ws-a:+:i,Gx ,..,3?.-fviv? 'N' -1 f .Q gg.: -' -'-3:.fri-Z-':43::gi-.::,.5rxgL gt 2, ,J " ' "-flilgifi'-E5'??ejgcI'1 -fr, ' HN. 7 Class Hislory RUTH SCHANTZ Class Poem BETTY NXIETIIEROLD Aclivilies RALPH NIOLL FLORENCE PALENCAR Biographies HliNRX' ISACHINIAN JOSEPH ISUVANKOVICH REGINA KEDIMERIER ANNABEl-LE KIEFER MARJKJRIE SCHUPP 'THOMAS VALENTEEN Yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief SAMUEL CUSTER Class Will RUTH GOHEEN Classes NIARTHA IVIATURA Business lxffanager THONIAS VETROsKY Circulation lwanugvrs ISERNICE HEFFNER .ALFRED Hll,l.EGASS Faculty Advisers Class Proplievy RUTH SCHUECK Athletics JEAN STOBO Fvafures IVIINERVA I-IENSINGIZR 'DOROTHY R UBENAK Advertising lwanagers IJOROTHEA ADAIVIS SARAH IIEGLEY xVARREN HADISCTIIER HELEN JAGNESAK IJLLIAN KNAUSS ARLINE K. STRAUSS HARVEY' H. BECKER Forty nine g g X 'Z Q aff e Tattler Staff Eftitor-in-Chief Associate Editor SAMUEL CUSTER OSCAR IOBST Literary Editors MARY KUEHL RUTH GOHEEN Athletic Editors JEAN STOBO WARREN HAINISCHER Exchange Ectitor RUTH SCHUECK SARAH FIZGLEY ARLENE KRUSE VVILBUR REICHARO IDOROTHY RUBENAK RUTH SCHANTZ DOROTHEA ADAMS Alumni Ectitor BXIARGARET BORNMAN Reporters THOMAS VALENTEEN IBETTY VVETHERHOLO ELNVOLJID BACKENSTO JEAN IDRUCKENMILLER Advertising Managers HELEN JAGNESAK Business tvtanager THOMAS VETROSKY Circulation twanagers Hllnlor Ertitor LILLIAN KNAUSS .IEANNE ENGLEMAN ARLENE HERSH JAMES STANSFIELD JULIA VVALTERS H1'JNVARIJ YARUS HAROLIJ KNAUSS BERNICE HEFFNER AL FRED HILLEGASS Faculty Actvisers P. J. FRANTZ A. S. BENFIELD x f Fiffy Ae lub Art Club ONE ol tlle clulos. wlwirll the laculty gave tlwe stuclent lvody tlwe privilege ol joining, is the Art under tile instruction ol lvlr. Vvallberl. Tile purpose ol tliis Clulm is to lurtlmer tlme lmowleclge ol tlmose students interestecl in tllis line ol worlc. The Art Club. being very progressive, has Covered many projects during tlle cletail lay tl1e clula. Secretary, ,lM:QlJr1LlN!i Carl Conmcl ,lr-an Dirlwrt lruy l"t'atl1r'r Corinne Frantz XN'arrcn Gvissingvr Virginia Haines Arlene Hoffman Lorraine Holw VAL15N'rr-1rfN OFFICERS Prvsirleut, DOREEN ll MEMBERS Du rf-f-r1 H1-us:-r Emlf- Kr-ll.-r Pauline Klvppinger Genevieve Kline Mary Ellen Knauss Colleen lVlcKf-r-vor lvlyrtle Nei lllm 1 yer Roy Riel u-l1 aucr past year. Tlme projects, in general, inclucle crafts, tlle outstancling ones lxeing rarv- ing wooden bracelets ancl rings. ancl leatlier worli. ljliotograplmy was also studiecl in OUSER lxlirii xlll R llr' lm Annalnellv Srlm-ilu-r lvlary Ell 1'r1 Srliultz .losepli Smuyer Helen Trump .iafqueline Val 1-11 teen Xvaync Xveimla Hnrolcl Vvils mirn Trousurvr, ARLENE Hoi-'Fww Fifty-one My lady Junior Birdmen of E. H. S. THE JUNIOR BIRDMEN of the Emaus High School were organized on Octoloer 7, 1957 by the faculty adviser, Mr. Ortt. The members come from both junior and senior high school. The club built moclels and was instructed in the fundamental principles of aviation. OFFICERS President, JonN KRATNR Vice President, PAUL BIEBER Secretary, xxlll.LlAM FINDLAW! Treasurer, FRED STORTZ MEMBERS Hcrhert Barto Anthony Baslco Roloert Bt-iclleman .JOHN BCTDSII Paul Bieher Kermit Bitting! John Bowers lxllilfk Bowers Grayson Brady Norman Butz Clinton Eclwarfls Arthur Erney Nlaurirc Faust Burton lfoglvy Kc-nm-th Fegloy DUnillf,l F-t'IlStCl"IllZlkCl" VVilliam Finrllay Arthur Fisher Charles Gicring Thaddeus Golas Allrecl Hillegass Laverne Knappcnhergcr John Kratzer LeRoy Krauss Xvarron Long NXlhl"l'Pl't lN1Hl1SCIl Kenneth Nlarlis Vvilliam Nlcitzlcr Owen Moll Bruce Ntoyer lsr:-1-man Ntoyr-r Harolcl lxloycr Charles Natysyn Ernest Neimeyer Potcr Palcncar Eclwarcl Siliorslci Fretl Stortz John Stosh Damian Svrn-li VIJllOIlli'lS NXlUSl'0 Donald Vxliccler Bertram NN'inzor AHClft'W Yiillilfllko .IOSPDII ZCIEIVSIQY 3 se lair Fifty' two Student Council TIIE EMAUS HIGH SCHOOL lias started, lor tlwe first time, a new organization, namely, tlie Student Council under tlie direction ol lxlr. Peters. The purpose of tlme Student Council is to suggest ways and means ol improving discipline, to urge tlme need ol' safety, to stimulate interest in sclxool activities. and to train tlle students in self- discipline and sell-control. A lorancli ol tlie Student Council is tlle Council ol Judges, wliose duty it is to mete out punisliment to tliose people wlio larealc tlme rules ol tl1e scliool. OFFICERS Prvsialerii, NIYRON RliINIliXRI5 Vice President, PAUL FRU' Svmimry, LORE1-1-A DUN51 My Trpasurvr, ciHARLOTTE LONG MEMBERS rlunz- Amig lvlnry Bittenlmvnrl Berry Bitting David Brey Betty Brlulvr Harvey Bucliin lm Dom-y l..0rcltu Dllnstzun Paul Frey Karl Gi-isinger Louise Gulll Annalxelle Kim-lc-r 'llllelnm Knauss Burton Laudenslugcr Cliarlolic Long lvlary lVlilclencic Anna lvlillcr .leannc lVlol1r F:fllf'llI'lEl!' Noinwwr Claude Raucli lvlyron Rcinlmrcl Br-tty Roll: LTHfllCI'lI!C Rucll Frances Silcom Bruce Smnyc-r Dorotliy Smoyr-r Nvaller Stoudt Nlargaret V1-trosliy Francess xxlvlflil Stanley Yarns Fifty-tlrree i W lu Q Debating Teams SEVEN SENIURS responded to tbe debating call ol lVlr. Benlielcl. Tbe teams were, for tbe First time in many years, composed entirely ol girls. During tbe debating season tbe teams worked faitblully and entbusiastically on tbe question, "Resolved: Tbat tbe several states sbould adopt tbe unicameral system ol legislature." Tbe Emaus Higb debating teams were composed ol: affirmative team. Etbel Cleisinger. Dorotby Rubenalc, and Lucille Vviederg negative. Grace Kleintop. Ar- lene Kruse, lxlary Alice Licbtenwalner, and Rutb Scbantz. Tlle teams bad a successlul season. In tbe triangular. tbe affirmative defeated tlne Slatington negative. but tbe Emaus negative was cleleated by Catasauqua. For tbe lirst time in many years tbere was no reverse triangular bout. Tbe teams debated Soutb Xvbiteball and Allentown Prep in addition to tbe triangular debates. The teams scored better tban 50 per cent wbicb is a credit to our scbool as well as to tbe debaters tbemselves. Tbe success of tbe teams is attributed to tbe untiring efforts ol tbe debaters and Mr. Benlield. May tbe success of tbis year,s team be an incentive to future teams and may tbe student body as a wbole talce an increased interest in debating and dramatics. Fifty-four Ae lair Monitor Club THE lVloNlT0R CLUB is composed ol juniors ancl seniors wl1o tlelp to regulate ancl direct stuctent traffic in the halls ancl to protect students at tl1e crossings. Regular meetings are luelcl lor tlle lxflonitors to report on existing conclitions ancl to formulate plans and laws wl1icl1 will improve student traffic. Members who serve satisfactorily for two years are awarcled Green ancl Golcl en'lbleInS. OFFICERS Major, HARW'E1' O. XNIALBIIRT Captain, HENRY' BACHMAN Lieutenant, VVILBUR Rmciumo Secretary, ARLLNE KRUSE MEMBERS lkif'flfy BHf'Illl1Rn Elwoofl Barlu-nsto Samuel Custer .lean Dmclfcenmiller Evelyn Gilbert Paul Hangen Anna Hauser Arlene Hersll Oscar lolnst Annatwlle Kiefer Hilrfllfl Knauss Arlene Kruse George l..aubm'l1 Elaine McElroy c'llHI'lf'S Miller Rirlrarcl Miller .lr-anne lVlol1r Ruth lVlontz Vvilliur Rf-icllarcl Dorothy Rutlvnalc Rnlpll Staulter .lean Stolwo VValter Stouclt Clrarlotte Treiclmlr-r .lune Vulenteen lVlargnret VPtf0Sky' Tlmmas Vetrosliy Pauline Vvooclring Howarml Yarus Warren Zentner Fifty-five 3 Q lair MEMBERS Hi-Y Club THE HI-Y CLUB is composed ol' senior high sctiool boys wlio are interested in cre- ating. maintaining, and extending tlarouglwout tile scliool and community liigtz standards of Christian character. Tlae clutm is one ol' tile luest manifestations of tlae loasic principles of time Young lVlen,s Christian Association. Tlae four planlcs in its platform are clean living, clean speeclw. clean sports. and clean sclwolarstiip. lts emlulem is a challenge to tiiglw ideals, representing complete development, sacrificial service, and purity of lille and motive. Everyday prololems of the older looy were discussed at tlie meetings of tlue clula lmelcl every two weelcs. At various times guests attended and gave inspiring addresses. Tile members conducted tile weelcly devotional exercises in assembly during tlie year. Tliis is tile First Hi-Y Clulv ttiat rendered tliis service to the sclwool. The clulu lias been under tl'1e guidance ot lVlr. Beclcer. Ht-nry Baclnuan .losepln Bovanlmvi1'l1 .losvpll Gall Clillorcl Grc-enawalt Harry Horn XXVHITPII HllliSll1'fQ0f ylartin Kline rl-llOlHtlS Kline Xxlilliam Kric-ln-l Gr-urge IAEIIIIHIFII Alvin lxlarstvllvr Cliarlvs lxlillcr Riclmrd Nliller Bernard N4-umoyer Rolmvrt Reinllarcl cNllEll'll"S Svislovc Ralpll Staullcr Ralpli Stortz Allu-rt VXlvzuv0r S .Q jzffzff- Fifty-six Astronomy Club ONE ol: tbe numerous clubs wbicb tbe student body bad tbe opportunity to join was tbe Astronomy Club under tbe instruction of lVlr. Bowers. Tbe original members numbered twenty-eigbt. Later on anotber group oi about six also joined. Tbe members of tbe club up to tbis time studied bow to regulate tbeir watcbes by the stars. Tbey also learned bow to liind tbe diameter of tbe sun and moon witb- out a telescope. lmportant facts about tbe constellations and wbere to find tbem were also studied. Several of tbe pupils in tbe club belong to tbe Lebigb Valley Astronomical Society under tbe instruction of lVlr. Cutten. ln tbis organization tbey experimented witb a spectroscope. Tbey also learned bow to build tbeir own telescopes, wbicb one ol tbe pupils bas already clone. During one ol tbe meetings of tbe organization tbe group viewed tbe beavens tbrougb one ol' tbe society's large telescopes. ln tbe near future our scbool Astronomy Club anticipates to produce an orrery. wbicb is a replica of tbe planetary system, including tbe sun, planets, satel- lites. asteroids, comets, and meteors. Tbese studies in astronomy are bigbly instructive because tbey teacb mucb about our wonderful universe: tbey are interesting and educational and tberefore offer a pleasant diversion from tbe general routine ol: tbe day: and above all, tbey are ol practical value. Tbe club meets every second Tbursday. .F S .. rim s AE. y,s..,jg4ik . f 5 Fifty seven g L0 QI' MEMBERS Ye Merry Ole' Typing Club YE MERRY GLE' TYPING CLUB, uncler the supervision ot lVliss Strauss, consists of tliose stuclents in tlme junior ancl senior Classes wlio are majoring or minoring in tlfle eommercial department. It is ttie aim of ttlis Club to aid tliose interested in ttie development ot better business. Projects sueti as artistic clesigns, noteboolc Contests, and dramatic ctia- logues are prepared upon which Consultation talces place. lwlanners in business are sliown by portraying ttle attitude of tile employee to tlie employer. This ptiase is accomplisllect by tlie lollowing laetors: Personality, tact, initiative, appearance, reliability-all ol wtiieil qualities are essential to maintain better business. 0l7l7lf'ERS President, lViARX Amee l.1ClxTHmAiwiu Vice Presirlent, ITERN l-lARVK'll'K Secretary, BETTY lxl0YER Treasurer, LillARLES LAUIIACII Delbert Allllg' lvlnynarit Bt-aler Arlene Bielmer .lessetine Carter Virginia Esierly Catllarine Fegely Beatrice Geiunan Grace Hatmerstumpl' Fern Harwiclc lxItl'iliif'i Hopstoelc Alllelrln .tones Regina Kemmerer Lltl8l"Il'S I.4HUI'!F'lCtl Lula l,eilmy lvtary Alice Lielltenwalner ,lean lxlerlcln lvlariiyn lvtiller 'llil0illlH lvliller Betty lxloyer Arlene Rarler lvlarjorie Selmpp lfern Stouclt U Q jaffgr Fifh' eight Industrial Arts Club THE lNDUsTR1AL ARTS CLUB, beaded by lVlr. Schrader, bas been very interesting tbis year. ln tlie first semester, tbe club studied tbe different periods of furniture and tbe Collection ol pictures proved very beneficial in tbe explanation of tbe periods. The club later received instructions on tbe repair of electrical equipment in tbe llome and on tbe value and care ol' fuses. Tbe girls had great enjoyment and satis- laction wben tbey made use of tbeir amateurisli ability in repairing torn corcls. A tallc on tbe correct way ol bandling an automobile and on its motor con- struction proved belplul, since everybody is interested in driving one. The club enlarged its scope of worlc in tlle study of lloor plans lor new liomes. How to read lloor plots of different types of liomes proved very instructive. ln every way tlle lndustrial Arts Club proved pleasant and profitable Mary Buss .lean Butz Emily Fr-llman Hazel Hartman Annu Hauser IVIEMBERS Nr-Ilia Hensinger Sliirley Hoyt Florence Kullar Pearl lxlilclencic Rutll lVlontz Ardt-lla Sallarlr- Donaldine Sclluup Anna Siliorslii Lorraine Strolnn cillilflllltl' Tn-icliler Fifty-nine jim lui., ULF Stitch and Gossip Club THE STITCH AND GOSSIP CLUB was started for the first time this year uncler the supervision of lVliss Beary. The things the girls stitchecl were exhibited at the exhibition in spring. This exhibit accounted for the Stitch, lout there is nothing to prove the Gossip. Glaclys Bauer Sfifilll ISIIUPI' Florence Br-itler Eltl1VVOSii I50VVOfS Aclcle Boyer Beatrice Dann:-r Rhea Derr Arlr-line Diehl lrene Durharli Eleanor Elin:- Anm-tta Erlp Evelyn Faust tfclnzr Geiger Ethel Geisinger l.uc-lla Geissinger Evelyn Gillx-rt lvlinerva l'lc-nsinger HPIPD HOFFIIIRI tl MEMBERS .leanette Hosllelcl ,lean Houselmeelit Grace Kleintop Gladys Knappenllerger Arlene Kulp Arlene Lichtenwzrlner Glaclys Liclitenwalner Ruth Lorish ylarthu lvlatura Elaine lVlcElroy ln-ne lVlengel LaRue lvliller Naomi Moll Esther lvloyer lxlurian Nester l"lorenr'c Palencar Verna Paul Dorothy Peguesse Ruth Raecller Verna Reigner Phyllis Srliantzenhacli Anna Sclnnoyer Betty Scliuler Eclna Schwartz lvtilclrecl Sell Dorothy Stouclt Arlene Stroll Stella Sulverroc liauraine 'llrappe lfern Vvaller .loyce Vveicler .loanna Xventz Lucille Xviecler Althen Xvinzer Faye Yoarliim Sixty , ,gps 1-.75-:nm 1 5' w. sfvaer.-q.1::s:,n'r5j':e77f:gi'fv55, Boys' Glee Club THE LATEST ADDITION to tlle numerous activities ol tlxe music department ol tlne liigli scl1ool.is tbe Boys' Glee Club, consisting ol boys ol tlle junior and senior classes. Tbe club was organized by lVlr. Peters near tl1e encl ol tlme lirst montb ol tbe cur- rent scbool year. Tllis new musical organization gave radio programs on several occasions over WCBA and toolc part in several ol tl1e assembly programs. Jean Druclcenmiller of tlle junior class served as tbeir accompanist. Tbe glee club also rendered a lew selections at tbe annual music program ol tlle lVloravian Church. Alter tlle mid-year examinations tbe boys began to prepare tllemselves lor 'wlqbe Count ancl tbe Co-Eel." tlle operetta given by tbe lxigb scl1ool in lwlay. MEN IBERS Delbert Amig Henry Baclunan Xvallace Barto Donalrl Br:-nsinger Samuel Custer F rriim klyn Dt-Esfli Karl Geisinger Clilforcl Grecnawalt Vvarrcn Hamsclmer Durell Hartman Harry Horn Xfvilliam Kerli Earle Kr-Ilf-r lVlartin Kline Alvin lvlarsteller Earl Noll Xvillwur Rc-icllarcl Rol vifr t Reinliaril Xvillmr Sclnantzenbacll Harolil Sclleirer Roy Snyclcr Dalton Stnnelwacli Billy VV:-xg! llix r Forrest Xveiclner Xvillarrl XVit-dt-r Sixtyfone 'Z-0 -I Girls' Glee Club THIS YEAR tile Girls' Glee Club is one of tlae most active organizations in our scllool. Besides participating on tlie broadcasts of tlle Pennsylvania lnstitute of lVlusic on several occasions, tlre club gave a concert on lVlarcl1 8 in Northampton. lVlr. Peters, tlre clirector, lmas won mucil praise tlirougil this organization in local programs as well. Acvompcmisl, ARLEAN ri Kklrsu MElNlBERS First Soprr rrrrrs: Dorolliy Br:-y, Nlary Buss. An rxc- lla Erin. Bernice Hf-H' rrm' r, Glmlys Lirlilvnwalner. Cimar- lottf' Long, Elni lmf- Nl1'Elroy, lxlarilyn lvlillcr. Ni xcylrx i lvloll. Arlene Rzulcr. Ruill Ravcller, Verna Reitfnc-r. Arrivlla Sallarlv. Nlarjorir- Srlnipp, Ecina Sclrwartz, Fern Stourlt. Arlene' Stfflll, Lorraine Stroiun, Laurainm Trappe, Fran r'c-s s Vfvicla, Lucille Vvivcicr. Svcnmi Sup rczr los: Betty Bogvr. Ellawesu Bowers, Rutlr Boyer. Bcity Brurl 1'r, Rlwa Dc-rr, Lore-tlu Dunstz 1l1, Virginia Estvrly, Luvlla Gr-issingcr, Fr-rn Harwiclc, Doreen Housr-r, .ir-an Houselincrlrl. l"lvlr-n .lagncsala .l 1'z1r1 Kline, loy r'm' l-f-ilu-rt. lvlary Alice Licixtenwalner, lvlartlia lvlatura, lrene lvlengcl. LaRue lVlillr-r, Flor c-r1z '0 ljalc-ncar, Dnrotliy Ruin-nalc, Rutll Sclianlz. Fr-rn Vvalter, Belly Nxletlrcrlmlci, Altima Vvinzer First Altos: Eclna Geiger. Erlu-I Geisingf-r, Nollip Hr-nsinger, Sliirlvy Hoyt. Carol Knappcnlwc-rg. Bc-tty lVloycr, Pliyllis Sclmantzcnlmacln, Nlildreci Sell, .lean Stollo. Second Aims: Emily Fi-llman. lwlinorva l'lc-nsingc-r. Helen Holzliman, ,lf-anf-llc Hoslqelcl, Sadie lolusl. Regina K1'llllll0TETf, Grave Kleintop, lvlary Kun-lil, Verna Paul, Doroilly Smoyer. ,loanna Vvvnlz. 3 X 5ixly -i.. I0 ig lfflf High School Band THE EMAUS HIGH SCHOOL 'BAND has made great strides since its organization hy lxlr. .lagnesalc in the tall ol 1936. At that time the hancl consisted ol twenty-live memhers, hut hy spring there were forty seasoned memhers who gave a splendid concert. The in its second year, has grown in numher as well as in the caliher of music it plays, and lorty-two memhers have heen outllittecl in heautitul green and gold uniforms. Forty students have enrolled in the instrumental classes this year in preparation to enter the High School Band and it is expected that hy the spring concert the hand will consist of ahout eighty memhers. The hand gave a concert at Lehanon Valley College last year and was so well received that they have heen aslced to give another concert this year. After the con- cert in the chapel ol the college, the hand traveled to Hershey where the memhers were conducted through the lamous Hershey chocolate lactory and several other points ol' interest in the town. The hand appears at many school functions as haslcethall and loothall games and has played a concert for the T. P. A. at the Americus Hotel in Allentown, for the Rotary Cluh of town, and lor numerous other organizations in this vicinity. The hand with its Fine record will most certainly go on doing higger and hetter things in the years to come. Sixlyethree 3 Q lad High School Orchestra THE EMAUS HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA was reorganized this year under the alole leadership ol lVlr. Peters. The orchestra. composed ol twenty-nine members, not only played at the various school functions, hut also gave several programs to the radio audience. Hams OFFICERS Prvsirlvnt. DALTON STONEBACK Vice President. wxllLLIANl KECK Secretary, REGINA KEMMERER Librarians, DON.XLIl BRliNslNGliR, IEONALD CTUNNINGHAM, AND IDGNALD LAUDENSLAGER MEMBERS Violins Trumpets Clurinels Samuel Custer Donalcl Esicrly Beryl Harrison James Koch Ruth Scliantz i'IUVVHY'Kl Yarus SUXOPIIOTIQS .lcannelle Bogerl R:-gina Kcmmerer Piano .lamcs Siansl-iclrl Elwoorl Baclcc-nsio Donalfl Cunningham Carson Krcsslvy Donalcl Lauclcnslagcr Tromhones Karl Geisingcr Rnvcllan Neill Barifones Harolcl Knauss Dallas Aclams Roluerl Almer Donald Brensingcr Ethel Geisinger Oscar lolwsi Vvilliam Kr-rk Drums Oscar Christman Rolwrl Kline, ilr. Gr-ralcl Rohrhacli Quinlan Sichcr Ralph Moll Bass Violin Dalton Stonelaaclc Carol Knappcnhcrg j j Sixfy fum e aff er Operetta IVIORGAN AND O,HARA,S operetta, "Time Count and The Co-Ed," was presented by tile Emaus High SCl100l Chorus on May 6 and 7 under time direction of lxflr. Peters. Praise for tiie successful presentation ol' this operetta is due the members of time cllorus and Mr. Peters. MEMBERS Sopranos: Betty Bog:-r, Ellawesa Bowers, Mary Buss. ,lean Butz, Rin-a Dt-rr, Loretta Dunstan, Virginia Este-rly. Fern Harwiclc, Bernice Helfner, .lean House-lmeclit, Doreen Houser, Helen Jaglnesalc. Annaimelle Kiefer, Gladys Knappenlncrger, Arlene Kruse, Joyce Leiiwrt, Gladys Liclltenwalner, Nlary Alia: Lirlitvn- walner. Cliarlotte Long, Elaine McElroy, Marilyn Miller, Naomi Moll, Dorolliy lJt'Lfll!'SSt', Arlene Rader. Rutlx Ra:-dlcr, Mae Renner, Dorotlxy Rutmenalc. Ardella Sallade, Rutll Selmntz, Nlarioric Sclwupp. Edna Schwartz, Dorotily Smoyer, Arlene Strolw, Lorraine Strolrm, .lune Valentecn. Fern xvalter, Betty Vvetiicr- lmolcl, Lucille Vvieder, Alttxea Vvinzer. Altos: Betty Bruder, .Iessetine Carter, Mary Cliristman, .lean DTUlTlil!IlllllllCf, Emily Fellinzm. Edna Geiger, Ethel Geisinger. Minerva Hensinger, Nellie Hr-nsinger. Shirley Hoyt, Sadie lolwst, Regina Kem- merer. Grace Kleintop, Carol Knappenix-rg, Lillian Knauss. lvlary Kuelzl. Arlene- Lirlatf-nwalnr-r, Betty Moyer, Pauline Noll. Verna Paul, Mildred Sell, .lean Stotmo, Joanna Vvenlz. Tenorsz Elwood Baclcensto, Donald Brensinger, Samuel Custer. Franklyn Dt-Esrli, Durvll Hartman. Oscar loimst. VVilliam Keele, Earle Keller. Carson Kressley, Alvin Marsti-ller. Rirluarrl Nliller, Xvillmur lQt'il'l'lBI"ll, Robert Reinhard, Harold Sain-irer, James Stanstielcl, Tliomas Valentven. Guy Vvainlmold, Basses: Delbert Amig, Henry Bacliman, Delluert Burian, Clair Clwistlnan, Karl Geisinqer, Vvarrcn Hamsrher, Harry Horn, Martin Kline. Cliarles Miller, Vvilliam Moyer. Earl Noll. Earl Rolrrlmrll, Vvillmr Sfiiantzenlvacir, Dalton Stonelmaclc, Ralph Stortz, Billy Xvagner, Forrest XV:-idner. Vvaltvr VV:-idm-r, Howard Yarus. Sixtyrfive 5 'Y es M lff W Boys' Cooking Club THE BOYS' COOKING CLUB is run on a self-supporting basis. Tbe purpose is mainly to increase tbe boys' interest in cooking as well as to be able to learn tbe art of cook- ing successfully. it is also tile purpose of tile club to sbow boys bow to Wasil and dry disbes quickly and carefully. Tlle club started making very simple foods and worked up into tbe more diffi- cult clisbes. For example, tbe work included many different preparations oi eggs, beverages, cereals, creamed disbes, quick breads, and candies. Since some of tbe boys belong to tbe Boy Scouts, tbe club already bas a good background. Many of tile Boy Scout standards oi acbievement bave been discussed by tile club and adopted as part of tbe aims ol: tbe club. Members of tbe club are Stepben Natysyn, Leo Queen, James Treicbler, and Glenn Wennig. History Club THE HISTORY CLUB, limited to senior bigb students, was organized not witb tbe idea of encouraging reference work or tbe discussion ol' national and international affairs, wbicll in reality is part of tile regular class work in bistory. The main purpose was confined to tile formation of cross-word puzzles, using only bistorical terms. Several students of tbe club compiled a bistory oi tbe Emaus High atbletic teams, material valuable for future reference, sbowing ibe progress and success of time various teams. An attempt was also made to make an analysis ol: graduating classes witb reference to vocations, college graduates, and percentages in certain professions. Tbe officers of tbe club are: June Valenteen, president: Howard Scbmoyer, vice president: Martin Stepben, secretary: Russell Cvutb, assistant secretary: Rus- seil Miller, treasurer: George Rotb, assistant treasurer: Raymond Eisenbard. attend- ance oliliicerg and H. K. Deiscber, faculty adviser. Paste and Scissors Club THIS SO-CALLED P. AND S. CLUB is composed of junior bigb scbool students. Tbe general aim of tbe club is to learn to work togetber and at time same time become news-conscious. A scrapbook is kept by eacb member in wbicb are pasted pictures and clippings ol: recent bappenings. Tbe club is an informal affair. Tbe different members are interested in eacb otber's work and are allowed to examine tbe work of any of tbe otber members. Mr. Geisinger, tbe adviser, keeps a scrapbook of bis own and in tbis way is able to create more interest in tbe collection of sucb material as is beneficial for reference and also for immediate use. Tile officers ol: tbe club are: Natllan Cvery, presiclentg Willard Reiss, vice presi- dent: and Hannab lobst, secretary. Tbe otber members are: Donald Bilger, David lobst. Agnes Kerak, Florence Kratzer, and Dorotby lVloll. Sixty-six jjfzei lui., , Leng, ww 11" , ' .., - --is . Handwriting Club PRIMARILY, THE HANDWRITING CLUB aims to improve the handwriting of each mem- ber and to produce a written product which is entirely satisfactory to an employer and to the writer. Secondary aims include: legibility, ability to produce more styles than one, production of signatures that are not easily forged, better printing, ability to recognize udollar and cents" values of handwriting, and to be able to write better numbers. Most members are receiving Palmer Proficiency certificates in June. The certifi- cates are the highest awards given to high school students. The students are under the able instruction of lVliss Hauser. Members are: Mary Christman, Richard Correll, Mae Decker, Jeannette Es- terly, Sophie Hopstock, Marilyn Huyett, Elizabeth Kerak, Emma Kline, Theodore Reitz, Anna Rohrbach, Evangeline Schuler, Robert Shive, Edna Smith, Lorraine Stoudt, and Pauline Woodring. Fancy Work Club THE FANCY WORK CLUB, in charge of lVliss Busher, has been quite a success. At the meetings the pupils sewed, knitted, and crocheted. An instructress came every other week to show the pupils how to knit. The members are as follows: Caroline Apgar, Ruth Antrim, lVladlyn Backensto, Arlene Bauder, Mary Benedict, Helen Bernhard, lVlelba Biehn, Pauline Biehn, Ar- lene Bord, Grace Boyer, Elaine Burian, Rosalie Chihul, lVlaryanna Christman, Phoebe David. Edna Eschbach, Joyce Fisher, lVlary Fowler, Lorraine Giering, Mil- lidene Grim. Geraldine Hamscher, Dorris Hennemuth, Helen Hensinger, Madeline Houselmeckt, Margaret Hertzog, Betty Kocis, Helen Kocis, Mary Koneski. .lacque- line Kooker, lrene Krupa, Dolores Labanc, Dorothea Laudenslager, Gloria lVloyer, Jean Rice, lVlary Romanchuck, Dorothy Schiffert, Betty Shive, June Smith, lVlary Stortz, Elizabeth Toth, lVlary Vetrosky, Gerta Webb, Mary Wilson, and Gladys Yeahl. Choral Speaking Club SPEAKING IN UNISON, sometimes called choral speaking, has been taken up in a club under the direction of lVlr. Benllield. Speaking in unison is very old and yet very new. New in that since it is revived it is done altogether differently. Our ancestors spoke in unison in school and in church: they studied their lessons in this way. Vvhat we call choral speaking was memorizing in their time. We have a director who teaches us, not how to memorize but how to blend our voices and make them sound well, as in a singing choir. We are also taught beauty of expression, voice control, enunciation, articulation, etc., which are essentials of a good speech choir. VVhen many voices are blended the different tones are heard and the result is a very pleasing effect. The members are: Warren Fegley, Beryl Harrison, Sadie lobst, Joyce Leibert. Olga Nickele, Pauline Noll, Earl Stoudt, and Lorraine Swavely. ,jfre jaffg 4 lt HA i Elf Ei' rc' 3: rf? J' 4. SIL El' l fl' EL '- .1 9. li w N. 5 3 M. QL, -1, 1 as 1' ,. it.. E. ,... 4. wi ' V . iii E rn ia E. ll V i !n Vx 94 ? il 'fr ,E :- 6, it . Q, 'J .. ESQ 1. Tennis Club PERENNIALLY during tlle spring and fall seasons of the year the Tennis Club bas congregated on tlie new high scbool tennis courts for instruction and competition, tbat proved valuable in tbe development of game teclmique and better game under- standing. Under tbe direction of Hilda Scbreiber Brownlee scbeduled competition is arranged and instruction is given tbat proves stimulating to club members and malces a distinct, wbolesome, recreational contribution. The following is a list of members of tbe club: Loretta Dunstan, Sarab Fegley. Bernice Heffner, Helen Jagnesalc, Annabelle Kiefer, lVlartl1a Matura, Florence Palencar, Lorraine Strobm, Betty Wetberbold, Wesley Carl, Noble Faust, Cbarles Huber, Ricbard Martz, Tbomas Wieder, and Warren Zentner. Sbould any other students be interested in being affiliated witb tbis club, it is necessary tbat a tennis racquet and tennis balls be in tbeir custody before attending Gym Club THE GYM CLUB, wllose purpose is to create and stimulate a greater interest in gym- nastic activity, bas a membersbip of eigllteen junior and senior high scbool boys. During tbe first balf of tbe year tbe boys played basketball. Tben tlley devoted tbeir time to tlle learning of acrobatic stunts and in tbis way prepared tbemselves for participation in tbe annual pbysical education demonstration wbicb was beld on April 28 and 29. After tliis demonstration tbe members engaged in out-of-door sports, sucb as baseball and traclc. All tbese activities were tborougbly enjoyed by tbe boys. scbeduled meetings. Tbe members of tbe club are: Wallace Barto, Raymond Bernbarcl, Elden Bortz, Vvilmer Brey, Carl Buss, Jobn Cogna, Earl Deibert, Josepb Dwornalc, Durell Hart- man, Vernon Harlman, Howard Keyser, Kennetb Kline, Ricbard Licbtenwalner, Earl Noll, Robert Stepllen, Amos Vveida, and Pllilip Vveida. Tbe club bas been under tbe guidance of Mr. Hartman. Athletic Club THE ATHLETIC CLUB was organized in order to create more interest in atbletics among tbe boys. The interpretation of football, basketball, and traclc rules featured tbe main discussions, altliougli tbere were many discussions on wrestling, swim- ming, and incidents tbat occurred in various games, witnessed by tbe members of tlme club. At tbe conclusion of eacli sport, all opponent and all Lebigb Valley teams were selected. Tbe most improved team, tbe best coacbed team, and tbe outstanding plays and games of eacb sport were also selected. Tbe members of tbe club are: Cbarles Baus, Jaclc Boyer, Aaron Carl, Franlclyn DeEscb, Wesley Devries, Russell Fellman, Willard Ciiering, Walter Hauser. An- tbony Kollar, Vvilliam Kratzer, George Lawrence, Victor lVlerlcle, Vincent Miller, Winston Ritter, Josepb Rolcoslci, Wilbur Scllantzenbacb, Albert Seibert, Roy Sny- der, William Trumbore, Billy Wagner, Cvuy Wamlwold, and Henry VVetl1erl1olcl. Smy-eight ' UA., lair 1423025501 ' lv, MM! -+ ,' ,yu W mr up ,z ' JN ? y W' 'qv EU , W, HF.. wfwk ', H51N ,N 1 11 ,hw ' ,11 , M M- 2 u fm n 3 1 1 f w X, Syl 4, N l 5 1 W 1 w 1 N X fm iii , Football THE 1057 EMAUS HIGH SCHOOL football team under the able guidance ol Coaches Hartman and Sponaugle played a tougli ten-game scbeclule. winning live games and losing five. Even tbougb defeated tlle boys played good football, sllowecl line spirit, and gained tbe reputation ol a Htougb team to defeat in our League." Seniors wlio lielped to malce tbe season a success were: Captain Vvarren Ham- scller, Delbert Amig, lVlyron Reinliard, Billy Vvagner, Paul Hangen, Roy Snyder, Cllarles Laubacla, Vvinston Ritter, Samuel Custer, and Robert Abner. Tlie annual football banquet, given by tlie Atbletic Association. was lield in tlie basement of tlle Reformed Cburcb. Tlie guest spealcer ol tlie niglit was Pro- fessor Cllarles lvlyser, wrestling coacli and director ol atllletics at Franlclin and lvlarsllall College. A turlcey dinner was served and everyone bad a grand time. Tbe class ol' 1938 wisbes even more success and spirit to our luture teams. Allentown H "'Nortliamplon 'gslatington . . 'gcatasauqua 'klueliigiitori . . igh Jr. V. ....,., I4 0 at LCHQUC GRITICS FOOTBALL RECORD Sllillington " Pnlmerlon ..,........ . . Allentown P 'kslroudsburg rep.lr.V. .. Vvllitellall .... Emaus Opponent . I8 I-4 , I0 6 . 20 6 . 27 6 . 0 I8 Sixty-nine fjlw july Boys' Basketball THE i037-38 CIREEN AND CEOLD lmaslcetball team accepted tbe cllallenge of tlie i936-37 team to better tbeir .500 percentage and closecl tlie season witb fifteen vic- tories ancl eleven cleteats. Coacb Clifford Hartmanls proleges gainecl tiltli position in tbe Lebigb Valley lnterscbolastic League race witli six victories to eigbt defeats. The class oi 1938 was well representecl by two veterans, Captain Delbert Amig and Warren Hamsclier, eacb baving bacl tllree years, experience. Tbomas Vetrosliy was an able substitute ancl Robert Reinbarcl, Gerald Rolarbacb. ancl Durell Hart- man serverl as student managers. Coacli S. Vvooclrow Sponaugleis junior varsity learn enjoyed a successful season witli eleven victories and eleven clelleats. VARSITY BASKETBAI .L RFC i0RD lfmaus fjpponrfnt Emaus flppzuu-nt liopton , . 45 Leliigliton . . 20 ....... 24 Nortliamptnn 40 lworavian ljrcp . . . -15 Nloravian Prep QI Faculty ..... 16 Stroudsburg . 52 Alumni ....... 54 Vvluiteliall . . . 27 lxlillvrsliurgf Alumni 56 College lir I5 Btrouclslxurg . . . 20 Slatington . . . 20 Vtlllitvliall . . . 31 Palrncrton . '57 Slatingtun . . 22 Catasauqua 40 Palmerton . . '56 lmliiqliton , 21 flatasauqua , . 22 lANlortliamp!on 26 Faculty ,..., 'il P.K.T, .... I l lvlillerslvurg ..., 26 l7.K.'l-. .... 26 I Seventy le lffdf Girls' Basketball Tl1E I057-58 GIRLlS varsity loaslcetloall team enjoyecl a perfect season willm nine vic- tories. no losses, and no ties. The junior varsity team was equally successlul, win ning all ol tl1eir games. Senior members of tlae team graduating are: Captain Florence Palencar. Co- Captain lVlartl1a Matura, Rutll Scllantz, lVlary Alice Liclltenwalner. Loretta Dun- stan, and Florence Beitler, witlm Saralm Fegley as stuclent manager. Tlwe girls appreciate tlfne efforts ol tlmeir coach, lVlrs tlme same success witll future teams. Nlmavian Prep .. Alumni .,....... Bctlilc-Irvin Catllolic , , Bclllll-l'lem Catholic Toptnn . . . Red Hill .,,, VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Emaus Opponent . . . . 20 I9 Nloravian Prop . . . . . . '57 .... 33 I7 Shdington ..... ... 42 . . . . 42 25 Slatington . , . . '50 . . . . '50 I6 Palmcrton . . . . '33 l'aln1erlon .....,,.... . . , 40 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKE'I'BAI.L RECORD Elnuus fjpponent lfniuu .., . 27 I2 Rt-tl Hill .... ... 20 . . . . 22 I6 lopton , . . , . Zh . Brownlee. and wisli l1er EnlklllS Opponent 52 I7 I I9 2-I pponr-n 25 Seventy-one lu W Baseball Bottom row: I.. to R. VV, VVi+-its-r. 'l', Klinv. W. Svlnisior, WV. lhunsi-In-r, A, Wt-axvvr, D. Axnig, R. Hartz und WV. Furl. Middle row: J, XV4-tlwrlmid, NV, Svllauitzvnlmavll, G. WV:unbv'd. R. Snyder, G. Lawrvm-0, H. Srllvir:-r. ti. Gruvnawaxlt, und NV. Rs-ic-lmrml, Top row: Munmzurs, ll. llurtmaln und lt. ltr-inllami, lt. Milli-r, Cmwh l'litTur1l llalrtinzln :mil Mzlmigrs-r Il, Ilnhrha:-li. Tim 1938 lmsc-lmall f-Llition of time Fnlnus Higil Sclmol played u ilii-101311-lfiilllf' srlicfluli-. Concli Hartman had nn vxpc-rir'nr'f'fl lr-mn ami won fivv straigllt QEHIIUS. living llI!fil'iIl'iiiPfi wlwn tllis artirlv wont to prvss. Track Bottom row: L. to R. XV. Ilnrtu, M. Klinn-. W. Hit-ring. W. S.-hnntzs-nlmm-ii, IG. 12:11-kviwtu. XV, Nvlniett-r, H. Bartz. :Ind 'I'. Klinr-. Middle row: li, Ilurtzwr. li, th-isingt-r. NV. llalnlsvlwr, W. IM-Vrivs, Ii. Hnyiie-r. R. Kcrstvttur nnd B. Laudenslzlgor. Top row: C, Albriglit, Famllty Manager, Tlmmaxs Sr-hralrit-r, Stmii-nt Rlaxnnize-r, ll, llllvillllilll nlnl I'm11-li H. Wimflrow Spmlniigli- Tin- l0'58 Emnus Higli Srlmol trnrli tciun won tin' Vllrinngulnr mc-vt lor tim ss-roml r0r1svm'utivr- yvur to gain two legs on lmtlx cups. Tile team was vrry slxccvsslul, truly zz winning tc-mn in points nml spirit. A ts. V is ff Seventy-two 7242 XZ? I 137-?E?iv:" N'-Q-' .Vf'Q12,2f15jl.fSy4g. 1 ,. - 1f1,w.f.:':r,,H ... - -, f -.,..-., - . Q 3- .- "Q, .-1 Af . - v-.,g5.Q -, :-. ..,.,q - ,1-'gg ...-X-f r ., ,- X ww ,Qu ' .A 41. f': "f1f fg,t-1-. -Qif:11f1'45Q51P,1'53fG?ff'L-.2eiwi -rgyxff-:fb .gif , xg:-.:. Q.'1-SM, ,ggi wx 'as f 1, , 2' ,M T A ' "' -' X" '-1 PX " - - ,' wi- Tf:-L-z2z:,:r"'-S' . ,fn . R31-"-kb-E' k .'::M b'.-xg-5915-slag-ata:,-,za-.12124.5.5 A" -- Je-iY'5:Hw1k1e1f2fP:ff1?'. 111 " W'-T1:E1,2111f,21:e5f-118. 5. Q: 'z ' A affgzgie-1?g1:'Ei'i:-3.3 355' . ., ,- ,. ,,,- , -2- 1- -.--1-' --,f.-,g,,x..1-,Q-, -. ,,,.-Q.. KW., ,. 1 . , - - ,K Tv., .qggxw--y 1-',1.. -. .1--bf-..q '- ill '. 1 Y ,1 3 ,, 1- 0 N Q' 1 H ,X X: ' ,H J ' lv, 'wr 1, 1, W , N Mg, W , N w " J, ' 1 xnlx 1 Y lb Mi W M'- QSV T11 XH v WP Y W "fm 'S 1 1 1 W HH 1 ww 1 1 ml N 4 'w V111 4 , , 1 , , ,g,., H ,W ww ' A .. A A' , ' L ' qu! ,Q ,R 1,,f,,!,, -'NW .. 1 1 , Y L 1 A ,i T if-Ilzgx 1 IM' 'W 1 ' R13 H l . 1 -, . W QQ W WM W 1 ,QU , 'If' W' , ilnmww,ml,,x, ',u,,maW:n,,w1m,,,,,,!,m, '1XiIHMum,armnm1:,-mx1xwmAx,i:iiw1mMWMM.lxixn1wWWMNwM: W' ' ' M I 'P' i Class Will E, the memhers of the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-eight ol Emaus High School, being of a reputed sound and a tremendously imposing mind, and considering the uncertainty of life and lcnowing in our hearts that we shall never return, wish to do something line and have finally consented to present our Last Will and Testament to our most worthy successors, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-nine. Helen Jagnesalcs seclateness to Evelyn Gilhert. Dorothy Peguesse's hoy-friends to Jeanne Mohr. Vvilliam Findlay's foolishness to Vvillour Schantzenhach. Betty Vvetherholdls midget qualities to Ravellan Neitz. Clifford Greenawalt's lilceness to Don Ameche to William Trumhore. Verna Reignefs contagious giggle to .lessetine Carter. Donald Brensingefs "Lucky Strilcesn to Earle Keller. Lillian Knauss, daily feuds with Mr. Frantz to Margaret Vetroslcy. Charles Seislove's pestilerous nature to Harvey Cope. Gladys l..ichtenwalner's sewing ahility to Fern Stoudt. Warren Hunshergens slowness to Charlotte Long. Dorothea Adams' lcnowleclge of German to Hazel Hartman. Thomas Valenteenys swagger to Maynard Bealer. Mildred Sell's sedate wallc to lVlary Christman. Arlene Kruse's sophistication to Betty lxfloyer. Ethel Geisingerys cheerful nature to John Erich. Edna Geigefs reservedness to Donald Laudenslager. Harold Reppert's rushing to and from classes to Wallace Barto. Dalton Stonehaclfs dignity to Harry Horn. Althea VVinzer's small feet to Lorraine Swavely. Fern Harwiclcls lloor shalcing to Dorothy Breunig. Rolaert Ahner's vitality to Joseph Smoyer. Marjorie Schupp's smallness to Phyllis Schantzenlaach. Joseph Bovanlcoviclfs interest in girls to Vvesley Devries. Jean Stohols ahility to confuse Words to Oscar lohst. Durell Hartman's nswing and sway" to Wilbur Paules. Mary Alice l.,ichtenwalner,s noonday chats to Charlotte Treichler. Delhert Amig's funny imitations to Howard Yarus. Minerva l'lensinger's interest in lvlacungie to Michael Hopstoclc. Thomas Vetroslcy's agility to Earl Hertzog. Lauraine Trappe's peaceable nature to Faye Yoachim. Ae lady i'1mmMmwWwmWwywy Fern Harwicios interest in the junior class to Kari Geisinger. Robert Ahner,s dizziness to Vvilliam Keck. Charles Baus' baby blue eyes to Charles Albright. Clair Christman's ability to tease people to Asher Franlcenfield. Annabelle Kiefer's "crushes" to Gladys Bauer. Warren Hamschefs athletic ability to Alvin Marsteller. Jean Butz's Hair for pretty ribbons and bows to Pauline Noll. Dalton Stonebaclcs attachment to Aiburtis to Gerald Sechler. Paul Frey's tricky eyes to Noble Faust. Bernice Heffnefs interest in nursing to Jean Drucicenmiiier. Ruth Schueclcs "nose for news" to Milton Crossley. Florence Paiencar's "cracking gum" to Pauline Woodring. Kermit Hieter's ability to took into other peopIe's books to Richard Corn-H. Wilbur Reicharcrs presidential authority to John Kratzer. Regina Kemmerefs sweetness to Anna Hauser. Grace Kieintop's love of music class to Ruth Montz. Myron Reinharcfs mustache to William Moyer. Vvinston Ritter's friendliness to Charles Miller. Gladys Knappenbergefs daily walks to Marilyn Miller. Lula Leiby's interest in Muhlenberg to Julia Waiter. Gerald Rohrbacifs broken glasses to VViHiam Schuster. Harold Scheirefs reckless driving to Ralph Stauffer. Billy Vvagnerys interest in Mr. Becicefs homeroom to Vvaiter Stoudt. Elaine McEiroy's interest in Youngs gasoline station to Arlene Rader. Ruth RaedIer's sweet smile to Esther Bechtel. Albert VVeaver's ability to recite commercial law to Beatrice Gehman. . Forrest VVeidner's glasses to James Stansfield. Dorothy Rubenaios debating ability to Delbert Burian. Vvesiey Carts studiousness to Evangeline Schuler. LulaXLeiby's carriage to Elizabeth Keraic. Arlene Stroh's typing ability to Dorothy Danner. Samuel Custefs Hashy ties to Robert Shive. Joseph Gairs interest in physics class to Edna Smith. William Findlay's Umachs gutu to Lorraine Stoudt. Grace Kleintop,s HTrue Confessions" to Fern Waiter. Carson Kressley's grin to Jack Boyer. Adeline Diehfs Crocheting ability to Athelda Jones. Charles Laubacifs mellow voice to Hamilton Carl. .746 lui. ..AL...4J ,.,,,,,gi:w,,.,.J5p. ..--fa, .. .',,,,q-.fees .ag-..f -.tv -ff -f-in-t..H 1 -1--r--f-:'?-+'-5'--- - .NTS-a':--H H--1 ....!-- :-.W -'-fv-i-PS'-- Loretta Dunstan's curly locks to .lune Valenteen. George l..awrence's slow drawl to Raymond Bernhard. Catharine Fegely's good nature to Virginia Esterly. Ralph lVloll's love letters from Huffs Church to Richard lVlartz. Ruth Goheen's londness of red to Arlene Hersh. Earl Noll's experience in the newspaper husiness to Bernard Neumoyer. Mary Jones' love ol juniors to Harvey Eck. Catherine Ruch's hlack hair to .lean Merkel. Roy Snyder's girl-friends to Elwood Backensto. Willard Wieder's wavy auhurn hair to Guy Wamhold. Thomas Vetrosky's acting ability to George Lauhach. Ruth Schantzls writing ahility to Richard Miller. Anna Schmoyefs willingness to Grace Haherstumpf. Martha lVlatura's seventy-live pounds to Theodore Reitz. Edna Schwartz's well-groomed appearance to Mae Renner. Paul l'langen's sophomores to William Kriehel. Amos VVeida's good looks to Warren Zentner. Lucille Wiederls cake-selling efforts to Jeanne Engleman. Rohert Re-inhard's eating capacity to Franklyn DeEsch. Lorraine Strohm's operatic noises to Mary Buss. Henry Bachman's nattiness to William Merkel. Sarah Fegley's six glasses ol Fegely's milk to Carl Adams. Terrence Carlls secrecy to Martin Kline. Mary Kuehlls modesty to Gloria Vvennig. Alfred Hillegass' oratorical aloility to Arlene Bieher. Florence Beitler's shyness to Mae Renner. Harold Knauss' pessimism to Earl Deihert. Ellawesa Bowers' interest in skating rinks to Sarah Bauer. Lastly, we do make, constitute, and appoint Arline K. Strauss to be execu- trix and Harvey H. Becker to be executor of this, our Last Will and Testa- ment, hereby revoking all former wills and testaments by us at any time heretofore made, and declaring this to be our Last Will and Testament. Signed and sealed accordingly, in this Year of our Lord, Nineteen Hun- dred Thirty-eight. The Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-eight fi emu. fp Semwiw we 761, itil' Class Prophecy lr WAS A DAY in midsummer about 1950 that l found myself exploring some of the mountainous parts of Switzerland. On my baclc was my lcnapsaclc and in my hand an alpenstoclc. It seemed as if I were in Fairyland. On a yonder slope, Peter, the goat-herder, was tallcing to his friend in the valley and his voice echoed from the mountain cliffs. High above in a clear, blue slcy the sun was shining: on distant pealcs the snow glistened: and on a nearby slope the emerald-green grass of a vast meadow was sprinkled with flowers beside a mountain stream. Down below, in the valley, the miniature village with scattered, thatched roofs completed the view. Viewing the scenery, l paused for a moment to open my lcnapsaclcg but upon my touch, it expanded into a large circular contrivance that lifted me off my feet into space. What could l do but drift with it? Struggling to regain my balance, l dropped my alpenstoclc and the next moment l found myself in a modern passenger liner. Having regained full control of myself, l heard that the person beside me was spealcing to me. Turning to her, l recognized my best chum at Emaus High sitting by my side. Her name was .lean Butz. She was returning to Philadelphia where she was busily engaged in her landscaping interests. .lean was very much interested in artistic designing and many people employed her to beautify their homes. After an invitation to go with her she summoned the stewardess, who was Dorothea Adams. Dorothea was still tallcing and her passengers enjoyed it. The pilot of the plane was William Findlay and his co-pilot was Wesley Carl. Both these boys had advanced to splendid training and had received recognition. The designer of the plane was Joseph Gall, employed by Albert Weaver. Albert was president of the Happy Landing Airport. Anyone with Albert's ability could have a happy landing. At the airport my friend and I encountered two mechanics whose faces we had seen many times before. Charles Seislove and Terrence Carl had realized their mechanical ambitions. Charles could enliven any atmosphere with his carefree capers. Entering the airport, the president introduced pus to his secretary, Marjorie Schupp. Other commercial worlcers busily engaged were Elaine lVlcElroy and Clif- ford Greenawalt. Commercial worlc had appealed to these people in school and apparently they had pursued their ambitions. The driver of the taxi that toolc us home was Clair Christman-fa seemingly quiet chap of our class. As we passed the office ol a famous Philadelphia lawyer, Clair told us that Annabelle Kiefer was em- ployed there as private secretary. That lawyer certainly was luclcy because Anna- belle was a conscientious worlcer. Traveling by train we arrived at the Reading Terminal one morning and recognized Durell Hartman, the conductor, who inlormed us that the engineer was Billy Wagner. As we passed the mighty engine, Billy recognized us and told us that at last he had realized his ambitions. We wondered what he meantl Earl Noll was employed as a ticlcet agent for the Reading Railway Company. Earl told us he really enjoyed his worlc which was quite an achievement. Seventy-six jig lffdf At the Surgery Hospital my friend and I parted. Visiting a friend at the hos- pital, I summoned a nurse because the patient hecame very uneasy. The nurse's speech was that of Bernice Helilner. Bernice loved her worlc and she told me that the hospitals surgeon-in-chief was Dalton Stonehaclc. Dalton had hecome rather lamous for his surgery work. ln his private office his secretary-nurse, Dorothy Ruhe- nalc, was husily engaged and she capahly filled this position. Lauraine Trappe did a great deal of typing for the hospital staff and was duly proud of her position. Adjoining the hospital was another huilding in which a window was suddenly opened. The heaming face that appeared was Paul Frey's. His perseverance in chemistry had won him fame. His assistant was Kermit Hieter. Little wonder that two such remarlcahle hrains could achieve such wonderl Head of the dietetic de- partment of the hospital was Helen Jagnesalc. Her assistant was Lula Leihy. Food that was prepared under such excellent supervision would certainly tempt any pa- tient. The greater amount of the food consumed at the hospital was produced on Harold Scheirer's scientific farm. Harold proved that he could really do something, once he set his mind on it. Vvallcing toward the suhway, I encountered Mary Jones and discovered that she had successfully achieved the title of a commercial artist. Mary had real talents in that type of work which appealed to her. Together we went to an entertainment that afternoon. The girl who sold us our tickets was Grace Kleintop, who was under the employment of Forrest Weidner, president of the Music Appreciation Guild. The man who was responsible for the splendid program we were to see was Wilbur Reichard. Wilbur, constantly traveling, sought for new talent and a great many amateurs loolced up to him for a chance to realize their talents. Two ushers we recognized were Carson Kressley and Charles Lauhach. They were handsome figures in their uniforms and drew a great deal of attention. The program opened with a selection hy Arlene Kruse, who had risen to the distinguished fame of concert-pianist. Her talent was remarlcahle and she cer- tainly was worthy of great esteem. Another numher tool: place in a most scenic setting. Beside a rippling stream, under an azure slcy was a princess'-'Lucille Wieder, singing "The Indian Love Call." Besides her nursing career, Lucille also sang. At the conclusion of the program, Lorraine Strohm sang "The Rosary" in a most pleasing manner. Both these girls had remarlcahle voices which were due to gain more recognition. One morning I decided to visit Emaus again. Traveling in my own car. I passed a country schoolhouse which looked so friendly that l stopped my car and entered the huilding. I was greeted hy Ruth Raedler, who was a teacher well quali- fied for such a position. It happened to he the day due for a monthly visit from the puhlic health nurse. Loretta Dunstan filled this position and her sparkling person- ality was used to perfection. At dismissal time Ruth seemed to hecome very un- easy, until she saw a car arrive, whereupon she smiled and hastily departed. Very close to the schoolhouse was Ralph Mollis Cheerful Garage, where Harold Repperl was employed as a mechanic. Harold lilced this worlc because he had the oppor- tunity of meeting so many types of personalities. s...,.,.fy-...,..,. we X1 4 In Emaus, I beheld a spectacular high school. Attending a basketball game there, I saw that the athletic coach was Warren Hamscher. Warren was an ideal athlete with an excellent record and his present position made the school justly proud of him. The athletic-minded students certainly had an inspiration with "Dickens" record to look up to. Head of the girls' athletic department was Adeline Diehl. Adeline was an all-round athlete and was well qualified for her position. Near to me someone was continually talking: obviously, he was a salesman. Turn- ing to find the voice, I recognized Winston Ritter trying to sell a device for auto- matic ventilation. As customary, he made a sale. Winston informed me that Roy Snyder had steadily advanced to a prominent place in the United States navy. Roy had always liked to adapt himself to a new environment for variety. He still re- sorted to his hobby by continuous traveling in all parts of the world. Visiting a kindergarten in Emaus, I found that Mary Kuehl was the teacher of the girls' division. Mary had always liked children and she showed that she could govern them very well. ln another division, Robert Reinhard was teaching the small boys. Roberts ability to teach children was amazingl Sunday morning I went to church. Entering it made one feel strangely home- sick. The large stained-glass windows reflected the sunlight in an almost reverent way. ln the pulpit was Thomas Vetrosky. The pews ol this beautiful church were filled by enthusiastic people who were very proud ol their capable leader. His sermon was most convincing of his success because one could certainly recognize true sincerity--and his message was sincere. At Hotel Emaus, I learned that Harold Knauss was a United States senator. People said he was most popular for his ideas concerning a new America. Myron Reinhard was the hotels chief receptionist while Amos Weida was proprietor. Two waitresses at the hotel were Anna Schmoyer and Mildred Sell. Regina Kemmerer was private secretary to the proprietor and Gladys Knappenberger was cashier. This indeed accounted for the progress ol the hotel. Sitting in my room one evening, I turned on the radio. Hearing a familiar voice. I listened once more and recognized Thomas Valenteen as the radio announcer. Thomas had the personality and training for that type of work. Suddenly someone began singing and I could have sworn it was Martha Raye: but no, it was Lillian Knauss who had taken her place. Lillian was as vivacious as ever and she greatly appealed to her many admirers. Traveling to Allentown the next day, I passed a striking building which turned out to be a newspaper plant. ln the business office under the instruction of Gerald Rohrbach were Edna Schwartz and Arlene Stroh. Two reporters ol the staff were Ruth Goheen and Joseph Bovankovich. Ruth and Joseph possessed the qualities of intelligence and quick understanding that a reporter needs. The sporting editor was Betty Vvetherhold, who had a clear, easy style of dash, necessary lor this work. Her assistant was Delbert Amig. Delbert was an excellent worker because he was very well acquainted with sports in general. Alfred Hillegass was editor-in-chief of the paper. Seventy-eight Ae lui.. vxmfnf-QQWEMIQ, ' - iiaimifhwfrwawrm- Loolcing through a newspaper that I toolc with me, I learned it was worth the three cents I paid for it. On the first page was an incident in which Samuel Custer was the hero. Samuel was a forest ranger. He certainly must set an example to those stately treesl On another page was a picture of a large dam under the construction of an engineering concern of which Henry Bachman was president and whose assistant was Warren Hunsherger. Henry certainly had achieved the success that his talent had promised. Walking along a street in Allentown, I passed a quaint little hairdressing shoppe. Entering the shoppe, I was received hy Sarah Fegley who was employed hy Jean Stoho, mistress of the shoppe. Jean told me that Fern Harwiclc was a hostess at a southern summer resort. Next door to Jean's shoppe was a dress shoppe. which helonged to Martha Matura and Florence Palencar. It was quite natural for these girls to he worlcing together because they had heen inseparable friends at school. Employed as salesclerlc was Ellawesa Bowers. Ellawesa was a qualified model and had heen presented at various fashion exhihitions. Visiting the famous Allentown lihrary, I found Joyce Weider as the lihrarian. Joyce gave me a hoolc that was written hy Rohert Ahner. Talking to Robert, l found he had finally presented his famous theories in hoolc form. Rohert told me that Charles Baus had advanced to the position of president of a firm dealing with lumher and building materials. George Lawrence was under his employment as a hoolclceeper. Georges commercial ahility had promised him a future of certain sta- hility. Two familiar typists at the lihrary were Verna Reigner and Althea Winzer. Doing research worlc at the lihrary was Donald Brensinger, who was a music teacher. Donald had great interests in music and so he naturally enjoyed his posi- tion as much as his admirers enjoyed him. Descending the lihrary steps I came upon a small child. oloviously lost. Thoughtfully I tool: him to get some food. The waitresses at the Hangen Restaurant which I entered were Florence Beitler and Catharine Fegely. Paul had succeeded in gaininga fame all his own. Cashier of the restaurant was Minerva Hensinger. Taking the child to a clinic I found Mary Alice Lichtenwalner giving advice on dental hygiene to mothers, while Gladys Lichtenwalner and Dorothy Peguesse had charge of separate departments. Clinical worlc appealed to these girls and they readily adapted themselves to it. Mary Alice assumed care of the child who asserted he was an orphan. After further investigation the child was sent to the Schantz Home for Orphans, which Ruth Schantz had estahlished in a heautiful woodland. The home was highly recommended hecause Ruth had a most influencing way of governing children. Even after they left the home, they lived under her former standard and made fine citizens. Catherine Ruch was Ruth's assistant. Catherine placed the child under Edna Geiger's care. Edna was a graduate nurse. Ethel Geisinger handled the numerous business transactions of the home. Ethel was a thoughtful worker hecause she wanted success in the husiness world hefore assum- ing another phase of life. Returning to Switzerland, I felt very proud of recognizing such people as my classmates in 1958 at Emaus High School. Sevenlyanine Ae lxfif 4 71 7fff!f ,Q 4, Hall of Fame Tallest Tiniest Class comeclian Class comeclienne Best girl-clancer Best laoy-dancer Most hashful girl Most hashlul boy Most stuclious girl Most stuclious lmoy Best girl-athlete All-rouncl athlete Most inquisitive girl Most inquisitive hoy Most artistic Best cartoonist Best chauffeur Queerest laugh Nicest hlush Best clay-dreamer Noisiest The ul-clon't-get-it" girl Biggest eater Biggest Hifi Biggest pest Best hragger Most lilcely bachelor Most tallcative Most lilcely to succeed Most sophisticated Argumentative Best school-slcipper Biggest lmluffer The most niclmames Class laclies' man Most lovalnle Overgrown Everyl:Jocly's friend lnelescrihahle Unusual Roy Snycler Paul Frey Dalton Stonehaclc Lillian Knauss Lucille Wieder Durell Hartman Florence Beitler Terrence Carl Ruth Scliantz Alloert Weaver Martha lVlatura 'Warren Hamscher Dorothy Rulimenalc Samuel Custer Jean Butz Billy Wagner Donald Brensinger Verna Reigner Willard Vvieder Ellawesa Bowers Delhert Amig Annabelle Kiefer Robert Reinhard Loretta Dunstan Harolcl Scheirer Dorothy Peguesse Charles Baus Fern Harwiclc Thomas Vetroslcy Arlene Kruse Harold Knauss Mary Jones Charles Seislove Arlene Stroh Earl Noll Jean Stolao Clair Christman Minerva Hensinger Wilbur Reicharcl Myron Reinhard Eighty-one S S 'LQ lui Af Lffhjfq Eighty M . ,, , , , , 4. ,. . .Af V, -., P K ' ., AN 'f-- 1, ,wwf--1"'awH9 " 1 X 2-faiff,1:. 'ffi'f'.s:iv- Q.fQ1ffQHA"11-fu :c13.Q'-xifi-5115.1-4,: lifif : 1F::.fR3 .'w c,. i N ' ' 'fir-,g1gIg::'.-Sqw. :'-C 7 -- ,3Hf.1, ,w 'M - 'ff' , , ,.9 'Ef..-:- ' P- .. ' -'L . -1- g ' 3' X' nw,-Q' 'E ' -' ' -'S-L' N lin: ii--1'-' 1,'--'7'f:-"- , Y . ,,.. . , , ..,,, ,N -M x , . :W-.,.,:f,5-H-,-flxzl-L'- ':-..f.+.:1f9v-f . ' Wk J-'--.Q,. fire. H .Q ....s.5,.-.wg A,-Eff ,- . 5.1-wi.. 1.9. , . 1 ms- , ,. 4.1. , X 1--, 1 f, -. aw .2 .-.:"-n.---v -. f -. vi .2 -y-,..-zfk, , . Am., 4, 4. v . . - .- -,I fir-,-.-4. L A' fm ., -.X - ., '-51515,-555''1i.1.?sf5:,1,f www-33-'93335111-gi-5g1:f-3-.33 isa: 'e-1' :N -iv: ' . T'P1'1-- 9:-1.3 "?s?1i:f.s::1aiw4if?fifqi3f f?:?iXv:4f1514f-igf?352: sz 1- sf-'f'.1f.-E-'f:-. 23:-+-5i3':fk1s'Hf --::iQ-iaf.ifz--Q-Q'kfi"'f:'fE5j:f,..iff-1 ,,1., ..- s----- ------------ I -------------- ----M-+ I I I I I FINISH HIGH SCHUOL E : I THEN COME T0 THE I I I - I I Allentown BuS1neSS College 1 I I Now in two Builclings Main Building and Offices N e w A cl if i t i 0 n E 920 Hamilton Street A B4 C ANNEX I .1oHN w. OBERLY, t1mi.1.I.,t 027 Hamilton Street I I I 'A' I I : I I I A Successful College Enjoying the Prestige of the Entire Community I COURSES Session I Secretarial, Stenograpliic Day and Niglit Boolclceeping. Accounting Open All Year I I I Modern Text-Boolcs f- Modern Equipment - Excellent Faculty -1 Free Placement Service . I ! Social Activities and Basketball I I COLLEGE SPIRIT . CoLLEoE ATMOSPHERE I I I I S I I I 'I' I I I - Furtller Information on Request I I I Established 1869 Plione 4700 Incorporated 1807 I 1 I T 1 'i'v1 Ivvl in 1---1-1----1-111-11111 1 1 1M-nn-ul Eighty-three S, Ae Ziff? is 111i1 nn--lm1u.-ln1nn-nn1nu:nn1uu1nw1 + mlm-uu1uu1uu-nu,um...M1nu.1un1nn.....uu1 ..- A LARGE VARIETY OF BREADS and CAKES Compliments BAKED DAILY of Schadler's Bakery JOHN C' COCK 417 Chestnut Street Vvm. Scllacller, Prop. Phone 43-R PHONE RESEIZENCE BEAUTY PARLOR FORD PARTS ERNEST E. MOHR ' GAS H one 348 Main Sh-ect ,. Emaus 126 Nortll Fourth Street fRearl Pllone 222 EMAUS- PA- Clarence S. Shelly KEMMERER Representing CO. Hill Metal 8: Roofing Co. ROOFING and SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS Wholesale 901-907 New St. ALLENTOVVN, PA. in-. 1 .- .......1,,,,i,......u..L.,,.-H1 1 ..- School Supplies 555-357 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. 1 1. 1.4.4iniN1uninn1ul.1u.1..,1,g.-...qui f 5 W fjaffdr Emhcyrfo j..1qpi.p...rr.1rr.1rrrr...rr,riM1In-nninuznrrirrqllpriqrriql 1uu1nu1rnrrinr1nur1.rr-nuinninn1nrr-nninui l l HOTEL EMAUS i IRWIN D- DELCNG JOHN PALENCAR, Proprietor Q Funeral Director 424 Chestnut Sf, and Emhalmer EMAUS, PA. i TOPTON- PA' Lunches r-1 Choice Liquors -- Beer 1 Parking in Rear 1 I I E Best Wishes And BICYCLE SI-ICP 5 Good Luck For llsewh argdlslsecld fggcyclesl 0 t, , an 'r i The Class of 1958 Pg 0 cpm e Kermit K. Gehman E. B. KIEFER 426 Ridge St, EMAUS, PA. i I 1 Compliments SPECIAL ORDER VVORK ! of We specialize in the repairing ancl I moclerni in of fin ' w I . We x- A Better Department Cel in Siariorrd gelgirr?yAll wjrk f Store done in our own shop. i l 1 I l i Zollinger-Harned FAUST 55 LANDES e Sixth and Hamilton 2 ALLENTOWN PA- ALLENTOWN AND EMAUS I l,1gu1,q1gu1 .. -. 1 1 1 .1 1 iunlnnlunirrnign Eighty-five jim lffkr -.....r,.1. -. 1rr1,.rr1trrr1qr.1nu1uun1rrrr-.nn The Calvin Studio FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS Q 617 LINDEN STREET I f Formerly Wink Studio s ALLENTOWN, PA. E Phone f-f 2-1510 i - l ! Portrait and Commercial Photography I I E COMPLIMENTS OF l ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL i MORNING AND SUNDAY i A E CHRONICLE AND NEWS g Every Evening Except Sunday i ROYAL W. WEILER, '95, President I WILLIAM S. IOBST, '07 FLOYD IOBST A Represent t E l 'I' le ZIILI 1.uq1.q1.g11....i111.-11.-.1Ii1i...11-.111,,ip.1lp1 r' E i -a--------'-----n----------w---M--n----------'--n------------w-M-------n-w----"--H--H------+ I 'Q Leeser Motor Company H Q M. R. LEESER, Proprietor L' B' ESXSESR HTOPZQN QQBEQTIS Coal, Feed, and Lumber TOPTON. PA. HANCOCK, PA. if tt Chevy' Olds' Hudson' Phone 41 Toplon Terraplane and Willys H l T t JOHN R. MOYER I All Kinds of Home Made A Products East Penn Foundry H Q Fresh and Smoked Meats MACUNGIE, PA. if rl E 14 S. Third Sr. 5 EMAUS, PA. QQ ll 5 M if W. T. BRENSINGER H rr Koen BRoTHERs 81 SUN g I CENTRE SQUARE , T Q GTOCCIICS, Ice Cream, ff NT N . F ALLE OW Candles, Tobacco, t U ' H E . .L 1 ' Styles for young men that tc tf consistently reflect good S taste . . . at prices wittlin H reactl of the most modest I incomes- 516 North Street E 2 EMAUS, PA. I i ,-.....-..-.....-.,-. ..... .-..-..-.-.-.-,.-.. ...... ..-,.-.,......,! Eighty-seven le lair 4...-.......-.... .---..----- ... -..1-........1-....-....-...-..-..-..-......-..-..- I T 5 H. E. WALTER Groceries, Green Groceries, Q QUALITY MEATS Fish, Oysters, Clams, TOPTON PA Sea Foocl, Etc. s ' . 427 Chestnut St. 1 EMAUS, PA. i 7 I E John H. Singmaster Dealer in Compliments Coal, Lumber, Grain, of Cement i 1v1AcUNG1E, PA. A FRIEND L L 11 g Phone Emaus 85 I i 2 FOR E YOU SAVE Note Books L F-11 P F Wh Y B H 1 er aper , i en ou uy ere Pencils,-'Leads 2 WARREN BROBST Pens-Ink I T Threads-'Needles i 422 Elm Street Art Threads Q EIVIAUS, PA. Paint.-Brushes ! 1 ' i f CRAUMER'S I 5 d 10 T 1 General Merchandise C an C I Q ' Fourth and Chestnut Sts. Q Tl Free Delivery Phone 48-R-2 EMAUS, PA' 5 Ln, .................. .... - ..., - .... - .... - .... - .... - 1.-....1.......2 Eig ty-ei h Y 8 111161 " Q' an-mare-Af,.f5hf'-v.:' -vf-'xmas-fgiqzvwzybvw 'Hrs ' Tn-av1nw-n--'1n.-.u-.n- - n-.mt-..1n.1n'-n-nn-qn1nn-u--M-an-m1nn ---- nn1nn-.nj I II I - I THE EMAUS NATIONAL BANK I i n I Member of National Reserve System If I I It Young people with an eye to the future enthusiastically en- clorse our plans for tlie investment of small or large amounts from f I income. Proven safety couplecl witll liberal return malce tlwis the I II 5 ideal plan for time conservative investor. It talces only a small sum I H I to open an account. I II EMAUS, PENNSYLVANIA I II I I I I, n II I I I : I I u I SANDERS-REINHARDT CO. I T "Makers of Fine Printing Plates" I I I i Photo-Engravers.-IDesigners.-'Artists : I I I I 711 LincIen Street, 2 I ALLENTOWN, PA. I I I I I I I I I .i.-,..... ............ .-..... .... n - ,,-,,,,,,-4 film lady +-- f--- - --" -m'- --'- - ---' - "-- - ---- - -.-. ---n- ---. - -.-- - l..- - --'. ---H ---- ..-T.-..-..-T.-..,- - - -......,... T T 2 J. J. SCHQPER Sc SON EFFICIENT 2 . A h, R bb' h, : l Dependable Furmture S Sauffng Paper L i Dealers ROY HILLEGASS T FUNERAL DIRECTORS 427 North Sr. l TOPTQN, PA. Phone as EMAUS, PA. T D. D. Frltch Mllllng Co. T T - l Q Manufacturers of Best Vvlshes l XXXX Qllgality Flour and from Tl l eecls A MACUNGIE, PA. A 1919 Alumnus E EAST GREENVILLE. PA. ,, l BREINIGSVILLE, PA. Q T ll L H ! Q. ' ! Compliments The Butz Company gl : 0 I lncorpomterl ? 5 A Real Estate S l Q General lnsurance 2 Fidelity Bonds A E THE STUDENTS' STORE Surely Bonds E Since 1906 7 i Q Telephone 56 l U our Slogan U Fourtll and lVlain Streets T THE BEST IN DRUGS EMAUS, PA. Q l I .g......-.......... .....-.-......-..-- .... .. ,...-.......-..-.......- Ninety le lair .j.......-..-..-...-r.-..-........n-..n-n..-....-M.............-...-....-..-..-..-..-....-..M-.,-..-...-....-..-.1- ! . . i Our Prices Save Emgiz-Sig Buy Extra Pairs ,:1 ! I F Phone .oe 2 Open 5 T 4sR12 5,6 Wow Evenings Shoes for All the Family 5 Q Permanent fFormeriy Cuslefsl F 1 Ig Waving X The Most Talked About Shoe Store f E 00019 xi' This Side of Allentown oh VVALTER M. BEERS i L ! Ortopraxic 342 Main Street i Q 121 High Sr. TOPTON, PA. Foo, Expert EMAUS. PA. i ! i E , LAYER CAKES PIES COOKIES n 1 Stortz 8 Variety of Bread bailed daily at S 2 See the new 1958 MOYER'S BAKERY i Frigidaire 71-75 Church Street Electric Refrigerators MACUNGIE, PA. E and Frigidaire Electric Also carry a full line of Groceries I Ranges Phone I oR2 E Slore open evenings for your c ce T ! H 5 if 1 T E DONALDSUN IRON COMPANY 1 . I Q 7 e - : I ! i ! T E Manufacturers of i : i CAST IRON PIPE g I F 1 For Water and Gas E i I : Q ' 5 f i 2 I g EMAUS, PA. g 1 I I-M-nu-.mx 11.1 -n-' -nn-nn-an-un ---- n--if-an-,.1.. ---.- .........,-,W-,,,,,,,t,,F in I je EM , tl' 1 2 E. B. SCHULTZ .ig5.91l.1nninnlnn-..,,.1..,,1un.-allup-.nqinq-nn-mlipminn1.m.1M1ln1,1liar.-nuuinnuiungunn-nal Laudenslager Sc Geist I Hardware, Paints, Oils, Dealers in 5 Etc' Old Company's Lehigh Coal 5 15-17 East Main Street Flour and Feed S MACUNGIE' PA- EMAUS, PA. Phone 125 i T Phone: Emaus l24 2 RAY F. KRAUSE 2 CHRYSLER and GROCERIES-ICE CREAM PLYMQUTH E 515 Chestnut Street Sales and Service - EXPERT AUTO REPAIRING L EMAUS, PA. 2 WM. A. GEHMAN I Phone 135-M 1 EMAUS, PA. I i i The Home Mutual 5 Fire Insurance Co. 5 of Lehigh County S 407-409 chestnut st. DRUG STQRE EMAUS, PA. Q ON THE TRIANGLE ! 0 You Save 20W hy lnsuring Your e Property in This Company i 1 ' EMAUS, PA. I 1 H. WINSLOVV FEGELY, Pres. L GEO. C. SNYDER, TMS. 2 A. R. WEAVER, seay. -i-....-...-f..-.....- ..., - .... - ..,. -.....-....-.....-.... --... ..,. - ..,. - ...,- .... ... .... ......- - .. -....-..--.1-. S Nine y UA? lui,- 'F + In-will l11i1v111 nlinnvnlillnlllll--lnvllluui in 1 llnvllnrnlw Emaus Printing and Publishing I Co., Inc. PRINTERS-PUBLISHERS I FIFTH AT JUBILEE EMAUS, PA. 1 1 1 1 1.,.,1,.,1u..1un1nu1uu1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1uu-un1.n1uq1gq1.+ I1 X le lad Em .1,..1.... 1 1 -. ... -...ng-l.1nin-.l..1l -,,-.,.-W..-,w.M,-..-,.-M.-.,-..-.n-...-,,.....T ! EMAUS BOTTLING WORKS 5 Compliments Andrew Jagnesali, Prop. 5 i of A i 1 To be sure of getting the best . . i Q Ask for ANDY'S Soft Drinks g DR. L. T' Bottled in Your Home Town Z f Fourth and Broad EMAUS, PA. I : 1 5 5 H. T. KEMMERER EMAUS HARDWARE CO. Ciotimier and Gents' Furnisixer Complete Line of 2 Hats and Caps A Specialty Hardware, P3iI1tS, Etc. i : . . I g Bank Building 231 Main Street E : EMAUS, PA. Phone 105 EMAUS, PA. i E I f 5 I i ! , T MINNICH'S i I KLINE S s 1 BOOK AND GIFT SHOP E 540 Chestnut St. . I I EMAUS, PA. 5 STORE 1 Cards for All Occasions 1 Sunday School Supplies E Phone '50 School Supplies L Leather Goods L Open 6 to S Gift Boxes I Q Books i 1 Gifts Z Seventh Er Walnut Streets etc, T l I g EMAUS' PA' Circulating Library E I i-..-.. ............ .......... . -..-........2 le jlfflf Ninety-four T201IliII1II-'IHimllMII1ln1lIn1lIn1un1ln1 1 1:111nnim.1n.1.-lI,1,niM-,,,,1,,,,1,,,,i,,,,i,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,.,,1. 1 I Q EAT AT I LIBERTY BAND REESE at SCHANTZ 7 I Lunch Room I GENERAL MERCHANDISE I I LIGHT LUNCH .. SODAS I I ICE CREAM "' SUNDAES Fifth and Broad Streets I 431 Chestnut Street Q EMAUS, PA. EMAUS, PA. i I I I I I Cvrunow Electric I 8: Refrigerators I JEDDO AND LEHIGH COAL Washers and Radios I i Concrete Bricic and Biocic E Phone 217 569 Chestnut St. I EMAUS PA. i I s . s il ' f 1 25 E1!lATLZ1t Pitreet If lt's an Vgleci-grical ,Appliance 5 I 1 - e ave t. , I I I : 2 I I n : I I : I BETH LEHEM I I Howard H Weaver I I ' BUSINESS COLLEGE I : r' I 5 Jus ICC of the Peace BETHLEHEM, PA' i E Consulting. Actuary Established 1897 5 I : I Real Estate A modern business training schooi T offering coiiege grade Secretarial, T Accounting and Business Actminis- , tration courses. I I s i v Speciai advanced courses in Secre- I tariai Vvoric and Higher Account- 5 ing for graduates from commerciai I Pho 65 ciepartments. ! HC i I Fourth and Bank Sheets Ask For Descriptive Booklet 7 EMAUS, PA. W F MA I I 1 . '. CEE, President 5 I : 'S'f1vu1l-I 11111-1 1 1nu1....1qu1u.. 111,1,i ,, i,1,,11 n1ni Ninety-five ig :gnu-nn1m1-un-1 - 1 1 1 1 - 11. 11: 1n,,1unn-.nl-1nn1un1upiunlnnlnn-vnninninuuil'11 l 1 , g Northem New Yorks Finest BRUDER S GROCERY 5 RAL Q The Hotel Woodruff MEEEIEEWDISE 2 WATERTOWN, N. Y. Andre' E. Fatula, General Manager 618 Walnut St' i u . rv Gateway TO: We Deliver L ' Thousand Islands i ' Adirondacks ll I, T . Lake Ontario Comp unents 0 o i Canada BIEBER sl RIEGEL With Bath 32.25- Printers-Stationers L XA7ifI'l0llt Bath 51.50 DONALD L. BIEBER, E. H. S., '29 g European Plan Howum P. RIEGEL, E. H. S., '29 HOTEL VVOODRUFF 548 Main St. EMAUS, PA. Arbogast and Bastian Co E g MEATS 81 PRov1s1oNS E i L L I -i-.-.......- - - - - - - U. S. Government Inspection ALLENTOWN, PA. x L. j Y aw lim uni 124521-Pffgxfffaww ' fl"-"-"-"-"-"-'::"'-'-H: " - Zimnff " ""': M T ' T ' ' " M 'M T Phone 244-R-2 Orders Delivered M. A. FAUST Compliments of FRESH AND SMOKED HOME DRESSED IVIEATS 1 CHARLES LEIDNER Sixth and Ridge Streets EMAUS, PA. W WAYNE A. FEATHER 91,555 5555 PLUMBER City Coal 81 Ice Co. if Wholesale and Retail 1- 0 451 Lehigh Street Phone 250 EMAUS' PA' ALLENTOWN, PA. 5 Lehigh Valley's Leading COl11'ad Studio Sport Shop M A Equipment For All Sports Photographs , ! , W1tWCf-JOHCS 5 Live Forever 7 Company Q 0 854 Hamilton Street i' ALLENTOWN, PA. 'lf 213 North Twelfth Street T Phone 2-2780 ALLENTOWN, PA. opposma Hess Bnos. T oi-..-n-n-un-un-uu- - u-un-ul-an-ul-ll-1I-ll-I1-'I'-'H1"1"'-''-"-'H-"-"-"-"-"ll Ninety-seven le lair 4...-...-..-.....-..-............-.........-..,.-.........-..n- 1 1 - 1 1nn1nn1un1n:n1nu1 1 1 lnninnigr 1 I l HARRY M. WALBERT Compliments 222 North St. EMAUS I E Phone l52B2 0 g Norge Refrigerators , ' I I Ranges, Vvasllers. lroners . i Plulco and Zenith Radios Dr. Charles Bachman l l Best Wishes 5 l f E Compliments of Class L 1958 1 I 1 BARR'S BAKERY From 7 1 TOPTON, PA. CAMP l REST A-WHILE I I F JOHN H. IOBST F Z l l EVERYTHING FOR SPORTS! 1 . l Q PAUL S. C. RINKER L L E N T O W i E I 1 Sporting Goocls Co. Q Plumbing and l D Athletic Outfltters - i Heatmg 5 F For schools, Colleges and Clubs E Phone 6704 F l - l I 1 , 5 I . E Pllonc 264-R ' g i i 402 Clxestnut Street g T 532 Hamilton Street f i EMAUS, PA. : i ALLENTOWN, PA. I l 4. ......-.... ---.-..----.............. ..,-,...-.,l5 Ae lub Nine ly-eight .m1,.,,14m1 1 1u..1un1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 flbrinla . . Allentown Dairy Company Milk A Safe Drink PRODUCED UNDER Veterinarian and Laboratory Control Kutztown Publishing Printers ancl Publishers KUTZTOWN. PENNSYLVANIA Printers of fbe 1958 Tattler I I I I I I I I II I II I I I I I I I I Co., Inc. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - - - ---I--------4. -ine 3 I lady io.- -..- W.W. -u,.-..,-.m-.n-.o-.,-..-..-o.-o.o- -..n-,..- .... -,M- .... -o,-T..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.T 2 W. J. FENSTERMAKER HENRY P' GRUBER I I BETTER STORES Flvffff Distributor for Cut Flowers, Potted Plants 2 Freitlofer Baking Co. and Floral Designs 3 ,04 N, Fowl, St. 544 North Sofft EMAUS, PA. A We Grow 51:5 gin Flowers I 5 Phone ll2'R Free Delivery ! E Q Compliments it Compliments of 7 Q E i of C. A. Dorney Furniture j THE AMERICAN HOUSE CO. T E 1 Q ALBURTIS' PA' 612 Hamilton Street 5 i ERNEST BUSH, Proprietor ALLENTOWN, PA. Q i 5 i A Good Wholesome I . . ! 5 Compliments E I of Produced by 5 5 The G6hmHH Dairy 2 Producers of Natural Milk i : I EARL J. EEGLEY 5 E Distributor Fresh Eggs, Butter and L THE EMAUS Ei I CIICESC Q SHIRT COMPANY ! 556 North Street 2 EMAUS, PA. T I -1-,-..n-.. .......... .. .... - -....-o...o-..-o.....-..-o.-.........p ' one HUIMYITEJ X S Ao lub ig.-nu 'if f1.r'TT?f?f'f"'? "TW"9'--.P 't W--"y 'M CLARENCE R. Rrrren WALTER C B RITTER Sc BUZBY -..- -..,-,,-..-...-..-.,-..-..-..-..-..-.T P. E. STANSFIELD Funeral.Directors and Embalmers Shoe Relluilder Telephone 42-R . 5 Funeral Parlor at tllc conv i ol the public So. Fourth Street at Broacl 38 S. Fifth Street EMAUS PA l EMAUS, PA. ' ' The Royal Portable Typewriter is a favorite with both teachers and stu- i clents. When you buy see D I ' Vvatclxes, Cloclcs, and Jewelry Royal Typewriter Agency Repahing R Specialty 129 N. Sixth St. 209 Home Avenue l ALLENTOVVN. PA. TOPTON- PA- Dial Telephone 2-0853 l l l A. ROCKEL Emaus Ice 8: Storage Co. lncorpomtmi General Merchandise Manufacturers of Crystal Ice 7 . l Distributors of Coolerator The Air-Conclitionecl Refrigerator 304 Main Street H EMAUS, PA. EMAUS, PA. l -u----in -----------i--..-- -....,, ,, ,inf Hundfed one Ae laid? Ufol1lln1uu ---111--111-1-1 nn-nu-uu- 1 1 -un-uu1un- gi, 1 REINSMITH FUNERAL SERVICE Most lmportant lor llle Sluclen! A DEPENDABLE WATCH Excellent Styles and Values at 59.00 to 315.00 L Fourth St' Otllers Sliglltly Higher l P. A. FREEMAN Jeweler l 911 Hamilton Sl. T ALLENTOWN, PA. Q Harry G. Haberstumpf L Topton Motor Car Co. GROCERIES Stucletmalcer ancl Cllevrolet and PROVISIONS t Sales and Service g B H ph TOPTGN 229 Aclrain Street j e one to EMAUS, PA. 1 Plwne 2o2R2 1 - I Q Plmoncs L Resiclenrn 260M Shop 260B ! I Alwa s A 5 V WM. M. E. YEAKEL i . Good Show Experzencecl l ' Rooling Contractor at 3 STATE THEATRE Slate ancl Asbestos EMAUS, PA. Roofing I VERA CRUZ, PA. i Q01 lllv 1 -III 1111-1111v11 111111111111 H H 11011 UAE lair One Hundred T Miss Anna Aclcer Mr. George Arnold Mr. George D. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Baclcensto Miss Joyce Elizabeth Beary Mr. Harvey H. Beclcer Mr. and Mrs. .lolm A. Bodnar Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Bowers Mrs. William Busller Mr. and Mrs. Victor Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Deisclsner lVlr. Kennetli M. Dorney Miss Helen Fatula, R.N. Mr. Harvey Fenstermaclmer Mr. Paul J. Frantz Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Frey A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Patrons A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. William S. Geisinger Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hartman . Miss Gladys B. Hauser Messrs. Healer and Aliner Mrs. lrvin R. Hellner Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Heller Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hinlcel Mr. John H. lolost Mr. Antl1ony A. ilagnesalc Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kocli Rev. H. A. Kuelil Miss Emily M. Laudenslager Miss Pauline E. McLean Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Ortt Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Reicliard Mr. and Mrs. Roluert Reinhard Mr. and Mrs. E. LeRoy Rucli Mr. Gerald N. Stiingler Mr. and Mrs. S. Woodrow Sponaugle Miss Arline K. Strauss lxflr. H. O. Vvalbert Mr. and Mrs. VV. A. Weaver Pl'0l:. and Mrs. Howard YCHQSF Acknowledgment To THE 1938 TATTLER ADVERTISERS AND PATRONS wllose loyal support l1as made possilnle tliis edition. Altliougli tl1e demands on our advertisers were greater tliis year tlian ever lmelore, they responded notnly, and due to tlle unsellislm generosity ol lootli advertisers and patrons, tlie stall lias loeen enalaled to present tlie 1958 Tattler in an edition tlwat emlaodies tl1e real lile and spirit ol Emaus Higll. ln order to sllow our appreciation ol tlwe generous support given us lyy tlie mercliants whose advertisements appear in tliis lmoolc, let us, in turn, give tliem our patronage and support. One Hundred Three .768 HL i desires the Comforts and Contentmenl of a well furnished Home. Ritter's, T due to their location. enable you to attain this ideal at a saving of IOW 5 to 50? on City prices. They have no High City rents, taxes, etc. to pay. Q Compare'-Save the Difference! l Q 41111 5 M ,,,,.,., 3 E Qi ' 2: 1 '1 Open Q 2 f '-1 I 1 'fi Dany ! l f 'Y' Q f ff fs H 9 A. M. i X 1' tg A 3 9 P, M. T i ' 1 1- f 1 .fsffiff fiqrt sg I , L I 1 I1 5 spas-.rd-1. - KEN I i L I J ' .P 1 'gf-i1."'5111T11 IE-'31 - 1 if-pl v 1 F 1.11,1Ng3f1 fi . 4 i 4' 3 411: 'Yi' ""i' X 'W "tiki:-SM 'ilu -f' 1 -5, K e MWWK' - ., 1 Hsin: : L A -I, 5 f1,11w1g1p,f,.t?gghi1 I l Je Q- L " , 1' iqmxxtwkmiiqi Q W 1? , 1 i i 111 23 ' f - 1 2 .-Q .-,..-, J. n- I 95 - 1- 'V f "" Ir ali - , I i .,,. i 5, 1 .X 1 .' ' J iii i 112 t ' i' ' + Q 2 Y -.'.'.- K H " " T '-" 2 1 .V,' T W1, 11 iw U ---- .W , N, . ii"1A,'E Y 5 , N l .f5Yw W W " S1 Q g Q " m mf 2axX1ttS,M1L:g1,,11y5l- - 1 ' ' 1 .'e.-, ,.i,, ,,,, . '55 f i : 1 1 tt'r 1 1 T ,- .....f..,.,, , ..:,... .. I l L ROBERT E. RITTER 81 SONS 187-191 MAIN STREET EMAUS. PA. j f .. . ,, i Q Buy Vvhere You Know rlllat Prices Are Less i i-..1. ..... 1.,-,,..,,.,.-,...-..,....1,.- .... -....-.1..-1..-...1-..,.-..1.-....-,...-,...- ,... -,... ..... 1-l , K 1 Printed and Serviced by S ,f The Kutztown Publishing Company V 'LG lt Kutztown, Pa. fflfi, 'gl' ui' use q-Q-4,1 'bw-1 on-4 H 51 5

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