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W Q 2 i L? , 12 F i 4 s 6Jiz0,. . . . .CLARENCE MARTIN Qusims QOQMQW . DORIS DAY HE 1935 . l 1 l i i i l l i i i i E l l l l OZZWOT The purpose of the 1935 Yearbook is to review the activities of the Emaus l-ligh School. For the public, it presents a picture of school life as enjoyed by E. l-l. S. students. For the Seniors of 1935, it is a pleasant reminder of their joyous past. - - For the oncoming classes, it provides a glimpse of those vvho have passed from the student body. ----' - nlfenlfgc ADMINISTRATION C E A S S E S FE A T II R E S ORGANIZATIONS A T EI E E T I C S ADVERTISEMENTS TATTLE I I HE 1935 I i i 1 i I i Z6Kl:CdfI:0lfL HE CLASS of 1935 dedicates this volume of the Tattler Yearbook to the Spirit of the Future, which we nope will encourage the oncoming classes to continue and improve the work of our Alma Mater .--- I Editor-in-Chief I I: CLARENCE MARTIN Assistant Editor WILMER De ESCH Class History Class Poem DONALD WIEAND MURRAY IOBST Feature Editors CLAIRE NEIMEYER RACI-IEL FABER Class Will Snapshot Editor MILDRED LAUER ROGER I-IERMANY Biographies MURRAY IOBST EDWIN KNAUSS EVELYN GEIST FREDERICK METZGER CARL WIEDA MARY KRATZER MELVA WEIDNER ANITA PALM PAULINE WIEDER 'VIRGINIA ROTI-I Business Manager Assistant Business Manager DORIS DAY MELVIN BAUMGARTNER Advertising Managers Circulation Managers JAMES I-IINKLE ANNA GILBERT CLAIRE NEIMEYER MARY KRATZER ROBERT BORNMAN Typists MELVIN BAUMGARTNER RACHEL EABER DONALD KLINE MELVA WEIDNER ALTI-IEA RITTER MILDRED MILLER Faculty Advisors MISS GLADYS I-IAUSER MISS JOYCE E. BEARY TATT HE 1935 Alma lvlater As we plod thru liieis road, stepping, Climbing up those roclcy hills, We will ever hold in keeping Thoughts oi these dear wisdom mills. Chorus- Alma Materl Alma Mater! l'lear our song o thanlcs to theel l"lold in lceeping, Joy and weeping, l-lold our blessed memory. l-leer these silent stone walls shouting, l-lear their words oi would-be woe l-leer them plead with hopes and doubting Hear them tell us not to gol Gone is our gay "learned" company, Gone those days which are oi yore, Much we did in rooms now empty, Things vve'll do and see no morel miniufwziian ,,1.,.l.. ..-. ATTLE T .,....T..i... I Message -l-o Seniors T is not an easy taslc to Write a iew vvords oi farewell and encouragement to the present graduating class. The high school graduates who have gone out into the world in the past live years have laced a staggering array ol problems. A society that once was solicitous lor their education, and spent money freely on it, now ignores them. They are ready to vvorl4, but they have no jobs. instead, they see well-trained adults jostled out of their places, oiten throvvn on public relief, by economic forces apparently as uncontrolled as an un- anchored gun on the declc of a rolling ship. While you, members ol the class of 1935, are facing a difficult situation, you must not become discouraged- l'le who carries the lamp shall not despair, even though the night is long. Through hard vvorlc, supported by patience, faith, and understanding, your heaviest problems will in due time reach a reasonable solution. Your dreams while in school may not materialize. Circumstances may compel you to accept vvorlc which you dislilce. There is no vvorlt that is without some un- pleasant part to it. A good way to relieve the monotony of your vvorlc is to thinlc out ways of improving it. The greater the struggle and the more complete your plan, the bigger vvill be your achievement and your joy in it. My best Wishes to all ol you. Sincerely yours, F i i TATT I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -e-' ' J iii f' HE1935 0171 0 146611 LOW, I I I I I I ' I i X ,, I H- T. KEMMEREI2 L. B. BACKENSTO I 4 DVCSICIUWI Vice president I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! I I I C. F. WAGNER I-I. F. BECKER I Secretary Treasurer I I I I I I I . I Od 'cj 05 5 oKnCalfL01fL j-'A"'jT- I I Z 7E IT'-I C5 I- I'I'I X4 S 0 -I O 70 1 I DP C Ln I'1'I 70 I I I I I I I I I I I I I E CLAUDE I-I. KELLER I I I I HE 1935 i l l l i l 1 1 i l l l l i l l 4 i l l i l l I HOWARD J. YEAGER Superintendent Jmff State Teachers College, Kutztown, Franklin and Marshall College, Bfx., 1911, Lehigh University, MJX., 1923, Graduate courses, Columbia University. During our years in high school, the Class of 1935 has been lotunate in having a competent executive, vvho has done everything in his power for our benefit. We have been more than thanlcful lor his helpful aid and advice in lceeping us on the right road. Clmff State Teachers College, Kutztown, 1907, Muhlenberg College, BS., 1925, Graduate courses Muhlenberg College, 1996 and 1997. Although the Class oi 1935 bids Farewell to their Alma Mater, the untiring efforts of the Principal ancl the wonderful coopera- tion he has shown during the years that the Class has lcnovvn him shall never be forgotten. ALLEN F. l-lEl.l.ER Principal - Mathematics .1....i...i.T.....1 ATTLE ,L..l THE 1935 i l i Jambi 1 l l l I JOYCE E. BEARY English , . AB., Moravian College for Women, 1924, Graduate courses, Lehigh ,Uni- i 322EIE523EIEEE53523E513E3E325:55232?E521E15EiE3E5E3E5E5.5E1E5E2E335221E E5E3:5:3Ef:E1ErE1E:iE1ir? .5'1-.'1:5EEEE5352521512EEEEE3E3E5E3E5E5EQE5E3E5E2E5EE5Z3E51'- 1 l iii?ifiii2125352222522325222522222225223252222221222293121232if225fi2EiZ22ii?2E?iE222?Tii F'Q2512EE2222Eiii2SQEQEEEEQEEEEEEEE?2a?222E2iz2222i252Ef1.1 ' ,, ,.,. versity. 1 N. 4' 4 Q Q , 'Y ab ,,, f -Nags, ., 'N r it . 1:E1,E,E-2121212223115:iii2:-EEEI:1:2131211ri1iE11i1:E2EiE2:211E1i32523-E21 f1E-STEIEEEE525222IEIE'EI:5E25f5E?E3E5EE1E2'1f13152':' . . HARVEY l-l. BECKER BERENICE E. STRAUSBAUGH ERROL K. PETERS Science l-lore? Elconomics, Music Kutztown State Teachers College, 1909, Ot es' Muhlenberg College, West Chester B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1926. B.S., Drexel lnstitute, 1929. State Teachers College, Nevv Vorlc Univ TATTLE I Clmff GLADYS B. l-IAUSER Commercial Dept. Keystone State Teachers College, 1918, B.S., Temple University, 1933. WlLLlAM S. GHSSINGER MIRIAM F. KLINE ELWOOD L. ORTT Mathematics, History and French Latin German' A B., Bucknell University, 1929. Keystone State Teachers College, 1924, Ph.B., Muhlenberg College, 1928. B-A-, Muhlenberg C0ll28Cf1997ilVl'A-1 Lehigh University, 1933. HE1935 l l l Ti-I ELMA L. STORTZ Home Economics, Foods Salem College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, BS., Temple University. Clmff HARVEY O. WALBERT History and Art B,S., Kutztovvn State Teachers College, 1934. HOWARD K. DEISCHER l-listory,Mathematics Kutztown State Teachers College, 1925, Ph.B., Muhlenberg College, 1929, NMA., University of Pennsylvania, 1932. CLARICE MAE KIRK Commercial Dept. B.S., Drexel Institute, 1933. OSCAR V. SANDT lndustrial Arts, Agriculture East Stroudsburg Teachers College, 1910, Muhlenberg College,193Q, Pennsylvania State College, 1934. MARY A. BAKER English B.A., Moravian College for Women 1930. TATTLER Clmff WARREN A. SASSAMAN ANNA I-I. MILES , Science Guidance B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1928, Grad- State Teachers College, Bloomsburg, Pa. uate courses, Cornell University. 1911, Extension Work, Columbia Univ HE 193 ALBERT S. BENFIELD English State Teachers College, 1915, AB., Muhlenberg College, 1996, A.M., New York University ,'l928, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 1932-33. DONALD A. SAVITZ Physical Education, Coach B.S., State Teachers College, Stroudsburg Pa., 1930, Graduate courses Pennsyl- vania State College. . 4.46 TATTLE Class l-listory N September Q, 1930, we entered Emaus High School strong in number, but extremely green. After several weeks of 'Sophomore-dodging", we felt at ease and settled down to our worlc. Two members of our class were awarded letters in football, and the Junior High Baslcetball Team, composed of Freshmen boys, enjoyed the most successful season in its history. Freshmen debating was equally successful. The first year of our High School life was over before we lcnew it, ln September, 'l93'l, we again entered Emaus High School. This year we enjoyed ufreshmen-huntingn before settling down to worl4. Our most successful social event was the Sophomore Valentine Party held in the gymnasium. Activities of all lcinds received ample support from the Sophomore Class. Ten of our boys and girls received varsity letters. Did we enjoy our vacation? The tolling of the old historic Central School bell again brought us baclc to Emaus High School. ln our Junior year we set aside all other social events to con- centrate on the annual Junior Prom, held in the Owlfs Home on March 'l6, 1934. Splendid cooperation on the part of the committees made possible a very successful affair. The annual Junior Qratorical Contest was very successful. Several Juniors interested in debating and oratory joined the National Forensic Club. The brawn and muscle of the class again answered the various calls for athletics, helping to malce the most successful football team in the history of E, H. S. Five Juniors played on the championship baseball team, a team of which all Emaus is proud. Again Junior boys and girls received letters for varsity basketball service. We had concentrated so much on the Junior Prom, the Junior Oratorical Contest, and the various sports that we scarcely realized that another year of our High School life had departed. Almost unconscious of the fact that this was our last year in Emaus High School, we entered our Senior term, which proved to be the most outstanding and enjoyable of them all, due partly to many social events. The first of these was a Hallowe'en Party, at which the Juniors were guests. Several seasonal dances were sponsored by the Senior Class. The last and most successful event was the Senior Ball, the last meeting of the class. Senior debating was very successful and, as in previous years, many Senior boys carried the colors of Green and Gold through several tough athletic schedules. Now our High School life is over and we must separate to face life as individuals and not as a class. We leave our Alma Mater with heavy hearts, TATTLE I HE 1935 l i l l l 1 l l 9 I i l i l As we must go And leave behind The things we lcnow We'll never Find, As we go on To reach the dawn, 'Tis sorrow true For me and you. To say farewell, Ch-what regretl To bid adieu And not to let Those eyes shed tear As of the years That passed beiore We think once more We realize Just what a fool That one has been To call their school A "dump", a Hjailu. We then turn pale ln shame, and prize lt: paradise. S Fa rewe II We've reached our goal, But goals ahead Show, on the whole, That we are dead, For as one dies, Cn death bed lies, And dying last l-le sees the past. So as we go ln circles 'round, And steadily grow Until we've found That as we start, Thus we depart, Loolc baclc, and then Begin again. Then why have sorrow, Why be blue, Because tomorrow Something new Will light our way,- And we will say 'Tis sweet farewell, And all is well. -Murray lobst SENICDIQS JAMES I-IINKLE 'LChick" Class President, 3-43 Science Club, 13 Football, 2-5-45 Basket- ball, I-2-3, Hi-Y Club, 5-43 Dramatics, I-4,' Monitor Club, 3-4, Triangular Debating, 4, Tattler Staj, 4, Behold! The President! "Chick" never worries about his exams 'cause he studies quite diligently every night. Another of our handsome athletes, and can he act innocent?'?? I-lis chiefdelight is annoying neighbors in Rooms 'IQ and 13. "Chick" is everything a girl desires, and, girls, he is as yet unattachedlll CLyons and Fifth Street excluded.D James is interested in engin- CLARENCE MARTIN 'lMatz" Class V. Pres., Ig Pres., 2, Science Club, Ig Tattler Staj, Asst. Editor, 33 Editor, 4, Dramatics, 2-5-4,' Orchestra, 4, ,6r.POratorical Contest, 3, Hi-Y Club, 3-4 CChaplI1in 3, . res..4. l-lere is the most dependable person in the whole Senior Class. i'Matz" worked hard this year to help bring success to the Tattler. l-lis work was well done and he certainly is to be congratulated. Besides being editor of the Tattler, "Matz" was a member of the Triangular Debating Team. We knovv that the girl who "hooks" "Matz" will be benefited by his many qualities. eering. Good Luck, K'Chick." DORIS DAY "Doris" Chorus, 2-45 Forensic Club, 5-45 Debating, 4g jr. Oratarical Contest, 5, Dnzmatics, 5-4, Tattler Stajf, 5-4. Hark! Who is playing the piano? None other than Doris, entertaining Peg, Mary, and Ginnie. Quite timid till you know her but after that you find a fine sense of humor. Favorite pastime seems to be laughing, but when it comes to studies, she knows her "stuff". Prize orator and cake seller. Doris intends to go either to College or to continue her music lessons. Best wishes for success, TATTLE HE 1935 MELVIN BAUMGARTNER "Leftyl' Science Club, Ig Baseball, 1-2-3-4, Track, 1,Chorus, 25 V, Pres. of Class, 344, Taltler ..2'tzZf,14g Dramatics, 4, Hi-Y, 5-45 Foot- a , . Melvin is our pitching ace, and he sure does make batters look cheap. "Lefty" served on the team for four years. "Baumy" is a rather quiet sort of a chap who ranks very high in his studies. l-le especially excells in Commercial subjects. The class is unable to accuse "Leltyl' of any "tems," but we know that some girl will be lucky enough to land him. RACHEL STAH l.El2 BRQTZMAN "Tiny" Traveling Club, Ig Class Repsrter. 43 Dramalics, 4,' Yearbook, 4. "Good things come in small packages" is true in this case. "Tiny" is small but she knows her studies. She is interested in almost anything -especially historic things. "Tiny" does not seem to bother with the opposite sex but we never can tell. She is undecided what she will do when she leaves school. Luck be with you always. Lal2L,IE ADAMS "Fat" Chorus. I-2-4, Pres., 41jr. Varsity Basket- ball, l-2, Varsity, 3, Student Manager, 4, Latin Club, 1, Tatller. I-41 Gym Team, 33 Dramalics, 1-2-3-41 Girl Reserves, 1, Presenting LaRue Adams, one of the blondes of the class. Although usually smiling ,she is really quite serious at times. All through her four years LaRue proved quite an asset in our operettas with her deep contralto voice. 'iFat" prefers to ride in a "chewy"-we wonder why. LaRue would like to take a secretarial course at Moravian. Best of luck! JAMES BOGERT "JimmyH Football, 4, Baseball, 55 Orchestra, I-2-5-45 Band, I-2-5, l-lands off, girls, he's taken. l-lis ball and chain is a fair member of the Sophomore class. "Jimmy" is interested in music and baseball, and his ambition is to play in the big leagues some day. No, l don't mean play his trumpet, but play ball. Whatever you engage in, "Jimmy", we know you'll succeed as long as you keep smiling. ROBERT BCRNMAN "Bobby" Latin Club, I,' Orchestra, I-2-3'-43 Chorus, 4g Tattler Staff, 43 Hi-Y Club, 3-4 Debating, 35 Football, 3-4, Dramatics, I-3-4. Presenting the fiddler of the class-"Bobby" has served as a member of the orchestra for six years. "Bobby" is a typical modern sheik and always is ready to "go places and do things." "Bobby" is interested in sports and proved to be an asset to the varsity football squad in the last two seasons. With your smile and personal- ity the dark world will be brightened! ALMA CAROLINE DIEI-lL UAV, Little Theatre Club, Ig Chorus, 1-2, Dramatics, I-2. "Al" is a quiet girl but she gets her work donefand helps others alongf "Al" is liked by everyone because she does not have a temper. "Al" is interested in commercial subjects. Therefore, she will be a satisfactory stenographer for some good-looking fellow. "Al" does not bother with the opposite sex. We never can tell. l-lere's wishing you great success. MABEL LORRAINE DeLONG "Curly" Little Thcxter Club, lj Chorus, I-2-45 Orchestra, I-2-5-45 Class Treas. 4. Behold the "Fiddler' of the class. "Curly" not only knows her fiddle but also her studies. Also fond of dancing. "Curly" would be a good debater for no one can change her mind when it is set. She has decided to enter the Commercial world, for she knows Commercial subjects. She has always done good work. Keep it up "Curly", WILMER DeESCl-l "Vimer" Chorus, I-2-45 Latin Club, Ig Dramutics, 2-3-43 Hi-Y Club, 5-4 CSec. 5 Pres. 453 Tattler Staj, 5-45 Asst Class Yreas., 4. Meet "Vimer"-a very active member of the class. l-le is always busy and has many things to take care of-including the Ford and his girl friend. "Vimer" is some joker when you know him, otherwise rather quiet. But did you ever see him play basketball? "Vimer" expects to continue his studies at Muhlenberg. We wish you the best of luck. ATTLE HE 1935 1 l I l i l ELBERT ENGLEMAN "Eb" "Anna" Basketball, I-2-5-4, Co- Captain 5-45 Foot- ball, 5-45 Science Club, lg Dramalics, 5. Here comes another athlete. Ulfbn was quite flashy on the basketball court this year. l-le took all the games seriously and tried his best. "Eb"is an active member ofthe class and is liked by everyone. lfyou take life as seriously as you did basketball, success will be yours. KATHRYN RUTI-I ENGELMAN "Kassie" Little Theatre Club, Ig Forensic Club, 2-5,- Tattler SMH, 5-4. Here is one of the fair members of our class who hails from that big city of Vera Cruz. "Kassie" is one of the honor students of the class and is always willing to do more than her share of any piece of work for the class or school. Kathryn is the type ol girl who appreci- ates a good joke and generally has one to offer in return. l ESTELLA MABEL DRIES "Shorty" Dramaticsg I-4 Chorus, I-43 Economics Club, 1. "Shorty" is another one of those quiet girls. l-ler work is always done. "Shorty" tries to please everybody. "Shorty'i has her own ideas and never gives up. "Shorty" is another one of those girls who expects to go to take an extra course in secretarial work. "Shorty" will be another stenographer. We wish you the best of luck. Go to it "Shorty", FRANCIS GEHMAN "Franny" ScoulClub,Ig Chorus, Ig junior Prom Committee, 53 Chairman, Class Gift Committee. That's itl The champion automobile sales- man ol the class happens to be none other than Francis Gehman. Francis believes in the cars his father is selling and will boost the Chrysler and Plymouth through thick and thin. ln school, "Franny" believes in the motto, "Silence is golden". This motto gains for Francis the respect of all his classmates. WILBUR GERY HGUY., Latin Club, 1gOrchestra, I-2-5-45 QPres. 4b. "Gery" is another "big fish in a little pondn. The little pond is Alburtis where men are men and women flock for them. Gery is a lover of nature-especially the species which wallcs on two legs and high heels. Girls, if you ever hear a screeching noise don't get a mouse trap: it's just "Gery" and his violin serenading you. Lot's of luclc, Gery. ARLENE FREY "Arlene" Dramatics. 4. Arlene came to Emaus from Topton in her Junior year. This is one lady who can be trusted with secretsi in fact, very few lcnew she could play the piano until after our Senior Class play. Arlene's chief hobby is languages. ls there a reason'?'?'? Will they help her when she meets that one and only'?'?'?'? She day- dreams, now, quite a lot. Good luck! RACHEL FABER "Faber" Chorus, I-2-45 Drarnatics, I-2-3-45 Little Theatre Club, 11 Basketball, 1-2-5-4g Monitor Club, 5-45 Tattler Staj, 45 Red Cross, 45 Year Book Staf, 4. l-lere's one of our happy-go-luclcy girls- but why not? "Faber" is showered with plenty of attention from one of the faithful Juniors. She is a good pal to all. Rachel has expressed the desire to worlc in an office and we lcnow she will be able to do whatever is required of her providing she does not travel down the 'lmatrimonial road" first. EVELYN GEIST uGeisty" Latin Club, Ig History Club, Ig Dramolics, 2g Year Book Staf, 4. Behold! one of the modern maidens of the class. "Geisty" has proven herself capable of undergoing any responsibility. lf she isnlt laughing with ulweedlesn, she's reading a boolc-the one way of keeping out of mischief. Evelyn has an idea that she will work in the office of "Laudenslager and Geist", and we know that whatever she attempts will be successful. TATTLER l l HE 193 NORMAN l-IAMMON nsdltyn Varsity Football, 2-3'-45 jr. Varsity Basket- ball, 4,4 Science Club, 1, "Wheel" That's Normanls favorite express- ion-quite a good sport but when he became angry-the typewriters in typing class certainly did take it! Little but mighty is "Salty"- especially when playing football. We are told that Norman is quite interested in Longsdale. We can imagine why! Can you'?'? "Salty" belongs to the National Guards, and may enlist after graduating. Best of luck, "Norm" ANNA S. GILBERT UIAXIWDGH Latin Club, Ig Chorus, 15 Forensic Club, 3'-45 Debating, I-2-3-43 Tattler Staj, 43 Oratorical Contest, Kg Year Book Staf, 4. Anna is our best debater-and can she argue? She certainly can study and sew! ! This girl wants to buy all the merchandise for some big department store. Anna and Lillie are always together-they are seen everywhere. Anna, keep on studying and arguing and you will surely reach your goal. We wish you the best of luck! ANNETTA KECK "Kecky" Chorus, 2-43 Orchestra, I-2-3-43 Varsity Basketball, 2-33 Health Club, 13 Tattler Staf, 3. Did you say she was modest?-shy? If you say so, you don't know her, for "Kecky" is the life of any party with her innocent "Cracks". What's all the noise on Fifth Street? Oh, it's "Kecky's sax". Annette takes a great interest in basketball and a certain Junior'?'?'? Kecky likes her gum and always sticks to it. Annette will continue her education at Moravian. Success! FREDERICK l-lARWlCK KlWCCk,' Science Club, lg Basketball, I-2-3-4, C0- Captain, 5-43 Football, 2-3'-4, An argument4Subject'?'?-EootbalI. "Weck" can't help being in it! Weck has showed skill in basketball and football for four years. Frankly, did some maiden come to see the games, or Weck? And can he drive a Dodge! l-lowever, Fred, it isn't polite to enter front doors without knocking! Weck aims to be a coach and will continue his education at East Stroudsburg. Good Luck. ELWOOD l-lElSEl2 "Sheik" Latin Club, Ig Hi-Y Club, 4. "Sheik" is the backwoodsman of the class, his home being near Breinigsville. i'Sheik" came among us in our Freshman year. l-le is a quiet person but always shares the funny things that happen. "Sheik" is interested in sports and he always is ready for any arguments that may arise. The class is sure you will succeed and we wish you piles and piles ol luck. MARY KRATZER "Notzer" Chorus, I-2-45 Music Club, Ig Drumilics, I-2-5-45 'llztller Stu-lf, 45 Monitor Club, 5-4,' Class Secretary, I-4gjr, Oratoricul, 5. What's that rumpus? Oh, only Mary and the rest of the gang arriving. Mary loves a joke-even on herself. Likes singing-and can she sing? Quite attractive to the opposite sex, and when a certain "he" sings, "Dinah", she becomes quite irresistable l ll "Notzer" is going into training. Beware of an "l don't wanna get well" epidemic in men's wards, Go to it, Mary. KATHRYN KISTLER HlKdtl"Ii'Yl'1H Latin Club, 1gForensic Club, 3-45 Debating, I-2-3'-4, Taltler Staf, 4. Kathryn is one of the best debators-she certainly can talk anytime. Kathryn knows her lessons-she ranks in the highest quarter of the class. Kathryn never went in for sports- but,fdid you ever hear Kathryn cheer at the games? Kathryn expects to be a nurse-we wish her the best of luck. Don't forget to have a cheery smile for everyone. FLOYD l-lElST npopeye., Health Club. I3 Aviation Club, Ig junior Chorus, lg Hi-Y Club, 4. Did l hear someone mention L'l3opeye?" Be careful, you can never tell what may happen when he's about. l-lels quiet but plenty sly, always thinking of some trick to Hpullf' "Popeye" is well liked by everyone because ol that mischievous look in his face and because he is always content. 'KPopeye" is undecided about his future, but with his disposition we know he will make good. TATTLE 935 E 1 i l l l i l l l l l ROGER I-IERMANY "l-lermanyn Dramatics 43 Chorus, 4,' Tatller Staj, 43 Aviation Club, l. Roger is the sheik of the commercial class. Roger picked a good buddy in "Franny" lor both boys are naturally quiet. Though Roger is a quiet sort of fellow, he takes part in school activities. At present Roger is Editor of the Literary Supplement of the Tattler. From all indications Roger has already picked his favorite companion. Mll.DRED LAUER "R2s9Y" jr. Varsity Basketball, 1-2, Captain, 23 Varsity Basketball, 3-4, Captain: Gym Team, 35 Cheerleader, 43 Music Club, Ig Sr. Chorus, 45 Dramatics, I-2-3-43 Year Book Slaf, 4. What is there about this dark-haired, dark- eyed maiden that seems to allure certain Seniors -her smile? "Peg", like Claire, desires to ride only in Ford Roadsters-why'?'? Now when it's basketball, "Peggy" is always there to cheer on that certain "Guard" and she herself proved quite a captain of her team. Mildred expects to take up Physical Education. Success. l WINIFRED KUNKLE "Freddie" Book Club, Ig Chorus, 2-4. "Freddie" is the one quiet girl of the class -but you should hear her sing-and she also is interested in Juniors. "Freddie" is always working crossword puzzles-and sees almost every movie brought out. "Freddie" wants to be a stenographerAwe wish her luck. "Freddie" always has Arlene at her side- -they always work hand in hand. Always keep on smiling, "Freddie," ROYAL RALPH l-HLLEGAS "l-liIlie" junior Mechanics Club, I-2g Aviation Club, 25 Hi-Y Club, 4. l-lere he isl The daredevil of the class. "l-lillie" is not exactly a daredevil in his classes because he likes to think twice before he recites. Roy happens to be an automobile Speedster, but he can only get a person to ride with him once. That one time is plenty for an ordinary human being. Aside from being a reckless driver, "l-lillien would like to be a bookkeeper. l-lere's to you, "l-lillief' KATI-IRYN LICHTENWALNER "Kathryn" Latin Club, I. The dark-haired twin, from Macungie, who smiles many times during the day. Kathryn has not taken part in activities however, she always helps to support school activities. Kathryn and Mildred are inseparablefbut Kathryn goes to the Grange oftener than Mildred. Kathryn will also go to Kutztown to become a teacher. Kathryn will certainly succeed if she keeps on smiling. PAULINE SUSAN LICHTENWALNER UPOHYH Home Economics Club, If Sewing Contest, 5-4, First prize, Leh Contest "Polly" is a bashiul seamstress of this class. "A stitch in time saves nine," they say. "Polly" will save plenty for the lucky fellow'??'? "Polly" is willing to do anything for anybody. Many have asked about her attendance at the Grange. There are different reasons but we have not come to conclusions about the oppo- site sex. Good luck to you, "Polly." MILDRED A. LICHTENWALNER "Mildred" Latin Club, Ig Debating, Ig Dramatics, 4. The fair-haired twin from Macungie. She is very bright-her sunny disposition helps her. Mildred wants to go to Kutztown to study teaching. We know she will succeed, her optimism will help her on. She may be bashful, but she can certainly study. Although Mildred does not take part in many activities, she is willing to help anyone. MILDRED MILLER "Milly" Chorus, I, junior Oratorical Contest, 5, Dramatics, I-2-5-4, Monitor Club, 3-45 National Forensic Club, 5-41 Basketball, 3,43 Debating, 1-I-4. "Honorable judges, most worthy op- ponents and friendsnfyou guessed it- it's Mildred, the debater. Mildred has proven that she really can talk, not only in debates but also in class. She is not only a good talker, but also a shorthand shark. The employer who lands this "peach" for a "stenog" is surely getting something worth while. TATTLE "ll-i HE 1935 I i MURRAY KDBST '.WlmpY,l Football, 1-2-5-45 Science Club, I, Pres.5 Hi-Y Club, 3-45 Dramatics, 1-2-5-45 Tattler Staf, 3-45 Basketball, 2-5-4. l-lere comes the style-setter of the class. Whenever a new style in wearing apparel hits the school we know that "Wimpy" was the creator. Everytime the curtain rises in room 'I3 "Wimpy" is sure to be singing con- tralto with the "Pajama Blouse Trio." Freshman! l You bet he likes her. "Wimpy" expects to enroll at Muhlenberg and start the long grind of becoming a doctor. CLAIRE NEIMEYER ..Betty,. Orchestra, I-2-5-45 Chorus, I-2-45 junior Varsity Basketball, I-25 Varsity Basketball. 3-4, Co-Cabtain, 45 Cheer Leader, 3-45 Nz tional Forensic Club, 3'-45 Triangilar Debating, 4g junior Oratarical Contest,55 Little Theatre Club, I5 Tattler Staj, 45 Dramalics, I-2-3-4. A girl, always last-always "schusseling," but surely a pall "Bettyl' is quite interested in Dorney Park-must be the roller coaster-she says she could stay on forever'?'?'? "Betty" is some dancer and he knows itl Claire is an all around sport-can do everything there is to do. She expects to follow a musical career at Syracuse. Good luck, old pal. LUCILLE MCDYER ..LU,. Little Theatre Club, I5 Debating, 45 Monitor Club, 3-4, "And furthermore, l shall not change my mindf' What was that? Only "Lu" trying to convince someone that she will not change her mind. She keeps on until she has won. When it comes to Commercial Law "Lu" is always on top. This is one girl who can argue. We know that whatever Lucille attempts to do will be successful. JOE KILLO HJOZU Aviation Club. 15jr,Chorus, 15 Hi- YClub. 41 Baseball, 45 Basketball 1-2-35 Orchestra, I5 Track 2-35 Dramalics, I-2. l-lere's the dark and "sheikIe" member of our class. Joe likes girls in general, but we haven't found any special one. l-le probably believes that 'Kvariety is the spice of life," Joe was quite a help to the football team in the last two years and often showed that he could "take it." Joe intends to enter the rrjiedical profession. May happiness be yours, oe. DONALD KLINE "Donk" junior Mechanics Club, Ig Aeroplane Club, lg Hi-Y Club, 43 Tattler Staj, 4g Drama- tics, 4. Donald is another specimen of manhood from Vera Cruz. "Donk" is a pal to all and has a most pleasant personality. "Donk" usually has his lessons well prepared and is generally quiet and scholarly, but when he is aroused he is hard to stop. We know of no very close affinities but we are certain some fair damsel will prove too much for Donald. ANlTA PALM 'iNitaH Latin Club, 13 Betta Sigma Kappa, 13 jr, High Chorus, Ig Sr. High Chorus, 3-45 Forensic Club, 3-43 Debating, 5-43 Monitor 2-5-45 Tattler Staff, 4, Dramatics, An all 'round good friend and willing worker is Anita-likes fun but knows when to have it-only time she got in "dutch" was for talking after the 8:30 bell. "Nita" has other interests than just studying and talking. They seem to be focused on a certain young man in town. Anita hopes to enter training and we are wishing her the best of luck. l-lELEN OBERDUSTER Hpinkyn Dnzmatics, I. "Pinky" is one of our best shorthand students. l-lelen has always been active in her studies-especially in her Senior year. l-lelen's name has appeared on the honor roll very often during the year. ul9inky" is interested in a certain fellow in the Senior Class. Don't worry, "Pinky," we won't tell. Laying all kidding aside, l-lelen is a good sport and a friend to everyone. EDWIN KNALISS "Ted" Health Club, I3 Hi-Y Club, 43 Chorus, 25 Oreheslra, Ig 'Tatller Staf, 45 Cheer-leader, I-25 Dramalics, I-2-5-4. "Ted"-known and liked by every one- the class comedian and impersonator-Say! l-las "Ted" rhythm'?'?ll Can he sing "Dinah'?" What a swell orchestra leader hed bel ls it his voice certain ufemsl' fall for? Welll "Ted" has his opinions of certain "fems," Sh-hl Sports interest "Ted," l-le knows just what a good game is. "Ted" desires to go to Valley Forge Military Academy. So long, pal. TATTL l HE 1935 l l i l i i l i l l l l l HOWARD LEI-IMAN "Lehman" Art Club, Igjunior Mechanics Club, 2. lf silence is golden, Howard certainly is on the gold standard. It takes nothing short of an earthquake to get "Lehman" excited. But if you crack a joke to him, he usually has one to offer in return. "Lehman" has proved himself to be a very good student of commercial subjects, and should he decide to enter business, his success would be assured. ALT!-IEA RITTER "Ritter" Little Theatre Club, Ig Chorus, 1-2,' Drama- tics, I-3, Tattler Stuff, 4. One of the quiet, sociable girls of the Commercial section is "Ritter." "A friend in need is a friend indeed," was revealed during her high school life. She has gained many friendships and vve hope she will not neglect them. We hope Althea's future will be prosperous. She deserves all the world can offer her. We wish you all the luclc and happiness. NAQMI F.. PEGUESSE "Pussy" Health Club, Ig Chorus, I-23 Dramatics, Ig Basketball, 4. "Peggy" is popular in most groups because she minds her ovvn business. She is active in basketball. "Peggy" expects to talce up a stenographic course and we lcnovv she will be successful in whatever she tries to do. K'Peggy" will become a good stenographer for any one. The opposite sex does not bother "Peggy" very much. Good luck. FREDERICK METZGER "Freddie" Nat'l Forensic, 3-43 Theater Club, lg Class V, Pres., 23 jr. Oratorical Contest, 3, Cheerleader, 4g Hi-Y Club, 4, Dramatics, I-2-3-4g Tattler Stal 45 Debating, I-2-5. "Freddie" hails from the great city of Vera Cruz, but most of his time is spent in Emaus. Frederick is by no means the quietest boy in the class, and he often puts good times first. But when he wants to, he can do a good piece of vvorlc. "Freddie,' has a serious heart defect in the freshman class, but we will mention no names. RlCl-IARD NENOW "Dick" Class President. I3 Gym Team, I-2-5-4, Monitor Club, 2-5-4,' Hi-Y Club, 53 Varsity Football, l-2-5-4, Captain, 5, Co- Captain, 4, Varsity Basketball, 1-2-5-4,' Ca-Captain, 5-4, Baseball 2-5-43 Track, 1. Another point for Emaus! "Dick" just scored again! Yes, he is an all around athlete, having been on the varsity baseball, basketball, and football teams lor the last Four years. Now why is everyone laughing? Llmph? Room 'I3 is having another show and "Dick" is the alto of the Pajama Blouse Trio? "Dick" intends to take a course in Physical Education at East Stroudsburg. Success! VIRGINIA RQ!!-l "Ginnie Music Club, 13 Forensic Club, 5-43 Gym Team, 5g Chorus, 45 Year Book Staff, 41 Dramatlcs, 1-2-5-4. Laughing!! Who can it be'?'? No one but "Ginnie" could giggle like that. "Ginnie" never misses a dance and she certainly can dancefespecially to that number "Sweetie Pie." Can she be serious? Well, yes, but why? ls it her interest in the Senior Class'?'? All in all, "Ginnie,' is ambitious, she intends to take a Cgmmercial Course at college. Best of luck, innie. l DORQTHEA ROTI-I .tDOt,, Girl Reserves, lg Chorus, I-2-4. Dorothea is one of our Commercial students. We Find that "Dot" is not entirely immune to the opposite sex. We wonder why a certain limousine passes her house so often. lt's all right, "Dot", we won't tell. Dorothea seems to be interested in typing and if she chooses it for her vocation we are sure that she is bound to succeed. EARL RO!-IRBACH "Rohrbach" Varsity Baseball, 5-43 Varsity Basketball 45 Orchestra, 53 Band, 5, Slide,Kelley,Slidel Outathome! Another "put out" by "Rohrbach," the backstop ol our baseball team. Yes, sir, whenever you hear anyone talking about baseball you know "Rohrbach" is about. This boy joined our class in his Junior Year and hails from that great metropolis Topton. "Rohrbach" thinks he may take up the instruction of physical education. l-lere's wishing you lots of luck. TATTLE i l l l i HE 1935 l l ALLEN RQMIG "Allen" Orchestra, 4g Chorus, 45 Dramatics, 4. Our only Longswamp representative, this year, is Allen. Having been with us only this one year, we are unable to reveal his secrets. Lucky boy .... l Studious after a fashion, and always rather quiet. Allen always appreciates a good joke. ls quite a musician, and plays a trumpet. Says he has a "secret passion", but no one knows her. l-le is undecided about his vocation. Success, Allen. MIRIAM SCI-IANTZ "Schantzy" History Club, Ig Chorus, 2 Orchestra, 5-4. "Pardon me, but shouldn't you have given me a nickel more?" Oh, that's just "Schantzy" giving the wrong change to one ofthe customers of Reese and Schantz. If you want to see some- thing really good, watch "Schantzy" play baseball. She certainly can send that ball flying. Miriam knows her bookkeeping and we know she will succeed in whatever she attempts to clo. LILLIE RUCH "Lillie" Dramatics, lg Chorus, lg Monitor Club, 3'-4. Well, well, well! here comes "dignified" in person. Lillie is a good sport and has a keen sense of humor. Lillie has always stuck to her lessons like glue and we congratulate her for it. As far as we know, a business world seems entirely the wrong field for Lillie. We know Lillie will fit into the kitchen and we wish her happiness. JOSHUA SAYLOR l'Sailor" Scouters Club, lg Latin Club, 1. "Sailor" says the best season of the year is hunting season. .lust give him a gun and he'll feel at home. l suppose he's such a good shot because he makes use ol geometry in hunting. lf you're ever puzzled with a geometry problem, bring it to 'LSailor" and your troubles are over. His future is undecided but we know that he'll "shoot it out." WELDON SCHOCI-l MPM.. ..WelIy,. Latin Club, 1. "Little but mighty!" That saying fits "Welly" like a glove. You ought to see him eat Hdoggiesn. Doggies are not his only weakness, because he likes Freshmen too. Whenever "Fat" is not laughing, he's sleeping, and when he's sleeping no one is laughing. All kidding, aside, "Welly" is one of the best friends a person can have. His pleasing personality will be an advantage in later life. VICTORIA STAUFFEI2 "Vicki" Dramatics, I-2-43 Varsity Basketball, 5-45 Monitor Club, 5-4, Chorus, I-4, Orchestra, 1-23 Girl Reserves, lg junior Varsity, 1. l-lereis to the girl with chestnut brown hair, blue eyes, beaming smile! Yes, and she can beat you giggling! "Vicki" is bound to get what she wants and we know some day she'll be a nurse in some doctor's office. "Vicki" was a hit in "Girl Shy" as Aunt Caroline. What's all this about Catasauqua? ls she interested'?'? Well, bye-bye, "Vicki", l l MAE SCHANTZENBACI-l "Mae" Latin Club, 1, Debating, I-2-5, Varsity Basketball, 3-43 jr. Varsity Basketball, I-2, Forensic Club, 55 Dramatics, 4. Mae is the basketball player of the class. And she plays a clean game. She is a good listener-but she can talk. Mae is easy to get along with-Russ says so-Mae and Kathryn are inseparable. They are continually talking when together. Mae wants to be a nurse. ln this she will succeed with her happy smile. DGNALD STORTZ "Didley" Bella Sigma Kappa, lg Radio Club, lg Football. I-2-5-4, Baseball, I-2-5-43 Moni- tor Club, 2, Hi-Y Club, 4. Behold, one of the football starsl Yes, "DidIey" served on the football team four years, and the baseball team for four years. Donald is one of the class ring-leaders, and is seldom amongst the quiet people of the class, but this does not mean that he cannot study. "Didley" seems to be like putty in the hands of certain girls, whose names we will not mention. TATTLE HE 1935 I-f .. RONALD WAELCI-ll.l "Ronnie" Football, 43 Senior Class Play CStage Managerj 4. l-lere's the soprano ofthe "Pajama Blouse Trio." "Ronnie" came to E. l-l. S. in his Junior year from the West where he had been exploring among the Indians. l-le is interested in art and has quite a display of his works. On graduating, "Ronnie" expects to go back West and continue his exploits in Indian territory. Go to it, "Ronnie", and whatever you do, be content. MELVA WElDNER UShrimp" Chorus,1-2-4,Dramalics,1-43LatinClub,1 ' Basketball, I-35 Assistant Treasurer, IE Treasurer, 21 Secretary, 55 Tatller Slaf, 4, Monitor Club, 3-45 Year Book Stag, 4. "Shrimp" is small but mighty. She always has studied and has done good work. She says she has no interest in the opposite sex. We wonder'?'?'?'? By some of "Shrimp's" character- istics one would think she were entering the musical field but she is entering the commercial field. She will be a good private secretary for someone. Go to it, "Shrimp" F DOROTHY WEAVER "Dot" Little Theatre Club, lg Chorus, I-25 junior Oratorical Contest, 3, Class Secretary, Ig Assistant Class Secretary, 4g National Forensic, 5-4g Dramatics, I-4. "Dot" hails from the metropolis of Alburtis and is the chatter-box of the commercial class. Even though "Dot" talks a great deal she always has her lessons. "Dot" is liked by all and is always willing to help anybody. She will make a good stenographer for some business man some day. Go ahead, "Dot!" We're for you. CARI. WEIDA "Gloomy" Tattler Stag, 2-5-45 Year Book Staj, 41 Baseball. 4g Drarnatics, 1-4, Booster Club, I, Hi-Y Club Secretary, 4. "Gloomy" likes a lot of racket-likes the girls, too-especially a neat little brunette, mentioning no names! ll l-le ranks high in his class work. l-le hopes some day to stand be- hind the bat in some Big League park and call them, while the fans Hrazzn. Carl's one great ambition in life is to "hook upi' with some "Fair Maiden" to travel through lilegwatch out, girls, here he comes! l l DONALD WIEAND "Trip" "Donnie" Science Club, lg Athletic Manager, 4' Assistant Manager, 53 Class Historian, I-2-3-43 Hi- YClub, 4gBasketball Manager, 45 Tattler Staj, 4, Well folks here's manager Wieand. "Trip" served very faithfully as manager of athletics during the past year, besides managing some of the opposite sex-especially "Sophs." "Trip" has always worlced hard in school but he always has talcen time out when something funny was going on. "Trip" is a very pleasant person to be around and we lcnow that he will succeed in later life. MARIAN WILSON "Tweedles" Book Club, Ig Chorus, I-2-45 Dramatics Ig Costuming Club, 1. Bumfety, bumpl l-lere comes "TweedlesU in "Ol Faithfulnl l-ler pal is with her and they have decided to run over to Macungie'?'?'?'? "Tweedles" is a good sport and always willing to lend a hand. A birdie has sung a song to the effect that Marian would like to be a typist for some handsome young lawyer. l-lere's wishing you success in the future. PAULINE WIEDER "Polly" Chorus, I-2-41 Tattler Staf, 2-4,' Monitor Club, 5-43 Assistant Class Treasurer, 55 Dramatics, 1-2-45 Little Theater Club, 1. l-lere is a quiet Miss of our Class. When it comes to hair-dressing "Polly" surely can shine. Pauline always has her lessons and recites well in class. i'Polly" doesn't seem to bother with the opposite sex although you never can tell what may happen. Pauline ex- pects to take up hair-dressing. Good luclc, "Polly". RAY ZIMMERMAN uzimmyn Hi- Y, 53 Orchestra, 5-45 Band, 5-4, Chorus, 45 Dramatics. 4. Gabriel, blow your horn. Yes, you guessed it, that's "Zimmy" blowing his trumpet. Ray is quite active along musical lines, for he also sings as well as playsfno, he's no Contralto -he is placed alphabetically that is how he sings-the lowest in the class. On leaving school, "Zimmy" probably will study music. Wallc Life's road with a stiff upper lip and you'll succeed. TATTLE i i 93 5 Class Will Farewell,cruelworldl We, the members of the Class of 1935 bid you farewell, for, on the day after Commencement, the Class will meet in the school laboratory to commit suicide as a group. The gas jets will be opened at two o'clock by the Class officers. We have long wondered what the great here-after is like and this curiosity is going to kill us as it once killed a cat. Two weeks later, we will have a class reunion in Uheavenn. CWe will miss some of our classmates greatly. Would that such would not be the caselj Due to this, our unexpected departure to the great beyond, it behooves us, the Class of 1935, does hereby present this our lastwill and testament tothe members of the Class of 1936: . LaRue Adam's blonde hair to Mae Deischer. . James Hinkel's art of curling his hair to Creighton Buss. . Claire Neimeyer's interests in Dorney Park to Althea Qsman. . Clarence Martin's art of studying commercial law to John Weidner. . Annetta Keck's innocence to Gertrude Knecht. . Melvin Baumgartner's bashfulness to Evelyn Fegley. . James Bogert's walks home from school to William Brensinger. . Richard Nenow's football playing to Warren Stauffer. . To Lucille Bieber, Kathryn Kistler's way of dieting. 5 . Wilmer DeEsch's way of getting a joke one half hour later to Geneva Hall. l . Robert Bornman's permanent wave to Welton Zentner. l . To Annabelle Del.ong, Rachel Brotzman's contentedness. l . To Leon Boyer, Doris Day's English recitations. l . Mary Kratzer's laugh at the wrong time to Richard l.aubach. l . Mabel DeLong's promptness to school to l-lorace Schantz. l . To Stanley Shoemaker, Norman Hammon's visits to Mertztown. 1 Q 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 19 13 14 15 16 : 17. Francis Gehman's experience in Hfeeding the gash to Clair l-lerman. l 18. To Martin Koch, Elbert Engleman's day-dreaming. 19. Alma Diehi's quietness to Nevin Miller. Wilbur Gery's bookkeeping ability to William Neetz. QQ Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 30 31 39 33 34 35 i . Winifred Kunlcle's liking of Umoviesn, to Culadys Buss. . Carl Weida's disturbances in typing class to Donald Luckey. . Earl Rohrbach's Bing Crosbyis voice to Charles Bittenbender. . To Robert Eltz, Ray Zimmerman's bass voice. . Roy Hillegass' mechanical ability to William Knerr. . Donald Stortz' pool playing to Bernard Christman. . Kathryn Engelman's R. D. recitations to Emmery Adams. . Estella Dries's waterfall to Althea Miller. . Rachael Faber's experiences in love to Ruby Pyle. . To Charles lobst, Marian Wilson's driving a car. . To Arvilla Wentz, Edwin Knauss's clowning. . Arline Frey's French lessons to l-larry Conrad. . Mildred Miller's interests in boys to Dorothy Bortz. . Ronald Waelchli's experiences out west to Joyce l'laberstumpf. . Pauline Wieder's modern dancing to Russell Reinhard. 36. To Donald Weida, Allen Romig's ears. 37. Melva Weidner's smallness to Richard l.utsey. Class Will .Millik- Ccontinuedb l i 38. Dorothy Weaver's lciddish actions to Naomi Ruth. l 39. lo Ralph Butz, Donald Wieand's way's ol managing a team. , 40. Frederick Harwiclc's high scoring ability to l'lelen Feninez. 4'l. Pauline l.ichtenwalner's lcnitting to l.al2ue l'lausman. 49. Donald Kline's interest in Alburtis to John l'lool4e. 43. To Boyd Strunlc, Joseph Killo's curling iron. 44. To Kenneth Dorney, Murray lobst's interest in Freshman girls. 45. Frederick Metzger's lcniclcers to l'loward Ritter. 46. Mildred Lichtenwalner's German accent to l-lerman Gery. 47. To Arthur Graybill, Roger Hermany's comb. 48. Weldon Schoch's method ol teasing girls to Edwin Klan. 49. Victoria Stauffer's interest in Catasauqua to Bertha Palencar. 50. Lucille Moyer's screen experiences to Madeline l-lillegass. 51. Kathryn Lichtenwalner's slow way ol tallcing to Dorothy Kline. 5Q. Elwood Heiser's farming ability to Katherine l-lamscher. 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 6'l 69 63 64 65 66 67 . Howard Lehman's seat in Keclcs Sunday School to Elwood Keyser. . Floyd Heist's Wild West Stories to Grace Croll. . To Arlene Moyer, Mae Schantzenbach's hair ribbons. . Helen Oberduster's moonlight rides to lheda Krauss. . To Marie Mohr, Miriam Schantz's tomboy stunts. . Anita Palm's interests in Buicl4 cars to Edwin Rohrbach. . Joshua Saylor's motorcycle rides to Foster Laudenschlager. . Naomi Peguesse's perfect lorm to Olive Brensinger. . Lillie Ruch's method of fixing hair to Emma Marx. . Althea Ritter's rides in a lerraplane to Joe Bachman. . Virginia Roth's dancing to Evelyn Stichter. . To Althea Keller, Dorothea Roth's telephone calls. . To Marian Mantz, Evelyn Geist's boy friends. . Anna Gilbert's arguments to Richard Fahringer. Mildred l.auer's popularity to Garwood Kline. l.astly we malce, constitute, and appoint, Joyce E. Beary and Gladys B. l"lauser to be Exeicutors of this, our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all lormer wills, by us, ma e. IN WllNE55 Wl'lEl2EOl:, we have hereunto subscribed our name, and allixed our seal, the twenty-lirst day oi June, IN Tl-lE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUS- AND NINE HUNDRED AND 'll-lll2lV-FlVE. CLASS OF NINETEEN Tl-lll2TY-FIVE C5ealD Signed, sealed, and published by the Executors in the presence ol the Senior Class, this Will stands, never to be questioned. Witnesses: Approved: J. l'lenry Weidner Class President James l'linl4le Victor O. Warml4essel Vice-President Melvin Baumgartner HE 1935 l I l l i l NBITIC LaRue Adams Melvin Baumgartner James Bogert Robert Bornman Rachel Brotzman Doris Day Wilmer Delfsch Mabel DeLong Alma Diehl Estella Dries Elbert Engleman Kathryn Engelman Rachel Faber Arline Frey Francis Gehman Evelyn Geist Wilbur Gery Anna Gilbert Norman Hammon Fredericlc Harwiclc Elwood Heiser Floyd Heist Roger Hermany Roy Hillegass James Hinlde Murray lobst Annetta Keck Joel Killo Kathryn Kistler Donald Kline Edwin Knauss Mary Kratzer Winifred Kunlcle Mildred Lauer Howard Lehman Senior Song Sheet Movie Stars Mae West EI Brendel Richard Dix Dick Powell Charlotte Henry pert Kelton George Raft Barbara Stanwyclc Carole Lombard Helen Hayes Schnozzle Durante Zita Johann Bette Davis Zazu Pitts Clark Gable Claudette Colbert Spencer Tracy Ann Harding Rudy Vallee John Boles George Arliss Buck Jones Buddy Rogers Ed Wynn Baby Leroy Cab Calloway Myrna Loy George Brent Kate Smith Maurice Chevalier Fred Astaire Lillian Harvey Sallie Rand Kitty Carlisle Arthur Lal4e Songs if Qne in Love" What are Your lntentions'?', K'Fare Thee Well Annabelleu Learn to Croonn Give Me a Heart to Sing To" Hlch Liebe Dichn l Love You Truly" "Who's Gonna Talce Me Homem? ul'm Gettin, Set for a Saturday Night UGO lnto Your Dancey' "Love Loclced Out" "Spanish Butterfly" "Love is the Sweetest Thing" Nothing Ever Happens to Me" Recipe For Love" "The Gbject of My Affection" "Play, Fiddle, Playn "l'll See You in Churchi' Tapping the Barreli' l've Gotta see a Man about His Dog No Horse, No Wife, No Mustache Country Boy" ul Hate Myselfn Pardon My Southern Accentn Congratulate Meu House in Harlem for Salem Since We Fell Cut of Love" "South American Joei' "Vou've Got to Bend Down Sistern UMy Heart is an Open Boolci' "Whistling Under the Moon" "Green Eyesu ul-he Lady With the Fan" 'll Thinlc You're WonderFul', ul've Got Rhythmu if if H H nm it as it in in 14 14 Name Kathryn Lichtenwalner Mildred Lichtenwalner Pauline Lichtenwalner Clarence Martin Frederick Metzger Mildred Miller Lucille Moyer Claire Neimeyer Richard Nenow l-lelen Qberduster Anita Palm Naomi Peguesse Althea Ritter Earl Rohrbach Dorothea Roth Virginia Roth Allen Romig Lillie Ruch Joshua Saylor Miriam Schantz Mae Schantzenbach Weldon Schoch Victoria Staulfer Donald Stortz Ronald Waelchli Dorothy Weaver Carl Weida Melva Weidner Pauline Wieder Donald Wieand Marian Wilson Ray Zimmerman Senior Song Sheet Ccontinuedb Movie Stars Mimi Jordan Mary Boland Polly Moran Leslie l"loward James Cagney Janet Gaynor Maureen Sullivan Ruby Keeler John Weismuller Kay Francis Anita Page Gloria Swanson Doris Kenyon Ned Sparlcs Claire Dodd Clara Bow Adolphe Meniou Delores Del Rio Bill Powell Patsy Kelly Alice Brady Charles Ruggles Jean Parlcer Cary Grant Xxfallace Beery Madge Evans Will Rogers Shirley Temple l-lelen Mack Lee Tracy Kathryn Hepburn Lawrence -lnibbet Songs as When My Prince Charming Comes Along" Lovely to Look At" "Melancholy Babyn ra 1'What is There to Sayu? ls it Sympathy or ls it Love' F? Love Thy Neighbor" Beauty Must Be Loved" Charlie ls My Darlingu Lazy Bones" "l'II Be l'lard To l-landleu Mr. and Mrs. ls The Name' All Mine-Almostn Let's Talce a Wallc around the Bloclc Two Cigarettes in the Darlcn Too Beautiful for Words" Sweetie Riel' HGee, l Wish l l-lad a Girl" One Night of Love" l"ley Sailornl l-lappy as the Day is Longn Zingl Went the Strings ol My l-leart HWhat Do l l'lave To Dom? Born To Be Kissed" l Wish l Were Twins" Savage in My Souln 1- fr rr rr it rr U rr ra rr rr 1- rr at in rt rr "Who's l-loney Are youu? lalce Me Gut to the Ball Game, Without a Man to Lovel' Try To See It My Wayl' Hlim Glad l Waitedl' u H "Sophisticated Ladyx' "Sol ituden TATTLE l i l 4 n li H lili THE 1935 l . L,,,YW,,,,, ,,W Ciiesty- Weida Lonesome- Engleman Ambitious- Martin Sweetest- Day Stylist- lobst Senior Acrostic O Qne-armed driver- Zimmerman F Fiddling - Bornman N Noisiest- Lauer l innocent-Keck N Never on time- Neimeyer E Entertaining- Knauss T Tiniest- Weidner E Elegant- Wilson E Engineer- l'linl4le N Noble-minded- Waelcnli T Tallcative - Kratzer H Heavenly- Nenovv l industrious- Palm R Rarest- Oberduster T True- Delisclm Y yearning- l'leiser F I V E Fan Dancer - l-larvviclc Interested- Adams Vivacious- Roth Exotic- Stauiter 1 1 4 1 1 YY, Famous Last Words Aye you dopei'-Roger l'lermany. l'll remember you in my will"-Miss Beary 'l'hat's where you laugh"-Ul3eg" Lauer. l.et me seef'-Mr. Sassaman. Freshman should be seen and not heard".-Mr. Deischer. Would you like to have a little three-thirty slip?-Miss Beary. Ch, l shouldnt have laughed therefi-Mary Kratzer. Class, wake up!"-Miss Baker, l-loly Catsn-Doris Day. l'm from Alburtisu-'LDot" Weaver. You nigger"-Fred l'larwicl4. Now we wasted ten minutes-we better get down to worlcf'-Mr. Beclcer. Not bad"-Joe Killo. lxlertzn-"SheilcHl'leiser. Now when l went to schooln-Mr. Geisinger. Geb mir Eens fun selle l4alcle Dinge ufi'me Schteckef'-Mr. Beniield. Gees Boomllln-i'Ginnie" Roth. Oh shuclcsln-Annetta Keck. Chl l just thought about that jolce you told yesterday.i'-Wilmer DeEsch. Wee-ee-e"-i'Wimpy" lobst. Good jolce on the humming bird."-Weldon Schoch. Put 'er there."-"Early', Rohrbach. l-lonest to goshi'-'Buddyi' Kunlcle. You can do this."-Miss Stortz. l'm siclc of telling you people to lceep quiet."-Nl What's all the noise about?"-Miss DeLong. Claire stop hypnotizing the boysf,-Mr. Heller. Keep quiet."-Miss Beary. Donit you thinlc so Geor3e?,'-"Ted" Knauss. Ohl l-lang itln-Annetta Keclc. ls zat so?"-Francis Gehman Fine, thanlcs, how are you'?'3-Hlfbu Engleman. Act your age, but don't crawl."-Ray Zimmerman. Quchl du Gott!"-"Fat" Adams. iss Kirlc .l...-.- T, ATTLE T ...Tli uo---W i l i l W T H E 1 9 3 l Famous Last Words CcontinueclD "Another word out of you ancl l'll sencl you to lVlr. Heller."-Mr Geislnger "Why clonlt you try handing in some work?"-Mr. Walbert. ul-lil Boys"-Claire Neimeyer. Keep your Feet on the lloorf'-lVlr. Geisinger. if Va can't kiclcl me."-l'lovvarcl Lehman. Girlsl Keep quietly'-Miss Straushaugh. fa "Too much loud talking among the study pupilsf,-Mr. Qrtt. UML Yeager and Mr. Heller are the ones to tell that."-Mr. Sassaman Pumpkin -"Schmutz" Metzger. You big sissy!"-Evelyn Geist. l'ley, climwitn-uGloomy,' Weida. za u HNlay l spit out the Windowfy,-"Welly" Schoch. "Do you think lim a dope'?"'lVlelvin Baumgartner. Tickle me, l want to laugh"-Mildred Miller. l'm not Wimpy, lim one of the Jones boys."-"Wimpy" lotast H H H l3ansy"-'4Donkey" Kline. ln the meantime".-Miss Hauser. O-o-o-o-o-hlnmpauline Wiecler. Stop itll'-Evelyn Geist. You and me is quits.'?lVlarian Wilson. Oh! Shut upln-Dorothea Roth. You big sap!"-Rachel Brotzman. Now, get this work done.'?Mr. Walhert. U fr an H 4: an H ff Don't get me in the moodf,-"Ginnie" Roth. in Chl l'm experienceclf,-Doris Day. l'm not talking to the wall."-Mr. Peters. Youlre lull of bolonyf'-Rachel Faber. Students!"-Miss Kline. Vouse is a viper"-Roy hlillegass. Brush the hayseed out of your hair"-l-lelen Pardon the outburst."-Mary Kratzer. Teacher: "Theres a lyceum course todayf, Pupils: "What class do we skip?" an 11 if 14 -4 in Qbercluster. Junior prom The Junior Prom-the big event during the Junior year oi the Classoi1935l Amid the glamour of green and white decorations and Bud Raderis music, the Class OF1935 entertained theclass of 1934 onthe nightol March 16, 1934. It was a most colorful allair-ever to be remembered in the history of the Class oi 1935. Committees which greatly and faithfully aided to malce the Prom a success were as lollovvs: Dance: Virginia Roth Delbert Knauss Rachel Faber Annetta Keck Edwin Knauss Mary Kratzer Donald Stortz Place: l.aRue Adams Evelyn Geist Frederick l-larvviclc Richard Nenovv Program: Mildred Miller Robert Bornman Doris Day Advisors: Refreshments: Melvin Baumgartner Kathryn Kistler Roy Stortz Murray lobst Helen Qberduster Victoria Stauiler Donald Kline Frederick Metzgar Richard Nenovv Wanda Del.eicli Anna Gilbert Jessie Kern LaRue Adams Prize: Claire Neimeyer Alma Diehl Wilmer Delisch Miss Joyce Beary and Miss Gladys l-lauser Decorating: Carl Weida Mae Schantzenbach Mabel Del.ong Harry Conrad Arthur Polster Mildred Lauer Roger l-lermany Elbert Engleman Anita Palm Joel Killo Cards: Donald Wieand Pauline Wieder Evelyn Geist Clean Up: Fredericlc Harvviclc Melva Xxfeidner Norman l'lammon Francis Gehman TATTLE HE 1935 l Adams, Emmery Bachman, Joseph Bittenoender, Charles Boyer, Leon Brensinger, William Buss, Creighton Butz, Ralph Christman, Bernard Conrad, Harry Dorney, Kenneth Eclc, Russel Eltz, Robert Fahringer, Richard Falstich, William Gery, Herman Graybill, Arthur Helfrich, Quentin Herman, Clair Hoolce, John lobst, Charles Keyser, Ellwood Klan, Edwin Kline, Garwood Knerr, William Koch, Martin Kratzer, Raul Laubach, Richard Laudenschlager, Foster l.uclcey, Donald Miller, Nevin Neetz, William Reinhard, Russel Ritter, Howard Rohrtnach, Edwin Schantz, Horace Jr Shoemaker, Stanley Stautier, Warren Strunlc, Boyd Weida, Donald Weidner, John Zentner, Welton Class oi N936 Bieber, Lucille Bortz, Dorothy Brensinger, Clive Buss, Gladys Croll, Grace Deisclwer, lvlae DeLong, Annabelle Fegley, Evelyn Feninez, l'lelen l-laberstumpi, Joyce l-lall, Geneva Hamsclwer, Kathryn Hausman, LaRue l-lillegas, Madeline Keller, Altlwea Kline, Dorotlwy Kneclwt, Gertrucle Krauss, 'llweda lVlantz, Marian lvlarx, Emma Miller, Altlwea lvlolir, lvlarie Moyer, Arline Qsman, Altlwea palencar, Bertlwa Pyle, Rubie Ruth, Naomi Wentz, Arvilla Class ol IC936 TATlTLE i l l l l 1 I i HE 1935 i i i i Q 1 l l i 1 I l Althouse, John Amig, Lawrence Basko, Andrew Baumgartner, Royal Brotzman, Joseph Butz, Earl Christman, Robert Delfsch, l-loward Egner, Charles Felegy, Edward Fulmer, John Gasper, George Gehman, Kermit Geisinger, David Gilbert, Roy l-ieinly, George l-leinly, Norman Keller, l-lomer Keller, Kenneth Kovach, George Kressley, Robert Lehman, Edward Licl4, Raul Long, l-loward Lutsey, Richard Mehi, Charles Meitzler, Delmore Montz, Richard Neetz, Roger Nester, Linwood Nuss, Kenneth Peguesse, George Rice, l-larold Schantz, Daniel Scheirer, Russell Schmoyer, l'larvey Schoch, Donald Schoch, Franklin Schuler, Paul Schultz, Claude Schuster, Karl Shelly, Kermit Shingler, Gerald Silsosld, George Trumbore, Robert Walbert, Charles Walbert, Thomas Weider, Roy Wert, James Wilson, Donald Yarus, Walter Class of IC237 Aclcer, Anna Albitz, Capitola Antrim, Mildred Bednar, Veronica Berger, Dorothy Borger, Catherine Boyer, Edna Bulles, Esther Christman, Mary .lane Cope, Annabelle Dankel, Arlene Dunstan, Annabelle Fetterman, Marion Gilbert, Althea Gulla, Emily l-leist, Ethel Hoffman, Arlene l-loflman, Merle l-loyt, Lucille l-lurter, Marguerite lobst, Jean Kerchner, Mae Keyser, Arlene Kistler, Alma Kline, Betty Kline, Geraldine Kriebel, l'lelen Kuehn, Evelyn Kuhns, Blanche Mclnroy, l-lelen Merl4el, Kathleen Merlcel, Mildred Miller, Elaine Miller, LaRue Qrtt, lrene Paules, Claudine Raecler, Lillian Rauch, Ruth Sallade, Arlene Schadler, Ruby Schilling, Esther Schantzenbach, Anna Schantzenbach, Jessie Smoyer, Lucretia Stash, Maragret Stoudt, Clive Margo, Elizabeth Wartman, Ruth Weaver, Evelyn Werner, Evelyn Yeahl, Geneva Class of IQ37 TATTLE 1 i I l l HE 1935 Ahner, Robert Amig, Delbert Bachman, Henry Baus, Charles Baus, Leonard Becker, Edward Benedick, George Berosh, Steve Bovanlqovich, Joe Boyer, Percival Brensinger, Donald Burian, Edward Carl, Terrence Carl, Wesley Christman, Clair Conrad, l-larold Custer, Samuel David, Vincent DeFrain, Raymond DeVries, Gerald Dries, Paul Erney, Bruce Findlay, William Frey, Paul Gall, Joseph Greenawalt, Clifford l-laberstumpl, Herman l-lamscher, Warren Hangen, Paul l-laring, Kenneth l'lartman, Durell l-leld, Cletus l-lillegass, Alfred l-loltman, James l-lunsberger, Warren Knauss, Harold Kotch, Stephen Kratzer, Wilbur Kressley, Carson Laubach, Charles Lawrence, George Liclc, Percy Miller, Albert Noll, Earl Reagan, Daniel Reinhard, Myron Reinhard, Robert Reichard, Wilbur Ritter, Winston Rohrbach, Gerald Pomanchulc, Milce Schadt, Paul Scheirer, l-larold Seislove, Charles Silcora, John Snyder, Roy Stoneback, Dalton Stoudt, Francis Trumbore, Donald Valenteen, Thomas Vetroslcy, Thomas Wagner, Billy Weaver, Albert Weida, Amos Weidner, Forrest Wieder, Donald Wieder, Willard Class of IC938 Adams, Dorothea Angney, Annie Bieber, Miriam Bitting, Erna Bowers, Ellawesa Breunig, Eva Butz, Jean Deibert, Beatrice Diehl, Adeline Dunstan, Loretta Fegley, Sarah Folic, Virginia Funk, Arlene Glassburner, Fern l-larwiclc, Fern Hellner, Bernice Hensinger, Fern l-lensinger, Miner l-lersh, lrene l-lilbert, Evelyn Huetsch, Alyerta llicic, Catherine Jagnesak, l-lelen Vd Jones, Mary Kemmerer, Regina Keral4, Anna Kiefer, Annabelle Kistler, Anna Kline, Emma Knappenberger, Gladys Knauss, Lillian Kocis, Verna Kruse, Arlene Kuehl, Mary Lichtenvvalner, Mary Alice Line, Betty Matura, Martha McElroy, Elaine Moyer, Fay Moyer, Rhea Palencar, Florence peguesse, Dorothy l3risaznil4, Mary Pyle, Ruth Raedler, Ruth Reigner, Verna Reinhart, Aurelia Rubenak, Dorothy Ruch, Catherine Schantz, Ruth Schueck, Ruth Sell, Mildred Shupp, Marjorie Sikorslci, Sophie Staufler, Dorothy Stobo, Jean Stortz, Eleanor Stortz, l-lelen Strauss, Catherine Stroh, Arlene Strohm, Lorraine Swartz, Edna Tapler, Helen lrappe, Lauraine Weider, Joyce Wenner, Joyce Wetherhold, Betty Wieder, Lucille Winzer, Althea Wotring, Catherin Class ol: IC938 C TATTLE l i x I v l HE 193 I 5 Class Omcrcicers I CLASS JAMES HINKLE ......... MELVIN BAUMGARTNER MARY KRATZER .....,.. MABEL DQLONG ....... ANITA PALM ....... KATHRYN KISTLER ....... RACHEL BROTZMAN . . . MURRAY IOBST ....... CLASS KENNETH DORNEY ..... HORACE SCHANTZ, Jr.. ALTHEA KELLER ........ DONALD WEIDA ......,. OLIVE BRENSINGER ..... RUBIE PYLE ........... WILLIAM NEETZ .... HERMAN GERY ..... CLASS DAVID GEISINGER ...... HAROLD RICE ....... ETHEL HEIST .......... GERALDINE KLINE ..... GENEVA YEAHL ..... ROY GILBERT ....... CLASS SARAH FEGLEY ........ THOMAS VETROSKY . . . ANNABELLE KIEFER ..... JAMES HOFFMAN ..... DOROTHY RUBENAK . . . DOROTHEA ADAMS .... LILLIAN KNALISS. . . . . 1 9 3 5 1 9236 Vice President Rresiderat Secretary Treasurer , . . . . .Reporter . .. ...Reporter . . . . . .Reporter . , . . . .Reporter 1 9137 Vice president President .Secretary ,Treasurer Reporter . . . . . .Reporter 1938 Vice Reporter Reporter President President Secretary Treasurer . . . . . .Reporter , . . . . .Reporter Vince president President Secretary Treasurer Treasurer . . . . .Reporter . . . . .Reporter lfLLjdfL TATTLE Nation lzorensic Club The Forensic Club is proud of its large enrollment during the 1934-35 season. There were live members vvho are members of the National Forensic League. The club held an extemporaneous speech contest with South Whitehall, sent represen- tatives to a declamation contest at Slatington, and presented an entertainment on May 'i, 3:30 l3.lVl. lnterest in these activities was shovvn not only on the part oi the club members, by students as vvell. Kathryn Kistler Anna Gilbert Doris Day Claire Neimeyer Rubie Pyle Olive Brensinger Frederick Metzger Warren Staufier iheda Krauss Althea Miller Anita palm John l-lool4 Mildred lvliller Dorothy Weaver Virginia Roth Esther Bulles Geraldine Kline l-lelen Mclnroy Ruth Wartman Lucretia Smoyer Harold Geisinger Kermit Shelly Harold Rice Anna Schantzenbach Geneva Yeahl ATTLE ,i-1 1 HE 193 5 .... T.. r I I I I I I I I I I I Tattler Staff Editor-in-Chief CLARENCE MARTIN Associate Editor CI-IARLES IOBST Literary Editors WILMER DeESCI-I KATI-IRYN ENGLEMAN MAE DEISCI-IER GERALDINE KLINE Athletic Editors DONALD WIEAND LaRUE Exchange Editor Alumni Editor DORIS DAY Miss TI-IELMA STORTZ Reporters ANITA PALM RACHEL BROTZMAN KATI-IRYN KISTLER RUBIE PYLE MURRAY IOBST OLIVE BRENSINGER WILLIAM NEETZ I-IERMAN GERY Literary Supplement Editors ADAMS CARL WEIDA ROGER I-IERMANY I-IARRY CONRAD Humor Editor EDWIN KNALISS GENEVA YEAI-IL ROY GILBERT DOROTI-IEA ADAMS LILLIAN KNALISS Typists MELVA WEIDNER MELVIN BAUMGARTNER RACI-IEL FABER ALTI-IEA RITTER DONALD KLINE Business Manager CARL WEIDA Advertising Managers Circulation Manager JAMES I-IINKLE ROBERT BORNMAN MARY KRATZER CLAIRE NEIMEYER ANNA GILBERT Faculty Advisors HARVEY I-I. BECKER, ELWOOD L. ORTT, ERROL K. PETERS, Miss BERENICE STRAUSBAUGI-I, ALBERT S. BENFIELD, and I-IOWARD K. DEISCI-IER. MEMBERS l-li-Y Club O F F I C E R S president ......,.. ................. W ILMER De ESCI-l Vice President .... .... C LARENCE MARTIN Secretary ....... ......... C ARI. WElDA Chaplain ....... ..... R OBERT BORNMAN Faculty Advisor .................... HARVEY l'l. BECKER The l-ll-Y Club of the Emaus l'ligh School was reorganized for the eighth year lor the purpose of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the school and community high standards oi Christian character. The club discussed everyday problems ol modern youth from a Christian and practical standpoint. At various times educational and impressive tallcs were given by outstanding men ol the community. Emmery Adams Joseph Bachman Melvin Baumgartner Charles Bittenbender Kenneth Dorney Elwood l'leiser Floyd l-leist Roy l-lillegass James l-linlcle John l-lool4 Charles lobst Joseph Killa Edwin Klan Donald Kline Garwood Kline Edwin Knauss Donald Wieand Martin Koch Foster Laudenschlager Frederick Metzger Horace Schantz Stanley Shoemalcer Donald Stortz Boyd Strunlc Donald Weida l l TATTLE r i l l i l l l l HE 1935 l ! l l l l l E I l i i l l l i i l I l l i l i i l l lvlonitor Club OFFICERS Captain ...,.,. .....,........... R ICHARD NENOW Lieutenant ..... ........ ...4,... J A MES I-HNKLE Faculty Supervisor ........... ........... M r. DEISCHER The Monitor Club is composed oi senior high students vvho are willing to give part of their time to regulate, direct, and keep order in the halls vvhen classes change, and protect their lellovv-students at the crossings. The motto of the club is: ul will use my strength to help others vvho may need help". Green and Gold emblems are awarded annually to the students whose services are satisfactory. Anita Palm Rachel Faber Mary Kratzer Mildred Miller Lucille Moyer Lillie Ruch Victoria Stauller Melva Weidner MEMBERS Marian Mantz Pauline Wieder Evelyn Fegley Gertrude Knecht Annabelle DeLong Mae Deischer Foster Laudenslager Arlene Moyer l-lerman Gery l-lovvard Ritter Kenneth Dorney Creighton Buss l-larold Rice Claude Schultz Daniel Schantz Triangular Debating Team The Class of '35 vvas indeed fortunate in having tvvo of the best debating teams that the l-ligh School has produced in the last fevv years, The affirmative consisted of Claire Neimeyer, Clarence Martin, Doris Day, and James l-linl4le as alternate. The negative side of the question was upheld by Kathryn Kistler, Anna Gilbert, Mildred Miller, vvith Anita Palm as alternate. The question for this year vvas Hl2esolved: That the Federal Government should adopt the policy of equalizing educational opportunities throughout the nation by means of annual grants to the several states for public elementary and secondary education." The teams lost only one debate. ln the Triangular, the affirmative defeated Cata- sauqua but the negative was defeated by Slatington. ln the reverse Triangular both teams emerged victorious. This makes the Emaus teams the champions for this year. Much of the success of this yearis teams vvas due to the efforts of Mr. Benfield, vvho has just completed his first year as debating coach at Emaus. The teams hope that their vvorl4 has been an incentive to the lower classmen that they may talce an increased interest in debating. TATTLE l I I ., THE 1935 I I Orchestra O F F I C E R S President ...... .................... W ILBUIQ GERY Vice President ...,.................... ANNETTA KECK Secretary ,..........,.............. REGINA KEMMERER Librarians . .DALTON STONEBACK and SAMUEL CUSTER The Emaus I-Iigh School Orchestra-Errol K. Peters, director, Charles Egner accompanist,-this year proved to be very successful and a valuable organization of the school and community. Selected members of the orchestra furnished the music on special occasions, such as the senior class plays. For this service the senior class expresses its gratitude. The annual spring concert was held before a Iarge and appreciative audience AII the numbers that were rendered vvere greatly enjoyed. M E M B E R S ALTHousE, Joram oEi2v, WILBUR BACKENSTO, Etvfoon HARRING, KENNETH BOGER, CATHERINE BOGERT, JAMES BORNMAN, ROBERT BRENSINGER, DONALD BRENSINGER, WILLIAM CI-IRISTMAN, ROBERT CUSTER, SAMUEL DeLONG, MABEL DeVRIES, GERALD GEISINGER, CARL IOBST, OSCAR KECK, ANNETTA KECK, WILLIAM KEMMERER, REGINA KLINE, ROBERT KNAPPEN BERG ER, CAROL KRESSLEY, CARSON LAUDENSLAGER, ROBERT MARTIN, CLARENCE MOYER, WILLIAM NEIMEVER, CLAIRE ROMIG, ALLEN ROMIG, FERYL SCI-IANTZ, MIRIAM SCI-IANTZ, RUTH SI-IINGLER, GERALD STAUFFER, WARREN STONEBACK, DALTON STRUNK, BOYD TRUMP, BERTRUM ZIMMERMAN, RAY Senior High School Chorus The Senior I'Iigh School Chorus of fifty-nine members met for the first time in the new school term on September 25, 1934, at which time the following officers were elected: President, LaRue Adams, Vice-President, Mildred Lauer, Secretary, Mae Deischer, Treasurer, Errol K. Peters, Assistant Treasurer, Virginia Roth, Librarians, Wilmer Delfsch and Leon Boyer. A very fine program was presented over WCBA, Allentown, on Armistice Day by our Chorus. The program consisted of patriotic numbers and specialties were rendered by 'lThe Melodiers Quarteti' and UThe Girls' Triofi up Ehe Emaus I-Iigh School Chorus presented Gilbert and Sullivanfs comic opera ina ore. MEMBERS OF CHORUS SOPRANO BEDNAR, VERONICA BEIBER, LUCILLE BUSS, GLADYS DAY, DORIS DEISCHER, MAE DRIES, ESTELLA FABER, RACHEL KLINE DOROTHY ADAMS, LA RUE DeLONG, MABEL HALL, GENEVA HEIST, ETHEL BORNMAN, ROBERT BRENSINGER, WILLIAM BROTZMAN, JOSEPH BUSS, CREIGHTON ALTHOUSE, JOHN BOYER, LEON DeESCH, WILMER EGNER, CHARLES GEISSINGER, DAVID KRATZER, MARY KRAUSS, THEDA KUNKLE, WINIFRED LAUER, MILDRED MANTZ, MARION MC INROY, HELEN NEIMEYER, CLAIRE OSMAN, ALTHEA ALTO HOYT, LUCILLE KECK, ANNETTA KELLER, ALTHEA KLINE, GERALDINE TENOR BUTZ, RALPH FULMER, JOHN HERMANY, ROGER GRAYBILL, ARTHUR BASS LAUDENSLAG ER, FOSTER LICK, PAUL RICE, HAROLD SCHANTZ, DANIEL SCHEIRER, RUSSEL ROTH, DOROTHEA ROTH, VIRGINIA SCHMOYER, LUCRETIA STOUDT, OLIVE WEIDNER, MELVA WIEDER, PAULINE WENTZ, ARVILLA MILLER, LA RUE PALM, ANITA STAUFFER, VICTORIA WILSON, MARIAN ROMIG, ALLEN SHELLY, KERMIT STRUNK, BOYD SHINGLER, GERALD WILSON, DONALD ZIMMERMAN, RAY ., ATT ,Lii l HE 1935 1 l l l l-l. lvl. S. pinafore The l-ligh School Chorus presented the opera l-l. M. S. WNAFQRE, by Gilbert and Sullivan, on May 'IO and 'l'l, vvith great succcess. This was the most elaborate production ever attempted in the l-ligh School. The chorus members feel very grateful to their director, Mr. Peters, who vvas very patient and vvorlced faithfully vvith them. They also vvish to thanl4 Miss Beary, Miss Strausbaugh, Mr. Sandt, and Mr. Walbert, and the various committees of which the follovving were chairmen: Virginia Roth and Claire Neimeyer, Robert Bornman, Mildred l.auer, Donald Wilson, Mae Deischer, Annetta Keck, Doris Day, and Victoria Stauffer. The cast, that vvorlqed as faithfully as the committees to malce PINAFORE a success was as follovvs: Ray Zimmerman, the Rt. l-lonorable Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B., Boyd Strunlc, Captain Corcoran, Creighton Buss, Ralph l?acl4stravv, l.eon Boyer, Dicl4 Deadeye, William Brensinger, Bill Bobstay or Boatsvvain, Wilmer Delfsch, Bob Becl4et or Boatsvvainis mate, Robert Bornman, Tom Tucker or Midshipmate, Daniel Schantz, Sergeant of Marines, Mary Kratzer, Josephine, the Captainis daughter, Anita palm, l-lebe, Sir Joseph's first cousin, and l.al2ue Adams, Buttercup, or Mrs, Cripps. The E. l-l. S. Chorus hopes that this type of vvork vvill continue in our l-ligh School and wishes to thanlc its patrons for the encouragement given by the interest shovvn in this type of performance, I -L-.- TATTLE I I I 01141515564 . . I I I I I I I I FOOTBALL The 1934 Emaus l-ligh School Football team failed to maintain the high standard set by the Green and Gold teams of 1932 and 1933. A ,sadly battered team, lacing a difficult ten game schedule, was able to win only two games, tie one, and lose seven. After winning the first two games the team seemed to lose the desire to win games ancl played listless ball until the last game ol the season. The season was brought to a close when the l'ligh School team battled to ascoreless tie with the Alumni in a sea of mud. We wonder whether our 1935 team will show the old Emaus fight? SCHEDULE and SCORES E.l-LS. Opp. Pennsburg-Home .. Whitehall-Home . O 7 Northampton-Away. . . 6 E.Greenville-l-lome O 46 Nazareth-l'lome . . . Quakertown-l-lome. . . O 19 Catasauqua-Away . Stroudsburg-Away. O 13 Lehighton-Away . . Alumni-l-lome ..... O O TATTLE HE 1935 i i l T l BUYS' BASKETBALL The T934-35 Green and Gold Baslcettaall season was fairly successful. The team won seven and lost twelve. Coach Don Savitz's proteges won four Lehigh Valley League contests and climbed out ol the cellar position which Lehighton occupied with no H scores indicate the light and spirit shown during the season. Tamaqua-Away .... Pennsburg-l-lome . . Pennslourg-Away . . Alumni-l-lome ..... Lehighton-l-lome. ., S. Whitehall-Home NorthamptonfAway, . . Stroudsburgcl-lome. Whitehall-Home. . . Slatington-Away . . SCHEDULE and SCORES Wins". The close E. l-l. S. Qpp. Q0 38 Palmertoncl-lome. .. . Catasauqua-l-lome . . QO Q4 Lehighton-Away ...,. 36 Q9 lxlorthamptonfhlome. . . 19 18 Stroudsburgffhway ..., 'IO 34 Whitehall-Away .,... Q3 Q9 Slatington-l'lome . . . Q8 32 Palmerton-Away .,... 'l'l SQ CatasauquafAWay .... Q7 Q4 GI IQLS' BASKETBALL The girls, basketball team during the 1934-35 season was not very successful in winning games. The team won only two out of eleven games played. Miss Surgent began the season with a group ol inexperienced players-only three varsity veterans remained from the 1933-34 team. The prospects for next year appear better,since practically all of the girls will be baclc and aided by this yearis experience should form a winning combination. The girls bid farewell and thanlc their coach, Miss Surgent, for the interestshown, All join in wishing her "Bon Voyageu in her near venture. SCHEDULE and SCORES E.I-IS. Opp. E.I-I.S. Opp. Pennsburg .... . Q9 35 South Whitehall ...... Q1 15 Pennsburg .,,. , 15 37 Slatington ...... . 18 35 Alumni ..... . 14 12 Allentown ... . 7 41 Allentown .... 5 38 Northampton .... . 16 Q8 Whitehall, .. . 17 Q1 Whitehall .... 7 12 Slatington . . . 18 39 TATTLE I I I I I I I f 7 --- 7- -V-Y V77 HE1935 BASEBALL The 1935 Baseball team, composed of seven lettermen from last year's Valley League Champions, hopes to repeat last year,s performance. Twelve games are included on this year's schedule, five ol which are Valley League contests. S C H E D U L E April 'lQ, Allentown - l-l. May 7, April 18, Alumni- l"l. 3"lVlay 'lO, April 93, Allentown - A. May 'l4, "'April 26, Whitehall- l'l. :"lVlay '17, April 30, East Greenville - A. May QT, 'sfvlay 3, Catasauqua A A. :':May 24, ,kLehigh Valley League Games Probable Lineup: Rohrbach ......... C. Schantz . . . . . .. Baumgartner ........ P. Schuster .......... TB. Utility Players: Bogert ...... ... C. Herman P. Romig ..... ..i. P . Klan... K. illo... l-lamscher ........ Weaver .. .... .. Amig .... .... East Greenville - Slatington - l'l. South Whitehall Palmerton - A. South Whitehall Lehighton A A. Stortz .... . . Kline .... . . Nenow ..... . Knerr .... . . Walbert ...... Weida. . . . . Lehigh Lehigh I-I. -A. -I-I, LF. ...C.F. R.F. L.F. RF, ...CF Autographs TATTLE Q 3 HE Autographs - ..........l,. . 1935 Autographs TATTLE I I HE 1935 I I i I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I i i i I i I I I I I Senior Directory ADAMS, LGRLIE .....r. BRQTZMAN, RACI-IEL .... DAY, DORIS ......,.. DeLONCi, MABEL .... DIEI-IL, ALMA .... DRIES, ESTELLA ........... ENGLEMAN, KATI-IRYN ..... FABER, RACI-IEL ........ GEIST, EVELYN .... GILBERT, ANNA ..... KECK, ANNETTA ..... KISTLER, KATI-IRYN ...... KRATZER, MARY ..... KUNKLE, WINIFRED ..... LAUER, MILDRED ............... LICI-ITENWALNER, KATI-IRVN ...... LICI-ITENWALNER, MILDRED . LICI-ITENWALNER, PALILINE. MILLER, MILDRED ..,,....... MOYER, LUCILLE ..... NEIMEYER, CLAIRE ..... .....433 Elm Street, Emaus ,....Q33 Ridge Street, Emaus ...........,LyonsStation ..QO'I S. Fourth Street, Emaus . . . .748 Chestnut Street, Emaus ......6Q9 WeInut Street, Emaus ................VeraCruz .....16 South Third Street, Ematis . . . .136 North Fifth Street, Emaus ., . . .673 Chestnut Street, Emaus . . . . .932 North Fifth Street, Emaus . . . . .520 Ridge Street, Emaus ...,..........AIburtis ....AIburtis ........Alburtis .....R-1 Macungie .....R-1 Maeurigie Macungie .....33 North Third Street, Emaus 'VIS Macungie Avenue, Emaus . . . . .339 Chestnut Street, Emeus OBERDLISTER, I-IELEN .... PALM, ANITA ..... PEGUESSE, NAOMI ..... RITTER ALTI-IEA ....,.. ROTI-I, DOROTI-IEA ...., ROTI-I, VIRGINIA ..... RUCI-I, LILLIE ........ SCI-IANTZ, MIRIAM 4.... Senior Directory Ccontinuedl ....lVIacungie ......5I-32 Broad Street, Emaus U18 North Eighth Street, Emeus . . . .746 Chestnut Street, Emaus ... .130 North Fifth Street, Emeus SCI-IANTZENBACI-I, MAE ..... ..., STAUFEER, VICTORIA.. ... ..., WEAVER, DOROTHY .... BAUMGARTNER, MELVIN BOGERT, JAMES ........ BORNMAN, ROBERT .... DeESCI-I, WILMER ..... ENGLEMAN, ELBERT .... GEI-IMAN, FRANCIS .... GERV, WILBUR ........ I-IAMMON, NORMAN . . ................VeraCruz . . . .746 Chestnut Street, Emeus .......4Q1 North Street, Emaus .105 North Second Street, Emaus . .43 South Fourth Street, Emaus ....................AItJurtis ................VeraCruz . . ..... 1003 Chestnut Street, Emaus I-IARWICK, FREDERICK .,... I-IEISER, ELWOOD ..... .....Q3Q Ridge Street, Emeus ... . .164 Main Street, Emaus, . . . .371 Broad Street, Emeus, .....4Q6 Ridge Street, Emaus ....................AItJurtis .406 South Fourth Street, Emaus . . . . 571 Chestnut Street, Emaus .........R-Q BreinigsviIIe, Pa I I I I I I I I TATT HE 1935 I-IEIST, FLOYD ........ I-IERMANY, ROGER ..... I-IILLEGASS, ROY ..... I-IINKLE, JAMES ,... IOBST, MURRAY ...... KILLO, JOEL ....... KLINE, DONALD ..... KNAUSS, EDWIN ..... LEI-IMAN, I-IOWARD. Senior Directory CcontinuedJ MARTIN, CLARENCE ..... . . IVIETZGER, FREDERICK ...., ..... NENOW, RICI-IARD .... ROI-IRBACI-I, EARL ..... ROMIG, ALLEN ... SAYLOR, JOSHUA .... SCI-IOCI-I, WELDON STORTZ, DONALD. . . WAELCI-ILI, RONALD WEIDA, CARL ....... WIEAND, DONALD .... ZIMMERMAN, RAY .... Emaus .....'I75 Elm Street, .....4Q7 North Street, .. . . .429 North Street, 'IQO Macungie Avenue, Emaus Emaus Emaus Emaus ...........AIbUFLIS Vera Cruz 534 North Third Street, Emaus ......East Main Street, Emaus .................Mac:ur1gie Q50 East I-IamiIton Street, Allentown AIIentown .....IFopton . . , .Mertztown .............IVIacungie ......Q4O Long Street, . . .666 Chestnut Street, ..... 'I94 Main Street, .532 North Fifth Street, 41 South Fourth Street, Emaus Emaus Emaus Emaus Emaus ........-Iopton vezflgcenfbenfgi TATTLE 1 1 1 ACKNOWLEDGMENT 0 our advertisers we, the Class of '35, extend our thanks for your gen- erous support. We knoyv that the success of our Tattier depends on your cooper- ation, and we, in turn, pledge our support and cooperation to you. To your success and good iuci4,-our best wishes. TATTLE i 4 i i I HE 193 I I I I I I Advertiser! Index ALLENTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE ............ ALLENTOWN DAIRY COMPANY ............... ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL ....,............. ALLENTOWN SPORTING GOODS COMPANY ..... BETI-ILEI-IEM BUSINESS COLLEGE .,...,4........ RIEBER, DONALD L ......................... . BRENSINGER, Vx. T. ......,..,.. . BROAD STREET STUDIO .....,...T,.. RRGBST, WARREN .................... CONRAD STUDIO .....T................ CRAUMER'S FIVE and TEN CENT STORE .,... CUSTER, SAMUEL R. .................,... . DGNALDSGN IRON COMPANY .T.,.... DUNDGRE DRUG STORE ............... EAST PENN BEVERAGE .S..,.... EMAUS NATIONAL BANK,TIIe .... HARWICK, GEORGE ,........................ HENNINGER, JAMES ......,..............,..,. I-IERFF-JONES COMPANY ..................,..,.. HGME MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY .... HGUSER, A. R. ............................... . HAUSER, C. H., FOOD MARKET ............. I-IYLE'S RADIO SERVICE .........., IOBST, RICI-IARD W. I.......... . KEMMERER, I-I. T. ,............... . KEMMERER PAPER COMPANY ,.... KOCI-I BROTHERS .............. KRISTIE .,..................... LAUDENSLAGER, N. C. ...... . LAUDENSLAGER, gl GEIST ..... MILLER, MILO .............. NEIMEYER, ASA I-I. ...... . ORTT, E, L. .......... . PENLO TI-IEATRE ..... PETERS, OLIVER I-I.. . . . PIANO STUDIO ........ REESE 84 SCI-IANTZ ............. RINKER, PAUL S. C. .............. . RITTER 84 SON ................ SCEILICHER, GEORGE R. R SON ...,. SHANRWEILER R LEHR ............ STONEBACK R BUTZ ........... STORTZ R EISENI-IARD ............ STUMBLE INN GAS STATION ..... WALBERT, EI. M. ................ . WEIAND R COMPANY. INC.. . . . WERTMAN'S LUNCH ROOM .... WINT STUDIO .................. WITWER-JONES COMPANY .... l 1 l i I K l T A T T l. E R Tl-IE llentown usiness College QQO Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA f otiers the following practical Business Training to l-ligh School graduates: i Secretarial Stenographic Boolclceeping Accounting CAdvancedD Business Administration l These courses include instruction on the following moclern Office Appliances: Dictaphone Burroughs Calculator i Telephone Marchant Calculator Nlimeograph Sunstrand Calculator Elliot Fisher Bookkeeping Machine i l ' i Write, call or phone 4790 for further information J. xxx. oasizw, President l Established 1869 incorporated 1897 I i l l i i l l l l l l i L Looe L i I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l .,. .i I HE 1935 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 I ' 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Z 1 1 I 1 ' 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 Compliments of PE LO THEATRE EMAUS - PA. The I-Iome of Good Shows PIeasant Environment Phone 50 COMPLIMENTS OF A I-friend PIANO STUDIO EMILY IVI. SCI-IAFFEI2 Bank Building - Emaus, Pa. GUARANTEED Fruit, shade and ornamental trees Shrubs, Bushes, Roses and Vines. Information on planting seed. Estimates furnished. Catalogue. STARK BROS. E. L. ORTT Louisiana, Mo. 419 Elm St., Emaus C. I-I. I-IAUSER'S Food Market 51 O CHESTNUT STREET I:uII I.ine GIQOCEIQIES N. LaucIensIager NorARY and INSURANCE High Gmde IVIEATS Phone 46-B 191 Macungie Ave. - Emdusl pd. For deliveries Phone 265-I? STLIMBLE INN OAS STATION William G, C. Bogert, Prop. ESSOLLIBE and UNIFLO OILS ESSO - ESSOLENE GASOLINE Compfiments of Warren B robst One of the many Economy Stores Service and Satisfaction HWE DELIVER - Candy - Cigars ancl Tobacco Phone 48RQ 422 Elm SL Paul Dankel '31 'IOO3 Cl'1esnutSt. - Emaus, Pa. EMAUS clerk Dri n fc . . Allentown Dairy Company Milk A SAFE DRINK Produced under VETERINARIAN AND LABORATORY CONTROL I I I I I I TA TT I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l i i E i i i i i ... ...l-....... .....i... ..T i i i l i l HE 193 l i Q . 1 . i l 1 i i i T i i i l i l l i Q l i i i I i f i i l i l Compliments ot SAMUEL K. CUSTER QUALITY FOOTWEAR Eivifxus, PA. Electrical Fixtures Radios and Supplies and Supplies FRIGIDAIRE Stortz and Eisenharcl ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Fourth and Main Sts. Emaus, Pa. The Home Mutual Fire insurance Company of Lehigh County 407-409 Chestnut St. - Emaus, Pa. insurance in iorce 5lS'l 8,000,000.00 You save 2075 by insuring your property in this Company. We write the regular assessment policies, as well as the one, three and Five year prepaid policies. l-l. Winslow Fegley. Pres. Geo. C. Snyder, Treas. A. R. Weaver, Secy. B ET H L E H EM BUSINESS coi.i.EeE BETHLEHEM, PA. Established 1897 ...Q-. A modern business training school otier- ing college grade SecretariaI,Accounting and Business administration courses. Special advanced courses in Secretarial Work and Higher Accounting For grad- uates irom commercial departments. Ask for Descriptive Booklet W. F. MAGEE, President vvertmanis Lunch Room Hamburger l-lot Dogs lCE CREAM Soft Drinks Confectionery Light Lunches 251 Main St. Emaus, Pa. A . P . l-l o u s er Contractor and Builder 'lO6 Macungie Ave. Fmaus, Ra. gill- GEO. P. scHL1c1-IER fs. soN PRINTERS ' BOOKBINDERS MACHINE BOOKKEEPING STATIONERY LOOSE LEAF DEVICES SPECIALTIES 0 949-951 CHEW STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. l.1., TA TTLE ...l....l.1..- 5 1 1 1 1 v Y 1 I 1 ! E i Y F I I I 935 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Everything for Sports! Phone I73-B FOR YOUR P R I N T I N G Ouotations, Sketches, Rushworlt ALLENTOWN SPORTING GOODS CO. ATHLETIC OLITFITTERS ...For Schools, Colleges and Clubs O Phone 6704 532 Hamilton St, Allentown, Pa. . . . and any other prIntIng Information A Representative will gladly call. Phone 173-B today. DONALD L. BIEBER E. H. S. '29 SOCIAL and COMMERCIAL P I2 I N I I N O QShop open eveningsb 402 Chestnut Street Emaus, Pa. CIQOSLEY and COLONIAL Compliments RADIQS OI R. c. A. TUBES RICHARD W. IQBST JAMES HENNINGER M- S E I2 V I C E OLIVER H. PETERS MILQ MILLER I-I le,s Raclio Service Y Phone 5 847 Chestnut St. Emaus, Pa. EAST PENN BEVERAGE COMPANY EDW. J. MOYER, Prop. Distributors of BEER - ALE - PORTER - SOFT DRINKS WE DELIVER ANYWHERE PHONE 44 422 .IubiIee Street Emaus, Pd. EESE cI SCHANTZ . R an PauI S. C. Rlnker GENERAL PLUMBING MERCHANDISE a n CI Sth and Broad Sts. Emaus, Pe. I'I E A EI- I N G . PATRONIZE PHONE Q64R QUR ADVERTISERS 404 Chestnut Street Emaus, Penne. TATTLE I I I I I I I II II II I 11451935 I I I I II I I II I I I I I I I I I I, I II I I I III I I I I I I I I H. M. WALBERT PI-IILCO - R. C. A. a n d VICTOR RADIOS Q25 North St. Emaus, Ra. The Broad Street Studio of Photography RYAN PHOTO LABORATORY COMPLETE PI-IOTO SERVICE Compliments of DLlNDORE'S'? DRUG STORE A5 BanIc Building Emaus, Ra. WIEAND 6- CO. INCORPORATED JEDDO and LEI-IIGI-I COAL KOPPERS COKE CONCRETE BRICK and BLOCK EICSHTY WEST BROAD ST. phone Q17 BETHLEHEM, PA. 95 So. SEVENTH STREET Established 'l9'I9 Phone 39 Emaus, Pa. Compliments of Allentown Morning Call Lehigh Valley's Greatest Newspaper Published by ALLENTOWN CALL PUBLISHING CO. William S. lobst, '07, Represenfative Royal W. Weiler, '95, President GRUNOW Washers and Electric Refrigerators Radios Geo. l-larwiclc 569 CHESTNUT ST. ll it's an Electrical Appliance We Have lt. KQISTIE Steam Wave is better for your lnair Personality Finger Waves by "Helene" K IQ I STI E HAIR DRESSERS Phone 170 303 Main St. Emaus, Pa 9 35 H. T. IQQITIITIQYQI' CLOTI-TIER and GENTS' FURNISI-TER HATS and CAPS A SPECIALTY Banlc Building Emaus, Pa. R. S. Stonebaclc R. J. S. Butz Stoneboclc 6' Butz Real Estate, Insurance and Investments BANK BUILDING EMAUS, PA. Lehigh Valley's Leading SPORT SHOP Equipment for All Sports WITWER - JONES COMPANY 834 Hamilton SI. ALLENTCWN, PA. Phone 2-2780 Opposite Hess Bros. Conracl Stuclio PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER Q13 North Twelfth Street Allentown, Pa. 'ac fa nluzalSIf'4-1 , . ZZ- 'T , 1,34 MYR' : I g - , 1 L - f 4? - L, A e e qi, l PRO RESS 5 4 f ,K , f Z There are few fields where fhe necessify for progress-lhe demand for new ideas, is as pronounced as in lhe produclion of School Annuals. U Here in Canfon we 'rake pride in noi only keeping pace, bu+ in seHing fhe pace for innovafions and changes in 'lhis highly progressive field. Q When you work wi+h Can+on you are hand in hand wi+h experienced people, cons+an+ly on +he aler'I' +o sense +he wan+s of Annual publishers, and quick 'lo change from +he old order, and offer new and unusual ideas +o progressive edifors. THE cAN1oN ,ENGRAVING s. mcmorvvs co., cAN'roN, ol-no ?i-hee I I THE 19 35 I I I I I I l I I I I i I I i I I I KOCI-I BIQOTI-IERS HAMILTON STREET AT SEVENTH ALLENTOWN, PENNA. W. T. Brensinger QS- Son ' The latest dictates of GIQOCEPIES, ICE CREAM, CANDIES, TOBACCO Etc. fashion are always represented in our stocks with partic- ular reference to the refined tastes of O young men. . . 5'I6 North Street Emaus, Pa Each Check you issue contains the date, number, amount, and person to whom paid. The endorsement gives you a receipt that cannot he disputed. KEEP UP YOUR BALANCE O The ENAUS NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit insurance Corporation Compliments ol Wint Stuclio Emaus Coal and ' . Students Leading Studio Grain Elevator lor -'M Photographs LAUDENSLAGER a. ' 617 Linden St. Allentown For appointments or St. - Emaus, Pa. Dial 2-1310 l-lencic-Jones Co. INCORPORATED MANUFACTURING Jewelers and Stationers T530 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Ralph W. Pope, District Manager i ATT T l 93 T l L I i 1 I 5 Shanlcweiler 6- Lehr Clothing for the Young Men . Centre Square ALLENTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF DONALDSON IRON COMPANY Manufacturers of Cast Iron Pipe For Water and Gas Emaus, Pa. FILLER PAPER 0' TABLETS PLNQLLS LEAD, Etc. CRAUMERS 5c ancl IOC- 6tlm and Chestnut Emaus, Pa KEMMERER PAPER CQ. WHOLESALE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 355-357 Hamilton St. Allentown, pa. ,A E 55557 -iff? "za 5555: 1-L 23 CE :EK . 7 s 4 z f KA A :5:5:5f5ffff:f::.:.4 "QSM:- "3:5:f:f::., T-.,'-2- -: iffy .. :-1-:Q Q :Q- N' T it - - , ,,,,, ls Your Home Cozy ? ' "A' -:1"" '11ff2gQg" lt is not necessaryto purchase expensrve furniture to create ' ' :- ' 1-:--I 3" . . Q? 1 ,--.. . .,.... , ..... a comfortable home. Ritter furniture has been Famous for 48 years for design and quality. Choice patterns repre- sentative oi Period and Moderne designs are featured. 5: 515:::f5:515-rig55.55,2gEff3rE-f.rf5:2:5f":::5:15gSf2rEgE5E,5E3E5Ef5E,f55"iE5Ef2QE . . . . . . . All living room suites are custom built to ourspecrhcatrons. -, ...tai--Q sis2sisisisfsiefegzisiiis551 A K"- ' .-., 4. .W ,.... ' :g:5:f I-:-'7'3g-gCg!:f:?g?,3323555114-:-gli:-24:-23:-:3i -: .f:2' 1IggQ53:-11:-:-:-:2+:':I:?t1:':Qg235g:fY -:-: .5:Z 4g::-.'gCg.g3:-:pq-Qzgff-:QQ-1-l:2g:g.g:g:1sg::' .-z-:-17"-Q:-' yn-..5 ' T Qfffsigff ' f fsf' " ' gif' ,. - .A . .. . .... ....... - ..t...,,,..t,g,2' 4,.,.,,,., ., ..... ..... . ,,4:,4... .. ..v ...-. ...M . : .H . .ey:: , '.,:2:f:1g- r g-15:19 : j-zgzfzg ggggggrg 2 ' :::::., : 3fg'j-rg' . ., N-j jQ3g,:g:g5q:5?:2:::2g:Z: :2:E:E:3E3f5:f:fS:g"5: I:254'.-z1:2:I:2:1:1E'Q?', i ff-'.1'p . 3i-3 "':.i"- "'4'.:2:. 'ffsisia-1I5?1f1?52'E5lf'IW' I.. 5 4 ,52f.:f::5???3F5??????2551W-T . 4:f:Ig!:Qf'"i'I3:7fff"'- g i ggx 'E5Egfjf5tgf51" '--f- N 1 ,.gzjf-:,..:1155:g1:ag:2s:mggg1j12--X ,df f E - .s r.it .--.e.--.- -. s... bbr, 2 2 1 . 1 -:s :.:1:....:.,',, ' is "" ""'i'i' WM " 41'iffifgfr555555ffi5555?fEii??23:-:-1 . - 1- " A : : :':::::5::53 - ' f 1515f5i??????E'E?f?f?i52?i2f1?,5: EQEEEEEFEQEIE : .I5:5:,,' .gif :A ' iii' 1ZW-.?i:1?Zfif.-.f axis 4 " " ' ' "M 1 ' 11ff212ff1Ff?f?122f121 ,gffgf . ' 221' - - . " "- f"5Q1:LQ-:-:, , 'N' 4"'f'7'7'777:T 4:5505 f:ff:f:2'C,5.ff:5 ' I:'5 3'5'5'5'f:5f:3:::-:-'V'g.Q.:,f.,- -'g.5:Q:fff:Q: Qgggggg 2. :I I . Mx :T5:i:"5:5:?39'4TSV,4-:4:-gzq. .:1 .,.v i5" 7 ' - ' V "-' ' "-- T v '4---- :-:cwwft3-:-'-:'c4-:-'---.-.ccf:-:-:-:-2-:-:-:-:-:-:B . . Q-:--:-:Z rw:-:-'.3?:4:-: '-: s:s:s:s2:'ffw '1-'11-' .-: : . .-:1':3ff .5,.,.., ..... ,.,.,, 7 af .4 -fs?525252:-.3223,25?'ffs25E55 v:5:, .5.?.. 3 1 : 1 5 -Minn . ffirgffggiiill ,.,.,.., in Q .,.. ,,,. 252511 "" f1'l 1 1 - V . "'A"' f i' - ? : 2 EEgEEI5"" "" 'J:':""""f1'1f1"'syv T V' . .ff 'fN"':':"f i55?55Ei'fI:': "" "i' ""t ' ' - r mr.: :ff'-'-:- .:e:52zEs2z5:5:f- 15:1-2-5:sESsEz21' ' ' ' 1-: ':-:-:':':-:f:f:i5:StrI- -. . :-:4-:-: " :2:?:f:5:5:3:1:S:f'5?:?:5' ""f:5:, A ug: J f 5552355595352f5Eg5:5:,:p-155:23 ,zggirf . , .2 A 5:1:- .3f3f3f5f3...-.235 Yet, at Rutter s you pay no more for high quality fu r- .,:4 :E:s s 5151: ??5i?52EfE5fi3iS?E255525295 . . . . .z:5zQ1?sf'-f' ffmfffffffff'f?f5'51?5fs?2f52ff15.?5E2?5E5iEEE:5:, , niture than you pay atclty Stores for ordinary quality. " D . . M' Fiirrif-iff' ue to their location they can save you T095 to :' . . . . . ..g.g.f::'g:f:2:ff :5:- - I: 306723 on City Prices. Com pa re and see the ditterence. 4 " 4 jig, .f., , , ' iI'i:'i?222ii:i:.'- Q :QQ Open 9 AM to Q PM 3 I' E 6 ,, S Y ' ' 18,-191 MAIN ST., - EMAUS T --ri ,,,A "BUY WHERE YOU KNOW THAT PRICES ARE LESS." 'AA""" :':':"f'f:t5fi"k TATT i

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Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Emmaus High School - Tattler Yearbook (Emmaus, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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