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Pj R K I P 4 I . i 4 i L s 4 P I J, 1 l 1 The TAITITLEIR C CDPA NIE NICE R A TI N G T H E SEVENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY or THE FOUNDING OF THE Bonoucsl-I OF EMAUS, PENNSYLVANIA 18 5 9 -19 3 4 I Vo I u m e XII I PUBLISHED BY THE SENIICDIIQ CLASS QI I It IEmauls IHIIQIII SQIIIQQII I 1 IEMAUS Q. rPIENNsvLwxNIA :I I June, 1931I I I I sr. -M1 ,f me vw I I an e gg- Lexx DIAMOND ffyy X JuB1i.Eet FGRIEWORD he purpose of the I934 Yearbook is to bring you a picture of school life, as it is enjoyed by the students of Emaus High School. For the outgoing class it is a means of preserving pleasant memories of associa- tions with classmates and lower classes. For the on-coming classes it is a memo- randum of faces that are lost from among the student body, but that recall memo- ries of the many pleasant intercourses which have been experienced with the graduating class. i is ' Q ., .---7.-v,.,., .. . 1 1 Q !,' ' 4 t Xxx1'.Hilfffw-'E f. N 'GSX Q in za llliit v wx: ETHAMGND X JUBILEE CQN'll"lEN1l'S Dedication Staff Alma Mater Administration Message to Seniors Board of Education Faculty Classes Class of 1934 Class of 1935 Class of 1936 Class of 1937 Organizations Tattler Staff lMonthly lssuesl National Forensic League and Forensic Club Hi-Y Club Monitor Club Senior Debating Teams High School Orchestra Athletics Football Boys' Basketball Girls' Basketball Baseball Advertisements - ASTE? ,ifgg fiftll l l "W ag 'Q YAY I l I 3 21" v v 'P DX! W9 9 I ommow 'J uamer-: EDICATIION ' -l-he'Class of l934, Emaus High School, respectfully dedicates this volume to the early settlers and founders of our community, who, by their perseverance' and their faith in God, surmounted great hardships and difficulties and succeeded in establishing this beautiful and pro- gressive community. ' 4 -v s 7,7 Q' pg ,.Y-- . . .-1 Y l . ggi? wx-.3eg, , ,,.,,.,.,,,,,,.,,A,.,,,.,..,,,,..,.,,.,.. .,,. ,..,,,..,., , . .. ,.,.,,. ,,,.,, 1.fQffw ff""M aeae - I mil' :1siQQQSQsQfsCSssim' X ?IE IJ 5SIi..ESEl I Editor-in-Chief HAROLD HIGGINS Class Hlstory Class Poem Class Will NELLIE GEISINGER DOROTHY KEIVIMERER STANLEY LASER Class Prophecy Feature Editors EGBERT NEETZ MARION CHRISTMAN IENNIE NEWHARD Biographies GRACE ALBRIGHT RAY BIEBER FLORENCE HUNSBERGER K. CLAIRE LACHMAN MATTHIAS ROTH ARLENE SHELLY RUBIE STROH ARLENE WEAVER. Advertising Managers EARL WAGNER ERNESTINE IAGNESAK PAUL FOSTER Business Manager NORMAN NOLL Circulation Managers NELLIE GEISINC-ER CLEMENT FALSTICH Class Advisers HARVEY H. BECKER A. F. HELLER ilalldlkl In'lIl'lI'I -HUSIOIOI ll Q . S-III,-.', or H I ffm, t1l.,!,f,,,,.r . , mi vw uma: ex: DIAMOND lj5, k X,.-Q J UBlLEE 'S Alma Mater As we plod thru Iife's road steeping Climbing up those rocky hills, We will ever hold in keeping Thoughts of these dear wisdom mills. Chorus- Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Hear our song of thanks to thee! Hold in keeping, joy and weeping, Hold our blessed memory. Hear these silent stone walls shouting, Hear their words of would-be woe Hear them plead with hopes and doubting Hear them tell us not to go! Cone is our gay "learned" company, Gone those days which are of yoreg Much we did in rooms now empty, Things we'll do and see no more! 5, s. up 2T1i:g,11Qaf.4.g1g. 411:51 dx . . 1--'A ' A ff 31 gi -- iq' ADMINISTRATION J xN'1-- rf:-ff l fffklfzilzaiiff -Q , l"1!.lY.eNlll3li i vvi , rm EDSAMOND Av JUBILEIEI Message to Seniors My best wishes go with you as you leave our high school and commence the larger life which lies just beyond the threshold. lvlay your hopes and dreams be realized and in the yea rs to come, may your names reflect credit upon the institution which has been your home during the forma- tive period of your life. Do good and leave behind you a monument of virtue that the storm of time cannot destroy. Write your name in kindness, love, and mercy on the hearts of thousands with whom you come in contact, and you will never be forgotten. Your name, your deeds, will be as legible on the hearts you leave behind, as the stars on the brow of the evening. Let your motto be, "I believe in myself," and if you strive to justify that belief you will never lack the supreme gifts which life has to offer you. Sincerely yours, X x H . 1 1 I xx X . I gag, .x X xie,,,,x xw . ,,,..,...,, ..,., M, ,,,,, ,.., kx,g , I V. ,..., ,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,, ,,.,.,,,,,.,, , , . ,, ,,,,, , ,. ,Q ,,,, fix 5, ,,,,, ,, ---,-, 5 -:QM-H---F x H... ,.,.,.. ....L. , , ,WW I ...X. N... ,.2 . ..... . .. ,. , .. ................ ww' I - f W px X1 I I Xl N X +5 - I xx.N, eWW?XN?Nf I I ix, gi, I I , R ,, ,, , , I ,,,, ,, , , Y , , f ,,,,,, I ,,,,, ,I ,, , , , ,, ,..,.. , I . -::Y... .::::.. . . .... . ..... ............. , .............. . . . .... ...........,. , .......... ................. .... qv' j K .... ::':' x ..... h A ..... . mn, ..... .. ,.,....., Board of Education H. T. KEMMERER L. B. BACKENSTO PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT l C. F. WAGNER H. F. BECKER SECRETARY TREASURER Lmmxvmmfww-M X wmmxwgffffgffffx 'Ai 33MQV3HYY iS? YW5NBSXSNQSQQYWXSNBBXXY-xrmwxwxktxitxxxXYY?wbNNRN Y3?miw25235 XTR? NT I Q3? L'f'x5xii.IS..LII.I::f'mfXX'T3"x'N Iffff k"'L"k 'WT .5 .X . ,,Ix N , W.,,,,x,W,W IIL, , ,,ei,,,. I ,Ik .MQ ,,,,, ,,,.S., ,, My ,, ,, , , Q. . I '8 u x- rf L XQ3.fxaX i,fgjfQ3Qg3g , 1 ,E ,,.x,, , . ,g4,. x,, J. L ff :axe Y SRUXMGNSIF X 65.35532 EE Board of Education N. K. FECLEY VICTOR H. HAUSER CLAUDE H. KELLER . . ww X .. ....... .,,. ,,,,,., , , .. FWX, .. .....v.... Wx. ,.., , , ELEELLEiL L LLLL EL LLLE EE1ELE EiEE L LL LLLLLEEEL LLEELELL LLLEEELLLLEL LLLLLLLL L 9 .,xQ1.gz:. , , .,., .V.X '-:,: ' .N.:.,.,. fff""""".' '1" 1 ....,..""" it ....': 555.2 """" NM P --" .11 -x'-N---- - N--w-x..Q Q., x,,.- , .Nm NQ,:x'fb1b ::x Q .,::1.bf - N i i 2 fx 'qqq Q 2-ii Faculty HOWARD I. YEAGER SUPERINTENDENT -Y, . L-'L , 'IO E Ei jffxx 1 l b, min Ill!! rex: A ' ' A- ' I ' Q K 'ififh X OiAMOND',',. f XN,5. JuBsLf:E: Faculty A. F. HELLER PRINCIPAL, MATHEMATICS . 1 , f 56664 W 9? .wffc D!m'N.!lLiulIl'luIfIU IOIOI 1 I ' P Q- Y XX L ,kwp:?,W XX N mgwww-Xmmyv wx x v mwwmw X .XE5s""f.1.T.Tli 'J 'k" """"""" ' - -f S fy? J X x fx S X Q Q X ,E QNX xg 3 ix X 1 S 6 s X S gx X Q Q,XQ W yt QQ ,t C L lf' jf, - " -x N if Faculty K HARVEY H. BECKER El-WOW L- ORTT science Latin. History 40' Q5 IOYCE BEARY MIRIAM KLINE :LI En Iish CJ J Social Sci enee , French i 2 i i i1 il 1 i1 i ii i ,Q : il Itlildlli C0101 'IZ 5 a xx N 'AF+wn Wfwq, X . I a I aa a a a . .,f ., . ' ...lllll ...... Z '.,.,.. I "'k"'kk".kk. i T111 '.kk. 2 k"k f ...... "k""k.' f ff... . H ,. .. I . , ,. Ma X M.-+jS"'M x . ' I -, J as yf ': ' I I Faculty 2 I x Q S N J X X, Yi XX N GLADYS HAUSER CLARICE KIRK Brwkkeevins. Ewrwmics. Typing. Shorthand, Commercial Law, lvnivf BUSIHCSS Tfiining Secretarial Studies ERROL K.. PETERS WILLIAM S. C-EISIN.GER aIaaaaaI I I '13 M , X x M Q . , -, Yi - - X vi QQ, .Q Q x xx, Eg s. x :A x Q i. X X ' A 5 .X X S x X 1 f X N X ,ar HOWARD K. DEISCHER History. Arifhmeric Physical Edwafwv- aculty sg X sf 5 X N-iii, Nmxixm X N x Xx.QNm Rx X ifii- wxqx QMMOMRC-X Coach of Athletics Hygiene. B L BERENICE STRAUSBAUCH 45 2 scHANTz J' HJ Sewing. Reading Hygiene mxmxxXNvXmNNxfxX XkQQxNYiiQQ'"Ill"Q i"' fflI'xfQIfflEIEEIlIlQlQlllQ if3E?2,gTTTiS1Qlgf1IfIffIlffI'IffkQEEEu:l.:Q .,....x .x..x M x.... ...... .f .lu Q , ' k'kk Y , , Y nf Y .--- Il - I-:ff::mi Ti'iZ'T1l"IZiii'iKX QGVQ5 SE X555 X X R X .f.IITlxRQZQQE:iiiiQiQCS5555TI3IIIiR2glli l:Qgl::::E:::::::Q?il,.lS1.lQG ...,,., Iififffiillliiisiflx.Ififll ..... ..., f . ....... V ' 'K t ITC. yn W ,,1 ,1 ,, ,, , , ,, ,, ,,,,, ,, ,, Y , E , ,,-- ..... ' -,-.-,-- 5 1. ..-- ...........,.... ............v..... .......... , .. .. x... .... .... ...... 'iiiiijffifiii '-', -- 1-it 'I i -N s xv xx mmgb . X 5-QQ. 5 uf is Ru Faculty MARY BAKER ANNA MILES English. Liferafurc. History Art, Guidance WARREN A. SASSAMAN 0. V. SANDT Geography. Scicncc Wd. X Indushial Arfs. Agriculture WK i 015 ll'Y:v x .-:1-., AM:-' 'ff XX .. , . ,i 1 i , : 1 i : . , X x Q ,, A 3 BBB Faculty ON' VERNA KREMSER English, Reading i!nW:.ilL'-'illfli-31050101 I6 ,. '- I .','. A. ,.'1. .U I., . I, Q .-H , I -, 3523. ii It-:Lg - ' 1 . '.. .'- X ' ..- .. .,'f ,.. .. ..q ..: I I 3 W 1 W W . , ,l, h it g ' . qv, 5 , . f- Ve- ' ' 'N v :fi f' I .4-1 N- X Y ,' 'I 5 , ' Y w I . . ',' ,.A:H:'X .1'L'l. S J ,N C 314-v 'q-.-, J Y 'J .- tlisf' E5 ,- 2-'wjl-I Q' 'A T-- 535 . SSSS f, 9X'iw9k ,- w ill A :lg Q I xx, 4H,,' 1 31 ,fx 5 -w e-I-ae ' S'f'MfN M f X K S fx! fnhl.--. '-','l. f S ' 511, E, I S 1 f 1. 5 ,N S VSI 1 " 41" " W5 , '4 U 1 . If 1. "4 'f- M NW f yi '-71 7f:+.mf'.:I A "jf f . S S A, K 1, 1 -'-.... S3 aff? Q1 ' 31 h, ' 'S T '-'35 -xi. ' ' - V 1 ' 1 ii ' , lf RE'1 f!rX f:r1vf' 'if if ig ?, -.W 24' ,.-' , . V Xgllfyl ,,! x r 1 7- , If 'H ,A f ,hh 'Q 'll w ,251 '- , , v' A 1 I 52. M 1 ? , 1+lS fxi' .t XY f N fy "hx, ii . w fw ff '1 Az. -' mv M, ' wp, I 'IV g X M i lk! i',Q, V 'L Q ' z . fy M ip' 'JE-11. ' f S - e 1i1 wf Vw f'-W I X. w 1 w+ Vz' S w - f A f J Ai X' ff! 'MH N M A '55 ' Yi v' '."'f' ' ' If I f S 1: ,T 'f X- ' sjvfg ' i f-4 C xg iii- 8: fs' IYVW , f L , ' ' ' 1, ' E .- --- - f' W of - . ' ' - , Six' " 'ff 1, , r ' Y 1 Y ' ' 11 l D. 7 mp' "I QI If ,. 1 Q I , x ' I' u ' n - ' ui qglj l ll J Q51 ,hx ,S mf' y W, J , . Y Mm, 'wwxlzy 7, Af ,fl YK 4 XXVI I l f' K 1 I Ml li KC Im f x ,Y vw A . , fZj !1 jQQ lKl'N jg T ,Q , Q fy Ili Niki. . , sf 3 if A 'Q .M fff +8- S ww E9 'V . 1 ,R 4 X V ,Q l 'S W , , Q W' QW kffmwx .7 Vmigkl, +v ff, "' Q 'mv , CLASSES .- X 'xX,l'.'iEl its otiwosi gs was sees: Class History ' As I sit and ,day dream the visions that seem to haunt me most arc the visions of our high school years. These are memorable to all members of the class of '34, The scenes were more impressive each year. The first scene is the beginning of many pleasant scenes. This is the scene of our freshman year. We were a rather timid class, but after we be- came more acquainted with our fellow school chums and surroundings, we were no longer timid. A number of the class members participated in the activities of the school. We showed our dramatic ability by making the lu- nior High School Minstrel a success. These delightful scenes did not continue very long because the school term came to a close. In the next scene we were the so called "sophs." In this, our second year, we were more able to adapt ourselves to high school life. The class as a whole answered the calls of the activities such as: athletics, dramatics, chorus, and orchestra. During our sophomore year we enjoyed a most successful Hal- Iowe'en party. The class of '34 had always been willing to boost the activities of the school. A good example of this was the magazine campaign held to increase our athletic treasury. We, as sophomores. played an active part in the cam- paign. Many members of the class received prizes for the large number of magazines sold. Our leadership was shown during the organization of clubs. Clubs were a great feature in our sophomore year, because it put into the minds of the stu- dents that cooperation was necessary for a successful class. As sophomores we were privileged to take quite a few field trips, which seemed to give the members of our class some idea of the vocations which are open to us after we are through with our high school work. We were now looking forward to our junior year. As I proceed to dream we come to the scene of our junior year. ln this year our responsibility increased. We succeeded in fulfilling the tasks we were called upon to perform. The participation in extra-curricular activities helped to make our junior year more successful. One of the outstanding activities was the junior Ora- torical Contest. The junior class was outstanding in all activities. lt was during this year that the class realized what our high school career meant. The junior Prom atom in vi. if rex: ummomm . .J u asses S Class History which was a successful social event helped to add significance to our junior year. We were eagerly awaiting our senior year. Can it be true? Yes, sadly so! This is the scene of our senior year. lt seems sad that our high school days will soon be at an end. It means that we must leave our Alma Mater and find our places in the world. Some will go to higher institutions of learning and others will immediately adapt them- selves to the outside world. Our senior year was a very successful one. We tried to make our school life count for dear old E. H. S. The tasks we were assigned were accomplished. One of the outstanding tasks put before us was that of the booster campaign for our booster game of football. We were glad to come out with lOOW. Our school spirit was shown by the large number of candidates that came out for basketball, baseball, football, debating, and orchestra. During this year we had the opportunity of presenting our Senior Class Play. This play was the best one given. Our dramatics and business ability was shown by the successful Senior Class Play. We also must bear in mind that our faculty advisers were always ready to help the class with any of their problems. The yearbook was the best ever presented to the subscribers of the Tattler. We must also consider the fact that only l9l subscriptions were sold. The book was partly financed by the senior class. All that lingers are the fond memories of our high school years. The most outstanding is the one of our senior year. We hope the classes that follow may have memories as dear as ours. We wish to thank the other classes for their cooperation. Thus we bid our Alma Mater farewell l- Nellie Ceisinger. Q .".. wg ....., . , Z, ,,. ...:. , , ...., , 5 N l, ,N , . Uni' UR- l I ffl I -X' I 01.1 J ' I .V wg," f- as-i f 1 qw - Mfr- '-...K-N' :af-. . a - i fa-ni f ' ' L- - f t ,,,, g fftfk X' V .e mums rm K ,,.. .fl ."' .-.'Q ..,,Q. '.,, if 4, . ., ., .. EQ3SS?xMil?N53l ' gss,ss3tz,a5 Farewell Now our time has come, When we shall have to say, Good-bye to all our fun, Our studies, and our play. The years that have gone before us, l Are years we'll not forget, All the fun that we have had, We shall now have to regret. 'Tis a feeling of sadness, That lingers in our hearts, When we think that tomorrow, We must play different parts, Tomorrow we must look, The future in the face, No more time for books, And this dear old place. So it is with bended heads, That we shall part from view, With sadness in our dear old hearts, We part, dear school, from you. Dorothy Kemmerer. T t f 'I9 X-Qf. W . .. , ,,., . , , ., ,XX . , ' isiigf' - ,I , W S T GRACE E. ALBRIGHT "Gracie" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lp Health Club, lg Booster Club, 23 Tattler Staff, 4. ' "Gracie" is one of the fair members of the class. She is studious and does her work well, Talking about personality, she has it. She is very pleasing to be around and one can depend on her. "Gracie" is one of the quietest in our class. She is, however, active and social and well liked by everyone. She is one of the cake sellers of the class, and can she sell? Who is that imitating the popu- lar saying of Mae West? Oh! it is just "Gracie" down on the gym floor, telling the girls what Mae West says. "Gracie" is very shy, but when called upon to re cite, she will answer to perfection. "Gracie" intends to be a clerk. We pre- dict a bright future for you. "Tiff lwlrfl' you AVIIIQU llrr, Thr' lfrltrr you lilv' l1r'1'." RAY BIEBER "Sol" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Science and Nature Club, lg Booster Club, 23 Orchestra, 2, Chorus, 33 Dramatics, 3,43 Hi-Y Club, 4, Forensic Club, 43 National Forensic League, 4, Triangular Debating, 43 Tattler Staff, 4. ' Here comes one of our useful boys. Ray owns what we call "The Family Pen." "Sol" also can play the piano and when he starts playing everybody sways to the music. "Sol" is a very good artist. He drew many of the covers for our Lit- erary Supplement which was such a great success, Ray would make a good English- man. Any one who saw him act like an Englishman in the senior class play will verify this statement. "Sol" wants to be- come a commercial artist, This is a good line of work for him to follow. No mat- ter what you do or where you go, we are always with you. So long, "Sol"l "lf ynu lII'l'tl Il frirutl I!mI'.r lrur, C1111 nn Ray uni! ln"ll lirlp ynuf' M lll 3 .. , L '20 U K: Q, Q , .kk,,,,,.,,,, ,, .1 f ,M P' 1 ' , M .:f S K. w X i. 1 , ll. 1i ii . .. . . 1 ii Q, s - . 9 ' aamftowts A .- .N3yTflk.llJLlBlLEiE MILDRED BITTENBENDER "Milly" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Girl Reserves, Secretary, lg Athletic Association, 23 Chorus, l-2-33 Monitor Club, 2-3-43 Tattler Staff, 4. ' Here is a girl that appears to be the quiet type, but coming down to facts "Milly" is not so quiet after all. When Mildred gets started you can always hear when she's about. "Milly" is very neat and is usually studious, she takes most of her studies seriously. However, Mil- dred is kept rather busy with her "flame", We will not say much about him, except that he and "Milly" make a swell couple. Mildred is a serious girl at times but is always ready to do some- thing different. She is always on the Ngo". "Milly" ls a swell sport, if her gang does something, she's game, too. Mildred expects to be a dietitian, Stick to your ambitions, pal. ".'lIililr1'tf ix llllf -:wry ful, llul .fllI',.f .iullril juxl for 'C1ll1'." RALPH BORTZ "Bula" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, lg Latin Club, 23 Chorus, 2-3. ' "Bub" is one of the Alburtis boys who are, by this time, famous through-- out the high school. This is not his only achievement, for he has conquered the heart of a beautiful junior. Ralph's great ambition in life is to become a dentist and what a success he will make of it with "Peggy" for his chief assistant or vice versa. But seriously, "Bub" will be a success as a dentist and he can be sure to have the support of us all. lCome on, get some cavities.l We all know Ralph to be a great pal to us all and not only that, but he surely has the respect of us all, because he is a clean-cut American youth. All hurrah for "Bubl" "llf'.v yn! ilu' but of lafur".i yrrui firr, For hr'.v Ihr man 10110111 thi' IlaIIlIfI'l'.S" QW am . illfliifililililli f t '21 1 N S kwrfiif X XX, . .:,, ,.X,. 5 ..., Q L ....,..,.,... T ,,....:.,,,. ,Q XXL. ,.,. 'S l ,, 1i? i I MARION Cl-lRlSTlVlAN "Maudy" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Girl Reserves, l-2, Class Secretary, l-33 Athletic Association, 25 Debating, 2-33 Chorus, 2-33 Varsity Basketball, 2-3-43 Monitor Club, 2-3-4, Forensic Club, 3-43 Na- tional Forensic League, 3-45 Tattler Staff, 43 Dramatics, 4, Cheerleader, 4. ' Boys, be careful! l-lere's a girl that gets what she wants. She never gives up until she has gotten what she is after, "lvlaudy" is a real pal and has a very nice disposition. Marion seems to be care- free, out deep in her heart we think there is a spot that contains a certain amount of seriousness. "Maudy" is our outstanding basketball star and always fights to the end of a game. We hope Marion sticks to this characteristic when she prepares for her future. "Maudy" expects to take up hairdressing. The class knows that you will make good in whatever you attempt. ".-llfwuyi .smiling anti rraily fur fun, ix'l'i'l'l' .vrllixliwil unlil ilu' lmx -wrnf l l X tl Nl x A N . I x CERALDI NE CONRAD "jerry" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Costuming Club, lg Book Club, 2. ' "jerry" is one of the heartbreakers of the senior class. At present she is very much interested in a certain boy from Allentown. Sometimes we think his name is "Bill," "jerry's" best pal is Doris, but as you know there are reasons for every- thing. "jerry" is very bashful??? She even refused to sit alongside of her old boy-friend in school. All fooling aside! "jerry" can work if she really wants to, She is very good in commercial work. She is not interested in a stenographer's life, however. She wants to become a nurse. Won't the hospitals be crowded then lmostly the stronger sex.ll No matter what work you take up, we are always with you. Good luckl ".-I Inuylriny gal, liuf fcvlml ll pal."' as -sz "" ' " "s" 4 S . i i. H0101 ... ... M ... ..... '22 x2 1:-ls 'wifi XX 5 'gf ef' .1 9' 1 as s f -x f If ff x L ,,., .. Q, i , . tet.. 1 1 . i, .t ..t..t tt t tt.s Q... . 935 3-J' -an PAUL A. CROLL "Crolly" General Class Vice President, 3g Class President, 43 Orchestra, 3-45 Band. 43 Football, 3-43 Dra- matics, 3-4. ' Here is the president of our class and he is liked by all its members. "Croi- ly" hails from that big city known as Topton. Paul is small, but size has noth- ing to do with her feelings toward him. He is always on the "go" and his danc- ing feet are never at rest. Can "Crolly' play the trumpet???? Well I guess. "Crolly" is one of the most popular fel- lows in our class. Paul has his eye on a certain Miss that hails from lvlacungie. Keep your hands off her. boys. Paul ex- pects to take up music when he leaves E. H. S. The class of '34 knows that his cheerful disposition will help him to suc- ceed in whatever he attempts. "l1rnfu'n fl1llI',' blur ryrx, You nuff lflrimi' lin' fur think-in!! lIl',.f nizr -is ..... .. 1 .N-3, ....... .5 L5 sit so as 5 x l-. M x l I rt i fx 'kr . Nu .2 ' Ze? 4 is LUCY DANKEL. HLUCY.. General ' Lucy hails from lvlertztown and she made her first appearance in E. H. S this year. For this reason we do not know Lucy so well but we do know she can play the piano and can sing very well. Lucy has a personality which wins her many friends. She is liked by everyone and especially by the "he" who calls for her quite often. Even though she is very quiet, yet you have heard of quiet little streams that reached their destination no matter what obstacles they met. Such is Lucy. She is very studious and she de- lights in very well prepared lessons. l.ucy's main interest is music and her de- sire is to further her abilities in the mu- sical line. There is no doubt in our minds that she will be successful. Good luck. .iw - A Mn' i.i furry quirl, rmil .i'fuv'rI,' liul lrlrlyiugf liirmu, Jin' r11n'l ln' ln'al." . ... '23 . X ,,,...H-N. x-fe' . . ,.,- Ex.yExi'::'iEt,Y ,j 1. ".' ....... ' My T. ...K 5""i':'..':'nmuumim...1.11g.: f --s Q X , . as .. . . gs . .... . W i gig l - ' ' -------- Y '--- "W -f---- li? --f--f-' -1------x---1--x1 Ji -x1-x1-11-.-.... ...IiiZiZiiliZ1Z'.1ZZ'illlillilillllg.' " A-5 NNN "" f ' ff.jf.II..j.f. f..ffjffEf..fIf'Q.jfff.'f .. ' ' ' . xg is HELEN Dlfl BERT 'lwhiieyn General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Costuming Club, lg Dra- matics, lg Chorus, 25 Monitor Club, 2-3-4, 'Var- sity Basketball, 4. ' Here comes one of Mr. Ceisinger's main worries. Helen is always giggling in German class which causes Mr. Ceisinger to worry. l-lelen's best pal is Eleanore. If one sees Eleanore, it is only natural that Helen will be near by. Helen was very much interested in the sophomore class for some time, but it seems as if that romance with Wilbur has faded away. We ofen wonder why. Helen spends her week-ends in Allentown. She must have a great love for her sister,-and maybe somebody else???? We do not know what "Blondie" wants to do after leaving her Alma Mater, but we feel confident that with her blond hair, her lipstick, and her fair complexion she will be successful. "l'rry grnllr unil awry .small .I iluinly ll1f.V.l', f1.L'1'll lilvuf lly ull." Q Q l 4 i wk, 9 1oHN DIEHL "johnnie" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, lg Hi-Y Club, 2. ' john is one of the quiet members of the class, which, of course, are very few. john takes life as it comes, enjoys it while it lasts and doesn't have a care or worry, because a certain little Miss named Carrie listens to his travels and relieves him of his burdens. All joking aside, john really has a serious side too. and we know some day he will be a great success. john has that quality of keeping quiet when he really has something to say or should say something. john can mingle with the group, but he prefers quietness or Carrie. john's ambition is to become an aviator and we know he will be a good one, because he has already started on the idea. Keep flying, john. "IIr'.i' fl lmy llml ix up unil ilnfng, ll'lIl1 u lIl'!lI'l for any fair." 'fallsIt:::::r'I:is.X3IL.JX5XX.5IiQf ggi . 'f' Z1 2"ff.fZZ " llIiT" i?x?gi'1if'gQQg'EI1Elll.iT3?.Zlf 'T' T" "'Qf1 1Q:QQgf "'k "If Qlillvllilllllilllffi' QQ.ii2 i " ' Ql" 'Qi"C ' 1 .1 " ' ,: 1 , - , . .. . , - , . t , . -- .... , 7. 1 . Q, 3 I l C101 ' 1l.lll"" , N oifwionoa Q -. hbbb BJ: ,fx-g Juaiueze s N x -1 P s 4. N i ERN EST DON EY "Doney" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Model Airplane Club, lg Dramatics, 2, junior Varsity Basketball, 3, Asst. Student Manager, 3, Football Manager, 45 Bas- ketball Manager, 41 Baseball Manager, 45 Chorus, 2-35 Orchestra, l-2-3-43 Band, 2-3-45 Monitor Club, 2-3--4, ' Looking at "Doneyt' one would think him to be very quiet, but appear- ances are often deceptive. He is quite opposite of what he looks to be. He laughs at a joke and usually has one to offer in return. Ernest has proven him- self to be a good student manager. He was student manager for baseball, bas- ketball, and football. "Doney" was also an active member in the orchestra and band. We certainly were fortunate to have a boy like Ernest in our class. He is a friend to all, especially to the op- posite sex. Wishing you lots of luck we say, Au revoirl " 'llunry' is Ihr rlnfwn of lln' rlflxx, .lllil from nur lIH'llIIll'j' ln' fu-ill lm! f11l.r,r.' X F- l l s MARTIN E. DRUCKENM I LLER "Dooky" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Model Airplane Club, lg Orchestra, l-Z, Scouters' Club, 25 Chorus, 35 Baseball, 4, ' Girls! He can't help that he is handsome. No, it isn't nervousness that makes his eyes go like that, he's just flirting with another girl. "Dooky" is a fiddler of our class, although when asked to play he says he can't play. Martin proves to be a willing worker, but not when he is supposed to play the fiddle. "Dooky" is a studious chap, although one cannot call him a bookworm. He finds time to play tricks and to have jokes played on him. Martin is a quiet chap, but if aroused he certainly can start things humming. "Dooky" expects to be a comedian on the radio. Cio to it. "Dooky", we know you will be success- ful with your tricks. "i'llariin is thy, lhzl nut, iwllfu Ihr girly pax.: hy." . . . i ....... '25 35:5 S Xt . X x,,1, . X X c......,.1-..,w.., , . taxa rv 'N OX M Swiss , .... ..... .... .... ..... .... . . ,, EQ3iANSQ?xlif3 . if .fJ'Js,ss31i,EZif' MORRIS ETKIN ' CLEMENT FALSTICH "Etkins" gm General Dramatics, lg Latin Club, lg Hi-Y Club, 2-45 Forensic Club, 43 Debating, 4. ' "Good things come in little pack'- agesf' Here's a living witness to that fact. "Small, but mighty," for Morris can handle three times his size in a debate. and what a voice for oratoryl And a laugh that more than once set an entire class roaring. "Etkins" took an active part in dramatics, Forensic, and Hi-Y Club work. He left us in his sophomore year and we missed him greatly while he attended school at Philadelphia. We're very glad, however, that Morris returned to finish his senior year with us. We'd have guessed tailoring, or the legal profession, or maybe lecturing as a life work for Morris, but he has chosen the quiet life of a pharmacist. May suc- cess crown your every effort. "l'irlunus and fuiriou: wfzirry man IIHIJI br, l"r'fu' in lln' rxlrrrnr, llut all in flu' .lrg1rri'." .iclemn Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg junior Mechanics Club, 23 Chorus, 3, Tattler Staff, 4g Hi-Y Club, 4. ' If ever a fellow was graduated from high school who was in love with his profession and felt sure that he had chosen his life work correctly it is "Clem." Clement is our authority on commercial questions, no matter what their nature, bookkeeping, secretarial work, typing, shorthand, anything at all, and he knows what he's talking about. "Clem" is a grade A student and an ag- gressive worker. When he promises to do a thing, it's as good as done. Step out. "Clem", and give the women a break, share all your fine qualities with an equally fine member of the opposite sex. We know you'll make good in life. for success is but a matter of time for you. "Hr lifvf: l7HlJf,' fwlm think: nmtl, I"1'1'lJ flu' nulllrxrt, ads Ihr llr'.tI." S CtUm'i'l!f:.'llL'H3lIf.l5Is'iGiI0I0l I '26 'xxx I 3.-Q-STIMIQ 1 fl' 1 ir-mira -5 exe mamonp K N Questia PAUL FOSTER IUNE FRANTZ "Foster" Hluneyn General General Beta Sigma Kappa. lg Latin Club, lg Hi-Y Club, 25 Orchestra, l-2-3-4, Band, l-2-3-4, Chorus 2-35 Dramatics, 2-35 Track, 2-33 Football, 2-3- 45 junior Varsity Basketball, 33 Tattler Staff, 3-4. ' "Foster" is another young man from lvlacungie. He has the prettiest waves but we do not wish to tattie as to how he gets them. "Foster" has his eye on a certain "she" in the senior class and he keeps it on her, especially in physics class. During his years at high school he played basketball and football. He was an active member of the band and or- chestra. He played the clarinet. He was one of the advertisfng managers of the Tattler during his junior and senior years. Paul expects to go to West Point Military Academy. We hope you will be successful in your chosen field. "liruuliful uri' hit QL'fl'1'l'.l' Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Girl Reserves, 2-35 Orches- tra, l-2-3-43 Monitor Club, 2-3-4. ' Behold! the feminine fiddler of the class-and can she fiddle-ll! Ask Mar- cus. june is one of the small members of our class, but that does not stop her from getting what she really wants. june and Emma are inseparable pals and they are always seen talking, not about les- sons, but about the night before. june is always ready to tell Emma about her boy-friends. june seems to have boy- friends located most everywhere. She even travels to the big city of Philadel- phia. We will not say where else because they are too numerous to mention. Ser- iously though, june expects to be a his- tory teacher and the class knows that she will succeed. Co to it, "juney." "nl ruff lililr II1l.fJ, lluf Oh lmfw .thy .luxl fzvlml Jin' frat v lI'l11'11 ilu' lmyx jmxx llI'l' by." .1..l.........l.. ................ Q . ..... L. .... 2... ,,.. ,...,. . ... ."..' . ....'....V. .... Q. . . ... .... ...I ........ F .... 1 .... . Z .................... Z... .... .......gk........V .... ...... . .... Q . Z . ................. ............. . ..... . .. .... ....... . ... l '.V.k..,.,k...k.--xmas s 1 - Q ss Q ii it A ii B ti iiiiiai ii EO Wi ii. ' if . '27 'X -.X Y g f . .. .g wks . UM IL ..... ..i .... - in i 5- igsiss-sastits 3 sf .,5Sf'f S S ARTHUR FRITZ "Artie" General Baseball, 3, Basketball, 35 Track, 3, Dramatics, 3-4, Class Vice President, 4. ' "Artie" arrived at E. H. S. in his ju- nior year. He certainly made many friends, especially among the female sex. "Artie's" interests are with a certain blonde in the senior class and he is often seen walking on Main street. "Fritz" also has another interest--athletics. He played baseball and basketball. "Artie" certainly is able to start a racket. When you hear an awful noise you can just bet "Artie" is in the midst of it. He often puts good times first, although he can work when he makes up his mind. Ar- thur is very well built, dresses neatly, and has a smile and expressive eyes that win him many friends. "Artie" expects to attend a nautical school. Here's to the sailor'-best of luck. ".l jolly frllufw lllllllllfl Ihr' f1'llu-uni, liul fwlzal a man among Ihr fwrnrirnf ,.. '5- ELLA GAAL ..EHa.. Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, l-2. ' "A friend in need is a friend in- deed." Want any help or some kind deed done? Well then, lust go to Ella, she is always willing and ready to help anyone in need. Ella has a smile for everyone and if she does not have one, you know some- thing serious is troubling her. Ella and "jerry" are very close friends. Ella al- ways waits with "lerry" at Sixth Street for the Macungie bus at four o'clock till "jerry" sees her boy-friend off, We do not know where Ella's male interests are centered. They were centered in lvlacun- gie for a while but we think they changed. We are not certain what Ella intends doing after school, but we know that whatever she does, it will be done with a smile. "IIN fiyurr is so nraf, :Ind .thf has Hf.lllIilI'f' Ella" f1'1'l." '28 'LJ 'x-'lift .-gpg.. UQ. . .l .... 1i i C .. . lj' ,,,, s . Cggg ,, ,,,,, ,,, , EXE i5isX?sfti3Nif3 , l NELLIE CEISINCER "Nell" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Chorus, l-2-3, Public Speaking and Debating Club, 2, Monitor Club, 2-3-4, Forcnsc Club, 3--l, Treasurer -l,, National Forsenic League, 3--lg Class Historian, l-4, Class Treasurer, 33 Class Secretary, 4, Tattler Staff, 43 Triangular Debating, -l. ' Alasl The chatterbox of our class. Nellie is forever and ever talking with her hands as well as her mouth. "Nell" is a swell sport and easy to get along with. She is very good when it comes to argument and debating which has made her very popular. Nellie has slight interests in the opposite sex and in our class, everyone knows. So we'Il not men- tion names. "Nell" is an expert when it comes to entertaining and also to cause a commotion in class and perhaps get the rest of us in wrong. Nellie expects to con- tinue school at K. S. T. C. The class wishes you the best of luck. "IIi'ri' ix 11 liunmruui' laxx, KENNETH l-lAlVlSCl'lER "Kenny" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Scouters' Club, lg Monitor Club, 2, Chorus, 3, Health Club, 3, Football, 2- 3-4, Baseball, 4. ' Ladies and Gentlemen, we now pre- sent to you the great football hero. "Ken- ny" is always smiling. No matter when you look at him you will find him wear- ing a big broad smile. On the football field, even a hard throw did not cause him to stop smiling. "Kenny" enjoys a joke and usually has one to offer in re- turn. He was quite popular among the weaker sex but then, remember the song hit, "You've Cot to Be a Football Hero." We do not know what "Kenny" wants to do, but we think he should become a football coach. We feel confident to say that "Kenny" will be successful. just keep smiling, and you will reach the top of the ladder. " -lK'1'lIllj'l Jl'1'lIl5 ,thy all Ifli' flL'A'fld', .luxf fuk any uirnzlirr of flu' tffI.f.f'.n lin! Oli my, flL'fI!lf ll .ul1ili'."' S f fl 1 5 5 5 E Si 'Q :- iiziiiilii' . i"' if If ' '.'.i '12 ..... 1 .......... ...... L .... ' . .. .... .1111'.i1'.2i'.'Li2L'i.. ......... 1 .... 1 ..... v'-" .- .12 ..1i11L1.Q.. ' :'iii:ii1'i1:1:i:iuwnn'iuiilul '29 ,S-S. X T . sg xx. i ' ,7,f""' ' -X'- '- fe-1-.-ss: -11 x.,. se. s .. M A X ' h e .. ...c. . i... Q ,,,,.. . L .. . N Q' fi .. k 1, l j Q"" gl f " ' ' it - . 3 .il . : ,J iV,, fs, A g , , , , r e . g- -----. -- .. ..., .. ..... ...sm .. ..,xs...,. Q, lj . 5 -... Ss ,. . as X A l VERNON HARRISON "Harrison" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Dramatics, lg Scouters' Club, 23 Hi-Y Club, 4. ' l-lere's another person that hails from the large village of Vera Cruz. Ver- non is a person of a quiet and bashful disposition. He has queer ways of going at things and we hope he benefits by these methods in the aviation line. "Har- rison" is a peculiar type of fellow. He does not participate in any sports or de- bating, and most important of all, he detests girls. We have been in Vernon's class for four years and now, in our senior year, we know as much about him as we did when we were in ninth grade, which isn't saying much. Anyway, that kind al- ways makes good. Vernon has great ex-- pectations to become an aviator. Stick to your ambitions and you'll get there. "l'frnnn ix quirl and .rhyf ll'r mcoulil lil-1' lu krlniu' wily." WARREN HARWICK "Harwick" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Scouters' Club, lg Latin Club, 2, Hi-Y Club, 43 Forensic Club, 43 Na- tional Forensic League, 45 Triangular Debating, 4. ' "Harwick" hails from Vera Cruz and is liked by all members of the class. "Harwick" is very small, but, can he debate? The triangular team could not have possibly done without Warren. "Harwick" always goes at his work with a smile. He is always willing to do fa- vors for other people. "Harwick" likes the ninth grade girls fairly well, although he says that he does not know anything about it. Warren expects to go to Penn State and study to be a civil engineer. The class knows that Warren will suc- ceed because he never gives up until he has accomplished his work. The class of '34 wishes you the best of luck. ufllilfffll if alfwayr at llix fu'ui'l', u"!ll'!I IYIHIHI nn, ln' llI'1'l'l' .rliirl-.v." BMYAIIL ' ' USICIOI . -"WF T., Q . . ,,,. . . -- ' mm. uunaz g g lv A osamoim PAA, ig , .f ,gif,..g.1 ,QgB,f: Questia .lt DUANE HEIST "Midget" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Scouters' Club, lg Latin Club, 23 Hi-Y Club, 4. ' Here is the youngest member of our class and so small. He certainly has the correct nickname, "Midget". "Midget" might be small but he "knows his stuff." His capacity for work is not to be doubted. Duane seems to find fault with things for the sake of hearing matters open for discussion. "Midget" seems to have no interest in the opposite sex, al- though it is not definitely known. He certainly is a likeable chap, and his big blue eyes will attract some Miss. Duane is undecided as to what he will do when he leaves E. H. S. His dream is to become a druggist. We hope his dream will come true. Co to it. "Uh, lII',J lililf but lli".r QCII! Q . A i 1 X .Q if + N MARCUS HEYER "Heyer" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Science and Nature Club, lg lunior Mechanics Club, 23 Hi-Y Club, 4, ' "Heyer" is one of the chief me- chanics of the class. "Heyer" and "Swavely" are always seen together un- less you should happen to see june with Marcus. Sh-sh-sh! Marcus doesn't care for girls? At least, that is what he tells us. "Heyer" and "Swavely" are usually up to some mischievous stunt. Ah well, they seem to enjoy themselves. "Heyer" expects to be a radio service man. Have you seen Marcus blush? lf you haven't, just start talking about girls and you will see him blush to the roots of his hair. Whatever Marcus undertakes, we know that he will be successful. The class wishes you the best of luck. "llryfr is thr rrrator uf many lllinyr, llr'.r Il lrrrur fur hir .viz .llumw rlll, rnmnmlfnnf' Q . . 'g.' 5 . ,g .. t. .M, . MH o o .. .. Slut t. ... . t C - '3l , Q r i -: X --I -' 'M sf s s s, ss s? seg,-X x 5, X X XS X tt X X N-.gmxs X .g S X XE by .-ss' ,-xxx 5,siew -eswwssmswsmqe -sw-me-gcss-:---:sss:s-,wears --,. -as - I-1 ,. NX x - me s s Q ss :N Nw 5 t ss . as ask., NMC if ff., ss.. X, gs , 1, 5 Q S l 1 l HAROLD HIGGINS T "Higsv" General Beta. Sigma Kappa, lg Iunior Varszty Basketball, l-2, Chorus, 2-3, Cheerleader, 2-3, Debating, 2-33 Monitor Club, 2-3, Public Speaking and De- bating Club 2-3g Class Vice President, 23 Class President, 33 Oratorical Contest, 3, Tattler Staff, l-2-3-4, Associate Editor, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 4, Hi-Y Club, 2-45 Forensic Club, 3-43 National Forensic League, 3-43 Dramatics, 4. ' Yes, here is a certain chap who is bound for Hollywood. We know that Higgins' personality and his winning smile will bring a great deal of success to him, "Higgy" is quite popular among both sexes. "Higgy's" main interest is in a sophomore girl who lives on Seventh Street. Harold was the editor-in-chief ot the Tattler and he proved himself to be very useful. Harold is another one of our debaters and orators. He has shown a great deal of interest in this type ot work. Good luck and best wishes. "Slatrly :mil fall Q s. -X. l 'i A. ELEANOR F. HUETSCH "Blondie" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, l-23 Monitor Club, 2, Chorus, 33 Dramatics, 4. ' Here is a sweet little blonde tor some one-but dear no, she has already made her choice. This little Miss had planned nursing as her vocation, but we think it has changed into an occupation. We know she'll make a swell little housewife for some well-known lad by the name of Bruder, This girl has a lov- ing nature and indeed Carson is consid- ered a lucky fellow, Eleanor never comes to school especially early at noontime. This is due to her frequent visits to the grocery store in which her weakness works. The store is owned by Carson's father, and maybe some day Eleanor will serve her pals from this very store. Elea- nor, we wish you luck and happiness. "llrr lfrigflll blur ryrx null flllliffll hair, llr Illirzlni luqw' ix all." .llalcfx him .tif :mil .rlrlrf and slarrx' III..II'..III'1fffK"11.1 "'. T f """ "x'Q"fT If'T ':'TIlI f.1fx" 'f2ff2 1i. Tflfll f' ,f t .. Y A"'2 ','2' Ti..2,1.' V . 1 "TT T" ' , ,,,. X , .. . ' ' . '32 'E'Vi. Xt-'1 -' , tx-X.. ,WN ,. Q ,,... .. ..,,,,, ,,., ,.., . . . ,,..,. .. ..,,.,..,,,...,. Xxx. 1 4 4 - Y xg ---- .. wg. J? X is ss KKQQQQQQQQQ 1 g 1 NH 51 fr sw' Y aw'-S"tYXS'+k X . 1 - 51 ' .... i .... 1 T. .... ""' zz"igzzigit'ziiigizfzzzfipzgis ""' Q "'. ::.:':.:xf i::.:..5:5:' " ' 'pq if W l FLORENCE HUNSBERC-ER "Flossie" Ceneral Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Senior Ciirl Reserves, lg Monitor Club, 23 Oratorical Contest, 33 Chorus, 31 Forensic Club, 43 National Forensic League, 4, Triangular Debating, 45 Tattler Staff, 4. ' "Flossie" is one of our studious classmates. She usually has her lessons unless there is a very good reason. Flor- ence is dark, with black wavy hair and so slender we wonder how she keeps that way, but it seems to be her secret. "Flossie" does not pay much attention to boys in school, but just mention her "Pappy" from Alburtis and you'll see her burst into smiles. Florence expects to be a nurse. What a break for patients? We know that "Flossie" will succeed and be liked by all of her future classmates and everyone with whom she has contact. Your type succeeds, Florence, so good luck. "ll'lml Illllkl'J Flrlrrrln' llafifiyf IIN' lhinle iI'.s llfl' 'Pappyf " V 1 n GERALD IACOBY "lerry" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, l-2, Sports Club, l-2, Monitor Club, 25 Camera Club, 2, Chorus, 2'3g Marathon, 3, Track, l-2-33 Base- ball, 33 Tattler Staff, 4. ' "jerry" is a willing worker. He not only does his share of work in school but is so ambitious that he works after school. We certainly feel proud of such a student. "jerry" has shown his interest in the opposite sex for a certain grad- uate of E. H. S. who lives on Fifth Street. "jerry" has represented E. H. S. in many marathon runs and track meets. He has won very many medals and has made the school feel proud of him. "jerry" is very studious, as was shown by his marks. "jerry" is a good sport and a true friend and whatever work he will decide upon for his future will be done perfectly. "Cln'1'rful ni morn, lu' fwakfs from shurl r1'po.u', Carr frrf through lifr hr grim." . . - . . .fi - '33 X My an A . ., . mssftese K ,, Sfff'g.t ssst..xie I ERN ESTl NE jACNESAK "jackie" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Girl Reserves, lg Public Speaking and Debating Club, l-25 Debating, 2-3- 43 Forensic Club, 3-45 National Forensic League, 3-4, Tattler Staff, 3-43 Triangular Debating, 43 'Varsity Basketball, 2-3-45 Cheerleader, 4. ' Most everybody knows Ernestine as announcing a play or campaign but the class wonders if she will ever announce her engagement. "jackie" is a friend to everyone and is a good sport. Many girls envy "jackie's" natural curly hair. "jackie" plays basketball and also de- bates. Sometimes we wonder whether she is debating on the gym floor or play- ing basketball while debating. Ernestine is one of the leaders in the class and does her best in all that she is asked to do. Her intentions are to become a primary school teacher. The class wishes you suc- cess. "Ul1.' that jwsi, f 3 gl KATHRYN jARRETT ..Kmy.. Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Home Economics Club, lg Book Club, 23 Oratorical Contest, 3. ' Kathryn is a very studious member of our class. She is a very dependable girl and does many kindnesses for her fel- low workers. There is a great deal behind that quiet cover which is wrapped around Kathryn. lt was reported that "Kitty" is a very popular girl at Grange. The class does not doubt this. "Kitty" has a very agreeable disposition. If a good joke is about to be presented she is always will- ing to giggle and laugh with the rest. We know Kathryn will some day be a very suitable and dependable stenographer. She is one of those on whom you can rely, so we are sure she is bound to suc- ceed. Go to it, Kathryn. "AI frirml in Ill'l'lI, Nffwr un llfr fini." IJ a frifml ir1J1'1'if." " ' ' ' ' '-'-'-.. "LJ .:i1i'T:i...iL. .... M --'s' .-.. - .. -',. - ,- . .. . . '...,. ...,. .... -.... ...,..,...... ,..,.,, , . 1 . N . '34 '.v.'.2:k .-XQXJQ: . K Iru Luth , 3? ,..,.-.,-,,-, T ,,,,,..,,, Z V... i ..,. ..,. ,,.....,. ..,, ,,.,',,,,,. . .. .. ,,.,.....,,..,,,., ,,,,.,,. . .. ,. .g,,g, Q t I fgkg F .Z .kkk 2:55 we X R www X J ,... .... .......,.. ........ . ..,,,,.., ,...,..,.......... W . .. ..... iif..iT..1i?51 i.1 .""' ,N g y? .. . .f -- -. . . . A ess: g N1. sa xi es we a 5 -'B li si l MARGARET KEEFER "Skeets" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Dramatic Club, lg Travel Club, 2. ' "The next number on our program will be a toe dance by Miss Margaret Keeterf' This announcement was seen or heard many times during her four years' stay with us. Margaret is a very good toe-dancer and will be successful if she makes good use of her talents. Margaret reads many different kinds of stories, maylbe that accounts for 'her knowledge ot various things. She also plays the piano very well. We do not know whether Margaret has shattered any hearts ot the stronger sex, but we often wondered why she was so much in- terested in the Comets basketball team. Margaret does not know what she wants to do after leaving high school, but re- member, Margaret, we are with you. "Dark ryizr, .lurk flair lluppy Jmilr, lufwly air.' Q fx l jx ELEANORE KELLER "Puppy" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Girl Reserves, lg Dra- matics, l-43 Monitor Club, 2-3-4, Chorus, 3. ' Eleanore is very quiet. She never has much to sayg although she and Helen have many secrets and surely they can talk. "Puppy" takes her lessons seriously but nevertheless she likes a good time. Eleanore is the third of the Keller's to graduate from E. H. S. "Puppy" is cap- able ot singing and acting very well. lf you have ever seen her in music class you will agree that she is quite an actor. Eleanore has waves that any "he" could fall for. She goes to Allentown every Saturday night. She claims she is not meeting anyone, but the class has its sus- picions. "Puppy" has the ability to do commercial work and some day she will be somebody's stenographer. The class ot '34 wishes you success. llI1',I'II!lIII'I"5 blurb, -wrwy hair, .lliyhf nrakr JIIIIII' ffllufw rar: . . i '35 x .. .ii....m ex umm :mo sq l 3 it u as we C BERNICE KEMMERER "Phib" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Home Economics Club, lg Tattler Staff, lg Latin Club, l-2, Public Speak- ing and Debating Club, l-25 Chorus, 2-3g De- bating, 2-3-43 Monitor Club, 2-4, Forensic Club, Secretary, 3, President, 41 National Forensic League, 3-4, Triangular Debating 43 Dramatics, l-3-4. ' We wish to introduce to you one of the pretty brunettes of our class. "Phila" is a very interesting person and others became interested in her pleasant perso- nality. Bernice spends her Saturday nights at the Owls. There seems to be an attrac- tion with blond hair. "Phib's" ambition for the future is to become a trained nurse which will then prepare her to be- come an air hostess. Bernice can talk, ar- gue, and last of all recite. She sure would be lost if she could not use her talent in expression. "Phib's" going to start -her future next fall. We're wishing you the best of luck. "Brrnirf is Illl' xilly typr But you .vlioulil hrar lirr rfrifrf' s 'Q DOROTHY KEMMERER "Dot" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lp Home Economics Club, I3 Girl Reserves, 23 Class Treasurer, 23 Chorus, 2- 35 Monitor Club, 2'4, Oratorical Contest, 33 Forensic Club, 4, Basketball Manager, 4, Tat- tler Staff, 4. .- ' "Dot" is one of the all around girls, very friendly and kind. "Dot" was man- ager ofthe basketball team. "Dot" likes to take bus rides to Macungie to visit her girl-friend or should we say her boy- friend? Well anyway "Dot" is always welcome in that town. "Dot" is very popular with the opposite sex from neighboring towns. "Dot" likes to sing some "snappy" tunes and put on a good tap dance, and has done so before many large audiences. "Dot" is a very busy lady and is always seen flying through the halls. "Dot's" future ambition is to be somebody's stenographer. Good luck to you. "Tall and slim, boyx, not ll rhanrr, But gorh, you should :rc thi.: gal danrrf' WW-llL S IfI'li'1YlliiIOIOl '36 ' x z.. . ,.: ., s ...wir f.,- X X Qt. Wtiifg. . , 'fr r Q. . P ,.Q,.,,.. ,,1,, .,. Q,. ... Q flair-Y . it DX! , ommotiml """ f ffxfx'..ruess.ss . 4 f 2' , - RdB'ERT KLAN - "Lefty" Commercial Scouters' Club, lg Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Booster Club, 23 Varsity Baseball, 2-3-4, Captain, 3-4. ' Do you want to start "Lefty" talk' ing? Do you want to see unequalled en- thusiasm manifested over one of our fa- vorite sports? just say, "baseball" loud enough for "Bob" to hear you, and he automatically responds to that innate love for his favorite pastime. And why shouldn't he? The idol of the mound-- our star pitcher-captain of the team- he certainly has a right to talk. But what "Bob" can't understand is why he feels so embarrassed when approached by the fair sex. The girls say it's a treat to find a bashful boy these days-so courage, "Bob" Your classmates are rooting for your success in life, "Lefty," just as they cheered you in those baseball games. USl'If-fl'1'I'I'l'IlI'1', .w'lf-k1umr.'lr'i1g1', srlf-runfrul, Tlnzw alum' lrail lifr to sowrrfign pufwrrf' CHRISTINE KRAUSS "Teeny" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Girl Reserves, lg Booster Club, 2. ' "Teeny" is one of the beautiful girls of lvlacungie. Modest and shy as she may seem, she is never absent when a good time is in sight. She is a real sport. We wonder why "Teeny" blushed when the song "Billy Boy" was sung in chapel. Christine did not take up athletics but spent much of her time studying. "Teeny" has hair which many adore, we mean "waves galore." Ask Christine to write a tune to love words. She certainly has the ability! One of Christine's hob- bies is riding in a Ford. "Teeny" expects to continue her education by taking a course in home economics. Cio to it, pal, you'll succeed. "Sludy, fwurk, loan'- Tlu' grratzxrl of tlirsr it Iofvr." x'liYa!lL'H S I Ifl 5 IHC 3 DIGIT '37 QAAA. H13 MQJ t V .Xb -saw--f'-ss. 'fi "A"' LZ: .N-Q11-'ti' '5 .,..X .Q x.., X TQ X ...:1.:.:i.'i ..........,.... ..,.,..,. J .-.. fy. N.KwwxNNx -. . . .. . Q 1 - t ts its L. bswtggwtwixixwxmx Sw"S gNgKS XNYXYbYNWNkWWYN ..s-P+" .L..L .... ,.2ii1i1:i1:L:i4:xxisseszazzqem-xg: 1: x,..,x, :Q11 X.., -S- K . K. CLAlRE LACl-llVlAN i "Claire" C-eneral Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Cheerleader, lg Health Club, l-2, Varsity Basketball, 2-3, Chorus, 31 Monitor Club, 2-3-43 Tattler Staff, 2-3-43 Dramatics, 4. ' Behold! one of the fair members of the class. Yes, it's too bad, boys. but she is already taken. Claire thinks that Top- ton is a swell place??? We can't blame her because "he" comes from there. Claire is one of our girls who does a great deal of thinking, We wonder whether she does a lot of studying, "Claire" and "Shelley" are usually seen together, dis- cussing "private" affairs. When a good joke is cracked, Claire seems to be the first one to catch on, and a peal of laughter is heard sounding through the class rooms. Some day we will see an ad- vertisement reading "Claire's Beauty Parlor." Best of luck, ole' kid. ulluppy nm I, frum rrlrr l'1n fzff, I kuufzc fzcilli 'ffrullir' l'1lllfl'lIfl'4i l'll br. s STANLEY LASER "Stan" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Booster Club, President, 23 Chorus, 23 Class President, 2, Class Treas- urer, 4g Tattler Staff, 43 Dramatics. -43 l-li-Y Club, Vice President, 4. ' All life is one long endeavor to reach the ideal. Would that all men might suc- ceed as Stanley has, lust studious enough to be one of the best students: just con- genial enough to be a real pal among the fellows, just reserved enough to be ad- mired and in demand by the fair sex. lf you want something done well, ask "Stan" to do it. Stanley is a born leader having served as club president, class president, and in other offices. He stood second to none in his splendid perform- ance in the senior class play. Success awaits you, "Stan", Our sincerest wishes and highest hopes accompany you. "Hit flirlwmvnzr IIFI' nn llI"LL'1lfrf ligflll, Tha! rnulwxr Ihr pull: llrfurr' him llriylllf' 2222 S '38 . ,,b, W ,:'b, g .i g .,,,,,Y, . .g ,NL gkqjkukb g ... . .. . va DX! . . ....,..... ..., ,, ..mggg.5Q q, H M . , LOVIE LAUDENSLACER "Schrimpie" W Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, l-25 Var- sity Basketball, l-Z-33 Class Secretary, 25 Chorus, 2-35 Monitor Club, 4. ' "How many, please?" Yes, you guessed right, this is the little lady that greets you when you enter the Penlo Theatre with her cheery smile and familiar phrase. "Shrimpie" is the small lass of our classg she may be small in size, but she's mighty otherwise, and can she blush!! Lovie's favorite song is "limmie Had a Nickel." We wonder why. lt's too bad the boys don't go to beauty parlors and have their hair waved, because Lovie intends to take up hairdressing after she is through high school and we all know that she will make a very good one. May- be by the time Lovie has her shop the boys will be having their hair waved. Co to it, Lovie. "Thr thing that you farflwst in liff, I: just a plvaxrlnl .fmil1'." v n V 4 4 BENlAlVllN C. LICHTENWALNER "Ben" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Radio Club, lg Latin Club, l 5 Dramatics, l-3. ' Here comes another of our bashful seniors! "Ben" is very bashful in school, but we are told that he is not that way in Macungie. We wonder whether it is the Emaus climate or the girls. "Ben" is very slow in talking, but after he is once started he knows that he is right and will "stick" to it. "Ben" hails from a farm, and he certainly does know his "stuff" about raising animals and crops. Beniamin is one of the Lichtenwalner twins, but he is not at all like his brother, Charles. It takes "Ben" a long time to get things done, but believe me, they are done right then. "Ben" wishes to attend Penn State after graduation. l-lere's luck, "Ben," "So quirt and .rliy IIN' -womlrr u'l1y??!"' '39 X, C Ns 5 I , V QQ it . Q . . .,,', ti . .. . . . . ,. . . A ,i " 'if 5915! ssiasiewrn K N lQ3i.5S3Si..ESZ. CHARLES B. LICHTENWALNER "Charlie" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Radio Club, lg Latin Club, 23 Dramatics, l-3. ' "Charlie" is the other one of the twins from Macungie. Charles is a very industrious lad and can always be found where there is a discussion about farm- ing. "Charlie" did not take an active in- terest in athletics during his four years in high school. We think his mind was too full of other things. We can accuse "Charlie" of nothing concerning the op- posite sex, but during his life outside of school we can hardly think that he has escaped the lure of some female. Charles shares the duties of bringing his two "Kid" sisters to school every morning with his brother, Benjamin. "Charlie" expects to further his education at the Pennsylvania State College. Co to it, "Charlie," we're with you. "Ur lu his ivlriluxr awry kinil, lful lu hit fuullx ll lilllr' lllinilf' lVll RIAM LICHTENWALNE "Mickey" vi, Commercial ' Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Home Economics Club, lg Health Club, 2. ' Another one ot the quiet members of the class. This is one of our farm lassies and one can easily tell she is one by looking at her rosy cheeks and homely disposition. "Mickey" is the seamstress of our class and is very good at it, she makes all her own dresses. There's a question in our minds as to why Miriam likes to attend all the Grange meetings. We believe there is a fine looking young farmer lad there that is holding her at- tention. Miriam goes out walking each noon, because she prefers plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Miriam's main ambition is to be a home economics teacher and we know she will make a very good one. Best wishes, Miriam. "llfrf's Iv ll girl Jillrrrl' mul Iruf, Rrrlily and fwilliny lwr -work In ilu." . . .. ..... ..,. ......... . g . ... . ......... '40 1.Q.g55Itli!fyQg,f f mari. lll3lt '5' re 2 :seam ow Q fs 'J u as Ls: E 'I N. Ls, Q' gh, 5 3 D N RAY LOSCH "Chicken" General ' "Machs gute, booval!" Yes, you're right, that is Losch's pet expression. When Losch speaks to his closest friends, you may be sure that it's in the Pennsyl- vania German dialect. "Chicken" hails from Topton, and has just been with us for the senior year, nevertheless we know him too well to take his famous "tall stories" seriously. Might we add, that in these stories a certain name is often mentioned in connection with the hero, yes siree, that name is Loschl The best feature is "Chicken's" apparent sincerity which gives the "victim" the impression that the story is really true. What we're getting at is that Losch is quite a joker. Seriously though, "Chick- en" expects to become a construction en- gineer. We're with you, Losch, may suc- cess be yours! "llrri"i' Ihr 'guy' fwlm lrllx us Jroricx, Du 'wr l14'lir'1'r' 'rmf No, Ilmy burr' us CECELIA MCELROY "Cele" Commercial Health Club, 2. ' l-lere's happy "Cele," a tall girl of our class. She's lively and funny and gets what she wants. Are you in need of a dancing partner? If you are, call on "Cele". Hey! "Cele", did you see lennie any place? Certainly, she's right behind me. Naturally there she is, so stupid of me. Boys, here's where you'll have to take two, for where one is, the other is also. "Cele's" mind has wandered away from Emaus and traveled to Boyertown. We wonder why. Well whoever he is, he certainly is lucky. "Cele's" main ambi- tion is to become a nurse, but we also believe her ambition is fading like len- nie's. We know whatever "Cele" under- takes, she will be a success. Co to it, "Cele", we're with you. "xl right smart girl ir Jllr, Sin' knofw: 1L'll1Ir5 -wha! you :rr - , , . , . . . s r '4l -4 Mx .,Qx.,f: - . , f it k,,,, , tt isii i i f mil . ' ...,.x. QKQQQKQ A.-' if , i 4 l I 4.'- Q 4 K ' .fe '-,1l- -- PAUL MERKEL "Moose" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Scouters' Club, lg Base- ball, lg Hi-Y Club, 2-4. ' Paul is one of the unusual boys of our class. Exceptionally quiet, it certain- ly is a blessing to have a few quiet ones in the class. "Moose" travels some dis- tance to acquire his education, but is making it worthwhile. Paul is also un- usual in the fact that he is very bashful. He will have very little to do with girls but is always a perfect gentleman in their presence. "Moose" knows what he knows and expects to know more. just you try to get into an argument about baseball and see if you win. We are sure that any one tackling him, will lose. Paul's plans for the future are to become a professional baseball player. Best of luck to you, Paul. ".-I quirf. .wrinut .rnrl of lull. Dorf! rush him, girlt, yutfll drifvf him mail." MILLER "Coach" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Scouters' Club, lg Booster Club, 23 Baseball, 2-3-4. ' Do you know why Old Zionsville has just been recognized on the map? The commercial seniors can tell you! lt's because jesse Miller moved there a few months ago. He certainly made that place hum, since his arrival there. But let's quit kiddin'. If you've been at the Emaus High baseball games you've no doubt seen "Coach's" brilliant playing at the position of fielder. "Coachi' also leans toward music. He certainly can "strum" a mean guitar and is known as "Zions- ville's yodeling cowboy." jesse intends to lead a simple, out-of-door life. He has chosen the vocation of forester in the Rocky Mountains. Good luck, "Coach"g may you find a "partner" who will share your interests in the wonders of nature. "Inn, Jrxxr, fwhat haw' you llrrrrf Oli. if',f my girl'.f pirturr from 'ufvrr Ihrrr' B LW:-UL'l5'iilIl'.l 513830101 .t . -157, ,qgggjiili liking, 4 . Tscs f-C. - YY I IN E v 1 l I ' A DX . mmm is si si 5'f"5rf"' flgfff ' .5 u si ic 5 E 1 D N- EGBERT NEETZ ..Eggie,. Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Science and Nature Club, lg Booster Club, 23 Tattler Staff, 4. 0 What's "Eggie" going to do next? No one knows. He's the most original man ever to be graduated from E, H. S. Everything "Eggie" presented was done in some novel, original, and exceedingly interesting manner. Surely our school paper was fortunate in having Egbert to help make it a success. "Eggie" is tall, handsome, and has the most winning smile you ever saw-a personality that will take him anywhere in this world. And can he work? Nobody else can do what he can in the same length of time. This combination spells success in large, golden letters. With you, "Eggie", goes a wish from each one of us that only the best in life may be showered upon you. "Bark of Ihr' Jlllill' fha! hr fwz'ar.f, Lirs hiddrn Ihr ruuragz' of lm." l L i I u . l i i K IENNIE NEWHARD "Nanny" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, lg Monitor Club, lg Class Secretary, lg Book Club, Presi- dent, 2g Tattler Staff, 4. ' Behold one of the fair members of the class. Too late, boys, she's already taken. jennie is a girl we can never for- get, and we don't blame a certain young gentleman for thinking she's nice as we all think it's a splendid match. Talk about personalityg lennie has plenty of it. Can she argue? just listen in some- time when she and "Cele" are at it. jennie can be very studious but her mind so often wanders back to her better- half. lennie and "Cele" are inseparable pals, where one is, you are sure to find the other. lennie's future ambition is to become a nurse, but we believe this idea is fading away. Happiness be yours. "Happy and frrr from rarr is Jhr, SI11' knoiws 'with 'Kfnny' rontfnt sl11"ll Im." .ildlillgl '43 Ns t tX...iii K. A K - - . .,,, '-,L" 5 ' -V wif ".' ....N., i ,.,- , A . :" , " X t f .k,.. . wi' ' . r . ' s 'lmiiillflll' 1... f. ...fialf F. ' X -x:' '."-.':-"'?:.-':'4'-.'N JN- -1i"-r--if - fi' .:-N as i as si as N it -QQ jfjffiffxf ts as s s.. X 3 n ,Q L Q NORMAN E. NOLL HNOHY., Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Track, l-2-3, Football, l-2-33 Monitor Club, 2-3-4, Captain, 4, De- bating, 43 Dramatics, 43 Forensic Club, 43 Hi-'Y Club, 41 Tattler Staff, 4. ' Here he isl There he goesl The busiest man in the senior class. Our own "Walter Winchell" hears all, sees all, knows all, and who else could have cap- tained the Monitor Club as "Nolly" did? But "Nolly" always finds time to be a real pal among the fellows-a terror among the women. Two years ago a broken shoulder barred him from any future athletics, but he was on hand at every game, cheering and boosting in every way. We don't say as you leave, "Nolly", that we hope you will succeed. but we know that you will. Our parting wish is that your success may be even greater than you now hope for. "To liivr zu gfnlly ax ln' ran To bf no mnltrr fwllrrr, ll man." WILLIAM OBERDUSTER no Bee.. General Dramatics, lg Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Radio Club, lg Health Club, 2, Science and Nature Club, 23 Debating, 21 Hi-Y Club, 3, Orchestra, 4: Band, 4. ' Have you ever seen a black Ford coupe with red wheels go around a cor- ner in the general direction of the high school? If you have, it must have been "O Bee", for his method of driving is particularly his own. "O Bee" boasts that he can drive with one arm, and who would doubt such a statement? No doubt at times when he drives with one arm. the Seat beside him is occupied by some fair maiden, but we're getting off the subject. "O Bee" is also one of the pop- ular wisecrackers of the class and he will probably climb optimistically on- ward and reach his goal. He has chosen the managership of a large hotel as his vocation. "ll'l1at fwas thrown out of that parsing rar? YM, if: flu' butt of '0Br'1".r' rigmrf' BBYILY 'ilffli-QIGSIOIOJ . '44 i t 5 e , ,,,, Agp . . , llilkftilllbllt , t A E N A N mmm o N Q 1 .uf .5 U ei LE it ROBERT PILON "Bobby" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Tattler Staff, lg Scouters' Club, l-2, Vice President, 25 Health Club, 25 Debating, 2-35 Oratorical Contest, 3, Forensic Club, 3-4, Vice President, 45 National Forensic League, 3-43 Triangular Debating, 4. ' We see a derby coming down the streetl "Bobby" surely must be under it. Robert enjoys most of all to tell stories of "Old Wyoming." The manner in which he relates them proves that he surely must know something about that part of the country. The most outstanding ac- tivity that "Bobby" participated in, was debating and he certainly did enjoy doing it. His voice and expression helped the debating team very much when it came to the final decision. "Bobby's" attrac- tions for the fairer sex go in all direc- tions, but alasl we must stop at the ju- nior classl Robert's plans for the future turn toward professional golf. "S!i1trly and tall For hi: ilrrlly tllfy fall." OC! MARY M. REZSEK "Baby Face" Commercial Chorus, 3. ' Mary hails from the town of Vera Cruz. Upon her arrival all the boys took to her like a duck takes to water, "Baby Face" shows that she is capable of work- ing. We understand she has a certain "he" in Allentown. Well, go to it, Mary, Allentown is a big city. "Baby Face" has a tendency to come late quite often, al- though she vows and declares that her father's car did not start. Mary intends to knock at the commercial door. We know it will be wide open for her and know, too, that some one will tire of the blessed state of bachelorhood after having her in his employ. We know that you will do your best, but be sure to get there on time. "B1'tIrr lair than 7l1'Wl'f', Bu! brlfrr nrfurr lair." tt t lsiliilkillllfli,,fiGllIOIOl e. M5 S . l' l , ,, .. M,Mk,,,,,,k,,g,,AA ,,,, , , ,,,,,k,,, V , ' -L-'11w""W NYM V Q ...,,,, . .,,,....,. ,,., V.-W xg .. ...M ,, . . , N f. .. . ....,. K' ........,..,.f -- e5r Nmmmwmm. s - 'X 4 ' I .ms Q' 1 3, 5 X E gs E .,. sf we ,. kx.N sf Efwgug A I . ..,Q .. . ,Q,QQQ,, A x,,Q ,,,,.,,,A , Kxxxx Xx. ,,,, , 3 if f ' ' ---- - ------ -- Q--f ----, 1 - x--f-xXX-----1t--x-------- tt--..xx ...... . ..x-- , . . ,,.. few .........,..,..,x ,gif N ,ft if x .... , .,.. 1 -...r. C ' Rf 3 , X so ss- ss 1 1. s.. J-1, BERNADINE RICE "Toots" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg junior Varsity Basketball, l g Tattler Staff, lg Health Club, l-2g Chorus, 2-55 Varsity Basketball, 2-3, Monitor Club, 2-4. ' Bernadine is a well-liked young lady of our class. "Toots" likes her gum and really sticks to it. "Toots" is always willing to listen in on a good joke and her laughter is immediately at hand. Bernadine's interests are centered in a certain young man in our class. They really make a nice couple. "Toots" is another one ot the dancers in our class and attends all dances which she pos- sibly can. Bernadine's main ambition is to become a stenographer. We know she will make a good one tor the right person. We know she will be a big suc- cess in anything lite has for her. Suc- cess be yours. "fiyr.r of .illlilifly lrlin' llrrfvpy lln' fwlmlr' Jay flll'!lll!lll.H J p . l N N J I .J l li MATTH IAS ROTH Q ..Ty,. General Class Vice President, 25 Varsity Baseball, 25 Dra- matics, 4, Forensic Club, 4, Hi-Y Club, President. 4, Tattler Staff, 4. ' "Ty" came into the class of i934 this year and the class regrets that he was not here tor his entire four years. He was very well liked by all members of the class,-especially the girls!!! "Ty" has shown his interest in sports, especi- ally basketball. "Ty" expects to go to Muhlenberg to take a pre-medical course. "Ty" is the only tellow in our class who has a real mustache. Did the girls tall tor it??? Ask him. "Ty" has shown his interest in the weaker sex somewhere near Friedensville. He has also shown some interest in a certain member of the senior class. The class of '34 wishes you success and happiness in the future. "NMI aml Jlrrk, illffl our 5l1ir'k."' ffl UXOISIOIOJ '46 I' ,rf lf . 4: 'Wi l r., :l am i na it is is SESAM mem -P Q G wi at 311. 55 LUCILLE RUTH "Lou" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Latin Club, l-23 Chorus, 2-35 Dramatics, l-2-3-4, Monitor Club, 2-3-43 Tattler Staff, 4. ' Lucille is one of our studious and quiet g'rls. "Lou" has been with us four years and has proved herself to be a will- ing worker. Lucille would like to be the head waitress of a large hotel, but she might change her mind and be the head waitress of a large family? Truly, though, Lucille likes the boys. and we frequently find her telling escapades of what hap- pened at choir practice. lt is O. K., "Lou", nobody will ever hold anything against you on account of that. Lucille is quite frequently found star gazing, but we can't seem to locate what she is dreaming aboutg but we have our sus- picions????? May you have the best of luck. "ll'alkir1y1 up antl JIIQCII Ihr .rtrn'f, ll'nntlf'ri1ly1 'KCIIIIIII .rl11"tl likr' ru mr'1'l." PAUL SAYLOR "Soil" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Scouters' Club, l-2, Sec- retary, 2. ' Ladies, please hold back. Wait until the rush is over. Give him air. We admit he is handsome and that he is our mod- ern shiek, but that only aggravates his danger of suffocation. "Soil" is studious at times but often forgets his school work in the evening. But then he is hardly to blame, for who wouldn't shoot pool rather than study? Paul seems to be a bashful boy, but when he is wound up he can help himself. The class is told that he is quite a popular dancer at the "Hoedowners." Paul is interested in gunning and also has become quite skilled as a taxidermist. We do not know what Paul intends to do, but whatever he tackles, we hope he will be success- ful. "Old 'LUIHIIJ llivrf bf a rrrfuin url, By fwhirli fu Qcin Il mniilrn'.r ,Il'lIf1.n if l . .i . c 1 I 1,2- 2 N,-.x .. is ev- is ---Q """"" " "" ' Q1fy'Q+Q QQQ , ' Q' ' ,Q 'Q Q , '."" .,... 1::i1'.1:t.:1: g".' Q QQ - . B as ALFRED SCHANZ RAYMOND F. SCHERERAA L gl,-9 "Schantzy" UFGGTHKGWJYVLG General Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Sports Club, lg Health Club, l-2, Dramatics, l-2-3-45 Debating, 2: Chorus, 2-35 Track, 3, Football, 2-3-43 Forensic Club, 3-43 National Forensic League, 3-4, Moni- tor Club, 3-4, Hi-Y Club, 4. ' Who's the fellow with the large muscles? Look at the big chest! What a muscular backll Yesl it's our he-man: every class has one, and we are proud of "Schantzy." "Schantzy" is the best wrestler ever leaving E. H. S. He was un- doubtedly the best end of any football team that E. H. S. ever produced. Well, just any sport, whether basketball, toot- ball, baseball, or track, it is incomplete without "Schantzy." But don't think that athletics claimed all his attention. He took an active part in dramatics, chorus, Hi-Y, and Monitor work. One of the most popular fellows who can't help but make good. "Jo-ziirzl, yrnial, .rlrady and lruf, Beta Sigma Kappa, l 3 Orchestra, l-2-3-43 Chorus, 2-33 Band, 3, Hi-Y Club, 2-4, Aviation Club, 35 Baseball, 2-3-45 Football, 4. ' Behold one of the tallest members of the class! Oh yes, he is quite good looking, too. No, don't crowd, girls, he has his ideal picked. He is another one that hails from the big town of Albur- tis, You may think "Feet" bashful when you tirst look at him but get him into a crowd and I am sure you will see very soon that he is the ringleader. When passing through the halls and a loud howl is heard, one may think "Feet" is around somewhere. Raymond proved to be quite a popular athlete. "Feet" has decided to be a baseball player. Here's good luck to our future baseball player. So long ..FeetQ.. "Ruy ix not .m small, 'Sfl11urIzy'.r' a lfmlff' fwllu rnrrifx tliingx fllfvllfllhn Bu! hr knwwx il all." '48 .Q gf. . X s ,N . . , , , ,,,,,,, ,,, , , ,,,,, , 1 ,,, , , ,, , ,. , , ,,, - , ,, . . 'l P" W I egg ....,. Z -.Y ....,.. . .. .,..... fy . . . s Qt tl .,'.'L fwg,-f-0 N-kb .W--pts-Ms,.A. .fl q Y.Yk--Qk. qs ...x Q Y,,,,,.,Y,.,,.,.,...,..,, - x,,, ,Y..Y..Y.,, .,,..Y,,.Y.,.Y,.. . .. .. . .. . .... . .Y.... 5 , .. . ... . . .. ...W.. .. 1l....,. .. . . Nfl l I W Ml CLARA SCHMICK "Schmicky" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Costuming Club, lg Health Club, 21 Chorus, 2-35 Nfarsity Basketball, 2-3-4. ' Here comes a small and fat girl? We know that Clara is useful in many ways. Her work is very neat, this will help her to secure a position. "Schmicky" was another of the boosters for the Comets We wonder whether Myron had anything to do with it. "Schmicky" was our center on the basketball team, and proved to be a good player. "Schmicky" was a faithful worker, and we often wondered what Miss Strausbaugh would have done without her. Clara does not .know what she intends doing after leav- ing E. H. S., but may we suggest a course in home economics. The class wishes you success in whatever you undertake. Well, so long! "f.'lnru fx quitf full null thin ARLENE SHELLY "Shelley" Ceneral Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Girl Reserves. l-23 Chorus, 2-3, Monitor Club, 2-4, Public Speaking and Debating Club, 33 Varsity Basketball, 2-3-43 Forensic Club, 45 Tattler Staff, 4. ' What's the rumpus in the hall? lt couldn't be anyone but "Shelley", al- ways up to some kind of mischief. Arlene is one of the most popular and best liked girls of our class, but who couldn't help liking those great big blue eyes which have caused many a heartache. "Shelley" hails from Vera Cruz which seems to give her rosy cheeks and plenty of energy. Arlene happens to be our best basketball guard, so watch your step, boyslll "Shelley" is very much interested in the opposite sex. Arlene expects to teach physical education for her future livelihood. Co to it, pal, and you'll suc- ceed. "Tu L-lmfw lirr if lu lilw- lirr In l1u.ilw'Il1nll ilu' it turf ru 'lL'lll.H To liler' lirr if to lofzw' lll'f.n :.13i 3'f f lklr SZ: ..... Q... klkk :f f .. P '." .. f .,,' 3 ""3 12: I Vlllk Vlkk. V 'ffl . 3l'L 'mliiiiili ,:,, 7 .l.l 'fi ".3""3' 7 Y 1.2. , sum's-ww f l H S HQ .T J ....... . TZQZZTN ....." i """'. . .... .. .... 11 ...... 1 1:12 ....... ..... ....... jf. ....... '49 .113 ,,,Q:..l, ..,.,,Q. . .:q,.. . h Y miai-fioiw 'h iff? g.ti.feiL.Ee LUELLA SHOEMAKER "Lou" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Health Club, lg Booster Club, 2. ' Here is a very quiet Miss. Don't think for a minute she can't make noise because that is not so. Did you ever hear "Lou" cackle? Well, you ask her some- time and l am quite sure she would oblige you. We don't know just where "Lou's" interests are. We suspect they are in Lehighton as she makes frequent visits to that town. That's all right, Le- highton isn't such a bad place consider- ing, Ohl welll! "Lou" is conscientious about her work. When one enters the room in the morning "Lou" can be seen working. She certainly knows her Cer- man. When you see the boys surround her, it isn't what you think. "Lou" is one of our very capable cake sellers, Here's wishing you success, "lla: mari' than :hr krmfws Spfllkl Ir.c.s than .rhr h11u'u'.f." FRANCIS SMOYER "Franny" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, l g Radio Club, l 3 Music Club, 21 Chorus, 2-33 Hi-Y Club, 4. ' "Franny" is another of our out-of- town students. He hails from East Texas and furnishes his own transportation- his car. Francis has a weakness for com- ing lateg we wonder if this is due to his frequent visits to Trexlertown. "Franny" is quite an popular chap. He is interested in singing and has participated in several of our successful minstrels. He has also been active in chorus, and was vice presi- dent of the Music Club during his soph- omore year. As his vocation, "Franny" has chosen that of a dairy farmer. We know that he will be successful in this field, as he has had experience along this line. The class wishes you success in the pursuit of happiness! "'l"rnnny' ix Ihr lailifs' man! ll'r'll .mon xfr him al ra ilixh pan." F Ma. 11001 '50 il il Mi J N Q . k.,,, ..:,:: .x,,, ,,., ,... ' t yco NN-gi....,.im.....:....g , 2 . . ...EE.1.i-if iss. . 1 J . I ,.N..x :,.: .,...,,. ..,. xq...,... . ..., ,,-, omits ff is il - .'-i'lg2g,g. . - ' 4.5, . ll. i E MARIE W. SNYDER "Snyder" Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Costuming Club, lg De- bating, 2, Monitor Club, 2-3-45 Forensic Club, 3-4, National Forensic League, 43 Triangular De- bating, 4. ' Beholdl Here's the arguer of the class, and can she argue!! She is sure to have the last word. ln this way Marie will debate with you for hours it you are patient enough to listen to her. We won- der whether she can ever stop talking. Marie was a member of the triangular debating team. When there is an argu- ment, she will adhere to her side like plaster. Marie is very studious at times and does her work well. Besides being very conscientious with her studies, she is agreeable to have around because of her willingness to do whatever she is asked. Marie expects to be somebody's stenographer. Best of luck. "Marin it Irur, :lull ran slu' !U'jlIl1'.,' l EMMA STASH ..Emma., General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Costuming Club, lg Latin Club, 23 Chorus, 2-3, Oratorical Contest, 3. ' We now present to you one of the quiet members of the class. This is a rare occurrence in this modern day and age. Emma is a very studious girl, which has always brought her good marks. Ernma's interest outside of the school lies mainly in church work. We often wondered whether it was just her love for that kind of work that has drawn her to church. We believe there is a member of the stronger sex involved. Emma wants to take up nursing after leaving E. H. S. We feel sure she will succeed, because she is very trustworthy. We wish you all success. Hlilllllllll llrqwr likrki' to sllirk, Izfvfirrirzlly nal fwliilr iluinu hfr u'ur'k." iiii ii E E 2 t I L if S ii i ii ii i E '51 5 ,i l l i l .s.,. . rm va exe Qlastowol L 'ijf.Q,,tl,5Sii.EZE1 tl? S S5 QE B ALBERT STAUFFER DORIS STOFFLET "Stiffer" "Shanghai" General Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Scouters' Club, lg Dra- Girl Reserves, 2, Varsity Basketball, 3-4. matics, lg Chorus, 3g junior Varsity Basketball. 33 Football, 41 Tattler Staff, 43 Monitor Club, -4. ' Doris is one of the active members of the senior class. She did not come ' "Happy go lucky." that'S "Stiffef." into our class until the sophomore year, His humor has made him many ffieI'1ClS. but in the last three years she has creat- He was the humor editor of the Tattler ed a 'host gf friendg, Doris is very much in his senior year. Albert was One of interested in basketball and has proven the athletes of E. H. S. "Stiffer" has herself quite efficient in that sport. curly hair and he certainly tries his best Her main interests lie in the sophomore to keep them straight. Albert certainly class. That's all right, Doris, just stick keeps his eye on the women. He likes to "Bobby" and don't give him up. Doris 'l'l'16I't1 all, buf his pl'lI"tClp3l 8l'TI'aCl'lOl"i is has a peculiar nickname' "Shanghai," in the sophomore class. "Stiffer" is the which she received from some of the main attraction in German class. He al- Senior boys after the gong "Shanghai ways is getting himself or somebody else Lil" became popular. "Shanghai" does in "Dutch" Albert has nothing definite not know what phase of work she in- in mind as to what he is going to do tends to take up after graduation, but when he leaves E. H. S. Here's luck in we're always with you. So long, "Shang- whatever you do. hail" "Thr llulnurisl it 'Sliffvr' MSIII' is mil Jmnll, .rllr is nu! tall, Nfxl ywar ll1i.v will iliffr'l'." But Jin' is ll frirnd lu all." 1 1 :lg . .... , ,... .. . .P .. :ICICI ' g. '52 Mm..- uv lil! ra w.: rex: DSAMGND ,kg JUBELEIE . . . . W: f we N g . ai N li -yr H ELEN STOU DT "Stoudty" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg C-irl Reserves, lg Drama- tics, l-25 Public Speaking and Debating Club, 2. ' Helen seems shy, but when you get her started you'll find that she is always willing to share her laughter with the class. "Stoudty" comes to school in a Ford roadsterlll Helen says that she is not interested, but we wonder. Helen hails from Vera Cruz and has proven herself very useful to Emaus High. "Stoudty" always has a smile for every- one and really is a friend to everybody. Helen has a wonderful future in store for herself. She intends to be a mission- ary to some foreign country in the near future. Helen can be sure that her work will not be done in vain, because the class of '34 is with her wherever she goes. "Happy am l,' from mn' I'm frrr! Why ar1'n't lhry all rontfntrd lilrf' mc?" 053 RUBIE STROH ..Ruby,, Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Costuming Club, lg Travel Club, 2, Chorus, 2-3, Dramatics, 2-3-45 Ora- torical Contest, 3, Monitor Club, 3-4, Tattler Staff, 4. ' Remember this lassie? Why, it's "Ruby," of course! This young lady played the feminine lead in the class play. Her husband's affections changed many times during the course of the play, and no wonder, he had married the ex-"change" editor of the Emaus High School. "Ruby" received many exchange papers, some coming from schools as dis- tant as Notre Dame, Indiana, and New Brunswick, New jersey. "Ruby" is deter- mined to become a shorthand teacher. We are sure that she will succeed for she has always been able to "take" rapid- fire dictation. "Ruby" has all the funda- mentals necessary for a successful career. "'Ruby' ix ri drprndnlllr gal, .4 typrwrilrr :hr ran surely rat-Il1'." Q 'q..T...i2l:.l2f2gl "k' X.xx. ,cl g is in R X X , Q 5 1 XY 5 I X My sc Q 1+ f 1. iuixwmsx eSxmX??msmQsxs as """"k"""' as-ess::::::::r::mems:emsssXmfxx:sww1wv. .,.. ...lf .2 w Re.-' - I X , VANCE SWAVELY "Vance" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Science and Nature Club, lg junior Mechanics Club, 23 l-li-Y Club, 4. ' If "silence is golden," then Vance is certainly on the gold standard! This chap is very quiet and studious, although he appreciates a joke whenever one is offered. Everyone admits that he cer- tainly knows his physics. 'Besides his school curriculum, Vance has outside in- terests, including printing and radio work. Many a night he may be seen at Bieber's print shop or at Hyle's radio shop. We know that Vance's ambition is to become a radio technician and we wish him all the luck in the world. There's just one thing that's hard to un- derstandg we wonder if the girl's books he keeps in his desk aid him in the study of either physics, radio, or print' ing. EARL WAGNER "Wagner" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Science and Nature Club, lg Chorus, 23 Latin Club, Z, Monitor Club, 43 Tattler Staff, 43 Hi-'Y Club, 4. ' Earl is another member of our class and is liked especially by a certain sophomore girl!!! Earl really is the handy man of the class, always willing to run errands. May you crawl up the ladder as fast as you travel for your friends. Earl is a very studious student, whose name was seen on the honor roll quite frequently. "Wagner" expects to be a mechanic. Earl has shown a great deal of interest in the Tattler, and has proved himself very capable to the class. "Wag- ner" is the type of a person who puts his whole heart and soul into whatever is assigned to him. We know that he will be successful in whatever he under- takes. Good luck. ulilllltl' ix nf flif .ililtlinzlx lylrr: I nliillfl ix lln' girl Irusrr uf lln' rlu.t.r ll'llru ln' tluixi' tl lllilzyf ln' Juv.: ll riy1l1l." .-llfzvrlyx lhrrf, 1L'lll'IlI"l'I'I' Hwy jl11,r.r." .ILL-Z-.Z ...,, I. .... ,.,, im .. t , - .5 -,c.,,, , N f, , .,.. .. Qgiilf... .... .... Q2.?!fiii1Ii,l1.Ii.2L .... 1 .. : . s.m -Q.. ...Q1Q'if !.f .. . '! .. :- , . O54 N . h . , l Q .....x.. - .... Y .... F xxxxx ss we .f... ..::::s::::::z::1?m F --YVYYY ............. : ...... s frrffesw ..,. Q.. .-ffa-- . NMC.. X E NL Q ...., aatt t . f 3 s l Q s. x x .N.x .. Wirzxaixx ...,. ,...s..fi .... 5 .... I . X. Ni, '. l 3 A -aa x X . Is w x ARLENE WEAVER -SK "Lenie" K Commercial " Book Club, Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Costuming Club, lg Club, Secretary, 2, Chorus, 2-3, Forensic 4, Tattler Staff, 4. ' l-lonkl Honkl What's that noise on Third Street? Oh, yesl lt's only Henry and his Ford letting Arlene know that they have arrived. Arlene believes in the say- ing that dark haired people should choose life partners with light hair. Well, Ar- lene certainly didl All joking aside now, Arlene really is a very studious and am- bitious young girl and gets much accom- plished in a day. especially on those days she knows Henry is coming. You should see Arlene handle the typewriter. Can she tickle those keys? She is the fastest typist in our class. The employer who gets Arlene for a stenographer will cer- tainly not get a slacker, but a willing worker. Keep it up, Arlene, we're with you. "Sln"x ulfwuyi' fln'i'ry w.c'ln'rl lhiuyi yu fzwuugf, lJI'I'l'I'.l .fllAilll'.l'.l' ll41L'll-1' fwltll ll .flr1ilr." s 5 Nix W s s I 5 .l .1 I 4 CLARENCE WEIDNER "Connie" General Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Deutscher Verein, 2, De- bating, 2-3--'lg l-li-Y Club, 2-4, Tattler Staff, 31 Forensic Club, 3-4, National Forensic League, 3-4, Dramatics, 4. ' Aviator, philosopher, orator, man of affairs, including business, politics and the more serious things ot life. This is the "Connie" who debates, who speaks in club meetings, who gives us infor- mation on any important topic whether in class or out. "Connie" was the banker in the senior class play and executed his part as nobody else in the class could have. The biggest uproar in Miss Kirk's room and one of lvlr. Ceisinger's plague spots, always joking, laughing and being a nuisance in general, this is the other 'iConnie"-a perfect combination for success in life-and "Connie's" success is assured. We'll never forget you, "Con- nief' Worlds of luck to you. Ml'lIll'flL'IlI'il, Illlrl frulir' glrr' fzc'u.i' fl1i'ri', Tin' will lu Ju, Hn' Juul In .lur1'." Yllllllillliwl ""i . .'.'.fl'E'.Ql 'ii" T5 F'i' fufikf 'i"'Fi 1"'I2l'TfiT1TTTQ'Civ fr ii'fF f'11'122.iI21 ..,Qf.1M ' N x X rss ss st :1i::11:2'21111':' Mwiili? ..... 1 11 "" '55 U cQ..-1 , ... . ..,,,, K ,, A,.Y, ,..,.-,1-,,L- - l f,,,,,-,,f,, N "5iF"U N... . .. skew x..x Ft: ,,,,.x.. Sc c..+.,.si.s -so Q ..,.,, ,. If- , ,, , S 'jj??ffS 5 Fx LEWIS WIEDER "Louie" Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Dramatic Club, lg Health Club, lg Booster Club, 23 Baseball, 33 Football, 4. ' "Louie" is one of our efficient base- ball players. l-le has also taken an active part in football this last season at the position of guard. "Louie" is one of our happy-go-lucky fellows and he certainly does get a kick out of teasing certain se- nior girlsl We don't know of any serious "heart defects" but these "bus people" sometimes fool us. "Louie's" head is usually heavy in P, D. class but when the plus and minus test papers are handed out, "Louie" is always on top? But no more humbugl As a matter of fact, 'lLouie's" ambition is to become a book- keeper, and we are confident of his suc- cess, as he has always ranked high in this subject. "'l.nuir" fan fwrirb nut ll IHIIIIIIFI' .vh1'1't, lIi.t A'll1l'LL'lI'4!jll' uf fiyurrxr fan'I 114' bull." i ALTON ZENTNER 'irv1.iic' f Commercial Beta Sigma Kappa, lg Dramatic Club, lg Orches- tra, l-2-3-4, Chorus, 2-3, Band, 2-3-4, Moni- tor Club, 2-3-43 Basketball, 2-33 Baseball, 3, Football, 4. ' "Milk" has devoted much of his at- tention to athletics. During the past few years, he has participated in baseball, football, and basketball. "Milk" is very fond of "vacations," especially those of a week or a week and a half in duration Where's "Artie" at such a time? lsn't that a coincidence? He is also absent. Whoa? "Nuff sed!" lust a minute! l gotta go look whatsa matter, l see a groupa girls congregating. What's the attraction? Why, it's our yellow haired drummer-boy. Girls, bewarel This guy can break more hearts than a Spanish gigolo. "Alex" is interested in baseball as a profession and hopes to attain suc- cess along that line. Go to it, "Milk," "Thi: 'guy' has xonzrllzing fvrry rarr, 111' liru-unuxiullly yrllufu' lmir."' wnswfzpszfz. .. ,,..cgZ. iLii2ii' giri' ...i1i"gQi:ii..c..Z...ii 2iii"' ws ' " ,..... ........ . . . '56 A xl I'ff ,f - -ri. lm: re z onxmommy ' .,,. -i-75f4,i .Qfga5g JLIBILEEEQ Class Prophecy 0 While in pursuit of a butterfly I suddenly came to a house in the woods which I had never seen before. As I was staring in bewilderment and amaze- ment at the place, a strange person, who had crept up behind me, suddenly pounced upon me in a very cat-like manner. I tried to break away from the grip he had fastened on me, but my attempts were made in vain. I was half- carried and half-dragged into the house. When we were in the house, the stranger released his hold. He told me that he had invented a space-ship which he hoped would be able to fly to the moon. He also told me, that as he was necessary to complete another in case the first failed, I was to pilot the ship. Preparations for its departure were all ready, so it was not long before I found myself flying in the unknown region of space. For a few minutes all went well, but soon I noticed that the air supply was rapidly disappearing. I began to gasp, my head swam, and soon I was un- conscious. For ten years I remained in a state of suspended animation, but one day I suddenly awoke. Air was flowing through the space-ship. When I looked out of the window I noticed that somehow the ship had become a virtual boom- erang for it was returning towards the earth. In a few minutes I landed the ship at a place a few miles out of Chicago. I walked into the city. There a policeman picked me up as a vagrant. My clothes. being ten years old, looked so strange, however, that instead of tak- ing me to the police station, the officer took me to the mayor. I took one good look at him and then exclaimed, "Well by all the saints of Old Zions- ville, if it isn't Albert Staufferf' Sure enough it was Albert and when he learned who I was, I was freed immediately and he made me his guest. He introduced me to his secretary who was none other than Mary Rezsek. Mary always had wanted to be some officiaI's secretary, and now she had succeeded. After a little chat we decided to go to a hotel for dinner. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I learned that it was William Ober- duster's hotel that we were headed for. One surprise followed another, for I soon learned that several more stu- dents of '34 had an interest in this hotel. Mildred Bittenbender, who always had been interested in home economics, was dietitian for the hotel and Lu- cille Ruth was the charming dining-room hostess. At the hotel we also met Helen Deibert who had become a home economics teacher in a Chicago high school. I was sorry when I had to leave my friends but I had to go on. Now that I had seen what success some of my classmates had attained during the ten svlilw IOC! mnllllmlmQ!..'f'iiiL'.'1Ti .5 -'f- - . ....... .... I.'.. l" I .'1. 1 1 121: '..... ..'... .'.' ...1j. ....ii....... s ...... jii lli if. I - 7 ,. .EQ . L i,.,., ,,.i :,QQi ., k,l,:,X. . .,.,,. ..,N, i" 'q I ,,,, - ,....,,, . - ., , . on srsimiamm g ff: siusmcsii Class Prophecy years since leaving E. H. S., I decided to investigate into the affairs of the others. I was advised to travel by plane so I left for the airport. Surprises of sur- prises! for who should be the owner of the air-lines but Gerald lacoby. "Boop" always had been interested in planes and now his hobby had brought him success. Another who had attained success with him was Bernadine Rice, his capable secretary. I had a few minutes time before take-off so I wandered into the hangar. There I found Vernon Harrison and Earl Wagner busily working on engines. Both of these boys had wanted to become mechanics and they had succeeded. I had barely exchanged greetings with the boys when the signal for the take off was given. I rushed to the plane and hopped in. Scarcely had I seated my- self when I received a pleasant shock, for who should be the hostess of the plane but Bernice Kemmerer. Bernice told me that the pilot of the ship was none other than john Diehl, and that the cleverly constructed ship was de- signed by Clarence Weidner. Some more of my friends had succeeded! As we were flying along, I decided to take a peek out of the window. But I peeked too much for I fell out of the window right down into Lake Erie. When I regained consciousness I found three anxious faces peering at me. All looked strangely familiar. Indeed they were familiar! One, the doctor of this Detroit hospital, was Matthias Roth. "Ty's" capable and pretty nurses were none other than Eleanor Huetsch and Geraldine Conrad. With the aid of this professional group I soon fully recovered. I asked them about our classmates. They told me that lune Frantz and Nellie Ceisinger were suc- cessful history teachers in the Detroit schools and that Harold Higgins had acquired his long desired vocation as executive of Detroit's largest auto- mobile company. Bidding goodbye to these loyal classmates I left the city for Philadelphia with the hope that somewhere among the Quakers I would find more of my former classmates. I was not disappointed for who should be playing for the winning team in the last baseball game of the season but Robert Klan, Paul Merkel, and Raymond Scherer. When "Bobby" struck out the nineteenth consecutive batter I could no longer sit still. I began pounding on the hat of the spectator who sat in front of me. He turned around and looked some- what peeved. Suddenly his face brightened and so did mine for it was none other than Kenneth Hamscher. "Kenny" told me that he was football coach for a Philadelphia high school and that Marion Christman was the girls' bas' ketball coach at the same school. Arlene Shelly also belonged to the faculty staff of that school for she was the girls' physical education instructor. I was .3E...,.a . '58 - .ss --11 'ai vt I I as r :assist 0 N Q 5 A-q, 'J U Bt I.. ii E Class Prophecy glad to hear of the success of these classmates for few deserved success more than they. Feeling that I would have more success in my search if I went to a larger city, I decided to leave Philadelphia and go on to New York City. The first classmate I met in the metropolis was Grace Albright. Grace told me that she and Kathryn larrett were employed as stenographers in a large mercantile establishment. Leaving Grace I walked through the streets. Suddenly I noted two signs. One read "Ralph Bortz, Painless Tooth Remover," and the other signified a dress goods shop and was under the proprietorship of Clara Schmick. Although I wished Bortz all the success in the world I did not visit him, but instead, visited Clara's store. Clara told me that Margaret Keefer was as much the proprietor of the store as herself but wished to be recog- nized as its secretary in preference to its owner. Ella Gaal was buyer for the shop. Ella always was a good shopper which explained the reason for the success of that store. Being somewhat tired of searching I decided to take a few hours rest and recreation in a large theatre. Even though I had decided to rest, my search involuntarily continued, for I had scarcely seated myself when I noticed that the figure of the orchestra leader looked awfully familiar. Ready for anything I went down the aisle to investigate. What was my surprise when I learned that it was Paul Crolll The music which the orchestra was playing sent haunt- ing chills through my body. lt seemed as if an unseen classmate was talking to me. I asked "Crolly" about it and he told me that it was composed by none other than Lucy Dankel. Lucy's music writing ability had not gone for naught. The main attraction of the orchestra was the drummer, Alton Zent- ner. "Alex" always had a lot of rhythm. It seemed that New York could not do without E. S. graduates of '34, for even the city's largest drug store was under the proprietorship of some of them. I found this out when l went into a drug store after leaving the theatre. I received a shocking surprise when I glanced at the proprietors of the place who were none other than Morris Etkin and Duane Heist. Our class experts on pharmacy had succeeded. I had traveled so much and so quickly in my searching since I re-arrived on Earth that I felt somewhat fatigued. Feeling that an ocean voyage would do me some good, I engaged a passage on a California bound ship. Barely had the ship left the harbor when I noticed a strangely familiar figure in the uniform of the captain leaning over the rail. I called to him and soon learned that Arthur Fritz had succeeded in his plans of becoming cap- tain and navigator of an ocean liner. , . 1 1 t t N, ,, Q ,. N . I . . W KOIOJ t - . 059 M .Q.,Q. . :,. .:,.,,., ,..,,,,. .,., 1 .q,,1,,, W . , t I re 2 asweicfssssxts ' K usfffxf ass V Class Prophecy Before retiring that night I snapped on the radio and picked up a maga- zine. The picture of beautiful girls on the cover was so absorbingly attrac- tive that I wondered who the artist of it might be. I looked and saw that it was drawn by Ray Bieber. "Sol" was now a "sure-fire" success at magazine illustrating. By this time a new program had come on the air. I listened care- fully to the comical artist who was speaking, Then I glanced at the radio set again. It was a television set and the picture of the speaker was clearly outlined on the screen. Yes, it was Martin Druckenmiller. "Dooky's" ability to crack jokes had not gone for naught. The next day while walking around the ship I had three surprises. I met Dorothy Kemmerer, who was the ship's doctor's assistant, and Paul Foster, who was a passenger on the ship bound for his post as an army officer at the Panama Canal. I also met Marie Snyder who told me that she was secretary to a rich traveler. Ivlarie told me that quite a few of our classmates had located themselves in San Francisco which made me very anxious to arrive there. I arrived at the Colden C-ate just in time to see the last rivet being put on the worId's largest bridge, the construction of which had been under the supervision of Ray Losch and Warren Harwick. I greeted the boys and they showed me around the city. At last we came to a large school building and went in. The boys told me that I was going to make quite a roundup until I got out of it. I wondered what they meant but I soon found out, for the school was absolutely infested with E. H. S. grad- uates of '34. Eleanore Keller was history teacher, Christine Krauss and Miriam Lichtenwalner were home economics teachers, and Rubie Stroh was short- hand teacher. There too, were Emma Stash who was kindergarten teacher and Ernestine jagnesak who was a grade school teacher. Teaching as a suc- cessful profession had been the aim of all of these and they were succeeding. Leaving the city of school teachers I journeyed on to Portland, Oregon, with the hope that I might meet more of my classmates. There I met jesse Miller and Ernest Doney who had become successful foresters. We went on an inspection tour of the hospitals where we found two more of our class- mates, Claire Lachman and Florence Hunsberger, who had become profes- sional nurses. Continuing on in my searching I left Portland and sojourned to Denver. l met Robert Pilon who took me to the golf course of which he was proprietor. We sat and watched the players. Suddenly I noticed a huge hole which was constantly growing deeper. I asked Robert who was digging it. He told me that Norman Noll, successful editor of a Denver newspaper, and Stanley '6 XQXXERI - I QA I t . : l:,fg.f,,.f,i',.i. V. . xxx K " .x xx' .. mn. llllllt wyi rex: '6I SSAMOND JUBILEE Class Prophecy Laser, nationally known cartoonist, were trying to hit a ball, but were not as successful as they were in their chosen professions. Another figure that attracted me was that of a beautiful woman. She was quite small but she could play golf! I was told that it was none other than Lovie Laudenslager and that besides being a capable golfer she also had es- tablished a successful hair dressing "shoppee" in Denver, I left Denver and journeyed on in my search towards Houston, Texas. On the way I passed a huge agricultural experimental station which was being operated by Benjamin Lichtenwalner and Alfred Schanz. They told me that Charles Lichtenwalner was at that time working for a degree in an agricul- tural training school. I continued on and soon arrived at Houston. Here I learned that Paul Saylor was business manager of that city and that its accountants were Lewis Wieder and Clement Falstich. The best radio experts in the world also lived in this city. They were none other than Vance Swavely and Marcus Heyer. Radio had always been of in- terest to them and they had made a success in their study of it. As I still had not yet found all of my classmates, I wandered into the hills of Kentucky. Here I met Luella Shoemaker who had established herself as a rural school Miss. She told me that Helen Stoudt was doing foreign mission work in China. Helen always had taken an interest in such work and was now doing her bit to aid civilization. Continuing on in my search I journeyed southward through Louisiana where I suddenly came to a dairy farm. I thought this a rather queer place for such a thing but when I interviewed the manager of it, Francis Smoyer, he told me it was a big success. After leaving Francis I continued through Louisiana until I came to New Orleans. It was so warm and peaceful there that I decided to stay. But due to my weakness and exhaustion I became a victim of the heat and was rushed to a hospital. Here under the careful supervision of jennie Newhard and Cecelia McElroy, I soon recovered. Now that I had reviewed the success and happiness of the class of '34 I felt quite elated, so I thought that I too would make a success of myself in order that I might not be the only one to be unsuccessful. Since then I have settled down and continued with my exploits into the outer regions of the stratosphere. Egbert Neetz. . tx Qt .. f xc g, a s s s IDX! ev j"'3X tsafsfzs, ,, N , , , , ' Class Will ' Big head lines graced all newspapers as follows: Senior Class of Nineteen Thirty-Four Mysteriously Disappears After Class Meeting Dispersesll Information was secured from the faculty advisers that the senior class was holding one of its regular class meetings in Room I2 and upon hearing no commotion the room was entered. No trace of the seniors could be found. Investigations were begun immediately by several state officials. All walls and floor space were examined carefully to see whether any trapdoors or exits could be found. No clues were available. It seemed strange that the class did not even leave a will which is the custom of all senior classes when graduating. It was not until one of the investigators came across a note which was lying at the spot where the class president usually took his place when pre- siding over a class meeting. Upon this note was written the word "Lacka- daisicalnessf' Stunned by the thought that no such word could possibly exist, the investigator immediately referred to the dictionary in Room l2. When he reached the place where he thought it might be found, a large sheet of paper with a fine friendly handwriting on it made its appearance. The chief investi- gator called his subordinates and read to them the following: We, the Class of l934, hereby present this, our last will and testament, to the members of the Class of l935: Grace Albright's ability to put things across to Lucille Moyer. Geraldine Conrad's "Pep, Vim, and Vigor" to Kathryn Kistler. Ella Gaal's weakness for the opposite sex to Roy Hillegass. Francis Smoyer's permanent waves to Murray lobst. Bernice Kemmerer's dramatic ability to Ronald Waelchli. Mary Rezsek's expression "O Gee" to Mary Kratzer. Christine Krauss' pleasant smile to james Bogert. Clement FaIstich's ability to master Bookkeeping to Donald Stortz. Benjamin Lichtenwalner's art of talking to Wilmer DeEsch. Harold Higgins' "love 'em and leave 'em" ability to Floyd Heist. Norman Noll's desire to fall asleep in English class to Howard Lehman. Arlene Weaver's typing ability to Elbert Engleman. Matthias Roth's sleek mustache to Clarence Martin. Ralph Bortz's knowledge of love to Carl Weida. Vernon Harrison's mastering of Solid and Trig. to Robert Bornman. Clarence Weidner's smoke rings and cigarette butts to Roy Stortz. Ernestine lagnesak's ability to remember facts in P. D. class to Mildred Lichtenwalner. Lucy Dankel's solo singing to joel Killo. Dorothy Kemmerer's art of dancing to Richard Nenow. ,MERIHI illfl 5161150101 '62 - ag- 4 4,51 E' l l'll!!Y.i.Ylll3ll! 4"g' taxa mam oNg':faai Q: as ai LEE Class Will Duane Heist's shortness to Frederick Harwick. To Victoria Stauffer, Kathryn larrett's "l's" and "Ch's." Rubie Stroh's accomplishment of coming to school early to Mae Schantz- enbach. Eleanor Huetsch's methods of keeping her hair blond to Doris Day. To Donald Kline, Raymond Scherer's knowledge of History. lennie Newhard's chuckles to Rachel Faber. Miriam Lichtenwalner's "Smooth as Old Gold" voice to Dorothy Weaver. Nellie Geisinger's "Goo-goo" eyes to Lillie Ruch. Morris Etkin's method of chewing gum to Claire Neimeyer. To Kathryn Lichtenwalner, Arlene Shelly's power of fascination. lesse Miller's temper in typing class to Estella Dries. William Oberduster's backwardness to Francis Gehman. To Mary Kratzer, Lucille Ruth's dimples. To Murray lobst, june Frantz's ability to play the violin. Margaret Keefer's ability to write shorthand to Harry Conrad. To Anna Gilbert, Marion Christman's cheerleading. Martin Drukenmiller's "Popeye" chin to Ray Zimmerman. Paul Croll's ability to "jazz it up" to joshua Saylor. Arthur Fritz's ability in playing basketball to Frederick Metzger. Paul Saylor's bashfulness to Richard Nenow. Emma Stash's zeal to study to Arthur Polster. Cecelia McElroy's excuse blanks to Evelyn Geist. Clara Schmick's ability to jump center in basketball to Melva Weidner. Albert StauHer's ability to act innocent to Donald Kline. Vance Swavely's weekly trips to Mountainville to Delbert Knauss. Marie Snyder's speed in talking to Virginia Roth. Bernadine Rice's fashionable "chickness" to Naomi Peguesse. Lovie Laudenslager's way of blushing to Alma Diehl. Egbert Neetz's ability to be original to Melvin Baumgartner. Ray Bieber's ability to tickle the ivories to Norman Hamman. To Weldon Schoch, Ernest Doney's ability to handle an old Chevrolet truck. Doris Stofflet's knowledge of Commercial Law to Pauline Wieder. Lewis Wieder's method of teasing girls to Roger Hermany. Kenneth Hamscher's interest in Vera Cruz to Ellwood Heiser. To Richard Nenow, Charles Lichtenwalner's disobedience to his brother. Mildred Bittenbender's soberness in German class to Annetta Keck. Helen Deibert's ability in translating German to Anita Palm. Florence Hunsberger's debating ability to LaRue Adams. Warren Harwick's hard-boiled attitude to Earl Rohrbach. To Edwin Knauss, Earl Wagner's daily bicycle rides to school. ICICI '63 armani Lex: ,Q . Q,Q, . , 's., ,. Q YHAMCJND JUBSLEH Class Will To Wanda DeLeidi, Helen Stoudt's silliness. Claire Lachman's personal dislike for Paul Croll to Kathryn Lichtenwalner. john Diehl's guardian influence over the ninth grade lassies to Wilbur C-ery. Alfred Schanz's football ability to Donald Wieand. Luella Shoemaker's interest in William Oberduster to Mabel DeLong. Ray Losch's ability to work Commercial Math. in Commercial Law class to Delbert Knauss. Paul Merkel's Saturday night visits to Macungie to Frederick Metzger. Paul Foster's sitting poise to james Bogert. Marcus Heyer's love scenes with june Frantz to Ray Zimmerman. Eleanore Keller's sophisticatedness to Pauline Lichtenwalner. Gerald jacoby's track ability to Clarence Martin. Robert Klan's 3:15 leave from school to james Hinkle. Alton Zentner's recitations to Mildred Lauer. Eleanor Huetsch's desire to operate the mimeograph machine to Helen Oberduster. Egbert Neetz's ability to make speeches in assembly to Mildred Miller. Norman NolI's "Walter Winchell ability" to Dorothea Roth. Bernadine Rice's old love notes to Winifred Kunkle. jennie Newhard's interest in baseball players to jessie Kern. Marion Christman's form in handling the forward position to Laura Kercher. Christine Krauss' cake salesmanship to Arline Frey. To Rachel Brotzman, Bernice Kemmerer's class play lisp. Geraldine Conrad's interests in sophomore "He-men" to Marion Wilson. Helen Deibert's manner of applying cosmetics to Kathryn Engleman. Robert Pilon's method of responding in Physics class to jessie Kern. Ella Caal's manner of big heartedness to Miriam Schantz. To Dorothea Roth, Miriam Lichtenwalner's method of pesting a person. We hereby make, constitute, and appoint Allen F. Heller to be the execu- tor of this our last will and testament. herebv revoking all former wills and testaments by us at any time heretofore made, and declaring this to be our last will and testament. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereto subscribed our name, and af- fixed our seal, this eighteenth day of june, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four. CLASS OF NlNETEEN THIRTY-FOUR lSeall ' 64 N :x"i- kx'.,E ."-" 1 .-XXL N1 .33 - Q, . N Ny, .,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, U 1 gs """"""""' is .Pc X.....?, c , ,X ,X . ,c Xe. . ,,., .. . .. 5 S E s Kismet WN we gsm Q sl itil' ,, , . .,f S , .,X. ,, , , , ,, ,, ,,, , , ,Q , X Sing like Dankel Act like C-eisinger Talk like Keefer Dress like Newhard Read extensively like Weidner Be cute like Laudenslager Make dates like Shelly joke like Stauffer Be early like Diehl Play piano like Bieber Recite in P. D. like larrett Write poetry like Schanz Draw like Laser Miss school like lacoby Entertain like Pilon Type like Weaver Play football like Hamscher Have a "mussy" like Harrison Prepare lessons like Stash Write shorthand like Stroh Dream like B. Lichtenwalner Have a "line" like Higgins Blush like Deibert lmitate monkeys like Heist Kill time like Caal Yell like Fritz Pitch ball like Klan Have a vocabulary like Frantz Conduct a gym class like Schmick Be a loe Penner like Swavely Wear green like Keller Be bashful like C. Lichtenwalner Sell honey like Ruth Have a beau like Bittenbender Have a haircut like Losch Debate like Harwick Recite endlessly like Noll We Woul f We Could Be a fairy like Foster Be funny like Heyer Make faces like Druckenmiller Have blond hair like Huetsch Have a memory like Miller Laugh like Etkin Be in love like Lachman Wear our hair like M. Lichtenwalner Box like Merkel Be as friendly as Shoemaker Translate German like Stoudt Have a "sweetie" like Wagner Be as "pesty" as Wieder Have a junior's love like Bortz Be carefree like Rezsek Be popular like Croll Have a "Bill" like Krauss Have a "Bobby" like Stofflet Chew gum like Rice Hike like Saylor Sing "Old Pappy" like Hunsberger Be humorous like Neetz Be a manager like Doney Drive a car like Smoyer Smoke like Scherer lmitate Mae West like Albright Take up elocution like Kemmerer Have a gait like Zentner Be dignified like Snyder Be romantic like McElroy Smile like D. Kemmerer Be handsome like Roth Cheer like Christman Play basketball like lagnesak Break hearts like Conrad Be a bookkeeper like Falstich d All Be Successful! K C .C T cccc ccct cccc cc cc cccccccc c Sci c cct HQ 65 exe missense MLXN Q s gfflgsssfsszssas Grace Albright Kenneth Hamscher Martin Druckenmiller Dorothy Kemmerer Matthias Roth Eleanor Huetsch Arthur Fritz jesse Miller Ray Bieber Clement Falstich Nellie Geisinger Ernest Doney Robert Klan Stanley Laser Morris Etkin Paul Croll Alfred Schanz K. Claire Lachman Harold Higgins Marion Christman Geraldine Conrad Bernadine Rice Egbert Neetz Clarence Weidner Rubie Stroh Raymond Scherer Lovie Laudenslager Margaret Keeter Miriam Lichtenwalner Mildred Bittenbender Mary Rezsek Florence Hunsberger Ray Losch Robert Pilon Warren Harwick Ella Gaal Senior Song Sheet ii in Come Up and See Me Sometime "Tappin' the Barrel" is Pudding Head jones" i 1 Lover, Come Back to Me" "Tall, Dark and Handsome" "You Ought to Be in Pictures Midnight on Main Street" Spring Time in the Rockies" Whatl No Mickey Mouse" "The Girl in the Little Green "l've Had My Last Affair" it un i 1 Stars and Stripes Forever" Yes, My Dear" "You're My Thrill" "My Wild Irish Rose" i - Everything I Have ls Yours" "You've Got Everything" "You're in My Power" "Hovv's Chances?" "I just Couldn't Take lt, Baby" "Heart Breaker" "Love Is the Sweetest Thing" "We're Getting Closer to Love" I Can't Remember" "l'll Be Faithful" "A Little Beer, a Pretzel and You" "jimmy Had a Nickel" "Please" Keep Young and Beautiful" "Hold Your Man" "l'll Be Hard to Handle" In the Park in Paree" "Let's Call lt a Day" "I Wanna Know All about You" "What ls There to Say?" it 4- in Nowhere to Rest My Head" Hat" S 4 P 1 1 s s g I Q '66 .-Lulu... FTLQK N' , ' I ' - .:: . E e ...,, J' - ,. sr "'..." ' ' Nx.N QNX vi-Mx N 'if' f 1 f YZ' 1' Z -L .,,, - - K ,w w 'Ns ,.., ' ,,,,.,,..,.,,.,..,,... ,. , Mes' X t ,... 15.1 ,...,.,..,.,, ,L X HL..."sXf Os , is sf. N S L Bernice Kemmerer Clara Schmick Gerald lacoby john Diehl Vernon Harrison june Frantz Helen Deibert Duane Heist Albert Stauffer Francis Smoyer Christine Krauss Norman Noll Arlene Shelly Paul Foster Marcus Heyer Vance Swavely Lucille Ruth Paul Saylor Benjamin Lichtenwalner Ernestine lagnesak Kathryn larrett Eleanore Keller Charles Lichtenwalner Paul Merkel Luella Shoemaker Marie Snyder Emma Stash Helen Stoudt Earl Wagner Arlene Weaver Lewis Wieder Lucy Dankel Alton Zentner Ralph Bortz Cecelia McElroy lennie Newhard Senior Song Sheet "Can't We Ever Be Alone?" ,. nv You Have Taken My Heart "The Old Spinning Wheel" "Flying Down to Rio" "C-oin' to Heaven on a Mule" "Moon Struck" "Let's Make It Soon" Gnce in a While" Draggin' My Heels Around" it i. it I've Cot My Fingers Crossed" "The C-ood Old Days Are Here" "Theres Something about a SoIdier" "Temptation" You Don't Understand" Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" "Suddenly" "I Feel Like Loving" in ii I Kiss Your Hand, Madame" "I Can Sew a Button" Night on the Water" Shine on Harvest Moon" ii ii it When You Are Mine" I Was in the Mood" "lnka Dinka Doo" "A Hundred Years from ii I I Today" Our Big Love Scene" "Song of Surrender" Young and Healthy" No More Love" ii ii na You're My Past, Present and Future "Why Am I Happy?" Sweet and Lovely" Sonny Boy" "Peg O' My Heart" "After All, You're All l'm After" ti This Time lt's Love" '67 in in lllNl1 i wg-6? waz smxmowm ' "' f ,fff'Jnsas1.Ea HNFANWX UE? 1UM3A ll!XE Q . 'I 9 1 Illquq , ' 3 Q ' ' , ,Q th I IJ' . ,t Q' 'wt ,. ,grx 19 " " S 09 ' 9 B' "" ' q ff, A 9 3 67 uv B N XX ,,, 1 Z sf Q ,D New I9. I h I-3 W lmi llgi Sl ICI 5 HKU 3 ICICI - Q 1 .1 ....f, -gf - ,- E.-.! ,M , ,, ..1:1'?.igl--r-,4:'- A..:' gg 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 'FYI - -,.. . 1,...,.. .,. . , . ss t'.,..s-N w f- V v .---ww 4- . c.f.s.s' .,-. . 5 ,.,...1 , ....,. im A . gi V ..:f: ...-Q 3-If iw .ss l..I1..'. .. . igijg? , 5 asasgssgag Infants of Paradise 1. Ernestine lagnesak 2. Christine Krauss 3. Mary Rezsek 4. Vance Swavely 5. Grace Albright 6. Harold Higgins 7. lennie Newhard 8. Doris Stofflet 9. Francis Smoyer 10. Cecelia McElroy . Warren Harwick Ernest Doney Miriam Lichtenwalner Arlene Shelly Martin Druckenmiller Marion Christman Gerald Iacoby Kathryn larrett Arlene Weaver Paul Merkel Bernadine Rice Dorothy Kemmerer Norman Noll Alton Zentner Stanley Laser Marie Snyder Ray Bieber Lewis Wieder K. Claire Lachman Benjamin Lichtenwalner 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47. 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 june Frantz Bernice Kemmerer Margaret Keefer Rubie Stroh Charles Lichtenwalner Kenneth Hamscher Lovie Laudenslager Lucy Dankel Duane Heist Eleanor Huetsch Ralph Bortz Geraldine Conrad Mildred Bittenbender Earl Wagner Luella Shoemaker Clara Schmick jesse Miller Helen Deibert Florence Hunsberger Paul Croll Marcus Heyer Raymond Scherer Albert Stauffer Paul Foster Nellie Geisinger Paul Saylor William Oberduster Helen Stoudt Alfred Schanz . vfdli " F Q f,t+f""Mt '..'1:-'a"1i"g'g'1Q,, ,,.. ::1Q1z:i'::-if: N tv "" Q QNQJ5':5:::::::m::g1.1g..:. 5 lb X I Baumgartner, Melvin Bogert, james Bornman, Robert Conrad, Harry DeEsch, Wilmer Engleman, Elbert Cehman, Francis Gery, Wilbur Hamman, Norman Hamman, Paul Harwick, Frederick Heiser, Ellwood Heist, Floyd Hermany, Roger Hillegass, Roy Hinkle, james lobst, Murray Class of 1935 ZZ! L i 'l' Killo, loel Kline, Donald Knauss, Delbert Knauss. Edwin Lehman, Howard Martin, Clarence Metzger, Frederick Nenow, Richard Polster, Arthur Rohrbach, Earl Saylor. loshua Schoch, Weldon Stortz, Donald Waelchli, Ronald Weida, Carl Wieand, Donald Zimmerman, Ray if m e '70 'QQ-We-:QM ., 1 "" """ ""N"" ,glj,f'ix f it y M 1953 for ' " ' "" ' "' ""-"' r r r r A 'f' ' ' ,-"' 1 ajf gffg cs z.sait,.sii: Y Adams, LaRue Brotzman, Rachel Day, Doris DeLeidi, Wanda DeLong, Mabel Diehl, Alma Driess, Estella Engleman, Kathryn Faber, Rachel Frey, Arline Geist, Evelyn Gilbert, Anna Keck, Annetta Class of 1935 Kercher, Laura Kern, jessie Kistler, Kathryn Kratzer, Mary Kunkle, Winifred Lauer, Mildred Lichtenwalner, Kathryn Lichtenwalner, Mildred Lichtenwalner, Pauline Miller, Mildred Moyer, Lucille Neimeyer, Claire Oberduster, Helen 'fwezv Palrn, Anita Peguesse, Naomi Ritter, Althea Roth, Dorothea Roth, Virginia Ruch, Lillie Schantz, Miriam Schantzenbach, Mae Stauffer, Victoria Weaver, Dorothy Weidner, Melva Wieder, Pauline Wilson, Marion wmmnmwmu -r ..... .........,.. ,, , , ,, M , ,.,,, .,,, .,...,. . . , nmuuunvuuuuununnu ,K ' 7 ,, S i Y S tltttttttt S ttatta ,,l ,,,l ,l, tttt at l i 55X t'.NLb1,,M' . . ,, W ,W C 1 . T? , ,,.,. j ,, j . i IRIN ii is may C, ,. A , , , ,, ,,YYA,,,, ,L ,,,,,,, ' 3 -'-'-" , ,,:L, , ,, ,Q R, ,is Adams, Emmery Bachman, joseph Becker, Carl Bittenbender, Charles Boyer, Leon Brensinger, William Buss, Creighton Butz, Ralph Christman, Bernard Cooke, Claude Dorney, Kenneth Driess, Richard Eck, Russell Eltz, Robert Fahringer, Richard Falstich, William Ciery, Herman Helfrich, Quentin Class of 1936 Hooke, john lobst, Charles Keller, Kenneth Keyser, Elwood Klan, Edwin Kline, C-arwood Knerr, William Knoll, Byron Koch, Martin Kovach, john Kratzer, Paul Kressley, Robert Laubach, Richard Laude-nschlager, Foster Lindamuth, Howard Luckey, Donald Lutsey, Richard www, ....,..,.., .,...,,,..,,.,..,,,,,,,.., ,,,..,...,,,...,,..,.,,,,.,,.,, ,,., , , bi . . ,W If -. ..,..........,. R . . ,,,, , , ,, , Miller, Nevin Mohr, Arthur Mohr, Richard Neetz, William Reinhard, Russell Rems, Wilbur Ritter, Howard Roeder, Robert Rohrbach, Edwin Schantz, Horace, jr Shoemaker, Stanley Stauffer, Warren Strunk, Boyd Weaver, Franklin Weida, Donald Weidner, john Yarema, Steve Zentner, Welton l '7 - il l l l 1 IH WI I ll N 'i" 1 5 A- DX! :aims emi? ,"l: 3 '-.' gr if at LEE: Bieber, Lucille Braucher, Ruth Brensinger, Olive Buss, Gladys Conrad, Rhea Deischer, Mae DeLong, Annabelle Fegley, Evelyn Feninez, Helen Gangewere, Catherine Haberstumpt, loyce Hall, Geneva Hamscher, Catherine Hausman, LaRue l-lillegass, Madeline Keller, Althea Kline, Dorothy Knecht, Gertrude Class of 1936 Krauss, Theda Mantz, Marian Marx, Emma Miller, Althea Mohr, Marie Moyer, Arlene Moyer, Mae Osman, Althea Palencar, Bertha Pyle, Rubie Ruth, Naomi, Schantzenbach, Grace Stichter, Evelyn Wagner, Minerva Weaver, Miriam Wentz, Arvilla Worman, Arlene Cii , ,, ,,,,, ,,f , I '73 EJSAMOND JUBSLKE: gm , t exe g , J gxifvsgjxz L . , T All ffl Althouse, john Amig, Lawrence Basko, Andrew Baumgartner, Royal Brobst, Robert Brotzman, joseph Buck, Herbert Butz, Earl Christman, Robert DeEsch, Howard Decker, Edward Egner, Charles Felegy, Edward Fulmer, john Gasper, George Gehman, Kermit Geisinger, David Gilbert, Roy Heinly, George Heinly, Norman Held, Courtney Class of 1937 Hersch, Charles Keller, Homer Kovach, George Lehman, Edward Lick, Paul Long, Elmer Long, Howard lvlehi, Charles Meitzler, Delmore Miller, Harry Mohr, Henry Moll, Harold Montz, Richard Myliborsky, Donald Neetz, Roger Nester, Linwood Nuss, Kenneth Peguesse, George Reichelderfer, Warren Rice, Harold Schaller, Luther Schantz, Daniel Scheirer, Russell Schmoyer, Harvey Schoch, Donald Schoch, Franklin Schuler, Paul Schultz, Claude Schuster, Karl Sell, Robert Shelly, Kermit Shingler, Gerald Sikorsky, joseph Snyder, George Trumbore, Robert Walbert, Charles Walbert, Thomas Weider, Roy Wert, james Wilson, Donald Yarus, Walter '74 V. --p.,..: . ,.c,-vga---M -t 1- --.-HW r. . X Sfffill flfllfflini ,W ,,,b t. inf- 1 if-' , exe zswwsow P-r ,,, .w,' F315 :,. W A 5 3,5 Xq- 5 'ausssicasz l Acker, Anna Albitz, Capitola Antrim, Mildred Bednar, Veronica Berger, Dorothy Bieber, Elizabeth Borger, Catherine Bulles, Esther Ghristman, Mary lane Cope, Annabelle Dankel, Arlene DeFrain, Barbara Dunstan, Annabelle Fetterman, Marion Gehman, Sophie Gehris, Margaret Gilbert, Althea Gulla, Emily Heist, Ethel Hemphill, Carrie Hoffman, Arlene Hoffman, Merle Class of 1937 Hoyt, Lucille Iobst, lean Kerchner, Mae Keyser, Arlene Kistler, Alma Kline, Betty Kline, Geraldine Kneedler, Dollie Kozy, Pauline Kriebel, Helen Kuehn, Evelyn Kuhns, Blanche Lorish, Florence McElroy, Genevieve Mclnroy, Helen Merkel, Kathleen Merkel, Mildred Miklencic, Anna Miller, Elaine Miller, LaRue Nenow, Betty Ortt, Irene Paules, Claudine Rader, Lorraine Raeder, Lillian Rauch, Ruth Reagan, josephine Reiss, Esther Ross, Betsy Sallade, Arlene Schadler, Ruby Schantzenbach, Anna Smoyer, Lucretia Stash, Margaret Stoudt, Olive Vargo, Elizabeth Wartman, Ruth Weaver, Evelyn Werner, Evelyn Yarema, Veronica Yeahl, Geneva Zentner, Anna Ziegler, Frances .,,, .,,,....,.,....,,.,. . ....,...., U ,,- ,.,,. ..,. ,.,,.,.,,..,,.,.,.. ,,..,,, ,.,,.,,,,,.,..,,.,. , , ,.,.,,,.,..,..,,.,,.,, , , . ....,,.,..,..,.,,.,..., ...,,.., ,.,,,...,.,,..,. , , , , ,,,, ,, ,,,,,.,,.,,,,, K,,,,,,,,,, , E '- ,-'fc if X s . ..,. , .. ,. .................. ..... NX, W. , ......... . ....., ........ . e,-e,i eezzizazze ,,,,, if F ..., NN -1 Q 'N -: ' -,:..f ve-z.v:e:s B . .. .:'zgw.qfcfsissifxaisefftgw ..NX 1 :Z .... ,sf ff I I Qssfxs-soisszi -SYS sis Class Officers Class of 1934 President Paul Croll Vice President Arthur Fritz Secretary Nellie Geisinger Treasurer Stanley Laser Reporters Mildred Bittenbender Gerald lacoby Class of 1935 President james Hinkle Vice President Melvin Baumgartner Secretary lvlelva Weidner Treasurer Arthur Polster Reporters Doris Day Carl Weida Class of 1936 President Carl Becker Vice President Horace Schantz, lr. Secretary Mae Deischer Treasurer Kenneth Dorney Reporters Charles Iobst, William Neetz Class of 1937 President Charles Egner Vice President Howard DeEsch Secretary Ethel Heist Treasurer Harold Rice Reporters Esther Bulles Karl Schuster 'vt -' e rr I 1 Nu Al , I U - l O U '76 -f"' is 4 , ,, X X .,f pw? In xxx V, f' A 'l k-lllxl : X,'-Tg' K! ' , X I MW " I, IULWN N Li- j f 11,1 XXVI, X . f Ikkwngg " , fx QQ! 4 iff WML p NF " W iff ff +1 A A XX ,Z Ml, Hu - fp! r lv . -.f- W , 1- Nvff 113L ff iff - "" 7 f f f SQ 4 Mr, f W! ' fix. X N -,.A ,Q ui A ' A I JM X mx fr ! EN, qw X WWE-2 XQNXV xr LJ N S-"t"'1 2. ' lv .. ' ff M W T143 'U f' in W x xx 'V ' W , X l f- 1 f ! , ff ,g SYMXR Q -1 V+ ' M'ff ' x XXXL, I' 1 'q ffl ' ff NfUxhXlLXf5 f W1 2 NNXNX'xQifN 6 XXX fly px WX X, tl xr' J M- M- wr Mm 'ff W X N - ywxx:xLxQxXXW jf rp KW i 1 N XXX 5 f. fy ' ,W fp W X 3 N .V ' Ll- Lin 4 -f xl EM Xl! f f f Ml4lQ- -'H lQ2'TT1'rfwKw'x X 144 ' ff f I C ORGANIZATIONS 1 fi f W L.-. .N - , W-- , ' L I I I . I , . , , , . . ' - mnwuna: as :Ms o N mt .-Q"IfQ5ij: Ffff I .1 u a I LE E I I If ZH? . . I Tattler Staff IMonthIy Issuesl Editor-in-Chiet HAROLD HIGGINS Associate Editor CLARENCE MARTIN Literary Editors LUCILLE RUTH KATHRYN ENCLEMAN WILMER DeESCH K. CLAIRE LACHMAN MILDRED BITTENBENDER ECBERT NEETZ GERALD IACOBY Exchange Editor RUBIE STROH Advertising Managers EARL WAGNER ERNESTINE IAGNESAK PAUL FOSTER I-IAR'VEY H. BECKER ELWOOD L. ORTT WILLIAM S. CEISINGER Literary Supplement Editors STANLEY LASER EGBERT NEETZ RAY BIEBER Reporters ANNETTA KECK DORIS DAY MURRAY IOBST CARL. WEIDA Alumni :dim IESSIE SCHANTZ Business Manager NORMAN NOLL Faculty Advisers DONALD SAVITZ IOYCE BEARY CLARICE KIRK Athletic Editors MARION CHRISTMAN STANLEY LASER CHARLES IOBST WILLIAM NEETZ ESTHER BULLES KARL SCHUSTER Humor ALBERT STAUFFER Circulation Managers NELLIE CEISINCER CLEMENT FALSTICH MARY BAKER VERNA KREMSER GLADYS HAUSER PM :MR-III! 6151130101 I '77 4x":v .... .! T ... .... . l l .... x, , ..... - A Q X ' .Q--NNN, ' . . .X ,.., V ,.g. . ,,-,,,,f ,.,--,-,-,A,A, ,,., . ,,,,::,:,,,,..,.:,,,,, ,,,:,,..:,,,...,. . .Q ,.,, i'SN-M... ,,,.,,.X .. .. .. . .. .. xv' ' T Nxiq 'x 'QQ xx"k 'SV """""""' ""' ' gif? :::. :TITS EE., .........x .I f.:IIIllIlIfIfifltfx?.?E'1f? m g ' Q, - s F ' F if s is ' . . . ... . . . ... .. .., . Y, .,Q , L X 1 XXQ, - - X .... . .... I . rw Q N X Q -is 2 2-N was NX-:Rf 'Sf l Q N-NX BW National Forensic League and Forensic Club ' Emaus High School is proud to announce that the number of members of the National Forensic League is increasing. Members of the club through interscholastic contests must receive ten credit points before becoming members of the National Forensic League. The following are already members of the National Forensic League: Bere nice Kemmerer, Robert Pilon, Florence Hunsberger, Marie Snyder, Alfred Schanz, Nellie Ceisinger, Clarence Weidner, Ernestine jagnesak, Marion Christman, Warren Harwick, and Harold Higgins. Meetings were held every second Wednesday in the month. A play, "Whiskers", was presented during the year to raise funds. The Officers are the following: Bernice Kemmerer, presidentg Robert Pilon, vice presidentg Claire Neimeyer, secretaryg Nellie Geisinger, treasurer. The following are the members of the Forensic Club from which candi dates for the National Forensic League are taken: Bernice Kemmerer Harold Higgins Nellie Geisinger Florence Hunsberger Matthias Roth Arlene Shelly Robert Pilon Alfred Schanz Marion Christman Doris Day Clarence Weidner Ernestine lagnesak Marie Snyder Claire Neimeyer Warren Harwick Virginia Roth Arlene Weaver Norman Noll S iIlI0l r '78 Melvin Baumgartner Alfred Schanz v I 1 l i ' -X155 . N t-SEQ . tl 1 l !,fyQZi V ili L g ,, ,A,,l, ,,,A ,,,A P s o ,,, ,slr ,, ,,,, , , i ,EI -so ' q1 i s itit s Q, . . V , DX! rsisfwsossgifl -4.'1 1 PQ A.A . N, b-' l v1.x Q gfff ,ggigigggg r mf--I . .li Fl 2 ' rwwsf ' 2 as Hi-Y Club ' The Hi-Y Club of the Emaus High School was reorganized for the seventh year for the purpose of creating, maintaining, and extending through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character. The four planks in the platform of the club are clean living, clean speech. clean sports, and clean scholarship. At various times profitable and inspiring talks were given by outstanding men of the community, The officers of the club are: President Matthias Roth Secretary Wilmer DeEsch Vice President Stanley Laser Chaplain Clarence Martin Faculty Adviser Harvey H. Becker The other members are: Duane Heist Ray Bieber Robert Bornman Morris Etkin Clement Falstich Vernon Harrison Warren Harwick Marcus Heyer Harold Higgins james Hinkle Murray lobst Paul Merkel Richard Nenow Norman Noll Raymond Scherer Francis Smoyer Vance Swavely Earl Wagner Clarence Weidner Ray Zimmerman ll gl li z ri. as H-C, ffti 1 2- p 3 1 ,.,. . , .s..... ,.,. . - l . .. . P , - .xx s QX.. M, . .fx w e We-,X N II' . ,, ,,, . , ,, , r ' . if r 5 .-ffxx N , Q Q .. l fy-f K . M5 xt? S3 Monitor Club ' The Monitor Club is composed of senior high students who are willing to give part of their time to regulate, direct, and keep order in the halls when classes change and protect fellow-students at the crossings. Emblems are awarded annually to the students whose services are satis- factory. The motto of the club is: "I will use my strength to help others who may need help." Head officials: Major-Howard K, Deischer Captain-Norman E. Noll Lieutenant- Other members include: Alfred Schanz Mildred Bittenbender Helen Deibert lune Frantz Eleanore Keller Lucille Ruth Rubie Stroh Marion Christman Marie Snyder Nellie Ceisinger Earl Wagner Bernadine Rice Dorothy Kemmerer K. Claire Lachman Lovie Laudenslager Raymond Scherer Arlene Shelly Albert Stauffer Bernice Kemmerer xii Ernest S. Doney Anita Palm Victoria Stauffer Rachel Faber Mary Kratzer Lucille Moyer Mildred Miller james Hinkle Richard Nenow Arthur Polster Lillie Ruch Melva Weidner Clarence Martin Pauline Wieder Grace Schantzenbach Robert Kressley Byron Knoll Minerva Wagner Howard Ritter Miriam Weaver sswmswwcs c..cMs.. - ss fa P 1 s.WsNxsM.s N... ,.sljggltjffligwwsxw-llxxxxxxxwxxxxxg V g i1 ' ' 1l l f f Q s i ' " -Q LKEX - -111 -- V Q-Q 1iQ1 Q r iflxf Q ,.Y .. . . ... 5 X X X X X ..... Z ..... Z gilmli.,f...g.LZi2ZL' I...f XxXXNxXNx"X t xxxx 'k""f'fXX'-' E ,:-,,x ....,,.. . E ..,.. ., ........... ,. ..,........................ X xv ..... , ....T.... .... , 751' E Senior Debating ' This year has seen eleven seniors rally to the standards of the senior class and triangular debating. The affirmative team which debated in all triangular and class debates consisted of Nellie C-eisinger, Ray Bieber, Marie Snyder, and Warren Harwick. The negative triangular team was composed of Bernice Kemmerer, Florence Hunsberger, Ernestine jagnesak, and Robert Pilon, The negative class team was composed of Norman Noll, Morris Etkin, and Clarence Weidner. The teams debated on the question, "Resolved: That the United States should adopt the essential features of the British system of radio control and operation." The teams were victors and losers, which was all in the game, but as a whole the teams did good debating. The affirmative team was defeated by the negative team of Slatington. ln reverse triangular they also bowed before the negative team of Catasauqua. The regular triangular team was defeated by the affirmative team of Catasauqua in the triangular debate, while the second negative team defeated the affirmative team at Slatington in reverse triangular. The teams have appreciated the kindness shown by those persons who acted as judges and also furnished transportation. We, therefore, take this opportunity to thank them. ........ T Q. .... . . ., i W i i ,. . 'Sl DIAMOND n 1jj5q,:3.x Sg5g .JUBQLEE W - .. High School ofchesm ' The Emaus High School Orchestra this year proved to be very success- ful. lt participated on several occasions throughout the school year. The annual spring concert was held before a very large audience. All the numbers that were rendered were greatly enjoyed. Th officers of the orchestra were: President, Delbert Knaussg Vice Presi- dent, Ernest Doneyg Secretary, Annetta Keck. The orchestra was under the direction of Mr. Errol K. Peters. Charles Egner was the accompanist. The senior class hopes that the interest in the orchestra will become greater each year, so that it can continue to remain an outstanding organ- ization in the school and community, The following were members: Althouse, john Doney, Ernest- Keck, William Oberduster, William Backensto, Elwood Egner, Charles Kemmerer, Regina Rohrbach, Earl Bogert, james Faust, Noble Knauss, Delbert Romig, Feryl Bornman, Robert Foster, Paul Knauss, Harold Schantz, Miriam Brensinger, William Frantz, june Knoll, Byron Scherer, Raymond Christman, Robert Cery, Wilbur Kratzer, john Stauffer, Warren Croll, Paul Haring, Kenneth Laudenschlager, Donald Stoneback, Dalton Custer, Samuel Hinkel, Eugene Martin, Clarence Strunk, Boyd DeLong, Mabel lobst, Oscar Moyer, William Zentner, Alton DeVries, Gerald Keck, Annetta Neimeyer, Claire Zimmerman, Ray DI ' F03 'L lflfll' 'IOI0 .U Us A lil ,U . ,,.,. ' J' . ' 82 ' j I -- f. -' F '4a:..iif'.' 'j -'t ..l-4 A - -- fs-"""i"'+R fr- X.f" 4' ,. Q YV ,C ATHLETICS n' . ,, , ,,,,,,,, .,,Y,,,, ,,,,, ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,Y ,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,, .,,, ,,Y, ,,,,,, ,,,,, ,, Q . . 1 " Q 1 "" Ti 'iEXFgl lil iillii R DX Q . .. . A ss. Q. .,,..,.,,....,.,..,,.,,.,,. il:-Q ,,,A. , ."'kk ' .. . . , , ,, ,, . i,ji:.55 Q5 J Reading from left to right: First Row: R. Mohr, D. Stortz, N, Hamman, R. Nenow, A. Schanz, I. Hinkle, l. Killo, R. Schererg Second Row: A. Polster, F. Harwick, R. Sell, R, Bornman, P. Croll, P. Foster, H. Schantz, R. Reinhard, A. Zentner, K. Hamscherg Third Row: D. Savitz lCoachl, D, Weida, L. Wieder, A. Staufter, R. Roeder, S. Yarema, E. Engleman, S. Rauch, M. Iobst, W. Rems, H. Miller, E. Ortt lAsst. Coachl, H. Deischer 1Faculty Mgr.lg Fourth Row: D. Wie-and 4Asst. Student Mgr.l, E. Doney lStudent lv1gr.l, R. Stortz lAsst. Student Mgr.l Football ' The past football season was perhaps one of the best in the history of football at Emaus High. Even though a few of the players are graduating, Coach Savitz has bright prospects for a bigger and better football team next season. The lads have displayed their ability in playing football by winning five games out of the nine played. lt is interesting to note that the opponents only scored 39 points to 72 scored by the lads. Here's hoping Emaus High will continue to be more successful as each year goes by. Schedule and Scores E. H. S Opponents E. H. S Opponents Alumni 7 6 Pennsburg High Zl O Whitehall High O 2 St. lohn's, Bethlehem l2 O East Greenville High O O Nazareth High 7 6 Quakertown High 25 6 Lehighton High O 6 Stroudsburg High O l3 ' YXIKI " llfl "' "' 0101 UMA .U 1- s '83 iixmsitosiiz ' ig I l ii i 'I "ml Reading from left to right: First Row: R. Mohr, H. Schantz, M. lobst, R. Roeder, F, Weaver, R. Nenow, E. Engleman, C. Mehi, R, Kressleyg Second Row: E. Donev lStudent Mgr.l, D. Savitz lCoachi, H. Deischer lFacuIty Mgr.l Boys' Basketball ' The Creen and Cold basketball team representing Emaus High for the season l933-34 was not very successful in spite of the great effort and determination to win a league game on the part of Coach Savitz and the lads. We hope Mr. Savitz will stay with us and continue to develop good ma- terial so that Emaus High will be able to spell victory instead of defeat. We all wish the teams of future years good luck and may they continue their determination to reach the goal of victory. Schedule and Scores E. H. S. Opponents E. H. S. Opponents Pennsburg High l6 22 Palmerton High ll 38 Pennsburg High 33 I9 Catasauqua High 19 4l Stroudsburg High ll 28 Slatington High I6 32 Palrnerton High 16 34 Lehighton High 21 67 Catasauqua High l7 53 Northampton High 2l '58 Slatington High 24 3l Whitehall High I3 26 Lehighton High 26 38 Alumni 2l l l Northampton High 29 36 Trinity 24 29 Whitehall High a I4 22 Alumni 32 26 Stroudsburg High ' ' 18 46 3 i 'Y'1l3"lIfl"-ffU"l0IOl M A M. U U .. I '84 .gsm ly, -je '.,.u..f- gig-,.w ga-agp'-' . A X :.,'af't.' 'u.g-Hex. 4 f,s:-55553 l M5151 Lf 1 . f vt llll! '5' Q U mm 0 N p 4 'J U Bt L E E Reading from left to right: First Row: C. Schmick, D. Stoftlet, V, Stauffer, L. Adams, M. Christman, E. lagnesak, A, Keck, W. DeLeidi, M. Lauer, A. Shellv, C, Neimeyer, Second Row: D. Kemmerer lStudent Mgr.l, M. Surgent 1Coachl, N. Ceisinger lAsst. Student Mgr! Girls' Basketball ' The girls' basketball team for l933-34 was not very successful in win- ning games but always put up a good tight. The team won only one out of seven games. The team will lose six players by graduation. is Lack of self-confidence was the cause of failure in making the season a success. If our players could rely upon themselves and upon their fellow players, our team would be more victorious. We trust that as the years go by, Emaus High School will reach the top and go steadily onward without anything to hold them back. Schedule and Scores E. H. S. Opponents Pennsburg High 20 6l Pennsburg High l6 38 Slatington High 9 42 Alumni l6 l l Whitehall High I8 20 Slatington High l3 64 Whitehall High I5 I8 A 'mm'-are one . ., . .e . .. .. ........ .... . . 'P ' Q 85 . dxf! -. tx..is:..' . tQN.3a: ,, I , .t.t I it N DX! mAMoNm I-' fgsffauames GB .P Reading from left to right: First Row: E. Klan, D, Stortz, H Schantz, M. Druckenmiller, R. Nenowp Sec- ond Row: K. Schuster, M. Baumgartner, S. Rauch, R. Klan, 1, Bogertg Third Row: 1. Miller, R. Scherer, K. Hamscher, C. Held, E, Rohrach. BasebaH ROBERT KLAN Pitcher DONALD STORTZ Short Stop MELVIN BAUMC-ARTNER Pitcher KENNETH HAMSCHER Third Base EARL ROHRBACH Catcher IESSE MILLER Lett Field RAYMOND SCHERER First Base RICHARD NENOW Center Field HORACE SCHANTZ, IR. Second Base MARTIN DRUCKENMILLER Right Field Schedule April Emaus Whitehall April Emaus Palmerton May Emaus Northampton May Emaus Slatington May Emaus Catasauqua May Emaus Lehighton X All-lllbf S I ffl 3 -XG 3 IOIOI '86 ,Ill MX ' 'H ,f .'f-E pf X , V! H ' A , f H ' WV NL 1' 1' 'X - XXX X align X AX I X ' , ., 1' , Q Aif3 ,flfJli'!"l 'M' 1 4 R- X If TWTNI 'X?Ff'jjf1"i'r'-v - X 77--,Q .1.,,. .1,XX.. I :1 'HJWXXL A 3' 'Q V ' ' ""' ' A Y ..- V fff3, f1 ,1f-HW nfl! rp fu'Iff:f g5g1" i ft fklwff. f V fig' X - Y, " 'F 'Fw , 'W N ,..3 - .. ' " ,-: . Q' ' .1XX!1uX ry I ,. 'L, ,,.. f'.X,XX --fn? X ,XXKXQXX ll I ' I ,Eg wmv' .'s,' V KX:- X L :XX " .M 1, "' if I K ,XMX F l-- Q- R xr- H Xi' ff' H1 X - X X XX 'TX Q i:',xX3:' XXZXXXJQXX X L LN 'A Z fl I I I' I ', Wien V - .A J S ,, l 1 2 am gr, ff MX Xa X X 1 X ,Ax Jul, 2 X' g- N ,Vlf 4,.XXXXX., X f' I XXX ' l tg ' 'A ' 'f iff 5,-,. N qv r 71 'X '14, -3 .X.f ,ff 'X qv 19 x, fb- no, , ,f Q f , 4 ,-,,',w'.+ Hg f ,,, 1 , - -X f A M. 'fw.4Q, f x 5-,Jr ,f , -Q Q ,X f fyw, , ,wi f , f 1 W ,Y X X! fy MQW: 197:11 " ,Vf1'WX XFK Plz? 'f 2 5 S , ff 'Q A f lvl" I X,lL...XYS7L X M qs XfXXXt7'5. XX X X',.,. - ' X 'I My .1 X4-X2X1,tfaX ,"r 24 :,X3tX':EXXXxge' ' 'ffyi' X!l,X X' A X X I, XXX 'g.X .' 1, ' X ' ,E f , 1 ff ' " 'k f if 325-.. 7' -. W 'V' A' i"' 'M f .X ag H' V I ,fyfl 152214 5 I' X Xml . 'f' QW X 1-2 QJBXPXQXX .47 ' X 4, 'i 5 7' 2 5 'uwyr .' fa g! . ' 1' ' X' 'LXX W f ,Q ,,-' xr- -fA , 11.2 ' ,A LMI 'N '- 'asf fn?" ff 1' fy H W GX' A '1,fX:X!1"k. V-X '-f"f'X X ' 'X 7 em? ' . ,X ,X XX X X XXX -X A X' ,Ll j 5 Q '15 p . -I - y X X. 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OBERLY, President Established l869 Incorporated 1897 i t l AlleliW2Y.:llLf5lG'l311130101 T '87 X. .. -.X..-1 4 ,.,. ,,.k,. 2 ::.,,,: E,,,b':.:,, I , ..N,:L I :,, KNEE 1 qQ::E,.E: ,l1,,., . x,.. ..:k.X , I L ,'.,,L .NSN , J Q tc.. so t X 1 r il' NX X X X T 1 X E f W ,:f: e :fee fff , -een, .................. Nwbsil .... i .... ....,,.. . . .... ....,uul.L . . , ' N Q by Bethlehem Business College BETHLEHEM, PA. Established l897 Secretarial, accounting, and business administration courses for high school graduates. Re- view and higher courses for students from commercial de- partments. Ask for the Bulletin, Giving Particulars GAS - l l Place Your Order With us for Your Favorite Beer, Ale, Porter and Soft Drinks We specialize in Catasauqua Kuebler's, Neuweiler's and Daeufer's Products The East Penn Beverage Co. Phone 44 422 jubilee Street sow. J. MOYER Prop. Tl-lE IDEAL FUEL FUR Cooking -Water l-leating - l-louse Heating and lndustry Allentown-Bethlehem Gas Co. UGISIIL, I I ffl 1 HU :ICICI '88 . X v .Xxx..XNxXX X ccxxxsmx ---- :IFS Xxx , ,,,..,..,x . xxx., ....,... ,,..,.,... .,,..,, . . , , F5?2? 2ilYIYiI3Z1l2EI , ,,,.x.. Q ..a.: Q 5e::.s-SVN ,, ,, Qi Eiga -kr- ...... f2eI5iIiI??a xxll :X XXX??,3YTil"?ff1I2g-E A ,..Q X l wf ' L,L,L - - l i i Studen ts 3 Photographs i Always Welcome L i v e F o r ev e r 3 1' i I 'mmm Y l D U N DO R E S l l + Q Drug Store 2l3 North Tvvelt.h Street i ALLENTOWN, PA. l Crosle and Colonial Radios i Y l R. C. A. Tu bes Se W i Ce R E E S E i 1 l-lyle s Radio Service i l 344 Main Street V P h c nc 5 E M A U S S N Compliments of General Merchandise PRINTER STH and Bl'Oad SYFGGTS E. H, S. '29 EMAU5 m xx wxmwwwxywWN VNX 1t2egrS???rrrrt:tm 'gigissxf ttrf s'-t -Lxwmwmwxxcc E 'sis NMPXQN X L S L LSL Q s 3 X'NNXNX NYXiBNIsssNsim SgkNxS!'EYWNsE5gf?fgs '89 manuale s , exe DIAMOND T ..1uasx.EE See Us lor The . . Broad Street Studio Hi h Qualit 9 Y of Photography Hardware P . alms Ryan Photo Laboratory Tools GI ass COMPLETE PHOTO SERVICE Houseware Sporting Goods C. Y. SCHELLY G BRO. Established l883 32-34-36 North 7th Street ALLENTOWN, PA. Eighty West Broad Street BETHLEHEM, PA. Established l9l9 Phone 39 News ol EMAUS Every evening in the Chronicle and News, you'lI find the latest news of Emaus. ' Make sure of reading this news while it is news ' Subscribe to the Chronicle ' lf you have news or advertisements for the colums of the Chron- icle and News, telephone 1. w. MARSTELLER Emaus 45-R-2 EMAUS REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE CHRONICLE AND NEWS ilxmlllls 3 3 ul Ui' 0101 '90 -- c NX.1El'f,' , , s fgsimffostm , 'cmfsssszsi THE SERVICING OF SCHQCDI. ANNUALS is just as important a factor to us as the print- ing of them. The many unknown details which "pop" up daily are entirely too much for any one member of the staff to shoulder, so that today many schools in this section are relying upon our Mr. Charles Esser whose long experience in this field, has helped many staffs. ' His service in building annuals within their budgets has enabled a number of schools this year to continue their publica- tions without lowering their standards. We not only help you to produce your book at a moderate price, but also plan it so that your book is above the average ' We appreciate the opportunity to produce this annual and wish to acknowledge the excellent coopera- tion received from the mem-bers of the staff. KLITZTOWN PUBLISHING CO. KLITZTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA , ,, , ,, 0 th t , ,,,,,,,,q I as 2 , . a ,. a , , . . -- - 1 ff " , . . . ............... .:..: ......... iz.. .... 1 .. ..... 3. 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HELEN E'S B eauty Shop Department 303 Main Street Store EMAUS Ph ne 257-B 2 ALLENTOWN' PENNA 4- o tt t E '93 . x xi. N iii.-V, Q --muff" -s .--1 -.NH A' ' . xxx - , .fx , W D!A'v4GND Q IUBULEF' mamma: on H. T. KEIVIMERER Clothing an Gents' Furnishings Hats and Caps a Specialty Bank Building EMAUS PENNANTS BANNERS PILLOWS Add dignity, color and spirit to your School work by the use of Felt Pennants, Banners, Pil- lows, Emblems, Caps, Tams and Chenille Letters. No order too small to receive our attention. Catalog Free STANDARD PENNANT CO. Bio RUN, PA. ANY BOOK Can Be Ordered With Confidence d of The H. R. Huntting Co. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Prices Cladly Quoted We Have Customers Everywhere Visit the HOTEL EMAUS Dine - Drink - Dance Regular Meals Sea Food a Specialty 422 Chestnut Street EMAUS, PA. '94 gvr.. 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J t t T UB! netsw cams, quqi q' gs is S ,. , SEE SLE as SL LLLSLLTSLS vm. , Students' Leading Studio R S S neback R' lv S B t for PHOTOGRAPHS STONEBACK E7 BUTZ Wint Studio Real Estate lns a ce a d l estn ents 617 Linden Street ALLENTOWN, PA. B k B Id g F Appointm t EMAUS PA D I2 l3lO Co pl e ts of The ' L. W. SINGER CCDMPANV Publishers ot The PROSE and POETRY SERIES Used in Emaus High School L.--- +a --L A 7 L W- ,V I ,. .,.., ...... , l .. . KX . . ..,........... gi .... Nix, U W., S 97 In mx lilalltiii-vi? rex: xuzfmowo ,nl ffxfbsuaiiwasg A. ROGKEL 30jM':5g' if' Emaus Coal and LEADING FANCY DRY GOODS NOTION STORE Headquarters for Stamped Goods and Em-broidery Flosses, D.M.C. All kinds of Machine Needles, Shuttles, Bobbins THE IDEAL SHOPPING PLACE Bell Phone 29-B KEIVIMERER PAPER CO. Wholesale SCHOOL SUPPLIES 355-357 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. Grain Elevator Laudensleger 84 Geist Minor Street EMAUS, PA. DONALDSON IRON GO. Manufacturers of CAST IRON PIPE FOR WATER and GAS EMAUS, PA. '98 .C gsgji-tl l I fk7ZQg5,, 1 P K- fs- l'IIl!tY:lllllIllltli viP an on AM cm od-fi '--' gi at B2 LE 5 L.. , L.-. L L , A , - - Q I-IEIQFF JONES CCD. INCORPORATED Manufacturing jewelers and Stationers 1530 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. I Class Rings Class Pins Commencement Invitations RALPH W. POPE, District Manager Modern Textbooks A P New Day Arithmetics New Study Readers New Winslow Health Books New Day junior High School CONTRACTOR Arithmetics I, ll, Ill and Published by BUILDER CHARLES E. MERRILL COMPANY GMM-D NEW YORK CITY Represented BY IO6 Macungie Avenue C. A. RITTER AUBURN, PA. EMAU5 .,,.,,. Sv! , G. .,.q . , Q A . . . '99 . kexxjpg-'M E E E E xt Es E A Full Line of Variety of Edward - Q - German BREAi,ike3ni,yCAKES REPRESENTATIVE E Y C 5,0 open evenings The EIVIAUS PIQLIDENTIAI. BAKERY 417 CHESTNUT STREET IFISUTGDCQ CO, Wm. schadlef, Prop. Ph 43 R of America Here pp f fyf p f H I d sty ADAM 1. DESCH FRED I. BERNHARD T Ph 76 T Emaus Printing 84 publishing Co. Printers Publishers Sth and jubilee Streets EMAUS, PA. P r fO M may P p TBYAWTIILY 3 I ffl 5 lid 3 IOIOI ' IOO mimluna: rex: ewvsosm -j q -'4 fp .fqb -r tg: .1 usages. Compliments of H. W. STON EBACK oizuccist 337 Chestnut Street EMAUS, PA. Melody Way-the Modern Method of Class Piano instruction Over three thousand teachers have prepared themselves by correspondence to teach these methods. Many leading Teach- ers Colleges and Conservatories now offer Normal Courses in Melody Way Class Methods. For further information, write to Miessner Institute of Music 1223 Kimball Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL. SHANKWEILER 84 l.El-ll? Clothing for the Young Men cENTRE SQUARE ALLENTOWN, PA. Compliments of CRAUMER'S Sc C1 lOc to SlSl.OO Store 6th and Chestnut Streets EMAUS, PA. Compliments of Milton Gehringer james Henninger Richard W. lobst C WIMXIKI illtlfli-XC H0101 ' lOl minima 43? DBZ I l,,' V 1 miaiwom N aussi as GROWTH and STRENGTH ' The growth of this bank, as of the sturdy oak, has been slow but steady and strong. We have never bid excessively to get business for the sake of rapid expansion. We have con- stantly added to careful methods and sound principles. Safety has always been our first consideration. Our depositors are protected not only by a large capital structure but also by the character, vigilance, and judgment of our conservative man- agement. The Emaus National Banlf V EMAUS, PENNSYLVANIA I w. T. BRENsiNcER KOCH BROTHERS 6, Hamilton Street at Seventh C-ROCERIES, ICE CREAM ALLENTOWN' PA- CANDIES, TOBACCO ETC. The latest dictates of fash- , ion are always represented in our stocks with particu- 516 North Street lar reference to the refined EMAUS PA tastes of young men. I - ioz w'5l'.', .x.NQXj,xl1 iff, ,22 5 g M 'Q on Y umm ON f IJ as as 5,5 5 BUY WI-IERE VCU KNCDW Tl-IAT PRICES ARE LESS! ' Ritters' prices enable you to realize the Home of your Dreams. They have no High City Rents, Taxes, etc. to pay,- sav- ing lOf3 to 307 on City Prices. The latest patterns in Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom and Kitchen furniture and furnishings are shown . . . also au- thentic period reproductions . . . Backed by our 45 years' service to the most dis- criminating people. Roht, E Ritter 84 Sons 187-191 MAIN STREET, EMAUS, PA. OPEN 9 A. M, to 9 P. M. R . . R . i i l i i i ." ' 'I' """"' ?'.v"'f -3FEQ 5jkXE!ffQ Zig: 5 I . In Y.N lllBll Q ,1j ' exe mmm on D 3 ' j"fQf,f QQgTif: 'J u B1 LE:-1 I , . vkjkj' U AUTOGRAPHS W H . F X5 .zfz-7'-ffg ff'-f-42' U G C -0 'I ,, 47 1 MMA! .. 0, W we QW ff J W W fL4'W zzwwf ILLZAFS4 .f fi "3J,"' I .10 37 QZMJJQ, Q?,,,,Z,,L iff,-M 051' had" j"L """"M7 'J-ff-5UfH .3 hmadvlciz " ' ' 422,-1 V .9 'do' h -fgV1'lfn-poi, A 3 9" fzdffff , ,."3.r' 'Van' .fL7f4-"J-"' , Gvywzwew 6 W125ffw'1"" c1LMJW'PMx'nVc4:MMe,f . ,Q P 13Q.n . , ffwW,..fzw,4, A 3 d5f'C9Y44 iMJl1f-QQZYN-291C 'Bo' 01600171 :"""J'7ff"L .. 5... ,, c. 32' 'jlfzwf Comrvdsklqy 3b"f, n ku,,,..,, M., 36 'lin K u Plc H .Sai J?-.MZf4.:.4 '-ff" ,ir I ' amv.mnl:u r :I:fol: ro1 1 , , K :IAA ' ' '-' - h ' V N . s - . M A ' 1 ' Y 1: ' I , ' M ' ,Q A I , ', I v- ' 'Q 4 .- V 'E ' A ' ' in E P- 9 I I 'Q A ' 'A " "' 1 ' ' 12 '- -JY" ' '

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