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m UJ Z Qli-ji ' V W r A ) oc P o % Mm ENGINEERING BUILDING ( Laundry l :OLLEGE WOOD PRODUCTS i 8ASEBALL FIELD 1 £. ■mmanuel 1 1 liiiionaru s olleqe lEIIIEN SriIHGS. MICIIMI 3 .X. £ - 4l.,, ' ' —- :;5: J ,, ■ ■ i i» « ' ,., iij ■ ■ ' ' tJ COLLEGE SERVICE CENTER BUILDING 3 :€:r PICNIC AREA COLLEGE AVENUE SERVICE STATION THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION of EMMANUEL MISSIONARY COLLEGE — present ' s — THE CARDINAL 1954 Contents: Page 6 Dedication Page 8 Spiritual Division Page 24 Scholastic Division Page 88 Social Division Page 120 Physical Division Page 132 Academy Division Page 169 Directory Turn In your fliakt TIME With the advancing shadow our days are spent . . . Consciously we covet each passing moment knowing that " we shall pass this way but once. " From time past we reminisce — With time present we live — For time future we aspire — But for TIME unending we build. - •- . -•■- ' ' - " ».. ' . .f ' T ' • i ' l -; ' SCHOLAR, GENTLEMAN, FRIEND OF STUDENTS— WITH ADMIRATION we recognize your outstanding scholastic achievements, your ever-inquisitive mind, your all-pervading common sense, and your contagious sense of humor. WITH GRATITUDE we note how you never allow a class period to become trite or uninspiring. Always striving for perfection yourself, you spur us to greater achievements, not by making the assignments easy, but by presenting the challenge of unconquered fields of knowledge. WITH ENVY we regard your deep familiarity with the lessons of the past and your keen insight into the problems of the present and of the future. Your profound convictions have made lasting impressions upon youthful minds. WITH PRIDE we call you our mentor and friend, because you walk among us unassumingly, a Chris- tian scholar, a gentleman and a friend of students. Without being a minister you preach; your life is a sermon. WITH AFFECTION we dedicate to you, Dr. E, K. Vande Vere, the 1954 Cardinal. ir w •- " wat t. ■ r t V y -y ! L Elder C E Wittschiebc Speaker, Fall Week of Proyer Elder F. H. Yost Speaker, Spring Week of Prayer PRAYER POWER NorirTa and Morilyn studying their Sabbath School lesson be- fore going to bed. The dormitory prayer bands met once each week. Everybody ' s Prayer Band met each day at I 1:50. The Band was led by Ivan Blazen, Bob Greve, Judy Hill, and Malcolm Gordon. George Belleou, Monday Chapel speaker Sponsored by the Student Association, a special week of religious emphasis is conduct- ed by the students early in the second semester. Meet- ings are held each chapel period and each evening. WHEN JESUS SPEAKS " Student speakers during the week: (standing) Rupert Hcm-Ying, Lucas Diaz, Harold Remus, George Belleau, Harold Kibble, Jim Kaatz, (seated) Glenn Hill, Darlene West, Billie Ward, Minerva Constantine, and Paul Sundquist, The special music, the soul- searching messages, the evi- dences of Christ ' s presence helped to make this week memorable. Catherine Brown, Organist QUEST FOR CHRIST WEEK Planning committee: Nancy Bather, BIythe Bissell, Elder A, E. Axelson, Elder E. R. Thiele, Billie Ward. Minlsteriol Seminar met each Friday evening in the Little Auditorium Here students of theology were given speaking experience. Second Semes- ter leaders pictured were: Roger Van Arsdell, Loretta Sherman, Ivon Blazen, Ed Wilson, Dorothy Lucht, Tom Williams, and Shirley Hatfield, Men ' s Worship, conducted entirely by students, assumed a deeper spiritual significance this year. Jack Upchurch, speaker below, launched out in this venture. iliiijili Il§lil!l3i Miib, Martin leods out in Women ' s Worship in Lomson Hall A TIME FOR PRAYING In making first things first we devote a regular time each day to the con- templation of the " wonderful works of Cod. " At these times of spiritual refreshment, our cares ore lifted and we come into a clearer understanding of our relationship to our Creator and our fellow students. 15 MISSIONARY First Semester MV Officers: Edith Moore, Bob Greve, Lenord Jaecks, Vivian Gross, Russell Lucht, Dorothy Antisdel, Maurice Hoppe, Dr. Ras- mussen, sponsor. Keith Ellsworth and Russell Weide- mann, leaders of the Home Evangel- ism Band, shared their faith each Sabboth afternoon. Each Sabbath afternoon the Sun- shine Band brought messages of hope by word and song to convalescents in neighboring communities. VOLUNTEERS M. V. octivities during the second semes- ter were under the capable leodership of George Belleau. He was assisted by Robert Andrews, Bill Edsell, Patricio Cal- kins, and lone Markel. H. L, Rasmussen, sponsor. Time — 2 p.m. Sabbath afternoon; Place — Administration Building, Event — cars leaving campus taking students to hold religious services in the Berrien County Jail; Busiest people — Joe A. Miller and Joe L. Miller, Jail Band leaders. The officers of the Moster Guide Club, Donna Lugenbeal, Charlotte Groff, Rob- ert Hobenicht, Elwin Moore, Beverly Jor- gensen, Joann Davis and Barbara Phipps, sponsor, worked hard helping folks finish the Master Guide requirements. Foreign Missions Bond president, Ed Jasper, end his helpers. Bill Otis, Donna Lugenbeal, Donna Otis, E- milia Manaloysoy, Paul Sundquist, Florence Losey, and sponsor. Otto Christensen, led out in programs featuring mission work in various ports of the world- The Oratorical Contest climaxed the several contests sponsored by the American Temperonce Society this year. Malcolm Gordon actively led their activities. The Colporteur Club met each week second semester to encourage and instruct the students planning to can- vass this summer. The leaders were Malcolm Gordon, Richard Swonson, Maurice Hoppe, lone Markel, and Beverly Jorgensen. EMMANUEL MISSIONARY COLLEGE BeRRIEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN A CHURCH COLLEGE WITHOUT A CHURCH BUILDING For fifty-three years Emmanuel Missionary College has conducted Sabbath ser- vices in the college chapel or the gymnasium. It is true that many services have been held there which may be looked back on as wonderful seasons of refreshing. However, thousands of students have gone from this school without the deep-seated feeling that they have been to a Sabbath service in a building set apart for meeting with the Creator of the universe, a sacred place. The college buildings in which one has studied and recited hold precious memor- ies, but the place which stands out in the minds of the students who attended the old Battle Creek College is the tabernacle where they assembled for Sabbath services and the ordinances. They felt they were entering a building set apart for the worship of Cod. Their conversation changed, their thoughts were directed to spiritual subjects, and they left the church with the feeling that they had been in a hallowed place. This is what we should have at Emmanuel Missionary College, and in the near fu- ture a building is to be erected which will be associated in the minds of the students and the families living nearby with the presence of heavenly beings. The church congregation is to raise $90,000. During the last two years $37,000 of this has been raised. S. E. Wight 19 INGATHERING Five hundred students and faculty members hurriedly gathered pamphlets, receipt books, and collection cons on October 6 as each Ingathering bond met for prayer and last minute instructions. Evening brought the results; lelly lors and puppies, bicycles and pumpkins disappeared under the influence of the auctioneer ' s per- suasive voice; band thermometers climbed past the goals, Dr, Christian beamed. Wednesday ' s victory celebrotion revealed the grand total of $12,643.35. ♦■ ' . Carol Rasmussen taught a clobi of murneiJ itudcntb who met each Sabbath in Lamion Chapel SABBATH SCHOOL Sabbath School officers, College Division: First Semester (standing): B. Zimmerman, E. Meyer, A. D. Holmes, M. Antisdel, W. Young, (seated) D. Brown, H. Habenicht, A. Allen. Second Semester (standing); A. D. Holmes, J. Higgins, M. Hatfield, A. Allen, H. Kibble, J. Paul, (seoted) S. Hotfield, G. Burton, J. Ko- walski, K. Brown, B Clegg, R. Green. ' ii t ' JIt I r r ry t l.,l Under the leadership of Melvin Davis the A Coppella choir provided music for many church services. WORSHIPPING The Collegians toured several states and Conada giving religious and secular concerts. The College Choir sang for church services at the college, in Berrien Springs and other neorby churches. They were capably directed by Wilmoth Benson. THROUGH MUSIC All the college choirs united at Christmas time to sing that paeon of praise, the " Hallelujah Chorus " from Handel ' s MESSIAH. • Richard Strom, President Mary Antisdel, Vice-president Frances Beck, Secretory Avon Kierstead, Treasurer Glenn Hill, Pastor Wilbert M Schneider, Sponsor 26 Aim To live like Christ Motto Simplicity, Sincerity, Service Colors Crimson and Gray Roland Abel Ralph Ahnberg 1 Gilbert Allen Andrew Amrein ENIORS Flower Red Rose Ernest Anger Dorothy Antisdel 27 F r Mary Antisdel Richard Lyie Bailey Allen Baker Raymond Baker Barbara Barton Joseph Battenburg Frances Beck George Belleau 28 Wilfrid Belleau, Jr. Douglas Benson Carole Boothby Vernon Bromgord Gordon Burton Thomas Buzell Donald Caster Matthew Chow 29 Roy ChLirchill Donald Croxton Lucas Diaz Roger Cook Ardith Duering Paul Cress Alan de Vore Keith Ellsworth 30 Robert Farver Harold Green Charlotte Croff Frank Fletcher Mary Alice Cyde Georgia Green J i • .. - ' JH ! 1 . % 1 ■ L ' ' f. 1 1 K ■ ■JJi HHIIJ . Jk m ■ Robert Greve Herald Habenicht, Jr. 31 Raymond Hamstra Rubert Ham-Ying Esther Harriott Bobette Harrison Warren Hile Crethe Hartelius Glenn Hill LeRoy Hetler Glenn Hoover 32 Walter Hunt Mary Jensen Svein Johansen Avon Kierstead Johnny Johnson Alvin Klein George Kieler Robert Kloosterhuis 33 LaVern Link Ben Koepke Ruth Maehre Joaquin Motor Harold Kuebler Russell LLicht Donna Lugenbeal 34 Charles McCulloch Norman Middag Elwin Moore Howard Munson, Jr. Leroy Miller Louis Nielsen Fred Offenback 35 i ' y Herbert Verrie Ojala 1 Evelyn Oliver Annalisa Paulson Michael Pioth Irvin Plank Walter Pontynen, Jr. Joseph Rosmussen Nydia Reyes Riva Robinson 36 Stanley Schleenbaker Elwin Shull Leslie Slaughter Ruth Faye Smith Ralph Stephen Marceil Straman Russell Straman Richard Strom J Paul Sundquist 37 r£3S ,.,y,-: .VK.Si-aS» ;J; . v ' ■■■■ " Asa Thoresen Johann Thorvaldsson Dorothy Towar Wayne Vande Vere Jose Valentin Roger Van Arsdell 38 Imogene Venia Douglas Wacker Arnold Velting Billie Ward Marguerite Ward Edward Willett, Jr. 39 Edwin Wilson Juonita Jackson TWO-YEAR GRADUATES Donna Otis Virginia Plank Lorrains Potter Carolyn Thompson 40 WHO ' S WHO Top, left: Minerva Constantine, Donna Lugenbeol, Georgia Green, Mary Alice Gyde, Roger Cook, Robert Greve, Billie Ward, Glenn Hill, Herb- ert Bollinger, Herald Habenicht, Jerome Bray, Richard Strom, James Gooch, Wayne Vande Vere. 41 ENIOR € , NAPS M ABEL, ROLAND; Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Educotion. College Choir, ' 51-52, bobboth School Teacher, ' 52, Amateur Radio Club, ' 53-54, MICHIGAN AHNBERG, RALPH; Chemistry, Mathematics, University of Stock- holm, Coach in Fencing, ' 43- ' 45; Vorsity Soccer Teem, ' 43- ' 44, Varsity Hotkey Tcom, ' 42-44 SWEDEN ALLEN, GILBERT; Biology, Chemistry JAMAICA •AMREIN, ANDREW; Business Administration, History " 35 " Club, ' 53- ' 54 MICHIGAN ANGER, ERNEST; History, English, Education Associate President Internotionol Relations Club, ' 53- ' 54, MICHIGAN. ANTISDEL, DOROTHY; Music, English, College Band, ■50- ' 54; Sobbath School Pianist, ' 51, ' 53, Treasurer Music Guild, ' 52- ' 53; Vice-President Kappa Phi Gommo, ' 53, WISCONSIN, ANTISDEL, MARY; Elementary Educotion, English, History, Home Economics Layout Editor " Student Movement, " ' 50- ' 51; Publicity Secretary Master Guide Club, ' 50- ' 51; Treasurer Girls ' Forum, ' 51; Secretary Sabbath School, ' 52; Secreta ry Oronoko Club, ' 52- ' 53; Secretary Junior Class, ' 52- ' 53; Associate Superintendent Sabbath School, ' 53; Vice-President Senior Closs, ' 53- ' 54, WISCONSIN, BAILEY, LYLE; Biology, Chemistry Advertising Monager Junior Seminar, ' 49; Rewrite Editor " Student Movement, " ' 50- ' 51; Col- lege Band, ' 53- ' 54, INDIANA BAKER, ALLEN; Biology, Agriculture Photogrophor " Student Movement, " ' 49- ' 50; Student Council, ' 50; Publicity Secretory " 35 " Club, ' 53-54; Photographer CARDINAL, ' 53- ' 54 MICHIGAN, BAKER, RAYMOND; Religion, History OHIO BARTON, BARBARA; Elementary Education, History, English, Biology, Teachers of Tomorrow, ' 52-54 INDIANA, BATTENBURG, JOSEPH; Engineering, Mathematics, Collegians, ' 51- ' 53; President Oronoko Club, ' 52- ' 53, ILLINOIS, BECK, FRANCES; Elementary Education, Biology, English, History, Home Economics Associate Superintendent Sabbath School, ' 50- ' 51; Social Committee, ' 50- ' 51; College Bond, ' 50- ' 51; Sabboth School Secretary, ' 51- ' 52; Student Council, ' 52- ' 54; Leader Every- body ' s Prayer Band, ' 53- ' 54, Make-up Editor CARDINAL, ' 53- ' 54; Secretary Senior Class, ' 53-54 MICHIGAN, BELLEAU, GEORGE; Religion, History, Treasurer Every Man ' s Club, ' 50; Sabbath School Teacher, ' 51; Treasurer Master Guide Club, ' 50- ' 51; Leader M, V, Society, ' 54, WISCONSIN, BELLEAU, WILFRID, Jr.; Religion, History, Education Publicity Secretary Teochers of Tomorrow, ■48- ' 49; President Moster Guide Club ' 49- ' 50; Sabboth School Teacher, ' 50- ' 52, WISCONSIN BENSON, DOUGLAS; Biology, Chemistry, Make-up Editor CAR- DINAL, ' 51- ' 52, Student Co ' jncil. ' 52- ' 54; Treasurer Pre-Med Forum, ' 52- ' 53; President Every Man ' s Club, ' 54, WISCONSIN, BOOTHBY, CAROLE; Biology, English, Photographic Editor CAR- DINAL, ' 51- ' 52; College Band, ' 52- ' 54, WISCONSIN, BROMGARD, VERN; Agriculture, Biology, Religion Treasurer Aqriculture Club, ' 51 - ' 52; Vice-President Agriculture Club, ' 52- ' 53 IDAHO BURTON, GORDON; Religion, History. Sobboth School Teacher, 51- ' 53, College Choir, ' 5I- ' 52; Secretary Every Man ' s Club, ' 53; Superintendent Sobboth School, ' 54. SOUTH AFRICA, BUZELLI, THOMAS; History, Biology, Business Administration, Education International Relations Club, ' 51- ' 53, MICHIGAN •CASTER, DONALD; Chemistry, Biology, Prayer Band Leader, ' 52- ' 53; Treasurer Chemistry Club, ' 53; College Choir, ' 53, NEW YORK CHOW, MATTHEW; Biology, History, Germon, Education. Primary Sabboth School Teacher, ' 50- ' 51; Master Guide Club, ' 51-52. HAWAII CHRISTIANSEN, THORWALD; Physicol Science, Mathematics Chairman Senior Class Gift Committee, ' 53- ' 54 MICHIGAN. CHURCHILL, ROY; Religion, History, Education MICHIGAN COOK, ROGER; Chemistry, Biology Tumbling Team, ■51- ' 52; Sob- bath School Teacher, ' 53, Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54. NEW YORK. CRESS, PAUL; Business Administration, History OHIO •dcVORE, A. F.; Biology, Music. MICHIGAN DIAZ, LUCAS; Religion, History, Education. Chorister Spanish Sobboth School, ' 50- ' 51; Prayer Band Leader, •52- ' 53. NEW YORK DOERING, ARDITH; English, Secretarial Science, Business Admin- istration, Education College Bond, ' 50- ' 54, Associate Sabboth School Superintendent, ' 52, Secretory Master Guide Club, ' 52- ' 53; Editor " Student Movement, " Summer ' 52. MICHIGAN. •ELLSWORTH, KEITH; Religion, History. Sobboth School Teacher, ' 51- ' 54; Treosurer American Temperance Society, ' 53- ' 54; Cir- •Summer Graduote SENIOR culotion Manager " Student Movement, " ' 53- ' 54, Leader Home Evangelism Band, ■53- ' 54. MICHIGAN FARVER, ROBERT; Agriculture, Biology. Agriculture Club, •51- ' 52; President Agriculture Club, ' 52- ' 53; Pastor Agriculture Club, ' 51- ■52 INDIANA FLETCHER, FRANK; Biology, Chemistry. West Indian Troining Col- lege, Assistant Leader M V. Society, ' 50. CONNECTICUT. GREEN, GEORGIA; French, English. A Cappella Choir, ' 51 - ' 52; Ser- geont-ot-orms. Girls Forum, ' 51- ' 52; Student Council, ' 51- ' 52; As- sociote Leader M. V. Society, ' 5I- ' 52; Make-up Editor CARDINAL, ' 52- ' 53, Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54. INDIANA. GREEN, HAROLD; Business Administration, History, Music. Col- lege Band, ' 50- ' 51; Collegians, ' 51 - ' 52; Circulation Monager CAR- DINAL, ' 51-52; Advertising Manager " Student Movement, " ' 52- ' 53; Auditor Student Association, •53- ' 54. MICHIGAN. GREVE, ROBERT; Physical Science, Mathematics, Collegians, ' 51- ' 52, ' 53-54. President Every Man ' s Club, ' 52; President Teochers of Tomorrow, ' 52- ' 53, Student-Faculty Council, ' 53- ' 54; Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54, MICHIGAN. GROFF, CHARLOTTE; English, History, French, Educotion. Coming Events Editor " Student Movement, " ' 51- ' 52; College Choir, ' 52- ' 53, Publicity Secretary Master Guide Club, ' 52- ' 54; Religion Editor " Student Movement, " ' 53- ' 54; Script Secretary Rodio Com- mission, ' 53- ' 54 MICHIGAN GYDE, MARY ALICE; Mathematics, Physics, French, Education. Student Council, ' 52- ' 54, Vice-president Junior Class, ' 52- ' 53; Board of Publications, ' 53- ' 54; Social Vice-president Student As- sociation, ■53- ' 54; Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54. OHIO. HABENICHT, HERALD, Jr.; Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics. Vice- president Stamp Club. ' 51-52, A Coppella Choir, ' 51- ' 53; College Band, ' 52- ' 54. Assistant Superintendent Sabbath School, ' 52; Leader Master Guide Club, ' 52- ' 53; Vice-president Chemistry Club, ' 53; Superintendent Sobboth School, ' 53; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents, ' 53- ' 54 .MICHIGAN •HAMSTRA, RAYMOND; Religion, History Vice-president Radio Club, ' 50- ' 5l; Leoder M. V. Society Berrien Springs Villoge Church. ' 53. MICHIGAN. HAM-YING, RUPERT; Religion, History. Assistant Leader Joil Bond, ' 53; Prayer Bond Leoder, ' 53- ' 54; Sobboth School Teacher, ' 54 TRINIDAD HARRIOTT, ESTHER; Mathematics, Physics Secretary Mathematics Club, ' 52- ' 53; Sobbath School Teacher, ' 53; Circulation Manager CARDINAL, ' 53-54 JAMAICA HARRISON, BOBETTE; Elementary Edcuotion, French, English, History, French Sabboth School, ' 48-49, ' 53-54; Assistant Pian- ist M V Society, ' 49, MICHIGAN HARTELIUS, GRETHE; Elementory Education, English. Biology, Mu- sic. Home Economics Music Guild, ' 52- ' 54, DENMARK, HETLER, LE ROY; Agriculture, Biology, MICHIGAN HILE, WARREN; Agriculture, Biology Publicity Secretary Agricul- ture Club, ' 50- ' 51; Vice-president Agriculture Club, ' 5I- ' 52; Pres- ident Every Man ' s Club, ' 52 INDIANA, HILL, GLENN; Religion, History, Biblical Longuoges. Student Coun- cil, ' 52- ' 53; Leoder Everybody ' s Prayer Bond, ' 52; Religion Editor " Student Movement, " ' 52- ' 53; President American Temperance Society, ' 52- ' 53; Pastor Junior Class, ' 52- ' 53, Board of Publica- tions, ' 53- ' 54; Vice-president Student Associotion, ' 53- ' 54; Pastor Senior Class, ' 53- ' 54; Student Elder College Church, ' 53- ' 54; Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54 OHIO, •HOOVER, GLENN; Elementary Education, Biology, English, His- tory Sobbath School Teacher, ' 50- ' 54, MICHIGAN, HUNT, WALTER; History, Biology, Chemistry, Associote Superin- tendent Sabboth School, ' 52; Custodian Student Association, ' 52; American Temperance Society, ' 51 - ' 52; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents, ' 52- ' 53, MICHIGAN, HYDE, FREDERIC; Religion, History. News Editor " Student Move- ment, " ' 51-52; Publicity Secretary Ministerial Seminar, ' 53; As- sociate Editor " Student Movement, " ■52- ' 53 MICHIGAN, JACKSON, JUANITA; Secretarial Science, (Two Year) Master Guide Club, ' 53-54 OHIO, JENSEN, MARY; Religion, History Secretory Ministeriol Seminar, ' 53 WISCONSIN JOHANSEN, SVEIN; Religion, History. NORWAY JOHNSON, JOHNNY; Religion, History, Education ILLINOIS KIELER, GEORGE; Biology, Chemistry, MICHIGAN KIERSTEAD, AVON; Business Administration, History Mathemat- 44 DIRECTORY res, Education. Treasurer Every Man ' s Club, ' 52- ' 53; Associate Leader M.V. Society, ' 52-53; Treosurer Senior Class, ' 53- ' 54. CANADA. KLEIN, ALVIN; Religion, History. College Choir, ' 51- ' 52, Assist- ant Superintendent Married Couples Sobboth School, ' 51; Publicity Secretary American Temperance Society, ' 51 - ' 52; Sabbath School Teacher, ' 5I- ' 53; Assistant Leader Colporteur Band, ' 5!- ' 52; Leoder Colporteur Band, ' 52- ' 53. WISCONSIN. •KLOOSTERHUIS, ROBERT; Religion, History. Student Council, ' 50- ' 5I; Associate Leader Jail Band, ' 50- ' 51; Leader Home Evan- gelism Band, ' 51- ' 52; Leader M.V. Society, ' 52- ' 53. MICHIGAN. Business Administration, ' 52- ' 53. MICHIGAN. Mathematics. KOEPKE, BEN; History, Sabbath School Teacher, KUEBLER, HAROLD; Religion, History, Biblical Languages. College Bond, ' 49-52; Sabbath School Teacher, ' 50- ' 52; Chorister Sab- bath School, ' 51- ' 52; Leader Jail Band, ' 52- ' 53. MICHIGAN LINK, LA VERN; Religion, History, Education. Temperonce Teom, ■51- ' 52. MICHIGAN. •LUCHT, RUSSELL; Religion, History, Education. Vice-president American Temperance Society, ' 5]- ' 52; College Choir, ' 51- ' 52; President Ministerial Seminar, ' 52- ' 53; Sabbath School Teacher, ' 52- ' 53; Assistant Publicity Manager " Student Movement, " ' 53- ' 54; Assistant Leader M.V. Society, ' 53- ' 54 WISCONSIN. LUGENBEAL, DONNA; Elementary Educotion, Home Economics, Biology, History, Secretarial Science. President Teachers of Tomor- row, ' 5 1 - ' 52; Student Council, ' 51 - ' 53; Secretary American Tem- perance Society, ' 52- ' 53; Student-Faculty Council, ' 52- ' 53; Pianist Sabbath School, ' 53; College Bond, ' 52- ' 54 Publicity Secretary Foreign Missions Band, ' 53- ' 54 ; Copy Editor CARDINAL, ' 54; Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53-54. MICHIGAN. MAEHRE, RUTH; Nursing Education, Biology. R. N. Club, ' 53- ' 54. MICHIGAN. MATAR, JOAQUIN; Business Administration, History. CALIFORNIA Mcculloch, CHARLES: Religion, History MONTANA MIDDAG, NORMAN; Religion, History, Printing, Educotion. Vice- president Every Men ' s Club, ' 49- ' 50; Editor CARDINAL, ' 49- ' 50. MINNESOTA MILLER, LEROY; Biology, History, Chemistry. Oshawa Missionary College, President Student Association, ' 50- ' 51; Administrotive Vice-president Student Association, ' 52- ' 53; Student Council, ' 52- ' 53; Sabbath School Teacher, ' 52- ' 53; Pathfinder Leader, ' 53- ' 54. CANADA. MOORE, ELWIN; Chemistry, Biology. Assistant Leader Jail Band, ■52. Leoder Master Guide Club, ' 53- ' 54. WASHINGTON. •MUNSON, HOWARD, Jr.; Biology, History. Oronoko Club, ' 48- ' 50; Sabbath School Superintendent, Barodo Church, ' 53- ' 54. NIELSEN, LOUIS; Religion, History, Biblicol Languoges Moster Guide Club, ' 52- ' 54 DENMARK OFFENBACK, FRED; Religion, History. Mayor Trailer Court, ' 52; Superintendent Sabbath School, Summer ' 52, - ' 53, President, Col- legians, ' 53- ' 54. ILLINOIS OJALA, HERBERT VERNE; Busin ess Administration, History ILLINOIS. OLIVER, EVELYN; French, English, Biology, Education. CALIFOR- NIA. OTIS, DONNA; Secretoriol Science (Two Year). Secretary Colpor- teur Bond, ' 50- ' 51; Secretary M V. Society, ' 51- ' 52; Secretary Foreign Missions Bond, ' 51 - ' 52; A Cappello Choir, ' 53- ' 54 As- sistant Secretary Student Association, ' 53- ' 54; Vice-president Foreign Missions Bond, ' 53- ' 54. MICHIGAN. PAULSON, ANNALISA; Nursing Education, Biology Secretory- Treasurer R. N. Club, ' 53- ' 54. SWEDEN. PLOTH, MICHAEL; Biology, Chemistry. OHIO ■PLANK, IRVIN; Biology, Chemistry. Pre-Med Forum, ' 50- ' 53; Sab- bath School Teacher, ' 53. MICHIGAN. •PLANK, VIRGINIA; Elementary Education (Two Year). Teochers of Tomorrow, ' 50- ' 53; Secretary Married Couples Sabbath School, ' 54. MICHIGAN PONTYNEN, WALTER, Jr.; History, Business Administrotion, Biology, Education. Social Committee Student Association, ' 51 - ' 52. MICHIGAN. POTTER, LORRAINE; Elementary Education (Two Year). Prayer Bond Leader, ' 51- ' 54. NEW YORK. RASMUSSEN, JOSEPH; Business Administration, History. Associate Superintendent Scandinavian Sabbath School, ' 5 1 - ' 52; Student ' Summer Graduate Council, ' 52- ' 53; Compoign Manager " Student Movement, " ' 52- ' 53; President International Relotions Club, ' 53- ' 54. DENMARK. REYES, NYDIA; Home Economics, Chemistry. Madison College, Secretary Junior Class, ' 52- ' 53. PUERTO RICO. ROBINSON, RIVA; Business Administration, History, French Su- perintendent Spanish Sabbath School, ' 51; Treosurer Sponish Club, ' 51; Superintendent French Sabbath School, ' 52- ' 53. COLOMBIA. SCHLEENBAKER, STANLEY; Religion, History. Chorister Sabbath School, ' 52; President Collegians, ' 52- ' 53; Student Council, ' 52- ' 53; Chorister Ministeriol Seminar, ' 53; Mayor Trailer Court, ' 53. PENNSYLVANIA. SHULL, ELWIN; Chemistry, Biology. College Bond, ' 50- ' 54. IN- DIANA. SLAUGHTER, LESLIE; Agriculture, Biology. Publicity Secretary Agri- culture Club, ' 51 - ' 52; President Agriculture Club, ' 53-54. OHIO. SMITH, RUTH FAYE; Home Economics, Biology. Secretary-Treas- urer Home Economics Club, ' 52- ' 53; Sabbath School Teacher, ' 53; News Reporter Home Economics Club, ' 53- ' 54. NORTH CAROLINA. STEPHAN, RALPH; Business Administration, History. Circulation Manager CARDINAL, ' 52- ' 53; Business Manager CARDINAL, ' 53- ' 54. MICHIGAN STETSON, WILLIAM; Engineering, Mothemotics, Physics. Engi- neering Club, ' 53; University of Michigon, Sailing Club, ' 53- ' 54. MICHIGAN STRAMAN, MARCEIL; Nursing Education, Biology President R N Club, ' 53- ' 54. MICHIGAN. STRAMAN, RUSSELL; Business Administration, History. Deacon, Berrien Springs Village Church, ' 53- ' 54. MICHIGAN STROM, RICHARD; Chemistry, Biology. A Cappello Choir, ' 50- ' 51, ' 53; Tumbling Team, ' 52; President Every Mon ' s Club, ' 52- ' 53; President Senior Class, ' 53- ' 54; Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54. MINNESOTA. SUNDQUIST, PAUL; French, History. Vice-president Foreign Mis- sions Bond, ' 53- ' 54 •THOMPSON, CAROLYN; Elementary Education, (Two Year) Col- lege Choir, ' 52- ' 53. ILLINOIS. THORESEN, ASA; Biology, Chemistry College Band, ' 49, ' 51, ' 53; Leader Sunshine Bond, ' 51; Sabbath School Teacher, ' 51- ' 52; Presi- dent Foreign Missions Bond, ' 5l- ' 52 NEW ZEALAND. •THORVALDSSON, JOHANN; Religion, History College Orchestra, ' 53- ' 54, A Cappello Choir, ' 53-54. ICELAND. TOWAR, DOROTHY; English, Business Administration. Sabbath School Teacher, ' 49- ' 51; Leader Sunshine Band, ' 50; Associate Superintendent Sabbath School, ' 50; Secretary M. V. Society, ' 50- ' 51; Secretary American Temperance Society, ' 50- ' 51; Columnist, " Student Movement, " ' 50- ' 54 MICHIGAN. VALENTIN, JOSE; Religion, History. Superintendent Sponish Sab- bath School, ' 52- ' 53, Master Guide Club, ' 52- ' 53. NEW YORK. VAN ARSDELL, ROGER; Religion, History. Collegians, ' 5I- ' 54; Pastor Every Man ' s Club, ' 51; Chorister Sabbath School, ' 51 - ' 53; Leader Colporteur Band, ' 51 - ' 52; Vice-president Student Associa- tion, ' 51- ' 52; Leoder M V Society, ' 53. ILLINOIS VANDE VERE, WAYNE; Business Administration, Mathematics, History. Treasurer Americon Temperance Society, ' 51 - ' 52; Cus- todian Student Association, ' 51- ' 52; Auditor Student Association, ' 52- ' 53; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 52- ' 53; Treasurer Student As- sociation, ' 53- ' 54; Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54. MICHI- GAN. VELTING, ARNOLD; Agriculture, Biology. Secretory-Treosurer Ag- riculture Club, ' 52; Prayer Bond Leader, ' 52- ' 53. MICHIGAN. VENIA, IMOGENE; Nursing Education, Biology R N Club, ' 52- ' 54; Leader Joil Bond, ' 53. MICHIGAN •WACKER, DOUGLAS; Religion, History. Postor Every Man ' s Club, ' 52- ' 53; Assistant Leader M V. Society, ' 52- ' 53; Superintendent Married Couples Sobboth School, ' 53-54. MICHIGAN. •WARD, BILLIE; Religion, History. Prayer Bond Leader, ' 51- ' 53; Vice-president Ministerial Seminar, ' 53; President Student As- sociation, ' 53- ' 54; Who ' s Who Among Students, ' 53- ' 54. KEN- TUCKY. WARD, MARGUERITE; Elementary Education, English, Home Economics, Biology MICHIGAN WILLETT, EDWARD, Jr.; Business Administration, History. Col- lege Band, ' 51-54; Treosurer Every Man ' s Club ' 52- ' 53; Student Council, ' 53- ' 54; Business Manager " Student Movement " ' 53- ' 54. MARYLAND. WILSON, EDWIN; Religion, History. President American Temper- ance Society, ' 51 - ' 52; Board of Publications, ' 52; Staff Writer " Student Movement, " ' 53- ' 54; President Ministerial Seminar, ' 54. MICHIGAN. 45 JUNIORS Aim: To Better Serve Motto: For Cod and Humanity Colors: Silver and Creen Flower: White Rose Standing, left: Herbert Bollinger, Treasurer; F. O. Rittenhouse, Sponsor; Lenard Jaecks, Pastor. Seated: Mary Youngs, Secretary; Theodore Sawyer, President; Jessie Duns, Vice- President. 46 Gerald Abel Stig Anderson Robert Andrews Ann Ashlock Herbert Bollinger LeVerne Bissell Arthur Bloke Ernest Bohnke Robert Bom Catherine Brown Dora Brown Phyllis Brown Nayode Cabrera Arbutis Cowley Larry Croxton Gilbert Dunn Jessie Duns Doris Eaton 47 m A Wilbur Goosey Joyce Craichen James Grove June Hchn Clyen Haugen Bonnie Hausted w C - Melvin England Gloria Felon Woodena Ferrel Raymond Finch Reed Gibson James Gooch Fred Hernandez William Hessel Beverly Hill Robert Hittle Jeanne Hoover Maurice Hoppe 48 Thelma Ing Lenard Jaecks Edward Jasper Richard Johnson Eriand Johnson Paul Johnson CI b O- 4 Jata . % Luz Journet Audrey Kaatz James Kaatz Michael Kebbas George Kempton Philip Khouri Harold Kibble ReDoy Kiesz Duk Shin Kim Stella Klimosz Carol Koester Donald Koester JfJ .kM 49 Lester Medford Eugene Merkel Marolyn Michel Harold Kostenko Eric Kreye Patricia Lashier James Lastine Florence Losey Emilia Manalaysay f% lone Markel fer = k ™ Bernard Marsh r J Alma McClure Joseph A Miller Shirley Minisee Edith Moore Arne Muderspach Ivan Namihas William Otis 50 Joshua Pang Duane Patten Joyce Paul Lloyd Penrod Norman Polk Donald Popp rsf r ' f !»r «■ V— Elaine Porter Wanda Porter Jack Quick i3 m m k i il Rolf Rishaug Lowell Rollins Lorayne Russel K Glenn St. Clair John Schleifer Carrell Shuler i 0 - J Ralph Reed Dale Rhodes Dwight Rhodes 51 Cordon Shumate Averille Smouse Virgil Jacket Reid Tait Lois Tess Douglas Thoresen Amelia Tompkins J. D. Westfol! Kenneth Wilkinson Tom Yanagihara Mary Youngs Bruce Zimmerman 52 £ P W Christian President of the College " Do you love life ' ' Then use time wisely, for it is the stuff of which life is made ' " This familiar maxim might well be pondered by every person who wishes to live his life to the full. For we have only one life to live, and it is impossible to recall and improve even one wasted moment. Some individuals regard time only as a factor which makes possible the achievement of a skill, the accumulation of a fort une, or the attainment of power over others. But to the Christian, and particularly to us at Emmanuel Missionary College, time has a far greater significance. To us, time is not our own, to be wasted in selfish pleasure or in sinful . indulgence, it is a talent lent by God Himself, and we recognize the most solemn obligation to use it wisely in developing our own character and in bringing to others the good news of salvation. To us, time is valuable beyond all calculation, for Cod has given us no talent of which He will require a more strict account. Even in the joyful time of youth it is well for us to recognize that " every moment is freighted with eternal consequence, " and that " time wasted is mere existence, but time used is life " The faculty of Emmanuel Missionary College wishes for each of its students " a life of no regrets! " Sincerely, 1 4;1 i i 54 To impress students with the surpassing importance of time the tower clock at Ox- ford has inscribed beneath its giant face these Latin words: Pereunt et impuntotur. " They pass and are charged to our ac- count. " In order that no precious moment be wasted Solomon wrote: " See then that ye walk as wise men redeeming the time. " How rich and rewarding will be the college life of the discerning student who early learns the supreme value of every minute ' F. O. Rittenhouse Dean of the College V. E. Garber Business Manager Time is a possession to be exchanged for something else. Students give time and labor in exchange for an education and almost all other things of value. To be watchful of every minute, then, is wise economy. A minute is a little thing, but we must remember that it is by heeding little things that character is established. 55 Irvin G Althage Art Daniel A. Augsburger Foreign Languoge Arthur E. Axelson Religion 1 . M Perry W Beach Mubic Earl Beaty Accounlont, Treosurcr Robert Beck College Wood Products Margaret Benedict Elementary School Wilmoth Benson Music Joseph W. Bielicki Dean of Men 56 Robert J. borrowdale Music George W. Brown College Physician Alma M. Campbell English, Academy Victor H. Campbell Agriculture Otto H. Chnstensen Biblical Languages Rachel J. Christman Deon of Women Cx Evelyn F. Conkell Alfredo Costerisan Assistant, Music English Claude Dcivii) Plant Custodian 57 Harry E. Edwards Educotion Winifred M. Edwards Nursing Education Melvin W, Davis Music Margarita Dietel Music Blossom C. Engen Cordon 0. Engen Home Economics Public Relations Secretary Paul Evers Maude Fahrboch Assistant Dean of Men Health Seryice French, Academy Physical Education 58 Joseph C. Calusha Science and Mathemotics Academy Beatrice Hamel Elementary School Herwarth F. Halenz Chemistry Paul Hamel Music Dorothy Ferren Assistant Librarian Clarence S. Field History, Academy ■J W r Bonnie Jean Hannah Secretarial Science Winfield Hardy Physical Education 59 n ■ ' Siq rt m J V M Harold E. Heidtke Biology •x ' Vk ' ' ' - Harry E. Hein Foreign Longuoge m % i • ' i A wHmlk M J Howard Heisig Edith C. Hiten College Supply Store Foreign Language Arthur D. Holmes Beatrice Holquist Education Home Economics George H. Jeys College Press Harold T. Jones Mathematics m Harvey M. Lashier Physics Ellis R. Maas Principal, Academy " i ' ' ■ ; ; m Verne Kelsey Music E. L. Knecht College Chef Evelyn H. Maas Secretorial Science Wanda MacMorland Director of Admissions Robert B. MacMorland Associote Accountant Assistant Treasurer Arlene Marks Librarian 61 Mildred Martin Assistant Dean of Women Clara Marsh Cafeteria Alice C. Marsh Home Economics Frank L Marsh Biology Cecil W. Mayor Chemistry Clarence E. Nelson Elementary School Grace L. Nelson Education Walter W Nelson Berrien Bindery Merton S Petersen Principal, Elementary School 62 Barbara Phipps Assitant Librarion Burton H. Phipps Biology Hans L. Rasmussen Social Science J. E. Riffel Engineer , o , 1 J Marguerite Ross Elementary School Wilbert M. Schneider Business Administration 0 - •■ ' Leslie Smith Applied Arts Niel Sorensen Agriculture Edward J. Specht Mathematics 63 Edith Stone English Claude D. Striplm Registrar Harry W. Taylor English Not pictured: Horace J. Shaw Speech Samuel Read Assistant, Music ■ ■ - I Edwin R. Thiele Religion Wilson Trickett Assistant Business Manager Emmett K Vande Vere Margarete H Vonde Vere Social Science As ' ,istant, Music mi,, f» 1 Bernice Webber Elementary School Naomi Zaiabak Elementary School 64 Arlene Friestad Secretary to the President Alfred Schone Bakery John Neumann Business Office Floyd Costerisan Business Office vll John Mert I imf Dairy Ruth Pearson Laundry Cordon Neil Service Station You ' U be neaW E!n joy ind I ' ll take care- of you later I ' M wm or cUt OK, -tKc e salt-fi-ce diet A Beach rcLS-tUs the tvoriee The librar-ian laudlns mi mi a 00 lbs. of rhqthrr 9ut- rioui I o-m not, domd. - 00 lbs. must be mv| limit Mamal in harmoncf 1 i: •sx ' as. Really, VJilbeKt, I didn ' t do it. ' f He: Consented -famWu +• Ba anc«d diet = Grood nutrition • " " . Library memories . , . Freshman Comp term papers, !ast-minute outside reading, or maybe just looking for the lotest sports news- 6S UNDERCLAS§,Me V ' These were hectic days, days when each Freshman secretly wished he were home again — away from long waiting lines, I. Q. tests, class schedules, and financial questionnaires. But there were rewards: a melon feed, campfire worships, old and new friends. Mofone Abel Raymond Ackley Fern Adair Darlene Adams Lois Akin Anita Allen Roy Allen Lowell Andrews Elayne Andrus Richard Applegate Robert Ashlock Richard Bagg Holly Bailey, Jr. Elaine Baker Sharron Baker Don Bernhardt Verlean Bickhar Jerre Bicknell Deloris Bigler Cheni Bishop William Blackbur James Bolin Lyie Botimer Richard Botimer Jean Bouford Wayne Boyd Marilyn Branson Marilyn Bray Barbara Breakie James Breedlove 70 Carole Brenner Jone Britton Ronald Brockette Arthur Brown Dorothy Brown Dean Burns Jock Burns Eleanor Bush Vernon Butler Kathenne Buzelli Gordon Byrd Patricia Calkins Loido Campillo Juanita Carey Lois Carpenter James Corr Jonie Corr Robert Cary Morolyn Case Kenneth Cotes Lois Cederberg Rose Chirello Elsie Clous Mary Lou Cloypool William Clegg Patricio demons William demons Bruce Collins Dolores Collins Lois Collins Marilyn Comer Nancy Conibear John Conkell Darwyn Cook Shirley Corn Carol Cottrell Geraldine Craig Sandy Crank Ronald Crory Dan Creighton 71 i f!l ( . A fl ■ i X. 1 Vj % ' ' Jomes Curry Tom Da I son Roderick Darby Ledo Dornell Joann Davis Virginia Davis Hesley DeBow Leroy deFluiter Nila Degner Del Delker Federico Dioz Florence Dippold Shirley Dockhom Duane Dodd Robert Dotson Dolores Douglas Dole Driscol Barbara Drumm Shirley Dudney Robert Earp Virgil Easterdoy Sylvia Boston Laurice Edmonds William Edsell Sherrill Edwards Nancy Ellis Nan Engelbert Roger Engelbert Gordon Evans Dons Ferney Twila Fish Carl Fivecoote Dolores Flemmer Helen Foil Joyce Ford Winton Ford Shirley Forrest Clarence Forrester Mane Fotus Eloise Frank 72 Geraldine Fraser Normon French James Frymire Oscar Gallay Pearl Geier Marilyn Gess Harriet Gilkey George Gleason Jose Gonzolez Nancy Goodman Malcolm Gordon Charles Green Norvella Green Ruth Green Jacqueline Greer Patricia Grismore Rose Marie Grosbol Marilyn Gruber Maxine Gruber John Grum t I fc - V T Doris Grundset Marilyn Guthrie Richard Gutsche Sue Hockett Bette Hagle Alice Hahn Julia Hainey Carol Hale Donald Halenz George Haley Claudette Hampton Shirley Harden Lou Ann Hording Lillian Hardt Leonard Harris Robert Hasselbrack Theodore Hatcher Madeline Hatfield Shirley Hatfield Kathryn Haugen 73 Adell Houghey Harriet Hearn Betty Hendershot Kenneth Hernandez Donald Hewlett Joan Higgins Rita Higgins Robert Higgins Judith Hill Yvonne Hirlinger Roberta Hodge Lance Hodges Clifford Hoffmon Lillian Holly Sandra Hood Coral Hoxie Robert Hunt Vernon Jaeschke Hazel Johnson Helen Johnson Jonet Johnson Norman Johnson Shirley Johnson Jimmie Jones Maxine Jones Robert Jones Beverly Jorgensen Mory Kanitz Robert Keorney Eldon Keeney Norma Keiloms Paul Keller Bille Kelly Jean Kennedy Edward Kevari Leslie Kiesz Normon Kimball Eleanor Kinamore Jock Kinne Dovid Kinney 74 f (? J IP U»i- " !«, " ■•»?■ W ' sr HI ;, mIA .Jrmmf . k W- Joan Kowalski Madeline Kowalski Lily Knetzky Steve Krisfolusi Norma Kuykendall Donna Kuzma Donald Labrenz Marvin LaCourt Richard Lainson Melvin Lane Evelyn Lawrence George Lawrence Genna Lee Lawson Jerry Lawson Eleanor LeBord Milton Lee Rex Lee Young Lee Nila Lemon Dale Letendrc Morion Lmdquist Verona Little Codwell Lloyd Mory Lloyd Joan Losey Pauline Marcoe Philip Marcoe Duane Marietta Joanne Marietta Mary Markle James Morsa Rose Ann Mathews John Matsche Marilyn Motula Ellen Mayer Vaughn McClellon Anita McComos lla McCulloch Inez McEndree Ruby Mende ' .-s 75 Phyllis Merrill George Messer Edith Metzger Janet Miller Joseph L. Miller Owun Moore Willie Moore Mary Morovetz Elizabeth Morgan Selina Morris James Morton Wayne Morville Beverly Moyle Shirley Mullen Robert Mulligan Arthur Myers James Myers Shirley Nagy Emile Na)m Shirley Nelson MA Merlynd Nestell Shirley Nestle Donna Netzer Lucrecia Nickless Kathleen Noblitt Bonnie Nutt Shirley Olsen Shirley Olson Richard Onstod Konokolo Orso Kathleen Parfjtt Muriel Parfitt Bonnie Parker David Parkhurst Eugene Parkhurst Jacqueline Parkhurst Naomi Patchin Audrey Patterson Jerry Pazitka Poddy Pearson 76 John Pestono Marvin Peters Duane Peterson Ruth Peterson Gerald Pfeifle Demcris Philo Carl Pleier Edword Price Carolyn Pudleiner Virginia Quinnell Donna Ramsdell David Rond Morydean Royborn Saroh Redfield Annabel Rehling Betty Reinhardt Helen Robinson Clarence Rorabeck Esther Ruf Jock Rusher c r r ■Jc - ■ - Max Rusher Carol Sock Monuel Sanchez Victor Sonchez Fred Scholler Richard Schell Guy Schenk Donald Schmidt Marilyn Schriber Leona Sellon Henry Shadel Sally Shadel Charles Shepard Loretta Sherman Verlen Sherwin Guinevere Sherwood Henry Shimobukuro Lloyd Shoemaker Marvo Shugars John Simmons ? Jane Simpson Betty Skeels Moselle Slaten Betty Smith Eldene Smith Victor Smouse Moriey Soper Melvin Stonowoy Bradley Stephan James Stephan Ardis Stern Byrna Stone Carole Sturtevont Richard Swanson Patrick Takara Elaine Tarr Lorraine Torr Juanita Teets James Thomas Miles Thomas Roberta Thomas Laurel Thoresen Grace Tims David Tompkins Cecile Torkelson Vivien Townsend Ronald Trace Carolyn Tremble June Trieber Charles Trubey James Twomley Clifford Vance Thelma Van Wyk Beverly Vieou Marilyn Vieau Alberta Vitello John Wagner Alter Walker John Wang Myrle Ward 78 Bernice Warner Emmett Watson Phyllis Weaver Gloria Weber Russell Weidemann Janet Weischadle Larry Wertz Eleanor Wery Robert Wery Roberta Wery Carl Wessman Darlene West Lucile White Veria Whitford Evelyn Wiesner Robert Willett Clarence Williams Thomas Williams Sally Wonderly David Wyant Margaret Yonogihara Hsi-yu Yang Jomes Yoder Sylvia Yoder Edith Zaiabak Duone Zimmerman SPECIAL STUDENTS Irene Eide Lee J. osper Russe 1 Knudsen Mary Magnusson Ruth Nielsen Eileen Schleenbake 79 1 The Student Council, composed of the Student Associotion officers and representatives elected from the student body, expresses the student voice m school government. STUDENT ASSOCIATION Board of Publications Left to right: E Moore, G Engen isponsorl, B. Cleveti- ger, L. Jaecks, L. Croxton, H, Bollinger, J Hill, J. Up- chiirch Nominating Committee Left to right: J. Bray, L Cederberg, S. Dockhom, R. Greve, R. Strom, E. Jasper, D. Halenz, M. Gordon. President of the Student Association — Billie Ward Donno Otis, assistont Association secretary; Gil Dunn, Cus- todian; Judy Hill, Association secretary; Wayne Vonde Vere, treasurer Student-Faculty Council — Robert Greve, Mr. Garber, James Gooch, Billie Ward, Richard Strom, Miss Marks, Dr. Halenz, Dr Rittenhouse, Nancy Bather, Dr. Christian Vice presidents: Nancy Bather, Mary Alice Gyde, Glenn H CARDINAL Donna Lugenbeal Copy Editor Fronces Beck Copy Editor ftL m m i ' k 14- Joann Davis Photographic Editor Miss Stone and Miss Marks Advisors STAFF Ralph Stephen Business Manager Minerva Constantine and Nan Englebert Art Editors Al Baker PlT.t..,-,r,j|-,h.-T STUDENT Reporters: Nancy Goodman, Carrol Koester, Lois Cederberg, Lily Knefzky, Shirley Dudney, Non Englebert, Maurice Hoppe, Bonnie Hausted. Ed Willett Business Mana Jim Morton, Circulation Manager Keith Ellsworth, Assistant Circula tion Manager; Larry Croxton, Ad vertising Manager. MOVEMENT Marion Merchont, Monoging Editor; Edith Moore, Associate Editor Herb Bollinger Editor-in-Chief Barbara Breakie, Editorial Secretary; Eugene Porkhurst, Make-up Editor; Mr. Engen, Advisor; Shirley Hatfield, Copy Editor; Maxine Gruber, Assistant Make-up Editor; Glenn Hill, ACPA Correspondent; Robert Andrews, Ass ' t Copy Editor. Columnists: Kay Kilty, Catherine Brown, Esther Ruf, Evelyn Robinson — Dept. Editor, Barbara Phipps — Alumni Columnist " SOUTH HALL " IS DOOMED The Old must give place to the New No matter how " good " the old be. Full cerfoin the advent of change, As life ' s hours inexorably flee. So the roof ' s taken off — trucked away — And the windows are blind openings now. All the siding is missing today, And the rafters their proud gables bow. South Hall, Once our pleasure and pride. Once the heart of activities all. At the hands of stern progress has died, Will be gone e ' er the end of the fall. All the fixtures ore gone long ago. And the storm siding ' s now coming off. While the mosquish Bell Tower ' s laid low. And at bore studding strangers may scoff. AN in vain do our memories cry — " Spore spore the old building so dear. " None can make Time stand still — though some try! Naught can hold back tl e changes, we fear! But the lives of her sons, through the years. In many a difficult place Hove shone bright through the pain and the tears And reflected the Story of Grace. And though buildings and men may subside. And the rafters — and bodies — decay. Truth and Character ever abide. And grow brighter and stronger each day! George H. Jeys 86 • » hA533j Lamson Hall — Women ' s Dormitory 90 « wi, A mkm . -«.. Christmas party LAMSON LIFE Kitchenette feed ; SPRING FANTASY GIRLS ' RECEPTION ' Would you go with me to the Reception? " Lost minute touches Kappa Phi Gamma Officers First Semester Second Semester Esther Ruf, Hornet Hearn, Averille Smouse, lone Genno Lee Lowson, Poddy Pearson, Darlene West, Markel, Lois Cederberg, Shirley Hatfield, Shirley Shirley Dudney, Lorroine Torr, Shirley Mullen, Dockham. Marydeon Rayborn f f M , .. r aWSr ' B M 1 ' 92 " Welcome E M Club ' FOOD, fun, fantasy, film " w nn " Spring is busting out all over! " BEHIND THE SCENES Making dec ' ratir-ns The planning committee i m - 93 Burman Hall, Birch Hall — Men ' s Dormitui 94 Ih}: ' ' i mM fNlews from home f]t chrislrnu BIRCH-BURMAN LIFE E M Club officers both semesters 96 Relaxing around the piano Story time THE MUNSONS--TYPICAL MARRIED FOLKS " Now I loy me Some concentrated " study " FACULTY TALENT Students and viiiitors were amazed at the musical and dramatic talent displayed by faculty members at the Investment Benefit program. Among the outstanding performances was a quartet (pictured above) of Howard Heisig, Leslie Smith, Gordon Engen, Horry Hem, and accompanied at the piano by Blossom Engen. The faculty ladies demonstrated their dramatic talents (opposite above) The faculty bond highlighted the evening ' s program with several rousing numbers. 98 99 : ' -L,ie and brucc Il ' IIow the usherette to their seats Master of Ceremonies Harold Kiijlue waxes eloquent SM BANQUET The SM Banquet, climax of the StudetTt Movetnent SLibscriptiotT cam- paign, was attended only by students with 3 or more subscriptions. Bonnie anrf Lois courteously wait on tables Grandfather Kay and 8 year old Jerry entertain during the progrom. Sam Compbell, natural- ist and lecturer, attract- ed a capacity crowd for the Cordinol benefit pro- gram. The SM Family Night in- cluded musical numbers, a film, and the college tumbling team. The New Music Building The Physical Education Building THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA The String Ensemble The College Orchestra, directed by Professor Robert Borrowdale. The College Concert Orchestra The Band m action COLLEGE CO The 56 piece band, under the direction of Professor Paul Homel U ' ( " m J ■) ' Clarinet Quartet; Wayne Vonde Vere, Dorothy Antisdel, Carol Sock, Bernard Marsh. NiCERT BAND toured the academies of Michigan ond Indiana giving sacred and secular concerts K • f r L " The Chapel What ' s the trouble, boys? Do you hove tu btick out your tongue? FACULTY PARTIES Twice a year the faculty members open their homes to sponsor student parties. The photographer recorded some moments of fun at Elder and Mrs. Thiele ' s home. This takes broins Blow harder, Maurice. You can beat those girls. CLUBS Home Economics Club officers: Ruth Faye Smith, Woodena Ferrell, Sarah Mae Redfield, and Phyllis Brown. Shirley Hatfield at the Music Guild social Of- ficers of the club ore Lorayne Russell, Sally Shade!, Leslie Kiesz, and Shirley Hatfield. ft o c Officers of the RN Club are Marceil Stroman, Annalisa Paulson, and Alma McClure. Pictured in front of tfieir disploy are the " 35 " Club of- ficers: Ed Jasper, George Messer, Gordon Engen, sponsor, Mary Alice Gyde, and Al Baker (not pictured). Teochers of Tomorrow Club members wrapped and sent attractive parcels of school supplies to a needy African mission school at Christmas time. Officers of the club are James Kaotz, Doris Eaton, lone Morkel, and Arbutis Cow- ley. Engineering Club officers pictured ore Norman Kimball, James Breedlove, Mr. Specht, sponsor, Darrell Hoyt, Dole Driscol, ond Eriand Johnson. Members of the Pre- nursing Club pictured are Bonnie Nutt, Delores Collins, Kathleen Parfitt, Carolyn Bennett, Eleanor Wery, Shirley Johnson, Shirley Harden, Dons Grundset, and Shirley Hatfield Sifv- ccmi -■•j.piwiDSfro ' NBREEDING Leslie Slaughter points out an item of interest to fellow Ag Club officers: Darwyn Cook, Phillip Khouri, John Conkell, Carreil Shuler and Mr. Sorensen, sponsor. n The Master Guide Archery Club practicing up. I ' rospective mathematicians tackle . problem. Pictured are Mr. Jones, ponsor, Lois Cederberg, Eriand -lohnson, Bob Wonderly, Bruce Zimmerman, Mr. Specht, spon- or, Jim Gooch, Esther Harriott, ind Mary Alice Gyde. Ill Ready for the " spike " PICNIC A LA EMC Good food, good folks, good fun Lucas leaps Pie-face Felon A DAY OF FUN Specht and spokes A run scores Bottoms up TKe e.qes ha e it i Dux doe% evern hm t Wash-daH miracle M ¥:iw Brain " food Wha uiorm? Don ' t t|ou dare ! You - and t our But - I aid tudw| MfW A 8o«|d ia K nd Hav oi ' er s orders lAorp up. WKo Aire ouT |4« GoocH •fro»»» Thft fam ' tli4 album He- Q ' ot- f VIKV ftnotKer %po But- I an) itforkintf •-ftf ' Vou DIDN ' T ' take m picture ! AkkK— Spt-mdiirv»e WKa l H and tH sse Super -U. t«.- Btowi ' vc vitamins — ' MucK mu%kmelon dn SOj :iSfi esldent5 lUOhK too t|o ' UJdr a. see Ij Oh I That shot I She ' ll have ol little cuH. Gret a lcLLu( e.H Break it: up I line a rand e bouche. r txkmOj no bor es about it Hoopkschlei( eT THat ' s me I THE STf FF UNDER COVER Reiake WHICH picture ? I can ' t bear it. ' ' . " T - ' J - " -» : A V ' l N, v •f Some snow that began in the gloaming 119 • ) 2k N A lay-Lip by Warren 122 Stiles smashes it Muscles is the word Tait over the top Fletcher and Bolin ... up and at It! 124 " English! " " Side lines " ' The big stick " 126 NDUSTRIES ' From contented cows ' The Farm A touch of greenery The Cafeteria V ' , Rolling in dough The Bokery ' K A pressing engagement The Laundry i Sound to succeed The Bindery Sawdust and shavings College Wood Products : " Si« Willie makes chonge The Service Station David transplanting The Form George seeding The Grounds ' Loading " the Miller The Press Ardith recording Readers Bonnie getting supplies The Custodian Deparfmenf Jerry and Elwyn carving Lab assistants Ruby stocking The Store WHAT WILL YOUR FUTURE BE? One night three young men were working late in the office of their employer. The ouditor was to arrive the next day and all the accounts must be ready for him. At last, having completed their work, they left the office together. Feeling worn and tired, one of the group suggested they oil have a snack. All three agreed and soon were walking down the street to find a ploce that served food at that hour. Presently they were in front of a bar that also dispensed sandwiches. One of the three suggested they go no further. The second young man hesitated but finally consented. The third youth was much disturbed and stated that he would rather go without food than be seen in that place. The second young man now hesitated, finally deciding he would prefer another spot. This brought the third one in line and soon all three were quietly seated together in a clean and whole- some place One young man of conviction had made the difference. Somewhere along in his life he had mode o decision that now come to his aid. What we become is the result of decisions. Sometimes these are big but most of the time they are small and seemingly unimportant. But as all of these ore added together they form a character and character decides the success or failure of a life. The purpose of this Academy is to offer its students a Christian atmosphere where right decisions may be consistently arrived at The degree of success achieved in this respect measures the success of the school. Ellis R. Moos F ' klNCIPAL ELLIS R MAAS EMMANUEL MISSIONARY COLLEGE ACADEMY sMi i ;iiM? «5t 132 ■•J ' i ' finf Ca-. T--. TATLER Staff First Semester Student Association Officers Second Semester Student Association Officers Student Council Paul Evers Sponsor Larry Davis Helena Jones Shirley Shippy Harold Streidl Harold Rutherford Shirley Nelson Eldon Collier Morjorie Abel Bill Blackburn Cordon Casfer Connie Sue de Vore Donna Jo Ferrell Iris Je Clynn 135 Al Hampton Helen Kubecka Ann Miner Larry Roderick Richard Stern Astrid Swenson Mary Tesser 136 The Academy Choir " I think this color goes with her complexion lots better. " " Did the prof, say ' le ' or ' la ' goes before ' chaise ' ? " The Academy " All-stars ' Joe Hoover President Patricia Hunt Vice-Prejident Alma Moger Campbell Sponsor tl Janet Rettmonn Secretary Richard Norman Treasurer Thomas Kuhlman Sergeant-at-arms Aim — To Row, Not Drift Motto — Ever Onward Class Colors — Cherry and Silver Class Flower — Red Carnation 138 Gerry Bielicki Buddy Cason Betty Edsell Melvin Foil Lee Furman Edword Hahn James Hannum Melvin Hill Irmgard Kreye D Mary Alyce Little Morris McNitt Stuart Nieb Vernon Oliver Joyce Patterson Charles Schmeling Delbert Sumner Tom Wilson 2 Not Pictured: Carl Greek, Marilyn McCauley, Ruth Wicklond 139 Edward Lugenbeal Janef Stanchfield Dorothy Honcock President Vice-President Secretary Lynn SLimncr Treasurer Lane Johnson Scrgeant-at-arms Delcy Giijtin Sergeont-at-arms Clarence Field Sponsor Stanley Applegate Patricia Clanton Marietta Everman Annette Lewis David Minier Colleen Neil Sharlene Nelson Lawrence Patterson Dane Rittcnhousc Potty Skeels Larry Wagner 140 Ro5s Kinney Vice-President Robert Torkelson Treasurer Roger Olson President Dick Smith Secretory Horold Otis Sergeant-at-orms Ellis Maas Sponsor Jack Bailey Lorry Collier Wilmo Doering Donno Edsell Norman Foil Morcio Haley Ado Hampton Henry Jones Lucius Jones Morion Kubecka Kendall Morsh Charlotte Medley Arlan Nelson Doris Norman Alberta Oliver Ruth Pietrosz Jimmie Row David Schmeling Donald Schmeling Larry Ward 141 ' Rn4 the " fa-cyUy tttc xt%d cit-ar»K» ' Tuias - he ni Lh-t ' e. v. «. p - GerMi and DicK " ' " ' You to!d me San-toL c cit cdi our lettefSj " ius ' c be ood i It u;ab just irhot b j i ' Remember the Musk- RoUind Wheels- UttadKter 3 No, I ain ' t scared I " Qrrand lc. x CAe- specials Ut%at happened hcr-e? TKe main and aubordma e c uou uiat-Vind Shot 1 Compliments of RALPH D. GUSTIN M. D. 100 ' 2 West Ferry Berrien Springs, Michigan Phone 7-141 1 Compliments of DEAN ' S DAIRY Serving Berrien County Berrien Springs, Mich. CONGRATULATIONS We Wish You Every Success In Your Life ' s Work Davis Distributors, Inc. Niles, Michigan ' Tomorrow ' s Products For Today ' s Modern Mobile Hcjrnes " Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD Niles, Michigan Phone 1292 MODERN ;x:;: Speciol StudetTt and Faculty Discounts Berrien Springs, Michigan H4 These soul-sa intr Ixxiks are God ' s tools, or ageneies, w liere- b ' His sa ' ing truth can !x ' brought to all men. The are ihe hest in the religious hook- selling held. They ha e pro -ed their worth as soul winners. But, like the good seed, they need seattering to realize their potentialities. You Need These Tools! These books will sell. Drama of the Ages and Bihle Readhtgs alone have proved that over 500.- 000 times. And what home can you imagine would not benefit by the inspired health counsel of Mod- ern Medical Counselor? Who could not use the de dtional Desire of .Ages, the enliohtenino Palri- iirc is and Prophets, the yrand Great Controversy, tile significant Daniel and the Pievelatinn. and all the rest! These Tools Need YOU! Scholarship tools such as these need only earnest, ciinsecrated distributors. God is calling vou into his colporteur army to turn the tide of evil. There is no more important work you can do. Resolve now to do this active missionary work for your Lord and Master. That scholarship will be yours, as well as Heaven ' s eternal blessings. Your local publishing secretary will be happv to assist you in laying your plans and getting started in this thrilling work. Call him today. SOUTHERN PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE H5 1891, Sixty-three Years of Continuous Service, 1954 BERRIEN SPRINGS STATE BANK BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN Member: Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. HENRY ' S HOME BAKERY Vegetable Shortening Used Exclusively DECORATED CAKES WE FILL SPECIAL ORDERS 105 N. Main Tel. 5911 SHANK ' S BERRIEN SPRINGS STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS DODGE PLYMOUTH WHETSTONE MOTOR SALES 452 W. Ferry Phone 5121 BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN BARNHART ' S FLOWER BASKET Guy and Miriam Barnhart Flowers For All Occasions Berrien Springs, Mich. NILES CLEAN TOWEL SERVICE 513 N 1 )th St,, Niles, Michigan Phone 340 Complete Linen Service SerucKf t i i cow HUtUt at avcx 30 eara WHEN YOU NEED FEED FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS FRUIT PACKAGES CALL BERRIEN SPRINGS CO-OP FRUIT ASSN. Inc. Phone 3361 SPARKS LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIAL and HARDWARE Berrien Springs Phone 8511 146 WASHINGTON MISSIONARY COLLEGE and WASHINGTON SANITARIUM AND HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING Presents a Program Offering o College Degree in Nursing Meeting the Crowing Demands of the PROFESSIONAL NURSE Takoma Park, Washington 12, D.C. RIMES and HILDEBRAND ' Make This Your Store " St. Joseph, Michigan Priceless and Timeless GOLDEN TREASURY SERIES These exquisite little devotional volumes are bound in daintily lithographed covers in two pastel colors. Each is illustrated and prepared as an attractive gift book, combining richness with economy in price Individually boxed. The Lord Is My Shepherd by Roy L Smith An inspiring interpretation of the twenty-third psalm. Love on Fire by Mor|orie Lewis Lloyd Designed to awaken in each reader a new apprecia- tion of the privileges and power of a consecrated Christion life. Hove Faith in God by H. M. S. Richards A collection of ninety poems on religious themes re- loted to Christian faith and practice. Steps to Christ by Mrs. E. G. White A book of Christian counsel and tender appeol. The Potter ' s Shop by Alice Glen A book of homely philosophy glorifying the common task and spiritually interpreting the seemingly in- consequential things of life. Life At Its Best by D. A. Delafield A practical down to earth analysis of a hundred dif- ferent problems that the Christian must solve in his everyday life. PRICE $1.00 EACH ORDER FROM YOUR BOOK AND BIBLE HOUSE REVIEW HERALD PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION, WASHINGTON 12, D. C. 147 JOHN DKETJEN I hoto rapluT Soint Joseph, Michigon Phone YU 3-50SS S ( - - - Your Servant " Enjoy the Comfort, Convenience and Economy of an All-Electric Kitchen and Laundry See yoLir electric appliance dealer today. INDIANA MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY 148 Compliments of The South Bend Supply Co, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Compliments of THE THEISEN-CLEMENS CO. DISTRIBUTORS QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Farm • Home • Industry OVER HALF A CENTURY MICHIGAN ' S OLDEST — MICHIGAN ' S LARGEST A MICHIGAN INSTITUTION CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 FROM m YALE TOWNE m. (0. Berrien Springs, Michigan NORTON DOOR CLOSERS S. F. ROLPH, General Manager 149 MOVER AUTO SALES WILLIAM D. MOVER, Prop. SALES SERVICE FORD CARS and TRUCKS MANBEE WHEEL ALIGNING BALANCING GENUINE PARTS ACCESSORIES Berrien Springs, Michigan CompI imcnts SCHUG DRUG STORE SERVICE FOR THE SICK Whitmon Candy — Shcaffcr Pens Hallmark Cords THE MIDGET Groceries Confections Ice Cream Notions Hours — 8 AM to 10 P,M , Friday — 8 to 4 y ieea u 44K head! IN MY BUSINESS E. A. SCHLEICHER SERVICE CENTER BARBER Compliments of Culligan Soft Water and Self Serve Laundry Service Phone 7-2131 Berrien Springs, Mich. auU , ZES ' o ifeUf Mam at Second - llei GAMBLES The Store of Quality Merchandise AL MARSKE, Manager Berrien Springs LEMONTREES ' OPTOMETRISTS EST. 1903 Phone 4-7771 314 South Michigan South Bend, Indiana Drs. Garrett, Fattic and Peshka 61 St. Joseph MILES, MICHIGAN AULT CAMERA SHOP, INC. Mail Orders given prompt attention See us for all your photographic needs Try our photo service at the College Store 122 So. Main St. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Opposite Court House 150 Si ii MILK PRODUCTS COMPANY Chicago, III. -:• Golien, Mich. DRY MILK — CONDENSED MILK — ICE CREAM MIXES GRADE " A " MILK CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR " The arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob, , . Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; And by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above. " INDIANA CONFERENCE Congratulations to the Class of ' 54 For inspirational intellectual reading that benefits we suggest •FLICKERING DESIRE " By Morjorie Lewis Lloyd In giftbox for $1.50 Indiana Book and Bible House 3266 North Meridian Indianapolis 7, Indiana Compliments of The LAKE REGION CONFERENCE 151 TO THE COLLEGE CRADIATE secki ii: a place in indiislry or commerce, ACE offers many cxcellenl opportunities. Enicineers and Mnc iinisis, skilled Machine Operators. Salesmen and Secrelaries, Bookkeepers and Accounlanls, Personnel and Production Managers, Quality-control Supervisors and Material-and-Product Expediters are among tlie Hork opportunities open to qualified young men and women in this zrouins S.D.A. organization. For the indiiidual uith ubilily and foresight, u ho will climb the ladder ning-hy-rung. there ' s always a place at the top. Thi s is your invitation to contact ACE DRILL BUSHING, INC 5407 FOUNTAIN AVENUE LOS ANGELES 29, CALIF. job-tested and PROVEN! ACE DRILL BUSHINGS ARE SPECIFIED by leading engineers from coast-to-coast. To meet with continuous success, any product must hold definite advantages over its competition. ACE ofFers triple-checked accuracy — superior finishes — a wide range of sizes, types and specifications — uses highest quality steels and alloys — and maintains larger readily available stocks strategically located in major industrial areas. Where else can you get so much for so little? ACE DRILL BUSHING CO., INC. 5407 FOUNTAIN AVENUE LOS ANGELES 29, CALIF. To the Class of 1954 go our sincerest wishes that os you cross the threshold of school life and accept life ' s newer and greater responsibilities, you may place your confidence m God ' s merciful and kind providence, then, and only then will you have success. WISCONSIN CONFERENCE OF S. D. A. WISCONSIN BOOK AND BIBLE HOUSE BENTON HARBOR STATH BANK Benton Harbor, Mich. Capital $400,000.00 Surplus $300,000.00 Member F.DIC COMPLIMENTS OF CARL FISCHER. Inc. Music Publishers KIMBALL HALL 306 S. Wobosh Ave. CHICAGO, ILL. FRANK STORES, Inc. PANTS — CLOTHING FURNISHINGS 401 S. Michigan St. — ; — South Bend, Ind. Phone 72577 LAKE SHORE MOTOR TRANSIT LINES, INC. St. Joseph, Michigan Daily Service to and from Chicago, III. and South Bend. Ind. COMPLIMENTS OF TROOST BROS FURNITURE CARPETS NILES BENTON HARBOR ST. JOSEPH 154 Through Regular and Profitable Savings Design a Comfortable Future Plan now to have ready cosh when you need it. Face the Future confidently — Comfortably, We will show you our plan for greater earnings on savings with complete safety. Savings Insured to $10,000.00 Steady Earnings Readily Available Niles Federal Savings and Loan Association 114 East Ferry Street 306 East Moin Berrien Springs Niles New Nuries Residence WHERE AMBITION AND OPPORTUNITY MEET The Hinsdale Sanit.iriuni and Hospital, Hinsdale, Illinois, affiliated with Emmanuel Miisionary College, Berrien Sprinps. Michipan, offers: Three ear diploma program in nursing ' 9 months ai Enimanutl Missionary College— 2 " months at Hinsdale Sanitarmm and Hospital Write for injormatiofi to Director of Nurses, Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital, Hinsdale, Illinois or Office of Admissions, Emmanuel Missionary College, Berrien Springs, Michigan 155 COMPLIMENTS OF GAFILL OIL COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF INTERSTATE Co-c. DISTRIBUTORS ALUMirJUM WINDOWS STORE FRONTS MIRRORS GLASS SOUTH BEND, INDIANA The Place To Co For the Names You Know ( Mcit ' c " One Man Tells Another. " South Bend ' s LARCEST STORE FOR MEN 813-817 So. Michigan St. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Open Every Friday Evening Until 9PM, South Bend Time by using STEEL WINDOWS METAL LATH STEEL JOISTS METAL TRIM STEEL BEAMS OVERHEAD DOORS REINFORCINC STEEL WATERPROOFINC Sold by ANDERSON BUILDING MATERIALS 216 N. STATE ST. JOSEPH Phones Yu 3-5543 Yu 3-5544 R. W. Anderson, Mgr. 156 THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY EXTENDS ITS WARMEST GREETINGS TO EMMANUEL MISSIONARY COLLEGE KPAUSE PHAPMACV Berrien Springs, Michigon Photographic Equipment Prescriptions Soda Fountain SEALTEST ICE CREAM BAND BOX CLEANERS WE DO OUR OWN CLEANING Pressing — Dyein g — Moth Proofing PHONE son Compliments of HAZEN CAULPETZER JEWELER Berrien Springs, Michigan Phone 3121 PLANS FOR THE FUTURE We are proud to present a photograph of our proposed new Michigan Conference of- fice building. Students and friends of Em- manuel Missionary College are invited to visit our headquarters. 620 Townsend Street Lansing, Michigan G E. Hutches, President A H. Johns, Secretary H. F. Roll, Treasurer 157 To the Students and Faculty of E.M.C. Compliments on your very impor- tant accomplishments of the past . . , and our sincere best wishes for oven greater success in Ihe future. VDhvitpoot ■ I - T. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN CORPORATION Amcrico ' s First Family of Home Laundry Appliances ' ii MAURICE E. LEMONTREE. O. D. Optometrist Eye examination and visual analysis SUITE 219 POLEDOR BLDG. (S. E. CORNER OF COLFAX AND MICHIGAN ENTRANCE ON COLFAX) PH. 3-3010 SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Compliments of FOUR FLAGS HOTEL Niles, Michigan CLOUD BROS. 110 East Western Ave. South Bend, Ind. WHOLESALERS OF FINE FURNITURE MODERN DECOR AND TRADITIONAL LIVING ROOM— DINING ROOM BEDROOM FURNITURE FOR YOUR ENTIRE HOME— OUR SHOW ROOMS ARE OPEN TO YOUR FACULTY STUDENTS— FRIENDS— RELATIVES Store Hours See Mr. Beotty Mon. Through Fri. for Porticulors 8 AM to 5 PM ond to 12 o ' clock Noon on Sot. Liiit vtint u rc ok rat If en u twaa • IP aj litis iinniiui . lie I nift ea ikij. THE COLLEGE PRESS BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICH 159 The " 1954 CARDINAL " is bound in a MOLLOY-MADE cover by the S. K. SMITH CO. 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois WEBB COAL CO, For complete fuel satisfaction may we suggest our guaranteed fuels next time you order coaL 301 N. Shore Dr. Benton Harbor, Mich. Phone WA6 6159 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR Pictures are windows to any lands, But a book is a door thot ready stands To him who will open and go outside Where the rivers and plains are free ond wide. Pictures are windows through which we look, Rut the door of the world is |ust a book — ANNETTE WYNNE ILLINOIS BOOK BIBLE HOUSE EAU CLAIRE LUMBER CO. ONE-STOP SERVICE FOR YOUR BUILDING REQUIREMENTS Phone — Dial Eou Cloire 3741 160 Compliments of Chicago Roller Skate Company THE COPP MUSIC SHOP 122-26 E. Wayne St. South Bend Everything in Music Chicago, Illinois THE ENDERS CO. Wise spenders shop at Enders Phone WA-6-6145 Benton Harbor, Mich. It ' s fun to shop in Benton Harbor In Q knowledge of God, oil true knowledge and real development have their source. Wherever we turn, in the physical, the mental, or the spiritual realm; m whatever we behold, opart from the blight of sin, this knowledge is revealed. Whatever line of investigation we pursue, with a sincere purpose to arrive ot truth, we are brought in touch with the unseen, mighty Intelligence that is working in and through all The mind of man is brought into communion with the mind of God, the finite with the Infinite. The effect of such com- munion on body and mind and soul is beyond estimate. — Education, p. 14 THE ILLINOIS CONFERENCE of SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS COLLEGE SERVICE CENTER v ■; p {■ ' U 1) " ' ' V t y 1 YOUR SHOPPING CENTER WHILE AT COLLEGE " Bringing you all in school supplies " " A complete modern grocery store " " Ample Free parking " HOWARD HEISIG, Monager. 162 SCHLOSSER ' S OAK GROVE DAIRY PRODUCTS (jW cttuC i o4yd 0% 9U 163 HOUSE TO HOUSE EVANGELISM TRUE MINISTRY " All who desire an opportunity tor true ministry, and who will give themselves unreservedly to God, will find in the canvassing work opportunities to speak upon mony things pertaining to the future immortal life. " C, E. 16 OPPORTUNITY DEMANDS RESPONSIBILITY BEST WISHES SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT LAKE UNION CONFERENCE V-M CORPORATION Benton Harbor, Michigan Look for thta Soft music aids concentrotion, holds off fatigue. This clear-voiced V-M portable gives you an ad|ustable tone chamber ' You balance the big speaker to the acoustics of any room. Appreciated is the Siesta Switch that shuts off everything (amplifier too) after lost record plays. Lazy-Lite lets you reiect records with lid closed. Completely auto- matic record playing, all three sizes and speeds, Jomproof mechanism Ploys twelve 10 " , ten 12 " or fourteen 7 " records, intermix any ten 12 " 10 " of some speed. Beau tifullv finished in Warm Rose and Gray Tweed, or Rich Brown with Beige grille. V-M 986 Portable Phonogrop 1(.4 Our Kindest Regards To, And Sincere Appreciation of, Our Many Friends at Emmanuel Missionary College E.T.C., Inc. Nilcs, Michigan P. B. Gas+ Sons Co. 1515 Madibon Ave., S. E. GRAND PAPIDS, MICH. •4 • ► INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANERS SOAPS, LAUNDRY SUPPLIES FLOOR MACHINES CLEANING MATERIALS ' Everything for Cleaning " PAUL KUHLMAN SALES — SERVICE Phone 4952 New Cars Farm Equipment Berrien Au+o Supply Gifts and Sporting Goods CotTipliinents of PIFER FUNERAL SERVICE 521 E. Main Niles, Michigon Phone 10-W 165 SEE THE Iteu L ROYAL PORTABLE --o THE FINEST PO RTABLE YOU CAN OWN ' It ' s a beauty ' New Royals have amazing new " Magic " Margin, complete Office Typewriter Controls, plus other new features. Once you get your first breothtaking view of the new Royal Portable you ' ll see it is the World ' s No. 1 Portable. " Magic " is a registered trade-mark of Royal Typewriter Co., Inc. Speed-King keyboard and high-speed key action ' Finger-Flow keys of non-glare plastic. Autonnatic Paper Lock. Touch-set Tabulator. Ropid Ribbon Chonger. Ad|ustable Paper Support. 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Furniture and television Your Complete General Open 9-9 166 COLLEGE WOOD PRODUCTS BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN Compliments of IL College Service Station Standard Products GORDON NEIL, Manager Compliments of Schraders Super Market a good place to shop Berrien Springs 167 Pictures in this Book Photo- Engraved PHOTO-ENGRAVING CORPORATION THIRD FLOOR AT 131 NORTH MAIN STREET SOUTH BEND 1, INDIANA 168 DIRECTORY College Abel, Charlotte. R. 1. Box 371. Berrien Springs. Mich Abel. Gerald. R. I. Box 371. Berrien Springs. Mich Mich. N.Y. R. 2. Abel. Roland. R. I. Box 37 1. Berrien Springs. Acevedo. William. 1323 Bristow St., Bronx 59. Ackley. Raymond, c ' o Mrs. Evalyn Broadhurst. Decatur. Mich- -Adair. Fern. Box 12. Milton. Wis. .Adams. Darlene. R. 3. Ellsworth. Wis. Ahnberg. Ralph. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Akin. Lois, Box 195, Edwardsburg, Mich. .Allen. Anita. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. .Allen. Gilbert. Knockpatrick. Jamaica. B- W. I. Allen. Marian. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. .Allen. Roy. 245 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich. .Allison. Brookie. R. 3. Cassopolis. Mich. -Althage. Joyce. 20 N. Parkway. Berrien Springs. Mich. Amrein. .Andrew. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Anderson. Bruce. R. I. Box 124. Berrien Springs. Mich. .Anderson. James. 1347 Elizabeth St.. Crete, 111. Anderson. Sherman. 5 lb N. Main St.. Berrien Springs. Mich. ■Anderson. Stig. R. 2, Box 225C. Berrien Springs. Mich. Andrews. Lowell. 100 Palmetto Dr.. Miami Springs. Fla. ■Andrews. Robert. 29 19 Columbus. Detroit 6. Mich. Andrus. Elavne. R. 4. Hastings. Mich. Anger. Ernest. 12 13 Kearney St.. Port Huron. Mich .Antisdel. Dorothy. 40 1 E. Madison .Ave.. Milton Junction. Wis. Antisdel. Mary, R. I. Milton Junction. Wis. Applegate. Richard. R. 2. Box 222. Berrien Springs. Mich. .Ashlock. Ann 2720 Whiting Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. Ashlock. Robert. 1225 W, Chase Ave.. Chicago 26. 111. .Axelson. Robert. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. 47 27 70 70 70 27 70 70 27 70 47 70 47 70 27 27 2« 70 47 70 B Babbitt, Weslon, R 2. Box 227C. Berrien Sprmgs. Mich, Bagg. Richard. 944 1 Woodside. Detroit 4. Mich. Bailey. Holly. 4514 McKiniey Rd., Flushing. Mich. Bailey. Lyie. 404 W. Broadway. Alexandria. Ind. Bakeman. Kenneth. R. 2. Dowagiac. Mich. Baker. Allen. 3 16 E. South St.. Jackson. Mich, Baker. Elaine. Box 3 17. Frederic, Wis. Baker. Raymond. 1148 E. 99th St.. Cleveland. Ohio Baker. Sharron. R. 2. Box 32. Berrien Springs. Mich- Baldwin. Leon. R- I. Pierson. Mich. Ballinger. Herbert. 413 N. W. " K " St.. Richmond. Ind. Banner. Charlene. 508 E. Klinger St.. South Bend. Ind. Barker JoAnne. 2028 Hollywood Dr.. Monroe. Mich. Barlow. Lois. 3 105 Chicago PI. S.. Chicago Heights. III. Barton. Barbara. 333 City Hall Ct.. South Bend. Ind. Barton. Max. R, I. Box I30E. Berrien Springs. Mich. Bather. Nancy. 2088 Van Horn Rd.. Jackson. Mich. Battenburg. Joseph. 9805 Prairie Ave.. Chicago 28. Ill Bautista. Dionisio. Baesa. Caloocan. Rizal. Philippines Beard. Bernard. 2026 Wienson. Ferndale. Mich. Beardsley, Joyce, c o Mrs. O. N. Venden. R. 3. Allegan. Mich. Beavers. Barbara. 45 16 Pine .Ave.. Hammond. Ind. Beck. Frances. 125 Parkway. Berrien Springs. Mich- Bee. Carolyn. R. I. .Arpin. Wis. Beehler. Patricia. 2 I 4 E. Victoria. South Bend. Ind. Bell. Pearl. Box 22. Mandeville. Jamaica. B, W. I. Belleau. Barbara, 4 141 W, Vliet St., Milwaukee 8, Wis. Belleau, George, 4 14 1 W, Vliet St.. Milwaukee 8. Wis- Belleau. Wilfrid. Jr.. 4 14 1 W. Vliet St.. Milwaukee 8. Wis. Belter. Harvey. R. I. Eau Claire. Mich. Benedict. Leota. R. 2. Coopersville. Mich. Bennett. Carolyn. 3115 Carlson Rd,. Rockford. III. Bennett. Elizabeth. 5 115 Carlson Rd.. Rockford. III. Bennett. Gordon. 3 115 Carlson Rd.. Rockford. III. Benson. Douglas. Eland. Wis. Bergold. Orlando. N. Star R.. Box 135. Sandoval. N. Mex- Bernard. Mary Lou. 106 College St.. Holly. Mich Bernhardt. Donald. 128 E. Burleigh St.. Milwaukee. Wis Bickham. Verlean. 4811 Evans Ave.. Chicago. III. Bickncll. Jerre. R. . ' Hagerstown. Ind, Bigford. Victor, 1231 2 S, Saginaw St.. Holly. Mich. Bigler. Deloris. R. 2. Box 30. Alma. Mich. Bishop. Cheni. Cedajr Lake. Mich. Bissell. BIythe. R. I. Box 437. Auburn. Wash. Bissell. LeVernei R. 1. Box 43 7. Auburn. Wash. 70 70 28 28 70 28 70 70 47 70 70 28 70 28 70 70 28 29 70 70 70 70 29 70 70 70 70 70 Blackburn. William. Oolitic. Ind Blake. Arthur. 717 Osceola Ave.. Big Rapids. Mich. Blazen. Ivan. 19744 Coulburn. Detroit. Mich. Bodtker. Maxwell. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Bogar. George. Chowchilla. Calif- Bohlmeyer. Carl. Plymouth. Neb. Bohnke. Ernest. R. 2. Kilouna. B. C. Canada Bolin. James. Indiana Academy. Cicero. Ind. Bom. Robert. 405 W. Ferr - St.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Bonn. Roger. 1207 S. Globe St.. Freeport. III- Boothby. Carole. 14829 Penrod. Detroit 23. Mich- Boothby. Orva Lee. 14829 Penrod. Detroit 23. Mich- Botimer. LyIe. 1615 Lenore. Lansing. Mich. Botimer. Richard. 107 Oaklawn Ave.. Battle Creek. Mich- Bouford. Jean. Alanson. Mich. Boyd . Wayne. 556 N. Hickory. Centralia. 111. Boyles. Raymond. 1839 Norway Lake Rd.. Lapeer. Mich. Branson. Marilyn. 1177 Webb. Detroit 2. Mich. Bray. Jerome. R. 2. Box 369. Detroit Lakes. Minn, Bray. Marilyn. R. 2. Box 369. Detroit Lakes. Minn. Breakie. Barbara. Bad Axe. Mich. Breedlove. James. 901 Vincent St.. Charleston. W. Va. Brenner. Carole. 6 S. Gay St.. Mt. Vernon. Ohio Brent. David. 203 N. Crystal Ave.. Benton Harbor. Mich. Bridgeford. Paul. R. 4. Rockford. 111. Britton. Jane. 2658 Saginaw Hwy.. Mulliken. Mich- Brockette. Ronald. 2147 Field. Detroit 14. Mich- Bromgard. Vernon. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Brov Brown Brown Brown Arthur. 202 S. Portage. Buchanan. Mich- Brown. Catherine. Box 834. Parkersburg. W. Va Brown. Delmar. 7 Wentworth Ct . Battle Creek. Mich- Dora Lee. 837 Hoyt St.. Muskegon Heights. Mich. Dorothy. 204 N. Main St.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Phyllis. R. I. Box 66. Turtletown, Tenn. Budde. Dorothy. )2I Wilder St.. Aurora. 111. Burk. John. Box IM. Berrien Sprines. Mich Burns. Dean. 22 15 Prospect Ave.. Erie. Pa Burns. Jack. Merson Rd.. Otsego. Mich. Burt. Kenneth. 18 E, Mich.. Battle Creek. Micli. Burtnett. Frank. R. 2. Box 278. Orlando. Fla. Burtnett. Lawrence. 511 N. Bluff St.. Berrien Springs. Mit Burton. Gordon. R. 6. Hagersville. Ont.. Canada Bush. Eleanor. R- I. Onaway. Mich. Butler. Vernon. 5055 Maybee Rd . Pontiac. Mich. Buzelli. Katherine- College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Buzelli. Thomas. College Station. Berrien Snrings. Mich- Bvrd. Gordon, R I, Box 62. Buena Vista. Va. 70 47 47 70 47 29 70 70 70 70 70 70 71 71 29 71 47 47 71 47 71 71 2 9 71 71 71 29 7 I Cabrera. Nayade, 36 W. 7th Ave.. Gary. Ind. Calkins. Patricia. 401 Merchants Ave.. Ft. .Atkinson. Wis Campbell. Leon. Riverdale. Mich, Campillo. Loida. Trinidad 5 16. Santiago. Oriente. Cuba Cardenas. Fernando. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mi. h Cardenas. Gabriel. .Apdo .Aereo 54 1. Bucaramanga. Colombia. South America Carey. Juanita. Murray St.. Camp Douglas. Wis. Carpenter. Lois, c-o .A. B. Peterson. R. 7. Green Bay. Wis- Carr. James. R. 3. Stockport. Ohio Carr. Jane. 2287 Raleigh Rd.. Memphis. Tenn- Cary. Robert. R. I. Rosselle. 111. Case. Marolyn. R. I. Box 61. Augusta. Mich, Case. Philip. 115 W. 42nd St.. Ashtabula. Ohio Caster, Donald. R. 3. Oswego. N. ' l ' . Gates. Kenneth. 1700 Ewing Ave.. Evansville 15. Ind Cederberg. Lipis. Box 118. Downers Grove. 111. Chapin. Laurp. 907 N. Gadsden. Tallahassee, Fla. Chapin. Paul. 907 N. Gadsden. Tallahassee. Fla. Chastain. Freda. R. 2. Ooltewah. Tenn. Chirello. Rose. 225 S, Homan Ave.. Chicago 24. 111. Chow. Matthew. 296 N. Kukui St.. Honolulu. Hawaii Christensen. Dorothv. 55 Walnut St . Berrien Springs. Mich- Christiansen. Thorwald. R. 4. Box 4792. Paradise. Calif Churchill. Roy. R, 1. North Branch. Mich. Claus. Elsie. R. 2. Blossvale. N. Y. Clayburn. Helen. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Clavpool. Mary Lou. 233 N. Walnut. Vernon. Mich. Clegg. William. 1209 S. 19th. Lafayette. Ind. demons. Patricia. Frankton. Ind. Clemons. William. Frankton. Ind. Clevenger. Beverly. R. 5. Green Bay. Wis. 169 C:ole. Wendell. Arfelphian A ademy. Ilollv. Mii h Collins. Bruce. Rox 708. Rattle Creek. Mich, Collins. Dolores. R. 2. Green Bay. Wis, Collins. Keith. Cygnet. Ohio Collins. Lois. R, 2. Onawav. Mich- Comer. Marilyn. 3420 Le Erda. Hint. Muh, Conibear. Nancy. R. 2. Wolcott. N. Y. Conkell. John. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Conslantine. Minerva. 2 76 Jarvis Ave,. Riversitle. Ont . ( Cook. Darwyn, Parish. N. Y. Cook. Robert. 191 W. 18th St.. Holland Mii h Cook. Roger. Parish. N. Y. Cooper. Elinor, c o Mrs. Grover Thomas, Stockport, Ohio Cooper, JoAnn. R. I, Ithaca. Mich. Corn. Shirley. 290J Colman. Rockford. Ill Costerisan. Floyd. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Cottrell. Carol. R. 3. Montello. Wis Cottrell. CHn. R i. Montello. Wis. Covel. Dorothy, R. 3, Morenci, Mich. Cowley. Arbutis. R. 2. Lake City. Mich Cox. Lee. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Craig. Geraldine. College Station. Berrien Springs Mk h Crank. Sandy. 7 I 5 E. 69th St.. Chicago 3 7. Ill, Crary. Ronald, 2 709 Sommers Ave., Madison. Wis. Creighton. Dann. Lawrence. Mich. Cress. Paul. 200 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Cross. Myron. 45 11 W. Central. Albuquerque N Nex Croxton. Donald. 3432 9Vj Ave.. Rock Island. 111. Croxton. Lawrence, 3432 91. ' ' 2 Ave . Rock Island, 111 Curry, James. 4556 Colonial Ave. Jacksonville, ri.i D Dalso n, Tom, R. 2, Box 224B. Berrien Springs, Mich Darby. Roderick. I3i E. High St.. Wautoma Wis Darnell. Leda. R 5. Box i59. High Point. N. ( . Davis. loann. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mi( h Davis. Pearl. 425 Giove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mi(h Davis. Virginia, Cedar Lake Academv, Cedar Lake, Muh. DeBow. Hesley, 4304 Market Ave., East St. Louis, 111. Dees, Norman, 303 W, Sycamore, Liberty, Ind, deFluiter, Lerov, R. 2, Lexington, Ohio Deener, Nila, Box 165, Winamac, Ind Delker, Del, 3964 Huntington St. Oakland 19, talil DeVice. Barry. 160 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich deVore. Alan. Eau Claire. Mich. DeVries, Fred, 20 19 Friche St., Benton Harbor, Mich Diaz, Edward, College Station, Berrien Sprines, Mich. Diaz, Federico 172 E lOSth St.. New York 29 N Y Diaz, Lucas, 177 E lOSth St, New York 29 N Y Diaz, Lucila, 172 E. 108th St. New York 29. N. Y. Dipnold. Florence, 509 Union Ave.. New York 55, N. Y. Dockham. Shirlev, 817 Turrill Ave. Lapeer. Mich. Dodd. Duane. 14 S. Kedzie Ave.. Chicago. Ill, Doering. Ardith. N Main St,. Berrien Sorings, Mich Doering, Corrine. N. Main St . Berrien Sprint ' s, Mich. Doleman. Kathleen. 343 Washington Ave Cottage Grove, C Dollar, Freda, College Station, Berrien Sorings, Mich. Dollar, William. College Station, Berri-n Springs, Mich Dotson, Robert T, Box 85, Bellville, CJhio Douglas, Dolores. 768 Navahoe. Detroit, Mich. Driscol, Dal-, R. ), Lafayette, Ind Drumm, Barbara, Box 86, Cedar Lake. Mich Dudne - Shirlev 194 10 Orleans, Detroit 3, Mich. Dunn, Gilb-rt, Union Serines .Acad«mv, Union Sorings, N ' Dunnigan. Ernest Keith. 1167 F Hudson. Roval Oak, Mich Duns, Jessie, Box 43 3, Bavtield. Wis 71 71 71 71 71 7 I lada 7 I 71 7 I 7 I 71 71 71 !0 iO 47 72 72 72 72 72 72 72 72 72 72 72 3 72 72 72 3 7 ' 72 72 7. ' 72 47 I- inch, Raymond, 733 N. Pine, Lansing 6. Mich I inke. Harold. 5366 Lee Rd., Maple Heights, Ohio Fish, Twila, 202 E. Burgess St., Mt. Vernon. Ohio 1 isk. Pauline. 430 W. Ferry St.. Berrien Springs Mich Iivecoate. Carl. 57 1 E. Third St.. Peru. Ind. Ilemmer. Delores. 6970 18th St.. Sacramento. Calif I letcher. Frank. 75 E. Brookside Ave., New Haven t onn loll. Helen. 121 N. Calhoon St.. Decatur. ford. Joyce. 569 Exeter Rd, Hampton. Ford. Lorraine. 569 Exete 111. N. H. - .-...., „„. Mich. Frank. Eloise. 115 N. Phetteplace St.. Falconer. N. Y. I- ranks. Holland. Box 306. Mt, Vernon. Ohio Franks. Robert. Box 306, Mt. Vernon. Ohio Fraser. Geraldine. R, 2. Lake City, Mich. French, Norman, 3434 Oak Ave.. Brookfield 111 Iritz. Norman. 9807 57th St.. LaGrange. 111. I rymire. James. 900 S. W. Hailey. Pendleton. Ore Gallay, Oscar, 24 1 Park Ave., Elkhart, Ind Geary, William, 5i7 N. Bluff St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Geier, Pearl, Bowdon. N. Dak. Gess, Marilyn, R. 2, Fort Atkinson, Wis. Gibson, Reed, 3724 E 125th St., Seattle, Wash Gilkey, Harriet. New Lisbon. Wis. Gleason. George. P. O. Box 7 18, Cicero, Ind. Gonzalez, Jose. 812 S. Pauline St., Chicago, III Gooch, James, Danville Ave., Stanford, Ky. Goodman, Nancy, R. 4. Edgerton, Wis Goosey, Wilburn. 250 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich Gordon. Malcolm. 259 W. 16th St, Holland, Mich. Graichen, Joyce, 124 Greenwood, Battle Creek, Mich Grail, Myrtle, 4 10 Division, Berrien Sorings, Mich. Green, Benjamin, R. 1, Westerville. Ohio Green. Charles. East Jordan. Mich. Green. Georgia. R. 3, Knox [nd. Green, Harold, Box 396, Oshawa, Ont , Canada Green, Norvella, 1726 E. LaSalle, South Bend, Ind. Green, Ruth, 28975 Sunnydale, Livonia. Mich Greer, lacqueline, 10824 Goethe, Detroit 14, Mich Greer, William, Utica St., Sellersburg, Ind Gretton. Audrey. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Gretton. Dale. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Greve. Robert. R. I. Box 81 C. Hvattsville. Md. Grieser. Louise. 1175 Seneca Rd.. Benton Harbor, Mich Grismore, Patricia, Box 96, Bunker Hill. Ind. Groff. Charlotte, R. 1, Box 26, Berrien Springs, Mich. Grosboll, Rose, 800 S. 7th Ave.. LaGrange. 111. Gross, Vivian, R. I, Washington, Ind. Grove. James. R. I. Hagerstown. Md. Gruber. Marilyn. 473 S, Paddock St. Pontiac. Mich Gruber. Maxine. 4 73 S. Paddock St.. Pontiac Mich Grum lohn. 2675 Eifert Rd., Lansing, Mich. Grundset. Doris, R. I, Arpin. Wis. Guevara, Daniel, Box 616 Pahal- Hawaii Guthrie, Marilyn, R I, Gallon, Ohio Gutsche. Richard. 5540 Hwy 83, Hinsdale HI Gyde Mary Alice, R I. Box 170, Oak llarb..r Ohio H 48 72 72 3 I 72 72 72 72 72 72 73 73 73 73 48 73 73 73 48 75 48 73 48 75 31 31 73 73 73 73 31 7 3 4 ' » 73 75 75 73 73 75 51 Earp, Robert, 1219 Burnett St., Paducah. Kv. Easterdav, Virgil, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich Easton, Sylvia. R. 1, Vincennes, Ind. Eaton, Doris, Ellsworth, Wis Edmonds, Laurice, Riverdale Rd., Rock Creek, Ohio Edsell, William, R. 2. Box 229 C, Berrien Springs, Mich Edwards, Sherrill. 500 Pearson Dr.. Charlotte. N. C Eide. Irene. Box 145. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia Ellis. Irene, 329 Kingslev, St. Joseph, Mich. Ellis, Nancy. 1603 Fifth Ave. Rockford. Ill Ellsworth. Keith. 609 Maple St., St. Louis, Mich. Engelbert, Nan, Luck. Wis. Engelbert. Roger, R. I, Box 381 A, Berrien Springs, Mich England. Melvin. 20 15 E. Virginia .Ave, Phoenix, Ariz. Erskine, James, 22 Maple St , Berrien Springs, Mich. Erskine. Shuler, Caldwell. W. Va. Euler. Lvle, Portage. Ohio Evans. Gordon, R. 1. Portland. Mich. Everman. Agnes. College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich Farver, Robert. College Station, Berrien Springs Mich Felan, Gloria, 54857 Winslow St., Wayne, Mich. Ferguson Charles. 5 58 Walton. Muskegon. Mich Ferney. Doris. R. 1, Berrien Center. Mich Ferrell, Woodena, Box 192, Chauncey, Ohio Figaro, Alwin. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mith Zelma Benedict, R 2, Holly, Mich. Habenicht, Ardis. c o Mr Coopersville. Mich, Habenicht. Herald. Adelphia -Academv 72 Habenicht. lames. R. I. Lyons. Mich 72 Habenicht. Robert, c o Mrs. Zelma Benedict. R 2 72 Coopersville. Mich. 47 Hackett. Sue. 8 Walnut St.. Washington 12 DC 72 Haele. Bette. 8 14 Griswold St.. Worthington Ohi 72 Hahn. .Alice. 1717 S. William St. South Bend 14 72 Hahn. June Box 45. S. D A. Mission. Seoul. Kore. 79 Hainey, lulia, R. 2, Campbellsburg. Ind. Hainey. Wilbur, College Station. Berrien Springs 72 Hale, Carol, 4400 W. Villard, Milwaukee. Wis 30 Halenz, Donald, College Station. Berrien Springs 72 Haley. George, R. 2, Dowagiac, Mich. 72 Hall, Hiram, c o Mrs Lvnn McColoin, R. I, M 48 Hampton, Claudette, R. 3, Cassooolis. Mich. Hamstra, Raymond, 508 N. Main St.. Berrien Sorings HaniYing. Rupert. 70 Plembroke St.. Port-of -Spain Trinidad. B.W.I. 72 Harden. Shirley. South Branch. Mich. Harding. Lou Ann. Gleneste Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio Hardt. Lillian, 4926 N. Lester Ave , Chicago. Ill Harriott, Esther, Claremont P. O., lamaica, B.W.I. Harris, Leonard, 12955 Tuttle Hill Rd., Willis, Mich. Harrison, Bobette, R. 1. Box 211. East Lerov. Mich 51 Hartelius, Grethe, College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich 48 Harvev, Gene. 19 Maple St.. Berrien Sorings. Mich. Haskell. Gerald. College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich 72 Hasselbrack. Robert. 1736 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y 48 Hatcher. Theodore. R. 1. Baraboo. Wis. Hatfield. Madelin. 2105 Monroe St. LaPorte. Ind. Ind Mich Mich, lenomonie. Mich, 75 75 75 48 75 73 73 75 S i«. 75 32 3 2 73 73 75 32 73 32 52 73 75 73 170 Hatfield. Shirley. 2105 Monroe St.. LaPorte. Ind, Haugen. Glyen. 526 S. Orchard St., Madison. Wis, Haugen. Kathrvn. 526 S. Orc hard St,, Madison, Wis. Haughey, Adell. 613 High St,, Milton. Wis. Hausted. Bonnie. Weymouth Rd., Medina, Ohio Hawrvskevich. John. R. I. Port Dover, Ont.. Canada Hearn. Harriet. R. I, LaValle. Wis. Heczko. John, c o J. Kanter, R. 3, Cottam, Ont-. Canada Hendershot. Betty. 7040 Carroll Ave,, Takoma Park, Md. Henderson. Glenn. 7 1 2 Johnson Ave., Lansing. Mich. Hernandez. Fred. Box 82 I , Aquadilla, Puerto Rico Hernandez, Kenneth, Box 82 1. Aquadilla. Puerto Rico Hessel. William, 2 19 PhipDs. Rice Lake. Wis, Hetler, LeRov. R, I. Berrien Center, Mich. Hewlett. Donald, 1103 W. Cornelia, Chicago 13. Ill, Hickman. Kenneth. New England Sanitarium. Melrose. Ma Hicks, Ardis. R. I. Box 137. Alma, Mich. Higgins. Hervey Lee. R. 1, Box 133, Berrien Springs. Mich. Higgins. Joan, 245 Alhambra Ave., Fresno. Calif Higgins. Rita. R. I. Box 133, Berrien Springs, Mich. Higgins, Robert. R. 1. Box 133. Berrien Springs. Mich. Hile. Warren. Goshen. Ind. Hill. Beverly, College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich, Hill. Emma, 308 N. Mechanic St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Hill. Glenn, 115. Alice St.. Oshawa, Ont.. Canada Hill, Judith. R, 1. Box 126. Lansing. Mich Hirlinger. Yvonna. 704 E. Maple St.. Hollv. Mich. Hittle. Robert. 300 Clinton Street, Breenville. Pa Hodge. Roberta. R. 2. Osgood. Ind. Hodges, Lance. 36 ?7 Turner Rd , Windsor. Ont.. Canada Hoffman. Clifford, 347 Trenton St,. Indianapolis. Ind. Hollv. Lillian. R. 1. Plainwell. Mich Hood. Sandra Lee, Shadvcrest Resort, Mayheld. Mich. Hoover. Glenn, R. I, Box 123, Berrien Springs. Mirh. Hoover. Jeanne, c o Mrs. Margaret Lecklider, Box 136 A. Sandoval. N. Mex, Hoppe. Maurice. R. I. Columbus. Wis. Hoxie. Coral. Elm Hall. Mich. Hoyt, Deryl, R. 6, Box 447. Battle Creek, Mich Hunt. Robert. College Station, Berrien Springs, Mirh Hunt. Walter. College Station. Berrien Spring. ' ;. Mi-h Hutchison. Richard, R, 6. Charlotte. Mich. Hyde. Frederic. 126 E. 39th St.. Holland. Mich, 7 3 48 73 74 48 48 74 48 1 74 74 74 74 32 48 32 74 74 4K 74 74 74 74 74 32 48 48 74 74 3 3 Kemp ton, George. Box 65, Main St.. New ' ork C ity. N. ' , 49 Kennedy. Jean. Monticello. Wis. 74 Kerns. Gloria. R. 4. Richland Center. Wis. Kevari, Edward, R, I, Box 13 1. Fort Atkinson. Wis. 74 Khouri, Philip. Shakka. Lebanon 49 Kibble, Harold. 619 Woodland Pk.. Chicago. Ill, 49 Kidder, Carl. College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich. Kidder. Marion. 2 10 Grove St., Berrien Springs. Mich. Kieler, Barbara. College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich. Kieler, George. College Station. Berrien Springs, Mich. 33 Kieler. John, 130 S. Parkway, Berrien Springs, Mich Kierstead. Avon. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mirh. 33 Kiesz. Leslie. 4049 N. 46 th. Milwaukee. Wis. 7 4 Kiesz. ReDoy. 4049 N. 46th. Milwaukee. Wis. 4 9 Kilty. Kay. 3 17 W. Market, Bluffton, Ind. Kim. Duk-Shin. College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 4 ' ' Kimball. Norman. R. 2. Saginaw. Mich. 74 Kinamore, Eleanor. 24 1 7 Unwin Rd.. Cleveland 4. Ohio 74 Kinne. John. 3126 Maloney St,, Lansing. Mich. 74 Kinney. David, 182 Brooker Place, Mansfield. Ohio 74 Klein, Alvin, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich, 33 Klimosz, Stella. R. 1, Tilbury, Ont. Canada 49 Kloosterhuis. Robert. 80 B Walnut St.. Berrien Springs. Mich. 33 Kloosterhuis, Ruth. 80 B Walnut St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Knecht, David. 230 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Knudsen. Russell. 624 Spencer Ave,. Marion. Ind. 79 Koepke. Ben. 65 N Parkway, Berrien Springs. Mich, 34 Koester. Carol. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich 49 Koester. Donald. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich 49 Kongorski. Raymond. R. 2. Box 225 AA. Berrien Springs. Mich, Kostenko. Harold. R 2. Rochester. Wash. 50 Kostenko, Van ice, R. 2. Rochester. Wash. Kottke. Carlyle. 233 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Kowalski. loan. 20200 Midway St.. Detroit 19. Mi- h 75 Kowalski. Madeline. Hubbardston. Mich. 75 Kreye. Eric. Hessisch-Oldendorf . Langestr. 26, Germany, 30 Krietzky, Lily, 815 Munising Ave,, Munising. Mich. 75 Krisfalusi, Steve. R. 2. Tilbury, Ont,. Canada 75 Kuebler, Harold. 120 College Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mi h 3 4 Kuvkendall. Norma. Earlvill . N. Y. 75 Kuzma. Donna. 18811 Fleming. Drtroil 34. Mi h. 75 Ing, Donald, c o Elizabeth Young. Kapoho. Puna. Hawaii Ing. Thelma, c o Elizabeth Young. Kapoho, Puna, Hawaii 49 Jackson, Betty. College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich, Jackson. Juanita. 121 E. Voris St.. Akron II, Ohio Jaecks, Lenard. Wausau. Wis. Jaecks. Lois. Wausau. Wis. Jaeschke, Vernon. R. 2 , Tomahawk. Wis landreau. Barbara. 2233 1 Maxine Ave , St Clair Shores, Mit Jasper, Edward. College Station. Berrien Springs, Mich, Jasper, Leo, College Station. Berrien Springs, Mich. JefTery, Marvin, R. 2. Box 227B. Berrien Springs. Mich Jensen. Marv. 502 Oakland. Holly. Mich. lohansen. Svein. Ramfiord. Troms. Norway lohnson. Carrie, 1208 E. Main St., Niles. Mich. lohnson, Richard, R 3, Wadena, Minn. Johnson. Donald. 40 7 Palmer St., Jamestown, N. Y. Johnson. Faith. R, 3. Wadena. Minn. Johnson Erland. R. I. Box 9, Thiensville, Wis. Johnson. Hazel. 144 Brady St, Alleean. Mich. Johnson. Helen. 709 Bernard St S.W., Massillon. Ohio lohnson, Janet, R. 1. Box 9, Thiensville. Wis Johnson. lohnny. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich, lohnson. Norman. 3236 Walnut St. Inkster Mich, lohnson, Paul. 2527 E. Vienna Rd.. Clio Mich. Johnson, Shirley. R. I. Box 9. Thiensville. Wis. lones, Gwladvs. 5707 Douelas Rd , Vancouver, B. C. Canda Jones, limmie. R. 3, Delton, Mich, Jones, Maxine, 1501 Yankee Rd. Middletown. Ohio Jones, Robert, 611 W Washtenaw. Lansinc. Mich Jones. Waldon. 163 Grove Ave , Berrien Springs. Mich Jorgensen, Beverly, 23 12 Western Ave.. Janesville. Wis Journet, Luz, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 40 49 49 79 3 3 33 49 74 74 74 33 74 49 74 74 74 74 74 49 Labrenz, Donald, Montello, Wis, LaCourt. Marvin. R I. Box 242. Oconto. Wis, Lain son. Richard. R, 2. Box 222 .A. Berrien Springs. Mirh. Lake, Barbara. I 39 Crescent St., Elkhart. Ind. Lane. Melvin. R. 3. Streator. III. Lane. William George. College Station. Berrien Springs, Mic Lashier. Hazel. 3 70 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich. La shier, Patricia. 3 70 Grove Ave,. Berrien Springs, Mich, Lastine. James. 1 1 I Oak Parkwav. Central Square, N. Y Lawrence. Evelyn. 503 N. .Aspondale, Lexington, Ky. Lawrence. George, 3 75 5 Pennsylvania Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohic Lawson, Genna Lee. 82 W. Manchester St.. Battle Creek. Mich. Lawson. Jerry. R. 6. Box 201, Anderson, Ind. Le mon, Darrell. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich LeBard. Eleanor. Box 121. Naperville, 111. Lee. Milton, R. 1. Fall River. Wisconsin Lee. Rex. 106 1 W. Scottwood. Flint. Mich, Lee. Young Chun. S.D.A. Mission. Box 43. Seoul. Korea Lehman, Saraiane, R, 4. Box 1 72. Niles. Mich, Lemon, Nila. R, I . Fort Atkinson. Wis, Lemon. Roy, R, I . Berrien Springs. Mich, Lemon, Vivian. R I. Berrien Springs, Mich Lentz. Ruth R, I, Mount Vernon. Ohio LeTendre. Dale. R, I, Cornell. Wis, Litjht. Beverh ' R. 2. Vermilion. Ohio Lindquist. Marion. 114 17 Speed wav Dr.. Utica, Mich I int. LaVern. 308 N. Mechanic. B-rrien Spriners. Mich Little, Verona 23437 Hazelwood. Hazel Park. Mich. Llovd, Cadwell. R I. Box 4. Oxford. Wis, L ' ovd. Marv. R. I. Box 4, Oxford. Wis Losev. Florence, R 1. Box 67A. Horton. Mich Losei ' . loan. R. ! Box 67 A. Horton. Mich LucKt. Dorothy. Colleee Station. Berrien Sorings. Mich Lucht. Russell. Colleee Station. Berri- n Springs. Mich. Luck, Nanc ' . 30 I I Lenox. Detroit. Mich, Lugenbeal. Donna. 302 S. Main St. Berrien Springs. Mich, 75 75 75 50 30 75 75 75 75 75 73 75 75 75 34 73 75 75 50 75 K M Kaatz, Audrey. R, 1 , Arpin. Wis, Kaatz, James. R. I . Arpin. Wis, Kaiser. William, R. I , Henderson. Minn, Kaldahl. Harold. College Station, Berrien Springs. MicV Kaldahl. Martha. College Station. Berrien Springs, Mich Kanitz. Marv Ann. R. 2. Box 22, Merrill. Wis, Kasischke. Marv Lou. R, 1 . Eau Claire. Mich. Kearney. Robert. 224 Pine Crest. Ferndale. Mich, Kebbas. Michael, Mazraat, El-Afordi. Banias. Syria Keeney, EMen. Cedar Lake, Mich. Kellams. Norma. 70 8 Union St, Lafayette. Ind. Keller. Paul. 86 N, Norwood. Hillsdale. Mich, Kellogg. Arthur. R, 2. Box 228A. Berrien Springs. Mi Kellv, Bille. Svchar Rd,, R. I, Mount Vernon. Ohio Kelly. James, Maple Grove Rd,. Bemus Point. N. Y. 49 Maas, Vivian. II Maple St.. Berrien Springs. Mich. 49 Maehre. Ruth. Chowchilla. Calif. 34 Magnuson, John. Brule. Wis, Magnusson, Mary. Lorensberesgatall II. Gothenburg. Sweden 79 Manalaysay. Emilia. Box 1772. Philippine Union College. 74 Manila, Philippines 50 Marcoe, Pauline, 2703 Wyoming St,. Dearborn. Mich. 75 74 Marcoe. Philip. 2703 Wyoming St,, Dearborn. Mich. 75 49 Marietta, Duane. 22 4 lohnson. Owosso. Mich. 7 5 74 Marietta, [oanne. 72 S. Williams St.. Newark. Ohio 75 74 Mark l, lone, Elizabethville, Pa. 50 74 Markle. Marv. Gladwin. Mich. 7 5 Marsa. lames. R. 2. Port Hooe. Mich, 75 74 Marsh. Bernard, Columbus. Wis. 30 Ma tar, Joaquin. College Station. Berrien Sr rings. Mich, 34 171 Mdthfws. Rosr Ann, Hi 5lh Avr-, Manislrr. Mirh. Matschr. John. Cadott. Wis. Matula. Marilyn. 2 1507 Tcnnv Ave.. Dearborn, Muh Mayer. Ellen. 112 4 E. Main St.. Waukesha. Wis Mayhew. Paul. 52 1 E. Main St. Niles. Mich McAskill. Patricia. 2082 1 Ridgedale. Oak Park. Mii h. MrClellan. Vaughn. 66! Killarnev Cir.. Winter Park. I la McClure. .-Mma, R. 5, Saginaw, Mich. McComas. Anita, 4)8 E, Eldorado St., De.atur, 111. MrTulloch, Charles, ( ollege Station. Berrien Springs. Ml McCullorh. lla. R. !. Box OO. Kent. Washington McEndree. Inez. R. I. llillpoml. Wis, McKenzie. Valfrid. 10 Maple St. Berrien Spring-.. Ml. Ii Medford. Lester. R 2. Lakeview. Mich, Mende. Rub -. Kingston. 111. Merchant, Marion, Paw Paw, Mich Merkel, Eugene, R. I, Box 127, Berrien Springs, Mi.h, Merrill, Phyllis, 855 N Latrobe Aye., Chicago, 111 Messer, George i420 N 5th St. Rd , Niles, Mich, Metzger, Edith, R I, Box 164, E. Leroy, Mich. Michel. Marolyn. Star Route. Bruneau. Idaho Middag. Norman. 10 Maple St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Mihm. Roger. Lime Springs. Iowa Miller. Janet. R, 5, Warren. Ohio Miller. Joseph A.. Vernon, Vt Miller, Joseph L,. R, 5, Box )12, Vienna, ' a Miller, Leroy, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mi(h, Minisee, Shirley, 82 5 7 Cottonwood Dr., Jenison, Mich Mitz. Shirley. 57 Eldridge St.. Battle Creek. Mich. Monroe, Clarence, R. S, Branson, Mich- Moore, Edith, Box lO.i, Vashon, Wash Moore, Elwin, College Station, Berrien Springs Mi. h Moore. Owen. R 2. Eagle. Wis Moore. Willie. 4604 Market. East St Louis III Moravetz, Mary, Box 200 B, Laurel, Md Morgan, Elizabeth, 1770 Golfyiew Rd , Benton Harbor, Morinaga, " lyonne, 015 W Euclid Ave, Arlington Hts Morisette, Gallon, R. I. Box HOE. Berrien Springs. Mi. Morris. Selina. 12051 Blackstone. Detroit 25. Mi ch. Morton, James, Casilla 2 102, Lima, Peru, South America Moryille, Wayne, 1043 N Meridian, Indianapolis, Ind Moyle, Beyerly, 4348 Louella, Drayton Plains, Mich Muderspach, Arne, Gendia Mission, Kenya Colon E ., 1 r Mueller, Philip, H55 E Michigan Ave, " ipsilanti, Mich Mullen, Shirley, R I, Lake Citv, III, Mulligan. Robert. 827 Lanvale St.. Hagerstown. Md Munson. Howard. R 2. Box 220,AB. Berrien Springs. Mii h Myers. Arthur, Charles Town, West Va, Myers, James, Box 144, Pine Grove, Calil, Mich III h 7 5 75 75 75 75 15 75 7 5 5 75 50 76 76 76 50 (5 76 50 76 )5 50 5 )5 76 76 76 76 7h 76 76 76 76 76 35 76 N Nagy, Shirley, I2J5 E. Central. I nirdo 11. (linn 7h Najm. Emile. Tripoli, Lebanon 76 Namihas, Ivan, 81 San Martin, Iquitos, Peru, South , in.-i i. a 50 Necaster, Geraldine, 20 ' oungstown, Poland Rd , fViland, Ohin Nelson, Elwynn, R. 2. Berrien Springs. Mich Nephew. Harry. Rapid River. Mich Nestell. Merlynd. 401 Mechanic St. .Mma. Mich. Nestle. Shirley. Powers, Mich Netzer, Donna Rae, Lena, Wis, Nickless, Lucrecia, 727 Brown St., Lafayette, Ind Nielsen, Louis, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich Nielsen, Ruth, College Station, Berrien Springs Mi.h Noblitt, Kathleen, R 5, Green Bay, Wis. Noonan, Dorothy, College Station, Berrien Springs, Muh Noonan, George, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mi.h Nutt. Bonnie. 147 Fulton A 76 76 7 6 76 15 7 76 1, Berrien Springs, Mi Rochester, Ind Offenback. I red. ( ollege Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Ofifenback. Gwendolyn. College Station. Berrien Springs. Ojala. Herbert. 127 Grove .. ve.. Berrien Springs Mich Oliver. Bruce. 1423 Sligh Blvd.. Orlando, lla Oliver. Dorothy. R. 2. Box 233 A. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Oliver, Evelyn, College Station, Berrien Springs, Ml. h Olsen. Shirley, 705 Wisconsin St., Merrill, Wis. Olson. Shirley. 420 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Muh Onstad, Richard, 125 Sheridan Ave, Brooktield, 111, Orso, Kanakolo, Kapohn, Puna, I lawaii Otis, Donna, R, 2, Box 224-BB, Berrien Springs, Mich Oils, William, R 2, Box 224 BB, Berrien Springs, ,Mi. h. Pallett, Margaret, 10 Reed Terrace. Battle (reek. Mich Palmer. James, 1145 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Pang, Joshua, Korean Union Mission, Seoul, Korea Papendick, David, College Station, Berrien Springs Mich Parhtt, Kathleen, R. 2. Wittenberg. Wis. Parlitt. Muriel. R 2. Wittenberg. Wis Parker. Bonnie, R. I, Montpelier, Ohio Parker, Jack, R 5, Green Bay, Wis, Parker, Jean, 23 11 Garland Ave., Louisville, Ky. Parkhurst. David, R 2, Spring Lake. Mich Parkhurst, Eugene, B 7 6 35 ch 16 76 76 76 76 40 67, New Augusta. Inrl, 76 76 76 76 76 ParkhursI, Jactiueliii.-, 14006 tleveland Kfl , Spring Lake. Mi. h Patchin. Naomi. R. 2. Box 0|. Walled Lake. Mich. Patten. Duane. 46 Brizse Ave.. Battle Creek. Mich. Patterson. Audrey. 18 ' 2 E. 5th St.. Duluth. Minn. Paul. Joyce. R. 1. Charlevoix. Mich. Paulson, Annalisa, Eebyholm, Rimbo. Sweden Pazitka, Jerry, R. 2. Fletcher. Ontario. Canada Pearson. Paddy. R. 3. Clear Lake. Wis. Peden. Philip. R I. Box 132. Berrien Springs, Mich Pellerin, Alfred, R, I, Box 122 F. Berrien Springs, Mich, Penrod, Lloyd, College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich. Perez. Jorge. College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Pestana. John. Sitio Des pontes Sto. Antonio, funchal Madeira. Portugal Peters. Marvin. R. 5. Saginaw. Mich. Peterson. Duane. I5l7-26th St.. Rock Island. Ill Peterson. Ruth. 3 12511th Ave. " C " . Moline, 111 Pfeifle, Gerald, 055 Lickley Rd , Prattville, Mich, Phillips Theodore, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich Philo, Demaris, 17 Haskell Dr., Battle Creek, Mich Pietrasz, Katherine, 120 College ,. -e,, Berrien Springs Mic Pioth, Michael, I I Maple St., Berrien Springs, Mich Plank, Irvm, R, 2, Box 220 D, Berrien Springs, Mich Plank, Virginia, R. 2, Box 220 D, Berrien Springs Mich Pleier, Carl, R, 2, Box 42, Merrill, Wis Poland, Kenle, I 16 E. High St.. Mt. Vernon. Ohio Polk. Norman. 1038 E. Jefferson, Kokomo, Ind. Pontynen. Walter. 242 College Ave.. Berrien Springs. Muh Popp. Donald. Franklin Park. Ill Porter. Elaine. R. I, Perry. Mich Porter. Wanda, 500 Arlington ,Ave , Elgin, 111. Potter. Duane. 360 Beartown Rd . Painted Post. N. Y Potter. Leslie, 360 Beartown Rd,, Painted Post, N, Y. Potter, Lorraine, 360 Beartown Rd,, Painted Post, N. Y, Powell. Shirley. 615 Eooes St.. Hopewell, Va, Price, Edward, R 2, Galion, Ohio Prillwitz, Barbara, R, I, Box 20|, Berrien Springs, Mich Pudleiner, Carolyn, 3 1 Maple St,, Berrien Springs, Mich. 1. k, 1.1. k, 4238 N 26th SI , Milv inncll, nginia, Pickford, Mi. h F anisdell, Donna, 445 N, Leamington ,Ave , Chicago 44 i Rand, David, 5 14 1 W, Meridian, Indianapolis, Ind. Rasmussen Joseph. 15 Walnut St.. Berrien Springs. Mi. Ra ' born. Marydean. 411 E. Washington. Belding. Mich. Read. Lucille. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Read. Samuel, (ollege Station. Berrien Springs. Mi.h Redfield. Sarah Mav. R. 3. Grand Ledge. Mich Redman. Raymond. R. 3. Box 404. Elwood Intl Reed. Ralph. N. Main St.. Wyoming. 111. Rehling. Annabel. 52 1 Ira Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich Reinhardt, Betty, R. 4, N. 37th St., Sheboygan, Wi Mich Ml. h Remus, Harold, College Station, Berrien Springs, Reyes, Nydia, Box 76, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico Rhodes, Beverly, 73 7 , cademy Rd,, Holly, Mich. Rhodes. Dale. 737 Academy Rd.. Holly. Mich. Rhodes, Dwight, College Station, Berrien Springs. Riesen. Janet. R. I. Berrien Springs. Mich, Riesen, Robert, R I, Berrien Springs, Mich Rishaug, Rolf, Narvik, Norway Robinson, Evelyn, 614 E. South St., South Ben Robinson, Helen, 614 E, South St., South Bend, Robinson, Janice, R, 2, Leesburg, Va, Robinson, Riva. Barranquilla, Colombia, South ,, merica Rollins, Lowell, 0960 Mehetal, Detroit 27, Muh Rorabeck, Clarence, R, 3, Delton. Mich. Rul, Esther, 74 1 Maycroft St., Lansing, Mich Rusher, Jack, R. 2, St. Charles, Mich. Rusher, Max, R. 2. St Charles, Mich Russell. Lorayne, 10156 St, Lawrence Ave., (.hi. ago. 111. rl, liul Ind Spr Ml, Sabo. Paul, ( ollege .Slalinn. Berrien Sack. Carol. R. 2. Marion. Mich Sack. Luella. R. 2. Marion. Mich. St. Clair. Glenn. Arpin, Wis. St. Pierre. Marcia. Saugatuck. Mich Salyer. Ross. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mi.h Sanchez. Juanita. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mi.h Sanchez. Manuel. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Sanchez. Ruth. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Sanchez. Victor. College Station. Berrien Springs Mich Sawvel. Milo. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Sawyer. Ted. 163 Grove Ave, Berrien Springs Mich Schaller, Fred, R, I, Box 2 12, Baroda, Mich Schell, Richard, 413 Grandview Blvd, Bethlehem Pa Schenk, Guy, R 2, Gleason, Wis Schilling, Ftay, R, , Hillsdale, Mich Schleenbaker, Eileen, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich Sch eenbaker, Stanley, College Station, Berrien Springs. Mich Schleiler. John. 120 N. Oak St.. Hinsdale. III. 76 76 51 76 51 36 76 76 77 77 77 77 77 36 16 40 77 51 36 5 I 51 51 40 77 77 51 77 77 77 16 77 5 1 77 77 51 77 3 6 51 77 77 77 77 51 77 51 1 2! Battle Creek. Mich. Schlunt. .lean. 4240 Linda Ct.. Drayton Plains. Mich. Schmidt. Donald. Broadview Subdivision. LaGrange. II Schnoor. Merlyn. 43U W. Ferry, Berrien Springs. Mich Schriber. Marilyn. 14 13 Wooster Rd.. Barberton, Ohio Schuster. Kathleen. 119 Bowen Ave Segar. Hilda. R. I. Olivet, Mich. Seilon. Leona. R. I. Marne. Mich. Shadel. Henry. R. I. Delavan. Wis. Shadel. Sally. b05 Madison Ave.. Milton Junction. W Sharar. Nadine. 2127 Lynnwood. Saginaw. Mich. Shepard. Charles. J 10 Grove .Ave.. Berrien Springs. Sherman. Loretta, 915 Lake Ct.. Madison. Wis. Box 440, Battle Creek. Mich, Maplewood Academy, Molokai, Hawaii Ind. Sherwin, V ' erlen. R. 6, Sherwood. Guinevere. Hutchinson. Minn. Shimabukuro. Henry. Kualapuu. Shoemaker. Lloyd. Middleburg. Ky, Shootes. Susie, 2056 Virginia St.. Gary. Shugars. Marva, Bloomingdale. Mich. Shuherk. Fred. 301 Bryan St.. I licksville. Ohio Shuler. Carrell. 213 S. Kimmel St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Shull. Elwin. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Shumate. Gordon. Box 3, Union Springs. N. Y. Sias. Esther. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Sias. William. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Simmons. John. 844 Liberty St.. Findlay. Ohio Simmons. Wanda. 810 New St.. Washington. Ind, Simpson, Jane. 309 S River St.. Eaton Rapids. Mich. Skeels, Betty Lou. 140 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Ml Skivers. Thomas. 1542 Pool St.. Toledo. Ohio Slaten. Moselle. 3427 Benson St.. Detroit. Mich. Slaughter. Leslie. R. I. Box I I I B, Windsor. Ohi. 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 Ind Mich. Mich, Smith, Betty. 1017 N. Weston. Rensselaer Smith, Donald. 602 Magnolia. Three Oaks Smith, Eldene. Wilson. Mich. Smith. Frederick. R. 2. Dowagiac. Mich. Smith, Nelson. Box 535. Benton Harbor Smith, Ruth Allene. R. 2. Box 229 D. Berrien Spring Smith. Ruth Faye. 915 Benbow Rd.. Greensboro. N, C. Smouse. Albert. 3702 Wrightwood Ave.. Chicago. Ill, Smouse. Averille. 3 702 Wrightwood .Ave.. Chicago. 111. Smouse. Victor. 3702 Wrightwood Ave,. Chicago. III. Snell. Ruby. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Soper. Marley, R. 2. Cobles. Mich, Sorensen. Ruby. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Sowler. Richard. Mt. Vernon .Academy. Mt. Vernon. Ohio Stanaway. Melvin. R. 3. Grand Ledge. Mich. Standen. Leonard. 2 10 College Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich Stephan. Bradley. 307 Mikado St.. Grayling. Mich. Stephan. James. 720 Plett. Grand Rapids. Mich. Stephan. Ralph. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Stern. Ardis. R. I. Underhill. Wis. Stiles. Benjamin. 832 Drexel .Ave.. Springfield. Ohio Stiles. Jack. 4 10 College .Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Stone. Byrna. Arizona .Academy. Scottsdale. Arizona Straman Marceil. 225 College Ave., Berrien Springs. Mich. Straman. Russell. 225 College .Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich, Striplin, Clara, 360 Grove .Ave.. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Strohm. Georgia. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Strom. Richard. 302 S Main St . Berrien Springs. Mich, Sturtevant. Calole. 2 Oak Drive. Mt. Vernon. Ohio Sundquist, Eunice. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mi h Sundquist, Paul. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Swanson, Richard. 2540 S. 14th Ave.. Broadview. 111. Swensen, Raymond. R. I. Burlington. Mich, Jacket. Virgil. While Lake. Wis. Tait. Reid. 49 Henry St.. t oldwater. Mich Takara. Patrick. 180 N Kukui St.. Honolulu. Hawaii Talbot. Earl. Box 145. Three Oaks. Mich. Tarr. Elaine. Box 55. 42 1 Linden St.. East Lansing. Mich. Tarr. Lorraine. Box 55. 42 1 Linden St. East Lansing. Mich. Taylor. Audre, 109 Ashland. Dowagiac. Mich. Teets, Juanita. I 78 Central .Ave.. Souderton, Pa. Tess. Lois. R. I. Almond. Wis. Thomas, James. Prentice. Wis, Thomas, Miles. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich, Thomas. Nathan. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mi h Thomas. Neida. 305 Warren Ave.. Charlotte. Mich, Thomas. Roberta. 170 1 Rhodes. Ave.. Chicago. III. Thompson. Carolyn. 74 10 Rhodes Ave.. Chicago. Ill Thompson. Glenn. Box 38. Farmersville Station. N. ' l ' . Thoresen. Asa. Collej e Station. Berrien Springs. Mich, Thoresen. Douglas. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Thoresen. Laurel. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mit:h. Thorvaldsson. Johann. Kefiavik Airport. Iceland Tidrick, Betty. 137 Grove .Ave.. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Tims. Grace. R. 7. Box 19. Decatur. Ill Tolson. Robert. 7703 Prairie. Detroit. Mich. Tompkins. David. 406 Rotan Ave.. Madera. Calif. Tompkins. Amelia. 406 Rotan Ave.. Madera. Calif. Torkelson. Cecile. R. 2, Box 228. Berrien Springs. Mich. Towar. Dorothy. 23 1 S. Holmes St.. Lansing. Mich Townsend. Elaine. 805 Griswold St.. Worthington. Ohio Townsend. Vivien. 805 Griswold St.. Worthington. Ohio Trace. Ronald. 69 Sheeplole Drive. Watford. England Trecartin. Ralph, ( oilege Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. 78 78 78 i7 78 52 78 78 78 W 78 78 17 )7 (7 78 i7 78 52 5 2 78 78 78 78 52 78 78 78 40 38 52 78 38 78 52 78 (8 78 78 Tremble. Carolyn. R. 2. Standish. Mich. Trickett. Verda. 235 Grove. Berrien Springs. Mich. Trickett. Wilson. 23 5 Grove. Berrien Springs. Mich. Trieber. June. 106 N. Chilson. Bay City. Mich. Trubey. Charles. South St.. Rock Creek. Ohio Twomley. James. Fish Lake Rd.. Holly. Mich U Upihur h. Jack. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Valentin. Jose. 159 Belmont Ave.. Brooklyn. N.Y. Van Arsdell. Marcia. 103 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich Van Arsdell. Roger. 103 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich Vance. Clifford. 509 W. Ferry St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Vande Vere. Wayne. 420 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich Van Wvk. Thelma. 3553 Hillcraft. Grand Rapids. Mi. h Velting. Arnold. R. L Olivet. Mich. Venia. Imogene. 202 Hathaway St . Toledo. Ohio Vieau. Beverly. R I. Oneida. Wis, Vieau. Marilyn. R. L Oneida. Wis. Vitello Alberta. 52 N, II St.. Newark 7. N. J. Vogel. Betty, c o M Summerton. Oxford. Wis Vonhof. Leonard. 46l6-23rd Ave.. S. St. Petersburg. Fla. Votaw. Heber. llarding Sanitarium. Worthington. Ohio w Wacker. Douglas. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Waggerby. Warren. 411 E. Hickory Street. Hinsdale. HI. Wagner. John. 100 Walnut St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Walker. Alter. 426 Peartree Ct.. Benton Harbor. Mich. Wang. John. Good Samaritan Home. Knoxville. Ind Ward. Billie. 50 Walnut St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Ward. Marguerite. 50 Walnut St., Berrien Springs. Mich Ward. Myrle. R. I. Wadena. Minn. Warner. Berneice. 2 32 Grove St.. Otisville. Mich. Warner. Patsy. 558 Beckham St . Napoleon. Ohio Watson. Emmett. 2554 Washington St . Gary. Infl Weaver. Phyllis. Box 149. Aurora. Ill Weber. Gloria. 28191 Joy Rd.. Garden t ity. Mich. Webster. Eleanor. Red t reek. N, " ! ' . Weesner. Marilynn. R. 2. Box 47. St. Joseph. Mich. Weidemann. Russell. Spruce. Mich. Weischadle. Janet. i7 Burton .Ave.. South River. N. J. Welter. Fay. 5777 S. Packard Ave,. Cudahy. Wis. Wertz. Larry. 536 Iowa Ave.. Aurora. III- Werv. Eleanor. R. I. Oconto. Wis Werv. Robert. 16520 Fish Lake Rd . Holly. Mich, Wery. Roberta. 16520 Fish Lake Rd . Holly. Mich. Wessman. Carl. Box 475. Quebec City. Quebec. Canada West. Darlene. 1409 Stocker Ave.. Flint. Mich. Westfall. Elizabeth, 19 Maple St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Westfall. J. D.. 19 Maple St.. Berrien Springs. Mich White, Lucile. 605 College Ave.. Berrien Spring.s. Mich, Whitezel. James. 6 14 Altgeld. Chicago 14, 111. Whit.ord, Veria, 40 Walnut St.. Berrien Springs. Mich, Whitney. Jordan. i09 W. Ferry St.. Berrien Springs. Mi.h Wiikland. Esther. 23765 Lawrence. Van Dyke. Mich, Wiesner. Evelyn. R i. Bellevue. Mich. Wilkinson. Kenneth. R 3. I reeland. Mich. WiUett. Edward. 6023 Glenrich Dr. Takonia Park. Washington. D C. Willett. Robert. 8023 Glenrich Dr. Takonia Paik. Washington. D.C. Williams. Clarence. R. 2. Irma. Wis Williams. Thomas. Endeavor. Wis. Wilson. Clifford. 24 Maple St.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Wilson. Edwin. 611 N. Main St.. Berrien Springs. Mich Wilson. Enid, 30! E. Ferry St.. Berrien Springs. Mich, Wilson, Freda. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Wilson. Stanley. College Station. Berrie n Springs. Mich Wince. Ruth. 38 E New England Ave,. Worthington. Ohio Wineland. Wilbur. R. I. Gallon. Ohio Wolf. Lester. Onsted. Mich. Wonderly. Robert. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich Wonderly. Sally. R 3. Delton. Mich. Wright. Wilfred. 15 12 Camnbell. Roval Oak. Mich. Wvant. David. 673i Maplewood. Svlvania. Ohio Wyckoff. James. Kervon Kourl. Berrien Springs. Mirh. ■anagihara. Margaret. 517 B. Ahui St.. Honolulu I). Ilu ' Vanagihara. Tom. 449 B Koula St.. Honolulu. T.H. " tang. David. Taiwan Theological Training Institution. Hsin Tien. Taipei. Taiwan. China Voder. James. 160 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich ' I ' oder. Nancy. 160 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich, ' oder, Svlvia, R. 2. Mt. Vernon. Ohio ' oung. Williain. Cataract. Wis " I ' oungs. Mary. Box )98. Oshawa. Ont . Canada. 78 78 78 !8 78 58 78 59 59 78 78 78 78 78 78 59 59 76 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 52 79 79 52 79 79 79 Zaiabak. Edith. R Zaiabak. Naomi. R. Zimmerman. Duane Zimmerman. Brure, 5, Marshlielfl, 5, Marshfield, 128 Mill St., 128 Mill SI Wis. Wis. Bethallo. Bethall. 79 79 79 52 79 79 79 52 79 52 173 Academy Ab,-1 Marjorie, R. I Box i 7 I ISerrien Springs. Mi.lr H ' ■ Lehman. Sarahjane. R. 4, Bux 172, Niles, Mich Applegatf. Stanley. R. 2. Box 222. Berrien .Springs. Mi. I, Ull Lewis. Annette. R. I. Box 130 AA. BerrieA Springs. B , , ., ., ■ -I B- Mich- I4U Little, Mary Alyce. College Station. Berrien Springs, Mich 1)4 Lugenbeal. Edward. 302 S. Main St.. Berrien Springs. Mich 141) M Mich 1 30 Mich 141) Mich h Bailey. Jack. 430 Pine St., Niles, Mich. 14 1 Bakenlan. Ann. R. 2. Dowagiac. Mi h Biellcki. Gerr College Station. Bei Men .Springs. Muh 1)4 Marsh. Kendall. 39S Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs Mich Blackbuin. William. Oolitic. Ind. I i ' , McCauley. Marilyn. R 2. Box 9 A, Berrien Springs Mich McNitt. Morris. R. 2. Box 225 AB. Berrien Springs. Mich McOmber. Bettv. R. 2. Box 28. Berrien Springs Mich C Medley. Charlotte. R. 2. Box 224 AA 1 . Berrien Springs. Ml Merkel. Marilyn. R. I. Box 128. Berrien Springs Mich Cason. Buddy. 804 N, 47th St.. Birniingh.ini, .Ma. 134 Minier. Ann. R. 2. Box 225. Berrien Springs. Caster. Gordon. R. 3. Oswego. N " 1. 1)5 Minier. David. R. 2. Box 225. Berrien Springs Churchill. Virgil. Carpenter. S. Dak. Morton. Mary. )2I S, Saint Joseph St.. Niles Clanton. Patricia. R. 2. Box 187 A. Berrien Springs. Miih 140 Murkev. Stanley. 104 .Ashland Dowagiat Mi Collier. Eldon. R I. Box 24b. Niles. Mich. 1)5 Collier. Larry. R I. Box 246. Niles. Mich, 141 Craven. Wilbur. 235 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Miih, jvj Crawford. Harry. 8507 Forest Pky . Woodhaven 2 1. N. " l Neil. Colleen, 45 Walnut St.. Berrien Springs. Mich, 1411 Nelson. Arlan. 10 Walnut St.. Berrien Springs, Mich 14 1 D Nelson. Sharlene. 290 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich 1 40 Nelson. Shirley. 26 Maple St.. Berrien Springs Mich 135 Davis. Larry. 220 College .Ave. Berrien Springs. Mlih 1)4 Nitb. Start. I3J4 Marion St.. Niles. Mich. 1)4 deVore. Connie. Eau Claire. Mich 135 Norling. Birgitta, 89 Walter St,. Battle Creek. M ich Doering. Wilnia. 7)1 N Main St. Berrien Springs. Ml. h 14 1 Norman. Dick. 400 College Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich 1)8 Norman. Doris. 400 College Ave.. Berrien Springs, Mich 14 1 E o Edsell. Donna. R, 2, Box 224 c. Berrien Springs. Mich 141 Edsell, Elizabeth. R, 2. Box 224 C. Berrien Springs, Ml. h 1)4 Oliver. Alberta. R. 2. Box 233 A. Berrien Springs. Mich 141 Everman. Marietta. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mi.h 141) Oliver. Vernon. R 2. Box 233 A. Berrien Springs. " Mich, 1)9 Olson. Roger. 420 College Ave,. Berrien Springs, Mich 14 1 Orson. Purvis. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich, F Otis. Harold. Jr.. R, 2. Box 224 BB. Berrien Springs. Mich, 141 terrel. Donna jo, Chauncey. Ohio 135 Foil. Melvin. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich 1)4 p Foil. Norman. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich, 141 furman. Lee. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. 134 Patterson. Joyce. 615 College Ave Berrien Springs Mich 1)4 ' ' ' " - " ' - ' ' " - " - ' " " ■ ■• ■ -40 Patterson. Lawrence, h I 5 College .Ave. Berrien Springs. Mich Peden. Donald. R I. Box 1)2. Berrien Springs, Mich Pietrasz. Ruth. )20 College Ave. Berrien Springs Mich 14 Glynn. Iris. College Station, Berrien Springs. Mic Greek. Carl. 1408 S, 22nd St.. Birmingham. Ala, Gustln, Delcy, 507 N, Mechanic St , Berrien Spring Rapert. Loretta, 2O8V2 S. Cass St.. Berrien Springs Mich. Ray. Virginia, 35 13 N. Racine. Chicago 13. 111. ,.j Rettmann. Janet. R, 2. Box 229 D, Berrien Springs, Mich 1)8 Rittenhouse, Dana, 375 Grove Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich 140 Hahn. Edward. 1717 S William St. South Bend lii.i 1)4 Roderick. Laurence. 22 1 S, Kendall. Battle Creek. Mich 1)6 Hahn. Mary. 1717 S. William St. South Bend ' ind f? " " ' I ' ' " i -s. R L Box 124 B. Berrien Springs, Mich, 14 1 Haley. Marcia. R 2. Dowagiac. Mich. 14 1 Rutherford. Ilarol.i. 4 I 5 S, Cass St,. Berrien Springs, Mi.h |)4 Hampton, .Ada. R, 3, Cassopolis. Mich, 141 Hampton. Alfred. R, 3. Cassopolis, Mich. 1)6 Hancock. Dorothy. 125 Walnut St,. Berrien Springs. Mich, 140 Hannum. James. 4 10 Division St,. Berrien Springs. Mich 134 c , ,-1, 1 r, . n ■ , . „ Hill, Melvin, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich 1)9 Schme ing, Charles, R, I, Box 367 A, Berrien Springs, Mich, 139 Hoover, Joe, 313 W. Union St.. Berrien Springs. Mich, 1)8 Schme mg. David. R I. Box 3b7 A. Berrien Springs. Mich, 141 Hoover. Sandra. 313 W, Union St,. Berrien Springs. Mich c[ fc R " " " , " ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' Berrien Springs. Mich 141 Hunt. Patricia. 220 Grove Ave,. Berrien Springs Mi.h 1)8 Shippy. Shirley. 39 S. 4th St.. Niles. Mich, 1)4 Hutchings. Rene. R. 2. Dowagiac. Mich c . ' ' c ' ,t;. ' ' " ' i ' J ' ' ' ' ' ' ° ' Ave, Berrien Springs. Mich, I4U Smith. Dick. R. 2. Box 15 A. Berrien Springs. Mich, 14 1 Stanchfield. Janet. Red Bud Trail. Berrien Springs. Mich 140 Stern. Richard. 123 Grove Ave,. Berrien Springs, Mich, 136 Streidl. Harold. 205 College Ave.. Berrien Springs. Mich 154 lies. Harold, c o Swartz Trailer Ct,. R, 4. Bellevue. Ohio f ner ' Lvn ' n " R H ' °76 ' ' r " " " " Springs Mich 1)9 Ingram, Martha, College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich fvrn en As, id H " ' J ■ " ' ' ' " Sprmgs. Mich 40 ' Svensen. .Astrld. Hinnesstrande. Hler. Norway 136 Symonds. Clifton. R I. Box 403 B. Berrien Springs. Mich, J Johnson. Lane, llO ' a Main St,, Niles, Mich. 140 Jones. Helena. 28 Maple St.. Berrien Springs. Mi.h 1)4 Tesser. Merry. 1099 Skokie Ridge Dr. Glenco e 111 1)6 Jones. Henry. R ) Cassopolis, Mich 141 Thompson, John, 4329 W. End Ave. Chicago 24 111 Jones. Lucius. R, ). Cassopolis. Mich. 4 TorkeUon Rob», , B 1 R , i) i d " icago i.f. in lorKelson. Kobert. K, 2. Box 228. Berrien Springs. Muh 141 Tursky. Marybeth. 8)5 Ernsh Dr. Green Bay. Wis, K Kinney. Ross. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich 14 1 Kreye Irmgard. Hessisch Oldendorf . Langestr 26. Germany 139 Wagner. Larry 100 Walnut St. Berrien Springs Mich 140 Kubecka. Helen. College Station. Berrien Sprmgs. Mich 1)6 Ward. Larry. Grove and Industries. Berrien Springs Mi. h 4 1 Kubecka. Marion College Station. Berrien Springs. Ml. h 141 Wickland. Ruth. 23765 Laurence. Van Dyke Mi?h Kuhlman. Tom. R. 2. Box 251. Berrien Springs. Mich, l)H Wilson. Tom. R 2. Berrien Springs M ch 1)4 Faculty Althage. Irvin C. College Station Augsburger. Daniel A.. College Station Axelson, Arthur E.. College Station 56 55 56 Kelsey. Verne, College Station Knecht. E. L.. 156 Grove 61 61 B Beach. Perry W.. 200 Grove Ave. Beck. Robert. 125 Parkway Benedict. Margaret. College Station Benson. Wilmoth. 70 Walnut Bielicki. Joseph W.. College Station Borrowdale, Robert J.. College Station Brown, George W., 202 S. Portage Ave.. Campbell. Alma M-. College Station Campbell. Victor H.. College Station Christian. P. W.. College Ave, Christensen, Otto H.. 55 Walnut Christman. Rachel J., College Station Conkell. Evelyn P.. Box 17 Costerisan. .Mfreda. College Station Lashier, Harvev M.. S70 Gr 56 56 56 56 56 57 57 57 57 54 57 57 57 57 M Maas. Ellis R.. 123 Grove Maas, Evelyn H.. !23 Grove MacMorland. Robert B., 65 Walnut MacMorland. Wanda. 65 Walnut Marks, . rlene. College Station Marsh. Clara. College Station Marsh. Alice G,, 395 Grove Marsh. Frank L.. 3 )5 Grove Martin. Mildred. College Station Ma or. Cecil W,. South Parkway Nelson, Clarence E . Box 6 ' l Nelson. Grace L,. Box 64 Nelson, Walter W . R.I .R. 2 61 61 61 61 61 61 62 62 62 62 62 62 62 62 Davis. Claude. College Station Davis. Melvin W.. 42 5 Grove Dietel. Margarita. College Station 57 58 5S Petersen. Merton S.. Box 162 Phipps. Barbara. 130 S. Parkway Phipps. Burton H.. 130 S. Parkway 62 63 6 3 Edwards. Harry E.. 60 Walnut Edwards. Winifred M.. 60 Walnut Engen. Blossom, College Station Engen. Gordon. College Station Evers. Paul. College Station 58 58 58 58 58 R Rasmussen, Hans L., College Station Read. Samuel. College RifFel. J E.. College Station Rittenhouse. F. O.. 375 Grove Ross. Marguerite. College Station 63 63 63 55 63 Fahrbach. Maude, College Station Ferren, Dorothy. College Station Field. Clarence S.. Box 63 Galusha. Joseph G.. College Station Garber. V. E.. College Station 56 5 ) 5 ' ) 5 ) 55 Schneider. Wilbert M.. )50 Grove Shaw. Horace J.. 20 1 N. Main Smith. Leslie, 237 Walnut Sorensen, Niel. College Station Specht, Edward J . 415 Grove Stone. Edith. College Station Striplin. Claude D.. i6() Grove 63 63 63 63 64 64 H Halenz, Herwarth F., College Station Hamel, Beatrice, College Station Hamel. Paul. College Station Hannah, Bonnie Jean, College Station Hardy. Winfield. R.F.D. I. Box 435 Heidtke. Harold E,. College Station Hein. Harry E,. College Station Heisig. Howard. College Avenue Hiten. Edith G.. Box 14 Holmes. .Arthur D.. Box 120 Holquist. Beatrice. College Station 59 59 59 59 59 60 60 6 60 6(1 Taylor, Harry W., College Station Thiele. Edwin R.. College Station Trickett, Wilson, 235 Grove V ' ande Vere, Emmett K.. 420 Grove Vande Vere. Margrete II . 420 Grove w Webber. Bernice, 301 E. Ferry 64 64 64 64 64 64 Jeys, George H., Box 3 5 Jones, Harold T., Box 6 60 60 7alabnk, Naomi, College Station 64 175 • i - y Mf4Ai » MaJMMej i -tji -KfT - Uy.(M L Z v y COLLEGE WOOD PRODUCTS ENGINEERIN6 BUILDING (Laundry) I ' • ' . . . . ejj:fi -c- gX C mmanuei ifliiiionaru ( otleac igl« 2l- ' t t - ' " „

Suggestions in the Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) collection:

Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 133

1954, pg 133

Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 94

1954, pg 94

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