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4.-3 ,9 s- N S 2 , X5 .1 1 q., BP Q1 , I 4 'Sz-, .5- .I -i 2 2 r if a 5 I . 49 gl A, 1 . X . I. fi uf 1' a n F f Q., Wx 1 I , ,N- A Ii S ' 1 i E , W N, l 2 2 I 4 I I 3 1 1 I I i a 1 I I I I I N l I 1 I l l 4 I Q . w I 1 1 11111111111..111 111111111 111111111 111111 1 11 1111 1 11 111 11 1 x'X 4'- 1 x"'k 9111 X NNN ly ,fx 7 A 1 HH uf fm V 1,5 D4-,Qld Of' I1 lift, ' Q 111 11111 1. 11 1 till 5 11111 1 11111 11 1 11111 111 , 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 ,,,111 11 1 1 11 ,,,,1 11 1 1 1 11 1 ..,, '. ', ' ', 111111 11 ' 1 1 11 1 " 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111 1.111 1 11 11 1 1 1 11 111 11 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 11 111 1111111111111 1 1 1 1 111 1111111111 1 11 11 1111 1111111111 11 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111 1 1 1 1 11 1 ' 1 1 1111 1 1 1 1 U' x 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 111 11111-11. 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 111 "' 1' M-.-'I 'X ,X .xf lvof21 41 if? 'N P if JN 550 We .. N u 3 .Q 'QW 54 KF' ' M- .. . -0- .-'3:2 Y Tx'-flmn 1 wswffixmk bxm x nw-811.51 1 'X 33' 1 1 v'1 1 v 0 ' O N 1 "zu WE.- ., X IT1 .9 ity- 1'.:::iS:::b. '?f.,,r:- XC :fha :zil- 15552 1' - L. 'ifwlb' 14" if ."- 3. . S'7'.'1,ai", fu" if ' "-Z ll- X - 11:2-:.:.... " 1, V.. ' "' . 31 Q55 Q, -QT Sgr, 151: :::-.,,. , -'LJ jx. XYFQJIQQ 2:22 ' 13: ' . :ff ,Eff ig! :ig .1 ln- -Z -g- . :'g . " , 5:'. ' N' 1:-:I-2-:-. :1---.-:--5f52E2-: -.-.- .2225 t x 5'E - , . ' . -, " - D ' ' egg paw- 'QE' -.f .ggi FX .2:3E2552:1:I':" ' Xlibiizf-,-..' '35EEiSEf:EEErEE2:2-'fr liz 1 0:1 1 V 1. Q -- -0 .- Published by the Student Association Emmanuel Missionary College Berrien Springs, Miehigan ic J. ,v , v Christ was cr student once, too, although the Scriptures tell us little of l-lis school days. The one terse sentence in Luke 2:52 which does summarize them so aptly can apply as well as to the life of any other student who follows the example of lesus in the pursuit of an education. These words stand for perfect symmetry of development in the life of today's student no less than in Christ's experience, they stand for balanced mental, physi- cal, spiritual, and social growth. As Christ spent years in careful preparation before coming into l-lis own as a pub- lic figure, many modern youth have chosen to come to Emmanuel Missionary College, a quiet school in an inspiring natural atmosphere, to gain from Christian associates, teachers of experience, and the Great Teacher a truly balanced education. lust how does this school measure up to the four-fold standard held up in this verse describing Christ's training? Does wisdom abound here, to the neglect of the stature? While students form friendships with one another do they keep in favor with God by a constantly renewed friendship? The belief prevails upon our campus that the school does measure up to these standards, and that it is unique among colleges of this day in that it gives religious development a place with the other three. But if you are a stranger to our school, casually opening this volume, don't take our word on the subject. Thumb through this volume and see for yourself the rounded program carried on. Perhaps that will make you look forward to the day when you can visit our cheerful campus for yourself, to gain a far more accurate impression than any yearbook can ever give. At any rate, we trust that you will see, by a hasty scanning or a careful perusal of this book, that ours is a school where Christ's life is the pattern, and that His spotless life makes a wonderful blueprint for student and teacher, young and old. 9 1 n" o ' a Q u ',o -:.--'.- :.--,.- ' I ' a" u' u' ,n' ,l S Y If we M :fi -A N is Q.-' .-,'.-"-.',f-' v --.,, 1 T--, is, "'::'.,'-'f ','::'::,!:'o:.:::'-:. , . . .. -..-0, Q Q ,ui-I ,, gal., o., a,. . I Jsawx guilt-K 'hs ', v.l',,,l:'.,,:s.'-.. , . 1, ' 'Q ' N ' . --4 -. rg-, tv. 1,4-'ey ,'l--.'..--..','--.,'--.,"- Q V? F-A' ' C4 ""?' 62317: " ' o .' ' ' -o'.' ' ' 01' s. - 3 sg' .M ' 7 so-1 v-l ' -..,',". ','.- ' l . x 'T'-.. n , gl' . N xt:-T.. Qs,-F S el' .', . 'v' O A I -:nu-0 .N -.gqlxil i-, ,:.s-V-.-,LZ,x..kl,l. ,', I .,..a ' ':"4?-T "'f"-' -1 '- ' ff." 5 .Q l..,.'o.-..., ' .-.....,.. .-....., . D ,-..., . . . . ' O... J.. tx - ,..-.., .'..,..- ,..-...,. ,..-.. .--:- 5., ..,',--. ' ..,',--.,, -.,,'. qs ...',' 1 .S N 1 , -'.'.q., .o 0 , .'.o,. e . , . , , "-0.1, . t 3. '.a.n., . IL: '......7',. .f........... . . .........,...... mir 0.0, -1. N Oops, 'loop t 'o., '.c .,"'s 5' -V? -' ' ' -'.'. - . .' -'.'.' ' ' ' ' -'-'.' ' ', 9 -'.'.' ' 'T -. - ' eh :n,. xi'.,'. ,..v.,, .n . ..',,. .c.,. .n,.. '-.. It 4 . ' ' - . JS. 'ff o,,' Xipgnu '-.,. ...c . 'R - ...O- - ltktvixwl - - ' . ' . - +5 ..,.,'., :.'.i,, I 1-...n...,, in .-. D. ..o'..,.'.-.-........rx., .-. Q . I ...J ago... Ac- ,'. L ...,:,.-,-.-...',:,....- ,'.' 74'-1' gv .14 "-.. Y -.. .'.-it .,. if . Q. ,g,,,,:i-k.:- W -.4 ff- . lifjf l,-ff u,h?Y ?:.q1?: . ' . I lu , I I. x' . I Q .vt 1-s..L:.s?s.:.v...z. . fir 4 t A , , gg: ,3.:,.,N,n'.,, 5 KL'.'. , , . . '':s':'If'.ff:f,1l-S:.1'::i'.' X. f, ,ff ' , - . . ff- .,-"'.-.", ,'-- . 1,1 -5.115- ' ' 1' - - ' ' SI-3 '.":".'4""'1""F'I' 'T'-'S - 'I Q ,'.'.0 o .','.' o . ,','.q sk.l:ps',.. tn :In f, a:. u t ,-xo..-,,.'.-.. '-..,,.:.:p.':!, ' , ,u.,:',r "'--- .1'.' fg.:fl:?f' 'Inf ffgif' -f By ,AY ls 5 S I ", rr r I ' ,4 Y -u X . l H .ev 1 . . , . FK, mai ,Ki Nz, ,W A . ll , 45' 'FI A F ,0 'w '41 1 uw' ,MQ X I ' Q I as Z 1 ..,, 33 W .4 f , ,,,,,.w-wh , .-, f ., 4 , ,M - W , ,.., WM .Www www X-ww an w?.,,L f. A M hw V,,,, ,,,.. ww an-,, ,MIL ,V M y L , ' Q 1 . ff' M7- A-1 'M 'W l fa u 4 4, ' - I ' 'K I -"3 5 4 if We 4 W 5, V A hw wwf X .W I J Www, M 7,0 , .gg ' Mywgffr wwf 1 Maggy, Dedication - - Iesus increased in wisdom Administration - Departments - . . and Statute - Physical activities Industries - . . in favor with God - . and man - Student Association Dormitories - Married coup1es Classes - Academy Directory ,::.,: . . -"'-' :'.'-':'f-"fs s ,liz ' vs., Q p s . - a, Q5 5 Q . -Q-.aT"Q," A ri, -N' - ' fw,,".a ' . w,.'l-kP.'J..'2',1ffJ. ' K - -" .-u I a'- - "-Lf 3 jg .4-'-Yu-'T '. , X5 FN. 51,1343 P Rv gl It 'ii wi .3"K'n V52 vffldfa v .lffk 1 'fr 45? .rfffxfrtriw-'5'5'J " Ht lcwpf 1 'f 3- " -1' .f 1 ' '-.f " C Jsfjs '--',,"f:qo I. I I 59:5 .Q , 4. o . . 0 , o an Q . -x .- - .SP v . 'U-'a ' 'nk I'.o."'1u "'- Ga' -5 'X is , x n's.,..:'.w .','.' e - .',' ' . 'A - , 1, , .,.'v.,,'.'-.,,' 1 x ,s x , 'o.,..'.,..'. :UAH it--5 . 1 1'-1. Gila 1:13. 2711: it - - A J 'I -- .- --,5f'q i.gd-f."-fL- Lfx'-f -. Cr. ,'.'.e ' ' . '-.,,'- . As 1'- 'Q'-'. ' -. 42 t ,. , .. . . . . at .. . .X , ..' ,g l. . - . . , .',' -.. . . x ,-.-.... tt Q '--.".' ",---. , ", -.'. . 1" 441-5' - ' an .1"".':?Q41l ':': I '."o'.'.' .'. .' .v'.'.' '. 5 . ".' Q '-.o'.'. .G o.c.c.lX1 Nil, 'Q ..','.' v . a .',' ' . .' o - .o', .,'."v 1 '-u," v "O, '- v.,'. 'I., 'H'-'." --V. '."' '.' '-'."'--. -. --'."'- M '." o.,.. F 'shi I '-l.n.., .0 .'.o.,,..0...,...n., in ' 'OO' "'o. 5 1' '- -.'."'--"" ' - ' -' 7 -'f-f' - .-"' --1 'aq.y1. a-- g 'Oo ' '.,Q.',-,'. . 's,' - . 4 ' . . , -f - e ,H ,5J" , hos... lhfgtlptl 1 T, 'M I 1- , uf 'L , E-, S.. .N if-A ' Y 'M - -'-' - , I. 0, ,f.:v.','.' -. 1 ,'1i'.,' . 14- ., 41w.f ff :3'w2f6?F"-'si'f-' lf. ' V ,A , O., s , .,ps.d' n xv.. ,, . , :gg :fr :- - 2 - - '34 1 H A-.,..-...-.-...'o.x' .8 9 .'. - 'QA 5, r::.:, -1. , . - -:J ge,-5954. 2g::, -:- - -I ' ... ..'.'f -.,n:,.:,.::.-Q. .:,.',.',.',. .' v , o ' '. Q '. a . I. ' . ':. Paae 8 10 12 16 48 51 56 62 70 72 78 82 88 130 168 to CLAUDE W. DAVIS Had his cares and had his troubles. More than most oi us: Figured them a part oi living. Never made much fuss: Made the best of all God gave him. As through life he went, Ever toiling, giving. taking. Kind and provident. - Guest WE DEDI GATE Need some help? Claude Davis will be glad to give it to you. But you may have to wait a bit, because he's probably busy help- ing someone else. We stroll down to his headquarters, the custodian's department in the basement of the Administration building. That's he-the smiling man with the big bunch of keys in his hand. Fright now he's talking with a bewildered Freshman with a terrible case of homesickness. ln an amazingly short time the boy turns, all smiles, with his ailment practically cured. Here come two girls. "There's going to be a banquet and we're on the committee to plan it. We were wondering if you could get us . . "Well, l think l can help you," says Mr. Davis, his face breaking into its customary smile. "Let's see, now .... " When these two have gone, a childish face peers over the counter. A little boy has broken his electric train. Mr. Davis is too busy, you say. He can't take time for trifles like that. Well, maybe he can't, but he does. Suddenly a workman bursts in the door. "Tom's fallen and broken his arm, Claude. Could you find a way to get him to the hos- pital?" "Sure, take him down myself." As he turns to leave he dispatches a crew of boys to move a piano: sends another to replace a broken window pane. Seconds later a teacher comes in. "lust gone? Well, l'll call back." Before she leaves she says, "You know, I always like to meet Mr. Davis on the sidewalk. His 'Good morn- inq' is always so sincere and friendly." "Fine boss," one of the workers chimes in. "lf we've gotta fix up for a program or something, he's right there helping out. After- wards he'll work till late. And if there's work left over, we can sleep in. But not Claude." "Things like that are what make him loved," says the teacher. "We all know he's a hard worker and that he tends his job well. But it's all the extra things he does that make him what he is. Wonderful man!" And that pretty well sums things up. Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Ioann. and Lassie b USMS K No college IS worthy oi the name whlch does not cause its students to make some 1ncrease in wisdom. But the kindly teachers at E.M.C. share with their students wisdom savored with thoughts of God, so that the student sees the hand of God behind every growing plant or whirling molecule. The very location of t up to the student marvelous opportunities to learn from nature, another teacher from which the youth Iesus doubt- l 1 . ' ess earned many oi Hls great lessons. The student does increase in wisdom, godly wisdom. he college opens W1 005895 ... .... . .- ....... ......u ...... o... ..... ..... ..... .. .- . ... .... ...... ....... ...... ...... ...... ...- .... ..... ..... ..... ...- ...- u... .... u..o. u..... ....... ....... .... ... ....... ....... ......- ....... ....... ....... ..... u..... .... .- ....... ....... ....... ....... .....- ....... ....... .- ...... ...... ... ...u sn... ..... ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ .. .... ....... 1 DW! w . .'.'.'.'. . .....o ....... ....... ... o.... ...... ..... ...... ...... ....... ....... ....... ,....... ....... ...... ... . .... .... .- ...- .... ....... nu..-. ....... ....-.. ....... ...... ...... ..... ..... ...... a...... ...o ..... ....... ........ ... .... ....... ... .. ......-. ........ ........ .... ... ........ ...... ... f f PERCY W. CHRISTIAN, M.A., Pl1.ll., President of the College Fifty years ago, in 1901, the pioneer Sev- enth-day Adventist institution oi higher edu- cation which had functioned since 1874 in Battie Creek, Michigan, was moved to a new campus near Berrien Springs, Michigan, and re-named Emmanue1 Missionary Co11ege. Since that time it has deveioped unti1 today it is a iu11y accredited co11ege, housed in modern buiidings on a heautitu1 campus, with an en- ro11ment of over 1,000 students, a iacu1ty oi more than titty men and women, a host oi near1y 3,000 1oya1 a1umni, and assets which exceed 32,400,000 Fo11owing the eXamp1e ot Iesus who "in- creased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man," Emmanue1 Missionary Co11eqe has consisteniy encouraged its stu- dents to expand their mentai powers by mas- 12 tering basic tacts and princip1es whi1e a1so engaging in independent and creative think- ing, to strengthen their physica1 powers by observing habits and practices which foster maximum vita1ity and health, to deepen their spiritual powers 1oy formu1ating and adoptinq a Christian phi1osophy of 1iie based on un- swerving a11egiance to God, and to enrich their socia1 powers by enthusiastic participation in worthy activities which deve1op attractive per- sonaiity and serve the needs oi humanity. 'VV ith renewed iaith and increased cour- age Emmanue1 Missionary Co11ege stands rededicated to the princip1es oi Christian edu- cation, and faces the unknown future with con- tidence, knowing that in every event of historY Cfod is "si1ent1y, patient1y working out T119 counse1s ot His own wi11." P. W. Christian ,7 , ADMINISTRATIUN AUBREY H. RULKOETTER, Pl1.D., Dean oi the College "There is cr Wisdom born of experience." otbove receiving suggestions tor the good The tolli loehind these desks stond rectdy to ot the school os well. Much oi the credit tor shore with others the benefits ot the expert- the smooth operottion ot the school lies oft ence. Reddy to give cidvice ond Christictn these doors. counsel to those who desire it, they gre not CLINTON W. LEE, M.A., A. ORVILLE DUNN, B.A., MARGARET B. GEMMELL, B.A., Assistant to the Dean College Field Representative Secretary to the President I 1 CLAUDE D. STRIPLIN, Ph.D.. WANDA MACMORLAND, BJ-X., i Regisfrqr Director of Admissions I c Untcmgling students' courses and clolinq l II OI k Ih I I I III b. I place to Work and visit. Down the hall is Ou gm es Sep Q regls mrs O we uzzmg' another bus office that which cares for ad- , Y 1 The scene of much anxlety and some mourn- , , I II II I I I'l'11S'S1OI'1S. . Ep lnq on D-days, lt 1S generally a pleasant I "Everything in liie isn't counted in dollars and cents." Some ot the students seem anxious to convince the business' office oi that when the end ot the month rolls around. But some- body has to pay those bills. Someone has to keep them straightened out, too, and that's one of the jobs of the business otiice. VERNON P. LOVELL, M.S Business Manager EARL BEATY, M.B.A., C.P.A., RCBERT B. MACMORLAND, M.B.A WILSON L. TRICKETT, B.A., Accountant and Treasurer Associate Accountant and Assistant to Assistant Treasurer the Business Manager W Q u,.,A, f, 'M' 'V EDWIN R. THIELE, Ph.D. Professor of Religion and Philosophy RELIGION Two purposes guide in the plans of thg department. Cn the one hand is the guidance and training of embryonic ministers to prepme. them for a place in the harvest field. N0 less important than this is the task of helping every student, no matter what his major field, to form a practical philosophy of life and to gain a closer walk with God. Virtually every stu- dent enrolls in some classes in religion, and the teachers strive to make these courses more than the mere fulfilling of a requirement. Working hand in hand with the depart- ment are the seminars, the "laboratories of the ministerial course." Senior Seminar serves the upperclassmen and lunior Seminar serves the needs of freshmen and sophomores. Both or- ganizations provide not only good experience for those leading out but real inspiration for their audiences. OTTO H. CHRISTENSEN, Ph.SD. Assistant Professor in Biblical Languages H. O. OLSON, MJ-X. Assistant Professor in Church History 16 S The lun 4 on alter J t I 1 i 1 l N gl ,1 Q' Yiififlel tilt W. LEE, t E WPHILUSUPHY 4 of the .1lCiCmC9 DIQIDCYTQ NO less QI GVQIY ield, to to Qroin HY stu- JH, and 2s more ent. deport- s of the ves the res the oth or- erience ton for Senior Seminar meets every Friday evening in the Little Auditorium. The Iunior Seminar holds its meetings on alternate Sabbath afternoons. Pictured elsewhere CLINTON W. LEE, M.A. nsmw ., ,, 4 ,MAMA f -...q,,1..M.,zgf.,:' ,,.. , ,,.,MfM...,..2 ' ARTHUR E. AXELSON. M.A. Assistant Professor in Religion HORACE l. SHAW. M.A. Instructor in Speech 17 FRANK L. MARSH, Ph. D. Professor of Biology Does science support the Bible story of crea- tion? lf not, why' teach such a story in a mod- ern college? lt so, why isn't it a more Qf9D91'GllY recognized fact? This is one of the mCf11Y Pfob' lems dealt with by students' in bioloQIY Classes' Practical classes. So are those that train nurses to help and to heal. And the practicali'fY Ol U health department which takes care Of 01155 maladies can be attested by CIHYOU9 who has taken a cut tinqer or a broken head there for repairs. of crea- CI mod- nemlly y prob- ilasses. nurses ty of G f one'S ho has ere for R See 111 - . at httl thm wi lin over to the 1efl7 Thatfs G . . . . Everyone enjo Yed it but the Catl Diathermy ,e io? G Equ q ' ' 9 Gr tomorrow Oronoko ncxturcrlists in their natural ele ment 19 HARVEY M. LASHIER. M.A. Associate Professor of Physics The volume of knowledge entering the heads oi students varies directly with the a- mount of pressure applied by the teachers. The light gained from Physics classes varies inversely with the heat generated by friction between students and teachers. Knowledge is acquired when energy is ex- pended by molecules of curiosity traveling at high speed in continuous motion around the labs and classrooms. Such paraphrased physical laws as these might Well be called fundamentals oi the phy- sics department. l 21 HERWARTI-I F. I-IALENZ. Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry CHEMISTRY "What's that horrible odor? lt must be the chem lcib concocting some new scientific source of smell." Yes, chemistry mqjofs Seem to revel in OI World oi exploding test tubes cmd vile smelling gcrsses. And certomin it is thot they meet in chemistry potrt oi the irormework of progress, science. Nurses, doctors, cmd clietitigns pciss through these clcrsses gs well cts chemists, tackling the problems oi science under the guidoince of their triencls, the tecfchers. Munching medics What is it? ,,,....1 22 IOHN CHRISTENSEN, M.A. JAMES C. GAITENS, M.A. Instructor in Chemistry Instructor in Chemistry Chemistrium Lczboratoride TL Studentousr Enerqfite 3 Successium EDWARD I. SPECHT, Ph. D. Professor of Mathematics MATHEMATICS By dividing their time wisely between pre.. paration ancl recitation, these students have subtracted from the Word "mathematics" the drudqery which it represents to many pegplel By acldinq to their study, they have multiplied their mathematical lcnowledqe. Sharp minds with sharp pencils ARTHUR D. HOLMES, M5- Assistant Pr0feSS01' in Physics and Mathematics YGQH LOUISE AMBS, M. A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education EDUCATION Professor of Education and Psychology Director' of Teacher Training Amidst a pile of papers awaiting red marks, munching a well-polished apple, and thinking over the trying class period of the day, the practice teacher gets an insight into the actual problems of the professor. Usually he is a little more considerate of his own teachers, for he realizes that it is easier to dodge the blows than to swing the stick. Sometimes the elementary and secondary students may find it a little be- wildering to change practice teachers in rapid succession, but the experience is invaluable to the latter. Many finish and go on to engage in "the nicest work" - dealing with youthful minds. IAMES D. WANG, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Education 5. 25 it say itil!!! Mrs. I1nnp's class with their display Si- PCIf1'iCk'S Day Mrs. Thompson demonstrates the art of fingerprinting Music under Mrs' Lamson Children portray the scenes of Christ's birth 26 'Y K 6 wi f H M514 -,M W yy W, ,, A, :ef my ,ffm X , www: - ,W 5 5, ywzflf, XY ,XX f ,I ,fx f X xy I 2-.fix ink -.,.i,.. f A 1 If f W , 7 f W ,, ' MMWZKMJ .11 'B Q 12 .N We ' .,x ',. . . 5 Wx ,ii Lx: "Stamps? Here, I iust got a -1 s, A SCIENCE ' rare one from-" Pictured elsewhere- Earl Beaty Percy W. Christian Robert B. MacMorland ,, Walter Nelson Herman O. Olson Claude D. Striplin Edwin R. Thiele lames D. VV ang 0 HANS L. RASMUSSEN, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Social Science ECONOMICS HOME BEATRICE HOLQUIST, M.A. ALICE GARRETT MARSH, M.S. Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Home Economics H0me Economics Tasty food, fine raiment, pleasant homes- these are specialities of the girls in Home EC classes. Correction: not "the girls" but "the students," for several brave fellows have taken courses in this field as well. Home Economics students mix work and pleasure frequently by planning parties and meals which give them practice in the skills they are attempting to master. Not only do they think of their own satis- faction, but of the needs of less fortunate in- dividuals at such times as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The first picture shows them visiting a home in the neighborhood with a food basket. Their Christmas errands done, the Home Ec students gathered around the centerpiece in the next picture. Looks good enough to eat, you say? Go ahead-it's all candy. Effects of such delicious meals are tested by the new device shown in the third picture, which analyzes the patient's metabolism. SECRETARIAL TRAINING "Start!" As if released by a trigger, fingers hit the keys and pick up momentum, levelling into a steady rhythmic pace. The fingers retard as their owner realizes they've made a mis- take, but on they go. Sitting erect, feet flat on the floor, eyes fastened to the copy material, the owner races on. The fingers feel as if they will drop off. ls that minute ever going to end? Perhaps the teacher has for-"Time!" Mrs. Iohnson says, "Take a letter." The fingers pick up a shorthand pad. This secretarial course! t l l N x -.mg t in 'M "tr c MQ,-v W-.W W , 5 : . ELSIE ORTNER-IOHNSON, M.S. Associate Professor of Secretarial Training PEARL HARTWELL-GAITENS, M.A. Instructor in Secretarial Science 31 97 LESLIE SMITH, M.S. Instructor in Applied Arts ZORAL H. COBERLY, M.A. Instructor in Graphic Arts INDUSTRIAL ARTS Did your engine ever stall on you in some desolate place? Ever have to know riaht away the diiierence between a vertical and a hori- zontal press? li you knew nothinq at all about that complicated tangle of wires and plugs be- neath your hood or about the whirrinq belts and wheels in a print shop, you were in a bad way. But boys who have had applied arts in school will never be in these predicaments. Practical courses? You decide. 1 ENGLISH l1 PAUL T. GIBBS, Ph.D. Professor of English Language and Literature "This program is designed to acquaint you with the college . . . " ii , VICPLET MORGAN, M.A. Associate Proiessor oi English Want a sample of the departments Work? Take a look at what you hold in your hand. Oops! l'1'n afraid the good people Wouldn't like thatp Let's try again. Been getting the Stu- dent Movement? Now, that's better. And-Well, it's a little late to he telling you now, but you should have listened to the Voice of EMC every Wednesday. That's a sample from the speech courses, another branch of English. Let's see --what else can we show you? Oh, sure, Q0 ahead and look at the pictures! Sure hands for unsure knees in Speakers' Forum Why didn't I do this term paper months ago? Pictured elsewhere I-IORACE I. SHAW, MJ-X. EDITH STONE, M.A. MARLYS OWEN, 1VI.A. ALFREDA COSTERISAN Instructor in English Instructor in English Assistant in English 35 FOREIGN LANGUAGES DANIEL A. AUGSBURGER, Ph.D. Professor of French Language and Literature Pictured elsewhere - OTTO H. CHRISTENSEN, Ph.D. HARRY E. HEIN, M.A. GEORGE C. SMITH, M.A. IULIETTE REY, B.A. Assistant Professor in German Instructor in French Assistant in French as I I Learning how they say "P's and Q's" in German Public practice in conversational French Spanish siestas, French perfumes, German rearmament. Learning a language is much simpler when you take an interest in the cus- toms and learn the background ot the land. Every student who takes a language-and few leave school without this exposure-gets a good dose of the geography, history, arts, and philosophies ot the land Whose tongue he is studying. So his course means more than a certain number of hours on the credit card, and makes him a better international citizen. Spanish speakers keep up on their language Glenn qeffi-1'1CJ Greek MUSIC . . . choir sings . . . sweet . . . soft . . . heaven closer ., . . baton . . . stirring . . . concert band . . . Saturday night . . . halleluiah . . . mighty chorus . . . halleluiah . . . Handel . . . before esty . . . vespers . . . girl singing . . . enioy music . . . wish I could . . . maybe . . . above . .. PERRY W. BEACH, MJ-X. Associate Professor of Music VERNE KELSEY. D.F.A. MELVIN W. DAVIS, B.S. in Music Associate Plzofessol' in Pipe 01'Q'CII1f Director of Choral Organizations and Plano' The01'Y Instructor of Voice chapel . . . organ . . . throbbing pipes . . . maj. PAUL HAMEL, M.A. Director oi Band and Instructor in Wind Instruments ESTELLE KIEHNHOFF. B.Mus. Assistant Professor in Voice and Piano ROBERT I. BORROWDALE, M.A. Associate Professor oi Music and Director of String Organizations MARGARETE VANDE VERE Instructor in Piano . M, WWW-4 wma Carol and Rolene play for Music Guild Music. music, music. The deparimeni provides a great variety oi music for cam- pus programs and services, both sacred Mr. Read at the marimba and secular. Here are a iew of the per- formers whose artistry enhanced these occasions. i A 2 T h e Chorcrliers sing to the direction of Iohn Rodgers. I , y. 2. G I Q 5 1 I ' . Y .Q , ,:,wQ9ii'5'wmx"" -.....-,,-.,w, , . Q x ,.. , .. X X X f . ' , ,, . A b , . . , R Q- 5 ,,,, I , A , ,A., ix a M b t L N . . ' Q Q-wgaisxim, , ftjfifg ..xfq--awww? ki-'f' -41 4- - W" ' "fi" ,f,. l-M45-., -5 1 " ' ' 9 1- " - - A " 'WVWNW ' ' ' ., N N 1 x QNX K ,1 ., Q f ,FFXI " f' Q?-'.+f,.+ '1 N' fr-qi , ,L f' Y- 4 'W 4 Mm uf ,Q ,- , 7, ' ' '-2 ., " f fm' , ,, ' ' ,, ' A D - .. . -W. ,aw Am., .Mm ..,., , f "1 '-fir-v--1 . - ,-.. .,... .,, V- X ' A in x 5 . .. X SQ A """ , " I. - ff. - 24, f,,, ,i :sb NL - '0vni-4aW - in., ,:. Q, I I ,I W 1535 , x . - ' - f . . ' , , ff . 'M' " ' X --V ., ,X 1 Q Q 'W 4 n f 7 S, N f - , A-v,g-gmviik . 4 - - wMw.w'g,,5:3g - - ., ,R 4 vfwcfw ' Q Q " ' ' ' X -W-' N Q W A ,ww-.wwam 4-mf. ia ' 'MWfWf' N,, " , Q Q N " .x ,Q 'N -X x 4 ' ' x , , U - , - M. .- ,-Af, , H X ,. X S Xi f+i?XQ,M:Exww xx X f' M i , X ' Aqbyigxli-M 1: vu X - - - ' 4-T ' 'V ff-z., .W .,, A, f ' ' ffvtif- Y, , " ' 'Q N X-X . Q X X V xvw' " , ' ,kb ' 'Vw AMM4, ,,.ff'1tv1n,Wf2xjg4 X , . . ,XJ ' " H - EN, Q . Q lg AR K x x t U f .-h....w.-4sak4,M,.mL:...m,f,ff-V S' ., .ff L ,X 1 n, v, ,. .. ,, - 7 V I Sw 1 R " . 1 J V V 4, ' ' ' f Q. x . N. 62 . N' '- - WWXM. , . ' x ,. -f ' ' f. . I 2:37 1 1 k X , QL 0 A KRW-' Lava X -,MXH Xfi -P o Y V' .JS . ' v " W f' yy A g. -,f -gf if 5' ' gk T , 1 '5' V- 5 H X' 'f 3 Q ,wi q Q Q' ' ,X 'Q' - V"' Y Q .7 . V f' 7 -Q. ,, "" 'V 5 Qc .Q-' .5 Rf ig' ff, 'Q' . if ' Q. ' vw Q H it N ' QR- . ' ." ' 1 A , 6 4' .., - X -' N , A- 5 . A5 . Q - In 3 40 ,ts gi -J' N? Q . -r iii 3 Ev .I 'Q 5, 0 an 9 .QD 0- ws., , Sig , I .jr ,fu -2' 'P Q 'S W .4. '-5, y " li . 1 ,' s I xg 5, Q , Y Q V - O - " ' 5 i 1 I 8 8 8 1 8 , 9 I YG A -v-"' ' -2 ni., ,zz fi 33 Hg. fgjf. iam' ' 4 495 igfwat EJ' ,. ? -lf :VJ LY' Livgfgi' -LJ 9-4 4 a ,-7 bum ' D .lrgg It ws E .. o 1 if 4! TSS? '- v x X , fi? I W f kia X fe, K 4 ..,n,,.1 K 'SUDQO 9 5? vw I M... 'ss 15 6. 41"'w SX SQ' ,Q ii- ,' A! X. nk fy 1 'MQ ' Z2 xv ff. X 1 W , ff Q M Z ?' wwf, 49 4 i I z iz 5: 7 i x W. M 1? V Ma 1? 1 sr' i f f , 42 242""' J 's 5 my w Q., a Y? Z. Q iw 1.- 1 X ,Xq, f H4 -w f.. 1 0, Sill: 1- in 116 ' f W' , 1 M. - f . 1 I 'x Q '25 ...ff xx .,, ,Q ., ..,,,,,M X MQW? ' SK Sz " 1 f, V I , 4 ,Q ' x - v , v , - by X Q ri? f f y A . an -- .fig wg .A 4 av , f f. , 1: -3 is 5' f f ' Q- A fy . fl. N f i . 2 4 ,,, H X ' f Q . I ' V 2 'gg X, 'Y ffgfgxffie W qA,, V, My . A , . , -' Of - f- ' - L ' Q f' x . - , ,Yu . E F, U 1q Q X. af l ,f-H""'v M ,v 14' ,M Si Y xy' 1 w iii Q VNQ ,5,..i, X Q , ,A , .., Q 3 v- Vx A ,. - ,.J,,u.s- RA 5 s ' , 'Wm - If ,uf . -Q , -. . E F fQ-19 x it Ex if f-'W' 1' I I If NW Qw.,.Q K F Qi N 35, x ' - t - " 1- fi: X , -4:3960 Q, - Q f 1 f X I V W f A AL., V I , .. f , 1. - V aw ' up 4 ' ffwme, . 'k ' . -- 1' fi ,1,,,,,,Q,.W,,,., - sf V Q Q Q- 2 13- A mmf A-F M, 222 ,H if ff I, ' 2 " "M", , , J' 2 Aw L , A W ' f S 1 m X,-Q A .,f,,: 3 .X .. ,M if N 3 , by 'ma W l Q l 'z 1 Q xv 1 .. . Mm f S 0, , r- WM W Q. ' ' I ' 7 M , 2 . V ' -I 3 A . 3 P , I f ,Z i 5 . - 5: 9 I 0 ' W Wyiyfyiy , x X 1 - gy , I fx- ,, f "' fy,Lf1fCL ff,, "Cf f , ,ff , , ,,,, , gm, 1' if V W asf. " l W Q SQ. , M, 1, ,pf wmldf My Wig? , f ,V f V f efwq W, ff 1 ..,.. ....... ..,.-,4.1.f,:-1-1.2 -f-:,,L- 52? , .f " ', Q. ,wzfgf f QW, Zfffmf1Wiim ,f ' f' f ' f' f ' ' f, ,M ,. fy I f- 41 ,I X-,, 12 Q ' an 5, f f' Qijylfff 1 32,5 5 545W T? 'EEZ K I . ki Af ,f W mf X X 'B' gyw A ' X Q04 X N , is ff 1 Y f , , 1 K ,f ,gh is X . A f fu 1 1 4 1 1 my - ,qw .,.,. Q , 9 9 i 1 F 1 .,a-owl X . .. . 12 , W .. . , K If . ,K ,,,, .QWMMMWA-ka. , My ,. f , ,, Aww W 32" Z V wL,m.W ..,,, , Ll W my -L. . ,iff 4 f fy h , V ., 5 Q 4 ,sw ' A ' 0 p s Q 1 f I" 5 . f 5 . W ' 1 in i-ee SPG11 91 3611121011 Myrtle Kan chemlsfry Dons Wolier' Religion Raymond Mayor, Chemistry Merton Hem'Y' Religion Harold Grundset, Biology Sif1ni9Y R0bi501'1f Religion Erna Hillger, Nursing Education ,fi Nix ' - x George Simmons. History - 1' h Martin Fishell, Business Wanda IOIHISOIL E119 IS Freda Harrison, Business Doris Drew' Ed-iicfiiioii M Wilbur Wasenmiller, Business William Hamberqeff iiSiC Ieqnnjne Shun, Business Naomi Zalabak, Education Outside the home of books H Term paper nursery "I have to have it read by tomorrow BARBARA PHIPPS, M.A.L.S. DOROTHY FERREN. B.S. in L.S. Snow brushed off the evergreens by the door gfs he opened it. Funny, he thought, that he'd never noticed that plaque before. "lames White Memorial Library. Erected l937." Been around longer than he'd thought. Through the steamy glass he could see the boy sweeping the steps. he said as he passed him on his Way up. Somebody always seemed to be Working, trying to keep the place clean. The librarian had just asked that noisy girl to be more quiet. They didn't haye to do that much, he thought, sneaking into a chair and spreading his stuff on the broad, smooth table top. That mania for keeping things quiet sure is swell when you need to study. Nice sort, lhose librarians. Ah-h-h, this Greek . . . ARLENE MARKS. M.A.L.S Librarian Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Christ the student labored diligently in His iather's carpenter shop. In keeping with that example, almost every student has some work to do around the school, whether it be in one of the many school in- dustries or in doing one oi the host of jobs around the buildings and grounds. When work and study are done there's often time for some beneficial ame Q which improves young bodies and helps keep them fit temples of God. Ill M I ...JN Mm' w J. w ,.. I-ff 'f QYZ K ,N pf if i , gvf 1 ' z iw Ke. I 'fm ee Z WYQ " Kiki x M 5 fa 4 5 ,X ,VM x xp. --Q. , -ig f 3 4, , W --... 4 .WW 'rf "-N war- ' 'W yww ,,-wk ,w-mm mv,-V2 ,, . wwfqgm' I Cadet salutinq Captain Winfield Hardy, com- manding officer of the corps MEDICAL CADET Company, atten-TION! As a member of the MMC you are learning bow to serve your country in time of War as a medical soldier, Now then, about FACE! Left FACE! You're doing a passing job for a raw recruit. Re. member, you take orders explicitly from guy student with an officer rating. Forward MARCH! Hep-two-three-four, com- pany HALT! Left FACE! We'll go on a week- end bivouac towards the end of the year, You'll get a lot of drill in then. Present ARMS! Order ARMS! DISMISS! CORPS This doesn't look too serious. These folk look plenty serious. MH NWO' i i INDUSTRIES FRANK SWEARINGEN, BJ-L. Superintendent of the college supply store, is delighted with the new service center which has iust been completed under the direction of I. E. RIFFEL, B.A.. engineer and maintenance man. SERVICE CENTER Floor space totals 9,600 sa. ft. in this the newest buildina on the campus. Built by the Enqineerina Department, it was completed in April. After the qrand openina the business volume climbed rapidly. Grocery prices com- pare With those of an average supermarket. The College Service Center contains, in addition to the supermarket, a book store, soda fountain, beauty parlor, barber shop and branch post office. 57 CAFETERIA Crunch crunch "Please pass the salt. took another del1c1ous mouthful they're all eat- These peas need G 11319 ma exactly the same food Everybody has h1s You dont mean you re putttna salt on the own tastes and tt s pretty hard to please them pegs! Mmg have 100 much glfegdy all Maybe we do complatn a hlt but deep Crunch crunch Co o soup s hot down we know the folk behtnd the counter are thmk 1t s freezlnq swell and we appreclate therr hard work Crunch crunch Funny he thouqht as he P195 deltclous Sure 1S Crunch crunch College Chef E L KNECHT CLARA MARSH Supermtendent of Cafetena r tc 1 . 1 0 I 1 1 1 ' - t , X ll 1 1 I ' ' I , I ,, . . . - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II . I . " , . . . 1 . ll 1 I - . . I I n I A I I I I I I I I 1 ' 1 1 ' - , . I .,... .. H W- I I fa f A 1 0' I I , , . Z S . yi ' I , 71' Y ' 1 A 'l I I ' 1 , , 1 4 2 . A A H . 1, L . rr . fy A A ff Y Q 5 'N , 1 3 . X 1 1 ' 'V f 1 ' .' - 1 5 . 5 1 M ' , ' 1 ' 3 WNfxv Q Q 4 . vc , -' ---. .- -ca cocc . I t Mr. Christiansen on his nightly rounds CLAUDE DAVIS, Plant Custodian CUSTUDIANS Dirt on the floors? ice on the sidewalks? Broken glass in the windows? Leaks in the fau- cets? Mire in the girls' shoes? Parties in the physical education building? Bats in the bel- This is so your hands'11 be dry. try? Anything wrong anywhere? The Custodians will get rid of it, replace it, tix it up, get everything running smoothly. Hats oit to them. This is so your feet won't get dusty SOII 9 b 11 pick 7 er, ot. 9- V v S it ' avr The acid test of the success of a s:hool year is the progress each individual makes in gaining favor with God. for that, with few exceptions, is his main purpose in attending E. M. C. rather than any other school. Striving to reach the relationship which Christ had with His Father is greatly facilitated by the many Christian influences at the college. But Weeks of Prayer, prayer bands, and inspiring services of worship do not take the place of a personal acquaintance with the Saviour, an experience which the vast maiority enioys in great measure. ,1, 1 fy in f f , .M V PRAYER WEEKS ., ffff-M -.ssh-I Elder Paul Heubach speaking to students in the spring prayer week ln these two weeks of prayery Such blessed times as these afford A breath of heaven's air. We thank Thee for the men who came, To break with us the bread, Submerging self in Thy dear name, They taught what Thou hast said. KM :Vt f W, JW, ,, , tfWf W ' X an f f, ,,W,,f, , MM, 'fi WW? f ,, f 'ffiqx' 74772 f ff W' ,M ,, , , ,fy ,W , ff, M-, , 215940 t Elder George Vandeman, of the fall prayer week, counsels with a student. ,,a, ,ffzf ff " , I MV wt f fyfw ,, M 'WV ff ,, We've learned to know Thee better, Lord, We heard by one Thy mercy stressed, Thy kindness and Thy loveg The other strove to show how best To live like that above. We've gained through prayer, and thought A closer walk with Theeg and tears, The friendships not for weeks or years, But for eternity. Ted Pohlman 2 "The Sabbath School- the church at study." Emmanuel Missionary College - a school where God is with us We learn to serve hu- manity. Whether it be in Sabbath School or a .visit with a Temperance program to a nearby church Sabbath morning or the Foreign Mis- sions Band in the afternoon, 'young people are studying to serve others. Did you want to hear a story that will keep you in touch with the progress of our mission work in other countries? Did you want to hear Herman Kibble's Winning eration on some oi the effects oi alcohol? These are the places to visit. "This gospel of the kingdom shall be "I CCI1'1'f keep if f1'0m raining but I CGI! preached to all the world . . . " keep dry." God help me speak the helpinq word, "There is no friend like G 430041 book", cmd sweeten it with singing." "Going to Sunshine Band?" "No, l'm going to Lending Library. W'e're going to Buchotnctn this diternoon. Con I tglk you into going glong?" "Ch no! I get too much good from cheering up some ot the old folk. We go to ct rest home neou' Benton Hotrbor cmd sing songs otnd visit with the people. We get ot recd blessing from the band." "I suppose you think We don't from ours. 68 Listen, You should Q0 with some of th? other Qroups now gnd then. TTY Working Wllh the Lending Library or the lflil Band", U "MY experience isn't exdctiy cts iimlie You might think. Lost niqhl I help "Siqns." After suppef tonight in q B nd, Guide Club. Monddy niqlll is Colporleur G das ed mcliii cmd . . . " 1,11 See you." "There's my driver lwnkmq' ,X K 31. r X a other . the 1 GS mail ISl9T gnd, fl 011. "BY fhe grace Pi God' I will be Pure: and "I was in prison, and ye visited me..." kind, and true." "Go forth with your hands filled with proper reading matter. and your hearts filled with the love of God." "In the Work of scattering our publi- cations, we can speak of a Saviour s love . . . " Iesus is the Great Friend, In the record of His earthly life we find proof that I-le was cz sociable individual. Here. too, our school tries to fit the pat- tern I-le laid out. A stranger cannot set foot on the campus without realizing from the greetings he receives on the sidewalk that this is a school of friends. And occasions for social improvement are not wanting. From the formal enioynfent of a stat:- lit banquet hall to the casual fun of a bench among the tulips there is opportunity for the making of helpful associations and lasting friendships. Q'.' Q Q i .j.'. ,g.1...j.' '1'Z'Z-Z l'c'o'o-I ,'1-I-Z-1 V a'o's'o'u Z'Z'Z-Z'Z 'n'a'a'n'n ,......... . . . . .j.j.1.:.- .g.g.:.1.g .g.:.g.g.: -Z'1'Z-I-1 .:.g.:.1.: , .......... l'1'u'a'a' u'l'o'u'o' '.......,. 1'I'Z'Z'Z' 'n'n.n'o'u l'a's's'u' .g.g.g.g.: . . . . . ' 'a'l 1.0 Q .'Q'Q Q Q' .'.'Q'.'Q' ..-...--Q, .'.'Q'.'.' Q - E Q'Q'.'. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q . Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q Q -..Q.Q.Q.Q 'Q'.'.'.'Q ...Q.Q..'Q Q Q Q Q.Q Q Q Q Q 'Q'.'Q Q Q Q Q.Q.Q.Q Q 1 ..g.g.jzg.' . . . . . n'c'n'u'a' . . . . . . . . . Q Q... .Q.. Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q .Q.Q.. Q Q Q Q'Q'.' Q Q. l 4 r STUDENT ASSOCIATION "Dead. Student Association's dead." He shuffled down the steps after chflfpelf Sl'lC1lCi1'1QI his red head knowingly. The tall boy with the glasses asked, "What makes you SCIY that? Seems lively enough to me." "Glad you think so. W' hy, we should have had a funeral long ago. Why do l say it'S dead? Good question. Vtfhy do you say it's alive?" "Well, the Student Association serves the students by giving them a voice. Representa- tives meet from time to time and decide on-" "Yeah, we've heard that sort of stuff before. Fine theory. But does it work?" "Look here," said the tall boy's roommate, "you fellows are both partly right and partly wrong. The SA isn't as lively as it could be. But it does a lot of good." "lust show me one thing it's done that's worth while." "OK, look at the new picnic area, look Student Association President Harold Grundset giving College, President Percy Christian a birth- day present from the students at the wonderful party nights we'v9 hqdl look at the way the SA worked with us for the best skating time for everyone." Red said nothing for a moment. Then he shook his head again. "Well, those may be a few little things, but l'm glad y-Ou Said it isn't as lively as it could be. lt's deqdl I tell you." Glasses tried a new angle. "Let's say if is dead. Make it just as dead as you Wim. Then ask yourself who's to blame. lt's indi- viduals, individuals like you that make dead weight for a mighty hard-working group, I know. l'm on the Student Council. Of all the time we spend working with suggestions and plans for improvements, and then to have some guy who never turns his hand over pipe up and tell me-" "All right, all right. I didn't mean to get your dander up, old fellow. And maybe the old Student Association isn't so dead after all." Representatives from the various classes and groups of the college speak for their particular interests and for the good of the school in Stu dent Council. Picnics and parties, programs and pageants are planned largely by the Social Committee. The Flower Committee remembers a:cident and death among students and their relatives with tokens of sympathy. Students get a large part of their say in how the school is run through the Student-Faculty Govern- ment Committee. Candidates for offices on other committees, the Student Association, and the publications are selected tar election by the Nominating Com- mittee. f ,?"'7" Vs Wx gf 'V -NFK S I 3 K . Y I 'X -f ll .A 4- f.: Refueling crt the picnic Students giving the once-over to the 119W recreation crrecx, now nearing Complenon The Southerncrires, who sang in March Students meeting in faculty homes on PCINY night 74 TWGHTY finqefs on the keYS A miniature virtuoso at the Amateur Hour Chuck and Ed explore EMC's version of Another the thing. fi XX 3 x Q 1: scene from the Student Movement campaign Victory Banquet I 4 , j Q , ' s 1 , , f 2 5 R ,ii,w- an--"' I ...X ,ts '22, .AWE Q Z3 at' 2,3 1 EJ j yy 1 w.-J gif! A , .,., 3 A "iw, Q "W F' 11.2 Y ,...., f, 4:2 " Ed.itor Wanda Iohnson points William Hardt, photographer, Miss Marks, sponsor, discusses something out to Wesley Mc- and Photographic Editor Mary a write-up with Ted Pohlman. Neal, in charge of layout. Lou Mitchell developing pic- writer. CARDINAL "Ghandi" Iohnson threw down her book exultantly. "lt's all over, and what a relief!" "lt sure has been a lot of Work," said Mary Lou, "but it's been a lot of fun too. l feel lost Without having another deadline to kill myself trying to make." "lt took me all year to find out Why the Royce Thompson, Warren War- book's called the 'Cardinalf but the other day I saw a little red bird perchedriqht outside the office window. Oh, l know that's not the real reason." Ghandi laughed. Bill yawned and got up to leave. "Guess l'll turn my dark room key in," he said. "Now to see what the kids think of it." Circulation Manager Ralph ren' and Mr- I-'Oven W01'1'Yi11Q' Demetrius Gassoumis, the Sawvel hands out a over finances artist "Cardinal" t I1 Aqcrl 7. J Sses mlm, fr day utside it the H1 an J!l9aa "Now .. F, i . i I f ad nt vem ent Extra! Extra! Read all about it! All about what? Why, Whatever's happening around the campus. Programs, clubs, dormitory happen- ings, classes, meetings, improvements-every- thing. You haven't been reading this year's Student Movement? Why, mister, you're mis- sing something. Better plan on a subscription next year. Look at these pictures. That young man is Kenneth Strand, the editor. T'he girl is his assistant, Bonnie Stover, and the other gentle- man is Dr. Gibbs, the sponsor. Then in those other pictures you see a reporter, some tolli putting things together in the office, and the paper being proot read. Swell school paper, mister! Well, l gotta run along. Extra! Extra! LAMSUN HALL A cozy glow in the hearth. Like the Warm glow in a girl's heart. A glow ot friendship for her roommate, the girl across the hall, the dean, and everyone in the dorm, even her monitor. Yes, dormitory contacts kindle tires ot friendship. Like the dying embers oi a fire are the memories ot good times in the dorm. Evenings 78 spent studying in the cheerful atmOSPh9f9' of your own room. Parties and cluh meetingS like the Valentine party or the Old Fashion display on the opposite page. Feeds after the lights are out. Quiet visits with God in the prayer room. Memories like these don't die out. , Nw VM KQQMZXKQXVQZQ 4, N45 wzggfwh r W 5 iw f My QSM ?f ' 5-i.. v V: f 1 f 3' A , CECIL GEMMELL. B.A. Dean of Men IACK SALYERS Dean of Birch Hall Mews nonmnomts He looked up at the hiq sprawling building that was to be hisi home for a yew. 'XN'hqt would life be like here? He shoved the Shock of hair hack in place, smoothed the Com pocket of his new suit. Say, that boy had spoken to him. lt was too late to reply, but he felt aood inside. He pulled the door open timidly, Gnd walked riaht into a biq hand. He shook it happily. This dean was a friendly man! Sure, he'd wait a minute till a boy came to help him with his stuff and show him his new room. Here he was. His roommate! He looked like a regular fellow. Oh, he'd have to write about all this to Mom and Dad. This was aoinq to he swell! He knew he'd like it al- ready. IOHN THOMPSON Dean of South Hall Qt Cil lp W ed te :rs Il- ,-5.3. M fr is . lni.,sA4s.e.,ri4 fa - ,,,. . K, - ease: A 'K 62 KHM ,Q Ar' , 'MMMx9?f5352HQ5?55mgQgigf? .M . f.0-, W,A,l65 HOIIIG sweet . . hmm Some officers of the Every Man's Club l l They served Oriental dishes amidst Th I e boys C11-lb presented an Arabian night d incense in April palms an I 81 I A bed-time story in his cozy quonset Rather young for college, but North Hall welcomes her MARRIED STUDENTS Who's boss after the Wedding? Well, the club formed by the married students might shed some light on the subject. The only bona fide club officers are women. Hubbies get invited when there's some function on, but that's all they do in the club. Cf course some The dinner the married ladies gave their spouses of them might give us a different slant on it. l'hey'd probably say they're just as glad to let the ladies do the planning and working on such affairs as the formal party shown below. The club bosses M, .mi X X, 5 11 X. LX t. 3 QI F1 SENIORS IEANNINE SHULL Secretary L, X 1 5 I I i ! n I 1 1 a 5 HARRY HANNAH DORIS WOLTER President Vice-president ' ,, f f f iff f ' f " ,, 'f,.Qmf, f f 52W , ' , 'f V wi f ,z, f f W 9 1 I fi C! X I, f ,wwf R, as V Us - Y ,. 7 0 WV 57' , M ,M , f .f f -Qwnw f '-ff f 9' f ,f W fmf f " -1. Q 0 no if ' H V f f,2fW,i?f' 0 4, A - ' f - mf.-5 X 4,i'4:V", w V ,y y ff Z f f' , yr wk gzggj-,f4g,,:1 ' 4474, ' X X' D f y X Z ,J 2 fi X f fy 'Q f ff 4 9 4 , y f Rx, f f X lf' V W ' ff If ff , K ff ,., , 41 , Y f fy S ,f , ' 1 6' 42-ff,-WW,-yf -MM-1W.,, ff 4-,ff Q ,S . , f . of-M -iff-f,.s,f. ,ZXf,f,4f-1, 'S A -'YQ' !r"'f- I 7 ,' 1' ,v 0C.f!1'f0S'V,.v4 ,Y 0 k 'O 7' lf, JfQ'HX,f'7f, 1 CLARE FOX Treasurer IAMES DAVIDSON DR. E. K. VANDE VERE Pastor Sponsor Motto: The Light Must G0 Aim: Ready for God's DCIYb1'eUk 83 GRACE MARIE AHO BIOLOGY Chemistry P1 emed S t O onoko Club 49 50 1cIl1rF0:Flim 21851 Music Gund 47 51 Hom Fconomics Club 41 U Wzsconszn CEDRIC ALLEN BIOLOGY, Chemistry Every lVlan's Club, 48-51. Jamaica, B.II7.I. ESTON ALLEN RELIGION, History Teacher, Sabbath School, 49-503 Married Students Club, 50-51. Iowa IVAN LAMAR ALLRED RELIGION, History ' Treasurer, Story Hour, 50-51. Michigan SENIO G S I 84 MARVIN ANDERSON AGRICULTURE, Biology, Education Agriculture Club, 50-51, International Relations Club, 50-51, Veterans' Club, 50-51, Every Manys Club, 49-51. Nebraska GEORGE ARZOO BUSINESS, History President, International Relations Club, 53-513 vice-president, Master Guide Club, 49-50, publicity secretary, For- eign Missions Band, 49-503 publicity secretary, Speakeris Forum. 49-50. Arizona MAXINE BAKER ENGLISH, Home Economics Girls' Forum, 46-49, Home Economics CIUIJ, 48-493 German Club, 48-49. Mich igan ALYCE JEAN QUIMBY- BAKLAND BUSINESS, Secretarial Science, German Girls' Forum, 47-50. Massachusetts I ROBERT BALDWIN RELIGIO N, History, Education feature editor, STUDENT lV10VEMENT, 50 Student Association Social Committee 50-51. Ohio MARGARET ROOS-BARNHART HoME Economics, Chemistry Girls' Forum, 48-49. California WILLIAM BARTLETT AGRICULTURE, Biology Member, Agriculture Club. Michigan DEXTER F. BEARY BIOLOGY, History Michigan I SENIIJRS LOUISE DRUMM,-BENDER RELIGION, History, Secretarial Science Secretary, Senior Seminarg secretary, Missionary Volunteer Society. M ichigwn I RICHARD HARRIS BENDER RELIGION, HISTORY, Education English President, Radio Club, 50-515 Veterans' f Club, 48-49. Michigan CLARENCE H. BERGER AGRICULTURE, Biology, History I Secretary-treasurer, Agriculture Club, 50- 51, Herdsman, College Dairy, 50-51. ' Michigan it IEWELL BOLEIACK I RELIGIO N, History Veterans' Clubg Home Missiona1'Y Lead' er, Berrien Springs Church, 50-51. I . . Missouri Q I n I 4 President, Foreign Missions Band, 50-51, 51g assistant leader, Jail Band, 50-513 Home Economics Club, 48-51, FRANK IOSEPH BOYER IR. RELIGION, History Vice-president, Foreign Missions B-511113, 49-50g Secretary, Everv M2105 Cu 48-4-9. Illinois LEO FRANK BRONSON BUSINESS, History International RelationsC1Cllulg0-520-513 Teachers of Tomorrow u Michigan GORDON BROWN RELIGION, History unior Seminar 49 50' Colleve Band J 9 ' 0 IH 9 49-503 International Relations Club, 50-51. Michigan IOSEPH CLIFTON BROWN BIOLOGY, Chemistry, English Vice-president, Every lVlan's Club, sum- mer 48g treasurer, Premedical Forum, 50-51. Kentucky SENIURS 5, W ii, . , if , Q I , 5 ,V ,, ,, E 1 -an--....L.......I ,,,.. 86 JUILA V. BROWN BIOLOGY, Chemistry Girls' Forum, 48-493 Colporteur Club, 4-9-51. Jamaica, B. W. I. VICTOR R. BROWN RELIGION, History President, American Temperance So- ciety, 50-51g assistant leader, Colporteur Club, 50-513 assistant leader, Every- body7s Prayer Band, 50-51, superin- tendent, Sabbath School, summer, 50. Illinois EDNA MAE CLARKE ENGLISH, History PYQYCI' Band leader, 50-51g Master Guide Club, 50-51, Teachers of Tomor- row Club, 50-51. Jamaica, B. W. I. REO C LYD E RELIGION, History Vice-president, Male Chorus, 48-493 Dresident, College Choir, 49-50: asso- ciate chorister, Missionary Volunteer S0Ci9'lY, 50-513 Collegians, 49-51. Michigan 1 l i l , 4 i I is I I l l S HILMAN W. CULP C1ILM1sTnY, BIOLOGY, Mathematics, Edu- cation Vice-president, Chemistry Club, 50-513 treasurer, Every Man,s Club, 50-51. Wisconsin LOREN CUNNINGTON AGRICULTURE, Biology President, Agriculture Club, 50-51g treasurer, Agriculture Club, 49-50 g Married Students' Club, 50-51. Iowa CHARLES JAMES DANFORTH RELIGION, History President, Male Chorus, 46-47, Student Government, 47-483 Gospel Heralders Quartet, 47-493 chorister, Junior and Senior Seminar, 49-50. Michigan JAMES R. DAVIDSON RELIGION, History, Education Pastor, Senior Class, 50-513 Missionary Volunteer Leader, 50-51g teacher, Mar- ried Students' Sabbath School, 48-49, Veterans' Club, 46-49. Ohio SENIURS ANTHONY 1. DEMARCO BUSINESS, History Male Chorus, 46, Every Man's Club, 46-51. Illinois ROBERT C. DETWEILER RELIGION, History lst tenor, Gospel Heralders' Quartetg Member, Senior Seminar. Ohio TITO B. DINZEY RELIGION, History President, Spanish Club, teacher, Sab' bath Schoolg French Club, 50-512 Mas' ter Guide Club, 50-51. Santo Domingo BEVERLY HUSTED-DOLL ENGLISH, History, Secretarial Science English Club, 49-51, Teachers of To- morrow Club- Michigan 87 II . - I THOMASI DOLL CHEMISTRY Biolo y President Chem1st1y Club 49 50 DTCSI dent Premedical Forum 50 51 L Cercle F1 ancais 48 49 EverV Man S Club 48 50 Wisconsin KENNETH D. DORAN BIOLOGY, Chemistry Every Man's Club, 48-513 Premcfliwl Forum, 50-512 Spanish Club, 50-51. Jamaica, B. W. I. EDWARD DORSEY RELIGION, History Member, Senior Seminar, 50-51. Ohio ELWIN K. DRAKE RELIGION, History Every MIan's Club, 47-493 Veterans' Club, 47-493 Senior Seminar, 49-513 Married Students' Club, 49-51. Michigan sermons 88 DORIS DREW ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, ENGLISH, Home Economies, Biology President, Girls? Forum, 49-503 secretary, 4 Junior Class, 49-503 feature editor, STU- DENT MOVEMENT, 50-513 teacher, Phys- ical Training, 50-51. Michigan KEN N ETH D U N N RELIGION, History College Band, 46-513 Assistant Mission- ary Volunteer leader, 48-493 assistant Sunshine Band leader, 49-503 Prayer band leader 48-49. Michigan ROBERT DUNN FRENCH, History, English, Education Superintendent, French Sabbath School 47-493 vice-president, French Club, 47-48. Michigan KARL EIDE l1r1ATHEMATICS, Physics 50-51. Norway Mathematics Club, executive committee, RONALD ENGLAND BUSINESS, History Veterans' Michigan Club, 47-48. JOHN ERHARD RELIGION, History Education Prayer Band leader, 48-49, Jail Band leader, 49-50, associate Missionary Volunteer leader, 50-51, vice-president, Senior Seminar, 50-51. Michigan CLAUDIA HELEN EYRE HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION Chemist , , TY President, Home Economics Club, 49- 50, teacher, Sabbath School, 49-50, Girls' Forum, 49-51. England DONALD FAHRBACH SENIURS SHAFEEK FARAG CHEMISTRY, Biology Egypt ELSIE FILDES NURSING EDUCATION, Biology Prayer Band leader, 49-50, Registered Nurses Club, 49-51, Music Guild, 49- 50. Tennessee MARTIN M. FISHELL BUSINESS, English Circulation manager, STUDENT MOVE- MENT, 49-50, treasurer, International Relations Club, Student Council, 49-503 German Club, 47-48. Michigan RUSSELL FISK MUSIC, English, Educati0n Male CboruS, 47-50: College Clwir' 47' 50, Student Council, 50-51. Michigan BIOLOGY, Chemistry Treasurer, Premedical Forum, 48-49, circulation manager, CARDINAL, 49-50, vice-president, Student Association, 50- 51, Oronoko Naturalist Club, 48-51. Illinois 89 WILLIAM L FITCH RELIGION History En lish Education President Every Mans Club 50 V106 president Student Association 48 49 vice president Senior Seminar 49 sec retary Every Mans Club Illinois MERRILL Y FLEMING RELIGION History Education Teachers of Tomorrow Club 50 Veterans Club 46 49 Sen Ior Seminar Michigan ROBERT CLARE FOX BUSINESS, History, English, Education Treasurer, Senior Class, treasurer, Stu dent Association, 50-513 treasurer, Stu- dent Movement, 50-51. Michigan THELMA GIBBS RELIGION, History Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Seminar, 48-493 Music Guild, 50, Home Eco- nomics Club, 50. Michigan 90 0 R S HAROLD GRUNDSET BIOLOGY, Chemistry President, Student Association, 50-51, Who's Who Among Students, 51, Every Man's Club, 47-50g Pre-Medical Forum, 50-51. Wisconsin LESTER HALVERSEN BUSINESS, History, English, Education International Relations Club, 50-51g assistant Home Missionary leader. Michigan WILLIAM E. HAMBERGER MUSIC, History, English, Education Collegians, 49-513 director, Male Chorus, 50-51, chorister, Sabbath School, 45-50, treasurer, Every Manas Club, 48-49. Ohio WARREN HAMEL AGRICULTURE, Biology, Chemistiy Edu cation Vice-president, Agriculture Club 51 Every Man's Club, 47-51g Teachers of Tomorrow Club, 50-51. Wisconsin Indiana pianist Mission SENIURS RELIGION, History, Biology Pfesidelmr Senior Seminar, 50g presi- dent, .lunlor Seminar, president, Senior Class, 50-51, Member, Student Council. WILLIAM H. HARDT BIOLOGY- Chemistry Male Chorus, 44-45, 5lg Every Manis Club, 44, 46-47, Cardinal Photographer, 49-51. I nciiana FREDA HARRISON BUsINEss, Secretarial Science Vice-president, Junior Class, 49-50, Sabbath School 50 51- Pra er 9 9 ' 9 Y Band leader, 46-51g associate leader, ary Volunteer Society. Michigan JACK HARTEN BIOLOGY, Chemistry, History Pre-Medical Forum, 50-51g Philately Club, 50-51, Oronoko Naturalist, 493 Every Manis Club. Canada I , WILLIAM F. HAWKES RELIGION, History Trailer Court Vesper leader, 493 Senior Seminar, 49-513 Literature Band, 49-50g leader, Prayer Meeting. West Virginia OSCAR HAYNES HISTORY, English, German President, Temperance Society Illinois MERTON HENRY RELIGION, History Editor, Student Movement, 50g WhO's Who, 51, Home Missionary Leaderg Senior Seminar. Pennsylvania RICHARD L. HILL BUSINESS, Physics, Mathematics, Edu' cation Treasurer, International Relations Club: 50, Teachers of Tomorrow: Veterans Club. Michigan 91 ERNA HILLGER NURSING EDUCATION Biolo y Prayer Band leader 49 R N Club president, 50-51, Home Economics Club, 50-51, Oronoko Club 48-50. Illinois DAVID HODGE AGRICULTURE, Biology, History, Educa- tion Secretary-Treasurer, Agriculture Club, Veterans' Club. Indiana ROGER WILLIAMS HUNT RELIGION, History Senior Seminar, 49-51. Michigan HELEN M. IENSEN EDUCATION, ENGLISH, History, Biology Teachers of Tomorrow, 46-47, Master Guide, 50-51. Wisconsin SENIURS 92 Prayer Club. M ichiga WI L L I AM AGRICUL Agricult Virginia DELORES IOHNSON ENGLISH, French, Education Band leader, 48-49, Oronoko n WANDA IOHNSON ENGLISH, Home Economics, History, Ed- ucation CARDINAL Editor, 50-51, Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities, 51, Secretary, Sabbath School, 47-48, vice- president, Teachers of Tomorrow Club, 47-48. Wisconsin RANDALL IOHNSON TUBE, Biology, Education ure Club, 47-51 HAROLD I. JUMP RELIGION, History President, Speakers' Forum, 48-49, as- sistant Sabbath School secretary, 48-493 Sabbath School teacher, 47-48, Senior Seminar, 50-51. Michigan MYRTLE ANGELINE KARR CHEMISTRY, Physics, Mathematics Secretary, Chemistry Club, 50-51, mem- ber, Girls' Forum. Wisconsin I I I ROBERT L. KI RK 1 RELIGION, History, Education, Biology 5 5 Prayer Band Leader, 49, vice-presi- dent, Speakers' Forum, 491 pastor .lunior Class: President, Internationai Relations Club, 49-50. - New York I I JOHN KRCHNAVI AGRICULTURE, Biology, History, Educa- tion Publicity Agent, A.griculture Club, 49- 50, Teachers Of Tomorrow Club, 48-51: Oronoko Club, 50-51. - Indiana LOUIS I. LANE BIOLOGY, Chemistry Member, Every Manis Club, 47-51. Minnesota SENIURS DENNIS PAUL LITZINGER BIOLOGY, Chemistry Pre-Medical Forum, 50-51g Every Man's Club, 50-513 French Clubg Tumbling Team, 50-51. I M Ohio CLAIRE I. LUNDQUIST EDUCATION, ENGLISH, Home Economics, Biology Secretary, Home Economics Club, 48- 493 vice-president, Teachers of Tomor- row C1ub, 50-51, secretary, Forelflfl Missions Band, 50-51, Sabbath bchool secretary, 49-50. Cuba ' DONALD C. MANN I I BUSINESS, Agriculture 1 Agriculture Club, 49-51. 5 Wisconsin I RAYMON D MAYOR I CHEMISTRY, Biology 3 Vice-president, Premedical Forum, 50- 513 Social committee, 50-51: Sabbath 5 School teacher, 49-51: Pravef Band 5 leader, 748-49. Michigan 93 HERBERT MESSINGER PIIXSICS Mathematics Chemistry Edu cation Vice pre Ident Mathematics Club Montana YAEKO MIDOMARU BIOLOGY Chemistry Girls' Forum. 47-51 Hawaii LEON E. MILES RELIGION, History, Education Junior Seminar, 47-48g Veterans' Club 46-495 Teachers of Tomorrow Club, 50: deacon of Village Church, 47. Michigan WANDYR I. MOORE BIOLOGY, Chemistry, Business Premedical Forum, 46-47, 49-513 Cer- man Club, 46-473 Colporteur Club, 49- 503 Oronoko Naturalists' Club, 49-50. Michigan SENIDRS ARDEN MOTE RELIGION, History Junior Seminar vice-president, 45-463 Junior Seminar advertising manager, 45-46, Missionary Volunteer chorister, 46-47g Jail Band leader, 49-50. Michigan ERIC IOHN MURRAY BUSINESS, History Pianist, Berrien Center Church, 49-503 Every Man'S Club, 50-51. B.W.I. ANDREW CHANWOO NAHM HISTORY, English Vice-president, International Relations Club, 49-503 committee chairman, Ev- ery Manls Club, 49-503 Orchestra, 48-51. Korea JOHN F. NEUMANN BUSINESS, History, English German Club, 46-47 3 Veterans' Club, 46-48 Q Student Council, 49-50 g Senior Banquet Committee, 50-51. New York 94 WILLIAM E. NEWTON BIOLOGY, Chemistry 01'0f10kO Club, 49-503 Pre-Medical For um, 49-50g lnternational Relations Club 48-50. 3 Michigan DONALD ORRICK BIOLOGY, Chemistry, German Pre-Medical Forum, 49-513 Every Manis Club, 47-49. Wisconsin ARNOLD OTTO RELIGION, History, Education Senior Seminar choristerg Sabbath- school superintendentg Lending Libra- ryg church deacon. Michigan DOROTHY PALMER NURSING EDUCATION, Biology R. N. Club, 50-513 Girls, Forum, 50-51. Florida SENIORS THOROLF GUNN PAULSEN HISTORY, Religion Senior Seminar, 50-51. Norway HELEN PETERSON EDUCATION, MUSIC, Biology, Home Ec- onomics Music Guildg German Club. Iliinois TEDFORD IOSEPH RASMUSSEN RELIGION, History Publicity manager, Junior Seminar, 47- 483 Young PeOple's leader. 483 Sab- bath-School superintendent, 481 GOSDCl Heralders quartet. Wyoming JAMES RUSSELL REED AGIIICULTURE, Biology Agriculture Club. 50-51- Indiana 95 l JULIETTE REY HISTORY, German, Home Economics, Chemistry' Instructor in French. 48-511 Sponsor' French Sabbath School, 49-51- France HARRY RICE BIOLOGY, Chemistry ' Vice-oresident. Student Association. 50- 51, Sabbath School Secretary, 495 PYHYCT band leader, 49-51: German Club treas urer, 48-49. Illinois PAUL RICHARDSON NURSING EDUCATION, Biology Registered Nurses' Club, 49-50: vice- president, Nurses' Club. 50-51. Maryland EVELYN ROBISON NURSING EDUCATION, Biology President, Girls' Forum, 44-45, Band, l 43-453 Choir, 49-51. Illinois Z 1 ff Zu, a i I I 5 SERIDRS STANLEY ROBISON HISTORY, RELIGION, Business, Chem- istry, Education Every Man's Club, Master Guide Clubg Lyceum Committee, 47-483 assistant an- niversary editor, CARDINAL, 48-49. Wisconsin ROBERT IUDSON ROGERS BIOLOGY, Chemistry Parliamentarian, Every Man's Club, Costa Rica fi. ' A IACK W. SALYERS A BOTANY, Agriculture Assistant Dean of Men, 50-513 Married Couples' Club, 49-503 Oronoko Club, '49-50: Student Association Nominat- 1112 Committee, 50-51. Texas AUSTIN RALPH SAWVELL BIOLOGY, Chemistry Pre-Medical Forum, Every Man's Club Dublicity director, Pre-Medical Forum 50-51. Michigan 96 ' 50 7 circulation manager, CARDINAL, 50-51: DONALD MUSIC, SENIORS VIVION SHULL CHEMISTRY, Physics Band, '49-'5l. Indiana GEORGE SIMMONS HISTORY, English Vice-president, International Relations Club, 49-50, Every Man's Club. British West Indies GERARD E. SLACK RELIGION, History News edito-r, Student Movement, '49-,505 Prayer Band Leader, '50-'51, Selbbath School teacher, 50-513 Lending Library 48-49. New Jersey IOSHUA A. SMITH BIOLOGY, Chemistry A 't nt Leader, French Sabbath 50, 515 Every Mans Club- 49 Trinidad SCHLAGER BUSINESS History Education German Publlcity Secretary International R lations Club 50 Michigan WILLIAM SCHOUN RELIGION History Publicity Secretary Senior Seinlnar 50 Prayer Band leader 50 51 chorister MISSIOHHTY Volunteer Society 50 Michigan KEITH SEARS Education, English, Secretarial President, Music Guild, ,49-'50, Pianist, Sabbath School, ,49-,513 Foreign Rela- tions Club, '49-'50, California IEANNINE SHULL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Secretarial, English, Education Secretary, Senior Class, Who,S Who in American Colleges and Universities, 51, French Club, 48-49, Music Guild, 47- 48. Indiana 97 STUART C SNYDER RELIGION, History Michigan BARBARA SPENCER ENGLISH, Biology Bel Canto, 46-47, Student Council 51. Indiana LEE SPENCER RELIGION, History Leader, Missionary Volunteer Society, 50-51g Religious editor, STUDENT MOVE- MENT, 50-513 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 515 Senior Seminar, 49. Michigan GORDON E. STECKER RELIGION, History Prayer Band leader, 49-503 chairman Dormitory Religious Committee, 49 50 College Literature Association Cmailin D 49-50. New York SENIURS 98 C ROBERT THUMWOOD BIOLOGY, Chemistry Pre-Medical Forum, French Club, Married Students Club. Ohio H. R. TROUT BUSINESS, Religion President, Colporteur Band, 50. Kansas MEADE VAN PUTTEN RELIGION, History Assistant chorister, Junior Seminar, 50g Every lVIan'S Club. Vfrgi n Islands JOHN J. WAGNER BUSINESS, History Veterans' Club, 47g Every Man'S Club 46, Teachers of Tomorrow, 46. Wisconsin SENIORS I. ISAAC WALDON RELIGION, History English Veterans' Club, 47-49, News Editor, Student Movement, 50-51, teacher, Sab- bath School, 48-51. Indiana WILBUR E. WASENMILLER BUSINESS, History Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 51, Every lVIan's Club, 39- 42, International Relations Club, 49- 50, Der deutsche Verein, 39-40. New York ALBERT H. WATSON MATHEMATICS, Physics Mathematics Club, 50-51 England F. LEIGHTON WHITCOMB RELIGION, History President, Junior Seminar, 49-50. Vermont 99 I ROBERT D. WILLIAMS RELIGION, History Jail Band leader, 47 ,. Gospel HCIHICICIS Quartet, 47-51, chorister, Senior Sem- inar, 50, campaign leader, Student Movement, 48. Ohio DORIS WOLTER RELIGION, History, Home Economlcs WhoIs Who in American Colleges and Universities, 51, vice-president, Senior Class, spiritual and cultural vice-presr dent, Student Association, assistant leader, Missionary Volunteer Sociely. Wisconsin JAMES WILLIAM WOLTER RELIGION, History, Education nh more Class leader Every Pastor, S01 O 3 , ' bodyis Prayer Band, leader, student effort. Washington SYLVIA WU HOME ECONOMICS, Chemistry Home Economics Club, 50-51, Girls' Forum, 49-51. C hina SENIURS 1 I I I I I E I 5 my' r 100 MARY YAMAZAKI NURSING EDUCATION, Biology Girls' Forum, 51. Iliinois PAUL REED YEOMAN BIOLOGY, History Married Students Club. New Y ork RODERICK YIP BIOLOGY, Clieniistry advertising manager, Foreign Missions flfld, 51, advertising manager, Music Guild, secretary, Every Manis Club, Trinzfdacl CHARLES YOSHIDA RELIGION, History Publicity manager, Senior Seminar, 49 50, makeup editor, Student lVIovement 48-49. Hawaii I 2-YEAR ARDITH DOERING SECRETARIAL ftwo yearb Band, 50-51. Miclizfgan IUANITA R. EVANS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Ctwo year? Teachers of Tomorrow Clubg Home Economics Club. Illinois WADIA FARAG ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Ctwo year? Egypt ROE FOX ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ftwo year? Indiana NAOMI ZALABAK EDUCATION, H1story, MUSIC, Enghsh, Biology Prayer band leader, 4-9-50g Sabbath School teacher, 50-513 Teachers of To- morrow Club, 50-51. Wisconsin EVELYN DEMEREST SECRETARIAL ftwo year? Prayer band leader, 49-51g Sabbath School teacher, 50-51g sergeant-at-arms, Girls, Forum, 49-50g College Choir, 50- Michigan SENIURS 101 DOROTHY HANNUM SECRETARIAL Ctwo year? General Sabbath School Secretary 50 51. Michigan IOAN LANE SECRETARIAL Ctwo year? Girls' Forum, 49-51. Michigan MAY LAWRENCE SECRETARIAL Ctwo yearl Prayer band leader, 50-51g Girls rum, 48-51. Indiana DONNA LIVINGSTON SECRETARIAL ftwo yearl News editor, STUDENT MOVEMENT 50 01 Girls, Forum, 49-51. Minnesota TWU 102 TWU-YEA BONNIE IEAN STOVER SECRETARIAL Ctwo year? Associate editor, Student Movement, 50- 51, secretary-treasurer, Girls, Forum, 49, secretary, Speaker's Forum, 50. Michigan HELEN MARIE THOMPSO'N ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Ctwo year? Teachers of Tomorrow Club, 49-50, Music Guild, 49, Home Economics Club, 49, Girls' Forum, 49-51. Indiana ARLENE WARRICHAIT ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Ctwo year? Girls, Forum, 49-51. Michigan IOHANNA ZWEMER SECRETARIAL ftwo year? Pra er band leader' leader, Y , - Movement Campaign, 49. Massachusetts Student ELIZABETH PARISH ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ftwo year? 'Teachers of Tomorrow Club. Michigan ALTA PHILO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ftwo year? Prayer band leader, 50-51, Girls' Fo- rum, 49-51, vice-president, Speaker's Forum, 50-51. Michigan HELEN PRZEWOZNIK ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Ctwo year?, Biology Teachers of Tomorrow, Girls' Forum, 48-51. Wisconsin DELLA SCOTT ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Ctwo year? Prayer band leader, 50-51, secretary, Missionary Volunteer Society, 50-51, Teachers of Tomorrow Club, 47-48, College Choir, 50-51. R SENIURS 103 JUNIOR CLASS HERLUF IENSEN President ELEANOR PUDLEINER Vice-president DURWARD WILDMAN Treasurer HERMAN KIBBLE Class Pastor MOTTO: Launched but not anchored AIM: Constantly forward FLOWER: White Carnation COLORS: Navy blue and white 104 THELMA ORTNER Secretary 1 DR. OTTO CHRISTENSEN Sponsor Albert Alkire Gene Anderson Lyle Bailey Raymond Baker Thor Bakland Leland Barnhart David Barrinqer Charles Behner Carl Berg Paul Bridgeiord Basil Brock Milton Bromtield Barry Burton Alice Castetter Charles Castetter Anna Chow Elaine Christensen Genevieve Clark William Coopwood Floyd Costerisan Mariorie Crandell Iames Densiord Allison DePas Gordon DeVries Mary Lou Eaton Harvey Elder Charles Eldridge Stewart Erhard Conrad Ertel Marianne Evans Rene Evard Doris Ewell Iohn Falconbridge Winston Ferris Darwin Finkbeiner Wayne Fleming Roe Fox Paul Freeman Orville Fuller Richard Gelsinger Roland Gillen Esther Goldberg Sarah Ann Goodqe. Louis Gordon Harold Greanya Eula Gunther Neil Hadley Wilbur Hainey Charles Hall Winfield Hardy Ebbe Hartelius Ianet Hawes Wilberta Hawkes Dorothy Henry William Herche Dorothy Herold Glenn Hoover Richard Huff Virgil Iles Rosalyn Iames Herluf Iensen Russel Iensen Robert Iohnson Vera Iones Karl Kellawan Marshall Kelly Thomas Kempton Glennard Keniield Harvey Kibble Herman Kibble Robert Knox Robert Knutson Edward Kopp Alfred Laiferty Dorothy Lainson Roy Larsen Annand LaSorsa Beverly Lindner Helen Linnell Maynard Little Kenneth Livesay Edward Lorren Thomas Lorren Rosemary Loser Lois Lutz LaVan Mapes Harold Marsh Vera Mae Marsh Theodore Massey Eva Maxson Hsien-ming Meng Harrison Mercer Iames Mercer lean Miller Dorothy Montgomery Robert Morgan Carolyn Crrick Thelma Ortner Eugene Owen Rosemary Peters Douglas Peterson Gloria Phillipson Malcolm Phipps David Pillor Barbara Popp Herbert Pritchard Patricia Prout Eleanor Pudleiner Walter Rairden Harold Remus Sa1'ah Rendel Keith Rhodes Paul Ricchiuti Lawrence Rice Robert Rickett lose Rivera Iohn Rodgers Ioseph Roedsens Mario Ruf Ivar Salvesen Carlos Schmidt Della Scott Neal Sherwin Cyrus Simmons Dorothy Skeels Louise Smith Ruby Sorensen Barbara Spencer Marian Stanchfield Donald Stecker Harvey Steqemqn Robert Stepp Carol Stern Evelyn Stevenson Kenneth Strand Lawrence Szpiler Edith Thompson Iris Thompson Elizabeth Van Arsdale Donald Van Duinen Olaf Van Baden Clifford Vixie Lee Walker William WCIII191' Wqrren Warren Pat Watts Philip Welklin Melvin WeSi Anna Wheeler Iames Wilcox Durwcad Wildman Robert Willis George Wolfer Bobbie Womack Hudson Zachary Marguerite Anderson Nannie Benson Naomi Browalsky Iohn Burk George Foust William Griffith Bobette Harrison Thelma Hooks Tetsuo Ito Robert Keyes Ioseph Krpalek Robert Mead William Mercer Michael Pioth lack Popescu Clayton Soper Alf Ulland Beverly Wycofi Kenneth Young Aletha Dutcher UNDERCLASSMEN Roland Abel Quentin Abiera Robert Aho Donald Albertsen Paul Abella Marilyn Aiiolter Ioan Akin Phyllis Aldrich Bonnie Allen Gilbert Allen Bruce Ames Richard Alexander Clifton Allen Mildred Allen Andrew Amrein Phyllis Andersen Stig Anderson Mary Antisdel Bernard Andersen Iames Anderson ' Dorothy Antisdel 115 I ! 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D. Westfall Beverly Wheeker 5 J x ..-........,.-.i..1 EEE l27 WW K! Fmff ZA Q ,,,:VV ,- ,,,f 'I 3fZ!7 :' A ,- X-Z7'f,22,.',.'Zf' -5 I 3, ' -5145 ' 4 - - Dorothy Williams Robert White Alfred Wilhelmsen Iohn W11k111SO1'1 Donald Wildman Clarence Wilke Edward Willett - , Joyce Wollens Kenneth Williams lamesl Vlfilliamson Edwin WIISOU . 'l Marguerite Williams Clark Wrlmoth Russell W1 Son L 'ue Young Robert Wonderly Fern Wrate ICIITIGS WYCk0ff ucl Iune Woolsey Nancy Wright Thomas Yanagihara Bollmef Kenneth Zeck Bonnie Ahlberq Delores Blair lean Raymond zener Roy Auen lean Bogdon NYleen Ford Dorothy Browalsky William Cook Doris Eaton lohn Collins Ilona Dertil Evemn Ehhendorf 128 W llo. A lilliu laymc 7' ,l M 5 in iams ens mq ter rd Robert Greve Dora Hewitt Paul Iohnson Truman Lashua Raymond Hamstra Iohn Iackson Truman Langs Lillian Lindquist Paul Mouchon Warren Popp Margaret Smart Ianet Little Coranell Nunn Merlyn Schnnor L Raymond Swensen Iohn Szentendrei Rose Travaglio Frederick Warner Barbara Swett Carrol Talmage Leonard Trevor SPECIAL STUDENTS Dorothy Dorsey Irene Moore Loidcr Schmidt Raymond Konqorski Sotie PCru1SOT1 POST-GRADUATE Arturo Arauzo Iohn Leonora Clicrrles Latferty Sam Somom ' 129 ACADEMY RUDOLPH A. IOHNSON, M.A.i Principal PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE We are told that, "True education means more than pursual of a certain course ot study." ln Him "are hid all the treasures oi Wisdom." Emmanuel Missionary College Academy has as its goal the finding ot hidden treasure in the Word ot God. The youth Who study, ap- ply themselves diligently and really search the avenues ot knowledge, will succeed in their individual desires in lite. The AcadeII1Y has directed a large number Of YOUUQ men and Women toward the higher and noblef ide? of lite. The school stands readY to give of its best to our young people to Pfepafe them for the trials ot life, that We know will COH19 last troubled hour of earth's historY- R. A. Iohnson ls in this PAUL W. ANDERSON. B.A. CLARENCE FIELD' BMA. Faculty members pictured elsewhere: Alma Campbell V. H. Campbell Rachel Christman Mrs. I. C. Gaitens H. E. Hein A. D. Holmes Beatrice Holquist C. W. Lee The Academy Wing of the Eclucatio n Building H. L. Rasmussen Annetta Reiber George Smith Leslie Smith Some ofthe Student Association officers. Seated: Hazel Houck, Gilbert Dunn, Patricia Lafferty: standing: Ioann Davis, Hershey Wilson, Patricia Lashier. STUDENT ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES LN. .LH za H 'L J 2' u 0: I :'uu:u 1 ,-, , , M f I ,z..,..i: M- eu LL , I ........ .. ..,. . ' ' X ' f 7 K A 'f ' I ll ,ll lllll -:mann l e : - 2 X ' 1 + - A gal Zlllll ll gllnzllll nz f' Q 1 2 3 - ,- un Quin n: , llll E r. ' ....' c f gl !! s-I l gllllllll jlllllill '- 5 5: - I 1- 5 'f fc 5 1 V .- ' ' f 5 r:::'. :: " 1 hir 5 - I r f i-' -, I' :II , . 3 lain- 1 -. mul - ee - X ,...N,,. y " Q f. E: -E - N Ku" 'LA' " ,,f,' '- " 7i' 7.4. -"I" 1514- n H 1 I g 1 ll y u' off ,.I" Q.. .. Ml ,L ., ,, Apu' , ' " ' -.ff g-, .4 xhll xl," i377 ll' H-nl! H , ' '1 X ff W fl XII' ' "- .I . I Il' Zilla: .fly 4 0 Q l -it -K Campaign Leaders: Eugene Merkel, Doralee Griffith, Alois Ewaschuk, Ted Sawyer. Mrs. V. H. Campbell, BJ-X Sponsor TATLER Staff Seated: Hazel Houck, Dorothy Ma- Comber, Clarice Christensen Standing: Mrs. Campbell, Richard Applegate. Doralee Griffith, Betty I0 Gaitens, Wayne Owens. H X ik I Q -.E H 2 3 Q Ex V4 H ' 8 if yf fha A ' gy m vi , fu 'hm- fj , , ' Qt b , , ,, gf, Aff-.X 'X x 'N ,:. ,.- ,Q 1 'I' , l t f . .. 7' fb E . , , , , V?::11:X2'?y .g k N. f ' i ww- xv., . 1, , A M. - 4.5-.X":,,:3w HW 1 -Nh :..: ff f ,XJ ' . NMS.. av' Woodworking Lab Our big brothers and sisters in college often regard the Academy as merely a place to do practice teaching, lead song service in chapel, and take classes that can't meet in the other buildings. But to us it is school sweet home, a unit all in itself where we combine studies and good times. As to the study phase, besides the daily classes and homework students get practical experience in laboratory periods. The girls and boys pictured above are at work in some ot these classes. Usually the 7:15 lab is the . VA Physics Lab only unpopular one. When work and studies are over, the school building houses many interesting eXtra-curric- ular activities. Typical ot the occasions we en- ioy the year round are the l-lallowe'en party in the fall, the tobaggoning party in the win- ter, and the banquet in the spring. 'Weeks of prayer and chapel devotions round oft the picture. Our school may be but an annex to the college to some, but to us who know better-it is ever so much more. Chapel . V sv 1 -W-M-W1--W N3 Secret Ambition Enioymeni Native State Irritation Obiective Record oi Offices at E.M.C.A. Motto: A Changeless Purpose in a Changing World Aim: From Possibility to Actuality Flower-Rose MAUDE FAHRBACH, Sponsor Color Dubonnet and white MELVIN ENGLAND President S-Fly an Airliner Sports N-Puerto Rico I-None O-Hospital Administrator R-President, Freshman Class, 48-49. Treasurer. Iunior Class. 49-50. ALOIS EWASCHUK Secretary -Airline Stewardess E-Playing tennis N-Tennessee I-School on spring days -Anesthestist -Secretary, French Club, 50-51: Vice-President, Girls Club. 50-51. CAROLE COOPER Vice-president S-Home Economics Teacher E-Sports N-California I-Nosey people O--Secretary R-Choir, 49-50 Girls' Club. 50-51 GILBERT DUNN Treasurer S-Travel around the worli E-Sports N-Haiti I-Stuck-up people -Physical Ed. teacher -President Student Associ- ation, 50-51. Sabbath School S1-lpefm' tendent. 50-51- IOHANNA GUTHRIE -Travel to Alaska -Sewing -Michigan -Pens that run out of ink -Nurse -None ROBERT HUNT Plury professional basket- ball -Sports -Indiana -Girls that make fun oi my Ford -Physical Ed. teacher -Sergeant-at-Arms, Boys' Club, 49-51: Choir, 49-51. S- E- N- BETTY HUNT S-F ree Lance Writer E-Skating N--Michigan I-Straight hair -Private secretary -Choir, 49-51 CHARLES HYUN Engineer Sports Korea I-Wasting time O-Go somewhere TBOYS' Club, 49-51. CHARLES COOK Pastor S -Minister E-Skating N-Missouri I -Wars O-Missionary Work -Choir, 50-51. CECIL CLAYBURN S-Doctorate in Dairy Science E-Softball N-Indiana I-Stuck-up people O-F arm manager and teacher -Prayer Band Leader, 49-51: Sergeant-at-Arms, French Club, 50-51. . J- ---.ware cada, WAYNE OWEN S Sergeant-at-Arms S-Psychiatrist E-Swimming N-Minnesota I-Nothing in particular -Doctor President, French Club, 50-51: Business Manager, TATLER, 50-51. DORALEE GRIFFITH S-Missionary E-Tobaggoning N-Michigan I-Butch haircuts -Elementary teacher R-Chairman, Social Com- mittee, 49-50: Vice-President, Student Association, 49-50. 137 DELLA KALBES -Still secret -Knitting -Wisconsin -Doing white shirts in laundry -Elementary teacher -Girls' Forum. 50-51. PATRICIA LAFFEHTY -Missionary Nurse -Picnics -Illinois -Rainy days -Nurse GRACE KRCHNAVI S-To be decided E-Skating N-Indiana I-People that get mad over nothing O-Secretary R-TATLER typist, 50-51. PATRICIA LASHIER S-Travel in Europe E-Swimming N-California I-Michigan weather SbUndecided Social Committee Chair- R-Secretary. Student Associ- man. 50-51: ation. 50-51: Representative. CAR- President Sophomore DINAL, 50-51. Class. 48-49. 138 S.. R- f CECIL LEMON Mechanic E-Swimming, basketball N-Wisconsin I-Business office 50-51: Social Committee, 50-51 EUGENE MERKEL S-Doctor E-Eatinq and sleeping N-Missouri I-Practice teachers -Undecided -President Boys' Club, 50-51: Choir. 50-51. O-Musician Sabbath School Chorister. DOROTHY MACOMBER S-Policewoman E-Skating N-Michigan I-7:15 Physics Lab. O-Driver Traning Instructor R-Editor, TATLER. 50-51: Choir, 49-51. ARTHUR MILES S-Travel in Southwestern U. S. E-Swimming and skating N-Michigan -Stuck-up-people -Auto-mechanic -Sergeant-at-Arms. French Club. 50-51: Band, 49-50. R-. RUTH SMITH -Mortician Eating -Michigan -Homework -Dental Technician Chapel pianist. 50-51: Choir, 50-51. R.. S.. 1- BILL WARD S -Missionary -Telling others of Iesus N-Kentucky I-No time to study -Minister President, Student Associ- aftion. 50-51. IAMES WINES Get Married E-Lotza things N-Illinois People that saY "Wh"1?u 0-Physical Ed. teacher R-Boys' Club, 50-51. IEANNE OLIVER S-Fashion Designer E-Flying and skating N-Illinois I-Bow ties -Beautician Art Editor, TATLER. 49-50: Representative. Student Association, 48-49. MARVIN RENDEL S-A Detroit Tiger pitcher E-Saturday night date N-Michigan I-Popping gum O-History teacher R-President Choir, 50-51: Choir. 50-51. BEVERLY PLESTED S-Hotel hostess E-Target Practice N-Michigan I-Studyhall Supervisor O-Beautician R-Choir, 50-51. TED S -Medical E-Reading N-Indiana I-Feet O-Doctor R-President, ation. SAWYER Missionary Student Associ 51. ? 139 1uNmRs RICHARD APPLEGATE SHIRLEY oLsoN Mrs" Annette' Relbel' President Vice-President SPOTISOI' I A MARILYN IACKSON CLARICE CHRISTENSEN BRUCE ANDERSON Secretary Treasurer Pastor MOTTO: Each ior the other. and all for Christ Not pictured: TOM DALSON AIM: To follow until we can lead SefQeCmf'Gf'-Arms COLORS: Cherry and Silver FLOWER: Gardenia 140 Anita Allen Lorraine Beyer Lenora Crandall Ioornn Davis Betty Io Gaitens Beverly Hill Margaret Hutfaker Barbara Iohnson Carol Iohnson Kathleen Noblitt Shirley Owens Esther Pietrasz Melvia Thomas Ehrenfried Wagner Iohn Wang Hershel Wilson Ioan Wilson SOPHUMURES v Glen Boozer Dorothy Brown lohn Christian Lee Cox Margaret Dorqelo Sally Dowell Bill Evan Ferris Edsell Floyd Ferguson Donald Halenz Curtis Hendricks Betty Iackson Donald Iones Duane McOmber Bruce Oliver Betty Skeels Mark Powers Betty Tidriclc Cecile Torkelson Cheryle Root Mqriorie Abel Clymera Anderson Ann Bakeman Kenneth Cates Larry Davis Iames Gaitens Ioan Guest Andrew Iacl-:son Lucinda Iones Richard Lainson Richard Mattingly Marilyn Merkel Doris Miles Shirley Nelson George Noonan Carolyn Pudliner Betty Reynolds Shirley Shippy Richard Stern Harold Streidl Mqfqaret Thompson Verna Vance F R ES H M E N ,, Q0 To the 1951 Graduating Class from c:RANDAu's CONCRETE PRODUCTS, nvc. BENTON HAR:-son, MICHIGAN Celocreie Blocks ---Eine-i-gi Blocks Concrete Blocks Chimney Blocks Septic Tanks Grease Trams Orders May Be Placed Through Local Lumber Dealers for CRANDALLS Masonry Units WHEN YOU CONSIDER YOUR NURSING CAREER You will compare the advantages, and measure the values of training offered in Seventh- day Adventist Nursing Schools. The more than 800 graduates and students of the Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing will testify to the excellence of their training in this school of the West. I Situated on a 25-acre, park-like estate near the Verdugo Hills, a modern 225-bed hospltal provides the facilities of a fully accredited school. A staff of competent instructors assures the student of a thorough training for her career in nursing. .J4,,,-f.k,N ,dry-wus. ...Wav M' I, fa -., - .W-.f -fr'i 1 "" mp' ""e :z 7T1'7'1'?77-fray' ""'mm::':f'f'Tffiff.:l:1.1... ,fs H 3 ..,,, .aizraw - ,.,. .- -me -lggwp. M i , W N52 f--., ' 'a'. 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W'l A 1 son venue Glendale 6, California 144 ibs p isx ss ,I fs JQ J f W fn i N N QW N , gg' I ' ' '5 Ni x F I Q, E ff f N ,S 'X sXQ'5 ,. I fi? ?"-ffff' I . ,, s Y Q2 I- +2 w lx ., ' i -1 1 W -- 5-. Su . 5 s 2 Zig-.lx N gg Hg, Fly -71 ex g- Ulf X4 S . I .--"' 4 ffpxxfgsg X X Xiwsxx , ,I Ihlf ,fl 2 X S x IZW X xg 11" I hy 9 WMM x 'I HJ' Q W II Q in iv IX! KW XX XX X xxxx V0 XM Q, X N I QN: X wx N X II px E W NNE Z K WI W N W XWXX M ff f A X X N15 K C35 I f fffW R N I M N U X AMX Xk y I ref! ,JM M ZSLXNIXXIRXI M XW ? PL if M lf ff Q X NI XX sf XNm II II N Z I jp A Z! Y qi W A Z ! 0 N f I f k , W f f K I I I I v,, XI fljl V E f Q10 X GSX ! X An 3 I Ge W e ! I QI X' wE Xfg! Z X A X , II EZ W f f if ff , , i X I f 1 J X x NIR IN N ner Agauum d re s r g s ogan anhn Afmla AM k JAHN 81 OLLIER ENGRAVING C0 817 W Washin on d g 7 lli Z ff ' Chica o ,I nois :m x L," xx X p W WX x mx X X if A IQ! f ff fy, 1 X XT ff ff fefffp, ' X .Ir-:'1fi-321.-E1:4.2 . 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X I s I Q ' I M, ff I .V -' Q ,,-' E .xI"QfiA' I ' 1151! 'Ir ': ,QR QM Inq I V Q Aifff? ,LV -ji! 'Efj 'i a , " V I X fr f ff I MHHIQI ,.'A i1l kg-.mmffiikm X N X XI ... 'rfz-.':2 Q 'I ' I 4 III , , 1' W fl f-" ' '- Q - Q N WI :W pw' I p aa r. . ' M -N I, ' A ,LII N " !,,,3s Is "-" ' I' i- 1 I ff J S 01' ' r ' II n A w e E IVIII 3 'I f an as U 'H 1 k I 'file "",, fi I X j ' ff. xg I V F ILIAR...l76Cdt456 it bas appeared in Z L, -L X I ! - A :Eff I Wg thousands of the country's finest year- S X 217 sk," , ...y cj 0 5- ' -11,1Q if books for the past half century. Nh H1 XX 'ss, I E -- specraluzed experience bririg complete , 1 V M W J. If . ,II sermce, out't dang qualnty and de- ! X U , 211--A I ,I pendable dehveryfofbeyearboo staffsr X lf I 'WI is f I wffb whom we work. I I ff, fff - - . I 7 Z Qx r XI 'l f rif Qui: ?' -i! gt BW 'KN K X X E I 0 fof , 5 I "1 II A ww 5 as II 'gk' IX IIQXIMIIM ' 1.-N4-11.1 .-.1 -.1 145 SEE THE ew ROYAL PURTABLE . . . with FINGER FORM KEYS! ' New! 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NILES, MICHIGAN 146 Compliments of Faullcner's Variery Slore Phone 2732 I Berrien Springs Lake Shore Motor Transit Lines, Inc. 2l5 Lake Boulevard ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN Complimenis of PIFER FUNERAL SERVICE The ENDERS Co. WISE SPENDERS SHOP AT ENDERS 521 E. Main Niles, Michigan Phone 6145 Phone I0-W Benton Harbor, Mich. COMP'-'MENT5 coMPuMENrs OF OF CARL Flscl-IER, Inc. T R 0 Q 5 T B R Q 5, Music Publishers FURNITURE - RUGS KINIBALI. I'IAI.I. APPLIANCES 306 S. Wabash Ave. CHICAGO, II.I.. BENTON HARBOR - ST. JOSEPH COMPLIMENTS Ome I sho OF We Carry a Complete Stock of A s. P Foou stone no--e-S-up BERRIEN SPRINGS SAM TILLMAN, MANAGER SKILTOOLS and SIMONDS KNIVES - FILES - SAWS A. L. HOLCOMB CO. 15 Market N. W. Grand Rapids Mich. 147 148 SCHLOSSER'S OAK GROVE DAIRY PRODUCTS qw and Qaacf fad. Zfau SPARKS LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIAL and HARDWARE Berrien Springs Phone 2511 Compliments of John F. Russell Co., Inc. 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For Up-to-the-Minute Styles in QUALITY CLOTHING For Men and Women WE INVITE YOU TO PAY US A VISIT ON YOUR NEXT SHOPPING TRIP TO SOUTH BEND Use Our Convenient Payment Plan NO INTEREST-NO CARRYING CHARGE YOU MAY WEAR WHILE PAYING SHANK'S BERRIEN SPRINGS STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS FRANK STORES, Inc. - PANTS - CLOTHING 6' FURNISHINGS 401 S. Michigan Sf. -:- South Bend, Ind. compliments For Fine Quality Diamonds, Jewelryland Silverware, Shop at mmmmvs MARKET 4? 4 Quality Jewelers Phone 662' Beffien 5P'I"95 III s. Michigan sf. souTIH BEND COMPLIMENTS OF THE BI' 1' 39' em IOUI2 FLAGS HOIII Office: 428 Sherlcrnd Building Phone: 3-4298 South yeah, JIIDIHIIH NILES, MICHIGAN 151 az en lfmgim 119W NATIONALLY KNOWN PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS W. Washington St. SOUTH BEND 1, IND. Phone 2-4420 CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS of I95I STARR MOTOR SALES INC. 301 ELEVENTH STREET NILES, MICHIGAN 152 GREETINGS from Burman 125 Middug Thompson Q, 70. Wang 5 Sm, '7nc. 810 Lincoln Way West SOUTH BEND 16, INDIANA Odorless Keystone Pam! Builders' Hardware Phone 4-9341 Q I Compliments of C U I. L I G A N Sofa' Wan S E R V I C E Phone 7-2131 Berrien Springs, Mich- 3 feeding IN THIS TROUBLED, PERPIEXED, AND UNBAIANCED AGE We fecammenaf fn Zane Z ' THE FAMILY GROUP R l W Gnd Herald S 4.75 order fron-1 your IifuH:1ndInHt .mor 5 gg 500k 81 Bible -House Sabbath School Worker 2.50 or Liberty 1.00 value 515,75 Periodical Department Special Price, Only H 10.95 Review 8. Herald Pub. Assn. You Save, S 4.80 Washington 12, D. C. 'mlllflmene Ambition andl Gmaontunitsf cWleet" YOUR FUTURE SCHOOL OF NURSING THE HINSDALE SANITARIUM AND H SCHOOL OF NURSING 120 NORTH OAK STREET - :- HINS ,gym ,.lE..,..J OSPITAL DALE, ILLINOIS 153 IQI M ES 84 H I LIDEEIQAN D "Mule this .tour Stow" CSI. Joseph, iclwiqcin BERRIEN BOAT AND APPLIANCE co. i He"'Y'S mme Bakefv 108 N. Main St. Berrien Springs , Complete Line of General Electric Appliances and G. E. 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Wayne St. South Bend Indianaff Oldest Department Store So h B cl I d E efyh g M OUR 'I'I8hYEAR THE COUNTRYS NW LEADING NAMES IN QUALITY ARE AULT CAMERA SHOP, INC Mail Orders given prompt attention S f II y ph g ph d 70 ' emma 4 122 s M s SOUTH BEND INDIANA Opp C H COMPLIMENTS OF INTERSTATE GLASS C0-'NV P A I N T nlsmlsurons ALUMINUM WINDOWS STORE FRONTS MIRRORS GLASS SOUTH BEND, INDIANA 156 PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA A Friend of Students Our scholorship plon hos helped hundreds of young people to poy their way Through college. Compliments of The South Bend Supply Ce. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA CLOUD BROS. I Tieprmroeo 110 East Western Ave. South Bend Ind. WHOLESALERS OF FINE FURNITURE , y MODERN DECOR AND TRADITIONAL L A FOR The Name You Know LIVING ROOM-DINING ROOM-BEDROOM FURNITURE FOR YOUR ENTIRE HOME OUR SHOW ROOMS ARE OPE.N TO YOUR FACULTY-STUDENTS-FRIENDS 813-817 SO- Michigan Sf. RELATIVES . Store Hours See Mr. Beatty for South Bend' Indlana Mon. Through Fri. Particulars 8 AM to 5 PM and to 12 o'clock Noon on Sat. Open Every Evening Until 9 P.M. South Bend T me KIQAUSE DHAIQMACY Bemeien Springs, M iciiiqun xxx! qw. NEpm'nT'w":"' D1 ff. Q NE. -, LU -'A 1 I -:I-Ev" - 'I - '-' Q 9 .C Hi. , U X ,f3'L- Llll X ' "' 'R I A XN7' 'A I ' ' We -- 1 Ii I ' " X - '-K1 Photographic Equipment Prescriptions Soda Fountain-Seaitest Ice Cream 158 FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE FUZZY - WUZZY TALES REUBEN E. HARE Twenty-nine chapters of the most thrilling Stories of bravery, honesty, humanitarianism and Christian boldness displayed by the natives of the South Pacific during World War ll. Read it, then loan it to friends. Price, 152.50 HIGHWAYS TO HAPPINESS CHARLES L. PADDOCK This is our first subscription book published expressly for the older youth, both our own and those not of our faith. Many full-page illustra- tions, twelve in color. Retail price, 35.75. Special price to Adventists, 33.45. Illinois Book ond Bible House Conqvolulolions lo ll1e Class ol Nineleen l:illq-one-- Formula for Success "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine oufn understanding. ln all thy ufays aelqnoufledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."- PRovERBs 3:5, 6. -MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. ILLINOIS CONFERENCE Greetings and besi wishes io ihe Senior Class of 1951 from the INDIANA CONFERENCE of Seventh-day Adveniisis and ihe and Bible I-louse.-E1 Indiana Book ion Dessain, Treasurer 159 Compliments of GAFILL OIL COMP!-IN MAURICE E. LEMONTREE, O. D. O prom ctriszf IEXAM NAT ON l ND VISUAL ANALYSIS BY AP O'NTMENT ONLYI SUITE 219 POLEDOR BLDG.. KS. E. CORNER OF COLFAX AND MICHIGAN ENTRFNCE ON COLFAX5 PH. 3-3020 SOUTH BEND, INDIANA - Compliments - ScoitdaEe Building Supply N!ICIPLI,S IEQCIUIIJ FEATURING EXPERT I-IAIR CUTTING 0 Manicurinq 0 Facials 0 Cold Wavinq 0 Scalp Treatments Slflampooina and Stylinq Service Center 2692 - College Campus Compliments of IIUBEIIT W. IIINHEP1, IJ. Il S. 505 Building ST. JOSEPH -2- MICHIGAN RANGE LINE GRQCERY SERVICE STATION US-31 SOUTH BERRIEN SPRINGS. MICH. Dr. J. M. Brown 204 N. Main Street Berrien Springs, Mich. Phone 5321 160 Paul Kuhlman SALES - SERVICE Phone 4952 New Cars Farm Equipment When you need FEED FRUIT PACKAGES FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS LADDERS Emma mm S NELSON J. OEHLHAFFEN, Prop. NEW AND USED MOTORS MOTOR REWINDING AND REBUILDING FAIRBANKS-MORSE MOTORS. PUMPS and SCALES OHIO CARBON BRUSI-IES 124 Water St. Phone 5-1220 geuton Wake, Widcfdgan South Bend Carpet Sz Window Shade Co. Floor Covering, Linoleum, Carpeting, Oriental Call and Domestic Rugs, Window Shades, Venetian Blinds Manufactured and Cleaned BERRIEN SPRINGS CO-OP FRUIT ASS'N, INC. Phone 3361 666 LuPorte Ave., Phone 3-6088 305-307 S. Chapin St., Pl1'one 2-4633 CQMPLIMENTS Compliments of OF PELTZ-KAUFER PAPER CO. "Serves You Bauer" 209 No. College -:- South Bend, Ind. Koontz-Wagner Electric Go., Inc. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Complete Electrical Service Barnharfs Flower Basket Flowers for All Occasions BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICH. PHONE 7-2311 US-31-SOUTH Compliments of Stemm's Country Flower Shop HINCHMAN ROAD BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN Phone 63'71 We Dflfm Compliments of OFFICE SUPPLY 81 EQUIPMENT 00. 130 North Michigan Street South Bend, Indiana Phone 3-6155 161 CLAIR LUMBER CO. Une-stop service for your building requirements Phone -- Dial 37llI Jewelers to South Bend and Neighboring Communities for more than a quarter century. BLOCK BROS. IEWELERS Corner Michigan and Washington SOUTH BEND Gifts of all kinds wrapped and shipped 4' to any part of the world Compliments of R. B. COLLIS COMPANY Benton Harbor, Mich. HARDIE SPRAYERS CATERPILLAR TRACTORS CASE TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS STANDARD GARDEN TRACTORS EMEIDNG NURSERIES, Inc. Sievensville, Mich. We need your hend in our Iausiness. E. A. SCHLEICHER EMC Service Center Barber Shop LORREN - HADLEY SALES 81 SERVICE DE SOTO PLYMOUTH US-31 at M-140 South Haven, Mich. USED CARS IO2 ST. .IOE AVE. BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICH. So. Haven Berrien Springs 1837-I 72611 162 P. B. Gast 8: Sons Co. ISIS Madison Ave., S. E. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. D SOAPS, LAUNDRY SUPPLIES and CLEANING MATERIALS C "Enerytlzz'ng for Cleaning" HIGHER EDUCATION THE EDUCATION OBTAINED IN THIS PRACTICAL WAY MAY PROPERLY BE TERMED HIGHER EDUCATION EARN WHILE YOU Jn. LEARN SHARE YOUR FAITH BY CANVASSINGI WIN SOULS THE LITERATURE WAY! Congralulalions Class of l95I LAKE UNION PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT BEAUTIFUL MINNESOTA welcomes you To The Land HAPPY MINNESOTA of Sky Blue Waters and Colden Opportunities. COLPORTEURS ,loin Them This yearl If you are a man and canvass 400 hours, or a Wornan canvassing 350 hours, we will pay your way to the field and back To school. YOU can earn Tic out oi every dollar that you Take in Irorn the sale of our hooks. WILL you noi vvrire To J. E, Curry, Pub. Seo of Minnesota Today? He will give you territory To work This MINNESOTA STUDENT COLPORTEURS AND INSTRUCTORS Slimmer, Minnesota Book and Bible Heuse 1854 Roblyn Avenue, Saint Paul 4, Minnesota 163 Milk Products Company Chicago, Ill. - :- Galien, Mich. DRY MILK - CONDENSED MILKS - ICE CREAM MIXES Grade "A" Milk ,400 4 116 116 116 irectory A Abel. Roland, Rt. 1, Box 371, Berrien Springs, Mich. Abella, Paul, 100 Walnut St., Berrien Springs, Mich Abiera, Quentin, 131 N. County Line Rd., Hinsdale, Ill Adeyemi, Rufus, Igbonkuta St., Ondo, Nigeria, W. Africa Affolter, Marilyn, 1532 6th Ave., Des Moines, Iowa Ahlberg, Bonnie, Rt. 5, Box 574, Battle Creek, Mich, Aho, Grace, 3901 Packers Ave., Madison, Wis. Aho, Robert, 3901 Packers Ave., Madison, Wis. Akin, Joan, Box 195, Edwardsburg, Mich. Albertson, Donald, 1104 E Douglas, Des Moines, Iowa Aldrich, Phyllis, 3020 Buckner Rd., Lake Orion, Mich Alexalrider, Richard, Commercial Bldg., Mt. Pleasant, Mic . Alkire, Albert, Bear Lake, Mich. Bonnie, Box 96, Whitestown, Ind. Cedric, Knockpatrick, Jamaica, B.W.I. Clifton, 815 Madison Ave., Union, N. J. Eston, 3501 W. Locust St., Davenport, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Iowa Ohio Allen, Allen, Allen Gilbert, Knockpatrick, Jamaica, B.W.I. Marian, Rt. 5, Green Bay, Wis. Mildred Rt. 2 Edmore Mich. Allen: Rey, Dil Queih, Ill. ' Allison, Lispnard, Rt. 3, Cassopolis, Mich. Allred, La Mar, 537 N. Mechanic St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Ames, Amrei Ander sen, Andersen, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Pa. Ander Bruce, Harding Farms, Galion, Ohio n, Andrew, 1925 S. Elmwood Ave., Berwyn, Ill. Bernard, Lacombe, Alberta Phyllis, 16 Roseneath, Battle Creek, Mich. Gene, Box 21, Maple Plain, Minn. James, Berrien Springs, Mich. , Marguerite, 969 Rivermont Dr., Pittsburg, son, lliich. Ander Ander Ander Ander Marvin, Rt. 3, Albion, Neb. Wayne, Box 534, Milton, Wis. Shirley, 316 W. Market, Monticello, Ind. Stig, Tunnelgaten 25, Stockholm, Sweden son, son, son, son, Marjorie, College Station, Berrien Sprngs, Anger, Ernest, 1213 Kearney St., Port Huron, Mich. Antisdel, Dorothy, Milton Junction, Wis. Antisdel, Mary, Milton Junction, Wis. i Axelson, Ida, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Araujo, Telesforo, Casilla 240, Iquitos, Peru, South America Arauzo, Luz, Box 2102, Lima, Peru, South America Arauzo, Arturo, Box 1003, Lima., Peru. South America Armitage, Myrtle, 120 N. Oak St., Hinsdale, Ill. Armstrong, Harold, 488 Delaware Ave., Albany, N. Y. Armstrong, Kathryn, 488 Delaware Ave., Albany, N. Y. Arzoo, George, Pima Hospital, Sacaton, Ariz. Ater, Gordon, Box 10, Atlanta, Ohio B Bagnall, Glenn, 30 Hanover St., Battle Creek, Mich. Bailey, Barbara, 609 Leith St., Flint, Mich. . Bailey, Lyle, 404 W. Broadway St., Alexandria, Ind. Bakeman, Kenneth, Rt. 2, Dowagiac, Mich. Gloria, Box 6, Pine Forge, Pa. Baker Baker Baker, Baker, Baker, Bakla Bakland, Baldwin, , Allen, 316 E, South St., Jackson,'Mich. , Jeannette, 1647 Prospect Ave., Plainfleld, N- J- Maxine, 28 Maple St., Berrien SDr111gS, M1Ch- Paul, Jaroso, Colo. , Raymond, 887 112 Bell St., AkI'0Il, Ohlo Jean, 24 Haven St., Reading, Mass- Thor, Tromso, Norway . Ellen, Rt. 2, Onaway, Mich. nd, Bagrdwin, Robert, Rt. 1, Box 184, Risher Rd., Warren, io Banfield, Baptist, George, Rt. 1, Jacksonville, Ill. Baptist Ross Rt, I, Jacksonville, Ill. Barkman, Yvonne, Friends Hospital, Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. , Barnhart Leland Rt. 2 Wadena,M1nn. Barnharti Margaret, 1700 Westward Blvd., LOS Angeles- BCalifornia M, h arringer, David, Algonac, ic . Bartelsbon, Donald, 94 Somerset Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. , . . h Bartlett, William, Rt. 1, Box 15, Berrien SDQIHSS, M10 - Barton, Max, Box 302, Michigan Center, Mich- . h Bates, Arvada, College Station, Berrien Springs, M10 - Baun, William, Rt. 2. Rochester Mills, Pa. , Beary, Dexter, 3020 E. Mein, st., Kalamazoo, M303- Beary, Shirley, 1070 Lochaven Rd., ,P0nUaQ, MICM. h Beck, Frances, Rt. 1, Box 55A, Berrien SDFIUSSH 10 - Bedell, Farren, Rt. 1, Durand, Mich. 115 115 115 115 128 84 115 115 115 115 115 105 115 84 115 84 115 115 127 40 84 115 115 115 115 105 115 113 84 131 115 115 115 116 116 129 116 116 116 84 121 116 116 105 116 116 84 116 105 84 105 116 85 116 116 105 85 105 116 85 116 116 85 34 116 116 Behner, Charles, Rt. 2, Grafton, Ohio Behner, Donna, Rt. 2, Grafton, ohio BGKOWIGS, Erich, 27595 Gilbert St., Center Line, Mich. George, 4141 WV. Vliet St., Milwaukee, Wis. Belleau, Belleau, VVilfrid, 4141 W, Vliet St. Milwaukee Wis. Bender, Bender, Louise, 802 Hadley Rd., Litchfield, Mich. Richard, 802 Hadley Rd., Litchfield, Mich, Benson, Douglas, Eland, Wis. Benson. NHHH' , 447-49 W. 124th t. N ' New York 19 S , ew York City, Berg, Carl, 340 8th Ave., N.E., North St. Paul, Minn. Berger, Clarence. Rt. 1, Carney, Mich. Bigford, Victor, 20 E. Main St., Earlville, N. Y. Billiu. Barbara, 118 E. Congress St., Belding, Mich. Bissell, LaVerne, 8715 S. 348th St., Auburn, Wash. Black, Clifford, 2032 Mary Ave., Lansing, Mich. Delores, Rt. 5, Bay City, Mich. Blair, Blake, Charles, Rt. 2, Maple Plain, Minn. Blake, Dorothy, Rt. 2, Bitely, Mich. Blake, Bland, Robert, Wayzata. Minn, Richard, Rt. 3, Cassopolis, Mich. Blaser, Lawrence, 19437 Midway, Detroit, Mich. Bloch, Richard, Box 124A. Berrien Springs, Mich. Bodtker, Maxwell, Rt. 3, Pierre, S. D. Bogdon, Jean, 4149 Deyo Ave., Brookfield, Ill. Bolegiack, Jewell, Latour, Mo. BoleJa'ck,.Marvin, Latour, Mo. Bonet, .V1rgilio, El Carmen, N.S., Colombia, South America Bonner, Richard, 909 Ferry St., Niles, Mich. Boothby, Charles, Lawrence, Mich. Bossert, Lila Jo, 41 Greenwood, Battle Creek, Mich. Biiistoln, Raymond, 120 College Ave., Berrien Springs, ic . Botimer, Jean, Box 74, Cedar Lake, Mich. Boughan, Joanne, Rt. 3, Box 101, Dowagiac, Mich, Boyd, Ralph, Rt. 4 Lena. Wis. Boyer, Frank, 1149 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, Ill. Bradley, Donald, 1502 Aberdeen Ave., Columbus, Ohio Breakie, Clayton, Rt. 5, Bad Axe, Mich. Brenneman, Darlene, Rt. 1, Box 386A, Cupahoga Falls, Bridgeford, Paul, Rt. 4, Box 266, Rockford, Ill. Brissel, Billie Lou, 805 Panama St., Eldorado, Ill. Brock, Basil, Iron Bridge, Ontario Broglin, Marilyn, 37 Oalitic Rd., Bedford, Ind. Brokaw, Robert, 251 Corwin Ave., Zanesville, Ohio Bromfield, Milton, Hope Bay P, O., Portland, Jamaica, B.W.I. Bromgard, Vern, Rt. 2, Wapato, Wash. Bronson, Leo, Cedar Lake, Mich. Browalsky, Dorothy, 205 S. Jefferson, Waterford, Wis. Browalsky, Naomi, 205 S. Jefferson, Waterford, Wis. Brown, Gordon, Clinton, Neb. Brown, James, Lake Park, Tomah, Wis. Brown, Joseph, 608 Garrard St., Covington, Ky. Brown, Julia, Glengoffe, Jamaica, B.W.I. Brown, Richard, Rt, 2, Nashville, Mich. Brown, Victor, 388 W. Chestnut, Canton, Ill. Brunie, Barbara, Green Hotel, Pasadena, Calif. Bruns, Charles, 24th St., Broadview Subdivision, LaGrange, Ill. Bunch, James, Rt. 3, Box 156, Springfield, Mo. Bunker, Donald, 3018 S. Hanson Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Burge, Grace Rose, Rt. 7, Box 73, Decatur, Ill. Burghdurf, Betty, 1020 Lum Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Burk, John, Box 113, Berrien Springs, Mich. Burns, Dean, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Burtnett, Frank, Rt. 1, Box 102, Berrien Springs, Mich. Burtnett, Lawrence, Rt. 1, Box 102, Berrien Springs, ich M' . Burton. Eulalee, 200 W. 112 St., Apt. 3B, New York 26, New York Burton, Barry, Rt. 6, Hagersville, Ontario Burton, Gordon, Rt. 6, Hagersville, Ontario Bush, Anna May, Rt. 3, Box 184, Caro, Mich. Butcher, Wilma, Rt, 2, Wheeler, Mich. Buzelli, Thomas, 303 Park Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. Byer, Dolores, Rt. 2, Welch, Minn. C Campbell, Marcella, 31 S. 16th St., Richmond, Ind. Carson, Bertram, Mars St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Carson, Clara, Rt. 3, Hillsdale, Mich, Caster, Donald, Rt. 3, Oswego, N. Y, . Castetter Alice 464 Charlotte, S. Williamsport, Pa. Castetterl Charles, 924 E, Court Ave., Jeffersonville, Ind. Charles, 'EI-ic, A St., 24 Barrock, New Jersey, LaBrea, Trinidad, B.W.I. 167 105 116 116 116 116 85 85 116 113 105 85 116 116 116 116 128 116 53 128 85 116 116 116 116 116 117 128 117 117 86 117 117 105 117 105 117 105 86 128 113 86 117 86 86 117 86 117 53 117 117 113 117 117 105 117 117 117 117 117 117 117 117 105 105 41 Washington St., Dover, D91- Cheatham' William 32 Lisbon Place, Staten Island, Chiomenti, Michael, N. Y. Chow, Anna, 296 N. Chow, Matthew, P. Christensen, Elaine, Christensen, Elwyn, , . ,T Christensen, Marilyn, College Station, Berrien Springs, K k ' St., Honolulu, TIII-I. O. 177, Hilo, Hawaii, T. H. Box 329, Santa Clara, Cuba 5227 Richard St., Dallas, TGXZLS Mich. . Chucta, Michael, 2100 W. 52nd Place, Clllcag'Q, U1- Chucta, Phyllis, 3311 Malchcy S1-. L2111S111g.,M1C11-, Churchill, Byron, 10445 Horton Rd., Goodrich, Mich. Churchill, Roy, 10445 Horton P.d.,IGccdrIich, M1011- Clapp, VVillard, 109 Dalsch, Bay City, M1011- Clark, Genevieve, P. O. Box 22, Brookfield, Ill. Clark, Harold, Rt. 3, Columbus. Wis. I II , h Clark, Thelma, Rt. 1, Box 411, Berrien Sprlfigb, Ml? - Clarke, Edna Mae, Hope Bay P. O., Jamaica, B. W. . Clayburn, Helen, Rt. 1, CTOSSV1118, Tenn. Clayburn, Oliver, Rt, 5, Rochester, Ind. I Cleveland, John "Tea", Rt. 2, MarengO, 01110 Clover, Geneva, Star Route, IVIIO, Mich. I Clyde, Reo, 349 Bluff St., Marquette, Mlch.I I I Coffelt, Harriett, 1213 N. Lowry Ave.. SD1'1113f101di Ohio , , . Coffey, Virginia, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Cole, Adda, Coalmont, Tenn. Cole, Eldon, 335 Cleveland Ave., Elkhart, Ind. Collar, Mary, Cedar Lake, Mich. Collar, Robert, Cedar Lake, Mich. I Collins, John, 234 Kline St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. Collins Keith, Cygnet, Ohio I Conkell, Yvonne, Rt. 1, Marshall, Mich. Cook, Donna, Broadview Academy, La Grange, Ill. Cook, Roger, Parish, N, Y. Cook, William, 315 Avenue U, Brooklyn 23, N. Y. Coopwood, William, 2625 Massachusetts St., G-ary, Ind. Costerisan, Floyd, Reedsburg, Wis. Cottman, Edward, Rt. 1, Allen, Mich. Covell, Curtis, Rt. 3, Morenci, Mich. Cox, Frederick, Rt. 1, Osseo, Mich. Cligndhell, Marjorie, Rt. 1, Box 139, Berrien Springs, 1C . - Crawford, Barbara, 205 Wisconsin Ave., Alton, Ill. Crawford, Helen, 1106 Oakwood Ave., Napoleon, Ohio Cress, Paul, Rt. 3, Bucyrus, Ohio Cress, Vinal, Rt. 3, Bucyrus, Ohio Crosby, Shirley, Rt. 2, Beaverton, Mich. Cross, Joanne, 2022 Mary Ave., Lansing, Mich. Crqxton, Donald, 3432 9M Ave., Rock Island, Ill. Croxton, Lawrence, 3432 95 Ave., Rock Island, Ill. Culp, Hilman, Rt. 2, Algoma, Wis. Culver, Jean, 15500 Dayton St., Monroe, Mich. Culver, Victor, G3016 Claude Ave., Flint, Mich. Cunnington, Loren, 1029 G Ave., Nevada, Iowa D Danforth, James, Holly, Mich. Danofsky, Richard, 1417 W. 4th St., Sioux City, Iowa Davidson, James, Rt. 2, Athens, Ohio Davidson, William, Rt. 2, Athens, Ohio Davis, Doris, 2420 Missouri Ave, East St. Louis, Ill. Davis, Forrest, Cedar Lake, Mich. Loren, Rt. 2, Edmore, Mich. Richard, Rt. 1, Kirkwood, Ill. Davis, Davis, Day, Allan, Gen. Delivery, Lake Orion, Mich. Deckard, Rance, Rt, 3, Bedford, Ind. DeLong, Ray, 1002 S. Michigan St., South Bend, Ind. DeMarco, Anthony, 1227 Larrabee St., Chicago, Ill. 117 105 117 105 117 117 117 105 86 117 86 117 128 117 117 117 128 106 106 117 117 117 106 118 118 118 118 118 118 118 118 87 118 87 87 118 87 118 118 118 118 118 118 87 DeMarre, Constance, 500 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Mlch. DeMelt, Christine, 223 Carroll St., Waukesha, Wis. Demerest, Evelyn, Box 304, Douglas, Mich, Densford, James, Rt. 1, Cozaddale, Ohio DePas, Allison, 120 N. Oak St., Hinsdale, Ill. DePas, Eva, 120 N. Oak St., Hinsdale, Ill. Dertil, Ilona, 1726 Cleveland Ave., Chicago 14, Ill. Detweiler, Robert, Rt, 1, Bellefontaine, Ohio DeVries, Gordon, Cedar Lake, Mich. DeVries, Walter, Box 270, Carson City, Mich. DeWitt, Carol, 135 E. Randolph St., Lansing, Mich. Dlaz, Lucas, 172 E. 108th St., New York, N. Y. Diller, Clarence, Box 103, Benton Harbor, Mich. Dlnzey, Tito, Damian del. Castillo No. 75 C. Trugillo Rep. Dom. Doering, Ardith, R. 2, Box 246, Berrien S rings ' Doering, Viola, Rt. 2, Box 246, Berrien Sgrings, Doll, Beverly, Box 214, Holton Mich. y ' Doll, Thomas, Rt. 3, Lancaster, Wis. Dollar, William, Rt, 4, Anderson, Ind. Doornbos, Jack, 265 W. 12th St., Holland Mich Doran, Duncan, St. Paul's P. O., Jamaica,B. W' 1 DIcG'seIy, Dorothy, College Station, Berrien Springs 1C . ' Dorsey, Edward, 2193 Clarkwood R., Clevelan ' Doswell, Henry, 54 Butler Rd., Scarsdale N.dY.Oh1O Douglass, Erma, 80M Walnut, Berrien Springs, lllich, 118 118 101 106 106 118 128 87 106 118 118 118 118 1 87 101 87 as 118 ss 129 88 40 Dowell, Bessie, 71 E. ChicagO St-, Quincy, Mich. 118 Dowell, Charles, 71 E. Chicago St., Quincy, Mich, Dowell, Nancy, 71 E, Chicago St., Quincy, Mich, , 118 Drake, Anne, 120 9th Ave. N., Buhl, Idaho 118 Drake, Elwin, Parma, Mich. 88 Draper, Joyce, Rt. 2, Gallon, Ohio 118 Drew, Doris, Onaway, Mich. 88 Driscol, Roy, Rt. 3, Lafayette, Ind. Driver, LaVerne, 10301 Ruskin Rd., South Lyon, Mich. 113 Drury, Donna, Rt, 2, Saint Elmo, Ill. 118 Dunaway, Donald, Rt. 2, Rockton, Ill. 118 Dunn, Barbara, 2927 Douglas Terrace, Cincinnati, Ohio 118 Dunn, Florence, 415 Grove Avenue, Berrien Springs, Mich. Dunn, Kenneth, 415 Grove Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. 88 Dunn, Robert, 415 Grove Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. 88 Dutcher, Aletha, 635 Oak St., Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 114 Dutton, Roy, Sparta, Wis. 44 E Earls, Delores, Rt. 6, Box 53, South Bend, Ind. 113 Eaton, Doris, Rt. 2, Ellsworth, Wis. 128 Eaton, Mary Lou, Rt. 2, Ellsworth, Wis. 106 Edminster, Sally, 425 E. Main St., Turlock, Cal. 113 Eggebrecht, Ralph, Gillett, Wis. 118 Eide, Karl, Osbereidet, Bergen, Norway gg Elder, Harvey, Gen. Delivery, Morristown, N. J. 106 Elder, Mary, Gen, Delivery, Morristown, N. J. Eldridge, Charles, Box 533, Loma Linda, Calif. 106 Ellis, Joseph, 315 Clinton St., Findlay, Ohio 41 Ellsworth, Doris, 609 Maple St., St. Louis, Mich. 119 Ellsworth, Keith, 609 Maple St., St. Louis, Mich. 119 Elmendorf, Everan, Box 426, Battle Creek, Mich. 128 Elmer, Doloris, 3641 S. 32nd St., Milwaukee 15, Wis. England, Ronald, 313 Pitt St., Berrien Springs, Mich. 89 Erhard, John, 605 Hilldale Drive, Royal Oak, Mich. 89 Erhard, Stewart, 605 Hilldale Drive, Royal Oak, Mich. 106 Erskine, Flora, Muskegon, Mich. Erskine, James, Muskegon, Mich. 119 Ertel Conrad, 464 Charlotte Ave., S. Williamsport, Pa. 106 Euler, Lyle, Portage, Ohio Euler, Yvonne, Ohio Book and Bible House, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Evans,,Juanita, 3603 Ellis Park, Chicago, Ill. 101 Evans, Marianne, Box 242, Niceville, Fla. 106 Evard, Rene, Phoenix, Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean Ewell, Doris, 1418 Vance Ave., Alexandria, La. Eyre, Claudia, 46 Fernleigh Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England 89 I' Fahrbach, Donald, 5422 VV. Sayre Ave., Chicago 31, Ill. HWS-LlCO11bI'ldg'G, John, 21 Chapel St., Kitchener, Ontario I Farag, Shafeek, 26 El Laith St., Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt 89 89 106 Farag, Wadia, 26 El Laith St., Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt 101 Farver, Robert, Rt. 5, Box 49, South Bend, Ind. 119 Faulkinbury, Roy, New Boston, Texas Felan, Gloria, 34357 Winslow St., Wayne, Mich. 119 Feldbauer, Lois, Rt. 1, Franksville, Wis. 119 Fellow, llamae, 216 South Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. 119 Fenning, George, Alliance, Neb. Ferree, Jolln, Rt. 2, Canipbellsburg, Ind. Ferrel, Vvloodena, Box 192, Chauncey, Ohio I 119 Ferris, Winston, Rt. 1, Box 145, Berrien Springs, Mich. 106 Fessler, Joyce, 1726 Porter Ave., Madison, Wis. Figaro, Alwin, Princei St., Siparia, Trinidad, B. WV. I- Filclcs, Elsie, Rr. 5, Mclxiihhvillc, Tcnh, S9 D'1llD13.Il, Clarence, Rt, 1, Weslaco, Texas 119 Flnch, Raymond, 733 N. Pine St., Lansing, Mich, Flnkbeiner, Darwin, 452 State St., Cheboygan, Mich. 106 hlishcll, Martin, 305 Linh si., Allegan, Mich. S9 Fisher, Oral, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 119 Fisk, ausscl, 364 5th si., Miirlisicc, Mich. S9 F1fC11, James, 6040 Princeton Ave., Chicago 21, Ill. 45 Fitch, William, 6040 Princeton Ave., Chicago 21, Ill. 90 Fleming, Eleanor, 926 Curtis Ave., Petoskey, Mich. 119 Fleming, Merrill, 201 Lincoln St., Dowagiac, Mich. 90 Fleming. Wayne, 201 Lincoln St., Dowagiac, Mich. 106 Ford, Nyleen, 569 Exeter Rd., Hampton, N. H. 123 Foreman, Donald, Box 223, C. M. E., Lomda Linda. Calif. Foust, George 2116 24th Ave. N. Nashville Tenn. 113 Fox, Clare, 5260 Keyes Dr., Kalamazoo, Mich. 90 Fox, Rosalind, 2019 Adams St, Indianapolis, Ind. 101 Fox, Wlllls, 5260 Keyes Dr., Kalamazoo, Mich. lfrahk, Mary Lou, Ri. 1, Clayton, Mich. , 119 Freeman, Paul, 2360A N. 14th St., Milwaukee 6, Wis. 103 FPOS1. M211111yn, 209 Orchard Ave., Takchia Park, Md. 11 Fuller, Orville, Rt. 1, Alexandria, Ind. 107 G- Gair, Carl, Box 208. Dunbar, Pa. 19 Gass, Gerald, 1024 N. Cedar St., Lansing, Mich. 1 Cirassofllnis, Demetrius, 3563 Wilson Ave.. Oakland 2, 119 a l . 168 Gast, Marian, Rt. 1, Box 159G, St. Joseph, Mich. Gee, Norbert, 3709 Zinsle Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Gee, Wilma, 61 Belle Monte Ave., Covington, Ky. Gelsinger, Richard, 1116 Spring St., Reading, Pa. Gemmel, Duane, 800 W, Jefferson, Grand Ledge, Mich. Gerard, Eloise, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Gibbs, Barbara, Rt. 6. Niles, Mich. Gibbs, Joan, 9 Main St., I-Iomer, N, Y. Gibbs, Thelma, 433 E. Bond St., Hastings, Mich. Gibson, .Iames, Rt. 2, Wakeman, Ohio Gilkey, DuWayne, 129 Ludington St., Columbus, Wis. Gillen, Joyce, Pound, NVis. Gillen, Roland, Pound, Wis. Gilliland, Farrell, Versailles, Mo. Goff, Dudley, 33 Frelinkuysor Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Goff, William, Rt. 2, Lexington, Ohio GoldBerg, Esther, Rt. 1, Grand Haven, Mich. Goldring. Donald, Covert, Mich. Goodge, Sarah Ann, Rt. 1, Concord, Tenn. Goom, Bernice, 1310 Union St., Benton Harbor, Mich. Gordon, Louis, 3825 Flanshurgh Rd., Jackson, Mich. Graban, Joseph, Robins, Ohio Graham, John, 818 Myrtle St., Scranton. Pa. Graichen, Joyce, 124 Greenwood, Battle Creek, Mich. Greanya. Harold, Rt. 2, Standish. Mich. Green, Benjamin, Rt. 1, Westerville, Ohio Green, Harold, Rt. 1. Box 39B, Berrien Springs, Mich. Green, Mary, 28975 Sunnydale. Detroit 23, Mich. Gretton. Dale, Onondaga, Mich. Greve, Robert, South Branch, Mich, Griffith, William, 3522 Ramsey St., Fort Wayne, Ind. Griley, Richard, 305 N. 9th St., Coshocton, Ohio Groff, Charlotte. Rt. 1. Box 26, Berrien Springs, Mich. Grover, Lyle, 520 S. Main St., Lapeer. Mich. Grundset, Harold, Rt. 3, Clear Lake, VVis. Guess, Virginia, 1423 S. Harding Ave., Terre Haute, nd. Gunther, Eula. 1390 Clinton Ave.. Bronx 56, N. Y. Gyde, Mary Alice, Rt. 1, Oak Harbor, Ohio Gebhard, Raymond, 261 Broadway St., Rochester, N. Y. I-I Habenicht, Robert, Rt. 1, Lyons, Mich. Hadley, Joseph, Box 78. Berrien Springs, Mich. Hadley, Neil, Box 78, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hadley, Verna, Box 78, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hagel, Verla "Vicki," 1102 8th St., Monomonie, Hagstrom, Mary Lou, 3025 Pleasant Grove Rd., Lansing, Mich. Hainey, Wilbur. Campbellsburg, Ind. Hall, Charles, 6102 Broadmoore Lane, Houston, Texas Halvorsen, Lester, Rt. 2, Box 229B, Berrien Springs, Mich. Ham, Eloise, 711 S, Dittmer, Davenport, Iowa i Hamberger, William, 305 Church St., La Grange, Ohio Wis. Hamel, Beatrice, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hamel, Warren, Rt. 2, Withee. VVis. , Hamlin, Colleen, 12 Congress St., Battle Creek, Mich, Hammond, Robert, Box 445, Elmwood, Ill. Hamstra, Frances, Rt. 1, Zeeland, Mich. 1 Hamstra, Raymond, 30 Maplelawn St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Hamying, Rupert, 70 Pembooke St., Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, B.W.I. Hannah, Harry, Rt. 1, Richmond, Ind, 1 i Haqnnluni, Dorothy, 410 Division St., Berrien Springs, 1 ic . Hansen, Shirley, Ruthven, Iowa Donald, New York Mills, Minn. Hanson, Hanson, Elaine, 712 W. 15th St., Sioux Falls, S. D. Harder, Harder David, Box 127, Enterprise, Kans. , Eloise, Box 127, Enterprise, Kans. Hardt, William, 151 E. Murray St., South Bend, Ind. Hardy, Winfield, Rt. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. D Harrison, Bobette, Rt. 1, Box 199, East Leroy, Mich. Harrison, Freda, Rt. 4, Box 97, Battle Creek, Mich. Hlag-rilson, Warren, College Station, Berrien Springs, ic . Hartelius, Ebbe, Rosenlunds Alley, Vanlose, Denmark, Hartellzius, Grethe, Rosenlunds Alley, Vanlose, Den' mar , Harten, John, 736 Queen St., E., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Hlaluclg, Mary Esther, 123 Manchester St., Battle Creek, ic , , Hausted, Betty, Weymouth Rd., Medina, Ohio Hausted, Bonnie, Weymouth Rd., Medina, Ohio Haveman, Wilmajean, 3614 Michael Ave., S.W., Grand Rapids. Mich. , Hawes, Janet, Box 778, Macon, Georgla Hawkes, Wilberta, Grenville, N. M. Hawkes, William, Box 485, Montgomery, W- Va- Haynes, Oscar, Rt. 4, yVatseka,. Ill. I Hedman, Astrid, 307 N. Washington Ave., Batt 9 Creek, Mich. 119 119 119 107 119 119 119 90 119 119 119 107 119 119 119 107 107 107 119 119 107 119 119 119 119 129 113 119 119 90 120 107 120 120 107 120 120 107 107 90 120 90 90 120 120 120 129 120 91 102 120 120 120 120 91 107 113 91 107 120 91 120 120 120 120 107 107 91 91 120 I-Ieltzel, Verna, 902 N. Vsfashington Ave. Kokomo Ind. Henderson, Glenn, 712 Johnson Ave., Lansing, Mich. I-lenderson, Eva, 317 E. Smith Ave., Orlando, Fla. 1-Iendrick, Dorothy, Rt. 3, Chesaning, Mich. I-Ileiidziiickson, Leonard, 2568 Harding Ave., Muskegon, I-Ienrickson, Oliver, VV. Main St., Sparta, Wis. I-153133 Dorothy, College Station, Berrien Springs, HCHFY, Morton, Stevens, Pa. Herche, VV1ll1am, 1801 N. Alabama, Indianapolis, Ind. Hernandez, Fred, Box 821, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico H91'01d, Dorothy, Box 266, Columbus, Ind. Herr, Bonnie, Rt. 2, Box 232, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hewitt, Dora Mae, 3112 Mounds Rd., Anderson, Ind. I-Iiday, Harold, 1389 Cottage Ave., Middletown, Ind. Higgins, Edward, Rt. 2, Fond du Lac, Wis. I-Iile, Lowell, Rt. 1, Box 251A, Goshen, Ind. 1-Iile, Warren, Rt. 1, Box 251A, Goshen, Ind. Hill, Glenn, 421 Idora Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Illiilfcgliichard, 308 N. Mechanic St., Berrien Springs, 1-Iillger, Erna, 2541 High St., Blue Island, Ill. Hilliard, Marilyn, Rt. 1, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Hilton, Vivian, Rt. 3, Harrisburg, Pa. Hiscock, Sally, 600 Jewell St., Ferndale, Mich. Hodge, David, Rt. 1, Versailles, Ind. Ijlollopeter, Harlan, Erie St., Toledo, Ohio I-Iolmes, Dean, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. rIolmes, George, Rt. 1, Box 96, Tigard, Ore. Holyoke, Anne, 234 Park Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Hooks, Thelma, 1202 S, 14th St., E. St. Louis, Ill. Hoover, Donald, 811 E. Larned St., Lansing, Mich. Hoover, Glenn, Rt. 1, Berrien Center, Mich. Hoover, Jeanne, N.S.R.D., Box 136A, Sandoval, N. M. Hoshino, Richard, Kealia, Kauai, T. H. Hoshino, Eva, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hosler, John, 916 Park Ave., Beloit, Wis. Houck, Alta, Rt, 1,Box 127A, Berrien Springs, Mich, Houck, Ruth, Rt. 1, Box 127A, Berrien Springs Mich. Howard, Martin, Box 11A, Stevensville, Mich. Howe, Donald, Dodge Center, Minn. Howe, Leberta. Dodge Center. Minn. Howe, Vivian, Dodge Center, Minn. Huff, Donald, Rt. 1, Allegan, Mich. Huff. Richard, 1938 N. Parker Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Hughes. Florence, 1523 E. 3rd St., Duluth, Minn, Hull, Xfvllllkllh, 2951 15th Ave., Moline, Ill. I-Iultgren, Leonard, M35. Menominee, Mich. Hunt, Norman, 22 Roreneath. Battle Creek, Mich, Hunt, Roger, 30 N. Vifahash, Battle Creek, Mich. Hunt, Walter, Rt. 1, Box 37, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hunter, John, 2369 Monroe St., Gary. Ind. Hyde, Fredric, 1602 Corunna Ave., Owosso, Mich. Hyde, William, 1602 Corunna Ave., Owosso, Mich. Hvzer, Darlene, 429 S. 10th St., Escanaba, Mich. 1-Iyzer, Marjorie, 429 S. 10th St., Escanaba, Mich. I Iles, Virgil Rt. 2, Wakeman, Ohio Ito, Tetsuo, Box 51, Kealia, Kauai, T. H. Iverson, Jack, Rt, 1, Box 176, Coloma, Mich, J Jablonski, Joyce, 2829 W. Fullerton, Chicago, Ill. Jackson, John, Rt. 1, Box 29, New Augusta, Ind. Jaecks, Lenard, Rt. 2, yvausau, Wis. i James, Alice, 1606 Selma Rd., Springfield, Ohio James, Rosalyn, 134 NV. C112lll1'lG1'S Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Jamieson, Milward, 216 VV. 149th St., New York, Y. Eve Lynne, Jeffers Rd., Grand Rapids, Ohio Jeffers, Jensen, Gladys, 209 NV. Manchester St., Battle Creek. M' l . , , Jenscen, Helen, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich, Jensen, Herluf, Rt. 2, Glencoe, Minn. ar Boardman Wis Jensen, M Y. f 1 '- Jensen Russell, Rt. 1, New Market, Va, Betty, Rt. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. J n, , Jgliilfson, Delores, Rt. 1, Thiensville, Wis. Johnson, Emily, Rt, 1, Box 28813, Old St. John Road, Dyer, Ind. 1 , G1 1' , 1710 California St., Elkhart, Ind. Jgligzgg, P16323 29 Palmer St., Jamestown, N. Y. Johnson, Paul, '2527 E. Vienna Rd., Clio, Mich, Johnson Robert, Rt. 3. W'adena, Minn. .J 1 - nj Wanda, 182 w. Moore sr., Berlin, wie. Jgligzgn, wniiam, 3506 9th stuns., Arimgton, va. Johnson, Wilton, Rt. 2, L1tChf161d- MINU- Johnston, Marshall, Rt. 4, BoX'222, Hickory, N. C. JQHQSV Jacklyn, Rt. 11, Alma, Mich. i P Jones, Jacqueline, 26763 W, Outer Drive, Ecorse. Mich. . . . . tl , Pt, 2, Box 149, Berrien Springs, Mich. 152223 67335 Vassar Rd., Ot1sv1lle, Mich. Jump: Edith. Nyon, Switzerland 169 120 120 120 120 107 91 108 120 108 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 91 92 120 120 120 92 53 120 121 114 121 108 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 108 121 121 121 121 92 121 42 121 121 121 121 108 114 121 121 129 121 121 108 121 121 92 108 121 108 121 92 121 121 121 129 108 92 92 121 121 121 121 108 30 Jump, Harold, 'Rt. 3, Cass City, Mich. . Justinen, William. 6121 N. Hoyne Ave., Ch1caSO. 111- K Kailor, Edna, 154 N. Artizan St,, WilliamsIJ0I"C. Md- Karr, Myrtle, Rt. 1, Oneida, Wis. , , Keeney, James, Rt. 1, Box 387, E. Lansing, Mich. Kellawan, Karl, 100 W. 143rd St., New York, N. Y. Kellogg, Arthur, Rt. 1, Box 46, Lansing, Mich. ' Kelly, Thomas, 2388 Unwin Road, Cleveland, Ohio Kempton, Thomas, S. Mountain Rd., New York, N. Y. Kendall, Robert, Rt. 8, Box 74, Battle Creek, Mich. Kenfield, Glennard, 1430 Howard, Niles, M1011- Kennedy. Dougal, Mio, Mich. Keyes, Robert, 2589 McCollum St., Flint, Mich. Kibble, Harvey, 57 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kibble, Herman, 57 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kidder, Carl, 9 Colfax Ave., Quincy, Mich. Marion 9 Colfax Ave., Quincy, Mich. , Kidder, , , , Kieler, George, 403 N. Delia St., Ludington, Mich. Kierstead, Avon, Hampton, New Brunswick Kierstead, Hervey, Box 322, S. Lancaster, Mass. Kim, Young Uk, 590-9 Challon Don, Seoul, Korea King, George, 605 College Ave., Berrien Springs. Mich. Kinney, Robert, 182 Brooker Pl., Mansfield, Ohio , Kirk, Robert, 140 Grove Ave., Berrien Springs. Mich. Klein, Alvin, Rt. 2, Clear Lake, Wis. Klooster, John, 107th 85 Harlem Ave., Worth, Ill. D Kloosterhuis, Robert, Indian Road, Kalamazoo, Mich. Knecht, David, Rt. 1, Carney, Mich. . Knox, Robert, 39 Dunning Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Knudsen, Russell, Marion, Ind. Knutson, Robert, Box 12, Davis, Ill. Knutson, Ronald, Box 12, Davis, Ill. Koepke, Benjamin, Rt. 1, Coopersville, Mich. i Kongorski, Raymond, Box 37, Berrien Springs, Mich. Kopfman, Marion, 2436 Rosedale Ave., Toledo,'Oh1o Kopp, Edward, 2407 E. Mich. Ave., Lansing, Mich. Kostenko, Harold, Rt. 2, Box 106, Rochester, Wash, Kostenko, Vanice, Rt 2, Box 106, Rochester, Wash. Krchnavi, John, Route 2, Berrien Springs, Mich, Krpalek, Joseph, 3319 Sunnyside Ave., Brookfield, Ill. Kubecka, James, Joy, Illinois Kuebler, Harold, 4368 Dexter Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Kvalen, Leif, Klavureien 132A, Trondheim, Norway In LaBelle, Alice, 1523 Stone St., Flint, Mich. Labrenz, Phyllis, Montello, Wis. LaCondre, Lois, 1381 Crotona Ave., New York, N. Y. LaCroix, Virginia, 437 Steele Court, Waukegan, Ill.. Lafferty, Alfred, Rt. 2, Box 224B, Berrien Sp'gs, Mich. Lafferty, Carol, 702 Water St., Belding, Mich. Lafferty, Charles, Rt. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. LaFleur, Arlene, 1635 N, Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Lainslon, Dorothy, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mic . Lake, Linda, 308 Swarthmore Rd., Glassboro, N. J. Lane, Louis, Grand Rapids, Minn. Lane, Joan, 3012 Dickman Rd., Battle Creek, Mich, Langs, Truman, 21 W. Alden, Battle Creek, Mich. LaRose, Paul, South Lancaster, Mass. Larsen, Roy, 801A Mason St., Rhinelander, Wis. Larson, Carol, Nor. Insulation Co., Rhinelander, Wis. Larson, Janice, 824 Ridge Road, Green Bay, Wis. Laser, Joan, Prattville, Mich. Lashua, Truman, 2134 S. 6th St., Klamath Falls, Ore. LaSorsa, Armand, 37 Hight St., Pittsfield. Mass. Lausten, Georgia, Rt. 3, Box 264, Knox, Ind. Lawrence, Adell, Rt. 2, Box 180, Niles, Mich. Lawrence, May, 4230 Park Ave., Gary, Ind. Lawton, George, Irons. Mich. Leamon, Darrell, Rt. 1, Alvin, Ill. Leffler, Richard. 711 Michigan Ave., Albion, Mich. Leiske, Robert, 14829 Penrod, Detroit, Mich. Lemon, Roy, Rt. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Leonora, John, 1712 N. Warren Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Lindner, Beverly, Rt. 1, Box 377, LaGrange, Ill. Lindner, Roger, Rt. 1, Box 377, LaGrange, Ill, Lindquist, Lillian, 7450 Speedway Dr., Utica, Mich. Link, La.Vern, Rt. 2, Box 10, Hesperia, Mich. Link, LeRoy, Rt. 2, Box 10, Hesperia, Mich. Link, Ruby. Rt. 2, Box 10, Hesperia, Mich. Linnell, Helen, 1306 Brunswick Park, Norfolk, Va, Little, Janet, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich Little, Maynard, 121 Michigan Ave., Owosso, Mich. Litzinger, Dennis, 3309 Bishop St., Toledo, Ohio Liu, David, 12551 S. E. Lincoln St., Portland, Ore. Livesay, Kenneth, Bluford. Ill, Livingston, Donna. Rt. 3. Fairmont, Minn. Lorren, Edward, Calhoun, Georgia Lorren, Thomas, Auburn Academy, Auburn, Wash. Loser Rosemar Deer Creek Ill 1 " yi 7 ' Lovejoy, Delmer, Lake Shore Dr., Harbor Beach, Mich. 92 121 122 93 122 108 122 108 108 122 108 114 108 108 122 66 122 122 41 122 122 93 122 122 122 108 122 108 129 122 109 93 114 122 122 122 122 122 122 109 122 129 122 109 122 93 102 129 109 122 122 129 109 122 122 102 122 122 122 41 129 109 122 129 122 122 109 129 109 93 122 109 102 109 109 109 122 Lucht, Russell, Rt. 1, Box 42, Thiensville, Wis. Lugenbeal, Donna, 302 S. Main St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Luke, Virginia, 209 S. Main St., Berrien Springs, Mich Lundquist, Claire, Apartado 50, General Peroza, Havana, Cuba Lutz, Lois, Rt, 2, Fenton, Mich. M McCalment, Frank, 926 Curis Ave., Petoskey, Mich, McClain, James, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich, McClure, Jean, Rt. 5, Saginaw, Mich. McCulloch, Charles, 515 W. Callender, Livingston, Mont. McDermott, Lois, Box 245, Franklin Park, N. Y. McDonald, Charles, COllGg'6 Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich McDougal, James, 111 Sandusky St., Plymouth, Ohio McKamey, Barbara, 1124 Fort St., Niles, Mich. Macknet, LaVerne, Aldie, Va. McNeal, Beverly. Covert, Mich. McNeal, Richard, Cedar Lake, Mich. McNeal, Wesley, Cedar Lake, Mich, McNitt, Alberta, Rt, 2, Box 225AB, Berrien Springs Mich. McNitt, Doris, Rt. 2, Box 225AB, Berrien Springs, Mich. Macri, Richard, 3935 W. Gladys Ave., Chicago, Ill. Mann, Alvina, Rt. 3, Box 158, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Mann, Donald, Rt. 3, Box 158, Sturgeon Bay, Wis, Mapes, LaVan, Rt. 5, Midland, Mich. .LV1aI't!IllC1'l, Margaret, 5700 Prosser Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Marietta, Bernadette, 1251 Glynn Court, Detroit, Mich Marsh, Harold, Rt. 2, Aledo, 111. Marsh, Vacia, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Marsn, Vera Mae, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich Mason, Donald, Rt. 2, Gobles, Mich. Mason, Fred, Box 12, Pillager, Minn. Mason, Louis, Rt. 2, Gobles, Mich. Massey, Roger, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich Massey, Theodore, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich Matar, Joaquin, 2227 Terr. Hts. Ave., Los Angeles, Cal Matthews, Joyce 401 E. Maple St., Holly, Mich. Maxson, Barbara, Box 2, Pine Mt, Valley, Ga. Maxson, Eva, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich. Maxson, Robert, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich Mayhew, Paul, Box 63, Zellwood, Fla. Mayor, Raymond, 905 Academy Rd., Holly, Mich. Mead, Carolyn, 428 E. Walnut St., Hinsdale, Ill. Mead, Robert, 428 E. Walnut St., Hinsdale, Ill. Medford, Lester, Rt. 2, Lakeview, Mich, Meeker, Iola, Chandler, Minn. Meeker, John, 4042 Jackson St., Gary, Ind. Meng, Hsien-ming, Fuk Lo Tsun Rd., Kowloon, Hongkong Mercer, Harrison, 138 Oaklawn, Battle Creek, Mich. Mercer, James, 575 Wacouta St., Winona, Minn. Mercer, William, 575 Wacouta St., Winona, Minn. Mcfikeql, Louis, 200 N. Mechanic St., Berrien Springs, l 1C . Messinger, Herbert, Plentywood, Mont. Metoxln, Doris, Rt. 1, Sun Prairie, Wis. Mickelson, Betty. 2451 W. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee Weis Mlddag, Norman, 2226 McCracken, Muskegon, Mich. Mldomaru, Yaeko, 5322 Monuwea St., Aina Haina, Honolulu, T. H. Leon, Mineral, Va. Niles, Miller, Alfred, Mohrsville, Pa. Carolyn, 1347 Walnut St., Western Springs, Ill Miller, Miller, Jeanne, 1347 Xvalnut St., Western Springs, Ill. Miller, Emil, College Heights, Corydon, Ind. 1VIiF:1I?,lgtOH, Richard, G-1102 W. Julian Ave., Flint 5, ic . Mino, Thomas, 151 W. Central Ave., Toledo, Ohio Mitchell, Mary Lou, 130 Laquineo St., Findlay, Ohio Mohr, Bernyl, Rt. 2, Osseo, Mich. Montgomery, Dorothy, 1832 W. Nelson St., Chicago, Ill Moore, Edith, Vashon, Wash. Moore, Elwin, Vashon, Wash. Moore, Irene, Loma Linda, Calif. Moore, Olin, 3138 Homer St., Elkhart, Ind, Shirley, 5042 Wright St., Birmingham, Mich. Wandyr, 126 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Moore, Moore, Moravetz, Evelyn, Rt. 1, Gobles, Mich. Morefield, Ila, 1026 Eureka St., Lansing, Mich. Morgan, Robert, 536 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Mote, Arden, 511 Brack St., Kissimmee, Fla. Mouchon, Paul, Box 3673. Orlando. Fla. Moussally, Henry, Ave. Saady, Teheran, Iran U Muffo, Evelyn, 39 Wentworth Ct., Battle Creek, Mich Muffo, Paul 2309 N. 62nd St., East St. Louis, Ill. Munson, Howard. Manila Sanitarium, Manila, P. I. Murmann, Donna, 1808 54th St., LaGrange-Highlands. Ill. Murray, Eric, Govt. House Rd., Tobago, B.W.I. Murray, Robert, Eagle River, Wis. Myers, Darleen, 2208 Eoff St., VVheeling, W. Va. 170 N , Nahm, AndreW, 163 Kal Son Dong, Riri, Cholapuktc Korea ' Nail, Jack, 1242 Wabash, Terre Haute, Ind, Nash, James, 308 N.,Ma1n St., Berrien Springs, Mich, Nash, LeBurta, Berrien Center, Mich. Neal, Barbara, 123 Greenwood, Battle Creek, Mich. Neil, Lenore, 624 W. Market St., Lima, Ohio Nell, Gilbert, Rt. 1, Box 141, Berrien Springs, Mich, Nelson, Elwynn, Rt. 1, Box 55B, Berrien Springs, Mich, Nelson, Iva, Rt. 1, Frankfort, Mich. Nelson, Walter, 817 Riverside Dr., Battle Creek, Mich Neumann, John, Box 166, Youngsville, N. Y. ' Newton, William, Rt. 1, Box 66, Weslaco, Texas Nichols, Glenn, Rt. 1, Petersburg, Ill. Noble, Samuel, 20292 Kingsville St., Detroit, Mich, Nord, Dennis, 503 Willard St., Jamestown, N. Y. North, Gertrude, Rt. 3, Grant, Mich, Nunn, Coranell, 112 No. Cass, Berrien Springs, Mich, 0 Offenback, Frederick, 1720 Howett St., Peoria, Ill, Offenback, Gwendolyn, 1109 S. 9th St., Pekin, Ill. Ohashi, Benjamin, 157 S. Gless St., Los Angeles, Calif. Ojala, Verne, Rt. 1, Box 31C, Berrien Springs, Mich, Okohira, Theodore, 1963 Pennsylvania Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Oldham, Thelma, Rt. 1, Williamstown, Ohio Oliver, Curtiss, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Oliver, Evelyn, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich, Oliver, Hubert, 44 5th St., Cadillac, Mich. Oliagivosuko, Olapade, Igunrin St., Ode-Ondo, Nigeria, rica O'Rourke, Catherine, 1903 Wilson Ave., Chicago, Ill, Orrick, Carolyn, 433 E, Grandville Rd., Worthington, O. Orrick, Donald, 152 N. Birdsey, Columbus, Wis, Orrison, Lauretta, 130 Winchester Way, Falls Church, Va. Orrison, Sara, 130 Winchester Way, Falls Church, Va. Ortner, Thelma, 207 E. Ewing Ave., South Bend, Ind. Ostrom, Robert, 3311 Maloney St., Lansing, Mich. Otis, Donna, Rt. 1, Box 141, Cicero, Ind. Ottley, Trini Neville, 113 Techier Village, Pouit-Fortiu, dad, B. W. I. Otto, Arnold, Rt. 2, Pontiac, Mich. , Overfield, David, 1210 13th St., Moline, Ill. Owen, Eugene, Rt. 1, Box 234-A, Lorna Linda, Calif. Owens, Patricia, 35 Griffin St., Battle Creek, Mich. P Pallett, Howard, 30 Reed Terrace, Battle Creek, Mich. Palmer, Dorothy, 220 112 E. Evans, Orlando, Fla. Pang, Nei Too, Seoul, Korea Paxgisg, Elizabeth, 262 S. Summers Rd., Imlay City, ic . Patterson, Clifford, Box 112, Lacombe, Alberta Paul, Joyce, Rt, 3, Charlevoix, Mich. Paulse Paulse n, Gunn, 615 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. n, Sofie, 615 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. Pearcy, Max, 1423 S. Wabash, Kokomo, Ind. Pearso n, Beverly. Rt. 3, Clear Lake, Wis. Pedersen, Fred, Suomisvej 5, Copenhagen., Denmark Penrod, John, 270 River St., Madison, Ohio ' D Penrod, Lloyd, 3413 Pleasant Grove Rd.. Lansing. Mich. Perepe litza. Allan, Rt. 2, Oshawa, Ontario Perock, Phillip, 108 Murdock, Berrien Springs, Mich, Peters, Rosemary, 2304 Georgia Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. Peterson, Douglas, Box 101, Sanitarium, Calif. Peterson, Emil, Rt. 2, Box 150, DeHon, Mich. Peterson, Helen, 3011 Alta St.. Melrose Park,.Ill. Peterson, Joyce, 2436 Auburn Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Pflaum, Doris, Rt. 8, Box 276, Decatur, Ill. Phillips, Barbara, Box 392A, Woodville Rd., Toledo, O. Pglillipson, Gloria, Rt. 1, Box 359, Hickory Corners, ic . Philo, Philo, Alta, 17 Haskell Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. . Damaris, 17 Haskell Dr., Battle Creek. Mich. Phipps, Malcolm, 901 Blair Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Pillor, Pillor, Pioth, Plake, Plank, Plank, Pleasa David, Rt. 3, Box 554, Duluth, Minn. Elizabeth. 1228 E. 1st St.. Duluth, Minn.. Michael, Bagley Rd., Olmstead Falls, Ohio John, 1207 Polk St.. Indianapolis, Ind. D Irvin Rt. 1 Box 403A. Berrien SDr1ngS. M1011- Virgihia,'Rt. 1. Box 403A. Berrien SDI'iI1-SS. Mich- nts Richard 515 E. Washington Ave., Casey. Ill Plunz, Margaret, -2936 Harvey St, Rt. 6, Pontiac. Mifih Pohlman E r "Te " Western Colle 'e, Oxford. O Pomer , dwa d d , , 8 , . ' oy, Cecil Rt 2, Box 229A. Berrien Springs. Mich. Pontynen, Walter.'104 E. Houghton, HouHht0H-M1011 Popescu. Jack, 6151 S. Damen Ave.. Chicago, Ill. Popp, Barbara 9564 Schiller Blvd., Franklin Pk., Ill. Popp. Porter Warren,, 9564 sehiiier Blvd., Franklin Pk., 111. , Elaine, Rt, 1, Perry, Mich. Porter, Wanda, 500 Arlington Ave., Elgin, I11. 94 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 94 95 124 124 129 124 43 124 124 102 124 124 1,24 110 95 124 124 110 124 124 95 124 110 124 124 95 103 124 124 95 129 124 124 124 124 124 110 110 125 95 125 125 125 110 103 125 110 110 125 114 125 125 125 114 110 129 125 125 Ijflfiiftglg, Leslie, 360 Beartown Rd., Rt. 1, Painted Post, Powell, Esther, Box 47, Kewadin Mich EOWQFS- Cecil. E. Lindon sc., Fremont, Mich. POWGFS, Clarys, E. Lindon St., Fremont, Mich. rather, Verno 1427 E. 9th St., Jeffersonville, Ind. l1280,E. Archwood Ave., Akron, O. 0, Vincennes, Ind. H, Pritchard, Herbert, Prout, Patricia, Rt. Prout, Rosalie, Rt. 5, Vincennes, Ind. Przewoznik, Helen . Rt. , ' Pudleiner, Eleanor 2 Thorpe' WIS' , Rt. 1, Box 91, Berrien Springs, Mich. PUFGY, Philip, Rt. 1, Box 170, Sophia, N. C. Q Quick, Jack, 4238 N. 26th St., Milwaukee, Wis. R Rafferty. EV61Yn, Box 61, New Bloomfield, Pa, Rafferty, Margaret, Box 61, New Bloomfield, Pa, Rairden, Walter, 512 Garvey Ave., Elsmere, Ky. Ramos, Miriam, Stahl 63, Aguagilla, Puerto Rico 1'-a11b0111, RSX, Rt. 2, East Jordan, Mich. RSLSHEUSSGH, A.rdyth, 9213 Bradford Rd., Silver Spring, Md, Rasmussen, Murray, 746 Madison Ave., Milton Junction, Wis. Rasmussen, Tedford, 201 E. Walnut St., Rawlins, Wyo. Ray, Doris, 2724 LaPorte St., East Gary, Ind. Read, Lucile, 16 Buckeye St., Battle Creek, Mich. Read, Samuel, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Reed, James, Rt. 1, Springville, Ind. Reed, Ralph, North Main, Wyoming, Ill, Reiber, Robert, Rt. 1, Box 52, Bellevue, Mich, Remus, Harold, 111 Glenview Ave., Oil City, Pa. Rendel, Bernard, Rt. 2, St. Johns, Mich. Rendel, Sarah, 170 Moyer Ave., Alma, Mich. Rjcqtniiqan, Barbara, Rt, 1, Box 403A, Berrien Springs, 1 ic . Rey, Juliette, Dron La Ville, Vaud, Switzerland Rhodes, Carol, Rt. 1, Holly, Mich. Rhodes, Dwight, Rt. 1, Holly, Mich. Rhodes, Keith, Rt. 1, Holly, Mich. Ricchiuti, Paul, 1557 Austin, Lincoln Park, Mich. Rice, Harry, 636 Thomas Ave., Forest Park, Ill. Rice, Lawrence, Rt, 4, Charlotte, Mich. Richardson, Paul, Rt. 3, Cambridge, Md. Rickett, Robert, Rt. 1, Pinconning, Mich. Ricklefs, Marjorie, 1630 W. 8th St., Davenport, Iowa Riley, Barbara, Kennard, Ind. Rivera, Jose, 2049 W. Harrison St. Chicago, Ill. Roane, Iris, 232 Lillington Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Roberts, Irene, Rt. 2, Vicksburg, Mich. Robinson, Arna, Pension Carmen, Cartagena, Co- lombia, S. America Robinson, John, Box 1322, Ancon, Canal Zone Robinson, Riva, Pension Carmen, Cartagena, Co- lombia, S. America Robison, Evelyn, Jim Falls, Wis. Robison, Stanley, Jim Falls, Wis . , Rodenberg, Norma, 625 N. W. "L" St., Richmond, Ind. Rodgers, John, S. 6th St., Coshocton, Ohio Rodriguez, Alice, Rt. 1, Bay Shore, N. Y. n Roedsens, Joseph, 443 Lynn St., Baraboo,.W1s. Rogers, Robert Jay, 107 S. W. 2nd St., Richmond, Ind. Rogers, Robert Judson, Box 83, Port Limon. Costa Rica 125 125 125 125 125 110 110 125 103 110 125 125 125 111 125 125 77 95 125 40 95 125 44 111 125 111 125 96 125 111 111 96 111 96 111 125 125 111 125 125 125 125 96 96 111 125 111 44 96 sen Melvin Colle e Station Berrien Springs Michi25 Ro , . S , , , - Roys, Delores, 533 Sparton Ave., E. Lansing Mich, Ruf, Mario, 922 Lawrence St., Madison, Wis. 111 Runge, Ernest, Rt. 7, Watertown. Wis. 125 S Saaty, Samir, Mosul, Iraq , 126 Sabo, Paul, Woodland Ave., Marquette. M1011- Salter, Richard, 180 N. Washington Ave., Battle Creek. lvlich. 111 Salvesen, Ivar, Langesund, Norway Salyers, Helen, Hart Road, Batavia, Ill. I i I Salyers, Jack, 426 Clifford St., Corpus Christi, Texas 96 Sanburn Wesley. 396 S. Main St.. VVellsv1lle,. N. Y. . 126 Sanfordf Louis, College Station, Berrlenl SDTIIISS. M1011- Santee, Jack, 2195 Lakeview, Detroit. Mich. ,I 125 Sawvell, Ralph, 1307 Ellsworth Rd., Perry,.M1ch. lag Scanlon, Janeth, 522 First St., Menasha. Wis. 126 Schenk, Lorraine, Rt. 2, Box D4, Gleason, WIS- Scherencel. Arnold. Coopersville, Mich. G 97 Schlager, Donald, Rt. 2, St. Charles, Mich. P 126 Schleenbaker, Stanley, 178 Hess Blvd., Lancaster, a. Schleicher, Jack, Rt. 1, Box 120, Berrien Springs. 126 Mich. . . . 126 chleicher, Lois, Rt. 1, Box 120, Berrien SDFIUSS, M1011- gchmidt. Carlos. Puiggari, F.C.E. Entre Rias, 111 Argentina. S. America 171 Schmidt, Loida, Puiggari, F. C. E. Entre Rias, Argentina, S. America a I Schneider, James, 500 Cleveland St., Merrill, Wis. Schnoor, Merlyn, Rt. 1, Donahue, Iowa Schoun, Ruth, Rt, 1, Ray, Ind. Schoun, yVilliam, Rt. 1, Ray, Ind. ' Schuster, Robert, 119 Bowen Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Scalgirwersinske, Walter, 339 Amory St., Fond du Lac, is. - Scott, Della, Rt. 1, Dowagiac, Mich. 1 Scott, Owen, 196 Orange St., Kingstown, Jamaica, B.W.I. Searles. Bessie. Bridgeman, Mich. Q Sears, Keith, 3136 Belmont Ave., Fresno, Calif. . Seeney. Bonnie. 67 N. Kendall St., Battle Creek, Mich. Servi, Phylis, Lily, Wis. Shasky, Charles, Rt. 1, Augusta, Mich. Shasky, June, Rt. 1, Augusta, Mich. Mich. , Shaw. Dorothy, College Station. Berrien Springs, Mich. Shearer, Gerald, 331W E. Lake St., Petoskey, Mich. Sheldon, Edward, 112 East 3rd St., Corning, N. Y. Sheppler, Odien. Rt. 1. Rockland, Wis. I Sherwin. Neal, Rt. 6. Box 440, Battle Creek, Mich. Shorey, Hugh. King St.. 36. St Joseph, Trinidad. B.W.I. Shull, Bette Gae, 1020 E. 9th St., Chattanooga, Tenn. Shull, Elwin, Rt. 1, Bluffton, 1nd, Shull, Jeannine. Rt. 1, Bluffton. Ind. Shull, Vivion, Rt. 1. Bluffton Ind. Simmons, Cyrus, 2388 W. Mich. Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Sigiinrofis, George, Checker Hall, St. Lucy, Barbados, Simmons, Ila, 810 N. Cory St., Findlay, Ohio Simmons, Wanda Lee, 810 New St., Vlfashington, Ind. Simpson. Adam, Rt. 1, Box 30, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Skeels, Dorothy. 170 Grove St.. Berrien Springs, Mich. Slack, Gerard, 4306 Hudson Blvd., Union City, N. J. Smart, Margaret. 3807 W. Minister Pl., St. Louis, Mo. Smith, Edward, Howard City. Mich. Smith, Gladys, Rt, 1. Box 260, Slyvania, Ohio Smith, .Toseph, Rt. 1. Elnora, Ind. 129 126 129 126 97 126 126 103 97 126 126 126 126 126 111 126 126 97 97 111 97 126 126 126 111 97 129 126 126 126 Smith. Joshua, 12 B St., New Jersey, LaBrea, Trinidad, B. W. I. Smith, LaWanda, Box 5, Berrien Springs, Mich. Smith, Louise. Rt. lA. Gardiner. Maine Smith, Marcille, Wilson, Mich. Smouse, Averill, 6759 Parnell St. Chicago, Ill. 97 111 126 Snyder, Duane, 266 Manchester St., Battle Creek, Mich, Snyder, Stuart, Rockford Mich. Somora. Samuel, Box 91. Baroda. Mich. , Soper. Clayton. College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Sorenson. Ruby. 1403 Melinda, Owosso, Mich. Spencer. Barbara. 1720 Fairview.St., Anderson, Ind. Spencer. Lee Box 197. Grass Valley. Calif Sfanehfield. Marian. Rt 2. Berrien Springs. Mich. Stanton. Barbara. 1606 Pineerest Dr.. Ferndale, Nfiph Qfark. Rglhh, F2165 Tm-ionvo Qtu Tjgqrlwryy-iq llffirihh Sfnflrlfkfy. Genevieve. College Station, Berrien Springs. 101 Starkey. Thomas. Rt. 1. Reedsburg. Wis Steadman. Rolene. 163 N, 21st St.. Battle Creek, Mich. Stacker. Donald, 620 Deer St.. Dunkirk, N Y. Stecker, Gordon, 620 Deer St., Dunkirk, N. Y. Steffen. Shirley. Rt. 1. Box 23. Bristol. Wis. Stefreman. Harvey 517 Gertrude St.. Kaukauna, Wis. Steinkrans. John. Rt. 1. Springnort. Mich. Stxerphhan, Ralph, 726 Jefferson Ave., S. E., Grand Rapid. ic . Stepp. Robert Rt 2. Cahililiellglxiirg, Ina, Stern, Carol. Rt. 1, Box 63, Berrien Springs, Mich, Stnervegson, Evelyn, College Station, Berrien Springs, ic . 1 Sqbervelnson, Herbert, College Station, Berrien Springs, ic . Stiles, Evelyn, 306 N. Park Road. Owosso, Mich. Stiles. -Tack. 4031 Richfield Rd. Flint, Mich. Stout, Joanne, Rt. 1. Collins. Ohio Stover, Bonnie, 13 Bedford Rd.. Battle Creek, Mich. Straker, Bertram, 518 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Straman, Russell, Rt. 2, Box 210, Berrien Springs, Mich. Strand, Kenneth. Rt. 3. Box 554. Duluth. Minn, Striplin. Clara. College Station. Berrien Springs. Mich. Sgrlom, Richard, 456 Newton Ave., S., Minneapolis, inn. Sullivan, David. Pt. 5. Box 91. Muncie, Ind. Sumner, Carroll, 312 Madison St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Swensen, Raymond. Burlington. Mich. 1 Swensen. Richard. Burlington, Mich, Smetti Barbara, 2025 Murphy Lake Rd., Silverwood. ic . Swinyar. Joshua, 4433 Townsend, Detroit, Mich. Siintlelndrei, Janos, College Station, Berrien Springs, ic . OR 129 114 119 9? 99 112 126 126 126 112 98 126 112 126 Q 126 112 112 112 98 126 126 127 103 127 112 197 98 197 129 82 129 129 Szewczyk, Edmund, 1657 N. 3Maplewood, Chicago, Ill. Szpiler, Lawrence, 1560 E. Main St., Rochester, N, Y, Tacket, Virgil, White Lake, Wis. Talmage, Carrol, Box 43, Berrien Springs, Mich. Taylor, George, Box 22, Falmouth, Ind. Taylor, Max, 1017 W. Second St., Bloomington, Ind. Tebo, Robert, 611 Earl St., Boyne City, Mich. Teegarden, Lois, Rt. 1, Box 127, Berrien Springs, Mich, Temple, Sylvia, Box 408, Wellsville, N. Y. Thirlwell, Doris, Box 245, Newark, Ohio Thomas, Gordon, Rt. 1, Stockport, Ohio Thomas, Russell, Rt, 1, Hope, Mich. Thompson, Edith, 1615 Melinda St., Owosso, Mich. Thompson, Helen, Rt. 2, Albion, Ind. Thompson, Iris, 6 Stevens Rd., Maraval, Port-of- Spain, Trinidad Thompson, John, 3629 Park Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn, Thompson, Margaret, Rt. 1, Cornell, Mich. Thompson, Royce, 6 Stevens Rd,, Spain, Trinidad Maravel, Port-of- Thompson, Willa, 3753 2nd Ave., Thoresen, Asa, 78 St. John's Rd., S. E., New Zealand Thumwood, Robert, Salem, Va. Timmons, Erma, 610 Morgan St.. , , Towar, Dorothy, 231 S. Holmes St.. Lansing, Mich. Travaglio, Rose, 1252 S. Kedvale Ave., Chicago, Ill. Trevor, Leo, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich, Trout, Herman, Rt. 2, Box 77A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Sacramento. Calif. Remuera, Auckland Pittsburgh Pa Ulland, Alf, Kirkegt 34, Fl-Fjord, Norway Underwood, Ralph, Glenwood, Mich. Upchurch, Jack, 12202 Cloverlawn St., Detroit 4, Mich. Valentin, Jose, 164 High St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Van Alstine, Ruth, Rt. 4, Hastings, Mich. Van Arsdale, Elizabeth, Rt. 1, Marion, Mich, Van Arsdale, Leon, Rt. 1, Marion, Mich. Van Arsdell Vandenburg, Mich. Vande Vere Mich. Van Duinen Van Dui Van Duinen Van Goosen, Van Putten, , Roger, Field Ave., La Grange, Ill. Mabel, 532 N. Main St., Berrien Springs, , 1fVayne, 11 Maple St., Berrien Springs, , Donald, 5 VVhite St., Grandville, Mich. nen, Dorothy, 61 Grant St., Battle Creek, Mich. , Enos, 5 White St., Grandville, Mich. John, 28875 Broadmoor St., Detroit, Mich. Meade, Box 445, Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana, S. America Van Raden, Olaf, Rt. 1, Box 21, Fertile, Minn. Velting, Arnold, Rt. 1. Olivet, Mich. Vixie, Clifford, Rt. 2, Box 43, Berrien Springs, Mich. Vixie, Donald, Mount Eagle, Tenn. Vye, Barbara, Box 308, Oshawa, Ontario Wacker, Wager, Wagner, 1Vagn er, Spring VVagner, Wagner, Waldon, Walker, Douglas, 3713 Le Erda St., Flint, Mich. Murna, Rt. 2, Corunna, Mich. Alice, Nevada. Iowa Edelgard, College Station, Berrien s, Michigan John, 610 Main St.. Waupaca, Wis. Lorna, 19610 Norwood, Detroit, Mich. Jacob. Rt. 2. Milan, Ind. Lee, 304 S. Main St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Lois, 304 S Main Sf.. Berrien Springs. Mich. Almeda. 923 Lake Blvd., St. Joseph, Mich.- ouse, Donald. 636 E. Oakwood, Bucyrus. Ohio Ward, Marguerite. 72 Lakeview, Battle Creek, Mich. Warner, Frederick, 1574 S. 15th Pl.. Milwaukee, Wis. Waiiner, lvrfwiorie, Rt. 1. Cornell. Wis. NVarner, Williani, 12-40 Davis Ave., N.W., Grand Rapids. Mich. Vvarren, Warren, College Sta.. Berrien Springs. Mich. TVql'1'if5l1?'lt. Arline. Star Route. St. Charles. Mich. Vfasenmiller. Williiir, 355 E. 163rd St., New York, N. Y. vvnfkins. 1fVanda. Rt. 1. Bucvrus. Ohio 1Vatson. Albert. 77 Charles St.. Tonypandy. Wales Wa1'ts. Patty. 613 N. Taylor, Garden City. Kans. 1?Vaadatskey, Philip. Onondago Ave., Benton Harbor, 1fValker, Wallace, Walterli llflioh Wear. Jacoueline, 1738 Park Ave.. Paducah. KY- Wellclin. Philip. 155 Norfolk Ave.. Ft. VVayne. Tnd. West. Melvin. 2250 S. Cherokee Lane Lodi, Calif. Westfall, Bette, 31 Lincoln St.. Battle Creek. Mich. Vvpqffflll. J. 809 T-Tomewild Jackson. Mich. XV'Pf'fPl'l11'1. Hilton. College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 172 112 127 129 127 127 127 112 103 112 127 127 98 98 127 99 127 127 129 129 99 114 127 127 '127 112 127 127 127 127 112 127 127 99 112 127 112 127 127 127 99 99 127 127 129 127 112 113 103 99 127 90 113 197 127 113 113 42 127 127 Wheeker, Beverly, 5431 Van Dyke, Almont, Mich. Wheeler, Anna, Portland, Mich. Whitcomb, Leighton, White River Jct., Vermont White, Edith, 22nd and Field, LaGrange, Ill. White, Robert, 22nd and Field, LaGrange, 111, Whitney, Jordan, 323 Center St., Waupaca, Wig, Whitten, Carl, 525 Spruce St., Madison, Wis. Wiese, William, College Station, Berrien Springs, Wilcox, James, 7082 South Bend Ave., South Bend, Ind. Wildman, Donald, 575 North Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Wildman, Durward, 575 North Ave., Battle Creek, Mich Wilhelmsen, Alfred, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich VVIIKG, Ul2LI'ellCS, Rt. 2, Alpena, Mich. Wilkinson, John, Rt. 3, Freeland, Mich. Willett, Edward, 524 S. Jenison Ave., Lansing, Mich. Williams, Dorothy, 2623 N. Wahl Ave., Milwaukee, Wis Williams, Kenneth, Sheridon, Mich. Williams, Marguerite, 443 Lincoln St., McMechen, W. Va. Williams, Robert, 3113 Cambridge St., Toledo, Ohio Williamson, James, Rt. 3, Clear Lake, Wis. Willis, Robert, 147 E. Lorain St., Oberlin, Ohio Wilmoth, Clark, 531 Stow St., Kent, Ohio Wilson, Edwin, 611 N. Main St., Berrien Springs, Mich Wilson, Enid, Monon, Ind. Wilson, Russell, 524 19th Ave., Moline, Ill. Wolcott, Lawrence, Rt. 1, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Wolfer, George, 353 Chestnut St., Pekin, Ill. Wollens, Joyce, 15754 Camden, East Detroit, Mich, Wolter, Doris, Rt. 1, N. 38th St., Sheboygan, Wis. Wolter, James, Rt. 4, Arlington, Wash. 127 113 99 127 128 113 128 113 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 100 128 113 128 128 67 128 113 128 100 100 W0m9dCk, Bobbie. Rt. 1. Box 22, Berrien S rin s i' Uvvongerlyf Robeff. Rt. 3, Delton, Mich. D g ' M Ch' .W?gtZ6Y.'JU116. 12 Haskell Homes. Battle Creek, Mich. WHORE rlern, 99 Sdhellenberger, Battle Creek, Mich. bw , ,21I1C.V, 1012 Campbell'St., Royal Oak, Mich. Wu, Qyulvia, Rt. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich, bifvvizilrott, James, G1117 Charles Ave., Flint, Mich. 3 Off, Beverly, 314 W. 42nd St., Minneapolis, Minn. Y Eamaahakl, Mary, 303 Eugene St., Chicago, Ill. anaglhara, Thomas, 449 B.. Koula St., Honolulu, T. H. Yeoman, Paul, 208 Lincoln Rd., East Rochester, N. Y. YID,-Roderick, 32 St. Babb's Rd., Port-of-Spain Trinidad, B.W.I, ' Yoshida, yCharles, 649 Pokole St., Honolulu, T. H. Young, keflheth. Rt. 2, Lexington, Ohio Young, Lucille, Lawrence, Mich. Zachary, Hudson, La Sierra Station, Arlington, Calif. Zachary, Jeane, La Sierra Station, Arlington, Calif, Zalabak, Naomi, Rt. 5, Marshfield, Wis. Zeck, Kenneth, 2272 Blodgett St., Muskegon, Mich. Zelsmer, Clifford, Rt, 4, Lena, Wis. Zeller, Raymond, 147 Des Plaines Ave., Forest Park, Ill. Zumstein, Marian, Rt. 4, Adrian, Mich. Zwemer, Johanna, Box 172, South Lancaster, Mass. ACR E Y A Able, Marjorie, Route 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Able, Gerald, Route 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Allen Anita Colle e Sta. Berrien S rin" s Mich , . g , D S . - Anderson, Bruce, Rt, 1, Box 83, Berrien Springs, Mich. Anderson, Clymera, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich. Applegate, Richard, Rt. 2, Box 222, Berrien Springs, Mich. B Bakeman, Judith Ann, Rt. 2, Dowagiac, Mich. Beyer, Lorraine, Rt. 2, Box 176, Wausau, Wis. Boothby, Gordon, Route 2, Paw Paw, Michigan Glen, Berrien Springs, Michigan Boozer, Bright, Donald, Berrien Center, Michigan Brown, Arthur, 202 S. Portage, Buchanan, Mich. Brown, Dorothy, 204 N. Main St., Berrien Springs, Mich. C Cates, Kenneth, 1700 Ewing Ave., Evansville, Indiana Cllbfisltensen, Clarice, College Station, Berrien Springs, IC . Christian, John, 450 Grove Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. Clayburn, Cecil, Rt, 1, Rochester, Ind. Cook, Charles, 2250 Lawrence Dr., Euclid Center, Mich. Cooper, Carole, 3585 4th Ave., San Diego, Calif. Cox, Charles, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich. Crandell, Lenora, Box 139, Berrien Springs, Mich. D Dalson. Tom, Route 2, Berrien Springs, Michigan Davis Joann, College Sta., Berrien Springs- Mich. i D9-VIS, Larry, Route 2, Box 222, Berrien Springs, Mich. Dorgelo, Margaret, Rt. 2, Territorial Rd., Benton Harbor, Mich. i Dunn, Gilbert, Route 1, Berrien Springs, Michigan Edsell, Bill, Rt. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. i Eflclilelbert, Roger, Rt. 1, Box 381, Berrien Spr1n8,'S, IC . , England, Melvin 313 W Pitt, Berrien Sprint-IS. Mlch- Ewaschuk, Alois, Rr. 2, .Box 227, Berrien springs. Mich- 143 141 140 143 140 143 141 142 135 142 143 140 142 137 137 136 142- 141 141 143 142 136 142 136 136 T73 I' Fergiilson, Lloyd, 25 Maple, Box 98, Berrien Springs, Mic . Ferris, Evan, Rt, 1, Box 145, Berrien Springs, Mich. G Gaitens, Betty, Box 54, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Gaitens, James, Box 54, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Gibson, James, Box 97, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. , Glasscock, Betty, Rt. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. G1-asscock, Bob, Rt. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Griffith, Doralee, Rt, 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. l Guest, Joan, 2140 Common Wealth Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Guthrie, Johanna, Berrien Center, Mich. II Hahn, Edward, 1717 S. William St., South Bend, -Ind. I-Ialenz, Donald, College Sta., Berrien.Sprlngs, Mich. Hamstra, Imagean, Rt. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich: Hendricks, Curtis, Rt. 1, Box 56, Monroe, Louisiana Hill, Beverly, Rt. 2, Dowagiac, Mich. ' I Houck, Hazel, Rt. 1, Box 127A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Huffaker, Carl, 18 Maple St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Huffaker, Margaret, 18 Maple St., Berrien Spr1ngS, Mich. , . Hunt, Bettie, Box 227B, Berrien Spr1r1gS,,M1Ch- Hunt, Robert, Box 37, Berrien SDFIIISS, M1911- , Hutchings, Charles, 305 S. Mechanic, Berrien Springs, Hlhlgclhglings, Rene, 305 S. Mechanic, Berrien Springs, Mich. I-Iyun, Charles, Y.M.C.A., Seoul, Korea , J A d W, Box 22, Berrien Springs, Mich- isstssxf Baa? Ba , Jackson, Marilyn, 924 W. ist st., Anaersqn. Indiana Johns Albert, Trailer Court, Berrien SDr1ngS, M1911- Johnson, Barbara, Rt. 2. BOX 224A, Berrlen Sprmes, Jgixgn Carole, Rt. 2, Box 224A, Berrien SpringS, Mich. . ld, Rt. 1, st. Joseph, M1011-, 33222, Egifnda, Rt. 1, St. Joseph. Michigan 113 128 128 128 128 100 128 114 100 128 100 100 100 114 128 113 113 101 128 128 103 142 142 141 143 137 143 137 142 142 141 132 141 137 137 135 137 135 142 140 141 141 142 143 Kalbes, Della, Route 2, Pound, Wisconsin Krchnavi, Grace, Berrien Springs, Mich. L Lafferty, Patricia, Rt. 2, Box 223, Berrien Springs Mich. , Lainson, Richard, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Lambeth, Adell, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Lane, William, Brook St., Mitchell, Indiana v Lashier, Patricia, Box 43B, Berrien Springs, Mich. Lemon, Cecil, Rt. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Macomber, Dorothy, Rt. 1, Box 48, Berrien Springs, Mich. Massey, Helen, Cassville, Wisconsin Mattingly, Richard, Rt. 2, Box 119, Berrien Springs, M'ch. McOmber, Duane, Rt. 2 Box 28, Berrien Springs, Mich. Merchant, Clifford, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Merkel , Fred, 200 Mechanic St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Merkel, Marilyn, 200 Mechanic St., Berrien Springs, Mic . Merkel Mich. Merkel Mich., Miles, , Louis, Sr., 200 Mechanic, Berrien Springs, Marilyn, 200 Meclianic St., Berrien Springs, Arthur, Rt, 2, Box 186, Berrien Springs, Mich. Miles, Doris, Rt. 2, Box 186, Berrien Springs, Mich. Nakamura, Harold, 2840 Koaniani Way, Hon., T. H. Nelson, Shirley, Rt. 1, Box 94, Berrien Springs, Mich. Noblitt, Kathleen, College Station, Box 55, Berrien Sprin gs, Mich. Noonan, George, Rt. 1. Independence, Ky. Oliver, Oliver, Olson, Owens, Mich. Owens, Ambs, 0 Bruce 305 College Ave. Berrien Springs Mich Jeanne, 305 College Avez, Berrien Springs, Mich.. Shirley, 420 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich Shirley, 213 W. Madison, Berrien Springs, Wayne, 213 W. Madison, Berrien Springs, Mich 138 138 138 143 138 138 138 134 143 142 138 143 138 143 143 141 143 142 139 140 141 137 Pebler, George, Rt. 1, Box 10A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Peden, Philip, Rt. 1, Box 132, Berrien Springs, Mich. Perez, Nereida, Box 821, Aquilla, Puerto Rico Pietrasz, Esther, Rt. 2, Box 224, Berrien Springs, Mich. Plested, Beverly, 305 W. Ferry St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Powers, Mark, 12 Linden Ave., Fremont, Mich, Pudleiner, Caroline, Rt. 1, Box 91, Berrien Springs, Mich. , Reynolds, Betty, 407 N. Mechanic, Berrien Springs, lvlich. Root, Cheryle, Rt. 1, Box 124, Berrien Springs, Mich. Sawyer, Ted, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich, Shippy, Shirley, Rt, 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Sink, Paul, 161 Kline St., Benton Harbor, Mich. Skeels, Betty, 170 Grove Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. Slack, Agnes, 1107 Park Ave., Hoboken, N, J. Smith, Jerry, Route 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Smith, Ruth, Rt. 1, Box 403A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Stern, Richard, Rt. 1, Box 63, Berrien Springs, Mich. Streidl, Harold, 205 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich, Thomas, Melvia, Route 1, Hope, Michigan Thompson, Margaret, Rt. 1, Box 159, Montery, Ind. Tidrick, Betty, Grove Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. Torkelson, Cecile, Rt. 2, Box 228, Berrien Springs, Mich. Vance, Verna, Route 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Wagner, Ehrenfried, Route 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. WVang, John, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich. Ward, Billie, Jr., Rt. 1, Box 209, Middlesboro, Ky. Ward, Charles, Berrien Springs, Mich. Wilson, Herschel, Box 97, Rt. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Wilson, Joan, Berrien Center, Michigan Wines, James, 110 Slade St., Palatine, Illinois Wood, Bill, Berrien Springs, Michigan Wood, Floyd, Rt. 1, Box 439, Berrien Springs, Mich. STAFF A Louise Anderson, Albert Augsburger, Daniel Axelson, Arthur Beach, Beaty, Perry Earl Benedict, Margaret Borrowdale, Robert Brown, George Campb Campb Christi C ell, Victor ell, Alma Mager an, Percy W. Christensen, John Christensen, Otto Christman, Rachel Coberly, Z. H. Costerisan, Alfreda 25 60 36 17 38 15 27 39 20 33 133 12 23 16 79 32 35 Davis, Claude Davis, Melvin Day, Joseph Dunn, Orville Edwards, Harry Elmo Fahrbach, Maude Ferren, Dorothy Field, Clarence Fisher, Vera Gaitens, James Gaitens, Pearl Gibbs, Paul Gemmell, Cecil Gemmell, Margaret 174 135 141 139 142 143 143 142 139 143 142 142 142 139 143 143 141 143 142 142 143 141 141 139 141 141 139 59 38 61 13 25 20 47 131 20 23 31 34 80 13 Halenz, Herwarth Hamel, Paul Hein, Harry Holmes, Arthur. Holquist, Beatrice Johnson, Rudolph Johnson, Elsie Kelsey, Verne Kiehnhoff, Estelle Knecht, Elvin Lashier, Harvey Lee, Clinton Lovell, Vernon MacMorland, Robert MacMorland, Wanda Marks. Arlene Marsh, Clara Marsh, Frank Marsh, Alice Martin, Mildred Morgan, Violet Nelson, Walter Noblitt, Clarence Olson, H. O. Owens, Marlys Petersen, Merton Pfeifle, Marie Phipps, Barbara Phipps, Burton Rasmussen, Hans Reiber, Annetta Rey, Juliette Riffel, J. E. Ross, Marguerite Rulkoetter, Aubrey Salyers, John Shaw, Horace Smith, George Smith, Leslie Sorenson, Neil Specht, Edward Stone, Edith Striplin, Claude D. Swearingen, Frank Thiele, Edwin R. Thompson, John Trickett, Wilson Vande Vere, Emmett K Vande Vere, Maragete Wang, James Webber, Bernice VVong. Harry 175 iwagzapka 4 r Q .L I V E E f I 5 f I 1 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 N 2 I Q G :F 4 5: 'i ,. 9 f ' fi., V ff AFB K va. A 4 34, 44: :W 4. .4 Q 4- ,, nr, LL .N 7, Wx gl 'Spf ,,. ii wi. X 'r v , A .ff :Q 3 , Q f . -1? .Q 5, W ,Hr 1 l hr. H 1 l ' 1 vi., , il 1 ,fb my Mig. liking ",.fw. . W4 A v 'i J if fm- M 'f?'7: ,S Am. W If -.fc A , Y ' f-'31 ,EU .f-fy. gm M. x fi 1 5 w -all Q in Xv

Suggestions in the Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) collection:

Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 33

1951, pg 33

Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 159

1951, pg 159

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