Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI)

 - Class of 1949

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r5l I I ' o .5 e,'..,, , . I A .4 n , I. .l,-,.'-f I fy' A .nz fi w P 4. 4 ii .5 'NIM lffti Z-f' " If ?fff'f?!f b447v!v""' I' XX FW f Hf , x an K 51.1-0-I LCA!-l-on-x-ml .mths--4-ggjal' 0 v-row Agar'-111 nan .-in sn .1 N- 15.4-lukglesf-A Lb VIII! H sums!-1 4-A gaffwwfvoik-75 4 1-.f 6,5-"' -1' fy 4 I n V 4,7 xx .' jyf. 1 x .1 M J7j!U'!i'yjfP!-f'9 33' 'X pf yy ba f' x Wy- 7, . . X 'X pf Q 7. Yyf fp g , A 7jJfXAfJ, Oy, jr? Mfxf if t if ff , 4 ff K7 W lj! X V if A!! 'Aff 'KN mf X fy! 'JK w J- I x K K . ,fx -'Aq X , A' 5: Q ' V V7 is n jk u Q Mfy ff l M gifs? V M X Ji! 'ffrjffxx' ifgx. M J' J, ,ff fx ' J- 1 YN 6 " ' Hp NJ ff V gg kj X, J f 51 5- ' Y ff Ma 1 1 4 a fl M S4 , U qu LW" xx Lr vlrz ' mu, H sf, I XB Q g J 1' 7 LV' if f n x k 'LVM Tw 1 fx ll! , A X 1 M Aj If 517 ayyl 5 K! YU gf .fy J I N I J , ,, W f ,w W, V! f I .Q ., ' nt LF! ' 4.1, ,ff Ai m- A gf f i ". 'f,-ff!! fl, Q G Nl 1949 rf'n Pl' 5 Qtlflt' 1,-Q' ,rp--, 2- if .N -N. , gg F ' Y an -:ne m f A ' nrt iff cr rr: are Pl 4..1,.l.... Ag : lll,,1,, a 2 - I f A - S fx , -. I7 .,Z,.,-ii ,,. 4 11' - If ,- Administration Building llli hour glass of time has poured forth the sands of seventy-five years upon Emmanuel Missionary College. Pioneers caught the vision of Christian education and on baffffn lields erected a college through whose halls generations from all parts of the World have passed. They trusted to their inheritors the vision of what can be done, what mi-st he done to hold high the ideals of Christian purpose. Seed planted in faith has put forth "first the blade, then the ear, and after that the lull corn in the ear," hut through expansion and the shifting of human scenes, the high aim. the inward soul of Emmanuel Missionary College, has remained unchanged. The lofty purpose. nourished hy the kernel of faith, is still at the root feeding the hlade. the ear. and the full corn in the ear, to produce a bountiful harvest for the coming of the Reaper when the last grain of sand has poured through Timeis hour glass. LA 6, I , , una. amzeuumvnugn E N if W in f- i 'g "v i ' -'il' ' ,"-'- -Y . 1 r- - f ' T" .pu.Lu-N ' i -A , . -HV , q , , -3...-......,.iy..,... .1 . ,. Y - 1 .e ,. :-,1-1 - - Y , f --'.--1- - f 1 ..-.u.:.-Q-sn-J-i. ur.,--f ,,..-. N I- -A-, L.. -Q . . 4 ,y ,, ,, ,.Du,.Ji.,.....- .nv-.-h r - r - Q -,, v- .--4'-A,-3-,j.:...-. ' t ' . , ,. Q, r ,, ..........,..,.'.:,....-----:rv nmanuel 1 barren 2 world 2, what er that es, the anged- ng the Jr the glass. F SE N FTII NN ARY mxxxxxmm AL SPIRITUS P 0 0 6 X Y ,N "" SK F ? """ 5 V .... . 0 'U F MENS Ji comms 5 Z gl ' U7 2 4 . '03, ,'.. s 5 ."'0 uqnucauuni ".. Q I I .. , 3 GUN iS 'lm D Q l X ""lluxxxxxmxxx Published by The Student Association EMRIANUEL NllSSl0NAllY CULLEGE, IIEIIIIIEN SPRINGS, DIICIIIGAN -7 ' ' Four l ,Y Mrs. E' G. White James E all H. B ' Wie G. HIS seventy-fifth anniversary edition is respectfully dedicated to the foundefs of Emmanuel Missionary College, who, like ancient Israel built after the heaven Y pattern which they had seen, putting on a firm foundation the SY5tem of education "not merely to teach the sciences, but for the purpose of giViUg instruction mfhc great Principles of God's word, and in the Practical duties of everYdaY life, and to leaders with pioneering spirit and vision who have always been ready I0 SNP out in faith to follow where God leads the way. N, ' fs .QE ff J 72 ,432 f U W QW X TQ k X W M 1 as! pae ace ROM the first seed planted seventy-Five years ago in the city of Battle Creek, a College grew. But the garden in which the plant appeared circumscribed its growth and development. In 1901 Battle Creek College was transplanted to open Fields, the present site of Emmanuel Missionary College, which provided space for unhampered growth and development. The administration was housed in what is now South Hall. Like a tree, the College grew and men and women came from every section of the United States and soon from the far corners of the earth to receive a Christian education. New buildings had to be erected and wider fields of study offered. South Hall could no longer contain the heart of the virgo-rous and growing College and in 1943 the present beautiful brick Administration building was raised to meet the need. The sacrifice and consecration of two generations of Seventh-day Adventists have brought Emmanuel Missionary College through three stages of progress - Battle Creek CO-llege, South Hall, and the present modern Administration building. From each of these three plants a rich harvest has gone forth to fill the need of humanity. Battle Creek, a bCd its growth Pen Efflds, the r unhampered tv South Hall. section of the Lian education. th Hall could i in 1943 the need. dventists have - Battle Creek From each of ty. 4-7 x dih- sill' xiii Q!! Z4-,,. ANNIVERSARY Before we enter the Master's garden, let us pause on the vantage point of seventy-five years to see how God's garden grew. In the beginning there were strong men with dreams. The years, Pilgrims on the road to Eternity, left their contribution of growth as tribute to the strong men's faith and passed on . . . and the dreams became reality. 1 its ' If-H UFU"f'Lj,1i. at t or E , . out ge-. . gn Zdfslni ABBQIF ng a! ! a nne an Z K I x , 2. mf-1 11" , ffm , fs 'ft!Q r,' Ying- A f ' Q .guy z fag 1 74 f'X'e 1--A-jEVENTY-FIVE years ago our forefathers saw the first dim ray of light illuminating a path of Christian education. Battle Creek College emerged in the physical confines of one city block and the scholastic fetters of a classical curriculum. The light grew steadily until, under the spiritual guidance of Mrs. E. G. White, it burst into a brighter dawn as pioneers E. A. Sutherland and P. T. Magan caught the vision of Godls plan for practical education in a rural environment. ln 1901, they moved the College to Berrien Springs, Michigan. With the blessing of God, the light of Christian education continued to expand through days of financial struggle, meager facilities, and small enrollment. As each building was erected and each course added, every graduating class has gone out to hold high the lamp of service. Emmanuel Missionary College, now in the light of high noon, stands on the sure foundation laid by men of faith who followed the inspired pattern for Christian education. 1949 3 4 671 Galleqe Bell Time still tilts the iron cup E? Q it T: .s 53 lil Old Administration Building And pours the call of t Into the h And sends The story And I To the There But h And ,Z-'14 f th s lbrc gllt no loss .2 1LOL1LS f the tru N . Tfyllay l 'ul tsl E , 1 X V 3 1f'l10sllS. wilh flint U 3 H th 10 can Wh . rf' Walla i Mlm' X al buf i'- J Q. '1 W1 it I A mellow boat whistle signaled the dock- ing of the side-Wheeler May Graham below White Beaver Point. A load of garden produce from the College farm took its place on the boat in exchange for pas- sengers. Small wonder the early catalogs advertised the pleasant, scenic boat trip as students came to College in 1902. Replacing the leisurely May Graham and bringing the speed of modern days came the electric interurban line. During the long years of 1906 to l934 the in- terurban furnished easy exit from the campus. ,Today a streamlined Greyhound bus deposits, with comfort and dispatch, stu- dents on the outer rim of thc campus, but who can blame if We sometimes look with nostalgia on a nearly obliterated railroad bed a-id the quiet waters of the St. Joseph River? Q naar-f I If f , , , f V", 4' ,rg ,,, y, W ,f Mg f., ff 1 ,V f 1 , V ,gfv e ' V , -117,1 ' bg' , ,ip , 1 f -w I l l E 1 s t J l l l r l f A 1 Students enrolling in Battle Creek College could choose among only three main curricula: the classical course, mathematics, and llihle. When students arrived they were assigned to homes in the community where they might enjoy "the same attention to Comforts and personal habits as if they were in their own home." One of the "coxnforts,' was that of chopping their own firewood. which provided not only warmth but also exercise. For the enormous sum of 500 to a dollar a week, the student could join a "club hoardingw plan. School and living expenses for the entire year totaled about 375. A few of the minute school regulations prohibited students from iunning or whistling in the halls, making evening trips to town. Entering at the Review and Herald Press, or engaging in sentimental irtation. 7Ae , -x.,- , Elk, X M '1 4 . tl who ,.-as-:QA B M 2 I it ,fig y , I r " L 'lk v 1, x Y", E ' . , '4' xx. , s i f we Today fifteen separate curricula cater to a variety of intellectual tastes. The present commodious dormitories may lack the individ- uality of home living, but a steady source of light, heat, and water make kerosene lamps, wood splitting, and bucket brigades unnecessary. The co-ed of 1949 attends classes in simply tailored clothes, unhampered by the high-boned collar her grandmother wore. Her C. I. brother goes forth to conquer the slide rule or tennis in casual sport shirt and slacks. a trademark of todayis frank informality that would have aroused horror and envy in the seventies. While there has been an outward change in the school regulations and campus clecorum with the passing years, the inherent ideals of Christian conduct and growth of character remain steadfast. Q.. Q-A W X e Q e m 4 ' . . -.-1-- EMMA UH MISSIUNARY Cllllllil MISSIUNARY MAP .. ... as V . ' W i""i"I7f" iicffi 0 ik 'W' 7 ' xMVN.,,...,..tV V VV Vg-rV5ij:2f.?fjQ.,.VV.r ,,,,, W 'yi . Qi LV VVVVV V VV jf-,,5vfff2ZV V - L-'M .-.1gQy1.,l1V"..".'::.st,t3QL,rVggx,,,e2. .Q ff 'U " S.,--."g-65... V VL M 1, W A ,WVV Wu sf A A, ...X M gags, 5 " V 2 . 1, ., , 2 ff H74 ,sf ,f QV t. mls fam - V 1V QV ., . vp, ff- " 'r --W V Mrfv. ' V. W X' ' 31915 f.wf""1 ,,igs..i.-SJW' 'XM N. Q V . "Lit" ' N V 0237. . " X-Q2 'ff 1.52046 ,.,Vhf1W,,,,,.,..l,.,.VViiV IV . XV VV WM VVVX., V .,. gl. ,,..V . A . W , V 53 V, ,IZA ,V M E . -V 'XM' W-f 5 ...W-s-S.0.V- M we . .V .2 fav --Vi V M. ,,?wb3w 'W r V - '- 1 N .0 'V ' X V ' ., ff.-9 .- ' ' ', ff' ' 'f ' ' ,V mf at 4 E wi.. -gf GN, 1. V F-V5 5' f eff- " ,1?. : ' ,-? ty h.Vw'V'W' 4 'gr 762450 , 'f y.'M?3,kV",,.y.t N... f K. ,- 'r -X ,ma . ..W,,,f.q wa- .rr ,-c-w.:wg:..., - - . f . 1. a. , V , 4 f f ,f 1 'rf-V 4 V QS' or XV-ze? f fy-'QX ,V ' K' 1 an V . V- V, -. ea fs ff f 41' .V V - .sa -V , -fr U 1' . g tw . .. 4 N . .:5"-'--YSEQ' X W ' - ' ' E "'4-'ff' f '.f"7.2f" V wif 'I " Y' ' We 'tnigffisissiskkn 4-'W - ' V' .fi 'i ' i 4 "ff . ' V fc 4 . - X f ' Aww" "Y -' ' .- f Q 1, 1 ,A 'f f ' M791 -A ' . M13 "lj W -ss Ez' JS . . Y, 2. 'V W Q . 4, " , S 'Z' pf . f ,.., -V UM, f' A I "'0VfVfwML, .,,,,ga,7'f',2Vy4'f": f Q '1 .3,f?'.k ,JUN 1V - ,f M, .g',g. gn ,ss-X "Xg',1r .Gsgg-..f , bf, ,,,. ' ff, V f , ,V f ,,y f .. . -Q . if Mali, V. . F . .. gg Vi, ,V W V , V , ,, ,L 5. QWX: Q' ' -3' Q 'eW::Qi-fJ5ZQTY .' ,- ' : 5 T' 3fjQ523"I,.f-3 X' ,K -,LY V ..'x 2? ,KVWV 4 57" VV WS VA .gpg 1 . M- wk ' V X x pw "'3?f?s? :V A Q: 95 A V yer 4. - " fm-ww " wry, . ' ff mfr 2.-'W' -M" S "Y bs. V ' 'g . M 'T' 'Z 2- - , ., ,ww ' V aah, , V. 5 , .2 4' W, .. 1 -js XG., V-.Q 5. ' fgxlgif ' x XP if Wag., fEE'PV?.3 I, -Q N, V 1--,f - at 1, I 4 V n f uf ,fi . -,ZV VV V LV! W a.. ., t V xv tqb-.VV.V.: . .. VV M: VV .h , .VV V W, QVV V Migw .msc V, awww? 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X' F' V .X . -" 1 ' " 1' ,Nm '. ,f T"f .FVW .- ' V V .... ffm -'V Q V 5...-,wew. .. Y., s 0. v 1 H - .. pw- re . f a J l MV VVVVY .ex - 5 . . , :V -,N MH... k VS V. ,gf V V,.V 1V . H N. I ' VN, 1 1 L f A , , V f ,V V. f VMV, + 4,2 ,,,, ,ag I 'fi time Q 35- k42jd95g5..V f- ' - A 51, - ,V 'WV ffl 1 - X- --Qs: 'vwfgig' ' NH- t X Q.. 1 A . - '. , 4 ' X .. 1 " 'V' '-Q., ' . ,-few'-2 V Q VY V KV QRVVVIVVVV .e as-et . gfv.. VMVVMV . Q , . ,Vp ,QMS HMV, V VJ X N- 'F t T -Ve -so We - V' so , .0 a f .4 V fr 1 V' v- 1 VV A lm I X 1 's .A wx . 3 ,,,V, 3 gy .V gl w "' . ' ig. ., in UVB ,VQV ,V'f 4f,'s Q, .,, V 'g"'g:'1gQ,yi'5s1M"3"3T:.r.'- . w..,.M.ses- .gnagv ,wg is 4 rc gg! I 4 4 'A . '-' V ' , f 1 .4 Hr ff ?frf.,,, ggi? WM-g , . gX s V. wfffwe Jwlw -'xp .M -, E , . ,e . . " 5 "' Q ' V' U .. -, 'i . gyAVq,.wg.s, E -- W, ge' ' . iff' ., I 'J ' " -- ' f . s -... 'IV V s . VV . ...M -4 ... 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' ' H-ff , , - -- RUE . , ' Battle CrCCk , . , , - . ' - N V , rl X students of - to the apostolic tradition of lxeachmil thc goslxl fmt In llmmhm K 'S' - ' lishing house, . , , ,. . V Vg ta rium. one pub College saw not far beyond the Ierusalem of their day. There nas one 51111 1 . N r rr-l 'L 'alls from an and one school-all well staffed, and all located in Battle Creek. No NTMHUWIH Q awakened world beckoned the young peOplC. stud hers and , . . . . ' ' - -ll-n-vcd both teac When the College moved to Berrien Springs, a pioneering spirit thi e h h Sand ,. 1 ' t 6 5011 , , . . - , . . . - - V 5 n Xe that UIUC ents, leading them into missionary enterprises both here .1nd.1bro.1d. 1 L . . .. . ll fthaspififof daughters of Emmanuel Missiona C ll l ' N ' ' Xorg XXI ry o ege iaxe marched lorth into .1 netdl' l . Eve - V thelH5t . . . . ,x 3 . sacrificial service. We breathe . f T 1 ' ' " ' yearsj who have heard the challen in th sucnty In a prayer o gratitude as uc count our 500 alumni K QU . .. . " -rr 11111 I' ge "Who will go? and have ansutletl. HL K 'r . . We S561 .. . . . . - - . - - Lollefl- The spirit of missions is alive today on the campus ol larnnnanutl Nrssionarl ' l . . " N S1l3lXltl'l Schoo e Week of Sacrifice offering of over 351000, the lngathr-ring ol nearly gif-lllllh tht I . . 0 0 . I. - - - lentswho oflering totaling nearly 315,000 ' X ' torm a da wh help usf, Fourteen tut V 'lv lOIQlf'll 5 in one Year. We ste it on the lates ol the Q H l . . ons fmt - . . . . - ' . ' - mr more 5 true United Nations in our midstg in the steadlast purpose ol the nity 4 V dmv V A . tgtll k . . . . . . . . - ., lillllkllkklbo UghtCf5 Of Inlsslonaries. Most inspiring of all is the quiet resolution ut NU 10 . - d . . Ver Hn . . . .. "Lows Ol O hare heard the challenge of those who have gone br-lore and even non K-Ill' o ll udents of Battle Creek one publishing hm, onian calls from HH :d both teachers and d of that time the S0115 an .vorld with 8 SPM st HVC tsCVCmY in the la lcre Sm LH It F' Cpllegf' We S6611 0 the Sabbath Scholl . ts Who r more Sons an ll' O ts ' f stllflfn . feds 0 in hllnd d au. "CO me OVCI' an 4-P fl ilu A 'P g P-'lil BJ. elill Fm-,f VIEWS When the fruit is gathered from the leafy shelter upon the boughs of the tree, is there not an hour of re- membering the stem upon which it hung and a long- ing for the branch that held it? The chapel, the dormi- tories, the shops, the library-each hall that student feet have entered has a special meaning and place in the heart. The day of remembering will come for the living fruit, and a longing for the "branch that held us on the college tree" will Hnd its way into the future. We have loved and laughed in this place, and we shall never leave it completely. rm Q Q5 ggi I v ,N Il- . Q2 ' 5: naiffgsrtnentu ,sl f a ' -1. new tw.. ,,,...f,,.. 'Q'-W ' ' -1... I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ff If ,M James White Memorial Library Seventeen qnw-mv' ff 'ff .,, 4 ,wg ,, fl, V? 0' fix? .6 -154 X1 ,1 ' A NF' ' igxxxgzx' Lx cf X. a X Y X may 'vip A X. Burch ,R ,X ii? ,JPL-4JIfQf r, ,Y,,, .fav 489,45 as .wi Q T . A BUY man The Sundnal Nmeteen my O I Q. . 1 ' y I , f jf-nr Q1 ,.g1XQIf :- ,X -Q.. U . X, . MX... sk .X Q: . wr'-W f X J Q 1,1 X 9 xr N xv., .X X .X , .,,EEQ .Xv.:.:.: 3.1.5,-, 'PEQQH' Qgzgwg Fri, 'Y AM I . , V ,S 4. : :f Q. X ww ' "'.A ' I-rf' 12 1 -' ' 5 'f . -:::E'1:i:2E:E: 1:21:22-f Q11-'Q-1'-V ' ' 'Z ' ' "y:'rf4ff4::':Pf1 '- 224511 11:1-H 2 xii -v-vvv' -f.-.-. - 'W V1 M4zEg'Ii3E:i wif- -- 0 'f 4 . . f If Y' Y K South Hall - Lamson Hall F OM , gx xv v Q5 N .JN . .wi ,HAM .ff W ,W ' , M' . ,. w,,,.,, AWN " ,nfl ,, . :':g,gX:::r,'-::rs:-s:f:r-1,- 'g11:::r1"'2 2: Y 1'-Sizrfn' 11 E, .111 .--1-1 ::r1:.:1:.-2 Alhl -2 M .2 xv M , MA W - wer' f- A W WW , , I 'fm 1. fem f.. 9,0 XM' ,ilf-'M ' . . fm. , ww , M M N- XX X W NA '-uf, ' UW H XWV x, A --jf -1,9 W-M. Ziff 4 ,, M., - : .XX X W S W 'f ' ,Z , f -. ' 'M xx, w- K X A ' - - N ,wo " www W V A S X XXX X XX xXX XXXXX -- .,, - ...., .VX I H Wm N- X Hx X M XXX ,XX X X XXV KW ki N X xx X x XX , My , . XM , few 'X .f-- nm YN iv wxXQXj,x XNN ,V N -ffbaw - ' X , K 95 'iz . X X' XX X XX . " N.. 1- ,aj ym -, N M" f XX X .x.X X X3 X vm 'W X. fm' Q ,. ff , - - 4 V X XX XXX X Q h x ,WV my fa, -M 'vwffv - .,,,' ,,,, X gg-XAQX X x is-X NX-om NXXNXXXK '22-13Wi'3?'igX":f'M,,g,M4.,,k,i XXX MNL x YXWX XX ui -.mam 'fvwilh ww ' XX 5 X- XX X XX -X V '- , , " X A Qfxiw XX,XwNXgiMX X X X X X01 ' if wwx Ny A X hx N' VX xqwxww Xxx NN XX, X X xx- W SR Nm XX Ngwfkv X vX? M Q ., z, 455 ,Q gf' t f ww, . f yf .A , I Q . f L . f f' A ,,.,..---,,,..-- . X lynn , , i 5 M .. ,-1,-ff' 5 . 1, A ,. 'lf' if I er! u ll ,, I 4 ' ' -fbi ' -i"2 95 ' - y me 7 , L nl Q' 4 ' Auditorium 1 - 1 1 N 0mE B 'H'-. 70 Y I, 413 , , 1 :xr it mmm mmm "Y ' ri A gym .y , 5.4 . ,f mqhf n 0 , 3 ff 4 I x U' T, ' 1 -'. 7 ,lf , x ff E l i I Y r P 1 y I I I f P 5 I Q I3 sv, -5, -Km , 4 . 14 7 , 344, . . ftszv yggq ,VV Vg , ffm, f ag 6 We 4 - n i Ri- y I .4-5, 2,335+ ff 05, 4' 171 lf. - "Aqua" supply 1 a Tu enty four I IE -Yi , ,. . , .. ,, ,g.. ..:v1u--1-1.u---4.-....,. .-.--.sua--u-N: ff" - - v n .Q KYQ x .1 gi' F z eil' , 4351 I, 'it-f iv" Q 'H X s wg ' V Rx v f- . xi X s . fl, L .- 1 ,X at -, if . X K',Q'N3'i Q. Q - mx W. iii! llibi EEE' sul' ADMINISTRATION A closer analysis of this unique plant, beginning . with its tap roots, discloses the lives which feed and nourish the growth of Emmanuel Missionary College. From the presiderit's ofhce, from the' dean's ofiice, the business office, from teachers' lobby and the regis- trar's desk come consecrated service, which is the life blood extending the smallest hair root and tenderest branch of Christian education and development into the lives of men and women throughout the earth. eg nr, 4 ' ' I- 'I ' 011 i 1 ' E mapfffmnenlu f ' q3,,"f Ai Q 1.5256 ' 'U W 'VL3fX. ml ,I A Q w V K E ,i 1 1 5 f i .1 i w 13 ,Jw . i . if f E i A 4 V 5 ' I X i I, r r V fl P I L 5 I s r E X : F I L T I E I 5 n E W P E 2 I , : E i z Q 1 4 1 s 5 5 I fpfeddaqe from Une paedicfenl: Another college year has come to a close, a year which is significant in the history of our denominational educational Work, for it marks the Seventy-fifth anniversary of the establishment of our first Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning. Battle Creek College was founded in 1874. In 1901 it was moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan, and reorganized under the name of Emmanuel Missionary College. County buildings, including th-e court house and the jail, provided the first offices and classrooms. The years following were ones of rapid growth in buildings, industries, and enrollment. "God with usw has been the secret of the development of this institution. During the three-quarters of a century that the College has served our denomination, hundreds of her graduates have gone forth into all lands of earth and the islands of the sea to point men to Christ, the Saviour. Emmanuel Missionary College can be justly proud of the record of achievement of her alumni. With a heritage of pioneer courage and unlimited faith, the College pledges anew her dedication to the ideals of her founders and to the standards of Christian education. At the close of this anniversary year, We breathe a prayer of gratitude to God for His guidance in the past and beseech His continued blessing upon the activities of our be- loved College. ALVIN VV. IGI-INSCN, Pre51'de11t Twenty-Seven YUvent5HeLght V. P. Lovell, M. A. Business Manager Every job requires a peculiar talent in its accomplishment, but the office of business manager is more than a mere task. It is a process of co-ordinating skills, of balancing budgets, and allocating means of financial support to students. Mr. Lovell Works large- lv behind the scenes, but any committee dealing with "coin of the realmi' appreciates the value of his presence and suggestions. Though the timid might mistake his dig- nity for sternness, many have found that his ollice door is always open for counseling. Aubrey H. Rulkoeiter, Ph. D. Dean Dean Rulkoetteris day is filled with many and varied tasks. But these duties include the challenging, the unusual. The Counsel he gives to large groups or individual stu- dents is friendly but firm. Possessing a l0g1- cal mind himself, he endeavors to teach stu- dents to think, really delve into knowledge. Those in "Dean,s,' classes find him a ver- itable Hlnformation Please" on manv thought-provoking questions. "Ur, Ph. D xg .tit ntith timmy X rf! -1 ' r Jfrrlxxflllriillnscl I it X .nf I.: Itglgh Sm YY it A .. -I KCI- ' on fm' lmoxrlqdgel ' Nl him Illilllv Daniel A. Augsburger, M. A. Modern Language Laughter, diligent study, profound thought, and fervent prayer comprise the philosophy and per- sonality of Professor Augsberger. i'Students, l want to know how I can serve you best," is the constant desire of this dynamic professor of modern lan- guages. He readily understands the problems of students, for he has remained a scholar himself. Harry Elmo Edwards, Ph.D. , Secondary Education lf you do not know where you are going in life, ask Doctor Edwards. lf your Government check does not come, ask Doctor Edwards. Sound advice, practical guidance, and sincere interest constitute the efforts of this teacher of psychology and edu- cation to co-ordinate talent with interest and to place the individual in the proper niche in life. flaafeuaaa Paul T. Gibbs, Ph. D. English The treasure is there, we must probe, analyze, and discriminate until the sought-after reward is . ours. The search fwith pen and inkl leads through College Grammar, Beowulf, and writing of Chaucer 01: Milton. No matter what the subject, Doctor Gibbs enlivens it with his easy, indirect sense of humor. His philosophy is that the chief ingredient of education is the student. Herwarth F. Halenz, Phf. D. Chemistry A master in the realm of test tubes and Bunscnis burners. the Hone and onlyw Doctor Half-nz is a man oflmany other capabilities as well. Among his accomplishments are a knowledge of shorthand, music, and the ability to turn a neat' phrase. Per- haps this gift of pithy statement springs from his keen analysis of human nature. Twenty nzne I 2 1 Edward .l. Specht, Ph. D. Mathematics lf a problem goes over the heads of his students, Doctor Specht stops the whole procedure, beginning again with the basic x : y, and follows carefully through again to the point in question. Doctor Specht delights in dipping into the German language to bring out an occasional Spitzpunkt for emphasis when English seems inadequate. Edwin R. Thiele, Ph. D. Religion From the ancient records found in Egyptian tombs, from the annals of buried cities in Mesopotamia, Doctor Thiele fits the happenings of antiquity into their logical chronology in the great drama of God and His people. He manifests wisdom, under- standing, and sincerity in leading his students in their search for truth. Paafeamaa Emmett K. Vande Vere, Ph. D, History tlooorx ande lgerels personality, magnetized by en 11151215111 for history, draws reluctant students m20lf,1iC020rfu1 Panorama of great moments. Though .i OD H135 be Q 5fl1ClY of the past, his humor is rely present, making his l t ec ures an intere t' study of people, 5 S mg D at V' f Thirty ele, Ph, D. on J'i".d ln, Egyptian tombs vines in Mesopotamii mni-YS of antiquity imp fllf' great drama ti lnitiests wisdom, undef. 'adms his studentsi Perry W. Beach, M. A. Music With an easy, friendly manner Professor Beach encourages his students, emphasizing always the value of getting the "feeling" of music and prop- erly interpreting the composer's mood. His leisure hours find him composing and Working on such arrangements as his uMendelssohn's Rondo Capricci- oso," which Schirmer's have included in their library of classical music. i r M 'sf eg f 4.4 i Earl Beaiy, M.B.A., C.P.A. Business Administration Working with figures in debit-credit columns has not made Professor Beatyis personality mechanical or stilted. His smile, accompanied by 4'What can l do for you?" is an integral part of his pleasant na- ture. Students and employees Working with him learn the importance of high standards and fair play. 1q44acial'e Pao edftaad Mr. Beaty says, c'The account must balance." Prof. Holmes slcuthing out the algebraic mysteries. Q? Z 1' f ii ii f X S XS If f li, n, ww m M N ,wwwaw nw- ' ...y f A 1 A f v X X x.,.X NX S x Q X Xqx -3 5 X X S : QQ. .X AX- Q v..., sw I-XXQ 5 ier, M, A, r tht- correct spelling ' 'U Pftfsess informa- l haw. study under tan whose wife wing it thc atom is clear vrstand. truth. truth beaufi' Violet Morgan, M. A. Burton H. Phipps, M. A. English "Literature is life, Let us make it count by giving our best." The thought not readily discerned, the hidden beauty of phrase, and the neglected age-old wisdom become lucid through the personality of Miss Morgan, whose aim is to make literature a part of each person's life. Biology H Come rain or shine. Professor Phipps travels by Shankis mare" to enjoy nature. For twenty years he has made i'Study God's other bookv the theme of his lectures. .NP1:ofessor Phipps can make even iicat la "' and big-sized W s take on new interest. fy? FTM Naawiaia gpqgjaaaaaa ' P P , f .1 eff! i ,f 'i . 1' 4 aff ff UM J, Y t it ' 1 1 X' tv! 4 . J ff J . , V, P f J ,f 1 fi tx s fy, J iv' 1 , ik James D. Wang, Ph. D. History and Psychology As old as China itself is the wisdom which Doc- tor Wang offers his psychology and history stu- dents. uYou need not worryi' may seem strange advice to a college student overburdened with as- signments, but this ancient slogan of the East can hold its own in the face of western demands. T hirty-three ,ip i if Louise Ambs, M.A. Elementary Education Lively and energetic, Miss Amhs enthusiastically guides students, whether they he children or adults. Her ahility to appeal to the best in young people is manifest in her work as principal of the training school and in the thoughts she presents to prospec- tive teachers. Arthur E. Axelson, M.A. Religion Elder Axelson does not allow many things to bother him, but a drowsy student ihis one annoy- ancel has no excuse with him. A sudden and unex- pected clapping of his hands in the midst of a discourse signals a warning to sleepy scholars. Even then he has a twinkle in his eye, looking as though he swallowed a ulaughf' 1444i4l'anZ' pac eddaad 5. F 9 I E Otto i-a. Christensen, iv'l.A 'bl' Ba ical Languages ' Clllaylw it is "all Creek to usfi leant not to Etna 1 l1'1StCl1iQH. who has a reading lrnowlcdge of tgvelw, anguages: pal-5 of winch he gained during tm Wars 3? a mlsflomafl' 111 Mongolia. Still intcre-ted in for- C1211 gf'-, ,I 4,3 i Ofetl WFKQ, ht ,eff-is Dial tual guidance to mcinhcrs , tml 0Vf'1SfN alll-9310715 Btlllfl and instills the desire in: X N -Q W- 1 c ' s uc ents heait. to itspond to the Macedonian Call, Thirty -four Mrs. Winifred Edwards, R.N., M.A. Nursing Education f Q 'MIS Edwards is accomplished along several IIDCSRHUTSIHQS- teaclimgl- S0WiIl'r. and llOl11P-l1lZili1l1g- ?on1e of her time 15 given to writing health nul GUNS f01' The General Conference. At one time MTS- Elclwiuids 3Cl'cd as dean of women at llinnnanucl Missionary College, is I 'Som M. A, DH Qlllllh' many thingsm :nh-nr this one annoy- d un i- il- .l Slltltlcn an 9 ls in the midst ola ' slfrpy scholars. Even "Yin looking as though Rl N01 MIA' U 561531 U gklll lon llrll a Q' I lm ., aryl ' ul. zz. , . lth D wrmrltl he? ellrft i A' nn? Emmanuel ,,nrn"U at Vera M. Fisher, R.N., M. S. Nursing Education The path through life is made a little smoother by the friendliness and kindness of Miss Fisher. She is gifted with the ability to devise many Ways to open the avenues of the mind so that even the most difficult points can enter Without much lost energy. E-larry E. Hein, M. A. German and Physics "Nelzmcn Sie ein Stiick papier bitten could well be the pronouncement of doom for an unprepared student in German class, but this is not the inten- tion of Professor Heinis frequent Prz'if1mgs. As a one-man chamber of commerce for the German lan- guage, Professor Hein never misses an opportunity to get in a Uplugn for his department. Ndiidiani pea edrtcvzd Earl M. High, M. Mus. Voice The. energetic man behind the jet black mus tache rs Professor High. lf the student's "do, me, sol" laclis ln volume or resonance, he is sure to inject his FlUl0S0Dl1Y3 HHave confidence in yourself? Some of Us Spare time is spent with Julie, his Boxer dog. Arthur D. Holmes, NLS Mathematics and Physics A grin sprr-urls from ear to ear as Professor Holmes tells an amusing story, at his own expense, to jllugu-are 11 point in class. P1'ut-tice teachers marvel at the insight to and keen knowledge of human psychology which Professor Holmes displays in conducting his classes. Thirty five ff' fi 'Nl i J Beatrice Holquisf, M. A. Home Economics l I . , . . . 1 1 Anything requiring the personal, origina, or Q imliviclualistic touch receives proper treatment from l Miss Holquist, for along with being a gracious 3 hostess she incorporates the unique. Her specialty 1, is preciseness, and she herself is the embodiment l of Hart in everyday living" with Which she instructs her students. Verne Kelsey, M. Mus. A.T.c.M., LQAIBQ Pipe Organ, Piano, Theory If a new book appears on the library shelves, Professor Kelsey has probably read itg a new painting hanging on the Wall of one of the buildings will probably bear his initials. ,lust for ufunf, he studies several foreign languages. 5 A ls. it S R N. E Q A in 9 Qu- 9- 15 1 i l ' l A I I i 1 1 f l 4 l l 2 4 J . Xl 4 3 XJ l 1 g Ms 3 l Q s E 'N 1 i l l Estelle Kiehnhoff, B. Mus., B.A. H 0 l Y Voice, Piano ' ' olsqn' M'A' - M155 k1Pl1I1ll0ff 4.lohiinie to her intimate frienrlsl F , Rehgnan, 1, E halboth Zi "k11OW how" ancl a 'show howw musical 01 many years HW Work Ol Coil luis lm' EMS . ability, fli 11119 imparting to hm. Students me low Olson acriss most of 4-a1'lh's siiiluw to Y2U'1f" sie ias or music. Miss Kiehnhofl sli Q in 3 fi- 1' PQSIUGHS 0 Sfi'1'Vif'f'- Ht' IILIS -'om' liotlll Wllll mul z variety of selections. p Dom lnonfiwl' Spill! to Sl'l'Yl'. owiivoiiiiiig 0llSlilt'll'5 of 5 . ,. , L., lr I V V . Q . .. 'Phill anguag. tllWc1y5 1x,.,.l,,ng ilu. lH.uWuh UNMIK- Thirty-six Wanda MucMorlcmd, B.A M. Mu.. Re9FSfGf .,,, .A.B. '01 Theory Ill" library 5 -Q LIN r--nfl it: a new 'Uh' of -the buildings .lu-r for "fun,,'h9 vc- ! 8, lPil 4,.,-In I to ,vane .1 'iff' . uf . , lrluflll llllgleslr ' ' -IH 1 H "ll n hip "Hi ' I, ,-itizef D ' n, B.A ntative g, ' If 1 ,, , hehe 7 X, , 4,,,,. 14... yy TW mif1Wffp 1 zrffi. Qirffbzf ff, ., f, ' 1 ' . .+- ' 4+ f 1-ww ' ..,,QiW' il' muff-fyynvfs awww ,'M'f5iL ww fff'f.ww .iff 4 -1. . ,, ,, .- ,,.,. ,,V,.,, ,I -Qs.-K , M,- ,' I fffffw-fy' f , Mf, , ' 4:3-f '5 .I f f f . ..TZ - .Ev a 2 ,, , ,, f r " , W y. 7, - f ,L , Lf. fy ffm-.f Q4 f - ff f... f mf., 4 , I aff qw, ,, f, "1 if , ffzfrff rv. xfpf JAVA fffffww MWA ,,.ff,f f, . 4 . , 1.54, 5 ,,.WW,.,.f:m M3143 - V .VV ' of ,.,. , .,...,MM , l V , .V f a f-V f f 4 Z5 If Y f Q 1 jg ff f I .1 ff Q 4' ff 't 'If' N72 ' , A4 'pg' Cf' O 7 any , ff ' 1 X 1 X V! ,.w1f4.v,,fH,fggfp f5,.f, fgfybf j V ' , V" . ' ' , .1 QM ' L Q 4 , 'Z2Q'Ifglf.EQ25 ' V, f 1' ' 1 WWNWM WL 5 . ,A .Q . C 4 5 , 1.-1:::1: . . . Q .1 W .Y 1 , . - . . . . ,., - f , ,, .. . .4 -. .agafl 3 'if 2 f' 2 f . - ' . ffiw, ,"'. .mf 7 4 f. , . ,, , . ,. ' Z '. " s '-' I f .I ,, . - ' 7 Rudolph A. Johnson, Nl. A. Dean of Mem History .zaamillafuf fbeand Edward Gammon, B. A. Albert E. Wiclemom, B-A Assistcmt Dean of Men Assistant Dean of Men Rachel Christmom, B. A. Dean of Women MiIdre6l'R.s9Mafii!1r 3 A Assistqnt Dean of Women . R 1 I x I -9' -so .. X Q . , . I f A r . J Zn, , Q," r J. fv L, F .W ,, f rbi - .rf ' " , yi- ' aa vu ' 'fjfi' . V ,Dr f. .M fr tw .x 'A i' M! ., 'WWW ,Wx Arlene Marks, B.A., B.L.S., M.A.L.S. "Libraries are the wardrobes of lit- erature Whence man, properly in- formed, might bring forth something for ornament, much for curiosity, and more for usef'-Dyer With almost 39,000 books, "intellectual oceans whose Waves have touched all shores of thoughtf' the Iames White Memorial Li- brary is the most popular building on the campus. Elhcient service is the motto of Miss Marks and her three assistants. Unique bulletin boards and accession lists posted conspicuously help students realize the pos- sibilities and resources of the library. Barbara Phipps, B.A., B.L.S. f Miss Dorothy Ferren, B.A., B.L,S, Thirty-eight Audrey Stockton, B. A., B.I..S- Justina Homt "The t Students i with the t will soon g intlutle a Mctrgart Supe Edurt lhss l hrst Cartl when she and focus glimpse 0 Alma tl Supe lhh0u llftttsetmfl ttatttd, 3 ttlgas and ol En U. gb lilhn Chen In Eten ullH0tt't lhtuugtl I llltlaie llks Rfqdlll t IH I , Ili ul F ll ip, dl ll Sho Orial Li. On gh mllal TCS Q S of Mis Unique P0Sted llc pos- LIU' B.l..S. sl-5' 9n4fZ'fmcl'aa4 .lustma Batluk, M A Home Economics The way to a mans heart 1S through his stomach Students in Miss Batiuks classes are frequently impressed with the truth of the statement. lt seems that Miss Batiuk will soon give final proof of the theory, for her future plans include a subjective application of the household arts. Margaret Benedict, B.A., Supervisor in Elementary School, Instructor in Education E Miss Benedict has a keen eye for searching out the first Cardinal in the spring. Her friends have learned that when she stops suddenly, even in the middle of the road, and focuses her eyes on a remote spot she has caught a glimpse of her red-feathered friend. Alma Nlager Campbell, B.S., Supervisor in English, Instructor in Education Although Mrs. Campbell's time is divided between housework and teaching, her interest in each is whole- hearted. She amazes practice teachers with the Wealth of ideas and slogans which she uses in clarifying the study of English for academy students. John Christensen, M.A., Chemistry U Even though his subject matter consists largely of llullkn0WHS, Mr. Christensen is able to guide his students 0'l10Ugh them to ultimate success. He is always willing to Zlve 'P9fS0nal 'help to those who find the mysteries of qgiilllstfi' baffling and encourages them With his friendly K e. Abbie S. Culbert, B.A., English Re llgfss Culbert spares time from diagrams, themes, and Culffggitg lor Writing to treat friends with samples of her lhef Y1 drt. For almost thirteen years as a member of the CZECH tty at Emmanuel Missionary College she has taught C We use of the tool, good English. W Alice Davis, B.A., Music For .relaxation Miss Davis likes to find an easy chair pick up some sewing, Crocheting, or other handiwork ami forget about musical notes students forget to flat or hodgel podge rhythm they erroneously effect. Blanche M. De Merice, B.A., Physical Education Playing basketball, volley ball, going on hikes, or taking part in activity in general appeals to Miss De Merice. She likes the out-of-doors and her gardening urge usually comes with the return of the first robin. Clarence S. Field, B.A., Social Science A wealth of historical niiseellany ever at his fingefilllff a ready smile and willingness to visit with and encouragf the shyest student, a continual endeavor toward Wd Saturday night programs-all these characteristics COYU' prise the influence of Mr. Field. Paul Hamel, B.A., Public School Music and Wind lnsfrumenis H Wlieri he was only five years old lllr. Ha111f'll'Pgi taking lessons on the Cornet. llc is still pli1?'in5-5 that? bl1'llIllt'I1l, but now ln' is also showing Students l10W lomal f'Vf'1'Y "blow" count. lliuwwtilig the College Band collilllulti some of his time. but when lu- gt-is ll spare lllllllltxllimrl . 1, 'UWIYUFIH Illfws. ll lvw ol nlnvli will appear Ill Wm Clilill F Du Elder hit 0l gpilt 4 War. fielrli. clasf 9 Robe S4 A 1 llr. l acliril caring always his hel Meri S E lu- lliat li trades lllf' fir school lo tintl anew, - or oth, ft in it handlt'oil ' forum l a to flat "llQ'Cl, or going on hikes, oil to lliss De lleritt, ning urge usuallvt i ever at his flllgfl' sit with and 911405 endeavor toward! ge characteristicsf gill! nd lnsnum el ir? lll , old W' Hllathalt ll Playmvwmi ft tlutlf3I1l5h3l10n51l ilollfge Ban Omenll is Stl I . 3 Fpare mt Iii' H avpvar in pllll Clinton W. Lee, B-A-I Principal Secondary School: Religion During his twenty years of mission service in Korea, Elder Lee learned Oriental customs and imhibed a good bit of Eastern interest in ancestry and igeneology. In spite of four uncertain years in the Philippines during the 31 Elder Lee still has a heart of love for the mission W ' . . fields as students in his "Social Problems and Missions" 7 class agree- Robert B. MacMorIand, M.B.A., Social Science A man of patience, quietness, and exactness in his work, Mr. MacMorland carries these qualities into his outside activities, whether they he gardening, polishing his car, or caring for the accounts of the College Church. He is always willing to share his abilities with those who need his help. Merton S. Petersen, B.E., Supervisor in Elementary Schoolf Instructor in Education lust a short chat with Mr. Petersen reveals two facts: that he comes from Wisconsin and that he is proud of it. Unless one does student teaching in the seventh and eighth grades, however, he might not know that although this is the first year Mr. Petersen has taught at the E.M.C. training school he is an old hand at dealing with students and subject matter. Marie Pfeifle, B.A., .5UPervisor in Elementary School: Instructor in Education With a set of power tools, a bit of wood, copper, soap, or what-l laVC'Y0u, Miss Pfeifle can turn out a pair of hook e . mls' a Noahls ark, a sculptured bust of Lincoln, or a 5fp1ef'mH9h6 elephant. The third and fourth grade pupils 9 enthusiastic followers of their handicraft-loving teacher ..,,W,.,. ,, in 5. '5 : ' 4 f V 7 A ,tgfff f ,Z A 1 5 J I l 1 I 3 ffff 'gif f 4 4-ff I Www ,,,,,,anl" AM ,,,..,.'av wmv' George W. Brown, M.D., Claude Davls I E- 5- Kyle College Physician Plant Custodian Assistant Manager of College WW . . Products Mr. Davis is a man of varied lnterests- Maude Fahrbqch' R'N" character analysis, the c'Cubs," and big Joseph Day B.S. in Nursing Education Director of Health Service Anything from over-stuffed brains during exam week to aching feet acquired during attacks of uSpring Fever" is sympa- lhetically treated by Doctor Brown and Miss Fahrbach, the administrators of the Health Service. Arlene Friestad, B.A., Secretary to the President A sudden streak of inspiration some- times prompts Miss Friestad to try her hand at sewing. Before she gets very far she usually flees to her mother, who ex- pertly comes to the rescue. Miss Friestad admits that sewing is not her strong point, but teachers and students observe that she surely is apt at helping to organize Doctor lohnson's daily program. business. Perhaps the business interest dates from the time that he "hit the jackpot" selling doughnuts. Next to being College custodian, he secretly wants to be a C.P.A. Albert Anclerson, B.A., Superintendent of the College Press Mr. Anderson is one of the men whose watchful eye is on the CARDINAL from its first pin feathers to flight wings. He sees that proper material for growth is supplied at all of the vital stages. Through his helpbthe Student Movement also gets out on time. Superintendent Plant A., College wud Products The smell of glue, sawdust, and iam I F the sound of buzzing electric sawsi rumbling conveyors are vital to produuz, at plants A and B of the College lv Products. About 75 students help lun "jobbers" with desks, dressers, hedslll chairs, or chest-of-drawers. I Walter Nelson, M.A., Superintendent of Berrien Binlel An amateur naturalist, Mr. Nelepnfti day wants to retire on ten acres otsvs land in Arkansas. That would lietit room in which to continue liiscollell of wild bird eggs. Pursuing his iii of star gazing and playing tennis consume the rest of his tin1e..if'Fr it is a good dream. i t. ilktx Rss- WN 1-I E. S. Kyle Manager of College Products Joseph Day :nf Plan! A., Caller. Products ' if glue, sawdustaif l buzzing electrict reyors are vital top and B of the Coll out 75 studentshl 1 desks, dresserslrf st-of-drawers. ar Nelson, Ml' lenf of Berrien ll naturalist, Mr. Nfl 'etire on ten acrfsf nsas. That wouldl h to continuelhlsl eggs. Pursulnlh 1 and playingulfm 'rest of his time. dream. is I if CLASSES A glance up the trunk of the College discloses three branches representing the mental, spiritual, and phfys- ical phases of Adventist education. On the mental branch, the fruit develops from -bud- ding freshmen, flowering sophomores, developing jun- iors, to maturely "ripened" seniors. Each one has re- ceived the food of required classes, electives, and con- centrated studies Howing upward from the tap root. And again the hungry world stretches forth its hands to receive the fruit of another harvest of grad- uates. an .. no Q ' , , 'L ' "N N l'M'l 44 , f no aiu is nun UUIIDW JS.. 1 :U It ' ' rcnaafflvi :testi ff fx 4 3153, asf WT I 5 I 5 Pu H+ P13 ,gg . ,, ii i I K gg I! l: k V L I ll a k f V 1 x I lg I Ei 5 I I - l Eg 2 , - I ' 1 1 f 1 5 1 T ' - . he semor class on the day of 'he-r P"e5enfUfl0I'l, February 14. Elder C. M. Bunker, president of the Indiana Conference, was the speaker. Seniaa eladd ' HE purpose of education should he to take in light in order that We may impart hght by letting it shine forth to others in good Works. The highest of all education is the knowledge of God. 'Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his Wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: but let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth Me, that I am th-e Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lor'd.' 'l CF. E., p. 352.j AIM and Morro- "Surrendered We conquer." COLORS - Green and white CLASS F LOWER - Carnation F orty-seven 'kw Russel H. B El HISTORY, Bi4 .Hiclligan 6 Georg CHEMH India Williang H B R. RELIGION, P Rhode Nm. x f Y 1 Be 5 ,WZE ' HJ HiL'Hj4 Vere LL Emmet K Dems M Baird P SHHHHI I. 1 I X e I. Vande vel iS0f I Russel H, Benedict A HISTORY, Biology Michigan George N. Benson CHEMISTRY, Mathematics Indiana Donald W. Berrett BIOLOGY, Chemistry Jamaica William R. B RELIGION, His Rhorle Island ornstein tory Beti 'JIU I 0 A, P . Brassington ,'ii,'ENGI-ISH, History, French, Education fl! Michigan. ' Esther L. Brassington ENGLISH, History, Education Michigan 1- S Ummer Cra eluate Sam E. Aldea, Jr. BUSINESS, History Michigan David Anderson B USI NESS, History Illinois Leslie D. Baker RELIGION, History Michigan Norman Baker RELIGION, History Michigan :iiShirley Fogelsanger-Beary MUSIC, History, Home Economics Education Michigan Robert L. Beckermeyer MATHEMATICS, Physics, History, Education Michigan F orty-nine Theodore M. Br00kS BIOLOGY, English Maryland - Norman Cleo Bunker BIOLOGY, Chemistry Indiana John O. Carey RELIGION, History Michigan John Edward Carr AGRICULTURE, Biology, Business Michigan Frederick Chandler HISTORY, Music Michigan Bruce Christensen PHYSICS, Mathematics, Chemistry Michigan Fifty Max Church FRENCH, English, History Mich igan Warren Monroe Clark BUSINESS, Music M ich igan Chester Clough RELIGION, History Michigan Eldon Cole BIOLOGY, Chemistry In Jian a James Comrie CHEMISTRY, Biology ,lift '11 lynn Edward Dassenlw. BIOLOGY, Chem'S"Y Nnrrh l74llf0lf' Marilyn M HOME EC llzililgmg l.oI NI il tllilleg CHEMMJ lfllyym. xx I Marilyn M. Gibbs . I'II5l0"Y HOME ECONOMICS, Chemistry Michigan lonroe Clark , Music ester CIOUQII .rGroN, HWY th i gan sffl' Irie yi Biol09I' nICO iloIlasilemff"l it pgkotd Louise A. Gleason NURSING EDUCATION, Biology Michigan Ruth D. Graham ENGLISH, History, Education Illinois Charles G. Graves, Jr. Tenneg Ph CHEMISTRY, Mathematics see yllis Grieve ENGLISH, History Michigan :,: Su In In Esther Grundset FRENCH, English, Education Wisconsin ef Graduate French, History, Betty Kessler-Davidson NURSING EDUCATION, Biology Michigan Evelyn M. Faurote N URSI NG EDUCATION, Biology Indiana Alvin F. Ford BUSINESS, History Indiana Dwain L. Ford CHEMISTRY, Biology, Education Michigan i:Arnold Friedrich RELIGION, History Brazil Cecil Fuller BUSINESS, Physics, Mathematics Indiana .I A. . 'azsf'-f Fifty-one 435- ii wits Raymond C. Hill AGRICULTURE, Biology, Education Indiana I I i Raymond H. Hoffmann E RELIGION, History A Illinois i iiilohn E. Holloway BIOLOGY, Chemistry Michigan Leo H. Holm S CHEMISTRY, Biology, Mathematics Mich igan :3fAIden Hunt RELIGION, History E! Michigan Q Pauline R. Hunt i , Biology Michigan SIIIHIIIEI' Graduates Fifty-two E NURSING EDUCATION, is Roald Guleng RELIGION, History - Norway Joyce R. Haberbusch NURSING EDUCATION, Biolo Minnesota QI Lyle Q. Hamel AGRICULTURE, Biogogy Chemistry, Education Wisconsin Joseph F. Heitsch, MATHEMATICS, Chemistry Michigan Hazel B. Henderson NURSING EDUCATION, Biology Canada Eugene W. Hildebrand CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY Wisconsin 6' HUSIG KgnIeIII If BIOLOGY' Chem i1gihi5'l"I ' iam E' Will AQRICUI-T .llififffan ffjoce EDU H .Ilif Paul W. IackS0". BIOLOGY CW ilifhinf' 'VeIda J. J iiuisme Illlinois Algf BUS Bi Ind. lciiiiaeirliuscl CA 'NU -rle Q Ha . ml ICEILICULTURE ri r ' V-. emhy' Eflucar,-f I rsfonsfn " ch, 5' Chemistry Henderson 3 EDUCATIONIM gene W. Hildebrand 'IEMISTRY, Blolgrr isconsin meth G Huston Ken ' , BIOLOGY, Cl'e""SI'Y M iclzigdfl William E. Ingersoll AGRICULTURE, Biology, Education Michigan iffJoceIyn Laurence-Jackson, EDUCATION, ENGLISH, Home Economics, History Michigan Paul W. Jackson BIOLOGY, Chemistry, Michigan itVelda J. Johansen NURSING EDUCATION, Biology Illlinois Alger J. Jones BUSINESS, Agriculture, Biology, Education Indiana S :i:Sven E. Karlsson RELIGION, History Sweden Leo E. Keiser' RELIGON, History, Education Michigan Orris S. Keiser CHEMISTRY, Biology Michigan George H. Kent RELIGION, History, Education Illinois Thomas C. Kessler BIOLOGY, Chemistry Michigan Tatsuo Kimura BIOLOGY, Chemistry s Hawaii Summer Graduates Fifty-three Marjorie Livingston-Koenig ENGLISH, Biology, Education Michigan ' Douglas D. Kraner BUSINESS, History Michigan Betty Rose Landon HISTORY, English Colorado Bruce E. Lee PHYSICS, Mathematics, Chemistry, Education Michigan iiHugh C. Love HISTORY, Chemistry Michigan Myron L. McCumber CHEMISTRY, Biology Florida l Fifty-four Pauline M. Marsh FRENCH, English, Education ,Mia'i1igt1n. Raymond E. Mathieu BUSINESS, Mathematics Mississippi Roy W. Matthews, Jr-I CHEMISTRY, Biology Mich igan Roy Morgan BIOLOGY, Chemistry North f.IlII'0lI.II1I William H. Musgrave RELIGION, History lfngian fi Nord S. Nation H BICLOGY. Chwffy lirilixii llvvst ilHllt'5 SIIIIIIIIVI' lliuuliizilv .-florenc HOME llichigf' E l 5 i X I Education athie athem 3 . Matthews, III sm, Biiliii 'an Z grave tory atiol - Chemisffl I 1 .est Indies C Niswander Hisfgry, French, Education Michigan iiwaltef R. Olson BIOLOGY, Chemistry, History Michigan :iNeviIIe E. Ottley PHYSICAL. SCIENCE, Mathe- matics British W est Indies 2ffFIorence Tidwell-Otto, HOME ECONOMICS, Chemistry Michigan Earl E. Peters CHEMISTRY, Biology Wisconsin David D. Puno ENGLISH, Music Philippine Islands Richard H. Rasmussen BUSINESS, History Michigan Hugh M. Riley, AGRICULTURE, Biology Michigan Paul L. Robb BIOLOGY, Chemistry Michigan Names E. Roderick BUSINESS, History Michigan Robert J. Schaller PHYSICS, Mathematics Michigan Stanley M. Schleifer BIOLOGY, Chemistry Iliinois is Summer Graduates F ifty-five Donald R. Shasky CHEMISTRY, Biology CllII.f0l'llI'lZ Peter T. Skov CHEMISTRY, Biology Denmark Everett D. Smith CHEMISTRY, Biology Michigan Reger C. Smith ENGLISH, French, History, Education M ich igfm Catherine Trytsman-Smuts EDUCATION, HISTORY, Home Economics, English South Africa James H. Smuts RELIGION Histor I Y South Africa l"1'fty-six Richard W. Schwarz HISTORY, Business, English, Edutamn Illinois Welling J. Schwerer RELIGION, History New York Lois L. Scott HISTORY, English' Edu . Iallfu Pennsylvania Earl H. Seaman BUSINESS, Mathematics Can ada Virginia M. Serns Music, English IVisc'ol1s1'1z Willard F. Shadel, Jr. BIOLOGY, Chemistry .llaryfanfl fall W RELIGI llifllg William BUSINI Illlllllllll I I I -Q :h"lrz mess, English' Edu yt Earl W, Snow. iili RELIGION, History JN, Schwefer iff: HISi0fy ois L. S 'STO con t""'5.I'il'11nia l Iemaiicg 4. Serns giish Iard F. SI1adel,Jf, 'I-OGY, Chemistry 'yland RY, English, pl Michigan -UN Sorensen iel J. AGRICULTURE, Biology Michigan Leonard S. Standen MATHEMATICS, Physics England William J. Sfiii BUSINESS, History, English, Education Canada Lawrence E. Sufficool BUSINESS, History Michigan Reynold F. Swanson HISTORY, Biology Minnesota iiiForrest K. Sykes RELIGOIN, History Michigan George H. Taggart BUSI NESS, History, English, Education - Illinois Margery Friestad-Taggart ENGLISH, Sec retarial Training Home Economics Illinois Melvin L. Taylor BUSINESS, English, History, California Herrmann S. Teegard HISTORY, English, B Education Michigan Jesse H. Tyson Education en iology, BIOLOGY, Chemistry N orth Carolina :Ii Summer Graduates Fifty-seven Henry A. Uhl RELIGION, History Michigan Frank E. Vessels RELIGION, History Illinois Elwin R. Vixie MUSIC, English Michigan Robert C. Warner BUSINESS, History, Education Michigan Merrill G. Wheelock BIOLOGY, Chemistry Michigan Verna M. White BUSINESS, Home Economics Maryland V.. 'V ""'-' -WI were .-... W we . N xx Fifty-eight , ,v Wava M. White HOME ECONOMICS, English lf'1'.sf'u11s1'I1 David K. Wilburn PHYSICS, Mathematics Illinois Gerald H. Wilkinson BUSINESS, French .I 11'Ci1 igan Joel F. Williams BIOLOGY, Chemistry :I vu' I urls i1:Mary B. Winkler EDUCATION, BEoo9Yf A HistorY, Home EC0n3m'cS I English, frt'Ul'gIlI Vivian S. Wolf 1 HM Bioioev, Chcm'S"Y' .Yvzr liflfh' I' SIIIIIIIIVI' lirutlrrulc Pauline R, IWO.YEA Glor SEC -IIIQ 11' ., -, lite I loMlCS, EHQIISI' K, Wilburn CS, Matliemaliti s seam H. walkin wgmfss, Ffflfl .llichlgan MS E : IGGY' . ITION' Bofcsnamis me lfyl Ho I1 Il Wan 5- lgywmaii BIOLOGIZ ww Ya' if adu3IC ,, wiiklff ,if I I California BUSIN CANDIDATE FOR DEGREE IN ABSENTIA: Ole Christian Bjerkan HISTORY, English Norway Pauline R. Carlson TWO-YEAR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Michigan Gloria J. Crawford SECRETARIAL Michigan Mary Diminuco TWO-YEAR BIBLE WORKER Pre-nursing Illinois TWO-YEAR SEN IUBS I Clarence M. Wolff RELIGION, History John D. Woodin ESS, History Michigan Frank D. Yost RELIGION, ENGLISH, History Maryland Fifty-nine Carol Trecartin-Pontynen SECRETARIAL Michigan :5:Mary Betty J. Shaver SECRETARIAL Michigan Anna Soule-Spicer TWO-YEAR APPLIED ARTS Tennessee A. Terranova SECRETARIAL Oh io :3:Shirley M. Woodin Sixty TWO-YEAR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION California June Williams-Zumstein TWO-YEAR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Michigan Mabel F. Farley TWO-YEAR ELEMENTARY EDU CA Ohio Georgia Davis-Foust SECRETARIAL Tennessee Phyllis C. Goff SECRETARIAL M ich igan Patricia L. Harms SECRETARIAL Inrliana Annabelle L. Hobbs SECRETARIAL Illinois Barbara A. Kenyon SECRETARIAL Mich igan N X rt FX Y S ENTAR lS'F0us AL S C- Goff ETARIAL fgan - Hobbs 'XL fi A. Kenyon ETARIAL igan l PosTGnAnUATEs Anne Aldea Kenneth Day Donna Hamstra a. K rion Merchant Merry Race WW M SPECIAL STUDENTS Ele lit' it Dolnill: Decamp Edward D0l'S.eY Wilma Gee wilberta Hawkes Irmirad lgixerllaiss 0 L y orren Eleanor MGSSII121 Evelyn Metcalf Richard Schuleman nna al' Candidates receiving combined degrees, or Bachelor of Science cmd Doctor Roy Frederick Berrett Harriett Lucile Richardson Victor Lowell Sheline Edward Lee Stevenson Bachelor of Arts of Medicine Sixty-one 4 1 Robert Rigsby Theresa Cesario Georgia Nelson Edward Macdonald President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Burg e V Motto: Aim. Each a Messenger for To finish the task christ Colors: Flower: b Blue and Gray A lol Jonquil Vi Kenneth Vine Mr. Christensen r Pastor Sponsor JUN IIIRS lohn Cha l 1 J I I Nxwsw Ivan Allred Th A omas d - Ester Andreasen Jairo Aldallajfen MWvillllyigmA2clhlJTdn Martha Anderson Paul Agdlilistn John Baker R055 a i l Sixty-two . f Cal Edu' aid Macdungi Wfrsuref Mollog Each 3 Messenger lor Chrisl Flower: .lonquil n . ,Pf ,ski fre OS if I fi Q25 -f ,f S ...fl rf 1 in ti- Q: ' Z , S Baptrsl Catalina Bautista Dexter Beary Charles Beebe Gilbert Bertocchini Burgess Bills Vincent Boelter Frank Boyer Julia Brown Robert Brown Victor Brown William Brown Lewis Carson John Caslow Charles Castetter Theresa Cesario Wilma Cesario Edith Charbonnier RlChard Christoph William Claybum Harold Cochran Sixty-three ra I nmklff M I it iglislgfj r., M A Sixty-f0uf ,M Alfreda Costerigan Eugene Cowling Gordon Creighton Duane Cronk James Cunningron Jack Dassenko Lee Davis Robert Day Fred De Vries nneth Dunn lif' Alfred oybeei 2' X 'bil l Alice Ertel PM' Charles Everest Clarice Everest Saleem Farig Irene Farver William Farver Donald Fellow Charles Fiffh Merrill Fleming Marlin Fel' lloltella los' William F' Geofge Mm Green Howard GUS' Marvin H2 William William Hardt Arthur Harmr Richard He Ralph He Herbert Helm Alvin H955 Richard Hrrr Duane H: Allele Hughes Donald Hum ll9er Hum Pauline H ia Costefisan lene Cowling Ntdgn Creight Duane Crank Cu""i'lQl0n Uni Merlin Foll Roberta Fvsfef william Fuchs George Graham Mary Green Dassenio Howard Gustafson e Davis Marvin Hainer Robert Day Vries ith Dunn ed Dybeclr lice Ertel i fverest Everest m Farag 1 ne Fdtlel I i Q rrver i i iell0W i ,Fitch rm Hamill l l William Hamberger William Hardt Arthur Harms Richard Hearn Ralph Heiner Herbert Helm Alvin Hogg Richard Hill Duane Houck Arlene Hughes Donald Hunt ROQSF Hunt P aullne Hutchinson Sixty-five Sixty-six Robert Jeffery Herllfll Robert Jochmans Dennli Paul .J0l1ng0n HOW Robert Johnson J Fr l Odd Jordal J l clliM1i Carl Jorgensen J MPM Garfield Jorgensen I RM ROY J0rgensen Lau Robert Julian J laycellarf Robert Kachenmeistei 5 Norman Richard Kantzer Ruben William Koenig I 1 leon Dick Koobs il LMMM Irma Kopitzke J WMO Herbert Kulak Hmm Walter Lacks ll Arden Dan Lattimore ll'l9V0uNa Hamid Lerner J llflNaiI Nicholas l-elllook J Gllfgigy vafgn Lewis llillian i bert Jeffery lober Robert jam!! -l0I'd3I Irl Jorgensen Garfield lorganyli Roy J t Julian ert Kachennrlrlr ichard Kantzrr William llnerir l .l0ChmanS T Herbrfl Lldner Dennis Li rzingef Howard Long Frank Lovelace Clara M335 Ralph Macdonald Ray Macomber Uflrrsn l Laurel Marr loyce Marsh Norman Marsh Robert Matthews Leon Miles oobs lawrence Mobley Kopiizlre Emery Morris rrbert Kulal Hmer Moore Wallellalls l Arden Mote timore Cl'BI1gwooNahm l Lelflf' narar irfril ir9ll hells l l l r i lick Nail Georgi Will 3 Nelson 'am Newton Sixty-.seven Sixty-eight Merickston Nicholsin Verne Ojaya Alvin Olson Marilyn Orrick Kenneth Peck Allan Perepelitza Helen Peterson Henry Pfeille Dorothy Phillips John Plake Wayne Pleasants Richard Pleasanls Clemeth Powell Leland Pritchard Donald Prosser Joseph Quinn Clarence Reedl' Robert Rlgsbl' Joe Riley Robert R0bl'l50n l l lrena Steve X Edmund SZ Sranlrl Robison Burton School Paul Scholl wrrrm 5 my Schurenf rag Deao SGH Robert Shad loyce Shir lawrence Show Vivien Shull Allen Siegel George Si lld0H Splfey lrberl Slepp nf Vein! Sire l Dalld Sllllllary Wg: Elhggl Tar! ls Max Tam Meriqy Sloyy fill, Verne Qiaya Stanley Alvin Olson Mdfllyyy 0 -A ny Kenneth peck Allan Perepelitn Helen Petersn Henry Pleile Dorothy Phillips John Plalre Wayne Pleasant Richard Pleasant Ilemeth Powell Leland Pritchard Donald PW' Jos2Pl' Quinn Ilarence Ready Joe Robert nrbidl Robison Burton 5Ch90na'd paul Schoun William Schoun yang Schurene Jag Deao Serabjif-5il19h Robert Shadel Joyce Shimek Lawrence Show Vivion Shull Allen Siegel George Simmons Eldon Spicer Robert Stepp lrena Stevens Verna Strangway David Sullivan Edmund Szewqzyk Ernest Tmwen Max Taylor Sixty-nine ,- AW ,nw I E a-5 , sf' ' ' 3 2 'if' s 1 we-4-9' ev I ,QP Seventy o Kenneth Vine Joyce Vixie R3Ymond Vreeland WYman Wage, Darwin Warner Lee Waterbrook Marion White Cecil Wolcott George Wolfer Roderick Yip George Yost Stephen YOSf Louis Z umstein 2 Kenneth Vine JUYCG Vixie Riwnond YW Wyman wh In Darwin Wamn n Lee Waterblnk Marion While n Cecil Woke? George Wolfer Roderick Yip Stephen Yost ' . Zummin LUUIS , e Sevewty on ce Q if Jil' il N eff i:11fS'i X, J -wal' M, ji !' , 1 . -! ' 2 ,V 5, are M, ff :" 1, ywfinlw Georgette Abella Paul Abella Earl Adams Grace Aho Cedric Allen Clifton Allen Eston Allen lrmgart Allen Marian Allen Roy Allen Clarence Allison William Alwerdt Gene Anderson Joyce Anderson Marguerite Marvin Anderson Ernest Anger Frederick Antor Anderson George Arzoo Eual Baker Marvin B k ""' - tttt,., k Robert Baldwin Louie Barinka Charles I: if Marv Baker Maxine Bakgr Wesley Ba et' Leland Barnhart David Barringer Margaret aBr nlcan Adalme Bamcll Clconc Barnett Mary Bamelder EC Charles Bchner Erich Bckowics Richard Ben Seventy-two A , , , ,gl Louise Bender Reba Blume Harold Boyer S 2 ,in I 5 , - fl ' Y 4 , v , Pilrl Sliirlgll Slug lllq-In Eu 'tx M - r- '. it l : Q E Y' 3 l. gf 94 fi 'K fi" X "will f I 1 ,ffffiii -szffi-if ft Vu: riff s 'flf lzii lllen Alwerdt Antor wg A-sR.5,mf.vi , P ':"sJ9ilf,:ll::x! - -.N:f,a,.f, '-I'X"fE'J: fmjg: 04,5 wr:- 9 o Louise Bender Ralph Benedict Carl Berg Juanita Berg Richard Bland Kenneth Blosser Reba Blume Oscar Boismier Theresa Bombino Richard Bonner Carol Jean Borg Sara Boutwell Harold Boyer Gaylord Boyer Barbara Brauer James Bradburn Robert Brayshaw Clayton Breakie ,, ..,....... 4 I ,ff . J' ,X I fy' V Barflell rdll endif E Pat' ' """l mmm ,,.,, , Shiilldya gleedlove Paul Bridgeford Basil Brock Joseph Brown PeggyBl:li'li1:n Donna Burnham lrwin Burguwn Wilbur Brown Harry Bruns BettY BUf9l"ClU"f gianis Carlson Richard Carlson n Harold Bylsma Theodore Carcich Fernando Cardenas Y Seventy-three Joseph Carr Velma Carr Dorothy Carrier Marjorie Chambers Gloria Chapman Mason Chapman Roy Churchill Genevieve Clark Loetta Clark 1' .,,. :.e F '1' QQ 29? xafg, Dora Caslow Jack Cemer Thelma Cemer Glenda Childress Elaine Christensen Jeanette Edna Mae Clarke Oliver Clayburn Christensen Ted Cleveland 2 --:, 4 -.AW D fi X .1 N-Q9 Donald Cole R b . Faith Cox Ffellliclgollzk lllulnh Collar' William COOPC' William C00pw00d Floyfl Codlillilll Della Crom Donald Croxton Vlllllm- Craig Maurice Crandall Vinccnt Crandall Mallory Drniels W a er Croxton William Cucco Hilman Culp l-Orem 3 , H dw Seventy-four wb ld-lb ""'3'J"v- Q4-.a,u.0-5 kjiz--. V -Q-:sie r f , : axicaa, ' gm ,Jil-55 6 -: 2, z " iw: , X 5 Q l i 4 7 . I gf. Dorothy Da Evelyn Del Tito Dinzi 'C . 'VN E3 ElllQ5t Emb Aliq llarle Plun Q li Z 1 l Cemer le hristensen Cleveland rerifll rfograniell ,e 5 ra Dal' Dorothy Davidson James Davidson William Davidson Theo Davis Dorothy Day Lawrence Day Evelyn Demerest Shirley Denney Wilma Dennis James Densford Allison DePas Clarence Diller Tito Dinzey Relyea Dixon Thomas Doll Kenneth Doran Raudenez dos Reis Elwin Drake AI. , ,...r ,,.,.- , , ,aaaaaaa M E ton Kaldemzury Dolores Dulleck Freda Dunlap Robert Dunn' Aletlfa Dlgglsmae Waller aElmer Ernest Embl Ha"VeY Elder Mary Elder Charleen Eldridge Cha' ev E in Juanita EvanS eton Ronald England John Erhard Warren Erhard Barbara rv .-X SevenfJ"fiUe W I in ell Qld 'Nl wt I l l l in yi I 4 5 r l 5 1 I I t 5 4 :r ' 1 , I l l l' :F l. ll, ,ll l y r is l l ., l r. 51 5 '1 'F i X! I l l r 'K l rrlll i in il lr A? rl ill .v-' l 5 v l 1 r ,,,,,.f an ,.., , ., F M 'I Fellows Martha Fells lrenelfarlrer Daarzlilhn Finkbeiner Martm Frshell Qigynelncpleming Martelle Fletcher Donald Foreman Q .ld Fullc' ge Fousl' Georgra Foust Paul Freeman Dolores Fricstad Carlylc Frrtz Gen bhafd Juanita Furgason Carl Galr Ca l G G Ge ro Yn aevert Troyan Gal Kathleen Galbrmth lgogrlfdla GoldBef9 Jack Gersmger Wilfred George Thelma Grbbs Bryce Gibson Roland Gillcn 5 rtlra Fells rtin Fishell rald Foreman 'Q H l Fulbilrard 'giarefl Louie Gordon Howard Goss John Graham Charles Green Regina Greenage Alberta Greene Raymond Greve Vernon Griesman John Grin Lyle Grover Harold Grundset Patricia Guderian Eula Gunther Muriel Guyot Paul Habada Sonja Haberland' Walter Hager Wilbur Hainey Fa' ' C rl Hamsrra H:hryHil.lLn h - Rllfh Hallock Warren Hamel John Hamer 0 lwJ.rn:iZIglanlj1Q?dy Gilberto Harper Jack Hartena Barbara Hansen Hartwick Hansen CaffJlY" Ha-rdmg Glnen Haugen Janet Hawes n Bobette Harrison Freda Harrison Doris HaSl4lnS Y Seventy-seven 1 William Hawkes Oscar Haynes Joseph Heitsch Alvena Hendrie Joan Henriksen Dorothy Henry gem Merton Henry William Herche Dorothy Herold Carol Herr Edward Higgins Leona Hill Wanda Erna Hillger Carl Hobson Wilma Holbrook Bernard Holland Edith Holly Arthur Holmes Audrey Rx QM, Qfw , .XE l Q 1 . 'N 'Q I J it ,xXx . W 'W gg ., ls N 2' T ,J km -, i N Betty Hosrerler Ruth J J 5 . . H w'll'am HYd6 Vir il llwck Donald Howe Barbara Hunter G n H nt r Beverly Husled l Halen Esther Jackson Gag,-ge Ecobson Eef'erlY ln9le Tctsuo Ito J-Jcfkc lV:fSOi1 Carol Jackson Mari:-ri rian Jacques Rosalyn James Emile Jarrow Lydia Jochmans my it S ev enty-eight xrothy Henry rona Hill Thur Holmes Betty Johnson Estelle Johnson Lois G. Johnson Lois V. Johnson Lucille Johnson Robert Johnson Wanda Johnson William Johnson Willard Johnson Vera Jones Alvin Joyner Harold Jump Audrey Kaatz Ellen Kaser Cereda Keeney Karl Kellawan Thomas Kempton Paul Kenfielcl Ii r . ' R bert IKIYK I -ly llllsled l lllfllllllzclrilgellgl Harvel' Klbble Herman Kibble Mgrl-'yn Kldder Rlbbzllil lhchlullson Eariede Koel-'ling yaglrsflll Edward K ose Lloyd Knecht Robert Knox William Knox David Kribs Milton Kroull Jochmili i OPP John Krchnavi Martha Krchnavi Douglas Kraner Seventy-nine Eighty ,mn - LaCount Curtis LaCOUrt ka Marvin Kuhl Charles E L rnce R' h d K uger James Kubec A d LaSorsa H9606 .awe Zig: Llgxggfiii Cifajgs Lgfferty Klgarbaigmlohke I-Lceannnehhanliester Beciewy Lindner Bethel Little May Lawrence Richard Lee DY it 'FN -saw? .....,.,.s..-nf' L0vCi0Y Kenneth Livesay Ruth Livingston Donna Livingston Joan Lockhart Thomas Lorrcn Mann i J Claire Lundquist Robert Luss Paul Lutchman Lois Lutz Gloria Mahrlc H rbcI,tMarsi13H iii LaVan Mapes Margaret Maretich Bernadette Harold Marsh Vera Mac Marsh C Marietta i l l I 4 I 1 I I LaCourl Y Donald Mason Theodore Massey Esther Matthews Henry Mattson Jane Mattson Raymond Mayor lawrengg Dora McCamment Charles McClenon Robert McFadden Roslyn McHenry Barbara McKamey Richard McNeal 1 Lester Medford Ronald Medford Harrison Mercer James Mercer Herbert Messinger Doris Metoxen -. LW' as I l l l u l fb M, rw Wy V? lll l , A R it , , lla Morefield fLoveI0l Lll:eRAMeyer Norman Middag Anna Miller MBFY M'n'er Doromynf gmery Roland Mullm Mann H Janice lalgank . ROY Morgan Robert Morgan Robert Motzell F I Mouffg Charles Nichols ,Marsha ra am' Patricia Murphy Elwynn Nelson Oren Nelson -,gan Neumann I Eighty-one X Virginia Nickless James Nomura Betty Nussdorfer Joy Oakvik Bill Oliphant Harold Oliver Hubert Oliver Wilbur Olson Gerald Donald Orrick Thelma Ortner Neville Ottley Arnold Otto Audre Owens Oppenlander Myrna Parish Alvena Pearce Clarence Pearcy Norma Pabst ,....uuv X Merrel Pelton Phil Perock Bett Pt Gloria Phill: Al Y G GFS Donald P t K h I p Roland Plumlsgr C ta Philo Bonnie Philo Malcolm Phcrs Dal Y Con Menon Ezghty two atherrn PI 'DDS cm Prcrcc e unz Ann Polston Burton Pontyncn B1rbara Popp Doris Pflaum David Prllo Coretta Pom' A if ' it 3 le 535. - 1 E f il 3,3 . , F ll ' ll W 5 S, 53.2525 YW, , , 5 , ,, is 5 'if Willial Myrtle Gilbert Hamid on Neville Ottley R Clarence Pearq l E 'zizlll pre l l fra Pvffi' i William Reynolds Paul Ricchiuti Harry Rice Barbara Riley Lenora Ringer Jose Rivera Myrtle Roark James Robinson Norma Rodenberg Digna Rodriquez Joseph Roedsens Robert Rogers Gilbert Rohring Margaret Roos Henry Roosenberg Herbert Rorabeck Sheldon Rosenberg Me,-ion Roth .........,...i , ,,,,, Y Ann'f ' - R R R , y - , Q inlan J0l'CbaRllal:-zllirs Gloria Prust Helen P"ZeW07nlk Douglas iPUd'e"'e' Jean Qulmbyen gZllenRasnllussen Edith Reavlg Waller Rairden Mary Rant Murray' RaimUSSen Ruthlgaimusfs Eleanor Reynolds es James Reed William Regal Robert Reiber Haro em Eighty- three f Joyce Rudnik Dorothea Ruf Mario Ruf Ray Rumsey Ernest Runge Shirley Ruppenthal Max Rusher Luella Sack Jessie Salinas Delores Satterlee Ralph Sawvel Graciela Schaelfler Donald Schlager Helen Schneider Mary Schoun Walter George Scoggins Della Scott Schwersinske -:re wg ' liggrz, '45 tr 3"5,Illi:2 'V . - 1 wvwfu' Ny 'Q Nik: X-'Se so IX' ,M Lenore Seiler B tt Sh - Gefffge shansafo Jfanhneasiflii hacqualyn Shay 'tobeff Sheldon odicn shcpplcf Nea' 5'1e""ns Ragnauth Singh Kjell Skyllstad George Shultz lranzisco SiqucQ..1 Cyrus Simmons Erma Qmmonith erard Slack Ramona glaglc Bruce Smith Frederick Sm Eighty-four Je ally Shirley Rupperlla' Gnciela Sclzelh Della Scott E l r r V ruin Ny! Slemyvs i Sm f 5 irideriik ill W , l ! Joe Smith Joy Smith Mary Jane Smith Andrew Snyder Jeannine Snyder Clayton Soper Reba Spach Lee Spencer Anna Spicer Irma Stanaland Joan Stanchfield Floyd Stark Ralph Stark Donald Starkey Robert Stebbins Donald Stecker Harvey Stegeman Frederick Stephan li 1 i I x ! l il if yy l. rr l 3, 2 il il il ii El' i C s . K th Strand if Miiiiiimstgii k EU9ene Stiles Bonnie Stover Bertram Straker adagcglgygisnan Jdasihrilia SwinY?" i lvan Syknc Ie' PhYllis Sunderland Reynold Swanson Richard Swenfren Robert Tebo Helen Terukina 1 es Richard Symonds Vivian Syria Lawrence Szpllel' 0 9 Eighty 15119 l K, Doris Thirlwell Russell Thomas Edith Thompson Helen Thompson lris Thompson Royce Thompson Frances Toone Leo Trevor Samuel Vallado Leon VanArsdale Robert Thumwood Dorothy Tidrick Donald Tietz Jesse Titus Consuelo Trigueros George Trowbridge Charlotte Truman Betty Tupper ,,,.,,,v Ni' ge N5 w ' xw 'W' -9 H . , ermllaalnderberg bggglll Van Dumen Sllllhord Vlxlc Arl Voorhcis Calvin Voss Joh" Wagner Jacob Waldon Walterhouse PhlI.'a'1QVWar,ner Arlinc Warrichnit Pat Watts BCHY Wwmte Aileen Weaver Harold Weaver Hp elklm Anna Whcclcr Ruth Whcclcr D0b0'3h Eighty-six l will ff 1 L 614 29 - . ,y, Esviw-1 rf TY-' :. Wy f :f'i2""1 ' ?" Q 1 ' fifiifisiiiiii - Iiiifiiil' r Q 3, ggi? '-Q-ze K: 7762 . 11 pick: , Mllfliv "" 1' 1 Qs" 2? Rl? Barba Stanlf James l lloyte This rr 1 ll leo Trevor leon Var l wail? r gmail will l r i Barbara Whitney James Wilcox Lurward Wildman Lonnie Williams Robert Williams Shirley Williams Stanley Wilson Mildred Wiltsc Russell Witham Nellie Wolf Yvonne Wolfe Doris Wolter James Wolter Eleanor Woodard Norma Wright Beverly Wykoff Charles Yoshida James Young Vivan Young Gertrude Zumstein Marian Zumstein Gordon Zutz Johanna Zwemef Eighty-seven 0 T OF THE EDITQR' DE K Scrambled accumulation of a year 27 'ifi 9 4 '4 .41 f 5 V if Aw N- , ', X .fm , f vs. t 'af 3 Eighty-eight 'B 011 XS XS- S S TIH Fltili ' r v 'X N 1 N Il 'J l l STANDING: Taylor, Jackson, Show, Pleasants, Bornstein, Voss, Augsburger, Fitch, Anderson. Mobley Sl5A'rigD: Clark. Kenyon, Diminuco, HoHm:1nn, Harms, Woodin THE STU ENT ASS CIATIO OFFICERS: Vic Vice-Pres: Cultur e.PreS: Administrative ...,,,,, '----- P aul Jackson President: Raymond Hoffmann Vice-Pres: Social AHai1'S ..----- ------- W iuiam Fitch ,,,,,...Barbara Kenyon al and --------- -........ M ary Diminucg Secretary I ............ Spiritual Affairs Lynn Harms Tre - . Associate Secretary! ------ --------- A zjlsuler "" ""' """ ---- ....... J 0 h n Woodin Sslstant T1'6E1Su1'e1-3 -.-.-- '---.-----Warren Clark Auditor: '.---- ,,...... M C1ViI1 Taylor Stud ....... Calvin Voss Student Movem CARDI ent M . , Ovemellf Edltorz ...... Marilyn Anderson Custodian I ..... -------- -' " C' M r: .... Wayne Pleasants ent Pub. Mgr: .... William Bornstein Student Movement rr. g NAL ' . - . nce Sh0W Edltor' ------ - .... .... L awrence Mobley CARDINAL Bllsmess Mgr ""' " "" "'Lawre Sponsor: Professor Daniel Augsbufgef N inety-one PRESIDENT: RAYMOND HOFFMANN mm 'Me Sfucfenl SOCIAL COMMITTEE Dial you enjoy tlu- Spring picnic, the Fall and Spring l"t-stivuls. untl tln- 0Illt'l' Student Association social events? 'l'lu-n thunk tln- social conunittee, for they plan all these functions for you. FLOWER COMMITTEE Passing out lnouquvts. lil:-mlly. is the function of the lfloxwi' ffointuiltt-v. If a fellow colleague 01' faculty IIIt'IIIllt'I' is sick. tln- wliolt- stutlcnt body Says with fl0werS wliul wortls woulll inzulvquatcly express. STUDENT COUNCIL ,. . . . . .' nt Iln- Stull:-nl Lount-il is clioscn from the valious stude - . tes groups on tllc 1-Luupus. Representatives act as delegH.l - . - - - . - nt1a lor tln-ir It-llow 4-lussinutt-s in tlCCltl1llg 1SSl16S 6556 to tht- wliolc stutlm-nl lrotly. I I I I I SABBATII fl lrcigi 1? v -' F :' lv-r lin Y I "'Ir.:. ' LQ f L- " EVERYBODY!! I:. ,I t----I l 4 4-.. i --.2 'IOMINAI 1 - fly- ., -xiii :', ll and Spring social events? plan all these notion Oi lit B or faculty with lloweis as delegllfi eentitl ues C5 Aaaaczalzan SABBATH EVENING VESPERS Through the Words and music of Sabbath Evening Vespers, thoughts ascend heavenward to the Creator. With reverence the student assembly ushers the Sabbath of God into eternity. EVERYBODY'S PRAYER BAND Fifteen minutes before noon of each school day is set aside for "Everybody,s Prayer Bandf' God's thoughts and the thoughts of the student body mold lives for the future. "Christ our Righteousnessn is the motto of the group. NOMINATING COMMITTEE tlLIhe Nominating Committee's responsibility is to select Su ents who are able to take the leadership in extra- c - - - - . . urricular activities. This committee is made up of stu- l . tems ff0TI1 each of the scholastic levels. - f 1, 5. ,.,::1,.,f,,.,. SPONSOR: MR. AUGSBURGER LAWRENCE MOBLEY, Editor Marvin Hainer, Larry Show, and Mr. Lovell discussing CARDINAL finance. CARDINAL 'T' I... . ....L.. 91' mit' bfg' hir? lah Editors: Esther Brassington, Shirley Denney, Lois Scott, Stanley Robison, Paul Ricchiuti, Bill Oliphant, Max Church, Miss Marks. photographers. C0 Left: Assisting in the production of the Cardinal are l-Q55 derland nson, Bonnie Jean Stover, Barbara Hunter, and Phylllj S:3Kubecy,,. Below: Eual Baker, Murray Rasmussen, Harold Marsh, and an i-.. ': l, lr- :mms ll' 'l I JK: - Ah lim 'lr' l-r-xml slr! ' RUN 'C i"'rxe 1 Wt' iqsum ll X XX , l.0lS Swlli l lift '55 Milla, ,,. rdinal all ll I and Phyllll d llanl, and li ST UIIEN T MUVEMEN T Editors.: Dick lfantzer, Dr. Paul T. Gibbs, Pauline Marsh, Paul Ricchiuti, Bill Oliphant, Richard Schwarz, William Fuchs, Joe Quinn, Marilyn Orrick. Rl9l'ff2 Working Kopltzke, Grace Scanlon, Murray Below: Charles Dunlap combine attractive. on the Student Movement-Irma Aho, Norma Jean Wright, Janeth Rasmussen. Yoshida, Alvin Joyner, and Freda efforts to make the school paper Lett: Subscriptions campaign MARILYN ANDERSON Editor-in-chief Managing Editors. John Woodin, Wayne Pleasants, Lee Pritchard, William Bornstein. get V: 22 if, ' . I' L- , ,,,-1 This is home-all 25 feet of if I,55,ag2g215:z1ae:--af:-Qfffmzer ff ' .'::aQ:2:5 :'::': ::':2':':'?E5I5i1E2E'E2E5EE 39,-s?EE'E1E1E1Z' . - had gsgsgeg V " .- Igig.k-,.::5Q34:55:2v:52:f:IEIE5EIEv:P?fS5E2E1iEiEfE'?' '. ' "f P i ,,:A'- 'S "4"4'4 ' ,,. A Q, 2 ffzfifs' 1 . ,'1.-1:22:'-1"-211.2 . ' v 4 4 A . 1.1. - - Q l "A" .W eu -, 1 ,Zi ! ' ' in ' il-I ,..: .V A ' . A' A ' i , ' n is .K s - ' " N 1. H ,Ks 1 The high price of food does not affect its taste , -- ' me Not the latest model, but a rattling good one Wise shopping counterbalances IlmltedIl1C0 l'p.- ,Q WN MABS. K ' xv- xnxx V9 Q --'liek xt sf- s-ti W1 u .d,,...n+ ..e. Nm N X A ... X 'q'f9or,:-f'X 4 time N 'K 'Q' Q 1 'Nk xx 'N ' N- IC es limited llllll Both hubby and wife do a bit of improving Comparing verbal notes H l ' rr U aummelles and ettas" romp and play Domestic science "EQ" xg WB99897' A vanishing American Veteran of World War ll Augments college Enrollment And lives in crowded Rooms In tintown or Trailer And battles high Prices With meager lncome. His presence Affects our campus For he is serious More settled now And older Perhaps wiser ln world And domestic Affairs. Soon he will Exchange Limited income For better wages And crowded Quarters For larger homes And leave our halls For he is a vanishing American. l l W I 1 l l i Q e 3 il lr ia ll ,I ii xl ii li i li ll vi 12 I l 1 A ru! 4 if H Above: "But you can study any time!" Right: lnto her life some "mail" must come l Classes for intellectual improvement 1 E E 2 fi 5 Q' 5 Gif We egg it ll Your roommate wants the line held for my 'comma A I 1 1 .nwfwuwnmq fmmw cv. ,ff f f-MM, 'f -A 1 Th 649 Club maxlmum enjoyment wnth mrnlmum effort The parlor does not look luke thus during exam week e I " is in l if Ar, ' l I , l l lx sl X .ff :ia 7 I U h moments in a bachelor's life 'Share your Nickel Club" " appy The Men 9.9 Dorms . - ' Best Friend f wnth a students For that well groomed look Conversa lon W f - HOME ECONOMICS CLUB fl-hrougli pleasant contacts the Home E co- nomics Cluli promotes Christianity SOC. b,l. 1 1 and culture. Soft music, candle light 3 11tYt food offer worthwhile diversion llrolnana iood student life. President, Joyce Vixiec VEISY presidents Martha Anderson and Marllyrg Cibgej Secretary, Claire Lundquistg Publicity secretarst Shirley Denneyg Chairman of Foods, Nomi Rode-nherg. ww te V ,W tw l4,Q PRE-MEDICI-tl ronutvt Em, was CW The Pre-Med Forum, under the sponsorship of Doctor Halenl. fosters a vital spirit in students preparing for advance training in the art of healing. Contact with the medical world is maintained through guest speakers, medical films, and the pre-amed alumni Newsletter. Forum Pri-sitlt-nt. Myron McCumherg Vice-president, Charles Crates: Secretary, Don Fellowg Treasur- er. Don Fahrhach: Publicity chairman, John liolloway. MUSIC GUILD The Xlusic Guild serves a c l'l sical provrams for it provides worthwue mu- s the pulmlic and affords opportunity for talented ' bbinss f ni in concert Robert Ste 1 students to per or - - l lanned l"'s' le I of the build. has Worked ant P lt ll ll 0 f Secretary, with Yit'c-presitlent Bill Hambertge, 1' 't chairman, Aft Shirley lit-ary. and Pub ici y . ' ss. litcliartls to make the year a musical SUCCC SABBATH SCHOOL 1 lm-eam louble purp0S6I V I FOREPGN IAM of TIN Summu' Sllhool is tho icfiii-otiwli which JUNK!! Sl .N campus Cltristinuity. tht- channe lvthouohti . - . 'nu r' flows slutlenl gltlflllllil Vxllltsston L -10. - .- the follow' D with l'tolt-'snr lloltnts. Worlxing ' ' 'P li for . - . - ,Q fro--'1'H11f ' '- wt-u in clturge of ltldllllmh l ' Born. 1- ron Pill . han l 3 lht xt ti Mi lliliula hit-rut ' Wayne - '-1 ': ss - - . A ua.-.t HMM'- rricli. JOYN slvllt. lilllllt'lIt' lla' hlttllt. O .- - ' 'n l'lt"ls'ltlIs li2ll'lHll'll lluuttt. lxltlllf H 1 cn ... . Y. Q -AN S . ll uoltl lump f .ul ,Img Kibbhi. Yixiv. 2 ' . . - 1 Ivy lit-sairio. llurtxsn-lx lluust n. .int K vw nxrtnsll linnre EW .L . sovrnhilin R ll, all gllol tim H hu -r r lt D re, im. lllln Gibb., , Q . l' Q i l rttqelanu 3 ,. ul wma Soonsorshin Y in students Tllo art of nl world if redical lilnis, ter. Forum ce-president. rw: Treasur- rnran. lohn 6 purpose: Jgranrs for of talenlol gr Slfllilllli' ml plannol Secretnft ,man .lil I 5uCCE::r nrfffn' of nh wlllfll if ,honoll fniirnift rffimi for nn W , o'o"'l mkl W' Aemcununs cLuB ' lturp Club dil'1'1'lS IIS 4""lVlll"5 .. vu ' . The Agmtl 's dual aim: T0 llmmolc "'If'1'CS' d'n0' I0 Uk actor 1 ,, thods in agriculture, and to learn in the best me Ormnifjgg of agricultural work the needs and-Optlloli Lyle Hamel Pfcsides this in the denommal .V H. Campbell. Sponsor. year, and Professor oi practical Cxpcricncc in ontrlbutes h1s Years c . ms. farming Pfoble My ,V uw f QQ 7 04? 5, EVERY MAN'S CLUB Men of Burman, Birch, and South Halls unite each week for work or relaxation in the Every iiank Club. Presidents officiating during the gchool year were Wayne Pleasants, first semester. and Max Church, second semester. They were assisted by Vice-presidents Lawrence Day and Edward Higgins. FOREIGN MISSIONS BAND President Gil Wayne Pleasants and ,I A bert Bertocchini and assistants oyce nderson inspire youth for service in the Foreign Missions Band. Tll1S Club meets three times a month, including Uno chapel ' Pf0gram. Elder Otto Christensen, an experienced missio PfHCliCal suggestions in h nary, is able to offer is capacity as sponsor. JUNIOR SEMINAR The J year mm D gives first and second- lnrsterral students, Umor Seminar in th . practical experience Rob ifleld of their choice. ,lake Hannah and reiber m P E Chorist K A Wfiirlent and Vicr'-presiclerrt. Kihhlei and PUHICIYY-directorr are Harvey nd Ch31'l6S Yoshida. iliffeiu . gibbl' sluth-ut bod! is united lvl' UN' lu t-titlt-moi' to enlist in their Stl vu-ry sovit-ty lm'mbt'1'. Rnmo clue. , K0 NW' iota The Amateur Radio Club Station W maintains regular sclietlulps with denomi SCCM t and other contacts, operating Commullratiorial equipment built in the Physics departmeliallon oratories. Unliccnsed members who are intl ah. in operating the club transmitter or theirested are instructed in obtaining the necessary Fed0wn Communication Commission authorization eg? i ficf-rs include- Burgess Bills, WSZIZ, Pres.g-joint 7 ROY J or- OH, Secre- Holloway, WSDYE, Nice-presidentg QQVUSCU, WLINQF, TFUSTUCZ Donald Mag tary. PHILAMW' C W' GIRLS' ronutvt Dormitory girls are drawn together in a spirit of friendship and fellowship by means of the Girls' Forum. June Johansen, President forthe first semester was assisted by Adelaide Youker, Vice-president. Second semester President was Annabelle Hobbsg Vice-president was Norma Hodenberg. SPEAKERS FO MINISTERIAL SEMINAR The Ministerial Seminar, a miniature church .t-mit-.5 utfm-tle opportunities for members to gain vxpt-rit-m'e in ministerial leadership. FifSf st'lltt'Nlt'l' l'rt-sitlvnt was .lack Ca1'GY- Who was assisted by Ross Baptist, Vice-p1'eSiCl6I1TS Frank Vessels was second semester President and James Smuts was Yit't'-p1't'SiClCllf- cum 0' 1 HEQS O MISSIONARY VOLUNTEER 50 - vhole H , , my I 5 1 ,A..,1 of the W lln- ntissionuix tahnt .md ltr thc Missionary X ders w . H . - -md lea Yoluntt-vi' Soviely. lln- Ntsstoiitiry la' I 'ooeram ' ' mil-winning P1 U X In -an W 3 iii!-ft. 'iitittyt' li' ' 'tlltttt x . Filth 'nm X , ' Alinunifiti 'H 'hi Ev- twill? izli N' llttqmi, N . nf nh. ., hx . WM K I-PM ..,nHZat.. sr lt- tt. Pre .ith 4. im: Hoi- kr! . . Nigigoni QE., N Vg. M tllff it H spitit Y means of the 'resident lot the tdelaide Youhfl ' President was Ht was Norma NAR iniature chuitlt r iiienihers I0 gdership. Fllfi im. wht 'lil Fraul esitletili lent and ilmlf soflfll of the llhoii hp llifflllaii lland leaflet' H1 . fftgfa Lntllg p A whic ORONOKQ NA1uRAus1s cl.uB O loko Club nantctl for tht- township in IO! F' . The Missionary College is located, l . Emmanue th information about thc natural Specilllizes.lnvicinity When Tommy Kessler, lite in lltient and Professor Phipps, sponsor, Clullpresll il. Eh0u0'l1IS for activities, interesting Combmiaigigeplace. DAmong the interesting events 1 results Q01-ed was their trip to which the club SPOUM Chica50' PHILAMINE CLUB the Philamine Club, an organ of The officers of the pre-nursing group, keep their eyes fixed on their goal. From the expressions on their faces it would seem that each is thinking of the day when he or she makes the pledge 'cto devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care." The Club President Dorothea Hull leads out in keeping alive Club members' interests in the field of nursing. SPEAKERS FORUM The Speakers Forum, open to all students, is Cluli is to helm members. The purpose of the clearly' forcetulll prepare mihvlduals to present Cod tg th Y, and logically the Word of C World. Professor Field acts as f l . aiglttgd SE0HZ0I'd and President Harold ,lump is R Y 11 rey OW . . Presidents. eng and Bob Klfk' Vice' TEACHERS OF romonnow The Teachers of T for those student Omoffow Club is organized Work," that of Shwhg ITHVC Ch0S6n uthe nicest Monthly meeti elvms t0 mold characters. HHS work and Iigs help members to PTCPHTC for fellow Teachersofbi-Come better acquainted with sor, is able to if 0m0ff0w. Miss Ambs, Spon- -. dem Cal 4 0 91' practical guidance to Presi- f Jo J i Igfinsen a - , I . Ottnson. im V111 'IJl'1fstth-nt Wanda f PHILATELY CLUB Whether or not stamp trading is a m version of the old art of horse trading may odern 118Ve1' be conclusively proved, but at least EMC Ph' lately club members find trading stamps to bi. e far more educational and fascinating Clh - u nt Alvin Hess, and Secretary-treasurer Bill Binkert agt co-ordinators for club activities, President David Sullivan, Vice-preside nl' pil V X HS n SUNSHINE BAND iizoovfl 'ww Although no one has ever effected a practical method of storing sunshine now for future de. livery. the Sunshine Band endeavors to carry sunshine to shut-ins in surrounding towns every Sabbath afternoon. Under the direction of Leader Mary Rant and Assistant Leader lack Geisinger, the band utilizes songs, music, and scripture to spread Cheer. FRENCH CLUB The French Club is organized to foster in- terest in the French language. This aim iS accomplished by club programs based on Fr8I1Cl'l life and customs. Officers are William Mercer, Presidentg Elaine Christensen, Vice-President? Herbert Rorabeck, Treasurer. Facultl' SPOUSUT is Professor George Smith. FRENCH SABBAT.H SCHOOI- ffords all Oppoftunlly l"reneh Sabbath School H .hlp to students of the French lallguage lo Wmfhev llod in an understood foreign tongue' that the might better be prepared for 3 Paft mdents woirld-wide mission p1'0QLl'Hl1l. Si1p61'111leg:ther are Gerald Wilkinson, Robert Dunn, and S llrundset. WTEIIMSCUR N9 all l .WSH U8 D Dill., . iiiillis ll Ellti PI. DQR 4. U -X tu . it Xl lu. 1 9250. X .i M D 'i 3 Ptatlirr -'ft tuture dl. WIS I0 gm Q tutrng gr-in tion ut Leann , i, 1 .. :tx tfeisingn. and srriptnn 0 foster itl- 'his aim iS 1 on French 'gm llerteft apresidentg tn Srttfol DI. pp0l'luuily 0 Wofilllp that 'hey 1 lll the t5 ntffflden ld Eitllfff L. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN the various WHYS tht' Amon? memlyg-1'5' interests in the German keeps an-Ei that of meeting as a group twice in laiiguaiel-Elo. meal time in the dining room. week- Hu wiretliel' over cutlets and potatoes Chamnvembgrs keep in practice in using the mpg In . . Other activities, sponsored German language' ,. . P idgnf Dick Kantzer and Nice-president V res - l I ll Shimek help to acquaint members with OVCC ' Ggrman Culture in general. THE GOSPEL HERALDERS Drawn together by a love for Christ and a desire to preach Him through music. the Gospel Heralders have become synonymous with good quartet music at BMC. Giving programs in rlillerent churches, singing over the radio. and helping in evangelistic efforts have served to accomplish their aim of 'lChrist in Songf' Mem- bers are Charles J. Danforth, first tenorg William Brown, second tenor, Robert D. Williams. hari- tnneg and Tedford ,l. Rasmussen, bass. VETERANS' CLUB Fofmmg The largest club on the campus, the 'l . . . ttgtffills have endeavored to keep alive that spirit 0 ' . unity and co-operation that brought them il ' tfV0l1gn the last war and to EMC. Proper rc- art ,t . . . . luqmem Of the veteran to civilian life has lite r ' H heir goal. Officers are President William Fuel. Q' - . gwrii' asrlsted by Vice-president Wilson Trickett, n 6 ' arY Richard Schwarz, Treasurer Carl Jor- gnns . , ent and Chapllll Bill Bornstein. 6:49 CLUB Now ffflterin ' only breakfast gel 1128 Second year, the school's lie earlY-morninu Colmnues to dictate rigidly all H 3 activities of pint, Ih uien. Operarin ani Burman IOQI5-49Q1ub thrivi OH Split-sccoiirl timing, lleilrliakfast just lieforf-Otll ggttlng HS H11'inliers C Fers C. Beehe, W1BiQ 6550 a. m. deadline. mmgensen, P. Rohls Ornatrfln, R. Hoffmann, KD-Yost . a R- Schwarz, lf. Smith, aft all officers, German Clulm -5 , f fi:-Q fly f ig! f 4 ,Z M, XQWQAQ 1? ff 21' f f 1? X X V! 5 A jj, 5 , 0 , 4 ,5 1 1 4aI, ff ff fi if f if-e .,,, 5 Mr. Hamel Girls' Chorus 3 BSE N E COLL.EGE ORCHESTRA Ensemble and Comb V Mr. Jochmans esper Ensemble ined Choruses W f X Z 'L' , W, IWJZZWA .WWQQ mwxm Wwwwz l as kd.. s s i 5 l D 2 L1 g- i t r'A ,f X .6 WWI 'Q". K XX. XX X l, ZH Q , , , 1 X Q P9944 .M .4 ' li 2 ,x ' is 2 Melvin Taylor Alice Duffie Raymond Hoffmann Neil Sorensen Thomas Brown Joyce Haberbusch Earl Seaman Esther Brassington Esihcr Grundset Lois Scott William Bornstein Marilyn Gibbs Orris Keiser Who's Who . . . Who's Who amon an honor album. S . - ' 'r and tudents are chosen by the laculty on the basis of school SPIN . . . . . - term g Students ln Amwzcrzzz UHlUl'I'A'1llf'.f and Collcgcu could bc activity records as W 11 h elected ofh Esther Nu ' Haberbusch, B.S. in Nursing Education, Raymond H. HOHIIWIIIWI1. Rfllglonr kelme Huston, Premedicineg ce. This year representatives to Whos Who are William R. Bornstein, RC O e as sc olastic achievement. They must have held a studCHf' L. Brassington, English, Thomas L. Brown, Biology, Alice Duma, BS' In . . . . . -. . . Seaman Orris S. Keiser, PI'ClUCLllCll1C, Lois L. Scott, History, E-lfl l Business, Neil I. Soren A Elementary Education. One Hundred Fourteen . . - , Winlillif sen, gricultureg Melvin Taylor, l3us1nCSS: llml M-'VY B' l OU, . . . . 1 - R- rsing Education, Marilyn Gibbs, Home Economicsg Esther Grundset, FrCI'lCl1, IOYCC hG. Mary Winkler Kenneth Huston fx ,' xx ACADEMY As the secdling's roots entwine themselves about the strong-hberccl parent network to become an inextiic- able part of the great tree, so has the academy become an inextricable phase of campus life. ' Though the branches of academic development are less extensive, the basic design follows that of the Col- lege. With the secondary plant, too, the ultimate pur- pose is the bearing of an abundant harvest of Christian young people, consecrated to the service of God. 09565 5 ai c I m,g,,li?ilsoniinB1Iu 'l , ,Lev Hilti" 'fft gmlimgbk fc' fn ,..--rv-' ,-'AM ,N X Z ., tn 1 Ja pf 9 'E 7's 'J 'L , . H! 5 l 'E' 3 v .3 , w 31 4, "9 5? i I3 K H 2 L 4? ir. +-. 553fQ':."l.'I"' iw '--. N " N25-.""-'T.".. fi "'n.""Nq if 'gs .I K sax w Nmxxx qw, f X --NN X . ts ,. 5 X-.ss Q XXX . L Xwmswv QNX , 2 1 pfaincipali Meddage Who does not Want - pany could be organized to sell insurance for success, a most prosperous business would be theirs, that is, if the public could be convinced of its dependability. But such a scheme is preposterous. Nevertheless, most of us endeavor to provide ourselves with some form of success insurance. Chance, natural or cultivated talents, Wealth, unusual opportunity. inhuential friends, and flattery-all of these, singly and in combination, have been tried as a means to success. However, failure has follow to succeed? lf a com ed when every prospect seemed ned the eliorts of those handicapped by lack of most conditions reward d - ' 2: 6 as essential. A Worthwhile goal has been found to be the greatest essential to achi favorable, and success has often crow evementg choosing an appropri- ate goal is the best success insurance on the market. Clinton W. Lee, B.A. ACADENIY FACULTY ' l riculfurei Rache . . canlpbelll l - . English' Vmhir - . - FWS? row: .lustina Batiuk, Home Economics: Alma Campbell' ence Field, 50C"'l Science - Johnson, Secretarial ClWiSfman, Dean of Women' Maude Fahrbach, Nurse: C ali Holmes, Mafhemaficsi El5'e ' . . . r . . Secind 'om PW' Hamel, Music: Hurry Hem' Physms' Arincllpal. ' Frenchi l-e5"e smnh' Training, Rudolph Johnson, penn gf Meng Clinton Lee, Pr: . . . e Smith, Third . Lb.-anam Georg 4 . row- Wanda MacMorland Re isfrar' Arlene Marks' ' 1 9 ' pphed AHS? Edward Wagner, Biology. One Hu nclrefl Seventeen I k L + ? JAMES ANDERSON GERALDINE HQAKER, FRANCES BECK RO NiCkname"uJim,, l ilClliq?glEiERim,fyt ' T - 1 . NiCkp5meQuFran" Nic1Enac511lh:eTE'Iil-O " F Ambition-MUSIC Teac my Km 1 , Arr r mc n H1 y L ac 101 Ambxtron-Nurse Ambition-N Ose Wisconsin entuc 3 Texas Illinois urge F AIM-To The Stars H XIOTTO-The H i g h C r The Climb The Broader The View R SQRIPTURE-Philip- pians 3:14 FLOWER-Crrrrdson Rose CO'LOR-CFIIIUSOH and Gray R 4 A ?I,mun....,,. ..,. JACK DALSON ARDITH DOERING Nickname-"Jack" Nickname-4'Ardie" Ambition-Printer Ambition-Doctor Illinois Illinois Fw I A 1 R 4 R x5"'W3 FITO A HAM YING Rlckflfimexffgddi ,, MARIAN GAST MARTHA GRUVER 0 7, I5I?CPkEnRaTne.-"Ha111 Ying" gLnblt1onNGeol0g?St Nickname-"WiggS" NiCkH3mC-c4M3ftl11C Amlgition-MiUiSlCT am ifzmlgition-private Secretary imbitiorr-Teacher Trinidad if ziggn issourz One Hunrlrerl Nineteen QD . IVOR JOHNSON BARBARA MAXSON ESTHER POWELL gf1IgT:151eili'g7IVE11t,' , Nickname-'4Ivor" Nickname--'4Barb,' Nickname-'clilsthera' Alubhhion-Teacher A Ambition-Mortician Ambition-Nurse Ambition-Nurse Mlgzhligan New York Michigan Michigan E S. Efgiif Sip ix' 1+ P3 10521, H? iz i . X: ELEANOR PUDLINER JANETH SCANLON V' :fa E 2 Nickname-c'Putzie" Nickname-"Jan" .- A -v Ambition-Teacher Ambition-Business .L Michigan Wisconsin Ai ggi RQSSELL STHRAMAN ENOS VAN DUIEN PHYLLIS WIESEI H ihillihkme-BRAISS, Nickname-uEn0s" Nicknalne-'cphll Ohiol mn- uslness Manager iXW1T1l,iEi0n-13u5inpS5 Managcr Anmbifion-Nurse . One Hundred Twenty zchzgan M1'ClI,IgU7l w5"""" SK""' U In L L ESll1Qf" lll'SC hill l ' v Z i ' . ' Ieicher Wayne Vande Vere Mar R b S' Feld L0lS Sch . y oosen erg J H dl MLC' I ecretar Presldenf Vice-President oe a ey Harold Green l Sponsor S Y l Don Alspaugh Doris Atherton Richard Bloch Ira Collins Shirley Ferguson Bonnie Herr Alta Houck Alfred Jenks Betty Jenson .loseph .lones Cecil Lemon Earl Mayer Russell Fumford Francis Spittler James Vfrighl' JUNIIIRS Sergeant-at-arms W Treasurer One Hundred Twenty-one g SOPll0M0llES OFFICERS: Pres: Pat Lashier Vice Pres: Pat Lafferty Sec: ,loan Marsh Treas: Dorothy Macomber Sgt.-at-arms: Betty Hunt Sponsor: Mr. Wagner Gerald Abel Delores Edsell Phyllis Hannum Lewis Herr Bettie Hunt Bob Hunt Kenneth Pat Lafferty Grace Krchnavi P Arthur Miles Floyd Owens l s Gilbert Dunn I Alois Ewaschuk I Leroy Fulford - Edmund Gibson Charlotte Groft Patricia Lashier Dorothy Macomber Joan Marsh Beverly Plested Milton Sluder Charles Ward Doris Beyer PW Pierre Braun izllwn llene Christensen :ffm ,M If in! Mel Ease EB md land -:ie llnhul ua i+,.. 1 ll him hu me Wal Mgt lame my ll. lol has Qi WN .1 WN Jensen Ullll bson Groll ngram omber 1 rd FIIESIIDIILN OFFICERS: i Pres: hlvlvin rcngrnnrr Viva l'r'ox: Islam-I llorrvls Sec: Sllll'lt'y Owl-rrs Trolls: liolo Classrm-lx Sgt-rrf-rrrrrrs: lfloyrl Woml L 5 Pastor: Hivliurwl .'Xlllll1""'llt' Sponsor: lhliss Slovlqlorr Anita Allen J Bruce Anderson Richard APPle93le Lorraine BBW' Clarice Christensen u I Dorothy Collins . lenora Crandell Tom Dalson Joann Davis Melvin England ll "' if ony Gibbs J' Belly Glasscock My I I Bob Glasscock 3 .,-V , 5 JOYCe Holbrook iio- Charles Hyun J W' 1 larhara Johnson Jeannine Lane Joan Lane Violet Miller ..o-f"Wfq,. Jeanne Oliver lhirle Shirle llolfi Wood l' Olson Y Owens One Hunclrefl TwCnW'fhfef ,.".tI1.I3""""' bww f tg 01,1 4 . ,.,4Lzr,,13I64' l I lzqgx 3,074 QW 9 '17 QW 14, ' , ' 1 , 1 ' ' . 5404.-w"r,, , I9 I , ,Q V1 X It '-fy ,490 M, 4 Qarlc ..f. ..., .,f.f.f..v. , ,,,,, . .,.,.,, i 15 Propcnsftd flezxdlines for the FIVATLYEK 'LSz1xFn Czxmpaigtt Makes Rig Spinal' Some students evidcntiy misumk :im campaign opener for A mark:-zmanship gtmtess., Zieorc: Fax-fr apologies and one Sofia? suit. To Om' Subscrxluersi If, bcczuise of improper :zt.idres5in3.g. than tx t.OSi1lUlK.k:A is to xufrl, mm mth Wm we tug th ewcreri 0 STU E ASSUCI I0 A CDI Standing.. . , ......... Q U- 01S Ewaschuk So ho . . . lepresentatweg Marion Cast, Sirejtzxf? rep'e56Hff15LUC5 Frances Beck, CARDINAL editorg Janeth Scanlon? SGIUOV Seated: Bob Butterfield, presi ne Hundred Twentyvfour dent' E1 , . , . ' der Lee, S9071-SUV! LO15 SCh1C1CllC1', Vice-p1'es1fclc11,t. r 4, 'f r U , V, fr fc W: I 4, If 'J f f V . I+! earl f, 5 'J "1- 'f K . iltcm mul V. EU 3 SY IQ I-If-'fi-It H9-1"-i Hi-P-9' I l a i Academy Band 15 1 0 I Glrls Chorus 1 .S W'Nm. 041113 if J " qi' my ff I .Y ff: .al Phqafca X zines e3926E76.mnaf 011 tw" ,fl Dru Goods :-: Women,s ond ChildPen,s Apparel 321-325 State Street St. Joseph, Michigan Compliments of Drs. Garrett and Fattic 204 Star Bldg. Niles Mich. Mud' When in "The College Store gal treat yourself to a Claeys "Puff Ball" 5' 'M CANDY BAR li The coPP Music sl-lop i r l22-26 E. Wayne St. South Bend Everything in Music Congratulations r 1 u To the Class of '49 RUBEPITSUNS of South Bend 4 i 4 i 4 n Compliments of Zteaaafzle' Indiamz's Oldest Department Store I lllllll BIBLIA DAllYC South Bend, Indiana OUR 117th YEAR! Mom Auto snuas mmm an SALES SERVICE i i 4 rom: cnns and mucus 1 3266 N MANBEE WHEEL ALIGNING 6' BALANCING GENUINE PARTS 6' ACCESSORIES Berrien Springs, Mich. li PHONE 5711 gg , ,.,,,,,..,-vv-fl- One Hundred Twenty-eight XXX X I I I I I IY BAR 'I Store l LIES 5ERVlCE NIS G IANCLN LLIIIFS A AA , Om unease caagfwufalcmm 54 546 gfzadaazea of l?49 'Wing Me mme mea: magma , alan dndpdfae ide mwlefzgfzad te z wife cashew LLI TILL BIBLE AND SOUL-INSDLIZLNG BOOKS BL YOUR DAILY COILIDANLONS THROUGH LIIL INDIANA Boon AND BIBLE House INDIANA CONFERENCE 3266 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, Indlana f IL rl X Af ' L 1 ' - ,f V, , ,L L L .J' I , ' If I . . fV . .. Lf, jjj, L L LIL ' ,nj L I L I L I L L L LW v Q l I LILILILIL I LILII ILII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIII 7 If iiii LI NLE I A W LQ? Q coMPLIIvIIsNTs nf PU .I I fu L I 'L L L Eg L L In-ILL 'F' " 'I SEARS, ROEBUCK AND OO. I I II L IL Retail Stores of I I I , 'IP South Bend, Incl. Benton Harbor, Mich. F A ' in ' "' ' 'L IL L L I L ,L 'L BAND BOX COLONIAL FLOWERS CLEANERS L L I L L L I L L I L I L L L L L L L L L L L L I L L L L L I L L I I I ' L L I L L I L I L L I L I L I L I L I I CLEANING PRESSING 'QL DYEING MOTH PROOFING L 68 Sixth sr. Phone 8828 II QUALITY - SERVICE - SATISFACTION Benton Harbor, Mich. IRUHRINGSS I CLOTHING STORE 'jf CORSAGE 5PEC'A"'5T5 93 wen: Main Phone 5-2286 I BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN EL Compliments IL of IL , 'gg Berrien Springs L' A 8 P FOOD STORE ': I Sam Tillman, Manager Une Hundred Thirty gill!!! LINCULN gmc Facing 35 illtl Gd I-'Rim Glaz GRAND uhm ln XI THE LAKE UNION CIINFERENE PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT I11V1tes Quahfied Students to W1n Souls and earn a Scholarshlp ,2A, :.E, I :2 1-TT The Student Colporteur Way A PLAN ORDAINED GF GOD in . LINCOLN BRICK C0 Mllk Products Company Chicago, ll'- GCIITBYU Mich- mzv MILK CONDENSED MILKS ICE CREAM MIXES Grade "Av Milk M-...,,wNMMa gf ,h,,,+ihgj1i" q,...-L J fl Thzrty one One HW Te KW . ' W ,-,,. A A V V A.A,-A-f.-.A-A.AA-.--A-A--A--A-A-AA--ff-A-"'-A-A-f-v---A--4f3-A-A- -AA-----A-A-A-A.f.A.A!:::I,WI3 I Y ,.. I , , -If--v-----'-'-'-1'-'f"""""""" """"'A ' ' ' ' ' Y ' ' Y ' 'Tl' - - I 4, P 4, 4, I+ sssr WISHES mom C f LEADING NAMES 4, IVIIGALA RUG COMPANY 4 IN QUALITY ARE CONTRACTORS AND WHOLESALERS 4 FOUND AT 2oz Main sr I . A sf J sepn, Michiga Wyman ,4 A HINSDALE SANITARIUM and HOSPITAL X' -X- f School of Nursing 4 FALL CEASS STARTS SEPTEMBER 1949 X - -- A--AAA-f-A-'-A-.AvA--AA.AA-.-A-AA i -vA'A A AA: -vAA-.A' AAAA - AAAAAAAAAAAAA ,,.. AA- A AA SASA 0 H fl h dT ,,,-1l1i'FP Y,,, ?' - , JT' ,,,A AYYAAA Tyxu-1 1 -Q ' - "' ' ' "' """" ' A .- A K W3 IES RE 1.11 ,.1- X gs... w 4 f qi . ZQ f M wb X' f xl E bg' T. - E "ig coMPLlmEN1s1g 521gEQQ 2 fb j aff- 121 Q fm ' 5 E .4 11 of gig 3 gk 35 E W Q 32 Y NL fx E B ig N bk f scmosssn nnonua ,wg E IG. 1MiAiYiiiAiAiAififii i A ' J ed Thirty-thf Ong HILTL 7' I-1 --nz: nl I AF'!!'--,'H?!' ...... -- Compliments of R. B. corus coMPANY Benton Harbor, Mich. 1 1 1 1 HARDIE SPRAYERS CATERPILLAR TRACTORS 1 CASE TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS STANDARD GARDEN TRACTORS SPARKS LUMBER Eco. BUILDING MATERIAL and HARDWARE Berrien Springs Phone 2511 1 Compliments I Mc0MBER and COMPANY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Sl:over's Marlcel: and Grocery I Real E5lo'le"'I"5""""'e 102 Ferry St. Berrien Springs I Established 50 years 11 5611-Ph0ne-5613 Berrien springs Phone 3221 Compliments 1 1 1 Barnharfs Flower Basket 1 1 Flozuers for All Occasions ff BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICH. PHONE 7-2311 Us. 31-SOUTH Compliments of 1 THE GREEN LANTERN RESTAURANT The Best in Food and Service Berrien Springs, Mich. EHAMBERLINIS DRUG STURE Whitman Candy-Sheaffer Pens Hall Mark Cards Compliments Hill Top Coal 81 Ice Co. WARM MORNING -HEATERS ALFRED BENDER BERRIEN SPRINGS PHONE 3721 Serving you is our pleasure! l0HNSON'S GROCERY 1 I 1 1 The Midget Store GROCERIES - co11FEcTIoNs -ICE CREAM 1 On U. S. 31 Near College Entrance NQTIQNS 1 I Berrien Springs Dial 7-1824 1 1' GROCERIES - HEALTH FOODS - FROZEN FOODS OPEN EVENINGS 1 1 1 Compliments of Wmqb gecuatq S4475 U Complete Beauty Serffice I 1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF John F. Russell Co., lnd- BUICK -- PONTIAC - CHEVROLET GM TRUCKS SALES and SERVICE BERRIEN SPRINGS PHONE 31" Phone 2692 College campus Compliments J MILLER'S MARKET A4-P"99'?99?-7 e'es-'ess,e'e. A- -- .,ss.,..,,s EEEIEFIEPEBTEQSP One Hundred Thirty-four I I I I r I I I I I VARI I I 2511 ' r ICSW 5 I I I n vprmgg 1 . TUBE ,ii -ii- I I I S ONE 3721 I 5 V0 'E CREAM Z lol IROLET 'RVICE HoNf lm Z Compliments of the PACIFIC PRESS PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA Publishers of spirit of prophecy, evangelical, medical, and educa- tional booksg Signs of the Times, Our Little Friend, M y Bible Story, Present Truth, and Listen-A Iour- nal of Better Living. E55 V Q9 Q asf 0 A ,I fs X , 1, D. I-' 4 fm 2 l I Q5 of Q 0lSHIN9v One Hundred T lIirt3f'five fo I BRAMMALL SUPPLY COMPANY 196-202 wafer sr. 1 1 1 BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,rf DISTRIBUTORS KOHLER PLUMBING FIXTURES 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 - MYERS WATER SYSTEMS OLDSMGBILE 12 SALES d SERVICE T1-1E1sEN-c:LEMENs Clarezhlze D. 111 N. Main St. Berrien Springs, Mich. Phone 3951 : D'SfR'BU'0RS H 2. H STANDARD sfnvlcla 1 1 P 1 CITIES Corner Cass and Ferry Streets Complete Lubrication . . . Washing Phone 9281 Berrien Springs BERRIEN AUTO SUPPLY Telephone 3622 1 1 1 1 1 105 W. Ferry St, Berrien Springs, Mich. -1 SPORTING GOODS GAMES HOBBIES '55 S E C E FISHING TACKLE ACCESSORIES CROSLEY APPLIANCES QUALITY PETROLEUM Cgmplimenfg THE JOURNAL - ERA P R 0 D U C T S BERRIEN COUNTYIS LEADING WEEKLY BERRIEN SPRINGS EAU CLAIRE Phone 3421 Phone 3231 il 1 Compliments of S 1 RECORDS AND APPLIANCES '31 95 Wall sn-ee: Dial 9881 Benton Harbor, Mich- I1 FUNERAL SERVICE Compliments of 52' E' Mein Niles, Michigan SCHRADER'S oRocERY 1 Ph 10- . . one W Phone 4711 Berrien SPFIHQS , ,,,, , Y Y ivrrri 7 ::v,:::::::'A::i:A' fvxvxvki - ::YA::vA ,,,--.,-v-.f-- 1 One Hundred Thirty-six "Y"'i""""' P""'lf""" 1 l 3' ' .,-. cuffs: ,-ly, 'III' 11:15 1 A113 wh THE E I mimi 1 5 1 T0 THE FUTIERE LE! CHURCH WE SEND AND BEST V Toallwerecommzndiurv 11 Q d H ' 11 pm 1: I IThe Revicw and Rm We wie d the and 'The YOIltIl'5 lnnnktm 5 I Ou' !'0ll!II's ogg Lniedagd Health N . 'Liberty mm Huh A 111 san em hath School mbmw - Thegdinisnv 01' Ioumal of Tabu VI-h Fmminl lhg du mt e Family Gm 1 Orde, hm Rem., I: nt' in PM' Wd: DN.. QI Mich. I '9 prings 1l in 3622 Mich. nies ies I i X f V SLARE I f Mich. I . Lprlllgs y X ffwwwwwae Tie --' i f - - A A-- 'A' -E -A-- - - - A-A- - - - '--A- --A- '--A - -A,-.A -. . . ,. . , - Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of Nineleen Forty-nine "The arms of his hands were made strong By the hands of the mighty God of Iacobg , , , Even by the God of thy father, who shall help theeg And by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above." ILLINOIS CONFERENCE THE BEST IN LITERATURE Religionsffldealthffluvenile Illinois Book and Bible House I I I 9 TO THE FUTURE LEADERS OF THE CHURCH WE SEND GREETINGS A 6009 PLACE AND BEST WISHES TO FILL UP U y To all we recommend for your reading pleasure and p1'0Htg TIRES SANDWICHES I 9 One Year if . FOUNTAIN SERVICE .I 'lThe Review and Herald 153.75 BATTERIES I The voice of the church SWIFT'S ICE CREAM I ACCESSORIES I llThe Youthls Instructor 3.75 ae c Olll' Y0l1th's own paper MOTOR -I-UNE,Up HOMEMADE PIES 'Life and Health 2.75 Tub Our National Health Iournal IGNITION PARTS A GOOD PLACE l TY 1-00 T0 BRING magazine of Rcllglous Freedom SPARK PLUGS YOUR XTITQ Sabbath School Worker 1.75 , Enlarged to build more spiritual WASHING and GREASING FRIENDS 3. . lll'l?Hth schools exlgfffy 2.50 Il ea er - Iournal of TIZZWE emc'C"Cy 1.25 CLEAN REST Rooms Fostering the education that educates if ll The Famlly Grou A 1513.00 value for onl P Y 358.7 5 Od 5 relkllflm your Book and Bible House, or Tellilew and Herald Publishing Assn. a Uma Park, Washington IZ, D. C. B E N N is ws MARATI-lon ssnvice On Hl9hW3Y 3l Berrien Sprin95 I li I I I :,.,..e- ..e. 'ee' f ,.f,VY irfy A i One Hundred Thifwsellell I , , ss, , ssss s s,s s s s s T s s , s s sssss s sss , ge ,,,,,' 4 COMPLIMENTS of It OVER4OYEARS ON MICHIGAN ST. .,, 326 So. Michigan 4 SOUTH BEND, INDIANA 14 W- E 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4 4 4 4 Jewelers to South Bend and Neighboring C I, t f Q Communities for more than a quarter 0mP'men so QE century I 4 BLOCK BROS. GARDNER'S ST. JOE, INC. Everything for the Sportsman Corner Michigan 81 Washington sou-I-H BEND 313 MAIN ST ST. JOSEPH, MICH. Gifts of al! kinds wrepped and shipped ' Phone 3'2946 to any part of the world ' Compliments of OFFICE suPPLY 8. EQUIPMENT co. 130 NORTH MICHIGAN STREET 1, TERRITORIAL and FIFTH souru BEND, INDIANA 24 4 PHONE 3-6155 BENTON HARBOR, MIcI-I. if I T XNWMNNNM ALLENDICKS 4 4 4 MAIN 8g SECOND STS. N LES, MICH. SOUTHWESTERN MICHIGAN'S MEN'S FURNISHINGS 44 MOST MODERN MEN'S STORE SPORTING GOODS T,s's,,,, ,,,,',,,,, f ,,,,,,,,,,, ',,, I I ,,,,,,,,,, C I glggvgggvg ACACA, A g 4 One Hundred Thirty-eight X NC. MICH H11 -1- I0. N 3-6155 1 ,Y,Y,V,.,YYA,. Y,YA 'ff- " - - ' - N E Compliments oi W wf K W CLEANERS 1oo4 N Ponmen BUCHANAN, MICH if "":'Tf'f. , H , ATF ,,':,.,-f-f-,,,,,.,.,-N aww, ,umem,,,,e,f fm ffff 3femf10f10'lq quaalead eAnNn'z diff haue fldafad of Leauliful fufznifwze 011' South' BencI's Lowest Prices COMPLIMENTS BURSLEY 6' CO., INC. 702-16 s. Michigan SOUTH BEND, IND. Elf-Quality--Foods FRESH FRUITS ci VEGETABLES A-KM""""--N-..,,,,,iAi fifrr r T i Y '1""'f"""""' 1, One Hundred T FOR BETTER VALUES T SEE TIII We '15 one -, I 'IIII cg? Imgftxc-:III-III 153 If IN COMPLETE Home FURNISHINGS W kIEx.S"IIl'sZ?::jg I 1 y IIIILIII why fE?f .IIILIQIIIII W II'PewrI!Cf "Iwi A I I Ihre! . I IA Better Furnished Home Means B L g ' I UYIITC. IILWJI , AULT CAMERA SHOP, INC.I I lxndmany Q., I I IIIIIII 'Irv I HOME ourflrrfns T22 So. Main St. SOUTH BEND, 'INDIANA Opposite Court House 315-317 South Michigan Street SOUTH BEND 10, INDIANA I ",Xl.:5:. If I Compliments of The ENDERS Co. If I , - I ji I I I I II I I I I CARYFLOWER SHOP I I WISE SPENDERS SHOP AT ENDERS Phone 6145 Benton Harbor, Mich. BENTQN HARBOR, MICH. I COMPLIMENTS OF THE FOUR FLAGS HOTEL I I ' NILES, MICHIGAN I I .I,f.- ..,.,,-,,.,,,,,-.v.v,v,:v,: Jxvsfvsvr::::::r:: A A A I I - - f C - Y - ,-,-.-,-,-,A,-,-,-,- One Hundred I Forty zoz E. Main sr. Phone 6336 I II I I II I 'I I I I II I II I I I I I I II I I II . I I - I I II I I I II I I I I II I I I I II II I I I I II I I I I II I I I I I I I I I!'s,1,j1.I-. I Spam I po VIVII B osoe O eI.I , eseIe.eeIeIe WNQQ SMI m INC. 1-1 -1- pw!! 336 1 V' ggi-QEw'I1I-,IE . ROYAL PORTABLE . . . with FINGER FORM KEYS! ' New! The most sensational typewriter improvement in years-FINGER FORM KEYS-designed to cradle your finger t' s! 1PAnd only the New RCYAL PORT- ABLE-the world,s First truly modern typewriter-has this revolutionary fea- ture! And more, besides! New Beauty! Speed Spacer! Rapid Ribbon Change! "Magic" Margin! And many other important improvements and perfections! Come in and see the New Royal Portable! New Quiet De Luxe model, 58950, plus tax. HEIER OFFICE MACHINES CO. 175 Fidelity Bldg. ' BENTON HARBOR, MICH. "Magic" is cz registered trade-marie of Royal Typew1'z'ter Co., Inc. Ik me comrummrs Of 'Wie I I "fake p Region 11,5 f4dle1",c for , Spam W 6 6, 7. Q Qgmfazence " 3 UN me comet... uucmem 5 wnsumeton I I South Bend, Indiana gg g 1,4 -,f,.Y,,rY,,,Y vi: AYAWKWA is flfsfl A: YAKAKAWAKAYYWA Y Y',,iY, Y -7- r---gligjggllifilflfk I Yhgiilil I Y One Hundred F arty-0116 I YZ: AA A 4 A A AvA O when iliilBQQQw.A-es LDCIIWAY - STUUCI4 33 A. W. WALSH COMPANY Paper Company PF V 4 I I I I I I ,I I I I I I 1 I I I 4 5 WHOLESALE GROCERS Wholesalers of 15 PAPER, PAPER BAGS AND MERCHANTS I If BENTON HARBOR-BATTLE CREEK SUPPLIES 51 KALAMAZ00 Park and Fifth sfreefs Q5 SOUTH HAVEN-LANSING BENTON HARBOR, MICH. li cw 'I CQMDLI ENTS li , J SEPT! LQ Uffw-' I ' O ' ' Mew gi :E gzeflfaff. LGB-.,f.'Le, els:--+ 1+- Ii E ,,T BDX633 . ' ,ffQ.QcA.T LE ' ' If -Q 4 FOR COMPLETE FUEL SATISFACTION MAY WE SUGGEST7"""""J ouR GUARANTEED FUELS NEXT TIME You ORDER COAL Sing' a Imlusllfi ll WEB CGAL COMPANY 212 ffm 301 North Shore Drive L Benton Harbor, Michigan Phone 8163 U 'wwf Iii g 2446561 az pmmaaeace L by using lggl N lg STEEL WINDOWS METAL LATI-I ' 4 STEEL .IoIsTs METAL TRIM I STEEL BEAMS WIRE MEsH , 5 REINFORCING STEEL wATERPRooEING 9144841 Sold by BUILDERS SUPPLY AN EQUIPMENT C0. STATE BANK BUILDING I BENTON HARBOR 1 M1009 3681 R. W. Anderson, Mgr. P'P'P'P'P'i'P"'A'A'P P PPAPAPPPPPAPPPPPP'P'Pii P APPPAPP'P'P"'PiPi""i'PiPiPi"P'AiPi'i""'ii P' e'AEiEiEiE"""s- 2 ET- EEA'EEEEE an -'-E- : "E' i'i'A R "iE"ii"Pii'Pi"P'PiP I ul lf!!-1 One Hundred Forty-two Ams AJ Il Lu. .AFL W01'-'U 37221 L4-If ' ..,- .lggli -.. :DA MM Lou 1 rw 5 y U WW -A-A- 2 - - -- --' -- -- e e ,-,A-4 A.A. . ,. ,. ,. 1 . ., 'A 1 when building, specify - - 1 CRAN DAu.'s coucnsre PRQDUCTS, mc. Manufacturers of CELOCRETE LIGHT-WEIGHT UNITS CCNCRETE AND CHIMNEY BLOCKS SEPTIC TANKS - BURIAL VAULTS -- -lu 1 Box 633 Benton Harbor Phone 5-4671 Inc1us1PiclI Equipmen1 86 Supplu Co. 1 211 WEST MAIN STREET BENTON HARBOR, MICH. or Telephone 6195 Everything for Factory 81 Home Workshops 1891, Fifty-eight Years of Continuous Service, 1949 Eemian gflfbiltgd Side Bank ' F deral Deposit Insurance Corp. Y ederal Reserve System 9 M iirx 77 UA iiAiA We Qne Hundred ForW'f h ' A ' - -.-L--Y 2 - Compliments of The ' South Bend Supply Co 4 I I SOUTH BEND, INDIANA The finest fruits of tree and vine 1 I Are in that splendid MONARCH line. I 1 The best of fruits, of juice, of spice, Of corn, of beets, of peas, of rice, + Are packed and labeled MONARCH Brand. The quality is simply grand. In fact, 500 foods and more, With eye and taste appeal galore, All bear that famous LION HEAD LABEL And should be found on every table. If you'll just try this grand old line I We're sure you'll buy it every time. I em so fv R te World's Largest Family of I Nationally Distributed Compliments of SCHULTZ MARKET I QUALITY FOODS at Reasonable Prices Berrien Springs, Phone 2611 coMPi.iMENTs or I. L. Whetstone Official A.A.A. Mechanical and Electrical Service on All Cars Also Car Painting Garage Phone SIZI Berrien Springs, Mich. COMPLIMENTS OF BERRIEN BOAT AND APPLIANCE CO. IOS N. Main St. Berrien Springs General Electric Appliances Phone 66ll DAN'S ELECTRIC SERVICE We Specialize In FIXTURES AND APPLIANCES RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL WIRING C, 5009 256 W. Moi! ' I - Berrien Spd Forlhnu IIENDIX - I aljiindty Iininii niunnzt Finer Foods On US 31, 2 miles So. of Berrien Springs, Mich Phone 6m ' P gi Compliments of , I , 31 eeseeeeeeeeeeeee A eeeeve t e-ets-e A eeee-e-,et+-e C s ss.s ,ssssss S ss.sssasss,.,.,sssesssassvssssas - B. ,.,, ...i A A A 4 S'-fit ut., One Hundred Forty-four Xi X -ul-"FTYif .-.- Y -vff 7 NN ' " A"- -4 A -Af-5' --. J 2 , T ' 1 C. CREED ZWWW4 illllllllly fbewkn. . CARS - TRUCKS - PARTS - SERVICE SOUTHWESTERN MICHIGAN'S LARGEST FORD DEALER w i 1 r 4 :J V I 256 W- Main 57- Benion Harbor, Michigan I Iars ff Aich. ' V in c r 4: 5' R i 1 omplments 1 SHANK S mgs T BUBEHT W. HINGEH, D. D. S. QI T I 3 Berrien Springs Store 505 Building 21 it E Fur Men and Boys St. Joseph , , . . Michigan ' ammx KELVINATCR H Compliments of U f A - R - , BUCK'S 5:'::3z,af.,,s reezers I Q 37 + I 'r Siore 12 nr Munsnn APPLIANCE 2. FURNITURE co. FaL"k"e' S Vane Y Q L Phone 6121 Berrien Springs Phone 2782 Berrien SPI'iI195 Y 3 LEMCDNTREES CRTCMETRIST EST. 1903 14 scum Michigan sf. Phone 4-7771 soum BEND, INDIANA 5 CMMNMWA I A Q One Hundred Fortihfive 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I V 1 I V 1 I 1 I 11 V I 1 1 1 LJ-- - .f.---' f---- fA- V A ftp! 'jsdirn l' I G l U ,Xl slip 'I W ISCONSINTS ' if OLD ACADEMY 5 THE BEST nv gg CHRISTIAN gg Qi EDUCATION ll , . 1 31 p 115 XX viz 1 A REALITY S it gl 'l 1 ,T A 'LN J 1C .IIll"Ill' ' ' Efiii-Li ff I1 I ' --T' Rf ., wg . fi J 1 I . 9 - EE' E , T I ' i ' 5l ' --?if9P"1T1Tf: ,T J rf 31 I 74 T 11 - TTfT - w1scoNs1N CONFERENCE "Ii whiff? My 1- vm- 1 p .mmf Compliments of R I 1 I 1 HARRY I. Kn.uoN s. sous MLW M, MMM if El PM yrjn? Compliment School Photography JOM 7 W Specialized 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 15 P.O. Box 261 Richmond, Indiana Q' ,msec WWA Mflimfee QLMJWW I Compliments of ' LW, ,aovfg 1 """""a6 ' Db 747 wg 'MMM il KRAusE PHARMAcY ff- ay-Dey:-mls 74, A l 2 , Photographic Equipment Prfbdg-M Prescriptions 62g I lf "Nha Phone 4411 Berrien Springs Une Hundred F arty-six X WNW...-1-ffN'fJ'h A C' ' A ' A' " ' f ' f -A f+. CONGRATULATIONS ! CLASS CF 1949 We Wish You Success and Blessing as You Now Begin Another Chapter in the Book of Life's Experiences . . . .? n in Li MICHIGAN coNFERENcE of SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS E. F. Wilietb G. E. Hutches, SeC,y-Treasure, President Lansing, Michigan 620 Townsend Sireeh yr' One Hundfe - I 1 Z l zl Z l I 1 il EAU CLAIRE LUMBER CO. Une-stop service for your building requirements Phone -- Dial 37llI GOODMAN AND GOLDBAUM 90 W. Main Benton Harbor FINE MEN'S WEAR Visit Our Complete Camera 1 ,Department L. D. HUBER 81 CO. "jewelers Since 1909" 206 State St. I St Joseph, Mich A Phone 3-3303 , 1 STYLE Compliments of if 413 State sf. sf. Joseph, Mich. Phone 3-3231 H G " COATS - SUITS - DRESSES MILLINERY and ACCESSORIES OPEN MONDAY EVENINGS TILL 9:00 P.M. - A JEWELER Berrien Springs, Michigan 1 I Complimenfs of T126 P16156 To Go A FOR The Name You Know I I I 1 mmzwmem' 1 WHITCOMB HOTEL aes.,-BER-rg ri 'QI 813-817 so. Michigan sr. It st. JOSEPH, MICH. South Bend, Ind. '1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 1 I IH Ii , 701: ,455 7704464 Weeele QQIQTQN M0510 HOUSE Home of the Mason and Hamlin CHICKERING pianos Wurlitzer Orgatron Phone 5-2481 209 E. Main sr. BENTON HARBOR, MICH. One Hundred Forty-eighth 11s""' EUITURI 1.3551 M . BLISIXBS IN lv 51 Assrsthxrg 3101... Cort Ii1I1t..e3 1 ,B Assisrhxp pn- U P1.1ot1111n1y-3, I , 1, Crrrcttxnno th L'W0l'T ILIIII, ze. I .I1111sr3 pm! R. Pllo N513 I . :ij ! K Mug-X ' ' LM X ' - I it TH'-Rtrezsa . 1 vlich 5 Qde imglem of gefpvleg O The GLENDALE SANITARIUM or HOS- PITAL, our largest denoniinational sanitarium, provides a rich, well-balanced education in nurs- ing under the competent guidance of an excellent staff of well-qualified instructors. Ideally situated amid the beauties of nature, it ajords every advantage of the metropolitan medical center. Glendale Sauztarzum and Haspzfal SCHOOL OF NURSING l509 E. Wilson Avenue ' Glendale 6, Calnforiig CHapman 5-ll2l Cltrus I-3 1949 Cardinal Staff EDITOR: Larry Mohley BUSINESS MANAGER: Larry Show ASSISTANT: Marvin Hainer COPY EDITOR: Esther Brassington ASSISTANT! Bill Oliphant PHOTOGRAPH EDITOR: Shirley Denney CIRCULATION MANAGER! Max ChurCl1 LAYOUT EDITOR: Lois Scott ARTIST! Paul Ricchiuti D HITICS K PIIOTOGRAPI-IERS: Eual Baker, Murray REISIUUSSC P I ANNIVERSARY EDITOR: Stanley Robison ACADEMY EDITOR: Frances Beck ubeeka, Harold Marsh W SPONSOR! Miss lVl2lI'liS One Hundred Forty-nine Ga Abella, Paul, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Adams, M. Earl, 858 Chapman Ave., Ionia, Mich. Aho, Grace, Box C, Adams, Wis. I Aldea, Anne, 41322 Six Mile Rd., Northville, Mich. Aldea Sam, 41322 Six Mile Rd., Northville, Mich. Allen, Cedric, Knockpatrick P. o., Jamaica, B.W.I. J Allen, Clifton, 815 Madison Ave., Union, N. J. Allen s ton Valle View Trailer Court Davenport Ia. v E' I F C 57- I . ' Allen, Irmgart, 4720 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Allen, Marian, R. 5, Green Bay, Wls. . Allen, Roy, R. 1, Box 38, Berrien Springs, Mich. Allison, Clarence, R. 3, Cassopolis, Mich. Allison, Liapnard, R. 3, Cassopolls, Mich. Allred, I. LaMar, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Alwerdt, Willialn, Sullivan, Ill. Andersen Thomas, 16 Roseneath, Battle Creek, Mich. Anderson, David, 3619 Blanchan Ave., Brookfield, Ill. Anderson, Gene, Main Street, Maple Plain, Minn.. Anderson, Joyce, 135 E. 27th St., Minneapolis, Mlnn. Rodeo Bicknall, Jolln, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Bicknell, Eleanor, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Bills, Burgess, 3719 Willys Parkway, Toledo, Ohio Bland, Richard, R.3, Cassopolis, Mich. Blaser, Lawrence, 2964 Canton, Detroit, Mich. Blewett, Warren, 1821 Niles Ave., St. Joseph, Mich. Blosser, Kenneth, R. 1, Bark River, Mich. Blume, Reba, 709 E. Powell Ave., Evansville 13, Ind. Boelter, Vincent, Union Grove, Wis. Boggs, Lois, Mt. Sanitarium, Fletcher, N.C, Boismier, Oscar, 10143 E. Stanley Rd., Davison, Mich, Bolejack, Jewell, R. 1, Latour, Mo. Bolnbino, Theresa, 3632 W. Grenshaw, Chicago, Ill. Bonn, Virginia, 322k E. Empire St., Freeport, Ill. Bonner, Richard, 909 Ferry, Berrien Springs, Mich. Borg, Carol Jean, 1115 Mourer St., New Castle, Ind. Bornstein, William, 64 Sylvan Rd., Rumford 16, R.1, Boston, Alice, R. 1, Box 120K, Berrien Springs, Mich Boutwell, Sara, 214 W. Lyndale Ave., Vincennes, Ind, Boyer, Frank, 1149 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, Ill. Boyer, Gaylord 120 St. Joe Ave. Berrien Sprin s Mich ! 7 g y . Boyer, Harold, R. 2, Box 228A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Bradburn, James, 1206 N. Sheflield Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Anderson, Marguerite, 969 Rivermount Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Anderson, Marilyn, Box 234, Milton, Wis. Anderson, Martha Jeanne, 3619 Blanchan Ave., Brook- field, Ill. Anderson, Marvin, R. 3, Albion, Nebr. ' Anderson, P. Wayne, Box 234, Milton, Wis. . Andreasen, Ester, 405 S. Seventh St., Springfield, Ill. Anger, Ernest, R. 2, Mancelona, Mich. I Antisdel, VVilliam, 401 E. Madison Ave., Milton Junction Wis. Antor, Frederick, 507 Shaw St., Howard City, Mich. Arakawa, Patrick, 7629 Weke St., Honolulu, TLH.. Araujo, Jairo, Caixapostal, 258 A, San Paulo, Brazil Arnold, TVilliam, 113 Lawrence St., Selma, Ala. Arzoo, George, Arzoo Bros., Tehran, Iran Austin, Arvid, 202 Shepard, Hartford, Mich. IB Bailey, Lyle, 404 S. Broadway, Alexandria, Ind. Baird, Denis, Box 1133, Port Elizabeth, South Africa Baker, Eual, R. 1, Box 353, La Grange, Ill. Baker, J. Daniel, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Baker, Leslie, Mosinee, Wis. Baker, Lloyd, Mosinee, Wis. Baker, Marvin, R, 2, Buchanan, Mich. Baker, M. Maxine, R. 1, Box 353, La Grange, Ill, Baker, Mary S., R. 2, cfo John Roosenberg, Berrien Springs, Mich. Baker, Norman, Mosinee, Wis. Brassington, Betty, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Brassington, Esther, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Brauer, Barbara Jean, 637 Kenilwood Ave., Glen Ellyn, Ill. Brayshaw, Robert, 409 E. Walnut St., Hinsdale, Ill. Breakie, Clayton, R. 5, Bad Axe, Mich. Breech, Jane, 305 Clink Blvd., Crestline, Ohio Breedlove, Patricia, 2489 W. Bristol Rd., Flint 7, Mich. Bridgeford, Paul, R. 4, Rockford, Ill. Brock, Basil, R. 1, Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada i Brokaw, John, 251 Corwin Ave., Zanesville, Ohio Brokaw, William, 251 Corwin Ave., Zanesville, Ohio Bronson, Leo, Cedar Lake, Mich. Brooks, Theodore, 611 N. Main St., ,Berrien Springs, Mich. Brown, Gordon, Clinton, Nebr. Brown, Joseph, 608 Garrard St., Covington, Ky. Brown, Julia, Glengoffe, Jamaica, B.W.I. Brown, Palmyr, Newtown Square, Pa. Brown, Peggy, 608 Garrard St., Covington, Ky. Brown, Robert, 20 Bradford St., Dayton, Ohio Brown, Samuel, Box 330, La Grange, Ohio Brown, Shirley, 7223 Osage, Allen Park, Mich. Brown, Thomas, R. 2, Oshawa, Ontario Brown, Victor, 388 W. Chestnut, Canton, Ill. Brown, Wilbur, 518 Hollister, Tomah, VVis. Brown, William, R. 1, Dowling, Mich. Bruns, Harry, 3105 Chicago Pl., S. Chicago Heights, Ill. Bunch, James, Box 61, Berrien Springs, Mich. Baker, Wesley, Mosinee, Wis. Bakland Thor, Varvarslinga, Tromso, Norway Baldwin, Ohio Robert, Box 330 M.C, 40 Dilley Rd., Warren, Baptist, Ross, R. 1, Jacksonville, Ill. Barinka, Ludvik, R. 1, Box 92, Baroda, Mich. Bunker, Norman, 2451 N. Alabama, Indianapolis, Ind. Burghdurf, Betty, 1020 Lum Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Burnham, Donna, 3145 Pineapple, Tarpon Springs, Fla. Burns, Dean, 208 Driveway, Ottawa, Ontario Burrescia, Katherine, 1258 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, Ill. Burtnett, Harvey, R. 1, Box 102, Berrien Springs, Mich. Barkman, Charles, Hartboro, Mich. Barnett, A. Adaline, 4331 Vermont Ave., Covington, Ky. Barnett, Cleone, 1131 Grant St., Grand Haven, Mich. Barnett, Mary, Coopersville, Mich. Barnhart, Leland, R. 2, Wadena, Minn. Barringer, David, 6155 Markel Rd., Marine City, Mich. Bartlett, Willialn, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich, Bautista, Catalino, Philippine Union College, Manila, P.I. Beary, Dexter, 3020 E. Main, Kalamazoo, Mich. Beary, Shirley, 1070 Lochaven Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Beck, Margaret, 1011 W. Vine St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio Beckermeyer, Robert, 412 W. Maple St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Beebe, Charles, 1330 Peterson, Fort Collins, Colo, Behner, Charles, R. 2, Grafton, Ohio Bekowies, Erich, 27595 Gilbert, Center Line, Mich. Belisle, Harold, Stann Creek, Belize, British Honduras Bender, Louise, 802 Hadley, Litchfield, Mich. Bender, Richard, 802 Hadley, Litchfield, Mich. Benedict, Jean, 2812 Ruckel, Indianapolis, Ind. Benedict, Ralph, R. 2, Coopersville, Mich. Benedict, Russell, R. 2, Coopersville, Mich. Benson, George, R. 1, Box 128, Mooreland, Ind. Berg, Carl, 340 Eighth Ave., N.E., St. Paul 9, Minn. Berg, Juanita, Shabbona, Ill. Berger, Clarence, R. 1, Carney, Mich, Berrett, Donald, 39 Sandhurst Cresc., Jamaica, B.W.I. Bertocchini, Gilbert, 2547 N. 76th Ave., Elmwood Park, Ill. Bevilhymer, Dorothy, College Sta., Berrien Springs, Mich. One Hundred Fifty Burtnett, Lawrence, R. 1, Box 102, Berrien Springs, Mich. 3 7 Burton, I. Barry, R. 6, Hagersville, Ontario Bylsma, Harold, 312 Sherman St., Holly, Mich. 73 C Carcich, Theodore, 3601 Prairie, Brookfield, Ill. 73 Cardenas, Fernando, Apdo. Aero No. 541, Bucaramanga Santander, Colombia 73 Carey, John, 5103 Shelly Dr., Baton Rouge, La. 50 Carlson, Pauline, 1774 Ray St., Muskegon, Mich. 59 Carlson, Phyllis, 433 N. Washing'ton, Battle Creek, Mich. 73 Carlson, Richard, 433 N. Washington, Battle Creek, Mich. 73 Carr, John, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Carr, Joseph, R. 2, Gaston, Ore. Carr, Velma, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Carrier, Dorothy, 3711 Milford Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Carson, Lewis, Hillsdale, Mich. Carter, Janet, 7425 Bryden, Detroit 10, Mich. Caslow, Dora, R. 5, Rochester, Ind. Caslow, John, R. 5, Rochester, Ind. Castetter, Charles, 424 E. Court Ave Cemer, Cemer, Cesario, Theresa, 9925 Mettetal, Detroit 27, Mich. Jack, 601 S. Fourth, Terre Haute, Ind. i T. Diann, R. 3, Box 312, Battle Creek, Mich. Cesario, Wilma, 9925 Mettetal, Detroit 27, Mich. Chaffin, Frieda, 1717 Jefferson, Toledo, Ohio Chalnbers, Marjorie, Star Route, Edgar Springs, Mo. Chandler, Chapman, Fred, Lancaster, Wis. Chapman, Gloria, Lancaster, Wis. Chapman, Mason, Lancaster, Wis. ., Jeffersonville, Ind. 62, of aries 9 . 'V Q Frederick, 1358 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. fl ll ll ,Ipit 5' Uff' , ,er Edith. Co 1,4 M, Nd ,Tung I f wi 3 rv wifi is ji Glenda' 1- BU! Wil J 11551 Bfuce' 5- R' 1' TQWEQUI D0r0lh,v I rid, ,U inf' X ...!x"' 'txngez jill' .Elgi!l91m1.?. llir, filH5e"'Je2"e' '1. WF Qnwf 'l sell, h R' -yimn' . .1 ,gelllcafli 312, 4 .K ggrff .C 40593-Chard.. gain 2 'na we .1 hs I 332 fl in I 0.11 EIQplIfb"121o44: H0 Zfirvf'-V "N Roy, 23 Hi. t imIl'D8Vi9ve' h- 5"'1Faf. T"J. ,Gtetw Dre: ,,c3ginuii.j,nJ,, A ,LU ren, R.a.H0pe 555. Tia. Zigirlla Mae' 1 C!'f'5fnH? im! in HQICD, Rwbngmgdl gan llfn'01n'ef, 1 iff' -1 . pi W' Willialmgli loc T W' 4 mn' John land, . , gyrus' in ter Box 52 Btlzsrgwila Us gl1,CheS34g Blllff 3l"nnmgf4!fa up .,0paI, 9 St. is 'nnt' nh fflleo. 31,2 Berrifn f' ti I - i . ukll- , ir. 152,014 ca1,f5j,'t5,, minus,-8 'iii fini ld 71-'oull' ,L gikhuf. Aglogfi 'sas Claws: Miff- l f, . Robert, Cedarlgliaif. lifh. . 5 jlluthl feillmge Swtirvnkfkhm' .' n, , if ., fl:l... iii.:z:.. at ileywiniau-I, ' .Nfhu.41fl Efgod william 25iL,f',Q',,.,, wi.. ini Alffedt :lagoon Wi' . irigan Floyd' H h'Q! HZ in ..-' 916F0llf1 + - . .lliigfli bw... a. gFaill1,1530" . mfr. . 1, ca-an iFI9d9n'ik'BE'x 30' Albion. V1 1 oher. V 245 Maurice, 505 lwimi' Qiillyvincent. 606 lng"na'j l5,.,g,.,g fdellZM3I'j0fYf P- 1' BU' '. ,'.,.u, fford, Gloria. 744 F"'mum N" ' . is s. Awww. 'ff' in-ini. aios s. ssui sz.. Muriel' lev,EdW3l'd, N055 Judwn- R4 i'Duane, College Station Ii-ffvwt 9 5Joyce, lolz man' Are- la-mm. I ion, Donald, 3432 95 AN... Wifi xr' ini Walter, 3432 95,2 Mr... Iii-ri ina, o,WilIiam. 316 Avenue MIT' llrw-il? g.Hilman, R. 2, Algouu, Wu- ilgton, James, Box 412, St. Altman ilgton, Loren, 1039 G. An.. Serum lllelene, 150-24 Shore An., hmm. if'fth,JllIl6S, Walled lah. Msn. fi51I'0fm3,10602Columt-in M., -- 'f1k0'EdW3Pd. Gardner, x. in iukof Jack Gardner. N. flak PM Betty, 343 N, M A , vnnommi- R. mt m""""' -' -- Mbfm, 1-km. iiiglliimgs' RJ' Awful. Whiz- J ghim. R 2. Am.f...., ma.. Q. shton Gordon. 7 T ' 3' Xa, -W. ,, 4 fbTheo,1027 miriam S, ,harles,B0y 454, 4 it ' .none lllorothy, Box 464 ganamuzj- 'Slat Enneth, el., P-I, em 'min villa Wie J T ' - fi-ir. ,Lmn1ge,lR.2, I-axrgfm, Hath U lllobert, Berrien stfring. yi 'flop El e 0"i0n. Mm, " Ml .,,' Qanor, 365 5 J 'rrd'Ranf9,R.3 Bad hk"'5 Vain iifwlfllllhony' IE.. lfong- Ind ' .ml Evelv N 'MY'-ll'-e gig ,4 .ell Shirlgv' Eogliiltlul ni Q, 4 kllilm'-. ttf Sum.. 5 4 R104 0 . 'K nvwfi. , JFS. James' Heir? bl , lhut' fl,,,'6'illison 1s,,'Y"0! If-3 ,cv "" M , ' ' . , ' 1""'5ie mer gorge. If ltifqqil. . -Rob arm S' 'nl env 'F A Q ff.- :,,Q'gfeo, L-,dar ll- ll.11.f..,,,,l,, ' io ordon-Godin" Nm "' 1 'y latent? r like -lm, - R, 3. ,L .. lim 08 F P lx Su , Q' gi Uhr- " -Va '14 7iF,'flt 5' x . 'ui INQAQMY ,. 0,113 - .3 . , Dom. del visa! nib .WNQQ ' RQIVQ hu' X, 1. .iillg,"-Lili S, ,ml -- f , nca8tQf' ' lac 1,8 Q Oh' 10 6, 73 ilioh, 1 70 Ild, 73 03 Mich, 7, 1,l11, , lll. 11 .lCh, ln. '1 R-I, 1077071 1 1111- 11 NIH., 6, blM1Ch. Midi. T3 -I111D0lis, 1, 0 fh- 49 1113Hyn. 73 1, lil. 73 73 7, Mich. 73 73 51 73 0 Ohio Springs, 50 73 0 73 03 73 43 03 73 03 ghts,lll. 73 is, llld. Q0 Mich. 11 1gS, 250,444- rs,M7C7l- 11125, 111115, l xl' 73 ramonga .. 13 50 i 59 ek, 73 CIQCKI 50 74 '4 . 41 01110 ri 74 63 03 -i11e,Ind' ii 7 107.41 62, li. 63 6 0 - l : 7 71.111177 74 74 ., tion Berrien Sl11'il1SJS, . College Sm 1 Edith, 63 l X v l, Gglry, Illd. h 74 1 S-S Glenda, 81.15 fviggisggf Igimieli Sllrlllgg, Mich. 50 Chj1d1'9nS'en,B,-uce, - R 1 BOX 79, B6l'l'16ll DFIDSS, 11111549 n D01'0thy' ' ' , 6 1 Chflstens - -, -P" ie, Haiti 74 74 rlris 'Jeane - '-Z. poclr 111. .-101159111 .1 I'.1,B1P 1 .' -' Pi. 63 33,44Z1ofiIe1,R1ij,13f,,3h,x2l27,Z1g1Q33e-Qf33fQ4,iS I 60 rlrierfiphw, 123 N-,1igif,IQ,0,,"Rd,, Goodrich, Mich. 74 11111j1,1,,, Roy,1044o H,,,.,.,S0,, Bi-oolrrield, Ill. 74 We Genevieve, 32231, Minn. , 74 Loetta, D,-esbxilclmnnxyilley Tenn, 50 C fwal-ren, R- 0' Bay Jamaica. B.YV.I. 74 043411313 Edna Mae, H0126 Ssville Tenn. CIM, ,rn Helen, R11 Rlczzhestelf Ind. 74 Clilbu ' 1'ver R-0, 0 - . d 63 Clavburn,2V711igfni R. 1, Rochester, .wvorthinoqton ', -, ,,' yr T 61' ., a x John Ted: 406 u - - Mich. e 011140 Chester, Box 57, Bt-nlllfnuilstlgnmiclk 1rr6,,., 349 Bluff St" 3 a qiette Mich. Cl1ide,Re0,1349 Bluff St. hlgtrslilnous ,Mich E45-fir, Jay, 13-21 Bterrggn Okla. a y 63 r31h1'4111Haf01d' C2415237n,St. Grand Rapids, Mich. 74 Cole, Donald, 373g71'geve1and, ,Elkhart, Ind. C0le,Eldoti1grt Cedar Lake, Mich. 74 1171 R0 ' . N4 h. . g3llar,R11th, ?3i3?io.gJ2,1i31it14?Berrien Springs, Mlch. r11ns,C011111 U - NI 1. , 50 0314114 111111951 RQ4'2iM753?ig,fh3 Ave., Flint, Mich. 74 C00l101,W1u1an3' 2625 Massachusetts, Gary, Ind- 74 Coonwosia Reedsburg, Wis. C er , 1 .,. - , C3Zt2riSaIf1uF7ecil37ed,2171667-33311317 'S77Y1S13111efie1f1- W- Va' 24 rggllgiithl 3802 Cooper St., Rlomulus, Mich. 74 Cox, Frederick, R-11 OSSe0'- MICP' 74 Craig, Robert, Box 30, A1lfJ10n, il- dianapolig Ind. 74 Crandall, 4Q4l,4?111131',-33, I?,dianaD01i'g, Ind, n '74 022320 Mllioryz a 1. BOX 144. Berrien Springs, Mich- Ei Crawford, Gloria, 744 Fountain St.. Grand R3D1dS,V1yi15h- 64 Creighton, Gordon, 713 S- Ashlafidi Green Bayg. ' 74 con Della, 3708 Scif-, lllgjgukee 141 V IS' d, or u son, ,- , , . E7g444112yb17:d1l77e?ICollege Station, Berrien Sprangs, 1X11Cl'l. 64 Cross, Joyce, 20223211553 fri., Lai1ieJi:1Lg,IggS1 E H, 74 C .t ,Dollald, V6-, 1 ' 074073, Walter, 3432 9M2Ave., Rock Island, 1113, Cucco, William, 316 Avenue "U," BI'00k1YT1, N- - 74 Culp, l-lillnan, R. 2, Algoma, Wis. Cullnington, James, Bdx 473, St. Albans, W- Va' 64 Cllnnington, Loren, 1029 G. Ave., Nevada, 1032 Cuva, Helene, 150-24 Shore Ave., Jamaica, 1 . - D Danforth, James, Walled Lake, Mich. - Daniels, Loretta, 10602 Columbia Ave., Cleveland, 01110 gg Dassenko, Edward, Gardner, N. Dak. Dassenko, Jack, Gardner, N. Dak. 64 Davidson, Betty, 342 N. Main, Columbia City, Ind- 52 Davidson, Dorothy, R. 2, Athens, Ohio 75 Davidson, James, R. 2, Athens, Ohio 7, Dnfdson. William, R. 2, Athens, Ohio 72 Dal'1S, Lee, R. 5, Box 532, Vancouver, Wash. 65 D111S,The0, 1027 Wilhelm st., Defiance, Ohio 7 18111, Charles, Box 464, Barndsall, Okla. 75 D112 D01'0fhY, Box 464, Barndsall, Okla. 61 Day'KeI1119'1h, Cjo P. B. Snow, Arpin, WiS. iawrence, R. 2, Fairgrove, Mich. 75 1 901'-91, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. D311 Robert. Lake orion, Mich. 64 DeCam - 61 D D, Eleanor, 368 E. Jackson, Flint, M1Ch- Diiiiard, Rance, R. 3, Bedford, Ind. De,n2f33,AEgithony, 1227 Larraloee st., chicago, 111- 75 Dem, 1 Velyn, Douglas Mlch. D,nnfg'1,?V111f1el', College Station, Berrien springs, Mlffh- Densfoh, lima, 57 onieta st., Battle Creek, Mich. 75 Depas LfAH1nes, R. 1, Box 102, Cozaddale, Ohlo 75 D,,,,0',f -G111Son, 120 N. oak, Hinsdale, 111. I In Derwengr 110789, 10101 Pacific Ave., Franklin Park, - Devries iw Obert, R. 1, Bellefontaine, Ohlo 64 Devri ' ed, Cedar Lake Mich 0illereS6,ffgg0H, Cedar Lake, Mitch. 75 nillorf, Ch Ce! R- 2, Box 224, st. Joseph, Mich- Diminuc aries' 205 E. Evans, Orlando, Fla. 43 Dime, 31 Marv, 2641 N. 73rd, Elmwood Park, 111- U 5 Reg ,i0gnDHmian del Castille No. 76, Ciudad 'rr-ul1110, 75 Dilion D ' Doll, rllielyea-1 1041- S. 34th st., Louisville 11, KY- 75 Omas, Lancaster, Wis, 75 D. c , " as , orgxvlennetll, New I-Iall, St. Pauls, Jamaica, Dorgelo, Shirley, R. 4, Albion Mich 75 Dorsey, Edward, 2193 Clarkwyood Rd Cl l . Dos Reis, Raudenez, Rua Real da Torre NZ? 2i214d,h?a71d3- 61 lena Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil 7 Drake, Elwill, Parma, Mich, Drury, Alice, R. l, Middletown, Ind. 75 Drury, Joseph, R. 1, Middletown, Ind, Duffle, Alice, Central Lake, Mich. 48 Dulleck, Dolores, 322 N. Ashland, La Grange Ill. 75 Dunlap, Freda, R. 3, Battle Creek, Mich. , 75 Dunn, Florence, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich, Dunn, Kenneth, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich, 64 DLIIIH, Robert, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. 75 Durhaln, Lowell, Baroda, Mich. Dutcher, Aletha, 635 Oak St., Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 75 Dutton, Roy, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Dybeck, Alfred, Box 161, Perryville, Md. 64 E Eaton, Mary Lou, Ellsworth, Wis. 75 Eide, Karl, Ostereidet, Bergen, Norway 75 Elder, Harvey, Gen. Del., Morristown, N, J. 75 Elder, Mary, Gen. Del., Morristown ,N. J. 75 Eldridge, Charleen, R. 1, Box 44, Augusta, Mich. 75 Eldridge, Charley, R. 1, Box 44, Augusta, Mich. 75 Ellis, Joseph, 315 Clinton St., Findlay, Ohio Elmer, Walter, 3641 S. 32nd St., Milwaukee 14, Wis. 75 Embleton, Ernest, Harvey Station, New Brunswick 75 Engen, Ruth, 178 Manchaster St., Battle Creek, Mich. England, Ronald, 313 Pitt St., Berrien Springs, Mich. 75 Erhard, John, 605 I-Iilldale, Royal Oak, Mich. 75 Erhard, Warren, Vestaburg, Mich. . 75 Erskine, James, 1957 Continental St., Muskegon, Mich. Ertel, Alice, 464 Charlotte Ave'., South Williamsport, 64 Pa. Ervin, Barbara Jean, R. 6, Marion, Ind- 75 Evans, Juanita, 302 w. 94th Place, chicago, I11. 75 Evard, Rene, Phoenix, Mauritius Island . . 76 Everest, Charles, R. 1, Box 108A Berrien Spr11ijsS,13f113fi1h- Everest, Clarice, R. 1, Box 108A Berrien SDFIUDS, 1 - 76 Ewald, Roland, Box 204, Chelsea, MIQI1- E e Eyre, Claudia, 46 Feurleigh Dnve, Le113'h'0n'Sea1 SS X1 England I' r422 N, Sayre Ave., Chicag0, 111- 76 Fahrbach, Donald, .1 .th St Zeitoun Cairo, Egypt 64 Farag, Saleem, 26 El LT-arth SE Zeitoula Cairo Egypt Farag, Shafeek, 26 EL iii St ieitoun, Cairo, Egypt Fares, 1121111211 26 E1 2' . . " Lima Ohio 60 Farley, Mabel' 757 W' Hlgh Shim, ' 64 Farver Irene, R- 1- South Bend' ' 64 ' . . 1 S uth Bend, Ind. Farver' Wllllanl' RR, 1 OBoX 41 New Boston, Texas Faulklnbury, Royg glad Stl, N, Manchester, lnd. 51 Faurote, Evelyn, oO B tue Creek Mlch' 64 F ll Donald 216 South Ave., an . I - h 76 G OYV, . 2 BOX Berrlen SDI-lngsy MIC . Fellows, Marilyn, R. 4, Ave, Winter Park, Fla. Felts Carl, 1991 Indlalia " ' Park Fla. '16 ' 91 Indiana Ave. Winter , , Felts, Martha, 19 U Station, Berrien Springs, Mlch, Fenningf George' Colifezgi Ashratie, Beirut, Lebanon 76 Fernaindy, F13ei,eSgo2tE1S Ashland, Chicago, IH. 76 Fernan GZ, 1 ' ' , Ind. , Ferree' 'Tomi' R' 2, Carlgoeiliigfierrien SIJI'i118'S, Mlch- 76 Ferris' V' VVmStOn,313LNy Pine Lansing, Mich' . Finch, Raymond- 7 4,2 Stage Choboygan, Mich. 76 Finkbeiner, narwmi 0. ,Allegan, Mich- .goo Linn St., . 76 Fishell, Martin, 5th St Manistee, Mich. 4 Fisk, J' Russell' 364 P inoeton Chicago, 141- 6 Fitch, Charles, 8600641g11S6StI'St,, Flilat, Mich. In 76 F11Ch,R0PeF1- 6040 S. Princeton, Chlcagof, ' 76 Fitch, Wllllang tado 986 Caracas, Venezuela F'to, Esther, Dal' 7 C 'acas, Venezuea . Fito Samuel, Apartado 986, rig Ave., E- St' Louis' IH. 4 . ' ldon, 3820 Mon -- Mich. 6 FlV3Sh, L- wwe- 201 Lincoln St-, Dowagqac' Mich 76 Fleming, Memu' 201 Lincoln st., DOWa-gmc' ' 76 Fleming, Wixiineielle BOX 331, Hinsdale, IU- 65 I' ar J gii7?rlXiIeI'lin, Noblg, St., Elwood, Ind. Ford, Alvm' 1324 'Road, Lancaster, Magis' Cal. 76 Neck Linda, Ford, Dwaln' P. 1 Box 253, Loma f' ld Ohio 65 Foreman' DOna1d2.l35 S,DringSmill Rd" Miinili slienn. 50 Fostir' C1:eJc?reffi?, 21.16 24th Ai'e'NN',N1eT.2slSiville.'Te1111- 76 Fous, 3 ' 16 24111 Ave. -, uhh. Foust, George' 5230 Keyes st., Kemmazoo' 1 1 FOX, Clare, One Hundred FifW'0ne 1 L XI- i 4 i 3 I 4 1 1 L I L . 4 4'-t. 1 4 3 1, 1 1 4 1 1 1 4 4 1 E 3 B i I 4 4 4 i 3 1 1 1 1 i Freeman, R. Paul, 2829 N. 4th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Friedrich, Arnold, Brazil Senior College, Sao Paulo, Brazil Friestad, Dolores, Earlville, Ill. Fritz, L. Carlyle, R. 1, 57th St., La Grange, Ill. Fronczak, Alice, 119 Ludington St., Buffalo, N.Y. Fuchs, William, 1724 41st St., North Bergen, N.J. Fulford, Gerald, 215 NV. Hamilton, Berrien Springs, Mich. Fuller, Cecil, Albany, Ind. Fuller, Gerald, Angwin, Calif. Fuller, Orville, Box 302, Yorktown, Ind. Furgason, Juanita, R. 4, Beloit, Wis. Gaevert, Carolyn, 1709 Morton St., Anderson, Ind. Gair Carl, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Ga1,,Troyan, 532 Polk St., Gary, Ind. Galbraith, James, Mio, Mich. Galbraith, E. Kathleen, Fall River, Wis. Gallardo, Ella, 526 S. Ashland, Chicago, Ill. Gebhard, L. Carlene, R. 1, Box 98, Berrien Springs, Mich. Gebhard, Raymond, 261 Broadway St., Rochester, N.Y. Gee, Wilma, 61 Belle Monte Ave., Covington, Ky. Geisinger, Jack, 402 6th St., Shelby, Mich, George, Wilfred, Brenton St., Trinidad, B.W.I. Gibbs, Marilyn, R. 1, Box 43 B, Berrien Springs, Mich. Gibbs, Maylis, 433 E. Bond St., Hastings, Mich. Gibbs, Thelma, 433 E. Bond St., Hastings, Mich, Gibson, Bryce, 215 VVashington, Holly, Mich. Gillen, Roland, Pound, Wis. Gleason, Louise, Belleville, Mich. Goff, Phyllis, R. 4, Adrian, Mich. Goldberg, Esther, R. 1, Grand Haven, Mich. Goodwin, Fred, R. 3, RiCh1T10Hd, Ind- Gordon, Louis, 3825 Flansburgh Rd., Jackson, Mich, Goss, Howard, R. 1, Box 200, Ceresco, Mich. Graham, Avice, 750 E. 45th St., Chicago 15, Ill. Graham, G. Calvin, 750 E. 45th St., Chicago 15, Ill. Graham, John, 818 Myrtle, Scranton, Pa. Graham, Ruth, 750 E. 45th St., Chicago 15, Ill. Graves, Charles, 1732 Autumn Ave., Memphis 12, Tenn. Green, C. Richard, East Jordan, Mich. Green, Mary, 3305 Oberon St., Kensington, Md. Greenage, Regina, Cheswold, Del. Greene, Alberta, 3525 Adams St., Gary, Ind. Greve, Raymond, South Branch, Mich. Griesman, Vernon, 1835 Ridge Road, Green Bay, Wis. Grieve, Phyllis, Montague, Mich, Griffith, William, 3522 Ramsey, Fort Wayne, Ind. Grin, John, P.O.B. 1425, Alexandria, Egypt Grover, Lyle, 520 S. Main, Lapeer, Mich. Grundset, Esther, R. 3, Clear Lake, Wis. Grundset, Harold, R. 3. Clear Lake, Wis. - Guderian, Patricia, 2542 N. 15th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Guleng, Gudug, Lillesand, Norway Guleng, Roald, Lillesand, Norway Gunther, Eula, 1390 Clinton, Bronx, N.Y. Gustafson, Howard, R. 1, Box 177A, Kane, Pa. Guyot, Muriel, 293 Lexington Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. - I-I Habada, J. Paul, R. 1, Box 121, Berrien Springs, Mich. Habenicht. Glen, 718 Glenwood, Jackson, Mich, Haberbusch, Joyce 912 13th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Haberland, Sonja, 6016 Normal Blvd., Chicago, Ill. Hadley, David, Box 78, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hadley, Donald, Box 78, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hadley, J. Neil, Box 78, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hager, Walter, 231 Burhans Ave., Paterson, N.J. I-Iainer, Marvin, R. 1, Elsie, Mich, Hainey, Wilbur, Campbellsburg, Ind. Hall, Clifford, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hall, Evelyn, R. 2, Box 227, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hall, Fay, 28706 9 Mile Road, Farmington, Mich. Hallock, Harold, Rockland, Wis. Hallock, Ruth, Rockland, Wis. Hallock, V. Jane, Rockland, Wis. Halvorsen, Forest, Edmore, Mich. Halvorsen, Lester, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hamberger, William, Church St., La Grange, Ohio Hamel, Lyle, R. 1, Arpin, Wis. Hamel, Warren, R. 2, Withee, Wis. Hamer, John, 7259 S. Union, Chicago, Ill, Hamlin, Norma Jeanne, 607 W. 4th St., Mansfield, Ohio Hamstra, Carl, Newaygo, Mich. Hamstra, Donna, 30 Maplelawn St. S. E., Grand Rapids 8, Mich. One Hundred Fifty-two Hannah, Harry. R. 1, Richmond, Ind. Hansen, Barbara, Indiana Academy, Cicero, Ind. Hansen, Hartwick, R. 1, Box 175, South Range, Wis. Harding, Carolyn, 433 E, Grandville Rd., Worthington, Ohio Hardt, VVilliam, 151 E, Murray St., South Bend, Ind, Hardy, YVinfield, Mancelona, Mich. Harms, Arthur, 2357 W. 9th Ave., Gary, Ind. Harms, Lynn, 2357 W. 9th Ave., Gary, Ind. Harper, Gilberto, Ferrocarril 13 Union de Reyer Mat., Cuba Harrison, Bobette, 717 E. Michigan, Battle Creek, Mich, Harrison, Freda, R. 4, Battle Creek, Mich. Harrison, VVarren, R. 3, Baraboo, Wis. Harten, John, 736 Queen St., E. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Haskell, Herald, R. 3, Winamac, Ind, Haskins, Doris. 6187 Twelfth St., Detroit, Mich. Hathcoat, Ernest, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Haugen, Glyen, 526 S. Orchard, Madison, Wis. Hawes, Janet, Box 778, Macon, Ga. Hawkes, H. Wilberta, Box 485. Montgomery, W, Va, Hawkes, William, Box 485, Montgomery, W, Va. Haynes, Oscar, Watseka, Ill. Hearn, Richard, 3110 N. Main St., Royal Oak, Mich, Heiner, Ralph, 1518 Pearl, Columbus, Ind. Heitsch, Joseph, 106 Judson St.. Pontiac, Mich. Helm, Herbert. 3908 Tyler St., Gary, Ind. Henderson, Dorothy, 712 Johnson Ave., Lansing, Mich. Henderson, Hazel, 20 Baldwin St., Dundas, Ontario Hendrie, Alvena, R. 2, Farwell, Mich. Henriksen, Joan, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Henry, Dorothy, R. R., Stevens, Pa, Henry, Merton, R. R., Stevens, Pa. Herche, William, 1801 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, Ind. Herold, Dorothy, R. 4., Box 266, Columbus, Ind. I-Ierr, Carol, R. 1, Box 43C, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hess, Alvin, 234 N. Elm St., Hinsdale, Ill. Higgins, Edward, 421 Amory, Fond du Lac, Wis. Hildebrand, Eugene, 814 S. Maple, Green Bay, Wis. Hill, Leona, R. 4, South Haven, Mich. Hill, Raymond, Seymour, Ind. Hill, Richard, 308 N. Mechanic Street, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hillger, Erna, 2541 High St., Blue Island, Ill. Hobbs, Annabelle, 6656 N. Octavia, Chicago, Ill. Hobson, Carl, 992 Reed Place, Detroit 2, Mich. Hodge, David, R. 1, Versailles, Ind. Hoffmann, Raymond, 1837 N. Harding Ave., Chicago, Ill. Holbrook, Wilma, R. 1, Marysville, Ohio Holland, Bernard, 600 Washington St., Logansport, Ind. Holland, Fern, 600 Washington St., Logansport, Ind. Holloway, John, 1375 Fifth St., Muskegon 19, Mich. Holly, Edith, R. 1, Plainwell, Mich. Holm, Leo, R. 3, Bellevue, Mich. Holmes, A. Dean, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hoover, Glenn, R. 1, Berrien Center, Mich. Hostetler, Betty, R. 1, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Houck, Albert, R. 1, Box 127A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Houck, Duane, Apartado 329, Santa Clara, Cuba. Houck, Ruth, R. 1, Box 127A, Berrien Springs, Mich. Howe, Donald, Dodge Center, Minn. Huffaker, George, R. 1, Box 104, Berrien Springs, Mich. Huffaker, Raymond, R. 1, Box 63, Berrien Springs, Mich. Huffaker, Virginia, R. 1, Box 63, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hughes, E. Arlene, 642 37th St., Des Moines, Ia. Hunt, Alden, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hunt, Donald, 202 Manchester, Battle Creek, Mich. Hunt, Pauline, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hunt, Roger, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich Hunter, Barbara, R. 1, Box 86AAA, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hunter, Gene, 5544 N. Ashland, Chicago, Ill. Husted, L. Beverly, Box 214, Holton, Mich. A Huston, K. Garth, 830 25th St., Des Moines, Iowa Hutchinson, Pauline, 570 Evening St., Worthington, Ohio Hyde, William, 1602 Corunna Ave., Owosso, Mich. I Iles, Virgil, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Imamura, Michito, 3015 Curtis, Denver, Colo. Ingle, Beverly Anne, 4631 Lockshare Rd., Richland, Mich. Ingersoll, William, Central Lake, Mich, Ito, Tetsuo, Kealia, Kauai, T. H. Iverson, Jack. Coloma, Mich. Iverson, Shirley, Coloma, Mich. I 4 4 A U, 3,,l, .f 1. U ,,. gfol' Jfllx' - ,C c - glzfllelhirllli ' I ,Q ' In I i fl' '.l 42' " ffl .1 eorril .,il3f.. gl u - ff. Bfliln' .. 4 W V , :, , la ' .allll . H02 ,,, . ...al fr.. 112 .3-1 is ,ijmlli flff' lf' till- I f AROW' 1u:uil""' SO,-nlflp I 1, 11.4K il ,n5,L,.dl3. 1, ,F 1 iclaoberli .A-'mi 'Q' ,415 .1- 5 , Juni ,V r, .H ,,.I1,,,,. ' wHBettV, 31 .I w rr '.1'sslflle'7Uf..'lQv- 1 Estelle VY" -Q x LoiS W f-f fn, Lois l" ...3-. 31.1 " 1.5,Llfllli-'.Z r.4.' 1 rf1,Pau1-R' " 3 v.' 1, Rgbtfl B.. ' . . .,, an: .- .Q Robert Hi w -.1 .4 qllandfl- 1" fllll A' 4 X ' fn Willard- iL"'. , 1 ,. -Un .--- ,,,, William. dn ., ., 1Alaer,'531 W .nu f. ' ' Lim--lsf. -5' . Charles, W. .. 1 , a gy- . . i,.llllll1ll9- 3- 'L . .. Y . .Vera Lfvlllff- '. . " .. ,L 041 Xidar'-Z-'fl " , agen. Carl. ,jfvff I Ta! Q. lsen, Roi' -5-limo M il. .fm emu. -if-.A - 1 .Alx'm, l.. 0, ll.:-.f 1Roberl.4i'-4 P57 T", Harold. R. 3. ' -1" ' 'i1El'Qll'l'l. N4 5- Lludrey, 73 Fark S' -uneister, Ihllvfrt. ' lu. ier, Richard. 204' Fllly Sevn, Eu-x 4-T, ,xv Ellen, R. 1. MZ. M-- L 'l1liP,Chesxer. I: 1 El glhomas, 40, ww 5-, . Cereda, R. l. 31,5 :Leon Rox s I,0rris, Ili Tu:-..,. :an,K1lTl. Cu--Til' 7 f'lLTh0n1as, 5, 55. jl,G.Paul. Ili F, . ?dyvD0ugHl' lflrge, I im,,3,., Hazel. T Arms.. .. . ,1 Barham, Q., GQ ,Sr.Thon1as, 3,3 X ,, HHTYQY' 3: I'-N fL'HQrnmn. 7.7 QQ' "lr X, ' .Q-3.4 ' .i,T,,,S,,0 M, 8 n C.-.lv " ' iilllilld, Ri 3 2- 'Ng Qlllhn. 01.5 ff ,Robert Gen YY' 5 ' llarloriel 1L.,.l": 7 I' . Ikohert, 39 L" I-7 iw' . ' or ll! X ' llllflm 'lf MEL! l+3n,P 4' 0" ll11:,g,3., , in. WTI. 317 . ' MBT 4 . x .5'ElfI'iq-d,, ...xx 5' joriu - v -1 .5 , t, H-,. Wmiam 1 A! , .fl BQH' ' HKU X Q 1 K .' Jimi xl 5 n- -1. .X , 1, lk 3 .1 ' 5 lillrm A PUT: 1.. WE R Jffin A .,r?3WflI'd, 2,l.,,' 33' 11? imguglli-11.3" ll ,, John PH" ll.. 01.11, Ji' 1, gh 1,1- Nh, lx ,, PQI- e, ,. 0, Ind Rang ., Worthing? 011' tll Bend, Ind 5, Ind Ind de Rein, Mat Us c . xh. rel, nio, 0. - am, Olligirio 'it Mich, gs, High fl, Wls, Oniery, W V 'ry' Var 'PL Oak, iiiri, -inc, nrirn, rin. Lansing, nirn, ndas, 0ntario in Springs, nini. 'lHdiHnanoiis,1ii. nbus, Ind, nrings, liirii. le, Ill. Lac, Wis. een Bay, Wis. Berrien Springs, and, lll. hicago, lil. 2, Mich. Ave., Chicago, Ill. rio LoganSD0Tl, lnd- Logansport, Ind. gon 19, Mich. en Springs. Mlch' Mich. ugpringi Mich' Siara, Cuba' Springs: Mich. i ii sine Mil' ie . fn springs' in Sllflngs' M ioines, Ia. h. , greek, MIC? h 7 . orc. ,Spr-1rlg5, , Spfillgsi Mwhds Berrien Slim' ' go' ' Mich. I0in65i Iolgirton, t Worth' " sv, Mich' O9 h. Cole Mich. l', and, J ,. d, 78 , 31, CO11V81bes In on Carol, Box 1 ville, Md- - 78 Jacks ,Esther-y Perry Cedar A-Ve., Cleveland, Ohio 53 JncksoI1,J0eelyn, 7017 ltimore Pike, Lansdowne, Pa. 53 Jackson' pain, 107 E. Ba Maple SL, Jcffcrscnviiic, ind. 78 Jackiigllll GeOrge743X?il1Illi0'den nd. waifci-ri, England 'IS W0 'Bi-ian, 3 ' U 1 erg Ave., Youngstown, iacfligsltosalyll, 134 W' Cha m 78 lim 1 St New York N.Y. 0h10 . rd -XV. :Q : . M1lWa1 ' . '- Milwaukee, Wis. 78 iamiesorl, mile, 336 W. Rese1VOl1,. Mich. 66 rl"e3,u1E 9 E St-1 Fllntl .. llffery, Robert, gguanulsidro Perez 43, C. TI'LlJ1lO, RFI? Dolgig . Z,Norma, . gr, Berrien Sprin0'S, M10 r lll,l2illlieanS, LYd1ajcR1g,1iB1ggX 935, Berrien SlJriI2lSS, Mich- 66 J0chmans,Rober,e 3,964 Grove A-Ve., Brookfield, Ill. 53 Johansen, V' Juggpalnier St.. Jamestown, IN. Y. 79 J0hns0I1,BettH fstiglery, 3506 9th St., Arlington, Va. 79 Johnson. Ve,.,,,,tte, 11081 Locust si., Lynwood. Johnson, Clif. 1 11, Hammond, Ind. 79 Johnson, Lo1sme.,721S Marshaii Ave., Hammond, Ind. 79 Johnsgg, li 2, Alexandria, Ind. S r ' I ' . fgggson, Robert B., 35 game Creek, Mich. oo Johnson, Robegg W. Moore, Berlin, vvisi 79 lxijlllard 3500 N. Dora, Franklin P5-1 IH- 0 1 , . ' t Arlino' on, a. ,vviihann 3506 9th S ., D Iltlger, 631 W. Wiley. Gfeenwoodihlnlgfch 53 Jones Charles, Lincoln Ave., St. Josep , 1 - ms' ,iimmi,e5ulls'c 27?Z3l5hE72:5s5il'dR?illdCtisville, Mich. 7 9 a , . irish ci... Norway . 66 Jorgensen, Carl, 4025 Franklin Ave., Western Sprm-gs' 66 Ill. . . JO,-gensen, Roy Alfred, Mountain Sanitarium, Fletcher, 66 Nc. , Jorgensen, Garfield, Gfffnd Vleflv' Wash' 79 Joyner, Alvin, R. 3, Madison. WIS- , 66 Julian, Robert, 4974 Strong, Arlington, Callf- 79 Jump, Harold, R. 3, Cass City, M1011 u Justinen, Evelyn, 2844 Logan Blvd., Ch1cag0, IU- K Kaatz, Audrey, 75 Park St., Oshkosh, Wisi. u 79 Kachenmeister, Robert, 13558 Monte Vista, Detrolt' 66 Mich. Ionizer, Richard, 20450 Daihy, Detroit, Mich. 63 Karlsson, Sevn, Box 483, Arbaga, Sweden 29 Kaser, Ellen, R. 2, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Kasischke, Chester, R. 1, Eau Claire, Mich. ' Keeler, Thomas, 408 W. Ferry, Berrien SD1'i11gS, Mlch- 9 Kefmy, Cereda, R. 1, East Lansing, Mich. l 73 liner, Leo, R. 2, Box 807, Bains Creek, Mich. 23 015613 Orris, 712 Terrace, Marinette, WiS. KillrWen,Kar1. Cocorite Rd., Hciina, 'ri-inidaol, B-W-1 79 gemflflilll, Thomas, S. Mountain Rd., New Clty, N-Y- ellie d, G. Paul, 112 Front St., Niles, Mich. Kennedy, Dougal, Mio, Mich. I, gent' GHOTQG, 7 Armslivings St., Eureka SDT'i1'18'S, Ark- 03 lent, Hazel, 7 Armslivings St., Eureka SDNHSS, Ark- 7 Iienlonf Barbara. 66 Grant si.. Baiiic Creek, Mich. F60 Kfisslef, Thomas, 342 N. Main, Columbia City, Ind- '93 kgbllgef HHIVGY, 57 Lefferts Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y. mddefi. Herman, 57 Lefferts Pi., Brooklyn, N-YM, h 79 . 1 nri1yn,Co1lcgc Station, Berrien Springs. 10 - lgmura, Tatsuo, 640 Cooke St., Honolulu 13, T. I-I. 53 ,Gigi Afneld, R. 3, Box 17, Waukesha, Wis. . 79 Kirkexggaylton, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 79 Klosg , e1i..Gen. Del., Lakeport, Calif. 9 KneCHtMar3or1e, 1727 Charlton, Ann Arbor, Mich. 7 Knox REOBLG, Flat Rock, N.C. n h K ' - el' , 39 Dunning Ave., Battle Creek, M1C'. Kififsyllllam, 39 Dunning Ave., Battle Creek, Mlch' 73 Km, nf Robert, 517 W. State si., Rockford, 111. 7 iq,,,,,,,ngr Elfflede, 3604 Forest, Brookfield, 111- 79 Koenig' Majmfwle, Heaton, N. Dak. 54 Koepkii Wlllfam. Heaton, N. Dah. 66 Koob 1 Beniainin, Coopersville, Mich. S, Dick 354 . . ,LS 66 Komtzk , Furr Drive, San Antonio, Texe 6 Kopp E96 Irma Jean, Mountain, Wis. u S9 Kmngr Dward, 2407 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, M1611 ,4 ir,,hngvi051g1eS, 1716 Herbert, Lansing, Mich. 39 n,,,,,, 3 Ohh, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. 79 avr, M. Jean, R. 2, 3501 Cedar St., Anderson, IDG K1'ibS, Dallid, 2744 S. W. 28th Terrace, Miami, Fla, ,, . . "9 kioulik, Milton, Box 213, Chelsea, Iowa 49 1i1'D?l.l6k, Joseph, 3319 Sunnyside, Brookfield, Ill. 30 Kruger, Richard, 1206 McMillin Ave., Antigo, Wvis, 30 Kubecka, James, Pinehurst Rd., New Egypt N J 30 Kuehinke, William, Bciicvicw Haig-his Bciiairc, ohio Kuerbiss, Irmgard, R. 3, Exeland, Vifis. G1 Kuhl, Marvin, 2229 N. Terrace, Milwaukee, Wis. S0 Kulak, Herbert, 930 Cuyler Ave., Chicago, Ill. 66 Lacks, Walter, 54 Haring St., Closter, N.J. 66 LaCount, Charles, Carney, Mich. 30 LaCourt, Curtis, R. 1, Box 242, Oconto, Wis. 80 Lafferty, Alfred, 312 Madison, Berrien Springs, Mich. 80 Lafferty, Charles, 312 Madison, Berrien Springs, Mich. 80 Lake, Barbara, 139 Crescent, Elkhart, Ind. 80 Landon, Elizabeth Rose, 2105 Spruce, Boulder, Colo. 54 Lane, Louis, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. Lane, P. Joan, 3012 Dickman Rd., Battle Creek, Mich. 80 LaRose, Paul, South Lancaster, Mass. LaSorsa, Armand, 37 High St., Pittsfield, Mass. 80 Lattimore, Daniel, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. 66 Lawrence, Eugene, 209 N. Kimmel, Berrien Springs, Mich. 80 Lawrence, May, 420 Harrison, Gary, Ind. S0 Lawton, George, Irons, Mich. Lee, Bruce, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 54 Lee, Richard, 195 E. Delaware, Benton Harbor, Mich. 80 Leffler, Harold, 711 Michigan Ave., Albion, Mich. 66 Leftrook, Nicholas, 3904 Grove Ave., Brookfield, Ill. 66 Lemon, Roy, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. S0 Lester, Kenneth, 1624 17th St., Port Huron, Mich. 80 Lewis, Ford, Ithaca, Mich. Lewis, Mary Kay, Ford, Virginia Lewis, Virgil, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. 66 Lindner, Beverly, R. 1, Box 377, La Grange,CIll. NJ Lindner, V. Herbert, 242 Fulton Ave., Jersey ity, . . Link, LeRoy, R. 2, Box 10, Hesperia, Mich. H Little, Bethel, 121 Michigan Ave., Owosso, Mich. t 80 Little, Janet, College Station, Berrien SpringS, Mich- Little, Joyce, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Little, Maynard, OWOSSO, M1011 , Litzinger, Dennis, 3309 Bishop, T01ed0, Ollie ' , K eth, Bluford, Ill. ' Irjilffieriggfir-,n,en1g. Ruth, 4956 Longfellow Dme' Baton S0 Rouge, La.. . ' ' o- t , Donna, Fairmont, Mlnn- IIi1,Zl?1fTS1-SHA, Joan, 1311 Culbertson Ave., New Albangfii Ind. ' Ind. Loehley Homer, R. 1, Versailles, R, 1, Versailles, Ind.. ' 1rj31i1g1eHXv?rlaai'yd 18355 Church. Resewue 'Mich' In ' ' f iaric si. Palatine. . Lorren Dorothy, 110 W' S ' . ,. O. 'xiicl-1 ' . 87 Berrien SD1111:-S, 1 ' Lorren, R. Edgar, R- 1, BOX ' A b D vvash. S0 Lorren, Thomas, Auburn Aczgriiceinlygglmlillqalllgof Mich' Louwaert. Viyi-311, 620 Oak " rien Springs, Mich. 54 Love, Hugh, College Station, Bglliive Harbor Beach, Lovejoy, Delmer' Lake Shore ' 80 Mich. . POS Trinidad, Bel, Cir. Rd., - - -1 Lovelace, Frank, S1 67 B.W.I. 1 P aza, Havana, Lundquist, Claire, Apartado 50, Genera er Cuba' f P'ttsbur0'h, Pa- Luss, Robert' llllzeilielrlgceiklgid Plznal, Tilinidad' B'W'I' , Pau , ' . " ' iv: . - U Mich. 67 125. Berrien SDUDDS' . 62 67 ' , Clara, R' 1' BOX 1 PariS, 01110 ' hiiioraid. R- gg, Macomber, R.oy,B .ooidynq Mich. ' S0 Mahrle' Glormn fa Box 158 Sturgeon Bay, Wig' so , Alvina, - i . ' Mfh, . MZEES, La Van' R. 5' M1dPi22ser1Ave., Cleveland: Ohio Maretich, Margaret, 5710201 Glynn Ct., Detroit' Mich' 0 . Marietta' Be?nadetEJe,Muskeg'oH, Chlcago' IH' 67 Marmon' Lolsnfiilidas vaic, Jamaica' BWI' so Marr, Lallfev A1ed0, Ill. I , C, M- h, 67 Marsh, HarO1d'RR'12,Box 43A, Berrien Mich. G7 Mm-Sh, Joyce, -Cohege Station, Berrien S iinwq Mich- 54 h Norman, - n Berrien 171, D" . 0 rS tio . S Ma 1 . College Sta 1 . S Fino-5 111Ch- Marsh, Paulmei R 1 Box 43A, Berrien .D Di' S0 Marsh, Vcra Mashed agox 261, Milton, Wls- si Marshall, -T. He 2, Gobles, Mich' - Wis. S1 aid R- i re Mad1S0ni r Mason, Don ' 2324 Atwood AY il .14 Massey, Theodored R 1 PurviS.M1SS' ll'ns Colo. S1 Mathieu, Reymon 'R 's, ,Box 540, Fort Co 1 1 MatthewS, Esther' One Hundred Fiffb'-"We Messinger, Matthews, Joyce, 401 Maple St., Holly, Mich. Matthews, Robert, 401 Maple St., Holly, Mich. Matthews, Mattingly, Roy, 401 Maple St., Holly, Mich. Bessie, R. 2, Box 119, Berrien Springs, Mich. Mattson, Henry, R. 2, Rice Lake, Wis. . Mattson, Jane, R. 5, Box 174, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Maxson, Robert. Aparto 87, Ciudad Trujillo, Dom. Rep. Mayor, Raymond, 905 Academy Rd., Holly, Mich. McCamment, Dora May, R. 1, Albion, Ind. McC1enon, Charles, Old Common, Lancaster, Mass. McCumber, Myron, 2409 N. W. 33rd St., Miami 37, Fla. McDonald, McFadden, C. Audley, 1120 Emmer St., Petoskey, Mich. Robert, 1900 S, Rowell Ave., Joliet, Ill. McHenry, Roslyn, 5816 La Fayette, Chicago, Ill. Mclntosh, Jack, 3705 Maxwell, Detroit 14, Mich. Mcliamey, Barbara, 316 N. Third, Niles, Mich. McNeal, Richard, Cedar Lake, Mich. Medford, Lester, Lakeview, Mich. Medford, Ronald, Lakeview, Mich. Meeker, Iola, Chandler, Minn. Mercer, Harrison, 1380 Oaklawn, Battle Creek, Mich. Mercer, James, 575 Wacouta St., Winona, Minn. Mercer, William, 575 VVacouta St., Winona, Minn, Merchant, Marion, Paw Paw, Mich. Messina, Y. Eleanor, 3935 W. Gladys Ave., Chicago, Ill. Herbert, 226 Main St., La Crosse, Wis. Oppenlander, Gerald, 1406 Prospect Ave., Toledo 6, Ohio Orrick, Donald, 152 N. Birdsey St., Columbus, WVis. Orrick, Marilyn, 152 N, Birdsey St., Columbus, Vxfis. Ortner, Thelma, 207 E. Ewing St., South Bend, Ind, Ottley, Neville, 113 Lechies Village, Pt. Fortin, Trini- dad, BNVI. Ottley, Neville E., Box 66, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, B.VV.I. Otto, Arnold, R. 8, Pontiac, Mich, Otto, Florence, 1704 Holland, Houston, Tex. Otto, Leroy, 1704 Holland, Houston, Tex. Owens, Audre Lee, 4716 S. Parkway, Chicago, Ill. P Pabst, Norma, 1822 Gates Ave., Brooklyn 27, N.Y. Parish, Myrna, 262 S. Summers, Imlay City, Mich. Parrish, Walter, 215 Somerset, Toledo, Ohio Pearce, Alvena, 4031 McCook, E. Chicago, Ind. Pearcy, C. Max, 1423 S, VVabash, Kokomo, Ind. Peck, George, 1240 Lathrop St., Lansing, Mich. Pelton, Meriel, 156 Winthrop Rd., Syracuse, N.Y. Perepelitza, Allan, 51 Harmony Rd. S., Oshawa, Ontario. Perock, Phillip, 303 N. Kimmel, Berrien Springs, Mich, Peters, Betty, R. 1, Grafton, Wis, Peters, Donald, R. 1, Merrill. Mich. Peters, Earl. R. 1, Grafton, VVis. , rl l, 1, Ewnlv lu, . 1"' 1111- .,,1r I ,L 1. . Metcalf, Evelyn, 277 Champion St., Battle Creek, Mich. Metoxen, Doris, R. 1, Sun Prairie, Wis. Meyer, Agnes, Meyer's Pine Crest Resort,' Eagle River, Wis, Middag, Norman, 2226 McCrackin, Muskegon, Mich. Miles. Leon, R. F. D., Mineral, Va. Miller, Anna, R. 1, Box 106, Mohrsville, Pa. l Minier, Mary Ellen, 1109 Tippecanoe, Lafayette, Ind. Mobley, Lawrence, R. 1, Box 74, Berrien Springs, Mich. Montgomery, Dorothy, 1832 W. Nelson St., Chicago 13, Ill. Moore, Elmer, 824 S. E. 8th St., Pendleton, Ore. Moore, Joan, 6937 Vincennes, Chicago, Ill. Moore, Olin, 115 Wagner, Elkhart, Ind. Morefield, lla, 1026 Eureka St., Lansing, Mich. Morgan. Lila, Box 25, Dayton, Tenn. Morgan, Robert, 311 Oak St., Wyandotte, Mich. Morgan, Roy, 30 Joyner, West Asheville, N.C, Morris, Emery, 427 Walnut, Hinsdale, Ill. Mote, Arden, R. 1, East Lansing, Mich. Motzell, Robert, 135 Seedroff St., Battle Creek, Mich. Muffo, Paul, 2240 N. 49th St., 'East St. Louis, Ill. Mullin, Roland, Box 171, Richmond, Ind. Munson, Howard, Philippine Union Mission, Manila, P.I. 81 Murakami, Janice, 1633 Phillip St., Honolulu, T.H. Murphy, Patricia, 6988 Ready D-8, Van Dyke, Mich. Musgrave, VV. Henry, "The Quilett" Modbury, Ivy- bridge,Devon, England Nahm, Changwoo, 163 Kal San Dong, Riu, Chalapukto, Korea Nail, Jack, 1126 S. 10th, Terre Haute, Ind. Nation, Nord, Knockpatrick P.O., Jamaica, B.W.I. Nelson, Elwynn, R, 1, Box 55B, Berrien Springs, Mich. Nelson, Georgia, R. 3, Clear Lake, Wis. 62, Nelson, Oren, R. 1, Frankfort, Mich. Neumann, John, Box 166, Youngsville, N.Y. Newton, William, Box 66, Weslaco, Tex. Nichols, Charles, Petersburg, Ill. Nicholson, Merickston, Seaview Cottage, Charlotteville, Tobago, B.W.I. Nickless, Virginia, 402 Perrin Ave., Lafayette, Ind. Niswander, Melvin, Malin Med. Group, Wytheville, Va. Noble, Samuel, 20292 Kingsville, Detroit 27, Mich. Nomura, James, 2169 Kauhana St., Honolulu, T.H. Nord, Dennis, 503 Willard St., Jamestown, N.Y. Nussdorfer, Elizabeth Ann, 27 WVoodrow, Freemont, Mich. 0 Oakvik, Joy, 1939 N.E. Lincoln, Minneapolis, Minn, Odom, Ruhart, Box 813, Manila, P.I. Oft, Melvin, 20 E. 151st St., Harvey, Ill. Ojala, H. Verne, 3008 Cliff Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Olilghilgt, C. William, 1343 W. 51st Place, Los Angeles, a 1 , Oliver, Harold, Escanaba, Mich. Oliver, Hubert, 444 Fifth St., Cadillac, Mich. Olson, Alvin, Box 69, Hayward, Wis, Olson, Lennart, R. 1, Box 120R, Berrien Springs Mich, Olson, Walter, 737 Morrison, Holly, Mich. , Olson, Wilbur, 2014 Ekin, New Albany, Ind. One Hundred F ifty-four Petersen, Kathyleen, R. 4, Merrill, Wis. S2 Peterson, Helen, 3011 Alta St., Melrose Park, Ill. 68 Pfeifle, Henry, Waldron, Mich. 68 Pflaum, Doris, R, 8, Box 276, Decatur, Ill. S2 Phillips, Dorothy Ann, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 68 Phillipson, Gloria, R. 1, Box 668, Augusta, Mich. S2 Philo, Alta. 17 Haskell Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. 82 Philo, Bonnie, 17 Haskell Drive, Battle Creek, Mich. 82 Phipps, J. Malcolm, 1054 Wesley Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 82 Pierce, E. Dean, R. 1, Indiana, Pa. 82 Pillor, David. R. 3, Box 554, Duluth 3, Minn, 82 Plake, John, 1315 N. Alabama, Indianapolis, Ind. 68 Pleasants, M. WVayne, 515 Washington, Casey, Ill. 68 Pleasants, Richard, 515 lVashington, Casey, Ill. 68 Plummer, Roland, Box P, Angwin, Calif. 82 Plunz, Catherine,'R. 6, Box 344, Pontiac, Mich. 82 Polk, Herbert, 313 N. Main, Berrien Springs, Mich. Polston, Ann, R. 2, Milan, Ind, 82 Pontynen, Burton, 104 E. Houghton Ave., Houghton, Mich. 82 Pontynen, Carol, Box 107, Quinnesec, Mich. 60 Popescu, Jack, 542 W. 61st Place, Chicago, Ill. Popp, Barbara, 9564 Schiller Blvd., Franklin Pk., Ill. 82 Potter, Coretta, La Farge, Wis. 82 Powell, Clemeth, Kewaden, Mich. 68 Powers, Annita, Linden Ave., Fremont, Mich. 83 Pritchard, Leland, 1280 E. Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 68 Prosser, Donald, 505 S. St, Paul St., Austin, Minn. 68 Pruett, Carolyn, 279 N. WVashington Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Prust, Gloria, R. 1, Palatine, Ill. 83 Przewoznik, Helen, R. 2, Box 130, Thorp, Wis. 83 Pudleiner, Douglas, 205 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, Md. 83 Pumford, Lawrence, Berrien Center, Mich. Puno, David, Meysulau, Caunpit Bub, P. I. 55 Q Quimby, Alyce Jean, 34 South St., Stoneham, Mass. 83 Quinlan, Cerena, 1248 Orville St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 83 Quinn, Joseph, R. 5, Charles St. Rd., Rockford, Ill. 68 R Race, Merry, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. 61 Raettig, Joyce, Mosinee, Wis. 3? Rairden, Walter, 1329 Russel St., Covington, KY. 83 Rant, Mary, 3234 N. Julia St., Milwaukee, Wis. 83 Rasmussen, C. Murray, Milton Junction, Wis. 33 Rasmussen, Richard, 60 Lincoln, Battle Creek, Mich. 55 Rasmussen, Ruth, 60 Lincoln, Battle Creek, Mich. 33 Rasmussen, Tedford, 201 E. Walnut, Rawlins, WYO. 83 Read, Lucile, Box 155, Oak Bluffs, Mass. Read, Samuel, Box 155, Oak Bluffs, Mass. Reaves, Edith, 2032 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. S3 Reed, James, R. 1, Springville, Ind. 83 Reedy, Clarence, 251 S. 12th St., Middletown, Ind. 63 Reedy, Virginia, R. 1, Middletown, Ind. Regal, William, R. 1, Oconto Falls, Wis. , S3 Reiber, Robert, R. 1, Box 52, Bellevue, Mich. S3 Remus, Harold, 111 Glenview, Oil City, Pa. 33 , 1,.. " 11 HU' 51119. fygll ,, .lfS,,,tZefl1,,,q 1. l ' 1 -A 'mlm' , lllll' A ' , , '1r0'1'..f 111' .ll ' .L 1.1 1 .1PilUP'. vI'hnfff'i' ' , 'ffl W l I ' 1' "' ' . I.. . aber. ,.,,,j1'. ,1 , , . . .I,R0bgf. KH 11 191111. g, - .' . ara - '1 1' all 111211 ,,. 1. 5 ?'l:' 0111 " luifph' 4.11, 4. VV , Jo56,,,XZe,, 14 lf ASH' 'DV' .. .111'ft'S,.f611i11f. 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Rv11' ISWH' ' filwilliam, 12 rin, Rl0hIlTli, xl 'ull' i,'f'lP'1,21-111- f' ' '.i,,', ., " -Tyn- V X1n:1,1.,11,,:, Q, n '1lRi11,.,,. - -I ,'d.ll.1 f ij?-11111111 Tl -f ,,.1I1Skt,ll'.,,, 1 ll -. .g, I . pg- - , 5, ' ' X aff, 11 89,3 M, 121531 1- 1l.f,"1' PM Z 1, N34 ,A -ill, ,Jl,4EaI,Lli.gtQIlj1'1- S, 1 " 9 - mx: I A I Fish rf 1. X 1, 11. 1, -- lk r+iV2il1i- lg In I 5 'Ellie 'F Mm... fPI1'L'h' in ' 'X 1' llli, N 1 H1111-1 1,11 ll 11' ,, ' x. lx, , v X x ., T01 ilibnsedgi. Ohio , 9luni1i,,,i'S' h B ' Pi end, I , . Foriin, ii 1. Dain. Trinidad ii 5f Tix. ii 5' ii MSO. Ill ' ii rn 27 Y City, ' E2 Ohio ' ii g0, pw, -ng, Mich, il fuse, iii . ' ' 82 Oshawa, Ontario. ii Df"12S.iiin, ,, ii bl is- 55 P , sz ark. Ill. 6, ni. Berrien Springs, I 6 esta. nieh. si eek, nicn, S, Creek, Mich. gg Cincinnati. 0hio S2 82 Minn, gg Dolis, Ind. 55 i Casey, Ill. is asey, Ili. is iif. S2 ic, Mich. 82 Springs, Mich. 82 Ave., Houghton, S2 liich. ii' cago, Ill. nnn Pr.. Ill- it r, Mich. , S3 Ven Akron, Ohio 55 wsiin, Minn. ii eq Bilifie Cfeekl 83 - Si rp. Wls' . ne.. Takoma Faq? Midi- 55 P, I. U, iiass. ii oneha 1 . I Mm, si o Revlds' as zockfofdy 61 rich- 53 s mgron. Ei' si Ukeehgl' I J Ongyeer. Wh' is nreekr nichio n fawiins. Wi ' CS. .iq S, tniofkv N' Y. d. letowfb nl S, . SS vis' . h 91 MIC i . pa. V Courblu, La Tour de Peitz, , 6 Rue Le lllette ,,,i,1d, SWitzerl2UEg45 Buffalo Rd., Erie, Pa. 83 ,,,,0ld5,Ele21fi01' 1845 Buffalo Rd., Erie, Pa. . 83 nn'll0ifiS.nvll11annsi7 Academy Road- Holly' Mlnn' Hades, Carol, 7 T7 Austin, Lincoln Park 25, Mich. 83 g,,,,,,,.ii,ParE1,61?h0maS Ave, Forest Rai-ir, 111. 83 ,,ce,Ha1-1-y,,,ur 318 Hersey SL, Cadillac, Mich. H,,,,,,,.d5, Artlit ,Rl 1, Pinconnins, Mich. hirirett. nolgigbert Cicero, Ind. 62' gigsblh G' ,L Jean, Kennard, Ind. r Wy, Bai-bar1926 N, Ft, Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky. .15 ,,,,,.,Hugh. 4340 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, Ill. 68 ,,,,,,-,.IoselJl1,a R 4, Plymouth, Ind, , 83 Hif159"fLenOr.126 g, Ashland Bivd.. Chweeo- 111- 83 Rivera. Jose- 0 1 Ky noone. Asa' Haizgfl Tyler, Apt. B-3, Detroit 6, Mich. S3 iioark.Myrne' Main St. Belleville, Mich. 55 pno.Pi"'1' 369 Wilton st Philadelphia, Pa. 83 nbinsonf 'nnesf 1iia1eT'3210 East 'eo si., Cleveland, Ohio. Robinson. Johnnie L5 E3 Market, Corning, N.Y. 68 Robinson. Rohit-if ,Jim Fins, Wis, 69 Robison. Stan ' 625 N, W. "L" St., Richmond. Ind. 'iodenng' nemo 625 N. w. "L" st., Richmond, Ind. ss Rodenbigghhggrgi-5 R 1, Mason City, Ia. 55 Rdeflci ', ' 1 ' - , h' e 0' Ill, 83 ihnia Dee' or ij 'A2neinde.nZSe'e.Cnfle0' 83 i0edSen2,,,i,0,i.nnioi4g. second st., Richmond, Ind. ss Gilberit. 46256 Court st.. Roehestif- Nf,,Ue,eS 83 Roos biargilfet, 1700 Westwood Blvd" OS e 83 . 'l'f. , . Roiigenioeng, Henry, R. 21 Beljfien Snrlngs' .Mlcn 83 Poot Deo, R. 1. Box 124, Berrien SDFIHSS, Mich- 83 ilorabeck. C. Herbert, R. 3. Deitoor Mloh' ilosen, Melvin, Clear Lake, WIS- 83 Rosenberg, Sheldon, SOdLlS,.M1Ch- liosenberg,Walt61'. Clay Cltyi 111- , Ross, Patricia, R. 1, Berrien SDFIHSJS. Mleh-. 83 Roth, E. Marion, 6525 Vista, Wauwatosa. WIS, hnnik, Joyce, 5322 Ludlam, Chicag0.,I11- , 34 Ruf, Dorothea, 922 Lawrence St.. Madison, WIS- 84 hnr. Mario, 922 Lawrence st., Madison. W1S- 84 Rumsey, Ray, R. 3, Charlotte, Mich. ' 84 Runge, Ernest, 863 West St., Watertown, Wis. Si Ruppenthal, Shirley, 443 Northampton St., Buffalo, N.Y. 8 ltusher, Max, St. Charles, Mich. . 84 Russel, R. Dean, Box 253, Eau Claire, Mich. S iHC'k.Luella, R. 2, Marion, Mich. 84 Wi- Wilma. R. 2. Marion, Mich. ia""i'S- JGSHSM. R. 2, Beneenvine, 111. 84 Salle. Robert. Box 24, Cedar Lake, Mich. mee. Jack, 2195 Lakeview, Detroit, Mich, SZWSEGBADSO1-es, 615 Forest st.. Charlotte, Mich. 84 ' 1 h 84 sm ' - HD , 1307 Ellsworth, Perry, Mich. ,,,,,,0',rDe1H1H1'. Box 900, Lansing 4, Mich. Hitler, Graciela, 2033 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, - 84 Sh Scmler' Robert, R- 1, Box 212, Baroda, Mich. 55 ee' Donald. R. 2, st. Charles Mich. 84 Shi . ' Sihnegfsf- Stanley. Hmsdaie sanitarinm, Hinsdale, 111. 55 Schoonaerlli Helen, 2650 S. Ridgeway, Chicago, Ill. 84 Sch 1 BUVCOII, 19 Reed Court, Battle Creek, Mich. 69 UNH, Mary R. 1 Ra I 84 SQ ' 2 yy nd.. Sehulelnannhnnl' R' 1' Ray. Ind- 69 g,h,,,Z,AraeR1ef1HFd, 815 Emerson St., Evanston, Ill. 61 schurene XS, 201 E. Eruwing, South Bend, Ind. , SehWa,,Z'R,CEar College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 69 Schwerer W lnindr R. 1, Wataga, Ill. 56 Sthiversinske mg' 64 W. 3rd St., Corning, N.Y. 55 Wig, er Walter, 339 Amory St., Fond-du-Lac, 84 Soo ' Scoi5Hf,S,,,,Ge0r3'e, 3 Pine Ave., Takoma Park, Md. 34 Scott, Loisa, R' 1' Dowegiac, Mich. 34 Seaman E' ,233 Center St., Kennett Square, Pa. 55 Seiler, he all' BoX 337, Oshawa, Ontario. 56 Serabjitssnorei Fish Creek, Wig, , S4 , B.W.l.mgh, Jae Deao, Spaldings Ro., Jamaica, 69 A-elinsx V. ' ' Servi Gngmle. Milton Junction Wis. 56 Seri-iz PTF' ,Lila VVis. , Shao '1"S- Lily, wie, el. H oben' R' 1, Delavan, Wis. 69 Shadel, Willard, 8414 Piney Branl Springs, Md. C1 Court' Snven Shasky, Donald, 217 Sinclair, Gle ' gllagfferhliettyi BoX192841, Pontiac, 6, Cahn f 1 qua YH. 6 Airlin , - Sheldon, Robert, 112 E. 3rd Si 2Coi'i1ingO1nI1nf Sheldon, Vivian, 112 E, 3rd St.: Corning, NY' Sheppler, Odien, Rockland, Wis. Q I i Sherwin, Neal, R. 6. Box 717, Battle Creek, Mich Shlmek, V- J0yce, 7335 Harwood Ave. Vifauwatosai Wis Shinsato, George, 1429 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu 52,'T.H.. Show, Lawrence, 3309 Mayfield Ave., Alton 111, Shull, Jeannine, R.1, Bluffton Ind. , Shull. Vivion, R. 1, Bluffton,yInd. Shultz. George, R. 2, Sheridan, 111. Siegel, Allen, 5334 Ward St., Cincinnati, Ohio Simlsgonis, Cyrus, 2388 VV. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, ic . Simmons, Erma, 810 N. Cory St., Findlay, Ohio Simmons, George, 238 W. 146th St., Apt. 22, New York, N.Y. Singh, Rajnauth, 3 Harding Place, Cocorite, Port-of- Spain,T'rinidad, B.W.I. Siqueira, Francisco, Baixo Guando, Espirito, Santos, Brazil Skov, Peter, 21 Hostrupsvej 21, Hillerod, Denmark Skyllstad, Kjell, Skogli Badesanatorium, Lillehammer, Norway Slabach. Russell, 216 Lucas, Bucyrus, Ohio Slack, Gerard, 4306 Hudson Blvd., Union City, N.J. Slagle, Ramona, R. 3. Durand. Wis. Sluder, Theodore, 201 N. Harrison, Berrien Springs, Mic 56 56 60 84 84 84 84 69 84 69 84 69 84 69 84 84 69 84 84 56 84 84 84 h Smith. Bruce. 309 E, Ferry St., Berrien Springs, Mich. 84 Smith, Everett, Wilson, Mich. 56 Smith, Frederick, Gobles, Mich. 84 Smith, Harold, R. 2, Berrien-Springs, Mich. Smith, Joseph, Elnora, Ind. 35 Smith, Joy, 1550 Walter Drive, Flint, Mich. 85 Smith, Mary Jane, Box 452, Polson, Mont. 35 Smith, Reger, 210 Walnut, Benton Harbor, Mich. 56 Smuts., Catherine, Box 22, Somerset West, C.P., South 56 Africa Smuts, James, Box 22, Somerset West, C.P., South 56 Africa Snow, Earl, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 57 Snyder, Andrew, Odell, Neb. so Snyder, D. Jeannine, Box 65, Hinsdale, Ill. , 85 Snyder, Stuart, 528 Bukius, Grand RaD1dS, Mleh- V Solder, Clayton, Carney, Mich. 30 Sorensen, Niel, R. 1, Fowlerville, Mich. 57 Sorensen, Ruby, R. 1, Fowlerville, Mich. F Spach, Reba, Cornell, wie. , S2 Spencer, Lee, Box 197, Grass Yalley, Callf. Spicer, Anna, 1509 E. Third, Mishawaka, Ind. 60 Spicer, Eldon, 1509 E. Third, Mishawaka, Ind. 83 Stanaland, Irma, 337 S. Garrard, Rantloul, Ill., - Stanchfield, Marian, R. 2, Berrien Spr1ngS, 85 Stanchfield, W. Joan, R. 2, Berrien Spflngsf llod' 5,1 Standen, Leonard, Sutton Yalencer Kent' Inggwnilgh 61 Stark, Anna Jane, 22841 Rein-Rd., E. D.8ii,I'O1 , . 85 Stark, Floyd, 8165 Lenere' Dearborn' M1151-' h 85 Stark, Ralph, 8165 Lenore, Dearborn, 1C - 85 Starkey, Donarilld, L3oSgRLai4erR1gggg,3urg Wisl tarke , M- om 1 ' '. ' inne- Stebbins, Robert, 1409 w. Minnehaha Parkway, M 85 a olis, Minn- A . ' Minne- Stebgins, winiam, 1409 W- Mmnehaha Parkway' apolis, Minn. . N.Y. 85 Stecker, Donald, 620lgegzrigcadgigglciigiaukaunay Wig' 85 geman. Harvey, -J , rand Rapids, gililtghan, Frederick, 726 Jefferson Ave., G Mich. r , Ind. Stepp' Robert' R' 2, Cai16I3bi2iaSrncnennSD1'ings, Mich. 85 Stern, Carol, R. 1, Box Belqton Harbor, Mich. Stevens, Clement, R. 3- 1 Ave Takoma Park 12, D.C. 69 Stevens, Irena' 910 Camo Wanwatosai Wis' ' Joseph. 2436 N' mtn' 111 85 Stier. 1 Rock Falls, . , 57 Stiles. Eugene' n' Y' ung st. Sudbery, Ontame . 1, 85 stiti, Williain, 02 227 Anni.-ive., Barrie Creek, M12 - 8, Stover, Bonnie Jeai318 Jefferson Ave., Brooklefn' Nl' 85 Straker, Bertfonn' DR 2 Berrien springs- Mlch' 85 Stmnnn' MMQTLR '3 ,Box 554, Duluth: Minn' a1f1d,ICe1'1Ue 1 ' ' 0113, Ontario ,, 2ti1ang'Woy' Mary, Rio ZF PM-nrBootl1bY. Lawrence' Mich' 69 Strangwayf Verna- nf ' One Hundred Fifwlnve ! D 'L ie I i i i i I i i i i 1 i i i i i i . 3 1 i Strickler, Mariam, 210 W. Washington St., Shelbyville, Warner, William, 1240 Davis Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich, Warren, Warren, Box 1047, Galesburg, Ill. Warrichait, Arline, St. Charles, Mich. Waterbrook, Lee, 405 Phillippa, Hinsdale, Ill. Ind. 85 Suflicool, Lawrence, Gen, Del., Berrien Center, Mich. 57 Sullivan, David, R. 5, Muncie, Ind. 69 Sunderland, Phyllis, 611 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Svoboda, James, R. 1, Bridgman, Mich. Swanson, Reynold, Box 122, Glen Lake, Minn. Swensen, Richard, Burlington, Mich. Swett, Robert, 4049 Vernor Rd., Lunn, Mich. Swift, Robert, Macon, Miss. Swinyar, Joshua, 4433 Townsend, Detroit, Mich. Sykes, Forrest, R. 1, Holly, Mich. Sykes, Ivan, R. 1, Bellevue, Mich. Symonds, Richard, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich Syria, Vivian, 15753 Cloverlawn, Detroit, Mich. Szewczyk, Edmund, 1657 N. Maplewood Ave., Chicago, V Ill. . Szpiler, Lawrence, 1560 E. Main St., Rochester, N.Y. '1' Taggart, George, Brownstown, Ill. Taggart, Margery, Brownstown, Ill, Tarzwell, Ernest,-R. 1, Box 210, Petoskey, Mich. Taylor, Max, 1017 W, 2nd, Bloomington, Ind. Taylor, Melvin, BOX 174, Angwin, Calif. Taylord, Milford, Secord, Mich. Watts, Pat, Box 162, Garden City, Kansas Wayne, Betty Sue, Medaryville, Ind. VVeaver, Kathleen, Shenadoah Valley Academy, New Market, Va. Weaver, J. Harold, Cedar Lake, Mich. Weaver, N. Aileen, 429 N. Saginaw St., Holly, Mich, Welklin, Philip, 155 Norfolk, Fort Wayne, Ind. Welter, Fay 5777 S. Packard Ave., Cudahy, Wig, Wheeler, Anne Mae, R. 1, Portland, Mich. Wheeler, Ruth, R. 1, Portland, Mich. Wheelock, Merrill, 621 N. Ball, Owosso, Mich. Whitcomb, F. "Lee," White River Junction, Vt. VVhite, Deborah, R. 7, Box 2104, Battle Creek, Mich. White, Marion, 14347 Ashland Ave., Harvey, Ill. White, Verna, 905 Maple, Takoma Park, Md. YVhite, Wava, Reedsburg, WVis. Whitney, Barbara, 111 Sutton, Grand Rapids, Mich. Whitney, Jordan, 323 Center St., Waupaca, Wis. Wiese, William, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Wilburn, David, 3339 Putnam, Woodstock, Ill. Wilcox, James, 7085 South Bend Ave., South Bend, Ind. Wildman, Durward, 575 North Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Wilkinson, Gerald, 2458 N. Bond St., Saginaw, Mich. Tebo, Robert, 611 Earl St., Boyne City, Mich. 85 Teegarden, H. Stuart, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. 57 Terranova, Mary Anne, 1654 Holmden Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 60 Terukina, Helen, 4348 Ahuawa Place, Honululu, T.H. 85 Thirlwell, Doris, BOX 207, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 86 Thomas, Russell, Hope, Mich. 86 Thompson, Edith, 812 Adams, Owosso, Mich. 86 Thompson, Helen, R. 2, Albion, Ind. 86 Thompson, Iris, Apartado 50, General Peraza, Havana, Cuba 86 Thompson Royce, Apartado 50, General Peraza, Havana, ' Cuba 86 Thompson Willa, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Thumwood, Robert, Box 831, Mount Vernon, Ohio 86 Tidrick, Dorothy, College Press, Berrien Springs, Mich. 86 Tietz, Donald, Hastings, Mich. 86 Titus, Jesse, Battle Ground, Ind. 86 Toone, M, Frances, 122 Walnut St., St. Charles, Ill. 86 Trevor, Leo, 2136 Cliff Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 86 Trickett, Wilson, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. 48 Trigueros, Consuelo, Reducto Glorieta 73, Caracas Venezuela y 86 Trout, Herman, 409 S. Mechanic, Berrien Springs, Mich. Williams, Alfred, 5048 Forrestville, Chicago, Ill. VVilliams, Joel, 68 Landon St., Buffalo, N. Y. Williams, Lonnie, 2829 Prairie, Chicago, Ill. VVilliams, Robert, 3113 Cambridge, Toledo, Ohio Williams, Shirley, 1033 Leahy St., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Williamson, Vernon, R. 3, Clear Lake, Wis. Willis, Elaine, R. 2, Newark, Del. Wilson, Stanley, R. 1., Box 97, Berrien Springs, Mich. VViltse, Lillian, cfo Binkherts, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Wiltse, Mildred, 301 E. Lerry, Modale, Ia. Winkler, Mary, R. 4, Cleveland, Ga. WVinterstein, Lois, R. 2, Union City, Mich. VVitham, Russell, R. 5, Lebanon, Ind. Wolcott, Cecil, R. 1, Mt. Vernon, Ohio Wolf, Nellie, Onsted, Mich. Wolf, Vivian, 259 Parkside Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. Wolfe, Yvonne, R. 1, Box 385, Swanton, Ohio Wolfer, George, 353 Chestnut St., Pekin, Ill. Wolff, Clarence, R. 1, Box 259A, Colton, Calif. Wolter, Doris, R. 1, Ann Arbor, Mich. Wolter, James, R. 1, Ann Arbor, Mich. Trowbridge, George, Flanders, N.J. Truman, Charlotte, Lima Center, Wis. Tsai, William, 537 N. Bluff St., Berrien Springs, Mich, Tupper, Betty, Amery, Wis. ' Tyson, J. Hardy, Box 238, Greenville, N.C. U I Uhl, Henry, R. 1, Box 101, Berrien Springs, Mich, Umbarger, James, 2259 N. LaSalle, Indianpolis, Ind. 'V' Vallado, Samuel, Caixa Postal 1919, Rio de Janerio, Brazil Van Arsdale, Leon, R. 1, Marion, Mich. Vanderburg, Hernion, R. 3, Cassopolis, Mich. Van Duinen, Donald, 5 Vlfhite St., Grandville, Mich. Vessels, Frank, 4214 W. 21 Place, Chicago, Ill. Vine, Kenneth, 66 Gresham Rd., Bournemouth, England Vixie, Clifford, R.,2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Vixie, Elwin, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Vixie, Joyce, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich, Voorheis, Arl, R. 1, Albion, Mich. Voss, Calvin, R. 1, Box 150, Franksville, Wis, Vreeland Raymond, 118 Melrose Ave., Syracuse 9, N.Y. Wager, Wyman, R. 2, Corunna, Mich. Wagner, Alice, 610 Main St., Waupaca, Wis. Wagner, John, 610 Main St., Waupaca, Vifis, Waldon, Jacob, R. 2, Milan, Ind. Wallace, M. Almeda, 923 Lake Blvd., St. Joseph, Mich. Walterhouse, Donald, 636 E. Oakwood, Bucyrus, Ohio Warner, Darwin, R. 1, Payette, Idaho Warner, Robert, 1240 Davis Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. One Hundred Fiftyfsix Wood, Bernice, R. 1, Buchanan, Mich.- VVood, Ethel, 728 Union St., Columbus, Ind. Woodard, Eleanor, 1006 VV. Summer St., Appleton, Wis. Woodin, John, 312 N. Bailey, Los Angeles, Calif. Woodin, Shirley, 312 N. Bailey St., Los Angeles, Calif. Wrig'ht, Norma, Houghton Lake, Mich. Wyatt, Ewell, R. 1, Dillsboro, Ind. Wykoff, Beverly, 314 W. 42nd St., Minneapolis, Minn. 'Y' Yamashiro, George, Kapan, Kauai, T. H. Yeoman, Paul, 208 Lincoln Rd., East Rochester, N.Y. Yip, Roderick, 32 St. Babb's Rd., Belmont, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, B.W.I. Yoshida, Charles, E-56 Palolo War Hsng, Honolulu, T.H. Yost, F. Donald, 602 Albemarle Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Yost, George, R. 2, Rochester, N. Y. ' Yost, Stephen, R. 2, Rochester, N.Y. Youker, Adelaide, Torrey Rd., Fenton, Mich. Young, James, 353 E. Parson St., Galien, Ohio Young, Kenneth, Lawrence, Mich. Young, Lucille, Lawrence, Mich. Young, Vivian, R. 2, Rhinelander, VVis. Z Zalabak, Naomi, R. 5, Marshfield, Wis. Zumstein, Gertrude, R. 4, Adrian, Mich. Zumstein, June, R. 4, Adrian, Mich. Zumstein, Louis, R. 4, Adrian, Mich. Zumstein, Marian, R. 4, Adrian, Mich. Zutz, Gordon, 5422 N. 25th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Zwemer, Johanna, Box 236, Union Springs, N.Y. 81 86 I 7f .'1 buff" 86 ,Epi J'-,, 13,51 Styli. Rl, 'L Iln.y,,jl51:u1.. of""dQerre. CGW' W" . , gafffr 86 cmllnx' ,. . V, 11896 ' ,,- ff. 'M' 861wvC0 1I'Ix K if ,li IZ. - JI, i 86, Donald? 1, lynx . K ,Ll ,BI-UCB, 1 Dux sf. I I 86LJameS. R' " NX'-miffff' 86"rooafd. lf" ' 58515 S . 4'?'1 i4 Tmumkj- vale!-Y. it' ig-Logitro Collegf' "ig 58 Y ,.,,,, 5, , 21 9 .1 ' 2foo1dinf'1g'i3Q.y r.7..x. Ik" for1C9S'R' ' Q -ti-.1., YW" L. college -"' . W.. R, 2, wllllflli- ' 'W - -, -1, yfgurie ggllorralnegi421114.-'k:ro.rf' 5: 87ogiohard. L9 ' . Sl'-5' 58 f comes. f"'l"" ' 585 .Q ',,.- M'- g7aRa5'mond. C3"":' , Y., f, 16 Rue. Mu-.Inf I - I S7.P1err0, , , X 3 . Fqlumr. - -iield,Robe1l. - 87' U iPoce 225 S. H1-mas. "5 87 laitl1eov,29S Oimi S! iii' osen,ClariCe, ll 1. lid 4 1 .. . 87 i1sen.llene. R- 1. Wi -F 5" 58 l1I,Bs'r0n. 10413 N"fi"f' ', ,,D0r01hy,C9llf'g.- Sul:--7. 87 ilra, College 511.15-isa, llff 70 ?l,Lenora,R. 1. ll:-x EIS, S2 87 Elock, R. 2, Bi-rrirn Sxffzfx 53 1Thomas,R. 2, Evrrif: S3-' 37 1oann,'Colle2e Sm:--r., E.. 70 :Constance 3f'f' ll-EEf:f .1 59 i 87 87 fH,lIH1'ill'l1. 4744 im-+,.t: Uildlih, 2. Hug 416 ig Gilbert, R. 2. Berrivzx Spf. . I gg Delores, R. 1. Rf-rri.-Q sy 60, fUlQ1vin.s1s rm Sz , is 87 ,ik,Al0is, 20o3f. 1.',,,,,,33,,, 87 r ffl. Shil'lQ!', Buy gg, urn, ,i iiuardo, Aliurmdi. gtg ,l,,, 1L9R0s'.215 W I' - iislig' 70 1or1an,R,, ,,,, ,I 9 8, -Betty, R 1' 1-f. S: 59 T'n?'Iifh. ' M " R' i d 4 gg ,hi mund, tn11,.2,, Sw, 3J0Yoe,p 87 hlllk, Bettsrgfflvlg. Wg. Robert, Ii", -flrrx-an 1 7 William, if.. 'gin' '1 8. onaldqg ., '- -fre.. Sari "' nw, Ch od' 1, Roux H ' Grlotte,R 1 I, -. , gg, 'Martha 'I - mx :il It 87 'Gm wif. xv.. 60 Wow vo - KQNIB I 1E ' of , 87 Jiigard' 1717 ST-ix Iwrmr. S7 inid'RUDer1 . EW Wolf 'oo "Wir 14 ' -'me .' '-l.l:... , . , 6 ,,, -4 , - .u P .Leris, R"1l'1xh"X ix" I 'X I u I 1 l Rn 4 11. 5 Ill. 15 A035611 1l', New SIOUX' ., ,I ne. Ind, Ich' lah?" Wi: Mich, 11011, Vt' 1951 Ill, I Md. RUNS. inch, 303. Wis. Sllrin S . lk. ing 1 Mich' nllth Bgnd, Ind Us Creek. inch gmaw. Mich, 9330. Ill. X. Y. . Ill. 10. Ohio skegon Heights, Wis. Springs, ilich. Station, Berrien la. ch. zlyn, NX. 1. Ohio ln, lil. 1, Calif. ind. V Appleton, WIS eles, Calif. Angeles, Calif. qgapolis. Minn' H- , Y. .terv , riches Rm! ri, P0ft'0f'Sp H una- Honoluhl. iid- akoma P3221 Mich. en. 01110 cr lich- vis' 'Qin 11 lille YY, inf- L' Q. QR S. . l gcacfemq l2a4l'e11. il. in ir A ig, R 1 BOX 371, Berrien Springs, Mich. ',,,,,i,GQ1'91d' yl BOX 371, Berrien Springs, Mich. X iiif1.Rfg:,1?,Q.ett'e ,College Station, Berrien Springs, .1 holla. U ' Si iliC11" College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 11 iZlEI1.Amta'na1d 1, Box 56, Berrien Springs, Mich. ilfiiflugh' Dguce YR. 11 EOX S3A, Berrien Springs, Mich. hneeon' lg? nies R. 1, Box 83A, Berrien Snrinss. Mich- indersoiig liiphak-d 407 VVashington St., Benton Harbor, n, ,,,,.1Qga , 4 ' ir Mfhn DoriS. Tfauniki Mich' . . 11510 hobert College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. son. f 3, .ie B - 112 N Cass St Berrien Springs, Mich, .,. ldlfle. ' ' N " S' JAMGQYR 1 Box 55A Berrien Springs, Mich. 'rtliF1'?ll'1C9S. R- 1 ' . . . 1HAJO11I'l College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. 'E , Y v ' 1 5. ,,,.,,,1 D01-is, R. 2, Wausau, 11715. AI, Y ' ,T 1, L0,.,.,ine R. 2, Vifausaw, 'VVIS .. Richard,,8544 Mackinaw, R. 2, Berrien Springs, il 1 4 . llicli. , , U,f,Uthby'C1'1a1'1eS, College Station, Berrien Springs, ' nien. , SI in..rinii,Raynio1:d, Cassville, Mo. Sl fiiraun, Pierre, 16 Rue Moliere, Vitry S-Sienne, France inn.-fieia.Robe1'r. Falconer. NY Us c i'flliI'6110, Rose, 225 S. Hoinan, Chicago, Ill. ' El'h0lV,MHt11l6W, 298 Ohai St., Hilo, T. H. ifhristensen, Clarice, R. 1, Box 46A, Berrien Springs, ilich. ll Phristensen, Ilene, R. 1, Box 79, Berrien Springs, Mich. 41 ll'hlIl'C1l111,BYl'0Il, 10445 Horton, Goodrich, Mich. 122 72 123 121 123 119 123 121 119 119 122 123 121 122 118 119 123 122 Jollins Doroth College Station Berrien Springs Mich. 123 i ei Y. 'a . r 1 ii ifollins, Ira, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. if' "randell.Lenora, R. 1, Box 139, Berrien Springs, Mich. it Wilson, Jack, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. ,Dalson,Tho1nas, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. li illavis, Joann, College Station, ,Berrien Springs, Mich. If' 1Dellarr, Constance, 500 College Ave., Berrien Springs, Qi 1 irhn. Yi fDingmal1.11121l'11y'H, 4744 Mirchen, Arrington, Calif. 5' W0tTiHE.ATdit11, R. 2, Box 246, Berrien Springs, Mich. ihmH.Gi1beri. B. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. . i E I Frisell Delores, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. ng ,- , , 1 Mandi Mehlll. 313 Pitt St., Berrien Springs, Mich. lhl I Y .1 v u 1 S, ,ui??g1U1X. Alois, 2065 Fairplain Ave., Benton Harbor, S7 ' 1' FQ,-fr A. . ipitaugmaiglfley, Box 38, Berrien Springs, Mich. 'mf 0. Apartado 986, Caracas, Venezuela l 0'd, . , ,' LeRoy, 215 W. Hamilton, Berrien Springs, 121 123 119 123 123 118 119 122 122 123 122 121 119 . llioh, 122 11 11ni.ii ' G giihlisl 1, BOX 159, St. Joseph, Mich. 119 S7 Springs Mich 1, Box 15, Kephart Lane, Berrien ii Willson E' ' 123 . ' i d . 10 Mich' mundf College Station, Berrien Springs, 'll 313111 122 1 ililasgsoiiyfg,tPorterfield, Wig, sr ii1n..C,,,,,' RZSY. R- 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. 123 1ilagSC0Ck, Wilirt, R' 2. Berrien SD1"1UgS. Mich. 123 , fi'1d1'ing,,Dona1?m' R' 24 Berrien Springs, Mich. 118 S' Weill. Harold R, 2' Berrien SpringS. M1011 113 1,f1'oh,Qha,,,0tLe ia. BOX 82A, Berrien Springs, Mich. 121 flmvef. Martliat G. 1, BOX 26. Berrien Springs, Mich. 122 , Q f en- Conf., Washington 12, D. C 119 S' 9. 50 inn1Q,,J I-I F ,H .. oseph, B , I .0 yihn. Edward OX 78' Bemefi Springs, Mich. 121 ,7 nam Y. , 1717 South W'11- ., Tl ing, Rupert 9 Z 1 iams, South Bend, Ind. Si Hanmh1dHd.B.WI' O ampty Lane. Port-of-Spain. Sl Hwfiiiin. Phyllis 1 119 .H,,,r'E0l1nie, Rf, ' BOX 105, Berrien Springs, Mich. 122 ' ,Lewis R. 1 'P00,X FC, Berrien Springs, Mich. 121 1 ' J X 4-JC, Berrien Springs, Mich. 122 i i Holbrook, J. Virginia, R. 2, Box 24A Daphion Mo Houck, Alta., R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. , 2 Houck, Hazel, R, 1, Berrien Springs Mich Huffaker, Carl, Box 104, Berrien Springs, Mich, Hufifaker, G1-ace, Box 104, Berrien Springs Mich Hunt. Betty, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. , ' jHTunt, Robert, R. 1, BOX 37, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hunt, Walter, R. 1, Box 37, Berrien Springs, Mich. Hyun, Charles, 12 Dongjadong, Seoul Korea I lngram, Kenneth, 489 Clark, Galesburg, 111, J' Jenks, Alfred, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich, JQUSOU. Betty, B. 1, Box 59, Berrien Springs, Mich. Johnson, Barbara, R. 2, Box 2248, Berrien Springs, Mich. Johnson, Carole, R. 2, Box 2248, Berrien Springs, Mich. Johnson, Ivor, 27 Warner Place, Jamestown, N.Y. Jones, Joseph, R. 1, Box 158A, St. Joseph, Mich. K Krchnavi, Grace, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. In Lafferty, Patricia, 312 Madison St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Lambert, Jo Ann, 1334 WVilliams, Gary, Ind, Lane, Mary, R. 1, Box 31, Berrien Springs, Mich. Lane, Peggy, R. 1, Box 31, Berrien Springs, Mich, Lashier, Patsy, R. 1, Box 43B, Berrien Springs, Mich, Lashua, Truman, 2134 S. Six St., Klamath Falls, Ore. Lemon, Cecil, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. Lewis, Robert, 508 W. Ferry, Berrien Springs, Mich. Loos, Grace, R. 1, Box 163, South Haven, Mich. M Macklin, Stanley, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Macomber, Dorothy, R. 1, Box 48, Berrien Springs, Mich. Marsh, Joan, R. 1, Hope, Mich. 123 121 122 122 120 123 122 121 121 123 120 121 122 122 123 123 122 121 122 122 d 87, Cuidad Trujillo, Dom. Maxson, Barbara, Aparta o Rep. 120 Mayer, Earl, R. 2, Vifaukesha, Wis. 121 Mead, Robert, 120 N. Oak, Hinsdale, Ill. Meeker, John, 4042 Jackson, Gary, Ind. Miles, Arthur, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. 122 Miller, Violet, 577 Union, Niles, Mich. 123 N' Nash, Kenneth, 215 W. Hamilton, Berrien Springs, Mich. 0 . Oliver, Curtis, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Oliver, Evelyn, College Station, Berrien.Spr1ngs, Mich. Oliver, Jeanne, R. 1, Berrien Springs,,Mich. . 123 Olson, Shirley, R. 1, Box 72, Berrien SDFIHBS. Mwh- 123 Owens, Dolores, 213 W. Madison Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. i Owens, Shirley, 213 VV. Madison Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. , , 123 Owens, F. Wayne, 213 W. Madison Ave., Berrien Springs, Mich. 122 P Plested, Beverly, 305 Ferry St., Berrien Springs, Mich, 122 Pritchett, Charles, 259 Ross St., Benton Harbor, Mich. Pcwen, Esther, Kewadin. Mich- , 120 Pudleiner, Eleanor, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich. 120 Pumford, Russell, Berrien Center, Mich. 121 ZR- Remus John, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Ricklets, Marjorie, 2238 VVest Lombard, Davenport, I wa , Roosenberg. MHFY. R- 2. Berrien Springs Mlch' 121 S 120 Scanlon, Janeth, 522 First St., Me113Sh2L. Wis- One, Hundred Fifty-seven . 0 P ti Us M Sghleieher, Jack, R. 1, Box 120, Berrien Springs, Mich. 118 Schleicher, Lois, R. 1, Box 120, Berrien Springs, Mich. Sink, Paul, South Haven, Mich. Sluder, Milton, 201 N. Harrison, Berrien Springs, Mich. 122 S arks Dorothy R 2 Midland M1011- p ' 1 ' 7 ' 7 , . Spittler, Frances, 1527 Sycamore, Wyandotte, Mich. 121 Stevens, Mary, 776 Pasadena St., Benton Harbor, Mich. Straman, Russell, R. 2, Berrien Springs, Mich. 120 T 'I1alaga, Henry, 9472 Schiller, Franklin Park, Ill. Teegarden, Lois, R. 1, Berrien Springs, Mich, 113 A Ambs, Louise Anderson, Albert Augsburger, Daniel A. Axelson, Arthur E. B Batiuk, Justina Beach, Perry Beaty, Earl Benedict, Margaret Brown, George W. C , Campbell, Victor Campbell, Alma Mager Christensen, John Christensen, Otto Christman, Rachel Culbert, Abbie D Davis, Alice . Davis, Claude Day, Joseph DeMerice, Blanche Dunn, Orville E Edwards, Harry Elmo Edwards, WVinifred McCormack I' Fahrbach, Maude' Ferren, Dorothy Field, Clarence Fisher, Vera Friestad, Arlene G- Gammon, Edward Gibbs, Paul I-I Halenz, Herwarth F. Hamel, Paul Hein, Harry High, Earl Holmes, Arthur D. Holquist, Beatrice A J' Johnson, Alvin W. Johnson, Elsie Ortner Vande Vere, WVayne, R. 1, Box 75, Berrien Springs, Mich, ,Q .V 0 f B Q Van Duinen, Enos, 5 N. White, Grandville, Mich. i -c . VVard, Charles, R51, Berrien Springs, Mich, VVard, William, R. ,1, ,Berrien Springs, Mich, Wiese-, Phyllis, College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Wood, Floyd, R. 1, Buchanan, Mich. Wood, NVilliam, R, 2, Berrien Springs, Mich, XVright, Jarnes, R. 3, Niles, Mich. Johnson, Rudolph B. K. 34 44 Kelsey, Verne 29 Kiehnhoff, Estelle 34 Knecht, Elwin F. Kyle, E. S. 39 31 Lashier, Harvey lVI, 31 Lee, Clinton W. 39 Lovell, Vernon P. 44 MacMorland, Robert 43 MacMorland, Wanda 39 Marks, Arlene 39 Marsh, Clara 34, 62 Martin, Mildred 37 Morgan, Violet 39 Nelson, Walter 40 Noblitt, Clarence 44 44 40 Olson, H. O. 37 Peterson, Merton 29 Pfeifle, Marie 34 Phipps, Barbara Phipps, Burton H. 44' 153 Riffel, J. E. 40 121 Rulkoetter, Aubrey H. ' 35 44 Smith, George Smith, Leslie Specht, Edward J. 37 Stockton, Audrey 29 Stone, Edith Swearingen, Frank F. 29 40 Thiele, Edwin R, 35 gg Vande Vere, Emmett 36 f Wagner, Edward Wang, James 27 Webber, Bernice :L H32 Wideman, Albert Printed by College Press One Hundred F ifty-eight P-,L 'L' si Engravings by La Salle Engraving Corp. Binding by Berrien Bindery , 1 V " v w "5 12 ,rf W 1' v 1 I , I if " Wi , A gl! , P 1 J . . f 5 V Y Ll! l.q'q, lffilv. ,.i l LL' A el, ,,y. I V Q li, ,. 0 X112 if w W YES fy M3 SX ML W' wif 23, f7f4fQ?W W ' Q15 gy fJW ?wM'759 Uffywwwiwj WQWM MWWWWWM W MW QW 'F 'CMN XQWM 0, QWMQQKQA 'wx GJ VM MM? 47JZ3'+ff2'VfMfffffi af fffffjx kgfwfit W ' if-,Q I r f f J' J -f x A Li Q I V X N - A , ., ,J 1 ,M R I V Uyyvvx y' V rpiikhqk X ,6AJw,,V , A'v1,vTL,-Q!wfQi,fx,mLI,,,g, . 'J 2 M-Q f My ff 420' ,ff j- 53 fh J ' ' 'f X D5 ' ' 0, ,,,, ji, ,I , . f , g 19 ,y,.99, ,,,w,'?L.W,,.1,Pw"fL' ,. .5g,a ml- Y N5 Mh S x f 9 ' ' V, l Q 1' , ,LN X, - 191 2' .A 4 a 'fb ,I ,,v' ,3 ,f 6 . L, f , X if 3" J 2 W ,Q ' ! WM i ifbfmgf.,-1 ff' n I X L . if h f ,J A , 4 , Lal E4 if 4 ,, - 1 4 f , , f v ' JO V' ws YM' if W Qowj, W. ff F! Y A ! , V r ,I Q , , ks V ,' P 6 , , . M pf X W'Lix9x'l f M Q f' Q N iff Q , L ' E: Kjlgyf-W-'-f-g ' r-,.,J,,. Qi J W MJ: 1 41" aww? Q-.Lit I I 1 a f-'x iff! 2' A

Suggestions in the Emmanuel Missionary College - Cardinal Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) collection:

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