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 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 214 of the 1948 volume:

1 C.3J'bg,Q Wnwljqff 'Q Q AW' Eli Z 'X ' W QEBQ lilmrigs I L I Ulihe beninr,-14 ut fllfmmanuel fdlnllege, grateful for a ruunheh participation in the sure Wap which Ieahs nn tn Uliruth anh lite przsent this ttnentghsixth hnlume ut the pearhnuk Gihe Ctfpilugue iiune, 1948 ehitatiun To her, who labors like Martha, To her, who prays like Mary. We, the Class of Nineteen Forty-eight, gratefully and respectfully dedicate this, the twenty-sixth volume of THE EPILOGUE, to our revered President, Sister Superior Margaret Patricia, S.N.D. Since her inception into this ofhce, she has labored selflessly, quietly, unobtru- sively to foster and to further the ideals of Catholic education as em- bodied in Emmanuel. We knew her, from our Freshman Year, as a guide who helped us over library hurdles. We were confident of her interest in each of us, in our problems, our difficulties, our aspirations. This interest, we are certain will follow us from the corridors of Emmanuel into our varied Walks of life. The administrative qualities of Emmanuel's past Presidents have been objectified in significant improvements in and about the campus. lt was fittingly left for the incumbency of our present President to coin- cide vvith the first endeavor in building expansion. The Spring dated the breaking of ground for the Science Building. THE EPILOGUE, precious to us, We dedicate to our President, then, as a grateful tribute to her worth, her loyalty, her service to Emmanuel, her influence upon its students. We proffer it as a token that we, the Class of Nineteen Forty-eight, will long keep in our hearts the memory of our President, and her kind, unvvearying, unvvearied solicitude for us and ours. EM MANUEL COLLEGE 400 THE FENWAY BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT DEAR MEMBERS on THE CLASS or 1948, I thank you for the dedication of this volume of the EPILOGUE. I accept it as a tribute of affection for your College, personihed for the moment in the President. The goal of your years at Emmanuel has been reached. You are now to join the long line of Alumnae who have gone forth to the battle of life armed with the shield of faith, protected by the helmet of salvation, and the breast- plate of justice. The sword of the spirit, God's word, has been propounded to you, as to them, to help you in the struggle against the materialism, the spiritual indifference ofthe age in which we live. As once, long ago, the great Apostle Paul warned his hearers to draw their strength from the Lord and to wear all the weapons in God's armory if they would find strength to resist the enemy of their souls, so now I bid you heed his Words if you would be found steadfast when your task is done. During your years at Emmanuel, the Way has been charted for you. For many it will lead in time, to the happiness of the domestic circle, modeled, I hope, on the Family of Nazareth, for others, to a career in the busy life of the world, where Fidelity to duty must be your beacon light, for a chosen few, the Way may lead to the garden enclosed of the Cloister. During these years, the Truth has been made known ever more clearly to you, that you, in turn, may be able to hold it high as a torch to guide others to Him Who alone is Life. Your Way will be bordered now with the flowers of victory, now with the thorns of defeat. Walk in it lirmly, keeping your eyes steadfastly on the Truth, and when the battle is won and you lay down your arms, you will find that you have entered joyfully into Life Eternal. Go forth, then, Class of 1948, heed the challenge of Our Holy Father, Pius XII, " no one can be mediocre in these stirring days," carry the torch of Truth along the Way of Life, and may Emmanuel be with you and you with Emmanuel forever. Devotedly yours, ,448 AW as mn my B135 ' ws , .-ml. -vs, sssn,,i4 95 ' wk-. xml. , -n :IL tmzntp snxtb Qrahuatiun I ms l925' jfirst Grahuatiun Qllass jfntetnuth We stay our steps on the threshold of Commencement, as now, more intensively than ever, the realization of the fulness which we have received floods our consciousness. No better summary of Em- manuel's gifts to us can be found than in the theme of this, the twenty- sixth volume of THE EPILOGUE-the Way, the Truth, the Life! Each member of the Faculty has revealed the Way for our youthfully-eager, yet faltering steps to travel. To guide us along this appointed course, we have received the proven compass of Truth. This much has been given us. We chart ourselves towards the Life. The world which awaits our coming, in a larger and fuller sense, is one in which the masterpiece of perfect womanhood has been ruth- lessly rent by the ravishes of vice, glossed over by the liquid smear of all-encompassing Modernism. For many, feminine virtue is outmoded, since woman has voluntarily plunged from her hereditary pedestal. If woman is to regain her place of eminence, it will be largely through our efforts, in whom the ideals of the original concept of woman have been preserved. Our living in the world should be the brush capable of retouching the true portrait of woman, and restoring it to its pristine loveliness. This living by the principles of grace and truth we offer as our best expression of gratitude to our parents, our professors, our college, the most congruous recompense for their sacrifices for us, their faith in us. We shall strive that each of our years may pile up an added store of gratification for them. In deeds, not in words, shall our litany of thanksgiving grow closer and closer to the perfection of her, whose spirit greatly rejoiced in God, her Savior. .I v W mis 'MQ " - V MES? .rl .,,.. sms N -. 'til Hn 'vi 1 . '12 . Ti0"Q 3 R2 . , X Y 2: s e 1 ' -. jxl . , ,, .F I-f' ' ' 3' ' F F ,M , . f" .Q s - L . 'X- F 1 ' 'va . 'fx' F 3 N a nzsxyx mvsx- 1,-an an nf .mg R U K-N b A A.-4' 9 " I 3-,,---ua. W .-f .iw s Q ar' ss , was mm wmsrw sm if' -89.-, 5 an 'WS -WH sg fx I ' ' -4,Q-:Sal .Qi '45 , rzf.-22 x Y'w.T?"f -A FN: Yi if f -:J'9:QS s' .3.14n,i4 ., , .V 4 .QAAQEQ Ifyi ,kgsi 3 x9f"l55' ' L:.,""x. 1 fx rfl .4 Q n E- ' ,STE R, W 11-vi-NS: " . nvfskxva 'r - ' 'Sir' kgs. . If .N-pl' ne. -N vc A gf Ea? . , X. '-.,,.c -+- N. . k,.,f,. , '-,, "E - is - 'Q -, ' L. 'v-Q, V .-, 3.15 1 Uh . -'L' Ss' si "' 1 ? X n. v 4 , 'Q v Tr H 1 x zu.- -'wraesn-. . 'ilqytlru' 1 ,- L.. -115 . 1 - . Mn- ? ' 'YW 'D :-f:. . 1 M55 - .. ,. I " . 79' pn rv X mis fl' 3?-, 'f ,,. 'Vgq A . ,, , 'WN-.. ' . a-7: N.-5-5' f -iii . ff-- 'li' V H I V rs. , .,?'.': . , .. T QQ--,M R .-5.1 R x ..- A W -1. ,. 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E I ... -,, Q V 4 -1. . , J X N X as 1: Q1 ' RN V .ffagxy R :sg ,ng as an 3 , w .l Sw 1 Z. ,ge . , x v -I -, A A 'W R X fin! R r w wr C- as in X 5, ' f sf A . L .V ' if . ' S , l 1 .M 11 iv .,.. , ' -gf-L , . fff- mga lg," ' - .3:'5:-F1 2gf4Z,2?'W1t. -. .H EXW Sgwf , ., . , ,Z .lang Q in ..,. , . I -' - . , " .,.,,,. . , . '7'73'Er3!i3fi "'3v 7 , ' Q95 f 3 'lifffij-: f ?5QZ2-.,.. fy-43 ?-53-5"'i? ,G t 1'-'B . ..x . , wa .- f . ....: , .. .. ,r -H :QT . K4 ,. - 5 4 , "uv .. u . gg .N'1". ..., Wav ,., 54? - , 219 -.Q-zz - 'M w . 1 If W' ' 02. . Q A- fr ff WH 1--4. , . 5 A A-ga., . mp, ,Vx . .- ,. .W . ...... 1 S Ag- .wx ., pgs-- Ivgvp . wx . A in W . 4.3 A fur' V5 li , ,AT K 1, 1g ai t , .....- . 'A 5 pW.,,w,, ,QQ . ,Q bt-at 1' -2 -, - R,-.Lila NN Migixiiqlf, N j - xl, ,- if - ' ':I- my ' QS p.,' 'W y '1' - QM gf- -,H in 5g.3.,.5', sfzwl I ,:,:,-j ...ij J. 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Dean of Studies Sister Monica .... ..... T reamrfvr Sister Teresa Louise, A.B. . Sister Mary St. Edward, A.M. Sister Clare Francis, A.B., S.B. J. Patricia Marsh, A.B., Ed.M. . John A. Foley, M.D., F.A.C.P Qhhisutp iguarh . A.r.ri.rmzzt to the Tremurer . . . Registrar . . . . Librrzrimz Director of Appoirztment Bureau . . . College Ph-yrician The Most Reverend Richard J. Cushing, D.D., Clmirmrzrz Sister Margaret Patricia Sister Helen Madeleine The Most Reverend James L. Connolly, D.D. The Right Reverend Richard J. Quinlan, S.T.L. Roy Deferrari, Ph.D. The Honorable John P. Higgins Mr. John J. Drummey, Jr. The Honorable John F. Kennedy lVlr. Henry M. Leen Mr. Charles D. Maginnis lVLt. John Mahoney, Ph.D. Mrs. Roger Putnam Miss Mary Guyton I 18 l jatultp . Matbelnatics . . French . Claenzistrg' . Italian, Greek . English . Biology . Education Sister Laurentine Marie, A.M. . . . Sister Marie Margarita, A.M., Pl1.D. Sister Mary Isabelle, M.S. . . . . Sister Berehmans, A.M., Ph.D. . . Sister Berchmans Louise, A.M., Ph.D. Sister Margaret, A.M .... Sister Marie Virginia, A.M., Pl1.D. . Sister Wilfrid, A.M., Ph.D. .... . Latin Sister Margaret Angela, A.M., Ph.D. . Sister Mary Frances, A.M. Sister Rose Marie, B. Mus. Sister Margaret Clare, M.S. . Sister Edward, A.M. Sister Mary John, A.B., M.S. Sister Margaret Pauline, A.M., Ph.D. . Sister Magdalen Julie, A.B. . . Sister Marie of the Trinity, A.M. Sister Helen Margaret, A.M. Sister Mary of the Immaculate Conception, A.M. Sister Agnes Carmelita, A.M. . . Sister Joseph Mary, A.M. . . Sister Catherine Josephine, A.M. . Sister Anne Therese, A.B., M.B.A. Sister Patricia Louise, A.B., M.C.S. . , Political Science . . History' . Biology . Music . Physics . German Cbernistry . Spanish Cb677ZlJ'l7j' . English . H istorgf . H istoiy . English . . English . Mathematics Secretarial Science Secretarial Science Sister Mary Saint John, A.B. . . . Biology Sister Agnes Aloyse, LL.B., A.B. . Secretarial Science Sister Marie Immaculata, A.M. . . . Frencla Sister Marie Raymond, A.M. . . . . Assistant in the Library' Sister Angela Elizabeth, A.M., Ph.D. . . . . English Sister Ann Barbara, A.B. . . . English Margaret Ann Kain, A.B. . . . . . Biology Elizabeth Maureen O'l-learn, A.B. . . Secretary to the Dean Winifred Mary Catin, A.B. . . Assistant in the Library Maria Rose Mazzonc, A.B. . . ..... Biology Elizabeth Mahoney, A.M. . ...... Spanish Gertrude Franceen Kelley, A.B. . . Assistant in Appointment Bureau Mary Louise Nash, A.B. . . . . Secretarial Science ll9l THB VERY REVEREND WALTERJ. LEACH,S.T.D. Lake Street, Brighton Political .Yciezzce THE REVEREND JOHN P. REDDING, S.T.D. 10 St. Theresa Avenue, West Roxbury Ploiloxaphy TI-IE REVEREND PETER P. TUOHY, S.T.L. 774 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill Pbilomphby THE REVEREND ANDREW CORBETT, Ph.D. 1 Endicott Avenue, Beachmont Pbilompby ' THE REVEREND FRANCIS S. MIASKIEWICZ, J.C.D Saint Casimir's Rectory, Maynard Philoxophy 201 THE REVEREND JOHN SHEEHAN, S.T.L. 543 Bridge Street, Lowell Religion Tru: REVEREND ROBERT C. HILTON, A.M. 161 Federal Street, Salem Religion THE REVEREND Joi-iN E. MULIJARKEY, A.M. 30 Union Street, Salem Religion THE REVEREND GEORGE P. MCCOLGAN, A.M St. Charles' Rectory, Woburn Sociology THE REVEREND FRANCIS X. MEEHAN, Ph.D. Saint Jol1n's Seminary, Brighton Religion l21l THE REVEREND TIMOTHY P. O'CoNNELL, D.D. Saint John's Seminary, Brighton Philosophy THE REVEREND STANISLAUS T. SYPEK, M.S.S.W 678 Massacllusetts Avenue, Cambridge Sociology i221 THE REVEREND Josnpn J. BUKAY, A.M 39 Matignon Avenue, Cambridge Education THE REVEREND FRANCISJ. DESMOND, A.M. Saint C1ement's Hall, Brighton Education JOHN A. FOLEY, M.D., F.A.C.P. 2 Wilbur Street, Dorchester Biology 4. Ronmrr B. MAs'r1m'roN, A.M., Ed.M. 258 LaGrange Street, West Roxbury Education FRANCIS J. ROLAND, Ph.D., LL.B. 10 Homewood Road, West Roxbury Sociology HARRY M. DOYLE,-Ph.D. 854 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge Economicy 23 VINCENT WALKDEN, A.L.C.M. fLondonD 65 Mount Vernon Street, Boston Music RUDOLPH E. PEPIN, D.Mus 58 Fernwood Road, Boston Music ' ELIZABETH C. LOGAN, A.M. Jerusalem Road, Cohasset Efzglirb HELEN KELLY, M.A. 15 Beech Street, Cambridge Speech P I J. PATRICIA MARSPI, Ed.M. 23 Lexington Avenue, Hyde Park Director, Appointment Bureau ROSE RING, A.M. 49 Cottage Street, Sharon Pbyficr I MARIE A. THOMAS, A.B. 55 Bourne Street, jamaica Plain English 241 QIla55e5 if am the truth: all maps in Cliatholir eouration leao to the truth. ?IEhi5 aim ano oirertion ot the intellect ran tino 5teaoine55 only when the truth moulos it to the pur: po5e of man'5 creation: to lanotn, lobe, ano serhe Goo in thi5 lite, ano to he happp tnith latin toreher in the next. s- ws' , B ss an wa s ss w ss 1. s., 1 -. l X K X x 1 si 58.11 .ss a ss :ass mx ,H. H,,"'. H, .,.Wg,,. sham ,UH s1'1uN- gl 1 X -,msn .'m"' 'iff "ms K! ss mf rs 1 1 1 1 .N x 1- X. 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Taft ff A MW 1 A, f x f 411 : 1 -vgm, , 1 , M, f wg F6 w -vc - W , f ,, Us 1. ., A . ,....., . ,. 1 1 N - , , '. ' J'?f'4', :iff - 1 L: - 9, ..,. ' 1 I '.'-:- i-J, V , -iff: E512 V 1 1 '- - '- w fj?,.5 H Twfb A 'wiwf' L ' 1-1111312 -Qfiff' ff Ya ' .41 1 I .1-:ff -1' 5 Ig, wgwggl- 3 --I .c u 211 15 ...,: 1 , -. 1:1gf:1.,g,f.'1 'Q-1f,,1 1 .,,t ggi' 1 . -4 1- -1'- 1-fa ...1. 1 ' ,.1 . 1 . F 'r 1 -1'9" ""f' :.: .- .... ",'fi":::...:..:.:.gEQ.fiZE,:,::'., ...,. ,.,. ,,., . Y" "" " " A"" 1- ' M ...3f,A,11j,', gf '-W-vi' ., W, .. f 1 ,z 3,11 ,, , ' sz f:es1::1wW7:F ik A .,., ., v m 11 1 .1 1 kg was 1 1 1.1:fgFi:f1 2: 1,1 ,11lf.'. -'ix-'fPfYf'M"1' 5252: 5 'T' Z. xg - ff Qflfkfrzzyig Qggla-am. :Q-Q21 . y . 'Rf it j sgiqfflgi , M 1" W 'f-?1f41'?g1.'w'D-EQY--7115111 ,Eff 1'g'i":f31-f11l1 ' f if-g -31' zg 'f,,w:1'.1'g22,-.1551 iwv ' ,. 1.-1:1 ,WWVVC .J., ,X . 1f'i7'l and 1 .-.vm F- ,-.ri-.Egg --- -Ev-E-.-I g is E - - - Q -Y-sv in M: BE H . H 93 M a Q a as E a H H Za H si ...aammg new ,am t H E is an was B an is ,EB s s s I E BARNES Es a E' E msg E s M. MARGARET BAILEY p 129 Blue Hills Parkway, Milton As her initial shyness wears away, we dis- cover the full vein of fun and frolic that is hers. Her accolade is that we can call upon her in any emergency and can count upon her ready assistance-bc it only a quip or a witty Word that restores us to normality again. She lights a sunny way by the beauty of her smile. An optimist at heart, she spots the silver lining even in the darkest shadowed cloud. A wide circle of loyal friends indicates the magnetism of her friendliness and socia- bility. Majar: Social Science. Sacietim Sodality 1, 2, 3, 44 Musical lg Spanish 1, Athletic 1, 2. 'ms nw, as is l28l ss Q s u. B is ANN M. ANDREAS 480 Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park The charming lady, with the alliterative name, is highly esteemed by her associates. We have found her quiet, unassuming air and controlled manner a magnet to draw us to her in confidence. Her sympathetic ear hears our passing difficulties, and her honest, straightf forward personality makes more effective her kind words. Surely, she has the qualities which will spell success in social work. Surely, she has the attraction which will cheer and comfort the distressed. To our airnable Ann, we wish rich reward and un- qualified success. Major: Secretarial Science. .S'acicri:r.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 44 Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 45 ForeignAMission 1. 5 , J 3 1 ASSUNTA T. BALDASSAKRE 52 Cooper Street, Boston Laughing velvet-brown eyes and an impish grin are but the external manifestations of Assunta's inner overflow of high spirit. Her friendliness, lack of affectation attracted us even when we were freshmen, and her cordial impulse has grown brighter with each suc- cessive year. This lively young woman posses- ses a heart as warm as her smile. Her vitality is mellowed by her wide generosity, her line sincerity, her frank simplicity, and her dis- arming willingness to come to the assistance of all. M11 'or.' Social Science. Minor: French. .Sbcieficrs Sodality I 1, 2, 3, 4,Litcrary1., 2, 3g French 1, 2, 3, 4, Musical 1, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4. mn .rl E 29 it an B 3 a s s w as ea is R M am ' w - ss ms as an En ,ts 551 E is X. 5 s are-E -Q H wma, Msgs PATRICIA I. BALLOU 16 Prospect Street, Blackstone Patricia's idiosyncrasy is apparent in her rebellious pronunciation of short 'o'. It has drawn us to listen to her as honey draws the flies, but with this difference: we have not been cloyed nor enmeshed. For Patricia can hold us with her eloquence in Spanish, and induce to go and study likewise. As the soft sound of her ' hello' greets us, we know there- by that we are welcome to her. Yet only those who have known her below surface covering can vouch for the heart-warming radiance of her lovely disposition. Major: Spanish. Minor: English. Sarirtiexz Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, 3, Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4. it x is - is is is is 'E me E ta fa 1 , is - E is ss H all in in is E is M as MARY R. BARLOW 183 Weld Street, West Roxbury Mary graces the niche of manner, of phy- sique, of intelligence. Her quiet, unassuming approach makes her fit into collegiate gather- ings with ease. The blond sheen of her lovely hair makes us notice the similitude in the honey texture of her voice. Her attire calls attention to her as a perfectionist in style. Her poised and confident self points her out a charming and Well-liked friend and a so- licitous helper in stress and strain. Majar: Social Science. .S'acierier.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 15 Spanish 1, Athletic 1, 2. T301 is is is is as is is is E in BERNARDINE J. BANKS 60 St. Mark's Road, Dorchester Those of us who have heard her in her stirring rendition of her specialty, "Gunga Din" and other recitations can bear witness to the oratorical power of this lively lass. Though she can start tears of pathos and sympathy from her Willing audience, she is known to many of us as a priceless conveyer of good, wholesome fun, intensified by her ready wit and unfailing drollery. Bernie, the all-around Emmanuel student, we chronicle here as a good companion, a sincere friend, a chaser-away of the blues. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. .S'ocieri:.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club lg Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 1, 2, 3, Athletic 1, 2, 3. is is E . w is xi is ss MARY D. BARRY 36 Alleghany Street, Roxbury The wide field of Social Science is Where Mary's choice is centered. Her gift of sym- pathy, her keen sense of justice, should stand her in good stead for success in her desire to help heal the ills that humanity is heir to. Here and now, Mary impresses us with her qualities of good fellowship, tried friendship, ready approachableness, and eager participa- tion in the serious and light happenings which make the warp and woof of daily col- lege life. May Mary carry off the palm of success. Major: Social Science. Minor: Italian. .S'arictia.f.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 49 Athletic 2, 4. I A L... -.,.. M ci S angina Q is-e E., , . W s, KEQEEW Wi ssssssa as Eiga E ylja. -has au swag was is sans Ms? sms awe as vi is-is LE ml sgii an E15 s - . , ...M M :Wm Egnmgmwsa- mmm mm ' is is ai. N E as an E' Bm--mama-in s su.. ,S fasssmf W if as.. sg s sw-ewsafw H Bu HwwiExlK.nl an wma .. M amass Lwssasemsf' E sllwwmnlmsfrx mm sxssawss F saws. if utamxmznilix E. mwanadixs sw CLAIRE T. BLAND 28 Blakeslee Street, Cambridge lt is always a treat to hear the cascade of laughter that falls unaffectedly from the lips of this dignified senior, our bright brunette, Claire. Her zest for fun seems never to grow Weary, her flair for business trends seems never to grow dim. But above all, Claire is a wise, militant Catholic, who acts out her belief, hope, and charity. This unique com- bination of fun, study, and good living stamps her a vibrant personality. Major: Secretarial Science. .S'acietic.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 35 Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 4. E311 VNWJ cgwfw f ff' , V M mjfgjfilyblffn lf32 CONSTANCE D. BOUTOT Guilford, Maine From the pine woods and firm-bound coast of Maine, this sturdy young lady, our Con- stance Dolores, came to add her share to the culture of Brahmin Boston. And she carries it far afield, for she is one of the "Guild Girls." Her unhurried air, her patient ac- ceptance of what ir, her outlook to a bright will he have made her a pleasant person to deal With, and a comfort to have with us. She turns from Spanish and its intricacies to the deeper maze of world history with equal delight and calm assurance of conquest. May she echo her gifts in her own home. Muj0r.' Spanish. MiI10f.' History. .llocivlicrx Soclality 1, 2, 3, 45 French 1, 25 Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 25 Foreign Mission 1. MARY T. BRENNAN 841 Parkway, Revere Friendly "Terry" is never too hurried nor too busy to lend an ear to the worries and troubles that assail many of us. Better than that, she comforts, she cheers, she helps. Her genial joviality augurs her popularity, for we- find her ever refreshing, ever exciting. Never a dull moment drags along when she is with us. They say that she is a capable stu- dent, too. We believe it, for her aliveness needs a serious outlet as well as a prankish One. ,May life give her its best! Major: Spanish. Minor: English. Hman.: Class Vice-Presi- dent 1. .S'ocierie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish 2, 3, 45 French 1, 2, Literary 3, 4. ,JJ jr! , ff' .6 iz? - W..-fy! . fill' H 45,1 1. X? M., A4 'ly .. ,ff . ,cf 'f ANN M. BRESNAHAN 474 Huron Avenue, Cambridge Our petite Ann takes on the mighty task of modern language for major and minor: to wit, Spanish and French. But their ponder- ousness does 11011 make even a dent in her tranquil disposition. You lind her here and there twinkling her blue eyes at all that come her vision-way. She reaches up to the Presidency of the Spanish Club, and her reach marks success in that capacity. Her Aladdin lamp's wish would be the fulfilment of her desire to travel. Open Sesame! Mf1jar.' Spanish. Mizmrs French. 5'aricfia.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, 2, 3 Treasurer, 4 Presidentg French 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, 3, 4. .uf-f"""i IRENE M. BROW NE " 22 Halleck Street, Roxbury She is a Mathematics majorg therefore she is brainy: she is a Chemistry rninorg therefore, she is exact. Tie up those two qualities and label the package "Irene" and you have the Hnest encomium we can think to give her. But wait: she is also Class Treasurer-no small job in these high-cost-of-living times! This paragon would be mae-ful to contem- plate had she not a lighter vein in the mosaic of her ability. She has. She is ready for laughter, for the senior foolishness that means so much to us! Majnr: Mathematics. Minor: Chemistry. Hw1ar.r: Class Treasurer 4g Student Government Representative 3. .S'a:ieti:.r.' Soclality 1, 2, 3, 45 Mathematics 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 15 Chemistry 1, 2g German lg Athletics 1, Q. 1. is a l 2 3 1 1 l i x i 331 "sf ANN C. BULGER 34 Walda Road, Milton Ann likes people, she likes literature, there, you have the reason for her choice of intensive study. Because she is attracted to find out what motivates conduct, she shines in her sociology courses. This attraction casts a light on the outcome of her work therein. Far be it from Ann to be too much devoted to serious Work. At times, she takes the day's Work fairly lightly. Her 'variety thus charms and keeps us guessing just what effect her personality will show. Her rich coloring indicates warmth of feeling. Mujer: English. MiIl0f.' Social Science. .S'ocietiv.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Musical lg Foreign Mission 35 Literary 2, 3, 44 Etbnr. RITA C. CALDWELL 22 Irving Street, Readville Though you may think Rita is shyly re- served, yet her lips quiver often at the humor of what she sees. She talks Well and effective- ly, she takes full delight from the act of the moment, she seriously considers the meaning of life, and knows it is not overbalanced either in Work or play. Her ability to take clear, concise lecture notes is, at once, our admiration and our despair in imitation. This fun-loving senior still takes seriously the deeper aspects of living. Major: Social Science. Soricrier: Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Service 1, 45 International Relations 3. ALICE T. CAREW 5 Sutherland Terrace, Arlington Alice carries high the banner of lofty achievement in living and in doing. For four years, We have seen her name add luster to the Dean's listg for four years we have been recipients of her alert understanding, and general sympathy, and unconfined help. A student who delights the professors, an Editor-in-Chief of The Etlvox who meets dead lines while they are yet living, and walks surely in the path of past Editors. Memory will link her to our hearts as an "ace" in ability and in character. She Walked her kind- ly remembering way, and spread the effects of her gifts afar. Major: English. Minor: History. Sacizrim Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission lg Historical 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Discussion 3, 44 Athletic 15 Etbor Editor-in-Chief. MARIE T. CAREY 103 Melville Avenue, Dorchester Marie's gifts are many and quite varied in nature. She has a stately mien, a cordial manner, an interested attitude, a seriousness, a light-hearteclness, and an all-around good fellovvshipness. She is a good student, inter- estedly responsive. But we have not finished yet with her abilities. She was a line director of the musical which she successfully demon- strated at the Junior League performance. Our good wishes go with her in her work in the Field of her choice. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. .S'acicric.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, French 1, 2, 3, 4g Literary 1, 2, 3, 4g EPILOGUB Business Staff. GERALDINE V. CARR 3940 Washington Street, Roslindale Beneath Geraldine's seeming air of reti- cence escapes a fun-loving nature overflowing with the "milk of human kindness." Mild- ness is the characteristic of her temperament, though vitalized, as it is, by her nimble wit. She needs this asset of mildness threaded by Wit, when she courts success as a social Worker. We also note her deep spirituality, a quality that will stand her in good stead. We are the richer in the things that count because we have known and loved "Gerry." Major: Social Science. Minor: Italian. .S'orit-fin: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, Foreign Mission 45 Social Service 1, 4. fax,-as 36 .Lyn Dv ll Q at .J f ' yP V- ANGELA A. CARROLL 951 South Street, Roslindale Any class would be blest to count Angela among its members, for all the World likes good nature laced with amiability. And such a character is Angela. If a poll were taken in the senior class for the kindest of its number, her name would strike unanimity. That love- ly trait of pouring out kindliness upon others, will be of great help to her should she engage in social service work. Happy will they be who come under her guidance. Major: Social Science. .S'ocicriv.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, Foreign Mission 4. L . SRD' W A ,J F'! CJ Q2 CONSTANCE M. CARROLL 178 Henry Avenue, Lynn Would. you see grace and charm in action? Direct your glance at Connie. Her amiability delights us, her allability captivates us. To these Finer qualities, she adds the sterner stuff of determination and energetic attack of scholastics problems. Then, she takes oi? into the Hner air of the aesthetic, for she loves art- and has a little gift of its appreciation. She is not only listed among the Wlm': Who, but she is a present desirable Who to those who know her and claim her a treasured friend- Major: Social Science. 5'oci:tiu.r: Sorlnlity 1, 2, 3, 45 French 15 Athletic lg Foreign Mission 4. 37 .1 ' 7 'Ii ,ed s MARGARET M. CARROLL 48 Saville Street, Cambridge Perhaps Margaret's nature, leaning as it does, to the care-free, is the cause of her fre- quent visits to the Lan' and Found Depfzrzfmemf. Although books and things may go astray, she never lets go her charming kindliness, her embracive helpfulness. She is everybody's friend, and everybody is her well-vvisher. Her mobile features break into a ready smile always and everywhere. She is Worth know- ing, she is worth emulating, she is worthy of success. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. Hanarf: Class Presi- dent 1, Class Treasurer 3. .S'acieti:.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, Literary 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1. ,ZQZJZ E , K as 5 a mga MARTHA F. CATALOGNA 41 Pond Street, Beverly Martha, the unafraid of serious study, chose as the field of her college intensive Work, Mathematics and Physics. So, it goes without saying, that her days are lived la- boriously, but, unlike the poet's advice, she does not scorn delights. She finds much pleas- antry in her association With others, and has that rare gift, an agreeableness and a sereni' ty in the give and take of each day's living. She can breathe the high-charged air of higher Math. and descend to the cafeteria chatter. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. .S'ocieti::: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 1, Mathematics 2, 3, 4. Q sa ss E 38 was M B n AMEDIA L. CATTANI 120 Mellen Street, Framingham Wonder opens wide her expressive eyes, and delight broadens her friendly smile. Amedia, alert to the thrills that daily living gives, reacts in her Winning way to them, though they be expected or unexpected. She presents that hard-to-find person, Who, though an excellent raconteur, still is willing to listen. Not only ready to hear another orare, but delighted to find a kindred spirit in the story-telling art. Her range of inter- esting discussions climbs dovvn from prob- lems in ethics to fashion gossip. Major: Secretarial Science. Svciztiexx Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Secretarial Science 2, 3, 4 Vice-President, Athletic lg Biology 3, 4. -3 ' ' MARY A. CHANDLER 5 Anderson Court, Lowell Mary moves so quietly in and out of E1nmanuel's corridors that she escapes ob- servation. But that quality does not follow her in the classroom, where her attentive gaze would indicate the absorption with which she listens, notes, and nods her ap- proval of the professors' dicta. Neither is she unobservable in a social Way, for she is ever on hand to lend a willing ear to conhdences, to make kind overtures to shrinking violets, to suggest Ways and means for uplift and bet- terment. Her face lights up a lovely smile as a sign-post to her equability. Mujer: English. Minor: Spanish. .Yocietie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Literary 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, 2, 3, 43 Foreign Mission 4. 39 I 'JZLT E simian. ENE?-MFE sa E M s 5 Breifat s jssgss E ' a an mawm ngnnm Q s E ms En sing 'ia mgmi was sms ,sa Exams? is ALINE M. CHARTIER 42 Sargent Street, North Cambridge Aline and dignity walk hand in hand. She shows the graces of hz belle France in her lithe gesture, her vivacious manner, her courtly address. She makes a charming hos- tess in direction and attention, she makes a charming friend in sincerity and understand- ing. She is particularly stalwart in her faith and spreads its fine influence around and abroad. Her histrionic ability was subject of acclaim and applause. All like to look at Aline, and in looking find they like her and her ways. Major: English. Minor: French. Hwzarr: Class Secretary 3. .S'ocietier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, 35 Musical 1, 2, 3, 45 Cercle Louis Veuillot 2, 3, 4 Vice-Presidentg Literary 2, 3, 4. WAN' 14 n"g'n' n nwziiagli 'iii sn'5:lzs"'n E'E"sT 5 E - E ming s B B Esiamgngn B Emi s -is msg smsssim E an s s it few nn swim- s its S a MADELINE T. CHENEY 41 Newbury Street, Malden From the crown of her lovely golden hair to the tip of her fashionable footwear, Made- line is framed in portraiture of the glamour girl. Do not think that this picture is of one who is as frivolous as glamour girls seem to beg quite the contrary. She is serious-minded, as her intensive Work in the social sciences would guarantee. Her attraction is towards the significance of World happenings, which keeps her mind-alerted to straw-indicated trends. She is a good student, a good dresser, a good friend. Major: Secretarial Science. 5'ncierie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 45 Discussion 3, 45 Athletic 1, Spanish 1. E Sim ms is it mn B it as is is an an an ax is s. it an an . B is E mn an n n an an ts n W, nn n new E ms a H mn a ...ia GERALDINE A. COCI-IRAN 15 Sedalia Road, Dorchester Geraldine's interests take on many shades. Matching her intense devotion to social prob- lems and their solutions, she, at the same time, loves music, and sports. This diversity of stimuli gives her a broad outlook on life's serious paths, and on life's airy joys. We like to be with Geraldine, for We find her inter- estingly refreshing and buoyantly vivacious. She can charm our gaze also, for she is always so smartly and 12 In mode groomed. Major: Social Science. .Sfacierien Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Foreign Mission 1, 3, Musical 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish 1g Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4. n n swf as is Ms Swat. a 5 as me E-a New iQs's.s,E W stag.,-asfflj, mn 'HB "WB nl Bm l40l nf? X . W ff ' ' MARY E. CODY 69 Neponset Avenue, Dorchester Ma1'y ploughs, with question marks as her upturner, the philosophic Helds from Aris- totle to Kant. She can upset their theories in two ways: by discussion, by turning on her half-ironic smile. She roots for trumpet play- ing, the personal contact in international relations, a subtraction to O- for all re- hearsals, expressions of originality. Hearing in the near distance the Words: "Let's ap- proach this sanely," leads us on surely and steadily to Mary and her group of listeners. She's a good friend, as We have proved over and over. The EPILOGUE would not have survived Without Mary. Major: English. Minnr: Social Science. Sacietie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Music 1, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 35 Spanish 15 Emtooun. l l l. Bi 41 -Lf Jn! 'Lf at DOROTHY C. COLEMAN 91 Magazine Street, Cambridge We salute Dorothy's stern resolve to master the giant-hard sciences, Mathematics and Physics. She sounds the gavel with eclat as President of the Mathematics Club. She is always in the group who think up new scholastic and sport propositions. With Masefield, she would go down to the sea, on the bleachers, she is a steadfast cheer-ringer for the Red Sox. When she is not, in thought, advising Einstein's perplexities, you Will find her in the middle of a relaxed group in the cafeteria. Major.' Mathematics. Minor: Physics. .S'ocietie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemical lg Mathematics 2, 3 Secretary, 4 President, Athletic lg Foreign Mission 1, Emmons. , Q W3 , mar, g.figyf:e1gqrg1'a Q is s -1 as S , 29 E f l" ,, A s . B K H H as A E sig, .yi 5 wa as .553- 7 ei Simiigj .rc G ,V u uw 9 , gag - . E was is is mmm as m M .WSE me Q H E . ,iff KATHLEEN M. COLLINS 34 Cohasset Street, Roslindale It was a happy choice that gave Kathleen the Presidency of the Foreign hflission So- ciety. She is palpably interested in the dif- ficulties of social maladjustment, and that is but a prelude to her absorption in the Work of the mission fields-the saving of the souls of spiritual outcasts. The perfection of her grooming Cnever a hair out of place? is in- dicative of the nicety of Kathleen in general. Music hath charms for this young miss, also, she is a very lively prospect for the All Girl: Orcbermz. We like Kathleen, We shall miss Kathleen, We wish life's blessings upon her. Major: Social Science. Minor: Biology. Societies: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 1, 2, 4 President, Social Ser- vice 4g Athletic 1, 2, 35 Musical 1, 2, 3, 4. 95399: X M Aocmiug, WN. -SV in Q53 kb of W - OO L' -9 idk S0 yyvf w69Ds agp, 55 f www AMN is BARBARA A. CONLEY 34 West Street, Randolph A star danced and Barbara Was born. Be- lieve us, that star has been led a merry dance ever since. Barbata's capacity for indulging in comedy is equalized by her devoting her- self to study. She is a strong prop for Student Government, and helps support the staff of The Ether. Our "Jerry Colonna" in antics, our "Rabbi Ben Ezra" in astute philosophiz- ing. She is allergic to exams, for their very mentions sends up her blood pressure in rosy-tinted manifestation. She is dear to us because she is she. Mfzjnr: English. Minor: History. .H'0ll0fJ'.' Student Govern- ment Representative 4. .S'o:iezier.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Dra- matic Z, 3, Musical lg Historical 3, 4, Literary 2, 3, 4, Etbor. siesttsfsissis-wssttfsssss 'Exam M E E is is s is is st' tj, as tw 5 is was gm 's s l42l '-aw., - fmgliraawi ' M' lwivff ELIZABETH T. CONNELLY 84 Bartlett Street, Somerville Betty returned from the ranks of the Waves to the ranks of the Efzmzmzueliter, joining our class at the beginning of Junior Year. The E7?l77lfl7IIl6lif6.l' are the better for knowing her, for to know her is to love her. Hers is the enviable combination of graceful appearance and nobility of character. Military training has matured her through its strong techniques but it has not obliterated her fine qualities of unselhshness and good humor. Sometimes we surprise a wistful look which for the moment, light-shadows her usually serene expression. We wonder why? Majnr: Secretarial Science. .S'ocietie,r.' Sodality 3, 4, Secre- tarial Science 3, 45 Biology 3, 45 Athletic 3. l r f43 -tr R in MARIE T. CONNOLLY 8.7 Whitney Avenue, Beverly "Now, I've heard everythingngbut have you, my dear? Marie's agility makes the speed-way to the attic for props really a prim- rose path. Energy personified, she discharges its power in sport activity-especially in swimming. She goes in for lifesaving, in a large way. Ask her to discourse on the ad- vantage of the improbable over the possible. Then, you will have her at her best in dia- lectics. We like our improbable Marie, we hope the best for our possible Marie. Major: Social Science. Minar: Biology. 5'arierier.' Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 1, 2, Dramatic 1, 2, 3 Produc- tion Manager, 4 Vice-President, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Service 2, 4, Biology 2, 3, 45 EP1r.oGUE. ' gin E5 in n tr tr it m it w me tr' sig? is ms is B An, 7 asf, eg weft time is S B? a as ,sr HE Hi-H a :E it as gas HEQHE .1-ag B aligning, - H 'ig B Ea Es Sag H 25.5 jars, E an E s iw Kang wma it msgs .mn aw v1 Q tj? ,Y ., 5-Q Wi Zta ANN T. CORBETT 39 Allen Street, Arlington Ann is one of those whose power is re- strained in reticence. But the controlled power of her intellect bursts forth in this scholarly student, whose work is her glory. She ambitions a writing career, and het am- bitions will be, in all likelihood, fulfilled. Like Chaucer, her eyes, downcast, seem to see nothing, but no slightest thing escapes her vision. This serious, reflective, meditative Ann is, at the same time, a delightful friend, an understanding sympathizer, a believer in the good in all. Major: English. Miv1ar.' Spanish. Sacietier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Literary 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, Discussion 3, 4 Vice- Prcsidentg Spanish 2, 3, Etbnr. ir if fi' i, 1 l l l l 1 l 44 'iam 'XQ 2 ,faibcaiceooqzfrogi J 0-QA! J- ' 5 1 . ' ""t'!'yM'p'Q" -507-ti .4 rt! 0,4 1 X- - ff lei 4L4.4'. 07'E.,i2,L4 " i'f5L4"" lil 1.1 nf' ' WJ 7-f'-l-ei' ll f"'f1i f " 7 "ff jf V , gg. ,gf ' ' -je" . :I-f r.,,x1,- fu- E ' MARION T. CONRAN ' . , , ,, , A . Y . I A ' ' ' lf .1 103 Cliff Street, Quincy 1 X,--GJ?-in She walks her lofty-idealed Way with steadfastness and assurance. But this attitude does not preclude her down-to-earth discus- sions of weighty world problems, and the lesser, though nonetheless important ones of her friends. She is quite canny in her solu- tions thereof. I-ler manifest qualities: sin- cerity, uprightness, sympathy, have made their impress on many of us. How much better the world will be by the gain of Mari- on's powers, and the worth of her gifts. Major: Social Science. Sacieri:.r.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 45 Spanish lg Social Service 3, 4. T1 . Iv X .J jf W l - 2 'Tl -fi MARY E. CORCORAN x'.k .515 19 Enlield Road , Winthrop ' She stands an epitome of the well-known and well-worn dictum of the chemistry de- partment: "There is no substitute for ac- curacy." Trained in that disciplined school, we are not surprised at Mai-y's power of analysis and synthesis. With all this, she seems unburdened, even to the point of non- chalance. This is the way to wear learning, as the 130611 says, "lightly, like a flower. " This true Emmanuelite, spends much time and labor in the interests of Catholic Action, yet she has time to be a true friend, and to be accounted such. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'oriefie.r.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, Athletic l, 25 Biology 2, 3, 4g Chemistry 1, 2, 3, 45 Gernmn 15 Mathematics 2. l l 3 1 r rfrrilf 1 45 is ms me an gsm sag me E-as Q - lm was wa is . E is ss- -is-is-1-exif H Mfr MARY L. COTTER 217 Spring Street, Brockton Hail to our President! Hail to our ener- getic, sympathetic, volatile, inspiring, capa- ble Leader of Forty-eight! She has a fine gift of timeliness and stick-at-it-ness, which makes her accomplish seeming marvels with- out flicking an eyelash. She proves in her position and in her character that the more you do the more you can do, the more busy you are, the more leisure you have. We have glided dovvn the Ways of Senior Year With assurance, We have lighted up its Ways by the brilliancy that is Mary. Thanks be yours. Major: History. Mi11ar.' Social Science. Honorr: President 1, 3, 44 Treasurer 1, Who's Who. .S'ocictic:: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 History 3, 4, Dramatic 1, 2, Athletic 1, 2. it as ss me Bm ss E Bm as ss it me ss it me ss ss it ss 51 it GERTRUDE C. CREEDON 494 Washington Street, Brighton Behold our Sarah Bernhardt! Behold our delegate at large! Acknowledge and pay tribute to her excellence. N.S.O., N.F.C.C.S., J.C.S.A. catch her up in a whirl of activity. She lectures, publicly and privately, at the drop of a voice. She is fascinating withal. To know her is an exciting and a rewarding experience. We alternate between gaiety and gravity when we listen to her foolery and her profundity. The vote is unanimous that our Gert is Emmanuel's ever-ready, ever- willing representative on all occasions, Major: English. Mirzar.' History. Hanarr: Class Parliamen- tarian 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4g N.S.O. Delegate 4. Saciezier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 49 Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic 1 Representative, 2Treasurer, 3, 4g Historical 2, 3, 45 Span- Wt lla W f lla Wi? me ELIZABETH C. CREED 683 East Fourth Street, South Boston Betty, tall, slender, graceful, distinctively mannered, has found her way into the hearts of her friends. She has a special attraction for History, and revels in its almost boundless Helds. Her note-taking is a thing of beauty. She walks with the poise of serenity, and reaches her destination unruflled-a striking contrast to the rushing gait of many of us. Her attractions go out to enjoy literary and musical presentations. Betty is good to look atg she is good to associate with, she is good to have for friend. Major: History. Minor: Social Science. .S'a:ietie:: Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission lg Historical 3, 4, Literary 1, 2, Spanish 1. 46 1' VM. , 5' Wi. fiwyt 'MY34-A fgpyj ws ,bt Xen-fg,,+e"v,.-egwnf .,45faf2xeW xgyaff I MARY E. CREGAN 571 Carew Street, Springfield Mary Elizabetlfs tall stature, in its digni- hed carriage, looks nigh to perfection when garbed in her cap and gown. Her days are full, bustling with activity, in factg for she aims at three points of direction: classes at Emmanuel, life at the Guild House, and attractions amid Boston's diversity of such. Yet, she is an ever-ready complier with our demands upon her time and leisure CD. Her speed even enters into her conversation, for she can hustle up the English language. Her talks are effective, however. Major: Social Science. .S'ocirfic.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Dra- matic 1, 2, 3, 44 Athletic 1, 2. QW U 0.016 47 g tr Q: iz . 1.1 sz is .ir in ,H aw. 55 sr Mm E QM-5 ff as is fi was SMA Q " su. KATHLEEN M. CROSBY 435 Columbia Road, Dorchester To come upon Kathleen is to come upon yarn and knitting needles. Does the agility of her fingers indicate the alertness of her powers of reasoning? That was a rhetorical question, for there is no doubt of her ability in social science Work. Her optimism is refreshing, her air-castle building is delightful, her rippling laughter is gay, her humor is good-natured: her all is a fine student and a sought-out friend. It was a pleasure to know Kathleeng it is a pain to part with her. Majnr: Social Science. .S'arieti:.r.' Sodality 2, 3, 45 Dramatic 2, 3, 43 Social Service 4. A U V! U it ll all .J if 1 Q ra 48 ELIZABETH T. DALEY 52 North Crescent Circle, Brighton Betty's neat, tailored apparel is not just a tribute to Dame Fashion, for it is indicative of the neat dispatch with which she copes with her studies, and with many college activities. She is understanding, and a charm- ing friend and companion. She shows a touch of the Gael in her vivaciousness and drollery. She aims for journalistic work, and her temperament and character should augur suc- cess. But whatever she does in the future, it will ever be done with the philosophic mind and with quiet earnestness. Major: English. Minor: History. .S'ocini:.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Historical 2, 3, 4. BARBARA L. DANDENEAU 731 Chestnut Street, North Andover Barbara looks wide-eyed upon the world of people and things. She enlivens any group by the vivid descriptions of the unique situa- tions she becomes involved in. For her, every maze has a visible thread which trails her assured exit. She combines, in her makeup, domestic ability with intellectual aptitude. Intuitive awareness is her gift, by which she succeeds in directing the undecided one. With discernment and enthusiasm, she catches the tempo of an event, and the feeling of participants. M:1jor.'French. Mi11or.'English. .S'ocietieJ.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Cercle Louis Veuillot 1, 2, 3, 45 Literary 3, 45 Foreign Mission lg Athletic lg Discussion 4, Evrtooua. CAROLYN R. DA VIS 11 Woodland Avenue, Beverly Carolyn is steadily poised on the base of studiousness and light-winged fun, still she keeps her footing sure, Her line command of business ability makes her an efhcient Presi- dent of the Secretarial Science Club. This re- sponsibility does not keep her brow-wrinkled, for she Hts into her ofhce with ease and grace. Carolyn is a solace to the Mocleratorg a sought- for friend to her colleaguesg a joy to us who know her and her worth. She ought to be the business man's longed-for and sought-for dream fulhlment. May her way be set in pleasant places! Major: Secretarial Science. .S'oricfic.r.' Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 4g Secretarial Science 1, 2. 3, 4 Presidentg Discussion 4. PAULINE E. DAWSON 559 East Fourth Street, South Boston To see Pauline at play, one would imagine that play was all. To see her at work, one would know that Work carried the victory. Her dynamic personality sets the pattern for all she does. Yet she does not strain at the traces, for she orders her activities propor- tionallyg therefore, she does much and well. As an extra-curricular work, she owns a large acquaintance with movie reel dealers, who function largely in the variety of the Secre- tatial Science courses. To see her is to love her. Majar: Secretarial Science. .S'aci:rie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 44 Spanish 1. LC, .. 49 ss B is his E a a mnawx rw s ?E .E -is is is I H is S as In rm an ss H s s W nz - SKK as .E .s .s E Hs -its m .BH zum Nl! ' 'BB ss -can ss ,H is ss Q ss is In ,s ls I H HE X HB is W E an H srgsrwsrw .si ' is is mam E ,s is mam an I I m ragga 50 an ,, J ily FRANCES M. DEGUGLIELMO 795 Cambridge Street, Cambridge What Frances lacks in inches she makes up in alert activity. Her art of story-telling equals, if it does not rival, that of Uncle Remus. But there is this differenceg her "tar baby" says something. In fact, when Frances is absent, you can feel a loquacious vacuum. She is royal in friendship, her smiles go everywhere and beam upon everyone. We own a gift in knowing and appreciating Frances. Major: Social Science. Minor: French. .S'arietie:.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2g Cercle Louis Veuillot 1, 2, 3, 45 Musical 3, Foreign Mission 1. A. SOPI-IIE DELEKTA 65 School Street, Groveland A little bit of mischief is tucked away behind the sparkle of Sophie's glance. Be- cause of her warm-hearted nature, she vital- izes and enlivens any gathering. Her serious- ness, for she can be serious, finds its motive in her often repeated saying: work before pleas- ure. These staple qualities will serve her in good stead in life's more expansive Ways. May she go on from success to success. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'acie.'ic.r.' Sodaliry -1, 2, 3, 4, Biology 3, 4, Chemica 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic 15 Foreign Mission 15 German 1. 1 Q , ' J MU W' J ' ia L I , ,ci LQWV ,f ,J sb 3 off of M f r will fu I, MARY J. DEVLIN 98 Endicott Street, Boston Laughing eyes, sunny disposition assess this model of decorum. Mary unites an opti- mistic outlook on life with the tremendous importance of living it well and doing it nobly. Her honesty and sympathy guarantee to l1er a treasured circle of friends. Keen in discernment of true values, diligent in her application of them, she arouses in others a desire to follow their beckoning. Psychology claims her interest and her absorption. Major: Social Science. Miunr: Italian. .S'orietie:.' Soclality 1, 2, 3, 49 Athletic 1. JU M' 7'f' MARION P. DGHERTY 7 Perkins Manor, Jamaica Plain The test-tube intense look and the biology investigating look cannot dim the lustre of Mai-ion's hue eyes, nor blunt the contour of her fine features. She is reserved in manner, thoroughly feminine in characteristics. Al- though. she is devoted to the Works of Catho- lic action, yet because of het methodical habits, she has leisure to untangle the intrica- cies of the finger-arts, for she is apt at making sequins and is skilful in knitting. She is a well-rounded type of desirable young woman. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'ociaric.r.' Sodalicy 1, 2, 3, 45 Chemical 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology 2, 3, 45 Spanish 15 Foreign Mission 1, 2, 45 Athletic 1, 2. n rs H H my, s gi H sr s s es me s H 3 s 5 H me E sz ' s ml? s . W ,, s is was ss my 5 E s H mg zmnn s 2 s HBE I s ts , s s s 5 w EILEEN C. DONOVAN 103 Church Street, West Roxbury In the skilful making of "pot-hooks and hangers," in the swift manipulation of type- writer keys, in the knowledge of all and sundry that will make a nrst-rate secretary, to taking a bow before dramatic footlights, Eileen is in congenial surroundings. She car- ries off well the honors and responsibilities of the Presidency of the Dramatic Society, for she is intensely interested in people and things. Affability vests her like a cloak. She will be long held in the loving memory of her Emmanuel associates. Major: Secretarial Science. .S'orierie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, Dramatic 1, 2, 3 Secretary, 4 President, Foreign Mission 1, Z, 3, 4, Secretarial Science 2, 3, 4. ' la' aflivf " l -L7Lf-1090-fo! I FIA?" fuf W4 b,,,,,. if yfva .6"wCa 1-11. J-arc. cingq MARY E. DONALD 114 Riverside Street, Watertown Mary's intensive work in Mathematics and Physics reflects her scholarly qualities. To the uninitiated into these formidable sciences, Mary condescends to unravel their mysteries. This scout deed spells her patience, amiabili- ty, and friendliness. She is a hrst-class Em- manuel College booster, a congenial member of clubs. In spite of het occupation with things academic, she is gifted with a fine sense of humor, which sparkles on every occasion calling for it. Mujer: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. 5'orieric.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics 2, 3, 4, Chemical 1, 2, Spanish 1, 2, 3, Foreign Mission 1, 2, 4. W W . Hg lc, WSH 5 KE s 52 ss v it f IN ., '-a' is wt., . I. 3 ,T r'n'u "7 M f iw.. q-n rff' r' - e .Q '-lil-Fw" 'pf' 1 fi? .fjfi 'fest ,Mfg ylwfir if . AN orfolk Road, Randolph Our "Jeannie ofthe light brown hair," is as fascinating as Stephen Foster's fair-sung maiden. And our Jean is blest with leadership powers and sales ability. The stack of Christ- mas cards just melted away under the liquid persuasiveness of her oratory. Gently gay, sincerely generous, cordially sympathetic, universally kind, thus we dub our rare Vice- President, who seems of high qualities all compact. She is likewise a good mixer in the lighter flights of living. Major: Social Science. I-Iwzafzr: Class President 3, Vice- Who's Who Sarierier Soclality 1 2 3 4' President 4, . . .' f , , , , Social Service 3, 4g Foreign Mission lg Athletic 1, 2, Musical 1, 2 Treasurer, Drzxmzitic 2, 3, 4. """s"" s':"s 'runs -sf' s 'sive -is "swf s s is W' , saws wwe? s MWSWHMEQQ sw ssfirefgi -H W we P-use wan? sem s -Fesims, if 'mf ' E5 sgkig . E ea ,s i E E EZ E E? E -iigsgi mms? msgs massage: s s S.. E s MMS , s s Zssggg H- E is ati- Bmgcfbym, iss .-egg' E H Q RUTH T. DOYLE 85 Sanborn Avenue, West Roxbury Ruth's studies in the wonders of Biology and Chemistry show her love for profound lore. But this weight of learning does, in no way, hinder the play of her nimble wit, nor snip the edges of her good humor. She leads competently, the Athletic Society in its sports endeavors. Her energy is buoyed up by her constant buying of the cafeteria's tempting array of chocolate bars of which she is a taste connoisseur. Ruth indeed pat- terns a sound mind in a sound body. Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. .S'atiezie:.' Sodality l. 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4 President, Biology 2 Treasurer, 3, 4. 531 . Riagg ..w.H,, ,,,,.., , ESE gf aah! 5555.125 I nl B BHK -BI- X -E' sir.. Q was l mg 5 an .Ea si - si . -.ess 11-1 sjfkljx :S im 5 2 :EE I HER: nm :na D - ' , pf, , P' . at ff, My ,if f JL jd VIRGIIJIA M, DOYLE 15 Bruce Street, Dorchester E E mlm si is si is si H I as a SIE: 5 a a ss? I BBE a Meal E I a I I as as l si is si The reaches of Virginia's excellent conver- sational gift top World politics, and slope down to sport gossip. So those who root for sport fans and those who alertly watch the see-saw performances of politicians find a first-class commentator in our Virginia. Although common sense informs her actions, yet it does not eclipse the Fine variety of her moods. Now she is whimsical, now puckish, now serious, now gay, but always she is friendly, and loving, and sincere. Major: Social Science. .S'ocieticr: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic lg Social Service 1, 4, Spanish 1, Foreign Mission 1. 54 si. si an is is Baa ss as a 'WF DOROTHY M. DURKEE 26 Windermere Road, Dorchester Dorotea, the genial, the cheery, the Winsome the buoyant does everything with effortless ease. The somberness of her academic gown is lightened by the gay novelty pins which, off and on, adorn it. She sports one for every oc- casion, in season and out of season. Because of her interest in International Relations, she has contacts in Spain, Portugal, and South America. She is a welcome comer to all groups, and Hts into their assemblies as the glove fits the hand. Major: Spanish. Minor: English. .S'a:iafie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, 2, 3, 45 French 1gAtl1leric 1, 2, 3, 45 Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Service 2, 4. l x F' Ali' ?"'T'?"'E'm'.zii rm nQ"sH'4I "m'n"m's'Qhia gas Q xiii' is E S Sammi am an use as aka an seamen mm mf m Q W gm- s ra E r agigm Z im si WWE? EH, H .g.m.sw,.,zm W H W QW ss agsmag 2 wana s E MMM me mQ5?kwM k A put? . . 1 t -iwwlmlifweee ELIZABETH R. DWYER 342 Essex Street, Salem Elizabeth is lovely to look at and lovely to know. She is gowned in perfect taste, a little ahead of the rank and hle in fashion's parade. While her lingers knit busily, her unexpected giggle escapes-a forerunner of some bit of humor which cheers and delights. The sway- ing rhythm of the dance features her in the poetry of motion. The wonder grows how one small head can hold the knowledge which her courses have offered, which she has aptly and painstakingly absorbed. Major: Social Science. Honors: Class Vice-President 3. .focietierx Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 2, 45 Cercle Louis Veuillot 3, Social Service 2, 4g Discussion 4. 55 ROBERTA A. EICHENFELDT XL 32 Lyall Avenue, Conimicut, R. I. The alphabet was overkind to Roberta for it gives her the distinction of bearing the longest name in '48. Geographical extent was less kind, for she hails from the smallest state in the Union, But there is nothing meager in Roberta, neither as to physical qualities nor to intellectual prowess. Her ready Wit flows fair and free as she brightens wherever she treads. Mathematics and Physics claim her choice in scholastic work, this choice speaks her victory. We like this Well-mannered, charming lady. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. Hanan-: Class Trea- surer 3. .fnrieti::.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4g Mathematics 2, 3, 4. Wm H memisgmh , BRN WB HB have mwfrffgmri 2 asm s an 5 ,. iii 522525559 .. a an arg wage w www seam new Etna E spam s s 15 pg ag, t Essays EYE gums B 1 Q E is A W-rs? a qs .EH 1 -E HE was EW? se 5 li -2 Wvwiw H . warms. ::" 9 all E 1. V . .. S swf FH am. WEHQZ " me suis 'E ' mmlil' 1w?? .,. rm, Y is Emi H E rs sa- QW ,s YGLANDA L. FALBO 15 Berkeley Street, Watertown Yolanda revels in the Romance Languages Wherein she qualifies as a good student. We say that she is a tremendous asset to the French Department, and are willing to sustain that assertion. Her charming vivacity is based on the kindly level of charity, for she rushes to the service of others with sprightly verve. " Y" draws admirers as the magnet draws the steel, and they find that drawing leads to a personality of line ideals and practical ideas. May she set out, proceed prosperously, and reign. Major: French. Minor: Italian. .S'acietie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1gCercle Louis Veuillot 1, 2, 3, 4, Discussion 4. gm 56 ANNE M. FARRELL 24 Packard Avenue, Dorchester Ideal for the photographer who pro- nounces her photogenic A plus, joy to the stag line, esteemed by the rest of us, We greet Anne, the demure, the soft-spoken, Anne of the winning ways. She has looked well into the literary work of English writers, she has investigated human relations and human conditions in her social science pursuits. Whatever her hand hnds to do, we know that she will do it with unobtrusive charm, and marked Hdelity. She not only beautifies our class, she, likewise, adorns it. Major: English. MillHf.' Social Science. 5'ocictier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Musical 1, 2, 3, 43 Literary 3, 4, Ether. , ., , W MSM... my fee-.,. JEAN C. FARRELL 56 Eleanor Street, Chelsea , To know Jean is a delight, to like her, in- evitable, to imitate her, impossible. The fairies that gifted her made her charming, witty, kindly, personable. Her zest for life is keen and uplifting, heroptimism challenges the "blues." She eagerly anticipates the future with its intriguing though veiled possi- bilities. We know she shall meet it with the nobility that has made her one of our staunch- est Emmanuelites. God go with you, Jean, every step of the road. Major: English, MiIl0f.' Spanish. 5'm:ictir.r.' Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 2g Literary 2, 3g Dramatic 15 Athletic lg Efbor. 57 W. 1 ,M EW ' as mug' ts 'Pk if-I Q gl E is MARGARET C. FEDERICO 16 Second Street, Medford She shows her serious side, generally, but unexpectedly surprises with a swift sally of fine humor. Every group puts out its "wel- come" mat at her approach. She revels in poetry which she indulges in herself, now and again, as the spirit moves her. She stands out rather strikingly as having a resevoir of original ideas, from which she draws her opinions, and, sometimes, her methods. She is worth knowing for she blossoms upon deeper acquaintance. Mzzjar.'English. Minor: Italian. .S'orieri:J.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary 2, 3, 4. n is w m E lryff ,JJ i ft tr' 'Jil W' . fl W' 1. li by il dfjl' .IT XQ lf .-NY 1 E an ts as an was it M mama m -sins rt RITA A. FIORILLO 32 Percival Street, Dorchester Rita flashes her benign smile and the day grows brighter. Rita spreads her genial man- ner about her and our work grows lighter. This nonpareil dancer, this deep lover and keen appreciator of music, can fix her attention, with equal ability, upon the in- tricacies of Physics, and can breathe freely the air of pure Mathematics. When she de- cends from the heights of scholarship, she shows herself to be a genial companion, a dependable friend, a well-wisher to all. Mffar Mathematics Minor Ph sics Sacietier Sodalit 1 j f . .' Y . .' Y , 2, 3, 4, Athletic 15 Foreign Mission 2, 35 Mathematics 2, 3, 4, German 1, 2. ,.. n X. ff V. . HBEBEEW it it E . ts w it s swiss- s E is ss it time as ti E mam it it 5 ts a it is E ex it em -mmm m ts la.nn in 'asus 3 , mass ta- a' URSULA J. FITZGERALD 35 Milton Street, North Andover Ursula, capable alike at study and at sports, swings the racquet at tennis with skill and finesse. She is interesting to talk to, she is pleasant to listen to. She is able to pull out of her memory facts and Figures to fit into any topic which is under discussion. Such a witty, sunny temperament should gain many friends, and so it does, for Ursula counts admirers and friends in all college groups. No occasion Hnds her unprepared, no opportunity slips her by. Major: Social Science. .S'arietie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Spanish 25 Dramatic 1, 2, Discussion 45 Athletic 1, 2. E , i3."?451 s mrs! it it it it ' ts ts it it Bi H it sr si u as f,Z , !,.,f-"L - I J 1.1, ,- Y QL- . . 1,11 ,Q-" 7 ,-X Vp' 1- gays iilfwf' , , ,wife y J JW ,,,,.4L,- T , , LIL' r '71, a. 1. f 4' . . 4,12 . R' -f ,4.A. V, f .1 x jg!-ff X WL, , ...QW ig yt 1 ,f 'fi' i T' -r A f RUTH A. FLAHERTY 132 Arlington Street, Brighton As the hands of the clock tip 9:12 Ruth slips, with moth-soft lightness, into a 9:05 class. But this apparent nonchalance hides a ready and eager mind, devoted to the probing of Chemistry problems, and Biology investi- gations. Sargent would like to have painted her golden lighted hair and deep blue eyes. She is a theatre fan, very universal in her taste of actors and actresses. Boredom flees from before her, ennui spruces to vigor, when Ruth comes upon the college scene. The Class of '48 would feel incomplete without her contribution to its spirit. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'oci:fic.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Chemistry 2, 3, 4g Biology 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 45 German lg Foreign Mission 3. MARTHA T. FLYNN 48 Bacon Street, Waltham Tall, stately Martha exhibits nature's para- dox, her dignified demeanor is no covering for the light of impish humor which breaks through. Perhaps this balance of tempera- ment is just what is needed for a scientist in embryo. She loves science, loves her friends, in an especial Way the Waltham group, she loves to dance, she loves to take up the cudgels of defence for the right. In summa- tion, We assert that Martha is all that is line, all that is reliable, all that is noble. Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. Honors: Class Vice- President 2, Class Secretary 3. Societier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology 2, 3, 45 Chemical 2, 3, 49 Athletic lg Foreign Mission 2. .. .. . , , 1, B ,..-,, was -Q f km ' i EW - an al' PM as is as s s sr a eg are 13? is a E a E593 7214 M 7 09171 'in T' . 1 1 ' - 'QW my K 5p!Jf!jJjJj u j ql. jf Zia MU: wif' TL' Afeffc MJ W , . A' JE E . GAFFNEY 9 arkton Roadhjamaica Plain Jeanne always aims towards a pointed destination, but reaches it a little in time's debt. This keeps her acitivity and vitality always alert, but her serious scholastic work adjusts the iineness of balance. It is an un- qualified joy to watch the rhythm of her dancing, it is a constant surprise to note the variety and taste of the costume jewelry that adorns her gowns. She enjoys a good time enlivened by light melody. Jeanne is lovable for the qualities that shine in her: affability, helpfulness, kind-heartedness. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'ariefie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Chemistry 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology 2, 3, 4g Athletic 1, 2, Foreign Mission 1. ss- H x-i an m na is N w H ?'i E sf . A a A is .B V 60 MARY M. GARRAHAN fp 25 Otis Street, Framingham T . Mary's big-heartedness is an open door to her other Womanly qualities. Those who have met her "at home" are loud in their praise of her hospitality. Those who meet her only at college, are, likewise, voluble in their laudation of her sociability and all- around good-fellowship. She brings these qualifications, plus serious attention, to the Work which intensively interests her, the sciences. Framingham ought to scintillate now and forever because Mary is numbered among its fine assemblage of citizens. Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. .S'oci:rie.r.' Sodalicy 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish lg Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology 2, 3 Secretary, 4 President, Debating 4 Vice-President. ESTHER L. GENDREAU 24 Rosemont Street, Dorchester Esther, the dynamic, little lady of loveli- ness, astonishes us by the never-lessened energy with which she meets each day's schedule of work and play. The freshmen are devoted to her as she is to them. The seniors think that she is just right. She takes the in- tricacies of English and Spanish as a challenge to her power of disentanglement. Though she always has a million things to do, and should, thereby, be flustered most of the time, singularly, she is not. She 1T1L1St have organized some brain-clock arrangement to help her. Major: English. Mf!I0f.'Sl3HlliSl1. .S'atictivr.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 43 Spanish 1, 2, Literary 2, 3. ELEANOR T. GLYNN 8 Harvard Place, Waltham Where the crowd leads, either in pursuit of knowledge or in pursuit of relaxation, you will never find Eleanor, for she is of a very independent turn of mind, and wishes to carve out the steps upon which she walks to learning. This is a tribute to her originality. She has the courage of her convictions. Her universal friendliness softens the rigidity of independence, however, for she can comfort and disarm with a smile. She is almost an advance reporter of current events. Eleanor, diligent, capable, fervent, has our deep admiration. . Major: English. Minor: History. .S'oci:rief.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic lg Literary 2, 3, 4 Vice-President, Debating 45 Emnooua Literary Staff. l61l LEW fa Ssxagaa' , ea-Hs. E kg a is Qigg aggsga, an Siesta ts. Q lass mia' ' ' s ian na a na Ea EK as is En an Q EL sf is an Exim sn is is is is aswgss ssekggem HEWEHE ,W-ss, as me s 3235532232322 m an is is sm s .....5. ,siE.s..s .sss . eggs a sf:-:-:-:-1 s a 1 BYEWM . ! - -G' npssmnm was sm-ea 5 l s Hwy sm is nm B 'EE asa as E19 N me sf mamma: ni i QVC-' ff Uynx CCM Wu of in S 1K"Q!'1q'by SUSAN V. HAMMOND K, 134 Lexington Avenue, Cambridge Sue is at ease in social life and study Work. She passes in and out with unrufiled demeanor, and quiet manner. Life seems to smile upon her, or else she has the ability to meet it half- way with her active faith, bouyant hope, and lively charity. We await her appearance to feast our eyes on the artistic arrangement of the ensemble then in vogue. This poised senior can surprise us by her girlish giggle which chuckles blithely from her vein of humor. We hope that she will be happy and blest as she goes on her way. Major: Soci-al Science. .S'aci:ti::.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Service 1, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 45 Publicity 3, 4, Emnoouiz Business Staff. is xi . .. 62 is ss BARBARA L. GOLDEN 17 Centervale Park, Dorchester Golden she was named, and golden s11e is in the precious qualities of light-heartedness, and shining helpfulness. We have all basked in the sun-golden rays of these same qualities. You will know, by this, that she is a friend to all, and everybody is her friend. When the going in scholastic problems is hard, Bar- bara's unperturbed disposition aids her to patient solution. She does shine in public speaking, curiously enough, for she seems most always to bear the charactreristics of the shrinking violet. Good luck, Barbara. Major: English. Minur: History. .focieliesx Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, Historical 1, 2 Treasurer, Literary 3, 4. BERNIS M. HANLON 18 Hayden Road, Saugus Earnestness and Bemis meet in cordiality. She is so gentle in her approach that you are surprised to find her quite near at hand. Whenever there is need of her in any capacity which harmonizes with her character, there she is, and there is her efhciency. We like to have her with us, for her calm assurance is a tonic to teasing worries. Titian would have loved to put on canvas the tint of her rich red hair. E Better than the painter, we have etched her memory for obligingness and Hdelity in our hearts. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'arierim: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology 2, 3, 4g Chemistry , 4g Athletic 2, 3, 4. 1 1 My Qt .11 4 K were MW 5 . J l'3Zv5V'- fx.: -'ii' .. ., I t 'ff,l : H. '.-..1 -me f .,v.,.-.' ,- -. fgvig .fa fsfjyzi A I - P. - 1.9 fl , lF"'f'AEQ' -5 JW A l f l.iw'i:.fl:.'k,-iii. 'tg-ai , g If Lift! V l n I l 63 FLORENCE A. HANLON 41 Hamilton Street, Dorchester Florence was cut to pattern for her work in the lield of social service. I-Ier gentle manner would calm the most turbulent tempest that hearts could raise. Her adaptability scores a high and equalizes her serenity. The dreamy air that surrounds her When she is not in ac- tivity but hides a quick Working mind, alert to the needs of others. In a highly nervous- strung World, Florence is valuable and need- ed. We have ever found her good company, patient with our fancies and many foibles. Good luck, Florence. Major: Social Science. Minor: Spanish. Societiea' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish 3, 45 Social Service 1, 4. w-W fgfyl' M LORRAINE A. HARDING 28 Sedalia Road, Dorchester To see Lorraine without a smile is not to see Lorraine at all. To expect Lorraine to be prudent is to expect a minor miracle. She is so lovable for her naturalness that we are quite ready to see only shining characteristics: her geniality, affability, frankness to a fault, and all-around camaraderie. If the sun sets on her labors yet undone, Well there is a sun-rising, and she smiles her way through any arising dilemma. May she meet full happiness when she comes to the end of the road. Major.' English. Minarl' Social Science. .S'acietic.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic 1, 2, Literary 2, 3, 45 Musical 2. ELEANOR F. HANNIGAN 20 Houston Avenue, Milton Cordiality is the key to Eleanor's likeable- nessg and hdelity is at the core of her being. Her special Fields of knowledge span the vast areas of English and History, which are sufficiently extensive to claim anyone's time and most of one's leisure. Yet, Eleanor has time for the finer things of living, has time for delightful association with her friends, has time to lend a sympathetic ear to others. For four years, she has measured up to the high regard with which We acclaim her a girl worth knowing. Major: English. Minor: History. .S'ariefier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 34 Historical 2, 3, 4, Literary 2, 3, 4, Dramatic 3, Musical lg Spanish 1. 64 A. CLAIRE HART 102 Kingston Street, Lawrence Claire, the indiviclualist, the imperturb- able, maintains a high sense of correct values. Her unexpected bursts of enthusiasm break down to stretches oflanguid inertia. But don't imagine she is asleep, at any time. Her dreamy moments are simply fertile ground for the growth of fine ideas which she, with- out warning, springs upon us. She can Whittle down an argument until there is nothing left but tenuity. Over all this sententiousness, Claire spreads the veil of her sunny disposi- rion. Major: English. Minor: History, .S'acicric:.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Spanish 1, Literary l, 2, 3, 4g Historical 2, 3, 45 Discus- sion 4,Athlctic1. 65 an mnugvk um ,,. m is x-is sg mx ms wa is is .QE me as .Ss sea: are is as 1-1-Em mfs . E we is . cs is .ss q emma ss ANNE R. HARTNETT 68 Newton Street, Marlboro Anne's analytic turn of mind meets the problems of Mathematics and Physics with equanimity. Her deep-seated qualities of kind- ness and get-along-Withness give indication of the spiritual aura which surrounds her. But she comes down from that rare stratum to join us in more mundane things, to laugh with us, and to make our social gatherings more social. To our mild-spoken, l'ine-tem- perecl Anne, We say: blessings on your Way and at its close. Our class is richer for having her with us. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. .S'ocieties: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Mathematics 2, 3, 4, Athletic lg Foreign Mission 1. l l'l.w-wi M , f ' I' 'rv Lan f JVUJ wwnfdq' 'Q .igbyaima-yin LQCLSKY , all. luclpl-4 - -ff 'y""' a it ,Q xl as E ss W E . W at a E im Em 5 Q nam a as wx H s si me me m as me sms an tg H W n ass n n wt B a it B-mtl ,S . is an a a an mn si Bi ts ts m ts uw it ,nm an as is ss E: asia ang' HQ H B HE EEE asm ga as Em . all MARGARET M. HIGGINS www 66 Clarendon Street, Boston Her friends, they are many, and her ene- mies-are there any? A bit of the blarney trips from her tongue, but no blarney would pay her Way into the lofty tower of the sciences which she has chosen for intensive work. There facts, and facts alone count. Peg gives forth an air of happy, cheerful, gaiety. She is a sports lover, a smooth glider on the dance floor. Where there is a display fi vim, vitality, versatility, buoyancy t ejs Peg. I S Major: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. Hananr: Stu e A Government Representative 2. .S'ocirtic.r.' Sodality 1, Z, fzlg Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics 2, 3, 4gChern1cal 2. m ts 5 , ts ts ts 66 .KEGJJ-il JANET C. HEALEY 192 Walnut Street, Lynn A Lovely to look upon, a pleasure to know is Janet, the poet in our midst. She is of ini- agination all compact, as her versatility in the arts of radio-speaking, acting, her ease in modeling, declaiming, expressing herself show. Her laughter cascades in rhythms and is unconsciously echoed by the group with her. But there is valuable substance in Janet, too, for she is a splendid student, alive to the world of the past and to the World of the present. Her reach is so high that her grasp must fall short of it. M:1jof.'Englisl1. Minor: History. .S'ocicricr.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic 1, 2, 3, 43 Literary 3, 4, Historical 3, 4, Cercle Louis Vcuillot 2, Athletic 1. it v ' a' as n CVJVUQ. ' DORGTHY R. HINGSTON 40 Glendale Road., Marblehead Calm, deliberate Dorothy counts among her gifts that of a poet's sensitivity and a philosophic mind, which the years seem to have brought het. Her smile is radiantg her voice is of that praised excellent low quality. Unconscious of her gifts, she thus under- estimates her influence on her friends to whom she is a joy and an asset. Her student qualities give to her professors refreshment and satisfaction. Dorothy's potentialities should make her life to be objcctified in good and worthy things. Major: English. Minor: History. .S'acicric.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Historical 2, 3 Secretary, 4 Vice- Presidcntg French 1, 2, Athletic 15 Erbw. as 1 67 E is Ma PATRICIA E. HOGAN 46 Central Street, Somerville It seems as if Pat was born to laugh and to enkindle the spark of laughter in others. She is the life of the party. She ,is uncanny in finding the sunny, funny side of a situation, and eagerly ardent to emphasize it. Her open- mindedness and come-hitherness make her accessible and once she is known, she is thereafter loved. For to know her is to love herg to name her is to praise. Life ought to be kind to her, for she will accept it as it comesg smoothing the rough, and intensifying the smooth. Long life and long happiness to our Pat. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. .S'aci:ti::: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary Z, 3, 45 Spanish lg Ether. . . X 1 115 .61 s as as f me -aa' Wa am 1 a aa ESA ., ,. gms S, . in it 'WH gg H5 as rm arg K3 ar E N Bi ,QI We gy' ,ffffi Gif pi J M f W fffgad fllvfw 'Wa i , H A was ages as H" F nl' K , ., , ,rm mi was l as B is 'W . ' a Wan'-Z , im was H, .. asgxaag-A , . a E E Els' HE Em. a as ni B, sms n 'n ggscxggl is MARY M. HOLIHAN 279 Cherry Street, West Newton Hail to the Editor-in-Chief who has steered our EMLOGUE over the dangers of Scylla and Charybdis and landed on the sunny Shore of Finis. What shall we say of Mary that would fittingly give you even a thumb sketch of her worth. Well, to begin: she is an earnest student, she is a good mixer, she is a good rooter for sports, she is a true adviser, she is a well-tried friend. Under an exterior genteel and cultured, she shows on occasion, rare qualities of forbearance, perseverance, and aptitude. We wish the best to Mary. Major: English. Minor: History. Honars: Class President 2, Epltooun Editor-in-Chief, Who's Who. .S'acietie:: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, Historical 2, 3, 4, Literary 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1. ELEANOR T. HUGHES 44 Vernon Street, Waltham Ambitioning a " career" Eleanor sights her star and begs it to be steadfast. She walks her even Way in life's fast shifting patterns. Her gift of quiet, restrained humor keeps others convulsed with laughter, while she looks on impassively. She says much in little, and some of her remarks take onthe coloring of gnomes. We root for Eleanor in all her Ways through all her days, and pray that those same Ways may lead to her heart's desire. Mujer: English. Minar: Social Science. .S'oci:tie.r: Soclality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, Spanish lg Literary 2, 3, 4. ' MX 3 WX. ll msg W PAULINE E. HURLEY 102 Hyde Park Avenue, Forest Hills Our charming and unruflled Pauline sil- houettes a lovely picture for us to gaze upon. She is photogenic to a She opens wide eyes calm upon the whole of things, yet she can bestir herself to the exact demands of her scientilic studies. She makes a nice balance of seriousness and playfulnessg thus endearing herself, alike, to the thoughtful and the gay. Her social calendar carries item after item marked " Yale", for there Weekends will invariably hnd her. Hail to our brainy beauty! Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. Hanarsx Class Trea- surer 2. .S'ocirticf.' Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 4g Chemical 2, 3, 4g Biology 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1. CLAIRE L. JORDAN 81 Westchester Road, Jamaica Plain Claire could charm the birds off the trees by the persuasiveness of her sunny smile. But she does charm her campers and her Girl Scouts by her loveliness and her worth. She has been gifted by a beneficent Giver with the qualities of charity and benevolence, which will be of eminent service to her in Social Work. We have found her loyal and steadfast to principles, and devoted to her many friends. She has the coveted ability of going out of herself for the benefit of others. Major: Social Science. Hanar.r.' Student Government Vice- Treasurcr 2. .S'ocietie:: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 German 1, 2, 4, Social Service 3 Secretary, 4 President, Spanish lg Discussion 45 Debating 4. I , a a a a a a H m a a H 1: E a mm n -mai i as ci 5 ml a am.. a H 5 Q ei ll 52 . W Q, s as-QW Q? Q W s if ss ss x . s as . WH . nw ,, s-as .B M as wa .ss W. E E H E aa, ss 9' a W we H ZW 3 as ,Qin m.G'wAEExmg5 H xmas mam sw U H' ,ws 55" s WMM. Sisiaflr' KES' mass? as mn W E W ns 5 S ng X ,Q ,J sp. -xpvlm , Q-, gf Fr - .six fe - u Ve? W 4 i:?':iziSQ"'iAi 1 ,- :J ' 4 ,IR 4' 'ef ,J ' ff' N. - si' A ' , Fi K , .M A 5. PM My . , J, E691 ui! M' , .s 0 Shia. Xl . fain -11 .A 9 Q , Af , 'T-" t ' 4. ,f A ,,, g use '-.R K ' ' t 1 .1 EF N ' ' V . .-'g ' fig' X . Q if 1 i . f I K I jj! Y Gf 'g ik, L, FW Vlxlifj' l . gi. S M ,ff tiff ,-',, rf' ',.!M,. f , . 'lf .ai .ff s f . lf! lip!! wmv F I 1' sk l- .1 r f, 7' 70 AUDREY T. KEAN 93 Salem Street, Woburn Sunny as her smile is Audrey. Wonder of of wonders! we have never, in these four years, seen Audrey swerve from the even tenor of complacency. Strange to say, this calm in temperament can flourish into enthusiasm for the things that matter of-mind and heart. Energy, too, claims her as its own on pre-test days, but worry has never ventured within miles of her placidity. Her appreciative and generous ways blended with her marked loyalty have endeared her to us. Major: English. Minor: History. Societies: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Literary 2, 3, 4g Historical 2, 3, 4gSpan1sh lg French lg Discussion 3, 4. LUCILLE T. KELLEY 88 East Cottage Street, Dorchester Everywhere Lucille looks, she can rest her gaze on a friend, for we claim her as such. When we want to know a fact, a date, any statistics, and are too lazy to do our own in- vestigating, then Lucille is a friend in need, for she dips into her Well-stored mind, and Jack Horner like, pulls out the "plum" we were ignorant of. But what about the in- genious and. never-heard-of-before results of her experiments in the laboratory? Here we shall draw the veil, lest we upset, in the slight- est degree, our beautifully composed, and lovable Lucille. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Physics. Hanorrs Class Vice- Treasurer 1. .S'orietie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, German 1, 2, Mathematics 1, Musical 1, Athletics 1, 2, 4, Chemical 3, 4, Literary 1. awww af PATRICIA K. KILEY 281 Faneuil Street, Brighton West Point is miles away from Emmanuel, but Patricia can rig up some kind of antennae which gets her almost immediately in touch- in spirit We mean. Here, We note a friend well- named as such, for in confusion's midst, she is standing calm, in worry's onslaught, she stoops to conquer. Now, this paragon is ever ready to put out her hand, and her mind, and her heart when we call on her for help. Pa- tricia is an accomplished dancer, gliding over the floor with the grace of a swan. To think that we have lived with her excellence for four years! Major: Social Science. .S'arietie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Ath- letic 1, 2, 4. LORRAINE R. LAHAIE 140A Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury Her vitality gushes forth like a fountain and gives refreshment Wherever it falls. It generally falls upon her work and her social life-to say nothing of her friends. The deepest flow of this energy is for all that affects the interests of Emmanuel, to which she is entirely devoted. History is her forte, and into its profound depths she delves for the understanding of human relations. French is her native tongue, and her graces spring, in no small degree, from that ancestry. Here's to our dependent, lively, impulsive Lorraine. Major: History. Minor: French. .S'orirrier.'Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Historical 2, 3, 4, French 1., 2, 3, 45 Athletic Ilg Musical 1, 3, 4g Debating 4. l i l fest sa . La S K E l7ll 1 at at .-. N.:-ri ga ff is he df L tu if K ,mix u si ff as I, Q95 J if I 'si s F f zf ', sun ' .ww F m E nw . 72 S' 5 ' ef I Ss E. A 72 GILDA F. LALLI 60 Highland Street, Brockton Gilda can greet you in English, in Spanish, in French, but her gay smiles greet you in any language! However, het smile is but the indi- cation of the charm that is native to her, a charm that finds its outlet in her sociabiliry, agreeableness, general coniradeship. She Ends delight in 1ife's liner offerings, she hnds duty made pleasurable by the assiduity With which she handles the intensive Work of her choice. She hlls the eye with her pleasant appearance, she fills the heart with her cordi- ality. Major: Spanish. Minar: French. .S'ocictie.f: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4g French 2, 3, 4. E. JOYCE LARIVEE 27 Green Street, Beverly We present Joyce, this dark, hue-fashioned young lady, with her gracious ways, and her clear, frank gaze. She lives the strenuous student life, for her work is centered in the brain-tasking sciences. She feels, with a sure touch, the important issues of life, and strives for their attainment. Yet, Where there is jollity, there, also, is Joyce. Why her very name-Larivee, suggests music, and verve, and fun. May her sure touch lay hold of the fair things of time, and the bliss of hereafter. , Majar: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. .S'ocierirr: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4gMathex1iatiC5 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1. RITA A. LAWLER 85 Beacon Street, Somerville Rita's sweet, feat ways are well appreciated by those who have the good fortune to know her intimately. But even we, who stand on the edge of acquaintance, can glean much from the effects of her personality. She is generous, even when generosity makes her debtor to time and work. Her own easy ap- proach to learning, her easy assimilating of cultured studies, does not mar the patience with which she waits on slower minds. And if that is not a trait to be envied, then we are no fortune-tellers. Rita will always have many friends. Why not? Major: History, Minor: English. .S'aci:rief: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Historical 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission lg Athletic 3, 45 Musical 3. ROSAMON D T. LEARY 37 Emerson Road, Winthrop She is the children's friend, and likes to store up and repeat their apt, and sometimes, philosophic, sayings. What an asset her warm heartedness will be in any social work which she undertakes! Because Rosamond likes the free, broad, wind-swept places, we can under- stand her deep aversion to traveling in crowd- ed street cars. But no crowd can upsether equa- nimity, as no wind can rullle her lovely hair- waves. Rosamond-her name suggests flow- ery loveliness spread all around her. She, her- self, is in harmony with her name. Majar: Social Science . Minor: Biology. Hmzorf: Student Government Representative 4. Sacicriex: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 25 Biology 3, 45 Literary 35 Foreign Mission 1,4. 73 ' is M as .. am-ima 5 W f f V -Y-.. W... ,.... av- . . .,A..-,,1,ww,,.,tM.,A--- E s ,,.. i. ., W, ww m a E and H f M mega, is 2 y 3. ami ' is ax- -B V wsvimnm mga nt an ' ma .' tg W.-g HES., E 32 . as . 55 i as '. SS E l se 1 . is , is me n n 'ws . is A "sa ' vs: it H Hai! is m.B is 1 . ' 1, f x 4.1139 4151- 'fy' ' 1115-'fig ..,,.fl1f",,.,f'e'. . FM .awfa W b,.i'7j',,ilig"-'F 'S 'Y fl flfl'ij'j5jg..5l"ii. .I+ X,q-Ji' .,," j f , ff! l"w?J,u.4. f" 'uf 'fubwlr !"l.ifn "' 14" VIRGINIA A. LEE Q.. i, 545 Emory Street, Attleboro Y Even the expression of repose cannot hide the left-checked dimple of our Virginia. But you should see its glory when she smiles, and when she laughs, We leave it to your imagina- tion. She is as radiant in her character as in her features, for she does scatter around her the light beams of helpfulness and cordiality. She ought to shine in Attleboro, and its air should be impregnated with her ability, her aifability, her readiness to serve in any and every Way. Virginia has been a boon to us. Major: Social Science. Honors: Class Secretary 1. .S'orietic:: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Service 1, 2, 3, 4g German lg Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4. 74 MILDRED H. LEGNER 27 Spring Park Avenue, Jamaica Plain To come upon Mildred is to sight her knit- ting bag. And while her needles flash in and out in stitch intricacies, her thoughts reach out to seriousness and to fun. Social Science keeps them pivotecl to the deeper interests of life's calling, tennis, and square CPD dancing keep them pirouetted to frolic. And, in be- tween, vvhat is she like? She is staunchly re- liable towards her friends as she is genuinely sincere towards all. Her dark eyes are at- tractively magnetic. Good luck, Mildred. Major: Social Science. Minor: French. .S'vcictic:: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 French 3, 4, German 1, 2, 3, 4gSocial Service 2, 3, 4. 'Ki' - Ig: ,-,. i nz Egg LE E E as sam 5, E E, . se sal .63 ...2.tL,e,e,cff..fo 4,1412 "fl-7'-1 fe!! . QM- ANN L. LYONS 20 Antwerp Street, Milton Ann has Won many friends by her coyly unassuming and discreetly unassertive nature. Though she takes things somewhat seriously, yet she is very many times found where hi- larity and frolic hold court. Sports claim her efliciency, for she is expert at basketball, swimming, and horseback riding. So, we may deduce from this, that she is physically lit to sustain her mind's Hue reasoning quality. Our dignihed Ann will always carry off well and Httingly the Emmanuelites' heritage, truth, strength, power. Major: Social Science. .S'vcictie.r.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 35 Social Service 2, 4. n n E, 75 an 1 H-we f a E me mga S8588 rage always in at a xr M ix zur- We az y-an mi magma a ' m MARY E. LYONS 12 Fawndale Road, Roslindale Lovely, unpredictable Mary! She bends over apparatus in absorbed concentration in the Laboratory. She loses herself in the harmonies of music. She spreads sunshine and book lore among the patients at St. Eliza- beth's Hospital. And-let us hush our Voice in telling it-she haunts the cafeteria, and is a football enthusiast. But best of all these tastes and accomplishments, she is a fine, outstanding character who will bring sun- shine into whatever Way life points out to her. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'oci:tie:: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Chemical 2, 3, 4 President, Biology 2, 3, 45 Mathe- matics Zg German lg Discussion 35 Parliamentarian 4, Ath- letic 25 Foreign Mission 2. a was me CLAIRE M. MAGEE Blue Hill Street, Canton Claire's picture looks out from the pages of the yearbook with steady, poised grace. She is pleasant to be With, charming to look at, helpful to work with, delightful to know as friend. With such a self-contained manner, she should Walk right into the hearts of those Whom her Work in Social Science might lead her to. She bends to things of lighter import with blithesome ease and good- natured assistance. Her enthusiasm for living life in its fulness is refreshing and contagious. Major: Social Science. .S'ori:tie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, 2, Athletic 1, 2, Social Service 2, 3, 4. MARGARET L. MORAN 161 Myrtle Avenue, Fitchburg How so much vitality can be compressed Within the form of Margaret is hard to under- stand. It does overflow its bounds, at times, when glee holds sway in her doings and sayings. Mostly, these same words and acts are helps to others, which help she is always ready to give. Sometimes, it seems as if she reached out to the practically impossible, but seeming impossibilities are transformed into the possible by her vigorous attack. We love out lively, friendly Peg. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. .facietiers Sodality 1, 2,,3, 4g Mathematics 1, 2, 3, 4, Musical 1, Athletic 1, 4. JV ' 1 fffgejyf' f Mffffawff ...UZ H., Y . a . ,iw A 1 B . va a 1.a H. 76 ,ss , I wa is as an s , . fx H -.gg ,A ' X MARY T. MORGAN 29 Pond View Avenue, Jamaica Plain As she bestirs herself with business-like alertness and efliciency over the intricacies of debit and credit, she still Wears her about-to- break-out smile. At leisure, We catch the full radiance of it. She is a very companionable person, our Mary, who adapts herself Without difhculty, to things as they come in a day's course. This even temperament is a gift given to her in a Wholesale manner, from which should proceed much resultant worth. The music of the dance calls to her, and she lightly trips it in rhythmic, grace-Hllecl harmonizing. Major: Secretarial Science. Saciaricr: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 4. ANGELINE E. MORREO 35 North Margin Street, Boston Were fashion magazines out of print, we would have still the latest mode to follow while Angeline is with us. Meticulously care- ful about her grooming, she is at the same time, careful in her experimental findings in l1er "beloved" Chemistry and Biology. Yet when she closes the laboratory doors behind her, she enters With verve into the pleasures which the times offer her. Her lighter mood is as vibrant as her more serious mien. You see, We have sketched for you a finely-tem- pered character, for whom her place in the world should be awaiting. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'orietier.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic lg Biology 3, 4, Chemical 2, 3, 4, German 1, 2. is an is is an is is is 4'. as mmm' E W MARY T. MOTLEY 14 Schirmer Road, West Roxbury If you enjoy good conversation get on the edge of the group who are rapt listening to Mary's golden speech. And the golden glow of her speech passes on to find itself harmo- nized by her sunny disposition. Now this com- bination of gifts attracts us to Mary and endears us to her. With these assets she ought to find the World of social activity and Social Service Wide open to her. Mary needs a large area for the proper display of her talents, these, we trust, she shall find when she passes from the sheltered student world to the larger spheres of living. Major: Social Science. .S'ociaticr.' Soclality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4 5 Social Service 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Science 1. E it sf ss ss as it is MARY A. MOUNTAIN 115 Belmont Street, Somerville All that is high about Mary is her name, for she is petite in stature, and far from mountain aloofness in her manner and dispo- sition. She quickly seizes upon the ludicrous in any situation, and brings it into the open. Then she embellishes it by the merry meaning which she gives it. All this means that Mary is a mischievous elf, sprite-like, and viva- cious. But her work-that is a different mat- ter. She can apply herself with enclosed seri- ousness to the problems which Social Science give her to solve. Mary is a treasure. Major: Social Science. 6'or"gQJ.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Musical 075j,,3, 2ZgQi3A3iiQ?jn31ce 3,4gAthlet1c 1, 2, 3, fm W Y ,p 'p fr ylplbfj E781 ss s s ss ss RITA A. MULKERN 1744 Columbia Road, South Boston Rita scorns the earth and, like the bird, finds her joy in the air. This is, perhaps, the reason that her thoughts are so often ex- pressed. in lofty, dancing-above-the-ground words. Then to show that custom cannot stale her infinite variety, she is just as fond of swimming. In both elements she Ends delight. Were we pressed for a single adjective to sum up her qualities with, we should use "gentle, " Her unassuming, frank address is a soothing balm in a tumultuous crowd. Rita is one of nature's noble women in word and in deed. Major: English. Mifmr: History. .S'aciaria.r.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic l., 2, 3, 45 Literary 1, 2, 3, 4,1-listorical 1, 2, 3, 4. -. 79 GWENDOLYN H. MURPHY 19 Sagamore Avenue, West Medford It is as difhcult to disturb the calm serenity of Gwendolyn as it is stop the sun in its course. Perhaps not quite so difficult, upon reflection, but she is hard to throw off the balance of imperturbableness. She is depend- able, a fast fleeting quality among youth's characteristics, so it seems to us-judging largely by ourselves. Therefore, we cherish Gwendolyn with fond endearment, for one must ever love the highest when one sees it Cwith apologies to Tennysonj We love her, we admire her, we are glad that we know her and her fine qualities. Major: Secretarial Science. .S'pcietie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 45 Discussion 3, 4 President. a qma na? all aka-, saws args H W' Ek lf ,as asjgaw E -mass .m we Zsmivim was me East as me Ms get as-s Mm playin SE was it a it w 3 wine a ga a me a 80 Pl-IYLLIS MURPHY 15 Walnut Road, Somerville Phyllis has zest in mental acquirements Phyllis has a flair for the perfect raimentg Phyllis is called by us, " the gracious lady." She is worthy of that distinction, for her cheerful Ways, her disarming smile which sets all at ease, her flashes of kindly wit and quiet humor have qualified her for that niche. Nor does Phyllis live in an iuwjy tower aloofness. Het sympathy and understanding of the little and big things that can make one miserable, bring her amongst us in friendliness and asso- ciation. May life smile upon her all her days. Major: History. Minor: Political Science. 5'w.'i:tif:J.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Historical 1, Z, 3, 4. ELINOR F. MURRAY 132 Beacon Hill Avenue, Lynn Always one can find Elinor pursuing her uunhurrying chase and unperturbed pace" along the college halls. That same effectual calm demeanor must account, in part, for the quick solution that she brings to the problems of a heavy-burdened science major. We remember that the toroise won the race unperspiringly, While the swift hare... Elinor is a comfortable person to live with, she is a steadying power for nerve-ridden studentsg she is an optimistic surveyor of things as they areg she is a hopeful expectant for better things in a bteter World. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. Societiu.-.Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology 2, 3, 4 Vice-Presideutg Chemical 1, Z, 4, French 3, 3, 4, Musical 4. . X x t . , -, 1 , I ryiijf ' X I, ---. f I, LAVINA,-M. MURRAY 10 Labani Pratt Road, Dorchester Lavina the serene, Lavina, the sedate, Lavina the loved senior of forty-eight! The dimples twinkle in and out with her compell- ing smile, her bell-like voice strikes music to the ear. We can name her L'A!!egro for het sociable ways and gaietyg we can call her I! Pe1m'rn.ro because of her thought-power and scholastic aptitude. But most of all, we not only name her friend., we have realized the worth of that friendliness. These character- istics which we have long admired in Lavina should lit her for the social work which seems to call to her. She will grace any posi- tion anywhere. Major: Social Science. Minm-.' Italian. .S'acictic.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1gSocial Service 3, 45 Discussion 3, 4. ANNE T. McBURNEY 297 Division Street, Pawtucket, R. I. Rhode Island lent her to us to shine as a student star for four college years. And how she has shone let her high grades attest. It would seem as if she were equally at home in the various helds of knowledge, though the sciences show more emphatically her top flights. She does not walk alone, this little phenomenon of ours, for she has a coterie of friends whom she stuns by her knowledge, and charms by her pixie humor and mis- cievousness. She ought to make a stir in "Little Rhodyf' Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. .S'acicfia.r.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, Zg Mathematics 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1. is-. lsxsjss. ,se l was aft.. l H' ' lgm ws. n is A s it -sw it is mn s 5 E E mass m sei -I ., E is it A mam n it gall Qi is 5. gsfxsg E, m V if is n is n m n V nl 'sw me , W 811 at n if is u H M H 'Fe fi it f' ax - sm Seiya sim mi 5 snr af. n E is E . .ia B. a all B155 an B si-'ZX . F M2 i KYQ X 'T Q L mfsxxfss. ugxuqreo. Q Mm QF , E . - sf is is s is is wi is is is r ss 5 SJ s . 5 K s- ls m Y wk E n a .ss E1 Lanai 1? - W an is is - a sw- Kgs .mx H . si is ,H s sl .s ,ss , .w E E sem .E n ss? a we sw. H S was sms s a. . as w mam a a K gg H a ,Q ms is E a a- l 'W . E M mfs-E H' all was is ss . an is a is me 'n -aa si in i .E is sim as E is B ss H s AQHA , 5 Busy S sag, s 5 K ms: B E W5 if n I fsz THERESA A. McCARTI-IY 21 Crowninshield Road, Brookline A long line of McCarthy's call Emmanuel, Alma Mater, and Theresa does not fall below their attainments in study and in goocl-fellow- ship. Her quiet, unaffected air evolves from her "summery" disposition, for she is as serene as a summer's day. Wrangles, dis- putes, turmoil subside when this charming peacemaker comes upon the scene. It was in that category, of peacemaker, that Woman was lirst mentioned in English Literature, and Theresa fits well into that scheme. What- ever her hand hnds to do, we know she will do it well and tidily, without blare of trum- pets. Mnjar: Social Science. Sariatim Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Musical 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 35 Spanish lg Athletic 1, 2, 3, Social Service 4. ANNE T. McCARTY 78 Maverick Street, Dedham Anne drops the "h" from the royal name, but she does not drop the glory that is sung in deeds of old. Alive to the beautiful around her in man and nature, with an unswerving faith in the goodness of others, Anne thus unconsciously shows the nice points of her own character. No one is a stranger to the outpouring of her help. She meets life gra- ciously and, We trust, life will be gracious to her. May the childlike glow that animates her glances shine for long years of blest activity. Major: English. Miriam' History. .S'uci:tisJ.' Sodality 1, 2, '3, 4, Spanish 1, Historical 1, 2, 3, 45 Literary 1, 2, 3, 4gD1s- cussion 4. aaazya aMfg,i2,Wf ,. .af 'ff - , ., af ffrfrw ff Vfp?' Muff'-UVA! Vifff' up .riff ,V ,M fv,,,M,ffC7,,,r.gfg A I-.--M . .. JEAN M. Mccfoiuvmca 6' "1 34 Pufchose street, Milford aslsetfsss We count ourselves most fortunate in hav- Z ing the light of Jean's smile and the touch of her helpful hand to cheer and encourage us through college's drearier days. An even dis- position, such as is hers, is a marvellous giftg but when the gift so becomes the giver, then, truly graced is the recipient. This is our en- coinium which a well-deserving Jean merits. Not even the closest observer has seen Jean ruffled-high praise-in the give and take of everyday life. She is as charming as any pictured Senorita. All joy to Jean! Majar: S anish. Minor: Social Science. .S'acierif.r: Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 4, Srinanish 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 4. MARIE J. McDONOUGI-I 378 Ames Street, Lawrence Marie was fashioned for work and for orna- ment. She encloses in her program the diffi- culties of French, Spanish, Italian, and Ger- man, and she meets you with the ornamental grace of each of them. She has the gift of at- tracting othersg she has the greater gift of attaching them to her as friends. She should be the best of interpreters of moods and manners, for she has had such pass before her in the array of extensive literary reading. We are sure some ambassador struggling with the quips and cranks of the English language, would be blest, beyond reckoning, by Marie's aid. Mujer: French. Minor: Spanish. .S'acietief.' Soclality 1, 2, 3, 45 French 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating 45 Literary 4. 1 A is J l l 83 n iw B await was is r gmgss x is is aa H any-m .,,.k.,,' mamma mai- :mn H W B :-:1:r:f':' ElE" ' a s s img M E Bw E M 5 WINIFRED T. MCDONOUGH 6 Remington Street, Dorchester Winifred keeps her dignified manner amid the storm and stress of student days. This manner is not protective covering, for we have often felt the effects of her line courtesy, her vibrant force, her unselfish aid. The re- straint Which characterizes her is not an effect of shyness nor an escape from responsi- bilityg it is a strong resolve to lay hold of the things worth while, and let go the trivial. This is not a statue build-up. Winifred is very sociable, companionable, and though she is hard to know, she is easy to approach. Major: English. Mi11ar.' Spanish. .S'nci:tie,r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 49 Spanish 3, 45 Literary 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4. 84 rr was mmm masse mn ,Bam me me H8815 . B E saws? . SS BK sara H 58 . HELEN J. MCGOURTY 230 Minot Street, Dorchester This dainty young lady spends long hours investigating the "innards" of biological specimensg then she glues her fine eyes for long minutes to test-tube contents. Do you imagine this diminishes, in any Way, her attractive appearance, her enchanting smile, her gracious approach? Not by any means. The meticulousness with which she Works displays itself in the care with which she comes to the help of those in need of her as- sistance. One can never seem to fray even the edges of her strong patience. We shall long think of our dear Helen. Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. .S'orictiv.r.' Soclality 1, 2, 3, 49 Athletic 1, 49 Biology 2, 3, 4. ALICE M. MCGRATH 21 Mallon Road, Dorchester Alice likes to look beneath the surface of things to catch their inner meaning. The unwavering glance of her eye, the straight- forward element in her character, would indi- cate that this seeker of truth would never be satisfied with a substitute. That is why she questions and questions, to satisfy the keen quality of her inquiring mind. To such a one, We could trust our little worries and teasing perplexities, and rest quiet in that security. She is a friend above ordinary friends. She is a line, upstanding exponent of Emmanuel training. Mnjur: Social Science. Minor: Biology. .S'ocictir.r.' Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Service 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-Presidcntg Athletic 1, 2, 4. 85 ,,..' ,Mig . KVM , ss E m in a ,- r A . if K, - -flip , 1 .1 , W ,. , V, .1 A, ,fa .. ff .1 .- Ii . , ' 4 ,P . V - . , - , b ., .,, 1 .3 . -- ' ' ' MARGARET A. McKENNA 178 Weston Street, Waltham We have met our money enemies and have conquered because Margaret was Business Manager of THE EPILOGUE. We tremble to think of what a lesser leader would do to and with our moneys, but Margaret has housed them as safe as Fort Knox, and expended them as casually as the U. S. Treasury. To this fine business ability, she adds a genius for friend- ship, a warm, glowing interest in all and everything, she is a center point of the activi- ties that are ours. Dependable epitomizes our opinion of Margaret and her skill. Major: Secretarial Science. .S'acietiu.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission lg Spanish 1, Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Secre- rarial Science 1, 2 Secretary, 3 Treasurer, 45 EPILOGUE Business Manager: , .,,.-- .f',. .. ,-uf I ,. ,- E s an is mama. new an use n ss is rs E .. gg E an E an an ms n DOLORES E. MCLAUGHLIN 7 Gem Avenue, Brighton The only shade of sadness about Dolores is her nameg but the symbolization of that name lifts up the sadness to hope and resur- rection. So it is with this young lady, for she is never caught in the toils of the melancholy Jacques or the melancholy Dane. She is ever ready to break out into smiles and rippling laughter. ln her own way, she is somewhat of a budding humorist, for she can give a funny twist to an ordinary happening. She goes on her even way to class as the bell sounds-but we can conjecture where she would rather be. There is a bevvitching love- liness about Dolores. Major: Social Science. Minar: Italian. .Sbcictierx Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 3, 45 Social Service 3, 4. 86 n MARGARET T. MCLAUGI-ILIN 11 Warland Street, Cambridge Peg of the logical reasoning and the clear- cut decisions-Peg-0'-my heart! She seems to be a little ahead of anyone as a style indi- cator. But she has the saving grace of wearing her gowns as to the manner born. She is a gift to a class sunk in silence, for she is never at a loss for Words. She is as formal in her replies to us as she is to the professors' weighty questions. She is a blend of seriousness, good jollity, unselhshness, daringness. light-heart- edness. All in all, she is a gloom-Chaser, a sunbeam go-getter. Majnr: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. .Yacicriux Sodalicy 1, 2, 3, 43 Biology 2 Treasurer, 3, 4g French lg German 1, 2, 3 Secretary, 4 Presidentg Dramatic 1, 2, 3, 4. . EE m n yjnljxyb .I l ,M t J - xfl dn J my , fl i ll Wet' 'Sit' CHRISTINE M. MCMANUS 10 May Street, Salem It must be a lovely feeling to be calm as the tranquil sea, to be steadfast as the northern star, to be equable as a balance-Christine can let you in on that feeling, for that is how she has impressed us during these four years. I-let good sense is not sententious, for it is sprinkled with a little of the salt of Wit and humor. Her deep-rooted loyalty is oak-like in its sturdiness-loyalty to Emmanuel and its interests and its ideals. Christine is a de- voted ally and friend, a charming companion, a lover and doer of the right. Major: Social Science. Minor: Biology. .S'oricticJ.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, French 1, Social Service 1, 2 Trea- surer, 3, 4, Biology 2, International Relations 4. 87 s m CLAIRE M. MCNALLY 38 Ardsmoor Road, Melrose What Claire does not know about the acti- vities of the Foreign Missions is not know- able. She has brought their doings from the far lands to here by her constant appeals to our sympathy and to our purses. It is a sturdy being who could refuse to produce sympathy and cash when Claire's lovely brown eyes gaze at one so intently. She is quietly gay, and gayly humorous. Her Work in Social Science keeps her bordered on the thoughts of the more serious things of life. She is reliabl e, and quite satisfies us as she is. Major: Social Science. Svriztie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Service 1, 2, 3, 4. Eve- .. sf as . Kgs 52 ?m?QgQgEii'g s EW Wa ' E Egwggsttg Qlwmuw-W E tt, 5, swam sl? Hr Wa me 323' ti taBEm , EH is 5 H W W 5 s 5 Q W E g5g::s::,: :-: .5 .- at tgm gag? ti W. is E JW is in it S H we t E5 E slew . dy . A miwamsnimczm n 95 c s an is .. W as EEEEQSQ S 5f?.'..5E MARY J. McNULTY ' 46 Sydney Street, Dorchester Joan's inviting friendliness opened up the bashful withdrawals of the callow freshmen in our first collegiate year to comradeship and get-together-ness. Seek for the hallmarks of dancing blue eyes, embracing smile, bright, cheerful greeting, and lo! you have found Joan. The path to her door will be vvell Worn as she is known in more expansive circles, and no one will depart uncomforted, unsyrn- pathized with, unassisted. Such We foretell for the Joan Whom We have known with increasing delight during these four years of close association. ANNA M. NEAL 40 Sherwood Street, Roslindale Anna Maria carries with dignity and as- surance the lovely Weight of her rhythmic names, which sing themselves in syllabic melody. Her hngers fly up and down the key- board and cascades of harmony spill over. She seems to be compounded of music and sweetness of manner, of temperament. She can arise from dreams of harmony to cpme to grips with the sterner work of study in the theory and field work of Social Science. We love Anna Maria for being Anna Maria, simple, unaffected, lovely, and benign. Major: Social Science. I-Iouorx: Class Treasurer 1. 5'acietier.' Major: Social Science. Minor.' Biology. .S'ucietie.r.' Sodality Sodalitx 1 2, 3, 44 Athletic 1' lf! Qji , 2, 3, 4g Social ervice 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish 1, International Y. g 1' W7 N 'fp elations 4, Deb- Qing 45 Discussion 4. M J fa HU M ,V f ! V F gf, . Yxrpgw . 1. A k X I X R' U O I W 0 U I If an vm .- na QE-sd-EEBQBEEE sa mn mmm an is W E maria sw wanna s. imma ssj l GERALDINE E. NOLAN 346 Walden Street, Cambridge Grace and charm, dexterity and placidity met in harmony in Geraldine. She has, at least, a bowing acquaintance with the writers of English and French Literature, and a fairly comprehensive knowledge of their significant writers. With all that, she has the time, ability, and responsibility to capture honors, and to associate herself with many of the clubs. That weight of scholarship and honor does not bend her shoulders, for she stands erect to enjoy, to help, to be friendly with all. Major: English. Mir1ur.' French. Ielmmrrx Class Treasurer 2. .S'ucieti:r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 French 1, 2, 3 Secretary-Tram surer, 43 Literary 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 1, 2, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 45 EPILOGUE Business Staff. 89 DOROTHY M. O'I-IALLORAN 394 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain Dorothy who has done her intensive work in the exacting sciences yet burgeoned into so many extracurricular activities that their very mention is overpowering. But her step has never lost its quick tempo, nor her bright, flashing eyes grown dim, nor her engaging smile grown less attractive because of this pressure. To meet Dorothy is to feel exuberant for the rest of the day. With her studious acumen, her fine organizing ability, she should make the headlines some fair day. Herc-:'s to our Dorothy and to her prosperity! Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. Hwzorr: Student Government Secretary 3, Student Government Vice- President 4, N.F.C.C.S. Delegate. .S'acietier.' Sodalitb 1,12 3, 4g German 1, 2 Treasurer, 35 International Re atio s 4' s - Chenfcal 2, 3, 4, Biology 2, 3,4g Debatin-Q41 f J' df ju Z it am-is was M H W s EL is rm an an .Q as . S E mx a 5-ga wg Q 5 1 s 5 Us 89' s ag i m 'QS E lx-it IRENE F. O'KEEFE 116 College Road, Chestnut Hill Irene hovers near the edge of every gather- ing: not curiosity, she is just seeking material for the press, for she is a light of the Publicity Committee. She illumines the area in other capacities as Well, for we like to see her ap- proach. She has a fondness and an aptness for joke-telling, she has an embracive smile which makes for her many friends. Her re- finement and sincerity are palpable, Irene has made a stir amongst us which We shall hold long in appreciative memory. Major.' English. Minor: History. Hmzarr: Student Govern- ment Representative 2, Class Parliarnentarian 4. .Sbcieticrx Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 2, Athletic 1, 2g His- torical Z, 3, 4g Literary 2, 3, 45 Publicity 3, 4. n n ' as is me is is E i " asm 90 lv I ill ' . xx, gEAgfW if 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge Jean is in love with-what do you think? The profound sciences. But she is not over- whelmed by their Weight, because she has time and energy to give to her many admirers, who make no infrequent calls upon her. She disarms aloofness by her warm smile and welcoming gestureg that was why We chose her for our leader in Sophomore Year-and what a leader she Was! We give her still our Whole-hearted support and warm affection as seniors, and we pray that her Way may run in pleasant paths. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. Hanan: Class Presi- clent 2. .S'ociezie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Mathematics 2, 3, 45 Chemical 1, 25 Foreign Mission 1, 35 Musical 1, German 1, 2, Athletic lg Epxrocsuxz Business Staff. ,sf-if . i-3, fra-at as as H , . S s 5 xllami' ' dl 419 .fUJi?.J"v' ML-"' FN'xY'!J' 1 mi AAN Y 'ji'-7 fl--:A r F2rJ,1D"'L- ,ill-fU--g Y MARY A. O'MAHONY 289 Broadway, Cambridge Mary lives in a wonderland of her own wherein she gets much fun and gives much good fellowship. She brings a deep-seated enthusiasm into all she does, be it work or play. She steers bewildered freshmen into safe port, she smiles on knowing sopho- mores, she fascinates high-minded juniors, and she delights the seniors by her trust and optimism. She wakes a refreshing breeze into every heavy-aired argument or stifled dead- lock. We think of her as "My Duchess" who liked all upon which she looked, and her looks went everywhere. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. Hanorr: Student Government Representative 3. .S'ocietic.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic 1, 2, 45 Musical 1, 2, Literary 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 1, 4. 'li '-- .-jg' 5, WHS? Q ll. ' Y. - , I xyl F311 ei .fi .. an issii-6 ,Y-QL' u n was ,in wi in is me in ' s 4. .QLJM ARGAEITET T. o'NE1LL 54 Aldie Street, Allston The accuracy which Margaret manifests in laboratory experiments she brought to class meetings where armed with the rules of order, she shone as our Parliamentarian in Junior Year. So efficient was she that we elected her Vice-President of our outstanding organization in Senior Year. But Margaret shows her gifts in other ways, for her affa- bility and ease of manner draw around her a coterie of admiring friends, who never regret their alliance and allegiance to our loved Margaret. We wish her the best from day- break to ni ghtfall. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Mathematics. Hanan: Class Parliamentarian 3. .S'ocietier.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-Presi- dent, Athletic 1, Foreign Mission 1, Z5 German 1, 2, Chemical 1, 2, 3, 45 Mathematics 2, 3. mm S as E eww e was em s n E . is EE assi get is s E ,,"i,,, 5 W gags E. ,sages 'mes' H my is M Eggs is all? is as 'Wk f' l 1--:ia -MSM. Bax Em ara r. E .mia as is as s gi i an E Q is Ba is E is s . E , . Eg, gm. J. ELEANOR OSULLIVAN 15 Berwick Street, West Roxbury Eleanor talks Well, and Crare gift!D listens equally well. Her natural dignity and poise was only a trifle accentuated when she donned cap and gown. She has a genuine sense of humor, for she includes her own quips and wiles in the laughable scene. It is comforting and satisfying to note her spirit of prayer, and to hear the sincerity that rings from her constant advice: Tray! in God! Now I-Ie will have care of her, we know, in all the ups and downs of existence, in all the 'byways and open ways of her life. Eleanor's influence should be far reaching. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Physics. Hanarxs Class Secre- tary 2. .Ya:ictier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Mathematics 1, 2 Treasurer, 3, 4g Chemical 1, 2, Musical 1, Spanish 1, 25 Athletic 1, 23 German 1, 2, 4. Simi 92 MARY R. ORMAND 121 Lowell Street, Somerville There is never a dull moment in Mary's company for she can keep the conversation ball rolling with effortless ease. Every topic seems to be grist for her mill. She sprinkles wit and repartee over the pale cast of thought, so that weariness never holds one. Her cameo-like complexion is a joy to look at, but the look grows into something deeper when Mary gives her entire attention to those who seem to be made up of Worries. How she can untangle these knots, how she can pour balm over the Wounded feelings- we all have experienced. We love Mary. Major: Social Science. .Yacietierf Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, 2, Musical 1, 2, Discussion 4, Social Service 2, 4. FRANCES T. PASHBY 30 Herbert Street, Lynn The hne arts, music and drama, ring a bell for Frances. She is gifted, in no small degree, as the productions of the Dramatic Society and the oft-repeated. musical offerings of the Glee Club and Orchestra, make evident. She even looks what We imagine artists should look like. Her hue, sensitive features give notice of a hesitant shyness, which, in effect, is one of her charms. Thoughtful, dependable Frances has impressed herself on us during these four years, and that impress will stay long on memory and heart tablets. Major: History. Mirmrf Social Science. J'oci:tiv.r.' Musical 1, 2, 3 Secretary, 4 President, Dramatic 2, 3, 4, French 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, 3, Historical 3, 4, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. s sam, if an gag ,deff rf - f93l JEANN E M. PENDERGAST 26 Cerdan Avenue, West Roxbury She looks out through blue glasses, but, upon a rosy spectacle! No tinge of melan- choly touches the genial temperament of Jeanne. As her knitting needles click in and out, her thoughts grow apace in harmony, and she looks to her Social Science to provide her the opportunity to bring a little of that ordered arrangement to suffering social groups. We do not have to be prophets to forecast a hue future for our sprightly friend, who has leisure Cfrom her avid readingD to help all and sundry. The World can use young Women of Jeanne's type and integrity of purpose. Major: Social Science. Sacietier: Foreign Mission 3, 45 Athletic lg Social Service 1, 4, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. s as my as is nc w it is 'f 5., -' "a"sg"' er' ' B W W s A ,,.,,,,, .. E E W s s H s B l:f:::a"i . . m H A sr B s s E i W S, s as s B , . mmHg' B Es, ms s sag as ass mmm a as E SB si E mms as an s mm sms sa s ss H s as is :semis ,sa M as S- NS "E is ,fin ,W a is esswssa a E is s ss- is -H 1-ss? Egg gg 2,3 s s Q55 a 'f sm W. E E B E ass, a ms W: awww mils ji? msg H, ,ss-H - a we as E . lm. H kgs H HE , s m mx mE E rim s mt Yi ,..L,.WM,i1, ME, MARY L. PERRY 168 Nevvburg Street, West Roxbury We err greatly if We think that Mary's Dresden dollish appearance is a cover of fragile qualities of heart and brain. Mary is, indeed, a very practical young Woman. Hy- men has already marked her out as the first bride-to-be of '48. But a new state of life will not change our Mary. We hope it will give her enlarged scope for the staunch qualities of stability, lovableness, adaptability, which we have seen her so often display during these collegiate years. May the Nuptial Blessing be operative during all the days of married bliss which shall be yours, dear Mary. Major: Social Science. Sacietief: Sodality 1, Z, 3, 45 Social Service 3. sa Ea I I w sa a mum 1 ss 94 ANN L. PERRY 1248 Beacon Street, Waban To know Ann is refreshing, to be intimate with her is satisfying. Her gay sociability and good-mixer qualities have enlarged her scope for influencing a large number of de- voted friends. She has achieved success in, perhaps, the most brain-teasing group of the curricula. But she throws off this burden to indulge in the social activities in and off the campus. Where Ann is, there is good- fellowshipg there is good fun, there is a "good time". No honored doors of human life will ever be closed to Ann's approach. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Physics. Sucicfier: Foreign Mis- sion 15 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Mathematics 1, 2, Chemical Z, 3, 45 Literary 1. MARYANNA C. PINK 36 Tennyson Street, West Roxbury Maryanna's large-heartedness which Hnds activity in devotion to many causes, has been a wonder to us for long. Her efliciency is so enclosed in quiet shyness of manner, that its effectiveness comes to us as a surprise. Un- sellish devotion and selfless kindness are the notable qualities which Maryannzfs char- acter impresses upon us. That is 21 fine thing to say, we grantg but her distinctive powers of mind, shown in her Hrst-class scholarship, balance that hrst fine thing. The world is a better place for her being in it. Majar: English. Mirwr: German. 5'acivric.r.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, 3, Musical 2, 3, Athletic 1, 2, 3 4g German 1, Z, 3, 45 Literary 1, 2 Treasurer, 3 Secretary, 4 Presidentg Discussion 3, 45 Debating 4. na is n sal 95 s s s s , msswsrg, sggtsr s xx? s , a . is-na n an an B rx E rs wgglfnnm S9 B as mms? gsm ss H H, 1 .sm-is W 55 . CATHERINE L. PLUMMER 31 Mansto11 Street, Medford This Vivacious young lady whose look meets yours in frankness and serenity radi- ates the warmth of her sparkling energy as she trips on her Way to study or to relaxation. She would seem to have caught the secret of perpetual motion, yet, strange to say, she never looks ruffled or disturbed or disquieted. How she does it, she, alone can tell. But we are glad that she is what she is, for we would have missed much had we not known our Catherine. We do not stop at knowing, how- ever, for we have gone to the height of admir- ing and loving her. Majar: Social Science. Minor: Biology. .S'acietie.r: Sodality 1, Z, 3, 4g Dramatic 1, Athletic 1, 2 Treasurer, 3, 4. s a M3557 tit? H l li 1355 sq' 'iii sf a f n yaa W MM, as sfigiff 'l ii 'i an as sw af ss as aaa wi Ss 'au an NE we autism se s a l96l RITA M. POTOCKI 46 Ferndale Avenue, Dorchester This quiet, golden-haired student leaves us aghast at the verve with which she attacks the formidable sciences of Chemistry and Mathematics. If ever a degree was laboriously earned hers was. The unobtrusive way she lives amongst us would never indicate the power which is stored up within her being's self. Rita is no stuffy student, she is all alive to the social activities which lay light claim upon her. As she stars in work, so she stars in play. Valiant Rita! Major: Chemistry. Minor: Mathematics. .S'acie:ie.r: Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, German 15 Chemistry 1, 2, 3, 4 Vicef President, Mathematics 2. CLAIREANNE POWERS 63 Walnut Street, Watertown "In the future, l'm going to assert myself." How often we have heard this utterance. But Claireanne's lovable self, dwelling in the present, does not need any assertive attacks in order to gather around her a number of ad- miring friends. We love her for what she is: thoughtful of others, amiable, smoother out of difficulties, maternal, almost, in her con- cern. We love her for what she does: casts around the good odor of fine talents, breaks in upon raucousness by the soft sound of her lovely voice. Claireanne dear, were it in our power, you would ever walk a rose-bordered path in life. Major: English. Minor: History. .S'ociefie.r,' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Historical 3, Spanish 1, Athletic 1. ,W f KM JOANN R. QUIGLEY 35 Brown Avenue, Roslindale The interests of the college are the inter- ests ofjoann. With quiet persistence, she puts over many student helps and benehts. She is an interesting personality, demure, restrained, controlled, yet she gets results where over- activity would. spell failure. She ought to do well and be happy in ministering to others, through the medium of her knowledge of social needs and remedies. And what does she look like? Look at her and see a face that tells you she is as honest and as affable as she looks. Mu'ar Social Science Hmmm Cl1ssTre1surer 1 Sorietier' 1 .- . .- 1 . . .. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 French 1, 25 Foreign Mission 1, 45 Social Service 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA E. QUINN 133 Warren Street, Arlington Martha could pose as a model for per- feetion's art: in herself, in her grooming, in her music skill, in her mind's alertness. Has this paragon any weakness? Let the cafeteria unlock its secrets! Chemistry and Biology take up most of her brain power, love of us and a desire to entertain us with sweet sounding melody slip when' weighty things are set aside. We are proud. of Martha's state- liness, dignity, aplomb which we foretell will be no little assets to the successful future which we heartily wish her! Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. .S'o:ietir:.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 German 1, Biology 2, 3, 45 hcmical 1, 2, 3, 4gMarl1e- matics 2. ,cl ' "6 l': r 1 I J 1 L' ' , fu A sf' 1 l 1 LU v , l X ' fb" . V, e if i r .X ,. .xl ,J so 1 or ,QV mit S 3 Ask an B ld 97 gm WW NW sf 2 B., E E asm? E s me mfg, is .mlgi vi emgfg l ia ,- ir. i Ql J X i f i Wifi fllyfl - . W 2 H M is E a 98 ELEANOR M. RAMISCH 80 Hamilton Street, Dorchester Eleanor governs wisely because she gov- erns least of all. Dogmatic utterance is foreign to her mild-mannered character. As head of Student Government, she has proved the dictum that people do what you say when you do what you say. Yes, Eleanor is an ideal leader, a co-worker in the smoothing-out of seven hundred forty would-be opinions on everything under the cope of heaven. Her Warm-hearted understanding, her cheery friendliness, her tactful loyalty, and loyal tact have blest her and her office. All hail to Eleanor. Major: English. Mirror: History. Holzarr: Student Govern- ment, Treasurer 3, Student Government President 4. 5'ocictim'.' Sodality 1, Z, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 2, Athletic 1, 25 German 15 Historical 2, 3, 4, Literary 2, 3, 4. MARIE T. REDMOND 91 Plummer Avenue, Winthrop Marie faces the sunny side of life, though she is not unaware of its darker side. Worry and she have never made friends, for her laughing, joking, smiling air would be no element for melancholy's pale gloom. She has a practical turn of mind: Witness her ability in dressmaking. She has an artistic leaning: listen to her line voice, and her brilliant piano playing. We have laid many claims on her friendship and have never been repulsed. This unselfish, sincere, loyal young lady is a happiness to be with, a bless- ing to have known in close association. Major: English. Minor: Spanish. .S'ucietie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Musical 1, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, 3, Spanish 1, 2, 34 Dramatic 3, 45 Literary 2, 3, 4. JEAN T. REIDY 45 Raymond Street, East Weymouth This dainty language-absorber can interest you in French and in Spanish, but she can love you, and she does in good, old English. We have often come into her charmed circle, and been rewarded by knowing better her lovely ways, and wholesome thinking. Among the many benefits which we as the Class of '48 have been the recipients of, none is more dear to us than the opportunity which we have had to know, love, and highly esteem our Jean. It is time a wider circle should recognize het worth. M11jor.' French. MiIlH1'.' Spanish. Societies: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, French 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1. MARY F. RIORDAN 34 Cohasset Street, Roslindale When we as freshmen youngsters made lvlary class Secretary we chose better than we knew, for our glib, facile pen-pusher has blossomed out in Senior Year into Chairman- ship of Publicity. The office was made for her and she for the oflice. She can now tell you the Wbo'.r Who of the daily and diocesan papers. We wonder how many of these re- porters she has charmed by her challenging and disarming smile. She always looks as if she stepped our of a bandbox. She makes and keeps friends-" not for a day, not for a year, but for always." She blends duty with plea- sure not too lumpily. Good luck, Mary. Mdj0l'.' English. Minor: Social Science. .S'ocietie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4, Musical 1, 2, 4, Dramatic 3, 4, Publicity 3, 4 Chairman. Honar.r.- Class Secretary 1. c'To-ll'4"'L'V' I' DAJJVXKDEQ9 if .1-WWF We asm and m mama SARAH W. ROLLINS 196 School Street, Milton Sally is to be found where scholarship blooms, where fun is pulsing, where duty is calling. She is a remarkable personality, so recently laved by the waters of Baptism. And that gift, not coming to her from cradle time, seems to have left its imprint upon her face and upon her works. Charity seems to have taken up its abode in her, for her activity is outward looking, upward looking, onward. looking. She is the admiration of many, she is the friend of all. It is a pleasure to cherish her, and her sayings, and her doings. Major: English. Minor: Social Science. .S'ocieti:J.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary 1, 2, 3, 45 Etbax. . E E . E . E an a H15 :se gg .6 HB3 Em was aan B: a a nm m a a an an ass B an an E asf nga -SEE use Sam an E ima s is B si B mga is is an was magnufn mn an egg an amen sn H .BEE as ng as H w a , mn ww? an Liooj ADELINE F. ROSBICKI 86 Lewis Street, Everett By the plethora of write-ups that came our way with the name of Adeline written there- upon, no more need be said about her popu- larity with the Class of '48. The consensus is that she is an honor to the Senior Year, a line exponent of Emmanuel's teaching, a teacher-out for the highest in ideals, a much- to-be-lauded worker, an overcomer of ob- stacles, a friend of all, a dear child of God! What more can be said! But the best part of all these line praises is that they are true in their entirety. Adeline has achieved the right and only kind of publicityg worth before God and man. Major: English. Minor: History. .S'ucictie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3 4g Foreign Mission 1, 45 German 1, Z, 3, 45 Historical 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1. Hrmar.r: Vice-President German 4. E a a a MIRIAM A. RUSSELL 20 Percival Street, Dorchester The Sodality and the Foreign Mission So- ciety have honored Miriam by the oflices of Prefect and Secretary, respectively. Those honors bespeak her high idealism and her zeal. Her loyalty to college and students was approved by her Chairmanship of the Honor Committee in Student Government. In spite of these honor elections, Miriam has time, believe it or not, for study and for the social amenities of college life. She is pivotal to the good-fellowship of college fun, as she is center to its more lofty undertakings. She prays Well, works well, plays Well, our decorated Miriam. Major: Social Science. Mimm' Biology. .S'orietiu: Soclality 1, 2, 3 Secretary, 4 Prcfcctg Foreign Mission 1, 2 Treasurer, 3 Secretary, 45 French lg Biology 2, 3, 44 Social Service 3, 4. Houorr: Student Government 45 Honor Committee Chairman. ALBERTA R. RYAN 128 Montborne Road, West Roxbury It would be hard to find a dateless entry in Alberta's social calendar.That is enough said about her off-campus life. What shall We say about her campus attractions? She nods, smiles, exchanges pleasantries with all, she keeps a special reserve of friendly overtures for her intimates. These can well attest her vvorthg her sunniness, charm, obligingness, reliability, faithfulnessg and we agree With their attestation. She ought to start the business World agog when she enters it, for her distinguishing characteristics will blaze her trail to entrance, to fixedness, to success. M:1jor.' Secretarial Science. .S'arictie:.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Secretarial 2, 3, 4. it as as W W 'V 1mlWBn?'ml 'HSE asmgzi gms an .sums my . .. ANNE T. SCANLON 8 Dartmouth Street, Taunton When Anne's name is mentioned, at once, our memory conjures up a jolly, optimistic, fun-loving, deed-daring image, which clothed in flesh and blood is our unpredictable Anne. Her afte1'bom'.r in College ought to rate her some units of credit, for live o'clock still sees her far from home. Her overflowing friend- liness is her marked characteristic, and her smile that won't come of? is her passport to our love's entrance. When she leaves Em- manuel, vve wonder and wonder how the Spanish Club will flourish, nay, even survive. Major: Spanish. Minor: French. .S'arirtie.t.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Foreign Mission 1, Athletic 1, Spanish 1, 2 Secretary, 3, 4 Vice-President. BARBARA A. SCULLY 48juniper Street, Roxbury "Can I drive you?" We overlook the gram- matical lapse because of the charity involved. She is everybody's friend, and reciprocally, everybody is friend to her. You might lei her vvith time pieces, but her lack of sense of time would still prevail. That human touch makes our hearts grow fonder of Barbara. She lives life as it is given her to its fullest, and hopes for better times lurking just around the corner. Underneath the sprightly manner and the fun-loving air, Barbara is keenly conscious of the weight of the spiritual values in the Nam. Major: Secretarial Science. .S'orieric.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 4, Musical 1, 25 Foreign Missions 3. CATHERINE G. SEN NOTT 179 Latch Road, Cambridge Here we have a dark-haired young lady with lively, dancing eyes, and the faintest hint of reserve edging her congenial disposi- tion. Though she is rather conservative and quiet, she never comes close to the line that would mark her among the extremists. She, like Horace, believes the middle road the safest and the easiest travelled. She does stand hrmly upon her ideas, and they are good substantial bases upon which to stand. As she is keenly sensitive to the feelings of others, it is evident that she has the sympa- thetic qualities that grace all true friendship. Major: Social Science. .l'acierie:.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Ath- letic 1, 2, Social Service 2, French 1. ANN M. SHAUGHNESSY 16 Wakefield Street, Worcester The " Heart of the Commonwealth" lent us Afrrable Ann for these four years, and sorry We are that the lend-lease is soon to be terminated. Ann is one of our high-class entertainers. In the role of tiptop teaser, she stands unrivalled, but the nice thing about her is that she takes teasing as avidly as she gives it. She knits as she studies History, and studies History as she knits-to the detri- ment of neither. Her merry disposition makes her the fun center of all groups. We shall miss Anng Worcester is so far away. Major: History. Niirzars Social Science. .S'acietie:.' Sodality 1 2, 3, 4, Historical 2, 3, 4, Musical 1, 3, 4. a a a as a a ma i-ra SW an as --E at-ills m-aww slid mamma ss me an ss an aw 'Wmmfga -a ss is Ea m ss m fs ii H we 5 'E qs em a B WSH!! Qin BEE Kgs as as was gli H ni SSB afsmsgss JEAN P. SLEIN 73 West Milton Street, Reedville Hail to the President of the International Relations club! Our Jean is qualified to sit in at the Councils of the UN, and, rnayhap, there would be more evidence of accomplish- ment if she did so. Energetic, to a degree, she draws like energetic souls around her, and does them good, for her delight is to be with people. She is an eminent planner, therefore, she gets much done without fuss and flutter. She likes to dance, she likes to skate, in fact, she likes the sports that help to keep vigorous her fine frame, she sees to it that her mind is a fitting crown for that same physical frame. Success to you, Jean. Major: Social Science. Minor: Italian. .S'ocierie:: Sodality 1, Z, 3, 4, International Relations, 3 Treasurer, 4 President. Honarr: Vice-Treasurer 1. Sis?-ss Ss E. if 104 1 CARMELITA S. SI-IEA 484 Dvvelly Street, Fall River Carmelita brings the tide of the Fall River diocese into the brimming sea of the Arch- diocese of Boston. Quiet, determined, deiier of the proverbial traits of redheaded glory, she has made a place for herself, not only in our ranks, but also in our hearts. Her courses have qualihed her for spokemanship in World- affairsz even Clio had better look to her laurels. Where she hnds time to read so much about current affairs, is a profound mystery to us. She is willing to let out that well-stored mind, just for the asking. We like Fall River better since we have known Carmelita. Major: History. Minor: Political Science. .S'm:ietic:.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4, Historical 1, 2, 3, 4 President, Literary 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 1, French 3, International Relations 3, Discussion 3, 4. EILEEN SMIDDY 35 Lowell Road, Winthrop When Eileen has the time and the leisure to shake off the bands of science bindings, then she is shown as a keen lover of sports, es- pecially hockey. We wonder if there is any ulterior motive for this sport enthusiasm. A look into the crystal ball would give us the answer. Our cheery, amiable, friendly Eileen has won these qualities from us by our ob- servation of her fine show of sociability to each and all. With these assets, she should have easy sailing on life's sea. Here's hoping she will. Major: Chemistry. Miner: Biology. .Sjoci:fie.r: Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4g Biology 2, 3, 45 Glee 1, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4g Mads- matics 3. I E E Q, E E s Q F 52 is in 'E'?.mw E B, Q. E Q s Q s fhasass, E 105 lm .. km , ms ,., ,gui V,:Eg.Eg,.5M,,.i,.y 35, is an as an mama mk- mm swam gg F SK rf W: .awww H -- g af 'rtwa-s.eiai5r-- Hx 'ffm HAIR E Quang -2 mga Higgs ssglggwi W5 9 .555 as a meg LEDSEQ 2.55222 'mmm Eta as .ws as :ak Q25 ag G - T r Tw 1 u s yr' f XL K VIRGINIA A. SPINNEY 225 Manchester Street, Dorchester Chemistry is her chosen field for intensive study, music is her love. To both she gives the eager enthusiasm which points her tem- perament. Friendliness is her art, sincerity her method of approach to our hearts. She has already brought class laurels to herself by her display of charm, warmth of feeling, and high courtesy. As a hostess, she is non- pareil. She has heaped up pleasant memories of her four years here, and We have garnered lasting memories of her and her sprightly, delightful Ways. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Biology. Sorierief: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Musical 1. 3, 4 Vice-President, Athletic 1, 3, 45 Chemical 2, 3, 4. m Q-,a " 'W' ' ' -'2"""r'-wrsrzv'---uf--f--:wwws - '-----, ---- -Wa .W V V, -,N .. .. lm as is swim - mass 5 swsssw 'S ss sms nam E m ms m m mm as E is E is E is I E- H Q sr n B an will sm ms me is was a Ms is - a may a Naam A a E, a an Emu a a m mas an sf a ss: ig s is B W W Bi WW S8 st awgsitgim W- s as sims s. 1-sam wa?-, feng E .wgmsw-as ljjmjgia asf! fa me as M wg E emma WMS sir is ' 'sl 2 - 15 , if w ss a ss '- -- - 2 ag as , Eg -W H :sis-is sgfkga . tsss E .W it W r s. H Simms ggi: nga -E553 was . A .,. JOAN P. SULLIVAN lOO West Wyoming Avenue, Melrose All things social and sociable get Joan's absorbed attention and efficient assistance. Her compass-like steadiness that points to ever high achievements indicates that sway- ing her in her resolves would prove a task for giant-possessed strength. When one's eyes are Hxed on true values, this gift of Joan's is no small asset, and should augur that life for her will be rather smooth riding. We wish this forjoan, with all the ardor that our asso- ciation with her for these four years has evolved. Success, to our Joan! Major: Social Science. Sacierin: Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 45 Ath- letic 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Service 2, 4. a BARBARA M. SULLIVAN 40 Salem Street, Lawrence When we are looking for a friend in need, or for any other occasion, we seek out Bar- bara, and never were we disappointed by our choice. Although she gives her mind to the sterner things of knowledge, the sciences, she lends it out, al la Browning, to all who Wish the loan of het understanding sympa- thetic, likeable assurance that the dark cloud will yet break into silver. Barbara has our unified Wish for all good things that can be hers, and that their stay may long be with her. Mdjor.' Chemistry. Minor: Biology. 5'ocieticr.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic lg German 1,Chemical 1, 2, 3 Secretaryg Biology 3, 4. Y ..,, - .... -..-L.-.., . ac, Lum, E is ms a H061 MARY E. SWEENEY 102 Dawes Street, Lawrence Wearing a smile of friendly welcome, Mary, quietly and unobtrusively walks the bright and dark paths of college life. She is a social asset, she is a much-sought disen- tangler of studies' knotty questions. Her voice deserves Lear's encomiumg her scholar- ship emerges " A", She accentuates in her talks with us the effort she makes for marked results, but We know that the spark of genius is hers. She will be at ease with Aristotle in time, as her shown power as Associate Editor of EPILOGUE proved. Major: English. MfIIOf.'SPHlllSl1. .S'ucietie.r: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish 2, 3, 45 Discussion 3, 4: Evxtocuiz Associate Editor. H W3 ir. J we mf mlb-': H- -1 1 ld Ulhgdlx v, . - ..,,- .,JlU'1Q'T 5-119' ,, , . fx, v,1 ,fr,g:.1yg Q 1 1 ' er , l .i si , 4, g. Z :H W ,a he-fgrami F ,pil 'F-.li -.J v'1:TWWJ 9 v.. 'l 11.1 -Fir F , . Ulmm ,gin ,, E ! . n IflO7l Us B ,- m E xi' m m s ng ummm H ga as s . Em Ms s si ski rs sm as s s an s s s N35 EE HHH!! s as ms EE . 'Tr z,ms msn H N' n a n e n 2 s a MARY A. TESTA 195 Maverick Street, East Boston This chic, poised, popular young maiden makes gayer the gay life of any party, for you will find her where the brasses sound and the trumpets blare, where dancers swing merrily, where sport talk fills the air. Then, on the other hand, you will find her discussing with vigor Dante and the perplexities of senior religion. She, too, has her pensive moments, when she speculates on the practicalities of everyday life. A good sport, a good student, a good friend, thus We sum up Mary's qualities. She hopes to find a place in social service work. Major: Social Science. Minor: Italian. Sacierier: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Foreign Mission 4g Athletic lg Social Service 2, 4. a ts a ts a a a E s a w E gg? ' W . H. .iw .aj t 1. . ss I mga as 51083 LAURE E. THIBERT 217 Oak Hill Road, Fitchburg To the class of '48 has come the distinctive honor of having Laure receive her degree together with us. She has objectified. for us, to our silent Wonder and rounded praise of her, the high ideal of vvomanhood. Many graces and gifts of mind and character have been given to Laure, and she has graced them all by her cooperation which has blazed in brilliant results. The world awaits the type of young woman such as Laure represents, and her nobility of thought, Word, and deed should make it a litter World. We toast Laure as the finest among the fine. Majar: English. Minor: French. .S'arieti:r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g French 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary 2, 3, 4g Foreign Mission 1, 25 Etboi. RUTH M. THOMPSON 52 Strathmore Road, Brighton Ruth's natural dower is varied and at- tractive. According to our scribes, she has a touch of all the physical and mental graces: keenly perceptive, intelligent, clever, uni- versally kind, cooperative, tip-top dancing, prankish. We concede the truth of this cate- gory, and vouch for the fact that its sum adds up to the Ruth Whom we have known, tapered vvith, studied With, and loved during our college years. Hers is too dear a friendship to lose, so we hope that Ruth's smile will light up our horizons when we must go our separate vvaysg in memory, it will. Major: English. Minor: History. 5'ocierie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Historical 2, 3, 4g Literary 2, 3, 45 Discussion 45 Chemi- cal lg Athletic 1, 4. MARY B. TUNNEY 72 Amsden Street, Arlington Even in pictured guise, Mary's eyes reveal the qualities of frankness and serenity. She is as refreshing as a breath of soft spring air in her Words and in her ways. Equable, at all times, Mary seems not to notice the little teasing things that disturb so many of us. She is valuable to have around, for her very calmness controls our perturbations. She brings the same calm attentiveness to her scientific Work, and it is still at the basis of her athletic skill. Somebody awaits IVIary's gifts and influence. Major.' Biology. Mif10r.'Chc111istry. .S'ocicric.r.' Sodality 1, Z, 3, 4, Biology 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH K. VAN TASSEL 21 Whitten Street, Dorchester The gear of club functioning would be strained if Betty were not there to interest, to arrange, to control. Her energy seems limit- less, her buoyancy of spirit unexhausted, her friendliness never diminished, her scholarly ability at way above par. She seems to be a paragon, as we note the qualities which ad- miring seniors have Written about her. Best of praise: she not only accepts the honors of her activitiesg she shoulders their responsi- bilities. Moderators have no worries about gathering up the ends of things when they leave all to Betty's control and management. Universal admiration would be our Gallup poll decision. Here is the best for Betty, the all-Emmanuel girl! Major: Social Science. Minor: English. .S'ocietier.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3 Secretary, 4 Vice-Presidentg Musical 1, 3, 45 Social Service 2, 4g Debating 4 President, Discussion 4, Forcigfn Mission 1, 3, 4.1L R X X34 V ii H091 if .ff ti is ii, is gin it Ewa ms is x-i so mfs Ma .ms HHH? an is 3 M his aimxnx E-ii. an 'mE'??1M ME as naman ,as mi-W-,ms s. E E , he WL 5 sign as Xiswlii an at-ima W it E. Max gn sigma i-2 sw s W is it aa T a Q-mxmwgm E- ska E is H gangs gm an -an sa Hn ggzsw m is Mi a is mam M is Sw E is K as W mm ,E is-i an was s it s s sf. s 3,955 s me Us is sdgf ss m nie I vi ss ff 1 ii i, , ,,n'X0fW fl ,iQ!'l'i mjyfl-lin My ,f we V., iffy Hyip .ka W , of 4, ,. is n f 110 ANCES H. WADDEN 1-55 Elmwood Road, Swampscott This lissome, attractive young lady ties up her positive convictions with the string of fact ending in the knot, Her ready, gay laughter counterbalances this trait of assurance for we know that her fact-finding propensities would never overstress self- assertiveness. We have proof of her attraction when we see how easily she brings an admir- ing audience around her. Her many friends delight in her, she delights in her friends- which include the class of '48. Major: Chemistry Mizmr: Physics. Saciefim Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Chemical 1, 2, 3, 4, German 1, 4, Discussion 4. MARY A. WADDEN 155 Elmwood Road, Svvampscott Look in her eyes and you will find her heart's warmth and her genial humor. Her impulsive zest for living is steaclied by her scientific work, which gives poise to her zest. She is artless as the air and as candid as the skies and as fun-loving as they come. Our class suiiers a double loss when we part from the lovely Mary and dear Frances, who have all along doubled their frolics and halved their tasks. May life keep doubling its open Sesame for each of them. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Bi logy. .S'ocietier.' hemistry 1, 2, 3, 4g Biology 3, 4, Sod. 'ft 1, 2, Athletic lg , 1 J iiafilfrl Q42 .au A Xmceksgjk S14 Mt!! at A, l 04,9 ,gpg B - 05 ,,,!:4,-if ELAINE M. WAGNER 24 Main Street, Falmouth. yu.. -wi-.4-v -4u4,.i ,A447 --ff 4J..,,ZT4,4- Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable, Elaine the quiet maid of Emmanuel! At Hrst glance you are impressed by Elaine's reserve. Her soft-toned voice quality delights your ear. Upon knowing her, you soon feel the warmth of her helpfulness and the 'kindness of her attentions. That is the genuine Elaine, pre- cious to us for her ways and words amongst us. She is a poem in tasteful grooming and becoming coiffure. Emmanuel must strain its admittance possibilities, before her like in- vades its portals. Majur: Social Science. .S'oticri:.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4g Social Service 1, 45 Athletic 1, MARJORIE E. WALSH 14 Wellesley Park, Dorchester Her natural pose indicates alertness, for there is a shade of a question in the shining gleam of her eyes. This quality she brings into the Work which holds attraction for her, and which satishes the inquiring propensi- ties of her temperainentz Social Science. Her investigations Gnd answered satisfaction as she looks into the depths of biological specimens. She has had time, these years, to delight us by her comradeship, cordiality, and upstanding dealing with everyone. We proudly call Marjorie, friend, the best. Major: Social Science. Minor: Biology. .S'otictic.r: Sodaliry 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology 45 Musical lg Social Service 2, 45 Foreign Mission 3, 4. -1C...L.. s s s s s s ss i s ss t -..Lf 51111 s'mf's E 5 s s Q sis - mg s ,ss ss s s s .-.s s mms ssss swiss ss Ei E s ss is ss s sss Wi ss saw ggiss s . M s B H Hugh mm BH . sis H hs ss s miss. B ssl-. sg ss I sg sszs-ssh sss s gyssmsg? ssmgs ss EB ss s I -s sssssssmss- wsafsss W Qs ssssg sss ss s ss sms misss sssfls Eg? sss ' ss ss s. as sssg ss ,, ss ss sss sse BHK ss s E' H s 55 ., ssfsssss s sg sss ss H ,ss sssggsss ss MM ssaw sas? s ss ss sm s s s s K 5 Q E WW S .s H s m s igns? s H as M ss s ssma ss s ssgf' Q . , ss, B H Hsu I If . xl I '. ' 1 il ik' ' . ' ' -.f f li ,if . . at If M X C' 71 ij od QQ li. I Q af? lol to I 0 'I 9,5 ' Q X0 "4 GQ O I bo H . s .s i i J ,awp If in NV 57 TD 90' ,,,- X' Ai is , W 0 K Mn X .l. cv Q60 0 LQ YV pgfd . VIRGINIA of ARKQ I is .ss n is 2 E E E . an is swam as a si? ia s IRE 1, a E ELEANOR F. WELCH 172 Marine Road, South Boston Although the Secretarial Science group claims Eleanor's preference, yet her heart is wide enough to hold us all within its depths. She knows the ins and outs of Business Ad- ministration, why her very carriage denotes the assurance that her Major is of the finest. What has she done for us? She has made us happier because we have known her, she has increased the quality of our gaiety, she has given a large share of herself and her gifts to make greater the aggregate of the brilliant showing of '48. Mujer: Secretarial Science. Societies: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Science 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish lg Athletic 1, 2, si aaa ts mam is E is sa as is nga a n an n an is n as an an in H121 BEE an 69 Pleasant Hill Avenue, D fchestet Virginia will always follow the scripture injunction about not hiding her light under a bushel, and a very brilliant intellect she has to lift on high. She challenges the unfamiliar or the high falutin', and her tell-tale expres- sion indicates Whether or not the answer is conclusive. Until it is, her questioning will not die down. She will hardly follow any wornout track, we think that she will be always on the alert for new things to dis- cover and to make her own. We are con- scious of her, even in her silences, and We are fond of her in all her moods. Major: English. Minor: History. 5'ocictie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary 3, Historical 3, 4, International Relations 4. Q at MARY A. WI-IALEN 54 Central Street, Waltham Here We present a young lady graced with accomplishments galore. She hardly imprints the eartl1 as she gives the impression of ever being poised for flight. Her forehead's frown gives us notice of her astute thought, it is fun to see the frown disappear when she has reached a right conclusion. The piano comes to life under her touch, for even this material thing seems to know QD its master-artist. All good things we wish to our volatile, lovable, devoted Mary Alice. Major: English. Minor: History. Hanarr: Class Vice-Presi- dent 2gClass Vice-Treasurer 2. .S'oriefie.r.' Sodalit 1 2 3 4 Y , , , 5 Athletic 1, 2g Literary 1, 2, 3. 4g Historical 3, 45 Publicity 2, 3, 45 Musical lg International Relations 4QE1'1LOGUE. inn an ti l an 5113 KATHERINE E. WILLIAMS 110 Summit Avenue, Winthrop This comidiemze nm'urel!e takes her cue from the inimitable Henry Morgan. Her fortunate audience, though not so large as the radio's, is as rocked with laughter. Katherine lets us in, now and again, on the humorous experiences which have come her Way. To hear her tell them is to listen to an Ogden Nash. She gathers up all her compliments of her friends in the tiny compass of-"nice eyes." There is always laughter on the air, or mirth in the olhng when Katherine appears. Yet, she studies, and comes off with success. Happy days! Major: Social Science. Minor: Biology. .l'acietia:: Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic 1. 5 mf Kim ANNE C. ZAMMITTI 137 Stanvvood Street, Dorchester Anne of the sparkling eyes, Anne of the gracious smile, Anne of the ever-ready help, thus We name her. Vital, energetic, she claims interest in many things. She is a poet of the piano, the "Eddy Duchin" of the college. She takes "boogie" and philosophy in her stride. Her loves are aeronautics, and pho- tography. Her gait laps up the corridors with celerity. We shall miss Anne's lively chatter, the sound of her contagious laughter! Major: History. Minor: English. .S'm:i:tie.r.' Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, German 1, 45 Discussion 3, 43 His- torical 3, 45 Musical 4. a I H 1 4 l w ,ma IKE Q A w I I is -m l in :sm l w 1141 E . JEAN A. ZAIA 225 A Bowdoin Street, Dorchester The only time Jean is delegated to the last place is in an alphabetical arrangement. She is a juggler of numbers, she is a juggler of Wit- ticisms. She can also do some splendid manip- ulation on the keyboard, for she is an ac- complished musician. We admire the superior quality of her mental giftsg we are enraptured by her musical interludes, vve are thrilled by her optimism, most of all, we are favored by her friendship. In life's roll, Jean's name will approach the head of the list. Major: Mathematics. Miner: Chemistry. .S'a:ierim.- Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Chemical lg Athletic 1, 25 Math 2, 3, 4. E is Qllass 151312111 You are fl field of Goff filling, zz ftructzzre of Goff design. -1 Corinthians III. 9. Infinitesimal bit of God's universe, Neophytes! A wide held lies before us, Where God-created beings are sown, Grovv, never left alone By the Sovver, Who always has shown At our whisper or moan, His constant mercy which serves us and saved us From damnation eternal, a primal-feared curse. lncomparable boon this great gift of life, Ours to do with as We Will, as He Wills. We, field of God's tilling, He, field of our willing. To the Reaper Men surging and milling, Desirous of filling The void life must be Without Him, till He guides our steps out of this world of joy and strife. Irrevocably our childhood and our youth merge In the Wide fair field stretching out before us. Our knowledge in keeping, Gur granaries heaping For the Gleaner. Our days are spent reaping The fruit of life's Weeping: Strength to win deep lies in all of us, Shall we climb to the heights with a joy-bounding surge? Instantaneous success shall scarce be our lot, Toll of years and tears and countless fears, But with our Lord. guiding, High hopes ever riding, To our Harvester Who is Patience abiding, ln all things conhding Our labor: God's grace brings success with the years, Praise Him now for life's Ways and life's days richly Wrought. H151 JANET CLAIRE HEALEY ? Gio f!Bur Eooo Bishop Gihe ji-Iilost Behereno Biohn BI. wright, ZBJJB. may this, pour consecration souhenir, . ' S E , T ET he a sprnhol of your 25Nf535'R53'4i'Ef?1fFb5EN".3,T13'15EEn2 55 BAPTIZES accomfmms fame-21 oops ano maps in the serhiee of the dl-Blaster. may Ziais arm upholo pon, jllllap Zais strength enfolo pon, may Zais tnoros ernpotner pon, Map Iiais grace eher ootner pon. Map long pears he pours in the Zlrrhoiorese of Boston! 4 lass Eisturp We are conscious that the account of our doings for the last four years will not disturb the equilibrium of the planets, nor start any upheaval in nature, yet, our goings-on are memories dear to the hearts of the seniors. According to Emmanuel tradition we reflect now on what we have accomplished in four years at our revered college. Again, tradition's note sounds in the similar strains echoed in our melody as in that of preceding class histories. But for us, these melodi- ous memories are unique in their signihcance for the Class of Nineteen Forty-eight. Callow freshmen! The program of Freshman Week soothed our fears, ironed-out our difficulties, initiated us into the mysteries of college life. From the orientation lectures, we learned what great ex- pectations were ours. We resolved to measure up to these high stand- ards. The initial graciousness of our Junior Sisters showed us the es- sence of the college spirit. After a week or two of academic work, we ceased wandering into wrong classrooms at wrong periods for right assignments. Soon, we settled down into a comfortable complacency, but midsemester examinations gave a rude jolt to our ease. Time, patience, and study taught us to conquer academic snares. In the fulness of joy, we brought off a successful Tea Dance. The shuffle and counter- shuffle of escort parties, arrayed in service uniforms, kept us on the thin edge of expectancy as to our gallants. But there were few waiting Penelopes. Our first opportunity to entertain the upperclassmen went off in a blaze of glory. The days sped on to vacation leisure. An added day graced our holidays, for in this manner our Most Reverend Archbishop gave us a share in the honor of his consecration. His cordiality and fatherly inter- est in us and our concerns were shown at Emmanuel's reception to him, and this attitude has been emphasized in his many informal visits at the college. We weathered the storm of semester examina- tions, and sailed into the harbor of the retreat, The Right Reverend Monsignor Fulton Sheen was at the helm. His talks were to all an inspiration, aspiration, and exaltation. The Moiisignor pointed out, emphatically, that Religion, the core of Emmanuel's educational policy, would still give us the strength and joy of living. Liisj This year brought an innovation in our lecture schedule. The Most Reverend Archbishop accepted the German Club's invitation to address them. He came on the seventeenth of March. Ignoring the famous names in German Literature, he gave a sprightly and interest- ing talk on-St. Patrick! In April, we mourned, in concert with the nation, the death of President Roosevelt. His death was particularly sad, in that he left us all unaware of the dawning signs of the peace for which he had striven so valiantly. The next month brought VE day! The school year escaped amid a flurry of examinations and Com- mencement activities. We were alert and agog at this period, for we knew that the major part in those ceremonies would be ours in a not too distant future. Soon we were basking in the sunshine of a long vacation, with September far away on the horizon. Our Sophomore Year opened in September, at la Emmanuel, with the impressive Mass of the Holy Ghost. Our Most Reverend Arch- bishop invoked the Spirit of Wisdom to enlighten us to the power and pleasure of knowledge. He charged us to consider our studies in a serious manner in order that we might recompense our parents who made our college education a possibility. A promising proposition was now presented us: Could we manage Student Government? Would we do our individual best to make it work? The Student Body responded with a reverberating "yes," and set about making objective their good will. Another honor and re- sponsibility was accorded us in a Sophomore Class Day and Prom. With collective knees quaking, we yet overcame our nervousness and gave a Hnished program. This social event is now established in Em- manuel's calendar. We charged school life like veterans, enjoying a sense of superiori- ty over "mere freshmen. " Examinations still had to be coped with, but they no longer terrified us. They brought sweet refreshment in their wake in the Student Government Dance, set, as it was, in the glow of the Christmas time. As we advanced in sophomore dignity, we felt added interest in the activities of the College Clubs. They presented us with a comprehensive cultural and scientific area, so much so, that our choice formed a weighty matter of consideration. H1191 Spring was heralded by our fits and feats of day-dreaming and spring fever. Long walks which we took in the Fenway did not put us into the right mettle to tackle books, and books, and books. Blossom- perfumed breezes wafted the call of nature through the rooms' open windows and gave us no added zest to follow studies' call. But the final examinations now upon us, brought the dreamers sharply back to reality. The highest feather in our dignity was placed. by our acting as guard to the seniors at Commencement. Vacation days and ways were over and our Junior Year had arrived. We welcomed the freshmen in our Junior-Sponsored Freshman Week. A reversal had come in our class relationship, for now we were protective "Big Sisters." This status gave added interest in the week's activities. We applauded the splendidly conducted Tea Dance of the freshmen. This year passed on in its accustomed way with courses growing more weighty, lectures more profound, social events more enjoyable, examinations more vexatious, book-borrowing more ex- tensive, and Retreat more invigorating. All eyes were turned with anxious gleam to the high light of college life-the Junior Week! And such a Junior Week! It opened with Holy Mass. Assembly time saw us stiff and starched and walking with dignity and aplomb into the Auditorium. The second item on the social calendar was a musical comedy, Up in Central Park, playing at the Opera House. Quips and songs from the play were echoed and re-echoed through the week wherever the juniors sauntered-and that was everywhere on the campus. The remembered melodies still tyrannize us. We were hostesses at the Mother and Daughter Tea. Over the teacups, our Mothers were introduced to Emmanuel's ways. They liked what they heard and saw. The class banquet struck a high in fun and friendship. Junior talent entertained us. We discovered what an amazing amount of talent had been hidden like the violets under mossy stone. Then came the Junior Prom! Even the Oxford Dictionary is inadequate to give us qualifying words for its splendor. In our Junior Year, we realized that Emmanuel was not a segre- gated educational institution, but one of a vast number of similar colleges and universities which were striving for fuller affiliation and federation. In a year when many were thinking in terms of world citi- zenship, we found ourselves members of the National and State Student fizoj Organizations. We elected delegates to conventions in distant cities, and slowly learned of student problems in other colleges. Emmanuel joined the other letter-conscious colleges, as the programs of "N.F.C. C.S." and "N.S.O." were integrated into our student government functioning. Junior Year was a time of wonder. In it we felt the satisfaction of having attained the status of upperclassmen, still unhampered by the strain of the urgency and Hnality of Senior Year. Our Junior Year will hold for us some of the best and loveliest memories of Emmanuel. Senior Year! We made it. With ranks hardly diminished from those of initial registration, we were finally seniors! Perhaps during the opening days of the year we did not qualify for senior dignity. We were still carefree enough, at times, to be taken for sophomores. But after a few such instances of mistaken identity, we lifted eyes and hearts to senior scholastic heights. During September, we were busy in the work of altering the academic robes which did not conform to Dame Fashion's prevailing yardstick. Cap and Gown Day! We had longed for it, we had prepared for it, we had dreamed of it, now we were to realize it. This Cap and Gown Day was the hrst of many finalities we were to grasp and see flee swift- ly into memories. We were Emmanuel now: we were its leaders, we were its stand ard bearers, we were its hope! As the months passed in a panoramic sweep of added honors in Student Government, Class, Sodality, Publications, Clubs, the realiza- tion of the responsibilities of seniors towards the smooth functioning of college life was underlined. For three years we had reaped the benefits of previous Emmanuel leadership, now we were to carry on in the role of leaders. The ever expanding student organizations brought many of us shoulder to shoulder with student groups near and far aheld. In this association, we have had reason, again and again, to thank Emmanuel for the solid philosophical training given us. This training helped us stand firm in many fiery debates. ln the Fall, we watched with delight the triumphant venture of the Class of Nineteen Fifty-one at its initial social event, the Freshman Tea Dance. Next we viewed, with almost maternal pride, the hostess grace of our precious sopho- mores. The coming of Christmas ushered in many and varied pleasures. First on the list, was the annual Orphans' Christmas Party. The child- ren enjoyed the delights of the palate, were pleased with their gifts, If121:l and charmed to entertain us. And that they did. We listened to a phenomenal orchestra. We were feted at a Christmas Party which the Faculty prepared for us. We tried to show, although in a small way, that the Faculty were dear to us, and that we ap reciated their pains- taking efforts for our welfare in classes and out oijclasses. The holiday season marked the 'third Student Government Dance. Shortly after our return in january, we "welcomed" our semester examinations. Yes we welcomed them: for they were the last of their ilk. The great light of the year shone in our Retreat. Last happenings always trail a threnodic feeling for we bury a dear memory in their passing. Our long-dreaded Comprehensive Examinations came at last 5 they were read, they were conquered. When they were over, we actu- ally appreciated totaling the gains in our academic powers. After Commencement, plans for living and doing filled our thoughts, and sometimes poured forth in words. And now we have reached, eagerly, though somewhat sadly, our Commencement Week. Activities ranged from the last collegiate gaiety of the Senior Prom to the grandeur of the Baccalaureate Mass, and the final glory of Degree Day. We, as students, had left the foster- ing care of Emmanuel. We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-eight came to Emmanuel in a year of war. We have spent the years here in full, earnest prepara- tion for the future. We leave Emmanuel in a year even more insecure than that in which we entered. Man is striving for a world unihcation, and man goes on blindly, ignoring the foundation of that unity. He is building not on rock, but on the shifting sands of one "ism" after another: indifference in religion, formlessness in art, naturalism in philosophy. We, fortunate beyond our ken, leave our college with full realization of our duty to impart to others the knowledge of the Way, the Truth, the Life of our training-Emmanuel! God with us! We have crossed the last "t" and dotted the last in our narra- tive. Each word therein contained is precious to us as it recalls vividly how we lived, what we did, how we played, how we prayed during four happy college years. MARY ELIZABETH CoDY ELEANOR THERESA GLYNN MARY ALICE WHALEN L 122 1 OFFICERS Przfidrnt ELEANOIL RAMISCI-I Vic:-Prnirlmt Dononw O'HALL0llAN .Yccrctflry Mann: Huouas Trmrlzrcr Manx' Sauunans Vice-Trefmzrcr JANE Cnavxfmr Stuhtnt Guhttnment Three years have seen the growth of Student Government in vigor. The hopes and aims at its inception, have been realized, in some degree, now. We still must strive, by concerted effort, to realize the important fact that the Association should foster and promote the spirit of friendly cooperation with its members and with the Faculty. We should acknowledge individual and communal rights. We feel that Student Govern- ment has strengthened the bonds of amity between students and Facultyg it also has strengthened the bonds of fellowship between members of the student body. Catholic leadership, so much needed in our turbulent times, should be developed by the work of our Student Government. We should carry into our post-college careers, the idea of cooperation and responsi- bility which we have herein learned. God with us, We shall fulfil our obligations to our Emmanuel! H231 OFFICERS Preridmr MARY COTTER Vive-President JEAN DONOVAN Secretary GBRTRUDE CREEDON Treaxurer Inmxn Bnowmz Par! ifl7IZB71fdfiHIl IRENE O'KEEFE Senior Qilasa Our Senior Year brought new conquests, new pleasures, new horizons as we bore the responsibility of leadership. We attempted to hold high Emmanue1's banner, and to reflect her ideals in our conduct. With the donning of our academic robes in September, we began our Hnal year, From that inspiring event on, we have marked in our College calendar the precious "last" activities, the precious "last" classes, the precious "last" social events. Christmas was merrily ushered in by the appearance of Santa Claus with his pack, at a gay party given to us by our loved Sister Faculty. Our annual Retreat brought to our minds more incisively what our responsibility would be as Catholic College graduates. As the days passed, We cast eyes of anticipation towards our work-position in the future. Yet we, also, cast longing looks of remembrance as we re- linquished our student status. Spring saw us merrily tripping it at the Dinner Dance. The stern finger of examinations, the beckoning linger of graduation touched our memory. Gradua- tion is over: its Senior Prom, its Baccalaureate Mass, its Class Day, its Degree Day are now folded in the past. Emmanuel! Hail and Farewell! is is E E Wil' 'i sae, ,jj ,eggs ENE . a a - 'E f E ,eh rig Tig e H55 . ' ' og ps, 325555 .sq-Q. ' 'aft '--'als fs? Wa f aw a1si',:2e1'IwIrf14f t H- .aa af. we -W-gs NF, a' mn- :za ,HQ-Y a th,?barrafr -.5 x: su '- ss it 'align gs a Z-Sfffa-if 3, vi. ,E BAS . f124l H Q" KBS fi 'M na- ss.-ss-'sem nmmxmma-m as f .- E an . H N was an as ES ,, . as an na emma as EEE A an awmnwgf- ss was A is OFFICERS Fms'r Slzmzsrnn Prarirlmt DOROTI-IEA Sum , Vice-Prarirlcrlt ,Lib Q Q! NANCY Form if Secretary . RUTH HARRXNGTON , I ' ' buff! Trcrzmrrr ' HVLZ Maru' Locus ffff' lllzo I I Parfirmlentarifm ,OOM 'Kp ffm JLWW Mmm: LYNCH Sxzcozm Snmuswn Prcrideuf Anna Fnaceasrono Vita-Prariflerzr KA'l'llLEEN O'SuBA .Yccretflry jon: F1'rzouuAr.n Trmmrcr MARY A. MURPHY Delegate, N.F. C.C..S'. Mancaxurr McNI11r' Zuniut T lass We really began feeling junior-like during the summer, when we received notice of our freshmen. On that day in September, when each junior met her own "little sister" we began to assume superior importance. Then, our year opened up with study and frolic and fun. It flowed smoothly along to Junior Week. Class Day had a perfect opening with Holy Mass as a prelude to our own Assembly. The Theatre Party, followed by the satisfactory Mother-Daughter Tea, brought us to the Banquetg all gave proof of the unity and class spirit of '49. As a finale to our Week, we hailed the Prom, the thrill of which will long be ours. After a few more weeks of earnest study, we ventured on our Junior Informal. We are looking forward, eagerly, to the donning of our Caps and Gowns, but pause to wonder how Senior Year could surpass in accomplishment and satisfaction our Junior Year! f125l OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Prnidmt HARRIET TIRRELL Vice-Prexirlmf BARBARA COLEMAN .fecretury JANET COTTER Trmmrer CLAIRE CASEY Parlinfneizmriarz MARTHA MCELROY SECOND SEMESTER President BaA'rR1cE FITZGER ALD ViCC'PfC,fil1C71l PUPPY APIDIANAKIS Secretary HARRIET TIRRELL Tredrlzrer FLORENCE FEENEY Supbumure Qlllass September hailed us as sophomores! The first sign of our newly-acquired dignity was witnessed on Senior Cap and Gown Day. The thrill of our first Class Day soon awakened us to renewed joy and festivity. On a crisp November evening, we shone at the Sophomore Dance. Vacation soon came, after we had crossed the Rubicon, Semester Examinations. We welcomed the Second Semester amidst snow, cold, and non-ex- istent trolley-cars. Spring saw us blossoming in a riot of color at the Bridge, Tea, and Fashion Show. A strain of sadness could be heard in our melody, for we realized that soon we would have to say good-by to our devoted seniors. Now, we stood at the half-way mark of our college life. We recall the memories of two happy years behind usg we anticipate two years of increased knowledge, happiness, and appreciation of our Emmanuel. XJ ---- : - msn Q. :.: Y ., i 11, H T s E s sms kms f1261 H' as me an a uma Shia an in in E an was BSE mmm OFFICERS Fmsr Simms-ran Prznrirlmt AGNES Coen n AN Vice-Prariclmt -IOANNE Mai-um .Yzcremry Nlmmz RILEY 7l'eaJurcr BETTY O'SULLIVAN Pdflfflllltlllflfidll HELEN Monmssm' SECOND S1zM11.sTmz Prarizlnzt PATRICIA McDmzMo'rr Vine-Pmrizlcnr ANN Mumuw Secretary JANE LYNCH 'I'rm.rm'ar ,IOANNE Maman l freshman Cllllass Emmanuel College opened its arms to its new and untried freshmen.One week of orientation was ours before classes commenced. The day We met our Junior Sisters and had luncheon with them, cannot easily be forgotten. Our first so- cial gathering was at the Freshman-conducted Tea Dance. Near the feast of the Immaculate Conception, our class was officially consecrated as members of her sodality. We thrilled to the gaieties ofjunior Week, and welcomed the opportunity to feast the juniors, who had so efficiently guided us in our early college days. For the glory of God and the honor of His Blessed Mother, we walked in the May procession, chanting hymns to their praise. June marked our vacation. We were glad to be free, yet we looked, with anticipation, to September, and our return. Then, we shall be knowing sophomores! H271 an m 5 ai mam an if am the life: "if haha some so that they may haha life, anh haha it mute ahunbantlpf' Giuhn 36, 105 Ulihis life is hehelupeh hp the truth uf Ianutnlehgz in the may nt Cliathulit ehutatiun, unher the aegis nt the Qllathnlit church. Artiuitivn C' mn H ,. PXXXX-X ' x 'x N9 .X N. ' 'N . I " ,, +'j , , - ,Y-K A . :SSL 5: -. .. ,N :Uf- nHw i' 2 Z, 5 'fi -3- : ,QI k , 'jigy -L-lf-1,3 Mg" 5 " 'fu ,qt . f f'-' M " -fb. .J -' C '. f- 4 ," '1's ' .-. ,.f.'U'1fa wwrgv 'J V ,. -V. .. q Af ,sm-11 1 . 'H 'P 'H 313- - v -' 5" '-' ,, " ' N H H '.f.v ',,5' -rwpe 'gw fx fu- ff x W. my -- ml' ir "-3. ,I X ja IZ., 'T ', lg A' ,w N-.,' , , " .ga -'-:: X 4 . A A A, 55- .FH-lf T if-Af an lf?" 1.32 - if . ' 'i25Ti". ' V' I ,."fs..-wW ':f1 'I2QZ-!'- hw 'Q 'f -f' 1 ' x 'WW' . . "Lf H . . f 4 . . .. L. . .- h,i'3Sv' i SS HWQQ2 w i Wvegwaa' ' - , 1 '- .- -l'95Q',,' I 5' P f 'V ' gg g- , ' .gEgEga,..'1 EQ, "" I W QB' ' -Ji ' . 'W-3 sf5'f'Af1fVE' T.. gi .QQAT " iff ' 9 5 V ClE':7-4- .-Q' y - 'E Sew L- ' ,. -'25 " L4':,-' ez .. 'J 'f - ' , ,iglg A + En? gig , ,mfs 5 Q -, Q J, , fx.,-. M. fy...-. :g 'Q -- Ur- . .M ,Q b-...:.f.Q.'1 0 l,. - .ff ' ' Q- 11 , ' W3 f,3:r:,.j.l",-.A .' '- ,4,Q..,:.. 1 . 5: ' 'ff H ' fy- .., . A nr P " if I -, - - , . 1124 , -:::.i,.:,-, 1 ,:., . f..:.:g ,, -rg? 'gg' H 55 Pi' ' JP: 5 n , H W?-l 49425 KY , , 'WWE , 'QQ' ' N ' "x" . 9 "ff W ' Wei. P11510 Y 1 . 1, -s-ff '- A fb- 'Q - - xg?-,.,Q5, .!3. XEf'535 - ggi ,Wef4v.5fQ ,,. fu: - . 1 if QM 4?-"'i', , " 'W' W' 1 ' 4 '1 -2 5' . ?1':'::: ff ' A ' V, .Z ., -2 1."f1f4L1.'l1 ..,"f-2-Ervh 'N .V H ' 11,4 '56'?'i.,??x G "?"5A 'W' ,5'f Y '- nn' 11" '- -. -V , 1 . ,I " - . 1113-3 1 13 'ffm 36 : 1 '- :, .... .. :'z" NVQ- . .-VI. "',fv. L ' I' - . X I -Q X '. X '05 4 ' Ebj Y' K ...,. LZ, 3 447' ' 1 Ji. 1 A ::f:- , J Ji-'.f'5:"' kwin " - - -. I' 'Ak 3 71-'32 ff. - 4J'1" "' '22 "" "f7 'fi-1 .2 Q 'WIL- jciq 511.63 i s 1.. H Z.. :v':j5rfQ.,z,'ia2?-A I 3? R3 f li Z. -- . Lefty. -Yr-.,'. '1 ,' ,- . ' -f- V4 ,. ' , '. 1 - I ,zz , A .-f I I "3 ' , ' .,, -i-f:5- ,,.. Y .' 1- Qf:'f5TLf'4I"' ' :fir I .. " , - , ft Q71 941 QW." I 'CJ-' H- 'A N , . ,"" JL- '. xx? ' fda fi 1 N? 5393' - lf- '5 ' ' ve y- ' . P-' ' 'T-1".:pJ wf, ' 312 ' '11, Z.: 39,294 3 "" . ffl., .- zn Q61 ,, 45, ..., .,f'guE"f, - g, rg aye -, 4 '2 flz'-Ni, I. t ,, -. -...,,z.1j clx G1 .. ,f ' ' , 'ijt ,.',igLgfj1",!" '?if5:.f 'X,,E: - 11' ' x , 'f .4 Xkg -,' V: , 94 "El '-: r V1 , - -fw .... -V a. U , i ' - " C,, - 'iw 'qc pu.. 'K ' X4-1 .... Q- .sc-fvik - 1 5-ff FT '-..w.':f:-.:f - +" 2213 . 41 ' 1' ..-'Mr "':::-" 2.3: ' 'fl H , X V J, 1333555 -., -- ' va. ' ,-'I ' ' ' f. -"- ' H . 'Y ""'1"f'? wfwf--" , v ,ww . Q V f f ,-Q?'- ' a,3fit.gfei,' .5 y, 'V ,.,. M.- un' A-224' J A 'f-'Iii-12 ,245 " - -W--NW U il 'fb . wi sis ' 'Q -'Fa ,iz gg iiifigwsiigigifg V- Q gg , f M - 5 L, ' N, 1,34 "uf-52" L -f 1 W 5 . 1 X31 V 14- NPG s .V -Z. :..,1..:, .135-5- :Ei ga D iff' ' W T 401555 3 f fjQ:3g,W ,gl -,?.iAm:l ,M , 14.5310 mn: N 'Tl - V A . t . I' an 22 'TL , 1 . -' E k ,. Q ' , .. I ,i' , m '- N- f ' - , Q- -'rf si? '3 45: .V -LW"fa.-f E., ,,,..,, Q ., , , A ' ,.Qf4g, - Ti f ivlff-f,, H :A 'ff , ..W, WM -H Y .. .... ,.W..,.,..- H, .Inu-.wg M., f'g""" wiv'-1-H'?"' awfcw we ., . .. . . -- t , . . ff- - N 'W fwgfgazwwafzqf f -5 5g:j-wa,g-'z'm- -51 5,-H155 .,1mfq-gqm9'w?5?k"fzfS 'T5,.w.w3 , , - 1,-fp wifi? - - P - " genie.-sw 'Sf 1 - , .'QW-f5g,g1wg,g5,,A. l ' " ' 1 ,w,,' . -V-j jS,'7,.,.? ,-Q-.'f.,nf.s5,a,-.94-. f A ' -.Z5?Hl1-, I: ' ea. ., ,, 35553. 2,5 4,-1 . , 196. .via .vang ,, ,.-,. A my I J 1 f-56' ' ,:P.- 1 - f mg- 11,15 1 ,L 4 !-I -. - l The bnhalitp OFFICERS President Mmmm Russnm. Vice-Prexidefzt MARGARET 0'NEII.L Secretary PHYLLIS MOORE Treamrer JANET SUPPLB 130 l The Sodality of our Lady completed a year active in its methods to increase de- votion to Mary, and to stir to deeper spirituality the student body. Recitation of the rosary at daily periods in the chapelg the celebra- tion of the Feast of the Presentation with our Mother, and with our trib- ute to the Sister Faculty form a tradition at Emman- uel. Christmas spread its spirit of charity to the desti- tute children by out gifts, and their entertainment. In February, owing to the gra- cious permission and ex- press desire of our Most Reverend Archbishop, week- ly exposition of the Blessed Sacrament offered an en- richment to our spirituality. On the feast of St. Joseph, members visited the Home for the Aged, served and entertained them. At the end of the scholastic year, We crowned the statue of our Lady at the close of the student body procession in her honor. We have tried to show objectively our love for her who is the Mother of God and our Mother. May we ever lend a listening ear to the guid- ance of our Lady of Good Counsel. OFFICERS President KATHLEEN CoLmNs Vin- I'rc.rif1mt Cczimn MCNAI.LX' .Yccretnrjy J EAN CARR Tffilillfff Mano uxznrriz Bm RY foreign jflilissiun Society This fundamentally important society gives to the students a near-at-hand opportunity to have their share in the Work of those valiant souls who have dedicated their lives to propagate the faith in home and foreign missions. The daily mail brings to its ofhce appeals from missionaries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Through these appeals, We learned much of the hardships, toils, and sufferings of these heroic souls. This knowledge proved a strong incentive for our constant and ready help. Highlighting the year's activities We count: a "Variety Show," the Lenten Penny Drive, the Sophomore Bridge and Fashion Show at the Sheraton. We sponsored a lecture by a Missionary Servant of the Blessed Trinity. Less exciting, perhaps, but financially helpful, is the "Lost Book Department" where distracted students may find the book they have been searching for in vain. H1311 ' is gsm raw is a-Page astewegasaemiaar me ii 5 ,st at se, K W Z gf? snags .a X225 reins 2 , an-mg, H a is 59. S s ,Sm was M. , as wt, ss as is? an was ,,, STAFFS Editor-in-Chief, MARY HOLIHAN Auaciate Editor, MARY SWEENEY Axxirtanrr BARBARA DANDENEAU ELEANOR GLYNN CLAIREANNB Powmzs Manx' A. WHALEN be 6!EpiIugut Worlds of words, frantic figures, and plenty of pictures kept life bustling in the EPILOGUE Ofiice. High hopes, some- times dashed by the even higher cost of livingg urgent minds striving to keep more urgent deadlinesg great joy over an inspired idea bubbling into laughter over a more inspired folly, thus alternating between heights and depths the Senior Year has sped for the members of the EPILOGUE Staff. The EPILOGUE presents to many, who never meet an Em- manuel student, their only idea of the religious and cultural ideals, social functions, and intellectual pursuits of our col- lege. Since this is so, we have striven to make the EPILOGUE a Well-rounded presentation of college life as We have known it. Therefore, We have not only recorded the all-important activi- ties for the Senior Class, but also incorporated into our book reflections ofthe thoughts with which Emmmzuel inspired us. The Work of editing the yearbook was an Herculean task, which never could have been achieved without the unqualined cooperation of the Stafl. H1321 Bluinm' Manager Dono'rHY COLEMAN MAraGAnn'r MCKENNA GERALDINE Nor.AN . 2 N O'L Y Asmrfnm -I A EAR JEAN SLa1N MARIE CAREY fm W XX: ' lu 1'lwmgr.fzpbic SusAN HAMMOND MARY Conv BETTY VAN TAss1z1. Mmm CONNOLLY ANNE ZAMMITTX III331 STAFF Ezlitar-in-Chizf Amen CAREW Managing Editnr ELEANOR HUGHES A.r.fiJtant.r MARGARET CARROLL BARBARA CONLEY .IANET HEALEY DOROTHY HINGSTON Wmxmuzn MCDONOUGH SALLY Romans be flttbns Students who are interested in creative Writing receive en- couragement and stimulus in the opportunity that the Elinor affords to Write for publication. Here we find the short stories, essays, critical reviews of current books, and poems that have satisfied the exacting demands of a discriminating staff and have been pronounced worthy of inclusion in Emmanue1's literary magazine. Those who have a gift for gentle satire and can see beneath the surface of things amuse our readers with their nonsense verse and Witty reflections on the Hunconsidered H341 trilles" that give color to college life outside the classroom. Not the least significant aspect of the work on the Ether staff is the training received in the preparation of each issue for the press. The editing of manuscripts, the reading of proof, the soliciting and assembling of advertisements, and the planning of the format call for precision in judgment and accuracy in the examination of detailsg two qualities that are indis- pensable for success in all after-college Work. Bzarizzen Manager JEAN FARRELL Asxixrmztf ANN BULGBR ANN Conmzrr GERTRUDE CREEDON Circulation Manager ANNE FARRELL Asrirtafzt PATRICIA HOGAN H351 OFFICERS President FRANCES PASHBY Vice-Pruidnzt V1nGxmA SPINNEY Secretary BARBARA Bnusnow Trmmrcr ELIZABETH SHAUGHNBSSEY Musical bntuztp The Musical Society has been enriched by new Directors of the orchestra and glee club: Mr. Vincent Walkden, noted violinist and conductorg Mr. Rudolph Pepin who is in charge of the vocal training and music appreciation course. We made our bow in Freshman Week, and were before the foot- lights in varied activities until late Spring. We entertained at club meetings, sang Christmas carols at Emmanuel League meeting, and topped the festal season by entwining charity with music when we made happy the children in the Cam- bridge Neighborhood House. We spread out our song reper- toire at the request of the National Federation of Catholic College Students to aid the Student Relief Campaign, joining with the Boston College Glee Club. The New England Region of the Federation asked us, again, to give a concert. It merited fine criticism. The combined efforts of the Glee Club and Orchestra sang and played to an appreciative audience, in the Spring. Our training in liturgical music showed its effect in the chapel and at the Home for the Aged. We studied and loved the art which helps to swell the music of the spheres. H361 OFFICERS Prcriflcul EILILIZN DONOVAN Vic:-1'rr.ridmr Mmuu CONNOLLY Secretary Rosie Bu PALO Trmmrcr JACQUELINE Bmuu tamatit bntietp "The show must go on!" was the cry of the Emmanuel thespians of the 1947-1948 season. Activity started with the traditional Sophomore-Junior Competition Plays, "Doctor's Affair" vs. the "Charm Racket." The juniors were victorious. For the first time, our Society put a show "on-the-road" to present the "Charm Racket" for Children's Theater Groups. The freshmen took their first bow after a delightful perform- ance of "Time Table." At a tea in their honor, the new mem- bers were formally received into the Society. The technicians successfully presented the annual Christmas tableaux. Then came the snow! Orchids to Helen Kelley, our coach, and the cast of "I'd Rather Be Young" who braved the snow and the sleet of Boston's worst winter in a century, to attend rehear- sals. An appreciative audience was their just reward. The de- lightful theater party added another page to the seniors' memory book. The Commencement Play was a fitting finale for a memorable year. ,y fl37QI OFFICERS Prcridmt MAIWANNA PINK Vice-Presizlmr ELEANOR GLYNN .Yesrctary ANN Lnvrs Tmzrurer MARIE MCARDLE Vic:-Trmmrrr PATRICIA HOLLER AN literary bntietp Enlightenment combined with entertainment characterized our 1947-48 program designed primarily with a view to en- kindling in our members a discriminating discernment of trends in current literature. The first half of our October meet- ing was devoted to the observance of Alice Meyne1l's centenary and the remainder to a lively discussion of Catholic fictional best-sellers. In November our "brain trust" of ten members amazed and amused our audience by answering correctly eleven out of twelve questions on our literary "Twenty Questions" program. Despite hazardous travelling conditions in early February, the Reverend Carol Bernhardt, S. J., gallantly kept his engage- ment with us, delighting all with his subtle, mirth-provoking analysis of "The Philosophy of Laughter." In March some of the new books epitomizingu the home of the bean and the cod," our beloved Boston, were reviewed by our junior and sopho- more members. After Easter a moving picture of a classic novel and a theater party marked the finale of our activities. maj 'The French Club opened its sernesters activities by' the showing of two ex- quisite lilms: Marie Chap- delnine, and Fmzmiflblmu. For the Hrst thne in hve years, We passed from the comic interpretation to that of classical traged5g Ila- cine's Britmz11icu.r. Our guests of honor were the French Consul, M. Albert Chambon and Mme. Chambon. Between the acts, hd. le consul spoke to the students mnr vita and awarded the prize-books given annually by la Re- publique Francaise. After the perfornnance, tea vvas served to our guests, parents, ofhcers, and actresses, We were happy to help the N.F.C.C.S. drive for student relief in Europe, as Well as American relief to France. We were able, also, to in- crease the fund for foreign graduate study. The fresh- men had a Christmas seance aH their ovvn. They sang lovely noels, showed. home- made Kozlacbrome films of the college, raised their voice in Emmanuel songs. Late in February5 a tea at the con- suhne found the dub in company with students of New England colleges. Cam- erier had a happy twelfth year in the amount and quality of student contribu- tions, and in the increase of its circulation. The Re- daction had a festal Supper at the Fax mul I-Ioumls. Jfrentij Qllluh I3 A- ,., - Y ua ' rt.-utr H325 me- ,. .. H ED' a L V . li .H lg fa l I, OFFICERS Praridmt Laxman Tulnlzm' Vice-Preridcfzr ALINB Cumrrzaiz Secrefmjf-Trefzrfzrer BETTY WALL f139:l p Spanish Qllluh OFFICERS President ANN BRESNAHAN Vice-Preridefzt ANNE E. ScANLoN Szcretary BARBARA BYRNE Trmmrcr ROSALIE REED I 140 The Spanish Club has as its purpose the fostering of a knowledge and an appre- ciation of" todo lo espanol." The members have fittingly sustained the traditions left in their keeping by preced- ing years of success. The Christmas season was ushered in by a genuine Spanish fiesta. A gaily deco- rated cafeteria, softened by candlelight made a perfect setting for Spanish Christ- mas carols, and the well- loved Navidad Blanca which holds special memories for the class of nineteen forty- eight. El Tajalfipices, the publi- cation of the club, contin- ued to maintain its record for interest and for excel- lence. April brought the high light of the year's activities with the presentation of Breton de los I-lerreros' Mzzfzrete y Verkr. The skill of the cast left the audience with no temptation to heed the invitation contained in the title. The farewell party tend- ered to the seniors by the juniors brought to a close a most successful year. OFFICERS Pre.ri1l':11t Mancnmrr MCLAUGY-II,lN Vice-Praridcnt ADELINE ROSBICKI .fecrcrmjy Rosumanv Kmcam Traarurrr JOAN Woous German language Qliluh The spirit of the Mystical Body animated our activities during this year. At our first meeting, the traditional Kajfee- klarrcb, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and new members met on equal terms, thus representing a one-class society that the UNO might well envy. There, over the coffee cups, we formulated our Relief-for-Germmg' program. Pan-Americanism, too, has intensihed the catholic atmosphere. The two meetings held conjointly with the Spanish Club have given us that New Lock of a group at peace with our neighbors. The cooperation of members of both clubs in making "The Phantom of the Opera" a financial success provided more baby powder, oil, and soap for the overseas Christmas boxes. Throughout the year, our theme song, "Relief-for-Germany," echoed and re- echoed, while our members sent on their way many bundles of clothing, food, medical supplies, and books. We have thus shown that Caritas is the foundation of the real Emmanuel culture. 51411 OFFICERS Preridcnr CLAIRE JORDAN Vic:-President ALICE MCGRATH Secrrtary MARY T. MURPHY Trcamrer BETTY Sr-tAUGHNnssY burial Serhite Clllluh The Social Service Club opened a year of pleasant activities with a splendid lecture delivered by the Reverend Stanislaus Sypek. Well-qualified by theoretical knowledge and practical experience to discuss Social Service, our genial professor in- spired his listeners with a keener appreciation of their chosen Held and a stronger desire to aid those who are unable to solve life's problems. At Christmas, the club espoused the cause of the Catholic Boys' Guidance. By a collection of clothing and a gift of money, the members rendered practical service to a worthy social activity. Members of the various Emmanuel Clubs sent models to our delightful Fashion Show held in February. We are now certain of the correct costumes which smart college girls should wear on different occasions. Moreover, the Social Service Scholar- ship Fund Was increased. The information derived from field trips has supplemented the class Work of the members, and the social hours of the club have forged links in friendship's chain. fl44l OFFICERS Prc.ridn1f Manx' Lyons Vice-Pnnrizlcrlt Rl'rA Porocxl .Yrcrrlnljv Tunmzsn LANGELILLR Yolflvmzlarv Rupre.rcf1rz1fi1,'1r JOANN Dounx' hemital Society What is new in American scientific achievements? This question is of intense importance to science students busy grasping the fundamentals. The College Chemical Society, realizing this in the fourteen years of its existence, has aimed to bring to the attention of its members some infinitesimal por- tion of the brilliant work which has contributed so extensively to American chemical progress. The activities of the present year opened with an interesting talk, followed by a motion picture. The papers presented at the regular meetings included reviews of scientihc articles appearing in various journals. The annual meeting, devoted to the reception of new members, offered a pleasant opportunity to juniors and seniors to display talents of a high order, though not, strictly speaking, chemical. The members of our society were invited by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society to attend the annual student meeting at M.I.T. Two of our officers, the President and the Secretary, were guests of the A.C.S. at dinner. The seniors who applied have been elected to student membership in the national organization. s w,mm as s sung 2 -safaqafi-'snngenv s s at m me Kew? sm aw s is sammy asm 2:5252 M isa - Sis- izliiin s i Emma sax Musik EW ,WEE HMS Ssgg 2? ge E EE ss E 's E W .S Bsnnwsmxq W f145l s as s sa , ss sf asm NEW fm K s s s me ma Q Msg msg Bw gm M We-as W m nm W s .gsm film' ss s ,. awe? an tab? Es s Exits gsmggg at H. sem. OFFICERS Prerident MARY GARRAHAN Vic:-Prnidant ELEANO11 MURRAY Secretary LOUISE DALY Trmmrer BARBARA LoNG Sophomore Repremztariv: JANE CLAHIBY iginlugp fllluh Several novel and noteworthy events marked the program for the Biology Club this year. A Garden Party, including box lunches, and a Field Trip of the Campus was acclaimed a suc- cess. After midsemester, several groups from the Biology Club visited the Boston City Hospital. These trips under the super- vision of Miss Margaret Doherty and Miss Phyllis Bianco, both Emmanuel Alumnae, provided an opportunity for every- one to observe and appreciate laboratory procedures and techniques. Included in these trips were visits to the Medical Library, the Animal House, and the Autopsy Room. In Febru- ary, we welcomed into our scientific realm the future Biolo- gists of the Freshman Class. At this meeting, we were fortu- nate to have as Guest Speaker, Dr. Mary Moore Beatty who under the topic, " Self Evaluation," gave us a clear account of a Catholic girl's responsibilities to herself, to her neighbor, and to God. The last meeting was sponsored by the members of the Junior Class, who toasted the seniors at an ever memorable Farewell Party. I:146:I OFFICERS Prmidvfzt DOIlO'I'liY COLEMAN Vice-Prarizlenf JEAN Zum .Yscrvtfirjl JOAN Cocmvru Trmrlzrrr Donorm' l.1zNmAN 4 ilfflathzmatits Iuh The rapid advance of scientific discovery during recent years has brought Mathematics to the foreground. This is true, not only in the field of the natural sciences, but in that of business as well. At the opening meeting we were inspired with some of the fascination which the work of an actuary holds for last year's President who had already successfully taken the first step towards a fellowship in the Actuarial Society of America. At some of the subsequent meetings, other guest speakers gave us glimpses of different careers into which Mathematics had led themg at others, sound films showed us the part the subject plays in the inventions that enrich modern living. At the April meeting, social in character, the seniors were the guests of the underclassmen, and a year in which Work and play were pleasantly mingled was thus brought to a fitting close. , ss misses vigil' we 2 s 1. mn xmas aimsssfgggiiwgm B BE 33 E55 s ' as V s ss ws Pi W' mr? H it s s iii? mai S - ss M51 Q wg- E ss 51471 Qztretarial Science Iuh .M B.. ,.....,Y .....:a. .. .. rf W- . "-- ' F- -,,. Mg- -m-------T-- ,V-f-1v--- ,H , . :1,!E,J'-' " ' ' w B: OFFICERS Prcridcnt CAROLYN DAVIS Vice-Prerirlent Amman. CATT ANI Secretary MARY BARRY Treamrer KATIIERINE FENTON I:l48iI The Secretarial Science Club provides Emmanuel's business students with so- cial, professional, and busi- ness contacts. Club activi- ties this year have worn the New Look: Visual Edu- cation for Business. Skits and plays have been sup- plemented by such motion pictures as "The Secre- tary's Day" and "The Duties of the Secretary." In the person of the business girl of the screen, we have learned the cost of incompe- tence, and we have tasted the joy of deserved success. The New Look has taught us the breadth of the secre- tarial field, the wide range of its opportunities, and the personal and professional qualifications which ensure succcssg but it has also a sobering aspect. In a day of bewildering confusions and disappearing landmarks, we watch our Seniors take the benddin the road. We wish them success "in that great big job ahead," where their clear vision will help others to find the Way. OFFICERS Prerident Rumi Donn Vic:-Prrrizlnzt Bmw VAN TAssnL Secretary MARY BAMLY Trmmrm' JANE Wnrriz junior Conch Louisa DALY Qtblatit association The Athletic Association is a sport activity of long standing. Since its founding, it has shown itself an important cog in the collegiate wheel. The reason of its being is to be found in the old adage: 4 round mimi in a round body. Its purpose is, therefore, to provide opportunities to make that strong body an aid to that strong mind of the Collegian. During the year, it provided the necessary equipment for recreational activity. It gave instruction in a variety of sports and games for which the students showed desire. Its more important function was to develop class spirit by promoting interclass competition. It strove to train its members for definite leadership by giving them the opportunity to lead in its various teams. fl49l me, 'Mm 5515 .-K gi E.. S x was we N it fa is W me ,, H. sc -in RH is mf is ,wah ra it magma , X is axis e wg an is mini: is ami tuxx nm it mE"la 5 U asgmu is Me se-gms? is MSAW-X if ml i H, 2 ga me w , as psi imma is e is is farm,-my is K?-ffgiyg E it ssmgmmg E . X ,. any a H Si' as -sfglin-g naw use -' ggggwk it , an 5. Emma shammi angst ez la OFFICERS Chairman MARY RIORDAN Vice-Clvrzifmmz IRBNE O' Knew Seniar AJ.ri.rrzmt.r MARY A. WHALEN SUSAN HAMMOND sais H Euhlititp Cllummittee It is the purpose of the Publicity Committee to present to the public through the pages of the local newspapers the spiritual and cultural advantages of Emmanuel College. Working quietly, "behind the scenes," the members of the Committee prepare the material that they gather from their attendance at college functions, thus keeping the community abreast of campus news. Of particular advantage to these girls are the visits to the city editors. It is interesting and stimulating to observe the alert and efficient workers in a newspaper ofhce attend to the thousand details involved in the preparation of copy for the press. Direct evidence of the success of the efforts of the Cormnittee to publicize the activities of the College is seen in the attractive display of pictures and clippings that appears each week on the Publicity bulletin board. H1501 RAB V l-, Bel .I .1 'sm Wy- ' Q Q., The atmosphere that per- vaded each meeting of the Discussion Club was vigor- ously stimulating. Here was a group of students earnestly studying The Camjmrzion to the Srmzmfz, and indulging in exhaustless speculations on philosophical, sociological, and economic principles, apart from their theoretical classroom presentation, and more in their application to their own times. Increased mem be rs h i p necessitated group divisions, so that the Club met in three sections, bi-monthly. The popularity of the interchange of con- structive ideas among the groups was clearly evidenced by the fact that each mem- ber willingly gave of her scarce free periods to prepare material, and to attend meetings. Communism was a topic of greatest interest as its principles were set in contradistinction to the promises of Fatima. These discussions developed power in the students to recognize and use the only weapons with which to combat the menace of Communism: love of prayer, value of sacrihce, and militant Christianity. is:-ftussinn lub H1511 OFFICERS Prcrizlmt GWENDOLYN MURPHY Vice-President ANN Conmzrr Secretary Isamzr. FINN Trmmrer MARIE WELCH Parliamentarizm MARY LITTLEFIELD OFFICERS Prerident BETTY VAN TASSEL Vice-Prerirlmt MARY GARRAHAN Secretary DOLORES Sum Trmmrer FRAN css TREANOR ehating Qllluh The Debating Club is the Benjamin of the College Clubs. lt was a project of the Student Council of nineteen forty-seven. It was approved by the Faculty Board, and elected. its oflicers, and sought members before the end of that year. Its purpose is to make operative the theory of debate, and to be an aid to the students in acquiring the platform mannerg poise, voice culture, proficiency in logical thinking" on their feet", to acquire, in a Word, the grace and art of impromptu speaking. During this Hrst year of its existence, the Club limited its endeavor to intramural debating. It encouraged interclass cooperation and competition in order to develop a debating team representative of the student body. Its hopes will be fulfilled when Emmanuel enters the lists in intercollegiate debates. ll52l lass' asap Look here zepon this picture, and on this. The oonnterfeit pre.renz'1nent of tzoo hrotherr. Hennlets Ill, iv, 53-54 Two pictures, two men: the hrst shows an ugly portrayal of a man on all fours struggling to hnd a path through tangled underbrushg his brow wrinkled in confusion, his eyes dilated with fear, his hands groping wildly beneath thick foliage. The second picture presents a man upright, he walks surefootedly along an open path, his brow smooth in serenity, his eyes alight with conhdence. Both pictures are named, .Modern Meerz. Today, dark fear, bred of insecurity, grips the human heart, for Chaos stumbles abroad. Again, Eastern sands are incarnadined by so- called holy wars. Disunion buifets the United Nations' deliberations, that nominally sole bulwark of international harmony. On a dizzy peak of inflation, economic security totters. Famine warps the human dignity of many peoples, as they sell their birthright for a modern mess of portage. The terrifying effects of atomic power turned to human destruction chill the heart of the ivory-tower watcher and the stum- bling wayfarer. The world is ripe for the fruition of the seeds of Com- munism which thrive in this entangled field ploughed by mass insta- bility. Life, for many, has become an unsolvable problem because they are floundering in a morass of weltering confusion. I What detour has man followed to this dead end of bewilderment? The object of his quest is evident. Every man's desire is directed towards heeppinerr. The definitions of hoppiozeu are varied. Into many of them, Error has crept. Yet, all men agree that heeppenesr must give complete and lasting satisfaction. Hence, wealth cannot satisfy man. The rich man expends his aptitudes in amassing more wealth, for he is never free from the fear of loss. Man seeks pleasure continually. Yet, the pursuit of pleasure ultimately wearies, for the taste of pleasure soon becomes vapid. Neither does perfect health bring true happiness, since even the healthiest being is not immune to disease germs. None of these material blessings can constitute happiness, because each of them may be lost. None brings complete satisfaction, because each satisfies but one longing of the human personality, the material desire. There- fore, should hezppinen be considered a shimmering fantasy, an unat- H531 tainable ideal? Since man's whole being longs for the object of his life's quest, the true way to bappineis must lie somewhere. Today, man has strayed far from this goal. The state of the modern world augurs but little bappifzerf for the generations to come. Where has man gone astray? The briers of modern philosophy have entangled him, thus halting him on his journey. It accents man as a glorified animal. From the seeds of Darwinism, the flower of Naturalism has blossomed. Mari, by the hornlight of Naturalistic tenets is self-sufficient. Surrealism in art, discord in music, sex-emphasis in literature, all these pseudoartistic qualities reflect this pernicious error. The fupewmzn philosophy, first voiced by Nietzsche, has given us the anomalous spectacle of man endeavoring to lift himself by his boot-straps. It has snuifed out ideals of individual human dignity. Duties befitting a creature, duties to a Creator, since they cannot be cast off, are com- pletely ignored. Man-guided man has shut his eyes to responsibilities to himself and to his fellow man. Pride-blinded man has refused to believe the existence of that which he cannot apprehend by his senses. He is self-stifled by the high range of human personality, the rational nature atmosphere. Man's body is for him a proud possession, his intellect, priceless. Yet modern thought persists in ignoring his ra- tionality. Long ago, philosophy and the arts swerved from their given purpose, the elevation of man's mind, the satisfaction of man's noble yearnings. They sought to bind man relentlessly to his animality, re- fusing to let him rise above material pursuits. The fruits of this blind assertion of self-sufficiency were harvested in the brutality of the war just ended, that is, on paper. Stripped of responsibilities to God, to himself, to his neighbor, man raced headlong on that path of wanton destruction. Pragmatism, Atheism, and all the load of error-isms represent man's groping for something to guide him to hfzppivzesr. He can no longer trust himself. World War H scattered in miasmic mists his dream of self-sufliciency. With the unleashing of the power of the smashed atom, the price of another experiment for lmppirzerf is too high to pay. There must be the one way, the true way wherein lies blessed confidence, wherein lies lmppiners. Man must find this way at once. How is an ordinary mortal to find it when some of the finest minds have failed to secure it? Surely, the way exists, but yvhere does it lie? There is a way to lmppinerr, to human satisfaction. Man, wander- ing in a wilderness, walking. aimlessly in a desert patched with arid philosophical principles, has not been denied an oasis. The Creator, Who made man to His own image and likeness, has not left him to H1541 perish alone and unaided. This oasis, in existence for centuries, is not the shifting mirage that eludes the weary desert traveller. It has been dehnitely located, established by the Son of.God. Man has been given explicit directions for hnding it, directions that are open to but one interpretation. Over nineteen hundred years ago, when the searching wind caught the land of Judea, it scattered broadcast to the four corners of the earth the Divine directions: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Here is the road to complete happiness man has been journeying for, here is the light that can pierce the fog which envelops him. Here is the formula for perfect bfzppivzessj for the nucleus of happiness is order. Order for the human personality is found in the right development of all his faculties. This satisfaction of all human appetites produces the har- mony which constitutes perfect happiness. I mn the W10f.' here is the path. Ours is the way of followers- followers of His way. It is for us to put ourselves on this Way, to for- sake the insecurity that is the price of pride, to seek the stability which humility brings. I am the Trails: here is the compass for the direction of man's intel- lect which seeks the truth incessantly, for so was it created. Here, will man find. mental refreshment, complete satisfaction. Here, doubt and hesitation vanish. I amz the Life: here is the life worth living, here is the life worth having, here is the life which God came on earth to give to men, that they may have life and have it more abundantly. Knowing the Way, we follow it to find Truth. Knowing the Truth we live under its guidance, and disseminate it to the Truth ignorant. On the Way, being in the Way, girded with the armor of Truth, we shall achieve the fulness of Life here below, happiness bounded, we shall achieve the perfection of Life hereafter, happiness unbounded. MARY ELIZABETH SWEENEY I 155 l Q9111' Q9tnn UH. 9. Ulihe meaningful praper, hp tnhirh the :lasses in fllimnianuel Qliullege are npeneh, offers a true text fur a lasting charter uf the Tiliniteh jaatinns. Some of the natinns who rlaim the languages herein listeh have eher gihen nheisante tu their ilatngiherg uthers, hahe pet tu enrull themselhes unher Ibis rrussztriumphant banner, anh bent: their knees in tnurship anh serhire. Map Qllhrist, the ilaeru tnhu saves, sahe them all. 6 .v .Xg ufxsd viagra' U08 1 X- d Wim 6656! QGAX 0096 NY-at 5166 I N'f',,nd"G01" ,. Wunsgf ' r ' 0 u oqo 515 e ,G I ovexntxf- Wfions' Q8 . A516 6 na Q9 of A 1 3 wie' ' 9. Siuq 53 me 1, 'Nino' n ex- f0z 5 39' s I , n , a af? dhficha nu "ff uf' 'fieadolbi' 83505 hghaip 'far , gm 90' fl 6 lion' . h . .nm ld n3' "'Qh0"'War 'O o fha' . me I 6 e 'C KYO X310 ,og Vex xv- xai- 10 08 X hx to mark 'pix -O 2, - N ' 3 f 110 - pl die 40 'ff U 905 ofa' vi .Q 413 5 V' . y Tar. 1 U55 V .,. ,Md vi .15 I .. . .fl . O Emmanuel, Our King and Law -Giver, The Expecfed of The nations and +henr- Saviouq Come -ha us, O l.ord,our God. I gshaha Sal evo 0330 fl VQPSC 5s RC' aC'-" O Pg, Q sg aes' If 'de 7' 6096 'lboh lqde 0463 e hC3so Salk Qs D ef. easy qos 7' 0 F ll zlqs, kUyou 1-1 "Q'.'5I,. ql1"ga7UVo 080 Pwr' Pa Hoe, 'fa 'I fr fu 115 pm' ,rfo"o ZS-I1 S ,HQ Qs. r 0 Q . 617 P15 . v 'YQ o Q 9. .' 5 9503. pwgbsh Qs' Q . F41 44 3qkoHa1.,Ja1J, o J36""'+1ia'e-'preps If rphqh og 9110083531 1, oc C' 0 11 0001, lgcfheohfede 0-k 'Ye 60-r 9 C' 1 we ' lo O . 5 D 'han ofqwodgefq! k 0' ly fy D1-fupkleiq :pa 0983 P 'Vid' " "Br - ' 9 ' Z ' '79 'll ' "I I "e '11 e Bolagbwdgw J' Q J e 'J has OF asf A n menu fleshb 94p is 'F 9' Q f SP 71 Sal, q'7'2'o er"'1z., gffl-la ' E 0 er-fro: 057195: ASPN r 'qf Of- 0061 y 595-0' V017 qos I' flqesfibl O Emmanuel 'Rex qi' Legi-Per nosfer, Expec-.1iaHo Gervflum ei' Salvafor earum, vem ad salvandum r1o5,'Domme 'Deus r1os1'er. iBraper Protection Hit is an tllimmanuel Ctlollege custom, unique in its map, hp tnhich its stuoents, as Zlarioes, come to consecrate their marrieo lines before the altar. Qlihe lamp, maoe of the golo ano ietnels gihen hp the stuoent hoop, is placeo upon the altar of the iglesseo Virgin, to burn out its flame for each of them. Silt hoes a like Iohezserhice for the canhioates tnho are soon to he ilBostuIants in harious Religious Qllommunities. Qlhus, the light of prayer ano the tnarmth of remembrance go from Ctlimmanuel Qliollegc into the life tnaps of its stuoents. I 1 . if . cm- f. f Bi A F I 4 1 W J l x 1 nm ss ss ZfHrum Thr Air ibatrnns HONORARY PATRONS His Excellency, The Most Reverend Richard Cushing, D.D., LL.D., BostO1I His Excellency, The Most Reverend John Wright, D.D., Boston THE RIGHT REVEREND JOHN A. BUTLER Cambridge THE RIGHT REVEREND MICHAELJ. COPFEY Salem THE RIGHT REVEREND EDMUND D. DALY Lawrence THE RIGHT REVEREND JOHN A. DEGAN Beverly THE VERY REVEREND AUGUSTINE C. DALTON Dorchester THE RIGHT REVEREND WILLIAM B. FINIGAN Cambridge THE RIGHT REVEREND CHARLES A. FINN, D.D. West Roxbury THE VERY REVEREND HENRY P. FISHER, C.S.P. Boston THE RIGHT REVEREND NIATTHEWJ. FLAHERTY Arlington THE VERY REVEREND GEORGE F. Fox, O.M.l. Lowell THE RIGHT REVEREND WALTER H. GILL Brockton THE RIGHT REVEREND AUGUSTINE F. HIC IcEY,V. G. Cambridge THE RIGHT REVEREND JAMES F. KELLY Jamaica Plain THE VERY REVEREND WALTER LEACH Brighton ' THE RIGHT REVEREND PATRICK LYDON Dorchester THE RIGHT REVEREND ERIC MACKENZIE, S.T.L. Newton Center THE VERY REVEREND F. MCCARTHY, C.SS.R. Roxbury THE RIGHT REVEREND THOMAS P. MCCOY Somerville THE RIGHT REVEREND JOHNJ. MCGARRY, D.C.L. Roslindale THE RIGHT REVEREND JOSEPH MCGLINCHEY Lynn THE RIGHT REVEREND MICIIAELJ. OWENS Quincy THE RIGI-IT REVEREND JAMES PHALAN Somerville THE RIGI-IT REVEREND FRANCIS L. PI-IELAN, S.T.L Boston TPIERIGHT REVEREND RICHARDJ. QUINLAN, S.T.L Winthrop THE REVEREND JOSEPH R. BONNER Melrose THE REVEREND JOSEPH A. BRANDLEY Dorchester THE REVEREND JOSEPH T. BRENNAN Watertown THE REVEREND THOMAS BRENNAN Revere TEIE REVERENDJOSEPHJ. BUKAY Cambridge THE REVEREND JOHN L. CALLAHAN Dorchester THE REVBREND ANDREW CORBETT Revere THE TLEVEREND JOHNJ. CRANE, S.T.L. West Newton THE REVEREND JOSEPH A. CURTIN Wobu rn THE RBVEREND WILLIAM A. DACEY Dorches ter TI-IE REVEREND WILLIAM DALY Brighton THE REVEREND F RANCISJ. DESMOND Brighton THE REVEREND JAMES DOLAN Taunton THE REVEREND CHARLES A. DONAHUE West Roxbury THE REVEREND JAMES P. DOWLING, R.I.P. Reaclville THE REVEREND JAMES H. DOWNING West Quincy fl62J THE REVEREND THOMAS A. FLYNN Roxbury THE REVEREND WILLIAM FORAN Milford TIIE REVEREND THOMAS FORD Saugus Tl-IE REVEREND E. AMBROSE GALLAOHER Dorchester THE REVEREND AMBROSE HENNESSEY, D.D. Watertown TI-IE REVEREND ROBERT C. HILTON Salem THE REVEREND FRANCIS L. KEENAN Lowell THE REVEREND JOSEPH KEENAN Milton THE REVEREN13 ROBERT E. LEE Canton TI'IE REVERENID FRANCIS X. MEEHAN Brighton TPIE REVERIEND FRANCIS S. MIASKIEWICZ Maynard T1-IE REVEREND JOHN E. MULLARKEY Salem THE REVEREND DENIS F. MURPHY South Boston TI-IE REVEREND FRANCIS V. .MURPPIY, D.D Cztmbri tl ge THE REVEREND GEORGE P. MCCOLGAN Woburn THE REVEREND JOHN MCMAHON Somerville THE REVEREND DENIS A. O'BRIEN, S.T.L. West .Medford TI-IE REVEREND TIMOTHY P. O'CONNELL Brighton THE REVEREND JOHN P. REDDING West Roxbury Tl'IE IREVERENDJOSEPH A. ROBINSON Boston THE REVEREND LEO T. ROCK Worcester TI-IE REVEREND DAVID D. ILYAN Watertown THE REVEREND FRANCIS X. SALLAWAY, D.D Lynn THE REVEREND FRANCIS L. SI-IEA North Andover THE REVEREND Lowell THE REVEREND Cambridge THE REVEREND Chestnut H Til-IE REVEREND Conimicut, THE REVEREND Boston MR. AND MRS. Hyde Park MR. AND MRS. Milton MR. AND MRS. Boston MR. AND MRS. Blackstone AND MRS. Dorchester MR. AND MRS. MR. JOHN SHEEHAN STANISLAUS T. SYPEK PETER P. TUOHY ill JOSEPH M. WALSH R. I. FRANCIS X. WEISER, S.J. JOHN ANDREAS RAYMOND BAILEY ERMINIO BALDASSARRE WILLIAM E. BALLOU LESTER BANKS PETER BARLOW West Roxbury MR. AND MRS. Roxbury PHILLIP J. BARRY MR. GEORGE W. BLAND Cambridge MR. AND MRS. ARCHIE BOUTOT Guilford, Maine ' MR. AND MRS. Revere AND MRS. Cambridge MR. MR MR MR MR DR. MR DR. MR H631 AND MRS. Roxbury AND MRS. Milton AND MRS. Readville AND MRS. Arlington AND MRS. Dorchester AND MRS. Roslindale AND MRS. Roslindale AND MRS. Lynn JOHN D. BRENNAN VINCENT BRESNAHAN JEREMIAH F. BROWNE JOHN BULGER AUGUSTUS C. CALDWELL FREDERICK CAREW JOSEPH H. CAREY MARK F. CARR CHARLES R. CARROLL EDWARD F. CARROLL MR. AND MRS. PATRICK J. CARROLL Cambridge MRS. JOSEPH MORETTI Beverly MR. AND MRS. DOMENICO CATTAN1 Framingham MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND A. CHANDLER Lowell MR. AND MRS. EMILE CI-IARTIER Cambridge MR. AND MRS. HENRY M. CHENEY Malden MRS. MARY H. COCI-IRAN Dorchester MR. AND MRS. THOMAS CODY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. THOMAS H. COLEMAN Cambridge MR. AND MRS. MARTIN COLLINS Roslindale MR. AND MRS. EDWARD CONLEY Randolph MR. AND MRS. LOUIS B. CONNELLY Somerville MR. AND MRS. CHARLES W. CONNOLLY Beverly MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH CONRAN Quincy MR. AND MRS. MICPIAEL H. COREETT Arlington MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM F. CORCORAN Winthrop MR. AND MRS. THOMAS N. CREED South Boston MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. CREEDON Brighton MR. AND MRS. DANIEL P. CREGAN Springiield MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS J. CROSBY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. BARTHOLOMEW T. DALEY Brighton MR. AND MRS. OVILA C. DANDENEAU North Andover MR. Beverly AND MRS. WILLIAM H. DAVIS MRS. ELLEN DAWSON South Boston MRS. MARY O. DEGUGLIELMO Cambridge MR. AND MRS. MICPIAEL D. DELEKTA Groveland MRS. MARY DEVLIN Boston MRS. MARION P. DOHERTY Jamaica Plain MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH DONAGAN Dorchester MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM H. DONALD Watertown MR. AND MRS. PATRICK J. DONOVAN West: Roxbury MR. AND MRS. JAMES V. DONOVAN Randolph MRS. ANNETTE H. DOYLE West Roxbury MR. HARRY M. Cambridge MR. AND MRS. Dorchester MRS. PHILIP R. Salem MR. AND MRS. Conimicut, MR. AND MRS. Watertown MR. AND MRS. Dorchester MR. AND MRS. Chelsea MR. AND MRS. Medford MR. AND MRS. Dorchester MR. AND MRS. DOYLE JAMES A. DOYLE DWYER DANIEL C. EICHENFELDT R. I. FRANK FALBO JOSEPH H. FARRELL JOSEPH M. FARRELL JAMES PEDERICO PAUL FIORILLO MICHAEL F. FITZGERALD North Andover I MR. AND MRS. PATRICK FLAHERTY Brighton MR. AND MRS. JOHN FLYNN W'althan1 DR. AND .MRS. JOHN A. FOLEY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM F. GAITFNEY Jamaica Plain MR. AND MRS. CHRISTOPHER T. GARRAHAN Framingham H1641 MR. AND MRS. FRANK GENDREAU, JR. Dorchester MR. AND MRS. MARTIN F. GLYNN Waltham MR. FINTAN L. GOLDEN Dorchester MR. AND MRS. DANIEL A. HAMMOND Cambridge MR. AND MRS. GEORGE H. HANLON Dorchester MR. AND MIXS. JAMES HANLON Saugus MR. AND MRS. 'JOHN M. HANNIGAN Milton MR. AND MRS. JAMES P. HARDING Dorchester MR. AND MIXS. DANIEL F. HAll'F Lawrence MRS. ELIZABETH l'lARTNETT Marlboro MR. AND MRS. GEORGE F. HEIKLEY Lynn MR. AND MISS. JOHN HIGGINS Boston MR. AND MRS. RICHARD F. HINGSTON Marblehead MRS. ELEANOR D. HOGAN Somerville ,MR. AND MRS. ROBERT H. HOLIPIAN West Newton MR. AND MRS. ' Waltham MR. AND ,M1lS. JOSEPH HUGI1IES CHARLES HURLEY Forest Hills MR. AND MRS. WILERED E. JORDAN Jamaica Plain MR. AND MRS. DANIEL J. KEAN Woburn MISS HELEN KEI.I.EY Cambridge ,MRS MARY E. KELLEY Somerville MR. AND MRS. WVALTER T. KELLEY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. MAURICE KILEY Brighton MR. AND MRS. PETER A. LAHAIE Roxbury MR. AND MRS. TIKEODORE LALLI Brockton MR. AND MRS. 'JOHN B. LARIVEE Beverly MR. AND MRS. PATRICK LAWLER Somerville MR. AND MRS. CORNELIUS A. LEARY Winthrop MRS. B. AGNES LEE Attlcboro MR. AND MRS. GEORGE LEGNER Jamaica Plain MISS ELIZABETH C. LOGAN Cohasset MR. AND MRS. JOHN LYONS Roslindale MR. JOHN P. LYONS Milton MRS. THOMAS H. MAGEE Canton MR. AND MRS. ROBERT B. MASTERSON West Roxbury MR. AND MRS. JOHN MORAN Fitchburg MRS. ELLEN E. MORGAN Jamaica Plain MRS. ANGELINE MORREO Boston MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM A. MOTLEY, JR. West Roxbury MR. AND MRS. ANDREW A. MOUNTAIN Somerville MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH MULKERN South Boston MRS. EDWARD T. MURPHY West Medford MISS MARY C. MURPHY Lawrence MRS. BERTHA A. MURRAY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS E. MURRAY Lynn MR. JOHN F. MCBURNEY Pawtucket, R. I. MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL J. McCARTHY Brookline MR. AND MRS. JOHN T. MCCARTY Dedham f165J MR . AND MRS. D. JOSEPH MCCORMACK Milford MR. AND MRS. COLEMAN MCDONOUGPI Dorchester MR. AND MRS. THOMAS P. MCGOURTY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. THOMAS F. MCGRATI-I Dorchester MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH P. MCHUGH MR. West Newton AND MRS. JOHN MCKENNA Waltham MR. AND MRS. CORNELIUS R. MCLAUGHLIN Cambridge MR. AND MRS. HUGH MCLAUGHLIN Brighton MR. AND MRS. JAMES W. MCMANUS Salem MR. AND MRS. LOUIS K. MCNALLY Melrose MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. MCNULTY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. LOUIS A. NEAL Roslindale MR. AND MRS. JEREMIAH NOLAN Cambridge MR. AND MRS. RICHARD P. O,HALLORAN Jamaica Plain MR. DANIEL F. O'KEEFE Chestnut Hill MR. AND MRS. DANIEL R. O,LEARY Cambridge MRS. JOSEPH O1MAPIONY Cambridge MR. PATRICK O'NEILL Allston MR. AND MRS. HARRY P. ORMAND Somerville MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE O'SULL1VAN MR MR. West Roxbury . AND MRS. JOHN F. PASHBY Lynn AND MRS. MICHAELJ. PENDERGAST West Roxbury MRS. RUDOLPHE PEPIN Boston MR. AN'D MRS. ADOLPH S. PERRY Brockton MR. AND MRS. FRANK PERRY West Roxbury MR. ,AND MRS. RAYMOND A. PERRY Waban MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. PINK West Roxbury MR. AND MRS. EDWIN F. PLUMMER Medford MR. AND MRS. MICHAELP. POTOCKI Dorchester MR. AND MRS. JOHN L. POWERS Watertown MR. AND MRS. RICHARD QUIGLEY Roslinclale MR. AND MRS. 'JOSEPH F. QUINN Arlington AND MRS. FRANK C. RAMISCH Dorchester MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS X. REDMOND .MR. Winthrop MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. REDIY East Weymouth MISS ROSE RING Sharon MRS. MARY M. RIORDAN Roslindale MR. FRANCIS ROLAND West Roxbury MR. AND MRS. WINGATE ROLLINS Milton MRS. M. ROSBICKI Everett MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS T. RUSSELL Dorchester MR. AND MRS. LOUIS D. RYAN West Roxbury MR. ANTD MRS. TIMOTHY M. SCANLON Taunton MRS. ELEANOR F. SCULLY Roxbury MR. AND MRS. RALPH SENNOTT Cambridge MR. AND MRS. MICIiAEL SI-IAUGHNESSY Worcester MR. AND MRS. JAMES E. SHEA Fall River MR. AND MRS. EDWARD R. SLEIN Readville f166J MR. AND MRS. Jox-IN E. SMIDDY Winthrop MRS. WILLIAM E. SPINNEY Dorchester MR. AND MRS. ARCHIBALD SULLIVAN Lawrence MR. JOI-IN F. SULLIVAN Melrose MR. AND MRS. GEORGE C. SWEENEY Lawrence MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY TIBTA East Boston DR. AND MILS. JOSEPH A. 'TI-IIBERT Fitchburg Mlss MARII3 A. THOMAS Jamaica Plain MRS. VJINIFRED M. THOMPSON Brookline MR. AND MRS. JAMES F. TUNNEY Arlington ' MR. JOIIN E. VAN TAssEL Dorchester MR. AND MRS. WALTER R. WADDEN Swampscott MR. -WALTER R. WADDEN, JR. Svvampscott DR. AND MRS. ARTHUR WAGNER Falmouth MR. VINCENT WALKDEN Boston MR. AND MRS. DANIEL P. WALSH Dorchester MRS. JOHN F. U. WARK Dorchester MRS. KATHERINE E. WELCII South Boston MR. AND MRS. PATRICK F. WHALEN Waltham 'A DR. SARA A. WILLIAMS Winthrop MR. AND MRS. ANTONIO ZAIA Dorchester MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH ZAMMITTI Dorchester f167J Lucille B. Albert 83 Greenwood St., Newton Centre Katherine A. Allen 199 North Ave., Wakefield Mary Rita Ashton 49 Sunset Ave., Lawrence Martha A. Aulson 413 Lafayette Sr., Salem Rita 1. Bardetti 985 Washington St., South Braintree Genevieve M. Barretta 101 Eustis St., Revere Mary B. Barry 41 Wren St., West Roxbury Evelyn M. Bender 108 Fuller St., Dorchester Mary Esther Blackett 64 Carroll St., Chelsea Katherine F. Bolger 81 Dakota St., Dorchester Mary A. Boodro 196 Chestnut Ave., Jamaica Plain Ruth C. Boutot Guilford, Maine Joan F. Brennan 25 Horace Rd., Belmont Barbara A. Breslow 470 Broadway, Lynn Rose M. Bufalo 47 Hill St., Cohasset Yvonne L. Bulger 84 Aberdeen Ave., Cambridge Mary L. Bunyon 768 Watertown St., XVest Newton M. Eileen Burns 22 Nelson St., Lynn Mildred M. Calandrella 84 Milton St., Arlington Irene E. Callahan 20 Plymouth Ave., Milton Virginia L. Carey 103 Melville Ave., Dorchester Anne E. Carney 185 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton jean E. Carr 90 Fletcher St., Roslindale Patricia A. Cari' 23 Douglas Rd., Medford Lola F. Castelluzzi 94 Prospect St., Brockton Louise M. Cawley 330 Nesmith St., Lowell Edith L. Clifford 145 Arlington St., Hyde Park Dorothy A. Colameta 63 Edith St., Everett joan M. Colbath 44 Dean St., Belmont Eileen A. Collins 83 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre M. Louise Collins 347 High St., Lowell Ann M. Conlon 23 Breed St., Lynn Marguerite A. Corbo 87 Lake St., East Weymouth Mary T. Corey 200 Exchange St., Lawrence Zuninr itzttnrp Monica LI. Cotter 898 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington Doris M. Coulombe 97 Carroll St., Chelsea Mary E. Courtney 12 Waldeck St., Dorchester Lydia A. Crowley 94 Warren Ave., Milton Kathleen M. Cullinane 19 Prospect Hill Ave., Somerville Ann T. Curran 137 Howard Ave., Dorchester Isabel M. Cusick Great Rd., Stow joan M. Dallahan 25 Endicott St., Canton Louise A. Daly 59 Playstead Rd., Newton Denise F. Dateo 116 Perham St., West Roxbury Mary Linn Deasy 224 Court Rd., Winthrop Joan F. Delaney 64 Evans St., Watertown Barbara A. De Lue 28 Weyanoke St., Ashmont Margaret M. Desarro 34 Phillips Ave., Shrewsbury Eleanor A. DiCicca 100 Upham St., Melrose Marjorie A. Doherty 8 Helena Rd., Dorchester Virginia M. Donahue 75 Shepton St., Dorchester Mary F. Donohue 32 Ashcroft St., jamaica Plain Evelyn B. Donovan 56 Abbott Rd., Dedham Jean E. Dowd 68 Dartmouth Ave., Dedham Betty A. Downey 18 Wellesley Pk., Dorchester Barbara E. Dugan 41 Hinckley Rd., Milton Mary M. Dunn 105 Day St., Jamaica Plain Jean M. Edwards 36 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Frances E. Es inola 12 Roselandj St., Dorchester Muriel T. Fahey 126 Elmer Rd., Dorchester Evelyn M. Farrell S1 Caledonian Ave., West Roxbury Marie K. Farrell 23 Claremont Ave., Holyoke Katherine H. Fenton 15 Wetherell St., Worcester Alice T. Fergus 39 Almont St., Medford Isabelle G. Finn 319 Mill St., Belmont Joan M. FitzGerald 64 Brayton Rd., Brighton Eileen B. Flynn 53 Sagamore Rd., Worcester Nancy K. Ford 44 Claflin St., Framingham 51683 Alba P. Fraccastoro 14 Clarendon Ave., Roslindale Marie Phyllis Gaffney 48 Kensington St., Newtonville Regina M. Gannon 451 Centre St., Milton Madeline A. Garrity 25 Woodside Rd., Medford Martha S. Gerry 810 Pleasant St., Brockton Carol Gilbert 18 Edgerly Rd., Boston Alyce C. Gilligan 16 Belrose Ave., Lowell Ursula T. Gorman 28 White Oak Rd., West Roxbury Patricia G. Gormley 85 Superior Sr., Lynn Mary A. Grilhn 190 Amory St., Boston M. Patricia Hagan 353 Charles St., Boston joan M. Haire 193 Clifton St., Malden Marie T. Hanley 16 Ransom Rd., Newton Centre Phyllis E. Hannaway 34 West Neptune St., Lynn Katherine M. Hannon 101 Plunkett St., Pittsfield Ruth E. Harrington 603 Beech St., Roslindale Mary Ann Hawbolt 1 Barton St., Boston Lucille M. Hayes 80 Clairmont St., Lynn Anne M. Henaghan 8 Harvard Ave., Dorchester Elizabeth C. Henchey 41 Eaton Ave., Woburn Eleanor P. Higgins 263 Pond St., jamaica Plain Barbara A. High 7 Rosedale St., Dorchester Mildred A. Hoar 1662 Columbia Rd., South Boston Ann C. Horrigan 19 Glenburnie Rd., West Roxbury Barbara M. Hughes . 33 Beacon St., Dedham Marie T. Hughes 154 Savin St., Malden Elizabeth L. Hurley 17 Columbia St., Worcester Richardine M. jones 133 Westbourne Terr., Brookline Alice M. Kane 422 East Fifth St., South Boston M. Patricia Kearney 74 Neponset Ave., Roslindale Mary C. Keefe 119 Fifth Ave., Lowell Frances T. Kelley 11 Sheridan St., Lawrence Mary E. Kelley 156 Garden St., Pawtucket, R. I. Rosemary F. Kincaid 11 Tamarac Rd., Newton Therese M. Laugelier 53 White St., Quincy Rosemary A. Larkin 12 West Pine St., Milford Ann M. Levis 293 Common St., Belmont Mary J. Littleheld 57 Falkland St., Brighton Mary E. Logue 178 Perham St., West Roxbury Barbara A. Long 53 Rosewood St., Mattapan Judith A. Lynch 6 Bellflower St., Dorchester Marie L. Lynch West St., Milford Marie H. MacDonald 39 Ocean St., Squantum Jean M. MacNeiI 34 Garnet Rd., West Roxbury Jeanne M. Madden 4 67 Pine St., Milford Mary F. Maguire 11 Robinson St., Somerville Joan E. Martin 83 Eleanor St., Chelsea Dorothy P. Martinelle 57 Courtland St., Everett Elsa A. Meneguzzo 378 Blackstone St., Woonsocket, R. I. Jean F. Millard 1 Vale St., Salem Phyllis A. Moore 9 Old Middlesex Rd., Belmont Mary R. Moran 617 Mill St., Worcester Anne M. Moriarty 110 Bailey St., Lawrence Mary F. Moriarty 125 Highland St., New Bedford Eulalie S. Morris 16 Fiske Rd., Wellesley Hills Sylvia M. Morrissey 1648 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Marjorie R. Mur hy 119 Main St., .flishland Mary Alice Murphy 155 Bond St., Norwood Mary Louise Murphy 127 Belrose Ave., Lowell Mary Therese Murphy 45 Warren St., Salem Patricia A. Murphy 48 Clifford St., Readville Marilyn G. Myers Cold Hill, Granby Marie T. McArdle 250 Gallivan Boulevard, Dorchester Elaine M. McCaffrey 17 Bradford St., Lawrence Frances M. McCarthy 4 Hawthorne Ave., Arlington Jeanne F. McCarthy 12 Mapleton St., Brighton Marilyn F. McCarthy 19 Alton Court, Roxbury Arline M. McCloskey 126 Dakota St., Dorchester Virginia M. McCoy 23 Midvale Rd., West Roxbury Jean M. McDonald 46 Lambert Ave., Lynn Therese A. McGagh 139 Fuller St., Dorchester Anne M. McGovern 169 Pond St., South Weymouth Anne T. Mel-lugh 124 Washburn Ave., Revere Margaret R. McKay 15 Butler St., Dorchester Mary K. McLellan 1841 Centre St., West Roxbury Mary L. McMenimen 96 Otis St., Cambridge Ruth McNaughton 61 Florence Ave., Lawrence Margaret E. McNiff 35 Gardner St., Peabody Dorothy A. McQuade 184 Chestnut St., Lynn Barbara J. Noonan 362 Adams st., Milton Alicia C. O'Btien 97 E. Main St., Gloucester Barbara M. O'Conn0r 247 Gaskill St., Woonsocket, R. I. Mary E. O'Donnell 195 Forest St., Medford Kathleen F. O'Nei1l 504 Park Drive, Boston Kathleen A. O'Shea 20 South St., Brighton Virginia E. Pashby 24 Banks Rd., Swampscott Rosalie A. Reed 167 Waverly Ave., Watertown Margaret C. Regan 34 Mendum St., Roslindale Catherine V. Reilly 166 Julian St., Providence, R. I. Anne F. Reuter 54 Bow Rd., Newton Centre Eleanor M. Ridge t 75 Bailey St., Dorchester Jean M. Robertson 62 Superior St., East Lynn Marilyn M. Roch 54 Amsden St., Arlington Theresa M. Rodgers 8 Ellingsburg St., Lowell Claire F. Rogers 7 Willoughby St., Brighton f169J Elizabeth A. Rohan 55 Florida St., Dorchester Elizabeth A. Rooney 55 Grant St., Milford Elizabeth A. Ryan 114 Monroe St., Norwood Mary M. Ryan 67 Colonial Pkwy., Manhasset, N. Y Mary F. Saunders 242 Old Colony Ave., South Boston Anne M. Shea 114 Oak St., Dedham Dolores P. Shea 484 Dwelly St., Fall River Dorothea A. Shea 56 Richwood St., West Roxbury Miriam E. Sheehan 185 Calumet St., Roxbury Claire F. Short 6 Oakland St., Brighton Barbara M. Shugrue 19 Shaffner St., Worcester Sister Helen Latour, R.C.E. Jeanne d'Arc Academy, Milton Sister Mary Eanswida, f m.m. St. Clement's Convent, Boston Sister Patricia Dolan, R.C.E. St. Gencvieve's, Asheville, N. C. Claire L. Slattery 60 Westmoreland St., Dorchester Marylane Smith 126 Eastern Ave., East Lynn Patricia L. Smith 103 Lincoln Rd., Medford Gloria Sorrentini 87 Porter St., East Boston Florence E. Spellman 209 Blue Hills Pkwy., Milton Ruth L. Sterry 7 Peters St., South Boston Eleanor T. Sullivan 44 Spruce St., Watertown Ethel M. Sullivan 18 Frank St., Middleboro Jean M. Sweeney 69 Wenham St., Jamaica Plain Frances L. Treanor 728 Saratoga St., East Boston Mary Elizabeth Wall 16 Brookside Ave., Lexington Mary Elizabeth Walsh S7 Stetson Ave., Swampsoctt Patricia A. Whalen 204 Blue Hills Pkwy, Milton Eunice M. Welch 22 North Warren St., Woburn Marie L. Welch 46 Neponset Ave., Roslindale Marie Jeannette Zizza 72 St. Andrew Rd., East Boston Gracemarie V. Alfe . 435 Charter St., Boston Poppy C. Apidianakis 296 Summit Ave., Brighton Caroline C. Atwood 57 Havre St., East Boston Joan A. Barnes 13 Juliette Rd., Saugus Mary C. Barnicle 36 Atherton Rd., Brookline Patricia F. Barrett 199 Upland Rd., Quincy Marguerite C. Barry 41 Wren St., West Roxbury Mary A. Barry 43 Cushing St., Wollaston MaryJ, Beatty 36 Standish St., Cambridge Patricia R. Beresford 883 Fellsway, Medford Jennivive M. Bertherman 5 Belvidere Blvd., N. Providence, R. I. Phyllis M. Bird 159 Standish St., Watertown Jacqueline A. Blair 244 Arlington St., Watertown Alice L. Bowler 651 Hyde Park Ave., Roslindale Josephine Bramante 165 Gladstone St., East Boston Noreen T. Buckley 26 Creighton St., Cambridge Mary T. Burke 18 Moseley St., Dorchester Barbara Byrne 12 Timson St., Lynn Eleanor M. Campbell Taunton St., Wrentham Sylvia C. Campbell 15 Beacon St., Fitchburg Elizabeth A. Canty 21 Mercier Ave., Dorchester Claire M. Casey 52 Clyde St., Malden Eleanor R. Casey 110 Phillips St., Wollaston Jane M. Claffey 1 Rockland St., Lynn Audrey L. Clancy 60 Newland Rd., Arlington Ruth M. Clark 12 Sydney St., Medford Louise M. Clasby 40 Harris St., Waltham Barbara A. Coleman 505 Pleasant St., Malden Joan F. Colpoys 9 Leamington Rd., Brighton Mary L. Comiskey Haven St., Dover Mary A. Connelly 17 Arborough Rd., Roslindale Marie T. Connery 176 Washington St., Lynn Mary T. Connolly . - 65 Codman Hill Ave., Dorchester Virginia M. Connors 22 Hnbbardston Rd., Dorchester Sophomore irettorp Joan R. Cooney 324 Madison Sr., Wrentham Catherine T. Corcoran 30 Cushing Ave., Dorchester Elaine K. Cotter 11. Governor Winthrop Rd., Somer- ville Janet T. Cotter 44 Falmouth Ave., Brockton Anne M. Coughlin 36 Florence Ave., Norwood Mary L. Cummings 52 Elmer Rd., Dorchester Virginia F. Cummings 291 Beech St., Roslindale Anne M. Dawson 55 Munroe St., Belmont Angela T. DePinto 471 Medford St., Somerville Elizabeth M. Descham s 317 Lafayette St., Saiem Antoinette N. De Simone 8 Baldwin Place, Boston Justine M. Devlin 9 Allyn Terrace, Lawrence Patricia A. Devlin 53 Bernard St., Dorchester Rose M. Devlin 20 North Ave., Dorchester Olga F. Di Ianni 229 Curve St., Dedham Mary J. Donahue 7 Grampian Way, Dorchester Pauline T. Donahue 15 Mystic Ave., Winchester Joann E. Dorey 33 Gilbert St., Watertown Dorothy M. Dullea 7 Rockdale Ave., Peabody Shirley M. Dunn 2 Webber Ave., Bedford Barbara R. Eaton 7 Parkton Rd., Jamaica Plain Betty A. Fallon 286 Belmont St., Watertown Nancy B. Farrell 26 Sweetser Terrace, Lynn Marcelle I. Fecteau 14 Elm St., Methuen Florence E. Feeney 73 Derby St., Somerville Beatrice K. FitzGerald 83 Olney St., Dorchester Elaine F. Fitzgerald 22 Murray Hill Rd., Cambridge Patricia K. Flavin 99 Adams St., Dorchester Julie A. Flynn 101 Grant St., Lynn Rosemary R. Galgay 35 Lee St., Cambridge Virginia M. Galvin 60 Cleveland St., Melrose Margaret M. Gately 81 Turner St., Brighton Ann M. Gavin 30 Roseclair St., Dorchester H701 Carol A. Gorman 47 Eastland Rd., Jamaica Plain Mary A. Gouvea 14 Kilby St., Somerville Ann M. Grant 21 Blanche St., Worcester Margaret F. Grassa 103 Bowler Sr., Lynn Patricia L. Grillin 27 Meacham Rd., Somerville Marie T. Halpin 2 Briarlield Rd., Milton Elizabeth G. Hanley 14 Hazel St., Norwalk, Conn. Mary T. Hanton 15 Rockview Rd., Milton Barbara L. Harrington 20 North Ave., Wyncotc, Pa. Mary T. Hayford Box 204, Chocorua, N. I-I. Jean A. Hays 1963 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Barbara E. Healy 19 Ellison Ave., Dorchester Marie Helmick 12 Alton Sr., Arlington Mary D. Higgins 963 Centre St., Newton Centre Miriam R. I-lingston 40 Glendale Rd., Marblehead Patricia E. Holleran 3 Mansfield St., Roslindale M. Jeannette Holmes 11 Birchcroft Rd., East Braintree Janet E. Horgan 6 Vera St., Dorchester Nora Terem Horgan 71 Tempie St., Mattapan Anne M. oward 50 Ainsworth St., Roslindale Joan E. Howard 98 Trowbridge St., Cambridge Dorothea J. Igo 4 Kassul Park, Cambridge Katherine E. Iverson 11 Chatham Rd., Everett Claire E. Jackson 34 Fairview St., Winthrop Ruth M. Jenkins 15 Bynner St., Jamaica Plain K. Constance Kane 80 Lynn St., Lawrence Nathalie A. Kean 93 Salem St., Woburn Claire B. Kearney 498 Baker St., West Roxbury Anne C, Keefe 27 Otis St., Newtonville Mary Louise Kehoe 130 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Genevieve M. Kennedy 145 Ashmont St., Dorchester Miriam F. Knight 111 East Elm Ave., Quincy Marian C. Kohr 306 Hyde Park Ave., Jamaica Plain Dorothy M. Lally 178 Central St., Somerville Georgiana R. Lantlrigan 170 Hamilton St., Dorchester Margaret I-I. Lane 32 Shores St., Taunton Barbara A. Langelier 53 White St., Quincy P. Eva Laubner 234 Essex St., Lynnheld Centre Marjorie A. Leary 13 jefferson St., Worcester Barbara ll. LeMee 17 Irving St., West Medford Dorothy E. Lenihan 96 Landseer St., West Roxbury Rita L. Lennon 238 Columbia Rd., Dorchester Margaret P. Leonard 89 South Bend St., Pawtucket, R. I. Mary Louise Luby 16 High St., Milford Margaret T. Lynch 22 Bromley Park, jamaica Plain Mary E. Lynch 107 West Boylston Sr., Watertown Marguerite P. Mackey 53 Hawthorne St., Belmont Lorraine M. Maher 27 Harrison Ave., Cambridge Jeanne A. Marcorelle 85 Ocean Ave., Salem Jeanne M. Marley 113 Rockwell St., Malden Annette I. Martin 29 Summit Ave., Salem Jeanne A. Meskill 7 Holmes St., Braintree Lela M. Ming 116 Hudson St., Boston Helen A. Monahan 80 Stoughton St., Dorchester Eleanor T. Mooney 42 Harrison Ave., Woburn Maureen T. Moore 34 Nevins Rd., Methuen Kathleen R. Moran 772 Hancock St., Wollaston Audrey C. Mui' hy 34 Trapelo RE., Belmont Mary E. Murphy 35 Madison Ave., Cambridge Patricia M. Murphy 24 Pilgrim Rd. Waban Patricia A. Murray 54 Orchard St., Jamaica Plain Rose I. Murray 17 Millbury St., Grafton Eleanor E. Murtagh 30 Apple St., Lynn Lorraine M. Muse 35 Faywood Ave., East Boston Margaret M. McAnuIty 77 Bailey St., Dorchester Catherine F. McCabe 69 Dwinell St., West Roxbury Ellen T. McCann 602 Durfee St., Fall River Mary M. McCoole 135 School St., Waltham Mary T. McDonough 12 Hendry St., Dorchester Martha F. McElroy 4 Worthington St., Roxbury Eileen P. McGeoghegan 86 Phillips St., Lawrence Joanne T. McLaughlin 43 Kenmere Rd., Medford Marjorie T. McManus IO May St., Salem Eileen M. McNulty 46 Sydney St., Dorchester M. Patricia McQuillan 67 Toplil-F St., Dorchester Joanne F. Nangle 37 Park St., Danvers Florence C. Noonan 71 Highland Ave., Malden Patricia A. Noonan 362 Adams St., Milton Cecilia M. O'Brien 41 Pond Circle, jamaica Plain E. Patricia O'Connell 76 Olney St., Dorchester Mary E. O'Connell 21 Roseclair St., Dorchester Roberta M. O'Connell 42 Robbins Rd., Arlington Lois M. O'Connor 15 Beverly Rd., Wellesley Regina T. O'Donnell 57 Clewley Rd., West Medford Joan P. O'Nei1 14 Glenmont Rd., Brighton ,lane K. O'Toole 14 View St., Leominster Mary F. O'T0ole 26 Rowell St., Dorchester Margaret S. Post 222 Washin ton St. Gloucester Regina A. Retiuond i 91 Plummer St., Winthrop jean G. Ricciardelli 85 Lynde St., Melrose Marion V. Rielly 613 Fellsway, Medford Marion L. Ruggles 9 Hunnewell Ave., Brighton leanne C. Russo 10 Hopkins Rd., Jamaica Plain L1711 Bertha M. Ryan 33 Bennington St., Newton Rose M. Scuderi 29 Berkeley St., Lawrence Carmelina M, Sergi 615 Massachusetts Ave., No. Andover Elizabeth C. Shaughnessy 16 Walceheld St., Worcester Sister Maria de San Florencio St. Clement's Convent, Boston Sister Mary Paul of the Passion, f.m.m. St. Clement's Convent, Boston M. Laura Sproule 50 Cook St., Newton Jeanne E. Stegmaier 19 Huban Court, Roxbury Elizabeth A. Strain 15 Hurd Rd., Brookline Dorothy Suleslcy 23 Upland Rd., West Somerville Janet M. Supple 12 Sheldon Rd., Watertown Marie C. Surette 83 Green St., jamaica Plain Margaret A. Sweet 9 Edgehill Rd., Milton Elinor M. Thompson 71 Trenton St., Melrose Margaret M. Tierney 15 Brookfield St., Lawrence Frances T. Tighe 195 Mechanic St., Marlboro Harriet Tirrell Ferdinand St., Melrose Catherine M. Toohig S7 Shawsheen Rd., Lawrence Hildamarie Tracy 35 Alban St., Dorchester Ruth M. Tremblay 14 Rice St., Cambridge Catherine M. Tworney 16 Amory St., Lynn Marguerite M. Vaughan 197 Dorchester St., South Boston Marguerite R. Waitt 83 Grove St., Melrose Maryj. Walsh 142 Blue Hills Pkwy., Milton jane E. White 26 Porter Rd., North Cambridge Patricia R. Wilcox - 768 Dartmouth Sr., So. Dartmouth Claire E. Wildrick 9 Meadows St., Methuen joan M. Woods 72 Reservation Rd., Milton Alma E. Zaia 225A Bowdoin St., Dorchester Ann M. Abbott 74 Quincy St., Arlington Virginia L. Agrella 30 Fenley St., Revere Eileen T. Ahern 62 Hecla St., Dorchester Mary D. Ailinger 114 Wrentham St., Dorchester Constance M. Antonelli 30 East Haverhill St., Lawrence Elizabeth A. Arribea 68 Childs St., Lynn Mary M. Baker 61 Garlield St., Cambridge Phyllis B. Baleyko 105 Hamilton St., Dorchester Cornelia M. Ballew 17 Warren St., Salem Constance A. Balsamo 24 Clarke St., Lawrence Sally M. Barrett 23 Perthshire Rd., Brighton Edith A. Beauchamp 10 Winthrop Ct., Lynn Ann L. Blute 830 South St., Roslindale Ellen F. Bowen 61 Robinhood St., Auburndale Kathleen E. Bowser 21 Otis St., Somerville Patricia A. Boyden 16 Gerald Rd., Brighton Elizabeth A. Breen 18 Barry St., Dorchester Cynthia A. Brooks 7 Greenwood St., Greenwood Nancy A. Buckley 22 Grant St., Lexington Joan T. Byron 23 Dale St., Woburn Maria V. Calderon 103 Brook Rd., Milton Marie T. Callahan 78 Highland Ave., Cambridge Marjorie B. Carr 3940 Washington St., Roslindale Joyce M. Casey 318 Lowell St., Methuen Ellen M. Cavanaugh 12 Rangeley St., Dorchester Joan E. Cavanaugh 16 Richfield Rd., Arlington Mary L. Clement 34 True St., Revere Antoinette P. Clemente 234 Forest St., Medford Arline D. Clepelle 186 No. Main St., West Hartford, Conn. Mary M. Clougherty 22 Caspian Way, Dorchester Shirley K. Cohen 15 Peabody St., Boston Rita M. Colantuono 61 Moulton St., Newton Lower Falls Charlotte T. Colbert 30 Cambria St., Somerville :Freshman irttturp Catherine M. Colman 71 Alban St., Dorchester Mary T. Connolly 72 Edgecliif Rd., Watertown Agnes C. Corcoran 19 Enheld Rd., Winthrop Barbara A. Cough West Street, Bar Harbor, Maine Patricia E. Coughlin 50 Summit Sr., West Roxbury Anita M. Couture 70 Proctor Ave., Revere Carolyn A. Cremens 130 Antrim St., Cambridge Mary J. Cusick Great Rd., Stow Theresa F. Cussen 125 Brook Ave., Dorchester Dorothy M. Dean 21 Rockledge Rd., Newton Hlds. Irene E. Dempsey 239 Emerald St., Malden Margaret M. Dennison 56 Trapelo St., Brighton Martha S. Dignan 157 Perkins Sr., Melrose Eileen C. Dinan 155 Lexington Ave., Cambridge Mary C. Doyle 5 Rainbow Rd., Marblehead Jane B. Drohan 56 Concord Ave., Milton Barbara A. Dunn 2 Webber Ave., Bedford Joan T. Dwane 32 Florence Ave., Norwood Jan Ferguson 5 Briarfield Rd., Milton Mary A. Fitzgerald 62 Line St., Somerville Mary Louise FitzGerald Z1 Hinckley Rd., Milton Teresa S. Fitzpatrick 100 Chestnut St., Boston M. Lorraine Flynn 281 Billings Rd., Wollaston Blanche L. Foley 9 Puritan Ave., Swampscott Jeanne P. Ford 14 Rose Garden Circle, Brighton Carmela T. Forgioue 15 Unity St., Boston Joan M. Gaffny 218 Lincoln St., Winthrop Jane F. Gallagher 30 Keene St., Stoneham Margaret L. Gallagher 59 Paul Gore St., Jamaica Plain Jean F. Gillis 8 Atkins St., Brighton Cecile A. Gingras 186 Henry Ave., Lynn Jacqueline Gingras 124 Washington St., Lynn Phyllis A. Guild 7 Arlington St., Cambridge Patricia I. Haire 193 Clifton St., Malden f172J Mary A. Hall 51 Greenleaf St., Haverhill Norma A. Halliday 422 Winthrop St., Winthrop JoAnn M. Hayden 134 Circuit Rd., Winthrop Marie T. Hayes 16 Tafts St., Dorchester Ruth V. Healy 69 Bellevue Hill Rd., West Roxbury Mary E. Hennessey 36 Plymouth Ave., Milton Dorothy M. Higgins 34 Loring St., Lawrence Eleanor A. Higgins 963 Centre St., Newton Centre Lorettea T. Higgins 99 Dakota St., Dorchester Margaret T. Hinchey 17 Mayall Rd., Waltham Amy M. Hoey 750 Saratoga St., East Boston Mary E. Howard 22 Stearns St., Malden Jean T. Hughes 77 Brington Rd., Brookline Joan M. Hughes 9 Sibley Court, Cambridge Lillian F. Hurley 14 Hallam St., Dorchester Angelina M. lerardi 24 Birch St., Lynn Valeria M. Jankauskas 194 Norfolk St., Cambridge Mildred F. Johnson 21 Buckingham Rd., Wollaston Kathleen L. Joyce 30 Lenoxdale Ave., Dorchester Marion L. Kane 294 Concord St., Framingham Barbara Keating 1059 Beacon St., Brookline Louise A. Keefe 72 Willow Ave., Wollaston Helen Kelleher 189 Rockland St., Canton Claire T. Kelley 27 Arcadia Ave., Lowell Eileen F. Kelley 36 West St., Milford Joan B. Keneiick 154 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Philomcna M. Kiley 133 Waverly Ave., Melrose Dorothy A. Killian 38 Clive St., Jamaica Plain Eleanora Korzeniowska 89 Union Park St., Boston Ursula B. Korzeniowska 89 Union Park St., Boston Mary Ellen Kreuz 130 Chilton St., Belmont Claire M. Labuski 337 Park Ave., Worcester Rox-Ellene LaPlante Old Glory Farm, Manslield Marilyn R. Lee 40 Cushing St., Wollaston Jane B. Lynch 1.07 W. Boylston St., Watertown Roberta M. Lynch 9 West Cottage St., Dorchester Margaret M. Magennis 5 Fresno St., Roslindale Joanne M. Maher 52 Berry St., Framingham Maureen Manning 17A Hammond St., Cambridge Aida T. Manrique 38 Orchard St., Jamaica Plain Anne E. Marrs 6 Columbus Rd., Peabody Madeleine C. Masse 28 Phoenix St., Central Falls, R. I. Eleanor A. Meskell 247 Governors Ave., Medford Marjorie T. Monahan 168 Beech St., Roslindale Teresa J. Mongini 433 Neponset St., Canton Helen F. Morrissey 47 Tennyson St., West Roxbury Vivian M. Morrison 25 Lovell Rd., Watertown Mary T. Moynihan 9 View St., Worcester Anne M. Mullane 87 Willowdean Ave., West Roxbury Mary Louise Mullen 2083 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Doris J. Muller 91 Carroll St., Chelsea Mary E. Murdy 15 Cherry St., Hyannis Jane M. Murphy 3 Thayer St., Framingham Jean M. Murphy 320 LaGrange St., West Roxbury Lorraine Murphy 723 Parker St., Roxbury Rosemary T. Murphy 23 Maple St., Gardner Ann K. Murray 27 Chellman St., West Roxbury Ann W. Murray 6 Elbert St., Roxbury Frances L. McCarthy 61 Ellsworth St., Brockton Eleanor O. McCarty 30 Bowdoin St., Arlington Patricia M. McCauley 38 Pleasant View Ave., Everett Louise F. McCorry 4 Wright St., Cambridge Patricia H. McDermott 7 Sheldon St., Roslindale Marie T. McDonald Homer St., Newton Centre Mildred T. McElroy 4 Worthington St., Roxbury Nancy J. McGrath 11 Richview St., Dorchester Patricia M. McSweeney 43 Summer St., Taunton Pauline E. Neelon Brook St., Franklin Mary E. Nichols 1165 Commonwealth Ave., Allston Ann R. Oberlander 1 Bataan Ct., Roxbury Marie F. O'Brien 12 Wren St., West Roxbury Mary W. O'Brien 30 West St., Beverly Farms Patricia A. O'Brien 78 Marine Rd., South Boston Mary Elizabeth O'Donnell 65 Huntington St., Lowell Mary P. O'Donnell 106 South Main St., Attleboro Elizabeth A. O'Hallorau 1880 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Lois B. O'Hara 78 Whittier Rd., Medford Rita F. O'Hearn 10 Argyle St., Everett Catherine J. O'Neil 57 Putnam Ave., Cambridge Laura J. Oskinis 23 Treadway Rd., Dorchester Elizabeth M. O'Sullivan 56 Mt. Vernon St., Dedham Imelda C. Owens 15 Holyoke Rd., Lynn Margaret M. Pashby 30 Herbert St., Lynn Dorothy T. Pemberton 894 North St., Randolph Denise A. Pepin 58 Fenwood Rd., Boston Lorraine S. Perry Oakley Rd., Dover Rosalia A. Pollycutt 216 Messinger St., Canton Ann D. Quinn Emerald St., Wrentham Barbara A. Quinn 48 Tennyson St., West Roxbury Marion M. Quinn 29 Irving St., Newton Centre Claire B. Reilly 48 Thompson St., Hyde Park Eleanor A. Rice 104 Cleveland St., Melrose Elizabeth A. Riley 129 Vinton St., Melrose Marie E. Riley 227 Manthorne Rd., West Roxbury Barbara G. Rooney 55 Grant St., Milford Eleanor D. Rossi 26 Fremont Ave., Everett Marie V. Russell 1862 Beacon St., Brookline Louise A. Saracino 147 Maverick St., East Boston Julia E. Sarjeant 86 Standard St., Mattapan Barbara A. Savage 45 Arborway Drive, East Braintree L1731 Virginia F. Shay 26 Marilyn Rd., Milton Sister Eleanor Silvestrie 1575 Cambridge St., Cambridge Sister St. John Francis St. Clement's Convent, Boston Sister Mary Pancratius St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Brighton Sister Rita Stumph 1575 Cambridge St., Cambridge Eileen M. Sirois 82 Wachusett Ave., Lawrence Smith, Jeanne M. 288 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington Barbara A. Spence 23 George St., Mattapan Martha M. Stanton 754 Broadway, Somerville Clara T. Stapleton 54 Lincoln St., Framingham Dorothy G. St. John 104 Locust St., Winthrop Gloria M. Stuart 93 Narragansett Rd., Quincy Margaret M. Sullivan 152 West Sixth St., South Boston Maureen H. Sullivan 40 Salem St., Lawrence Ann L. Sweeney 14 Hodges Ave., Taunton Rena L. Themistocles 25 Dean St., Southbtidge Veronica K. Thomas 164 Washington St., Fall River Phyllis T. Tirone 44 Lawrence Rd., Medford Joanne B. Tiernan 1654 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge Anna M. Tobin ZO Grant St., Cambridge Ann J. Tor ey Raymonci St., Everett Jeanette P. Twitchell 177 Paradise Rd., Swampscott Barbara M. Vasta 790 Washington St., Dorchester Ann M. Verdesca 48 Summit Ave., Winthrop Rosemarie L. Voegtlin 51 Glenway St., Dorchester Jean F. Whalen 892 Shirley St., Winthrop Mary C. White 722 LaGrange St., West Roxbury Leona A. Windorf 19 Mellen St., Dorchester SPECIAL STUDENTS Martha E. Hurley 9 Centerville Park, Dorchester Dorothy H. Keller 86 Jersey St., Boston Helen J. Madden 86 Jersey St., Boston Eunice M. McCarty 30 Adams Ave., Watertown Atoysius S. Pink 65' Company Designers and Manufacturers Lighting Fixtures Church Woodwork Decorative Painting -2? 84 Webster Street - West Newton 65, Mass. Tel. Lasell 7-8900 -:-:-:-:-:-: 7:7:kf:f:f:1:1:1:1:f:?:7:7:1:7:7:712:5:2:!:!:Y:f5:f:7:1:5:5:?:I:I:1:1:?:5:f:I:1:7:1:f:1:3:Y:Z5:I:3:!:! 2-:-:-:-:-I-:-rd.: A A'v'. A, ' -,-0.6, 1 jim ,gadlzion genfer fi ' V I I .gn Cgzmdrialge -' i ff SK I K M E IA Q E ICA, ' 5? S F0 N' iw ' E 1- f" dl 49 , C0 l we ff , , -'Q R: C ii Q M E 0,0 42,41 0 X I ow- .-: Nic 'E X X 9 ? J , , M R 1' Fashions For The 'fffoys " A' 41 s Entire Family and Home Q"'fff!,lf,.z- y . F? srons HOURS: 'bij' 4' Daily: 9:45 to 5:45 Wednesdays fo 12:30 p.m. Thursdays 9:45 to 9:00 p.m, Saturdays 9:45 to 9:00 p.m. CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED -. .-11. . 21.I..71232:1gZgZfPfBf3Q9f5gZ:I:IQIgIgijijfgijigl5213111552:I:'''''-'-'-"'j2gZ:ZgZgZg2gL:.Qljij111:212:131321IgI3L5.gigpg.J.g.'2'Z515Z'2f :-:-:':-:-:4:-Z-:2:1:1Z1:-:1:2:221:1:1:1:f:T:5:7:it521:2:1:5:i:i:1:C2112:i:i:1:1:1:i:1:1:f:2:I:15:11I'lzi:IS:2:2:2:1:?:2:3:7:3:Y:3:1 :-:f:f:1:3:555:1:fx1511112512:1:1z2:i:1:2:1:2:iz1:1:is5:f:3:i:f:1:f:f:1:5:f: :1:1:iz1:1:!:2:2:1:2:2:2:2:2:2:?:1:I:C:1:5:1:2:1:1:1:l:1:I:I:I:75:1:I:I:1:5:1:I5:11111:2:1:1:I:2:C:2:1:1:1:1:1:1:3:5:5:!:12522:I:izI:1:f:1:1:25:2:I:I:511:111:1:2:2:2:f:9:1:1:C:3:iz515511:5:5:1:1:iz2:2:iz1:5:3:1:2:f:1:1:1:2:f:1:-:7:fri:2:5:1:2:i:f:i:i:1:I:- Gompliments of Mfr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Pink CXJ3 rominent Spot on Matin Street. .. Within the past year AMP has been mentioned as part of the story or dialogue in at least 447 popular books of fact and fiction . VVell, 'lLll21'll,S perfectly natural, because we provide 6,000,000 American families with good food at low cost. Wherever plain people live, the ARP is an important part of their daily lives. Years ago it Was the familiar red-fronted grocery store. Today the super market, carrying over two lihousand different items, is as 1I1L1Cl1 a part of the American scene as the town hall or lVIain Street or the village green. N o wonder so many chroniclers of American life put the ANP into their narratives! lN'e're flattered to turn up in 47 books. But We know- and we think you know, too-that institutions like the ARP are built on generations of hard work and public service. If we're a fixture in American life, it's because the men and women of ARP have worked constantly for over 86 years to do the nationis most efficient job of food distribution. A 8g P FOOD STORES Compliments of Frank A. Fowler 828 Park Square Building Boston 16, Mass. Official Jeweler for 1947-48 College Rings Compliments QF Gain and iBe'rnawl Lawrence, Massachusetts if D. W. DUNN CO. H we you will al'wc1.ys find that frienrlly .vp-irit and a. real desifre to co-operate. PACKING MOVING 0 STORING SHIPPING E L H 189 FANDEL PRESS, . Complete Printing Service 59 MCBRIDE STREET JAMAICA PLAIN, MASS. 3175 WASHINGTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. Phones: Arnold 6-0204 0205 IIC M. J. MCCARTHY 84 CO. Commission G9YCeTcI1cmts TABLE AND SEED POTATOES 29-30 BOSTON 84 MAINE PRODUCE MARKET Charlestown 2-0317 CHARLESTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS Charlestown 2-0950 COMPLIMENTS YOUR PROM PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN S. DooLEY 'Pbotogmpber SPECIALIZING IN "CANDID" WEDDING PICTURES HOME PORTRAITS OF CHILDREN -FAMILY GROUPS BRIDAL PORTRAITS SCHOOL PROMS 45 ROSLIN STREET - DORCHESTER 24, MASS. C01umbia 5-9801 C'07ny2lfzfw1,e1zt.v ry' CLEARY'S Vflmoco Service Station 651 Broadway LAWRENCE, MASS. OOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOO T he cololjful VICTORIA SUITE the famous ' CAPTAIN'S CABIN or THE LAGOON will make an ideal setting for your next School Dance - Meetillg - Party Telephone C0 6-4500 Mr. Dini for Reservations I Mqfed A Slzemton Hotel Beacon St. at Kenmore Sq. BOSTON, MASS. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 9t.i1Ebumas fliluurz Lending Library and Book Shop Personal Service in Books at 33A Church Street, Harvard Sq. Cambridge, Nlass. KI 7-8770 john Curley, Inc. 24 School Street Boston 8, Massachusets Insumnce and Bonding Cosmopolitan Mfg. Co. Cambridge 42, Mass. A. J. Mercier 8: Son 'Painting and 'fDecomting CHURCHES - SCHOOLS - RESIDENCES OFFICE BUILDINGS 11A HAWKINS STREET Tel. LA 3-6884 BOSTON 14 C OM PLI M EN TS OF CITY COUNCIL LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS IVIAYOR HONORABLE JAMES P. MEEl'IAN ALDERMEN JOSEPH E. CARNEY ANDREW E. DONAHUE JOHN W. MCCARTHY LOUIS J. SCANLON U07IZYJZi'IILC71,lS of CODIPLIIIIENTS OF The Ea le C? Wonder g s. A. SHIEPE Clevmers O 6 METHUEN STREET LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS THE GENERAL FEDERAL NATIONAL ICE CREAM LINEN SERVICE OO. Corporation Remers 4 v COATS, APRONS, TOWELS, IS PROUD OF TI-IE FACT THAT ITS ICE CREAM IS USED BY EMMANUEL COLLEGE GOWNS, UNIFORMS "Always on Time" 1310 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. Tel. Highlands 7330 ACADEMY of NOTRE DAME CORNER OF GRANBY STREET and BAY STATE ROAD Boston - Massachusetts HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES CAMP WANNALANCET Two months of outdoor life awaits the girl who spends her summer at Camp Wannalaiicet. Two months of fun-filled days, amid pleasant surroundings, and enjoyment of land and water sports, liandcraft, and dramatics. Wannalancet provides all determining factors to parents who are seeking the ideal Catholic Camp. It is under the direct supervision of the Sisters of Notre Dame, assisted by a selec- ted group of Counselors. For further information, address SISTER SUPERIOR, Camp Vlfannalancet, Tyngsboro, Mass. COMPLIMENTS Harold A Ryan OF In eorpora ted MERRIMACK FLORIST AMUSEMENT Company PLANTS AND FLOWERS For A11 Occasions 9 581 MT. AUBURN STREET Represented by PETER TORRISI CAMBRIDGE Kir. 1207 12 Newbury St. LHWPGHCC - BLISS- Flowers by Telegraph RELIGIOUS ARTICLES VESTMENTS QI LB O ARD e ri eration . Rf g 'Benzzger 'B1'otbe1's, Inc. Compmzy 106 CHAUNCY STREET ' BOSTON, MASS. Telejllzone LIBERTY 1150 MORRIS GILBOARD, Prop. o 270 LOWELL STREET LAWRENCE - MASS. Tel. 33911 iff BOOKS CHURCH GOODS ACADEMY of NOTRE DAME ROXBURY, MASS. Comizzcted by tlac .S'ifrem' of Notre Dame of Nmfzzuf Boarding and Day School High School and Elementary Departments Aflilinfed with CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY, WASHINGTON, D. C. Addrexf: SISTER SUPERIOR H otel STATLER Boston Appreciates the con- tinued patronage of Emmanuel College and the Alumnae Association. D. B. STANBRO Manager BEST SELECTION OE Sterling Silver Rosary Beads ?5rei11in's Beligiuus Store Room 717, BLAKE BUILDING 59 TEMPLE PLACE BosToN, Mass. LI 2-7562 TI-IE EMMANUEL COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION greets the graduating class COM PLI MEN TS OF Hartne Tree Sur eons, Inc. Y 8 581 BOYLSTON STREET Boston - Massachusetts Comyzlfiments of Sterling Stores, Inc. vf New England Yankee Doodle Famous for its Fine Foods Q LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Telephones 21114 - 23733 J. Cronin Co., Inc. Coiztmctors 178 Valley Street LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Kelley? Motor Service Carburetor and Electrical Specialists O LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Short Summer and Full Secretarial Courses. Individual advancement. NVQ L H L 50400 SEER 74 E1 AQAA Special short courses for college graduates. 178 Tremont St. HAncock 6-8910 LAWRENCE PLATE 8. WINDOW GLASS CO. 417 CANAL STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. O WALTER V. DEMERS, Treas. 32415 Tel. 32416 23292 fBest Wishes . . . Guy Ormandy Orchestras TQTZ-CARLTON HOTEL 455 Little Building BOSTON 16, MASSACHUSETTS Tel. HAncock 6-7777 COMPLIMENTS OF oseph ,C Wade VILBWCO. , .l a 'fa ' 4? gi, . iw- 1:-VO, dwgvwvrnmp, BOS'I'ON,S DISTINCTIVIE STORE gamozzs TIIROUGI-IOUT THE NATION FOR Good goods 599 YDelz'cacz'e.v S. S. PIERCE CO. Stores in Baslon, Belmonl, Braoklim: Eff N ewton Mail and Telephone Order: Co11zp!imwzt.r af Matthew F. Sheehan Co V New ,E7ZgZ6Z7Z5Z,J' Leading Church Goods Home V 22 CHAUNCY STREET BOSTON, MASS. COM PLI M EN TS OF Boston Screen and Sash Co. 91 Mystic Street Arlington, Massachusetts JWANZFS HARRY FREEDMAN Shawsheen Garage In . W Caterer 247 METHUEN STREET 37-39 HAMPSHIRE STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. LAWRENCE, MASS. Geo. B. Robbins Disinfectant Co. 42 Carleton Street, Cambridge Uflutomatic 'Dishfector INSECTICIDES EXTERMINATORS for All Hbzuebold Pemr Telephone KIRKLAND 7-4186 DISINFECTANTS for All Places and Conditiovzs FLOWERS FOR ANY OCCASION JKle1'1'zll's 267 HARVARD STREET ' - Coolidge Corner Patrlck 81 Sons Corsfzges Our Specialty Mfavzufrzcfurerx of Cbfzlicex and Flowers Telegraphcd UMW Sacred Venelf Tel- ASpinWal1 7-3600 387 WASHINGTON ST. - BOSTON Llberty 2-8025 Thomas P. Mez Co. 730-N'5 Jlattress Service WHOLESALE O ' Fruit and Produce MATTRESSES ' Box SPRINGS PILLOWS Stalls 47-49 Faneuil Hall Illarket and Cellar No. 9 0 BOSTON, MASS. Tel. CAPitol 0284-0285 Qnovations Equal to New FRANCIS H. CURTIN KILEY 8: POWERS Insurance Agency GARAGE ' ESSO S61"1!iC672f61' 53 Broad Street V Boston, Mass. O CA 7-4722 and CA 7-4725 ALGONQUIN 1620 - ALGoNQU1N 2831 387 MARKET STREET BRIGHTON, MASS. Gompliments FRANK A. GENDREAU Of 45 Winter Street Owr Good Friends Room eos-6 BOSTON S O Expert Watch, Clock and Jewelry League Diamonclk - Watches - Jewelry MEN'S and LADIES' FORMAL CLOTHES to RENT READ 8 WHITE JOSEPH A. MCLAUGHLIN 'Religious alrticles ROOM 313 - WASH. BLDG. 387 WASHINGTON STREET 111 Summlfzlc ST. BOSTON Supreme Cleaners BEST WISHES 275 Broadway ef 4 LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS FRIEND Complimmtm of . COMPLIMENTS Smzth House 500 Memorial Drive of 4 Cambridge, Massachusetts Famous Foods for Fifty Years FRIEND Neil B. Doherty Co. "E11erytl1ingfor the Sisters " COMMUNITY SUPPLIES AND FABRICS Q Special Attention to Postulants 0 99 CHAUNCY STREET Textile Building ' BOSTON - MASS. HAncock 6-1614 Corn,pZ1f'nze'r'Lf.s' Qf Anthony P. Ramey Lawrence, Massachusetts Careyk Flower Shoppe 100 Warren Street ROXBURY - MASS. Tel. Res. Highlands 4-6630 Highlands 4-7621 Gloria Chain Stores, Inc. Stores throughout Massachusetts 0 87 LAWRENCE STREET LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS G. FRANCIS JANES. PAUL G. CRONIN Pres. 6' Trcas. Vice-Prcs. Doe, Sulli1lli1Z2965f Co., Im. Wholesalers and Retailers of BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS, Etc. 61 39' 63 FANEUIL HALL MARKET and Basement HM South Side Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON, MASS. czxpicoi 7-9850 - 1 - 2 Compliments qc M. B. FOSTER Electric Company V 368 CONGRESS STREET BOSTON Telephone LIBERTY 2-8385 Telephone Trowbridge 1000 Member Florists Telegraph Delivery Association ofa also FRIEND The Florist 736 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE CAMBRIDGE, IVIASSACHUSETTS 00lIL1llIt7l7,E?l,If-S' C'ompli'me1zts of af H. FRED SILVA Jlifczrio Cvzliri Lawrence, Massachusetts 0077L7Il'2:7l1,G7llS rj S A M S A B A' S Variety Store 64-5 Broadway LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS N. Nassar Motor Co. INC. Sales - Service 9 LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS -Iohnj. Breen Charles M. Breen Tiegiftered Embzzlmers of az o COR. CROSS Ee HAMPSHIRE STREETS LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS D. I-I. Leahy F. Leahy SECRETARIAL SCHOOL 9 A"iQ'Zii,'iiZhf'Ci'f8SiOst0n The Special Courses for College Women Individual advancement Excellent placement Summer School June 28 and July 12 Fall Term September 20 9 Writ: for Catalog Uovnplvfmevlts of KENNEDY A Cleaners LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Institutional Dry Goods Convent and Hospital Supplies Club Merchandise 9 38 Chauncy Street BOSTON LI 2-8630 With every good wish for success to our many friends AT EMMANUEL Whiting Mille Company Qualify for Over n Century! Compliments of White Cross Bakery V LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS Grateful Thanks of F R O M M G E O R G E Lawrence, Massachusetts to the Epilogue Staff Gills the ojfcial Photographers for this Annual, we sincerely appreciate the splendid coop' eration afforded us by Students and Faculty alike. -ne 3120K 1 S lmio if 4' it I 1306 Beacon Street Brookline, Mass. Donovan 81 Sullivan Engraving Company ATLANTIC AVENUE HARBOR BUILDING BOSTON - MASS. ir Engravers of the 1948 Epilogue A m i i ! 'iii' f "-TT L, A PRINT f SIZFP X ' t mass X! Xtnrnuxnru I 9 4 8 1798 .-X V ,J- 1 oth Uiiniversczry As early as 1798 Ildessrs. Ames and Parker had set up a printing press in Andover. Enlarged during the early years of the nineteenth century through the enterprise of Dr. Eliphalet Pearson, the first principal of Phillips Academy, Andover, which had been established Z0 years earlier, the press became widely known throughout the United States and many foreign countries through the publications printed for Harvard Univer- sity and the Andover T ,eological Seminary. h The present Andover Press, building on noble traditions, is today perhaps the best-known school and college print shop in New England. Proud of a glorious past, but not satisjied to rest on its-laurels, the press has kept pace with the times by enlarging its plant and adding modern equipment in all departments. In its one hundred and fiftieth year, the Andover Press, Ltd., is proud to number among its publications the 1948 EPILOGUE. The ANDOVER PRESS, ,Qu ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS CT .ASS CDF 1948 S CI .ASS QF 194-9 S CLASS QF 1950 S CI .ASS QF 1951 S N. I u Q w -

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