Emma Willard School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Troy, NY)

 - Class of 1930

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A-M I ,H J r E L I + 5 i 1 Q W, .yn YV . R Q 4 ,, , A A ,. 'W ,L ,. 'nf' f s A s ? x S S 2 E E 2 1 E S I 5 5 . Z 1 S Q Z 5 s 5 E l a Q 5 A Q 1 . , ' 'N ,Ami :as I 5' O wmwg YL u M Q wr.-n 3 H5322 I 3 1 .2135 9 . X l X 7 ,I- 1 Copyright 1930 HILDEGARDE HARRIS Editor ANN WILSON Business Manager ,,4uu.a. A pigs VVQS' 39 "' 'PWR .'x 0 'M "Ml , ii if iimiiziaacs Seniors iiuniursi Supbumures jfrzshmen ziiiiniiiis Qtblztirs Qhhertisements Behiratiun Ulu jlliliss kellas, for tnhnse untiring effurts anh inspiring example our hearts are filleh tnith gratitnhe, me Debi: rate this hunk in the hnpe that she mill rereihe it as a token nf the appreciation anti Iuhe tnhirh the rlass uf 1930 has for her. W f , O 45 7505 his Eight Zllma jllllater Reared on the heights of Ida, Against a Wide-arched sky, The sunheams fall athwart thee, The moonbeams gently lie. Across thy open hilltop The Winds blow bold and free. O ye gray walls, protecting, VVe raise our song to thee. Come let us sing together A song of grateful praise: In honor of our founder, The joyous strain upraise. 'Twas she beheld the vision, And Wrought with steadfast W 'Tis We with joyous labor, That vision must fulfill. L'Semper Fidelisw singing, To Emma lvillard, dear, Above thy gray Walls, ringing, illg Qur song iloats sweet and clear. Oh, touch each fleeting moment lVith friendship's alchemyg The days that lie before us, Our memories soon shall be. C.L.C X f' 0 1 kg? :I In s . ' 'X nk cr Q' J , Qi i Ag ov' xhx Qs! Q , . f n o 45 fgw 'K A Q, o im pw A Qu-vwdgpgsw yGuJU'f'A tw-L'jj 55,2 ,V!5f'MfJXii1R' N1 ANDERsoN - 1, X , thage, N. Y. -qi ii ' ecember 3,1911 3 i JJ W, Two Years I f' College Preparatory for Wellesley ff Athletic Association Basketball Team fSubstitutej Dramatic Club "Fair and softly goes far" Ten MILDRED ADAMS Louisville, Kentucky August 12, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club "If I shoot at the sun, I may hit a star eo me MARIANNA ARMITAGE Troy, New York November 18, 1912 Eight Years General Course Athletic Association "Pardon the franlcness of my mirth" JANE ARNOLD New York City November 19, 1912 Three Years College Preparatory for Wells Athletic Association D t' Cl b l ' Scicaigiadgmmiittee , 'r, 5,4 if "And learn the lllxiii iogrfoig 5g'jfAV!, ,,9 fe Fr HQ., 29 . W f J, ff' H! J? 'fl it ' if A gf ,fi NJA ffkffl cf' Ui f W L7 f g f Eleven s ff 0 f 1 1" is of ,V fi! I 9' is s 'lf"3,f 'ff' airy Mr li ELIZABETH BARNES Q Rochester, New York February 27, 1913 y Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Hockey Team "We have been friends together in sun- shine and shade" ,-- fi M, fayjym fe X V f 7 I, If ' . Q 1277124 '55 h-A4 ti fjagez 4. ,Z ,Za Z 74 A ,4 ,. , E A E E--S----A----......, X EMILY BENEDICT Troy, New York January 12, 1913 Six Years College Preparatory for Syracuse Athletic Association Hockey Team "True as the needle to the pole, or the dial to the sun" Twelve x 'er Q 1930 HARRIET BENSEN New Haven, Connecticut September 22, 1911 Three Years General Course Athletic Association f Glee Club CSecretary-Treasurerj Social Committee Dramatic Club "She that was efuer fair ana' newer proud Had tongue at will and yet was nefver loud" E IH-II I A A? qfnklt, . -- ,- of o l l l v-ik ' JANE BONVKER Northampton, Massachusetts I June ll, 1911 1 l 1 Two Years General Course Athletic Association ' Glee Club 1 Reserve Choir I "Every man has his fault, honesty was hi If J3 uf 035' ' qdifbnfk zswe UVVS'4 Thirteen Pg Sr E51 U' . Ji" ex 1 XXV? 95' QQ' V W, ,W 1 is G ,fx J' gy irljjfri 35,0 if ji rj -. -,ri X JDQJN . ELIZABETH BUCK Hartford, Connecticut February 3, 1912 Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Glee Club Choir Dramatic Club "She may be little, but oh my!" ' ' Fourteen one EH-Ill JAYNE BREWER Cortland, New York May 6, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Outdoor Basketball Team HTO those who knofw thee not, no words can paintg And those who know thee know all words are faint" ima are ELIZABETH CAREY Cedar Rapids, Iowa March 2, 1913 Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Vice-President Senior Class Student Council Athletic Association Dramatic Club Choir "Forward and frolie glee was there, The will to do, the soul to dare" Yr? lb Clewwfvfwv-f ,Qa,Q4Mfc1-ew WJMQAAUM GOQZWMLM g,4,,Jila-t,4.L. wg fly BEATRICE CHASEQXHL QSXQXXA Hudson, New York , X! August 21, 1911 dk gf Five Years 5 X f College Preparatory for Simmon ' N X1 1 Dramatic Club Sf ,K Athletic Association YC x Eg, U To greet with friendly hail each pas - K ing face it To find the green-girt world a glad- Q A some place" , , 'fx fs lf iv st Fifteen My x F1930 K QM ll my sg! W 1 s 3364 , SJ' we Q gi I 1 CLARK W, ,W l me EEK! CHARLENE CHURCH Akron, lshio-' Han' Q' September 12, 1913 TWO Years College Preparatory for Wellesley Head of Sage Hall Student Council Dramatic Club Athletic Association GARGOYLE Board Basketball Team "fl daughter of the gods, divinely tall rind most divinely fair" Q WW A K Mlcl s ls, New York MMM MMW Lf 1,1912 I Vip 1 W' Years WM, 6 lege Pre ara ory for Vassar jk? io ' ra a' Cl 1 f e eg good at sudden com- ' Wm 0- me ary' ir ' ra wdiwlj M Tic, , I . f f . 1' he yy iyfylwf Q f. X i ' of . at 1 193 is BEL lg R Canton, Ohio 1 eptember 7, 1910 Two Years College Preparatory for Conrieclicut Athletic Association "ds funny as I can IH-Il .gf - .mv A X 'F 57 ' v sv ff fyjiilw' ff ff' jjsq' Q ff if ff 'NA' 4x ' if-7'1" ' A' N VI 76 JA V ef- , ,fvfif f iq! J, J ,Aj as MARGA ET CLARK ,g' New York City November 11, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Smith Dramatic Club Athletic Association "He hath a daily beauty in his life" Seventeen 17 P aasagerif MW-Www O ENUM lui-NK i1O'sfN,,,iwMQ0Ci0bef 5, 1912 Qokyp NDQSQQ-Xorg A' Four Years csv-L'-i 45" DORIS COOK -'S-LZ, Cedar Rapids Iowa VNS College Preparatoi' or Vassar .sv-9 Y Gb-W -gg . . . 30- SS Athletic Association QW!-M9 S Xp:-0 Head of Christian Association NW i Student Council R970 if faiangle Board S5279 Kiev "True dignity ahides with her alone" fbfgk- Tail 2 CIE"-97 L99 Wmyg KX,-yu X -s ff'-fkwffff wb foxy' Y-.vb W musSfyAVdJ9 Guyana,-P6 0 EUGENIE COLEMAN Troy, New York November 13, 1912 Twelve Years College Prepa1'at0ry for Wellesley Athletic Association "The only way to have a friend is to he one" WA As T3 s 1930 ELIZABETH CRAWFQRD Terre Haute, Indiana April 5, 1912 Two Years General Course Athletic Association "Silence sweeter is than speech" Evanston, Illinois March 15, 1911 Two Years General Course Head of Dress Committee Athletic Association Hffath the spirit of beauty kixed You on the path of duty" aavaaa, Jtewaai Jc,m.7pq LK ,f,4,J' X' 7MAA4f.! MAA-Zi yi ,AJWAMAQQ 4?t"'f7eZf'm. ie" FRANCES CUMMINS M tw affoplowa iitllkithwgkjkjaj i 4 M W Dramatic Club I Reserve Chior WM 0 W K X I N N iaeteen W te Wt l7 iqi40f'Ulgf+ll0fO!,5xI,tlf llitlll, lllw XJ' :lol A UPF JARY DOWNING O! Mff A Nr eWA1!7G00k, New York Mm g June29, 1910 jx - lfllpkl Inf, uflghree Years . g 4 I ffijwj, Alffleizeral Coarse l clad o Bowlin ,I A . , 3 f I ,fs Athletic Association Dramatic Club Y ' "Mildest of manner and gentlest of , heart" - l Twenty V ICU? -1 EHR MARGARET CUSHMAN Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts April 23, 1912 TWO Years e College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association GARGOYLE Board Dramatic Club "Thus all below is strength and all abofve grace" a aaa mf JOUETT EVERHART Pueblo, Colorado April 12, 1912 Five Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association GARGOYLE Board Dramatic Club ' "The mirror of all courtesy" i.,-1 I Q '- ' . CAROLINE FINN S U AWO- Middletown, New Yorkqixqd big-"U" S September 13, 1912 ' own J-f9U- Two Years UQQJA wg, Ufqgm, College Prepartory for Wellesley ni- ULD? Athletic Association ' ' H Choir fSecretaryj E - L Glee Club ctqs load 4-QM - Assistant Head of Study Hall 569 ff,1nj'wh!:3the1' coldness, pride, or 'virtue I , Q -f vial - zgnz y A woman, so she's good, what does it L0-QL - , signify?" , Clcaaeilliili Z,,..l.. Twenty-one was ME IEHI MARJORIE GOODELL MOHtClHl1', New Jersey March 5, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for I Athletic Associa ' GARGOYLE ' le Boar ee Club 4 Dra u aes ve C r saofwl Outdoor etball Tlzzs 5' . fb' UU MARY GRAVES J mb West Hartford, Connecticut V C-5 A September 23, 1912 Uk qp, 0,0 1 Two Years W' W Agoflege Preparatory for Smith CC ,el wK5 Rletic soiation f t X -fllvp ere 1' CHSUfCl' of Dramatic Club GN go Te m X ' fru' ve sim!! know her" Twenty-two 6 dn Jtej thing, can do every- iwljfyl -S' mr JANE HALL Hartford. Connecticut November 25, 1911 Three Years Athletic Assoc'ation Head ofQt1ad?Ha11 Stu napffouncil D,r tic Club X all-Io Wea Substitutej " e ill for the deed' I MARGARET HAMILTON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 22, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association GARGOYLE Board Hockey Team QSubstitutej Head of Roller Skating Dramatic Club "It matters not the work I do, A5 that I bring to something all my best" A , 1 X,-,,,,, l V Tl. N19 ,Q I- 0' xvl 0 sg 1 5 K ' N' 5' Fx ogkxs gslventgjglee A .W ,i - . t 12 fl- R Q - I xxx Q, XX Z GIA hfJfks'.A xigtxgk was V, V A ' LA N t K it . lu 01: A. Q lx"'l't iiilmsfi MARY HOBART Troy, New York February 20, 1913 Five Years College Preparatory for Sweet Briar Athletic Association Triangle Board "Her air, her manners all who saw ad- admired, Courteous though coy, and .gentle though not retired" Twenty-four THU? t -1 EEK! HILDEGARDE HARRIS Toronto, Ontario March 2, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for the University of Toronto Triangle Board Editor-in-Chief of GARGOYLE Athletic Association "Wit and wisdom are horn with a man Xkw C9.QCin-XAQJULCSQDV C3-3965.99-5QCu F 9 C1939 oss ' TCw l W' xg 51.35 is e ww JANET HUNTER . Lakeville, Connecticut December 11, 1911 Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association GARGLJYLIE Board Hockey Team "In friendship I early 'was taught to believe" 1 DOROTHY JONES Kingston, Pennsylvania July 8, 1911 Two Years General Athletic Association Glee Club Dress Committee Dramatic Club Reserve Choir "To be merry be Course st becomes you" Twenty-five e easel ROSALIE KAHN Detroit, Michigan December 8, 1912 TWO Years College Preparatory for Vassar GARGOYLE Board Triangle Board Glee Club Choir Athletic Association Hockey Team QSubstitutej Dramatic Club "Thus happiness depends as Nature T PATRICIA JONES Kalamazoo, Michigan March 17, 1913 Two Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association "Sensitive, swift to resent, but as swift in atoning for error" shofws Less on exterior things than inost sup- pose" KU 2.9.9 Qxam M-LLL - Twenty-six A XANA.-nLQCxQfd-'LID 'D QQ' XSD-v-2,- i W' 'W me 491605 P9 19:0 . as ELEANOR KEELER Brooklyn, New York December 20, 1903 One Year College Preparatory for Russell Sage Glee Club Choir Dramatic Club "Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul" I MARGARET KETCHUM Troy, New York July 7, 1912 Twelve Years College Preparatory for Russell Sage Athletic Association "No man 'was ever wise by rhancen Twenty-seven ,Q-2h-'m-fLJL- M ' ere Www -AMB- ee K o62uMLA4..,,- Mmm L'7'L-3-'LQAQMAA1 li-Qiiilngal lilmyve n4.AA.,n. !Qf2SUi,C1WcQL5 2L::-LUVJ. if we QM, e fm HELEN LUEDER Mount Vernon, New York November 13, 1910 Two Years General Course Glee Club Choir Athletic Association Head of Basketball "Her words are bonds, Her love sincere" Twenty-eight CAROLYN LEWIS Newton Centre, Massachusetts March 22, 1912 Three Years College Preparatory for Wellesley President of Senior Class Student Council Drarnatic Club Athletic Association Glee Club Choir Basketball Team "One who, nefuer turned his back but marched breast forward" MARIORIE NICCLELLAND ' Decatur, Illinois May 26, 1912 Two Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club '!SZo'w but steady wins the rare W We-ni' M? LAURA MQELDoWNEY wt' 9 """""J, Bridgfrport, Connecticut LVMM WM J April 26, 1913 f-Q2 U44 core-fe Two Years im N.sfwspww1!'U'l-so-nN"4' College Preparalory for Vassar ,,.,.,Jj,t.e.5.4.,b Athletic Association WA Cvlee Club dig Dramatic Club C"L"'r""0', 3 Kwon 34,4 E "Good nature and good sense must ever join" L"""1" Twenty-nine JL. J 19301 JANE NIILLARD Troy, New York July 15, 1911 Ten Years Athletic Association Triangle Board Outdoor Basketball Team fCaptainj "The shortest answer is doing 0. if he 1 BETTINE MILLER xx Troy, New York .N XX April 3, 1911' -1 ATlWelve Years, General Course Athletic Association "No star efver rose or set without influ- ence somewhere" Thirty P9 oo ME E EEK! College Preparatory for Sweet Briar . V ,E W Q 1 1930 ' MARGARET MINOR New Haven, Connecticut Cctober 22, 1913 Two Years College Preparatory fhr Vassar Athletic Association Choir Dramatic Club Mt s 'x cL3lY.n.auS5a.AaJ:.. TCL. 'lAu:-- C-.LJ J wish.- qw -n l Glee Club 39 "The sweetest garland to the .vfwecteyt maid" V DOROTHY MINSCH Montclair, New Jersey December l7, l92l TWO Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association Dress Committee Social Committee Christian Association Committee Dramatic Club "Promise is most ifven when the least s . g 15 sazdu Thirty-one WM wfwgtit 9, 6f"'l,J WW 4-f"'l.'V'M M Ml MM if wfif oqfyfajiyw for it Mfiyl temf wwf 1-TESTER MOUNT Montclair, New Jersey February 7, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association Head of Student Government Dramatic Club Hockey Team "Dux femina facti" Thirty-two Pi B IHII BETTY MOORE Canton, Ohio Two Years December 19, 1912 i Ciollege Preparatory Athletic Association Dramatic Club 'Newereidle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others" l , e, W lfwvx KX Ok 'Mltbdvi WWAJVI lv E P9 CORNELIA GROOT MURRAY Riverton, New Jersey August 5, 1912 Three Years College Preparatory for Mount Holyoke President of Athletic Association Student Council Basketball Team "O'er bank and ha5h,' Throagh thick and thin" l ll y y c A sres ,l , sq It 4,172 fi fifaa ,Ama , fi. I X -nvgfggigijjllkwij SALLY NlCHOI,SON Decatur, Illinois P M June 23, 1911 QXJJ Two Years W! General Course Athletic Association She'5 'very thoughtful, very fair, Always 'willing to do her share" Thirty-three x are e EUR? LOIS NOLLER Troy, New York December 22, 1911 Five Years General Course Athletic Association "Wise to resolfue, and patient to per form" l RUTH OGDEN Ithaca, New York April 29, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Vice-President Christian Association Glee Club Head of Health Hockey Team "Her strength was as the strength of ten, because her heart was pure" Thirty-four 1930 POLLY PACKARD Springfield, Massachusetts March 5, 1911 Five Years General Course Athletic Association Glee Club "All things rome rouna' to him who will but wait" eff JANE PALNIER Parma, Michigan September 18, 1912 Two Years I College Preparatory for Smith MVT' 'C Athletic Association J b Glee Club ' - Dramatic Club . ' ' , Ring Committee 7 4 '21 thing .veriouxly pzrs Y 1 r .v tr UL enjoyment" ' I If W . i .0 ! I , 1' Thirigg X f' 1 .P .. U 1 w n Jlr W ,l if' 'X 1. Q1 I 1930 VIRGINIA PARROTT Princeton, New Jersey May 8, 1912 Three Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir Secretary of Class Student Council "Out of the ahundan mouth speakethu Thirty-six ME PATRICIA PARKHURST Gloversville, New York March 3, 1913 Two Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Glee Club "Who brings sunshine into the life 0 another has sunshine in her ofwnf' ce of the heart the ME UNDINE PHILLIPS Butler, Pennsylvania August 2, 1912 Three Years General Course Athletic Association "You -wear your joy of lifoing like a crown" Q ,11,arff"47KA .CW W' M i,J1"' W i WWW f t rate' 45' ..' x 09,-' f l VJ ' A ' LOUISE PORTER U5 1' ,K Hsrggzifirfizffgsaws ,ig 5 wzliw- Three Yjears C i Q ,. Q-'Xl lr- College Preparatory for Mount' cg Holyoke xqbv ' ir. Athletic Association Eg, W W Dramatic Club Q "Sir" Triangle Board Qliditor-in-Chiefj "Of all those arts in which the wise excel Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well" Thirty-seven X , eogaizruf ARY LOVE ROSE 'e York City, New York 1 ' s February 29, 1912 Nj!! M Years X A C ge Preparatory for Connecticut Xf' D College l Athletic Association ff Dramatic Club "And mistress of herself though China fall" Tllirly-eight SARAH RAYMOND Kansas City, Missouri December 5, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Vice-President Athletic Association Hockey Team "She has awbright and clever mind, Her cheek with health and beauty glows" aa me NANCY SAVAGE Scarsdale, New York May 9, 1913 Two Years College Preparatory for Sweet Briar Athletic Association GMA, "Eafil drink, and be merry" fy 6,1-'y , , iv' 04" 9' . -ff 4 -be eff f MU. OM of pw' offoajjl VZe'll4L"M .qi I ,g1,,.,.Z...,..7- it-af:--I NANCY SEELY 76' lf ' 'jf ,inf ,W Xu? 44-5 Miami, Florida 'f June 19, 1913 Three Years College Preparatory for Wellesley ' ! A Athletic Association President of Dramatic Club Assistant Editor-in-Chief of GARGOYLE ' Chairman of Social Committee l Hockey Team CSubstitute "He who is frm in will molds the world to himself" Thirty-nine 53 'sf ij' , ta e .1 1, sf G TUE tfgaiffifg, MARY SHEPP W' . . Q W g lVl1llersburg, Pennsylvania Wil Julyfil, 1911 1 I Five Years Mm General Course ilk Athletic Association ' President of Choir ' Glee Club Hockey Team "Honest and sincere, To all nameless friends the f Forty rien1l" HARRIET SEXTON Grand Rapids, Michigan October 21, 1912 Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Senior Cheer Leader "Pretty to walk with, Witty to talk with, Pleasant to think upon" gi,-,d,,,,y ,-rUg,0,,,,:5 ff.,QZ!,2g yea S590 Afaflf 2.54.-ocaf ,fc4.4.4S .K Aflaahfewf' 2515154 new MARION SMITH Springfield, Massachusetts March 5, 1912 Five Years General Course Athletic Association Vice-President Dramatic Club Hockey Team "fl tender heart, a will inflexible" AMCL i , r.,,,y I SARA LOUISE SNELL 'fl ' 41? Potsdam, New York , -aaucy' October 8, 1912 K ,gligcr ,17 Three Years ,,.., ,Q-,gugd College Preparatory for Vassar 7, :tin : ,I Athletic Association r V ' Treasurer Class of 1930 2 -2-aj' ff'-7 'Md' Student Council f' Glee Club M A4 Choir J 1, Dramatic Club 1 Q . Ring Committee K X "Be wise todayg 'tis madness to defer" Forty-one G CATHERINE STRUBLE Holyoke, Massachusetts January 10, 1912 Three Years College Preparatory for Athletic Association Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir "Distinction without ct diferencen F arty-two QB CH? EEHI JEAN STIRLING Mechanicville, New York August 24, 1912 , Five Years College Preparatory for Simmons Athletic Association Dramatic Club "Retiring, but a girl fwe'd like to know" .161-'Q C-94,0923 274-L Vassar A P9 l Woof W, ,7,,,-,A AC'-rf-cQ.fQ..c?1 E 4 1930 FRANCES TALIAFERRO Grand Rapids, Michigan March 6, 1911 TWO Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Chairman Reading Club Senior Cheer Leader Reserve Choir "Her thoughts have a high aim, their dwellings be in the fvale humble heart" me but of a .WWW an Wea RUTH TIFFANY 1 L4 All Burlington, Vermont February 15, 1911 0 , 2 dm ' Five Years Ga General Course, Boston School of Fine M Arts and Crafts Q! Athletic Association I : Dramatic Club fd Dress Committee "I am not of that feather to shake of "ff my friend when he must need me" f - V ' f WW Forty-three e aa ce NEELTJE VAN BERGEN Syracuse, New York May 12, 1912 U Three Years General Course Athletic Association Glee Club Choir Dramatic Club Ring Committee Head of Swimming GARGOYLE Board Senior Cheer Leader fl ' '. fm There 15 no -wudo Forty-four EVELYN TIFFT Springfield, Mass. July 2, 1911 Four Years General Course Athletic Association Entertainment Committee Hockey Team QCaptainj Dramatic Club "I drink tothe general joy of table" the 'whole like franlenessu V' 'flew M? BETTINA VANDERPOOL Troy, New York August 23, 1912 Six Years College Preparatory for Russell S Athletic Association "If what must he given is given lingly, the kindness is doubled" age wil- DOROTHY VAWTER Benton Harbor, Michigan November 12, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Wellesley Head of Kellas Hall Student Council GARGOYLE Board Athletic Association Dramatic Club "Good sense which only is the gift of Heaven, And lhro' no science fairly worth the seven." Forty-five 62133 TLCIE DOROTHY VEEDER Hartford, Connecticut December 26, 1913 Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Choir Glee Club Head of Library "Clearne55 marks the sincerity of phi losophyu Ni -ill' Milli ' f box JA 'ol fir my yy! q1liATHERiNE WAKEMAN kqpt' A My wyAGlen Ridge, New York ' July 29, 1912 vlqy ' W Five Years by JVM General Course for Sarah Lawrenfe X, ,QA Athletic Association OF Dramatic Club Dress Committee "fl thing of beauty 15 a joy forewrv Forty-six ee rar: Elin EEK! MARY VVALSER Ann Arbor, Michigan September 19, 1913 Two Years College Preparatory for Sarah Lawrence Glee Club - "Gentle in speech, beneficent in mind" CAROLINE WARD New Rochelle, New York Cctober 23, 1910 Four Years General Course Glee Club f Athletic Association Dramatic Club Choir Basketball QSubstitutej ' "Behold, I do not gifve lectures or a little charity, When I give I gifve myself" YB W an-A M Forty-seven x X 5 f 1 a 1-81930 ' 1 JULIA WEST Akron, Ohio cbruary 29, 1912 A One Year thle ' Association, Dramatic 1ub "A merry heart maketh a cheerful coun- tenanceu Col e Preparatory for Vassar aw 1 HELEN WEST 1 Grand Rapids, Michigan March 3, 1911 Four Years College Preparatory for Vassar GARGOYLE Board Athletic Association "See life steadily and see it whole" UQ, ULESYA-ic LQQQQU. ' KSQES-0-C1:1.Q. tm..X,,,,zir0EsJ 332633 with Owcnntfo, Um.,- Again. sw sg E si , 1 Forty-eight 1930 JANET WILLIAMS Scranton, Penn. January16, 1912 Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Glee Club "Write me as one 'who lofues his fellow men" In it ,wi ' fd .Hy -ff' , f' r' A W' eff, Q. X A 1 MARGARET VVILLIAMS Grand Rapids, Michigan .X 45 September 4, 1911 xdnf 37 Five Years 0 ' 60,9 ' , 04' xl D ,501 5 General Coursev ash Win? r Athlecic Association fp Q51 QQ7' ' A Dramatic Club A' Q Chairman of Entertainment Com- Ax' 1 0' x 1 mittee fn. A . Choir 5 " Glee Club 'yo f GARGOYLIQ Board Cheer Leader F "Happy am I, from rare I'm free, lVhf aren't the' all contented like 3 3 ine?" F arty-nine yy 'g:n"" if ,,iW', 'Wasil giilsi 5 A ,MXN iv A all an if Mfg x X ANN WILSON Saginaw, Michigan June 29, 19111 Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Head of Ring Committee Business Editor of GARGOYLE Glee Club Choir Dramatic Club NC0mmon sense zs not so common" Fifty an BARBARA WILLIAMSON Bridgeport, Connecticut October 14, 1912 Two Years College Preparatory for Wellesley Head of Tennis Dramatic Club Athletic Association Glee Club "One who is fair-dealing and straight for-ward" f., V e GE NIILDRED VVINSLOVV Carrollton, Kentucky January 8, 1913 Two Years College Preparatory for Pffellesley Choir Glee Club Hockey Team Athletic Association "Mzz.Sic is the universal spirit of man- kind" .43- KATHRYN VVOLF Troy, New York January 26, l9l2 Eleven Years General Course Athletic Association "As happy as the day is long" F ifty-one . vi G E fa. MARY LQUISE WORLEY Ann Arbor, Michigan January 25, 1913 Three Years College Preparatory for Michigan Athletic Association GARGOYLE Board Glee Club Dramatic Club Outdoor Basketball Team iri1ze" vp! K fr ,Naam 4 W S' 6 if X39 in IQKRRIET YoUNG 5 H' Ie Des Moines, Iowa cl, 4, Januarylfs, 1912 Three Years ollege Preparatory for Vassar Xithletic Association K? WY Dramatic Club Head of Hockey J Hockey Team ,fri X jay? Sl "A eherab'5 face-a rascal all the rest" Fifty-two "fl merry heart doelh good like a med- , Q 35 Q5 ALICE JUDD "Too early seen zmlenown, and know: too late." Fifty-three 492113 119 ICE Qs we See Q9ur5elhes Moist Dependable .... Most Versatile ..,... . Most Athletic ...,... Mo-st Brains . . . . . . Most Artistic ... ... Most Dramatic ...... Most Tactful ....... Most Absent-minded . Most Literary ....... Quietest ..... . . . Best Looking .. . . .. Wittiest ............ Most Executive ..... Noisiest ........... . . Mosit Argumentative . Most Pioise ......... Most Amusing ...... Best Spirit .......... Most Happy-Go-Lucky Most Gullible ....... Most Popular ....... Greatest Admirer of the Masculine .... Easiest to Get Along With ............. Best All Around ..... Fifty-four Mount Lewis Tifft Mount Kahn Lewis Taliaferro Porter Porter Porter Church Sexton Mount Sexton Veeder Mount Sexton Mount Sexton Van Bergen Lewis M. VVilliams Lewis Lewis Harris Kahn Murray Porter Hamilton Lewis Vtfalser Porter Harris Minsch Young Sexton Lewis Sexton Veeder Seely Mount Sexton Kahn Harris Sexton Van Bergen Lewis VK-'akenian Lewis Mount EH! 'Seely Harris Lewis Murray Harris T iifany Goodell Kahn Taliaferro VVakeman Seely Arnold Wakeman l. Clark Goodell Sexton Veeder Taliaferro Sexton Seely Titft Carey Sexton West Worley Everhart Sexton Taliaferro Lewis 'ff av W3 1930 EH! Senior Qllass QBffirers CAROLYN LEWIS . . President ELIZABETH CAREY Vive-President VIRGINIA PARROTT , Secrezary SARA LOUISE SNIQLL . Treasurer Fil: v-live aim mf my Fifty-six Swim Zlauckep bang VVe've left all our fathers and mothers. VVe've gone and We've left our good homes. VVe've left all our sweethearts and brothers, And Come to this hilltop to roam. Last Tuesday they Wrote me a letter And told me to come home again. Last Friday I sent back the answer And this is what I said to them: 'Wvhen the mountains fall into the Hudson And Field Day's no longer the vogue, lVhen sleepovers cease to be popular There'll be a grand rush on the road. VVhen VValker stops shooting the sparrows And we cea se to shake in our shoes, Xvhen 'ten' brings an absolute silence Then, oh family, l'll come home to you." Af wan I fffx. Q 'VI I xutg n S' I 1 'J ax '-AE XIII .74 "" ' 'I qt ilfdwjf . bil I , P 4,?.Qff"" W K A 1 i F 5' 'i, '. 'Q xx- ':,.l4:' ,J E ,ublfax . . I- n h v , :L . , w AQW 1 X KW . wx. . , X n Tix ' kill' 'Tx Vx N., Q A VN . W X . A3 v if 3513 JIQB 5 mum 9516115 B BB 1930 iiuniur Class JANE ADAMS BLIEANOR ALEORII ELIZABETH AVERY MARGARET BAKER MARYANNE BARNES MARGARET BASSICK CORNELIA BIDDULPII A FLORENCE BINGHAM KINGSLIEY BISHOP MARY ELIZABETH BLATCII CATHERINE BOYER CHRISTINE BRADSHAVV FRANCES BRADT BARBARA BREWER JESSICA BURNAP HELEN BUTLER SYLVIA CARPENTER ANN CLIFTON CATHERINE COBB FRANCES CURTIS MARY DARLING RUTH DAUCHY DORIS DYER ELIZABETH FESSENDIEN ESTHER FRAZIER BETTY FREAR JANET FRENCH BETTY GLENDINNING HILIJA GRANT COOLEY GRAVES CORNELIA GROSS MARY ELLEN HAMILTON ELIZABETH HARRIS VERA-LOUISE HARROUN CORNELIA HAWLEY MARY HEIDRICII MARY LOUISE HILLS BARBARA HCJBI,I'1' ANN HOGG SALLIE PAIGIC HOOKER SALLY PIUPFEL MARY HUS'1'ED J BARBARA MARY JOHNSTON ELIZABETH JOHNSTON DEBCJRAII KICTCIIUM ELIZABETH KNAPPICN VIRGINIA LAMONT ALICE LAUBACII CATIIERINE LAW VIRGINIA LEWIS LOUISE IIUIQDIER THEODORA IVIACGRICGOR FRANCES MANWNVARING ANNE MARSH LETITIA MATTIIEWS JEAN MICHIIE ' EIJITII MILLER MARY NEWMAN YOSIIIKO OSAWA ELAINE OWEN CHRISTINE PALMER CONSTANCE PHILBRICK EVELYN PIKE BETSY POLK FRANCES POPE HARMONA POTTER DORCJTHY QUIRK LUCILLE REILLY ANNE RHEINFRANK FRANCES ROBERTS ELIZABETII ROGERS ROSIEDRICY ROHRBAUGH Fifty-llfllt' W B BBB ICE gy Sixty ANNE SHELDON SALLY SMITH MARGARET SNYDER GERTRUDE SOUTHWORTH RUTH SOWERS ALICE SPENSER CLAIRE STEERS MARY STEVENS ELIZABETH TAGGART HARRIET TAYLOR ANNE TOURTELLOT MARY TUFTS LOUISE VONNEGUT AMY WASHBURN MARION WEAVER BETTY WILLIAMS MARGARET WINDHAM Ulibirh jfnrm VIRGINIA AMBLER JEAN AMERMAN VRYLENA BENNER ELIZABETH COIYZENS MYRL ROSE CROCKER ELIZABETH DOYLE ELIZABETH EAMES SARAH FROST JEAN ANNE GRANT FRANCES GREGORY BETTY HINKEL ELIZABETH JONES MARY KIMBERLY FAITH LAMONT GRACE LACONTE ALICE MACY DEBORAH OWENS HARRIET PATTERSON LAURA RHEINFRANK MARGERY RIPPLE NATALIE ROBERTSON HELEN ROGERS RUTH ROUSSEAU SALLY STEVENS HELEN VANSCHAICK 0' Y iw 4549 TIGER 19 3 0 ' Ziuniur Glass Gfficers ELIZABETH ROGERS ELIZABETH HARRIS SALLY SMITH . SALLY HIIPFEI, . ELIZABETH JOHNSTON ELIZABETH HARRIS EDITH MILLER . ROSEDREY RORABAUGH . First Term Second Term . President Vive-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Ulibirh Jfurm dBfficers SALLY STEVENS . FRANCES GREGORY HARRIET PATTERSON ELIZABETH JONES VRYLENA BENNER ELIZABETH EAMES First Term Second Term . President . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer . President . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Sllrty-one W mamaefirzaf 'R 5 x J N Q X .2399 - -X , 5 K is I N fffLm'l 9 .V ' 7 5 X 3- QPR L 5 Q I , ' 1, . ig, ' "fi QBSWQQB as M wimwzcm I LIE smnn :Warm 1932 PHYLLIS ABDI'I.LAII EMILY ABEL ISABELLE ADIIE MARY AUSTIN ELIZABETH BAGG LULA-LEE BIEATTIE MARJORIE BENSON NATAI,IE BERTHOLDE AMY BISHOP JANET BOWMAN ASTRID BREASTED VIRGINIA BULKELEY LIEIZABETY BUTLER ESTIIER CAMPBELL MARTHA CLARK VIRGINIA CURTIS ELEANOR DUTCHER JAQUELINE EVANS ELIZABETH EVERSMAN ELEANOR FAIRCIIILD FRIEDA FILLEY ANNA FRANCES FREAR ELIZABETH FRENCH ELSA GABEL EVIELYN GALE MARGARET GORMLEY AILIQIEN GUTTINGER NANCY HARDY MARY HOOKIER DERELA HOWES M ART "1 JANE HUBIE JEAN KEITII MARY KEYS JIESSIE LAMB .JEAN LANDIERS DORIS LIBBIEY ZAIJA LIMERICK ELIZABETH MCBRIDE MARY MCGONIGAL ALVA MARSIIALI. ELSIIC MAT1'IS MILIJRED MENNEN CYNTHIA MORGAN ALICE NEXN"FfJN SALLY PIKE GWIQNDOLYN PRATT JEAN REID ALICE ROBINSON ELIZABETH ROSE POLLY SCHWABLE JANE SIMMONS NANCY STIRLING KATHERINE STONE SALLY TAYLOR DORIS TUCKER MARGARET VCDCJRHEES MARTHA WALKER ELIZABETH WALL LOIS VVILKINSON JUSTINE VVILSON IIA VVYANT Sixfy-five W1 9' A as ICH? Snpbumure Glass Qwficers ANNA FRANCES FREAR IsA1s1cL1,le EXDIE . SALLIE PIKE EVELYN GABEL . EVELYN GABEL . IsA1s1cL1.1a AD112 . NIARGARIQT VOORHEES CYNTHIA MORGAN Sixty-six First Term Second Term . President Vive-President . Secretary . Treasumr . President Vive-President . Secretary . T1'easzn'er , v s E Q 3 .sy Ll JF3K4!ESv1Q11Tf14!EiR eww 4951415 4501915655 jfiwt jfnrm 1933 ELIZABETH AMES JULIA ANDRUS BETTY ARMITAGE JANET BENJAMIN MARION BOWMAN JEAN CLUETT MARGARET CONKLIN SHEJLA CONNOLLY MARGARET EGY BETTY EIDAM EUGENIA FISCHER ELEANOR F RAZIER IRENE FREEMEYER CORNELLA FUNKHOUSER SUZANNA GALLAGHER PHYLLIS GORDON HOPE HARRINGTON SALLY HOBART BETTY JANE JOHNSON BARBARA JOHNSTON CONSTANCE KENNEDY BETTY KETCHAM ROBERTA KOEHLER JEANNE MACCHESNEY IDA MCCOCHRANE ELIZABETH MCDOWELL CATHERINE MCEWAN MARY JANE MAINS JANE MOORE JANE MORRISON MARY PARHAM ELINOR REED RUTH ROE ELEANOR ROY ALMEDA SHUTTS ELIZABETH WAKEMAN MARJORIE WALKER AGNES WALLNER ROSE WALLNER PHOEBE WARREN NANCY VVELD BARBARA HELMER Smrty mm, HR TUE ?La MARY JANE MAINS BARBARA JOHNSTON PHYLLIS GORDON . PHOIEBE XVARREN . Seventy tin Cliluh Q9ffi:er5 . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer W - 'IQK . I p:3'4:k .1 9.0 X EZUVYUEQES 5 .1, 4" ' o I O m F V 0 0 .s wow Y -6' '42 3 SEJQQ 54. FK R . lv 99 EEK! btuhent Council HESTER MOUNT . CAROLYN LEWIS , ELIZABETH CAREY VIRGINIA PARROTT SARA LOUISE SNELL DOROTHY VAWTER CHARLENE CHURCH JANE HALL . DORIS COOK . CORNELIA MURRAY . . . , President . . President of Senior Class . Vice-President of Senior Class . Secretary of Senior Class Treasurer of Senior Class . Head of Kellas Hall . . Head of Sage Hall . . Head of Study Hall . Head of Christian Association President of fltlzlelie Association CABINET MEMBEIQS OF STUDENT COUNCIL FRANCES CUMMINS . . . . Head of Dress Committee NANCY SEELY . . Head of Social Committee DOROTHY VEEDER . . Head of Library Committee MARGARET WILLIAMS . Head of Entertainment Committee Sevetzfy-two .N . g'!930 Gargoyle Zguarh HILDEGARDE HARRIS NANCY SEELY . ANN WILSON . MARGARET CUSHMAN MARGARET WILLIAMS RUSALIE KAHN . MARGARI2'1' HAMILTON RUTH EFIFFANY . JOUETT EVERHART DOROTHY VAVVTER HARRIET YOUNG . JANET HUNTER I MARJORIE GOODELL CIIARLENE CHURCH NEELTJE VAN BERGEN HELEN WEST . , . Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor-in-Chief . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . . Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Assistant Art Editor . Assistant . Assistant . Assistant Assistant , Assistant . Assistant . Photographic Assistant Photographic Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Seventy-flu-ce :rece I 1930 IHKII Triangle Euarh LOUISE PORTER . . . Editor-in-Chief JANE MILLARD . . . Business Manager ELAINE OWEN, '31 . . Assistant Business Manager MARJORIE GOODELL . . . News Editor ROSALIE KAHN . . . Art Editor ELIZABETH JOHNSTON . . Athletic Editor MARY HOBART . . . Exchange Editor Literary Editors DORIS COOK . , . '30 HILDEGARDE HARRIS . '30 RUTH DAUCHY . . '31 MARY MOGONIGAI. . . '32 SAI.I,IE PAIGR HOOKER . '31 JEAN CLUETT . . . '33 Seffeizfy-foilr mime mf was EEK! Qlbristian Zlssuciatiun DORIS COOK ...4 . President RUTH OGDEN .,.. Vice-President DOROTHY MINSCH Seveniy-fi anew TUE E 155, Dramatic Clllluh cwfficers NANCY SEELY . . President BETTY SMITH . Vice-President MARY GRAVES . Secremry-Treasurer 9122101113 1 P9 Else lub MI LORED WINSLOW I-IARRIICT BENSON JANE BOYVKER BETTY BUCK SYLVIA CARPENTER CATHERINE COBB FRANCES CURTIS RUTH DAUCHY ELIZABETH EAMES CAROLINE FINN BETTY FREAR NIARJORIE c50ODEI.L COOLEY GRAVES MARY GRAVES HILDA GRANT CORNELIA HAWLEY BETTY HINKEI. BARBARA BXIARY JOHNSTON DOROTHY JONES ELIZABETH JONES ROSALIE ICA!-IN ELEANOR KEEI.ER CAROLINE LEXVIS VIRGINIA LEWIS HELEN LUEDER FRANCES MANWARINO LAURA MCELDOWNIEY MARGARET MINOR RUTH 0GDEN YOSHIKO OSAWA JANE PALMER PATRICIA PARKHURST VIRGINIA PARROTT CONSTANCE PHILBRIUK NATALIE ROBERTSON ELIZABETH ROGERS ANNE SHELDON NIARY SHEPP President Secretary SALLY SMITH SARA LOUISE SNELL RUTH SOWERS CLAIRE STEERS CATHERINE STRUBLE MARGARET SNYIJER NEELTJE VAN BERGEN DOROTHY VEEDER MARY WAI.SER CAROLINE WARD AMY WASHBURN JULIA WEST JANET WILLIAMS MARGARET WILIIIABIS BARBARA XAJIIILIAMSON ANN WII,SON MARGARET WINDHAM MARY LOUISE WORLEY Seventy seven IME Qlibnir MARY SHEPP . I . Prcsidfnt LZLIZANOR ALEORII ELIZABETH BUCK ELIZABETH CAREY RUTH DAUCHY CAROLYN FINN MARY GRAVES ROSALIE KAHN ELEANOR KEELER HELEN LEUDER CAROLYN LEWIS VIRGINIA LEWIS MARGARET MINOR YOSIIIKO OSAWA DIEBORAI1 OWENS VIRGINIA PARROIII' FRANCES POPE SARA LOUISE SNIELL CATHERINE STRIIIILE NEELTJE VAN BIQRGIC DOROTIIY VEEDER CAROLYN WARD JULIA WEST MARGARET VVILLIAMS ANN WILSON MILDRED WINSLOW Srvmfy mght 'G 9 Senior Sung w2f wif wif 1 K,MmiWi?ZfW r" igggffii-5351555 lwiw P ai 45 J, 1 5 I g - . Ig 'f I, E, 351 jafgaijbijj 1 7 0 j2f5l:lJ,lg,:gLH 5 Eli ! . 'F J fi 3 :g I '- E iiiiliiiialfiigfil 4 JH3 H5 4 E1 gigdiiidjiiij Eighty W 6233649191615 Swim bong Music by MARGAIQEI' VV11.i,1AMs Woi-ds hy NilXNC'Y SIQELY Emma VVillard, Alma Mater, Thou hast given to each a dream, And thine ideals set before us Are a heritage supreme. As through life thine influence guides Into paths of strength and truth VVe shall ever pay thee tribute, Dearest teacher of our youth. As our time with thee grows shorter Sad We are, but leave We must On life's highway, may We ever Keep true faith unto thy trust. TLCIE W' 9' , U E ig US Eighty-one n -bs EEIIKGCIB YUIE 1930 35 EEK! N' "7 1-VW l'9'LwnaQw0L NVAQVVJ-"4AfUt' gl- 5f.,:BiSbC.e, ,N V --. ..,-g...+4, W ' ' Ibis Jacent PROLOGUE Spoken by MISS SIMPSON THE GOOD With classes over for the day And not a soul around, The teachers hie them to the gym To try to lose a pound. The Pedagogues in meet array, Attired in sneakers White, In bloomers and the middy suit Are hasting through the night. CHORUS OF THE BUSY BEES QMISSES BANGERT, BEARDSLEE, isloos, BISBY, BRUNAUD, VAN BUREND A dumbell in the right hand, A dumbell in the left, We exercise our muscles With vigorous antics deft. Forgetting pupils good and had Let's play a little While. And casting Care unto the winds The wanton hours beguile. MISS ROBSON Look, there's Miss Weaver' on the Hoor Under the vertical bars: Ei mihil methinks she's hurt. MISS VVEAVIER Be quiet, l'm counting the Stars. MISS MANCHESTER Tut, Tut, Now tell me vvhat's the fuss? MISS SURLEAU Donnez-lui de l'air. Eighty-three 'U Y, ,gv een o ICU? " 6333649197505 'VV-vmvff 1 Q...x..,q.'Cf......d,X e M5 Miss VVEAVER Cdeliriousj Page fifty-one just must be learned, Alas, 'tis my despair. Miss MILLER, Miss KENNEDY, Miss ROVVE Cobszacle mccj VVe are engaged in a difficult race. Our legs are tied together. We cannot tell how long Welll run Before We'll need a breather. MISS VVATERMAN What ho! An escargatoirex I spy! Come, girls, a little pepg This is no Way to run a race. Attention! Right foot! Step! IE5cargatoire-nursery of snails. :sf Pk is ak 2:1 Pk :sf af INTERLUDE OF THE Gops Miss KELLAS The Wind is moaning low tonight. The moon has left the sky. I fear the gym is bleak and cold. Haste, Mercury, draw nigh. MR. KAPPS Ah, madam, I shall do for thee Whatever thou Wilt ask, And I shall brave the wintry Winds To execute my task. MISS KELLAS I cannot have my teachers cold. Go forth, investigate, And if the gym be now too chill, Pile coals ere it is late. QExil Me1'curyj Eighty-five we tiff: it CHORUS or RoPE-SWINGERS MISSES MILLS, LYON, HARRIS, VIIETS, KLOPPEL, MC KEON Hand over hand We climb the strand To reach aerial goals. The rhythmic swing of each sturdy string The fainting heart consoles. Miss MAXYVELL Ion the traveling ringsj I've bought no ticket for this tripg The ride is free today, But when I get to the other end, I'll have to come back the same Way. Q MISS WILSON My dear, what are you doing there? I fear you'd better stop. For since your grip is most unsure, Youlre very like to drop. MISS IWC CAUSLAND Caffe! I think I hear a step, Perchance it is a fanis. IVIISS HAWKINS Why, look, itls good old Mercury. He's come to fix the furnace. CEHIET' Illerruryj Eighty-six MERCURY Ah, ladies fair, how goes the sport? Find you the gym too cold? MISS GRAY Now don't you think it would be nice To cheer our Mercury bold, For Wading through the snow and sleet A Vote of thanks We bring. Let's give a cheer that all may hear, And loud his praises sing! CMISSES SALA, '44, , N e me FAREWELL CHORUS HAMSON, ROSIEBROOK, POTNVINE, GALLUP, MAC LEAR, HAMILTON, POMIEROY, HATTD Aye, aye, thrice cheer for Mercury. Farewell, We must be off: We've had our little exercise The slothful pounds to doff. MRS. MUMFORD AND MISS JAMES Alas, I fear the children dear Are running in the hall. So We must forth to quell the mob, And now, "Goodnight to all." Eighty-seven 3 Qmmwgzaf 'E 1930 491635 Bzinnarnatiuns MILDRED ADAMS .... VIRGINIA ANDERSON . JANE ARNOLD ...... MARIANNA ARMITAGE ELIZABETH BARNES . . EMILY BENEDICT .. . HARRIE'IJ BENSON . . . JANE BOWKER ..... JAYNI2 BREWER .. . ELIZABETH BUCK . . . ELIZABETH CAREY . . . BEATRICE CHACIE CHARLENE CHURCH . ELLEN CLARK . . . . ISABEL CLARK ...,.. MARGARET CLARK .. EUGIENIE COLEMAN . DORIS COOK ....... ELIZABETH CRAVVFORD FRANCES CUMMINS .. MARGARETJ CUSHMAN MARY DOWNING .... JOUETTE EVERHART . CAROLINE FINN .... MARJCJRIIE GOODIELL . MARY GRAVES ..... JANE HALL ......,. MARGARET HAMILTON HILDIQGARDE HARRIS MARY HOBART ...., JANET HUNTER .... DORO'fIIY JONES . . . PATRICIA JONES .. . ROSALIE KAHN ..... ELEANOR KEELER . . , MARGARET KETCIIUM Hand Lotion fapanese Beetle An Apricot A Noodle A Cabbage A Thimble Lace and Lawn A Door Knob Tea Leaves A Snowfake An Angora Cap A Brad A Tulip A Nail Buffer A Tambourine Rose Quartz Spinach A Screen A Marigold A Hot Water' Bottle An Ifoory Paper Cutter A Hair Pin A Pomegranate Black Silk Stockings A Slide Rule An Afghan . Cinnamon Toast A Porridge Bowl A Moon Stone A Box Hedge A Correspondence Card A Pocket Comb f A Chifon Handkerchie A Football Alarm Clock Hash Eighty nine 'ff if I ziirfm . V, ,QI W mime Mr Wmgp fam wa Qbfigwam. K Kgfhmr' 'Bafxwww fzefw., WMA G me CAROLYN LEWIS ...... HELEN LUEDER ....... MARJORIE MCCLELLAND LAURA MCELDOWNEY . JANE MILLARD ....... BETTINE MILLER MARGARET MINOR .. DOROTHY MINSCH .. ELIZABETH MOORE .... HESTER MOUNT ...... CORNELIA MURRAY SALLY NICHOLSON .. LOIS NOLLER ...... RUTH QGDEN ..... POLLY PACKARD .... JANE PALMER ..,..... PATRICIA PARKHURST . VIRGINIA PARROTT .. UNDINE PHILLIPS . . . LOUISE PORTER .... SARAH RAYMOND MARY LOVE ROSE . . . NANCY SAVAGE ..., NANCY SEELY ..... LIARRIET SEXTON .. . MARY SHEPP ...... MARION SMITH ..... SARA LOUISE SNELL .. . JEAN STIRLING ....... CATHERINE STRUBLE .. FRANCES TALIAEERRO . RUTH TIFFANY ....... EVELYN TIFFT ....... NEELTJE VAN BERGEN BETTINA VANDERPOOL DOROTHY VAWTER .... DOROTHY VEEDER ..... KATHERINE WAKEMAN MARY WALSER ....... CAROLYN WARD ..... HELEN WEST . . , An Ice Cream Soda A Croquet Ball funket A Morning Glory A Blade of Grass Steel Wool Tissue Paper Silver Candlestick A Jelly Bean An Elm Adhesive Tape Ripe Banana Fence A Punching Bag Fox Glove Grey Suede Gloves Milk Toast A Loving Cup Pink Flannel An Em A Bo-wl of Goldhsh Ivory Stationery A Plum Fleur de Lis A Saltine A Sofa Cushion Carriage Boots A Fishing Pole String A Gardenia A Dahlia Mocha Cake Tooled Leather Rhododendron A Thuntbtack Dresden China Silver Filagree A Plush Cushion Mistletoe Molasses Riding Crop Ninety-one an ww 1930 ' EEK! , 5 Min if 1 my fifiizf 'fm-sm' 'M' 7770767 T Warn fiiwzizmza., I uf QB CK Iv 1930 ' EBI! JULIA WEST ....... , Bronze Umbrella Holder JANET WILLIAMS A.... ..... M nrnbon MARGARET WILLIAMS flgate BARBARA WLLIAMSON A Tennis Ball ANN WILSON ........ .. A Can Opener MILDRED WINSLOW . . . . . .Ieed Ten KATHERINE WOLF ,...... .... A Fountain Pen MARY LOUISE WORLEY A Feather Dnszer HARRIIi'f YOUNG ....... . . .A Celluloid Kewpie N inety-three EHR ae far 1930 EBI! Tllilklearzrs uf the 0.3. MH. HESTER INIOUNT SARAH RAYMOND NANCY SEELY CORNIELIA NIURRAY JANE HALL LOUISE PORTER Ninety-four W :W a n E IME Qllum lambs ELIZABETH CAREY CHARLENE CHURCH 1X'1ARGARICT CUSHMAN MARY GRAVES MARGARET HAMILTON HILDIEGARDE HARRIS PATRICIA JONES RUSALIE KAHN NIARGARET KE'I'cIIL'M LAURA NICELDOXVNEY HESTER MOUNT VIRGINIA PARROTT LOUISE PORTER SARAII RAYMOND NANCX' SEELY BARBARA XVILLIAMSON HARRIET YOUNG Ninety-fivf Mamas :fmt vifzcwa cw S m2,, M 3 Y wwtq 1 'Qirx JS NOC 'YQXX X 'QA-lxrx., x 1930 me EZWJWA PVILLIIRD SCHOOL Clzzsx of 1930 Presents Sbertnuuh Under llzc Uirzzrliou 0 MARY HARI2 THOMPSON ROBIN Hoon . LITTLE JOHN FRTAR TUCK . WILL SCARLIET , . REYNOLD GRIEENLIEAF . MIKCII, TIIE MILI,ERlS sON ALLAN-A-DALE . . PRINCE JOHN KING RICHARD BLONDEL . OIIERON TITANIA PITCH . . . SHERIFF OF NO'rTINGHAIsI FITZVVALTIZR . . SHADOVV-OF-A-LEAF . ARTHUR PLANTAGIQNIZT . QUEEN ELINOR . MARIAN FITZXVAIIIZR YVIDOVKljSCi'XlRLl5T . PRIOR1Z'SS or KIRKLEIL . . Nancy Seely . . Ruth Tiffany Neeltje Van Bergen . Charlene Church . lVIary Shepp Rosalie Kahn . . Julia VVest . lWarjorie Goodell . Carolyn Lewis . lNflildred VVinsloW . Sarah Raymond . lVlarian Smith l,aura lVICl'lldOwney Hester Mount Frances Taliaferro . Bettine llvliller . Pauline Packard lylargaret Willizlms . lilizaheth Carey Virginia Parrot Louise Porter Ninety raven Q ICE? ...... was EH'-'I i x,,wM-f NLUL4 an mb M 'M Q W , , J Zknigbtbuuh Dawning of day, and the vigil is pastg Go forth-but knowing first What bitter bread shall end thy fast, What bitter Wine thy thirst. Go tearlessly, fearlessly, Singing, not sighingg Yvith ardor for living, And courage for dying. Racing of blood that must freely be spiltg And a sword too rare for price, Vvhose blade is strength-and at its hilt The cross of sacrifice. Go questing, unresting, Farther than beautyg Wear gallantly, gaily, Gray garments of duty. Gleam of the road, and a journey begun Wvhose goal is the never-attainedg Yet climb and endure, till with pilgrimage do The life that is lost be gained. 1191615 'ff 9' 3 0 Q ne, N1-llL'fj7-lllllf 364915165 X524 Lgmdow 990359- 1 AXeXfffX V--L. . r ,MQ ,Hg ..A..,A. -,-m,,w MMM Q., g,..,,.,Q,,.,,,,g,. h .gg .,..,.Q-, One Hundred if s 5 QQ? 'Q -1. 5s sly. J s mfg' s Qfkki :WN www 2 5. 4 is ' A 6 9 S Q.. , Q 1916205 . -- Q KKK -- IEEE! Qtbletic Qiuumzil CURNELIA MURRAY SARAH RAYMOND A BIQTTY JOHNSTON . lX'1AR-IORI15 RIPPLE SALLY TAYLOR . CORNLLIA FUNKHO Om' Hznzdred Two . President . Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer . Junior Representatifve . Sophomore Representative USER Freshman Representative lv 09 R Ulf Iaeahs uf Sports HARRIET YOUNG . . HELEN LUEDER . . NEELTJE VAN BERGEN . SAI.I,IE PAIGIE HOOKER . BARBARA WILLIAMSON . ELIZABETH ROGERS . MARY DOWNING . . Hockey . Basketball I Swimming Roller Skating . . Tennis A Archery , Bowling One Hundred Thre It beninr ilannkep illizam SARAH RAYMOND . I'IARRII5T YOUNG . EMILY BENEDICT . MILDRED WINSLUW EVELYN TIFFT CCapt.j RUTH OGDEN . JANET HUNTER . HESTER MOUNT . MARION SMITH . ELIZABETH BARNES MARY SHEPP . RUSALIE KAHN . MARGARET HAMILTON JANE HALL . NANCY SEELY . MARY GRAVES , One Hundred Four Center Forward . Right Inside . Right Wing . Left Inside . Left Wing Center Halfback Right Halfback Left Halfback Right Fullback Left Fullbaek . . Goal . Substitute . Substitute . Substitute . Substitute . Substitute Eff bzniur Qbuthuur Basketball illieam CHARLENIC CHURCH . Center MARY LOUISE WIJRLICY . A Side Center JANE ADAMS . Forward CORNELIA MURRAH' . Forward JANE M1I.LARD CCapt.j , Guard CAROLYN LEWIS . . Guard CAROLYN WARD . Substitute NIARJURIE GOODELL Substitute JAYNE BREWER . Substitute VIRGINIA ANDERSON Substitute One Hundred Five aa IGB Binhnur Basketball Exam CHARLIENE CHURCH . . MARY Lomsu VVORLIQY . . BARBARA VVILLIAMSON . . CAROLYN VVARD . HELIEN LUIQDER . . EVELYN TIFT . Ouc Hundred Six . Center Side Center . Guard . Guard Forward Forward Q mme QE 4... f'iifQ5L4xq,a2X V' R H 'i 71""c'7 P47351 W?,.7C.,-fgimy X Q moffv-3 QMMUXML Q iam ICE? 47J5i1y MCXQ H f a M. ludi- 2 M K 'avg L i WWW gg 1930 IEEE me Elgar: Qimma Tllfiiillarh Scbuul Eirecturp Jfacultp 192920 BANGERT, MISS KATHRYN . 114 Katherine St., VVatertown, N. Y. BARNES, MISS LUELLA lxfl. 468 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Penn. BEARDSLEE, MISS ELEANOR F. 217 Prospect Ave., Cranford, N. J. BESIEGIEL, MISS LUCIA . I. . Great Barrington, Mass. BIGGS, MISS ESTHER M. 1377 East 84th St., Cleveland, Ohio BISBEE, MISS LYDIA A ..... Moretown, Vermont BRACKETT, MISS GRACE VV ..... Berwick, Maine BREGA, MISS MARY . . . ll3 Wheeler Ave., Brocton, Mass. BRUNAUD, MISS LYDIE Neuvicq-le-Chateau, Charente-Inferieure, France ENDS, MISS BEATRIX . . . 64 Maple Ave., Troy, N. Y. EVANS, MRS. FRANCES l. . . l35 Maple Ave., Troy, N. Y. GALLOP, MRS. FRANK A. . . 820 Canton St., Elizabeth, N. J. GRAY, MISS MARY . . 19 Clinton Ave., Maplewood, N. J. HAMIL'1'ON, MISS RUTH Avis . . 29 Wellington St., Athol, Mass. HARRIS, MISS AMELIA M. 1 Bay Ave., Edgewood Station, Providence, R. l. HATT, MISS MARJORIE . . 102 Chestnut St., Albany, N. Y. HAWKIN5, MISS EMMA M- . 2128 Confederate Place, Louisville, Ky. INSLEE, MRs. LOUISE E. . 2535 Iroquois Ave., Detroit, Mich. KENNEDY, MISS EVELYN R. . 208 Prospect St., Ithaca, N. Y. KIRKLAND, MRS. DOROTHY HOPKINS .... Osco, I11. KLOPPEL, MISS LILLIAN M. 406 Northway, Guilford, Baltimore, Md. LYON, MISS HAZEL M. . 27 Highland Ave., Barre, Vermont MCCAUSLAND, MISS ELIZABETH 685 Washington St., Whitman, Mass MCKEON, MISS LOUISE .... Falls Creek, Penn. MANCHESTER, MISS ELLEN RUSSELL 13 Newport Ave., Newport, R. I. MAXWELL, MISS JANET . . 131 Maxwell Ave., Geneva, N. Y. MILLER, Miss MARIE F. .... Jonesburg, Missouri MILLS, MISS MARY S. . 147 Newtonville Ave., Newton, Mass. POMEROY, MISS SOPHIA .... Troy, Pennsylvania POTWINE, Miss ELIZABETH B. . Warehouse Point, Connecticut RAMSEY, MISS CLORINDA B. 46 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. ROBSON, MISS ELIZABETH ALLAN 81 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. One Hundred Nine ICE ,G I :Ein ROSEBROOK, MIss M. CORINNE 107 Griswold Avenue, Delaware, Ohio RowE, MISS LOUISE . . 17 East 82nd Street, New York City SALA, MISS ELIZABETH.. . 2604 Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa SIMPSON, MISS ELIZABETH . Emma Willard School, Troy, N. Y. SURLEAU, MISS LEA . . cfo Miss Helene Surleau, Guaranty Trust Co., Fifth Avenue, New York City THOMPSON, MRS. MARY HARE ,141 Lancaster Street, Albany, N. VAN BUREN, MISS GRETCIIIEN E. 121 E. 4th Street, Oswego, New York VIETS, MISS MARION - . 78 Albemarle Street, Springfield, Mass.. WATERMAN, Miss GRACE L. . . 37 Collins Ave., Troy, N. Y. WEAVER, MISS KATHARINE 29 Sixth Avenue, Gloversville, New York WILLIS, MRS. RUTH L- . . 49 Collins Avenue, Troy, New York WILSON, MISS MARY H- . 417 S. Ridgewood Road, South Orange, New Jersey House ' ' ANDERSON, MRS. MATTIE I-CXO Mrs. Lester Cole, Mahopac, New York ELLIOTT, MRS- ALICE B- . . 6 Scott Street, Augusta, Maine MUMFORDI MRS. CAROLYN C. 92 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn,N. Y. PERRY, MISS FLORENCE PC. , . R. F. D. 6, North Troy,- New York ROBERTSON, MRS. EMMA MAY , , , Mooerg, New York Librarian MAC LEAR, MISS MARY M- 425 West 120th Street, New York City Lunch Room BROWN, MISS MABEL . 131 Third Street, Troy, New York Nurse DEMING, MISS CORA H. . 1369 Union Street, Schenectady, N. Y. O 'ice COFFEITN, MR. FRANK H. . 1 East Sunnyside, Troy, New York HAMSON, MISS LUCY L. 400 Hamilton Street, Syracuse New York HUTC7HINS, MISS HELEN B.133l First Avenue, Watervliet New York SIIEALS, MISS HELEN E. .... Brushton New York SMITH, MISS DOROTHY L. . 1300 Sausse Avenue, Troy New York Pianist BARTHOLOMEW, MISS GRACE M. ' A 94 Saratoga Avenue, Cohoes New York Supervisor of Freshman-Sophomore Dormitory JAMES, MISS JEAN E. 11 South Lake Avenue, Albany, New York Supervisor' of Study Hall ' DAY, MISS KATHLEEN M. . cfo Mrs. Frederick Donkin 181 Jubilee Road, Halifax, N. S. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 7 KAPPS, MR. JOHN A. R. . 2217 Fifteenth Street, Troy, New York One Hmtdrcd Ten ' Wap 19 3 0 iliesiiaente Eepartment 192960 ABDULLAH, PIIYLLIS .... 24 Fifth Ave., New York City ABEL, EMILY ' . . . 21 VValworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. ADAMS, JANE BANNARD 112 WzIshingtOn Ave., Northampton, Mass. ADAMS, MILDRED lXfICMILLiNN . 1501 Goddard Ave., Louisville, Ky. ADIE, ISABELLE TAYLOR . . 168 Morgan St., Holyoke, Mass. ALFORD, ELEANOR . . 214 Highland Blvd., Waterloo, Iowa AMERMAN, JEANNETTE . . 535 Monroe Ave., Scranton, Penn. AMES, ELIZABETH Ml5RRlI.l.. 25 Afterglow Ave., Montclair, N. J. ANDERSON, VIRGINIA . . . West Street, Carthage, N. Y. ANDRUS, JULIA DYCKMAN . . 650 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. ARNOLD, JANE .... 3750 Broadway, New York City AUSTIN, MARY . . 69 Observatory Circle, Washington, D. C. AVERY, ELIZABETH . . 601 Plymouth Road, Grand Rapids, Mich. BAGG, ELIZABETH . . . 29 Chestnut Hill, Greenfield, Mass. BAKER, MARGARICT LOUISE . 11 Sherman Ave., White Plains, N. Y. BARNES, ELIZABETH . . . 12 Oliver St., Rochester, N. Y. BASSICK, lVIARGARIET ELIZAIIETII . 1625 Hinman Ave., Evanston, Ill. BENJAMIN, JANET LEE ..... Winsted, Conn. BENNER, VRYLENA M. . . 104 Maple St., Springfield, Mass. BERTHOLD, NATALIE ANNE . . Cedar Knolls, Bronxville, N. Y. BENSEN, HARRIE1' LOUISE . 43 North Main St., New Canaan, Conn. BENSEN, MARJCDRIE PROIITY. 43 North Main St., New Canaan, Conn. BIDDULPH, CORNIELIA . . . 60 Beach St., Bloomfield, N. J. BINGHAM, FLORENCE FOLSOM 823 N. Hamilton St., Saginaw, Mich. BISHOP, AMY .... 15 West 73rd St., New York City BISHOP, KINGSLISY . . . 15 West 73rd St., New York City BLATCH, MARY ELIZABETH . . 228 N. Laurel St., Hazleton, Penn. BOWKER, JANE . I . . 59 Henshaw Ave., Northampton, Mass. BOVVMAN, JANET MAY . . 445 Fifteenth Ave., Paterson, N. BOWMANQ MARION AGNl'IS . . 445 Fifteenth Ave., Paterson, N. J. BOYER, CATHERINE . . 146 Ten Eyck St., Watertown, N. Y. BRADSHAW, CHRISTINE CARTER . . 186 Beaver St., Beaver, Penn. BREASTED, ASTRID . . Hotel Del Prado, 59th St. 81 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, Ill. BREWER, BARBARA . . 71 Port Watson St., Cortland, N. Y. BREWER, JAYNE SPAULDING . 71 Port Watson St., Cortland, N. Y. One Hmzdrcti Eleven I . ,gl . 1 GE TLCIE -1 .... BUCK, ELIZABETH ROSEWELL . 293 Oxford St., Hartford, Conn. BULKELEY, VIRGINIA . . . 7 West 57th Sit., New York City BIIRNAP, JESSICA ELIZABETH. . 4331 Hyde Park, Kansas City, Mo. BUTLER, ELIZABETH MORRIS Maple Lane Farm, Conyngham, Penn. BUTLER, HELEN LOUISE . . Sherwood Inn, Fort Monroe, Va. CAMPBELL, ESTHER . . 674 Prospect St., Hartford, Conn. CAREY, ELIZABETH . . 2317 Grande Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa CARPENTER, SYLVIA . . . 150 Kenyon St., Hartford, Conn. CIIACE, BEATRICE MARGUISRITE . 7 Rossman Ave., Hudson, N. Y. CHAMBERLAIN, FRANCES . . 505 Ridge Avenue, Kenilworth, Ill. CHURCH, CHARLENE FRANCES ALEXANDRA 9 Mayfield Apt., Akron, Ohio CLARK, ELLEN ELIZA . 25 Sherman Ave., Glens Falls, N. Y. CLARK, ISABEL FAITH . . l40O N. Market St., Canton, Ohio CLARK, MARGARET lVlAXWIiLL . 157 East 72nd St., New York City COBB, CATHARINE GCUMPMXUGH 119 Brunswick St., Rochester, N. Y. COOK, DORIS . . . 222 Crescent Drive, Cedar Rapids, Iowa COUZENS, ELIZABETH PIEARCE . 11 Amberson Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH ANN 1521 S. Center St., Terre Haute, Ind. CROCKER, MYRL ROSE . . 42 Church St., Cortland, N. Y. CUMMINS, FRANCES COOK . . 821 Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill. CURTIS, FRANCES GRAHAM . . . "Hillcrest," Clinton, Iowa CURTIS, VIRGINIA .... "Hillcrest," Clinton, Iowa CUSHMAN, MARGARET FRANCES 4 Whiting Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. DARLING, MARY . . 2320 Terrace Dr., -Des Moines, Iowa DAUCHY, RUTH . Head of Ford Avenue, Troy, N. Y. DOWNING, MARY . . . . Millbrook, N. Y. DUTCHER, ELINOR C. 24 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. DYER, DORIS . . . 424 E. Penn St., Hoopeston, Ill. EAMES, ELIZABETH ANN . 44 Brooklawn Place, Bridgeport, Conn. EIDAM, BETTY .... 95 Norith Vine St., Hazleton, Pena. EVERHART, JOUETT CLARE . . 2331 Greenwood St., Pueblo, Colo. EVERSMAN, BETTY . . 2262 Collingwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio FAIRCHILD, ELEANOR ROGERS 185 St. Ronan St., New Haven, Conn. FINN, CAROLINE WIIITING . 74 Highland Ave., Middletown, N. Y. FISCHER, EUGENIA PAULINIL 49 Erwin Park Rd., Montclair, N. VI. FREAR, ANNA FRANCES . . . 65 Second St., Troy, N. Y. FREAR, MARY ELIZABETH . . 284 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. FRENCH, ELIZABETH SANBORN 165 Summer St., Springfield, Vermont FRENCH, JANET EVA . . 165 Summer St., Springfield, Vermont FROST, SARAH . . . 1519 Beech St., Texarkana, Arkansas One Hundred Twelve I V W' 9' E' P9 B Be :cat FUNKHOUSER, CORNELIA . 639 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, Md. GABEL, ELSA ANNA LOUISE 106 Prospect Street, White Plains, N. Y. GABEL, EVELYN PAULA 106 Prospect Street, White Plains, N. Y. GALLAGHER, SUZANNE M. ..... Houtzdale, Pa. GLENDINNING, MARY ELIZABETH . 29 Circle Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. GOODELL, MARJORIE . . 267 Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. GORDON, PHYLLIS . . . . R.F.D. 3, Muskegon, Mich. GRANT, HILDA LOIS ...... Lakeville, Conn. GRANT, JEAN ANNE . 403 No. Michigan Ave., Saginaw, West Side. Michigan GRAVES, CLARA COOLEY . 247 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, Mass. GRAVES, MARY GOLDTHWAIT 11 Golf Road, West Hartford, Conn. GREGORY, FRANCES WHEELER 185 Upper Mountain Ave., Montclair, N. GROSS, CORNELIA . . . 914 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn. GUTTINGER, AILEEN . . . 95 Seneca St., Hornell, N. Y. HALL, JANE STUART . 66 High Bridge Road, VVest Hartford, Conn. HAMILTON, MARGARET . . 3 Beaver Road, Sewickley, Penn. HAMILTON, MARY ELLEN . 2323 Upland Drive, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HARDY, NANCY .... 56 Prospect St., Fitchburg, Mass. HARRIS, ELIZABETH GRAHAM . 600 Connell Bldg., Scranton, Penn. HARRIS, HILDEGARDE . 110 Old Forest Hill Road, Toronto, Ont. HARROUN, VERA LOUISE . 141 Ten Eyck St., Watertown, N. Y. HAWLEY, CORNELIA BLODGET 224 Brooklawn Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. HEIDRICH, MARY . HELMER, BARBARA . HILLS, MARY LOUISE . HINKEL, BETTY . HOBLIT, BARBARA . HOGO, ANN DONALD . HOOKER, MARY NEWISIQRRX' HOOKER, SALLIE PAIOE HOWES, DERFLA C. . HUME, JANE WILLIAMS HUNTER, JANET BELCHIER HUPFEL, SALLY M. . HUSTED, MARY . . JOHNSON, BETTY JANE JOHNSTON, BARBARA MARY JOHNSTON, BARBARA . JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH . . 115 High St., Peoria, Ill. . . . Chelsea, Vermont . . R. F. D. 3, Pontiac, Mich. 334 North Crestway, Wichita, Kansas 1318 E. Grove St., Bloomington, Ill. . 27 Overhill Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 206 Colony Road, Longmeadow, Mass. 206 Colony Road, Longmeadow, Mass. . 213 Ridge Road, Rutherford, N. 606 West 122nd St., New York City . Wake Robin Inn, Lakeville, Conn. 655 Whitney Ave., New Haven, Conn. . 1724 Ashbury Ave., Evanston, Ill. 81 Ellington St., Longmeadow, Mass. . . . Port Leyden, N. Y. 152 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 152 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. One Hundred Thirteen 'S 'isso J IEE! JONES, DOROTHY FRANCES . . 268 Reynolds St., Kingston, Penn. JONES, ELIZABETH . . 180 Fern St., West Hartford, Conn. JONES, PATRICIA -. . 1635 Glen Road, Kalamazoo, Mich. KAHN, ROSALIE . . . 208 Rowena St., Detroit, Mich. KEELER, ELEANOR ELIZABETH . 79 Sheridan Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. KEITH, JEAN .... 310 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, Ill. KENNEDY, CONSTANCE H. .- 435 Riverside Drive, New York City KETCHAM, BETTY . . 166 Valley Road, New Rochelle, N. Y. KEYS, MARY PADDOCK , , 817 South 7th St., Springfield, Ill. KIMBERLY, MARY HENRIP2'l'TA 421 Washington Blvd., Oshkosh, Wis. KNAPPEN, ELIZABETH , 322 Fountain St., Grand Rapids, Mich. KOEHLER, ROBERTA LOUISE 445 Webster Ave., Muskegon, Mich. LAMONT, FAITH HODGES . 20 Winthrop Road, Lexington, Mass. LAMONT, ELLA VIRGINIA . 20 Winthrop Road, Lexington, Mass. LANDERS, JEAN - . . 26 Grove St., New York City LAUBACH, ALICE FRANCES , . 7401 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. LAW, CATHERINE BARR . 50 Hickory Drive, Maplewood, N. LEWIS, CAROLYN ESTELLE . 432 Dedham St., Newton Centre, Mass. LEWIS, VIRGINIA MAE . 432 Dedham St., Newton Centre, Mass. LUEDER, HELEN - . 9 Frederick Place, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. LUEDER, LOUISE GILMORE . 9 Frederick Place, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. MAC CHESNEY, JEANNE Louisa . 460 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. MAC GREGOR, THEODORA DOUGLAS 300 Fisher Ave., White Plains, N. Y. NIC CLELLAND MARGERY . . 700 Powers Hill, Decatur, Ill. Mc ELDOWNEY, LAURA , ,I Benson Road, Fairfield, Conn. MACY, ALICE . - . . . . Greenwich, Conn. MAINS, MARY JANE ..... I . Greenfield, Ohio MANWARING, FRANCES AMY. . 918 E. Kearsley St., Flint, Mich. MARSH, ANNE ELIZABETH . Lawrence Park West, Bronxville, N. Y. MATTHEWS, LETITIA DUNHAM 126 Wellington Place, Cincinnati, Ohio MATTIS, ELSIE CORA . . . 900 W. Park Ave., Champaign, Ill. MENNEN, MILDRED ELMA . 135 Raymond Ave., South Orange, N. J MICHIE, JEAN HATCH . 10 Military Road, Worcester, Mass MILLER, EDITH ....... Naples, Florida MINOR, MARGARET EASTMAN . Mt. Carmel, New Haven, Conn. MINSCH, DOROTHY LOUISE 211 Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. MOORE, ELIZABETH . . 1407 N. Market Ave., Canton, Ohio MOORE, ESTHER JANE Fulton Extension, Avondale, Canton, Ohio MORGAN, CYNTHIA GAY . 2262 Parkwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio MORRISON, JANE ...... Pawling, N. Y. One Hundred Fourteen 0' .Iv P Ear EH! MOUNT, HESTER . . 24 Erwin Park Road, Montclair, N. MURRAY, CORNELIA GROOT . NELTBIAN, MARY LIANDEL . 204 Lippincott Ave., Riverton, N. . . 194 State St., Albany, N. Y. NEWTON, ALICE RICHARDSON . . 214 Oak St., Holyoke, Mass. NICHOLSON, SALLY ANNE . . 425 S. Edward St., Decatur, Ill. NOLTE, CORINNE KATHRYN 1652 N. Fountain St., Springfield, Ohio GDGEN RUTH P. . . OSAWA, YOSHIKO . OWENS, DEBORAH . . PACKARD, PAULINE . . PALMER, CHRISTINE RUSSELL PALMER, MARGARET JANE . PARHAM, MARION ADA . PARKHURST, PATRICIA . PARROTT, VIRGINIA S. . . PATTERSON, HARRIET ROE . PHILBRICK, CONSTANCE PHILLIPS, UNDINE . POPE, FRANCES . . PORTER, LOUISE . . . POTTER, HARMONA ROMEYN . PRATT, GWENDOLYN . . . 146 Hanishaw Road, Ithaca, N. Y. Kawaramachi, Sanjyo, Kyoto, Japan 320 West Broad St., Hazleton, Penn. 155 Long Hill St., Springfield, Mass . 2 Hillcrest Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. . . R. F. D. 3, Parma, Michigan 136 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 133 First Avenue, Gloversville, N. Y. . . Ivy Lane, Princeton, N. . 485 Stage Road, Monroe, N. Y. . 30 Terry Road, Hartford, Conn. . . 613 Second St., Butler, Pa. . 16 Sycamore Road, Hartford, Conn. 1199 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Md. 170 N. Beacon St., Hartford, Conn. 72 South St., Great Barrington, Mass. QUIRK, DOROTHY . . 242 Steele Road, West Hartford, Conn. RAYMOND, SARAH ALICE . 1040 West 54th St., Kansas City, Mo. REED, ELINOR BEMIS . Hotel La Salle, 30 E. 60th St., New York City REILLY, ALICE LUCILE . RHEINERANK, ANNE . . 204 Primrose Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. . Eagle Point Colony, Rossford, Ohio RHEINFRANK, LAURA . . . . Eagle Point Colony, Rossford, Ohio RIPPLE, MARGERY ELIZABETH , 906 Clay Ave., Scranton, Pa. ROBERTS, FRANCES . . ROBERTSON, ANN NATALIE . ROBINSON, ALICE . . ROGERS, ELIZABETH HALLOC. ROGERS, HELEN . . . . 185 State St., Flushing, N. Y. . . Elmhurst Blvd., Scranton, Pa. . 411 College Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. . . . Cazenovia, N. Y. . . 1624 Main St., Quincy, Ill. ROHRBAUGH, ROSEDREY LENORE . . . . Hanover, Pa. ROSE, ELIZABETH , . ROSE, MARY LOVE . . SAVAGE, NANCY WOOD . 285 Riverside Drive, New York City 285 Riverside Drive, New York City . 30 Church Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. SCHWABLE, PAULINE GERTRUDE 2 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. SEELY, NANCY STODDARD . 517 Ingraham Bldg., Miami, Florida SEXTON, HARRIET , . V515 Fountain St., Grand Rapids, Mich. One Hundred Fifteen R SHELDON, ANNE LORAINE SIIEPP, MARY CATHERINE SHUTTS, ALMEDA MARION SIMMONS, JANE . . SMITH, MARION E. . SMITH, SARA . . SNELL, SARA LOUISE . SNYDER, MARGARET . SOUTHWORTH, GERTRUDE SowERS, RUTH ROBINSON SPENCER, ALICE CHURCH STEERS, CLAIRE LOUISE 019 .sa . . . Dorset, Vermont . . . Millersburg, Pa. . . Ballston Spa, N. Y. . Eagle Point Colony, Rossford, Ohio . 62 Randolph St., Springfield, Mass. . . Box 123, Cazenovia, N. Y. . 88 Market Street, Potsdam, N. Y. . Myopia Hill, Winchester, Mass. . . 314 Highland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. . 14 Oakwood Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 211 South Main St., West Hartford, Conn. . 21 Seymour Place, White Plains N. Y. STEVENS, MARY FRANCES 500 South Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach, Florida STEVENS, SALLY HUMPHREY . . 15 Traill St., Cambridge, Mass. STIRLING, JEAN H. . . 167 N. Main St., Mechanicville, N. Y. STIRLING, NANCY . . 167 N. Main St., Mechanicville, N. Y. STONE, KATHARINE LEGGETT. . 53 Hancock St., Lexington, Mass. STRUBLE, CATHARINE ELIZABETH . 2 Irving St., Holyoke, Mass TAOOART, ELIZABETH . 4715 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. TALIAFERRO, FRANCES MONROE 737 Cambridge Blvd, Grand Rapids, il 1 TAYLOR, HARRIE1' ROBINSON. 73 N. Fulton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. TAYLOR, SARAH PEMBERTON . . 232 Kenyon St., Hartford, Conn. rFlFFANY, RUTH .... 24 Bay View St., Burlington, Vt. IFIFFT, EVELYN BLUNT T OURTELLOT, ANNE . TLJCKER, DORIS JOY . TUFTS, MARY GILMAN . 225 Maple St., Springfield, Mass. . Orpheum Bldg., Twin Falls, ldaho . 16 Ridge Road, Bronxville, N. Y. . 215 Stolp Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. VUNDERHILL, EVELYN R. . Hotel Mahopac, Lake Mahopac, N. Y. VAN BERGEN, NEELTJE . . 326 Highland Ave, Syracuse, N. Y. VAN SCHAICK, HELEN BOULTON . . Sasco Hill, Southport, Conn. VAVVTER, DOROTHY FULLER . . . 560 Elm St., Winnetka, Ill. VEEOER, DOROTHY I. . . . 1 Elizabeth St., Hartford, Conn. VONNEGUT, LOUISE . 3245 North Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, lnd. AVDORHEES, MARGARET MCCLUMPHA 107 Division St., Amsterdam, N.Y. WAKEMAN, ELIZABETH . 412 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. WAKEMAN, KATHARINE . 412 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. WALKER, MARJORIE . . 19 Round Hill, Northampton, Mass. WALKER, MARTHA CATHERINE 1425 Fulton Rd., N.W., Canton, Ohio Om' H undrcd Sixteen HRS Lat , 1930 EEK! WALL, ELIZABETH UNDERWOOD . 1025 Electric St., Scranton, Pa. WALSER, MARY .... Barton Hills, Ann Arbor, Mich. WARD, CAROLYN . . 18 Longue Vue Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. WASIIBURN, AMY . . . 190 Bay State Road, Boston, Mass. WEAVER, MARIAN . . . . Fort Sill, Oklahoma WIELD, NANCY HARTER . 402 Merriman Road, Akron, Ohio WEST, HELEN . . Robinson Road, Grand Rapids, Mich. WEST, JULIA IDA . . . 512 West Market St., Akron, Ohio WILKINSON, LOIS PARKER .... Little Silver, N. I. WILLIAMS, FRANCES ELIZABETH . 2025 Parkwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio WILLIAMS, JANET RUSSELL . . 718 Taylor Ave., Scranton, Pa. WILLIAMS, MARGARET E. 516 Fountain St., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. WILLIAMSON, BARBARA . . 510 Park Place, Bridgeport, Conn. WILSON, ANN FARWELL . 310 South Warren Ave., Saginaw, Mich. WILSON, JUSTINE . . . Copland Heights, Toledo, Ohio WINDHAM, MARGARET ZERILDA 917 Lincoln Ave., Port Huron, Mich. WINSLOW, MILDRED . . 1007 Highland Ave., Carrollton, Ky. WORLEY, MARY LOUISE Michigan League Bldg., Ann Arbor, Mich WYANT, MARTHA SAUNDERS. . 477 S. Oakland Ave., Sharon, Pa. YOUNG, HARRIET GRANT . 4221 Harwood Drive, Des Moines, Iowa One I'I1HZU17'C'fI, Sf'if'f'lII'l'Cl1 mmm 4919165 I 1930 IEIKII BB EB Zlcabemic Rap Svtuhents, 192960 AMBLER, MARY VIRGINIA . ARMITAGE, BERTHA KOLBE .L ARMITAGE, MARIANNA . BARNES, MARION ROBINSON . BEATTIE, LULA LEE . - BENEIJICT, EMILY FRANCES . BRADT, FRANCES GEORGIA . CLARK, MARTHA LELAND . CLIFTON, ANNE LOUISE CLUETT, JEAN MARVINE . COLEMAN, EUGENIE . . CONKLIN, MARGARET VOORHEE5 CONNOLLY, SHEILA HAYNES- DOYLE, ELIZABETH GRAY . EGY, MARGARET M. . . EVANS, MARY JAQUELINE . FESSENDEN, MARY ELIZABETH FILLEY, FREDA CHILD . . . 21 Collins Ave., 143 Pawling Ave., 143 Pawling Ave., 228 Pawling Ave., . 99 Twenty-third St., . . R.F.D. 6, . 68 Maple Ave., 1988 Fifteenth St., . Round Lake, . Pinewoods Ave, . Lakewood Place . 1577 Tibbitts Avei, . . 854 Spring Ave., 242 Saratoga St., Cohoes, . 34 Elm Grove Ave., . . 135 Maple Ave., . 140 Oakwood Ave., . . 7 114th St. FRAZIER, ELEANOR SLINGERLAND 162 S. Main St., Mechanicville, FRAZIER, ESTHER KNIGHT . 162 S. Main St., Mechanicville, FREEMYER, IRENE ANNA . GORMLY, MARGARET NEILSTON HARRINGTON, HOPE CORNELL HOBART, MARY ELIZABETH . HOBART, SARAH RITTER, I1 . KETCHUM, DEBORAH FLORENCE KETCHUM, MARGARET MAE . LAMB, JESSIE CUMMINGS . LECOMTE, GRACE . LIBBEY, DORIS ABBOTT LIMERICK, ZADA . . MCBRIDE, ELIZABETH . MCCOCHRANE, IDA ELLA . MCDOWELI., ELIZABETH MCEWAN, CATHERINE MCGONIGAL, MARY . . . 1714 Fifth Ave., . 37 Belle Ave. . 222 Spring Ave. 176 Pawling Ave., 176 Pawling Ave., J 7 Troy Troy Troy Trov Troy Troy Troy Troy N. Y. Troy Troy Troy Troy N. Y. Troy Troy Troy Troy N. Y. N. Y. Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy . 9 Linden Ave., Troy . . 9 Linden Ave., . 61 Woodrow Court, . 123 Oakwood Ave., . S Larch Ave., . 2113 Fifteenth St., . 66 Pinewoods Ave., . . 50 Glenn Ave., 250 Saratoga St., Cohoes, . 1300 Sausse Ave., . 317 Spring Ave., Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy N. Y. Troy Troy One Hundred Nineteen 500 Pawling Ave., oem, O ICU? A I 1930 IEEE! MARSHALL, ALVA MINTO MILLARD, JANE GREER MILLER, BETTINE . NOLLER, LOIS A. . OWEN, ELAINE LOCKWOOD PIKE, EVELYN . . PIKE, SALLIE . . POLK, BETSY . . REID, JEAN ETIIEL . ROUSSEAU, RUTII ANN ROWE, RUTH ANN . ROY, ELEANOR LAWRENCE VANDERPOOL, BETTINA WALLNER, AGNES MARY WALLNER, ROSE CLAIRE XVARREN, PIIEBE XVOLF, KATIIRYN LOUISE Om- Hundred Twmzfy QXMXQ 1305 Sausse Ave., 1584 Tibbitts Ave. , 314 Hoosick St. . 6 Sheldon Ave., 5 Westover Road , . . R.F.D.1 . . R.F.D.1 1621 Tibbitts Ave., . 2143 Fifth Ave., Head of Ford Ave., . Lock Box 302, . 28 Maple Ave., . 301 Spring Ave. 500 Pawling Ave., . Westover Road . 1941 Fifth Ave. Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy - -. AW 6213364931115 6536493165 mum 49197105 16" i l L If 'UH' 1 I ...QI 'g::::a'a -,: .935 . xx v 'QM A9 ' EVE . . F'- ffazh' A new . ' V3.9 5 Y,..Q'oi O x S NW QMIIEISGE, CVS 'Il f W Q Q ' ' "fix W, 0 Q , - isnt, "w.f.-.y - A O O I XAQ3' lg" I 0 U2 'xxx' . . ,.'.OJ'ff X , . 9A.??' 61. Q5 V WW ,L Z Wim E1 P9 :fmt Ciumplimentarp Zlhhertisers F. C. ADAMS VV. H. ARNOLD HAROLD VV. BENEDICT ALBERT V. BENSEN, JR. CHARLES H. BOVVKER EDVVARD A. BREWER HENRY R. BUCK E. J. CAREY ALFRED B. CHACE FRANK E. CHURCH AI.FRED S. CLARK ROBERT S. COOK ELTON G. CUSHMAN AVERY B. DAVIS M. T. EVERHART FRANK H. FINN ROBERT E. LIALL SAMUEL O. HOBART H. O. JONES VV. O. JONES ALBERT KAHN REV. RALPH W. KEELER ARTHUR XV. LEWIS C. G. LUEDER R. E. NICELDOVVNEY M. M. MOORE XV. J. MINSCH RUSSEL T. MOUNT H. H. MLTRRAX' Ono Hundreci Twenty-six VVILLIAM NOI,LER B. D. PHILLIPS 'JOHN J. PORTER MA JOR R. S. PARROTT S. T. PACKARD VVILLIAM PALMER, JR. A. RAYMOND CHARLES B. ROSE H. D. SAVAGE L. M. SIIIEPP DR. WALTER H. SEELY R. L. SICXTUN FRED H. SMITH BICRTRAND H. SNELL TWIIOMAS H. STIRLING C. H. STRUIILE H. M. KIPALIAFIQRRO A. A. TIFFANY LEWIS TJIFFT H. M. VAN BIQRGEN XV. A. VAWTICR C. H. VIEICDIER DAYII7 G. VVAKEMAN H. B. VVARD BEN Ii. WEST TITIDCJR R. VVILLIAMS VV. K. WILLIAMS J. K. VVILLIAMSON EARL F. VVILSON JOHN S. WORLEY TIFFANY Sz CO. JEWELRY SILVERWARE STATIONERY Szgverzbrzh Quczlziy M 0 dem Ze zh Przbe MAIL INQUIRIES RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION FIFTH AVENUE 8375! STREET-NEWYORK Qfv GUSTAWE Lolam Cx., Portrait Photographer The Studios 91 State St. 360 Broadway Albany, N. Y. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Attractifve Photography for College and School Annuals Photographers to the 1930 Gargoyle The Hurst Engraving Company Thom 671g7'6Z'UZ.71g 143 Andrews Street Rochester, N. Y. Your story in picture leaves nothing untold I A S- '!1!5II5ll'l55iIIh!lII!I5 I Emma Willard School Uniforms made to individual measures at decidedly reasonable prices Pimman T oMsoN they have a guarantee of character and worth WALNUT ST. AT 12TH 714 FIFTH AVE. Philadelphia, Pa. New York City SMART ACCESSORIES OF TIES, SCARFS, IMPORTED SWEATERS, ETC. :si :G MULHOLLAND BROS. jlorists Q 5 Third Street Troy, N. Y, 11lECliEMlCALOUITlT iF . 3, ' I' 4 Q E ff, -- me -1- fx.: Q fl Eiiellllllesjgai . W , Q -llc - ' -me 3 51533155 ,5..f,a: 7 -A., HL .ig at 2:3312 ,,,,g:i,.L Helps make chemistry painless! Try it Sold at all good stores Send for descriptive booklet THE PORTER CHEMICAL CO. 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' Look to this day: For it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course lie the verities and realities of your Existence,-The Bliss of Growth, the Glory of of Beauty. For yester- and tomorrow is only a well-lived makes every Action, the Splendor day is but a dream, vision. But today yesterday a dream of happiness and every to- morrow a vision of hope. Look well, there- fore, to this day. From the S anskrit. K 2:Illll:HHH:Hill:IIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIZIII The Belmont Co. CHEMIS TS Springfield, Mass. G .-.................................................... F R E Eixyazkzke 7J0Z76f7'Zi6'S 5 v lk ...-..-' if xg nf t L , ,vi . , ,, ' , will f ROGER 31 FGALLET Paris .Z f J' 'J' fi jf' A ll' "X P Q' ef gd, ,W ,f ,, W , ROGER Sz GALLET Paris ROGER Sz GALLET Face Powders 100 wi '. we ...1 fixblixb PERFUMES 'I My how lovely," and you will agree when you sample one or all three of the perfumes illus- trated. 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QV? :'f".l? j 4 f -7 'X . . w I ' . --'rf wf 'Ms A' ,fu ,iw 'ff V ,ep ,viii-.ig 12 , j . 93 P" ',I f mn. Ola- S-mf -Ylak '- 4' W wav . 1 Q .U ' . 5 A: x 1 ,x ., A 11X Haw W. M, 4... Hmmm Jifjff . 2lufvuranbS'W'MD'1?J-JJUQQ fii73gf'Qy3'?f'f mmm mmm . - f " 'Y . ' A 5?-ig? F Q X O YJ-Q W g N ww 25232 MM ' . . f W 1 J 'JBL Wynn .. f ' 5 , 1' 'GQ SQ-77 , - ' ' . A ' fig I Q M J M -,favx 7 ' ' bu, iv -1 I ' ' ' 7, ,,:55ggg L g1 . 1 , ' xw , ' . W , iv 4 1 -'fgfiz x 'ff lf ' , , I , ' X P 4. ' f T. 1 f ,Q-f9.,Q.1 ' Qfy1,,C!4 , ..-' ' ' . 9 .A CJ ' ,. Q.. ' 1 sg, -.Wg ,MM-,P ' ' ff' Q , ' " if. I I . K-:iff-tl-:1.,2. 1 ,.-if mfu.4.4.' 'bg V"'ff'4 si I 55fi?i ' . 'f . ' ' x' 'M OJYUUU J X iimqi A-AMLM .YM ,A .U ZW ,, 7 g i.. -4-4,,.,,,, lwifngt sz ...fp I- .f1'l'A1 T555 A - "' ' ' 1 f K , ' . , f '4 "f'.N,a7 lp 1. ,J Y ' '. - Q 1 ' U , - . is .4 V. fl-.gdg 3195- j L 1 I rl yt ,,. N . A my '- nf ' -D! I in A Q ' f 4 5: 5 P ' I . ' 1 3531 5 w 1 WL, :V ,L-KA' .A it IL!! irr 'Y I f . 1 -' , . Y- . . . ...., 4 1 ' ' -- , 5 . . .. Q-. v, . ,l ,:., ,XII .. E ' al.. ,cxlqun . jimi., ... lu,4.ggK. 1 Y. Q 3 U' I 4 C I, "' V--A4 q' O- 11" Q-CJ' v. gn, ,Q 4 K E ..,. . " 1 4 -3 7-44 . I ' ' 1 v ' N ' ' - 5 I f' E276 I Z ' I . I 4, if X pg Q 'ai'-. . ' ', ' ' 65,-5-, f ' ff ' ' - ' , " 4.12 ' . -Q 'SH L," , 5' ., N , ,. , ,, . 3.'E?33Z'a' S ' """f I 'xpj lc - . 5? f LST" . D 1, g,?,U:i-vi ' V - . ' ' . X. N I S S .X -X , .w . -N N W- 1,1 'L-f - ' wry' -Tw Q -M -f9'1ii5f,, U ' .kg A " . -- Q".--1,3 3 1525:WH-4'3.1r'5WI-.ek'Q"'zs9f" f' PW "'1b'ff'F':Q' f 'C " ' " f "' " f X' " 'L ag 1 5 Mm fAf,.f',' .mlm Hg-,f', + 'F M ' K... M gt! 1 xy if 'S' I-1 x,,... o Y 2575? ' 'gpg g-. , .. , ,.... ,. ., -,-, .. 46554 ,f,.g5i .wbfaif .WA E pr + ' '- -r, .m?:..f'.L ,I I ,ani . f 1- c YI" M , f ,F M 15 QM, f, . 1 , rycbdi aff' fr-MJ f lfwwiypnfw f L my ff fwQfMfiiQ W- W j U J , p W WW jiwit M- Q 1 5LfeZyi5 Z' AM, ffmmw X1?'gL""Naam ! -fwwf WWQWZQ Xsummwgi u , zigzag.. 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