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-wi BAKER, JONES HAUSAUER. INC. ' , .J BUFFALO N.Y. THE IEARIHIIYH nav il 153' 'Fin C0 G7 xii Q v ' v O46 5 ,94TIEN'KYs COPYRIGHT IQZ6 M155 CAROLYN HYDE Editor Miss AGNES WARNER Business Manager TEI'ITS Page Title Page . 3 Contents 5 Miss Kellas . . 6 Dedication . 7 CARGOYLE Board . . 8 Faculty , . 9 Class Motto . IO Foreword , 1 1 The Seniors . IZ Class Ballot , . 74 Class Day . . 75 Welcome . 76 History . . . 77 Presentations , . 81 Prophecy . . 85 Class Will . QO lvy Oration . . 92 Ivy Song . . Q2 Alrna Mater . , Q3 Senior Song . . Q4 Farewell . . , 96 lmportant Thrills . . IO4 Senior Play . . IO7 Fashions of '26 IO8 Class Songs . IOQ Class Pictures. 1 1 1 School Organizations . 117 Athletics . 127 Faculty Snapshots 134 Athletic Review I3 7 School Directory 141 Finis . . 146 Advertisements 147 'I Dedication N TOKEN OE OUR AEEECTION AND AM- BITION FOR OUR SIS- TERS, WE, TI-IE CLASS OF NINETEEN TWENTY- SIX, DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO TI-IE SOPI-IO- MORE CLASS. 1: 1: 1: :: GARGUYLEIEIEE Q CAROLYN HYDE . BARBARA PATE AGNES WARNER . GRACE GAMBLE . HARRIET WOODRUFF PATSY CONNOLLY . JEAN FOSTER . MARTHA SMITH . HELEN HUTCHINSON ANNETTE BRINCKERHOFF ARLENE BARNES . MARY MALLERY . ESTHER PECK MARTHA SMITH . VIRGINIA VAN SICLEN DOROTHY MAKEPEACE BERTHA HEBARD . ELIZABETH ANDERSON DOROTHY SHAEFFER Gargoyle Board 8 . Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager . Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Assistant Art Editor E. E Picture Editor . Social Editor . Athletic Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor GARGOYLEIHEE Faculty MIsS ELIZA KELLAS . . . . . . Principal MISS GRACE HANDSBURY . , . Vice-Principal MISS ETHEL BAKER . . . . English MISS LUCIA BESIEGEL . . . Latin, Mathematics MISS CLARA BRAMER . . . Economics-Ancient History MISS FANNIE BROCKWAY . ,,.. French MISS BESSIE BEEKMAN . . Mathematics MISS ELIZABETH KENT . , . English MISS HAZEL LYON . . . . Science MISS MARJORIE MCWHINNIE . Household Economics MISS ELLEN MANCHESTER . . . . English MISS JANET MAXWELL . . . English-Psychology MISS JULIE MAYSER . German-French MISS WINIFRED NORTON Art History-Art MISS EVA A, PORTER . . . English MISS ELIZABETH POTWINE . Mathematics MISS ELIZABETH ROBSON . . ' Latin MISS MADDALENA DE ROSSI . . French MISS HELEN L. RYDER . . English MISS ELIZABETH SIMPSON . Latin MISS LEA SURLEAU . . . . French MISS MARY CORRINE ROSEBROOK . Latin MISS EDNA TERRILL . . . L Latin MISS MARY B. THOMPSON . . . . Mathematics MISS KATHERINE WEAVER ........ Science MISS MARY H. WILSON .... American and English History INTERMEDIATE MISS BEATRICE ENOS MISS GRETCHEN VAN BUREN MISS RUTH CUMMING MISS LUELLA BARNES PRIMARY MRS. LOUISE INSLEE MISS LOUISE BETTS ' MUSIC MRS. F. F. BUELL MR. WILLIAM GLOVER MISS HELEN FANCHER MR. GRAHAM NOBBES GYMNASTICS IVIISS GRACE WATERMAN MISS SUZANNE VAN ANTWERP MRS. IVIATTIE ANDERSON . Housekeeper MISS ESTHER E. WILTSIE . . Librarian MR. JOHN E. FLACK . . . 'Treasurer MISS MARY GRAY . . House Mother MISS ANNA S. HALL . . Secretary MISS LUCY HAMSON , . Banker MISS HELEN HUTCHINS . . Secretary MRS. J. K. MUMFORD . . House Mother MRS, TILLINGHAST . . . Dietitian 9 NUMUUAVI HORRESCE HA WR? 1 fa vc Foreword In years that are to corne, when the figures of our friends are but dirn shadows on the horizon of the past, we will then turn to this book of col- lected mernories, and will renew those friendships which time cannot erase. ' GARGUYLBIHEE L BETTY ANDERSGN Eight Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Study Hall Committee GARGOYLE Board ETTY has been with us for eight years, and we hate to see her leave us this spring. She is one of the nicest girls we knowAnever has a grouch and always is willing to lend a helping hand+and her laugh! Well, we simply can't hear it without giggling ourselves, Betty takes a vital interest in everything she does, and just now she is especially enthusiastic about geometry. Or is that altender subject? l-lowever, we know do that she takes a keen interest in dramatics and we wish her luck in that line as well as in every other she may undertake. So just keep on smiling, Betty, and we know you'll succeed in whatever V you set out to do. ' IZ GARGUYLEXIHEB L MARION ASHLEY Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club p House Committee Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm in HALL I or shant I wear my glasses?" In case this question should seem irrelevant, we need only to mention IVIarion's name, and its importance at once becomes clear. It is one of the few points which Marion cannot decide, and no amount of advice from her friends seems to help. We keep on giving our opinions, nevertheless, and we like her equally well with or without the "specs" IVIarion's moods have an extraordinary range, and usually they fly from one extreme to the other We see her either utterly downcast over her imaginary inability to deal with some great problem or bubbling over with enthusiasm and fun. We are glad to note that the enthusiasm predominates. She is desolate without com- pany, and happiest when discussing some weighty question with her friends. When Marion takes up her task in the world, we know it will be among people. I3 1' GARGUYLEIHEE . CATI-IARINE BAKER Two Years General Course Athletic Association Glee Club Choir Reserve Social Committee Senior Play On with the dance! Let joy be unconfned! AY not only trips the light fantastic toe on Saturday nights in the gymnasium but also trips through the dreary routine of week days. She is never too busy to cheer us, whether it be with the latest dance steps or with an amusing episode. It isn't that Cay is frivolousg she is just a born optimist. Nothing is so dark that she can't see light shining through. But Cay has moments of seriousness. She is a helpful friend and classmate, an ever-sympathetic listener to a tale of woe, and a cheerful aid. She is probably most serious when she is pursuing knowledge in the li- brary. We really can't help admiring Cay's quick trans- formation from a gay, lively person to a meditative student. ' ' With her fine power of concentration she gains results. 14 7W1yNf if 1 'f EGARGUYLEXIHEE , ARLENE BARNES Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Treasurer of Class of 1926 President of Student Government Dramatic Club Choir Reserve Hockey Team QSub.j GARGOYLE Board Senior Ring Committee Wearer of E. W. A Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul. RL has a dual personality, Everyone in school knows her as our dignified and capable leader along the uncertain paths of Student Government. She has for the position the qualifying traits of determination and foresight. Being class treasurer is no easy task, but we confidently chose Arl, knowing she would success- fully manage our finances. Some of us are fortunate in knowing Arl's other side. She is a true friend and a delightful companion. Whether addressing the girls, or talking informally, her sparkling personality, her tact, and her power of express- ing herself fluently, make her deservedly popular. Twenty- six remembers with pride when Arl won the debate for us - - by her forceful speech and clear thought, There are many qualities we admire in the modern girl, but, after all, are not loyalty, sincerity, and faithful- ness to friends and to an ideal, those which hold our lasting admiration? They are some of the qualities we have found in Arl, and are a few of the reasons for our enduring love for her. 15 ' GARGOYLEIEIEB L JANE BoLToN Three Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association Hockey Team Dress Committee Library Committee Wearing her wisdom lightly. ANE is the most naturally brilliant student one could imagine. She does not have to study 5 she just seems to absorb knowledge. Oddly enough, she is always quite convinced just before reports appear that she has failed in everything. Strange to state, however, her report usually contains a monotonous string of A's. jane is not only a good scholar but is also efficient in other lines. She is a star wing on'zo's hockey teamg she is a clever conversationalist, and imparts surprisingly enlightening knowledge on all subjects. lt seems almost unbelievable that one small person can possess so much information, all of which is extremely interesting to the group of individuals who come from a certain mid-western city. We are not quite sure whether it is ,lanes superior in- telligence or her attractive personality which makes her on intimate terms with the Faculty. Although we justly envy Janes abilities, we are equally proud to have her for our classmate. I6 GARGUYLEIHEE L SARAI-I W. BGWSHER Two Years Advanced Course Athletic Association President of Class of IQ26 Student Council Dramatic Club Clee Club Choir Senior Play Wearer of E. W. Born for success she seemed, with grace to win, with hearts to hold, with shining gifts that took all eyes. X X I I-IAT shall I say about Sally? There is so much to say about that enterprising , young lady, who sang her way right into our hearts last year, that I hardly know where to begin. At first we were so charmed by her beautiful voice that we were unaware of her many other accomplishments. But we soon discovered them, and in the second term elected her junior President. Sally, so small of stature, is so very tall in wisdom that she guided the unruly junior Class successfully through the rest of the year. Without much deliberation we elected her to be our Senior President. More words than I am allowed would be needed to ' describe with what wisdom and spirit she has led us this past year, In times of doubt or excitement she has been a sturdy and calm counselor upon whom we could depend. If we of 'zo had hunted the world over for a president, I doubt if we could have found a girl to equal "Our Sally." 1 7 A 3' ANNETTE BRINCKERHOFF Three Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Cwlee Club Choir Hockey Team Indoor Basketball Team Head of Roller Skating Dress Committee Library Committee Athletic Editor of GARGOYLE Senior Play Gym Team The ilariety of all things forms a pleasure. 'TWENTY-SIX is proud to present to you Annette, our four-team girl. Can you - imagine making four teams and being equally good on each of them? There is no one who can keep goal so well as Annette, who rather than let the ball pass, will kick it or sit on it. lt is more profitable to play tennis with Annette than against her. The chances for winning are a great deal better if you are on the same side of the net. We need only to mention roller skating, and everyone thinks of Annette. She is our chief star in fancy skating. Annette is versatile, for she can perform indoors as well as out. She acts in the Living-Room Plays, sings in the Choir and dances in the Christmas Revels. She ' ' is also talented in the art of waving hair g she willingly puts in rows upon rows of combs for girls who are to have their pictures taken or who are going on a week-end. We feel sure that in the future, Annette will be as adaptable to her environment as she has been here at Emma Willard. 18 mmf GARGUYLEIEIEE L ANNE BROWN Three Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Clee Club Christian Association Board Dress Committee Library Committee Senior Play Yet taught by time my heart has learned to glow For others' good, and melt at others' woe. F ever you find your roommate a little too noisy and unsympathetic, if you haven't gotten that one letter for simply ages, or if you can't reach the top hook of your dress in back, therels always one person in '26 you want to find, and that's Anne Brown. Anne doesn't get excited 5 she doesn't say to you, "l'm awfully busy. Come back later, can't you?" She does what you want when you want it, and what is more, she does it with a smile. After all, it's the way a deed is done quite as much as the deed itself that counts. Now please don't think that Anne is a meek, mild creature whom one can conveniently drop all burdens upon, or order around at ones will. No, quite the contrary. Anne has a most decided will of her own, as one look into her steady dark eyes shows. And, too, we see in the Anne of the Christian Association Board a girl who has high ideals, a firm character, and an unswerving purpose. Twenty-six knows you for the splendid worker you are, Anne, and it loves you most for your true friendship. 19 GARGUYLEIHEE 1 MARY ELLEN BUKEY Two Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Study I-lall Committee Senior Play Yet graceful ease and sweetness devoid of pride. MUSING situations used often to arise when Mary Ellen first came. These were due to the fact that we couldnt, somehow, keep her separate from Kay Baker, but now that we are better acquainted with them both, we couldnt confuse them. We have learned that lvlary Ellen is very distinctly individual. We have found that Mary Ellen is exactly what we had pictured a Southern belle to be. She is dark-haired and blue-eyed, and she speaks with a slight drawl- just enough to be charming. She carries her head proudly, in a manner befitting her poised dignity and aristocratic grace, which are emphasized by her sweet seriousness and earnestnessf. But don't think she is an aloof, pensive person. Not at all! A quick sense ' ' of humor often brings into play a gay laugh or a radiant smileg and her eyes sometimes laugh when her. lips do not. By her sweetness, persistence, and unselfishness, Mary Ellen has made us very fond of her, and we of 'zo will long remember her unfathomable charm. ZO rwnf i GARGUYLEIEIEB K MARGARET CARR General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Cvlee Club Choir Social Committee Senior Play Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul. E were all glad when we heard that Peggy was coming back to us this fall, and that she would take her place with us as a Senior. When she left school in June, 1924, at the end of herjunior year, Peggy had many staunch friends here, and it was with a great deal of pleasure that we welcomed her back again. Anyone will tell you what great amusement you can have by being in the same company with Peggy, because every minute she makes a humorous or subtle remark. ln large gatherings she assumes a quiet manner which a stranger might mistake for diffldence, But the girls who were new this year at school soon found that making friends with her was easy. Because of her ability to play the ukelele, '-'T'- Peggy is constantly being sought to take some part in a musical program. l believe it can truthfully be said that none of us will ever forget her dressed as an immigrant in the l-lallowelen Masquerade. Whatever the part Peggy may have to play in life, she will adapt herself to it perfectly. 'LI GARGUYLEIHEB 5 PATRICIA CONNOLLY Eleven Years General Course Athletic Association Triangle Board Lunch Room Committee Senior Play There is no wisdom in frankness. PATSY is one of the most versatile girls l know. She seems to be able to do anything from baking a cake to drawing dainty ladies or grotesque gargoyles. Proof of her ability as an artist may be had by perusing this GARGOYLEQ and as to her ability to make a cake-well, one cake made her famous. She can wield a brush or needle with equal facility. In fact, Patsy designs and makes most of her numerous dresses and hats which we gaze at with wonder. l-low can anyone be so clever? l dont know what we would do without Pat during the luncheon hour. She keeps us continually laughing with her amusing stories and witty comments on all subjects. We wish you the best of luck, Patsy, all your life! ' ' 22 VIRGINIA COOK Two Years Advanced Course Athletic Association President of Dramatic Club Dress Committee House Committee Senior Play She that hath knowledge, sparelh her words. ' ENERAL Information to-day? Mercy, I don't know anything!" J "I-Iere comes Ginny Cook, she'll tell you anything you want to know." And indeed she will! For not only has Ginny a remarkable fund of general information, but she is always willing to impart it to anyone. Although we often marvel at the high marks in her studies, we realize that she deserves them, for she is a conscientious worker, never shirking any part of a lesson. Please don't form your whole opinion of Ginny, yet! Of course, she is quiet, and not many girls have the privilege of knowing her inti- mately, but to her friends she is a true companion and I loyal to the last degree. She has an excellent sense of humor-we love her surreptitious giggle which occasion- ally gets the better of her dignity! Ginny is reliable and capable. When a task is to be done, be it pleasant or otherwise, Ginny, with a smile, will tackle it, and we may feel confident that she is doing it well. Although Ginny is a diminutive person, the place she fills in our hearts is very large and very important. 7-3 JANE DEAL Eleven Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association T Dramatic Club Glee Club T Choir Outdoor Basketball Team QSub.j Study Hall Committee Music Club Cym Team Zealous, yet modest! E surely are glad, jane, that although you are a Trojan, you have lived here for your last two years. We feel that we have been able to know you so much better. Jane is very quiet, and it is only by close contact that one becomes acquainted with her charming personality, Beside her sweet manner, another admirable quality of hers is her neatness. You should see her room! Everything has its special place, and more than that, everything is in its place. When we say jane is neat, we don't mean that she spends all her time picking up, mending clothes, or darning stockings. Instead, she does those duties with dispatch ' ' and then turns with interest to sports. She went out faith- fully for basketball practice all fallg nor were her efforts in vain, for she made sub on the Senior basketball team. If steady, patient work means success, jane will certainly make her way without difficulty. 7-4 1 NANCY FINCI-l Four and a l-lalf Years College Preparatory for Colorado Uni- versity Athletic Association Student Council Dramatic Club Outdoor Basketball Team CSub.D Chairman of l-louse Committee Gym Team Imaginative, innocent, sincere. Of every friendless name the friend. GIGGLE and a quick stepfthat is the outward expression of Nancy's character. Shining brown eyes, a sensitive nose, and a firm, practical mouth show that Nancy is observant, well-balanced and strong. As l-lead of Sage, she keeps us all in order with terrible sternness, or, when this fails, with pleading. l-low well she understands us! Who can help obeying, admiring, and loving her? Nancy has always been interested in social service workfespecially with little children-and, to judge from the reports we have heard, she is making a great success of it. We know she makes exquisite embroidery which she sells for the childrens fund. Nancy is one of E. W.'s oldest inhabitants, having been here since her Freshman year, and the class often benefits by her helpful suggestions gleaned from past experience. Nancy is an outstanding character in our class, full of life, humor, and love-three perfect requisites for success in life. 25 JEAN FosTER Six Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Entertainment Committee GARooYLE Board Senior Play Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstasy. E were all so glad last year when our bonnie jean became a boarder. We had l been wishing for a long time, even from Intermediate days, that shed come to live with us to cheer us along. Jeans curly locks were among the first in the class to be shorng then Jean, her dancing blue eyes full of laughter, watched us as we pondered on the vitally-important question-to cut or not to cut. jean wields a magic pen, from which exquisite verse seems to flow with the greatest ease possible, It produces stories, once in awhile, too. Besides a charmed pen, she also possesses a fascinating paintbrush with which she absentmindedly creates fantastic beauties with lovely eyelashes! And the GARGoYLE has that brush to thank for many of its cuts. To be brief, jean is a mixture of originality, enthu- siasm, perversity, charm, fastidiousness, and pure lovable- ness, 26 L GRACE GAMBLE Six Years General Course Athletic Association Student Council Hockey Team Chairman of Study Hall Committee Advertising Manager of the GARGOYLE Senior Play None but himself can be his parallel. S X 2 E could not have chosen a better girl to guide us in the straight and narrow path than Grace. With a stern voice she rebukes a wandering student, and her clear command, "No talking, girls!" is heard down the length of the corridors. She naturally inspires awe in the bewildered Freshmen, but to those who know her well, Grace is all kindness and full of fun. On the hockey Field, Grace has the invaluable position of fullback, and with many a sure hit at the ball she has kept the opposite team from making a goal. We have yet to find a girl with more spirit and enthu- siasm than Grace. lnto everything that she does she puts her whole heart. We often wonder how she takes care of - - all her responsibilities and yet keeps in such good humor. Grace is never so busy that she hasn't time to help some- one out or to join in some fun. 7-7 GARGDYLEIEIEE L RUTI-I I-IALEY Two Years Advanced Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Choir Reserve Captain of Bowling Team Study I-lall Committee Senior Play ' But tragedy is not for meg fm content to be gay. UTI-TS humorous ways and cleverness have gained for her the place of one of the most amusing girls in school. She is never sarcastic and she can always make us laugh by her little unconscious remarks. She is often a valuable member of the cast in the Living Room Plays or in take-offs in the gymnasium. We never dispute the fact that she is a born entertainer. There is a serious side to Ruth's nature, for she is sincere and staunch. In the two years she has been here she has won for herself a warm place in the hearts of all who know her. Ruth is one of those advanced Seniors who is lucky enough to take Domestic Science. Often she comes to a - V meal with some product of her cooking. And again she appears in a new dress which we learn she has made herself. With that keen sense of humor we know that Ruth can make nothing but a success of life. 28 L BERTI-IA I-IEBARD Three Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association CActiveb Dramatic Club Cwlee Club l-lockey Team QSub.j Dress Committee House Committee CARGOYLE Board There is no wisdom like frankness, BERT possesses a certain charming individuality that is quite refreshing, and a spontaneous enthusiasm that is quite contagious. Bert is not easily swayed, having very decided opinions. Unless you are skilled in argument, do not attempt to debate with her. By her utter frankness she makes one feel her absolute dependability as a friend, She is not inclined to Hatter, if you want to know the truth about yourself, ask her. She has very interesting ideas about books and reads with a great deal of appreciation. Bert has shown her executive ability as President of the Sophomore Class and as the efficient Head of Third Floor. There is something in her tone when she demands less noise that makes ' ' bedience imperative, Capable and cheerful, Bert's future life should be an enviable one. 7-9 GARGUYLEIHEE K ESTI-IER I-IINDLE Two Years Advanced Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Ofhcer Glee Club Choir Social Committee Senior Play Forward and frolic glee was there, The will to do, the soul to dare. E agree with you that the picture above is charming, but to us who know Ez, it does not truly portray herg but then, what mere photograph could? For Esther is one of those persons who laugh from morn till night. Not only does she always see the point of a joke Qwhich is more than most of us can boastj but she can see the amusing side of a situation which others might find annoying, And Esther is domestic. She can "sew a fine seam," as is shown by the dresses she makes for herself and which are the envy of the whole School, As Property Manager of the Dramatic Club, Esther is a great success. What would our plays in the Living Room be without Esther as man-of-all-work? Nothing daunts her, from ' ' making trees with paper leaves to hauling furniture. She and Ruth are a matchless pair 5 there is always laughter in their room. If you want to be amused, just step in. 30 FLGRA I-IINCKLEY Two Years Advanced Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Clee Club Choir Reserve Entertainment Committee Ivlusic Club Senior Play . . . . S0 well to know Her own, that what she wills to do or say, Seems wisest, virtuousest, discreetest, best. WAS coming downstairs with an armful of books, when with terrific force I crashed into someone. In the sudden storm of flying books and papers I became aware of a slim, bright-eyed person, nimbly skipping around to help me retrieve lost possessions. It was Flora I-Iinckley. "Flora," I gasped, "Aren't you most dead after that knock ?" No, Flora was very much alive, and thats just the way Flora always isg she comes out on top everytime. I've never seen her angryg I've neverseen herdistraught about anything. Shes always wonderfully self-possessed and wonderfully willing to help any of us who are less gifted in that respect, Our Hurry and Huster and littleworried frowns - c just smooth out when Flora takes a hand. Flora, we wish you could realize how dependent we all are upon your calm presence, and how much we appreciate your little kind- nesses. 31 GARGUYLEIEIEE m LOUISE I-IOWLAND Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Cvlee Club Choir Entertainment Committee ' A tender heart, a will inflexible. HEN Louise first came to school two years ago, we found after much delving and questioning that she answered to the undignified and rather uncompli- mentary name of Silly. We have since learned, however, that the origin of this epithet had nothing at all to do with her mental ability. Louise is a faithful con- tributor to The Triangle, and her literary efforts in English Class are successful. Louise is very firm in her opinions. Woodrow Wilson and Princeton merit her approval. They always have and probably always will. Anyone who tries to change Louises point of view, will be gently but nonetheless effectually silenced. Louise is the most persevering and conscientious of - individuals, and whether it is a question of studies, of athletics, or of just the little things which count so much, you will generally find her doing what is expected of her. But the enumeration of Louise's good qualities does not end here, Her generosity displays itself in her willing- ness to aid, either materially or intellectually, anyone in need. Louise, you have been a helpful member of ,zo in more ways than one. 32 JANE HUNING Three Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Clee Club Choir Dress Committee I-louse Committee Music Club Senior Play And like a sound in silence, is your stillness in the streaming of light whispered laughter all around. JANE always seems to me to have stepped out of a frame in someones picture gallery. l think the background of an old-fashioned garden, pink hollyhocks, and a bright blue sky would set her off to perfection. l cannot picture her in a New Mexican setting. ' jane has what might be called an artistic temperament. She is coolly indifferent to everything around her. Her main interest seems to be her violin which she plays extremely well. We will not forget the concerts she has given in the Living Room. Maybe, some day, we will buy tickets to hear her play in New York! Nor will we forget her as the King of Egypts daughter in the Revels. ' ' ' We saw another side of jane, last fall, when she used to come out to basketball practice. Her agility and quickness in playing quite belied her usually passive manner. jane must also carry on an extensive correspondence, for she receives innumerable letters. These she accepts in as matter-of-fact a manner as she does everything else, while we look on with green-eyed envy. 33 T HELEN HUTC1-HNsoN Two Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association Student Council Dramatic Club Cvlee Club Choir Hockey Team Chairman of Library Committee GARGOYLE Board She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, A And pleasant, too, to think on. BEFORE I-lutchie came to be one of us we all wondered what the girl who was to room with I-lillie would be like. When she arrived, not one of us was dis- appointed. I-low could we be? This year I-lutchie is a member of the famous Denver Suite and I-lead of the Library Committee. She is very adaptable, and every part she has to play is equally well done. One minute she is dignified, as befits her position on the Student Council, the next she is a gay companion. There are two or three pictures of her that stand out vividly in our memory: l-lutchie on the hockey field, in a blue suede jacket, her curly golden locks flying as she dashes after a lively hockey ballg I-lutchie as a little country girl dancing merrily through the steps of the Old Morris Dance, and lastly, Hutchie rushing out of the Assembly I-Iall with her daily letter C postmarked Williamstownj clutched in her hand. 34 GARGOYLBIEIEE L CAROLYN HYDE Five Years General Course Athletic Association Student Council Dramatic Club Choir Hockey Team Chairman of Entertainment Committee Chairman of Senior Ring Committee Editor-in-Chief of GARGOYLE Senior Play Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye. In every gesture, dignity and love. JUDGING from the size of Cally, one might think there would be little to say about her. But I think she proves the truth of the saying that the best things often come in the smallest packages, for I could write far more than two hundred words and still not have said one half of the things about her that I would like to. Can you imagine Sunday night entertainments without Cally? Can you imagine the GARGOYLE Board without Cally? Can you imagine the hockey team trying to attain perfection without Cally as its left inside? Can you picture the front row of Choir without Cally? Can you picture Senior Play without Cally? And, what is more important than all these, can you imagine the Class of '26 without Cally? ' - Ever since Cally Qwith her hair down her backj came to school, she has been making her mark, and I think that in this-her last year-she has made the deepest impres- sion. She has exhibited unusual executive ability, remark- able dramatic talent, firmness of purpose, and strength in perseverance. Yet, with all she has had to do, Cally has still had the time to give of her best to her friends. It is a combination of all these things that makes you what you are, Cally, and may we assure you that when you go out from school you will carry with you the true devotion of the Class of '26, 35 GARGUYLEIHEE L JEAN IDE E our Years College Preparatory Athletic Association Hockey Team QSub.j Chairman of Lunch Room Committee Bright as the sun, her eyes the gazers strike And, like the sun, they shine on all alike. E are glad that -lean came back to Emma Willard to graduateg the class missed her so much while she was away. We missed not only her eyes, but her smile, which, to quote the old song, "she has on all the while' ,lean has been an excellent head of the lunch room, though it is a huge under- taking to keep all the famished girls quiet and orderly. We do not envy jean that task. She plays a good game of hockey and was a sub on the team this year. lt certainly was good of jean Cwho is a day girlj to stay up here after school for all our practices. This, as well as many other things, shows her spirit and loyalty to the class. Though she may not appear studious, she is often seen in the library, early in the morning, poring conscientiously over her books. jean is just the right mixture of frivolity and seriousness to insure popularity. 36A GARGUYLEXIHEB , MARY INCLIS Two Years College Preparatory for Wellesley' Athletic Association Dramatic Club Outdoor Basketball Team Entertainment Committee Gym Team My heart Is true as steel HERE are some girls who have natures like little running brooks that bubble and laugh along their wayg there are others whose natures are like deep, quiet wells in whose depths one finds the placid reflection of a clear sky, high above. Mary is just like a deep, quiet, ever-refreshing well. She is the kind of girl who invariably invites innermost confidences. But wells sparkle and bubble, too, and you should see the imp of mischief in Mary's brown eyes or hear the infectious chuckle that usually accompanies that same imp. Mary is quite wonderful in her studies. She has a steady way of working that always brings splendid results. And on the basketball field, Mary seems to be everywhere ' at once with an active agility that has rescued the laurels for 'zo many a time. There is so much to say about Mary, and l am allotted so little space to say it in. But neither space nor time could ever tell how much 'zo loves and appreciates you, Mary, for what you've done and for what you are. 37 GARGUYLEXIEIEE nn ELIZABETH JUDD Two Years College Preparatory for Wellesley Athletic Association A Dramatic Club Cvlee Club I-lead of Senior Roller Skating Dress Committee Study Hall Committee Forward and frolic glee was there, The will to do, the soul to dare. JUDDY the merry! juddy the gay! You are always full of laughter and fun. We might even call you mischievous, if it were not that we feared some might make the mistake of thinking you undignified. And that would never dog for we know that when the right moment arrives, you can change in a trice from youthful jollity to the most profound sedateness. There are many epithets we could apply to juddy, all expressing a different side of her nature. She is sincere and undaunted in everything she undertakes, and we of '26 know what an invaluable member of the class these characteristics have made her. She has endeared herself to everyone by her sweetness and graciousness of - manner. She is clever, too, as all who heard last years thrilling debate between the juniors and the Seniors will undoubtedly agree. With ,Iuddy we shall always associate the idea of youthg we laugh at the thought of her ever being old or even middle-aged. Her unquenchable good spirits and her charming naivete will be proof against the years. 38 MARTHA KENNEDY Two Years Advanced Course A Athletic Association Secretary and Treasurer of Dramatic Club Dress Committee Social Committee Senior Play The daughter of the gods, divinely tall, And most divinely fair. IN Martha we have clear proof that beauty is not only skin-deep, for those who have had the good fortune to know her well, know that Martha's character is one of sterling worth. The keynote of her personality is unselfishness. There is nothing too small for her to do, and each day of her life is filled with little acts of kindness. In fact, I don't believe she would know how to be mean to anyone. Accompanying this trait of unselfishness there is inborn in Martha a very strong sense of justice. An unusually broad-minded point of view enables her to see the other side of things and makes her remarkably tolerant. Martha has a calm and tranquil nature. Nothing ruffles her spiritsg nothing sharpens her temper. She has an even, dependable disposition. Martha not only possesses ideals but lives themg not only has dignity of bearing but has dignity of characterg is admired not only for her outward beauty but for the beauty of her personality. 39 ' GARGUYLEIHEE L ESTHER LEO Three and a I-lalf Years General Course Athletic Association CActivej Dress Committee House Committee Senior Play To greet with friendly hail each passing face, Tofirid the green-girt world a gladsorne place OR everyone, Esther has a nod and a friendly remark. l-ler attitude toward the whole world is hail-fellow-well-met, and for that reason she has a place in the heart of each girl in school. She makes friends easily, and once she has made them she always keeps them. No one of us can resist her merry laugh or be bored in her gay company. Esther is tall and slim, with golden hair which is the admiration of everyone. She carries herself at all times with an enviable grace. But beauty is not skin-deep with Esther, because we know she is true, through and through. As head of Second Floor Esther performs her duty ' ' untiringly, in order to keep peace, which at times is no pleasant job. During this last year she has made herself a worthy example by her poise and self-control. Esther is the kind of girl who would do anything in the world for you and who never tires of cheering you up. We all hope, Esther, that you will receive as much joy as you give to others! 40 ' EGARGUYLEIEIER S JANE LOOMIS Four Years College Preparatory for Smith Vice-President of Athletic Association Dramatic Club Head of Hockey Hockey Team lndoor Basketball Team i Cym Team Dress Committee House Committee Triangle Board Gym Team Innocence in genius and candor in power are both noble qualities. HEN Jane first came to school in iozz she was such a very shy Freshman that it seemed impossible that she could become a sophisticated Senior in four years. But she has proved herself worthy to take her place in the ranks of the oldest class. Co out on the hockey field some day and watchjane play. She shines especially in this game and has shown her ability by being an expert player for four years. We all feel that she has justly earned the position of Vice-President of the Athletic Association, and we know that she will perform her duty as she always does. There is nothing affected about Jane who is more naive than many of her classmates. She is seldom serious outside of classroom and is an amusing companion. We ' feel that the girls who are going to Smith withjane are very lucky, indeed. Anywhere she goes she will make friends whom she will stick by and sympathize with. jane, to those who know her well, will never grow old, but will remain the same fun-loving and genuine girl as when she first entered school, 41 L51-I-QM GARGOYLENIEIEE K Miglia DOROTHY MAKEPEACE Four Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Dress Committee I-louse Committee GARGOYLE Board It's good to be merry and wise. I E introduce to you Dot-tall, slim, and fair-haired. We know her well, and have always found her a true friend, staunch and sincere, yet bubbling over with fun and frivolity. Unfortunately, Dot is one of the restricted girls, but that has not kept her from diligently playing hockey. During her four years here Cyes, Dot is one of the six remaining girls in our class who entered as Freshmen? she has developed into one of the strongest hockey players in our class. When we think of what our hockey team has missed, we would that you weren't on that restricted list, Dot! We shall long remember her as the Idiot in the Revels. - - You know, they say it takes the wise man to act the fool! Her slim figure is the marvel and envy of her less- blessed classmates, while her happy disposition and charm of manner are a source of joy to all who know her, And so Twenty-six wishes you the best of luck, Dot, which, with your optimistic outlook on life, we know you are bound to have. 42 ' GARGOYLEIEIEE L MARY MALLERY Four Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir Library Committee News Editor of Triangle Board GARGOYLE Board What oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed. VIARY is one of the "original six" boarders who came to Emma Willard as .. Freshmen and who have been among the strongest members of their class ever since. lVlary's support has been along literary lines. The Triangle Board would indeed have been badly off without the aid of her ready pen, and we may thank her for the Triangle Notes which commemorate so faithfully the various happenings of our school year. lvlarjf is noted for several things-she possesses a vocabulary and an inex- haustible supply of information which the rest of her aspir- ing classmates may only admire and hope some day to equal. l-ler mind, if we mayjudge from her bureau drawers, is Hlled with all sorts of ideas, labeled and neatly pigeon- holed for future reference. We value lVlary's opinion on books, too, for she is one of the best-read girls in school. We shall not be surprised, if in years to come we hear that Mary has fulfilled our prophecies and become a light in the literary world. 4? ' GARGUYLEIEIEE L DOROTHY MARSHALL Three Years College Preparatory'for Smith Athletic Association Dramatic Club Choir Reserve Hockey Team Dress Committee Entertainment Committee And the reason why we love you Is just because you're you. 'UPON first seeing Dot, we ask "who is the old-fashioned girl who looks as though she had just stepped out of 'Codeys Lady Book7' " With every curly hair in place-for even hockey doesn't rufiie those waves-every pin and button correctly fastened, she is a model for us all. Not only her long hair and scrupulous neatness attract us, but also her black eyelashes which hide her roguish blue eyes. And smile-Dot is always laughing at something. But that is only one side of Dot. She has many, many others. What would we ever do without her as center half on the hockey team? With all her winsomeness, she will ' ' defeat us if we be her foe on the field. We can never forget all your little acts of unselfishness, Dot, and you will forever hold a large portion of our hearts. 44 GARGOYLBIHEB L JEAN MCCLOY One Year College Preparatory for Wells Athletic Association Entertainment Committee Music Club An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow. LTI-IOUCH jean bears the stamp of the lVIcCloy family, she is jean, not Isabel A as some of us so persistently, though unwittingly, called her, last fall. We thought we would miss Isabels ardent syncopation this year. We need not have worried, for we find that jeans musical talent equals that of our lost lsabel. As a member of our hard-working musical club, jean has proved herself indispensable. jean is the friendliest person imaginable, and what is more, she makes the right kind of friend, for she is always ready to help if need arises. That she has an exceedingly happy disposition is made evident by her frequent laughter and irresistible smile. Let no one mistake the xi orth of this last characteristic. We know that because ' F of it jean will enjoy life to the fullest extent, 45 "1-airs-af Tl GARGOYLEIHEE LESLIE JEAN MCCORKINDALE Two Years General Course Athletic Association Dramatic Club Clee Club Dress Committee Social Committee Senior Play She bears her wisdom lightly. S X II-IENEVER we have a new project in view we know where to look for help. Leslie jean is always interested and always ready with suggestions. She is one of the most talented girls in school. She not only likes good music but she is capable of producing it. I-Iave you ever wondered what we would do in her absence? Who plays for us on Sunday evenings? Who patiently played for our Revel practices last year? Who composed our Senior Song? Leslie jean! She can also act. She has assumed every role, from that of a modern wife to a graceful young japanese girl, and has played them all equally well. Because of her talent, her sweetness, and her desire to ' ' please everyone, Leslie is sure to Find success in her life. 46 GARGOYLEIHEE I. MARION MICHAEL Nine Years College Preparatory for Wellesley Athletic Association Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir Reserve Outdoor Basketball Team CSub.j Study I-lall Committee Music Club , Worth, courage, honor, this indeed Your sustenance and birthright are. 'THE only thing we could possibly regret in Marion's career is that she waited - until her Senior year to be a boarder. We would have liked more time to penetrate her reticence and modesty, in order to find her true personality, Marion's friends can always feel that her loyalty will ever hold firm in any crisis. Behind impervious calm, we know there lie persistency, tenacity, determina- tion, and tact, which Marion effortlessly uses to her advantage. Optimism beams in the ready smile with which she encourages us all, no matter how downhearted we may feel. She is an unconscious example of cheerfulness, reliability, and unselfishness. ln basketball practice we've always looked upon her as one of the keenest and most ' ' enthusiastic supporters when others have waned in their ardor. In spite of her retiring manner, we are sure her true nature has been revealed to us. 47 l EGARGUYLEIHEE , EDITH MILLER Ten Years College Preparatory for Wellesley Athletic Association Hockey Team Swimming Team Study Hall Committee She doeth little kindnesses Which mos! leave undone or despise '-'WO excited little hands clench mine tightly, a pair of dark brown eyes fairly .. dazzle me with their sparkling, and Edith bubbles over, "Did l tell you that-H etc., etc. Edith has a plan, a wonderfully-exciting plan about something, or a wonderfully-exciting piece of news about someone. And "really thats true. l mean it, absolutely." ln this way, Edith is like a lovable, laughing child. Une look into Ediths bureau drawers will fill the beholder with supernatural awe. Everything is in neat little pilesg square, perfectly-placed boxes hold the troublesome ribbons. Were it not for Edith's infectious laugh and gay good-nature, l'm afraid her neatness would brand her an old maid. But theres little fear of that. ' No one can resist Edith long, even if one should want to, Shes so wholehearted in everything she does, from studying to playing hockey. Cant you just see Edith fly- ing so fast after the hockey ball that she gets ahead of her feet and slides forward on her knees in her eagerness? Edith, it is your earnestness in everything you do that has made you such an invaluable member of our classg a member whose enthusiastic spirit has meant much to 'zo 48 it ' fi A GARGOYLEIEIER , BARBARA PATE Three Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association Library Committee Assistant Editor of CARGOYLE Board Music Club The wit, that ornament to shape and love. OUR ears would never tell you of Barbara's whereabouts, but you can be sure she'll always be present if anything important is happening-be it a hockey game, a conference, a rehearsal, or a dance. But when she does become audible, what unsuspected words of wisdom fall from her lips! Still waters run deep. We thank you, Bobs, for the succor you gave us when the rest of us were speechless about the characteristics of the sonnetg doubtful as to the declension of cido, and desirous for the music from The Student Prince. The Triangle and the CARGOYLE are proofs of your literary ability, for which, indeed, we are duly grateful. Compounded in Barbara's character we find serious- ' ness and mischief, gaiety and solemnity, and a keen sense of humor which is quick to appreciate the absurdity of any situations which may arise, even though she herself is the object of the fun. Power of discrimination and appreciation renders invaluable her decisions, and Barbara's honest blue eyes bespeak her frankness and sincerity. 49 GARGUYLEIEIEE , ESTI-IER PECK Two Years College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association Life Secretary of Class of 1926 Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir Reserve Indoor Basketball Team Swimming Team Gym Team Cheer Leader Social Committee Triangle Board CARGOYLE Board , Great wits jump. H DARK hair, plus lively blue eyes, plus a wreath of smiles, plus a twinkling laugh, equal Pickles! Who else could such a sum be? What other girl has such sparkling humor? Pickles is witty-not just plain funny-but witty. l-Ier un- quenchable love of fun has helped to win her popularity. She has a companionable spirit, too. If we feel blue, we immediately start up Short Corridor towards Senior Suite, calling loudly for Pickles. On approaching the door we hear sounds of songs which prove to us that she is very much there. However, Esther isn't composed wholly of humor. She is very enthusiastic about sports. If she isn't playing, her voice can be heard above all the rest, urging us on to ' ' win another goal or cheering the player who has made one. Friendship with Pickles is worth while, and she befriends everybody-both great and small. SO 1 FRANCES PIERCE One Year College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association I-Iead of Outdoor Basketball Outdoor Basketball Team Captain of Indoor Basketball Team Bowling Team Swimming Team Entertainment Committee Music Club Cvym Team No life can be pure in its purpose or strong in its strife And all life not be purer and stronger thereby N object came flying through the air with incredible swiftness, reached the ground, slid along gracefully for a few feet, and then came to a full stop-an action which was followed by a most individual and contagious laugh. It was no whirlwind or unusual phenomenon of any kind, but merely Tommy Pierce playing basketball. Tommy plays in the air as much as she does on the ground, and her quickness of motion and dexterity in getting out of others' reach, make her playing a thing of interest and genuine enjoyment to her awe-stricken audience. Her calmness and coolness have come to the aid of 'zo many times on a day of battle and have won her the captaincy of the Indoor Basketball Team. The Music Club would be at a loss without Tommy's playing of the saxophone, an accomplishment which she seemed to achieve over night in some miraculous manner. In the Revels there was no more attractive boy than Tommy in the high silk hat, checkered trousers, and gay suspenders. Even though Tommy has only been with us for one year, in that time she has proved to us that she is a true sport in all senses of the word, And, as a valuable asset to the Class of '26, Tommy, we wish you had come sooner! 51 GARGOYLEIHEB ,g ELIZABETH PRENTICE Six Years General Course Athletic Association Lunch Room Committee Triangle Board Senior Play A rare compound of oddity, frolic, and fung To relish ajoke and rejoice at a pun. H l-I, dear, how can l make those girls remember to bring their Triangle checksi' says Betty with the nearest approach to a frown possible for this very petite girl with the adorable turned-up nose, the sparkling brown eyes, and the cheerful smile. lt is rumored that our little Betty is thinking seriously of becoming a nurse. lt is hard to picture her in that role, but we feel sure that if she does take up nursing, she will do much to cheer her patients. There is, however, another side to Betty's nature, She is Very artistic, and at one time felt that she would study art. So there is a possibility that she will decide to be an artist instead of a nurse. ' ' Whichever career you choose, Betty, we know you will make a success of it and 'zo wishes you the best of luck. 52 ,,,,,, GARGUYLEIHEE L ALICE PULLMAN Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Vice-President of Class of 1926 Student Council Dramatic Club Clee Club Choir Swimming Team Senior Ring Committee Editor-in-Chief of Triangle Gym Team Wearer of E. W. Who comprehends his trust, and to the same keeps faithful with a sirigleriess of purpose. WE can depend upon Pully for anything, be it to write a good story, play a good game of basketball, translate a passage of Virgil, or uphold the Student Council. As Vice-President of '26 she has been faithful to our highest ideals. We are constantly impressed with her strength as a class executive and her firm loyalty and high standards. l-ler success in doing well whatever she undertakes has been proved to us by her able management of the Triangle. We feel confident that whatever Pully sets out to do in life will be accomplished with the same strength of purpose. The nicest part about Pully is her absolute modesty. This lack of conceit is accounted for by her large perspec- tiveg her own achievements always appear to her to be ' only minute details, Although Pully possesses all of these admirable qualities, she is not superhuman and is probably the most human and natural girl in the Class of 1926. Those who know Pully are ever conscious of her humor. l-low can we put into words what Pully has meant to 6.67 Through her friendliness and helpfulness, Pully has exerted a fine influence over every member of our class. Who of us is not the better for having known her? 53 GARGOYLEXIHER L JULIA ROBBINS Four Years College Preparatory for University of Iowa President of Athletic Association Student Council Hockey Team Indoor Basketball Team CSub.j Dress Committee House Committee Music Club Gym Team A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. DODY, of the cheerful grin and infectious laugh, has a very winning personality. Who of her schoolmates has not fallen a victim to it? There is something very boyish about Dody, with her short, slim figure, her natural and unsophisticated manners, her sincere and honest character. Not only is she short in stature but she is our class baby, too! To see Dody in her element, one should watch her dashing about on the hockey field where for four years she has indisputably held her position as halfback. As President of the Athletic Association this year she has her just reward for her athletic ability and true sports- manship. 1 We love to remember Dody as the small fiddler in the Christmas Revels, She was so delightfully natural as she hopped gayly around. We can't help but wish Dody were not going to a Western university next year, she will seem so far away. But no matter how distant she may be in person, Dody, the impulsive and lovable, will always be present in our hearts. 54 CVR! i MARY SARGEANT F ive Years General Course Athletic Association QActivej Student Council Dramatic Club Clee Club Choir Head of Indoor Basketball Indoor Basketball Team Outdoor Basketball Team Head of Dress Committee Entertainment Committee Senior Play Gym Team Wearer of E. W. Whose words all ears took captive. ASUDDEN burst of laughter, a rustling of the Living-Room portieres, and quite unexpectedly a most amazing and multicolored Chinaman glides past. A few moments later a stately lady of Ancient Rome bows herself smilingly in and out of view, only to be followed in a moment by a most breath-taking, heart-stirring young man in white Hannels. A bewildered new girl, standing by, turns to ask who all the newcomers are? And is inevitably answered by "Mary Sargeant, of course." And what does stir the heart or take the breath away more than Marys dramatic ability coupled with her melodious voice? We have so many mental pictures of Mary. We see her with head thrown back, knees high, sprinting down the hockey field after the ball, two wispy braids tied with green fthe victorious color wherever Mary isj, streaming behind. And in the gymnasium we find a Mary quite as actively playing basketball. All these are proofs of Mary's versatility which we admire, though we love best of all her humor and good nature-the infectious chuckle, the inimitable twinkle of her eyes, and the well-known, drawled-out, "I-low are you, honey?" What would '26 ever do without its artistic, realistic, and optimistic Mary? 55 GARGOYLEIHEE R BARBARA SENIOR Four Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Cvlee Club Choir Reserve Social Committee Music Club Take on yourself But your sincerity, and you take on Good promise for all climbing. E easily might accuse you of being a miser, Bobby, if that disarming smile of of yours would allow us to accuse you of anything. We blame you because you let us know just enough of you to make us want to know more. Then you retire behind your mask of reserve, over the top of which you smile enticingly at us. But if Bobby is miserly with her own talents, she is the very antithesis of a miser in other ways. l-ler calm and quiet manner is a source of dependability at all times, and her clear thinking always warrants sound advice for those who ask it. Yet by no means does her passive temperament lessen the vivacity of her nature. Last year, in hockey, Bobby was one of 'ztfs best fullbacks and would probably have held her old position this year had not her heart mysteriously weakened during the summer. Moreover, her strong alto voice has proved a real asset to the class this year, and we can't imagine trying to sing anything without her loyal support in the alto row. To top it all off, there is no one more fond of a good time, and as we have discovered no one more essential to a good time than you are, Bobby. May there be many more of them for you in the future! 56 GARGOYLEIHEE , DOROTHY SHAEF F ER Two Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir Hockey Team QSub.j lndoor Basketball Team Head of Swimming Captain of Swimming Team Library Committee CARGOYLE Board A Crym Team The clearest head and the sincerest heart. T didn't take us long to discover that Dot was an Aloha girl whose outstanding characteristics are fidelity and loyalty. Next we were impressed by her courage, self-control, idealism, and persistence. Never yet has Dorothy been known to fall short of the standards she has set for herself or to leave unaccomplished anything to which she has set her hand. Grey Cables hasn't been the same since Dots irrepressible giggle, her sublimely ridiculous impersonations, her irresistible lounging suit, and her melodious alto have departed. F rom the very First Dot was enthusiastic about hockey, basketball, and swimming, not to mention gymnastics and tennis. Sportsmanship and the spirit of fair play are innate in Dots steadfast personality. Dotty Shaeffer, you're a wonder, And when you are old and grey, We will all say, "Oh, by thunder! You were some girl in your day!" 57 1 GARGUYLEIHER Q MARTHA Sl-IAEFF ER One Year College Preparatory for Smith Athletic Association Dramatic Club lndoor Basketball Team CSub.D Senior Swimming Team l-louse Committee S X IE may sound rather conceited, but it is a generally known fact that to enter Emma Willard School, one must have a good recommendation, and to enter as a Senior, the recommendation must be even better. To live up to the requirement is difficult, but l think we will all agree that Martha has accomplished this success- fully. Martha seems to be the official hairdresser of the Class of 'zo I-low many of us have been saved by her from looking absolutely disgraceful! We, as a body, want to thank you, Martha, for your snips in time. We admire you, and know that if you meet all hardships as you have met the difficutly of entering Emma Willard as a Senior, you will make a success of life, for although you came only for a year, you have fulfilled our expectations of you. 58 I would help others out of a fellow feeling. GARGUYLEIHER L f JOSEPI-IINE SI-IEPP Six Years General Course Athletic Association CActivej Treasurer of Clee Club Choir . 5 V Captain of Hockey Team Entertainment Committee Senior Play Rich love and joy she got and gaveg Her heart was merry as her dress. VERY one of us who has knownjo has loved and admired her and has realized that her heart is merry, Unselfishness is her byword, and jo is always busy doing something for someone else or finishing up little odds and ends that someone else has left undone. Her sympathetic nature gives her the unusual ability of responding to all the various moods and feelings of her friends. No one can ever forget jo as King Wenceslas in the Revels, nor forget her sing- ing in the Living Room. jo's clear soprano voice is not the least of her many talentsg nor is her musical ability confined to singing, for she plays the piano beautifully. As the captain of her team, jo appears in another role. ' T She proved herself a valuable asset to '26 as leader of the Hockey Team-not only playing the game with exceptional skill but keeping her eye on all the players, and con- ' gratulating them on good plays or correcting their mistakes. No matter what she is doing she is always the same jo who has endeared herself to her classmates. 59A GARGOYLEIEIEE A CAROL SINCLAIR Two Years Preparatory for Mount Holyoke Athletic Association Student Council Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir Cheer Leader Dress Committee Chairman Social Committee Senior Ring Committee Worth, courage, honor, these indeed Your sustenance and birthright are. 'F this sketch were merely for the benefit of those who were here last year, it - would make an excellent beginning to say about Callie, "She followed in her sisters footsteps." Like Elsie, she is gay, piquant, and charming. She is a trifle more retiring, however, and we have a feeling that there are sides to her character which show themselves only within the sacred precincts of Senior Suite. We hear whispers Qthey creep out in spite of herb of an irresistible streak of subtle humor. Callie comes from Cedar Rapids, and like all girls of that famous mid-western city is duly devoted to her birthplace. We feel sure that, with all justice, Cedar Rapids should be proud of this native daughter. Her classmates have found her ever ready and willing to lend her aid to whatever was on hand. Although restricted, she has proved her spirit by becoming a member of Athletic Board and by her interest in the athletics of the school. Callie is bound for Mount Holy- oke, where we have no doubt she will be as successful as she has been at Emma Willard. bo l GARGUYLEIEIEE J JEANETTE SMART ' Six Years College Preparatory for Wellesley Athletic Association Hockey Team Study Hall Committee True as steel, sincere, and independent. HEN most of us are dashing about with a worried frown upon our faces, wondering how we will ever get all our work done, Jeanette is perfectly calm, for she knows that her work is done, and well done. However, Jeanette is by no means a grindg she is just naturally bright. She always seems to get her assignments done without any undue haste or fuss, and unconsciously she sets a splendid example for those of us who spend almost as much time thinking about what we are going to do as in doing it. F rom this you might think that Jeanette is a goody- good. Most emphatically she is not! She has a keen sense of humor and is always ready to enjoy a good joke. ' Jeanette has shown her splendid class spirit by her active interest in everything 'zo has undertaken, or MARTHA SMITH Four Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club President of Cilee Club Choir lndoor Basketball Team Captain of Outdoor Basketball Team Entertainment Committee CIARGOYLE Board Music Club Senior Song The stars that have most glory have no rest. F that is a true saying, Martha is a most glorious star, for since she first came to school she has taken an active part in everythingwyes, really everything! l-ler versatility, which is truly remarkable, ranges over a vast field, from saxophone- playing to shooting baskets. Not only is Mart able to do innumerable things, but she does them all well. lt is often the way of the world to disregard those who plan and carry out the essential but uninteresting things. Mart is one of those people. The class has not always given her full credit for her work, simply because we were not always aware of what she was doing. We may blame her modesty for our ignorance. - - Although one first notices Mart's enormous eyes and l wonderful sense of humor, we are soon conscious of another quality which she possesses-friendliness. Her friendliness is shown by the fact that Mart, like some real stars, is constantly surrounded by a group of satellites. By our class, Martha will always be remembered as a star of the First magnitude. 62 GARGUYLEIHEE L KATHERINE SNELL Two Years College Preparatory for Mount Holyoke Athletic Association Student Council Dramatic Club Clee Club I Choir Reserve President Christian Association Outdoor Basketball Team Indoor Basketball Team CSub.D Gym Team Wearer of E. W. In books, or work, or healthful play. KAY can be described most simply and rnost clearly by the few italicized words above. She goes into everything with her whole heart, and excels in every sphere. Her sincerity and conscientiousness in all undertakings have shown us that she is a girl upon whom we may depend for helpfulness and leadership. I-las she not displayed these qualities as head of Christian Association? Many of us have watched Kay with envious eyes as she sat down and read a French novel with as much ease as she would read an English one. Somehow, she seems to be able to carry twice as many subjects as any of us, to get all her studying done, and to have time left over for play. ln short, Kay is alive to pleasure, swift to understand and sympathize, earnest and sincere in her work. Is it any wonder that everyone likes her? 63 GARGUYLEIEIEE , MARTHA TABER Three Years College Preparatory Athletic Association Library Committee Seldom it comes-to few from Heaven sent, That much-in-little, all-in-naught, Content. ARTHAS most conspicuous characteristic is her calmness. She seems to wend .. her way unmoved through the myriads of petty school trials, showing to everyone her serious gray eyes and sweet smile. We feel that although she says little, she accomplishes much, for she works quietly and persistently at whatever task presents itself. lVlartha's ability to concentrate has made her an excellent example to all the aspiring underclassmen who patronize the library. Anyone who can lay claim to her friendship may count herself lucky, indeed, for lVlartha's loyalty and sincerity will never fail. ln making a sketch of Martha it would be unforgiv- able should we neglect to mention one thing which we ' always associate with her-that great possum coat. Whenever we see a huge bundle of gray fur moving sedately along the path, we know that somewhere from out its depths will issue lVlartha's smiling countenance, We hope that she may go through life as she has through schoolfcheerfully and calmly. 64 GARGOYLEIEIEE L SYLVIA TI-IRESHER Two Years Advanced Course Athletic Association Stage Manager of Dramatic Club Clee Club Christian Association Board Social Committee Senior Play A constant influence, a peculiar grace. YLVIA, being one of the last class of Advanced Seniors, has only been with us two years. In that time she has won from us our deepest affection and admira- tion. She isthe ever-willing, ever-sympathetic helper, and we are confident of her powers of understanding. Sylvia first impresses us with her graciousness and perfect poise. Due to her charm and attractive manner, she was among the first to be chosen for the Social Committee. Whether it be in the Living Room after dinner, or in the Gymnasium at a dance, we are aware of Sylvia's adaptability to the situation. Although she always carries herself with quiet dignity, there is a twinkle in her eyes that shows her lively ' sense of humor. Sylvia has very interesting ideas about life, and a distinct ability to think. Consequently, she is an indispens- able member of the Christian Association Board. Sylvia has left a deep impression on 'zo by her sterling worth. 65 GARGUYLEIEIZE R. ALICE LOUISE TQTTY Five and a Half Years College Preparatory for Connecticut Athletic Association Lunch Room Committee Senior Play I f aught of prophecy be mine Thou will not live in vain. l-IEN Alice first came to Emma Willard as an Intermediate, her lovely long curls were the envy of all of us who were not blessed with that gift of the gods. Then she became a Freshman, and the curls were tucked up in accordance with her newly acquired dignity. , Though Alice is usually very quiet, she has strong opinions and ideas which she is willing to defend when the occasion demands. What is more, her opinions are 'almost always worth fighting for, and we are glad to see that Alice has the courage of her convictions. Stick to your opinions and ideas, Alice, and youvcannot help but succeed in whatever you under- take to do. H' ' 66 EGARGUYLEIEIEE L DOROTHY TUPPER Four Years College Preparatory for Russell Sage Athletic Association Library Committee Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Old Time is still a-flying. I REALLY feel as though I should write about Elizabeth and Dot at the same time, for they are absolutely inseparable. lf you are looking for Dot, just find Elizabeth, and your search will be over. Although this is Dots fourth year at Emma Willard, l'm sorry to say we really don't know her very well. Before and after school, and even after luncheon when the rest of us are chattering away as though there was no such thing as school or lessons to be done, you will Find Dot inthe Library diligently adding to her store of knowledge. Needless to say, this is a most admirable trait, Dot, but we do wish that you would join us once in awhile, so that we could know you better. Perhaps there is a reason why Dot employs her time to such good advantage in school. We have been told that she is in great demand on another hill in Troy, so by using every minute of her time in school, she is able to devote more time to pleasure without neglecting her studies. 67 GARIGUYIQEIHEE , VIRGINIA VAN SICLEN Four Years I College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Clee Club Dress Committee House Committee CARGOYLE Board Smiling always with a never-fading serenity of countenance, and flourishing in an irn- mortal youth. I-IEN I first came to school I wondered who the two girls were who roomed down the corridor from me. I never saw one without the other, and it seemed to me that I met them everywhere I went. I-Iowever, it didn't take me long to learn Cinnas and Dots names. Ginna attracted me a great deal. Everything she did, from the way she walked, talked, and especially played hockey, entranced me. The Hockey Team missed you on Field Day, Crinna, and were glad to have you with them on Thanksgiving. And as for Dots and GIHHHIS room ..... I Who has not enjoyed sprawling over the beds and leaning on - h Williams' cushions? Speaking of Williamstown, there is little Ginna doesnt know about that far-off village. You're a noisy child in the library, Ginna, but we love you just the same. So be a good girl and don't forget us in the years to come. 68 GARGOYLEIHER 1 JGI-IANNA VON TILING Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Clee Club Choir Outdoor Basketball Team CSub.J Library Committee Such as have need of milk and not strong meat. DID we hear you say that you wanted to collect some good jokes? Step right T down to Johannas room, she has a whole book full of them. Many are the times that she has kept her table laughing during an entire meal by telling her jokes and riddles. Then, while you are in her room, feast your eyes upon the luscious fruit which that lucky girl receives weekly. I-Iowever, ,please don't think that Johanna spends all of her time reading and telling jokes. She is a conscientious worker and spends many hours studying. She is very talented in music-as she both sings, and plays on the piano, and has entertained us several times on Sunday evenings. I-Ier making sub on the Senior Basketball Team ' shows that she has ability also in sports. We have often wondered if Johanna would be one of the many who return to school after vacation with their once long, Howing hair cut short, As yet, she has not succumbed to the fad and, we think, never will. Are we right, Johanna? 69 ' GARGUYLEXIEIEB A , AGNES WARNER' Four Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association Dramatic Club Clee Club Choir Social Committee Business Manager of GARGOYLE The force of her own merit makes her way. GNES is certainly talented, and not the least of her talents is a beautiful, clear, rich voice which lends more enjoyment than we can say to our school existence. What would our Christmas Revels and our Operetta have been without Agnes? Agnes is most fortunate in having her qualities admired by both sexes. We know that were it not for the exacting requirements of the scholastic side of our school life, Agnes would spend more time at a certain famous place on the Hudson. 70 ' GARGOYLEIEIEB 5 MARIAN WHITE Three Years College Preparatory for Vassar Athletic Association , Secretary of Class of IQZ6 Student Council Dramatic Club Qutdoor Basketball Team Wearer of E. W. Thy modestyfs a candle to thy merit. ARICN has been with '26 for only a year and a half. Last year, in january, ., she was forced to leave '25 because of a long stay in the infirmary. Perhaps this was unfortunate for her, but it surely was fortunate for us! There are so many things to say about Marion. Of course, she is athletic: She has been on basketball teams for three years, and both as captain and skillful player has proved invaluable. She is executive, and consequently became class secretary. Dramatic? Yes, for she has often entertained us in the Living Room on Saturday evenings, She is fun-loving and a good sport, and can keep us convulsed with laughter by her droll re- marks. We shall never forget her absent-mindedly saying 5 "bye" when asked if she would have cocoa for lunch! For these reasons we love her as a companion. As a friend we have found her true and sincere. Although fun- loving, she has a serious side and can discuss literature and religion intelligently. Marion, we think we were very lucky the day you joined us, and we hope you care for us half as much as we love and admire you. 71 GARGUYLEIHEE K ELIZABETH WINSI-IIP Four Years College Preparatory for Russell Sage Athletic Association Lunch Room Committee Silence is golden. ELIZABETH has been one of the silent members of 'zo since her Freshman year. She has gone about her work with a steady, unrufflled determination that we cannot help admiring and envying a little, for her marks show the wisdom of such a course. We really don't know Betty very well, for she has never given us the oppor- tunity. I don't mean that she is snobbish, for she is anything 'but thatg she is naturally very quiet and retiring. Although Betty is usually still as a mouse, in her quiet way she is interested in everything, and we feel sure that she will always uphold the standards of 'zo ' ' 72 GARGUYLEIHEE L l-IARRIETT WOODRUFF Three Years College Preparatory for University of Vermont Athletic Association Art Editor of GARQOYLE The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. ARRIETT is one of the most conscientious girls at Emma Willard. She never wastes a minute of her time. lndeecl, she often goes without her luncheon for the sole purpose of making herself wise. Harriett does her work without any fuss or groaning about the lengths of her assignments. If she feels like groaning, we are not aware of it, for she always seeems cheerful and at peace with everyone. lt might be beneficial to many of us to follow l-larriett's example of quietly getting to work and doing lessons without wasting precious time in grumbling. l-larriett is one of the artistic members of 'zo As Art Editor of the GARGOYLE she has been kept busy executing clever drawings to help make our Year Book the best one I ever produced. Harriett, with your artistic ability and your willingness to co-operate, 'zo feels sure you will be a success in whatever you undertake. 73 Best Student ..... Most Versatile ..... Strongest Character, Most Executive .... Best Looking ..... Most Argumentative ....... Best Dressed ...... Quietest. .... . Most Athletic .,,. Most Dramatic ..... Biggest Line ...., Most Unselnsh. .. . . Most Charming .... Greatest Poise .... Wittiest. .... . Noisiest ...... Most Literary .... Best Informed ..... Most Dependable. . . Happy-go-Lucky . . . Best All-Round Class Ballot Bolten Smith Pullman Barnes l-lindle Mallery Hyde Winship Pierce Hyde Warner Sargeant Bowsher Barnes Smith Van Siclen Peck Mallery Pullman Loomis Pullman Snell Warner Bowsher Hyde Bukey Barnes Senior Senior Brinckerhoff Sargeant Ma rshall White Thresher Hyde Peck Robbins Pullman Cook Bowsher Smith Sargeant Pullman Peck Barnes Pullman Leo Peck Barnes Huning Loomis lvlcfforkindale Barnes Shepp Kennedy Bowsher Haley l-lebard Mallery Hebard Sargeant Robbins Smith f V ELASS UAV XJELEOME lvl I STEJIQY PRESENTATIONS PQEIFJIVIEEV WILL EAREXJELL Welcome "The days that lie before us, our memories soon shall he," Perhaps never before today have we fully realized the true significance of these lines in our Alma Mater. Today is one ofthe days we have always anticipatedg it is an event in the life of our class-it is our Class Day. Tomorrow it will be only a memory. Let us pause and look back over our days at Emma Willardg days which are already memoriesg days which contained our joys and expectations, our dreams and ideals, We welcome you, our parents, teachers, and friends, and are glad that you are here to share with us the memories of the hopes, fears, and laughter of 'zo Sylvia Thrasher 76 Class History October, 1922 Dearest Family .' At last I'm here at boarding school, and you can't imagine how much I love it and what fun it is! There are eleven Freshmen who board and sixteen who are day girls. They are all awfully nice and it is interesting to meet so many girls. I 'm sure I'll make friends with some of them. When Miss Kellas said, for the first time this year, "The Primaries and Intermediates may be excused," I noticed that the day girls nearly got up to go out, but remembered their Freshman dignity just in time. Pk bk Pk November, 1922 Dear Brother: We just played the preliminary games of hockey and basketball, and the juniors beat us. I-Iowever, we feel confident that we will win next year. Oh, Tom, we lost the Roller Skating Banner, too! But we felt much less mournful when everyone congratulated us on the cleverness of our stunt. We were artists in cunning Green tams and smocks, and carried palettes. Green, you know, is our class color, and I want to give a lusty cheer every time I see it, but I cant exactly go around the cam- pus shouting at the grass and trees. The Red and White of the Intermediate Department are all right in their way, but I really think our Green is much more dignified. lk Pk Pk December, 1922 Helen dear: I've been to my first Revels, and how I did adore them! Everything is so beau- tiful, from the Star to the plum puddingg the costumes to the carols. I suppose I'll be Star when I'm a Senior. Pk lk Dk March, 1923 Dear Dad: Competition Drill is over. We didn't come out Hrst, but Miss Waterman said we made a very good showing. I really got quite thrilled. We've been awfully rushed since Christmas Vacation. In the autumn, the old girls gave us a wonderful party which we have just returned. There have been clever plays given in the Living Room, dancing in the gymnasiumg concerts, Sunday eveningsg and all kinds of diversions-even a dancing class, Monday afternoons. So many nice things have happened to make the time fly that I can hardly believe Spring Vacation is nearly here. 77 GARGUYLBIEIEE , june, 1923 Dearest Mother.' just nine more days before Commencement, then vacation and home! I wont be very glad to see you all again! l've adored my first year away, but really, my heart almost skips a beat when I say, "I-Iomef' Dk Pk bk Qctober, IQ23 Dearest Family .' I've arrived safely and I'm ready to begin my second year. I feel much more dignified than I used to, since I'm no longer a member of the youngest class in the Academic Department. We Sophomores are quite organized now, with a president and everything. I'm sure that we'll have a banner year and win all competitions. Pk ek lk November, 1923 Dearest M0ther.' Did you get the maple sugar that I sent you from the Sweetheart Inn? We really enjoyed that long drive over the Mohawk Trail, glorious with autumn colors. At the Inn we appeased our appetites, Not long after we made that expedition, Miss Kellas gave us another great treat-a sleep-over. It was perfectly wonderful just to drowse and be lazy all morning. wk ik ,If November, 1923 Dear Dad: I My high hopes are crushed. We again lost in the Preliminaries, And more overwhelming still, the Roller Skating Banner was awarded, by mistake, I'm sure, to the Seniors. We dressed up like advertisements, and I do think the firms we represented ought to reward us for exploiting their products so cleverly. Ik lk lk March, 1924 Dear Brother: Again the Green was defeated by the Seniors in Competition Drill. just the same, we heaped coals of fire, so to speak, by giving them a party. I had an awfully good time and all the Seniors did, too, at least, we thought they seemed to. I'rn getting all thrilled, Tom, about the Spring Dance. I know it's going to be perfectly wonderful. I'll write you the details later. :If Pk bk 2 june, 1924 Mother dear: In just a very few more days I'll be home again! I can hardly believe that june has come at last. Sunday night, when we had Step-Singing, we proudly marched across to the left side of the gymnasium steps and took our places as full-fledged, responsible juniors. 78 , GARGUYLEXIHER , October, 1924 Dearest M other: It seems wonderfully natural to be back at school once more, to see the old friends, and meet so many new ones. The campus is especially gorgeous at this time of year, the sky, which is always so near us on this hill, is a deep blue, our great buildings are placarded with flaming leaves, and the lawn is speckled with ardent athletes who are practicing for the all-important Field Day. It is such a step in advance to find oneself a junior with the advantages and responsibilities of an upperclassman. We especially feel the weight of the Senior Feast problem over which we deliberate during the nocturnal hours. Bk Bk Pk March, IQ25 Dear Grandmother: Again the valiant Senior warriors have overwhelmed us and routed our forces. Once more we must bow low to victorious 'z5. If the Carnival had not been a roller- skating carnival, 'zo might have won, for our idea was extremely original! Many of us who possess the divine art of singing are diligently practicing for an approaching operetta, the setting of which is some South Sea Isle. Your fair grand- daughter is to be a most barbarous native woman. if if FF April, 1925 Dear Father: It grieves me deeply to inform you of the death of the junior Class. The sad event occurred this afternoon at 4 :3o P. M., when the score of the Interclass Swim- ming Meet was announced. The class, whose health has been gradually weakening all year, rallied hopefully after the victorious debate of a few days past, but it suf- fered a serious relapse after the aquatic sports of this afternoon. The deceased is survived by Mrs. Emerald Green and by ninety-two junior daughters. ' ak nk 4: May, 191.5 Dearest -Sister: Yesterday the juniors gave the Seniors a lawn-picnic, which they seemed to enjoy. I wonder if we will be as well entertained, our Senior year, as these Seniors have been. Almost every week-end since they returned from Easter Vacation, there has been some party for them. You must come back for Commencement this year, if only to watch your sister and her little classmates dance on june Day. We have been practicing faithfully with our pink-and-white Hower baskets, and we feel almost prepared as -the great day draws near. By the way, speaking of flower baskets, may I inform you that such practice as I have recently experienced has fully trained me as a flower girl, so please remember this if you are planning to get married. It is horrible to realize that our dear rival class will so soon leave us. They have been-wonderful playmates, and I don't see how we can ever fill their places next year. 79 GARGOYLBIHEE , November, 1925 My dear Brother: Well, its' over! It-what do you mean? Why, Field Day, of course. A peaceful relaxation pervades the school which for several weeks has been tense with excite- ment. I'll keep you in suspense no longer-the result was a tie between the juniors and Seniors, for we were barely beaten in hockey and were victorious in basketball. Before long our Revels will be here, and a member of our class will be the beau- tiful star. To every Emma Willard girl, the very word, "Revels," brings the flood of unforgetable memoriesAthe picturesque costumes, the.merry jester, the spicy fragrance of balsam, the laughing Morris Dancers with their tinkling bells, the heavy aroma of incense, the exquisite singing, the smoky library, and crowning all, the mystic Christmas spirit, Can we ever forget Revels7 ik wk Ik Feb. 1926 Dearest M other: Last night, Sage Hall witnessed a rather unusual spectacle. It happened that many juniors paced the halls feverishly, or peeked through half-open doors with curious, expectant eyes. It happened that at three o'clock those very juniors gave up their strange quest-I wonder what they were looking for'-and went to bed. It also happened that between three and four A. M., the Senior Class stealthily and, for once quietly, slipped down to the drying room in the basement, where they devoured a most delicious repast. Suddenly, the old halls resounded with piercing screams- nothing very musical-!'Where, oh, where are the sleepy juniors?" In a second the juniors were no longer in their trundlebeds, but were gaping wide-eyed at the wild mob of Seniors who ran past them with pigtails--yes, there are one or two pigtails in the class-with hair and bathrobes flying. It was one exciting night! lk Ik lk june, 1926 My dear Aunt: As Commencement is only a few days off, you can imagine how precious and full each hour is. For the first time, the Class of 1926 will not join the ranks on the stairway to watch other Senior class file into the dining room for Senior Dinner, but instead, it will be marching to its own banquet. I can hardly wait, yet I hate to hasten one moment. For the first time, the Class of 1926 will not mingle with the rest of the school on june Day, but alone it will advance to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstancef' Lastly, for the first and last time, the Class of 1926 will lead the Commencement Day Procession to the Play I-louse. We have spent four perfect years here at Emma Willard, and it is now time to surrender our places to others, but just as in the past, likewise, "in the years that are to come, we'll always turn to you." Mary Mallery Alice Pullman 80 Class Presentation-1926 Esther Peck CWindmillj just to make you think of Nantucket for a change. Marion Ashley CTrainj In memory of the Troy Local. Sarah Bowsher CMegaphonej To help in future meetings. Caroline Sinclair CBookj Latin taught by the Darwin theory. Annette Brincherhof CBookj Annette, we give you "The Gate," taught in book form. Katherine Baker CGumj Some Sylph Chewing Gum, Kay, to remove the superHuous avoirdupois. Anne Brown lStarj Words are unnecessary. johannah von Tiling CI-Iairb We know you don't have enough. Dorothy Makepeace CAn apple and a letterj You seem to have one of these each day, Dot. Virginia Van Siclen QRadioj To help broadcast your perpetual program. Nancy Finch CBedroom slippersj To take the place of those you must have worn out walking through the halls after "lights out." Louise Howland lBookj Maybe this book of slang will add to your collection. jane Loomis CBD "I-low about jane Loomis?" 'AOh, Let her be!" Dorothy Marshall QMonkey on a stringl Maybe you can get your legs to work like this. jean McCloy Clnstrumentj You probably can learn to play this in a day, too. Leslie jean McCorkindale lTam o' shanter and tiej To go with your artistic nature. josephine Shepp CCupD May you lead in life as you have led your team here in school. Mary Mallery CHatD An asbestos hat, Mary, to wear during heated arguments. Mary' Sargeant QStarj You've been a star in so many things here at school- basket- ball and dramatics, just for instance. 81 Edith Miller lBook of Etiquettej Really, Edith, one doesnt get the measles while visiting. Dorothy Schaefer CRougeJ To retain that blush. Barbara Pate CVogueJ Perhaps with this you can bring dresses up to date. jeanette Smart Cl-lenna Rinsej We know you've always longed for red hair! Frances Pierce CShock absorberj This may help when you fall. Martha Smith CPaperj Mart, dear, you've meant so much to us that I want to give you a lot-so here's a lease. to the one next door. Elizabeth Prentice CCorkscrewj To help you extract Triangle dues. Alice Pullman CDOID Youll find this doll always on his feet. He is a true' example of your undaunted spirit. Arlene Barnes CSounding rodj We know this will never touch bottom when we sound the depths of your possibilities. Helen Hutchinson Cjacksj just to remind you of the jacks you've' had! Martha Kennedy Clvlusicj "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." Elizabeth Anderson lLinej This year, the annual "line" goes to Betty. Bertha Hebard CBushj Get out from behind there, Bush, we see you. jane Bolton CBoatD This boat doesnt have the kind of "decks" you are used to. Flora Hinchley CAnswer BookD When there's no one around to ask, consult this. Mary Ellen Buhey Cpicture framei This is better than either your watch or the back of your Senior ring. Esther H indle Cpaperj A guarantee that this ends your role as a Senior, but not as a senorita. Margaret Carr QAutoD Although you are not a large Carr, you're of the Rolls-Royce variety. jane Huning lViolinj The only noise we ever heard from you was on your Violin. Virginia Cook CBookj On general information, you know so little. Carolyn Hyde QRufflej To be added to the length of your skirts. jane Deal CWestern Electric Curlerj So you won't have to go around with such straight hair all the time. 82 GARGDYLEXIHEE L jean Ide' CLunch pailb You've had the bother of the Lunch Room for so long, maybe you'd like to go off by your self and have a meal. jean Foster Cpalmolive Soapb To keep that schoolgirl complexion. Elizabeth judd QSkatesj lf you stay on skates all the time, every day will be a banner day for you. Ruth Haley CPaperJ just another week-end privilege. Esther Leo Cl-lat frame and flowersj just for a start. Patricia Connolly CTicketj l-lere's a ticket to Baltimore, Patsy. It seems to be in order. julia Robbins Cblumeralsj As you've had nothing to do with athletics since you've been here, Dody, we thought out of pity we'd give you numerals. Alice 'Totty CWigj In memory of Intermediate days. Grace Gamble CDiceD The Class of '26 did no gambling when they put their trust in you. 7 Barbara Senior Cpicturej We know that on account of your unselflsh nature, this picture of yourself is the only thing you wouldn't willingly give away. Harriett Woodruj CBlank paperj This is the way the GARGOYLE would have looked without your invaluable work. Dorothy Tapper Cfllockj Perhaps now you'll change your time from studying to playing. Mary Inglis CCross-word puzzleb The only cross words you know. Elizabeth Winship CAeroplanej Maybe if you fly up from Eagle Mills, you won't miss the hymns. Marion Micheal QShoesj To replace those you've worn out running down to Troy on errands for 5.6. Marion White fTelegramj A telegram of congratulation from the Class of '15 on our gain and their loss when you joined us a year ago last February. Sylvia Thresher Cjewell From the outcome of your association with the class, it is more than obvious that your father is an artist in jewels. 83 GARGOYLESIHEE L Catherine Snell Clvlahjong characterj lf a Mah -long set was made up of characters like yours, its price would be beyond reckoning. Martha Taber iBook on Concentrationj Since study hall and your own ability did you no good, you may be able to learn to study from this. Martha Schaefer CCalendarj One year with you wasnt long enough for the Class of '26. Agnes Warner CCheckj Even this check for one million dollars cannot equal the class' appreciation of all the work you'Ve done for us this year. Sarah Bowsher CFlowersj These seem a most inadequate expression of all our thanks for all you've done for us this year. Agnes Warner Martha Smith 84 Class Prophecy Time: 1936 Place: On board the Mauretania. Nancy: Why Arl, hello! What are you doing here? Arlene: Nancy! I am so glad to see you! Nancy: I read in the New York Times that you were traveling on your own private yacht to Cannes. Arlene: My husband has gone to the South Sea Islands in our yacht, so I had to resort to the Mauretania. And you--where are you going? Nancy: I am realizing my youthful ambition and am starting an orphan asylum in China. Arlene: Always looking out for the unfortunate! What fun we will have on the trip, talking over our playmates at dear old Emma Willard. Nancy: I,et's sit down and begin right now. Arlene: From whom have you heard? Nancy: I had a letter from Sally just recently in which she gave me lots of gossip. You know Sally is happily married and has fulfilled 'zos expectations by contributing as much to her community as she did to our class as president Arlene: Good! Isn't it too perfect that Martha Kennedy is the charming hostess of the White I-louse? And Sylvia? Nancy: Sylvia is the successful designer of "Vogue's" newest and most daz- zling creations. I-low about the rest of the Advanced Seniors? Arlene: Ruth I-Ialey has gained fame as a producer of better and finer comedies. I-ler side partner, E. I-Iindle, is a charming College Widow. 35 Nancy: Ginnie is head of the General Information Department at Emma Willard. And have you heard about Flora Hinckley? She is running a column in the Brooklyn Eagle, called the "Question Box." By the way,what has become of Dody, and jane Loomis? Arlene: Why, Dody won fame in the Cedar Rapids Rodeo and has become the worlds greatest bull-dodger! jane Loomis is a bareback rider in Barnum and Bailey Circus. I heard that Dody and she are thinking of combining their talents and producing a wild-west show. Nancy: Yes, and Louise Howland is head of a clinic for anemic children. Her old roomy, Marion Ashley, is guide of a sightseeing bus in Rochester. Mary Mallery and Barbara Pate are lights in the literary world, aren't they? Arlene: Indeed, yes! Barbara Pate is writing editorials for the New York Times, and Mary is a severe critic of the "Worlds Work." just yesterday I read her criticism of johanna von Tiling, who is singing Margerita in Faust. Nancy: She certainly is a worthy successor of jeritza. Arlene: Speaking of singing, have you heard the Close Harmony Trio made up of Martha Smith, Esther Peck, and Bobbie Senior, accompanied by Tommy Pierce in Ned Weyburn's review? Nancy: No, but it must be wonderful! We certainly had a lot of talent in our class. jean Foster has illustrated A. A. Milne's newest book, you know. Arlene: Cunning jean, and what ever happened to the rest of that crowd? Nancy: Oh, Lesley jean is composing as successfully as she composed the music for our Senior Song and Anne Brown is renowned for stellar observations. Arlene: By the way, I expect to visit Bertha in her apartment in Paris some time this summer. She is writing a philosophical treatise on psychology and religion. Nancy: How interesting! Cf course you know that Dot Makepeace and Agnes Warner are charming hostesses of regimental balls in Manila. But what's become of Ginna? I never thought she could separate from Dot. Arlene: Oh! Gin has found the life of a model in Paris more intriguing. What's become of the Troy girls? Nancy: Why Elizabeth Winship is using her own persuasive powers to teach mute children to talk, and Dorothy Tupper is doing chemistry research in Schenec- tady. 86 Arlene: Speaking about chemical research, you know Marion White is divid- ing her attention between psychoanalyzing I-ICI and translating Catilinarian treatises. Nancy: Good old Whitie! But to go on with the Troy girls-Patsy Connolly and I-Iarriet Woodruff are doing mural decorations in trolley cars. They are uplift- ing to the morale of commuting students. Arlene: Really? I hear jean Ide is a social leader in Troy society. Where are Betty Anderson and Betty Prentice? Nancy: Oh, they have opened a fruit shop in California and have become famous for their specialty-dates. .lane Deal has a kindergarten and her chum Marion Micheal has a fascinating book shop in Troy. Arlene: What fun! And Alice Totty has an ostrich farm on which she is raising a new species of green-feathered ostriches, much in demand for womens hats. Nancy: I-low stylish! There was someone else-oh, yes, Peggy Carr is the perfume-buyer for Woolworth's exclusive Fifth Avenue shop. Arlene: Yes, I met Peggy in New York before I sailed. The same afternoon I met Esther Leo who is as delightful looking as ever, She is a hard working commuter to tea dances at the Biltmore. What is Esther's roommate, joe Shepp, doing? Nancy: Oh, joe is Captain of the All-American Womens I-Iockey Team which has just defeated Englands champion team. Arlene: I always knew joe would win fame in hockey for '16, sometime, even though we were defeated by our betters our last field day. Did you know that K. Snell is a polyglot at the World Court? Nancy: No, I hadn't heard that, but I did hear that her roommate, Cally Sinclair, has perfected the teaching of Virgil by the Darwinian theory. What is Pully, the last member of Senior Suite, doing? ' Arlene: Oh, Pully has made a fabulous success with her marvelous long hair by posing for the lvlulsified Cocoanut Oil Shampoo Co. Nancy: I knew Pully would be a success! Lets see-we've spoken about Whitey, but what has become of the rest of the Denver Suite? Arlene: Mary Sargeant is playing Shakespearian roles. She is proving that a woman can have a career and still be a successful wife and mother. Of course, 87 GARGOYLENIHEE , I-Iutchie is happily married and is the devoted mother to her unruly, but adorable son, jack, jr. Dot- Nancy: Oh, yes, Dot Marshall is the adored house mother of a fraternity house in a great mid-western university. Arlene: Not a chance for the co-ed girls! Of course, you've read the ad of the Shaeffer cousins' swimming camp-hair-cutting a specialty. Nancy : One of our classmates is working in the great out-of-doors. Martha Tabor has a hunting lodge where she spends a good deal of her time shooting pos- sums for women's coats. Arlene: What a thrilling life! By the way, have you heard the McGloy- Stanley Novelty Orchestra? It is in great demand for college proms. Nancy: I always felt that the Emma Willard Music Club would shape the future career of some of its members. Guess what Edie Miller is doing? She has a prize fox terrier farm. Arlene: What a delightful vocation. I don't think I told you that Jeanette Smart, another of the Troy girls, has compiled a new dictionary. What has become of Annette Brinckerhoff? Nancy: Annette is at the I-Iippodrome displaying to the public her skilled fancy skating. Do you know, I have been wondering if there are any girls besides I-Iutchie who have made it the aim of their lives to become just old-fashioned house- wives. Arlene: Indeed, yes! Gay Gamble is a model housewife. She has just received a prize for her essay called, "How I used Valspar to make over my home and renewed my husbands admiration." As for jane I-Iuning, I haven't- Nancy: Oh, I read that she is doing a "Grande Tour" of the world with her fiddle. Have you heard from Mary Ellen- Arlene: Yes, indeed-from her and about her. She is, as might be expected, an alluring Southern belle. Do you know, Nancy, I don't believe we have any politi- cians in our class. 88 Nancy: We certainly have! Mary Inglis has carried on her fathers work in subduing coal strikers, and Elizabeth judd has become first woman Speaker of the I-louse. I-Iaven't we spoken of everyone? No, Cally Hyde, She is so small we almost forgot her. Arlene: Indeed we won't forget her. She didn't forget '26 when she was Editor-in-Chief of the GARGOYLE. Cally has become a charming, renowned young actress. You know she has a contract with the Odeon Theatre in Paris this summer, and is joining me later at Cannes. Nancy: Goodness, it's getting late! ' Arlene: It is, isn't it? But let's have a game of deck tennis before we dress for dinner. Arlene Barnes Nancy Finch -I. li Fl Class Will But a few hours are left to us, dear Emma Willard, in which to gather closely, hungrily, to our hearts the memory of cherished days. During these days we formed our closest friendships and spent our happiest hours together. Soon we shall be separated. Before we go we would bequeath to those who come after us some of the treasures, some of the joyful privileges, some of the indomitable spirit, that were ours for a few brief years. Our thoughts are with you to-day, junior Class. just before you lie the golden days that were ours. Qur dearest wish for you is that you may live to the full each precious, Heeting moment. May each of you build for herself the very foundation of truth and devotion to high principles. May you learn the sweetness of buoyant laughter, the sympathy of close companionship, the inspiration and love of Miss Kellas. Then, when at last you, too, stand facing the road beyond, may it be with strong courage, with boundless faith, and with clear understanding of what has been given you and what is expected of you. To the Sophomore Class we entrust the emblem of our spirit and our loyalty- the Emerald Green. We know it will continue to fly aloft in the hands of our Sister Class. QO GARGUYLENIEIEE h And for you, small Freshmen, with so much of the joy of Emma Willard still before you, we wish the cheer of close comradeship. the zest of sunny hours of work and play on this windswept hilltop, the satisfaction that comes with the mastery of the lessons of life. P Soon the brief span of hours will have ended, and we shall turn our faces from your grey walls, dear Emma Willard. But We can never turn our hearts and minds from the paths you have opened before us, nor from your ideals which will enable us to tread these paths worthily. Esther Peck QI GARGUYLEIHEE , Ivy Qrati on We, the Class of 1926, have come to the end of our school life at Emma Willard. As we stand at the threshold of a larger and broader world, our hearts are saddened by the realization that a very vital period of our lives is over. We plant this tiny sprig of ivy as a token of our sincere and lasting gratitude to this school and its founder, whose splendid life of service will never cease to be a source of inspiration to us. May this vine also be a symbol of our affection for our principal, the worthy successor of Emma Willard, from whom we have received instruction and guidance. Elizabeth Anderson Ivy Song A dainty plant is the Ivy, green, That creepeth o' er ruins old, Of right choice food are his meals, I wean, In his cell so lone and cold. The walls must be crumbled, the stones decayed, To pleasure his dainty whim, And the mould'ring dust that years have made Is a merry meal for him Q2 GARGUYLEIEIER 1 Alma Mater Reared on the heights of Ida, Against the wide-arched sky, The sunbeams fall athwart thee, The moonbeams gently lie. Across thy open hilltop The winds blow bold and free. O ye grey walls, protecting, We raise our song to thee. Come, let us sing together A song of grateful praiseg In honor of our founder, That joyous strain upraise. 'Twas she beheld the vision, And wrought with steadfast will 5 'Tis we with joyous labor, That Vision must fulfill. "Semper Fidelisn singing To Emma Willard, dear, Above thy grey walls, ringing, Our song floats sweet and clear. Oh, touch each fleeting moment With friendships alchemyg The days that lie before us, Gur memories soon shall be. 93 SIHIUR SUNG CI . 2 - 1 ylnil--IQ-l'l'! -if ina:uag:::::::-azz:i:.':':::a::f.'::::::s:-.. -1 '-'ll l Il Ilf?12-UII1-1---Qfm 4 .L 1 V Emfim Q I' V 1-lu :..h:.:i...:.-1.. -..::.-a::::'r.1:::::g.z:::...i -- QF-WIPl!l----1-hlllm-1-- H- - 1-l?1l.lm- n fx .r.'::s:::::'-:: :::::' -:"':::::::::u:r::: as'-:.'.av:::1::1::g!-salllllgss 51-EEE .sig-as-:::...gQ: : :. "-::-5-- 1 55 ' . a zz.: : -1: - :N :. :gu- -5 -.--....-..:......:'::-::::r.:5 5- :z "A 2 : ..:':Ei?"51 E1 :.- 1, Efilif Senior Song Aloft on your hill-top, in majesty crowned, Your towers mark the birth of a courage new foundg Your grey walls embody the spirit supreme Of one who has wrested clear truth from a dream. That spirit has taught us to know wisdom's light, Revealing the beauty of truth to our sightg ' Has turned groping minds from their trivial waysg And banished the darkness of doubt-clouded daysg Has guided the faltering feet of our youth, And kindled the beacon of eternal truth. Martha Smith 95 The Farewell As our Class Day draws to a close, we realize that mingled with the joys of Commencement is the sadness of farewell. We must leave these familiar ivy-clad walls and the dear companions whose sympathetic understanding has made our years here so happy. But although we must break outward ties, the ties of the spirit remain in our ideals of faith and truth and unselfish service. In days to come, dear Faculty, we shall look fondly back upon your inspiring guidance and patience. As the years pass, Miss Kellas, more precious will grow the memory of you and of the vision which you had for us, because you have guided and strengthened every worthy impulse. We here make the sincere pledge of our devotion to the school in the words of the motto, "Semper Fidelisf' Sarah C. Bowsher 96 1 6 1 W 1 , W W W W W W V H M M H 9 W I 3 , V W M w w li J,.I.J.L. GARGOYLEIEIEB -X alma- -. ? 5 f 1 5 , 1 9511 F15 1 5 FE" iff !2 1 , F : ,,.- 5. Ili l . 5 lmportant Thrills Always the beginning of school brings many new girls, but SEPTEMBER zzo has showered them on us. Poor dears, looked as though they needed entertainment, so on Saturday, SEPTEMBER zoTH, we fed them doughnuts and cider, ukelele music and dancing, till we sent them to bed tired, I-lowever, there are other amusements which OTH proved, by giving us our first movie- "The Swan." Dear, dear, but that week- end was full, 'cause on OCTOBER 1 QCTOBER rzTH, Colonel Furlong gave a short lecture on "Chili," Evidently, October is a good month for lectures, for OCTOBER 26TH brought Mrs. Lucy Fletcher Brown, who gave a Kurt talk concerning Ujapan, Korea, and China," but the month ended with ghosts and goblins and everything, by the party on IST, with more cider and doughnuts. Of course, you mustn't 'spose we spend all our time idling away our thoughts, 'cause OCTOBER 3 zD, "Elizabethan England" was given by Mr. William Ellsworth, who truly belongs to V the school. When he T comes, every year, he comes to be welcomed with great joy and to be asked to return next year. Than along comes NOVEMBER IOS they GARGOYLEIHEE NOVEMBER 16TH, with Marianna Woodhull speaking on "Keats" That which We love best next appeared-"Field Day"- NOVEMBER z1sT, all cheering for our own teams. Each class was happy when the Seniors carried off the Basketball Cup while the juniors claimed the Hockey game. All that was nothing, however, compared with NOVEMBER 27TH-Thanksgiving-when eyes grew big and mouths watered at the luscious odors floating around. What could next arrive but Alumnae Reunion, NOVEMBER z8T1-1, when they all came back to be greeted by hugs and kisses, squeals and cries, party and love. After that, time just whizzed, because the next thing we found was that Christmas Revels- DECEMBER 16TH-were here. Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees-just like the song- and then, DECMEBER 1 7TH, vacation came. Really and truly, could twenty days of vacation have passed when JANUARY 6TH brought us all back to school? Party is the next thought in our minds, on JANUARY 3 lsr when the Old Girls planned the "Musical Tree," with chocolate ice cream, chocolate shot and cake. Then the thrill of the year, 'cause we've all been waiting for it-Juniors and Seniors alike- IO6 JANUARY ZIST, Senior Feast. Excitement followed excitement, and FEBRUARY 19TH brought "Roller-Skating Carnival,' which meant that the Seniors won. Still, the juniors have a chance next year. A long interlude followed, till Donald MacMillan spoke to us, MARCH 5TH filling us with thoughts of the North. ln his 1 wake, MARCH 6TH brought the "Stunt Party" in the gym, with every one enjoying herself to the utmost, and then MARCH 7TH brought our second "Sleep-over we enjoy it? Well, rather! So the month passed quickly until Miss W'arren arrived, MARCH 15th, to lecture on "Old Cathedrals." No sooner had she gone, than MARCH ZOTH came with the New Girls' party-"The Dolls House"-which was cunningly given, On Wednesday, MARCH z4TH, the operetta-"The Princess in Poppylandnhwill be given, and will be enjoyed by all. As yet, we're not sure of the prom and the day for Senior Play. but we know that they will be extremely will done as well as a great success. IO7 Di Il-MP!-41 GARCGOYIQEIHEE O "Midsummer Nighfs Dream" Theseus, Duke of Athens . . ANNETTE BRINCKERHOFF Egeus, Father of Hermea . . JOSEPHINE SHEPP Lysander . . . SYLVIA THRESHER Demetrius ESTHER I-IINDLE Philostrate . ESTHER LEO Quince . . MARGARET CARR Snug . JANE HUNNING Bottom . . MARY SARGEANT Flute . . RUTH I-IALEY Snout . , BETTY PRENTICE .Starveling . . ALICE TOTTY Hippolyta . MARTHA KENNEDY Hermia . . . ANNE BROWN Helena . MARY ELLEN BUKEY Oberon . . FLORA HINCKLEY Titania . . . . JEAN FOSTER Puck . LESLIE JEAN MACCORKINDALE Peasblossom . , , SARAH BOWSHER Cobweb . VIRGINIA COOK Mustardseed ..... , . BETSEY MARVIN f PATRICIA CONNOLLY Attendants on Theseus and Hippolyta . . Q CATHERINE BAKER L GRACE GAMBLE IOS " "1 GARGUYLEIEIER , 'iw Fashions of '26 Dame Fashion is a lady of extreme whims and fancies, but her decrees for the year of 1925-1926 have been strictly carried out by the social leaders of Emma Willard School, down to the observance of even the most seemingly unimportant details. The fall season opened with a display of swede jackets in attractive pastel shades, These jackets with fringed-tongue oxfords make the uniform of the student exceptionally smart. E The cap worn for Triangle promenading, introduced by Miss Alice Pullman of Bridgeport, Conn., has become exceedingly popular. This first model which opened wide the gate of styles to a train of bizarre and unusual headgear, is of red wool, surmounted by a heavy tassel, which by weighting down the top of the hat so that it flops over on one side, imparts to the whole creation an air of chicness which only Paris itself could have attained. Miss Carol Sinclair, a well-known leader of the younger set of Cedar Rapids, wears on the campus a very smart creation of brown felt, without shape or ornament other than a minute doll fastened above the left ear. For skating, Miss Pierce wears a charming costume of black velvet breeches and a jacket of red flannel. Miss Sargeant, to whom we look as a leader in the matter of up-to-date boarding school styles, advocates simplicity of line and color. Rich materials, heavy em- broideries, and brilliant colors are quite passe. F rocks of pastel shades are now extremely fashionable. We notice, however, that the severity of costume is cleverly used as an appropriate background for necklaces of intricate design. Miss Ashley of Rochester wears a chain of amber-colored pendants set in enamel Cfrom Edward and Ten Broeckj. According to the latest report, the keynote of the spring wardrobe of 1926 will continue to be simplicity. Skirts of moderate length and heels of moderate height will be in vogue. IOQ GARGUYLENIHEE Songs 1 Tune-"Harvard Marching Song" Today we are marching onward, Holding Emerald Green on high, Our team ever marching goalward, For they will do or die. We'll cheer for dear '27, But were here to win, today, We'll fight for old '26, Right now and for aye. . l I Tunew"Isn't She the Sweetest Thing?" Thats our team, girls, Golor, Green, girls, lsn't it the finest thing? Lots of pep in their step and their spirit, We will shout praises out so you'll hear it, And in their game defying, feet all flying, Down the field just watch them tear. And we know that they'll go with a spirit, Were behind on the line just to cheer it. Three cheers! And Thats our team, girls, Color, Green, girls, lsn't it the finest thing? III Tune-"Oh, Susannahln Said the junior team to the Senior team, 'Come out and play today." Said the Senior team to the junior team, 'just now you're pretty gay." gh, you juniors, you're playing mighty fine UE- You'd better call the ambulance, when you l-lit the Senior line. IV Tune-"Wesleyan Song" Fight for old '26, Never give in, Fight to the end, girls, Might and right will win. So keep on fighting 'till victory Crowns every lass, And its Fight-fight-Hght-fight For Senior Class. IIO L51-1-4 9 'W ? ' , 5' f f i ili ggngg 1 f , 3 i1ElGARGOYLE1IEIE5 Songs fContinuedl Tune-"The Vagabond Song." Team of emerald hue, we put our trust in you, We know you'll beat the junior team. With our captain skilled, a team superbly drilled, We know we'll beat the junior team. Onward! Onward! Charge against the foe! Forward! Forward! The emerald banners go! Team of might and glory, win the fight, by gorry! Then we'll beat the junior team. Tune-"The Prisoners Song." Oh, show us a team with more spirit! Oh, show us a team thats more true! Oh, juniors, proud wearers of purple, The Seniors are singing to you! TuneA"Little Brown jug." I-Ia, ha, ha, we know this, Senior team the ball can't miss. I-Ia, ha, ha, color green, You will win from the purple team. STEP SONG Tune-"Azure Skies." The sinking sun brings to an end The dreams of golden day, Soon this, the sweetest path of life, Like mist will melt away. Then may we strive to make our work A nobler alchemy, Our hands clasped in a friendship, Alma Mater dear, with thee. In parting, junior Class, we leave These treasured steps to you, With faith and love and confidence You'll hold their purpose true. And though a myriad friendships sweet May crown the coming years, Still your lost comradeship we'll hold Above all others dear. -MARTHA SMITH III GARGOYLEAIHEE R JANET DUNLOP . I-IELEN TURREL1, , JANET LUMB . RUTH HUTCHINSON ELEANOR MACOMBER MARY JOSLYN . KATHERINE SINCLAIR ANN MARIE KENNEDx Officers FIRST TERM SECOND TERM IIZ . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-President . Secretary . 'Treasu rer Junior Class, IQZ5-26 BAINBRIDCE, EDA BALL, ROSEMARY BEARDSLEY, ROZANNE BLINN, ELOISE BOOTH, ANN BRYANT, DARTHEA BUSSANG, MARION CAMERON, ELIZABETH CAREY, JANE CLARK, GLENNA CURTIS, POLLY DAVIS, ELISE DUNHAM, MARY ELIZABETH DUNLOP, JANET EVANS, MARY KATHARINE FILLEY, JEANETTE FISHER, EUNICE FLOWER, ELIZABETH FRAZER, RUTH F REAR, EDNA GANZEL, ELEANOR GOODRICH, YRENE HAMILTON, JUDITH HENDERSON, CATHERINE HERRMANN, JANE HILL, MARY ELIZABETH HOPKINS, FIDELIA HULL, CAROLYN HULL, ELEANOR HULL, HENRIETTA HUTCHINSON, RUTH IDE, MARION IRISH, BARBARA JESS, CATHERINE JOSLYN, MARY KENNEDY, ANN-MARIE KENNEDY, EDITH KIMBALL, HELEN KIMBROUGH, FLORENCE LAUGHLIN, MIRIAM LAVARACK, PHYLLIS LEATHERBEE, KATHARINE II? LEO, HANNAH LEONARD, PAMELE LEY, ELIZABETH LOWMAN, KATIlARlNE LUMB, JANET MACCRACKEN, MARJORIE MCDONALD, JANE MCLELLAN, JANET MCMULLEN, MARCUERITE MACOMBER, ELEANOR MARVIN, MARGARET MILES, ELIZABETH NICHOLS, ELEANOR OESTERLE, JANE OQKEEFE, ELIZABETH PIERCE, SALLY PLATT, HARRIET PRATT, DOROTHY ROOT, MARGARET SHARP, MARTHA SINCLAIR, KATHERINE STEBBINS, KATHARINE STONE, CAROLINE STONE, DORIS THOMPSON, NORMA TRACY, ELLEN TURNER, LUCY TURRELL, HELEN VANDERVERR, CORNELIA VAN SANTVOORD, DOROTHY WALSER, RUTH WERTZBEROER, FLORISE WHITLOCK, MARY WHITNEY, KATHRYN WHITNEY, MARY WILSON, JANET WOODCOCK, FLORENCE WOOLVERTON, BETTY WOSE, BEATRICE STANLEY, CAROLYN WALDRON, ELIZABETH GAREGUYIQEIHEE me MALVINA DINEHART LILLIAN Ross . ELISABETH SHERRY ELOISE GARDNER , JANET WALDRON . EMMA ELISABETI-I I VIRGINIA SMILEY . ELOISE GARDNER . Cf f icers FIRST TERM SE COND TERM II4 . President Vice-P res ident . Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-P res ident . Secretary . Treasu rer GARGUYLEIIEIEB .N 1,-Lfggl. 5 1 , . if . A lffhxi Q g! I f I 51 1. , 5 Z, 'Z ii jf . i I gall 21 'sg , 1 .. 1221542 Sophomores, 1925-26 1. BARNES, BETTIE 2. BRESLIN, BETTY 3. BUCHMAN, RUTH 4. COFFEEN, JANET 5. CRAWFORD, EMMA ELIZABETH 6. DAVIS, CLARA ELIZABETH 7. DAVIS, ISABEL 8. DAVIS, MURIEL 9. DEAL, SUSANNE IO. DINEHART, MALVINA II. DWYER, RUTH I2. GARDNER, ELOISE 13. GILES, BARBARA 14. CILUTTING, CHARLOTTE 15. GRIFFING, DOROTHY I6. I-IUNGERFORD, ADRIENNE I 7. HUNTER, BARBARA 18. MATHER, MARY ANN II MURRAY, JANET PARKMAN, ADELE POTTER, CAROLINE REID, ELEANOR ROBY, MARGARET ROGERS, I-IARRIET ROSS, LILLIAN RUSSELL, ANNE SHERRY, ELIZABETH SINGISER, MARIAN SMILEY, VIRGINIA SMITH, DOROTHY SMITH, EMILY STEVENSON, MARY TIERNEY, CATHERINE WALDRON, JANET WELLES, HELEN WIGGINS, FLORENCE MATTIS, MOLLY GARGOYLEIEIEE Freshmen, ARMITAGE, ELISE CAREY, ANN CHACE, BEATRICE CLAESSENS, ELEANOR DARLING, MARY ELIZABETH DUEF, MARJORIE EVERHART, JOUETT FERRIS, MURIEL FOSTER, DELIA GALVIN, VIRGINIA GILBERT, GERALDINE GILLIES, ELEANOR I-IOUSER, MARTHA JOHNS, ELIZABETH II 1925-26 LAHEY, JANET LATIMER, MARGARET NOLAN, MARION NOLLER, LOIS PACKARD, PAUXLINE PATRICK, JANET PRANKARD, HELEN SHEPP, IVIARY SMITH, MARION STIRLING, JEAN STONE, ALICE STOXV, KATHERINE TIFFANY, RUTH TURK, IVIARION VJAKEMAN, KATHARINE WILLIAMS, MARGARET 1.-un.-H SARAH BOWSHER ALICE PCLLMAN MARION WHITE NANCY FINCH 'CATHERINE SNELL Student Council ARLENE BARNES, President JULIA ROBBINS I 17 GRACE GAMBLE HELEN HUTCHINSON CAROLYN HYDE MARY SARGEANT CAROLYN SNELL GARGUYLEIHEE Christian Association Board CATHERINE SNELL '26, President, SYLVIA THRESHER, '26 ELEANOR MACOMBER, ,27 ANNE BROWN, '26 LILLIAN Ross, '28 ANN BooTH, '27 KATHERINE WAKEMAN, '29 II8 Wearers of ARLENE BARNES MARY SARGEANT SARAH BOWSHER CATHERINE SNELI. ALICE PULLMAN MARION WHITE IIQ ' GARGUYLENIHEB R Qfficers of the Dramatic Club VIRGINIA COOK . , , . President MARTHA KENNEDY Secretary and Treasurer ESTHER HINDLE . , . Property Manager FLORA HINCKLEY . Assistant Property Manager SYLVIA THRESHER . . . Stage Manager RUTH HALEY . . Assistant Stage Manager IZO ' l i EGARGUYLE1I5:IEE Catherine Baker Eloise Blinn Sarah Bowsher Ann Booth Annette Brinckerhoff Anne Brown Margaret Carr jane Deal Malvina Dinehart janet Dunlop Mary Catherine Evans Edna Erear Bertha I-Iebard jane Herrmann Mary Elizabeth Hill Flora Hinckley Cwlee Club MARTHA SMITH, President JOSEPHINE SHEPP, Treasurer Esther Hindle Louise Howland jane Huning Helen Hutchinson Mary joslyn Elizabeth Judd Florence Kimbrough Helen Kimball Phyllis Lavarack Pamele Leonard Katherine Leatherbee janet Lumb Mary Mallery Leslie jean McCorlcindale jane Oesterle IZI Esther Peck Harriet Platt Alice Pullman Mary Sargeant Barbara Senior Dorothy Shaeffer Carolyn Sinclair Katherine Sinclair Caroline Stone Catherine Snell Sylvia Thresher Ellen Tracy Virginia Van Siclen ,Johanna von Tiling Betty Walden Agnes Warner CATHERINE BAKER ARLENE BARNES SARAH BOWSHER ANNETTE BRINCKERHOFF IVIARGARET CARR JANE DEAL MARY ELIZABETH DUNHAM MARY KATHERINE EVANS RUTH I-IALEY FLORA HINCKLEY LOUISE HOWLAND .JANE I-IUNINO RUTH HUTCHINSON CAROLYN HYDE Choir IZZ DOROTHY MARSHALL MARION MICHAEL ESTHER PECK ALICE PULLMAN MARY SARGEANT BARBARA SENIOR DOROTHY SHAEEFER JOSEPHINE SHEPP CAROLYN SINCLAIR KATHERINE SINCLAIR MARTHA SMITH CATHERINE SNELL AGNES WARNER JOHANNA VON TILING EGARGUYLEIEIEE ELOISE BLINN JANE DEAL MALVINA DINEHART MURIEL FERRIS EUNICE FISHER EDNA FREAR ELOISE GARDNER FLORA I-IINCKLEY FIDELIA HOPKINS JANE HUNING RUTH I-IUTCHINSON HELEN KIMBALL Music Club 123 PHYLLIS LAVARACK MARION MICHAEL JEAN MCCLOY FRANCES PIERCE KATHERINE PIERCE JULIA ROBBINS BARBARA SENIOR MARTHA SMITH CAROLYN STANLEY DORIS STONE ELLEN TRACY MARGARET WILLIAMS GARGUYLEIHEE L Triangle Board ALICE PULLMAN, '26 . ELIZABETH PRENTICE, '26 CAROLINE HULL, '27 . ESTHER PECK, '26 , ELIZABETH MILES, '27 . KATHERINE WHITNEY, '27 ELIZABETH SHERRY, '28 . ELISE ARMITAGE, 'ZQ . MARY MALLERY, '26 . PATSY CONNOLLY, '26 . JANE LOOMIS, '26 . . MARGARET MARVIN, ,27 . MARJORIE MCWHINNIE, 'I5 . I'L Editor-in-Chief , . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Literary Editor Literary Editor Literary Editor Literary Editor Literary Editor News Editor Art Editor Athletic Editor Exchange Editor Alumnae Editor GARGUYLEIEIEB CAROLYN HYDE . BARBARA PATE . AGNES WARNER . GRACE GAMBLE . I-IARRIET WOODRUFF MARTHA SMITH . Gargoyle Board 125 . Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager . Art Editor . Picture Editor I ATHLETIE5 GARGOYLEIHEE L Athletic Council JULIA ROBBINS . Presidenz JANE LOOMIS . N. Vice-President MARY JOSLYN . . . Secretary and Treasurer KATHERINE WHITNEY IVIARIAN SINGISER MURIEL FERRIS 128 Senior Hockey Team EDITH MILLER . . . HELEN HUTCHINSON CAROLYN HYDE . JANE BOLTON . JANEJDOOMIS . DOROTHY MARSHALL JULIA ROBBINS . . JEANETTE SMART . . , JOSEPHINE SHEPP CCaptainJ . GRACE GAMBLE . . . Center Forward Right Inside Left Inside Right Wing Left Wing Center Halfback Right Halfback Left Halfback Right Fullback Left Fullback ANNETTE BRINCKERHOFF. . . . . Goal SUBSTITUTES ARLENE BARNES DOROTHY SHAEFFER BERTHA HEBARD JEAN IDE 129 ' GARGUYLEIEIEE L Outdoor Basketball Team MARTHA SMITH CCaptainJ - Forward MARY SARGEANT . CATHERINE SNELL , MARY INGLIS FRANCES PIERCE I MARION WVHITE . JANE DEAL NANCY F INCH SUBST I TUTES I 3 O . Forward . Guard . Guard . Center S ide Center MARION MICHAEL JOHANNA VON TILINO GARGUYLEIEIEE L IOCIOOT Basketball Team MARY SARGEANT . . . Forward DOROTHY SHAEFFER . . Forward ANNETTE BRINCKERHOFF. Guard ESTHER PECK , . . . Guard FRANCES PIERCE CCaptainj . . . Center MARTHA SMITH . . ' . . . . Side Center SUBSTITUTES CATHERINE SNELL JANE LOOMIS JULIA ROBBINS MARTHA SHAEFFER 131 GARGUYLEIEIER 5 Heads Of Sports FRANCES PIERCE . A... , MARY SARGEANT . JANE LOOMIS . DOROTHY SHAEEEER JUDITH HAMILTON . JANET LUMB . . . ANNETTF BRINCKERHOFF. 1 32 Indoor Basketball Outdoor Basketball . . Hockey Swimming . Bowling . Archery . Tennis GARGOYLEIEIEE I Gymnasium Te ANNETTE BRINCKERIIOEF JANE DEAL NANCY FINCH MARY INGLIS JANE LOOMIS FRANCES PIERCE I 3111 ALICE PULLMAN JULIA ROBBINS MARY SARGEANT DOROTHY SHAEFFER MARTHA SHAEFFER CATHERINE SNELL F' w 5 1 N h 7 7 ,, , ,,,,,,,, u GARGOYLEIEIEE , Athletic Review fWith apologies to Mr. Pepysj Oct. 5, 1925-This day we did elect for the members of the Athletic Association: julia Robbins, Presidentgjane Loomis, Vice-President, Mary Joslyn, Secretary and Treasurerg Catherine Whitney, Marion Singiser, and Muriel Ferris, representatives from thejunior,Sophomore, and Freshman Classes, respectively. It is a goodlyassem- blage of personages and every one is confident that the coming athletic year will fare prosperously. Oct. 25, IQ25-WC are monstrously pleased with our newly-elected captains. For basketball, .Nlartha Smith, for hockey, Josephine Sheppl for swimming, Dorothy Shaefferg for bowling, Ruth Haley, and for roller skating, Annette Brincker- hoff. We have already a goodly number of enthusiasts for all sports-in particular, the two major sports, hockey and basketball, for the great and memorable Field Day is fast approaching. Many conjectures and entreaties as to the fit day are being tendered. Indeed, the Athletic Council is in a quandary. Nov. 1, 1925--This morning, in Chapel, the first Posture List was announced. There was an expectant stir, everyone wishing to have this distinction. I made an inward resolve to conduct myself in a proper, dignified manner at all times, in order to be a fortunate member of the next month's list. Nov. io, 1925-An ingenious plan has been proposed in respect to Health Slips. Every one who, for the period of a month, has contracted no cold, nor in any wise broken a health requirement, does not have to tabulate her weekly slip. This is a great blessing which everyone will try to attain. Every week we are regaled, aye, inspired, by the most attractive posters, finely executed by the Art Department, depicting some paragon of health or health habits. Nov. 14, IQZS-OD this long-anticipated day came the Preliminary Hockey and Outdoor Basketball games. The scores were: Senior-Sophomore Hockey, 6-o 5 junior- Freshman Hockey, IO-O, Senior-Sophomore Basketball, 26-I 3 junior-Freshman Basketball, 35-o. Nov. 21, 1925-Oh, the stupendous and inscrutable judgments of the gods! This has indeed been an auspicious day. The friendly enemies were armed with bright Purple or Green ribbons. The Faculty was stormed with the emblems of both parties. Lessons were accomplished only by the sternest practice of self-control and concen- tration. The girls, without even waiting for mail, assembled in the Play House, from whence they issued at three o'clock, transformed by fancy caps, pompoms, streamers, etc. The Senior cheers were conducted by Esther Peck and Caroline Sinclair, and the Junior cheers, by janet Lumb and Folly Curtis. Great, thundering cheers rent the air as the teams came down the field. They did make a goodly array, embellished with touches of Green and Furple. First the Hockey game was played. To work they did go, belaboring the ball from one end of the field to the other amid the loud acclamations of the eager on- lookers. What glory did both sides win! How did we all hold our breaths until the whistle blewffinding the score 3-2 in favor of the juniors! 137 GARGUYLEIHEE But oh, the Basketball game-how valiantly that was played! The ball nimbly passed up and down, around and across. Zounds, what pass-work! That score was 21-16 in favor of the Seniors, whichwas just and right, for it left both classes content. Thereupon we adjourned to the gymnasium for sustenance in the form of hot bouillon and crackers, and for speeches rendered by julia Robbins and Nancy Cluett, President of the junior Branch of Athletics. After Class Songs and the dis- tribution of prizes, we had a grand march as the finale Thus did the day end with joy everywhere. OUTDOOR BASKETBALL Senior Team Substitutes Forwards-Mary Sargeant, Martha Smith Nancy Finch Guards-Catherine Snell, Mary Inglis jane Deal Center-Frances Pierce Side Center-Marion White junior Team Forwards-Polly Curtis, Catherine Sinclair Guards-Beatrice Wose, Lucy Turner Center-Elizabeth E lower Side Center-Elizabeth Ley . HOCKEY Senior Team Center Forward-Edith Miller ' Right Inside-Dorothy Shaeffer Right Wing-jane Bolton Left InsidegCaroline Hyde Left Wing-jane Loomis Center Halfback-Dorothy Marshall Right Haifbachfj eanette Smart Left Halfback-julia Robbins Right halfbach-Crace Camble .Left Halfbach-Josephine Shepp CCaptainQ Goal-Annette Brinckerhoff junior Team Center Forward-Dorothy Bryant fCaptainj Right Inside-Judith l-lamilton Right Wing-Glenna Clark Left Inside-Doris Stone Left Wing-l-lelen Terrel Center Halfbach-Ruth l-lutchinson Right Halfbach-Catherine Leatherbee Left Halfbach-Barbara lrish Right Halfback-Mary Joslyn Left Halfback-Esther Leo Goal-Edna Erear 138 Marion Michael Johanna von Tiling Substitutes Marion lde Norma Thompson Dorothy Pratt janet Dunlop Substitutes Arlene Barnes jean lde Bertha l-lebard Substitutes Eloise Blinn Catherine Whitney Anne Marie Kennedy Dorothy Van Santvoo Eleanor Macomber rd Nov. 26, 1925-Thanksgiving Day. A very invigorating game, arranged by the Seniors and juniors. The score was z-2, but we did not mind, as our appetites were stimulated and our spirits quickened. Feb. zo, 1926-Another eventful day which has been enthusiastically antici- pated. Everyone vows that this was the most splendid Roller Skating Carnival that was ever enacted. In short, the classes were represented thus: the Primaries had form skating in various costumes, the Intermediates formed a circle and clogged, the Freshmen, in the characters of tamed animals, performed stunts under the direction of Professor Freshmang the Sophomores had a Health Campaign, with posters depicting good and bad health habits, consummating in the Infirmary and Gymnasium, the juniors enacted Mother Goose Rimes, the Seniors gave a Fashion Show from the Revolutionary to modern times. The judges-Miss Kellas, Miss Maxwell, Miss Weaver, Miss Robson, and Mrs. Mumford-after much deliberation, finally awarded the banner to the Class of 'zo Ad interim we had fancy skating, the prize for which in the Primary Department was awarded to Elaine Calliger, in the Intermediate Department, to Louise Meneely, and in the Academic Department, to Annette Brinckerhoff. Then we had form skating, prize being awarded to Mary Ellen Bukey and Catherine Baker. After that came the "Lucky Number," awarded to Martha Shaeffer and Alice Totty. Refreshments were served, and after a fare- well general skating, we came away fatigued but joyous. It is our President, Sarah Bowsher, and Elizabeth Judd, who merit our appreciation for making this event so successful to the Seniors. March iz, 197.6-The momentous Indoor Basketball Came has taken place, the preliminaries taking place a week ago. The score for the Seniors and Sophomores was 36-63 and for the juniors and Freshmen, was 31-O. The Seniors and juniors were once again arrayed against each other. The ball was determinedly passed from the junior to the Senior basket with great rapidity, the spectators saying that it was a monstrously good match. The gods favored the Seniors, however, and the score was 19-30. INDOOR BASKETBALL Senior Team Substitutes Forwards-Dorothy Shaeffer, Mary Sargeant Guards-Esther Peck, Annette Brinckerhoff Catherine Snell Side Center-Martha Smith julia Robbins Center-Frances Pierce CCaptainj Martha Shaeffer junior Team Substitutes Forwards-Elizabeth Flower, Lucy Turner Elizabeth Macomber Guards-Beatrice Wose, Catherine Leatherbee Norma Thompson Side Center-Glenna Clark Elizabeth Ley Center-Mary Joslyn CCaptainD janet Dunlop March 18, igzo-This day did Miss Kellas award the numerals to girls for gymnastic prowess during the winter term. The award took into consideration: posture, personal appearance, attendance, attitude toward work, and resourcefulness shown by an original exercise. There was a goodly number. 139 CYMNASTI C NUMERALS Seniors juniors Annette Brinckerhoff Roxanne Beardsley jane Deal Eloise Blinn Nancy Finch Mary Inglis jane Loomis Esther Peck Frances Pierce julia Robbins Martha Schaeffer Dorothy Schaeffer Catherine Snell Mary Sargeant Sophomores Ruth Buchman Suzanne Deal Mary Anne Mattis Margaret Roby Marion Singiser Virginia Smiley Dorothy Smith Eloise Davis Glenna Clark janet Dunlop Edna Frear Ruth Hutchinson Mary joslyn Caroline I-Iull Barbara Irish Phyllis Lavarack Eleanor Macomber Margaret Marvin Catherine Sinclair Lucy Turner Catherine Whitney Freshmen Elise Armitage Anne Carey Eleanor Gillies Muriel Ferris janet Lahey Margaret Latimer Marion Turk March 19, 1926-This day Miss Kellas did award the E. W.'s. I do believe that this is the greatest honor given to a girl, as this numeral embodies the ideal charac- teristics of an Emma Willard girl, i. e., 25 points, athleticsg 25 points, scholarship, 25 points, spirit and iniluenceg IS points, poise and self-control, and io points neat- ness. The girls to receive this distinction were: Arlene Barnes, Sarah Bowsher, Alice Pullman, Mary Sargeant, Catherine Snell, and Marion White. April 1. 1926-This day I did fence. We do wish that a fencing bout could be arranged, but for lack of more time we must content ourselveswith the rudimentary practice. It is hoped that next year more time will be devoted to this most excellent exercise. I did hear today that the bowling match will soon take place. Authorities do maintain that the Sophomores have the highest score so far in this interesting sport. This last term, many are frequenting the swimming pool. Individuals are endeavoring to pass off as many points as possible, so as to enjoy the distinction of being on the team. Tennis is also demanding much of our time. Indeed, there is always a great crowd to engage courts for the following day, so it is probable that our tennis tournament will be very interesting. May 5, IQ26iOh, woe is me! The time is flying much too fast. With the final festivities approaching, we pause to take one lingering look back. It is to Miss Waterman and Miss Van Antwerp that we do feel so grateful. Marry, what would we have done without them as an aid and inspiration? Many are the lower classmen who will dance on the triangle, and it is we who sit around our enthroned june Queen, who do see them and wish them the same joyful years that we have spent on the field and in the gymnasium. 140 Wav A ,LI M1ss ETHEL H. BAKER . M1ss LUELLA M. BARNES M1ss LUCIA M. BESIEGEL M1ss FLoRA BEYMER . M1ss CLARA BRAYMER . M1ss FANNIE BROCKWAY M1ss BEssIE BULMAN . M1ss RUTH E. CUMMINGS M1ss BEATRIX ENOS . Addresses FACULTY . . . . . Winterport, Me. . . 468 Lincoln Ave., Bellvue, Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . . . Great Barrington, Mass. 255 Elford Terrace, Spartanburg, S. C. . . . . Granville, N. Y. . . . . Woodstock, Vt. . 139 Middlegate, Winnipeg, Canada . . 415 Manning Boulevard, Albany, N. Y. 64 Maple Ave., Troy, N. Y. M1ss GRACE E. HANDsBURY .... 67 Hurlbut St., Albany, N. Y. M1ss MARY IBA HARE .... 141 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. MRs. LoUIsE E. INSLEE . Apartment 54, 5213 West IZISC St., New York City M1ss ELIZABETH E. KENT M1ss HAZEL MARY LYON M1ss MARJORIE MCWHINNIE . . . . . Spring Ave., Troy, N. Y. . . . 27 Highland Ave, Barre, Vt . . . I Whitman Place, Troy, N. Y. M1ss ELLEN RUssELL MANCHESTER I3 Newport Ave., Newport, R. I. M1ss JANET MAXWELL . M1ss JULIA C. MAYsER . M1ss WINIFRED NORTON M1ss EVA AUGUSTA PORTER M1ss ELIZABETH B. POTWINE M1ss ELIZABETH A. ROBSON M1ss MADDALENA DE ROSSI M1ss HELEN LOUISE RYDER M1ss ELIZABETH SIMPSON M1ss LEA SURLEAU . Miss MARY B. THOMPSON M1ss SUZANNE VAN ANTWERP M1ss GRETCHEN VAN BUREN M1ss GRACE W. WATERMAN M1ss KATHERINE WEAVER M1ss MARY H. WILSON . M1ss ESTHER WILTSIE . M1ss LUCY HAMSON . M1ss MARY GRAY . MRs. I K. MUMFORD . . . . 131 Maxwell Ave., Geneva, N. Y. . 76 Taber Ave., Providence, R. I. . . 32 Southbourne Road, Boston 3o, Mass. . 1o3 Madison St., Wellsville, N. Y. . . . Warehouse Point, Conn. . 81 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . 93 Fourth St., Troy, N. Y. . . . ZI First St., Troy, N. Y. . . 139 Maple Ave., Troy, N. Y. . . La Boissiere, Valentigney, Pouls, France . . . Thompson Ridge, N. Y. . 162 Washington Ave., Albany, N. Y, . IZI East Fourth St., Oswego, N. Y. . 37 Collins Ave., Troy, N. Y. . 29 Sixth Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. . 445 Davidson Court, Lexington, Ky. . 65 Port Watson St., Cortland, N. Y. . 4oo Hamilton St., Syracuse, N. Y. . IQ Clinton Ave., Maplewood, N. j. . 92 Prospect Park, West, Brooklyn, N. Y. 141 . ASHLEY, MARION BACON . . GARGUYLEIEIEE , Addresses RESIDENT STUDENTS . 393 Oxford St., Rochester, N. Y. BAINBRIDGE, EDA LOUISE BAKER, CATHERINE . BALL, ROSEMARY . . BARNES, ARLENE . . BEARDSLEY, ROXANNE W. BLINN, ELOISE TROWBRIDGE BOLTON, JANE . . BOOTH, ANN . . . BOWSHER, SARAH C. . BRINCKERHOFF, ANNETTE D BROWN, ANNE LOUISE . BRYANT, DARTHEA DAVIS BUKEY, MARY ELLEN . BUSANG, MARION GREENE CAMERON, ELIZABETH . CAREY, JANE . . . CARR, NINA MARGARET . CHAcE, BEATRICE . . CLARK, GLENNA MARIE . COOK, VIRGINIA . . CRAWFORD, EMMA ELIZABETH CURTIS, POLLY . . DAVIS, ELISE . . . DAVIS, FLORENCE ISABEL DAVIS, MURIEL EVELYN . DEAL, JANE ROBE . . DINEHART, MALVINA ASTOR DUFF, MARJORIE . . DUNHAM, MARY ELIZABETH DUNLOP, JANET . . EVANS, MARY KATHERINE EVERHART, JUETT CLARE FERRIS, MURIEL . . FINCH, NANCY ALLEN . FISHER, LOIS EUNICE . FLOWER, ELIZABETH . FOSTER, DELIA SHELDON FORSTER, JEAN . . FREAR, EDNA JAGRIE . GAMBLE, GRACE CHAPMAN GANZEL, ELEANOR . . GARDNER, ELOISE GEER . GILBERT, GERALDINE MAE h ..,.. .. . 58 Melrose Place, Montclair, N. J. . 307 S. William St., Johnstown, N. Y. . . "Minnetrista," Muncie, Ind. 2256 Grande Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa . 153 Oxford St., Hartford, Conn. . . . . Glendale, Ohio 1820 Second Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa . 70 Rusling Place, Bridgeport, Conn. 828 W. Colfax Ave., South Bend, Ind. 22O N. Fulton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. . . 70 Fifth Ave., New York City 221 Highland Ave., West Newton, Mass. . IO34 Juliana St., Parkersburg, W. Va. . 3Q Prospect St., New Rochelle, N. Y. . . 586 Astor St., Milwaukee, Wis. 2317 Grande Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa . . 43 Ford Ave., Oneonta, N. Y. . 7 Rossman Ave., Hudson, N. Y. . Derby Road, Milford, Conn. . 24o4 N. Morgan St., Shelbyville, Ill. IOIQ Juliana St., Parkersburg, W, Va, . 4 Halsey Place, South Orange, N. J. 929 Cherokee Ave., Bartlesville, Okla. . 328 E. Washington St., Muncie, Ind. Nassau CO, Sanatorium, Farmingdale, L. I. 18 Hawthorne Ave., Troy, N. Y. . 432 E. Allen St., Hudson, N. Y. 1 IO4 Third Ave., Nebraska City, Neb. . . . . Bainbridge, N. Y. . . . Spring Valley, N. Y. 654 Webster Ave,, New Rochelle, N. Y. . 2331 Greenwood St., Pueblo, Colo. . II6 Concord Place, Syracuse, N. Y. . 301 High St., Denver, Colo. . 445 Franklin St., Denver, Colo. . 3823 Locust St., Kansas City, Mo. . 244o North Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 423-431 West 12Oth St., New York City . . 284 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. 53O Washington St., Watertown, N, Y. . 633 Westfield Ave., Westfield, N. J. . . 3oo Pawling Ave., Troy,'N. Y. 21 Pryer Terrace, New Rochelle, N. Y. 142 ,1,l MACCRACKEN, MAR JORIE Ffif GLUTTINC, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH . GOODRICH, YRENE BARR GRIFEINO, DOROTHY C. . HALEY, RUTH JEFFERIES HAMILTON, JUDITH D. . HEBARD, BERTHA STONE HENDERSON, CATHERINE EURELDA . HILL, MARY ELIZABETH . HINCKLEY, FLORA SPENCER HINDLE, ESTHER BRONSON HOPKINS, FIDELIA . . I-IOWLAND, SYLVIA LOUISE HULL, ELEANOR . . HULL, HENRIETTA . HUNING, JANE S. . HUNTER, BARBARA . . HUTCHINSON, HELEN . HUTCHINSON, RUTH HYDE, CAROLYN . INCLIS, MARY E, . JESS, CATHERINE . JOHNS, BETTY, . . JOSLYN, MARY CECELIA . JUDD, ELIZABETH W. . KENNEDY, ANN MARIE . KENNEDY, MARTHA. . KIMBALL, EVA HELEN . KIMBOROUGH, FLORENCE LAHEY, JANET . . LAVARACK, PHYLLIS . LEATHERBEE, KATHERINE LEG, ESTHER HELEN . LEO, HANNAH. . . LEONARD, PAMELE . . LEY, ELIZABETH . . LOOMIS, JANET BRUCE . LOWMAN, KATHERINE . LUMB, JANET . . . MCCLOY, J EAN . . MCCORKINDALE, LESLIE JEAN MCLELLEN, JANET . . MCMULLEN, MAROUERITE MCCOMBER, ELEANOR . MAKEPEACE. DOROTHY . MALLERY, MARY . . MARSHALL, DOROTHY . MATHER, MARY ANN ' . MATTIS, MOLLY . . 367 Montrose Ave., S. Orange, N. . . West Hampton Beach, L. I . . .. . Ri erhead, L. I 5' i -'ff , . . . ZI Melrose Place, Montclair, N. . . . . . Scarsdale, N. Y. . 1327 Pine Grove Ave., Port Huron, . . . 177 Park St., Newton, , z5o Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport, . 124 N. Main St., Geneva, . . Colewood Ave., Catskill, . 71. Vauxhall St., New London, , 73 Vauxhall St., New London, . Castle Huning, Albuquerque, . . Cooper Road, Scarsdale, . Eagle Point Colony, Rossford, . 315 Clinton St., Steubenville, Ohio Mich Mass Conn N. Y N. Y Conn Conn N. M N. Y Ohio . . 6 Adams St., Lexington, Mass . Maple Ave., Greenwich, Conn 8oz Webster Ave., Scranton, Pa 147.6 Lowell Ave., Springfield, Ill . Bayside, Long Island, N. Y QS Seventh Ave., La Grange, Ill 98 Nonotuck St., Holyoke, Mass . . . . 521 N. 38th St., Omaha, Neb . . 445 Belmont Park, E. Dayton, Ohio The Biltmore, Biltmore St., Washington, D. C . 911 E. Main St., Muncie, Ind . 7.36 Elderwood Ave., Pelham, N. Y . IO4 Gates Ave., Montclair, N. J , Ioo Princes St., West Newton, Mass . I7 Benedict Place, Pelham, N. Y . I7 Benedict Place, Pelham , N Y . 1615 Federal Ave., Seattle, Wash . I Millard Place, Bronxville, . . . . Granby, N. Y Conn . . 614 Euclid Ave., Elmira, N. Y . 81 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, . Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y N.Y I . 311 Avenue C, Sterling ,Ill. . 37 Sycamore Ave., Holyoke, Mass. . 45 Percy Road, Lexington, Mass. . . . Hilltop, Niskayuna, N. Y. 171 Highland Ave., Newtonville, Mass. . II4O Fifth Ave., New York City . . S272 Kearsley St., Flint, Mich. 114 Kirkstall Road, Newtonville, Mass. . . 46 Kuder Ave., Akron, Ohio 203 N. Prospect Ave., Champaign, Ill. 143 r l.22b"f. lyfflf I JA-I-l-4 I mmf GARGUYLEIIEIEE , MICHAEL, MARION EMMA MILES, ELIZABETH . . . MILLER, EDITH INGRAHAM . MURRAY, JANET ELIZABETH . NICHOLS, ELEANOR MILLER . OESTERLE, JANE . . OQKEEFE, ELIZABETH . PACKARD, PAULINE . PATE, BARBARA WINSLOW . PECK, ESTHER HELEN . PIERCE, FRANCES EMMA . . PIERCE,'KATHERINE SARAH . PRATT, DOROTHY DEMING PULLMAN, ALICE LAKIN . ROBBINS, JULIA LARRABEE . ROBY, MARGARET BREESE . Ross, LILLIAN GRACE . SARGEANT, MARY LOUISE SENIOR, BARBARA . . . SHAEFFER, DOROTHY ALICE . SHAEEEER, MARTHA ELIZABETH f3SHARP, MARTHA LOUISE . . SHEPP, JOSEPHINE RACHEL . SHEPP, MARY CATHERINE . SINCLAIR, CAROLYN . SINCLAIR, KATHERINE E.. SMILEY, VIRGINIA LABAN SMITH, EMILY BRYAN . SMITH, MARION ELIZABETH . SMITH, MARTHA WAITE . SNELL, CATHERINE FONDA . STANLEY, CAROLYN . . STEBBINS, KATHERINE DEWOLF STEVENSON, MARY DE LA VORGNE STERLING, JEAN H. . . STONE, ALICE TUFTS . STONE, CAROLINE B. . STONE, DORIS IRENE . TABER, MARTHA SHERMAN . THOMPSON, NORMA . THRESHER, SYLVIA . , TIFFANY, RUTH H. . TRACY, ELLEN SEDGWICK . TURNER, LUCIE . . . VANDERVEER, CORNELIA LOTT . VAN SIDEN, VIRGINIA . . VON TILING, JOHANNA E. B. . I "Elmwood," Oakwood Ave., Troy, N. Y. . . . . Fort Myers, Fla. . . 3oo Hoosick St., Troy, N. Y. . . IS E. IIth St., New York City I2I4 Santa Fe Road, Kansas City, Mo. . 322 E. Washington St., Muncie, Ind. 3o3 West Macon, Carthage, Mo. 218 Songhill St., Springfield, Mass. 8 Douglas Road, Glen Ridge, N..J. 5o5 Jefferson Ave., Scranton, Pa. . I73O Woodburne Drive, Flint Mich. . 1730 Woodburne Drive, Flint, Mich. . 58O Park Ave., New York City . 5o Unquowa Hill, Bridgeport, Conn. . IQZZ First Ave,, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 38 North Goodman St., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . . Pinehurst, N. C. . Nebraska City, Neb. . Sport Hill, Bridgeport, Conn. . . 724 Twelfth St., Canton, Ohio 1731 N. Cleveland Ave., Canton, Ohio . , , . . . Millersburg, Pa. . . . Millersburg, Pa. . 4oo S. 27th St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa . 523 N. 4th St., Steubenville, Ohio . . . Great Barrington, Mass. 734 Patterson Ave., San Antonio, Texas . O2 Randolph St., Springfield, Mass. 525 N. Michigan Ave., Saginaw, Mich. . Highland Heights, Rochester N. Y. 757 Washington St., Brookline, Mass. . . Glover St., Rochester, N. Y. . South Main St., New Canaan, Conn. IO7 North Main St., Mechanicville, N. Y. . 53 Hancock St., Lexington, Mass. . S3 Hancock St., Lexington Mass. . IO3 Park Ave., New York City Lock Box 8, Pawling, N. Y. I Hoffman St., Elmira, N. Y. . 128 West ISE St., Dayton, Ohio Z4 Bay View St., Burlington, Vt. IN Y . IO7 Sedgwick Drive, Syracuse . 656 Euclid Ave., Elmira N. Y. . Babylon, Long Island, N. Y. . Hillcrest Ave, Jamaica N. Y. . 278 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 44 GARGUYLEIBER , WAKEMAN, KATHERINE . WALDRON, ELIZABETH . WALDRON, JANET ANDERSON WALSER, RUTH . . WARNER, AGNES HOWLAND WERTZBERGER, FLORISE . WHITE, MARIAN . . WHITLOCK, MARY ELIZABETH WHITNEY, MARY ESTELLE WHITNEY, KATHERYN EDSALL WIGGINS, FLORENCE . WILLIAMS, MARGARET . WILSON, LEILA JANET . WOOLVERTON, ELIZABETH WOSE, BEATRICE . . HERRMAN, JANE . TOTTY, ALICE LOUISE . PARKMAN, ADELE MARIE ANDERSON, ELIZABETH . ARMITAGE, ELISE . . BARNES, BETTIE CAIRD . BRESLIN, ELIZABETH GIBSON BUCHMAN, RUTH ADELE . CAREY, ANN BOOTH . CLAERSONS, ELEANOR M. COFFEEN, MARIA JANET . CONNOLLY, PATRICIA . DARLING, MARY ELIZABETH DEAL, SUSANNA P. . DWYER, RUTH . . FILLEY, JEANETTE . . FRAZER, RUTH ELIZABETH CALVIN, VIRGINIA FRANCES GILES, BARBARA HOUSE . GILLIES, ELEANOR . . HOUSER, MARTHA . HULL, CAROLYN . IDE, JEAN . IDE, MARION . . IRISH, BARBARA . KENNEDY, EDITH . 411 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J 81 Harrison Ave., New Brunswick, N. J 81 Harrison Ave., New Brunswick, N. J . Barton Hills, Ann Arbor, Mich . Ol Broad St., Bridgeport, Conn . . Z3o E. 18th St., Tulsa, 57 Old Orchard Lane, Scarsdale, . . I Circle Road, Scarsdale, ZI North Broadway, White Plains, . I7O Scotland Road, S. Orange, . S7 Prospect St., Middletown, 516 Fountain St, Grand Rapids, . Q QS Classic St., Hoosick Falls, . IS Heathcote Road, Scarsdale, . . 53o Oak St., Syracuse, . 5 Heathcote Road, Scarsdale, . Zoo Seventh St., North Troy, 89 Oxford St,, Glen Ridge, DAY STUDENTS . I . . 7oZ Grand St., Troy, . 44 Second Ave., North Troy, . 228 Pawling Ave., Troy, . . 33 Middle St., Waterford, . 629 Third Ave., North Troy, . 72 Pawling Ave., Troy, . 194 Fifth Ave., North Troy, . . Sunnyside, Troy, . 4 Westover Road, Troy, . 177 Pawling Ave., Troy, 18 Hawthorne Ave., Troy, Gurley Ave., North Troy, . 7 114th St., North Troy, IOS oth Ave., North Troy, . 621 Grand St., Troy, . 6 East Sunnyside, Troy, . I8IO Seventh Ave., Troy, . I7O Pawling Ave., Troy, . 5o5 Broadway, Troy, . 183 Pawling Ave., Troy, 31 Maple Ave., Troy, . 515 Grand St., Troy, . . 5 Whitman Place, Troy, 45 Okla N. Y N. Y N. Y N- J N. Y Mich N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. J N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y N. Y GARGOYLEIHEE LATIMER, MARGRAET . LAUCHLIN, MIRIAM MCDONALD, JANE . MARvIN, MARGARET NOLAN, MARION . NOLLER, LOIs . PATRICK, JANET . PRANKARD, HELEN . PRENTICE, ELIZABETH . REID, ELEANOR . ROGERS, HARRIET . RUSSELL, ANNE . SHERRY, ELIZABETH SINGISER, MARIAN . SMART, JEANETTE . SMITH, DOROTHY . TIERNEY, CATHERINE . TUPPER, DOROTHY . . TURK, MARION . . TURRELL, HELEN . . VAN SANTVOORD, DOROTHY WELLES, HELEN . . W INsHIP, ELIZABETH . Wooocock, FLORENCE . WOODRUFF, HARRIET . STOW, KATHERINE . . . . . R. E. D. 3, Troy, N Y 138 Saratoga Ave., Northside, Cohoes, N Y . . . If Pinewood Ave., Troy, N Y . . 197 Pawling Ave., Troy, N Y . 2319 I5th St., Troy, N. Y O Larch Ave., Troy, N Y . 35 Congress St., Troy, N Y . 134 Saratoga Ave., Troy, N Y . . 6 Hawthorne Ave., Troy, N Y . . . 2143 5th Ave., Troy,N.Y . 870 Second Ave., North Troy, N. Y . . OI Pinewood Ave., Troy, N. Y . 35 Myrtle Ave., Troy, N. Y . ZQ Maple Ave., Troy, N. Y . . 38 Maple Ave., Troy, N. Y . 233 West Io3rd St., New York City . . Oakwood Ave., Troy, N Y . II3 Eighth St., Troy, N Y . ZOO4 15th St., Troy, N Y . Tibbetts Ave., Troy, N Y 8 Division St., Waterford, N Y . IO8 Pinewood Ave., Troy, N. Y . . R. E. D. 3, Troy, N. Y . . ZI Lake Ave., Troy, N. Y . 3 Woodrow Court, Troy, N Y . Z5 Maple Ave., Troy, N Y 0 146 ADVERTISEMENTS Complimentary Advertisers MR. W. H. ANDERSON MR. j. C, BOWSHER MR. W. P. BRINCKERHOFF MR. C. A. BUKEY MR. C. M. CONNOLLY IVIR. F. H. DEAL MRS. C. S. FOSTER MR. j. W. FINCH MR. J. M. GAMBLE MR. A. P. HEBARD MR. B. S. HINCKLEY MRS. I. B. HINDLE IVIR. H. L. HUTCHINSON DR. F. C. HYDE MR. A. H. IDE MR. W. W. INGLIS MR. P. M. JUDD MRS. L. E. KENNEDY MRS. L. E. LEO MR. j. L. LOOMIS IVIR. W. S. MCCLOY MRS. C. D. MAKEPEACE MR. j. E. WOODRUFF MR. H. J. MALLERY MR. H. N. MARSHALL MR. F. H. MICHAEL MR. G. I. MILLER MRS. IRENE PATE DR. j. L. PECK MR. J. S. PIERCE MR. J. S. PULLMAN COL. C. B. ROBBINS MR. W. P. SARGEANT MR. S. P. SENIOR MR. Cf. S. SHAEFFER MR. L. M. SHEPP Q MR. C. E. SMART MR. W. C. SMITH DR. A. C, SNELL MR. F. C. TABER MR. j. C. VANSICLEN DR. j. H. M. A.IvON TILING MR. L. T. WARNER MR. HUGH WHITE DR. P. H. WINSHIP I TIFFANY A CO. JEWELRY SILVERWARE STATIONERY PEARLS J EWELRYAND SILVERWARE OF DEPENDABLE VALUE MAIL INQUIRIES GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION FIFTH AVENUE A3731 STREET NEWYORK 149 F ,, Treasured reminders of school day friendships. Charming and true portraits of girlhood and boyhood personality. 'Barhrarh PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINOTION Special Rates for Students 148 STATE STREET ALBANY M U L I-I O L L A N D . BRGS' Canary B1rds SQ Cages GOLD FISH I ' and F AQUARIUM SUPPLIES SEEDS and BULBS SQL S THIRD STREET GQRDINIERIS TROY, Y. FRANKLIN SQUARE 150 Gifts for Graduation FOUNTAIN PENS Ima PENCILS In Black and Colors AUTOGRAPH ALBUMS PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS LEATHER GOODS WRITING PAPER PAUL D. OWEN STATIONER AND OFFICE OUTFITTER 409 FULTON STREET TROY, N.Y. KODAKS PHOTO SUPPLIES Mail us your Films Pictures Prornptly and Properly Printed and Quickly returned KNOWLSON'S DRUG STORE ESTABLISHED 1856 Toilet Articles f f 'Yesl Huyler's 350 BROADWAY TROY, N. Y. If you "SEE" Better You will "DO" better EYESIGHT is one of the most important Haccessoriesn of your school course. If not well cared for during school days, your eyes may fail you after school days. Let us keep you well equipped. Bring us the pieces of your bro' ken lens. We cn make a new lens just like it. "Service Station for Better Eyesight" TINLEYWELLINGTON Co. INC. OPTOMETRISTS-OPTICIANS 445 5rd STREET xl I I 13 1 For Style-America looks to Fifth Avenue, New York Why do twentyfsix shops there carry Holyoke Silk Hosiery? Because Holyoke Hosiery has good style and exceptional Wearing qualities. SOLD IN THE FIRSTOLASS STORES-ASK FOR HOLYOKE HOLYOKE SILK HOSIERY COMPANY MILLS AT HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS At the Head of the Class Ort the feet of the Class THE EW stsssEMR OLUETT 593 SONS It doesn't pinch the nerves, bones PIANOS PIANOLAS and blood vessels. Arid, in AEQLIAN VQCALIQN addition, there is Elle VICTRQLAS smartest of styles Sold Nowhere else in Troy! "R 2 3 Largest and most complete stock of Vocaliorz and Victor Records P in Northern New 'York XX NWI X FITS FEET ALBANY TROY 77 Third si..1'R0Y. onn.CityHal' SCHENECTADY "The Emma Willard" The uniform designed especially for the students of Emma Willard School. These can be had in either Serge or Washable materials with monogram if desired. All uniforms are made to order only. Information and prices upon request. ' . J ,mir X , 55 1 ,A ,X l f 5 X X 4 ls. 5 35-X , Q ' lx . 5 if K i 5 . X5 N 4 r W W A 5 O 6 ' o S E0 ff ly' Ewa K. ,iv , L J,,, W -an l 2 Xi 1 W Q Peter homson 628 Fifth Ave. 1118 Walnrrt St. New York Phila. Pa. WALKfOVER'S ALWAYS SHOWN IN SMART FOOTWEAR WALK 'OVER LADY O C K E R'S WALIQOVER BOOT SHOP 40 THIRD STREET ALDEN'S 3 CANNON BLDG., BROADWAY, TROY, N. Y. Huy1er's and Lovell E99 Covel Candies wap-v Also a complete line of Imported and Domestic Delicacies for Luncheons and Parties BRIDGEMAN M I LLINERT Silk Lingerie f Hosiery f Sweaters SHAMPOOING CLAY FACIAL MARCEL WAVING MANICURING HAIR GOODS RENO HAIR SHOP FANNIE MOORE COURTNEY Phone, Troy 3280fW 454 BROADWAY TROY, N.Y. SHERRY E99 CO. FLEISHMAN'S INCORPORATED WHOLESALE GROCERS ALBANY Tea Importer, Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders Smart Apparel BAKERS' and CONFECTIONERS' SUPPLIES for TROY, NEW YORK Young Women FREAR BUCILLA SMQCK FRCCKS Readyfmade-Stamped for Simple Embroidery , if--KA l ' ae 0,12 ian? I l O fi Every Woman Needs One Women also for Beach Wear and use about the Garden. These SMUCK FROCKS are completely ready made of colored linene stamped with exceedingly simple designs which when completed in a few hours add a touch of smartness and beauty not ordinarily found in garments of this type. To be worn as a separate garment or to protect the dress. Q :af School and College Girls-Professional A J ,, IQ' O qu f ' , wi 47 39 , ' ,gel X 1 X A k X i Blue if cf b A p ,ffl I There are many designs and colors- single and double breasted styles- some with attractive collars, cuffs and patch pockets of novel printed fabrics. Made in the season's most popular colorsg Blue, Green, Rose, Peach, Tangerine, Honeydew and white. Sold at Art Department Price F REARS 155 The Bundy E5 Cruttenden Co., Inc., OOOPERSTOWN, N. Y. Manufacturers of Dress Equipment for BOARDING SCHOOLS A list of the schools outhtted by this company reads like a directory of "WHO'S WHO" in the highfgrade boarding schools of the East and South. Occupying an important position in this list is THE EMMA WILLARD SCHOOL OF TROY The dress equipment supplied students of The Emma Willard School has been inspected and approved by school authorities. This company will gladly send samples and descriptive matter upon request. Address communications to THE BUNDY E99 CRUT TENDEN CO., Inc. cooPERsToWN, N. Y. The UNION EURN ITU RE Company For coziness and complete 'relaxation during study houvs we have just the 'rug ov chair that Mother, herself, would recommend- paying for them does not 'remind one of examintions eit h efr. River St. TROY, N. Y. TROTS ONLY EXCLUSIVE LADIES HOSIERT SHOP P3 LINCOLN HOSIERY SHOP Next to Lincoln Theatre c'EXtra Quality Luggage" Traveling Cases Overnight Gases Wardrobe Trunks Hat Boxes, Boston Bags SPORTING GOODS Lawn Tennis Rackets Knickers Tennis Balls Golf Hose Tennis Shoes Electrical Goods Bathing Suits Gurlers Bathing Caps Irons Bathing Shoes Toasters ALLING RUBBER CO. 251253 BROADWAY 3567 THIRD ST. GYMNASIUM SUPPLIES Outfitters for all Indoor and Outdoor Sports and Pastimes Victrola Records and Victrolas Thomas J. Hurley Esq. 11 THIRD STREET TRoY, NEW YORK GLOVERSVILLE GLOVE SToRE KEENAN BLDG., BROADWAY AND THIRD ST. TROY, N. Y. GLOVES for I Men: Women Lined or Unlined and Chlldfefl Ladies' Silk Hosiery, Silk Lingerie also Handkerchiefs NOVELTIES MADE TO ORDER The Primrose Tea Room 83 Fourth St. Opposite Proctor's Theatre 41 41- ' ffl! - HOME COOKING "T ' Mrs. M. E. Comiskey . 'X - Miss I. O. Waterman ......f WM' EDWARD Ei TEN BROECK PLATINUM AND GOLD JEWELRY Artistic Novelties of All Kinds, etc. Representers of Quality Card and Stationery Engraving 77 FOURTH S-r., TROY, N. Y. MARY O. SHAW JEWELER MARY M. CORR, Proprietor 3 TIMES BUILDING TRoY, N. Y. With the Compliments and Best Wishes Of Peterson 59, Packer Coal GO. Mulligan 5:5 Schermerhorn FINE PLUMBING Heating, Ventilating and Gas Fitting TROY, N. Y. TAMS HE largest and best equipped costume establishment rents to a large and discriminating clientele exquisitely made, sanitary costumes, altered to measure for any entertainment for which a period of character costume is essential. GUR SERVICE WHETHER ON RENTALS OR MADEfTOfORDER COSTUMES is UNEXCELLED 318620 WEST 46th STREET NEW YORK CITY LONGACRE 1913f4f5 The Largest Music Library in the World The Drummond Grocery Q The store of ,QUALITY ana SERVICE 113 FOURTH ST. PHONE TROY 1259 COTRELL E19 LEQNARD Smavt and Distinctive Apparel DRESSES ACCESSORIES COATS FURS FOOTWEAR GIFTS CLEVER and DISTINCTIVE ENGRAVED I NVITATIONS GLASSES VISITING CARDS MONOGRA MS ATTRACTIVENESS AND COMFORT COMBINED ARTISTIC STATIONERY ig EDWARD H. LISK 2 TIMES BUILDING B AY INCORPORATED R33 TROY, N, Y. cfrrade Mark Regs U. s Pat O65 The most attractive garment ever invented to control the figure. If you are slender enough to feel that a corset is an unnecf essary burden, you will suref ly Want one of these silken girdles that merely round the hips into a desirable contour. rlrlzeris' 160 l I 2vWWg4lfN0l?Y4g INCORPORATED "Tr-ua Home or som' WATERH HARDWARE CUTLERT 'TOOLS J. M. WARREN E99 CO. 241f245 RIVER ST. TROY, N. Y. M c K E O N ' S TRUNK STORE HandfMade Traveling Bags Suitcases Wardrobe Trunks Agency for Winship Trunks Phone Troy 3069 Lavender's Book Shop 2661268 River St., TROY. N. Y. Near the monument School and College Books and Supplies New and Second Hand StationeryeLooseleaf Books LOAN LIBRARY Established in 1863 Lucas Confectionery Catering for Phone 1612 Dinners - Banquets -- Receptions FERRY AND SECOND STREETS I TROY, N. Y. 12 Second Street TROY, N. Y. PRCC CR' T H E AT R E 4th St., Troy, N. Y. H 'I' HE LEADING AMUSEMENT OF 'THE CITY Playing HIGH CLASS FIRST RUN VAUDEVILLE and PICTURES Performance Continous Daily I to II Matinee Prices up to 6 p. In. - - 6 to 11 SUNDAYS 6 to 11 PICTURE CGNCERTS SPECIAL MUSICAL FEATURES 162 THE COLLEGE GIRLS' TAILORS Every suit tailored to measure and guaranteed to be satisfactory Samples of material sent upon request Dresses and Gymnasium Suits H We Specialize on the School Girl 914 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA JAMES E. DWYER, Pres. M. A. TIERNEY, Vice-Pres. JAMES T. WHITEHURST, Sec'y and Treas. Telephone, Troy 118 DWYER E99 WHITEHURST, INC. Succeeding T. L. GRIFFIN 69 Co., INC. Phone Troy 1882 J. H EN RY HE PP TROY, N. Y. E WE LE R Wholesale and Manufacturing J Smmnm Diamonds a Specialty Ofice Supplies and Equipment R U L I N G P R 1 N T I N G ,X , ENGRAVING BOOKBINDING Office and Display Room NO' 1 CANNON PLACE Broadway and Fourth St. Factory and Warehouse 197 RIVER STREET TROY' N' Y' Troy as Dalton'S Taxi Service NQJLQM SAF E-COURTEOUS-DEPENDABLE WEEKGW A local institution not connected with any other car company in Troy EMMA WILLARD STUDENTS Are cordially invited to visit our store, and will find here many items of special interest to them. Among these are the fountain pens, writing portf folios, diaries and memory books in which to record happy experiences. The Emma Willard School pins, which every E. W. S. student is proud to wear,are also here. SIM 692 CO. JEWELERS BROADWAY AND SECOND STREET TROY, N. Y. G. E. STILLMAN E? CO. Pharmacists 326 CONGRESS ST. TROY, N. Y. Dealers in CHEMICALS, DRUGS, SUNDRIES TOILET ARTICLES, STATIONERY AND CONFECTIONERY Special attention given to compounding Prescriptions. Only chemicals of the finest quality used 164 Xciffbn-, Agfa? f sie fsefasifw X ,J llllf Q" ' W ll: 'lil . , A-X' V1 y"!, k im N 5 l is 2 ff NWS? ff l i 1' . l I ll 1 1 if Poitmits 0 Distinction HE QNKLIN STUDIQ S3 3rd St. TROY, N. Y. All sittings are made by Mr. Conklin personally 165 l Plant a Dollar Where It Can Grow . YES, money grows-but only when you plant it in favorable surroundings. Your dollars put to work with other folk's dollars make a sizable amount that can do big things. And your money earns 42, a year. "THE FRIENDLY SERVICE WINS" I The Union National Bank l of Troy, N. Y. l Next North of Post Office l K R - FOR A GIRL'S ROOM- Let us show you how pretty we can equip a girl's bedroom with RUGS, FURNITURE DRAPERIES, Eroi ESTIMATES FREE R. O. Reynolds MONUMENT SQUARE TROY, N. Y. Novelties in jewelry Pictures, Glass arid Pottery Art Needle Work and Materials VANITYFEAIR SHOP 57 THIRD STREET TROY, N. Y. ANNA HYLANDS SPECIALTY SHOP Corsets, Underwear and Ladies Specialties 407 Broadway Opposite Post Office Phone Troy 2301fM When in need of Outer Wearables-See Our Showing "Always Something New" LA ER ESTABLISHED 1879 A. Schnell DIAMONDS, WATCHES, CLOCKS, IEWELRT Silverware, Cut Glass PAUL C. SAEHRIG, PROPRIETOR 83 Third Street TROY, N. Y. The D U Store Retail-Ma F URS COATS SU ITS HATS facruring -Iobber GLovEs ' UMBRELLAS TRUNKS BAGS AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES 82f9O Fourth Street TROY, N. Y. Proctor Theatre Bldg

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