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N WI.: I 'Y- Q97 Z2 'S' 32' ?I f' '73 , M DMM V Sk A. 1 'N Title Page Contents Miss Kellas Dedication Board of Fdltors Faculty Class Motto X, Foreward The Seniors Welcome Presentatlons Class Prophecy Class Wlll l923 Cheer and Qongs 'QQ Revised Health Sllp f' Wardrobe for the Growing Mass N' Familiar uotatlons Traced to Thelr Source Class Ballot Under Classes Organlzatlons Athletxcs Dnrectory W Aclvertl mg r 'g r -' 5 0 f 1 l 'dl 5 l ' 4 X rg N Tn' Q r.Eg ' w- I K L , J Cy -e ,- O 41 V' Q9- ' ......r 3 - i i 7 1 7 l l Z ' '.,....r 7 A -. ',rr... 8 . . . . . , . . 9 Q . ,,...,. I0 ps ,Q '....,.. sm i i 1 i 1 1 i 73 ,f History ........ 74 ' .r...,, 77 A . . . . . 80 L '.,,,... 84 J s .M .... 88 ' '5 ' '..,.r 93 C4 39. . .x . b 94 Qu .. Q . . . . . . , , . 94 x ....r.. 95 7 7 i 1 7 1 1 i .32 Q, u ' ....... II7 4 4 he ..r.,... , NJ.. .,..... A r EMQ Q 63" ' ' n X V 0 A X' OA JA. KA ,-XXX? Miss Kellas Drhlcatlnn N r the M155 uf 1014 hrhlutr this hunk tn thc f1rultv m the hum ti11tutm1llh1 1 plunf uf nun Q1 ultum fum thru 1ppur11t1nn 11111 fxlrnhsllxp I ' . . L1 hrrm it .1 Urrv great prlutlrgr tu t Q 1 1 Q t ' - I 4 1 . THE GARCOYLE 1923 Glbe Giizu guvlr lil f 411 n IIT C at mum: lllffl'-OH zuszmw Hanan: Kithxrlm Blxllchxrci lsS1SIr1nfH11S1rnSs Wana r ZLIIEITIP QYUIYDFS lllillltll Slnfiu nr 1 IU P lr ons uint 'vm Kxthrxn HC-ss Arif rfzfor flss1st'mI?l1t1Lhltu1s C xroll 0 0 ct kitlllllllt Nwnoux nu IH 1 1 'Xnn Poxu I' Soczul f Jrim 1rg11ctD1x1s Alhfcilcf drlor Mabel IW xrtm Sccrclarzf 'X 1-0 'sv Clurlcy Bxtls . , l'.'f'1 'J - 71111 K2 la 7 2 1 . . 1' J lf" z z 4 - L z . .A '. .' . gr lf ' .L ' f I K -ld lflezmc 'lmltcm iwillcr Bonnet! Kntlmrim' Knowlton C111 ' 'limi 11 S ' 4 Hz - .i ith I I n Alun - Hull '4 a A' - ' file- l'llA Q- Nfllc-r Ma ' e " L ' f ' 1923 THE GARGOYLE M155 Mf1r1an AIIan I I15e AncIer5on I tI1eI Biker I m1Iv II Bec'Ius1tI1 M155 M155 M155 M155 Bextrlcc BI'1I55Iec 155 Idxnnue C' Brockw 15 MISS 05510 I I3llI'IJlllIx M155 I I1z1l M on M155 IqIIen R M1nLI1e5ter M155 NncIree M 155et M155 xnet M 1xweII Iirxulun uI1e C Mav5er M155 I IlZdIJCtIl Potxune M155 I v1 Porter M155 I I1zabetI1 A Rob5on M155 Maddeleni de RO551 MISS I2I1z:1betI1 Slmp on M155 I ea Surleau Mary B Thomp5on Iqdna C Terr1II LOUISE M155 MISS M155 M155 K IIIIGTIHC Weiver M155 NI xry H W1I5o11 Be1tr1x I nos 'Xllce M II1II11rcI M155 M155 Mr5 LOUISE I II15 In5Iee MISS Grace L Vvaterman M155 AI1ne Colton Mrs ennette one5 M155 Mary Grey jfacultp Malhemalzcs Iwalhemahcs Fnglrsh Fconomzcs Soczology Hrsloru Spanzsh 3111tr1111eD11tr DBDGIIIIICIII 19111111111 DEDGFIIIIEIII Dipvsural Ifdllllllg M155 Iqugenla Kennin J M155 M155 M155 M155 Hrslorzy I rcnch Hmloru qczcncc Il1f71l9h french fnglmh I rcnch Nlalhcmalzcs En2I15h Lalm French Lafzn French Mathcrnalzcs Lalm Sczcncc Scrcncc fllSlOfll Ruth CLIIHHIIIIQS I uc-II 1 B 1rne5 Florence P M 1cIcIen Mary D B1geIow Lzbrurlan ffousc Molhcr Holme 'Vlolhcr ff ', 4 . . . , . . . J FQ E 1 'f ,. . , , . . , z 1 . I ,y . , . . ' ' . . . 1 . . 1' ' . . , . c ,. . . 1 3 - ' . . , , 1 1 1 . 1 c . . . . . . . , ' 1 . . f , 1 ' .. jf 1 I . . . . ., . 4 ' i. 1 1 N 11 f. ,L c . . . , , , . ' ' c . , . , . . . I c ' . ' ..,. . . , ' ' Z c . . . . . A I ' Z . I ...,.. . , - t V . . ff 2 . '. Q. .' .' I I . L If . I I f . t . , f. ' '. ' . . . . . 1. . '. r. ' ' . 1 l ZIGC QLIOD 21613 jfuretnurh he unseen hanh of nur fuunher has ltghteh for earh snr eesstbe :lass a torch uf tnsplratlun Uihe heantv uf out surruunhtngs the guthanre anh mterest of out farultv anh 1Hll1ss ixellas ani: the Inval spurt uf our :lass hahe been the means uf IIUIIFISDIXIQ that eternal flame fur us Zlihruugh out the pears tu rome tnhen Desttnp has sratteteb us me tntll Ill turn lnnhle out hearth fnes tnlth the torch ltghteh at these perpetual embers flflav thus hunk beneath tts light heartehness tahlate for earh une of us the glutn uf the turrh tt ts nut eherlsheh prlhtlege tu hear 7 ,. V Y. , Q, , v Z I 9 . . K . K. , o THE GARGOYLE 1923 RUTH ADAMS Toledo Ohlo President of the Class of l923 Student Assoclatlon Executlve Board Student Government Executrve Board ramatlc Club Clee Club Cholr enlor Play Gym Team Athletlc ASSOClatlOn fActlvej earer of E. W To lhosc who now her no! no words can am! And those who now her know all words arc am! Although our Emmawlllard days are ended they will remaln forever cherlshed memorles and among these one most dear wlll be that of Ruth our Presldent How often shall we recall her as she presided ln class meetmgs now calmlng our ruffled spnrlts and agaln mspnrmg us through her enthusiasm to hrgher achleve ment She worked too not only for the brg obvious thlngs but for the httle un notlced details of everyday routme Wrth what feellngs of love and ownershxp dld we llsten as she sang for us Sunday evemngs It was not merely the lovely quality of her voxce but the sweet ness and feellng beneath that seemed to lnft her to a sphere far removed from ours Then when we were feehng her remoteness she would return to us ln all her whlmsy and vxvaclty to be again our delightful comrade One of the qualltles that galned for her the unfallmg loyalty of each one of u was her sympathetlc understandlng Nothing mat tered qulte so much when we felt we had a friend who knew and cared Not every class may have as Its leader one so versatlle as ours We know who wrote the muslc of our Senlor song who took the male lead xn Senior play who played untxrmgly for our cheer practices and dancing who stepped forward A No I ln Com petltxon Drlll to recexve her numerals and E W We care for her so dearly not merely because of what she has done for us but just because Ruth IS Ruth And after all Ruth herself cannot be des crlbed one must know her must feel that some thlng whlch IS mtangrble the charm of her mfinlte variety I2 C23 D . S . W . . u k y p . H k e f ' . -Z 1 y 1923 THE GARGOYLE EDITH AHBE Athens Dede Presldent of Glee Club Dramatlc Club Choir Athletlc Assocratron actlve Senlor Play He dzd hrs best and so came forth a vzclor We were lnformed thas year that no flowery wrlte ups were to be permitted Therefore we must refraln from that type of wrlte up whlch we had decided to compose for Dede We were going to compare her to the Llly Maid of Astolat but with thls mere suggestlon we must let you readers use your lmagmatlon Dede IS a very drfhcult person to write up She has so many splendrd quall tles that xt 1 hard to enumerate them all She can slng act dance do her work well and be very friendly to the newest new glrl and the oldest old glrl Her splendld executlve ablllty has been shown by her management of the Glee Club this year To borrow Nllss Kellas phrase she IS a strong glrl No better evldence of thls could be glven than her perseverance ln her academrc work and her perslstance ln flnlshlng whatever she has begun Dede always has her wlts about her When accxdents occur she knows just what to do and does It m the shortest space of time She IS sympathetlc m such a way you really enjoy xt She as always qulet and unobtrusive never gets the least blt exclted and seems to sm cerely enjoy looking after the srck ones As the herald rn the Revels Dede was superb The youthfulness and anlmatron of her appear ance together wrth her sweet volce made us all love her ln that part She exhrbxted her usual perfect poise and never for a moment forgot that we all looked to her for leadership As our space IS lxmlted we shall be obl1ge.l to end abruptly what rs only the lntroductlon to our estlmate of Dede I3 C57 , Pa. rx n ff . . . n w - - rr - - n ' 1 . . .S . . , , Y , . - - v - u - 1- . . . . . . ' THE GARGOYLE 1923 MILLER BENNETT Louxsvllle Kentucky Hump Mullah Dramatlc Club thletxc Assocratlon factlve Senior Play andolln Club The mzldesl manners and the gcnllesl hear! lVl1llah IS a puzzle that we ve all been trying for two long years to solve A last we hope we have found the solutxon but rf you know of a better one go to lt' She IS a but lrke the 0 d nursery rhyme What are llttle girls made of'-W Sugar and SplCC and everythmg nlce that s what llttle gurls are made of But we would rather put xt that Mmller IS fifty per cent the cunning llttle glrl of the rhyme and the other fifty a grown up young lady When she first entered school with her dlgmfied ways no one could have lmagmed her wlth her halr bobbed but when she came back after Chrlstmas we all recognlzed that the true Mlllah always had bobbed hair But don t thmk the grown up part of her counts for nothmg Mlller IS one of the stand bys IH our Sunday evenmg muslcales She may pretend that she has no persxstance or concentratlon but no one could llsten to her at the plano wlthout admlttlng that she must have an unusual amount of both besldes genume talent A phllosophlcal chum and an uproarxously funny comrade Mlllah has made us all reallze that work may be made play and that the tarnished dark clouds of a C P or general course may be turned lnsxde out and reveal a sterlnng silver llmng I4 l 1 C29 . . V u xr at - u a M . rs . I? . . y . . I . , . -- . . . , I D ,, . . . A , . . . . , . . ,, , . 1 v , . . . I , . y a l :A 1923 THF. GARGOYLE LOUISE GURLEY BETTS 2 Troy New York Betsey Editor ln Chief of the Gargoyle Cholr Senlor Play Glee Club Dramatic Club Athletlc Assoclatlon actlve She was a woman o strong sense and a shrewd mind Extraordznary al a reparlee To characterlze Betts IS a dlfhcult problem for the more you try to analyze her the more lllUSlVC she seems untll you almost glve up m cle palr Yet complex as she IS certaln tralts are outstandlng Resolved that Betsey IS one of our most dehghtful personalltles for l Betsey has humour not the sterotyped sense of humour but the ablllty to see a good Joke on herself as well as on anyone else Her humour s twm IS a subllmely rlcllculous but clever manner whlch when assumed can set even the most melancholy mto gales of laughter at almost any tnme or place Moreover Betsey s humour IS equally engaging ln the PhySlCS Lab ln gymn or on the 2 Betsey has keen perceptxons She readnly grasps a subject and as a consequence makes up her mlncl quickly She IS no lukewarm mcllvldual but wlll stand elther posxtlvely for or absolutely agamst any lmportant lssue that may arxse Vxslon and fore sxght are also a part of her mental equlpment The Gargoyle bears sufhclent witness we thmk 3 Betsey 19 genlal Don t be mistaken this IS not a synonym for humour however closely alllerl It may be We mean by her genlallty the broad smlle and the warm greetlng whlch are char acterlstlc of Betts 4 Betsey was born to llve wlth people She wlll always be essentlally one of us the one whose easy manner and charm we all aclmxre and to whose talent and ablllty Twenty Three owes her Gargoyle Humour -1- keen perceptxons -1- genlallty -1- an engaging manner LOUISE Curley Betts I5 Cl 7 . . . c . D triangle. THE GARGOYLE 1923 KATHARINE M BLANCHARD Troy New York Kay Hockey Team QSub J Cholr Glee Club Dramatlc Club Gargoyle Board Athletlc Assoclatlon Active Preparatory for Smith To bcgurlc many and be lreguzl d by one I m Katharine Blanchard s shadow and expecting I d know all about her some ofthe girls on the Gargoyle Board asked me to write this Though I can only go wlth her on sunny days I ll do my best to tell you what I know about her If you walk down a pretty street In Troy youll see a brown house with yellow trimmings That s where Kay llves and last wmter lf you called at certaln tlmes probably not at seven thirty Monday mornmg you d be able to see her But this year she and I moved up to the gray stucco house they call Gray Gables I m glad we came because everyone seemed so glad to see us and sald they wlshed we had come sooner And I m glad lt has been a sunny wlnter so far because I ve been able to be with her more and the better you know Kav the better you llke her Sometlmes when I go up from Senlor House with her ln the mornmg she looks very serxous and wears a preoccuplecl frown When I ask her what the matter ls she almost always says Vergll or French somethmg luke that She doesn t neglect her work and she certamly gets the deslred results Why they say MISS Slmpson even calls on her just to hear her smooth translatlonl And another thmg the girls look upon wlth green eyes IS the number of letters she gets But they all know the reason for that and excitement she seemed to feel just before February 5th I really thmk I ought to be Jealous of the photographs on her dresser I m prlvlleged to follow Kav all through her llfe and I antlclpate as much pleasure ln the future as I ve had ln the past I6 . y u Jr U , , I u u - 1 - Q I - 1 . , . . . , . . . . . t , . . . , , . . . . . Q , 5, ' v ra - rr ra an , OI' . . , ' 1 - y r , . , . . . .A 'ya' . . ' . ,v. . ,A ' , . 1923 THE GARGOYLE MARY BOGART C23 Terre Haute, l nd. President of Chrlstian Association Triangle Board Athletic Association fActiveJ College Preparatory for Vassar Whose high endeavors are an mward hgh! Tha! ma es lhe path be are her always brzght Who IS Mary Bogart3 Perhaps we should thmk of her first as our Christian Assoclatlon Presldent so helpful and msplrmg and so enthusiastic has she been IH all our meetings The Assoclatlon Board thus year wlth Mary at lts head has worked wonders with the organlzatlon The program of meetings the Chnstlan Assoclatxon bulletin board ln the hall and the Sophomore Freshmen meeting speak for themselves as Il'1dlC3.tlVC of the thought and lnterest whlch has charac terlzed its meetlngs Next we thlnk of the Mary with whom we hve wlth whom we go to school and wlth whom we talk or chat P0186 power and personality yes she pos sesses all these and they have proved valuable assets to her Yet an erect bear mg self confidence and behind them a forcefulness whlch characterlzes any lead er are by no means the only qualltles that spring to mmcl when we thlnk of Mary A keenly appreciative Intellect and llterary talent are also hers She loves a good story and can always equal but more often surpass any of our tales Mary belongs to the fourth generation of Emma Wlllard alumnae Ih her family That s a dlstmc tlon that none of the rest of us enjoys Most col leges and schools make much of a student of the third generation so we are most fortunate to have one who brings down the tradltlons of a whole century to us But we are fortunate too m the contrlbuton which Mary the Fourth brings us of partlclpatlon ln school actlvltles and entertamlng wlt for our lnactlve hours Twenty three says serlously We could never have managed wxthout ma Mary I7 .. . . . . , . , , - , , ' Il ' ' ii n , y '- I ' - I - 1 T , . . l. .. , , , I ., , " if . . . r A V .,'- , . - I A 1 ll' , ' . U - l , ., v. .M-'T In u -.l THE GARGOYLE 1923 ELIZABETH R BURFORD ll'1dlaIlapOllS Ind Athletic Association fAct1ve Bowlmg Team A generous soul IS sunshine lo lhe mmd Xvhat a tmy gxrl vou are Betty to have such a blg heart Thls IS how we all feel towards Betty She IS everybody s frlend and never tlres of helplng others Thls generoslty towards us all has been unllmlted and there are not many of us who have not had a share of It One day Betty overheard one of the girls say she was tired and yet had to cut out a large plle of plctures for Art History Wlthout a word Betty cut them out herself and left them as a surprise for her classmate ThlS IS only one of her countless thoughtful acts one small expression of that unselflsh nature that has endeared her to us all Betty belongs to that tvpe so often described as Mousev She IS qulet and usually lncllned to llsten and observe rather than to spend her tlme nn Idle talk Thls mark of an intellectual tendency IS also manifest ln the fact that she rellgxously reads the newspapers tVNlCC a day And shames all of us ln General lnformatlon exams There IS not a more loyal nor more helpful heart ln the class than yours Betty You have made yourself loved here for your generosxty and good ness and our wlsh for you IS that you will take into the world the qualltles that we have admired ln you here I8 l C33 . , , r .' I '3. ll K'-5 f e 1 4 2 ' X Q 1923 THE CARGOYLE MARGARET CLYDE Rome New York Prcsldent of Dramatic Club Mandolin Club Athletlc Association fAct1ve Senlor Play She was mos! loncd by lhosc who knew her cs Fveryone hkes Marg Perhaps she IS a llttle hard to know at first but once you do love her you love her always Marg IS nice to everyone She IS what you might call the New Glflg Dellght because she makes you feel at ease always no matter how unaccustomed you may be to your new surroundings Marg ISD t the academic type at all Not that she lsn t brlght m her studles but she has more of the domestlc lI1Stll'1Ct than the studlous Domestlc SCICDCC and home makmg are her strongest points She can make the most styllsh clothes m no tlme The man she marrles wlll be surprlsed and pleased to find the real old fashxoned wlfe type even lf she IS capable of bemg a prom glrl as well As Presldent of the Dramatic Club Marg has shown her executxve abxllty She realized lmmedxately the honor and responsxbllxty of thus ofhce and took hold of the posltxon wlth vlgor and enthuslasm What she didn t know about amateur dramatlcs before she took the posltlon she knows ln full now Marg IS a llttle temperamental just enough to make her Interesting She and Helen are the best of frlencls and roommates even lf they do have a llttle frxctlon once ln a whlle It all helps to break the monotony of life at Gray Gables We have not dwelt at very great length on a descrlptlon of Marg s character we have not men tloned her exterlor It IS too difficult a subject to tackle ln a few worcls But we have trled to glVe a few lnterestlng characterlstlcs of hers We leave you to find out the rest lf you don t alreadv know them I9 C23 A. . . . 3 b t,, THE GARGOYLE 1923 CATHERINE M CONEY Watseka lll Kay Hockey Team ndoor Basketball Team Athletlc Assoclatlon QAct1ve Thy modesly s a candle lo lhu mcrzl She IS Kay IH spxte of the fact she IS Catherine wlth a C Kay Qoney of ath letlc prowess For two years she has made strong the rlght wlng of Z3 s hockey team and she excels too IH basketball and all other sports One of her greatest achrevements along athletlc hnes IS her ablhtv to turn any number of cart wheels ln successlon ln personal appearance Kay IS petlte and plquante Her short halr bobs about her face and two of the hlggest dlmples ever seen appear one ln elther cheek whenever she laughs or smlles and she IS dolng one or the other almost constant ly It IS very dlfhcult to try to put Kay on paper for her personality eludes des crlptlon although xt very successfully makes Itself felt Catherme IS possessed of a warm and generous nature qhe IS always ready to laugh wlth you but never at you On the serious side of her character she IS slncere and staunch She has won for herself ln the two years that she has been here a large place m the hearts of her classmates who vxlll always re member her with greatest affectlon gk Then here s lookmg at you Coney and may you always be loved as you deserve to be 20 C23 , . H ,, I .. , . ,, . . . . , . . . , . . .. ' '-1' , . ,, , ' figiq . V Y. - I Ji .' . , ' . tk ,V I - U , I v v ' C", bg - 11 Akai, 1 r . - .--ea' 1923 THE GARGOYLE KATHERINE STEWART COOK Troy New York Kitty Outdoor Basketball fSubl Trzanglc Board Secretary of Class Athletlc Assocxatlon Active good memory rs a royal possessron Kltty lnslsts she lsn t a cat' We all heartily agree wlth her for she IS always klnd cheerful and helpful never thmkmg unklndly of anyone or anything much less speaklng ln such a way Kltty IS the star student of the school IH classes as well as ln General In formation that dread ordeal of us all She must spend all her spare hours of whlch we know she has a great many because she finlshes her lessons for a day or two ahead ln such an amazingly short space of tlme ln readlng the Literary D1 gest the Outlook and the daily newspapers Kltty IS by no means a bookworm ln case you have recelved such ln lmpres slon As anyone can easlly see by glancmg at her bright rosy cheeked face she loves the out of doors and goes out for all sports summer and wlnter Before she came to llVC here wlth us thls year she used to come up every Monday for basket ball practlce Since Kltty has come to llve among us we have been able to know her better and to love her the more She IS always wllllng to help us all in our troubles whether they concern studies or other matters For thls reason and for many others be sides she wlll always have a warm place ln our hearts wherever she may go Oh' we almost forgot Kltty has an enormous appetite and a particular fondness for beans Z! cn . .. C .D UA . , lr u . , I 1 C THE GARGOYLE 1923 MARGARET MacGREGOR DAVIS Mount Unlon Pa Peggy Hockey Team Glee Club Cholr Gargoyle Board Athletnc Assocxatlon actlve Favors lo none To all she smrlcs extends Yes thus ns Peggy but not the Peggy of short smocked dresses and socks t IS the Peggy of the Semors unlform There remalns from those early days how ever a twmkle ln her eyes which IS a remnant of the many escapades of whlch we have heard tell We stlll suspect her of mlschrevous deslgns ln splte of her demure If we were asked what we would remember best about her we should answer that It would be her optlmlsm and her desxre always to do something that wlll make llfe a lxttle pleasanter for someone else Do you remember how well the old gurls party was managed3 Thank Peggy for there she showed her ablllty as general stage manager and director to say nothlng of her talent as an artlst ln that undertakxng she accomplished what she set out to do for there IS a strong backbone lh her makeup And Peggv can play hockey We won t soon forget our plucky lxttle halfback wlth the gally rlbbed stocklngs and purple head band who helped lead 23 to vrctory So let s glve a rousmg cheer for Peggy an all round glrl and one of whom 23 s mxghty proud ZZ C57 . . , if fini look, but we loye her the better for it. y w l 1923 THE GARGOYLE KATHERINE DURKES Dlxon Ill Sklffy Athletlc ASSOClatlOn Actlvej Preparatory for Wellesley Mrschzef thou art a oot Take what course thou wrlt Sklffy halls from Dixon the best clty ln the Unxted States yes lt IS on some maps If you were to meet the people who llve there you would never want to llve anyplace else Some of them are celebrltxes such as students from Harvard Law School who seem to be speclallzlng ID the psychology of Say It wlth flowers But we all wxsh ohn the best success ln hls Sp6ClallZlng Sklf IS very talented IH any kmd of sewlng from clothes for a rag doll to her own dainty dresses She says that she lsn t domestlc and even lf she can cook one or two thmgs she doesn t llke lt But just walt tlme will tell The glrls who knew Sklffy an Allenwood wlll tell you that she IS very mls chlevous Everybody knew whom to accuse when ln the mxddle of the mght the rasplng nolse of a clock would sound through the stillness from the depths of a shoe bag or from under a mattress waking the whole household But no one could be angry when they heard her burst Into a gurgllng laugh at our dlscomflture With all her mlschlef Skrf IS one of the most consclentlous girls ln our class That IS the reason some see very little of her for she spends most of her tlme studying We allcould do worse than to take Sklffy as an ex ample for she IS always good natured and cheerful 2 C39 . ..c. ff-v f 3 THE GARGOYLE 1923 ELIZABETH FORREST Dlxon Ill Betty Dramatlc Club utdoor Basketball Team f5ub Athletxc Assoclatlon Actnve A countenance m winch dxd mee! Swecl records promrses as sweci Llsten tell me about lt Yes we recogmze thls person as Betty the Betty who usually finds out what she wants to know BCSld6S being curlous she IS ex tremely frank she tells us exactly what she thmks of the way me do our haxr of the way we reclte ln class or of anythmg and everything else There IS one ad vantage ln this we know that me can depend upon her telling us her real oplnlon and not a camouflagecl one few snlps of her SCISSOTS If you wlsh your dress to be made over take lt to Betty she wlll transform lt lf Vou wlsh to have It dyed take lt to Betty Then when you cease to care for the color she Wlll change lt to white agaln Betty have you an Aladdm s lamp wlth whlch to procure all our w1shes3 Betty IS experlenced along other llnes than dressmaklng She likes all things domestlc she doesn t mlnd even washing dl hes We would recommend her as an ldeal housewlfe She IS good natured too and enjoys a joke on herself as well as others However It is rumored that Betty has a temper whlch she sometimes loses The best thmg about Betty IS that she has very hugh ldeals and steadfastly trles to llve up to them 24 C35 O .J . K . . c . D Betty is quite the dressmaker of our class and accomplishes wonders with a 1923 THE GARGOYLE PAULINE FREEMAN Flint Dutch Athletlc ASSOClatlOH Actlve College Preparatory for Smith Health lhal moc s the doclors rule Knowledge ncvcr learned at school What shall we say of our lovable class baby who cast us all under her spell on that memorable afternoon of the roller skatmg carmvali' Our baby party would never have been such a success without Dutch for all our enthuslasm was herght ened when we looked at our baby s smlle Dutch won our hearts ln another way when she took the part of a gallant West Polnter ln the Old Glrl s Party Paulme s umform and mllltary carnage revxved ln us the sp1r1t of West Pomt and turned our thoughts toward last sprlng when we had the West Point dance There IS another slde of Paulme whlch we shall remember much longer takes No amount of fun can distract her when duty calls We can always feel sure that lf Paulme IS glven anything to do lt wxll be done thoroughly She proved thls on Fleld Day when she was put ln charge of the refreshments No one ever had more vigor and enthusxasm than Paullne for quellmg our desxres for brlght colored stocklngs or elaborate hair dress We don t resent thls pursult of hers because we all know that Pauline never oversteps the bounds of that whlch becomes a boarclmg school glrl But dlcl someone tell us that Paulme made a speclal trlp clown town to buy a palr of jade earrmgs3 Fxe Pauline As long as Paulme IS at school we can never for get that there IS a state of Mlchlgan and a town of Fllnt because Paulmes loyalty knows no llmlts We feel sure that some day we wlll find Mxchlgan pralsmg her 25 l C37 l underneath this fun-loving nature is a steadiness of purpose in all that she under- THE GARGOYLE 1923 FRANCES MARGARET FREY Chlckasha Okla Fran Athletic Asso latlon Active Glee Club Dramatic Club Semor Play Her Hngcrs shame the zvorq eys They dance so Izght along Fran 15 one of our babies At least we thought so when we first saw mer because well to begln wlth she was just sweet slxteen had a round rosy face framed ln a mass of curls and a palr of the most mnocent brown eyes you ever saw But all bables wxll grow up sooner or later so It was wxth Fran A trlp abroad last summer completed the work She came back wlth her harr done up and her changed If we let the mnocent eves mxslead us at First lt was not for long We soon found out that Fran wears that expression as an allbl for she IS one hundred and one percent mlschlef We have all at one tlme or another been vlctlms to her teaslng and mvarlably one and all have forglven her just because she was Fran One txme Frances declded to try psychologxcal suggestxon on her room mate Fran suggested to her that she was pale and looked as lf she felt badly After a tlme roommate suc cumbed to her lllness and was all ready to go to the mhrmary But lf Fran amuses us wlth her pranks and Wlt she also charms us wlth her playlng There IS nothing she cannot play from the most brllllant of classlcs to the newest popular songs She has con tributed much to our lnformal Saturday evenlng dances by her wxllmg asslstance at the plano Her versatlllty love of fun and a charmlnv personahty have made Fran generally lrked 26 C23 . C. . C . J ll K 1 - It Q manner decidedly sophisticated. Yet the expression in her eyes was still un- ' l 1923 THE GARGOYLE FRANCES GIBSON Mt Vernon N Y Glbble Chonr Clee Club Mandolln Club Dramatxc Club Hockey President of Athletxc Assoclatlon President of the Athletlc Councll Wearer of E W Gym Team Semor Play Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlve Slrong reason ma es strong achon Let us lntroduce to you Mlss Frances Athletlc GlbSOH commonly known around the campus by the famlllar name of Cubbxe You may have wondered at Mlss Clbson s mlddle name but when we tell you that Clbble IS our tennxs cham plon has played on our hockey and basketball teams for five years and thls year has been elected to the offlce of Presldent of the Athletxc Assoclatlon you may agree Wlth us that her name has been justly chosen But Glbbxe IS famous not only for her athletlc prowess she has certaln other QUalltl6S that make her an outstanding figure ln any of our school act1v1t1es l dramatlcs she has captured many hearts wlth her masculine roles whether ln golf togs business sult or tux Last fall ln the Roller Skatmg Carnlval as a dashing darlng plrate wlth sword gleaming ln alr she frightened the klddles of the Baby Party Though Glbble IS a good actress lt IS hard to lmaglne her ln the role of a fool but wltness Touchstone ln As You Llke It our Senior play to realize to what helght she can attain Cnbbxe has always mamtamed her poxse and good nature though her dutles have been troublesome and exasperatxng One lmportant duty she has never shlrked has been her remmder Please put your hat on or Where are your rubbers3 But then we have heard that certam members of our happy throng go around purposely minus their hats so that Glbble wxll speak to them' We feel that ln the years to come she wlll be as successful as she has been here at school 27 . , . . u - - 11 u 11 rr k . n - - u - n - 1 . . , . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 , . - u 11 - u - ' 1 ,, . . . 1 1 . . U n H rn THE GARGOYLE 1923 ESTHER GOUVERNEUR C25 Baltimore. Md. "Wubs', Editor-in-Chief of the Triangle Dramatic Club Choir Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlvej Hockey Team Csub J College Preparatory for Smlth The sccrcl 0 success IS constancy of pur pose Although Wubs has been wlth us only two years she has hlled a larger place ln 23 than we could say As L dltor 1n Chlef of the Trlangle she has done unusual ly well worklng under the dlfhculty of not having Mlss Kent who has helped so much ln former years Do you remember the storm Wubs waded through to get us our Tr1angles3 Her class splrlt time worn expresslon but still doing good servlce was manl fested by the fervour Wlth vxhlch she went out for Hockey causlng more than a httle dlstress to dletmg Seniors as she wlnged her way down the held her bounc mg red not auburn plg tall challengmg others not so sllm To an outslder Wubs gives an lmpresslon of dignity and declded serlousness and a Xery oneness of alm But certalnlv those who know her well are fast acquaxnted wxth the laughmg twmkle ln her brown eyes and the funny qulrk of her mouth when she IS affected by her dearest frlend Wltty Humour At these tlmes she IS prone to throw mto gales of laughter a room full of girls by some palnfully ridiculous remark and then to convulse them by drawllng out ln her lnlmltable 1 In splte of the fact that Wubs can or wlll do anything we thlnk that she IS not beloved for any partlcular accompllshment but just because Wubs IS Wubs And we mlght add an admlrable 1d1ot as she proved ln the Revels 28 . . . C . , .. f , K - . . C . V . , . . . J .- . C D . . . , ' tone of astonishment, "Why what's funny about 't?" 1923 THE GARGOYLE JANET STUART HALL New York N Y Senior Play C-lee Club Choir Dramatic Club Gargoyle Board Athletic Assoclatlon Actlve She rs prclly lo wallq wzth Anal willy lo lalk wllh And plcasanl lo llun on anet IS one of the talented ones of the class She IS equally at home playing IH a Dramatlc Club performance ln the Revels slngmg solos ln the Glee Club or dolng posters and portraits with her skilful brush Out sketching ln a dark blue tam and cape she looks llke an artlst ln the Fontalnebleau forest Nothlng IS too dlfhcult for her to perform from palntlng scenery and sets for the Old Clrls Party and deslgnlng lts costumes to lendlng a helplng hand ln the art department of our Gargoyle Some orxgmal and extraordlnary portralts of the lnhabltants of Gray Gables adorn the walls of that abode The arlstry IS anet s of course Muriel with vermllllon halr and Kay Seymour wlth raven locks and green eyes are a part of the gallery anet s volce too has given us all much pleasure Her varlous characterlza tions from the llttle ltallan who sang O Sole M10 to the youth of Adeste Fxdeles and then to the flrst of the Three Kmgs have all been beautifully done ln the Dramatic Club her personality stands out No one will ever forget her ln that lovely blue satm dress when she starred as Pxerrette ln Hearts to Mend As an artlst smger and actress anet has shown so much talent and versatxlnty that we are confident ly expectlng to see her IH opera some day before scenery of her own making 29 127 ak li l J , ., , . . . .- THE GARGOYLE 1923 MARGARET MARY HARPER C33 Troy New York Peggy Athletxc Assoclatxon Actlve Ana' uncxlmguzshcd laughlcr sha cs lhc s cs The name Peggy always suggests to us a jolly plump person Our Peggy fulflls these requlrements Certainly lt would be hard to find a person who laughs more appreclatlvely at a Joke than she does One subject however arouses IH her no mirth her school work She IS always worrymg about her lessons and dolng last mmute studylng However unllke other people who pursue this method she usually comes out of her dlfficultxes rlght slde up Almost any afternoon when the Seniors were practlsmg basketball ln the fall she could be seen ln her mlddy and bloomers eagerly watching the ball and trymg to catch xt Instead of catchlng the ball she usually ended her attempts by her lrrespresslble glggle Llke most jolly people she xs always glad to help glrls out of dlfhcultles Many of us would have been hard up lf we hadn t had Peggy to do our errands for us downtown She IS always ready to sympathxze wxth anyone ID trouble ln fact she IS the klnd of a gxrl who can be jolly or sober as the occasion calls three years but we wlsh we could have known her better and seen more of her Nevertheless know mg what we do of her we re very sure that wlth her W sense of humour and kmdly nature she will go Hr, W through llfe happlly makmg frxends wherever she gig' Ends herself a.'.:f"' 30 ll , I k ki We're all mighty glad to have had Peggy with us - ' . ' ' . 'P ' J- , . A Q - la'- Z A I ,1 s W ' '- 'H 2-.-il. 1923 THE GARGOYLE KATHERINE HARRISON Toledo Ohio Kay Business Manager of the Gargoyle Glee Club Dramatlc Club Cholr Reserve Athletxc Assoclatlon Active College Preparatory for mlth Know thine own pomts Wlll you please put combs ln my halr tomght Kay rlses a pleadmg volce to the thlrd floor front of Senior House and good natured Kay usually assents We can readlly understand why Kay has taken such pains to master the art of wavmg halr for we know how much she admlres a perfect marcel on all people Her good nature always manlfests ltself ln cold weather when she thoroughly enjoys shuttlng the wmdow for her room mates on zero mornmgs She has a great averslon to cats and has spent many sleepless nights armed wlth mlssles to hurl at the aforementloned ammals who were wont to serenade her nlghtly Last sprlng you might often see Kay tearmg over the campus a huge bag ln hand the light of combat ln her eyes pursulng a black ball whlch darted ln and out of the bushes You need but say cat and Kay s hghtmg mstlncts are aroused Kay was once very prone to argulng but has trled extremely hard to overcome thls hablt and now slts calmly by when the occaslon for argument arlses Sometimes however she enters mto the Splflt of the fray and usually comes out vlctorlous Kay IS dlstlngulshed for her strong convlctlons and determlnatlon when once she decides to do a thing nothlng can dlssuade her She has great capablllty and puts through whatever IS glven her Her responsxblhty and tenaclty of purpose have made successful the buslness management of the Gargoyle 3l can 'c .mn . c., S. THE GARGOYLE 1923 KATHERYN CHARLOTTE HESS Troy New York Kay Trlangle Board Gargoyle Board College Preparatory for Northwest ern Unlverslty Athletic Assoclatlon Actlve Her future IS aglow wzth pO5Sll7lllflCS Woe be unto the girl who msn t at least falrly well read when Kay IS around She has read so widely herself that she has no patience wlth some of the rest of us who cannot talk intelligently on Spenser Tolstol or some foreign wrxter with an almost unpronounceable name Almost every day she carrxes home some new book to read at mght and the next mormng IS almost sure to hncl her brmgmg the romantic Spanish heroes She IS talented ln other ways than ln her ablllty to wrlte and her llterary turn of mlnd for we have heard that she plays the vlolln exceptlonally well and we ourselves can testlfy as to her ablllty to draw and paxnt Her poetlcal reclta tlons of Vergll are MISS Slmpson s dellght Thls talented classmate of ours IS a great dreamer as can be shown by her orxgmal poems wrltten for the Trlangle Oh yes' she has been on the Trlangle Board for three years and she has helped us out of many tlght places by her abxllty to wrlte easxly We re all sure that with her many talents we shall some day hear of thls dreamer of ours as belng famous ln some llne of art and we shall all be proud then as we are now to have known her and had her for a classmate 32 00 . . . c . D book back to school: all finished. We wonder why the stories she writes have 1923 THE GARGOYLE CAROLYN MERRIAM HONE Troy New York Carol Gargoyle Board C-lee Club Semor Play Dramatic Club Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlve College Preparatory for Connectlcut Good health and good sense Are Iwo 0 11 c s greatesl blessings If you ever see a falr damsel frohckmg wlth some one of the stray dogs which frequent the campus you wlll know lt IS Carol I-lone She IS truly ln her element when masterlng these anlmals Her cheerful whlstle wlll brlng boundlng to her anybody s pet dog The charm Carol has over anlmals IS by no means her only accompllshment She IS most artlstlc and whenever the class or one of the boards needs a poster or anythmg requlrmg artlstlc talent they call on her She never falls As evldence of this talent notlce some of the cuts m this book slgned wlth her mltlals ust as we depend on Carol for posters we depend on her for other things from the supervlslon of a floor to faithful attendance at cheer practlces Also we can trust to her to glggle at any Joke on hand for she seems to lack the usual moodmess of artlstxc people Her glggle IS an outward dlsplay of her good splrlts and cheerfulness Her good spxrrts were subjected to a hard test when she was a Freshman and was land up wlth a broken leg for weeks They stood the test and were even exuberant the whole time Carol seems lmbued with Emma Wlllard Splrlt not only because she has been here a long whlle but because the schools ldeals have taken deep root IH her receptlve heart Turn ln your toes keep on smllxng and never lose your good spxrlts Carol' 33 C45 f f ' ' U J Q . 0 , s . i , 1 , a .. fx 1 kilns, , l THE GARGOYLE 1923 KATHARI NE HU YCK Albany New York Kay Katie Dramatlc Club Athletic Association Active emor Play The surest way not to all is lo determine lo succeed If all the members of our class were patterned after Katharine we should be sure of a solid rock foundation It is no ex ggeration to say she lives up to her best every minute of the day We are always sure of her standing behind whatever her officers do or say Her daily life meets the requirements of good living she is always ready and willing physically perseverlng and open minded mentally and fervent ln her convictions splritually Whatever she faces will be faced bravely whatever opportunity presents itself will be seized eagerly Perhaps you are beginning to see a halo grow around her head but this could never be for she saves her from being called a goody goody Katharine is very conscientious but we shall never forget that in her early school days although she considered remain ing in bed a matter of conscience she risked her soul in behalf of a simple little handkerchief Katharine is one of the very few people who estimates her own worth at exactly the right value And let me impress upon you the worth of this knowledge Many of the failures of life occur from underestimation or overestimation of the person s own capacity 34 C37 S . .. f . . . l has a bit of mischief hidden away somewhere which, while never malicious, surely 1923 THE GARGOYLE MABEL JENNINGS ennlngs C1ptam of Hockey Team Chrxstlan Asso latlon Baud Athletlc Assoclatlon cACtlVC College Preparatory for Smlth Gym Team And grasps lhe skzrl of happy chance And breasts lhc blows o czrcumstance And grapples wrlh his evll star Mabel can tell you what xt means to be homeslck When Mabel came here as a llttle glrl yes we all have heard that story many tlmes and Mabel has blush ed every time lt IS told But that was five long years ago Mabel was one of the ploneers of our class and has been one of lts strongest members ever smce Mabel Jennings here s to you The Qemors are Slnglng today Here s to your Splrlt and here s to your pep Here s to your Hockey that s won you your rep That expresses Mabel to a T for she has been our Hockey captaln for three years She has a gift for savmg the sltuatlon by bem, wherever on the Held she ns most needed and she IS a fine example for the rest of the team She IS Forward on our Basketball team and IS one of the best tenms players ln school Wllat ever she attempts she does well Thls applies also to her school work and to her Interest IH the Chrxstlan ASSOClHtlOH We have all profited by the thoughts and suggestions she brlngs us each Sunday evenlng Mabel s great passlon IS for horses Her room IS full of plctures of her favorltes and here at school away from Chubby and Dynamlte and Wmsome she thrllls to the slght of the Mounted POllCC rldmg through the grounds It IS rumored that Mabel IS growmg absent mmded lmaglne forgettmg to go to French class' 35 UJ - n I , . a u , . . . u , , - U - 1 M 1 - - 1 1 1 u A u , 0' , t . ' , . . v n THE GARGOYLE 1923 RUTH KAHN Detroit Michigan Kahme Athletic Association fAct1vej ramatlc Club Hockey Team fSubJ Cheer Leader College Preparatory for University of Michigan emor Play A mcrrzcr man wrlhrn the Irmzl o becom mg rnlrlh 1 never spent an hour s lalk wrlhal Crash' Bang' A striking display of feet and up comes the smiling face of Miss Kahn Keeping at an angle of ninety degrees with the earth seems a great difficulty for her A Jester she is and whenever excitement IS needed at Senior House a general cry goes up for Ruth She is in her element Hitting over the hearted as the down of a thistle and takes life as it comes deriving pleasure from the merest incidents The one thing known that doe shadow her sunny dlsposl tion is a noisy third floor Then her usually soft voice assumes an unexpected quality of command which hints with the desired results The heads of house wish to extend a vote of thanks for her help Our Ruth has an undying love for Michigan and like all others swears that there IS no place like it She ought to know for just try to find some place where well travelled Ruth has not been Already she as selected as topic for her major theme Florence Ruth is a good sport full of enthusiasm for venture and ready to do her part to make It a suc cess Twenty Three would have missed a fund of buoyant spirits and helpful activity without Ruth 36 fzl D . S . N .. . . . . . f - green-sward of the campus or playing tag with her own shadow. She is as light - . h l 1923 THE GARGOYLE NANCY KESSLER Smethport Penna Kessxe Athletlc ASSOC1atlOh Actlve Cholr Glee Club Dramatic Club Assoclate Senlor Play The gentle mlnde by gentle deeds IS nowne For a man by nothing IS so well betrayed as by tus manners Nancy will stay ln our mxnds as a kung as she has appeared to us ln the Rev els Not only dld the gorgeous robes of the Orient become her dignity but we feel that she has real gifts to offer ln her qulet loyal personallty and ln the low rlch volce we all so love to hear But Nancy IS not always dlgfllfltid and serlous Certam nolses often heard ln the suite on the short corridor proclaim that Nancy has discovered a Joke For lt must be confessed that whlle her sense of humor xs ample It sometlmes re QUIFCS a llttle sharp poklng However she bllthely JOIDS ln the laughter agamst her and sets herself to figurmg out the next pomt Agaln she has been apt to take thmgs as they lxterally are but due to a buddmg lmagmatlon she IS fast losmg this lngenuous tralt and has been known to be the leader m several amusmg CplSOd6S on that same short corrldor Lately she has been dlsplaylng latent hlstrlonlc ability to those who have been fortunate enough to see her ln the role of emotlonal opera smger or poor relatlon Both her lngenulty displayed IH costum mg and the acting Itself make us feel that the school has lost much ln not havlng discovered before Nancy s posslbllltles ln thls dlrectlon We love Nancy those who know her well and those who know her sllghtly We have depended on her ln school and we shall always depend on her as she goes mto the world to do the rlght and flne thxng 37 on v. Ml., A' c'm ks THE GARGOYLE 1923 MARION C. KLOCK C55 Sy racuse, New York "Mime" Athletic Association Active C-lee Club Dramatic Club Hockey Team Choir fReserve Senior Play well be ou! 0 lhc world as oul 0 ash lon Doesn t lVl1n1e remmd you of those dalnty ladles that are sometlmes palnted on Dresden ch1naware3 She s endowed wlth what the poets would call femlnlne graces whlch lnclude An attractive appearance at all times a graceful carriage and a manner full of P0156 and charm Furthermore she has the very talents we would expect from those old fashxoned ladies we have compared her to She IS llke the malden ln the nursery rhyme who Sits on a cushion and sews a fine seam And we can all testxfy that nobody could take finer stltches than Mlnle Sewing although her prlmary talent does not however lxmxt her domestic abxllty She IS an adept at almost all branches of that art Although ln these ways she seems to resemble girls of days gone by she IS ln all other respects a truly modern glrl wide awake to her surroundings and most assuredlv having more than her share of pep and energy Mlnle has played a llvely part lh our class hls tory havmg been wlth us for five years Durmg that t1me she has been a falthful contrlbutor of songs for all occaslons She has also proved quite 'gs ,al 1' S 6' a factor IH our Athletlcs For the past three years she has been one ofthe trusty eleven that have 'gif ki 38 "AS f ff - . . nt u 5' a a . jj , . Y 1 P ' U . 7 ' ' J ' ll ll . . . - ! 5 I ' V S I A ,L ' , ' ' 'Ill -. , -. ' ' fb qs Y, , - 1 f 2' ,, ' 1 ,. ,, A eg s ' "f'g1.f'fT.'-was M- ,ff A ': Q . "g,Q1,'j- g .A made us our fame m hockey. 1 2 .ff YE-"4 . ' '55 'k', Ll , h- . .rff .l , , 4... ,Q w,.-: ' new . , ., . , .- t , 1 -it 'I . ' ' 'h ' 4 ' , ' 1 ' , ,,,. . .. if, . ' , r . vs . ' f 1 5 - I . l . Q A . 1923 THE GARGOYLE KATHERINE CON DE KNOWLTON Rochester N K President of Student Assoclatlo Cholr Clee Club Dramatic Club Hockey Team fSub I Gargoyle Board Athletic Assoclatlon Actlve College Preparatory for Smith Endurance rm atcmpcralcwxll Endurance oreszghl slrenglh and s 111 Everyone knows who K K rs She IS the girl who can sh us and stlll wear the pleasantest smlle IH the world She IS that example of concentratlon whom we see bendmg over the center table ln the llbrary our envy because she Hnlshes her work so thoroughly and well K K IS the actress who transformed by many plll0WS a red sult and a beard makes an ldeal Father Chrlstmas or who as an thuslastlc young person whom we see cheerlng so vallantly for the Purple But best of all K K IS that frlend on whom we depend our advisor who counsels us when thlngs go wrong Indeed we had such complete falth ln K K we elected her Presldent of Stu dent Government when CCClll8 was unable to return And ln no way has K K failed to llve up to our expectatlons She has taken the responslblllty of her dxffi cult positron ln her own capable way and has car rxed on loyally and well the Ideals of our Student Government Her patlence and courage have never lessened although they have often been put to severe tests and we are qulte sure that lt IS her cheerfulness and enthusiasm qualltles whlch she not only has herself but lmparts to others that have made her such a successful leader and loyal frlend 39 fzl , . Y. HK. .U . . . n f .5 ' k. n adoring Freshmen follows "Captain jo" with worshipping eyes. She is that en- THE GARGOYLE 1923 EDNA KRAFT C69 "Eddie" Hockey President of Student Government Dramatic Club Glee Club Choir Head of Skatlng lndoor Basketball Team Semor Play True as lhc needle lo ihc pole or as e dial lo the sun There are a few snapshots of Eddle that we would all hke to have but SIDCC no one has ever snapped her ln any of these characterlstlc poses we wlll glve them to you here as best we can We hope that wlth the amd of memory and xmagxna tlon you may see her as VlV1dly as we do On the Hockey Field Playing full back on Twenty three s team has been one of Eddle s permanent posltlons and so we see her on a chxll November afternoon Fleld Day to be accurate runnmg mto some overconfident wmg who IS dribbling down the held She breaks up the opposlng play and wlth a strong stroke sends the ball far down the hnes toward the goal whale Twenty three cheers madly At the Carnival Fveryone remembers her as Head of Roller Slcatmg Therefore you wlll all love the plcture of her as the dolly ln the Carnival last No vember ualnt and dainty she danced with her sultors the sallorman and plrate to the dellght of all the Semor babxes ust Edna When we used to dlSCUSS ln our meetings the ldeal Fmma Willard glrl someone never falled to add smcerlty and faxthfulness as lm portant characterlstlcs of this girl of our lmaglna tlon We too often thlnk of these qualxtles as non exlstent IH the glrls w1th whom we aSSOClatC dally However lf we apply the test serlously to glrls of our class who more than Edna will measure up to the standard ln these two cardinal v1rtues3 True to her class and school she proved herself worthy to be chosen President of Student Government A most worthy Presldent has she been ,,, 40 ca Y . ,, . , . . , ' : A . ' . -- . . fn Trl" .: X if T- .l 1 ' 1" - ' ' .ff ., t.'-'ft-1 ' , . Q V. ft, -th' , .wily V ' 1923 THE GARCOYLE SALLY BROWN LAVERY Falrfield Conn a Dramatlc Club Cholr Glee Club Senior Play Athletic Assocxatlon Active, .She does Irllle mdncsscs which mosl leazc undone We would like to ask Sal to step out of the frame above and smile her mdes crlbable smlle for you It IS the envy and delight of all of us and because xt IS so pecullarly her own we would like very much to have you see xt Sally s brown eyes twmkle at you and her nose wrinkles up tlll you are forced to smlle m sym pathy The cheering effect of Sally s smlle IS perhaps one reason why she IS such a dellghtful companlon How bllthely bob those curls of Sally s during cheer practlce for Sal puts lots of Splflt lnto our songs as our cheer leader Sal always has a happy word for you studlous does she but she spends a great deal of her time m the llbrary pormg consclentlously over her Art History and Fngllsh Llt Books We voted for Sal as one of the most popular glrls ln the class and certalnly her popularity IS due ln a large part to her Inherent graclousness It seems lnborn ln Sally to do those thoughtful acts whlch to most never seem lmpor tant enough to bother about A smile and a happy word from Sally have been the means of brightening a hard moment for many of her classmates We wlsh we could show Sal how much happiness she has brought to the class of 23 and we are very confident that she wxll be beloved ln any commumty into which she may enter as she has been ln the Emma Willard School 4I Q0 US lf- If 1 'cr u 3 ,, when you meet her on the campus, carrying a pile of books. She doesn't look W .1 , l Q . . Y . ' . THE GARGOYLE 1923 ELIZABETH LAWSON Troy New York Betty Lrbble Preparatory for Wells Athletic Assoclatlon Glee Club 1 am noi lazy bu! I halo lo war Two days before the dance a telegram arrxves Immediately a walllng volce announce Oh dear my man can t come What wlll I do I slmply must go to the dance Don t worry another glrl conso es her Betty Lawson wlll get a man for you She knows loads of men Of course Betty gladly gets a man and the glrl goes to the dance assured of a good tlme One of Benjamin Franklln s best known proverbs says Early to bed and early to rxse makes one healthy wealthy and WISE In Betty s case we are not so sure about an early retlrement but we do know that she rlses when the cock crows for the sole purpose of maklng herself VNISC To practlce half of such a good pro verb IS a fair start even lf lt rs the cart before the horse Besldes gettmg men for us many tlmes she also entertams us by playmg on her VIOIIH It rather amazes us that she should prefer when she plays to dress as a boy and cover that beautlful blond halr wlth a brunette wlg Nevertheless we must admlt that she IS almost as attractive ln her lmpersonatlon of a boy as she IS as a real glrl As Betty hurrles on her way few people realize how capable and business llke she really IS She has a broad range of lnformatlon from Byron to radio 42 . .. ku 3 , . , I! , A - I! ' , . . , - , 1 i 1' -M K 1923 THE GARGOYLE THEODORA MACHADO l C33 Ottawa, Canada llmodyfl Head of Hockey Hockey Team Athletic Association fActivel Athletic Council Vice President Clee Club Choir Dramatic Club Preparatory for Vassar Ciym Team Age cannot wrlher her nor cuslom stale her rn mle varxcly We hail Theodora our hockey champion basketball player dancer and tennis expert We need a volume to write up all Dody s virtues and vices We will tell her merits first to give our readers patience enough to listen to all her vices As you see we have trusted Theodora with our pride in many contests and never has she disappolnted us lsn t It a fortunate thing that teams don t consist of one girl alone for where would be the chance for the rest of us3 Then too our cham pion carries a head on her shoulders last year she added and subtracted long col umns of dollars and cents for the Athletic Association ln fact she did so well that we joyfully elected her Vice president this year Now we come to the dlffi cult task of describing her character for she tugs everyone s heartstrxngs ln a dxf ferent direction Theodora s appearance can best be described by the adjective romantic She IS the kind of girl to whom one likes to Intro duce one s brother s friend who chances to call But this charm allures even less susceptible mortals than the gentlemen Her classmates and shall I own the truth sometimes even the under classmen are drawn within the circle Her lessons are quickly prepared what IS not learned perfectly is learned well enough leaving her time to mend her stockings which is more than the most of us find the leisure for Another of her characteristics is generosity She is slow to take offense always ready to give her friends for all are her friends the li benefit of the doubt After all her vices prove to ff M be nothing but vlrtues 43 -1 , , s If u 1 Il y , v 1 v . . . . . 1 y . . , . . , . I ' U Y - , - - , . . , . . . , . . . . , y v - - 1 I y v y , ...f , , ' K: It ' , 1 Q ' . f il Eli fi V - - l f , 1 1 ' 'K " bi ' X . . THE GARGOYLE 1923 MABEL G MARTIN Flushlng New York Glee Club Mandolln Club Outdoor Basketball lndoor Basketball fSub Gargoyle Board Dramatlc Club Athletlc Assoclatlon fActlve To do easlly what IS dl :cult or others ls a mar o talent 1920 brought to us a brlght and shlnlng llght an lnsplratlon to the teachers ln that she proves all thelr work IS not ln valn and a Jolly companlon to her class mates Though her plcture were not looklng at you It would take llttle guess work to name the subject of thls glowlng hlstory Who but Mabel could get an A ln every subject when a Senlor3 Who but she would tell her schoolmates fortunes not only once but three tlmes each? However glowlng thls hlstory may be the herolne herself IS very modest lndeed Thls quallty follows her every tact wlth her when she answers our questlons wlth such a vocabulary that one glrl of every ten can understand Mabel seldom volces her oplnlons ln large as semblles because she IS shy but we know the oplnlons are there What clever proposltlons or remedles are lurklng ln that clear thlnklng braln ln athletlcs she excels modest though she be Always on the jumps she IS the unpretentlous but lndlspensable center of the fleld as ln every day llfe She seems to do only what IS qulte proper and dlgnlfled but her best frlends really thlnk lf she had her way she would be rolllng about ln a frollcsome puppydog pow wow most of the tlme The only lntlmatlon the world has of thls IS lh her lmplsh laugh whlch makes one look twlce to see just what she IS about Altogether Mabel IS qulte a puzzle to most of us she IS so very lntelllgent and so very amuslng 44 CU -D H . . ig. f fi f ' where, in the class room as she expounds her wise theories, and in our daily con- 1923 THE CARGOYLE CLEMENTINE MILLER Columbus Ind Clem Clemy Mandolln Club fpresldent Dramatlc Club Gargoyle Board Senlor Play Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlve College Preparatory for Smlth Wllh slrenglh lo reason and the warmth lo cel Do not falr reader upon gazlng at thls remarkable photograph above thlnk thlS IS Clementine at her best To her classmates Clementlne at her best has her face screwed lnt0 seemlngly lmposslble contortlons most hldeous to PCFCCIVC Yes her faclal expresslons have won her fame throughout her stay at Emma Wlllard But IS thls the only thlng we wlll remember her for3 Certalnly not It dld not take us long to flnd out that Clementlne was one of the most rellable loyal and unselflsh glrls of our class And not less lmportant IS her love of fun her good humor and yes sometlmes her mlschlevousness We should never call her studlous Then why IS lt that we always see a blg A on every class paper3 Thls IS the secret Clementlne IS just naturally brllllant ln splte of her many protests It lS true We hear very often Oh dear I only got B ln French today but we only chuckle sllently She IS always ready to do somethlng for someone else I belleve lf someone asked her to make 2-I-2 3 she would try Her executlve ablllty has also been shown ln her good leadershlp of Mandolln Club No matter how awful the harmony may be she IS never dlscouraged and always wlns out Another source of envy to her classmates IS her vast store of General lnformatlon But what IS there that we can t say about her3 There IS not one thlng and all we can do IS to thank you Clemen tlne for comlng to the class of 23 45 , . n u u u l as . X f n n u v , . y x - v , . f - u - n - v a 1 - 1 , . , - . . 1 , . THE GARGOYLE 1923 ANNE BLISS MORRISON Erie Pa Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlve Radcliffe College owllng Team True merrl rs la e a rzver lhc deeper rl runs lhc less nozse ll ma es Yes I m at MISS Kellas table and I heard her say that we are gOIDg to have three sleep overs ln successlon Anne remarks wlth such an axr of smcerlty that you actually belleve her She succeeds ln lookmg so wlse behlnd her glasses that you can t quxte realxze that for perhaps five mmutes you have been llstenlng credulously to Hctxon Anne IS the kmd of a glrl whom you would mstmctlvely choose as a travellng companion She IS never upset by trlfles dxscouraged by delay or made grouchy by mconvemence She has quxck perceptions and an orlgxnal polnt of vlew whlch would add materially to the pleasure of a trip As to Anne s accompl1shments she bowls and skates well Whenever any one wants to go skatmg one lnvarlably looks for Anne and always finds her ready and Wllllflg to go On Senlor bowlxng afternoons Anne may be seen ln the bowllng alley doing her best to raise her score and from re ports we hear she IS succeedlng credltably There are many IH the class who will remember Anne s loyalty and cheerfulness and her real con trlbut on to class success Many may also remem ber her tact as savlng them embarrassment and her sympathy as helplng ease some dlsappomtment 46 C33 .. . . C . D B . ll . f ,lc f , . v . . k ,, THE GARGOYLE 1923 ELSA B MOTT Fllnt Mlch Be Dramatlc Club Athletlc Assoclatlon fActlve College Preparatory for Smlth Tal to her 0 acob s Ladder and she II as you the number 0 slaps Oh there IS Elsa studylng agaln Wlll she never stop3 Most any time of the day one may find Elsa porlng over a Vergll book for lf any one IS studlous ln slble concernlng each and everyone of her subjects She surely IS a Joy to the teachers and an example to all of us She IS accurale IH every sense of the worcl for we must explaln every mlnute cletall to her lf anythlng has been left to her lmaglnatlon We are sorry to relate that Elsa IS very CUYIOUS but only when lt comes to conversatlon we often recognlze her by her funny qucstlons such as Why do you want to do that3 or WHY do anythlng9 She IS a very amuslng companlon whenever there are jokes belng flung about for she hardly ever gets the polnt untll another Joke has been told Elsa we love you and we know that you wlll prove to be one of Emma Wlllard s best next year at Smlth 47 oil " l ll" . . . . . .J " k f J ' ' it f U our class it is-Elsa. She has ai hungry mind ancl tries to flncl out as much as pos- THE GARGOYLE 1923 JANET E MOTT Scranton Penna ay Athletic Association CAct1vel flee Club fReservel Dramatlc Club Qenlor Play Everyfhrng was qurc! Then hc came From the tlme anet first set foot ln Allenwood untll she left ln une the house was never entlrely qulet We have a susplclon that the former residents of Allenwood could tell some lnterestmg stones about anet s escapades but as we held out before her we must refer you to the long suffering Nancy for further detaxls But ln one short summer what a change has taken place' anet has returned to us a stately and much subdued Senior To those of us who knew her last year the qulet whlch relgns ln 208 thls year IS unnatural But although the shrleks whlch echoed up and down the corrxdors of Allenwood last year are heard no longer the well known Oh Say drawlecl In a hugh key may still be heard Beneath thls newly acqulred dlgmty and thoughtfulness we find the anet of thls year very much lxke the same dellghtful com panlon xmpulsxve fun lovmg smcere 48 127 "J H or "Jan" - aj u . 1 - I - J- l hear only faint rumors of sleep-walking, "she looked like an angel with her hand . - . . . J 1923 THE GARGOYLE CONSTANCE MUMFORD Glen Ridge New ersey Connle Athletic Assoclatlon CActlve Dramatlc Club Cholr Reserve Preparatory for Vassar There s no wisdom ll c ran ness I am golng to corrupt your ldea of a Mother Goose Rhyme for Constance IS the llttle old lady who llved IH a shoe And such chlldren as she cared for why you never would guess lt untll you saw them scraggllng ones elhsh ones llttle plckanlnnles and every what not from every whlch place Do you know what IS comlng3 Why these pecullar walhsh creatures are Connle s unusual thoughts school llfe ln most surprlslng manner one never knows just what IS comlng next Connle wlll never be reprimanded for lack of savolr falre It carrles her success fully through the soclal decorum of the llvlng room and wlll make her a valuable asset to any community she may choose ln later llfe Naturally we know there 6XlStS much sound sense beneath her Besides havlng an unusual polnt of vlew her ld6aS come from sound thlnklng However she has not yet reached the helght of her ablllty along that lme She has an actlve curloslty whlch wlll keep her mlncl eager and open for learnlng What she dlSllkCS she dlsllkes posltlvely and completely and she IS perfectly frank ln telllng us It takes her but a moment to make up her mlnd one way or the other She IS always ready to express her oplnlon to engineer herself and to help others to clo the same Thlnk what our Senlor Class would have mlssecl lf Con stance had forgotten to come back 49 l CD ' f J K' , I ak f ,C Yl and whimsical fancies. They come popping into everyday circumstances of THE GARGOYLE 1923 EVELYN CURRAN MURRAY Paterson New ersey Athletic Asso latlon Actlve Cholr Glee Club Dramatlc Club Senlor Play Nolhrng so slrong as gcnllencss Nolhmg so gcnllc as real strength The more we know Evelyn the more we apprec1ate the strength of haracter whlch IS concealed under her qulet manner During the past year 23 has learned to depend on her more and more to see that thmgs are well done The Dramatxc Club too has good cause to remember her excellent management of the proper tres She takes her place unassumlngly ln the front row of any actxvlty She has a quxet well thought out phllosophy whlch makes the Ideals she expressed ln Chrlstlan Assoclatlon dehnlte and easy to be remembered eration and thoughtfulness It has pervaded our class meetmgs and helped to calm many a too heated dlscusslon Whether you go to her wlth some happiness or wlth a difficulty you wnll always re elve a warm welcome and you wlll reallze you have found someone to laugh or sympathlze wlth you However the thlng we will remember most about her IS her qulet splendid loyalty to school class and classmates We have llttle fear for Eve lyn after she leaves school We feel that her ldeals her frlendly splrlt and her loyalty wlll make for her as many friends as they have made for her here and our hearts go wlth her for success 50 fzl , J Evelyn's influence while never obtrusive has always been on the side of mod- ' f 1 - 1923 THE GARCOYLE CAROLINE EDGERTON PARSONS Schenectady N Y Krlnk Gargoyle Board Trlang e Board Wearer of E W Mandolln Club Outdoor Basketball Team College Preparatory for Vassar Captaln of Swlmmlng Team Fallh ul lo every lrust Gentle and md andjusl Tall slender qulck to understand and generous Krlnk IS truly lhdlVldLlal ln appearance and character She IS the type that seldom requlres that dread speaklng to or IH fact cor rectlon of any sort verltably she IS an Emma Wlllard glrl And as for school work although she has tlme for every one else s dlfflcultles she has her lessons done on tlme whlch IS much more to the pomt She IS the despalr of her fellow math grlnders because she gets everythlng so easlly whlle MISS Potwlne nearly glVCS up hope of drllllng the slmplest facts lnto our heads Krlnk s athletlc prowess IS shown by her splendlcl record ln basketball Surely more than one Senlor prayed to her on fleld day and the whole school stands wltness that she responded body and soul One of her outstandlng characterlstlcs IS her neatness as any vlsltor to room 233 Wlll testlfy Never IS her room ln serlols dlS order and even her room mate IS glven a thorough lf unappre lated course ln house keeplng an art whlch Krlnk has mastered thoroughly Her hlghest ambltlon just at present IS to go to Vassar lf she can pass the examlnatlon She really seems to thlnk that there IS some doubt on that score even after havlng recelved speclal mentlon for scholarshlp At any rate we love her dearly and are more than glad that she has been Wlth us thls year and all the others to help everyone Wlth her fund of ready sympathy and cheer which has carrled more than one over a hard place SI .. . ,, ' 1 l ll of lc- . lx l 1 . ' ' ll ' IJ ' D i '- Z . 7 Y , . - , . . . . . . , . . . . .' .- . 0. . - . . . . . eg' ' THE GARGOYLE 1923 ELIZABETH PECK Scranton Penna Plckles Preparatory for Smlth Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlvej The generous enrrch themselves by gzv rn If xt had been our lot to choose a suitable nlckname for Fllzabeth we would never have chosen Pickles for she xs nelther sour nor sharp but Plckles she IS and PlCkl6S she wxll remam l923 can not claxm a more generous hearted or unselhsh member Plckles rs always ready to help unfortunates who seek her asslstance It IS she who IS always wlllmg to do all our odd jobs who always has stamps needles or somethlng else to lend Durlng her umor year at Allenwood she how cold the weather or how many thlngs she had to do she was always wlllmg to go out after the water Many mornlngs has found Plckles up at half past sxx strugglmg over the last few lines of her Vergll lesson or the last Geometry proposltlon for that day We all recognlze Plckles falthfulness and consclentlousness ln her work Plckles room IS a rendezvous for Semor and Freshman allke She IS always wlllmg to llsten to anyone s tale of woe and ready to gxve her sympathy Everyone feels confident that Plckles will not say Walt a mlnute or As soon as I flnlsh thls but that she wlll drop whatever she may be dolng and help ln any way she can Plckles has done her best ln every way slnce she has been at Emma Wlllard and we feel that we re commend her for whatever she undertakes 52 C23 , gn l acted as timepiece and morning after morning hustled us to breakfast. No matter 1923 THE GARGOYLE THELMA ANNE PITZ C43 Kew Gardens, New York "Thel" Choir Clee Club Dramatic Club Hockey Team Senlor Play Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlve And all that s besl 0 dar and bright Mccl m her aspect and her eyes Rich man poor man beggar man thuef doctor lawyer merchant chief Whxch shall It be Thel3 To say you are hckle doesn t seem kmd We wnll admlt lt msn t your fault that every type m busmess or professional world IS fond of you You shouldn t be so attractlve That s where the trouble hes and lf you weren t so klnd to everybody hfe mlght be easler for you All the world loves a lover we mean ln the sense that you just naturally love everybody Thel s the best proctor Gray Gables ever had She can almost keep third Hoor qulet an unheard of accomphshment ThlS fall she proved her Athletlc ablhty by maklng most of the goals ln the Senlor umor hockey game No one would ever have known she had done a thmg lf some of the spectators had not seen her make those brllhant plays She IS so extremely modest and unassummg Thel IS a llttle too much the one type Although she can be an excellent mixer she doesn t glve us enough of herself to really let us all know her well and appreclate how much there IS ln her Thel has been a MOTTIS Dancer nn the Revels for the past four years and MISS Manchester will greatly feel the loss of Thel s real performance Altogether we are very proud of her may ss H f f k . . H . 1 I V . y i Y I 1 ' . . v . , . A . . . . . . . . . I n , 4 a 9. - ' - A - U an . , , . , . . . . , , . , , . ' NYX- I L' I Q W, .erjg e ' 'ws k r . , New 51.6 K. TI THE GARGOYLE 1923 ANN POWELL Saglnaw Mxchlgan Athletlc Assoelatlon Actlve Dramatic Club Sec and Treas Gargoyle Board lndoor Basketball fcaptaln Outdoor Basketball Head of Basketball I I1 c such soclcty As rs quzel wzsc and good Wlth her sweet shy smlle her low voxce and gentle manner Ann IS sure to wm her way wherever she goes So her Wlnfllng personallty captured our hearts vshen she came to us two years ago Ann s versatlhty combmed wxth her en thusxasm has made her one of the malnstays of the Class She can make any party a success as IS proved by the many entertamments gxven under her leader playlng has been the lnterest and splrlt dlsplayed ln her pOSltlOD as Head of Bas ketball Her management of the affalrs of the Dramatlc Club has been most efhclent and as for attendlng to the busmess of takmg pletures for the Gargoyle no one could compete with her But her outward charm IS only the expression of a strong lovable personallty whlch can hold as well as wln affe txon and which makes frxendshlp wlth her a precloqs experlence When we come to know Ann we admire and appreciate the self rellance which enables her to accompllsh effectlvely any task whlch IS as slgned to her the ready sympathy and generous understandlng llghtened by sunny humor make her a perfect companlon This IS the Ann we know and love loyal comrade true frlend 54 123 ' C - 'J ' J gg wk l. u l ship. Then, she can play Basketball exceptionally well, and added to her skill in 1923 THE GARGOYLE KATHRYN RICHARDS Lexmgton Mass Kay Head of Swlmmmg Nlandolxn Club flqreasurerj Hockey Team Athletlc Association Actlvel Purpose dzrecls energy and purpose ma es energy Behold ln the plcture above Kay Rlchards who IS one of the faxthful workers of the class one of the busy bees so ne essary ln thxs world of ours She lS one of those hard worklng C P gxrls who IS often worrying about her marks but who somehow mvarlably manages to come out of the fray wnth splendid grades Not only does she always succeed for herself but she always manages to lend a helping hand to a needy frlend Kay s accompllshments run along other lmes as well as study She shines as one of our most brllllant stars ln hockey and ln tennis As head of swlmmlng she has Wlth untxrlng efforts made lt one of the most popular sports ln the school She IS a member of our lllustrlous mandolm club holdmg the office of treasurer whlch IS not an easy posltxon for somehow the glrls always seem to be short of cas I thmk rlght here we mlght appomt her the fiddle tuner for her trusty ear and nlmble fingers are always at work prevent mg many a dns ord rn melodxous orchestra Many of us don t know Kay as well as we would llke to but her frxends Wlll tell you that she IS a glrl well worth knowmg She IS preparlng for Vassar and we are confident that success awalts her there for we are sure that she wxll trlumph over even geometry and algebra 55 fzl H U lc .ll 1 , . . . h ' 1 , ' ' fl PI , ' V . . C . . . N- , v ,M l THE GARGOYLE 1923 MARY ELEANOR ROGERS Troy New York ollege Preparatory for Russell Sage ollege Athletlc ASSOClatlOH Actlve Among the owers lhere My ladys face wzth long red half Pale wary colored dear ace comes There IS a story qulte generally belleved that glrls wlth ahem auburn halr have most fearfully vlolent tempers We have a very concrete and substarltlal proof to the contrary qulet llttle Mary of the gold red halr Her face actually IVOTV colored lS never troubled Wlth a frown but holds the most demure expres slon lmaglnable It IS much more llkely to be smlllng than SCTIOUS however for Mary has a whlmslcal sense of humour qulte out of proportlon to her SIZE She has a laughlng retort a reply as full of sunshlne as her dazzllng halr ready when ever she IS addressed Mary has a bewltchlng X lctorlan alr She remlnds one of fluffy parasols and dellcate seed cakes and all the dalnty HCCCSSOTICS that made our grandmothers happy She IS just the sort of zlrl for whom the destlny she deslres IS most sulted Mary Wlll make a most excellent housewlfe Perhaps the last paragraph IS too sweeplng for Mary has other more modern ambltlons One of the most astoundlng IS her proposal of competlng wlth the great magnates of the movles There IS not a shadow of a doubt that she Wlll force them completely out of the buslness Thev could not hope to rlval her plan for produclng hlstorlcal PIC tures ln whlch the only censorshlp IS to he that of facts of hlstory No hlstorlcal untruth Wlll be countenanced' Mary s affectlons are wldely scattered for the objects of most of them are englneers How could lt be otherwlse3 There lS more than one hlll ID Troy 56 css C C . .. C .5 " ff f 1923 THE GARGOYLE MURIEL SCHMIDT lllon N Y Schmxdty Glee Club Dramatlc Club Chrlstlan Assoclatnon Board Athletlc Assocxatxon Actlve Senior Play ll s a good hear! lhal says no 111 bu! a bel fer that lhzn s none Muriel IS lrlsh she says so herself Her personallty lf nothmg else confirms the assertlon She has the typlcal smoky blue eyes black hair and charmmg manner Gentle graclous ways qulck sympathy a generous heart and a ready oh yes a very ready sense of the rldlculous make her an altogether charmmg glrl She IS one whose frlendshlp IS prlzed by us all even Clementlne although lt IS Sald that Muriel drd her best to make llfe mlserable for her when she was head of house at Grey Cables And when an lrlshman does his best you never know what wxll happen next Clementlne s affection survlved the test however for they still are the best of frlends lVlur1el has a strong love of the beautlful Was there ever a true Irlsh lassle that wasn t a poet at heart3 We all have admlred the lovely thoughts she has contrxbuted ln our Chrlstlan Assoclatlon meetmgs and consider her one of our strongest supporters She IS also a talented musl Clan and has glven us a great deal of pleasure wlth her playlng ls lt that llttle touch of Klllarney that has made Muriel so lovable or IS Murlel just herself as she would have been wlthout 1t3 Whxchever xt IS she has made us all love her and we know that the same fortune wlll follow her always 57 C33 U . . . c . J . lc Il - THE GARGOYLE 1923 JEAN ELIZABETH SCHNELL South Orange N Schnelly Athletxc Assocnatlon Actlve College Preparatory for Wellesley And can hrs azlrngs leaned lo vzrtues sr c Everybody who was here IU nmeteen twenty two remembers how ean used to go about with a mournful face saying I know I flunked that test But not so now She IS wonderfully transformed Last une the faculty told her to be sure not to worry and perhaps thelr encouragement dld the work ean has a happy faculty for gettlng along ln the world She makes as many faux pas as the rest of us but always smooths them over It may be tact that does lt but xt IS more llkely an absolute lack of embarrassment ean has never been embarrassed rn her llfe not even the tlmes she dropped her books from the landlng upon the top of the hall clock If you faxl to recognlze ean ln thus sketch a sure way to End her on a school day would be to take up your stand on the campus In a few mmutes you would be sure to see a plump Figure ln a leather coat approach If she rs happy she wlll certainly raxse her volce ln a plerclng call an ac comphshment whrch any small boy would be proud to exhxblt Though thls H0156 IS s arcely attractlve you wlll forgive It as you forglve everything said or done by her Thus far we have taken ean llghtly But serxously she IS the gurl most valuable to the class because of her wllllngness to cooperate ln whatever IS for the best nnterest of the class She also has her own ODIDIOHS of rlght 'ind wrong wlth whlch we heartlly agree 3 on , .J. . .. Q .5 .du . ' f .2 ' ,,J ' . 1 I J1 l J . 1 . . 1 1 1 l . I. I I -J 1 . .I 1 1. y . 1 - 1 Q -I - . -S A A 1923 THE GARGOYLE KATHARINE H SEYMOUR Ravenna Ohio Kay Cholr Clee Club Vlce Presldent Dramatic Club Hockey Team fSub Gargoyle Board Semor Play Athletic Assoclatlon fAct1ve rare compound o oddzly rolzc and To relzsh ajo e and rejozce al a pun Kay has a volce llke a nlghtmgale hrgh and sweet Many txmes ln Sunday evenlng concerts she has carrled us mto a land of dreams and when she sang Adeste FldCllS ln Revels we just couldn t help xmagmmg lt was a real angel But Kay lsn t exactly an angel although she has a seraphlc volce She IS a deep affectlon for those she loves She 19 a true sport desplte a certain non chalance of manner Aslde from her volce she has several envlable talents the foremost bemg unusual dramatic ablllty She has been our standby ln most of o.1r plays Her favorlte roles are usually comlc ones though she can enact varlous types easlly and effectively Whatever part there IS to play Kay throws herself lnto lt heart and soul She was most amuslng ln the role of Slattern ln Dusany s play but was no less convmcmg ln the bright coy little mald from apan m the Operetta Kay s sklll ln athletlcs also contrlbutes to her fame as well as to that of 23 She kept many wayward balls out of the senior goal on field day We all feel that with your versatlllty and clever ness Kay you are bound to have a successful fu ture and we all wlsh you the best of luck 59 133 -J HA f . , f . y fun 1 9 k u 4 7, thoroughly human girl, with a keen sense of humor, an independent spirit, and . ' .l . ' ' THE GARGOYLE 1923 ELISABETH SHEFFIELD Newport Rhode lsland utdoor Basketball Team Gargoyle Board rlang e Board Treasurer of Class reparatory for Vassar Athletlc Assoclatlon fActlx ej Gym Team All su-fused wllh blushcs NCllhCf scl possessed nor startled Ellsabeth halls from New England Newport ln fact We knew that from the first geometry recltatlon when she emphaslzed the haalf ln one half But we also knew It was not affectatlon for when she heard the undenlable glggles from the class wlth head cocked on one slde and blushlng crlmson she compromlsed with us by alternatlng between as and as However four years of practlse have now made her proflclent ln that llne as ln many others for reference look at the llst of trusts above We call her S P and just supposlng you are lgnorant of the meaning I tell you that the Ellsabethan translatlon IS Some Punklns Thls especlally sults her ln her posltlon as class treasurer Do you remember how MISS Kellas warned us last year to beware ln our selectlon of Senlor treasurer9 There are a lot of llttle lmps bottled up lnslde of Ellsabeth When she knows you very well she IS apt to do almost anythlng to you from arraylng you ln the bed qullt to fastenlng your feet together ln galoshes but lf she doesn t know you at all the casual r mark brlngs a crlmson tlde from her neck to the roots of her halr Along wlth these physlcal exertlons that IS when she knows you well come mental exertlons When her tongue gets busy lt IS a battle between you from whlch there IS no escaplng You are bombarded on all sldes She wlll have the last and perhaps this tlme lt wlll be Hecuba 60 T45 O T ' l P . I f ll Therefore, we chose Elisabeth. That speaks for itself, doesn't it? . . l . ' , . - Ax 4 V E 'Af is . v 1 9 2 3 'T'Ii IE C1 IX Fl C1 CJ lf I. Ii HAZEL SHELDON l 1107 Troy, New York Hockey Team College Preparatory for Snmmons Athletic Association Active He halh a dazly beaulu ln hrs lr e The daxly beauty of klndness IS one of Hazel s most marked characterlstlcs Hazel has been more than Wllllflg to execute any demands of her classmates and other glrls and she lnsplres one wlth a feellng of confidence because she does these errands to perfectlon Her WllllI1gnCSS to do thmgs for others and do them wlth out makmg a fuss about lt has endeared her to all her classmates Hazel IS as staunch and loyal ln her athletics as she IS ln everything else 23 has had many occaslons on which to be grateful to her for her playing on the hockey team No practise was ever called at mhlch she was not present wllllng and eager to do all ln her power to help We all felt a great deal of disappointment when because of an Injury to her hand Hazel could not play ln the final game last a Hazel has shown a great Q' D 2 deal of Interest thls year IH Chemlstry Her Hngers must be charmed because she always seems to know just what to do and what IS more xmportant when to do it Perhaps this Interest she has ln the sub ject and her success IH It have been responslble for her dCClSlOIl to become a pharmaclst There IS no hesltatlon ln our mmds when we say that where ever Hazel goes she wlll be a welcome addntnon to the community Texas rs a long way to come for reunlons very often but we suppose that we shall have to be reslgned We know Hazel that our loss wlll be someone s galn 6I . . . , . . , . . . f ll. y fx ' ' ' ' - ky ,H f A9 f 4 1 A . . ,, - wwe' Q a h K . " , 1 if 4 1 'P ,ff . , 'X ' - f , 4 A . , . ' 4mT'.1a-iv ' 1,4 i 'St' ,f THE GARGOYLE 1923 MARTHA SKINNER C35 Holyoke, Mass. "Mart" Outdoor Basketball QSub.j Mandolin Club Glee Club Choir Athletic Association Genleel ln personage Conduct and equzpagc Noble by heritage Generous and ree Martha will always be remembered by her classmates for her generous un selfish nature her cheerful disposition and her musical ablllty Early last fall Qenlor house praetlcally lived on Martha s crates of apples Martha may l have just one more became our password as we went to bed qhe is always ready to share with anyone anything that she possesses from apples and nuts to rulers erasers and paper A great many of us grudgmgly lend our treasured QOSSCSSIOHS and dole out our hoarded eatables to impoverished or famxsh ed schoolmates but few of us possess that talent that makes lending and giving an art Martha is an artist Yes Martha IS optimlstlc Witness that almost nightly occurrence Time About 6 20 P M Place Grey Gables frlihumpl thump' flop' flop' on the stairs Martha Oh dear are you going to dlnner already3 Why I haven t even started to dre s yet' But in a few minutes Martha calm and unruflled is walking up toward Sage ready for dinner Her music has provided pleasure for us all many times A Shubert lmpromptu and a certain Chopin prelude were our favorites this year and al most any time ln the day some one might be heard begging Martha to play that just once more but her muslcal talent is not llmlted to piano Martha IS one of the veterans of the Glee Club and Choir Her strong alto voice may always be depended up on no matter where she may be singing Depend other great characteristic Generoslty 5 62 .. , f ,, l I 'YI ' . 3 . ' . , . .. . ., . i . ' 7' tv 1 . Q V 'l ' . ' ' " , Q ' gg ggg 1 a n Q. 1 . . - . ' 'f a yeeee if e ability that seems to go hand in hand wlth her ,tla K 'Z-jf ' ' ' . M + - tif " "0 - 1923 THE GARGOYLE HARRIET ELIZABETH SMITH Troy New York Gargoyle Board Wearer of E W Preparatory for Vassar The warmlh 0 genial courlesy The calm 0 sel reliance Harriet carre to us three years ago as a llttle girl with her hair down her back She stood out then as she does now as one of the strong glrls of the class We wish she could have been a boarder so that we could have known her more mtl mately but we have seen a good deal of her anyway for she always stays at s hool for classmeetlngs and school events She has been an enthuslastlc hockey player durmg her three years here but unfortunately was restrlcted from makmg the team thxs year ln addltlon to her athletlc ablllty her hlgh scholarshlp arouses our warm admlratnon Who wlll ever forget how proud of her we were when xn u loryear she recelved speclal mentlon for her hrgh stancl1ng3 She has been a good worker on the Gargoyle board domg her share there as IH everythmg she attempts You may thlnk that with all her intellectual abllxty she IS a goody goody Far from lt' She xs as full of mlschlef as any other g1rl ln the class and beslcles she has a keen sense of humor Whenever we talk over what Harrlet Wlll do ln the years to come we always say She ll make Good 63 C33 ., f . f f- . . ' . , . J n- . 1 . . . A gf !I. 9 l - ' l V K ' V . . . . THE GARGOYLE 1923 SYBIL SMITH Syracuse New York Athletlc Assoclatlon Actlve Head of Bowllng Le! U1 world wag Behold ln Sybll one of the most loyal upholders of student government and the Semor class Anyone who has proctored thlrd floor will vouch for Sybil s helpful sympathetic attitude as head of that elevated region But Sybll s cheery hand xs extended not only to thlrd floor but to everyone she meets for she has a very frlendly manner whxch msplres the confidence of every body and makes them feel at home with her at once When Sybil starts a ball shooting down the bowllng alley beware' They come stralght and sure and you ll be knocked for ten lf you re ln the way Y Sybll is the head of Bowllng and you may be sure she manages lt as efficiently as her other aCtlVltlCS GITIS dld you know Sybxl had been rn the mov1es3 You see we heard about It one noon at Semor table along wlth some lnterestmg polltlcal news of Sybxl s We aren t exactly sure of the detaxls of her ex perxence but we found out that there was a garden and a handsome hero ust as Sybil got to that pOlnt ln the story we had to go ln and get our mall so we never dad know how xt came out However lf Sybxl IS as sweet and consclentlous rn the movies as she IS everywhere else we re sure that the end must have been successful 64 C23 . . . c . J 'J . . , , . , G . CS, 9 ' 4 K ' . .I ' . , 1923 THE GARGOYLE HELEN L SNELL Pottsdam N Y Snellle Cholr C-lee Club Dramatxc Club Outdoor Basketball Team Athletlc Assoclatxon Actlv I now ul rs a sm For me lo srl and grin Gentle reader may we present Mlss Helen Snell of l923 For further refer ence see the plcture above We re sorry lf you have never met her before even lf you already have you may need a stxll more lntlmate lntroductlon We warn you that Helen IS complex and she IS just as complex as she seems As head of Gray Gables Helen demonstrated her abllxty to rule natlons and command leglons If anyone could have subdued Senior House durlng the wmter term and Helen not only could but frequently dld that person deserves a P031 tlon worthy of her genius Throughout her relgn she not only calmed us ln our boisterous moods but also molded our characters wxth her firm and unrelenting hand And yet we have seen and heard Helen ln her leisure moments when we ac tually stood IH awed silence admlrlng her huge capacity for rlotous fun Perhaps her ablllty to control us sprlngs from experlence and understandlng of a hllarlous good tlme for Helen can be just as nolsy as her most unruly subje t when the splrlt moves her She possesses a very sweet strong voice that all of us love to hear We understand that she IS g0lng to develop lt and we hope that Helen wlll come back for every reunlon and sing for us ln the evenlng But that lsn t the only reason we wlsh so devoutly to have Helen with us many more txmes Her frlendshlp flne character and fun mean much to all of us and so We w1ll see you again and many more tlmes won t we Helen for a reunlon would seem mcomplete wlthout you 65 l l C39 , . . as - xr H li . .A . . . u , - ' . , . , . . . . . , v . . , . I , Qu - , . . , y y . . . n THE GARGOYLE 1923 CATHERINE WELLES STEANE Hartford Conn Katle Dramatlr Club Clee Club Cholr College Preparatory for Smlth Col ege Athletlc Assoclatlon Active Brrl me dzscoursc I wzll cnchani tlunc car Catherxne belongs to the genus ll'ldllSt!'lSUb On almost any evening you mlght have found her bending over a book untll the last posslble moment before ten 0 clock But we often resented her lndustry for we wanted her to glve us more tlme ln whlch to enjoy those delightful bits of philosophy which seem drop so unconsclously from her llps at the most unexpected moments Along wlth Katle s lntellectual capabilities goes her glft of song wlth which she has graced the C-lee Club for several years Indeed the Boar s head has been borne aloft by Katle for so many Chrlstmases that me cannot Imagine the Revels Mltl10UlI her Not the least charmlng characterlstlc about Katle IS her soclabxllty You ulll look a long WllllC before you wxll fmd a more general favorlte She can get along wlth even the most dnffxcult people and actually appear to enjoy herself Katxe s even pleasant dlsposltlon goes hand m hand wlth her warm heartedness Fxcuse us lf we recall the tlme at the lqrench table that Katie sob bed aloud over the tale of the sad and romantic death of DOdlC s dog But the softness of Katle s heart IS balancecl by her strength of purpose and rellablhty Wlth what determlnatlon and pluck dld she meet and master the dlfhcultles of an enforced absence of several weeks at the beglnnlng of her last semester Whether lt be partlclpatlng ln an impromptu pantomime or actlng as head of Gray Gables she always comes to the front and may be counted on to do her best 66 C37 l . . . C . J . . . . . . K . . to 1923 THE GARGOYLE ELEANOR TI LTON Lexington Mass lmmle Athletic Assocnatlon Actlvej Outdoor Basketball fCapta1nj Mandolln Club Gargoyle Board Head of Tenms Preparatory for Vassar A sccmzng chzld ln cvcryllung Save lhoughl ul brow and rrp nmg charm As l seek to describe the young lady above the three adje tlves whlch first came to mmd are genulne young clever genuine because there IS not a bnt of anythlng put on or artlflclal about xmmle she IS always frank and true Young because she lacks all sophxstlcatlon and too she IS our class baby and Clever not only because of her good marks ln lessons but also because of her tal ent xn playing the v1ol1n and ln playing basketball She also has a sense of hu mor Although at tlmes she seems altogether serlous and dlgnlfied there are other moments when her glggle IS lrrepresslble Speaklng of her gxggle do you remember when she almost wrecked the unlor class plcture by glgglmg at the cruclal moment3 Eleanor why dldn t you call up then some of that dlgnlty which you dlsplayed as Captain of basketball' Wasn t lmmxe fine as fiddler 1n the Revels3 She was so delightfully herself as the hddllng boy hoppxng merrlly around mak There are many other adyectlves beslde gen ume young and clever whlch are sultable to lmmle but there IS just one more that I have room to men tlon That IS Ambltlous She unhke many of us has a deflmte plan regardmg what she wants to do after college She hopes to be a tralned nurse We rather expect her patlents will enjoy thelr nurse even on rare OCCHSIOHS when she may have a spell of absent mlndedness llke that when she came down to breakfast w1th her bathrobe lnstead of her coat over her arm But taken all m all we find her much more dependable is 'NOS-Inqff. 67 C33 . . . 6 , f . K . ,, . ,, 1 ,, -. . ' jf .9 . 3 Y I l U - Q Ju - 1 . . - f' . I 7 l T ' y , mg muslc for cheer. .B - . V, .fwfj ,' . . I 'sw . I . l M045 ' , THE GARGOYLE 1923 PRI SCI LLA TOWLE Lincoln Nebraska Prls Athletic Assoclatlon Active President of Readlng Club lmpulszvc carnesl prompt lo ac And ma c her generous thought a acl If there s anything you want to know ask Prxs Certamly there ISD t much about General Informatlon that she doesn t know because she s an lnveterate newspaper reader and keeps posted on all current events much to the Joy of MISS Simpson s heart ln addrtlon Prls IS a true student as a glance lnto the llbrary wlll show at any tlme Her place of resxdence there IS at the center table where she may be seen pormg over masslve Art Hlstory books or cutting out pxctures for her model notebook But please don t think that Prxs IS the type that does and thlnks nothmg but work Not at all She really can t be serious for long and a Hashxng smlle IS sure to shlne out at you One of Prls most noticeable features IS her eyes which although bxg and brown are hardly the penslve type That expresses more truly than anythlng else her true character which IS domltably cheerful and sunny As head of Semor readlng club she has been a de clded success and has kept us on the path of eight books for whlch we owe her thanks Last year she was the shmmg llght ln Engllsh Hlstory class Once ln a whlle by dmt of much studylng one of us managed to put the llght out though only for a mlnute after whlch lt was as brlght as before All rn all we are grateful to twenty two for glv mg us Prls who for two years has been our devoted and dependable co worker 68 C39 .. NUC., .. .Q , , k f" 52 1923 THE GARGOYLE MARION WATROUS Wooley Des Moines Iowa Athletic Assoclatlon Actlve Preparatory for Smith She lhal hath knowledge Sparelh her words Who IS that pretty glrl with the enormous dimples'-W Why that IS Marlon Watrous' The paragon of Senior Suite Her roommates avow that Wooley s dlsposltlon IS perfect her work brilliant and her love of fun keen but they are forced to confess although with great shame, that she has one helnous defect of character she invariably leaves her shoe trees ln the exact center of her bed when Mrs ones inspects' We cannot but assume that this reprehensible trait IS due to an inherent lack of order Still IH the light of her many good qualltles we must charltably overlook It Marlon IS extremely talented along many lines but she excels particularly ln glvlng her fellow classmates water waves We feel that It IS an excellent thlng for young women to learn some practlcal trade and we are lnmeasurably gratified that Marlon IS already tralnlng herself IH an o cupatlon whlch may at some future date prove renumeratlve Although Wooley has one dearest to her IS to be nolsy But puttlng all joking aside we have saved Wooleys strongest and best qualltles untll last She has the happy faculty of endearing herself to her friends more and more deeply the longer and better they know her Once you have really be come acquainted with her you wlll find her sln cerlty and generous sympathy very lovable and more than that you wlll find a sweet and strong character 69 fm . . . c . , C . . ' A many ambitions, such as going to college etc., the H x I u n . 1 I - ,J F E V? . L ,fr THE GARGOYLE 1923 STELLA WEDDELL Scottdale Pa te Glee Club Dramatlc Club Cholr Reserve Senlor Play Athletlc Assoclatlon Active L1 c rs noi so short but there rs always room or courtesy A tall gurl bobbed halr brown eyes a sweet smile and you have just the famt est outline of Stella She has a dxsposltlon that flows along as smoothlv as water runnmg down hrll brushmg all dlfficultles aside with that smile We all feel sorry for her because we know what an unusually hard tlme she has had wlth that year with Sally Stella IS a most consclentlous person and has been known to study so long that her frlends have worrxed that she would suffer braxn fag or some such dlSCaSC but she has survived and as a result accumulated many A s Good natured as she IS Stella ss strong mlnded and IS not easily swayed from her convlctxons Her motto seems to be Once a frlend always a frlend Anyone havmg attained Stella s frlenclshlp may be sure that lt wxll last She generous mmded and sympathetlc a person to be sought when ln need of a kind word and encourage ment She has the rare and admrrable faculty of understandlng 70 C45 KKS lil ' C J .. , . f roommate of hers:-yes. Stella does deserve a lot of sympathy for rooming a whole . . , . . . . ' l is ' 1 1923 THE CARGOYLE RUTH WHITNEY South Orange N aCklC Athletlc Assoclatlon fActlvej Clee Club reserve Cholr Hockey Team Gym Team Basketball Team fSub D Wearer of E. W Class VICE Presldent True as sleel smcere and mdcpcndenl Thus young lady looklng at you so squarely IS Ruth the practlcal as Made molselle fondly says as she dlsplays a neatly clamped paper That square chln of hers speaks for ltself here IS a glrl wlth unusual perseverance you can depend on her to do thlngs thoroughly Her mouth shows common sense and dCClSlVC ness Noses llke hers suggest a nature determlned and perhaps a llttle stubborn From our descrlptlon what a stern relentless person you must thlnk Ruth But her eyes wholly contradlct thlS lmpresslon they are Wlde awake every mlnute and are nearly always allght Wlth mlrth Her eyes explaln ln part the nlckname aCklC No other name would sult such a bundle of fun and SCYIOUSHCSS such a young thlng who can take the part of a nolsy chlldlsh twln so perfectly or lead a meeting wlth such dlgnlty and ablllty aCklC wlth her full bloomers tlght sweater short black plg talls and cap set on one ear Wleldlhg her trusty hockey stlck never above the WalSt however wlll always suggest a Wlndy day drlftlng clouds and a flying whlte hockey ball But beneath her outward chlldlshness hes the true Ruth the steady dependable optlmlst who has done so much for the class slnce she entered as a Freshman It IS hard to express how much we really appreclate ackle We can only say that as long as there IS a class of 23 she wlll stand out as one of ltS best representatlves 7I 441 , .j. .J G c l J . , . ' . . . . , . . U . .a J .l y . Qllass ZIBap 3 4 A 8- The West Door ,ifp f4"'K5 99 .El fm-X wp That day ln September when we entered our de xr lmmi Wlllard une ceeded year each filled wlth its happy round of work xnd play untll one d xy we were surprlsed to find that our dream w is to come true The reallzatlon 19 joy indeed but not untouched wlth sadness for the fulhllment of our hopes means separation from all that has been dearest to us durlng these school years This our class day commemorates our experlences together as a class May lt serve not only to recall the experiences themselves but to glVC deeper sxg nxhcance to those feellngs whlch have made our years together such memorable ones It adds greatly to our pleasure to have wlth us on tlllS 0 caslon those who have followed with lnterest and affectlon our progress through our school days our teachers our school mates and friends The cl lss of IQZ3 welcomes you all Stella Waddell 73 N ' Q :l -Q05 , Q I l' F 'T' ' ,'1.5 f s e .... - f f an J - r 4 ' S I vm ' ' z 2 Q ' , ,I nineteen-twenty-three seemed little more than a pleasant dream. But year suc- Ckgq fptj Sway l was 43955 S5615 Qa- 7 X M I T J 474 This IS the log of Ye Goode Shxp Twenty Three durlng a SIX weeks voyage through the Seas of School Glrl Days Prlmary Week Weather pleasant favorable WlndS ln the fall of the year we set sall joyously from the safe Harbor of Home whlle relatlves and friends tearfully waved thelr handkerchnefs fearful of the many dangers whlch lay ahead of us on our perilous voyage We passengers on the other hand started off bhssfully unaware of anythlng except the fact that we were embarked at last on our adventure upon the unknown Seas of Lxfe The flrst few days were for the most part calm except for 0 caslonal squalls Some of the older passengers were too lll to appear but we younger ones contmued ln good enough health to participate ln even the most vlgorous sports of the ship Perhaps the most thrllhng event of the week was the Roller Skatlng Carnlval at whlch some of the older passengers covered themselves wxth glory by fancy skat mg ln varxous costumes Some of the younger competltors llkewlse attracted attentlon by toddllng across the deck ID thelr amuslng attempts to learn to skate lntermedxate Week Foggy On Friday mornlng of thls week after the dally chapel exercises Captaln Kellas announced that the Academxc passengers were to remaln as Commodore Glover would soon arrxve to conduct the choral class When we the mtermedlate sallors were excused we looked back longlngly at our fortunate superlor officers and dreamed of the happy days to come when we too would be allowed to remaln for thls wonderful treat Choral Class' Later on m the week the shlp struck a blt of bad weather when the Red Team was sadly beaten by the White ln Captaln Ball For the next few days Interest ln sports waxed strong and many were the encounters among the crew Toward the end of the week the ship s Commander ln Athletlcs announced to the partlclpants of Competntlon Dull that although the lntermedlates had never won the banner before there was hope thls year But when the fatal mght arrlved our hopes of vlctory were suddenly chllled by too close contact wxth the Iceberg of Defeat Freshman Week Fresh wlnds due north At the beginning of Freshman week we saw ahead of us an emerald lSl6 thlckly planted wlth sturdy llttle hr trees It proved to be the first of the group of lslands for whlch we were headed Soon after we landed we climbed a nearby hlll to 74 .ea - ff ' - I f o A 2? ' Y 2. D 4, rf 'A , -N x F7 'N 'Kal L' Y u ,rg A , xf 5' U 'J ' ' at r 1 1 7 SEQ 'IIA 1923 THE GARGOYLE get a vlew of the Island whlch we were about to explore ASldC from the fact that It was exceedmgly green the land looked to be fairly level pleasantly dnversxhed by flowery glades and crystal streams But the followlng mormng when we set out to acqualnt ourselves with these attractlve features our nllusxon was dlspelled for we found that the Freshmen were not allowed to try out for Glee Club The deckhands being lnexperlenced got caught ln quxck sands whlle trying to cross the mland lake of Prellmlnarles It was only with great d1fHculty that they were at length pulled out ln time to see thelr Captaln walk proudly up to the platform on Fleld Day to FCCCIVC thelr numerals for them Sophomore Week Wlnds fresh mcllned to be blustery For some tlme we held to the course mapped out for us flnally arrxvlng at one of the termmals of a canal whlch cut off the pemnsula from the mamland Passmg through the first lock we were ralsed by our superlor knowledge ln outdoor basketball to a condescending attltude toward the lowly Freshmen We con tlnued on thls level for several hundred yards untll the darkness of Mrd years overtook us and forced us to lay by untnl dawn At sunrise we took new hope for the comlng days as we saw verdant fields and apple orchards ln full bloom That afternoon we came to another set of locks whlch brought us down from thls height that had seemed so beautiful to us to a much lower level On the last day of our canal trlp the great annual event of Step slngmg occurred and by a tradl tlon of the shlp the worthy underclassmen were honored with the dlgmfled tntle of unlors unlor Week Falr weather moderate wmds Though now upper classmen we unlor members of the shlp realized that we had not yet reached the helght of success for after some tlme of plaln salllng we passed through the narrow stralt of defeat where our superlor Senlor officers trlumphed over us at the Roller Skatlng Carnlval Standlng m the prow of Ye Goode Shlp Twenty Three we rejoiced to see behlnd us the dlsmal stralts of de feat and to find ourselves emerging on a beautlful mland sea Looking ahead we saw an lmpresslvely hugh mountam Durlng these days of pleasant sallmg our prestige as upper oflfxcers was helghtened by a notable vlctory m hockey over the Senlor officers From that tlme the Royal Purple qulte eclipsed the Emerald Green ln popular favor The days following were uneventful as we salled along on a clear blue sea under a cloudless sky But always as we saxled the mountaln ahead seemed to grow more wonderful and unattamable After our unnor team had further added to thexr glory by maklng a declslve vlctory over the Semor team ln basketball we sailed on wlth strong confidence and hopes toward the mountaln stlll far ln the dlstance Outsxde the sea was calm but Wlthln the shlp great ex cltement prevalled as the day of Competltlon Dnll drew near Commander Waterman had repeatedly told us that our llnes were crooked our marchmg lnde CISIVC our postures poor and our numberlng slow But we surprlsed all the pas sengers of the shlp and even the Commander when Captain Kellas presented us with the banner Thence we sailed on with a falr wmd and llght hearts untll we came near the beautlful harbor at the foot of Mount Parnassus As we were 75 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 . ' . . 1 1 , . - ' - J .e , . n 1 - 1 - 1 1 n . , ' , . , - 1 , . ' 1 - 1 THE GARGOYLE 1923 slowlng down to enter the harbor we met a splendid shlp headed toward the open sea Thls majestic vessel was manned by an lmpresslve crew consplcuous by thelr fine physique and natty grey unlforms We returned their salute Where upon the shlp drew alongslde and by a serles of codes and slgnals arrangements were made for a ball that evemng Needless to say thls proved one of the memor able events of the entire cruise ust before dlsembarkmg the Captaln announc ed ln the mam cabm that all those who expected to have the rank of Semors the followlng year should report Immediately at the Yellow Saloon Senlor Week Temperature rnslng wmds varlable full prospect of clearmg One glorlous upllftlng day we landed and began our hard cllmb up Parnassus The ascent was steep but the flowers and foliage by the wayslde encouraged us to continue Every now and then we paused to look back over our course of the past weeks that stretched for mules behind us Though we found the day s clnmb tnrmg the rest and relaxatxon of each mght s encampment sent us on wlth renewed vxgor For recreation on our first mght s stop we had a Skating Carnlval The Senior officers caused much amusement by thelr lmltatlon of children and be cause of their joyful abandon ln playing children s games won the banner Thus first vxctory seemed to prophesy a successful future for the Semor crew The next test of our prowess proved the prophecy to be correct when between frequent showers the Semor hockey team vlctorlously carried away the hockey cup on Fleld Day The Senlor ofhcers felt thelr dlgmty keenly when they recenved a formal mvlta tlon to attend a tea ln their honor glven by the alumnae As we were nearing the half way mark on our ascent the weather became colder This was a signal for preparations to start for the Revels Every minute of the day strains of musxc floated ln the alr ralsmg us to a hugh pxtch of excltement The thrlll of the performance of the Revels was carried over Into the early mornmg when the cholr sang carols ln the moonlight On one of the mght s stops we Senior officers held a secret feast at whlch by the dlm lrght of tapers we ate strange concoctrons of food At the concluslon of the feast we ran with cheers and shouts to the unlor tents chanting Where oh where are the sleeping umors3 The one msurmountable obstacle encountered on our cllmb was the defeat ln Basketball hnals Thrills of excitement preceded the greatest athletrc event of the trip Compe txtlon Drill When the long awaited day came all the members of the party marched two by two onto the platform bloomers pressed shoes shxnmg mlddxes clean and headbands bright A tense evenlng followed the excitement reachmg lts hxghest pxtch when the Captam awarded the banner to the Senlor officers We now began our final preparatlons for our ascent to the summit of Mount Parnassus The sun seemed to shine even more brightly as we made our prepara tlons for Commencement Week And now we have almost attained the goal of our journey the summlt of Mount Parnassus we see ahead other and yet hlgher peaks summoning our eager spxrxts to adventures even more arduous and glorlous 76 - 1 v y , . j , - v u . 4 , , . , . . . , . . . . . , . u . . . , . . . , . , - . . . . . , , . , . , . . . n rn - . . u n - . . , . . y v Q . . . U 1 ' n n . J . ,, , . , - - n v u y - - n y n , . if rm Iatlon Ruth Adams fcream puffs You have demonstrated to us your great capac lty for cream puffs Perhaps these wxll keep you busy for a whnle Fsther Couverneur Checkerboard Although thxs may remlnd you of your famous good looking sweater we hope lt won t make you blush so furlously Paullne Freeman llne Wlth two hooks Two hooks on a llne even as strong a one as yours Dutchle wlll catch more than one Katherlne Huyck fred tle Ever slnce Roller Skatlng Carnlval we have become very fond of your tle Fllzabeth Lawson sklp rope We hope that sklpplng this rope will glVC you as much pleasure as everythlng else Elsa Mott fquestlon markj Why3 Prlscllla Towle newspaper This newspaper IS fresh from the press and wnll glve you all the news that s fit to prlnt cels at Hanover as well as at Emma Wxllard Ednth Ahbe fmecllcxne klt A leanlng toward the medlcal profession should be encouraged Dede and we hope thxs medlcme kit wlll help Mary Bogart photograph Mary are you stlll looklng for that photograph you lost last year3 Margaret Harper fencyclopedlaj Peggy we guarantee thls encyclopedia wnll answer every question Clementine Mxller fpuzzle MlSChlCf dependablllty and scholarship All are parts of one stupendous whole Clemmle Sally Lavery fgulde book, There lsn t much you don t know about New Haven Sal but lf you are ever ln doubt thls gulde book will be of use Katherlne Cook rougej We glve you thxs rouge Kltty so that you can keep that school gurl complexnon Anne Morrlson pad and pencil ln a few years you mlght fund lt mterestmg to see how many tlmes you changed your mmd on dlfferent subjects ThlS note book will be fme to jot them down ln Ann Powell rattle Thls wxll make lots of funny and mterestmg nolses to amuse your room mate Anme Margaret Davns DHVIS Cup We award thls cup to Peggy the last of the Davnses Thls Davls cup IS not for Tennis but for executive ablllty a character lstlc of Peggy s as It was of Dee and Helen 77 I - Y . V K WAP GY I pw . P A Q w Q ' A q H J . :N 1 la n 6-4'--f ' 'll f - D. . . - A f f 21 , ' ' . - , y ' - y. . . . 1 4 - C . " D. I - . . 1 Katherine Harrison fcurling ironj. We have heard of the demands for mar- . - - 4 p. . 1 .. . ' l . . ' c ' Q. , ' ' ' . . . H . . . . . . n ' ,. . C ' . - Y Q ' . I s . C . 1 ,. I ' - ' . . l u c 5. ' . - . . . - N . . tc A i l 7' . ' . . 3 THE GARGOYLE 1923 Carol Hone Qbaby shoes No one can possibly toe in in these shoes Carol Our responsibility IS now ended Betty Burford triangle, Betty you have so religiously walked the Triangle day by day Lest you forget Betty Forrest fold hat If your hat ever wears out Betty this one will be ready to replace lt Miller Bennett Cclatebook Miller won t you please put down every engage ment 1n this little engagement book3 anet Mott course in piano lessons We re just hinting' Margaret Clyde and Helen Snell pair of mules Marg and Helen you have been a good team all year long We want you to take these little animals and see if upon careful study and examination you don t find a certain similarity of character Harriet Smith fsmall bed We like you so much Harriet that we suggest you use this bed and stay up here all the tlme Katherine Durkes faded Howers We re afraid Sknff these flowers are a little faded but he sent them a day too early lqllzabeth Sheffield fmask and revolver, We glVC you this so that you can conduct your hold ups of impecumous Seniors in a truly melodramatic style Marion Watrous Ccombsf The front of your hair is always so beautifully waved that we glve you the e combs to experiment with the back Kathryn Richards Mary Rogers and Sybil Smith fdrum horn and whistlej you go Frances Frey rattle This rattle will keep you amused Fran if you must have mumps Katherine Blanchard Cstrmgj You can keep them on a string Kay and still give them plenty of rope Caroline Parsons Qfarmer s hat ls this too radical a change from your dmky cap3 Frances Gibson fmlddiej The names on this middle seem to be ane ones and Betty Brown There arent any girls we know with that name in school Why of course It must belong to Gibby' Elizabeth Peck fbottle of pickles To our favorite of the fifty seven varle tlCS ean Schnell fValspar Ah ean' Brighten the corner where you are Stella Weddell fphotographj This miniature has graced your desk for a long time Wouldn t you like a new face in the frame3 Edna Kraft fgmger ale bottlej Poor Eddy' She does have such a hard time in chapel in the morning' But thxs will glve your Sh a flavor all its own Hazel Sheldon large shopping bag You have been very assxduous In shop ping for us this year Hazel We hope this bag will help Ruth Whitney Cllttle bookj These Hints for President s Helpers contains everything from how to say Please open the windows to how to clap your hands Of course you don t need much coaching but it may help some 78 4 n n n 1 ,' . . - , ' ' . . . D- . , , - f ' J' U 'v lt's almost the last dayiand we would like to hear you make a little noise befors . . . ,Q . - . 4 J M 1' -1 -. 1 , - . . C . D' . . l l - 1923 THE GARGOYLE anet Hall and Constance Mumford Cten foot shelfj Dr Eliot has sent you these two five foot shelves and asked that you make your own choice of books Catherine Coney collar of a mlddyj All year we have looked wlth pltylng eyes on your collarless mlddy and so we hope you wlll find this useful Thelma Pltl shoe We can t lmaglne why there should be only one shoe Thel Kathryn Hess fqulll penj The pen IS mlghtler than the sword K Catherine Steane fkey Kay this key IS awarded to you for your studlous appllcatlon to the Plus Aeneas Evelyn Mlxrray loaf of bread You won t have to walk out of the dlnlng room for thls bread Evelyn Katherme Seymour shoe Of course' The other shoe belongs to Kay Now that makes a palr Mabel Martin fnose rmg watch You can substltute thus nose rmg watch for your finger rmg watch Mabel and then you won t have to look so far Ruth Kahn jumping jack You are such a qulet llttle mouse Ruth that Martha Skxnner crate of frult Thus may part repay you for all your gen crous offers to starving proctors Eleanor Tilton small tennls racket Our class baby can play splendldly wlth thls lnttle racket Mabel jenmngs strapj From what we hear of Bermuda we guess that one IS apt to fall there Thls strap wlll keep you from falling off a horse Marlon Klock fdxshpanl A dlshpan IS an essentlal part of housekeeplng MIHIC Nancy Kessler fmegaphonej For use m the Clee Club Nancy Theodora Machado fbeard Dody we give you thls beard to add to your small black mustache so you can Join the Beaver Club Louise Betts Arrow collar An Arrow collar just for a change Katherine Knowlton m ITC, Thxs wlre comes from the chandelier of the fam ous Eastman Theater Guess lt must belong to you K K Ruth Adams flowers And these Ruth are just to show a llttle of the love that Twenty Three has for you Louise Bells Katharine Knowlton 79 J . . ' ' . c ' . ' ' I . . I ' c Q. ' ' ' ' ' , I C T J- , ' ' ' l 1 C l J. . . C. . ' . ya' . . ' ' you may prom .by suzdying the angles of this little fellow. 1 . . . f C I D' l . C D' ,. ' ' C . J. , y ' , . . 1 i l XT mr-- 4? 6519-., 4 e 43' 5'- A 4' Ari.-'45, 1 Q, IJ Time l960 Place A living room I sther and Caroline are chatting and sipping tea Iwsther Last night a delightful idea came to me Wouldn t lt be pleasant to have a house party of all the girls of twenty three whom we can bring together Cardhne Absurd Esther perfectly absurd ln the first place sixty eight girls scattered all over the face of the earth would be rather difficult to collect after forty years Then imagine an old ladies house party' I can see us all hobblmg around' Esther I know we couldn t expect to have them all but I thought we might go over our old Gargoyle and see which might come Caroline Do you remember writing the class prophecy together how scared Fsther Weren t we silly young thlngs3 Caroline Of course not' How you have aged Esther At any rate I think your plan rxdlculous Esther ust the same we can try Here IS my Gargoyle unwraps it care fullyj Ruth Adams a good plcture of her Up to a few years ago Ruth was speaker of the House Caroline Yes and I went to hear her preside The same gentle Ruth who used to say Please put your mall away now girls was then saying Please re move vour cigars from your mouths and your feet from the table ' sther I guess she can come Here IS Edith Ahbe What is she doing now3 Caroline Why she has taken up nursing in Buffalo They say she IS even aspiring to surgery itself Esther Not really' Who would ever have predicted that3 Martha Skin ner Did you hear about lVlartha3 She went to her own wedding a day too soon Caroline But that s nothing Miller Bennett went to hers a day too late' I sther Poor Miller' Well look at Betsey I suppose you know that she IS the superintendent of an institution for the dumb You know if anyone could teach people to talk it s Betsey Caroline What ever became of K Blanchard3 Esther How foolish you are' What else could she be but an old ma1d3 You know she never dld have any prospects Whom is it one always thinks of in connection with her'-' 80 ' j , 55 . 'I I f A, s A 5. Q N. I f .as-- ---.. -., - I v , I J YA A 3' we were to face that terrifying audience. It makes me tremble to think of it. : J v ' . c . - 1923 THE GARGOYLE Carollne Who3 Can you mean K Harrlson3 Esther Oh yes' What happened to her9 Carollne She IS stlll lnterested ln wavlng halr Worcester Mass Esther I thought It was somethlng thrllllng for lnstance Mary Bogart when she was excavatlng an Egyptlan tomb she found an anclent olntment whlch translates a book of Vlrgll upon each appllcatlon Carollne I m glad she recognized her need for lt You remember ln our senlor year how Tut ankh amen was unearthed'-' Well on my Medlterranean tour I stopped to see how Lord Carnavan was gettlng along Esther' I stood aghast' In the center of the clty of Lucksor I saw the slgn Clyde and Powell Pres Lemon Merlngue a specialty What memories' Always ples for every table ln the old dlnlng room but mlne Esther Dld you happen to see Edna Kraft when you were ln that part of the world? Somehow I always connect her wlth the Orlent Carollne O Yes She IS our mandate to Turkey She found the Turklsh garb most becomlng so ln her llttle red fez she IS brlnglng order out of chaos just as she dld at Emma Wlllard Here s Betty Burford Esther Everybody knows what a vallant commander ln chlef of the Amerl can forces she has been Can t you see her pranclng on a coal black charger shoutlng Open ranks and spaces MARCH' ' Carollne That remlnds me Katherlne Coney IS a llttle school teacher but she dldn t allow her professlon to keep her from walklng away wlth every thmg at the Olymplc games But here IS Margaret Harper What do you sup pose she has been dolng3 Esther She brlngs us to the stage door For years she has been the leadlng star ln Chatterbox Carollne FFHDCIS GlbS0n was on the stage too I suppose she played Esther Yes Llttle Lord Fauntleroy' and lsn t It amazlng Katharlne Cook turned dramatlc crltlc always sat ln the front row Carollne Do you remember a muslcal comedy called Shadows 3 Its needless to say that Katherlne Seymour and Thelma Pltz made a great success of lt Esther If thls ISD t Peggy Davls' She went back to Emma Wlllard to teach the Sophomores common sense Who comes next3 Carollne Katharlne Durkes She IS marrled and llves lh a Ilttle house smothered ln ohn qullls And Betty Forest3 Esther By her stern relentless wlll as president of Harvard Unlverslty she keeps the youngsters attendlng strlctly to buslness Here IS Pauline Freeman Carollne Paullne marrled the tallest man at Annapolls and llved happlly ever after on ICC cream Yes and anet Hall IS a travellng salesman Esther I am glad she fulfilled her ambltlon to travel What IS Kay Hess up to now3 Carollne She IS a famous architect She IS bulldlng castles ln Spam And Carollne Hone3 Esther Why she recelved a huge salary for poslng for Cocoanut Oll Shampoo adds 8I ' 5 u n - . , . . . ' , . . 2 . , 4 1 . , . . . - . s ' . . ,, . . . ,, . . , . . 1 . . L 1 1 . . , , . - ra . . , . , . . . - u n . , . i' . . , . . . . , . , , . - - u n a . . , . . - n THE GARGOYLE 1923 Carollne We had another add gxrl too Kathryn Rlchards was known the world over for Keep that schoolgirl complexion Esther Katharme Huyck used to do splendld work as head of a hostess house She only gave It up to be a soapbox polxtlclan Carollne As for Mabel ennmgs' I-Ier llfe has been one thrlll after another At present she ns raxsmg horse radlshes Esther She never could resist anything to do vwlth horses Caroline Drd you know that at last Nancy Kessler has fulhlled her two am b1tlons3 She was hrst a great op ra slnger but havlng tired of the gay llfe IS now devotmg all her tlme smgmg to her Slamese MISSIOH Esther How about Marian Klock3 Carolme O' She occasionally gets away from home for a tea What has happened to Sal I..avery3 Esther Can t you guess3 I-Ier full tltle IS Sally Brown Lavery Charming Faclal Expresslon concentratmg ln the nose Caroline Iwllzabeth Lawson has a bureau for provxdmg proper young men for proper young ladxes What about Theodora Machado5 Esther News of Dody IS few and far betxs een She married an Eskimo and IS now llvlng ln Cape Town Caroline Those Machados3 Cecelia IS IlVlI'lg ln Indra you know Esther Yes I know What IS Mabel Martin do1ng3 Caroline She IS now maklng a tour ln the West le turing on the advantages of blg words And Ann Morrison IS her translator Esther Now we have come to Clementine lVI1ller O Caroline' do you remember how she blushed when we read the prophecy mn I923U But she drd wrlte the most famous book of the year Apres vous Mademoxselle and has slnce led the life of a samt ln the great open spaces of the West Caroline Here are the two Motts Shall we take Elsa first'-' Well she vsrote a book entitled But Why MISS Weaver and what about anet3 Esther She was the leader of the famous azz Opposltlon lVIovement ln l924 Caroline Evelyn Murray IS chxef cook and bottlewash r ln her own home' Esther Well I suppose you would like to hear about Ellzabeth Peck She IS carolllng ln the opera as Carmen Caroline That is a surpnse' Esther I think of somethmg very different ln connection with Mary Rogers She was captain of the most darlng alr squadron durxng the late war Here we are to the Ses Murlel Schmidt IS commander of the Salvatxon Army Caroline Yes and she has made a success of her pOSltlOH too I am sure all schools are glad of Elizabeth Sheffield s latest lnventlon She has perfected a patent mk that wlll not Stalh Esther I guess Mlss Robson IS glad of that' Here IS ean Schnell Our llttle blue blrcl She IS manufacturing sunshine crackers Caroline Such a slmple plcture of I-Iazel Sheldon Why now she IS that lllustrlous Universal Shopper at Altmans We could have predicted her suc cess along that llne forty years ago 82 - v . n - - n G . - - 1 v , . . . J . . , , . . , V , . - v . . , . . c v - 1: - n . . . - rr - n r , . . Q Y- . , - . , 1 - . , . . .4 . - - as - u ' 1923 THE GARGOYLE Esther Yes and we could have foreseen that Prlscllla Towle would be dlrec tor of Pathe Sees All Knows All Carollne Here comes some one who has branched out ln the geometrlc Ilne Esther O yes Harrlet Smlth dld prove thit a Ilne may be drawn between any two polnts Carollne I must tell you of the humorous thlng Sybll Smlth has done' She was so jealous of the Sfllltll College for Women that she founded the Smlth Col lege for men Esther How pathetlc' Well lf tIllSlSI1 t Helen Snell' Her swlmmlng days at Emma Wlllard certalnly dld the tTlCk How well I remember how she per formed thit marvelous swan dlve at Honolulu and was awarded the champlon belt for her sturdy walst CHTOIIHC That was IH our golden days Now they call us de repld old Iadles Look what we have come to For lnstance Katherlne Steane IS a wrlnkled deaf chaperone for college proms preferably W1IIlamS Esther Don t be so pesslmlstlc Kay has fulfilled her ambltlon Now here IS Eleanor Tllton She IS the head nurse of the baby ward at Slngton Hospltal e IS annolnclng trams at the Grand Central through a huge megaphone Carollne ust llke her the nolslest ln Emma Wlllard Esther You can t lmaglne what Stella Weddell IS dolng now She 1S selllng rea estate on the St Lawrence Carollne On the contrary I qulte expected lt But fS1gl'l, Ruth Whltney Esther Why she ISD t Carol ne O no nothlng llke that She has been wholly unsuccessful ln ralslng dogs by the Com method Esther Connle Mumford IS now studylng astronomy trylng to dlscover just whlch star she represented but I don t thlnk she can ever flnd one so brlght do you3 Carollne Esther I know we Ilave sklpped someone Someone IS mlsslng Esther Why of course Kay Kay Knowlton you must know what hap pened to our wlllful presldent of Student Government' She ls now the WlfC of a submlsslve country parson Carohne I can just see her rldlng along ln a sprlng buggy a black bonnet perched on her head But Esther weren t you thlnklng of a house party3 Esther So I was and I forgot all about lt Caroline Parsons Esther Gouverncur B3 That's a happy lot for her. And Marion Watrous is doing something monstrous. Sh . V . . ' I , . . H . it r Yau 'hiv X , ,lair . bif Q1 -. EQQS Long long ago as lt seems to us nom there opened before the eyes of each of us a v1s1on of a long road clear and shxnlng and It led over a hrll to success and happiness But for all lts apparent smoothness the way proved rough and hard We found ourselves llttle prepared for the trlals of the long Journey little fitted to cope with our daily tasks Often we stumbled ln dlscouragement often the v1s1on faded Then the mlst again llfted and lo' on the hilltop there rose these grey walls that we have grown to love so dearly and gally we entered wlthln thelr protectlng shelter httle thlnklng of the time when we should be called upon to leave and resume our way stretchlng over the hills and valleys to the world be yond And now that tlme has come We pause ln the mldst of our class day We pause to take stock of the accumulated wealth of these years of these possesslons we have acqurred that are fmest and best ln order that to those of you remamlng behind we may leave some remembrance The glorlous sunrxses the clear cold mornmgs thrlllmg us wnth hopes and Joys the sunset SlCl6S blazlng vermllllon and gold above the purple hills when our day IS done and the deep night sky Wlth its steady stars and pale moon crescent sllhouettlng the towers the memory of these wlll remain wlth us always but the actual experlence of thelr beauty we leave for you May the Jumors wlth the comlng year recexve that deeper feelmg of reallzed classhood whlch we have reallzed along wlth the prlvlleges and responslbllltles And to help them attaxn the highest success ln all we wish for them a president as loyal Hne and true as ours has been And for the Sophomores our dear llttle sisters so soon to become upper class men we bespeak strength and appreclatlon with whlch to uphold the ldeals and tradltlons which we have endeavored to malntaln To their care also we entrust our cherlshed purple to safeguard and to F6156 to greater renown than ever before To th Freshmen we glve the rrght to be fun loving along wrth the spontaneity of untrned years malung others happy ln their darker moments but with all their gladness growlng ln conslderatxon and care To all of you we are leavmg the excltement and enjoyment of those games and events whlch so partlcularly belong to us here of Fleld Day the Revels and Competltxon Drlll and more than the games themselves the Emma Wrllard splrlt 84 Q Alt? . s' t 41 ft ' e' mf gg a ., 41 f, . ' 'e., ' ' iid?" -1 ,f at Q ' 1 ug if 35 I 'QFQA fs- ,. 1923 THE GARGOYLE firm ln vlctory and defeat knlttlng our hearts together more closely whether we be far or near We bequeath to you all too the places where we have loved to walk and slt and talk the hvlng room wlth lts cheery warmth of friendly faces the st urs where we have gathered for our bread llne Sunday evenlngs the walks around the blg loop on a snowy Thanlcsglvlng mornlng and the Tea House steps ln the warm spring evenlngs vlbrant wlth songs from glrllsh hearts We leave you the ever endurlng frlendshlps wnth the hnest of glrls and not only the friendships but the lovlng advlce and the understandlng of the ficulty who have helped us fir more than we can realize now And before we go we would nwme one who has so lnstllled 1n us the hlgh hopes and lofty Ideals that when we hnd ourselves out IH the world we will push along that well worn tmll with a smile on our hps and courage ln our hearts asplrlng toward and ever mindful of our watehword of SCTVICC And because you Miss Kellas have meant all this to us the successes that we galn In life we will dedicate to you Ann Poucll ancl Hall 85 n v v - - x c . Q 2 . ' ' - c K . , . ,. K., k , , , k K C . ' . Z ' ' ,' . , ', c ' , , . . ' c . '. . - - 1 s , . - . asollig. .sg 7 Q ,, ,Ns " , 02345 ' ' Q 5 Al And now we corre to the close of our Class Day the occaslon so partxcularly our own arrong all the joyous events of Commencement We have lived agaln the old days glorlhed ln memory 'md we have looked gally and confidently lnto the future Yet wxth all our happlness IS mmgled a straln of sadness for we reallze that as me pass expectantly xnto the new world that opens before us we must leave behlnd the old tried and found true But we cannot leave lt wlthout paying our small trlbute of love and appreclatlon to those who have helped to make our llfe here at Emma Wlllard so rich and memorable to our schoolmates loyal and enthuslastlc comrades ln all our undertal-ungs to the faculty kindly ad VIGOTS and understanding friends and to MISS Kellas each and all through whose love and falth and unfalllng efforts ln our behalf we have been enabled to come to thls day We leave you all so dear but vue cannot forget you and the love we bear you Vvlll be the bond that wlll hold us together as we go our separate ways Ruth Adams WE N C? O. X V X .'., ' 1 1-, fx nf 'Y ,-,- 'N V A ' O 4 ', . 41 AA Q 0. If v N Q A QA N. J s 'xv ,Z 5 .g','. 5 ,, , E X 'gg Q1 .X O V' 1 ff? -9 QC ibi 1923 THE GARGOYLE ilhp QEFEIIIUII As we leave these griy walls protectlng to scatter throughout thus contl nent 'ind assume our various courses of llfe lt lb httlng that we should leave a vltal token of our h xppy llfe here and of our LOfltlDUll'lg appre xatlon of this beloved school For this purpose we now plant thls txny lvy vme Its tendrlls will be nourlshed by the klndly soll as our affectlons and xsplratlons have been fostered by the Ideals of thus school And is thls lvy grows md spreads lts beauty over the gray stones so may we grow m grace 'md NNlbdOlTl efcpressmg through our llves the Ideals of truth and servlce with VNl'llCll we have been lnspxred here Harr1elSm1lh iihp bang A dalnty plant 19 the Ivy green That creepeth 0 er FUIHS old Of rlght choice food are hls meals I wean In l1lS cell so lone and cold The walls must be crumbled the stones decayed To pleasure hls dalnty whlm And the mould rmg dust that years have made Is a merry meal for hlm Step bong Now as twlllght s soft charm gives xts place to the nlght And the campus once thronged lies IH peace To the Semors we now ralse our last farewell song May their memories so dear never cease May the frlendshlps they ve formed remaln true through the strlfe Of the days that are fast drawing nlgn Vvhen recallmg thelr classmate enthroned on the st nr May they cherish the hours gone by 87 r u - n - - ' c c ' ' c . " C . ' . 7 , 2 ' ' C .' ' K .' c ' f c Z. ' C ' . ' ' . cf ' Z Q .' . c . ', c c ' ' . . 'x . , . 1 1 , , . v . 1 , . . . , . . . y 1 - . . , . . . . , ' 5 . 2 R4 W' fri f ,f Kava . YS +5 Cm 5 ma Y 15 -ll E2'3LEiEiEfEiEi1 iam? fi iw 2 1 iw1' J4 H Q 1923 THE GARGOYLE gamut bang Wlmen hrst we stood upon thy helght Our mlnds were fresh and dll 1 glow Waxtnng thy bplrlts wmd to blow And hrmg to flame a steady hght Thou art Pdrndssus hugh serene That towers o er earth S pam and c'1re Yet helpb ua for the world prepare The guardlan hllls that round us rlse Invoke our splrlts to awake Beyond thelr rlms the torch to take And forward press with keen younv And many years to come shall See TTIIS dam return the torch renew Its youth revlve lts taik pursue Vlfnth filth 1nd courage fresh from thee 89 l CNOUUL rncur f . S Y C- ' r V i . . . C Witlm wisdom gained for tasks unseen. ' C, eyes. ' 2 ' C . . .ji 1 , 0.7 P.-7 ,f THE. 'STA RCASE 1923 THE GARGOYLE Q lim: Q Bay for the Bear 1922 1923 Qeptember Z6 Whoopee' Everybody back rested and ready for work after a peaceful O summer Much ewcltementl My dear have you seen Stella s ha1r3 Well lt s up And Fran s back from Europe and has met the most lnterestlng people And have you ever seen such attractlve clothes as F has brought back3 Qeptember 30 MISS Kellas gave us our flrst dance ln the Gym and It was a real one too We all had 1 chance to becorre well acqualnted October 8 We attended the first Student s Servlce ln Troy Dr Fltch of Am herst welcomed us back makmg many conquests as usual October 9 Qenlor table moved ln a body after dlnner to room 20I Cream Puffs you know are larger than one mlght thlnk October I0 Last year s Slocum glrls entertalned the new students of Slocum at a book party ID the Domestic SCICDCC rooms October l l Fran Frey decldecl to change her Arnerlcan HlStOTy class today but on vlewlng the students reconsldered October I4 l.et Ire see food and loads of lt and ghost stories Oh yes the enlor House party for the New Cxrls October MIDIC finally arrived Nuff said October Where are the rubbers going wlth Fraule1n3 October The hypothesis of Ant Powder universally accepted October Admlral Knapp came and told us about the needs and purposes of e navy We thlnk our need of the navy very great October 28 Hallowe en Look behlnd you Miller there mlght be a ghost October 30 We heard Dr Ellsworth talk on Mollere November l Dr Mason of the Rensselaer Polytechnlc lnstltute showed us that llquld alr can make the hardest egg you ve ever seen November 4 The Roller Skating Carnlvall Now no more secrets for a whlle November 5 The Senior song was sung for the first tlme What verdant fresh ness November 9 New suggestlons offered to those rlslng late Wear mules to break fast sxgned R A November I2 Attended the second Student Service Dr Hugh Black spoke on Falth November I3 Mystery lnhrmary turned out ln full force mto Assembly Hall Solutlon Appearance of Thomas Wllford the Troubadour Everybody ln ecstasles November I5 MISS Brmley mtroduced us more lntxmately to Chaucer s Can terbury Tales November Prellmlnarlesl Upper class stlll ln the runnlng November Fleld Day Much enthuslasml The first of 22 return November Wheel Our first sleep over New girls lnltxated mto Paradlse November 20 Now we all want to be secret agents for Madame Pxerre Ponafidlne ln Russla 9I EIS : g .. J ' It 1 M . in . . C , . c . . S ' ' . I5 ' ' ' . ' . 22 ' ' ' . 23a 5 ' . 27a ' . th ' . gg , . . . iii . T CK 'y Pl ' ' V . .. U A II I mg . . . G . . . H rss ' ' . ' . Iggg I . . . .. . g. A THE CARGOYLE 1923 November 30 Thanksglvmg and oh' how we drd eat ln the evemng MISS Srd ney Thompson acted out several of her plays for us and reclted ballads December 2 Dear old class of 22 back here for reunion Also the Old Cxrls party helped to make a gala day December 7 lVl1ss Potter made us love Barrle more than ever by characterlzlng A Klss For Clnderella December I4 At last' the Revels Words can never express lt December I5 And the carol slngmg We certalnly felt the true Chrlstmas Splflt then anuary 4 We cl scarcely know we cl been gone but the appearance of many new dresses ln the mldst belled that thought 'inuary I5 Charles Welllngton Furlong returned and gave us a larger under standlng and appre lation of qyrla anuary I7 At the thlrd Student Servxce the Reverend Nehemiah Boynton talk ed to us anuary 31 And ended Where oh xx here are the sleepy unlors Fast asleep IH their trundle beds February D Colonel Furlong back again to tell us of Montenegro and lts people February I6 Basketball Prellmlnarles Results as usual February I8 Dr Albert Stems of Andover spoke on the VISIODS of youth at the fourth Student Service February 24 Basketball finals Never mmd Seniors Competltlon Drlll comlng February 26 I ll tell you now as a personal frlend that New Grrls party was a wonder Marclm 3 St Agnes came over to defeat our Varslty and we couldn t dxsappolnt them March 8 General predominance of colds Operetta called off Marclm I0 The peppy llttle college certalnly had a good team but our luck held Nlarch I7 Competxtxon Drlll clxd come and the Senlors weren t very happy Nme ll W s and the banner' All Gargoyle work must be ln before vacation Please glrls Ann Powell 92 J JK . I Y Il i JK ' . . , , 5 ' 1 ' c' ' . ' . january Z6 No more letter writing. Exams have begun. KK - Y J ' ' , ' , ' , ' ' ' is ' KK I r If ' 7 , , , v Al ' If .' . . . . . . , . , 1923 THE GARGOYLE Although the Senlor Play has not been glven at tl1e t1me th15 book goes to pre 5 we feel that wlth tl11s excellent cast and MISS Hare 5 flne coachxng It cannot bllt be 3 SUCCCSS Duke .Semor Du e Frederzcl' Amzens Charles acques Le Beau Olzver acques De Boys Orlando Adam Dennzs Touchslonc Corin Szlvzus Wzlllam Hymen Rosalma' Celza Phebc lst Smgmg Page 2m1S1ng1n Page lsl Forester 2nd Foresler 3rd Foresfer Stage Manager Costume MlSffCSS Q5 39011 like Zit BBUISBU Iaealtb bhp Slept Wlth wmdows open unt1l 7 28 Ate Whlte rolls wlthout coffee at 7 49 Flapped about trlangle three t1mes Protected ear and eyebrow w1th dlnky cap Took two mlnute dr1ll for five mmutes Recewed usual blotter from Troy dealer 1n ma1l at Z 30 Crunched Zwlebach and drank mllk at 2 43 Gym Class Mercury Jumps and 5o do we Don t forget your showers g1rls Cholr rushes from Gym Seedy Semors Slt on spmes and smg Chest up chln 1n all day Dlsplayed brlllxant polse power and personallty 1n the llVlIlg room F1lled thermos bottle before go1ng to bed Good nlght hghts out The end of a healthy day 93 MISS Huyck M155 Hone M155 Snell M155 Bennett M155 Seymour MISS anet Mott MISS lVl1ller M155 Clyde M155 Adam5 MISS Ahbe M155 PltZ M155 Glbson MISS Kahn M155 Ke55ler MISC Bett5 M195 Murray MISS Hall MISS Kloclc M155 Kraft MISS Ahbe MISS Snell MISS Schmldt MISS Weddell MISS Lavery M155 Powell MISS Dav15 kv f. 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 L J A 3 5 3 Q i i i 3 i 5 ' 'jg U J ' i 1 5 1 i 3 i 1 i Audrey Frey I. ' ' ' : . 2. ' ' 1 . 3. ' ' . 4. ' ' . 5. . . . Q 6. ' ' ' : . 7. ' ' : F. 8. . W ' . 9. ' , ' . 10. ' . ll. ' ' ' ' . IZ. ' ' , . '31 . . . . , . . . . I I4. ' ' . I5. - ' Y-4' . . THE GARGOYLE 1923 jfamullar Quotations Ulraceo to Ufbenr Sourtes MISS Kellas Wrll the SCHIOTS please remaln when the others pass out3 Mxss Slmpson Let us read Selectxon I Mlss Beckwxth Brrlght and shlnmg hghts brrlght and shmmg llghts Mxss Potwme That IS not true Mrs ones Present company excepted Mlss Grey fAt 7 IOJ GIFTS we must hurry Miss Hampson We don t slng ln here girls Mlss Maxwell Why certalnly Fraulem Dxdn t I not tell you3 Mlle Surleau Mettez vos llvres par terre Mlle Brockway Ma classe de la dcuxleme annte French Chorus Venez me volr tout de sulte apres l tcole Mlss Porter Good good Mxss Blakesley Watch the board whlle l run through nt Mlss Robson How do you expect to wm Competition Drill lf you don t keep your lmes stra1ght3 Mlss Colton It was an awfully cold mornmg Mlss Cummmgs My dear Miss Handsbury Hold thls pltch glrls Mlss Allan How romantxc' Mlss Weaver Yesyoudo Miss Baker Well well well Mlss Waterman A mce pure stretch Uliblarorohe for the Growing 5311155 Students wlll be expected to comply wlth the followlng regulatrons nn dress At least slx pairs of stocklngs you can hear commg Umforms wlth clebutante commg out elbows Deauvllle scarves wlth frlnged edges for use wxth umforms Hlgh boots Six palrs of glasses I0 000 Cash s woven name tapes to save embarrassment on Monday morn lngS Three dozen old famxllar frlends Paper soled shoes for Sunday Bnght concert dresses to add more color to Music Hall One scarf to share as head dress with room mate Two palrs of near whnte gloves One green abbrevlated dancmg costume for mterpretmg our emotlons m the Play House Zlnc ointment and wavlng combs for camouflage at Senior feast Gym bloomers wlth loose elastxc for Competltlon Drill 94 Miss Manchester eeOh-h Yesss? 1923 TI-IE GARCOYLE Adams Ha Burford Parsons Adams Betts Adams Lavery Harrlson Adams Betts Betts Parsons Kloek Adams Mott Adams Knowlton Glass Zgallnt Best Class Spzrzt Gouverneur Noxszest Mott urelcsl C oney Besl Slurlenl Nlartm Most Vcrsalzle Nlaclndo Eesl Alhlele Wzllzest Adams Pozse Kraft Best Nalured Peck Most Arg umenlatzve Betts Most Clzarmmg Lavery Bas! Lme Prey Creates! Admlrer o lllasculznc Freeman Man Hater Qheffield Best Blufer Lawson Mos! Popular Lavery Happy Go Lucky Lavery Besl Looking Machado Best all Around Gzrl Adams I5 Knowlton L xvery Murray l l SII1ltll C oney eymour Powell Parsons Ha Powell Freeman Blanchard Ha Freeman Knowlton Bennett Powell Machado ll E Q e Gibson Nfaclmado Cigngy S I ' ll ' f , . -1 ll THE GARGOYLE 1923 1923 Qlibeers anh bangs Tune Deke Nlarch Good luck IS wnth us for we are the purple team so proud As two by two we march and slng aloud Our ever present splrlt true that binds our hearts ln one And we ll fight fight fight until the game IS won So merrlly slng we all to twenty three for we soon shall be The vlctors here you see bo glve three cheers for the purple s royal hue No other team wlll ever ever do Tune Varsity Senior team purple team show those unlors what you mean VVe know you ll beat the green for you re the best that they ve e Oh Qemor team we re for you here for you to cheer for you Vile have no fear for you oh Senlor Team Tune Waslrlrmgtorm and Lee And when the good old SGIHOTS fall ln llne XVe re gomg to wln the game or know the tlme For w hen the purple team runs down the field Wlxat wonder that the unlors yleld-' And then well fight fight fight for ex ery game Untll the final score IS made And then we ll roll all the others on the sod on th Roll roll roll C90 Tune O er the Stand of Crlmson O er the stands of roy al purple Semor banners fly Cheer on cheer llke vollled thunder echoes to the sky See the purple tide IS turnlng galmng more and more So fight hght Hght for we ll wln tonlght The Seniors for evermore umors must use dlscretlon and the utmost care Basketball s our professlon unlors had better beware gemors promxse us we tory they never break thelr word So benxors cross your hearts and do your parts We re going to wln Come all ye loyal classmen now from hall and Campus through l lft up your hearts and volces to the royal purple hue The unlors have thelr colors the Freshmen have thelrs too But for the enlors and the Sophomores We ll wear the purple hue Hurrah hurrah for the Senxors Hurrah for the Sophomores too Hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah Hurrah for the purple hue 9 VCI' SCCTI V V , , ,' ' ' I . . . . V , , - . , Y . . J , , , , V - , .M , . , , . , . . . V V V V , V 1 . - , y d . V , , . , . L Y uk Y . , , , . . . . . .. ,ll . . VV 2 , . . V V I Q f I , . ' nf V , ' v . . . . , , 1923 THE GARGOYLE And we ll cheer cheer cheer for the umors As we never never never cheered before Gxve a cheer for twenty four For the gxrls we all adore For the class that wears the color Of the good old emerald green Tune uanlta qophomores oh sisters slng we now our song to thee lVlav we be worthy e er your frlends to be Thru the years before us may our lives together prove llhat true friendship rlpens lnto truest love Sophomores dearest slsters wearers of the purple hue qlster tl iss we love you and well e er be true Tune Wlmen the moon plays Peek '1 Boo luhere lb one who s good and true ln all she trles to do Who guldes us Wlth her helplng hand Wlmom we love through and through Qhe s our everlastlng friend on whom we all depend So we slng ewch day as we work and play MISS Kellas we love you ln Fmma Wlllard there dwells a maid we all know well And we will never be able quite her charms to tell So lf you wonder why we re always cheerlng her Don t you know speak lt low we love her Ruth Adams here s a song to you You cheer the cl xss of Z3 you cheer them on to victory Ruth Ad xms the SCDIOTS slng to you lqhe reason lb why don t you know3 We loxe you 7' ta -:W 9 7 - . . J . ' ', c ' . 5 , , - . Sv 1 S1 1 , -' , - I 'c ' , ' L V 57' c ', . Tunezf-Down by the Poor-House i Us ' . ' . z ', . ' . Qty C" l, - 5 E0 li U g' ll uf W .vi 1923 THE GARGOYLE Prcszdcnl Vrce President Secrelary Treasurer Preszrlenl Vlce Preszdenl Secretary Treasurer Helen Abbot Catherine Allls Mary Balrd l dlth Baker Mary Barnum udlth Brand Sarah Emlly Brown Allison Bryant Florence Bryant Estelle Butler Eleanor Cady ulla Caldwell Mary Fllzabeth Ca m Adelalde Carvalho l-'llen Chase Frances Colllns Vlrglnla Coney Ellzabeth Cook Allce Conlln Dorothy Davenport Dorothy Dwyer Flora Early Helen Edgeley l' llzabeth l llls Ellzabeth Faron Llxzabeth Fellows Crace Carcelon pbell Elumnr Clllass Jfu st Cum Sverunh Uienm Mary Hartzell Gertrude Harvey Beatrlce Haver Helen Holcomb Barbara Hornby Margaret Hughes lirnestme Hunlng Hnlda HUtCl1lDSOD Frances Hyde I llzabeth lnglls Susan ennmg ulla ohnston Ruth Joslyn Anna Kauffman Clara Loulse Kessler Evelyn Klgglns Vlrglnla Lawson Laura Lennox Eleanor Levlngs Charlotte McDonald Emma McDonald Molly Maqueston Lucy Mason Eleanor Mason Ruth MODICY Marjorle Moon Dons Moston Sarah Wlllard 99 osephme Clark Carolyn Frear Zlata Pushkin Mary Scott Rawson Magdalen Hupfel OSCplllHC Franc! Innes Larrabee Eleanor Mason Margaret Munger Helen Munroe Agnes Murray Florence OgllVlC Mary Agnes Plerce Helen Remey Vlrglnm Reynolds l unlce Rxchardson Marlon Relley Anna Marcella Robbins Margaret Roblnson Maxlne Robson Helen Sage Ellzabeth Savery Frances Serrlll Mary Frances Slmmons lqlsle Slnclalr Margaret Slsson Eleanor Smlth ean Craxg Smlth Emma Stevenson Chrystella Swlft Ruth Tallcot Flame Thompson Marjorle Tucker Caroline Van Busklrk Eleanor Wallace Helen Wose if ' H ...,..... J ' Ruth Blaclcmer Frances Hubbell .lean Potter J ' - J , J J I 11,4 . n OIUOTC ill W M U .:: Q. o cn GJ .:: i- 1923 THE GARGOYLE Svupbnnnure Qilass Prcvrdcnl Vzcc I rcsrdcnl Sccrclary I rcasurcr Margaret Beattle Barbara Betts Margaret Carr Constance Cook Fmlly Dorlan Dorothy Durffee Nancy Fmch Frances Frear Grace Gamble I llzabeth Goodenough Gwen Herbert Gladys Herrmgton Helen Hilbert Ruth Holllster Vnrglma Hubbel C arolyn Hyde can Ide Martln qmltlr C xrolyn Gillies Phcbc Varl Kathryn MacV1car Fleanor Mltclmell Helen lV'oston Katherine Patrick Vlrglnla Platt Mary Sargeant Barbara emor Marjorle ql16lClOH osephlne Shepp Marjorie Sklff Ruth Slossen Margaret Stlcklcmyer Ann Stratton Marjorie Thompson Agnes Xvarncr Susan Xvolf I - J 4 , ......... I -I . Clara Adams Esther Leo . S . . K L .Q IDI CISH C dll HH S YC eF 1 Tl fl ' l' 1923 THE GARGOYLE X lfglllli V lll Nclxlf n ly xxllflil on x xtsy C mm: ll 1 Ioulsn om Uorotln lx aft my I ooxm Dorotlmx Nlxlxcp: 1 L M ny N1 xllux Prl 4.1111 Nlcllnn Mllllll 'Vinh cl Batty Pflllfltt JF1 esbnmn 611215155 C hun mum Lllll Robbins lx ltlltlllli Roocl Polothx Suxtt tt Sr rxnu Stn xt on XIILC lottx Dorotllx luppcr fxitluxn Xvulclcll I Ill xlxlh Nvusm Fllzxlxth xVlI1SIllI7 PIOILIILL Nvoociuodx Q 1tIlCI'lI'lC C xll xglur Ill . Hd .- ' s J 'g ' ,- Hola-n C1 cly 'Q - PL s' K Hy , ' x' KIL 11- U -ul Jcum- 4- .' nurt Jr-an lfoste-r lflizulgc-llm Smith A 'J 'S Va "S .' 'z t Ja - . ls i' Y ' V' 1 Y x1'r1f X It 'V' ' ' 1 ., L 112i , ,r z 1 - 3 "4 - ' J ' L-'l A '-U. I ., ., , ., ' ' ' Na ' 12 an I 4 THE CARGOYLE 1923 Qlma water Rcared on tht hclghts of lcla Agtunst tht xslclc arched sky T me sunbc rms fill xthw nrt t ue T ht moonbt uns gc ntly hc Mross thx open hllltopa T me NNIIICTS blow bold and free Oh ye grew xx ills protectlng We reuse our song to thee Come lat us sxnsg together X song of gr xttfu lJl'dlbC ln honor of our founder That jox ous strun upralse Tu as she beheld the V1blOD And xx rought xslth steadfast W1 Tls me NNltl1jOXl,UlldbOI' That xlsxon must fulfill Semper Pxdehs Slllglflg To l mmd Wllldrcl clear Xboxe thy grey vs ills rmglng Our song floats sweet and clear Oh touch eaeh Heetlng moment W 1th frlendshlp s alchemy The cldxs that llc before us Uur mc morus soon shall be IU4 . ' v t K , l .' la s z 1 z l 1 , - 'L g v . . l , , , , . - . , . f q 5 gt x I f - g , , ,, i i . llg , . , . ' f f ' ' 'Q s . . , s , N. . Brganigatiuns ThP The btuhent Qssuuatlun Qixerutme Baath Katharme Knowlton Prcszdcnl Ruth Adams Martha Smlth Magdalen Hupfel Vlrgmla Van Slcklen I 06 Helen Sage ,,........ Vice-President The 5tuI1ent Guhzrnment 6!Execut1he Baath K R th Ad I07 na raft ...A.,.... Prcsid l gdalen Hupfel ........ Vice-Presid l u ams Jean ide Virginia Van Sicklen Zllbe Qlfmma Uwlfllllarh Qibrnstlan Qssuuatnun 8 S t P S t IDB M ry Bo art .,........ Prcsid I Mabel Jennings Florence Ogilvie Muriel Schmidt Ann tration Zia a ushkin Frances frat O Ruth Momer Marjorle Tucker Florence Bryant Catherine Allis Ruth Adams Edrth Ahbe Edlth Baker Louise Betts Miller Bennett Ruth Blackmer Katharine Blanchard Sarah Emxly Brown Ellzabeth Campbell osephme Clark Margaret Clyde Eleanor Cady Ellzabeth Cook Dorothy Davenport Ellzabeth Forrest Carolyn Frear Frances Clbson Esther Gouverneur anet Hall Katharine Harrlson Mary Hartzell Gertrude Harvey Helen Holcomb Carol Hone Katharine Huyclc Frances Hyde Ruth Joslyn Ruth Kahn Nancy Kessler Marlan Klock Katharlne Knowlton Edna Kraft Sally Lavery IO9 Preszdenl Sccrelary and Treasurer Properly Managers Charlotte MacDonald Theodora Machado Mabel Martln Clementme Mlller Elsa Mott anet Mott Margaret Munger Evelyn Murray Thelma PltZ Ann Powell Zlata Pushkm Helen Sage Muriel Schmldt Katharine Seymour Helen Snell Stella Weddell The Eramati: ftlluh Ernestine Huning' , Stage Manager I . J . . . Q . ' J J ' D Ecllth Ahbe Katharine Seymour Catherlne Steane Ruth Adams Loulse Betts Ruth Blackmer Katharine Blanchard Mary Campbell Margaret Davls Frances Frey Elizabeth Coodenough Frances Gibson anet Hall Katharlne Harrlson Ruth Joslyn Nancy Kessler Evelyn Kxggms Marlon Klock Katharlne Knowlton Edna Kraft Carol Hone Eleanor Levlngs Qblee Qluh ixrserhes lI0 rcszdcnl Vice Prcsldcnl Sccrclary and Treasurer Innes Larrabee Sally Lavery Vlrgmla Lawson Ellzabeth Lawson Charlotte McDonald Theodora Machado Mabel Martln Helen Munroe Evelyn Murray Thelma PltZ Murlel Schmldt Flsle Smclalr Margaret SISSOH Martha Skmner Helen Snell Ruth Tallcot Stella Weddell anet Mott Ruth Whltney ' .......... P ' ilflrrnbers J A , . ' . J . Edlth Ahbe Ruth Adams Loulse Betts Ruth Blacknfer Katharlne Blanchard Margaret Davis Fsther Gouverneur anet Hall Ruth Jocelyn Nancy Kessler Katharme Harrison Evelyn KlgglHS Marlon Klock Zllibe fibunr Ruth Whltney Beserhes Stella Weddell l l l Katharme Knowlton Fclna Kraft Sally Lavery Theodora Machado Fvelyn Murray Thelma Pltz Margaret Slsson Martha Sklnner Helen Snell Catherine Steane Helen Sage Constance Mumford Helen Munroe , Frances Gibson Katharine Seymour Clementlne Mlller Kathryn Rlcharcls Sarah fmlly Brown Margaret Carr Margaret Clyde Fllzabeth Cook Flora Early Frances Gibson jllilanhnlm Qliluh mflllbfl 5 l leanor Tllton IIZ Prcszdcnl Treasurer Hllda Hutchinson Thcoclora Machado Mabel Martln Constance Noble Carolme Parsons Martha Skmncr Miller Bennett .,...... Accompanisl Ruth Adams Katha rxne Knowlton Katharine Cook Edna Kraft Frances Gxb on Caroline Parsons Esther Gouverneur Harriet Smlth Ruth Wlmltney II3 wearers uf the MGE. Esther Gouverneur Mary Bogart Kathryn Hess Katharxne Cook Fhzabeth Sheffield Eleanor Smlth Florence Nlddden Carohne Parsons 05132 Zllirmangle llteralv Qitntms dlle Deal II4 hdzlor zn Chic News Edllor ArlEd1lor Buszness Manager Athlctrc Edzlor Exchange Edzlor Alumnae Edzlor Zlata Pushkin ' .....,,. H ' -' - Josephine Francis ..... Assislanl Business Manager J, The Gargoyle LOUISE Gurley Betts Edzlor zn Clue Katharme Harrison Business Manager 'illterarp Qlhntnrs Ellzabeth Sheffield Fleanor Tllton Mxller Bennett Katharine Knowlton Carolme Parsons Harriet Smith Kathryn Hess Art Editor Qssnstant Qlrt QEhlturs Carol Hone anet Hall Katharlne Seymour Clementme Mlller Ann Powell Soc1alEd1tor Margaret Davis Alhlelzc Edrlor Mabel Martln Secretary IIS ' D . ........ ' -' - Katharine Blanchard ,... Assislanl Business Manager J Q THE CAMPUS THE GYMNAS UM The Qthletlr Cllnunul Frances Clbson Prcsrdcnl Sarah Wlllard Sccrclary and Treasurer Hllda Hutchinson Mary Sargeant P3tflClH Connolly IIS Theodora Machado H. Vioc-Prcsidenl Theodora Machado Mabel jenmngs Capt Thelma Pltl Frances Clbson Ruth Whltney Margaret DHVIS Catherlne Coney Edna Kraft Marlon Kloclc Hazel Sheldon Katharlne Blanchard Katharine Knowlton Lsther C-ouverneur Ruth Kahn Katharine Seymour Substitutes I I9 Ccnler Forward Rzght Forward Left Forward Center Hal bac Rrght Hayback Left Halfback Rrght Wing Fullback Fullback Goal Cenlcr Hayback Wmg Fullback Goal 1923 Ilauckep illieam ,- i i i 3 i J j 5 R f ,Q Kathryn Richardsl Wrng Q9uthuur Basketball Zllieam Eleanor Tilton Caplam Forward Elizabeth Sheffield Forward Mabel Martln Center Helen Snell Guard Ann Powell Guard Suhstututes Sarah Emlly Brown Katharlne Cook Martha Skmner Ellzabeth Forrest l20 U ' Q ' Q ........ Caroline Parsons 4. -. It side Ccnlcr Zinhuur Basketball Qlieam Mabel Jennlngs Forward Catherlne Coney Forward Frances GlbSOI1 Ccnler Edna Kraft Szdc Center Theoclora Machado Guard Ann Powell Caplazn Guard ivubstltutes Mabel Martin Ruth Whitney Helen Snell Elizabeth Sheffield IZI Catherlne Coney Katharme Cook Frances Glbson Fsther Gouverneur Senior bpm Gram Elizabeth Sheffeld l22 Theodora Machado anet Mott Constance Mumford Ann Povx ell Ruth Adams Mabel Jennings 1923 THE GARGOYLE Zltbletnc utes At the beglnnmg of the year every glrl took part ln the various lines of ath letlc work wlth the greatest determmatlon and enthusiasm for a suc essful year Thus has been due to the splendld supervxsxon and untmng lnterest of MISS Water man Mlss Bigelow and Miss Kennan In two weeks we elected the Athletic Coan xl whrch consrsts of Fran es C-lb son Presldent Theodora Machado Vice President and Sarah Wlllard Secre tary and Treasurer The Councll rs a very strong and efficlent one and we are qulte sure that thus has been a most successful year IH athletlcs The heads of Sports appomted by the Councll are Ann Powell Basketball Theozlora Ma chado Hockey Edna Kraft Roller Skating Sybll Smlth BOWllng Kathryn Richards Swlmmlng Fleanor Tllton Tennls and Evelyn Klgglns Archery November fourth was a very excltlng day for the glorlous Roller Skating Carnlval was that day The skatmg for form was won by Sheila Connolly and Nancy Tuck of the Prlmary Department Mlller Bennett and Clementme M11 ler won the prlze ln the Academic Department The dlfferent class stunts were very Oflglhal and very cleverly worked out The Freshmen wore green artlsts costumes and after formmg several fancy figures sang a song to thelr class The Sophomores acted out a Gym class on skates wrth Mlss Waterman represented by a glrl glvlng commands The unlors represented the legend of The Bow of Pandora ln reference to thelr class the good Splflt of Z4 overcommg the black spmt It was very clever and made qulte a pageant The semors last but not least were wrlggllng impatiently on their chalrs for what should our dlsgulsed Seniors be dressed as but small naughty ch1ldren3 They played many games such as Rlng Around the Rosle Farmer ln the Dale and many others Next on the program came the Lucky Number contest whxch was won by Helen Hllbert and Katherine Patrlck The fancy skatmg was next which was qurte dlmCLllt to choose for we have several very fine skaters But finally the prue was awardezl to Edna Kraft and Frances GlbSOD After the refreshments were served there was general skatmg for all and the Carnlval ended a great suc e s wlth th S mors as possessor of the banner During the Fall the glrls have been practlslng Basketball and Hockey with the greatest of vlm All too soon the prellmxnarles came which were played be tween slster classes wlth the Seniors defeatmg the Sophomores and the juniors defeatlng the Freshmen Fleld Day was held on November elghteenth when the finals ln Hockey and outdoor Basketball were to be played The Semors and Sophomores wore dark unlforms wlth whlte sweaters and small sailor caps with thexr class numerals acros the brlm The ,lunlors wore dark blue sweaters wlth thelr umforms and green bandanas around thelr heads They formed rn the playhouse and marched onto the field All teams had clever costume whxch were verv effectlve on the held It was a strenuous fight and very evenly matched After bexng mterrupted by a shower we flnxshed the game ln the duskj wrth a s ore of 5 2 ln favor of the SCDIOTS ln Hockey and 23 I3 ln favor of the jumors ln Basketball At the end of I23 , . .. h , s . , . ': : c - I D I ' 7 I - Q y I - , .... . , .A . , . . . . . , , . -Q as , . , - u x - 1 , . s . c s V . Q .c - THE GARGOYLE 1923 05 gcc? -11330 0 oem 552.15 5""7m U'1'Oav"1 "1 S H23 459.2 0f-rfb! D-QD-O Q.H5 9-fo" mO5g ra 00 3,355 S555 cn.-"" cn gn mm'-1-sg 0:5231-0 EKG Q: '4 c:."f2I3 0 25 :s-mv:-3 fbfbfb' SESS mgm5 5 3.2 cm :- cnW0t'b 272,55 wif? YES-H :agg- TCD U50 SDIO U11 sag '1'PY 095 -r.. 1-3 u-QF? mfb-1 sg: Emi FY 15'-:r moo Senior Theodora Machado Mabel ,lennlngs Capt Thelma PltZ Frances GlbSOH Ruth Whxtney Margaret Davls Catherme Coney Kathryn Rlchar Edna Kraft Marlon Klock Hazel Sheldon Katharlne Blanchard Katharme Knowlton Fsther C-ouverneur Ruth Kahn Katharine Seymour Mabel Martin Caroline Parsons Eleanor Tllton fCapt Q Fllzabeth Sheffield Ann Powell Helen Snell Lllzabeth Forrest Martha Sklnner Sarah Emily Brown Katharine Cook mrmorw 311:11 C 3' ul 4-v -v an 2 an 'V me Zlumur C-race Carcelon Capt Elsle Slnclaxr Anna Marcella Robblns Eleanor Mason Mary Scott Rawson Frances Hubbell Vlrgmla Coney osephlne Clark Marjorle Tucker Hllda Hutchlnson Betty Ellls Magdalen Hupfel Chrystella Swift Gertrude Harvey Helen Edgley Laura Lenox Guthuor Basketball Zlme up Substitutes Mary Baird Eleanor Wallace Mary Hartzel lnnes Larrabee Eleanor Wallace Florence Ogxlvle Capt Mary Agnes Plerce Suzan ennlngs Helen Wose Ruth Joslyn We started the Wlnter term with as much enthuslasm and vlm as we had ended the Fall term The athletlcs at whlch we have been working durxng the Wlnter term are C-ymnaslum work Basketball Bowling Fencing Swlmmmg Dancing Sknng Skatmg and Coastlng Basketball and gymnaslum work began xmmedlately and from the begmnlng we all worked for the banner Swnmmmg has been lmproved greatly by the work of Kay Richards Lxfe Savlng has been lntroduced and the letter S IS awarded to gurls accomplxshmg certain required work The prellmlnary games xn Basketball were played off on February seven teenth ending wxth a score of Seniors 27 Sophomores I0 and umors 60 Fresh men 5 Everyone looked forward wlth great antlclpatlon to the finals for we knew that xt would be very excltmg because both teams were very evenly matched IZ4 . CF. U ' b , . ' ds Lfwf J ' PB. ' ' ' FB. ' ' G. ' ' C. ' HB. ' - W. PB, ' G. . C . ' sc. , ' . F. 5 F. G. G. ' ', . f' c. ' . G. J . ' sc. ' G. . . . , i J . , n 1923 THE GARGOYLE The game was one of the most excltlng ever played m school The final score bemg Seniors l I umors 26 Thus year a varslty team was chosen and we played two outside teams On March third we played Salnt Agnes school of Albany and they were vlctorlous by a score of 24 23 The next week we contested agamst Russell Sage College and won by a score of 30 20 ln thls way we ended a brll llant Basketball season Now we all turned our attention toward Competltlon Drlll and no one lost any time ln drllllng and the other necessary things ln gym work for everyone seemed determined to get the banner for her class The Ninth Annual Competltlon Drill was held March seventeenth ln the Gymnaslum The program was as follows I March Leaders Mabel Martin Clementine Miller School Gymnastic Day s Order Dance-Furlana Leaders Clara Adams Susan Wolf Sophomores Freshman Classes Smgmg Games fa, Taffy was a Welshman fb Yankee Doodle cj Somer sault Relay Leaders Shella Connolly and Ellzabeth Frear Primary Department Gymnastlc Day s Order Dumb Bell Drlll Leaders Grace Garcelon Florence OgllVlC unlor Class Gymnastic Dance Leaders Nancy Cluett ane Mlllar Flolse Gardner ane McDonal Intermediate Department Mlss Kellas then entered to award the varxous prxzes and the cherished ban accuracy response alertness defimteness ln marching and floor work posture and for meeting all health requlrements Those recelvlng numerals ln the Senior Class were Ruth Adams Catherine Coney Catherine Cook Frances Gxbson Esther Gouverneur Mabel Jennings Theoclora Machado anet Mott Constance Mumford Ann Powell Elizabeth Sheffield The E W s were awarded to those gurls who throughout thelr school llfe have met certaxn requlrements ln Athletxcs Scholarshxp Splrlt Polse and Self Control lnfluence and Neatness The nme awarded were Ruth Adams Katherine Knowlton Edna Kraft Frances Gibson glsthir Gouverneur Carolyn Parsons Ruth Whitney Catherlne Cook and Harrlet mat Fmally Miss Kellas sand It gives me great pleasure to present the banner this year to the class of l9Z3 The evening ended ln the school forming a snake dance and finally slnglng the Alma Mater The Sprung term holds m store for us a tenms tournament swlmmlng bowl mg archery and walkmg and we look forward to It wxth great pleasure M Dams IZS 2. ' ' 3. ' ' 3 f ' . . 4. ' ' . J ' 5. ner. Numerals were awarded to a certain number of girls for excellency of form, THE GARGOYLE 1923 Qome of the Faculty IZ6 f ' " " " Y ' " fl K 5 k 4 K ,b K K v " ' 3 , V I :' ' A K , A . d - l p - 'J tw' ,. 'M ,f 7 -V 7 A - - - 2 ati - ' W 2' L V -'fi-'- .'.. f 5 W - A ' sf 'K f , ' ff 1923 THE GARGOYLE I 923 at School IZ7 TI-IE GARGOYLE 1923 I923 at School l28 i923 at School IZ9 1923 THE GARGOYLE Y 4 I N 1 THE GARGOYLE 1923 1923 t School I 30 1923 THE GARGOYLE l3I 1923 at School Smaps H? THE GARCOYLE .. -: 1923 Snaps I H 1923 THE GARGOYLE THE CARGOYLE 1923 Svnbunl BIFBKIUFP Miss Marlon Allen Mxss Sara T Allen Mxss Ellse Anderson Mrs Mattle Anderson Miss Ethel H Baker Mlss Luella Barnes 2MlSS ldmlly H Beckwlth Miss Mary D BlgClOW Miss Beatrlce Blakslee Mlss Fannle Brockway Mrs F F Buell Mlss essxe L Burbank Miss Allne Colton Mass Ruth Cummlngs Mnss Beatrlx Enos Mlss Helen Fancher Mr ohn E Flack Mr Wm L Glover MISS Mary Gray 'MISS Lucy L Hamson Mlss Grace Handsbury Miss Mary Ida Hare Mlss Allce Hllllard Mrs Louise lnslee Mrs eannette ones Miss Ellza Kellas MISS Eugema Kennan Mlss Ruth A Lamb Miss Hazel M Lyon Mlss Florence Madden Mass Ellen Manchester Mlss Andree Masset Miss anet Maxwell Miss ulle Mayser Mr S Grahame Nobbes Mlss Eva Porter Miss Elizabeth Potwme Mlss Ellzabeth Robson MISS Maddalena de ROSSI Mlss Fllzabeth Slmpson MISS Lea Surleau 1faruItp 50 ason St Arlington Mass SOI West l20th St New York Cnty Pllgrlm Road North Andover Mass Mahopac N Y Wlnterport Waldo Co Md D No 7 Sevllle Place Bellevue Pa 22ll Main St Brldgeport Conn 245 Pawllng Ave Troy N Y Hazleton P Woodstocx Vt 20 Locust Ave Troy Y 43 Washlngton St Medford Mass ee Mass I59 l ast Thlrd St Qswego 52 Third St Troy l mma Willard Qonservatory Troy 612 Thxrd Ave Troy Emma Willard Conservatory Troy I4 Cllnton Ave Maplewood N 400 Hamllton St Syracuse 67 Hurlbut St Albany l4l Lancaster St Albany Wllley House Swampscott Mass l mma Wxllard School Troy N Y Castleton on Hudson N Emma Wxllard School Troy N Y I36 lrvlng Ave Provldence R I 60 Nmth St Troy N Y Z7 Hlghland Ave Barre Vt 6 Balsam Ave Troy N Y I3 Newport Ave Newport R l Emma Wlllard School Troy N Y I3l Maxwell Ave Geneva N Y 76 Taber Ave Provxdence R I Emma Wlllard Conservatory Troy N Y Spencer Mass Warehouse Polnt Conn 81 Hooker Ave Poughkeepsle N Y Candeglla PlStOla Toscana Italy 139 Maple Ave Troy N Y Emma Wxllard School Troy N Y I34 i ' ..,.. J ., ' . . '- ' T . .RF .Q ' '. I ' ' H 1 1 Q T . . . H V ,U al ' . ...... I, . . . . ..,... ., . N. . ' ' ......., L , . ' , ' , . . 2' ' ., .N. Y. ' 3 ',.. . . ' . .. h , N. Y. ' , . . Q ' ' T X , , N. Y. .J . ..... ' ., , N. Y. . . . . . 7 ' f , , N. Y. Vlvliss Anna S. Hall .,... l602 Jacob St., Troy, N. Y. N ' . .,.. ' ., ,N. Y. .,.. ., , N. Y. ' .... ., , N. Y. .J . J ,... -. T' - - , . Y. ' J ' .... ., I , . . ' J .... ' ., , . . 1923 THE GARGOYLE Mxss Edna C Terrlll MISS Mary B Thompson MISS LOUISE B Walkley 'Nlxss Grace L Waterman MISS Katharlne Weaver MISS Mary H XVIISOH Abbott Helen I Adams Clara M Adams Ruth G Ahbe Edlth E Allls Catherlne H Anderson Betty Balrd Mary E Baker Edlth S Barnum Mary A Beattie Margaret Bennett Mlller H Betts Barbara Betts LOUISE C Blackmer Ruth Blanchard Katharlne M Bogart Mary E' Brand Judlth Brown Sarah Emlly Bryant Florence E Burford Ellzabeth Butler Estelle Cady Eleanor M Cady Helen Caldwell ulla Campbell Mary E Carr N Margaret Carvalho Adelalde Chase Ellen Vlrgmla Clark osephme King Clyde Margeret A Colllns Frances B Coney Catherine M Coney Vlrglnla E Conlln Allce E Connolly Patrlcla P Cook Constance Cook Katherme S 36 Mott St Ansonla Conn Thompson Rldge N Y 459 Pawllng Ave Troy N 37 Collms Ave Troy N 29 Sixth Ave Cloversvllle N Y 445 Davidson Court Lexlngton Ky Qlrahenuc I625 Tlbblts Ave Troy N Y 763 Fourth Ave Troy N Y 2445 Roblnwood Ave Toledo O Athens P l4l Mlll St Springfield Mass 702 Grand St Troy N Y 8I4 West 52nd St Kansas Clty Mo 366 Hartford Rd South Grange N 3l Maple Ave Troy N Y ISO7 Seventh Ave Troy N Y Sl Wexssxnger Gaulbert Loulsvllle Ky Sprmg Ave Troy N Y Spring Ave Troy N Y 228 No Scovllle Ave Oark Park Ill 79 Pmewoods Ave Troy N Y Sprlngfield Mass 20 Merrlam St Lexmgton Mass 2706 Ferry Park Detrolt Mich l030 N Pennsylvanla St Indianapolis Ind 275 Pawlmg Ave Troy N Y l820 Mllxtary St Port Huron Mlch Lee Ave Trov N Y 35ll Harney St Omaha Neb 521 Parkwood Ave Kalamazoo Mlch 43 Ford Ave Oneonta N Y I565 Broad St Hartford Conn l62 Conger Ave Akron Ohlo 88 West River St Mllf0fd Conn IIOI N George St Rome N Y I46 Mlll St Springfield Mass Watseka Watseka 442 Second St Troy 4 Westover Road Troy Brunswlck Road Troy Brunswlck Road Troy l35 ' ' ' . l 1 T 1 A ' .. f :rf ' . .,.r ' ., , .Y. . ' ' .' j i T 4 f .... U ,' al , ' . .,.. ., , .J. . ' .. . .' 1 1 1 1504 south st., Terre Haute, ind: ,J ' ....r ., ', I . ,l 'K ' . i T Q i . , . N . ' ,llli , ' " 1 ..4...,.. ,Ill. , ' ' . .r,,. , ,N. Y. , ...... ' , ,N.Y. , ' ....,. ' , ,N. Y. THE GARGOYLE 1923 Cook Ellzabeth A Cox Eleanor l rene Davenport Dorothy Lou Davls Margeret M Deal ane R Dorlan Draper Durfee Durkes Dwyer Emlly Cluett Katherme R Dorothy Katherine Dorothy B Early Flora P Edgley Helen E Flhs llhzabeth l Faron Ehzabeth L Fellows F Elizabeth 708 Lodl Street Syracuse N Y 6 Sheldon Ave Troy N Y 76 Barrington St Rochester N Y Mount Unlon Pa I8 Hawthorne Ave Troy N Y I5 Sheldon Ave Troy N Y I72 Second Ave Troy N Y 544 Adalr Ave Zanesvllle Ohlo 722 Fast Fellows St Dixon Ill Diamond Rock Farm North Troy 944 Mann St Rockford lll l4l Maple Ave Troy N Y l9l3 Fnfth Ave Troy N Y 608 Hamllton Road So Orange 279 Pawlmg Ave Troy N Mass Fmch Nancy A Forrest Ellzabeth Foster ean Francls osephme L Frear Carolyn Russell Freeman Paulme Frey Frances M Gallagher Catherine Gamble Grace Chapman Garcelon Grace 30l Hlgh St Denver 2436 lrvlng St Mxnneapolls 60 Pawlmg Ave l62l Tlbblts Ave 284 Pawlmg Ave 7I4 Beach St Troy Troy Troy Flint 727 Oregon Ave Chlckasha Westover Road Troy 530 Washmgton St Watertown 35 Church St Newton Glbson Frances Leslie Gllhes Carolyn lsabel Goodenough Ellzabeth L H3 Franklln Ave Mt Vernon l8l0 Seventh Ave Troy Long Acres Farmington Co o Mlnn Mich Ok a N Y N Much Gouverneur Esther Hall Janet Stuart Harper Margeret M Harrison Katharine Hartzell Mary Harvey Gertrude Haver Beatrice Estella Herbert Gwenlhan Box 44 Blue Ridge Summxt Pa 617 W IIS St New York Cxty I739 Highland Ave Troy N Y 20 Bronson Place Toledo Ohlo 667 DOWnlng St Denver Colo Dover Mass I80 Slxth Axe Troy 6 Whltman Place Troy Herrlngton Gladys May Fenton Hess Katherme Charlotte Hllbert Helen Holcomb Helen May Holhster Ruth Adelalde Hone Carolyn Merrlam Hornby Barbara Hubbell Frances Cowper Cortland 61 Hooslck St Troy West Sand Lake Hartsdale 740 West State St Sycamore 542 Willow St Waterbury Conn Lyons Falls N Y Cloquet Mmn 28l5 Rldge Road Des Moines lowa l36 ,J I. ..... ., , . . , ' . 1 Q Q ' h ' , . ,N. J, , . ' ...., ' ., , . Y. ' , . ...... ' ., , l ,lj . i 0 0 1 , ., ZN. Y. ' ,J ' . .... ' ' ., , N. Y , ..... ' ., , N. Y Frear, Frances Wright .,... 284 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y , Y . 1 A Q 1 n ., ', 1 . '... . . , , N. Y , . . ' ., , N. Y ,y ' I i 2 1 Q ' 5 Y ., Y, N. Y: , ' ..... ' , , N. Y. ' , . ' ., , N. Y , ' ..... , N. Y ' , ........ , N. Y . .... ., , lll Hupfel Magdelen Glaser Edgewater Place Beacon N 1923 THE GARGOYLE Hubbell Helen Vlrgmla Hughes Margeret Elizabeth Hunmg Ernestxne Franke Hutchmson Hilda Huyck Katherlne Hyde Carolyn Hyde Frances Ide ean lnglls Elizabeth Agnes ennlngs Mabel udson ennlngs Susan ohnston ulla ones Helen Loulse oslyn Lols Ruth Kahn Ruth Kauffman Anna Kessler Clara Loulse Kessler Nancy Klgglns Evelyn Klock Marlon Crouse Knowlton Katherine C Kraft Dorothy Bartholdl Kraft Edna May Larrabee Lllllan Innes Lavery Sally Brown Lawson Elxzabeth Lawson Mary Vlrgmla Lennox Laura Trevor Leo Esther Levmgs Eleanor Eads Loomls ane Bruce Mac Vlcar Kathryn McDonald Charlotte McDonald Emma ean Machado Theodora Makepeace Dorothy Mallery Mary Maqueston Molly Martin Mabel G Mason Eleanor Haywood Mason Lucy Mellen PYISCIIIH Mlchael Marlon Emma Muller Edlth Ingram 28I5 Ridge Road Des Moines Iowa 305 North Park Ave Warren Ohlo Castle Hunlng Albuquerque N M 6 Adams St Lexlngton 325 State St Albany Greenwlch SI4 Huron Ave Port Huron Hooslck St Troy 920 Baldwin Ave Anne Arbor Green s Farms I58 Brooklawn Ave Brldgeport Port Leyden I68 Second St Troy Edgwood Farm Bellevue 208 Rowena St Detrolt Mass N Conn Much N Mxch Conn Conn N Y Y Wash Mrch 3425 Grand Ave Des Moines Iowa Smethport Pa Smethport Pa 324 West Jersey St Elizabeth N I052 East Genesee St Syracuse N I5 Bucklngham St Rochester N Y 219 Godwm Ave RldgCWOOd N J 2I9Godw1n Ave Rldgewood N ,I Clermont Iowa Unquawa Road Fairfield 99 Twelfth St Troy 99 Twelfth St Troy I78 Park Ave Lowvllle I7 Pelham Place Pelham 420 West Court St Pa Conn N N Y N Y N rls Ill Granby Conn 20 Lloyd Road Montclalr N I I2 Thirty Enghth St Omaha Neb R F D No 3 Troy N Y I69 Daly Ave Ottawa Canada I I40 Fifth Ave New York Cnty 324 East St Fllnt Mlch Babylon L I 288 Washlngton Pl Flushlng I28 North Wxlmlngton St Ralelgh 3I Grace Court Brooklyn Stockbrldge Oakwood Troy 300 Hooslck St Troy I37 NY N NY Mass N Y ,Y f f f . ' , ', '.Y1 , ' ' I I I I . H ., ', .Y .J . I f I f f , . " ., I .Y J . u J Q .."' , Y. J ' , .... ., ' . J ,J ' ........ , . J , ' f...f ., ,N. J , ' .... , ', ' ' ', .... ., ' , .J , ' U .... U ., , .J I, ' f f f f , ' ., ', .Y . ' . f I f I ' I fY ',J ....... , . ' , .... 1 ' , ', .J. , J .... . . . ., , . . ,y ' A I I ' ' ' ' I lc ' ', ' Q ' f .I .U f f H . IN.Y THE GARGOYLE 1923 Mlller Ellzabeth Clementlne Mltchell Eleanore Monler Ruth A Moon Marjorle Morrlson Anne Bllss Moston Dorls Althea Moston Helen Carollne Mott Elsa Mott Janet Emllle Mumford Constance Munger Margeret Munroe Helen Ross Murray Agnes ulnn Murray EvelynC Noble Constance Elsbeth Ogllvle Florence Mae Parsons Carollne Edgerton Patrlck Katherlne Poole Peck Fllzabeth Plerce Mary Agnes Pltl Thelma Platt Vlrglnla l leanor Potter earl MHITO Powell Ann Prentlce Ellzabeth PUShk1D Zlata Rawson Mary Scott Remey Helen Lockwood Reynolds Vlrglnla May Rlchards Kathryn Rlchardson l unlce S Marlon 61 Rlley Marlon Augusta Robblns Anna Marcella Robblns ulla Larrabee ROblnSOn Margeret Eleanor Robson Maxlne Lucy Rogers Mary Eleanor Rood Katherine Anne Sage Helen Marlon Sargeant Mary LOUISE Savery Ellzabeth Freeman Schmldt lVlur1elCornella Schnell ean Ellzabeth Scott Dorothy Ellzabeth Senlor Barbara Columbus lndlana 383 Grand Ave Brooklyn N Y 323 Thlrd Ave Roselle N 225 Gllbert Ave Eau Clalre WIS 338 West Slxth St Lrle Pa Busklrk N Y l5I0 acob St Troy N Y l400 East Kearsley St Fllnt MlCh 7l6 Clay Ave Scranton Pa l PICYSOH Place Glen Rldge N I74D Last St Llncoln Neb 3IZ Broad St Onelda N Y 2l09 Flfteenth St rl roy N Y 392 Park Ave Paterson N 44l North Broadway Yonkers N Y Bronxvllle N Y ZI Front St Schenectady N Y 35 Congress St Troy N Y 505 Jefferson Ave Scranton Pa Mlch N Y N 507 Church St Fhnt Z0 Ablngdon Road Kew Clardens l722 Seventh Ave Troy Mlfh Y Mlaml Florlda l009 Hancock St Saglnaw Hawthorne Ave Troy lowa N Colo Mass 2908 Forest DFIVC Des Molnes l80 Bellalr Road RldgBWO0d 729 lwmerson St Denver 3I Hancock St Lexlngton Ohlo N Y lowa Dakota Ave Avondale Clnclnnatl 75 Court St Plattsburgh l932 Flrst Ave East Cedar Raplds Iowa N Y N Y l38 Fourth St Troy N Y lll7 ohnston Ave Bartlesvllle Ok 879 Thorn St Sewlckley P Nebraska Clty Neb 22 Bartlett Ave Plttsfleld Mass ZI Bellevue Ave IllOD N Y 306 WaYW1Ck Ave so Orange N l932 Flrst Ave East Cedar Raplds 2 Woodrow Court Troy 65 Flrst St Troy Z6 Lyon Ave Menands N Y R F D No I Brldgeport Conn H8 , . ' .... y . ' , . .,,,. ' .. , , ...... ., , . , . .... ' , ' . , Q ' ,.... ' ., 3 , . . , 4 ..... ., . , ' ' ' 'Z ...., ., , . Y. , J ' .... 68 Washington St., Hartford, Conn. ' . ' ' ...., ' ., ,N. . ' , .4.. ' , I , . t, ' ,... ' L ., . , . . , .... , , . . , ' ..... ., , . . , ' ,.... ., ' , a. , ...... , . 3 , l . .... ., 3 , . . , . ...- ., , . . - , ..... . . . . , - , . 893 Cllnton Ave Brldgeport Conn 1923 THE GARGOYLE Serrlll Frances Wxnlfred Seymour Katherlne H Shefheld Fllzabeth Sheldon Hazel Sheldon Marjorle WIIIIS Shepp Josephine Rachel Slmmons Mary Frances SIDCIHII' Elsie Campbell Slsson Margaret Thompson Sklff Marjorle Ray Skmner Martha Slosson Ruth Hotel Pennsylvania New York l6I Chestnut St Ravenna Ohlo 46 Ayrault St Newport R I Smart Smith Smith Smith Smlth Smlth Smith eanette P Eleanor Adams Ellzabeth Ruta Harriet Elizabeth ean Craxg Martha Waite Sybll May Snell Helen I.. Steane Katherlne Welles Stevenson Emma Augusta Stlckelmyer Margaret M Stratton Ann Stratton Frances Swift Chrystella Alice Tallcot Ruth Loulse Thomas Rutl' l..o1s Thom son Leora Flame 86 Third St Troy N Y 86 Thlrd St Troy N Y Mxllersburg Pa 600 Eighth Ave Fort Worth Texas Cedar Raplds Iowa Potsdam 5 Frear Ave Troy The Orchards So Hadley 38 Maple Ave Troy I7 Myrtle Ave Troy 2344 I5th St Troy 25 Hawthorne Ave Troy 525 N Michigan Ave Saginaw 525 N Mlchlgan Ave Saginaw I80 Beverly Road Syracuse I6th St Washmgton 58 Walbrldge Rd Hartford N Y N Y Mass N Y N Y N Y N Y Mxch Mlch N Y D Conn I23I Monterey St Plttsburgh Pa I4 Sheldon Ave Troy 418 East Broadway Haverhill 4I8 East Broadway Haverhlll 5 Massachusetts Ave Worcester 488 Pawllng Ave Troy I2 Myrtle Ave Troy 240 No Main St Canandalgua N Y Mass Mass Mass N Y N Y N Y P Thompson Marjory Gertrude TlltOh Fleanor Totty Allce Louxse Towle Prlscllla Tucker Marjorie Tupper Dorothy ane Vall Phebe Hart Van Busklrk Caroline Spear Van Slclen Vlrglnla Wallace Fleanor Warner Agnes Howland Watrous Marlon Wolcott Weddell Katherme Vlrgxnla Weddell Stella Elizabeth Whltney Ruth Crear Wlllard Sarah Kellogg Wlnshlp Ellzabeth K Wolf Susan Ellzabeth Woodcock Florence Wose Helen Frances Weesner Ellzabeth 27 Hawthorne Ave Troy N I Elm Ave Lexington Mass 200 Seventh Ave Troy N Y I800 F St Llncoln Nebraska 479 Walnut St Newtonvxlle Mass I I3 Eighth St Troy N Y 46 Flrst St Troy N Y 8 Terrace Place Troy N Y Hillcrest Ave amalca I.. I 8I4 Clay Ave Scranton Pa 6I Broad St Bridgeport Conn 2928 Ingersoll Ave Des Molnes Iowa 807 I ucks Ave Scottdale Pa 807 Lucks Ave Scottdale Pa IO7 Scotland Road So Orange N I333 K St Washmgton D C Eagle Mills N Y I94I Flfth Ave Troy N Y 2l Lake Ave Troy N Y 530 Oak St Syracuse N Y 630 West Flfth St Marlon Ind l39 as , .... , , I . . , I, , , A ..... I, , . . , ....... ., , . , I . ' ..... ., , I , . .... . , I I - I -I I I ...... , I , . .... I I , .,.... .I I . I ..... I I , , ..... ., , ,J . I .... .. , . , 4 .,.,. ., , . , ..,.. I, , . I . . . -I I . I . , . . ., , I. , . .... I , . , , . . ..... ., , . C , , . . ., , I A - . . -I I . I . .... I .I I I I . .... I I I .,.. I I , . . . ., , , ..... .I , . , A ..... .I , I , .4 , . . ., , . I 4 ...... ., , . , ..... .I I I I , ...... .I .I I , ..... I, , . , J ..... ., , . . I ....... ., , I . I . . . , , I . , ..... .,j , . . , 4 ...... ., , . I - - - -I I - I . . -I I , .... - .I I I , .. . . , . 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Class of 1923 flez er buymq f'0lIlblfl6d will 11 knowledge of qllllllly H great asset lo one 1 xx Ill mx thc S1n11ns1ml f 7 n1s1 n N ln lll X X 1 ru 1 1llx 1 lil umm s 11 ll s N 1 ll I' Dlll SU l lVl1lt0n S Bowman al2l1ftl1 Aunuc New Xolk I lly cpllom l ll 1 'Wutliu S Buckley8LC0 Gymnaslum Supplles lftlllllllllfllfll' Illlfl n1r Lula lm 1 ll I 11 1 ' 5' I K lIlllO0I and Outclom lllllllllllt' and l36ClCllIl,Q,' f""l bi v N0lllx1rS lm N N Sports and Pastnnes l 11l111l1u 11111 I 11f1n Iffflllll Ih0mas.l Huxley ls s lim Nux or X1 , . . . . . I 1 v ' l ' ' X 1 ' ' 1 ' fl 'l'l1 K vlzuss ring '11 ' l .' ' .' ' ' ' l.?:3 1'1-I lx qlmllty. ez if and 11111-. Y1 max' 'mlm' all of nn' '1-w - G rl1l. 1 1 ' A 1 .I . a Q l'l:nl1mlm mul : 11l.'. by llns l'lllQ wll - we- .'uppli1'1l lllc Svnior Plans ul' l'lllllll2l XYlll2ll'l S1'l ml, .MIL Y1 ' pz1lr1nl:1g1- is l'l'SI!l'l'l,flllly .' li1"l1'1l. Q Q f-' , P- v rl ix, - - - - ' Y ' ' , L- T1-l K z ,o gzwr- 3-l'l8fHI'lIlll'2llll'l'. L 1 I 'l fl. O C I . 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WZ The Studlos U0 Stat Street 360 Broadw y Albany N X Sa atogaSpr1ngs N Y Photographer to the l923 CARGOYLE Dupllcate pl otog aphs may be I ad at any tlme N N c Riggs. .'- xfgg '-5 QP. "H flmnlr .QP N X ll ,nr 4 ll .XA ff. j . ' I 'x -' if Qi?" -539.- ' C El , . I. I' ' l , . . W Q ' 1 r' 1 . BE FRA KLI lnzporiani 11111310111 lnvenis 1 51111111111 N XX NIH X0 11 1 N Fl xx IX ll ki 111 111 1 ll1x 1 1 Sl 1 um ll lhe 1' rlendly Seruce Wine 'I he Umon Natlonal Bank of Troy, N Y Pnurlh Sl next N11rth1f P 0 TI X1 I5 A11l1lIlN Restaurant K afeterla 1'-1rx 10111-x111Q1111 Os ster Bar 1 4 U 1113111 ll llll li I he Dansants Supper Ilances ll 1 11 11r1 llll I 11 11111 hx 1 r 1I1lHllIll' 1r1 1 11111 011111191110 2 X1111-1 1 '-1 ' H I 1 ' f , 1 1 111 -X11h211f'. ff - 1' 'l11f' 211111 Troy IS 1'l11'l."l'X1"l' S'l'l11'I1'I'1', AI.11.X.' '. .' 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Suggestions in the Emma Willard School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Troy, NY) collection:

Emma Willard School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Troy, NY) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


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Emma Willard School - Gargoyle Yearbook (Troy, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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