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 - Class of 1966

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1966 volume:

,f 1 f . .,,, , , f . 1 1 X , rv x X.. I 'Nl .L , . ff f Y, rx, f' X ' f N',!'2,yfHy EK T, if , fi y U U. K W Jw KM QQ Vx .1 xg wyjg? gg xg? if WP Q9 ' QQ W Jj .fp KNBQ VN jwixbwj- .5 win 5924 N ?Q x X M M5 UEPW' X 1,VFg ,' if lm of ,,gf'J , ffffmy jf! 1 ff1:f"7ffZm74Df"yM! " 'f W fm! V W My f f ' .- Aq,- bk .I + yy 555iQ5i?i I V, q ,I ,A V VVIA ... A M -, A ,v X? QQ ' , 15 - f ON ' f ' i Aw R 1A '-4 - A A D' Q W VAW QQ ' -' A V b 1. if Q , V W 4 , , .f QM A . , vAl i ' V I ,. , my i. My S VM I ww MQW N4yffMW q ,Orig ,,q D 55 .AA ,V jg Y fi lqw by 3 M fd Mlwgw gjfiywk 3555 W gwfgjfig xfgffmqgf 5 j f figfgfgggbbf kfvabfvi PELFR 5 'L Ng if K5 THE SPARTA A Photographic Record Published by the students of Emery High School Emeryville, California June, 1966 Council meetings. Chris Lee, Betty Manning, and Bill Winger take nominations for Spring S. B. Election. Ella Johnson comes on strong at student body nomination assembly. 2 Greg Jones and Robert Silva look over an elec tion ballet. Bill Winger and Mr. Lovisone count votes at S.B. election. Council meets. Left to right, Lois Woods, Marian Berry, Sonja Clemons, and Curtis Manning. More meeting. Council members Theresa Liggins, Barbara Eversole, Marilyn Chou, and Connie Chin. Menlo game. Emery rooters. Christmas assembly M, ,L ., ,9- ue.-we tb.-asffvt an w.-r .-..,, Left to right: Lois Vfoods, Tony McCoy, Barbara Eversole, Blotter editorg Bettie King, photog- raphy editorg jim Shaffer, sports editorg Maureen Mendoza. Not pictured: Eamer Edenson. The publication staff this year produced the yearbook and the school newspaper, the Blotter. They have taken pictures, written much of the copy for both the yearbook and the Blot- ter, and made many of the layouts for these publica- tions. Publications William Prince, Yearbook Editor Doreen Steves, and Marilyn Donohue 5 ,M . , .:.. f f. ff" 19, 530 jgft 1 half' 3 L, NM.. 35, FQ w i ,,., .Jes 1 1 wifi? . fi K f . ...M FX- gb Ng., wwf: 5 1. 2. 3 4 5 6 7. auf Q as We V 3 2 i 17 . 20 I - :Q - .iewe e - za .f .. - -V Q. ,ta if - V 3. " 'K ', 'sf , gy -I .' Jerry Whltworth .... "Next time world smiles with you." Santa let me pull his beard?" I'll use Brylcreemf' 8. Bill Winger ,... "They told me it 15. Dorothy Patterson . . . . "Think I'll Nora I-'ox .... "They say there's a was the uncurly permanent." make the cover of Playboy?" bird in that camera." 9. Paula Sykes .... "So what if I'm 16. Barbara Eversole . . . . "Beware of Ron Abeyia ,... "Say partner. meet baldheaded in the mouth?" my dog named Cat." me after sundown at the Long 10. Tony McCoy .... "I'm 'a mama's 17. Marilyn Chou .... "Any comment?" Branch." boy." 18. Alvin Dotson , . . . "This pose is Linda Davis .... "This is what they 11. Ricky Witschel .... "My friends what they call sweet innocence." call an Easter egg hunt." say I'm a lady killer." 19. Beatrice Wynn ,... "What do you Jack Bimbo ,... "My mother wanted 12. Carl Yestmont .... "Live fast, love mean I lost my wig." a girl, hut she got a surprise." hard and die young." 20. Vince Mazzini .... "Don't call me Christine Lee . . , , "Please don't 13. Corny Harris ..., "You hring the a dimpled knee soap box slappcr!" hit me. Vincent." food. Jack. and I'll bring the ants." 21. JoAnn Williams .... "My side had Barbara Berry . . "Smile and the 14. Marilyn Donohue .... 'Lvl-'hy won't 3-UZ fewer cavities." 9 WORK? MARRIAGE 7 1 1 ' ,ff cousssv V v 1 Q 41 X , gs. w .x , 'R-. A C5 KQJTOGRAPHS 0 Nik Y Ngfirgw ' X N4,. f,,J was GQ X3 VCP Q05 5 w wif Q wb gy , y A Q fy 4 SYN X9 QW RONALD ABEYTA-Bank Monitor '61g Interact Club-Director '65-'66g Stagecraft '65-'66g Bank of America Award '66. BARBARA DOLORES BERRY-Student Body Vice-President '65- '66: Class Secretary '64-'65g Class Treasurer '65g Student Council '61-'66g G.A.A. '61-'66g Council '62-'63-'65-'66g Junior Honor Society '61-'63g Secretary '61g Treasurer '61-623 Vice-President '62-'63: President '63g Chorus '64-'65g Bank Monitor '61-'62g F.T.A. '63-'66g Council Chairman '64-'65 Educational Active '65g Treasurer '64g Sgretary '61-ig Spanish Club '61-'63g Teen Center Representative PATRICK ANDREWS-Block E '66g Football Varsity '65-'66, MARILYN MAY-LING CHOU-11th Grade Secretary '65g Stu- dent Council '65-'66g G.A.A. '63-'66g Council '64-65g Treasurer '64g Sports Manager '65g Bowling '65g Senior Honor Society '64-'66g President '65g Treasurer '65-'66g Literary Magazine '65-'66g Dramat- ics Secretary '64-'65g Future Teachers Association '64-'66g Treas- urer '64-'66g Spanish Club Senior Tea '65g Girls Chorus '63-'65g Spanish Club '65-'66, Class Of 66 Baseball A Team '66. 9 JACK BIMBO-10th Grade Vice-President 63 Student Council '65'-663 Vice-President '66g Block E '65-'66 President 65 66 Foot ball Varsity '64-'65g Honorable Mention '65 66 Basketball A Team Score Keeper '64-'66g Basketball C Team Manager 63 Baseball Varsity '65-'66g Baseball junior Varsity 63 66 Track Manager '64-'66g Bank Manager '63g Band '64-'66, Interact Club Director '65-'66g Milk Fund Games Committee '66 Pep Club 63 66 Stu dent Body Vice-President '66g 12th Grade Sergeant at Arms 66 NOLON E. CLEMONS-11th Grade Sergeant-at-Arms. LINDA DAVIS-G.A.A. '62-'65 Spanish Club '63-'65 Publication Staff '63-'65g F.H.A. '62-'65. Not Pictured: BERNADINE R. CLEMONS-10th Grade Vice-President, '64g G.A.A., '60-'65g Milk Fund, '65-'66. JOHN STEVEN COOK--9th Grade Sergeant-at-Arms '62g 10th Grade Major Room Representative '63g Basketball C Team '61g Bowling '62g Bank Monitor Band '63-'66. MARILYN ANNE DONOHUE-12th Grade Secretary '65g G.A.A. Member '60, '64-'66g Band '64-'66g Future Nurses Association '64- '66g Publication Staff '64-'66g Milk Fund '66g Pep Club '65-'66g Literary Magazine Editor '65-'665 Oakland Tribune Teen Corre- spondent '65-'66g Future Nurses Association Vice-President '66. RON DANIELS-Bowling '62g Band '65-'66g Chess Club '63-'64. BARBARA SUE EVERSOLE-7th Grade Fall President '60g 7th Grade Spring Secretary-Treasurer '61g 9th Grade Secretary-Treas- urer '62g 10th Grade President '63g llth Grade Vice-President '6-ig 12th Grade President '66g Student Council '60-'66g Senior Class President '66. IO ALVIN DOTSON-Block E '64-'65g Block E Vice-President '65g Football Varsity '64-'6sg Football junior Varsity '64-'65g Basket- ball B Team '65-'64g Basketball C Team '61-'633 Baseball Varsity 64g Baseball Junior Varsity '62-'63-g Track '61-'66g Bowling '61-'62g junior Red Cross '63g All Conference. FLORETTE FONTELLA FORD-Transfer from Harry Ells High School, Richmond. CORNELIOUS WARDELL HARRIS JR.-Block E '64-'65g Foot- ball Varsity '64-'65g Basketball A Team '64-'66g Baseball junior Varsity '63g Baseball Varsity '64-'66g Track '63-'65g All Conference '66g lst Team '655 2nd Team '65g Milk Fund '66g Track A Team '66 NORA JOYCE FOX-G.A.A. Member '64-'66g Chorus '65-'66g Milk Fund '66g Pep Club '66, Not pictured: RONALD EDWARD JACKSON-Block E '64-'66g Football Varsity '65-'66g Pep Club '65-'66, CHRISTINE ANN LEE-Student Body Secretary-Treasurer '6Sg Class Treasurer '65g Class President '65g G.A.A. Council '62-'65g 11th Grade Representative '65g Secretary '6-ig junior Honor Society '61-'63g Secretary-Treasurer '64g Vice-President '63g Senior Honor Society '63-'66: Secretary-Treasurer '65g Vice-President '65-'66g Bowling '64: Senior Tea '6Sg F.T.A. '63-'66g Secretary '6Sg Executive Council '63-'66g Council Chairman '64-'65g Public Relation Com- mittee Chairman '65-'66g Spanish Club '61-'63g Business Club '61- '64g Junior Red Cross '62-'6-ig Publication Staff '61-'62g Betty Crocker Homemaking Award '66g Bank of America Award '66. I1 RICHARD JONES-Basketball A Team '65-'66g Track A Team '66g Varsity Baseball '66. CALLIE MAE LEWIS-G.A.A. Member '61-'66g Girls Track '66g Bowling '61g Senior Tea '64-655 Chorus '63-'66g Future Nurses Association '65-'66g Milk Fund Games '66g Pep Club '65-'66. Si 'YUW ,dr 'Y JERRY LEE-7th Grade President 60, 8th Grade President 61, llth Grade President '65g Student Council '60-'61, '6Sg Block E '65-'66g Varsity Football '64-'65g Varsity Baseball '65g J.V. Base- l2ll6'64g Bank Monitor '62g Interact Club '65-'66g Stage Craft ' -' 5. THERESA M. LIGGINS-Student Council '66g G.A.A. '61-'66g Chorus '62-'63g Bank Monitor '64g Pom Pom Girl '65-'66g Cheer Leader '65-'66g Milk Fund Games '665 Pep Club '66. ROBERT L. MACK-Transfer from Oakland Technical High. BETTY JEAN MANNING-Student Body Secretary-Treasurer '65 -'66g Student Body President '66g 7th Grade Secretary '61g 8th Grade Treasurer '62g 9th Grade Vice-President '63, President '63g 10th Grade President '64 Vice-President '6-ig llth Grade Vice- President '65g Secretary '6Sg Student Council '63-'66g G.A.A. Coun- cil '61-'64g Vice-President '65g Secretary '64g 7th Grade Represent- ative '61g 9th Grade Representative '63g 10th Grade Representative '64g junior Honor Society '62-'6-ig Girls Track '66g Bowling '64- '66g Senior Tea '6Sg Chorus '61-'66g Bank Monitor '62-'64g Band '63-'65g Future Nurses Association '643 Vice-President '65g Secre- tary-Treasurer '65-'66g Spanish Club Secretary '63g Business Club '64g Kill Kate Club '651 Junior Red Cross '63-'66g Pom Pom Girl '64-'6Sg Cheer Leader '65-'66g Chess Club '64g Milk Fund '66g Science Club '6-ig Pep Club '63-'66g Literary Magazine '66g Modern Dance '64g Talent Show '63-'64, 12 VINCENT E. MAZZINI-Student Council '64-'66g Block E '65- '66g Football Varsity '64-'65g Baseball Junior Varsity '65g Business Club '64-'65g Kill Kare Club '64-'65g Interact Club '64-'66g Stage Craft '65-'66g Chess Club '62-'645 President '64. DOROTHY MARIE PATTERSON-G,A.A. Member '62-'66g Bowling '63-'64g Senior Tea '65g Chorus '62-'65g Pep Club '65-'66. MICHAEL FRANK MARTINEZ-Basketball B Team '64-'65. PAULA JOYCE SYKES-9th Grade Major Room Secretary-Treas- urer '63g 10th Grade Major Room President '64g G.A.A. Member '61-'66g Band '63-'64g Senior Tea '65g Chorus '63-'66g Spanish Club '62-'66g Publications '64-'65g Pep Club '65-'66g Literary Magazine '65-'66g Red Cross '64g Modern Dance '65-'66, ANTHONY RAY MCCOY-8th Grade Sergeant-at-Arms '62g 9th Grade Vice-President '63g lorh Grade Sergeant-at-Arms '64g 11th Grade Secretary-Treasurer '655 12th Grade Vice-President '66g Block E '64-'66g Football Varsity '66g Football Junior Varsity '64-'65g Basketball A Team '66g Basketball B Team '64-'65g first team All Conferenceg Captain of the yearg Basketball C Team '61-'63g Base- ball Varsity '64-'66g Honorable Mentiong Baseball Junior Varsity '61-'635 Track '65-'66g Bank Monitor '64g Band '61-'66g Spanish Club '653 Interact Club '65-'66g Milk Fund '63-'66g Pep Club '61- '66g Student Council '66. JO ANN DELORES WILLIAMS-G.A.A. Member '63-'66g Coun. cil '63-'64g Officer Secretary '64g Bowling '63-'64g Senior Tea '65g Future Nurses Association '63-'66g President '65-'66g Publication Staff '63-'64g Milk Fund '66g Pep Club '65-'66, 13 HENRY CLAY RICE-Block E '64-'66g Football Varsity '65g Football Junior Varsity '65-'65g Bas- ketball B Team '63-'64g Baseball Varsity '65-'66g Baseball junior Varsity '62-'64g Track '63-'66g Bank Monitor '64g Band '63-'66g Spanish Club '63-'66 Science Club '65g Track '66g Band '66. BEATRICE JOYCE WYNN-11th Grade Secre- taryg 10th Grade Treasurerg Student Council '65- '66g G.A.A. President '65g Point Secretary '64g Member '61-'66g Bowling '63-'6Sg Chorus '63-'65g Bank Monitor '63g Junior Red Cross '64-'6sg Pom Pom Girl '64-'65g Cheer Leader '66g Milk Fund '66g Pep Club '65-'66. Monitor '63. Not pictured: ART SNOWDEN-Sergeant-at-Arms '66g Block E '65-'66g Football Varsity '65-'66g Football Junior Varsity '64g Basketball A Team '66: Basketball B Team '65-'65g Baseball junior Varsity '63g Baseball Varsity '65-'66g Track '65-'66g Interact Club '65- '66. LEVVIS A. TAYLOR-Transfer from Richmond High 10th Gradeg Sergeant-at-Arms '65g Baseball Varsity '66. JOE SANCHEZ-Sergeant-at-Arms '65-'64g Bank MITCHELL LOUIS TAYLOR-12th Grade Treas- urer: Student Council '65-'66: Block E '66g Foot- ball Varsity '65g Interact Club '66. CHARLES THOMAS-Transferred from Centenial High School, Compton, Californiag Block E '66g Basketball '64-'66g Track '66: Interact Club '65-'66g Milk Fund Game '66. RICHARD G. WITSCHEL-Football Varsity '63- '64g Football junior Varsity '63-'64g Basketball C Team '61-'62g Baseball Junior Varsity '61. DOUGLAS L. WHITE-Block E '65-'66g Football Varsity '65-'66g Basketball A Team '65-'66g Milk Fund '66g Baseball A Team '66g Track '66. JERRY WAYNE WHITWORTH-9th Grade Sergeant-at-Arms '635 Bank Monitor '62-'65g Band '62-'66g Future Nurses Association '64-'65. WILLIAM NOLAN WINGER-Student Body Pres- ident '65-'66g 7th Grade Secretary '61g 8th Grade Vice-President '62g 9th Grade President '63: 10th Grade President '64g Student Council '61g Basket- ball A Team '6-lg Basketball C Team '61-'62g Bowl- ing '62g Band '65-'66g Future Teachers Association '63-'66g Interact Club '65g Stage Craft '65-'66g Chess Club '62-'65g Interact Club '66g Future Teachers Association Treasurer '66. Not pictured: KARL U. YESMONT-Transfer from Wisconsin Block E '65-'66g Football Varsity '65-'66g Basket ball A Team '65-'66g Swimming Team '65-'66 Milk Fund '66. . HOWARD WONG-junior Honor Society '65g Interact Club 65 66 Stage Craft '65-'66. 15 in 1. Senior Officers CSpringJg Beatrice, vice-presiclentg Bar- bara Berry secretaryg Jack, sergeant-avarmsg Barbara Eversole, presidentg Betty Manning, treasurer. 2. Fall Officers: Chris, presidentg Mitch, treasurerg Mari- lyn, secretary. 3. Tony and Corny take it easy. Barbara, Mike, Callie. Richard jones looks for a library book. Charles delivers nomination speech. AI, Vince, Jack, jerry, Tony keeping in touch. Richard Wirschel, JoAnn, Bernadine, Dorothy, Nom, and Karl. K F ff sf 4 iw H' mb' ff? I4 - ' Yen Southern exposure. W Y Y Building the annex. Dr. Ellsberg carves the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. Through an open door. nn-G Senior Wills Ronald Abeyta, leave nothing as I will need everything I've got. Patrick Andrews, leave Julius Jasper a brand new pair of socks and Emery the way I found it. Barbara Berry, leave the junior high girls a makeup manual. Jack Bimbo, leave Danny Johnson a doctor for every football game he plays at Menlo. Marilyn Chou, leave the juniors a successful senior year. Bernadine Clemons, leave my little sister my ability to steer clear of the tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed Romeos. Butch Clemons, leave Dona Artaxet my talent for the industrial arts class. John Cook, leave Nick Romano the ability to graduate. Ron Daniels, leave my driving talent to Gabriel Aguiar. Linda Davis, leave Emery to anyone who wants it. Marilyn Donohue, leave Sharon Davis my guitar callouses. Alvin Dotson, leave Robert Baker my football playing ability. Barbara Eversole, leave Miss Dixon and Miss Gatenby a lifetime supply of instant teacher aid pills. Florette Fontella Ford, leave Jealie Lawrence my talent, makeup skills, and glamor, to carry on at Emery. Nora Joyce Fox, leave Jackie Mickel my per- sonality. Cornelious Harris, leave Emery High a weak mind and a strong back. Ron Jackson, leave my ability to play and my brains to my brother and my love to my mother and father. Richard Jones, leave Julia Thomas my best wishes to graduate. Chris Lee, leave the junior high girls time to grow up. Callie Lewis, leave my ability to play basket- ball to my sister Shirley Collins. Theresa Liggins, leave my sisters and friends at Emery. Jerry Lee, leave Mr. Bauer hopes of having an Interact Club. Vince Mazzini, leave Mr. Bauer more hopes of having an Interact Club. Mitchell Taylor, leave Mr. Bauer EVEN MORE hopes of having an Interact Club. Robert Mack, leave Ella Johnson all my love for her to cherish in the years to come. Betty Manning, leave all my soul to my swing- 'n G.P.'s at Emery, especially Bettie King. Michael Martinez, leave Emery and most of its student body behind without a bit of sorrow in my heart. Art Snowden, leave Dorothy Liggins a boy machine and Jackie and Della good luck. Tony McCoy, leave Cherry Thomas, Wanda Thomas, and the Liggins Sisters on Tuesday night at the Teen Center. Dorothy Patterson, leave Emery with no old memories. Henry Rice, leave Emery and my brothers the ability to get along together as well as I did. Joe Sanchez, leave Gabriel Aguiar the ability to talk his way out of anything like I did. Paula Sykes, leave Mr. Bennett a new edition of wisecracks to use this summer at the pool. Lewis Taylor, leave Gabriel Aguiar my good looks and charm. Charles Thomas, leave my ability to think and my skill in 'shooting basketball to Raymond Zedd. Jerry Wfhitworth, leave Emery and its problems to the present Juniors. Bill Winger, leave the faculty the knowledge that I shall return. JoAnn Williams, leave Barbara and Tenola my ability to be silent. Richard Witschel, leave Emery because I have been here long enough. Howard Wong, leave Mr. Bauer a jumbo size can of air freshener for the little critters in his room. Douglas White, leave my good looks to Rufus Johnson. Beatrice Wynn, leave Janice Wynn the ability to graduate from Emery. UNDERCLASSMEN WP Brig, . ' ww J if 9 W 7 f' U! v if EX AUTOGRAPHS Uiiligigq 5-A wwf A- f :.,:14,'-Eg.. iw? 1 J, ,vs an 'E 7 1 S Y 1-. I ' - Q ' f. "1 4' 5:1272 A Fifi' ' H -1 2 r ff - ra- "" J' -.-"'x.'. l l , Qi-z Q K A , M s ' , -5 C junior pickle sale. tori-I fi ft'--.. xx f 'wr s x N5 ,X , ' vga li.. 22 fo-'C yi X f 1 'tial fc f" ll ' 5115? W 511-,,f, ,ye Q I . nur., . .,u -unagl y H-.Hrhi u shun' ,. 1' - 'df 'H I f.'f'37""! --T'.' ,Q In I. Gabriel Aguiar Rosemary Anderson Romulo Anaya jo Catherine Armstrong Robert Baker Donna Artaxet Steve Badarello Della Bell Bill Carter Donna Brown Francis Chin Lorraine Carlson Melvin Chin Connie Chin Alfred Clark Carolyn Dickson William Clark Shirley Finch Not pictured: Joyce Barnette, Willie Craig, Quincy Sims, Alberta Palmer, Michael Robinson. john Gogna Dorothy Liggins Gary Gregory Betty Lum Vernon Holloway Maureen Mendoza Danny Johnson Jackie Mickle Ronald G. jones Andretta Pryor Ronald M. jones JoAnn Sample Larry Makaipo 'Carol Snowden Clifford McElroy Jackie Snowden johnny McNaughton Doreen Steves John O'Neil Brenda Taylor Mike Patterson Maxcine Johnson jerry Ramsey Cherry Thomas Nick Romano Julia Thomas Al Silva Viola Thompson Lewis Taylor Carla West Larry Watson Linda Wfhitfield Ricky West Joy Zamarelli Gerald Wilson Raymond Zedd Mike DeBorba Velma Higgs joe DeNurra Ella Johnson Cliff Donohue Bettie King Corbett Dotson Ann Legere Hamer Edenson Rosemary Levias 1 .- 5. - I' X, ' '. '55, t 'EE' x his . X. , eefgx s L V4 5, R, ,, C . , X .t 'Inge-gmt If V IS T ' Lk xi ye-:.aF.ft:? 5 - ref, t Ant R 1-K tt, 1 Sat. Max' 'ye fi' -u X RTN s-gzfiig Gif xv " J, sh A 3 X- , xg, 4 A X . t ag it T .g .,. E ni? X W 2 V ii:-Is ' 11 Q 'F 1,4- i :F ia Kirk . Ai: . 2-.ms l Sprmg offncers Presxdent Loxs Woods V1cePtes1dent Yolanda Pryor Treasurer Greg JOIICS, Danny Boleware Nancy Adams Robert Edwards Stella Anderson Donald Gogna Andrea Balengerc David Horton Margo Beasley Randy Ingram Janice Berg Donald Jackson Marian Berry Joe Jackson Carol Buskey Burl Johnson Claudia Carey Gregory Jones Linda Clark sk, Not pictured: Patsy Bounds, Richard Brandon, Glen Fo- ster, Doris Harris, Helen Harris, Annie Turner, Irene Varela, Vickie Wesleyf. Gene Spittler Anna Marie Dunn Dean Spittler Sandra Dunn Gerry Finch Ruth Jackson Virginia Gail jackson Dedra Johnson Jealie Lawrance Geri Liggins Barbara McCoy Yolanda Pryor Equella Rice Daisy Thomas Karen Thomas Annette Thornton Judy Volosevich Martha Wong Lois Woods Tenola Young George Keys Sonja Clemons Curtis Manning Shirley Coleman William Prince Silvia Corbera Ralph Roussell Joann Curtis Richard Silva Charmaine Davis Robert Silva Linda Dotson Qur- XX5: ' I .-- , 915 ,Q dw N Q i-lr, E N 1 8 1' ein' 'L .fi Z2 I5 IDIPIQQN 57,3915 :W V- . A 5 sv' C., if - ' U 'h! A 5 l ' I may mi., ggi X. Y' A .ig if , a J X, xlrl , I f 'Si if Artis Bell Susan Andrews Lonnie Billoups Jeanne Artaxet Arr Broussard igg,,x f i A for e in r ' Rosie Barajas Larry Brown Stephanie Chapman Kenneth Burton janet Chin Tom Carlsson janet Coleman Tom Chung Alberr DeNurra Hedy Diaz Leavy Forte Bea Early Not pictured: Kathy Campbell, Glenda Duncan, Robert Dunn, Howard Rucks. Larry jenkins JoAnn Seitz Dennis johnson Anita Thomas Rufus johnson Wanda Thomas Randy jones Rhonda Treat Ronnie Marshall Sundra Tucker Gary Ramsey Regina Washington Glenn Ray Ellen Watson Danny Schultz Barbara 'Whitworth Jim Shaffer Virginia Williams Frank Silva Joyce Young Chuck Spittler Lloyd Sumler Elzie Young Terri Canady Jackie Carter Steve Davis David Gross Izear Larry Susie Smith Steve Hanson Mamie Lum Randy Horton Sherry Patterson Bob Ibarra Barbara Ray ig 5 5 ! I I Curtis Harris Mary Jones Ernest Holloway A X X J new , 1 sr 'rf Win s - tl? - iw if 55 X xl ? fx 1-11 if 2 lg E Tony Grisolia Rita Harper ft , A r wkwa- fi W Ex iN .F S'- xr 9 x ,A X n .. v f- C r 16 5 'f r - D2 A .x Q w 9 N nf- ,Q H ,,, f nr tg 'gi . "r 5 i , fly, S- F S , , L, . Seventh and eighth graders in P.E. session. no 'i'fF",,, . N. 'T-. f. V . , . ff.. 15 7- '.'f'. . -. u.-'v t - 31.1 Arthur Allen Lucille Anaya Dale Andrews Shirley Collins Mike Baker Theresa Cox Robert Baraias Sharon Davis Alton Biser Louise Edwards Harold Chin Doris Jean Harris Morris Chin Delores Ingram Maddison Coleman Joan jackson Mike Dickson Salvadore Domingues Peggy Jackson Dennis Garetti Gail Jones jim Hoffman janet Loud Lowell Hudson Gloria Manning Michael Keys Debbie Noble Nancy Pello Jim Legere JoAnn Reddell Alman Meyer Linda Sumler Frank Phillips Marcie Thomas Robert Porter Susan Treat Steve Prince Rita Vinson Willie Rankins Becky Watson Kevin Scaler Larry Sutton Not pictured: Pat jackson, Rosie Larry, Greg- ory Love, and Marsha Munyon. F ii? is gms , Y 3 1 ' "" R if ' 'im 1473 . V sz... M. Ki? E54 , fv- ow if. lyylt I I Donald Wesley QPV in- gm Ronnie Williams W' Y V David Woods Q is-W" . X 1 M fiffib'-i.t:','?"g ' D 29 QNNM Ez f f 7 Z -N W Seventh and eighth graders in P.E. scramble. N,.i..1 ',.-at 'Vx v' U- . . xv, 'ivfi' Af '- N 'S 1 r 30 Richard Barajas Patricia Abeyta Rex Battershell Marie Anderson Clifford Chou Christine Boleware David Coleman Sonia Coles I. C. Collins Catherine Coody Gan' Crawford Shirley Carter Dwight May Linda Dewitt Frank Dominquez Diane Cox Ronnie Duncan Rita Davis Not pictured: Ruben Baker, Dorothy Bounds, Herbert Loften, Darrel Loud, Charles Sanders, Sheron Smith. Joyce Hall Steve Henry Barbara Grisolia Jerry Jenkins Jim Hayes Roberta Edwards Craig Henry r"u? V44 351 w' 'Q X .5 ,Q-L 'W . fa-S' if, 4 1 an f e Linda K. Jackson Bernard Lofton Linda S. Jackson David May Judy Johnson ef Q Willard Rankins Laurel Lawrence Donald Reddell Lisa Lyman Tom Rice V, eg sl ik' Q ff' Sf 2 'Ir I E. rf r S 53' X - . N ,eq 1 t ,. Vi , ,, if Q is r t K V' vf ' l .. .. S1- as Cynthia Smith V-v Larry Rucker ,, Sharon Smith Jw , Ronnie Lee X7 t.t Evelyn Thomas We 5 -, Gary Smith Q- :ES ' M Donna Volosevich ,R 'mi '- John Smith y,. 'f QQ Q, Gayle Walker A ' Donald Thomas V W Elizabeth Whitfield gf , a g Robert Thurman 'ff' ' S Linda Wilson 3 5 ' 95' ' Roderick Vinson A 4 Janice Wlynn ' . W I M Joe Whitten fig X " , .. Alvis Woods i'1 le tzxy if s 'i ' 1 Y K i .Q 2 f yi - X 1 , 4. at , r saar . fa ,, -ff. -ssl 31 - ia- A 1 :iff - .-, 11th Grade Fall Officers, Left to right: First row: Steve Bardarello, secretary-treasurer, Johnny McNaughton, vice-president. Second row: Lewis Taylor, sergeant-at-arms, Julia Thomas, sergeant-at-arms, Mike Patterson, president. .,, L Y it fir he H, -Q ,. ' l E 10th Grade Fall Officers, Left to right: Gerri Liggins, secretary, Curtis Manning, president, Anna Marie Dunn, treasurer, Equella Rice, vice-president. l 1 E ? E 9th Grade Spring Ofhcers, seated Left to right: Susan Andrews, vice-president, Jeanne Artaxet, president: Stand- ing: Al DeNurra, sergeant-at-armsg Mamie Lum, secre- tary-treasurer. 7th Grade Fall Officers, Left to right: Willard Ran- kins, presidentg Linda jackson, secretary-treasurer, Alvis Woods, vice-president. 3 , ly 1 'J S S , , llth Grade Spring Officers, Left to right: JoAnn Sample, secretary-treasurer: johnny McNaughton, presidentg An- dretta Pryor, vice-president. Not pictured: Gary Gregory, sergeant-at-arms. yi 9th Grade Fall Officers, Left to right: Randy Jones, vice- presidentg Sherry Patterson, secretary-treasurer, Art Broussard, president, .K if 8,11 4,1 Q.-Q x My 8th Grade Fall Officers, Left to right: Mike Dickson, sergeant-at-arms, Lowell Hudson, secretary-treasurer, Pat jackson, vice-president, Willie Rankins, president. 7th and 8th Grade Spring Class Officers, Left to right, 7th Grade: Alvis Woods, president, Evelyn Thomas, vice- presidentg Patti Abeyta, secretary-treasurer, 8th Grade: Arthur Allen, president, Lucille Anaya, vice-president, Debbie Noble, secretary-treasurer. l FF TA S HQ Ax N OFFICE Q Mx frx : x I Q J 4 X 4 ?L 'l 'Dia Mr. H. D. Bailey Superintendent of Schools is sisiff i i D D sz s l 5 , . 5 , 4 fi ' M g ' '56 ' ' +4 . ' .4 h Mr. Thomas H. Conlan fi Q V Q Coordinator of Business Services 5' f' ' Q 1 , Q gi . . 5- if Dr. Morne Davidson 51 Coordinator of Leisure Service Division Q . f. K I Q W f' - 1 Board of Trustees: Left to right: Mrs. Mary K. Curran, Clerkg Mrs. Dorothy Balangew, Member: Mr. Donald M. Marshall, Memberg Mr. Anthony G. Cabral, Presidentg Mr. William T. Prince, Member. l . Dr. Alan W. Ellsberg Principal es, , 125 1, fe- r i el 'Ninn Principa1's Message This has been a busy, eventful year in the history of Emery High School. There were "growing pains" of many kinds. The most obvious was in the construction of our new build- ing. This caused a great deal of inconvenience, but it was certainly worth it. A yearbook records the history of the year, and this one does an excellent job for you. It means a lot to you now, but it will mean even more in the many years to come. Alan W. Ellsberg Mr. Samuel N. Henrie Administrative Intern Mr. Joseph Lovisone Administrative Assisranr 35 X-Q 1' Mr. Elio Abrami Boys' Counselor, Physical Education Mrs. Ruth Anderson Testing Director, Typing, English Mrs. Sonia Anderson Girls' Counselor, Physical Education Mr. Lyle Bardo Band Mr. William Bauer Science Mr. Ernest Bennett Physical Education Mr. Isham Buchanan junior High Miss Carole Cruz Junior High Mr. Frank E. Cummings Metal Shop Miss Rita M. Dixon Business Machines Mr. Jack M. Ernst Mathematics Mrs. Frieda E. Forselles School Nurse Miss Beverly D, Gatenby English, Public Speaking Mr. Robert T, Harris Community School Director Mr. Mason Layton Drivers Education Mrs. Claire McGaw English, Girls Chorus Mrs. June Millard Junior High Miss Doris Mosaly Homemaking Mr. Salvador Noriega Spanish Miss Marilyn- Oakes junior High Miss Edith Raftery Mr. Carl Rasmussen Mr, Clifton Shordike Social Studies Wood Shop, Drafting Publications, Government Mr. Lawrence Rand Mrs. Virginia Rice Mr, Lester Talbot Llbfafiim Junior High Mathematics, English, Science Miss Virginia Cellano Office Secretary Mrs. Kate Hershey Secretary Mrs. Bessie Koplos Attendance Clerk is Not Pictured: Mrs. Ruth Hanson Matron Mr. Peter Susin Custodian Mr, James Flanigan Custodian Mr. jeff Matthews Crossing Guard Mrs. Pat Vinson Executive Secretary Mrs. Marilyn Matilla Secretary , ,, Z, . xx it ' J 5 R , ax-4 Q t E, , , I 1, we 2 , - if ', 1 ,ff 'r ' 'ev V f a X t .AH r, su ' , Q QQ , 'r ' 2 T . i f tx .5, R X rt- " I ' .L V . ' , X --K 4 9:5 Q V - ii iw 6-'-if xt r "1 K r . 1? -t 1 ' ' L -- I ,. ffl p if .- f A lk ' A .4 ' f 2 , Mrs. Willetta Mason Library Assistant Mrs. Kay Powers Snack Bar Manager Mrs. Mary Williams Attendance Clerk fro February 1966, Mr. Lee Laughlin Head Custodian Mr, Bruce Griffin Skilled Maintenance Mr. Ray Edgett Building Inspector Santa Claus CDL Ellsbergj and friend. 6. Mr. Abrami is a good eater Thanksgiving Dinner. 7. Mr. Bennett and hawk, interviewed by Tribune re W'hat is the right answer? porter. Faculty birthday party. 8. Mr. Rand and Mrs. Mason show library display. Wfoodworkers. 38 JECTS UB S SS LA C ,ll st ..ff I SE f Q ,g I MIX E N A ek Nl AUTOGRAPHS JZ! Jlw ,114 awgbjq , 19015 , ,Lawn J H1 img ww J W M, iw QQQJQQMJXQX CLALQQAVOU 607716 6 mg -aw 0 of QW QW WZQLLZD i College English 20 " ANNIVERSARY UNITED NAHUNQ OCTOBER 24 1965 World History Spanish II Eff FS 5333255 2 L, 4. izov'i2?3Ei-:Qi I ' Tvfkis? "' MM. ..-SL U. S. History English III fig? 1. Trigonometry W ""x 5 , x E 6 , 2. 9th Grade Algebra 3. 9th Grade Math 4. Geometry 42 1. General Science ,, - N '- -5' Q f . A 1 gwjgwivhy Q F -REL'-5 - " Ir? , ,,,. . , M af.: 5' , x x 2. Chemistry 5. Biology 4. Physics ' 43 -6' 'N ,M I 'sg E T .fix -ifliifyggki .1 Ts .Q . .Q 1 i, H Ev Aka... LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: First row, left to right: Steve Hanson, JoAnn Sykes, Second row: Rita Harper, Mamie Lum, Gary Smith, Clifford Choug Shirly Finch, Third row: OFFICE ASSISTANTS: First row, left to right: Dedra johnson, Annette Thornton, Danny Johnson, Charmaine Davis, Corbett Dotson, julia Thomasg Second row, left to right: Ann Legere, Albert Palmer, jo Ann Sample, Betty Rosie Barajasg Marilyn Chou, Nancy Adamsg Charles Thomasg Marian Berry, Robert Silva, Arthur Snowdeng David Woods, Chuck Spittlerg Jimmy Shaffer. Manning, jackie Snowden, Bettie King, Steve Badarello. Not pictured: Joy Zamarelli, Robert Mack, Sonja Clemons Rosemary Anderson, Maureen Smith, Joe Sanchez, Al Silvai Gerri Liggins, Ruth jackson, Andretta Pryor. TEACHER AIDES: First row, left to right: Randy In- gram, Steve Badarello, Barbara Eversole, Paula Sykes, Andrea Balengero, Maureen Mendoza, Shirley Coleman, William Prince. Second row: Charmine Davis, Jeanne Artaxet, Christine Lee, Andretta Pryor, Bettie King, Annette Thornton, Karen Thomas. Third row: Marilyn 1 Chou, Betty Lum, Connie Chin, Sherry Patterson, Nora Fox, Virginia jackson, Dedra Johnson, JoAnn Wfilliams, George Keys. Fourth row: Lorraine Cnrlsson, Viola Thompson, Della Bell, Beatrice Vilynn, Ella johnson. Fifth row: Cornelius Harris, Alberta Palmer, Raymond Zedd. Not pictured: Alfred Clark, Alvin Dotson, Robert Mack. AG!-. uracy .4 ilrf HOMEMAKING To make a pie 35 Q Q1 Learnmg skxlls on the sewmg machme 47 115 First row: bottom of photo to top: jim Hayes: Tom Riceg Arthur Allen: Frank Dominguezg Second row: Clifford Choug Alton Biserg Elzie Youngg Henry Riceg Tom Carls- song Bill Wingerg Randy Hortong jerry Whitworthg jack Bimbog Randy Ingramg Ken Burtong Willie Rankinsg Curtis Manningg Mr. Bardo: Third row: John Smithg Melvin Ching Alvis Woodsg Larry Jenkins, Ronnie Williams: Madi- son Colemang Richy Westg Art Broussardg Mike D 1 3 William Princeg Larry Makaidog john McNaugtong el Dixong Fourth row: Rex Battershellg Craig Henry, Don jacksong George Keysg Gary Ramseyg David I-Iortong Danny Schultz, Rufus Johnson: Fifth Row: Marilyn Dono- hueg Bob Ibarrag Dennis Johnsong Joe DeNurra. Band The big event for the Band this year was its participation in the Channel 7 TV show for Christmas Eve. They played for all assemblies, for Open House, for the Four-In-One Tournament, and for the Milk Fund. Eighth grade band members, Front to back: Ronnie Wfil- liams, Arthur Allen, Maddison Coleman, Alton Biser, Sal Dominquez. fNot pictured- Michael Dixon, Michael Keys, Willie Rankins, Larry Sutton, Michael Baker.J Left to right: Gerry Finch, Joyce Young, Mary Jones, Thomas, Betty Manning, Charmaine Davis, Equella Rice, JoAnn Curtis, Bettie King, Annette Thorton, Daisy Nora Fox, Joyce Barnett, jackie Carter, Paula Sykes. Girl's Chorus The Girls' Chorus, during the Fall semester, engaged in many activities of school and community interest. Among these were appearances at Back to School night, P-TA, Christmas Assembly, and the Eastshore Kiwanis Club. During the spring semester, the Chorus sang for Open House in April. One of the highlights of the year was the trip to San Francisco, with the band, to make our part of the Christmas TV tape, the "Young Sound of Christmas," which was aired Christmas Eve. Seventh grade band members CFront to backj 1st row-john Smith, Clifford Chou, Jim Hayes, Tom Rice, Frank Do- minquez. 2nd row-Jerry jen- kins, Rex Battershell, Alvis Woods, Craig Henry. 3rd row -Wfillard Rankins, Donald Thomas. CNot pictured-Rew ben Baker, Ronnie Lee.J 49 Mr. Buchanan, Sth grade class. in 1 w magsr F swf wi' lk 5 31' Miss Oakes, 8th grade class. Mrs. Millard, 7th grade class Mrs. Rice, 7th grade class. mi 41... . Y , ss Q i I - v fv-d ' -,Nw 0 ..,,..q vor-H' 1. 2. 3. 4. 7th and Sth Grade Halloween party. 5. Donna and Marilyn make coffee. u Girls basketball. 6. Della, Danny, Rosemary, and Ricky look over exhibit Science Class take test. at Book Fair. Fashion Show models. 52 S CHQ ZATI QDRGADH Autographs FALL First row, Left to right: Mike Patterson, 11th grade presi- dent, Tenola Young, Head pom-pom girl, Shirley Coleman, Head j.V. Cheerleader, Connie Chin, Honor Society presi- dent, Barbara Berry, Student Body Vice-president, Bill Winger, Student Body president, Betty Manning, Student Body Secretary-Treasurer, jackie Snowden, llth grade rep- resentative, Julia Thomas, 11th grade representative, Della Bell, 11th grade representative, Marilyn Chou, F.T.A. rep- resentative, Mitch Taylor, Interact president, Salvadore Dominguez, 8th grade president, Bob lbarra, 9th grade representative, Shirley Collins, 8th grade representative, Williard Rankins, 7th grade president, Beatrice Wynn, Head cheerleader, JoAnn Williams, F.N.A. president, Wil- lie Rankins, 8th president, Curtis Manning, 10th grade president, William Prince, Business Club president, Bar- bara Eversole, 12th grade representative, Sonja Clemons, 10th grade representative, Anna Marie Dunn, Spanish Club president, Lois Woods, Blotter representative, Marian Berry, 10th grade representative, Art Broussard, 9th grade representative, Christine Lee, 12th grade president. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, student governing body for Emery High School was quite active this year, meeting every second Thursday. The Fall Council helped plan the Milk Fund games and worked closely with a committee for the American Field Services Program. The Spring Council also organized the annual talent show. SPRING First row, left to right: Connie Chin, Secretary-Treasurer, Jack Bimbo, Vice-president, Betty Manning, President. Sec- ond row: Art Allen, 7th grade representative, Patty Abeyta, 7th grade representative, Yolanda Pryor, Vice-president, Della Bell, 11th grade representative, julia Thomas, 11th grade representative, Susan Andrews, 9th grade representa- tive, Bill Winger, 12th grade representative, Ella John- son, Red Cross representative, johnny McNaughton, 11th grade president, Barbara Eversole, 12th grade president, Mitch Taylor, Interact Club president, Vince Mazzini. Stage crew, Third row: Raymond Zedd, 11th grade repre- sentative, JoAnn Williams, F.N.A. president, Tony Mc- Coy, Block E representative, Tenola Young, Head Pom- pon girl, Lois Woods, 10th grade president, Jeanie Artaxet, 9th grade president, Anna Marie Dunn, Spanish Club pres- ident, Marilyn Chou, 12th grade representative, Marth Wong, Senior Honor Society president, Marian Berry, 10th grade representative, Alvis Woods, 7th grade president, Barbara Berry, head cheerleader, Evelyn Thomas, 7th grade representative. W9 SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Seated, left to right: Connie Chin, Fall president and Spring historiang Martha Wong, Spring presidentg Marilyn Chou, Fall treasurer. Standing: Judy Volosevich, Spring secretary, Lorraine Carlson, Fall secretary and Spring treasurerg Christine Lee, Fall vice-presidentg Miss Raftery, advisor. Not pictured: David Horton, Spring vice-president. The honor societies include the high point scholars of Emery. This year the Senior Honor Society received its charter from the California Scholarship Federa- tion. Members attended a regional C.S.F. conference in Berkeley at the University. junior Honor Society members, whose advisor is Mrs. Millard, made several trips this year. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY First row, left to right: Chou Clifford, Patti Abeyta, Donna Volosovich, Lisa Lyman, Mike Keys. Second row: Jeanne Artaxet, Craig Henry, Salvador Domingnez, Gayle Walker, Linda Wilson, Harold Chin. Not pictured: Randy Horton, treasurerg Tom Carlsson, Thomas Wong, president, JoAnn Redell, Debbie Noble, vice-presidentg Stephanie Chapman. 56 First row, left to right: Bettie King, Yolanda Pryor, Anna Marie Dunn, Lois Woods, Marian Berry. Second row, standing: Mr. Noriega, advisor, Judy Volosevich, Nancy Adams, Martha Wong, Bill Prince, Marilyn Chou, Tenola Young, Rita Harper, Curtis Manning, and Greg jones. Not pictured: David Horton. SPANISH CLUB The very active Spanish Club attended the Segovia guitar concert this year, went to a Mexican dinner at the Manning house, saw several Spanish movies, held regular meetings at which there were sometimes speakers, and held a dance in May. Some members participated in the annual Foreign Language Field Day in Newark. This year the Business Club charted the stock market, and also spent time acquainting themselves with the prepara- I tion of income tax forms. The members had a picnic at Til- den and went to Golden Gate Park for a cycling tour. The Club toured the Stock Ex- change in San Francisco. BUSINESS CLUB First row: Martha Wong, Anna Maria Dunn, William Prince, Marian Berry, Tenola Young. Standing: Curtis Manning, Maureen Mendoza, and Randy Ingram. Not pic- tured: David Horton. RED CROSS YOUTH COUNCIL Left to right: Linda Wfhitlield, council memberg Marilyn Donohue, vice-chairmang Ella Johnson, chairman, Velma Higgs, secretary-treasurerg Danny Johnson, council member. ANNUAL The council organized the Red Cross drive this year. During the Christmas holidays the Council collected contributions and made candy for the servicemen at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. . W .-,Lge 5 kt' le. A J ? ' ' s T I S 'V FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: First row, left to affiliateg William Prince, affiliate, Bill Winger, Student right: Barbara Berry: Betty Lum, Community Service Council Representativeg Marilyn Chou, Council Chairmang Chairmang Martha Wong, Marian Berryg Christine Lee, Connie Chin, Public Relations Chairmang Lorraine Carls- Program Planning Chairman, Second row: Jeanne Artaxet, son, Cultural Chairmang Miss Gatenby, Sponsor. Students interested in taking up teaching as a career hase formed the F.T.A. chapter at Emery. This semester the group provided teaching assistants at Ralph S. Hawley elementary school. Members set up a child care center for Back-to-School night at Emery, and partic- ipated in a number of community drives. The club also attended concerts and plays during the year. xy X FUTURE NURSES ASSOCIATION: First row, left to Anita Thomasg Andretta Pryor. Not Pictured: Betty right: Viola Thompson, treasurerg Karen Thomas: JoAnn Manning, secretary, Annette Thornton, vice-presidentg Williams, president, Beatrice Wynn. Second row: Linda Annie Turner, Doris Harris, and Marilyn Donohue. Whitfield: Sandra Tuckerg Alberta Palmerg Daisy Thomasg Emery's aspiring nurses had many projects this year: a trip to the Recreation center for the handicapped in San Francisco, a visit to the state hospital at Napa, a health career day in which they visited another hospital, and a Spring picnic were among the highlights of the year. Executive committee members clockwise around desks: Lorraine Carlsson, Chris Lee, Marilyn Donohue, Betty Manning, Betty Lum, Marilyn Chou, Melvin Chin, Paula Sykes. Not pictured: David Gross, Francis Chin, Eamer Edenson. LITERARY MAGAZINE The Literary Magazine, a new project at Emery this year, set out to publish by the end of the year. Many students have contributed poems, short stories, articles, and illustrations to this project. Marilyn Donohue was the editor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Greg jones, treasurerg Howard Wong, Randy Ingramg Steve Badarellog jerry Lee, vice- presidentg Tony McCoyg jack Bimbo, directorg Curtis Manning, directorg Mitchell Taylor, president. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bauer, advisory Melvin Ching Vince Mazzini, secretaryg Charles Thomasg Ronald Abeyta, directorg William Prince. THIRD ROW: William Wingerg Gerald Wilson. Not pictured: Dave Hortong Nolan Clemons. INTERACT CLUB Another new group, the Interact Club, was organized at the beginning of the first semester as a community service club. lt is sponsored by Rotary, and is open to outstanding young men in grades 10-12. The club received its charter in February. I -4-s 2' f Varsity Cheerleaders, Theresa Liggins, Barbara B Wynn. 'ii erry, Be E KR , we tty Manning. Not Pictured, Beatrice J.V. Cheerleaders, Janet Coleman, Mary jones Sherry Patterson, and Shirley Coleman. C Cheerleaders, Rita Vinson, Delores Ingram, Louise Ed- wards, and Doris Harris. POM PON GIRLS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Equella Rice, Tenola Young, and Marian Berry. SECOND ROXV, Gerri Liggins, Barbara McMoy, and Lois Woods. PEP CLUB: FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Coleman, Levias, Cherry Thomas, Yolanda Pryor, Anna Marie Dunn, Janet Coleman, SECOND ROW: Martha Wong, Carolyn Bettie King, Karen Thomas, Linda Whitfield. FOURTH Dickson, Andretta Pryor, Linda Dickson, Sandra Dunn, ROW: Cecelia King, Velma Higgs, Marian Berry, Della Claudia Carey, THIRD ROW: Gerri Finch, Rosemary Bell, JoAnn Sample, Viola Thompson, Tenola Young. 61 Left to right, First row: jackie Mickle, Geri Finch, Margo Thomas, Dedra Johnson, Charmaine Davis, Della Bell, Mr. Beasly, Rosemary Levias, Rosemary Anderson. Second row: Harris, recreation director. Dorothy Liggins, Viola Thompson, JoAnn Samples, Julia Girls Track Left to right: Sherry Patterson, Joyce Young, Mary jones, Ellen Watson, Tenola Young, Bettie King. Left to right: Callie Lewis, Reginia Washingtong Joyce Young, Instructor- Shirley Brown. Modern Dance 62 FALL COUNCIL: FIRST ROW, left to right: Rosemary Levias, Barbara Berry, Tenola Young, SECOND ROW, left to right: Beatrice Wynn, Della Bell, Joyce Young, Chris Lee. THIRD ROW, left to right: Julia Thomas, Betty Manning, Marian Berry, Lorraine Carlsson, Shirley Finch. G.A.A. The G.A.A. participated in an exciting Cross Country Run through Emeryville and played basketball and softball with West Camfus, They glayed in the annual Milk Fun Game an served as hostesses at the Four-In-One Tournament Awards Dinner. Some other activities were: swim- ming every week, a track team, Block E- G.A.A. Dance, and the Senior Tea. The first Thursday night of each month was G.A.A. Night in the gym. Points were awarded for participating in the activities and serving as volunteers. SPRING COUNCIL: Left to right Miss Huber advisor Equella Rice treasurer julia Thomas, presidentg Lois Woods, sports manager Not pictured Somya Clemons point secre taryg Sherry Patterson, secretary. ' cf' l fi iii Ip ' ' ww' , Q I -fnwfi. Q L lg S4 0 1 'C i ka' ' Q 1 u 4-my SPQRTS '55 FS Autographs S., . Douglas White Back . Arthur Snovsden En it EN 5 2 d r r , 3 QE . Henry Rice End 4. Jerry Lee Guard, Most Inspirational Player 5. Ron jackson Back 6. Mitch Taylor Tackle 7. jack Bimbo Guard 8. Pat Andrews Back 9. Alvin Dotson Back, Most Valuable Player 10. Karl Yesmont Tackle Not pictured: Vince Mazzini, Tackleg Tony Mc- Coy Backg Cornelious Harris, Back, Captain of the year, All Conference first string. First row, left to right: Karl Yesmont, Tackle, Pat An- drews, Back, Billy Carter, Guard, Larry Watson, Back, Jack Bimbo, Guardg Vernon Holloway, Guard, Lonnie Billoups, Back, Corbett Dotson, Back, Jerry Lee, Guard. Second Gary Gregory, Back, Art Snowden, Endg Robert Silva, row: Richard Silva, Center, Greg jones, Back, FOOTBALL End, Douglas White, Back, Ron Jackson, Back, Henery Rice, End, jerry Ramsey, Guardg Al Silva, Center. Third row: William Holmes, Guard, Raymond Zedd, Endg Al Clark, Tackleg Gerald Wilson, Tackle, Danny Johnson, End, Ron Jones, Guard, Cliff Donohue, End. Not Pictured: Vince Mazzini, Cornelious Harris, Tony McCoy. The Spartans made a big comeback this year after having been deprived of a practice field because of construction last season. They took second place in the League, and ended the season with Coach Abrami's accolade, "One of the best teams I have ever coached." SCORES FOR VARSITY EMERY Salesian 7 31 St. Vincent's 6 37 C.S.D. 14 38 S.R.M.A. 14 45 Lick Wilmerding 2 24 Menlo 35 0 JUNIOR VARSITY First row, left to right: Donald Wesley, Manager, Melvin Chin, Rufus Johnson, Randy Ingram, Donald jackson, Frank Silva, joe Jackson, Gary Ramsey, Alvis Woods, Manager, Dennis Garretti, Manager. Second row: Ralph ,, an Roussell, Curtis Manning, Art Broussard, Richard Brandon Dennis Johnson, Larry Brown, Randy jones, julis Jasper, Leavy Forte, Coach Abrami. is ' as A 'Q 999' Qgmlie tr 3, ,, 5 , vp-we. , m: . 73314, if f-Q .Q . V , W Y V W fhnix n mg-ilu. Q52 sf '1g'.:qg:, amz " X ' A, ' 'V ,, ' X, T Q M 5, an gf If ff gr, Q .g H 2.7. ff J f Q - , "f?W'TfQ P F 9 J . ,ie 'ff Q, f .V ' 2 y SRf k,A. 5 Q I I-me x xkAA lqlr , ,f Ali-llll X., f 1 l1iB1 p 3 x X + uh ,, k kk A A 55.40 -i" ".5,,,.?,V:X.:'5,xX lib AMX X i ""2f Q 42 Qifff mg L f: :kt :F g 1 3. ' 11 ff f YM- wi - Q .W,W..,,- 2-t 1' ' f tw ' 1 N K f Z ! BQMM -.4g'o?'f X s fl iii i. 536,931 A t 5 tailjbf' ' f , Q S ' g ' r ' f ts' Ray Zedd tips aghinst Lick. X-A I W A I 1 1' - X , -bi . L X 1 H E . , Y tt up Q x.. ' f if Q 5 +55 '52 EE -t 4- 1' 4 S... s . is 'Hs' , K sw, . A V ' W' K gs' M X gr !Tj'Cm Q Q W liQw "h' 'Xi?z V sf :Q , f ' Sf' bg if X ' NY s ' ' 3 I S sf Q 5' 3- Al Clark waits for rebound against Cadets. 1 sift: , , K - 1 .A . l 1. S 'il . 2? S if, A -f .-.....4 First row, left to right: Kenneth Burton, G5 Steven Bade rello, G5 Corbett Dotson, Gg Larry jenkins, G5 Frank Silva Managerg Burl johnson,-Fg Rufus Johnson, Fg Joe Jaskson G3 Lonnie S.R.M.A. Lick Menlo St. Vincents C.S.D. Concordia S.R.M.A. Lick Menlo St. Vincents C.S.D. Concordia B TEAM Billoups, G3 Coach Lovisone. Second row The B team were second place winners in League play this year. Coach joe Lovisone commended the boys for their spirited efforts during the season, and predicted some strong recruits for the varsity next year. Some of the B team mem- bers participated in the four-in-one tournament sponsored by the Leisure Services Division. Dennis johnson shoots at San Rafael game EMERY B'S 24 43 30 29 31 36 37 39 56 45 5 1 42 1 1 67 33 30 17 57 54 40 45 54 40 50 - Randy Jones, G3 Curtis Manning, Fg Al De Nurra G , Joe De Nurra, Gg Julius Jasper, F3 Leavy Forte C Larry , Brown, Gg Dennis johnson, CQ Izear Larry C Lloyd : Sumler, Cg Al Silva, C5 Henry Rice, F3 Eamer Edenson G 3 . , I 5 F P 1 ' 5 5 i .K I ' 1 1 if Q' .. te M .5 " 0 Q. F i , wt- V , -- 'fy U- Q X., - w Q QQ ,. . wwf gg gi? is -X ' I X ax K' ' Q 4 x ., b Y W . nf' Sw- gun' I Ak if Q 1 , 'QV I' Q 5 X .. J EQ Q12 'E ,fx ' ' F P ' 5. ' in . . " 7. 5 l . an 35 ' ' 55 Q I - Q S L E. A' A A , 5 4 - r I ! Q ' 4 X ' f I Q I Q gs 5 f 4 E, 4, . Q 1 E35 V 1 ' 1 X ff ,-QQ fb N ' - A . SF . N f X Q ff - . - Q -Vi go K W- A Q-9. D I f ,as ,Q Q .M F 1 m -x ' 5 A -if .Li f X. ,-g,3. Y X f S E ff QQQ: f I L ,. .. Q . .. -:M ' v K M . 2 g Agn A X x, Q' x ,wg V F ,J rf Aw! 3 is X vi' f'i7L:,,l9 Q Zh 'i an 2 ..,'. ,. , fl b M EW st 5 52 PE , . 5 Q, fx w Q 'ff' H 4 '-cf' C TEAM First row, left to right: David Woods, Gg Robert Edwards, G5 Mike Dickson, G. Setond row Don Wesly, Cg XVil1ie Rankins, F, Salvador Dominguez, Fg Tim Hoffman, F5 Al DeNurra, F Steve Hanson, G5 Maddison Coleman, F5 Robert Barajas, Fg Bob Harris, Coach. mx!!! I X. X 10" Q ,,.. L,'.,..f, A .1 I - -' C ,. if ffl' Al DeNui-ra takes rebound from Woods and Lofton. Willie Rankins shooting over Dickson and DeNurra. Willie Rankins, Al DeNurra, and Mike Dickson, fighting for rebound. xg f" usa, T Q 1 f D E x i .Q 0 r I I 'Si in 4 f Q CQ 1 Qs f ' 1 5111! , if S' iw ,gi X ig ik Wx if e Q xx sm ,Q Rf f xi' 'Th 2 as 'Q' Q60 g 9 Y, E Jw. f,.l'Q 21 5 3 I I 1 L I 'V -D+ - ' 'Ct A 3 1 i 1 Q 41" ,ie . 1 4, I Q 1 Q Q ' F 5 Q E -EQ flf f .425 . Q , .W '-4 X VARSITY BASEBALL: FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Watson, third base, Ernest Holloway, outfield, Lonnie Billoups, outfield, Danny Schultz, third base, Romulo Anaya, right field, SECOND ROW, left to right: Curtis Manning, manager, Richard Jones, left field, Johnny Mc- Naughton, second base, jack Bimbo, outfield, Robert Silva, outfield, Leavie Forte, outfield, Douglas White, manager, THIRD ROW, Coach Lovisone, Arthur Snow- den, catcher, Greg jones, pitcher, Cornelious Harris, shortstop, Tony McCoy, first base, Richard Silva, catcher, NOT pictured, Al Silva, outfield, Bob Baker, infield. Playing on their own field for the first time in two years, both the varsity and the jV's were beginning to make headway as the season opened and the Yearbook Weill to PIFCSS. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL: FIRST ROW, left to right: Craig Henry, shortstop, Al Woods, center Seld, Frank Silva, right field, Ricky Vinson, second base, Art Allen, left field, Tom Rice, center field, Ken Burton, manager, SECOND ROW, left to right: Rufus johnson, center lieldg Mike Dixon, shortstop and pitcher, Larry jenkins, second base, Randy Ingram, third base, Madison Owens, right field, Steve Hansen, first base, Ron Williams, left field, jim Shaffer, manager, THIRD ROW, left to right: Mr. Abrami, Coach, Don Wesley, catcher, Art Broussard, right field: Larry Brown, first base, Randy jones, shortstop, Willie Rankins, catcher, David Woods, third base and pitcher. w, ,Rf 76 GQ, -Q 3 H f,-1, ia w YT A f Q-if Gil, 1 me 'h my Q .i if i 'E 'i .if ti ki? Q -if - 4 fi: 5 A. 4 .1 5 K . . . 1 I .v .. .. ' ' -Ri f i f 1 P is f - ' . fem ' , I f As' ' 'f n '-1 , x if " 5 f N-1""lini at h g ,- given - - K ' . 1 - N .- ---- - X m it? 'ff ' if c c fa eecee P4 1 " ' ' if ' . ..', ,.., ' 1 a : Q ' it S. Art Snowden, catcher. Second baseman johnny McNaughton jack Bimbo, shortstop. and pitcher Greg Jones. Block E The Block E, Emery's Service group for boys who have won their blocks in a sport, was scheduled to have a new kind of initiation at the end of the year. The group joined the G.A.A. in having a dance in the Spring. During the year they provided monitors for the assemblies. FIRST ROW, left to right: Art Snowdeng jack Bimbo, presidentg jerry Leeg joe jaclcsong Corbett Dotsong Johnny McNaughtong Tony McCoy, representativeg SECOND ROW, Vince Mazzinig Danny johnsong Alfred Clarkg Greg jonesg Corneilous Harrisg jerry Ramseyg Ron jonesg Ray Zeddg Mr. Lovisone, advisorg not pictured, Alvin Dotsong vice-presidentg Henry Rice. 77 .2- QD vb' 'ffzlatwfw .fs in H. Fri. .iv ea-'X t li' ,yy a. 3 fu I ff .. W- we Mt ,Y r Xu-'P' . ff o -., dv SWIMMING TEAM First row, kneeling left to right, Donald Jackson, Randy Horton, Steve Hansen, Tim Hoffman, Lowell Hudson, Glenn Foster. Second row, David Woods, Gerald Wilson, Donald Wesley, Robert Barajas, Willie Rankins, Coach Bennett. Not pictured, Glenn Ray, manager, Salvador Dominguez Coached by Mr. Ben- 2. Left to right, Robert Barajas and Gerald Wilson practicing starts. 3. Practicing take-offs, Foreground, Lowell Hudson. In back Randy Horton. 4. Top to bottom, Willie Rankins, Donald Wesley, David Woods, Backstroke. .WW T, . ., v 'a'-vw, ex we ws ,mea-we nett, Emery's first swimming team gained a lot of experience this year. They participated in a number of meets, with other League schools. They have the satisfaction of being pioneers in a new sport for our school. Jesnews I '1' fa Q it .'xs's"" km ss.. Presentation of the Hag by President of the V.F.XV. Ladies Auxiliary to S.B. President Bill Winger. Dr. Ellsberg helps with the weighing in. Curtis at Channel 7 TV show. It was a long swim, and the sun's pretty good. Fashion models. If you want to take a picture of a real jump shot, you start by getting on a table . . . More fashion models. Acknowledgments Photographs .... ........ H al Matson, Photographer, Oakland, and our own staff photographers Printing .... ..... A merican Yearbook Company, Visalia, California Typing ..... ........ M rs. Anderson's typing classes, especially Dennis Johnson Joyce Young Janet Coleman Randy jones Elzie Young Anita Thomas Randy Horton Viola Thompson Velma Higgs 80 vw Wfwgwbgwfv Jeb 1 K SJ C' K A393433 53 , Jr, FJ? gf X f gg Lg 5? ' if r , . Egan Y , USS? of wg X3 if 51557 fy? sfoijg fwf 4352 X, - X X - n J J Sr , J' X 1 5 A if 4, .g X i , N L Y 4 2 5 ki f X v , L- 1. A K X ' 1 X -.Q " H92 L, . .WYA F 'W , r V R f H Q Q If I Q" if W M7 W A V 1 4 lfkfgwfw , 410 HUA' 1 I0 ,f WW, If j A E. H X t, fp 1 v gr! V 017 xg , X' L X 17 ,,,..Z.Jf2'f2-'?f21c,'.c...,Q jiiaf' fUf44V,g Z44C WA owner' 14,6 fl., .Li 77137 lfQ0?WWMQf2.,2f ' 1

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