Emery High School - Spartan Yearbook (Emeryville, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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Emery High School - Spartan Yearbook (Emeryville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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rx V My . 'J -f J 4 I my ,- X ff . I Wav 1 A X NO ily? X X4 M L ,Til 'QQ VCX. X ' P V S3221 'X A Kg Af -1 X , xl X 1 ,xv xH Nc"N SCF, x 13,1 ,nr -, i I K , YN, M "J I " 'T' KY X . K T' 5' K. - 1 x N 9?-' 1 his-ah-KK k-7.. K 'kid NJRJ' N Cb A EX if F PQ X WXx QM-Pfm Y 16 Gm AZ? aww 771 1 ,fi xx "1 A ---QQ. 'rg XX bf Sf 2 " ,Zz , ...Q arf! 'gif'- ib "' Q I2 Ski- I V ff 4 is-X UV' ,A-2 3 ?'fi -D 'X K 'fig J"'X'- Big -r,,,...f-'- 37 1 Q -e IN A 3 X Ay N Xjf X M f c, ' Kia mf, W Kip! KA' -fav 5 5 Lp wi: gg fy f fs . M 'fa W if f vf AX YQ, X ' X iq- ' QA f- , . Q , xbxf xkxqfqjv Ir X L Q f N Q fy N XX if 'Q A x Kp! M fvffi N- I V 1 X! X 1: L 1' f iw fx - - ., I 6 pi f , f an fu, ,U f M l ' L 'L f f U' 1 2 A 'Xa X ffw' X V "K ' ' 'lf 5 XE 1 fu 1 1, Tm X Ks I if gf 3 L -wma A 4, if Q1 h SX F AXX1 I VQ ii L U? Nt' Wfv X X 9 5" U l ,f' 1 u v Q Fm K1 74 ' ' ' R- A ' fx' RJ XXX 'lv' ,R ' , X ff X 1,1 U wp ivy' :xx iv m fi! Ya J 'N , if g All, ' qv 1 P w l, X-RJ V 1 w ' - E if Z! J", ' X 1 SN 'kb In. -f I ' L ' L n 3 Q ' , L, I V ' ,N V J ' W 4 V' I I V, , ' Q W fvf W M f . ' Xx ' I 'A X L k 'V X L' V xx x A ' , . A x 11' I A A ' ffl! I .,,, ., f , 1 ' 1 lx 1 f A kk f x f Aixlibb Z! CLAIM X, K4 uxf ' .Q - ,,, 17 I , K 'gk W , If ,V I 4 4 I D if fig Q f J, ff 40 KN-f J 2 iib -5 7, J L 'ga , .3 , N 5 3? , ,Qu .ffl-rv X,-S15 y flu, I L7 ,fx I M4 x xxf-P ' Q N f N-: 4, ' . EJ Q 60 iff f f k '11 . A Af! ff h, Q, Q - Q .f JL z V ,Af f V- --V, -x if 1 U , 1- ,gf ..- 1 ' -Q5 Lf 4, 7fZ'f ,ff K V 'fo' , "'E Q :jj x M L- 3 V V 9 MVA! ,4 , Y iw tu " n 5 A Cn x I , iw Ax' 3 .f NX 'A fvyprs 5-,N QI "I f-- f ' 7 .fy ly' J Lf '- w, tg G, . , ,V ff ,iff , -+3 " 1, -I. ,Lia Kg Q , f,. ga 19' l,f"'f' f Wy" 7 ,f ,-D I A 'jr Mage, xy - I , x I ty 'I A -K? ii,--xqxxg 1 MD ffwk fx fvhl Nfl, f 3 LD ,gf ffff w .3 l Lili D X E vii "J ffl" 1 ,X if I 'J .ff I f f I 4.. f 1 ! ' I 4 1 r , 1 5 v , ' FOR THE ALUMNI To you who have traversed these halls before us, we. the students of Emery high, with gratitude and affection dedicate this book. 1958 L v - .f,-tffwm. Vg- vff .- :,..s,.s,4.s,.,,..te .V-.,.,. Published by the students of EMERY HIGH SCHOOL Emeryville. Califomia Iune, 1958 Q bf,n,,, f, A , N,x',,, rf. W, f , ff L ' f' I r f 5' W, wwf , 4 , , f J, W .M 3 4 . . .af f ' ff W, nk fi ,pp Mn, "Hg , ff 4' . E Q 'Wi ? 'F' L , I Q 1- 3 la . fibnah 1 6 Kg ,Q NJ. M A ,, ., -, S 1. 1' f ,Q- X., 2 xi tg X A, . , wb .1 fx gs 1 , Hi A ng.-, ,4- 25 ff AE f Q, H .a 23' ,' 10" , Q X ,J at . A, 4' A iw 2 ' WY , 3 K ,, K ., Vi vm 1 'E 4 , f I Ngga.fnukfn.,.nlKN'V' "X - 159' 5 '52 23 W' J, I 4 .A-' 'lv 4 '55 1 f ,- , dh - I-,ff .V . , W 4351 lt!! V MR HAROLD W JOHNSON Superintendent of Schools Emery Unlfled School Dnstrct A MESSAGE FROM ' THE SUPERINTENDENT Thrs yearbook IS made avarlable so students and parents may have a more thorough knowl edge of the hfe and act1v1t1es of Emery H1gh School lt also serves as a book of pleasant memorres for those who are graduatmg or are movmg to another school We beheve that th1s year at Emery has served to 1mprove and ber1ef1t all of you ln a small chool wrth relatrvely small classes each stu :lent should be able to recelve all necessary ard to msure a hrgh degree of progress lr1 greetmg you on behalf of the School Board ar1d faculty l wrsh to express the hope that all of you as you look back at your year at Emery feel GllSl16d that you have performed to the best of your abrhty You have our best wrshes for a successful future AVRZJK7 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Q.. Lu 2, Q - l BOARD OF TRUSTEES EMERY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Mary K Curran president Mr GeorgeE Haruff member Mr Al J Lacoste member Mrs Dorothy Balangero clerlr of the Board and STANDING Mr Wrllnam E Codmgton member 453 la ""f . - " re ' my Y T' we . , E" . T A P ., :9qe.n- f ,, 4 I A .D ly' A1iNf" i ,e , v A . . 1 1.45 'LQQrA!N,f, ' 1' j Q' '-qffg-h 'W3 A 'X Iii!! s 5 u 4 ,Q vm . ga., Q ' . 4 '3 2 3- X ' ' fs' Z .4 ,ja , vu X gf, 'nr 7 ff' ' F f V Q U' . 1 ' ei oi 0 S 6 XNVYWN X New Sensor class at Emery elects slate of officers 'Ihc new semm class at Emc-rs has eluted Iohn Vk healer its pre-sl Q M 6 Y-3,0 XX x0 XJ. K X x QF -AX xx 0 wx dent Othu 0fflCClS chosen were Inzo fmsolano x xceprcsxdmt x X x X Xi 1 X i AN' x N Q NX 'N X Q N xXx X V NN XL 6 K Ax X x XX XX X k x N 6 Ox 'XX K X XX X15 fx Nix mum Xhhh were-iarv Mary Lou Dunmm in xsuur' Bob Fwexsole, ms md Pdrbnx .1 Hplll e X X N0 U0 k x K X cd X Wm k Nmx W X x X. ,AX 0 W9 X x 1 5 XX QXLX N X K X X x X x9 x X N 'N k XX , A K N N NL XX Ox x X Xk X xx xx X mx X K X dxv L NV 'X x NDN X X X00 X 09 xox XD X X N X k X X xN X XA0 K Xxxk X X x X X66 Ni 4 0 X k X 0 QOL gki -1 N T X x XXX t XX XXX X x 0 X 10 OX N9 x xo rw Q 9- 9, 09 f 0 OL N xN " BX -M 0 L 0 XXV v0 9' x 09 xx di XX X O Y-XV Q K w 'K f 6 - W - - - 0 19 If vi L xo Nxxx 90 ?- ,RQ fx wg xx '- X XX VX fb 1 n 0 W 6 XA "Max N A Q X040-0 X JXQXXG ef M 8 d N X X A X K ' A Xxkwx X N X 0 K MAX ,D I ,I J J 1 A g J' XX Xxxxix N X XS 0 jf' I f I2 IN 1 XXX xo xxx K , 0 L 1, X xx 50 XX is N X A M3 Divx, X S+ J!! III 1 g bf A f N NN L QW 6 fn, 1,1 00, I on R W ,C rf I 111 sv 0 U ' Y I OH S 6 I f 7 Sales camo . gn for student body carde begns afEmf-ry l Q-YQ md ' 'lf 0,0 Q, 80 F " V '77 S011 11 ff' 1 s 'ro I 0,1 ' '1, Dr, , 11, ll 01 f 1 Q Y U' f f C ll 0 J I f U ll K I f 5 y f lr f S jd If ff 0 H, 1 I II, 1 I 'I L ef, fix ll ll 50 ' f , C js I 11' r f If Q 1 I i r ff, 1,1 ' 1 If I0 JU, J I I I S 5,081 1 1 ' 'I ' f1, 0 S 1 4 ' 0 I 0 A f fn, , I 01, f, 0,021 C cl If I 1 ,il 111 00 EO ON 0 X C 195 . X 0 ,ZX x 1 me 5' L Q69 Q 5 -- - Gy K X X X ,. ar .V C t xgx lqxxxx 3 N Umxfs X 'Ja J I I 6 X x X09 xN XO Wk XX vim 1, r 1 U, ,hee f Q f A Y X OQO X N mg 0 K vox ov Y I 1 Q yi X Ky., Xxx 9 V3 N I ' 1 nf' 070 G 5 X-,X VK Qx x X 'A Xmx omg K Q9 X QQ x, I' r yd U' VXXQ Lu VX X00 AX 96199 iq-,X V 6 A X 4 Q, , U 1 I I 1 CJ Xu K b x 0 0 MMNXXXNQ Ci K X Xicxcn in KVA ix X U Y XXXL x X Hkodh H Qoc Xxx xf0b X ok Xa bc' xxx nvfxu Q 1 1 X XL mi WF N3 'dx x0 NKXX um K N K' G xc xx o Q X xg X0 X x QC Lyx VON. 0 'O ee K 09 'YN x Q' K N 1 xxx NOX Q QT 6 " R C or cs sk 9 xwr. la 9 ,xg COX X xi QX L C663 QYQCA 1 SF Q0 gX A X X NX XL A XXXL QOQSQCAOI wa X Qfw Q B ' s 1 I 0 K Q0 an I X U1 Q HM xx XXX X0 C rx i A C X mx XXX N I 0 Ogg Q 0 N XYNQ V9 xv, X QC '0 0 f. 1 xx vi 0 yyxiw XX 'Q X 0 xnxx if X VN . ,fx ' 0 'Y K' ' o . f - - 1 - 1 . XM Af K.Q1kXiQf I I U X D , ,D . K I. '9 os m .wi -. .- ox . X 1 ' 1, , . . A . XXV ,-ixmv.-ef Q' 1 in 439 YQ- ' , 3' ' ' ' ' ' ? . X Y.-. qv xi VAR L -X05 xx:-X, 'Lx XL XX . . 5 '3 - '. t t. I I A t ve? Y.-XXX' xx-36 mfxgtl U-,sv 06 0X avg, V . ,Z 5- --. 2 I f . 9 .eiwxsl -" XXX xx , I' X -Qxxx XO X .CTX ,..1'x5V'0 X Tw, HW' 5'-"2f'2H1!'1fl+411' ' - I 1' 2"1 B' I- K XX 5 ' ' :X oe ,..-'Wt -,X-3. '5 X-Q XM Q px Y X ' ' L,-,v fiIlli!l. Hlutlor '- ' 'wr - , VA- rf .- , . .qv - ' -S 9: Q-:Y X Q xx .,-X. X' Q.,-5'Nk gwvi Q -Q X ' . , t : , X 4 vx ,De -. 9, Mx X Q XX . ' Y X . 'A ,X 'J X A ,xX'5'- . .W N gg, N VX-A 7 1-Q2 Y KX - Qi . ,x. 'K ' , ,X X X. . .-y,X- , R Q: Ac , W VX X X, We-X x. VX wx- LLX ,xx KX 'fx fc 'AN .. V 'VA Q 1 'X' ' ' XX fig ' -X ' .-c .-Q .X -vi . 13, xx . 'A K ' Q-X Y" WN ' 931 ,Q V' , lf' - N K' Q3 x , N ' kwa ' C. , - 4 I Q-C15 40 5 V. VY , A-5: A K X xx Q I ,M , X, . x X1 J , cf' X W -9" -F fir?-Y xv' -.Y ---A Q1 . K X lx x xf ' '-9' 90' x ' "A x A 9 ox X' x 1 -xx 0 u , A 0 AX Y- Vx Xlxi- . N i 65+ '06, I, K-QYQQQ fi - A Af 6, V Y -XA Ab, 7' . -X' 'X ,- K, V' C ' - X- X51 'X K FA-v K W. 'QNX . Q R 99 X - . XXQ Xxxv ,X Q: R x . .Nts-xX ' f 6 xx xg . ew X , -X . X. .x Q X x 'A Xt -. .X 9 ' .ix we X X ' We uf' X- .QW ex- A -Q , , -X '5 -X fy, 1411, , Y - 0 0' Xe. ' .-,-x- A -eel' 'Qi ' 3' +C . u- 'Y-,, .11- UXAW' h 'L .NA ' QS Y, . Q ' , ' 1',k. ' ' Cp h V XX- X- - Q-0 Xv. X A I' . ,qv .-X ' - , Q .JY r, fl fy my f 4. ' X - ' . A . X Q - I5 I , 0 XX. Y - , U' ' A U4 l N. . X S . i, Y 5 x x V gawk 1,1 I U .px 14. Q YUM 19 . X- .' O ,Q 010. "VI, " ' Il .T YU. 67710 09.5 05 'V .-nina' -3 Q S71' S010 '11 'ffsr "lp, '71 xx YW- ' .815 7,0 ll -J OA fl -S1 drfllfj X' -, r J- . , 1 . xifcxx: QF , -LQ. N, .s-Y, I jx 11, , FH- C f jf' 1 'XY , ' 1 is , ly., 1- , ' , fu . ff-sy 12 - iq . fr 51. J7, 1' fp 1s,' 4 fb, ,. , - 7 0. 0 Q 11- -f. -11 1 1- 1 1, '15-Y I f Q I fr, ! 7' I I If I A-971 1. ' . f :J ' 4 - ly' -v "'-W Ji' r'1',,"'il . fb. f "f' V . .Z A I D .wt fcfll l1,V,",l1.,lS If I rl, A S ., ' . K ' ' . 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Q W N 'NX xXx: Q, Mx' S 0 Y A x F h YY- ' X0 QCA- KQY XXX 'he a . 5 xf -V ,YJ -95 S- g 4 y d I 6 Y ' Q .wir x X' X X' 'x C 06 O f-'.- X ' 0 - X QR , L' ' , 11, 'LM ,"f,. 0 ll ' 6 wc K +v,s'X XAV . x. x xg' A ' 1, .I - .ax ' ,. qlfqxr- I "fl 1,5 'l1f,,A ' 115- I, In 0 X as , X , 'xi' ZX s A ok. ' ffl, "'1'f,JI-I fllrll' x ff, U','I Gly G ,Lg V Q! , '-ix U ' "C w xx ,fa RXXX V fy: I ,J l' 4, I' ij' Xu,-xy . ii . X , N X h L KX V A-0 X 'JC O -11-. ff '- , '41 -If , J- xf -X K . -rx --C . 9. U-" th! ' "f 2' ' ' 1 1' - 'Y' QX ' X . ' 'axx Q X N Ye Q, M" N" I" "1 ,I fl ' ' wx' ' W ' ' 1 v 'CX ' -'X Q U .x,,i' ll., V .,,,'.1,-,K I ,,, A X 3' h , I 'Xrlx -2 dw - 0 x 4, C 0 Q A ll lr- fl '1,,','l,' Q-,flrllll 111.11m ,fl A 1,, .lj ,XX x- HL XXX N X A .K 'Y X V, X,-X .k. ' Q 5 Q K XXX Ulu" Mflffl, V, '- V, 1111 U77-Xl ,- 'xc-K' L NX1 X4 he XX .N Q' ' AY Q - fl, 'f!,,! ' ,,Hl"-' fn "ff Q ' --W , K ' A - yr, x , . x A , -' . .. -, 'f' . X' 5 - , 'Of X :G , - C -' 01, l1,i Q 1,',,,fl . X ' 1,! igyku , xi X Xa, Af 0 ug , X V 6 Ly ,G ll! I ul- HA I bf- I X AX Q. .IQ . Qi- .- ' .V.t J 1- U f My ' f,', V,V'l."1-IMI I -AC-ck, VX 'Xiilzfx , 5 . ' f ff X XX XX- ' : ,I I 1.1, V -xlib ' .,,' lk 1,127 ' WAN- .1 ,L 1 I Y ., xc? Va -.XA Q .XX . V 11fNlM -',',,, " -. ,lr of-x' -XY -,QL A ' y. ' 9 XX Q' .5 ' 'f , '1 -'11, ' ,XX f 'A C ox ' '-', ly, f-x7,, Q-' XX Q ' 'O '0 1',.x',lw Cen . -5- g QX Q YS go xxV,X,X',XN C. . .-3. i X Yr kv 'LXR li Xu ox ..,f. , FALL COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: Vera Brondolo, 7th grade president: Bob Eversole, IZth grade president: Donald Woods, Ilth grade president, Alan Mack, student body vice-president, John Lacoste, student body president, Alice Cody, student body secretary-treasurer, Jerry Marshall, Block E president, Don Deiro, Ilth grade president, Carol Potts, 9th grade president. STANDING: Jack Miranda, 8th grade president, Frank Thomas, C,S.F. president: Donella Dunphy, G.A.A. president, Jerry Miranda, Block E president: Diana Duarte, Junior C.S.F. president. NOT PIC- TURED: Leslie Balangero, I0th grade president. STUDENT GOVERNMENT The student council is Emery's "House of Representatives." Regular meetings of this group, comprising delegates from each class as well as the clubs and student organizations, make important decisions affecting student life. The stu- dent hody president is the presiding officer of the council. SPRING COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: Ronald Manduca, I0th grade presidentg Kathleen Robinson, 8th grade presidentg John Wheeler, l2th grade president, Bob Eversole, student body vice-president, Alan Mack, student body presidentg Marlene Louie, student body secretary-treasurer and C.S.F. presidentg Joan Greeno, merit secretary, Mary Mock, I2-A presidentg John Phillips, 7th grade president, STANDING: Ken Combs, Ilth grade president, Margaret Hiquera, G.A,A. president, Jerry Miranda, Block E president, Richard Woods, 9th grade president, NOT PICTURED: June Jarrell, Jr. C.S.F. president. 1. v -5 JANUARY GRADUATES Wheeler Bayles Dennis Campbell Pafrlcla Clark Jacqueline Drlllng Donella Dunphy Tom Eversole Wheeler Charles Bayles born Oakland February 5 I94O allended Anna Yales enlered Emery lhe 7+h grade has fwo brolhers al Emery plans lo enler col ege Track manager Block E Bloller lubrarnan senlorsec relary sc ool hnghlnghls sensor acllvl les soclal science and nnduslrnal arls malor suggesluons lor Improve menl more recreafuonal lacllllles more leachers new aulo and prrnf shop lavornle sayang You can have l gradualuon was 'lun whsle If lasled Dennis Wllllam Campbell born Norlh Hollywood July 8 0 affended Sanla Ee grade school favorlfe sublecl prnnl shop brofher al' Emery class presldenl loolball baskelball baseball Block E orcheslra Blofler hall plonshnp mdusfrual arfs malor 'leellnq al gradua hon Lake a man abou? 'ro be hanged Pafrlcla Mae Clark born Oakland January I4 l94O allended Anna Yales enfered Emery In lhe 7fh grade favorufe sublecl sensor problems plans alfer grad uaflon marriage class reporfer GAA baskelball vol leyball lennns bowling orcheslra yearbook Bloller lunlor achrevemenf honor socuely school hghlnqhf dnlch day commercial mayor opnmon of Emery Tops vorule saynng Now IS fhal lhe frufh7 whal would you change Sfudy harder aboul graduafmg Hale 'I' leave olher commenl I hope Emery never changes Jacqueline Dllllng born Oakland December I9 93V affended Ralph l-lawley enlered 7lh grade one brolher al Emery favornle sublecl shorlhand plans alfer graduahon lvlarruage secrelary of sensor clas baskelball volleyball lennus bowllng GAA chorus yearbook CSE merul secrefary hlghlrghls sensor lea drfch day commercsal malor opnnlon of Emery Smal and friendly avorlle saying Oh real 7 Gee' feelung aboul graduallon l-lale ul buf Donella Ann Dunphy born Oakland January 22 l94O allended Anna Yales grade school enlered Emery ln the 7+h grade brolher gradualed and susler now l Emery favorlfe achvsfy GAA plans aller qradua hon nursrng school hrghllghl being a cheerleader commercnal mayor suggeshons lor umprovemenl None how do you feel abouf gradualung Wonderful Tom Eversole born Swann Arkansas January 22 I939 aflended Anderson School n Mnssourn enlered Emery un fhe 9lh grade one brofher In Emery 'Favor Ure sublecf wood shop plans aller graduaflon work baseball Block E orcheslra yearbook Bloller slagecrafl school hnghlnghf Becomrng a hrgh sensor nnduslrual arf mayor o :mon of Emery l ns fhe l lavorlfe saying Huh how do you feel aboul graduahnq I lee beller all over more 'rhan anywhere else ' ' "- V i... " I ", l'y. ,I94..r V' l ' , ... ,f' . 6 palrol . . . school highlight "When we won ourloolball cham- , ' . .' ' ' ' .' ' N ' ' ' " "...la- " " ' ' ' 5 D ' H ' ' ' p" "+' bes"... ' ' " o ' " "' ' Anfhony Charles Fiore . . . born Oakland Augns+ Ib, I94O . . . allended Sanla Ee Grade School . . . enlered Emery in rhe 7fh grade . . . has one sisler here . . . favorile subiecl, sporfs . . . plans aller graduafion, work , . . baseball, bas- kefball, football Black E yearbook, Blolfer sragecrall . . . induslrial arls niaior . . . opinion of Emery "Prel?y nice" . . . improvernenfs "Bi.i1d a new school" . , . feeling aboul gradu- afion . . . "Amen." Doris Ann Isola . . . born Oakland, March 8, I94O . . . al- Iended Anna Yafes grade school . . , enlered Emery in lhe 7th grade . . . favorile acfivily, G.A.A ..,, plans aller graduafion, work . . . 'rreasnrer of senior class . . . G.A.A. oresidenr. . . baskelball, volleyball, yearbook slalii . . . high- ligh+ of school life, being cheerleader . . . commercial maior . . . opinion ol Emery "You can"r beal if" . . , favorile say- ing "Honey" . . . wouldn'l change anylhing . . . feelings aboul' graduafion "Terrible," John B. Lacosle . . . born Oakland March I4, I94O . . . en- rered Emery in lhe 7fh grade . . . had one brofher in Emery . . . lavorile subiecf, loorball . , . plans eller gradualion alrend college . . . Block E and class vice-president sludenf body presidenl . . . Ioolball baseball baske+ball, Block E, dramafics Blorrer . . . highlighf serving as sludenl body pfesiderd . . . malh rnaior . . . opinion of Emery "GreafeSf lirfle schegi rhere is" . . . lavorile saying "Tha+'Il be Ihe day" . . . leeling abou? gradnalion "Are you kidding? Great" Marvin Lowery . . . born Joncrion Cily, Arkansas May 6, 1939 . . . alfended grade school in Arkansas . . . enfered Emery In rhe 9fh grade . . . brolher al Emery . . . 'avorife aclivily loofball . . . plans aller gradualion, work or Air Force . . . 3 years athletics . . . Block E, yearbook sfail Blelrer , , , in- duslrial arls major . , . opinion of Emery "Irs swell I love if' . . . lavorile saying "Send for me" . . . imprevemecfs "WouIdn'r change a fhing" . . . feeling foward graduaricn "Like Adam when he hrs? saw Eve" . . . ofher comme'-Is "Nr mafler where I go, I will always remember Emery High, and I hope Emery and all lhe guys and dolls will remember mef Anfhony Fiore Doris Isola John Lacosle Marvin Lowery Rhuel LuHrell , Gerald Marshall Rhuel Dean Lullrell . . . born Mena, Arkansas . . . allended Anna Yales . . . enlered Emery in lhe IO+h grade . . . brolher af Emery . . . lavorile subiecf, prinlshop . . . plans lo work . . . I2A vice-presidenl . . . I2B sergeanlvaf-arms , . . foolball, baskefball, baseball, Block E, Blolfer, yearbook, sfagecraff . . . induslrial arls maior . . . opinion of Emery "Grea'fesf school" . . . iavorife saying "Who me?" . . . feel- ings a'r gradualion "I'm no? going lo cry, glad lo go." Gerald Warren Marshall. . . born Oakland December 5 I94O . . . allended Anna Yafes . . . enfered Emery in 7Ih grade , . . one brofher here . . . lavorile subiecf, sporls . . . plans affer graduafion, working in prinfshop . . . sfudenl body presiden+ and vice-president senior president, vice-presi- den? ol C.S.E. and Block E . . . loolball, baskelball basebal . . . all-conlerence . . . school highlighls, ianior prom, sfu' den? body presidenf . . , inclusfrial arfs meior . . . opinion of Emery "I'r's a greaf school" . . . if he had ro do il' over again he would lake college course . . on gfadualing "Sad and yer happy." SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Pa? Clark, Bloller reporierg Frank Thomas vice-presiclenlg Doris Isola, freasurerg Jerry Marshall, presi denlg Jackie Dilling, secrelaryg Rhuel Luflrell, sergeanl-al-arms f Barbara Sepulveda Jo Shively Evesler Smifh Jack Sievens Clifford Taw Frank Thomas Ramon Vlfiorl Marlin Young Barbara Jean Sepulveda born Oakland February I6 940 aflended Anna Yafes enlered Emery yn lhc 7+h grade had lwo snslers af Emery lavoryle sub yecfs drama sensor problems baskelball plans aller graoualyon work gurls baskelball GAA dramahcs ly brarran hghlughls of school Ile sensor problems and yumor prom home economics mayor opunyon I Emery The besf suggesluons lor nmprovemenl I-larder wor work h nder and slay n cass ee abou? gradualung I-Iale Io leave lhe Irendly kd Jo Shavely arlended school an Porlervrlle aflended Emery yn Brh grade had one sysler af Emery lavorule subyecr Olhce plans affer graduarnon wok and mar ruage some lyme In lhe lurure IZA secrelary lreasnrer Qllr grade vyce presldenl Blofler G A A hrghlzghls Gradr aluon ny hr busnness mayor o muon l Emery Good school suggeslyon for rmprovemenl Sw mmuno poo favorule sayung Howdy on gradualyng I never lhoughl I would make If Evesler Smrfh born Lyrfle Rock Arkansas lvlay I8 I94O allended San Erancysco grade schocl en erezl Emery lllh grade IGVOIIIS aclyvufy r oloall plans fo vror Block E yearbook Blolfer school hyghlugh fyrsr sfrrng loolball rnduslrnal arls mayor opymon or Emery Prelry nucc IGVOYIIS saynng Be argl and pya, Ihe parl on gradualyng II was r I made I Jack Lewis Slevens born Smyfhland Iowa March I2 l94O allended Sanla Ee grade school Iwo rslers and one brofher yn Emery lavorole subyecl baseball class pres denl and Block E presndenl yearbook Blorler slagecralr school hghlrghls baseball and Ioofball yndusrra arfs mayor opymon ol Emery Donl be cruc pfovemenls swnrnmnng pool and nyqhl Ioofball layorrre sayyng Donl say on gradualrng Sad b I glad merry bul mad Clllllord Taw born Oakland February I4 I94O lended Anna Yales grade school enrered Emery yn lhe 7fh grade a brolher an Emery plan aller gradua 'non col ege foolball lrack Block E school hugh lyghls games and plcmcs malh mayor opnnyon of Emery Im salusfned leelmgs abour graduallng Makes me feel ancnenl Frank Thomas rn O kland J ne lended Golden Gale enfered Emery yn the 8+h grade one brolher yn Emery fayornle subyecls malhema hes chemyslry Ioolball and band plans aller gradua hon col ege class offyces vyce presydenl ol class and presndenr ol CSF malhemallcs and chemnslry mayor opnnnon ol Emery Real sharp and lrnendly 'Favor Ile saying Man leelmgs aboul gradualyon Happy and sa rended Anna Yafes school e ered Emery n rhe 7 grade brofher n Emery lavorrre sybyecl math plans aller graduafyon JC ynce presydenl or Sfudenl Body 'locfbal baskefball Block E slagecrall school hygnlyghrs senror problems sensor durch day malh ma or opynyon of Emery Il s a good lyllle school Improve menls More dances lavoryle saynng lake I slow leelyngs aboar gradaarron Youll never know Marhn Young born Deer Arkansas Ocfob r I2 l939 enlered Emery Qrh grade brolher n Emery plan alfer gradualyon work baseba Block E yearbook Blolrer slagecrall unduslra arls mayor opunyon ot Emery lls rhe grealesl suggeslyons or rmpreyemenf A swymmyng pool eelyng on gradual on Whc s plalnyng7 , , ' r r ...al- ' V ,... I I .V I I Io. Y Q Q ' l ... D . ... 4A O . .Il k"..,"l'd 'Hs ylwwflfv ' " I iv" ...ba 6 y IA I5 l94O...a+- H ' 'Q " 'I . . ' l A' I D. . p' ' yo 4 I - l I I y' " " y - I ' ' I I . ' I , d," y-'... - - 'I --... - -. , , Ramon Viffori . . . born Oakland, December b I94O , . . al ,' ' ' 'A nl E fh A " a had'l'gh+ bull -I - ' '- Aym I. - - -- - -- ll- . . ..E' S4 I ypl n Q I ' , r If 3 ', . ll .I New Barbarrla Baldlzan born Cerrlllo New Mexrco March 9 939 allended Sannl Columbus enlered Emery lhe 7+h grade plans aller graduallon olllce work hlghlrghls ol school GAA pncnrc prom drlch day oprn non ol Emery Greal lnllle schoo lavorule sayrng Yes I now leeungs aboul graduallon ll s aboul fume rmprovemenl More collee breaks befween p rrods Gloria Jean Bonvlcln born Oakland Aprll 20 l94O allended Sl Columbus School enlered Emery rn lhe I2+ grade pans aller qraduallon se relarral wor horus Bleller school hrghlrghls Gradualxon ual scrence mayor opumon of Emery ll s okay buf could be bugger suggeshons lor rmproyemenl More boys lavornle savrng Oh heck' leelmgs aoouf gradua hon Wonderful ls aboul lyme Elle Brondolo rn aly alrended Sacred l-learf enfered Emery ln 'rhe 9+l1 grade one srsler ln Emery layorrle subecl bookkeepnng plans alter gradualuon work and marrlage class s crefary vrce pres denl ol lhe GA A and lreasurer G A A baskelball vol leyba bowlrng Bloller olhce mem sluden? b dy eecrelary hnghlghl' servlng as neer eader bu mes pracllrf 'mayor O muon l rrery 3 e co gradualrng Sad JUNE GRADUATES Barbarifa Baldizan Glorla Bonvucnn Ella Brondolo Yvonne Capellnno Alice Cody Peggy Colberf Yvonne Carol Capellmo born Oakland February 28 I'-74l allended Ann Yales grade school has one slsler al Emery layorfle aclnvlry sporls plans aller gradua hon Oakland J C IIB presndenl and lreasurer ol G A A baskelball baseball volleyball bowlrng presrdenf GAA chorus Bloller school hrghlrghls seryrng as cheerleader and as caplaln of Mnlk Fund game comrnerczal malor opnnuon ol Emery Love nl lols suggesfron for improve menl Separale gym lor gurls wulh 'rule showers lavorlle aylng Lels go eal leelrngs abcur qraduallon Very sad lhoughl rl would never happen 'rr me Alnce Marne Cody born Wesl Vrrgmra I939 lended Cenlral grade school enlered Emery In lhe 9lh grade layornle sublecls world cull re and bookkeepung plans alfer graualnon allend colleg secretary ol GAA secrefary ol CS F vuce presrdenf of class sludenl body secrelary GAA baskelball volleyball baseball bowlrng merrl' secrelary school hugh ghfs secrelary ol sfudenl body busrness mayor opmron ol Emery n s lusl wonder av rle a In an Smack ow d you eel a o 1 ra ualr n Oh' us aw u l Peggy Gaul Colberl born San J March 6 l94l allended l-lawley grade School enlered Emery rn 'the 91h grade layorlle subyecf senrfr problem and gym par' aller graduafron w r IOfn grad s refary lreas urer as efball yolleybal lenm GA A year oo Blolrer lbrarlan rqhl GAA Block E prcmc an belng a senwor comrnerclal malor prmon of Emery Smal bul greal suggest w or wpr vernenl lmporl more boys rrle a ln m h r fleeing ul raduahng a r gra uale ad fc le .., l ' , c ' lc... , ' , : , ... ' ' " ' l' . . . so- 34 - l .. . In ,H I , ' ' . . . ' ,A . . . al- l," ',l' '. A ' ,l ue... . . . bc ll , l939 . . . D I In . . . .I .l il - , I . . . ' . . . ' ' yearbook, Blolfer, lickel' chairman ol Milk Fund, secrelary ol l . . .l aff. .T .l ' Ay A1 rl lhik sf' 5" ful" , . ff' -oi 1, yr' q, "Al A ll, ' , . ' O ' ll , . .h N Q l b u g d 'Q " . J l ' i , ' cl ' S' s fe ll." ' ... p" ol E lf! a gf af :flu l" . . . on lrs--V A ok,,,l ' lelef, . . .b k '3 I ':. . . . b lr. , I ' .,,hIghl' 2 . . .- 4 ', d " ' ,Ie,l 'Elric . " - " . . . lavo' 5 ,A g llOl'l X, -,al ll . . . l' abt g f r 'G' d 3 dr bar 2 . avef' Roosevelf Davis Margaref DeWiH Mary Lou Donovan Bob Eversole Joan Greeno Enzo Gresolano Roosevelf Davns born rn Loursrana February I O afrended Anna Yafes enlered Emery rn the 7lh grade favorure sublecf PE prlnf shop wood shop hygrene plans alrer graduallon work B baskelball A baskel ball varsufy baseball Block E Sraqeerafr s rrl hrgh rr T when Wrllre Woods won lhe game agarnsf Luck rn of Emery Good suggeshons 'lor nmprovemenf n w gym wha? would you change Norhnnq how do you feel abou? graduafrnq Sad buf happy Margaref Adalene Rufh DeWrH born Oakland Decem ber 22 39 aflended Golden Gare and Sr Golumbu enfered Emery 9fh grade one srsrer ar Emery favorde subgecr band plans affer qradualron IB M p eraror and marrrage baskelball volleyball GAA dra marrcs orchesfra hrghlrghls durch day and school prcnrc musuc malor oplnron of Emery prerry good br? needs more boys suggesrron for rmprovemenr l-laye a berrer gym favorrle sayrng l-luh7 leelrnq aboul gra uahon I 'thunk urs swell Mary Louise Donovan born Oakland December 20 l94O affended Anna Yales enlered Emery rn 7rh grade one snsfer In Emery favorlle subqecr laookkeeplnq plans affergraduahon rumor college CSE GAA v eyball b skerball l nnls Blolrer Grls fare rbrar class presldenf and Treasurer and sfudenl body secre 'rary rreasurer hrghlrghrs llle member of CSF senror year decoralrng for dance Bank of Amerrca Lrberal Arts Cer flhcale commerrral mayor o rnrcn mery greaf suggeshon for Improvement haf ul y hange7 l would go Info more aclrvnfxes about qradna hon Sad buf a Cab Gerald Eversole orn Swarn Ar ansas 4 afrended Golden Gale enlered Emery an Wh grade ravorlle sublecl shop plans alfer graduahon work class presldenl and sludenl body ylce presldenl Block E ba ball orchesfra In uslr al arls ma or OPINION ol Emery Good avorxle saylng Well l sw n whar would you change No dere-nhon how do you eel abour graduafron Swrnglnq ofher commenfs Good e Joan Marrlyn Greeno born Oakland Aprrl 24 I94l arfended Anna Yares erfered Emery rn rhe 7+h gradc ravorrle sublecr ofhce plans alrer graduahon work hen marrrage secrerary and rreasurer GAA represen rahve and pornr secrelary baskerball baseball volley ball and bowlrng secrelary of bowlrng club dramahcs year book Blor+er chorus Mnlk Fund hcke? chalrman and m rr ecrerary hrghlrghfs dances and berng cheerleader ommercral malor o muon of Emery lls grea UQqeSlIOU lor lmprovemenl Supply us wnlh busrness ma hnnes feelrngs aboul graduafron Sad buf glad Enzo Gresolano rn lr ly Aprrl 6 alfended grade school IU llaly enfered Emery rn 9+h grade lavorlfe sublecl hygrene and baskefball plans alter graduahon Navy rumor and sensor vlce presrdenr baskefball rrack Block E yearbook slagecrafl school hrghl ghfs Marrn pncnrc and when Emery bear Concordra and c vocahonal arrs malor opunron of Emery Thc besl school In Calllorna suqgesllon lor nmproyemenl swrmmrnq pool lavorrle sayrng Hey Munl Whals hap penrng7 whal would you change Norhrng ee ngs abour graduahng Sad buf happy D I I II , IQ4 I, k ,l9l... I . I, char I l'4hI , l I I II I I -..f7pIl!7m ,I II.,.f I I ,II , GII4.. ' 1 +"QQQ A U I ' I ...bo,a, ',I939... III, .UI . - I. I .VU .7 . E 'I ,I. .X I I II.. II .I I pII olE ,ullls I I I I II... V I 'IW 'Nsd CU I I V.. I I ,II f . I - I " , gl.d." E ' " Peggy Joyce Grimes . . . born New Orlreanf, July 26 I94U . , , allended Ihnmy Lalfan qradr: 'nlwfnfrl , . . enlered Emery In Ihr: IOIII qrade 4 . . Iavcrile pnhlr-f4I, vlffrfe and baakefe bfil' . . . pans alrer fzradrgarlon f 'mga . . . bfi',kmEa'l 'eybal B' Nw, Spanfzn Qldb and Red Craps 4 , . hlqr Iqht d'Ifh da ,.,. arlerce major , . . zplnlon of Emery "Bear Icp' 'F Erneryvl Ie ',.. nuqqe'4"'3n for Irrprrvemenf, 'Be' 'U 'g,rr . . . Iavtrle 'ayinq 'Thafz al Hghf' . . 4 hcw df I L. We abcar graoua":n "I-IaDD'f buf sad." Celesiine Lina Levies . . . Ecrn Teias, March 23 I94O 4 . . 1"f:'dfA'J S'e'1er Grande , . . ervered Emery ir fhe Qfh grade . "ff Crdher Ir Emery . . . Iaforlle ad?-fr, GJNA, , . . ln. 'L Neve Io L55 Angeles afrer 'graduarlcr' . . . baslrefna ,Q -1,51 cnorus . . . hfqlfighfg plcnlc and dlfch da, , . . 5a.',r"e zayfrrq 'Yoa zan'r Ireeo a qccd sever drum" . . abmm grauuaricn "Feels great' WiI.'na June McEIIigo'H' . . . born Oalcland A..qus+ ZI 1940 . . . alrended Sanra Fe , . . emered Emery Er rhe 8+h grade 4 . 4 I-3.Cr"e subiecrs currenf evenra and readfrvq , . . clans fre' f:'1dua"zn Qnriar college . . , played vcleyba' bas- Iferhu fra ?ennIs . . . chorus d'ama'Ics Bc'+er ye-arcczlr fro 'rzrfiaf 4 , . rfghrlghfs, eerlzr dirtn Gay Chnl: 'Vo ': S'1Vf'1"f:"'. a'd graduaflon . . . fr'nprcver"ve"s, PEN aj," " ard more subjeds , 4 . 5avcrf'e aafng YQ, Gif' a, , ... Nzud lake cclege 'I she :cud :hange .. Value' " " I wi, ci malre Y' IW' very hapoy abcw IX' EIi1abeIh Monfano . . . born Wh-1 if, Ariana For' 20 I941 .. . e"e'ec Emer, as a n3qh pe' r . . . Iawrnc .ao-et' FE .,.. can: a5?er graduafirz' nzazewre . . . 5a.i"'f i.5:"i rt-reball. I:asIre'ba' fe-r"V1. . . G.A,A, him-e eCi'i" "1"'..4CDIP'Crw if Erref, NVQ zchic 4 . . far," a Q Sv: . 4 4 if :re had zcwc ,earn 'c .ff ' .e' a za ' ff hir, 1 4'-d, I'a"Jf:'. 4 :ee 'l1i1E'.A' ':'a'J,a"i" Ce' 'nd' nd '. Peggy Grimes Celesiine Levias Wilma McEIIigoH Elizabeih Monfano Lloyd Mon+oya Joan OeIIericI1 LIoyd Richard Monfoya . . . born Sprlnqer, New Mcxiro, June IO, 1940 . . , atfended Kerney grade school . 4 , enforced Emery in Ihr: Bfh qrade . 4 . a slsler and brolher in Emery . . . Iavorlfe uubicds, phcfoqraphy Iennls hyqlene and vw 'nd ,hop , . 4 plans alrer qraduafion, Air Force 4 . . yearbwolf and Blolfer . . , oplnioncf' Emery, "A good school" . . , hivh Zqhr Mrs4 Iv1cGaw'u fallege Erqlieh Q ass 4 4 4 frwdusrrlal arf 'valor , . 4 Ieellrvqz oben fgraduafcn, Scrryf Joan Mabel OeIIerich . . . bor' Oalfland Sopfffmber 21 I94O avended Zin Lurheran Day scnco ,.,. ervered Errer, IC+Iv grade , , . Iavorire sublev, rrarh . . , casa zezrerarf ara 'reasarer , . . C,S.E., baslferlzal' vc efbal, GAA BCf'er Soanlsh club ccak club . , . cprfin C5 Emery, Sma. friend, school" . . 4 lavarife eafng "Ci"::e'e uffer , 4 , par: alrer qradL,a"Cr' "Ci age' . . :ee 'nga abcur qraduaflzf 'Haopy and sad." SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW, Ief+ fo righfz Janice Webb, secreiaryi Bafbdfifa Baldizan, BIo'f'fer reporfer. SECOND ROW: John Wheeler, president Mary Lou Donovan, ireasurerg Bob Eversale, ser- geanf-af-armsq and Enzo Gresolano, vice-president of Carol Pimenfel Earl Reynolds John Salvador William Scandrell' James Wayne Janice Webb John Wheeler Donald Woods Cecelia Zubiale Carol Anne Pimenfel . . . born Oakland November 24 i940 . . . enlered Emery in The 8lh grade , . . one sizier in Emery . . . iavorile subiecls gym and shorlhand . . , Didfll aller gradualion work . 4 . presidenl of class . . . CSF, basket ball, fennis, volleyball GA,A., librarian and ollice 4 4 . hiqh lighls, picnics and senior year 4 . . commercial maior . . , opinion Ol' Emery, "Orem little zchooli' 4 . . lavorilr: nayinq "l-luhff' . . . leelinqs abou? gradualing, "Glad bul sad." Earl Reynolds . . . born Sealrle Wa-.li, Auqhsl 2 N39 . . . allended Hawley Grade School . 4 4 enlered Emery in rhe 7th grade . . . plans lo "Vaal" aller qradualion . . , librarian . . . leelings al gradualinn "Twelve yrfarn nl hard work 'elim do you Think?" John Anlhony Salvador . . . born Oakland May 27, IQ39 . . aliended Sr. Columbus grade school . . , enlered Emery 'n lhe 9lh grade . , , lavorife subiecls, ollicrz and 'ibrar-Y prac rice . . . plans alter gradualion .Mark , , . presidenrand Ain oresidenl ol class , . 4 librarian and commercial rriaior . 4 . opinion of Emery, "Swell school couldn'f be beller' '... la vorife saying, "O yeahll . . , feelings aboul qradualion, 'Will miss Emery considerably," William Fisher Scandreil . . . burn Long Beach April 20 WEE . , . enlered Emery in lhe l2lh 'Jrade 4 4 4 lavrriie mipifwl 'hernisliy and physical edncalirn . . . plans afler graduatin- ioin rho armed services . . , op'nir,n rl Emery 'A very qw d school" . . . lavcrile saying, "A Dill 3 day will keep lhf- dm lor awayi' . 4 . lefwinqs abou? gradualirri "Oh happy days l ius? can Y wail. James Thomas Wayne . . . born Oakland February I3 l942 . . . afiended Anna Yalee grade Lchrf . . 4 enlered Emery in ihe 7th grade . . . had a sisler in Emery , , , iavofig- gub ecl, hygiene . 4 . plans ai1er graduation, work 4 . . foolbal, baskelball Block E dramalics orcheslra Bloller librarian 4 , indusirial arts maior . . , opinion ov' Emery. "Swinging gfng4fll" . . . . lavorile iayirtq 'Ge a iobf I6 Janice Susanne Webb . . . born Rasiville Arkansas, April IO, I94l 4 . . arlended Nayzlrom grade school . . 4 enlered Emery llfh lrade 4 . . lawirire subiecr typing . . . one sisler in Emery . , . senior flass secrerary . . 4 G.A.A., yearbook and Bloller . . . opinion of Emery, "Emery is a very gooc school. The lac? Thai lhe studenr body is so small creales a closer relalionship between the srudenls and lhe reachersu . 4 . plans aller graduation, work and marriage . . . feelings aboul fifad .alii-ri Will 'nizs everyone bel will be very happy also," John Delain Wheeler . . . born Walnul Arkansas January 5 i940 . 4 . afrendfsd l-lawey scnoo . 4 , enfered Emery in The 7+h grade . . . lavfsrile ,ubiecis hygiene band and sporlf . . 4 plans alier rqradnalirn iunior college and Marines . , , senior presidenl , . . aclivilies block E looiball baseball ba,kerhall dance band, and caplain ol hall palrol . . . high- iqhls being a senior and bearing Menlo in loofbail . .. graphir ar's and 'n..sic maifur . . 4 opinion ol Emery, "Like il very much" 4 4 . suggeslion lor improvemenl "Gel more girls" 4 . . iavcprle saying "Jolly Roger" , . . feelings abour izradufilior "Weill l should be sad, blur Hal" Donald Woods . . . born Lillle Rock Arkansas, Oclober 7 N39 , . 4 alfended Duran? elemenlary school . . . eniered Emery in vhe 9+h grade . . . one brolher al Emery . . . la fovila: zubievs, prir-l sh p and wood shop . . . alrer gradua lion he pam to w1rk . , . Cass oresidenr . . . foofballr bd, lU:'iQdl lrafk baprfoall, Bock E . 4 . school highlight baske-re ba" . , . lipinion fl Emery, "l1's okayl' , . . suggesrion for improvemeni new gym , . , lavorile saying, 'il-ley babyi' liwingz abouf gradualino "Happy and -,fel sadf Cecilia Maria Zubiafe . . . oofn Oakar-d Aori' 20 l939 4 4 . allended Sanra Ee grade schoo . . . er'ered Emery in fhe 71" grade . . . iaxorite subieof senior problems 4 , , plans alref Qraouafion work 4 . . class secre-'ary-lreasurer, orches- fra librarian , . , opinion ol Emery "Too small, enlarge il" , . . lavCr"e saying 'Warcha do lasl niqhiff . . . leeling: . ,, , , ,, ab'sulr1'adJ-afiro llsaboelfme l gift-ul. E24 Xrmmor Emxmjllwgglq 3 NWMO-H-GMES MoHzMm fn 5 l 'Zig -L l Af 'ii' 5 le O ,,-mm 5254.4 ll: K 5 Noi pi Eddie Broussard Harold Canning Josephme Cashllo Barbara Day Esfella Dougla Susan Dunphy James Gibson Joan Hendrlclr Margarel NHsguera Jo n Hoqve Dons KnoHs lMarler1e Loulc Geraldine Lucero Alan Mack Bull Marchewlca Helen Marhne Jerry Mlranda Mary Mock Charles Ruce Mary Sams Willie scoff Spencer 'law cfurecl, Nina Reddell TY? 3 I 4-2, ., 5-x Rf -auf' ,i' .N , 1' LCW SEN IORS 11 LY! 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N-.I QQ' jr' K 'I ' ,J , 3 IX WWW Mlchael Allunson Leslne Balangero Ruin Ann Berry Lois Bells Mary Adelene Black Arlene Bolenhnn Mary Jane Brock Donald Broussard Doreen Cafhers Marcella Cobb Arlefla Crawford Gerrle Crlsham SOPHO "sry f XX' df" Xb., Jerry Davls George Dulllng Ronald Dixon Pal Dolby Slurley Eggers Bob Ewing Jummy Faughl Douglas Gefchell Plwnllnp Gomez Elavne Greggs Deanna Gressefl Bruce Hall Evelyn Diane Handy Madeline Hess Roy Holi Ronald Hoover BeHy Hudson Rubin Ingram Ruby Ingram Berkeley Jones MORES Palrncua Jordan Plulllp Leal Norman Lloyd Gllberf Lucero Raymond Luflrell LueHa McKen1e Rnclward McNeely Ronald Manduca Cova Lee Mann Pai Massa Raymond Mock Gordon Marlon Mary Nash Doris O Neal Marva Panlcey Jeaneife Paun Charles Pelluccl Lola Perkins Celva PIGSBDCIB Bryan Regallle Mary Roberfson Carol Rodoni Kafhleen Roqer' Donna Sloan Sandra Sm71l1 Shirley Smifh Herslwell Slarnf-s Barbara Van Sickle Peggy Waflnor Clyde Woods Sherman Woods Clyde Yeager NOT PICTURED: Palsy Pell, David Taylor, James Wilson. s' if 1 -HbUxtA'q,U 1:3 3 E' x NY rev 'N Xfx 51" -,IQQB "FN if Ui' . N 0. t""" XX ella lfq as., wr' bw an 'Q um x N. 3151 Laverne Adams Phvllls Baker Shsrley Berr Jay Lee Brock Pauline Canady Lyall Canning Dolores Carier Sharon Casovua Mlchael Coody Evelyn Crass Jommue Cross Roberf Davns Kenneih Dillard Gregory Edclms Gary Faughf Aluce Fox Manuel Gallardo Klshka Graham Alan Hale Mlchael Hayes Bally Hllfon June Jarrell James Johnson Tum Knauer James Kmghf Frank Leca Lmda Looman Glass Levuas Richard Lewis Emmerreiia Lnfilegohn Joan Marshall Juamla Marhnez l . "XA A In y, Ay? f.,,., 1 4 1 A. V , IHVZ S , . A Va r, XEVNU 4 N X ,, I fag f lr' . . ' , V b y ,gi qxw' V . -iw A r , Nw. if? '52 ' f ll ' if Sz i Zia' lr , .2 M P yy y lbs A A . . ' A V ., 66" 2 I , , , K r,l.. l' . Q E rf' f ' ' K -RL A LM xl X ,af ...,...4 f ,.,. ' X V my ',lJ,4l ' H , XM .-S 2 X ,X ill, A X , u - . pf A I . XXX' .?' L - R I xl g A , a n J ie - "' ', VR' ' Joyce McDonagh Wmlllam Meadows Uanlel Moclz Alfred Monloya Lorramc Morgan Rose Marne Mofa Margo Morron Dennis Mullllren Frances Nerl Ava O Neal Lorene Pell Carole Polls Sieve Saucedo Barbara Saulsberry Ronald Smafh Arnold Slarln Carl Sfarlr James Thomas Lloyd Underlull Barbara Webb Bonnie Weeks Cleveola Wall ams Sharon Wolber+ Rlclvard Wood Gerald Young 'Q 1' Q9-'Q Snr' 5-Q. CC' wr-.J ,NX M ,f W i te Q' Q1 an wry-,x ,nur W S-f FRESHMEN Nt' S-4 RJ 4: XT3 27 . r E".l, N , Y Q ,a,,4 Y ' b l V: A1 A44 ' ,xv L- ,, , A -21 , . . if ' ',JW,M . A A , l ,Qui - se FX r , C W 'Pr' 'X . e 'W rx :M . S 4 ' "Y ,, - 4, Q A ' S7 " . ,I ve x Q f r ' Q r r X A I W A , ' , .gy 1 , il. A , gui. - ,X 3 'vs' L-' s S' . . f. 5 fn' " of J w -.J ,S Q Q' Win- an ,FX swim -7 1 X uf if -1 'S' N M N.. Q Lv 01? 'Prn- yew WWF' 'WIP-r QF' .v0"Vh si ev in :Cs Lnnda Balangero Fred Brehmer Alberr Brock John Browder Max Brown Morris Boyd Raymond Boyd James Campbell PN Nancy Capellnno Arihur Cepp Eddue Cashllo Anrhony Chavez Gary Lee Kraus James Davis Kaflwleen Donovan Dnana Duarie Rnchard Eggers Dollle Grlsby Mary Jo Hanson Orvul Hlcls Mary HU+ChISOh Bonnne Jenkuns Erselle Johnson Lawrence Kaufman Jessie Llfflegohn Jam Manduca Dolores Marhnez Julne Marhnez Carl McGunre Annue McNames Ralph Muller Jache Muranda Vnrgnma O Brnan Judy Owensby Shelfon Posey Kailwleen Robmson Frances Sanders Wnllne Scroggms Pei' Sepulveda Brenda Small-n Carol Smufh Dorofhy Smullu Roger Sfandush Gary Vufforl Judy VlffOll Jamce Walkley Dons Wafllns Dorofhy Wafhns Jeannelfe Walls Mayme Whufebear Jesse Whllfen Gary Wood Noi pucfured Richard Scoif 24- Q.. gxs 1 'E' S-Nr Ns 'ff 11- in 111 JQWJQ X .ff ff-1 .in T GRADE TY? Q' -7 if 'if D ' n f -Z' Q' 1 U s , . . , K Q ,, W, f . Y, ..,- I, If' I ' W vnqv 1 X ix 'l 'Q-A 1311 I .. A f V l l . . 'I 3 1' W V: xx . . . I . -1' I A Q Q IV 1 V ., Xt ' ' 2 - V l " dw' - ' . 2 Kssr ? 1 S' ,, .' r , r a s fl - f A Q 3g4,M Lg ' x 7' I ,. rf, Z I fl- 2. or -- - xf q X - fm., of 1, I H Av VV K ' wiv Q. 'IA In , ., L-.za A - 1 ,Aw , X - ," X ..Lv ' 'xA'-A ' ,, x K a ' V J '..' rw- a s 5 rf Q . ' " ' J ' M g, W If M l 'SQ I Q f, I 'I '4 . . ' I 7 5 N A .ml g A , . , ' o tl 9 'f rr r r fx' , I LV I , . X ,A I , N ,Q '.. I 'A N 'M 04. , 4 I A 2 , ', 1 - -4 x . ' - ' Us ' ' ' iff x 29 'K' ii! M-1 -nz! fn' 'sw- 'vw- Q- "N-. X 3 bv ? 4 ... nw il? .Xa l 'X' Q-up qv-or Linda Abeyfa Harold Adams Gloria Alderere June Baccus Sue Ann Berry Ne a Brondolo Darrell Broussard Carol Cabral Paul Cashllo Barbara Cafhers Linda Chrlshe tddle Clarll Grace Flora Lyn Gelchell Jon Gunarl Diana Herw lr Edward Hughes Jacq uelme Johnson Robbye Johnson Johnnie Faye Jones Sheryl Kuhn Henry Leca Donnell Lloyd Marqulra Marhnaz Efhel Morris Pefer Nash Jerry Nelson Jnm Nelson Sue O Neal Woodrow Oshc John Plwllllps Claudna Polls Lee Radm Wally Roberson Jefferson Robmson Julue Slvedlac Linda Slwcre Linda Smllh Sieve Smlfh Gregory Sorenson Bob Thomas Dennls Ward Roberf Waihor Larry Weslon Curhs Wl'uHen Gwendolyn Wulllams Karen Wunger Dennns Wulsclael Ellen Woods Eddie Wrughl Rl at-5' ,Q WT' J 'Qmv 2 fi .26 .aria 'N-"7 A x X GRADE 41 x 1 1' Q Nw I ...S ,TUV X Wd' My Nw 3 4 l .A ' AA v V ' . A -ul X3 N r,-14. . lw - ' . L . 'd iv L F , Q l y ,I f . ll,,r V . , L Q-rf K e ., YT 1 .,,., ll ,Ml lar y ' r Q fxy l I J f Alll MJ' fl if 4 :fly I 5? 'll ' l' ' , I ' I , ll E3 Q D fm 1, J N. . ' 3' 3, A 1 ' ' . r ' V or J! 4: :S .fl N113 ' -..J 7 4,9 ir' Kam rs' QQ' 5 QQ. Mr. Elio Abrami Prinl Shop, Physical Educafion Mrs. Rulh Anderson Testing Direcfor Miss Lydia Augusline English Mr. Frank Cummings Band Miss Anne Devine Girls' Counselor, Physical Educalion Mr. Edward Harrison Typewrifinq, Maihemalics, Physical Educafion Mr. Joe Lovisone Physical Education, Drivers' Educalion Miss Rose Luis World Cullure, Draflinq, Slaqecraff, Pholography Mrs. Bernece Lyon Librarian Mr. Ney Mahaffa Wood Shop Mr. 'Donald Mandell 71h Grade, Malhemafics " s. Claire McGaw English Mrs. June Millard Drama, Chorus, Hisfory Miss Doris Mosaly Homemaking Miss Edirh Raflery Hisvory, Governmenl Miss Lola Reshelio Chemisfry, Physics, Music Apprecialion, Geomefry, Bolany Mr. Salvalore Sanloro Foreign Languages, Science Miss Hazel Scandrell English Mr. Cliflon Shordilre Biology, California Governmenl, Publicafions Miss Marie Simonelli 7th Grade 32 5 ar-I N -. J x FACULTY Lefl, Mr. Thomas J. Conlan, Principal, and Mr. Millon l. Griese, Vice-Principal ,o 1- QR Q"-z ia . 4 9 ,Q A fs .f , Wifi' 435 "5",? ,. , s,,f,.,, sf. ry ,A ,, , e. . W, ,M lg Y V pda. 4' -Qi V ,s W 'W 1 Qf- :Wo 1""'l"' in fu... tis.,-xr' 'ifh Qu-Ju? 1' fb- 9 ,CNW f S we f'Hvlv Yi 'Z' ., Miss Edyfhe Sliffe Mafhemafics Miss Ruilw Sieplwenson Bcol1lreepinq,Sfenoqraphy Mr. Lesfer Talbof 81h Grade, Meial Shop Miss Myra Wells School Nurse Mrs. Beairice Zaine Homemaking Lefi, Mr. J. Bruce Griffin, Skilled Mainfenance and Mr. Leroy Laughlin, Head Cusfodian Mr. Graydon Cowell Janitor Mr. Daniel Green Janiior Mrs. Rufh Hanson Mafron Mr. Carl Valladao Traffic Pafrol Officer NOT PICTURED: Mr. Pefer Paqqi Janifor Mr. Jim Wayne Janiior's Helper Miss Virginia Cellano Office Secrefary ...A-A ll' f f f It-X M 1 K I Mrs. Rose Emery Affendance Clerk 2 X-2 s ZW wc fr jd? Mrs. Blanche Execufive Secr 33 elary ' x 'E' Q2 I N 2.2 Q w as Ev fc rel he we is c i s 5 C.S.F.-FIRST ROW, lett to right: Barbara Fisher, Pat Massa, Mary Sams, Mary Lou Donovan, Mary Mock, Marlene Louie. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Smith, Brenda Ayo, Barbara Van Sickle, Leslie Balan- gero, Sue Dunphy, Douglas Getchell. NOT PICTURED: Franl: Thomas, Donella Dunphy. Honor students at Emery are members oi the iunior CSF. in the iunior high, or, from the 10th arade on, the Emery chapter of the California Scholarship Fed- eration. The purpose of these orqanizations is to foster a hiah standard of scholar- ship and general attainment by the students. JUNIOR C.S.F.-FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Thomas, Jim Davis, Jim Manduca, Dan Mock, Mayme Whitebear. SECOND ROW: Sharon Wolbert, Vera Brondolo, Sue Berry, Nancy Capellino, Diana Duarte, Miss Sliite, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Linda Leeman, Ann McNames, Sharon Casovia, Karen Winqer, Kathy Donovan, Linda Balangero, June Jarrell. NOT PICTURED: Gary Vittnri. Cleveland Williams, Lyn Getchell. Z' hi., Ps? pf Chemisfry-Physics Math Theory Geomehy Biology General Science Herzhefi Sfarncs shows cups won wifh Hs oxhihi+ M nafional 8th Grade Mafh Qonvcrflon of Cali5Qrnia lr1venfors'Asso:iJ+ior1 fo Mr. Sanforo enfl Mr. Johnson. 7+h Grade Marh quen Q C Q fb ggi fi "I 'f ff . 'ia Tlbiil rin ll E5 5 H5 gg gi f , , '51, f'X M X FIRST ROW, leff fo riqhl: Timofhy Knauer, Charles Rice, Daniel Mock. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Underhill, Ernie Reece, Kishka Graham, Marqarel DeWilf, Gerry Davis, David Smifh, Rodney Welfz, Charles Pellicci, THlRD ROW: Clyde Yeager, Joe Scodeller, Juanila Marfinez, Don Broussard, Philip Gomez, Ray Luflrell, John Wheeler, Raymond Bayles. ADVANCED BAND All 5ll1'!f-Illia rx' Ertimjv iqxvf 'ipe cp,-5"2r'L1:11'y' in bcrirtu- '1 xulrtirgfr :Z 'in Efxrvi. Ticirpzrrz 'fxrz sic or any mmf- lrim 'Pie TIE: iwrcidfa This Y'l'lI 'hm :Gnd '.-:is il iff 'fi pffitff- 1. if Sei-J 'I'l',LSl" E,u11'iz:xg equipped wllh several rafifrlrsrtl rccrus. T210 fxdvclriieci l'IlIG perfjriizs Ii: assemblies and Tie: school functions. Under the dueclicn of Mr. fumminqs 'hr hand presertfffi Us ixrst publw f'Zl'1i"?Y1 in December. John Wheeler, oufsfandinq bandsman and fre- fly a soloisf, wilh some of the inslrumenfs he Frank Tho'nas and John Browder, dance band Ray Lulfrell and Charley Rnce has played wifh the band. members, leaving performance. also afler performance .aw " il-l !EFT TO RIGHT: Jesse Whi++en. Herman Porfer, Fred Brehmer, Roger Sfandish, Gary Kraus, Ralph Miller, John Browder, Morris Boyd, Jaclrie Miranda, Kafhleen Donovan, Mary Jo Hanson. KNEELING: Larry Kaufman, Shelfon Posey, Anlhony Chavez. 8th GRADE BAND 7th GRADE BAND LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Casfillo, Eddie Wrighf, Harold Adams, James Nelson, Barbara Cafhers, Gloria AldereHe, Jon Gunari, Sheryl Kuhn, Jefferson Robinson, Dennis Ward, Robbye Johnson, Darrell Broussard, Bob Thomas. . s by .W f Av X :J X3 ""w""' SEATED, lef? lo righfz Dennis Slefani, Joyce Alcanfar, Rosemary Carnbra, Barbara Day, Gerry Lucero, Jo Casfillo, Elizebefh Jones, Joan Hendricks, Bill Marchewka. STANDING: Mifch Crawford, David Smifh, Mrs. Millard, Clyde Yeager, Jerry Davis, Mike Coody, Gerfrude Monloya. Gdllopmq Ghcsts, G fhree-uct play was the fall production of the crdvcxnced drcxmdlics class. A suspense comedy of ghcsts cmd spxrils, ix was given on cm dppropridte dale, Frlddy, December 13, Above IS the ccrst of 'Gcllloplnq Ghosts," wnh the dire-clcr, Mrs. Mlllclrd. More scenes from "GalIoplnq Ghosfsf' Phofo in upper righf of panel shows sfage hands Dennis Siefani and Enzo Gresolano. n H' ' f 4 0 ,fp , N 1, . 7 ,., . , . . .fiafgz 9? Kg ZW ' 1 n 1 S!! 'I-F fm 1 'W 4?WWw,i,, , Q 5 "D ' v ' S ,rg W 4, Y' Vs . we 1,421 -il Qvkgwf A. N ,5:g::z3,- Aa! fligjgrggyi ht- --Qlfu. ' -41 A fi 39 -1 KR , f .-M' 3? 4, gfwf' ,,, Q 4 f Z -Wfwvmuwwmvu ,av 1? V WL, wi M Q A Q. HWY, .4 QXT5' In upper photo: Sandra Smlfh, Peggy Wafhor, Celia Pmsencial Arlefm Crawford and Uyganna GrQsseH Pracffcf' Pm art of cooking. In low-r le-ff: Miss Moseley demon! sfrafes preparing for ssrvl Tce, and In The m'1'n'1013 'he boys' class urns a 'rand to cooking chores Orossrakin .. Q, hfwu 3 lv f of as j po- f .-,.,....-v-""" rv -1,-44" Q f. --.. Q --fx' . 4 X xhfw' 1' ysfw' :Mgt 3,1-Q ' ,W 4 V, HOMEMAKING q is a vdmable port oi Qhe home economrcs frarmuq 9V9VY Cllr' V GENES 57 Em Y work, Af riqhf, Pa? DoNby and Joyce Alcaniar are fnvhng Dons O Neal I I-YI CDT LQIQ E' If I H L L F E YII LE, CPLIECRHLR M- ,QEQEHRER IS, T957 NO.4 I ,5,I,gI4aw 'ELLL HJHIDOWJTI' ei 148, NL owl PLMIQ T1E unuu or THE PLAY IS 550791 H,L,fL SHILZT ACQQHQING TO THE HY R03 MH .LNQEL MT rnam MRS. MILLARDITHE 3 1,r Hr: HEYNCLC3 MARCELLA CQBR- I THE 5 1 1 LAST IS Ai FOLLOWS! I CVE W. - - A PEYHULQS, CAROL HcooNI3IMOPE PR JEFF HEYHQLQS, SEGRGE DILLIHGg CHRIS HLIC7 GREY, LGLA PERKINSg 'THEY ' DaT isig Hamm, SHIRLEY SMITH? JANUARY wissgNGER BOY, JERRY OAvISg I ON OH C VYQPERTIES, ARLETTA CRAWFORDQ WILL JT ARTANS NNI NG ALBANY, THAT WHS T VICTORY fmEHT. AGAIN WAS I I I I I I I B TE PII4 EVERY - ALBANY GAME THE 3PaHTJHHE'8n DEFEATEO ALBANY '20, CEC. II AT HLEfNY 42-26. THIS HOW GIVES THE SPARTANS A 5-I RECORD, BOB DAVIS WAS HIGH POINT mam ran THF SRARTANS WITH 'I2 POINTS. THE SPARTANS I WITH THE HELP or BOB DAVIS Lwuwo MAN, CLYDE YEHGERg GAMEI PROMPTER, UCANHA GRESSETTQ THE GIRLS CHPRUS WILL CEEER LMLRY C'LONNELL GAME Two PRACTICE GAMES ARE CHR,5T,A5 C,9,L5, QEVEQLY I THE LHIRTRNS wow THEIR 2ND SCHEDULED IN JANUARY PHRSONS 2ILL SING HG HOLY ,CPNSFCUTIVE BASKETBALL IFLQHE DILY QTLRTS JANUARY P ABL ,f'1YgI FALL ELOTTER STAFF 2.0 GAME. -EHERY CAME S 'B'S' BEAT g. 9,I95v 53- QNCISCO, THE 5 CONTROL OF T'hE FIRST . THAT THERE . NG THEM, IS, SHERMAN 'ITH, RAY JAMES WILSON IHER THE if-5, SHOULD so A IIQI B DAVIS was ff LEFT TO RIGHT: Mamin Young, Rh,eI Lufrrell, Evesfcr Smith, Marvin LEFT TO RIGHT: Enzo Gresolano, John Hoover, WiIma McEIIiqo1f Lnwery Torn Ever:oIe. Peggy Colberf, Janice Webb, Dora Blakes. R G B OTTER STAFF WIN L FIRST ROW, IefI Io righf: June JurreI, Linda Leeman, Sue Dunphy, Ediior Mary Sams, Mary Mock, Marlene Louie, Effa Jo Smifh. SECOND ROW: Jerry Miranda, AIan Mack, Joan Hendricks, Douglas Gefchell, Spencer Taw, 46 John Hoover. Typ'sIs for publicafions during Spring semesler-SEATED, lefl Typislz in Fall semesler-LEFT TO RIGHT: Ella Brondolo, Es Io righl: Sandra Smifh, Peggy Colberl. STANDING: Belly 'fella Douglas, Alice Cody. lfudscn, Joan I-1ends'icks,6.or.a Bonvicrn, Doris O'Neal4 Mary Lou Donfwan. Sparlan sfaH pholographer, Lloyd Monlcya, gels a carid'd sho? Iri Mr. Al Edwards, phoiographer for lhe gym. Hal Mafsori sludios, in action dur- iriq one of his visifs fo Ihe school lo fake yearbook pholos, SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROW, lefl fo riqhl: Hershell Slarnes, Ray Mock, Douglas Gefchell, Timolhy Knauer, Daniel Mock, James Thomas. SECOND ROW: Peggy Grimes, Jeanrieffe Pauri. Linda Leemari, Leslie Balanqero, Barbara Van Sickle, Mary Mock, Mr. Santoro, Cofa Manns, June Jarrell, Pa? Massa, Addie Pierce, Ella Jo Smilh. ww 47 J, , 1 ...gm -.-A I f .L 4 Qiwtfsxivh Q iii? nm www. -V -Y "M" IL wa. ...- , nam wa. , ffw -9...- Qi A tblf ,A az, f. .Q fx in www -an-. im lb 'ii-1' was ca 1 L.4..W ig, QA-p 1 E , 1 gm E I X 1-PH 4' in ?f 7 52' , I , Av WX ,A 5 1 i nv f i 1 ' f 4 ., 125 ff f L' " A -,.,.4mff-sy'-x,f gf 573 ,gf ffm,-n Q I. " L My Mk 'A ,5 Q fj , J . 'V . ,' yi' f A aww I 1 jffs Y ' J? , 'f any fi, V34 , law 3 . 1 Q , ,, Wife 5 wi ,fx 2,5 . , N 23 , g 2 ' S3521 .- 3:8 y 5 1124215 I sl Q z - ug c 2 Af, , C 24 f, H' M1229 'Liv' N J gi i ' N 1 'W K ' ' Y P A V 'M ' Q ' Q Ev 9 fr ' , ' v V ff' in P ,. X, nf ,ff IX' 3 , A L f ff V . ,, Q 1 ' Q? 55 -'5' ei, K L., 71. .fm U - eflxvt - 1 f' d I 735: 9 V , , ii, ' 'pw 4 Jef W ' , xg! ' Q -xii HALL PATROL FIRST ROW, lei? Io righf: Alan Mack, sergeanig John Wheeler, capfaing Mickey Henderson, sergeant. SEC- OND ROW: Willie Scoff, Bill Scan- dre'f+, Joe Scodeller. THIRD ROW: Kew Combs, Berkeley Jones, Mike Arkfnson, Charles Rice, David Smi'fh. BANK MONITORS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Mock, June Jarrell, Linda Lee- man, Marlene Louie. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS IN FRONT OF DESK, Ieff +o right: Sharon Wolberf, Juanifa Marfinez, PauI'ne Canady. BACK: Earl Rey- nolds, Barbara Saulsberry, Mrs. Lyon Mary Lou Donovan, Peggy Colbert John Salvador, Gloria Bonvicin, Bar- barifa Baldilan NOT PICTURED: Cecilia Zubiaie. OFFICE STAFF SEATED, Iefl Io right Joan Hendricks, Yvonne Capellino, Joan Greeno. STANDING: Marcella Cobb, Gelene Hudson, Dora Blakes, Vera Morgan, Gloria Bonvicin, Addie Pierce, Miss CeIIano, Carol Pimenfel, Gerirude Monioya. FAR BACK: Mike Aikinson, Berkeley Jones, John Salvador. 5 'Vf 4' QU I , FALL COUNCIL X, J? FIRST ROW, lefl lo righl: Ella Brondolo, treasurer, Margarel Higuera, vice-presidenl, Donella Dunphy, presidenf Miss Devine, advisor, Sue Dunphy, secrelary. SECOND ROW: Ava O'NeaI, 7lh grade represenlalive, Vera Bron dolo, 77h grade represenlalive, Mary Jo Hanson, 81h grade represenfalive, Alice Fox, 'Nh grade represenlalive Mary Sams, Ilfh grade represenlariveg Doris Isola, pas? presidenf, Joan Greeno, I2fh grade represenlafive Barbara Van Sickle, l0fh grade reoresenlalive, Mary Mock, publicily manager, Alice Cody, I2fh grade repre senlafive, Marlene Louie, sporfs manager. G. A. A. COUNCIL Inf Girls' A'IiIf'1l Assrwialxfin pwrvfrdffs social, recreational, and vocational aflrvrlrc-s fur Ihr lrlrls of ffrnery. Ifvwry :girl Iufvlonfgs lo the G.A.A, Its activities during the year include parties, yllay :lays WIIII CSD. and special playdays at San Francisco Slate and Cal. W1Ih the Boys' Bloc.: E, the qroup is co-sponsor of an annual dance and picnic. The G.A.A. also has speakers on subiecls of rnlf-rest tc the guls. Each qirl has the opportunily lo earn a G.A.A. award by parlrcrpalinq in thf many arilvrtics Qifergi hy this arqanxzallon. SEATED, lefl fo righf: Palricia Dolby, sporls manager, Mary Sams, poinl secretary, Gerrie Crisfiani, secrefary, Joan Hendricks, vice-presidenl, Margarel Higuera, presidenl, Miss Devine, girls' counselor, Barbara Day, freasurer, Susan Dunphy, publicily manager, Claudia Polls, 7fh grade represenlafive. STANDING: Barbara Webb, 9fh grade represenfaliveg Julie Marfinez, Bfh grade represenfafiveg LueHa McKenzie, Iofh grade represenfalive, Bar- bara Firnenlel, Illh grade represenla9ive, Mary Mock, I2fh grade represenfafive wr SPRING COUNCIL . 1,,,, 53 J. ,, , A..-F G., ...-... .,.., . .., -.-fw-- L., 1 3 ..v .,?h,.w f + ...,.,.-.4 ...-... - .x.,M... - any Q 'mf' Q? if 3. N N U 5 wx W SQ, 1 gan, ffl 3, . 0 'O wsiffm, Q 3 'i"f"iL' i"iSf.35F? 4 N "' img ,... I , Y f t in ?7,' 'h F- WSH ' A fi, 19 Y NN .L F M Q k X 5 ,W fp' I' 1' Q nf 4 N . ia, c 9 W" .Rib y ' f ' iw .4 .gg ' ,rg i R lymixjg i , J' .ZW ,,.A IV' W A dig Q w 'fr Affif 9. Wiigf' S .Q v" f7 iv 134' 3 "' X s ab, Q - .Q ff' i " Af Q iq- an , 4. L4 f if W vg s 'Q 1 L x V, . x S14 ss is -Q - Q 'f N W X ig! M 1 jg! !'Q an. ia' G.A.A. BOWLING CLU B FIRST ROW, left fo right: Barbara Day, vice-president: Yvonne Capellino, president: Joan Greeno, treasurer: Alice Cody, secretary. SECOND ROW: Francis Sa n ers, Gwen . Ella Bron- dolo, Susan Dunplwy, Brenda Ayo. Margaret Higuera, oan Hendricks, mary Jo Hansen, Nancy Capel- lino, Judy Vittori, Sue Ann Berry, Diana Duarte. A Bowling Club was organized for the first time this year. Many girls showed great interest and participated in the sport from lanuary to the end of March. 6.A.A. TEN NIS Barbara Van Siclrle, Cova Nlanns, Gerrie Cristiani and Pai Massa pause, af left, between a game of doubles. A+ right, Etta Jo Smifh and Carolyn Jordan have lust enioyed a game of sfngles. Tennis has become such a popular G.A.A. sport that it is offered in both Fall and Spring. 'W' G.A.A. INITIATION PARTY FIRST ROW, Iefl fo riqhf: Lynn Gefchell, Linda Abeyla, Ellen Vllocds, Claudia Polls, Diana Herwick. SECOND ROW: Vera Brondolo, June Baccus, Efhel Morris, Judy Owensby, Sue Ann Berry, Grace Fiore, Barbara Calliers, Lee Radin, Sheryl Kuhn, Linda Shore, Virginia O'Brien. Pram their sophomore year art, the airls become eligible ta receive the G.A.A. letter. Letters are awarded to tliase airls who have obtained 350 paints by par- ticipation iri sucli activities as bowling, volleyball, basketball, teririis, and G.A.!X. parties arid dances. G.A.A. LETTER SOCIETY FIRST ROW, Ielf lo right: Etta Jo Smith, Carolyn Jordan, Mary Lou Donovan, Joan Greene, Mary Mock, Mary Sams, Barbara Day, Margarel Hiquera, Judy Alcanfar. SECOND ROW: Susan Dunphy, Peggy Grimes, Peggy Colberl, Yvonne Capellino, Joan Hendricks, Alice Cody, Pal Jordan, Addie Pierce. THIRD ROW: Ella Brondolo, Celestine Levias, Marlene Louie, Carol lfimenfel, Joan Oellerich, Barbara Pimenlel, Joyce Alcanfar. V., 'W 1 . 1 -... 1, . Q 1 XJ E f FIRST ROW, left to right: Dennis Cebollero, Clyde Yeager, Marvin Lowery, Cliff Taw, Don Deiro, Alan Mack, Jerry Davis, Don Woods. SECOND ROW: Tom Curran, Jimmy Faught', Jerry Miranda, Bill Marchewka, Willie Scott, Mickey Henderson, Jerry Marshall, Joe Scodeller, Ray Vittori, Don Broussard, Mike Atkinson. THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach Ed Harrison, Assistant Coach Elio Abrami, Evester Smith, Bruce Hall', Timothy Knauer', Jay Lee Brock', Arnald Stark', Mike Sutton', Richard Lewis', Norman Lloyd', Junior Varsity Coach Lester Talbot, Varsity Coach Joe Lovisone. FOURTH ROW: Charles Rice, Gordan Morton, John Wheeler, Frank Thomas, Dennis Campbell, John Lacoste, Willie Woods, Arthur Watts. ' Junior Varsity VARSITY FOOTBALL The varsity started the 1957 season as a dark horse ofthe B.C.L. A close runner all the way, the tearn lost the championship by three points. The hia day was the deieat oi Menlo tor the first time in six years. lerry Marshall, Don Woods, and lack Stevens were elected All Conference. Don was also elected most valuahle player of the learn. Coach Lovisone gives a few pointers during a practice session SCHEDULE October 11 Emery 40 ..,C,S.D. 6 18 Emery 6 , .Lick 7 25 Emery 21, S.R.M.A. 6 Novernher 1 Ernery 19 8 Ernery 20 , 15 Ernery 39 1 , St. Vincent 21 Menlo 12 . 1-1.M.B. 20 ,sf . V -.w w-,.v w- 71, ,fm 0' 'G ' , WW, f 13- K, M , . nf' , Mf- ., . 1' NL ,M M- ,, ., , , fQg+N,A3 ,gb wif ' 'M' " lvaliimefw 'W' in Y ,U wi Il I 1- ' L' J fu 'I fin Q7 6 A 1. :La -. . . ,.., Q Q ' A 1 G , Q ? V iv - A i as Q' a 1 2? --11 7 Q ,Q , l 'fx wk' A H 6 1 .,, sag ,X s 'g - 'N fx .I 1-Qili if fbi x gp: . ga 1. Q W X x,,f+ 4- 5ENl0lZ 4 E 5 . .-,in ,ff .. I gnc i wi FIRST ROW, left to right: Philip Gomez, forward: Clyde Yeager, guard: James Wilson, guard: Jerry Davis. guard: Ronald Smith, guard. STANDING: Raymond Bayles, manager: Ray Lutfrell, guard: Don Broussard, center: Sherman Wood, center: Bob Davis, forward: Al Montoya, forward: Milre Hayes forward Bull Meadows forward Coach Joe Lovlsone BASKETBALL The "B" team brought home its fourth straight league championship this year losing only its three practice games, and winning all fourteen league games As with the A's teamwork played the largest part in gaining the title tor the B's according to Coach Lovisone 1958 BAY COUNTIES LEAGUE CHAMPIONS PRACTICE GAMES LEAGUE GAMES Emery 21 ,, , Benicia Emery 4U . .. .. ,. Menlc Emery 30 ., ,,.. Amador Emery 79 ..... , . l-l.lVl.B. Emery 29. .. ., .. De Anza Emery 51 ,,,,,, , ,,,,..,. S.R.M.A. Emery 44 , O'Gonnell Emery 54 , St.Vir1f'fant Emery 32 ........ , , Albany Emery 44 .,,,., ,, Concordia Emery 28 , . . Amador Emery 30, ,,,, ,,,,...,,, A Lirk Emery 31 , ...,,, St. loseph Emery 43 .,,,.....,.............. C.S.D. Emery 37 ,,,, . . , Benicia Emery 35 ........... ,, , , Menlc Emery CEmery Emery Emery Emery Emery Emery 23 ...., . .. .,,,. H.lfl.B. won by forfeitl 34 .,,., ,,,., . , S.R.M.A. 40 ,.,,.., ,,.... S t. Vincent 47 ,, ...... Concordia 38 ,,,,,,, A, ,,,,.,, ,, Lick 56 ..r,.., .,,,,, , C.S.D. 'L "C" TEAM The C team, coached hy Mr. Dukas, woh Emery a co-championship for the second year in 1958. This record auqers well for the future A and B teams. High point men for the seasoh were Hayes, Woods, Brock, and Lewis. 1958 BAY COUNTIES LEAGUE CO-CHAMPIONS o TEAM sCoRE Emery 23 ,.,c,,.....,...,,,.,., S.R.M.A. 24 Emery 31 .,..,. ,..,c,,c,,.,.. L ick 9 Emery 22 . .,r,.c,,.,,,. Menlo 15 Emery 25 Y,.,.. .,,r..,.. S .E,M.A. 23 Emery 24 ,,.c,, ...,,,,,c.,r., L ick 23 Emery 22 ,,,c.. ,c.,., M enlo 15 FIRST ROW, le'F+ fo right Lawrence Kaufman, Dennis Ward, John Phillips, Edward Hughes, Jim Davis. SECOND ROW: Gliss Levias, Alberi Brock, Gary ViHori, Donald Lloyd, James Knighf, Tony Duks, Jessie WH+en, Richard Wood, Mike Hayes, Richard Louis, Gary Wood, John Browder. Crowd af +he Milk Fund game. Inset fire deparfmenf Capfain Henry Lyman shows kindergarfener Cassandra Mur dock what The Milk Fund is abouf. FIRST ROW, left to right: Phillip Gomez, right field, Don Woods, left field, Alan Mack, left field, Dennis Stefani, center field, Jerry Davis, third base, Don Deiro, pitcher, Jerry Miranda, second base. SECOND ROW: Joe Lovisone, coach, Bryan Reqallie, pitcher, Ken Combs, center field, Dennis Cebollero, catcher, John Wheeler, catcher, Willie Scott, pitcher, Don Broussard, second base. THIRD ROW: Mike Atkinson, manager, Berkeley Jones, manager, Bob Davis, pitcher, Willie Woods, shorstop, Roosevelt Davis, first base, Mickey Henderson, right field, Bill Marchewka, right field. VARSITY BASEBALL The Spartans ended a successful season in May by winning the championship. They won ten, losina only cnei This is the third championship held by the baseball varsity. The League voted Willie Woods, Roosevelt Davis and Bob Davis All- Conierence players. Willie was also selected Most Valuable Player and Roose- velt season Captain by their teammates. 1958 BAY COUNTIES LEAGUE CHAMPIONS VARSITY SCHEDULE l- V- SCHEDULE , Emery ,... Albany Pratice Games Emery YYYY 7 Lick Emery 2 ............ St. losephs 4 Emery Menlo Emery 8 .,,,,,,,si St. Elizabeth 4 Emery Concordia Leaque Carnes Emery AlbC11'1Y Emery l2 ,, ,.,., , E Menlo 9 Emery ,,i. Lick Emery 2 , E H.lVl.B. B Emery 5 , S.R.M.A. 20 Emery l ,, ., Lick 2 Emery 5 ,Concordia lU Emery U St. Vinccnts 8 Emery 3 S.R,lv!l.JX. l2 Emery 4 l-l.l-fl.B. 7 Emery O Ccncordia 4 Emery li Lick S Emery 4 St. Vincents 9 FIRST ROW, left to right: Gliss Levfas, shortstop, Gary Kraus, catcher, Roger Standish, right fielder, Charles Pellicci, second base, Fred Brehrner, center fielder, S COND ROW: Morris Boyd, manager, Al Montoya, first base, Ron Smith, second base, Greg Eddins, left field, Richard Levis, third base, Elio Abrami, coachi NOT PICTUREDZ Larry Kaufman and Ed Hughes, pitchers, Bob Thomas, left field, Carl Stark, right field, Alan Hale, center field, Gary Wood, shortstop, Dennis Mullilren, right field. i x' P tt: 42 BLOCK " " The Block E is a boys' letter and service or- ganization, To quality for this society a bay must have earned a required number at credits in baseball, laaslcetlsall, or tcatlcallr Amana the clulis activities are the annual in- itiation and picnic day at tlie end of each semester. Future members of Bloclr E af ro call FIRST ROW, left 'ro right: Donald Deiro, Jolwn Wheeler, vice-president: Jerry Miranda, president Alan Maclr, Joe Scodeller. SECOND ROW: Dennis Cebollero, Bob Eversole, Dennis Stefani, William Scott Mickey Henderson. THIRD ROW: William Woods, secretary-treasurerg Roosevelt Davis, Donald Woods Mr. Lovisone. NOT PICTURED: Charles Rice, Jim Wayne, and Bill Marchewlra. un 'Q 1 vga.. , 5 ff Away, 3, s A I f y l l 5: 'S a 1 l 1 S l I. The long and shorf of H. A couple of sporfs managers: 4. An informal gafluering of Bloclr E. Berkeley Jones, baseball: Tom Curran, foofball. 5. Offlcers ofSpanIsl1Club. 2. Band concerf. b. More dence bend. 3. S+uden? Body Presidenf Alan Mack as chairman of council meefing. X-1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS x. nf Y A , , -fvyv-KZC , , - , Q , , fa cz X47Zfw,, L77Vg,.g,,4,,A ,Ji 1.1,v.f 1fEfg,,,,, 415 ,717 Q fi W 7g3Q-WQQZZU ww, cafwaefl K pA1pf all X, Z Mo .ff 4 fM,.Z4fWw WML .J QW' M V Xlx ZDQNQ' J AKTL Nw W KL MX x W if NNW Q XJ wxlp JQXJQLL X LM L, PLL. CRE! ff MQW if Lq Ui x7 x VN W4 X pf . I M J M! ' 1 I O ' , 17 , "M" -- X U! ! xii, I Y f . fx, 5' Ulf, xx , f , I Y af ' v ' 1 A ,M . X N .. 6.1 I C ky X1 NN pc iUU I , 'V 5 V r u X - N MQ ' Q! I C' . r X ff , G ' ' V f ' A I ' J ,fy ,ff H V 3 K, Q3 Q n

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