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1 5 Y WMM, K 'm"aM+..M.,m ?H3' n f l X L 1 il fd iff ii? ,...-wwf" ,Qsx 1967 EAGLE '60pen Doors to Learningv Published by the Annual Staff of Emery High School Emery, South Dakota Introduction . . . Administration Academics . . Athletics . . . Activities . . . Grade Section Foreword What is Emery High School? lt is not the bricks and mortar and steel that went into making itg al- though the school is a complex combination oi building materials. The building can change, but Emery will always be the composite of hopes and dreams, the intangible commodity of possessions of a fighting spirit, and of ties among her people --friendships, common experiences, laughter, and sorrow. With this in mind, We the staff of the 1967 Eagle, present to you this book. Table of Contents . . 4-5 . 7 . . 13 . . Q7 .. 37 .. 59 Dedication We, the members of the Senior Class of 1967, dedicate this annual to our parents in appreciation for their undivided love, guidance, understanding, and loyalty they have so willingly given us during the past twelve years. Our parents, through PTA, united the force of home, school, and community to establish a better understanding between generations. Our parents applauded as Emery won the district crown. 1 The Chemistry students made many discoveries throughout the year. Mr. Tschetter, plus modern equipment, provided students with a better view of daily lessons. Through These The student body of Emery High School, an ever-changing, shifting, readjusting, live group of people, represented a community vitally con- cerned with the proper education of tomorrow's citizens. Physical and personal educational efforts were directed toward the highest and best develop- ment of each individual. Each individual is a separate entity, each class, a separate component, and the four classes to- gether form the school. The creativity, leader- ship, achievement, and personality emerging from among the members of the four classes dis- tinguish this student body from others. It charac- terized the school itself. Thus, the presentation of the members of the student body was a repre- sentation of the school. It was through the doors of Emery High School --only one of the many many schools in our nation --that we obtained true knowledge. We obtained this knowledge only if we actually strived to earn it Doors Lie Knowledge Hard work and determination enabled these juniors to gain proficiency in typing. Increased library facilities helped students in their search for knowledge. The freshman girls practiced the every day art of cooking in the home economies class. Annual taff Strives or Another All-State This staff gave up many long hours to produce our annual-a treasured book of memories. Much time was spent Writing, rewriting, and correct- ing to make our annual what it is today. Mr. J. B. Smith, the annual staff advisor, "Oh no' Does this have to be typed contributed much to making the staff a success. Over againw, Many decisions had to be madeyto make the annual a great success. RA TI ON N X The teachers gathered each evening after school to take a breather from the strenuous activities of the day. Supt. Michael J. Thomas: Algebra, Mrs. Martha Rusch: Geometry Home Economics I, II Mrs. Doris Urich: Library, Journalism, General English I-IV Science 333159 are the D69 0 0 5 Mr. Rodney Jones: Mr. John B. Smith: Mr. Jens Andree: Athletic Director, Business Law, Shorthand, Assistant Coach, World Biology, Driver's Economics, Bookkeeping, History, Government, Education Typing I American History, Physical Education, Psychology Leaders in Knowledge Preparation, hard work, dedication, and thorough knowledge were the trademarks of these teachers. Lessons, lectures, and curriculum planning filled their days at Emery. The success of the school depended largely upon the devotion of these teachers. These eight teachers instructed one hundred thirty-two stu- dents who were enrolled at EHS during the 1966- Mr. Richard Tschetter: Mr. Stuart Crouse: Business Arithmetic, Vocal Music, Band, Algebra I, II, Chemistry Grade Music 1967 school term. This was a ratio of sixteen students to each teacher. Under their tutorship, we have learned the meaning of loyalty, the value of friendships, the glory of victory, and the dignity of defeat. They have prepared us to face the challenges of the future. We resolve that our future achievements shalldadd honor to their names. Each morning Superintendent Michael J. Thomas sorted the mail for the faculty. g., ,,, 10 These students planned school functions. Bruce Huber Headed Student Council Seven democratic-minded students comprised Emery High School's Student Council. The officers of the govern- mental body, who must be juniors or seniors, were elected by the student body. The representatives were elected by each individual class respectively. This organization began their Working year by planning the greatest Eagle days ever. They are also responsible for the Christmas party, the school picnic, and all other various school functions. The Student Council is under the supervision of Superintendent Michael J. Thomas. Board of Education Opened Doors to Learnin The job of coordinating the work of each of the Board, conducted the meetings. He was teacher and student fell on the Board of Ed- assisted by Erwin Huber who served as vice- ucation. The Board met the second Monday president. John Pudwill, business manager, kept of every month. Lawrence Browen, president the minutes of the meetings. Seated: John Pudwill, Norbert Jung, Michael Thomas, Lawrence Browen, Glen Lubbers. Standing: Carl Harbertsl Erwin Huber. --37 if ,... .1 ff .f., u e, 1.r.,..,,-.,..,,.,,..,Uals,-fsf.f,..Ws .M-,W .--,sm-. ,..,,,- .nw.f,f,L,1,,E:1i,l,5gm L,g,...,, ,ti uw, QL-X-.. .,MQ,l,,,,,., t,,. A H ..,.-,yt-fl-,sl E,-,U .1 lf.f,:,sffsi.s .. V. -- - f .. .,-, ,, , , . Eunice Janssen, Mrs. Hugh Sweeney, and Gladys Terveen faithfully prepared the meal each day for the student body. Mrs. Charles McCormick served as office secretary and did many odd jobs. Talent Utilized A great variety of talent and skill must be utilized to make the school "run, " The skill of the people shown on this page made the school year a success for students and teachers alike., These cooks, bookkeepers, clerks, custodians and aids deserve the thanks of the student body, teachers and the community for making Emery High School the institution that it is. Their warm smiles and their helping hands will be long remembered by the student body. Ted Folkerts, Otto Bleeker, and Dick Folkerts made the ride to school enjoyable. Mrs. Dick Folkerts assisted in cleaning up after school. Dick Folkerts made it possible to keep the school spic and span. f"'3.1 y e ,XX 2 QU., ' . ' J School Nurse, Mrs. Klaus, initiated Mrs. Larry Bender taught the remedial Specialist, Mrs. Joan Berg, the health plan during the school reading classes in the grade school. clerk, typist, and librarian. term. Teachers' Aids Added to F acult Under the new Title ll Bill, our school was allowed to hire help for our teachers. Those who served as teacher's aids usually typed and corrected tests, worked on library cards, or helped out in anyway they could. This enabled the teachers to spend more time with the students and help them with their problems. Mr. Jones, along with many other teachers and students, re- ceived his shot at one of the immunization clinics. Mrs. Otto Bleeker served as a teacher's aid for the grade school. 5 f Jjf! f f IIA! 1 " so I f X A xy K f X 1 X I I fl, 0 , . 'KX E fl X W ff x X "x,R 4 Mx NJ! ll ff!! RX Wg ww fix X X, X X I X 4 Rx X X ff. f , H xl 1 Q L Q All 2 Ac ADEMI C we I7 5 W N X hx X EH X N x X xx , X X KX 9 X X xyx XX XX X 5 X X 1 f i i Q ,! N, I 'U I A A4 fy X f EE N Bruce Huber Mary Jung Thomas McCormick Four Years Completed This was the year we were Waiting for. Now, We, the seniors of '67 with cap, gown, and diploma have become graduates of Emery High School. Not a dream, but a reality has made this goal come true. As we look ahead to the future years, we will not forget the reality of our past. These years have made our high school days unforgettable. When we were freshmen, we looked ahead with doubts. Would we someday be able to take the role as seniors? That was a dream and nothing more. Our fun was centered around the first Home- coming at Emery, and the anticipation of our initiation. Our sophomore year found us following escapades of fun. With pen in hand, we saw our- selves through our first research papers. This was the year we became active members of Emery High School, and looked forward to the time we would be the leaders. As juniors, we planned the banquet. We set to work developing the theme "Moonlight and Roses." In January we received the long awaited class rings. I 4 Joann Smith Robert Arend Pamela Kendall The Seniors enjoyed 21 tour through the Department of Game, Fish, and Sheryl Tammen James Jarding pal-ks at Pierre, James Terveen Sandra Kressman Earl Riflhter Brenda Hanssen Judy Terveen Dale Bahmuller Now We are the seniors. We have our high school days behind us and the memories of four years Within us. This year brought the final Homecoming celebration in which we would be a part. We have taken part in the privileges and responsibilities handed down to us. Student Council sessions, class gatherings, and organi- zation meetings Were headed by the leaders of our class., We all helped to forward the under- takings of the class and school to make our senior year one of many accomplishments. The class journeyed as one to visit the legis- lature at Pierre on February 24. "The Egg and I," based on a broadway production, was presented as the senior class play. On May 17, We traveled to Lake Okoboji for Senior Skip Day. Sharon Hanssen David Terveen 1967 Class Was Largest Ever Cheryl Fauth Gerald Ruden Dewayne Ahrendt Mary Ernster Arlys Tammen James Dannenbring to Graduate Kenneth Tegels Linda Hoeltzner Randy Klock These were happy times! Monte Krier sr4x:,wemwfswwMi'-N Mi vm m'fa:mv1zwiwM- ' ms ---'-, Y Milton Rose Betty Bleeker Eugene Schulte Nancy Schulte We Went Forth to Challenge and Conquer For our class motto we selected "The Past Lies Conqueredg The Future Challenges." Our class flower was a white rose, and our class colors were lavender and silver. We, the senior class of '67, composed of twenty boys and seventeen girls, were the larg- est class ever to graduate from Emery High School. We will go on to challenge new horizons and eventually, by the help of God, attain new goals. We hope to be the best of builders-- leaders of tomorrow. Robert Tornow William Johnston Tamara Winkel Ronald Schultz Senior Directory DeWayne Ahrendt, Basketball: Football: Track: FFA: E Club: Senior Play: Boys' P.E. Robert Arend, Band: Boys' Glee: Basketball: Football: Track: E Club: Class Officer: Annual Staff: Plays: Chorus. Dale Bahmuller, Basketball: Library Staff: Boys' P,E:. Betty Bleeker, Track: FHA: FHA Officer: Pep Club: Class Officer: Paper Staff: Senior Play: Library Staff: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E. James Dannenbring, Boys' Glee: FFA: Senior Play: Library Staff: Chorus: Boys' P.E. Mary Ernster, Basketball: FHA: Pep Club: Senior Play: Library Staff: Chorus: Girls'Glee: Vocal Ensemble: All-State Chorus: Girls' P.E. Cheryl Fauth, Basketball: FHA: FHA Officer: Pep Club: Class Officer: Student Council: Cheer- leader: Annual Staff: Homecoming Queen: Junior Play: Library Staff: Declam: Chorus:Girls' Glee: Vocal Ensemble: All-State Chorus: Girls' P.E. Brenda Hanssen, FHA: Pep Club: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Senior Play: Library Staff: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E.: Basketball. Sharon Hanssen, FHA: Pep Club: Paper Staff: Library Staff: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E. Linda Hoeltzner, Basketball: Track: FHA: Pep Club: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Senior Play- Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E. Bruce Huber, Band: Boys' Glee: Basketball: Foot- ball: Track: E Club: Student Council: Annual Staff: Homecoming King: Plays: Chorus: Vocal Ensem- ble: Instrumental Ensemble: Instrumental Solo' All-State Chorus: Boys' State. James Jarding, Basketball: Football: E Club: Class Officer: Plays: Boys' P.E. William Johnston, FFA: Boys' P.E. Vickie Jucht, Band: Pep Club: Senior Play: Declam: Girls' Glee: Instrumental Ensemble: Instrumental Solo: Girls' P.E. Mary Jung, Band: Vocal Solo: Basketball: FHA: Majorette: FHA Officer: Pep Club: Pep Club Officer: Class Officer: Student Council: Cheer- leader: Annual Staff: Homecoming Attendant: Plays: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Vocal Ensemble: Girls' P.E.: DAR. Pamela Kendall, Band: Vocal Solo: FHA: Pep Club: Majorette: Class Officer: Student Council: Cheer- leader: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Homecoming Attendant: Plays: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Vocal En- semble: Instrumental Ensemble: Girls' P.E. Marcia Klock, Band: FHA: Pep Club: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Instrumental Ensemble: Girls'P.E.: s s Betty Crocker Award. Randy Klock, Boys' Glee: Basketball: FFA: Chorus: Boys' P.E. Sandra Kressman FHA: Pep Club: Library Staff: Majorette: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E.: Basketball. Monte Krier, Basketball: E Club: Class Officer: Junior Play: Boys' P.E. George Marquardt, FFA: Senior Play: Boys' P.E. Thomas McCormick, Football: FFA: Homecoming Attendant: Boys' P.E,. Earl Richter, Basketball: Football: Track: E Club: E Club Officer. Milton Rose, Boys' Glee: FFA: Plays: Library Staff: Chorus: Boys' P.E. Gerald Ruden, FFA: Boys' P.E. Eugene Schulte, Boys' Glee: Basketball: Track: E Club: Class Officer: Student Council: Paper Staff: Homecoming Attendant: Senior Play: Chorus: Boys' P.E.: Boys' State Alternate. Nancy Schulte, Basketball: FHA: Pep Club: Senior Play: Paper Staff: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E. Ronald Schultz, Basketball: Track: FFA: Boys' P.E. Joann Smith, Band: Basketball: Track: FHA: Pep Club: Pep Club Officer: Class Officer: Cheer- leader: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Plays: Library Staff: Declam: Chorus: Girls' Glee:.Vocal Ensem- ble: Instrumental Ensemble: Girls' State: Girls' P.E. Arlys Tammen, Band: FHA: Pep Club: Class Officer: Student Council: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Plays: Girls' Glee: Instrumental Ensemble: Instru- mental Solo: Girls' P.E. Sheryl Tammen, Basketball: Track: Pep Club: Class Officer: 'Student Council: Cheerleader: Majorette: Plays: Library Staff: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E. Kenneth Tegels, Boys' P.E. David Terveen, Boys' Glee: Basketball: Football: Track: Chorus. James Terveen, Football: E Club: Class Officer: Boys' P.E. Judy Terveen, Band: FHA: Pep Club: Pep Club Officer: Senior Play: Chorus: Girls' Glee: In- strumental Ensemble: Girls' P.E. Robert Tornow, Boys' Glee: Paper Staff: Play: Chorus: All-State Chorus: Boys' P.E. Tamara Winkel, FHA: Pep Club: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Plays: Library Staff: Chorus: Girls' Glee: Girls' P.E.: Track: Basketball. r uw gye W -K gmgviizi vi, i, WI? 1 V Iv' iswele.- -A -ff ,f . it, 1 , v,. I 'f i - w x X 1 f - va. W--M ,, aka ,Q f -A 2 l , H my K 2 ., - :,,. 5, 5 ,A V1 V X., J Q f t J I S I if 1 M, A 1 A 1. M .WM at xy -. X .S P gy i 12 1 , N wi ,f . Q J 4 1' at lg G X. A ,W , .. xrlng ' Q 'ff f :fs 'iii ' 'UZQ5 E:" :-EE' .",. . A if 5.2622 " -i M5952 24,'L5TfTI'fl H 'HM ""W57T?5 'W N421"'i'i2? i+"ff1effsi-:frffi ,014 . ggi Q . t EE I Jeff 'ii-1.17,---' TS - "We v a 'Ili f I'-'X' urging I E A AI .95 '.: . , Z - 554 V V ' j,'gii3Q,.f - 5,65 . 1 g s-g,...M 2 it f Q if WM E 5 at 1 L J P M5495 wx ,W ' 'f 521 4+ ,ki 9 Larry Berg Harvey Dannenbring David Decker Clarence Denke Eldon Fauth James Fauth Evan Fluth JoAnn Geppert Dale Grunewaldt Darwin Hanssen Joyce Hanssen Gloria Hill Richard Hillard Royce Huber John Janssen Judy Janssen Kathy Krier Peggy Langner Agnes Leitheiser Carol Mayer Alyce McCormick Danny Olinger Allen Rose Gregory Roskens Jerry Roskens MarJean Schamber Linda Schleich Eileen Schulte Jolene Schultz Nancy Semmler Mary Kay Stoltz Sidney Wahl Marna Weeldreyer Anneliese Weidner Wayne Werning Juniors Completed a Busy Year E Coach Jones discussed fall football The juniors mastered the art of ty- Champion typist, A9165 Lei11heiSG1', strategy with Rick Hillard and Royce ping by hard work and practice won typewriting crown. Huber, throughout the school year. The juniors this year, numbering thirty-five in all, were kept busy raising money for their biggest and final project, the Junior-Senior Banquet. The most profitable money raising event of the year was the Junior Class play. The play, "Grandad Steps Out," was presented in the fall of the year on November 3 and 4. These energetic students also sold pop and popcorn at many of the basketball games to raise money. On March 21, many smiling faces showed the satis- faction of their long awaited class rings. Typically they felt that theirs were the best yet. The J unior-Senior Banquet held on May 5 completed a prosperous year for this great group. The banquet held at Chef Louie's was carried out by the theme "Evening in Paris. " All these and other activities made the junior year a huge success. They are looking forward to '68 when . the will rei as Hmi ht Seniors H The juniors' enthusiasm showed that y gn g y ' they felt their banquet was bound to be the best ever. tae isi s V -A , ,. , Len - af W X ,E 39 a f W if :W WMS Qi 55 Kalki? L55 fifnagw 'Q 4 A 3 an L, 14, 5 ri ' ff' 'Qs 4 i, 45 3 if Q Q QE? 3 V - fe' M M 4 M3356 N if 'E 'riff ' : il A f 4,11 .f,,7:,s in . iv- . ., . my gain 2:12 Xa -, ., H - -1' KVI X555 " ' rE1:5. Af? ffl isi3i'?I:,izffiiziffzf ng maxi.: Y resin v - ,w , - e- gag ,W . 4 J' ' Wg-tf f wr V , f fy r . : fzlfiz JE ' f f-,551 .wana w e fi Q it W UK ,Sm fx negiiwikqx 4 ix ltmcggil ww vi R V 25' 2 if ,H 1 Q Y X 2 f- F ,qw ,,,,.. g 71, 125 sf fs, M.: -yw wfxiift " in X if V. il ,U ii, K L fi sw' W It f l Q aw, if K L L W Rx 1 4 K if-,wa E . wx' " 'QLEFQYL i . gi f if J K, X S 5 ,iw Q fs In Q W ' ,R .R ings , V 5 Aims 1 Q C? 1 , 3 .fi IQ, A ,-gm,-4 ANV' me f, Wit 51' ' Vfifliili? fri-Y ' . 'f5'35lEl U-1 ,,a.ai,,y: V i,fq,,5. 5,3 K Ti ff - , - Sf, 1 A - V ,g,'g , l.'Qii l ' ' Wm l 'W 'wif - . T 1 S 2 F V X at if ML it 1 1? l A at iffy, mgsfg ' ' :M,w,.UvW.-L-f -,,x2"5kj J' ma Q Bah X it ,fa lil, , 4 y.:,f1sW .tg ,I V-fi: QQ asv - sfnbisiiwl-Q2t',w 1: .rk ,Ai ,. , Q Q S2 , If A A-3' 3 il ,,, .... , 5 ' . 'Y 4 x fwfji 5 : W ' f. Q yi, Li Sa a Kal ,aw lin, I Pi 2 2 t 5 E W Q Q if Q 'N 5 E ,J if 1,-. .. i..:m,:. if S 2 M A , Q nl , ww f f . f , 5 .Z ,, . ,, . f me 4 .. w ax? 1:3 if l ff 5 1: .- i ii fl: mi- ..,,v ,.af:n:91 .st W S' 1- 'fl J',,1fff'z?' "W it ,MM rife' 59, vibe s 'ff ' 1 X 4 Q 4' ' ,X 5 xi , I' sl? 2352 is if ggi? 3 it is K ,., .. .. ,,..,,,. . ,i'.2i::'.S' f 'Si A X N ,ge fe. i f ' Q g L 2 Q33 S',ifffX J X 5 X lm, sf-W 52 H-Wa 1 J Qi 3 Nm 1 X fs KY' 4 2 Barbara Arend Clyde Bartel Rodney Browen Virgil Deterrnan Eugene Ernster Nick Ernster Pat Hanssen Vicky Heitzman Orlando Hofer Sandra Johnson Larry Johnston Joyce Jucht Curtiss Klock Joy Krier Julie Krier Clinton Langle Carol Leitheiser Keith Loes Richard Mayer Richard Olinger Ralph Richter Carolyn Roskens Raymond Schulte Robert Sweeney Bruce Terveen Lavonne Voss Dale Werning Karen W ethor Arleen Winkel Judy Winter Soplwmores Displayed Varied Interests "Say ah!" The girls of the home economics class learned home nursing. Thirty fun-loving, eager sophomores started the 1967 school year in anticipation of new and different events. Among the five subjects that were offered to the sophomores, they listed driver's education and biology as their favorites. They showed their skill in dissecting frogs, worms, and fish, which was one of the interest- ing parts of biology. ln the second semester, the sophomores demonstrated some of their good driving abilities. Some of the highlights of the sophomore year were: their hilarious skit which they presented at eoronation, and the building of their float. The sophomores worked hard to prepare their float "We Cannon't Lose. " The sophomores studied diligently under the discipline of Mrs. Uhrich.. : SAA? Y KT i S, sa , iw A . , r n. W A G 0 lr Q , 11 V M ' z..:e5 55 3531 "4::::g,a ' , 1115, f 2? 255, K ', .1ezi:1s'5,E1f21 YK "4fx24fVi5'fFx14xs2s " - 1 A P X z , af f ,f Y , :,.., , an -ew 5 K 'la I , I 2 , . J 4? 2 ,qw Q 5' X , S A SQ? n 1 Q23 if ge wi . K 5 ,, ... ,, is . , 1 5 MZ? I sz a way? f gjiizs l Y ,551 E 4' Yi Y at 326' QL 'f Gil F U? wtf A Q Y lx 15 'H in 2 -x N W 'Y ' SE avi? at ,, of f. 1, A X 2 f f , 1 , ,lfg is .f A l A 55 M , . an Yr A ev Q A 4 4 if Q' Q 1 ? J ,ff 5 ,. ,, 1 V? i f V 1 if X N Y 3?-2 7 tif . ' f iffy, glam . .,,., Vw. , . - ,neue W, pi W Q Q? 355 Q V, Y P Y Y + a it P H.. I J ie w 51, K M K' at P 3 gf Q1 4 , L , 1 J t a uf' ' if Ji'-Z3 fi , hi"ii"'-EMQQ v ,. to 4 be my J ,A . ' ' f w at Q Y Z 3 - ' ,p:i:,,:, , fin X , ' Q if? 1 3,1 fm it J . 6 , is if 4 lx f I 5 X if 2 in W -,:' ft , .zg-,. - .g,,-, 4.3 . ft . :5i e'f,f,xge,' :fr f f :E 1-'if ' 'lv' :ff iv iifi fff ' . ', ' f' ' 'i 5? . ww 5? f., ff-:EQ-11. ri, ,r,1,w,W?f , ' i g "',' 1, .11 tv ,. J, , 3 .J .,-. 1 .sy 4 A SA 2 1 , Q, .t ae .rg at 395 ' ? sw 4 J va - .f M as gm vu, MMM? I Z , gf ,ZL Sa 32 ' , J g 2 4 Q. R 'R Q7 Q 1 5 l 5 it if Nw Y 3 Q , , I ., ,.,,.. if has ff? f S E 2 J Se XX 3? sz .W t at J .kh' '- -," 1 A ,pn- J - ' R J g no 'A : ' " - 5 . -f f ' ugijrf 'Q , J erilyn Langle Daniel Bahmuller Carol Determan Daniel Edzards Ronald Determan Audrey Fluth Rodney Fluth Jules Glanzer Connie Hanssen Diane Huber Linda Huber Terry Janssen Jerome Jucht Julie Jung Linda Leitheiser Darlene Marquardt Richard Mohr Helen McCormick Amy Nolan Bill Olinger Vernon Osterloo Larry Plucker Wayne Schleich Kenneth Schulte Robert Schulte Larry Schultz Robert Terveen Dan Wethor David William s Freshmen Advanced toward Higher Education On August 29, 1966, twenty-nine freshmen proving to be the smallest class in Emery High School, reported for their high school education. Characteristically, freshmen are expected to be--shy, reserved, green, and a little awe-struck. Since there are exceptions to every rule, this year's freshmen turned out to be one of them. They proved to have great music ability. This is truly an outstanding beginning for this fine group of people who have participated in instrumental and vocal ensembles and with some doing solo work. In addition to this, two of our "B" team cheerleaders came from this class., Terry Janssen was the only freshman to play varsity basketball this year. The freshmen worked very hard in their general science class. This class proved to be the basis for any further science courses taken at Emery High School. Mr. Crause, the music man, was the fresh- man class advisor. The freshman home economics class was divided into two classes. This was to give each student ample laboratory facilities. Mary Jung was chosen by the seniors and fac- ' alty to represent our school as the DAR ' candidate for this year, "Leaders of Tomorrow" John Janssen and Eileen Schulte, Boys' and Girls' state representa- tives from Emery High School. tudents Received Honors In every school there are those people who are out- standing in school citizenship and proficiency. These Marcia Klock are the people who find the time to help others., They WOH are willing to give up their activities so that they Homemaker of might help their fellow students and teachers, From TOSVZEZOW these people you never hear a complaint about the work that has to be done. These are the students who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Valedictorian, Vicky Jucht, and Earning the highest scholastic achievements in each Samtatol-ian, Marcia Klock. Their class were: Ai, Nolan, freshmang J. Jucht, sophomoreg high grades and Studjous habits V- Juflht, Se11i01'S and M-1 Weeldfeyef, junior- earned for these two a "well done. " KK J f A THLE TI CS fl 4 Q QW f 1g li MI, ' I f , 5 I 2 w . i ag fa 1 P 4 K yf ' n 51. ' ' 4 is a l ! 2 .2 ik These boys comprised the Eagles football squad for 1966. Eagles Place Second in Final Our energetic cheerleaders sparked E l P Cl b. Senior ards E 1R'lt d the age ep u gu , ar 1c1er an Jim Terveen, served as co-cap- tains for the Eagles. Emery's gridiron success was due to their forceful line and the powerful running of their backfield men.. Emery 0 Bridgewater Emery 2 0 Letcher Emery 35 Carthage Emery 48 Artesian Emery 25 Canova Emery 35 Alexandria Emery 13 Plankinton Con erence Play-0 s Leading the Emery Gridders through a successful football campaign this year were four senior defensive standouts: Bob Arend, DeWayne Ahrendt, Earl Richter, and Jim Terveen. The Eagles compiled a record of four wins and three losses, losing two of these to old rivals Bridgewater and Alexandria. The Emery-Alexandria game found the two teams clashing for the conference title. With Rodney Jones at the helm, the Eagles defeated Carthage 35-19 in our first afternoon homecoming game. Royce Huber led the Eagles in their running attack. He had 72 carries with an average of 3. 7 yards per carry. Our quarterbacks for the year, Bruce Huber, Clyde Bartel, and Richard Mayer, completed 73 out of 162 passes for a total of 893 yards. The Eagles scored 176 points to their opponents' 154 points. Seniors provided the backbone of Emery's offensive and defensive units. The Beavers await the attack of the Eagles' offense during the conference championship game. Team Captain, Bob Arend, Coach Jones smiled proudly after his The jubilant cheerleaders lined permitted everyone to admire Eagles won the trophy. up as they await their steaks the District 22 Championship after the tournament. trophy. Athletes Brou ht Home Honors Mr., Thomas promised the boys steaks if they won the District Championship, and that promise was fulfilled. Immediately following the game, the players, coaches, managers, and cheerleaders paid a visit to Chef Louie's Steakhouse, Everyone was so excited that the whole room was in an uproar. Nerves finally started to loosen up as everyone began to fully realize what had happened. Mr. Thomas also treated the team, managers, and cheerleaders to steaks after the team took second in the Region VI tournament. The track team brought home a first place trophy in the Corn-Belt Conference Track meet at Mitchell. By placing second in the Regional track meet at Mitchell, Emery qualified to take ten track boys to the State meet. "Pork" and "Big John" were still excited hours after the victory. Darwin and Nick, two of the Eagles' Head track coach displayed our Corn- The track managers took starters, finally start to relax. belt Conference trophy. time to show off the con- ference trophy. The "B" squad found that hard work makes a very successful season. An excited cheerleader cheers the team on to another victory. Team Compiled an 11-4 Record Seven young athletes shared the starting positions on the "B" basketball team. Terry Janssen, 6'5" freshman cleared the boards regularly for Mr. Andree, while another freshman, Jerome Jucht, was a regular in the forecourt. Sophomores Clyde Bartel and Richard Olinger were the other "regulars," with Rodney Browen, Virgil Determan, and Bob Terveen competing for the remaining starting spot. These boys compiled an 11-4 record. C. Roskens, J. Jung, D. Huber and J. Krier cheered the "B" team on to all their victories. S. Tammen, C. Fauth, and P. Kendall attended the cheerleading clinic held at USD. The girls were pleased when the school purchased new sweaters for them. The year was full of much hard work, but they enjoyed it very much. Excitement came to a peak as the Eagles began the final game of District Tournament play. The Eagles Captured District 22 Crown The Emery Eagles completed a very successful basketball season this year by surprising everyone when they captured the District 22 Crown. They then went on to win second place in the Region, losing to the number one ranked team in the state, Wessington Springs, by a score of 63-61. John Janssen, the Eagles' center, was selected to the All-State second team. He also led the Eagles in scoring and in rebounding. He averaged 23 points and 20. 6 rebounds per game. This was the first year the Eagles competed in the Corn Belt Conference. A 6-2 record gave them their second-place position in the final standings. Under the direction of Coach Jones, an overall record of 18-5 was achieved. All eyes follow the form of center, John Janssen, as Eagles displayed HCUOH undef the 32 he attempts to land another two-pointer. "bucket. " At the beginning of the football season, J. Hanssen, The Eagles were supported by loyal fans through victory and defeat. Eagles Scored High in Region Pla Darwin stretched out in an at- tempt to block an opponent's shot during the District Tournament. Emery pp. 90 Plano 39 58 Freeman 59 46 Notre Dame 44 68 Canistota 46 66 Menno 73 55 Marion 50 59 Spencer 57 58 Canova 56 59 Montrose 64 58 Flandreau Indians 71 68 Humboldt 36 76 Alexandria 71 59 Bridgewater 43 59 Mount Vernon 45 71 Farmer 40 69 Salem 58 65 Ethan 54 55 Marty Mission 53 66 rParkston 65 70 tFarmer 53 61 "fEthan 59 74 MStiokney 55 61 trWess. Springs 63 144 P0014 District Tournament Regional Tournament Action was fast and furious and the fans were tense during the first round of the District Tournament. 33 The a Good Springtime starts the sap running--it's the same with the Emery High School "Eagles, " These young sprinters enjoyed a successful season. They Won the Cornbelt Conference relays at Mitchell, and the two- mile relay team set a new school record. Under strong competition, they Won third at the highly rated Hurley Relays. The "Fleet-footed Four. " John Janssen, Eldon Fauth, Dale Werning, and D. Decker. Our avid fans talked to the head coach, 34 Mr. Andree at the conference track meet. Eldon Fauth started another victorious 880-yard relay. Ran Race This team won the Regional880-yd. relay Setting a new mile relay record this year with a time of 1:37. 0. were Royce Huber, Virgil Determan, Harvey Dannenbring, and Bob Arend. A strong, swift group of freshman boys helped win honors this year. Their talent will be utilized next year in filling the vacancies left by the graduating seniors. The individual record breakers this year were Raymond Schulte, Jim Fauth, Royce Huber, and Gene Schulte. This form qualified Jim Terveen for the State track meet. These boys competed in the hurdles for Emery High. Gene Schulte and John Janssen set a record in the 35 high hurdles. Healthy Bodies Built Better Minds These 17 freshman and sophomore boys competed in a program of physical fitness throughout the year. During the winter months, they took part in a vigorous program of calisthenicsg the rest of the year was spent playing volley ball and softball on the school ground. The freshman and sophomore boys were required to take part in the physical education program unless they took part in football, basketball, or track. These boys were under the supervision of Superintendent Michael J. Thomas. Tuesdays and Fridays at 3:15, these boys endeavored to become and stay physically fit. 66Chicks" Defeated in Two Attempts "The girls never saw a victory but they had fun trying," commented Mr. Jens Andree, the chick's coach. The varsity squad completed the season with a 0-2 recordg both of these matches being lost to Farmer. The "B" squad also faced Farmer in their two defeats. The chicks were unable to hold reqular practice sessions because of many con- flicting activities. They found time to Workout plays during P.E. classes, after school hours, and some evenings. Coach Jens Andree spent many trying hours teaching the techniques of basketball. Mr., Andree had a "tough" two periods a week as he struggled with the girls in physical education. ACTIVITIES X -X ,f . X, + M , f" ,f L Sandra Kressman, head majorette, led the band through their marching steps. The other majorettes performed a twirling routine while the band marched at various Homecomings. The flute trio was composed of Carol Mayer, Judy Terveen, and Carolyn Roskens. Band Showed Versatilit Fifty-five talented members made up the band this year. These devoted musicians were considered the nucleus of the music department. They had a successful season under the able direction of Mr. Crouse, the bandmaster and teacher. Instrumental groups from the band entertained us and the community many times during the school year by pre- senting numbers for the Parent-Teacher's Association meetings and student pep rallies. Energy, hard work, and long hours of practice made this band the success it has become. Expression--through music--should be a part of everyone's education. in Marchin and Concerts A great deal of time and hard work went into making our band the popular institution which it has become. One hour each morning was spent on rehearsal of music. Many days in the early fall, the members could be seen practicing their marching routines for the various Homecomings they attended. Home concert performances constituted a fall and spring concert with the choral groups. The band also participated in a nine-school mass band concert With' Dr. Paul N. Scheuerle, director of the Dakota Wesleyan University Band, as the guest conductor. ' Mr. Stuart Crouse, a graduate of Dakota Wesleyan University, has directed the fifty-five piece band for the past two years. These students brought home the or1ly "I" ratings at contest in Madison. ,um H., ' -C' f sf- Uw. Q M3 , V VV VV ,L:, , f 'ang V V M VV V A 5 , W U A M 'if .4 J .HM if , ua" ' 1, WW VV V , mai VV K L . J V V V V :W FM Q V3 , , V .Vs V ' -' r ,,,, 0 ' P 1' V f . "ff so ' V A ' - : .ww 3: 1 - 1 7 ,Sy lg V V V, VVVV V M Q V 4 V Vg ,, ! I K M. ' Q ? if M V - ' L' RX ' r Sk S SE w X W 5 5 Q .gk K Q s This madrigal group sang at Baccalaureate and Graduation. They received a "II" rating at contest at No one knows when or where the first song was sung, but through the ages, sing- ing has become an integral part of the American way of life., The art of singing was carried on, in a large part, by the EHS chorus. Under the direction of Stuart Crouse, the sixty-one member vocal organization re- hearsed a half hour daily for several per- formances throughout the school year--a Christmas concert, the Corn Belt Con- ference Festival, and the spring concert. It was through appearances such as these that the musical program gained the esteem which they so well deserved in our high school. Mr. Crouse spent many long hours with the Girls' Glee Club preparing for the spring and fall concerts. They Had Songs for Everyone Every Monday and Friday, fifty-seven Emery High School girls walked through the door of the music room to participate in the Girls' Glee Club. April 15, the girls went to Madison and presented "Send Out Thy Light" and "When Jesus Wept" for their music contest numbers. For their efforts this group received a "II" rating. The other highlights of their year included the presentation of various selections at the spring and fall vocal concerts. The triple trio, a very active group, sang at P.T. A. , Daddy Date night, and the basketball recognition banquet. The Leitheiser girls, Linda and Agnes, accompanied the vocal and instrumental groups. Boys' Glee Received High Ralin Thirty-four boys made up the Boys' Glee during the 1966-67 school year. They received a "II" rating at con- test, singing the selections "Joshua" and "Sing Me A Chantey. " They presented these two numbers along with "Old J onah" and "America" at the spring concert. The boys' ensemble fpictured at rightj also sang "Joshua" and "Sing Me A Chantey" at their Small Group Contest this year. They received a "II" rating. On March 15, they sang for the Corn Belt Conference teachers at their banquet in Emery. The group contains only three upperclassmen, so there should be more fine music from the male section in the EHS chorus in the future. Our boys' ensemme nau a representative from every class. This talented group of boys met every Monday and Wednesday to prepare for various school functions. 55 F L3 5 i' i ea ueen Cheryl and King Bruce Reigned over Eagle Days Homecoming preparations began on Monday, September 20, with the building of class floats. On this same day, the student body voted for Homecoming royalty. The entire senior class was eligible for royalty honors. Wednesday evening of that week coronation ceremonies were held at the local auditorium. Richard Hillard served as Master of Ceremonies. Each class took part in the program by presenting a skit, and the band provided musical enter- taininent. Finally, to the strains of "March of the Olympians," the 1967 royalty was introduced. Bruce Huber and Cheryl Fauth were introduced as king and queen for the Homecoming fes- tivities. Gene Schulte, Mary Jung, Tom McCormick, and Pam Kendall served as their attendants. The traditional bonfire was held with King Bruce lighting the "C". A pep rally and snake dance was then held on Main Street. These seniors were chosen as the 1967 Homecoming Royalty. Vx Queen Cheryl and King Bruce wore new crowns purchased by the Student Body. Rick Hillard rovedt b t ' h' Revision of Eagle Days Proved a Success On Friday morning, September 25, the Homecoming parade was held. The junior class captured first place honors with their float "At the End of the Rainbow." The seniors took second place with "Victory in Our Hearts." In the originality division, the S'yreme Tops Club received first with the theme "We're Like Carthage--Losing Too! " Second place went to the sophomores who used "We Cannon't Lose." The Eagles ended a successful Homecoming by downing Carthage 35-19. The social event held Friday evening at the city hall was the first ever held at Emery High School. According to those students who attended, it was a big success. Records were furnished by various students, and a lunch of potato chips and pop was served during the evening. Candidates for the EHS Royalty were filled with suspense p o e a grea success in 1S , -t- M t f C f h and anxietyn p0S1 1011 HS HS GI' O eremonies OI' t 6 COI'Ol'12.tl.Ol'1. The "Spirit of Homecoming. " , ,,,...r..a-umu.eln.ff f f f ,.., ,,,,,,,,.,l . Athletic Clubs Strived or E iciency The E-Club and the Pep Club were the two main clubs in EHS. The E-Club was the smaller of the two, having approximately forty members., Only boys who have lettered in athletics may join this club. The club built a float for the Home- coming paradeg and at the end of the year, they raised money to take all of its members to the Normandy in Sioux Falls for a dinner. Earl Richter was elected as presidentg Royce Huber, vice-presidentg and Darwin Hanssen, secretary-treasurer. The Pep Club, consisting of sixty-five members, revised its constitution this year and served as the basis of the cheering sec- tion at all football and basketball games. They also took care of decorating the goal- posts before every football game. Cheryl Fauth presided over the club and was assisted total to thlrtv one by Sheryl Tammen, vice-presidentg and Alyce McCormick, secretary-treasurer. Largest Pep Club in EHS history cheered the athletes to victory , .. Journalism Established in '67 The Journalism class was prompt and accurate in reporting the news this year. Nancy, Betty, and Wayne were busy composing the weekly paper. It was occasionally necessary for them to work extra hours to complete the paper on time. ,awa ma...,mss. Journalism was a first this year in Emery High School. The students met every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon under the direction of Mrs. Martha Rusch. Each student submitted the articles he or she had written. They were graded at the end of each nine- weeks' session. The Emery Wheel was sent to the surrounding schools every three weeks, and the journalism depart- ment received and evaluated their papers in return. At the beginning of the school term, the editors attended the S. D. H. S. Press Association in Brookings. Here they re- ceived the rating of last year's Wheel and suggestions for improving next year's school paper. Nancy Schulte and Betty Bleeker served as editor and assistant editor of the "Wheel" this year. Declamation tudents Pracliced Expressionism This group represented Emery High School at the declam contest. Although all of these students did not become winners, their participation involved a lot of hard work and dedication. These students worked Tuesday and Thursday evenings in preparation for the local contest, which was held on October 20 in the study hall. Mrs. Stuart Crouse of Mitchell was the judge. Those students who went to the district contest were: Wayne Werning, Oratoryg Vickie Jucht, Humorousg Joann Smith, Dra- matics, and Sandra Johnson, Poetry. ln this contest, they re- ceived a superior, two excellents and one good. This department was headed by Mr. John B. Smith. Library Facilities Were Increased Eight seniors and five underclassmen gave unselfishly of their time and effort as librarians during the past school year. Under the able guidance of our English teacher, Mrs. Uhrich, all the volumes were reclassified and indexed. Approxi- mately 2l0 volumes were added. The magazines were filed for a wider use of the Periodical Series. A newspaper rack was purchased and we also added a college file to our library supplies. Greater knowledge through studying and reading was attained through the help of these people. Y fssfwawammmwsmm 4... 4. A l The FHA theme for this year was "South Dakota's Beauty-Our Duty. " FHA Attained New Horizons shovx 'fu lb XNXAKER5 K' ',.L.--f Afffy, .Q-0' NEW YW Brides of long ago modeled at the annual style 7. C9 0 if rn -I 75 LQ Mrs., Martha Rusch, advisor of F. H.A. , promoted a very successful year for the Chapter. At all the monthly meetings, a complete program was planned to promote the theme of the month. The Chapter participated in several activities such as: bake sale, Daddy-Date Night, the Firemen's Pancake Sausage Supper, and the Regional Meeting. During F. H.A. Week, the student body was asked to participate in each daily activity planned by the Chapter. ln April, the annual Style Show was held at the city audi- torium with the theme "From Bustles to Shifts. " The installation of new officers was also held at this time. School Picnic Held at Wall Lake In spite of a cold spring day on May 12, the student body of Emery High School climbed into busses and cars and traveled to Wall Lake for the school picnic. The usual activities of boating, fishing, and hiking occurred. Students spent the day roller skating, playing cards, and pinball machines. A few of the stu- dents displayed weird hats and costumes. A hot lunch consisting of barbecued hamburgers, oven baked beans delicious sugar cookies, and orange drink was served by the faculty members. Later the group returned home Without the usual suntans or sunburns. "Big Jim Mahoney from Arizoney" tried to persuade Grandad to step out. Everyone gathered together to solve the mystery of Grandad's 'cllrandad Steps Out" Was Presented by the Junior Class On November 3 and 4, the juniors pre- sented their three-act farce comedy '1Grandad Steps Out." The cast, consisting of 13 mem- bers, did all that was possible to make their play a success. Grandad fDavid Deckerj, ill a year ago, was still considered an invalid by his daugh- ter, Mrs. Morton fKathy Krierj. An old friend, "Big Jim Mahoney" fJohn J anssenl returns from a trip and plans to stage a supper for all his boyhood pals. Jim and Grandad then make plans to sneak out of the house. At this point, fun, laughter, and confusion began for the Morton family. The whole neighborhood is in an uproar over this incident. Just before the final curtain there is a scene between Jim Mahoney and Abby Higgins fAnneliese Weidnerl, a man-crazy old maid of about fifty, that gets the biggest laugh of the many that are found in this hilarious farce. believed kidnaping. Trudie, Judy, and Ludie, the Norwood triplets, caused much confusion in the Morton household I l Betty, Don, and daughters gathered around the Mr. and Mrs. Manic-depressive took a "breather" kitchen table to discuss "The Egg. " from their daily routines. Seniors Presented '6The E g and I " Betty MaoDonald's production "The Egg and I" was presented on April 6 and 7, 1967. The two-act play took place on a backward ranch in the Olympic Mountains in the state of Washington. Don MacDonald QGene Schultel purchased a badly run-down ranch minus all the "modern conveniences. " His wife, Betty, qMary Jungy and their teenage daughters Anne qJoann Smithy and Joan, QSheryl Tammeny arrived two weeks later and were exasperated by the sight of the run-down egg ranch. The girls had the natural boy troubles. Anne tried to keep Thad fJames Dannenbringj from the neighbor girl Corrine QBrenda Hanssenl. Joan had trouble Joan attempted to lead Je J- 'S mind HSUHY- keeping HiBaby QBob Arendj, J. J. fBruce Huberj, and Ross QDeWayne Ahrendtj, her boyfriends, straight. The play was enjoyed by the audience and the cast alike--a memorable event for the senior class. Anne and Betty tried to protect themselves against the mean-looking 5 Fishface., xv- -2 . A Q : fm mg, .l.. -ff:--w:w,i me The candlelight helped to enhance the mood of the evening. 'Is your ice cream cold, Mr. Tschetter?" '6Paris by Night" Was Highlighting the EHS social season was the annual Junior-Senior Banquet, sponsored by the junior class, on Friday evening, May 5. The theme for this occasion was "Paris By Night," and the room was beautifully decorated with streamers of blue and silver crepe paper on the ceiling and walls. The juniors also decorated the tables with white candles, Eiffel Tower nut cups, and napkins with Paris designs. Richard Hillard acted as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. John Janssen, junior class president, welcomed everyone to the occasiong Mary Jung, senior class president, gave the response. Musical entertainment was provided by Richard Hillard, Bruce Huber, Darwin Hanssen, and Wayne Werning. These boys sang the Peter, Paul, and Mary version of "Cruel War. " The class will was read by Carol Mayer, the prophecy by Joyce Hanssen, and the popularity poll by Gloria Hill. This poll was composed of cer- tain characteristics. The seniors voted for the classmate that they felt represented that characteristic best. The speaker for the evening was Mrs. Martha Rusch., The faculty and the students enjoyed a delicious steak dinner, and all agreed that they would long remember this evening. 54 Smile for the "Birdie," girls. School and social "chatter" dominated the conversation. Banquet Theme Hungry teachers waited to begin. Pretty girls add sparkle to the occasion. "Is it that bad, Monte?" Teachers enjoyed the banquet as much as the students. This was our "stag line. " "What are you doing after Wards, Mary?" Seniors parade to stage. Pretty junior girls lead processional to stage at commencement exercise. Happy senior gives "horselaugh" to unhappy junior! The Rev. Hoffman did a job well at Baccalaureate. Seniors Shine at Commencement On May 19, at 8 p. rn. , the seniors started their final processional to the platform where the graduation ceremonies would take place. The program started with Salutatorian address by Marcia Klock. Following this was the Valedictorian address by Vicky Jucht. Superintendent, M. J. Thomas introduced guest speaker, Dr. Harry P. Bowes, president of General Beadle State College. The big moment arrived when school boardpresident, Lawrence Browen, presented the happy seniors with their diplomas. The long awaited march. Graduating seniors contem- plate their futures as they await their diplomas. e1f' f f - M - M-nw GRADES Nl X M xxx A Xi ASN X X X ' X N N N X W 5 N NM I XM HW, I The Comets' "A" team was comprised of seventh and The fifth and sixth grade Comets finished their season eighth grade boys. with a record of 11-1. Grades Enjoyed Physical T Education Pro ram The grade school physical education program, under the direction of Mr. Jens Andree, participated in a wide program of fun-loving activities. During the beginning of the year, the boys and girls were active in softball, volleyball, and track. The latter part of the year was spent in the gym playing basketball and doing calisthenics. This broad pro- gram helped to fulfill the physical and mental needs of the students. These four enthusiastic girls led Each girl from the fifth and sixth grades cheered the their Comets to Victory' "B" team on to Victory. These tumblers provided entertainment at many basketball games. Each member of the Grade Band put forth his greatest effort to make the band a great success. Grade Band Per ormed at Concert These twenty-six young musicians, students of Emery and St. Martin's Grade Schools, were members of the band. These students will lay the foundation for our future high school band. Members of the band participated in the Grade School Music Contest at Sioux Falls. The band met twice a Week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:45. Mr. Stuart Crouse was director of the grade school music activities. In addition to band, he taught the history and theory of our music. The last semester they studied the composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Mr. Crouse taught these enthusiastic first and second graders the fundamentals of music. 4 4 Front row: K. Juhnke, L. Doorn, S. Harberts, D. Werning, S. Bah- muller, J. Osterloo, D. Hanssen, B. Juhnke. Second row: R. Terveen, D. Marquardt, C. Wahl, L. Glanzer, C. Swyter, G. Hanssen, S. Osterloo, C. Schnabel, K. Juhnke, J. Decker, G. Hanssen. Third row: L. Terveen, T. Plucker, K. Thomas, M. Edzards, M. Terveen, D. Janssen, J. Fluth, R. Pudwill, C. Heitzman, K. Schnabel, T. Juhnke. Not pictured: E. Wolff. Primary Grades En 'oyed School Year Two of the biggest events taking place during the year for the third and fourth graders were the Grade Christmas Concert and their trip to the circus in Mitchell. These students also put on occasional plays for the first and second graders. They spent much of their time Writing poems and short stories, learning the modern math, and competing in spell downs. This year was filled with fun for the first and second graders. They felt that their trip to the Shrine Circus was the biggest highlight of the year. They participated in the Homecoming parade with a float entitled, "Pick Off Carthage. " Mrs. Hummel, and Mrs. Ottosen spent many satisfying hours in teaching the lower grades. Front row: C. Ontjes, G.'Thomas, J. Heitzman, D. Hanssen, K. Ontjes, K. Harberts. Second row: R. Weber, P. Buehler, G. Lienemann, G. Werning, S. Hofer, D. Osterloo, P. Klock, C. Lubbers. Third row: R. Hanssen, E. Glanzer, R. Williams, E. Olthoff, L. Schulz, D. Determan, L. Huber, P. Swyter, C. Bahmuller Not pictured: C. Marquardt, T. Wolff. Front row: T. Thomas, E. Braden, D. Roskens, B. Winkel, A. Swyter, J. Browen, P. Doorn, T. Heitzman, J. Hanssen, J. Terveen. Second row: J. Browen, B. Hanssen, B. Bleeker, T. Tornow, S. Fluth, H. Bleeker, J. Schultz, E. Hofer, S. Lienemann, M. Jucht. Third row: S. Weeldreyer, M. Terveen, M. Lubbers, D. Terveen, M. Werning, W. Hoffman, D. Bartel, K. Ontjes, T. Buehler, T. Hanssen. Not pictured: N. Wolff. Fifth and Sixth Recall Golden Hours During the year many different events took place to provide the fourth and fifth graders an enjoyable year. Some of these were their many holiday parties the Shrine Circus, and spelling contests. For the 1966-67 Homecoming parade they built a float entitled "Running For Victory" which emphasized an election between Emery and Carthage. Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Pull- man spent many interesting days teaching the four upper grades. Front row: J. Dannenbring, K. Wahl, J. Kunkel, G. Heitzman, C. Stern, B. Plucker, I. Voss, J. Fluth, B. Fluth, J. Thomas, E. Fauth. Second row: C. Semmler, R. Weber, R. Voss, T. Jucht, L. I t Osterloo, R. Hanssen, M. Lienemann, D. Pudwill, D. Marquardt, C. gh h Hanssen, K. Lehr, D. Sweeney. Third row: A. Decker, W. Hoffman, The highlight of the year for the seventh and eighth graders was their school picnic which was held on May ll. They went to Sioux Falls where they toured through the Stewart's School of Hairstyling and a bread store. In the afternoon they went to the Candle and Que, where they spent a few hours of recreation. Other events which took place during the year were the spelling contests and the county Y. C. L. meeting. Sandra Klock, a seventh grader, was elected to preside as the president for 1968. M. Sweeney, N. Weber, C.. Schultz, H. Bleeker, R. Janssen, S. Browen S. Klock, R. Weeldreyer, D. Winkel. Not pictured: P. Remember Golden Hours Osterloo. The children found that they could go to their teacher for help. Front row: J. Osterloo, S. Weeldreyer, D. Langner, D. Schulte, N. Smith. Second row: D. Schulte, K. Determan, C. Heitzman, M. Determan, T. Thomas. Third row: W, Johnson, D. Schnabel, K. Winkel, J. Decker. Not pictured: M. Wethor. They Stood at the Door o Knowledge The kindergarten class, taught by Mrs. Bill Hanlon, had 15 chil- dren, seven girls and eight boys. The class was held in the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Some of the highlights of the year were dressing up in their costumes for Halloween, and putting on a program at Christmas, in which parents and relatives were invited. At the end of the year, they were taken on a trip to the Sherman Park Zoo in Sioux Falls. These students received certificates of accomplishments at the end of the year. In this cute little "Doll Corner" the children learn to manage their homes 52 So ends another hard-Working day at Even six-year-olds feel they need to kindergarten. be alone after a hard day at school. Beauty is as beauty does--Christiansen Barber KL Beauty Salon. John Deere equipment center for sale and repair in this area --Janssen Implement Co. Bartel's IGA Haiar's Place Jung's Welding Swyter Oil Co. T and R Foodland Sandy's Recreation Phil's Texaco Service S'yreme Tops Club Dr. L. Eilts Joe and Ida Heiter Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jucht The Emery Enterprise Dr. Carl Harberts Mr. Art Tornow Hanssen's Trucking Service R. J. Huber, Haapala Dealer Fauth's Soft Water Service Dew Drop Inn Hanlon's Hdwe. Merle's T. V. Dr. L. Frics Dr. F. F. Smith Eagle Boosters HUFER FURNITURE CUMPANY Bill Hofer, Proprietor Fine Furnishings for the Home Paints and Wallpaper Emery, South Dakota annually Do drip in the "Dew Drop Inn! " ,. m m iuuswmmaa' nmtwmfmiggwff, ,. ,.., .., St. Martins Catholic Church is the Sunday place of worship for many of our students. xSCH m ,- x I Xl! If-VHING s Q :x ii 5512 1 w e 0 SU ,-? x fum F E 'Wf ,W wwf ml ,Q A-4. +1.11 s - WW' fm., N.. ,,,...fv-""""W Wm I 0,4 My M. .gf SN.: 1,5 o 'g I A ..,.kg.f..-

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