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M--.-'-+-----.-+----.-- THE SIGN -H-H-M-W--'H-W-W' FAQHHMTUJ Edward Everett Emerson, Dartmouth, Headmaster English Margaret Lees Emerson Ralph W. Turner, Harvard, Ed. M., New Hampshire Assistant Headmaster Mathematics, Athletic Director John S. French, Bowdoin, Ph. D., Clark Latin, Mathematics, Science Ralph C. Wildes, M. A., Harvard, Mus. M., New England Conservatory of Music French, Science, Music Theodore Bradley, Harvardg Ed. M., New Hampshire English, History David W. Bailey, Harvard, Black mountain Social Science Ralph J. Hossman, Dartmouth English, History, Remedial Reading Agnes G. Martin, M. A., Boston University Primary Department QQ4 W---w-.--M-+f-w--'--++- Tl-IE sleN ew-----'-++'--H+'-F-W-K JUHMEXCEHHEAEDAQHHX To Undergraduates: Prizes for general excellence awarded to: Cyrus Bryant Earl Florence Ralph Mulcahy To Members of the Graduating Glass: William Wright Award: Presented to the boyfwho has the qualities of "A True Gentleman". David Melrose Ellis Scholarship Prize: Awarded to that boy who excels all others in scholarship. Paul Adams Jones,Jr. Flagler Delehanty Award: Given to a boy who hasex- hibited cheerful cooperationwmuiemnestness. Eugene Richard Baker A Improvement Prize: Awarded to the boy who has made the most of the opportunities which have been offered him at school. Frederick Anthony Smith Emerson Award: A changing award, the beautyofmmmzh lies in the fact that no boy may conanmxdy work for it. This year it is given to a bqy who has shown outstanding qualities of leadership. Thomas Owen Thomas R M 5 -M-++'--m----'-'+---w+-- THE sleN +'-+++++++--'---'+---+-++- ECPIL HER ABIDING FAITH, HER GILACLQUS, EVER- ERIE NDLY I-NTEIiEST E IN US ALL, 'fHE."SlGN" BOARD OF 1943 DEDICATES THIS YEARBOOK TO ,,, E MAKE: AIQE 'T EM EIQJQN 2 R m -, ff wfw-. ,.,,... , U, qi.. -Z f ,W ww--fy--w-----Q-M-+--Mi--Q T l-IE SIGN Q--+-M-M--H+-+---M-mf 9 M em fX!+.kY ffbw .ig o dx . ff 454 X iff! xx wl W sf fm 4' Q xox wi in is A, - 3 'X xf LT 'Y o o wx xr Q BQ New Hamm gwww-mWHwwwM m 4 ' w-w--n-+---M-w-n--W-'-'++- Tl-IE SIGN S Sadie G. Eldridge Housemother, Emerson House Gertrude Noyes Housemotherg Hunt, Hawthorne and Cottage Mabel S. Davis Resident Nurse Evelynn H. Hildes, Katherine Gibas Secretary Cleon E. Colby, H. D. School Physician - N f 'w A . I y 4++Q+mnv+ W-N--MM--M-W-WN THE SIGN --I--M-M-+-'-H+-'---H-+' SIMM BOARD EDITOR IN cHiEF David Ellis " ASSOCIATE EDITOR Richard'Smithi A 3' EDITORIAL STAFF Josephxkeriffdohn Reed Charles Lennihan Claude Mosseri ' ART STAFF V' Verrier Kenneth Smith V COMPOSITION STAFF Alan Bath Elton Gosse John Chandler QEQQR. Mandel John Waterhouse S. Mandel 42? 6 H T' Q9 Q UIUQKD The SIGN, the Emerson yearbook, is com- published by the members of the student In 1955 the first yearbook was published Before that the SIGN was published concern. The first copy of the SIGN by the boys on a small mimeograph a few years ago a larger and better was bought and since then a considerable amount of equipment has been added. The boys who are on the Signboard are those who have the most number of hours of workto their credit. In spite of the inexperience of most of the board members,everything has run very smoothly. We hope the same enthusiasm will be carried on to next year's Board. - I s.,Is,wvx.sm 4Y W THE SIGN, 'Y MAGICIEXNS' GUILD i This year the Emerson Glilo of Magicians completed iLs third successful fear under the di- rection of hr. Qreoloyc The Guild nes been very popular tnis Jelr and has maintained a membersnip of twenty boys all ectivelb :ching pert ln the meetings emo working for afvencepent LP the club. The Gullc his presented two public per- formances this year, THe first show was given during the winusr term by tle members alone, the second on Meg flfteeutL, xbeu Nl. Brsolev and e few of the rembers gave an efcellent perforvance. Memkership for th lQQ2-MZ season includ- ed: John Alden, Ccorle Faber, Frank Coates, Charles Fljnu, lromus Gu lieldo, Allen Hunfins, Paul Jones, Wichard Han el, Knowlton Hiller, Claude HOSS9li, Francis Hwlcahv, 'Rnlph Mulcahy, Howard Moyes, Zert Teac, ohm Ree6,KenretH Smith, Greg Stewart, Lick Tqylor, Tom Thomas, and Bob Verrier. -rr' " -"ru"rrxX X N I X r J! 'O"O"0f l R A lll' lm Tl-IE SIGNC MODEL Aci3f,H.ANtE C C The Mcocl Airplcnc Club, supervised by Hn Turner, was stortoo carl? in the fall norm. Club elections sown took plicc aiu Francis Mwlcaoy was chosen as Prcnidcnt and Lis orothor, Ralph Mulcahy, oloctcd Sccrotory. The following ooys bscame mcmoorsg John Aldon, Charlic'3uhor, Lodooy Brown, Holter CooX5 Charles Lowcost, Hlisoa Vuggins, Chorllc Marshall, Knowlton and Hcnuj Hiller, Pkilio Morse, Charles Nichols, Karl Pooraon, Yaltcr Pcirco, and Sammy Reynoldsg Kon Smith, Dick Taylor, Ed Tucker and Hubert and Bob Vorricr. Durlnb too yoor thorc worc two exhibitions of models and coo Ilyiog contest. Knowlton Hiller was the proud winter oi two of thc contcsts, and Ralph Mulcahg of obo third. lf' ' - K A...-,,,x I N 1 w r 4 I 1 1 U l 3 . Cx IA I l N -oo W of 3 H Q-fm--------w'--+-MTI-IE SIGN OZ'--'+-3IJHCi.'UCD'SJUQ THE IA. I . x- xy,- L 4 4 2? 4 " 'pff . I I 'li Ny - A r xl 14 I 4 'v 3' . 'Q 'K .53 'ilu s M i YM nf, , n f' Y a "ne. xx if' Q X xl K, Zwlfsiqiibk I , fo Q 1 ' r V hs, Q' WM ' e M Q Wi W fi L Lf A '-.1 efy,x 1 Q S S THE SIGN S se :gy ES..-Q. , 5 ' gc-W--K x V silk' . Ei: , . , .. 1- l-3 - my 19- ' H " zu W ig. V ' Y N 5 Warren Jones Abbott nRabbitn Exeter, New Hampshire Football manager Participated in skatingandbeseball Destination: Exeter ,V iv, , V .. . .,, rw. -fi , maj. U.. ., .1 , 1- 1 .H 19? .V ,es fav fx 'fit L,3gs 1-T - ,ff 'Eff .Ag,Q,,, .EMW- Eugene Richard Baker WBBYGQ Newmarket, New Hampshire f Letter in football l9h2g partici- pated in skating and baseball Seven HAH ratings Destination: Exeter A" :Q ,. f frf ,jQQ4KL Ll, "9 ' fffgf 4227, gym! I ..5HiEg fl X I Alexnnaer Frazer Draper Us 9 Goshen, New York els 4 Letter in football 19h2 Participated in skiing and tennis Destination: Northwood +0 mm-MMM-W-.+-mm Tl-IE SIGN +-HW-'e--"fe-'-"--'++'-"K I gn as I I 2 Saw 'S N x Y , , 'P' , 3 .1 , 1- 5.......-.... -N. -an oma- -.-... ....,4 -nv P I w w 3 A . wi I k I ll 1. F 6 L W David Melrose Ellis NDaveN Boston, Massachusetts Participated in soccer, tennis, skating. ' Member of Student Council and the SIGN and ECHOES boards K, ' Class salutatorian ' Managed the football team Twenty WAN ratings Destination: Exeter ibiwrixssli, Thomas Joseph Gugliolmo,Jr New York City Participatedgbaseball, Letter in football. Magic Destination' Exeter izvuuz lit! Q2 ioJNJLAj9 vgfffgr NW Xfir- Puul kdQmS Jones Appleton, Kaine Participated in hard and ball and tennis Member of the Pho Magic Guild Clubs Class viledictorian Twelve UAH ratings 4 ' I Destination: Exeter W' ' Y' ' 'Ji ki Ni fm 5 1 Q 3 4 i 4 1 1 Q 1 1 2 1 1 Y --1 W----M-af---M---A-Tl-IE sleN Richard Henry Mandel "Chicken" -Waco, Texas ' A 'Participated in baseball and win- ter sportsg played on the tennis team. Member of the Photography and Magic Guild clubs. Magic Show. Destination: Post-graduate course at Emerso , ' Y' Tk I ig , L c John Grady Reed p Peterboro, Ontario, Canada . Participated in skiing, skating tennis. Won letter in football' i' Member-d' Student Councilard Maglif- A 'Guild, ECHOES and SIGN staffs. . Class historian. Eleven uA"I'Bt1?6a a Destination: Exeter 'V A John French Sargelant "Sarge" Candia, New Hampshire . Participated in baseball,footba1L winter sports and tennis. Member of Photography Club. Destination: Exeter e-nz ...I . -,-ll -fc -----H-W-----+---+-w-Tl-IE sleN .9 fl' sl 5+- ii .m.- ,,-,, fa 53 T 5? fi is N Q9 X 1 ? twig 1 Frederick Anthony Smith nAnnieW Madison, Connecticut Participated in toboganning, ice- skating, sliding. Member ofScmnce and Photography clubs. A u Destination: Exeter Kenneth McRae Smith. WKen' Albuquerque, New Mexico - e Letter in football 19142. Tookpart in skiing, tennis. Member of the ski team. Four WAN ratings. Dest a on: Exeter fam' Richard Van Orman Tavlor UDickW Haverhill, Massachusetts Won letter in six-man football. CCaptain of the Greensl. Partici- patedgtennie,baseball,whmersports. Kember of Magic Guild, Airplane and.Bicycle clubs.Two'UV'retin3s. Destination: Undecided lay +---W-+--Q-W-Mmm THE SIGN +--+-'-+-+-w+'M-'W'-M L swmaoia My 1+ 55 '35 E. .Q M, .,,g.Q, HQ fa yi 'i? l H't Thomas Owen Thomas nKittyn Chicago Heights, Illinois Letter in football l9h2. Partici- pated in winter sports. Magic Guild officer. Member of Science Club and Student Council. Class President. Twenty-one nAN1etings. Destination: Exeter - Henry Loring Wooldredge nwooly' Waban, Massachusetts 5 Football captain l9h2-5. Winter sports. Baseball l9h5. Member of Student Council. Class Prophet. Science Club. Twelve HA' ratings. Destination: Exeter x3xbJ4"igfhjx XF. xk W I . ' 'H ,I -3 35' L ., -. , I 6 .r THE SIGN . p-Q ,- rim xi' I N' jg, uf ' 5 I IN N Q ', ' my Q K,-xxx. nik- 7' hu L, Tj-,F ' gl - ,j . lf' "X W f A fx' ' 4 U QN . UD ,h-. a "Zh . ' xxx - ui, f 9.-'A . !' 1 - , 6 1 " ff A eb .' o' - , ,, ' f - N ww ,qu J ,N xx: 5' Y o 7'5 l ,. I 0 n ,, . 0 0 S " ff' G ,1T3Z'2i5f'1-73:5-' - .. - - -. ' D5 1 1 f?f : 'ff' Q' f ff .. ' A fag? -X 1 f 5 Wm- , K A f X' W if gf 054- 1 Q f xi gp' iv-4 'Q ' - N if , Q' ' . Q .: - -' 5-. ff-xzzcs-'Z'-: .,.5 7 if-:.-.-:::5fg:1.g -1 ' 55' " f 1..z 2. 152, '-1. 'A'-ki-'2:2"f:., sc- ' .2 -,fx . 12:3 , . In , ff 1 4. ' RM..-MM m WWMMWMMW- Tl-IE sleN Q--+-+--+-+--'Q-as-+-s-'lf--V4 WAR LOAN DRIVE During the month of April lahithe school joined with the nation in participating in the Second War Loan Drive, and by the close of the campaign on May first it had purchased ,l090.90 worth of stamps and bonds. This amount was suf- ficient to buy a jeep for the United States Amny. The enthusiasm shown by the boys in sub- scribing to the War Loan Fund was a fine example of practical patriotism. Wsacrificesn of allow- ances and many Wednesday and Saturday afternoon treats were cheerfully made by all the boys. The competition between the houses was exceptionally keen with these results as of M P.H., April 50th Hawthorne Q1Y6.50 Emerson 102.00 Cottage lg .10 Hunt 5.50 Faculty V 2f.00 TOTAL 1 H- rX ' r's- POL fiif Corlfisf The winners of the annual poetry contest sponsored by Mrs. Wellington S. Jones of Albany, N. Y. were announced on May llith. First place was awarded to Allan Bath for his poem nRound Tripng second place went to Tom Guglielmo for his whiny and third place to Dick Taylor whose poem wasen- titled nThe Kill to Minn. The poems this year were accuratereflec- tions of the times in that the subjects chosen were almost entirely patriotic. Our congratula- tions to the winners and to all those whoentered the contest for tho excellence of the work sub- mitted. i s MMMWMm a THE SIGN SPE AKEKS Mr. M. Souders, Director of Athletics at Phillips Exeter Academy, was the first speaker at Vespers on October 19th. Hr. Souders' talk on the physical training program at the Navy Pre- Flight School at the University of North Carolina was of much interest to the boys. Lieutenant W. Hunter Perry, U. S. A., a former member of our faculty, was the Vesperssmede er on November twenty-second. He discussed thewak of the Military Police and answered many1pBstions the boys had on this branch of the service. Bm:Reverend,Elbridge Stoneham of the first Unitarian Church in Exeter spoke to the school on December oth on the pictures of ourselves that we draw in the minds of others. On January 51st the Reverend Walter W. Clem of the Episcopal Church-in Exeter spoke on Divine Law and the necessity of applying it to our daily lives,particularly in times like these. We had the pleasure of heiring Lieutenant Porter Kimball, U. S. A., an alumnus of Emerson, speak during the chapel period of February 12th on UTank Warfaren. One of the most interesting talks of the year was given on Sunday, February 23th, by Mr. Louis Harlio of the Brookings Institute of Wash- ington, D. C. Hr. Harlio's proposal of a UUnited States of Europen provoked a long and interesting discussion and question period. Mr. Fowler of the Department of Physical Education at Phillips Exeter Academy, Save a thrilling account of fishing and canoeing in Northern Canada. We were delighted to havelum speak to us on this subject at Vespers, April 10. W 'THE SIGN PUBLICA'I'I0IXI5 X I I Q I I 1 I I I I ! i J I -,f K, g H I I I 1 I I I I I I I I , Xew, - - I If H fda lfxiq Q IJVL f.x.,1'x.xL.J This'year marks the eighth edition of the school paper, the Jwerson Ecgmes, whicn is written and printed by the boys tlemselves with the help of the faculty advisor, Hr. Hoesmau. This is Mr. Hossnan's First yeer in this capacity and we owe him a vote of thanks for his efforts te make our paper a success. ,,.u..,., vOwO0O OOHOWOWOHO' --V-I F4 'HY --F M-w+-W-W---WW THE SIGN +-H+--+-+-W-++-+H+'+--+-K l1NflPKOVf'1MEN'fS The major improvement at school this mar has been the addition of the ell to the Cottage. This new addition provides accommodations for four boys, and is made up of two bedrooms and a large common study, all finished attractively in natural wood panelling. Of Colonial design, and in keeping with the rest of the school buildings, the new addit- ion was planned by the school architect. One of the most interesting features of the new build- ing is the large percentage of the construction which was done by the boys. As a work project in connection with the Ranger program the addit- ion has provided much valuable practice in the development of manual skills. All the boys in school have at one time or another aided in re- moving over one hundred tons of fill from the cellar hole, and have set more than six hundred blocks in the foundation. f' XX - i 7 4 xx j .. M n q rf ' 1 THE slehNi - STUDENT COUNCIL f . , ...,. ...D li... ... ......--....-7,-------- Q'-----W ', - y A i A rv.. . . Y A V I x A 3 0 4 . 1 . tp f As in past school years, a Student Council has been elected. This election differed from last year's in that instead of electing two repre- sentatives from each house, one boy was elected to represent each of the various houses and two were to represent the school at large. These elections took place early in the fall term when all the boyshadtmcome thoroughly acquainted, and in IFeb- ruary just after Christmas vacation.' The election winners in the fall were David Ellis, Hunt House, Dick Handel, Hawthorne Houseg -Gharlie Baker, the Cottage, and John Reed, Emerson House. The boys representing the school at large were Tom Thomas and Lorry 'Wooldrodge. Uinners in February were Tom Thomas, Hunt Houscg Ralph Mulcahy, Hawthorne House, Earl Florence, the Cottage, and John Reed, Emerson House. Elton Cosse and Charlie Baker were Hat largeu. The work of the Council was to create a closer unity between the boys and the faculty. To reach this objective Weekly .", meetings with a faculty advisor mere held. This practice was con- tinued throughout the year with success. .Pl v --+-+---M--+0--+----WTI-lla sleN Pi-IOTCDGRAPHY CL UB This year the Photography Club didnft do as much as it had hoped. This was due principally to the lack of a ark-room. In the first part of the year the boyse' st to-' -i,t,V ifthinking that they would use tie cel jQQQQ2jeJ,ifUfiPm8TY ,yib as a dark-room. The weather'd9Hf?tion?idade it impos- sible for this, so nothing much was accomplished. The officers of the clue were Dick Smith,Presidenq Joe Kerr, Secretary, and the-follow, g boys were members: Frederick Smith, Charles'Le-M han, Warren Abbott, John Chandler, Gregory Stewart, Marshall Wellington, and John Sargeant. Although the club was unable to have any exhibitione, they did take some of the pictures for the Sign. Hr. Wildes was their faculty advisor. WAITERS' CLUB At the end of the fall tern due to the shortage of help, Mr. Turner started the waiter's club. The original five members were Joe Kerr, Earl Florence, David Ellis, Dick Taylor, and Sandy Draper. After a few weeks Kerr, Taylor, and Draper stopped. Tom Thomas and Lorry Wooldredge took their places. Charlie Lcnnihan and John Alden were auxiliaries. The whole crew was doing so well that the faculty decided to give all the waiters a dinner at the Exeter Inn every two wrks. On April fourteenth the members gave up their din- ner and bought war stamps mith.the money. We feel that we owe a lot to the waiter: because they kept us well supplied with food throughout thevdnter and spring terms. wma-.-4-M--.9---H+..-Tu-:E sneN f W xii r' r" r' - C OM M L N C L ML N F As We go to press, plans for the thhv teenth annual commencement exercises are almost completed. The class dinner, to which the par- ents of all graduates are invited, will be held at the Exeter Inn on Thursday evening, June Erd. The speeches of the evening will be given by the Class President,the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Historian, and the class Prophet. ' On Friday morning, June lith, at llgOO A. M., the commencem nt exercises will be held at the First Congregational Church in Exeter. The Reverend Paul T. Martin, pastor of the church, will give the commencement address. In additiui to the usual awarding of diplomas to the gradu- ating class, there will be the presentation of prizes to various members of the school. Following the exercises at the church, a buffet luncheon is to he served at the school to which all parents and friends of members of the school are cordially invited. Weather permitting luncheon will be served on the lawn as has been the custom in past years. +++4- 22?-1'ii:gi11 11j1gi g ,. Tl-I E. S I 6 f3v?:?.g1g Q 40013001'Ol'luiwllllvlf'I0C"l"l0O0O0O0O0O"O"C"O''ivivivfv-lv Q i 6 a 1 9 6 Q 5 QW .. fi Q 2 ! Q Q 4 Q Q Q Q 4 S X T Q Q 4- Q Q 2 Q 3 9 9 5 Q P 5 fl Q 5 P s 2 S i W w 1, nd . I .S ' l 'ti' ff ,Q gi 'Q 2 2 H' ls 2 4 E Q Q 2 Q 5 ! Q 'P 3 -vi-we-Owiff WC"I"O"O"O'0O0O0O0 E 9 21 H U Y 2 ...g..g..g. -0-m Q-4--Q -o-4--v-Q--o-on-fo-0-any K 3 .-+m+m+-m.W--M4--W-T--'iiii,gg4,,.ii T I-I E S I G N T" ' DM T EN N1 S' and Richard Smith raked the t: A court. During the third week Francis MulcahQ' Howard Noyes,Dick and Steve Mandel rolled one half the court and on Sunday afternoon, April twenty-fifth, the rolling In the second week of , David Ellis was completed. Since then the boys have beengiay- ing in every spare minute they have. A few of the boys who play are Dudley and Frank Coates,Joe Kerr,Francis and Ralph Mulcahy, Dick and Steve Mandel, John Sargeant, Bert Reed , John Reed, Bob Verrier, Tom Guglielmo,Greg!HBwart, Dick Taylor, David Ellis, and Dick Smith. Usually the boys play two out of three games, then anoduer pair of players play the first winners. 451 SOCCER A During'the, spring and fall many of'.the smaller boys played soccer rather than football or baseball. Though no regular teams were organ- ized the boys hadimany hard-fought games between pick-up teams. John Waterhouse, Jack Kern,s and Claude Mosseri were outstanding players. Boys who played regularly were thesegJack Bowers, Rodney Brown, Cy Bryant, Walter Cook, Randy 'Gardner, Charles Hancock, Ted Harriman, Elisha Huggins, Jack Kern, Steve Mandel, Claude Mosseri, Walter Peirce, Hubert-Verrier, John Waterhousef and Currie Weed. Q an A " ..H-MnwiwiihwIilfw-Hrxzzzzzrrwr ji W --.---A----- +W-+m-m-M-w+-H-+- Tl-IE sleN +-mm-W-fm-M'-W r Hr'r . .dA:,f,f5AL'L Handicapped by unseasonable weather and wartime travel restrictions, the baseball season at Emerson does not promise to be too successful this spring. However, these obstacles have fail- ed to dampen the enthusiasm of the boys forpiay- ing every afternoon that is possible. ' A few games have been played with town teams, and some may be played with the Light Red and Blue teams at the Academy. While almost the entire school is active in baseball, uniforms have been issued to the following boys:Joe Kerr, Lorry Wooldredge, Tom Guglielmo, Randy Gardner, Eugene Baker, Dick Taylor, Ralph 'and Francis Mulcahy, John Alden, Sandy Draper, and Charlie Lennihan. ' 1 SO? TBALL Though regular baseball has been cmdailed somewhat, softball has had a flourishing spring with one or two groups playing every evening the weather permits. Plans are being made as we go to press to form an intramural league that will have a team representing each form entered in a round- robin series of playoffs. 7 ' M-W-M-+--Q-V---Q-Q---Tl-IE SIGN -+0-+-M----------'-S HV ' r' mtl RAM The annual ski-meet with the Tamworth High School team took place early in March at Tamworth, New Hampshire. Somewhat handicappedby a lack of practice, the Emerson team was defeated b the Tamworth team having an elapsed time of 228 lf5 seconds to Tamworth's 212 life seconds. Although the score was not in our favor the boys had an enjoyable and lnvigorating week- end. KA NGEK PROGRAM Reflecting the spirit of the times the school this year has established a closely coor- dinated program of work, physical training, and sports. A contest was held early in the year for the purpose of naming this new course and Ken Smith's suggestion of the NEuerson Rangersn was accepted. The Ranger program is based on amkiinite series of ranks through which a boy may advance by completing necessary requirements of work, physical skills, and sports. All boys start the program as privates and may through work and physical development attain sergeants'and lieu- tenants' ratings. To date a number of the boys are privates first class and a few are corporals. In instituting the program the schodl was divided into three groups, each of which was assigned one day a week to the work program, the commando course, and sports. The Ranger Program has proved an efficient and popular way of coor- dinating our work and sports activities. .1 4+ ya THE SIGN n I 'CHO' 'Ov-00000001 IMOHOMO' -Ov-Q-4-4-Q0--0000 1 4 su gr 'PF I l 13+ z Q 2 T 4? IE, + '1' li' 4 3 4 U 4 -'mm -0- -0-vi--0-0 -O--if -0- --0--0--O--0--9 5 5 i if 6 5 E 'Of-Of-0-Iwi-0-vi--0--0 BICYC LE C LUB ,D , ui,-I Q -1 A 'V'-0 A V R ,-,,, ,,,.. . -,--V- - V- -H - --H -F--1-. ,Nl xt- ! 1 I 1 F 1 E f ,f 'V 1 '. J! This year with the wartime emphasis on the saving of gasoline and the curtailment of un- necessary traveling, bicycling as a sport enjoyed increased popularity, The Bicycle Club was formed early in the fall and sponsored by Mr. Turner. Many trips were taken during the year on Sunday afternoons. The first real ride of the season was a trip to Newfields, one of the oldest towns in New Hampshire, with other shorter trips to Kingston, the dam outside Exeter, and numerous rides on the country roads outside of town. Thirteen boys turned out regularly for the Sunday rides: Dick Smith, Ed Tucker, Dick Marshall, Phil Horse, Sam Reynolds, Walter Cook, Steve Mandel, John Eater- house, Karl Pearson, Charles Haneock,Davii Ellis, and Joe Kerr. -00000-O"O'IO"O"O'l 5-Qiiijiini as--f""f'f3" aa- -A ---as K THE SIGN Positions on the Echoes' staff are open to all boys who wish to try for them. This year the staff consisted of the following: David Ellis, Managing Editor John Reed Dick Smith. Howard Noyes ,,Claude Hosseri Q. .H H - These boys have worsen hard all yenr and given up much Vof their'spare time to print the Echoes and other things such as school lists and tests, and the school is much indebted to them for the fine work they have done. , qzwn ' THE SIGN The Sign is the name.i'dB school yearbook written and published by the boys with the helpof the faculty. Although nearly half the school does work on the Sign, most of the work is done by the Sign Board. This is a coveted position to hold. more of work in the To get on the Board a boy must oo twenty hours or different branches of theShgL These are editorial, art, composition, and adver- tisement. Thistle a goal that all boys strive for but few reach. We are sorry that all the'bogs who help with the Sign cannot make the Heard, but we thank them sincerely for their willingness totwlp. THE SIGN I X r' "r 0-1NflArl rOOI5ALL Sixemnn football moves very popular among the smaller boys of the school this YBJPQ Under the direction of Wr. Bailey the boys were divided into two teams, the Greens and the Grays. Again because of trensoortatlon difficulties no outside teams were plfyed. However, A schedule wssaub ranged between the two teams, end five games were played with the Grcensminning three and the.Grays two. The following boys worexfmbers of the two teams: Greg Stewart, John Chandler, Bob Verrier, John Reed, Dick Mershsll, Cherlie Hsrsball, Ed Tucker, Job Kerr, Lic? Handel, Snrmy Reynolds, Bert Reed, lnc Dial Tavlor. Minor H333 Vere .". awarded the Greens end the Grajs at tLe :erm dinner. K ox 4 1 J 1 5 l N y 7 i A, ,J tx A X, -1---H--+w---.--.---++--m---- Tl-IE sleN -----------W---Q-ff W1 NTER S PCJKTS N l, -3 ...- , li in hr S As there was little ice this year the op- portunities for skating on the Exeter River were very limited. Thus hockey did not develop into a major winter sport as usual. Several good snow falls, however, did provide ample opportunity for sk1ing,tobogganing, and coasting on the hill back of school throughout most of the winter months. Due to transportation difficulties, the usual winter sports weekend trip to Mooselaukee had to be cancelled and a winter sports holiday was substituted in the middle of February. Those boys wishing to ski hiked to a good hill outside of town where lunch was served and the day spent skiing. The younger boys stayed at school to coast on the back hill. R m THE SIGN ' FC'0T?5Ai L ' ..- ....-....----1v- it wmv- -f 2 " "' X N re y i l . ,", ,iT i 1 u I I 1 I 4 X The loothdll season was heavily curtailed this year due to wartime travel restrictions. No outside games were played this fall. From a standpoint of games won the season might be mdled unsuccessful, but the fur the team had in playing under somewhat difficult conditions made the re- sults more than satisfactory. Teens pluyed in- cluded the Phillips Exeter Academy light Reds and Light Blues, and a team from the Zxetes EH4i1SinoL ll The team, captained by Lorry Wooldredge , was made up of the following boys: Thomas, Ditk' Smith, Ken Smith, Ralph Mulcahy, I'renois'?,'.ulcehy, Tony Clarke, David Coombs, Earl Florence, Charlie Flynn, Alan Path, Knowlton Miller, Karshall Well- ington, George luggins, John Bedriok, Charlie Baker, Eugene Eager, Jindy Draper, John Sergeant, and Tom Guglielno. Warren Aboott served' very capably as the manager: Letters were awarded at the end of the terv dinrer beiore the Christmas Holidays. it the :une time Coach Turner was pre- sented with n sndll gift from the team. R -r .-. -, ll ml, slug? M -Of-0 W Tl-IE SIGN -W-M-M-+-W-W-WWE o l v i 2 5 'J 1 ig 'Q '- fy 'lk ' 4 Q fwliw' i f . W, 51 X L2 d w' NE? .5 b nmmWM+m M--m ' 4' J V -....l.,,, Q rv r-1 has Most Popqgar ' Done Most for the' School Has Done Most For ' Best Athlete ' - -for Most Studious Best All Round Boy Most Likely to Suce , N.. . . Hanaicleemi or 'Sb , 5,Qjg,g, Best U qgied Wittiest 7 Most Original . Biggest Eater Best Class Favori Favorite Author Favorite Movie Actor A Favorite Movie Actresso THE sleN++-w-m+--w-++-+- P1 , Dr Thomas and.'El1is F. Smith ' Iwbbldregge Jones and F. Smith . ,.t Thomaa,,loolgQedggi?39ed n at as L. . ' I Jr f.,,R5- Jus 1 b annie. rysd gafiiis and Wooldredge Taylor and F4 Smith Baker and Taylor Wooldredge aper ooper Veronica Lake iQiQu R M +A-M-W-'-'AW-----'----'-+Q-n-ff-Tl-ll-3 SIGN IH HNERSUH HOUSE ," ' 1 X. if 5 I X , J 5-7 WW Y , Y, . ---Noyes and his "moron" jokes? ---Cy Bryanj: and his secrehbignguage? ---Pearson and his shades? ---The Cook-Brown versus faculty pillow fights? ---The epidemic of "wave set" buying? ---Steve Mandel and his 75 cent haircut? ---Elisha Huggins and his birthday lamb chop? -O 0-Owl -0--Ou 'O--9-O-In THE SIGN ---Tucker as HThe Lionn? ---Waterhouse and his limerioks? -H. Verrier and his library? ---Jack Bowers and his Wstoriesn? ---North and Weed and their society of Gremlins? ---when Bob Verrier wasn't completing a model or a project? IH THF FUNQEIT -f , ki o o as-Bedhiokfandlhisjpigeons? ---The nijht Flossie put the boys to bed? g ii ' A' M -in -in A W Trqv, THE SIGN ---K. Miller when he wasn't working on a model? ---Coombs and his shoe-shining business? W' ---When Flynn wasnft mixed up in a game of'tdg? Morse and his invg Atoms? 't' ' l AM Peirce and .i3Qbal'1oon? f ggfiggggilu Chandler and hfigffikje? Newton without extra food? Gosse without an HAH rating? , Harihugh when he,wasn't defending Meohanicsmle? The Coateees Without Arkansas in their voices? Marshall ever being without his grin? Q Wellington and Lennihan hoarding the Sunday funnv papers? u I i K ' ' K r r A Y 1-W YVYV M - -Ol 4044 THE SIGN IH HFHUTHURHE HUUSE f n l K -Whenl -When -When -When -When -When -When -when -When -When Draper wasn't praising Goshen? the Mulcahys weren't drinking coca cola? Joe Kerr wasn't guarding the third floor door? Sargeant and Stewart weren't pillov fighting? Guglielmo wasn't being Alden stopped talking? Read and Mosseri weren' Huggins wasn't eating? Dick Smith wasn't busy? Reynolds kept still? a mother to everyone? t arguing? When Bath and Ken Smith wcren't sounding off about California and its weather. When Dick Handel wasn't working with his Haan tsU9 nblOMl"9'O'C' .g..g.-Q-0-0.-o-0-0--L-0:-0 Tl-IE SIGN Ill HUNT HU-USE K -e l. V N Un' . X T- so Thomas' resemblance to a kitty? Ellis' corny jokes? ' The Duke and his haircut? Freddie's interest in fantastic stories? Wooldredge practising jiuJjitsu on the Hunt House boys? Mrs. French's Sunday evening parties? Thomas and Wooloredfe getting up early? Abbott's excise for his fractured finger? Baker and his horse-laugh? A f""""' W me SE Q ea 5 Wmnwwwmi +-W L A v mix ' y e T -11 E0 Sll G N Q, , , N . ,gbfb CQLEEQTETTLQTETR TWINS TQQMAER The Exeter The News News Letter Co. Letter Press ,, ,t, t tt- Pfifw? eff 'i'f'Q't'Sh?'5,tt5'UC9 'Sl' T T T Dfftftggttttts i fUmQggmfHtS T V- T Eg Mo'r0tftLmass BLUE. H I . 4 TRUCSEQDAILY IQJBBGPI T i 12 if T T T p TE 4 5 T3 le te BOSTON 6 SUBURBS, 5 LYNN GHAVERI-HLL TELEXETER 354 CLEANERS T T T 5 ,ee TO MOODYS CASH STCJKE rom sf-xootEsHoes- masse so-tongs--Tsmmussn-toss SPORT meters-SLACKS-swfmeras K Q 2 1 TZ T M Ti is il .,..,..,..g..o-v-0-o-o-o--ov-o 5 - 'ia +--Wm N 'WH' fw ,W V, WV f"", t',,",',1','A',',',A' ' .'.',-' ' ' ' '. -vw- i44 J THE sleN+-H--ww---H--'MMM fCi EG? ?3i.ii'?E?'!?3 UF UCDUJ EQQQFS WMU? UDYQPWQUQE SEND UNI QETEIQ NH CQMPLi'MENT5 of 2l,MUli!iQlDU?Yf AND Gil Lmmxml-ljlpg UJHTCH FUR THE HELLUUJ TRUCK TEL. Q31-886 ' T . '18 96 EXETER UEEYA E4 CEU? WLUQM PQSTEURIZED HWIUQ PQ. EXETER,N.H. FQHUI MID UQIRH HT rfgfxmxm, v NH r R.,.mmW,,,wwm M M-M--W--M-M-Mm-+ THE SIGN 'M-MW-"H-M-WMMK ME KSON SCHQCIL SEKVES 1' -' uv, 'r' VHQJQJMJ C ELK 831.55 E D ,I CE if RE ,LX M fl ?35 EWf.5 FUUUS UF P X f ,X fl X A F' JQEXKFXL ffgjhiwfyil rl Wi Q- PO ms M Q um-1 rl, H COMPLIMENTS of XR!! fx fx J Q , lnpj Q 33 LJ ,J FA TEES ' N. H IONOHIHO' 'ONOHOWO' OOOOOUGOOUGIO4 INOOIOMO1 R mMwmuMwM .mm,wg::4..gm y E -I :QM-""'x',l'HE SIGNAQ H fr1OM:,ON 5 DRUG 5 IOM' Let Us' Do Your Developing and ,Printing CAMERA SUPPLIES AND mms THE KEXALL STORE IOKA 'H-IEATKE, am EW FI mm. A ADMLXYS A GO OD SHOW umm EFHERSUV 80245 so TU mum uou nm mam m e I p ' . A V -if is .1-fha. . -0-I--M A A 0--0--0-10-fl ,---... . RWmm.wwMmm,M,M ...m R ,,.,,.,.,.,..,.,...........,................-..........-..-.-. 0xvY+ PV- W FAA 'MA-A-l?' M 'X W-mm-W-M-MM-MMM THE SIGN MMM-Mm---H--W DGDU-IN EP. EK UMEBRXUH HARDWARE, PLuMBaNG,aHEAT1Ne I 5 2 WATER ST. EXE'fEI1,N.i-1 1 I I EUHIPLIUIEHTS or I C5156 QXQMR 1 Munn E COMPLIMENTS CDF C AND D OILCQ- - Tl-IE sleN '-'-Q--+A----+'-'+'-"---4 COMPLIMENJS I . 'of 1 EQXETE It A NDS HAIvIPTON -ELECTRIC CUIITPITIIEI 5245.10 mms, COMPA NY THE-3 0m f,xf':'rf,:a BANK cf-WIAL fa'Ie0,Oe0 e3uAIIAN'fY FUNDf9'I1I2,000 SURPLUS 550,000 ERNEST C. STONE, OD. REGISTERED epremmnsr EYES EXAMINED ALARMCLQCKS WATCHES GLASSES FITTED WATCH REPAIRING OPTICAL REPAIRS Opposite Exeter Banking Co. Exeter,N.I-I. A m 2 . V T ww---Mm-+------M--H-f Tl-IE SIGN -H--4-M-M--we-News ACHRHHU ILIDl,H.EdlQ illTsGIlTl'Li5 The class of l9Lp5 gives its most sincere thanks for assistance in the production of the SIGN to the following: Mr. Ralph Hossman. His advice arm.assist- ance is gratefully appreciated. Mr. Theodore Bradley, for his help with the work of the Business Staff. Miss Evelynn Wildes for cutting the men- cils for the typewritten pages. Mr. Samuel Kingsbury of Portsmouth, for the individual portraits of the graduates, the group pictures, and the reproducing of the other pictures in the book. The Exeter News Letter Press for print- ing the page borders and covers. Those members of the student body who by their contributions of time and effort helped tremendously in the production of the book but who did not succeed in earning positions on the Sign Board. ff,. - +m4+ppup ,pw -LG, x, s af mf. ,- 'Zi' ss. 'een MXL 4' f 'X L ' J.: K A Q- T555 xgi? wx Q 'Yw71'.L"i N ...fa gcjgf LA V . Y. Z ' H1 f"- ,.x:, 4' K 4 L X-3 ggj- -1-152, 1 +1 -Q. ' 'A 'Y 1--:Sf nf: ' sf N ,, Le. ' "ZH" ' ' 4 "': JE if Q4 Z" 3 -- ',"2. -V' , is 45? 'E L' 1' f . ' - xqf-:..f', : V .. V. :Q-'+ H - Sw .11 ' ' ' ' 'L V ' "lf-'Q T' . .. - -w.3,,,fwr1'- 1,-4 V ' V 1- -Y :wif . ri' 15" 1-ffl., . ,- ww .J J ' 1 'B' .L-,, 'N ln- 'iituwg-h 19C qw SA , , Y -f'5"fT:,-S, 1:59- . 'S"""Z1v-Qty., 'Cl x in 1: - "fi, J -Zim. sr' . 53" ' 3- J',.,1A .sg -, Jg, E , . ii. If , ' ' fzizfrf- ff-- as 'S2:3:- -I -A5,i.yg . j ' .1 ' - My -1,1 -ff-1 5' Ar - K" ' .fm - A V. J SQ? .Q S' "lf 1 i 1 ,f ,X ,N W "' , 39 I5 -' " "N", , N fx -L x Y ' -5. ,. ' W i-L' Y- inf, ' . . v.. - 'X v- u-.Y ,., Z- -4-'11 ' f 1, ' if ,c -. -- ..,...,, -nf? - 'al--x.1,, - 1--..,,, A-ff ,V-,rag 'T A5 . . . 'S -V W f"h,.':f- -,V-fs, Y - YV .A- - ',. I .uv -q'?QQ?.,' .- , K '1 Y Q, .k K, ,S . A 1 4 9 XL 1327: fr "S-wQ. ' ? j?+,ff ',kfx Q 1" .g"'f'if,Lv A ,w,...,- P 4--fr?-1 Hr ' . f , 22 v.2 , X M,-qfiisnab ,V -f pf-K:-ge .- , - , .J - -1.. , -4, -: 1.- . -J' f ,, A .Q "R 4'-'V J""Silvaflifflf-Lfifwiug'f- fs?-:gs ' . -Af ' "A gi 4 "' ,f 75, g ff '- 2 - 1-,,'w..b 'iff . f -ig' ,I a , 3. .5 . 1-Lg, :gf Il Q' 1 w N ' -A - ff' 4 "'VZ, l.?- -igwqk ,."g53'5+-52.525-jQ ff "3" gf: ,if ,.,f7f -. gf-,V .- """ff'f . -- if! f4-1, ,Sf 1'-"'f . ' "1 pai ' ' ..- 1 . wr , ,Eff :rg-P -A if -A ,if- 'w. - -I -Xe - wage. ,, .. ,"'a1,Q .. K, . iv Q ,Q -1 ,Q A fig - V Q L - , 1,5-1 , ., ,. - f V+ b ,C-Hem. 1. - - - - Q., ,Q-If-A. ' ' 'I W V' l ' " -'vi if' . if-fl2,u-fs"'331 - W 'Lf . if ' , ' -5 ' 9 " . , "".ad x e,u gp gs 1 I -I . .Jhi.'5- 'H V 'swbs-f " N ' -7 - . 1 X' '-sfa-sp. N-' ' ' ff' . s iw' Sf' . ' J '-fs-f -.1 Iroguh X 'Rf X Y - .1131 f V A ,- - 'gf . A V, X, 1 V, f ' '55, F' ig., . 5 " 7 -32 ..V ' "'-V ,.-X':f' -fi' ' -' -A , " -44:1 f' I, Q ,. M. ' 1a,,ffS f pl ,zN, 1xsv,,,w f, 4-fgv . X L , :QL ,ii N..:,,,",'T- E y A' .gf :fav T--L. 4' v . 'f..- " . . Si fS s5?5? 54??iQ.qg?f5i5?5 ff -'Wir 'fir 3- ,, '- 1.5! R as M -' - Re- . v sgfwiluxgjf, 5-we' -'-wvA1,,

Suggestions in the Emerson School for Boys - Sign Yearbook (Exeter, NH) collection:

Emerson School for Boys - Sign Yearbook (Exeter, NH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 6

1943, pg 6

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Emerson School for Boys - Sign Yearbook (Exeter, NH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 33

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1943, pg 34

Emerson School for Boys - Sign Yearbook (Exeter, NH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 49

1943, pg 49

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