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L www Wwwsw IT was November 10, 1965. The Emerson Eagles were in The process of defeaTing The FonTana Falcons by The Tremendous score of 74-13. School spiriT was aT iTs peak. Adding To The confusion was our fine school band. NoTice how The members of The band are compleTely enThralled in whaT They are doing. For example, The drummer is enTirely devoTed To his drumming and doesn'T leT oTher Things clisTracT him. The TrombonisT, lower leTT, seems To be doing his besT, while The young man neXT To him isesay, how do you hang on To a slippery bariTone? NoTice The unusual uniforms of The band. See The snappy signals from The leader, Leader? Where is The leader? Oh, yes, Tucked away behind The Tuba, is Mr. Rice, The band Teacher. If you can'T lead Them, join Them. 24W 7mm SW 005 This is The year oT secreT ogenTs. Emerson hos one, Too, AgenT l200053A, beTTer known 05 AgenT 005. lHels one of The good guys.l You can recognize him by his large Trench cooT and small musToche. AgenT 005 is posing as on Emerson sTudenT To coTch AgenT OU2 from The PTAA, lPiTch Tebeooks Away Associationl ll-lels one of The bad guys.l WoTch OUT Tor OUQ. He's shorT, sneaky, and hides in Trash cons. BUT never Tear! Our hero lhe's The good guyl will ouTwiT OUQ. JUST follow Them Through The mod Blue DorT, and you will see The good guy winiwe hope! 2W Emerson STUdenTs Take grea'r pride in dedicaTing The l965-66 Emerson Blue DarT To Mrs. Irene Shaver. She has shown very fine work in all of her 40 years of Teaching Mrs. Shaver TaughT drama for 10 years. She coached yell leaders, worked wiTh sTuolenT council, and assisTed wiTh mosT school acTiviTies. She also direcTeol sTuolenT dancing, and was 0 Girls' League advisor. Mrs. Shaver has lived in Pomona since she was four- years-old. She was graduaTed from Pomona High School anal Pomona College. ATTer Teaching Three years aT Hamil- Ton ElemenTary School, she ioined The Emerson sTaff, Emer- son was Then a Tour-year junior high school locaTed in The old building on Gibbs STreeT. We will never be able To repay Mrs. Shaver for her con- TribuTions To Emerson; however, we offer her This yearbook as a TribuTe To her Tine school spiriT. Lee Shugorf John Smith Maurice Smith David Speakmon Guy Trujillo ummuu. urn Above is one of Emerson's busy counselors, Mr. James Peacock. To The rig'm, another counselor, Mrs. Ruth Goodrich, confers with Jean Vinson. The nurse, Mrs. Ann Haln mom, checks The hearing of Scott Malone. Members of The office staff: Mrs. Nancy Overcash, Mrs. Catherine Miller, Mrs. Diane Shriver, Mrs. Jean HusTed. i l i ji '1 l g. I a .$ 2 i '2 1 i I SW To the right sfcmd our leaders: Jennifer Koppel, Treasurer; Crmg Singleton, studem body president; Shirley Brown, glrls' vice president; Rick Ellis, boys vice president; Marty Todd, secrefory, mnym Above: Members of Sfudent Council. Lower left: Craig conducts a meeting. Lower right: Mimi DoggeTT makes a correcfion in the agenda. Linda Abdella Sonny Abrego Faye Adams Poulene Adams Russ Alders Joe Ammons Arnell Anderson Ricky Anderson Ron Arbaugh Vicki Arkle Mark Armann Margaret Armstrong Bill Armstrong Dennis Arrcnaga Mellisso Ashworth Allyson Avery David Bobich Judi Barragon Gordon Barren John Bass Nancy Beck Susie Befker Trudi Bieberdorf Gordon Billingsley Terri Bird Lynda Black Jim Blades Koyleen Blaho Maureen Blomberg Jacki Bono Pat Botkin Carol Brody Don Brighf X Pom Broadheod Barbara Broersma Shirley Brown Jan Bryant Debbie Buckelew Gayle Burhus Joy Burk Marilyn Burnham Tim Burroughs Koren Burton Cheryl Butler Eulolie Campbell Nancy Curls Roy Corr Chuck Carroll Jeff Casey Carol Castleberry Marty Cenoz Mike Cenoz Richard Chinn Phillip Cleveland Barbara Cohen Gory Conway Kathy Cooper Sylvia Cornfield Terry Costello Lorraine Coulter Don Crouch Jim Dalzell Phillip Domphousse Virginia Dorbo Ken Davis Cheryl Deaton Sum De Leon Evelyn Deluncs m Jock Dennison Bobbe Diehl Jayne Dill Mimi Doggett Paul Donahue Kathy Donnelley Kevin Doyle Denise Draper Melinda Edmonston Darlene Ellis Norma Ellis Rick Ellis Lynn Ellison Janice Erwood Mary Essels Jeanette Evans Pot Evans Suzi Faulkner Bryon Felt Jan Fielder Larry Fitzparrick Sam Flint Barbara Flynf Tif Folker Andy Forsyth Mark Foskey John Foster Ronnie Fox Marian Frederick Alan Freeman Pam Fremouw Nora Galbreafh Dennis Garza Randy Gaul Nancy Gilsfrup Dennis Girurd Chere Gludney Par Glenn Delinda Gloss Bruce Glover Bob Gofrier Donna Graeber X Mike Graeber Cindy Grou Don Green Terri Grounds John Gunn Rob Hackler Bob Hcifley Kathy Harman Gaylen Hansen Joy Harkinson Linda Harrison Nancy Huston Bill Havens Denise Huvlicek Linda Hawks Lorry Herrera Chris Hite Janet Hoeg Jan Hoenish Danny Holland Nancy Holland Dione Homer Gloria Hosch Sue HouleHe Raymond Hovland Gory Huber Sharon Hugues Jame Hullings Brenda Hunter Rick Hyden Scott Isenberg Doreen Ives Robin Jackson Carol Jeffers Jana Johnson Wayne Johnson Debbie Jones Keith Jones Ray Kantor Betty Lou Karns Colleen Keugy Kathy Keller Sam Keller Jerry Klopschinski Terry Koch Jennifer KOppel Dan Koppelmon Joanne Koriko Ha vww, Betty Kurfzer Charleen Lo Fleur Lynette Laitner Linda Lansing Marlene Leak Mike Leeder Steve Lehman Janet Lotzenhiser Linda Lovelace Dorothy McConnell Sandy McLaughlin Victor Macchione Denise Malone Wanda Malone Leslie Munville Robert Mourer Chris Maxwell Tracy Maxwell Chuck Meadows Melanie Miller 4A1 Terry Morning Candy Morris Pom Morrison Nancy Nechok Nancy Nesbin Steven Newman Tony Novok Alice Nunez Harold Nystedf Wayne Oldhcm Steve Ong Diane Orvcmcmos Scofr Overcash Barbara Panici Dale Parham Rick Parker Tim Parker Mark Parrish Wayne Pearce Pam Peich Louise Pekorcik Patty. Pesek Lynda Pestritfo Mary Peterson Susan Pinney Debbie Pihs Steve Plait David Plumb Patsy Popma Ronny Prcm Tim Procherena Elizabeth Purdy Sue Purus Becky Renner Sandro Rist Chris Roach Jock Roberts Karen Robinson Candy Rocklein Sally Roof Bill Rudermon Dione Schneider Kenny Schnur Beverly Scof'r Joann Scofr Rick Seim Martha Selby John Shagena Deon Shaver John Shearer STeve Sheffield Debbie Shefferly Mark Shires Barry Silver Chris Simpson Ron Sindr Craig Singlefon Dale Smith Lorraine Smith Phil Smith Sue Smith Lorry Snyder Dave Soden Nancy Spotswood Joyce Sprengle Laura Springer Cheryl St. Peter w,- Leo Steffen Kelly Stewart Judy Sfrahl James Strawn Alan Strout Ralph Sfruve Dee Ann Suddufh Maureen Suhoida Ken Summers Sharon Summersetr Shirley Summersett Jay bwann K.C. Swarfzel John Sweeney Charlene Swenson Diane Turr Pat Thomas Ken Thorp Delores Tinsley Denise Todd Marry Todd Rose Villareal Linda Vlaminck Linda Wagner Dione Walder Randy Walters 33 Mike Ward Fred Warren Jeanne Wectherill Marty Westbrook Roberta Whalen Dan Whyfe Linda Wilcox Pam Williams Mike Wood Koren Worley Ruthann Wrighr Simeon Young Debbie Ziegler Roger Zorn Members of the ninth grade cabinet ore Heft to right, firs? rowl Jennie Koppel, Jane Miller, Susie Penney, Ron Arbaugh, Pam Peich, Russ Alders, Barry Silver, Betty Kurtzer, secretory-Trecsurer; Mike Graeber, president; second row, Nora Galbremh, Carol Castleberry, Scott lsenberg, Denise Hovlicek, Rick Parker, Kenny Schnur, Cheryl Butler, Gayle Burhus, Linda Wagner; Third row, K. C. Swortzel, Steve Lehman, and Jim McDiviH. Vice-presidenf is Marty Cenoz, not shown. 4m x $3M$txw x 1; ii $ 2$$ G. Abbott D. Acquoviva L. Adams P. Alders D. Allsup L. Alfenes V. Ammons A. Anderson C. Anderson P. Anderson C. Andrieux M. Archer P. Arvickson L. Asper Members of The ninth grade cabinet ore Heft to right, first row Mr. Ellis Coats, Carol Cavunuugh, Sharon Brown, Robin Farnhom, Betty Hall, Kim Schafer, Dorothy Wafers, Mor'ri Smith, Miss Cathy Nissly; second row, David Moren, Dee Joseph, and Mike Breunner. m , i x D. Afterbery S. Babcock V. Bdllew J. Barbera S. Barnum J. Bernard V. Befker M. Befz R. Beukelman D. Blaha L. Blecker R. Blewetr R. Bolster J. Bo'rkin ? , L Ill X2: WWMER i4 QH-Xn 9: G. Bouchey D. Boyd G. Brod? B. Brogie J. Brooks N. Brown S. Brown M. Brunner N. Burk H, Burnside R, Bursley K. Bur'r V. Bustos M. Colderwood E. Campbell R. Carmichael S. Carpenter C. Covonaugh C. Cover D. Chambers A. Chamness J. Chaplin V. Chaseley S. Chinn M. Christ K. Cloprood C. Clark P. Coil R. Coleman C. Condif M. Connor L. Coopersmith J. Corkill J, Cornfroth E. Cotfell R. Credico E. Crisp J Crowe E. Cruz A. Cummings 8 Curl S Curran S. Curtis B Cvengros A. Darnell T. Day C. Dean S. De Kalb D. Delaware R. Della Pelle J. Derrick J. Dilley E. Dillon E Doane C. Dobis P. Dooley P. Dooley B. Draglcnd J. Duke C. Dunbar D. Dworok C. Ebersole L. Eckl S. Edwards G. Ellison D. Enderf L. Enterline D. Ericson L. Evans R. Farnhom L. Fifzsimmons P. Flegler D. Fontaine R. Fordan P. Foutfs B. Freni K. Frey S. Garcia R. Gartner T. Gaston D. Gilbert R. Ginn P. Glick D. Gloss A. Goldstein P. Gonzales N. Good T. Graham Z. Granger P Grunt C. Green S. Grogon P. Gruenwald J. Guenther T. Guildin P Gullino B Gunn 8. Hall S Hamming J Hammond P. chchen N. Harris M. Harvey T. Houser G, L. Haynes G. W. Haynes H. Hazel J. Hozen B. Heim C. Hendrickson A. Hernandez BV Herrera J. Hess L. Hesselgrove D. Hicks M. Hill J. Hodges K. Holden gnw Holland M. Hoover D. Homer D. Howery E. Hudson M. Huey D. Huggins Hunt R lngolio C. Ingram C. lverson C. Ives L, Jones 33.0 M. Jones L. Jorgenson D. Joseph K. Kelly C, Kim B. Kuhn S. Kunfz L. Kurtzer D. Lacey F. La Frenz J. Laird M. Lambert 8. Lone D. Langbecker av C. Larson J. Leach P Leimboch S. Leis J Limo D. Lindbeck M. Litchfield M. Litchfield D. Little M. Locore D. Loveless M. Lovell J McConnell M. McCullough R. MCDivifT L. McDonald 8$4 N. McDonald T. McGee P. McKnight A. McLaughlin J. McMurry C. MacNeil K. Magnusen S. Mogri C. Manning 5. Manuel J, Marsh S. Masaki L. Mason M. Moxheimer P. Meador J. Medley J. Meiia K. Messersmith B. Mefz M. Milbauer P. Mitfon J. MonetTe T. Monson D. Moron M. Mounf J. Mox M. Muir K. Murphy P. Nechck R. Newsham K, Newton M. Nissen P. Norby J. O'Brien D. O'Keefe J. Olivas D. Orvonanos S. Owings R. Panici T. Pearson M. Pennington J. Pestriffo D. Pitts P. Pizzamigilio C. Podesto R. Pohl R. Pohl M. Polizzi L. Pollock . Poore L. Posey 8. Powell D Price D. Price R. Procuniar B. Purdy Ramos G. Ranck p0 Ray M. Reed D. Reedy C. Reininger R. Rexford D Rice D. Rogers Rohrboch B. Rosman J. Rosselot G Sanford P. Sartor P, Sounders K. Schoper T'S" E. Schroeder R. Schultz P. Schwab M. Shipps M. Shores M. Simmons M Sipe S. Sliva M. Slone M. Smiley B. Smith C. Smith J. Smith M. Smith S Smith R. Smirhberg ; South C. Spaefhe K. Springer M. Standish P. Steinmetz R Stern $ Stires K. Stranigcm R. Strawn W Strawn K. Sutfle R. Swanson G. Sweeney S. Telles R. Thayer J. Turner D. chhl C. Watson R. Thomsen G. Underwood R. Walker B. Wallace B. Weaver D. Webster B. Wilson K. Young S. Tirk R. Van Der Linde T. Witherell R. Young G. Todd C. Vaughn K. Walters C. Weiss J. Toles J. Vaughn D. Towns J. Vinson L. Walters T. Wanfz P. Wells J. Westbrook L. Wolf N. Wood G. Yowell P. Ziegler B. Travis L. Waggoner D. Waters 8. Westlin S. Wood R. Zetferberg D. Waters L. Whifaker J. Abrahamson C. Adams . Ahlbom B. Anderson K. Anderson G. Arcoruci D, ArkIe D Arthur J. Bcber C. Bomber L. Barnes K. Bornharf J. Beck G. Bieberdorf D. Biggersfuff D. Bischel 8. Bishop J. Block S. Block P. Bloszcak C. Blomberg C. Bokmcmn L. Bono K. Booth J. Bowe M. Bower S. Bray P. Bressler D. Brokomp B. Brown G. Browne P. Browne J. Bryant L. Buckelew L. Burroughs x a D. Bursley 5. Butler D. Caldwell P. Collowcy D. Carroll T. Casey Q Cesario T. Chorlebois K. Choseley C. Chinn B. Clark K. Clark 8. Clark D. Clarke C. Comes J. Cole K. Cook D. Costello K. Crampfon D. Crocker D. Cromer J. Crow G. Crowley S. Crowley T. Cruz T. Daniel B. Davis D Davis T. Davis 1;! J. Digiangi R. Delorey M. De Los Cobos K. Delunos L. Dennison M. Derrick B. Dodson M. Donahue R. Donahue S. DKOvidio J. Dresner J. Duke K. Eckerson T. Edmunds C. Eglehoff R Ellis D. Elmer B. Essells J. Fonfon T. Ferguson T Fisher B. Fitzsimmons P. Flegler A. Flippin G. Flynf E. Fon'raine H. Franich E. Fresher S. Frederick S. Garret? D. Gary J. Gill J. Gils'rrop F. Giroth N. Glodney L. Gold R. Goldstein L. Good S. Gooding D. Gossage M. Graeber 5. Gray A. Green B. Grip I. Guthrie R. Gufmon L. Hall J. Hallowell D. Hansen T. Hansen K. Hansis L. Harman L. Harfvickson R. Headland D. Helfer P. Hernandez R. Herrera S. Hess R. Hicks .1. Hoofon D. Horner M. Hubbel D. Huber L. Hurd J. Hutchinson G. Hyden R. Ingolia K. Ingraham N. Jerfberg T. Johnson A. Jones D. Jones X2 Xe K Joseph D. Journey R. Kaminski R. Karo M, Kaulbock R. Keesee V. Kelly L. Kern l A M. Killingsworth B. Koppel R. Lcndorf L. Larson S, Lovau R Lecdinghom J. Lewis D. Lima K. Locker S. Lundin D. McAllister R. McClanahon C. McGee J. McKewan D. McMillan J. McMillan w? m , f. T. Maggi D. Malone S. Malone A. Markey W. Marsh C. Martens N. Martens G. Martin N. Maschio J. Mazzano D. Meadows R. Meisel G. Merrell P. Messenger D. Mikkelson V. Miller J. Mitchell J. Moeckel T. Moen T. Moore R. Moreno B. Morrison LA K. Newshcm M. Nichols S, Nichols B. Nicholson M. O'Brian S. Okneski D. Owens J. Pagano G. Porhom P. Parks R. Parks L. Pcsic S. Peich P. Peterson T. Pefersen R. Pidhoyny A. Podesta M. Purdy K. Putvin W. Ramos B. Rasmussen v1? A R. Roy E. Reed C. Regier M. Rexford S Rhoodes D. Risf R. Riner L. Rogers M. Russom S. Sands G. Schoeffer J. Schmidt D. Schnur E. Schwab R, Scott L. Scritsmier M. Seibel M. Shark D. Shea D. Sindt D. Slabock R. Smith R. Smithberg S. Sorensen J. Sotelo B. Starn D. Srephenson D. Stern J. Stolsworfh J. Sfrouf R. Suhaida K. Sutherland M. Topogna D. Tarr R. Tote KR. ; J. Theesfeld T. Thompson E. Turkel M. Urresfi T. Vadheim R. Vaughn P. Voughf S. Vellos D Versepuf M. Vowell P. Walder B. Walters C. Ward N. Weigh G. Wells B. Willetf M. Williams N. Williams C. Wilson J. Wilson L. Wilson F. Wifherell T. Wolf M. Woods D. Yohn E. Yenowine D. Young J. Zeigler L. Zillmer R. Zorn The members of The 7th grade student council are, from leff to right, Pom Rice, Scott Bishop, Bob Herrera, Jeanne McKewan, Tom Sharp, Don Clark, and Dave Hansen. BRAILLE CLUB-e One of The main func- Tions of The Braille Club, is To Trcmscribe books inTo braille. These books are Then puT mm The Emerson secTion 0T The OnTorio Pub- lic Library. The Braille Club meeTs every Monday oTTer school unTiI 3:45. There are Two groups, group one and Two. Group one is The beginning group which Trdnscribes The simpler, shorTer books. Group Two Tronscribes more advanced books. To see The many Things ThoT blind people can do, The Braille Club visiTs The Braille InsTiTuTe in Los Ange- Ies each year. F.H.Ae F.H.A. enTerTains 0nd porTicipaTes in goodwill proiecTs for The school and ToculTy. Their year was highlighTed by The VolenTine Tea. F.H.A. is a club for all girls from sevenTh Through ninTh grades. lTs officers are Ter- ry Grounds, presidenT; Debbie Allsup, vice presidenf; Jon Hoenish, secreTcxry-Treosurer; Sue SmiTh, social chairman, and Sory Mafmol, pub- liciTy chairman. JUNIOR OPTIMIST CLUB is one OT The more ocTive clubs on campus. Some of The services provided by The OpTimisT Club during The year were puTTing on Two alluschool dances, moinToining The sign on The corner of Towne and Lincoln Avenues, and planTing Trees. The officers for The year were Presidem, K. C. SworTzel; Vice-Presi- denT, JeTT Casey; and SecreTory-Treasurer, SCOTT lsenberg. The advisors for The year were Mr. Avila, Mr. CorTer, and Mr. Parrish. ART CLUB- Trips To The new Los An- geles CounTy ArT Museum and The Bullocks ScholosTic ArT Show were cu few of The ArT Club's proiecTs. They also sponsored a dance. The club gives sTudenTs Cl chance To work on individual proiecTs and To improve Their TolenTs in arT. Mrs. McCue is sponsor. DRAMA CLUBe HCurse you, Jack Dal- TonT' was The melodrama given by The Drama Club under The direcTion of Mrs. Lois Richey on Feb. 25. The cosT included Bev SCOTT, Doreen Ives, Roy Liles, Jone Miller, Bruce Glover, Mark Parrish, and PCT Glenn. OTher ocTiviTies of The Drama Club includ- ed a dance, and a Trip To The Carousel TheoTre. LIBRARY STAFFe Check OUT anyone? Library sToff members help Miss Fos- sum check ouT books, file, repair books, and prepare displays in The library. CYCLING CLUB Ridee-RideeRidee The Cycling Club, spon- sored by Mr. Doyle Rice, Took a Trip To The Pomona Police SToTion on Feb. 25. They had Cl guided Tour Through The sToTion visiTing The Iine-up room, seeing The underground bomb shelTer, The indoor pisTol range, and The inside of a jail. They also donaTed $50 To TTCoins for Kids" and Took Trips To Breo, Orange, Irvine, Riverside, MTT Baldy, Prado Dam, and PuddingsTone Dom. GIRLS' LEAGUEe GirisevGiriseiGirlsaThaT's all There is in Emerson's Girls' League. Mrs. RuTh OT- TUTT helped members but on The annual Bockword's Dance and The FoTher- DoughTer Banquet The offi- cers ore Gayle Burhus, pres- idenT; Cheryi BuTler, vice- presideni; 0nd Lihdo Wag- goner, secreTCiry. GOLF CLUBE Fore-ThoT is The expression used mainly by The Golf ; Club, sponsored by Mrs David Speokmon. The Golf Club parTicipoTed in fall cmd spring TournamenTs. Kata? rm Hill? TRAFFIC SQUADe F742 faced by Emerson Traf- y Tic Squad is sTudenTs i running in The halls. They also check The lunch line for cquing-in line. Mr. Noylond Leslie is sponsor for This group which consisTs mainly of , ninTh grade sTUdenTs. T One of The problems i i Bills! Bills! Bills! The business staff goes over Philosopher and Blue DarT accounts. Members of ioumolism watch as Mimi DoggeTT works on her draw- ings for The Blue DorT. Mimi does all The drawing for The Philosopher and Blue DorT. To The lower left: The Philosopher STOff Takes Time ouT from work To pose for a picTure. Below: GeTTing ready and putting out The Blue DorT is The main duTy of The Blue DorT STaff. Arranging sTudenTs' picTures for The yearbook keep class ediTors busyT THE LETTERMEN'S CLUB has had a very successful year. The sponsor is Mre Tom Edge Craig Singleton, and Rick Ellis; Executive officers, Dove Soden, secretary,- K. C. Swortzel, of The bands. The bond commiffee was Ron Arbough, Rick Parker, and Rick Martin. GO EAGLES are The words heard or The weekly meet- ings of the Pep Club. The odvisor of the Pep Club is Mrs, Janice Cox. First se- mesfer officers: Judi BorA rogon, presidenf; Sue Pin- ney, viceepresidem; Linda Lovelace, secretary - Treas- urer. Second semesfer of- ficers: Jana Johnson, pres: idem; Robin Farnhom, vice-president Officers are Steve Lehmann, Larry Herrera, Ken Schnur, sargeqm-ctearmsT One of its big activities was The battle . $ ;;. '99 , ' .d X "r v $m33$Wv i , kxxva , : . 7QW5W5WWMM , wthWWMW ?WAWWWWWWFDW mwmumw-WWSM 4m, 7h849k4ahoddamlzagu Quarterback Don Green i101, easily scores from Fontana five yard line. I L , ' , Bill Armstrong, MVP, sfifles Falcon x v , - defense as he scores on an Emerson . , i A A. drive. 44 R. Llles, D. Crouch, C Singleton, C. HiTe, T. Edge. Second Row: C. Meadows, M. Groeber, K C. Swartzel, B. GofTier, L, Steffen, J. Dennison, J. McDiviH, L. Snyder, J, Boss, M. Wood, 8. Glover, G. Billingsley. Third Row: T. Leis, C. Simpson, 3 Keller, D. Soden, P. Smith, S lsenberg, R. Arbough, R Jackson, T. Misener, T. Koch, G. Hansen, J, Millerleiie. Fourth Row: B. Felt, T Burroughs, F. Warren, C. Maxwell, R Martin, K. Schnur. 1 Sequoia ... . . .12- 0 . Polomores ...... 28 O , Fremont 1, ....... 0- 0 Marshall ....... 27- 6 Alder .......... 34- 6 Fonfono ........ 7443 Above Leff: Halfback Rick Ellis, H7J, is pursued by Bulldog defense as The Eagles come closer 10 goal line. In Front: Heft To rith B, Armstrong, S. Lehmann, L. Herrera. First Row; T. Moore, M Cenoz, R. Ellis, M. Cenoz, D. Bright D. Green, R. Parker, 8. Ong, Left: Mike Cenoz HBL Is chased by 0 Fremonf that proved The equal of a greaf Emerson ream. Basketball Team Heft f0 rith, firs? row: Mr. Consfontine, coach,- P. Smith, D. Green, R, Arbough, R. Ellis, B2 Rudermon, manager. Second row: S. Ong, G. Billingsley, C. Singleton, D2 Copplemcm, L. Herrera. Last row: R. Martin, manager,- K. Thorpe, L. Snyder, S. Lehman. Marsha . . .43 39 Alder ........... 65-22 Sequoia '. . . . .63731 Fgmona .......... 70-29 PdLIomdf'es . . . .45139 Choffey .......... 60448 Fremon'r . . .523-31 JSequoio .......... 4994 Lehmy - - . . . .4154 Fontoho .......... 4234 L LLLMarsH-bll . . . . . .43-52 MAlder ............ 51 34 i'iFremam . .r . . .35 23; PalomoresL ....L....71 43LLLL , Corona Tournament 2 . Lefhg RanLey ....... 45- 31 Rlaho . . ...... 7 O 38 Apole VOILHey ..... 6o 25 Spirit is high as Emerson cheerleaders and sfudents guide The baskefboll Team To vicfory. Right: Lorry Snyder BID scores 0 layup for Emerson against Chaffey. Below: Mn C's superior strategy inches The Team on To victory against Fremont. knwutl FRONT ROW: Heft To rith M. Cenoz, R Parker, T. Misener, 5. Keller, M. Cenoz, G. Hansen, D. Soden, J. Dennison, B. Glover, C. Maxwelll T. Leis. Second Row: R. Alders, M. Parrish, K. Sworfzel, S. Isenberg, L. Medley, D. Green, K. Schnur, G. BlegS- Iey, S. Lehmann, T. Edge, T. Moore. Standing: R. Cooperl L. Herrera, D. Crouch, R. Ellis, L. Snyder, M. Shires, B. Armstrong. "Lifebruoirgi 10.,.:.:; . . . .MarshoH jhere February 17 ......... ?remonffhere March; 3 . ........ Alder here MarcthO . . . . . .L Eplomar 5 here L ' March 14 ......... . Fonmhu here; 7- , 4'?- , $ March 24 .. . . . . . . Sequoia There '; . March 29 . . . . . . rLeoguePrelims. "53' March 31 ....... . . League Finals L RIGHTJ High jumper Lawrence Medley shows his form while oftempfing a height of 4'6". LEFT: Emerson sprinter Michael Cenoz finishes first in the QQO-yord dosh against Marshall. -L. Lawrence Snyder was hard To defeat This year by his MT. Baldy League conTenders. Larry's besT vauIT was ii feeT. Eagle broad jumper, Larry Herrera, was a sTrong conTender This year. He is shown here iumping againsT Fremont, A common sight in The shoT pUT ring This year was iWiIIie' ArmsTrong. BM 5 besT was 41 feeT. Ted Leis, Bill Armstrong, and Jim STrawn finish in The 220-yd, dash, as coach Tom Edge checks Their Times. Jecmnef're - .4A- .-.. Bev Scoff, Jeannette Evans, Sally Roof, Deon Shaver, 0nd Delinda Gloss, who moved away mid-yeor, demonstrate their Cheer-leoding fech- niques. CAFETERIA STAFF, m right, are Dixie Frazer, Ruth Hiner, Katie Henderson, Agnes Fitch, Elsie Streefy, 0nd Hazel Swayze. MAINTENANCE MEN, from left To right, are Jim Vidal, Joe White, Monte Bennett, Morrie Witter. Not shown is Joe Sauders. Never Too young . .. Michelle, my belle ....... l was a plain Jon, 0 foine, until I discovered Zippy-Whippy- Windup Rollers The pause Thor refreshes . . Grrrrrr! Don'f wait to be told . . . Can cm overdue book do this? WhaT do you Think?l Let's hear it for our Team! Ween Agent 005 leaves Emerson with fond memories of its students and elected officers. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY u. wmxm Ben Vtuboah AI! Vyylorrvuoc ,r V heroIil Uni . llKilllvwzllfgni Sligvxlhlalwvm. . its of . . p'hinxmul .wu .

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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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