Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 10 of 60
Page 10 of 60

Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9
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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

BEVERLY KAY BROWN iSuzie QI To see Gwen and Lou married MORRIS GENE CAPRON IGeneI lnvent a hair tonic for Mr. Smith .,,-- L vff-Wf ...A S 5 ... . , , e,...e,. . DARYL IRVIN CHRISTENSEN iSonnyI Truck driver L9..QW, es .es-wwf we . - ft- M M , Q - me ,gy -S731 f"Hffz X 25521 -Q. gk 'NN 9 X3 fi .Q wg TMR! rx :I ig iii? . ,,,. W , : -s.,:vee2'- H- .M-.:f-v Nfsxeiiti we sy.. ,sg s,M,, " Y - k"k- A .-.Jie - ' ' l:!??If2:,fxE fgg Q- ,. 1 5, ' ' ly- 3 3 26 ""T' J 9 f Q We ie f 'vi I I., . M QM , 9 sw 1 t. if 2, ff S ,, L ' DONNA LEE BROWN Scientist tiff , A 'E' 1, NANCY DELAYNE CARROLL ITexJ To be an actress -fm 53 :its wtf ' 7- rv- ffifisifibt was .1 A-vt . Swan '-an-21: ,-it Ettggwzf ef W is. .e.5,,...,. f- EW' 1, IJ' A B . N PAT BROWN Uaql To go to Webb and spend the day with "Pickle" and "Cookie VELMA LOU ISE CASS Housewife 1 Q Eff are f is esvfesfiar '- f 2- f , ,szszwef r Q 1 I 1 'M MARILYN JEAN CLARK JIM T. CLARKE Ueani To break "Whiskey's" temper s ' if-if-7'.i V BILL JOHN COX NORMAN CHARLES COX Mechanical or electrical To get married engineer .fi-ioifjfl Y I I. E . 'i 'fl-iff?-'ri ' "" - ri,, - 1. . 551 K' I "" 'ff 'iQ:i'i-3--'e g .,'j'f'gf, fig Ti:-pic' GARY DONALD DEARDS DON LOUIS DECKER IHerkI To be a playboy iThe Brainl To be a nuclear physicist LMcGintyI To drive my old mon's full ice truck SGSQLSQ. w J.. . ' -- , 'wi' me-13' RUBY JUNE COX fRubinaI To be a millionaire iffzgtiigit 5-'if fil in-2 fmngm My 5 ,154 1.4-sf ,et-1 E A 2--kg,,H5 ,.,,.,, . W 'I-1's::.5f:a.f:.,.W -I .esiifsiieif - gf 3 ...L Vt Y QQ, 45 . X Sv K S 9 1- 'bi I . , . . I eggs 2 Ln X L fi fe HELEN DIANE DENNY CDII To type 99V2 correct words per minute n o HW . ' -' - sf ' X SHIRLEY JEAN BRYANT ISquirreIseyI To be a gym teacher at West Point . .--. it DOREEN ADELE CASTRO To become a stenogropher SALLIE COBB To see Art walk like a human rvrsiigqigti 1 " L 7955115 Qi. L ' 1-j ili I ..,, I 1. RONALD HARDON CURRINGTON CLaughing Horset Get set up in business BARBARA LUCRETIA DOBBS LLukeI To be a beachcomber , ,.- -- 3- ' I iw ROBERT LESLIE BUSH fBushyI To see Bill beat Southworth in the 440, or see Grudem pale vault oyer 7 feet I 5. A fgg. 231. J fb I L I mc , S t nf 'I '31 Se A kkfsts I if F45 Q ,xx 7, M 2" """ ' ? i ":: 7 DAVID CHERTKOW CDaveI Chemist '.:: 1 f . Wififivn' Avail SUSAN LOUISE COLLINS fSusieI To be a P.E. teacher S .. 1, . Z'E..,.w 1 I it - JOHN ROBERT DARRAH Uohnnyl To be a hot rod driver WILLIAM JOE DOUPE KDoupeI To get a mohawk ,,. 5 f i 1 ,,., - wg V. .e,,'..:-.9j,.f,-1 fe Z . - DARYL JOSEPH BUTCHER fButcherI To flirt like Ann , f efwqge? '- QE gram 'sg is ,fi- t .-.1 51 .J 5 my x ...E " 1 ' in M-MH'--fs f,A.,,,,, fmwcsamsm gi X151 JIM CHRISMAN fBig Jim "El Pomo"J To be o swab f e 1 K 3 ex e E, 22 K I 3 igmcff 1sg:11"' 1 ' XS fx S K 2 S, Af W DONALD D. CORNELL iDonI To be a "human nut," like D.B. fllzi. if?- MARY LOU DAVIS LMQFYJ Teach iumprope at Fremont V :-- - .ig-K -,aegis J f,,- K g 5- -aw tm, 1 63 2. W 2 Rov ROBERT DULL Become first Siberian salt miner DOUGLAS M. CAFFEY iDougJ To take the power out of the new Mercury JAMES ALAN CHRISTIANSON fjimj To be a coach at Scripps College g 3' I- fi 5 K I 2 lwisgf 1 A 555515319 ' 'Z Qing ., 75 ' - 1, EESNP: - fc . , I f I ,- ,mefe E we K K . , ,MW ik' W ,ees .- ...r W-ftstw Si' 97 ,ilwsvfx .sp in 1, ' ' 'Ili V -femsm. :ist tw M1522 we 2211524-if S339 nw .W 2 1-in fs I wif? - f..M.., 2 5 ic A ft' ,L .Q 5 K , . . , .. I ff.vfi3'eg: -7-ees' ' w - QE Stiff ' 'WXBSSEQQ If . 1 Omit? JOE L. COSSU iJo Jol To be a sampler in a winery at Cucamonga .,,. ' ' eiiieieef? 1ais"s,..jf ql4 ,f:SQi:fm.f EI .4 . 11, Lg .sire-5'1" .. wi..- '11-'elfii siztgz . 5 4. 5. "ta BRUCE CHARLES DAY To be a cowboy and ride my hobby horse 'U , Q hunt S ' S ':- . .f 'ii 5 I t X' i R 1 "'s.-fc .-M' RUTH MARGARET ECKSTROM KPatI To go to the moon in with Judy a rocket ship

Page 9 text:

V eerrs P re s i d e n 1 LARRY NORMAN GRUDEM I Ce n s o r ed J To help Trabee build his To Chrysler or be president of Curry's Fan Club x i' fiii, W IL I i ffm? fr M, A We ,M RODNEY BLAINE AKERS lAcresl Play pro football and be 0 coach hw Q I iii? ESE- . I ' , f NI Q 'UW 1 I s I llll I i 1.11 f":,,L 'ji . ' L M l l I Qu... MIRIAM JOYCE BARKER lBaw-wowi To fly across Africa on Charles Curry's bird nc X f , , 1 Q. WW. -E.: if 2 1 ,sw J . wx we-, W s 2' A r is ,i A a M of RALPH HERBERT BERGER To buy oul the Cris-Craft Company .- Qi 3 5 l li iiiiii illl iifi .WM . Q ',,.f11iM ,, EARL HOWARD BOUILLON lBuddyJ To be smart like Bulcher and Wells we s c s W L R 4 'Wl"0e""! I Vice President KAREN BARRETT fOakiel rl fave-f r -- -1-If X .I- le Wi 4 ' ii' If WARREN ANTON ANDERSON IAndVl Professional ditchdigger Qu, : .ri'. .iii V' ': . wr : iff" me i Q 1 1 I . il 3 Q, MARGARET KATHLEEN BARR CLauieJ Psychiatrist-help my friends PATRICIA JEAN BERTHELSON CPa1J Sccrefary BILL BOVEE fDadio El Pomol To purchase a rod see Norman get an "F" SENIGRS "' 4 ' ' xi i "' 5 X xxx 'llfff Q . ,-., I 7 xl A nv a4' '1""Sl fx If , og 5 -e 2 5 , I 'T.'.,.... 3 Z Z. ix 0 ' -- e ' XXN 1... L X XX v i I I-i vi X .. A -ks 53-51 X 3 ,wgxwf ,.,......r..-. If I. ll I I 'A 'i"-'l' , , A I I pss I A e A-is I is - E- s e '- A RICHARD DEAN ARTIS BILL BAILEY MIKAL EDWARD BALES FRANCES ELAINE CBogardusl lBee1leJ Clialziel BANCHET To see Mr. Renlchlcr To be a siage man in ATCIWIIECT mol Full in a iesi lube 2 . KAREN ANN BASEEL CKGY KGYJ Think up answers To Ann's Wisecracks ' I ,H fi I af ' 3' MARY RUTH BIEBERDORF CBB! To sit in a back seat "s.,,x L, Q, is MARIANNE saves lBoveeJ The hay in my barn To Shirley. To be a Iypisl a burlesque show To invent a Iool for eating spagheni 'ISSESEITEQSA ,XZTZQ f ,wiilzf E571 i vi' 5 f I 1.:,XQgQgeg ' i?5'5:'i' I 197 -f A 11 ..., if if' '2:1:f. "gg :L f ff:wff:s: ,. Y H ',ffrsi1:114fH' Secretory-Treasurer ANN MISENHIMER IMousiel To go zoom-to The moon on o spoon with "Shep" ..f 2:1-15 I I-'15 iiiii' I iiliiiiifl N9 7 5533553 . fs, ,. . BILL R. BAPTISTE To play firsl string on a team, for once ' iii, 2' f - Z E322 1 if-it ' I K in x iii? IV. ,g ,..,- il. sg ,- " ' -:"' - '--' ' -dede.-4 '- " m f, I' " 'T i i Y 'F ' ,.,,, YIM Y Qi5:.qtQf:,i:i'1A.g1.. " V .... ' A if fi' .-jj: DANIEL LEROY BASINGER MARGENE YVONNE BELL JIM W. BELYEU ROBERT CLEVELAND lDonJ COlel fBelyeuJ BENNETT Rancher To see The gang go To be a deep sea lgobl around Ihe world on diver in Arizona Horse Trainer a Walrus H ,, iiill - ri." g s-,- r'-- I iff' er., 1 QQ. . i'r Y : v,1. Vrrk I I I i'ii,i, 11 L -A t ,y A ' g iiifffifl li if? T iw I 'LY I i ei CAROL ESTA BLACK BARBARA ANNE DOUGLAS ARTHUR BOLES JUDITH LEE BONE CBlackieI BLETCHER CBolesJ Uudyl TO fide 0 horse in O fB'e'Chl To be an English teacher To fly around Ihe world parade To sail to an unknown in an insgr-lg asylum planet on a magic ca rpei I is eerr I sssss fr . ,,.1 Eff 2 I sgzgf ,, , , , 2 f K ii L. Q C i ll I Ms siss.s N I I r,is lrzi - , if! irr, . I A 35 i.r -- iifilfifi ' .-" ,I " 7 lfelfr I ' . 1, if,- V, , :,, f , if-V .,,. - s ' wigs , ..,, . - f. , W, .,A- gyxfz .iLf',f'7,2-fi,-me 5--.f,fs:,A.m,s::: PHILIP BRADFORD RICHARD DENNIS DALE EDWARD BRELAND JERRY WAYNE BRELAND lPhill BRAKKE llidl To be an aircraft To play baseball IB"Ul'keI Television Iechnician mechanic To be able To flirl like Don Miner

Page 11 text:

4 fx I f , we if . EQ, Yfews Q I ij, 1, ,z em- 1 er. ,jffiiti , DONNELL ELIZABETH EKSTRAND IDcnnie, Lizt Stenographer it .t... JERRY A. FEINGOLD IDadI Janitor in a phone booth ,, ,, -f -S755iiQf4i?i5EiiQ'iz"S' -I -. at Q E '2 . I. 'S iziz' . . 5 ii ' .wi " NANCY ANN FOWLER I To marry the boss's son . .i2,-Mg ' .3 -, J - W T: 3 -' -f R . aegis., ' Si , , - j - ,1, fiweeieief vue .' isfwiiisgifzigf , ii- wws.. - ' smvwizf - ROSEMARY LORRAINE GEBBIE To play guns with Happy BARBARA LEE ELLIS CBarbI To roller skate around the world with "Grottie" - , Eff? ,V fr tfietefe 1 an Sem P -MFE' , su. ROSE LINDA FIELDER CRosiei To be a writer W ees. T if f Q ie, , 513 tttt JAMES ROBERT FOX Uim Foxt To be an accountant for a baokie , fvieifaff - sw gall 1 ,, , V is M252 , , I 3: f" " s- . -':r. i'f LAURENCE ELLIS ILarryJ See Mrs. Campbell in a bathing suit GESELL -'L- ' S : " - . I 155155 -'.1,f.-551 t: - f:f:'57 f'f'f f Q " tis 'iss , sing 2155111215953 . . "" vers? .- R g ret :.,y ' . .2 fs. J' ,,sm?iii?fa13 test .. -Y .i -- ,,isv1s'f:f.,wf5? . 'W 1-,iixiit ,Q . ' va'-,1,.-, 1, I f 5. S VW, , z.shyp,e,,"q,'if1, Q. V, .':ee3': -. DOROTHY LOUISE ELLIS lDot or Dattyt I GWEN FISHER To be a model arlsfezfffffelfiii- . .4 2, ti' fl! tliff 1. Qffifffl A.1. .zA. Q,5.:1 , " V. , . 5 JERRY L. FREEMAN IFreemandie El Montej To own a stage coach with wire Wheels, big wheels in front and little wheels in back Lei ff 2 1 431 J'-fi . ' 1, Q, , 3243: 5351, T155 1 N.. is ltisfzeas , .fic 'W W 1 N21 sg W, sf: A .e Z wr 1 1 .HsSiii,22"6ff' .ge .f 49 " 1' mit? .1 ,M - 4555 W . -V-,I :Q t-fgixg sr-i ef it LEW GIESEKE -il ,..' qu I .f H geese. - - I .kiV'2if5T ,F - . i. K Q .f .. 4 SANDRA MARIE ELVINS ISandy and EIU To be a deep sea diver in the Sahara Desert Wiiefi . ,sw gag.-aLf?'1 mf,-'QQ sf 2-r iff . ' .- 2 I. . fiiiiiiif - ,ae i'235ltf:ffags gg - .. Y ez.-s,1fig2 . r 7. V -- - .e A CHARLES TRU EMAN FLETCHER IChuckI Cau rt reporter .-1'-.1 .EE-I: .25?ff"" Ji :Vi ISI ,, 34:-'fit "5 A 'f f-f.. ' ,,' 22335 . A we--T s .ic " finast- RUDY PORRAS GARCIA lChinoI To own a mink sweat shirt et E hw S , .. 4 rttt eil 1: WMC. A WALLIS MARYLIN GILMOR lKittenD To find out what makes teachers "tick" ' ef: ' wet:- Wim tits .v .5 's:fz'5f? ,sic . ,sz f -- fest ..,. as rf .3 A. f if f-we2:wiefw.i,,7 , ' iz . if 14. K V, :.w VAV.. l IMARILYN ALENE GRAFF ROBIN DONALD GRAHAM KATHY W. GRAY MICHAEL DANIEL GRAY fG"GHleI To be a railroader IKUIYI lMlkeI To roller skate around Make a wish and have Mechanic the world with "Barb" three wishes come true .,.. - f as W. so r my rg i i E its 9 meg 2 it N277 I 'S ' 1 i E A :vwsu Vx :Z wear 5.--, , - - f ",5,gzW,5,Qfwfy3 gee ..... i . . 'ji' - g g V g 3 R. I .. .,. ..:, s I .ii..ii.... R , .I - ... y , DICK FAIREY To get out of school fe mwzliffieiiesflf ' --tifiliifieffszetf ' , . by 'I I JOHN WILLIAM FLORES CWillieJ Eye, ear, nose and throat doctor RUTH GARCIA ICookieJ Be a WAC E E , r...f.w"'fEgT': In in .... RAY EUGENE GODFREY IShortyJ To be :S mining engineer NANCY JOY GRAY CJoeJ To be a lady garbage collector DIANA MAE FALKENBERG fTootsieJ To be Friday's assistant ii 4 5 I5 Y' it c B it I 5 , Y 1 sy 1 Q' .viii sssii I f .I f MARILYN KAY FOUTTS IMammyJ To sing like Jerry Freeman iss- .f,ff.s7.e ANITA ANNIE GARDIE Annie get your gun To see Margie Perez graduate JUDY ANN GOSCH Uudyt To have Russ spend the summer with me SHIRLEY MAY GREGG tGre99I To have long hair like my sister MILTON ALLEN IFarr and M Bob Wortman is FARR iltt a good football player iesersmggsg -- -- 'I V 's cieswezis ' , -3le,,31Q, Q Jxisr f - . Q ff-- .,: xg: L, A' N,.,gi5jg 3 . ' ra, - 5? ' 'f. 12- Wi t " if - EARLA LEE FOWLER tElft Secretary-sit on my boss's lap . ,W ,,., 11.. ,fe Lf., ,,, fe 2 jsgsef ,X I, We qc - ' . I 3 I g-Ei K ' fc kg j fibgzi 5. tem-ww A GLENDA ANNE GARNER lGlennJ To get more than U HCI: on Mr. Brownson's tests EMMARIE JANE GOUDRIAAN IEmI To see the day when Norman puts up his flat top in pincurls PEGGY HAMMOCK Be on the space ship to the moon

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