Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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f 0' g0 o Q 00.-.56 'x X ON 1879 fa i954 X X AN rv gVERSAQV 91 f' ff SEZ: 00fQ0L156f X72 flgogvfgfzd af Hoff and Park, Pomona Mzffey Ccffzfra! ,XX K x XX X ' X x X1 NQX, wx N, N. X x Q., 'xl V Ax xx X, XX -X X N, xx X A X. n ,, , W - -nmmmwa:-1-vmwf , ,,,,, ,, mmm:-:,.,.::miN ' wxfmsmmmr-me 1 bmmsm v ,..... we Mgmt ra- ? 5-rpg . U Q 5541? ri I h 'rm 'I ' , if Xi wenson r Q 115 '1 Junxora r-men ser-roor Q ' 0- Powronw, omronnm am fr QR STAFF Pxoyxsor - - - RaXpX1 Rffeck W N ' yyl. xi Ednor - Nancy Maurer ?u,1N4 X Pnoros - - Denny Pxronson 1 . mg Ay y Pxrr - - Nekon Gajroy ' ' S 'Yypksjr - NYxnn'xe Roxoxnson rg Sporrs - - Urck Kexsrer ' Copy - - Saundra Leake 4 'Wa Pnojroqrapner - Mr. NayXano LesXey Q The Yxrslr sdnodnouse Rn Pomona was eredved 'rn X879 r- ' ai Hon and Park. Laker We xounoknq was enXarqed. f i Vr was known as We Vornona VaXXey CenJrraX ScX'wooX. .5 ' Q ,ev , Q ra - 5 9 QE - ' J f 5'-VY W fkfliifl 432 '- X' 3 PM 1311x16 4 'l fb' I 2 4 xxx 52 wi ma A-1 0 VW Q79 fel 1. " ff f e if r' 1 VA fr we M' rm .2 e ff' ,Wa -f vu.--I' -I ,Q it l 1 I Q I, I! 1 V ' of Q P fj- is. Q f is drsrsa,-,wafer ,11 - , . , . ff rf- f , is '11, ' 15137757 iff U 25 , 1 - ' - 2 -1N1:oif.:p .29-:gsm v fs M if M ' V25fl5iNiff'f.5'f G :W 5, ,M fg MR. LOUIS M. DEAN Principal Greelings and farewell, class of '54. As you leave Emerson we hope Jrhal you carry wirh you happy memories and rhe sarisfacrion of work well done. As you go on ro new advenrures and new opporlunilries may you find yourselves well prepared and eager ro Tackle whar comes wilh high purpose and confidence in yOUf'SSlVeS. Mrs. Tangeman, K Q 2 f ,f if - iff V- Z ig UN N , 4 j , Principal's Message Learning ro live Jrogerher and lo undersrand each olrher is a viral responsibilily oi Jrhis generalion. This problem is world-wide and each of you musr prepare ro make your conrribulion lo The ellorl. We shall be walching wilh pride your progress, your success and your conrribu- Jrions during Jrhe years ahead. Besl of luclc. 'Q 3 "ff: 9 "'7n 6 WN? 5 J, 'gzip . nd' '- if ,, . FQ? L 1: I- I ' .aff C. 1 3 "' ,? :Q, MRS. RUTH P. TANGEMAN Vice Principal 4. an DEDICATION l-lere's To The champion, Mr. Dean. We all Thinlc he is a "ringer" as a principal and wish him The l3esT oT luck on The horse shoe courT ancl in Emerson Junior l-ligh School. wx? 'L Q Q., - l N - I, I -c ,E 2. iw if ul E' FACULTY L T i i --Q if 'i" 1 ,. T , T iiii i s r'-T - ,s ,, I , 2 ' A ",, ' "'l' ' 1 'ii' ',i. +A'--' ' V", ' 1 "'i f L ii if 'f",i" 1 5'-1,3 kk.- . T k . 1 9 vw V,',, V 'A mi: - .,,' i is g 1 "-T' H S f my r I - i,., fha fm . H ii Mr. Barnharf Mrs. Bower Mr. Boyd Mr. Brownson Mr. Bruce Mrs. Campbell Basic Algebra-Mafh Typing-MaTh Science Music-Counseling Basic y :fk fV,,Vk kg LJ V A: in . L 1 , cl T f rlil T T N T 'kr k'-ik T if--k - W,ce ciin ,i,iri ile"i'l'i l"' ,a..r T 'l',"'z' 'T" ' ' ""' i' T ' T T H -I 'T ,rrri ' A ' + cccrr T or 5 L ,rv niaraa ' , Mrs. Clarke Mr. Dellenbach Mr. Fooie Miss Fossum Mrs. Goodrich Mr. Green Basic-Science MaTh-Science Basic-Counseling Library MaTh Boys P.E. f, .,.. 'l" if Q Aw' T 45. 3151" , k""' is .'Q"Nf 5 , ,.,, G , . ,, W h ' H ., , . ., l ie, i , VL J ,fee f HA,:uv'g ge I 1. id - fi . .'l t - L' " ' 'U - - ,V fa' ' 9'4"-'s . , V as inrssc :if eeer 4 'lc'i' ' arlsi in lilii L -W L, 7 VV -:ll fn :1 ,L U rky, :" V,,,, :if il , ZH, .. Lui V T V AIII : I " L, - f.', .1 X- rk-,V V -I "" wig 54 K ' - , 55, f , gg , ,, A X f- 2-' , f"' T , - E E , is ivy? , ' - I ' Miss Gud ell Mr. Jones Mr. Lesley Mrs. MacFarlane Mr. Mendoza Mr. Moore 9 . . . . Girls P,E.-Science Algebra-MaTh Basic T-lomernalcmq Basic-Science Orchesfra f 4 ii? 2 xi KX. Q1 5... i., as W uv 57.711 li ' s Mrs. Odegaard Homemakinq : ' -, .' za." if M nr"- X f- ' KS. 3 Q Ii, 5 ,,"k 'Tfiif ff ,M is ogg e 3 Miss Sheffler Basic . . , ' Y Qgonifsfiieiff--W '- . fm. gf.,..5-fewer' fs ,,..,, f-41.1.1 ,f-f' rg .iaiwig " f-:.,Q'f,11QzEg ' J 1 -' so Nix- :Sf A- iwxwwwe, E f4 K .B . . ig ., 3 K 1. EN J, X vi J 1 Q- i 5 Mr. Wood Musiceiiand . K age Mrs, Bello+ Secrefary s W' . 73 2 ...rs-, . W Z ie M Mr. Sfandifird Cusfodian S ' 3 1 -L L, "-- Q -wi - . .. 1 5 W- ww . emsl -'v5,ji?,f,5 sfilfifyzv f' - Mrs. Johnson Basic-Science 515. H""!l43: . - "1 Z.. HJ ie 11. Mr. Pomeroy Marin 1 1 1. 0? 2 , . e ,I Mr. Sl'1erreiH' Boys P.E.-Counseling , .A-'H 'si Mrs. Woods Spanish-Basic ., .mg X 5 W .. W'N , 1 5 Mrs. Weddle Cafeieria Manager ' C- 'ffm' Ei . rl oors is Mr. Roy Cusrodian -Y f 'if' -6- .4261- .... :m fr L G- ru. ,ze Ii i -M. A .1 5 Q. , xi F.. .. 2 V. .Ms - ... ,. . o f Mrs. Buckner Nurse gm .. Q my ,F 75. if 1f'3'i5ks,... -f r. G2 ga f . . .e ggs "fair wzf' ,iifl i Miss Regnery Basic A .x it i K, ,EY , L Mr. Smirh Mefol Shop " rift 5 P' L 5 155' wx Z sl r X an WEE ,Q 'Qi Mr. Wooion Basic-Drama Yrs , . ii X52 H r w if X Mrs. Odom Cafeferia is .:.,. Q ...sss ' in lqbqbd Mr. Bania Science 4 mi c . .. i'fH,-1f' ff , ..: , n s. We i ' . J .YAA ,A , M or . ...d..... Mr. Renichier Science i , ,, -ef' are' ' - X W Mrs. Sfeiner Basic-Science S52 r Q. f , 5 . -5 's q,,2,X if Mr. Yeck Ari-Blue Dari S I .GMI 5 is -, . M-rg .,.., y A M rs. Lawson Cafeferia is . . Mr. Segaiiz Ar? cns f .M ' it 3' Nl R ff wr ,W 'xr If ik ,J 1 K' .1-.1 f 9 iw ....... rs. rf Mrs. Shaver Basic , .,,.s.. V- Kira ii 5?'wk.N'Ev3 g f. , if., K I ,. ' . ""- Y K - -- 5. ' R 55 R. x .NWI W .. .. Miss Sfephenson Girls P.E. . AV ug: -4 I e i Q' vw? 5 Mrs. Runyan Secreiary A. K - .. Ss r Pg 'R X r Qiifyevs fm 4 1 1 , .2 . I X. , . I... .. NE Mr. Hanson Gardener N 5 on ' awk 5 If. J fx! R i 2 Mr. Whi+aker Wood Shop 51 i7'i5" U is Y ,Q .- Mrs. Maui: Secrefary .Af iraq' Q.. V' 1 . wiv x Mr. Houiz Cusfodian 2 -3 - " rw X We C 0 f W f QBX X J ., 1 1.- . ..., V V F u I 655 ','. ,,:. i:i.i iiii NS Mrs. Biiss Secrefa ry SE fnxx V eerrs P re s i d e n 1 LARRY NORMAN GRUDEM I Ce n s o r ed J To help Trabee build his To Chrysler or be president of Curry's Fan Club x i' fiii, W IL I i ffm? fr M, A We ,M RODNEY BLAINE AKERS lAcresl Play pro football and be 0 coach hw Q I iii? ESE- . I ' , f NI Q 'UW 1 I s I llll I i 1.11 f":,,L 'ji . ' L M l l I Qu... MIRIAM JOYCE BARKER lBaw-wowi To fly across Africa on Charles Curry's bird nc X f , , 1 Q. WW. -E.: if 2 1 ,sw J . wx we-, W s 2' A r is ,i A a M of RALPH HERBERT BERGER To buy oul the Cris-Craft Company .- Qi 3 5 l li iiiiii illl iifi .WM . Q ',,.f11iM ,, EARL HOWARD BOUILLON lBuddyJ To be smart like Bulcher and Wells we s c s W L R 4 'Wl"0e""! I Vice President KAREN BARRETT fOakiel rl fave-f r -- -1-If X .I- le Wi 4 ' ii' If WARREN ANTON ANDERSON IAndVl Professional ditchdigger Qu, : .ri'. .iii V' ': . wr : iff" me i Q 1 1 I . il 3 Q, MARGARET KATHLEEN BARR CLauieJ Psychiatrist-help my friends PATRICIA JEAN BERTHELSON CPa1J Sccrefary BILL BOVEE fDadio El Pomol To purchase a rod see Norman get an "F" SENIGRS "' 4 ' ' xi i "' 5 X xxx 'llfff Q . ,-., I 7 xl A nv a4' '1""Sl fx If , og 5 -e 2 5 , I 'T.'.,.... 3 Z Z. ix 0 ' -- e ' XXN 1... L X XX v i I I-i vi X .. A -ks 53-51 X 3 ,wgxwf ,.,......r..-. If I. ll I I 'A 'i"-'l' , , A I I pss I A e A-is I is - E- s e '- A RICHARD DEAN ARTIS BILL BAILEY MIKAL EDWARD BALES FRANCES ELAINE CBogardusl lBee1leJ Clialziel BANCHET To see Mr. Renlchlcr To be a siage man in ATCIWIIECT mol Full in a iesi lube 2 . KAREN ANN BASEEL CKGY KGYJ Think up answers To Ann's Wisecracks ' I ,H fi I af ' 3' MARY RUTH BIEBERDORF CBB! To sit in a back seat "s.,,x L, Q, is MARIANNE saves lBoveeJ The hay in my barn To Shirley. To be a Iypisl a burlesque show To invent a Iool for eating spagheni 'ISSESEITEQSA ,XZTZQ f ,wiilzf E571 i vi' 5 f I 1.:,XQgQgeg ' i?5'5:'i' I 197 -f A 11 ..., if if' '2:1:f. "gg :L f ff:wff:s: ,. Y H ',ffrsi1:114fH' Secretory-Treasurer ANN MISENHIMER IMousiel To go zoom-to The moon on o spoon with "Shep" ..f 2:1-15 I I-'15 iiiii' I iiliiiiifl N9 7 5533553 . fs, ,. . BILL R. BAPTISTE To play firsl string on a team, for once ' iii, 2' f - Z E322 1 if-it ' I K in x iii? IV. ,g ,..,- il. sg ,- " ' -:"' - '--' ' -dede.-4 '- " m f, I' " 'T i i Y 'F ' ,.,,, YIM Y Qi5:.qtQf:,i:i'1A.g1.. " V .... ' A if fi' .-jj: DANIEL LEROY BASINGER MARGENE YVONNE BELL JIM W. BELYEU ROBERT CLEVELAND lDonJ COlel fBelyeuJ BENNETT Rancher To see The gang go To be a deep sea lgobl around Ihe world on diver in Arizona Horse Trainer a Walrus H ,, iiill - ri." g s-,- r'-- I iff' er., 1 QQ. . i'r Y : v,1. Vrrk I I I i'ii,i, 11 L -A t ,y A ' g iiifffifl li if? T iw I 'LY I i ei CAROL ESTA BLACK BARBARA ANNE DOUGLAS ARTHUR BOLES JUDITH LEE BONE CBlackieI BLETCHER CBolesJ Uudyl TO fide 0 horse in O fB'e'Chl To be an English teacher To fly around Ihe world parade To sail to an unknown in an insgr-lg asylum planet on a magic ca rpei I is eerr I sssss fr . ,,.1 Eff 2 I sgzgf ,, , , , 2 f K ii L. Q C i ll I Ms siss.s N I I r,is lrzi - , if! irr, . I A 35 i.r -- iifilfifi ' .-" ,I " 7 lfelfr I ' . 1, if,- V, , :,, f , if-V .,,. - s ' wigs , ..,, . - f. , W, .,A- gyxfz .iLf',f'7,2-fi,-me 5--.f,fs:,A.m,s::: PHILIP BRADFORD RICHARD DENNIS DALE EDWARD BRELAND JERRY WAYNE BRELAND lPhill BRAKKE llidl To be an aircraft To play baseball IB"Ul'keI Television Iechnician mechanic To be able To flirl like Don Miner BEVERLY KAY BROWN iSuzie QI To see Gwen and Lou married MORRIS GENE CAPRON IGeneI lnvent a hair tonic for Mr. Smith .,,-- L vff-Wf ...A S 5 ... . , , e,...e,. . DARYL IRVIN CHRISTENSEN iSonnyI Truck driver L9..QW, es .es-wwf we . - ft- M M , Q - me ,gy -S731 f"Hffz X 25521 -Q. gk 'NN 9 X3 fi .Q wg TMR! rx :I ig iii? . ,,,. W , : -s.,:vee2'- H- .M-.:f-v Nfsxeiiti we sy.. ,sg s,M,, " Y - k"k- A .-.Jie - ' ' l:!??If2:,fxE fgg Q- ,. 1 5, ' ' ly- 3 3 26 ""T' J 9 f Q We ie f 'vi I I., . M QM , 9 sw 1 t. if 2, ff S ,, L ' DONNA LEE BROWN Scientist tiff , A 'E' 1, NANCY DELAYNE CARROLL ITexJ To be an actress -fm 53 :its wtf ' 7- rv- ffifisifibt was .1 A-vt . Swan '-an-21: ,-it Ettggwzf ef W is. .e.5,,...,. f- EW' 1, IJ' A B . N PAT BROWN Uaql To go to Webb and spend the day with "Pickle" and "Cookie VELMA LOU ISE CASS Housewife 1 Q Eff are f is esvfesfiar '- f 2- f , ,szszwef r Q 1 I 1 'M MARILYN JEAN CLARK JIM T. CLARKE Ueani To break "Whiskey's" temper s ' if-if-7'.i V BILL JOHN COX NORMAN CHARLES COX Mechanical or electrical To get married engineer .fi-ioifjfl Y I I. E . 'i 'fl-iff?-'ri ' "" - ri,, - 1. . 551 K' I "" 'ff 'iQ:i'i-3--'e g .,'j'f'gf, fig Ti:-pic' GARY DONALD DEARDS DON LOUIS DECKER IHerkI To be a playboy iThe Brainl To be a nuclear physicist LMcGintyI To drive my old mon's full ice truck SGSQLSQ. w J.. . ' -- , 'wi' me-13' RUBY JUNE COX fRubinaI To be a millionaire iffzgtiigit 5-'if fil in-2 fmngm My 5 ,154 1.4-sf ,et-1 E A 2--kg,,H5 ,.,,.,, . W 'I-1's::.5f:a.f:.,.W -I .esiifsiieif - gf 3 ...L Vt Y QQ, 45 . X Sv K S 9 1- 'bi I . , . . I eggs 2 Ln X L fi fe HELEN DIANE DENNY CDII To type 99V2 correct words per minute n o HW . ' -' - sf ' X SHIRLEY JEAN BRYANT ISquirreIseyI To be a gym teacher at West Point . .--. it DOREEN ADELE CASTRO To become a stenogropher SALLIE COBB To see Art walk like a human rvrsiigqigti 1 " L 7955115 Qi. L ' 1-j ili I ..,, I 1. RONALD HARDON CURRINGTON CLaughing Horset Get set up in business BARBARA LUCRETIA DOBBS LLukeI To be a beachcomber , ,.- -- 3- ' I iw ROBERT LESLIE BUSH fBushyI To see Bill beat Southworth in the 440, or see Grudem pale vault oyer 7 feet I 5. A fgg. 231. J fb I L I mc , S t nf 'I '31 Se A kkfsts I if F45 Q ,xx 7, M 2" """ ' ? i ":: 7 DAVID CHERTKOW CDaveI Chemist '.:: 1 f . Wififivn' Avail SUSAN LOUISE COLLINS fSusieI To be a P.E. teacher S .. 1, . Z'E..,.w 1 I it - JOHN ROBERT DARRAH Uohnnyl To be a hot rod driver WILLIAM JOE DOUPE KDoupeI To get a mohawk ,,. 5 f i 1 ,,., - wg V. .e,,'..:-.9j,.f,-1 fe Z . - DARYL JOSEPH BUTCHER fButcherI To flirt like Ann , f efwqge? '- QE gram 'sg is ,fi- t .-.1 51 .J 5 my x ...E " 1 ' in M-MH'--fs f,A.,,,,, fmwcsamsm gi X151 JIM CHRISMAN fBig Jim "El Pomo"J To be o swab f e 1 K 3 ex e E, 22 K I 3 igmcff 1sg:11"' 1 ' XS fx S K 2 S, Af W DONALD D. CORNELL iDonI To be a "human nut," like D.B. fllzi. if?- MARY LOU DAVIS LMQFYJ Teach iumprope at Fremont V :-- - .ig-K -,aegis J f,,- K g 5- -aw tm, 1 63 2. W 2 Rov ROBERT DULL Become first Siberian salt miner DOUGLAS M. CAFFEY iDougJ To take the power out of the new Mercury JAMES ALAN CHRISTIANSON fjimj To be a coach at Scripps College g 3' I- fi 5 K I 2 lwisgf 1 A 555515319 ' 'Z Qing ., 75 ' - 1, EESNP: - fc . , I f I ,- ,mefe E we K K . , ,MW ik' W ,ees .- ...r W-ftstw Si' 97 ,ilwsvfx .sp in 1, ' ' 'Ili V -femsm. :ist tw M1522 we 2211524-if S339 nw .W 2 1-in fs I wif? - f..M.., 2 5 ic A ft' ,L .Q 5 K , . . , .. I ff.vfi3'eg: -7-ees' ' w - QE Stiff ' 'WXBSSEQQ If . 1 Omit? JOE L. COSSU iJo Jol To be a sampler in a winery at Cucamonga .,,. ' ' eiiieieef? 1ais"s,..jf ql4 ,f:SQi:fm.f EI .4 . 11, Lg .sire-5'1" .. wi..- '11-'elfii siztgz . 5 4. 5. "ta BRUCE CHARLES DAY To be a cowboy and ride my hobby horse 'U , Q hunt S ' S ':- . .f 'ii 5 I t X' i R 1 "'s.-fc .-M' RUTH MARGARET ECKSTROM KPatI To go to the moon in with Judy a rocket ship 4 fx I f , we if . EQ, Yfews Q I ij, 1, ,z em- 1 er. ,jffiiti , DONNELL ELIZABETH EKSTRAND IDcnnie, Lizt Stenographer it .t... JERRY A. FEINGOLD IDadI Janitor in a phone booth ,, ,, -f -S755iiQf4i?i5EiiQ'iz"S' -I -. at Q E '2 . I. 'S iziz' . . 5 ii ' .wi " NANCY ANN FOWLER I To marry the boss's son . .i2,-Mg ' .3 -, J - W T: 3 -' -f R . aegis., ' Si , , - j - ,1, fiweeieief vue .' isfwiiisgifzigf , ii- wws.. - ' smvwizf - ROSEMARY LORRAINE GEBBIE To play guns with Happy BARBARA LEE ELLIS CBarbI To roller skate around the world with "Grottie" - , Eff? ,V fr tfietefe 1 an Sem P -MFE' , su. ROSE LINDA FIELDER CRosiei To be a writer W ees. T if f Q ie, , 513 tttt JAMES ROBERT FOX Uim Foxt To be an accountant for a baokie , fvieifaff - sw gall 1 ,, , V is M252 , , I 3: f" " s- . -':r. i'f LAURENCE ELLIS ILarryJ See Mrs. Campbell in a bathing suit GESELL -'L- ' S : " - . I 155155 -'.1,f.-551 t: - f:f:'57 f'f'f f Q " tis 'iss , sing 2155111215953 . . "" vers? .- R g ret :.,y ' . .2 fs. J' ,,sm?iii?fa13 test .. -Y .i -- ,,isv1s'f:f.,wf5? . 'W 1-,iixiit ,Q . ' va'-,1,.-, 1, I f 5. S VW, , z.shyp,e,,"q,'if1, Q. V, .':ee3': -. DOROTHY LOUISE ELLIS lDot or Dattyt I GWEN FISHER To be a model arlsfezfffffelfiii- . .4 2, ti' fl! tliff 1. Qffifffl A.1. .zA. Q,5.:1 , " V. , . 5 JERRY L. FREEMAN IFreemandie El Montej To own a stage coach with wire Wheels, big wheels in front and little wheels in back Lei ff 2 1 431 J'-fi . ' 1, Q, , 3243: 5351, T155 1 N.. is ltisfzeas , .fic 'W W 1 N21 sg W, sf: A .e Z wr 1 1 .HsSiii,22"6ff' .ge .f 49 " 1' mit? .1 ,M - 4555 W . -V-,I :Q t-fgixg sr-i ef it LEW GIESEKE -il ,..' qu I .f H geese. - - I .kiV'2if5T ,F - . i. K Q .f .. 4 SANDRA MARIE ELVINS ISandy and EIU To be a deep sea diver in the Sahara Desert Wiiefi . ,sw gag.-aLf?'1 mf,-'QQ sf 2-r iff . ' .- 2 I. . fiiiiiiif - ,ae i'235ltf:ffags gg - .. Y ez.-s,1fig2 . r 7. V -- - .e A CHARLES TRU EMAN FLETCHER IChuckI Cau rt reporter .-1'-.1 .EE-I: .25?ff"" Ji :Vi ISI ,, 34:-'fit "5 A 'f f-f.. ' ,,' 22335 . A we--T s .ic " finast- RUDY PORRAS GARCIA lChinoI To own a mink sweat shirt et E hw S , .. 4 rttt eil 1: WMC. A WALLIS MARYLIN GILMOR lKittenD To find out what makes teachers "tick" ' ef: ' wet:- Wim tits .v .5 's:fz'5f? ,sic . ,sz f -- fest ..,. as rf .3 A. f if f-we2:wiefw.i,,7 , ' iz . if 14. K V, :.w VAV.. l IMARILYN ALENE GRAFF ROBIN DONALD GRAHAM KATHY W. GRAY MICHAEL DANIEL GRAY fG"GHleI To be a railroader IKUIYI lMlkeI To roller skate around Make a wish and have Mechanic the world with "Barb" three wishes come true .,.. - f as W. so r my rg i i E its 9 meg 2 it N277 I 'S ' 1 i E A :vwsu Vx :Z wear 5.--, , - - f ",5,gzW,5,Qfwfy3 gee ..... i . . 'ji' - g g V g 3 R. I .. .,. ..:, s I .ii..ii.... R , .I - ... y , DICK FAIREY To get out of school fe mwzliffieiiesflf ' --tifiliifieffszetf ' , . by 'I I JOHN WILLIAM FLORES CWillieJ Eye, ear, nose and throat doctor RUTH GARCIA ICookieJ Be a WAC E E , r...f.w"'fEgT': In in .... RAY EUGENE GODFREY IShortyJ To be :S mining engineer NANCY JOY GRAY CJoeJ To be a lady garbage collector DIANA MAE FALKENBERG fTootsieJ To be Friday's assistant ii 4 5 I5 Y' it c B it I 5 , Y 1 sy 1 Q' .viii sssii I f .I f MARILYN KAY FOUTTS IMammyJ To sing like Jerry Freeman iss- .f,ff.s7.e ANITA ANNIE GARDIE Annie get your gun To see Margie Perez graduate JUDY ANN GOSCH Uudyt To have Russ spend the summer with me SHIRLEY MAY GREGG tGre99I To have long hair like my sister MILTON ALLEN IFarr and M Bob Wortman is FARR iltt a good football player iesersmggsg -- -- 'I V 's cieswezis ' , -3le,,31Q, Q Jxisr f - . Q ff-- .,: xg: L, A' N,.,gi5jg 3 . ' ra, - 5? ' 'f. 12- Wi t " if - EARLA LEE FOWLER tElft Secretary-sit on my boss's lap . ,W ,,., 11.. ,fe Lf., ,,, fe 2 jsgsef ,X I, We qc - ' . I 3 I g-Ei K ' fc kg j fibgzi 5. tem-ww A GLENDA ANNE GARNER lGlennJ To get more than U HCI: on Mr. Brownson's tests EMMARIE JANE GOUDRIAAN IEmI To see the day when Norman puts up his flat top in pincurls PEGGY HAMMOCK Be on the space ship to the moon i'?3if?56is1'fg . syyss if f f75fiQ ,Q 5 frefxgsff' V V' 'J - f Brief? . -711i t . nh .9 SUSAN CHARLOTTE HANCOCK iSueJ To have time to read oncl sew MURIEL JUNE HENNEN lJuneJ To be o horse rancher LOU ELLEN HUDSON lPocohontcsI Never get married I sez: f',,- ,ii :- SEE -' 29553113 ST? ,' iigsaw-Ma Ni ' 'f?i4l2'x6 f . iii :zz,,?1??dEiL5 -'L-Wikia ff .s.:- 'i liizwmrsmr -igfyveis -.wi r f , ' .. - ,Amr f -- 55.12 .fill . A LINDA DAISY JENNER lLindyl Nurse t A 3 'I' i is'f2?2ffi121g11,giLfif ig: A in BRIAN J. KASS Musician Q-t.fs..i,,F ,..ff , f--f W wlmw .,,. 4- ,, twsl si., . .. . :foe A ss ...Jsfg ' ,. - f,:+f.w,-ffff1k,s VMI, -Av -I -Us is'-E525 ' fi fflifiill' "Ji " 'Y I u A ,J 'iw A we , L J 4,352 ' as gg ff I A Q W . HOWARD BRUCE HART CGumboH Moroonecl with Monroe! L ? K I Eu s J, E 1 Q , l 'rr' LAURENCE BENJAMIN HERDER iLorryl Cop lprivatei 'QFEZTLM-'f': lei' Ei , f . .,. if ,,.i L - m eg , .111 .' f ?T5:55:'i3Wir L. r,Qy CAROL ANN HUGHES To raise dogs BETTY ANN JOHNS lBetI To get out of school Sf.:ff.-5:5422 EY 75' gisiezfiiiiffh .T twjiffi '5:g.s,E eg A Ekei. 'li,,.f5- sig? -. ,ws ,Ami 25:2 2-132-5 i s ' i5,'I,E1i'25f.fy f - : . '- ff C as RICHARD RONALD KEISTER lDickI To learn English with Ed. lchemisti ' ' fe f , 5 fs i I L V ,A 'Q iizwzff 1 feed' I-'fwftiifsg mg, I.. i LS , 5 ,Nm K 4 x N isgss" H wigvtgzliitt ,N . vwifeii: . ,,,, Si L., GAYLE LEW HARTMAN lOscarJ To see Mr. Wooton play on Broadway with "Butch" If' af Tg yi f gy if ' lfiiif s ,ifli?7l5?a2ufwf3-'ti ,, lW,,.e,,,,el.l... A iifl, i ' FORREST SKIP HERRING lSkipi U.S.M.C.? ' if yr ws M-we , . I ., -sw ,G fix 5 yas edwa- E sf, I mga: 1 Q 1' QI M 225 ' YQ We I ,en 4. was 1 I gist 1 X .2 " are ,, 1 wx, -in Mft: ii 1.1 .4 xg fisfmis ,. .f sails, 1-r ru ' s,s 5 X 1. 9 , if ., . m f'm,q3j x ,, ,. f I " f - 3- J'.,qkA tw W DWIGHT L. HURST fCrozy legs Hurstl To fly o kite on the moon fs' ., , , -1 1 ii , , -".,- - 111 2 Ayfy 111: -- -I gr : K " swam- me DONALD LEE JOHNSON lShortieJ Artist sf A 1 ei, I -mileage .V 'f?iegx,,yI .C Q , 6 I X 'Au . If is E335 I W qtfafe , 351 - . ' , , -fi -resgsw riisi CAROLYN SUE KELLEY To be the tot lody at 0 circus fi iz ff-iff,QeikasieivgsfznMilfQffYtTfE!2zg:w,few ' ' ,L4, sap, fjh? ,:. , ,, ,,,, ages- E ,, ,glQg:q.,.. l STEVE FRANKLIN HARTMAN lStephclnyi To shoot Fearless Fosclick " ' 2 5 it it ,I I X is I ew 'ff s, 1 .f I DAVID HOLMES CCharlieJ Go to girls porodise with Wortmon 1 fl I png x s Q is W ix A753 AS M we gi 54 E' I K 'W Q ae 4 'A A S 'ef' if f el is ff ac 'Q ' S if 2 i .i 'li Q ' f BERT GLEN IRISH CBerti To be Joe Dimoggio on his honeymoon yi TI,y' f . leg! i ., ,P LARRY E. JOHNSON CLeroyl To be o nice boy 2 ' 1 il k Ti ww" W' f. siii Ii ssf CLAUDIA MAE KELLEY To be a teacher L'r. :fm Q ggi- if ",, . l ,E W FRANCES HARTSMAN Clirani To get on "A" in science WILLIAM CHARLES HOOKHAM IBIIII -' - A- ,W lbw agp: A QM X axx l I ,B so ig? M J as Ni . , QQ Q 2 'J' f i ff., s A 5 V' X ,. 7-We Y ,Ia-:H Es 1,5 ,I A Q' -cg igil 635 -Mm M, Q, . ,mere ' . .sk ,.... We , A 1 ..-.- 1- is CARL EDWARD ISOLA To grow up NANCY LOUISE JOHNSTON lNoncy Pontsi To be o nurse iw wt Q 75 . SHERWOOD CLARK KINGSLEY To see Mrs. Campbell play hop scotch 2 it ,V,i: I V,A., 1 3 ,Q Ik ,.T,A.z by ANN MARION HATHAWAY lhlothowoyi Airplane stewordess ' 11:54-l f3q,L4mg:t , , it f 4' i wt In is l Q ,:. VKVL ,mm 'Q' ' se - Kes.-Y ' A MARY HELEN HORN iPickle7 To goto Webb ond spend the day with "Joq" ond "Cookie" is 1 M' f , .I at I 32 BARBARA LEE IVY lBorbyJ To know why Kenny walks pigeon toed izff'f,....-A 'Ti , 1 A Ill V .5 ,, .i k 9 2 ' 513 :ef . J -n ,-1101? :.af:7'ftf5,ii ,Af '.j,::-. , ff: we , ' . 1' , 3. A - 4 -s., RICHARD DOUGLAS HAWTHORNE CDickJ Roncher in New Mexico Hur A' .1 1 I , ' v' " 375123: T551 , I I - ,-,,m.,,Ls5I ,iw . . BARBARA ANN HORSEWOOD lHorseyJ To go stecidy with T.J. fi 5'-" '- Q . C 4 ,AI I M I , 9' Amie.. ,, JUDITH ALLAN JACKSON Uudyl To own a convertible, to be a model, and to win the Miss Universe contest ' j I, ' is LEORA JOYCE JONES BETTY JEAN JORDAN lCarrot-topJ To be oble to iitterbug To see all girls accept like Meg 0 ring f s-.j "H" " v"- -N ...', I f-7 x QW R I KAY ANNE KLOPFENSTEIN IKOVI To go to Indio F , .I , , A 'A I' 3:1191 s,s.i so I BARBARA ELIZABETH KNEBEL lGusJ I l si-wi ' is my , T ' f'wg , I siie GRACE M. LACEY fSamJ To be the person who puts the stickie in the glue 'L g t' ,.A, , T liili tr CAROL ANN LIBOLT iCaroli To be a riot kid like Pat " ' -- Az,--'gs-Vifii.-f5f.5.yfzws ' L Vigil k , .., CHARLES SANDOVAL MARTINEZ Iffharlesi To see Mr. Boyd keep his classes after school for talking .111 3 - - if fe i f. 4- lifts , RRA " "' if l , i ' T. L U' EDWARD ARTHUR McKINNEY iEdJ To learn English with Dick Vi., ,wa ess, '- r'z,-1 g Mizsfiirixi ig' ,zr-11, if CORBIN ISAAC MILES iCorbini ff K "V ffl .traits 1f::.1-i- Wfmei, I A512222-EW 'iilliif' '- f ' - 1 ' mf: its ,elif :HS-?'e.r af-5: :xii----f fr' le I 11 .fat -I, i s-5 if seewiekf, in . 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' 1.-:T if Ev, ,""'- ie. , I K ' '-1':r'1f-', , t2sif?k?ifezssssti., ,sift ' i ' Arise? 5 KAREN RUTH LENZ iCookieJ To go to Webb and spend the day with "Pickle" and "Jag" gm 1 1- 'P S iss 7 I ii 53' if li LARRY STEVEN LOPEZ tBig Butch EI Narodi To purchase my own harem , iEEf""" f Q, 5 'V :V . ,.' ik' 31 'ii .I , x. NANCY MAURER lNanny Goati To swim to Hawaii Iit's cheaper that wayl 5 i I if 1 fi-uno? 'H I 'llll' H ifi Us . JOHN MARK MESSER iPaJ To be a "space-hopper" 'wxizwlla ,f i-1. 1 1- zf lliii "-'fm wee ...- -, - ss I ' . . gif' t fri. six, .i g , -i 'L JAMES DAVID MITCHELL Uimi To get "A" in all my subiects VIRGINIA LEPORE CGinnyQ To think before I talk we u Y 2 wit Mei . Etfifgiw' i ' " ' - ka t vf ' I5 - 'I - 1 .,., A EF 'Q , 1.1 - fix fe 1 'id ...Z3f" I it e.: -1 P AS :L ggi . qi tsp. 7 we - - - --.- JUDITH ANN LEVITT Uuditi To be a fashion designer I ,V-Effie. 1 i bn ,f si ' K ' H' l :fi I I I ,. -' F5 ' i A 'I ,V , , Zi3f,fig3H.',:.yg,k , T' ': ' i' S 12 I " -V: t,1:25L:1elQ'fff5if: I, , sir, 'sw Hy? ,s..e ,Ei A 3 3 - 1.6 Aft' I -A, ' fri I K. . f 1. -ti. 3 . 51 52, ARTHUR RAY LOWE ITomb stonei To be a Welder irq-wi : K 3 B . C., --.eaegg r iff f, ' L ll, kf:i,+ y ,:-.,. SUZY MAYBEN iSuei 1. , U, - Y e YQ? 12 I Q' ggi? +1215 f' "' es? it fig 4 ,ge ,, i Y 4 Q S1 iii wie an I 352 . if 'L ti, ye ie? I ZW If-5:-::" a- 522. K' -1: F, X, ROBERT ELMER METZGER iBobJ To get on "A" in science 5 2 w YR X552 tw v 4 it ft -the I 3 L -M My I' Y xii? 2 A L ii, it Q' 'fit' 't 5 ,X N S ,rig Q t ' ' " Q 56 5' Mlm' . -- 7 erefrisfee fs. , , -r CHARLES JOINER MONCLA iTonyJ -To meet Barbara Wilson CAROL JEAN MABIE fCookiel To own a '54 yellow Cadillac convertible ecii tsemisv t - me w e Q A-1, y-4 ' -nr. ' - 2 T QISKP we E i Y we - i, , . I - - f 14 fi 113512 ,M ,,,. my i -at . Q B igsrf . ei wi 3 Q if 4 SEL 9 3 if ,,, Pi if is at A if? QQ e N2 if F is get-2 JOYCE MARIE MCCAIN Hoyt To grow a little shorter BARBARA CLARE MICHENER lBarbyJ To see Mary Beth and Dan Bryant together y - k- g ,, it 'G' 1 R it - " .wi Begg f wi A L , EYMISQL I 'iss Af . , Z . ,L Q .. .,, . .. ,,,,'fg-z p..it,,m. .,:,,,, HELEN FRANCES MONTGOMERY IBaldyJ Teach grammar school fvffbiis ifffi f. - , , ,.,. ' " sig? T 'QL ' . i,15f ,:., HELEN LOUISE LEWIS CLeWieJ Bring Bevy back from Mt. Everest lalivel? ANN KATHLEEN MARLOWE iAnni To have more time for reading and sewing J fi'1e4?zi i sis, . if , s.., ,W ,s,,s ,,.,. . .. ' :r DON NELSON McCULLOUGH iMacJ To be o youth director 'tc tezixwvfsiisfii, 1 . 5459 -iss. "f::.:, ,,, K iA.1 t' f15fii ,I ,Q ' ,sy A-Aaiiwfll DELORIS ELAINE MICHL illeei To get a "Chevy" GLORIA JEAN MONTOYJ iGo Got To get out of Emerson 7 Yi ji51iZf"f?'-W Ke v .' e 1 5 Viv: ' 75 V .' I l 797 I -' ij t I I He ffl ' fllf . s 'Elie Shiv .V ' .- 'IT-9'6" V ' AAC Viif V VM 2 V in r L 1 f 3 2 KVV 4' M 'S .J ,df J fi V, K 2 QL Le K., .1231 V V WV E Q f NV Y 'Q sus.. , .. .Vt--V ,V .M , M W VV " f e Ml ,Sf 53 C 2 Jef 2233 Q iw 3 A X mfg X V sg, Q L DONNA LEE MOORE lCandy Cayei To give Mrs. Campbell one of my headsl ' L, was ew I -We no ff.-V. - zest Nfl . levi . ' I ,V DAVID MARION NOLL CNOIIJ To give all my good grades to Wilcoxson 1 A ' QQIFI,-QV jfs? ' 2. siV"i1':." , - ?Vf3:.ir:.f2 .1 2' dime,Lissfiifiisifezsfe e'.. ,lVVs'VeV.V V fvfSz4fsvVfPtV:??seView we sVgwVf3,gnVim.sVVsVVs.V Vs,s.w,.s, VV A--'f- 1-V,VVV-,vm.sV.s.VsV H,-fix, V - V- V- :V 11 - V 'fi' Stfevisiiwtfisxaisi MARY BETH PENNELL lPennyD To have him for myself and get married we . sms ,,, skew: V.-fm "im, V. me-21, .. . VVV,V f .Ve f"T5.i521fV -1 FFT lip mir - riff 'tvs K M V s V W Qs , I Vip, .2 ws 5 -ff 3 f-1 .pV V VM-V . -. V ."- fa, . ' sifsrf-,aff y::.,".: A -E?g,5f:V .. -. .' ES'7Q-SQQVVQ weft . 1 E.t-- V ,.v,, V.VV.,,M ff V. mf 4 V Vs .V if I2 sb' 43 .Vp V 4, A S f 'It S -itil if V I V. ROBERT PONTING LBOIJ Fat Pontingl To ioin the army like my brother ll? V, .e We 5531 .ef -fieww :smite V5 rgs1VsfVVVVeV.:f'e 'iifiiflliitlifiiisifszfieiisfigispgsziiem 's,.fwfeVVV.5, .VV .QV gQ,g..Vv,VvV+,.., zz, .L ws fromMe,.f12QV.iyv.ift'-:fm 1, T?il3l2Si?ei?Ii5f5'5?5liiifliiiiicilfiilil f X Ellis? Wwe x 1 2. ti 'filters LET. IV.. " INA GRACE READ lMikeI Get through college J: 'V If ' lie, , Vw '-mf Y fx 3' x if F 3 ,. V i W4 E V255 Mis! M S f V. 5 ss A52. R' :xx -- 1. L,V.V,sV,, ?fi!?' ??' 'K iw :eg . FZ.. h is , , ...K ,., ,..,V ' W e ,-XL 'I Jul "' i1f2eVfrfs LINDA JEAN MOORE lLindyI To go to college egress N. ' :',zV7fif6 Qi: .. , Vffifliir WV ,,, , egg V,V V lvl it f wiexl QVV V get Z3 .Q Agn Vs .i Q Str,-fo ' . Ze? r ef: 5992. 1 V V ess GARY SCOTT NYE Richard Brakke and Don Smith drumming for the Six Shot Soppy Sippers geee W? nv 153 7. ...Z I MARGARET JEAN PEREZ lMargieJ To get out of Emerson like Johnny and James Perez, Esther, and Amelia .gf - ', ,gshz ' sgimifi. ,'f1v1g,.L, ,VH Q - x. s V , .. arf, qw, V-VV . E V V it V :lr-:,VzV r DOUG FRED POOLE IPUQI To go to the moon f f LINDA YVONNE READ lBrown eyesi Fly around the world on a kite tee. K V V -, .k g.:: VIV., seven, ,ffiii 1.l, if bij'i 'K VIRGINIA DIOSES MORENO lGinyJ To grow a little taller 'Hes I Nw 'Ta' J ifi.. 931. .psig 5 Tflllgi V N .Q wt 4-wi ,si s , - Vmxfei- -'V ,V .r m effiszifiiiiig VV., V CONNIE OWENS lRedI To be in heaven 30 minutes before the devil knows l'm dead L.., L. , 'S V SFVVVVQ .z s if it . -if is 1 9 V . -sem.. A ' VVEETH 'V -- us.. V FW?-fi 'H55 'i' f,':.:V.vih ' :A'.' .,: nsiflfiii - , 1 mg-..es-.fee-,.f,z2: f MVA? i f J V wfeizesifsesx ,wfttrezwsssf :Qi , . V ,,., L. 4 . Ns , 2 V gas iirr " "YVPgY:i722i'.?VV' ' JIM PHILLIPS Play cars with Mr. Pomeroy S ,- E. 57' I. t , X ., .V. SHIRLEY ELAINE POPE lLeg'sJ To do K.P. duty with Max for life JACKIE DELORES REED Uackiei To o steady with my 9 neighbor about I5 houses away from me 3 '- K ,Q ,gfxgig 1 3-'a:,,, ' jj: fr-'iQ A .V.. ll' "i' kivl KV ..,V,.-i:lHie:Vg JOYCE ILENE MORTENSON CMortyJ To be Mrs. Santa Claus x if .. ' flfi l , 5- V 1',--iilfie Jn... ' I N ' Viiifim 5 V 'ZZ' ,. Q-'W Vjiffvgex, mVVw'v .. 'far ..,:: .V . 'gzxsvz V CV L 2 X., V JOHN PARKER PALMER CEI Gatol To ride in a car driven by Charles Curry ff aff-'Qui-'.,21sVVV 5-eg-5. y V V Q V. . 'P' flevml, Wifi? - ', 'TV ' if' V V532 ' - 'VI ' ,'iV,'Lit lftburdmrvf V . .V,, , ..,.V X , ' ,,V .V Vis3eiQg?zTZ'?2 H-V14 1eVV-QSVV. "1 - ' -:,itst:Ale:l2. .V, VV.,.sV..i,, V V --1 ggeggtggg . L . ,. .W VA I L' A SUM L A LINDA JOEY PHILLIPS CJOI To see Pat go steady with Joe ALIX SANDRA POTTS CAII To see "Gus" loin me as a "Probie" VVSVQVV 3.51, ,1 .. - .imfisiiffs -i .559 ft 55 351 ' Vg - 2 11 Vffgiilfiftiliifgi Vm..V.g.:g .,, V. ' ,, .e5gV,fs:292gizyVVg- JIM MELVIN RIEGER To goto the moan in a CCY W .,.,, isa, 1 fiffsyftxf ' V .V LVV.. .rf 2 as 'L ,gii74fs1gs,f if Wi ..VsVVVVV.tVVVVVV , VV VV iz.. H ffrgeigfs-1, Sufism? Ii: ,. , f-mi , 'gifts' I f1'111iff-ve' -.wa Q. f,. -V-V hx.. LARRY MOUNT lBrainlessI To be good like Johnson?!! efsisssglfw: if ...V. . V V , I, gV. ', IQ?" 11'f5"fj I- ,VV V gf X Q I gg? V V gig A T S253 Vevgleeffesx V 'em fffwil' tIgQf5S5il?E1' li? ' " ea' .39-int - i A 55543392297 .Q . :V 'S ifzlfikf fwfsw .- .5 Q trw::.a,.:fV,.-Vs-is V 1' s .gate ...M we-. mm. . :ff-f-..V Vg! GEORGE A. PARKS lParksJ To sell chocolate bars Sig ji, tiki :Eff if Avi s? 'fx V. , -'fig - 7 'T ffm i is ,u.,.,. 1-2' .V V, VV, rin' , 'V ' gg.. ' ' 1.5-'fist' V ' ..-sf ,. KVI., ,V W 95? .5,,.-VNV. JOHN RICHARD PITTMAN lJakeI To carve toothpicks out of a pine tree 6 V.. . 'IE V V ' :-jik,!k,?,.:V -V. 5,4 ,,.. , V vymefe ' gf -VV. 5 i" I ' -' fi wer., JESSE MUELLER V 3 ,V VV Vi 3 siri SEQ' R We at Vt ZS' if Q 25 V'ldVgb,gs"i is ' .Veaggf 2'f25gfV L Vt Vs Vs, S' W C ,V " g Q EDNA MAE PATTI E lEddieI To stop flirting with boys -i - g ire, r-.1 ..., V V, L 'rr','. ' gf. ' V .Vi A ' V . 'f ix Vi It-if I fl ' L, Q V if Ag ' sgpikij f7 ,VV:, 'V er, f -+V .. , , V , . S I DIANE POLITSCH CDU To go steady with Charles Curry 1 , . I K xl, I -"jiri: Ong.. 1, , . ,. . . I yi, . Q., g.nVV,gW., 1:25. . N'-:"",f'fV" '.'V.w-Vw" V sf' fl . . Q V. J ,bqkl -E: , E I V S J M r if 1 R "QC . .i CLARA IPink MAE NIEHOUSE y or Slop Shoti To be a student in Don's class . V, ,:.. wp-.V amps , V ...X ,V 2 :JM D' x 3 2 Q? as M ,swf V3 5 4 if.. f CHA Tog PELLITTERI lChuckI et an "A" fr Mr. Barnhart PAT To be like C L--V . ..,. 'g5g5efy1m.sV: ANN POLLO CRedD a better riot RLIE RICHARD Om CK kid arol and Gloria , V V.,, ..5SVfWft' ti? V sV.MAVVVs.sasV2 V M5455 view 'Q TQVQWI Fl ? E V V N im mf' 1 :Qi st 1 wr I espn 1 ,fjfieer hs 3 im i' x ,NV 'retlee if: A 2' Vw 1, 1 1 ,gsf - V ., P MV Vg NL iw? , mfifltses ,Ve A "wil-ze-sftV K as a., W. Ai ? 3 'L 4 Q 'f E as JACQUELYN ANNE JOHN GEORGE RAICHLE GARY NEALE RAMSEYER POWERS lSonnvJ ljocklel To be the first person to HQID Lewie bring Bevy back from Mt. Everest ALBERT CRAIG RINGLER lCrotchJ To be a gangster like Willie Sutton fly to the moon in a boat V - 'Q . ffj -fiji, V . VV ,.V,,-V CHUCK PAUL RINGLER fCl'1UCkyI To drive a stogecoach with wire wheels with Buffalo Bill CElbcwsJ To get an "A" in classes all i?3flF"'Q,f ' , ' I' I V Q11-fzffzgw ,mr A-V ls , WI tg 4 1 V era. MINNIE CORRINE ROBINSON lTootsieI Secretory s I t5?i1Liii 2 - 524' 21, X' . QQQQQ: . 1-'Qin .sziitil Is, ' . ,,ll,'1' HSP? 55 1. ef ,,.. V if , ,2q.2.?2. " 2. 1 1-ik .821 -e S L 2f , 2 ff, S' : iii 53? ..., w ..t5l2??5i K 22 ,, 'mega .. ' 1 , .M ANITA JEANETTE ROE iRaeboatJ To take Eltie and Smythe for a ride in my future Jeep ' iff I . .,,wssz,. ., .. 2 - . 22ttmft,2 . ve, .1 ,L , ,. 4 .'if'3 A -I 2 f 5 I 6 fa I at H t , s 5 1 2 at 2 t ' . , 2544? I-52... fi .W Cliff? kai 2 Q 1,3 .I its RICHARD D. ROOSSIEN IDickl Radio Ham E?E?'3'7I5ii C 221 N W . ,t,.,,.,sf,.,.,....f . E's:ifs?Tff215gGQ?wtwfvf2"f'5f kifF5iii3T3ii?i?iiLlf,,.,,I1 ' - -" "9?2WZQ53,2Z -I H -ag . 3' lil 3f,i"frQ. ,. 'VQSY7 2212, 2-2 'fig M ' 25" " i2f?z5?E55isFE?? ff .3 ",, f is I rzjifrw 3 2 ,i, ,4Q, . q,,, gt V Q ,iistimzzgfzZ,:,,12L1 .. so Yiiiiilfiifiiiiftiiigig PATRICIA SEVERI LINDA ROZE SHEPHERD CAROL ESTH ER SMITH lSmythl To grow hair an my S IShrimpl To own a race horse at anto Anita, and all my grades to Mary '-' l1's1g.31ssg5gg zgzsgsgsggjg ggtfvsx " ist seyziiisgiie Y 3221? 2,257 E . i ii. I I ,.,.,, .. .. -Q, 2.,. .W I. flew 'K 2'-fit. ' .- :f:"- z'Wf'sit2 ,a swgsgi t .2 NW2'K.2 2., . .22.3 wtgw19fs .sv ...K , K ,t. t,Le,,22.g,.Q, 5935632331 i I K V ,fswliaffifii A tis ' ,t3'??ei22fEi - .. 2 ' ggi , tw ., tf,...s,2,g.2 ,2,,.22e,.tv2 5 ,i 2 2 . I CHARLES HARRY Isrnittyl To be a cotton picker SMITH ffffiitz ' 2 ,,-i' ,K ?,.fe2:2: ,,.. 1.2 t2,'fsQf1f11:'2 It I-'fi '72 2 p an t., 's21'gii?i.., .weigif W"' fs: in . ' ' Vgyf H .3 SW W ei ' v DOROTHY MAY RUSSELL iDordy ar Dattv Mayl To play football with Farr tt ,f5"ia' "'1:'." t ,, 'R at . Q ' I S:?,5f.2, . -' M' MARYL A. SHEPHERD IShepJ To ga zoom, to the moon, on a spoon, with "Mousie' FRANK WAYNE SMITH iSmithl Machinist dod's head ,eW,,t.,,..., , . .. . 2'f'2't'1 2 'f I ,.., ' 1 ,, ., 1 gfi.,1'Q .fifi 1 -' .. i , 2 ii f ' if ',,rm4 1 tx: - 2.6 i2'22i3l.ifs 522 2 , 'YA s ii 122 2, , , ,-,, A- -, . --S , 2,221 ,,.. . .' 'f 2 ' fi ' 2 ' , 2' S i is -'h' 2 w iiggggw ff . 21.-222 1, gdb 4'2.z2:sg 2 -6 - FH" exist, - f W 1 1 , sg ft 2.1 I , 2 . 1- Q 4..2eyLm ,. 5., .3 k .C , -. - ., TIM STANGELAND Auto PENELOPE GAE STARCHER LINDA LEE STAYER CPennYl II.vnnl To be a wave in the To beat Evelyn at U.S. Coast Guard checkers If- t ff 'Wx 2 SALLY JO STILLINGER I BARBARA MAE STOVER MARY ELIZABETH IJol ISmokeyl STRANGE To own a zoo To get Chuck, Shirley, iBuffJ David and myself in To change my last name Dave's car Y .M,,. 5352 320 A1 'f 22 2.2497 ..,, ., e aide'-f 2. ' EQ:- 5. 'ss- ' -it ' Q5 VJ 'tis " iiff' ' we H2 3,1 2 A 13.322 21 52.:' ' " 5 " .SW fig? ..: ff: ..1'is'Q'E.-P" . ' ' 27157 v,.. Ve, V V ..., ,,.,... -. .. As., I.-...V ,. he .,., Qi? . ,Agrfxg V, , .. is 15343 JEANETTE MARIA SCHAT Uo Ja de Boerl To peroxide PickIe's hair W,1:-.si.52ii1L.:,Q.111-,':a111:41:1.::1llszxlskcxt:z,'..ff1ewez't2z 2,szfzegszsw,.s2t1z.J2f122 w esaeiegigswets? 5 "f as JR ' .K , .. Wig 1 -5 Y -F 2 4' ,Gigi 2' '. 'fi7f'.2 we 41 BILLY SHRIVER IBilIyl To swim the English Channel underwater , . I 23512322 , ' ' 121555511- Q 1222 -i . " ,S1S.is2,Qf4. 1 at .. 1 i55iQf2:a5'?i3s 31555223542 i 'ti 'T' ':- -i 2552255225313 eisffafgfeai- 28 eftmetf H '5v2iS9?Lzgi2T' : .22 51532322 ,I7?f:Si5.f2 i .2-I SW ? RONALD SOTO IRanniel To graduate f.v!:f 'v2s ji.22T'5 .. -,.. , - ,-..... 3243953 2fIi'5" 7222, .r?.Ii5i:,.' ' W " 2 222:12tss1:sf122.erf 2 H522 2 i. X 2, s Q I .si e A, was Q iii? S be Jef., in .,.,,,. W. ff-easy 25 e Qffgewe .. Q. at 5 sg su . 132 ig 5 3 I , K, K if Ni Wi? t S62 BILL STEELE lWiIIiel Professional Tidclily Winks player -sv 'V L .gi .. kvl' ti 2 'R' 1:1 ' 'tg A. .,,., 1.2 5532. ,A V g WAR? L deft-2 it is 8, S . 2 s J ' Q vi , f T all 'ft M 22,:222gt'g5q:: .J '2 mtti.t52.42f2 - 's -z., iii. S I ,- RONALD JAMES SCHISZLER iRonJ Jet pilot or test pilot ,.s my , 2 12. 2 -- 1 M155 z:212,2"i'2 , '27 Q if if s 2 SEQ? it Jag? . M e X -. 22- .2 .' ' 221251. t"'-1:41 H V JIM GORDON SI LLARS To get an "A" from Mr. Barnhart . . s 'Qi ., . I-,J . , . ' .- 4- 2 222, 21 iEi5i5Pgi2:2,iY. 12222. JOHN HOWARD SOUTHWORTH To be a research chemist 2,2. , A2. ifi :..: J ..2: -.,zz,L::,,22,2. ff. . .2..23:. -f. 22: , . 7i?3YiSi K QT52' ff S .,,, ,H , . ,iy ,,i,.,., l . New " ' . 2 Eflfv''iii-i:tf1i2'Ef5.2 K - , t ,view 'A fi ,ilk i22,-:ie .412 BOB CAMERON STEEVES ISt. Georgel member of Space Cadet To bea .. ' I 5 ff' 'ff ELIZABETH LEE SEIDEL ILiziel To drain the Pacific Ocean f i t: Zi ' ,IB 5 W 3 ,J 3 Mitt txt X -1 A 2 9' S l is E5 2 51 3- P Z 5 N1 ff We M N ., K ,., .51 . . f'. .2iss2iszTl2ii'IfL 1 2 iff? S 2"i ti. ,, , . - X ,e24,?ii?2ii, 2' 'f .. Six, .,., My 'll , GARY SKALET To be President of the U.S. vs ':s,xe,1w21e11'gr - 'f l ' 2 2 .- ,E . . .. . . 'f W Q' K 9: 2 x in S L 3- 4. Li. e J pug K Q , X 2 2 ft :git feet ' 2,535 Q Qs --C ti gm z e z mf' . . ' : NOLA MAE SPARKS lPeachieJ To get "A's" in Mr. Barnhart's room JUDY LEE STEVER iLeel To be o beochcomber with Lucretia iRf2f55zi'?le 14552 . t , U V P S ,K , ye . :vw R , 6 YJ 1- ' A X 52112 , "1 7 .ye V,.. iw f 5,2 4 .ft . K rx JMS RT, sv , S, s s its HK ,R ei R . if 23, Y K may 5 my R 21 K Vw I it N . .. I .ei ' 22es.m 212 . .-x.te2,,,-ft- ' 2Ls25ef'Q2'f' K F f .:rL.ev2g5sssif,ig42 225. Ta .L :nate SHIRLEY RAE SULLIVAN MARILYN SUTTON PATTY ANNE SWICKARD IBaby Dolll A floor walker in an IBUICIII To do the dance of the elevator To see Mr. Wooton play seven veils on Broadway with "Oscar" V xmezzf z- - -- 2 51, fr- 'ss1'21f2114s2s?2,r E' - Re, wfif. 4 . jigiiktfi, 1 1,173 ',', ,:.'f - WILSON CARY SELDON ICaryl History teacher ii"t55i?5gI557!?2i 22'IiTiSl2Il?2ii2f5?i?E2f5x7a1f222Eii7'::?f5 fm!ts?2ig?ift3s1Q2 tm:QgsfwgffkwgefHfgwgsflwg ,,,,.. is eg g , ...B 4, jg, . . .. . . -vi, W it'-" ta Q92 ' I K, , 33318 Tig ft cs gl- 'li N' V M 2 I r. 1:21 ' p,,:'y"':! M. , .'.,n,,'., f' :Q-, gffimlv -tyigiig EDWARD RALPH SKILLIN IPeanutJ To grow two feet 3.2.52,g22e.2..tQ.fsgsi2t2eei..es -spy. ee I t.M,.2Jti,tes,,2s v.z,.mes www M . ,,,,, ,,,..,,.,,,..e,.. . ,,,,. .5 1 Q5ig?s.5gfsgq5eesfe2Q 2 ,,., .,,,,,, .t,, , gessfkssisieiffiiszz .,,..,,s..... .,,... . . .. VJLL 171 TIR??5ii?2iiIfZ4 'A?L'E'f4'f t 122. 1755-4e2izQ2gQ2'fsz1e?fs55K3gsg 225ifisviigifiieieilefii-i5Ef?fem3f f T Hy N its I 1553551 K Qt, -f i 8 tt.tf.g,i ..t,..t2tt, I ft 2 t h2,. W .2 t WILLIAM H. IWiIIiel See Wisconsin again SPIEGEL -45921355552 v,2t25m1gi1 2 .Q-.fisgegsswt 245245243-1 stiasefezeiisf " " sew . A... 4 2,222.22 ,em-.gate- sw' - - ,. ,2. e el? " 2 I,-, -,2.t omg ggi i etitgg.-si.f22g,fwz.t ge. .- ,K ', .gif l g., ,... Mg: h' 2 2- 1iM5'5k.,2 , . 22 . A . + an 2, 1331'f+2i'1i at lm '24 JOHN COUBURN STEWART IStewJ To see Mrs. Campbell wrestle at Ocean Park ,te,2.i,,..,,. E 192522.52 e,, f Q 2352-f222i-?fLvi , K f igizrstigigsvzgai 2.2fi,..eie,,i, 1 v :,..2.2mMJ2 in M 2 I 2291.2-21, Xi?15i7'T2 , Ao, . Sat E . 2 2 2 .' ., tr,3?T23?iif " st 22 ,. .2 ,M-u,ve.e 2 s 2 - sw. -'zeketimg F92 2 Www-Wi ' ffs5?2aE,2 Hifi' 'il 5 R2 2. fe1e1sfe:f2Q22f ,J .. 1: h. 22 'A BARRY WILLIAM TACKETT lBorryl Let the students take the teachers place If zsifl' - - Af ':.sfgI . ' f f' QW ,Lc k I1 , -'W III, I ,I ,- BILL J. TAYLOR Professor in a woman's college eiwwkf -5-2' - K iff' 5 Mew esiewff e - .zwif szgemgexxsz I I Nga - .cIIssI.sI'IsiIS: ?wt. Ii -ff? L 13115. ,II . I I, WARREN THOMAS UNCK lUncle Unckl To own the Cris-Craft Company A Q75 L .,,, I-5 , f 11, If 1521: ffm , :Sf I. JANET F. WAHLBERG , i K sein 51" ' i :ax I " jp. we 7215: 'I 2 if I w k' 1,1-Le ases ,I ll ll ll ,I I I I .l,, I I M- 'U ' L" I- A-ff :I.:e,z.wLe,.ezL.f I. I, It I :lf ll.lf JIMMY RAY THOMAS GARY TINGSTROM Uomoes El Reno! fTlnkI To ride in the Bomb with To get through school the looys IL LILLIAN MARIE UNROE lLiIIy padl To be a great accordion player and mathematician 52552153 5 Qggivggzzggsfmfiisirfii'W view :I-'Is-If I -sf fQ.aI'1l211ei,.1G:4i212x L, ., We ., iiff-il " - X , -. 'I ,.,: ,II . 21: , Q12 VL K , g s , , Qfflfixsru ' ' IIS L. ' I g1I'MaI-Igaef S 2 rv' ? I A I III if I I ' Zi L fri-,Jie .- ' " I wif III? " -I I Z gs if tal " fime ge I NIL gi as 'G I 3112? MILDRED ANN JEANETTE VAN Dl EST lNettD To be C1 floorwalker in a phone booth eu -it j , ,-f : II ? , , Iii? I, iqw 2 ai' I I . gs II vig I xg Io I I I MARIE JOESPHINE TORREZ ilceu Leu Belll To be a nurse Iiafeesffiee ' H f ff' I. F I ,I I I Www ., ,I .I k,,,.,, I g..,f 3 I I NWI B, JOE AL VAN REETH Uoesepel To be a ditch digger CHARLENE LOY WALKER EVANS ANNE WALLIS IJonetJ WAINSCOTT ICharliel IAnnel To leave my books to IAVWG ROKWGYI Missionary To get an "A" in science some deserving 8th To be a pickled specimen n grader in one of Mr, Rentchlers iars Y ' , if T ",' Ile it I E' iiiilf- w I I-, I i s is' E' fill' at .W 'I I' , I' I ' ':,: I rw iii L k:.kkk ffff 1:-1: A ---f Qi: 7 f r-II it I Aq, .I,I V I E " 51. f' 92... L 7 :kt ' J! 4 ,. o k AEIIA BILL WESTBROOK RONNIE WHITE ALLEN WAYNE WHITSON DICK RICHARD iEaststreamJ IDagoI -I-O have U hopped WILCOXSON To be vice president To get an "A" from Mercury "53" lW'llVl of Curry's Fan Club Mr. Barnhart To be o goob filler f.1: ,, , L AIIE 'E I IIIII I I Cf" 1'PXu I X --f- ff-5'3:5flf:' - DAVID WILSON GEORGVEISQQAPTON SALRIEIIA Ji WAEIFETEALWQQT ' ' I T RMUT WI I Mecllomcul Engmeer IShorty or Winesl iPatI IWhisI-ceyl To be a famous To grow up To get an "A" in trumpetest or be a English millionaire I 'E , I ,ask 3 I :I li IU-if I is f I' Q BARBARA DARLENE TRAHAN lfiobbyl To get "A's" in science RONALD CLARK VIENNA lRonI To make counterfeit money . , if I ' fi 'V' ,ISI I , 2 7 5 fin Qilifi? - j If ' ' LENORE CAROLYANN WEIGHT iLeeI Stenographer I ,..,, me fsfgssmsif ,,,. I Aiieaif wQ dv ' isI2i?f,:f -2'-5 ya II?-AEA. E Il EARL MELVIN WILLIAMS lMaxl Pilot figgtll yyi, ROBERT RAY WORTMAN IWartmonI To go to girls paradise with Holmes! RAYMOND G. TROBEE lRaynwon Di Roininell To build up a Chrysler' engine ' slsss s.ff"f-1 ' RONALD EUGENE VINATIERI lRonnieJ Put holes in Swiss 'a c h e e s e N Jiil I S HOWARD JOE WELCH I B u tc I1 I Professional sleeper A I I IIIIA A I I I I Ji x r I DIANNE GEORGIA W I L L I A MS O N I D i I To go back where there i s s n ow ,wsirfar . , 1. or IW .. ff- ftesgiz ofi EVELYN CAROL YACKEI. iEvieI To own a yellow Cadillac convertible ,iff FV' ' ' f?5ges,f4sp IL. xi ii .,,.., .. , DEAN L. TURNER ll-leer Cliffl To put sleeping gas to sleep ' , I I SIG, we E JIII E ' 79571 . 1: 5 S155 KLWVWSG' '. f' :A L' ,FLY 'ku I-in-.-zz, ml ' ,, -- 3' ., eh Ye . flmrgoi DON ALAN WADE lWadeI Play professional baseball 535 5622 A I CHARLES KENNETH WELLS lWhitty O Wellsl To sail a ship across a desert T? Lf' Ylfi is - -I , Y 3 5 -C iw yi 'W N I ,I I I : , ffff-III-yzgzsx, I II.,, I. - if ,.,I,.,f- If 'ibm , M' L I FREDERICKA CARLENE WILLIAMSON lFreddyJ To find out what the V in Mr. Bruce's name stands for f " "W - fi' 3555325643121 Tn- .. . 'I5WHW4f-YZ, ,:' , 'ls' ' " ml" v if y -2Q:s22Q25Tf.isI ff' . , ESI? I: III.. fr , 3653512 ', I' ? s:II:'uf:.f:f2 'I Wifi, .. '- lwwegggg :Ig-' Q ' I- f ew - L .1 :I K ' exe, le -J ff fm rf . .mm CHUCK YOUNG iCharlie or Chuckl Hook a blond and be a technician The lirsl senior pariy was a Valenline Dance. ll was enioyed as you can see by all preseni. sth GRADE Front row llefr to righlj MR. LESLEY I-2 : Barbara Morisch, Carol Nelson, Vickie Teal, Jean McDonald, Kathleen Maclaughlin, Pat Marxmiller, Palsy Mills, Shirly O'Berry, Palsy Hayes, Mr. Lesley. Middle Row: Ann Marshall, Frances Conway, Fred Polls, Robert Hepner, George Shinsky, Chandler Young, Dan Magub, Sandra Hall, Mary Lou Costello Page, Paul Wyman. Not . Back row: Larry Stewart, Terry Hamilton, Robby Stevens, Bill Herron, Dick Smith, David Platt, Melvin Power, Brian Beayor, Phillip shown: Judith Nielson, Robert Lambrix. MRS. CLARKE I -2 Front row lleft to rightlf Mary Ann Dingle, Joyce Carrillo, Joann Montoya, Geraldine Schattner, Dorothy Jean Evvart, Susie Sprich, Gloria Ponting, Edith Gregg, Gary Stephens, Calvin Chamberlain, Mrs. Clarke. Middle row: Jerry Larkin, James Beck, Dick Stine, Stephen Bradford, Nordean Stolz, Walden Mandel, Marshall Turpin, Wendy Hanna, Connie Pennington, Anne Davis, David Winkler. Back row: Lewis Reece, Paul Clark, Don Smith, Wayne Grace, Lee Winston, Denny Aronsan, Bill Van cle Grift, Stanley Chilcott, Eddie Tharp, Barry Wallis, David Akers. Not shown: Tony Corrales, Ray Gomez, Melvin Logan, Anthony Rizzo, Zelpha Wallace, Fred Maldonado. MRS. CLARKE 5 - 6 Front row fleft to rightlz Sue Stores, Gayle Zans, Ann Henrie, Claudia White, Dianne Ball, Elaine Palmer, Melva Rice, Betsy Arutunian, Doreena Zillgett, Nita Goudrlaan, Judy Fetters, Sally Reed, Mrs. Clarke. Middle row: Phyllis Bigler, Myrna Blackwell, Max Shull, Jeffrey Steinmetz, David Lee Harris, John Hicks, Bill Campbell, Robert Jenkins, Linda Bice, Roxanna Clark, Janice Nicholson. Back row: Kent Drew, Donald Sneddon, David Rickett, Ernest Fortner, John lEAainieEJ,bIglike Compton, John Halloway, Danny Jarvis, John Ahlrich, Eric Hasenbeck, Tom Pearman, Robert Johns. Not shown: Gilvin Ayers, Patricia Shinsky, atsy o . I IH MISS REGNERY 2 - 3 Front row lleft to rightl: Janet Kncde, Barbara Ripley, Renee Root, Sue Smith, DOWWG DlQQS, BC1VlDCll'G JONES, -lUdY Sfidiwm, CCll'0l l'lUl'5f, R0YlGn BFOWVL Eveiyn Cass, Dee Whitefield, Miss Regnery Middle row: Barbara Wilson, Jeanne Sherman, Jerry Hulse, Alan Shaver, Edward Espiau, Bill Heoner, James Daniel, Bonnie Brown, Sandra Boyd, Judy Tingstrom. Back row: Don Hoebel, Robert Day, Bill Grunburg, Billy Chrisman, Larry Ewart, Don Grant, Clyde Thumm, Lowell McGrane, Bill Eastin, David Beard, Johnnette Emery, Rebekah Mandel. Not shown: Darlene Berg, Alice Gregory, Lois Noren, Rose Marie Thompson. MISS REGNERY 4 - 5 Front row lleft to rightl: Delores Sponn, Betty Bodelson, Judith Montgomery, Linda Grove, Lynn Becherer, Sylvia Avants, Barbara Woodward, Barbara Mason, Sandy Hackler, Ellen Greene, Betty Dodson, Miss Regnery. Middle row: Nancy Haight, David Beloud, Jack Woolsey, Warren Everson, Eugene Champ, John Gregory, Ted Ganger, Gail Mathers, Jimmy O'Rear, David Carroll, James Garvey. Back row: Gordon Hartman, Lonnie Leitzman, Chuck Bader, Ray Schmidt, Larry Deal, Leroy Brubaker, Gary Murisett, John Greswit, Stephen Gibson, Warren Gonyea, Jim McCuistion. Not shown: Valine Wallace, Donna Pearson, Betty Wilton. MRS. SHAVER-MISS REGNERY I-6 Front row Cleft to rightl: Bob Owsley, Connie Hart, Diane Litchfield, Sherry Jones, Dorothy Grady, Kay Kashina, Dorothy Knox, Linda Saladino, Frances Velasquez. Middle- row: Frank Miceli, David Bryant, Ronald Weil, David Coats, Frank Kaatmann, David Boll, Bill Rehm, Eddie Carter, Charles Curry. Back row:,Pete Hall, Jack Reynolds, John Mayo, Robert Conrad, Mike Harding, Dwain Holman, Joe Moore, David Perez, Joe Reyes. Not shown: Barbara Lindtors, Ronald Bonneville, John Flores. MR. WOOTON 3 -4 Front row ilett to rightl: Judy Beyer, Charlene Slinger, Ramona Wenner, Linda Dyer, Sharan Butterbaugh, Sheila Jackson, Judy Egan, Sharon Fandre, Terry Peters Alexandria Livermore, Soundra Leake, Nancy Naugle, Mr. Wooton. Middle row: Janet Van Oordt, Dolores Castro, Isabel Martin, Bruce Lacey, Bill Scott 'Roger Armbruster, Keith Holtz Brook Brunzell, Jerry Williams, Judy Russell, Tess Acres. Back row: Gail Whitehair, Rebecca Ganger, Roland McCarty, David Harris, Larry Simpson, David Huff, Bill Pheysey, Richard MacKenzie, Gerald Mobley, Lean Magub, Walter Eby, -Stephen Boyd, Phil Treat. MR. WOOTON 5 - 6 Front row lleft to rightlf Sharon Awrey, Donna Boileau, Sharon Watton, Shelby Treaduway, Judy Walker, Anne Pedley, Judy Dillon, Linda Forrest, Mary Beamon, Della Kahn, Claudia Hughes, Bob Tackett, Mr. Wooton. Middle row: Joyce Royalty, Betsy Scariano, Pat Groenbeck, David Smith, Nelson Gatov, Rich- ard Phillips, Barry Swerdlatt, Lee Bowman, Nancy Johnston, Barbara Ulery, Nancy Edwards, Evelynn Lee, Bonnie McCaskill, Judith Bliss. Back row: David Martin, Edwin Morisch, Linda Patrick, Janice Ringe, Don Gordon, Bruce Decker, Fredrick Stahl, Tony Yinger, Stanley Carl, Geoffrey Hutchison, Gerron Matthews, David Kreps, John Bedford, David Johnson, David Myers. 7th GRADE MR. FOOTE 6 - 7 Front row lleft to riqhtl: Sharon Collins, Jeannette Wagner, Sue Smith, Bonnie Ranck, Sue Brooks, Kathryn Rude-sill, Betty Doane, Nancy Anthony, Charlene Montz, Connie Roseland, Ann Marie Kinkle, Mr. Foote. Middle row: Flavia Torres, Sam Russo, Mike Pinckley, Dean Wickstram, Andrew Mayo, Gene Michl, Mike Spurgeon, Noland Church, Marie Kesel, Karen Mead, Elaina Tacher, Alvie Good. Back row: Gary Stangeland, Bill Kesner, Stanley Dyke, Dickie Ray, Milton Callaway, Gary Lindberg, Bob Kievit, Ronald Bock, Bill Cobberly, Barbara Bradley, Pattie Birmingham. Not shown: Judy Melvin, Larry Prack. MRS. SHAVER 2 - 3 Front Row lleft to rightl: Linda Croxen, Carol Eby, Beverly Swift, Sue Brawnsberger, Noele Winans, Jean Ludwig, Janet Cook, Penny Ness, Raedean Stone, Belle Va Thorne, Mrs. Shaver. Middle Row: Mary Ellen Hernandez, Madelan Boughlon, Doug Bisel, Bill Yates, Bill Klatt, John Hichs, Tom Macklin, Mary Preston, Connie Laughray, Mariorie Street, Diane Barrea. Bock Row: June Durham, Syble Conrad, Jerry Marr, Dennis Fandre, Robert Carel, Larry Ries, Calvert Fowler, Kenneth lvy, Jimmy Coburn, Jimmy Peterson, Ronnie Calabro. Not Shown: Della Sanbrano, Ronnie Biggs, Judy Craig. MRS. SHAVER 6 - 7 Front Row lleft to rightl: Karen Young, Darlene Burleson, Virginia Watton, Carol Copeland, Denise Bowers, Louise Clark, Bonnie Jordan, Lanna Jones, Virginia Ayles, Dorothy Maring, Betty Hart, Mrs. Shaver. Middle Row: Elaine Nelson, Sue Wilson, Ann Stanley, Jack Williams, Jerry Reynolds, Douglas Eichorn, Mike Mackay, Bill Nicholson, Linda Printy, Sally Mainiero, Sandy Barnard, Linda Foutts. Back Row: Jo Anne Lampman, Judy Blase, Janet Fitch, Steven Kath, Tony Mackay, Bob Roth, Bill Hall, Karl Halm, Chuck Pattie, Raymond Witter, John West, Teddy Adelrnan, Dick Kidwell. Not shown: Gary Davis, Herman Robinson. MRS. STEINER 2 -3 Front Row: Cleft to rightlz Jo Ann Edwarcls, Joan Olson, Goil Schempp, Alma Cisneros, Mildred Weis, Robin Bruce, Lyn Noah, Carol Mann, Darlene Parker, Patricia Hormsen, Catherine Smith, Mrs. Steiner. Middle Row: Sharon Goodwin, Priscilla Hubbard, Mark McKeown, Lynn Moore, Richard Creighton, Clay Madden, Bill McFarland, Carolyn Chillog, Linda Lewallen, Ida Hortsman, Diane Tracy. Bock Row: Tom Corder, David Mandel, Ernest Sawyer, Melvin Torguson, Johnny Burke, Robert Lent, Larry Julian, Gregory Reedy, Gary Davis, Larry Weatherly. Not Shown: Judy Babbitt, Donna Bone, Darrell Farrar, Jo Ann Ruby. MRS. STEINER 4 - 5 Front Row ileft to rightl: Shirley Arnold, Karen Wildman, Janice Powers, Danna Anderson, Genevieve Stagg, Joyce Rossman, Janice Turner, Mrs. Steiner. Middle Row: Faye McCain, Timothy Gaines, Jimmy Taylor, Melford Deyo, Robert Bowen, Fred Peckler, Leonard Freeback, Val Fikel. Back Row: Fred Garcia, Stanley Kirby, Mike Holm, Douglas Crow, Robert Close, Dennis Browne, Lonny Weil. Not Shown: Jon Clarke, Edna Doupe, Robert Funari, John Garcia, Louise Perez, George Pindell. MR. MENDOZA 3 -4 Front Row lleft to righti: Leah Ray Meek, Judy Wells, Priscilla Tompkins, Gayle Murphy, Pai Wyckoff, Phyllis Clark, Judy Eotf, Sandra Booth, Judy Daniel, Sandra Holt, Pat Dony, Connie Finch, Mr. Mendoza. Middle Row: Noreene Scrivner, Maudie Kelley, Dee Ann Fintel, Susan Mirande, Dick Dixon, Bob Butler, Grant Winans, James Weatherly, Billy Ash, Janice Riddle, Penny Pennicutt, .ludy Hanchett. Back Row: Kenneth Soper, Bobby Greeson, Donald Fairey, Jim Sfeinmekz, Tom Davis, Dennis Leitzmann, Gary Flann, Gary Preston, Tommy Sanchez, Donald Kleen, Marvin Raybin, David Shirley, Ronnie Spann. Not shown: Ronnie emp. MR. MENDOZA 5 -6 Front Row lleft to righti: Pat Godfrey, Brenda Black, Evelyn Hughes, Linda Schroder, Clara Ledford, Pat Gillilan, Holly Hopkins, Ann Ralston, Jean Ashburn, Connie Richardson, Pat Telles, Mr. Mendoza. Middle Row: Stanley Shinsky, Bruce Blowey, Dale Ellis, Earl Garner, Doug Robson, Terry Mclntyre, Mary 'Ann Black, Judy Cuellar, Diane Emray, Betty Davis, Edward Hennen. Back Row: Steve Roar, Gordon Hall, Robert Banta, Gary Eastin, Martin Carter, Allen Hibbs, Ronnie Collins, Rudy Caudillo, Conde Camacho, Stan Adams, Tom Buckley, Maurice Boudreau. Not Shown: Ronald Stucker, Jaime Lopez, Jo Ann Esauibel, Jeanne Baldes, Mary Moore. MRS. WOODS 6- 7 Front Row lleft to rightl: Patricia Ayon, Sandra Jones, Carolyn Hough, Gail Woods, Sue Politsch, Sue Falkner, Evelyn Garner, Beverlee Mathews, Judith Taylor, Ellen Chertkow, Carol Cole, Barbara Moses, Mrs. Woods. Middle Row: Phyllis Stanfill, Caroline Keeline, David Bentley, Dick Jarvis, Jeffrey Reynolds, Neil Sather, Ridgeley Scott, Arthur Kaenel, Jack Sinclair, Laurie Dellenbach, Bobby Smith, Jackie Rhoades. Back Row: Boyd McCartney, Stephen Ashbaugh, David Dlerryberry, Dorg Orsburn, Richard Reynolds, Darrell Davis, Chuck Skinner, Dick Hix. Don Ritchie, Duane Nelson, Willadean Galbreath. Not shown: John S ayton, Brian peigel. MR. LESLEY 4 - 6 Front Row Ileft to rightl: Gordon Entler, Patsy Basinger, Marie Bently, Patricia Hyde, Laureen Bennett, June Poyser, Marilyn Logue, Karen Staples, Beverly Brocklemon, Judy Bailey, Mr. Lesley. Middle Row: Curtiss Bonneville, Brooks Madison, Jack Bailey, Terry Sanders, Gordon Bowen, John Glenn, Max Ashbaugh, John Coffee, Loring Fillebrown, Esther Russo. Buck Row: James Read, Larry O'Berry, Michael Graham, Billy Beavor, Robert Anke, Augustine Velasquez, Jim Patrick, Frank Perez, Barry Foster, Fenton Brown, David Hartsman. STUDE T COUNCIL Fronf Row lleff lo righll: Connie Richardson, Connie Finch, Sharon Collins, Calvin Chamberlain lTreasurerl, John Burke, Brooks Madison, Linda Palrick lSecre'raryl, Raymond Willer, Charles Skinner, Gary Nye lpresidenll, Virginia Moreno lGirls' Vice-Presidenfl, Janice Ringe, John Soulhworrh lBoys' Vice-Presidenll, Back Row: George Shinsky, Bill Campbell, Ann Ble1'cher,Ann Misenhimer, Mark Messer, Ralph Berger, Richard Arlis, Susan Hancock, Paul Clark, Kay Klopensfein, Lillian Unroe, Bonnie Brown. lLefl' fo righfl: Gary Nye, Ann Misen- hin-ier, Jim Coburn, and Mr. Foofe. This commille mel several limes This year fo bring The sfudenl Handbook up- lo-dale. ln addilion lo Those picfured, 'rwo arl' srudenls worked on new illuslra- lions. EL- GIRLS' LEAGUE Siffing lleff 'ro righfl: Nancy Edwards iSecrelaryl, Helen Lewis lljresidenll, Lynda Shephard lVice-Presidenil, Barbara Ulery lTreasurerl Firsf Row, Sfanding lleff fo righfl: Pal Telles, Gayle Harfman, Judy Levifl, Nancy Anihony, Virginia Wa'H'on, Judy Walker, Phyllis Sfaniill Miriam Barker. Sandy Hackler, Pal Dony, Louise Perez. Back Row: Rose Marie Thompson, Aniia Roe, Lyn Noah, Jane? Cook, Diane Ball, Mrs MacFarlane, Susie Sprich. JU IOR RED CROSS Fron'I' Row lleff fo riqhflz Ronnie Kemp, Douglas Crow, Slanley Carl, Don Decker, Marqene Bell, Sandra Hall, Donna Pearson, Beverly Linden, Holly Hopkins, Carol Mann, Virginia Ayles, Mrs. Clarke. Back Row: Jerry Feingold, Larry Simpson, Jerry Hulse, Willadean Galbreafh, Laureen Benneff, Raedean Sfone, Virginia Moreno, Dorofhy Grady. TRAFFIC sou gi, ,, - Froni Row lleff 'ro riqhrl: Barbara Knebel, Karen Lenz, Ann Misenhimer. Lynda Shepherd, Barbara Trahan, Paffy Swiclxard, Gayle Harfman, Marie Jo Torrez, Virginia Moreno, Frances Banchef. Middle Row: Mr. Mendoza, Emmarie Goudriaan, Elizaberh Seidel, Belly Jordan, Helen Lewis, Lillian Unroe, Jackie Powers, Pal' Winlermure, Sally Slillinger, Janef Wahlberg, Joyce Morfenson, Wallis Gilmor, Carlene Williamson. Back Row: Dorofhy Ellis, Ray Godfrey, Roberi Bush, Gary Nye, Sherwood Kingsley, Jim Chrisiianson, John Soulhworlh, Gary Ramseyer, Evelyn Y dili l orrlcia CREW Leff io Righi: Barbara Wilson, Barbara Ripley, Isabel Marlin, Judy Tingsfrom, Jackie Powers, Tess Acres, Ann Marshall, Don Klassen: Dorothy Ewarf, Ann Henrie, Carol Nelson, Ramona Wenner, Gary Nye, Elaine Palmer, Mrs. Tangeman, Joyce Morfenson, Mrs. Runyan, Minnie Robin- son, Janice Ringe, Judy Beyer, Mrs. Bliss, Mrs. Bellof, Claudia Hughes. ?LIBRARY CREW Siffing llefl' +0 righil: David Cherflcow, Gloria Poniing, Ronald Schiller, Sharon Fandre. Sfending: Miss Fossum, Pal Marxmiller, Gregory, Nancy Haight Rebecca Ganger, Judiih Bliss, Barbara Michener. Richard Roossien. Noi' Shown: Sandra Hasfy, Ernesl' Forfner, Harding, Linda Nuclcols, David Winlcler. John Bedford. BIBLE CLUB Alice Mike The Bible Club has been enioyed by many fhis year. The presideni is Don McCullough. There have been many programs of inieresf. PRCDJECTION A D SOL! D Fronf Row lleii io righll: Jim Chrisfianson, Nordean Siolz, Charles Young, Len' io Rigid: DOUG Bolei Richard Mafiifie Robby Slephens. Back Row: Bruce Decker, Edward Espiau, Bill Scoii, Warren Everson, Bill Cox, Gene Capron, Gary Deards, Bill Taylor. Noi Shown: Ray Schmidi, Bill Pheysey. PHILQSQPHER y Fronf Row llefi' fo righilz Belly Jordan, Emmarie Goudriaan, and Diana Fallcenberg. Middle Row: Shirley Bryani, Barbara Ivy, Marie Benfley, Pai Basinqer, Marv Davis. Nancy Maurer, Pai Dony. Lexi Row: Minnie Robinson, Helen Lewis, Mr. Barnharf, John Sfewari, Grace Lacey. BLUE DART Leff fo Righf: Nelson Gafov, Dick Keisfer, Mr. Yeclc, Nancy Maurer, Denny Aronson, Saundra Leclre, Minnie Robinson Leff fo Righf: Doug Boles, Ronald Schiszler, Mr. Smifh, Richard Marfinez, Mike Harding, Charles Marfinez. GLEE cLuBs A Firs+ Row lleii io riqhfl: Roylan Brown, Edna Mae Paiiie, Ann Haihaway, Nancy Fowler. Alice Gregory, Grace Lacey, Peggy Barr, Janice Nicholson, Donna Boileau, Linda Pairiclc, Delores Spann. Second Row: Jane? Knode, Pai Severi, Delores Casiro, Bonnie McCaskill, Sharon Bufierbauqh, Pa? Shinslcy, Marilyn Clark, Janei' Van Oordf, Sandra Haclrler, Third Row: Deloris Michl, Lou Ellen Hudson, Barbara Jones, Charlene Slinger, Judy Russell, Doreena Zillgeii, Sue Smifh, Evelynn Lee, Carlene Williamson, Wallis Gilmor. Fourth Row: Nancy Naugle, Lynn Becherer, Judy Walker, Barbara Mason, June Hennen, Sandy Livermore, Judiih Monigomery, Kay Brown. Fiffh Row: Jeanelfe Van Diesf, Pai Pollock, Virginia Lepore, Dee Whiieiield, Donna Diggs, Mary Beamon, Terry Peiers, Bobbie Simon, Roxanna Clarlc. Six+h Row: Judy Egan, Judy Dillon, Carolyn Hurst Evelyn Cass, Judy Siidham. Noi Shown: Saundra Lealre. Firsf Row llefi' fo righil: Sfanley Adams, Bruce Blowey, Sieve Roof, David Carroll, Gary Easiin, Sieve Kafh, Ron Hall. Second Row: Tony Yinger, Larry Deal, Norman Cox, Barry Swerdloif, Ronnie Collins, Max Shull. Third Row: John Bedford, Milne Gray, Waller Eby, Gordon Harfman, David Cherilcow, Michael Franiz, David Mariin. Fourfh Row: Jack Woolsey, Roger Armbrusier, Douglas Robson, Don Klassen, John Greswii. Fiffh Row: Dwiqhi l-lursi, Ted Ganger, Phillip Cooper, John Raichle. -Sl -i ':iVL'E.:i'-i'flii-ILM 'T59TEg5T.f'M:'795?'iifii1'5l-1 iiklisiir-7:,':::,3izii5'iiFiii9if, ,,,gfg?fir,:7s,,iez.f ,,,, " " ., + f . , J- .. 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N.. ,. . ,,,., , .Ve V.VV . 1 +Meam.,,.,,., .. . . sn. . nf. ,. . ... .. . i . .n.,. . .. .g5.k,.V Q ' i 1' ' 1 , V fiigsw - 'ff 3 rf 51- V " i 'i lv- Q 'V ' 3 if 1,10 Vifi. ' ' ' if ' V - . 1 i V ' - " 1 V. . . -- f f W fy A i .. ,V . y' V . .. h, ggi e, ,. 1 X - L Q , f , . if -I .1 - J '- ii "if" ,- " ' , ss, "FS , 'iff - 'i"'f"i'i"7 7 -'-' :-fl" 'Y ' fi' , i ' ..... , - 'WWI' ' - . 1' ':. ' " V. i ' .' FW 'r '-'- z,s..:lfff 'iii '-ii . 1Ef53-V,:',Z5':1'f- ' " 'r , . - A ' -J i mieig- V s , , 'QV ,i r , , , - , q,,sJmfgsfwgi f 2 1' il . i A - .!, . , . ,P -'f 'V V ' ,g ., . . ' ' ' L s - - f' - s V' ' , - I-if gi 3 ? .af , 1 -W 9 2-1, 'fi get , 'iiggi' 'ra if V',Q , n ,V ': fV. ' j s.i, e ,.f.2 i:' V , V 332 16 - V ' , - f. ,f " ,. Ei fiiyiwhgd. - I fy, ' z,4,iii' A ar, M r "" ' - - r - ' ., ' Jf ' V Ve :gas ,m g ' V 4 ' If f 1 "er .,V f , MwV ' s .ff w, wc ' 4- ,1i,,,2.,,W-saw, , N V . .m mf ei . .V ,.V,,,,.ag.,i,,,,,,eV,,-,-VVg,- , , , .os VJV- M y . U Va, .VV .1 , , , r-ffsVMfffif'wgfzzfi A 5'-W -eu ,W -1 - A wrxwdaawirmef we-ri 4 'A f--A-'lf-:i V, '.,, V. - -5: we -V ,Y i ure- , , . 'LW , -- XZ ,V f. V,'s'i5,fae,,fiJnw . V ,. if , 1 ' , ,V A' Q ' . S ' 'gi i , ' 4. ' , 1 V' - , Q '- e'rV' i.'ifiif1-2' w . ,- f .. - V VV , g,,,,, ., ,vo-f,,,1., V we-,..M , ew a,eLfss,,g-itww . s, --,f,i,,gee - ee' - V ., '- ' :L ' 2 . M 'V X Gi - ., l?.wi - f -f' ri' " ' W F , , - ' V . ,.f,,' 'Wwui' 7 i lv' 'Q' L , ' 3 . -f ' ' UAW A 1' MLN I Y, k , f gig- P , : , h, l?15riQ , .,- ,V,fni1jL1fI.':- 1 . ii, i ' i 1 4 i V ' g -V , ' r I f , f , : , Q VV ' ,, f wif'-'Q"xf' Lf 'wfsrz' I1-W L. ' -i ':"hre52fgef3eeQ? fv- ' fa-Vfaff' " 222' fra -15. ' in L f , . ' Wie ii A ' " 'I is RV ' ,W ' '. ., " .Vg,,,s:-:.- . r f i ' " n '. , - ,. f ' ,. . , ., . , 3 ,, 1 ' 3 . , ,, V 'J V' Q V. VV , " i 'A ' . V V 's 'V V VV . . I V, - - 1 V' V w e V' f "-- V Q, V ' -. ,- J Meffka . m e er fVV- we - ,- ,gf ,- ,, Vg ,Mage -V i a V. Vf fm fwvgv' nz' ,R Vw,-Q, - Q-rum -- ,, X Q VV ---- , ML Mir, . . ...- +A -- . ..: , ,N I VM was sf, ,....v. . sf.. . ,, , W V ,gyzygifygil ,l,x,,Z,lL, 0 A . ,,, ,, ,,,, . ,M I,-m,., A, . In Maiorefies lleil lo riqhil: Diane Poliisch, Ann Marlowe, Virginia Moreno, Sue Polilsch, Janel Wahlberg, Virginia Lepore, Shirley Sull Files ivan. lleii fo riqhilz Firsi File lironi io backl: Gary Ramseyer, Larry Mouni, John Palmer, Dick Ray, Don Smiih, Frank Pina, Don Miner, Wayne Grace. Second File: David Rickeii, Mike Complon, Linda Forresr, Barbara Ellis, Richard Brakke, Brian Kass, Richard Reynolds. Third File: Roberi Bush, Denny Aronson, Myrna Blackwell, Bob Rolh, Milion Callaway, Larrie Prock, John Darrah, Charles Bader, Jeff Reynolds. Fourfh File: Parker Dauqheiee, Dick Keisier, Frances Conway, Sieve Ashbaugh, Ross Graham, Pal' Winlermule, Howard Welch, Bill Lawrence, Fiffh File: Jerry Reynolds, Gary Lindberg, Nancy Haiqhl, Laurie Dellenbach, James Garvey, Bill Sieele, Jim Miichell, Don Wade, George GRCHESTRA Wines. Leif fo Righf: Charlene Walker, Brenda Black, Palricia Godfrey, Ann Ralsion, Jeanne Sherman, Mary Moore, Joan Olson, Mary Ann Black, Roberi' Tackeff, Roberi Banla, Dale Ellis, Beiiy Davis, Mr. Moore lDireclorl, Maurice Boudreau, Sharon Goodwin, Sfanley Shinsky, Evelyn Hughes, Joyce Rossman, Connie Richardson, Nancy Johnsion, Ruih Ga rcia, Gordon Hall, Holly Hopkins. CAFETERIA CRE 4 .1 .ij BX X , l -, A rx Q 011111, is i ' 'x Fronl Row llelf lo riql1'rl: Mary Ann Dingle, Dennis Fandre, Beverly Swifl, Sally Mainiero, Janice Riddle, Freddie Garcia, Nelson Gaiov, Barbara Slewarf, Roxanna Clark, June Poyser, Ediflw Odom, Millie Larson, Ruin Garcia. Back Row: James Timm, Bill Campbell, Tom Macklin, Sherry Thomas, Gordon l-larlman, Nell Porier, Penny Ness, Alice Gregory. CHEER AND SONG LEADERS Lei? fo Riglwix Tess Acres, Miriam Barker, Evelyn Lee, Marilyn Foufls. Fronf Row lleff lo riqlill: Margene Bell, Earla Fowler, Carolyn Kelley Back Row: Wallis Gilmor, Mary Bellw Pennell, Carlene Williamson. FOOTBALL COACHES Mr. Green Miss STephenson Miss Gudqel Mr. SherreiTT EAGLES PLACE SECOND IN MT. BALDY LEAGUE The Emerson "Eagles," under Coach Don Green, had a good season and placed second in The MT. Baldy League. The TirsT league game was wiTh Upland and was a rough game. Emerson was deTeaTed I3 - O. ln The sec- ond league game wi+h Boys Republic, Emerson was vicTorious wiTh a score oT 25 - O. The Third league game meanT a loT To The "Eagles" If Emerson downed Webb, which They did 25 - O, The game wiTh EremonT would decide The TiTle Tor championship. ln The lasT league game wiTh EremonT There was loTs oT hard running, passing, and Tackling. EremonT was vicTorious over Emerson 6-O. Superior weighT won The game Tor EremonT. FOOTBALL TEAM Fronl Row llleTT To righTl: Jim Clarke, Warren Anderson, Norman Cox, Bill BapTisTe, Roberl' Landrum, Mark Messer, Douglas CaTTey, Don M. D B h . . . . . . mer, ary uTc er, Bruce Day, Larry Lopez, Jim Thomas, Dick KeisTer. Middle Row: Bill Taylor, Bruce l-larT, DwiqhT l-lursT, Rudy Garcia. Rodney Akers, Bob Worfman, Bill STeele, Don Cornell, Bob Bush, Bill WesTbrook, Charles Wells, Larry Johnson, Coach Green. Back Row: Bill Bailey, John 5ouThworTh, David Holmes, Phil Bradford, Bill Lawrence, David Noll, Don Wade, Jim Chrisman, Gary Deards, Larry MounT, Norman Grudem, STeve l-larTman, MilTon Farr. FCGTBALL LI E-UP Line lleff lo riqlwfl: Gary Deards, Charles Well, Larry Lopez, Larry Mounr, Bruce Day, Daryl Buiclwer, Bill Weslbroolc. Baclzfield: Jim Thomas Norman Grudem, Millon Farr, Sieve l-larlrnan, Jim Clwrisman, Rodney Akers. EMERSON vs. WEBB Wifh llie ball, Milfon Farr-I, Daryl Bufclwer-30, Bill Weslbroolc-23, Gary Deards-24. FQQTBALL EM ERSON vs. FREMONT Wiflw The ball Millon Farr-l, Sleve l-larlman-22, Jim Thomas-26, Bill Weslbroolc-233 blocker lying on flwe ground Daryl Bufclwer, Norman Grudem-40. EMERSON vs. FREMONT Jim Thomas-26, Jim Clwrisman-29, Milfon Farr-l on fhe ground. BASKETB LL Froni row llefr ro righll: Carl Isola, Bill Weslbroolc, Jimmy Thomas, Bill Sleele. Middle row: Arr Lerma, Gary Ramseyer, Norman Grudem Roberl Bush. Back row: Mgr. Ed Slcillin, Daryl Bufcher, Larry Mounr, Dwighi' l-lurs'l', Sieve i-lariman, Ray Godfrey, Coach Vic Sherreill The Emerson Eagles were sec- ond in Jrhe Ml. Baldy League lhis year. The score ol Jrhe games were as follows: Emerson. ..,, 54 ' Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Emerson Season League 'League Chino ..,.,,,.,, , ,48 Bonila s,,,,,,,, . 26 Challey . ,, 33 Chino .. ,, ,, 44 Challey , 32 Eonlana ,,,, 22 Claremonl , ,4l illepublic ,43 xllpland ,,.. ,4l 4'Welvlo , 26 'Eremonl .42 Eonlana , ,49 'Republic ,,,,. . , 38 'Upland . .,., . 30 'Webb ,,....,,, , 29 'Fremonl I2 won 4 losi' 6 won 2 los+ games '- X 1: .Q . -Q-5454 38 25 24 I2 24 45 38 I8 26 27 29 37 34 30 29 4l Jim Thomas jumps as Carl Isola and Dwighi Hursl guard The opposing players. Final score 26-29 TRACK 'I , H it, , .V KV fir K, ,.l.vzi.r.,:, T31 ' . 1- I- 2- 1 - ' 5 'if V V I ' . ' I , lVV V V . , , V H- ' , ,,,. . Us -.s ff.. 1 " :iff iff ik, r fem f . , Wifi' ' :riff TT W' V . V T V y"" , V , L ,V ,V r "'kk V ' ' 4 V14 1 fS5r:V52, FZ' Q 1 -- AV -.Si am 3 ef: , V 1.31.-Ve - ,:- W ,V ,. - me . .. . Q, 1 V ,-- ,. 4 ,,- ,. ., J A . - V in K V - ' 11, V MT am gi,.V VT.:-.k,: ,.,l,. . i Jw XE: ., gl. ig Vi f.i ,qgkLj, g,, i, ,i ,I ,ith V ic: uh m , .Z Az' i I . ' 1 V V' V if ' , 'V law: ,f e,,,rf 4 r :I 1 f siisfllifi 1, -, ' 'f , .si 1.2512 21 . 1- f,V,1i" - ., V " - . -' - VQL-' " . i V ., f3su51V Wil, A If f f? ll 1 ses ...V , 1 1 1 ' 5 ', ' V ' ' - VV V VV A V . V l' V- V' V, W' V V . . V V' ' ' V - -m" A V. ' " ' I - -V ig. , V 1 191. 1, . V '. Q.. as V, if f ,V lg-"Tiki ig, V"zSg:i'l:r-, iii SrV"' ' ,V -' , 1' V " V pgs 1' -- 4 A" F-,if V, 4 QEWSYE 1 'azz f' ' , Ji... B V- .Q "1 ,. . 1 iw' , , ' , 1- in ' ti Vs 'Y fl- K " 'V VV ff, sm , - mf ,, "L- xii 4 'V , - -V: ' V 11 YW. -.-. . -1:1 .i I - I V V V .3 V fVfi V:fa1i' 'L I V ., " -V " V ,,.1' 1 -V ' ' ,A ' Ya- , 'V . "f"-J, '..5f- I . ' 7. -' H ,ng 3, g ' ' 'ki :fy g . si-'.-1 - 'Tl 'es .L , - ' , ' ' ' ,- . -, Tl ' ' -1 W-2' " ,l 'zfp I' V . ..V -ff--' 1. . , .- 'ff -,s-ijr.,.IV: were VViVfzfe?Q ,Vr l re- , r ' . V . -, "l'..: , 1- -. H " iwiw .,M,-MV sw.: 1r1fff'sfVA-sff1g.1m9V'if i. Vsiaiw ,, ummVe..,e.. ...,--IG. - li .Q SM..-'WV' ' . V ..-,,- .szszis-efr lf VVVV -. , M., 7-. .VVV . 1 5V V. .. , g, .I ' -.- V, 3 1 ' VV V ' 1 Q -. D i: Q W . 1 .,,. V M, .eV.w.w...eVwVs-me fu .. A. VVVV . .s i - r?eE1V..,VsVs., e ,V V .M . -My .V Vwwm Mmm .+V-., MM ,,,,. 5 - . - I A V ..,,, M - V' , V V r s NW V V -V , f' - , as ' 3 1 V - -V V 1 V, L ' - r Fronl row llell lo righll: John Palrner, Charles Smilh, Bill Boyee, Don Wade, Roberl Landrum, John Flores, Eddie Skillin, Bill Lawrence, John Soulhworlh, Bill Sleele, Bruce Day. Middle row: Don Cornell lmanagerl, Bob Worlman,,Gene Capron, Bill Wesllsrook, Jim Thomas, Larry Mounl, Millen Farr, Charles Ringler, Larry Johnson, Roy Dull, Roberl Bush, Carl Isola, David l-lolmes. Back row: Rodney Akers, Jim Rieqer, Charles Wells, Sleye l-larlman, Jim Chrisman, Don Decker, Dwighl l-lursl, Daryl Bulcher, James Belyeu, Rudy Garcia, Charles Marlinez, Philip Bradlord llvlanagerl, Coach Don Green. Nol shown: Sherwood Kingsley. The Emerson Eagles, under lhe coaching ol Don Green, won lhe Ml. Baldy League dual meel championship and look second in lhe all Ml. Baldy League meel. They were undelealed in lhe dual meels. Many ol lhe exisling lrack records were shallered lhis year, Millon Farr broke lhe shol pul record wilh a clislance ol 44' I", John Palmer broke lhe l32O yard run record wilh lhe lime ol 3:33.4, Bill Weslbrook broke lhe high jump record wilh lhe heighl ol 5' 8lf2", and lhe relay record ol l:I4 was lied by I-Jim Thomas, 2-Millon Farr, 3-Daryl Bulcher, and 4- Bob Worlman. I ..., , Jim Thomas is lhe winner in lhe lOO yard dash, lhe olher Emerson men in lhe evenl are Daryl Bulcher and Bill Bovee. I i BASEBALL ,V K ai F2622 fi From' row llell To riqhll: Larry Johnson, Don Wade, Sieve l-larlman, Bill Wesrbrook, Skip Herring, Larry Mouni, Roy Dull Bob Bush Bruce Day, Norman Grudem. Middle row: David Holmes llvlanagerl, Charles Wells, Jim Clarke, Bill Baplisre, Daryl Burcher Rodney Akers Carl Isola, Eddie Skillin, Bili Bovee, Bill Sleele. Back row: Jerry Ereeman, Dwiqhl l-lursr, Phil Bradford, Don Miner, Larry Lopez Jim Chrisman Coach Vic Sherreirl. The Emerson Eagles are looking forward ro a very successful baseball season Jrhis year. They won Jrheir lirsl praclice game and are ex- pecling ro win many more. f 5 D Wyw G- f 3' NW -'21 as A 6 S+eve l-larfman is lhe balrerp Norman Grudem, The caicher GIRLS' SPGRTS GIRLS BASKETBALL CHAMPS U ' Front Row Ileft to rightlz Carolyn Chillog, Alma Cisneros, Sharon Goodwin, Roxanna Clark, Janice Ringe, Bonnie McCaskilI, Mary Bearnon, Linda? SGIGEIFQO- Middle Row: Judy Babbitt, Mildred Weis, Lincla Printy, Judy Bailey, Ann Henrie, Judy Walker, Dee Whitefield, Carolyn Hurst, Connie Pennlnla on, J IRE? Patrick. Buck Row: Mary Davis, Rosemary Gebbie, Earla Fowler, Anne Bletcher, Diane Paliisch, Myrna Blackwell, Nancy Gray, Frances Hartsman, eoia o . GIRLS SPEED-A-WAY CHAMPS Front Row Ileft to rightl: Carolyn Chillog, Mildred Weis, Nancy Anthony, Susan Smith, Alma Cisneros, Sharon Goodwin, Virginia Watton, Darlene Burleson, Gail Schempp, Catherine Smith, Karen Young. Second Row: Brenda Black, Phyllis Bigler, Betsy Scariano, Janice Nicholson, Claudia Taylor, Pat Shinsky, Roxanna Clark, Linda Patrick, Bonnie McCaskiIl, Mary Becmon, Linda Salaclino, Della Kahn. Third Row: Nancy Johnston, Janet Van Oordt, Ramona Wenner, Zelpha Wallace, Judy Sticlham, Ann I-Ienrie, Judy Walker, Janice Ringe, Dee Whitefield, Carolyn Hurst, Connie Pennington, Betsy Artunian, Ann Pedley. Fourth Ron: Mgwrriie Roginson, Judy Beyer, Judy Jackson, Mary Davis, Ann Bletcher, Earla Fowler, Rosemary Gebbie, Linda Forest, Leora Jones, Carol Black, Claudia Ke ey, ir ey regg. 4? 5 -MQ' - , ARCHERY M55 SlC?3ll0n50U li SLQWWQ We Correcr way 'lo slwool an arrow ro Susie Spriclw, Frances Conway, Doiollwy Ewarl, Grace Lacey, Pal Winfer- mule, and Isabel Marlin. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL CHAM PS Firsf row' Mary Hernandez Syble Conrad Connie Lauqlwray Sally Mainiero, Mildred Weis, Evelyn Garner, Darlene Parker. Second row l Ze-Iplia Wallace, Linda Pallriclc, Bonnie MoCaslcill, Mary Beannon, Dee Wlwilefield, Carolyn l-lursr, Connie Penninglon. Lasf row: Pear Capes Carol Smirlw, Sandy Elvins, Ann Marlowe, Anile Roe, and l-lolly l-loplcins. gk 50 to Q00 cn IQQTD of. 'x 2,1 The building will be used for a veriely of purposes, a gym- nasium, an auclilorium, a class i l room, and a band room, lo e meme a few. i l Our New Multi-Purpose Buildin 2 CLASS , I ' S. ,Q r iff- , f-'rg X. x 'll-1 'I 1 .5-'IF r., 'L' 6 EL fd-lj., J.:-ez: xg .4 Mr. Renfchler waiches as Bill Lawrence, Nancy Maurer, and John Soulhworfh clislill some alcohol, I is f M l879 These beauiilul p a p e r slained glass windows were made in Mrs. Bower's rnaih classes. 7"-... 'L i s x W X ,f W 1' if XL i g, The ariisls of Miss Campbell's class drew 'rhis mural on medieval life. The ariisfs are Richard Arlis, Janefr Wahlberg, Alix Poiis, and John Siewarf. .J Q T ACTIVITIES ,f' l rlm' - Gayle Zans qefs ready fo break OHS of ll'19 pinafas made in Mrs. Wood'S Spanish Qlasses- This is a Mexican cusfom fo celebrafe Chrlsfmas. IQ my N5 4 ,ew.MW,:wfW.we1naw- Vi lm Wg! 1- W ffffq Seeing a movie in mefal shop are: Seafed lleff fo righfl: Marcus Dumas, Frank Baumann, Warren Gonyea, Eugene Champ, Jeffrey Sfeinmefz, Louie Perez. Sfandingz Proiecfors: Gary Deards, Bill Pheysey. Ofhers sfanding: Mr. Smifh, Jim Mc- Cuisfion, Alan Shaver, Roberf Jenkins. HJ L, 11 Mr. Seqaifz poinfs fo some of fhe complefed masks hs sfudenfs made, while ofhers finish fhelrs -----....,..,,,f CLASS , 9' Nlf, X N l l i P0752 NX 'mei A g.l ff 2- UU . " ' Us 1 19 a gf: X if as 1 gg ll 3 f i 4:-515125212 f o -. .-.Q i 4 .Q 1 'N ,. 'i L A ii... N Mrs. MacFarlane looks on as some of flue ninllw grade cooks gel ready lo ea? a delicious meal which Huey prepared. Bolo Melzger, Sherwood Kingsley and Daryle Clirislensen are work- inq on some of llie lliinqs llwey made in wocd shop. ua. ' C ,g Z? ,Q Qi? ,Q ,Q 35 , Xa! 4. 5 1 X . Z rv A 1 I' 'il . Rig Xi-a ' i 's Mr. Mendoza is helping Jaime Lopez, Linda Schroder, Holly Hopkins, and Bruce Blowey willn flweir noleboolcs. ACTIVITIES ff gf , 1-5 I - F 'FII 5: 5'i"'E. ' .17 I' 1 Q'- 3.-112. Ch-I ? 63 o', .rg 'Q' -. an 1,6 Ig ,P Z! ,-Vi I ii --, 'X Fifi - AD' -, . I , X iff-A-', . , K f FZ ff Q ' f Q F 'Q N , X ra g , I , , f , mit' I, f 4--.-er -MI: -. I -.s 'Q I' .31 ' ,A " I, V f .2 I ' '+ x A' M4 Iwi Y, I X III U N , ei lv ,Quai I 7 II - A , 1, 4 , '65 I W' .--Q f+x 9 ' , . 34, rffifil , ff 'ss f-lv f if .L -ff ff, I , K4 -A . 'jg' Y,f " Z Mr. Jones is showing Virginia Moreno and CI1arIes PeIIiIIeri how 'ro soIve an aIgebra probIen'1. IX I rx I I I .1 ,AQ I rf-' QV , WN 1 lm Mr. VVood expIains how a French Iworn works Io some OI his seven'II1 -15 grade sfudenfs. .wg , ff Typing, a new subiecf infroduced Ihis year af Emerson, is enioyed by all, especiaIIy 'IIIOSG who wan? Io become secrefaries. ASSEMBLIES Dulce Ari has iusl' demonslraled how 'lo do clay sculpiure by doing Jim Thomas, one of The many fine foolball players 'rhis year, is a likeness ol Miriam Barker. shown receiving his le'Her. ...-rf il ,Z-saw. ..f ' A Aff7t'5cMcm1A 'dv an - The baslcefball feam is shown receiving Their leflers from Jrheir One of our besl' assemblies fhis year was given by 'fhe band. They swell coach, Vic Sherreifl. ' played a variefy of selecfions ranging from Beelhoven To Boogie. ASSEMBLIES Don Corrrlorl, an accomplished accordionisl, is shown as he played This wresller showed us ihe loasic lundamenials of wresilinq. l-le is for one of our assemblies. I shown here demonsfrafing his powerful slomach muscles. B i A 7 .5 , ' f B 4 5: X Z!-2 Some of The mosf 'lalenfed members of Jrhe Emerson S'ruclen'f Body Marilyn Graff and Barbara Ellis are shown doing Their ad for H16 puf on a very fine Talenf show fhis year. The whole casl' is shown 'ralenf show, a panfomime of Spike Jones's Molasses. here. il, ,,,,,, , ,s ACTIVITIES As Emerson's usual Iradilion, a Chrislmas pariy was qiven for Ihe Mr. Lesley's classes weml fo Kno'rI's Berry Farm and are juif slarfinq David and Margarel I-lome. Sanla Claus is dislribuling 'rhe gills ,L Iheir delicious chiclcen dinner. ' Y 1n 551. ' S J by I ,f 'gal , 'I li Ann Marlowe and Marilyn Graff are shown gefling Ihe clolhes 'lhey Mrs, Tangeman is receiving an honorary life membership 'ro made ready 'for Ihe fashion show Ihis year. +I-19 P,T,A, ACTIVITIES The GMS Leaque Sponsored 5 Father-Daughfer Banquet H was G Qafy Deercis is shownvadminisfekring 'Fifi aid Io Jim Ciarke. All 'rhe huge success as you can see from I'I'1e large Iurnoui. I 'Im'II qmdem are reqwmd 'O fa 6 'FSI md' if f' 'W Q r C' . WWW , 'Q 'QQ ' 71 iv- f i 5 ll K 7 Z , fgx oo JE cv-P M If-scsi The Emerson Slrudenf Body was enIerIained aI Clwrisfmas Iime by +I'ie boys and girls qIee clubs who sang Clwrisfmas Carols accom- panied by The band. 9+ . www. , .. . f Q Zi ,, K 31. , . , , 1 hi W, w 2q LL' - 6 .. 'E rf x 6 , , 5 ' ' f nf igggp QQ .Egfr gzsglzyk- i ' ix ' f 3 in W-ww. -49 ,Q V: Q9 I CALENDAR Seplember I4-Slaff Lunch Seplember I5-Ivlinimurn Day Seplember I8-Ivlinimum Day Seplember 22-Idenlilicalion Picrures Ocrober I-Game wirh Yucaipa here meeling 7:30 Oclober 8-P. T. A. Game wilh Claremonl here Oclober I5-Game wi+h Brea Linda here Oclober 22-Game wilh Upland Ihere Oclober 29-Game wilh Republic Jrhere November November November November November November November November I0 November I0 November II November I2 November I3 November 26 December December December 2-7Ih grade parly 4-5 p.m. 5-Tesls -P. T. A. go Io school nigh'r 5-Game wilrh Webb here -Teslrs 6-Clay sculplor assembly I:50 p.m. 9-Tesls -Sla rl -Tesls new all purpose bldg. -I-Ioliday -Emerson vs. Fremonr game, IMI. Sacl -End o 'I Iirsl' quarler making class +ea-2:I5 p.m. November 20-I-Iome -I-Ioliday -Holiday November 27 I-Game 3-Game 8-Game December I 7-Game December I8-David December 2I-- January 4- .Ianuary 7- January I2- January I4- January I9- January 22- January 26- January 28- January 29- February 2 February 4 wilh Chino here wi+h Bonira here wilh Chafley here wilh Fonlana here and Ivlargarel Parry Chrislmas Vacarion-Jan. 4. P. T. A. program I:50 p.m. Game wilh Republic Ihere Game wilh Upland here P.T. A. Audio-Visual program Game wilh Fremonl Ihere Game wilh Bonila Ihere Game wilh Republic here Game w ilh Upland Ihere End of second guarler Game wilh Webb Jrhere -Game wirh Fremonl February I 2-I-Ioliday February I8 February I9 February 22 February 23 February 24 February 25 -Traclc meer wilh Claremonl here Alcohol Educalion Associalion assembly -I-Ioliday -I-Iigh School P.T.A. meeling Facully meeling al Kingsley School -Traclc meer wilh Republic here Ivlarch 4-Traclc meer wilh Upland Jrhere Ivlarch II-P.T.A. Luncheon meeling here March II-Tracls meer wilrh Webb here March I7-Emerson Talenl Show assembly Ivlarch I8-Track meer wilh Fremonr here Ivlarch 23-Girls playday here 3:00 p.m. March 25-Falher Daughler Banque? Ivlarch 25-Traclc meer wilh Brea here Ivlarch 29-Tesls Ivlarch 30-Trials for Traclc al IVII. Sac April I-Traclc Iinals al Ivll. Sac. April 2-End ol Ihird quarler April 6-Band Assembly-3rd period April 8-P. T. A. meelring 7:30 p.m. April 8-Accordion concerl' I:50 p.m. April I2-Easler vacalion Ihrough I6+h. April 20-Baslcelball game wi+h Chafley April 2I-Traclc award assembly April 22-Ball game wilh Cirrus April 26--Ball game wilh Fremonr Ihere April 29-Ball game wilh Upland here April 30-Senior Class dance-8 Io I0 p.m. May 3-Game wilh Chalifey Ivlay 6-Game wilh Republic Ihere Ivlay 7-Kurl' Singer assembly May I0-Slcaling Parry wilh Fremonl 6:30 I'o 9:30 p.m. Ivlay II-I-Iigh School Choir and Losl 31 Found assembly Ivlay I3-Ball game wilh Fremonl here May I4--Facully Parry Ivlay I7-Baseball game wirh Upland Ihere Ivlay I8-Eleclion assembly Ivlay I9-Voling Day Ivlay 20-Fremonr Ialeml show assembly Ivlay 2I-6+h Grade visiling day Ivlay 24-Counsellor dinner Ivlay 24-Game wilh Webb Ihere Ivlay 26-Slyle Show May 27-Sporls Banquel Ivlay 27-Game wirh Republic Ihere May 28-Assembly II:20 a.m. May 3I-Ivlemorial Day I-Ioliday June I-8Ih Grade assembly 9:20 a.m. June 3-Girls League Swimming Parry June 7-Examinalions-9Ih grade June 9-7Ih 84 8Ih grade guarler Iesls slarl June II-Senior prom June I6-Gradualion June I7-Senior Brealdasl June I8-Lasl clay of school ALITGGRAPHS V5 if? fx 5 1 9:5 N' gn A A U i GZ! 5 QE fe in S 33 fs xx if 1? Z4 i E1 3 'mfrrf'-w"4K121 , , 5-:lim '

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