Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 13 of 56
Page 13 of 56

Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 12
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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 14
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Page 13 text:

dy' if f .L janet Gail Simon jan To fly to the moon in a rocket ship - U 5.14: Q ge a n , y .. Jr' .J John Edward McClintock Four Eyes Young women, between 10 and 15 max 'U,gfkZaa.agg tg Y Q Yolanda Spaccarotelli Yo-Yo To be a WAC . X 5, .,,k , 'Wi '5 WB". ir' 1 2. ' f ali is r A t. 77-L" . I nur -, VWKM-5' .QV I Eugene Fredrick Murphy Murphy To keep living ,pr- 1 il., l.. V M 53 X ' if mf vggff Diana Jacqulin Thompson Ding Dong Invent "tools" for eating spaghetti if . .. i t its AE i ,A-f W, is 1, ,J Q- X llfw. . Jerry Dean Mason Mas or Jer An Army Career S .,ep ohweonh C Pat Sue Smithen Patsy To drive a "had- bombl' with Puda and Peg ,iv A 53? fl Allen Miller Laughing Boy Architect or Army career tl .a v-' V ' sf E- Q.: vf,, ' ?l Ak Ann Marie Swartz Swurtzie To sell lipstick to the Ubangis Em f fhaa i,r , r g .,.., A " ' ras' ' T I 'N'-ff , f -5 Clayton Otto Auto To have hands like Gosse-Tatum ,egailt ,C frl-' f?i,y -fiy rece Q ' '5 f::,, ka- . .,, , V ks . ,. . f,.. 1- A1-- . 3 f .- '- e af' ' Y "1 'T - Tis . . ,ry,, t Q-791' . if-fi . t ig ,Q f cgi if f ,gfqig 'C A as ., g-Q4 iffkwm K - . sa' i at. fe, Jeanne Loraine Simon Robert Lee Masters Dona jean Slinger Pete Maust Shorty Bob Jeanie Pete 'Fo be a good To see the Yankees To sail the Pacific To be a coach wife to someone win their hfth World on a toothpick at UCLA Series in a row yr,f .Wf?w,if ,is:7wa, .,, K ..V , , A ,g:, t A if 'xt rg fkw aah s e - '-V- - args, ,TZJL sig: 'W "r3r5 Y- I ozgt ,fl srrr iiisslaei ' A S " I iff i gg e-,..e, e ' L AJ. A at - Michael J.McDermott Patricia Kay Ronald L. Messenger Barbara Soper Mihe I Sneddon Messy Bobs Blacksmith in a Pat To be a machinist, To circumnavigate bakery shop, Shoe Flies hiQ?FN?g5?fw v,ss 5 :VI M gf ,,.. r A lk t Bobbie Jacquelyn Stahl Iackie To go to West Point with Marie Q! f ce! :rv ' fx Qi C df Adil E N LeRoy Dean Nelson To be a farmer A it ' fe Q, Alpha Lillian Thue Obbie Surgical nurse Ride a horse on a right rope Josef Davis Moorehead joe To be a great baseball player Marian Elizabeth Sweitzer Toni To be a brain like Mrs. Campbell M-are s, r,.. , if , Niger ' . iiiff ix t xy V' Roger Peters "Pete" To be a good flag pole sitter draftsman designer and master mechanic ' My Qjiifitf mlgii h1Q?eeeeaQr Janet Faye Stidham .lvdy Missionary W .W 'tl X-. "vLm::'?' f '41, i Vi, A- X Norman Marvin Nelson Tiger Nelson To be a farmer the globe in a Flying Saucer it.fa-f:Qf1.5fzsar+2,I- -gf ' V ..,, . g 'fi N' 'lf-1. ' 'lf ' 'OW 1 is 2, Yrii K iiil ldv, Myrna Lee Smith Mimi To marry Syd i ee do iyls istiiii l Gary Michl To own a yacht if Q X 11:1 at of 3 i"""1' -, L' gkhz ,, : l t r i . .zjmiflgi , ,V , , 7 Richard G. Munson Linda Gay Swanson Dick Linda Design, build, and fly a space ship to the moon A in 'ff ,iii 15' ' . fI"3': - - - egg ' t f 5 in at W Q1 , .J V Ava il w A Deanna Taylor' Concert Pianist To be successful in my chosen work jv,z 'f , -,mf .api , , .., A A fk5Sji'.'EE?2's ' , ..-,itlfti ., .sa . , VKKVA SIM im' - . fm, . zany. ,V W Gordon Orsborn "Ozzie" Forest Lawn's- blueplate special-to uRiC0,, Q it esytt A, L1 sirr S53 it ' 'iilefi rfcff " 'Et -c 'ii Carmen Sophie Bob M. Petesch Gloria Torres Torres "Pet" "Pat" Dolly Navy To be a nurse To be a stenographer

Page 12 text:

W .i ,V 'L ,mv mm ,, ' ., 71:.e2,5,-, . , T . K kf-, ,ff- ziiyigfgelgiy 'Xi . , Q iii 52,52 E 2.."ws ' 5, f if , igln 'gif Bob Hill i "Hill Billy" To play "Sleepy Lagoon" like Harry James june Moses Tiny Moe To train horses 3' K ' f 'f tgirrg r-k,wi ' - Serif ' 1: , Akasa s l 255f1.?Hf " Lf s ET? 5 ' ' ff:-' gi? V"f's" ,1- mi - I i as Delene Ruth Maurseth Del To be able to spell , if-sz ..1Zf"" fxff nai .i V. .f, A.gv,A ff. ,fag , 4 f s. as 1 li . ma, 1. 'QM' , 52:1 in Joseph G. Hobson J oe A mattress demonstrator f.-i 5555? 1 3 Joan Alene Messer ff-lamb' To be the bride at Giluin Ayer's wedding f . -- . ,'s ' i'i' i ss '.,, C - f' ii i 1 ,C gi t Ray A. Hughes Hugo To be a man ' K Ul f. -1 Sy ' J X F 4, V lk an ' 'fl 5 'KIIIIQ Thomas Lee Jenkins Marilyn Doris Patrick Tommy "Mary" or "Toon" To be a hobo I ' 3 , K . I ' . Z V 4: 7- f'33vkf'T':l ,5 L xi Q if ' ' To be a model for Walt Disney f t HQ' E MJ fl A xxx, , Q Q M x. Linda Lee Reynolds Eddie Charles Leake Lin To be a cadet at Annapolis jg,-M N 1, , . , , K i Fred Lopez Pachuco To kill lots of sharkies 5 ' E .w if t X .5 Chuck To be what I want to be and what I can be it Y ,V '- " A C V 313' J .,: Yi as fi Beverley Jean Scariano Poo To change my nickname Phyllis Ann Mueller John Emery Pbil A ave we W rtt. , or Bryant Victor johnson Navy -' 1 L f . , ,A , g SQL, 'Nia' .Q ,hx 1 . -. , .H My ' ' il wel.-fy ft' iff ,, , , . -1 . ..x Q3 . Chloe Richmond Teddy Singer , ' 5 ,S . M gb -my Di I 5: N 1 Q 4 'K' 'J' Y if .N LW 9 , X, Q Q 5,5 "' 5 2. - tii, 1 " in . - Hector Edmund Lopez ffllopjll To be the first one to "climb" the moon Huntington H uningxman To be in the F.B.I. I Q . 1' .Q R J wit,-I K ff: ff ,r Patricia A. Price Put To call Angie by her real nickname, Tinsy 5, H3 lli , , jerry Allen Hollan "Dutch" To drive like "Don Brimhalln d . ,:,: , ,.', 2 ' , is W " 1 K in 'al ga f 41 Shirley Mae Mutz Aunt Minny To be a nurse overseas V eu my ,g 'A f l A fin Q John Kelly uKellyu To be a success in whatever I'm going to be 'V Q .Lg V ' ,I ffm lflf. Hr qv, :w , 1 , is """ , 'sw ,f H7 if R. .. Llzafff S . L Jerry Horton Lewin Angelina A. Sanbrano Lewin john A teacher Go to Alaska and eat A C 'A "7Fff?'5 Ji ll- . A ,, Patricia A. Schmidt ,Pat To be a beach comber with Ann and Binnie ice cream all day ai ,iri iii, 3 -syt A A George Roy Mahowald Ro binlaood Archer Patricia ean if '54 'Jw'- L s lsls W i Sherry Rae Morse Dusty To be a secretary and sit on my boss's lap I A2057 -5, 'vi i f ,JJ L5 2, , s jack Jackman Jack Champion pretzel twister ' 'iffy -1 i X u,,.'- V- T 2,351 A. I 1 ., I ,N , 11. M 'LY' . ,, X N? 4 in as f L J . fe i 'L 1. , Sharon Louise Putnam ferry To sell sun tan lotion to the Eskimos Qs ,1'. ,f". .Greg ,f 'ag ,, I S . if A f' K ' Robert Michael Lloyd "Lord" Veterinarian ,fr 'ir i it 'V' -'Fw J J Siddel Hpdtll To go to the moon in a rocket ship gl f Ja. 'A 1 E 'N I , Z - .tslflli Charles Tom Holmes Chuck Machinist 5 ft ' str Barbara jean Owen Bob To sell parkas to t people living on the Equator he V V , A. A .ill i , ,K .,e,. ji A. Ray Lawrence Raymond Doctor .M W Af Q i .. C 's 'N ' Q ig. Anna Charlene Saunders Mealbull Crow like a rooster '. QV :iz 3? Scaralen Martinez Scare To be a mechanic

Page 14 text:

f Pi x y . ' i ". e Lm', 2 ' -k'LL .Q f W F? r.,, 2' U QQ- Vg nf s t Q 5 b i L .af 5 3 ,.., ,. ny ji, 1, Sqn tk K . it 3? 553' iii? .W .,, 5 "'NArAw'V K ,V I K v. v.+,-Liv 40" Bob Lee Pheysey Carol Lucille Turpen Pbysiquey Turp To swim the English Ambition? I wish Channel underwater I had one S - s V "1 V A ti he .L VKVV: A ,, .. Q' .,, Q ',7-' . bm i' df . Y k r i a A at 4 wif' 354'-'5'f""L: 1 i,.., ' ss A fist Elizabeth Ann George Rodney Van Dyk Putney Betty Sam II Secretary To break the sound viii?-43 f,'?':,5'f,, L ' - . I . : - J 6 . 5 g G hi' T- ' David Earl Remy Rummy Mechanic 1-,xg 3 . , :,,r V M if ' if I , il 'UI ffffis' . wtf: -1 K ' 1 g .-A', I . . .. my ,qw 7,,.. ., . , , . ,, ., Almeda Grace barrier on foot 5 , .Vkk - 1 4: .. Ties ' VV ts 'le' Deanna Relna Wickstrom De De Nurse krrkk " 'VVIIL ,nga-'ii .,',:' ij-,g - 1 ' is gi e i . iy,. tsenie if 4 1' w',- 'Ka K x - joe Sanchez Worley To swim the English! Proxy To be a Fuller Brush saleswoman in Africa ' ,L to ,. My 3 Gary B. Siens Siem To be a bad boy Channel on the bottom ' "' A' 'L . ' ' ., 'Y -N J. Carl Simmons Get an "A" from Mr. Barnhart in English is . W ,Q .MQNM , -- L, f w1r.ff.,,. ' - News 1, l .V'..El Ray Robert Pizzuti Specs To be a photographer I S .V , ,Q ...ir Joan C. Wade Wad To be a physical education teacher 5 42 .S ' , 'ig I gr yss at ...R ,mf -t s ,r Arthur Upton Rider Art Tin salesman in a balloon factory Nancy Elmira Wynn Rosalie E. Ulloa Rosie To have crazy times fi 42- 1. , if Phillip S. Ralston Phil To be a girls P.E. teacher Janet Louise Wiens "Sweety" To live in Ft. Wayne, Ind. I "GQ-A f li z, 'g .rr 3 W, f .. n.. M... A s,,,,M Bob Sandlin 6 1 li Y ' .2 A ,Ip ETZMVV A 'S Ernest Ellis Platt Ernie Dentist in a comb factory . , -sw, Q ae. 'V ., ,3 . iw J I at . Betty Lou Unfred Sweet Pea Unafraid Airline stewardess or a teacher t A ' 'GK , at ,L V V' if J.. Betty Lou Werling Richard G. Reinjohn Lizzie Range-Rider To drive to England in my Hotrod W' """""' , jay V. Roebuck Beejay Writer .ds 1. .? J f A-:Lf ei Diana May Ziegler "Windy" Sam Zig To sprout wings and To be a To feed Turkey to fly back to Missouri millionaire China V fi ,,' I - , I KY' wee f A ,Q evvt 'M' . A-f . 5 t,,. Q.. V - ii . V,:- yy yttte ytsy , , Michael Howard Harold A. Thienes Robert Frank Ulloa Smith Tip ' Little Old Lady "Smitty" To race motorcycles To be a launderer To be a hero in a on the European in a Nut Colony Cowboy movie hard track To get an UA" from Miss Palomares 'T ! grew 1 i Zn. Weldon Lee Platt Curly To be "One of the Boys" r r. J, t . . it-1 J. .,,. my . ., ,t4e-11 Barbara Lee Whitefield Bobbie To get out of 9th grade work ' 1 ii, Q.,-. f f, at Janeice G. Wilson Daniel Russaky N eCee Ruso To get out of high school fy. .nr an . gg - f K sg, I iaei XL Richard Christian Sather "Dick" "To make a hole in one" W, t M35 I Don Gene Venolia Beale My whizzer to the "Whiz Kidsv. To own a car To run a four- minute mile x SK y 5 C . , ,f 1 5 ' s...e .rt Marilyn Ziegler Zig To learn Sharon L's technique gs, i.. Jig' r William Paul Weatherly Weather Bean shooter champion

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