Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 10 of 56
Page 10 of 56

Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 9
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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

if S' i 4.4, P I ,. HRS if Bill R. Bovee Leilani G. Cope Wille Lei To put a '53 Cadillac To tell a hair raising full house engine on story to a bald my bicycle headed man , ,s.. L ,,- gg - 1 , ...fs - Peggy Deal Puerquita CPiggy D Q -4' Tom Brown lEE,nlg1I T.B. To drive a "had- To talk like Buckley bomb" with Patsy and own the Navy and Puda mf Hg 'fire , i M 1 '+ 5, AF' Ti' Don Lee Brewer Muxsles To Hy to Mars ar ' il. Y' 1, gi 'x. . Waunita J. Denker Jojo To be the mascot in the Army-Navy football game Richard C. Bruner e J iyc g gf c P as i ir , ffififerafl , Doris Currington To marry a millionaire Y l M, Q. feng fm! ,. qw ' .4 3' ix Rick To run a three- minute mile ,W 1 1 .61 uf h mf .f i 1? C9 ', fi, .A K, Ni, A. ... . -A M GK X sg . ,Q , Donald W. Brimhall Diane Sue Day David T. Brooks Don-ie Diane Brook: To be a big time To make a shoe for To go around the football player every foot in a mile world on a baseball Hy K 1 ,..,,. -I :t -, Q 2: Agl: QWQ S . M, W M-...Q . , ,ci i fix. A "L ' II JoAnn M. DesRosiers Jo or Desi To be a Missionary David A. Buckley Samuel Put a '49 Merc. with Peg and Rie engine in a '41 Ford 11 Patsy Jo Dice Pat To tie Chan in a 4-min. mile A 8 ' -1 7 V W . I K eg trawl I A A mn- M 3' I rVi.: . . K ky sa' A WWI: ff "" , ' - V' -4 -, ' -A 3 " A A i i. im- tv .gb .K I ar zaqigwis f Gary William Carl Sandy Louise Diggs John A. Caudillo Donnealia D.Douglas Ray E. Collins Aretta Theresa Dunn Lyell E. Cook T0 Catch an Smiley john Donna Raymond Dough-Nut Noye albacore To play guns To see Pat play slow To go with Deanna To be a P.E. Travel around the To go steady with "Hoppy" motion baseball teacher at a world more times with Exlax girls' college than my daddy sc- er .awe r ewes fn v,,, 3 I M W 'A vu. I .14 ...QQ Ae- A I 4 1 , ' 7 fig, 'ff .. A ,-.'g A , . .M 5 Wl,gQF 7 7' ktkyi kk ,. .H I A .,,. M 1? W F I V , r aww, K, K l we c ve P as - :--: a s . - .gg X an 1, e 2-' A - 'i' L ' 5 3? SL.. in Q M- Jo Ann Eldredge Robert Dean Coons Gwendolyn Mae Charles Joseph Patricia A. Faulkner Robert A. Dawson Joan Winefred Flores jo Bob Engebretson Daniel Pat Dawson Pee Wee Go to the moon My love to Joan Gwenie Chuck To be a good To graduate Thinking Messer and To be a nurse in the Entertainer Christian on the this year jean Mayor Air Force school campus l a A F K yr i K M I 7 We all .g.: ,z-1 I In K ew? pee tees .ff sa . aee eiai 'A a- f F Qvf A' 'W' as F ef' A asii f 4 , .g . sf. P .... . a .. ,5 ...fs ,gee U so F i .ccn c 3,6 L nj - X.. ll 'fe 5 .,. 4- . ' aa foiffli iv V ' alias.: 'I -if QQN i ki ' Tom Derryberry Peggy Joyce Gill Norman Fairchild Peggy Gail Kurt john Dony Shirley Jean Gott Darryl Doty Dingleberry ' "Peg" Doane Gilliland Brother Dony Spaghetti-vendor Doty ' ' y Tiger Doane Peg To get an "A" in Not to argue My grades to the Mr. Barnhart's room with Bud Quiz Kids To play pro baseball To be a missionar for the bums with jo and Rie

Page 9 text:

'A' ' +1 sf 12. . 3 PRESIDENT Norm Bruce Edwards Gander To make iirst string on everything . at il p fr . ,v-ga. , S is f' .pp g :,,A . to Don Acosta To get out of school E .. is Lois Dianne Anton To meet the boy next door I - 'if B I K 1... , my my M -I . 4 if-f' 1 " 'vZ'sc?."?Sjf'1'. gf ' Darrell james Baird Bird Perry To vaccinate teachers . V A y ' 14' . 'C""f'?' nf ,s fi ,ss w J ' fvwwl 4 E. -are S, az' - t. ,L ri I v M 4. Q la VICE-PRESIDENT john Keough Hot Rad To play with the Yanks, again i' i z' ' H g. yyg Alice May Acres Al of To meet one Dee's boy friends 3 5 gr adual. '-vm ., I Q. - sur ff gf .. . .Vial Richard D. Anthony Aunt-Toni To get an "A" from Mr. Barnhart li .ff www- Sharon Lee Becktell 1rBeCkyn To rope one of my night "'mares" . -. .X - ' ' F:- .. ig, . ff f Qrae , iv I K4 VVZ' i'7 I SECRETARY TREASURER Marie Randazzo Dale Boris I-Iarkey f J V sr rw ,eg k M 2191. iii .. LeRoy V. All Leo To live in a half- moon castle 1. . s1'I"-., :1" 1253 I f N f. 5 "if .B ' if 5. an Squirt To go to West Point with jackie A . ' f -Y-I ,V in A 77 I .Q . . -- :V K - WW .i J 9 . - , V i In . be ,. x Joyce Adams Fashion designer .:V, . er ss Patricia Jean Ausley Ernest A. Arutunian Obey "Tunion'f the I To tell jokes like Sharron ye 5f 3 I f 5 Ei E xk,,.....,f Q .Diff Charles H. Bell III Bell To grow hair on Mr. Smith's head , . . 'Q A. I, I gt: W i x Bernice A. Brownson James Leroy Black Caroline Ruth Carter Bin Horatio Kelly To be a beachcomber A peanut packer in Stewardess with Pat and Ann a pickle plant TO be an engineer with Tip - E f . f. Es Igo Alstrits To be an explorer if-xi .J nv 1. Priscilla A. Barnard Puda To drive a "had- bomb" with Patsy and Peg Sharon L. Anderson Andy To be a veterinarian 1.1.35 rm- , me 'v- I " .2 ' 71:1 ff f gg .Q Charles Ayres To grow a foot BIG. .. ii. s Q... si.. Herculer I To be a sergeant in the WACS I 5 'V f we ll za A .- f .il ' ' .M 5 I . 7 div. W i 3 4 ,J fair, H. H 4. N 'I Nw- Z1 ' Charles Anderson Edgar To be a I grandfather , Q sqm V- , W. 45 Cecile Bayrd Cece Surgical nurse . 4 ,ay I mm f fit mp. A Q sg, g 1 g.rg s P M, .. V iiikirrufi "" F' Q' 'Mi f 'I ii. I I ii sv " l ii L ,t L QQ-WF: june Shirley Bentley William L. Benjamin Ann M. Birmingham Larry Biddle Nabme Bennie Onnie The Thin Man To become a To be good in sports To be a beach- To dance with Paula missionary and go to college comber with Binnie and Pat - -I ff '2 , ' - ... .. ,, i z "N 72525 ' 3 ,"i', N . P slrsl. on I fe-Q P . . , . I .'p 1 .,-e' H iiif it A ir .f - ' " 5 ' 51. . if "'i . . ' I 'ri" wg.. AI , ' X y - isle gif' I I Lonny K. Black Marie LaDelle Carter Don B. Bone Patricia Ann Tiny "Rie" Buster Cavanaugh My curly hair to Beak To be a Missionary with Peg and Jo To be a cop Pat To be a gym teacher at Yale and design stockings for table legs

Page 11 text:

E i,..- Q 1 ,ef-3, 1 M i 3 A f J' S W, rf 4 WF ,5 .sf gf, ,W v , , s ,fr " ilu iw A .aaa 11a Jeanine Marie Hawkins Sadie To entertain over seas Caccordionb A ,W ws.,- aeae nyi i Robert Ames Fisher Bob To be a mechanical draftsman dy e ' ,V I e . yr J . at Audrey Johnson To be a hair dresser U' fn! I XM "5 ,,, V .,,r. A Robert Tiller Gray eeG1.4yu To go to Mars with Commander Cory , M M, , i was A . ---r Rowena Love Losey ffRen0.U My good looks to Jo Denker ra., sa. on Si ll rsas if 'I n eeera reefs ew 'K s'aQQ' af R r s V . G . V 2 I K I . 1 E A z . my , 5 ' , ' M., fyf ,515 A ,.:V 4 , W I , I I ' K lf N 'li - k,4. I . . . Q 1 kg. l g C ss. il N r - A.. A Robert Ernest Evans Sharon Ann' Hoge Edward H. Fackler Gwen K. Holt Dennis Gene Farrar Barbara Jean Ernesto Sborty Ed Gwennie To be an artist Hubbard Fill all the holes To get an "A" To own all the To see Ivory in a comedy "Barbie" in Swiss cheese in English banks in the world Soap sink To go to Harvard or Yale ,xg af- . ,f 1 , . l U " K . - 7 , L f7r""" , i V A Ii if, 'vi 'Q S V- H V ' .4 S Q ' S S . X.: A . A 7 , Q . sh' is fillws K . , ' , . f vw Vrkk is Ax K .Ss .. p F ,B all p gggyg f yy f gi Thelam Alice Hulett Gary Ford Roberta Frances james W. Garside Deanna Rae Jacobs Larry Alan Gebbie Wbiiilef V-8 Hutchison Jim Dee Grubby To be a pro To be a senior in Birdie Millionaire To be a WAC Censored Hobo softball player High School To learn how to at West Point ride a horse l ii'l S C , 1 ,., 'i ff W V in S -r v ':-.h, , K kj I n ,K A , X . V A z -we' are ,v are Q of - fe ii f Q 1.5 n,r. A . , 2 ,, N3 S i i if K Y lil, . in ' :.' at ill' is we-lt' ' , ft' , S f' 1" i 'f-i k"r' 1 A V' K 1-1 I ti, H im ' i R.-.3 - if ' , ' 'e" ",, rzsi 1 Kenneth Gordon Mary Ellen Kasey Buck Lee Grace Sheryl June Kendall John Milton Grady Phyllis jean Koonce "Ken" "Mem" "Dollar" Red "Ears" Grate Egg Pbyl To have money To put Mr. "Dee's" To play "Pro To get away from Join the Army To walk across the hair up football" Bobby Simon Milky way roo we 'Qs L' K ,,,, ,,,.53Xf'fg i S 'l , .5 L, ,W A -me ew ' Wi .S 1 H3 :,.. . "fo fr e K-.. 'Wi 'twi K Q ' I , 5' i L, Lik . if 'OS K V lg- A V .L,l. . . ' K Q 1, - gpg I i . ft :Vi. I I M K Ls ' E L W S' s W' 1 ar si l -Q sr ' k'Li 5 - IKM as Q N "l V V- if fi I S S L, px s is W e.1 f ' Elgin i ' A A L nriv.n.g V s L ' Eljrxgl . .Q , :.33t,3jj rrazy ,gfjuf P ,W V fi l o . f K all - ggi ,'A,, 1 j ti S ,,ur1 P' V ' xx Elnora jean Lenz , Al Gregg Earlene Roberta Donnie K. Hart Sharon Longanecker Carl Louis Held "Noodle" Buddy Logan Don "Curley" Carl To fly to some To go over Niagara "Bobby" To farm in Iowa To see Marilyn solve To be a chemist unknown galaxy Falls in a barrel To own a maroon her own problems! ' convertible 1 ysss S . V r- a s at C . F we -- rf S ' syp, . - he e sass y s yyryy t A f Q S ill s . gi ,t ., . N , Wd: g ,.L K ri . 5 Ami H N W- ' 7' i :" U 1 K . Z f l55'3 ".,, M ., ,z iii, V I X g K: K hsry 3, , 7. 51 Arkk K Mndaitws ' gil wfeea.s- ea eewwafime eseea r . V.k.., TK 1'-i , , VIE: gf' - V jgy K 'V "',' - 'Q i '-' t " t A A A, ' ' kg. ssrs " , Bob Riley Henrich Eleanor Mains Edward S. Henrie Barbara Mathews Jack Hepner Donna Marie 4 Riley "Elmer" Eddie Barb "Shorty" Matthews To be an oil To be able to answer To see Mr. Bruce and To win an argument To be a pro P1111-5129 surveyor Mr. Renchler's Mrs. Campbell do a with johnny "Football" player To become a questions Highland Fling hOl1S6WlfC

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