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 - Class of 1953

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f . f- f f .I ay f f f Y X 1 xx, X WA -- .. . , Q 1 n N L x S I , 1 L fl L5 M435 . C, 5. cf' 5, fx ' x 4 - ffl' ' x 2 ,X ST! S M5 r . ,N-, w 11 1 .-,4 IL 3 K", A.. .- ,X Q 1 fifk, NI xQv"'Yy X1 Lx ' 's"7Nf.f- .fx ' ,.' vpgf' , 'uf' .V ..,L, A: -::,.:,-ing, V J '?':f '37:1Jf'f:-TS-IvF.11'.f -"L 1 1 1 215536, 'M , W., y-:.L,.:'g,:g:1':gg' T-'WMM if ' wx-f 1 . 1 P f 1 I f I f f X g f 1.11 ' tf":j5'6? ' 41 4 A g -1 - W way, Q 3 4 V Y Md' A Q W K , x Q .Y ,Q Q, -B' jf X U f ' 4 x . " M f i f X J' I J 4 ':"y4H , M57 4 ,gk fi ,Q A ff? ix 9? S fn I , 2 ,N an 'Q , K ff as KW. 'ff' ti fig 4 ,il . M ai Az lk , J G E? f U if-f x . 'fmwaddw I -...A Rim 'Wu RAUJQH WMJDQ EMERSCEN QQ? y P 555 E S E Q - 0 -ff Q: Tlx A " 1 -5 F X 1 Q TW' 'X O 0 I I N Nl I H21 STAF P P f 1 q 'n aa 9 -if ' N I ' X RALPH R. YECK-Adviser A T a , V , X DELENE MAURSETH-Editor R Vg NANCY MAURER-Assistant Editor J C I M A R DENNY ARONSON-Photography Editor ' T RAY YINGER-Spam Editor L " -3 Y Q MIKE SMITH--Art Editor Q 0 J 2 T SHARON BECKTELL-Copy 6 o XX Y 0 X k T X , 'i 5 si 4+ - m LOIS ANTON-Copy ,j i-- R 1 4 JOYCE ADAMS-Copy 0 0 , F- -qi N DICK KEISTER-Photography Q ALIX POTTS-Layout 1 - Ky BETTY JORDAN-Typist I ' b MR. LESLEY-Photographer j F X-I ' MR. FOOTE-Grammarifm Yr K K f NX! P M I f? T PRINTER 9 -Q, Af 5 T P B. PRESS? INC2. T E I ? E I P ana, Cfzlzforma N N 7 f , - 4 T I 1 f V! I 3 r T A, oo gp, Qu fffkffg Wfq ff? L U M E Z1 MR. AUBREY SIMONS Principal MRS. RUTH TANGEMAN Vice-Principal VICE-PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Three years ago this class of '53 arrived at Emerson, a somewhat bewildered but eager group of 7th graders. Since then you have grown taller, heavierg and, yes, better look- ing, too. Our most earnest hope is that you have grown even more in your thinking. In making a decision, can you look on more than one side of a situation? Are your judgments based on facts rather than hear- say? Such thinking is the basis of good living and this we wish for you in generous measure. Mrs. Tangeman 13" L iii PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE My very heartiest congratulations to the seniors of 1953. You have all contributed in some degree to the traditions and customs that make up "Emerson"! Best wishes to each of you. THE FAVORITES ,wp fav., we ' in ' 2.1. .iz-ff' ' ' - I MR. BARNHART Basic 8-9 ,. .. . 2 "Z . In 4 in 1-. , A 7 ...in .f ,. at .... . ir. - -:1g:,, -Q1 2... . MRS. CARTER Homemaking Art MRS. GOODRICH Basic 7-8 Arithmetic 7 MISS ROSE PALOMARES ' Atta.. K R lit 1 MRS. BIRKA Girls P.E. ,.1..,2a. K . MISS CHELEDEN Basic 8 ,.s':'?7. i I 'vga ' . VJ' kin f A I . F231 ' 3.12. ."'?5'iW" - -f 'W-f' 7 ' ir I wwf- 'L MR. GREEN Boys P.E. Science 1 5. Y , , - IAYW, lark' . kk,. T. 55 ,J -, i"':..,,f X i MRS. BOWER Algebra - Math . X XE . I ,E eei rr - ...er :fr V "',' ,via f -- f..,.- .. MR. BROWNSON Science ' fm.. ' 7 'ii' 1 if e.e.. . f .Z I -' , ij MR. DELLENBACH MR. FOOTE Math - Coaching Basic 9 - Counseling if wif. " ms.. . .- 1 . . auf. E ' fi - wa., - . MR. JONES Algebra Math 5wa1as:-fi.,'- . . .11 Qfggv V'-Yi swf-5 :-1' E ,wiiixf -ig 'Us X r H K V ,V 4 Y. n.Ef'.55l J , , ' if .W .e1,:..f1w+V . ' K' -Jam 1 . Wai.-4 ag, ,.,, A , ,. H 5.4. 3 K fp MR. LESLEY Basic 7 - Arithmetic 7 Blue Dart THA DEDICATION NM? We are happy to dedicate this 1953 Blue Dart to Miss Palomares. She has won our admiration and respect for her loyalty and devotion to students and teachers alike, Adios! muchas felicidades y buenos deseos. 1 :iii ,Q -S f 433: W is .. ig. ef j 'fi .. 'igl MR. BRUCE Music - Counseling 1. 'FU N Q-Q if . .., . fs MISS FOSSUM Library wi .4 if g . is ,.-,. X.-. . . Q 'V ,A I I ' , ,Q . uf I ERS .-..', iii.: , ' I., lf.: . -ww N' 5 - eseic - - XM Q-EQ! I in ea e A MRS. CAMPBELL Basic 8-9 . ' ,, . 3354 kf,' K E 1' iiii' il I - ,Le,.,, Efiglf' . S in "QQ .1 732: i 5 f 1253, 1.5" ifsgsigifgzirt ' sf f -qfiez-WH' . g f g 1' I i MR. GAMBLE Band .- Orchestra .": ..,.., is QT! -'i1 it awp 'Im MISS PALOMARES MRS. PICULELL Spanish - Music Art Math Art 'ai """ PM QQ., 'Xl Z ,R 6 1 MR. POMEROY Math -Q V ,- e V , 1 A NK , A S 5 -I g., 1 .If . ,' ,QV A tiff g . . lf, MRS. SHAVER Homemaking i . 3 N . ' 'I . Q f aff, ., V .fx , :Q eg 1 w MR. YECK Art - Blue Dart . I 'i1y,gQ,, 'H Q 2' ,ff .js ' lie -wer , '1 K ' N-.N MRS. CLARK Basic 7 Science 7 .,f..:f2f'f ff' A- ',QtT.Q,fzi 1, -1 ,r f 1. 5' its 'Q . J, , MRS. REGNERY Basic 7-8 , R 23, ' i ...bg MR. SMITH Shop - Metal ff ? M fi if' 'XZ MR. WING Custodian . I yi - ' a lfa: 1 1. I i?ifW'23: J . A L . IT 49? I 1 I 4532 Q Eiga Q F' X! G . .-4 I at , . I S : is I? MR. HANSEN Ground Caretaker 11. ,AA 1 aff i ' X 1 J fl: ' J .., afzggsf ian ,. MR. RENTCHLER Science 9 3 'Qs A , I is ' fi 'wi . . ' 4 2 ' 2 ff MRS. STEINER Basic 7 - Science 7 b 7 . W7 ,A . f 'A ' T ' , f. f e- -- MR. HUTZ Custodian -ff: fiat- ,. ::. K .. ' jf' A-W3 3l"f-Q4-I. -is .fi . ,.,.., ,Sta-V f--. fisiifflg ' MRS. ODOM Cook Helper MR 2 V, Tiyfk ifvwz , I Jh' t MRS. RUNYON Secretary .fax , ., yr' ia . f- , mf A Q MRS. WINES Secretary I me vw , W, f is I 7f...R N Custodian , i fx ' 2., c'.' ii" I MISS SHEFFLER Basic 8-9 i ii " , sa - gf x Wfwziiiu 343' , H2313 MR. WHITAKER Shop - Wood A 'Q 1 ! i ff. 4. .N ji ,af ,.-,f,- i . STANDIFIRD MARY WEDDLE Cook 4 3 . 'lll . . if I 4 I ,QQ 4. i A f '1 ,..V ,J K L 141 MR. SHERREITT Boys P.E. K ' Jsmsx gi -rum , ,av 1 MR. WOOTON Basic 8 - Drama . '1Bg,,f n ,-.A " f ,i"""lYLMf ..."'x. ......, 2 fx gwigi ka , ' H MRS. BUCKNER Nurse .LJ-I I! I f. ' U I .aafxffg 5,P5?2,f,f Q. I- I ',t if .L so .- .fam ill., ig 3-.XML Qui Sy . ,- LX 17. -5 i- ii, If 'f Wil? -' gm! .4 X9 ' W5 ee' I fl i 1u"'ll 'I 'L' I 1 ,. S . 7 fu 'lg lf' If 14, 4 , YI ' ' in, dh' f "!Q:,,I4- x - - . ' ' f 174 Q If -17 "AA, ,---' .7 s ' ' ,, AA f A E- ix I if 5 I ff A 2 X V hx X fa, -'Z x L Q .4 X 54 xx' ui x .K 2 .1 1 . , X5 ' 1 1, 1 K - 1 ,Q fa, c 4 ' N 0 f ' M nj ,. x TWMBBELL M .. .11-1?iQ!""""" m'r"A:fE 5 '-'iw-' 'WW .ii':'f'Vff7f f mls. . 5-...,-M.. ..,. SSS? wiv "2Y. H,Ka W"W,f5E8,v 'A' ' +1 sf 12. . 3 PRESIDENT Norm Bruce Edwards Gander To make iirst string on everything . at il p fr . ,v-ga. , S is f' .pp g :,,A . to Don Acosta To get out of school E .. is Lois Dianne Anton To meet the boy next door I - 'if B I K 1... , my my M -I . 4 if-f' 1 " 'vZ'sc?."?Sjf'1'. gf ' Darrell james Baird Bird Perry To vaccinate teachers . V A y ' 14' . 'C""f'?' nf ,s fi ,ss w J ' fvwwl 4 E. -are S, az' - t. ,L ri I v M 4. Q la VICE-PRESIDENT john Keough Hot Rad To play with the Yanks, again i' i z' ' H g. yyg Alice May Acres Al of To meet one Dee's boy friends 3 5 gr adual. '-vm ., I Q. - sur ff gf .. . .Vial Richard D. Anthony Aunt-Toni To get an "A" from Mr. Barnhart li .ff www- Sharon Lee Becktell 1rBeCkyn To rope one of my night "'mares" . -. .X - ' ' F:- .. ig, . ff f Qrae , iv I K4 VVZ' i'7 I SECRETARY TREASURER Marie Randazzo Dale Boris I-Iarkey f J V sr rw ,eg k M 2191. iii .. LeRoy V. All Leo To live in a half- moon castle 1. . s1'I"-., :1" 1253 I f N f. 5 "if .B ' if 5. an Squirt To go to West Point with jackie A . ' f -Y-I ,V in A 77 I .Q . . -- :V K - WW .i J 9 . - , V i In . be ,. x Joyce Adams Fashion designer .:V, . er ss Patricia Jean Ausley Ernest A. Arutunian Obey "Tunion'f the I To tell jokes like Sharron ye 5f 3 I f 5 Ei E xk,,.....,f Q .Diff Charles H. Bell III Bell To grow hair on Mr. Smith's head , . . 'Q A. I, I gt: W i x Bernice A. Brownson James Leroy Black Caroline Ruth Carter Bin Horatio Kelly To be a beachcomber A peanut packer in Stewardess with Pat and Ann a pickle plant TO be an engineer with Tip - E f . f. Es Igo Alstrits To be an explorer if-xi .J nv 1. Priscilla A. Barnard Puda To drive a "had- bomb" with Patsy and Peg Sharon L. Anderson Andy To be a veterinarian 1.1.35 rm- , me 'v- I " .2 ' 71:1 ff f gg .Q Charles Ayres To grow a foot BIG. .. ii. s Q... si.. Herculer I To be a sergeant in the WACS I 5 'V f we ll za A .- f .il ' ' .M 5 I . 7 div. W i 3 4 ,J fair, H. H 4. N 'I Nw- Z1 ' Charles Anderson Edgar To be a I grandfather , Q sqm V- , W. 45 Cecile Bayrd Cece Surgical nurse . 4 ,ay I mm f fit mp. A Q sg, g 1 g.rg s P M, .. V iiikirrufi "" F' Q' 'Mi f 'I ii. I I ii sv " l ii L ,t L QQ-WF: june Shirley Bentley William L. Benjamin Ann M. Birmingham Larry Biddle Nabme Bennie Onnie The Thin Man To become a To be good in sports To be a beach- To dance with Paula missionary and go to college comber with Binnie and Pat - -I ff '2 , ' - ... .. ,, i z "N 72525 ' 3 ,"i', N . P slrsl. on I fe-Q P . . , . I .'p 1 .,-e' H iiif it A ir .f - ' " 5 ' 51. . if "'i . . ' I 'ri" wg.. AI , ' X y - isle gif' I I Lonny K. Black Marie LaDelle Carter Don B. Bone Patricia Ann Tiny "Rie" Buster Cavanaugh My curly hair to Beak To be a Missionary with Peg and Jo To be a cop Pat To be a gym teacher at Yale and design stockings for table legs if S' i 4.4, P I ,. HRS if Bill R. Bovee Leilani G. Cope Wille Lei To put a '53 Cadillac To tell a hair raising full house engine on story to a bald my bicycle headed man , ,s.. L ,,- gg - 1 , ...fs - Peggy Deal Puerquita CPiggy D Q -4' Tom Brown lEE,nlg1I T.B. To drive a "had- To talk like Buckley bomb" with Patsy and own the Navy and Puda mf Hg 'fire , i M 1 '+ 5, AF' Ti' Don Lee Brewer Muxsles To Hy to Mars ar ' il. Y' 1, gi 'x. . Waunita J. Denker Jojo To be the mascot in the Army-Navy football game Richard C. Bruner e J iyc g gf c P as i ir , ffififerafl , Doris Currington To marry a millionaire Y l M, Q. feng fm! ,. qw ' .4 3' ix Rick To run a three- minute mile ,W 1 1 .61 uf h mf .f i 1? C9 ', fi, .A K, Ni, A. ... . -A M GK X sg . ,Q , Donald W. Brimhall Diane Sue Day David T. Brooks Don-ie Diane Brook: To be a big time To make a shoe for To go around the football player every foot in a mile world on a baseball Hy K 1 ,..,,. -I :t -, Q 2: Agl: QWQ S . M, W M-...Q . , ,ci i fix. A "L ' II JoAnn M. DesRosiers Jo or Desi To be a Missionary David A. Buckley Samuel Put a '49 Merc. with Peg and Rie engine in a '41 Ford 11 Patsy Jo Dice Pat To tie Chan in a 4-min. mile A 8 ' -1 7 V W . I K eg trawl I A A mn- M 3' I rVi.: . . K ky sa' A WWI: ff "" , ' - V' -4 -, ' -A 3 " A A i i. im- tv .gb .K I ar zaqigwis f Gary William Carl Sandy Louise Diggs John A. Caudillo Donnealia D.Douglas Ray E. Collins Aretta Theresa Dunn Lyell E. Cook T0 Catch an Smiley john Donna Raymond Dough-Nut Noye albacore To play guns To see Pat play slow To go with Deanna To be a P.E. Travel around the To go steady with "Hoppy" motion baseball teacher at a world more times with Exlax girls' college than my daddy sc- er .awe r ewes fn v,,, 3 I M W 'A vu. I .14 ...QQ Ae- A I 4 1 , ' 7 fig, 'ff .. A ,-.'g A , . .M 5 Wl,gQF 7 7' ktkyi kk ,. .H I A .,,. M 1? W F I V , r aww, K, K l we c ve P as - :--: a s . - .gg X an 1, e 2-' A - 'i' L ' 5 3? SL.. in Q M- Jo Ann Eldredge Robert Dean Coons Gwendolyn Mae Charles Joseph Patricia A. Faulkner Robert A. Dawson Joan Winefred Flores jo Bob Engebretson Daniel Pat Dawson Pee Wee Go to the moon My love to Joan Gwenie Chuck To be a good To graduate Thinking Messer and To be a nurse in the Entertainer Christian on the this year jean Mayor Air Force school campus l a A F K yr i K M I 7 We all .g.: ,z-1 I In K ew? pee tees .ff sa . aee eiai 'A a- f F Qvf A' 'W' as F ef' A asii f 4 , .g . sf. P .... . a .. ,5 ...fs ,gee U so F i .ccn c 3,6 L nj - X.. ll 'fe 5 .,. 4- . ' aa foiffli iv V ' alias.: 'I -if QQN i ki ' Tom Derryberry Peggy Joyce Gill Norman Fairchild Peggy Gail Kurt john Dony Shirley Jean Gott Darryl Doty Dingleberry ' "Peg" Doane Gilliland Brother Dony Spaghetti-vendor Doty ' ' y Tiger Doane Peg To get an "A" in Not to argue My grades to the Mr. Barnhart's room with Bud Quiz Kids To play pro baseball To be a missionar for the bums with jo and Rie E i,..- Q 1 ,ef-3, 1 M i 3 A f J' S W, rf 4 WF ,5 .sf gf, ,W v , , s ,fr " ilu iw A .aaa 11a Jeanine Marie Hawkins Sadie To entertain over seas Caccordionb A ,W ws.,- aeae nyi i Robert Ames Fisher Bob To be a mechanical draftsman dy e ' ,V I e . yr J . at Audrey Johnson To be a hair dresser U' fn! I XM "5 ,,, V .,,r. A Robert Tiller Gray eeG1.4yu To go to Mars with Commander Cory , M M, , i was A . ---r Rowena Love Losey ffRen0.U My good looks to Jo Denker ra., sa. on Si ll rsas if 'I n eeera reefs ew 'K s'aQQ' af R r s V . G . V 2 I K I . 1 E A z . my , 5 ' , ' M., fyf ,515 A ,.:V 4 , W I , I I ' K lf N 'li - k,4. I . . . Q 1 kg. l g C ss. il N r - A.. A Robert Ernest Evans Sharon Ann' Hoge Edward H. Fackler Gwen K. Holt Dennis Gene Farrar Barbara Jean Ernesto Sborty Ed Gwennie To be an artist Hubbard Fill all the holes To get an "A" To own all the To see Ivory in a comedy "Barbie" in Swiss cheese in English banks in the world Soap sink To go to Harvard or Yale ,xg af- . ,f 1 , . l U " K . - 7 , L f7r""" , i V A Ii if, 'vi 'Q S V- H V ' .4 S Q ' S S . X.: A . A 7 , Q . sh' is fillws K . , ' , . f vw Vrkk is Ax K .Ss .. p F ,B all p gggyg f yy f gi Thelam Alice Hulett Gary Ford Roberta Frances james W. Garside Deanna Rae Jacobs Larry Alan Gebbie Wbiiilef V-8 Hutchison Jim Dee Grubby To be a pro To be a senior in Birdie Millionaire To be a WAC Censored Hobo softball player High School To learn how to at West Point ride a horse l ii'l S C , 1 ,., 'i ff W V in S -r v ':-.h, , K kj I n ,K A , X . V A z -we' are ,v are Q of - fe ii f Q 1.5 n,r. A . , 2 ,, N3 S i i if K Y lil, . in ' :.' at ill' is we-lt' ' , ft' , S f' 1" i 'f-i k"r' 1 A V' K 1-1 I ti, H im ' i R.-.3 - if ' , ' 'e" ",, rzsi 1 Kenneth Gordon Mary Ellen Kasey Buck Lee Grace Sheryl June Kendall John Milton Grady Phyllis jean Koonce "Ken" "Mem" "Dollar" Red "Ears" Grate Egg Pbyl To have money To put Mr. "Dee's" To play "Pro To get away from Join the Army To walk across the hair up football" Bobby Simon Milky way roo we 'Qs L' K ,,,, ,,,.53Xf'fg i S 'l , .5 L, ,W A -me ew ' Wi .S 1 H3 :,.. . "fo fr e K-.. 'Wi 'twi K Q ' I , 5' i L, Lik . if 'OS K V lg- A V .L,l. . . ' K Q 1, - gpg I i . ft :Vi. I I M K Ls ' E L W S' s W' 1 ar si l -Q sr ' k'Li 5 - IKM as Q N "l V V- if fi I S S L, px s is W e.1 f ' Elgin i ' A A L nriv.n.g V s L ' Eljrxgl . .Q , :.33t,3jj rrazy ,gfjuf P ,W V fi l o . f K all - ggi ,'A,, 1 j ti S ,,ur1 P' V ' xx Elnora jean Lenz , Al Gregg Earlene Roberta Donnie K. Hart Sharon Longanecker Carl Louis Held "Noodle" Buddy Logan Don "Curley" Carl To fly to some To go over Niagara "Bobby" To farm in Iowa To see Marilyn solve To be a chemist unknown galaxy Falls in a barrel To own a maroon her own problems! ' convertible 1 ysss S . V r- a s at C . F we -- rf S ' syp, . - he e sass y s yyryy t A f Q S ill s . gi ,t ., . N , Wd: g ,.L K ri . 5 Ami H N W- ' 7' i :" U 1 K . Z f l55'3 ".,, M ., ,z iii, V I X g K: K hsry 3, , 7. 51 Arkk K Mndaitws ' gil wfeea.s- ea eewwafime eseea r . V.k.., TK 1'-i , , VIE: gf' - V jgy K 'V "',' - 'Q i '-' t " t A A A, ' ' kg. ssrs " , Bob Riley Henrich Eleanor Mains Edward S. Henrie Barbara Mathews Jack Hepner Donna Marie 4 Riley "Elmer" Eddie Barb "Shorty" Matthews To be an oil To be able to answer To see Mr. Bruce and To win an argument To be a pro P1111-5129 surveyor Mr. Renchler's Mrs. Campbell do a with johnny "Football" player To become a questions Highland Fling hOl1S6WlfC W .i ,V 'L ,mv mm ,, ' ., 71:.e2,5,-, . , T . K kf-, ,ff- ziiyigfgelgiy 'Xi . , Q iii 52,52 E 2.."ws ' 5, f if , igln 'gif Bob Hill i "Hill Billy" To play "Sleepy Lagoon" like Harry James june Moses Tiny Moe To train horses 3' K ' f 'f tgirrg r-k,wi ' - Serif ' 1: , Akasa s l 255f1.?Hf " Lf s ET? 5 ' ' ff:-' gi? V"f's" ,1- mi - I i as Delene Ruth Maurseth Del To be able to spell , if-sz ..1Zf"" fxff nai .i V. .f, A.gv,A ff. ,fag , 4 f s. as 1 li . ma, 1. 'QM' , 52:1 in Joseph G. Hobson J oe A mattress demonstrator f.-i 5555? 1 3 Joan Alene Messer ff-lamb' To be the bride at Giluin Ayer's wedding f . -- . ,'s ' i'i' i ss '.,, C - f' ii i 1 ,C gi t Ray A. Hughes Hugo To be a man ' K Ul f. -1 Sy ' J X F 4, V lk an ' 'fl 5 'KIIIIQ Thomas Lee Jenkins Marilyn Doris Patrick Tommy "Mary" or "Toon" To be a hobo I ' 3 , K . I ' . Z V 4: 7- f'33vkf'T':l ,5 L xi Q if ' ' To be a model for Walt Disney f t HQ' E MJ fl A xxx, , Q Q M x. Linda Lee Reynolds Eddie Charles Leake Lin To be a cadet at Annapolis jg,-M N 1, , . , , K i Fred Lopez Pachuco To kill lots of sharkies 5 ' E .w if t X .5 Chuck To be what I want to be and what I can be it Y ,V '- " A C V 313' J .,: Yi as fi Beverley Jean Scariano Poo To change my nickname Phyllis Ann Mueller John Emery Pbil A ave we W rtt. , or Bryant Victor johnson Navy -' 1 L f . , ,A , g SQL, 'Nia' .Q ,hx 1 . -. , .H My ' ' il wel.-fy ft' iff ,, , , . -1 . ..x Q3 . Chloe Richmond Teddy Singer , ' 5 ,S . M gb -my Di I 5: N 1 Q 4 'K' 'J' Y if .N LW 9 , X, Q Q 5,5 "' 5 2. - tii, 1 " in . - Hector Edmund Lopez ffllopjll To be the first one to "climb" the moon Huntington H uningxman To be in the F.B.I. I Q . 1' .Q R J wit,-I K ff: ff ,r Patricia A. Price Put To call Angie by her real nickname, Tinsy 5, H3 lli , , jerry Allen Hollan "Dutch" To drive like "Don Brimhalln d . ,:,: , ,.', 2 ' , is W " 1 K in 'al ga f 41 Shirley Mae Mutz Aunt Minny To be a nurse overseas V eu my ,g 'A f l A fin Q John Kelly uKellyu To be a success in whatever I'm going to be 'V Q .Lg V ' ,I ffm lflf. Hr qv, :w , 1 , is """ , 'sw ,f H7 if R. .. Llzafff S . L Jerry Horton Lewin Angelina A. Sanbrano Lewin john A teacher Go to Alaska and eat A C 'A "7Fff?'5 Ji ll- . A ,, Patricia A. Schmidt ,Pat To be a beach comber with Ann and Binnie ice cream all day ai ,iri iii, 3 -syt A A George Roy Mahowald Ro binlaood Archer Patricia ean if '54 'Jw'- L s lsls W i Sherry Rae Morse Dusty To be a secretary and sit on my boss's lap I A2057 -5, 'vi i f ,JJ L5 2, , s jack Jackman Jack Champion pretzel twister ' 'iffy -1 i X u,,.'- V- T 2,351 A. I 1 ., I ,N , 11. M 'LY' . ,, X N? 4 in as f L J . fe i 'L 1. , Sharon Louise Putnam ferry To sell sun tan lotion to the Eskimos Qs ,1'. ,f". .Greg ,f 'ag ,, I S . if A f' K ' Robert Michael Lloyd "Lord" Veterinarian ,fr 'ir i it 'V' -'Fw J J Siddel Hpdtll To go to the moon in a rocket ship gl f Ja. 'A 1 E 'N I , Z - .tslflli Charles Tom Holmes Chuck Machinist 5 ft ' str Barbara jean Owen Bob To sell parkas to t people living on the Equator he V V , A. A .ill i , ,K .,e,. ji A. Ray Lawrence Raymond Doctor .M W Af Q i .. C 's 'N ' Q ig. Anna Charlene Saunders Mealbull Crow like a rooster '. QV :iz 3? Scaralen Martinez Scare To be a mechanic dy' if f .L janet Gail Simon jan To fly to the moon in a rocket ship - U 5.14: Q ge a n , y .. Jr' .J John Edward McClintock Four Eyes Young women, between 10 and 15 max 'U,gfkZaa.agg tg Y Q Yolanda Spaccarotelli Yo-Yo To be a WAC . X 5, .,,k , 'Wi '5 WB". ir' 1 2. ' f ali is r A t. 77-L" . I nur -, VWKM-5' .QV I Eugene Fredrick Murphy Murphy To keep living ,pr- 1 il., l.. V M 53 X ' if mf vggff Diana Jacqulin Thompson Ding Dong Invent "tools" for eating spaghetti if . .. i t its AE i ,A-f W, is 1, ,J Q- X llfw. . Jerry Dean Mason Mas or Jer An Army Career S .,ep ohweonh C Pat Sue Smithen Patsy To drive a "had- bombl' with Puda and Peg ,iv A 53? fl Allen Miller Laughing Boy Architect or Army career tl .a v-' V ' sf E- Q.: vf,, ' ?l Ak Ann Marie Swartz Swurtzie To sell lipstick to the Ubangis Em f fhaa i,r , r g .,.., A " ' ras' ' T I 'N'-ff , f -5 Clayton Otto Auto To have hands like Gosse-Tatum ,egailt ,C frl-' f?i,y -fiy rece Q ' '5 f::,, ka- . .,, , V ks . ,. . f,.. 1- A1-- . 3 f .- '- e af' ' Y "1 'T - Tis . . ,ry,, t Q-791' . if-fi . t ig ,Q f cgi if f ,gfqig 'C A as ., g-Q4 iffkwm K - . sa' i at. fe, Jeanne Loraine Simon Robert Lee Masters Dona jean Slinger Pete Maust Shorty Bob Jeanie Pete 'Fo be a good To see the Yankees To sail the Pacific To be a coach wife to someone win their hfth World on a toothpick at UCLA Series in a row yr,f .Wf?w,if ,is:7wa, .,, K ..V , , A ,g:, t A if 'xt rg fkw aah s e - '-V- - args, ,TZJL sig: 'W "r3r5 Y- I ozgt ,fl srrr iiisslaei ' A S " I iff i gg e-,..e, e ' L AJ. A at - Michael J.McDermott Patricia Kay Ronald L. Messenger Barbara Soper Mihe I Sneddon Messy Bobs Blacksmith in a Pat To be a machinist, To circumnavigate bakery shop, Shoe Flies hiQ?FN?g5?fw v,ss 5 :VI M gf ,,.. r A lk t Bobbie Jacquelyn Stahl Iackie To go to West Point with Marie Q! f ce! :rv ' fx Qi C df Adil E N LeRoy Dean Nelson To be a farmer A it ' fe Q, Alpha Lillian Thue Obbie Surgical nurse Ride a horse on a right rope Josef Davis Moorehead joe To be a great baseball player Marian Elizabeth Sweitzer Toni To be a brain like Mrs. Campbell M-are s, r,.. , if , Niger ' . iiiff ix t xy V' Roger Peters "Pete" To be a good flag pole sitter draftsman designer and master mechanic ' My Qjiifitf mlgii h1Q?eeeeaQr Janet Faye Stidham .lvdy Missionary W .W 'tl X-. "vLm::'?' f '41, i Vi, A- X Norman Marvin Nelson Tiger Nelson To be a farmer the globe in a Flying Saucer it.fa-f:Qf1.5fzsar+2,I- -gf ' V ..,, . g 'fi N' 'lf-1. ' 'lf ' 'OW 1 is 2, Yrii K iiil ldv, Myrna Lee Smith Mimi To marry Syd i ee do iyls istiiii l Gary Michl To own a yacht if Q X 11:1 at of 3 i"""1' -, L' gkhz ,, : l t r i . .zjmiflgi , ,V , , 7 Richard G. Munson Linda Gay Swanson Dick Linda Design, build, and fly a space ship to the moon A in 'ff ,iii 15' ' . fI"3': - - - egg ' t f 5 in at W Q1 , .J V Ava il w A Deanna Taylor' Concert Pianist To be successful in my chosen work jv,z 'f , -,mf .api , , .., A A fk5Sji'.'EE?2's ' , ..-,itlfti ., .sa . , VKKVA SIM im' - . fm, . zany. ,V W Gordon Orsborn "Ozzie" Forest Lawn's- blueplate special-to uRiC0,, Q it esytt A, L1 sirr S53 it ' 'iilefi rfcff " 'Et -c 'ii Carmen Sophie Bob M. Petesch Gloria Torres Torres "Pet" "Pat" Dolly Navy To be a nurse To be a stenographer f Pi x y . ' i ". e Lm', 2 ' -k'LL .Q f W F? r.,, 2' U QQ- Vg nf s t Q 5 b i L .af 5 3 ,.., ,. ny ji, 1, Sqn tk K . it 3? 553' iii? .W .,, 5 "'NArAw'V K ,V I K v. v.+,-Liv 40" Bob Lee Pheysey Carol Lucille Turpen Pbysiquey Turp To swim the English Ambition? I wish Channel underwater I had one S - s V "1 V A ti he .L VKVV: A ,, .. Q' .,, Q ',7-' . bm i' df . Y k r i a A at 4 wif' 354'-'5'f""L: 1 i,.., ' ss A fist Elizabeth Ann George Rodney Van Dyk Putney Betty Sam II Secretary To break the sound viii?-43 f,'?':,5'f,, L ' - . I . : - J 6 . 5 g G hi' T- ' David Earl Remy Rummy Mechanic 1-,xg 3 . , :,,r V M if ' if I , il 'UI ffffis' . wtf: -1 K ' 1 g .-A', I . . .. my ,qw 7,,.. ., . , , . ,, ., Almeda Grace barrier on foot 5 , .Vkk - 1 4: .. Ties ' VV ts 'le' Deanna Relna Wickstrom De De Nurse krrkk " 'VVIIL ,nga-'ii .,',:' ij-,g - 1 ' is gi e i . iy,. tsenie if 4 1' w',- 'Ka K x - joe Sanchez Worley To swim the English! Proxy To be a Fuller Brush saleswoman in Africa ' ,L to ,. My 3 Gary B. Siens Siem To be a bad boy Channel on the bottom ' "' A' 'L . ' ' ., 'Y -N J. Carl Simmons Get an "A" from Mr. Barnhart in English is . W ,Q .MQNM , -- L, f w1r.ff.,,. ' - News 1, l .V'..El Ray Robert Pizzuti Specs To be a photographer I S .V , ,Q ...ir Joan C. Wade Wad To be a physical education teacher 5 42 .S ' , 'ig I gr yss at ...R ,mf -t s ,r Arthur Upton Rider Art Tin salesman in a balloon factory Nancy Elmira Wynn Rosalie E. Ulloa Rosie To have crazy times fi 42- 1. , if Phillip S. Ralston Phil To be a girls P.E. teacher Janet Louise Wiens "Sweety" To live in Ft. Wayne, Ind. I "GQ-A f li z, 'g .rr 3 W, f .. n.. M... A s,,,,M Bob Sandlin 6 1 li Y ' .2 A ,Ip ETZMVV A 'S Ernest Ellis Platt Ernie Dentist in a comb factory . , -sw, Q ae. 'V ., ,3 . iw J I at . Betty Lou Unfred Sweet Pea Unafraid Airline stewardess or a teacher t A ' 'GK , at ,L V V' if J.. Betty Lou Werling Richard G. Reinjohn Lizzie Range-Rider To drive to England in my Hotrod W' """""' , jay V. Roebuck Beejay Writer .ds 1. .? J f A-:Lf ei Diana May Ziegler "Windy" Sam Zig To sprout wings and To be a To feed Turkey to fly back to Missouri millionaire China V fi ,,' I - , I KY' wee f A ,Q evvt 'M' . A-f . 5 t,,. Q.. V - ii . V,:- yy yttte ytsy , , Michael Howard Harold A. Thienes Robert Frank Ulloa Smith Tip ' Little Old Lady "Smitty" To race motorcycles To be a launderer To be a hero in a on the European in a Nut Colony Cowboy movie hard track To get an UA" from Miss Palomares 'T ! grew 1 i Zn. Weldon Lee Platt Curly To be "One of the Boys" r r. J, t . . it-1 J. .,,. my . ., ,t4e-11 Barbara Lee Whitefield Bobbie To get out of 9th grade work ' 1 ii, Q.,-. f f, at Janeice G. Wilson Daniel Russaky N eCee Ruso To get out of high school fy. .nr an . gg - f K sg, I iaei XL Richard Christian Sather "Dick" "To make a hole in one" W, t M35 I Don Gene Venolia Beale My whizzer to the "Whiz Kidsv. To own a car To run a four- minute mile x SK y 5 C . , ,f 1 5 ' s...e .rt Marilyn Ziegler Zig To learn Sharon L's technique gs, i.. Jig' r William Paul Weatherly Weather Bean shooter champion L b f2gggm.,' .1 1 K Hx K Q R! Q W Q3 have B555 it ," 'W i ' M , 5 - ,t f 'H-,ff . to mkk X X L'LL' , ,VLL nl Mel Woolsey Richard James Wyllie Ray A. Yinger Wozzy Dick To be a cop on an D. C.-Bone Crusher Window Washer at uninhabited island YWCA i I if .. K pw! may J A :'- If K. 3 I K Anita Burkett James Boyle Betty Lee Moreno x ff be ' y ff cm Q X m Q , L X ffvg' - 1 5? 12 , A b -'V - X' x U - Agfs QQ,-f W 1 1, ' . fqj ,tear . ' E James Eugene Babbitt Partner in a furniture store s Q I K YM filly K' E ky., f W JY pg. jerry Hyson - tm. M, .., M s W V fi 53 r n Doris Louise Boyle Charles William James Wade Gough Punkie Gilbert lim or jimmy English Teacher "Tex" To know Marilyn Ride tin fish Monroe f'. l.. - mi " 'N fx "?"Wl5i' ki? if F5 f L 1 ' ' Q, f C1-LX KL V Q , 1 Q rg Q L t ,K , eyes 0,1 XL F :lg 1 il' I K. ' N N X ,, 'i ' 'Q A-13" " f N ee N' M iff' e-9 f i 5 CN JJ Q mu Z'-, ,fi li -i' s Q Z Cflvlb 1 if , 4 I, M f W eb 4 ' FIESTA is l., M Mr. Renchler watches Dale aim the bow as Hector clutches his prizes. T THE PAH TURN ny, ll A-J aa. MR. BARNHART - MISS CHELEDEN 6-1 First row flefl to riglatj: Ronnie White, Robert Bush, Grace Lacey, Lesly Tirsworth, Susan Hancock, Gae Starcher, Joyce McCain, Gloria Montoya, Nancy Maurer, Miriam Barker, Diane Politsch, Mary Horn, Miss Cheleden. Second row: Edwin Cozad, David Holmes, Gary Nye, Don Wade, Sherwood Kingsley, John Darrah, Don Decker, Phillip Bradford, Bob Wortman, Bill Lawrence, john Southworth. Third row: George Wines, Richard Brakke, Howard Welch, Don Miner, Daryl Butcher, Bob Metzger, jim Phillips, Joe Van Reeth, Ronald Currington, Gary Ramseyer, John Palmer. ww MISS CHELEDEN 3-4 First row Kleft to rigbtj: Douglas Poole, Diane Epperson, Emmarie Goudriaan, Helen Lewis, Kay Klopfenstein, Barbara Stover, Carolyn Bryant, Charles Martinez, Bill Cox, Don McCullough, Miss Cheleden. Second row: Tim Strangeland, Eddie Skillin, Carol Hughes, Connie Owens, Margene Bell, Lillian Unroe, Barbara Trahan, janet Wahlberg, Diana Falkenberg, Beulah Dunn, Frances Banchet. Third row: Billy Shriver, jim Sillars, Jerry Freeman, jimmy Thomas, Richard Martinez, Billy Bailey, Shirley Bryant, Donna Brown, Charlene Walker. 59 ' 72 BTH GRADE 3 MISS CHELEDEN 5-6 Init :ou flefl lo right! Fddlc McKinney, Earl Bouillon, Marjorie Richmond, Kathryn Gray Carol Libolt Karen Lenz Carol Smith Joey Phillips Maryl Shepherd Leora jones, Miss Cheleden. Second row: Allen Whitson Richard Hawthorne Donna Hawkin berrv Barbara Robinson Barbara Ellis, Linda Stevens, Lynda Shepherd, Karen Barrett, Pat Pollock Marilyn Sutton Jeanette Schat Hurd mu Carl Pierce Jim Christianson, Dick Keister, Dale Luettgerodt, Dwight Hurst Art Lerma jim Fox George Parks Q lilifm i , .,, ,Q i r Q fs'i e i 5,2 E Vx ,if as MRS. GOODRICH 5-6 F1151 rou Kleft to rzghtj Carolyn Kelly, LoDema Adkins, Elizabeth Seidel, Karen Baseel, Norman Cox Cary Seldon Ray Godfrey Larry Mount Jim Chrisman Ralph Berger, Mrs. Goodrich. Second row: Ann Wainscott Gloria Lichty Patsy Smith Edna Mae Pattie Ceceile Hall Ann Hathaway Gwen Fisher, Nola Sparks, Barbara Horsewood, Linda Stayer Donna Moore Bonnie Bryant Tlaard rou john Stewart Richard Klein, Tom Richter, Larry Lopez, Leonard Sanders, Don Cornell Don Johnson Douglas Q, ff Si" MISS REGNERY I-2 Front row Ileft to rigbtj: Steve Hartman, jerry Feingold, Gene Capron, Larry johnson, Barbara Michener, Glenda Garner, Miss Regnery. Second row: Sandra Mason, Rosemary Gebbie, Gary Skalet, John Covey, Gary Tingstrom, Richard Roossien, Shirley Sullivan, Anita Roe. Third row: Barbara Ivy, Sandra Elvins, Mark Messer, John Flores, Billy Westbrook, Norman Grudem. WF? it Q. sg ,E get lk MRS. CAMPBELL - MISS SHEFFLER 1-4 Frant row fleft to rigbtj: Robert Ponting, Narci Fiero, Rudy Garcia, Ralph Barker, Eugene Atchison, Mrs. Campbell. Back row: Sharon Beasley, Margaret Perez, Carol Black, Ronald Soto, James Bc-lyeu, Fred Bessera. envy, w ,nf 'Sli yy MR. WOOTON 3-4 Firsl row fleft to rightj: Joyce Mortenson, Shirley Pope, Linda McKinney, Judy Jackson, Bruce Hart, Jim McKelvey, Charles Moncla, Bruce Day, Chad Hayward, Mr. Wooton. Second row: Sally Cobb, Claudia Kelly, Jackie Powers, Ronnie Vinatieri, Ronald Schiszler, Richard Pittman, Jim Reiger, Don Swift, Larry Gesell, David Wilson, Mike Gray. Third row: Marianne Bovee, Virginia Moreno, Doreen Castro, Marie Torrez, Shirley Gregg, Lailonnie Rapattoni, Douglas Caffey, Leon Turner, David Knoll, Warren Unck, John Chandler. ef' fi ,A ,.,. . ,A ,E .i . .f .. , ww: W wwf .-...M ,sf ,ia , ,fp ,l . 3 XZ? MR. WOOTON 5-6 Front row Kleft to rigbtj: Dorothy Ellis, Barbara Knebel, Ann Misenhimer, Ann Bletcher, Betty Jordan, Ruth Coursey, John Raichle, Gary Deards, Mr. Wooton. Second row: Judy Levitt, Sally Stillinger, Virginia Lepore, Patty Brown, Susie Collins, Mary Beth Pennell, Jim Mitchell, Jim Clarke, Robert Landrum. Third row: Rose Fielder, Ruby Cox, Alix Potts, Brenda Brinton, Diane Denny, Wallis Gilmor, Gayle Hartman, Patty Swickard, Carlene Williamson. Absent: Deloris Michl, Susan Zeran, Roy Dull. Not shown: Ruth Eckstrom, Ann Marlowe. T THE PUST -mm tu MR. FOOTE 2-5 Front row fleft to riglatl: Kay Kashino, Linda Saladino, Sherry jones, Ann Henrie, Vikie Teal, Pat Marxmiller, Evelyn Cass, Sylvia Avants, Donna Diggs, Elaine Palmer, Robert jenkins, Mr. Foote. Middle row: Carol Kindle, Sandy Livermore, Joyce Shaw, Diane Litchfield, Kent Drew, Donald Magub, Robby Stephens, Robert Gonzales, Tim White, Philip Treat, Paul Wyman, Stanley Carl, Geoffrey Hutchison. Back row: Danny Jarvis, jack Woolsey, jerry Hulse, Roger Armbruster, Ronald Bonneville, Robert jenkins, Warren Everson, Charles Martinez, Louie Perez, John Ahlrich, Calvin Chamberlain. MR. FOOTE 5-6 First row fleft to riglatls Nancy Haight, Tess Acres, Phyllis Bigler, Emily Mascarenas, jo Ann Koepke, Della Kahn, Betsy Arutunian, Carolyn Hurst, Camilla Gieszl, Connie Pennington, Myrna Blackwell. Second row: David Martin, Tom Hixon, Frank Miceli, Harold Brubaker, Bob Owsley, Bill Herron, Mike Harding, David Beloud, Walter Eby, Marshall Turpin, Larry Stewart, Third row: Stephen Boyd, Max Shull, David Rickett, jerry Larkin, Ernest Fortner, Gary Murisett, Mike Compton, John Holloway, Dick Smith, Charles Curry. Q T THE PUST lla! MRS. GOODRICH 3-4 Front row Ileft to rightl: Melva Rice, Bruce Lacey, Richard Volz, Richard McKenzie, Rubin Urias, David Ball, Don Smith, James Daniel, Joe Reyes, Mrs. Goodrich. Center row: Melvin Power, Leon Magub, Ellen Green, Gayle Zans, Eddie Greenfield, James Garrey, Betty Dodsow, Judy Tingstrim, Esther Worley, Rebecca Sanger, Gail Whitehair. Back row: Isabel Martin, Ramona Wenner, Dorothy Grady, Dianne Ball, Judy Stidham, Barbara Gullion, Don Grant, Eric Hasenbeck, Phillip Page, Ronald Graham, Wayne Grace. YS MR. LESLEY l-2 First row Ileft to rigbtj: Don Klassen, Lonald Leitzman, Bill Campbell, Jerry Williams, Gilvin Ayers, Dwain Holman, Rolyan Brown, Judy Fetters, Rose Marie Thompson, Donna Pearson, Mr. Lesley. Second row: John Mainiero, Larry Simpson, Edward Espiau, Nelson Gatov, Denny Aronson, Dian Titsworth, Saundra Leake, Judy Egan, Jean Allen, Charlene Slinger, Sharon Butterbaugh, Susie Sprich, Betty Welton. Third row: Charles Luettgerodt, Jerry Cain, Rolin Allen, Leroy Williams, Billy Eastin, Mike Pinckley, Karen Miller, Alice Gregory, Renee Root, Mike Goad, Jim O'Rear. i ?,'e"f' 1 W' ea ,- , , , S Q f, 1- :y ra, L ,, . a K, , , ,I , vw, '- ,, 5 at ' , 'le' 'fri Ulf? S 3 . ' Hr w -11' N' . ' 'W' Q, ll! 'll' ' ii' 'few , y, Q Q nv lg x Q ,, + 3 f 2 R- 61 5 ,, .. ms. za Y 1 S tr, 1. ax 48' X wr 'I A ll , S ,, F A , 5 1 Q' ,, , ., -Q af' ff I MR. LFSLEY 5-6 Firxl row fleft to rightj: Suzanne Spear, Virginia Hall, Dee Ann Whiteneld, Carol Nelson, George Shinsky, joseph Moore, Brook Brunzell, Bill Van De Grift, Dorothy Knox, Judith Beyer, Mr. Lesley. Second row: John Hartman, Bill Pheysey, David Beard, Donald Sneddon, Robert Day, David Akers, jo Ann Montoya, Francis Conway, Edith Gregg, Ann Marshall, Stella Porras. Third row: Ray Schmidt, Chuek Bader, Larry Ewart, William Greenburg. Jim Groover, Gail Mathers, Paul Clark, Betty Chappell, Geraldine Schaffner, Linda Grove, Francis Velasques. ,xjii MISS REGNERY 4-5 First row Cleft to riglolj: David Coats, Jeffrey Steinmetz, Frank Koatman, Bill Rehm, Edward Carter, Robert Bell, Miss Regnery. Second row: David Harris, Johnnette Emery, Barbara Taylor, Rebekah Mandel, Betty Robinson, Martha Mejia, Rose Marie Bessera, Joyce Carrlllo. Third row: Fred Potts, Richard Welchel, Joe Hobbs, Dave Perez, Ronald Weil, Ray Gomez, Jack Reynolds. X T , are 5 nil Q7 wr X 5 f MRS. STEINER l-2 First row Cleft to rightj: Lowell McGrane, Bill Hepner, Johnnie Hicks, Shirley Gray, Terry Peters, Doreena Zillgitt, Kathleen McLaughlin, Nita Goudriaan, Sandra Hall, Connie Hart, Mrs. Steiner. Second row: David Huff, Stanley Chilcott, Don Gordon, Stephen Gibson, Gary Brown, John Bedford, Richard Spaccarotelli, Billy Chrisman, Peter Hall, David Harris, Jim McCuistion, Third row: Patricia Shinsky, Gloria Ponting, Stephen Bradford, Robert Johns, Dolores Castro, Dorothy Ewart, Sue Smith, Bonnie Lynn Becherer, Walden Mandel, Tom Pearman, David Platt. xx! MRS. STEINER 3-4 First rou' Ileft to riglatl: Fred Stahl, Richard Phillips, Shelby Treadaway, Judy W'alker, Judy Dillon, Anne Pedley, Bill Scott, Lee Bowman, Janice Ringe, Linda Kopec, Mrs. Steiner. Second row: David Myers, Tony Yinger, Robert Tackett, David Kreps, Sharon Watton, Mary Beamon, Donna Boileau, Jerron Matthews, Douglas Skopp, Sandra Hackler, Bonnie McCaskill, Evelyn -Lee, Lynn Frady. Third row: David Smith, Bruce Decker, Larry Deal, Barry Swerdloff, Claudia Hughes, Judy Bliss, Barbara Ulery, Carlene Ziegler, Joyce Royalty, Sally Reed, Pat Groenbeck, Nancy Edwards, Linda Patrick. STUDE T EUU EIL 3... .. ar H, pg f W. s, STUDENT COUNCIL Stfzuding: Ellen Greene, Virginia Moreno, Mrs. Tangeman, Marilyn Foutts, Sharon Longanecker, Jerry Williams, Barry Swerdloif, Lowell McGrane, Eddie McKinney, Don Johnson, Don Wade, Frank Kaatman. Sealed: Binnie Brownson, Pat Schmidt, Peggy Deal, Mark Messer. Absent: Delene Maurseth. 17,121 c 1 if M Q W Q , X LS K The Student Council has been busy this year. They have spent time and effort on the following projects: assembly programs, inspirational assemblies, gold footballs and basketballs for our championship teams, the revision of the Eagle Handbook, school elections, a joint meeting of Emerson and Fremont Student Officers and a skating party for the service organizations of both schools. Mrs. Tangeman is the Student Council Adviser. GIRLS' LEAGUE S. .,,,:"' GIRLS LEAGUE A Left to right: Pat Smithen, Pat Dice, Mrs. Carter, Deanna Taylor, Pat Faulkner. ff TRAFFIC SQUAD First raw fleft to rigbtj: Sandra Diggs, Thelma Hulett, Betty Werling, Janet Wilson, Phyllis Koonce, Marie Randazzo, Marilyn Ziegler, Pricilla Barnard, Hector Lopez, David Brooks, Kurt Dony. Second row fkneelingj: Janet Wiens, Caroline Carter, Sharon Putnam, Jackie Stahl, Donna Douglas, Patsy Siddel, Jack Jackman, john Caudillo, Edward Fackler. Third row: Richard Reinjohn fPresidentJ, Sharon Longanecker Uecrelaryj, Phyllis Mueller, Barbara Mathews, Sharon Anderson, Pat Sneddon, Linda Reynolds, Alrneda Worley, Peggy Gill, Angelino Sanbrano, Bob Henrich, Dick Sather, Eddie Henrie. Fourth row: Mrs. Steiner I Faculty Advisorl, Charlene Saunders, Janet Simon, Elnora Lenz, Pat Cavanaugh, Roberta Hutchison, Ernie Platt, jay Roebuck, Jerry Lewin, Charles Bell. fAbsentl: Sharon Becktell, Mary Ellen Kasey, Janet Stidham. THE T EE HUUM .W A .A , ff.f'e1.e1fmq ' ff E 1 M s.,f" 'hx' .'.'9..:'i' i' ? ,' zzfwdw "li V --f ,,,.,.r 3 Q may , - , 2 -, ,S as fx YM A 1, 3222, ' , 1? sf sf : wifi f ,, I M Omg i 3 L e md 'Bi nd , Q .nf X 'Warns W! ,gg Y fin 5534.4 fu 'B 'rut Il .uve-winamp sv Nl, V' 'vnu' app. is Left to rzglol Marne Randazzo, Susan Hancock Rose Fxelder, Patsy Dlce, Pat Schmidt, Mrs. Runyan, Pat Smithen, Janet Wiens, Marxlyn Zxegler, Alpha Thue Mrs WIRES, Sharon Anderson fNot m pusturej Diane Day. PROJECTION SOUND Left to right Larry Johnson, Bxlly Westbrook, Gary Deards, Dnck Munson, Left to right: Douglas Boles, Charles Steve Hartman, Pete Maust, Erme Platt, Norman Doane, Norman Grudem Young, Cary Seldon. x 22 LIBRARY BREW LIBRARY STUDENT ASSISTANTS Standing: Carol Turpen, Joyce McCain, Gloria Montoya, Diana Ziegler, Jerry Feingold, Frances Banchet, Dale Harkey, Roberta Hutchison, Rosemary Gebbie, Linda McKinney, Richard Roossien, Shirley Bryant, Leilani Cope, Miss Fossum. Seated: Barbara Ivy, Jo Ann Eldredge, jerry Lewin. fNot in picture! Jimmy Fox. CAFETERIA CREW Left to right: Nelson Gatov, Gordon Hartman, Jeanne Baldes, Saundra Leake, Bill Campbell, Mary Weddle, Rebekah Mandel, Edith Odom, Nell Porter, Millie Lawson, David Coats, Jeff Steinrnetz, Mike Harding, Mary Ann Dingle, Irene Banales. -. PARADE ORCHESTRA Front row Kleft lo rightj: Sandy Mason, Shirley Sullivan, Eleanor Lenz, Anita Roe, Dan Russaky, Pat Faulkner, Marie Carter Barbara Michener, Charlene Walker, Larry Gesell, Patsy Siddel. BAND Front row K left to rigbtl: Row 1-Phil Ralston, Eleanor Mains, Joan Wade, jerry Cain, Verna Reynolds, Jack Jackman, Don Wade, John Southworth, Bill Lawrence, Bob Hill. Row 2-Barbara Ellis, Karen Lenz, Gwen Engebretson, Pat Cavanaugh, Sherwood Kingsley, Jim Mitchell, George Wines, John Darrah, Don Miner, Bill Steele. Row 3-John Huntington, Mike Smith, Dick Keister, Denny Aronson, joan Flores, John Palmer, Pete Maust, Richard Brakke, Ray Godfrey, Ed Fackler, Bob Bush, Ray Lawrence, Mr. Gamble. STA P IILUB 'Sw ,A 1 K X S 5 4 ,f "W 4 I l fg?fiL- .ill "'P' H I .ft-X fa of , i ESEEV W STAMP CLUB Left to right: Ray Hughes, Jerry Feingold, Don Magub, Steven Gibson, Mr. Dellenbach, Judy Jackson, Emmarie Goudriaan Ernie Platt, Peter Maust, Freddy Stahl, Sally Stillinger, Douglas Skopp, Charles Young, Robert Day. g g JP.. REU 511055 1 1 , 1 v RED . Cheleden with the Italian art certificate for the Red.Cross committee decorates .the tree for the Painting by a former Emerson student. David and Margaret Home Christmas party. CRQSS Mrs. Stafford presents Mr. Yeck and Miss IHBLE BLUE BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club meets once a week in the library during noon hour. The president is John Flores, who is on the far right wearing a white shirt. BUYS'GLEE EL B ,wx V, df ,Q 'ff W? BOYS' GLEE CLUB First row fleft to rigbtjr ,Leroy Nelson, Jim Chrisman, Ray Collins, Don Bone, Eddie Henrie, Melvin Woolsey, Roger Peters, Jack Johnson, Dwight Hurst, John Raichle, Don Decker, Jim Christianson, john Hicks. Second row: Charles Fletcher, jim Fox, Art Lerma, Don Klassen, George Parks, John Bell, Phillip Bradford, john Grady, Jim Clark, Rollin Allen, Charles Cunig, Leroy Williams, John Bedford, Stephen Bradford. HTH GRADE GIRLS' GLEE EL B . ,, -7 , '-3 k 5, ' ' ,gg ' 5 C ,f if 1 ,,,, l l l if 1 S - 25: , I V A -A ,gl in s ,t , , ,..,, ,, , ,... 2, , ex 1 S t as , ,S . J ,,,L we 4 is if A - . W: - , '--- ,, . - . , 'r I f, , 1 6 i .L 4 - Q sse , , - it I u V xK" , ' , ,,,, 1 ' ' , '22 Y ,V mm ifijff S ,- ".L f ,fa A ,wi S .. Q TQ as 1 L , to , 'Q 'gear 1 ., ' 4 1' i , - 1 I , A e W 2 1 I isww C ,, S ft at rr,s , f L 1 B T, Eye I , V LQ ,QM K 'Q vttv im 5 I V , . . 3. .. gin g ., :W M ii ' ":' ' 5 'T ' T-A 4:4 32 H M G . J Sfzkj ' S 352' 5 :X lem , ' r , 1 ' ' 1 W 5 ,gf Wg ii .M N 7 T k'h' f f--, if iw I G- Q, ,K ay I --1 an , : H H: K ,:,i. ,IA . , ,L ni -X W. f 1. 5 K . 'l' ' f.. . ' .,A. , ' fp ' ' M 5 ' "x:2 , -WV' 3- ' ' 'F' .. f " " ' , K' ' .i -' T' M ' 'ff If g'm' 3, 7, 'i 5' a, ,L , , -M.. . I 4 X , jfggzv V , ,ggi fms, , f Hs., t ' 5+ - as QS, t if 1 ,Q -P ' -f GLEE CLUB C.8thJ First row fleft to rigbtl: Lynda Sheperd, Maryl Shepherd, Edna Mae Pattie, Linda Stayer, Carlene Williamson, Lillian Unroe, Nola Sparks, Lois Long, Jeannette Schat. Io Dema Adkins. Second row: Elizabeth Seidel, Diana Faulkenberg, Carolyn Kelley, Cathy Gray, Sue Collins, Ann Wainscott, Donna Hawkinberry, Janet Wahlberg, Evelyn Yackel, Mary Beth Pennell, Bonnie Bryant, Kay Klopfenstein. Third row: Leora Jones, Carol Libolt, Beulah Dunn, Ann Hathaway, Ann Misenhimer, Susan Zeran, Jeannette Van Diest, Marilyn Sutton, Wallis Gilmor, Karen Barrett, Virginia Lepore. Back row: Ruth Ann Coursey, Carol Hughes, Linda Stevens, Marilyn Graff, Dorothy Ellis, Barbara Knebel, Anne Bletcher, Joey Phillips, Gwen Fisher, Helen Lewis, Carol Smith, Barbara Horsewood. 9th GRADE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First row fleft to rigbtj: Rowena Losey, Shirley Mutz, Jeanine Hawkins, Peggy Gilliland, Aretta Dunn, Nancy Wynn, Gwen Holt, Pat Price. Second raw: Deanna Taylor, Jackie Stahl, Marian Sweitzer, Betty Werling, Shirley Gott, Teddy Richmond, Sandy Diggs, Jeanne Simon. Camera xlay: Sharon Longanecker, Charlene Saunders, Elaine Waner, Patricia Thomas. BLEDHT .-,. lf W ' " ' ' f asf A"11 or ,..1 X "!:! , .. Y S i m Mx' -. ' ii I .:-v,, uqbyvq l i X ...... 1 .S t ,--., M, i K V my-'a,,,-H AWX,,--Q K """"""""'-x,,,m - BLUE DART First row, seated Cleft to rigbtj: Delene Maurseth, Alix Potts, Betty Jordan, Dick Keister, Sharon Becktell, Lois Anton, Nancy Maurer, Back row, standing: Denny Aronson, Mr. Yeck, Mr. Footer Camera slay: Ray Yinger, Mike Smith, Mr. Lesley, Joyce Adams. PHILUSUPHEH ' 9 '1 -5 , F E5 if L il 1 PHILOSOPHER STAFF Seated C left to rigbtj: Virginia Moreno, Ernest Arutunian, Jay Roebuck, Leilani Cope. Standing: Larry Mount, John Stewart, Mrs. Goodrich, Joyce Mortenson, Betty Werling, Jerry Lewin, Beverly Scariano, Almeda Worley, Joan Flores, Charlene Saunders, Elizabeth Seidel, Linda Bice, Ralph Berger, Don Cornell, Nancy Maurer. I THE WINNERS' EIEELE --if Mr. Green, Mrs. Birka, Mr. Sherreitt The Emerson Eagles, led by Mr. Green, hammered out the Mt. Baldy League foot- ball championship. They broke the three year tie with Fremont when they stampeded to a 31-14 victory. They edged out Brea 19-6. It was a photo-finish with Claremont the score being 15-13. Emerson lost to St. joseph 7-25 but nosed out in front of both Upland and Republic 55-0. They won over Webb 26-13. E UUTBALE TEAM rg .ff IN YIJE 3, , nf '19 'T 'Q va WINNERS CWC 6 H 'r . ,, 5 v A 5 i Viz! . L, , 4 g V A 'YP'-M -.fi K A V, f rw ' K ia., , K ,V , 'il' M- bg A it -.J + a 5 v, A Jaaa -ff-2 2 .af ,Q--3 ' ' r 'ii V - J' 5 A ' V ' ug. - V , i lilfki -' 7 ' as 1 , li W e ,ff - af fe W' y at -va y e iise , W ev W 1 -'N A' J. E' a -, A ' A' fo ' 4 H il, ,am W, Q 1 .5 . VJ xr Q, li gigd -:HE , FOOTBALL TEAM CBoysD Bottom K left to rigbtj: Bob Ulloa, Rick Bruner, Bill Benjamin, Albert Lopez, Don Gerlock, Mike Wetzel, Bruce Edwards, Richard Reiniohn, Dick Anthony, David Brooks, Tom Derryberry, Mr. Green Ccoachj. Middle: Ronald Messenger, Darry Baird, Ernest Arutunian, john Huntington, Arty Keough, Don Brimhall, Bob Henrich, Eddie Henrie, Don Bone, Jack Jackman, Hector Lopez, Gary Carl CManagerJ. Top row: Dick Sather fManagerD, Gordon Orsborn, Jerry' Holland, Ray Lawrence, Harold Thienes, Darryl Doty, Ray Collins, Lonny Black, Gary Siens, Clayton Otto, John Caudillo, Jack Hepner. PUUTB LL Ll E-UP FOOTBALL LINE UP First row flefl to riglotj: Harold Thienes, Jerry Holland, Darryl Doty, Mike Wetzel, Gary Seins, Dick Anthony, Torn Derry berry. Backfield: Don Brimhall, John Caudillo, David Brooks, Ray Collins, Clayton Otto, Arty Keough. EMERSON vs. FREMON T Clayton Otto carries the pigskin toward the goal BASHETB LL 355' .1 BASKETBALL TEAM Coach-Mr. Sherreitt. First row fleft to rigbtl: Hector Lopez, Harold Thienes, Ray Collins, David Brooks, John Caudillo, Clayton Otto. Second row: Don Bone, Jack Jackman, john Huntington, Tom Derryberry. Gary Seins, Bob Masters, Arty Keough, Melvin Woolsey. ED , 9 C v K fu The Emerson Eagles, led by Mr. Sherreit, trampled out another Mt. Baldy League championship. The scores of the games were as follows: Emerson 45 ................ Republic 29 " 57 ...,,........... Upland 51 64 ................ Webb 49 54 ................ Fremont 41 56 ................ Republic 32 59 ................ Upland 30 42 ,.............,. Webb 56 79 ............,,,. Fremont 47 Thienes jumps while Derryberry Waits for the ball and Caudillo and Brooks guard. Final score 79 to 47 TRADE THUTTEHS jan! 57' sss.. . W Wh. ,gp TRACK TEAM Front row: Rick Bruner, Weldon Platt, Ronald Messenger, David Brooks. Second rouu' George Putney, Gordon Orsborn, Ernest Arutunian, Bob Ulloa, john Huntington, Ray Lawrence, Danny Russaky, Bill Benjamin. Third row: Bob Masters, Clayton Otto, Ray Hughes, Lonny Black, Dick Anthony, Jerry Holland, Tom Derryberry, Don Brimhall, Ray Collins, Charles Bell. Fourth row: Darry Baird CManagerD, jack Hepner, Buck Grace, Bruce Edwards. Harold Thienes, Gary Siens, Darryl Doty CManagerD. Emerson was second in both the dual meet championship and all Mt. Baldy League championships. wr Rv . . S a BASEBALL First row C left to rigbtj: Daryl Doty, Ray Collins, Don Brimhall, Tom Derryberry, Robert Masters, Dick Anthony. Second row: Jack Jackman QManagerJ, John Caudillo, Jay Roebuck, Hector Lopez, Richard Reinjohn, Weldon Platt, Lyle Cook. Third row: Bob Henrich, Arty Keough, Ray Yinger, Don Bone, David Brooks, Coach Vic Sherreitt. f. 4 A sii. re, sesr THE PILLIES ' SENIOR GIRLS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Firxt row flefl to riglatj: Pat Smithen, Peggy Deal, Myrna Smith, Janet Wahlberg. Second row: Deanna Jacobs, Jeanine Hawkins, Mary Kasey, Elizabeth Van Dyk. VULLEYB!-XLL VOLLEYBALL JR. CHAMPS Bottom row fleft to rigbtj: Joyce McCain, Joan Kilius, Bonnie McCaskill, Linda Patrick, Nancy Edwards. Top row: Sandy Elvins Pat Marxmiller, Melva Rice, Anne Pedley, Vicki Teal, Sharon Watton. SUEIIEH 'N-.r . FX 3 ., X . , -f-- 'X I V K 5 M, , . W li ' rx - I , ,R 1, r fr- W' N -..M , A N tw , l f 5 I, lg l SENIOR GIRLS SOCCER CHAMPS Bottom rou' fleft to riglatj: Barbara Iyy, Patsy Dice, Ann Birmingham, Pat Smithen, Peggy Deal, Diane Falkenberg. Top row Mary Strange, Sherry Morse, Janet Simon, Mary Kasey, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Audrey johnson. JUNIOR GIRLS SOCCER CHAMPS Bottom row fleft to rigbtl: Judy Beyer, Edna Patti, Brenda Brinton, Betsy Arutunian, Mary Dingle. Top row: Marilyn Sutton Nancy Maurer, Stella Porras, Emily Mascarenas, Wallis Gilmor, Carolyn Kelley. - 1 f- I ,V ,,,, -...Wm-M-f BASKETBALL SENIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL CHAMPS First row I left to riglatl: Sharon Longanecker, Priscilla Barnard, Marie Randazzo, Alice Acres. Second row: Patsy Siddel, jackie Stahl, Elnora Lenz, Deanna Taylor. 'IAQ' JUNIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL CHAMPS First row flefl to rigbll: Barbara Michener, Shirley Sullivan, Anita Roe, Sandy Elvins, Jackie Powers. Second row: Sandy Mason Joyce Mortenson, Mary Horn, Marie Torrez, Shirley Pope. Q0 We t Mrs. Carters homemaking class is busy eating the meal which they have just prepared. 'KJ EL SS Mr. Rentchler is demonstrating the oscilloscope to about the only people who would know what he was talking about. Left to right-Marie Carter, Bob Henrich, and Gwen Holt. Q10 Q 5-hs-F also UU Miss Palomares is watching as Sher- wood Kingsley side steps Billy Taylor, the attacking bull. W9 ACTIVITIES 'IS ,, Mr. Lesley's class is busy studying per- centages as Lowell McGrane counts out the money to Bobby Simons. EKU be U UU Mrs. Campbell's discussion group is giving their reports on their particu- lar country. Left to right they are- jarnes Millard, Dona Slinger, Deanna Wickstrom, Phyllis Mueller, and Larry Biddle. Mrs. Shaver's homemaking class is re- ceiving a demonstration on how to sew seams. Sylvia Avants is at the sewing machine. kd, Miss ShefHer's basic class is busy read- ing interesting sea stories. 0 Za iw AQ 0 Pat Ausley, Gold Key award winner is the only one who received this award in Pomona this year. She is being assisted by Robert Masters, Mike Smith, and Joyce Adams. CLASS 60 Ernest Arutunian and Clayton Otto are busy sanding the coffee tables which they have made in Mr. Whit- aker's wood shop. args CTI ITIES UQ Mr. Smith is giving the boys instruc- tion on one of their metal shop projects as Don Wade is busy hiding 0 from the camera. Qy Mr. Wooton's Dramatic Class is pre- senting "Aunt Miranda's Will" as Gordan Orsborn trips lightly over the stage. M PM b eoffrey Hutchison, Elaine Palmer, and Vicki Teal are making a report on Germany. ASSE BLIES Y 1- ,tmir 'pimp L, ml We are now V.I.Pfs after permanently re- Olympic Champ "Richards" gets hounded ceiving Mt. Baldy Football Trophy. by Autograph Seekers. Going on a diet? Have Abe Morter show Everyone's happy! Who wouldn't be after you some reducing exercises. winning football and basketball trophies. Good work boys! ASSE BLUES , gif? l t .255 me 2 1 QW '4 IX viii' Football boys get letters for championship. Bob Richards congratulates Mr. Green on his winning football team. ifmfmpfsimwwaasssfwwnl v -xg, Nggzfgg X , that , . IQ,-Q 'i Mr. Bruce leads the glee club at the David Mr. Dellenbach CSantaJ gives Mr. Bruce's and Margaret Home Christmas party. daughter a gift at the David and Margaret Home Christmas party. IITIVITIES """-...x www 5 FN 1: YP., 4. , f ff,--,, Mel F Students stand at attention as the flag is A view of the dear Alma Mater as a sign is being raised, starting our Monday morning posted encouraging a vote of "yes', on the inspirational assembly. school bonds issue. The Radio Club seems to have drawn in- Mr. Barnhart is working overtime as he terest from some of our students. Trying ' quizzes Ann and Mike at the first ninth to be "hams" fellows? grade party. review' W , ,,,,,' ga ,QA imgg-11,V,,. If f, . its-,, ti L' 'W 'L a r sf-fwfsi1T,f3f2fzf i fffifiz 14 -'f1tft2,zl91 Q: 'sfi--it ff w ma Vim K, . . .Vm V-Vg . w ists V - . ww, ,. ,V ,,,H,ZkV . -. V, . K. .,,k . . , ,Z ,F 251 , 0,2 is iv N 'X mfg is t, . gif-fe.Vfi3fz'if gwilf,f-'iii"PTs45ww.Esf1c11:1gw'gff1,xx L,,L, V K ff fffff N -tVV V ,W ,if 'L', , .,,. .L,.., . ' iff? il- - 5 ETIVITIES V - : ..,,. I 5 v,.. t 95' M 'gm . a,mgVi-hz, A M955 ' A ' i I JL57U?f9'.?z -QEESQFEJW Tiwwafzf -' W . NA., . ,,..,, , ,a.M,.,,..,,, Q as 2 'fm 1 uw' 4 sf A were gifs S., rw , ff' , mg f S322 -'six at 3 '55 K Y Q 1 uk h is ,, 0, U5 fi? . ,, V K. . Z M Q: ' DI tg rm , Q if JT-r ' V is 3 is w Wat Q ig K S N 1 axfimvw N2 xi 9 9 ' ff ,". 'L-. E L , 1 QMQWWV, ,k-. ., K A. 4-ef , 2-, -- wi-1 ,maf-1:25, fwft ffvfl-est . W t ' Wlifil-Wa' ffi iii-i9f3ijf' i 5 W ---f ,- V fi ' x I ' -.-' vi' '--- 1 .,., .. a nd tcp .,.g.M-i-M-V f Qi wig' F' 1 . V--"V'- - " ' W . V ' "W V FSE!-. if-' .' -if ' -' . LV., :arf . . Q' " V , M sg: Q Q 3 ' if V ' -- - Tit! 53515. .. 1 'x VV fl 5 V Wi ., V 5, at ' a go 5 ' VY V t l t vt .V Q V A A -V , VV V if K X 1 'M t K' V, -f'- g -'- .V Y- w -fe V- V t Y mmAV , 1 ' W VV." i 1 ,, x A U ff i V - , W 4 5 ' p we '4 ey ' ' V 1 Z H S V , .., , . ,ky If I i 73 I 3 ,Vigtjwftgg 3 ' . Rv, 5?'vS 72 S i 19' " 'wx' ' V K Vs Ikffflfm , f it 5 ' 1 ., y X L it 5 V , U J ' A . , A N- w 'T-'iziit ' ,..' I -- , 5? ,, - 'M -' i ,.,. 5Z,!1'f. ' A - Tw- fV .Q V 9 V! -' Y' "A ' ,V V ii ' -V V-"' , A L f ' 1 ' ff Q- i - VV 'i . t vi- VV 'f ft z aiggsifgw ,E g W V It- ms4 ?!?k2?EWTx ga 1' .N :mafia n-":21":-"-f i ASM ' Eighth graders take time from class to see the presidential inauguration on T.V. Future voters of America cast their ballots for President. V 1 Boys, take note, you've got competition. You're sure to make a hit this way. Wim it f twig 'ali gp 'Val A -I4 if .41 19 new Ax'Q- f--, wQ,.,H,.1,, . --.-, 59'mwwmfw ynmwm pmmm sg-mm., pw-1 Q wr-N..-M 7-mm 'liv- xx K 5? an W" i W ' , . V, .Q- SHOW -.A K . :E ,f , . 5 'L Wm apiifwwm-wr",5'w?'m if Ai. Z? 2,1w"'y ' ww? HUUI-'PRINTS G G Q Q V Q Qi! G Q x i j Q L ww, I E K QX Q w w DQQQ? X V Ugg' SHUI' HUUPPHINTS Q Q Q 6 Q Q Q, Q I .hm W X i A El 599 1110 v ., -. 4, ,. J -:A f ' Ii:a?iI:5-:.'42Sl!"!".z2'i.- .

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