Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA)

 - Class of 1948

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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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1' 'll ll 5' 3' E' mi' is . .., iw: 5 F- "1 122 -- x ng: 13? . .J fu- 3' . I 1 ' 1 5 V1 -l 1 . '11 'lr E X wi 'Z H. .5 4 ' 1 'H 12 '11 . X fi L J' '1 qi H -J . P 53 Q? '1-1 P If f T '31 L 1 1 5 U Z 14uto9raplcA l' Qj 71 Q ffffffw W2 JWMW 2 ii b W- Q6 ff A Q fig me Wm Q A , M QEMWW QW - Wd QX"Ufc,g5g?x 6 , QV N W NT vga WM . E E gpwjj .Q 914 0. 6324. Q Q If ,g KwZfuf4,fY3 My QW gil - M, wwf if ' LLlQ,,5 WWA My X ' WX :V www Q-al! , QQ:-Jlfn Zgvgoylj 21'-.1 -fy ? 4 7- 48 il 1,-' ML- -ifggff, '6g,,g.,?qfV'31 ...M 2-+':sffi'fQa.y?s. , A '-at-y - wig, Q 3,3 1 t if" .--fl D ,- -x ,, , , 1 ,,..- February- April- 2-Girl's League assembly - 2-Girls Glee Club goes to Fremont 3-Game with Ir. Republic CTherel 5-Game with Upland Cl-lerel 9-Quartet ends 10-Assembly-magician l2-Teachers banquet 10-Game with Webb Cl-lerel ll-Senior Valentine dance after school l4-League track meet l5-Fremont Drama plays here 27-Assembly-Trumpeteers l2-Lincoln's birthday-holiday 30-California film l9-Drama class goes to Fremont 23-Washington's birthday-holiday 24-Game with Upland CThereD 24-Girl's League assembly May- 25-26-Drama plays after school 5-6-Drama plays after School 27-Fashion show March- 30-Memorial holiday 5-Student-Teacher. basketball game June- 8-Assembly-Basketball letters awarded H S ' 8-Track begins -D emma prom l7-lnterclass track meet D 16-Graduate 18-Telephone assembly - - h ' l9-Senior St. Patrick's Day dance 18 Report Cards SC 0015 out 4-Candidate assembly for Student Body officers l7-Senior breakfast-Blue Darts given out l9-Easter holidays begin 23-P. T. A. program at the Fox I' s O 1 no ' . oo ' AY , . h A. ,,,-..-.- - .- -J , , new 2- ..,f1 syn :AIX-'-1. - - .,. if-i..-. ' 'J Tit.,-a-,-:Z." , . 1' "-ff-.Qi "Q'w'.Q3" .'- ,:,.".,'.U. ,-, .iZ'.3'vZ1v.f" '-'-'7',""":, '. .5 ..- fit-Q -11,2 '-,Q-'1?fftSs',ff l-:3i5f3iTQ1'Q'f.'1.'5l ,4 ",:- H,e4+,.',L:t.'.f-mg lei- .a9'-mf-.f' 2...A:T.2,5' 3,-rf.-f--,Q 1'-1-,,.-7,-5'55!.--:--,5:':v'jf.g'I ,-,5f1.:fJf.-3 15132511-'Q-:'a,:f'12 'lt'-'--XQLLRRK .A '- , k,, ,.,,.A.. nu. ,A. ,bf ,,.g, .,y,v.f. ., ,,,,,, . , ,v,,., gf ., q.,., . ,,,,..,.. ,,., ,. ,,,-1 .. .1 J., . 5t'aift4f'-6425-. R eizfiai vii-a?'T:f.tizw11far 3: t "mr" ff'5?"t"E:fi1?f5?3357i1'-'ii5Q"?3'ii1i':,'25'9FIf''f"'l4 'il'-13f3L"-L . Ti. ' " ff.l'Q91i?.'QIi5' - ... a ng-n.,-"' """""""f- " fit... ' " g " ' l .W -.5 - h V L ""' 'fu 4-XG' '10' . x Ca endar fa- ' 'auf . - "i A I mffl -..- ..s v -V '-- 5 A 'KVT5-5 ' 'vs' fl' ,if , . ,. , , 5- .H a . gg? ..L,' - V, , 151, r ff' . 1217 45 ' September- l6-School starts K l7-Cafeteria opens December- 22-Assembly on Traffic Safety ' 22-Football practice starts. October- 10-T. B. Assembly ' 1.6-Practice game with Bonita CTherel 17-P. T. A. Fiesta Zl-T. B. Skin test 23-League game with Ir. Republic CThereJ 24-Boys' League assembly 29-Girls' League assembly 30-League game with Upland CTherel November- 4-Rotary visits 5-League game with Webb Cl-lerel 7-Quarter exams begin ll-Armistice day-holiday ll-Emerson - Fremont playday 14--End of quarter 20-Report Cards Oh Woeful day! 21-P. T. A. Tea 25-Basketball practice starts 26-Thanksgiving holidays 4-Drama plays 5-Football banquet 9-Boys' League assembly ll-Assembly-Football letters awarded 16-Assembly-Scholastic contests l8-P. T. A. Assembly-Girls' Glee Club sings 19-David and Margaret Christmas party Holiday begins 20-Christmas dance at night for Seniors Ianuary- ' 8-P. T. A. program-Miss Horbach 9-Scout broadcast A 15-Assembly-Marionettes l5-Basketball game with Webb CTherel 15-16-Girls' speedball playoffs 22-Exams begin Game with Fremont-High School 30-Assembly-Snow Allen 30-Quarter ends 5-4 H-.um 'GEFWST ,nmasurv l A .. .. nfs ' r ,. , -. z.... .-A . -- -Q :J - 1 T." ' , 1'-.-J",-2 . -- I:'i'fZf4- it-: r if :,:l1 " -"' M-'f .' ' Y,"-.. v.. ' s ' T 4 .ii .1 . -s Wig . 1521-2' ' '-?51.3f" 't-hgfi-'fr-' .137 vi''.'3'ff.!'?'Flfqff'-ff-fri 'Lutz ,le-1.135 " ' , .' Tfflf.-f':f.135.'.g- 4':5'Y'f! 'ff 'f' ' .-'1' f1: xg: Wx 1" -. R-,Ta-V ak--' - 'Z-21'-s. '5wf..g,"-.-.i?1f"l . . .a f '-":Ff-f'T":1' '- . -.tiff --15:13:31-S-HQTY-iff5"5T' -Y.1.Z4gFf'5".i'3?QfJ' "mit, ' .T."g',"f.:fi'if"F5F-'."J. . if ' !'i1g'6'2:Q-f".:4.1-1-Q1-wr:-Vg-v-Qi-1. .-vLF7-F'-,ngf'e's12-.213ff:.f-qQ.i4f,-'-xgsfz- I, .-5.5 ..f.h11sgfgg?.'-94,2-fer ev- ?'5'53J-ljf:kv L . . - 1, -Q..-Q,'4. ,:,- -,X-593: 3-,.-4.',yr:.': 1-te. wh 23 '-V-'f '1':-v-yy:-.1 --Q,-J.-w ..'. 1--,q ir -. -:A-3-f-::'-4, 'f--.' f 5.61 Vw' 'wwf E ..-Q.-.45",1::-q-'-gif-.. ',"f.-as-1,5 ..: .14 C'-,ffrug -ez-,-41's - :gr-' :Wifz?.::1,.s :LEW-.L.fmfv--T":fi,.. 2"?4f'?f'f' y'-2'--ffl:-Qi:h.:f.2y:'5+2.-ff'-F5545 '- -Sm..xr-.'w-w'.-.V-sit?-4-JQ'-i."frr3'fmf'P1 A31--I-"vw-C-5-f-' f. - 5'-1--3z:Qf'f: U - lil'-ffif' "7'Lf'fg11?v2i9:-'??2j.fG g:,1f?iGbgfa15.-11,-,f ur 4Isfg5"'fjg.,g,ga?' ,rg 1-qfff f. - - ' 1 ff"f'f. - " -, ' ' " "'--..'-:-' A-' . 4-:-:ef . .. ' f- 1 f:-4..fL:'.:.-'- V - 't ' av - r - ---- '- -,,.., 'rw-5 ",'.' e-v..zN-- - ., Mn . ,-,- V-.-: -, ,-1-.A W .- ...if--f---f .r 4. . ,, ,-3,1,... .Ng .ur 4 ,. . V ..,- '-'- zu '-,' . -t 'V S ' 'f4,1.-rr -.. --'- H u r.-.7 I .' f . fsfiS'yft-.fg,.g.L-1 ,'---. I ,V Q, I A , ...X k M ,ws sg? ,M I on- J as 9 8 ' A Q A , . ,li 1 1 vi. 11 xx Euan "if 'Q ' fi da, W l7 l , , A L, Q ffl , "W' A L EVL- 41- mf y ' i j 3 I Q fi? ffw ,- 2-fa J' J' M A5 t .Q 'W 3. A iw Ae 4- M., -.Jai 3 will 1 - ., wwf! Q fx fv - K ' 5 ' , Y . gk y 7. 3 ef 5 ':r K v ' ,mf ff Q ,4?fifz'ff f-K, " ' K. -as A A f QQ H1 z i V - XbV-. : tg i F ' J ' ' Q 7 E V ., ,- QM ' nmuunuu 2 x 4:2 -.,- 9 .25 wg, .-., :jf 3 lf in .ua :L ii V 9 25321 iiifdw YILJIFI See Mr. Barnhart's 9th Grade Basic Mrs. Kendrick's Homemaking 'fib- Mr. Chris1ian's Agriculture Group , 5'4A"J.' ' fm' x ' flag Mn. l I fi." gi? !f"N Y, I A ' . 127: QQ-Q f f - Q.-5gLs,.1 -'ff I V1 . fo C"'a'-fef C1444 Wvrlz .,. 42' - 15 'ij' r X , 7 M x 1' LS' A1 1 . -071 'Lf Y- ,Y v Mr. Whitaker's Industrial Woodshop 'fo -1 'X 015, x N ZF Mrs. Bower's First period Math Class E2 '+ K, x v Brings Mr. Smith's Mechanical Drawing Class The Parent- Teaclcend 01-gangation EMERSON P. T. A. Left to right: Mrs. Stewclrt, Mrs. Feinqold, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Buuqh, Mrs. Schield, M Allison, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. l-iiiqhes. The night of the P. T. A. Fiesta Claw 14ctiaIitieA Mrs. Campbe11's ninth grade basic Mr. Les1ey's seventh grade basic Mrs. Steiner's seventh grade basic ,.g.g . 9 X' C1444 14ctia1itieA ! Mrs. Wi11iams's ninth grade homemaking Mr. Brownson's eighth grade science Mr. Rentch1er's ninth grade science Auembliu CLEAN UP ASSEMBLY CHRISTMAS PLAY CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY MAGICIAN SHOW Q71-IA' Uolleyhll X GIRLS' SENIOR VOLLEYBALL Front row: Betty lo Fichtner, Marilyn Kraf- ka, Connie Winder. Znd row: Erna Siration Barbara Rentchler, Lavona Harbottle, lean ette Barrett, Marie Lehman. Back row: 1 Ioyce Hendricks, Lillian Ellis, Ioan Tann- hauser, Mary Kreps, Betty Brooks. T we ? ' itLg,L-,Ll -,Q ,eff 'fb ' rf' GIRLS' IUNIOR VOLLEYBALL Front row: Rowena Saunders, Elouise Wood, Arlene Callaway, Darlene Coats, Dolores Milton. 2nd row: lanet Holden, lanice Hill, Sandra Boyd, Barbara Horne. Back row: Adriana Gonzales, Isabella Garcia, Rosemary I-larrod. qw' 5,m4a,1 GIRLS' IUNIOR SPEEDBALL Front row: Suzanne Canine, Patricia Iones Ioye Iewell, Nancy Rath, Dorothy Hutchin- son. Znd row: lane Snyder, Yvonne Wyaii Jean Palmer, Annette Craig, Lois Horne Last row: Angie Perez, Isabel Munoz. GIRLS' SENIOR SPEEDBALL Front row: Prudy Ricca, Marlen Sund, Carolyn Sullivan, Virginia VanCleave, Charlene Murphy, Ieanneiie Licato. 2nd row: Ruth Ello, Ruth Perrin, Ioyce Mc- Knighi, Iayne Moore, Sharon Lacey, Mary McCarthy. Back row: Carmen Rivas, Marqaruette Canine. Front row: Virginia VcxnClecxve, Mcxrlen Suncl, Darlene Hill. Bock row: Rxith Ello, Ruth Perrin, Nadine Behymer. x sl df, S Z' 7 42:1 X R RfkEX . 'ri ' A "Y x Xa , a , . "HW Q, , ,nil , 5 7 , 4' ,lg 'Il - . ff-iiafifa! -'sf --2.15 1 -e-2 --..: ,-., x 3:1 5' CE' fllg h 3 'ln 0-n Kelp ' KaAlzet6all 1 -. - BASKETBALL TEAM Front row: Harold Hcmneqan, Paul Banales, Ierry Ponting, George Renfro, Howard Bellows, Charles Beloin, Mel Dow, Richard Movich. Buck row: lack Harris, Mr. Cook, Bill Kendrick, Bob Doty, Ralph Bonham, Iim Piatt, Donald Ranney, lim Tenny. FMS- " -- N rw fy Z , J' P . 33 b 2 Qi-'sms K-Mi? i ,W I , ' , Z In ?vot6al1 Scoru GD 'rlffix f 5 lik- if 'il n u ks Q FOOTBALL SCORES-MOUNT BALDY LEAGUE Game Score Emerson vs. lr. Republic 7 - O Emerson vs. Upland l2 - 6 Emerson vs. Webb l2 - 7 Emerson vs. Fremont O - O Team FOOTBALL TEAMS Front row: lim Piatt, Bob Doiy, Darl Morris, Ruben Vasquez, Richard Poniinq, Stuart Johnson, I. W. Owens, Fred Marshall, Mr. Cook. 2nd row: Bill Barnes, Bill Mcliendrick, Iim Schield, Glen Abbott, Ralph Bonham, Bud' Kilgore, Frank Parisi, Mack Mills, Richard Blaney, lim Tenny. Back row: Ron- ald Allison, Donald Ranney, Bill Greeson, Tom Maier, lack Harris, Tom Tucker, Mickey Laws, Don Siidham, Bill Backer, Don McEniee. fx,-xx .5 All I , , , Senior Claeer Zeadeu QA I if g p if re f' 5 Q. Leif to right: Icme Apple, Marilyn Krcrlkcx, Charlene Murphy. univr Clceer Zeadel-A Leit to right: Iczckie Bush, Gwen De Vcrll, Shirley R Coacluu Left to right: Mr. Cook, Miss Horbcxch, Mr. Young S'lwt.A of gamu 4 971-IA ' Tri-Ili Front row: Sue Steiner, Iayne Moore, Elizabeth Ament, Charlene Murphy, Paula Patiee. 2nd row: Laural Whitaker, Shirle Pennington, Molly Sheehan, Marianne Reid, Iudy Williams. 3rd Y row: Marguerite Wells, loan Griebel, Carol Engle-hart, Barbara Shreck, Arlene Silvey, Nancy Rydholm, Carol Sallinq, Marcia Calvert. Buck row: Mrs. Kendricks, loan Cox, Louise Lewison, loye Iewell, Belly Bacon. 'W YJ YZ? if 171 i "HF i o , 9 M W 1 ,,,. fwgggrq 5 My M 5 P 11 in k,,- 115 Kaya' Hi-Tj Left to right: Ralph Bonham, Richard Ponting, Ronald Allison, I. W. Owens, Dari Morris, Bill Backer, Bob Doty, lim Schield, lim Tenny, lim Piatt. xt fur' F4 GAG burma ER 'N . fr bl-anna E ra uouanxg Front row: Douglas Ranney, Ross McLeod, loahn Banks, Phyllis Maurer, Kelsey McMullen, Marvin Godfrey, Gerald Zans, Mrs. Shaver. 2nd row: Patsy Lewallen, Charlotte La Vars, layne Moore, Sue Steiner, Elizabeth Ament, Charlene Murphy, Laurel Whitaker. Buck row: Bob Reynolds, Martin Wendruck, lim Schield, Belly Bacon, loye Iewell, I. W. Owens, Marty Keouqh. land Y-, Front row: David Williams, Betty Brooks, Neil Herman, Shirley Schrock, Barry Knight, lack Wands, Richard Soper, Gerald Delitossett, Marvin Taylor, Dennis Mann. 2nd row: Billy Bearnon, Ronald Allison, Gerald Zans, lean Dickinson, Bill Nisbet, Gloria Swanson, Nancy Echols, Richard Sandford, Bob Blaney, Ierry Busby, Stanley Guth, Stanley Grimmett, Charles Cavanauqh, Bob Bonnet, Betty Schaffner, Lavona Harbottle, Glerinette Bonds. Back row: Robert DeGareau, Carole Enqlehardt, Gary Moore, Richard Palmer, lack Fast, Gary Washburn, Larry Woodbridge, Iohn Tomy, Charles Torrez. , ON THE FIELD I f -N gif gyffd' glee C106 l riklftcl 1 1 M Q .3 E O O f A L 2 iii an Ay 0 4 W itll - 1 l hi Front row: Nancy Pinclcley, Norma Richey, Nancy Bader, Iackie Murphy, Gail Hunt, Marie Lehman, Betty Io Fichtner, Carolyn Craig, Doris Greenlee, Sharon Deards, Evelyn Forsyth. 2nd row: Ianelle Harrison, Lu Anne McClellan, Ieanette Barrett, Ardon Thomas, Nancy Rydholm, Marilyn Hamill, Betty Tracy, Virginia VanCleave, loyce McKnight, Helen Trotter. 3rd row: Nadine Behymer, Carolyn Sullivan, Peggy McCoun, Darrelean Carter, Lillian Ellis, Norma Baugh, Dorothy Norman, Phyllis Holman, Adele Miceli. 4th row: Evelyn Weber, Iune Iulian, Carol Salling, Connie Winder, Shirley Ross, Marion McGrane, Sandra Longaneclcer, Roberta Rose, Darlene Spangler, Ann Franklin. Sth row: Joanne Kester, Patsy Steimle, Pat Collins, JoAnn Swanson, Emily Vandiver, Donna Parks, Florence Spotswood, Linda Biddle. Sth row: Ruth Perrin, Barbara Roseland, Ioan Cox, loan Griebel, Aline Carmichael, Beverly Lanqs, Nancy Beardsworth. Back row: Pat Edwards, Gwen Moore, Ianet Klassen, Nancy Wright. ' ,mg , , aw' gk, cw 2 o V BOOK R --- 5.4: Pg BOYS se 5. e ff gfng. 52, ,K i,V, g l M , Q is .Tryp XI 3 45 Front row: Bobby Scoby, George Lloyd, Barry Dow, David Bowers, Bob Lawrence, Edwin Collins, Hal Byers. Znd row: Russell West, lan Thornsley, Ronald Smith, Bob Putnam, Iames Willis, Harold Hannegan. Back row: Don Brown, Samuel Castner, Sammy Telles, Merle Welch, Tornmy Locker, David Schmidt, Mr, Bruce. Klue hart Staff PHILOSOPHER STAFF Front row: Dixie Lee, Marqarite Wells, Shirley Pennington, Paula Pattee, Marilyn Krafka, Marcia Calvert, lane Apple. 2nd row: Ruth Ello, Valerie Morrell, Louise Lewison, Barbara Turner, Arlene Silvey. Back row: Noralin Evans. Wanda Chappell, Mary McKen- zie, Miss Wilson, Erna Stratton, Carolyn Buckner, Minerva Shert- zer. Front row: Charlene Murphy, Laural Whitaker, Monte McCanne, lim Schield, Mr. Yeclc. Buck row Marcia Calvert, Sue Steiner, Sharon Lacey, Sara KeiserfEditor, Kathleen Hitch-Assistant Editor, Bill Keiser, Merle Welch. ln hiding, Barbara Turner. SQUPS ON D Ca eteria Crew Q A 3 5 ' r Front row: Glenn McNutt, Louis Wynman, Charles Torrez, Samuel Castner, Don Brown, Dolores Milton, George Davis. Back row: Bill Barnes, Floyd Bateman, Shirley Linnastruth, Pete Keiffer, 4- -' Darwin Milton. x j X ,,-, i D 1 1 its c. 1 STORE CREW AND CUSTODIANS Outside: Mr. Hautz, Mr. Wing. In store: Billie Ann Falkner, Arlene Silvey, Shirley Pennington, lane Apple, Mr. Whitaker. :x v 1 -, . -6?-5:11 . nk: -- fed CMAJ Y, Ni NIO - 11- QQ ALMKIR 'ax PROIECTION CREW Front row: Kenny Hadley, Bud Green. Front row: Iackie Bush, Shirley Ross, Geneva Chilcott. Back row: Mrs. Reid, Ianelle Harrison, Phyllis Woodruff, Betty Stanley, Marilyn Krafka, Marqarel Teale. 'Q5.....1 Buck row: Gary Androus, Bill Backer, Q Q Gary Vaughn, Mr. Renichler, lim Hall. I ,amy G., ,fl 1,3 1-,bk , 2 P z '. H fx rx . '... xQx I proj'6Cl'I on 5 I X.: ,J fi x X x Front row: Grace Wenclruck, Linda Biddle, Marilyn Wyatt, Helen Trotter, Pat Edwards. Back row: .AR E Iohn Black, Fusaye Yoshida, lackie Murphy, Lois Hugh, Barbara Rentchler, Wiley Clapp, Miss B1 Possum. 7' f 1161-af-1anA wi X 'l ' 1 If Il ,gnu-. , . . , , .- . , - .. , -sw-,H,fm,, W-.ir-.Q .Y B - Away: H Uffice Crew Left to right: Olive Gessell, Carol Sallinq, Mary Kreps, Larry Hixon, Sara Keiser, Ioyce Mclfniqhi SOUND CREW Left to right: Dick Dice, Hugh Thompson, Merle Welch, Ronald Magruder, Robert Marshall. Camera shy: Fred Marshall, Bill Backer. Mr. Simons and Mrs. Tangeman check the Dutch shoes from Almkerk, Holland rs: EQ' 1 . jfftfggufg. 5, Y. -l,, iv -'DA Q Am- it 4 ig ,gli 4. , 1 .41 K 'figs H , I 2 Q L 4 4 1 ,. 1111- f yi i z f ff 51 fr? V3 -,.?:gxiiQ'11 Q i T1 L,-417:12 1 gf, 1 'Tig 1 f i ,ua if 2 . K H 1 1 ' M7 , A A , I gi! , 5 ,,.. 1 -ff! f,,,f . f 1 1 a 5 , , L - , gg . ' K ici? :az . N, ' ' K 2 If . 5 I !' L K 4 g KR' . K V 1 ' if J' ' 'A'W.Ar,,. "1 T, 7 M xy., W j , f ,XM Y , ' M- R' " f-itch , K a 5094 ' G league Front row: Dale Reed, David Williams, Peter Swanbura, Don Rabun, Kenny Hadley, Montelle Knapp, Robert Marshall, Gerald DeRossett. 2nd row: Bill Backer, Wilmer Payne, Harvey Hoskins, Monte McCanne, Sammy Castner, Richard Movich. Back row: Stuart Iohnsan, Mack Mills, Bob Doty, Gary Vaughn, Mr. Barnhart, l. W. Owens, Mel Dow, Sammy Telles, Ronald Smith. BOYS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Left to Hiqht: Stuart Iohnson, Richard Movich, I, W. Owens. Camera shy: Gary Vaughn. GD' ls Leckque il-IA' Zeague Vw Front row: loahn Banks, lanice Hill, Margaret Teale, Carole Mason, Dolores Milton, Ciaynelle Burns. Buck row: Laurel Whitaker, Iudy Williams, Molly Sheehan, Billie Ann Falkner, Peggy McCoun, Mrs. Williams, Audrey Wilson, lane Putnam, Gwen Riggs, Ioan Ziegler, Patsy Lewallen, Charlotte LaVars. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Left to Right: Paula Pattee, Billie Ann Falkner, Mrs. Wil liams, Marqaret Teale, ludy Williams. Student Council STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Left to Right: Marilyn Kralka, Girls Vice President, lim Tenny, Boys Vice President Gwen Moore President, Phyllis Carlson, Secretary, Camera shy: Larry Hixon, Treasurer. X STUDENT COUNCIL Front row: Collyn Bruner, lean Palmer, lackie Murphy, Marianne Reed, Lu Anne McClellan, Mildred Ielden, Marilyn Krafka. 2nd row: Ronald Luettgerodt, David Neel, lim Tenny, Sara Keiser, Gwen Moore, Connie Winder, Phyllis Carlson. Back row: Michael Clepper, Dale Keasi, Ralph Bonham, Mrs. Tangeman, Larry Hixon, Thomas Massey. MRS. STEINER--1 and 5 Front row: Suzanne Canine, Mae Belle Case, Suzanne Ballou, Gail Becherer, Frances Collins, Shirley Sandlin, Gwen Riqqs, Peggy Lehman, Annette Craig. 2nd row: Ioan Hillier, Shirley Linnas- truth, Gloria Swenson, Yvonne Wyatt, Yolanda Starker, Io Ann Barker, Nancy Baker. 3rd row: Iames Welch, Donald Ray, Raymond Boyaiian, Iack Drake, Ion Keiffer, Dale Foster, Raymond Holmes, Ronald Luettqerodt. Back row: Lewis Wyman, Robert Craw, Richard Prettyman, Richard Klee, Maynard Sien, Iames Smith, Peter Swanberq. R SOME U? Fit? EE 271' X EMERSON STUDENTS VISIT POMONA PUBLIC LIBRARY ali MR. LESLEY-5 and 6 Front row: Diane Reinjohn, Joyce Yost, lane Snyder, Charlotte lohnston, Clara Searl, Donna Samuels, Elaine Zabroski, Pat Seqerlcrantz. 2nd row: lean Palmer, Betty Schaifner, loyce Donahoo, Ioan Ziegler, Lynnette Peters, Nancy Echols. 3rd row: Barry Anton, Lynn Fridge, Elton Scully, Bill Nisbet, Gerald Castor, Bruce Politsch, lack Farris. 4th row: Allen Mensinq, Ray Smith, Iohn Gibson, Bonnie Taylor, Hollis l-lartline, Richard Lopez. Back row: David Williams, Gerald Zans, David Shockley, Billy Beamon, Mr. Lesley, Mark Boyd. MRS. STEINER-2 and 3 Front row: Donna Marshall, Mary Thomas, Rowena Iohnston, Ioy Cruse, Mary Lou Hill, Emmylou Krausman, lol-inn Lee, lune Linder, Collyn Bruner. 2nd row: Iudy Goodale, Carol Wendell, Marilyn Kennedy, Bernice La Vars, Isabella Garcia, Patricia Buck, Ianet Holden, Elouise Wood. 3rd row: Dale Reed, Charles Furibondo, Myron Hatfield, Darwin Milton, Dewey Vandiver, Kenneth Osborne, Robert Pitkin, Rudy Saucedo, Wallace Tate. Back row: Gary Stidham, Andy Muscarello, Raymond Torrez, Iames Iones, John Lesley, Ronald Weinqarten, Mrs. Steiner. MR. LESLEY-2 and 3 Front row: Rosemary Harrod, Adriana Gonzales, Dorothy Pipes, Sharon Mooneyham, Kathleen Coulter, Rochelle Godlove, Marilyn Young, Sue Gaul. 2nd row: Arlene Callaway, Rowena Saun- ders, Darlene Coats, Audrey Wilson, Pat Mullins, Dorris Clark, Shirley Stevens, Linda Wilson. 3rd row: Barry Dow, Russell West, Ray Hutchison, Montelle Knapp, Bobby Scoby, Owen Unck, Mickey Burns. 4th row: lack Holloway, George Lloyd, Michael Clepper, Gerald Mills, Donald Ponting, Donald McColqan. 5th row: Stanford Spring, Ierry Nicholas, Ernest Meeks, Richard Taylor. Back row: Mr. Lesley, Robert Putnam, Floyd Bateman. MRS. SHAVER-2 and 3 Front row: Pat Reyonlds, Diane Rudisill, Sandra Boyd, Iulia Ortiz, Ann Walker, Carole Mason, Betty Humleker, Donna Keys, Mary Teale, Patricia Boney, 2nd row: Darlene Morgan, Elvera Salado, Diane Sutton, Sally Cook, Carol Grossman, Melbra Weaver, Corlene Wood, Ianice News- ham. 3rd row: Mrs. Shaver, Thomas Massey, Paul Salado, Gilbert Iohnson, Richard Urquhart, Robert Venolia, Earl Henderson. Last row: Richard McDonald, Marvin Godfrey, Billy Stief, Gary Christensen, Gordon Peterson, William Sliter, Robert Dale. ff-fill 4-fs 'D KSN 5 X h e entln gr de N-,Ji 'lf MR. BARNHART-1 and 2 Front row: Nancy Horn, Roberta Budish, Shirley Nix, Florence Hury, Patricia Sather, Nancy Rath, Bronia Weiss, La Vada Weaver. 2nd row: Carol Decker, Sherry Roth, lane Pittman, Elizabeth McCuistion, Patricia Iones, Wayne Warren, Sheila Adelman, Ann Carter. 3rd row: Mr. Barnhart, Iames Munro, Raymond Puhl, Hugh Thompson, Ronald Magruder, Robert Marshall. Back row: Gary Borens, Gordon Brooks, Charles Silverman, Roy Hollister, Larry Steimle. MRS. SHAVER-4 and 5 Front row: Maria Corona, Ianice Hill, Marlene Graff, Mary Leon, Ioanne Methven, Mary Lee Bimie, Lois Horne. 2nd row: Bill Mayfield, Wayne Moses, Elmer Sage, Louis Rivas, Iohnny Barrett. Last row: loe Robles, Gary Parisi, David Neel, Audie Milam, Don Rabun. ' 2 MISS WILSON-I and 2 Front row: Louise Mayfield, lune Lind, Adele Miceli, Mary Anderson, Barbara Prock, Ioan Myers, Shirley Allen, Donna Wheeler. 2nd row: Virginia Iones, Opal Thomas, Carolyn Blair, Marilyn Birmingham, Gloria Walcott, Ann Nichols, Nancy Stone, Eilene Caffey. 3rd row: Sharon Deards, lune Bone, Betty Io Hutchinson, Marguerite Clark, Roberta Rose, Lu Anne McClellan, Valerie Morrell. 4th row: Frank Iarosh, David Blackmon, Robert De Garceau, Robert Welch,.Gary Wash- burn, lack Wands, Gary Moore. Back row: Richard Sandford, Gilbert Balkan, Marvin Taylor, Gerald De Rossett, Larry Woodbridge, lim Hathaway, Miss Wilson. MISS WILSON- 5 and 6 Front row: Ioahn Banks, Marie Lehmann, Connie Winder, Betty lo Fichtner, Helen Trotter, Carole Hahl, Enid La Vars, Phyllis Lee, Lillian Ellis, Ruth Palmer, Mary lane Harris. Znd row: Dorothy Norris, Ianet Benson, Iune Scism, Darrelean Carter, Arlene Silverman, Helen Pasqual, Linda Biddle, lean Dickinson, Ieanette Barrett, Norma Richey. 3rd row: Allan Mollison, Barry Pullen, Perry Hillburg, George Davis, Truman Duncan, Ronny Sexton, Trine Perez, Tommy Locker. Back row: Miss Wilson, Ierry Busby, lohn Tomy, Bobby Duncan, Rufus Rico, Sammy Telles. 'lv MRS. REID-1 and 6 Front row: Gaynelle Burns, lean Myers, Iackie Murphy, Shirley Ross, Iackie Bush, Margaret Garcia, Ioan Farris, Ana Corona, Margaret Teale, Mrs. Reid. 2nd row: Ianelle Harrison, Ruth Enriquez, Betty Stanley, Phyllis Woodruff, Patricia Collins, Eloise Garcia, Sonya Swenson, Dolores Mikan, Charlene Shank. Back row: David Blacet, Edward Fleming, Edwin Collins, Wesley Budish, Richard Rico, David Schmidt, Don Martin, David Bowers, lack Wantz, Barry Knight, Gerry Loh- mann, Ronald Smith, Bob Bonnet, Brad Downey, Dick Miller,' Max Hallock. MISS REGNERY-5 and 6 Front row: Dorothy Hutchinson, Imogene Westlake, Gail Hunt, Betty Lou Treise, Barbara Higginson, Carolyn Craig, Phyllis Maurer, Iacquelyn Miller, Nancy Rochester, Nancy Bader. 2nd row: Char- lotte La Vcxrs, Sandra Longanecker, La Vonne Schwalm, Louise Graham, Marilyn Stotler, Loretta Meyer, Marilyn Wyatt, Barbara Rentchler, Marilyn lane Miller, Suzanne Graham, Kathleen Hitch, Marion McGrane. Back row: Miss Reqnery, Bob Rose, Gregory Zettler, Ross McLeod, lohn Black, Robert Thompson, Monte McCanne, Ierry Shockley, Gary Androus, Neil Herman, Wiley Clapp, Don Brown, lack Fast. f1S'?,gf . 991: tl: gr de l li ll I , MISS REGNERY-l and 2 Front row: Miss Regnery, Iocmne Kesler, Ierry Badon, Roberta Chilcoti, Anita Mascarenas, luanita Ortiz, Phyllis Hunter, lda May Power. Back row: Harvey Hoskins, Adrian La Vars, Billy Hardy, Farrell Fikel, Ioe Rivas, Bud Cass, MRS REID-2 and 3 ' Front row: Ann McKinley, Geneva Chilcott, Lillian Cleland, Karen Vought, Gwen De Vall, Marilyn Garrett, Lois Hugh, Carollen Carter. 2nd row: Dean Flagg, Kelsey McMullen, Richard Allen, Bill Iones, Hal Byers, George Rogers, Gerald Beasley, Glen Abel. 3rd row: lack Householder, Danny Diaz, Marty Keouqh, Bobby Lawrence, Samuel Castner, Kendall Striker, Fred Slocum, Mrs. Reid. Back row: Adrain Rodriguez, Jacinto Caudillo, Donald Denker, Donnie Simpson, Frank Rodriguez, Robert Holloway, Douglas Brown. 4? L., . V ' AQ' . -.VVV , ' ' ,V hwy gal? , ' ' in . V 1' 'K ' ,g I Y fy -.451 . ,A,. i ,IVV V QVEV , :VA A M N ,' y i ' "V',rx"Q 'Q - t, f.: , ', "L' 1 Art? 'e 5 V G e if i A - V -L ' 'X 'Q' t 'I ' zg "Q , rg -- X gi z. gzff , ' -Y 1 V' A , Vw-,,, 4.a .VV i I V. V V VV VL' N f at . eitt . V . f f s xt -. sg., .gg-f'EiiQ5"' .-ETL ' f if tff yg X H . .ti.. V .M Q.. U., d ia-.s Barbara Turner Virginia VanCleave Emily Vandiver Ruben Vasquez Gary Vaughn Evelyn Webber Merle Welch Turner Ginnie Emmie Ruben Vaughn Eve Myrt My grades in Eng' My long hair to My lipstick to Miss Not a thing My hard times to My shyness to any My curly hair to .ish to Anne Nichols Nancy Rydholm Horbach "Don't you wish you Don Ponting one who wants it Fred Marshall 'What's the answer "Gosh" "Dong! Dong!" knew" "Oh my gosh" "Oh my gosh" "Ouch" to this problem? To be on Broadway Educated note Everything To be 21 on my 2lst To try and get To get grades like T0 P1C1Y Bumble writer birthday straight A's one Gwen Moore BOOQi9 like MT- 1 year in my school Bruce life 'X I A .V I. Q G WH. ' QW' . Q' 2- V "1 K V ,-. . A rw in i t f Fi' t TW? A-'S ' . . ff -f " - , K' iff . ',,, -:' 2 V. " i j tl! VV,,if1V2z5fvVw V. I :.1:V: .,Vk . V ,Vi 14, .gf m ff,.Lifu, V-' V xi . if , '--ti . ...' ' - M1 1 -.1 .iz FV, ' f , I t f ---w--, . .23 VV ,,V V ,V 4 A, 1 V! V gi YQQQ. 'J .ggi-Kwai, , V KV em ill V 4 w V V N rig!! nic? V .V 'Qifiigilfw VV Marguerite Wells Grace Wendruck Martin Wendruck Iudy Williams Iames Willis Laurel Whitaker Nancy Wright Maggie Gracie Oscar Shorty Willy Vitamins Nan fly freckles to who My teachers to some Two cents toward My big black bow My favorite termite My long fingernails My heighth to lean ever wvaiits them eighth graders the new Emerson to Sue Steiner in Emerson to Mrs. to Lulu and Ioan Meyers " y." "Golly" when it is built "Howdy" Campbell "Whuzamajiggie" "Oh for heavens To go to Africa Raising collies on a "Gee for neatie" To be the second "Good gravy" To be Mr. Rentch- sakes" farm Doctor Ma-rilyn Miller To be a doctor ler the second To be a model t THE NOON DANCE This year the seniors made enough money through the noon dance to buy many new records and give several parties during the year. Most students will agree that this year we had some swell dances, and we want to thank the dance committee, who made this possible. if Q51 5 ,.. ,. it .TWT t. we K V, xiftingdikl rrlk M .. r v Q,. ' , P t A -W t ' "?" f V ' " 51 V. ':" -' ij Q " B 'C f at . xiii. 1 ' .-if I , y . V 2 -. rrhl Q . .A t S 1 e ttsse r to if l 1' A- Anthony Saucedo lim Schield Barbara Schreck Shirley Shrock Molly Sheehan Virginia Sheffield Minerva Shertzer Anthony Iunior Schreck Shirley Molly Ginny Muggins My "Cadillac" to My yo-yo to Mr. My brother's brains My studies to Bill My Bachelor's car' My bicycle to Enid My dimples to Ioar Rufus Rico Rentchler in algebra to Nancy Keiser nation to Louise LaVars Griebel Blank To be a pill pusher "Gads" "Oh corn" Apt to be most any "Shucks" "Honestly" Train Hopper To be an airestew- To play like Mr. thing Private Dick To get all A's Menzie To be another Arlene Silvey Mark Skinner Beulah Skinner My iickleness to My brain to Emerson I Laurel "Drop dead" lm ready for Stage coach driver Freddy" None of your business , i t ' - i fl- ' A255535 f 'f'l - 54141-1: .S V' A , A B' 4, ' ,y , FV Q .. If ' .3..:'fsf.1 y xQ , it 'ff--1 ,1 ' r tsertte 3 P 'trr ' - Sue Steiner Steven Stewart Susie Stevie My cavities to Paula My Algebra book to 1 Pattee the trash box i"l..over" "Oh my gosh" To be an old maid and run a bachelors home lo Ann Swanson Iodie My bubble gum to some poor scrub "l-leavens" A veterinarian Algebra teacher r'g. ,"ii i,.'1'Ifai2Z5gf2ff3 f Q . Ak,- . t loan Tanhauser Ioanie My outlines to Alice "Shut-up" Teacher .-xv . ardess " 4 -5 Richard Soper Soper My tennis shoes to Gary Parisi "Oh gosh" To get at least a C in English Darlene Spangler Dolly My perfectly good, unused, brain to anyone who knows how to use it "Oh natch" Professional black board washer- offer V . I ' t,'c '1 " fe11'o'W.QQx ' B ' A ., 1f' K--' H 4 - -- , - M i, .ft ltts ttt . -. ,,,, ., ' Don Stidham Patricia Stidharn Don Pat My case in print My brain in science shop to Mr. "Darn" Whitaker Stenographer "What?" Printer g Fi-ii ""i 512'-if . A iflifl V , t .Q , A ftfwfjffgg in :., .r e . ax ff '-" fi h yy, k , ,l N . 5 ' - li-' .uf ettye 'yie f Sgt, - ,f1. 1,1--f --,, Q, 1 K -. s ' 'kgyffgzfi s. j' Pffxfg sltt A tteite Zi, ' - ii'- ' '-" r iff. V f f Q4 J Vib lim Tenny Ian Thornsley Oscar Snookie My hair to Marty A cyclotron to Mrs. Keough Kendricks Censored "Huh" Smoke shoveler To become another Charles Atlas Dorothy Kilgallen Florence Spotswood Spottie My Algebra book to Eighth graders ,.Gee.. Secretary - if -..- we f., , ff .Y K1 gf- F., T 1f?? f,. ' ' . X if ' ff' J? Ms x ,',,, Z. ., A I tm ig Wir Barbara Steele Bobbie Dee My peroxide to Merle Welch "How gastly" Fire plug painter 1 tv ,H Erma Stratton Carolyn Sullivan Erma Suzie My F's to Betty Io My voice to Virginia Fitchner Sheffield "Gee whilekins" "Holy coW" Author Singer Y V . . istt A I i v i t S .. f iiy etl S es S Charles Torrez Betty Tracy Chuck Betty All my pink slips from Mrs. Clarke to Mr. Simons "Oh shut up" P. E. teacher - ' 4' . +V K , 1 is ,A Q 3 1, t tv JW 1' ,K ,V ff' Ax a Patricia Anne Steimle Patsy My 128 dolls to Minerva Shertzer HGUAYH Professional Ice Skater mix .': '5 'Q QSZH4 -J UW? S ?Y' - 'vt' I -1.1, 4 It ,Q .Q . if L ts -,Q-Qin 6 3 it 3 t ' -1 .Q ? e Marten Sund Shortie My height to loyce McKnight "I-lonestly" Artist is if Q 53 S 7 t 5 ,KZf,,,t A, L.. 3' Y X Q2 I 4 . 'fi' ". , PJ: Ii' - i . - A i fra-i4si"Lm7 'nwmfwuri , -1-,ahGif-tiesua-icsieeasfm-,,.,,, Tommy Tucker Doc My braids to Fred To leave my teetl' Marshall "Love that man!" Butcher at Betty B.'s to Don Ellsworth "What's up Doc?' To be a doctor Donna Parks Mouse ' My math book to Mr. Dellenbach "Oh horse feathers" To end up in the right place Pat Patrick 'E Y' we f 5 ti r ' 2 5 Paula Pattee. Screwball Paulie Give somebody My blue eyes to what l haven't got. Sue Steiner "Goshl" "I-lonestly!" To be smart ' rrsl ' ,, W, ,, ,,.. 5 A ,... F P yy, ,?.,. 1 . ..L- 'O ' f XT Marlene Phillips lim Piatt Marty Iimmy School to Linda My blue eyes to Belle Bill Hardy "Fish" "What's comin off?" To graduate To go around the l world in a wheel- barrow -, I 'l'f , S A .v jk'X1' .k:kkk' J,, Douglas Ranney Ioan Rath Doug Ioan 'o own Don McEn- tee's scooter "Hi Pat P," Die in Heaven Carmen Rivas Carmen My gym shoes to Miss l-lorbach Hsi.. l'o get good grades in Spanish My gym shorts to the 9th grade boys "Oh heck" Horse Rancher , Et fi ,', t 1725: .fii LQJI ' tiff! - I f -512-V.-, t ,er ryys s ,r ,ferr , ' ,f X Henry Roosien Hersh W of a molecule to Mrs. Kendrick "Et tu Brute" Tramp To get all A's David Pierce Ferocious Give Mr. Smith my new wig "Prove it" To be janitor of the Empire State build- , ing . n, ck.V,, H, , it ' 'f "c'.b , Y L it-2 i ' ' 1,T,f5gQ r:ij,5-.i L' K , my V, Marianne Reed Margie My bottle of proxide to Pat Newton ..GuY,. To ride in a Rodeo 5 f w 'Q ak f 1 v. 'ff ,,,. i 4 S4 f 'W w 'J Q ,r Barbara lean Roseland Bobbie My piggie bank to lohann Bank's "O stop it" To be a nurse L I L..,, z ,rr 'J Wilmer Payne Willie My art ability to Mr. Yeck "Crumb" To have hair like Richard Sarrail Nancy Pinckley Pinkie My freckles to any one who wants them HGUY.. Dressmaker Richard Reel Red My dumbness to some poor first grader ,Ohm To get out of school 5'lC1H z, ft f' ,ri ,.',xV. , xy W,,.7. . y yi I : 1 t ' ', L ' Jr 2 is , ' Ks' ' t ,Q Y-: .ff , I A X' -fffit f ' Phyllis Royalty Phil My blond hair to Pat Stidharn "Oh dear" Veterinarian rw t t 6? ,X --my L t Q . V, ,g,, - A l A., , 'rt aw! Shirley Pennington Penny - My math brain 'lg Geneva Chilcott "Shut up" To have a "4l" convertable ,, il. -t. . X . ' "3:l,1l' 3 . ,lf y K ,F LQ , Ruth Perrin Petunia My Spanish book to Ruth Palmer "Mercy on us" To be an adult - 'Q fe' . - Q l N. tr r, ti "" it ff 1 x ' ' Y. 'X' jf! sf ' 3 . Y ,W . srl, M y iii, Gerald Ponting Richard Ponting Ierry Richie My brains to Mrs. My little Black Book Campbell to Dale Keast "Lend me a dime" "Oh my gosh" Bum Street Cleaner A, . Q ,, QQ In . 1 I ,Vh' .tl r rlfr , George Reniro Bob Reynolds Georgie Bones Science to the 8th To be lazy grade "He did it" "What's the answer to tomorrow's homework?" Private investigator for Emerson yard clecmeup Nancy Rydohlm Nancy My glasses to Barbara Schreck "Rodents" To have a nickname , . ,,,V ,.Z. my To be on first string football C ' - -ilt'1.,w,e1i3JQ?" 1 BW tr elf Carol Salling Carole K t '! M 1 R -A , . , f1,, if ,X ,,t. fflel, i, ,,. 5, 'Qi ' ' ,W 1 W 3 Y in 1 r inf' ox, .f if . BQ Q. ' JE ,V - Ala- . it 1+ iss f .1 l sy E 5 Alice Pertile Pert My glasses to the 7th grade "Go get it" Poet . i. . ' if 1 , -- -J ' f .ek , 1- with Q 5 tr 55 5 r 2 wi A 5 2 Ee f ,al .13 JK x if r - fl. Lt, MW. ' QYNQX K Z. : - ' J? sig .. we , .H."'F'a .V Q-.J Donald I.. Ranney Spooks My big blue eyes to Grandma "What did I do?" To be as smart as Doug Prudy Ricca Prudy My fingernails to Dennis Mann l "Gollysl" Secretary K ' J swrr r sr r rf " i ,, , 1.4! W 5 W , fi il. its 4 5 15 PM ,I f u zz 'fs f '1 t'i' ' 1 .,,, I . Richard Sarrail W Peebody My bow to Prudy The school my books .,Hi,. To be a scientist "Well in To be a teacher Peggy McCoun Peggy My false tooth to the 7th grader who needs it "No lie" Secretary . ut-' -4 Q ' Erie., E ,ge tt, 'xr H V 5 ,f L,'AA' A l' 5 K 3 A 41 5 hi ' lim Mandel lim My money to Emerson "Be quiet" To graduate ' ' Gwen Moore Gink 1 My artistic ability to ' Kathleen Hitch "Oh brother" 1 To live to be 105 .fil l ' NWN ,, S S tg.. , ', . ,M ri , V .. 2, , 3lM5?KQKQ ,fy . 1 , 1 f v Q jg, -Q 3 lil X ss t 2 ff? E, .t stil , A tw 1' ff" A -.xr l vt? If ' -A 1 i it Sue MacDonald Sue Don McEntee Mac My history book to My scooter to Doug Miss Fossom "Golly" Sleep walker .,qw,. 'Z M .N t 5, Fi ',,,3i'vly1'fggg:-', - j -Eu Dennis Mann Denny "Unprintable" "Get your finger out of my spaghetti Martin" To cut off Prudy's long fingernails 'tii 'fi t , W ,ffl t f -- .... te lg . , ,G f -. , ' so QP. af Nl V Q l ELL? ff' 'Q' Jayne Moore Iayne My clothes to Barbara Steele HGUY., Actress , , , , .sylt l t- , ' - J 3 74 my , V gt. t Vtrl, ,L V K . A fi A "7 "t- if if Charlene Murphy Patricia Newton Charles Muggons Pat My cheer leading to my sister Jackie "Let me see your algebra paper" To act with Alan Ladd My peroxide to lerry Mills Hcmm.. Secretary Ranney "Let's cut a rug, babe" To live longer than Doug .t .4 ' , fu v f ' me . . , 3 f 5 .sig i ifjstrtgix Ioan Marlar Cookie My light hair to a brunette "Honest to Pete" To be a Blues Singer Anthony Molinaro Sonny My name to any girl who wants it "Hey Ruben" Dishwasher e ' ig, t H, wif' AQ? UP xr . as r , lm .',. if M. . Dorothy Norman Dottie My bubble gum to Lu Ann McCullen "Oh crumb" To be a Hot Rod driver Bill McKen :irick Gus My hair to Mr. Dellenbach "Loan me your math paper" Sleep all day 3 as 5 .J t . -if We K Fred Marshall Freddy All my Algebra tests to the poor fool who has Bower 4th period llxgbgfxoll Censored To hand out papers for Mrs. Campbell Ioyce McKnight Shortie My gym locker to a future senior loan of Arc Ir. "Careful, Daisy Ruth" L x H ft, ,,,. K . Ei sg ,,, ,, if Q. Af 3 Zn "H Eugene Banta Gene "Dah" My long legs to Kenneth Hadley To be a rancher 1 ' , A ' 1, .,., L f. if S' hth ' Q A z:.,g.Q1 J ' . j tll - H ft? 1 Sharron Montgomery Darl Morris Sherrie Stupid My algebra book to My bottle of perox- Emerson ide to Prudy "Gee wiz" Censored Nurse Hobo Evelyn Okada Mut My unneedy things to Enid LeVars "Oh you" To be a beautician lmaybel I. W. Owens IGY My curly hair to Marty Keough 'Don't touch little girl, little boy" To sing with Bing Crosby I gc ' , y g, ylQitllt rrtrl tt t , 1 f . I,.5iEgKa 1- Glenn McNutt Nutty My money to the new Emerson "Oo how rude" To be a -cop t E K Q ,,, ,Z Vzyt Vx Mackie Mills Lover boy To get a new girl friend "Whatcha doing tonight honey?" To be a bachelor, 4 2 f I 5 er lg, tyll .. 5 l e Q tg :,: s ,i::r,,I' LE' 1" ft v-,,,, ,rt ,'., , Q . ' ,.,' 1 all - Tom Maier Stupe My brain to Stuar Iohnson who need: it "Hush your mouth' Well, somebody has to dig the ditches Barbara Miner Bobbie Iay My dog to Pinkie and Ioan l "Well I must sayl that- isn't very nice" 3 To be an Eagle T and to be a race car Scout 3 driver on the ln- dianapolis speed- 1 way ' fi' ' fl' V - . . 'C' rr ' -frr , . , y , ., , ,,,ik:i i IEV K Bob Morrow Richard Movich Bob Richie My rubber bands to David Pierce "Aw iooy" To be a Royal Mounted Police- IHUII Richard Palmer Richard My dirty socks to Billy Hardy "Don't ask me" Ditch digger My A's to Gordy "Come to the oftic , with me, Gary" To get Straight A' W e, 5 Frank Rina Parisi Ir Iunior I leave the schoo happy without troubles' and a good grade "Holy Hank" Mechanic i'aswi:+ i 1 Q . L so Stuart Iohnson Helen Iohnson STUCITT Helen fly spike to Merle Romeo to luliei Welch "Big Boy" "'ifQlfX'4'75" Pitcher for New Censored York Dog catcher af f l ",i , ',,' ,'.i ig ieen iff r V A K.. ., 2 - it -"' ,. hu f' T , is, T ieie g mfg i' ' X' 2 fi ,iii . ' arl Harold Kilgore lack Kinkele Bud Jackson My math book to Mr. Dellenbach "Censored" -To shoot Indians with Tex Mary Kreps Mary sweet figure to Mackie Mills X "Oh gosh" answer a ques- ion wrong sometime My To My tooth picks to the wood shop "Thanks sporty" Engineer 2 53 21, Sharon Lacey Sherry My test papers to Louise Lewison HGUY.. To be the fat lady in the Circus Louise Lewison "Weizie" My blond hair to Paula Pattee "Bless Bess" 'o have lush hair like Marilyn Krafka Jeanette Licato Ianet l will my brains to some poor scrub "You kill me" Secretary 8 x ii!! S Bill Iones Billie A Two pencils to Don Brown "Really" To be a pilot . ,452 i f ":' W V gig" wg at f 3 fffa .i If 1, 5. 5' s or fe it ii? gk-u r W M 4 ff 4 ,E f ,L H1333 :r 1, g ,,-Y. ,11 3 , . fy., ,3 -, ,, E . 3 u Eff N eel 3. Jw Ianet Klassen Amber My rings to lane Apple "Your off your stick" To be a ian dancer s WL Beverly Langs Bev All my notes to Miss Wilson MOM .. Secretary Norma Lind Norma My blue slips to the trash box "Wah" Bubble queen Iune Iulian lunie lane's tooth to Peggy "Robbed" To visit Mr. Delen- bach's famous Whiskerville ik .4,V "f il' H - iiim ' f-cwsif -53: , z " ' -W wwf' 'VST ' - "'f'i'r , 1 f f 1,-.wx rg, -1 ' 'fg ,V W 'L' -W 'Sa s gy ein t ie, r , " Kei! ' trys' x, Q J 46 it 4' - - --1 is xtimft' f . strrs Iohn Klee Cupid My cigars to Mr. Barnhart's fat . A r -.z I - sf- J, - Qfg ff - .K , ,,,, I K T 5- ., is ,N fi! A l' X ,vm l N, i if Ka X., if s is Ami, ll ' Bill Keiser Lover Boy My .muscles to Cook "Tch" Mr. To see Mrs. Camp- bell not talking x itt ' Og 1,12 14. K if ffei is to 1, .:,- I A, W' " .ms r 5 K if Sara Keiser Sary My job as editor to Kathleen Hitch , ,l 14 5 , .,. f I Fx S , y A If Yi' sf N .L .N ,' 'Q Robert Knight Gopher My right loot tennis shoe to Monte generals McCann "l'm dehydrated" "Oh Hum" To grow sideburns To sleep like Darl Morris 'le ' zz , A it - i t 1 r.k. fi ' "i'i , A Vivienne Larson Mickey Laws Vivie Mic My glasses to an My running ability Owl to Billy Hardy "Where's my Alge- bra paper?" "Remember Mrs. Campbell, no talk- Nurse ing" . Track star A., 1- t i" ' -iiir , A i.. . ' ,,'i ' '-i. f - 5 kvrk L .--.,' Larry Ludwick Ronald Ludwick LCIFIY Shorty Mickey Laws to My grades to Billy Mr. Simons Barnes "Move it!" "Oh my gosh" Private Dick Electrition Wi? " W ' Darrell Kelley Kelley My seat in Basic to the eighth grade "Becuz" "You tool" Artist l-litch Hiker ret. ' , or 1' r tri? t it r . T' Marilyn Krafka Ioe Krausman Lyn Ioe My hair to Carole My school papers Engelhardt to the paper drive "What a rob" To be a hair-stylist "The heck with teachers" To buy a new brain at the dime store Goldie Lawson Proxy My seat in Basic to the lucky person who gets it "Nuts" A lady Mary Louise MacKenzie Mary Lou My ballet slippers to Mary Ellen Edgerton "Oh stoop" To get A's in His- tory Cl'la Hai - Dixie Lee Dixie My brains to Donna Parks "I reak of ammonia" Busy body Mary McCarthy Charlie X My freckles to Geo. l-larris HGUYI.. Stenographer Ann Franklin Frankie 1 My bow tie to Olive ll '::' '- fij l' 1 b 5 X r , 5 by 'ti' 5' ' ' af . tl Olive Gesell Margie Grantham Oly Marg Basic to the seventh My Algebra home- grade work to Mrs. Bower 5 "Ieepers" t To get an "A" in , Algebra V t Kenney Hadley Big lim Dirt in my shoes to Mark Skinner "Now's the time" Time keeper for Miss Horbach 1 5 W ft f x w rr ft g -7'-ws...,,dmMg lim Hall Swivel Hips Ralph's big feet to Betty Bacon "That's tough" "Howdy" To be a bird To be a Texan arf T - lrl r "I' ,,,' V . 'ii, g U t ,iii' f',, it fi, T r f, li' i,' Ji' ' " B7 ,z 'Ll-T Zi' 1 f-V fit jig: if ' Vitigw ' 5.-:2f2', ' GM gf-1!f,, lg,.g 5. ,'-, V ,, 1' ,yggl ii', Neil Hart David Hartke Hart Dave My curly locks to Mrs. Bower "Flex" To play pro football az 1 uw W The Termite to the new Emerson school "Go jump in a lake" Electrical Engineer I Dick Honaker Dickie One sack of soggy cigar butts to Mr. Bruce "Your ugly" Rich hobo on ct fast freight Walter Hom Walt My great ability in setting up type the Philosopher staff "Beat it" Iuggler r . Q. , - . , ., ,z . i i .. 455 . 3 r ,Z ' , ,Str Q . f, v , 3 . vi' ' 'K ' f ' 415.2 ' f.: fb-'12, , -If . -, A. - -jf ti? f . -if' - fig , Wh, A .fQi1,fsg ,V i A t N f it Q, 1 A ,sa 5 W .L o , f Qtr is to "Your time is my time" Snake charmer J if 4 1 1' A , its 'K' . it 5 f 4 Marilyn Hamill Marilyn To leave my curly hair to Arlene Silvey "Now isn't that keen" To settle down Lenore Hibbard Stinkie My yacht, USS Len- ore, to Mr. Rentchler "Gad" To be a chief nurse in charge of ether T ists s 'V ':'.. 3311 ,.x'1, '1'i, Dick Hughes Dickie My traffic post to Mrs. Campbell "Nertz" Doctor Peter Greene Doris Greenlee Bud Steve My address book, to Give an eighth Mr. Bentchler grader my Algebra "By George" book Ditch digger "Oh fish" ' Artist l' l H f l st I it Harold Hannagan Hal My shoes to the poor teachers "Go blow" To be as smart as Mr. Simons , it 1, . ' QQ r . 11 ? Barbara Hillier Blondie All my future horses to Bon "Drop dead" Raise collies Dolores Hunter Dolores My seat in Basic to Anne Nichols "That's a big fat zero for you" English teacher Lovona Harbottle None My horn to someone who has plenty of wind ,.Hic,, See :Sall e ff i , - . f'i.s'5:t ' 5 ft T ' . f' Melvin Hill Melvin An army of Proto- zoas to Mr. Rentch- ler "Big Ioke" Bookworm 44. A if -, ,.,,7 4 t, H Erdman L. Ireland Irish l'll die broke any- way so what's the use , "Huh?" To make lots of money D i A rt lille' i A .L ivy, tt 3' f . Bill Greeson Tex My ability to shoot stars to lim Schield "Ya'll" To be a doctor i ff ' f' we ,r 4 25 t M ag 1 if mf ' 1 if ? s K4 :- -1 i 1- Q . 1 Q uf. .gs Q r Ioan Griebel lo The pickle in my to Muggins lunch "By cracky" To have natural cur ly hair like Betty Bacon , r L uf- isa? X f mtv l 42 Eh' 1 ig my fn f js if 4 t, Y Q er f az: ' ' .L ' .H if ii Sli-it-g Georgiana Harris Georgie My knitting needles to Bill Mcliendrick "Oh my poor aching feet" To knit a straight jacket " 1 ,f .t , .gf , .sw , ' 2 ., :B ,V E 44 S , it f ., . E will E, ' ft r .g . WC Larry Hixon I-lic My fire crackers to Mr. Rentchler's chemistry class "Drop dead" Live to see the new Emerson Mildred Ielden Millie Stuart Iohnson to the war surplus board "ls lim Tenny here?" Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers ' Iack Harris Iackal A lock of hair ta Mr. Smith "Lend me a dime" To be manager o' Los Angeles Angels gi 'l'i -ww. , , iityigy y f 'TILE' I 'ow ws. ,,,,. if g.,.-. ' E Phyllis Holman Phil My Missouri accent to Mrs. Clarke "Well, my land" Den chief in the Boy Scouts Ioye Iewell lov My C in Spanish to Betty Bacon "Pretty Slinky" To get all A's like Marcia Calvert t. Glennette Bonds Snuffie All my F's to Dorothy Pipes A e 51 '. I 'E , A Q 'I-'V 1. it "Li gm 15' Morna Bowman Morny My gym shorts to Miss Horbach 59- 143515, stag J ,-wfvzf-.,J1: If " Q . . .. -. 5 E, -1 'rig V L'L' ' ,if Q- fi Q ' .f Rt ... Mg, 4 , Wagga, 3 5, ll iff' ff t r Q. 5 , it ,, i iv r is Ralph Bonham Gunboats My mustache to Gwen DeVall ' , 5 ' lv fi?i2?5 A wt K tan' AS? f , f if f Q 5, Phi rig' f RQ' Q if f -K -N k Willard Brookhart Willie My algebra grades to Mrs. Bower "Drop dead" "Iimany" "Hello" "Hi ya Beautiful" o be an A student English teacher To be an A pupil To be a Millionaire ' Lby, J H ii' A Jii i - . ists f, i i ' , - iisi Marcia Calyert Marqaruette Canine Aline Carmichael Charles Cavanaugh Crafty Sally Kitty Chuck long eye-lashes My ability in art to My brown eyes to My pet Protozoa to to Io e Suzanne Canine some stray cat Mrs. Tangeman Y Guy! No lieI" have curly hair like Betty loan Cox Ioanie will the apple in my lunch to Ioan Griebel "Honestly" To get all A's Don Ellsworth Elsie worn out shoes to Tom Tucker "No lie" Florist ,,DOn1tff To be a commercial artist Daniel Cuellar Dannv My tennis shoes to Mr. Cook "Let's go to Fre- mont" To be a "Cow Catcher" Carole Enqlehardt ' Carole My gym shorts to Miss Horbach "Oh, my gosh" To graduate from college "No future in it" Bubble Dancer ..Huh., A Garbage collector K f , 'W .t ,1 Q 4' ,, ' 1 V 5. mx f 'er A A ' ' .. X ,ta x at .Ill Q' 1--snr-. bglgc.. if sf ,, li' Denise Deignan Bob Doty Denny Lover Boy My red.hair to Miss My seat in Algebra Wilson to lim Tenny "Oh, isn't he hand- "Ohhh-" some" To be a good boy To see a White Christmas f ,V - ', W, :sir j2if1tz.:f-5jfe,Q4Q'fg ' ,edit-tif' -- . 15,11 K .-it wus u 2'-: . ff if - 'vt K , ,..,,,,.,., ,- A. E1 M 'i Merrill Evans Evans My grades to the Quiz Kids "That's a kill" Tramp it FW' Noralin Evans No No My math book to Mr, Dellenbach "Oh nuts" To carry a tune Carolyn Buckner- Carol My bobby pins to Paula Pattee .wr-. Vesta Byrd Vesta My history book to Mrs. Clarke Celia Cabrera Celia All my grades to the office files 3' f t, 4 "Weill" "Oh My Gosh" "To graduate from To become a First Lady teacher Emerson" journalist Sleepwalker -"' g f gf , A it . A . A .ii f , ., is sri Wanda Chappell Howard Cleland Patricia Clark Lucky Stupid Pat My books to Darlene Emerson to the poor My algebra grade to Carter kids that get it after some future unfor- "Crum" me tunate Writer "You fool" "Oh, I don't care" To be a great piano Professional Pro- player crastinator of Pre- carious Periods ' A ... ... ,.,, lk - ly LY in Ally' fi 'rs , ' ilii ' ri? V A I if fi fi i 1 Mel Dow Kenneth Ellington Ruth Ello Mel Kenny Ruthie 4 My 'Algebra tests to All my F's in Basic My pink slips to the Mrs. Bower to Donnie Simpson 8th Grade 1 "What do you want "Loan me a pencil" "Honest to Pete" ' me to do?" Graduate from Become a doctor Earn a million Emerson dollars Li. '- . 7 , f3f.Tf:f? , ' .53 lil", , C t sti r. C "i,' ..,. f u A "'. t . . i Billie Ann Fallrner Charles Falkner Evelyn Forsyth Pill Charlie Evie All my notes to My pink slips to the My English grades Mrs. Clarke office to Mr. Simons "For Pete's sake" A journalist "what is mi' President of U. S. HMGOWU To get an "A" in English s Q0 S. T:- ,, tg, f 3 v.. El ,Q ag if 3 .xt i 'e'l,f 1116 ..,.w ,ma ,f.-.' V Glenn Abbott hair to Marcia tl! it 0 ", N x N tt t Q l . 'lxhhg X Rxiwdf RXWWW e Senior 6 I I , tl . 'Qian ' fy . X , , ' fx rx 5, " J ' A ' ' ' 'V '.' 's V R M W" S1 , 1 , P I , . 5 A , 1 'AJ 1 st, 'it l . '-,,L R, Abbott My hall of the bench to Bill Hardy Censored Aeronautics engineer Betty Bacon Boop naturally curly Calvert "Golly" To have my mother work in the office like loye's NW Ronald D. Allison Ron Fortune to Neil Hart "Hi Babe" Ditch Digger Paul Banales Nigger No work "What fools these mortals be" No work -' ET, 5 f , Q . v W , , it fm A . , l i, N e- - ' Howard Bellows l-lowey My spot on the gar- bage truck to Mr. Smith A stitch in time saves nine t Q: s ? is t A 'P ' get 'G r Pk: - T fig ,. ,, Charles Beloian "Math"-yew My chemistry set Mr. Rentchler "O. K." Sunday school teacher wT7'r" A it t inter 1 Ronald S. Allison Ronnie W of a molecule to Mr. Rentchler "Ditto" Chew gum in class mielflii' f, t i f . Bill Bames Billie Emerson's Principal "That's a joke son' My laugh to Mr. Cook 1 iff., ,105 V A ,wt f flaw, ,fifty A V. 2 ,, W, W t,-. W - ,, 5,934 gm gifts, gym ' V4 "i., ' 4? fiiiifff f .-i., f itta Elizabeth Amen! Libby Ability to get F's to Bill Keiser "Oh migosh!" To be or not to be lane Apple Janie Mr. Dellenbach to some unsuspecting 7th grader "Write me a note" To go to Claremont High J izis it A 'fee 4 'rrntkfrrffv tssr , r A rilt A 2. i L A A 5 Ronald Bartley Norma Bauqh Ronnie Mutt To ditch Algebra My skunk lock to "Stinker" Charlie ' Nelson My Algebra book to the Salvation Army 1 Y' 5,1 . .L W 4 'Z ' l f R ' X St it' ' s U is ,f Y K 5 .W Qs Hi e ltr x 2 , 7 Q e Y -f 4. 2 if g ' 5 Y f 'Q' Q y af. 'rn W ,i-:ix , ,Qf-inte -et? . Sis. -fa -,,gil1, , wh vjxi . x Q, f " . -tx? 'Fit . 1:11 12214:-, Raymond Benacci ltchey to All my history writ- ing to Mrs. Camp- bell "My gosh" Censored Bennie Blades Ben My hair to Mr. Dellenbach "Wanta bet" To grow up some day "Oh Heaven" To be cz lady Gloria Blancarte Shorty My ability to draw to Louise Mayfield .,GGd., Artist Ioan Averell Ioan My curls to anyone who wants them l t t K ,,,V 'ki A - T' f-,k aug, , as -'W VN E 3' 'F R 2' R , if f ' 'iiiefi A Bill Backer Bill My school books t David Schmidt "I-lorrors!" "Oh what's the us To have curly hair Streetcleaner 1 11 i 'itl 'WML 1 E' it ,a-r R - ,ihr sg -3 ' ' , " it ' 5' Nancy Beardsworth Nadine Behymer Nanie Smudgie Wilted bows to ludy My sweaters to Williams y Iackie Bush "What did you "Shush-up" say?" To be a doctor To go overboard with Barbara Turner 'P 1"1 X B' Li, 5 ,V.7, fl: ir ti A i 4 eeif n n Beware Robert H. Blaney Bob I leave my unfin- ished outlines to anyone who will do them "For Pete's sake" Owner and manager of a bowling alley Richard Blaney ' Richard ' My case in print shop to the Philos opher staff "You fool" I-lot Rod racer 5 i m g 57, .L J GWR? sr. f 'lr it ii gk? 'iii Jie F is is r 3 ll w 4 1: ' '.-we-' MR. DELLENBACH B. A. La Verne Coll. E35 f, -s" :ff ,g, . . 2 4 5' M XX I r T3 Q LL .1 , , ti? Q 3,25 , . 4 MR. LESLEY B. A. La Verne Coll. ,. ,fi W . ..., ,. K 15112. E.. I iq! ... . A ' l X E5 -163 5' 2? MR. RENTCHLER Q lf MISS FOSSUM M. A. MISS HORBACH B. A. Secretary MRS. IEWELI. University of N. Dak. Iowa State Teachers Coll. -.I - . F- .Qgllf i ', A X if .,.. ' ti? 1' . 'L J 2 1- W.'A- 5 is 1 I Q I . 5 ' L A2 YJ' 1 Z4 J. 'MR. MENZIE MISS PALOMARES MISS REGNERY M. A. B. A. M. A. Ball State University Santa Barbara Pomona Coll. MRS. RUNYAN B. A. Secretary Pomona Coll. yi t. .. .ettt V I tt.ttt 1". l'tlt. ' eI'- -'t. 5 7 '.'e ,1 is . f t.t. ..e. l . 5 . 1 tstt -t". "': kk" ,,.. fe,t 4 MISS WILSON MR. WHITAKER B. A. B. A. Occidental Coll. San Iose Coll. MR. YECK MR. YOUNG B. E. B. A. Ill. State University U. S. C. in ,hifi-.T.155 MRS. KENDRICK B. A. La Verne Coll. O MRS. REID B. A. College of New Rochelle yy 1 2 ,LL Vly, ., 5 'ti A f J if . ff 'K N MRS. WILLIAMS B. S. University of Minn. MRS. STEINER MRS. SHAVER MR. SMITH B. A. B. A. B. A. Pomona Coll. Pomona Coll. La Verne Coll. and 1441-I. 5' culty , Pa H g fz Q an x ff 1-Qt' -wzaw 4 MR. BARNHART MRS. BOWER MR. BROWNSON B. A. B. A. B. A. Chapman Coll. Pomona Coll. Whittier Coll. I .. ,.,. H 'Y 'F A - . 4 .,.. ....J 4 ' .X x ., A I ' -' -N. Aaa - A " 5 - 1 A MRS. CAMPBELL MH. CHRISTIAN MRS. CLARKE M. A. B. S. A. B. Mount Holyoke College of Aqr., Davis Pomona Coll. 5 Q ,wig 34 xi L MR. BRUCE B. A. Pomona Col 1 55 was .1 M..-.Y if A MR. COOK B. A. Purdue VICE PRINCIPAL'S BLUE DART MESSAGE Emerson said, "All for each and each for all." May this sim- ple statement of the democratic idea be your qoal. X X MRS. P. R. TANGEMAN Vice Principal i BLUE DART DEDICATION We of the l948 Blue Dart Staff Wish to dedicate this annual to the Ameri- can youth of today-makers oi to- morrow. lt will be up to youth to de- cide Which Way this World Will turn, toward world preservation and peace, or self destruction. MR. A. H. SIMONS Principal MR. SIMONS Mr. Simons has at least three hob- bies, namely sports, fishing, and hunting. He has been an inspiration to Emerson boys in every sport. lust recently he flew down to the lower peninsula of California in Mexico where he and his party caught the fighting Marlin fish. y P PRINCIPAL'S BLUE DART MESSAGE ,lt is always with some regret that we bid each graduating class goodby. This does not alter the fact that at the same time we wish them all success in the days ahead. It is our sincere hope that there are memories at Emer- son that they will forever cherish. ,X 4"Q A . . . . . 1 RALPH-X,JALDO'EF'lERSON JUNIOR- K-HGH ' SCHOOL PRESENTS M' 1:65, I9 A 8 BLUE DART Vol. ZXSZL DRINTERS progress Quffcfffg Pe-sorocanpv f'7f' LJXV Lcsfcy W7 4 H 5ff77Of25 Xx x fl 4 V I K I F F .v 9 ,V l?'r'+34 .. a- A V I I, U iw x U 75, P. ,y , 1, .., ,p 7.95. ,J ,WL Ji., -1. ,A J,-.v':1, L-rf ',A:.:,s'4.,1-in1-11'-v 1 -1- 1. -HL.-. '1 4. M -1 A - " H! , , . ,, , 4. ., 1 ,A ,, V - 4-, L cf: .1.- 1,543.53lf.A1gyfj.V-.211. Iv: I! lvl 1 -' 4-44, -. , ' , x , 1,894 L- I-,-.1.'5,-.iw im .4 M ,QM,,,5,f,.,.,y,,-,5,gH,:..fe .4 Mn,----, A ' L- T7 - -A V-,.,1a-Niizg' nvwfmumfsfkaaefi-nsvsulrslfwrvvl ",.:rr1.w1 , ,LA .unxwwvvlh fw'51vwvww1f45eqilaerfzyi fart'-aiiwmvlild Lvl'-' ' ' ' -r-QTY' '

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