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Publz'sl2eal by the Students o Ralph Waldo Emerson junior Hz'gl2 School Pomona, California June ..... 1943 Volume Eleven 1 man DEDICATIO In these uncertain days of war and chaos many loved ones and friends are leaving us to go to the fronts of battle and industry. A few months ago our good friend and principal was one of these to leave. He left us to take an important position with the Red Cross. He has served Emerson ,long and well. First as a teacher, then as an administrator, Emersonians, throughout the years, have found him a friend and helpful adviser. The students and faculty of Emerson wish him much happiness and success in his new work. The Blue Dart Staff hopes that this annual will help to keep the happy days at Emerson living in his memory. In grateful appreciation of his sincere interest, understanding, and guidance, we dedicate the 1943 Blue Dart to Bertram A. Betts, our friend and principal. BERTRAMALLENBETTS PURE WURD XVith "On to Victory" as the for our 1943 Blue Dart, we, th Dart Staff, wish you to keep in that we are all engaged in a des fight-11 fight against I-Iitlcrism it stands for. Friends, brother fathers are on the front lines fig so that we at home may conti think what we wish and speak we think. As we go about our at home and at school, remembe by our studying and working w go "On to Victoryn and wil pence. It is with pleasure th. record for you the happy memo the school year 1942-43. It is pride that we realize that ever whose picture is in this annual i porting this flag, which we ha often saluted in assemblies, a striving to carry it "On to Vic i X ,N 4 -va ll A JM I N., , ,K -im., 'fe,. 'Air ME fd 4 5 ,f iff 1 QR I if M if KW , i. , , 3, Q Wm, uf N, rw ADMINI I mlow FARE WELL FAREWELL TO EMERSON .... It is with mingled feelings that I say Farewell to Emerson Junior High School. The years that I have spent here have been the happiest and most inspiring years of my life, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the splendid cooperation and enthusiasm of both the Faculty and the Student Body. It has been this spirit that has made the successes and even the failures seem worthwhile. I take with me many happy memories of Emerson and the friendly associations here. Through the years I will watch with interest your activities and achievements, knowing that the high ideals of the Blue and White will always be maintained. My very best wishes for your continued success and happiness. Most sincerely, BERTRAM A. BETTS Mrs. Tangeman-Alg., Coun- seling, Vice Prin. MESSAGE TO SENIORS The time of parting has come and we say farewell to the class of 1943. Yours is a time of wide and varied opportunities. In each of you is something that can help to meet this day's needs. May you recognize it, and use it freely to strengthen the cause for which we fight. As steel is tempered to make finer weapons may you be tempered to greatest usefulness. May your opinions broaden into balanced judgment, your independence be moulded into wisdom, and your bright remarks mellow into true humor, but may your gay spirit endure forever to make glad the lives of others as you have made us glad. Sincerely, A RUTH P. TANGEMAN, Acting Principal ADMINISTRATION Under the capable leadership of this year's faculty, the students of Emerson have learned how to become better citizens, also how to be good leaders in the world of tomorrow in which we will have a large part. We of Emerson were very sorry to lose Mr. Betts, but we understand he was needed for more im- portant work. I-Ie is an executive in the Red Cross. We cheerfully welcomed Mrs. Tangeman, who has taken over his position, and Mr. McPherson, who left some of his classes to be our Vice Principal. We realize this is especially hard for them, as they both have work outside these new positions. We wish to thank the office force for their splendid cooperation. Helping Mrs. Shepard were Mrs. Jewell, who left during the year, and Mrs. Glenn, who took her place. We were very sorry to see some of our teachers leave us, but we all welcome our new teachers. Mr. Rentchler, who was needed by Uncle Sam, was replaced by Mr. Bauer. Miss Pierson at the latter part of Mrs. Shepard-Secretary Mrs. Jewell, Assistant Sec'y. .4 4' Basic Miss Farrior-Math. Miss Fitch-Basic Miss Griggs-Basic, Creative Wt., Spanish the year took over some classes. Mrs. Sutherland was assigned to Junior College. Her place was filled by Bower. Because of the labor situation, Dudley left to take care of his ranch. Miss of Mr. Mc Miss Horbach-P. E. Miss Houston--Basic, P. E. Emerson this year were Mrs Mrs. Bauer, the Misses Houston, Farrior, Griggs, Carleton, and Messers Steiner was secured in his place. New . N C ton, Cummings, Dunlap, and Henthorn. Miss Gustafson-Basic Mr. Guhin-P. E., Biology Mr. I-Icnthorn-Piano Mr. Whital Miss Wiglil Miss Wilson-Basic Mrs. Pcnley Mr. Dudley-Basic, er--Scicncc, Aritli. wn-Mech. Draw- rt 'nson-Science, P. IE. pbcll-Basic leton-Hoincnuikirig FACULTY me of the members of the faculty have n their time and patience one or two each week to take over Red Cross Clubs. he graduating class of Emerson junior School wishes to express its sincerest ks and appreciation to the members of faculty for their hard work, and to ex- its best wishes to Mr. Rentchler, who is mmissioned officer in the army, Mr. e, who is a commissioned officer in the , and Mr. Stanton, who is to be in the d forces soon after the closing of school. Miss Palomnres-Spanish Mr. Rentchler-Science Mrs. Sanford-Art, History, Mr. Howard-Metal Shop M r. McPl1erson-Basic, Voc. Mr. Mitchell--Basic, Voc. Mrs. Newcomer- I'I0l'H01111llill1g Voc. Instr P- IN MEMORIAM Richard George November 21, 1942 'SW X James Herrling April 14, 1943 mwsum VICTORY H U SENIOR C L A S S OFFIC D. Meiklejohn, S. E. Adams, B. Musgrove, N. Powell. During this past year of 1942 and 1943 the graduating class of Emerson has been putting forth its best effort in bringing about an immediate victory by help- ing buy several thousand dollars worth of war bonds and stamps, and by bringing in several tons of scrap metal. The seniors also made a good showing in their con- tributions to the Red Cross and March of Dimes drives. The school was presented with a lovely gift from the graduating class. Among the many very enjoyable events of the year were the P.T.A. dances and the Tenth Grade Noon dances which were in the capable hands of Miss Fitch and Mr. Guhin. Under the fine direction of Miss Fitch, Miss Pierson, Mr. Mitchell, and Mr. McPherson, Emerson is having a fine graduating class. Their studies and ex- periences at Emerson have prepared them to go forward "On to Victory." xx 3 P' er-fx tw-fx Richard Adams "Dick" rabbits to Gail mpton. Lloyd Baker "B11kvr,' ability to get F's George Smith. obert Blancarte Q ffBobU V "A" in Woodshop Roy Rodriguez. Barbara Brewer "LiHlz' Dub" nny weather to lifornia. Stanley Adams "AAfific"' My big feet to Del- mer Nicks. Mildred Baker "Millie" Rollin S t a r n e s to Coleen Haigler. Harry Bowe "Bo" My sense of humor to Clarice Shaver. Dale Brown "Brownie" My hair to Rob Roy Emery. Bill Anderson "Andy" My trombone George Wyinaim. J. K. Bayne "Halu1xo1m"' My spike haircut Mr. Dellenbach. Esther Bowen HB0lI!'j'n My brown eyes Sally Steiner. Bill Bryan "Curly" Some new jokes Mr. Guhin. Dale Androus Nllfloocbrfrv My rnooching ability to Don Van Diest. Edith Beck f.-BN.kJ,,, False teeth to Phyllis Lee Parker. Joyce Bowen "I0ycie" My long black locks to Emilie Abbey. Dewnyne Casey "Casey" My seat in first period S. H. to "Toughy jones." Robert Arkle rrArk:r Buck teeth to Herbert Biddle. Richard Bennett "Dick" My grammar grades to Hal jones. Jack Brannan "Moron" My brains to Don Glass. ' Peggy Chain ffpcgsll My shyness to Betty Grunewald. Ralph Arkle rr'RHf6,n M y h a i r t 0 Dellenbach. s Doris Blacet "B1ackie' ' jack Todd's spot- light to Pat Ross. - Barbara Breedlove f!BnbXl7 My loud voice to Dolores Dunlavy. Louis Chenoweth "just plain Lou" Give my regards to Dan, Lou. Mr. IW 3 iw A .1 N r -1 4 '24 -l 54211, Juanda Clark HKW, My sweet disposition to Virginia Stevens. jack 'Corder "Carrier" My seat in Basic to Ted Baker. Laura Duke "DllkiL"' My skating ability to Lou Button. Wynn Farr "VC7innie" My seat in Algebra to Margaret Adams. Stanley Clark "Stan" My Basic grades to Don Jones. Eddie Cornwell "Eddie" My tardy slips to George Wyman. Donald Edinger "Don" Miss Finch to the Army. Ralph Fintel rrwolfan My ability in Basic to Dick Ewcrs. Miriam Clewett "CluiL"' I-I c i g h t to Marie White. Phil Curran "Mir-kvyl' My ostrich - raising ability to joe Martin. Gerald Edwards "I'I011c'1vsx" My "A's" to "Sis" Dorothy Ford "For1ly" The Girls' League to Jack Farr. Donald Colton "Don" My good looks to Herbert Biddle. Harry Daviess "Blown My halo to Douglas Rodewald. Shirley Eldredge "Ski-wool" My nose to Gloria Gyllberg. Robin Fuller "Slwrly', Mr. Guhin to Jack Metcalf. Betty Coppersmirh fi-BNN Chewing gum under my desk to Nadine Lusher. Josephine Day "Josie" Spelling g r :i Ll e s to jack Day. Elaine Else "Lane" My eyclrislws to Kay Else. Charles Galligan "Twinkle Ines" A pair of dirty socks to Billy Ficker. Margaret Coppersmith "Margie" My freckles to Je Robson. Jack Dougall frTiHyn My brains to Dav Lamb. Marie Enriquez "Bz'r!ha" My senior jacket my Bud. Wayne Gallup HGIOIIU Boxing gloves to Wi linm Lopez. ff "N Loran Garrett "Big Boy" wave to Gwen Betty Gibson l ,,Bl,,,3,,. iss Paloma res to iriam -Icrde. Illiver Grunewalcl NGfIlll1'n me red hair dye to iss Brown. Mary Lou Hazlegrovc "I-hazy" rs. Tangeman's an- er book to the next th grade Algebra ,ss. Robert Garrett nlullyii My football jersey to Bill Kennedy. Eugene Glover "Ga'm"' My bad grades to jenn Parker. Richard Gunther HSllI'l'lljVn My "C" card to Mr. Mitchell. Jim Hong "lim," My boxing bout in the finals to Licata. Alfred Gee "Tcr'mi!c" My English brains to Don Glass. Phyllis Goodale ffpbyln My ability to ride horses to Kay Garrett. Mary Guttierez "Mary" My school days to May Telles. Patricia Hollingsworth rrpllfn My red hair to Geor- gia Lichty. Bob Geier frLt,,clyn My cigarette lighter v.o"Dutchy"Edwards. Beverly Goyette "Bw" My baton to Norma Goyette. Eldon Haigler "Bull" My height to Bill Reeves. Terry Hornidge "Cr'nsorczl" My hair cut to Don Van Diest. Lois Gemmell rr E I g yn My peroxide to Dor- othy Burbank. Edwin Grigsby "EJ" My corny jokes to Mr. Guhin. Dick Hanson "Hum10,' Biology grades to any s u c k e r who takes Biology. Laurel Howard "Nurse" All my English papers to Edith Ruether. Melvin Gerrard PfMeIIl Tenth grade home- w o r k t o K e n n y Palmer. Elmer Grossman "Fuzzy" My ability to get into arguments to Phil Heathman. Don Hassis "PMID A certain poem about English to Mr. McPherson. Frances Huarte HFl'!lI1fIiGn My chewing gum to Mr. Mitchell. 1 00- Q30 Vx J Gi. 4:11 llilduv Bl-li 'Ill--xv OU N7 ,. gi? ii 5'- Edwin Johnson NEI!!! Pleasant memories of Sth period to Mrs. Sutherland. Robert Keckley ffK6,ck!7 My technique to Jack Farr. Doris Langs "Pancho" My ability to make outstanding reports to Juanita Brown. Robert Livingston ffLee7, A seat in Miss FiECl'l,S Basic class to Leonard LaCata. Anna Louise Johnson "IolJ11nic"' My P. E. voice to Jeannette McMurry. Wayne Ke gans "Gus" My good grades in English to "little" Livingston. Donavan Laskey "Don," My ability to get by to Herbert Biddle. Luz Lola Lopez "Lulu" My height to my sis- ter Olga. Park Johnson "johnny" My wide awake look to Don Van Diest. Robin King l'fB0b!l Long wavy hair to the 7th grade piano students. Nora Lavelle "Blondie" My extra pair of shoes to Mary Lou Swann. Sallie McBride "Susan" My e m p t y lipstick tube to Betty Brady. Ann Johnston "Ann" My freckles and height to Marie Wlwite. Helen Kirkpatrick "Kirk" My height to Pat Walker. Robert Lecce "Lever" My musical ability to Bill Fish. Jim McColgan UMUC!! All my love affairs to Jake Metcalf. Bobby Jones relwhn My "Hot Drum Beats" to Dick Hill Esther Jones My blond mir B irb ara "joncxie" I . . Eugene LaChat "Babe" My speed to Bill Reed. Helen Lindblade ffI.I0,173 Riverside b o y s tn Colleen Haigler. Nancy McDermotl1 UMW., My fingernails to Peg- gy Hanson. June Lambert ffljdiii Diamonds to Bet Owen. Mary Ann Linda "Lenny" My Algebra book Barbara Parrish. Evelyn McGee HE Wy, My accent to Ben Akers. Y-1 McKenna Spanish vocab- to Jeannette Betty Michael erBl,f,yn r efficient w o r lc :its to Milo Miner. Marjorie Moore "Margi1"' ' dark hair to :ty Brady. xford Newton, Jr. "Nvwl" lcrson to a fire bug. ii Q Teddy Marshall "Ted" My curly hair to Mr. Mitchell. Donald Meiklejohn "Mika" Mothcrly kiss to Don Van Diest. Donald Morris "Dmrky', My writing to Mr. Mitchell. Clifford Nichols rrNil-.kin Old pair of shoes to Elton Hoskins. 'A Bud Mason "Bud" My red hair to Robert Musgrove. Shirley Meiklejohn "IVlirkey" Thingarnnbob to Marie Venolia. Jim Mortlock rrM0rfyax New bandana to Miss NVightmnn. Harry Nichols "Chubby" Good disposition to Richard Marks. I Richard Massey "Dick" My track shoes to Mr. Mitchell. Robert Miller HLNH All my "A's" to Miss Palomnres. Scot Munro "Sum" Commando run to Mr. Guhin. Cleve Norris "Slew" Emerson to the scrap drive. I i -7 5 E' Raymond Matlock "Marry" I do hereby will all my brains to Bob Keckley Cas he will probably be here next yearj. James Miller frlkcyv My beard to Roger Patterson. Betty Musgrave rfBf,tf-,yn My blonde hair to Betty Akers. Kenneth Ogden "Kenny" Sour notes on my trumpet to Dick Ewcrs. 'Sp '.-T Bettie May "Bettie" My eyes to Lauretta Ellis. Don Miner ' "Shorty" My "Charles Atlas" build to Bob Abblitr. Dalton Newland "Skylark" My p o lt e r playing ability to Jack Farr. Doyle Oleson ffsonll My long eyelashes to Kenneth Jelden. P 1 ,K fi Q Q :. 43: 4 72 .1 1 9 x' litu- Garland Osborn "Gnr1aml" My appetite to George Smith. Ruth Pierpoint "Rutbit"' My loud voice to Dolores Cluff. Robert Reddy fPB0bD My poor grades to Kenny Palmer. Mary Jane Robles "jerry Mae"' Athletic ability to Connie Lopez. Pat O'Sullivan "Sully" My sweaters to Bev- erly Rury. Virginia Pleasant "Ginny" Spanish speaking abil- ity to Gail Frampton. Robert Rice "Bob" My Indian head penny to the government. James Rogers "Roger the Lorlgcr" All the fun I've had chasing pigs to Mr. Dunlap. Honerhea Otto 'rN1'f1l,, My big brown eyes to Margaret Adams. Nelson Pollock "Ni'1lir',' Great ambitions to James Graham. Annazene Riggs "Shortly" My height to Sally Steiner. Herbert Ruff nRUffu My bad grades to Don Glass. Joan Parker "F rwzrbyn My impulsive sophis- tication to Barbara Sheets. Shirley Pollock rrpollyn My I3 freckles to Gloria Gyllbcrg. Donald Ritter HRilfFl'n A better 10th grade to Miss Fitch. Richard Schwab "Sf.'b'1L'fll7u My chewing gum to Miss Dutton. Robert Petersen "Pele llllll R1'1n'lz"' My long legs to "Lit- tle Treat". Nancy Powell "NIllI!'F,' Miss Wiglitxiian for S. I-I, to jack Farr. Dick Roberts "Reborn" A snrong to Mrs. Sutherland. Tom Scudder fYlll,,'VY7 My shapely legs to Elsie Schroeder. Alexander Peter' "Pele" My height to Don Livingston. Lloyd Power l "Lloyd" W My 185 to Johr Masters. Roberta Robert: "Berlin" My Spanish speak to Miss Palomares. Donna Smith "Donna" My smooth temy to Betty Grunewali J in 'S Felix Smith "Swiftly" old tight sweater Gwen Luckcs. Alice Stratton "Alice" r blond hair to Tbara Zander. 'onald Torguson "Targi:"' my bum grades jerry Holman. Dunne Villincs "Grub" ' sense of humor lo ss Wiglitnian. Margaret Smith rrpvggyn My use of the word "binder" to the 9th grade. Bill Summers "Willy" My ability to play pool to Hal jones. Treva Trautwein fflljll My shyncss to Don Jones. Robert Wallace "Bull" My ability with girls to Larry MacMillen. Maxine Smith "Sailor" My big brother "Bert" to Margie Nell Smith. Dick Talbott "Ricardo" All unhappy hours to Miss Wiglitinnn. james Treat "'I'l'1'ul" Algebra grades to Ralph Miller. Shirley Weaver "Lm"' My "pug nose" to Roger Patterson. Miriam Southwick "Dead Eyen My height to Jerry Dougall. Tim Tate 'fT1'xax" My seat in Mr. Mitchell's room to ,lake Metcalf. Carmen Trujillo "THIN" Sleepy b e a ut y to Charlotte Ortiz. Donald Wickert "Don" My second hand all rubber girdle to Bill Julian. Ian Stewart "Flash" My golden sense of humor to Mr. Guhin. Robert Thomas ffB0bD My pleasing smile to Miss Fitch. Joan Turner "Ioanic" My gift of gab to Jean Parker. Barbara Wolfe "Bobl1ic" My vitamin pills to Kay Else. Gloria Stradder "Gloria" My singing ability to Betty Gruncwald. Jack Todd " Iaclzsovf' My red wavy hair to Robert Musgrovc. Harlan Van Cleave "Van" My bad grades to Eddie Sanders Patricia Woodbury "Woodie" My lorh grade traf- fic posts to Jeannette McMurry. ilQ 77 l ' . 2' l l-W '. 'A 1' ' -'iid 'l l 'wr ffifll l l 1' , ' 1'- ui? in :LIS .U r 'Z I 2, iv' X ,, f Y L ' . 16 1. la. I' A: Laurie Woodruff Bill Zietz Ted Evans Glen Peck Darlene Young "lV001ly" "Billy" "S1Jr'cd" "fl1ln1irz1l" 'rDllfll'llt"' My loving ability to My whiskers to Dar- My ability to flirt Ability to cause How to work coMnry Miss I-Iorbacli. ycl Gilstrap. to Bill Cochran. trouble to Gordon Ann Keller. Fisher. - v, .l, A 1 1 I I Emerson Person all tzes zfzff' "r V , : I. ,II X f , '-+C'yff,',1 , . "'9fT'i,Fgm:: ppfff' 'Q'-ls,'hmr1a.l" q7'6fW i kiiff wt , . L A iff' + f 4. f: z" 1 f 1 w 6 - w A f i inf J . 1 1 V 'C' X' few ex f Mk 2 S --'- LI ' f 'n'?s-Jef, " if ,' W 'FI-fin -.ff ' 1 ' X 'fffskwb f X ff ,Z " , X' 523 I W1 f 'Sis K - , X x ' A ,1 , X IQ 17 H V+, fam:-'f.m,K:1,"2'-a.:fwfqba-A-. life .: 1 . ,. MI-I,,,u'!gp!',f,H:1':,gg,, LQ , ll - .X ir, 9' TF F ,ng fl v. ' Q f ,-915 ' l ' J , N A I 'F X f ' ' 'r - 7 ---- K f A N ' 7 'xxx -X H 1,1 1,1 -1 If ll, , Q X- , f xi X A . , 1 f ""' . 'g-...- -.',,, .xx -MIX I H as. - ' - ' I ' f Wu . N353 .lim Q' 49 N -,gi .Q .,:, ,,, . ,skxffh U M fx : 'Q , ,fm f l W ' J f J ' 4, ,L x 'Af 'bf' x g" y d " fi 3 , , ' lla: -fipxx fig. , 1 1 k - 1 f gk xby '- " 1 4:-1,-,,- ' Qvfff l , " 5 . 1 , " ""' f X f A ' K' X ,4,. Y A U . f V I X .A..., -- K ,fn Y, 1. X , 11 A 1. f ,ff xx 'fr K Xl, 1 ff fl ...QW NINTH GRADE GIRLS With the line cooperation of Miss Gustafson, Miss Wilson, and Mrs. Campbell, the ninth grade has completed its course and is ready to start on its last lap, the tenth grade. We hope the members enjoy it as much as we did. Good luck to them in their added responsibilities next year. .1-is . YJ, First row-M. Nally, V. Pratt, C. Lopez, N. Lusher, M. Yackel, M. XVhite, P. Walker, B. Peel, B. Brady, C. Jarmin. Second row-D. Burkett, B. Owen, B. Owen, K. Biggs, B. Sheets, M. Adams, M. johnson, Johnson, M. Adams, D. Dunlavy. Third row-G. Lutz, V. Brown, B. Wllli3h1SOI1, L. johnson, M. Wcmod- ward, V. Stevens, C. Haiglcr, J. Fichtner, M. Venolia, B. Parrish, M. Tellcs. Fourth row-j. McMurray, R. Peirsol, M. jerde, E. Abbey, j. Parker, E. jones, M. Sherill, B. Morris, R. Clawson, F. Sanders, L. Reddy. Fifth row-D. Burbank, C. Shaver, M. Button, K. Garrett, B. Neff, M. Holcombe, R. Woodrow, B. Gee, C. Quire, P. Hansen. Sixth row-M. Smith, j. Coffield, S. Steiner, L. Bunger, A. Gist, M. Harden, H. Sage, E. Sage, J. Robson, N. Lusher. NINTH GRADE BOYS Well fellows, here is your chance for all of those positions you have hoped for, including the school store. Be sure to get your best girl out to all those tenth grade dances. lt's up to you to make your tenth year the biggest and fullest you have had in Emerson. You have made ll good showing during your ninth year. First row--L. Morse, B. Kennedy, G. Coonibes, R. Miller, N. Gadegaard, P. Aviles, A. Edwards, R. Tate, C. Gallagher, D. Gilstrap, K. jeldcn, G. Smith, J. Logback. Second row-R. Emery, H. Earle, R. Lowe, T. Perez, D. liwers, D. Glass, B. julian, H. Lewison, S. Rudisill, R. Marks, R. Mcjia, G. Foster, D. Rodewald, D. Winzeler. Third row-R. Patterson, P. McPherson, J. Lehman, P. Peterson, AI. Rabun, D. Van Diest, V. Palmer, S. Mordetsky, G. Frampton, C. NVray, A. Bcloinn, R. Moore, P. Heathman, W. Catton. Fourth row--G. Wynian, B. Martin, E. Maloney, D. Laskey, H. Mauzy, Martin, Herr- ling, L. Bower, L. ljeata, H. Biddle, IE. Cooke, XV. Lopez. Fifth row-P. Amers, R. Zaragoza, R. Rodriquez, J. Hall, D. jones, D. Brant, J. Morrell, M. linriquez, T. Albin, T. Baker, J. Farr, D. Essex. Sixth and Seventh row-NV. Beam, D. McPherson, R. Stanton, A. Harris, B. Fieker, A. Bremmer, J. Tanner, B. Fish, K. Palmer, B. Recd, K. Guodell, E. Vought, Hoskins, G. Baird, P. Ross. I.-I -..V ..... EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS The Eighth Grade Girls this year were under the supervision of Miss Gustafson, Miss Houston, and Miss Wightman. They helped to make the big and little sister party successful. The girls were both active and successful in their athletic games. 1 L 1' .3 xl! First row-J. Hale, D. Johnson, B. Todd, M. Nesbit, M. Pollock, P. jenkins, C. Blancarte, M. Trujillo, D. Snyder, M. L. Robles, B. Brewer, N. Pratt. Second row-N. Downs, B. Stewart, C. Brewer, M. Genung, M. Gregory, B. Green, L. Ellis, G. Lecce, S. Zeigler, J. Blackwood, M. Todd, R. jasper, R. MacKenzie, O. Lopez. Third row-L. Bromley, B. A. Akers, N. Goyette, A. Loud, A. Wriglit, D. Wriglmt, A. Pritchett, C. Spindler, M. Shepherd, W. Gemmell, T. Gemmcll, D. Mejia, I. Lloyd. Fourth row-N. Brown, C. Cordry, C. Silvey, V. Gist, G. Ferguson, M. Menifee, S. Neilson, j. Guyton, B. Cnudle, P. Smith, B. Tracy, D. Rose. Fifth row-D. Johnston, L. XVh:irton, J. Hildebrand, E. XVard, A. Lopez, D. Smith, G. Schwab, C. Rodriguez, E. Brmales, D. Cluff, B. Goodale, D. Cornwell, M. Stradder. Sixth row- E. Enriquez, E. Adams, D. RiHle, K. Else, L. Parsons, J. Rudisill, XV. Zicmnn, l. johnson, M. Vischi, M. Zulauf, C. Cotton, Bonnet. 1 r X7 -. X v'r'r- EIGHTH ,GRADE BO YS The Eighth Grade Boys were very active in sports this year. Some outstanding per- formances were exhibited in baseball, basketball, and boxing. Lewis Keeran won the heavyweight boxing championship. ,May next year be as successful as this. All turn out for the P.T.A. dances and all the games. ,,- vw'-"""g1 '1 CQ First row-S. Winklepleck, D. Skews, B. Thompson, j. Stevens, D. Lawrence, D. Campbell, B. Sutton, j. Masters, D. Nicks, T. Taylor, A. Fiehtncr, Ii. Rodriquez, P. jenkins. Second row-A. Hallam, S. Monfort, J. I-lenslcy, H. Peck, G. Fisher, B. Cochran, E. Burton, J. Lawson, N. Cobb, R. Benner, E. Knox, J. jackson, L. Roberts. Third row: A. Pierson, W. Pruitt, R. Graham, L. Seibel, j. Kimbcll, J. Stewart, R. I-Iill, B. Thompson, R. Sage, R. Smith, N. Bradshaw. Fourth row-R. Rabun, R. Bryant, D. Bellows, R. Becker, B. Abblirt, J. Richardson, M. Miner, R. Braden, H. Walsli, L. McMullin, G. Brady, A. Fuenies. Fifth row-K. Mathews, D. jones, j. Ransom, W. Foster, G. Payne, G. Rodriguez, P. Adams, A. Duval, D. Mooney, B. Reed, K. Smith, P. Malone. Sixth row-L. Keeran, J. Roman, B. Roberts, B. Clevenger, T. Crowley, D. Collins, G. Martin, R. Burnight, R. Glover, D. Dunagan, E. Madison, I.. Malone. I , -, l i 1- -' vi-nu-:pw t 3 SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS In the fall of 1942, one hundred-seventy-four seventh graders gathered to start their work at Emerson. Under the careful supervision of Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Steiner, Miss Griggs, and Mr. Dellenbach, they are now ready for their next year at Emerson. ?"" First row-J. McKenzie, P. Studebaker, D. Jones, L. Kiscr, j. Nelson, H. Pcirsol, J. Bingham, I. Raeklcy, V. Miller, G. Liehty, S. Ewers, B. Miller, D. Kinney, N. Biggs, L. Burton, E. O'Brien. Second row-N. Horton, B. Parsonage, M. Goodnle, B. Zander, S. Throne, B. Mnngcls, J. Tate, L. Goodalc, P. Parquhar, V. Owen, Y. Campbell, D. DeVol, J. Dougall, A. Cassell, J. Rodewnltl. Third row-P. Iimray, D. Palomar, M. A. Keller, L. Oleson, B. Sparks, D. Wliitc, B. Sparks, E. VanclerMei, B. Rury, j. Smiley, S. Kilgore, M. Whitaker, B. Ross. Fourth row-V. Bowe, P. LaVellc, C. Stone, E. Schroeder, P. Douglas, P. Decker, D. Caine, G. Moen, M. Kessler, D. Wliite, Tenny, N. Edingcr, A. Noe. Fifth row-li. Jones, M. Jones, Malone, Morris, C. Casey, D. Cuevas, N. McKinney, B. Hanson, P. M. Parker, S. Keller, M. Gelzer, ll, Seudder, G. Abbott. Sixth row-A. Lungs, D. Underwood, B. Willianis, V. Brooks, E. Dovey, P. L. Parker, G. Gyllberg, P. Horner, R. Ritter, P. Poole, M. Purcell, B. Hamer, J. Palmer. x 01' I l-64' SE VENTH GRADE BO YS A great deal of interest has been shown by them through their participation in school activities. They took top place in the Stamp and Bond sale, as well as taking a large part in athletics. They have now completed their work at Emerson in fine style. We all hope they will continue che good work. jo- liirst row-V. Coppcrsmith, A. Vejar, L. Ivie, D. Movich, W. O'Neal, D. Brady, Olivas, R. Treat, D. Livingston, B. Dunagan, R. Hodge, M. Pruitt, K. Dyer. Second row-C. A. Smith, D. Nichols, T. Deignan, J. Lacher, D. Steekling, J. Brewer, R. Marks, R. Lawson, L. Laskey, J. Lopez, D. Fleming, G. Justice, S. Wlieeler. Third row-F. Puhl, L. Smith, D. Jones, T. Hale, M. Stroup, D. Hazlegrovc, R. Musgrovc, R. Hester, C. O'Ncil, D. Payne, D. Ranney, W. Roman, R. Hanson. Fourth row-B. Cun- nison, C. Logue, K. Hcnsen, R. Reppc, R. Lachcr, R. Peterson, M. Neilson, R. XVharton, B. Yendol, B. Lopey, J. Laws, T. Powell, R. Hart. Fifth row-I-I. Reed, P. Battreall, L. Eagan, D. Cunnison, E. Sanders, J. Jones, R. Brady, li. Lawson, J. Holman, N. Crocheron, L. Welin, R. Bullock, M. Weber. Sixth row-l. L. Godfrey, A. Few, J. Dameron, R. Dubil, J. Graham, D. Weber, J. Gordon, D. South- worth, J. Jones, B. Gillenwarer, D. Thompson, B. Reeves, J. Anderson. 1 'LMN X V 5. , up " Ufvlfw D ka, L Nl...lr.N.c 1 l I' . I Dnxyx .2 Y 'T r J E Tl o u , 1 sf , '1 M A. E 1 5 'T Igrgul ' xxdlr '-'M awww 0 U O f 'M' 2 Y .- i'!""' qv 1355 wr - if -.l..,,,hM-A my Q ,,..,v .A ,,,- ' g ig". sd: :FW . JJ. T, ' -4.1 1' President-Jack Todd The student body officers who dc- serve much credit along with Jack Todd for this year's activities are Sally Steiner, girls' vice presidentg Joe Mar- tin, boys' vice presidentg Shirley Weaver, treasurerg and Bill Cochran, secretary. The officers have worked hard and with a cooperative spirit to make this school year one long to be remembered. STUDENT ADMINIS T RA T I Student body affairs have been greatly en- joyed this year under the excellent and capable leadership of our president, Jack Todd. Student body assemblies were con- ducted in a dignified manner. Jack's gra- cious Way of introducing and thanking those who appeared on our programs, and the ap- propriate words he spoke on each occasion will be remembered with pride by the stu- dents of Emerson. He presided over the Student Council in a business-like manner and assumed responsibility in true executive fashion. J. Martin S. Weaver A S. Steiner B. Cochran Girls ' Leag ue Qffzeerfs The Girls' League has given the girls of Emerson a sense of good sportsmanship, leadership, and friend- ship under the guiding hand of Dorothy Ford. This fine work could not have been attained with- out the untiring effort of these capable leaders: Dorothy Ford, president, Marion Todd, vice presidcntg Betty Owen, secretary, and Wynn Farr, treasurer. All per- formed their duties well. Mrs. Tangeman and Mrs. Steiner were advisers. P. Johnson B. Reed P. Jenkins B. LaClmr 1 D. Ford M. Todd B. Owen W. Farr Boys ' Leag ue Officers The Boys' League featured many interesting activi- ties for the boys including numerous fine assemblies. Park johnson, as president, proved to be an ex- cellent and worthwhile leader. Billy Reed, vice president, Eugene LaChat, treasurer, and Philip Jenkins, secretary, fulfilled their many duties well. STUDEN C ,W , . iw ,, First Semester pm First row-L. Kiser, B. Thomp- son, N. Powell, S. Weaver, J Todd, M. Wl1iERkCF, R. Logue P. Hanson, B. Cockran, B Sheets, R. Edwards, G. Lichty Second row-B. Arkle, B. Goy- ctte, K. Mathews, T. Scudder, S. 4 Adams, P. Curran, R. Woodrow, S. Steiner, J. Martin, B. Reeves J. Gordon, Mr. McPherson. Emerson's "On to Victory" effort this year was given whole hearted support by the Student Council which cooperated in the Scrap Drive, the Buy a Bomber Campaign, the Red Cross program, and many other activities. The Student Council has taught the students of Emerson self government. One member from each home room is chosen to be a student council representative and reports to the class room what was discussed in the council meeting. Mr. McPherson is faculty advisor with Jack Todd as president. n Second Semester . ' fl AM..,' 'A f-n-n-- - l . ,nafwnv First row-L. Kiser, B. Brewer, N. Bugs, E. Hansen, R. Pater- son, D. Skews, McDermotl1, M. Venolia, C. Cordry, J. Clark. Second row-Mr. McPherson, B. Arkle, N. Powell, S. NVeavcr, J. Todd, B. Cockran, S. Steiner, M. Gclzer, B. Kennedy. Third row-B. Picker, R. Matlock, T. Scudder, C. Nichols, L. Malone, J. Martin, J. Farr, E. Maloney, J. Rabun, XV. Foster. Q ' aa.euv.r...f n-. - :safe-ants. BO YS' and GIRLS' LEA G UBS First row- P. Jenkins, D. -Q, Hazlegrove, R. Musgrove, G. Smith, R. Hester, J. Lopez, D. Fleming, J. Stevens, S. Winkle- pleck, W. Roman, B. Cunnison, T. Powell. Second row-R. Bryant, R. Becker, R. Lecce, R. Marks, L. McMillan, G. Wyman, E. Cooke, P. Heath- A man, B. Gillenwater, H. Biddle. Third row-E. LaChat, B. Jones, S. Newton, S. Mordetsky, B. Reed, D. Villines, D. Casey, R. Arkle, P. Johnston, R. Gunther. Fourth row-W. Gallup, K. Goodell, G. Martin, B. King, D. Collins, W. Kegans, B. Cleven- ger, E. Hoskins, Mr. Dellcnbneh. The Boys' League, under the supervision of Mr. Dellenbach, has enjoyed many inter- esting assemblics. Park Johnson, as president, has made this a star year for the organiza- tion. This year's officers were: president, Park Johnson, vice president, Billy Reedg treasurer, Eugene LaChatg and secretary, Philip Jenkins. The Girls' League, under the leadership of Mrs. Steiner, adviser, and the president, Dorothy Ford, has entertained the girls with many interesting assemblies. These assem- blies proved to be recreational and educational. Mrs. Tangeman was the adviser until she took over the duties of principal. Officers this year were: president, Dorothy Fordg vice president, Marion Todd, secretary, Betty Oweng and treasurer, Wynn Farr. -0'-'Q '-Qs """""' . . ,Q".,f'g Y """iA'f' pi . .. yQP"". ' ,rggw 1: ... x I " ' - In - ,gr .i :H Q . - -4-- . rf", V A J. Blackwood, M. Keller, M. N. Bowen, M. Todd. Second row-J. Hale, P. Decker, M. Goodale, G. Ferguson, C. Sil- vey, N. Goyette, P. Hollings- worth, D. Blacet, B. Musgrove, B. Gee, C. Casey, S. Meiklejohn. Third row-M. Adams, B. Owen, B. Parrish, K. Garrett, F. Huarte, W. Farr, M. Moore, H. Lindblade, E. Else. D. Ford, L. Duke, M. Hazlegrovc. Fourth row-Mrs. Tangeman, J. Mc- Murry, G. Stradder, J. Robson, D. Johnston, J. Scudder, G. Ab- bott, D. Smith, C. Shaver, B. Neff, L. Bunger, J. Coield, B. Hamer. W ,. I. I Q at .J J Y ' ' , ' X if First row-N. Horton, S. Ewers, Swann, D. Dunlavy, M. Nally, A. Loud, V. Bowe, P. Jenkins, S. Munro W. Farr -'N S. Newton B. Musgrave P. Goodnle I E. Else T. Scudder D. Meiklejohn R. Wallace Mr. McPherson X-4 E234 First row-R. Fuller, J. Todd, W. Farr, M. Moore, B. Musgrovc, E. Jones, P. Goodalc, L. Gemmell, D. Meiklcjohn, V. Pleasant, B. Coppersmith, P. McKenna, G. Edwards. Second row-S. Munro, B. Gcier, H. Kirkpatrick, M. Coppersmith, B. May, M. Clewett, N. Lavalle, A. Johnston, E. Else, R. Schwab, E. Grigsby, L. Chenoweth, M. Baker. Third row-J. Mortlock, F. Smith, B. Arkle, N. Pollock, J. Corder, J. Miller, T. Scuddcr, P. Johnson, R. Gunther, E. Johnson, S. Newton, R. Wallace. Fourth row-T. Marshall, J. Brannan, C. Nichols, Mr. McPherson. BL UE DART One of the most active groups in the school was the Blue Dart Staff. While other groups and clubs have programs and parties, the staff is busy collecting and preparing material for your school annual. Scot Munro acted as Editor, XVynn Farr as Assistant Editor and Secretary, and Sanford Newton asv Business Manager. Betty Musgrove, Elaine Else, Tom Scudder, Don Meiklejohn, and Robert Wrillace all performed their duties of division chairmen well. Special mention is due Ed Johnson for his splendid cooperation and many hours of untiring effort. The whole group was under the careful supervision of Mr. McPherson. PHILOSOPHER The Philosopher staff is made up of students from the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades. It is a regular class. Not only does it please the school with its newsy paper, but it docs creative writing as well. The staff was under the splendid leadership of Miss Griggs. Congratulations to its members for making the school year a more pleasant and interesting one. D. Newland B. Wolfe P. Woodbixry R. Roberts N. MeDcrmoth E. Grossman B. Brewer C. Brewer T P. Walker D. Collins B. Kennedy B. Tracy M. Gcnung G. Stradder Miss Griggs ,wir aL E First row-K. Ogden, P. Goodalu, D. Rodewald, B. Musgrove, K. L. Biggs, M. Venolia, D. Mcikle- john, V. Pleasant. Second row- Mr. McPherson, B. Wolfe, P. Woodbury, 1. Martin, H. Biddle, G. Wyman, P. McPherson, E. jones. Third row-T. Scudder, C. Nichols, P. johnson, I-l. Kirkpatrick, S. Newton, Jr., B. May, K. Garrett, E. Else. TRAFFIC SQUAD I The traflic squad is made up of dependable ninth and tenth grade students. A new squad is chosen each semester. Their duty this year was to enforce the following rules for safety as well as to preserve the democratic spirit: keep moving, keep in the right traffic lane, walk and do it quietly, take but one step at a time on the stairs, talk quietly be courteous to all, obey and respect traffic officers and do not talk to traflic officers while they are on duty. Joe Martin, Boys' Vice President of the student body, had the responsibility of organizing and supervising both squads. Mr. McPherson and Mr Stanton were the faculty advisers. TRAFFIC SQUAD II First row-J. Treat, P. Walker, M. White, B. Owen, D. Burkett, N. McDcrmoth, D. Blacet. Sec- ond row-E. Bowen, B. Wil- liamson N. Powell, P. Hanson ' B. Neff, S. Clark, E. Abbey, P. Curran. Third row-J. Robson, A. Gist, J. Martin, M. Harden, D. Langs, M. Southwick, J. Lambert, Mr. McPherson. 5. r 1 "if, " " First row-K. Ogden, W. Farr, S. Pollock, B. Breedlove, Mrs. Glenn, P, O'Sullivan. Second row-L. Garrett, E. johnson, H. Smith, Mrs. Tangeman, S. Clark, Margaret Shepard, E. Else, Mr. McPherson. OFFICE FORCE The students who really keep our school going, helping everything to be on schedule, are those who help in the office. There is no rest for them. They run errands to all parts of the building, collect and mark the attendance slips and make themselves useful in many ways. This is good experience and is considered valuable in an educa- tional way. Ninth and tenth grade students with high marks in their school work are qualified for this volunteer service. LIBRARYFORCE This is a group of hard workers, which Emerson could not do without. Their duty is to help other students find the books they want. They volunteer their services, their only pay being the experience. We want to thank each and every librarian for his cheerful and valuable work. . , W , K, First row-B. Gee, D. Young, E. Ruether, Mrs. Penley. Second row-S. Clark, Lambert, E. LaChat, Parker, Lawson. Ten th Grade First row-F. I-Iuarte, B. Gib- son, P. Goodale, L. Gemmell, E. Jones, N. McDermotl1, E. Bowen, P. McKenna. Second row-P. Chain, A. L. Johnson, A. Johnston, E. Else. B. Wolfe, I .N P. Woodbury, B. Breedlove, P. Smith. Third row-B. May, H. Kirkpatrick, M. Clewett, D. Lungs, M. Southwick, J. Lum- bert, J. Day. GIRL RESERVES The tenth grade Girl Reserves is one of the favorite organizations of the girls. The highlights this year included: potluck suppers, swims, and dances. The girls were under the leadership of Dorothy Coon, the adviser, and Bettie May, president. The ninth grade Girl Reserves had a very enjoyable year. The girls enjoyed send- ing letters, food, and clothing to English orphans. Their lender, Miss Gustafson, and their president, Claire Quire, worked untiringly to fill this year's program with worth- while experiences for the group. Nin th Grade ---. First row--B. Owen, B. Owen K. Biggs, M. Adams, M. Venolia M. Johnson, B. Sheets, M Wliite, P. Walker, D. Dunlavy, Miss Gustafson. Second row-J McMurray, S. Steiner, R. Peir- sol, C. Quire, M. jerde, L. John- son, B. Williamson, B. Parrish D. Burkett. Third row-E Abbey, A. Gist, L. Bunger, B Grunewald, M. Harden, J. Par- ker, B. Nelf, P. Hansen, K Garrett. ' .Ji if . . - 4- 'Q---V - . ' 'J ' ' -' I ' .- -- .Ar I . A - ..! ar. l - .. ,Sf 4 First row-L. Chenowetl: P. Ross, D. Van Diest, R. Garrett, J. Todd, D. Meiklejohn, R. Mil- B. Arkle, D. Oleson, D. Androus, R. Arkle, B. Keckley, E. La- Chat, S. Newton, B. Reed. Third row-J. Tanner, T. Scudder, S. Adams, R. Matlock, D. Roberts, D. Miner, P. Johnson, H. Biddle, Farr. HI-Y This year the Hi-Y sponsored many campaigns throughout the school. One of the outstanding events was an assembly by Jeffery Morgan. The Hi-Y had its yearly shoe shine and also sponsored a Courtesy Week. The I-Ii-Y and Boys' League got together and really put over the Boxing Ex- travaganza. Two of the most entertaining parties were the Mothers' and Fathers' nights. VIGILANTES A second chapter of Hi-Y was organized here in Emerson this year under the direction of Mr. Mitchell. The name recalls the efforts of western pioneers to clean up their government. This group of fellows cooperating with the First Chapter should prove a material force for better government of Emerson in days to come. The leaders of this new chapter were: President, Clifford Nicholsg Secretary, Loran Garrettg Vice President, Wayne Gallupg Treasurer, Phil Curran, and Sergeant-at-Arms, Bill Zictz. First row-B. Zictz, L. Garrett, W. Gallup, C. Nichols, P. Cur- ran. Second row-R. Fintel, J. McColgan, D. Newland, H. Bowe. Third row-T. Hornidge, D. Edinger, C, Galligan, J. K. Bayne, J. Rogers, Mr. Mitchell, D. Hanson. ler, Mr. Guhin. Second row- V-- fi-is ,.--- -Q Y l',g 2-., lll En.. STUDENT CO URT The student court was organized this year to allow opportunity for student control of safety violations. The practice of following regular court procedure was closely adhered to. The members of the court had the opportunity to visit both the Superior and the Justice Courts during the year and patterned their procedure according to the information received there. This activity was skillfully supervised by Mr. Dellenbach. SPANISH CL UB Those eligible for becoming members of the Spanish Club are Spanish students whose grades permit them to join. Again this year we had a large group. The leaders of this year's organization were Miss Griggs and Miss Palomares. The members enjoyed parties, dinners, excursions, movies, and many other interesting and entertaining experiences. l 4 J A ,v-.. . g.H , HQ? mi I ,-in .hh 'Ad-1 'ELK .N GIRLS' GLBB CL UB The Girls' Glee Club has been a great success under the fine direction of Mr. Stanton. The Glee Club has entertained many times including the Trinity Methodist Church, the Women's Community Club, and in several assemblies. BO YS' GLBE CL UB The Boys' Glee Club under the Hne direction of Mr. Stanton has had an eventful year. Some of their activities have consisted of programs for the Rotary Club, Lions Club, and the Student Body. The Club held a concert at the Trinity Methodist Church, and entered contestants in our Amateur Hour. The accompanist for the boys this year has been Carol Herman. 'au V .. . .x.d2ii1.lll.l,-'11 'Fl vliw' .1113 -HF , i L ll l 1 ' fxfx ,S xj"! 14 f ra: --X, lv' Y' f A SCRAP DRI VE One of the main activities in the "On to Victory" program this year was the scrap metal and rubber drive, The students were divided into groups and canvassed their assigned territories. There were no "slackers" among the Emerson students. This was shown by the almost 66 tons of salvage collected. We received the grand total of 5350.45 which was used in the war effort. This was ll big step in the "On BA The band has given several concerts including the band concert in the C. Auditorium, concerts at the Victory House, Parades, and noon concerts at Emerson. The band, under the direction of Mrs. Simpson, has done a wonderful job this year. Emerson really enjoys listening to the band. They have had plenty of discouragements, but they still carry on. We really appreciate you, band, and we hope you continue with better years in the future. to Victory" pathway. IDPX1 STORE CREW 'IIOIRI 1 4 Nil ., Vw-f The store crew this year consisted of four outstanding characters who always gave you service with a smile. Because of the war you could not always have the things you wanted but the store was run in the same efficient manner as it had been in the past. The members of the store crew were: Stan Adams, Sanford Newton, Ralph Arkle, and Tom Scudder. Two of the busiest people in Emerson are l ll wngif n r wf Wfing and Mr. Wood, our eflicient cus- who try to keep things clean and in spite of our carelessness. Mr. has the responsibility of the Adminis- building, Mr. Wood the Auditorium We appreciate their hard work in Emerson a comfortable and pleasant X in which to study. '-X Nl ffffkiilv I l i 0 ' ' 11233 . l l ii .,.,1r First row-J. Farr, D. McPherson, D. Bcllow, P. McPherson, R. Grnhani, B. Rice. Second row-L. Bower, E. LaChat, C. Nichols, K. Palmer, P. Roclriquez, B. Reddy. Third row-W. Gallup, Mr. Rentchlcr, J. Brannan, N. Pollock. PROJECTION and SOUND CREW This group has shown us many educational and comical movies this year. Under Mr. Rentchler and Mrs. Bauer, these ninth and tenth graders have learned many things about movie machines while performing an important educational service to the school. PRINTING STAFF ....,..-NA 1 'TK' .uh -sf was Mr. Wluitaker, D. Ritter, R. Arkle, W. Gallup, E. LaChat, H. Wnlslm, G. Edwards. The Staff has worked hard this year to print the Philosopher and various school pamphlets. The printing staff is composed of ninth and tenth graders who, under Mr. Whitaker, have learned a great deal while doing a good job for Emerson. X 1 x 1' I 'TQ 'N ffl 43313 r I' fwfr I !v:f'N" vl,.: in I Q1 e 'X xl Eff X V . --H STAGE and COSTUME CREW The members of the Stage Crew have done a grand job this year under the direction of Miss Fitch and Mrs. Tangeman. They have aided with stage properties, pulled the curtains, managed the lights, and cleaned the stage for many programs and plays. Among their greatest contributions was the cleaning out of the costume room and the store room on the bridge. Things have been straightened up so that they can be found, and a system of checking out costumes and properties was inaugurated. ASSEMBL Y COMMITTEE During the year we have enjoyed many entertaining and educational assemblies. Under Mr. McPherson's guidance, the committee, with the cooperation of the Student Council, has scheduled programs and movies which have been pleasing and worthwhile to our student body. Some of the best programs scheduled had to be can- celled because tbe enter- tainers were called into the armed forces. Each of the four grades has a represent- ative on the Assembly Committee. 1 ,nr x .'. .xf ew 14.1.- 11 'QW 555' , ., ., ',l' C., 'all ., , " I' -'mln-ff , W F17 1 32. fl.: .11 C1553 s.-' 1 ':- 1- 3' 4 . Y-icky'-Q, ATH '1 3113 4. r nv-Six SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL First row-E. I.nChat, B. Arklc, D. Olson. Second row-E. johnson, R. Arkle, D. Androus, B. Keckley. Third row- G. Tcrpcning, T. Scudder. S. Adams, D. Hanson, XV. Kcgans. Conch Bonnet For the first time in the history of Emerson football the Varsity team combined with Fremont to make a Sophomore team. The team showed lots of fight and spirit and they won all but one C. B. L. game. The combined teams were coached by Joe Bonnet of the Junior College and Mr. Wright of Fremont. Some of the outstanding players of Emerson were B. Keckley, the Arkle twins and Androus. EMERSO FOOTBALL First row-J. Todd, D. Meiklejohn, R. Miller, J. Treat, R. Garrett, H. Daviess, B. Kennedy, H. Martin. Second row-E. Maloney, C. Wray, D. Colton, L. Chcnoweth, J. Rabun, D. Van Diest. Third row- V. Palmcr,,D. Edingcr, H. Biddle, K. Palmer, B. Zietz, P. Ross, D. Miner, D. Casey, QI. Martin, B. Reed, P. Heathman, P. Johnson. Fourth row-Mr. Brownson, P. Curran, R. Matlock, G. Baird, J. Tanner, D. Brant, H. Van Cleave, D. Jones, D. Newland, D. Villines, Mr. Mitchell. This year the Emerson Football team did not do so very wellg in fact they won only one or two games. Some of the players who are going over to High School next year are Miner, Chenoweth, Casey and Villines. Next year Watch Reed, Van Diest and Rabun. SOPHOMORE BA SKB T BALL . '14 First row-D. Androus, Ii. LaCliat, R. jones. Second row-D. Hanson, J. Rogers, D. Roberts. The Sophomore basketball team had a very good season this year. They were the corn- bined teams of Fremont and Emerson and ended up tied with Redlands for the Champion- ship. The team improved rapidly toward thc end of the season, especially Dale Androus, who looked very good in the last games. C BASKETBALL Starting off very well, the C Basketball team won their first two games with Fremont and then failed to win another game. The team was coached by Mr. Brownson and showed excellent ball handling but lacked the Hnal punch to win. Two outstanding players on the team were Don Jones and Don Miner. - ll! .s First row-P. Curran, D. Jones, D. Villincs, J. Rabun, Mr. Brownson. Second row-R. Matlock, D. Jones, H. Van Cleave, D. Miner, L. Lienta, Maloney. t...... a!rJIr'A,'.1..Y . . .L BASKETBALL i W First row-A. Guhin, D. Glass, R. Miller, D. Meiklejohn, J. Treat, D. Jones. Second row- J. Farr, H. Biddle, D. Van Diest, Doyle Oleson, R. Garrett, D. Winzeler. Third row-G. Baird, J. Tanner, J. Martin, C. Wray, D. Edinger, D. Colton. This year the "DH Basketball team was a great success. Although the competition was stiff, it lost only two games in the whole season during which 14 games were played. The front line was made up of Olson, Meiltlejohn and Tanner. The guards were composed of Van Diest, Biddle and Colton. This year's tennis team consisted mostly of tenth graders. The members really knew the game and played it well. Miss Houston was the instructor and spent several hours each week training the players. Emerson had matches with the near by schools, and came out on top a good part of the time. TENNIS First row-R. Pierpoint, N Powell, B. Goyette, S. Weaver F. Huarte, M. Smith, L. john- son, A. Johnston, D. Ford. Sec- ond row-B. May, M. Clewett L. Bungcr, E. LaChat, J. Todd D. Glass, R. Patterson, D. Has: sis, Miss Houston. X 8 ff, Q - ' :wx Q on J at A 1' m 1 TRACK First row-B. Zietz, R. Arkle, B. Keckley, R. Reddy, R. Mas- sey, J. Rogers, J. Todd. Second row-B. Arkle, J. Brannan, W. Kegans, L. Garrett, H. Bowe, R. Gunther. Third row-B. Reed, C. Gallagan, D. Jones. , , Fourth row-K. Palmer, Mr. Mitchell. Our team this year was in some ways one of the surprises of the season. Considered at first only fair, it developed remarkably. Witli Gunther starring in the hundred and two-twenty-yard dashes, we romped through a practically undefeated season. Our strong side was in the dashes, with Gunther in the short dashes, the Arkle brothers in the low hurdles, and Keckley and Bowe in the three-thirty. Other men who won letters were Bill Zietz, who ran the distances in snappy fashion, and Loran Garrett who did good work in the shot put. Many others came out and trained hard, but did not win enough points to get letters. They deserve praise, however, for their share in upholding the honor of the school in track. To Charlie Gallager, the team manager and Jack Todd, score keeper, who did a swell job in keeping the team together and administering to their wants, the team gives its thanks. BOXING First row-A. Guhin, D. Vil- 1 lines, L. Liearn, AI. Hoag, R Sage, T. Smith, T. I-Iale, L Laskey, D. Hazelgrove, L. Ivey R. Treat. Second row-B. Arkle, T. Scudder, W. Bccm, L. Kecran T. Baker, H. Van Cleavc, C Wray, D. Ewers, D. Mciklejohn H. Biddle, R. Marks, J. Treat 's Q QB' S ,, Z QB This year the boys in the Boxing Club learned some other things besides the art of self-defense, including how to get up early in the morning and that it doesn't do any good to try to dodge the draft. This year the Boxing Club was under the direction of Mr. Guhin who did a fine job in getting the boys into shape for their Boxing Show. This year's champions were: Lloyd Ivey, James Kimbell, Richard Marks, Duane Villines, Louis Keeran, Leonard Licata, Bob Arkle fought to a draw with Harold Ivey, Don Livingston, Jim Treat, Bill Clevenger. VARSITY BASEBALL First row-B. Arkle, S. Adams, E. LaChat, R. Jones, R. Arkle, B. Keckley, L. Garrett, B. Garrett. Second row-D. Meiklejohn, D. Van Diest, D. Villines, J. Treat, D. Edinger, R. Matlock, D. jones, D. Miner. Third row-D. Newland, Mgr.g R. Zaragosa, AI. Rayburn, H. Van Cleave, A. Gee, J. K. Baync, N. Pollock, Mr. Brownson. The Emerson Varsity baseball team coached by Mr. Brownson won the Fremont Series three games to two, showing excellent hitting and good steady pitching. Outstanding player at bat was Loran Garrett who hit them long and often. The novice team was not quite as fortunate and lost its series by the same margin. SE IOR VQLLEYBALL X First row-j. Bowen, C. jnrmin, P. XVulkcr, L. Lopez, L. Gemmell, A. Gist. Second row-E. Abbey, E. Beck, B. Coppersmith, H. Kirkpatrick, 15. Owen, P. Goodnle, Miss Horbnch. Volleyball started the year off for the junior and senior girls in Physical Education. An average of four teams was formed in each class. The Winning teams of each class played after school and the members of the winning team in this series were crowned volleyball champs. The junior winners were from period four, thc senior winners from period two. ,IU IO1? VOLLEYBALL First row-B. Stewart, D. Rose, A. XVrigl1t, P. jenkins, L. Zulauf. Second row-D. Mejia, J. Guyton, S. Neilson, Miss Horbneh, Ii. Tracy, C. Cotton, J. Bonnet. SE IOR SPEEDBALL First row--B. Coppersmirli, L. Gemmell, L. Duke, B. Musgrove, H. Otto, AI. Bowen, R. Roberts, M. Coppersmirh, M. Holcombe. Second row-Miss Horbach, E. Davis, T. Trautwein, A. Gist, Capt. H. Kirkpatrick, M. Sherrill, L. Button, C. Shaver, D. Burbank. The game looked forward to perhaps most of all is speeclball, a really exciting game. It is a mixture of football, basketball, and soccer ball. Cooperation is the main point in this game. The winner for the juniors was period four and for the seniors period two. The latter part of girls' sports was given over to choice. fU IOR SPEEDBALL i i P First row-J. Hale, D. Cluff, R. Pierpoint, C. Corclry, M. Nisbcr, Miss Horbach. Second row--T. Gemmcll, D. Snyder, J. Bonnet, C. Cotton, K. Else, V. Gist, D. Rose, A. Wright. , SE IOR BASKETBALL First row-B. Gee, C. Lopez, M. j. Robles, M. Gutierrez, V. Pratt. Second row-M. Baker, S. McBride, Miss Horbaeh, L. Reddy, M. L. Hnxlegrove. Basketball is the next sport on the list for girls. This game is enjoyed by all the girls. Some really good teams were formed this year. The juniors play nine court while the seniors enjoy a faster game of three court. The winning period for the juniors was period four, and for the seniors, period three. JU IGI? BASKETBALL 4 A First row-M. Gregory, D. Cluff, Ii. Adams, B. Todd. E. Iinriquez, D. Rifflc, M. Zulnuf, C. Cotton. Second row-Miss Horbach, D. Vfriglit, XV. Gemmell, l. Lloyd. D. Snyder, j. Hale, N. Downs, K. Else. ONTO - x V , .X V655 Q'-fl.- TORY "ff'v-4: psi ,v I .-54:1 1 27 if - N Q I I' ,I :va wg, ,rvOO effigy .4 I. Nh, : 1531! ""' X X !' ll J Rs ,dll .4-iii?" Llqlgli 'S-al 'fs' ,. 4:15 51 JI' A la A X S' g' I I 'RES .- Q 'la 'r O if' L. . Q fi : ,gal fyghnu. g c X 0 Q ' Q ll Ag f IBEW X 4 .A l I -go S Gi Q-g t gi f will f -Z-' ,.,-f- HEADLIN SEPTEMBER 11-School begins 16-Boys' and Girls' League Assembly 17-First major Student Body Assemblies 21-Football season begins 28-Tenth grade class meeting 30-Assembly explaining Citizenship Awards OCTOBER 8-School dismissed to collect scrap 14-Student Body Assembly 16-Over the top in scrap drive 19-Boys' League Assembly 22-Circus Day, school dismissed at noon 29-Senior Assembly 30-Noon band concert NOVEMBER 11-Armistice Day 18-Betty Lowman Assembly 19-Boys' League and Girls' League Assemblies 23-Student Body Assembly. Movie, "Irish Luckn 25-Memorial Assembly for Richard George 26-Thanksgiving 6-Student Body Assembly -43 16-Worliei' from Douglas Aircraft Co. speaks to Seniors 18-Christmas Assembly 19-Christmas Vacation-2 25-Christmas Day JAN UAI? Y 1-New Ycar's Day 4-Back to work 5-Basketball starts weeks 6-"Bobo, the Magician" Student Body Assembly 8-Boys' League Assembly 15-Senior Assembly 22-Student Body Assembly FEBR UAR Y 3-Blind Present Assembly 5-Girls' League Assembly 12-Lincoln's Birthday 14-Vnlentine,s Daly 19-Blue Dart Staff Present 22-XVasl1ington's Birthday s Play to Begin Pre-sale f f E B .. Q in Q ua 3Lw'A..nf-MWA 5 1 x v WA M A uhh 9 N "Y fl . ? s N N BW -.jf I I ' 6 nn' 1'-' 3 E I 'I 4 U I :i 7: l'l- 1' I X - . 'A v H so ,y joy ' Q ' 4 lu AOA Q5 V si I 'X 'Q fl' 1, EE.: .N ff? N A X - "6-if xxxxmxx' sassmiv, if l 9 U F3 U1 E U1 W 7 f' ff x H 4 E. WEE? -i I li-' r n Q 3 ? wi-s'i.? 1 1. 619414-1, C443-an-a Q - ,f bf Q K. ff HEADLI MARCH 1-Blue Dart Pre-sale Ends. S66 sold 2-Hi-Y Shoe Shine 3-Track Season Opens 4-Student Body Assembly-Margaret McKee 9-Senior-Junior Noon Sophomore Game 15-Fathers' night at I-Ii-Y 16-Student Body Assembly 19-Band concert given at Junior College 26--P. A. 31-Baseball Season Opens APRIL 1-April Fools Day 2-Color Day 5--Boys' League Assembly 9-Spring Vacation 19-Mr. Betts leaves for Red Crossg Mrs. Tangeman becomes Principalg Mr. McPherson takes over Vice Principal 20-Memorial Assembly for james Herrling 21-Mr. Rentchler takes rescue from Emerson in the Army 22-Girls' League Assembly 23-Boxing Extravaganza 30-Kenny Sturm Assembly R 1 942-43 MAY Girls' League presents skit J. C. Milcado opens -Mothers' night at Hi-Y -Tenth grade class meeting -Senior class ofliccrs meet -Movie, "East Side Gangl' -Amateur Hour Girls' League Fashion Show -Candidates introduced Candidate speeches -Memorial Day holiday JUNE 4-Senior class party 9-Graduation 10-Senior breakfast and Blue Dart Day 11-School's out X x 5? ffl Bj- Senmf p1C,'tUT2s p -5. ot Og f? Y 3 " no Fm 9 C- ffl i X fi EJ 'ev - 'i A ' l gl'--:ii I? ' --.1-'M'-fa ' X135 P "QW x be I 'N Nl! 3 TICKLE DARTS Mrs Tangemsm How long hwe you been working, your Algebr17 Bob Keckley Evei since I s1w you comms, into tht room Bob Arkle w1s loafing down tovs 1tds che finish line three yards 'ihead in 1 r1ce when R1lph 1sked Why 1re you slovymg down Im slowmg down for a photo Hnish sud Bob My profile is exceptionally fine from the iight side Stan A Who made the con1p1r1son9 Park J N'1ncy She seems to prefer G1ble eiry Roman Will you give me something for my l1L'1dD Mr Guhin I wouldn t t1ke it for 1 gift 'ack Farr Did you ever he1r of 1 person killed bx 1 deadly gl1nce7 oe M1rt1n No but I know of 1 guy who g,ot 1 broken 11m due to an empty st11r Tenth Grader I dont like these pictures I look like an ape Photographer You should have thought of th1t before zu," if . . : U z ' - i 7 On ,, . . . cr A - ' ' - x an . . k . . l 1 1. , 4 4 U I 7 '- :li fl I I ' ,DY 2' . KI V . . , - ,, Park J.: "I've often been compared with Clark Gable." I .. - ,, , ' u I ar J I . u - - A - - I n ' l KI I ' ' ,Y J . -f ' . ' , K ,, . . J . ' : " 5 . Y . 1 - I ' 7, . cz 2 - - T ' Q, . cz 3, A 0 I you had them taken. Mrs. Bauer: "What makes leaves turn red in the fall?" Phillip McPherson: "Wl1y, they are blushing to think how green they have been all summer." Herbert Biddle: "How would you like ll pet monkey?', Betty Akers: "Oh, this is so sudden!" Wynn Farr: "Why was the little moron an opium fiend?" Scot Monro: "Because he is such ru dope." I used to think I knew I knew But now I must confess, The more I know I know I know, I know I know the less. jf 'Rr 1 . , jg x '5 bei: -91? V -':l X I -l-1 l I Mrs. Browne A friend who is one of our best "teachers" is Mrs. Browne, who manages the big Emerson Cafeteria. She not only serves us a well balanced diet in the form of tasty dishes, but she has a happy smile and a pleasant word for everyone, no matter how tired or hurried she may be. She has great patience with her student helpers and is able to get a cheerful response and lots of work from them all. She is a tradition at Emerson of Whom we are proud. BL UE DART CARTOONISTS Bob Afklc Teddy Marshall Lu D , The above photographs are of the X three students who slaved to liven 4,7 l the pages of this annual. The car- ' I toons were concocted by the boys, J-is while Margie sketched KW! "Personalities" Marjorie Moore 19-.-v-uf-rv 1-u.. as it -wg: ,W .....7m.. .217 ...S--..-, Ny:-ng.. -fu----Lew - J--' T" Mlm G ":Y Y,,uLJ'-Pwzxi 'vw ,V,,.,,. ' 'Tl - aff...-.A-Y W 122- - AL ...- .-qw...-. - -,vu-.L ..-.-... Q-, .. ...,...- --I- 'HN ik 1 11 X S x , . 0

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