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f 4 1 f I K 1 'I' ff A 11 f it If f Y! 1 ,z , .. -.-- f f- v i w - --f"""'wf"' , 1?-A, '-'51 pl...-5 ,- H, if N1 .,, f. 1. H- V N V, ... N . , -' V K 'ax 1- 'Q-Ygfr ' , e gg. . , f -, ,bm Q, ' gl r Q k K 1 su 53" ,, 4' 1 ' ' '55 I A 1 'Q 1 , 53 A " 4, 'A' ,fx L9 4 14 wx 1' .. . . , ,, . .. . .1 , H. . . .,. ,. .. -.. ,,, .,. ,., - . .. . .. . . .M ,.. .. , , ., PVT 5i?fa:ff,g1.afF3:'g.4 ',3fy5jj'g3p.i:',.3LQY , ' 1. x, ,. ,' ,f.f-" f -St ag' .gf-5 A g ., . ., .Ai -' .mf mg-:,gfJ:55:1g.gj --3,15-.,g.g'v': f 2, f : .gr-1, 1 I: J- -sg.. .-131 g- -' N' .' ., ,Q-u,.1-',,.yA'J51-.gfigq '- . -5 . ,- ,.,.,g:wg4., V55 , . go, --L , 125' .:' gal., -'-"Y- -1-'f.5k . -I f... 1' Y , x 1, N 7924 gf--1.f3:. .., Mg, . I- 4.- .-1-'.1:. -.fa - - ' ' ' f -w , ,I J " 'ZW-ff.: -f.+ V -1 if'-5 ,v:,,'j., :'m ,g515b.f1'..-Hu u.,,1,w2'2'A':,f.-- . 2139.1 ,, zu. 4.3 3,1-1" t x V '. H 45.4 ju 413111 :ff Q-f ', f'..,.f4' "1" -fy, 1.31:-' 1 ., . . 1 v qf' - If 7 ,aw jr 5 : I J f' ' 1 ' 5. . I- .1 ' 1" -".Li"'j :j,:'Li,,'g1',.'-rx ' 5-,-2 .jglzflf -wal ,?i.f'A2y.fm.?L -fg3,.5fr'f :s M1111 ".,,,-jf Eff ,jj T . ,EJ jf 1051...- J . . .T ., 'N' ' Y 1. V I. , 'Y g ' . 'W-Jt:': lg 1 1 .j-Y. n"'1.r.p' -j' 13. I.r?,j. .- E, xii... 5 " ,A I, , u. f . ,I I 'Fa-.A ' f 1 , - ' ' - . Tri ,",'l. ', -' "- f- '.' - ",," 1 ll ' . - 1 ' ,'-. , A . , X . . . .. ' ' - - b - .rw -4- !-- .,. . .f - 1, .x . ' 4 ' , 1 N ' - h , I ' . 1 - ' '- A ' ', , 1 . 1 - , 1 ' ' K Q '- Q U D A Zf f o A - ' . N. . X ' ' ' 1 ' Q VL5p Q Q ' N' "T'3""I' 'M' W V ' 'YY AAYWY V l X1 WWW ..., Mlm fgfzziffw 2 f W R 4 r - - , L. 1 , 3 4 . X4 ' . W l 55 r ,J XR. 9 1' NJN W ACK . f' , Qfp ' au' .-,, "fb d ' ' 1 , N 5 . J ,Q 5 -.. A f. 'Rf-1 ff ., 97 , 1 N, B QR El ., A-X ii -bf? - fl .5 J, X b N . , Ziffggnl' V if V' 2 ' R ix K. if ' ff 3? - X XX . , . - 3 3' ' 4 - 'i Q A il :H 2 l ' , if fn "' ' f P' ' , ' In I ' X ' 1 if ' A . ' I "KAN-5 Q 'lj ,F 34 , 1 X 4 ' . . M .303 ff' im V. . w - f' a gy Z p ' - i ' f A f 1 1 V , - ,. . gg, . A A i P . . , h " ' 1 2 1 :.v"',X K' 5 , I l J X A 14 KF J I 'JA 1 . If V 14 Q . f . :,' .QL 5 Q4 1 9 . 1. Ei 59:2-ff 5 . 1 l txvv f , . , ' V ' I is i I I . , s 5 f' ' , 5 ' ' U - H15 1 Fu .Q . A M . ' , . s , . fy. . 'W ' ' I LL . X ' . . ' . , 'LT-' . ' i V' fi, X E I 5 K 3 ' ' , .x - .N L X ,w H 4 fbvllz 14' A A .1 - X Iv . ,fb ,Q F EY, 2 M554 f h .,V.' E V, 7 i . 25 . '. .,f '-Y l 4 wi 1 -N ..g'r.y:.,-an r . f ' Q , .- . VF: A 1 A H 1 N.. :. 1 A . fs f ,,.. 3- 24 J, J -w- I A , , x I 5, I ' . X 4 x X xy fir' 'XX I, S 1 vi f NXN '-4w..,T xy x 3. ,, h D, , lg, 2 ' f X: Y r N n l 5, ,,' '4 Y N Y NL ' 'x ' J N . E '4 N, X 'Q-N . K s f x N X N X ,X 2 , J L9 1 xx ' " x R , fffw MIL vafllffy , I X . I is , .:, .H ,Ni . w ,,.i.,. ,rs .,,- V- R W J W . .J ": " J ' . , 1 , 2 K 'J V A' P "V A ilisfa- Q flu, "1' t MH, QQKMI If . if :"""'f-1' :ii 'ia-'LV if K q MQ 5 QQ , 'L f -K ' i ' KN F 4 Fw-ii 1 ,vs ' XE ' B GQ , if Rf' ' 'A in 5- '-2x X if X? WWWC ma , ' V' , NM In h 4, 4 'M ,4,. jg..-' ,J ,.. 1 J L ,ef . f M ,fx o f- fx ,'ofJ'X M , W ,ff . A ff ' .fp 'Y LXN V N5 ' -W X2 J Ji!! A x Q, icgfvff In a f ,lg , . ,A if A ,gfwfk 'J' ,X , , Q- Vi" C' ' 1 o o uf e ' , f Q " . ' 2' A WM p Q 1 A 1M A . fi ' - uf' L. ,mf J N Y 113 V V K ,NN 'Ct 'ij X 6 X 11 3 Wm , M MQ , fy publz'sl2ec17.by the Students of CRafpfz Waldo Emerson Junior Hvigh Schoof Pomona, Calzfonnfo fune .... 1942 AN Volume Ten X - x ,J 1 " 's f .-' f N 1 I -'FA-Q, We in 4 is u P ,A 1 xi- x 'x xl N I 'X fx J xxx 5 52 Sgt PHOTO BY FRASHERS FORE WORD In this year of 1942, the most troublesome time our country has seen for many a year, we, like the rest of the world are engaged in a bloody conflict for freedom and justice for all. We are willingly sending our fathers, brothers, and friends into the armed forces of our nation. Thus We find it fitting to present this annual to the new spirit rising from the youth of our country-from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the boundaries to the very heart of our great nation. This year we chose "Behind America" for our theme, for in school, at home, and at work we are all loyally Behind America. The future of America depends upon us-the youth of America! Qu ,Q 7, ,A I, W, I H gf if ,Ili I i i ni if , pl A750 q,.,.s5f , f N! ff y 153 '!l" ,fi 3 iw" -7 f , Xxx ,,.l1"'iM . ,.fi,,i f li F 4 ,QXXV A T S CH 00 . . . 7 X he it Q1,.LW f Many of us at first were not grateful for the opportunities school gave us, thinking of it as theisame old routine-getting up when you wanted to sleep-morning classes-then the happy break for lunch- afternoon classes with other teachers-finally school out, but there is still homework for the next day-But now something new has been added, more interest is being taken in our studies as We know that it is up to us to make the peace that is to come. We are having more defense projects in our "old routine." It is going to be different- now that we are all Behind America. ATHUJWE. .. Big people, small people all over the United States, in large cities, and small towns all are working towards one goal. That goal is Victory. Picking up a scrap of paper here, saving a scrap of tin, working on a plot of ground for a Victory Garden, when we could be at play. Never grumbling when we can not take a trip because of the rubber shortage and keeping a stiff upper lip when things go wrong: these are all definite projects which will be important factors in our Victory. Freedom, liberty, free speech, freedom of religion and the press are worth fighting for. It is up to us to keep that "freedom,' and keep Behind America. AT WORK . We must work for Victory! Work to preserve democracy build America for peace and for freedom, behind the plow, behind the counter, behind the drill, behind the school book, we must work for liberty and win Behind America. OTO BY FRASHER5 To all true Americans who, with the hope of building a better world, are behind our country's efforts to preserve the ideals of democracy, We dedicate the 1942 edition of the Emerson Blue Dart. A ROLL CALL 1. Commz'ssz'oned Ufficerfs I 5 2 L4 if? A :G? ! Z. Draftees KL 0, ' ' ' ' 4 45 L f ? 3. Dzsfiznguzshea' Serfvzce fl , , 1 4. A th Ietics 5. Ar Ease - , -1 N K 4 151 U K , K X K I, yn 1 g 'x N R X ff K My X Mx- - 1 Av ' N K :im 'f .qV - x X Y ,X kv - , , . , X5 x lx 5 X x X X K - - w x 5 . - X X xx A X X X - X 'X M. X-L K 'i -S 6 ! Y. tgp .xl , ' xVL,5 I ' 1 XX xg,-I3 X 9 f 4, 3 V'HfwA Xb -,,, , ,,-.,,. , , D Qksfx mix 4 Y R':,,. 1 w CIIMMI , - l own owlcmas W'-lil PRI CIPAL 19 MESSAGE Congratulations to the Class of 1942! You are living in the most exciting time in American history, and I know that you will make a real contribution to your country in its great fight for freedom and security. Your personal plans and ambitions may have to wait, but I hope you will all stick to it and not lose sight of your real goal. The harder you have to work for something, the greater you can appreciate it. I hope you will always have pleasant memories of your stay at Emerson Junior High School. Farewell and the very b, st of success! Sincerely, pr 4 . 'Q 3 N4 BERTR V SIL Principal. ' V' Mrs. Tangeman, Vice Principal, Algebra This year the teachers, our commissioned officers, have led us in successful campaign for democracy without any serious an f ,CAQQA-, All have labored long and hard to train our students, from the rookie 7 up to the corporals, in democratic living. 5 . qi l All teachers have been taking Red Cross work to help us if we V ' l fall in battle. Miss Jacoby and Mrs. Moore have straightened out our F fc-4 l staggering mixups in maneuvers. Mr. Betts, our commander-in-chief, f-- a 1 l and his adjutant, Mrs. Tangeman, have advised us willingly and ' l helpfully. I fl l l We have welcomed a few ne officers into i ii our forces: Miss Wfilson hailing from Po- mona High, is a new teacher of Basic. Mr. l Stewart has joined us in the music depart- ment, he is also choir leader of Trinity Methodist Church. We, the students of Emerson, wish to thank our faculty for their helpful and efficient supervision for the school year 1942. li i Miss Jacoby, Secretary' Mrs. Moore, Assistant Secretary J Rentchler, Science Sanford, Art, Eng. Simons, Basic, Agric. . Sutherland, lathematics iss Fitschen, Music iss Fleming, Hmkg.-Science iss Garlock, Music Gleason, Spanish Guhin, Boys' P.E., Biol. Mr. Whitaker, Wood Shop Miss Wightman, English Miss Wilson, Basic . Mrs. Penley, Librarian Mr. Stewart, Music Mr. Bruce, Music One of our best teachers, Mr. William V. Bruce, left our school this year to join the Navy. Mr. Bruce did much for Emerson. He reorgan- ized the Boys' Glee Club from a very small group of boys to a large, well organized club. He taught Music Appreciation and Piano and also wrote Emer- son's Victory Song. . Miss Horbach, Girls' P.E. Mr. Howard, Metal Shop Mr. McPherson, Basic, Math Mr. Mitchell, Basic Miss Palomates, Spanish Mrs. Peerman, Homcmaking Mr. Bruce introduced "swing" to Emerson. He made many popular arrangements of songs for the Glee Club and Band. He was also in charge of the Emerson Tennis Team. His various activities made him popular with all the students. We, of Emerson are proud of men like Mr. Bruce, and we wish him good luck and good sailing through the years to come. 2 num xi.- I A EES SENIOR CLA SS Left to right Richard Wri t, Janet Wyman, Barbara Erickson, Margaret Swope. My ,Q ,. T Wm sllfliflf SERGEANTS During the past year the Emerson graduating class has been training so that it may better serve our country. They have shown themselves to be truly behind America by bringing in tons of paper, by bringing more than one hundred fifty dozen cookies for the soldiers, and by having the two winning homerooms in the March of Dimes drive. The 'Agriculture Class issued a very helpful pamphlet on "Victory Gardens" this year. The tenth grade presented the school with a very lovely gift. The evening P.T.A. dances were among the many enjoyable events of the year. These dances were changed to the afternoon for a while to prevent students from being caught in blackouts. There were a number of weekly noon dances and a few after school dances under the sponsorship of Miss Fitch. Under the capable leadership of Miss Fitch, -Mr. McPherson, and Mr. Mitchell, Emerson is this year graduating one of the best classes in its history. OFFICERS Anne Alder Anne My short hair to Shirley Vfeaver. School teacher. Betty Jean Averell Shorty My red hair to Gerry Fisher. Stewardess. . Ernest Ballard Buzz My sweater to Margie Allen. Photographer. Dorothea Barns Dottie A punch inthe nose to Lloyd Jones. An old maid. Fred Bickford Fred Some hard work to Miss Fitch. Bartender. Romona Blancarte Blank My grammar to Thel- ma Gemmell. Salesgirl in a dress shop. Betty Bower Mickey My braces to Helen jean Kirkpatrick. Chemist. Olive Brunson Popeye My write-ups to Nancy McDermoth. First lady. Edwin Anderson Andy My "FS" to Bob Keckley. Street cleaner. Patricia Avis Pat My baby bob to Bar- bara Breedlove. Dramatic teacher. Payge Ballard Peggy My sweet notes to Philip Malone. Research chemist. Harry Bartle Pee Wee My draft number to Don Meiklejohn. Heavyweight boxing champion. Rebecca Bingham Becky My place on the Phi- losopher Staff to Emily Abby. French teacher. Jean Bogren Boggie My old fillings to Dorothy Ford. Head pulse taker in a mortuary. Harry Brady Fuzzy My lithe figure to Jack Todd. Tin horn cowboy. Norma Bryan Freckles My freckles to Betty Owen. Farmer's wife. joe Acoraci foe My tan to Lenard Licata. Man. Robert Backer Bob My curly locks to the Arkles. A rich hobo on a fast freight. Joan Bamesberger Red An eyelash to Marie White. Advisor to the love- lorn. Dick Berkmeir Dick 4 The wad of gum un- der my seat to Wayne Kegans. Professional horse doctor. Thomas Bishop Tom. My magic powers to Raymond Stanton. Aeronautical engineer. Marjorie Bowen Margie My sling to Alice Loud. Personal secretary. Odene Brown Good eye. Algebraic technique to Elmer Grossman. Aviator. Lulu Mae Butler Lulu My telephone number to Danny Love. Substitute for Sally Rand on her day off. Tom Byrd Dodo My athletic ability to Tim Tate. Soda-jerk in a dia- mond mine. Bettie Cary Boots A little finger nail to Marian Todd. Stenographer to a district attorney. Margaret Clark Clark The blackouts to any- one that wants them. Music director. James Colclaser Colly My excuses to lack Farr. Machinist. Charles Covington Charlie My shoe laces to Rob- ert Garrett. Pilot in the U. S. Air Corps. Donald Crabtree Don My Spanish ability to Harry Nichols. Lion tamer. Robert Decker Bob My loss of merits to Miss Palomares. Street cleaner in Venice. Stan Duncan Sian Mr. Mitchell to Dewayne Casey. Barber. . Faye Calhoun Venus de Hippo My brunette hair to Beverly Goyette. Nurse in an insane asylum. Paul Cassell Smiley My height to Robin Fuller. Radio technician. Dennis Clifton Denny My ninth grade pa- pers to Dick Tate. Potato peeler in the navy. Cozette Condit Cozie The holes in my stockings to Shirley Weaver. Foreign Correspondent Jim Covington "Marshall" My teachers to all the ninth graders. Deisel engineer. Dorothy Critchlow Critch The blackouts to Bar- bara Whitaker. An old maid. Richard Decker Richie My biological intelli- gence to Mr. Guhin. Chemist. Joel Edmonds Intl My muscles to Ioe Martin. Strong man Qlike Mr. Guhinj. Neil Carruthers Neil A pint of milk to George Wyman. Navy ensign. James Charnholm Charnie Some trombone oil to Sanford Newton. Selling soap bubbles to Sally Rand. Glenn Cluff Clu17 A football to Keckley. Football player. Bob Betty Jane Conover Bebe My raven locks to Betty Musgrove. Farmers wife. Justine Coyne lustine My long legs to Ana- zine Riggs. Housewife. Margie Day Two timer My brains to Iohnnie Day. Bookkeeper and 3CCOl.lI'ltal'lt. Dorothy DeVall Dorothy My smile to Miss Wightman. School teacher. Marilyn English Lynn Bulges to Pat Massey. Movie actress. Barbara Erickson Barb My Spanish vocabu- lary to Miriam Clewett. Secretary. Kay Ferguson Kay A razor to Mr. Deal. Valet for Yehoodi. Mauricio Garcia Ilflauricio My "A's" to Fred Nutter. Wilhelmina Gilmore Billie My quietness to Ruell Kenyon. Secretary. DeVaul Graves Tiny Tim The art of poetry to Mr. Guhin. Engineer. Helen Janet Hannagan Flammgan My walks to Ioyce High. Run a bachelors' home. Jane Hayman Hay My loss of merits to Peggy Chain. A good wife. Harold Hendricks Queer Code speed to Rich- ard Adams. 95th vice president of R.C.A. Jacqueline Espiau Iaclqie My Miss America iig- ure to Leanora Shiller. S Lady. Betty Jean Fisher Betty My long eyelashes to Marie Venolia. Dramatics teacher. Doris Garst Dossie A My fingernails to Peggy Hansen. Model. Ardeth Goad Ardy Donald Morris to Betty Michell Interior decorator. Ethel Hall Rea' My red hair and freckles to Pat Hollingsworth. Third from the end in Earl Carrol's. Darleen Hansen Hank My figure to Nancy Powell. Stenographer. Jim Hazelgrove lim My 4:30 a. m. paper route to Raymond Matlock. ' Truck driver. John Hensley Abby My social security number to Milo Minor. Welder. Jim Faith Sugar My love to Pat O'Sullivan. Wooing. Arthur Flake lambo A black bass to lim Morrel. Q Hot trumpet player. Katherine Gates Katy A comb and mirror to Dorothy Mae Sweet. School teacher. Barbara Goff Barb A stirring love for a certain K. F. to Iune Lambert. Wagon pusher. Jackie Hamilton "That Hamilton W annul" The measles to Bob Livingston. Wife Qnot housewifej Don Hawes Don My debts to Ed Mc. Cook. Aviator. Helen Henderson Helen My long blond hair to-don't grab girls. Second Lana Turner. Sidney Hills Bean: My secret love affairs to Bob Abblitt. Janitor. Leon Howard Ponce De Leon Silas Marner to all the ninth graders. Aviation Engineer. Charles Jackson Chuck My big feet to Ralph Arkle. Aeronautical engineer. Bill Jenkinson Ienlqs My physique to Billy Cochran. . ' Great musician. Bob Jones Bob My good looks to Dewayne Casey. Bird farmer on the Canary Islands. Bud Kahlanbeck Bud A glass eye to David Bellows. Grease monkey. Arlene Kenyon Red My popularity with Mr. Mitchell to Ruell Kenyon. Housewife. Billy Klassen Klzmcy My school books to Ierry Roman. Sit on a curb and watch the pretty girls go by. Bill Koenig Bill My long wavy hair to Tommy Scudder. Join the Navy Air Corps. Richard Howard Howard The P.A. System to Eugene La Chat. Sound and Radio expert. Lowell Jackson laelqson My intelligence to Tom Scudder. Aviator. Richard Johnson Bud My mechanical draw- ings to Iim MeColgan. Frankenstein. Jan Jones Ian My quietness to Elaine Else. Glamor girl. Doris Kaitner Dody A superiority complex to Leanora Schiller. Gabriel's team mate. Bob King Red 'My ability to gossip to Gordon Foster. Lipstick salesman to the Ubangis. Stanley Klepper Klep My .uneombed hair to Bill Reed. Soldier of fortune. Kenneth Larkin Kenny My size to George Wyman. Man. Craig Hubble Hub High notes to Ken- neth Ogden. Forest Ranger. Malcolm Jenkins Dopey A big romance to lack Todd. Airplane pilot. Wilma Johnson Willie My long notes to Jerry Conger. Teacher. Lois Jones Loie The ability to pick up papers to Esther McMullen. Kindergarten teacher. Victor Keeran Vic . My trombone slide to Sanford Newton Ir. Tailor in a nudist camp. Okey King 0.K. My 78 exponents to Phillip Jenkins. Selling coats to South Sea Islanders. Josephine Kneip Io My citizenship record to Bill Summers. Accountant. Harry Laughlin Cheri My spanking ability to Oliver Grunewald. Deep sea diver. Billie Lewis Baby All the fun I've had to the ninth grade next year. Fire Chieftess of Riverside. Connas Lopez Connie Luck to Mrs. Tangeman. Housewife. Willis McDaniel Willie Numerous dates to Stanley Adams Navy ensign. Ruth McMullen Ruth Abathing suit to Iune Lambert. Dress designer. Susan Martin Smie My complete dignity to Beverly Goyette. Model for a tent factory. Y Dick Mattingly Dickie Miss Fitch to the fu- ture tenth grade class. President ofthe United States. John Moody Iohnny My store job to Bob Arkle. Grocery clerk. Natalie Nesbit Nair My algebra grades to Margaret Copper - smith. Skiing instructor. Joseph Licata lvfy My algebra book to Dick Roberts. Pilot in the navy. James Lundie Bud My technique to Park Johnson. A bachelor. c. Bob McKnight Bob Wavy hair to Elmer Grossman. Hollywood glamor boy. William Mann Bill E A new school to the ninth graders. Life guard at a wad- ing pool. Fred Marty Frcddic' My outstanding merit record to Bill Summers. A good kid. Joyce Miller Io Big feet to Barbara Brewer. Secretary. Alex Mordetsky Hajnx My muscle to Robert Blackwood. Flying for the armed forces. , Glenn Netzly G. Benjamin My beautiful figure to Miss Fitch. Bartender. Robert Linhart Linharl My brains to Park Iohnson. Ditch digger. Betty McCol gan Betty All the boy friends I don't have to Ann Gist. Movie actress. Phil McManus Phil My striped socks to Iack Stevens. Working on "Chain Gang." Bob Marks Bull' My big pearly teeth to Clarice Shaver. Naval Air Corps. Coleen Mason Connie My laugh to Barbara Whitaker. Secretary to Frank Sonatora. Raymond Mitchell RIIHIIIIIIITO Levi's to Joe Martin. 3rd assistant janitor at Spadra Tech. Robert Mullen Mullins Wise cracks to Mr. Guhin. Rubber tire salesman. Jean Nielsen Niel.fc'l1 My arch supports to Ann Gist. A pickle pusher. Shirley Partch Billie My office job to Har- riet Iacoby. Private secretary. Mary Peterson Diz My great musical ability to Bob Iones. Architect and interior decorator. Joe Ridley Ioe My snakes to Guhin. Math teacher. Mr. Mary Roberts Mary A pig to Roberta Roberts. H om e economics teacher. Bill Russell Rusty My etchings to Roger Becker. Big business executive Edward Sclioenig Ed My big broad shoul- ders to Scot Munro. Chemist. Bill Souther Soufller My football ability to Robert Garrett. Star halfback. Jerry Stradder lerry Rowdiness to Robert Graham. Airplane designer. Marjorie Pearce Midge My dimples to Betty Musgrove. Dancer. Patsy Porter Pat My good Basic grades to Irene Iohnson. Night club singer. Peggy Riley Peg An Irish smile to Mr. Dellenbach. Nurse. Lila Robison Lilly My soberness to Nancy Powell. Head string puller in a parachute factory. Richard Sanders Sandy My bum grades to Leon Bower. Grease monkey. Elaine Scholz Honey My good manners to Lulu Mae Burke. Telephone operator. Edward Steele Ed Romantic thoughts to lack Farr. Housewife. David Streit Dave My old fiddle strings to Miss Garlock. To graduate from Emerson. Roxie Penix "Rocks" Blonde hair to Esther McMullen. Model. Lee Rabun Little Abner Good grades to my brother. Farmer. Charles Ritter Chuck My bad luck to Ralph Miller. Iceman in Alaska. Grace Rodenberger Gm Dick Roberts a lot of luck with the girls. Private secretary. Verna Satlier Virgle My ability of writing notes to Shirley Eldredge. Be a good citizen. Billy Sherrell Bill My handsome fea- tures to Bud Mason. Acrobat, . Bob Stradder Bob My bad grades to lim Rogers. Lawyer. Jean Sutt Dutch My reducing pills to Pat Massey. Housewife. Margaret Swope Cuda My complete 'silence to Shirley Weaver. Umph-girl. Mary Jo Thompson lerry ' My blonde hair to Ioyce Russell. Secretary. Kenneth Venolia Kinky My red hair to lake Metcalf. Dressmaker for Sally Rand. Jack Weber lflffi My books to lack Brannan. i Baseball champ. Martha Whaley Mitch My measles pajamas to Virginia Pleasant. Dancing teacher. Richard Wright Wright My long legs to Rob- ert Garrett. Selling refrigerators to the Eskimos. Theodore Zimmer Ted I My wish for a ditch day to the future tenth 'grade class. Civil Engineer. Roberta Teal Bert My tenth gr ade sweater to Marie Venolia. Carrier woman. David Valdel Davey A toupcc to Mr. Dellcnbach. Ditch digger. Wilburt Wallace Bill My charm to Don Meiklejohn. ' Mechanic. Patricia Wells Pat My desk- in algebra to Pat O'Sullivan. Gum chewer. Robbie White Bobbie My bottle of peroxide to Ioyce Russell. Collecting convertibles. janet Wyman lan My freckles to Ger1'y Fisher. Lawyer. Louise Zulauf Louie My padded cell at Pa- cific Colony to Edith Beck. Ranch owner. Barbara Thompson Bobbie Mr. Mitchell to Bar- bara Wolfe. Stenographer. joe Valdez Lord My philosophy of life to Eugene LaChat. Coach fnot like Guhinj Miriam Watkins Shorty My desk in Basic to Alice Straton. Old maid. Georgine Westfall Teddy My dirty white shoes to Betty Grunewald. Airplane stewardess. Barbara Woosley Lucy Emerson to the junk man. I Private secretary in radio advertising. Duane Young Curly My past to Emerson. To be a romantic husband. Phyllis McLean Scotiy My dainty walk to Shirley Pollock. Nursemaid. ,nk , fwfr, , mu K NX' X X X 'NAI N I Q A ,fff ff .3 I. X ,JM Q' . X, ,v I fx.-.'f7'.m,K'7.x ' -A ff r , K ',X , "' N g ff ' K ,my , QW X 1 f H x',1 4 1 I x V! 'Y If 1 - ff ? 1 VX Ten th Grade PersonaIz'tz'es V , u .--?,t'.j1-' ' , . ' VQT S X' B xx' ""'Vff3f?7QvfCf' wif . ,ggegft KTjf'l' 94 Yx'f?i',i wwf fr - X-Q ' :xxx , A i , -M N . A my 'Q YH 5' K , , - I N ,A V f l"x'1li-I' 'f'5',1'+'J-Wx., f' lhnlc'f-X-1 :Kki -'I-fb, ,A 1 " X4 -A-, x . - , mf' asf ,ww K .6 ' Q, 1 f- - X ,f f ,Q Y - iv V321 -v ,JP E :sqft . ' . ' fa, ,f ww- f lv , ' - ..f -' 2 '-f , .41 '-6350 ' ' 'Y 'f , Lx X 'gf .QI p ,X flaw, ,.?, ,g- 51- nw 5' - ' -gf 'cw'-1 41- R A 9 I -N , . - - ' ' b ' , QWQX f if ff ,gn- '9 ffl ' + X 1' ' . , 5 f'Lff'7 ff MQ! iff' W, I' ll 1 5 ll .XMI iq ' f- -A I A ,M . . ,- W sx- 1 ., A -4- WX QRXSXQX-5,3-tri, , L K .fx yx,-LxQf:?Q1:mENS -PMXXL QA1-X' 'QL 5. TFQZZ? wt X ..X5XQ1KY'xX-.g-A 'ii' ri, at I A.-W-..-jf ,I NX I "K-1-- f 1 ' Xiiffi. A f if h'-bi-'PEW' ' T Y - 5? -V, X-an ' N ,C 4 ,...- ..I.l' Q 4 4233 5? 115 2:15351 Q, ' J:.q,gg - J 'a 11 54 MF ,u lvsffff Q Y f -K1 ffiw ' I .. A ,,'. f' 4 , mf X' + ,. 'Qg x '43 f " I f ' nl.: u " ,V -x,'.L- W' , . I .Auf - , , . -N'-S. 'Jig' ' f-5 'law m xnxx X XX - XXX Q' MEX X i x W x f y ,A . f I 'ff f W I n"' II' , ' If H B , Uaf N in , Q xx' JAH! f I' ' , -Lau fp-X ' F", 5 - 'f . N X .X 7 'UA f M JVM fi? 4, , 2' Iss- 1191! Z QA I ' I Xi? 11, 'gli ,f f I fl s x X I Vw X ,. QKQUQIME J ' CQ!! CN kv-N N-N1 r if A K I 'Q f q ,mil ffm? N I Q, nj' . my ,. .-., , X th jj ' 111-1 ' .EST 1.73 xx 11. fun :X ' "Qi ' X 1 A 05511 If X C 1 nf, 1 x .d -f" AN I Q gq X . 4 ' Aff ' :'f , X NQQQQ W f ,tw 1 'W xg ' V CW Q X XFX v 'Q X RX, ,Q :CQ xvx xxx X H N Q XX X Q ,N :XX .. M 4 X. N ,N X I , X wx L, xx I, 21, , 1. Z xx X X XX . ,, I M ' M4 a nv' x g I 5: 'ffx f FQ! ' ky f-Q I 'ff Q' ' 'S "' ? Aix X kfyo' 1 lx Q 1, '-' 1 'H I 1 ' 51 z'f- , , VX f 'dvi H ' ., iv.,-ggi 5. ' ..f"' ffl fi' .,'-' - f 6 vp YK-1, ' ' 111 kfkx 5 -- , Q., V Q .Ng gf xXi" J ' -X f . A xv ' , V A I . ,gs 551.- J . MA - , . A " A "' 5 F, -' I M W .. , '. 39 TN . l CORPURALS As the school year began, Emerson's "42" "corporals"' found themselves in the center of school activities because of their higher rank. Under the eagle eye of officers Simons, Campbell, and Wilson, their drill work has shown fine results. . x Ninth Grade Girls Left to right: Row 1-A. Riggs, L. Lopez, H. Rodriguez, S. Eldredge, E. Bowen, D. Blacct, L. Bauer, M. Gutierrez, C. Gutierrez. Row 2-B. Coppersmith, V. Pleasant, D. Sweet, L. Smith, E. Beck, B. Michael, L. Gemmell, P. McKenna, S. Meiklejohn, B. Brewer. Row 3-D. Young, S. Rangel, C. Trujillo, P. Hollingsworth, L. Duke, M. Hazlcgrove, E. Jones, S. Pollock, M. Enriquez. Row 4-S. Weaver, B. Goyette, B. Musgrove, N. Powell, P. Goodale, M. Hall, B. Wolfe, P. Woodbury, B. Gibson. Row 5- N. McDermoth, B. Breedlove, J. Clark, R. Kenyon, W. Morris, J. High, L. Howard, M. Smith, R. Roberts, R. Gresham. Row 6-D. Smith, M. Dingman, M. Allen, L. Schiller, P. O'Sullivan, P. Chain, W. Farr, M. Moore, H. Otto, D. Ford, M. Coppersmith, M. Linder. Row 7-E. McMullen, J. Day Else, L. Johnson, G. Stradder, B. Armstrong, J. Bowen, N. Lavelle, J. Turner, S. McBride. Row SJ L. Rodriguez, F. Huartc, A. Johnston, B. May, M. Clewett, H. Kirkpatrick,,J. Lambert, T. Trautwein, D. Langs, M. Southwick, A. Stratton. . CURPORALS In the company with the tenth graders they enjoyed P.T.A. Dances. With the rest of Emerson, these "corporals" participated in the paper drive, paper cleanups, and other school activities. Altogether this year's "corporals" promise to make fine "Sergeants" next year. N intlo Grade Boys I Left to right: Row l-G. Edwards, B. Rice, J. Treat, R. Leece, E. Smith, R. Fuller, H. Daviess, B. Geier, D. Meiklejohn, R. Garrett, J. Todd, Hernandez. Row 2-J. Aviles, O. Carey, L. Chenoweth, D. Colton, D. Edinger, T. Hornidge, L. Power, E. LaChat, B. Keckley, D. Brown, D. Oleson. Row 3- L. WoodruH, S. Munro, F. Rico, D. Morris, D. Sheline, K. Ogden, R. Adams, R. Schwab, B. Thomas, B. Miller, D. Miner. Row 4-B. Zietz,,D. Talbot, J. Mortlock, J. Day, H. Nichols, R. Blancarte, L. Baker, E. Cornwell, McColgan, B. Jones, J. Eberhardt, A. Gee. Row S-B. Sherwood, E. Grossman, R. Reddy, M. Gerrard, R. Arkle, D. Villines, R. Wallace, D. Androus, P. Johnson, S. Newton, R Vaughn, H. Van Cleave. Row 6--D. Newland, O. Grunewald, W. Kegans, J. Robb, D. Casey, li McCook, S. Clark, G. Herriott, T. Evans, E. Johnson, H. Smith. Row 7-C. Hughey, R. Matlock, D Roberts, R. Petersen, J. Miller, R. Livingston, G. Peck, Brannan, B. Summers, T. Tate, R. Bennett J. Hodge. Row 8-L. Garrett, W. Gallup, E. Haigler, C. Norris, F. Abila, H. Ruff, E. Glover, P. Rivas H. Croxen, B. Anderson, R. Fintel, J. Rogers. Row 9-C. Galligan, T. Marshall, B. Mason, B. Arkle S. Adams, T. Scudder, D. Hanson, B. King, A. Peterson, C. Nichols, P. Curran, J. Corder. PRIVA TES FIRS T CLASS Under the command of Mrs. Angel, Miss Wightman, and Miss Wilson, the "Privates First Class" have marched forward with rapid progress. They were given a fine party by the Girls' League and have enjoyed many interesting movies in connection with their social science courses. Eiglofb Grade Girls - Left to riht: Row 1-F. Dioses, C. M. Burks, E. Johnson, V. Brown, B. Parrish, ard, B. Peel. Row 4 D. Dunlavy. M. Adams, J. B. J. Denson, B. Morris, M. Sherrill, -J. McMurry, Lopez, M. Telles, M. Yackel, M. L. Nally, D. Scholz, M. Chapman Row 2-R. McKnight, B. Owen, B. Owen, K. L. Biggs, M. White Fichtner, V. Stevens, B. J. Brady. Row 3-L. Johnson, J. Robson M. Kragh, D. Burkett, J. Russell, V. Pratt, B. M. Payne, C. Wood- C. Quire, A. Gist, V. Linares, R. Rico, R. Urrutia, C. Haigler P. Hansen, B. Williamson, B. Sheets, M. Venolia. Row 5-N. Lusher, G. Lutz, C. Larabee, B. Gee J. Hart, C. Jacobson, B. Grunewald, R. Clawson, F. Sanders, J. Parker, R. Peirsol, L. Bunger. Row 6- M. Smith, E. Wright, M. Harden, J. Coilield, D. Burbank, M. Jerde, E. Davis, C. Shaver, S. Steiner E. Abbey, L. Reddy, B. Neff. PRI VA TES FIRST CLA ss They have enthusiastically carried out their duties in social, athletic, and scholastic fields with the finest of school spirit. If they carry this enthusiasm with them into the ninth and tenth grades, Emerson's fame will not fade. Eiglozflo Grade Boys Left to right: Row I-D. Tate, R. Emery, N. Gadegaard, R. George, P. Avilcs, K. Jelden, G. Smith R. Miller. Row 2-M. Baxlcy, P. Shirey, R. Marks, D. Ewcrs, B. Kennedy, G. Coombes, R. Blackwood G. Foster, B. Dishman, A. Edwards. Row 3-T. Perez, J. Leon, M. Mock, L. Delaney, J. Lehman D. Winzeler, R. Lowe, R. Root, R. Patterson, D. Rodewald, P. McPherson. Row 4-P. Hcathman B. Martin, D. Jones, P. Ross, E. Cooke, D. Essex, D. Kings, G. Wyman, S. Mordestsky, S. Rudisill R. Mejia. Row 5-J.' Christensen, A. Harris, B. Fish, C. Wray, H. Lewison, R. Grigsby, R. Perez J. Rabun, D. Van Dicst, J. Farr, J. Conger. Row 6-P. Amers, D. McPherson, K. Palmer, B. Jones D R D. Brant, K. Goodell, F. Summers, K. Knight, B. Siebold, J. Herrling, F. Crawford, T. Martinez R. Banales, B. Miller, B. Reed, L. Bower, W. Lopez. Row 8--W. Beem, H. Brown, G. Baird, J. Morrell R. Stanton, R. Rodriguez, J. Conover, M. Enriquez, J. Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez, R. Zaragosa, H. Mauzy 1 9 . Borah, . Linhart, J. Martin, J. Tanner, L. Licata, H. Biddle, V. Palmer, C. Carey. Row 7- BUCK PRIVA TES On the opening day of school, 161 Buck Privates walked shakily down the hall toward study hall. Since then they have shown themselves to be Very capable students. Their outstanding effort in the paper drive gave the Seniors a big scare as they almost beat them. Their play "Roly Poly Freckled Face" was enjoyed by the whole school. S8'l!67ZIfb Grad e Girls Left to right: Row 1-R. MacKenzie, O. Lopez, S. Neilon, L. Ellis, M. Racklcy, C. Blancartc, D. Snyder, N. Pratt, B. Brewer. Row 2-M. L. Swann, B. Frazier, M. Solorzano, P. Jenkins, M. Todd, M. J. Howell J. Guyton, D. Mejia, D. Johnson, M. Pollock, M. Nisbet. Row 3-C. Spindler, N. Goyette, C. Cordry, C. Silvey, A. Loud, N. Bowen, G. Ferguson, J. Hale, M. Straddcr, I. Smith, L. Bromley, S. Ziegler. Row 4-B. Caudle, G. Schwab, B. Goodell, C. Brewer, D. Forsberg, D. J. Rose, E. Ward, A. Sanbrano, M. Trujillo, S. Quijas, M. Shepard, T. Gemmell, W. Gemmell. Row 5-D. Wright, M. Gregory W. Ziemann, P. Neer, C. Rodriguez, G. Garcia, G. Leece, M. Zulauf, M. Ciboch, G. Brest, C. Herman A. Wright. Row 6-B. Tracy, S. Watters, C. Cotton, J. Bonnet, L. Wharton, M. Genung, F. Wahlberg S. Nielson, D. Cornwell, A. Lopez, D. Johnston, D. Scholz, J. A. Rudisill. Row 7-E. Adams E. Enriquez, A. Wyers, D. Rifflc, M. L. Vischi, K. Else, B. Dingman, J. Straley, W. Roley, D. Cluif I. Johnson, F. Gist. 3 D 1 Y ! 3 B CK PRIVA TES They also played a leading part in the yard contest. Many soldiers stationed at the Fair Grounds were made happy by the dozens of cookies brought by the seventh graders. Under the guidance of Mr. Dellenbach, Mr. Dudley, and Mrs. Angel they have been able to advance another rank in honor. X Sevemflo Grade Boys Left to right: Row 1-R. Graham, G. Fisher, E. Knox, B. Cochran, J. Jackson, D. Nicks, E. Rodriguez, P. Jenkins, A. Fichtner. Row 2-J. Stevens, J. Penrod, B. Thompson, J. Ciesla, B. Sutton, R. Anderson, K. Gorder, D. Lawrence, J. Bamesberger, L. Roberts. Row 3-P. Newton, J. McDermoth, E. Burton, N. Bradshaw, D. Hill, L. MacMillen, S. Montford, N. Cobb, S. Winkelpleck, D. Skews, H. Peck, H. Walsh. Row 4-B. Baker, J. Kimbell, R. Braden, E. Burton, B. Hicks, H. J. Kragh, R. Benner, D. Mast, R. Becker, B. Abblitt, B. Reed, W. Pruitt. Row 5--B. Chambers, F. Nutter, P. Malone, K. Smith, W. Foster, M. Miner, D. Bellows, G. Ransom, J. Stewart, G. Cordell, J. Lawson, J. Richardson, R. Smith. Row 6-K. Mathews, F. Castro, D. Rodriguez, G. Rodriguez, T. Crowley, A Pearson, C. Crawford, E. Madison, T. Maxwell, R. Rabun, D. Buttner, P. Rivas, iN. Bent. Row 7-L. Keeran, D. Collins, R. Glover, L. Malone, B. Sheets, G. Martin, J. Roman, R. Burnight, D. Dunagan, P. Rico, B. Clevenger, R. McKnight, A. DeV0l. ff f .4 k I Xu, X Q A fx N 7? 1 W x, we 1 LM I fx J 41 v Q f N f 0 C Ill Tl G X ff X fu? f W Q , 1 X 135 f 5:4 y f Z , A 5 B fl . . vu Q d-T-Xp SHED simian , 47.1 Xxxff v., Under the splendid leadership of Dorothy DeVall, our student body officers have helped in planning your many assemblies this year. Dorothy is one of the few girls who have held the office of president. She has proved without a doubt that the office of president can be as capably filled by a girl as by a boy. , DOROTHY DEVALL President ,- . 'siefili f f'4'9,ii"iUl1l '. , H529 'I ttf Uifgffl, -3, .2 ZZ, fqffir' ey ! MJ' 'Y s 1 J' , Af' f, ' .fwfr ' 3 I Iv 'fs , .' ?.f'1'.. 15' : 2' 4 Q' ,f , "' -2 x f' 443156521 . y I STUD NT ADMINIS TRA TION ' The officers assisting Dorothy DeVall were: Henry Banales, boys' vice presidentg Beverly Goyette, girls' vice presidentg Bill Kennedy, secretary, and Don Miner, treasurer. These officers have worked hard and have made this a year we will never forget. BEVERLY GOYETTE Girls' Vice-Prrsidrnf HENRY BANALES Boys' Vice-Presideui BILL KENNEDY Secrefary 'DON MINER Treasurer SUSAN MARTIN MARGARET ADAMS President V Vice-President JEAN BOGREN LUZ LOLA LOPEZ Treasurer V Secretary Boys ' Leng ue Officers The Boys' League officers under the leadership of their president, Glen Cluff, planned the many good assemblies that the boys of the student body enjoyed. Glen Cluff is to be congratulated on his excellent leadership. He proved to be a capable and efficient president. This year's vice president, Don Meiklejohn, also deserves credit for his cooperation and leadership. jack Todd as secretary and Bob Keckley as treasurer, also filled their positions well. Girls ' Leng ue Officers The Girls' League, under the leadership of Susan Martin, has added greatly to the entertainment and enjoyment of the girls. Susan has proved very effi- cient in the office of president, even though she has never held a student body office before. She did a, wonderful job, performing all of her duties excep- tionally well. Luz Lola Lopez proved a very capable secretary. Margaret Adams, as vice president, and Jean Bogren, as treasurer, both showed good cooperation and a fine spirit in carrying out their duties. GLENN CLUFF BOB KECKLEY President Treasurer JACK TODD DON MEIKLEJOHN Secretary Vice-Presizlent STUDENT co U CILS First Semester Wright. Q The Student Council is the House of Representatives for the Emerson student body. Each homeroom has a representative and the student body officers preside. Mr. Deal is the teacher-adviser. In adjusting itself to wartime, the council besides having the usual Student Body Dues Drive-which was the best on record-and the Christmas Party for the David and Margaret Home, sponsored a paper drive, the proceeds of which went to the United China Relief for the living and vocational expenses of two Chinese children for one year. They also sponsored the sale of War Stamps in the office every Wednesday. Emerson can rightly be proud of the fine leadership displayed by the Student Council. Second Semesterr First row-left to right: R Becker, B. Kennedy, J. Lehman C. Gutierrez, M. Pollock, S Winkleplcck. Second row-E grove, B. Reed, M. Deal, J P. McManus, G. Netzley, R Decker, J. Lundie, K. Vcnolia D. Miner, D. DeVall, L. Bungcr First row-left to right: M. L. Swann, M. Nisbet, C. Silvcy, B. Kennedy, D. Essex, J. Farr. Second row-K. Matthews, B. J. Avcrell, S. Parteh, D. Vil- lines, Mr. Deal, M. English, B. Goyette, N. Powell, D. Critch- low. Third row-D. DeVall, D. Miner, B. Reed, R. Arkle, K. Knight, D. Ford, D. Collins, R. LaChat, B. Goyette, B. Mus- Rabun, G. Wyman, W. Zie- mann, M. Miner. Third row- 4 u BOYS'and GIRLS 'LEA GUE CDU CILS First row-left to right: R. Garrett, R. Smith, J. Todd, B. Baker, D. Rodewald, D. Mast, D. Meiklejohn, L. Roberts, P. Jenkinson. Second row-K. Venolia, J. Licata, B. Jones, B. Keckley, P. Johnson, D. Oleson, R. Rabun, P. Heathman, L. Howard, D. Ewers. Third row -D. Valdez, R. Arkle, S. Dun- can, B. McKnight, F. Rico, L. Malone, H. Van Cleave, L. Bower, R. Banales, G. Cluff. Fourth row-P. Curran, F. Bickford, S. Adams, B. Strad- der, G. Baird, Mr. Dellenbach, R. Rodriguez, W. Wallace, D. Newland, J. Valdez, H. Laugh- lin, B. Arkle. Under the excellent leadership of Mr. Dellenbach, the Boys' League has had a very success- ful year. The Boys' League put on the Extravaganza and it turned out to be a big hit. They entered the paper drive contest along with the Girls' League and defeated the girls in this con- test. This year officers are: president, Glen Cluffg vice president, Don Meiklejhong secretary, Jack Todd, treasurer, Bob Keckley. The Girls' League has had a successful year under the leadership of Miss Fleming and the president, Susan Martin. They have had some very interesting assemblies. The Hawaiaan assem- bly with Mrs. Hardy as speaker was an outstanding one. Another assembly enjoyed very much was the "Truth or Consequence Courtf' The girls gave the Mothers' Tea at Christmas and put on a fashion show which was very nice. The officers this year were: president, Susan Martin, vice president, Margaret Adams, secretary, Luz Lola Lopez, treasurer, Jean Bogren. l l First row-left to right: W. Gemmell, L. L. Lopez, C. Her- man, M. Genung, S. Quijas, B. Sheets, P. Jenkins, N. Goyette. Second row -- M. Moore, W. Farr, M. Telles, P. Hollings- worth, E. Beck, Miss Fleming, B. Parrish, M. Adams, C. Cor- dry, B. Musgrove, D. Burbank. Third row - D. Kaitner, M. Pearce, W. Johnson, M. Hazle- grove, L. Jones, B. Fisher, B. Neff, C. Haigler, M. Enriquez, L. Wharton, C. Quire. Fourth row-T. Trautwein, D. Ford, B. Bower, J. Nielsen, N. Nesbit, H. Henderson, J. Bogren, S. Martin, D. Hansen, S. Weaver, M. Jerde, E. Wright. James Charnholm Raymond Mitchell Joseph Licata Betty Bower Lila Robison Faye Calhoun Tom Byrd Richard Wriglit Jacqueline Espiau Mr. McPherson . l I 1 First row-left to right: L. M. Butler, L. Zulauf, B. J. Conover, D. Barnes, A. Alder, C. Condit, J. Bamesberger, B. Lewis, B. McColgan. Second row-J. Licata, M. Wlialey, S. Martin, J. Miller, Mr. McPherson, K. Ferguson, O. King, K. Venolia, K. Larkin. Third row--F. Calhoun, B. Goff, J. Nielsen, J. Bogren, N. Nesbit, D. Hansen, P. Wells, R. Mullen. Fourth row- R. McMullen, H. Hendricks, B. King, O. Brunson, E. Hall, L. Robison, B. Bower. Fifth row-N. Carruthers, R. Mitchell, D. Streit, B. Decker, J. Charnholm, T. Byrd, R. Wriglit, M. J. Thompson. BL UE DART The Blue Dart Staff was made up of 42 resourceful seniors under the supervision of Mr. McPherson. Mrs. Campbell was helpful in the capacity of adviser. James Charnholm was wisely chosen editor. Raymond Mitchell and Joe Licata were elected assistant editor and business manager respectively. Lila Robison, Betty Bower, Faye Calhoun, Tom Byrd, and Richard,Wright acted as heads of their respective divisions. Jacqueline Espiau proved to be a very excellent cartoonist. Marjorie Moore, a ninth grade student, helped with some of the caricatures. Each member of the staff had certain write-ups to make on the different activities and organizations around and one. The staff worked hard in trying to make this year'sabout school. This required the combined efforts of every book one that will really recall to mind the happy experiences We enjoyed in the year 1941-1942. Nancy McDermoth Dick Hanson Pat Woodbury Marie Venolia Barbara Wolfe Doris Kaitner Barbara Brewer Elmer Grossman Bill Kennedy Jeanette McMurry Barbara Sheets Becky Bingham Edward Steele Dalton Newland N Jane Blyden T Mrs. Sanford ,YW ,, .. 1 PHILO OPHER Extra! Extra! Get your latest paper hot off the press! This was a privilege afforded the Emerson Students for the first time this year. They have their newspaper brought to them in printed form-a weekly edition. Nancy McDermoth was editor-in-chief of this journal. Mrs. Sanford gave capable assistance to the budding newsmen. The cooperative work of the sixteen members has made this paper a success. We wish good luck to the Philosopher Staff in their work in the year to come. 4 ' I First row-left to right: D. Miner A. Riggs, C. Condit, K. Ogden, S Miss Jacoby, Mrs. Moore, Mrs Tangeman, P. Riley, Mr. Betts. OFFICE FQRCE During the school year, there is one group of students that cannot be overlooked. They are the student office force. Busy every minute, carrying slips and notices from the office, collecting and marking attendance sheets, running errands and making themselves generally useful, this volunteer organization earns for itself valuable experience that will prove of great value in the years to come. The honor of being selected for this work is reserved for ninth and tenth graders who have good marks in their classes. And it is not all just honor and glory as the annual office force picnic or party is a social event of real importance. Everyone had a good time this year. TRAFFIC SQUAD 1 With the overflow of students in Emerson, there was a great need for efficiency in the traffic squad this year. Witli traffic officers posted in important places, traffic flowed smoothly throughout the year with few accidents. First row - left to right: M. , Wlxaley, B. Goyettc, N. Powell, B. Musgrove, W. Farr. Second row-D. Ford, L. Robison, A. Johnston, Mr. Deal, N. Nesbit, H. Henderson, D. Mattingley. Third row-B. Mason, B. Deck- er, R. Matlock, B. Arkle, M. Jenkins, D. Androus, E. LaCl1at, R. Arklc. Partch, J. Ridley. Second row- .err J? A I R, First row-left to riht: H. Hen- derson, A. Goad, Mrs. Penley, M. L. Nally, B. J. Denson. Second row -D. Valdez, A. Stratton, J. Parker, J. Ridley, M. Harden, L. Howard, E. Grosshian. 'ii - 'lx .wi xv fi . ,L it lf J' li , . -'v' ,, I . S M r S, ,ez . LIBRARY FORCE rs K fl ., Every year there are students who desire the experience of working in the library. They voluntarily e - give up time from their study hall to help other students find references, check out books, make out A overdue slips, and keep the library neat and orderly. .if Emersonians are grateful for their assistance. ' Ji TRAFFIC SQUAD II The trailic squad is made up of ninth and tenth graders who volunteer to become members. The Boys' Vice President is their leader. There are two groups, one for each semester, thus giving more people an opportunity to serve. We hope that next year's traffic work will be as successful as this yeafs. First row - left to right: H. Otto, W. Farr, B. Breedlove, R. Garrett, V. Pleasant. Second row-D. Newland, P. Wood- bury, N. Nesbit, E. Else, Mr. Deal, B. Wolfe, B. Goyette, D. Edinger. Third row--P. Cur- ran, D. Roberts, C. Nichols, H. Kirkpatrick, D. Ford, P. Wells, B. McKnight. GIRL RESERVES Tefztla Grad e First row-left to right: B. J. Av- erell, B. Woosley, W. Johnson, M. Pearce, M. Whaley, B. Erickson. Second row-S. Partch, D. Critch- low, M. English, D. Hansen, S. Martin, M. Swope, P. Riley. Third row-F. Calhoun, J. Espiau, N. Nesbit, J. Nielsen, B. Bower, L. Robison, J. Bogren. Fourth row- M. J. Thompson, G. Rodenberger, R. McMullen, O. Brunson, M. Petersen, J. Hayman. The tenth grade Girl Reserves have had a successful year under the sponsorship of Miss Coon and the leadership of Jean Nielsen, their president. The many 'activities that were greatly enjoyed by all included: potluck suppers, swims, and dances. The ninth grade Girl Reserves also participated in many activities which were made possible by their leader, Miss Fleming, and their president, Dorothy Ford. N intl: Gmc! e First row-left to right: B. Breed- love, B. Brewer, B. Musgrove, Miss Fleming, L. Gernmell, N. McDer- moth, B. Gibson. Second row-D. Ford, P. Woodbury, B. Wolfe, P. Goodale, F. Huarte, J. High, M. Moore, W. Farr, P. McKenna, S. Meiklejohn.. Third row--J. Lam- bert, H. Kirkpatrick, M. Clewett, S. McBride, A. Johnston, A. L. Johnson, B. May, E. Else. First row-left to right: Todd, S. Newton, B. Keckley, D. Miner, D. Meiklejohn. Second row-R. Decker, O. King, M. Jenkins, D. Valdez, S. Adams, E. LaChat, G. Cluff, J. Valdez. Third row--R. Wright, B. Souther, B. Koenig, Lundie, Mr. Dudley, P. McManus, T. Byrd, J. Charnholm, G. Netzley. HI-Y The Hi-Y had a year colored with activity. They started the cleanup campaign to keep our school attractive, improved the looks of Emerson's footwear by their annual shoe shine, and presented J. Whitcomb Brougher, Jr. as a speaker in an unusually enjoyable assembly. Besides performing these public services, they had many interesting speakers for their own meetings and a number of lively parties. The members of the Hi-Y wish to thank Mr. Dudley for bearing with them throughout the year and for giving them his excellent leadership. j UNI OR EAGLES The Emerson Junior Eagles Club was organized two years ago. Its purpose is training in leadership, fellowship, and Christian character. Mr. Mitchell is the adviser. The club meets every Friday and has a variety of activities. The president of the club during the past year was Bill Reed. First row--left to right: H. Biddle, B. Martin, R. Becker, B. Kennedy, J. McDermoth, J. Kimbell, R. Miller. Second row-G. Baird, K. Knight, B. Reed, Mr. Mitchell, Martin, J. Rabun, P. Ross. JUNIOR RED Cleoss In these troubled times a need was felt for an organization of the Junior Red Cross. This group has met with high success in their first year of duty. Money was collected from every homeroom for the National Red Cross Drive. Another campaign was put on to collect material, and money for sailors' kits. Such things as sewing kits, writing material, shaving cream, and other things in that line were included in the little bags. The paper drive sponsored by Emerson brought in seven tons of paper. Altogether this has been an outstanding year for the Emerson Junior Red Cross. WQRKING FOR DEFENSE - E 5 S ....a..,..,.a, ........... .. .. W., i ' GIRLS' GLEB CLUB The Girls' Glee Club under the supervision of Miss Fitschen has had a very successful year. The club is composed of forty-five members who have sung for assemblies, service clubs, churches, and schools. At Christmas time a play "The Star in the Night" was presented by the Glee Club in the school auditorium for the children of the David and Margaret Home. Their contribution to the Spring Festival was an operetta entitled "The Quest of the Gypsy." The outstanding soloists were Betty Jean Averell, Betty McColgan, Mary Jo Thompson, and Billie Lewis. The Sextette was made up of Betty Jean Averell, Betty McColgan, Margaret Clark, Dorothy Critchlow, Shirley Pollock, and Mary Jo Thompson. The accompanists, Barbara Goff and Rebecca Bingham, helped greatly in making this an outstanding year. BUYS' GLEB CL UB This year the Boys' Glee Club has had the benefit of two instructors. Mr. Bruce led it for the first three quarters, and upon his leaving to enter the navy, Mr. Stewart took his place. The club has thirty-three members. They have sung for assemblies, churches, and various outside clubs. Their accompanist was Joyce High, who contributed greatly to the success of their year. ORCHESTRA The band and orchestra have each had a successful yea r, due to the excellent leadership of Miss Winifred Garlock. The band has shown itself to be behind America by performing on numerous patriotic occasions. The most important event of the year was their annual Band Concert. They contributed the profits of this program to the Blue Dart. Some of their other engagements were: the Western Band Review in which they took second place, Spring Festival, Casa Colina, Norco Navy Hospital, I Am an American Day, Memorial Day, and many assemblies for the school. ' The orchestra has not participated in as many patriotic programs, but it has given many concerts. They played in the Spring Festival and have given Sunday night concerts, including one at Pilgrim Hall. They have also played in student body assemblies. BAND -an Left to right: R. Decker, J. Moody, J. Licata, V. Keeran, C. Ritter. STORE CREW The store crew is composed of a group of high-powered, fast serving salesmen known to us all as: John Moody, Victor Keeran, Joseph Licata, Charles Ritter, and Bobby Decker. We are sure that the ever smiling service of the crew has been enjoyed and appreciated by all who patronized our store. They have always given prompt and efficient service. C Us TODIA NS Our custodians are two men who help us all in a quiet way. They are the ones who clean up our chestnut shells, torn notes, and all the paper we throw down. They 'dust the desks and banisters and many other things. We owe them thanks for all the work they do for us. 0 - T ab 111 4 .A Mr. Wing, Mr. Wood. ,Www A PROJECTION and sol! D CRE W First row-left to right: K. Ogden, G. Osborne, H. Davidson, B. Martin, N. Lee. Second row-B. King, J. Brannan, D. Mattingley, R. Howard, E. LaChat. Third row-D. Crabtree, F. Bickford, Mr. Rentchler, G. Netzley, C. Ritter, N. Pollock. Throughout the year we have enjoyed many educational and X, 7 1 comical movies. These movies were shown by a crew of boys who mag j learned a lot by running the movie machine and enjoyed doing it. ffm in Mr. Rentchler had charge of arranging the movies. The operators , ,C ,I were chosen from the ninth and tenth grade class. . " f, . -V xx fi lk PRINTING STAFF f Wir' Back row-left to right: C. Ritter, C. Hubble, Mr. Whitaker, J. Charnholm, G. Netzley. Front row-K. Venolia, J. Licata, D. Ritter, E. LaChat. This year, for the first time, Emerson has a printing press. The Printing Staff has worked very hard to publish the Philosopher and a number of pamphlets and tickets. Mr. Whitaker supervised all of the printing. The Printing Staff was chosen from the tenth grade and learned a great deal from their experiences. The four page pamphlet, "The Victory Garden," was printed in the shop. This was all voluntary work and the staff enjoyed it greatly. Y Ili V' l l i Q 1 P ,,., 64 a- .. J SPANISH CL UB The Spanish Club has finished another year with great success under the capable leadership of Miss Palomares, Mrs. Gleason, and the club officers The group has a better understanding of Spanish speaking people and their customs through their club meetxn gs where they enjoyed Spanish games dinners and movies. AN CING CL UB The dancing class which was reorgan- ized this year has had a successful year under the sponsorship of Mrs. Angel and their president, Mildred Pollock. The club is formed for the enjoyment of thc pupils. The girls do folk and creative dancing. They put on the Christmas program and also had a part in the Spring Festival. H if fi f i ' An 75, e .si f X 3 f-, I ' T 2',. Y .5 Z i 51 ,3 M .,, j 'Z Z E J X Q ' ' " Y. jf S- L 1 Q K ' J, '4 Q, if s n 1 " 4. F X J Qpx i' XL, ' f 'A li f' I 1. ATHI M' Q1 , 'W lu . NM X wg Qxky 1 LQ' 1 'PIC AK .jr VZ- wfh' A K X KM he yy any .ff wa . , Y.... f , rv W V M fe. M, , , ,,, f , Z W G ff 7 , 4 .. ,ff y 4 Q -zz-ff,-9 .- A f,, 4 55 K fi rea, -" ' iff ' " 7 H2 ' , ..:.,'11- ,, ,X 1 w "'- V7 H. Uff 'xiii' ' 44 35. , ' ,gn 1 u w Q V' f ff N k W5 f .... 4 25,5912 , -,,,,. .W 5, ffl .X I fl A ' vw VARSITY FQOT BALL First row-left to right: Coach Brownson, R. Sanders, J. Eberhardt, J. Valdez, H. Laughlin, H. Croxen, B. Anderson, J. Rogers, Coach Deal. Second row-S. Klepper, T. Zimmer, P. McManus, P. Zaragoza, B. Souther, Capt. T. Byrd, R. Wright, J. Weber, C. Covington, E. Schwing. This year's Varsity did a good piece of work. They had several games with high schools and other older teams. In spite of the fact that most of them were inexperienced, the team made a good showing although handicapped by a number of injuries. According to Coach Deal and Coach Brownson the team showed much improvement during the year, and several of them will be on the High School Varsity next year. I 1 i f . C5 Tom Byrd " Coach Brownson W-' ' V . vm, 4 T Q T f Q Yi . 3 - 1 1 -4 L . , . . X and C FOOTBALL First row-left to 'rightz O. Brown, R. Arkle, D. Petersen, mgr., R. Vaughn, D. Edinger, D. Androus, B. Keckley, P. Johnson B. Garrett, E. LaChat, L. Chenoweth, G. Cluff, J. Todd, mgr. Second row-J. Corder, H. Van Cleave, B. Arkle, J. Faith D. Casey, B. Jones, R. Jones, J. Aviles, M. Jenkins, O. King, E. Steele, K. Ferguson, S. Clark, Mr. Guhin. Third row- S. Duncan, R. Matlock, T. Scuddcr, B. Koenig, B. Mason, S. Adams, J. Lnndic, G. Nctzlcy, J. Cliarnholm, Capt. D. Valdez This year the "X" and "C" football teams did very well. The "X's,' won more than half of their games, while the "C's" lost only one. Some of the players who are going on to High School are Lundie, Charnholm, King, Ferguson and Cluff. Next year watch Keckley, the Arkle twins and Androus. Mr. Guhin, who has coached the "X's" and "C's" for the past few years, has been asked to coach the J. C. team next ' year. Mr. Brownson will take Mr. Guhin's place, and coach the teams to more victories. We will miss Mr. Guhin, but wish hirn success in his new position. XC! f, Q K ' 'Vx XL .. . i Q 'Q-r X M3 . . f ,J X David Valdez L ,i" X Qi hx K by Xi N if, I , 'KG t fl i 1 x l U t L If F' 1 5 . A4 g if l N -62-2, Coach Gulmin -Fir A BASKETBALL First row-left to right: D. Van Diest, mgr., T. Byrd, J. Straley, C. Poggetto, J. Valdez, J. Weber, Fremont mgr. Second row-Coach Brownson, P. Cassell, S. Colburn, R. Edgar, W.- Jackson, B. Souther, C. Ward, Coach Wright. ' For the first time in Emerson's history the "A" basketball team was combined with Fremont's team. The team was organized late and for that reason won only one game in the C. B. L. League. They showed great fight and spirit but did-not quite match the skill of the opposing teams. The combined' teams were coached by Mr. Brownson of Emerson and Mr. Wright of Fremont. Some of the outstanding players from Emerson were Joe Valdez, Souther, Byrd, and Cassell. These players will be a great help to the High School next year. - C BASKETBALL The highly spirited Emerson "CH basketball team won six out of thirteen games. The best game was with Citrus. They Won 27 to 9. In the first engage- ment with Fremont, the team was defeated 15 to 20, but in the second engagement they won 23 to 9. The team was led by Captain David Valdez. Some of the outstanding players were: Cluff, La Chat, Keckley, Licata, and Linhart. The players gained much needed experience under the guidance of Coach Alan Guhin. -- -Y -fw First row-left to right: J. Licata, R. Linhart, D. Valdez, B. Keckley, E. LaChat. Second row- J. Todd, mgr., J. Faith, E. Glover, B. Kahlanbeck, J. Corder, G. Cluii, Coach Guhin. .IX .Q I Y- 3 ,1 i Built T ' .,,. ,, dl t Q' f-. -nn- 1in-f""- -fffisf. , . I ,zsig - av: Q ' Q,p.5Qwr Q Q? by i -ii' N . 1 D " Ir - J Ld ' , 1 l , .- A 1 .- o L" ' . KR Q t - t 1 l- 1 X :qu ,IQXXTNS f W-7 Ss !.is Nia 600. 'X .x N "N, on ' 323' X ' I .x l 1 Z TENNIS First row - left to right: J Bogren, S. Martin, M. Swope, S. Weaver. Second row-S Newton, B. May, A. Johnston, F. Huarte, A. L. Johnson, R. Patterson. Third row-B. Sher- rell, M. Clewett, J. Wyman, L Robison, D. Ford, Miss Fitschen, G. Herriott. 'J x I na FX I H 4 I WM' 9 - I " "- " o Q O, i 'ffio 4'72'2"?Y 1 :fo O,'q 0, "ff0,'o'Q' , 'qf.:o,:,Z, XX - f X D BASKE TB I First row-left to right: E. Smith, D. Meiklejohn, R. Gar- rett, D. Oleson, D. Edinger, J. Ridley, D. Colton. Second row --F. Rico, mgr., P. Curran, R. Matlock, D. Roberts, D. Vil- lines, O. King, J. Hazlegrove, Mr. Deal. The hard fighting "D" team had a good turn out this year. They had lots of competition. Through excellent ball handling and good spirit they managed to win nine games. Olsen, Roberts, Hazlegrove, Meiklejohn, and Garrett made a hard fighting front line. Ridley, Villines, and King were dependable as guards. As the team was composed of mostly ninth graders, we can look forward to a good team next year. h . i The tennis team this year had a good start but were slowed down by the leaving of Mr. Bruce, their coach, to join the Navy. Under Miss Fitschen they quickly regained the lost ground. Matches were played with Fremont and the High School. They beat Fremont and did very well at the High School. Many of the players have shown great promise and hope to make a success in future years. The fine spirit of this year's players has enabled them to fight very hard for Emerson. IRA CK First row - left to right: R Sanders, F. Rico, R. Arkle, B Koenig, B. Keckley, B. Arkle. Second row-J. Lundie, mgr., J. Charnholm, B. Mason, R Wright, C. Galligan, G. Netz- ley, B. Russell, Coach Mitchell Emerson enjoyed a very good track season this year, uniting with Fremont as a Pomona sophomore team. Signal honors go to Bill Koenig who set a new C. B. L. record of 22.5 seconds in the 220 yard dash and also ran in the Southern California finals at Glendale. Other outstanding performers include Banales, Charnholm, R. Arkle, Keckley, and Galligan in the dashes and broad jump, B. Arkle, Russell, Mason and Wright in the hurdles, Sanders, Netzley and Rico in the 880 yard run and shot put. Bud Lundie did well as our manager. We are looking forward to a fine squad next year with many recruits from the eighth grade. iThe Boxing Club is an organization where boys learn the art of self-defense. The boys have had a successful season under their instructor, Mr. Dudley. In the extravaganza a number of bouts were put on by the Boxing Club. The champs this year were: Bud Mason over Ed Steele, Walter Beem and Tom Scudder fought to draw, Billy Chambers over Dewayne Casey, Bob Arkle over Stan Duncan, Richard Marks over James Kimball, Ralph Miller over Jimmy Treat. This is the only sport where a medal is given to the winner. . g , 1sf 1? 4 ' g ' L L2 BOXING First row-left to right: R Smith, R. Marks, Kimbell J. Lawson. Second row-J Treat, B. climbers, E. Steele Mr. Dudley, W. Beem, S. Dun- can, D. Casey, H. Peck. i.,' I, W A W 7 f I 1 f 5. I rl ,Q VARSITY BASEBALL First row-left to right: Coach Brownson, B. Arkle, E. LaChat, J. Valdez, B. Keckley, J. Weber, Coach Guhin. Second row-G. Herriott, O. Brown, T. Byrd, B. Souther, G. Cluff, D. Valdez. Third row--T. Scudder, S. Adams, R. Arkle, D. Meiklejohn, F. Rico, B. Garrett, H. Laughlin, J. Aviles, R. Linhart, Mgr. ' 'L fa N f o i, QV IKE, fx 2221? Baseball started with a bang this year, as many boys from last year's squad came out for the team. The team is having a six game series with Fremont and have won three and lost -none fup to this writingj. David Valdez is the leading swatter so far with .515. Tom Byrd and Jack Weber are the pitchers who are helping to keep up the school winnings. The team is not in a league this year and for that reason the number of games is limited. Coach Harry Brownson is doing a fine job teaching the boys the art of the game. Batting averages are 'at this writing: D. Valdez, .5155 Charnholm, .3335 Souther, .3005 J. Valdez, .2705 Byrd, .2665 Keckley, .2285 Brown, .2145 Wallace, .2005 La Chat, .1875 Weber, .1815 Rico, .1335 Cluff, .0955 Linhart, .000. ' Z - 5 1 :U JW ' ,,,L..J L g l X .ii X, z 2 N i K k Xb 1 SENIOR GIRLS ' VO LE YBALL First row-left to right: S. Meiklejohn, D. DeVall, J. Blyden, M. Petersen, O. Brunson, M. English, P. Riley. Second row- Left to right: C. Trujillo, B.-Wolfe, P. Woodbury, Miss Horbach, F. Huarte, E. Scholz, C. Gutierrez. Senior volleyball had a very successful season this year. The class teams played their series during school time and the winners of each period played after school for the championship. The girls are to be complimented on the fine type of volleyball they played. - ,I UNI OR GIRLS ' VOLLE YBALL First row-left to right: B. Brady, B. Gee, A. Lopez, C. Jacobson, M. Jerde, M. Kragh, K. Garrett, B. Brewer. Second row- M. Trujillo, S. Quijas, M. Neel, B. Owen, E. Enriquez, Miss Horbach, N. Lusher, D. Burkett, G. Garcia, W. Gemmell. The volleyball series was run during the first quarter of the year. The team co-operated very well under the fine 'supervision of Miss Horbach. The series was a successful one and the girls really enjoyed it. SENIOR GIRLS ' BASKE T BALL l 1 First row-left to right: S. Weaver, IQ. Robison, C. Condit, A. Alder. Second row-J. Espiau, B. Goff, Miss I-Iorbach M. Coppersmith, E. Jones. The senior basketball season was one of the best Emerson has ever had. The games I we1'e very close which made them full of excitement from beginning to end. , j UNI OR GIRLS ' BASKE T BALL First row-left to right: L. Ellis, A. Wriglmt, E. Adams, L. Johnson, M. Gregory, M. Nisbet. Second row-P. Jenkins, D. Riille, V. Gist, K. Else, D. Rose. - The winning team of the junior section was made up mostly of the seventh grade girls. All of the girls enjoyed this season. SENIQR GIRLS' SPEB DBALL W- --. l First row-left to right: L. Lopez, M. Linder, A. Alder, S. Martin, S. Eldredge. Second row--P. O'Sullivan, F. Calhoun, M. Southwick, Miss Horbach, M. Coppersmith, N. Nesbit, W. Morris. l Speedball is always exciting with close competition but it was unusually so this year. The teams although handicapped by the weather and size of the classes, played unusually well and came through with some very interesting games. JUNIOR GIRLS' SPEEDBALL First row--left to right: M. Trujillo, B. Owen, B. Frazier. Second row-B. Parrish, M. Venolia, D. Scholz, F. Wahlberg, M. Chapman. Third row-L. Bunger, A. Gist, T. Gemmell, Miss Horbach, M. Adams, D. Burkett, S. Steiner. ' Usually the Junior Speedball does not compare with the Seniors because they lack experience. This year they did an about face and topped the Seniors for thrills. J k P, f Q 3-ifflff , f -.ill I J I 'f wg X QM' , f I 'E-'E ' 5 fa' ly -2- ru . ml" y gfwfn ,1 X t X, f V ,y V C? C'f?"K2-V57 57" "A fldf. f ,- l ,279 Cfmx rf' If f i I I 1 I I i 1 I 'af KIA- S-xt, E , SCHOOL DEGXNG J SEFYLP 'IM ."',, I uf , l, uxb'lg"'x. ' ' I gr! +L ' 4 1-9 1 ' 7 .v A? A- J, Ss c11f?7fmK Hssrrffnrv-new Zi 5'ENl0R PICTURES NUWZ MAJOR ENGA GEMEN T S SEPTEMBER I 18-4First day of school 21-Beginning of football season 23-Bicycles registered First fire drill-Happy moment 29-Boys' and Girls' League Assemblies 30-Student Body dues contest OCTOBER 6-P.T.A. Membership drive Varsity game with Webb 10-First tenth grade dancing class-Poor feet! 13-Beginning of clean-up contest ' 14-Captain Hook pAssembly 16-Varsity game with California Junior Republic 20-First Monday Morning Girls' League Assembly 23-Assembly for Student Body dues contest 3 1-Hallowe,en party NOVEMBER 4-Senior Pep Assembly Night Game at H. S. 7-First P.T.A. Dance 10-Armistice Day Assembly 11-School Holiday 12-Senior Pictures Taken 17-Musical Champions Assembly 20--Thanksgiving 28-Blue Dart Presale 1941-194.2 S DECEMBER ,QD 5 1-Report Cards x 2-P.T.A. Movie at Fox 4--Boys' League Assembly R -- gm, 11-Mother's Tea by Girls' League 12-Movie-"Our Town" W i 15-Lie Detector Assembly KSDQA ' ' A Xffffwffffffye M'4I17ifJ ""--' f ..-w--3'-' 17-Tenth Grade Sweater Spring 7' . 19-Girls' Glee Club Assembly David-Margaret Home Party Christmas Vacation Begins R, I is JANUARY ' 5-Back to School I 9-Boys' and Girls' League Assembly 1 2-Pa per Drive 65 14-Nothing Happened 22-Assembly-Soloist Mr. Reed 'Lib-ld, H1-Y Shoe Shine NITE GIIMEW' FREMONT- 30-End of Semester FEBRUARY 2-New Semester-Hi-Y shoe Shine ff ,Q I' PAQ ,o S-Air Raid Drill-No Talking! nj Q' ! "" 6-P.T.A. Dance, Orchestra, Refreshments ' Daylight Saving Starts-Yawns and Yawns Q 7-C k' f R k' A ' fi'-R l oo nes or oo ies 13--Puppet Show for Boys from Girls -xi Girls Lost Clean-up Campaign My QHISI gL"ef' 17-Orchestra Assembly Today C Vi' -,,.fE'f" ZS-No School Today, Air Raid Alert, Hooray! 'Pc'- . UE. DETECTWY H5.S'fM1'3l71 26-Boys' and Girls' League Assemblies DEC"-Y S, NJ ff 1 f - X J y mil 4 Vf7LEN77!Yf5 UW- Ffdff aw Q . X 'nd J'tlanL-FE. B. 1 I-yy Z' I 25. .- S fb, Z1 -T-"U, 7 '1 J' mn smesrm - .THNJ MAJOR ENGA GEMENTS MARCH , 2-Defense of America Assembly 3-Tenth Grade Officers Elected 5-P.T.A. Dance 6-Junior Paper Drive Assembly 12-P.T.A. Family Night 13-Gordon Magicians Assembly 18-Know Your Money Assembly-What Money? 24-Carlsbad Cavern Picture Assembly 27-Band's Easter Assembly 30-Spring Vacation Begins-Wlioopeel APRIL 1-April Fools Day 2-24-Measles run wild 9-Student Body Assembly-Incendiary Bombs 14-Report Cards-Happy? 15-Emerson "Y" Night Boys' League Assembly-Naval Ensign 17-Snap Day-Band Concert on south steps 21-Victory Garden Assembly 22-We're all going to the dentist-the Girls' League sold candied apples 24-Girls' League Truth and Consequences Show 24-Boys' League Extravaganza 27-Measured for Gowns 29-Assembly-Junior College A Cappella Choir 1941-1942 MAY 1--Spring Festival-The Hit of the year 7-Candidates introduced 9-Girls' Play Day at Fremont 13-Campaign speeches 14-Faculty Show-Wow! ! 21-Girls' League Fashion Show 22-Boys, League Assembly 28-Amateur Hour 30-Memorial Day Holiday JUNE 2-Student Body Assembly 12-Senior Class Party . 17--Graduation 18-Class Breakfast-Blue Darts 19-Scl1ool's out-Happy Day! ! ! p'lY!70Vl77l!14,4i" mfr-ff IQ A In rm-mfaf I l7!iA4S' I-V651 ,Y- CWDDN M N Agway-ff MGRALE Bill Souther: "Since I met you I can't eat, I carft sleep, I can't drink!" Cuda Swope fshylyj: "Why not?" Bill: 'Tm broke!', FF PZ' 95 Time: 11:00 P. M. fafter Hi-YJ I Richard Decker: "Will your motherphit the ceiling when you come in at this hour?" Richard Wright: "Probably. She's a rotten shot." Malcolm Jenkins: "Look at that girl: pretty as a picture!" Bobby Decker: "Yeah, neat frame, too." .5 .g .L ., 1, v, Jean Neilson: "What is puppy love?" Raymond Mitchell: "The beginning of a dog"s lifef' .L .L ., -, Betty Bower: "Today's the day for the weekly test." Lila Robison: "I surely hope they're weakly." .g .L .L . ., 1, ., Mrs. Brown: "How children's tastes do change!" Mrs. Ferguson: "Yes, when my two were small Kay loved soldiers and Gwen loved brightly painted dolls. Now Gwen is crazy about soldiers and Kay runs after every painted doll he sees." fn n vi' Mr. McPherson: "What is play?" James Charnholm-: "A very important thing that work interferes with." -L n Tom Byrd: "I was certainly moved by what the Coach said todayf' Glen Cluff: "Why, what did he say?" Tom: "'Tom, leave the room', and I said, 'you didn't think I'd take it with me, did you'?" ' ,fl 2 ru' I 1' , if - -I A J ll ,I I. 1 1 f F I A . I X I V E , in VJ 1- W 25. " ii L J h J A 1 Al-A its I 4' :T-mlf '.-Q11-f - + unnnplih illrl-I lllllllll iv -I f Y f 'Q . vi P i , f f If I 'ff . 5 I I 11 I 5- 5! 1 .XA "Fx ff W I f i I A m- W , 5 A ,1'W.f -1, in ,Q . , ff 'W ' V Y I A ff li: " ' ' K f . V ' 'TVN i ...:.--.I L - nl: A I iif - -I ,. T , A i ' fd--"' . ' !--'5515?L.1T"' ' 45 B --i N X11 .- :fl jg! -W v 7 Q I f K 'kj' VICTORYSNAPS N Q X x xy Q WV X X J 'V x X QV ff, NX xx SN XX S J Y 7 "" 'W W ' OZASJ FS' X .vk X H ,Q K.. -xx ' C " .-Ti: ,l A fl I, V' . , I 4. 4 A -Q Q X , Q W- Ka N X 'VL 'J' X r , 'X-. P 1,. 4 Q , , 4 fx'-1-..U , X 1 f 5 waff f X QX fem A If .fa N 449' X X f' A x f J 9 . 5,14 ,Z - s fig! 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Suggestions in the Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) collection:

Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Emerson Junior High School - Blue Dart Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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