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EMERSONIAN 1968 Emerson High School Gary , Indiana Volume LVII The Spirit of Our Year As Emersonians, we have known both triumph and defeat, happiness and despair. But as Emersonians, our emotions, high school friendships and experiences allow us to feel that we surpass all others in representing our year. We have heightened our honors by maintaining our record as state and city drill team champions; producing not only all city and all conference students in wrestling and football, but National Merit Semi-Finalist. Our cross-country and basketball team, along with the city ROTC commander colonel being chosen from our school have merited many honors in the name of Emerson. We have inspired hope dur¬ ing doubtful moments and grasped unflinchingly to achieve the very essence of our school life. What is this essence? The characteristics that make stu¬ dents yell faithfully for their team; classmates work diligently towards perfection; while faculty toil endlessly to strengthen and enrich their pupils, and student organizations strive in¬ dustriously to promote their school. In addition to a prosper¬ ous year, the " Spirit Stick " was introduced and did much to stimulate and boost the morale of the classes. All of these qualities combine to summarize the Emerson student body in reflecting, " The Spirit of Our Year. " Contents School life Academics Organizations Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Sports Advertisements Page 6 Page 26 Page 38 Page 58 Page 74 Page 94 Page 106 Page 1 26 A Typical Day Is Lively What is a typical day at Emerson High School? It is the laugh¬ ing and chatter of students as they proceed to their next classes . . . The banging of lockers during lunch hours . . . The cheerleaders promoting enthusiasm and excitement for the on¬ coming games . . . The pride as teachers finally " get through " to their students . . . The sound of the bugles being blown in the morning and afternoon . . . The solemness as the flag is raised and lowered . . . and finally the rush to the buses after a long, tiring, day. Working, learning, thinking, and growing. These are all part of a typical day at E.H.S. School Life with Spirit Remember... the wet bleachers, cold toes, and hot choco¬ late at the games, the shoes lined up at the sock hops, and dancing to the beat of the Soul Survivors. Remember. . . the last-minute scramble to class, the laugh¬ ter during lunch hour, and the munching crunching sound of the students as they ate chips, candy and taffy apples after school. Remember ... a thing done by all Emersonians as we look back upon all the events and happenings that took place to make this year an outstanding one. E.H.S. Stabilized by Change and Tradition The remodeling and change took place not only in the class¬ rooms, but in all aspects of E.H.S. With the growth of the stu¬ dent population there was also a growth of E.H.S. Rooms were enlarged and painted, ceilings repaired, bricks layed, and im¬ provements of the lighting were made. Along with the tradi¬ tion of Emerson, which was enhanced by some change in stu¬ dents and facilities, the greatest and most noticeable addition to Emerson students was the new teachers. The community and residential area of Emerson A view from the side during lunch hour. Port of the new face of Emerson High School E.H.S. founded 1908, oldest high school in Gary. Homecoming Triumphs Queen; Lizabeth Christo Despite terror from Jack Frost and a muddy, slippery field. Homecoming 67 proved to be a heartwarming experience that brought tears, cheers, and laughter for all. Skits and boosters produced spirited enthusiam from the crowded depths of the auditorium to prevail during the pep session. However, nothing seemed as hectic as Homecoming Day, Friday, Octo¬ ber 27, when all of a sudden the festivities were dispersed upon us. Sleepy-eyed Emersonians faithfully pursued decorat¬ ing for the dance and car caravan, distributed mums, and prepared for the memorable occasion. The swinging beginning of the Living Ends at E.H.S 13 National Education Week Promotes Knowledge Emerson, along with other schools in Gary, participated in var¬ ious activities during National Education Week, which ex¬ tended from November the 6th through the 10th. Displays were arranged by the various organizations explaining and illus¬ trating their particular history, purpose and function at E.H.S. Representatives from the organization described the organiza¬ tions to visitors, who were escorted from display to display by guides chosen from the Student Council. This week was not only fun for the students, but helped to promote more interest. " Oh, Dear, Poor Us, They ' ve Kidnapped Our Yearbook Editors, and We ' re Feeling So Sad’’ Something new was added to the yearbook subscription cam¬ paign this year. " Oh, Dear, Poor Us, They ' ve Kidnapped Our Yearbook Editors, and We ' re Feeling So Sad " was pre¬ sented by the Journalism II class for the student body. The farce, written by Rhoda Bradshaw, Journalism II student, was presented to stress the importance of buying this year ' s EM¬ ERSONIAN. Also included in the program was the presenta¬ tion of the first " Mr. and Miss Photogenic Contest. " The win¬ ners received roses, tie tacks, and one-year subscriptions to the NORSE WIND. " Miss Photogenic 1968; " G. Clark, J. Lyles, D. Martinez Talent Is the Name of the Game " Talent was the name of the game " when the Sophomore class sponsored a talent show, January 11-12, 1968. Mistress and Master of Ceremonies were Holly Huley and Micheal Donald. The acts included vocal groups, soloists, and bands playing and singing the latest hits, modern dancers, comedians, and skits. An extra added treat was a special performance by the Drill Team, that left the audience breathless. Emerson ' s answer to Flip Wilson, Huston Rucker. The El Juans displaying their unique talents. Students return to class following a pep session. The Students Two ROTC officers arranging an ROTC display. 18 That Create Emerson Smile, you ' re on candid camera. The cheerleaders promote student enthusiasm. " It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s SUPERMAN!” " We Need Him " From off-Broadway came one of the liveliest musicals to ever hit Emerson, " It ' s a bird . . . It ' s a plane ... it ' s SUPERMAN! " The musical was presented by the Drama Club on April 25-26, 1968. The plot concerned what would happen if the " man of steel " should suddenly STOP believeing in himself and his powers. Among the cast and crew were; Superman Clark Kent; Jaime Velez; Lois Lane, Marilyn Stupar; Sydney, Terry Carter, Pamela Dudley; Max, Gregory Gray; Dr. Sedgwick, Houston Rucker; Jim Morgan, Ted Pappas; Perry White, Andy Vasquez; Newscaster, Hector Agosto; Bonnie Holloway; Clyde, Ted Pappas; Director, Miss B. Vaccaro; Asst. Dir. R. Bradshaw; Stage Manager, A. Vasquez; K. Groover; Set de¬ sign, J. Pavlecich; Choreography. V. Bailey; Music, T. Pappas; Prompter, C. Szabo; Publicity, R. Bradshaw. Marilyn Stupar talks her way out of a tight situation. 20 Football-o-Rama and Hi-Y Queens During the Year " Queens for all seasons " was the best way to describe Judy Robbins and Lorraine Dowdell. Judy was chosen Emerson ' s gueen at the annual Football-o-Rama and reigned along with seven other queens from the areas high schools. Lorraine was chosen queen of the contest run by the Hi-Y and reigned during the Hi-Y ' s Sweetheart Ball in February. Football-o-Rama Queen Judy Robbins. Hi-Y Sweetheart Queen Lorraine Dowdell. 21 SOS Drive Highlights Second Semester To coincide with Valentine ' s Day, the traditional theme of this year ' s SOS Drive, was " give from your heart. " To boost par¬ ticipation in the drive, a contest was held to see which class could raise the most money for the drive. After the closing of the drive, which ran from February 14-22, the winners were announced; First place, Mrs. Pierce ' s Advanced Litera¬ ture and Composition class; Second place, Mrs. Van Beek ' s Algebra MX class; Third place, Miss Schuitheis ' English IIIR Class. " That Was the Game That Was” One of the highlights of the year " was the game that was " — the basketball game on February 21, between the Junior girls of GAA and the women faculty. This was one time it didn ' t matter that an opponent was a student, only one thing mattered, which was to win. After the roughest, toughest battle since the Little BigHorn, the final score was Faculty 1 4, Juniors 8. Fashion-minded Emersonians Upper classmen set an excellent example for the upcoming fashion-minded Emersonians. The fashions for 1967-68 school year have varied from long, straight hair, high boots, and shift dresses to short, curly hair, square-toed shoes and ruffled, waistline dresses. Boys ' fashions stay basically the same except belts are out and the ivy league look is in. Neatness and simplicity in dress has been Emerson ' s tradi¬ tion for many years. If " clothes make the man " the students at Emerson must be the " cream of the crop. " Emphasizing the trend for long hair is Joann Rubens, senior. Academics with Spirit Knowledge, skill, and experience are three of the benefits that come from constant study and practice of academics. Knowledge is becoming acquainted with Julius Caesar, Silas Marner, or any of the other characters described in books. It is knowing and grasping the economic, mathematical, or social problems of the present day. Skill is being able to turn a piece of wood into a bookcase or cabinet, to sew a new piece of clothing for a wardrobe, or to turn out a tasty meal. Experience is repetitive use of the knowledge and skill. It is having the confidence to stand up against, and have control of any crisis or consequence that we may be confronted with in our lives ahead. Through academics, a richer and more resourceful life is made possible. 27 Knowledge and Understanding through English " Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day and all yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death, " one of Shakespeares many quotes from Macbeth. Dickens, Sandburg, and Wilder are just a few names of great men who have influenced our lives and who many Emer- sonians have studied about the past year. Grammar also has been projected to the students. Semi colons, colons, adjectives and dangling modifiers have had fellow Emersonians over the barrel many times this year. Vocabulary has been another problem but we all have come through it with flying colors ranging from the glorious " A " to the dreaded " F. " Drama and speech will turn the educated Emersonians. The drama class will turn out the actor and the actresses who will brave the stage . . . screen . . . and movies. The speech class will prepare the great orators, politicians, and who knows, the President. Together these two classes can really add the finishing touch to some Emersonian while those less fortunate who did not take these courses will still make Emerson proud. Welcome o the world of fantasy and reality . . . Mrs. Pearce ' s senior ad¬ vanced literature class. History, Study of Past Events Pointing out on interesting spot on the map is Mrs. Conway U.S. History is interesting to the students who listen attentively while Mrs. Grieger speaks. 30 in Relations to Today ' s World Taking an interest in the globe from L to R is E. Brown, R. Walls, R. Watson, H. Kyles and Mrs. Conway, teacher. To be able to understand what the present is all about, one must understand what has happened in the past. History, from the beginning of time has evolved to todays written record of man ' s existence on earth. Not only does a student learn of his country but of other countries. Juniors review the history of the United States, while the required subjects for seniors are Economics and Government. Through these courses the stu¬ dent is given a more thorough and detailed study of under¬ standing local, state, and national governments in the world today. Studying her Economics diligently is senior, Herdestine Spiller. Performing experiments can be both pleasurable and worthwhile. Science and Math : A Challenge for Emersonians Chemistry could be a little interesting. Working in the lab gives chemistry students an opportunity to do experiments and to understand some of the laws of nature. The study of biological and physical science is instructed in Biophysics. The collection and classification insects were only a few biology products. Friction, motion, and force are only a few basic principles of physics. There is a great need for students with a good mathe¬ matical background. Algebra I and II introduces students to equations in solving problems by using symbols instead of numbers. Geometry deals with the puzzling problems of postu¬ lates theorems and a small amount of Trigonometry. Miss Van Beek points out a student ' s mistake while the class listens atten¬ tively. 32 Commercial Skills Aid Students Mimeographing and making stencils are jus part of Clerical Practice. General Business, Clerical Practice, Business Law, Bookkeep¬ ing, Typing, Shorthand, and Distributive Education comprise the Business department. General Business gives the students a broad out-look at the world of business. Business law pretains to federal and state laws in the business world. Increasing your speed and accuracy is the daily practice in typing. Bookkeeping ' s goal is to train students how to record busi¬ ness transactions. To be proficient in dictation, shorthand is essential to the future secretary. Distributive Education pro¬ vides to many Emersonians an opportunity to work in Gary ' s Downtown stores. Clerical Practice rounds off a girl in the business world. In this class she learns how to be a " Girl Friday " by filing, stenciling, and typing. Gee! This is ft vish I knew how to type. Language, Music and Art Lifting their voices in song is Miss Nichols ' s A Coppella class. Strives for Perfection To achieve the goal of communication with foreigners, E.H.S. offers three language courses, French, Spanish and Latin. The third language is no longer spoken but is essential in under¬ standing English. Taking a foreign language is not only profit¬ able for college but is also a good aid in developing the Eng¬ lish vocabulary. Here at Emerson, students who are interested in music have an opportunity to take orchestra, band, A Cappella Choir and Glee Club. All four departments strive for perfection. Under the guidance of Miss Steeves and Mrs. Gattling, Emersonians develop an artistic talent. The Art Department furnishes signs for pep sessions and print signs for different organizations. They also participate in poster contests such as Fire Prevention Week, Gordon ' s Fashion Contest. Remodeling the classroom was one of the projects undertaken in art. Orchestra students prepare to rehearse for concert. 35 Future Builders and Homemakers of Tomorrow Pots and pans, needles and thread, and hammers and nails, are a few of the essential tools of Home Economics and Indus¬ trial Arts. Home Ec. is not only open to females, but also to males. This year Home Ec. attempted to teach boys, as well as girls, the fundamentals of cooking and sewing. Industrial Arts students received instruction on blueprint making, sketching landscapes and houses and also compli¬ cated drawings. Future draftsman were given the opportunity to work with plastic, leathers, and sheet metal. P.E. Practices Sportsmanship The prime objective of the Physical Education Department was to develop the bodies as well as the minds of E.H.S. students. Calisthenics, tumbling, football, and exercising were only a few of the many activities offered in P.E. Girls as well as boys were often seen running and racing on the track. P.E. classes also enjoyed the use of the pool, after being recently re¬ opened. Enjoying a fast trot around the track are members of the boy ' s P.E. classes. Organizations with Spirit Dedicating more time to a particular field, sharing ideas with one another, and working diligently for recognition are only a few of the responsibilities partak en by the various organi¬ zations at E.H.S. By belonging to one of these organizations, students are able to express their ideas and feelings about their particu¬ lar interests, and are able to work together and build long- lasting friendships. 39 Leadership Shown The promotion of the welfare of Emerson School rests in the hands of the student council. The student council provides for the co-operation between students and faculty, promotes all school activities, and operates on the will of the majority; pro¬ viding at the same time a chance for the minority to be heard. All Emersonians are given an opportunity to participate in the council through their representatives. Something new devel¬ oped by council this year was a student disciplinary board. Its purpose was to promote the well-being of Emerson through the practical application of student judicial administration. The board ' s duties were to review the causes of problem students, submitted by teachers, along with a complaint card, and to decide on action to be taken on the matter. Helping Emersonian ' s to prepare for a future in teaching or business was the main functions of F.T.A. and F.B.L.A. By par¬ ticipating in the activities of these two organizations, students were able to learn to face the many responsibilities as well as the rewards that come with being a member of one of these professions. Honor Groups Stress Higher Education Honor Society; First row: (left to right) Pamela McDaniel, Pat O ' Halloran, Leslie Simon, Lizabeth Christo, (second row) Carol Moss, Sandra Carter, Mrs. Pierce; sponsor, (third row) Ronald Penner, Walter Anderson, Howard Gibbs. World Affairs Forum: Sitting; (left to right) Mary Gajewski, Stella Batagianis, Beverly Felty, (standing) John Trafny, Paulette Kontos, Mr. Campbell; sponsor, Hector Agosto. Quill Scroll: Sitting; (left to right) Sandra Carter, Leslie Simon, (standing) John Smith, John Trafny. 42 Students Gain Experience by D.E. O.E.A. O.E.A. First row: (left to right) M. Hunt, C. Velligan, L. Conchola, Mr. Coon; sponsor, (second row) D. Perez, K. Anderson, S. Carter, (third row) G. Smith, S. Poznic, C. Walker To recognize those students who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, character and service was the purpose of Na¬ tional Honor Society. Members were chosen from the junior and senior classes twice a year by a faculty committee appointed by the principal. This year ' s Honor Society raised money by selling paper¬ back books after school, and E.H.S. pins. They also met to select a Student of the Month. World Affairs Forum is a city wide forum consisting of all the Gary Public Schools. The Emerson World Affairs group, along with Andrean and Froebel, presented a discussion on the Middle East Crisis. Members were selected on the basis of grades, and also by teachers ' recommendations. Each student was responsible for accepting the position of sitting in on the World Affairs Forum. Office Education Association is an organization dedicated to developing student leadership, and abilities in the American business. Members of the O.E.A. attended classes half a day and worked in an office the other part. Since the students missed out on school activities, O.E.A. was responsible for providing these students with some recreational activities. Fund raising activities, social activities, and civic activities were a few of the projects partaken by the D.E. students of E.H.S. Members of this organization attended classes part of the day and spent the rest in a training station away from school. They also took three trips to the meetings of the state election of officers, state leadership conference, and national leadership conference. D.E. Members: Firs row; (left to right) J. Durr, L. Mendez, L. McKee, (second row) A. Rivera, I. Blackburn, M. Montemayor, (third row) J. Damjonovich, R. Rivera, L. Zehner, (fourth row) H. Manuel, G. Hedrick, J. Spearman, (fifth row) Mr. McKibben, S. Thomas, M. Tanner Various Clubs Aiding the teachers by operating the projectors were some of the jobs performed by students enrolled in the audio visual classes. Under the supervision of Mr. J. Holubes, these students learned about the operation of projectors, and filmstrip ma¬ chines. " The stars of tomorrow are the Emerson Drama Club members of today. " Skits, a Christmas program, musicals, a modern full length play, the annual " Bobbie " awards, and the " Emerson Oscar " are all part of the activities of the club. 44 Scholarship and Sportsmanship To grow as a person, to develop capacities for leadership and to achieve a sense of personal worth, are only a few of the goals of Emerson ' s Hi-Y and Y-Teens. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character. They participated in a youth government program at Manchester College and at Indianapolis. The biggest event of the year was the Hi-Y Sweetheart ' s Ball. The Y-Teens bring together girls of diverse experiences and faiths, that they may join in the strug¬ gle for peace and justice, freedom, and dignity for all people. Y-Teen officers are: Carolyn Cooper, President; Joann Baker, 1st Vice-President; Phyliss Gillespie, 2r Kathy Clifton, Treasurer; Ellaree Word, Chaplain; Darlene Henderson, Sergeant at Arms; Miss McAllister, S Achieved in Clubs Booster Club, along with Pep Club, has one main goal ... to boost spirit at games, dances, and all other school functions. Under the leadership of Mrs. Leora Davies, Booster Club made all the preparations for Homecoming. They were responsible for the car caravan, dance, mums and queen candidates. Booster Club also planned Football O ' Rama, the Senior Fare¬ well, and the awarding of Miss Gold and Mr. Grey. Members of pep club attended all the games. Their duty was to form a large cheering block. In this way the boys not only saw our support, but also heard it. Athletic Clubs Combine to Create Friendship Tradition, along with the new, was combined into the Girl ' s Athletic Association to boost the Spirit of Our Year. E.H.S. girls, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mosier, and the Board, were able to participate in such team sports as softball, foot¬ ball, basketball, and volleyball, as well as recreational ones. One of the goals of G.A.A. was to impress upon the girls respect for teachers and adults, as well as for each other. G.A.A. Board—1st row, officers: (left to right) Annie Essany, Vice-President; Joyce Cooley, President; Carol Szabo, Secretary-Treasurer; Paulette Kontos, Social Chairman; other members are (left to right) 2nd row; Leslie Simon, Venecia Goodlow, Liz Christo, Judy Robbins, Geraldine Hayden, 3rd row; Becky McCoy, Patty Blackman, Pat O ' Halloran, Bonnie Holloway, Nada Peyovich, and Toni Thompson. Participating in a skit are: Pat Taylor, Joyce Cooley, Judy Robbins, and Carol Szabo. 48 vich. Secretary, George Gonzales, Vice Pres., Louis Gonzales, Pres " E " Club under the supervision of Coach Woodard and Coach Steffanelli was composed of those boys who have earned a letter for participation in sports. Washing dishes, carrying books, and polishing shoes were a few task performed by " E " Club members as they were sold to the highest bidder at the first annual " Slave Auction. " First Row—E. Azcono, A. Essony, A. Brooks, G. Artis, S. Congress, J. Berry. Second Row—l. Dowdell, S. Sonders, P. Rushing, J. O ' Baker, M. Zalazar, M. Georgiadis, J. Hodges, C. Cortez. Third Row—N. Elliott, C. Moore, L. Hollman, L. Craig, G. Williamson, C. Jackson, F. Flack. Fourth Row—M. DelaMere, N. Ross, W. Kennedy, G. Gonzalez, P. Stephens, C. Austin, J. Berry, B. Dowdell. Lift up Thine Eyes and Sing A Cappella " Where in the World but in America, " was just one of the many selections sung by the members of A Capella choir this year. Under the direction of Miss J. Nichols, the group per¬ formed for Christmas Vespers, Bacculaureate, Spring Choral Concert, All-City Music festival, and Commencement. This year ' s Madrigal group, composed of several select members of A Cappella, received a second place in competi¬ tion between area high schools at Lew Wallace. They also performed, along with A Cappella at various programs. A new addition to the vocal department this year was the Barbershop Quartet. The boys in the quartet performed the familiar songs that were ever popular during the turn of the century. After getting out of those hot robes, the A Cappella officers take time out to smile for the " birdie. " 50 51 Heads and Feet High, Providing for the bugle in the morning and afternoon, pre¬ senting music selections at the annual concerts, marching at games, and traveling to Indianapolis to compete in State contests, were a few of the activities performed by members of the band. This year the marching band appeared in new uniforms which were purchased from the money received in the candy sale and by the concerts. Pep Band once again provided the music at all the pep sessions. These students were selected by Mrs. Masters and Mr. Valasco, instructors, according to their ability. Band Marches On With Spirit Orchestra: First Violins: J. Webster, T. Jones, D. Howard, M. Gajenski, I. Martinez, D. Sutton, T. Pappas, E. Trass, B. Boromis. Second Violins: S. Bibbs, G. Welch, J. Johnson, L. Otero, A. Lozada, M. Ocasio, S. Godson, J. Lyles, A. Vasquez, N. Perez, P. Vottrell, C. Navarro. Violas: E. Gibbs, R. Maldonado, G. Anton, K. Gorby, C. Stath, V. Pittman. Cellos: R. Curtis, L. Morris, I. Rivera, J. Gibbs, B. Doel, R. Enrico, W. Anderson, D. Morris, B. Dear, Basses: B. Omstead, P. Paulk, D. Knox, J. Billingsley, J. Wilson, D. Benedict, J. Day. They All Make Music That We Enjoy Constant effort and practice was put forth by the members of the orchestra this year in preparation for their annual concert. They featured such popular numbers as Tschaikows- ky ' s Nutcracker Suite, and selections from Doctor Zhivago. A few band members also performed with the orchestra. The members, under the direction of Mrs. Masters and Mr. Velasco, met in class every day to further develop their musical skills. The Girl ' s Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Nichols, performed in front of the student body at Christmas Vespers. They also appeared, along with the A Cappella Choir, at the annual Spring Choral Concert. String Ensemble: Jerome Webster, Isabelle Martinez, Edward Gibbs, Phyllis Paulk, Ray Curtis, and Trudy Jones. 54 Piano: Yang JaByas. Flutes: K. Cutler, D. Gould, A. Spurgeon, R. Johnson. B. Flat Clarinet: B. Hjerpe, V. Kourmetis, L. O ' Brien, G. Richards. Saxophones: G. Gray, M. Bowman, W. Meeks, R. Snead. Basson: K. Payster, French Horns: T. Pate, A. Scott, L. Owens, K. Binkley, Trumpets: L. Herr, D. Cole, V. Schuster, R. Viera. Trombones: P. Flynn, H. Clark. Percussion: R. Nickovich, F. Peterson, K. Byas, E. Kozanas. Glee Club left to right, row one: V. Crotty, C. Mandez, R. Calderin, G. Dowdell, C. Brown, V. Andrews, P. Williams, S. Godson, K. Groover, R. Pope, M. Galindo, F. Green, K. Clifton, M. Navarro, H. Huley, A. Silva. Row two: J. Dowdell, S. Carter, L. Singleton, E. Burkes, J. Thompson, R. Watson, G. Santi¬ ago, E. Ammons, T. Berry, R. Silva, E. Welch, G. Triplett, A. Willis, D. Martin. Third row: L. Rivera, E. Honeycutt, D. Powell, R. Garza, C. Griffin, D. DeJeus, A. Duncan, B. White, B. Boyd, J. Terry, Q. Knight, B. Rucker, N. Swallow, L. Vandiver, P. Dudley. Row four: T. Griffin, E. Baity, S. Chezem, A. Thomas, L. Baynes, P. Eastwood, M. Grasham, S. Downs, D. Gregory, L. Bascum, W. Alden, M. Jackson, G. Parker, W. Staples. 55 ROTC Characterizes Respect, Obedience Emerson ' s ROTC has received countless awards within its history. This year the ROTC was under the direction of SFC Donald W. Linton. The ROTC members received education in military science, learned drills, received discipline, and carried on the ROTC tradition of pride and being first in everything. Drill Team: Standing; (left to right) J. Trafny, E. Pabon, G. Knezevic, (kneeling) M. Garcia, A. Garcia, W. Hall. 56 Cheerleaders Display Pep, Loyalty, Spirit The varisy squad enjoys a " breather " between cheers. Varsity Squad; (left to right) Holly Huley, Becky Holloway, L. Christo, Pam Higgenbotham, Daisy Gillum. Many times students become frustrated and disappointed with their team and need to be reassured. Regardless of the outcome of the game, the cheerleaders job is one of re¬ assuring, their classmates during doubtful moments, and celebrating the victories. They help to boost those spirits that otherwise might have dwindled, and stress the impor¬ tance of school dignity and loyalty. Their job is not an easy one—but it reflects those qualities that represent the stand¬ ards and goals of Emerson. Faculty with Spirit There are times when the unknown becomes known, when the lost find a way, and when the dim becomes bright. . . because there are teachers. They are willing to share their knowledge with a question¬ ing student, to lend patience and understanding when no one else has the time, to take a student and make him an outstand¬ ing individual .. . because they are teachers. They are always the first to give praise to deserving stu¬ dents, to share a laugh in a time of humor, and to help out when things go bad .. . because they care. Board of Trustees Govern Schools The Gary Board of School Trustees govern our school as well as other Gary schools. Through them, we were able to get the new lights on the second floor, the new paint jobs that were so badly needed, and among other things, the competent new teachers we received this year. The Board members stay up to date on the latest trends in educ ation so that they might be better qualified to assist the Gary schools when the need arises. They strive to keep Gary schools the best because our welfare is their concern. 60 Principals Extend Their Helping Hands Principal, Marion B. England Assistant Principal, John Mr. England and Mr. Smith have worked closely together to maintain a superior institution of learning. They have com¬ bined their efforts with the faculty and students to form a team—a team that gets the job done. They are the backbone of Emerson, and through their efforts, school days run smoothly. When in need of a friend or a counselor, you ' ll find them always willing to listen. Without these great coaches of our team, a spirited year would have been non-existent. Always concerned that our days run smoothly, Mr. England assists a student to receive an admit. Past and Present Emphasized Where ' s your pass? Does this sound familiar? They Go Further Than the Abacus Miss Van Beek is showing her class the fundamentals of general math. The Trainers of Future Scientists Although their ' s is a hard job, they still find time to smile for the camera. Left to right; Mr. Boggs, Mrs. Hunter, Miss Starnes, Mr. Bowe, and Mr. Ryals. Special Ed. Helps 65 The Fine Arts Are Encouraged They Teach Practical Skills Home Economic teachers that mould the future homemakers are left to right Mrs. Shriver, Mrs. Bragg, Miss Montgomery and seated Mrs. Martinsen. 68 Masters of Other Languages Miss Ban, Miss Gurauskas, Mr. DeLeurere, Miss McGhee and Miss Cox enjoy working in the lab. Concerned Counselors Aid Students Miss Thomas and Mrs. Cullen make sure this junior has all his units so that he might qualify for a senior next year. Physical Education teachers include Coach Woodard, Coach Stefanelli, kneeling, Mrs. Doakas, Miss Wherry, and Coach Szulborski, standing. Miss Wherry rounding up the class after a jaunt around the track. They’re Body Builders I 74 SENIORS Now that the time has come for the class of ' 68 to say its good-bye to Emerson, we look back upon the long, hard struggle from the first day as green little Freshman to the last day as the honored class at Senior Day ' 68. Through the past four years, we became a part of E.H.S. tradition by bringing back winning seasons in sports, boosting the spirit at games, and obtaining National Merit Semi-Finalists. We enjoyed being together at our numerous dances, proms and parties, but most of all we have cherished the friendships that have come from learning and growing together. As we leave Emerson, we shall take with us the wonderful memories of the past three years, but more important the Spirit of this Year, Our year— ' 68. Senior Personalities Most Likely to Succeed: Most Industrious: H. Gibbs, V. Wise, V. Coulter, B. Hjerpe. Witty, Friendly, Adorable, Handsome: C. Osborne, P. Cooper, T. Thompson, W. Anderson, J. Peterson, E. Vanderbilt. Senior Personalities were chosen by the faculty and student body on March 6,1968. Members were selected by the journa¬ lism staffs, and put into a category of two or three. In order to be eligible a student had to have all bookrental paid, no time, and no library fines. 76 ZORAIDA BLONDET—Spanish Club Sec. MARY BOONE—Science Club; F.T.A.; Pep Club; G.A.A. FRED BOOSE LINDA BOURNES—G.A.A.; Glee Club; A Cappella. SYLVIA BRACKETT RHODA BRADSHAW—Drama Club President; Stu¬ dent Council; NORSE WIND-EMERSONIAN Staffs; Glee Club. BRENDA BROWDER—Homecoming Queen Candi¬ date; F.T.A.; Vice-President; Spanish Club; Honor Society. FRED BUCZEK—Hoosier Boys ' State Representative; Varsity Baseball, Football, Wrestling; " E " Club. ANTIONETTE MARIE BUTLER—F.T.A. President: G.A.A.; Science and Pep Club; Student Council ESTER BUTLER—Rifle Team; F.T.A.; G.A.A. RICHARD BUTLER DEBORAH CAMPBELL—R.O.T.C. Cadet; G.A.A.; Drama Club; Y-Teens; F.B.L.A. PEGGY CAMPBELL—Drama; G.A.A.; Pep Club; F.B.L.A. LUZ CANCHOLA-Art Club treasurer; Band ma¬ jorette; Spanish Club. RONALD CARKHUM—Varsity Basketball; Baseball; Tennis; Science Club; E Club. 79 SANDRA CARTER—Honor Society; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate; 1967 EMERSONIAN Editor; F.B.L.A. President; Quill and Scroll; World Affairs Forum. STEVEN CARTER PEGGY CAULEY-Drama Club; F.B.L.A.; Glee Club; A Cappella. J ANNIE CHATMAN—G.A.A.; F.T.A.; Pep Club; F.B.L.A. VALERIE CHEEKS CHARLES CHERRY EUNICE CHIONOS—NORSE WIND Staff-Publica- LIZABETH CHRISTO—National Honor Society Pres¬ ident; Hoosier Girls ' State; Varsity Head Cheer¬ leader; Homecoming Queen; G.A.A. Board. HELEN CLARK—F.T.A.; Band Manager, Orchestra; Pep Band; Student Council. DON COLE—Concert Band; All-city Band. DAVID COLOSIMO-Varsity Football; Wrestling; Senior Class President; Drama Vice-President. SHARMAINE CONGRESS—F.T.A.; Pep Club; Drama Club; A Cappella; F.B.L.A. JOYCE COOLEY—Glee Club; A Cappella; Student Council; G.A.A. President; All City Choir. PAUL COOPER—Varsity Football, Baseball, E Club, Hi-Y Secretary; Co-Captain 1967 Football. ANGELA COVINGTON—Student Council; Senior Girls ' Representative; Science Club Secretary; F.T.A.; Drama Club. 80 IVY COVINGTON—Varsity Cross Country; Basket ball; Science; Chess; F.T.A. DOROTHY CRAWFORD—G.A.A.; Drama and Pep Club. DANIEL CURSKI—Football and Baseball manager; Latin Club; E Club; WILLARD DAVIS THOMAS MICHAEL DEMAKAS—Varsity Football; Basketball; E Club; A Cappella Treasurer; Spanish Club. LORRAINE DOWDELL—President A Cappella; Boos¬ ter Club; Pep Club; Hi-Y Queen Candidate; Drama VERCENA DUNGY—Student Council President; Junior Class President; G.A.A.; Gary Inter-high School Student Council; NORSE WIND-EMER- SONIAN. ANNIE ESSANY—R.O.T.C. Cadet; A Cappella; G.A.A. Vice President; Pep Club; Rifle Team. DONNA FERHAT—Sophomore and Junior Class MICHAEL WILLIAM FESTA—Golf; Junior Class Representative; Student Council; E Club; Prom Committee. PATRICK FLYNN—Band; Cross Country BARBARA FREVILLE—F.B.L.A. EMMANUEL GARDNER-Concert Band; " E " Club; Pep Band; Bugler; S tudent Council. CHERYL GARLIN—French; Spanish Club; F.T.A.; G.A.A.; Pep Club. MARIA GEORGIADIS—Glee Club; A Cappella; Pep Club; G.A.A.; All City Choir. 81 HOWARD GIBBS—Student Disciplinary Board; Honor Society Vice-President; Varsity Wrestling; National Achievement Scholar; Varsity Baseball. PHYLLIS GILLESPIE—Hi-Y Sweetheart Candidate; Pep Club, Dramo Club, Modern Dancing Student Council, Y-Teens, Vice President. DAISY GILLUM—Homecoming Queen Candidate; Varsity Cheerleader; Pep and Booster Club WILLIAM GILLUM VENECIA GOODLOW—G.A.A. Board; F.T.A.; Pep Club Treasurer; Prom Committee; Girls ' Rifle Team. DARRYL GOULD VERNARD GREEN-Varsity Football; Basketball JON GRIFFIN SHEILA GRIFFIN KATHY GROOVER—Glee Club; Drama Club; Rifle Team. CURTIS HALL—Track; Cross Country; Science Club; DARNELL HANNS—Hi-Y; R.O.T.C. DARRYL HAWKI NS—R.O.T.C. Drill and Rifle Team; Swimming Team; F.T.A. JANICE HAWKINS-Pep Club; F.T.A.; Dramo Club GERALDINE HAYDEN—G.A.A. Board; Senior Class Vice President; Junior Class Treasurer; Rifle Team; Pep Club. 82 EUGENE HEDRICK-Frosh Football; R.O.T.C.; DECA. JUANITA HEDRICK LARRY HERR—Concert Band and Orchestra; All City Band and Orchestra; Pep Band and Dance. RAYMOND HILL—Drama Club. BRADFORD HJERPE—Hoosier Boys ' State Repre¬ sentative; Varsity Swimming Team, Concert Band E Club; Golf. BONNIE HOLLOWAY-A Cappella Choir, Madrigal, G.A.A. Board; Rifle Team Captain; Latin Club. JANET HOWARD—F.T.A.; Y-Teens, G.A.A., Pep Club; Sr. Class Sec. MARY HUNT—C.O.E.; F.B.L.A.; G.A.A. SANDY JACKOWICZ—G.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; Pep Club; Drama Club. J.D. JACKSON—Concert Band; Cross Country JANICE JOHNSON—French; Latin; and Pep Club F.T.A.; G.A.A. WALLACE JOHNSON JENNIFER JONES—F.T.A., Pep Club, Booster Club; G.A.A. KENNETH JONES-Frosh Football TRUDY JONES—F.T.A.; Concert Orchestra; String Ensemble; Dance Band; Publications. 83 WILLIAM JONES— " E " Club; F.T.A.; Varsity Track PATRICIA JORDAN—G.A.A.; F.T.A.; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Semi-Finalist NASP. LAWRENCE KARVER—Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football; " E " Club; E Repre- CAROLYN KENDRICK—G.A.A.; Pep Club; Concert Band; Y-Teen. WILLIAM KENNEDY—Track; Cross Country; A Cap- pella; Madrigal. MICHAEL A. KERNS—Freshman Football, Basket¬ ball; Varsity Baseball, Football Co-Capt. " E " Club SANDRA LEE KITTLE—G.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; Pep Club, Drama Club. DENNIS LEE KNOX—Varsity Football; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; " E " Club; Wrestling. PAULETTE KONTOS—F.B.L.A.; G.A.A.; National Honor Society; World Affairs Forum; Reserve Cheerleader. VICTORIA KOUREMETIS—Concert Band; Pep Band; Concert Orchestra; All-City Band. GUS D KOUTSIS—Freshman Football, Basketball; Freshman Class Boys Rep.; Reserve Football, Bas¬ ketball. QUITMAN D. KYLES—R.O.T.C.; Band; Basketball; Hi-Y. MICHAEL LALIC—Freshman Football, Basketball; Varsity Football, Baseball; " E " Club DONALD LLOYD—Varsity Football; Reserve Foot¬ ball; " E " Club; Drill Team. PEGGIE ANN LUCAS—G.A.A.; Pep Club. PAMELA KAY LUTZ—G.A.A.; Soph. Jop Comm.; Drama Club; Jr. Sr. Prom Comm.; Pep Club. JOHN MAGEE—Football; Drill Team; Honor Coun¬ sel; R.O.T.C. CHERYLE MAJORS—G.A.A.; Rifle team; Pep Club; Latin Club, Modern Dance. ROSEMARY MALDONADO—Concert Orchestra; DECA President; Librarian of Cone. Orch. DARRELL W. MASON MIKE MCCARTHY MICHAEL P. MCCORKEL—Wrestling REBECCA MCCOY—G.A.A. Board; Pep Club; A Cappella; Glee Club; All-City Choir PAMELA MCDANIEL—National Honor Society; Student Council; Spanish Club treasurer; F.T.A. Rec. Secretary; G.A.A. LANDRY MCKEE-Manager Basketball, Wrestling LOUIS MEUX—Madrigal; Barber Shop Quartet LARRY MILLER—Baseball; Football; Chess MARY MLECHICK—G.A.A.; Publications MICHAEL MOMCILOVICH MARIE MONTEMAYOR—G.A.A.; Rifle Team; D.E. 85 QUINTIN MOSES—Norse Wind Staff CAROL ANN MOSS—National Honor Society; Student Counsel; F.T.A.; Spanish Club Pres. RUSSENE MOTTS PATRICK MULLOY—Manager Football Team and Baseball Team; " E " Club CONNIE NEWSOME-Spanish Club; G.A.A.; Drama Club; Latin Club; F.T.A. DELPHINE NICHOLS—G.A.A.; F.T.A. WYNONA NICHOLS—Spanish Club; Rifle Team; G.A.A. ROBERT NICKOVICH—Varsity Swimming; Varsity Golf JENNY NOWAKOWSKI—Glee Club; Rifle Team; A Cappella; G.A.A.; F.B.L.A. PHYLLIS NULL-Drama Club; Rifle Team ELIZABETH O ' BRIEN—Drama Club; Pep Band; Con- DORA JEAN ODOM-Drama; Algebra; G.A.A. PATRICIA O ' HALLORAN—National Honor Society; Norse Wind; G.A.A. Board; Reserve Cheerleader; Gordon ' s Teen Fashion Board. FELIPA ORTIZ—Girls ' Rifle Team CATHLEEN OSBORNE-Drama Club; Glee Club; Norse Wind; Emersonian; Student Advisory Board. 86 HARRY OUTLAW—Wrestling; Track; Baseball LARRY PARKER—ROTC Drill, Rifle, Battalion; Exec. Officer; Intramural Basketball JEANETTE PAVLECICH-Drama Club; G.A.A.; Norse Wind RONALD PENNER—Latin Club; National Honor Society DAMARIS PEREZ—Spanish Club; Glee Club; C.O.E. FREEMAN PETERSON—Pep Club; Swimming; Track; Chess JOYCE PETERSON—G.A.A.; Y-Teen; F.T.A.; Drama Club; Science Club NADA PEYOVICH—Glee Club; Pep Club; Norse Wind; A Cappella; G.A.A. Board SOFIA POZNIC—Rifle Team; G.A.A.; C.O.E. TANDRA PRASCAK IRENE PSARAS BRENDA REED—Student Council; F.B.L.A.; G.A.A. Concert Band; Pep Club GREGORY RICHARDS—Band President; Hi-Y Chop- lain; Sr. Class Treasurer; Baseball; Cross Country GEORGE RODRIGUEZ-Varsity Wrestling JUDY ROBBINS—G.A.A. Board; F.B.L.A.; Football- O-Rama Queen; Student Council Rep.; Booster Club Vice President 87 DEISTL A. ROSS—Honor Society; Chess; Science Club JOANN RUBENS—G.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; Drama Club; Prom Comm.; Sophomore Hop Comm. BRENDA RUCKER—Glee Club; G.A.A.; Science Club; Algebra Club PAULETTE RUSHING—Glee Club; A Cappella Secretory; G.A.A., F.B.L.A.; All-City Choir FLORIDA SAMS RONALD SAVAGE VICKI SCHUSTER—G.A.A.; Concert Orchestra; Latin Club; Bugler; Pep Band HARRIETTE SCOTT-French Club; Algebra Club; G.A.A.; F.T.A.; Honor Society STELLA SHELBY—F.T.A.; G.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; Student Council; Latin Club SHEILA SHOUMAKE—F.B.L.A.; A Cappella; Glee Club LESLIE A. SIMON—Norse Wind editor; National Honor Society; G.A.A. Board; Quill and Scroll; F.T.A. secretary PAUL SIMON—Norse Wind; Emersonian; Chess ALICE SMITH—A Cappella DIANE SMITH—F.T.A.; Jr. Classical League; G.A.A.; Latin Club GAYLENE SMITH JOHN SMITH—Norse Wind Bus. Mgr.; Emersonion Bus. Mgr.; Drama Club; F.T.A.; Quill and Scroll HERDESTINE SPILLER—G.A.A.; Student Council ARLISS SPURGEON, JR.-Golf; Swimming; " E " Club; Band TERRENCE STAFFORD—Varsity Wrestling; " E " Club; Drama Club LEE STANDI FER—Booster, Science Club; Drama Club WILLENE STAPLES—Girls Glee Club; Girls Ensem- ble; Drama Club; G.A.A.; Science Club MARILYN STUPAR—Drama Club secretary; Glee Club; A Cappella; Madrigal; G.A.A. CAROL SZABO—Emersonian Co-Editor; G.A.A. secretary treasurer; F.B.L.A. Treasurer; Norse Wind; Pep Club JUDY TALLANT—Varsity Cheerleader; Booster Club; Glee Club; A Cappella; F.B.L.A. MICHAEL TANNER—Freshman Football, Basketball, Baseball PATRICIA TAYLOR—Freshman Class President; Sophomore Girls Treasurer; Jr. Class Vice Pres. G.A.A.; Picture Comm. GLENN THOMPSON JACQUELINE THOMPSON—Spanish Club; Rifle Club; Pep Club; F.T.A.; Science Club MAMIE THOMPSON TONI THOMPSON—Homecoming Queen Candi¬ date; Drama Club; G.A.A. Board; Varsity Cheer¬ leader Booster Club JOHN TRAFNY—ROTC officer, Drill team. World Affairs, E Club, Managing Editor Norse Wind 66- 67 TONY VALTIERRA—Track, Football, Band ERSKINE RAWDON VANDERBILT-Cross Country, Track, Wrestling Mgr, Freshman Basketball Mgr, Student Council PATRICIA DOLORES VASQUEZ—Science Club VICTOR G. VAUGHAN—Varsity Swimming Cap¬ tain, Reserve Basketball, E Club CHARLOTTE VELLIGAN LARRY VENSEL—8th grade Basketball, Freshman Basketball LAWRENCE CARL VICIAN ROSEANNA VUCEKOVICH TERRY LEE WAGGONER—Freshman class Treas¬ urer, Junior class Secretary, Reserve cheerleader, FBLA Publicity Chairman CYNTHIA MARIE WALKER—GAA, FBLA WILLIAM ROBERT WARD-Tennis, Swimming, Freshman Football SUSAN ELAINE WHARDROP—FBLA JENNIFER INGRID WEDLOW—Freshman Cheer¬ leader, GAA, Pep Club, Student Council, Emer¬ sonian Staff CALVIN WITHERSPOON—Varsity Basketball 90 JOE L. WILLIAMS—Science Club, Chess Club, Madrigal, Barber Shop Quartet PATRICIA DIANE WILLIAMS—GAA, Rifle Team, Booster Club, Glee Club, FTA BARBARA WILLIS CHARLES WILLIS BARBARA JEAN WIRTH—GAA Drama Club VALERIE DENISE WISE-Drama Club, Pep Club, FTA, Student Council Secretary, Freshman Con- stition Committee PAUL WOODS JAYNE ANN WOZNIAK—FBLA GAA, Pep Club MARY KAY ANN YARGAS-Science Club, Rifle Team, FTA DONETTA YOUNG PATRICIA YOUNG—Norsewind Staff, Emersonian Staff, GAA KATHY YPSILANTES—GAA, Drama Club, Pep Club MARIA SONJA ZALAZAR—GAA Glee Club Treas¬ urer, A Capella Treasurer ROBERT LOUIS ZALAZAR—Freshman Football, Re¬ serve Football, Varsity Football, E Club LINDA MURIEL ZEHNER—GAA, Rifle Team, Pep Club, DE Vice-President 91 Getting the news and latest happenings of Emerson to the students was the job of the Norse Wind, Journalism I, staff. Writing stories, getting interviews, and laying out pages, were three phases of the production for the paper. Any junior or sophmore member of the staff was eligible to be selected for next year ' s Emersonian staff, and also as the new editors of both yearbook and newspaper. Giving up lunch hours, staying at school until 10:30, and working weekends were but a few of the tasks performed by the Emersonian, Journalism II staff as they strove to meet each deadline. The staff members, under the sponsorship of Miss. V. Bradley, presented a skit written by Rhoda Bradshaw, in order to kick-off the sales campaign for the yearbook. They also were responsible for the nominating and electing of Senior Personalities. Emersonian Staff: sitting: (left to right) V. Dungy, L. Simon, R. Bradshaw, standing: Q. Moses, J. Wedlow, J. Smith, C. Osborne, C. Szabo, V. Coulter, P. Simon, R. Morales. Other staff members: J. Trafny, M. Coleman, Julian Adames. Emersonian Co-Editors: (sitting) Carol Szabo, (standing) Verna Coulter. 93 94 Underclassmen with Spirit Anticipation plays an important part in the life of a freshman, sophomore, or junior as they await some of the rewards that come with being an under or upper classmen at E.H.S. To some, it is the year ' s anticipation of changing from the meek, wobbly-kneed freshman, to a poised, self-confident sophomore. To the sophomore, it is the pride in receiving the class rings for which they have anxiously awaited since the beginning of September. To the junior, it is the chance to attend their first prom, and to be known and respected by others as " upperclassmen. " To everyone, there is something that makes their class a special one, that makes all the work and effort put forth, worthwhile, ... for each class possesses the Spirit of THEIR Year. 95 Juniors, Eager to Become Upperclassmen Allen, WAnton, G.; Baker, J.; Armour, D.; Artis, G.; Askew, R.; Atwood, C.; Bascom, L.; Baity, E.; Baity, E.; Bata- giannis, S.; Baskins, W.; Bedgood, D.; Benedict, D.; Berry, J. Bodie, D.; Bibb, S.; Biddings, F.; Bodie, D.; Booker B.; Britton, P.; Brooks, A.; Brooks, J. Brooks, N.; Brown, E.; Buchanan, E.; Bullock, B.; Butler, E.; Carpenter, D.; Carter, H.; Carter, S. Carter, T. ; Christakis, D.; Clark, A.; Clark, G.; Clifton, C.; Coleman, G.; Coleman, M.; Collins, D. Collins, L.; Cornett, C.; Cortez, C.; Corwin, G.; Crotty, V.; Curtis, R.; Curtis, R.; Davis, G.; Dear, B. Dear, N.; Deloney, J.; Dowdell, B.; Downs, S.; Dudley, G.; Dudley, P.; Eng- Essony, J.; Felty, B.; Flack, F.; Fleming, A.; Ford, C.; Francoeur, C.; Frily, L.; Gardner, S.; Gajewski, M.; Galousis, E.; Garcia, A.; Garza, A.; Galka, J.; Gibbs, C.; Gillespie, T. Gonzalez, E.; Gonzales, N.; Grant, A.; Green, W.; GriHin, T. ; Halkias, K.; Hall, W. ; Hartfield, B. Hedd, w.; Henry, D.; Hernandez, J. ; Higginbotham, P.; Hill, D.; Hodges, J.; Holloway, B.; Holloway, B. Sophomores Anticipate 1970 ; Order Rings Aponte, D.; Aquilor, I.; Armstead, B.; Artis, O.; Austin, P.; Austin, S.; Barnes, S.; Barnes, E. Barton, L.; Baynes,- R.; Benau, O.; Ber- caw, J.; Berry, T.; Billinsky, J.; Blair, O.; Boland, B. Boose, L.; Booyer, W.; Bowman, M.; Bozziel, S.; Brackett, M.; Bradley, C.; Brady, L.; Brady, S. Bray, A.; Broneh, T.; Brown, C.; Brown, P.; Bryant, A.; Burks, J.; Burton K.; Byas, K. C r f 9 f fi f? Byas, Y.; Byers, D.; Byrd, M.; Byrd, R.; Callagher, K.; Camery, D.; Campbell, K.; Carpenter, C. ! ■ Carter, M.; Cates, P.; Chase, B.; Chi- mesa, A.; Coleman, R.,- Cook, C.; Cooper, C.; Craig, L. Cutler, K.; Cay, J.; Dean, O.; Dickerson, V.; Docks, Q.; Douglas, A.; Dovon, I.; Dowdell, 3. r: Gamer, J.; Gant, A.; Gary, H.; Gates, C.; Gayda, N.; German, C.; Gibbs, C.; Gibbs, E. r R 99 Gibson, J.; Gillespie, D.; Gillis, B.; Gillis, l.» Golden, J.,- Gould, T. ; Greenlaw, G.; Grey, G. Griffin, C.; Gulik, M.; Hall, J.; Hamilton, E.; Harbour, D.; Hardeman, F.; Harris, D.; Hartfield, D. Harvey, S.; Hayes, G.; Haynes, A.; Hen¬ derson, D.; Heridia, T.; Hernandez, M.; Hill, J.; Hobson, E. Hodges, C.; Holloway, D.; Holloway, S.; Honey, C.; Hood, B.; Hudson, L. ; Huley, H.; Humphrey, G. Hunt, S.; Jackson, C.; Jackson, P.; Jackson P.; Jackovijevik, N.; Jefferson, W.; Johnson, C.; Johnson, D. Johnson, G.; Jones, M.; Johnson, M. Johnson, T.; Jones, A.; Hones, C.; Jones Jones, S.; Jones, S.; Jones, S.; Jones, V.; Jones, V.; Jones, W.; Jordan, V.; Kelly, R. Kelly, V.; Kennedy, M-; King, G.; Kirk, E.; Knight, M-; Kukrika, D.; Laboy J ; Lee, C. Lee, S.; Leslie, L.; Lewis, E.; Lewis, S.; Lopes, G.; Love, C.; Mcmillar, A.; Mad¬ dox, C. Magee, L.; Manuel, J.; Manuel, P. Man¬ uel, P.; Manuel, S.; Marcy, J.; Marsh, V.; Martinez, D.; McCloud, 6. McDade, D.; McDowell, G.; McGee, J.; McLain, W.; McThern, M.; McTheren, S.; Meeks, W.; Miller, L. Mendez, C.; Mendez, L.; Miller, D.; Mills, F.; Millington, K.; Milosevich, M.; Minkovich, M.; Mitchell, R. 100 101 Williams, C.; Williams, G.; Williams, G.; Williams, G.; Williams, L.; Williams, M.; Williams, M.; Williams, O. ? V Williams, R.; Williamson, D.; Willis, A.; Willis, D.; Willis, P.; Wilson, D.; Wilson, J.; Wilbon, L. r Wofford, C.; Woods, J.; Wright, A.; Wright, G.; Young, R.; Zarakas, S.; Zehner, K.; Zehner, M. Watching the " birdie " are Sophomore class officers, Carol Stypulkowski, Yolanda Smith, Kathleen Cutler, seated and Dansby Gillespie, Kim Byas, Edward Gibbs, Gregory Gary, Michael Bowman, standing. 102 Freshmen Scrutinize Ivanhoe; Collect Insects Aikens, V.; Alexander, B.; Ambrose, J.; Anderson, E.; Andrews, V.; Arroyo, M.; Barber, D.; Bibb, S. Biffle, B.; Billingsly, D.j Bizadellyis, G.; Blgajevic, S.; Boyer, C.; Bowen, B.; Brown, E.; Brown, E.; Bryant, D.; Bu¬ chanan, E.; Buress, T.; Burns, J.; Butler, C-; Butler, S. Calerin, R.; Cannon, L.; Carter, R.; Cato, A.; Clark, G.; Clark, V.; Cliemel, T.; Coley, D. Colosimo, J.; Cooper, L. Cuiz, J.; Cruz, R.; Davies, D.; Davis, R.; Delony, K.; Delony, E. Delph, K.; Dokas, T.; Dorellos, M.; Dow¬ dell, J.; Dragash, D.; Driver, S.; Duli- ous, K„- Espimosa, D. Estrada, R.; Evans, D.; Evans, l.; Flynn, B.; Fontanez, M„- Foster, C.; Gadson, S.; Galloway, J.; Galloway, T.; Genellas, S.; Gibbs, J.; Goker, D.; Gonzales, F.; Gonzales, M.; Gordon, E. Green, C.j Green, F.; Grasham, M.; Gregory, D.; Hall, R.; Hallman, B.; Harris, P„- Head, A. Hezdd, S.; Hermbonie, E.; Hollies, D.; Hollingworth, M.; Holman, E.; Hollo¬ way, L.; Honeycutt, E.; Hoover, B. Hope, A.; Jackson, J.; Jackson, M.; Jameson, M.; Johnson, A.; Johnson, C.; Johnson, T.; Johnson, W. A 0 la A 4A o ££££ « f « 103 Jones, J.; Justice, J.; Justice, J.; Kasti- dis, J.; Kazanas, M.; Kazanis, G.; Ka- zonis, J.; Kelly, G. Kennedy, F.; Koulianos, S.; C.; Lazoba, S.; King, J.; Koulianos, N.; Lancaster, C.; Lancaster, Locke, R.; Lomay, C.; Long, J.; Lyles, J.; Mackinnon, C.; Mahlis, E.; Martin, A.; Martin, D. Martin, L.; Mason, J.; Mavarro, G.; Melendez, M.; Mendez, L.; Meodracy- vich, J.; Metcalf, L.; Metcalf, L. McGee, V.; Miles, D.; Miller, C. ; Mise- wicz, B.; Mitchell, M.; McCarrol, l.; Mc¬ Coy, J.; McCoon, A. Miller, B.; Mills, M.; Moniva, D.; Mosby, D.; Motts, J.; Mullins, P.; Nabaria, C.; Nedburg, J. Nieve, F.; Noble, L.; North, B.; O ' Baker, C.j Olliver, M.; Ortiz, F.; Padilla, M.; Parker, G. Pappas, T.; Patterson, J.; Paul, P.; Perez, L.; Perez, N.; Perkins, C.; Peter¬ son, N.; Radigan, A. Reed, J.; Reese, C.; Richmond, S.; Rivera, L.; Robbins, P.; Roberts, D.; Rod¬ gers, R. ; Rowe, G. Royster, K.; Sanchez, M.; Sanders, B.; Sanders, D.; Sarafin, R.; Sounder, C.; Savage, J.; Savich, M. Scott, A.; Simpson, M.; Singleton, L.; Smith, R.j Smith, L.; Snead, R.; Spicer, B.; Spikener, F. Stevens, P.; Sutton, D.; Swallow, N.; Tanner, R.; Tauloe, B.; Thomas, D.; Thompson, J.; Tolliver, Z. 104 In Memorium If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life— For life and death are one, even as the river and sea are one. In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond. For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered? Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain t op, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance. Kahil Gibran Sports with Spirit Desire to win is always on the mind of an Emerson Athlete, as they strive to the best of their ability to bring more fame to the Gold Grey, whether it be on a court, field, mat, or in a pool. Discouragement and disappointment may appear on the faces of many of these boys, but deep inside lies the pride and warmth that comes from the cheers and backing of the crowds. Without the Emerson Athlete, there would be a loss of this pep, enthusiasm, honor and pride that is ever present in the Spirit of Our Year. 107 i Golden Tornadoes get ready for a tough season. Mighty Tornadoes Show Their Spirit The Golden Tornadoes, faced with injuries and bad breaks, finished up the season with a record of 2 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie. The determined and highly spirited Tornadoes came back in the second half of the season by upsetting 9th ranked in the state, Gary Froebel, and knocking off River Forest. The Golden Tornadoes, ranked 7th in the N.W.C., earned their position by fighting down last place Gary Roosevelt to a 0-0 tie. The Gol¬ den Tornadoes played one of their better games against their homecoming opponents, Horace Mann, being edged out by a score of 13-9. Coach takes a last look. 108 EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS EHS 2-7-1 Record 1 -5-1 Conference Highland Hobart Tolleston Lew Wallace Froebel Valparaiso Roosevelt Glittery Golden Tornadoes Lou Gonzales busting through for a first down. 110 Ill Tornadoes Really Turn Jimmy Wilson tries for yardage in the kick-off return. 112 It on Football. Armies of athletes fighting on a 100-yard field of battle. Homecoming queens, pom-poms, and all other tradi¬ tions, are the things that make the game. Victory is not always present, though. Sometimes it hurts to lose. Sometimes it hurts badly. But the athletes that go out there to meet the opponent are brought up in sportsmanship and fair play. The crowds see the losses, and sometimes that ' s all. But the player sees more; the 75-yd. run, interception, recovered fumble on the 1 yd. line, and the knocking off of a State ranked team when the odds were against his team. ■HI " Freshmen Have Even Season” Row 1: Coach Mike Sosh, Lock, B„ Washington, I., Colosimo, J., Herndon, E., Clark, G., Whittier, A., Kostodes, S., Hall, R., Jackson, J., Ledesma, K. Row Scott, A., Oliver, M., Kulionos, S. Row 2: Meados, K., Pappos, T„ Kozan, 4: Royster, K., Johnson, C., O ' Baker, C„ Sanders, T., Motts, J., Mullin, P., M., Johnson, B., Kulionos, N., Wise, M., Oliverria, N. Row 3: Peterson, N., Coker, D. Coach Sosh gives halftime pep talk. The freshman football team headed by Coach Sosh, finished the season with a 3 wins 4 loss record. Two of these games were one-pointers. This year ' s freshmen football team showed great potential in becoming a first rank varsity squad in a few years. One of the best games the Frosh played this year was against Pulaski Junior High, the Co-City Champs. The final score was 24-14, Pulaski. The Frosh-Tornadoes were first to score and were leading at halftime by a score of 14-12. Erskine, George, and Jim get ready for practice. Angel grabs a quick breather during practice. 116 Coach Connelly Breaks in New Cross Country Team Emerson began its 1967 Cross Country season on Sept. 16 at Benton Harbor with an opening win against them. Only five boys from Emerson competed in the meet, while 15 boys ran for Benton Harbor. This year was a rebuilding year for the Cross Country team, since last year ' s City Champs were lost through graduation. The Young Cross Country team came through with a winning season and is expected to reign as City Champs in 1968. Andy Vasquez, an outstanding Cross Country runner, was unable to appear in team photograph. 117 We Are the Norsemen, Mighty, Mighty Norsemen Ben baffles the boys with his ball handling. Jim practices his karate on a Morton player. Today’s Freshman, Tomorrow’s Varsity Freshman squad: Bottom (left to right) D. Billingsley, A. Whittier, C. Johnson, Brown, P. Mullins, A. Sanders, P. Stephens, S. Minton, S. Trash; mgr. T. Galloway, A. Scott, B. Bowmann, (top) Coach Steffanelli, K. Royster, E. Ron goes up for a rebound. Jerome " shoots for two. Norse Basketball Season Packed with Action I. Covington, J. Prince, F. Richards, A. Washington, W. Taylor, J. O ' Neil; not pictured. (Kneeling) S. Thomas; (mgr. Coach Mike Sosh, G. Welch; mgr. Standing (left to right) C. Witherspoon, O. Sams, G. Corwin, B. King, R. Carkham, B. Dowdell, Netmen End Season with A Blast! Ending their season with true style, The Emerson Norsemen compiled a 1 3-7 record for the 1967-68 season. Under the iron hand of Coach Mike Sosh, the Norsemen defeated some of their toughest opponents. Tolleston, the number one team in the city, had fallen under the mighty wheels of the Norse wagon. Although we were defeated by Froebel in the Sectionals, Lew Wallace was not so lucky, bowing out in the first game of the tournament. The Emerson Norsemen have had one of those seasons in which the school is proud of, and will never forget. OPPONENT Roosevelt Morton Clark E. G. Edison Calumet Gavit Froebel S. B. Riley Edison Froebel River Forest Wallace Wirt Horace Mann Hobart Valparaiso E. C. Washington Tolleston 122 Varsity Swimming Team: Kneeling-V. Vaughan, C. McKinnon, B. Locke, J. Colossimo, W. Johnson, B. Boland, M. Kazanas, Coach Woodard. Second Row-B. Hjerpe, P. Nowak, D. Mullins, C. Brown. Third Row-M. McKinnon, M. Wise, J. McCoy, J. Oros, Schults, B. Wright, G. Higgenbothem. Finmen Stroke to Improve Team A good swimming team is made up of many elements, among them are size, age, and experience. These three things aid in attaining a great team. The Emerson Finmen composed mostly of seventh and eighth graders, lacked some of the size, age, and experience, but exceeded in determination and ability as they surmounted these obstacles and developed a highly spirited and en¬ thusiastic team. Mighty Matmen Varsity wrestling: First row; (left to right) T. Stafford, E. Vanderbilt, mgr. J. Golden; mgr. B. Orr, J. Gary, A. Garcia, C. Gates, (second row) R. Pace, G. Reserve wrestling: First row; (left to right) M. Oliver, S. Koulianos, E. Gibbs, J. Skaroulis, E. Herdon, (second row) N. Koulianos, A. Wollace, J. Valtierra, B. Poindexter, N. Peterson. German drops opponent Wrestling through the years has been considered one of the manly sports. The Emerson Matmen have carried on this tradition with style and form. The varsity and the reserve teams have proven that if they can fight, they can win; if they lose, they are true sportsmen. Of all those who have tangled with our mighty Matmen, all comers have felt the strength which we possess. The Emerson High School wrestling team has what it takes to make a wrestling team great. Emerson scores again Batmen Slide into Spring Season Varsity Batmen: First row; (left to right) T. Demakas, P. Cooper, G. Gonzales, G. Richards, G. Koutsis, D. Casko, B. Woods, Coach Szolborski TEE OFF Varsity putters: (left to right) S. Bey, S. Spurgeon, J. Trafny, B. Hjerpe, (front) M. Festa 126 Intramural Team: Kneeling: (left to right) L. Mckee, T. Whitting, (standing) S. Thomas, J. Deloney, Coach Campbell, P. Nunn, E. Nichols. 127 Intramural Cindermen Prepare for Spring Advertisers Promot AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE An opportunity to serve awaits industrious young men and wpmen at Northern Indiana Public Service Com¬ pany. As one of the top gas and electric distribution utilities in the United States. NIPSCO is constantly looking for new processes and methods of efficient operation. These include atomic power generation, extra high voltage transmission, underground electric distribution, computerized system planning, under¬ ground storage of natural gas, community analyses and electronic data processing. Ready to grow with a growing company? IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF GROWTH NIPSCO is one of the highest-paying utilities in the State of Indiana. Its attractive employe benefit pack¬ age-tuition refund plan, vacations, holidays, life in¬ surance, comprehensive medical insurance, pensions, etc.—provides an atmosphere for individual growth. Fifteen leading colleges and universities are strategi¬ cally located throughout its service area with others available in the greater Chicago area. Drop in. We’ll be glad to talk jobs with you. Northern Indiana Public Service Company symbol of service in nipscoland Andrew Smith Funeral Home Comay’s Jewelers 130 Xke Art of Frying Chicken The gentle art of frying chicken in a " heavenly manner” is given to but a few persons on this earth. Some mothers can do it. A few chefs can be mentioned. But, the true " artists " of this profession are, amazingly enough, high school boys! Trained for months and months by Chuck Wheeler himself, these fortunate young men learn to turn out the tender, golden crusted, delicately-seasoned chicken in perfect batch after batch, around the clock from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week. Many of them earn college money in this manner. Constant dedication to the goal of perfect fried chicken is a wonderful character builder and a lesson in modern methods, combined with an old-fashioned appre¬ ciation of flavors and the human ingredient. When you enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken from Chuck Wheeler ' s, you know the tenderness, flavor, and perfection of each piece of chicken is no accident. Chuck planned it that way. OPEN 11 TO 11 GLEN PARK: 3936 Broadway (887-2931) MILLER: U.S. 20 (938-5599) WEST FIFTH AVENUE: (883-6122) Bob Weaver Tailors Herff Jones George’s Scdool a-ftU Office Soi fpmen.- S 5 7 BROAD WA Y OR 22 0 WEST ICtt AVE. Jacobsens Gross Sport Sales 134 Bud Pressner Music Emerson’s Seniors Eastside Pharmacy Gary Camera 619 Washington Street Phone 882-6032 Everything Photographic Open 365 days a year Sundays and Holidays Open from 10 am — 2 pm 136 Continental Tailors " The Smiths” Sno White Bakery Heilmans Tire Supply 137 This Is Your Go Get ' Em Team Sophomores Compliments of Memorial Post ttl7 American Legion 565 Mass. They Sponsor The Emerson ROTC 138 David ' s Cleaners Regent Florists Carl (Red) Elston Townsend Pontiac Miss V. Bradley Mr. James R. Gibbons Miss J. Nichols A. Van-Beek A Friend Wally Fitch G. Steeve Miss J. Winrotte Yamo’s Food Market William B. Davis M. Gruenfelder Good Luck to the ' 69 ers. Miss Neva Wherry Good Luck to the class of ' 69 E. Schultheis Planning, Preparing, Persisting-Success You can make it. Miss Maxine Thomas Academic Excellence is the key to success. Take pride in your¬ self and your school. Best wishes. Mr. Hambrick Asst. Principal Nelson Piano Organ Co. 35 East Fifth Avenue Gary, Indiana 140 All-School Index SENIORS Adams, M. 78 Agosto, H. 78, 42 Alvarez, A. 78, 109, 111 Amos, M. 78, 10 Anderson, K. 78, 43 Anderson, W. 78, 42 Anagianokis, A. 78 Anton, S. 78 Atkins, C. 78 Atwood, E. 78 Barber, J. 78 Barnes, L. 78 Besaw, D. 78 Blackburn, I. 78, 43 Blackmon, P. 78, 42 Blondet, Z. 79 Boone, M. 79 Boose, F. 79 Bournes, L. 79 Brackett, S. 79 Bradshaw, R. 79 Browder, B. 79, 93 Buczek, F. 79, 10 Butler, A. 79, 109 Butler, E. 79 Butler, R. 79 Campbell, P. 79 Conchola, L. 79 Carkhum, R. 79 Carter, S. 79, 121 Carter, S. 80, 42 Cauley, P. 80 Chatman, J. 80 Cheeks, V. 80 Cherry, C. 80 Chonos, E. 80, 92 Christo, L. 80, 48, 42, 1 0 Clark, H. 80 Cole, D. 80, 55 Colosimo, D. 80, 1 24, 109 Congress, S. 80 Cooley, J. 80, 48 Cooper, P. 80, 46, 109 Coulter, V. 93 Covington, A. 80 Covington, I. 81, 121 Crawford, D. 81 Curski, D. 81 Damjanovich, J. 81, 109 Davis, W. 81, 109 Demakas, A. 81,1 09 Dowdell, L. 81,92, 93 Driver, G. 116 Dungy, V. 81,92, 93 Essany, A. 81,48 Ferhat, D. 81 Festa, M. 81, 15 Flynn, P. 81, 55 Freville, B. 81 Gardner, E. 81 Garlin, C. 81 Georgiadis, M. 81 Gibbs, Howard 82, 8, 1 24, 42 Gillespie, P. 82, 46 Gillum, D. 82, 10 Gillum, W. 82 Gonzalez, G. 49, 124, 109 Gonzalez. L. 49, 109, 11 3 Good low, V. 82, 47, 48 Gould, D. 82 Green, V. 82, 109 Griffin, J. 82 Griffin, S. 82 Groover, K. 82, 55 Hall, Curtis 82, 11 6 Hanns, D. 82 Hawkins, D. 82 Hawkins, J. 82 Hayden, G. 82 Hedrick, E. 83, 143 Hedrick, J. 83 Herr, L. 83, 55 Hill, R. 83, 55 Hjerpe, B. 83, 15 Hollaway, B. 83, 41 Howard, J. 83 Hunt, Mary 83 Jackowicz, S. 83 Jackson, J. 83 Johnson, J. 83 Johnson, W. 83 Jones, Jennifer 83 Jones, K. 83 Jones, T. 83, 54, 92 Jones, W. 84 Jordon, P. 84 Karver, L. 84, 49, 09, 111 Kendrick, C. 84 Kennedy, W. 84 Kerns, M. 84, 109 Kettle, S. 84 Knox, D. 84, Kontos, P. 84, 48, 92 Kouremetis, V. 84, 55 Koutsis, G. 84, 45, 109 Kyles, Q. 84, 45, 109 Lalic, M. 84, 1 09 Lloyd, D. 84 Lucas, F. 85 Lutz, P. 85 Magee, John 85 Majors, C. 85 Maldohado, R. 85, 54 Manuel, H. 43 Mason, D. 85 McCarthy, M. 85 McCorkel, M. 85 McCoy, R. 85 MacDaniel, P. 85 McKee, L. 85 Meux, L. 85 Miller, L. 85 Mlechick, M. 85 Moncelovich, M. 85 Montemayorm M. 85, 43 Morris. L. 109, 64, 83 Moses, Q. 86, 18, 42 Moss, C. 86 Motts, R. 86, 109 Mulloy, P. 86, 45 Newsome, C. 86 Nichols, D. 86, 49, 35 Nickovich, R. 86 Nowakowski, J. 86 Null, P. 86 O ' Brien, E. 86 Odom, D. 86 O ' Halloran, 86, 92, 93 Ortiz, F. 87 Osborne, C. 87 Outlaw, H. 87 Parker, L. 87, 42 Paulk, P. 87, 43 Pavlecich, J. 87, 55 Penner, R. 87 Perez, D. 87, 48, 92 Peterson, F. 87, 48, 92 Peterson, J. 87, 43 Peyovich, N. 87 Poznic, S. 87 Prascak, T. 87 Psoras, I. 87, 46, 55 Reed, B. 87, 1 24 Richards, G. 87, 1 24 Rodriquez, G. 88, 1 8 Robbins, J. 88 Ross, D. 88 Ruebens, J. 88 Rucker, H. 88 Rushing, P. 88, 121 Sams, F. 88, 55 Sams, O. 88 Schuster, V 88, 92 Scott, H. 88 Shelby, S. 88, 48, 42, 92, 93 Shaumake, S. 88, 93 Simon, L. 88 Simon, P. 88, 90 Smith, A. 88, 43 Smith, D. 97 Smith, G. 89, 42, 92, 93 Sheets, P. 43 Smith, John 89, 31 Spearman, James 89, 55 Spiller, H. 89, 1 24 Spurgeon, A. 89 Stafford, T. 89, 55 Standifer, L. 89 Staples, W. 89, 48, 93, 1 4 Stupor, M. 89, 48, 93, 14 Szabo, C. 89 Taliant, J. 89, 43 Tanner, M, 89, 48 Taylor, P. 89 Thomas, S. 89 Thompson, G. 89 Thompson, G. 89, 48, 10 Thompson, M. 90, 109, 42, 93 Thomapson, T. 90, 109 Trafny, J. 90, 1 24, 11 6 Trather, D. 90 Ualtierra, T. 90 Vanderbilt, E. 90, 43 Vasquez, P. 90 Vaughn, V. 90 Velligan. C. 90 Vensil, L. 90 Vician, L. 90, 43 Vicekovich, R. 90 Waggoner, T. 90 Walker, C. 90 Ward, W. 90, 93 Wardrop, S. 90, 121 Wedlow, J. Witherspoon Williams, J. 91 Williams, P. 91 Willis, B. 91 Willis, C. 91 Wirth, B. 91 Wise, V. 91 Woods, P. 91 Wozniak, J. 91 Yargus, M. 91 Young, P. 91 Ypsilantes, K. 91,15 Zalazar, M. 91,49, 109 Zalazar, R. 91,43 Zehner, L. JUNIORS Adams, J. 90 Adams, M. 90 Anton, G. 88, 53 Armour, D. Atwood, C. 88 Azcona, R. 88-53 Baity, E. 88-53-55-31-46 Bandy, B. 90 Benedict, B. Benedict, D. 88-53 Bedgood, D. 88 Benau, O. 90 Bodie, D. 88 Boone, A. Booyer, W. Brooks, J. 88-53 Brown, E. 90 Brown, T. Cage, L. Carpenter, D. 103-90 Carter, H. 88 Castro, A. 90 Cato, W. Cauley, G. Chamblis, C. Chiasson, V. Ciesielski, C. Clark, A. 90 Coleman, G. 88 Coleman, M. 88 Collins, L. 90 Corwin, G. 90-1 21 Cruz, W. 90 Curtis, R. 88-54 Davis, A. 90 Day, J. 88 Dance, V. 90 Dear, B. 88-1 22 Dear, N. Dodson, E. Donald, M. 88 Dovellos, G. 90 Dowdell, B. 1 21 -46 Dungy, F. 88 Durr, J. 90 Echols, D. 90-46 Edwards, A. 97 Elder, S. 97 Essanym, J. 97 Eaurl, W. 97 Flack, F. 97 Fletcher, B. 97 Francoeur, J. 97 141 Gales, C. 97 Swallow, L. 97 Gulik, M. 99 McGee, J. 100 Garcia, A. 103-97 Tamez, P. 97 Hall, J. 100 McLain, W. 100 Garza, A. 97 Taylor, M. 97 Hamilton, E. 99 McThern, M. 100 Gillespie, T. 97 Theodorus, C. 98 Harbour, D. 99 McTheren, S. 100 Green, W. 97 Thomas, A. 98 Hardeman, F. 99 Meek, W. 100 Hall, T. 97 Troutman, G. 98 Harris, D. 99 Miller, L. 100 Hall, W. 97 Vega, L. 98 Hartfield, D. 99 Mendez, C. 55-100 Hartfield, R. 97 Villaurruel, G. 98 Harvey, S. 99 Mendez, L. 100 Head,W. 97 Volk, K. 98 Hayes, G. 99 Miller, D. 1 00 Hernandez, J. 97 Vuecekovich, R. 98 Haynes, A. 99 Mills, F. 100 Holland, R. 97 Wade, R. 98 Henderson, D. 99 Millington, K. 1 00 Hope, W. 97 Walker, C. 98 Heridia, T. 99 Milosevich, M. 1 00 Hughlett, R. 97 Washington, D. 98 Hernandez, M. 99 Minkovich, M. 101 Irons, S. 53-97 Watson, R. 98 Hill, J. 99 Mitchell, R. 101 Jackson, E. 97 Watson, S. 98 Hobson, E. 99 Monroe, K. 101 Jolly, C. 97 Welch, E. 98 Hodges, C. 99 Moore, C. 1 01 Johnson, A. 1. 97 Williams, D. 98 Holloway, D. 99 Morris, D. 101 Jones, A. 97 Whiting, D. 98 Holloway, S. 99 Mowery, S. 101 Jones, C. 97 Wilcher, D. 98 Honey, C. 99 Millen, A. 101 Jones, H. 97 Williams, A. 98 Hood, B. 99 Navarro, M. 101 Jones, R. 97 Williams, D. 98 Hudson, L. 99 Negron, G. 101 Keely, T. 97 Williams, G. 98 Huley, H. 99 Nelson, M. 101 Kimbrough, D. 97 Williams, J. 98 Humphrey, G. 99 Newberry, M. 101 King, B. 53-1 21 -97 Williams, L. 98 Hunt, S. 99 Newsome, D. 101 Klein, T. 45-97 Word, E. 98 Jackson, C. 99 Noel, B. 101 Knezevic, G. 97 Jackson, P. 99 Norillo, C. 101 Lee, R. 97 SOPHOMORES Jackson, P. 99 Nowek, P. 101 Lem ley, T. 97 Jackovijevik, N. 99 O ' Baker, J. 101 Lemon, L. 90-53-97 Alfred, M. 99-95 Jefferson, W. 99 Occasion, M. 101 Malyj, S. 97 Adkins, A. 99-95 Johnson, C. 100 Olavarrio, G. 101 Martinef, J. 90-97 Alston, H. 99-95 Johnson, D. 100 Orlando, B. 101 AAcClinon, J. 90-97 Arthur, J. 99-92 Johnson, G. 100 Oros, J. 101 Miles, A. 88-53-122-97 Austin, C. 99-61 -92-95-122 Jones, M. 100 Osford, W. 101 Mister, D. 90-97 Barton, B. 99-92 Johnson, M. 100 Panagiotis, M. 101 Mitchell, C. 88-97 Baynes, R. 99-55 Johnson, T. 100 Parker, R. 101 Morris, C. 90-97 Bernal, J. 99-95 Jones, A. 100 Pells, V. 101 Mullins, D. 88-53-45-97 Bickett, G. 99-95 Jones, C. 1 00 Penner, F. 1 01 Newsom, J. 88-97 Bieda, D. 99-95 Jones, E. 100 Perry, A. 101 Nichols, E. 88-97 Bikos, D. 99-95 Jones, M. 100 Puinti, J. 101 O ' Neal, J. 90-121-97 Blair, J. 99 Jones, S. 100 Pleasant, L. 101 Ortez, R. 97 Boland, W. 99-16-53-92 Jones, S. 100 Poindexter, B. 1 01 Outlaw, E. 88-97 Boozer, T. 99-95 Jones, S. 100 Porter, L. 101 Pace, R. 88-97 Bowman, M. 99-92 Jones, V. 100 Powell, D. 101 Padella, R. 90-97 Brackett, M. 99-1 22-92 Jones, V. 100 Price, O. 101 Parker, K. 90-97 Bradley, P. 99-95 Jones, W. 100 Reeves, J. 101 Parker, R. 90-97 Brown, C. 55-99-95 Jordan, V. 100 Richardson, G. 101 Pate, E. 88-55-97 Byas, K. 55-92-102-99 Kelly, R. 100 Robinson, R. 101 Player, J. 88-97 Byrd, J. 99-95 Kelly, V. 100 Rogers, J. 1 01 Puinti, U. 90-97 Camery, R. 99-95 Kennedy, M. 100 Rogers, R. 101 Prince, J. 90-121 -97 Campbell, D. 99-95 King, G. 100 Rosario, R. 101 Reese, L. 90-97 Cardona, J. 99-95 Kirk, E. 100 Ross, M. 101 Richards, F. 90-55-121-97 Cato, J. 99-95 Knight, M. 100 Rucker, M. 101 Rodriquez, H. 90-97 Chiasson, S. 99 Kukrika, D. 1 00 Scaroulis, E. 101 Robbins, R. 97 Craig, L. 53-61 -92-99-122 La boy, J. 100 Scott, L. 101 Roszkoviak, C. 97 Crockett, E. 99-92 Lee, C. 100 Scott, L. 101 Rubaleana, O. 97 Cerniak, W. 99-95 Lee, S. 100 Sease, J. 101 Rucker, H. 77-97 Docks, L. 99-61 Leslie, L. 100 Sheffey, M. 101 Rudy, N. 97 Docks, Q. 99-61 -92 Lewis, E. 100 Shelton, D. 101 Ruiz E. 97 De La Mora, M. 99-95 Lewis, S. 100 Shelton, N. 101 Sanchez, C. 97 Donald, M. 53-99 Lopis, G. 1 00 Shepherd, K. 101 Scott, C. 55-97 Dunn, V. 99-95 Love, C. 1 00 Sibley, O. 101 Scott, W. 97 Foster, D. 99-95 McMillin, A. 100 Silver, R. 1 01 Serrano, G. 97 Galka, J. 99-88 Maddox, C. 1 00 Singleton, B. 101 Shav, O. 97 Galloway, T. 99-95 Magee, L. 100 Spencer, S. 101 Simington, L. 97 Garcia, M. 99 Manuel, J. 1 00 Spikner, F. 101 Stanjevich, A. 97 Gibbs, E. 54-53-99-102 Manuel, P. 100 Spiller, J. 101 Smith, P. 97 Gibson, J. 99 Manuel, P. 100 Spurlock, E. 101 Spiller, M. 97 Gillespie, D. 99 Manuel, S. 100 Stage, T. 101 Spence, B. 97 Gillis, B. 99 Marcy, J. 100 Stanford, F. 101 Staples, E. 97 Golden, J. 99 Marsh, V. 100 Staples, T. 101 Stallworth, A. 97 Gould, T. 55-99 Martinez, D. 100 Stath, B. 101 Stone, R. 97 Greenlaw, G. 99 McCloud, D. 100 Stath, C. 101 Strong, C. 97 Grey, G. 55-99 McDade, D. 100 Stevens, D. 101 Sutton, D. 97 Griffen, C. 99 McDowell, G. 100 Stevenson, R. 101 142 Stewart, J. 101 Biyer, C. 1 03 Jones, J. 103 Sarafin, R. 104 Stewart, J. 101 Bowen, B. 1 03 Justice, T. 103 Sounder, C. 104 Streets, M. 1 01 Branum, M. 1 03 Justice, J. 103 Savage, J. 104 Strickland, M. 1 01 Brown, B. 1 03 Kostidas, J. 103 Savich, M. 104 Stypulkowski, C. 101 Brown, E. 103 Kazanas, M. 103 Scott, A. 104 Taylor, A. 1 01 Brown, E. 103 Kazanis, G. 103 Simpson, M. 104 Taylor, A. 1 01 Bryant, D. 1 03 Kazonis, J. 103 Singleton, L. 104 Thomas, A. 1 01 Buchanan, E. 1 03 Kelly, G. 103 Smith, R. 104 Thomas, A. 1 01 Buress, T. 1 03 Kennedy, F. 103 Smith, L. 104 Thomoson, J. 101 Burns, J. 103 King, J. 103 Snead, R. 104 Tindal, E. 102 Butler, C. 103 Koulianos, N. 103 Spicer, B. 104 Tindall, E. 102 Butler, S. 103 Koulianos, S. 103 Spikener, F. 1 04 Tolliver, J. 102 Colerin, R. 1 03 Lancaster, C. 103 Stevens, P. 104 Trass, S. 102 Cannon, L. 103 Lancaster, C. 103 Sutton, D. 1 04 Traylor, R. 102 Carter, R. 103 Lazoba, S. 103 Swallow, N. 104 Triplett, G. 1 02 Cato, A. 103 Lindsey, M. 103 Tanner, R. 1 04 Turner, P. 1 02 Clark, G. 103 Locke, R. 104 Taulue, B. 1 04 Tyler, R. 1 02 Clark, V. 103 Lomay, C. 104 Thomas, D. 104 Tyler, R. 1 02 Chiemie, T. 1 03 Long, J. 104 Thompson, J. 104 Vandiver, L. 102 Coley, D. 1 03 Lyles, J. 1 04 Tolliver, Z. 1 04 Vasquez, S. 102 Colosimo, J. 103-114 Mackinnon, C. 1 04 Vanzanellis, D. 1 02 Cooper, L. Mahlis, F. 1 04 Vega, L. 102 Cuiz, J. 103 Martin, A. 104 Vega, M. 102 Cruz, R. 1 03 Martin, D. 104 Vukin, D. 102 Davies, D. 103 Martin, L. 104 Walker, C. 102 Davis, R. 1 03 Mason, J. 104 Walker, G. 102 Deloney, K. 103 Mavarro, G. 1 04 Wallace, A. 102 Deloney, K. 103 Melendez, L. 104 Wallis, A. 102 Delph, K. 103 Miodracyvich, J. 104 Ward, D. 102 Dokas, T. 103 Metcalf, L. 104 Washington, A. 102 Dorellos, M. 103 Metcalf, L. 104 Washington, L. 102 Dowdell, J. 103 McGee, V. 1 04 Watson, B. 102 Dragash, D. 103 Miles, D. 104 Webb, L. 102 Driver, S. 103 Miller, C. 1 04 Welch, D. 102 Dulius, K. 103 Misewicz, B. 104 Williams, C. 102 Espimos, D. 103 Mitchell, M. 1 04 Williams, G. 102 Estrada, R. 1 03 McCarroll, L. 104 Williams, G. 102 Evans, L. 103 McCoy, C. 104 Williams, G. 1 02 Flynn, B. 1 03 McCoon, C. 1 04 Williams, L. 102 Fontanez, M. 103 Miller, B. 1 04 Williams, M. 102 Fostu, C. 103 Mills, M. 104 Williams, M. 102 Gadson, S. 103 Moniva, D. 104 Williams, O. 102 Gainer, J. 103 Mosby, D. 104 Williams, D. 102 Galloway, T. 103 Motts, J. 104 Williamson, 505-102-102 Gemelas, S. 103 Mullins, P. 104 Willis, A. Gibbs, J. 103 Nabaria, C. 104 Willis, D. Goker, D. 103 Nedourg, J. 104 Willis, O. Gonzales, F. 103 Nieve, F. 104 Wilson, D. 102-1 22 Gonzales, M. 103 Noble, L. 104 Wilson J. Gordon, E. 103 Noret, B. 104 Wilbon, B. 102 Green, C. 103 O ' Baker, C. 104 Wofford, C. Green, F. 103 Ol liver, M. 1 04 Woods, J. 102 Grasham, M. 103 Ortiz, F. 104 Wright, A. 102 Gregory, D. 103 Padilla, M. 104 Wright, G. 102 Hall, R. 103 Parker, G. 1 04 Young, R. 102 Hallman, E. 103 Pappas, T. 104 Zarakas, S. 102 Harris, P. 1 03 Patterson, J. 104 Zehner, K. 102 Head, A. 103 Paul, P. 104 Zehner, M. Headd, S. 103-114 Perez, L. 1 04 Hermbonie, E. 103 Perkins, C. 104 FRESHMEN Hollus, D. Hollingworth, M. 103 Peterson, N. 104 Radigan, A. 1 04 Aikens, V. 103 Holman, E. 103 Reed, J. 104 Alexander, B. 103 Holloway, L. 103 Reese, C. 104 Ambrose, J. 103 Honeycutt, E. 103 Richmond, S. 104 Anderson, E. 1 03 Hoover, B. 1 03 Rivera, L. 1 04 Andreus, V. 1 03 Hope, A. 103 Robbins, P. 1 04 Arroya, M. 103 Jackson, J. 103 Roberts, D. 104 Barber, D. 103 Jackson, M. 103 Rodgers, R. 104 Bibb, S. 54-103 Jameson, M. 103 Rowe, G. 104 Biffle, B. 103 Johnson, A. 103 Royster, K. 1 04 Billingsly, D. 103 Johnson, C. 1 03 Sanchez, M. 104 Bizadellyis, G. 103 Johnson, T. 103 Saunders, B. 104 Blgajevic, S. 103 Johnson, W. 103 Sanders, D. 104 143 Editors’ Note On behalf of the ' 68 Emersonian staff, we would like to take this opportunity to wish the 1968 graduating class the best of luck in the future. We hope that in putting together this book we have helped you capture and preserve the wonderful memories of the exciting events of ' 68. Once again we extend the happiest to the greatest any¬ where... THE CLASS OF ' 68. CAROL VERNA Emersonian Staff co-editors.Carol Szabo, Verna Coulter academics.Vercena Dungy classes.Verna Coulter organizations.Jenifer Wedlow school life.Rhoda Bradshaw s P orts .Michael Coleman photographers.Ruben Morales, Julian Adams index.Leslie Simon, Cathy Osborne sponsor.Miss V. Bradley Advertising Staff Elaine Ammons Rosetta Askew Anita Brooks Eunice Chionos Kathleen Cutler Beverly Felty Dolores Harris Trudy Jones Angela Martin Mary Mlechick Pat O ' Ha lloran Stella Shelby Diane Smith James Spiller Ronald Stone Darilyn Williams Sam Zarakas Kathy Rozkowiak

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